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  • Samsung chief Lee Jae-yong has been arrested on bribery charges (2017-02-16 18:03:29)
    An arrest warrant for issued for Lee, Samsung's de facto leader, on charges of bribery in connection with the scandal that has led to President Park Geun-hye's impeachment. A court in South Korea has approved the arrest of Samsung Group’s Lee Jae-yong, the heir apparent to the world’s largest smartphone maker, on allegations of bribery, perjury, and embezzlement, reports Bloomberg.
  • There’s a broken iPhone on eBay right now for $149,999, and here’s why (2017-02-16 17:56:31)
    Want to waste some money? There's an iPhone on eBay right now that will most certainly help you achieve that. It's an iPhone 4s, the glass on both its front and back are completely shattered, but — and this is apparently the thing that makes it worth its $149,999 asking price — the back panel has been replaced with a totally unlicensed one honoring the late Steve Jobs. The seller insists that any potential buyers "do research before purchase," so let's take their advice and figure out what in the hell is going on here. The seller's description sheds very little light on why they believe this particular shattered iPhone is worth as much as a high-end sports car, but it's clear it all comes back to that fancy Steve Jobs tribute on the back. The seller boldly claims that the phone is "1 of only 56 phones made to honor the late Steve Jobs." The back panel of the iPhone reads "Steve Jobs 1955 - 2011" and replaces the official Apple logo with a version using Jobs' likeness as the cutout. That particular logo was designed by Jonathan Mak, a design student in Hong Kong who created it shortly after Jobs' death as a tribute to the tech guru. It quickly went viral and was ripped off for all kinds of unlicensed accessories, from phone cases to posters. The modified logo was also used by a company called Goldgenie , which has become fairly well known for producing absurdly expensive versions of the iPhone, Apple Watch, and other Apple devices. The company modifies them by adding lots of gold and sometimes gems, and often replaces parts of Apple's devices with gold plated versions. After Jobs passed away in 2011, Goldgenie decided to roll out a special edition iPhone 4s paying tribute to him. The phone had its rear panel replaced with a gold version using Mak's logo, and Goldgenie made only — wait for it — 56 of them. Unfortunately for the eBay seller in question, the phone in the listing is not one of these cherished tributes. Okay, so if it's not one of these limited edition phones, how did it end up with the Steve Jobs treatment? Like I said above, that altered logo made it to all corners of the grey market, and one iPhone replacement parts maker decided to use it to create replacement panels for the iPhone 4s. You could buy them (on eBay, ironically) for about $10 to $15, and countless were sold in the months following Jobs' death. What the seller is trying to claim is an extremely limited edition, gold-plated tribute iPhone is really just a busted iPhone 4s with a busted $10 grey market replacement panel on the back. Try not to sprain your wrist as you pull your credit card out at mach speed.
  • Samsung Group says will do best to ensure truth revealed in court (2017-02-16 17:49:30)
    SEOUL (Reuters) - Samsung Group said on Friday it will do its best to ensure that the truth is revealed in future court proceedings, after the arrest of its chief, Jay Y. Lee.
  • One of the best email apps on iOS comes to Android (2017-02-16 17:48:00)
    Email by EasilyDo — currently my favorite email application on iOS — is now on Android. Like its iOS cousin, EasilyDo’s Email app promises the same lightning speed, simple one-tap unsubscribing to junk mail, smart sorting for things like package tracking and flights, and swipe-based inbox triage tools that the sadly deceased Mailbox made popular. While Android doesn’t have quite the same issue with email apps that iOS does with Apple’s lackluster Gmail support in the bundled Mail app, Email by EasilyDo is still a great app if you’re looking for a change from Google’s own email app.
  • New mosquito trap smart enough to keep just the bad bugs (2017-02-16 17:44:32)
    A smart trap for mosquitoes? A new high-tech version is promising to catch the bloodsuckers while letting friendlier insects escape — and even record the exact weather conditions when different species ...
  • ‘Key ingredients for life’ found on dwarf planet Ceres (2017-02-16 17:42:01)
    Researchers have detected organic compounds on the dwarf planet Ceres, the largest object in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. Organic compounds are the building blocks of life on Earth, and the discovery could mean "that primitive life could have developed on Ceres," Michael Küppers, a planetary scientist with the European Space Agency, writes in a commentary piece published today in Science. The organic compounds were detected by the Visible and InfraRed Mapping Spectrometer on the Dawn spacecraft, which was launched by NASA in 2007 and has been orbiting Ceres since 2015.
  • Samsung chief Lee arrested in corruption investigation (2017-02-16 17:41:14)
    By Hyunjoo Jin SEOUL (Reuters) - Samsung Group chief Jay Y. Lee was arrested early on Friday over his alleged role in a corruption scandal that led parliament to impeach President Park Geun-hye, in a blow to the world's biggest maker of smartphones. The 48-year-old Lee, vice chairman of Samsung Electronics Co Ltd , was taken into custody at the Seoul Detention Centre, where he had awaited the court's decision following a day-long closed-door hearing that ended on Thursday evening. The judge's decision was announced at about 5:30 a.m. (2030 GMT) on Friday, more than 10 hours after Lee, the conglomerate's third-generation leader, had left the court.
  • Surprise, surprise. AT&T trumpets its own new unlimited plan (2017-02-16 17:25:58)
    NEW YORK (AP) — AT&T says any cellphone customer can sign up for unlimited data plans starting Friday. That option had been limited to customers of AT&T-owned DirecTV.
  • August suggests unlocking its voice-controlled lock when you're chopping onions and expecting guests (2017-02-16 17:25:41)
    August announced today that its smart lock can now be locked and unlocked through Alexa-enabled devices. No, instead, August wants us to remember that this feature might work best for people who are too busy chopping onions to answer the door for their visitors. Now, obviously, there’s a risk involved with anyone being able to tell Alexa to unlock a door, so to avoid that, each lock requires a user-created voice PIN to issue a command.
  • Trump and PewDiePie are using the same playbook (2017-02-16 17:22:05)
    The most powerful posture for a modern media figure is to play the martyr. Just after noon today, PewDiePie, the biggest star on YouTube, released a video in which he half-heartedly apologized for his use of Nazi imagery and anti-Semitic language, blamed the media for unfairly targeting him, and teared up as he thanked his fans for their support. The media is unpopular, and demonizing them can rally supporters, but playing the victim can be an equally effective tactic.
  • Watch the first leaked video of the Nintendo Switch out in the wild (2017-02-16 17:18:47)
    If you thought the Nintendo Switch leak we shared earlier today was big, just wait until you see this. On Thursday afternoon, a member of the NeoGAF forum claimed that he had received his Switch early, and posted a photo of the system to prove it . As you'd expect, the rest of the forum immediately lit up, telling him to share details about where he got it and asking him to post a video of it in action. He followed through on the second request, slapping together a 3-minute video with him booting the Switch up, connecting to Wi-Fi, setting up the Joy-Con controllers,  and navigating through a few menus: There are plenty of interesting (albeit small) reveals throughout the video. For example, we now know that only 25.9GB of the console's internal storage will actually be usable. In other words, you're going to need an SD card if you plan on buying a Switch, so you might as well check out our guide for Switch SD cards . Unfortunately, our leaker didn't get his hands on any games, so we'll have to live with video of the user interface for now. Thankfully, our own Nintendo Switch should be arriving very soon, and we'll have a full review of the console, some launch games and more coverage in the coming days and weeks.
  • SpaceX and Boeing probably won’t be flying astronauts to the station until 2019, report suggests (2017-02-16 17:12:53)
    Since its inception, NASA’s Commercial Crew Program has been hampered by setback after setback, and it looks like even more delays are on the horizon for the fledgling initiative. The program — which tasks US private companies with building spacecraft that can transport NASA astronauts to and from the International Space Station — was originally supposed to get off the ground in 2017.
  • Facebook just changed its mission, because the old one was broken (2017-02-16 17:11:30)
    Facebook used to repeat its mission statement so often that most tech reporters could recite it from memory: “to give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected.” And it’s still the mission you see when you visit the company’s Facebook page. Over 5,800 words, Zuckerberg mentions “social infrastructure” 14 times — without ever quite describing what it is.
  • AT&T expands access to unlimited plan after Verizon launch (2017-02-16 17:05:31)
    AT&T Inc said on Thursday it would make its unlimited data plan available to all wireless customers who pay a monthly bill, days after rival Verizon Communications Inc announced an unlimited option. Previously, AT&T's plan, which includes unlimited data, talk and text for $100 a month for a single line, only applied to its DirecTV and U-Verse subscribers. On Sunday, Verizon said it would offer an unlimited plan for the first time in more than five years.
  • AT&T is also offering a new unlimited plan, but it's the worst yet (2017-02-16 16:55:53)
    AT&T announced that it’ll be offering a new unlimited data plan starting tomorrow, following in the footsteps of its competitors Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint, who all announced new plans with unlimited data earlier this week. The new AT&T Unlimited Plan offers unlimited data, calls, and texting, and includes HD video (although AT&T’s Stream Saver, which reduces data used by forcing standard definition video, is turned on by default). Like the other carriers, the new plan has a soft cap on data — 22GB in AT&T’s case, the same as Verizon — after which customers are subject to their data being deprioritized when towers get congested.
  • With Samsung chief's arrest, three executives in spotlight (2017-02-16 16:54:07)
    A South Korean court on Friday ordered the arrest of Jay Y. Lee, the 48-year-old head of the Samsung Group, on suspicion of bribery and other charges in a corruption scandal that led parliament to impeach President Park Geun-hye. Prosecutors accuse Lee in his capacity as head of South Korea's largest conglomerate, or chaebol, of pledging 43 billion won ($37.74 million) to a business and organizations backed by Park's friend, Choi Soon-sil, in exchange for support of a 2015 merger of two Samsung companies. Samsung and Lee have denied wrongdoing in the case.
  • Sprint improves its unlimited data plan to play with the big boys (2017-02-16 16:52:46)
    Earlier this week, Verizon announced an all-new unlimited data plan that included HD video streaming and mobile tethering. Not to be outdone, T-Mobile followed suite and added those features to its flagship unlimited plan. Today, Sprint announced that it's adding HD video streaming and mobile hotspot to its unlimited data plan, which I am sure is a total coincidence and in no way an attempt to keep up with the competition. The press release doesn't make clear if this is a long-term change to Sprint's plan, or a temporary promotion. The release says that customers will "automatically get a free upgrade to HD-quality video plus 10GB mobile hotspot per line," which doesn't really imply that the changes are sticking around long-term. Offering HD video streaming and mobile hotspot brings Sprint's plan exactly in line with Verizon and T-Mobile's offering. All the "unlimited" plans now guarantee you over 20GB of mobile data, after which you may be "deprioritized" at peak times. That data can be used to stream HD video or do virtually anything, apart from mobile tethering. When it comes to hotspotting, all three carriers offer 10GB of 4G hotspot data, after which those speeds will slow down dramatically. Sprint is also pushing its impressive promotion that offers up to four lines for $90, well under anything any of the other carriers are offering. Sprint is also offering the lease of an iPhone 7 for 18 months to new customers who switch to Sprint.
  • ​Australian government to review its AU$6.2b annual IT spend (2017-02-16 16:45:00)
    In the wake of technology-related blunders experienced by Centrelink, the Australian Taxation Office, and the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the federal government has announced a review into all major IT projects.
  • Vulkan now works on a bunch of Intel GPUs, and that's great news for everyone (2017-02-16 16:34:32)
    Intel just shipped a new Windows driver for its integrated Iris 500 and 600 GPUs which finally supports the Vulkan graphics API. This is wonderful news for a number of people. Most Vulkan-capable apps right now are high-end or experimental games, so this won't make everything instantly wonderful, but it does mean you're now the low bar of Vulkan desktop performance, and the large install base makes you a highly attractive target for developers if they can optimize their titles for you.
  • 80 new Pokemon are coming to Pokemon Go, but more new features are hidden in the code (2017-02-16 16:30:05)
    Pokemon Go developer Niantic revealed on Wednesday that 80 new Pokemon from the Johto region introduced in Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver will be added to the game by the end of the week. Along with the new Pokemon, Niantic is also adding new features to the game, such as new berries, new avatar customization items and new gameplay elements to make catching Pokemon more interesting. But as always, the development team has also begun laying the groundwork for more additions and improvements in the weeks and months to come. That's why the Silph Road community has once again dug into the code to see what other secrets are contained with Pokemon Go  version 0.57.2 While Niantic had plenty to share in its blog post on Wednesday, the specifics of many of the new features were left unexplained. For example, Niantic mentions "hats, shirts, pants, and other items" that can be worn by avatars, but the code reveals that shoes, eyes, gloves, socks, belts, necklaces, glasses and even skin will be customizable as well. Additionally, the code seems to indicated that some clothing options will be unlockable by leveling up, while others can be bought via in-app purchase. Niantic also says that trainers will need new evolution items to evolve certain Pokemon, but doesn't specify what those items are. In the code, The Silph Road has discovered several new key items that seem to be relevant to this feature: Sun Stone, King's Rock, Metal Coat and Dragon Scale. All four of these items have been used to evolve Pokemon into their strongest forms in the original games. Aside from the code that illuminates some of the features mentioned in this week's blog post , there are also segments of code that point to features Niantic hasn't talked about at all. If you're sick of hearing the same tune constantly, Niantic appears to have added new music for day and night, both on the map and during encounters with wild Pokemon. The Silph Road also found more code relating to Shiny Pokemon, including unique animations for when they spawn and how they look when you encounter them. There's no telling whether or not Shiny Pokemon will arrive alongside the Johto Pokemon, but there's plenty of code to support them. Finally, a new event titled "Anniversary" has also been added to the code alongside the recently ended "Holiday_2016" event. This could be referring to a future event to celebrate the app's release date (July 6th), but it's worth noting that Pokemon Red and Blue originally released in Japan on February 27th, 1996. There are some other interesting discoveries within the code of the latest APK release, but you'll have to navigate over to  The Silph Road to see the rest of them .
  • Some excerpts from Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's missive (2017-02-16 16:24:08)
    In Mark Zuckerberg's vision, Facebook can help build communities, encourage civic engagement, and keep us safer and more informed. That's the long-term plan at least, years, if not decades, down the line.
  • Apple may replace Touch ID with 3D face scanning on the next iPhone (2017-02-16 16:21:35)
    The latest rumor for Apple’s next iPhone comes from JPMorgan analyst Rod Hall who claims that Apple will be adding a front-facing 3D laser scanner for facial recognition to unlock the device, as noted by MacRumors. Hall claims that the 3D face scans will replace the fingerprint-based Touch ID system, which has been a part of Apple’s iOS platform since the release of the iPhone 5S in 2013. According to Hall, the new scanner is being added as Apple removes to home button for a new edge-to-edge 5.8-inch display, which falls in line with other rumors from earlier this week.
  • The Zuckerberg manifesto: How he plans to debug the world (2017-02-16 16:11:24)
    NEW YORK (AP) — Mark Zuckerberg's long-term vision for Facebook, laid out in a sweeping manifesto, sometimes sounds more like a utopian social guide than a business plan. Are we, he asks, "building the world we all want?"
  • AT&T launches new unlimited data plan for all customers (2017-02-16 16:10:54)
    Following on the heels of Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon, AT&T on Thursday announced a new unlimited data plan that will be available to all consumer and business postpaid customers. The plan launches on Friday, February 17th and will include unlimited talk, text and data on four lines for $180. Developing...
  • South Korea court approves warrant to arrest Samsung Group chief (2017-02-16 15:59:57)
    SEOUL (Reuters) - A South Korean court said on Friday it approved a warrant to arrest Samsung Group chief Jay Y. Lee, who is under investigation for his alleged role in a corruption scandal that led parliament to impeach President Park Geun-hye. The Seoul Central District Court also rejected a request to issue an arrest warrant for Samsung Electronics Co Ltd President Park Sang-jin, who also heads the Korea Equestrian Federation. ...
  • Google’s AI Duet lets you make music with a virtual pianist (2017-02-16 15:53:39)
    Google’s latest artificial intelligence experiment is a music-playing piano bot that digests whatever keyboard melodies you give it and tries to respond in kind. The neat tool is called AI Duet, and it’s part of an ongoing push from Google’s Creative Lab division to help the public familiarize themselves with AI and all the ways it can mimic human behavior — and even create art. A collection of music-focused AI tools were first shown off last fall, but now AI Duet in particular has been made available to the public.
  • US court confirms Snuggies are blankets, not clothes (2017-02-16 15:52:21)
    The US Court of International Trade has ruled that the Snuggie should officially be classified as a blanket. Bloomberg reported on the ruling, in which the court dismissed the massive wad of fabric as being anything other than a blanket because it lacks “closures.” Were you hoping to wear it as a clerical robe or for some other ceremonious outing? Snuggie maker Allstar Marketing Group and the US Department of Justice have clashed about this classification since 2010.
  • Watch President Donald Trump’s most unhinged press conference to date (2017-02-16 15:52:17)
    You're going to want to sit down before you watch this. What started as a relatively innocuous announcement from President Trump that Alexander Acosta would be the new nominee for the labor secretary following Andrew Puzder decision to withdraw his nomination turned into a knock-down-drag-out brawl with the press. If you expected Trump to ignore the countless damning reports regarding his and his staff's connections to Russia, I have some bad news for you: he didn't. Before taking any questions, Trump rattled off a series of untruthful (and often nonsensical) statements, claiming that his electoral college victory was the largest since Ronald Reagan's ( it wasn't ), that the current administration is running like a "fine-tuned machine" ( it's not ) and that decisions from the 9th Circuit court which continued a stay on his travel ban "are overturned 80% of the time" ( they aren't ). Things only got stranger from there, as Trump opened the floor for questions. When asked about General Michael Flynn's recent resignation/firing , Trump reinforced press secretary Sean Spicer's earlier statements -- that Flynn had not done anything illegal, but rather that Trump was simply uncomfortable with "the way that information was given" to Vice President Mike Pence by Flynn. He then proceeded to repeatedly call the Russia story " fake news ," and things began to go off the rails. As for the recent leaks relating to Russia , Trump said that the leaks are real, but that "the news is fake." When a reporter fact-checked him on his claim about his electoral college victory, Trump said, "I don't know, I was given that information." Trump tried to explain uranium, talked at length about his debates with Hillary Clinton and affected a silly voice while gifting us with this incredible quote: "Tomorrow, they will say, "Donald Trump rants and raves at the press." I'm not ranting and raving. I'm just telling you. You know, you're dishonest people. But -- but I'm not ranting and raving. I love this. I'm having a good time doing it." It was the first of two times he would create a headline on the spot, the second in reference to his attempts to forge a positive relationship with Russia. I genuinely can't explain how weird this is, so watch it yourself:
  • Alphabet no longer wants to blanket the earth with internet balloons (2017-02-16 15:44:49)
    Alphabet is changing the course of Project Loon, its plan to cover the Earth with a “continuous stream” of balloons that beam internet to the ground. Astro Teller, the head of the company’s experimental wing, announced today that the Loon team has learned how to control the navigation of these internet balloons so well that they can now concentrate them in areas of need. The original plan for Loon looked like a reversal of the way our phones connect to cellular towers as we move around in our daily lives.
  • Check out the new best-selling mobile photo printer on Amazon (2017-02-16 15:38:39)
    If you're looking for a mobile photo printer that's easy to use and offers high-quality printers in no time at all, congratulations because your search is now over. The Kodak Photo Printer Dock PD-450 connects to your iPhone or Android phone in seconds, and it prints gorgeous 4x6" photos in vivid color. The one-touch feature lets you print photos in an instant, and the printer's thermal transfer technology doesn't bleed or fade. It's the #1 new release in Amazon's portable photo printer section, and it's available to ship right now. Here are some highlights from the product page: ONE TOUCH PRINTING – Convenient Printer Dock Lets You Print Photos Direct From Your Smartphone; Includes Android Dock Pin & Free iOS Lightning Adapter HIGH QUALITY PHOTOS – Fast, Easy System Prints Standard 4” x 6” Photos in Brilliant Color & Stunning Detail; D2T2 Thermal Transfer Technology Won’t Bleed or Fade MAXIMUM DEVICE COMPATIBILITY – Dock Features 5-Pin Micro USB for Android & USB Host for Printing from iPhone, iPad, Digital Camera, or USB Memory Stick SIMULTANEOUS CHARGING – Power Up to Two Smart Devices While You Wait; Unique Dock Supplies a Fast Charge for Home, Office, School, or Business FREE COMPANION APP – Download the Kodak Photo Printer App for Filters, Stickers, Card Templates, Collage Maker, Video & SNS Print & Other Features
  • Stop blaming brown recluse spiders for your horrifying flesh wounds (2017-02-16 15:27:39)
    It’s not a bite from a brown recluse spider, a bug scientist and skin doctors say in an article aimed at combating misdiagnoses. For starters, brown recluse bites are usually flat, pale at the center, and don’t really ooze — unless they’re on your eyelid or toes, that is. This even happens in states where these spiders don’t live, according to an opinion article published today in the journal JAMA Dermatology.
  • This battery pack / thumb drive / stylus pen is trying too hard (2017-02-16 15:25:53)
    It’s a $29 device that has a pen, a stylus, and 1,000 mAh battery pack with a universal Lightning and Micro USB jack. A more expensive $39 ChargeWrite+ lowers the battery size to 650mAh, but adds 16GB of flash storage. The ChargeWrite has a standard ballpoint pen, with what seem to be proprietary replacements (although the ChargeWrite team will be offering those for free, plus shipping, to Indiegogo backers.) So it’s probably not terrible for writing, but there are certainly nicer pens out there.
  • This Belle doll will dance for you, but only if you attempt to code (2017-02-16 15:23:21)
    Belle from Beauty and the Beast loves books and, although she was birthed in the 19th century, also code. The new Dance Code Belle doll teaches kids the fundamentals of coding all in the name of getting Belle to dance.
  • Is Elon Musk actually building a fallout shelter in the SpaceX parking lot? (2017-02-16 15:13:11)
    In the past few months, Elon Musk has very publicly and rather abruptly embarked on a project to build tunnels to solve LA's traffic problem. It's a very Musk solution to a very real problem, and about the kind of thing you would expect from a real-life Tony Stark. But suspend reality and put on your tinfoil hat for a second, and consider the rather terrifying idea that it could all be an elaborate cover for Musk's ultimate fallout shelter. A new  Bloomberg  profile on Musk's subterranean ambitions lays out the timeline of this new project in detail, but here's the short version: back in December, Musk tweeted about traffic problems in LA, and how he might start a tunneling enterprise -- the "Boring Company" -- to do something about it. Since then, Musk has started experimenting, mostly by digging a big hole in the parking lot of the SpaceX headquarters in LA. The plan for the hole is to turn it into an experimental tunnel, which will somehow let Musk design a world-leading tunneling machine. That, in turn, will enable digging multi-story tunnels under LA, solving the traffic problems and simultaneously making Musk even more money. It's a far-fetched concept from an engineering standpoint -- Musk is just assuming that one outside look can disrupt generations of tunneling experience -- but given what he's achieved thus far, you can probably give him the benefit of the doubt here. But what's more interesting, from an /r/conspiracy perspective, are the lingering questions about what Musk is doing and where he's doing them. First, there's the hole and its location. From the photos in  Bloomberg , you can see that there's no tunnel thus far, just a big hole in the ground. Granted, this is how most tunneling projects start, but it would also be a good entrance shaft for a nuclear fallout shelter. That gets more convincing when you think about location. Musk said that his choice of the SpaceX parking lot was to make things easy regarding permits. But digging an experimental tunnel in the middle of a city really doesn't seem like such a good idea. As soon as Musk gets to the edge of his property, he'll need permits on permits, and careful planning to avoid any of the subterranean infrastructure that already exists. Building in a city also limits the space available on the surface, which hampers construction. Surely, it would be easier for him to buy a piece of nearby desert -- or even use a part of Tesla's gargantuan Gigafactory -- where he can safely experiment in the middle of nowhere? Of course, a fallout shelter out in the desert would be less convenient and useful for Musk than one within walking distance of his desk. Then there's the question of timing. Musk started this project in December, just as SpaceX was ramping up for a major year of launches, and Tesla was prepping for a make-or-break car to come to market. It's a bad time to be starting another moonshot, and strange when you consider that Musk gave away his Hyperloop idea for free because he was too busy to see in through. But you know what did happen in fall 2016? Donald Trump took the presidency, causing our collective chances of apocalypse to get that little bit bigger. Musk is in a better position than most to know this, since he's met with Trump multiple times and serves on his economic advisory board. So, if Trump is really poised to start WW3, Musk is better-informed (and better-prepared?) than most. There's one other part about the  Bloomberg  interview that seems off: Musk's vision of the future. His justification for tunneling is that it's the only way to solve the problem of congestion in cities. In the long term, he might be right, but it seems like a strange observation given Musk's other companies. Tesla is at the forefront of developing autonomous cars, which are widely predicted to completely change urban transportation. The current model of car ownership, with vehicles being owned by individuals and only being used for a few hours a day, is due to change. Instead, an Uber-on-steroids is meant to happen, which should drastically decrease the number of vehicles on the road. Add that to autonomous cars that can drive faster, closer, and don't need to stop for intersections, and the total capacity of our roads could increase dramatically, all without having to dig obscenely expensive tunnels. Yes, this is all a dumb conspiracy theory that has zero evidence and is almost certainly false. But it's also worth remembering that billionaires building secretive underground shelters is not a conspiracy theory, but rather a well-reported reality. Sure, Musk is probably building a tunnel and not a real-life  Fallout: Shelter . But if you were a billionaire engineering genius with concerns about the stability of western civilization and access to unlimited resources, a tunneling project sure would be a good cover.
  • Can internet-beaming balloons outmaneuver shifting winds? (2017-02-16 15:07:40)
    MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. (AP) — An eccentric laboratory spun out of Google believes it has discovered a way to bring remote parts of the world online more quickly with a smaller fleet of internet-beaming balloons than it previously thought.
  • GM is deploying over 100 electric Chevy Bolts for its car-sharing service in LA (2017-02-16 15:05:11)
    Maven, General Motors’ year-old car-sharing service, is adding over 100 all-electric Chevy Bolts to its fleet in Los Angeles, the company announced today. It’s not a surprise, because according to GM, Maven has been doing gangbusters in LA: since launching in October 2016, Maven has seen an average of 56 percent member growth month-over-month. Since its launch 13 months ago, Maven has grown to 17 cities in the US and Canada, and added 24,000 members who have made 27,500 reservations.
  • AP FACT CHECK: Gates didn't say Trump would be like Reagan (2017-02-16 15:02:36)
    SEATTLE (AP) — A story shared widely on social media falsely attributes to Bill Gates a tweet saying Donald Trump would be regarded as "one of the greatest presidents," like Ronald Reagan.
  • How Legion’s set designer turned its second episode into a trippy ride (2017-02-16 15:01:03)
    It’s fresh, weird, and even disturbing, with Fargo showrunner Noah Hawley using every trick and tool in his war chest to trouble his main character, and challenge viewers in the process. In the series’ excellent second episode, David, a powerful but thoroughly unhinged mutant who can theoretically alter reality, has escaped his government captors with the help of his girlfriend Syd (Rachel Keller) and other powerful mutants. Led by telepathic therapist Dr. Melanie Bird (Fargo’s Jean Smart), the group takes him a new facility called Summerland, where they recruit him to help them win a war against… it’s not clear what yet.
  • Free charging stations can hack your phone, here's how to protect yourself (2017-02-16 14:52:00)
    A recent experiment conducted by security company Authentic8 showed how lax some users are regarding their phone data. Here's how to practice good security when you need to charge.
  • AT&T just tested a flying cell tower, and it could change everything (2017-02-16 14:49:00)
    Regardless of where you live, you probably have a really good idea of what sections of your city, neighborhood, or rolling rural hills offer good cellular reception. Driving through a well-known "dead spot" is like venturing through an invisible barrier into a dangerous land, and unless your carrier upgrades their hardware in the area — which is often a rarity — a bad coverage area isn't going to suddenly become awesome overnight. AT&T just tested something that could change that, and it has four arms and propellers. After first announcing its drone program in July of last year , AT&T has been working on building what it calls "flying COWs." COW stands for "cell on wings," and although the drone doesn't actually have any wings, what it does have is the power to reshape AT&T's network by enhancing coverage in any area it is deployed. The drone is packed with technology that you normally only find in an actual cellular tower, but unlike a stationary antenna it can be sent anywhere it's needed. After months of work, the company performed its initial test flight outside Atlanta today. The massive drone started up, took off and hovered for a bit, and then landed. It might not look all that impressive at first, but what the drone is capable of is actually pretty awesome. According to AT&T, a single one of the flying cell towers can provide coverage for 40 square miles, and since it's tethered to a vehicle-based ground station it is continuously powered and never needs to land to be recharged. However, before you go dreaming of a world where these fancy drones fill in all the patchy coverage anomalies in your neighborhood you should know that these powerful cell boosters are likely to be deployed in only the most crucial cases of network downtime. AT&T plans on using them to restore communications in areas affected by natural disasters and to provide extra coverage at popular venues like concerts and sporting events, where the sheer number of people can cause headaches.
  • Facebook says Irish challenge to U.S. data transfers 'deeply flawed' (2017-02-16 14:45:59)
    By Conor Humphries DUBLIN (Reuters) - Facebook said on Thursday a legal challenge against the way it transfers EU user data to the United States was "deeply flawed" and should not be referred to the EU's top court because ample privacy protections were already in place. The challenge by the Irish data regulator is the latest to question whether methods used by large tech firms such as Google and Apple to transfer data gives EU consumers sufficient protection from U.S. surveillance. The issue of data privacy came to the fore after revelations in 2013 from former U.S. intelligence contractor Edward Snowden of mass U.S. surveillance caused political outrage in Europe Facebook says the case could lead to a breakdown in transatlantic data transfers that could knock EU economic output by up to 1.3 percent.
  • McDonald’s trolled Apple’s Jony Ive videos in the best possible way (2017-02-16 14:24:48)
    Apple design guru Jony Ive might not share the stage with other execs during product introductions anymore, but he almost always stars in videos that explain the designs behind a new iPhone, MacBook, or other Apple products. That’s why many comedians have taken to YouTube to come up with hilarious fake iPhone commercials that mimic the promotional videos Apple makes with Ive. But McDonald’s may have just beaten everyone when it comes to trolling Apple. Not only did the fast food chain come out with a commercial that’s based on an Ive clip, but the video actually promotes a new McDonald’s product, the Suction Tube for Reverse Axial Withdrawal. If that’s too complicated, then you can refer to it simply as STRAW. But make no mistake, the McDonald’s STRAW isn’t your average straw. No, it’s much more than that. It’s a device conceived so a restaurant patron can simultaneously enjoy tastes of two different beverages at the same time. Okay, it’s a straw made specifically for the Chocolate Shamrock Shake, so that you can suck both flavors at the same time rather than switching between chocolate and mint. The device is definitely ingenious, and it does deserve recognition. Maybe it’s not an iPhone-grade innovation, a device “so revolutionary, it changes everything,” but it’s close, as McDonald’s explains in its video. The trolling at Apple’s expense, right down to the British accent and the overuse of superlatives, is perfect. What’s also hilarious is that McDonald’s makes sure that the viewer understands this is a real product, not just a clever way to laugh at a company that’s not even a McDonald’s competitor. The STRAW is quite impressive itself, and you’ll be able to find it soon at McDonald’s locations across the country. Check out McDonald's clip below.
  • Internet memes are the new Congressional soapbox (2017-02-16 14:18:08)
    Culturally savvy members of Congress have finally figured out how to move their political messages beyond the quiet broadcasts of C-SPAN: if you meme them, they will spread. In accordance with regular procedure, members of Congress are allowed to deliver one-minute speeches before daily legislative business, as a means to add remarks or issues to the Congressional record. During a recent session, Representative David Cicilline (D-RI) took the floor equipped with a “Trump Things” sign and a speech inspired by Netflix’s retro horror series Stranger Things.
  • Auto union courts Tesla workers, amplifies 'buy American' message (2017-02-16 14:12:05)
    By Joseph White DETROIT (Reuters) - United Auto Workers President Dennis Williams said on Thursday the union is contacting workers at Silicon Valley electric car maker Tesla Inc , and plans to boost efforts to convince U.S. consumers not to buy vehicles built in other countries, including those sold by the Detroit automakers. The UAW leader also used a meeting with reporters to praise President Donald Trump for calling on companies to produce more products in the United States, and promising to rework the North American Free Trade Agreement.
  • Alphabet names Gregory McCray new Google Fiber boss, moves hundreds of staff (2017-02-16 14:03:35)
    Google Fiber could be headed for a clearer direction under new boss Gregory McCray.
  • Every new Fitbit band is still on sale right now on Amazon (2017-02-16 14:01:51)
    Amazon had a bunch of big sales in place ahead of Valentine's Day, but one of them wasn't very well thought-out. The sale offered good discounts on all of Fitbit's latest fitness trackers, which certainly isn't a bad thing. In context, however, the last thing you want to do is give your Valentine a gift that suggests he or she might need to get in shape. The good news is that Valentine's Day is over, but Amazon's big Fitbit sale is still going strong. That's right, it's not too late to score deep discounts on the Fitbit Flex 2 , the Fitbit Alta , the Fitbit Charge 2 and the Fitbit Blaze . Fitbit Flex 2 Track steps, distance, calories burned and active minutes. Comes with both small and large size band Ultra-thin, removable tracker hides in bands, pendants and bangles Swim-proof for tracking swimming, life-proof for wear in the ocean, shower, pool and beyond SmartTrack automatically recognizes select workouts and records them to your Fitbit app; Get call and text notifications on your wrist with unique vibration patterns and color-coded LED lights Automatically track how long and how well you sleep, and set a silent alarm to wake with a small vibration; LED display lights up to show progress toward your daily goal Fitbit Alta Alta syncs automatically and wirelessly to computers and 200+ leading iOS, Android and Windows devices using Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology. Syncing to computers requires Internet connection and USB port. Syncing to mobile devices requires Bluetooth and Internet connection. Syncing range: 20 feet Water Resistance: Alta is sweat, rain, splash proof. You can wear Alta in the shower, but we recommend rinsing and drying it afterwards because it's best for your skin if the band stays clean and dry. Battery life: lasts up to 5 days. Radio transceiver: Bluetooth 4.0 Warning: Do not use if you have a pacemaker or other internal, or implanted medical device. Not intended for use by children under 13. Always consult your physician. Slippery when wet We recommend charging your device every few days to ensure you are always tracking. Charge time: One to two hours Syncs with Windows Vista and later, Mac OS X 10.6 and up, iPhone 4S and later, iPad 3 gen. and later, and leading Android and Windows devices Fitbit Charge 2 PurePulse continuous, automatic wrist-based heart rate tracking to better measure calorie burn all day Maximize your workouts using simplified heart rate zones (Fat Burn, Cardio and Peak) See call, text & calendar notifications on the OLED display; Automatically track how long and how well you sleep and wake with a silent vibrating alarm Get a better understanding of your fitness level and see how you can improve over time with a personalized Cardio Fitness Score; Use Connected GPS during run mode to see real-time stats like pace and distance on your wrist Track all-day activity like steps, distance, calories burned, floors climbed and active minutes;Find moments of calm throughout your day with personalized guided breathing sessions based on your heart rate Fitbit Blaze Fitbit Blaze syncs automatically and wirelessly to 200+ leading iOS, Android and Windows devices using Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology. Syncing to computers requires Internet connection and USB port. Syncing to mobile devices requires Bluetooth and Internet connection. Syncing range: 20 feet Water Resistance: Fitbit Blaze is sweat, rain and splash proof, but is not swim proof. We recommend taking it off before showering, as it’s best for your skin if the band stays dry and clean. Battery life: lasts up to 5 days. Radio transceiver: Bluetooth 4.0 Warning: Do not use if you have a pacemaker or other internal, or implanted medical device. Not intended for use by children under 13. Always consult your physician. Slippery when wet We recommend charging your device every few days to ensure you are always tracking. Charge time: One to two hours Syncs with Windows Vista and later, Mac OS X 10.6 and up, iPhone 4S and later, iPad 3 gen. and later, and leading Android and Windows devices
  • European parliament calls for robot law, rejects robot tax (2017-02-16 13:59:44)
    European lawmakers called on Thursday for EU-wide legislation to regulate the rise of robots, including an ethical framework for their development and deployment and the establishment of liability for the actions of robots including self-driving cars. The resolution is a recommendation to the bloc's executive, the European Commission, which the Commission is not obliged to follow but must give reasons if it chooses not to. "The IFR believes that the idea to introduce a robot tax would have had a very negative impact on competitiveness and employment," said the Frankfurt-based International Federation of Robotics.
  • These are supposedly the hottest lip proportions, if you trust internet opinions (2017-02-16 13:48:51)
    If you’ve ever wanted to get plastic surgery based on the opinion of people from the internet, a new study is here to help. The study, published this week in the journal JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery, supposedly reveals the most attractive lip dimensions (for white women) so that plastic surgeons can achieve “optimal aesthetic outcomes.” Now, it’s true that people focus on lip shape a lot — as The Weeknd reminds us, hot girls have “lips like Angelina.” And it makes sense that someone going to the trouble of getting plastic surgery wants to get the most bang for her buck. Next, they did the same thing with faces that differed in upper lip to lower lip ratio, or how thin the upper lip is compared to the lower lip.
  • EU privacy watchdogs seek assurances on U.S. data transfer pact (2017-02-16 13:13:59)
    By Julia Fioretti BRUSSELS (Reuters) - European Union data privacy watchdogs will seek assurances from U.S. authorities that a move by U.S. President Donald Trump to crack down on illegal immigration will not undermine a transatlantic pact protecting the privacy of Europeans' data. European concerns have been raised by an executive order signed by Trump on Jan. 25 aiming to toughen enforcement of U.S. immigration law. The order directs U.S. agencies to "exclude persons who are not United States citizens or lawful permanent residents from the protections of the Privacy Act regarding personally identifiable information." The exemption of foreigners from the U.S. law governing how federal agencies collect and use information about people has stoked worries across the Atlantic about the new administration's approach to privacy and its impact on cross-border data flows.
  • Review: Chuwi’s Lapbook 14.1 is ultra cheap, but doesn’t feel like it (2017-02-16 13:11:04)
    Buying a budget notebook is a dangerous game. If you only have a few hundred bucks to spend you're more than likely going to end up with a bloated, underpowered machine pumped full of bogus crapware, abysmal battery life, and a screen that has a lower resolution than your smartphone. With all that in mind, I gave Chuwi's Lapbook 14.1 a whirl, and while it won't be competing with my MacBook Pro for on-the-go computing supremacy, I will happily report that it is an exception to the rule of ultra-cheap laptops being ultra-crappy. In case the name isn't familiar, Chuwi is a Chinese manufacturer that has been dabbling in budget tablets and 2-in-1s for a while now. It's one of several Chinese companies that are attempting to break into western markets with extremely affordable hardware that punches above its price point. The company's prior efforts have been met with an impressive amount of praise, and the upcoming Hi13 Windows 10 2-in-1 is expected to compete with Microsoft's Surface Pro 4 when it comes to bang for your buck. The Lapbook 14.1 is new to Chuwi's lineup, and it's an extremely interesting device. It's quite thin, with a wedge shape (when closed) that is 9mm at its thinnest and 20mm at its thickest. It's covered in a sturdy white plastic that manages to feel on the premium side of things, with black keys and a thin 8mm black display bezel. Overall the design feels vaguely like a plastic MacBook Air, though nobody is likely to mistake this for an Apple product. That's not necessarily a bad thing, and the flat white lid and case produce a clean look that is definitely pleasing to the eye. For connectivity, the notebook has two USB ports, one of which is USB 3.0, along with a headphone jack, micro HDMI port, and MicroSD card slot for storage expansion. The power source plugs into the upper right of the keyboard, like a MacBook, and it, too, is all white. The full sized keyboard feels extremely solid and has generous key travel, which is rare among ultra-thin laptops. Additional functions like volume control are handled via a function key toggle and the F-keys. There's no dedicated buttons for any of the hardware functions with the exception of the power button which is situated above the Backspace key. The 1080p IPS display is another plus for the device. It's sharp and bright, and very responsive. It looks fantastic in motion — I watched Mad Max: Fury Road on it from start to finish — and the glossy finish helps keep colors crisp and blacks black. However, when the screen is dark I did notice some backlight bleeding, particularly at the bottom edge of the display, which served to remind me that I was indeed using a sub-$300 laptop. Still, it's an impressive looking display. Then there's the touchpad. You'll notice that much of this review is positive and that's because I think the Lapbook 14.1 is a solid little PC, especially for the money, but if there's one thing about the computer I would change it would be the trackpad. Its bumpy plastic texture, while off-putting, is functional, but there's a huge problem with the trackpad's drivers — specifically, there aren't any drivers. The trackpad is recognized by Windows 10 as a default mouse rather than a trackpad, so none of the normal trackpad options (like disabling it while typing) are available. Thus, every time I went to type on the keyboard and rested my palms on the edge of the trackpad, the mouse would react, clicking on random things or deleting everything I had just typed. It is a frustrating oversight that I hope can be corrected with a software update down the line, but as it stands now the trackpad is lacking. Maybe I just have big hands. Packed inside the Lapbook 14.1 is a 7th generation Intel Celeron processor with a clock speed of 1.1GHz, 4GB of memory, and 64GB of internal storage. Those are modest specs no matter what way you slice it, but it manages to provide snappy app response and fluid web browsing even with dozens of tabs open. Multitasking various apps is a bit of a crapshoot, however, and you shouldn't expect to run anything too intense — like video editing or even Photoshop — without experiencing some lag. Watching an HD movie, on the other hand — or even streaming that movie via screen capture to a smart TV or Chromecast — is easy peasy. You can even use this little white laptop to play some games, though you'll be best served sticking to less demanding titles like League of Legends and shouldn't expect to achieve playable framerates on anything that's graphically taxing. Even CS:GO is a bit of a stretch for these low-end specs, and in my experience the computer got quite toasty when being pushed to its absolute limits. Anyone who has taken a chance on a cheap laptop knows that battery life is usually a huge mark against them, but the Lapbook 14.1 somehow avoided that curse as well. Inside is a 9,000mAh battery that will give you north of 10 hours of battery life. Moreover, it recharges to full in just over an hour. Both of those figures are way better than you should expect from a notebook this cheap. In closing, I have to admit that the last thing I thought I'd be doing is writing a recommendation of this particular laptop. These Chinese "grey market" electronics are always tough to gauge, and jumping for one is usually a lesson in severe disappointment. It's like buying the generic version of your favorite cereal; most of the time you just wished you'd have bought the name you recognized. Chuwi is proving itself to be different, and (trackpad woes aside) the new Lapbook is a pretty fantastic example of that. If you're looking for a full-fledged Windows 10 notebook to carry out basic to intermediate tasks and don't want to wreck your wallet, it's a solid option. The LapBook 14.1 retails for around $299, though you can find it for as cheap as $239 . Even at that higher price point it's a pretty good deal, and if you manage to snag it for less than that it's just icing on the cake.
  • The eSight 3 is an augmented reality headset designed to help the legally blind see (2017-02-16 13:08:20)
    At first glance, eSight’s headsets look a lot like any other VR or AR gear out there. The latest version, the eSight 3, is a lighter and cheaper version than the company’s previous models, but they all work on the same principles. It’s a fully portable device, with roughly six hours of battery life that’s controlled using an attached remote.
  • Vienna cafe bills patrons to charge cellphones over drinks (2017-02-16 13:07:11)
    VIENNA (AP) — A Viennese cafe owner has a message for customers who dawdle over drinks while charging their cellphones: Pay up.
  • PewDiePie says The Wall Street Journal is out to get him in apology for Nazi jokes (2017-02-16 13:02:20)
    PewDiePie apologized today for making anti-Semitic jokes that he now says “went too far” and which led to him losing major deals with Disney and YouTube. “I'm sorry for the words that I used as I know they offended people, and I admit that the joke itself went too far,” he says in a video, titled “My Response,” that he uploaded to YouTube this afternoon.
  • Put Down the Binoculars, This App Can Identify Birds by Song (2017-02-16 13:00:00)
    The app is called Song Sleuth.
  • Office for Mac now supports the MacBook Pro Touch Bar (2017-02-16 12:55:41)
    Microsoft originally revealed its plans to support Apple’s new Touch Bar on the MacBook Pro back in October, and now it’s rolling out updates to Office for Mac to enable Touch Bar support. While Microsoft began previewing the support earlier this month with beta testers, everyone using Office for Mac can now get the latest updates for the Touch Bar support. Microsoft is adding Touch Bar support to each Office for Mac app.
  • EatMessage is an iMessage game you play by catching virtual fruit in your mouth (2017-02-16 12:50:59)
    All I’ve done with them is play with Dami’s sticker app and send my friends Yelp recommendations, but some Finnish developers think iMessage apps might be more enticing if only a game that combined AR and selfies existed. Behold EatMessage, an app that turns your face into a controller so you send your friends selfies of you doing strange things with your mouth.
  • 9 paid iPhone apps on sale for free for a limited time (2017-02-16 12:46:50)
    We're nearing the close of yet another busy week, but not before BGR offers up another two posts covering the best paid iPhone and iPad apps that go on sale for free each today. We've got nine fresh iOS apps for you to check out on Thursday, and you'll find them all listed below. As always, be sure to browse through them as soon as you can, because these sales could be over at any time. These are paid iPhone and iPad apps that have been made available for free for a limited time by their developers. There is no way to tell how long they will be free. These sales could end an hour from now or a week from now — obviously, the only thing we can guarantee is that they were free at the time this post was written. If you click on a link and see a price listed next to an app instead of the word “get,” it is no longer free. The sale has ended. If you download the app, you will be charged. Remote Control Normally $4.99. Turn your iPhone or iPad into the ultimate remote control for your Mac. Take full control over your Mac – use your iOS device as a trackpad and keyboard or launch any app from anywhere within your home. Tired of sitting on the couch, having to handle keyboard and mouse on your lap to control your media center Mac? Use Remote Control on your iPhone as a trackpad and keyboard to comfortably browse on the big screen TV. Using AirPlay Mirroring and an Apple TV, your Mac could be located anywhere in your home. Simply select your Apple TV from the list of available AirPlay devices and control your Mac from the comfort of your couch or bed. You can even start any app on your Mac, send your Mac to sleep, wake it up and perform many more useful actions to control your Mac remotely. All you need to do is download the Mac Helper application and connect your Mac and iOS device to the same WiFi. Remote Control will guide you through the simple setup process. AT A GLANCE - Control volume, playback and Airplay speaker selection on your Mac; - Use your iOS device as a Mac trackpad and keyboard; - Launch and quit Apps on your Mac comfortably from your iOS device; - Restart or shut down your Mac, change display brightness and many more useful actions; - Enjoy the ease of use in a slick user interface you will love; - Use the Personal Hotspot of your iOS device to control your Mac when you don’t have access to other networks. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS - Mac with macOS 10.7 or above and Helper app installed; - iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with iOS 8 or above; - Shared wireless network connection between your computer and iOS device. Do you enjoy using Remote Control? Please help us by rating the app, so we can continue to offer more features and implement your feedback into the app to make it even better. Download Remote Control 2Play Normally $0.99. 2Play is an application designed and easy to use which allows you to watch two YouTube video simultaneously on one of your devices iPhone/iPod iPad to watch wherever and whenever you want. Using the app is easy, immediate and quite intuitive. Just installed and started, in fact, we will be immediately shown on the home screen that divides the screen into two. By clicking on the respective buttons "+", we will access to a drop down menu that will give you the ability to add video being played • "YouTube Search" for a quick search of any video: music, movies, cartoons for kids, tutorials etc. .. available on YouTube Download 2Play Today++ Normally $0.99. Today++ gives you week numbers, name days, moon phases, sunrise and sunset at the swipe of a finger! Utilising the advanced features of iOS 8, Today++ adds a widget to your Today view that can be displayed whenever you like by simply swiping your finger down from the top of the screen. Features • Week number • Name days for 20 countries (Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States) • Moon phases • Sunrise & sunset for your current location Download Today++ EXIF Viewer Normally $1.99. Exif Viewer is beautiful and well crafted app for professional photographers who are serious about their work. This app also contain ExifViewer Photos Extension along with fully functional app. It's an universal app, buy once, use on all your iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch). WHAT ARE FEATURES IN APP? ▸ App allows you to remove EXIF metadata including Photos GPS location known as Geotagging of photos. ▸ App displays EXIF metadata of any photo on your iOS device(s), Photo Stream or iCloud. ▸ Display EXIF tags like ISO,Shutter Speed,Focal length,Camera Model,Lens Model,Time stamp,Aperture,Shutter Count ▸ Ability to Zoom in photos,even with large size like 80 MB without loosing clarity / resolution. ▸ Re-order EXIF tags in the way you prefer & ability to hide EXIF tags that you don't want to see. ▸ Select your preferred date formats (eg 1 day ago vs August 24th 2014 vs 24-08-2016 etc). ▸ You can optionally hide photos without EXIF metadata. ▸ Navigate quickly between next and previous photos in Exif detail screen by swiping right or left. ▸ App works great on landscape and portrait mode on iPads. ▸ App is optimised for all latest iOS Devices including iPhone 5SE,iPhone 6S,iPhone 6s+,iPad Mini,iPad air,iPad Pro. ▸ App also support 3D Touch on iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus (or newer device with 3D Touch support). Including Appshortcut to access "Favorites","Photostreams","Albums","All photos" quickly. Also Peek and POP functionality on ExifCards and photos in grid view. ▸ Ability to share Image with or without EXIF Metadata. ▸ Copy EXIF data to Clipboard (So that you can paste & share EXIF data as text in any other app). ▸ Most Messaging and Social networking apps remove EXIF Metadata from photos you send/receive. However, sending photos using Mail/ AirDrop retains or SD Card reader/Camera connection kit etc retains EXIF metadata. HOW TO REMOVE EXIF METADATA on iPhone or iPad using Exif Viewer app by Fluntro You have option to remove EXIF data in two different ways 1) Overwrite newly created photo without EXIF data on original image (However other apps can revert back to original photo if needed) 2) Create duplicate copy of photo without EXIF details. (We also have option to remove original photo after duplicated copy is created) DIFFERENT TYPES OF VIEWS AVAILABLE ON EXIF VIEWER APP 1) EXIF Cards List view (as shown in screenshot), swipe to flip cards for Quick EXIF Details 2) Grid view 3) Map view shows cluster of photos on the map and view EXIF Details by tapping on photo (Satellite & Standard view) HOW TO REORDER OR HIDE EXIF TAGS IN EXIF VIEWER APP? Go to Settings > Manage & reorder Exif data tags.Drag and drop items you want to reorder. Turn off EXIF tags you don't want to see on EXIF Detail screen. HOW TO VIEW EXIF DATA USING EXIF VIEWER PHOTOS EXTENSION? 1) Open Native Photos App (or any other 3rd Party apps). Select desired photo (s) and tap on Share/Action button. Select ExifViewer app extension 2) Exif Viewer App extension with all EXIF details would be displayed. 3) Share photos with or without EXIF metadata or copy EXIF details to clipboard within Photos Extension. ▸ No in-app purchases will be added to this app in a future update. So all upcoming features will be free of cost. FAQ Q1)What is EXIF Metadata? EXIF “EXchangeable Image File Format”. We quite often take pictures with our digital camera or phone. It always records and store a considerable amount of exif data within each image you take, which contains a lot information about your camera settings ( ISO, aperture, focal length, image size, shutter speed, camera model, lens model, GPS) date, time, location and many more.Viewing EXIF metadata tags is important for beginners and professional photographers alike, to understand and review what camera settings or softwares were used to create and edit photo. Thanks for all feedbacks, Please leave 5 star review if you are happy with the App :) Download EXIF Viewer Nimian Legends Normally $1.99. EXPLORE A BEAUTIFUL OPEN WORLD FANTASY WILDERNESS Run, swim and fly through glistening waterfalls and rivers, overgrown forests, sky-high mountains and ancient dungeons. Shape change into powerful dragons, soaring eagles, quick-footed deer and more. Download BrightRidge today - on sale for a limited time! I am a solo indie developer working on BrightRidge and it is a game from my heart. I enjoyed creating this world and I hope you enjoy exploring it:) EXPLORE AND STORY MODES Ready for adventure? The Ballad of BrightRidge and Love & Tin are two magical adventures in Story Mode. Or choose Explore mode and experience BrightRidge without quests or enemies. Can you find the ancient whale that swims the oceans? Or the hidden ruins that dot the land? SHAPE CHANGE POWERS Unlock the power to change into several species and explore BrightRidge from a new perspective. Soar through the sky as a golden eagle or a winged dragon. Run through the forests and a wily fox or dashing deer. Barge through the land as a towering Tree Ent and flutter peacefully among the flowers as a delicate butterfly (a fan favourite!). PHOTO MODE Become a nature photographer and take and save beautiful pictures of this gorgeous and vast landscape. Will you photograph an elusive deer drinking by the river? Or perhaps capture a golden sunset amid ancient ruins? Need help hunting the animals down? Use your Spirit View to magically track animals, each with their own habitat and behavior. CUSTOMIZE YOUR WORLD Extensive options let you customize almost anything at anytime. Change time of day, turn on Watercolor mode and experience a living painting, add effects and filters and more. On newer devices you can turn up the detail for an even more beautiful and immersive experience. LEGENDS AND LORE Legend Spots dot the land waiting to be discovered. Each one tells a bit about the people, places and history of BrightRidge. Or visit the cozy halls of BrightRidge Inn, sit by the fireplace, dance with the guests, or listen to their stories. DYNAMIC WEATHER AND DAY/NIGHT CYCLE It’s all here. Rainstorms, lightning and thunder, light breezes and gusting wind, and quiet snowfalls. Or use the options to change the weather on the fly. RELAX AND EXPLORE There’s no rush. Feeling panic, anxiety or stress? Choose Explore Mode, breathe, and explore the wild rivers, valleys and waterfalls of BrightRidge at your own pace. FULL GAME + No Ads + No In-Game Purchases UPDATES Each BrightRidge update brings new features and improvements for free Download Nimian Legends Cue Normally $2.99. Cue is a new kind of application that can compose music just by shaking. Even those who cannot play an instrument can enjoy music by just shaking and adding new sounds to make their own music. The music can also be share amongst many people and it can be played through your friend’s iPhone at the same time. (Features) 1: 4 types of instruments can be played; drums, base. instrument 1 and instrument 2 New sounds will be added by shaking an instrument. Melody can be made since the sound is fixed by the direction being shaken. A nice piece can be made even if it is randomly shaken. 2 : The tone can be changed in each instrument. 3 : 1/2/4/8/16 bars can be chosen. 4 : It can also be enjoyed by its sharing function. The number of people it can be shared with is not limited so it can be shared with 100 people or even 1000. 5 : The screen will flash with the beat and the LED light can also be set so that it flashes with the beat. Download Cue hueTube Normally $0.99. See what chemical reactions will happen when Philips hue meets Youtube! Action, Adventure, Romance, War, no matter what it is in youtube, all of these will break the screen and enter your home with light effect created by Philips hue. This app brings an immersive experience with video watching on youtube powered by Philips hue. - Over 1,000 videos were ready with lighting script and more scripts are coming - You can request on any Youtube videos via our app for lighting scripts generation - Mulitpule rendering effects are supported and You can even finetune the effects as your wish - AirPlay supported Download hueTube MagicShrink Normally $1.99. With MagicShrink app you can losslessly compress all your JPEG photos, and get extra ~10% free space from original library size. If you don't worry about superquality you can use lossy compression to get even more space. Features: - smart algorithm for lossless compression - lossy compression - batch image processing - preserves exif data Download MagicShrink Login Pad Normally $0.99. Login Pad is a Universal App.where you can store and manage all your logins for social networks or other websites (like credit card, web banking, online shops, etc.). You can add/edit/remove saved logins: add username, password, site name and icon. It has a button to show/hide passwords and a Create Password screen for you to generate passwords up to 30 characters, including numbers and specials. -NO web server needed -Generate random passwords and copy them to Clipboard -Save/edit logins – username, password, site name and icon Download Login Pad
  • Loading screens are beautifully frustrating in this stop-motion short (2017-02-16 12:46:40)
    Loading screens are not totally a thing of the past yet, but on some days — when the LTE is strong and the Wi-Fi hotspots are plentiful — it can sure feel like it. Vangelis’ video, called “Analogue Loaders,” is a short ode to 30 different loading screens. All of them are beautiful, especially because Vangelis made the animations in the physical world, painstakingly 3D-printing (and in many cases, painting) every frame he created.
  • Exploring the Expanse: How a spacewalk scene sums up the show's VFX and its character conflicts (2017-02-16 12:32:25)
    The Expanse is a television show based on the novels by James S.A. Corey. Every week, I’ll be taking a look at one moment in each episode of the show’s second season, and chatting with the creators about how it was created and what it means for the larger story. The latest episode of The Expanse is all about action.
  • This projector toy for kids lets them trace any smartphone photo (2017-02-16 12:23:50)
    FollowGrams is a smart projector currently available to back Kickstarter for $75, self-described as “an app-connected STEM toy that teaches kids how to draw pictures, letters and numbers in a fun hands-on experience.” It’s basically one step above a light box, which lets you trace over artwork, or that Magic Tracer toy that aired on TV infomercials in the ‘90s. This is all good and fine, but my big question is, why market a kids’ art projector as a STEM toy? Yes, STEM is a trendy buzzword you can throw in your promotional copy and it’s important, especially for young girls, to feel encouraged to pursue science and math careers — but why try to market a product as something it’s not?
  • BeatsX not your speed? Apple’s other W1-equipped Beats are on sale right now (2017-02-16 12:21:18)
    Apple finally released its delayed BeatsX headphones last week, and they've gotten pretty good reviews from early adopters. In a nutshell, it sounds like BeatsX offer the same audio experience as AirPods, but they're connected by a cord and the rubber tips fit better in ear canals so they isolate sound better. Still, BeatsX aren't for everyone and AirPods are still practically impossible to find. If you want wireless headphones equipped with Apple's hot new W1 chip, you've got two more options to explore. Check out the Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones and the Powerbeats3 Wireless In-Ear Headphones , which are both discounted right now on Amazon. Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones Connect via Class 1 Bluetooth with your device for wireless listening Up to 40 hours of battery life for multi-day use Adjustable fit with comfort-cushioned ear cups made for everyday use Take calls, control your music and activate Siri with the multifunction on-ear controls What's in the Box: Beats Solo3 Wireless headphones, carrying case, 3.5mm RemoteTalk cable, universal USB charging cable (USB-A to USB Micro-B), Quick Start Guide, warranty card Powerbeats3 Wireless In-Ear Headphones Connect via Class 1 Bluetooth with your device for wireless workout freedom Up to 12 hours of battery life to power through multiple workouts With Fast Fuel, a 5-minute charge gives you 1 hour of playback when battery is low Sweat and water resistance to handle tough training What's in the box: Powerbeats3 Wireless earphones, eartips with four (4) size options, carrying case, universal USB charging cable (USB-A to USB Micro-B, Quick Start Guide, warranty card
  • You can now ask your Google Home to buy things (2017-02-16 12:05:20)
    Google’s Home digital assistant has been compared to Amazon’s Alexa a lot over the last few months, and now it’s getting the ability to order things through voice commands, just like Alexa can. Of course, Home is still a Google product, so instead of buying things through Amazon Prime, orders go through Google Express instead. The update should be rolling out today — Home users simply need to add a payment method in the Google Home app, and then they can place orders simply by asking Google Assistant.
  • Snap lowers valuation expectations in highly awaited IPO (2017-02-16 12:05:11)
    Snap Inc, owner of the popular messaging app Snapchat, on Thursday set a lower-than-expected valuation for itself amid mounting investor concerns over the company's still unproven business model, slowing metrics and tight founder control. The company, which filed for an initial public offering earlier this month, was widely expected to be valued at between $20 billion and $25 billion but fell short by targeting a valuation between $19.5 billion and $22.3 billion ahead of its marketing road show, due to start on Monday in London.
  • iPhone 8 may utilize 3D laser technology for a complex new feature (2017-02-16 11:56:29)
    One of the more intriguing rumors surrounding the iPhone 8 is that it will feature a new type of facial recognition technology bolstered by advanced laser sensors. This particular rumor first began to take shape a few weeks ago via a research note from Cowen & Company which said that the iPhone 8 will include "some form of facial/gesture recognition supported by a new laser sensor and an infrared sensor mounted near the front-facing camera." Far from a speculative rumor conjured out of thin air, it's worth highlighting that Apple last year picked up Emotient , a company with specialized technology that can not only recognize faces but can even discern facial expressions and subsequently distinguish between a wide array of emotional states. Building upon this rumor, AppleInsider highlights a new research note from J.P. Morgan's Rod Hall who also relays that the iPhone 8 will incorporate laser technology capable of identifying faces. A 3D sensor needs a few key features —it needs a light emitter in the form of a LED or laser diode, a light filter for a noise-free scan, and a speedy image sensor coupled with a powerful signal processor. Each aspect has some implementation difficulties, which Hall believes have been rectified by Apple and partner Primesense in a relatively inexpensive package that should add not much more than 3 percent to the build cost of an iPhone. What remains unclear, though, is how Apple plans to take advantage of this rumored sensor capable of recognizing faces. While some believe Apple may leverage the technology in furtherance of its augmented reality plans, others maintain it may simply coexist alongside Touch ID as a means of verifying a user's identity for certain sensitive transactions. As Apple's plans for the iPhone 8 begin to crystallize, it's becoming more and more apparent why the company's flagship 2017 iPhone may cost well over $1,000.
  • Auto union president: Organizing at Tesla depends on workers (2017-02-16 11:56:12)
    By Joseph White (Reuters) - The president of the United Auto Workers union said on Thursday UAW organizers are in contact with workers at Silicon Valley electric car maker Tesla Inc , but said any formal effort to organize workers will "be determined by the interest of employees." UAW President Dennis Williams said the UAW is not paying a worker who went public with concerns about working conditions at Tesla's Fremont, California factory, as Tesla Chief Executive Elon Musk charged last week. ...
  • FCC chief wants smartphones’ hidden FM radios turned on, but won’t do anything about it (2017-02-16 11:54:50)
    FCC chairman Ajit Pai says he’d love to see more smartphone makers activate the hidden FM radio inside their devices, but he doesn’t think the commission should step in to do anything about it. In the United States, the majority of these are disabled — Pai says that as of last fall, only 44 percent of the “top-selling smartphones” in the US had activated FM radios, compared to 80 percent in Mexico. “It seems odd that every day we hear about a new smartphone app that lets you do something innovative, yet these modern-day mobile miracles don’t enable a key function offered by a 1982 Sony Walkman,” Pai said this morning, during a speech at a North American Broadcasters Association event, according to prepared remarks.
  • MapR, DataStax offer options for container persistence (2017-02-16 11:42:44)
    If it's lack of options for persistence that's keeping you from using containers, maybe it's time you reconsider.
  • HTC will stop making cheap phones this year (2017-02-16 11:34:30)
    Vlad SavovHTC will exit the entry-level smartphone market later this year, the company announced during its earnings call earlier this week, according to Phonescoop. The company said it would continue to support cheaper phones that have been released, but acknowledged that its focus would shift to high-end, high-margin devices. This isn’t the first time HTC has reduced its smartphone output; back in 2012, the company notably reduced its handset output to focus on its top-tier smartphones. ...
  • Big leak may give us our first look at the Nintendo Switch’s interface (2017-02-16 11:33:05)
    The Wii U has essentially been a no-show in the current console generation, but Nintendo will look to erase the ill-fated console from our memory in just two weeks when it launches the brand new Nintendo Switch. The company's new Switch is a fresh take on video game consoles, combining a portable hand-held unit like the 3DS with a home console like the PS4. The Switch is far more powerful than any other handheld gaming console Nintendo has ever released though, and it features a nifty wireless controller mechanism that facilitates multi-player gaming whether the unit is being used as a portable console or connected to a TV at home. Nintendo has already shared plenty about the Switch , but there are also a number of key details we don't yet know. Now, however, a big leak may have given the world an in-depth look at the Switch's user interface. Earlier this week, an anonymous user on Reddit with a throw-away account posted a large gallery of Nintendo Switch user interface mockups along with a tremendous amount of unannounced details surrounding the new console. All of the content shared in this leak is believed to be authentic, though Nintendo hasn't confirmed anything at this point. Here are just a few of the Switch interface mockups the user posted: There are plenty more images in the Imgur gallery that accompanied the leak, which also included a lengthy bullet list of previously unknown details. Here's a small sampling: HD Rumble's technical name is a Linear resonant actuator When in handheld mode, the Switch will have an unlock screen like a smartphone to prevent accidental waking. The Switch features a Quick Menu. Press and hold the HOME Button for at least one second to display the Quick Settings screen on top of all other screens, including the HOME Menu and any applications. Unlike the 3DS, the active software will not be suspended when this menu is invoked The Switch's keyboard will feature predictive text such as those on iOS and Android System Settings will allow the user to edit the following settings: Flight Mode Toggle Enable/Disable Bluetooth Manage Wi-fi Manage NFC Manage screen brightness Screen lock User Settings Create/Edit Mii Theme management Controller management System Update Check out the rest of the supposed Switch info in the original post on Reddit . You can find out more about the Nintendo Switch right here , and you can watch trailers for all of the most hotly anticipated Switch games in this post . The device's specs are as follows: 6.2-inch capacitive multitouch display with 720p resolution (1280 x 720) 1080p resolution output via HDMI when docked Custom Nvidia Tegra processor 32GB of internal storage microSDXC support for up to 2TB of additional storage (up to 256GB right now, since larger cards don’t yet exist) Game card slot (games will come on physical cards) Battery life of between 2.5 and 6 hours USB Type-C charging port 802.11ac Wi-Fi
  • Italian taxi drivers stage wildcat strike over pro-Uber bill (2017-02-16 11:32:32)
    ROME (AP) — Taxi drivers in Rome, Milan and Turin are staging wildcat strikes to protest proposed Italian legislation they say will favor Uber and other car-sharing services.
  • As Kickstarter matures, crowdfunded games find safety in sequels and big names (2017-02-16 11:22:20)
    If you take a look at the “most funded games” section of Kickstarter, one major trend becomes immediately clear. During the initial boon of crowdfunding, the platform was seen by many as a lifeline for tiny studios making weird or risky new games. While smaller indie titles can still do well on Kickstarter and other crowdfunding platforms, the biggest success stories are titles that sit somewhere in between tiny indie teams and massive blockbusters.
  • You need to try these 5 free iPhone games that just launched on the App Store this week (2017-02-16 11:10:36)
    One of our most popular features over the past couple of years has been our paid apps gone free posts , in which we find a bunch of apps that normally cost money, but are temporarily on sale for free. Today, we're introducing a new feature where we round up the five most intriguing free games to arrive on the App Store each week. Thursday is when Apple refreshes the front page of the App Store with all of the new games and apps to launch that week, so look out for a new installment of this feature every Thursday. Digby Forever Help Digby dig, set off bombs, dodge cave-ins and evade a colourful cast of foes in Digby Forever - an explosive new endless digger from 3 Sprockets! Watch out for crazy monsters, lava, lasers and even cave-ins as you dig as deep as you can uncovering crystals. Mix up the game using powerful ability cards that change your experience in fun and unpredictable ways. Want to replace all lava with crystals? Want to skip the first 50m? Want to remove lasers from your game? How about double speed drilling? Do all of that and more with collectible ability cards that give you the power to play how you want. Key Game Features * Explosive action (seriously, so many explosions) * Intuitive controls - just swipe and tap! * Mix and match over 60 game-changing cards * Collect DigBots for extra gems * Unlock a huge range of characters and themes By the creators of PAC-MAN 256, Outfolded and the award winning Cubemen series! [ Download Digby Forever free on the App Store ] Dungeon and League Real time 3 vs 3 Multiplayer Action RPG on mobile! Now enjoy quick battles instantly on mobile, not PC! This game is a true evolution of MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena). Mobile-optimized short battles and ongoing character growth will make epic gaming experience! 40 Legendary fantasy heroes - Warrior, Archer, Wizard, Summoner, etc. Choose the character's job you want. - Tankers, close range dealers, long distance dealers, supporters, etc. Combine multiple classes to create your own team. - You can win more characters by winning the battle and winning the treasure chest. Endless Epic League in 6 Arenas - Win a fight against the user to reach the higher arena. - The higher the arena, the more characters and rewards you can get. - The higher you go, the stronger users are waiting for your challenge. - You can practice in the campaign mode or enjoy your solo playing. Users from all over the world are gathering to join this great arena. Grow your characters and take the league's throne! [ Download Dungeon and League free on the App Store ] Do you still remember the fun of playing classic Minesweeper game? Now it’s the time to challenge your Minesweeper skills against your friends and players all over the world! brings the fun and challenge of Minesweeper into a brand new level. You play against other player in real-time. You solve the puzzle with your skills. You can even deploy extra mines on the board to help you. And you win by opening more cells than your opponent. Enjoy the fun of now! [ Download free on the App Store ] Gunman Taco Truck Gunman Taco Truck is an action-packed drive across the post-apocalypse United States to reach the safe haven of Winnipeg, Canada, where there are no taco trucks and your family’s taco business can thrive. Getting to the safe towns is hectic but your truck is armed with weapons that blast mutants into taco fillings. In the towns you serve up the mutant scraps to struggling survivors who are more picky than they should be. Use money earned and scrap metal found to upgrade your truck and buy gas and supplies for the trip to the next town. [ Download Gunman Taco Truck free on the App Store ] Space Galaxy Rogue Classic arcade space shooter with rouge-like gameplay. Defeat wave after wave of space invaders, power up your spaceships and save the galaxy! Space Galaxy Rogue is everything you can expect from a classic Shoot 'Em Up with epic boss fights, multiple weapons and random wave generation - no game is like the other. So board your spaceship and defeat the alien invasion! Features * random wave generation * five different spaceships * epic boss fights * multiple spaceship upgrades * unique soundtrack * unlockable skins * achievements * social media share * online highscore * and big pixels! Check out the gameplay trailer at Space Galaxy Rogue can be played for free and supports in-app purchases. [ Download Space Galaxy Rogue free on the App Store ]
  • Sprint follows Verizon and T-Mobile in offering better unlimited data plans (2017-02-16 11:09:51)
    First Verizon announced that it would begin offering a new unlimited data plan. Then T-Mobile upped its unlimited plan to keep up with Verizon. Now, Sprint is getting in on the action with an improved unlimited data plan that’s on par with Verizon and T-Mobile’s latest offerings.
  • Why the Nokia 3310 reboot will struggle to do the original justice (2017-02-16 11:06:49)
    HMD Global's reported reboot of the Nokia 3310 at this month's Mobile World Congress could be a welcome relief in a crowded market, but the company will find it hard to stick to the phone's original concept in today's climate.
  • Alto’s Adventure follow-up Where Cards Fall is coming this fall on iOS, Steam, and Apple TV (2017-02-16 11:00:02)
    The creators of Where Cards Fall have been teasing their new game for quite some time, initially announcing the project nearly a year ago. The game is a collaboration between Alto’s Adventure creator Snowman and new studio The Game Band, and today the developers have released a new trailer showcasing more of its solemn world. More importantly, we finally have details on when and where we’ll be able to play it: Where Cards Fall will be launching this fall on iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Mac, and Steam.
  • Apple's WWDC 2017 Kicks Off June 5: What to Expect (2017-02-16 10:52:00)
    There's a remote chance we'll get a sneak peek of the iPhone 8, but you can definitely expect to see the software that will power Apple's 10th anniversary phone when the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) kicks off June 5. Apple CEO Tim Cook will kick off WWDC 2017 on June 5. This year's edition of WWDC will move out of San Francisco, where it's been held the last 14 year, and head down to San Jose, Calif., and the McEnery Convention Center.
  • If you have an iPhone 7, you got the wrong iPhone (2017-02-16 10:45:02)
    Today marks exactly five months since Apple first released the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Five months since Apple officially changed its iPhone strategy, reusing the same design on a non-"S" model smartphone for the first time ever. Gadget blogs had a field day with all the leaks ahead of Apple's launch, and many sites labeled the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus "boring" because their appearance was so similar to the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s. Well, those boring new iPhones went on to quickly become the fastest selling smartphones in the world, just as most of us knew they would. I picked up both new iPhone models at launch, and I've had a current-generation iPhone in my pocket every day since then. Interestingly, however, it has become increasingly clear to me over that period that for the first time ever, there is a right iPhone to buy and a wrong iPhone. Apple was famously late to the game when it came to big-screen smartphones. Samsung's Galaxy Note smartphone first popularized the new "phablet" category back in 2011, but Apple didn't join the party until 2014 when it launched the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Over the course of those three years, company executives deflected questions about the possibility of big-screen iPhones for the most part, though on occasion, an exec would say that Apple would not release a significantly larger iPhone until it could do so without compromising the user experience. Fast-forward to 2017, and it's the smaller of Apple's two flagship iPhones that makes all the compromises. I have not historically been a fan of large smartphones. I recognized and appreciated their place in the market ever since I ate crow after my original Galaxy Note review back in 2012. People wanted phones with bigger screens, though I maintain that most people who use phones with large screens would far prefer using a device with a smaller overall footprint. In 2017, we'll begin to see that transition take place thanks to a shift toward "all-screen" designs. But I digress. I personally have done my best to avoid phablets over the years. Because I use my phone so often with one hand, a gigantic phone like the Galaxy Note 5 or the iPhone 7 Plus is uncomfortable. The benefits of a device with a larger display have always been apparent to me, but there has never been enough to gain from a phablet to make me change my behavior and compromise. Then, the iPhone 7 Plus came along. I touched on this back in October when I wrote about switching from a smaller iPhone and using the iPhone 7 Plus for a month . Apple now sells several different iPhone models, but there is only one iPhone. The iPhone. The device that offers users the best and most complete experience Apple envisioned for smartphone users within the confines of current technological limitations. That iPhone is the iPhone 7 Plus. First and foremost, the iPhone 7 Plus has a battery that can actually make it through a full day of use on a single charge. iOS 10 has so many great features, but a number of them are quite hard on the iPhone's battery. If you have an iPhone 7, battery life is something you have no choice but to be overly aware of. You can either compromise your software experience by disabling power-hungry features, or you can compromise your hardware experience by getting a battery case (while there are some decent iPhone 7 battery cases out there that are slim , any battery case will inherently add bulk). When it comes to the iPhone 7 Plus, on the other hand, most users don't ever have to think about battery life. Unless you're spending the day navigating all over your city and tethering with your laptop at the same time, the battery in the 7 Plus can easily carry you through a full, busy day. There's no need to worry about battery cases, portable chargers or disabling iOS 10 features like "Hey Siri." With the iPhone 7 Plus, you can just use the phone. Next up is the 7 Plus display, which is so much better than the screen on the iPhone 7 that it's difficult to describe. The most glaringly obvious difference between the two phones is display size, but that's just the beginning. Apple stuck with the same resolutions on this year's flagship iPhones — 720p for the iPhone 7 and 1080p for the iPhone 7 Plus. While the result is two phones that fall well short of Android rivals in terms of pixel density, the disparity is really only noticeable on the 4.7-inch iPhone 7 screen. Now, that's not to say it's a bad display, but graphics on the Full HD panel in the iPhone 7 Plus are significantly sharper than they are on the smaller flagship model. Colors seem a bit more vibrant as well, but that's likely a product of the improved image quality as opposed to actual color reproduction. Now we come to the second most glaringly obvious difference between the iPhone 7 Plus and the smaller iPhone 7: The camera. Both the iPhone 7 and the larger 7 Plus utilize the same rear-facing 12-megapixel Sony Exmor RS sensor, and both models include optical image stabilization (OIS). The 7 Plus, however, packs a second telephoto lens that serves two purposes. First, it enables a 2x optical zoom function — unlike digital zoom on other smartphones, this feature allows users to zoom in without degrading the photo at all. The second lens on the back of the iPhone 7 Plus also enables a feature Apple calls "Portrait Mode." By capturing photos with both lenses simultaneously and analyzing data from the resulting images, the iPhone 7 Plus can create a blurred background effect similar to what you get when shooting portraits with a DSLR camera. All of the magic happens instantly behind the scenes, and the results are beautiful. In the end, the iPhone 7 Plus is clearly the iPhone Apple wants in customers' hands. Yes, that's partially because Apple reportedly enjoys better margins with the Plus model and therefore makes more money on each unit sold. But it's also because the iPhone 7 Plus provides a much better overall user experience than the smaller iPhone 7. The only compromise with the iPhone 7 Plus is comfort, whereas the 4.7-inch flagship handset compromises several key areas of the iPhone experience.
  • Verizon acquires Skyward, aims to manage drone operations, connections (2017-02-16 10:36:32)
    Verizon's purchase of Skyward signals how the telecom giant sees drones as a key part of its fast-growing Internet of things business unit.
  • Microsoft tries again to tackle healthcare with new services, tools (2017-02-16 10:30:00)
    Microsoft is trying again to tackle the healthcare market with a concerted strategy involving artificial intelligence, productivity tools, and partnerships.
  • Ryan Murphy says he plans to tackle the 2016 election on American Horror Story (2017-02-16 10:26:42)
    On Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen last night, Ryan Murphy said that the next season of American Horror Story will grapple with the 2016 election. Cohen, who seemed surprised, asked if the show would have a Donald Trump character, to which Murphy replied “maybe.” This portion of the interview is less than 30 seconds long, so that’s all the details we got. The election of Donald Trump seems like a more natural fit for Murphy’s other FX anthology series American Crime Story, given that show’s tendency thus far to engage with contemporary political issues, “the mainstream media,” and the law.
  • This week on Ctrl-Walt-Delete: Code Media, Caavo, and the Chromebook Plus (2017-02-16 10:21:38)
    Walt was at Code Media this week, so Walt and Nilay go over a few talking points from the conference, including the announcement of the Caava streaming box — something Nilay is pretty excited about. Walt’s column from Wednesday focused on the addition of Android apps on Chrome OS, which is featured in the newest Chromebook: the Samsung Chromebook Plus. You might also want to check out Recode Decode, hosted by Kara Swisher, and Too Embarrassed to Ask featuring The Verge's Lauren Goode.
  • Star Wars: The Last Jedi toys are coming September 1st (2017-02-16 10:21:01)
    With every new Star Wars film comes an unstoppable wave of merchandise for the movie. The event, Lucasfilm promises, will be “a global fan event” that will see the first release of all of the “toys, collectibles, books, apparel, and more” that tie in to The Last Jedi. It’s no surprise that Lucasfilm is building a huge event for The Last Jedi: toys have always been a big part of the success of the Star Wars franchise.
  • Huawei’s new flagship P10 will come in blue, gold, and a bright green (2017-02-16 10:13:34)
    Huawei confirmed its new P10 phone in a teaser earlier this week with plans to debut the device at Mobile World Congress. Huawei P10 in (left to right) blue, gold, and green. As we expected from Huawei’s hints, the P10 will include a dual-camera system, just like last year’s P9.
  • Apple to announce iOS, Mac updates June 5 (2017-02-16 10:10:07)
    The 28th annual Apple developers' conference, WWDC, is to take place over the week of June 5-9, 2017, marking a major opportunity for the company to outline big updates to iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch and Apple TV apps and abilities.
  • Google’s future plans for Android might be truly exciting (2017-02-16 09:57:51)
    Imagine an Android operating system of the future that would work seamlessly across devices, offering similar experiences across screens and realities. Imagine an Android operating system that would receive regular updates just like the iPhone does. Google might be working on something like that. Only it’s not going to be Android. Android will be a part of that. A few months ago, word got out that Google is developing an Andromeda operating system  for laptops, which would combine the best of its two worlds, including Android and Chrome OS. Google was even supposed to announce Andromeda, but that never happened. The project, however, was not canned, and it’s still in development. Google isn’t even trying to hide it, although you have to pay close attention to find traces of it out in the wild. That’s what Daniel Matte did, explaining what Andromeda — or Fuchsia, as it might be called now — is all about. “To my naive eyes, rather than saying Chrome OS is being merged into Android, it looks more like Android and Chrome OS are both being merged into Fuchsia, he said. “It’s worth noting that these operating systems had previously already begun to merge together to an extent, such as when the Android team worked with the Chrome OS team in order to bring Update Engine to Nougat, which introduced A/B updates to the platform.” Matte’s findings seem to indicate that Google’s future computer OS will work on a variety of devices, regardless of screen size or processor architecture. Andromeda will not replace Android, but rather expand Android’s reach and its power. “My best guess is that Android as an API and runtime will live on as a legacy environment within Andromeda,” Matte said. “That’s not to say that all development of Android would immediately stop, which seems extremely unlikely.” Furthermore, with Andromeda in place, developers will have the tools they need to code apps for Andromeda, Android, and iOS “with minimal extra work, in theory.” “Andromeda, however, will provide a laptop OS with native apps and backward compatibility with Android. It could very well look much the same visually as Chrome OS does now, however,” Matte concluded. “I also have to imagine the Android update problem (a symptom of the monolithic Linux kernel, in addition to starting conditions) will, at last, be solved by Andromeda, but one can never be too sure.” It’s unclear at this time how Andromeda updates will actually affect mobile devices that’ll run the new OS or “old” Android versions. That’s assuming Google can also fix the carrier/OEM "problems." Since it's up to OEMs and carriers to create and release Android update, Google can't really fix Android annoying fragmentation issue. Furthermore, it’s not inconceivable to assume that Andromeda will also have VR and AR applications in the future, as well as advanced AI integration. This is speculation from yours truly at this point. Interestingly, while researching the matter, Matte found that Google is already testing Andromeda — rather than just Android — on the brand new Snapdragon 835 processor, a chip that will power some of the hottest Android devices of 2017. Does this mean that the first Andromeda device might be released later this year? Will it be a tablet? A laptop? We have no way of knowing. Matte's full report, complete with more technical details is available at this link .
  • Is Samsung Hello an Amazon Echo Killer? (2017-02-16 09:56:02)
    It looks like the Galaxy S8 won't be the only device from Samsung this year with an AI assistant inside. The company could be working on a new Amazon Echo and Google Home competitor named Hello. Hello could be Samsung's answer to Alexa and Google Home.
  • OpenSignal’s latest regional LTE ratings still show Verizon firmly on top (2017-02-16 09:51:58)
    Wireless providers are extremely fond of arguing and fighting with each other as to who provides the fastest and most reliable service. This year, in addition to releasing its overall report on mobile networks, OpenSignal released a follow-up ranking cell reliability and speeds in five different geographic regions. After all, knowing that Verizon and T-Mobile are the faster across the entire country does you little good if those services are poor in the city you live in.
  • Italian teams restore damaged busts from ancient Syrian city (2017-02-16 09:51:08)
    Italian art conservationists have restored two funerary busts from the ancient city of Palmyra, Syria that were badly damaged by members of the Islamic State group. Restorers in Rome used a 3-D printer ...
  • Snap seeks valuation of up to $18.5 billion in highly awaited IPO (2017-02-16 09:46:58)
    Snap Inc, owner of the popular messaging app Snapchat, is seeking a valuation of between $16.20 billion and $18.52 billion in its highly awaited initial public offering. The company, which filed for an IPO earlier this month, was widely expected to be valued at between $20 billion and $25 billion, giving it the richest valuation in a U.S. technology IPO since Facebook Inc. "I think that the lower proposed valuation reflects feedback from institutional investors that the higher valuation is hard to justify," Jay Ritter, IPO expert and professor at the University of Florida, told Reuters.
  • Huge leak reveals iPhone 8 form factor and exactly how Apple will eliminate the home button (2017-02-16 09:32:38)
    Apple's flagship 2017 iPhone will reportedly be such a drastic leap forward in design and functionality that Apple will reportedly call it the iPhone 8. Said to feature an edge to edge display, the iPhone 8 will likely smash all existing iPhone sales records and restore faith in Apple's ability to innovate. While there's still a lot we don't know about the iPhone 8, a new research note from reputed Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo helps answer a number of lingering questions people have raised about Apple's next-gen smartphone. In a note obtained by MacRumors , Kuo writes that Apple’s iPhone 8 will be about the same size as the current 4.7-inch iPhone 7 but will incorporate a display with about 5.15-inches of usable space. Interestingly, though, Kuo anticipates that the iPhone 8’s OLED display won’t be truly edgeless as there will be extremely thin bezels on the sides and top of the device. The bottom of the device, meanwhile, is said to feature a “function area” that will presumably be similar in utility to the Touch Bar on Apple’s recently released MacBook Pro. Regardless, the main takeaway here is that the iPhone 8 will manage to squeeze in an iPhone 7 Plus sized display onto a much smaller form factor. Assuming that the above illustration is accurate, one glaring question centers on what Apple plans to do with Touch ID on the iPhone 8. While some reports, bolstered by some patent filings, have suggested that Apple may integrate a Touch ID sensor onto the iPhone 8 display itself, Kuo believes that Touch ID may be non-existent on the iPhone 8 altogether. In its place, Kuo writes that Apple may implement a security verification system built around face recognition technology. While it’s hard to imagine Apple completely doing away with a technology as popular, seamless, useful and secure as Touch ID, there are a number of reports pointing to Apple incorporating 3D laser technology to achieve a robust verification system based on facial recognition software. In an ideal world, Apple would figure out a way to have Touch ID coexist alongside new any new facial recognition technology it plans to incorporate, but we'll have to wait until September before Apple's plans become clear. As for other iPhone 8 rumors, Kuo earlier this week also issued a research note claiming that battery life on the iPhone 8  might be even better than the iPhone 7 Plus due to a stacked logic board design. Further, iPhone 8 battery life will also be bolstered by Apple’s decision to go with an OLED display, a more power efficient option than the current LCD screens currently found on Apple’s iPhone lineup. As the iPhone 8 rumors continue to roll in -- and we haven't even touched on wireless charging -- it's becoming increasingly clear how Apple will be able to justify charging a reported $1000+ for the device. An ambitious price point to say the least, the surprising popularity of the pricier iPhone 7 Plus model last quarter underscores that iPhone owners will be more than happy to pay extra for additional features and enhanced battery life.
  • Searching for the mysterious Planet 9 (2017-02-16 09:27:59)
    Last year, two astronomers from Caltech shocked the science community when they announced that they had ironclad evidence pointing to a planet orbit at the farthest edge of our Solar System. The two astronomers — Mike Brown and Konstantin Batygin — inferred the planet’s existence based on the strange movements of six small objects in the Kuiper Belt. The astronomers are working on it, but it may be some time before we spot it.
  • One of Twitter’s new anti-abuse measures is the oldest trick in the forum moderation book (2017-02-16 09:07:21)
    Overnight, BuzzFeed uncovered one of the ways that Twitter is filtering out abuse on its platform in its latest anti-harassment initiative. On the forums I’ve run, I’ve never used rule litigation as an excuse to hide the rules, and found that shadow banning often ends up being more trouble than it’s worth.
  • Fake news: Trump met Putin in Switzerland before the election (2017-02-16 09:07:04)
    You may have seen news stories earlier this week saying that Trump and Putin were seen together in Switzerland before the election. That would not bode well for a Trump administration that’s already perceived as being closer to Russia than you’d expect. However, before you spread the nonsense yourself, you should know that this is a classic case of fake news. It’s been confirmed to be fake, and it’s all part of a massive plot to promote a movie. Ironically, this particular piece of fake news was conceived by the same company that Trump trusts most when it comes to the news. Initially discovered by BuzzFeed , the fake news campaign was supposed to promote 20th Century Fox film A Cure for Wellness . We’ve already seen some trailers for the movie, which tells the story of a fake wellness retreat in Switzerland where treatments aren’t really what they seem. The campaign does deserve some credit for the idea. However, given the current political climate, one that is believed to have been heavily influenced by fake news ahead of the election, it’s not necessarily the best choice. Especially considering companies like Google and Facebook are taking steps to prevent the fake news from going viral. Meanwhile, BuzzFeed explains the fake news sites that were set up by the movie producers spread out false news that isn't related to the film. Moreover, the reports were not even identified as fake news. Here are some of them, as listed by The New York Times : “Utah Senator Introduces Bill to Jail, Publicly Shame Women Who Receive Abortions” “BOMBSHELL: Trump and Putin Spotted at Swiss Resort Prior to Election” “LEAKED: Lady Gaga Halftime Performance to Feature Muslim Tribute” “Trump Refuses to Provide California Federal Support in Midst of Natural Disaster, Cites Sanctuary Cities” “California Legislature to Consider Tax Rebates for Women Who Get Abortions” The biggest fake story among them was the Lady Gaga report, which generated more than 50,000 shares, reactions and comments on Facebook, according to BuzzFeed . The studio used five sites to spread the fake news, including The Sacramento Dispatch , Salt Lake City Guardian , Houston Leader , NY Morning Post and Indianapolis Gazette . The marketing team even created a site designed to resemble the official site. Most of those sites were redirected to the film’s official website after BuzzFeed’s report. “A Cure for Wellness is a movie about a ‘fake’ cure that makes people sicker,” a Regency Enterprises spokesperson said. “As part of this campaign, a ‘fake’ wellness site was created, and we partnered with a fake news creator to publish fake news.” What’s really ironic about this campaign is that it’s Fox that has to take the blame, which owns the one major network that Donald Trump trusts for news. Just the other day, the president had this to tweet in the midst of the Flynn/Russia scandal: Well, Mr. President, you’d better make sure you double-check your news moving forward, even if it comes from Fox.
  • Microsoft: Companies Must Do More to Save Us from Cyberwar (2017-02-16 08:54:00)
    Microsoft President and Chief Legal Officer Brad Smith has a radical proposal: he wants the technology industry to resist aiding national governments in cyberattacks, instead creating a digital Geneva Convention to protect civilians from harm.
  • Sony Dropping PlayStation Now Support for Many Devices (2017-02-16 08:54:00)
    You'll have fewer ways to access Sony's PlayStation Now game streaming service this summer. Sony is cutting back on the number of supported devices to focus on support for the PlayStation 4 and PCs. At CES 2015, a Samsung TV shows off Sony's PlayStation Now service.Sony made the announcement today (Feb. 15) in a blog post where it outlined plans to discontinue PlayStation Now support for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, and PlayStation TV as of August 15.
  • iPhone 8 Mystery Solved with Rumored 'Function Area' (2017-02-16 08:52:00)
    When it come to iPhone 8 rumors, there's been a pretty big contradiction of late. Some reports have pointed to a 5.8-inch screen, while others say Apple's 10th anniversary phone will sport a 5.1-inch to 5.2-inch panel. The iPhone 8 could have a function area with virtual buttons.
  • New Microsoft Garage project aims to eliminate email search frustrations (2017-02-16 08:51:43)
    The new project, called Email Insights, was developed to make searching for emails easier-as long as you use Outlook or Gmail.
  • WWDC 2017 will be held from June 5-9 in San Jose (2017-02-16 08:46:40)
    Apple on Thursday announced that its annual WWDC developer conference will be held from June 5th through June 9th in San Jose, California. San Jose had been Apple's location of choice in the past for WWDC, but the convention has been held in San Francisco in recent years. WWDC 2017 will mark the return of WWDC to San Jose, and the event will take place at the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose. “We’re ecstatic that Apple has chosen to host its WWDC 2017 in San Jose, the heart of Silicon Valley and site of the very first WWDC,” San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo told The Loop . “We look forward to working with Apple to create a special experience for the thousands of attendees who will visit San Jose for this marquee event. And on behalf of our entire city, I’d like to extend a warm invitation to Apple developers, partners and enthusiasts from around the world to join us in Downtown San Jose as Apple unveils its latest innovations.” Apple marketing boss Phil Schiller confirmed to the site that McEnery Convention Center holds about the same number of people as the Moscone Center, which is where WWDC has been held in recent years. Apple expects approximately 5,000 developers and 1,000 engineers to attend the show this year, where the focus will obviously be Apple's next-generation mobile platform, iOS 11. Next-generation versions of macOS, tvOS and watchOS will also be covered at the show, and Apple will stream its WWDC 2017 keynote live online. More details can be found on Apple's website .
  • Apple will unveil the future of iOS, macOS, and more on June 5th (2017-02-16 08:45:23)
    Apple will kick off this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference on June 5th, when the company will take to the stage to present the next series of updates to iOS, macOS, and likely watchOS and tvOS as well. Technology must intersect with the liberal arts and the humanities, to create new ideas and experiences that push society forward. Daring Fireball points out that the convention center in San Jose is actually the original home of WWDC, hosting the event all the way through 2002.
  • Infineon braces for Wolfspeed deal collapse over U.S. security fears (2017-02-16 08:11:37)
    By Harro Ten Wolde and Irene Preisinger MUNICH (Reuters) - Infineon does not expect to be able to salvage its $850 million purchase of Cree's Wolfspeed Power, which is under U.S. scrutiny over unspecified government security concerns, the German chipmaker said on Thursday. U.S.-based Wolfspeed makes devices using gallium nitride, a sensitive powdery compound with military applications whose use by other companies has led the U.S. to block deals. Infineon Chief Executive Officer Rheinhard Ploss told the chipmaker's annual shareholder meeting there was "a very significant risk that we will not be able to complete the takeover as planned or possibly even at all".
  • VoiceGenie give you hands-free Bluetooth device control through Amazon Alexa and AI (2017-02-16 07:48:40)
    No more fiddling with your headset whilst out on a run. VoiceGenie brings you hands free control of your device and Amazon Alexa Voice Services in the cloud.
  • New report sheds light on Apple’s next-gen Apple TV (2017-02-16 07:45:30)
    Former Apple analyst and current venture capitalist Gene Munster is famous for being horribly, terribly, dreadfully, embarrassingly wrong time and time again about Apple's plans to launch an HDTV. Year in and year out, the analyst insisted that Apple was on the verge of releasing a flat-screen television that would come in multiple sizes and be powered by the company's iOS platform. That mythical HDTV never materialized, and at this point it looks like it never will. Instead, Apple continues to tweak its Apple TV set-top box, and now a new report sheds light on what we can expect from the next-generation model that will likely launch later this year. After all these years, Apple is still fighting an uphill battle in the war for consumers' living rooms. The company's current-generation Apple TV is beloved by users, but it is still facing the same problem earlier models have faced: there aren't very many users. Rivals have flooded the market with low-cost alternatives like the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick from Amazon, which are so popular that the company can't even manage to keep them in stock. Few would argue that less expensive set-top boxes offer better features than the Apple TV. The problem is they offer the same core features — content is the most important part of the experience, for obvious reasons, and Apple has no advantage whatsoever when it comes to content. All of these devices can access the same core services such as Netflix, Hulu, HBO Now and Sling TV, so why pay $150-$200 for an Apple TV when you can pay $40-$80 for a Fire TV? Apple hasn't yet found an answer to that important question, but the company continues to motor along while it tries to find a way to differentiate its offerings. In the meantime, a new report from Bloomberg suggests that Apple is indeed working on an updated fifth-generation Apple TV that should launch later this year. That's the good news. The bad news is that it doesn't sound like there will be anything special about the update. Bloomberg states that Apple is testing support for 4K resolution on the next-generation Apple TV, and the news site also claims that the box will support content with "more vivid colors." It's unclear what that means exactly, though it likely refers to HDR, which is now supported by many new HDTV and UHD TV models that have launched over the past year. As for release timing, the report has nothing firm to offer. Instead, it simply suggests that the new fifth-generation Apple TV model could be released at some point in 2017.
  • How Fake Data Threatens Your Connected Home and Car (2017-02-16 07:45:00)
    In a world where data drives business, political and military decisions, falsified data has become a weapon, Intel Security Group head Christopher Young told the RSA Conference here this week. "Data drives decisions, but decisions drive world history.  Stolen and manipulated data was used to hijack our election," Young said. To combat what Young called the "weaponization" of data, he urged competing cybersecurity companies to work together toward the common goal of making sure that the data reaching not only decision-makers, but owners of smart-home devices and drivers of connected cars, is true and untainted.
  • Snap values itself at up to $22B ahead of IPO (2017-02-16 07:36:10)
    Snap Inc. is listing the company's valuation at up to $22 billion as it prepares for the tech industry's biggest initial public offering in years. The parent company of SnapChat said in a regulatory filing ...
  • I don't need Dropbox anymore, and it's all Google's fault (2017-02-16 07:30:02)
    I discovered something shocking this morning. Fumbling around inside my phone in search of some notes from CES, I realized I hadn't used the Dropbox app since I changed phones a month ago.A whole month without Dropbox.For close to a decade, the first app I've installed on any new device has been Dropbox. That trusty blue-and-white logo has been my security blanket for storing files online, helping me do the backing up I'm terrible at, and also keeping me sane while switching between review devices every week. But something's changed now, and the catalyst for that change is Google Photos. ...
  • Elon Musk dishes more dirt on his tunneling plans (2017-02-16 07:24:19)
    Bloomberg has a great new feature out on Elon Musk’s tunnel boring ambitions. Since Musk first started tweeting about his tunnel plans last December, we’ve been on the fence about whether or not the SpaceX CEO is joking. He has a boring machine.
  • Snap sets valuation below expectations (2017-02-16 07:14:42)
    (Reuters) - Snap Inc, the owner of the popular messaging app Snapchat, set a valuation of between $16.20 billion and $18.52 billion in its initial public offering, significantly below expectations. Snap, which filed for its IPO in early February, was widely expected to be valued at between $20 billion and $25 billion, giving the company the richest valuation in a U.S. technology IPO since Facebook Inc. The company said in a filing on Thursday that it expects to raise as much as $3.2 billion in the IPO. Snap said it expected the 200 million Class A share offering to be priced within a range of $14-$16 per share.
  • Apple will reportedly launch an unambitious 4K Apple TV (2017-02-16 07:02:14)
    Apple is reportedly planning to launch a new Apple TV that supports 4K content. Bloomberg reports that Apple could launch its fifth-generation Apple TV as soon as this year, with support for “more vivid colors.” That improvement in color reproduction could be related to high dynamic range (HDR), a feature that is becoming popular on consumer 4K TVs. Bloomberg’s report doesn’t provide any additional information on the upcoming Apple TV, but it does include a lot of context around Apple’s past decisions for its TV hardware.
  • The 10 hottest developer jobs of 2017 (2017-02-16 07:00:03)
    Ruby, JavaScript, and full stack developers are among the most in-demand positions in enterprises this year. Here's what you need to know about them.
  • Google expands fact-checking feature to Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico (2017-02-16 06:44:58)
    Google News is launching its fact-checking feature in Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico, as part of the company’s ongoing efforts to counteract fake news. In a blog post published on Wednesday, Richard Gingras, VP of Google News, said that users in the three countries will now see links from fact-checking websites in Google News search results. The sources will be listed under the “fact check” tag in expanded story boxes on desktop searches and in the Google News and Weather app.
  • After day in South Korea court, Samsung chief awaits arrest decision (2017-02-16 06:34:49)
    Samsung Group leader Jay Y. Lee left a Seoul court after more than eight hours on Thursday to await a decision on whether he will be arrested over his alleged role in a corruption scandal that has engulfed President Park Geun-hye. The 48-year-old Lee, wearing a dark coat and navy tie, kept his head down and did not answer reporters' questions as he left the Seoul Central District Court after the closed-door hearing, and headed to a detention centre pending a judge's ruling. Last month, the same court rejected the special prosecutor's request that Lee be arrested.
  • 99.6 percent of new smartphones run Android or iOS (2017-02-16 06:11:03)
    Between them, Android and iOS accounted for 99.6 percent of all smartphone sales in the fourth quarter of 2016. This duopoly has been the norm for a while now (in the second quarter of 2015 this figure was 96.8 percent), but it’s always impressive — and slightly terrifying — to see how Google and Apple continue to wring the last decimal point drops of market share from global smartphone users. Of the 432 million smartphones sold in the last quarter, 352 million ran Android (81.7 percent) and 77 million ran iOS (17.9 percent), but what happened to the other players?
  • Lenovo targets profitable mobile division by year-end after third-quarter earnings drop (2017-02-16 06:09:24)
    By Sijia Jiang HONG KONG (Reuters) - The mobile division of China's Lenovo Group Ltd is "on track" to return to profit by December at the earliest helped by strong growth in overseas markets, its chairman said on Thursday after the firm posted a 67 percent drop in quarterly earnings. Yang Yuanqing also dismissed the possibility of selling the struggling division to focus on the personal computer (PC) market where Lenovo is the world's biggest maker by shipments, as widely proposed by analysts and company watchers. "No, that is not my plan," Yang said in an interview.
  • Telenor to roll out Google's new messaging service in Asia, Europe (2017-02-16 06:07:32)
    (Reuters) - Alphabet Inc's Google said on Thursday it partnered with Telenor ASA to roll out Rich Communications Services (RCS), an upgraded messaging service, to the Norwegian telecommunications company's subscribers in Asia and Europe. The messaging service includes features such as group chats, photo sharing and read receipts among other things, Google said in its official blog.
  • Olympics - Tokyo launches mobiles-to-medals recycling campaign (2017-02-16 06:00:18)
    Members of the Japanese public lined up to donate unwanted mobile phones that will be recycled into medals for the 2020 Olympic Games, as a project aimed at promoting sustainability was launched on Thursday. The campaign kicked off at Tokyo's Metropolitan Government building where more than 100 people dropped the used handsets into a box that displayed the number of donations. "I came today because I thought it's great that my old mobile phones will become medals for the 2020 Olympics Games," said Hiromi Sakushima, a 55-year-old resident of Kawasaki, near Tokyo.
  • Blackstone acquires London-based cloud computing firm Cloudreach (2017-02-16 05:59:46)
    Blackstone, which has $100 billion in private equity assets under management, has acquired a majority stake in cloud computing business Cloudreach for an undisclosed sum, the investment firm said on Thursday. Cloud computing uses a network of remote servers hosted on the Internet to store, manage and process data, instead of a local server or a personal computer. London-based Cloudreach was founded in 2009 and has operations in seven countries, with clients including travel booking sites Sky Scanner and Trainline and publisher Time Inc. Research group Fast Track said in its 2015 report that Cloudreach was among the 20 fastest-growing British technology companies.
  • Watch over 100 satellites deploy at the same time for India's space mission (2017-02-16 05:57:54)
    India now holds the record for deploying the most satellites at the same time.
  • Google internet balloon plan snagged in Sri Lanka: minister (2017-02-16 05:52:48)
    Google's venture to beam the internet to remote areas of the world via balloon has hit a legal snag in Sri Lanka that could see the project abandoned on the island, a minister said Thursday. "Project Loon" uses roaming balloons to beam internet coverage and planned to connect Sri Lanka's 21 million people to the web, even those in remote connectivity black spots. Communications minister Harin Fernando said the Geneva-based International Telecommunications Union (ITU) was opposed to Google using the same frequency as Sri Lanka's public broadcasters to provide its internet.
  • Container shipping lines sign up with Alibaba to offer online booking (2017-02-16 05:52:28)
    Two container shipping lines, France's CMA CGM and Israel's Zim, have signed up with Alibaba to allow customers to book space on their vessels through the Chinese e-commerce giant, in a bid to boost sales as the sector battles a severe downturn. A growing number of logistics firms are going online to buoy their business. In December, Maersk - the world's largest container shipping line and a unit of Denmark's A.P. Moller-Maersk - started offering online booking services to Chinese shippers on Alibaba's OneTouch website.
  • Microsoft delays its Patch Tuesday by a month in unprecedented move (2017-02-16 05:18:59)
    Microsoft is delaying its regular Patch Tuesday round of security fixes this month. The software giant is blaming a “last minute issue” for the delay, and now plans to release the patches on March 14th, a whole month after they were supposed to go live. Microsoft was expected to patch a zero-day flaw in the company’s file sharing protocol, SMB, with its February patches, but Windows machines will now be left vulnerable to in-the-wild attacks until March 14th.
  • Emoji should be the new Caps Lock (2017-02-16 05:06:41)
    Earlier this month, a pretty standard-looking Apple patent application was published describing how a keyboard paired with a touch-screen device might make “performing tasks such as viewing, creating, editing, and sharing content” easier. The patent is written in typically baroque language, but is essentially about keyboard shortcuts. This idea isn’t mentioned in the application itself, but appears in a number of supporting illustrations.
  • Infineon says U.S. has not suggested remedies for Wolfspeed deal (2017-02-16 04:54:14)
    U.S. government security panel CFIUS has not suggested any measures that could address its concerns over plans by Infineon Technologies to buy Wolfspeed Power, according to a prepared speech by the German chipmaker's chief executive. "Due to that we see a very significant risk that we will not be able to complete the takeover as planned or possibly even at all," Reinhard Ploss was due to say at Infineon's AGM, according to the prepared speech seen by Reuters. Infineon and Wolfspeed's owner Cree had warned this month that the agreed $850 million sale to Infineon might not go ahead, citing U.S. government security concerns.
  • Lone hacker Rasputin breaches 60 universities, federal agencies (2017-02-16 04:45:30)
    Rasputin has danced around the defenses of organizations from NYU and Oxford to the Oklahoma state government.
  • Google adds Barbara Bush’s taco recipe and other presidential artifacts to online collection (2017-02-16 04:20:07)
    Google this week released a new collection of presidential photos, documents, and other artifacts, as part of its online American Democracy collection. In a blog post published Wednesday, Google Arts and Culture said it has added more than 20,000 items to its online collection, as part of a partnership with more than 30 cultural institutions. The collection includes digitized portraits and documents from every president in US history, as well as more personal artifacts such as a copy of Barbara Bush’s favorite taco recipe and images from Thomas Jefferson’s childhood.
  • Xen Project asks to limit security vulnerability advisories (2017-02-16 03:43:35)
    The organization is requesting permission to limit disclosures to only the most severe bugs.
  • SMBC head says will give Toshiba as much support as possible (2017-02-16 03:17:25)
    TOKYO (Reuters) - Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corp, one of the main lenders to Toshiba Corp , will provide as much support as possible to the troubled electronics conglomerate, the bank's chief executive said on Thursday. Takeshi Kunibe was speaking at a news conference as chairman of the Japanese Bankers Association. SMBC is a unit of Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group . (Reporting by Taiga Uranaka; Editing by Chris Gallagher)
  • India's Tata Motors, Microsoft ink technology collaboration deal (2017-02-16 03:03:23)
    Tata Motors Ltd and Microsoft India on Thursday announced a strategic collaboration on the technology front to make driving a more personalized experiences for the customers, the companies said in a joint statement. The first vehicle showcasing the vision of the enhanced driving experiences will be unveiled at the Geneva International Motor show on March 7, they said. "Using IoT (internet of things), AI (artificial intelligence) and machine learning technologies, we will provide vehicle owners in India and across the world a safe, productive and fun driving experience," Anant Maheshwari, President at Microsoft India, said.
  • Huawei will have its own voice assistant in China (2017-02-16 03:00:47)
    Fresh off integrating Amazon's Alexa in the Huawei Mate 9, the world's third biggest smartphone manufacturer is now also working on crafting its own voice assistant, specifically tailored for China. A report from Bloomberg has illuminated some of the work going on behind the scenes, but Huawei has already been upfront about its plans on this front. During CES in January, Huawei mobile chief Richard Yu told The Verge in a group briefing with other members of the press, including Bloomberg, that Huawei was planning a voice assistant only for its home market of China.
  • New Facebook job-hunting features challenge LinkedIn (2017-02-16 02:04:59)
    Facebook on Wednesday began letting businesses in the US or Canada post jobs and take applications from jobseekers, posing a challenge to Microsoft-owned LinkedIn. The platform's users will be able to find help-wanted posts at business pages on Facebook or by looking in a new 'jobs' bookmark on the leading social network's mobile application. "Businesses and people already use Facebook to fill and find jobs, so we're rolling out new features that allow job posting and application directly on Facebook," the California-based internet giant said in an online message.
  • ZTE is coming out with a gigabit phone at Mobile World Congress (2017-02-16 02:00:02)
    It might not be time for proper 5G devices just yet, but ZTE is bringing us a step closer, announcing today that it will show off one of the first gigabit LTE smartphones at Mobile World Congress this month. Called — fittingly — the ZTE Gigabit Phone, the Chinese company says the device will make 360-degree VR, 4K video, and instant cloud storage possible on the move. The first devices to be capable of supporting gigabit LTE were announced last year, when Qualcomm joined with Netgear, Ericsson, and Telstra — the largest Australian carrier — to produce a mobile hotspot that technically allowed 1 Gbps downloads via Telstra’s existing networks.
  • Snap sets valuation at lower end of expectation: WSJ (2017-02-16 01:50:33)
    (Reuters) - Snap Inc, the owner of the popular messaging app Snapchat, has set a valuation range for itself of $19.5 billion to $22.2 billion in its initial public offering, the Wall Street Journal reported, citing sources. The valuation range, which represents $14 to $16 per share, is close to the lower end of the expected range of $20 billion to $25 billion, the Journal reported. Snap Inc filed its IPO registration statement in early February and was expected to record the biggest valuation in a U.S. technology IPO since Facebook Inc. The company had confidentially registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission late last year for an IPO.
  • Spotify expands with World Trade Center move (2017-02-16 01:44:04)
    Spotify on Wednesday announced an expansion amid the rapid growth of streaming, with the company moving its US headquarters to New York's rebuilt World Trade Center complex. The Swedish company, which is the world's largest streaming service, will create 1,000 jobs and retain 832 existing ones as it moves early next year, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said. Spotify, whose US operation is already in Manhattan, will shift to the Fumihiko Maki-designed 4 World Trade Center which will become the first fully leased tower at the site rebuilt after the September 11, 2001 terror attacks.
  • Ericsson launches 5G platform with federated network slicing (2017-02-16 01:31:13)
    Following its trial of federated network slicing with Deutsche Telekom and SK Telecom, Ericsson has launched its 5G platform combining the technology with a 5G radio system and core network.
  • Atomico closes $765 million tech venture fund, Europe's biggest (2017-02-16 01:04:47)
    By Eric Auchard FRANKFURT (Reuters) - Atomico, which has spent the past decade proving startups can prosper outside Silicon Valley, said on Thursday it had closed Europe's largest standalone tech venture fund, a $765 million war chest that reflects the region's growing financing firepower. The London-based venture firm started by Skype co-founder Niklas Zennstrom has invested in around 60 firms since it was established in 2006. It was an early backer of two of the world's hit mobile gaming companies - Supercell and Angry Birds maker Rovio Entertainment, both of Finland.
  • South Korean prosecutor seeks extension for corruption investigation (2017-02-16 00:55:34)
    SEOUL (Reuters) - South Korea's special prosecution office said on Thursday it has asked for an extension for its investigation into a graft scandal that has engulfed President Park Geun-hye, saying it will not be able to finish by the current Feb. 28 deadline. The probe can be prolonged for 30 days upon consent from Acting President and Prime Minister Hwang Kyo-ahn. (Reporting by Hyunjoo Jin and Cynthia Kim; Editing by Paul Tait)
  • Rocket Lab’s experimental rocket arrives at New Zealand launch pad for debut flight (2017-02-16 00:00:01)
    After three years of developing a brand new rocket, aerospace startup Rocket Lab has finally transported a finished vehicle to the New Zealand launch pad where it will take its first flight. The rocket, called the Electron, has been tested on the ground over the last year but has never been flown to space before.
  • Lenovo third-quarter net profit falls 67 percent, blames weak macroeconomic environment (2017-02-15 23:59:59)
    By Sijia Jiang HONG KONG (Reuters) - Lenovo Group Ltd , the world's largest personal computer (PC) maker, on Thursday posted a 67 percent slide in third-quarter net profit, lagging analyst estimates, as supply constraints and a weak macroeconomic environment weighed. Profit fell to $98 million over the three months through December, from $300 million in the same period a year earlier. That compared with the $159.53 million average of 14 analyst estimates in a Thomson Reuters poll. Revenue fell 6 percent to $12.2 billion. ...
  • Reddit overhauls its front page for new users and lurkers (2017-02-15 22:58:40)
    Reddit — the self-described “front page of the internet” — has changed its front page. Unlike before, these highlighted stories can come from almost any subreddit, with a few restrictions. There’s no content from 18-rated or NSFW communities, for one, and subreddits that have actively opted out of appearing on the r/all page won’t have their stories popping up.
  • Samsung chief questioned behind closed doors in arrest warrant hearing (2017-02-15 22:48:55)
    By Joyce Lee and Hyunjoo Jin SEOUL (Reuters) - A South Korean judge questioned Samsung Group leader Jay Y. Lee and another executive behind closed doors on Thursday to decide whether they should be arrested over their roles in a corruption scandal that has engulfed President Park Geun-hye. Dozens of protesters surrounded by riot police met Lee, 48, who was wearing a dark coat and navy tie as he arrived at the Seoul Central District Court to attend the hearing. South Korea's special prosecutor's office has focused its investigations on Samsung Group's [SAGR.UL] relationship with Park, who was impeached by parliament in December and has been stripped of her powers while the Constitutional Court decides whether to uphold her impeachment.
  • Spark EBITDA rises to NZ$471m as mobile, broadband grow (2017-02-15 22:27:42)
    Spark made gains across mobile, broadband, and IT services in what it called a challenging industry with 'intense ongoing price competition'.
  • ​LG G6 will have new UX that utilizes Full Vision display (2017-02-15 22:12:00)
    LG will vastly upgrade the UX of the upcoming G6 with new multitasking, calendar, and camera features that utilize the 18:9 ratio Full Vision display and a new square GUI.
  • Former U.S. Justice Department official warns Europe on election hacking (2017-02-15 21:09:32)
    By Dustin Volz SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - A former Justice Department official who served in the Obama administration said European countries must be willing to respond forcefully to efforts by Russia or others to use cyber attacks to meddle in their elections, saying the U.S. response fell short. Former Assistant Attorney General John Carlin, who ran the national security division at the Justice Department and oversaw the pursuit of cyber criminals, said the United States did not do enough to deter the hacking and leaking of Democratic Party emails during the 2016 presidential campaign. “We weren’t bringing deterrence at all to the table.” The U.S. intelligence community said hacks were carried out by Russia in order to disrupt the election and eventually help Republican Donald Trump win.
  • Apple CFO pours cold water on Trump’s grand iPhone plans (2017-02-15 21:00:21)
    Apple and its sad, low-energy, economically sensible overseas manufacturing have been a target of Trump since day one. Trump seems keen on bullying Tim Cook to open a factory in the USA without actually detailing specifics, and while Apple has stayed out of the fray so far, new comments from Apple CFO Luca Maestri indicate that Apple won't be shutting up shop in China any time soon. As  The Verge  spotted , Maestri was speaking to a Goldman Sachs conference yesterday when he answered a question about overseas manufacturing: “One of the points that we are making in Washington is the fact that we have been a very large contributor to the US economy during the last decade,” Maestri said. “We made billions of investments in the United States. In the last 10 years, we created about 2 million jobs in this country — in the developer community in our retail stores in our call centers and through the supplier chain.” Maestri went on to talk more about Apple's US-located call centers, and how it is "very, very difficult to speculate" on Apple's manufacturing plans given that Trump has outlined no specific policies yet. He did, however, point out that a border tax on imported goods "would end up burdening the end consumer." Reading between the lines, it looks like another attempt by Apple to take iPhone manufacturing off the table for discussions with Trump. Apple seems willing to move ancillary services, like support centers, back to the US, but moving the entire iPhone supply chain would be orders of magnitude more difficult. This is far from the first time that iPhone manufacturing has been in the news. Shortly after Trump's electoral victory, Apple reportedly asked its subsidiaries to examine the feasibility of iPhone manufacturing -- which caused Breitbart to run with the (untrue) story " Silicon Valley Bows to Trump: Apple to Build iPhones in America ."
  • Telstra cites 'intense competition' after profit drop to AU$1.8b (2017-02-15 20:50:26)
    Telstra's half-yearly net profit was down by 11.8 percent due to two decisions by the regulator slashing wholesale pricing, despite the telco making gains across its NAS and media businesses.
  • Eric Schmidt: AI research needs to be done in the open, not in military labs (2017-02-15 20:43:00)
    The industry should be thinking of ways to convince governments to agree to not militarize the internet with machine learning technologies, the Alphabet chairman said.
  • Microsoft to delay its February patches to March 14 (2017-02-15 20:32:00)
    Microsoft's February Patch Tuesday patches are not going to arrive until Tuesday March 14, officials confirm, while providing no reasons for the delay.
  • Samsung chief arrives at prosecutor's office before arrest hearing (2017-02-15 20:03:47)
    Samsung Group chief Jay Y. Lee appeared at South Korea's special prosecutor's office on Thursday before a court hearing that will decide whether to issue an arrest warrant over his role in a corruption scandal that has engulfed President Park Geun-hye. South Korea's special prosecutor's office said on Wednesday it had expanded charges against Lee to include hiding the proceeds of a criminal act, as well as bribery, embezzlement, hiding assets overseas and perjury. Prosecutors are seeking an arrest warrant for Lee for the second time in a month.
  • ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ said to feature the home planet of the First Order (2017-02-15 20:00:10)
    Disney keeps information close to the chest when it comes to Star Wars movies, but every once in a while, an interesting tidbit makes its way out into the world. That appears to be the case with a new report from Making Star Wars , in which Editor-in-Chief Jason Ward claims that sources have described to him a new planet that will appear in Star Wars: The Last Jedi that might serve as the home base for the First Order. "In  Star Wars: Episode VIII  we should see the greens of Ahch-To, a Dubrovnik/casino planet, a planet described to us as “Mars with snow on it,” and the interiors and exteriors of spaceships," says Ward. "Those are the locations we have had confirmed filming for and there could always be more." We already know that Ahch-To is the is aquatic planet where Rey met Luke at the end of The Force Awakens , and we know that The Last Jedi will pick up right where the previous film ended. As for the "casino planet," Ward wasn't able to share any other details, but we imagine this will be a locale full of seedy characters. But the "snowy Mars" planet is the one we're most interesting in, as Ward's sources claim that "the interiors were not unlike Starkiller Base in the sense that you can see the Death Star-style tech and architecture blending in with the rocks and natural environment." If that's the case, it would certainly make sense for this planet to be the base of the First Order and Supreme Leader Snoke, who only appeared via hologram in the previous film. He has to physically be somewhere, right? Why not snow Mars? It's not much to go on, but until Disney finally shares a trailer for the upcoming movie, reports like these are all we've got. Star Wars: The Last Jedi arrives in theaters on December 15th, 2017.
  • Telcos could be offshoring Australian metadata and AGD doesn't know where it is (2017-02-15 19:49:17)
    The Australian Attorney-General's Department believes the offshoring of telecommunications metadata is not a security concern.
  • ​Melbourne IT spends AU$26.9m to wholly acquire Outware Systems (2017-02-15 19:42:16)
    The IT services firm will pay AU$26.9 million to claim the remaining 24.9 percent of Outware Systems.
  • Spotify to relocate, more than double U.S workforce: New York state governor (2017-02-15 19:26:41)
    Swedish music streaming service Spotify will move its U.S headquarters and more than double its workforce in the country by next year, New York governor Andrew Cuomo said on Wednesday. Spotify, one of Europe's most highly valued venture-backed startups, which is reportedly considering a potential U.S. stock market listing, has not yet shown a profit as it spends to grow internationally. The firm will move its New York office to the World Trade Center from the Midtown South area of Manhattan, adding more than 1,000 new jobs while retaining 832, the governor said in a statement.
  • This wall clock is a mesmerizing floating metal ball (2017-02-15 18:56:57)
    If you're in the market for a wall clock — and, really, who doesn't need another clock or three — your choices are pretty much limitless. Timepieces come in all shapes and sizes, and very rarely will one make you actually raise an eyebrow. The Story clock by Flyte is one of the few that might catch your eye, and not because it's flashy, but exactly the opposite. Story is described by Flyte as a "levitating timepiece" and that succinct description pretty much hits the nail on the head. It's a large wooden disk with a single floating metal ball that makes its way around the circumference of the clock as fast or as slowly as you want. The ball just kind of hangs out in mid air as it cruises along, and the speed at which the ball moves can be programmed — via a smartphone app — to complete one full rotation as often as every minute or as rarely as a full year. In case you didn't catch the symbolism behind the name and the ball (I certainly didn't), the clock is meant to tell your story.  Flyte suggests programming the ball's behavior to sync with important events in your life, like setting it to complete its rotation in nine months to help you track the coming birth of a child. But Story is a clock after all, and even if you're setting the fancy floating orb to mimic the changing seasons or the days until football season starts again, you can still get the actual time from it, too. And LED matrix display is situation behind the wood and can be turned on to see the exact time and date. It can be toggled on or off indefinitely. Story is available for pre-order via Kickstarter, and it's already halfway to its $80,000 goal in less than a day. The clocks vary in price based on finish, but the cheapest you can score one (the Ash model) is $349 .
  • Apple may replace the home button with a ‘function area’ on the next iPhone (2017-02-15 18:53:46)
    The next iPhone could see the elimination of the Home button and Touch ID sensor in favor of an edge-to-edge design and “virtual buttons” at the bottom of the screen. There is said to be a new phone with a 5.8-inch OLED screen (2800x1242), but with a 5.15-inch useful screen size with the rest of the screen used for virtual buttons at the bottom. Kuo believes the phone “will come with other biometric technologies that replace the current fingerprint recognition technology,” though it’s not clear what those technologies could be.
  • DXC Technology to emerge from CSC and HPE Enterprise Services merger (2017-02-15 18:46:42)
    DXC Technology will be the name of the new $26 billion IT services company formed by the proposed merger of CSC and HPE's Enterprise Services business.
  • Samsung probably shouldn’t be boasting about how well it tests its phones just yet (2017-02-15 18:28:47)
    Samsung disappointed fans with the fire-prone Galaxy Note 7, but the company did recall and terminate the product rather swiftly. It also conducted an extensive investigation and announced its conclusions while simultaneously vowing not to let it happen again. While Samsung does deserve some points for that, it’s probably too early for the company to pat itself on the back for the good job it’s doing at testing smartphones and making sure they work as intended, rather than exploding when you least expect it. Samsung earlier this week published a short one-minute video on YouTube to promote the extensive quality assurance testing practices it currently employs. The Galaxy Note 7 batteries were signaled out as the main problem that caused various fires and explosions. But Samsung’s design choices and the desire to launch the phone as soon as possible also favored those explosions. Samsung explained all that a few weeks ago, promising more extensive tests are coming. Is that what we see in this clip? Are these the new tests? If so, that’s not really clear. “Our phones are extensively tested, retested, and then tested again,” the video says. Wait a minute, Samsung! Do you mean all phones you’ve ever made are tested like that or just all the phones made after the Galaxy Note 7? Because you seem to imply you weren’t focusing that much on quality assurance before the scandal. “Innovation is our legacy,” the video says at the end, “Quality is our priority.” Again, these statements also seem to suggest that quality may have not been Samsung’s top priority before the recent scandal, given the massive issues with the phone's batteries. It’s great to see the Galaxy S7 phones in the videos being put through numerous tests during Samsung’s new quality assurance process, and I’m convinced Samsung doesn’t want to see any of its next-gen handsets explode like the Galaxy Note 7 did. But good-looking video scenes and great beats shouldn’t be enough to prove Samsung is serious about quality assurance. It’s actual real-life use from satisfied customers that will determine that. So maybe it’s too early for Samsung to advertise its own innovations in quality assurance.
  • U.S. takes pastor, software developer to trial over bitcoin exchange (2017-02-15 18:27:56)
    By Nate Raymond NEW YORK (Reuters) - A Florida software engineer and a New Jersey pastor engaged in lies and corruption to facilitate an illegal bitcoin exchange business whose operators wanted to take over a small credit union to evade scrutiny, a federal prosecutor said on Wednesday. At the start of a trial in Manhattan federal court, Assistant U.S. Attorney Won Shin told jurors that programmer Yuri Lebedev schemed with others to bribe Trevor Gross, the pastor and head of a Jackson, New Jersey-based credit union housed in his church. Shin said Gross accepted bribes including a $150,000 church donation in exchange for helping unlicensed bitcoin exchange's operator take over Helping Other People Excel Federal Credit Union.
  • NetApp delivers strong Q3, teases new hyperconverged systems (2017-02-15 18:24:28)
    The enterprise storage vendor also said its all-flash array business is at a $1.4 billion annual run rate.
  • Identity experts forming non-profit professional organization (2017-02-15 18:19:19)
    Goal is to offer community, services, information sharing, certifications to those building identity systems
  • Tesla owner sacrifices his car to save driver having a stroke (2017-02-15 17:54:00)
    On a highway in Munich, Germany, a Tesla owner recently sacrificed his car to rescue another driver having a stroke. According to  Muenchner Merkur , the Tesla driver saw a VW Passat swerving erratically, hitting the guardrail several times. On closer inspection, he noticed that the driver appeared to be unconcious. So, the Tesla driver maouvered his car in front and slowed down gradually, forcing a gentle collision and bringing both cars to a halt. The fire driver was able to extract the driver successfully, and German media reports that he was likely suffering a stroke. According to newspaper reports, the combined damages for both vehicles were minor -- bumper damage to the Tesla and the Passat -- but totalled around $10,000. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has since said that Tesla is covering all repair costs in recognition of the heroism: It's a rare, unvarnished act of heroism from the Tesla driver to put his own safety (and car!) on the line to try and save a stranger. It's also a good answer to the occasional question about why Tesla drivers are still able to override the car's safety mechanisms when necessary. If the car was programmed to always use its sensors to avoid collisions, the Tesla driver wouldn't have been able to pull off the stunt.
  • New bill would require cops to get warrants for Stingray cell tracking (2017-02-15 17:51:15)
    A bipartisan group of House and Senate lawmakers today introduced a bill that would require US police agencies to obtain a warrant before deploying cell-site simulation surveillance devices known as “stingrays,” reports USA Today. Stingrays are typically used by police to triangulate a criminal suspect’s location based on data emitted from their smartphones or wearable devices with cellular connectivity. Stingrays are a controversial form of surveillance technology as it can accurately pinpoint a suspect’s location, but can also intercept data from innocent bystanders.
  • How Apple’s arrogance impacts its ability to acquire new companies (2017-02-15 17:23:50)
    A new report from Bloomberg sheds some interesting light on the hazy underpinnings of Apple's acquisition strategy. Famously, Apple's tends to shy away from large corporate acquisitions, with the company's $3 billion purchase of Beats a few years ago standing as a lone exception. That notwithstanding, the report relays that Apple's own arrogance and "take it or leave it" attitude might be precluding it from successfully inking similar large-scale acquisitions. Per the report, many of Apple's acquisitions are spearheaded by engineers who routinely meet with Apple's M&A guru Adrian Perica to discuss attractive new technologies and companies that might help advance the company's product roadmap. So while identifying potential acquisition targets isn't a problem, Apple's penchant for believing that a) it can do everything on its own and that b) companies should be flattered to be swallowed up by Apple has sometimes led to a few standstills. As a quick example, Apple clearly bit off a lot more than it could chew when it decided to explore researching and developing its own electric car many months ago. This is arguably problematic because by the time Apple realizes it can't do something, potential acquisition targets may become too expensive to pick up. Using Tesla as an example, the company's $44 billion market cap all but makes an Apple acquisition a non-starter. However, Apple could have picked up the company at a bargain back in 2013 when shares of Tesla were trading in the low $30 range. Even when Apple isn't intent on going it alone, their hubris can sometimes leave potential targets uneasy. Apple also dictates terms and tells targets to take it or leave it, betting that the promise of product development support later and the chance of appearing in future iPhones are alluring enough, the people said. That was the case when Apple acquired Metaio GmbH in 2015. Bankers appointed by the augmented-reality firm to negotiate weren’t allowed in the room, and while Metaio executives felt the offer was low, Apple’s vision for the technology convinced them to sell, according to a person familiar with the discussions. Interestingly, there's a famous story detailing how Apple was very close to acquiring Dropbox. As the story goes, Steve Jobs called Dropbox a "feature, not a product" and made a relatively low-ball offer for the company. When Dropbox CEO Drew Houston said no, Jobs insinuated that Houston might want to reconsider because Apple was going to go after the company's user base with a rival service. Of course, as it all played out, Apple's own iCloud offering hasn't exactly done much of anything to stymie Dropbox's growth. While the allure of working under the Apple umbrella certainly works sometimes, that's not always the case. Indeed, the cowboy-esque manner in which Apple tends to carry itself in negotiations isn't exactly suited for large-scale acquisitions, something which some analysts believe Apple needs to be more open to in the future. All that said, Tim Cook is on record as saying that Apple is "open to acquisitions of any size", an interesting take given previous indications that Apple last year explored picking up Time Warner.
  • GoDaddy Q4 solid as revenue climbs 14 percent (2017-02-15 17:16:21)
    Shopify also reported strong earnings, with revenue increasing 86 percent compared to a year ago.
  • McDonald’s over-engineered the straw so you can drink your Shamrock Shake (2017-02-15 17:10:29)
    McDonald’s is excited to ring in the new season with you all, too, and is definitely super excited to sell some shakes. It’s a lot for a product developed to sell more milkshakes, but whatever, McDonald’s got me.
  • Spotify to relocate U.S. headquarters to 4 World Trade Center (2017-02-15 17:09:35)
    (Reuters) - New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said on Wednesday Swedish music service company Spotify will expand its U.S. headquarters and relocate it to 4 World Trade Center, creating more than 1,000 new jobs and retaining 832 jobs. Spotify, which currently has offices in the Midtown South area of Manhattan, will move its New York office to the 378,000 square feet of office space owned by Silverstein Properties Inc in early 2018, Cuomo's statement said. Spotify, one of Europe's most highly valued venture-backed startups, is reportedly considering a potential U.S. stock market listing.
  • I've been doing Windows screenshots wrong this whole time (2017-02-15 17:08:56)
    This is a new series called "Paul's doing it wrong and everyone is smarter than Paul and if he'd only just listened..." where I explain something dumb I've done in my life and people at work can't stop giving me shit about it.Let me just explain to you how I take screenshots on Windows, and either you'll immediately realize how foolish I've been, or you're in the same boat in which case I guess you can grow alongside me.So, first: find the Print Screen button. ...
  • Equinix adds Salesforce to its Cloud Exchange, plots more 2017 expansion (2017-02-15 16:58:27)
    Equinix said it is launching new operations in Amsterdam, Chicago, Dubai, Rio de Janeiro and Toronto. Company also reports fourth quarter earnings.
  • Astronomers just found a piping hot ‘Super Earth’ (2017-02-15 16:55:01)
    It wasn't that long ago that finding exoplanets — that is, worlds that exist outside of our own solar system — was a rare occurrence. Those days are gone, however, and we now know that there are actually plenty of stars that host one or more planets. With that increased awareness, researchers have been making huge leaps in exoplanet discovery, and a group of astronomers from around the world just announced that they've detected not one, not two, but 60 new planets orbiting nearby stars. One of those planets is of particular interest, as it's a lot like Earth, only hotter. The planet has the decidedly unsexy name Gliese 411b — Gliese 411 being the name of the star it orbits, and "b" being the unique label for the world itself — but what it lacks in a cool moniker it makes up for with a fiery personality. Gliese 411b has been labeled a "Super Earth," which means that it's a rocky planet much like our own. However, it's much larger than Earth, and it's also a whole lot hotter. In fact, the planet is thought to be too hot to support any kind of life on its surface, according to Dr. Mikko Tuomi  of the University of Hertfordshire's Centre for Astrophysics, who helped lead the research effort. Gliese 411 and its orbiting planets are just eight light years from Earth, putting them right in our celestial backyard, but despite is relative proximity to our own planet, the star is still about six trillion miles away, so it's unlikely we'll be stopping by any time soon.
  • Elon Musk kept his harshest criticism of Trump's immigration ban in his Twitter drafts (2017-02-15 16:51:54)
    SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted and then quickly deleted three tweets condemning President Trump’s executive order on immigration today. The tweets took on a much more critical tone than the statements Musk made on January 28th.
  • Republicans may reverse internet privacy rules (2017-02-15 16:47:46)
    Republicans may try to reverse a landmark privacy rule that requires internet providers to get permission before sharing your web browsing data and other sensitive information with outside companies. Politico reports that Senate Republicans are planning to introduce legislation that would reverse the rules, which began going into effect at the beginning of the year. The Congressional Review Act allows a new Congress to reverse rules recently passed by federal agencies — in this case, the rule comes from the FCC.
  • Parasitic worms might also trigger seizures — in case you needed another reason to hate them (2017-02-15 16:45:53)
    Parasitic worms may be causing an often-deadly seizure disorder that has puzzled scientists for years. The seizures affect at least 17 percent of children in parts of Uganda, and make sufferers look like they’re nodding involuntarily. By analyzing the blood and spinal fluid of people living in Uganda and South Sudan, scientists have identified an antibody that’s more common in people with the seizure disorder, called nodding syndrome.
  • Travel website TripAdvisor's revenue misses estimates (2017-02-15 16:40:21)
    (Reuters) - TripAdvisor Inc's quarterly revenue missed analysts' estimates, hurt by lower display advertisements on its websites and a fall in subscription revenue. Shares of the company, which owns websites such as and, fell 4.3 percent to $50.45 in after-hours trading on Wednesday. The company's net income fell to $1 million, or 1 cent per share, in the fourth quarter ended Dec. 31, from $3 million, or 2 cents per share, a year earlier. On an adjusted basis, the company earned 16 cents per share. ...
  • Yahoo notifies users of sophisticated breach methods (2017-02-15 16:36:41)
    Yahoo said Wednesday it was notifying some users that hackers may have been able to use a maneuver to break into their accounts without stealing passwords. The notification indicates the investigation into the attacks are in the final stage, according to a source familiar with the matter, noting that messages had been sent to "a reasonably final list" of Yahoo users. A Yahoo spokesman said the company was notifying all potentially affected users and that it had "invalidated" the forged cookies.
  • San Diego police unlawfully took DNA swabs from black youth, says lawsuit (2017-02-15 16:36:00)
    The ACLU has filed a lawsuit alleging that the San Diego police skirted California privacy law by taking DNA samples from five teenage boys without a warrant or meaningful consent. The ACLU contends that in doing so, police used a loophole to avoid following state rules that limit collecting DNA from minors. The lawsuit requests that the San Diego Police Department return any such samples, and that courts strike down the city policy allowing their collection.
  • How to make Siri talk to you like you’re LEGO Batman (2017-02-15 16:20:15)
    With the world falling apart all around us, it's important to occasionally distract yourself from the chaos with lighthearted entertainment. That's what millions of Americans have already done with The LEGO Batman Movie , as evidenced by its massive success at the box office over the weekend , topping the likes of Fifty Shades Darker ,  John Wick: Chapter Two  and M. Night Shyamalan's Split . While the success of The LEGO Batman Movie is unsurprising ( The LEGO Movie was a huge hit too), what is surprising is that Apple and Warner Bros. have teamed up to bring a LEGO Batman easter egg to Siri. In the movie, LEGO Batman always says the phrase "Hey 'puter" before requesting something from his own voice-controlled computer system. If you say the same phrase (or the less silly "Hey Computer") to Siri, your iPhone will refer to you as Lego Batman and tell you what's going on in your home. "Hello, sir. Alfred is on the 17th floor, caulking the tiles in the second bathroom of the fifth master bedroom," was one response. "Welcome home, sir. I have your romcoms queued up, sorted by decade," was another. Straight up advertisements in Siri would likely be met with derision, but clever tie-ins like these are harmless and fun. If you never want your Siri to pretend that you've turned into a Will Arnett-voiced animated character, all you have to do is never utter "Hey Computer" into the speaker of your iPhone. On the other hand, if you do (and let's be honest, you do), it's a fun way to waste a couple of minutes.
  • Cisco's Q2 tops estimates despite revenue decline (2017-02-15 16:20:00)
    Cisco's financial results revealed lingering declines across business segments.
  • The seven most dangerous attack techniques: A SANS Institute rundown (2017-02-15 15:52:00)
    From ransomware to weak random number generators, the RSA Conference explores the worst threats and how to stop them.