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  • Small SUVs, pricey sports cars dominate at Geneva auto show (2015-03-01 05:22:27)
    FRANKFURT, Germany (AP) — Small SUVs for families and powerful sports cars for the rich are the big things this year at the Geneva International Motor Show this year. Environmentally correct electrics and hybrids, not so much — thanks to cheaper gas and limits on battery life.
  • Apple car rumors fuel Geneva debate about car of future (2015-03-01 04:08:42)
    By Edward Taylor and Jan Schwartz GENEVA (Reuters) - The main talking point at this week's Geneva car show is likely to be a vehicle that may never be built: the Apple car. The world's automakers will gather in the Swiss city to tout their latest minivans, city cars and sport utility vehicles against an uncertain market backdrop, with growing signs of recovery in Europe offset by slowing demand in emerging markets. Reports that technology giant Apple may be building a car have got established automakers, who have spent the past 127 years refining the combustion engine, wondering whether they are still in pole position to build the car of the future. The growing use of computing power in vehicles, and the ability of cars to connect to smartphones and other devices, is providing technology companies and automakers with new business opportunities -- and increasingly making them rivals.
  • NASA astronaut gives Leonard Nimoy the Vulcan salute from space (2015-03-01 02:12:02)
    Leonard Nimoy's death this week hasn't just hit the entertainment world and Verge staffers hard. NASA astronaut Terry Virts tweeted a simple Spock tribute yesterday while aboard the International Space Station.
  • IKEA to sell furniture that can wirelessly charge your phone (2015-03-01 02:06:02)
    You'll be able to drop a compatible smartphone on your IKEA nightstand for a quick charge.>
  • Bjork's next music video is made for virtual reality (2015-02-28 23:07:00)
  • Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia to trial new jet tracking system (2015-02-28 23:05:27)
    Australia on Sunday said it was trialling a "world first" system with Malaysia and Indonesia that increases the tracking of aircraft over remote oceans, allowing authorities to quickly react to abnormal situations such as the disappearance of MH370. The technology "can increase realtime monitoring should an abnormal situation arise," Australian Deputy Prime Minister Warren Truss said. "In a world first, all three countries will trial a new method of tracking aircraft through the skies over remote oceanic areas," Truss told reporters. "Now this initiative adapts existing technology used by more than 90 percent of long-haul passenger aircraft and would see air traffic control able to respond more rapidly should an aircraft experience difficulty or deviation from its flight plan." The announcement came ahead almost a year after Malaysian Airlines MH370 went missing en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing with 239 people on board last March.
  • How to create and use Task Workflows in DeployStudio (2015-02-28 22:04:44)
    Jesus Vigo goes over the process of creating workflows based on tasks that execute commands to configure settings and processes on client computers.
  • Better plane tracking trialed after Malaysia plane mystery (2015-02-28 21:10:50)
    SYDNEY (AP) — Australia, Indonesia and Malaysia will lead a trial to enhance the tracking of aircraft over remote oceans, allowing planes to be more easily found should they vanish like Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, Australia's transport minister said Sunday.
  • Pebble sets a new record, net neutrality passes and other stories you might've missed! (2015-02-28 21:00:00)
  • You don't have to be Google to be a 'digital master' (2015-02-28 20:58:00)
    Four guidelines for any company seeking to employ technology in innovative ways.
  • The Dress: America is split at the seams, says survey (2015-02-28 19:52:56)
    Technically Incorrect: A survey conducted to discern a consensus about the world's most famous piece of clothing shows that America is divided as to what color it is.>
  • Silicon Valley shuttle drivers vote to unionize (2015-02-28 19:42:21)
    SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Shuttle drivers who ferry tech workers between Silicon Valley and San Francisco have voted for union representation.
  • IKEA will start selling wireless charging lamps and tables (2015-02-28 19:01:00)
  • The Verge Playlist: Victory for the internet (2015-02-28 19:00:02)
    We were perplexed by the color of a (kind of tacky) dress, we got emotionally invested in a high-speed llama chase, a new season of House of Cards is on Netflix, and, most importantly, the FCC has officially voted in favor of Title II classification for the internet. Let’s raise our glasses to Tom Wheeler with this playlist of tracks by supporters of net neutrality and songs that capture the tenacious spirit of the open internet. Revel along with Deniece Williams’ "Let’s Hear It For the Boy," which I can only imagine was intended to laud Chairman Wheeler.
  • Star Trek Online game developers are building a digital memorial to Leonard Nimoy (2015-02-28 17:17:01)
    Everyone's finding a way to honor Star Trek's Leonard Nimoy, who died on Friday at the age of 83. Star Trek Online developer Cryptic Studios has announced that it is building a permanent memorial to Nimoy — and Spock — in the world of the 2010 MMO. Nimoy's connection to Star Trek Online goes deeper than the sci-fi franchise. The actor did voice work for the game, narrating brief introductions to the MMO's locales.
  • HTC One M9 phone is star of supposedly leaked hands-on video (2015-02-28 17:13:02)
    A tech blogger's too-itchy trigger finger has revealed HTC's new flagship phone a day before the firm's press event at Mobile World Congress -- that is, if appearances are to be believed.>
  • Design firm wants this round wooden phone to be your family heirloom (2015-02-28 17:03:00)
  • Pianist to perform musical duet with slime mold (2015-02-28 16:20:18)
    Say hello to one half of a musical duo premiering this weekend -- a single-cell organism that usually hides out in wet forests.>
  • This could be the best-looking Android Wear smartwatch yet (2015-02-28 15:47:01)
    As spotted by Droid Life, Two official promo videos for the "Huawei Watch" have accidentally been set live on YouTube ahead of the device's likely announcement tomorrow at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. Before the videos were released, the watch was pictured in an advertisement at Barcelona's El Prat airport.
  • Seattle's police department has a YouTube channel for its body camera footage (2015-02-28 15:31:02)
    Since then, cities around the country, from New York to LA, have been testing body cameras in their police forces. Seattle's police department recently launched a YouTube channel to store its force's body camera footage for the public to view. Last year, the police department recruited hacker Timothy Clemans to create software that would redact images and elminate sound from the body camera footage, the Seattle Times reports. According to SPDBlotter, Clemans' software allowed the department to redact more than four hours of footage in just half a day, whereas the old method would've required days of work. The Seattle Times says the police department hopes to make the tools available to other cities for free in the near future.
  • Huawei teases its luxury Android Wear watch through awkward videos (2015-02-28 14:59:00)
  • Huawei teases a beautiful Android Wear watch using awkward videos (2015-02-28 14:59:00)
  • Microsoft's Project Spartan is being armed for assault in the browser wars (2015-02-28 14:35:00)
    Microsoft is preparing the way for a new Project Spartan browser in Windows 10 by explaining where it's coming from and what it aims to do.
  • CNET's Twitter team for Mobile World Congress 2015 (2015-02-28 13:40:06)
    Here's the CNET team you'll want to follow on Twitter for all the best coverage at Mobile World Congress this year.>
  • Tim Cook to governments: Lay off our privacy (2015-02-28 13:28:07)
    Technically Incorrect: Apple's CEO says he doesn't believe that people should sacrifice their privacy on the altar of governments' definition of global security.>
  • 10 high-tech gadgets that will improve your tennis game (2015-02-28 13:00:00)
  • HTC One M9 hands-on video leaks onto the internet (2015-02-28 12:31:40)
    HTC's new flagship, the One M9, will be anything but a surprise when it is announced tomorrow at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The video confirms everything we already knew: the M9 looks much like its predecessor, the HTC One M8, though the dual-camera setup has been scrapped and the front-facing camera has been beefed up with the company's "Ultrapixel" technology to take better selfies in low light. It seems the video was recorded during an embargoed press event, which tech companies often use to show off new devices to the media ahead of their official unveiling. Unfortunately for HTC, it appears this video accidentally found its way onto the internet.
  • BGR at MWC 2015: On the hunt for the next big thing (2015-02-28 12:30:37)
    The 2015 edition of the Mobile World Congress show that is about to kick off in Barcelona, Spain will likely be one of the best in recent years when it comes to new hardware announcements, as at least two hot mobile devices will be unveiled during the show — the HTC One M9 and Samsung Galaxy S6 each have their own special events on Sunday. But that’s not all that’s happening at MWC, as there will be plenty of interesting products on display coming from much smaller players. FROM EARLIER: Galaxy S6 already dominates MWC… and the show hasn’t even started If you fit the bill — a startup that thinks it has figured out the next big idea in mobile, whether
  • You’re really going to want to tune in to BGR tomorrow… (2015-02-28 11:45:06)
    The annual Mobile World Congress trade show has been a bit stale in recent years, since most big smartphone vendors have been hosting their own dedicated press conferences to make key announcements. This year, however, that is most certainly not the case. Three of the biggest smartphones of the year — the Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 edge and HTC One M9 — will all be unveiled tomorrow, and BGR will be on hand reporting live as news breaks from Barcelona, Spain. DON’T MISS: Why Samsung fell There will be plenty of news pouring out of MWC 2015 on Sunday, but two events will undoubtedly be the highlights of the day. First, HTC is unveiling its new flagship HTC one M9
  • The Harry Potter larp organizers want to buy their own castle (2015-02-28 11:42:02)
    Dropped into the universe of Harry Potter, they made friends and fought the forces of evil while doing homework for Defense Against the Dark Arts and vying for the House Cup. "And of course, I aced my Magical Artifacts class." College of Wizardry, as the experience was called, was a carefully produced Nordic larp — a form of role-playing that's heavy on atmosphere and light on hit points and spell damage calculations. What made CoW stand out was that it got so much attention," says organizer Claus Raasted, a prolific contributor to the world of Nordic larp. At $175,000, College of Wizardry will play three times in November.
  • Oh my glob! 'Adventure Time' headed to big screen, report says (2015-02-28 11:30:36)
    "Adventure Time," which follows the whimsical adventures of Jake the Dog and Finn the last human through the land of Ooo, might be getting a movie deal with Warner Bros.>
  • The Weekender: German absurdist art, David Cronenberg, and Pebble's smartwarch (2015-02-28 11:04:02)
    Hello fellow weekend-goers, and welcome back to The Weekender. This week, Bill Gates predicts the eradication of certain diseases by 2030, David Cronenberg talks Fifty Shades of Grey, and we examine what's behind Pebble's new smartwatch design. We'll also be setting you up for a stellar weekend back on this terrestrial plane. So sit back and take a journey with .link { width: 15px; float: right; padding: 10px; }Do thisBeer Week 2015, New York City
  • Proposed privacy bill protects industry more than it does people (2015-02-28 11:04:00)
  • Don’t use Facebook’s mobile app on your smartphone (2015-02-28 10:40:08)
    Even if you’re someone who’s addicted to Facebook, you really ought to consider just accessing it through your mobile browser. Business Insider directs our attention to antivirus software firm AVG’s rankings of the worst mobile apps for your phone’s battery and its overall performance, and Facebook is not surprisingly one of the worst offenders. RELATED: 10 apps that are killing your Android phone’s battery life Overall, AVG found that Facebook’s mobile app had the biggest overall impact on your phone’s performance, the third-highest battery drain, the third-highest for data traffic and the third-highest overall storage consumption. What makes these sorts of issues particularly egregious is that you really don’t need to use Facebook’s app to get a solid experience with Facebook on your
  • Top iOS news of the week: Tracking iPhones, Apple Pay activations, iPhones most profitable (2015-02-28 10:00:03)
    This week in iOS came reports of Apple looking at tracking iPhones when turned off, and analysts chiming in about Apple Watch and Apple Pay,
  • Huawei ad mistakenly reveals new Android Wear smartwatch (2015-02-28 09:52:36)
    It looks like Huawei has let the cat out of the bag with an advertisement placed at Barcelona's El Prat airport. The ad, first spotted by Android Central, makes it all but certain that the Chinese phonemaker will announce an Android Wear-powered smartwatch at Mobile World Congress next week. It's simply called the "Huawei Watch." According to the ad, the watch has "classic design and impeccable craftsmanship." There will be at least three different color and band options: silver with a matching silver metal bracelet, gold with a brown leather band, and a more casual black model. We'll likely hear much more about the Huawei Watch come tomorrow, March 1st, when things kick off at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain.
  • I’m starting to think that this winter will never end (2015-02-28 09:45:21)
    I live in New York City and I can’t remember the last time I left my apartment just to take a stroll. If I walk out that door, it’s because I need food or because I have a previous obligation; work or social. The reason I’m not willingly going outdoors isn’t that I’m lazy (although that isn’t helping), it’s because the temperature has been hovering around freezing for nearly two months straight. DON’T MISS: These are the apps that are killing your phone’s battery life N.R. Kleinfield wrote an article for The New York Times on Friday discussing February’s ridiculous average temperature of just 24 degrees. According to the National Weather Service, that’s about 11 degrees below the standard February average, and has a decent chance
  • Recommended Reading: The secrets behind 'Madden's' player ratings (2015-02-28 09:30:00)
  • Traveling overseas with T-Mobile: free data and text is good enough for most (2015-02-28 08:32:00)
    Matthew thought T-Mobile's free international text and data offer was too good to be true. He was wrong and won't leave home without his T-Mobile SIM.
  • Walmart vs. Netflix DVD battle snags $12 each for 1.2 million people (2015-02-28 08:07:00)
  • Top Android news of the week: Android for Work, Android Pay, owning the market (2015-02-28 08:00:00)
    This was a big week for Android, with news of the platform's dominance of the smartphone market, the upcoming Android Pay, and Google's enterprise push.
  • Docker and Mesos: Like peanut butter and jelly (2015-02-28 07:23:17)
    You want to run Docker containers, but how do you do so at hyper scale? Apache Mesos may be the answer. Matt Asay explains.
  • Virtual reality is taking over the video game industry (2015-02-28 07:00:03)
    An annual event in San Francisco has often been where game developers come together to discuss design. Now, it's one of the biggest showcases of the latest VR tech.>
  • Disney wants to help developers make games more interactive (2015-02-28 06:14:00)
  • Taco Bell and Cap'n Crunch are making horrifying milk-filled donuts together (2015-02-28 03:11:02)
    Taco Bell just announced its newest co-branded menu item, and the result is truly nuts. The fast food taco slinger and Cap'n Crunch are shoving their collective calorie-filled parts together and creating Cap'n Crunch Delights — colorful donut holes sprinkled with mashed bits of cereal.
  • Chinese internet giants purge 60,000 accounts for inappropriate usernames (2015-02-28 02:13:00)
  • Every copy of Hot Chip's new album will feature a different cover (2015-02-27 23:59:02)
    London graphic designer Wallzo, aka Darren Wall, has created album art for the British electro-pop band Hot Chip since 2003, but for their upcoming album, Why Make Sense?, Hot Chip is trying something a little different. Visual artist Nick Relph built an algorithm capable of creating subtle variations on the black and white optical illusion seen above.
  • Power Rangers short makers cut deal to put film back online (2015-02-27 23:08:24)
    The gritty Power/Rangers short film viewed by millions earlier this week is back on YouTube and Vimeo. According to Deadline, the film's creators have struck a deal with Saban, which owns the rights to Power Rangers, and are now free to put their short anywhere online. The YouTube and Vimeo versions now come with extensive disclaimers noting that they present a fan film, were made without any affiliation from Saban, and claim no rights to the characters. YouTube is now hosting a cleaner version of the video, while the original "NSFW" version is being hosted on Vimeo. Kahn tells Deadline that Saban wanted the disclaimers present so that kids wouldn't confuse his "super-violent film" with the decidedly friendlier Power Rangers show that they're used to.
  • Disney's retelling the 'Star Wars' film saga with Legos (2015-02-27 22:54:00)
  • Do you remember what Facebook, YouTube and Google looked like years ago? (2015-02-27 22:45:38)
    The Internet has evolved at an incredible pace. Websites that looked amazing less than a decade ago are absolutely hideous by today’s standards — even the websites that are now worth billions of dollars. DON’T MISS: iOS 8.2 release expected next week followed closely by iOS 8.3 In order to demonstrate just how rapidly the Internet has changed, Ninja Essays put together a fascinating infographic that compares the most popular websites at launch vs. how they look today. “Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Google, YouTube, eBay, LinkedIn, Yahoo, and Flickr changed the way we used the Internet,” writes Ninja Essays. “Back in their beginnings, these were rudimentary websites that contained some links and information. Today, they are some of the most beautiful and most efficient
  • Forget Airbnb, you can rent an entire village and this horse in Hungary (2015-02-27 21:30:02)
    Many people may have already tried Airbnb and similar services that offer great alternatives to hotels, but not many can say they were able to rent an entire village. That’s apparently one possibility available to tourists traveling through Hungary, as they’ll be able to rent an entire village, complete with the horse in the picture above, for just around €700 a day, The Guardian reports. DON’T MISS: I thought the ‘What color is this dress?’ controversy was stupid… until I asked my wife to weigh in Sure, crazier things have happened — like a recent dress controversy — and yes, this is a marketing stunt to bring some publicity to a very small community that’s slowly disappearing. But that doesn’t change
  • Former Superman Dean Cain will appear in upcoming Supergirl series (2015-02-27 21:30:02)
    CBS' upcoming Supergirl series will have plenty for older fans by the looks of it. According to The Wrap, Dean Cain, who played Superman in Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, has joined the cast of the upcoming pilot. Alongside Cain is Helen Slater, who just happened to play Supergirl herself in the 1984 film. It will star Melissa Benoist as Kara Zor-El, a Kryptonian who takes the name Linda Danvers on Earth.
  • Uber breach could affect the data of 50K drivers (2015-02-27 21:11:31)
    The ride-hailing service says it was the victim of a hack last May that could have exposed thousands of driver names and driver's license numbers.>
  • Japan's NTT Comm in talks to buy German e-shelter: source (2015-02-27 21:00:29)
    By Yoshiyasu Shida TOKYO (Reuters) - NTT Communications Corp is in talks to acquire German data center provider e-shelter for about 100 billion yen ($836 million), according to a source familiar with the matter. An acquisition of e-shelter by Nippon Telegraph & Telephone Communications is the latest in the NTT Corp's overseas expansion due to a dwindling home market. NTT bought South African IT firm Dimension Data for 382 billion yen ($3.2 billion) in 2010, followed by takeover deals with a combined worth of 85.5 billion yen ($715.42 million) of two U.S. ...
  • Scientist says he’s two years away from being able to safely remove your head and put it on a new body (2015-02-27 20:15:59)
    Head transplant surgery used to be a dream that we only saw in science fiction movies such as The Incredible Two-Headed Transplant (pictured above). However, CNET brings us word that one Italian scientist says he’s a mere two years away from being able to do real-life human head transplants. DON’T MISS: I thought the ‘What color is this dress?’ controversy was stupid… until I asked my wife to weigh in Surgeon Sergio Canavero, director of the Turin Advanced Neuromodulation Group in Italy, thinks he’s developed a new technique for head transplants that will avoid some of the problems caused by earlier attempts at such surgeries involving dogs and monkeys. “In a paper published in Surgical Neurology International, he has outlined his technique:
  • Warner Bros. reportedly developing an Adventure Time movie (2015-02-27 20:00:58)
    The adventures of Jake the Dog and Finn the Human might be coming to theaters. Deadline reports that Warner Bros. and Cartoon Network Studios are in the process of developing a film version of Adventure Time. Series creator Pendleton Ward has been tapped to help write and produce the film, alongside The Lego Batman Movie director Chris McKay. Adventure Time is one of Cartoon Network's most beloved and critically-acclaimed properties, which by now includes games and comics in addition to the show. The series follows Finn and Jake, two adventurers as they face down magic and evil in the post-apocalyptic Land of Ooo.
  • Would you prefer a thinner phone or better battery life? (2015-02-27 19:57:00)
  • Google's Blogger reverses porn policy after user backlash (2015-02-27 19:37:39)
    NEW YORK (AP) — Apparently Google bloggers like to post porn. A lot.
  • Google submits plans to expand Silicon Valley headquarters (2015-02-27 19:28:28)
    Google Inc submitted plans on Friday for a vastly expanded headquarters at the Silicon Valley city where the tech giant is based, presenting a bucolic vision of movable structures to be built under curving and translucent canopies. The submission of the plan to the City Council in Mountain View, California, which the company chose for its headquarters 15 years ago, marks the first step in what city officials describe as a long review process. The new headquarters would give the Internet company the room for an additional 10,000 employees, compared to the 20,000 Google staffers that currently work in the city, a Google spokeswoman said. Google's blueprint for new headquarters in the city's North Bayshore district has gathered widespread attention because the design is seen as architecturally innovative.
  • Samsung's fanless ATIV Book 9 laptop will be available on March 1st (2015-02-27 19:13:08)
    Samsung's new ATIV Book 9 was announced last year at CES, and now it has a release date. Samsung is also paying more attention to audio this time: the laptop features a built-in Wolfson lossless audio player and native FLAC support.
  • Daily Roundup: History of net neutrality, deconstructing Nintendo and more! (2015-02-27 19:11:00)
  • Watch House of Cards season 3 on Netflix right now (2015-02-27 19:00:34)
    Netflix’s critically acclaimed series House of Cards is significant for a number of reasons. The show itself is a fan favorite that has won awards and been touted as the first Netflix show to truly rival productions from top networks like HBO. Beyond that, however, House of Cards was Netflix’s first big-budget self-produced show, and it let the world know that the company wasn’t just going to be a portal for dusty old movies and stale TV shows — it was going to be a major digital network. And now, the hotly anticipated third season of House of Cards is finally here. DON’T MISS: Is the Galaxy S6 really an iPhone ripoff? Leaked comparison photo lets you be the judge Season
  • Control Panel and Settings: Why are both still UI options in Windows 10? (2015-02-27 19:00:12)
    Greg Shultz wonders why Control Panel is still in Windows 10 when Settings is a far better choice. He fears this mess will continue to be an issue in the Windows 10 GA release.
  • An appliance for when pancakes just aren't enough (2015-02-27 18:24:22)
    The Cuisinart CPP-200 International Chef Crepe/Pizzelle/Pancake Plus offers countertop convenience in a familiar form factor. The kitchen appliance folds open to double the cooking surface.>
  • Uber admits database breach putting driver data at risk (2015-02-27 18:16:00)
    Uber said it is notifying impacted drivers now, but it hasn't seen the compromised data actually misused yet.
  • Infamous ‘revenge porn’ kingpin asks Google to remove ‘unauthorized’ pictures of him from searches (2015-02-27 18:15:54)
    It looks like one of the Internet’s biggest scumbags is trying to exercise his “right to be forgotten.” Ars Technica reports that Craig Brittain, the former proprietor of a “revenge porn” website, has filed requests under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) to have Google remove 23 links that contain accounts of his past actions, including a link to an FTC press release describing its settlement with him. Brittain says that the offending links contain “unauthorized use of photos of me and other related information.” DON’T MISS: Biggest leak yet: The Galaxy S6 Edge is going to look so much better than you thought This is ironic, of course, because Brittain tried to earn a living by posting unauthorized nude photos of women on
  • Apple QuickTime review (2015-02-27 18:09:49)
    Play MPEG-4 movies with AAC sound with latest version of Apple's premier media player
  • Seattle PD has a YouTube channel for its body camera footage (2015-02-27 18:05:00)
  • Obama pitches privacy bill, Democrats say it falls short (2015-02-27 18:04:33)
    WASHINGTON (AP) — Amid "rapid growth" in the collection of data on Americans, the White House on Friday proposed legislation that calls on businesses to do more to help consumers protect their personal information.
  • Catwoman is officially bisexual (2015-02-27 17:59:45)
    After decades of hints and rumors, the original Catwoman, Selina Kyle, finally came out of the closet as bisexual this week. In Catwoman #39, Selina is the head of Gotham's Calabrese crime family, and, on the brink of a mob war, shares a kiss with the woman currently in the Catwoman costume, Eiko Hasigaway, in a moment that promises that have major ramifications for both characters as the storyline progresses. It's a big moment for the narrative, but most important is that, according to series writer Genevieve Valentine, the confirmation is canon. In her blog, Valentine writes that, for her, "this wasn’t a revelation so much as a confirmation." Indeed, Selina Kyle's relationships outside of the one she shares with Bruce Wayne have been viewed with ambiguity for years, and adding this wrinkle to her character was something Valentine described as "indispensable." The moment between Selina and Eiko isn't meant to titillate, though, but lends the characters depth, especially with war right on the horizon in issue #40.
  • 7 things Net neutrality won't do (2015-02-27 17:59:27)
    One day after the FCC adopted new Net neutrality rules, consumers are left scratching their heads about what it means for their Web-surfing experience. Has anything really changed?>
  • White House releases draft bill to protect consumer data privacy (2015-02-27 17:58:27)
    By Roberta Rampton WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The White House released draft legislation on Friday that would give consumers more control over how the trail of data they leave behind them on the internet is used, stored and sold. The 24-page "discussion draft" on data privacy immediately sparked sharp reaction from the technology industry, which said the proposal would hurt innovation, and also from privacy advocacy groups that said it did not go far enough. President Barack Obama has made cyber security a major focus in the wake of high-profile hacks at companies such as Sony Pictures Anthem Inc and Target Corp. Obama has also proposed legislation to help the government and private sector more readily share cyber attack data, a new national standard requiring companies to tell consumers about data breaches within 30 days, and new protections for student data. The data privacy bill would codify a voluntary "Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights" the White House created in 2012.
  • Prepare your Android device for disasters with this master plan (2015-02-27 17:58:19)
    If the idea of losing your phone and having to migrate to a new device has your stomach in knots, Jack Wallen has a plan to help make this as painless as possible.
  • DJ Mixer Professional review (2015-02-27 17:56:01)
    Mix your music and video in various formats
  • Why the FCC is right to act on Net neutrality (2015-02-27 17:54:50)
    Commentary: The new open Internet rules are designed precisely to maintain users' Internet experience by preventing ISPs from picking winners and losers in the digital marketplace.>
  • I support Net neutrality, but that is not what the FCC just did (2015-02-27 17:54:36)
    Commentary: The new regulatory action by the FCC has sweeping implications for the Internet, and the price we will pay over time for this radical shift will be severe.>
  • PS4 Spring Fever 2015: 8 new games over the next 8 weeks (2015-02-27 17:50:27)
    At the dawn of a new console generation, there are inevitably going to be long stretches without many major game releases. Although The Order: 1886 just came out and Bloodborne and Battlefield Hardline are coming soon, you probably won’t have to quit your job to stay caught up. At least, that was the case until Sony announced its Spring Fever 2015 sale for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PS Vita. DON’T MISS: Watch this: YouTube’s 10th anniversary video is amazing For the past few years, Sony has partnered with indie developers in order to bring brand new games to the PlayStation consoles week after week for an entire month during the spring. This year, the releases are going to keep dropping
  • Technology outsourcers learn to ride the cloud (2015-02-27 17:49:12)
    With cloud, potentially everyone and no one outsources IT.
  • Google's Blogger drops plan to block nude pics amid uproar (2015-02-27 17:42:36)
    NEW YORK (AP) — Actually, it is OK to post nudes on Google's Blogger service.
  • Uber data breach compromises IDs of 50,000 drivers (2015-02-27 17:38:00)
  • The music industry is taking away New Music Tuesdays, and it's a shame (2015-02-27 17:35:04)
    Fridays are great for a lot of things, but new music isn’t one of them. Among the evidence supporting this decision is Beyoncé’s surprise self-titled album, which was released on a Friday and went HAM, selling 828,000 copies in 72 hours. The industry also apparently believes a single release day will stem piracy (it won’t). All of this would be fine — go get your money, try to stop piracy, believe in your heart that everyone can do Beyoncé numbers — but they picked the wrong day.
  • Google Cloud Platform getting its own status dashboard (2015-02-27 17:34:33)
    Not to be outdone by Google Apps, the Cloud Platform is getting its own game of red light, green light.
  • You can already pretend you have a Galaxy S6 by downloading these official apps (2015-02-27 17:25:51)
    The Galaxy S6 leaks continue with just a couple of days left until Samsung’s 2015 flagships get official, and this time around we’re looking at something completely different from your average image or hardware leak. The first pictures showing Samsung’s redesigned TouchWiz interface for the phone have appeared, and the first Galaxy S6 apps are already available to download from xda-developers. DON’T MISS: Here’s how you can watch Sunday’s HTC One M9 and Galaxy S6 events live As Phone Arena points out, there are several applications that can be downloaded, including the S6 Optical Reader, S6 GeoNews, S6 Gear Manager, and S6 Kids Mode. The Optical Reader app will use the camera to detect text, business cards or QR codes, GeoNews provides natural
  • Apple Watch may open cars, says CEO Tim Cook (2015-02-27 17:25:35)
    Tim Cook says he wants the Apple Watch to replace your key fob. Also, we dive into the core problem of #TheDress debate and bid farewell to Leonard Nimoy.>
  • Following net neutrality from FDR to Obama (2015-02-27 17:18:57)
    Thursday's FCC vote was a huge win for net neutrality, but it isn't the whole story. The FCC's latest move is just the latest entry in an evolution that stretches back more than 80 years, long before the internet or modern telecoms arrived on the scene. To put it in context, we've put together a quick refresher on the history that led up to Thursday's momentous ruling, and where it leaves us going forward.
  • YouTube's new video trimming tool makes mobile edits a breeze (2015-02-27 17:17:00)
  • CursorFX review (2015-02-27 17:12:43)
    Give your Windows 7, XP, or Vista cursor a wide range of effects
  • Oracle sues Oregon officials in healthcare website dispute (2015-02-27 17:10:22)
    By Shelby Sebens PORTLAND, Ore. (Reuters) - Oracle America Inc, the software giant in charge of developing Oregon's failed health exchange website, has filed suit against five former staff and campaign advisers to the state's former governor, saying they worked behind the scenes to kill the site for political reasons, court documents showed. The company also gave notice to state administrators on Thursday, the same day it filed suit in Multnomah County Circuit Court, that it might file similar claims against former Governor John Kitzhaber and his former chief of staff, Mike Bonetto. The lawsuit says Kitzhaber's staffers and advisers, who did not work for Cover Oregon, "improperly influenced" the decision to shutter the site and then blamed Oracle to defuse the political consequences.     Named in the lawsuit are Kitzhaber's former campaign manager Patricia McCaig, consultants Kevin Looper and Mark Wiener, former business policy director Scott Nelson and former spokesman Tim Raphael.
  • Shadow of Mordor, Arkham Knight and Crowfall highlight this week’s best game trailers (2015-02-27 17:00:43)
    Every week, a landslide of video game trailers hit the Internet, hyping up the games that have just been released, the games that are about to be released and even the games that don’t have release dates. It can be a bit overwhelming to keep up with all of them, which is why we’ve decided to collect our favorites into a single post. LAST TIME: Bloodborne, Screamride and Terraria lead the week’s best game trailers Batman: Arkham Knight A Batman game with a mature ESRB rating? Count me in. Arkham City didn’t blow me away like it did many others, but with the Batmobile in tow and the darker tone of Arkham Knight, I’m ready for it to be June already. Final Fantasy
  • Amazon Echo beta SDK coming for developers, content providers (2015-02-27 16:59:00)
    The cloud and retail giant is preparing to expand its voice-activated assistant's capabilities with the launch of a beta software development kit to help outsiders to build apps.
  • YouTube for Android now lets you trim your videos before uploading (2015-02-27 16:55:02)
    Whenever I shoot a video with my smartphone, I usually end up with a minute or two of terrible footage surrounding the 10 or 15 seconds (if I'm lucky) that are actually worth holding on to. If you're like me and also like sharing your creations to YouTube, things are getting a little easier. An update to the YouTube Android app is set to roll out that'll prompt users to trim their videos to capture the best moments before sharing. It's a feature that most Android phones have buried somewhere in the gallery app, but it's still nice to see YouTube making an effort to help users shoot and share better video.
  • ExxonMobil funded a climate change denier years after it claimed to have stopped (2015-02-27 16:52:04)
    Last week, we reported that Wei-Hock "Willie" Soon, a leading climate change denier, was paid upwards of $1 million by energy companies to conduct scientifically spotty research. Another round of documents released today by Greenpeace shows that oil and gas giant ExxonMobil was a big contributor to Soon's funding. The documents, obtained by Buzzfeed, show that Exxon gave Soon $76,106 from 2008 to 2010, despite the company's insistence in 2007 that it had stopped funding him. "Exxon told us that they would stop funding climate denial front groups," Greenpeace researcher Jesse Coleman told BuzzFeed.
  • Calibre review (2015-02-27 16:51:13)
    Manage your eBook library and synchronize to reader devices
  • This Android keyboard for Excel makes me feel really good about Microsoft (2015-02-27 16:48:20)
    The keyboard isn't a big deal, but the ethos a company like Microsoft needs to have to quickly produce and iterate on it is very much a big deal. Of their 64 apps (63 of which are free), nearly every one is a small sign that Microsoft is starting to understand how to develop and release software in the mobile age.
  • The first poster for Game of Thrones season 5 is truly epic (2015-02-27 16:41:46)
    All you need to know to understand this poster is that Tyrion will figure prominently in season 5 — we've already seen plenty to suggest that he'll treat with Daenerys well ahead of where the books left off — and that Drogon is probably the most badass dragon since Balerion the Black Dread. We'll see that first hand starting April 12th.
  • B1 Free Archiver review (2015-02-27 16:37:36)
    Create archive folders and extract archive files on your PC
  • Meet FlexCharger, the only iPhone and Android charger worth getting excited about (2015-02-27 16:35:57)
    Smartphone and tablet chargers are far from being exciting accessories, yet we have to constantly carry them with us on the off-chance that our beloved mobile device runs out of battery life when we least expect it. FlexCharger, however, is a different kind of charger for mobile devices — in fact, it’s the only charger in recent memory that we might even call exciting. DON’T MISS: The iPhone 6 might be low-res, but Apple’s highest-resolution device ever is coming soon The gadget, currently raising money over at Indiegogo includes the ability to simultaneously charge up to 5 devices, while also offering wireless charging support and even acting as a Wi-Fi repeater to improve the Wi-Fi experience in your home. Another useful feature is its retractable
  • VLC returns to iOS and launches on Windows Phone, Windows RT, and Android TV (2015-02-27 16:32:10)
    VLC is having a big day. The app, which is essentially the Swiss Army knife of video players, is returning to the iPhone and iPad following a long absence after the release of iOS 8. The first non-beta version of VLC is also arriving on Android today, and there are even some updates for Windows and OS X. Basically, everyone can now share in the fun of playing back unusual, nerdy, and arcane video formats. Resuming playback where you left off is coming from mobile to the desktop, and VLC says that it's improving support for playback of UltraHD formats like H.265.
  • Lonnie Johnson, the rocket scientist and Super Soaker inventor (2015-02-27 16:30:00)
  • PayPal stops payment delivery to Mega, citing 'business reasons' (2015-02-27 16:25:38)
    PayPal has cut ties and ceased all payments to Mega, Kim Dotcom's encrypted storage startup. Mega announced the news in a blog post, blaming Visa and MasterCard for pressuring PayPal into dropping the site. Mega was founded in the wake of MegaUpload's seizure by the US Department of Justice, and piracy rumors have followed the site since its inception. According to Mega, Paypal dissolved the partnership over concerns that the site "has a unique model with its end-to-end encryption which leads to unknowability of what is on the platform." PayPal described the logic differently.
  • BioShock shakes hands with Stepford in 'We Happy Few' (2015-02-27 16:02:00)
  • A Bruce Lee biopic is being developed by his family (2015-02-27 15:53:26)
    Bruce Lee is widely considered to be one of the greatest martial artists who ever lived, and he is revered for his contributions to film and culture. However, much of who he was beyond his writing and work onscreen is still a mystery to audiences. Shannon Lee, Bruce Lee's daughter, today announced that she is developing a definitive biopic on the action icon with Hollywood help, aiming to capture the essence of her father in a way that previous films have failed to do.
  • Lenovo's Superfish screwup highlights biggest problem in software (2015-02-27 15:48:26)
    By not properly vetting the Superfish adware, Lenovo became the most recent unwitting example of broken links in the software supply chain.>
  • FCC's Open Internet rules won't end the net neutrality debate in the US (2015-02-27 15:40:00)
    The FCC's vote to reclassify broadband ISPs as telecoms services is a historic moment. However, the future of net neutrality in the US is anything but settled.
  • Here's how far we've come with net neutrality (2015-02-27 15:30:00)
  • Google unveils plans for futuristic new headquarters (2015-02-27 15:11:56)
    The search giant joins several other Silicon Valley companies with audacious new digs in the works.>
  • The six original Star Wars films will be retold in a Lego TV mini series (2015-02-27 15:09:27)
    A new animated series for Disney XD will reimagine all six original Star Wars movies in Lego form. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Lego Star Wars: Droid Tales will hit the same plot points as the Star Wars movies, but every episode will be told from the perspective of R2-D2 and C-3PO. The five-episode series will begin at the final scene of Return of the Jedi, after the Rebel Alliance victory on Endor, THR reports. The droids will re-tell the entire saga in the chronological order, starting with The Phantom Menace and looping back around to Return of the Jedi.
  • 4 great products on Amazon that will turn your house into a smart home (2015-02-27 15:09:14)
    The smart home is the wave of the future, but sadly very few of our homes were built with automated solutions in mind. If you want a smart home in 2015, you’re going to have to fashion one yourself, but we’ve taken the time to find a few essentials on Amazon that you’ll need in order to make that dream a reality. LAST TIME: Download 145 paid Android apps for free from Amazon for a limited time Nest Learning Thermostat Auto-Schedule – Remembers the temperatures you like and programs itself Auto-Away – Saves energy by automatically turning itself down when you’re away Remote control – Connect the Nest thermostat to Wi-Fi to control it from your smartphone, laptop or tablet Easy
  • Taco Bell's latest: Deep-fried Cap'n Crunch stuffed with frosting (2015-02-27 14:59:13)
    Got a morning sweet teeth and a resistance to cavities? Taco Bell is testing stuffed doughnut holes made of Cap'n Crunch Crunch Berries cereal.>
  • Google's future campuses are as flexible as its technology (2015-02-27 14:59:00)
  • Iran blocks website for reporting on reformist ex-president (2015-02-27 14:53:46)
    Iran blocked a website Friday for publishing reports about and pictures of former reformist president Mohammad Khatami despite a judicial ban, state-run IRNA news agency said Friday. is close to Hassan Khomeini, grandson of the Islamic republic's late founder, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini. Newspapers have said judicial authorities told media they were banned from publishing information, including pictures, about "heads of sedition", a reference to protests claiming that the 2009 re-election of hardline president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was fraudulent. Khatami served from 1997 to 2005 and his double tenure was marked by bids to open up Iran to the West.
  • News Guide: What the FCC's 'net neutrality' vote means (2015-02-27 14:49:33)
    WASHINGTON (AP) — Internet activists scored a major victory after the Federal Communications Commission agreed to rules that would ban service providers from creating Internet fast lanes.
  • Cook says Apple Watch will replace car keys: Telegraph (2015-02-27 14:47:29)
    (Reuters) - Apple Watch will replace your car keys and its battery will last the whole day, Apple Inc's Chief Executive Tim Cook told the Telegraph in an interview. The watch is designed to replace car keys and the clumsy, large fobs that are now used in many vehicles, Cook told the newspaper. Its battery will last the whole day, and will not take as long to charge as an iPhone, the report quoted Cook as saying. The rollout of the watch might pose a challenge for Apple's stores, which may involve "tweaking the experience in the store," the Telegraph said, citing Cook's conversation with the staff at Apple's Covent Garden store in London.
  • Breach costs at $162 million, Target reports (2015-02-27 14:44:57)
    Retailer has collected $90 million in payouts on $100 million of network-security insurance coverage
  • Lenovo strips some of the unwanted software from its PCs (2015-02-27 14:38:00)
  • Google is proposing a crazy new futuristic campus – here are some awesome renders (2015-02-27 14:28:22)
    Apple has gotten a lot of attention for the work it’s doing with its so-called “Spaceship” campus but it turns out Google is looking to build an insane-looking futuristic campus of its own. Google on Friday revealed plans to build a massive new campus in the North Bayshore area of Mountain View, California and it posted some absolutely stunning renders of the proposed campus on its Google+ page. FROM EARLIER: Biggest leak yet shows the Galaxy S6 Edge is going to look so much better than you thought What makes this new campus particularly striking is that it sounds like Google is taking a page from its Project Ara smartphone and will make its new campus almost moddable. “Instead of constructing
  • Google unveils plans for opulent new headquarters (2015-02-27 14:23:00)
    Not to be outdone by Apple's spaceship-like blueprints, Google has some futuristic digs in the pipeline as well.
  • Aviation leads the way in the 2015 Uptime Institute Brill awards (2015-02-27 14:16:11)
    Focus on across the board efficiency highlights the 2015 winners
  • New Router Exploit Is Dangerous, but Easy to Fix (2015-02-27 14:09:19)
    A new scam targeting routers given to customers by a Brazilian Internet service provider (ISP) strings together a number of known vulnerabilities into a surprisingly effective attack, but a simple security precaution can prevent the whole thing from occurring. Here's how the exploit works: Users receive an e-mail that's supposedly from Oi, Brazil's largest ISP (the name means "Hi" in Portuguese). A simple phishing scam would use this opportunity to grab a user's financial information, but this attack is considerably more sophisticated.
  • Scopes that caused UCLA superbug deaths linked to past outbreaks (2015-02-27 14:07:01)
    The family of a 48-year-old man who died in November is suing the maker of a medical scope, following a superbug outbreak at a UCLA medical center late last year. The man, Antonio Terres Cerda, died in November. The type of medical scope that spread the superbug in California has been implicated in a number of other deaths in others states, reports Bloomberg. Seven patients have been infected with an antibiotic-resistant superbug called "CRE" from contaminated medical scopes made by Olympus, according to UCLA.
  • MythBuster Adam Savage builds intricate 'Shining' maze diorama (2015-02-27 14:04:11)
    This model of the hedge maze from the Overlook Hotel in Stanley Kubrick's classic horror film has the level of detail you'd expect from an experienced movie model maker.>
  • Deconstructing the method to Nintendo's madness (2015-02-27 14:00:00)
  • Here are the renderings of Google's futuristic new headquarters (2015-02-27 13:51:01)
    Google just revealed a wild proposal for remaking its main office space in Mountain View, California — rather than simply build more modern office buildings, Google is seeking to build some giant glass "canopies" with insides that can be rebuilt and repurposed easily depending on what the company needs. Nonetheless, Google's plans are impressive and beautiful enough to warrant a closer look.
  • Weave connects containers and cures a major Docker headache (2015-02-27 13:45:02)
    Docker is simple, but its networking is a nightmare. The Weave app uses networking under the hood to solve this frightful developer problem.
  • Leonard Nimoy's final tweet is beautiful, and it broke my heart (2015-02-27 13:44:17)
    My dad was — and is — a huge Star Trek nerd, and when I was a kid he'd excitedly show me episodes of the original series in syndication. It was a show that he watched in college, he'd say, explaining why Kirk was Kirk, Bones was Bones, and most importantly, why Leonard Nimoy's Spock was Spock. One of my earliest moments of geek fandom was when I tracked down the script for the original Star Trek pilot, "The Cage." I got it, read it, and excitedly took it to my dad. He was a Star Trek geek after all.
  • The Greatest Luxury of All (2015-02-27 13:39:57)
    In the crush of our Information Overload Age, the greatest luxury isn't money.It isn't fame.It isn't even attention.It's time.When was the last time you took a walk in nature?Curled up with a really good book?Turned off your smart phone? (WHAT?!)Take a few minutes today to unplug and unwind.Yes, I mean literally unplug.Turn off the TV, walk...
  • Actor Leonard Nimoy, 'Mr. Spock,' dies at 83 (2015-02-27 13:38:32)
    Beloved by "Star Trek" fans and geeks of all stripes, Nimoy died in his Los Angeles home of pulmonary disease.>
  • UN says limit use of personal audio players to 1 hour a day (2015-02-27 13:36:30)
    BERLIN (AP) — People who use personal audio players should consider limiting their use to one hour a day and turn down the volume to prevent permanent hearing loss, the World Health Organization said Friday.
  • Tim Cook believes the Apple Watch will slowly replace every gadget you own (2015-02-27 13:33:32)
    Why would anyone want to buy an smartwatch? This is a question that many of us have likely asked ourselves over the past several months as Android Wear devices begin to seep into the market and Apple prepares its first wearable. It’s also a question that Tim Cook and the team at Apple had to ask themselves, but they appear to have come up with an answer. READ MORE: 8 awesome paid iPhone apps that are free for a limited time “This will be just like the iPhone: People wanted it and bought for a particular reason, perhaps for browsing, but then found out that they loved it for all sorts of other reasons,” Cook told The Telegraph in a recent interview.
  • Smart liquor bottles can keep tabs on your bourbon collection (2015-02-27 13:33:00)
  • Cook says Apple Watch might replace the need for car keys - Telegraph (2015-02-27 13:30:55)
    (Reuters) - Apple Inc's latest product, the Apple Watch, might replace the need for car keys, Chief Executive Tim Cook told the Telegraph in an interview. The watch's battery will last the whole day, and will not take as long to charge as an iPhone, the Telegraph quoted Cook as saying. Apple was not immediately available for comment. The company has scheduled a special event on March 9, where it will showcase the Apple Watch and that will be launched in April, the report said.
  • Cook says Apple Watch might replace the need for car keys: Telegraph (2015-02-27 13:30:25)
    (Reuters) - Apple Inc's latest product, the Apple Watch, might replace the need for car keys, Chief Executive Tim Cook told the Telegraph in an interview. The watch's battery will last the whole day, and will not take as long to charge as an iPhone, the Telegraph quoted Cook as saying. Apple was not immediately available for comment. The company has scheduled a special event on March 9, where it will showcase the Apple Watch and that will be launched in April, the report said.
  • Low Latency 121: Time after time (2015-02-27 13:15:18)
    Over $11 million later, Pebble proves there's still innovative ways to debut a product.>
  • These are the apps that are killing your phone’s battery life (2015-02-27 13:14:29)
    Smartphone battery technology simply cannot keep up with the rate at which other smartphone tech is improving. Some new components are being designed to help extend handset battery life, but it’s not easy to compensate for the newer high-resolution screens vendors are now using. To compound matters, some of the most popular apps in the world are terrible when it comes to power efficiency, and now they have been named and shamed in a new study from AVG. DON’T MISS: And now, it’s Apple’s turn to copy Samsung In a study titled “Android App Performance Report,” the software and security experts at AVG turned their attention to application performance in the fourth quarter of 2014. The result is a very thorough look
  • Google unveils plans for a glass utopia in Mountain View (2015-02-27 13:09:37)
    Earlier this week, The New York Times reported that Google was set to submit a proposal for a new campus in Mountain View next week — and now we're getting our first look at that proposal, thanks to a report from Silicon Valley Business Journal. Unsurprisingly, Google isn't just settling for a more modern update to the vast, sprawling series of buildings that already make up its Mountain View offices. Instead, the company worked with Danish architect Bjarke Ingels from the Bjarke Ingels Group and Thomas Heatherwick of Heatherwick Studio to build a series of city block-sized "canopies" — glass greenhouse-style buildings. It's a wild idea, and Google admits that much of the technology necessary for such a plan doesn't yet exist. "We envision there will be some more permanent structures like stairwells and restroom cores and things like that," David Radcliffe, Google's vice president of real estate, said to the SVBJ.
  • Whaa? Now there's a second bright light on dwarf planet Ceres (2015-02-27 13:08:26)
    The latest images from NASA's Dawn spacecraft reveal a second mysterious bright spot on the surface of Ceres. Perhaps it's a giant Ceresian welcome sign?>
  • Masquerada's gay characters are defined by humanity, not sexuality (2015-02-27 13:00:00)
  • Augmented-reality game Ingress arriving on Android Wear watches (2015-02-27 12:58:53)
    The multiplayer game that uses real-world environments as its playground is now even more accessible -- as an app on our wrists.>
  • The 404 Show 1,603: That damn dress, Blade Runner 2, Pebble Time, Arkham Knight, Wankband (podcast) (2015-02-27 12:42:56)
    CNET's smiley How-To guy Dan Graziano joins the show this week to discuss his mostly awful taste in everything, not including Blade Runner 2. Other show topics include: Pebble Time, Batman: Arkham Knight and a new wearable from PornHub.>
  • Leonard Nimoy, the original ‘Spock,’ dies at 83 (2015-02-27 12:39:12)
    Leonard Nimoy, best known for his role as Mr. Spock on the original Star Trek television series, has passed away at the age of 83. The New York Times notes that Nimoy announced he had been suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease last year, and his wife confirmed that this was the cause of his death on Friday. Aside from being an actor, Nimoy was also a director, a writer and a photographer, among his countless other pursuits within the arts. He was an Emmy nominee as well, and a popular public figure for the entirety of his adult life. Nimoy reprised the role of Spock in recent years for the cinematic reboot of the Star Trek series. A life is like a garden. Perfect moments
  • Does Venmo have a security problem? (2015-02-27 12:37:50)
    Griswold followed a user whose account had been compromised and drained of close to $3000. Venmo prides itself on seamless transactions — one tap and you're done — and users have gotten used to that convenience.
  • 'Star Trek' star Leonard Nimoy passes away at 83 (2015-02-27 12:37:00)
  • Leonard Nimoy of Star Trek dead at 83 (2015-02-27 12:20:20)
    Leonard Nimoy, the actor known for playing Spock on Star Trek, died today at age 83, according to The New York Times. He's reported to have died in his home of end-stage chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, a lung disease that he attributed to years of smoking. Alongside William Shatner, Nimoy starred in the original Star Trek series through its three-season run in the late 1960s. Nimoy's relationship with Star Trek ran deeper than just his appearances: he also directed two of the films, The Search for Spock and The Voyage Home.
  • Apple hit by another lawsuit from Smartflash over iTunes (2015-02-27 12:18:28)
    On the hook for $533 million in damages from the first trial, Apple finds itself the target of a second and related lawsuit from the patent firm.>
  • Lenovo promises less bloatware on its new computers (2015-02-27 12:13:57)
    Lenovo says the next batch of Windows 10 computers will come with a minimum of bloatware, as the company looks to "become the leader in providing cleaner, safer PCs." The announcement comes on the heels of the disastrous Superfish adware, which came pre-installed on a number of Lenovo machines and broke fundamental SSL protections, exposing users to man-in-the-middle attacks. Lenovo has been widely criticized for its pre-installed software practices in the wake of the news, and this is the first indication that the company may be changing its ways. Lenovo's Windows 10 computers will still ship with security software like McAfee as well as software associated with a particular hardware device and the frustratingly vague "Lenovo software." More importantly, the company is promising extensive documentation on all pre-installed software, which will help catch any future adware before it takes hold.
  • Get a Microsoft Surface Pro 2 with Power Keyboard for $699.99 (2015-02-27 12:10:40)
    It's ridiculous to buy a Surface without a keyboard. Fortunately, with this bundle, you don't have to.>
  • Europe's big telecoms roar back to health, worrying rivals (2015-02-27 12:04:50)
    By Leila Abboud, Harro Ten Wolde and Julia Fioretti PARIS (Reuters) - Europe's big telecom firms are back to rude financial health after years of poor results and regulatory pressure, drawing crowds of new investors and protests from rivals who worry the formerly state-owned companies may rebuild their monopolies. Germany's Deutsche Telekom and Spain's Telefonica have predicted that revenues will grow this year, while France's Orange and Norway's Telenor have promised higher future dividends, a major motivation for investors in the sector. The renaissance is a marked shift from the past five years in which the sector's sales fell steadily because of regulation ending various types of mobile fees and tough competition from cable operators such as Liberty Global and low-cost players like France's Iliad .
  • Ericsson sues Apple over patent violations (2015-02-27 12:02:15)
    Swedish telecoms group Ericsson announced Friday a lawsuit against Apple claiming that the US tech giant continued to use its technology in iPhones and other wireless devices after refusing to renew a licencing agreement. "Apple currently uses our technology without a license and therefore we are seeking help from the court and the ITC (International Trade Commission)," Ericsson's head of intellectual property, Kasim Alfalahi, said in a statement. "Features that consumers now take for granted -- like being able to livestream television shows or access their favourite apps from their phone -- rely on the technology we have developed," he added.
  • Swatch Touch Zero One tracks your beach volleyball skills (2015-02-27 12:02:00)
  • Lenovo promises to stop bundling crapware on PCs (2015-02-27 12:02:00)
    Following on from the Superfish debacle the company found itself embroiled in earlier this month, PC maker Lenovo is promising to bring to an end to the practice of pre-loading crapware onto systems.
  • iOS 8.2 release expected next week followed closely by iOS 8.3 (2015-02-27 12:01:39)
    Apple has been hard at work on multiple upcoming iOS versions simultaneously, and we’ve been told that iOS 8.2 is finally moving to the release stage. Barring any last minute problems, I would expect to see iOS 8.2 released this coming Monday, or the following week at the absolute latest. DON’T MISS: Is the Galaxy S6 really an iPhone ripoff? Leaked comparison photo lets you be the judge Additionally, we were told there might be as many as four iOS 8.3 beta versions. Apple released iOS 8.3 beta 2 earlier this week, so that leaves two more versions before the company makes it publicly available to customers. iOS 8.3 adds support for multiple new features and is filled with improvements in the operating system,
  • White House drafts privacy bill, consumers push for more (2015-02-27 12:01:01)
    WASHINGTON (AP) — The White House this week circulated legislation aimed at encouraging U.S. businesses to do more to protect consumer privacy. But privacy advocates were pushing back even before its release, saying it does nothing to hold businesses accountable for misusing a consumer's personal information.
  • Swiss watchmakers show off a new line of smartwatches (2015-02-27 12:00:57)
    Swiss watchmakers have laughed at the notion that the industry is in trouble due to the rise of smartwatches, and now we're getting a glimpse as to why they are so confident. Last night in San Francisco, a few Swiss watchmakers showed off what they've been working on to combat the influx of smartwatches from tech companies. Watchmakers Mondaine, Frederique Constant, and Alpine have partnered with Manufacture Modules Technologies (MMT) to introduce three new smartwatches that straddle the line between traditional horology and technology. MMT is a partnership between Silicon Valley-based Fullpower Technologies — the company's MotionX technology powers the Jawbone Up and Nike Fuelband — and Union Horlogère Holding, which owns Frederique Constant and Alpine.
  • Google backflips on Blogger sexual content ban (2015-02-27 11:49:40)
    Days after announcing a ban on sexually explicit content or "graphic nudity" on its Blogger platform, Google has reversed course. "We've had a ton of feedback, in particular about the introduction of a retroactive change (some people have had accounts for 10+ years), but also about the negative impact on individuals who post sexually explicit content to express their identities," product manager Jessica Pelegio said in a post to the Google product forum. She added that operators should continue to mark any blogs containing sexually explicit content as "adult" to get an adult content warning. Google's new policy elicited complaints earlier this week over Twitter, with some calling it censorship.
  • Lenovo to allay security concerns with free McAfee LiveSafe (2015-02-27 11:48:38)
    (Reuters) - China's Lenovo Group Ltd on Friday said it will offer free subscriptions to Intel Corp security software to customers who bought laptops that were shipped with a program known as "Superfish," which made PCs vulnerable to cyberattacks. Security experts and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security recommended the program be removed because it made users vulnerable to what are known as SSL spoofing techniques that can enable remote attackers to read encrypted web traffic, steal credentials and perform other attacks. Pre-loaded programs will include Microsoft Corp's Windows operating system, security products, Lenovo applications and programs "required" to make unique hardware such as 3D cameras work well, Lenovo said.
  • Why Successful People Never Bring Smartphones Into Meetings (2015-02-27 11:42:27)
    You are annoying your boss and colleagues any time you take your phone out during meetings, says new research from USC's Marshall School of Business. And if you work with women and people over 40, they're even more perturbed by it than everyone else.The researchers conducted a nationwide survey of 554 full-time working professionals earning...
  • Biggest leak yet: The Galaxy S6 Edge is going to look so much better than you thought (2015-02-27 11:40:45)
    If you’re not excited for the Galaxy S6 Edge right now, we don’t blame you. After all, Samsung’s first attempt at making a smartphone with a wraparound display, the Galaxy Note Edge, was nothing at all to write home about. However, it’s looking like the Note Edge was a precursor to much better things, as newly leaked pictures of the upcoming Galaxy S6 Edge show. FROM EARLIER: Major leak from Sprint gives us our clearest look yet at the Galaxy S6 draws our attention to some new leaked photos of the S6 Edge posted over at CNET Korea. As you can see below, the device doesn’t look nearly as awkward and unbalanced as the Note Edge did. It helps, of
  • Aereo gets only $2 million from selling assets to TiVo and other companies (2015-02-27 11:37:00)
  • Tesla co-founder says it's electric trucks, not electric cars, that matter (2015-02-27 11:30:02)
    Electric cars may help save the environment, but when it comes to saving money, electric trucks are where it's at. "Consumer automobiles don’t burn enough fuel," Wright explains to Quartz. If you make that [car] electric you are going to add $15,000, at least, to the cost of that car and maybe only save $1,500 [in fuel]. Wrightspeed's pitch is already attracting business, with the company securing its first significant deal with FedEx last year to convert 25 delivery trucks.
  • Frank Underwood has great taste in video games (2015-02-27 11:24:43)
    The biggest change in the third season of House of Cards might just be Frank Underwood's taste in video games. While he was previously known to let loose with a few rounds of FPS action, this season sees Underwood with an iPad in hand, chilling out with the wonderful Monument Valley. It's a big change, but at least he has good taste — once he's done with the game's first expansion, I'd recommend hitting the serene slopes of Alto's Adventure.
  • Google scraps plan to block porn on Blogger (2015-02-27 11:23:02)
    (Reuters) - Google Inc has abandoned its plan to ban adult content on its blogging site Blogger after receiving negative feedback from users. Google will instead "step up enforcement" of its existing policy prohibiting commercial porn, Jessica Pelegio, the company's social product support manager, wrote on Google Product Forums on Friday. Bloggers can continue to tag any blog with sexually explicit content as "adult" that is placed behind a warning page. ...
  • EE kicks off 400 Mbps 4G trials at Wembley Stadium (2015-02-27 11:22:00)
  • The Boy Genius Report Podcast: Episode 1 (2015-02-27 11:21:29)
    Yes, I’m actually doing this. There’s too much to say that can’t be written, and for the last couple years people have always emailed me to start this up again. This time around, I’m taking it seriously. I’m doing it every week, and I’m looking for great guests or even cohosts — let’s see where this goes together. In this first episode, I try to bring a sane perspective to the Apple Watch pricing frenzy, share my iPhone 6 Plus love (once again), talk about how I got into Apple products in the beginning, and break down what the Apple Car means for the company and how I think Apple could potentially make one. Please feel free to share feedback on the show using
  • Twitter is surveying users about how much they get harassed online (2015-02-27 11:20:52)
    Twitter, as its CEO Dick Costolo has put it, sucks at dealing with harassment and trolls. Right now, though, it's apparently apparently trying to gauge just how big of a problem Twitter abuse really is. It doesn't seem to ask the same questions of everyone, but among other things, it asks how important it is to see interactions, how much they worry about harassment on Twitter, and the overall level of abuse users receive on other services, like YouTube. This is the first time we've seen this survey, but Adria Richards, who was at the center of a vitriolic fight about tech and gender in 2013 and is still regularly harassed, tweeted about receiving an invitation on February 18th.
  • Ericsson sues Apple over patents (2015-02-27 11:15:37)
    Apple just lost a $533 million patent case to Smartflash this week, and now Ericsson is likewise suing the company in a patent dispute.>
  • Gritty Power Rangers short pulled from YouTube, producer calls it 'infringement on freedom of expression' (2015-02-27 11:09:17)
    The dark and violent Power/Rangers short film watched by millions was pulled from YouTube yesterday in response to a copyright claim from a subsidiary of Saban, which owns the rights to Power Rangers. "To all the viewers that enjoyed this film, I consider this an outright infringement on freedom of expression and individualism," Power/Rangers producer Adi Shankar says in a statement responding to the latest takedown. Shankar notes that the video is still available to watch on Facebook.
  • ​Canonical and Juniper team up on carrier-grade OpenStack SDN (2015-02-27 11:04:07)
    Can a Linux company and a networking power join forces to make an open-source cloud and software defined network that's good enough for telecommunications data-centers? Canonical and Juniper think so.
  • Amazing Tesla Model S easter egg: Here’s what happens when you type ‘007’ (2015-02-27 11:00:54)
    A recently discovered easter egg in the Tesla Model S might very well be the coolest easter egg ever discovered. Though easter eggs (code for a hidden message or inside joke embedded in software) are typically found in PC-based programs, that didn’t stop Tesla from joining in on the fun in an incredibly awesome way. Don’t miss: Tesla’s hugely anticipated Model X gets caught on video If you go to the suspension control panel setting on the Model S dash, you’ll find that a photo of the Model S has been replaced by a Lotus Esprit submarine, the very same one that appeared in the James Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me. BusinessInsider has the full scoop: By first clicking on the
  • Year of the Goat: 11 Chinese smartphone brands to watch (2015-02-27 11:00:00)
  • Google announces the Pixel 2 (2015-02-27 10:55:16)
    Google finally brings to life the rumors of the Pixel 2. It is coming and Jack Wallen discusses why it is important for Google to think beyond developers.
  • Could Android forks water down the platform? (2015-02-27 10:51:50)
    OnePlus plans on revealing its own flavor of Android, called OxygenOS. The company's intention is to create software that is open, free of bloat, and customizable.
  • ​Red Hat invites all to work on its OpenShift PaaS cloud (2015-02-27 10:48:00)
    Red Hat's OpenShift Commons invites open-source programmers and users to work on its OpenShift Platform-as-a-Service cloud.
  • Why the #whatcoloristhisdress frock is actually blue and black (2015-02-27 10:45:32)
    Twitter got into a pretty lively argument Thursday about whether the color of a particular dress was black and blue or white and gold. How do people see things so differently? AsapScience explains.>
  • UN free speech expert praises US net neutrality decision (2015-02-27 10:45:26)
    BERLIN (AP) — The U.N.'s independent expert on freedom of speech has praised the U.S. Federal Communications Commission for voting to enforce "net neutrality" rules for the broadband industry.
  • Facebook now lets you describe your gender (2015-02-27 10:44:07)
    The latest move is a step away from the previous process that required you to choose from a list of predefined genders.>
  • 'House of Cards' returns as season 3 hits Netflix (2015-02-27 10:42:44)
    Netflix users can tune into all 13 episodes of the political series, which may portray a growing rift between President Underwood and his wife.>
  • 8 awesome paid iPhone apps that are free for a limited time (2015-02-27 10:41:16)
    This has been another great week packed full of paid iPhone and iPad apps that were on sale for free. A few from Thursday’s post are still free downloads if you hurry, and now we have a fresh new list for you to enjoy on Friday. Today we have eight nifty paid iOS apps for you, and each and every one of them is on sale for free right now. As always though, these sales could be over before you know it. DON’T MISS: And now, it’s Apple’s turn to copy Samsung These are paid iPhone and iPad apps that have been made available for free for a limited time by their developers. There is no way to tell how long
  • GPS serves a pivotal role in big data stickiness (2015-02-27 10:35:22)
    Several exciting applications of GPS-oriented analytics include mapping the locations of animals and vehicles, monetizing data, and improving response times to medical emergencies.
  • Google search results to show more mobile-friendly sites on phones (2015-02-27 10:32:00)
  • Swatch announces new touchscreen watch with fitness features (2015-02-27 10:28:30)
    While we wait for Swatch to show off its upcoming smartwatch this spring, the company has decided to update its current touchscreen offering, the Swatch Touch. The Swatch Touch Zero One is a fitness watch geared toward volleyball players. The Touch Zero One will send that information to Swatch's app, where your skills as a volleyball player will be ranked from zero to 100. The Swatch Touch Zero One will retail for $160 once it's released later this year.
  • And now, it’s Apple’s turn to copy Samsung (2015-02-27 10:20:09)
    The Gear VR is probably the greatest thing Samsung has created in a long time. The simple but well-made virtual reality headset blows minds young and old. I have personally shown it to a number of people, and so far I have yet to come across anyone whose jaw didn’t drop. It’s awesome. And it looks like Samsung’s biggest competitor may be getting ready to launch a rival device. DON’T MISS: Is the Galaxy S6 really an iPhone ripoff? Leaked comparison photo lets you be the judge Samsung teamed up with virtual reality leader Oculus to create the Gear VR accessory, which uses a Galaxy Note 4 as a snap-in display in front of two lenses that help create the VR effect.
  • Sacked Sanofi boss joins PureTech board (2015-02-27 10:15:16)
    Chris Viehbacher, sacked as chief executive of French drugs firm Sanofi last year, is to join the board of PureTech, a privately owned healthcare science and technology R&D company. Boston-based PureTech's co-founder and senior partner Robert Langer said in a statement he had known the German-Canadian Viehbacher for many years "and I am very excited that we will be working together more closely now". Viehbacher, who moved to Boston last year while he was still running Sanofi, raised the French company's multinational profile during his six years in the job by completing over $30 billion of acquisitions including that of Boston-based Genzyme.
  • Photography and the subatomic world collide in a new documentary (2015-02-27 10:01:00)
  • Bill Gates signs off as guest editor of The Verge (2015-02-27 10:00:02)
    Bill Gates was the The Verge's first-ever guest editor this past month, narrating episodes of The Big Future that illustrate the bets he and his wife Melinda are making with their foundation over the next 15 years. Above, we have Melinda Gates discussing how life for the poor will change in the next 15 years. As the month comes to a close, it's time to let Bill himself onto our pages for a farewell.
  • Major leak from Sprint gives us our clearest look yet at the Galaxy S6 (2015-02-27 09:55:25)
    Samsung is about to announce two similar but distinct sixth-generation Galaxy S versions, including the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge, but the devices have already been thoroughly leaked. Most details about the two handsets, including design, hardware and software features have seemingly been revealed in many reports, but the leaks are far from over. In fact, Sprint just gave us the biggest Galaxy S6 leak so far. FROM EARLIER: Is the Galaxy S6 really an iPhone ripoff? Leaked comparison photo lets you be the judge The carrier, which has already started its Galaxy S6 marketing campaign a few days ago, is reportedly going to host a special Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge contest, offering customers who register for more information the chance to
  • Uber won me over with its free rides in Seoul (2015-02-27 09:49:44)
    Uber has been causing controversy in Seoul, South Korea, since it launched in October of last year. The local government is claiming that UberX vehicles are not legally authorized taxis, even inciting locals to tattle on Uber drivers who could then be fined 1 million KRW (about $900). In response, Uber now allows free travel on up to 30 UberX journeys, costing 30,000KRW (about $27) or less. No end date for the free promotion has been announced.
  • This can’t be real: Leaked Galaxy S6 earbuds look like blatant Apple EarPod ripoffs (2015-02-27 09:30:47)
    It’s still much too soon to pass any final judgements and call Samsung’s upcoming new Galaxy S6 handset an iPhone ripoff. Yes, some of the evidence thus far has been fairly damning — this leaked Galaxy S6 vs. iPhone 6 photo comparison lets you be the judge — but everything is just a rumor until Samsung makes it official during its press conference on Sunday. After plenty of evidence has piled up to suggest that Samsung took some pretty obvious inspiration from Apple’s iPhone 5 and iPhone 6, a new leak suggests that Samsung’s tendency to borrow from Apple may have just crossed over from flattering to just plain sad. DON’T MISS: Is the Galaxy S6 really an iPhone ripoff? Leaked comparison photo
  • Swiss watchmakers are teaming up to fight Apple and Google (2015-02-27 09:29:00)
  • Debian security initiative for reproducible builds reaches milestone (2015-02-27 09:20:18)
    A Debian initiative for reproducible builds sheds light on the least transparent part of the open source development process. Find out what's been completed in this security project.
  • 10 things to expect at Mobile World Congress next week (2015-02-27 09:05:24)
    Every year, tens of thousands of reporters, analysts, and suited-up businesspeople descend upon Barcelona for the Mobile World Congress trade show. Mobile World Congress, or MWC if you're in the know, is the largest trade show for mobile technology: phones, networks, hotspots, infrastructure, and more phones. In recent years, MWC has been fairly sleepy, shifting from a consumer-centric show with big product launches to a more business-focused one that catered to infrastructure announcements.
  • HTC One M9: Massive new leak offers videos, specs and so much more (2015-02-27 09:05:08)
    The HTC One M9 is one of the two most interesting Android smartphones about to be unveiled at MWC, but it’s hardly a well-kept secret. A wide variety of leaks have already revealed everything there is to know about the handset, including specs and software features, going as far as to ignite the spirits around the direction HTC has taken with the design of its third One flagship. FROM EARLIER: Here’s how you can watch Sunday’s HTC One M9 and Galaxy S6 events live As a result, it’s not surprising that @upleaks, a source who has provided many HTC One M9 leaks so far, has posted even more thorough details on both the HTC One M9 and its supposed bigger M9 Plus version,
  • Millions of young risk hearing loss from loud music, UN says (2015-02-27 09:00:39)
    BERLIN (AP) — The World Health Organization says millions of young people around the world are at risk of hearing loss from loud music.
  • Google's augmented reality game 'Ingress' comes to Android Wear (2015-02-27 09:00:00)
  • Cloud computing busts silos to help the CIO (2015-02-27 08:59:32)
    New research shows that cloud offers IT a means to communicate with users, be responsive, and gain relevancy.
  • Buyout puts supersecure Blackphone in one company's hands (2015-02-27 08:41:08)
    The security-obsessed company called Silent Circle is now solely in control of its phone for encrypted communications. It has also raised $50 million and will announce new devices next week.>
  • The Vergecast 142: net neutrality, Apple Watch, and The Bodyguard (2015-02-27 08:35:02)
    Journey back with us to that simpler time, and hear Nilay Patel, Dieter Bohn, Chris Ziegler, and Sam Sheffer weigh in on the FCC's net neutrality ruling, the price of an Apple Watch, the upcoming Galaxy S 6, and the classic 1992 romantic thriller, The Bodyguard.
  • Good Technology: iOS continues enterprise dominance; growth seen in secure browsing and messaging (2015-02-27 08:32:04)
    It's encouraging to see secure browsing and messaging lead in mobile application enterprise growth. The iPhone 6 is preferred over the iPhone 6 Plus, at a rate of about 3 to 1.
  • I thought the ‘What color is this dress?’ controversy was stupid… until I asked my wife to weigh in (2015-02-27 08:30:59)
    For the past day or so, the Internet has been embroiled in what I thought was a completely stupid controversy over the color of a dress. It seems that some people think the dress, pictured above, is white and gold while others see it as blue and black. My own first instinct was to see the dress as white and gold but upon closer inspection, I realized it was likely blue and gold. Case closed? Not quite. DON’T MISS: Warren Buffett, the world’s fourth richest man, has the diet of a 6 year old When I asked my wife about it this morning, she laughed at me and said it was “clearly” blue and black. I told her that I got
  • Zero Day Weekly: Superfish attacks, FBI GameoverZeus bounty, Komodia in Lavasoft (2015-02-27 08:06:47)
    A collection of notable security news items for the week ending February 27, 2015. Covers enterprise, controversies, application and mobile security, malware, reports and more.
  • Harrison Ford to reprise role as Deckard in 'Blade Runner' sequel (2015-02-27 08:04:01)
    The original Rick Deckard returns in a sequel to Ridley Scott's sci-fi classic. Scott will executive produce while "Prisoners" director Denis Villeneuve has been tapped to helm the new film.>
  • Microsoft made an Android keyboard especially for Excel (2015-02-27 08:02:00)
  • Samsung Galaxy S6: Rumors, predictions, and challenges (2015-02-27 08:00:04)
    With the imminent release of Galaxy S6, we take a look at the rumors, predictions, and challenges facing Samsung with its newest flagship smartphone.
  • ​TalkTalk security breach fuels bogus tech-support scam (2015-02-27 07:55:50)
    Phoney tech support Fraudsters are using TalkTalk's stolen client database to convince customers into handing over online banking credentials.
  • S6 appeal and Ripley's return in CNET UK podcast 423 (2015-02-27 07:48:07)
    We look ahead to the Samsung Galaxy S6 and HTC One M9 in our preview of MWC 2015, plus find out how Neill Blomkamp's new "Alien" movie will rewrite the series.>
  • iWork for iCloud is now available to everyone (2015-02-27 07:45:54)
    Apple on Thursday updated its main iCloud website such that anyone, even users who don’t own an Apple device, can access Apple’s entire suite of iWork productivity software, including Pages, Numbers, and Keynote for free. Previously, such access was limited to Apple’s iCloud Beta website. DON’T MISS: One mysterious new iPhone 6s feature is slowly being uncovered Initially introduced at WWDC 2013, iWork for iCloud allows users to create, edit, and share documents, presentations, and spreadsheets directly from within a web browser. For anyone nervous about leaving the comfy confines of Microsoft Office behind, it’s worth noting that documents created in Pages are fully compatible with Microsoft Word. Users who sign up for Apple’s web-based iWork software are given 1 GB of storage to
  • China draft counterterror law strikes fear in foreign tech firms (2015-02-27 07:30:29)
    By Michael Martina and Krista Hughes BEIJING/WASHINGTON (Reuters) - China is weighing a far-reaching counterterrorism law that would require technology firms to hand over encryption keys and install security "backdoors", a potential escalation of what some firms view as the increasingly onerous terms of doing business in the world's second largest economy. A parliamentary body read a second draft of the country's first anti-terrorism law this week and is expected to adopt the legislation in the coming weeks or months. The initial draft, published by the National People's Congress late last year, requires companies to also keep servers and user data within China, supply law enforcement authorities with communications records and censor terrorism-related internet content. Its scope reaches far beyond a recently adopted set of financial industry regulations that pushed Chinese banks to purchase from domestic technology vendors.
  • China censorship sweep deletes more than 60,000 Internet accounts (2015-02-27 07:29:25)
    Some of China's largest Internet companies deleted more than 60,000 online accounts because their names did not conform to regulations due to take effect on Sunday, the top Internet regulator said. Alibaba Group Holding Ltd, Tencent Holdings Ltd, Baidu Inc, Sina Corp affiliate Weibo Corp and other companies deleted the accounts in a cull aimed at "rectifying" online names, the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) said. The purge is notable as a step toward China's government locking down control over people's internet account names, an effort which censors have struggled with in the past, despite numerous efforts to introduce controls.
  • Harrison Ford confirmed for 'Blade Runner' sequel; director Denis Villeneuve in talks (2015-02-27 07:29:07)
    Harrison Ford returns as Rick Deckard in the Ridley Scott's upcoming "Blade Runner" sequel. Ridley will executive produce while negotiations are ongoing to sign on Denis Villeneuve as director.>
  • Plan to crack down on ketamine puts millions of women at risk, say campaigners (2015-02-27 07:25:45)
    A new proposal to limit access to ketamine around the world would have a devastating effect on the health of millions of women in poorer countries, say campaigners. Although in developed nations ketamine is known primarily as a party drug, in lower income countries it's one of the most widely used anesthetics available, and is particularly notable for its use during caesarean sections. Because ketamine is injectable, it's far easier to administer and transport than gas anesthetics, making it indispensable for doctors carrying out life-threatening surgeries in rural areas. This is essential for saving lives during caesarean sections, as women who lose these reflexes due to heavy sedation can die when acid accumulating in their stomach floods their lungs.
  • Happy net neutrality day! Here are some llamas and a dress (2015-02-27 07:13:00)
  • ​Apple takes 89 percent of all smartphone profits worldwide (2015-02-27 07:01:00)
    With a 20 percent share of all smartphone shipments in Q4 2014, Apple took nearly all the industry's profits. It's a situation that could could spell trouble for Google.
  • Verizon Nexus 6 is all but confirmed for launch (2015-02-27 06:50:33)
    Many reports have claimed that Verizon is preparing to launch the Nexus 6, and the carrier has all but confirmed that plans are in motion by releasing late on Thursday a promo video on YouTube called “Nexus 6 | Demo | Verizon Wireless.” That video is now private, but the cat is out of the bag, and an announcement is probably pending — Phandroid has learned even more details about the phablet’s launch. DON’T MISS: Here’s our first big rumor about Google’s next-gen Nexus phone According to the publication, the phone will be available in Verizon stores starting with March 12th, with marketing materials supposed to go up a day earlier. The phone was supposed to be launched on February
  • Google backtracks on 'explicit' Blogger content ban (2015-02-27 06:44:32)
    The tech giant has completed a hasty U-turn on the decision to ban sexually explicit content from Blogger blogs.
  • Omate's smartwatch is the first to be assembled in Africa (2015-02-27 06:39:00)
  • America Movil to install Ericsson man at Telekom Austria: sources (2015-02-27 06:05:54)
    Mexico's America Movil is set to install Ericsson manager Alejandro Plater as new operations chief at Telekom Austria, two sources with knowledge of the matter told Reuters on Friday. Mexican billionaire Slim owns around 60 percent of Telekom Austria and has said he wants to use it as a base for further expansion into central and eastern Europe, where Telekom Austria has operations in six countries including Bulgaria and Croatia. Plater, Vice President at Ericsson in Mexico and "Head of Customer Unit America Movil" according to his LinkedIn page, has worked with the Mexican company on building cutting edge mobile internet networks in Central America. Current Chief Technology Officer, Günther Ottendorfer, may leave Telekom Austria as a result of Plater's possible arrival, one source said.
  • Tim Cook visits Israel to open Apple's new R&D center (2015-02-27 06:00:55)
    Apple, it turns out, is already a major presence in Israel's tech economy - and is set to get bigger.
  • UK motorists can contest speeding tickets online from March (2015-02-27 05:58:00)
  • Ericsson joins the queue to sue Apple for patent infringement (2015-02-27 05:57:00)
    No doubt Apple is still smarting over a $533 million court case won by Smartflash this week, but Ericsson is now also suing the company in a patent dispute.
  • Official-looking render of Samsung's Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge leaks out (2015-02-27 05:45:00)
  • Revealed: The apps that are draining your smartphone battery (2015-02-27 05:25:37)
    Which apps are hogging space, consuming mobile data, and sucking the life out of your Android smartphone?
  • $533 million not enough? Smartflash files new patent lawsuit against Apple (2015-02-27 05:10:35)
    Patent licensing firm Smartflash may still be celebrating a $533 million victory against Apple, but the companies aren't finished in the courtroom.
  • Sweden's Ericsson sues Apple in patent dispute (2015-02-27 04:50:46)
    STOCKHOLM (AP) — Wireless equipment maker Ericsson is suing Apple for alleged patent infringement.
  • 'House of Cards' season three is now available on Netflix (2015-02-27 04:49:00)
  • 35,000 sandwiches, hundreds of hotspots: An inside look at what it takes to keep MWC running (2015-02-27 04:47:42)
    Anyone who's anyone will be at the Mobile World Congress trade show in Barcelona next week. Here's a sneak peek at what it takes to keep the show running smoothly.
  • School math answers only a scan away with Croatian app (2015-02-27 04:46:19)
    By Zoran Radosavljevic ZAGREB (Reuters) - Damir Sabol, Croatian computer expert and entrepreneur, was helping his son with his maths homework when he had an idea. "I found it a bit tedious, all those additions and multiplications, so I reckoned, 'We already have intelligent software, why not make it deal with maths?'" Sabol said.
  • Google reverses decision to ban adult content on Blogger (2015-02-27 04:37:55)
    Google has reversed its decision to ban sexually explicit content on Blogger, according to a post on the company's product forums by Social Product Support Manager Jessica Pelegio. Users of the blogging platform were told earlier this week that Google would no longer allow "graphic nude images or video" on the site from March 23rd.
  • Silent Circle targets enterprise users with 'world first' privacy ecosystem (2015-02-27 04:31:19)
    A fresh funding round will help the company cope with increased demand for encrypted communications in the enterprise.
  • Nikon pushes into medtech with $400 million Optos acquisition (2015-02-27 04:29:05)
    By Ben Hirschler LONDON (Reuters) - Nikon , the 98-year-old Japanese company best known for its cameras, has agreed to buy British retinal imaging firm Optos for 259.3 million pounds ($400 million) as it moves into the medical sector. Nikon has previously said it intended to enter the medical sector to leverage its optical technologies and the Japanese group sees buying Optos as an important step in that long-term growth plan. Kazuo Ushida, president of Nikon, said the company would expand the medical business further in the future. The Japanese group will pay 340 pence a share in cash for Optos, a 30.5 percent premium to the closing price on Thursday, the two companies said in a statement.
  • Google to start ranking ‘mobile-friendly' sites higher (2015-02-27 04:26:19)
    Search giant Google announced on Thursday that it has adapted its search algorithms to yield results that are better-adapted to mobile devices. As of Thursday, Google is also working to make apps feature more prominently in search results.
  • Google won't ban adult content on Blogger after all (2015-02-27 04:09:00)
  • 'House of Cards' dealt Netflix a winning hand (2015-02-27 04:04:27)
    SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Even if it never wins another award, "House of Cards" already ranks among the most influential series in television history.
  • The proof is in the testing: The Swiss breakthrough that will make software more reliable (2015-02-27 03:40:04)
    Researchers at a Swiss institute have come up with a new technique for software testing that could make finished products more reliable.
  • Twitter boosts effort to stop spoofing, data leaks (2015-02-27 03:37:47)
    Twitter said Thursday it was ramping up efforts to crack down on impersonation on the messaging platform as well as the leaking of personal, private data. The announcement came as an update to Twitter's online safety push announced in December. Bhatnagar said Twitter is devoting more resources to curbing harassment and other safety issues. Twitter, which has been growing more slowly than rival social networks, has been making effort to boost confidence and engagement in the one-to-many messaging platform.
  • TalkTalk admits attackers stole customers' personal details (2015-02-27 03:36:00)
  • News Guide: FCC 'net neutrality' vote and what it means (2015-02-27 03:29:23)
    WASHINGTON (AP) — Internet activists scored a major victory after the Federal Communications Commission agreed to rules that would ban service providers from creating Internet fast lanes.
  • Amazon wants to fit trucks with 3D printers to speed up deliveries (2015-02-27 03:16:54)
    Amazon has been experimenting with new shipping methods lately, but one day soon it might not have to worry about sending items at all, and use 3D printers to produce them on the curbs outside customers' homes instead. The e-commerce giant has filed several patent applications for a system that could print goods on-demand in "mobile manufacturing hubs" — trucks outfitted with 3D printers that could rapidly produce and deliver items on their travels. "Time delays between receiving an order and shipping the item to the customer may reduce customer satisfaction and affect revenues generated," Amazon says in the documents. The company has yet to be awarded the patent for such mobile manufacturing hubs, but it's just the latest in a series of schemes to reduce the time it takes to ship items. In early 2014, Amazon was awarded a patent for "anticipatory delivery," a system that would let the e-retailer send products to shipping hubs that it believes will sell well based on previous searches and purchases.
  • Friday is the New Music Tuesday, thanks to piracy (2015-02-27 03:04:00)
  • House of Cards season 3 is now on Netflix — and we're live blogging all night! (2015-02-27 03:00:44)
    Netflix's flagship original series is back. After (briefly) appearing a couple weeks early, the third season of House of Cards is now officially available. That's 13 new episodes of the political drama starring Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright — and we're about to binge-watch the whole thing in one sitting.
  • Ericsson sues Apple for telecom patent infringement (2015-02-27 02:47:23)
    Swedish mobile telecom gear maker Ericsson is suing Apple Inc for patent infringement, Ericsson said on Friday. Ericsson said it filed a complaint with the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) requesting an exclusion order against Apple's products for infringing Ericsson patents that are essential to the 2G and 4G/LTE standards. It also filed a second ITC complaint seeking an exclusion order and multiple complaints in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Texas requesting damages and injunctions for infringement of patents "critical to many other aspects of Apple's devices".
  • Verizon's Nexus 6 could arrive very soon (2015-02-27 02:05:00)
  • Telsa Model S has a hidden James Bond mode (2015-02-27 01:57:10)
    A newly discovered easter egg lets you turn your e-car into a Lotus Esprit S1 submersible. Hold the "T" logo, enter "007" into the login and then adjust your suspension to a depth of 20,000 leagues under the sea.
  • Tesla Model S has a hidden James Bond mode (2015-02-27 01:57:10)
    It’s not enough that Tesla’s Model S is the world’s best car, two years running — it’s also the coolest. A newly discovered easter egg lets you turn your e-car into a Lotus Esprit S1 submersible.
  • China drops leading tech brands for certain state purchases (2015-02-27 01:33:22)
    By Paul Carsten BEIJING (Reuters) - China has dropped some of the world's leading technology brands from its approved state purchase lists, while approving thousands more locally made products, in what some say is a response to revelations of widespread Western cybersurveillance. Others put the shift down to a protectionist impulse to shield China's domestic technology industry from competition. The lists cover smaller-scale direct purchases of technology equipment, and central government bodies can only buy items not on the list as part of a competitive tender process. Chief casualty was U.S. network equipment maker Cisco Systems Inc, which in 2012 counted 60 products on the Central Government Procurement Center's (CGPC) list, but had none left by late 2014, a Reuters analysis of official data shows.
  • Watch District 9 director Neill Blomkamp finally explain how Chappie comes alive (2015-02-27 01:20:10)
    We've seen a number of trailers for Chappie, the next South Africa-set sci fi movie from District 9 director Neill Blomkamp. We know that it features an increasingly sentient robot in the title role, played by regular Blomkamp collaborator Sharlto Coply, we know Hugh Jackman's going to be piloting his own mech, and we know we'll see zef-hop duo Die Antwoord in major acting roles. How does Chappie gain artificial intelligence, and why? Chappie is created to be a police droid, but is stolen by programmer Deon — played by Slumdog Millionaire star Dev Patel — before he can hit the streets.
  • Swiss watches are getting smart without sacrificing style (2015-02-27 01:08:56)
    High-end watchmakers Frederique Constant, Mondaine and Alpina built new watches that look traditional, but have motion and sleep tracking.>
  • Joint committee recommends changes to data-retention Bill (2015-02-27 00:46:00)
    The Joint Parliamentary Committee on Intelligence and Security has recommended that parliament pass data-retention legislation.
  • ​Woolworths eyes new technology for next phase of growth (2015-02-27 00:31:45)
    Woolworths believes the implementation of technology, including a new analytics tool, will help it restore sales momentum.
  • Twitter makes reporting trolls easier, cracks down on repeat offenders (2015-02-27 00:27:00)
  • Need a new smartphone? You'll find it at Mobile World Congress (2015-02-27 00:04:26)
    Mobile World Congress starts next week in Barcelona. The largest wireless party on the planet, MWC is famous for showcasing new smartphones and wearables that you'll actually be able to buy.>
  • Backdoor listing costs leave Covata with AU$14.7m first-half loss (2015-02-27 00:02:22)
    ​Expenses stemming from Covata's backdoor listing on the ASX have left the Australian data security company with a loss of AU$14.7 million for the six months ending December 2014.
  • Privacy advocates want the FTC to investigate Samsung's smart TVs (2015-02-26 23:07:00)
  • Alibaba's online payment firm Ant Financial eyes 2017 IPO: state media (2015-02-26 22:46:06)
    Ant Financial Services Group, Alibaba's affiliate which runs online payment platform Alipay, is seeking to raise up to $4 billion in a private placement of shares and is looking at a domestic IPO in 2017, the state-run Shanghai Securities News reported. Alipay, China's most widely used online payment platform, is seen as a crucial part of Alibaba Group Holding Ltd's business, which ranges from e-commerce to entertainment. It added that the firm had selected China International Capital Corp (CICC) as its financial advisor, citing documents from private equity firm CDH Investments.
  • Massive SIM card hack might have been too sophisticated to be caught in time (2015-02-26 22:45:24)
    A new Snowden leak a few days ago revealed that the NSA and GCHQ conducted a complex hack operation that focused on obtaining the secure encryption keys that protect mobile communications in devices with SIM cards. A subsequent report revealed that the goal of spy agencies might have been a lot bigger, as they may have been hunting for other security keys that would let them deploy spyware on any mobile device with a SIM card inside, and users would have no idea that anything had happened. FROM EARLIER: Gemalto confirms hack, but denies massive SIM keys theft Gemalto acknowledged the hack, but downplayed it, saying it couldn’t have resulted in a mass-theft of SIM card keys. The company also said that
  • This dress color war is the perfect way to end a wonderful day on the internet (2015-02-26 22:27:57)
    Truth is subjective. One plus one equals three, the sky is green and the grass is blue, there are five lights.
  • ​Acquisitions augment UXC record half-year revenue (2015-02-26 22:15:00)
    A series of acquisitions carried out by Australian IT services company UXC during the financial year ending 2014 has helped drive the publicly listed company's revenues in the first half of FY15 to AU$322.2 million.
  • Prepare for House of Cards season 3 with this 9-minute recap of the first two seasons (2015-02-26 22:00:52)
    We’re just hours away from the third season of House of Cards touching down on Netflix, which means it’s probably too late to catch up on the first two seasons. Thankfully, The Fine Brothers have published one of their infamous spoiler recaps on YouTube for anyone who needs a quick refresher on the story of Frank Underwood so far. DON’T MISS: Here’s every new movie and TV show you’ll be able to stream on Netflix in March Speaking of spoilers, Netflix nearly spoiled season 3 on its own when the first ten episodes suddenly appeared on the streaming service two weeks before the scheduled premiere. The episodes were quickly taken down, but we now know the general direction of the season. Once again (because I don’t want
  • Harrison Ford will return in 'Blade Runner' sequel (2015-02-26 21:32:00)
  • These 3D-printed snacks grow their own fillings (2015-02-26 21:25:04)
    3D-printed edible shells are embedded with seeds to grow their own fillings of tasty sprouts and mushrooms.>
  • The Blade Runner sequel has a director, and it's not Ridley Scott (2015-02-26 21:17:34)
    We knew that Ridley Scott wasn't planning on directing the sequel to his 1982 masterpiece Blade Runner, and now it's official. According to The Hollywood Reporter and Variety, Denis Villeneuve is in talks to direct Harrison Ford in the new film. If you don't know Villeneuve's name, you should: he's the filmmaker behind both Prisoners and Enemy, two films from 2013 that demonstrated a keen ability to generate tension, not to mention eliciting incredibly strong performances from his actors. The as-of-yet untitled sequel to Blade Runner is said to take place several decades after Rick Deckard and Roy Batty battled it out in the original film, and while Scott won't be directing his presence should be felt. He's producing the film and came up with the story alongside original co-writer Hampton Fancher (Fancher is writing the new installment alongside Green Lantern and Smallville writer Michael Green).
  • 'Fable' going free-to-play on Xbox One and Windows 10 (2015-02-26 21:16:00)
  • Daily Roundup: Net neutrality wins, digital brothels and more! (2015-02-26 20:42:00)
  • Here are the Apple Watch’s first magazine ads (2015-02-26 20:30:13)
    With the Apple Watch launch coming in April, now is the time for the company to start turning up its ad campaign for the new device. Ad Age has snagged some pictures of the first Apple Watch magazine ads that are slated to appear in the March Issue of Vogue and they not surprisingly take a minimalist tack for showing off Apple’s first wearable computer. FROM EARLIER: Tim Cook reportedly spills new key details about the Apple Watch This ad, for example, shows off an 18-karat gold Apple Watch that’s sporting a white sport band. The watch itself is front and center with copious amounts of white space surrounding it along with a tiny amount of text letting people know what
  • Surveillance law prompts shift for Google-sponsored SDN test-bed (2015-02-26 20:29:00)
    Penalties levied under a New Zealand surveillance law have proved too risky for a leading software defined networking collaboration.
  • Scientists puzzled by 'bright spots' on surface of dwarf planet Ceres (2015-02-26 19:59:00)
  • Eftpos machines accepting bitcoin with CoinJar's Swipe card (2015-02-26 19:58:17)
    With the general release of CoinJar's Swipe card, customers will be able to use bitcoin to pay for everyday transactions through an Eftpos terminal.
  • Calendar Magic review (2015-02-26 19:54:00)
    Get a cornucopia of calendar related information for 26 different calendar systems
  • Woz: Net neutrality decision a victory over 'bad behavior' (2015-02-26 19:53:21)
    Technically Incorrect: Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak says that the FCC overseeing the Web will be a positive step in controlling illegality. He also describes it as a victory for consumers.>
  • Aereo bankruptcy auction fetches less than $2 million (2015-02-26 19:49:45)
    An attorney for the defunct streaming-TV service calls the results disappointing. The company had expected to bring in anywhere from $4 million to $31.2 million.>
  • Crave Ep. 193: Zyro, a drone you can play tennis with (2015-02-26 19:29:31)
    Swing the controller and throw around a drone instead of a ball: the Zyro drone can even be tossed around by another drone, if you're looking to start a drone sports league.>
  • The second-class internet? You're soaking in it (2015-02-26 19:27:43)
    Forget about net neutrality and balkanisation; Lenovo's Superfish idiocy proves that we already have a dual-class internet -- and most of us are proles.
  • Robear is a robot bear that can care for the elderly (2015-02-26 19:25:00)
  • Labor to cave on mandatory data retention (2015-02-26 19:06:00)
    MPs of the Australian Labor Party are expected to vote for mandatory data-retention legislation when it is debated in parliament in March.
  • Pebble Time tops Pebble’s original record-breaking Kickstarter campaign in just two days (2015-02-26 19:00:02)
    That was fast. Three years ago, Pebble took Kickstarter by storm with its first customizable watch. The project broke every conceivable crowdfunding record, and until last summer, it was the most funded project in Kickstarter’s short history. Then the Coolest Cooler came along and knocked it off its perch. But in 2015, Pebble is primed to reclaim its place atop Kickstarter. DON’T MISS: Why you should never sign another two-year wireless contract Earlier this week, Pebble launched its second major campaign for a new color smartwatch called Pebble Time. About 48 hours after the campaign went live, it has already topped the original Pebble Kickstarter. As I’m writing this, the 48,000+ backers have pledged $10,545,330 to make Pebble Time a reality. At this rate,
  • Qualcomm preps technology to reduce burden on mobile networks (2015-02-26 18:43:15)
    By Noel Randewich SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Mobile chipmaker Qualcomm wants wireless carriers to set up new technology that would offer cellphone users better reception in places like subway tunnels and shopping malls. The San Diego, California company said on Thursday it will start selling components this year featuring LTE technology adapted for a smaller scale than traditional cellphone base stations mounted on metal towers bristling with antennas and other electronics. LTE, or Long-Term Evolution, is the increasingly common modem technology that cellphones use to communicate with carrier networks. The newer "LTE Unlicensed", or LTE-U, adapts that technology to be used over short distances by sharing radio spectrum that is used by WiFi.
  • Samsung freezes salaries for first time in six years (2015-02-26 18:39:00)
    For the first time since the global financial crisis, Samsung will freeze the wages of its employees as it gears up to face tougher competition across the globe.
  • The net neutrality war of words wages on (2015-02-26 18:33:00)
  • CleanMyPhone for Mac review (2015-02-26 18:31:00)
    Keep your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch clean and well-organized
  • Factbox: What is net neutrality? U.S. debates once again (2015-02-26 18:15:28)
    (Reuters) - The U.S. Federal Communications Commission on Thursday set new rules to regulate Internet providers more heavily. Following are some details about the concept of net neutrality and the FCC's work to regulate Internet traffic: WHAT IS NET NEUTRALITY? Net neutrality is the principle that Internet providers should treat all traffic on their networks equally. The FCC, which regulates U.S. cable and other companies that provide broadband services, has tackled net neutrality rules several times.
  • Warren Buffett, the world’s fourth richest man, has the diet of a 6 year old (2015-02-26 18:15:26)
    To call Warren Buffett a successful investor would be a gross understatement. The man who owns nearly 10% of Coca-Cola and is worth nearly $73 billion is, quite literally, the most successful investor in history. Not surprisingly, investors have long looked to Buffett for even the tiniest morsel of investment advice. Don’t Miss: I lost 50 lbs in 3 months – here’s how technology helped me What is somewhat surprising is that Buffett, still on top of his game at 84 years old, has a diet of a 6 year old, or perhaps, a video game playing teenager. In a recent interview with Fortune, Buffett divulged that he drinks five cans of coke a day. “If I eat 2,700 calories a day,
  • Divvy for Mac review (2015-02-26 18:11:42)
    Window management to divvy up your screen into exact portions
  • Verizon uses Morse code to mock Net neutrality ruling (2015-02-26 18:08:25)
    Technically Incorrect: Verizon issues a press release suggesting that the FCC's decision to regulate the Internet as a utility is archaic and sends the world back to the Dark Ages -- of 1934.>
  • Continuity Keypad for Mac review (2015-02-26 18:05:40)
    Initiate phone calls from your Mac through your iPhone
  • How much does this game cost? Depends on the temperature (2015-02-26 17:59:00)
  • CopyClip review (2015-02-26 17:58:00)
    Clipboard manager that runs discreetly from your menu bar
  • The third most popular website on the planet still can’t make a profit (2015-02-26 17:50:09)
    YouTube completely changed the way we consume media, and it really shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that the Google owned property was the third most visited website in all of 2014. Whether or not you’re looking for videos of historical political debates or clips of thrill seekers tossing themselves off of buildings, YouTube has every and any type of video one can possibly think of. As the third most popular website in the world with over 1 billion users per month, one would think that that YouTube, which Google acquired in November of 2006, would be a huge moneymaker for the search giant. The reality isn’t quite as rosy. Related: The 10 most expensive acquisitions Google ever made The
  • New York Daily News, tabloid NYC paper, may be up for sale (2015-02-26 17:45:20)
    NEW YORK (AP) — The New York Daily News may be up for sale.
  • Apple's event could be time for more than a Watch (2015-02-26 17:41:25)
    The "Spring Forward" March 9 Apple event could hold some surprises in store, the FCC votes in favor of Net neutrality rules, and ToeJam & Earl rock Kickstarter to make a funky return.>
  • MotoMaker customization coming to the Moto 360 in March (2015-02-26 17:39:51)
    Motorola will allow customers to personalize their watches with different colors, band options and watch faces.>
  • Letterspace for Mac review (2015-02-26 17:37:52)
    A noise-free space to jot things down
  • Stock market shrugs off net neutrality vote (2015-02-26 17:31:44)
    NEW YORK (AP) — The stock market largely shrugged off the Federal Communications Commission's vote to impose tougher rules on broadband providers like Comcast, Verizon and AT&T to prevent them from creating paid fast lanes for the Internet and slowing or blocking Web traffic.
  • Jessica Alba and Victor Cruz want you to eat your vegetables (2015-02-26 17:30:38)
    Last year, we laughed when a fake Silicon Valley startup released a shiny, branded commercial for carrots. Partnership for a Healthier America and Michelle Obama's Let's Move initiative will attempt to rebrand fruits and vegetables with a new marketing campaign, the Associated Press reports. The campaign, which launched today, is calling itself FNV — a "hip" acronym for "fruits 'n' vegetables." AP reports that while FNV will have its own website, the campaign will function primarily on social media. Its YouTube and Twitter accounts will feature videos like the one above, where celebrities like Jessica Alba and NFL wide receiver Victor Cruz champion the benefits of eating fresh produce.
  • Tomorrow Daily 136: Bionic reconstruction, a real armored Batsuit and more (2015-02-26 17:30:03)
    On today's show, we talk about three Austrian men who volunteered to have their hands amputated for science, a Philadelphia student's truly armored Batsuit and a robot that will write handwritten notes for you.>
  • Facebook lets you specify any gender you want (2015-02-26 17:20:00)
  • Kanye West talks Elon Musk, Jony Ive, and Drake in BBC interview (2015-02-26 17:12:00)
    Two years ago, Kanye West sat down with BBC Radio 1 host and new Apple employee Zane Lowe for one of his greatest interviews ever.
  • NASA images show equivalent of 689,290 dust-filled semis moving from Sahara to Amazon (2015-02-26 17:09:47)
    A new report and video show how dust from an ancient lakebed in Africa is critical to plant growth on another continent.>
  • Fone Rescue for Mac review (2015-02-26 17:09:05)
    Recover lost data or deleted files from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch easily
  • Galaxy S6 already dominates MWC… and the show hasn’t even started (2015-02-26 17:00:01)
    Samsung has already released a plethora of Galaxy S6 teaser videos before its March 1st event gets underway, while at the same time hinting at future features of the phone in official blog posts describing some of the technologies it uses for top devices. The company has also started building up anticipation for the handset in the U.S. with help of three of the top four carriers, including AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint. Unsurprisingly, Samsung has also started putting up Galaxy S6 signage — lots of it— in Barcelona, Spain, with several days to go until the phone is officially announced. FROM EARLIER: Galaxy S6 vs. iPhone 6 vs. HTC One M9: How Samsung might leave rivals in the dust If you happen
  • 5 things to know about 'net neutrality' (2015-02-26 16:55:24)
    WASHINGTON (AP) — Netflix, Twitter and Internet activists have won. Big cable has lost. At least until the federal courts get involved, when everything could change. Five things you need to know about the Federal Communications Commission's vote Thursday to enforce "net neutrality" rules for the broadband industry:
  • This is how rain and snow travel across the globe (2015-02-26 16:54:10)
    Today NASA released a visualization of storm swirls that took place in 2014, and the results are pretty spectacular. The data were gathered thanks to NASA's "Global Precipitation Measurement Core Observatory" (GMP), a satellite network that provides near real-time precipitation data covering the entire planet. The "GMP sees globally, so you can start to track the hurricanes and cyclones and know which coastlines to evacuate," Gail Skofronick-Jackson, GPM project scientist at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, said during a NASA briefing today. For this reason, NASA says it can be used to develop rainfall accumulation maps.
  • Splunk's Q4: Beats expectations, adds 600 customers, ups outlook (2015-02-26 16:53:00)
    Splunk boasted it signed more than 600 new enterprise customers during the quarter, ending the fiscal year with over 9,000 customers worldwide.
  • How 14 major news outlets explain net neutrality (2015-02-26 16:49:25)
    Today's FCC decision to protect the internet with Title II regulation is a big win for the internet and net neutrality advocates — and the start of a big fight for both sides of the issue.
  • Data Guardian for Mac review (2015-02-26 16:46:00)
    Strongly encrypt important data and personal info
  • Appeal halts Brazilian judge's order to suspend WhatsApp (2015-02-26 16:45:10)
    A Brazilian judge order to suspend WhatsApp has been halted by an appeal, according to O Globo. The suspension was first ordered on February 11 after an ongoing investigation in which WhatsApp apparently declined to assist law enforcement, but was immediately appealed by WhatsApp, and after weeks of legal wrangling the company seems to have come out on top. The judge maintained that WhatsApp was legally required to turn over the information, but decided a full suspension was too harsh a penalty. "We are not currently suspended in Brazil," a WhatsApp representative told The Verge.
  • I Lived for 90 Days in New York City Without Internet, Computer or a Cell Phone (2015-02-26 16:42:53)
    For three months, I collaborated with the Huffington Post France to share with you the highs and lows of this experience. Each hand-written note was sent through the mail, then typed and posted online by the editors. This post contains my impressions of the experience. Happy reading!From October 15, 2014 to January 11, 2015, I ran a rather...
  • Watchdog says spyware violates human rights guidelines (2015-02-26 16:41:00)
  • Video: Watch us break Far Cry 4 for our own amusement (2015-02-26 16:40:17)
    Far Cry 4 was one of my favorite games of 2014. It builds upon everything that made its predecessor great and it provides dozens of hours of fun, even beyond its lengthy campaign. To this day, my friends and I are still capturing outposts, hijacking trucks and skinning animals for a few hours every week, but we’ll all still readily admit that the game isn’t perfect. READ MORE: Here are the free games you’ll get on Xbox One and Xbox 360 in March Last week, a friend and I were on our way to take down the final fortress still standing in his game. Fortresses are like outposts, but far more difficult to capture. We were thousands of meters away when we
  • iOS Ads Remover for Mac review (2015-02-26 16:39:07)
    Block ads on Mac, iPhone, iPad, and iPod
  • Everything you need to know about today's net neutrality victory in seven minutes (2015-02-26 16:37:04)
    This morning the FCC voted 3-2 along party lines to approve new rules that enshrine the concept of net neutrality. Blocking, throttling, and paid prioritization were all explicitly banned, and the FCC extended its authority to cover the world of peering and interconnection, something companies like Netflix had been asking for.
  • Today's net neutrality victory explained in seven minutes (2015-02-26 16:33:26)
    A quick chat about today's historic FCC vote
  • QuizMaker Pro for Mac review (2015-02-26 16:29:00)
    Generates, archives, administers, scores, prints tests
  • It sounds like your Apple Watch will come sooner rather than later (2015-02-26 16:20:57)
    We already knew that Apple plans to release the Apple Watch in April but a new report from MacRumors indicates that the watch will be released in the early part of the month. DON’T MISS: Galaxy S6 vs. iPhone 6 vs. HTC One M9: How Samsung might leave rivals in the dust “According to a reliable source that spoke with MacRumors, Apple is planning to begin moving Apple Watches to centralized distribution points in the U.S. during the first few days of the month, with an Apple Watch release possibly coming during the first full week of April, between April 6 and April 10,” the publication writes. We know that Apple is planning a big March 9th event where it will
  • U.S. Internet providers hit with tougher rules, plan challenges (2015-02-26 16:18:05)
    By Alina Selyukh WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. regulators on Thursday approved the strictest-ever rules on Internet providers, who in turn pledged to battle the new restrictions in the courts and Congress, saying they would discourage investment and stifle innovation. Experts expect the industry to seek a stay of the rules, first at the FCC and then in courts, though the chances for success of such an appeal is unclear. It culminated in the FCC receiving a record 4 million comments and a call from President Barack Obama to adopt the strongest rules possible. In the past, broadband was classified as a more lightly regulated "information service," which factored into a federal court's rejection of the FCC's previous set of rules in January 2014.
  • The University of Oklahoma has been cited for animal abuse by the USDA (2015-02-26 16:09:15)
    The US Department of Agriculture has cited the University of Oklahoma for animal abuse, according to Bloomberg Business. A recent report by the USDA claims a research lab at the university exposed young baboons to hypothermia and housed the monkeys in unsafe, grime-filled cages. The January 25th report, obtained by Bloomberg, found the monkeys had been hosed down with cold water, and their cages contained "an excessive build up of grime, debris, and excreta on the bars." The report also says the lab staff was ill-equipped to care for the 12 baboons, including ones as young as three months old, who were placed under their supervision. This is far from the university's first citation for animal abuse.
  • Here’s how you can watch Sunday’s HTC One M9 and Galaxy S6 events live (2015-02-26 16:00:26)
    The most important duel at this year’s MWC edition will be between HTC and Samsung, as both companies will unveil their two big 2015 flagship phones a day before the event kicks off. On Sunday, HTC and Samsung will unveil the HTC One M9 and the Galaxy S6, respectively, devices that are already embroiled in a fierce leaks battle. DON’T MISS: Galaxy S6 vs. iPhone 6 vs. HTC One M9: How Samsung might leave rivals in the dust Android fans who want to watch these announcements from home should know that both companies have already revealed live stream details. HTC has set up a special live streaming page on its website (image above), where users will be able to tune
  • Twitter starts tracking phone numbers to prevent its worst users from creating new accounts (2015-02-26 16:00:02)
    Weeks after The Verge published internal memos from Twitter CEO Dick Costolo in which he said "we suck at dealing with abuse," the company is rolling out new tools to reduce harassment on the service. Under the changes, users who receive temporary or permanent bans may have to verify an email address or a phone number to resume using Twitter. Email addresses are relatively easy to obtain, but phone numbers are harder — and by checking phone numbers against a list of banned users, Twitter could be able to keep more abusers and harassers from creating accounts. In December, Twitter improved the workflow for reporting abuse and harassment, making it easier to do on mobile devices and requiring fewer inputs.
  • Google exec: It's 'irresponsible' of Apple to make everything expensive (2015-02-26 15:52:00)
    Technically Incorrect: In an interview, Google's product head, Sundar Pichai, replies to Tim Cook's criticism of Android.>
  • Buy Mugs with Photos of Strangers' Kids — Legally (2015-02-26 15:51:57)
    Getting a coffee mug with a child's photo on it isn't just for grandparents anymore — now it's a way to demonstrate online privacy risks. Two Dutchmen, journalist Dimitri Tokmetzis and artist Yuri Veerman, have launched Koppie Koppie, an online shop that sells photo mugs with a twist: They all feature photos of strangers' children, which is perfectly legal thanks to Flickr license settings.
  • LG 4K OLED TV Will Set You Back $9,000 (2015-02-26 15:51:51)
    LG revealed a host of promising 4K TVs at last month's Consumer Electronics Show, but top-of-the-line features don't come cheap. Today (Feb. 26), LG announced pricing for its ultra-high-definition LCD and OLED television sets, and while there's arguably something to fit most price ranges, the really good stuff will cost about nine grand.
  • Regulators approve tougher rules for Internet providers (2015-02-26 15:51:22)
    WASHINGTON (AP) — Internet activists declared victory over the nation's big cable companies Thursday, after the Federal Communications Commission voted to impose the toughest rules yet on broadband providers like Comcast, Verizon and AT&T to prevent them from creating paid fast lanes and slowing or blocking web traffic.
  • Pebble Time eclipses original Pebble on Kickstarter (2015-02-26 15:48:54)
    In just a few days, the new Pebble smartwatch has out-raised its predecessor on Kickstarter, and now it's gunning for the world's coolest cooler, literally.>
  • Pebble took just two days to beat its crowdfunding record (2015-02-26 15:47:00)
  • Android share of smartphone profits plummets to 11 percent (2015-02-26 15:43:04)
    Apple's iOS now controls approximately 89 percent of the smartphone industry's worldwide operating profits.>
  • Uber suspends operations in Boise, Idaho (2015-02-26 15:41:29)
    (Reuters) - Ride service Uber said on Thursday it was suspending its operations in Boise, Idaho, after reaching an impasse in negotiations with city leaders over new regulations. "Steep and growing costs that come from offering thousands of free rides combined with unworkable and onerous regulations being proposed by the City leave Uber no other choice than to suspend operations in Boise for the foreseeable future," the company said in a blog post. Uber has been offering its ride sharing services in Boise since October. In a letter to Mayor David Bieter, Uber said Boise officials, despite assurances of a mutually-workable agreement, were contemplating an ordinance that would make it impossible for the company to operate in the city.
  • Apple makes nearly eight times as much money as all Android vendors combined (2015-02-26 15:40:51)
    A new report from Strategy Analytics sheds further light on the state of the smartphone business in the fourth quarter last year, confirming once again the profound effect the iPhone 6 had on the industry. The analytics company revealed that during Q4 2014, Android only managed to capture 11% of the global smartphone profit share, a record-low for Google’s ecosystem, while Apple took home a record-high 89% of all smartphone profits. FROM EARLIER: Is the Galaxy S6 really an iPhone ripoff? Leaked comparison photo lets you be the judge “Global smartphone operating profit grew 31% annually from US$16.2 billion in Q4 2013 to US$21.2 billion in Q4 2014,”Strategy Analytics Director Linda Sui said. “Android hardware vendors combined took a record-low 11% global
  • Sex Box: A television show where people have sex in a box (2015-02-26 15:39:30)
    “If we could actually be in your bedroom and help you with this, we would,” says Dr. Chris Donaghue. The tattooed, slick-haired sex therapist stares past the camera with a knowing smirk about what comes next. They are the first victims of Sex Box, a reality television program adapted from the UK original on Channel 4, premiering tonight on WeTV. The hosts are the sort of health experts-cum-wannabe celebrities that have been staking their territory across daytime television for the past decade-plus.
  • In landmark decision, US plan bans two-speed Internet (2015-02-26 15:39:27)
    US regulators on Thursday approved landmark Internet rules that would prevent broadband providers from separating online traffic into slow and fast lanes. The Federal Communications Commission's 3-2 vote in favor of so-called "net neutrality" followed an intense debate in Washington pitting backers of online services like Netflix, Twitter and Yelp against big Internet service providers like AT&T and Verizon. The ruling, climaxing a years-long regulatory battle, sets a new standard that treats all Internet traffic as equal, preventing Internet firms from charging fees for better access. FCC chairman Tom Wheeler said the plan would foster a free and open Internet where broadband services cannot be "gatekeepers" for what is available online.
  • How Your Business Risk Profile Can Impact Your Bottom Line (2015-02-26 15:35:15)
    A business risk profile is a rating system that allows management to view -- at a non-technical level -- how the business is currently rated. The data used to develop the rating involves any information available from the critical systems in the business eco-system. All systems provide a plethora of raw data that are usually sent to a Security...
  • Banksy went to the Gaza Strip to paint new artwork (2015-02-26 15:31:02)
    The man, woman, or collective known as Banksy released a video this week showcasing new artwork created in the Gaza Strip, and, understandably, it's pretty dark. Titled "Make this the year YOU discover a new destination,' the video follows Banksy — or a man presumed to be Banksy — as he enters the Strip and paints a series of images on the rubble inside. The video begins with "Banksy" entering Gaza via a "network of illegal tunnels" (the caption says it's "well away from the tourist track"). It juxtaposes images of Palestinian children playing with images of armed Israeli soldiers, and pans slowly over the destruction in Gaza before moving to a shot of the artist at work.
  • Vista Group beats forecasts (2015-02-26 15:27:00)
    Cinema management software company reports 30 percent year-on-year growth.
  • The New Net Neutrality Policy, in Three Simple Phrases (2015-02-26 15:26:37)
    The U.S. Federal Communications Commission just adopted strict net neutrality rules that will treat the Internet like a public utility. Internet providers can’t prevent you from accessing “legal content, applications, services, or non-harmful devices” when you’re on the Internet. Some open-Internet advocates worry the phrase “legal content” will create a loophole that might let Internet providers block stuff they see as questionable on copyright grounds without a fair hearing. Internet providers can’t deliberately slow down data from applications or sites on the Internet.
  • A new supermassive black hole puzzles scientists (2015-02-26 15:24:59)
    Scientists have found a black hole 12 billion times more massive than the Sun that was formed so soon after the Big Bang it's challenging what we know about black holes.>
  • Live: the internet is going bananas for this llama chase (2015-02-26 15:23:49)
    This is just a very normal video of police rounding up some stray llamas in Sun City, Arizona. Or trying to, anyway — it turns out the llamas just want to run free. To feel the wind in their fur.
  • Facebook stops defining gender for its users (2015-02-26 15:21:24)
    Last year Facebook took a socially responsible step forward when it allowed users to choose from preset custom genders like "cisgender" or "transgender." But while the company worked with GLAAD to generate the custom genders, the move was not completely celebrated because users were still made to choose from pre-defined options. Now, it appears those options are gone as the company has started rolling out a new version of its custom gender field. This version still populates suggestions as you type, but also allows users to type in any word they wish to represent themselves with across Facebook. It works the same way as the "infinite" gender options Google+ rolled out back in December, and the options that Facebook introduced last year still apply here, too.
  • Mystery solved: This is what’s inside a Magic 8 Ball (2015-02-26 15:20:10)
    The “Magic 8 Ball” is a perfect example of a toy that has survived generation after generation thanks in large part to its simplicity. Ask a question, give the 8 Ball a shake, and mystic beings will break through from other realms to give you your answer. And of course, if you don’t like that answer, just give the toy another shake. Not even the Magic 8 Ball’s inventor likely thought that such an inexpensive little novelty toy would have become so popular throughout the years. Even today though, the Magic 8 Ball is Amazon’s No. 1 best-selling item in the “Toy Activity & Play Balls” category. And at $8.00, it’s certainly affordable. But the real mystery surrounding the toy is this: What’s
  • Google exec hints at Photos, Hangouts and G+ split (2015-02-26 15:17:00)
  • Keep the olive party going with Oliver from Fred (2015-02-26 15:11:12)
    The Fred & Friends Oliver serving bowl is shaped like an elephant. The fun dish gives guests an obvious place to drop unwanted olive pits.>
  • Fox News is confused about net neutrality, knows it hates Obama (2015-02-26 15:05:30)
    One of the interesting things about the net neutrality debate is how resistant it's been to traditional left-right politics — turns out everyone hates their cable company. The millions of people flooding the FCC's servers with comments have been so effective that Republicans have actually changed their broad policy position to prohibit fast lanes after years of saying they were fine. In fact, a Republican bill in Congress right now lays out almost exactly the same net neutrality plan the FCC just voted on. The only difference is that Obama wants to implement those rules under the authority of Title II, while the Republicans would just pass their bill.
  • AT&T, Verizon lash out at FCC after Net Neutrality ruling (2015-02-26 14:58:00)
    The nation's two largest telco companies get personal -- and downright childish -- following the FCC's Net Neutrality decision.
  • Obama says new FCC internet rules will protect innovation -White House (2015-02-26 14:55:22)
    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Barack Obama on Thursday praised new rules passed by the Federal Communications Commission on Internet service providers, thanking Americans who wrote to the regulator to weigh in on the issue. "Today's FCC decision will protect innovation and create a level playing field for the next generation of entrepreneurs - and it wouldn't have happened without Americans like you," Obama said in an open letter that the White House posted on the Internet. (Reporting by Roberta Rampton; Editing by Bill Trott)
  • The Big Picture: Buzz Aldrin's vintage selfie from space (2015-02-26 14:54:00)
  • Google Play app store to test paid placement in search results (2015-02-26 14:46:38)
    Developers will be able to buy ad space at the top of results so their apps pop up when users search for programs in Google's app store.>
  • Facebook to offer new options to help those feeling suicidal (2015-02-26 14:44:00)
    The social network will provide more resources to those who may be suicidal and to those who are concerned about them.>
  • Mystery Apple event planned for March 9, likely on Watch (2015-02-26 14:05:41)
    Apple sent invitations Thursday for a mystery event due to take place March 9, amid speculation about an imminent launch of its much anticipated Apple Watch. Apple said the event would take place at 10:00 am (1900 GMT) in San Francisco. It will mark Apple's first new product type since the iPad in 2010. Apple has previously indicated that the entry price would be $349 in the United States, and that two different sizes would be available in three collections, including the "Apple Watch Edition," featuring 18-karat gold cases in yellow or rose, sapphire crystal and finely crafted bands and closures.
  • Google looks for more revenue from ads in Android app store (2015-02-26 14:04:48)
    MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. (AP) — Google will start showing ads in its online store for mobile apps and entertainment as the Internet search leader strives to bring in more revenue from smartphones and tablets.
  • This drug blocks Ebola infection in mice, but it's banned everywhere except China (2015-02-26 14:00:02)
    We’re finally starting to understand how Ebola infects living organisms, which means we’re getting closer to finding a way to stop it. The virus enters and infects cells thanks to channels in the cell’s membrane, according to a study published in Science today — and a molecule found in an Asian herb appears to be able to stop that process in mice. About 23,600 people have been infected with Ebola since the beginning of the outbreak in West Africa, according to the World Health Organization. Then they observed the Ebola virus enter cells using powerful microscopes.
  • How to live stream the big Apple event on March 9th (2015-02-26 14:00:00)
    Following months of anticipation, Apple has finally announced that it will host a special event this spring. Invitations were sent out earlier today, and now the official website has been updated with details for the live stream. READ MORE: Apple holding March 9th special event for upcoming products If you want to be one of the first to hear more about the Apple Watch next month, just head to on March 9th at 10 a.m. PDT / 1 p.m. EDT. Apple will have a live video running and might be uploading some of the highlights from the event to the site as well. If you’re afraid you might forget about the event, Apple has even included a handy link to add it to
  • Adult Themes: The rise and fall of America's first digital brothel (2015-02-26 14:00:00)
  • Judge orders suspension of WhatsApp in Brazil (2015-02-26 13:54:25)
    SAO PAULO (AP) — A judge says he has ordered the suspension of the globally popular instant messaging system WhatsApp across Brazil because it has allegedly failed to help in an investigation.
  • Alcohol 52 FE review (2015-02-26 13:47:00)
    Play CDs and DVDs without the need for the physical CD-ROM and DVD-ROM drives
  • Apple faces second suit from victorious patent firm (2015-02-26 13:42:05)
    Fresh off a $532.9 million jury win against Apple Inc, a Texas company is again suing the tech giant, this time over the same patents' use in devices introduced after the original case was underway. Smartflash LLC aims to make Apple pay for using the patent licensing firm's technology without permission in devices not be included in the previous case, such as the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus and the iPad Air 2. The trial covered older Apple devices. On Tuesday, a jury in federal court in Tyler, Texas found that Apple willfully violated three Smartflash patents with devices that use its iTunes software.
  • Google Search lets you Hangout directly with businesses (2015-02-26 13:42:00)
  • Analyze costs vs. benefits before adding an IoT app to a server (2015-02-26 13:41:40)
    Before installing an IoT app on one of your servers, conduct an economic feasibility study to see whether the benefits outweigh the costs. This is what to include in your study.
  • Motorola promotes its $150 low-end phone by bashing the iPhone 6 Plus (2015-02-26 13:41:08)
    One of the problems that affected certain iPhone 6 Plus models soon after launch was related to a main selling point of any iPhone: its build quality. Some users discovered their iOS phablets can bend under pressure during regular use, and there were plenty of videos showing how easily the phone bends in certain situations. Even though that scandal quickly died down, people still take shots at Apple for its “Bendgate” issue, and now it’s Motorola’s turn to have a little fun at the expense of the Cupertino-based company. DON’T MISS: Is the Galaxy S6 really an iPhone ripoff? Leaked comparison photo lets you be the judge In a blog post detailing how the company built the latest version of its Moto E
  • Tougher Internet rules hit US cable, telecom companies (2015-02-26 13:38:32)
    By Alina Selyukh WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. regulators on Thursday imposed the toughest rules yet on Internet service providers, aiming to ensure fair treatment of all web traffic through their networks. The Federal Communications Commission voted along party lines, with Democrats in favor, to approve new "net neutrality" rules that seek to restrict broadband providers' power to control download speeds on the web, for instance by potentially giving preference to companies that can afford to pay more. The new regulations come after a year of jostling between cable and telecom companies and net neutrality advocates, which included web startups. It culminated in the FCC receiving a record 4 million comments and a call from President Barack Obama to adopt the strongest rules possible.
  • These are reactions to the FCC's historic net neutrality vote (2015-02-26 13:38:09)
    The FCC has just made history by placing broadband under Title II regulation in an attempt to permanently safeguard net neutrality. The 3-2 vote was the culmination of months of back-and-forth between net neutrality advocates — determined to keep the internet free and open — and ISPs, who have accused the federal government of unjustly overstepping its bounds. As the FCC's huge moment sinks in, we'll be collecting responses to today's vote below and updating as more come in. Instead of a clear set of rules moving forward, with a broad set of agreement behind them, we once again face the uncertainty of litigation, and the very real potential of having to start over – again – in the future.  Partisan decisions taken on 3-2 votes can be undone on similarly partisan 3-2 votes only two years hence.  And FCC decisions made without clear authorization by Congress (and who can honestly argue Congress intended this?) can be undone quickly by Congress or the courts.
  • Privatefirewall review (2015-02-26 13:32:00)
    Protect your Windows desktops and servers from viruses, spyware, and other intrusions
  • Smart whisky bottle knows when someone's been in your stash (2015-02-26 13:28:41)
    Forget smart lightbulbs and smart appliances. Smart alcohol bottles could bring high-tech brains to your home bar.>
  • Apple Watch time? Company sets March 9 'spring forward' event (2015-02-26 13:24:34)
    Apple likely will show off its high-tech watch next month ahead of the wearable's April release. Other possibilities? An updated Apple TV or an "iPad Pro.">
  • Regulators OK 'net neutrality' rules for Internet providers (2015-02-26 13:24:19)
    WASHINGTON (AP) — Internet service providers like Comcast, Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile now must act in the "public interest" when providing a mobile connection to your home or phone, under rules approved Thursday by a divided Federal Communications Commission.
  • U.S. regulators vote to set new, tougher net neutrality rules (2015-02-26 13:24:04)
    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Federal Communications Commission on Thursday voted 3-2 along party lines, with Democrats in support, to set new so-called net neutrality rules that would regulate Internet service providers more like traditional telephone companies. The rules ban Internet providers from blocking and unfairly slowing down any web traffic on their pipes or striking deals with content companies for faster or smoother downloads, among other things. Republicans argue the broad scope of the rules represents government overreach. ...
  • Net neutrality a reality: FCC votes to bring Internet under utility-style rules (2015-02-26 13:23:14)
    In a 3-2 vote, the agency decides to apply the same rules that govern telephone service to broadband, with the hope that it ensures the fair and equal treatment of all traffic on the Internet.>
  • Classic funk-infused game 'ToeJam & Earl' revived on Kickstarter (2015-02-26 13:23:00)
  • Did Google just ruin the Android app store? (2015-02-26 13:20:25)
    Apple’s iOS App Store is an interesting place. It houses more than 1.3 million apps that combine to make up the best mobile app ecosystem on the planet. It also features what may very well be the absolute worst search technology on the planet. Finding good apps using the App Store’s in-built search function is next to impossible, which is a big part of the reason we spend so much time here at BGR sharing great iPhone apps with our readers. The Google Play app store for Android is a different story… for now, at least. DON’T MISS: Is the Galaxy S6 really an iPhone ripoff? Leaked comparison photo lets you be the judge Google is now the maker of the
  • Plagiarism Checker X review (2015-02-26 13:18:49)
    Check plagiarism for your assignments, thesis, and Web sites
  • FinFisher spyware violated human rights guidelines, says UK watchdog (2015-02-26 13:11:35)
    Today, a British human rights watchdog condemned private surveillance vendor Gamma International for violating human rights guldelines through its sale of the FinFisher spyware program. Today's decision was issued by the British government's contact point to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, an international forum to promote global well-being. Similar to spyware implants developed by the NSA and GCHQ, FinFisher was sold on the open market, leading many to call for stronger export restrictions against surveillance software.
  • ​Net neutrality becomes the law of the land (2015-02-26 13:08:00)
    With Congress washing its hands of the matter, the FCC voted to regulate Internet Service Providers as utilities.
  • mUSBfixer review (2015-02-26 13:06:00)
    Recover shortcut folders from pendrive and SD card
  • Samsung freezes salary increases as it prepares for mobile war (2015-02-26 13:03:47)
    The company's moratorium on raises this year for executives now extends to all employees in South Korea, as the electronics giant focuses on facing its troubles in the mobile market.>
  • FCC vote: Net neutrality saved, ISPs will be reclassified as utilities (2015-02-26 13:01:34)
    The Federal Communications Commission on Thursday enacted its most sweeping change to telecom regulation in years by voting 3-2 to reclassify Internet service providers under Title II of the Telecommunications Act, thus giving the commission the power to enforce net neutrality rules. FROM EARLIER: FCC votes to override state laws that block municipal broadband deployments The vote caps off a long fight that pitted many Internet activists and tech companies against big ISPs such as Verizon, AT&T, Comcast and Time Warner Cable. Pro-net neutrality activists have argued that ISPs need to be barred from creating paid prioritization services in which they can charge content providers more money to ensure the faster delivery of their traffic. ISPs, for their part, have insisted that such
  • 'Bejeweled' co-creator has a new studio devoted to 'social' VR (2015-02-26 13:00:00)
  • FCC votes to protect the internet with Title II regulation (2015-02-26 12:59:46)
    Net neutrality has won at the FCC. In a 3-to-2 vote, the Federal Communications Commission today established a new Open Internet Order that implements strict net neutrality rules, including prohibitions on site and app blocking, speed throttling, and paid fast lanes. Critically, the order also reclassifies internet providers' offerings as telecommunications services under Title II of the Communications Act. This is also the first time that net neutrality rules will apply, in full, to mobile internet service.
  • FCC approves net neutrality rules, reclassifies broadband as a utility (2015-02-26 12:59:00)
  • Vandalism in Arizona shows the Internet's vulnerability (2015-02-26 12:56:09)
    FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. (AP) — Computers, cellphones and landlines in Arizona were knocked out of service for hours, ATMs stopped working, 911 systems were disrupted and businesses were unable to process credit card transactions — all because a vandal apparently sliced through a fiber-optic Internet cable buried under the desert.
  • Microsoft's future for productivity: More touch, pen, personal agents (2015-02-26 12:56:00)
    Microsoft's latest future-concept video features software, services and hardware that are all about productivity.
  • Apple towers over other IT companies in quarterly results (2015-02-26 12:55:04)
    Putting the latest quarterly financial results into a bar-chart shows just how much the IT world has changed since Big Blue ruled the world. Today, Apple is ahead in both turnover and profits
  • Amazon hires former White House spokesman Carney (2015-02-26 12:50:50)
    Former White House spokesman Jay Carney has taken a new public relations job with online retail giant Amazon, the company said on Thursday. A company official told AFP that Carney, 49, has been hired as a senior vice president to head Amazon's newly-created Global Corporate Affairs department, which will include the company's existing public relations and public policy teams.
  • Apple to hold event on March 9, as Watch launch nears (2015-02-26 12:44:58)
    Apple Inc sent out invitations for a media event in San Francisco on March 9, about one month before the much-anticipated launch of the new Apple Watch. Chief Executive Tim Cook said last month that the company plans to launch the smartwatch in April. The watch, which will let consumers check their email, pay for goods at retail stores and monitor personal health information, represents Apple's first major new product introduction since the 2010 launch of the iPad. Shares of Apple were up 88 cents at $129.67 on Thursday.
  • Google to show ads for apps on Google Play (2015-02-26 12:21:24)
    (Reuters) - Google Inc said it will allow some Google Play users to see advertisements for apps in the coming weeks. Users will see ads from a pilot group of app developers who are already running ads on Google search, the company said in a blog post. Google's advertising revenue has come under pressure as more consumers access its services on smartphones and tablets, where ad rates are typically lower. The growing popularity of mobile devices has made Facebook Inc a greater threat in the battle for advertisers.
  • Apple holding March 9th special event for upcoming products (2015-02-26 12:07:51)
    Apple has scheduled its first major event of the year for March 9th, where we’ll definitely get some news on the Apple Watch but may also get some other intriguing new products, including the new 12-inch Retina MacBook Air. The title of the event is simply called “Spring Forward” and Apple predictably gives us no details about what it’s going to discuss. Since the Apple Watch is going to start shipping in April, we’re sure that Apple will give us some more details on the product at its upcoming event. Recent reports have claimed that Tim Cook told Apple employees at a store in Berlin that the Apple Watch is now water resistant enough to shower with, so that could
  • Apple Watch event announced for March 9th (2015-02-26 12:05:16)
    Apple has just announced its highly anticipated Apple Watch event. The company today invited media to a gathering scheduled for March 9th in San Francisco. It's here we're expecting to hear final launch and pricing details on the company's first wearable. The event's tagline is "Spring forward," an obvious reference to time — and a watch.
  • Facebook adds new gender option for users: fill in the blank (2015-02-26 12:04:03)
    Facebook users who don't fit any of the 58 gender identity options offered by the social media giant are now being given a rather big 59th option: fill in the blank.
  • Dolby dives into virtual reality with Atmos surround sound for VR (2015-02-26 11:45:39)
    As the momentum behind virtual reality slowly continues to build we’re seeing more traditional movie companies dip their toes into the medium. Today Dolby is announcing a partnership with Jaunt that will bring its Atmos surround sound technology to the world of VR — and it may turn out that virtual reality is even a better fit for the technology than the movie theaters it was originally designed for. Jaunt produces short virtual reality movies for the Oculus Rift and Google Cardboard, using its own custom camera rig to capture visuals across a near-360-degree field of view. Their titles, like the Paul McCartney "Live and Let Die" live performance short or the monster movie Kaiju Fury, aren’t interactive in the traditional sense but they are immersive, and Jaunt CEO Jens Christensen says sound is vital.
  • 7 awesome paid iPhone apps you can download for free right now (2015-02-26 11:45:13)
    After giving you our biggest list of the week on Wednesday, we’re back with another great list of paid iPhone and iPad apps that are currently on sale for free. There are still a few nice apps available for free in yesterday’s list if you hurry, but today we have a fresh new batch of sales for you to enjoy. Just remember, these great deals could end at any time so be sure to get a move on if you want to take advantage of them! DON’T MISS: Is the Galaxy S6 really an iPhone ripoff? Leaked comparison photo lets you be the judge These are paid iPhone and iPad apps that have been made available for free for a limited time
  • FCC trumps state laws on local broadband limits (2015-02-26 11:39:23)
    The vote is the first step in allowing municipalities all over the country to offer their own Internet service in the name of competition.>
  • Motorola will let you customize your next smartwatch (2015-02-26 11:34:00)
  • FCC votes to override state laws that block municipal broadband deployments (2015-02-26 11:28:11)
    Big news for anyone who’s ever had their town’s municipal broadband network blocked by state legislatures: The Federal Communications Commission has your back. The FCC on Thursday voted 3-2 in favor of a measure that would prohibit state legislatures from barring municipalities from building out their own broadband networks. Several state legislatures in recent years have adopted such policies at the behest of incumbent telecom companies that don’t want to deal with added competition from cities who want to build out their own networks. RELATED: Congresswoman bravely stands up for ISPs’ rights to deliver inferior service with no competition The history of big municipal fiber projects is filled with both successes and failures. One of the most notable success stories is
  • Motorola will offer customization options for the Moto 360 smartwatch (2015-02-26 11:24:35)
    Motorola's Moto Maker website has thus far been used exclusively for customizing Motorola smartphones, but starting next month it will expand to include the Moto 360 smartwatch, Wired reports. The updated website will let users pick from the various options that are already available for the Moto 360, but instead of just choosing, say, "Black case with leather band," they'll be able to mix and match different options. For casings, Motorola will offer black, silver, and champagne gold colors, while the band options will be expanded. Finally, Motorola will release a few new watch faces, one of which you can set as the default from the website when you place your order.
  • ​Google's latest mobile ad move: Google Play (2015-02-26 11:23:35)
    Google Play paid search ads could help developers reach more customers. For Google, Google Play seems like a natural mobile ad outlet.
  • FCC overrules state laws to help cities build out municipal broadband (2015-02-26 11:21:39)
    Before it tackles net neutrality, the FCC is setting a major precedent for municipal broadband: it's just voted to preempt state laws that were preventing two cities from building out their own locally run broadband networks. The decision was prompted by separate petitions from Wilson, North Carolina, and Chattanooga, Tennessee — both cities that've established high-speed, gigabit internet services, but have been barred from expanding to neighboring communities due to existing state laws. So far, 19 states have similar regulations to those that the FCC is overriding in Wilson and Chattanooga, but today's ruling affects only those two specific cases. "There are a few irrefutable truths about broadband," said FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler ahead of the vote.
  • State laws restricting city-run broadband overruled (2015-02-26 11:21:00)
  • Samsung to unveil 'Galaxy S6 Edge,' suggest leaked images (2015-02-26 11:17:11)
    Images allegedly of two Galaxy S6 phones show one with the traditional front-facing display and a second with a curved edge.>
  • Five miles of Hyperloop test track will be built in California (2015-02-26 11:17:00)
  • Galaxy S6 vs. iPhone 6 vs. HTC One M9: How Samsung might leave rivals in the dust (2015-02-26 11:10:17)
    Samsung will soon unveil two Galaxy S6 versions, hardly secrets for anyone who’s been closely following the numerous Galaxy S6 leaks that hit the web in the past few months, and there are plenty of reasons to get excited about the handsets. The phones will have a great new design, a better camera than any other Galaxy models, and significantly less bloatware — at least according to Samsung’s own recent teasers coupled with some of the most recent reports. On top of that, there’s one more reason to get excited about Samsung’s new creation, as the phone might be significantly faster than any top flagship from the competition, including the iPhone 6 and the upcoming HTC One M9. DON’T MISS: Is the
  • Microsoft mobile-handset manufacturing consolidation continues: Report (2015-02-26 11:06:31)
    Microsoft is continuing to consolidate its mobile-handset manufacturing properties, but is not making any additional, unannounced job cuts as a result.
  • Uber's preferred car-loan partner has been illegally repossessing veterans' cars (2015-02-26 11:00:57)
    Yesterday, auto lender Santander Consumer USA agreed to pay at least $9.35 million to resolve the accusation that it illegally repossessed over 1,100 vehicles from active military personnel. The company is a close partner of the ride-sharing giant Uber, which funnels drivers with low credit to Santander loan officers. According to the US Department of Justice, Santander violated the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA), a consumer protection statute that forces lenders to seek court approval before repossessing assets of active duty soldiers. Since the Civil War, military personnel have been afforded some degree of special protections from civil claims like bankruptcy, foreclosure, and divorce.
  • This is how Astro does Xbox One headphones (2015-02-26 11:00:00)
  • Microsoft now allowing downloads of retail Windows 7 copies (2015-02-26 10:52:00)
    Through a new website, Microsoft is allowing some of its customers to download Windows 7 installation media in ISO format. But if you're hoping to repair or refresh an OEM installation of Windows 7, you're out of luck. I've got the details here.
  • Four steps to take before migrating legacy components to a SaaS app (2015-02-26 10:51:40)
    Your organization should break down a legacy system into components before putting them into a SaaS app your development team creates. Follow these steps.
  • Download 145 paid Android apps for free from Amazon for a limited time (2015-02-26 10:45:19)
    Here at BGR, we cover paid iPhone and iPad apps that go on sale for free all the time. Why? It’s simple: we love sharing great deals with our readers and iOS apps go on sale all the time. Unfortunately, the same just isn’t true of Android apps. Big Android app sales are sadly few and far between, but we always try to cover them when they do come around. And you might have guessed, a huge sale on Android apps has just popped up and it’s definitely worthy of your attention. DON’T MISS: Is the Galaxy S6 really an iPhone ripoff? Leaked comparison photo lets you be the judge Android apps tend to go on sale in the Amazon Appstore
  • Xiaomi Mi Note review: the best phone you can't have (2015-02-26 10:40:22)
    The Mi Note isn't coming to the US, but it's still the most interesting phone that Xiaomi has ever made.
  • Google shakes up European operations amid regulatory scrutiny (2015-02-26 10:37:47)
    A Google exec says the realignment will help Google respond more quickly to what's happening in individual countries.>
  • Google pours $300 million into SolarCity (2015-02-26 10:33:20)
    Google is investing $300 million in SolarCity to finance around 25,000 residential solar projects, the solar energy company announced today. SolarCity is the top residential solar system company in the US, but the industry is still in its infancy, and the upfront costs for a solar energy system aren't cheap. To remedy that, SolarCity will install solar panels on residential homes using the funding, and homeowners will pay a monthly fee to the company, instead of spending the well over $20,000 it can cost to have a solar system installed.
  • New 'Final Fantasy' game is a retro mash-up, coming to US smartphones (2015-02-26 10:30:00)
  • Regulators move to toughen Internet provider rules (2015-02-26 10:29:26)
    WASHINGTON (AP) — Internet service providers like Comcast, Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile would have to act in the "public interest" when providing a mobile connection to your home or phone, under new rules being considered by the Federal Communications Commission.
  • Amazon hires former Obama press secretary Carney: Politico (2015-02-26 10:24:07)
    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Inc has hired President Barack Obama's former spokesman Jay Carney as senior vice president for worldwide corporate affairs, Politico reported on Thursday. Carney stepped down as Obama's press secretary in June after more than three years in the high-profile job. Since then, he has been a political commentator on CNN, a gig that he will give up now that he has joined Amazon, Politico said. Carney, who will oversee the internet retailer's public relations and lobbying efforts, will report to Chief Executive Jeff Bezos, Politico said. ...
  • IBM targets $40 billion in cloud, other growth areas by 2018 (2015-02-26 10:22:19)
    (Reuters) - International Business Machines Corp , which ruled computing in the age of the mainframe, is targeting $40 billion in annual revenue from the cloud, big data, security and other growth areas by 2018. The aggressive target, set by IBM executives at the company's annual investor meeting in New York on Thursday, is the latest step for the technology giant towards emerging, high-margin businesses, and away from its previous strongholds in hardware and servers. The $40 billion will come from areas which IBM calls its "strategic imperatives," namely cloud, analytics, mobile, social and security software. The company said it would shift $4 billion in spending to its "strategic imperatives" this year.
  • German consumer groups warns Facebook over data protection (2015-02-26 10:18:50)
    BERLIN (AP) — German consumer groups said Thursday they will file a lawsuit against Facebook unless the social network changes its terms of service.
  • FCC begins historic net neutrality vote with this incredible funk music (2015-02-26 10:05:58)
    As we wait for the Federal Communications Commission to make its historical meeting about net neutrality and the future of the internet, the FCC would like us to enjoy the smooth bass of New York funk and soul music. Over a static image announcing "TODAY'S PROGRAM WILL BEGIN AT 10:30AM," we've now heard three different tracks by The Menahan Street Band, a Brooklyn-based group that formed in 2007 and released its most recent album in 2012. UPDATE: The FCC has begun playing Charles Bradley.
  • The White House has officially launched its new cyber warfare agency (2015-02-26 10:03:00)
  • The White House officially launches its new cyber warfare agency (2015-02-26 10:03:00)
  • Box for Industries starts courting financial services (2015-02-26 10:00:04)
    Following up its new residency on the New York Stock Exchange, Box is wooing some of those financial players with a new line of optimized cloud services.
  • Get a 27-inch HP IPS monitor for $179.99 (2015-02-26 09:56:48)
    Go big or go home. Wait a minute: go big AND go home. With this monitor.>
  • Is the Galaxy S6 really an iPhone ripoff? Leaked comparison photo lets you be the judge (2015-02-26 09:55:36)
    Samsung has managed to make quite a name for itself over the years — in more ways than one. The company practically came from out of nowhere and skyrocketed to the top of the smartphone market in just a few short years, quickly becoming the No. 1 vendor in the world by shipment volume. Of course, the company borrowed a lot from Apple along the way, and it made a reputation for itself as a copycat as a result. Companies borrow from each other all the time, of course, but Samsung was probably a bit more blatant about it than it should have been — see this secret 132-page guide to copying the iPhone that Samsung made back in 2010
  • Amazon just hired former Obama press secretary Jay Carney (2015-02-26 09:48:43)
    Jay Carney, who served as the 29th White House Press Secretary under President Obama for over three years, is now an Amazon employee. Politico reports that Carney has been appointed VP of corporate affairs, a new role that will give him oversight of Amazon's PR and public policy divisions. The Verge has reached out to Amazon for confirmation of Carney's hiring. Carney, who has a background in journalism and worked at Time for several years, succeeded Robert Gibbs — the first press secretary of Obama's administration. Carney will split his time between Amazon's Seattle headquarters and Washington, according to Politico.
  • Facebook adds new tools for suicide prevention (2015-02-26 09:47:36)
    Facebook has added new tools to assist users who express suicidal thoughts. In a blog post, Facebook announced it has worked with mental health organizations including the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline and Now Matters Now to find the proper way to offer assistance through the social network. If someone posts something that indicates self harm or suicidal thoughts and it is reported to Facebook, they will be encouraged to speak with a mental health expert at the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline and will be offered tips and support to help work through their issues.
  • Microsoft trims price of Xbox Live Gold membership to $40 (2015-02-26 09:41:32)
    The deal scores you $20 off the cost of a 12-month subscription to the service, which offers multiplayer gaming, free games and other benefits.>
  • Amazon's giving more Kindle tablets its Firefly visual search tool (2015-02-26 09:34:00)
  • 'The Walking Dead' drives AMC Networks' revenue past estimates (2015-02-26 09:32:24)
    (Reuters) - AMC Networks Inc reported better-than-expected quarterly profit and revenue on Thursday as strong ratings for shows such as its hit zombie drama "The Walking Dead" and its acquisition of BBC America helped the cable TV network's domestic performance. About 14.8 million viewers tuned in to watch the mid-season finale of the fifth season of "The Walking Dead", which aired in November. AMC paid $200 million for a 49.9 percent stake in BBC America last October, taking operational control of the cable TV channel that reaches 80 million U.S. ...
  • 3D Systems profit misses due to heavy spending on acquisitions (2015-02-26 09:31:25)
    (Reuters) - 3D printer maker 3D Systems Corp reported a lower-than-expected quarterly profit as the company invested heavily in research and development and acquisitions. Shares of the company, which acquired software provider Cimatron, 3D printer products distributor Robtec and 3D printer maker botObjects last year, fell nearly 5 percent in premarket trading on Thursday. 3D Systems' operating expenses jumped about 38 percent in the fourth quarter as the company spent on increasing production capacity and enhancing its technology infrastructure. ...
  • Here’s every new movie and TV show you’ll be able to stream on Netflix in March (2015-02-26 09:30:08)
    Over the next few weeks, we have not one, but two original Netflix series to look forward to. The third season of House of Cards begins (for real this time) on February 27th and then Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt premieres on March 7th. It’s a good time to be a subscriber. MORE NETFLIX: Every movie and TV show being removed from Netflix in March We’ve already told you about all the movies and shows that are leaving in March, but the good news is that a bunch of new content is taking its place. Here’s the Netflix streaming lineup for March: March 1st 30 for 30: Of Miracles and Men (2015) The Brothers Grimm (2005) Evelyn (2002) Finding Neverland (2004) Mercy Rule (2014)
  • Former Sony president Phil Molyneux joins Will.i.Am's wearable startup (2015-02-26 09:30:00)
  • FedEx and UPS refuse to ship machine that makes 'ghost guns' (2015-02-26 09:20:31)
    Two of America's largest courier services are refusing to ship a digital milling machine sold by firearms advocacy group Defense Distributed. Although the Ghost Gunner has no more functionality than similar CNC mills on the market, Defense Distributed's founder Cody Wilson reported earlier this week that FedEx was refusing to ship the machine, with UPS confirming to Wired that it had followed suit.
  • Google invests $300 million in U.S. residential solar projects (2015-02-26 09:14:02)
    (Reuters) - SolarCity Corp on Thursday said it created a $750 million fund to finance about 25,000 residential solar projects, with Google Inc investing nearly half the funding. The money will be used by SolarCity to put solar panels on homes. The growth of such financing has made generating electric power from the sun an option for households who do not want to shell out the $20,000 to $30,000 upfront cost of a typical residential solar system. The fund is the largest ever created for residential solar systems, SolarCity said, and Google's $300 million equity stake is the technology giant's biggest renewable energy investment to date.
  • IBM outlines plan to revamp business for investors (2015-02-26 09:13:44)
    NEW YORK (AP) — IBM's CEO says the company's plan to revamp its business to shift away from hardware and focus on business analytics, cloud computing, mobile services and security is on track.
  • IBM targets $40 billion in cloud, related revs in 2018 (2015-02-26 09:07:10)
    (Reuters) - International Business Machines Corp , which ruled computing in the age of the mainframe, is targeting $40 billion in annual revenue from the cloud, big data, security and other growth areas by 2018. The aggressive target, set by IBM executives at the company's annual investor meeting in New York on Thursday, is the latest step for the technology giant towards emerging, high-margin businesses and away from its previous strongholds in hardware and servers. The $40 billion will come from areas which IBM calls its "strategic imperatives", namely cloud, analytics, mobile, social and security software. The company said it would shift $4 billion in spending to its "strategic imperatives" this year.
  • Splunk adds unlimited plan to enterprise pricing mix (2015-02-26 09:06:40)
    By offering enterprise adoption agreements, Splunk is hoping to encourage more enterprises to standardize on its machine data analytics platform.
  • Huge leak: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge pictured for the first time (2015-02-26 09:05:35)
    If you thought the Galaxy S6 model that’ll sport a curved display would get similar software features as Samsung’s Note Edge phablet, then you might be in for another surprise. As SamMobile reports, the Galaxy S6 Edge might lack the special Edge functions available on the Galaxy Note Edge, as Samsung has apparently chosen a different approach to such displays. Even more interestingly, a handset said to be the upcoming Galaxy S6 Edge Samsung intends to announce this coming Sunday has just been pictured for the first time FROM EARLIER: The iPhone 6 might be low-res, but Apple’s highest-resolution device ever is coming soon Following Wednesday’s major leak that showed a clear picture of what is believed to be a Galaxy S6 prototype, a
  • Join us 3AM ET Friday as we liveblog all of House of Cards season 3 (2015-02-26 09:05:02)
    Last year, we stayed up all night and watched House of Cards' second season in its entirety from the moment it first became available, at 3:01AM ET. This time, TC Sottek has foolishly agreed to join me in watching all of House of Cards season three starting this Friday, February 27th, at 3:01AM ET. We'll be chronicling our experience throughout each episode with minute-by-minute commentary and personal scribblings.
  • IBM's Rometty pitches 'high value innovation', reinvention, $4 billion more into growth businesses (2015-02-26 09:05:00)
    IBM plans to spend an additional $4 billion on "strategic imperative" units, partner more and innovate in its core businesses.
  • Google's bringing sponsored app placements to the Play Store (2015-02-26 09:05:00)
  • The Xiaomi Mi Note is the best phone you can't have (2015-02-26 09:02:17)
    Somewhere in this technological New Wave lies Xiaomi, a Chinese firm founded in 2010 that has become impossible to ignore. It’s also driven partly by the high-profile hiring of former Android boss Hugo Barra from Google.
  • Mickey McManus: Autodesk researcher. Futurist. Technology humanizer. (2015-02-26 09:00:04)
    Mickey McManus, a respected connectivity expert, research fellow at Autodesk, and chairman of MAYA, talked to TechRepublic about his work and his passion for humanizing technology.
  • ​Docker Machine, Swarm, Compose: Now the orchestration tools roll out (2015-02-26 09:00:04)
    Unveiled late last year in Amsterdam, the Docker orchestration services designed to facilitate multi-container distributed apps can now be downloaded.
  • The first full-scale Hyperloop test track may launch in California next year (2015-02-26 09:00:02)
    Hyperloop Transportation Technologies has secured land for the first full-scale Hyperloop, planned for a 2016 launch in the California model town of Quay Valley. Building off Elon Musk's freely available designs, the crowdfunded company has staked out a five-mile stretch of Quay Valley adjacent to California's Interstate 5 freeway as a place where the innovative transportation system can be deployed. "This installation will allow us to demonstrate all systems on a full scale and immediately begin generating revenues for our shareholders through actual operations," CEO Dirk Ahlborn said in a statement.
  • Audi will build you a Tesla-beating electric R8 supercar, but only on request (2015-02-26 08:55:29)
    Audi will announce its second-generation R8 supercar at the Geneva Motor Show next week (we'll be there!), which will be available in a couple flavors of V10 engine producing anywhere from 540 to 610 horsepower. By all appearances, it's going to be a beautiful machine — the first R8 certainly was.
  • Wunderlist announces app integrations, new quick-add feature for iOS app (2015-02-26 08:40:02)
    Wunderlist, one of our favorite to-do list apps, today announced plans to roll out integrations and other features later this year. Integrations will allow Wunderlist to connect with other apps and services, such as email apps, note taking services, and more via a new public API that other developers can tap into. Last year, Wunderlist was rebuilt from the ground up, with a lot of backend work done to improve syncing and other core functionality. CEO Christian Reber says the company's goal this year is to "make Wunderlist smarter," which the new integrations feature will play a big part of.
  • Watch WH Smith's incredible 1988 video game sizzle reel (2015-02-26 08:40:00)
  • Gogo expects to benefit from rising demand for in-flight internet (2015-02-26 08:39:25)
    (Reuters) - Gogo Inc , an in-flight internet services provider, gave a full-year revenue forecast range that was largely above analysts' average expectation, driven by a surge in demand from commercial and business aviation clients. Gogo forecast revenue of $490-$510 million for the year ending Dec. 31, compared with analysts' average estimate of $491.5 million, according to Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S. Gogo gets more than half of its revenue from offering services and selling equipment to commercial aircraft customers in North America, but has been expanding that service overseas as well. The company, whose customers include American Airlines , Virgin America and Air Canada has been spending more on the expansion, for connectivity fees and regulatory approvals. Gogo, which also has a business aviation business, said it expects to offer its services on 125 additional commercial aircraft outside North America this year, doubling its count from 85 at the end of 2014.
  • Google Fiber’s chilling threat to cities: Do things our way or ‘enjoy your Time Warner Cable’ (2015-02-26 08:30:57)
    Google Fiber is a hugely ambitious project and because of this it requires a lot of help from municipalities where it’s launching. GigaOM reports that Google is definitely taking a “my way or the highway” approach to getting what it wants from cities and it knows exactly what button to push: It tells cities that if they don’t want to do things Google’s way, they’ll get stuck with having Time Warner Cable as their sole broadband provider. RELATED: Google Fiber announces its biggest, most ambitious expansion yet “If you make it easy, we will come,” Google Fiber VP of Access Services Milo Medin recently told an audience in Washington DC. “If you make it hard, enjoy your Time Warner Cable.” Medin cited many cities’
  • Hands on with Air Display 3: Using iPad as second monitor over USB (2015-02-26 08:18:59)
    There's a new app in town that lets you use an iPad as a second monitor for a Mac. It connects over USB for smooth operation good enough for the enterprise.
  • Google is merging its European operations (2015-02-26 08:11:00)
  • ​Google Adwords automatically converts Flash ads to HTML5 (2015-02-26 08:08:00)
    Google has removed a roadblock preventing its Adword customers from delivering interactive Flash ads to users on mobile.
  • Square offers cash advances to businesses through Square Capital (2015-02-26 08:00:04)
    Credit card processing giant Square is now offering financial assistance to its merchants through a new division called Square capital. Will it drive growth among small businesses using Square?
  • Sponsored search results coming to Google Play Android app store (2015-02-26 08:00:02)
    Today, Google is announcing a "pilot program" on the Google Play app store which will allow app makers to purchase a spot at the top of search results. The program will work very similarly to how ads work on a traditional Google search, but instead of highlighting websites, developers can highlight their apps. Google says that the pilot program will begin in a very limited way, accessible only to a pre-chosen "pilot group" that has already begun pushing their apps via ads in traditional web searches — but it's reasonable to assume it'll open up to more app makers in relatively short order. To go along with that news, Google is also touting a number: $7 billion.
  • BBC iPlayer apps now offer live channels based on where you live (2015-02-26 07:48:00)
  • Paris has a drone problem (2015-02-26 07:45:51)
    Police in Paris yesterday detained three Al Jazeera journalists on charges of flying a drone without a license, marking the latest development in what's been a bizarre week for a city still reeling from last month's terrorist attacks. For two consecutive nights this week, small, non-military drones were spotted above some of Paris’ most famous landmarks, including the Eiffel Tower and the Invalides military museum, as well as the US embassy and major traffic junctions along the city's border. Paris police obtained video footage of some of the drones Tuesday night, and are studying it as part of the ongoing investigation.
  • In-flight internet provider Gogo's quarterly revenue jumps (2015-02-26 07:42:07)
    (Reuters) - In-flight internet provider Gogo Inc posted an 18 percent rise in quarterly revenue as more flyers used its services. The company, which has not reported a profit since going public in 2013, said its net loss widened to $24.1 million, or 28 cents per share, in the fourth quarter ended Dec. 31 from $22.1 million, or 26 cents per share, a year earlier. Revenue rose to $109.2 million from $92.6 million. (Reporting By Lehar Maan in Bengaluru; Editing by Ted Kerr)
  • Google's newest AI can beat your Atari high-scores (2015-02-26 07:17:00)
  • Why SSDs are obsolete (2015-02-26 07:14:04)
    Solid State Drives - SSDs - are a product of convenience, not good architecture. Storage systems need to be re-architected to achieve the highest performance of NAND flash and, soon, byte-addressable non-volatile memory. Here's an example.
  • Web tech helps Telefonica and O2 move calling beyond the phone (2015-02-26 07:09:29)
    European carrier giant Telefonica, parent company of the UK's O2, has embraced WebRTC technology so its customers just need a browser to make calls. Too bad about Apple's Safari, though.>
  • 11 innovative food tech companies to keep an eye on (2015-02-26 07:00:04)
    The Internet of Food is growing rapidly, changing the way we find, prepare, order, ship, and consume food and beverages. Here are 11 companies doing innovative things in 2015.
  • Apple Pay will soon get the rival it needs (2015-02-26 06:50:20)
    Even though Apple was not the first handset maker to come out with a wireless payments product for mobile devices, the company’s Apple Pay service — available only on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus at the moment — became widely used in the U.S. surpassing existing NFC payment products that were already available on other platforms, including Android. Ars Technica has learned that Google is ready to respond to Apple Pay with a new product of its own that will apparently not replace Google Wallet, a service that’s hasn’t really taken off. DON’T MISS: Apple Pay vs. Google Wallet: A detailed comparison According to a source familiar with the matter, Google will be announcing a new payments API at Google I/O in
  • ​Falling phablet prices spur sales over smaller smartphones (2015-02-26 06:48:00)
    Phablets that cost as little as $150 will see the larger form factor become a dominant segment of the smartphone market.
  • Cyber thugs taking data hostage (2015-02-26 06:41:02)
    Marriage therapist Valerie Goss turned on her computer one day and found that all of her data was being held hostage. Malicious code referred to as "ransomware" had encrypted her files and locked them away. Instead, she bought a new computer and fortified it with security software. "Unfortunately, it is the right thing to do," said Malwarebytes chief executive Marcin Kleczynski.
  • O2 brings Tu Go calls and texts to the web (2015-02-26 06:41:00)
  • Google advises towns that want Fiber to 'make it easy' or 'enjoy your TWC' (2015-02-26 06:32:00)
  • Spotify adds lyrics to its desktop app to let you sing along at your computer (2015-02-26 06:26:35)
    While Spotify adds new features and improvements to its range of mobile apps on a regular basis, the streaming music service is making some useful changes to its desktop app today. A new lyrics button will bring up on-screen lyrics, and you can also search or browse for lyrics using the explore feature in Spotify. Musixmatch has been one of the most popular apps for Spotify desktop, and Spotify’s Dave Price describes lyrics integration as a "sought-after feature." Other improvements include a tweaked friend feed to view what playlists, songs, and artists friends are listening to, and daily viral charts to find the most shared tracks.
  • The machines that defined British computing: From the Spectrum, BBC Micro and Amstrad to...the Flan (2015-02-26 06:23:00)
    As the Raspberry Pi cracks sales records to become the best-selling British computer of all time we take a look at the classic machines to come out of the UK.
  • Google to launch new payment API Android Pay (2015-02-26 06:19:00)
    Reports suggest the launch of a new payments API, dubbed Android Pay, is imminent.
  • Building an emergency internet in the white spaces (2015-02-26 06:16:19)
    How Microsoft has used white spaces radio to help with disaster recovery in the Philippines.
  • BBC warned that the licence fee may soon come to an end (2015-02-26 06:10:00)
  • Smartphone chips are about to get better at gaming, Twitter and Netflix (2015-02-26 06:00:00)
  • ​Salesforce, Workday: Analytics fueled cloud tandem (2015-02-26 05:59:04)
    Salesforce and Workday are both posting strong cloud growth. The strategies and blueprints are similar as they both see analytics as the glue to future growth.
  • Samsung Elec to freeze salaries in South Korea for first time since 2009 (2015-02-26 05:58:50)
    Samsung Electronics will freeze wages in 2015 for employees in South Korea for the first time in six years, after the world's biggest smartphone maker saw profits fall in the face of rising competition. The cost-cutting move is the latest by Samsung Electronics, which in January reported its first annual profit decline since 2011, as it lost market share to Apple Inc's new iPhones and cheaper Chinese rivals like Xiaomi Inc [XTC.UL]. The wage freeze also comes as the electronics giant is widely expected to unveil its next Galaxy S smartphone at a March 1 event, hoping to revive sales growth momentum. Samsung Electronics had already frozen 2015 wages for executives as part of belt-tightening measures, a company spokeswoman said, confirming media reports.
  • Beset by regulation, Google merges European divisions: source (2015-02-26 05:56:21)
    Google Inc has combined its two European regional divisions as it seeks to meet the challenges of tougher regulation across the continent, a source close to the company said on Thursday. The Internet giant is merging its northern and western European division with the unit covering southern and eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa, the source said. The shake-up follows a year of setbacks for the company on political and regulatory fronts on issues ranging from antitrust to privacy to how much tax it pays in different European nations, as well as fraught relations with some European industries including media and telecom groups. Google's regional headquarters will remain in Dublin, where it employs thousands of staff, and the reorganization will not result in job losses, the source said.
  • This Swedish power plant will warm hearts with rainbows (2015-02-26 05:43:34)
    This is the latest example we've seen of Northern Europe acting like its living 15 years in the future: a gorgeous biomass power plant encased in a rainbow-colored geodesic dome. The project was commissioned by the city of Uppsala in Sweden, with the plans drawn up by Danish architect Bjarke Ingels and his firm BIG.
  • ​Google's DeepMind artificial intelligence aces Atari gaming challenge (2015-02-26 05:42:00)
    DeepMind has published a paper detailing how its AI tech not only learnt how to play a host of Atari games, but went on to succeed in a number of them.
  • Police probing outage that cut Internet, phones in Arizona (2015-02-26 05:37:40)
    FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. (AP) — Phoenix police are investigating an act of vandalism that left people across northern Arizona without the use of the Internet, cellphones and landlines for several hours.
  • Facebook rolls out new tools to help prevent suicides (2015-02-26 05:21:00)
  • Microsoft obsesses over giant displays and super thin tablets in future vision video (2015-02-26 05:10:17)
    Microsoft is back with another vision of the future. Microsoft is still obsessed with big screens and that infatuation is even clearer with what the company calls "productivity future vision." Set between five and 10 years in the future, Microsoft’s vision includes holograms, 3D printers, super thin tablets, and bendable displays. Microsoft also shows off a concept tablet that’s shaped like a book, complete with a stylus. Other displays in the video include wall-mounted versions in a living room, at schools, in offices, and even projections onto glass.
  • Split billing for BYOD and enterprise mobility (2015-02-26 05:00:03)
    Split billing for BYOD and corporate-owned mobile devices can be more about clarity than finances.
  • Police kill money-stealing botnet that infected millions of PCs (2015-02-26 04:44:00)
  • Bell Labs unveils its vision of the future, from SDN to teleportation with 3D printing (2015-02-26 03:40:04)
    The Israeli 'franchise' of the technology innovator is remaking networks - and where it leads is anyone's guess, says CEO Danny Raz.
  • Vertical farm can make 44,000 pounds of tomatoes on the side of a parking lot (2015-02-26 03:27:07)
    One mile above sea level in a landlocked state, months of heavy snow leave the town unable to grow much of its own produce, forcing it to import fresh fruit and vegetables from other states or other countries. Vertical Harvest places plants on carousels that keep them moving the length of the greenhouse, giving them equal time in natural light, and also allowing workers to pick and transfer the crops. Using hydroponics, Vertical Hole will be capable of producing over 37,000 pounds of greens, 4,400 pounds of herbs, and 44,000 pounds of tomatoes. Its founders say that Vertical Harvest's 30 foot by 150 foot plot of land offers the same growing areas as 23 acres of traditional farmland, and has a fraction of the environmental impact, using 90 percent less water and 100 percent fewer pesticides than traditional farming.
  • WhatsApp makes web client compatible with Firefox and Opera (2015-02-26 03:25:00)
  • Regulators move toward tougher rules for Internet providers (2015-02-26 03:06:48)
    WASHINGTON (AP) — Internet service providers like Comcast, Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile would have to act in the "public interest" when providing a mobile connection to your home or phone, under new rules being considered by the Federal Communications Commission.
  • Galaxy S6 Edge and Galaxy S6 appear side-by-side in latest leak (2015-02-26 03:06:28)
    We got a good look at what appears to be Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S6 smartphone this morning. Now new images have leaked that appear to show its sibling, the Galaxy S6 Edge, featuring a curved display similar to the one seen on Samsung's Galaxy Note Edge. Pictures shared on xda-developers forum appear to show both the S6 and the S6 Edge side-by-side, corroborating the expectation that Samsung would be releasing two versions of its latest flagship phone. The picture appears to show that the S6 Edge will feature a dual curved-edge display, as reported by Bloomberg earlier this month, but the angle from which the photo was taken doesn't make it explicit.
  • The Secret Service will start testing drones near the White House (2015-02-26 02:40:00)
  • Don't judge this One by its cover (2015-02-26 02:30:45)
    What you see pictured above is 99.99 percent certain to be the HTC One M9, a flagship Android smartphone that will steer the fortunes of its maker for the coming year. HTC would have preferred to keep it all a big enigmatic secret until this Sunday’s grand unveiling, but circumstances have once against conspired against its best-laid plans. Reactions have swiftly coalesced into two polarized camps: there are those who liked the incumbent design and see the new phone as just more of a good thing, and then there’s the more vocal group that’s already writing off HTC’s chances because of its apparent stagnation and lack of innovation.
  • WSJ: YouTube isn't making money, even with a billion viewers (2015-02-26 01:50:00)
  • LG unveils first 4G smartwatch, based on WebOS software (2015-02-26 01:42:30)
    The LG Watch Urbane LTE runs on the LG Wearable Platform, which traces its roots back to the beloved old mobile operating system.>
  • Samsung Electronics to freeze salaries in Korea for first time since 2009 (2015-02-26 01:34:39)
    Samsung Electronics said on Thursday it will freeze its South Korean employees' wages in 2015 for the first time in six years, after the world's top smartphone maker suffered a fall in profits in the face of rising competition. The South Korean giant in January recorded its first annual profit decline since 2011, as it lost market share to Apple Inc's new iPhones and cheaper Chinese rivals like Xiaomi Inc [XTC.UL]. The last time Samsung Electronics froze salaries was 2009 when the company reeled from the global financial crisis. Samsung Electronics shares slipped 0.3 percent while the wider market was up 0.1 percent as of 0613 GMT (1.13 a.m. EST).
  • Japan focuses self-driving car technology (2015-02-26 01:27:28)
    The Japanese government is looking to bring together Toyota, Nissan, and Honda, as well as Panasonic and Hitachi, to create standards and common technology for self-driving cars.
  • Tougher Internet rules to hit cable, telecoms companies (2015-02-26 01:23:27)
    By Alina Selyukh WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. regulators are poised to impose the toughest rules yet on Internet service providers, aiming to ensure fair treatment of all web traffic through their networks. The Federal Communications Commission is expected Thursday to approve Chairman Tom Wheeler's proposed "net neutrality" rules, regulating broadband providers more heavily than in the past and restricting their power to control download speeds on the web, for instance by potentially giving preference to companies that can afford to pay more. The vote, expected along party lines with Democrats in favor, comes after a year of jostling between cable and telecom companies and net neutrality advocates, which included web startups. It culminated in the FCC receiving a record 4 million comments and a call from President Barack Obama to adopt the strongest rules possible.
  • This K-pop music video will hypnotize you into liking it (2015-02-26 01:09:13)
    This one, for example, is about a music video for a song called "Ni Pal Ja Ya (It's Your Destiny)" by K-pop duo Norazo. News site Asia Economy claims that it has been banned from TV for these hypnotic qualities, but The Verge has been unable to confirm this — we called Korea's communications standards commission, but a representative wasn't aware of any government- or broadcaster-imposed bans.
  • ​Bank of Queensland to replace pilot CRM solution (2015-02-26 01:09:05)
    Bank of Queensland is looking for a new customer relationship management system after its pilot system did not meet the bank's operational and regulatory requirements.
  • Vintage X-rays reveal the hidden effects of corsets (2015-02-26 01:03:56)
    In 1908, a doctor used X-rays to highlight the damaging effects of tight corsets on a woman's body.>
  • Dtex Systems looks to US after $15m funding round (2015-02-26 00:50:43)
    Australian-founded insider threat digital security company Dtex Systems is setting its sights on the United States after closing a $15 million Series A funding round.
  • Alipay claims mobile transactions hit $640 million during CNY (2015-02-26 00:37:48)
    Alipay, the e-payment arm of Chinese technology giant Alibaba Group, announced on Tuesday that more than 100 million people participated in sending lucky money, or Hongbao in Chinese, via mobile apps during the past Chinese New Year holiday.
  • NBN Co out to tame troublesome copper (2015-02-26 00:21:46)
    Making sure faults in the legacy copper network are kept to a minimum and speeds are delivered as promised will be a top priority for the next phase of the NBN rollout.
  • Lenovo website hijacked just days after Superfish scandal (2015-02-26 00:12:43)
    The cyberattack may be linked to software found preloaded on the PC maker's laptops that left them vulnerable to malware.>
  • Paris spooked by mystery drone flights (2015-02-26 00:03:00)
  • Find the next Fifty Shades of Grey in Wattpad's erotic fan fiction app (2015-02-26 00:01:06)
    The rise of fanfiction — specifically of the erotic variety — has prompted fanfiction megasite Wattpad to release a free iOS app, called After Dark, to collate its thousands of romance stories. The app is curated, breaking its mature-rated stories up by content-specific channels such as "southern romance," "urban," and "panty droppers." As on Wattpad itself, users can comment and vote through the app, which for now, is only available on the App Store. The app will also feature regular romance stories alongside its fanfiction, but Melissa Shapiro, Wattpad's head of marketing, says it's the celeb-focused stories that drove the app's creation. "On the heels of the release of Fifty Shades of Grey, interest in mature stories has spiked," Shapiro said. Fan fiction is not a new phenomenon.
  • Miniature X-Files office is home to the cutest detectives in the FBI (2015-02-25 23:49:14)
    Detectives Dana Scully and Fox Mulder are shrunk to doll size and forced to live in a painstaking recreation of their office. It could be an X-Files episode storyline, but it's an Instagram account: minature_xfiles_office. The account's curator has spent the last three months building and outfitting a set for a six-inch Mulder and Scully, before posing them in place to celebrate holidays and talk about unsolved mysteries. The dioramas are correct down to fine details: in the bookshelves are miniature copies of books written by both David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, the the corkboard features a picture of a UFO purchased by Mulder in episode "Deep Throat," and secreted in his desk drawer is a shrunken copy of Playboy.
  • Managed cloud services reinforces Bulletproof half-year revenue (2015-02-25 23:36:27)
    ​Bulletproof has seen its total revenue increase by 46.5 percent to AU$11.9 million for the six months ending December 2014, off the back of strong managed cloud services uptake.
  • Exclusive: China drops leading tech brands for state purchases (2015-02-25 23:26:25)
    By Paul Carsten BEIJING (Reuters) - China has dropped some of the world's leading technology brands from its approved state purchase lists, while approving thousands more locally made products, in what some say is a response to revelations of widespread Western cybersurveillance. Others put the shift down to a protectionist impulse to shield China's domestic technology industry from competition. Chief casualty is U.S. network equipment maker Cisco Systems Inc , which in 2012 counted 60 products on the Central Government Procurement Center's (CGPC) list, but by late 2014 had none, a Reuters analysis of official data shows. Smartphone and PC maker Apple Inc has also been dropped over the period, along with Intel Corp's security software firm McAfee and network and server software firm Citrix Systems .
  • LG's 'luxury' Watch Urbane doesn't use Android Wear, can use LTE and NFC (2015-02-25 23:21:52)
    LG has already pre-announced the Watch Urbane, its "luxury" smartwatch that it's showing off in Barcelona next week, and now even more details have been revealed ahead of Mobile World Congress. It turns out the Watch Urbane has a second variant and isn't an Android Wear device at all, unlike its similarly circular G Watch R predecessor — it runs on a new proprietary wearable platform from LG. It seems odd that the company would develop a completely new smartwatch OS alongside its Android Wear and webOS projects, but there we have it.
  • LG's 'luxury' Watch Urbane LTE doesn't use Android Wear (2015-02-25 23:21:52)
    LG has already pre-announced the Watch Urbane, its "luxury" smartwatch that it's showing off in Barcelona next week, and now even more details have been revealed ahead of Mobile World Congress. It turns out the Watch Urbane has a second, LTE-powered variant that isn't an Android Wear device at all — it runs on a new proprietary wearable platform from LG. LG tells The Verge, however, that the Watch Urbane LTE is not a webOS device and has no relation to the Audi prototype. It seems odd that the company would develop a completely new smartwatch OS alongside its Android Wear and webOS projects, but there we have it.
  • Australian researchers unveil world's first 3D printed jet engine (2015-02-25 23:19:12)
    By Jane Wardell SYDNEY (Reuters) - Australian researchers unveiled the world's first 3D-printed jet engine on Thursday, a manufacturing breakthrough that could lead to cheaper, lighter and more fuel-efficient jets. Engineers at Monash University and its commercial arm are making top-secret prototypes for Boeing Co, Airbus Group NV, Raytheon Co and Safran SA in a development that could be the savior of Australia's struggling manufacturing sector. "This will allow aerospace companies to compress their development cycles because we are making these prototype engines three or four times faster than normal," said Simon Marriott, chief executive of Amaero Engineering, the private company set up by Monash to commercialize the product.
  • Lenovo website hacked just days after Superfish scandal (2015-02-25 23:14:10)
    The cyberattack may be linked to software found preloaded on the PC maker's laptops that left them vulnerable to malware.>
  • Daily Roundup: Lenovo gets hacked, we explain Magic Leap and more! (2015-02-25 23:09:00)
  • Surprises lurk in IDCs latest India report on smartphones (2015-02-25 23:08:34)
    The biggest surprise was that smartphone sales actually fell, which for the hottest market in the world is more of a shocker than a surprise.
  • Chinese rivals snap at Alibaba's heels in cross-border e-commerce race (2015-02-25 23:01:19)
    By Brenda Goh SHANGHAI (Reuters) - A Chinese government push to promote e-commerce has created a host of online retail rivals for Alibaba Group Holding Ltd and Inc catering to shoppers' fears about the quality and safety of local everyday goods. Logistics firms have been encouraged by tax-relief programs and other policies that gained traction last year. Several, including SF Express and state-owned Sinotrans, have jumped into a field dominated by Inc, Alibaba's biggest rival, which boasts 118 warehouses and thousands of delivery stations. They're all vying to grab a piece of the cross-border e-commerce market which the government estimates to be worth $1 trillion by 2016.
  • Human head transplant just two years away, surgeon claims (2015-02-25 22:48:38)
    Surgeon Sergio Canavero will be embarking on a project to implement the world's first human head transplant.>
  • ​Samsung begins production of next-gen embedded NAND flash (2015-02-25 22:19:35)
    Samsung has announced that it has begun production of its new Universal Flash Storage chips, which the company claims have a random reading speed up to 28 times faster than external memory cards.
  • ​NSW government's radio network to get AU$2.8m upgrade (2015-02-25 22:10:28)
    New telecommunications equipment will be installed as part of the NSW government's radio network upgrade to improve communications between emergency services.
  • LG's premium smartwatch now comes with LTE and mobile payments (2015-02-25 21:59:00)
  • ​Cloud uptake drives MYOB profit return (2015-02-25 21:53:00)
    Australian accounting software provider MYOB is back in the black, thanks in large part to the increasing uptake of its expanding cloud-based product offering during the financial year ending 2014.
  • Giant robotic teddy bear: Japan's nurse of the future (2015-02-25 21:47:32)
    The gentle giant has been designed specifically to assist in caring for Japan's ageing population, taking on heavy-duty tasks such as lifting.>
  • Tinder-like Cute or Not app lets you rate pet photos (2015-02-25 21:37:00)
  • Outage cuts Internet, phone service across northern Arizona (2015-02-25 21:21:05)
    FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. (AP) — People across northern Arizona couldn't use the Internet, their cellphones or landlines for several hours Wednesday after someone vandalized a fiber-optic line that brings communications to a large part of the state, officials said.
  • Samsung may face FTC probe over voice-recognition TVs (2015-02-25 21:19:01)
    Privacy group charges that Smart TVs' voice-command feature violates federal privacy law by collecting owners' private communications.>
  • Lenovo website breached, hacker group Lizard Squad claims responsibility (2015-02-25 21:05:41)
    China's Lenovo Group Ltd website was hacked, the company said on Wednesday, days after the U.S. government advised Lenovo customers to remove a pre-installed virus-like software, "Superfish", on laptops that makes the devices more vulnerable to attacks. Hacking group Lizard Squad claimed to be behind the attacks, according to its Twitter page. Lizard Squad has taken credit for several high-profile outages, including attacks that took down Sony Corp's PlayStation Network and Microsoft Corp's Xbox Live network last month.
  • Samsung wants to put 128GB of fast storage in your next phone (2015-02-25 20:56:00)
  • New Google Play update is every music lover’s dream come true (2015-02-25 20:45:22)
    Google announced on the Android Official Blog this week that the music storage limit for free Google Play Music users has been bumped up from 20,000 songs to 50,000 songs. You can stream or download any of those 50k songs to your phone, tablet, computer or Chromecast. DON’T MISS: Here’s why you probably shouldn’t buy the Galaxy S6 when it launches If you aren’t taking advantage of this free service (which is available to anyone with a Google account), follow these instructions to get started: Sign in to Google Play Music - Go to your computer and visit Sign in with your Google account if needed. Claim your free storage – If you’d like to try our subscription service too, click
  • Cotton Candy Oreos are coming (2015-02-25 20:22:59)
    The Cotton Candy Oreo images come courtesy of an Instagram user that goes by cookie0man, and they show the new packaging in various points along what looks to be Nabisco's distribution chain. The cookie itself is the standard golden fare (unlike the Red Velvet which had a special reddish cookie and the graham cracker-flavored cookie that will be in the s'mores Oreo), while the all-important creme is a split between pale pink and pale blue, common colors for actual cotton candy. Like the s'mores Oreo, it appears that the Cotton Candy variant is still in the sampling phase, and it will likely be a few months before you can actually buy it. As far as taste is concerned, we don't yet know how delicious the Cotton Candy Oreo is, but I'm betting it will be pretty awesome.
  • NextDC shrinks net loss, achieves first positive earnings (2015-02-25 20:21:00)
    NextDC's investments in infrastructure are paying off after the company reported its first period of positive EBITDA and operating cash flow during the first half of the 2015 financial year.
  • Gemalto confirms hack, but denies massive SIM keys theft (2015-02-25 20:20:04)
    Following reports that claimed the NSA and GCHQ may have targeted Gemalto, one of the main phone SIM cards makers, the company revealed that such attacks indeed took place in 2010 and 2011, though the hackers were not able to steal SIM keys, as had been reported by the media. FROM EARLIER: Why the NSA SIM hack might be far more serious than you think Gemalto says that in 2010 and 2011 its network was hit by “particularly sophisticated intrusions” that are now believed to have been conducted by U.S. and U.K. spy agencies, but the company says the NSA and GCHQ were not actually able to penetrate the secure network where such sensitive SIM data is handled. The company also
  • NirCmd review (2015-02-25 20:14:00)
    Get some command-line utilities on your desktop
  • Nickelodeon debuts mobile service Noggin for the pre-K set (2015-02-25 20:12:31)
    NEW YORK (AP) — Nickelodeon is creating brand-new content and resurrecting old shows for a mobile subscription service aimed at preschoolers.
  • The first Apple Watch ads are in Vogue (surprise!) (2015-02-25 20:01:07)
    Technically Incorrect: The March issue of Vogue features 12 pages of ads for Apple's new and possibly revolutionary gadget, says Advertising Age.>
  • Batman: Arkham Knight trailer brings violence and chaos back to Gotham (2015-02-25 19:55:16)
    Although we were treated to three pretty fantastic Batman movies from 2005 to 2012, the future of the franchise remains up in the air. It’s not that we don’t trust Ben Affleck to do a good job, we’re just not entirely sure how DC is going to reboot the character. Basically, change is scary — but one familiar Batman series still has one story left to tell. READ MORE: How to get a job at Apple: Designer reveals Apple’s insane hiring process For six years, Rocksteady Studios has been pumping out some of the best games based on a comic book in video game history. The Batman: Arkham series was a staple of the last generation of consoles, but before it comes to a
  • Lytro to focus on VR and video with $50 million investment (2015-02-25 19:55:00)
  • Aussies 3D print jet engine in world first (2015-02-25 19:54:00)
    Australian scientists have created a 3D-printed jet engine, with the world-first breakthrough being tipped to result in advanced manufacturing opportunities.
  • Qantas buys 51 percent of Taylor Firm to upgrade analytics arm (2015-02-25 19:46:43)
    Qantas has bought a 51 percent share in Taylor Firm to expand its Qantas Loyalty business in light of achieving AU$375 million in benefits during the first half of its financial year.
  • Tomorrow Daily 135: Biodegradable robots working in your body, the Godzilla Hotel and more (2015-02-25 19:45:26)
    On today's show, Khail and Ashley marvel at tiny robots made to collect samples inside your body and dissolve after they're done, start saving up to stay at the Godzilla Hotel in Tokyo, and show you a retired engineer's violin-playing robot.>
  • MooO Voice Recorder review (2015-02-25 19:43:00)
    Record any PC sound or your voice into a music file
  • K-Lite Codec Pack Full review (2015-02-25 19:34:39)
    Get a collection of VFW or ACM codecs, Directshow filters for your media files
  • Outage halts Internet, cell service in northern Arizona (2015-02-25 19:33:56)
    FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. (AP) — CenturyLink officials say vandalism is to blame for a service outage that has left people across northern Arizona without Internet and cellphone access.
  • The iPhone might become an even tougher challenge for smartphone thieves in the future (2015-02-25 19:30:52)
    Advanced smartphone security features such as Apple’s Find My iPhone and Activation Lock iOS have helped significantly reduce smartphone theft recently, but Apple might soon introduce an additional safety measure meant to make the iPhone even more secure than it already is. FROM EARLIER: Apple’s kill switch is saving thousands of iPhones all around the world The iPhone maker has been awarded a new patent that describes a new kind of tracking feature, The Independent reports, that allows Apple to track the handset even when it’s turned off. Apple’s Find My iPhone feature can usually be beat by turning the smartphone off, which is what this new innovation is trying to fix. Apple could let users track their devices even when they
  • NBN Co triples revenue, boosts run rate (2015-02-25 19:25:00)
    NBN Co CEO Bill Morrow has said that the company is on target to meet its full-year goal of having over 1 million Australian premises able to connect to the National Broadband Network.
  • GParted LiveCD review (2015-02-25 19:23:44)
    Use minimal resources to get your disk partitioned the way you want it
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 leak hints at a slim, glass-backed body (2015-02-25 19:14:00)
  • Uber goes free in Seoul as pressure from city government mounts (2015-02-25 19:12:07)
    The car-hailing service has been operating despite the city's argument that it's illegal. It says its latest move is an effort to establish "a consensus" with government officials.>
  • The surprising science of blue jeans (2015-02-25 19:11:33)
    A new video shows how jeans get blue, while new research from UC Berkeley shows how the dye used to get them that way could get greener.>
  • Here are the free games you’ll get on Xbox One and Xbox 360 in March (2015-02-25 19:05:39)
    We’ve covered Microsoft’s Games with Gold every month since the program made its debut on the Xbox One last June. Some offerings have impressed us more than others, but I think it’s fair to say that the selection in March is the best yet. READ MORE: 10 awesome paid iPhone apps that are now free for a limited time (save $55!) Xbox One owners with active Xbox Live Gold subscriptions will be able to download Rayman Legends for free starting on March 1st. Rayman Origins and Rayman Legends are two of the most improbably perfect platformers released on any console in the last generation, going toe-to-toe with the best of what Nintendo has to offer. Whether or not you have any interest in
  • Delta's in-flight WiFi is about to get a whole lot faster (2015-02-25 18:58:00)
  • Google releases work tools designed for Android phones (2015-02-25 18:45:31)
    SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Google is releasing a set of tools designed for businesses and employees who want to get work done on Android-powered smartphones, setting up a skirmish on another key front of mobile computing.
  • Tim Cook reportedly spills new key details about the Apple Watch (2015-02-25 18:40:18)
    Back when it was unveiled last fall, it seemed like the first-generation Apple Watch would disappointingly only be water resistant and not waterproof. Now a new report from indicates that the Apple Watch might be a lot more waterproof than we’ve been led to believe. RELATED: 21 top iOS developers reveal the gorgeous apps they’re making for Apple Watch According to, Apple CEO Tim Cook told Apple employees at a flagship Apple Store in Berlin that the Apple Watch is water resistant enough to take into the shower. Given that this report is a second-hand account, we should still put this into the category of being a rumor, but it’s nonetheless an intriguing potential development. Even if the Apple
  • ​Lenovo website DNS record hijacked (2015-02-25 18:37:52)
    Lenovo's Superfish debacle seems to have drawn the ire of the Lizard Squad hackers.
  • India's TechM hooks up with IBM for a hybrid cloud platform (2015-02-25 18:35:39)
    A union with IBM will help TechM keep pace with biggies such as TCS and Infosys in a race to offer the world advanced cloud solutions.
  • Cartoon Network Anything review (2015-02-25 18:26:00)
    The best of Cartoon Network all in one app Games, videos, polls, and more
  • NYC mayor Bill de Blasio pushes for net neutrality on eve of critical vote (2015-02-25 18:21:12)
    New York City mayor Bill de Blasio is urging the Federal Communications Commission to vote in favor of implementing strong net neutrality rules when it convenes tomorrow. "Major media companies shouldn't be gatekeeping our internet access — speeding up some content, blocking other — simply because they're able to pay for it," de Blasio writes. This is not the first time that de Blasio has come out in support of net neutrality rules, but he's now delivering a strong, final push ahead of tomorrow's vote. The mayor is also clear about his view that the plan to reclassify internet services under Title II, which would treat them like utilities, is appropriate and necessary.
  • Comedy Central review (2015-02-25 18:19:00)
    Stuff your face with full episodes, stand-up specials and archive shows
  • This is the Galaxy S6’s wireless charger (2015-02-25 18:15:15)
    There’s plenty to be excited about when it comes to the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge, from the eradication of bloatware to an attractive hardware refresh, but one feature that we’re most excited about is built-in wireless charging. It had been all but confirmed that Samsung’s next flagship devices would feature wireless charging, but an FCC report proves it once and for all. RELATED: Galaxy S6 release date may have been revealed, at least for some markets On Tuesday, Samsung submitted several documents to the FCC detailing the functionality and the limitations of its wireless charger. The charger has the model number EP-PG920I and appears to be shaped like a hockey puck (although there is only a single rear view picture to
  • Nickelodeon debuts mobile channel Noggin for the pre-K set (2015-02-25 18:00:17)
    NEW YORK (AP) — Nickelodeon is creating brand-new content for its $6-a-month mobile channel Noggin, aimed at preschoolers.
  • Gmail available in Burmese, the email's 74th language (2015-02-25 17:59:42)
    Google said Wednesday that Gmail is now available in Burmese, marking the 74th language for the popular email service. "As a country of 53 million, Myanmar's recent opening-up has triggered an explosion of people coming online," Google product manager Brian Kemler said in a blog post. "As recently as 2011, a mere 500,000 Myanmar citizens were able to access the Internet, which was less than one percent of the population," he added. He said the number of people in Myanmar who can get online has grown to 2.6 million, as the availability of mobile phones has increased.
  • Indian IT's fight to stay relevant (2015-02-25 17:56:27)
    Battling commoditisation, Indian firms such as Infosys and TechM are trying furiously to innovate and climb up the value chain.
  • StartW8 review (2015-02-25 17:55:00)
    Put back the Start Menu for Windows 8 or Windows Server 2012
  • First look: Vivaldi browser (2015-02-25 17:51:01)
    Surf like a pro with Vivaldi, a new browser from the makers of Opera.
  • Are Apple’s newest iOS 8 updates making your iPhone’s battery life better or worse? (2015-02-25 17:50:11)
    Smartphone owners want it all. We want a display as bright and beautiful as the one on our televisions, a processor that will allow us to run the latest and greatest software, consistent updates to keep the experience fresh and enough apps to occupy us for the rest of our lives. But most of all, we want our phones to last for an entire day on a single charge. DON’T MISS: 11 great Google apps you’ve probably never even heard of YouTube user kabriolett seems to agree, as a video uploaded on his channel this week puts several of the recent iOS 8 updates to the test. Using the latest version of Geekbench, kabriolett was able to compare the battery life from one update to
  • Latest fireball in night sky actually a Chinese rocket (2015-02-25 17:44:32)
    Meteors captured on video as fireballs lighting up the night sky are becoming more common thanks to ubiquitous smartphones. Except this one was no space rock.>
  • Bank regulator eyes tougher rules to fight hacking (2015-02-25 17:42:42)
    Banks could be required to beef up their online password systems under new regulations designed to avert a so-called "cyber 9/11," a top financial regulator said Wednesday. Benjamin Lawsky, who leads New York state's Department of Financial Services, said more steps were needed to prevent what he called an "Armageddon-type cyber event" that disables the financial system.
  • Spyware Terminator 2015 review (2015-02-25 17:28:00)
    Protect a computer against spyware, malware, and adware
  • How Modern Family shot all of tonight’s episode using iPhones and iPads (2015-02-25 17:25:13)
    Tonight’s episode of Modern Family will have a decidedly Apple twist (again) insofar as the entire episode will be seen from the perspective of a character’s MacBook. Throughout the course of the episode, titled “Connection Lost,” we’ll see the show’s characters interact with one another using FaceTime and iOS’s Messages app via a variety of Apple devices. DON’T MISS: 11 great Google apps you’ve probably never even heard of Additionally, the entire episode itself was primarily shot using an iPhone 6 and an iPad Air 2. Ahead of Wednesday night’s episode, BuzzFeed reached out to series co-creator Steven Levitan to get the inside scoop on how the episode was filmed. The full four-minute video detailing all of the behind the scenes happenings can be downloaded for
  • This could be the Samsung Galaxy S6 (2015-02-25 17:23:19)
    With a March 1st announcement just a few days away, it looks like Samsung may have sprung a leak. Photos posted on xda-developers forum and unearthed by Mobile Bulgaria show a test device that could easily be the first glimpse of the Galaxy S6. The phone doesn't have a display that bleeds over the edge as Samsung teased in its ads, which could signify that this is an early prototype, or that Samsung is going to release two different variations of its flagship device. All will be unveiled on March 1st during Samsung's event at Mobile World Congress. ...
  • SIW review (2015-02-25 17:19:00)
    Gather detailed information about your system properties and settings
  • Accused 'revenge porn site' operator: Take down my private photos (2015-02-25 17:10:18)
    Technically Incorrect: Craig Brittain, who allegedly ran a site where people post nude photos of former paramours, issues takedown notices under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act ordering Google to remove pictures of him.>
  • New reports suggest Apple is finally going to give you an iPhone with 2GB of RAM this year (2015-02-25 17:00:33)
    In preparation for this year’s major launches — including the Apple Watch, iPhone 6s and iPad Pro — Apple might be bulking up on one crucial component that might otherwise be in short supply later this year, according to some research notes flagged by Barrons. DON’T MISS: iPhone 6 vs. Galaxy S6: Samsung’s clone is better than the real thing, carriers say Apple is expected to increase RAM in its upcoming mobile devices and that’s why it’s trying to secure enough supplies to prevent shortages from hindering its device launch plans. Summit Research analyst Srini Sundararajan says that the next-gen iPhone might ship with 2GB of RAM on board, and the Apple Watch should have 0.5GB of RAM. More interesting is the amount of RAM the
  • Hands-on with the new MotoE (2015-02-25 16:54:16)
    The second generation Moto E features a new 4.5-inch screen, a faster processor, and LTE connectivity. It comes loaded with Android 5.0 Lollipop, too. For $149 unlocked, it looks like Motorola has made best cheap smartphone again.
  • Gemalto: SIM card hackers likely NSA, GCHQ -- but keys are safe (2015-02-25 16:39:04)
    After investigating hacking reports, SIM card supplier Gemalto says its encryption keys are safe. If cyberspies have you worried, there are apps to encrypt phone calls. Also: Motorola reveals low-price Moto E.>
  • Led Zeppelin's discography is now available on most streaming services (2015-02-25 16:35:33)
    Led Zeppelin has notoriously been protective of the rights to its music and where it can be heard (the occassional Cadillac commercial notwithstanding), so when the entire discography became available on Spotify back in December of 2013, it was a pretty big deal. This week, it appears that Spotify's exclusivity deal expired, and as of yesterday, the entire Zeppelin discography can now be streamed from Rdio, Beats Music, Google Play Music, Xbox Music, Deezer, and more.
  • Strong reliability scores should help Buick brand's rebirth (2015-02-25 16:32:32)
    DETROIT (AP) — Buick, the brand that once was the pace car for the drive to the senior center, has made a comeback by appealing to buyers not yet ready for retirement.
  • HP said to be eyeing Aruba Networks for infrastructure buy (2015-02-25 16:31:36)
    HP's new enterprise IT spinoff could be strengthened with the acquisition of Aruba Networks.
  • Unlocking your door might soon be as easy as 'open sesame' (2015-02-25 16:29:57)
    Welcome to the future. An MIT grad student has figured out a way to unlock an Internet-connected door by saying the words "open sesame" into an Android Wear smartwatch.>
  • Dying Light bundle costs $387,700, includes adult diapers (2015-02-25 16:28:27)
    A special edition of zombie-fighting game Dying Light includes a zombie-proof shelter, night vision goggles, survival parkour lessons and adult diapers.>
  • Salesforce meets Q4 targets, raises revenue guidance (2015-02-25 16:25:00)
    The CRM giant reported earnings of 14 cents per share on revenue of $1.44 billion, up 26 percent annually.
  • Windows 365 will be Windows, plus a little bit more (2015-02-25 16:22:35)
    The Windows 365 trademark suggests that a subscription model is on the horizon, but if it's anything like Office 365, you'll get more than just the Windows OS for your money.
  • BYOD enterprise mobility deployment international style (2015-02-25 16:22:12)
    Rolling out mobile devices in a global organizations builds upon standard best practices with a focus on the various regions of the organization.
  • has been hacked, possibly by Lizard Squad (2015-02-25 16:07:02) has been hacked. As of 4pm ET, users visiting the site saw a slideshow of disaffected youths, set to the song "Breaking Free" from High School Music. The source code for the page identified it as, "the new and improved rebranded Lenovo website featuring Ryan King and Rory Andrew Godfrey," both of whom have been publicly identified as members of the hacker collective Lizard Squad. It's unclear whether King and Godfrey are actually related to the hack, or if the attackers are simply using their names and photos to muddle their true identity.
  • Workday satisfies Q4 expectations; outlook strong (2015-02-25 16:07:00)
    Wall Street was bracing for a loss of six cents per share on a revenue of $222.85 million.
  • Lytro raises $50 million to shift from still cameras to virtual reality (2015-02-25 16:06:10)
    Lytro plans to bring its unique camera technology to video and virtual reality, giving the tech new opportunities to catch on. According to Recode, Lytro is raising money and cutting jobs in order to facilitate the transition. "We are going to have to make some cuts in some areas so we can staff up in some new ones," Lytro CEO Jason Rosenthal tells Recode. Rosenthal tells Recode that he believes Lytro's light-field technology is the "perfect solution" to recording video for virtual reality. Applying that tech to video could mean that filmmakers will be able to capture a world that better responds to the movements of someone wearing a virtual reality headset.
  • Survey: The untapped potential of industry cloud (2015-02-25 16:03:01)
    The industry cloud is the next frontier of the tech and business world. Take this survey and share your thoughts on industry cloud and get a free copy of the research report.
  • Netflix is bringing back 'Inspector Gadget' and 'Danger Mouse' (2015-02-25 16:02:00)
  • Lenovo’s Superfish nightmare looks like it’s about to get even worse (2015-02-25 16:00:04)
    There was no other way for this to end — Wites & Kapetan, a law firm in Lighthouse Point, Florida, is officially investigating the Lenovo Superfish adware scandal that has dominated headlines throughout the technology world this week. We’ve written about the adware multiple times already, but this is the first we’re hearing about a potential class action lawsuit. READ MORE: Interview with Lenovo’s CTO will scare anyone still thinking of buying a Lenovo product “If you have an impacted Lenovo laptop or PC, or have information about this issue, please contact Marc A. Wites at Wites & Kapetan, P.A., at 1-866-277-8631 or,” the firm writes on its website. The firm states that there’s no fee until you get results, so this
  • Listen to a brooding collaboration from Thom Yorke and Massive Attack's Robert Del Naja (2015-02-25 15:46:19)
    There are two undisputed masters of dark, electronic, strangely danceable music: Massive Attack and (late-period, at least) Radiohead. Thanks to a new collaboration, we're getting a taste of what happens when the two meet.
  • Only 40 percent of the global population has ever connected to the internet: report (2015-02-25 15:43:00)
    According the Facebook-led initiative, there are expansive gaps in connectivity throughout developing parts of the world.
  • The co-creator of Toejam and Earl wants to crowdfund a sequel (2015-02-25 15:41:42)
    Kickstarter is no stranger to reboots of classic video games: the crowdfunding platform has been used to fund everything from a new Shadowrun to a spiritual successor to Maniac Mansion. Dubbed Toejam and Earl: Back in the Groove, the game aims to build on the success of the very first game in the series and not its sequels. "I, along with some bright and talented friends, are finally going to make that ultimate Toejam and Earl sequel that the fans have been asking for all these years," Johnson says.
  • Fitness apps to motivate your workouts (2015-02-25 15:39:50)
    Get motivated and rock your fitness routine with these apps.
  • Life-saving train design is rarely used (2015-02-25 15:35:12)
    LOS ANGELES (AP) — Technology that can blunt the tremendous force of a head-on collision appears to have paid off in the remarkably low number of serious injuries suffered when a Southern California commuter train slammed into a truck abandoned on the tracks.
  • The smartwatch market is dead, but Apple can save it (2015-02-25 15:35:04)
    When rumors that Apple was developing a smartwatch began circulating a few years ago, a number of competitors, in an effort to beat Apple to the punch, began releasing smartwatches of their own at a rapid clip. Samsung in particular proved to be extremely fond of this strategy, having released a number of varying smartwatches in just a few years time. Now comes word that the smartwatch market Apple is poised to enter come April is ripe for a classic Apple takeover. With seemingly little competition, you might even say that the smartwatch market is Apple’s to lose. DON’T MISS: Here’s why you probably shouldn’t buy the Galaxy S6 when it launches According to information recently obtained by AppleInsider, 6.8 million smartwatches
  • Oral-B's smart toothbrushes are app-connected and kinda pointless (2015-02-25 15:31:00)
  • Done drinking your KFC coffee? Eat the cup (2015-02-25 15:19:36)
    People in the UK who for some reason buy coffee at Kentucky Fried Chicken are in for a bit of a treat later this year -- a limited-edition edible coffee cup made out of something sweet.>
  • Google expands push into workplace with Android for Work effort (2015-02-25 15:17:26)
    By Alexei Oreskovic SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Google Inc launched an initiative on Wednesday to make smartphones running its Android software more appealing to corporations, a move that could help extend the Internet company's reach into workplaces. Google said on its official blog that its Android for Work program will provide improved security and management features for corporations that want to give their employees Android smartphones. Smartphones supported by the new initiative will be able to keep an employee's work and personal apps separate, and a special Android for Work app will allow businesses to oversee key tools such as email, calendar and contacts.
  • A New York agenda with Hootsuite's night owl (2015-02-25 15:15:42)
    By Chris Taylor NEW YORK (Reuters) - Ryan Holmes, chief executive officer of Hootsuite, may have grown up on a farm without electricity, but this 40-year-old Canadian went on to found a social media management tool with over 11 million users. When Holmes travels from his home base in Vancouver, it's New York City that captures his imagination. Where to stay: The Ace Hotel (20 West 29th St.) is a favorite. Caffeinate: Stumptown Coffee Roasters (lobby of the Ace Hotel).
  • Hillary Clinton Addresses Silicon Valley's Women in Tech (2015-02-25 15:12:50)
    Former United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gives the keynote speech during Lead On: Watermark's Silicon Valley Conference For Women on February 24, 2015 in Santa Clara, California. Photo by Marla Aufmuth/Getty Images. Yesterday in Silicon Valley, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton stood before an audience of 5000 women in...
  • Major leak: Actual Galaxy S6 pictured for the first time ever (2015-02-25 15:11:01)
    Samsung has a lot riding on the Galaxy S6 and every leak we’ve seen about the device indicates that it’s going to be the phone many Android fans have been wanting Samsung to release for years. With a reported full metal body, a major reduction in bloatware and a revamp of TouchWiz to make it less of a drain on performance, it sounds like Samsung has listened to users’ major criticisms of its devices over the years and is prepared to deliver in a big way. DON’T MISS: The news we’ve been waiting for: Kiss bloatware goodbye on the Galaxy S6 Now a new leaked picture posted by SamMobile shows us what looks like the actual Galaxy S6 caught on camera
  • Rise of the Machines: video gamers beware (2015-02-25 15:07:21)
    Researchers unveiled a software system Wednesday which had taught itself to play 49 different video games and proceeded to defeat human professionals -- a major step in the fast-developing Artificial Intelligence realm. "This... is the first time that anyone has built a single general learning system that can learn directly from experience to master a wide range of challenging tasks," said co-developer Demis Hassabis.
  • You can own the RadioShack brand for a mere $20 million (2015-02-25 15:02:27)
    RadioShack, that venerable 94-year-old electronics chain that sold you an awesome walkman and some overpriced speaker cables, is going through the painful process of bankruptcy. As Bloomberg reports, its legal team announced in court that it will break off the trademark and intellectual property from the sale of its physical retail locations. This move is part of a few final changes needed to smooth over a proposal from from Standard General, LP — the company's largest shareholder — which is hoping to purchase as many as 2,000 stores.
  • Google Play Music now lets you add 50,000 of your own songs (2015-02-25 14:51:45)
    Google's music service and cloud storage has expanded its storage limit to 50,000 songs so you can upload your music collection and stream it on the go.>
  • BlackBerry working with Google to secure Android devices (2015-02-25 14:51:36)
    BlackBerry Ltd said on Wednesday that it is working with Google Inc to enable its software to manage and secure some of Google's Android devices, a move that builds on BlackBerry's recent partnership with Samsung Electronics Co. In November, BlackBerry announced partnerships with Samsung and other high-profile technology industry players, broadening the reach of its revamped mobile-device management and security platform. BlackBerry said it is offering a "highly secure mobility solution" for Samsung's Android devices.
  • Long-lost Sonic game revived after nearly two decades (2015-02-25 14:51:14)
    While both Nintendo and Sony had seminal, fondly remembered forays into 3D with Super Mario 64 and Crash Bandicoot that year, Sega was left out. It started life as a Genesis game, but was eventually turned into what would have been Sonic's 3D debut, though production troubles meant that the game was ultimately cancelled in 1997.
  • Free WAV to MP3 Converter review (2015-02-25 14:50:04)
    Convert WAV files to MP3 format
  • Welcome to Los Atlantis: Whimsical maps imagine a post-flood Earth (2015-02-25 14:47:57)
    Ever been to Central Shark or Greenwich Spillage? Urban planner Jeffrey Linn creates and sells captivating maps that guide you through the world after sea levels rise.>
  • These are Samsung’s best Galaxy S6 teasers yet (2015-02-25 14:45:12)
    Samsung’s Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge may very well be the most talked-about Android phones in years ahead of their upcoming debut at the annual Mobile World Congress conference in Barcelona, Spain. The two Samsung flagship phones for the first half of 2015 are shaping up to be the Samsung phones we’ve been waiting for, with designs and premium materials to match their cutting-edge specs. Samsung has issued several teasers in the lead-up to next week’s unveiling, but its best one yet was just published on Wednesday. DON’T MISS: Text this ‘Magic’ number and you can get anything you want Following an exclusive report from BGR that revealed Samsung’s new Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge will be made entirely
  • With 'Android for Work,' Google hopes you'll use your phone on the job (2015-02-25 14:40:34)
    The tech giant aims to deepen its roots in the workplace with a new initiative and services meant to make IT departments happy.>
  • 4 Reasons to Put Your Phone Down (NOW!) (2015-02-25 14:39:57)
    The technological innovations that have allowed us to be constantly connected to one another are brilliant. That being said, your smart phone should not be attached to you 100 percent of the time. Being in constant communication with everyone can be rather daunting and evidently stressful. The expectation to respond to someone within a very...
  • Manage your work shifts with Shifts for iOS (2015-02-25 14:36:09)
    Shifts for iOS can help you out when you need to juggle multiple positions and times. Cory Bohon explains.
  • Here's what we know about Magic Leap so far (2015-02-25 14:30:00)
  • Tepco delayed reporting a radiation leak at Fukushima — for months (2015-02-25 14:28:10)
    Drainage water containing high levels of radiation may have leaked into the Pacific Ocean near the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant in Japan, the site of a meltdown in 2011, reports NBC. Despite knowing about the issue since April, the company that operates the plant, Tokyo Electric Power Co. (Tepco), failed to report it. Citing a need to report "everything all at once," an unnamed company official told NBC that Tepco wanted to find the source of the contamination first — something it only did recently. The contamination may have occurred when rainwater came into contact with radioactive materials, possibly gravel and blocks, that Tepco had laid out on the roof of the No.2 reactor building. Tepco detected 23,000 becquerels per liter of cesium-137, a radioactive substance, from the rainwater found on the roof — that's about 256 times above the legal limit.
  • RightScale: Where the cloud is going next (2015-02-25 14:03:22)
    RightScale's cloud survey shows the hybrid and public clouds growing at the expense of private clouds.
  • Pro tip: Prep your Android for Lollipop (2015-02-25 14:02:05)
    If you're anxiously awaiting the upgrade from KitKat to Lollipop, Jack Wallen offers a few suggestions on what you can do to prepare.
  • Google wants its billion-plus Android users to bring their phones to work (2015-02-25 14:00:45)
    Android has been oft-crticized for not being secure enough — it's why Apple's more locked-down approach has made iOS a success in business, and it's the reason that BlackBerry still manages to sell phones at all. Google's Android OEM partners have attempted to shore things up on their end through things like Samsung Knox, but now Google is taking matters into its own hands in a big way with Android for Work. Google first introduced the initiative last summer at its I/O developer conference, and today the company is formally launching the program and releasing plenty of details on how exactly it'll work. The basic goal is to make it a lot easier for businesses to deploy Android devices to their employees — and to make the Android devices that employees are already bringing to work on their own more secure.
  • Android for Work shapes up with new enterprise program launch (2015-02-25 14:00:04)
    Google is partnering with a number of tech giants, from device makers to network infrastructure providers to management app makers to launch the Android for Work platform.
  • The news we’ve been waiting for: Kiss bloatware goodbye on the Galaxy S6 (2015-02-25 13:54:01)
    After many failed attempts of trying to convince buyers to use some of the special TouchWiz apps it built on top of Android, Samsung appears to have finally gotten the message. Android fans don’t appreciate all the bloatware that ships with Galaxy flagships, and the company is apparently going to do something about it starting with the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. Several reports have claimed that Samsung finally dialed down on bloatware for the new Galaxy S generation, and now SamMobile has obtained the list of actual apps that will be preinstalled on the Galaxy S6 models — and it should be a pleasant surprise. FROM EARLIER: Here’s why you probably shouldn’t buy the Galaxy S6 when it launches According to the publication, only two
  • Motorola aims new phone at first-time smartphone buyers (2015-02-25 13:30:03)
    NEW YORK (AP) — Motorola is updating its low-cost smartphone, the Moto E, as it targets first-time smartphone buyers worldwide.
  • The real FBI just gave a shout out to Parks and Recreation's fake FBI agent (2015-02-25 13:28:34)
    Less than 24 hours after Parks and Recreation said goodbye, @FBI — a sometimes sassy Twitter extension of an otherwise ominous government bureau — proceeded to backhand compliment one of the show's greatest characters: FBI agent Burt Tyrannosaurus Macklin, played by Andy Dwyer... played by Chris Pratt.
  • Catch up on two seasons of 'House of Cards' in nine minutes (2015-02-25 13:23:50)
    Looking to refresh your memory on everything that's happened on Netflix series "House of Cards" before Friday's Season 3 premiere? The Fine Bros have you covered.>
  • Minimalist text editor iA Writer launches on Android (2015-02-25 13:18:58)
    Despite the spartan aesthetic, the app still adopts Android's style where appropriate, so it looks right at home on the new platform.
  • Interview with a Wadhwa (2015-02-25 13:15:34)
    I was running late to interview Vivek Wadhwa, the author, academic, and long-time advocate for increased diversity in Silicon Valley. Among feminists, Wadhwa recently secured a dubious distinction: the man who won't stop speaking for women in tech. Our last-minute road trip began with an email Wadhwa sent me earlier that week and ended outside a Starbucks in a strip mall just off Sand Hill Road. "This is the top tweet in my feed right now if you search for @wadhwa," I wrote, linking to Stanford University's Twitter account, which promised that an upcoming lecture from Wadhwa would provide "a fresh perspective on diversity." (Wadhwa is a fellow at the law school.) Stanford's claim to freshness was ballsy considering the growing number of female voices asking Wadhwa to stop speaking on their behalf.
  • Insane video: Dash cam captures NJ house explosion (2015-02-25 13:12:17)
    Dash-mounted video cameras in police vehicles are extremely important tools for a number of obvious reasons. They also tend to capture crazy footage from time to time, also for obvious reasons — police officers are called upon to respond to situations where danger is imminent. Sometimes dash cameras catch things that are even crazier than normal for police officers, and that footage often ends up finding its way to the Internet. Such is the case with a massive house explosion that was caught on camera on Tuesday. DON’T MISS: Text this ‘Magic’ number and you can get anything you want The dash-mounted camera in a police car on the scene in Stafford, New Jersey on Tuesday recorded a huge explosion in
  • Google now lets you upload 50,000 songs to the cloud for free (2015-02-25 13:00:02)
    The company has just announced that effective immediately, you'll be able to upload up to 50,000 songs from your personal music collection and store them in the cloud through Google Play Music — all for free. The new total is double what Apple allows users to upload with iTunes Match (25,000), which itself is a premium service priced at $24.99 annually.
  • Sesame could be the first inexpensive smart lock done right (2015-02-25 13:00:02)
    It's safe to say that the $250 August smart lock is off to a good start, if for no other reason than it's already landed a coveted spot on Apple Store shelves. Today we're getting a look at one of those alternative: it's called Sesame. Sesame follows the same basic idea as August and other smart locks. Candy House, the company behind Sesame, says that a patent-pending, self-adjusting design allows the smart lock to adapt to nearly any deadbolt you'd find in the US.
  • New Osram CEO has no plans for further job cuts: paper (2015-02-25 12:51:33)
    The new boss of Germany's Osram Licht has no plans at present to cut more jobs at the lighting products maker, he was quoted as saying by the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung newspaper on Wednesday. Osram, the world's second-biggest lighting firm after Dutch group Philips , has cut thousands of jobs as it seeks to refocus its business on higher-margin LED lighting, where it is racing to stay ahead of Asian rivals. "Staff cuts are not at stake, I am not at all thinking about that," Olaf Berlien, who became the company's chief executive last month, told the newspaper in an interview.
  • The next season of American Horror Story will star Lady Gaga (2015-02-25 12:34:25)
    Like Picasso and Monet before her, Stefani Germanotta has established herself as an artist of serial obsessions. There was the pop phase, the art phase, the ARTPOP phase, the jazz with BFF Tony Bennett phase. And now, just when we were starting to get comfortable, we have found ourselves in a new Gaga era: the cable television actress phase.
  • New animated 'DuckTales' waddling to TV screens in 2017 (2015-02-25 12:33:01)
    Get ready to head back to Duckburg. Huey, Dewey, Louie, Scrooge McDuck and the rest of the "DuckTales" gang are getting a reboot, with a new animated series set to land on Disney XD in 2017.>
  • The man who ran a revenge porn website is asking Google to remove his own private photos (2015-02-25 12:30:08)
    The former operator of a revenge porn website banned by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has invoked copyright law in an attempt to remove "unauthorized photos" of himself from the internet. Craig Brittain, who previously ran the site, has filed multiple takedown notices to Google under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). The FTC originally stopped Brittain's revenge porn business in January this year, banning him from "publicly sharing any more nude videos or photographs of people without their affirmative express consent." The agency's complaint alleged that he not only "used deception to acquire and post intimate images of women," but also operated a fake "takedown" service, charging individuals between $200 to $500 to have their pictures removed from his site. In a statement on the reclaimed (the domain was not banned, merely the posting of revenge porn) he claims that he had "nothing to do with any 'takedown' services, with the exception of negotiated settlements through" He also defends other aspects of the site such as its "bounty system" — a service that let users post rewards of at least $100 for submitting information and photos of specific individuals.
  • Facebook 'addiction' blamed for increased phone use while driving (2015-02-25 12:24:34)
    Technically Incorrect: A UK government study blames an addiction to social networks for a vast increase in driving while viewing cell phones.>
  • Anthem Hack May Have Impacted Millions of Non-Customers as Well (2015-02-25 12:19:50)
    The Anthem cyber attack that may have left vulnerable the information of as many as 78.8 million people also may have included millions of non-customers, the health insurer said. The country's second-largest health insurer said anywhere from 8.8 to 18.8 million people who are members of other Blue Cross Blue Shield plans, and used their insurance in the past decade in a state where Anthem operates, are included in the estimate of people who may have been victimized.
  • Grooveshark gets more social with site revamp (2015-02-25 12:16:19)
    An overhaul of the music-streaming service is designed to make discovery and sharing easier.>
  • Anthem reportedly says non-customers may have been hit by hack (2015-02-25 12:09:20)
    Millions of Blue Cross Blue Shield customers might have been affected by the cyberattack against Anthem, the insurance provider tells Reuters.>
  • How to get a job at Apple: Designer reveals Apple’s insane hiring process (2015-02-25 12:09:03)
    By all accounts, Apple can be a difficult place to work. In fact, it seems that just getting there is a chore. Information Age directs our attention to a new blog post from U.K.-based UX designer Luis Abreu, who recently had his application to work for Apple rejected despite going through “three screenings, five FaceTime calls and a trip to Cupertino.” RELATED: What it’s like to get a dream job at Apple after 4 years of trying The three screenings and five FaceTime calls may have seemed excessive but Abreu seemed pretty confident of his chances of getting the job when he was asked to fly all the way from the U.K. to Cupertino. After all, Apple wouldn’t have flown him out
  • BlackBerry Classic to arrive at Verizon online Thursday (2015-02-25 12:05:51)
    The QWERTY keyboard-equipped phone won't be available at physical stores until March 5. Verizon is offering all buyers a $50 rebate with the standard two-year contract.>
  • It's official: NSA spying is hurting the US tech economy (2015-02-25 12:04:00)
    China is backing away from US tech brands for state purchases as NSA revelations continue to make headlines in newspapers all around the world.
  • Facebook's bug bounty program paid out $1.3 million in 2014 (2015-02-25 12:00:04)
    Facebook has doled out roughly $3 million since it launched the bug bounty program in 2011.
  • Facebook's 6-pack: The main ingredient in its data center network redesign (2015-02-25 11:58:00)
    Facebook engineers have created the first open modular switch platform. Find out what makes the platform, called 6-pack, innovative.
  • Q&A: 'Modern Family' producer talks episode shot with iPhone (2015-02-25 11:56:53)
    NEW YORK (AP) — For this week's "Modern Family," producers put down their expensive professional cameras and shot the episode with iPhones and other Apple devices. Seen through the eyes of character Claire Dunphy as she uses a Mac laptop, characters only appear on her computer's FaceTime video-calling app.
  • 'Bionic' rebuild gives three amputees mind-controlled robotic arms (2015-02-25 11:54:16)
    Three Austrian men have received mind-controlled robotic arms, using a world-first technique called "bionic reconstruction.">
  • NASA's drought-predicting satellite is almost ready to begin work (2015-02-25 11:51:00)
  • HTC One M9: A beautiful battle of the leaks (2015-02-25 11:48:31)
    Samsung and HTC are both going to launch their most important mobile devices of the year later this week, the Galaxy S6 and the HTC One M9. But until then, these hot Android devices will continue to appear in a variety of leaks. HTC’s new One model on Tuesday was spotted in allegedly official promo videos that showed the handset from various angles. However, earlier image leaks and renders tell different stories, with some suggesting the One M9 will have a design that’s similar to its predecessor, while others showed a new phone that barely seems like an update at all. DON’T MISS: HTC One M9 fully revealed in biggest leak yet Graphic designer Martin Hajek, who has imagined plenty of unreleased
  • Netflix picks up Inspector Gadget and Danger Mouse reboots (2015-02-25 11:42:51)
    Netflix is ordering five new children's series, including a rebooted Inspector Gadget that will debut next month. Like the original cartoon, the new Inspector Gadget follows a bumbling detective outfitted with crazy, high-tech gear that he uses while tracking down a crime syndicate. This series actually appears to be positioned as a sequel, with the original cartoon's villain returning, Gadget being brought out of retirement, and his niece — now somewhat older — in training to fight crime. The Inspector Gadget reboot already aired in Europe, according to USA Today, but Netflix is bringing it to the US for the first time.
  • FACT CHECK: Talking heads skew 'net neutrality' debate (2015-02-25 11:33:17)
    WASHINGTON (AP) — Is President Barack Obama taking over the Internet? Not by a long stretch, but that's not stopping political banter in the "net neutrality" debate.
  • Samsung parodies rumor mill with talk of 'all-glass' Galaxy (2015-02-25 11:05:02)
    Company creates a list of "rumors" surrounding its upcoming Samsung Galaxy, having fun with the massive amount of speculation that precedes a smartphone's release.>
  • Cablevision loses video subscribers for 10th straight quarter (2015-02-25 10:58:38)
    (Reuters) - Cablevision Systems Corp reported a drop in the number of video subscribers for the tenth quarter in a row, sending the cable TV provider's shares down more than 5 percent in early trading. Cable and satellite distributors have been under pressure to stop consumers from dumping their cable subscriptions, or "cutting the cord", as subscribers increasingly shift to internet-based services. Cablevision, which is controlled by New York's Dolan family, said the number of video customers fell 4.7 percent to 2.68 million in the fourth quarter ended Dec. 31. Adjusted operating cash flow fell to $440.9 million.
  • Target Q4 boosted by online, digital channels (2015-02-25 10:58:00)
    The discounter beat estimates for the quarter, despite the $5.1 billion pre-tax loss related to the breakdown of its Canadian operations.
  • Get an Oplink AlarmShield home-security system for $124.99 (2015-02-25 10:48:28)
    Smartphone-friendly and free of monthly fees (unless you go premium), this is complete home security in a box.>
  • Uzbekistan launches 'morality' crackdown on Internet cafes (2015-02-25 10:44:24)
    Authorities in Uzbekistan tightened control over Internet cafes in the capital Tashkent on Wednesday in a bid to stem the impact of "violent and immoral" web content and video games on children. "The increased number of videoclips, pictures, films and websites that promote aggression, violence and immorality in internet cafes and computer clubs is having a negative impact on underage youth," the resolution said. Internet cafes, which are expected to comply within 10 days, have also been told to ensure computers are free of all materials promoting "promiscuity, religious extremism, nationalism, gambling" and to remove posters promoting cruelty and violence from their walls. Last year Uzbekistan ordered Internet cafes to install video cameras and keep records on users for three months at a time to ensure "the security of visitors" and "prevent negative factors" when using the Internet.
  • Federal jury orders Apple to pay $532.9M in patent dispute (2015-02-25 10:38:48)
    A federal jury says Apple should pay nearly $533 million to resolve claims that the payment system tied to its iTunes product infringes on patents issued to a business named Smartflash.
  • ​HP's first quarter lesson: Breaking up isn't cheap (2015-02-25 10:36:10)
    "When you tear apart a company that's been built up over many years through acquisition, through different systems being merged together, it's remarkable what you find," says HP CEO Meg Whitman.
  • Jury orders Apple to pay $533 million in iTunes patent case (2015-02-25 10:34:57)
    A federal jury finds that Apple infringed on patents owned by licensing firm Smartflash that are tied to digital right management, data storage and payment systems.>
  • SIM maker Gemalto says spies probably did hack it but plays down impact (2015-02-25 10:18:38)
    By Nicholas Vinocur and Eric Auchard PARIS/FRANKFURT (Reuters) - U.S. and British spies are likely to have hacked into SIM card maker Gemalto in an attempt to steal codes that protect the privacy of billions of mobile phone users, the company said, as it sought to downplay the impact and ruled out legal action. The Franco-Dutch firm was responding to a report on an investigative news website that said the hack allowed Britain's GCHQ and the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) to potentially monitor the calls, texts and emails of cellphone users around the world. "The facts are hard to prove from a legal perspective and ... the history of going after a state shows it is costly, lengthy and rather arbitrary," Gemalto Chief Executive Olivier Piou told a news conference in Paris to discuss the findings of its own investigation into the alleged hacking in 2010 and 201l. Gemalto - the world's biggest maker of SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) cards, now producing nearly 2 billion a year - said the attack "probably happened" but that it "could not have resulted in a massive theft of SIM encryption keys".
  • Microsoft Office on your Android tablet? Not yet - if Intel's inside (2015-02-25 10:13:36)
    Office for Android doesn't yet run on devices with an Intel processor. Here's a list of tablets to avoid if you need to use Office right now.
  • Car technology troublesome but important to buyers: J.D. Power (2015-02-25 10:09:27)
    Looks and exterior design are still the top reasons why people avoid buying a certain model, J.D. Power said. The annual J.D. Power study is one of several that taken together show that certain brands -- Lexus, Toyota and of late, General Motors' Buick and Chevrolet brands -- are getting consistently high marks, while others consistently struggle to get above average despite quality control efforts Lexus, the luxury brand from Toyota Motor Corp, scored the highest for the fourth straight year in the J.D. Power study. In both studies, General Motors Co’s Buick made big moves upward, finishing second in the J.D. Power survey and becoming the first U.S. brand to be in the top 10 of the Consumer Reports brand report card.
  • Chinese government continues dropping foreign tech in favor of local products (2015-02-25 10:08:51)
    China's government continues to turn away foreign tech companies in favor of buying from firms right at home. According to Reuters, the government has entirely removed Cisco, Citrix, and McAfee products from its list of approved tech purchases. The number of approved foreign tech products has dropped by a third over the past two years, according to Reuters. Many of the cuts have focused on security products, of which more than half were removed. At the same time, Reuters reports that China's list of approved products has actually grown quite a bit.
  • Lexus tops auto dependability survey (2015-02-25 10:05:20)
    DETROIT (AP) — Lexus is the most dependable car brand for the fourth consecutive year in rankings that increasingly hinge on high-tech features.
  • New AMD Processor May Dramatically Boost Laptop Battery Life (2015-02-25 10:02:18)
    If your laptop constantly dies on you in the middle of the day, you could soon be in luck.AMD released the details of its next processor range, codenamed Carrizo, which promises better energy efficiency and potentially better battery life forlaptops. The core architecture of Carrizo, called Excavator, is only 5 percent faster than AMD's Kaveri processor. Also, Carrizo is the first AMD processor to fully support Heterogeneous System Architecture (HSA).
  • Microsoft is making a Fast & Furious expansion for Forza Horizon 2 (2015-02-25 09:58:32)
    First spotted on Xbox's Polish site, there's a teaser for a collaboration between open-world driving simulator Forza Horizon 2 and the Fast & Furious franchise. In the brief video, there's a loose interpretation of the scene that plays out while the credits roll in Fast Five, where Dom and Brian race head-to-head through twisty backroads. The AP reports that the expansion — Forza Horizon 2 Presents Fast & Furious — is set before the events of Furious 7, where the player needs to get vehicles in France to Tej (played by Ludacris).
  • SIM maker Gemalto confirms possible spy attacks (2015-02-25 09:56:17)
    European SIM maker Gemalto said Wednesday it had suffered hacking attacks that were likely conducted by US and British intelligence agencies but denied any "massive theft" of encryption keys that could be used to spy on conversations. Investigative website The Intercept last week said the US National Security Agency and Britain's GCHQ hacked into the firm in 2010 and 2011 and stole SIM encryption keys, with which they can reportedly monitor communications over mobiles without using a warrant or wiretap. The website made the allegations on the theft of the keys -- which encrypt and decrypt data -- based on a document leaked by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden, and its report prompted some experts to decry a huge breach in mobile privacy.
  • Following White House crash, the Secret Service will begin flying its own drones (2015-02-25 09:54:24)
    In a brief and vague statement released yesterday, the Secret Service announced that it was going to begin conducting drone exercises over the normally restricted airspace around the US capital. This follows on the heels of a high-profile drone crash on the White House lawn and the revelation that Homeland Security, in conjunction with the US military, has been conducting tests where commercial drones are armed with automatic weapons or strapped with explosives to become flying bombs. While it's illegal to fly drones over DC, that can be difficult to enforce. DJI, the manufacturer of the drone that crashed at the White House, rolled out a firmware update after the accident that it said would use GPS to prevent anyone from flying into restricted airspace.
  • Microsoft Garage incubator delivers new Windows Phone, Android productivity apps (2015-02-25 09:47:00)
    Microsoft has made a handful of new, free experimental productivity apps for Windows Phone and Android available for download from its Garage incubator.
  • Ubuntu developments: 15.04 Beta 1 and the first Ubuntu phone (2015-02-25 09:39:29)
    The split development paths of Ubuntu desktop and the converged Ubuntu Desktop Next mean that, so far, Ubuntu 15.04 for the desktop looks underwhelming. Meanwhile, the first Ubuntu smartphone, the BQ Aquaris E4.5 Ubuntu Edition, goes on sale.
  • Bigcommerce, Square partnership offers omnichannel to SMBs (2015-02-25 09:35:00)
    The two tech startups are connecting their platforms to enable brick-and-mortar merchants using Square's payment services to create a branded online store via tools from Bigcommerce.
  • Delhi seeks to block Uber app after rape claim (2015-02-25 09:22:19)
    Authorities in Delhi have asked the national government to block the Uber app, saying the cab hailing company is operating illegally in the Indian capital. Authorities in the state covering Delhi banned Uber in December after one of its drivers was charged with raping a passenger, but it resumed operations just weeks later. On Wednesday the city's transport authorities told a Delhi court they had asked the federal government to intervene. "We told the court that we have sent a proposal to the central government to block the (Uber) Internet address if they continue," Delhi's deputy commissioner of transport S. Roy Biswas told AFP.
  • 'Forza' creators revving up 'Fast & Furious' video game (2015-02-25 09:19:18)
    LOS ANGELES (AP) — "Fast & Furious" and "Forza" are hitching a ride together.
  • Uber partners with Starwood, giving hotel points for rides (2015-02-25 09:10:14)
    NEW YORK (AP) — Uber is partnering with hotel chain Starwood to give riders a bit more incentive to choose the ride-hailing service over a taxi.
  • RingCentral launches comms cloud to kill of legacy business phone systems (2015-02-25 09:00:04)
    The bigger purpose behind RingCentral's new cloud platform is another stab at killing off legacy business phone systems.
  • Broadcom, TI try adding more charge to smartwatch batteries (2015-02-25 09:00:04)
    The chipmakers both unveil new platforms to help smaller devices last a little longer.>
  • Correction: Oscars-Enigma Machines story (2015-02-25 08:54:00)
    NATICK, Mass. (AP) — In a story Feb. 20 about the Museum of World War II, The Associated Press, relying on information from the museum's founder, erroneously reported that it is the only one in the country where patrons can use Nazi-era Enigma coding machines to encrypt and decrypt messages. At least one other museum, the National Cryptologic Museum, lets visitors use similar machines.
  • Ramnit botnet assaulted by Europol operation (2015-02-25 08:52:33)
    Europol and international law enforcement agencies have disrupted the activities of a botnet thought to have infected 3.2 million computers worldwide.
  • How the Sony Pictures attack changed the rules of cybersecurity (2015-02-25 08:52:20)
    Within three years, the percentage of companies that have a formal plan in place to deal with the disruption caused by aggressive cyberattacks will rise from zero to 40.
  • McLaren 675LT: Light, fast and devilishly powerful (2015-02-25 08:48:04)
    McLaren gives us a sneak peek at its new 675LT model ahead of the Geneva auto show, building on the 650 with better aerodynamics, less weight and a diabolical 666 horsepower.>
  • Omnichannel: Bad word, critical concept (2015-02-25 08:17:10)
    When planning customer-facing strategies, businesses must develop customer experiences that are seamlessly connected, informed by previous interactions, and characterized by consistent information across all channels. Marriott's Rich Toohey explains how it's done.
  • Exclusive: China drops leading technology brands for state purchases (2015-02-25 08:06:11)
    By Paul Carsten BEIJING (Reuters) - China has dropped some of the world's leading technology brands from its approved state purchase lists, while approving thousands more locally made products, in what some say is a response to revelations of widespread Western cybersurveillance. Others put the shift down to a protectionist impulse to shield China's domestic technology industry from competition. Chief casualty is U.S. network equipment maker Cisco Systems Inc , which in 2012 counted 60 products on the Central Government Procurement Center's (CGPC) list, but by late 2014 had none, a Reuters analysis of official data shows. Smartphone and PC maker Apple Inc has also been dropped over the period, along with Intel Corp's security software firm McAfee and network and server software firm Citrix Systems .
  • APAC firms want security to support mobile, application development (2015-02-25 07:57:00)
    Businesses in Asia-Pacific look to IT security to gain better control as well as support increasing focus on mobile and application development, reveals a new study.
  • Telecom Italia reveals spending plans: €14.5bn on fibre, LTE, and some brand new datacentres (2015-02-25 07:52:00)
    Telecom has revealed the details of its strategic plan for the next three years in Italy and Brazil.
  • ​Gemalto: No major theft of keys to smartphone kingdom (2015-02-25 07:39:39)
    Yes, it seems US and UK spy agencies tried to steal SIM card encryption keys, the company says, but actual privacy and security harm to smartphone users is limited by Gemalto's own network security and newer encryption used on modern mobile networks.>
  • CloudFlare boosts browsing privacy, speed through encryption deployment (2015-02-25 07:33:11)
    CloudFlare has gone beyond offering free SSL to millions of websites and is now deploying a new level of encryption by default.
  • Mac OS X is the most vulnerable OS, claims security firm (2015-02-25 07:20:20)
    According to a report by security firm GFI, Apple's Mac OS X is the most vulnerable operating system, with the iOS platform coming in second.
  • UK ad for 'world's thinnest phone' banned for objectifying women (2015-02-25 07:16:00)
    The ad for the Kazam Tornado 348 shows a woman in her underwear getting dressed, pulling on a pair of jeans and ironing her shirt only to discover the smartphone in one pocket.
  • Exorcising Nazis in Berlin (2015-02-25 07:08:10)
    It's a little after 9 PM on a Saturday in Berlin, and Adolf Hitler is splashing around a wooden hot tub with three naked Nazis. They welcome Hitler with open arms as he dives head-first into the tub, and the führer responds with howls of pleasure, rubbing his head under the folds of their man boobs like an unusually affectionate wolf. From Thursday through Sunday last week, the Berlin Academy of the Arts (Akademie der Künste, or ADK), staged Germania: a multi-story theatrical performance that revives the Nazi ghosts of the school’s past. The ADK was commandeered by the Third Reich just before World War II, and its palatial headquarters eventually housed the office of Albert Speer, Hitler’s chief architect.
  • Bendy LG G Flex 2 up for order now, available globally in next few weeks (2015-02-25 07:06:15)
    Pre-orders are open for the audacious flexible phone, which will be available soon in the US, Hong Kong, Singapore, France, Germany and the UK.>
  • Long-term review: Inateck 7 port USB 3.0 hub (2015-02-25 07:03:04)
    With USB 3.0 users can attach more storage, more cheaply, than ever before. For many that means a USB 3.0 hub. After using several for the last two years, here's one that works well on a Mac.
  • Google now rewards Chrome bug hunters all year round (2015-02-25 07:03:00)
  • Review: Inateck delivers a superior 7-port USB 3.0 hub (2015-02-25 07:03:00)
    With USB 3.0 users can attach more storage, more cheaply, than ever before. For many that means a USB 3.0 hub. After using several for the last two years, here's one that works well on a Mac.
  • 8 crazy new solar research breakthroughs (2015-02-25 07:00:04)
    As the solar industry booms, so does R&D. Here are 8 exciting new research developments in solar energy research.
  • Netflix adds new seasons of Archer, Glee, and Mad Men in March (2015-02-25 07:00:03)
    Another month is coming, and another crop of movies and TV shows are coming to Netflix in the United States. This March, subscribers will be able to stream the fifth seasons of Archer and Glee for the first time, in addition to feelgood Robin Williams cry-a-thon Patch Adams and the superlative Teen Witch. But such is the circle of life — as Netflix giveth, it taketh away too. Classic movies, including The Blair Witch Project, Dumb and Dumber, and Cool Runnings will be taken off the streaming service this March, along with every season of beloved animation Adventure Time.
  • Amazon could be landing in South Korea soon (2015-02-25 06:53:27)
    Amazon's Korean expansion is expected to open for business by mid-March, according to reports.>
  • Why the NSA SIM hack might be far more serious than you think (2015-02-25 06:50:42)
    A few days ago, a report revealed that spy agencies including the NSA and GCHQ, managed to bypass the security of SIM card manufacturer Gemalto and gain access to valuable encryption keys that protect cellphone signals. Even though Gemalto denied the reports, but The Verge points out that the hack might be more serious than initially believed, as it could give agencies the ability of infecting any phone using these specific SIM cards with additional spyware programs. FROM EARLIER: Bombshell report reveals the NSA has stolen encryption keys for millions of SIM cards Access to these encryption keys do not give governmental agencies only the power to monitor cellular communications, including calls and data, but they also come with additional
  • Gemalto: NSA and GCHQ probably did hack us, but there was no massive leak of encryption keys (2015-02-25 06:39:00)
    SIM card maker was targeted by security services but insists they only breached its office network.
  • Over 1 million WordPress websites at risk from SQL injection (2015-02-25 06:33:00)
    A critical security flaw in a plugin called WP-Slimstat is to blame.
  • Barclays Pingit will soon let you send money over Twitter (2015-02-25 06:31:00)
  • Sony reveals its high-res Xperia Z4 Tablet earlier than planned (2015-02-25 06:19:00)
  • Apple ordered to pay $533 million in iTunes infringement lawsuit (2015-02-25 05:52:55)
    The tech giant must cough up roughly half a billion after being found guilty of using Smartflash patents without permission.
  • American Sniper killer sentenced to life in prison (2015-02-25 05:50:32)
    Eddie Ray Routh has been sentenced to life in prison for killing Chris Kyle, the former military sniper who was the subject of the film American Sniper. Routh, 27, was found guilty of fatally shooting Kyle and his friend Chad Littlefield at a firing range near Fort Worth in February 2013. Routh's lawyers argued that he was a paranoid schizophrenic who believed that Kyle and Littlefield were plotting to kill him.
  • Online threats and a big deadline put pressure on Obama and Congress (2015-02-25 05:46:07)
    The passing of an anniversary has privacy and security advocates both reflecting and looking forward this month.
  • AMD aims for better battery life with next-gen laptop chip (2015-02-25 05:35:01)
    AMD's next-generation A-Series Accelerated Processing Unit (APU) for laptops and low-power desktops, codenamed "Carrizo", will simultaneously ramp up energy efficiency and boost performance.
  • LG's G Flex 2 now on sale with less sticker shock (2015-02-25 05:13:00)
  • Uber makes uberX ride-sharing service free in Seoul (2015-02-25 05:11:52)
    U.S. taxi service provider Uber Technologies Inc on Wednesday said it will make its low-cost uberX ride-sharing service available free of charge in Seoul, in its second bid this month to operate legally in South Korea. Uber started charging a fee last year for the taxi-like service, which matches passengers via a smartphone app with private drivers who do not hold commercial transport licenses. Prosecutors subsequently indicted Uber's chief executive, Travis Kalanick, as well as its South Korean unit for violating a law prohibiting individuals or firms without proper commercial licenses from providing or facilitating transportation services. "We want to actively work towards a consensus, and the first step to that process is switching off the fare," Uber's head of north Asia Allen Penn said in a statement.
  • Parallels acquires remote application server developer 2X Software (2015-02-25 05:07:54)
    Parallels can now integrate the 2X RAS server into its solutions to improve corporate use of Parallels virtual desktop software.
  • Samsung builds the Galaxy S6 hype by poking fun at it (2015-02-25 04:45:28)
    For a company on the brink of its most important product launch ever, Samsung appears to be uncommonly relaxed about the whole thing. A new Is This The Next? website from Samsung's Norwegian team introduces us to a set of amusingly exaggerated concepts for what the Galaxy S6 might look like. Will Samsung's next flagship phone have a three-sided display? Samsung takes all the breathless speculation about its next flagship and produces a slice of smart humor that's endearing even to those of us that it mocks.
  • Suitcase with e-scooter can help you make it to your flight on time (2015-02-25 04:36:00)
  • This is the Vulcan, Aston Martin's craziest car ever (2015-02-25 04:34:03)
    Aston Martin's new Vulcan is aptly named. This is the most extreme Aston Martin ever made since the One-77, and just 24 will be going on sale.
  • Google ditches Pwnium hacking contest in favour of year-round prize of 'infinity millions' (2015-02-25 04:08:55)
    Google's find-a-bug event is no more, but anyone unearthing a Chrome or Chrome OS vulnerability can still get their hands on some cash.
  • Apple ordered to pay $533 million for infringing patents with iTunes (2015-02-25 03:57:27)
    A federal jury in Texas this week ordered Apple to pay $532.9 million for infringing three patents owned by Smartflash, a Texas-based patent licensing company. The jury in Tyler, Texas, where Smartflash is based, determined that Apple used Smartflash's patents without permission in its iTunes software, rejecting Apple's claims that the patents were invalid. The patents in question pertain to digital rights management (DRM), data storage, and payment systems.
  • Google Chrome Experiments celebrates 1,000 submissions (2015-02-25 03:54:18)
    Google on Tuesday revealed a microsite celebrating the 1,000 user-made projects that have been submitted to Chrome Experiments.
  • Gemalto: NSA attacked our SIMs, but not on a grand scale (2015-02-25 03:53:00)
  • Gemalto: probe into spy hack finds no massive privacy leak (2015-02-25 03:52:44)
    PARIS (AP) — A Dutch SIM-maker allegedly targeted by British and U.S. spying agencies says it believes there was a hacking operation, but it didn't result in a massive privacy leak.
  • Pebble breaks Kickstarter records with new smartwatch (2015-02-25 03:49:07)
    Pebble's new Pebble Time smartwatch hit Kickstarter on February 24 and has already ticked past $8 million in donations. Pebble's latest boasts up to 7-day battery life, with a timeline interface intended to highlight important events and a color e-ink display.
  • Apple ordered to pay $533 million for patent infringement (2015-02-25 03:41:12)
    By Andrew Chung NEW YORK (Reuters) - Apple Inc has been ordered to pay $532.9 million after a federal jury in Texas found that its iTunes software infringed three patents owned by patent licensing firm Smartflash LLC. Though Smartflash had been asking for $852 million in damages, Tuesday night's verdict was still a blow to Apple. The jury, which deliberated for eight hours, determined Apple had not only used Smartflash's patents without permission, but did so willfully. Apple, which said it would appeal, said the outcome was another reason reform was needed in the patent system to curb litigation by companies that don't make products themselves.
  • Apple Pay users are the types of customers banks like, says Chase (2015-02-25 03:32:45)
    JPMorgan Chase told investors that more than one million customers have set up their Chase credit and debit cards for use with Apple Pay, according to AppleInsider, and adoption continues to rise. More importantly for the nascent contactless payment sector, Chase says that Apple Pay users are the kind of fiscally "attractive" and "engaged" customers the bank likes to associate with. In the chart presented by Chase above, we can see that Apple Pay customers tend to be nine-years younger than the bank's average yet earn 21 percent more. They also constitute a greater portion of the overall credit card spend.
  • Gemalto acknowledges it was probably victim of spy hacking (2015-02-25 03:13:17)
    Gemalto, the world's largest maker of mobile SIM cards, said a preliminary company probe of sophisticated attacks against it in 2010 and 2011 showed British and U.S. intelligence services "probably" hacked into its office networks. Gemalto said the suspected attacks by the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) and Britain's Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) "probably happened", but said the intrusions "only breached its office networks" and "could not have resulted in a massive theft of SIM encryption keys". The Franco-Dutch company was responding to a report by investigative news site The Intercept, which last week published documents it said showed that U.S. and British spies hacked into Gemalto, potentially allowing them to monitor the calls, texts and emails of billions of mobile users around the world. Gemalto said the spy operation aimed to intercept the encryption codes needed to unlock security for Subscriber Identity Modules (SIMs) while the modules were shipped from its production facilities to mobile network operators worldwide.
  • Yo gets reinvented into a true notifications app for 150 sources (2015-02-25 03:09:00)
  • CEO says Sony won't rush into resuming dividends (2015-02-25 02:58:01)
    Sony Corp Chief Executive Kazuo Hirai said he wants to resume dividend payments to shareholders when he succeeds in turning the company around, instead of rushing payouts. Sony said in September that it was scrapping dividends for the first time since going public due to weak mobile phone sales. "The logic is that we want to resume payouts as a result of reforms, rather than rushing." As part of its restructuring, Sony has also spun off its TV business and said last week it would also split off its audio and video business as part of a new strategy to encourage greater autonomy of its subsidiaries.
  • Is this Valve's SteamVR headset? (2015-02-25 02:34:00)
  • Gemalto denies 'massive' SIM breach, says 3G and 4G networks unaffected (2015-02-25 02:32:26)
    Last week, The Intercept detailed a GCHQ campaign that compromised Gemalto's system to harvest and store the encryption keys that protect SIM cards. Once successful, the program would have allowed intelligence agencies to decrypt cell phone signals in mid-air or implant malware remotely into any phone with a Gemalto SIM card. Gemalto is the largest SIM card maker on the planet — it manufactures 2 billion SIM cards a year for more than 450 wireless carriers across the world, including AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon. Today, Gemalto presented the findings of its investigations into the alleged hackings.
  • Apple to pay $533 million for patent infringement (2015-02-25 01:44:47)
    By Andrew Chung NEW YORK (Reuters) - Apple Inc has been ordered to pay $532.9 million after a federal jury found its iTunes software infringed three patents owned by Texas-based patent licensing company Smartflash LLC. Though Smartflash had been asking for $852 million in damages, the verdict, which came late Tuesday night, was still a costly blow for the U.S. tech giant, the most valuable company in the world. After deliberating for eight hours in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas, the jury said that Apple not only used the Smartflash patents without permission, but did so willfully. Apple suggested the outcome was another reason why reform is needed in the patent system to curb litigation by companies that do not make products themselves, such as Smartflash. A representative for Smartflash could not immediately be reached.
  • In Japan, robot dogs are for life - and death (2015-02-25 01:43:27)
    The devices are "AIBOs", the world's first home-use entertainment robot equipped with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and capable of developing its own personality. Sony rolled out the first-generation AIBO in June 1999, with the initial batch of 3,000 selling out in just 20 minutes, despite the hefty 250,000 yen (more than $2,000) price tag. The AIBO, an expensive and somewhat frivolous luxury, had to go. - 'Beautiful noise' - Mori has had her AIBO for around eight years.
  • AMD's next laptop processor is mostly about battery life (2015-02-25 01:03:00)
  • 95 percent of metadata retained will be of no use: ASIO (2015-02-25 00:57:37)
    ASIO has told Senate estimates it needs telcos and service providers to retain metadata on all customers, even though the vast majority will be of no interest to authorities.
  • Data is key to IoT value: Microsoft (2015-02-25 00:34:00)
    An Internet of Things strategy can help reduce daily cost operations for businesses, but only if it's extracting the right data, new research from Microsoft and Telsyte has revealed.
  • Government IT investments set to rise across Asia-Pacific: IDC (2015-02-25 00:17:00)
    ​The government sector in the Asia Pacific region, not including Japan, is on track to spend $32.5 billion (AU$41.3 billion) in IT investments in 2018, according to new research by IDC.
  • Instagram account exposes congressman who blew public funds on private flights and concerts (2015-02-25 00:06:00)
    An Illinois congressman was found to have used taxpayer and campaign funds on private plane travel, concert tickets, and other lavish expenses after the Associated Press cross-referenced his Instagram account against his flight records. Journalists took the location data from a number of pictures and videos Schock had uploaded to Instagram and correlated it with his flight records, using flight tracking service FlightAware to build a picture of where the congressman had traveled. A short time later, the congressman posted an Instagram picture from his "Schocktoberfest" fundraising event in Peoria, soon after Green's plane landed back in the Illinois city. Schock billed his office account $11,433 for travel during the period.
  • The Eiffel Tower now generates its own power with new wind turbines (2015-02-24 23:52:23)
    The famous Paris landmark has been fitted with two new wind turbines that generate enough electricity to power the commercial areas of its first floor.>
  • FBI offers record $3M reward for Russian hacking suspect (2015-02-24 23:43:47)
    Man suspected of being the mastermind behind the GameOver Zeus botnet, which was used by cybercriminals to steal more than $100 million.>
  • Dallas Buyers Club piracy judgment expected in three weeks (2015-02-24 23:35:03)
    When ISPs sought to prove to the court that a new code will be in place to deter and warn alleged online copyright infringers, Dallas Buyers Club LLC pointed out that businesses and mobile customers would be exempt from the code.
  • Prefab tiny home generates more power than it uses (2015-02-24 23:25:56)
    The Archiblox Carbon Positive House is a modular prefabricated home designed to give back to the environment -- by producing more energy than it uses.>
  • How Apple plans to retake its place at the top of the music business (2015-02-24 23:15:53)
    Apple is developing it’s own iTunes music streaming service, and that’s not exactly a secret considering that it already owns Beats Music. But Business Insider has learned more details about this secret music project and suggests the company is preparing a massive overhaul for its iconic iTunes service in the process. FROM EARLIER: Apple’s latest acquisition could make Beats Music even better According to a source familiar with Apple’s music plans for the near future, the company isn’t just going to offer users access to a new streaming site. Instead, Apple will relaunch iTunes with a focus on music streaming rather than downloads, which makes sense considering the massive success of Spotify. But Apple isn’t apparently happy to just letting users stream
  • Samsung Electronics, China trade deal give boost to South Korea's yuan hub ambitions (2015-02-24 23:14:02)
    By Se Young Lee and Choonsik Yoo SEOUL (Reuters) - Tech giant Samsung Electronics gave a big boost on Wednesday to Seoul's ambitions to become a global hub for the offshore yuan business, saying it was preparing to start trading the Chinese currency directly with the South Korean won. The news came as the South Korean government announced that it hoped to sign a final free trade agreement with China within the first half of the year, in a further sign of strengthening relations between the countries. South Korea became the third country in the world to begin direct trading of the yuan for a local currency in December under the aim of grabbing a larger share of the growing business opportunities involving the yuan outside China.
  • 'Diablo 3' getting free-to-play features, but not in the US or Europe (2015-02-24 23:08:00)
  • Microsoft gives eligible students worldwide free Office 365 subscriptions (2015-02-24 22:34:00)
  • Microsoft gives eligible students free Office 365 subscriptions (2015-02-24 22:34:00)
  • Exclusive: Cap Gemini, Carlyle held talks to buy Computer Sciences - sources (2015-02-24 22:00:26)
    Technology consultant Computer Sciences Corp drew buyout interest from French consulting company Cap Gemini SA and private equity firm Carlyle Group LP, according to people familiar with the matter. Talks between CSC and the consortium of Cap Gemini and Carlyle started late last year but have since fizzled, the sources said on Tuesday. CSC, which has a market capitalization of about $10 billion, is now working with Royal Bank of Canada to review its options, the people said. Cap Gemini said it was not engaged in ongoing discussions regarding a transaction.
  • Walkman-era tech powering Centrelink: Morrison (2015-02-24 21:51:35)
    Australia's welfare system is in need of a "desperately needed" computer upgrade, according to Social Services Minister Scott Morrison, who said on Wednesday that the system, which is responsible for AU$290 million in payments each day, is running on "Walkman-era" technology.
  • 'The Flash' is brilliant, but why does Barry need to be? (2015-02-24 21:45:12)
    Commentary: Counting the seconds as we wait for more episodes of "The Flash," Crave's Kelsey Adams ponders whether Barry's brains are a clue.>
  • Microsoft’s Office 365 now free for even more people… but there’s a catch (2015-02-24 21:45:11)
    Microsoft on Monday announced that its Office 365 productivity suite is available free of charge to even more users than before, as long as they fall within two specific categories of users. DON’T MISS: Text this ‘Magic’ number and you can get anything you want The company said that millions of students and teachers around the world are now eligible for free Office from their schools, a promotional offer that was previously available only in the U.S. “Students getting Office at no additional cost to schools is a benefit Microsoft provides to education institutions that buy Office for faculty and staff,” the company wrote. In order to take advantage of Microsoft’s free Office 365 product for teachers and students, users will simply need
  • T-Mobile details the progress of your Android phone's updates (2015-02-24 21:38:00)
  • Four pilot project best practices for IT leaders (2015-02-24 21:27:46)
    After working on a mega-conversion project that had no safety net, Mary Shacklett is pleased that pilot projects are now the norm. Read her advice for managing these smaller projects.
  • Tomorrow Daily 134: Guest co-host Maude Garrett, a tomato-feeding robot helmet and more (2015-02-24 21:26:57)
    On today's show, GeekBomb's very own Maude Garrett joins Khail to discuss the merits of a tomato-feeding robot hat, a jacket that changes color based on the wearer's mood, and a 3D printer that fits in a suitcase.>
  • Use this map to decide if you should become a cord cutter (2015-02-24 21:00:47)
    The FCC may rescue net neutrality by reclassifying ISPs as utilities, but that doesn’t mean all your Internet-related problems are going away. The Guardian points out that even though the FCC wants to make sure that Internet access won’t change so  users will still be able to get the same Internet experience they get today, that doesn’t mean the Commission will also regulate prices. Since not all subscribers will spend the same amount of money on Internet and cable each month, the publication put up an interactive map showing the cost differences between different providers and regions. FROM EARLIER: Comcast customer complains about data caps, Comcast rep tells him they’re ‘mandated by law’ The Guardian processed data from more than 1,000 Americans and
  • GOP lacks votes to challenge FCC's Net neutrality ruling, senator concedes (2015-02-24 20:56:40)
    Comments suggest a retreat in the fight against reclassifying broadband as a public utility.>
  • Ellen Pao vs. Kleiner Perkins trial kicks off with mudslinging (2015-02-24 20:55:39)
    In the high-stakes Silicon Valley case of he-said, she-said, lawyers for both sides argue over whether an atmosphere of gender discrimination persisted at Kleiner Perkins.>
  • Telltale Games and Lionsgate are working on a 'Super Show' TV series (2015-02-24 20:44:00)
  • Magic Leap clashes with Microsoft over augmented reality health risks (2015-02-24 20:33:12)
    Magic Leap CEO says Microsoft's HoloLens headset may be unsafe, but he ultimately raises more questions about the potential risks of immersing ourselves in 3D worlds.>
  • Three amputees become cyborgs through 'bionic reconstruction' (2015-02-24 20:28:21)
    Three Austrian men have received mind-controlled robotic arms, using a world-first technique called "bionic reconstruction.">
  • Daily Roundup: Pebble Time, GTA V delays and more! (2015-02-24 20:17:00)
  • Windows Phone has no shot at ever being relevant (2015-02-24 20:15:41)
    We hardly knew ye, Windows Phone. And I mean that literally almost none of us knew Windows Phone: The latest smartphone numbers from IDC are out and they show that Windows Phone has continued to lose market share over the past year even though it never had a strong market share to begin with. Overall, IDC found that Windows Phone’s total shipments “had the smallest year-over-year increase among the leading operating systems growing just 4.2%, well below the overall market.” The platform’s overall market share declined from an already tiny 3.3% in 2013 to an even more dismal 2.7% in 2014. RELATED: Microsoft comes up with another sneaky way to drive a wedge between Google and Android I’ve learned in my
  • Reddit, Google crack down on posting nude pics (2015-02-24 20:03:51)
    SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Reddit and Google are taking a tougher stance against nudity to prevent their services from turning into online peep shows.
  • Anthem says hack may affect more than 8.8 million other BCBS members (2015-02-24 19:58:02)
    By Caroline Humer NEW YORK (Reuters) - Health insurer Anthem Inc, which earlier this month reported that it was hit by a massive cyberbreach, said on Tuesday that 8.8 million to 18.8 million people who were members of other Blue Cross Blue Shield plans could be victims in the attack. Anthem, the second-largest U.S. health insurer, is part of a national network of independently run Blue Cross Blue Shield plans through which BCBS customers can receive medical services when they are in an area where BCBS is operated by a different company. It is those Blue Cross Blue Shield customers who were potentially affected because their records may be included in the database that was hacked, the company said. Anthem does not know the exact number of Anthem versus non-Anthem customers affected by the breach because of those incomplete records, which prevent it from linking all members with their plan, Anthem spokeswoman Kristin Binns said.
  • Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet apparently leaks ahead of MWC (2015-02-24 19:55:33)
    Chances are we'll see a few of those at Mobile World Congress next week in Barcelona, and we may have gotten an early glimpse of one already. An image and sparse details of the Xperia Z4 Tablet were accidentally posted to Sony's Xperia Lounge app before getting pulled, according to Xperia Blog. There aren't any other details for now, but we'll be sure to bring you the news from Barcelona next week.
  • California venture firm sexism trial hears of late night hotel visit (2015-02-24 19:48:53)
    By Sarah McBride and Dan Levine SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - On a 2011 business trip to New York, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers venture firm partner Trae Vassallo answered a late night knock on her hotel room door. A male colleague, Ajit Nazre, was standing there in his bathrobe and slippers. I said no," Vassallo said in testimony on Tuesday at the closely-watched trial over allegations of gender discrimination and retaliation against one of the highest-profile venture capital firms in the United States. "He asked again, and I said no," Vassalo told the jury hearing the case brought against the firm by Vassallo's colleague, former Kleiner partner Ellen Pao, who accused Kleiner of denying her promotions after she ended a brief affair with Nazre.
  • ESPN suspends Keith Olbermann for tweets (2015-02-24 19:43:20)
    Technically Incorrect: Twitter activity claims another public victim, as ESPN's iconoclast gets into an ill-advised spat with Penn State students.>
  • Russia will keep its pieces of the International Space Station in orbit (2015-02-24 19:40:00)
  • Hillary Clinton lends support to the FCC's net neutrality plan days before vote (2015-02-24 19:36:00)
    Former Secretary of State and First Lady Hillary Clinton today came out in support of the FCC's proposal to reclassify broadband as a utility — the cornerstone of its plan to put stronger net neutrality rules into effect. In a conversation today with Kara Swisher from Recode, Clinton said she agreed with classifying internet service providers as common carriers under Title II of the Telecommunications Act but also pointed out that there was more that could be done. "I think that for the FCC to do what they want to do -- to try to create net neutrality as the norm -- they have to have a hook to hang it on," Clinton said to Swisher. Regardless of Clinton's desire for a more comprehensive and modern telecommunications act that better accounts for the internet, she still said she'd vote for the FCC's current proposal. "It's not just net neutrality standing alone, end of debate," Clinton said.
  • Spouses Of H-1B Visa Holders Will Soon Be Able To Work In The U.S. (2015-02-24 19:31:41)
    SAN JOSE, Calif. (AP) — When Neha Mahajan's husband got a job transfer from New Delhi to New Jersey, she was excited to come along. But the thrill faded when the television reporter realized there was no way she could get a job in the United States because immigration rules barred her from working.Over six years, she became deeply frustrated....
  • How Google Chrome is keeping you safe from malware (2015-02-24 19:30:34)
    No matter how hard you work to ensure your private data stays safe, it’s impossible to account for every potential security threat, as most recently illustrated by Lenovo’s bizarre adware catastrophe. Thankfully, there are other technology companies that consider security a priority, which is why Google’s latest Safe Browsing expansion is worth highlighting. DON’T MISS: Not even turning off your Android phone can stop this malware from spying on you In order to protect users from downloading malicious software, Google has added an additional warning in Chrome when users visit any webpage where attackers “might attempt to trick you into installing programs that harm your browsing experience.” This bold, red warning coupled with the dialog box that appears before downloading a program could save
  • Android dominant in two-horse smartphone race: IDC (2015-02-24 19:04:43)
    Google Android dominated the global smartphone market in 2014, holding an 81.5 percent market share, with Apple's iOS second and no strong third player, market tracker IDC said Tuesday. Despite Apple's late surge on its newly released iPhones, the California giant saw its market share for the year drop slightly to 14.8 percent. The fourth quarter was better for Apple as it claimed 19.7 percent, IDC data showed. With Android and iOS holding some 96 percent of the market, there has been little progress from alternative platforms, with Windows Phone losing momentum and BlackBerry nearly disappearing, IDC said.
  • Meet an adorable ancient crocodile that had dental problems and a taste for mollusks (2015-02-24 19:01:02)
    An international research team of paleontologists has identified two new species of crocodiles that once lived in the Amazon during the Middle-Late Miocene epoch, over 5 million years ago. Pictured below, the Gnatusuchus pebasensis is an ancient crocodile with an adorable smile that's no less in need of braces. The paper, published in Proceedings of the Royal Society B, reports the discovery of a "highly diverse and endemic" community of crocodiles with the blunt-nosed croc at its center.
  • ​Xero secures NZ$147m in funding to grow US business (2015-02-24 18:57:36)
    Xero has received NZ$132.9 million from Accel Partners, and an additional NZ$14.3 million from its largest investor, Matrix Capital Management.
  • Copyright concerns hit Kickstarter campaign for wood turntable (2015-02-24 18:51:00)
  • Internet access limited in developing world (2015-02-24 18:48:01)
    Most people in the developing world do not use the Internet, with access limited by high costs, poor availability and a lack of relevant content, a Facebook report said Tuesday. Facebook, which carried out the study through its initiative that aims to boost connectivity around the world, said the rate of growth on the Internet is slowing. This is an incredible milestone, but it also means that only 40 percent of the world's population has ever connected to the Internet," the report said. In the developed world, some 76 percent of the population is online, but the figure is just 29.8 percent in developing nations, according to the research.
  • Rockstar Games has good news and bad news for fans of GTA 5 (2015-02-24 18:45:13)
    PC gamers are going to have to wait a few extra weeks for Grand Theft Auto 5. Rockstar Games announced on Tuesday that the PC version of the 2013 bestseller has been delayed once again to April 14th, as “a bit more time is needed to ensure that the game is as polished as possible.” READ MORE: Photographer compares GTA 5’s Los Santos to the real Los Angeles “The PC version of Grand Theft Auto 5 is our most graphically and technically advanced version yet, fully optimized to support a broad range of current hardware and features a host of PC-specific enhancements including greater levels of detail, deep configuration options and ultra-high-definition support – as well as the powerful new Rockstar Editor for recording,
  • Melbourne IT acquires Uber, but for domains (2015-02-24 18:42:00)
    Australian internet services provider Melbourne IT is forking out AU$15.5 million to acquire the Uber for domains; Canberra-headquartered cloud services and domain registration company Uber Global Group, that is.
  • Hollywood sign among historic LA sites in new Web database (2015-02-24 18:15:34)
    LOS ANGELES (AP) — From towering basketball legend Wilt Chamberlain's hillside home to downtown's towering art-deco high-rise buildings, Los Angeles is putting all its landmarks online.
  • Google’s email killer Inbox is finally coming to Apps accounts – how to request an invite (2015-02-24 18:00:49)
    Google’s so-called “email killer” Inbox is a fantastic new service from the search and software giant that aims to take some of the sting out of email. The app apes some key features found in a number of similar apps such as Mailbox, mixes in a few original functions, and wraps it all up in a user interface that is positively gorgeous. One of the key limitations for Inbox so far has been the lack of support for Google Apps accounts, so business users and people with their own domains have been unable to test Inbox. Starting soon, however, that will begin to change. DON’T MISS: How to get 100GB of cloud storage right now for free Google on Monday afternoon announced
  • Homeworld Remastered puts you in command of the most stunning space battles ever (2015-02-24 18:00:02)
    Homeworld, a space-based strategy game first released in 1999, is one example of this. Gearbox bought the rights to Homeworld after former owner THQ went bust, but the studio is typically known for first-person shooters like Borderlands and Brothers in Arms.
  • 'Homeworld: Remastered' is beautiful, but it's not the sequel you want (2015-02-24 18:00:00)
  • Brace yourselves for a new Guitar Hero (2015-02-24 17:58:00)
  • Spice up interfaces with Font Awesome's CSS-controlled icons (2015-02-24 17:55:36)
    See what the Font Awesome toolkit brings to the web app development table to enhance interfaces.
  • LA rolls out online database of historic sites (2015-02-24 17:54:30)
    LOS ANGELES (AP) — From towering basketball legend Wilt Chamberlain's hillside home to downtown's towering art-deco high-rise buildings, Los Angeles is putting all its landmarks online.
  • IPO off the table as Campaign Monitor drives US growth (2015-02-24 17:43:40)
    Australia's Campaign Monitor has taken the prospect of an IPO off the table in the near-future, as it works to expand its North American operations following last year's $250 million capital raising effort.
  • How Pebble made money by staying on Kickstarter (2015-02-24 17:36:12)
    If you were premiering an exclusive, heavily anticipated gadget, why would you do it on Kickstarter? It's been a much-asked question since this morning when Pebble did just that, dropping their new Pebble Time onto Kickstarter. There's the sentimental angle: Pebble started out on Kickstarter, and their strongest supporters are still Kickstarter backers who bought in early. Then there's that meta-sentimental offshoot, the PR angle: as long as they're on Kickstarter, they look like the scrappy underdogs, set to do battle with the juggernaut Apple Watch this summer.
  • Kickstarter's 'Zach Braff' problem gets worse with the Pebble Time (2015-02-24 17:30:00)
  • FHIR ignites visions of a health app ecosystem (2015-02-24 17:23:58)
    ​A major standards upgrade will boost access to health information. It could even support ambitious plans for an app store for the health sector.
  • Pebble Time smartwatch breaks Kickstarter records (2015-02-24 17:19:47)
    As the new Pebble smartwatch blows up on Kickstarter, a dark Power Rangers fan-film blows our minds. Also, the Roadie app makes a sweet combo with Waffle House, and we check out Apple's ethnically diverse emoji.>
  • Android dominant in two-horse smartphone race (2015-02-24 17:16:37)
    Google Android dominated the global smartphone market in 2014, holding an 81.5 percent market share, with Apple's iOS second and no strong third player, market tracker IDC said Tuesday. Despite Apple's late surge on its newly released iPhones, the California giant saw its market share for the year drop slightly to 14.8 percent. The fourth quarter was better for Apple as it claimed 19.7 percent, IDC data showed. With Android and iOS holding some 96 percent of the market, there has been little progress from alternative platforms, with Windows Phone losing momentum and BlackBerry nearly disappearing, IDC said.
  • Trial begins in high-profile Silicon Valley sex bias case (2015-02-24 17:15:19)
    SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — A lawyer for a former junior partner suing a venture capital firm in a Silicon Valley sex bias suit contended Tuesday that his client was passed over for promotions because she was a woman and then fired after she complained.
  • Hortonworks Q4 misses on revenue (2015-02-24 17:15:00)
    This marks the first quarterly filing for the company since its ​IPO in December of last year, when its stock popped 65 percent on the first day of trading.
  • The all-female Ghostbusters film is inspired by The Walking Dead (2015-02-24 17:10:34)
    Paul Feig's upcoming Ghostbusters reboot is definitely going to be scarier than the originals. During an interview on AMC's Talking Dead on Sunday, the Bridesmaids director admitted that he felt "very inspired" by The Walking Dead, and is looking to bring a similar sense of constant dread to the comedy. We already know that Feig and writer Katie Dippold intend on blending actual horror with comedy for the reboot. Late last year, the director told Empire Magazine that, though the scary bits wouldn't override the comedic performances, "Katie and I are so focused on wanting to do scary comedy.
  • How Apple might soon become the world’s first $1 trillion dollar company (2015-02-24 17:10:29)
    With shares of Apple now hovering in the $133 range, Apple’s market cap currently checks in at a whopping $775 billion. To put that figure into perspective, Apple is worth more than double the value of Exxon. Even more impressive is that Apple is now worth more than the market values of Google and Microsoft combined; together, both companies are worth $727 billion. RELATED: Apple is now worth more than Microsoft and Google combined Looking ahead, it’s only natural to wonder if and when Apple might become the first company to ever reach $1 trillion in value. Crunching some numbers, Apple reaching a $1 trillion market cap isn’t as outlandish as it may initially sound. If we assume, for the sake of
  • Microsoft kills off Google and Facebook chat for (2015-02-24 17:07:31)
    Microsoft is revealing today that it plans to kill off Google and Facebook chat from its email service "within the next couple of weeks." In an email to customers, Microsoft says it’s removing Google Talk integration "due to Google’s decision to discontinue the chat protocol used by the Google Talk platform." Microsoft will also be discontinuing support for Facebook chat in, but the company has not revealed why it’s killing off the social network’s chat integration. Facebook and Google services for also integrate with the people feature of the webmail service and keep contacts up-to-date, and Microsoft says this feature will be unaffected by the decision to discontinue the chat options.
  • Watching every breath taken during Oscars speeches will give you a panic attack (2015-02-24 17:07:22)
    Fun fact: celebrities draw breath. It's true! Similar to the rest of us, humanity's performers and entertainers do, in fact, interact with the air around us as a means of survival — sometimes even unconsciously.
  • Led Zeppelin's full catalog is now streaming on Rdio and Tidal (2015-02-24 17:04:00)
  • Factbox: Silicon Valley gender discrimination allegations (2015-02-24 17:02:03)
    (Reuters) - A lawsuit in 2012 by Ellen Pao, a former junior partner of venture firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers over allegations of gender discrimination and retaliation has helped shine a spotlight on accusations of sexism at Silicon Valley companies. The following are some of the examples: January 2015 - Stanford graduate Elise Clougherty sues Formation 8 partner Joe Lonsdale over allegations of sexual harassment, sexual assault and other charges. ...
  • Microsoft to drop Facebook, Google Chat integration in (2015-02-24 16:47:00)
    Microsoft is discontinuing Facebook and Google Chat integration in, and is advising users to use Skype instead.
  • Watch HBO’s hilarious Game of Thrones blooper reel right now (2015-02-24 16:45:09)
    There are few shows on television as gripping, gruesome and dramatic as Game of Thrones, but as with any television show, the actors still occasionally flub their lines, drop their props and stumble across the landscape of Westeros. Ahead of the season 5 premiere, a short clip of bloopers from last season has started making the rounds, seemingly as part of the Game of Thrones exhibit that will be touring the world this year. FROM EARLIER: HBO just released two deleted scenes from ‘Game of Thrones’ – watch them right here Here’s the blooper reel from the Game of Thrones YouTube page: And once you’re done watching that, you should also watch the season 4 bloopers that were shown at Comic-Con last year. They’re
  • What you need to know about HTTP/2 (2015-02-24 16:40:00)
  • Drones still useful in supply chains despite FAA regulations (2015-02-24 16:35:55)
    Asset monitoring and remote delivery among uses for recently regulated drone technology.
  • VMware hires its new CIO away from Juniper Networks (2015-02-24 16:31:00)
    With its current CIO on his way to Washington, VMware has plucked up the CIO at Juniper Networks.
  • The Machine Age Is Approaching. Here's How We Can Prepare. (2015-02-24 16:29:31)
    The Berggruen Institute's Dawn Nakagawa recently spoke with Andrew McAfee, a co-founder of MIT's Initiative on the Digital Economy.Your book The Second Machine Age opens with an explanation of how the Industrial Revolution is the only event that bent the curve of history, causing a massive population explosion and accelerated progress in...
  • Anthem says at least 8.8 million non-customers could be victims in data hack (2015-02-24 16:29:06)
    Health insurer Anthem Inc, which earlier this month reported that it was hit by a massive cyberbreach, said on Tuesday that 8.8 million to 18.8 million people who were not its customers could be victims in the attack. Anthem, the country's second-largest health insurer, is part of a national network of independently run Blue Cross Blue Shield plans through which BCBS customers can receive medical services when they are in an area where BCBS is operated by a different company. It is those Blue Cross Blue Shield customers who were potentially affected because their records may be included in the database that was hacked, the company said. Anthem updated the total number of records accessed in the database to 78.8 million customers from its initial estimate of 80 million, which includes 14 million incomplete records that it found.
  • PumpUp review (2015-02-24 16:28:33)
    Share photos, track your fitness, and get inspired by over 1 million members of TeamPumpUp
  • Android Kids' Tablets Full of Dangerous Security Flaws (2015-02-24 16:26:06)
    Several top-selling Android tablets made for children have serious security flaws that could expose kids to malware and identity theft, a new report from a mobile security provider finds. The report, released today (Feb. 24) by San Francisco-based Bluebox, ranks the Fuhu Nabi 2 best in class out of nine tablets evaluated, yet notes that the Nabi barely scored above a 5 on Bluebox's 10-point trustworthiness scale. "You get what you pay for in terms of data privacy and security," the Bluebox report said, noting that some of the cheaper devices came with development builds of Android that were insecure by design. In addition to the Nabi 2, iDeaPLAY and Orbo Jr., the devices tested were the Contixo Kids 7, the iRulu Kid Pad, the Kurio 7s, the ProntoTec 7-inch WiMo, the Southern Telecom Smartab and the Sprout Channel Cubby.
  • FBI "close" to identifying Anthem hackers, as dozens of state-sponsored groups identified (2015-02-24 16:19:00)
    The federal agency is cracking down on state-sponsored cyber-threat groups.
  • I got a connected surveillance camera, but used it mainly as a puppycam (2015-02-24 16:15:00)
  • HP posts mixed Q1 results as revenue slips with weak Q2 outlook (2015-02-24 16:09:00)
    HP CEO Meg Whitman stressed the "currency challenge" (a stronger U.S. Dollar) will cause a greater impact in 2015 than originally predicted last quarter.
  • Atlantis Word Processor review (2015-02-24 16:05:00)
    Create high-quality documents in a user-friendly word processor
  • U.S. offers highest-ever reward for Russian hacker (2015-02-24 16:02:48)
    By Mark Hosenball WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. State Department and FBI on Tuesday announced a $3 million reward for information leading to the arrest or conviction of Russian national Evgeniy Bogachev, the highest bounty U.S. authorities have ever offered in a cyber case. The Federal Bureau of Investigation also issued a "Wanted" poster for Bogachev, who is charged in the United States with running a computer attack network called GameOver Zeus that allegedly stole more than $100 million from online bank accounts. Bogachev has been charged by federal authorities in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with conspiracy, computer hacking, wire fraud, bank fraud and money laundering in connection with his alleged role as administrator of GameOver Zeus.
  • FBI offers $3 million reward for Russian 'cyber fugitive' (2015-02-24 16:00:42)
    The FBI today announced it's offering a $3 million reward for information leading to the direct arrest or capture of Evgeniy Mikhailovich Bogachev, who the bureau is labeling "a prolific cyber criminal" guilty of helping push along the crippling GameOver Zeus botnet. "The software was used to capture bank account numbers, passwords, personal identification numbers, and other information necessary to log into online banking accounts," the FBI said in a press release meant to shine an unwanted spotlight on Bogachev. Bogachey is believed to be in Russia, so the FBI can't really pin its hopes on an extradition. Instead, the bureau is flaunting a lot of cash in the open, likely believing that the reward could put Bogachev in a risky position if and when he exits Russia.
  • US offers $3 mn reward for Russian sought in bank hack (2015-02-24 15:59:40)
    The State Department made the announcement of the reward for information on Evgeniy Mikhailovich Bogachev, believed to be the administrator of the group that created the "GameOver Zeus" malware that enabled thieves to break into bank accounts in 12 countries. Bogachev is already on the FBI "cyber's most wanted" list and is believed to be living in Russia.
  • Showdown: Comparing Android 5.0 Lollipop on Samsung, LG and HTC’s top phones (2015-02-24 15:55:00)
    It’s been a long time coming, but many of the latest flagship Android devices have finally received their respective Lollipop updates. Android 5.0 Lollipop has some issues of its own, but there’s no question that the UI is a major visual improvement over its predecessor. But not every Android 5.0 phone looks the same. READ MORE: The one battle against iOS 8 that Android Lollipop is winning PhoneArena decided to compare the different versions of Lollipop by taking screenshots of four separate user interfaces: stock Android, Samsung’s TouchWiz, HTC’s Sense and LG’s UI (which doesn’t feature a weird moniker). Each phone maker has made different design decisions, but as PhoneArena notes, there is a growing degree of “uniformity in the way
  • Watch a rogue daredevil comet survive grazing the sun (2015-02-24 15:48:50)
    A lone-wolf comet buzzes the sun and surprises researchers by making it out on the other side.>
  • Watch a blind man use a bionic eye to see his wife for the first time in a decade (2015-02-24 15:46:32)
    The Guardian has posted a video that will melt your heart into an mushy stew. According to the short, a blind man has the ability to see his wife after 10 years. Allen Zderared, now in his late 60s, began to lose his site nearly two decades ago, but thanks to a prototype bionic eye and the help of Minnesota's Mayo Clinic, the Minnesotan can "see shapes and human forms."
  • Here's how to make mini 'rockets' out of tea bags (2015-02-24 15:43:55)
    DIY guru DaveHax is back with another one fun but pointless project. Here, he makes miniature "rockets" out of nothing more than a standard tea bag. Remember, safety first.>
  • New Guitar Hero and Rock Band games are reportedly coming to Xbox One and PS4 (2015-02-24 15:40:02)
    According to Kotaku, a new Guitar Hero game for PS4 and Xbox One could be announced at E3 in June, and the report claims that the game may bring a more realistic style to the typically cartoony series. Meanwhile, last week Bloomberg reported that a revival of the Rock Band series was in the works, also for the Xbox One and PS4. The last console version of Guitar Hero was released in 2010, which was the same year that Rock Band 3 launched on the Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii. While music games haven't exactly gone away in the interim, the genre of music simulators complete with bulky, plastic instruments died a quick death after several years of prominence.
  • Leaked HTC One M9 videos confirm new cameras and software tricks (2015-02-24 15:39:00)
  • Lawyer: Firm hit with bias suit a leader in recruiting women (2015-02-24 15:37:25)
    SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — An attorney for a Silicon Valley venture capital firm being sued in a sex bias case says the firm has been a leader in recruiting and supporting women in technology.
  • Feds say skin cancer apps are deceptive (2015-02-24 15:36:07)
    The Federal Trade Commission charges several promoters of supposed melanoma-detection apps with deceptive marketing and says they must provide evidence to back up their claims.>
  • Democratic FCC commissioner reportedly has some problems with net neutrality proposal (2015-02-24 15:35:48)
    One of the commissioners whose vote will be needed to pass the FCC's new net neutrality proposal on Thursday appears to have some concerns over the rules. The Hill reports that Democratic commissioner and former acting-chairwoman Mignon Clyburn would like see some adjustments to the proposal, seemingly in order to provide more clarity for companies investing in broadband. Critically, the changes she's interested in appear to be minor and would still leave in place the bulk of the proposal, including Title II reclassification. Commission chairman Tom Wheeler only wants to apply them to a single service: the internet service that consumers buy from ISPs. This is basically a contingency plan to make sure that reclassification doesn't totally fail, but both the uncertainty of how it will play out and the commission's suggestion that there are kind-of-sort-of two separate services going on here are issues that Clyburn reportedly views as problems.
  • Kleiner firm was not level playing field for women, jury told (2015-02-24 15:35:17)
    By Sarah McBride and Dan Levine SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, the investment firm that has backed tech companies from Google to Amazon, fired a woman junior partner after she complained of gender discrimination, her lawyer said at trial on Tuesday. Former Kleiner partner Ellen Pao accuses the firm of denying her promotions after she complained about harassment by a male partner. In San Francisco Superior Court on Tuesday, Pao's lawyer Alan Exelrod said in his opening statement that Kleiner had promoted only one woman to senior investing partner by 2011, despite more than 40 years in business. "Was there a level playing field for Ellen Pao at Kleiner Perkins?" Exelrod said to the jury.
  • President Obama vetoes Keystone XL pipeline (2015-02-24 15:32:41)
    Nearly two weeks after Congress approved the controversial Keystone XL pipeline, President Obama has officially vetoed the bill calling for its construction, stating that the project is not in the national interest. The decision follows a clear statement from the White House last month saying the president would not sign the bill into law if Congress, currently controlled by Republican lawmakers, passed it. The proposed Keystone XL pipeline is a 1,179-mile pipe that would carry 830,000 barrels of crude oil from Canadian oil sands to oil refineries on the Gulf Coast of Texas. The cost of the project has ballooned to $8 billion since it was first proposed in 2008, and though an earlier Keystone bill died in the Senate last year, the Republican-controlled Congress passed it this January.
  • New HTC One M9 detailed in leaked promotional videos (2015-02-24 15:25:40)
    HTC is expected to announce the One M9 in just a few days at Mobile World Congress, but as is often the case with new smartphones, virtually all of the details about the device have leaked beforehand. We've already seen renders of what the M9 will look like (it looks like the M8 with a bigger camera module and no DuoCam sensor), but now three promotional videos have been published on YouTube by user upleaks.
  • Chrome's 1,000th web experiment visualizes all the others (2015-02-24 15:20:00)
  • Facebook claims 2 million advertisers (2015-02-24 15:16:34)
    Facebook said Tuesday it has boosted the number of advertisers on the social network to two million as it launched a mobile app for those managing their commercial pitches. Dan Levy, Facebook's vice president for global marketing and small business, said the number of advertisers has doubled over the past year and a half. Levy said the new Ads Manager app would give those advertisers the ability to manage their ads from mobile devices, as Facebook becomes increasingly used on smartphones and tablets. A Facebook post signed by chief executive Mark Zuckerberg and chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg paid tribute to the small businesses using Facebook, and noted that the Ads Manager app for Apple devices would be available as of Tuesday and in the next two weeks worldwide.
  • The Student of Tech: Talib Kweli (2015-02-24 15:14:26)
    Photo Credit: Dorothy HongTalib Kweli is a name synonymous with many things. When you hear it you think amazing artist or social activist, but one thing you may not first imagine is tech enthusiast. There is no mystery around the fact the music scene has drastically changed in the past decade, whether it is from streaming music, digital...
  • Stardock to deliver a Windows 10 Start menu replacement (2015-02-24 15:10:04)
    Stardock, the company that created a popular Start menu for Windows 8, is back with a beta of a Start menu replacement for Windows 10.
  • ​Chromebook Pixel, the Rolls-Royce of Chromebooks, is getting a refresh (2015-02-24 15:06:52)
    Google won't confirm it, but it's clear that there's a new version of the Chromebook Pixel on its way.
  • ​Video beautification app Looksery reaches Android too (2015-02-24 14:55:54)
    The video effects app, which can make faces look better, funnier or weirder, should grow in usage now that it supports the second major mobile operating system.>
  • What's new on Netflix and Amazon for March 2015 (2015-02-24 14:54:43)
    Find out what's going online and offline on your favorite online streaming services right here.>
  • Reddit cracks down on posting nude pics (2015-02-24 14:53:18)
    NEW YORK (AP) — Social-networking and news site Reddit says it will remove photos, videos and links with explicit content if the person in the image hasn't given permission for it to be posted.
  • 10 things you should know about Docker (2015-02-24 14:52:00)
    Container technology isn't new, but that hasn't stopped Docker from taking the world by storm.
  • Anthem says breach impacted at least 8.8 million non-Anthem customers (2015-02-24 14:44:41)
    (Reuters) - Health insurer Anthem Inc, which earlier this month reported that hackers had breached a patient database, said on Tuesday that between 8.8 million and 18.8 million customers of non-Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield plans were impacted by the attack. Anthem, the country's second largest health insurer, has found that 78.8 million people in all had their information accessed when hackers broke into its database compared with an initial count of around 80 million, Anthem spokeswoman Kristin Binns said. Other Blue Cross Blue Shield plans in states such as Texas and Florida are run independently.
  • Reddit requires consent to post nude photos or videos (2015-02-24 14:43:00)
  • Pebble takes on Apple Watch with a new Kickstarter that’s raised over $5 million in less than a day (2015-02-24 14:42:28)
    Pebble Technology, the company that made one of the best-selling smartwatches to date, seems ready to fight against Apple’s first smartwatch with a brand-new product of its own. To better compete against Apple’s highly customizable device, Pebble has come up with a new smartwatch design that it first revealed on Tuesday as part of its newest Kickstarter project. And, unsurprisingly, the project is off to a great start, having already hit more than $5 million in pledges, or five times its initial $500,000 funding goal. FROM EARLIER: Apple Watch’s only real competition looks stunning in this new video With 31 days left in the new Kickstarter campaign, Pebble has already convinced more than 24,000 backers to pledge money to the device. The Pebble Time
  • Google's Blogger to put sexually explicit content behind privacy wall (2015-02-24 14:33:31)
    The search company says any blog with sexually explicit content or graphic nudity will be made private as of March 23. Blogs created after that may be removed, depending on the severity of the content.>
  • Free VPN review (2015-02-24 14:31:00)
    Surf anonymously at full broadband speed
  • Free Picture Resizer review (2015-02-24 14:23:00)
    Optimize your images and change their size
  • iOS 9: Simple fixes that could make your iPhone 6 even better (2015-02-24 14:21:30)
    Apple’s iOS 9 software update is rumored to focus on stability improvements following the wave of criticism that hit Apple’s latest operating systems, iOS 8 and Yosemite. A recent report revealed that Apple’s latest mobile OS release isn’t as stable as Google’s, though Google’s Lollipop isn’t as widely used as iOS 8, of course. Now, ZDNet has put together a list of iOS 8 annoyances that Apple could consider fixing in order to further improve the overall iPhone and iPad experience. DON’T MISS: 11 great Google apps you’ve probably never even heard of One of the most obvious “problems” with iOS is storage, especially when it comes to updating older devices to a new version. Apple could improve the way users can manage storage
  • Nintoaster stuffs a Nintendo console into a retro toaster (2015-02-24 14:10:41)
    Shiny appliances and breakfast food come together with an 8-bit classic Nintendo system to create a retro marvel of a gaming console.>
  • Dark and gritty 'Power Rangers' vision is not for children (2015-02-24 13:58:28)
    Blood, drugs and curse words go flying in a bootleg "Power Rangers" short that is strictly for grown-up fans.>
  • Review: Apple-centric 'Modern Family' goes beyond gimmicks (2015-02-24 13:53:05)
    NEW YORK (AP) — When "Modern Family" producers revealed that they recorded this week's episode entirely with the iPhone and other Apple products, I was skeptical. I've seen too many good shows decline in quality over time. I worried this 6-year-old show was resorting to a gimmick.
  • Emsisoft Anti-Malware review (2015-02-24 13:51:00)
    Detect various types of malicious software
  • Algorithm determines which rappers have the slickest rhymes (2015-02-24 13:48:00)
  • Christina Aguilera's pop star impressions are surprisingly awesome (2015-02-24 13:46:28)
    So, you'd be forgiven for thinking that the deck was stacked against Christina Aguilera when Fallon asked her to take part in a game of musical impressions with him last night on The Tonight Show. Aguilera's Cher was no match for her Britney Spears impression, however.
  • Netflix already killed your video store and it’s coming after broadcast TV next (2015-02-24 13:45:09)
    For years, the decline in broadcast audiences has been sort of a mild, persistent headache for TV executives. U.S. viewership of “linear television” has been dipping at a speed of few percentage points per year: In some quarters, the drop stabilized for a spell while in others, it briefly expanded to 4% or 6%. But the Nielsen numbers from the second half of 2014 are the worst on record for a six-month period because U.S. television audience decline accelerated by a scary 7% in Q4 2014. DON’T MISS: All the great new movies and shows you can stream on Netflix this week Has American consumer behavior turned a corner? The problem with projecting consumer behavior shifts is that new trends can start off deceptively sluggishly,
  • Monitor battery status with the help of these five free apps (2015-02-24 13:41:00)
    Don't get caught short with a powerless device. These apps make it easy to monitor and conserve battery life.
  • In major shift, Reddit cracks down on stolen nudes and revenge porn (2015-02-24 13:36:35)
    After years of taking a hands-off approach to nude photos posted without their subjects' permission, Reddit today put new restrictions on explicit content. Beginning March 10th, Reddit users can no longer post nude photos or pictures of sex acts without subjects' consent. The move comes in the face of widespread criticism following last year's leak of hundreds of nude celebrity photos, many of which were hosted and gleefully discussed on Reddit forums. The move came after a discussion at a recent company meeting, according to a notice posted on Reddit about the new policy.
  • Street Fighter V will feature the character that always dies (2015-02-24 13:33:07)
    Charlie Nash has been part of the Street Fighter canon since Street Fighter 2. In its story, we learn that Nash's death at the hands of M. Bison inspired his mentee, the military beefcake Guile, to join the Street Fighter tournament, creating a morbid loop in the franchise's mythos. Nash first appeared as a playable character in the prequel series, Street Fighter Alpha. He's murdered by Bison in Street Fighter Alpha: Warrior's Dreams, betrayed by his own soldiers and tossed off a waterfall in the second Alpha game, and Alpha 3's story has Nash sacrifice himself to keep Bison inside a base set to explode.
  • Lenovo hit by lawsuit over Superfish adware (2015-02-24 13:32:06)
    Consumers and attorneys are already looking to the legal system for recourse following revelations that Lenovo installed potentially dangerous software on its PCs.>
  • In Apple's latest update, emojis get diverse (2015-02-24 13:31:25)
    NEW YORK (AP) — Lovers of emojis, the cute graphics that punctuate online writing and texts, will soon be able to pick from different skin tones on Apple devices.
  • Sony Pictures names new studio co-chair after hacking embarrassment (2015-02-24 13:23:05)
    Earlier this month Sony Pictures co-chair Amy Pascal was pushed out of her role in the wake of the company's embarrassing hack attack, and today the studio is starting its new era. Former 20th Century Fox head Tom Rothman has been named as Pascal's replacement, where he'll serve as the chair of Sony's Motion Picture Group. There he oversaw huge blockbusters like Titanic, Avatar, and the X-Men franchise. He left in 2012, and joined Sony in 2013 to bring the company's TriStar movie label back to life.
  • Microsoft opens up OneDrive storage for developers to integrate into apps (2015-02-24 13:18:27)
    Microsoft is opening up its cloud storage service, OneDrive, to developers today so they can start integrating it directly into applications. The introduction of a OneDrive API means Microsoft’s cloud storage moves even closer to Dropbox functionality, and it will likely mean more developers start to use OneDrive in their apps. Dropbox’s API is a big selling point for the cloud storage service, and lots of third-party apps have made use of it. Microsoft has been trying to convince consumers to try OneDrive with lots of free storage promotions recently, and the company has even offered up 100GB of space to Dropbox users.
  • AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard Edition review (2015-02-24 13:17:40)
    Partition your hard drive safely and without data loss
  • The PC version of 'Grand Theft Auto V' is delayed... again (2015-02-24 13:16:00)
  • Looking for that next T-Mobile update? Check this website (2015-02-24 13:12:41)
    A new online tool helps software enthusiasts keep an eye on their smartphone updates.>
  • The NSA's SIM heist could have given it the power to plant spyware on any phone (2015-02-24 13:09:09)
    Last week, The Intercept published shocking new documents detailing a campaign by US and UK spies to hack into the SIM manufacturer Gemalto, stealing crucial encryption keys that protect and authenticate cellphone signals. Why would the GCHQ go to so much trouble for access to data they mostly already have? The stolen SIM keys don't just give the NSA the power to listen in on calls, but potentially to plant spyware on any phone at any time. The NSA and GCHQ are pursuing that capability, it could be one of the biggest threats unearthed by Snowden so far.
  • Apple's Genius Bar to get smarter with 'Concierge' -- report (2015-02-24 13:06:10)
    People will soon be able to walk into the Apple Store, explain their issue and receive an estimated wait time based on the severity of the problem, according to a new report.>
  • On Steve Jobs’ 60th birthday, Apple has never been stronger (2015-02-24 13:05:40)
    Today marks what would have been Steve Jobs’ 60th birthday. While Apple’s website hasn’t been changed to acknowledge the date, Apple CEO Tim Cook published a tweet earlier today in honor of Jobs. DON’T MISS: Text this ‘Magic’ number and you can get anything you want Cook’s tweet reads in part, “The only way to do great work is to love what you do”, a sentence Jobs famously uttered in his iconic Stanford commencement speech. Remembering Steve, who would have turned 60 today. “The only way to do great work is to love what you do.” — Tim Cook (@tim_cook) February 24, 2015 With Steve Jobs‘ 60th birthday upon us, it’s perhaps an appropriate time to quickly take stock of how Apple
  • @Max SyncUp review (2015-02-24 13:01:00)
    Back up and synchronize data on a local network or over the Internet
  • Kleiner firm was not level playing field for women, trial told (2015-02-24 13:00:44)
    By Sarah McBride and Dan Levine SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, the investment firm that has backed tech companies from Google to Amazon, fired a woman junior partner after she complained of gender discrimination, her lawyer said at trial on Tuesday. Former Kleiner partner Ellen Pao accuses the firm of firing her after she complained about harassment by a male partner. The case helped spark a broad discussion in Silicon Valley about sexism. In San Francisco Superior Court on Tuesday, Pao's lawyer Alan Exelrod said in his opening statement that Kleiner had promoted only one woman to senior investing partner by 2011, despite roughly 40 years in business.
  • This is the superhero Marvel is teasing in the new Avengers: Age of Ultron poster (2015-02-24 12:56:27)
    Marvel has released a new poster for Avengers: Age of Ultron, and while it isn't as intense as the first one (see "fighting a swarm of robots," below), this poster underscores the studios' ongoing tease of the film's brand new superhero, Vision. In the comics, Vision (or "The Vision") is an android created by Ultron, our eponymous villain, but is convinced by The Avengers to fight alongside the good guys. The actor portraying Vision has also served as the voice of JARVIS, Tony Stark's AI companion, since the first Iron Man film. It's not long now — The Avengers: Age of Ultron will hit theaters May 1st, 2015.
  • Google Chromebook Pixel 2 confirmed, but don't expect much supply (2015-02-24 12:48:06)
    A Google exec says that the Chromebook Pixel 2 will be designed for developers and is coming "soon.">
  • Crowd-based shipping service lets you use Waffle House for pickups (2015-02-24 12:42:00)
  • Elon Musk reveals how much Apple is offering Tesla employees to jump ship (2015-02-24 12:40:30)
    One seriously overlooked detail from last week’s big Bloomberg report on Apple’s car project was that Tesla CEO Elon Musk has revealed just how far Apple is willing to go to bring his best workers over to Cupertino. In fact, Musk actually told Bloomberg that Apple is “offering $250,000 signing bonuses and 60 percent salary increases” for jumping ship. RELATED: Apple is no long Apple — but Tesla is Any way you slice it, that is a pretty aggressive pursuit on Apple’s part. tells us that the average salary for a Tesla engineer is somewhere between $95,000 and $121,000 depending on the kind of work they’re doing. For absolute simplicity’s sake, let’s assume Apple tries to lure away an
  • Whatever you do, don't make Magneto Cat angry (2015-02-24 12:36:13)
    Cats are finicky eaters, but some felines should never be crossed when it comes to their vittles. Find out why cats with superpowers should be taken seriously in "X-Men: Magneto Cat.">
  • Need to sober up? A shot of the 'love hormone' could do the trick (2015-02-24 12:34:18)
    Researchers from Australia and Germany find that buzzed mice treated with oxytocin act less drunk than normal. Could the findings have implications for sloshed humans?>
  • Apple Pay could benefit from Visa Europe's new security (2015-02-24 12:22:36)
    Visa's "tokenization" service substitutes your credit card data with random numbers when you pay for items with your phone, a move that could open the door for Apple Pay and its rivals.>
  • A violent, delusional Gamergate psychopath is actually a comedian's terrible hoax (2015-02-24 12:22:10)
    One of the weirdest and most disturbing moments of Gamergate — the point where a "former future marine" named Jace Connors apparently crashed his car in an attempt to locate developer Brianna Wu — is looking like a hoax. Poe's Law dictates that without a wink and nod, there's no way to create a parody of extremism that someone won't mistake for the real thing.
  • Lenovo wants cleaner software bundles to avoid security disasters (2015-02-24 12:09:00)
  • South African spooks red-faced from latest spy data leak (2015-02-24 12:07:46)
    By Ed Cropley JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) - A mass leak of South African espionage secrets will cause many foreign agencies to think twice before sharing information with Pretoria, hampering its efforts to walk a delicate diplomatic tightrope between East and West, experts said on Tuesday. Britain's Guardian paper and Gulf TV channel Al Jazeera said they had obtained hundreds of dossiers, files and cables from the world's top spy agencies to and from South Africa, dubbing it "one of the biggest spy leaks in recent times". The biggest revelation so far is an assessment by Mossad that counters Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu - backed by a cartoon picture of a bomb - asserting at the United Nations in 2012 that Iran was a year away from making a nuclear device. Iran was "not performing the activity necessary to produce weapons", the Israeli agency said in one report that outlined its understanding of Tehran's attempts to produce enriched uranium, the main ingredient for a nuclear bomb.
  • Sleep monitor Sense goes on sale today after hit Kickstarter campaign (2015-02-24 12:06:23)
    The sleep-tracking device Sense was a hit when it launched on Kickstarter last year, blowing past its $100,000 goal to reach over $2.4 million in total backing. Sense was originally supposed to be delivered to backers in November — while it missed that goal, the company behind it is today announcing that units are starting to ship out. Sales for Sense are also opening up to the public, at $129 each, and new orders are expected to ship this month.
  • The best part of Final Fantasy VII is now in FFXIV (2015-02-24 12:05:01)
    Final Fantasy VII is fondly remembered for a lot of reasons: its epic scope and huge world, the (at the time) stunning cinematic presentation, and of course all of the spiky hair and big swords. Now you can relive that iconic location thanks to a new update to the massively multiplayer game Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. Launching today, patch 2.51 for A Realm Reborn introduces the Gold Saucer as a location in the game. It might not be the same without Tifa, Barret, and the gang, but the new Gold Saucer looks like a very welcome dose of nostalgia.
  • Chicago police are running a horrifying CIA-style black site out of a warehouse (2015-02-24 11:59:35)
    A remarkable report from Spencer Ackerman at The Guardian has revealed in detail the existence of an interrogation facility used by Chicago police to detain and hold people in secret. If that sounds familiar, it's because the US has used similar facilities around the world since 9/11 in its prosecution of the "war on terror." CIA "black sites" around the world have been used to secretly detain, interrogate, and torture alleged enemies of state. Use of these sites for "extraordinary rendition" is one of the darkest aspects of the US war on terror, and has been the target of criticism from a broad spectrum of observers. In one instance, The Guardian reports, 12 people who were protesting a Nato summit in 2012 were taken to the warehouse. One man, Jacob Church, says he was cuffed to a bench for around 17 hours and interrogated without receiving Miranda rights.
  • Take a look at the inside and outside of Japan's Godzilla hotel (2015-02-24 11:57:41)
    The hotel, located above Toho Cinema, will celebrate its grand opening by installing a large Godzilla head on its lower roof deck. A handful of rooms will also be themed around the world's most famous city-destroying monster, which raises the question: what would a honeymoon suite look like in a Godzilla-themed hotel? In the "Godzilla Room," a romantic couple may enjoy the company of a human-sized Godzilla statue, and savor the tingles elicited by a humongous Godzilla hand that threatens to smash them into their separate beds.
  • Makerbot's Jenny Lawton out as CEO in another executive shuffle (2015-02-24 11:54:00)
    Lawton became acting CEO of Makerbot after the Brooklyn-based company's co-founder Bre Pettis stepped down last fall to take over Stratasys' Innovation Workshop.
  • Singapore 2015 budget retains focus on SMBs, innovation (2015-02-24 11:49:00)
    Government continues to provide financial support to encourage skills upgrading and drive research and development efforts in the country. SMBs are offered grants to innovate and expand internationally.
  • Q&A: David Cronenberg on Maps to the Stars and his 'cathartic' first US shoot (2015-02-24 11:48:45)
    Director David Cronenberg has always made a point of staying outside of the American film industry. The product of a long-developing collaboration with Los Angeles novelist and screenwriter Bruce Wagner, Maps to the Stars is, frankly, pretty bonkers and unflinching in its sprawling depiction of a family afflicted by the disease of fame. At its center is Julianne Moore as Havana Segrand, a washed-up aging starlet, and Mia Wasikowska as the celebrity-obsessed runaway who becomes her personal assistant. Emily Yoshida: You've been making films since the '60s, and yet up to this point you've managed to avoid shooting in Hollywood.
  • BlackBerry Classic coming to Verizon on February 26th (2015-02-24 11:38:27)
    The BlackBerry Classic will launch on Verizon Wireless this Thursday, February 26th. You'll be able to buy its "familiar design and iconic keyboard" — two things BlackBerry has really found itself clinging to — for $99.99 on contract. First up are online orders; in-store availability will come a bit later on March 5th.
  • Pebble launches new smartwatch on Kickstarter (2015-02-24 11:34:18)
    Back in April 2012 a company no one had heard of launched a campaign on a crowd-funding site to fund a product that no one thought that they needed -- a smartwatch. The first Pebble watch, with a monochrome e-ink display and a week-long battery life went on sale to the public in 2013, and by February this year the company had sold its 1 millionth smartwatch.
  • In Apple's latest update, emoji get diverse (2015-02-24 11:30:00)
    NEW YORK (AP) — Lovers of emoji, the cute graphics that punctuate online writing and texts, will soon be able to pick from different skin tones on Apple devices.
  • Engadget giveaway: win a Darkside Ollie courtesy of Sphero! (2015-02-24 11:30:00)
  • 2015’s iPhone 6s will be a huge cash cow for Apple’s biggest rival (2015-02-24 11:29:12)
    Apple sold a tremendous number of iPhone 6 units in the holiday quarter, significantly outpacing rivals when it comes to smartphones sales and profits. A similar iPhone 6s success later this year would also benefit Samsung this time around, as the company will reportedly provide at least two major iPhone components to Apple. DON’T MISS: iPhone 6 vs. Galaxy S6: Samsung’s clone is better than the real thing, carriers say The South Korean giant will apparently not only be making the majority of A9 chips that will be used in this year’s iPhone 6s and iPad models, but also another significant component for Apple’s iOS devices, The Korea Herald  has learned. Furthermore, in addition to Apple, LG will also rely on Samsung for
  • Here's what you'd get if Michael Bay made a gritty Power Rangers movie (2015-02-24 11:19:17)
    Remember how Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers starred a cast of plucky "teenagers with attitude" pulled into a zany war with a space witch and an evil emperor with no skin? What if you took that core concept and transformed those same teens into costumed child soldiers dragged into a bloody intergalactic war they had no real part in? Power/Rangers stars Battlestar Galactica's Katee Sackhoff as former Pink Ranger Kimberly Hart and Dawson's Creek's James Van Der Beek as former Red Ranger you completely forgot Rocky DeSantos. Set in a dark future after the Machine Empire took over the planet, Rocky has since betrayed his former teammates to join forces with the machines.
  • Pebble's color watch is the fastest Kickstarter project to hit $1 million (updated) (2015-02-24 11:17:00)
  • Text this ‘Magic’ number and you can get anything you want (2015-02-24 11:10:45)
    There was once a time when personal assistant services could only be enjoyed by the wealthy. Now, there are plenty of services that offer at least a portion of the personal assistant experience at a small fraction of the price of hiring a full-time person on staff. The experience isn’t quite the same, of course, but most people don’t really have a need for a real full-time assistant. Now, when it comes to getting whatever you want delivered to you with a minimal amount of effort, a new service called Magic could be exactly what you’ve been waiting for. DON’T MISS: 11 great Google apps you’ve probably never even heard of It’s almost dinnertime. Want someone to bring a McDonald’s burger and
  • Don't Be a Dick (2015-02-24 11:10:27)
    It's pretty simple.Yet, somehow, we forget. We eat too much, sleep too little, wake up on the wrong side of life, are running late, annoyed by fate and let one asshole affect our whole day and, in turn, others who are the byproduct of our now ignorant attitude, paying forward (or should I say backward?) a pissed off perception of the world and...
  • Fox Hit 'Bob's Burgers' Is Saving Trees While Pioneering A New Way To Animate (2015-02-24 11:09:05)
    The animation studio behind the TV show "Bob's Burgers" is dragging animation into the digital age and saving a whole lot of trees in the meantime. Believe it or not, animated shows are still created mostly on paper -- leading to thousands of sheets ending up stacked in basements at major studios. But Bento Box Entertainment, which produces...
  • Torvalds isn't always nice, but developers don't care (2015-02-24 11:07:19)
    Torvalds can be a jerk, but developers don't seem to care, as a new report shows.
  • Valve's Steam VR Headset Puts Oculus in Sights (2015-02-24 11:04:18)
    The ever-growing virtual reality space just gained some Steam. Software maker Valve confirmed that it is debuting the first-ever Steam VR headset at Game Developers Conference 2015 in early March, which will pit the company head-to-head with both Oculus Rift and Razer's new OSVR system. Details on Valve's VR platform are currently sparse, but the developer will be providing demos of the hardware in San Francisco from March 4 to March 6. Valve also promises to show off a revamped Steam Controller, as well as new "living room devices," which we presume to be Steam Machines.
  • Watch two insane McLaren hypercars, 20 years apart, battle on the racetrack (2015-02-24 11:04:02)
    The McLaren F1, now over two decades old, is still revered as one of the greatest hypercars ever made — even by 2015 standards. Still, in the age of nonsensically outrageous hardware like Ferrari's LaFerarri and FXX K, you've got to keep up with the Jonses; that's why the P1 exists.
  • Apple FaceTime Screen Sharing May Hit iOS 9 (2015-02-24 11:03:50)
    FaceTime is a simple way for iOS users to communicate face-to-face across long distances, but if users need to share information on-screen, there's no good way to do it. Apple may be working on a way to address that, as a patent application suggests that consumers may eventually be able to share both their faces and screens simultaneously on iOS devices. The feature, which Apple dubs "interactive application sharing," would work very similarly to the remote desktop feature in Windows, whereby users share exactly what's on their screens with a second user. If Apple implements this technology, users could use FaceTime to share their screens as well as a live video feed.
  • Mirantis and Google ease Kubernetes Docker cluster manager onto OpenStack (2015-02-24 11:00:03)
    Uptake of Docker containers stands to get a further boost from integration work to put Google's Kubernetes on OpenStack, according to Mirantis.
  • Stylus maker Adonit releases its first iPad drawing app (2015-02-24 11:00:02)
    Adonit makes some of the best iPad styluses out there, and now it's starting to make an iPad drawing app to help you sketch with them. Forge's interface has a minimal aesthetic that tries to streamline the process of getting you from opening the app to starting to draw — it should look really familiar to anyone who's used Adobe's Line and Sketch apps before.
  • Plex's revamped Roku channel gives you a better look at your videos (2015-02-24 11:00:00)
  • Adonit boosts stylus-driven sketching with Forge (2015-02-24 11:00:00)
  • Google Blogger to ban sexually explicit content (2015-02-24 10:57:40)
    Google said Tuesday it would ban sexually explicit content or "graphic nudity" on its Blogger platform, asking users to remove the material by March 23. The update said users with sexually explicit content may remain on the platform as a "private" blog that can only be viewed by the administrator and persons with whom the link is shared. Users will also be able to export the blog to another platform if they don't want to remain on Google, the policy said. Until now, Google's policy had banned certain illegal activities including child pornography or pedophilia.
  • The new Pee-wee movie will be a Netflix exclusive (2015-02-24 10:55:02)
    Not only has Netflix become extremely successful at launching its own scripted series (House of Cards, Orange is the New Black) but it's also an attractive venue for existing projects looking for a home. Tina Fey's new project, The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, was supposed to air on NBC but has since moved to Netflix and will debut on the streaming service next month. While episodic series have been successful for Netflix, it has yet to establish itself as a viable platform for debuting feature-length films.
  • Talib Kweli has expressed all of my feelings about Parks and Recreation ending (2015-02-24 10:54:35)
    We were going to write a PSA anyway to let you know that Parks & Recreation is ending its seven-season run tonight at 10PM on NBC (schedule around Twitter accordingly), even though technically the season itself takes places two years in the future so it doesn't "end" until 2017. That's when we noticed hip-hop icon Talib Kweli was having the same feels as we were. So take it away: Better shot of my Ron Swanson bust. Parks and Recreation you will be missed! A photo posted by Talib Kweli (@talibkweli) on Feb 24, 2015 at 7:43am PST
  • Comcast expects to close to Time Warner Cable deal in early 2015 (2015-02-24 10:52:07)
    (Reuters) - Comcast Corp said on Tuesday it was “optimistic” that it would close its $45 billion deal to buy Time Warner Cable Inc in early 2015. Chief Executive Officer Brian Roberts said during a conference call on Tuesday that lots of information-gathering was taking place between Comcast and U.S. regulators. Chief Financial Officer Michael Angelakis said: “We are optimistic and feel comfortable” that the deal will close in early 2015. The merger is being closely watched, especially as the government considers tightening rules on how broadband Internet service is provided.
  • Lionsgate invests in Telltale Games to create a TV show / video game hybrid (2015-02-24 10:51:02)
    Telltale Games — the studio behind series like The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones — is finally working on an original series. While details on the new, original series are still under wraps, it will be what Telltale has dubbed a "super show": a sort of half game, half TV show hybrid. One episode will include both a scripted TV-style portion, as well as an interactive section in line with Telltale's previous work.
  • Google's Schmidt to meet EU antitrust chief next week: sources (2015-02-24 10:35:27)
    By Foo Yun Chee BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt will meet Europe's antitrust chief next week, two sources with knowledge of the matter said on Tuesday, a move likely to help regulators decide the next step in a four year-old investigation into the Internet company. European Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager has met more than a dozen Google complainants, including executives from Microsoft and German publisher Axel Springer, in the last few weeks to get feedback. Commission spokesman Ricardo Cardoso declined to comment. Google spokesman Al Verney did not immediately respond to an email for comment.
  • Google's Schmidt to meet EU antitrust chief next week - sources (2015-02-24 10:34:37)
    By Foo Yun Chee BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt will meet Europe's antitrust chief next week, two sources with knowledge of the matter said on Tuesday, a move likely to help regulators decide the next step in a four year-old investigation into the Internet company. European Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager has met more than a dozen Google complainants, including executives from Microsoft and German publisher Axel Springer, in the last few weeks to get feedback. Commission spokesman Ricardo Cardoso declined to comment. Google spokesman Al Verney did not immediately respond to an email for comment.
  • Pebble launches new smartwatch exclusively on Kickstarter (2015-02-24 10:00:40)
    After revealing that it would be launching new hardware and software this year and teasing an announcement with a countdown timer on its website last week, Pebble is today announcing the Pebble Time, its third-generation smartwatch. CEO Eric Migicovsky says the company has a number of announcements to make over the next few weeks as the campaign progresses, so we'll have to wait and see what else the Pebble has up its sleeve.
  • Pebble returns to Kickstarter for its next-gen color smartwatch (2015-02-24 10:00:00)
  • AirWatch 8 released with Apple-heavy integrations (2015-02-24 09:59:27)
    AirWatch 8 represents the company's most significant platform upgrade since its ​acquisition by VMware exactly a year ago.
  • Galaxy S6: AT&T and Sprint teasers go up as Samsung intensifies marketing push (2015-02-24 09:55:22)
    Soon after T-Mobile published its Galaxy S6 registration page on its website, including an official press render showing the profile of the Galaxy S6 Edge model, both AT&T and Sprint put up similar pages, each having the same image customized in their respective colors. At this point, it’s more than clear that Samsung plans to put some serious marketing efforts behind its Galaxy S6 devices, as three of the top four U.S. mobile operators are already running teaser campaigns for the unannounced phones. FROM EARLIER: iPhone 6 vs. Galaxy S6: Samsung’s clone is better than the real thing, carriers say A quick look at AT&T’s source code for the Galaxy S6 “Six Appeal” teaser page reveals the official names of Samsung’s upcoming
  • You can finally fight Sauron in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor (2015-02-24 09:52:21)
    Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor wasn't just one of last year's best games, it was quite possibly the best Lord of the Rings game ever released — and you didn't even need to be a fan of Tolkien's universe to enjoy it. While you ventured into the depths of Mordor, fighting Sauron's forces, you never battled against the Dark Lord himself. "The Bright Lord" is a new downloadable chapter for the game that takes place a few thousand years before the events of Shadow of Mordor. "We wanted to make the most epic boss fight we could imagine," Michael de Plater, director of design at developer Monolith Productions tells The Verge, "and Sauron is certainly the major villain of our story." You'll also be able to actually use the One Ring itself to do things like turn invisible, and attack enemies while hiding in the shadows.
  • Print out 'Star Wars' pancakes worthy of a Jedi (2015-02-24 09:45:37)
    PancakeBot returns with impressive flapjack designs of Boba Fett and R2-D2 for a full Force breakfast.>
  • U.S. startup Airex offers investors à la carte financial data (2015-02-24 09:36:50)
    By Lauren Tara LaCapra NEW YORK (Reuters) - A U.S. startup called Airex Inc is launching an online marketplace for investors to buy data and research à la carte from providers including Deutsche Bank, FactSet, Morningstar, Mercer, Nasdaq and S&P Capital IQ, company officials told Reuters. Its Airex Market website is targeting small investors who do not have a budget for subscriptions to Bloomberg LP, Thomson Reuters Corp and other major data providers, said Chief Executive Stephen Kuhn. It is also trying to woo large Wall Street firms that want to lower the cost of managing multiple vendors, he said. Airex is the latest upstart trying to address complaints on Wall Street about having to get information from too many providers at too high a price.
  • Women in Business Q&A: Vivian Chan, CEO and Co-Founder, Sparrho (2015-02-24 09:32:54)
    Vivian is the CEO and co-founder of Sparrho, a personalised recommendation platform for all things scientific. After spending a year working in a venture fund in Australia, she decided to pursue a PhD in Biochemistry at the University of Cambridge. Her continued interest in the business of science and technology led her to join the Cambridge...
  • Opera uses free apps to coax emerging nations toward the internet (2015-02-24 09:32:00)
  • Apple scoops up UK audio developer -- report (2015-02-24 09:30:37)
    No announcement or confirmation has been offered, but a corporation-listing agency shows that Camel Audio's address now matches Apple's UK headquarters and that Camel's director is employed by the iPhone maker.>
  • 10 best antimalware products of 2014, according to AV-TEST (2015-02-24 09:24:28)
    AV-TEST Institute announced its 2014 Best Antimalware product awards. The categories are Best Protection, Performance, Usability, Repair, and Android Security.
  • Nevada, North Carolina, and North Dakota hope tax breaks will attract data centers (2015-02-24 09:24:00)
    Three states take pre-emptive approach to attracting new data centers.
  • Aerodrums turn thin air into a virtual drum kit (2015-02-24 09:23:56)
    By Matthew Stock and Anastasia Gorelova LONDON (Reuters) - Everyone has seen someone play an air guitar that makes no sound. As odd as it looks, the inventors of Aerodrums say it is the first fully drumless drum set, and they have ambitious plans for the product. Developed by Yann Morvan and Richard Lee, research fellows at the Trinity College Dublin Vision and Visualization lab, the kit is intended as an alternative for drummers who lack space for a drum set or who don't want to annoy their neighbors. Using motion-tracking technology similar to that used for motion-capture effects in movies, Aerodrums replicates the sound and experience of a real drum kit while being compact enough to fit in a backpack.
  • Lenovo Releases Superfish Removal Tool (2015-02-24 09:15:44)
    Chinese PC maker Lenovo late yesterday (Feb. 20) released a removal tool for the dangerous Superfish adware that Lenovo had pre-installed on many of its consumer laptops. The Lenovo Superfish removal tool can be found at Lenovo has released the tool under a public license and placed the source code on the developer website Github so that security experts can analyze and possibly improve on it. Early today (Feb. 21), Robert Graham, CEO of Atlanta-based Errata Security, posted detailed instructions on his blog on how to create a malicious Wi-Fi hotspot to exploit the security vulnerability that the Superfish adware creates on Lenovo laptops.
  • HTC One M9 Specs, Photos Reportedly Leak (2015-02-24 09:15:35)
    HTC will officially unveil its next smartphone March 1, but the sleuths over at MobileGeeks have already leaked what could be pictures and official specs of the One M9. Based on this report, HTC's new flagship will battle the upcoming Galaxy S6 with the following goodies inside: a 2-GHz octa-core Snapdragon 810 processor, 3GB of RAM and 32GB of storage with microSD expansion. The Galaxy S6 will supposedly skip Qualcomm's latest chip in favor of Samsung's own processor. Apparently, HTC didn't find any heat issues with Qualcomm's system on a chip, a rumored weakness that LG had already refuted in regards to its own Snapdragon 810-powered G Flex 2 phone.
  • T-Mobile Teases Galaxy S6 Image (2015-02-24 09:15:31)
    Legere's tweet links to a T-Mobile webpage announcing "The Next Big Thing is Almost Here," and features a photo supposedly of the new Samsung smartphone. With two sleek, curved edges and a glowing magenta screen, the image believed to be the Galaxy S6 looks much like Samsung's Note Edge with pixels oozing over its slim sides.
  • Online child abuse moving to Skype, Bitcoin: Europol (2015-02-24 09:06:41)
    Hi-tech criminals are increasingly selling live streams of child sex over legitimate chat sites and apps such as Skype for hard-to-trace virtual currencies like Bitcoin, Europe's policing agency warned on Tuesday. "Criminals that sexually exploit children online are becoming more entrepreneurial with technological developments and are profiting financially," Europol said in a special report on commercial sexual exploitation of children online. Compiled by Europol's EC3 cybercrime centre, together with Eurojust, NGOs, credit card and online giants such as Google and Microsoft, the report paints a disturbing picture of rising online child abuse. "These persons offer homeless children or children from their own family for the sexual abuse by individuals, live in front of a camera, in the European Union or developing countries, for financial gain," the report said.
  • Get a pair of bed-friendly Bedphones for $39.95 (2015-02-24 09:06:28)
    Normally $60, these ultra-slim headphones might be just the thing you need for nighttime.>
  • Facebook counts 2 million active advertisers, mostly small businesses (2015-02-24 09:05:26)
    Facebook Inc said on Tuesday that its active advertisers rose to 2 million, a 33 percent increase from the 1.5 million it had in July 2014. The vast majority of the advertisers, defined as those that have placed an ad on the social media platform in the last 30 days, represent small- and medium-sized business owners. "Small business owners are really hard to reach and they are not tech savvy usually," Facebook's chief operating officer, Sheryl Sandberg, said in an interview. Facebook also launched a mobile app for advertisers to use to manage their campaigns.
  • Secret Apple acquisition uncovered as company looks to regain music dominance (2015-02-24 09:05:09)
    When iTunes was first unveiled nearly 15 years ago, it was a revolutionary product — all your music available in one place. As time has moved on, other platforms, including Pandora, Spotify and others have eaten away at iTunes, as digital streaming has replaced the download. However, Apple isn’t going to go quietly, as the company has said “music… is deep in our DNA.” DON’T MISS: How to get 100GB of cloud storage right now for free The company has reportedly acquired music technology company Camel Audio. The acquisition was first reported by MacRumors. An Apple lawyer, Heather Joy Morrison, is listed as the sole director of the company. Terms of the deal were not disclosed and Apple has not officially
  • Apple aims to bring order to the Genius Bar with new 'Concierge' system (2015-02-24 09:04:26)
    Apple is overhauling the way customers make appointments to get their Mac or iPhone looked at. The new initiative is named "Concierge" claims a report from 9to5Mac, and will use algorithms to rank technical issues by importance, with a new text message system letting customers know exactly when an assistant is ready to help them. Under the current system, customers are seen on a first-come, first-served basis, but this means appointments can be delayed without warning if individuals run over their allotted time. Using Concierge, customers will have their technical issues logged on an iPad, with the new algorithm sorting these by priority and issuing customers with an initial appointment time via text.
  • Samsung's homegrown '5G' comes with a catch (2015-02-24 09:04:00)
  • Darth Vader returns in 'Star Wars Rebels' season finale (2015-02-24 09:01:17)
    The Dark Lord of the Sith invades Disney's animated series for its season finale "Fire Across the Galaxy" on March 2.>
  • Plans are afoot to boost the number of local DAB radio stations in the UK (2015-02-24 08:52:00)
  • Apple Watch’s only real competition looks stunning in this new video (2015-02-24 08:30:12)
    We do not yet know everything there is to know about Apple’s upcoming debut entry into the smartwatch space, the Apple Watch. What we do know, however, is that rival smartwatches to date have not been well received at all at this point. Total quarterly global smartwatch sales are still said to number in the hundreds of thousands at this point, so Apple will almost certainly surpass lifetime smartwatch sales of any given rival during the Apple Watch’s first few months of availability. To be fair, smartwatches have been pretty lackluster until now, and there really isn’t much of a reason to consider buying any device that has been released at this point. As we recently reported, however, that is about to change. DON’T
  • Comcast 4Q profit edges up, adds customers, boosts dividend (2015-02-24 08:28:32)
    NEW YORK (AP) — Comcast Corp.'s fourth-quarter net income edged up less than 1 percent as the company added more customers for its cable TV, high-speed Internet and phone services.
  • Atari console pioneer Steve Bristow passes away (2015-02-24 08:12:00)
  • From Samsung's S6 to HTC's M9 One: The device launches to expect at this year's MWC (2015-02-24 08:12:00)
    Take a look at which devices the handset makers will - and won't - be launching at Mobile World Congress.
  • Hackers impersonating IT staff popular tactic in data breaches, FireEye finds (2015-02-24 08:00:07)
    FireEye's Mandiant M-Trends report says impersonation and social engineering are now key tactics used by cybercriminals targeting corporations.
  • Twilio buys Authy, gaining the startup's two-factor authentication API (2015-02-24 08:00:04)
    Twilio will use Authy's API to offer embeddable two-factor authentication and phone verification to applications running Twilio's cloud-based communications services.
  • Thinking about outsourcing as an early stage startup (2015-02-24 08:00:04)
    Outsourcing business processes to a third party can be a useful way to relieve some pressure on you as a founder. Here are some best practices for outsourcing in the early days.
  • Comcast 4th-quarter net income nearly flat (2015-02-24 07:55:08)
    NEW YORK (AP) — Comcast Corp.'s fourth-quarter net income edged up less than 1 percent as the company added more customers for its cable TV, high-speed Internet and phone services.
  • HTC’s master plan comes into focus (2015-02-24 07:45:37)
    HTC has started recovering from its sales slump of the last few years but the company knows that to keep gaining momentum it will need more than just smartphones. CNET’s Roger Cheng has a lengthy profile of HTC’s plan to remake itself from a company that’s known primarily for smartphones to a company that makes a plethora of interesting tech products, including both hardware and software. RELATED: Something amazing is happening at HTC: Its sales have stopped tanking So what will we witness at the new birth of HTC, Mark II? Cheng writes that on the software side, HTC is trying to make its Zoe photo-editing software a hit app on other Android phones and is also considering making its Blinkfeed UI
  • Microsoft’s Band update puts an itty bitty keyboard on your wrist (2015-02-24 07:35:27)
    Microsoft has been experimenting with smartwatch keyboards for Android Wear, and now the company is bringing a similar to concept to its own Band hardware. In its first major update, Microsoft’s Band has become a lot more useful for Windows Phone users, thanks to a new Cortana-powered dictation mode for replying to texts and the addition of a virtual keyboard. It works like a standard QWERTY keyboard, but Microsoft is using its Word Flow software from Windows Phone to detect letters and words correctly. I’ve been using the Band’s virtual keyboard for a few hours and found it was a little tricky to use at first, but once you trust it and get used to not worrying about tapping on the wrong letters then it’s actually really useful. The keyboard addition is limited to Windows Phone, and you tap on letters and then swipe right to see the result, with words separated out that can be deleted or swapped with other suggestions.
  • 10 things brands should know about virtual reality (2015-02-24 07:30:04)
    If your brand is thinking of making a foray into virtual reality, here are some things to consider.
  • Net Fix: 8 burning questions about Net neutrality (2015-02-24 07:26:08)
    With the FCC set to vote this week on new rules governing the Internet, CNET breaks down everything you need to know about complicated, but critical, issue.>
  • Google employee reveals a new Chromebook Pixel's due out soon (2015-02-24 07:18:00)
  • Brazilian IT firm accused of wage dumping in Switzerland (2015-02-24 07:16:17)
    ​Stefanini IT Solutions causes uproar as Romanian contractors posted to Geneva get extra-low pay
  • Silicon Valley gender discrimination case heads to trial (2015-02-24 07:08:52)
    By Sarah McBride and Dan Levine SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, the investment firm that has backed tech companies from Google to Amazon, will defend itself in court on Tuesday in a closely watched gender discrimination case that could lay open the inner workings of venture capital. Former Kleiner partner Ellen Pao accuses the firm of holding her back from a promotion and better compensation after she complained about harassment by a male partner. Both sides are expected to make opening statements on Tuesday in San Francisco Superior Court. The case helped spark a broad and ongoing discussion in Silicon Valley about sexism.
  • Waffle House becomes an unlikely competitor to FedEx and UPS (2015-02-24 07:05:02)
    The US diner chain today announced a partnership with Roadie, a startup that aims to become the "Uber of package delivery." The app, which launched last month, lets travelers earn money by delivering packages to locations along their routes. Waffle House will also offer a free waffle and drink to drivers making deliveries at their eateries. "We're just bacon and eggs over here," Walt Ehmer, Waffle House's CEO, tells the Wall Street Journal, which first reported the partnership. Roadie takes direct aim at major delivery services like FedEx and UPS, though it's still in its nascent phase.
  • Apple gives Siri language classes, with Dutch, Portuguese and Thai on the way (2015-02-24 07:02:06)
    The beta of iOS 8.3 suggests that Apple's personal assistant will soon be speaking in several new languages.
  • Net neutrality: How we got from there to here (2015-02-24 07:00:03)
    The road to crafting lasting regulation to protect the open Internet has had several twists and turns. As the FCC prepares a vote to adopt new rules, CNET takes a look back to the origins of the current debate.>
  • Cheap LTE phone Trooper leads Kazam's charge in battle to beat rivals (2015-02-24 06:54:10)
    The plucky smartphone maker, which was founded by ex-HTC execs, today rolls out a host of new devices it hopes will lure shoppers away from Samsung.>
  • Deutsche Bank signs multibillion dollar outsourcing deal with HP (2015-02-24 06:54:00)
    German bank signs over global infrastructure modernisation process to HP but will retain all IT architecture, application development, and information security.
  • Apple Pay in Europe: Visa to add crucial security element to cards (2015-02-24 06:50:17)
    It’s only a matter of time until Apple’s iPhone and Watch payment system will be available in other markets than the U.S., and Visa Europe confirmed it’s rolling out a crucial security feature for cards issued in Europe, which seems to pave the way for an imminent Apple Pay launch in the region, at least according to a new Reuters report. FROM EARLIER: Has Google found the secret for giving Google Wallet new life? Visa Europe said that by mid-April it’ll introduce a tokenization service that adds further security to card transactions, including future Apple Pay payments, by using random numbers instead of card details when payment data is transmitted by a merchant. Even though Visa Europe would not confirm
  • What's red and yellow and twee all over? This Wes Anderson supercut (2015-02-24 06:50:01)
    Supercuts of Wes Anderson's films often draw on the director's most recognizable features — his slow-motion scenes, his use of symmetry, his POV camera shots — but his subtler touches are just as collatable. This supercut by Rishi Kaneria focuses on the director's use of red and yellow, a recurring theme that you might not have consciously registered in his films before.
  • Facebook's revamped data policy 'breaking European law' (2015-02-24 06:40:00)
    Belgian academics find that Facebook's aversion to opt-in settings could mean its new data policy contravenes European legislation on a number of fronts.
  • Not all exoskeletons need motors to boost your strength (2015-02-24 06:32:00)
  • Apple acquires audio developer Camel Audio: report (2015-02-24 06:26:00)
    Apple has purchased music plug-in and effect developer Camel Audio according to reports and company records.
  • China's leading taxi apps join forces in $6B merger (2015-02-24 06:22:37)
    The merger of Kuadi Dache and Didi Dache is set to dominate smartphone-based transport services in the country.>
  • ​Should companies have to details state of tech infrastructure? (2015-02-24 05:54:04)
    Perhaps companies would step up their cyber security game if they had to details how they've scrimped over the years on tech infrastructure. Hmm.
  • ​Should companies have to detail state of tech infrastructure? (2015-02-24 05:54:00)
    Perhaps companies would step up their cyber security game if they had to provide details on how they've scrimped over the years on tech infrastructure. Hmm.
  • Deutsche Bank signs multibillion-dollar IT deal with HP (2015-02-24 05:49:32)
    Deutsche Bank will outsource large parts of its wholesale banking IT infrastructure to U.S.-based Hewlett-Packard (HP) in a multibillion-dollar deal that leaves the group's retail operations untouched. Under the 10-year agreement, HP will provide computing capacity and data storage to host Deutsche's operations, the two companies said in a joint statement on Tuesday. Deutsche will retain activities such as IT architecture and information security. The HP deal will allow the bank to reduce costs and launch new products and services more quickly, Deutsche Bank Chief Operating Officer Henry Ritchotte said in a statement.
  • Motorola's big surprise for tomorrow is likely a Moto E with LTE (2015-02-24 05:45:35)
    Last year we praised the Moto E as the best sub-$150 smartphone on the market, and now it looks like Motorola is improving on that package by adding 4G LTE. Leaked images and specs of the updated device have been trickling out over the past month, but Android Police has published what looks like a clincher: a render of the new Moto E with Verizon and 4G LTE logos stamped on the back. It's not clear when we might see the device in the light of day, but Motorola has been teasing the press with an "exciting announcement" set for tomorrow, February 25th. The addition of LTE suggests the Moto E will secure its place as the best sub-$150 smartphone for the second year running — it was just that far ahead of the competition last year.
  • Ad outlet tries using drones to track your phone's location (2015-02-24 05:41:00)
  • Lenovo works on 'cleaner PC image' following Superfish debacle (2015-02-24 05:35:59)
    Lenovo is still smarting from the Superfish media storm, but CTO Peter Hortensius says the firm is working to fix its battered reputation.
  • Twitter launches ‘While You Were Away’ for Android (2015-02-24 05:27:37)
    Twitter's new feature recapping top tweets has now rolled out to more users.
  • Toshiba updates range of wearable, Internet of Things processors (2015-02-24 05:00:04)
    The processors integrate sensors for data collection related to biomedical and health applications.
  • Apple emoji go racially diverse (2015-02-24 04:40:43)
    Apple is preparing to release non-white faces in its line-up of the cartoon faces used to liven up text and email messages, news reports said. Emoji originated in Japan and were added to the Unicode Standard in 2010, CNN said, and Apple first included them in iOS in 2011. "Apple supports and cares deeply about diversity, and is working with The Unicode Consortium to update the standard so that it better represents diversity for all of us," said an Apple spokesperson, according to CNN. The Unicode Consortium sets international rules for text and characters to insure consistency across platforms.
  • Apple apparently buys company behind respected Alchemy software synth (2015-02-24 04:38:08)
    Apple has reportedly bought UK audio software developer Camel Audio, a company known for its instruments, plugins, and apps, including the respected Alchemy synth. Camel Audio mysteriously announced it was shutting down in January without explanation, but an update to the company's corporate registry spotted by MacRumors suggests it was bought by Apple. Heather Joy, a senior counsel for iTunes, is now listed as the company's sole director, and Camel Audio's headquarters are now registered from 100 New Bridge Street — one of Apple's London addresses. At the time of writing, Apple has yet to comment on the apparent acquisition, but it's most likely that Camel Audio's software will be used to improve the GarageBand apps for iOS and OS X, or perhaps add more depth to the synth offerings on Logic Pro X — Apple's professional music production software.
  • Chrome warns you of malware-infected websites before loading them (2015-02-24 04:28:00)
  • Chrome adds more warnings to prevent you downloading malware (2015-02-24 04:28:00)
  • Edward Snowden wrote and shelved an anti-surveillance manifesto (2015-02-24 04:14:42)
    In the weeks and months prior to his public outing of the NSA's spying programs, Edward Snowden wrote an anti-surveillance manifesto designed to galvanize supporters into signing a petition, to be published should he be arrested for his whistle-blowing. Writing on The Intercept, the journalistic enterprise edited by Snowden collaborator Glenn Greenwald and the director of Citizenfour, Laura Poitras, Lee says that he was asked by Snowden in May 2013 to create "a website that would launch a global petition against surveillance." Lee says he didn't know what Snowden would be leaking, but that the manifesto, which talked about "ubiquitous surveillance" by the NSA and other intelligence agencies from Britain, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand "chilled his spine." Snowden wrote about the lack of privacy and accountability from intelligence agencies, and "what that meant to democracy around the world," offering a call to action that he hoped would kickstart a mass anti-surveillance movement even if he was arrested.
  • Visa Europe plans new security that could pave way for Apple Pay (2015-02-24 04:06:10)
    By Eric Auchard FRANKFURT (Reuters) - Visa Europe has announced a new, more secure way for consumers to pay retailers via smartphones, a move that could set the stage for Apple's Apple Pay and rival payment services to be introduced into Europe in the coming months. Visa Europe said on Tuesday it would introduce to member banks by mid-April a "tokenisation" service, a technique which substitutes random numbers for a user's credit card number when a merchant transmits transaction data, reducing the risk of online theft. New token-based security from Visa Inc, the former parent of Visa Europe, and rival card issuers MasterCard and American Express was considered by many experts to be a critical security enabler when Apple Pay was introduced in the United States last year. These include a way for card customers to send money overseas to other Visa users via their social media profiles on sites such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter or LinkedIn.
  • NBN Co's gaze returns to Telstra's South Brisbane fibre (2015-02-24 03:57:37)
    The approximately 20,000 premises on Telstra's fibre network in South Brisbane could soon be on the NBN again, with the two companies set to commence negotiations in the first quarter of 2015.
  • A new dawn after Sunrise: How will Switzerland's mobile transformation play out? (2015-02-24 03:52:04)
    Like so many telecoms markets in Europe right now, Switzerland is going through considerable upheaval. How will its mobile scene look once all the dust has settled?
  • AP: Lawmaker's Instagram account proves he's using taxpayer money (2015-02-24 03:38:00)
  • Google Wallet partners up to battle Apple Pay (2015-02-24 03:36:16)
    Google said Monday it was teaming up with the mobile phone payment firm Softcard to ramp up its efforts to counter Apple Pay in the emerging sector. The California tech giant announced Google Wallet would become a pre-installed "tap to pay" app on Android smartphones sold in the US market by AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon, as part of the deal with the carriers' mobile payments company Softcard. The aim is "to help more Android users get the benefits of tap and pay," said Google Payments vice president Ariel Bardin.
  • Apple rumored to overhaul its Genius Bar, add 'Concierge' service (2015-02-24 03:01:00)
  • Opera offers new feature for free access to mobile Web apps (2015-02-24 02:38:19)
    FRANKFURT (Reuters) - Norway's Opera, whose browser software has helped mobile operators sign up millions of users for free or low-cost Internet access, said on Tuesday it is introducing features that lets operators offer subscribers free access to selected apps. Opera, maker of a Web browser that is popular among mobile phone users in developing markets, said its new Opera Max with Web Pass feature will soon also allow advertisers to offer phone users sponsored or paid passes for using mobile Web apps. ...
  • Uber drivers in India will start collecting area data to improve safety (2015-02-24 02:02:00)
  • Japan's Robear: Strength of a robot, face of a bear (2015-02-24 01:53:02)
    Forget the frightening androids of dystopian sci-fi, the future of robots is cute polar bears that can lift elderly people into and out of bed. The "Robear" has a cub-like face with big doey eyes, but packs enough power to transfer frail patients from a wheelchair to a bed or a bath, Japan's Riken institute said Tuesday. "The polar cub-like look is aimed at radiating an atmosphere of strength, geniality and cleanliness at the same time," research leader Toshiharu Mukai told AFP. A historically low birth rate and ever-increasing life expectancy means Japan's population of elderly people is growing, while the pool of youngsters to look after them is shrinking.
  • Cloud adoption still low among Asian cities (2015-02-24 01:50:00)
    Concerns over high upfront costs and associated risks are hindering the adoption of cloud computing in the region, where only 22.2 percent of Asian cities have deployed it, according to Microsoft-CityNet research.
  • Google-owned Blogger bans sexually explicit content (2015-02-24 01:38:14)
    Google-owned blogging platform Blogger will no longer allow its users to post sexually explicit content, the company confirmed today. In a statement sent via email to selected Blogger users, Google said it would no longer allow blogs to feature "graphic nude images or video" from March 23rd. Any blogs that continued to show explicit images would be made private after that date — while graphic images and videos would remain, Google says they would only be visible to the blog owner, admins, and other people who the owner shared it with. In an updated entry in its support database, Google says it will still allow nudity on Blogger blogs if the images or video offer "substantial public benefit," for example in "artistic, educational, documentary, or scientific contexts." If explicit content doesn't conform to that definition, then the company suggests that users remove the offending media entirely, or mark it as private.
  • U.S. raises concerns over 'made in Indonesia' smartphone law (2015-02-24 01:25:09)
    By Charlotte Greenfield and Krista Hughes JAKARTA/WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The United States is pressing Indonesia to relax local-content rules it believes will handicap efforts of tech firms such as Apple to expand into one of the world’s last big markets where demand for high-end smartphone has yet to really take off. The office of the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR), America's chief trade negotiator, said it was raising the issue with the Indonesian authorities and in multinational forums. Critics of the "made in Indonesia" rule, including an influential U.S. business group, say it could increase costs and restrict access to technology. "The United States shares these concerns, and strongly supports ensuring that information and communications technology, which can be instrumental to economic development, be openly available in Indonesia," said a USTR spokesman in Washington.
  • ​Visa steps up credit card security with tokenisation in Australia (2015-02-24 01:11:31)
    Visa has introduced tokenisation to Australia as a step to reduce credit card fraud when payments are made online, or via mobile devices.
  • FileZilla Portable review (2015-02-24 00:45:15)
    Take your server list and settings with you
  • LG Electronics plans OLED TV partnership with China, Japan firms (2015-02-24 00:29:06)
    SEOUL (Reuters) - South Korea's LG Electronics Inc said on Tuesday it plans to partner with Chinese and Japanese firms in a bid to make organic light-emitting diode (OLED) display televisions more mainstream. LG Electronics, the world's second largest television maker after rival Samsung Electronics Co Ltd, did not say what the partnership would entail or name the companies. Its affiliate LG Display Co Ltd is the only panel maker that can mass produce OLED TV panels, and both companies are the biggest proponents of the technology for the TV market. ...
  • Pegasus Mail review (2015-02-24 00:26:14)
    Use a full-featured and free e-mail client
  • Electron microscopes stop thieves from covering their tracks (2015-02-24 00:24:00)
  • Google's banning sexually explicit content from its blogging platform (2015-02-24 00:09:00)
  • iGetter review (2015-02-24 00:04:49)
    Manage and accelerate your downloads
  • FastStone Capture review (2015-02-23 23:58:00)
    Capture anything on your PC screen and draw annotation objects
  • Timeline: Google's role in global sex censorship (2015-02-23 23:46:00)
    While you were busy freaking out about government surveillance, censorship blossomed at the one corporation that has the most power to fight -- or enable -- suppression of speech: Google.
  • PS4's game-sharing feature used to delete a kid's 'Destiny' characters (2015-02-23 23:32:00)
  • Google bans 'explicit' adult content from Blogger blogs (2015-02-23 23:25:00)
    In an abrupt reversal of policy, Google will soon disappear blogs on its Blogger platform that don't conform to its new anti-adult policies.
  • SocketPlane strives to alleviate Docker networking challenges (2015-02-23 23:24:55)
    SocketPlane is one of many solutions cropping up to solve the limitations of Docker containers. Read about SocketPlane's approach.
  • The funniest thing you’ll see today: Teens react to The Last of Us (again) (2015-02-23 23:15:12)
    We’ve shared several videos from The Fine Brothers’ REACT channel, but none have been quite as dramatic as the group of teenagers reacting to the opening scene of The Last of Us. It’s one of the most affecting scenes in any game of the past several years, and the video stirred up enough interest to turn the play through into a longer series. This past weekend, we finally got to see part 2. WATCH MORE: You absolutely have to watch Sesame Street’s brilliant House of Cards parody right now The game begins in earnest 20 years after the tragic introduction. The survivors of the apocalypse are forced to live under a military dictatorship, lining up for food on the side of the
  • Four tips to make leading through the bad times easier (2015-02-23 22:51:49)
    Leadership is never all smiles and rainbows. Here are a few ways to lead your organization through the most difficult times.
  • ​eBay signs click and collect partnership with Woolworths (2015-02-23 22:51:11)
    eBay and Woolworths have inked a new deal that will see online eBay packages delivered to Woolworths and Big W stores for pick-up.
  • Google reportedly has a new Chromebook Pixel coming 'soon' (2015-02-23 21:56:29)
    The Chromebook Pixel, Google's ultra-premium laptop designed to showcase Chrome OS, may be getting an update over two years since the original model was announced. Renee Niemi, who runs Google's Android and Chrome programs for work and education, reportedly confirmed the device on stage at the TeamWork 2015 partner event. "We do have a new Pixel coming out and it will be coming out soon. The Verge has contacted Google for confirmation of these comments.
  • Daily Roundup: Microsoft predicts (most) Oscar winners, Google Wallet and more! (2015-02-23 21:47:00)
  • Google Glass 2 prototypes reportedly already in the hands of developers (2015-02-23 21:45:39)
    Despite the fact that Glass was all but a complete misfire for Google, the project isn’t going away any time soon. Earlier this month, Tony Fadell told The New York Times that “future products” in the Glass line won’t be subjected to the same public experimentation as the first-generation model. So we probably won’t see “Google Glass 2” at every tech event in 2015, but if a report from 9to5Google is to be believed, prototypes of the new version of the device might already be in the hands of developers. DON’T MISS: Google is already working on Google Glass 2, which might not be a disaster According to 9to5Google’s sources, several of Google’s Glass at Work partners have received “very early versions” of the
  • Industry lobbyists take aim at proposed FAA drone rules (2015-02-23 21:25:19)
    By David Morgan and Deepa Seetharaman WASHINGTON/SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Businesses hoping to capitalize on the commercial potential of drones are preparing to push back against proposed regulations that would strictly limit how the aircraft can be used. During a 60-day public comment period on the rules, lobbyists representing a range of industries, from Internet giants Inc and Google Inc to aerospace firms and the news media, say they will try to convince regulators that cutting-edge technologies make some of the limitations proposed last week by the Federal Aviation Administration unnecessary.
  • ​NextDC Azure deal set to drive hybrid cloud strategies (2015-02-23 21:19:01)
    A new deal that will see Australian datacentre-as-a-service provider NextDC offer direct cloud connectivity to Microsoft's Azure cloud platform via ExpressRoute is expected to help customers' hybrid cloud strategies.
  • Don’t expect new Toyotas to come with Apple CarPlay support anytime soon (2015-02-23 21:00:17)
    Though CarPlay was originally introduced at WWDC 2013, Apple’s iOS based infotainment system hasn’t exactly taken the world by storm. This is partially due to the fact that the auto industry tends to move at a snail’s pace relative to the tech industry.  Compounding matters is the fact that some companies aren’t exactly sold on CarPlay in the first place. The most recent example is Toyota. Despite being touted as an Apple CarPlay partner from day one, The New York Times reports that the Japanese-based automaker won’t be adding CarPlay to its fleet cars anytime soon. Instead, Toyota will opt for an infotainment system it developed in-house. John Hanson, the national manager of Toyota’s advanced technology communications, said while the company talked
  • Apple's newest iOS and Mac betas let you use diverse emoji (2015-02-23 20:58:00)
  • SLI signals new site-search directions for e-commerce (2015-02-23 20:50:00)
    Search engine developer SLI Systems explores new ways to deliver targeted e-commerce search results.
  • Tomorrow Daily 133: Spider-like 3D printing, the YouTube Kids app and more (2015-02-23 20:38:56)
    On today's show, Khail and Ashley check out a robot arm that can mimic spiderweb weaving with 3D-printed plastic instead of silk, discuss Google's new YouTube app that's just for kids, and enjoy an interactive art installation that turns artist into canvas.>
  • Express Burn Disc Burning Software Free review (2015-02-23 20:32:32)
    Burn audio, video, and data discs
  • Gmail's autocomplete is broken (update) (2015-02-23 20:26:00)
  • Advanced Batch Converter review (2015-02-23 20:20:00)
    Convert graphic files among 300 formats and edit images
  • With the TWC merger in doubt, is Comcast starting to sweat? (2015-02-23 20:15:39)
    Comcast thought the Time Warner Cable merger would be all wrapped up by now, mostly because it’s so used to getting exactly what it wants from Washington. However, it’s been a year since the proposed merger was officially announced and its prospects are cloudier than they’ve ever been thanks in part to a series of customer service blunders that have left both companies embarrassed and apologetic about how they treat their own customers. RELATED: Petition asks FCC to block Comcast-TWC merger just because TWC is so awful USA Today reports that some analysts who once thought the merger would be a layup are starting to have doubts about whether the government will actually sign off on it. Widely respected cable industry analyst
  • XModGames review (2015-02-23 20:08:16)
    Install mods and launch your game in one click
  • Valve enters virtual reality race with SteamVR (2015-02-23 20:02:27)
    The company best known for its Steam online gaming platform is the latest player to enter the virtual reality market, with a system it plans to show off at next week's Game Developers Conference.>
  • Prediction: On Friday, the Internet will not come to a screeching halt (2015-02-23 20:00:00)
    Will House of Cards Season 3 binge-watchers kill the Internet? If past is prologue, probably not.
  • ​Organic growth sole revenue booster in first-half: M2 (2015-02-23 19:55:58)
    M2 Group, which operates telecommunications providers Dodo, iPrimus, and Commander, has pointed to organic growth as the sole contributor to its 8 percent revenue growth in the first-half of the fiscal year.
  • Flying the dream: Martin Aircraft puts jetpack joyrides within reach (2015-02-23 19:55:11)
    From the James Bond jet belt to a "Jetsons"-inspired "motorbike in the sky," one New Zealand company is bringing the dream of jetpack travel to reality -- and thanks to a significant new investment, it could be here sooner than you think.>
  • Valve showing off new virtual reality hardware and updated Steam controller next week (2015-02-23 19:54:25)
    Valve is gearing up to announce a range of new hardware at the upcoming Game Developers Conference in early March. The developer said today that it is planning to show off the final version of its Steam Controller, new "living room devices," and a previously-unannounced virtual reality system called SteamVR at the event, scheduled to take place between March 2nd and 6th. Details about all the new hardware are thin at the moment — we'll know more when The Verge heads to GDC next week — but we've seen several versions of the Steam controller already. Steam Machines — packaged Linux-based PCs that use Valve's SteamOS operating system — have also had a slow start. Perhaps notably, Valve did not specifically say it was revealing new Steam Machines at GDC, preferring instead to use the tag "living room devices." It's possible the company could be showing more third-party Steam Machines, its own in-house version of the small-form PC, or something else entirely.
  • Weather Timeline review (2015-02-23 19:52:53)
    Get summarized weather information
  • Valve enters virtual-reality race with SteamVR (2015-02-23 19:39:21)
    The company best known for its Steam online gaming platform is the latest player to enter the virtual reality market, with a system it plans to show off at next week's Game Developers Conference.>
  • Simplenote review (2015-02-23 19:36:00)
    Sync notes, lists, and ideas with all of your devices
  • HTC One M9 BoomSound might be better than you thought (2015-02-23 19:30:36)
    It’s no secret that HTC will unveil its HTC One M9 flagship phone on Sunday in Spain, a few hours before Samsung announces the Galaxy S6, as the company last week confirmed the new One is indeed coming at MWC 2015. However, HTC Ireland has gone ahead and posted a new teaser video on Twitter that suggests the new handset might get an even better sound experience than expected. FROM EARLIER: HTC One M9: New leak includes images, specs and everything else you need to know “Get your hands on bigger boom,” the company wrote, teasing that something is coming soon in six days. The accompanying 12-second video also indicates the new handset will have great sound, though the HTC One M9
  • Valve is making a virtual reality headset (2015-02-23 19:19:00)
  • Valve is making a VR headset and its own Steam Machine (2015-02-23 19:19:00)
  • Simple Radio review (2015-02-23 19:11:00)
    Tunein to your favorite AM, FM and Online Internet Radio Stations
  • What's on your HDTV: 'Citizenfour', 'House of Cards' and 'Big Hero 6' (2015-02-23 19:06:00)
  • Like to chase space probes? Track all active ones from moon and beyond (2015-02-23 19:04:17)
    Crave's Michael Franco talks with the women who built, a colorful and easy-to-use new website that schools you on almost 30 active probes in our solar system.>
  • IBM and ARM kit aims to make it simpler to build your first IoT device (2015-02-23 19:01:04)
    The mBed IoT Starter Kit launches today - providing a kit for building IoT prototypes that can be sending to the cloud for analysis within minutes.
  • We Need a Manhattan Project for Cyber Security (2015-02-23 18:58:54)
    By Marc GoodmanMarc Goodman has spent a career in law enforcement and technology. He has served as a street police officer, senior adviser to Interpol and futurist-in-residence with the FBI. As the founder of the Future Crimes Institute and the Chair for Policy, Law, and Ethics at Silicon Valley's Singularity University, he continues to...
  • Etsy CEO makes impassioned plea in support of FCC's net neutrality proposal (2015-02-23 18:25:06)
    This is it: we've made it to the big week where the FCC is expected to vote on and likely approve a new framework for net neutrality and an open internet. A band of musicians have said they'll do whatever they can to help spread the message that the FCC has it right.
  • Denon and Spotify announce HEOS 3 for $99 (2015-02-23 18:23:53)
    ​Denon and Spotify have announced a limited-time promotion where customers can buy a HEOS 3 multi-room player for $99, reduced from $299.>
  • The Wi-Fi sniffing drones are here (2015-02-23 18:18:40)
    According to Venturebeat, a marketing company called Adnear is using drones as part of a test campaign to track user locations through device IDs. It's similar to what marketers already do in stores and malls, but by using mobile drones, Adnear is able to track users in new places where pre-installed sniffers can't reach. "With drones, it becomes so much easier," the director of marketing told the site. Still, the prospect of Wi-Fi sniffing drones in public locations is enough to give anyone pause, specifically given many drones' new auto-follow capacity and the legal ambiguity around flying them in urban areas.
  • The new BYO push: build your own software (2015-02-23 18:08:43)
    Survey shows widespread support for custom development; cloud and mobile spur more, not less, of it.
  • Trial nears in high-profile Silicon Valley sex bias case (2015-02-23 17:55:41)
    SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Lawyers began picking a jury Monday to determine whether a venerable Silicon Valley venture capital firm is liable in a sexual discrimination lawsuit or is the victim of a former employee forced out because of poor performance.
  • Celebrate the PS Vita’s birthday with this incredible sale (2015-02-23 17:55:07)
    The PS Vita is one of the best portable consoles ever released, but Sony is far too concerned with the continued success of the PlayStation 4 to spend much time focusing on the Vita. Worst of all, Sony has been anything but quick to respond to fans who are worried about the future of the Vita. This was most clearly illustrated during a short spell where it became impossible to even find a Vita. DON’T MISS: Here are all the PS4, PS3 and Vita games you’ll get for free in February It’s still hard to know what the future holds for Sony’s sleek portable, but Vita owners have at least one thing to look forward to: the PS Vita Birthday Sale. Beginning this Tuesday, Sony will
  • LinkedIn will pay $1.25 million to settle suit over password breach (2015-02-23 17:54:05)
    Class-action suit stemming from 2012 incident could net each plaintiff up to $50
  • How a Gamergate target is fighting online harassment (2015-02-23 17:53:00)
  • Marijuana is much safer than alcohol or tobacco, according to a new study (2015-02-23 17:35:11)
    Marijuana is roughly 114 times less deadly than alcohol, according to recent findings published in the journal Scientific Reports. Of the seven drugs included in the study, alcohol was the deadliest at an individual level, followed by heroin, cocaine, tobacco, ecstasy, methamphetamines, and marijuana. Previous studies consistently ranked marijuana as the safest recreational drug, but it was not known that the discrepancy was this large. The researchers determined the mortality risk by comparing a lethal dose of each substance with the amount typically used.
  • Brandis snubbed consumer groups, ISPs in piracy debate (2015-02-23 17:30:56)
    Australian Attorney-General George Brandis did not officially meet with internet service providers or consumer rights groups a single time in the 10 months spent planning a crackdown on online copyright infringement, according to documents obtained by ZDNet.
  • It's Back: Enter NOW for the 2015 SAP HANA Innovation Award (2015-02-23 17:00:15)
    The SAP HANA Innovation Award is a month underway. If your organization is running SAP HANA, share your story and win thousands for charity.
  • Want to die on Mars? We discuss on the next CraveCast (2015-02-23 16:59:05)
    All the cool space-geek kids are signing up to die on Mars these days. The CraveCast crew discusses Mars One, what Neil Armstrong kept from the moon and more this Tuesday at noon PT.>
  • Big Sean delivers his best album yet with Dark Sky Paradise (2015-02-23 16:41:19)
    Big Sean is in a peculiar position. As with most rap intros lately, "Dark Sky (Skyscrapers)" is a platform for Big Sean to display his lyrical dexterity and explain how he — as most rappers claim — made it with no help ("And I don’t owe nobody in the world no favors / I started from the basement, made it to the skyscrapers").
  • Still no Red Hat Linux on Azure, but VMware looks to be on its way (2015-02-23 16:39:00)
    Red Hat Linux still isn't available on Microsoft's Azure cloud, but VMware's hypervisor should be there soon.
  • How Technology Is Tricking You Into Tipping More (2015-02-23 16:26:39)
    My taxi pulled up to the hotel. I got out my credit card and prepared to pay for the ride. The journey was pleasant enough but little did I know I was about to encounter a bit of psychological trickery designed to get me to pay more for the lift. Chances are you're paying more, too.Digital payment systems use subtle tactics to increase tips,...
  • MLB considers spinning off its powerful streaming business (2015-02-23 16:24:51)
    MLB Advanced Media, the baseball league's booming technology division, is quickly growing into one of the most crucial companies in all of streaming. MLBAM has become about far more than baseball ever since America's pastime started live streams. With all of that expertise, MLB is now considering a spinoff of its technology arm, according to The Wall Street Journal. Current proposals would see and baseball ticketing — both currently under the MLBAM umbrella — stay with Major League Baseball, while the entire streaming business would be split off.
  • Plantable paper cup serves up seeds with your coffee (2015-02-23 16:22:40)
    A humble coffee cup has big aspirations to become a forest of trees with a Kickstarter that embeds native seeds in a paper cup.>
  • Finally, Emoji People of Color (2015-02-23 16:14:55)
    The next system update for Apple Mac and iOS devices will let users type emoji with a variety of skin tones, a beta software release revealed Monday.
  • The simple iPhone 6 tricks that can significantly improve your camera game (2015-02-23 16:10:23)
    People love using the iPhone’s camera and it’s helped Apple become the second most popular camera maker on Flickr, even though the company doesn’t actually make standalone cameras. Of all iPhones to date, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have the best cameras according to many professional reviewers, and Business Insider has put together a quick video that highlights 10 interesting iPhone camera secrets that can help you significantly improve your iPhone camera game. FROM EARLIER: Galaxy S6 vs. iPhone 6: New video compares sizes using a Galaxy S6 mockup The video, available below, shows you how to use the grid and how to manually control focus and exposure time. Furthermore, the publication reminds users they can take photos and record
  • Uber begins collecting data to analyze neighborhood safety in India (2015-02-23 16:08:44)
    Uber's effort to improve passenger safety in India isn't stopping with a panic button. The company said today it is partnering with Safetipin, a smartphone app that attempts to gauge the relative safety of neighborhoods, to help gather data and distribute it to local governments. As part of the partnership, which begins Wednesday and runs for five months, Uber will let Safetipin's auditors ride along in New Delhi to collect data about neighborhoods. Meanwhile, neighborhoods are given a score in the Safetipin app, which passengers can use to gauge the relative safety of areas they plan to travel through.
  • Porsche offers to put modern tech in the dash of your classic 911 (2015-02-23 16:05:00)
  • Apple's new multicultural emoji are (almost) here (2015-02-23 16:03:01)
    Earlier this month, Apple began seeding OS X 10.10.3 to developers and rolling out an iOS 8.3 beta with the promise of updated, multicultural emoji. Today, Apple launched its second OS X 10.10.3 and iOS 8.3 beta updates, which feature a redesigned emoji keyboard and emoji skin tone modifiers, 9To5Mac reports. Any human icon can get a new skin tone if the user taps and holds the character. MacRumors notes the family emoji category now includes same-sex couples and couples without children. It's not just the human emoji who have gotten a revamp — there are more than 300 new characters available.
  • NSA chief seeks compromise on encrypted phone snooping (2015-02-23 15:52:20)
    The National Security Agency chief pressed on Monday for a compromise which allows intelligence services to snoop on encrypted devices to combat terrorism, within a "legal framework" to protect user rights. Admiral Michael Rogers told a Washington cybersecurity forum that he does not believe Americans should be divided on the issue of encryption -- which makes it nearly impossible for outside parties to gain access, even in some cases with a warrant. Rogers endorsed the view expressed by FBI director James Comey on gaining access to encrypted mobile devices as necessary for law enforcement.
  • This is what the new Thor thinks of fans who hate feminism (2015-02-23 15:51:58)
    The idea that feminism, which at its core is about equality, is somehow diminishing these fictional characters is backwards. It's predicated on the notion that men can do and be certain things — in this case be Norse gods of thunder — that women can't be.
  • Watch out for an extremely annoying new Gmail bug (2015-02-23 15:50:28)
    Be very careful when you’re using Gmail because a new bug could lead you to send your messages to the wrong recipients. Business Insider details that many Gmail users have been complaining recently that Google’s automatically generated contact suggestions have been bringing up people whom they infrequently contact. This means, for instance, that if your wife’s name is Jane and you type her first name into the contacts box, another Jane might pop up first instead. FROM EARLIER: Lenovo’s adware disaster is even worse than we thought The most high-profile complaint has come from venture capitalist Fred Wilson, who over the weekend said he received a bunch of messages from Gmail users that were clearly not intended for him. Wilson says this
  • Any regrets, Edward Snowden? "I'd have come forward sooner" (2015-02-23 15:44:00)
    The former NSA contractor turned whistleblower said during a Reddit question-and-answer session that the leaks have also improved security and encryption in Silicon Valley.
  • As Softcard admits defeat, let's stop to remember its wonderfully deranged mascot, Tappy (2015-02-23 15:42:42)
    Softcard spokes-creature Tappy clearly had potential. Commenters raved: "Holy crap this is disturbing" and "Good god this is horrifying." Tappy evoked memories of great tech mascots throughout the ages.
  • High-profile Silicon Valley sex discrimination trial opens (2015-02-23 15:40:43)
    SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Lawyers have started picking a jury to determine whether a venerable Silicon Valley venture capital firm is guilty of gender discrimination or the victim of a scorned former employee forced out because of poor performance.
  • Google teams up with 3 wireless carriers to combat Apple Pay (2015-02-23 15:39:19)
    SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Aiming to undercut Apple's latest hit service, Google is teaming up with three major U.S. wireless carriers to prod more people into using its mobile wallet.
  • Republicans attempt to push back FCC's Net neutrality vote (2015-02-23 15:39:11)
    In a last-ditch effort to stop the FCC from adopting regulations to keep the Internet open, the two Republican commissioners are asking the chairman to delay the vote.>
  • Why the Public Loves Leaked Photos (2015-02-23 15:38:11)
    Another week, another leak. Flux is the new norm, and surprise is the new expectation. The latest unveiling has been a double-dose of diva exposure back to back. Not only a Cindy Crawford unretouched magazine photo made it on the scene earlier this week, but just days later, a Beyonce unretouched L'oreal ad photo. Most people seem to think...
  • 6 Women Rocking Tech for Good (2015-02-23 15:37:04)
    Folks, I figure it's really important to highlight women who are really making positive changes across the tech sector. These people aren't often given the recognition they deserve. If you're able, please support 'em and follow them on Twitter. They're the real deal.(Also, please note the 5 women to watch in 2015...)1. Jessica Greenwalt,...
  • Video: Tantilizing new Galaxy S6 teaser is all about a novel design (2015-02-23 15:30:12)
    Samsung on Saturday posted online one more Galaxy S6 teaser, this time using its Samsung Mobile YouTube channel. Teasing the March 1st Unpacked 2015 event where the company will announce the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge, the short video focuses on some of key features of the new phones, including new design and display capabilities. FROM EARLIER: Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge both to be revealed next week, according to Samsung’s ads “Tomorrow metals will flow,” Samsung says in its newest video for the next Galaxy. “Beauty will be powerful. Borders will disappear. Reflections will be freed. Colors will live. The future will be the present.” The Galaxy S line has long been criticized for lacking that premium feel that’s
  • Not Digital...Not Mobile...People First! (2015-02-23 15:19:25)
    Is there a difference between Disruption and Transformation?Between shaking up a business sector (I'd say "business model," but that is proving to be less and less true) and transforming society?Between monetizing fabulous enablement and actually changing people's lives for the good?For example...we talk about Uber disrupting the "Get a Taxi"...
  • Not Digital First, Not Mobile First, but People First! (2015-02-23 15:19:25)
    Is there a difference between disruption and transformation?Between shaking up a business sector (I'd say "business model," but that is proving to be less and less true) and transforming society?Between monetizing fabulous enablement and actually changing people's lives for the good?For example, we talk about Uber disrupting the "get a taxi"...
  • Watch a squadron of bees build a giant teapot (2015-02-23 15:13:53)
    A designer in Rotterdam got 60,000 bees to help him create a one-of-a-kind sculpture, and you can watch them work.>
  • Disney animators win Oscar 2 years in a row (2015-02-23 15:11:53)
    NEW YORK (AP) — The Walt Disney Co. proved Sunday that its power doesn't only come from Pixar.
  • This phone battery needs just 1 minute for a full charge, and it should debut next year (2015-02-23 15:10:32)
    One of the most annoying smartphone-related chores is having to charge on a daily basis — or even more than once a day, depending on your usage. This means you constantly have to make sure you’ve got your charger with you so that the gadget you’re addicted to doesn’t run out of battery life when you least expect it. While many devices can get you through the day, plenty of others can’t, and smartphone makers have yet to figure out how to continuously improve smartphone performance and decrease phone thickness while still offering a decent battery life. StoreDot, a promising Israeli startup, seems to have figured out smartphone batteries once and for all, and the company’s interesting product might head out to
  • Near real-time queries produce more credible results for big data users (2015-02-23 15:07:44)
    The near-real time query capability that a company's technology enables helps users avoid the wait times they encounter while big data processors are finishing analysis and reporting tasks.
  • How to get rid of insecure apps from Lenovo and lots of others (2015-02-23 15:00:35)
    Lenovo poisoned some of its customers’ computers with an app that opened a huge vulnerability in secure web transactions, but it’s not alone. So here's what you can do to de-crapify your PC.
  • 3 enterprise messaging platforms that get mobility right (2015-02-23 14:53:53)
    Will Kelly looks at three enterprise-messaging platforms that get mobility right in terms of features and usability.
  • New 'House of Cards' trailer -- trouble between Frank and Claire? (2015-02-23 14:49:40)
    The latest trailer for Netflix's political drama hints at a growing rift between the president and his wife over the Machiavellian schemes that won them the White House.>
  • Free iWork apps for Windows users aids Mac offices (2015-02-23 14:45:29)
    Microsoft shops aren't the only beneficiaries of Apple's introduction of free web-based iWork apps for Windows users (via a new iCloud beta). Erik Eckel explains.
  • Lenovo’s adware disaster is even worse than we thought (2015-02-23 14:45:21)
    News broke late last week that Lenovo had been shipping laptops with man-in-the-middle adware preinstalled which could hijack HTTPS traffic and insert its own ads onto websites that users were visiting. This major security threat was initially found lurking in just two pieces of software on Lenovo’s computers, but the number rose dramatically over the weekend as Ars Technica reports security researchers discovered more applications riddled with adware. As of Sunday, at least 14 applications have been found to use the technology which puts users at risk. READ MORE: Microsoft just nuked Lenovo’s adware so you hopefully don’t have to “What all these applications have in common is that they make people less secure through their use of an easily obtained root CA , they provide little information
  • YouTube Kids app comes out to play (2015-02-23 14:44:32)
    As expected, Google unveils its kid-friendly YouTube app, but it's out already on both Android and Apple's iOS.>
  • Clarizen takes project management mobile (2015-02-23 14:43:00)
    Clarizen, a project management platform vendor, recently released Clarizen Mobile offering mobile access to its platform
  • The liability shift and its impact on mobile payments (2015-02-23 14:36:17)
    Here are potential innovations to watch this year in mobile payments, and credit card payments in general.
  • The top 11 tablets you can buy today (2015-02-23 14:35:00)
  • HTC One M9 rumors: Is 1080p old technology or display sweet spot? (2015-02-23 14:34:43)
    Android manufacturers and fans tend to focus on the specs and denigrate devices that don't have the latest and greatest. HTC's upcoming device may have a 1080p display, for the third year in a row.
  • Microsoft Band update adds cycling app, keyboard, and more (2015-02-23 14:33:36)
    A promise of monthly app updates could make Microsoft's Band a whole lot better over time, starting with this month's new fitness features and a developer preview SDK for apps.>
  • 9 been-around-the-block Office tips (2015-02-23 14:32:40)
    Just because a tip has been used for a long time doesn't mean it isn't new to you. Learn a few of Susan Harkins' old but reliable tips for working more efficiently in Office.
  • Start tackling data science inefficiencies by properly defining waste (2015-02-23 14:30:11)
    Here's what you need to know about refactoring, imperfections, and feedback to make your data science processes more efficient.
  • Do the Simpsons live in the southern hemisphere? (2015-02-23 14:22:37)
    It's the greatest pop culture mystery since Paul McCartney's "death," and the answer just got even more elusive — which state do the characters of The Simpsons live in? Fans have argued over the possibilities for almost as long as the show has been around, but astronomer Phil Plait noticed a clue in a recent episode that might reframe the entire debate. In "The Musk Who Fell to Earth," Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk gazes out of the Simpsons' dining room window at a waxing crescent moon. The only problem is that, in the northern hemisphere the "tips" of a waxing crescent moon should be pointing to the left, not to the right like in the episode.
  • Google partners with wireless carriers to push Wallet service (2015-02-23 14:20:35)
    Google Inc has partnered with several large U.S. wireless carriers to pre-install its electronic payment service on phones, as the companies seek to counter Apple Inc's recent entry into the nascent market for mobile payments. AT&T Mobility, T-Mobile USA and Verizon Wireless will include the Google Wallet app later this year on Android smartphones sold in the United States, Google said in a post on its official blog on Monday. Google also said it has acquired technology from Softcard, a mobile payment initiative that was created by many of the wireless carriers several years ago.
  • Microsoft starts rolling out fitness Band preview developer kits (2015-02-23 14:16:00)
    Microsoft is rolling out the first major update to software and services for its Microsoft fitness Band, along with the first Band developer kit previews for Windows Phone and Android phones.
  • ​Linux kernel turns over release odometer to 4.0 (2015-02-23 14:14:59)
    Linus Torvalds has decided to move the Linux kernel release from 3.19.x to 4.0 more from whimsy then from a serious need.
  • Volvo will run a public test of self-driving cars with 100 real people in 2017 (2015-02-23 13:55:04)
    Volvo announced late last week that it'll be testing its autonomous driving system, Drive Me, out in the wild with real drivers in 2017. The test will take place in and around Volvo's hometown of Gothenburg, Sweden. One of the things you might do when your Volvo is driving for you. The company has also been involved with the SARTRE project, a very different type of self-driving tech where test cars are configured to follow a lead vehicle.
  • Microsoft Band just got a major update (2015-02-23 13:52:02)
    Microsoft's fitness tracker is getting a number of new features, including a new Bike Tile which optimizes the Band while biking, a quick read feature that lets you glance at your notifications, and surprisingly a virtual keyboard on the Band which you can use to reply to texts. Microsoft has also launched a web dashboard for Microsoft Health and will allow MapMyFitness users to sync with the service. Replying to texts on a 1.4-inch screen seems insane, but Microsoft says its Word Flow technology will allow you to type "with minimal errors." If that fails or becomes too frustrating, Microsoft has added voice dictation to the Band as well. Tracking bike rides — especially indoors — can be troublesome for just about every fitness band, but Microsoft says the Bike Tile can handle it, tracking both outdoor and stationary rides.
  • This season of The Bachelor has everything you need to know about reality television (2015-02-23 13:50:03)
    Tonight, one of the most surreal seasons of reality television will reach a fever pitch as Bachelor Chris decides whether or not to bed three women, including one secret virgin, on broadcast television. Verge editors Emily Yoshida and Chris Plante discuss what has made this season of The Bachelor so perversely momentous. Emily Yoshida: So Chris, I think you and I agree that Chris Soules' season of The Bachelor was not one we would have predicted to Go Weird.
  • Watch Sesame Street's near-perfect House of Cards parody (2015-02-23 13:46:10)
    Sesame Street, which lives to put its own spin on pop culture (e.g. Birdman) as it wholly embraces technology, has released an aptly timed parody of Netflix's House of Cards. As it turns out, the story of the three little pigs is a perfect parable for the first two seasons of House of Cards. Consider this your primer for the new season, set to (officially) debut this Friday.
  • How to shutdown the Android PowerOffHijack (2015-02-23 13:43:23)
    If you're concerned about the latest news of a serious Android malware attack, let Jack Wallen ease your worries while remaining aware of the issue.
  • Conservative FCC commissioners ask Wheeler to delay net neutrality vote (2015-02-23 13:43:18)
    Days before the FCC's net neutrality vote, commissioners Ajit Pai and Michael O'Rielly are making a last-ditch effort to delay it. Today, the pair asked for chair Tom Wheeler to release his full proposal — currently available only to FCC staff — and wait at least 30 days for public comments to come in. "With the future of the entire Internet at stake, it is imperative that the FCC get this right," write Pai and O'Rielly. To date, Wheeler has released a four-page fact sheet about his proposal, which would reclassify broadband internet under stricter and more utility-like laws.
  • Everything I know about a good death I learned from my cat (2015-02-23 13:39:54)
    My cat has been dying for the last two years. It is normal to me now — it is simply the state of affairs. There's a rhythm to her medication: prednisone and urosodiol in the morning, urosodiol again in the evening, chemo every other day, a vitamin B shot once a week. And now, toward the end, painkillers. Over these last two years, I've come to suspect that my cat has gotten better, more comprehensive planning around her eventual death than most people do.
  • Canada's BCE appeals mobile TV rate ruling (2015-02-23 13:34:16)
    BCE Inc , Canada's largest telecommunications company, will appeal a ruling that blocks it from sending its own content to customers' mobile devices for lower rates than it charges for transmitting third-party data. BCE, which operates under the Bell brand, and other large domestic telecoms have bought up media assets in recent years to exert more control over the programming they send. In a filing Reuters saw on Monday, BCE said the Bell Mobile TV service it sells to about 1.5 million of its wireless customers should be treated differently than content from rival media companies such as Netflix Inc and Google Inc's YouTube. Montreal-based BCE said the mobile TV product, which costs customers C$5 ($4) a month for 10 hours of content, is an extension of its broadcasting services.
  • NSA chief declines comment on spyware reports, says programs lawful (2015-02-23 13:32:19)
    By Warren Strobel WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The head of the National Security Agency refused to comment on Monday on reports that the U.S. government implants spyware on computer hard drives for surveillance purposes, saying "we fully comply with the law." U.S. Navy Admiral Michael Rogers was responding to reports that the NSA had embedded spyware in computers on a vast scale and that along with its British counterpart, had hacked into the world's biggest manufacturer of cellphone SIM cards. The Moscow-based security software maker Kaspersky Lab said last week that the NSA had figured out how to embed spy software deep within hard drives by Western Digital, Seagate, Toshiba and other top manufacturers, giving the agency the means to eavesdrop on a majority of the world's computers. Another report, based on documents provided by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden and published by the Intercept site, said the U.S. agency and its British counterpart hacked into Gemalto, which produces SIM cards.
  • A great Google Now feature I’ve been waiting for was just added by Google (2015-02-23 13:30:00)
    Google Now is easily one of my favorite mobile services. In fact, it’s probably one of the best things to happen to mobile devices in years. The service serves a number of different functions, but the easiest way to describe it is this: Google Now gives you information you need… before you even know you need it. I use Google Now constantly on my Android devices and on my iPhone, where the service lives inside the Google Search app. Google Now is packed full of fantastic features, but there’s one simple one in particular that I have been waiting for — and now it has just been added. DON’T MISS: How to get 100GB of cloud storage right now for free
  • Two Xprize rivals will share a trip to the Moon (2015-02-23 12:28:00)
  • Watch this immediately: A brand new trailer for ‘House of Cards’ season 3 (2015-02-23 12:25:28)
    House of Cards marked a turning point for Netflix. It was a big-budget series with a big-name producer led by a big star, and it let traditional content makers know that Netflix was here to disrupt the space. The show has gone on to receive critical acclaim and win several top awards, and it is widely regarded as one of the best shows on — or off — TV right now. After what seemed like a painfully long break, the hotly anticipated third season of House of Cards will finally premiere later this week, and Netflix just released a new trailer to whet your appetite. DON’T MISS: How to get 100GB of cloud storage right now for free The end of season 2
  • Google plots path to bring Inbox to Google Apps for Work (2015-02-23 12:25:00)
    Google is opening up the Inbox party to a longer guest list, but an invite is still required.
  • Google Wallet will soon come pre-installed on Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile Android phones (2015-02-23 12:13:43)
    Google has officially signed a partnership with Softcard, the mobile payments solution backed by major US wireless carriers. The deal, first reported by Recode, comes amid rumors that Google plans to revive Google Wallet in a big way to better compete against Apple Pay. Beginning "later this year," Google Wallet — complete with its tap-and-pay functionality — will come pre-installed on Android smartphones sold by Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile. Google has also purchased "some exciting technology and intellectual property from Softcard to make Google Wallet better." Google Wallet will ship on Android phones running version 4.4 (KitKat) and above.
  • All the great new movies and shows you can stream on Netflix this week (Feb. 22 – Feb. 28) (2015-02-23 12:00:45)
    It’s that time of the week again, and BGR is bringing you a roundup of the best new content on Netflix for your streaming pleasure. A lot of your time is wasted by looking around Netflix for something you haven’t seen yet, so this update will save you some precious ticks on the clock. MORE NETFLIX: Here’s every new movie and TV show you’ll be able to stream on Netflix in February February 24th 1,000 Times Good Night (2013) Hawaii Five-0 (Seasons 1–4) February 26th Open Windows (2014) Russell Brand: Messiah Complex (2013) February 27th Ralphie May: Unruly (2015) Boys (1996) House of Cards (Season 3) Be sure to check back every week to find out which new titles are making their way to Netflix
  • Google is finally testing Inbox for work email, but only for a few companies (2015-02-23 12:00:02)
    If your company runs email through Google Apps, you've been unable to use it. "One of the biggest pieces of feedback we’ve received is that Google Apps customers want access to Inbox at work," wrote Alex Gawley, director of product management for Gmail and Inbox, in a blog post. It sounds as though Google wants to get things right rather than bring Inbox in its current form to all Apps users.
  • NSA chief declines comment on spyware reports, says program are lawful (2015-02-23 11:51:51)
    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The head of the U.S. National Security Agency declined comment Monday on reports that the United States implants spyware for surveillance purposes, saying "we fully comply with the law." Navy Admiral Michael Rogers was responding to reports that the NSA had embedded spyware on computer hard drives on a vast scale and that it and its British counterpart had hacked into the world's biggest manufacturer of cellphone SIM cards. He spoke at a forum sponsored by the New America think tank. (Reporting By Warren Strobel; Editing by Bill Trott)
  • Samsung makes a big play for electric cars by nabbing a battery pack firm (2015-02-23 11:50:00)
  • British businesses aren't keen on the cloud, says KPMG survey (2015-02-23 11:48:28)
    Concerns about data location, security and privacy risks - as well as software integration problems - mean that 7 out of 10 UK organizations spend less than 10 percent of their IT budgets on cloud services
  • 5 old-school smartphones that are still awesome to use, according to Android fans (2015-02-23 11:35:30)
    The life of a smartphone is typically very short and it seems like even the hottest Android phone will seem obsolete after only a year. With this in mind, members of Reddit’s Android community have put together a list of Android phones that have stood the test of time and are still great to use. We’ve listed the top results below by the number of up votes they received. DON’T MISS: HTC One M9: New leak includes images, specs and everything else you need to know Samsung Galaxy S III The Galaxy S III is the top choice here and with good reason. This was Samsung’s breakthrough hit phone that propelled the company to the top of the Android smartphone world.
  • Will gravestones of the future represent your digital life? (2015-02-23 11:26:51)
    Our social networks track just how liked we are. The so-called Quantified Self becomes more quantified every day, but do those numbers actually add up to define a human being? A new artwork at Science Gallery Dublin imagines how all the data that we're accumulating could be brought back into the real world to define us after death. It places statistics about a person on a gravestone — number of Twitter followers, eBay feedback, Tinder matches, and so on — all of which is informative but fails to actually reveal anything about the human behind the numbers.
  • Pebble inadvertently teases its first color smartwatch (2015-02-23 11:12:00)
  • Designed by Apple in Tatooine: This is what a lightsaber designed by Jony Ive would look like (2015-02-23 11:10:50)
    In a huge profile in The New Yorker last week, Apple design boss Jony Ive revealed that has gave director J.J. Abrams some advice on how to design a better lightsaber for his upcoming film Star Wars: The Force Awakens. As you’ll recall, the new lightsaber was the source of some contention among Star Wars fans who complained that it looked, well, a bit too ridiculous. As we have seen in more recent images from The Force Awakens, it appears as though Abrams and company definitely took some of Ive’s advice and made some key changes to the lightsaber’s new design. Even still, however, it’s clear that this device is not a Jony Ive creation… so what might a lightsaber look like if it was
  • What to expect from Samsung's next flagship phone (2015-02-23 10:59:25)
    Samsung has finally accepted that a smartphone cannot claim to be 'premium' if it uses plastics and faux leathers in its construction and so one of the biggest features of the new phone will be the use of quality metals and glass for a change. This is an area where Samsung has always been ahead of the curve and it intends to quite literally keep things that way. Samsung has made no secret about the new phone's photography capabilities, promising that its cameras front and rear will raise the benchmark again.
  • Galaxy S6: One more secret design element may have been revealed (2015-02-23 10:45:49)
    The most important Galaxy S6 design details has already been leaked well ahead of the phone’s launch, but that doesn’t mean all of the phone’s secrets have been uncovered. In fact, South Korean publication ETNews has learned one more interesting thing about the handset, detailing a design element that might be crucial for the phone’s performance. FROM EARLIER: This official image is our best look yet at the Galaxy S6 According to sources familiar with the matter, the Galaxy S6 models will not come with iPhone 4-like “Antennagate” features, a cellular signal loss issue that affected the 2011 iPhone model. The reason is that Samsung has devised a special antenna for the metal-and-glass Galaxy S6 handset which ensures that the phone’s metal chassis
  • Mophie Juice Pack for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus hands-on: Portable power when one day is not enough (2015-02-23 10:42:04)
    Apple's iPhone 6 Plus provides enough power to get heavy users through a day, but sometimes when you are on the road you need more capacity. That's where Mophie comes in with the Juice Pack.
  • YouTube Kids delivers a library of age-appropriate streaming (2015-02-23 10:31:00)
  • These tiny ASCII animations live in your browser's address bar (2015-02-23 10:26:39)
    These animations created by developer Glen Chiacchieri might be the cutest example of ASCII art we've ever seen. Each piece is composed of multiple frames that are actually uniques URLs — click on one and your browser loads the pages in quick succession, turning your address bar into a flip book-style animation. Be warned though, Chiacchier's animations work best in Firefox and Chrome and even then, they're liable to break your browser after a while.
  • 8 awesome paid iPhone apps on sale for free for a limited time (2015-02-23 10:20:33)
    The best way to start off the week on Monday is with a nice healthy breakfast… and by downloading some cool paid iPhone and iPad apps for free. We can’t help you make a sensible morning meal, but we’re more than happy to share a list of paid apps that can now be downloaded without paying a dime for a limited time. Today’s list includes eight nifty apps and as always, these sales could end at any minute so be sure to hurry and download anything that looks appealing. DON’T MISS: How to get 100GB of cloud storage right now for free These are paid iPhone and iPad apps that have been made available for free for a limited time by
  • YouTube for Kids is now available on Android and iOS (2015-02-23 10:14:11)
    The YouTube app that parents have always clamored for is now here: just as expected, the company has today released YouTube for Kids, celebrating it as "the first Google product built from the ground up with little ones in mind." Available for Android and iOS (and coming soon for kiddie tablets like the Kurio and Nabi), YouTube for Kids offers a curated selection of videos that are appropriate for young viewers. Like Vine's own kids app, everything is contained in a "bright and playful design" meant to grab and hold the attention of younger users. YouTube for Kids is broken up into four sections: shows, music, learning, and explore.
  • Target tweaks free shipping policy to lure online shoppers (2015-02-23 10:10:00)
    Take that, Amazon. Target cuts its free shipping eligibility to $25, less than the minimum required by its main discounter rivals.
  • Toyota won't have CarPlay-equipped vehicles anytime soon (2015-02-23 10:07:00)
  • This is the interview with Breaking Bad’s Gus Fring that you’ve been waiting for (2015-02-23 09:55:52)
    In the annals of television history, you’d be hard pressed to find a more iconic and arguably beloved “bad guy” than Gustavo Fring from Breaking Bad. Played brilliantly by the talented Giancarlo Esposito, Fring was a ruthless drug kingpin whose understated demeanor only served to make him all the more menacing. This past Sunday, I was lucky enough to witness Esposito and RJ Mitte (who played the role of Walt Jr.) interviewed during a 45-minute panel discussion about everyone’s favorite meth-based drama. The panel took place during Walker Stalker Con, convention primarily geared for fans of The Walking Dead. DON’T MISS: Video: An awesome behind-the-scenes look at the making of ‘The LEGO Movie’ Over the course of an engaging 45 minutes, Esposito gave a
  • Nicolas Cage will play a US intelligence officer in Oliver Stone's Snowden movie (2015-02-23 09:51:28)
    Nicolas Cage will bring his unchecked emotional melodrama to Oliver Stone's upcoming movie, Snowden, a fictionalized biopic of NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden. Deadline reports Cage will play the role of a former US intelligence officer.
  • 8 things we learned behind the scenes at the 2015 Oscars (2015-02-23 09:46:40)
    Last night the 87th Academy Awards handed the biggest awards of the night to director Alejandro González Iñárritu and his film Birdman, and Neil Patrick Harris told a lot of bad jokes. This year, we attended the awards and saw, up close and personal, how Hollywood's biggest night gets put together. From the red carpet to the backstage press room, here are the big things we learned covering the 2015 Oscars. With some of the biggest names in Hollywood getting together in one room, you’d expect some security — and the Oscars did not disappoint.
  • HTC One M9: New leak includes images, specs and everything else you need to know (2015-02-23 09:30:19)
    Android fans looking to purchase a brand new top handset are probably anxiously waiting the two hot new devices expected to be unveiled on March 1st, including the HTC One M9 and the Galaxy S6. Both phones have appeared in countless leaks, which offered specs, features, benchmarks, image renders and even images, but the HTC One M9 has apparently already been listed in all its glory on a German online store, with local blog Mobile Geeks having caught all the details. FROM EARLIER: HTC One M9 vs. Galaxy S6: Leak reveals a battle HTC isn’t ready to fight Online store has briefly listed the handset, revealing seemingly official specs, prices and even a release date for the HTC One M9— the
  • Ergen takes CEO job back at Dish as Clayton to retire (2015-02-23 09:27:25)
    ENGLEWOOD, Colo. (AP) — Dish Network co-founder and Chairman Charles Ergen is returning to the helm of the satellite TV provider as the company faces declining subscribers and a changing pay-TV industry.
  • Apple to set up high-tech data hubs in Northern Europe (2015-02-23 09:22:43)
    HELSINKI (AP) — Apple is investing 1.7 billion euros ($1.92 billion) in high-tech data centers in Denmark and Ireland that will be powered by renewable energy, in its largest such project in Europe to date, the company said Monday.
  • Even Sony thinks that day one game patches are getting out of hand (2015-02-23 09:22:00)
  • Hollande: French Muslims have both rights, responsibilities (2015-02-23 09:15:01)
    PARIS (AP) — President Francois Hollande says France's millions of Muslims should be protected and respected and in turn they should also respect the nation's strict secular policies.
  • Developer gets Android Wear to work with the iPhone (2015-02-23 09:10:21)
    An Android developer has come up with a way to get Android Wear smartwatches to work with an iPhone - with no jailbreaking required.
  • CRM Watchlist 2015 winners: Marketing takes the stage (2015-02-23 09:02:00)
    The three marketing companies that won this year's Watchlist- Adobe, Callidus Cloud and OutMarket - couldn't be any more different. Check them out: It is so worth it.
  • Google is being investigated by Russia's antitrust agency (2015-02-23 08:57:26)
    Google may soon be facing another antitrust action, this time from Russia. Russia's antitrust agency is currently investigating a complaint against Google's Android operating system, according to a report from The Guardian. The complaint was filed by Yandex, a Russian-owned competitor to Google, which controls more than half the search traffic in the country. By comparison, Google controls only a quarter of the country's search market, but the popularity of Android has given the company a strong foothold in its fight with Yandex. The complaint alleges that Android gives Google Search and other apps an unfair advantage by prohibiting pre-installed version of competing apps on Android phones.
  • A supercut of everyone's 'yup, that's me' face at the Oscars (2015-02-23 08:55:14)
    Watch Hollywood's biggest and most talented stars process the still-uncanny experience of watching themselves act on screen. As is tradition, last night's acting nominees had their most emotional, trophy-worthy acting moments played back for all the world to see before the winner was announced, and their reactions run the gamut, from the shy (Eddie Redmayne) to the stoic (Patricia Arquette) to the "is that really the clip they ended up going with?" (Michael Keaton.)
  • Pebble smartwatch with color display leaks ahead of announcement (2015-02-23 08:52:09)
    Pebble is a day away from making a big announcement, and it looks like that may be a brand new smartwatch. 9to5Mac reported on Friday that a slimmer Pebble with a color, "e-paper-like" display is on the way, and this morning, the publication points to an image hosted on Pebble's own website that seems to back that up. 9to5Mac's Mark Gurman reported Friday that the new watch will be thinner and brighter and feature a similarly long battery life to what the existing Pebble gets.
  • Natalia Oberti Noguera: Pipeline Fellowship founder. LGBTQ Activist. Feminist. (2015-02-23 08:45:00)
    Natalia Oberti Noguera, founder of the Pipeline Fellowship, talked to TechRepublic about her career, changing the face of angel investing, and being a lesbian Latina in tech.
  • This Scorsese-narrated ad might be Apple’s best TV commercial in a long time (2015-02-23 08:30:12)
    During Sunday’s Oscars, Apple aired a new commercial for the iPad Air 2. While Tim Cook recently intimated that the enterprise is Apple’s best bet for iPad growth, the company’s most recent commercial naturally centers on something a bit more relatable — filmmaking. DON’T MISS: To sell the Apple Watch, Apple may go where it has never been before Narrated by Martin Scorsese, the commercial, like a number of other iPad ads, positions Apple’s tablet as a more-than-capable content creation device. Though the commercial itself never once mentions the word “iPad”, it does a successful job of conveying the utility of Apple’s tablet, whether you’re creating music, making a movie, or engaging in any other type of creative endeavor. It’s also worth
  • Predicting where to park? Israel's got an app for that (2015-02-23 08:17:41)
    By Tova Cohen TEL AVIV (Reuters) - When it comes to helping drivers, there's no shortage of in-car technology from GPS navigation to collision-warning systems. In Britain, JustPark provides a mobile app that enables users to rent people's private parking spaces. German carmaker BMW has been trialing a similar service called ParkNow. Anagog, a Tel Aviv-based firm, has developed an app that can guide drivers to empty on-street parking using real-time, crowd-sourced data from mobile phones, similar to what another Israeli app, Waze, has successfully done with navigation.
  • Gemalto says SIM products are secure, despite Snowden leaks (2015-02-23 08:13:15)
    SIM card manufacturer Gemalto has said that its SIM products are secure despite reports that US and UK spy agencies had stolen the encryption keys. The company, which produces around 2 billion SIM cards annually, including supplying all four major US carriers, said in a statement that initial results from an internal investigation "indicate that Gemalto SIM products (as well as banking cards, passports and other products and platforms) are secure." The statement offers no more details but Gemalto says it will discuss the full investigation at a press event this Wednesday.
  • Microsoft came remarkably close to predicting all 24 Oscar winners (2015-02-23 08:13:00)
  • AMD hiring CPU engineer to improve GPU drivers (2015-02-23 08:11:00)
    Chipmaker AMD is looking to hire a CPU performance engineer to help optimize the company's graphics drivers with an eye to improve CPU gaming performance.
  • How Notable PDF built an annotation tool for PDFs on the web (2015-02-23 08:00:03)
    New Zealand startup Notable PDF has created an online tool to help users collaborate and annotate PDFs online.
  • HTC's next 'One' makes its debut: Join us March 1 (live blog) (2015-02-23 08:00:02)
    The company is widely expected to release the newest version of its marquee metallic smartphone at the Mobile World Congress show. But will there be more?>
  • Microsoft correctly predicted the top Oscars winners (2015-02-23 07:56:08)
    Microsoft’s Bing predictions engine has been responsible for predicting the World Cup, English soccer results, and NFL games, but last night it turned its attention to the 87th Academy Awards. Overall, Microsoft successfully predicted 84 percent of the 24 results, with only four incorrect predictions. Ahead of the Oscars Microsoft shared its latest predictions, noting that most of the awards are "relatively unpredictable." Microsoft uses a prediction model for the Oscars that is managed by Microsoft researcher David Rothschild over at the company’s New York City research lab. Rothschild correctly predicted 21 of 24 Oscar winners last year, and 19 of 24 winners in 2013.
  • Judge tosses two Google antitrust lawsuits (2015-02-23 07:53:37)
    A pair of class-action lawsuits, alleging anticompetitive behavior related to Android handsets, have been dismissed in a California court.>
  • Dish Network CEO Clayton to retire in March (2015-02-23 07:52:18)
    ENGLEWOOD, Colo. (AP) — Dish Network CEO Joseph Clayton is retiring next month.
  • Lenovo's Superfish spectacle: 'Catastrophic' security failures discovered (2015-02-23 07:48:58)
    Superfish isn't just adware -- it can also be a nightmare for those who value their privacy.
  • This official image is our best look yet at the Galaxy S6 (2015-02-23 07:45:01)
    It appears that Samsung isn’t the only company eager to launch the next-gen Galaxy S models, even though the South Korean Android device maker keeps teasing the new Galaxy S6 smartphones in video teasers and blog posts. One of Samsung’s carrier partners has decided to put up an official Galaxy S6 page on its website and show the handset, or at least part of it, in a press image that’s much more clear than any previous teaser. FROM EARLIER: One major retailer will already let you pre-register for the Galaxy S6 T-Mobile U.S. is the mobile operator in question, as the uncarrier already has a Galaxy S6 registration page on its website. “The next big thing is almost here,” T-Mobile, confirming that on
  • Watch Android Wear work with an iPhone without jailbreaking (2015-02-23 07:42:15)
    A developer has followed the Pebble Watch's example by making Apple's iOS play nice with a Google-powered Moto 360 smartwatch.>
  • Japan carrier NTT DoCoMo says probing reported SIM hack (2015-02-23 07:28:36)
    By Teppei Kasai TOKYO (Reuters) - Japan's biggest mobile phone service provider NTT DoCoMo Inc said it is investigating whether its customers were affected by a reported hack of a key mobile phone component supplied by Gemalto NV. News website The Intercept reported on Friday that the U.S. National Security Agency and Britain's Government Communications Headquarters hacked into Gemalto's systems to steal encryption keys that could unlock security settings on billions of mobile phones.
  • T-Mobile's Next Big Thing promo site shows off Six Appeal, likely Samsung Galaxy S6 (2015-02-23 07:19:04)
    In one week all the details of the new Samsung Galaxy smartphone will be revealed in Spain. T-Mobile gave us the best glimpse so far and the design looks enticing.
  • Light-powered armband monitors your vitals without tethering you (2015-02-23 07:16:00)
  • ​Hardware? Software? Flex Logix hopes for best of both worlds (2015-02-23 07:00:08)
    By making chip designs themselves a little bit programmable, a Silicon Valley startup expects benefits like quicker network upgrades and better search engine performance.>
  • Apple will spend almost $2 billion on its biggest European project yet (2015-02-23 06:50:12)
    Apple on Monday announced plans to significantly expand its operations in Europe, committing to its biggest investment yet in the region. FROM EARLIER: Top Apple blogger says 18-karat Apple Watch models could cost $10,000 The iPhone maker revealed that it plans to build two data centers in Europe, each powered by 100% renewable energy. The project, worth €1.7 billion (or around $1.92 billion), is supposed to power Apple’s online services available to European customers, including iTunes, App Store, iMessage, Maps and Siri. “We are grateful for Apple’s continued success in Europe and proud that our investment supports communities across the continent,” Apple’s Tim Cook said. “This significant new investment represents Apple’s biggest project in Europe to date. We’re thrilled to
  • Apple to invest 1.7bn euros in Ireland, Denmark data centres (2015-02-23 06:45:51)
    US tech giant Apple said Monday it would invest 1.7 billion euros ($1.9 billion) in two data centres located in Ireland and Denmark, to boost online services in the European market. “This significant new investment represents Apple’s biggest project in Europe to date," said Apple CEO Tim Cook in a statement. The two data centres, set to begin operations in 2017, will run entirely on renewable energy. Apple currently employs 18,300 people across 19 European countries and has added over 2,000 jobs in the last 12 months alone, the company said.
  • South Korean mobile operator wins patent suit against Viber (2015-02-23 06:45:12)
    SK Telecom has won its patent lawsuit against Viber after a South Korean court ruled the latter infringed on four patents held by the mobile operator.
  • Gemalto: Our SIM cards are secure, despite NSA hack claim (2015-02-23 06:35:00)
    Company investigates claim of hacking attack by NSA and GCHQ.
  • Class-action lawsuits against Google thrown out of court (2015-02-23 06:34:24)
    Two antitrust class-action lawsuits related to Android handsets have been dismissed in a Californian court.
  • Microsoft should trash its new Windows 10 Recycle Bin (2015-02-23 06:29:48)
    Windows fans have complained about Microsoft’s use of iconography for years. Whether it was the lack of icons to identify key folders on the Windows Vista Start Menu, numerous quirky icons for error messages, or even the mix of modern and old icons in Windows 8 — Microsoft has always failed to fully fix its icon issues. Windows 10 looks like it might finally address concerns over aging iconography, but the new replacements are a startling mix of bright colors and simplicity. Microsoft is preparing to release an updated Windows 10 Technical Preview with a series of updates to the operating system’s iconography.
  • Apple invests $1.9 billion in data hub in Denmark, Ireland (2015-02-23 06:23:25)
    HELSINKI (AP) — Apple says it's investing 1.7 billion euros ($1.92 billion) in data centers in Denmark and Ireland that will be powered by renewable energy, its largest such project in Europe to date.
  • Softbank prices its Pepper robot out of some developers' pockets (2015-02-23 06:06:00)
  • Japan clocks keep time for 16 billion years (2015-02-23 05:56:43)
    Japanese researchers have built a pair of clocks which they say are so accurate they will lose a second only every 16 billion years -- longer than the Earth has been around. "Cryogenic optical lattice clocks" are not pretty -- they look more like giant stripped-down desktop computers than ordinary wall clocks -- but they are so precise that current technology cannot even measure them. The research team led by Hidetoshi Katori, a professor at the University of Tokyo, believes it has taken the technology way beyond the atomic clocks that are currently used to define the "second". The new clock uses special lasers to trap strontium atoms in tiny grid-like structures, according to the team, which published the study this month in the journal Nature Photonics.
  • Apple promises green data centres to power Europe's iTunes, Siri and more (2015-02-23 05:31:27)
    Apple is pumping €1.7 billion into two data centres that will be powered by 100 percent renewable energy.>
  • T-Mobile CEO tweets image of Samsung Galaxy S6 (2015-02-23 04:54:59)
    T-Mobile CEO John Legere shared a link to the T-Mobile website offering a look at Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S6. Earlier this month, leaked images seemed to confirm rumors that Samsung was to launch a new flagship device with a curved, edge-to-edge display, and to indicate that aluminum would replace the plastic body of previous models. Samsung is to reveal the Galaxy S6 on March 1.
  • Getting the amount of private cloud right (2015-02-23 04:36:03)
    Organisations need to remember when they build a cloud that they want it to be sized appropriately.
  • Apple spending €1.7bn on two new datacentres in Europe (2015-02-23 04:11:00)
    The two facilities, built in Ireland and Denmark, will run entirely on renewable energy.
  • Apple to spend $1.9 billion on new European data centers (2015-02-23 03:57:44)
    (Reuters) - Apple Inc said it would spend 1.7 billion euros ($1.9 billion) to build two data centers in Europe that would be entirely powered by renewable energy and create hundreds of jobs. The company said the centers, in Ireland and Denmark, will power Apple's online services, including the iTunes Store, App Store, iMessage, Maps and Siri for customers across Europe. The investment is set to be evenly divided between the two countries, with the Irish government confirming that 850 million euros would be spent in Ireland. The two data centers are expected to begin operations in 2017.
  • Here's a sideways glance at Samsung's Galaxy S6 (2015-02-23 03:56:00)
  • LG announces new mid-range smartphones (2015-02-23 03:53:02)
    South Korean company LG has revealed details of four smartphones that will be launched at next month's Mobile World Congress. The Magna features a 5-inch in-cell touch display for a slimmer look with a maximum display area and minimum bezels, a Quad-Core chipset, an 8-megapixel main camera and a 5-megapixel front shooter, plus a 2,540mAh removable battery.
  • Germany's vision for Industrie 4.0: The revolution will be digitised (2015-02-23 03:33:04)
    Industrie 4.0 has become a favourite theme for the country, with Siemens among automation's chief cheerleaders.
  • Gemalto sees no significant impact from hacking issue (2015-02-23 03:20:55)
    Gemalto said on Monday its initial investigations into a report that U.S. and British spies had hacked it systems showed its products were secure and it thus did not expect a significant financial prejudice. Gemalto's shares fell sharply on Friday after news website Intercept reported a hack by the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) and Britain's Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ). Gemalto said it would communicate on the results of its investigations on Wednesday, Feb. 25 through a press release and a press conference that will be held in Paris at 0930 GMT. Gemalto makes smart chips for mobile phones, bank cards and biometric passports and counts Verizon, AT&T Inc and Vodafone among its 450 wireless network provider customers around the world.
  • Apple spending $2 billion on two European data centers running on 100 percent renewable energy (2015-02-23 03:13:34)
    Apple has announced plans worth €1.7 billion ($1.93 billion) to construct two new data centers in Europe. Each facility will be run using 100 percent renewable energy and will provide online services such as iTunes, iMessages, and Siri for Apple customers in Europe. The data centers are being built in Athenry in western Ireland and in Viborg in central Denmark, with both sites expected to be operational by 2017. "We are grateful for Apple’s continued success in Europe and proud that our investment supports communities across the continent," said Apple CEO Tim Cook.
  • Art exhibit lets you draw on a 3D self-portrait (2015-02-23 01:58:00)
  • WA dishes out AU$45 million more for 85 mobile towers (2015-02-23 01:17:00)
    The Western Australia government has extended its Royalties for Regions funding, with AU$45 million going to fund 85 more mobile towers in regional locations.
  • Human DNA gives mice bigger brains (2015-02-23 01:14:08)
    Injecting mouse embryos with a human DNA sequence leads to a marked increase in brain size -- and may provide insights into Alzheimer's.>
  • Limited edition 3DS microwaved in the name of art (2015-02-23 01:01:43)
    Did you miss out on the Majora's Mask 3DS? There's still a chance to grab one, but good luck playing any games on it.>
  • Australian telcos investigate Gemalto SIM hacking claims (2015-02-23 00:36:35)
    Telstra, Optus, and Vodafone have all confirmed they use SIMs produced by Dutch SIM card maker Gemalto, the company that the latest leaks from Edward Snowden claim was hacked by US and British spies.
  • LG's new midrange smartphones are made for selfie sticks (2015-02-23 00:26:00)
  • ​NSW Police trials 'real-time policing' with 500 smartphones (2015-02-23 00:24:07)
    NSW Police has deployed 500 Samsung Galaxy smartphones as part of a pilot program to give enforcement squads the chance to perform background checks on vehicles and persons of interest on the go.
  • Birdman wins Oscar for best picture (2015-02-23 00:22:49)
    After a long and controversy-plagued campaign season, director Alejandro González Iñárritu's Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance) came out on top as the best picture among the ten nominees in this year's Academy Awards. Beating out fellow front-runners Boyhood, American Sniper, The Imitation Game, and The Theory of Everything, Birdman marks Iñárritu's first Best Picture win (he was nominated in 2007 for Best Picture and Director for Babel.) He also won the award for Best Director earlier in the evening.
  • Steve Wozniak is in Cadillac's Oscars commercial for some reason (2015-02-23 00:04:08)
    You might have missed this, but Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak was a part of the Oscars madness tonight. During Cadillac's commercial during the broadcast, the Woz himself can be seen lounging in his study, listening to music that, for one reason or another, is making the room go out of focus. We presume it's very beautiful, but we're not sure what's so daring about it. Observe.
  • Eddie Redmayne wins best actor Oscar for portrayal of Stephen Hawking (2015-02-22 23:54:12)
    Eddie Redmayne won the award for best actor in a leading role at the 2015 Oscars for his portrayal of Stephen Hawking in The Theory of Everything. Redmayne has long been considered a front-runner to win this award. Much of Redmayne's performance required him to act with limited mobility as he depicted the progression of Hawking's disease — something that the Academy was clearly quite impressed by. Though Redmayne's performance has been the focus of quite a bit of buzz since before the movie even came out, there were quite a few other great performances that he was up against.
  • Alejandro González Iñárritu wins best director Oscar for Birdman (2015-02-22 23:43:06)
    Alejandro González Iñárritu is taking home the 2015 Oscar for directing for his film Birdman, a stunning look at fame and a fading star that's presented as though the entire movie were shot in a single take. Iñárritu's win is well deserved: Birdman maintains an impressive tension throughout its entire runtime, has amazing performances from all of its stars, and is filmed in a way that's truly remarkable and unlike anything else. Richard Linklater was also considered a frontrunner for his work on Boyhood, an incredible coming-of-age movie filmed over the span of 12 years. Wes Anderson was nominated for the fun and expectedly stylish Grand Budapest Hotel.
  • Watch John Legend and Common perform Best Original Song Glory on the Oscars (2015-02-22 23:37:37)
    After a performance that brought the audience its feet and left some in tears, "Glory," the soaring track from Selma performed by John Legend and Common, earned the Academy Award for Best Original Song. "Glory" was a shoe-in from the start, even with competition from "Everything Is Awesome." Tonight's performance was one we've seen a few times by now, but it's no less powerful here. "Selma is now because the struggle for justice is right now," he said.
  • NSA-Snowden documentary 'Citizenfour' wins an Oscar (2015-02-22 23:23:00)
  • ​How HTTP/2 will speed up your web browsing (2015-02-22 23:20:28)
    Thanks to changes in the web's fundamental protocol, it is going to get faster and safer.
  • Disney Movies Anywhere review (2015-02-22 23:11:00)
    Now you can enjoy your Disney, Pixar and Marvel movies anywhere you go
  • Australia's war on terror hampered by incompatible IT systems (2015-02-22 22:58:26)
    Problems still plague exchanging information amongst Australia's counter-terrorism authorities, the government's review of counter-terrorism arrangements has said.
  • DramaFever review (2015-02-22 22:56:15)
    Watch all your favorite dramas from around the world
  • Citizenfour wins Oscar for Best Documentary Feature (2015-02-22 22:52:16)
    At tonight's Academy Awards ceremony, Laura Poitras' Edward Snowden documentary Citizenfour won the award for Best Documentary Feature. Despite being the odds-on favorite for the award, the field was competitive this year, including Netflix's critically-acclaimed Virunga for the honor.
  • Groupon review (2015-02-22 22:34:00)
    Get great deals daily
  • I want to watch the Oscars on the internet but ABC keeps screwing it up (2015-02-22 22:33:32)
    We have no idea what is happening but we're stuck in some shameful over-the-top purgatory where Jesse Eisenberg takes what Jesse Eisenberg wants. Update, 10:48PM ET: It appears ABC may also be forcing some Oscars viewers to watch Jeopardy.
  • How would you change Withings' Pulse? (2015-02-22 22:33:00)
  • Watch Patricia Arquette's call for wage equality in her Oscar acceptance speech (2015-02-22 22:31:29)
    Patricia Arquette just won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for her role in Richard Linklater's Boyhood. During her acceptance speech, Arquette hurriedly thanked seemingly dozens of people, including Linklater and the Boyhood cast and crew, then made a call for gender equality in Hollywood.
  • Big Hero 6 wins Oscar for Best Animated Feature (2015-02-22 22:26:47)
    Even though fans might still lament The Lego Movie being snubbed for the Best Animated Feature award, Marvel and Disney did happily manage to take home the award for the perfectly enjoyable superhero film Big Hero 6. It's Marvel's first major win at the Academy Awards, and Walt Disney Animation Studio's second since last year's win for Frozen.
  • Here's where you can watch Oscar-winning animated short Feast (2015-02-22 22:19:23)
    It's probably no surprise that Disney won the Oscar for best animated short film this year, but it's a win that's well deserved. Feast is a fun, touching, and gorgeous little movie. You may have seen it playing in front of Big Hero 6, but if you didn't, it's available to rent online. YouTube is charging $1.99 for it ($2.99 for HD), and it's definitely worth the money. Take six minutes and check it out.
  • Andy for Mac review (2015-02-22 22:14:00)
    Run your Android apps directly from your Mac
  • LG to show off new budget smartphones at MWC (2015-02-22 22:11:55)
    ​LG Electronics is set to unveil four new budget smartphones aimed at the overseas market at MWC next month.
  • This is the Samsung Galaxy S6 (2015-02-22 22:09:04)
    Our best look yet at Samsung's next flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S6, comes courtesy of T-Mobile. CEO John Legere just tweeted out news confirming that the Uncarrier will be offering Samsung's latest, but didn't offer any details beyond that. Still, the page that Legere linked to has a pretty clear shot of the S6's curved display. From the front, it looks a lot like the Note Edge — though it's expected that both sides of this screen will feature the unique curve. And my, that metal rear case looks pretty nice, and is a step above anything that Samsung's produced before. Goodbye, fake ...
  • Watch the latest trailer for House of Cards season 3 (2015-02-22 22:05:52)
    During the Oscars broadcast, a new trailer for the next season of House of Cards aired, giving us a closer look at what might just be the breakdown of Frank and Claire's relationship. Both are in positions of major political power, but, with an election in 2016 on the horizon, the gulf between them has never been more plain. The new season premieres on February 27th.
  • Meet the artist that made those awesome Lego Oscar statuettes (2015-02-22 21:41:30)
    If you don't know Nathan Sawaya, you should. He's the artist behind The Art of the Brick touring exhibit. He's also the one who built those Lego Oscar statuettes used in the Happiest Moment On Earth, aka tonight's performance of "Everything is Awesome" from The Lego Movie. Sawaya has been tweeting behind the scenes images and clips of the statuettes.
  • This is the artist that made those awesome Lego Oscar statuettes (2015-02-22 21:41:30)
    If you don't know Nathan Sawaya, you should. He's the artist behind The Art of the Brick touring exhibit. He's also the one who built those Lego Oscar statuettes used in the Happiest Moment On Earth, aka tonight's performance of "Everything is Awesome" from The Lego Movie. Sawaya has been tweeting behind the scenes images and clips of the statuettes.
  • All the news from the 2015 Oscars (2015-02-22 21:33:34)
    From the biggest movies to the biggest moments, you can find the top news from the 2015 Academy Awards right here. Apple just debuted its Oscars ad and unsurprisingly, it's centered around making movies. The commercial features several groups of high school students as they shoot different projects using the iPad as their camera, overlaid by an inspirational voiceover from Martin Scorsese, who extolls the virtues of hard work and experimentation as the keys to creative success. For the commercial, Apple partnered with the LA County High School for the Arts, a performing and visual arts school located in Los Angeles.
  • Watch the live performance of Everything Is Awesome at the Oscars (2015-02-22 21:29:05)
    In the most rousing moment of the entire night so far, Tegan and Sara and the Lonely Island graced the stage at the Oscars to perform "Everything Is Awesome" from The Lego Movie. There was Will Arnett himself as Batman rocking out with Questlove. It made perfect sense, and you will enjoy it because Oprah sure as hell did.
  • Watch Neil Patrick Harris open the Oscars with song, dance, and Anna Kendrick (2015-02-22 20:52:40)
    With a host like Neil Patrick Harris, how could you not open the Academy Awards with a musical number? After just one monologue joke about the lack of diversity — "Tonight we honor the best and whitest — I mean brightest" — Mr. Barney Stinson led a large set piece that spanned the history of cinema, incorporating both a gigantic rear projector on stage and a montage of Harris hanging out in other films — like the opening moments from Star Wars: Episode IV: A New Hope. ...
  • Lumia 830, Lollipop updates, Fitbits, MWC expectations (MobileTechRoundup show #339) (2015-02-22 20:51:10)
    Lollipop arrived on a couple existing devices, Matthew bought a Nokia Lumia 830, and both he and Kevin are looking forward to Mobile World Congress news.
  • Here are the 2015 Oscar winners (2015-02-22 20:48:14)
    The 87th Academy Awards are underway and dozens of golden statues are waiting to find new homes. We have our guesses as to which nominees will win and who will walk away with gift bags worth more than your yearly salary. We have our live blog. We have a night of Oscar chaos ahead of us. We'll update here as the winners are announced.
  • Piggybacking robot feeds you tomatoes while you run (2015-02-22 20:29:00)
  • ​Data#3 shift towards services restores profit growth (2015-02-22 20:16:26)
    Data#3 has announced that its maintenance, software, and consulting business drove up its net profit after tax by 39.2 percent in the first half of the 2015 financial year.
  • Steve Wozniak stars in Cadillac's Oscars ad (2015-02-22 19:59:57)
    Technically Incorrect: Apple co-founder, alongside "Boyhood" director Richard Linklater and others, is one of the heroes of Cadillac's latest attempt to make you think differently about it.>
  • Selling your software: Got the right resume for success? (2015-02-22 19:59:10)
    People with a variety of backgrounds have made it as software entrepreneurs. Can you? David Gewirtz's Software Business Crash Course offers some guidance.
  • CT scan finds mummified monk inside 1,000-year-old Buddha (2015-02-22 19:41:16)
    A Chinese statue of the Buddha dating back to around 1100 AD is more than just a statue -- it's the final resting place of a Buddhist master.>
  • Telcos wearing the costs of selfie-stick policymaking (2015-02-22 19:37:49)
    Policymaking should be about evidence-based improvement, not just leaving swathes of destruction around you. Yet, as the Coalition tries to ramrod data retention into existence, the real costs of policy self-obsession are once again becoming clear.
  • Apple's Oscars iPad ad is set to the tune of Martin Scorsese (2015-02-22 19:10:57)
    Technically Incorrect: A new ad for the iPad -- and shot with an iPad -- features high schoolers making movies and the sound of a speech by movie director Martin Scorsese.>
  • NBN Co signs up Arris in AU$400m HFC network deal (2015-02-22 18:48:00)
    The cable TV networks owned by Telstra and Optus will be getting an AU$400 million upgrade before being incorporated into Australia's National Broadband Network.
  • When will individuals pay for security? (2015-02-22 18:41:25)
    In the corporate world, it is well established that being on the front foot when it comes to security is an issue that demands money. As individuals feel the consequences of compromising security for convenience, will consumers change their ways?
  • How to (legally) watch the Oscars online (2015-02-22 18:30:03)
    The Oscars are happening tonight, and even if you're still sore about the Lego Movie snub, the event promises to be full of beaming nominees, Boyhood, and Neil Patrick Harris anecdotes. Since we've already armed you with everything you need to know before you watch the Oscars this year, now you can get to the business of actually watching.
  • The Big Picture: The frozen US as seen from space (2015-02-22 18:26:00)
  • AFP backs privacy and metadata over anonymity (2015-02-22 18:01:18)
    As Australia's PM ramps up his push for the passing of the government's mandatory data-retention Bill, AFP assistant commissioner Tim Morris has said that the agency cannot support the right to anonymity where it may lead to unlawful activity.
  • Microsoft and Apple are killing the password: Thumbs up to that (2015-02-22 18:00:04)
    New technologies are moving us away from easy-to-guess passwords, but we still need to be careful about how we use fingerprints and other biometrics.
  • Leading climate change denier was paid by energy companies (2015-02-22 17:28:02)
    Wei-Hock Soon, a leading climate change denier whose work has fortified right-wing political arguments for years, was paid more than $1.2 million by energy companies, The New York Times reports. New documents uncovered by Greenpeace via the Freedom of Information Act show that over the last decade, Soon received sizable funding from oil and gas corporations, which he failed to disclose in scientific papers he published. In 2011, Reuters reported that Soon received $131,000 from ExxonMobil to study the sun's role in climate change. Senator James Inhofe (R-OK), the chair of the Senate's Environment and Public Works committee who believes man-made climate change is a hoax, has repeatedly cited Soon's work over the years, according to the Times.
  • Telecom workers ratify agreement to end strike in New England (2015-02-22 17:23:59)
    (Reuters) - Union members ratified an agreement on Sunday that ends a four-month-long strike by some 1,800 workers at FairPoint Communications, a major land-line telecommunications provider in northern New England, union officials announced. Members of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers and Communications Workers of America (CWA) in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont went on strike Oct. 17 when negotiations broke off. FairPoint used replacement workers in their absence. Union and FairPoint negotiators reached a tentative agreement on Feb. 19, followed by three days of union member voting that ended on Sunday.
  • Vodafone launches shared plans, Stan partnership (2015-02-22 17:20:00)
    Vodafone Australia has signed an agreement with video-streaming Nine-Fairfax joint venture Stan to provide video services to its mobile customers as the company launches shared plans.
  • This incredibly complex 'sculpture' can play the violin (2015-02-22 16:42:02)
    The violin-playing "kinetic sculpture" is the work of retired National Institute of Health mechanical engineer Seth Goldstein, and calling it intricate is an understatement.
  • Hack puts iPhone notifications on an Android Wear watch (2015-02-22 16:15:00)
  • CastAR made a video imagining the future of augmented reality (2015-02-22 15:46:02)
    It's been almost two years since we got to try out an early version of CastAR's mixed reality glasses. Since then, its founders have cleaned up their design, launched a successful Kickstarter campaign, and have just sent out CastAR's first shipments. CastAR started as the pipe dream of two ex-Valve employees, Jeri Ellsworth and Rick Johnson, who began work on the project after getting laid off in 2013. The CastAR concept is different than Oculus or Google Glass, because it beams out a miniature virtual reality that users can interact with in the real world.
  • Facebook shuttle drivers ratify new Teamsters contract: WSJ (2015-02-22 15:12:04)
    NEW YORK (Reuters) - Shuttle bus drivers at Facebook Inc voted on Saturday to ratify a new union contract giving them more pay, better benefits and addressing split-shift scheduling, the Wall Street Journal reported. It said Loop Transportation, the contractor that employs the drivers and negotiated with Teamsters Local 853, cautioned that the agreement was not finalized and must be approved by Facebook. (Reporting by Herbert Lash; Editing by Tom Brown)
  • Tune in for The Verge's 2015 Oscars live blog (2015-02-22 15:01:54)
    Be sure to join us at 6:30PM ET/3:30PM PT for The Verge's 2015 Oscars liveblog. Senior reporter Bryan Bishop will be reporting live from the Oscars press room in Los Angeles, and Emily Yoshida will be chatting from The Verge's NYC office. Expect hot behind the scenes gossip, trenchant Hollywood insight, and the toughest awards fashion criticism anywhere in the tech blogosphere.
  • Apple shot its Oscars ad with the iPad Air 2 (2015-02-22 14:24:09)
    Apple just debuted its Oscars ad and unsurprisingly, it's centered around making movies. The commercial features several groups of high school students as they shoot different projects using the iPad as their camera, overlaid by an inspirational voiceover from Martin Scorsese, who extolls the virtues of hard work and experimentation as the keys to creative success. For the commercial, Apple partnered with the LA County High School for the Arts, a performing and visual arts school located in Los Angeles.
  • Sprint promo gives your family 12GB of shared data for $90 per month (2015-02-22 14:12:00)
  • Developer finds a way to make Android Wear work with his iPhone (2015-02-22 13:04:02)
    If you have an iPhone and want to use Android Wear, you're pretty much out of luck. Google has hinted in the past that it might bring iOS on board, but if you can't wait you'll be glad to hear that one popular Android developer has found a way to make it kinda work. Mohammad Abu-Garbeyyeh, better known within the aftermarket Android development community as MohammadAG, released a brief video yesterday showing his iPhone 6 pass along a notification to his Moto 360 smartwatch. It turns out he got the two devices to talk to each other the same way a Pebble smartwatch communicates with an iPhone for notifications.
  • A new driver for math and science education -- Nascar (2015-02-22 12:25:05)
    Technically Incorrect: Drivers cars fast is driven by data. So America's foremost racing organization decides it must step forward to teach kids math and science.>
  • HTC One M9 store images hint at an evolutionary phone design (2015-02-22 12:04:00)
  • One magician needs nothing but an iPad to perform his magic tricks (2015-02-22 12:00:22)
    Reading comments from Apple fans on around the Internet, it probably won’t take long to find someone referring to the iPad as a “magical” device. Although Apple’s tablet is undeniably one of the best on the market, it can’t bend the fabric of reality — at least, it couldn’t until German magician Simon Pierro got his hands on it. READ MORE: 5 killer features that would make the iPad a true laptop replacement This week on Ellen, Pierro delighted the audience by pulling items out from the screen of the iPad, pouring milk on a friend through FaceTime and even swiping a selfie into a picture frame. It’s a bit goofy, but it’s nice to see a magician incorporate technology into his act. Watch the full
  • Obituary says 'uppercut from Batman' killed comic book fan (2015-02-22 11:43:03)
    According to an obituary in a local Florida paper, a huge comic book fan named Stephen Merrill died the way he lived. The obit lists the cause of death as an "uppercut from Batman." Yes, that Batman — The Dark Knight. "He would have been honored to have died by an uppercut from Batman," said the deceased's fiancée, Stephanie Vella.
  • These are the 2015 Oscar frontrunners (2015-02-22 10:45:00)
    An earlier version of this post ran on January 15th. We've updated with our favorites for tonight's awards.
  • The Most Important Entrepreneurship Advice From a Serial Entrepreneur and Venture Capitalist (2015-02-22 10:39:37)
    "Leap and the net will appear." -- John BurroughsChristopher Michel (Twitter: @chrismichel) is a writer, explorer, investor and a serial entrepreneur who has has started and also invested in a number of companies. Michel's three distinct careers have taught him many lessons on what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. Michel first served...
  • Inhabitat's Week in Green: Solar-powered yachts, windmills and Apple car rumors (2015-02-22 10:00:00)
  • HTC One M9 pictures and specs apparently leak out (2015-02-22 09:49:02)
    As usual with HTC, the next great Android smartphone from the Taiwanese company has apparently been leaked days ahead of its official announcement. The guys over at Mobile Geeks have come across online listings of HTC's new flagship — expected to be called the One M9 — which provide a full set of specifications and press images alongside a price of 749 euros in Germany.
  • Microsoft will soon help you find friends with Windows phones (2015-02-22 07:48:00)
  • Watch a robot play the violin better than you can (2015-02-22 04:33:00)
  • Meet Grasp, a wearable that helps instructors micromanage you (2015-02-22 01:41:00)
  • Kanye West is making a video game inspired by one of his songs (2015-02-22 00:19:02)
    Kanye West is getting closer to world domination by making a video game. West stopped by Power 105.1's The Breakfast Club yesterday to talk about his Adidas fashion line, his upcoming album, and Kim Kardashian. The hour-long interview contains some nice Kanye tidbits — he wants to work with Disney and called his new track "Wolves" a "post-Drake" song — but the most interesting moment was when West mentioned the video game, which will be imagined and designed by Yeezy himself.
  • Los Angeles schools won't be giving students their own devices (2015-02-21 23:11:00)
  • Video games flow with the pints at London's e-sport pub (2015-02-21 23:05:01)
    It's Saturday night at a busy pub in north London, and the crowd is packed around the bar cheering and shouting at a large screen. There is no telltale sign on the grey front of the building, just its name "Meltdown" and the muffled bass of Bob Marley's "Get up, stand up" which makes the windows vibrate gently. Around a table crowded with pints of beer, young people are following a tournament of "League of Legends", one of the most popular online games. Here customers come to have a drink and watch a video game contest as others would a game of football or rugby.
  • Tesla, Google, Apple: is Silicon Valley the future of the US car? (2015-02-21 22:38:04)
    Is the future of the US car industry in Silicon Valley? After Tesla and Google, Apple appears to be readying for a plunge into the industry long rooted far away in the steel belt of the US upper Midwest. According to various media reports, the maker of iPhones and iPads has created a special unit baptized "Titan" with hundreds of staff to begin developing an electric car, with 2020 the target date. Apple remains silent on the project, but the reports were partially backed up by a lawsuit filed against the tech giant.
  • Sesame Street parodies Birdman just in time for the Oscars (2015-02-21 21:04:03)
    As if Big Bird winning Twitter wasn't enough? Since Alejandro González Iñárritu's Birdman is currently a top contender the Best Picture Oscar, it probably made perfect sense for the Sesame Workshop to send up the drama before the event. In this short parody, Sesame Street legend Caroll Spinney is plagued by the spectre of Big Bird himself (voiced by current performer Matt Vogel). The bit works from beginning to end, and even gets Iñárritu's camerawork down brilliantly. The only thing we wonder at this point is whether or not a Boyhood parody is still possible.
  • Stylish wearables, high-tech hotels and other stories you might've missed this week! (2015-02-21 21:00:00)
  • Google Now starts showing gas stations along your route (2015-02-21 19:07:00)
  • The US proposes the first-ever federal regulations for Arctic oil and gas drilling (2015-02-21 17:21:02)
    The Obama administration yesterday proposed the first-ever federal regulations for oil and gas drilling in the Arctic Ocean, The Wall Street Journal reports. The Interior Department's proposals, which would only apply to exploratory wells, stem from its 2014 discussions with Royal Dutch Shell to fortify the company's safety plan in the Arctic. The administration's proposed regulations would require companies to have an additional rig at drilling sites and to construct and test an oil containment dome before drilling. As WSJ points out, similar regulations are already in place for drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, but because of the high concentration of drilling there, rig operators often share their resources.
  • Android Lollipop lets you tweak some settings using voice commands (2015-02-21 17:04:00)
  • Developer curses at man on subway, meets him again in job interview (2015-02-21 17:01:30)
    Technically Incorrect: A Python developer gets on a London subway, shoves a man and tells him to "F*** off." Later that day, the developer gets a surprise, as the man is interviewing him for a job.>