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  • Washington tries to tackle hackers behind Sony attack (2014-12-18 20:02:23)
    By David Brunnstrom and Piya Sinha-Roy WASHINGTON/LOS ANGELES, (Reuters) - Washington made the woes of cyberattack victim Sony Pictures its own on Thursday as the White House acknowledged that the devastating strike against the big Hollywood studio was a matter of national security that would be met by a forceful government response. But the White House was not ready to put the blame on North Korea, despite a U.S. official's indication on Wednesday that Washington may soon formally announce the involvement of the Pyongyang government. ...
  • Google accuses Hollywood of 'trying to censor the Internet' (2014-12-18 19:54:09)
    Using information from alleged documents leaked by the Sony hackers, Google said the Motion Picture Association of America and Mississippi's Attorney General conspired to limit free speech on the Internet.>
  • Microsoft's former Internet Explorer chief has left the company (2014-12-18 19:53:02)
    Dean Hachamovitch — the man who oversaw the development of Internet Explorer for ten years — has left Microsoft. Hacahmovitch announced the news in a short blog post, in which he said he was "ready to enjoy a different point of view on both tech and life," 24 years after he joined Microsoft. In an interview with GeekWire, Hachamovitch said that the company "really has changed a lot" since he joined in 1990, and that he was "overdue a change."
  • Uber suspends operations in Portland for 3 months (2014-12-18 19:52:55)
    PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — Less than two weeks after the ride-hailing app Uber launched in Portland without officials' approval, the company said it is suspending operations for three months to work out its differences with the city.
  • The slow, humble return of the Hyperloop (2014-12-18 19:41:34)
    When Elon Musk first revealed plans for a new kind of high-speed transport, the plans arrived like a lightning bolt. The new invention, called the Hyperloop, would ferry passengers between Los Angeles and San Francisco in less than 30 minutes, thanks to an ultralight design and an innovative combination of air blades and a semi-evacuated tube. It was a world-changer, assuming anyone succeeded in actually building it.
  • Security experts fear Sony attack to fuel more company extortion (2014-12-18 19:38:38)
    By Jennifer Saba NEW YORK (Reuters) - Sony Pictures' decision to shelve the film "The Interview" in the face of cyber attacks has set a worrying precedent and is sending companies scrambling to guard sensitive data, security experts said on Thursday. Sony's capitulation could mean that more businesses will be targeted for cyber warfare and extortion, they said. ...
  • Uber's fight of California data-sharing rule highlights its bumpy road (2014-12-18 19:33:15)
    By Sarah McBride SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Uber argued Thursday that it should not have to turn over ride data in a California regulatory standoff that shows how the transportation service is falling afoul of officials who could threaten its expansion. The issue, which is being heard in a California administrative court and whose outcome will not be known until next year, pits Uber against the California Public Utilities Commission. ...
  • EBay parts ways with controversial political group ALEC (2014-12-18 19:32:17)
    By Deepa Seetharaman SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Ebay Inc said on Thursday that it will end its association with the American Legislative Exchange Council, a political group that other tech companies dropped earlier this year due to its views on climate change. "After our annual review of eBay Inc's memberships in trade associations and third party organizations we've decided not to renew our membership with American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC)," an eBay spokeswoman said. ...
  • Uber looks at biometrics for rider safety after Boston rape charge (2014-12-18 19:32:00)
    Uber has announced plans to introduce biometrics, voice recognition, and new driver screening technology, as US authorities charge a Boston-based Uber driver with allegedly raping a passenger earlier this month.
  • You're asking the wrong questions about Serial (2014-12-18 19:26:40)
    Commentary: The super popular Serial podcast has concluded its first season, but was there a conclusion? Crave's Eric Mack draws a few, including some you probably haven't heard. Warning: spoilers.>
  • Uber agrees to suspend service in Portland after lawsuit (2014-12-18 19:25:24)
    Ride-sharing service plans to pause operations for three months while the city takes time to craft new taxi regulations.>
  • Get with the times: Akubra takes a step into the 21st century (2014-12-18 19:24:01)
    For a long time, Akubra was stuck in the '80s, operating its ordering, financial, and database system on a DOS system, but it has recently upgraded to a Filemaker-based platform.
  • 'The Interview' jeopardizes overseas movie villains (2014-12-18 19:22:18)
    LOS ANGELES (AP) — Hollywood loves its overseas villains. Evil forces from Russia, China and North Korea have tirelessly menaced our big-screen heroes in recent years. But, in the wake of the dramatic cancellation of "The Interview," an entire species of movie baddies might be in danger of extinction.
  • The creator of Minecraft outbid Beyoncé and Jay Z on this $70 million megamansion (2014-12-18 19:12:35)
    Back in September, Minecraft creator Markus "Notch" Persson became ludicrously wealthy after Microsoft bought the game for $2.5 billion. And as of this week, he's now the owner of a $70 million megamansion in Beverly Hills, California. According to Curbed, it was all but expected that Beyoncé and Jay Z would win the bid, but alas, Beyoncé and Jay Z didn't make Minecraft.
  • Security report: CISO's get little respect (2014-12-18 19:08:23)
    A recent report targets how C-level executives feel about IT security professionals and the results are eye-opening.
  • Man fined for crashing drone over police operation in Melbourne (2014-12-18 18:55:30)
    A man has been fined for flying a drone over police during a nine-hour siege in Melbourne after the remotely piloted aircraft hit power lines and almost injured police below.>
  • Top 10 Holiday Gifts for the Tech-Lover (2014-12-18 18:44:49)
    Baby, it's cold outside, but inside the holiday shopping frenzy is heating up. As you race to get your last-minute gift-buying done, here are 10 great options to consider for the tech-lover on your list: Smartphone: Samsung Galaxy ALPHA A smartphone is like the window into your life. The Galaxy ALPHA is more than just smart inside. It's the...
  • Sony just published a new YouTube promo for The Interview: 'In Franco and Rogen we trust' (2014-12-18 18:35:58)
    In the midst of canceling The Interview's December 25th release, it looks like Sony forgot to unschedule a YouTube promo video. A new 30-spot just popped up on Sony Pictures Entertainment's YouTube channel with the prescient description "Only one movie has the whole world talking. In Rogen and Franco we trust" (in the clip itself the names are reversed: "In Franco and Rogen We Trust"). Release date? Christmas Day.
  • Ashampoo Burning Studio review (2014-12-18 18:30:00)
    Burn discs, back up files, create movies and slideshows
  • Optus to acquire Ensyst for AU$13 million (2014-12-18 18:29:05)
    Optus has announced that it will acquire Microsoft partner and IT managed services company Ensyst for AU$13 million.
  • Uber halting its operations in Portland for 3 months while a deal is worked out (2014-12-18 18:19:08)
    Uber plans to temporarily suspend its operations in Portland, Oregon after launching there illegally two weeks ago. As first spotted by The Wall Street Journal, the transportation company has agreed to close up shop within the city's confines for three months while Portland makes changes to its private car regulations. As part of the deal, the city will allow ridesharing companies to operate after April 9th, 2015 if updated regulations are not made, but not until then. Uber says it plans to stop its own pick-ups the evening of Sunday, December 21st.
  • EBay CEO to get $23 million exit package after PayPal split (2014-12-18 18:18:05)
    By Deepa Seetharaman SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - EBay Inc Chief Executive John Donahoe will get an exit package worth an estimated $23 million after the company splits from payments unit PayPal next year, according to an agreement highlighted in a securities filing on Thursday. Chief Financial Officer Bob Swan will get an exit package worth about $12 million. The figures could change depending on the performance of eBay's share price next year. Both Donahoe and Swan said they would step down from their current roles in September, when eBay announced its planned split with PayPal. ...
  • Recover Files review (2014-12-18 18:13:50)
    Recover permanently deleted files from hard disks and removable media
  • Google reportedly wants Android to replace your car's infotainment system (2014-12-18 18:10:01)
    Google wants Android to be the brains inside your car, and its plans to accomplish that extend far beyond Android Auto. According to Reuters, the company is working on a version of Android specifically designed to serve as a car's central infotainment system. Right now, Android Auto is a layer that runs on top of existing in-car platforms from automakers — much like Apple's CarPlay. But Reuters makes it sound like Google ultimately wants to replace systems like Ford Sync and BMW iDrive rather than exist alongside them.
  • Why the BlackBerry Classic is critical to the new BlackBerry (2014-12-18 18:08:39)
    Hint: It's not about smartphone sales volume or market share.>
  • Will artists skip studio support after Sony scandal? (2014-12-18 18:03:32)
    LOS ANGELES (AP) — Sony's decision to cancel "The Interview" in the face of terrorist threats is already affecting the way Hollywood does business, and it's killing artists' faith in studios to release envelope-pushing content.
  • Sony hacking fallout puts all companies on alert (2014-12-18 18:03:16)
    ATLANTA (AP) — Companies across the globe are on high alert to tighten up network security to avoid being the next company brought to its knees by hackers like those that executed the dramatic cyberattack against Sony Pictures Entertainment.
  • PureVPN review (2014-12-18 18:01:00)
    Stay secure, private, and anonymous online
  • There's hope for the film industry — this Backstreet Boys documentary looks pretty great (2014-12-18 17:59:58)
    Assuming we are still allowed to distribute motion pictures in 2015 without first getting the OK from Pyongyang, this upcoming documentary about everyone's second favorite '90s boy band could merit a download. In Show Em What You're Made Of, Filmmaker Stephen Kijak (who directed the generally-accepted 2008 Scott Walker documentary 30th Century Man) lets the Boys tell their story of their heydey and fall from grace in their own words, and then follows them during their 2012 reunion as they record their big comeback album. (Insert charitable smile.)
  • Amaysim to get Optus 4G access in new deal (2014-12-18 17:52:00)
    Amaysim mobile users will soon be able to get 4G services thanks to a new agreement with the company's wholesale provider, Optus.
  • Panda Cloud Antivirus Pro review (2014-12-18 17:45:00)
    Protect your PC you while you browse, play, or work with no impact on performance
  • ​ANZ to fast-track change to a digital culture: CEO (2014-12-18 17:42:00)
    ANZ will have to step out of its comfort zone and make big leaps in its efforts to fast track its alignment to a digital culture, according to the company's CEO Michael Smith.
  • Google condemns Hollywood's secret anti-piracy program (2014-12-18 17:31:34)
    After hacked documents revealed that Sony and other media companies were attempting to pass harsh anti-piracy measures, Google has condemned its actions. "We are deeply concerned about recent reports that the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) led a secret, coordinated campaign to revive the failed SOPA legislation through other means," the company said in a blog post today. It went on to point out details that The Verge and other sites found while combing through the terabytes of information leaked by the hacker group Guardians of Peace.
  • Diagnose your kid's ear infection with your iPhone (2014-12-18 17:24:04)
    Meet the Oto Home, a portable otoscope that attaches to your iPhone's camera to send a picture of your kid's ear to a licensed physician for a cheaper diagnosis.>
  • ​Free software GNU/Linux laptop in development (2014-12-18 17:20:00)
    There are lots of Linux laptops, but none that have the Free Software Foundation's blessings. That may change.
  • Connecticut communities join together for gigabit broadband (2014-12-18 17:18:58)
    Connecticut takes the first step toward launching a gigabit broadband network that officials hope will spur competition and lead to higher-speed service at lower prices.>
  • Exclusive: Google aiming to go straight into car with next Android - sources (2014-12-18 17:18:16)
    By Alexei Oreskovic and Ben Klayman SAN FRANCISCO/DETROIT (Reuters) - Google Inc is laying the groundwork for a version of Android that would be built directly into cars, sources said, allowing drivers to enjoy all the benefits of the Internet without even plugging in their smartphones. The move is a major step up from Google's current Android Auto software, which comes with the latest version of its smartphone operating system and requires a phone to be plugged into a compatible car with a built-in screen to access streaming music, maps and other apps. ...
  • Washington weighs response to Sony hack; options limited (2014-12-18 17:11:17)
    By David Brunnstrom and Piya Sinha-Roy WASHINGTON/LOS ANGELES, (Reuters) - The U.S. government on Thursday said it was weighing the proportional response to the sophisticated perpetrator of a cyberattack that crippled Sony Pictures, exposed its executives and led to the cancellation of the film "The Interview." Spokesman Josh Earnest said the White House is not in a position to confirm that North Korea is responsible for the hack at Sony, after a U.S. official said Wednesday that Washington may soon formally announce the involvement of the Pyongyang government. ...
  • Holiday Gift Guide: Techie Edition (2014-12-18 17:05:21)
    Hurray!! The holiday season is right around the corner! And that means... shopping! That's why I have come up with a foolproof holiday gift guide that will make any traveler very happy. Power CubeAside from being super adorable, these guys make your on-the-go office easy and stylish. There are a couple of models you can choose from. The first...
  • New Year's Resolution: Help Bridge the Gap Between Politics and the People (2014-12-18 17:03:28)
    By the time the 114th Congress convenes next month, the midterm election will be a fading memory. On Capitol Hill, attention is expected to turn to a range of issues from international trade and immigration, to healthcare and energy. And when statehouses gavel in, they'll also get down to business proposing, debating and voting on laws that...
  • Documents in Sony leak show how state attorney general was cozy with Hollywood (2014-12-18 16:52:53)
    At the end of last week, we dug up news of Project Goliath, a secret Hollywood project to investigate and discredit Google on issues of copyright and web freedom. But while the documents showed how bad things had gotten between Google and Hollywood, they also showed how eagerly many state attorneys general took up the MPAA’s anti-Google crusade – particularly Mississippi’s Jim Hood. And less than a week after the documents were made public, that eagerness is starting to have real consequences.
  • IT pros: Rethink before you replace (2014-12-18 16:49:40)
    According to Andy Wolber, you should rethink your devices -- and software --- before you routinely replace equipment.
  • Xbox One preview members get early access to Halo 5 beta tomorrow (2014-12-18 16:46:16)
    Microsoft is gifting its dedicated Xbox One preview members an early Christmas present tomorrow: early access to Halo 5. While 343 industries and Microsoft plan to launch a Halo 5 multiplayer beta on December 29th, Xbox One preview members will be able to play content from week one a whole 10 days early. The early access is invite-only, and all current Xbox One preview members should receive a message from Xbox Live tomorrow with two codes to obtain the download. ...
  • Comcast will now call customers who need help instead of putting them on hold (2014-12-18 16:35:26)
    Comcast couldn't get away from its embarrassing and nightmarish customer service call earlier this year. And after promising to do better and "always treat customers with the utmost respect," the company is taking one small step to improve the experience of getting help. Comcast subscribers can now skip endlessly holding on the phone to talk with a support representative. Instead, they can now use the My Account app to request a phone call at a time that's convenient.
  • Wolves and lynx and bears, oh my! Europe's conservation win (2014-12-18 16:27:11)
    Large, carnivorous predators in Europe are doing pretty well for themselves. Europe's populations of wolves, brown bears, wolverines, and lynx have recovered from a previous decline — in fact, their numbers have risen to near-record highs, according to a study published in Science today. The recovery may be due to Europe's animal conservation approach — an approach that allows for the presence of large predators among human populations, instead isolating them in state parks and conservation areas the way North America does, researchers said.
  • Red Hat credits Q3 earnings win to cloud, big data strategies (2014-12-18 16:25:00)
    Red Hat's CFO boasted the software company has achieved sequential revenue growth every quarter for the last 51 straight quarters.
  • Apple's Cook makes 'substantial' donation for gay rights in U.S. South (2014-12-18 16:23:05)
    By Jonathan Kaminsky (Reuters) - Apple Inc Chief Executive Tim Cook, the highest-profile U.S. business leader to publicly acknowledge being gay, has made a "substantial" donation to a gay rights effort in his native Alabama and two other southern U.S. states, activists said on Thursday. ...
  • The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies — a post-film (and trilogy) chat (2014-12-18 16:18:26)
    Two Verge staffers saw The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, and then gathered to discuss it. This discussion is, naturally, full of spoilers (and also caps-lock). Welcome to the Fellowship of the Hobbit. One (Kwame Opam) is a known stan; the other (Elizabeth Lopatto) hasn't read the books in a decade at least, and didn't see the other two Hobbit films.
  • U.S. considers 'proportional' response to Sony hacking attack (2014-12-18 16:16:58)
    By David Brunnstrom and Jim Finkle WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The United States said on Thursday a cyber attack on Sony Pictures was a serious national security matter and the Obama administration was considering a proportional response, although the White House stopped short of blaming North Korea. U.S. government sources said on Wednesday that investigators had determined the attack was "state sponsored" and that North Korea was the government involved. A U.S. government official said on Thursday that U.S. investigators were looking into the possibility that Iran assisted North Korea. ...
  • Apple supplier accused of violating worker protections (2014-12-18 16:16:21)
    One of the main factories building Apple products is accused of violating numerous worker protection standards in a new report from the BBC, which sent several undercover reporters to work at the plant. The BBC found that the factory, Pegatron in Shanghai, exhausted its workers with long shifts, didn't allow them to take time off, gave them cramped dorms to live in, and did not pay them for their time attending mandatory meetings. Apple is said to strongly disagree with the BBC's findings. ...
  • Songbirds Can Hear Tornadoes Long Before They Form (2014-12-18 16:15:31)
    In April, a massive thunderstorm unleashed a series of tornadoes that tore through the central and southern United States. The 84 twisters decimated homes and buildings, causing more than $1 billion in damage across 17 states. In the wake of the natural disaster, 35 people lost their lives.
  • Why aren't more people using Debian? (2014-12-18 16:14:38)
    if Debian is often looked at as one of the leaders in stability and community, why aren't more people using it? Jack Wallen draws his own conclusions.
  • Apple 'failing to protect Chinese factory workers,' claims report (2014-12-18 16:11:28)
    Workers in Chinese factories making Apple products are being poorly treated, undercover investigations by the BBC claims.
  • Digital dilemma: How will US respond to Sony hack? (2014-12-18 16:05:59)
    WASHINGTON (AP) — The detective work blaming North Korea for the Sony hacker break-in appears so far to be largely circumstantial, The Associated Press has learned. The dramatic conclusion of a Korean role is based on subtle clues in the hacking tools left behind and the involvement of at least one computer in Bolivia previously traced to other attacks blamed on the North Koreans.
  • Nitro PDF Reader (32-bit) review (2014-12-18 16:03:00)
    Create PDF files, fill and save forms, and add text to pages on your Windows PC
  • What VR needs next (2014-12-18 16:01:40)
    Virtual reality is actually real, and it's finally here. But there's a lot of work that needs to be done before it's ready to be experienced by everyone.>
  • Pulseway's Enterprise IT Monitoring and Management Solution (2014-12-18 15:56:52)
    System monitoring can be expensive and difficult, but it doesn't have to be. Pulseway changes the enterprise monitoring and management game with its mobile management solution. Now you can receive alerts and manage your systems from anywhere on any device. Monitor and manage all of your Windows, Linux, and Mac servers and workstations with a simple app on your mobile device.
  • iOS productivity apps discounted in App Santa promotion (2014-12-18 15:47:33)
    Several dozens apps, including many popular productivity applications, have been discounted up to 80% as part of an annual Christmas promotion. Here's a look at what's available.
  • Cop allegedly objects to proof of insurance on phone, gets law wrong (2014-12-18 15:35:17)
    In more than half the states, drivers are allowed to show proof of car insurance electronically. One driver, allegedly pulled over for playing "F--- Tha Police," says the cop who stopped him didn't know the law.>
  • Microsoft's Lumia Denim update arrives with big camera improvements (2014-12-18 15:34:25)
    Microsoft has started rolling out a new Windows Phone update to its range of Lumia devices. Dubbed Lumia Denim, the latest update brings some significant camera improvements to the Lumia 830, Lumia 930, Lumia Icon, and Lumia 1520. The first noticeable change is a new Lumia Camera app that launches faster and takes photos more quickly. Microsoft’s Lumia 1520 has a more than capable camera, but the slowness of capturing photos often lets it down, and this update is designed to address that.
  • Your Xbox One now plays Pandora radio and Vevo music videos (2014-12-18 15:33:00)
  • Wristband Records Shows When You Doze Off (2014-12-18 15:29:45)
    Any wearable band can monitor your sleep habits, but only one of them will do anything about them. The KipstR is an experimental wristband that monitors when a user falls asleep and proceeds to pause and record whatever show he or she is watching at the time.
  • Timeline of the Sony Pictures Entertainment hack (2014-12-18 15:25:19)
    It's been four weeks since hackers calling themselves Guardians of Peace began their cyberterrorism campaign against Sony Pictures Entertainment. In that time thousands of executive emails and other documents have been posted online, employees and their families were threatened, and unreleased films were stolen and made available for illegal download. The hackers then escalated this week to threatening 9/11-like attacks against movie theaters scheduled to show the Sony film "The Interview." That fanned security fears nationwide and resulted in the four top U.S. theater chains pulling the film from their screens, ultimately driving Sony to cancel the film's release.
  • US brands movie studio hack a national security breach (2014-12-18 15:24:00)
    The cyber attack that forced Sony Pictures to scrap a comedy about North Korea is a "serious national security matter," the White House warned Thursday, threatening an "appropriate response." And, as Hollywood scandal threatened to escalate into geopolitical crisis, Sony defended its decision to cancel the release of "The Interview," a movie about a fictional CIA plot to kill Kim Jong-Un. White House spokesman Josh Earnest declined to confirm reports that North Korea had attacked the movie giant, which pulled the the film after hackers invoked 9/11 in threatening attacks on cinemas.
  • Q&A: Drones might help explain how tornadoes form (2014-12-18 15:18:29)
    DENVER (AP) — Researchers say they have collected promising weather data by flying instrument-laden drones into big Western and Midwestern storms. Now, they want to expand the project in hopes of learning more about how tornadoes form.
  • Sharpton stops short of calling on Sony executive to resign (2014-12-18 15:06:34)
    NEW YORK (Reuters) - Civil rights activist Reverend Al Sharpton on Thursday did not call for Co-Chairman of Sony Pictures Entertainment Amy Pascal to step down over racially insensitive emails, despite expectations that he might seek her resignation. The private emails, leaked through a massive hacking attack on Sony Corp, included joking remarks related to U.S. President Barack Obama and his taste in movies. Pascal, who has publicly apologized, met with Sharpton Thursday to discuss the emails and perceived racial bias in the film industry. ...
  • Cadillac virtual mirror improves vision (2014-12-18 15:01:02)
    Cadillac announces today that its new CT6 model, due out next year, will incorporate a virtual rearview mirror, increasing rear visibility by 300 percent.>
  • Cadillac's cars are getting smart rearview mirrors next year (2014-12-18 15:00:00)
  • NASA's Kepler telescope is alive and finding planets again (2014-12-18 14:51:37)
    The telescope that's done the most work for expanding our knowledge of exoplanets is alive again — and it's already found another Earth-sized one to add to the list. NASA announced today that they awakened the Kepler telescope for its K2 (or "Second Light") mission, and detailed the ingenious solution that was used to fix what was wrong.
  • Paramount is now canceling screenings of Team America: World Police (2014-12-18 14:46:01)
    Just a day after Sony decided to cancel the debut of the embattled comedy The Interview, Paramount Pictures is pulling Team America: World Police from release. The Alamo Drafthouse, which had scheduled Team America as a fill-in for the Seth Rogen comedy after yesterday's development, confirmed that its December 27th screening had been canceled, as did Cleveland Cinemas, which had booked the film for a 2015 midnight screening way back in October.
  • Windows Phone roundup: 'Denim' trickling out; carrier billing expanded (2014-12-18 14:44:00)
    Microsoft is slowly rolling out the next version of its Lumia phone firmware, Denim, to Windows Phone users.
  • U.S. judge concerned Google antitrust lawsuit too vague (2014-12-18 14:40:55)
    By Dan Levine SAN JOSE, Calif. (Reuters) - A judge on Thursday said she would require consumers suing Google over its Android smartphone operating system to submit more factual details in order for an antitrust lawsuit to proceed, at a time when the Internet search company faces increased regulatory pressure. The lawsuit filed earlier this year says Google Inc requires Android handset manufacturers such as Samsung Electronics Co Ltd to restrict competing apps like Microsoft Corp's Bing search, partly by making Google's own apps the default. ...
  • The Arctic is warming at twice the rate of anywhere else (2014-12-18 14:32:23)
    The Arctic is warming at twice the rate of anywhere else on earth — and it won't just be the polar bears who suffer. Snow was well below average, and on the Eurasian side of the Arctic, set a new record low in April. Sea ice in September was the sixth-lowest on record.
  • 2 more former Sony workers sue over data breach (2014-12-18 14:30:56)
    LOS ANGELES (AP) — Two more former employees of Sony Pictures Entertainment are suing the company over the massive data breach in which their personal and financial information was stolen and posted online.
  • Save on employee turnover costs by following these retention tips (2014-12-18 14:25:27)
    Not feeling appreciated is one of the main reasons employees quit their jobs. Get advice on achieving high retention scores, which could save your company thousands of dollars.
  • Beyond the Sony hack: How companies can clamp down on cyberattacks (2014-12-18 14:22:03)
    Data breaches are on the rise, but cybersecurity experts say employees and companies can still make broad changes to cut back on hacks.>
  • Cartonomy aims to revolutionise social commerce with shared shopping carts (2014-12-18 14:20:00)
    Connecting you to the products you already buy for the people in your life, social shopping site Cartonomy aims to streamline our group shopping.
  • The Vergecast, live today at 4:30PM ET! (2014-12-18 14:19:48)
    For the final Vergecast of 2014, let's look back on the biggest stories of the past 12 months. Nilay Patel, Dieter Bohn, and Chris Plante will talk about hacks, smartwatches, large phones, the rise of weed, the fall of cable, and plenty of other timely topics.
  • Heed predictive analytics and gut instincts during crisis management (2014-12-18 14:19:43)
    Big data's role in predictive analytics doesn't negate the importance of paying attention to your gut instinct and factoring in your experience, especially during a crisis.
  • Improve workflow with monitors best suited for programmers and designers (2014-12-18 14:12:15)
    Although 1080p and 4K screens are well-suited for media consumption and casual users, pros need more screen real estate. These are some display options for programmers and designers.
  • Amazon still adding new features to Fire Phone despite massive flop (2014-12-18 14:11:33)
    For a whole slew of reasons, Amazon's first smartphone has turned out to be a dud with consumers. Experiments are, by their very nature, prone to failure," CEO Jeff Bezos recently told Business Insider. But the company isn't abandoning people who actually bought into the Fire Phone experiment; it's just rolled out a new update that packages some new features and numerous bug fixes. FireFly, one of the phone's more unique features, can now automatically translate text using the built-in camera; it's also picked up the ability to recognize and identify famous works of art. ...
  • U.S. considers 'proportionate' response to Sony hacking attack (2014-12-18 14:09:40)
    By David Brunnstrom WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The United States said on Thursday a cyber attack on Sony Pictures blamed on North Korea was a serious national security matter and the Obama administration was considering a proportional response. White House spokesman Josh Earnest told reporters the attack was an example of "destructive activity with malicious intent that was initiated by a sophisticated actor." Earnest said he was not in a position to say that North Korea was responsible, but the investigation was "progressing." U.S. government sources said on Wednesday that U.S. ...
  • Two more former Sony workers sue over data breach (2014-12-18 14:08:40)
    LOS ANGELES (AP) — Two more former employees of Sony Pictures Entertainment are suing the company over the massive data breach in which their personal and financial information was stolen and posted online.
  • Botched cyberattack on Syria group blamed on IS (2014-12-18 14:04:34)
    LONDON (AP) — A botched cyberattack aimed at unmasking Syrian dissidents has experts worried that the Islamic State group is adding malicious software to its arsenal.
  • Internet Explorer 'browser ballot' ends, takes market share with it (2014-12-18 14:04:18)
    Microsoft's browser was the dominant force in 2009 when the EU required the company to offer consumers a choice of browsers. But that has changed dramatically over the past several years.>
  • U.S. judge says concerned about Google antitrust lawsuit (2014-12-18 13:58:45)
    SAN JOSE, Calif. (Reuters) - A U.S. judge said on Thursday she would require consumers suing Google to submit additional factual details in order for an antitrust lawsuit over Android to proceed. Two smartphone consumers sued Google Inc earlier this year, saying Google requires Android handset manufacturers such as Samsung Electronics Co Ltd to restrict competing apps like Microsoft Corp's Bing search, partly by making Google's own apps the default. At a hearing in San Jose, California federal court, U.S. ...
  • Weird Al the Magnificent and the mysterious floating orb (2014-12-18 13:49:52)
    Fresh off his hit album "Mandatory Fun," Weird Al Yankovic takes to YouTube to demonstrate his newly found skills as a magician.>
  • Boston Uber driver charged with sexual assault (2014-12-18 13:47:36)
    A Boston Uber driver who allegedly attacked a woman is charged with rape, kidnapping and two counts of assault and battery.>
  • Sony cyberattack may be costliest ever (2014-12-18 13:46:54)
    NEW YORK (AP) — The unprecedented hack of Sony Pictures which a U.S. official says is linked to North Korea may be the most damaging cyberattack ever inflicted on an American business.
  • Steam's holiday sale includes deals on Civilization, Dark Souls, and more (2014-12-18 13:44:36)
    Valve has just kicked off its annual holiday game sale for Steam, which lasts from now until January 2nd, and it's pretty big — Valve says that there will be more than 100 games featured throughout the next two weeks. Right now you can grab several blockbuster games for cheap, including Civilization: Beyond Earth for $29.99, Dark Souls II for $16.27, and Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes for $13.39, just to name a few. As always, you'll want to check back regularly for new deals: there are new deals every 12 hours, and the featured sales will be changing every day.
  • Sony hack a 'serious national security matter': White House (2014-12-18 13:44:34)
    Washington (AFP) - Cyber attacks that ultimately prompted Sony Pictures to scrap the release of a madcap comedy about North Korea are a "serious national security matter," the White House said Thursday.
  • HitmanPro 3 (32-bit) review (2014-12-18 13:43:00)
    Rescue your computer from viruses and malware
  • White House says U.S. weighing proportionate response to Sony hack (2014-12-18 13:36:32)
    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The White House said on Thursday that U.S. officials were treating a cyber attack on Sony Pictures as a serious national security matter and that President Barack Obama's National Security Council was considering a proportionate response. Obama's top national security officials have met daily about the attack, which was done by a "sophisticated actor," White House spokesman Josh Earnest told reporters. But Earnest said he was not in a position to confirm North Korea was responsible for the attack, and said the federal investigation was progressing. ...
  • Should you trust 'The Dr. Oz Show' and 'The Doctors'? Study says be wary (2014-12-18 13:34:47)
    A new study looked into medical claims made by popular shows "The Dr. Oz Show" and "The Doctors," and concluded that viewers would be wise to take their advice with a grain of salt.>
  • Watch a man control two robotic prosthetic arms with his mind (2014-12-18 13:33:55)
    Thanks to a neural surgery and robotic technology, a man in Colorado named Les Baugh is the first person to gain the ability to control two shoulder-level robotic arms with his mind. The limbs and the technology that powers them were developed by Johns Hopkins University.
  • Apple Configurator for Mac review (2014-12-18 13:32:23)
    Mass configure and deploy iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch in a school, business, or institution
  • Constantly changing online prices stump shoppers (2014-12-18 13:20:01)
    NEW YORK (AP) — Online shopping has become as volatile as stock market trading. Wild, minute-by-minute price swings on everything from clothes to TVs have made it difficult for holiday shoppers to "buy low."
  • Get a Syma X5 quad-copter for $53.99 shipped (2014-12-18 13:16:07)
    A fantastic starter drone that's equally good for indoor and outdoor use. Plus: three bonus deals!>
  • Microsoft to discount Xbox Music by 50 percent in one-day promotion (2014-12-18 13:09:51)
    The discount is part of Microsoft's 12 Days of Deals. The Xbox Music Pass streaming-music service normally costs $99.90 a year, but it will go for $49.90 on Friday.>
  • Google launching open source Cloud Dataflow SDK for Java (2014-12-18 13:06:44)
    Cloud Dataflow fills a major puzzle piece in Google's rapidly evolving and growing cloud stack as the Internet giant continues to challenge Amazon Web Services.
  • The Interview was originally written with a fake country, not North Korea (2014-12-18 13:03:13)
    Last night, Sony officially canceled The Interview's December 25th release after all major US theaters pulled out, following threats of physical violence from a hacker group that had spent days leaking massive amounts of internal Sony data. As of last night, US officials were linking the hacks to North Korea. But what if The Interview had never been about assassinating Kim Jong-un?
  • CES 2015: Here's everything you need to know (2014-12-18 13:01:07)
    Don't let the biggest technology show of the year take you by surprise. CES 2015 starts right after the new year, and CNET will be there in force to show you every new device and technology.>
  • D'oh! 'MythBusters' to take on 'The Simpsons' best stunts (2014-12-18 12:59:11)
    Exploding toilets! Runaway wrecking balls! Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman will bust or prove "Simpsons"-inspired moments in their new season premiere in January.>
  • It's time for big budget video games to help us deal with real world problems (2014-12-18 12:58:13)
    Our country is in two wars. Our shared sense of privacy is permanently fractured. The assumption of universal protection from our government is regularly disabused by reality. And we look at the not-so-distant future, and many of us see a skyline of mega-corporations looming over a gridlocked Congress and a lame duck president.
  • Google aims to put kibosh on Android antitrust lawsuit (2014-12-18 12:50:56)
    The search giant wants a dismissal of a suit that claims the company violates antitrust laws by requiring smartphone vendors to make its own apps the default on Android devices.>
  • Listen as Saga writer Brian K. Vaughan talks to us about comics, gaming, and Star Wars (2014-12-18 12:35:01)
    Comics captivated us in 2014. While Marvel and DC ramped up their commitment to movies and TV,comic book publishers like Image and Monkeybrain showed us that there's more than enough room (and demand) for female characters, people of color, and LGBTQ characters in sequential art. But the social progress that was splashed all over our panels this year wasn't the only reason comics got our attention. The science fiction genre gained momentum in 2014, in part because comics pushed boundaries and told stories that really wouldn't work in any other format.
  • Jawbone Up3 Delayed, Will Not Ship for Chistmas (2014-12-18 12:33:16)
    Sadly, holiday shoppers will not have any Jawbone Up3 fitness trackers to wrap this year. Wareable reports that the new fitness tracker will be delayed, and those who already pre-ordered the device will not have it in time for Christmas.
  • North Korea Hacked Sony? Don’t Believe It, Experts Say (2014-12-18 12:33:12)
    Many computer-security experts are doubt the validity of the claim that North Korea is behind the Sony Pictures Entertainment hack, citing a lack of strong evidence and the possibility of alternate scenarios.
  • Pandora's new Xbox One app lets you listen to stations while gaming (2014-12-18 12:31:37)
    Pandora, the hugely popular streaming music service, has launched its first app on a video game console. It's available on Xbox One starting today. "Pandora on Xbox One takes advantage of all the functionality the platform has to offer and our team built the application to look amazing on the biggest screen in your home," the company wrote in a blog post. That includes the ability to snap Pandora to the side of your TV screen and keep listening to your stations during gameplay. ...
  • Celebrities rage on Twitter after Sony cancels 'The Interview' (2014-12-18 12:30:11)
    Stars ranging from Jimmy Kimmel to Rob Lowe are upset over Sony's reaction to cyberterrorists threatening violence on the movie's release day.>
  • Microsoft sells MixRadio to messaging service Line (2014-12-18 12:27:00)
  • Everything you need to know about the Sony hacks (2014-12-18 12:06:01)
    A lot's happened with Sony, The Interview, and North Korea over the last three weeks, and it's been easy to get lost. So we've put together a quick refresher on all the news that's come out since the attacks began. It's been one of the strangest and most befuddling stories of the year, but we've answered the biggest questions below.What happened to Sony?
  • Small Empires: Can Vimeo build a big business without selling out? (2014-12-18 12:04:44)
    My favorite web series, High Maintenance, began appearing on Vimeo back in 2012. The directors picked Vimeo for the same reason many independent artists do: a guarantee that their material would appear without ads and free of the clutter that surrounds videos on Youtube. This year, after a very successful run as a free show, High Maintenance became the first big-budget project backed by Vimeo, an attempt to emulate Netflix original content creation for a streaming video audience.
  • SleeKeys for iPad Air: Turn the onscreen keyboard into a physical one (2014-12-18 12:02:02)
    This thin keyboard hides in the integrated case until needed and then flips out for use.
  • NY bank regulator's cybersecurity plan has strong authentication, identity (2014-12-18 12:02:02)
    State taking specific steps to protect $2.9 trillion in assets across 1,900 financial institutions
  • 9 Actions to Consider Before 2015 (2014-12-18 12:02:02)
    This year end checklist offers suggestions that will enable you to take control of your digital strategy in 2015.
  • Amazon tests its logistics chops with one-hour delivery in NYC (2014-12-18 12:02:02)
    Using bicycle couriers, the e-commerce giant is offering one-hour delivery of products like shampoo and batteries to residents in select parts of Manhattan.
  • Get new Yosemite features on an old Mac (2014-12-18 12:02:02)
    Running an older Mac with OS X 10.10 but don't have access to new features like AirDrop Handoff, Instant Hotspot? You might be able to get access to these new features without spending thousands!
  • Secret is relaunching as a faster anonymous social network with chat (2014-12-18 12:00:02)
    When Secret launched in February, it quickly became the most talked-about new social network in Silicon Valley. Like other ‘"anonymish" social networks, it offers a compelling mix of sex, drugs, and intrigue. But Secret goes a step further by connecting to your phone’s address book, then showing you your friends’ posts without revealing which friend said them. Several news stories broke first on Secret, fueling buzz that led the app to be downloaded more than 15 million times in 10 months. It hit No. 1 in the App Store in seven different countries.
  • Google Maps Gets Virtual Reality Support (2014-12-18 11:59:50)
    Google Maps' first-person Street View is a natural fit for virtual reality, and the two have finally come together for anyone with an Android phone and some cardboard. The Android version of Google's popular navigation app now has a VR mode, allowing anyone with a Google Cardboard viewer to virtually walk around select cities all over the world. 
  • Telltale Games is Making a Minecraft Spinoff Game (2014-12-18 11:59:46)
    Have you ever thought to yourself, "I wish Minecraft had more of a story"? Then you're in luck: The insanely popular mining, building and survival video game by developer Mojang will soon be getting a spinoff called Minecraft: Story Mode, developed by none other than Telltale Games. 
  • Amazon launches 1-hour shipping in Manhattan (2014-12-18 11:58:47)
    SEATTLE (AP) — Amazon says it is offering one-hour delivery of thousands of basic products to its Prime customers in Manhattan.
  • You can now have snowball fights in Grand Theft Auto V (2014-12-18 11:48:02)
    Just in time for Christmas, Rockstar Games is bringing a big holiday update to Grand Theft Auto V's online mode — and it lets you trade in your machine gun for a snowball. The "festive surprise" update for GTA Online is rolling out now, and it includes new gear so that you can wear ugly Christmas sweaters or gingerbread man masks while you rob a bank, as well as a brand new feature called "San Andreas snowfall," which lets you toss snowballs back and forth with other players.
  • Watch the best music video of 2014 (2014-12-18 11:45:02)
    Hiro Murai made a number of music videos in 2014 that highlight the humor and beauty in tragic scenarios. Childish Gambino’s "Telegraph Avenue" is a tropical romance story with a comically grim twist. Chet Faker’s "Gold" is a sexy dance on roller skates that ends with a graphic flourish. And Spoon’s "Do You" takes a light hearted drive through the end of the world. Murai’s catalog echoes the early days of Spike Jonze: silly, strange, and referential. But like that director, there’s a point where all the fun visuals and cheeky concepts merge and mature into something more profound.
  • New York regulator lays out tweaks to bitcoin rules (2014-12-18 11:40:12)
    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - New York state plans to soften proposed rules for virtual currencies such as bitcoin, its banking regulator said on Thursday, after receiving a round of public comments. Start-up companies dealing in the budding technology could get a two-year partial waiver from complying with the full set of rules to help them continue their business, New York Superintendent of Financial Services Ben Lawsky said. ...
  • Microsoft sells its MixRadio music service to Line (2014-12-18 11:36:13)
    Microsoft is selling off its MixRadio service to Line after inheriting it as part of the Nokia phone business acquisition earlier this year. The software maker revealed in a July internal email that it was planning to sell MixRadio, so today’s announcement is no surprise. Nokia MixRadio currently offers free music streaming on Lumia phones, curated in a radio-like way. Line operates a hugely popular messaging app that has seen fast growth in Asian markets, and it recently launched its own subscription-based music streaming service: Line Music. ...
  • Politicians respond to Sony hack, call for cybersecurity bill (2014-12-18 11:33:10)
    After weeks of speculation, US officials have told news outlets that North Korea was involved in November's devastating Sony hack. Especially because the group threatened violence if Sony released its North Korea-focused comedy The Interview, this could turn the issue from a major security problem to an international incident, and American politicians have begun formulating their responses — whether that's simple condemnation or calls for new cybersecurity bills.
  • Accenture raises full-year revenue forecast after strong first-quarter (2014-12-18 11:00:56)
    (Reuters) - Consulting and outsourcing company Accenture Plc raised its revenue forecast for fiscal 2015 after contract wins helped the company post better-than-expected first-quarter earnings and revenue.
  • Rise of the car-sharing apps poses threat to auto sector (2014-12-18 10:23:49)
    By Atul Prakash and Sudip Kar-Gupta LONDON (Reuters) - The humble smartphone could throw a spanner in the works of the car sector's post-crisis turnaround, with the big manufacturers facing a long-term threat from apps that make it easier and cheaper to share or hire vehicles than to buy them. Investor sentiment is on a knife edge. Car sales are back in recovery mode in most major European markets, yet the fragility of the turnaround could yet be exposed by another economic slowdown while investors have flagged the potential danger posed by web-based services further down the road. ...
  • Microsoft no longer needs to remind EU Windows users they have a browser choice (2014-12-18 10:14:02)
    Microsoft is no longer legally required to remind Windows users in the European Union that they have a choice of browsers beyond IE, as has been the case for the past five years.
  • French telecoms tycoon buys Swiss Orange for CHF 2.3bn (2014-12-18 10:14:02)
    Switzerland's third-placed mobile operator has changed hands once again.
  • GE to launch breakdancing documentary for streaming devices (2014-12-18 10:10:42)
    By Jennifer Saba (Reuters) - U.S. industrial conglomerate General Electric Co plans to release its first feature film through video streaming devices like Roku and Apple TV in a marketing effort that raises the bar for sponsored content. "Shake the Dust" is a documentary about breakdancing and how the movement has united people across the world. Executive-produced by the rap star Nas, it will make its debut on December 24 through a partnership with the music video platform Vevo. ...
  • NES classic Duck Hunt is coming to the Wii U on Christmas Day (2014-12-18 10:09:36)
    There are few better ways to spend the holidays than by shooting birds — so it's only natural that Nintendo is bringing its classic Duck Hunt to the Wii U on December 25th. The game will be available through the Virtual Console service starting on Christmas Day, and you'll be able to use a Wii remote in place of the iconic orange-and-grey NES Zapper light gun that worked with the original. It should make a great compliment to new Wii U releases like Super Smash Bros. and Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker. No word on the price, though NES games typically sell for $4. ...
  • The studio behind Year Walk released a free, heartwarming game for the holidays (2014-12-18 09:43:33)
    For the past few years, mobile game developer Simogo has been experimenting with new ways to tell interactive stories. It started with Year Walk, a creepy adventure game that took players through the depths of Swedish folklore, and the duo followed that up with the delightfully strange spy novel-like experience Device 6 and last month's peaceful short story collection The Sailor's Dream.
  • NV, NFV, and SDN: What's with the networking acronym explosion? (2014-12-18 09:35:54)
    Ever wonder why there are three ways to virtualize networks and networking devices? Read on to learn why.
  • Microsoft doesn’t have to advertise Chrome or Firefox in Windows anymore (2014-12-18 09:31:33)
    Microsoft’s decision to bundle Internet Explorer with Windows has led to a number of headaches for the company over the years. In particular, an EU ruling that forced it to provide a browser ballot screen for European copies of Windows. The requirement has now expired after five years, meaning Microsoft no longer has to advertise copies of Chrome, Firefox, and 10 other browsers inside Windows. "The obligations imposed by that decision have expired and as a result the Browser Choice Update will no longer be delivered to new users," says Microsoft in a support article detailing the change. ...
  • Riding in Audi's 150MPH self-driving RS 7, the anti-Google car (2014-12-18 09:30:00)
  • Amazon's new Prime Now service promises one-hour delivery (2014-12-18 09:24:03)
    Initially rolling out only for parts of Manhattan, the new Prime Now service is the latest attempt by Amazon to compete with brick-and-mortar stores by offering speedy delivery on essential items.>
  • Accenture raises full-year revenue forecast after strong 1st-quarter (2014-12-18 08:56:19)
    (Reuters) - Consulting and outsourcing company Accenture Plc raised its revenue forecast for fiscal 2015 after contract wins helped the company post better-than-expected first-quarter earnings and revenue.
  • Alcatel-Lucent shares jump 8 percent on Nokia merger report (2014-12-18 08:40:33)
    By Eric Auchard and Jussi Rosendahl LONDON/HELSINKI (Reuters) - Two of Europe's top three remaining telecommunications equipment companies, Nokia Networks and Alcatel-Lucent , have revived talks on a possible merger, Germany's Manager Magazin reported on Thursday, citing company sources. The two companies could agree to merge or strike up a close cooperation, the magazine said, adding that the contacts had resumed in the autumn. Shares in Alcatel rose 8 percent following the report. Nokia was up 2.85 percent. Both Alcatel and Nokia declined to comment on the report. ...
  • In botched cyberattack on Syria group, some see hand of IS (2014-12-18 08:10:42)
    LONDON (AP) — A botched cyberattack aimed at unmasking Syrian dissidents has experts worried that the Islamic State group is adding malicious software to its arsenal.
  • $140 smartphone running CyanogenMod released by Micromax (2014-12-18 08:02:01)
    Indian smartphone vendor Micromax has unveiled the smartphone in its YU range, which will ship with KitKat based CyanogenMod onboard.
  • Catalonia forges ahead with plan to turn Barcelona's region into a thriving tech hotspot (2014-12-18 08:02:01)
    A plan to turn Catalonia into Spain's foremost tech region is taking shape with the merger of six of its tech centres.
  • ​Google nudges 'End-to-End' encryption alpha forward with Yahoo ideas (2014-12-18 08:02:01)
    Google is making progress on its NSA-blocking Chrome extension with a little help from Yahoo's head of security.
  • Hot or not? Tech skills which land you a job in 2014 (2014-12-18 08:02:01)
    It's not all about programming, according to LinkedIn.
  • 12-month Xbox Music subscription is just $49.90 tomorrow, 50 percent off (2014-12-18 08:00:02)
    Microsoft is running the same deal on Xbox Music as last year: a 12-month subscription for just $49.90. The promotion starts tomorrow morning online, and Microsoft retail stores will be discounting the subscription even further to just $29 for those who can visit a brick-and-mortar store. Normally priced at $99.90, the deal is limited to three subscriptions per customer, and a code for the service will be delivered digitally. Xbox Music is similar to Spotify, providing access to more than 30 million songs for streaming and the ability to purchase and download individual tracks and
  • Disabled dog runs for the first time thanks to 3D-printed legs (2014-12-18 07:52:03)
    Derby the dog was born with deformed front legs that left him unable to move faster than a crawl. But now, with the help of a team of orthopedic and 3D printing experts, he can actually run. Alright, so this is basically a three minute advert for a 3D printing company — but that doesn’t mean it’s not heartwarming (and interesting) as hell.Derby's legs are loops to stop him digging them into the groundTara Anderson, a director at 3D printing company 3D Systems, adopted Derby from non-profit dog rescue Peace and Paws. ...
  • Alcatel Lucent, Nokia Networks in merger talks: Manager Magazin (2014-12-18 07:42:51)
    FRANKFURT (Reuters) - Nokia Networks has entered fresh talks to merge with Alcatel Lucent , Germany's Manager Magazin reported on Thursday, citing company sources. The two companies could merge or agree to close cooperation, the magazine said, adding that talks had resumed in the European autumn. Shares in Alcatel rose 5.8 percent following the report. Nokia was up 2.1 percent. Manager Magazin also said Nokia was considering entering the wearable technology sector. Alcatel declined to comment. Nokia was not immediately available for a comment. ...
  • Accenture quarterly revenue rises 7.3 percent (2014-12-18 07:29:13)
    (Reuters) - Accenture Plc reported a 7.3 percent rise in quarterly revenue, helped mainly by its outsourcing business. The company, which also has a large consulting division, said its net income rose to $882.2 million (563.4 million pounds), or $1.29 per share, in the first quarter ended Nov. 30 from $800.9 million, or $1.15 per share, a year earlier. Net revenue rose to $7.90 billion from $7.36 billion. (Reporting By Lehar Maan in Bengaluru; Editing by Saumyadeb Chakrabarty)
  • Plex for PlayStation 4 delayed in the US as it launches in Europe (2014-12-18 06:50:02)
    Xbox One owners have already been enjoying the delights of Plex for two months, and it’s now arriving on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 just in time for the holidays. Plex has emerged as a go-to app for home theater diehards, and a popular choice for people who download movie and TV show rips. On PlayStation 4 it looks identical to the Xbox One version, with a horizontal interface to organize all your movies and TV shows. Recently added movies are available front and center, and music / photo support is coming at a later date. ...
  • Amazon brings one-hour delivery to New York City with Prime Now (2014-12-18 06:02:36)
    Amazon today announced a new service called Prime Now, which promises one-hour delivery for a range of "daily essentials." The service is available for Amazon Prime subscribers, and launches today in select areas of Manhattan. The company says it plans to introduce Prime Now to additional cities in 2015.
  • Hackers rejoice: Sony pulls Korea film, bows to criminal pressure (2014-12-18 06:00:03)
    The Guardians of Peace must be delighted -- Sony has withdrawn plans to release 'The Interview' in any form.
  • Toshiba launches 6TB enterprise HDD range (2014-12-18 06:00:03)
    Toshiba's new range of hard disk drives includes 6TB of storage with a 12Gbit/s transfer rate.
  • Can't get decent mobile coverage where you are? £5bn not-spot plan could change all that (2014-12-18 06:00:03)
    The UK government will attempt to patch up its mobile black spots via an agreement that will see mobile operators invest £5bn over the next three years.
  • Telecoms tycoon Niel to buy Orange Switzerland for $2.9 billion (2014-12-18 05:49:11)
    PARIS (Reuters) - Telecoms tycoon Xavier Niel's NJJ Capital has agreed to buy Swiss mobile operator Orange Switzerland from private equity group Apax Partners for 2.8 billion Swiss francs ($2.9 billion), Apax said in a statement. The deal, struck through his NJJ Capital personal holding company, marks a new turn for Niel. He triggered a price war in France through the launch of Free, a bundled telecoms and TV offering, by his 55 percent-owned listed company Iliad , but he had to abandon in October his attempt to enter the American market when the owners of T-Mobile US rejected his offer. ...
  • Google Maps now lets you tour Street View in virtual reality (2014-12-18 05:23:02)
    Google turned its attention to virtual reality earlier this year with the launch of its Cardboard do-it-yourself VR viewer, and now it’s bringing functionality to Google Maps to support it. A new "easter egg" in Google Maps for Android allows Cardboard owners to activate VR in Street View and tour around cities worldwide. It’s enabled after you double-tap the navigation circle in the lower right of the Google Maps app which then activates the side-by-side VR view.If you’ve not yet acquired Google Cardboard, you can fold your own or buy a viewer kit from a variety of manufacturers. ...
  • Take synchronized video from seven different cameras with Casio’s SynchroShot app (2014-12-18 05:09:50)
    Casio just announced its SynchroShot app that allows photographers to control up to seven Exilim EX-100PRO cameras from an Android tablet. The company claims enough accuracy (500µ seconds) for high-speed videos or continuous photos to be synchronized.
  • China's to sell Gap clothing, vying with Alibaba to woo Western brands (2014-12-18 05:02:18)
    By Paul Carsten BEIJING (Reuters) - China's Inc has partnered Gap Inc to sell the U.S. clothing retailer's apparel online in China, as the Beijing-based e-commerce company goes head to head with Alibaba Group Holding Ltd to woo big foreign fashion names. Alibaba and, China's No. 1 and 2 e-commerce companies respectively, are vying to ink deals with some of the world's most recognized brands, which offer big boosts in both sales and image at home and overseas. By announcing its partnership with JD. ...
  • IBM says cloud business enjoying "breakthrough year" (2014-12-18 04:19:31)
    By Eric Auchard LONDON (Reuters) - IBM aims to expand the number of data centers it offers clients around the world by 25 percent to meet fast-rising demand for internet-based services, after what a company executive said has been a "breakthrough year" in 2014 for its cloud computing business. IBM has quadrupled the number of cloud data facilities it offers around the world to 49 in the past 18 months, responding in part to laws requiring the local retention of data following revelations over U.S. government Web surveillance as well as increased corporate compliance rules. ...
  • Take a tour of The Colbert Report studio before it’s demolished tonight (2014-12-18 03:29:16)
    Tonight is the final night for Stephen Colbert’s political satire The Colbert Report. Fortunately, his iconic New York City studio has been preserved with the help of Google’s Street View tech for businesses, aka, Business View. So why not take a tour before it’s torn down? Even if you never had a chance to attend in person you can still marvel at the cheapness of the chairs provided to the audience. Stroll right on up to the tchotchkes and books on Cobert’s shelves including, of course, a copy of Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged. ...
  • Sony emails show a studio ripe for hacking (2014-12-18 03:15:27)
    WASHINGTON (AP) — In the weeks before hackers broke into Sony Pictures Entertainment, the studio suffered significant technology outages it blamed on software flaws and incompetent technical staffers who weren't paying attention, even as hackers targeted executives to trick them into revealing their online credentials.
  • Google looks to head off U.S. antitrust lawsuit over Android (2014-12-18 03:02:55)
    By Dan Levine SAN JOSE, Calif. (Reuters) - Google will try to persuade a U.S. judge on Thursday to dismiss an antitrust lawsuit over its Android smartphone operating system, as the Internet search company faces increased regulatory pressure from European authorities. The hearing in San Jose, California, federal court is over the lawsuit filed by two smartphone consumers who say Google Inc requires Android handset manufacturers such as Samsung Electronics Co Ltd to restrict competing apps like Microsoft Corp's Bing search, partly by making Google's own apps the default. ...
  • Snapchat CEO 'devastated' by email leak in Sony hack (2014-12-18 02:59:34)
    Recent acquisitions by the ephemeral message service revealed in Evan Spiegel emails with Sony Pictures' CEO.>
  • Customers reporting interest in cloud, containers, Linux, OpenStack for 2015 (2014-12-18 01:46:03)
    2014 has been a year of emerging technologies and great IT opportunities in Asia-Pacific. To provide some insights on the year so far and what lies ahead, we've asked a group of Red Hat customers where their priorities lie in 2015.
  • Fitbit metadata not required for data-retention scheme (2014-12-18 01:46:03)
    Health devices that track a person's every movement will likely be left out of the Australian government's proposed mandatory data-retention regime.
  • Indian IT services firms focus on innovation like never before (2014-12-18 01:45:13)
    Leading Indian firms, including Infosys and Wipro, are focusing on innovation to take them to the next level in IT services. Read about solutions that are hyper-specialized for specific customers.
  • LG to show off webOS 2.0 smart TV at CES 2015 (2014-12-18 01:22:02)
    LG is set to show off an upgraded smart TV at CES 2015, powered by a new version of webOS that offers an "intuitive and convenient" user experience.>
  • Create C# code on your Mac using Atom and OmniSharp (2014-12-18 00:37:42)
    OmniSharp is a set of open source projects that enables .NET development in a text editor. Learn how to use Atom on OS X to build .NET apps.
  • Wikipedia used Wikipedia to make a video about 2014 (2014-12-18 00:01:02)
    It's December, which means it's time to recap what's happened over the past 12 months. We've done it. Twitter's done it. Google's done it. And for the first time, Wikipedia is joining that tradition with a video that highlights some of the most memorable events of the year. One twist: Wikipedia's managed it in a uniquely encyclopedic way, putting together a video using only text, photos, and videos that were uploaded by its contributors. It's a powerful example not just of the year's news stories, but also of Wikipedia's reach as an information platform.
  • Have a merry Sithmas with this 'Star Wars' music parody (2014-12-18 00:00:50)
    Chewbacca, Princess Leia, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader and even Han Solo in carbonite sing their favorite festive hits in the parody video "Star Wars Lost Holiday Album Collection.">
  • Intel to power two new 4G Lenovo smartphones in early 2015 (2014-12-18 00:00:02)
    The chipmaker is expected to expand its smartphone partnership with Lenovo, introducing phones for both China and the global market in the coming weeks.>
  • Amid scrutiny, Uber vows bigger focus on safety (2014-12-17 23:28:52)
    LOS ANGELES (AP) — Uber promises to focus on rider safety amid increasing concerns that its drivers are not adequately screened for past criminal convictions.
  • Curiosity has discovered organic matter on Mars (2014-12-17 23:28:18)
    Molecules found by Curiosity on Mars have been confirmed as organic matter -- the building blocks of all known forms of terrestrial life.>
  • Accelerating cloud services deployment with open-source software (2014-12-17 23:28:02)
    Enterprises can benefit from the experiences of others -- both negative and positive -- when planning and exploring transitioning to the cloud.
  • Driving an evolved cloud strategy (2014-12-17 23:28:02)
    ​There is a braver conversation happening with enterprises today on their cloud strategy, according to Intel.
  • Business interrupted: Telstra reveals Australia's security breach impact (2014-12-17 23:28:02)
    Nearly a quarter of Australian organisations have suffered an interruption to their business due to an IT security attack or breach over the past 12 months, according to new research by Telstra.
  • N Korea-linked Sony hack may be costliest ever (2014-12-17 23:01:59)
    NEW YORK (AP) — A U.S. official says North Korea has been linked to the unprecedented act of cyberwarfare against Sony Pictures that exposed tens of thousands of sensitive documents and escalated to threats of terrorist attacks that ultimately drove the studio to cancel all release plans for the film at the heart of the hack, "The Interview."
  • Cuba's renewed US relations will bring internet upgrades (2014-12-17 21:57:00)
  • Sony cancels parody film as NKorea suspected over hack (2014-12-17 21:51:58)
    Sony Pictures cancelled the release of a madcap comedy about North Korea that triggered chilling threats from hackers, as US investigators reportedly blamed Pyongyang for a damaging cyber-raid on the movie giant. The dramatic action came as several US media outlets reported that investigators now believe North Korea was behind the devastating cyber-attack that saw hackers gain access to a trove of internal Sony documents and unreleased movies. "In light of the decision by the majority of our (theater) exhibitors not to show the film 'The Interview,' we have decided not to move forward with the planned December 25 theatrical release," Sony said in a statement. "Sony Pictures has no further release plans for the film," a spokesman added to AFP, suggesting -- though not confirming -- the film will not even be released on DVD or in other formats.
  • Steve Jobs video in iPod lawsuit to stay under wraps, judge rules (2014-12-17 21:45:30)
    After weeks of back-and-forth argument, the judge in the now-settled iPod antitrust suit says never-before-seen footage of the late Apple CEO won't be made available to the public.>
  • How Kim Jong Un became the target of 'The Interview' (2014-12-17 21:30:41)
    NEW YORK (AP) — A few weeks ago, when a freshly stoned Seth Rogen sat down for a lunch interview about "The Interview," the likelihood of trouble seemed remote.
  • LG's webOS 2.0 TVs are coming to CES (2014-12-17 21:00:02)
    LG's attempt to resurrect webOS for smart TVs is entering a new phase at CES 2015. A wide range of webOS 2.0 TVs will be displayed in Vegas, and LG is focusing on performance; the company says that starting the YouTube app from the home screen is 70 percent faster, for example, and overall boot times should be up to 60 percent quicker.
  • PlistEdit Pro for Mac review (2014-12-17 20:52:00)
    Advanced property list & preference editor
  • Stolen emails reveal lapses in Sony security practices (2014-12-17 20:07:48)
    WASHINGTON (AP) — Stolen emails show that Sony Pictures Entertainment suffered significant technology outages in the weeks before a hacker break-in. The studio blamed software flaws and incompetent technical staffers who weren't paying attention, even as hackers targeted executives to trick them into revealing their online credentials.
  • Educating people about dementia through a virtual experience (2014-12-17 20:04:02)
    Alzheimer's Australia together with Opaque Multimedia has created a virtual dementia experience to educate people on what it's like to live with dementia.
  • Uber ramps up rider safety (2014-12-17 20:04:02)
    Ride-sharing app developer Uber is working on a safety 'road map' after coming under fire following he alleged rape of a passenger in India.
  • Germany's AOK Enhances Healthcare with Innovation (2014-12-17 20:04:02)
    With the help of SAP HANA, Germany's largest Statutory Health Insurer created a industry solution to optimize patient health.
  • Sony attack linked to North Korea, theaters bail over terrorism threat (2014-12-17 20:04:02)
    The most recent developments in the Sony cyber attack spur one key question: Now what?
  • AppCleaner for Mac review (2014-12-17 20:04:00)
    Uninstall apps easily
  • AP source: US probe links NKorea to Sony hacking (2014-12-17 20:02:19)
    WASHINGTON (AP) — A U.S. official says federal investigators have now connected the Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc. hacking to North Korea and may make a statement in the near future.
  • Sony cancels 'The Interview' amid terror hack threats (2014-12-17 19:56:47)
    NEW YORK (AP) — Under the threat of terrorist attacks from hackers and with the nation's largest multiplex chains pulling the film from their screens, Sony Pictures Entertainment took the unprecedented step of canceling the Dec. 25 release of the Seth Rogen comedy "The Interview."
  • Microsoft Word review (2014-12-17 19:51:48)
    Read, edit, and create MS Word documents
  • Microsoft Excel review (2014-12-17 19:41:00)
    Read, edit, and create MS Excel spreadsheets
  • N Korea behind unprecedented cyberattack on Sony (2014-12-17 19:40:05)
    NEW YORK (AP) — Hackers backed by North Korea perpetrated an unprecedented act of cyberwarfare against Sony Pictures that exposed tens of thousands of sensitive documents and escalated to threats of terrorist attacks that ultimately drove the studio to cancel all release plans for "The Interview," the film at the heart of the attack.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint review (2014-12-17 19:30:17)
    View, show, create and edit MS PowerPoint presentations
  • U.S. investigators link North Korea to Sony hacking: sources (2014-12-17 19:15:20)
    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. investigators have determined that North Korea was behind a cyber attack on Sony Corp's computers, U.S. government sources said on Wednesday. One of the sources described the attack as "state-sponsored" and several sources said that North Korea was the government involved. The Obama administration was debating internally whether to make a public announcement of the investigators' findings, the officials said, speaking on condition of anonymity. ...
  • Uber plans tighter screening for drivers (2014-12-17 18:23:42)
    (Reuters) - Online taxi service Uber Technologies Inc, one of whose driver was accused of rape in New Delhi, said it would add new methods to verify drivers' credentials and make its service safer. Uber has started research and development on biometrics and voice verification to build tools for enhanced driver screening, Phillip Cardenas, the company's global safety head wrote in a blog. ( The start-up was also exploring new ways to screen drivers, including polygraph tests, and adding its own processes on top of commercial license verifications. ...
  • Oracle's Larry Ellison talks cloud catch-up game with (2014-12-17 17:54:02)
    Ellison speculated that not only would Oracle catch up with partner/rival next year -- but that it would eventually surpass the CRM giant in the cloud market.
  • Microsoft: We have more than 1.5 million Windows 10 'Insiders' (2014-12-17 17:54:02)
    Microsoft officials say there are about 450,000, or 30 percent of its total registered Windows 10 Insiders, actively testing the next Windows release .
  • Google Hangouts: Too smart for privacy? (2014-12-17 17:54:02)
    Hangouts announces a new feature. Is your privacy protected?
  • Oracle posts stronger-than-expected Q2 earnings, revenue results (2014-12-17 17:54:02)
    In response, Oracle shares immediately rallied by 3.6 percent initially in after-hours trading.
  • Understanding Holiday Demand: It's a fickle beast (2014-12-17 17:54:02)
    Understanding customer taste and their buying patterns remains a tricky exercise. The story of L.L. Bean and their snow boots is a great example of how challenging it is to accurately predict demand. There is already a 100,000 name long waiting list for the boot. Talk about a good problem to have, well maybe....
  • ​IBM adds to cloud footprint, inks deal with Equinix (2014-12-17 17:54:02)
    IBM puts SoftLayer on the Equinix Cloud Exchange in a move that will make it a better option for hybrid cloud deployments.
  • Consortium to lay new trans-Tasman cable in 2015 (2014-12-17 17:54:02)
    New Zealand retailer Spark, Vodafone and Telstra team up to lay a new US$70 million cable.
  • Chinese Android Phones May Have Built-In Backdoor (2014-12-17 17:21:58)
    Bad news for China: Some of the country's favorite Android phones may be compromised from the moment they come off the shelf. Many models of Coolpad phones, which is big in China and Southeast Asia and is sold to North American customers in online stores, may contain a backdoor known as "Coolreaper," which can let attackers hijack the device from top to bottom.
  • Hangouts for Gmail brings back the status update (2014-12-17 17:17:00)
  • Canada court orders Apple to hand over iPhone documents (2014-12-17 17:12:56)
    A Federal Court in Canada on Wednesday ordered Apple's Canadian subsidiary to hand over nearly three years worth of documents to a watchdog agency as part of an anti-competition probe into iPhone sales. The move comes after Canada's Competition Bureau last week said it was poring over Apple's contracts with local wireless carriers to determine if the company illegally stifled competition when it introduced the phone. The agency is particularly interested in determining whether Apple used its global clout to pressure operators into not lowering the price of competing handsets. Apple is now required to hand over documents including calendars, phone statements and emails of its Canada executives dating from January 1, 2012 to September 1, 2014, as well as communications between Apple and Canadian phone operators during this time.
  • Sony cancels The Interview theatrical release after theaters pull out (2014-12-17 16:57:11)
    Sony is canceling The Interview's planned theatrical release in response to all major US theater chains deciding not to show the film after attacks were threatened. "In light of the decision by the majority of our exhibitors not to show the film The Interview, we have decided not to move forward with the planned December 25 theatrical release," Sony says in a statement, reprinted by Variety. "We respect and understand our partners’ decision and, of course, completely share their paramount interest in the safety of employees and theater-goers."
  • BlackBerry launches Classic in last-ditch effort (2014-12-17 16:46:48)
    NEW YORK (AP) — BlackBerry is returning to its roots with a new phone that features a traditional keyboard at a time when rival Apple and Android phones — and most smartphone customers — have embraced touch screens.
  • North Korea thriller starring Steve Carell has been canceled (2014-12-17 16:08:40)
    Here we go.
  • IBM says cloud business enjoying 'breakthrough year' (2014-12-17 16:03:52)
    By Eric Auchard LONDON (Reuters) - IBM aims to expand the number of data centers it offers clients around the world by 25 percent to meet fast-rising demand for internet-based services, after what a company executive said has been a "breakthrough year" in 2014 for its cloud computing business. IBM has quadrupled the number of cloud data facilities it offers around the world to 49 in the past 18 months, responding in part to laws requiring the local retention of data following revelations over U.S. government Web surveillance as well as increased corporate compliance rules. ...
  • Watch every onscreen death in the Lord of the Rings trilogy (2014-12-17 15:49:11)
    Let's get this out of the way first: I don't think there are exactly 212,470 on-screen deaths during Peter Jackson's entire (extended edition) Lord of the Rings, as purported by this six-minute supercut... but I also don't care because it's still a great recap to the more than 11 hours of beautiful cinema that ultimately led us to part three of The Hobbit trilogy that's now in cinemas worldwide.
  • Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel on being hacked: "It's not okay that people steal our secrets" (2014-12-17 15:31:10)
    One of the least expected companies to take collateral damage in the epic Sony Pictures hack has been Snapchat. CEO Evan Spiegel regularly trades emails with Sony Pictures CEO Michael Lynton, who sits on Snapchat's board, and the revelations from the pair's emails have been spilling out all week. Among them: the company secretly bought a company that makes a Google Glass-like product; it's actively pursuing plans to insert music into the app; and the company turned down a bigger offer from Facebook than the $3 billion originally reported. ...
  • Leaked Sony emails show Loeb influence on studio execs (2014-12-17 15:15:03)
    By Ritsuko Ando and Svea Herbst-Bayliss TOKYO/BOSTON (Reuters) - Sony Corp movie executives kept up a dialogue with hedge fund titan Daniel Loeb, even after rebuffing the billionaire investor's proposal to sell up to one-fifth of the studio's entertainment business, leaked emails show. Loeb's New York-based Third Point took a 7 percent stake in the company in May 2013 and suggested that proceeds from a sale could be used to overhaul Sony's struggling electronics business. ...
  • Sprint accused of billing for unwanted services (2014-12-17 15:13:27)
    WASHINGTON (AP) — Federal regulators are accusing Sprint Corp. of illegally billing its wireless customers hundreds of millions of dollars in charges for text message alerts and other services that they didn't order.
  • U.S. fears Sony hackers may never be caught: law enforcement official (2014-12-17 15:12:36)
    By Mark Hosenball and Jim Finkle WASHINGTON/BOSTON (Reuters) - Government investigators fear the hackers behind the unprecedented attack on Sony's Hollywood studio may never be caught if they are under the protection of North Korea, a U.S. official said on Wednesday. The law enforcement official, who declined to be identified because the investigation is ongoing, said authorities will require significant time to definitively confirm their suspicions that North Korea sponsored the attack, which severely damaged the movie studio's network. ...
  • BlackBerry woos keyboard loyalists with launch of Classic (2014-12-17 14:19:02)
    By John McCrank and Euan Rocha NEW YORK/TORONTO (Reuters) - BlackBerry Ltd launched its long-awaited Classic on Wednesday, a smartphone it hopes will help it win back market share and woo those still using older versions of its physical keyboard devices. The Canadian mobile technology company said the new device, which bears striking similarities to its once wildly popular Bold and Curve handsets, boasts a larger screen, longer battery life, an expanded app library with access to offerings from Amazon. ...
  • The best Bluetooth headphones you can buy (2014-12-17 14:04:16)
    Wireless headphones are awesome. Of all the gadgets I use on a daily basis, they are the ones that make me most feel like I’m living in the near future. That may sound like hyperbole, but putting on headphones and having music pump directly into my ears without any cables getting in the way is just a great experience.
  • Tile Bluetooth Keyfinder Comes to Some Android Devices (2014-12-17 14:03:07)
    Tired of losing your keys or purse? Tile, a Bluetooth tracker that helps you locate misplaced items, launched its Android app today (Dec. 17), so scatterbrains on both iOS and Android can get some peace of mind. Each Tile costs $25, and can be attached to any item you are afraid of losing.
  • One-Third of Young Britons Send Nude Selfies (2014-12-17 14:03:03)
    Over a third of British young people have sent others at least one naked digital photo of themselves. Of those, almost one in four said their naked photos had been posted online without their permission. Sixty-two percent of British young people say they'd received nasty private messages via social-media mobile apps.
  • Dish adds Netflix app to some of its set-top boxes (2014-12-17 13:55:26)
    NEW YORK (AP) — Dish is making it easier to watch video from an online rival, Netflix.
  • BlackBerry Classic arrives touting what's old is new again (2014-12-17 13:50:03)
    UPDATED: Stateside, AT&T and Verizon are on deck to sell the Classic in 2015.
  • Salesforce releases universal file sharing service Files Connect (2014-12-17 13:50:03)
    The service has out-of-the-box integration with Microsoft SharePoint; support for Microsoft OneDrive for Business and Google Drive is slated to arrive in the coming months.
  • State Dept. said to have OKed 'The Interview' (2014-12-17 13:43:02)
    Not only did US officials view the upcoming Seth Rogen film, they were fine with Sony keeping the final assassination scene, according to a new report.>
  • This is what happens when severe turbulence hits a plane (2014-12-17 13:35:40)
    Passengers on an American Airlines flight between Seoul and Dallas post videos showing the sheer fright during turbulence.>
  • BuzzFeed CEO Jonah Peretti: 'It's not just a site, it's a whole process' (2014-12-17 13:35:09)
    BuzzFeed announced today that it’s acquiring the talent team behind mobile app developer Hyper IQ, a significant investment in building native apps for a publisher that’s traditionally been web- and social-first.
  • BuzzFeed buys developer to focus on building native apps (2014-12-17 13:34:43)
    BuzzFeed has big plans to build out its mobile app. The site has acquired the team behind Hyper IQ, a developer that's already been working on BuzzFeed's iOS app. The plan is to have Hyper IQ's seven-person team grow to around 30, who will largely be working on iOS and Android. BuzzFeed intends to improve how specific verticals are presented within its app — it's particularly interested in improving the experience for its news and video verticals. The team will be working out of BuzzFeed's new Minneapolis engineering office.
  • U.S. consumer bureau sues Sprint over phone bill 'cramming' (2014-12-17 12:48:08)
    By Alina Selyukh WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A U.S. consumer watchdog agency on Wednesday filed a lawsuit against wireless carrier Sprint Corp over unauthorized charges on customers' cellphone bill, a practice known as cramming. In a third cramming-related government enforcement action this year, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau alleges that from 2004 to December 2013, Sprint billed its customers tens of millions of dollars in unauthorized third-party charges while keeping up to 40 percent of the revenue. ...
  • Uber turns to Brussels in battle to gain ground in Europe (2014-12-17 12:27:45)
    By Philip Blenkinsop BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Uber has taken its battle for acceptance in Europe to Brussels with a complaint against a French law, the first of what could become a series of challenges to EU member states reluctant to open their markets to the online taxi-booking service. Launched in California four years ago, the service has rapidly become popular in a number of countries because it often undercuts established taxi and minicab services. However, taxi drivers across Europe say Uber breaks local taxi rules and violates licensing, insurance and safety regulations. ...
  • Tile’s tiny Bluetooth stuff-tracker now works with Android (2014-12-17 12:00:02)
    Tile's promise to track your stuff with small Bluetooth squares last year made it one of the biggest crowd-funded successes ever, raising nearly $2.7 million worth of orders in just a month. What's taken the company a lot longer is making enough tiles for all the people who bought it, as well as getting them to connect to something other than Apple's iPhones and iPads. Today the company says both those problems have been solved, with it fully catching up on preorders, and with a new app for Android users that lets them connect with their tiles.
  • SpaceX will try to land a 14-story-tall rocket on this floating barge (2014-12-17 11:59:01)
    SpaceX has announced its next major challenge: landing the first stage of its Falcon 9 rocket on an "autonomous spaceport drone ship" in the Atlantic Ocean. The barge in question (as everyone but Elon Musk is calling it) measures just 300 feet by 100 feet across, and the company claims the odds of successfully landing on it are no better than 50 percent, comparing the feat to " a rubber broomstick on your hand in the middle of a wind storm."
  • Bluster, bravado and breaches: Today's 'terrorist' players in cybersecurity (2014-12-17 11:40:02)
    An emailed threat can send companies to their knees and propel individuals without so much as a parking ticket straight to a holding cell. The problem is, today's puffed-up chest hacktivists know it, and Sony has borne the brunt. [Analysis]
  • Red Hat joins the IBM Power8 party (2014-12-17 11:40:02)
    Back in September, IBM and SUSE announced a partnership making SUSE Enterprise Linux available on IBM's Power8 based systems. Now it's Red Hat's turn. Is it time to consider a new platform?
  • One month with the Sony Xperia Z3: 10 reasons it's my favorite Android smartphone (2014-12-17 11:40:02)
    The Sony Xperia Z3 has been in Matthew's pocket for over a month and continues to impress him on a daily basis.
  • Canada court to order Apple to turn over records in iPhone probe (2014-12-17 11:27:27)
    OTTAWA (Reuters) - The Federal Court of Canada agreed on Wednesday to order Apple Inc's Canadian subsidiary to turn over documents to the Competition Bureau to help investigate whether Apple unfairly used its market power to promote the sale of iPhones. In seeking the order, the Competition Bureau had said agreements Apple negotiated with wireless carriers may have cut into competition by encouraging the companies to maintain or boost the price of rival phones. Federal Court Chief Justice Paul Crampton told the court he would sign the order later on Wednesday. ...
  • Snapchat May Have Bought Google Glass-Like Startup (2014-12-17 11:24:19)
    The Sony Pictures Entertainment hack is now revealing much more than Hollywood tiffs. Business Insider reports that leaked emails from Michael Lynton, Sony Pictures Entertainment co-CEO and Snapchat board member, apparently detail the company's $15 million acquisition of a startup called Vergence Labs that makes smart glasses similar to Google Glass.
  • Sony Wearable Makes Any Glasses Smart (2014-12-17 11:24:16)
    Why buy a pair of smartglasses when you can add high-tech features to your regular old specs? Sony today (Dec. 17) announced its Single-Lens Display Module, which attaches to everyday glasses and sunglasses to deliver a Google Glass-esque augmented reality experience.
  • Leawo Video Converter Ultimate review (2014-12-17 11:14:00)
    Rip online videos from Youtube, Facebook, Dailymotion and other Web sites
  • Save 70 percent on a pair of Zipbuds headphones (2014-12-17 11:13:59)
    This Cheapskate exclusive lands you the Zipbuds Select for just $45 or Zipbuds Choice for $60.>
  • BlackBerry Classic hopes to strike bold, nostalgic chord (2014-12-17 11:12:48)
    The much-teased smartphone harkens back to the long-past glory days of BlackBerry. Its CEO also teased a reconciliation with T-Mobile.>
  • Amazon vows items ordered by Dec. 19 will arrive for Christmas (2014-12-17 11:05:52)
    You still have a couple of days left to buy a gift for family members or friends via Amazon and receive free shipping.>
  • Online lender OnDeck Capital's shares soar in debut (2014-12-17 11:04:14)
    (Reuters) - Shares of OnDeck Capital Inc, an online lender to small businesses, rose as much as 39 percent in their debut, valuing the company at about $1.84 billion. The company's successful debut follows that of online loan marketplace LendingClub Corp, whose shares rose as much 67 percent in their debut last week. The company's shares touched a high of $27.74 amid heavy trading on Wednesday. The stock was the biggest gainer on the New York Stock Exchange. ...
  • BlackBerry woos keyboard loyalists with Classic device launch (2014-12-17 10:24:26)
    By John McCrank NEW YORK (Reuters) - BlackBerry Ltd launched its long-awaited Classic device on Wednesday, a smartphone it hopes will help it win back market share and woo those still using older versions of its physical keyboard devices. The Waterloo, Ontario-based mobile technology said the new device, which bears a striking similarity to its once-bestselling Bold and Curve handsets, boasts a larger screen, longer battery life, expanded app library with access to he offerings from Inc's Android App store, and a browser three times faster than the one on its legacy devices. ...
  • BlackBerry officially launches the Classic, a smartphone for yesterday (2014-12-17 10:10:48)
    BlackBerry today announced the BlackBerry Classic, making official the smartphone that CEO John Chen has teased for the better part of a year. The Classic has a throwback look, as its name alludes, with a full QWERTY physical keyboard, physical navigation keys, and a nearly indistinguishable design from BlackBerry smartphones from years ago, like the Bold. The Classic is significantly smaller than the Passport, which BlackBerry launched earlier this year, and is actually possible to use in one hand, unlike the gargantuan Passport. ...
  • These are the new faces of Android Wear (2014-12-17 10:05:02)
    Google has opened a section to the Play Store dedicated to serving new watch faces for Android Wear smartwatches. Until this new debut, which accompanies a significant software update for the Android Wear watches themselves, the only choices available were the standard ones preloaded by Google, a few extras provided by manufacturers like LG, and a few from grassroots fans who made their own. Now Google has an official development kit for new faces and a whole bunch of options already populating the store. ...
  • Why Sony Pictures should release The Interview online (2014-12-17 10:00:27)
    The dominoes fell swiftly Tuesday. The group behind the massive Sony hacks released another cache of confidential information, threatening violence against movie theaters that dare play the Seth Rogen and James Franco comedy The Interview. Soon both actors canceled the rest of their promotional appearances for the film, and Sony told theater chains that it "wouldn’t object" if they chose to drop the film due to safety concerns. Carmike Cinemas was the first company to take Sony up on its offer, with Landmark Theatres calling off the movie’s New York premiere hours later.
  • Five mobile reference apps for quick access to the info you need (2014-12-17 09:49:59)
    From identifying fonts to monitoring data usage to tracking package deliveries, these apps can simplify the job of keeping up with vital info.
  • Reddit has started banning users sharing Sony hack documents (2014-12-17 09:49:45)
    Moderators on Reddit have started banning users for sharing files on the site from the trove of Sony documents released by the hackers, saying that the act violates the website's terms of use regarding the posting of personal data. The social news site has also deleted posts and banned one particular subreddit — SonyGOP — where the files were not only being discussed, but also linked to and hosted.
  • Fujitsu launches pair of business-friendly Windows 8.1 tablets (2014-12-17 09:46:02)
    The Stylistic Q555 is a "semi-rugged" 10-inch 2-in-1 device, while the Stylistic Q335 is an 8-inch tablet. Both are available with either Windows 8.1 with Bing or Windows 8.1 Pro.
  • Google: Mark HTTP pages as insecure (2014-12-17 09:46:02)
    Non-HTTPS pages provide no data security and the user should be reminded of that, argues the company. It's a big step.
  • ICANN falls for spear phishing attack (2014-12-17 09:46:02)
    E-mail credentials and a key DNS zone system were compromised. The severity of the damage is not yet clear.
  • Hortonworks expands certification program, looks to accelerate enterprise Hadoop adoption (2014-12-17 09:46:02)
    The Palo Alto-based company says the new certifications support key capabilities required of an enterprise data platform.
  • Hootsuite nabs eBay's Jimmy Duvall to lead product (2014-12-17 09:46:02)
    The former e-commerce head for eBay will manage the Hootsuite's portfolio of products and services - which is on a pretty strong growth trajectory following the company's $60 million funding round in September.
  • Rackspace joins OpenPOWER (2014-12-17 09:46:02)
    What's one of the parent companies of OpenStack and a top private-cloud hosting companies doing in OpenPOWER? Helping to push open-source from software into hardware.
  • Congress blocks ICANN transition. Good. (2014-12-17 09:46:02)
    The "Cromnibus" budget bill blocks the Obama administration's plans to relinquish control of Internet domain name and address administration. We're all better off this way.
  • Teradata acquires archival app maker RainStor (2014-12-17 09:46:02)
    The deal marks Teradata's fourth acquisition in the last six months, as the company aims to round out its portfolio of services that run on top of Hadoop.
  • Napster co-founder to invest in allergy research (2014-12-17 09:44:18)
    SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Napster co-founder Sean Parker missed most of his final year in high school and has ended up in the emergency room countless of times because of his deadly allergy to nuts, shellfish and other foods.
  • Use Transmit and iCloud to transfer files between multiple Apple devices (2014-12-17 09:39:26)
    Transmit for iOS lets you transfer files using SFTP, FTP, WebDAV, and iCloud. Cory Bohon shows you how to use this app to get files from your devices using iCloud as the transfer service.
  • Amazon workers in Germany extend strike (2014-12-17 09:12:09)
    BERLIN (Reuters) - Amazon staff at German warehouses extended a strike on Wednesday in a long-running dispute over better pay and conditions, but the online retailer promised it would be able to deliver Christmas orders on time. Labour union Verdi launched a three-day strike on Monday at five of Amazon's nine distribution centers in Germany, adding a sixth warehouse from Tuesday, with more than 2,600 workers involved in the industrial action on Wednesday. ...
  • Startup founders: The pros and cons of finding a mentor (2014-12-17 07:56:22)
    Mentorship is a great tool for founders, but it isn't always a safe bet. Here's how to determine if mentorship is right for you.
  • NSA's internet surveillance faces constitutional challenge in court (2014-12-17 07:45:03)
    The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) this week will challenge the National Security Agency (NSA) in a federal court, where the advocacy group will argue that the agency's web data collection program is unconstitutional. The hearing will be held on Friday morning in an Oakland court, marking what the EFF calls the first challenge to the NSA's upstream data collection program in a public court.
  • ​T-Mobile plans to step up its enterprise pitch (2014-12-17 07:34:01)
    All the Uncarrier moves made to poach consumers from other carriers apply to enterprises too, argues T-Mobile.
  • Mesos co-creator: Where the cluster manager came from and where it's heading (2014-12-17 07:34:01)
    With a datacenter operating system based on Mesos due in 2015, the cluster manager's co-creator and Mesosphere chief architect Benjamin Hindman sets out the technology's background and strengths.
  • ​Google Drive adds ODF support, voice search for Android, and app uploads for iOS (2014-12-17 07:34:01)
    Ahead of the Christmas break, Google has rolled out a slew of Drive updates that improve file format support, file sharing and document search.
  • GlobalFoundries boosts MRAM investment (2014-12-17 07:34:01)
    The world's second largest semiconductor foundry is getting into MRAM, a high-performance, long-life alternative to flash. Here's what that means for storage.
  • Facebook to Dutch regulators: What's the privacy problem? Nothing's changed (2014-12-17 07:34:01)
    Facebook has called into question the reasons behind the Dutch regulators decision to investigate upcoming changes to its privacy policy.
  • Cybersecurity spending: Here's where the money goes (2014-12-17 07:34:01)
    Tackling state-sponsored attacks on critical infrastructure and the defence supply chain remain top priorities according to newly published figures.
  • Tomorrow Daily 101: A Wikigalaxy full of 'stars,' Britain's first sci-fi film restored and more (2014-12-17 07:21:03)
    On today's show, we check out a website that visualizes 100,000 Wikipedia articles as a galaxy of "stars," a detailed restoration of Britain's first full-length science fiction film, and a do-it-yourself exoplanet detector made without high-powered telescopes.>
  • FCC may fine Sprint $105 milion for 'cramming' customers (2014-12-17 07:20:03)
    The Federal Communications Commission is looking to fine Sprint $105 million for "mobile cramming," which involves customers being billed for unwanted services like spam SMS messages or daily horoscopes. National Journal writes that nothing has been finalized as of yet and FCC commissioners are still reviewing the situation. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is also "mulling over action," according to National Journal. A Sprint representative noted that the company does not "comment on rumors and speculation."
  • Switch phones without missing messages with Google Hangouts (2014-12-17 07:15:00)
    If you move back and forth between Android devices, and you're looking for a possible solution to help strip away confusion as to what number you're texting from, Google Hangouts might have you covered.
  • Dr. Dreidel is the dreidel that beats all others (2014-12-17 07:10:01)
    Well, we're peepin', and we're creepin', and we're writin'Just look at what we caught: a wooden Dreidel that's just bangin' Now it's time for me to have my impression read, About this instrument printed with Dr. Dre's head, You never seen Hannukah like this befo' With Hebrew letters on sides times four, At the same time with the Beats guy's pics, You know, and I know, we all want some of this sh*t, To add to our collection, but dejection Is incoming, Hannah Rothstein ain't selling it to me, or any other dude But if she does, we'll make sure to tell you too
  • Samsung believes wearables 'will create a new era of power dressing' in 2015 (2014-12-17 07:08:44)
    The 2015 equivalent of the shoulder pads of the 1980s will be wearable technology, according to Samsung. Instead of a power suit, the business leaders of our decade will rely on connected wearables "to stay 'always-on,'" and the first wave of that change will be smartwaches, of which Samsung already has five different varieties. This is the headline prediction from a set of five key trends that Samsung has identified for the coming year. ...
  • EU clears Lufthansa outsourcing deal with IBM (2014-12-17 06:55:05)
    FRANKFURT (Reuters) - The European Commission said on Wednesday it had approved the sale of Lufthansa's IT infrastructure unit to IBM . Lufthansa was seeking a buyer for the unit, which provides data centers, networks and telephony, because it requires a high level of investment and economies of scale, which the airline could not provide. ...
  • Apple says online store in Russia is down due to ruble fluctuations (2014-12-17 06:44:23)
    SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Apple confirmed on Tuesday that it has taken down its online store in Russia due to extreme fluctuations in the value of the rouble. It said in a statement that it is currently reviewing pricing. (Reporting By Christina Farr; Editing by Jonathan Oatis)
  • U.S. startup sues France's Orange over social calling app (2014-12-17 06:41:07)
    (Reuters) - French telecom group Orange SA confirmed on Wednesday that it has been sued in California by San Francisco-based startup Telesocial in an intellectual property case, but said that the startup's claims were unfounded. Orange said Telesocial has already taken the company to two French courts including the Paris Court of Appeal based on the same complaints, but in both cases the claims were rejected. "This reinforces our view that TeleSocial's complaints are totally lacking in merit," the group said in an emailed statement. ...
  • Uber faces tough rivals, regulatory glare in China (2014-12-17 06:11:47)
    By Gerry Shih and Adam Jourdan BEIJING/SHANGHAI (Reuters) - Deep-pocketed Chinese rivals and tough regulators stand in the way of U.S. car-hailing service Uber's plans to conquer one of the world's biggest transportation markets, even after it signed a tieup with domestic internet giant Baidu Inc. The terms of a deal that sees Baidu buy a stake in the fast-growing taxi app operator were not disclosed. Uber, though, is a comparative latecomer in China, where taxi app users are set to triple to 45 million by 2015 compared with 2013, according to Chinese research firm iResearch. ...
  • NYC premiere of Rogen film canceled as threats fly (2014-12-17 06:06:31)
    NEW YORK (AP) — Threats of violence against movie theaters. The New York premiere of "The Interview" canceled. Leaks of thousands more private emails. Lawsuits by former employees that could cost tens of millions in damages.
  • Rocket Internet's online food delivery service expands in southeast Europe (2014-12-17 06:03:01)
    LONDON (Reuters) - Foodpanda, an online food delivery service backed by e-commerce investor Rocket Internet AG, said on Wednesday it is acquiring three companies in southeast Europe, the latest in a string of deals as it seeks to expand worldwide. Foodpanda said it had agreed to acquire, a food delivery service active in Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina, along with in Croatia and NetPincer in Hungary. It plans to continue to operate under these local brands. NetPincer was founded in 1999, Donesi in 2006 and Pauza started in 2008. ...
  • Napster co-founder to invest on allergy research (2014-12-17 05:59:54)
    SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Napster co-founder Sean Parker says he missed most of his final year in high school and has ended up in the emergency room countless of times because of his deadly allergy to nuts, shellfish and other foods.
  • ​Confidence in Oracle's Q2 wanes (2014-12-17 05:48:02)
    Oracle's second quarter results are about to land and analysts are exactly confident that the company can deliver better-than-expected financials.
  • The project that wants to bring an open source, print-at-home connected car to a road near you (2014-12-17 05:48:02)
    A Chinese-Italian startup is bringing a new vision of tech-savvy vehicles to the road with openness at its heart.
  • Seth Rogen: killing Kim Jong-un 'not an edgy position to take' (2014-12-17 05:43:36)
    The Interview director and co-star Seth Rogen has said that despite the controversial subject of his upcoming assassination comedy, he believes that killing the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is "not an edgy position to take." Rogen, speaking to The New York Times, said: "He is bad. It’s controversial to him. But to everyone else, it’s fine. To their credit, let us do it."
  • Jury decides Apple isn't guilty in $1bn iTunes DRM case (2014-12-17 05:28:02)
    Apple has escaped a potential $1bn damages bill after a jury decided an iTunes update that kept rivals' music off its iPod was a genuine product improvement.
  • Google brings mood-matching smart playlists to Play Music in the UK (2014-12-17 05:25:00)
  • Sony Pictures CEO consulted U.S. State Department on film, leaked emails show (2014-12-17 05:19:25)
    By James Pearson SEOUL (Reuters) - The head of Sony Pictures consulted with a senior official in the U.S. government in June this year, days after North Korea threatened "merciless countermeasures" over the release of an upcoming film featuring a plot to assassinate leader Kim Jong Un, leaked emails show. In an internal email seen by Reuters and dated June 26, Sony Pictures Entertainment Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Michael Lynton said he told Assistant U.S. Secretary of State Daniel Russel the studio was "concerned for the safety of Americans and American and North Korean relations. ...
  • Steam is region locking PC games to thwart low currency value exploits (2014-12-17 05:11:00)
  • Dropbox's Carousel adds Flashback photos to help you relive old memories (2014-12-17 04:05:26)
    The iOS version of Carousel, Dropbox's photo organization app, has received a hefty pre-holiday update. The app now lets you quickly delete reams of pictures from your camera roll if they've been uploaded to cloud storage, and will sift through your old photos and videos to provide you with "flashbacks" — images and clips dredged up from your camera history that Dropbox says will help you "relive your memories." Currently only the camera roll cleanup feature is live on the Android version of the app, but Dropbox says the flashback feature is coming soon.
  • PocketQube kits make it easier for amateurs to build their own satellites (2014-12-17 04:04:00)
  • New York premiere of North Korea comedy canceled after threats (2014-12-17 02:21:05)
    By Jim Finkle and Mark Hosenball BOSTON (Reuters) - The New York premiere of "The Interview", a Sony Pictures comedy about the assassination of North Korean President Kim Jong-Un, has been canceled and a source said one theater chain had scrapped plans to show it, after threats from a hacking group. The hackers, who said they were also responsible for seizing control of Sony Corp's computer system last month, on Tuesday warned people to stay away from cinemas showing the film starring James Franco and Seth Rogen, and darkly reminded moviegoers of the Sept. ...
  • 2014: I'm still sick of Android (2014-12-17 02:10:02)
    With no solid business productivity apps, as well as continually perpetuating the 'toxic hellstew', Google's mobile OS is still missing from my personal tech stable two years after I abandoned it. But there's some hope for it yet.
  • Vocus takes remainder of Amcom (2014-12-17 02:10:02)
    Vocus Communications has acquired the remainder of Amcom Telecommunications in a deal that is likely to see the two former rivals become a combined entity worth more than AU$1 billion.
  • ​Telstra, Pacnet discuss potential acquisition (2014-12-17 02:10:02)
    Telstra has released a statement confirming that it is in discussions with Pacnet about a potential acquisition of the company.
  • Sony can make any eyewear more like Google Glass (2014-12-17 01:16:00)
  • Twitter and Foursquare could be teaming up in 2015 (2014-12-17 00:54:48)
    Twitter and Foursquare might be going into business together in 2015, according to a source for Business Insider. The partnership would introduce geo-based features similar to Foursquare's venue check-ins and local recommendations, along with location-specific content. The new functions may make an appearance as early as the next quarter.
  • Snapchat secretly purchased a company that makes smart glasses (2014-12-17 00:45:41)
    Snapchat secretly acquired a company that makes Google Glass-esque spectacles for $15 million earlier this year, according to emails discovered in the latest dump of hacked Sony Entertainment documents. Business Insider reports that messages from the inbox of Michael Lynton, Sony Entertainment CEO and Snapchat board member, detail a deal for Vergence Labs worth $11 million in cash and $4 million in stock.
  • ​Telstra inks Model S connectivity deal with Tesla (2014-12-17 00:10:02)
    Telstra will provide the machine-to-machine mobile connectivity for Tesla Motors' Model S electric car in Australia under a new deal signed by the two companies.
  • NSW govt signs shared services agreement with Unisys, Infosys (2014-12-17 00:10:02)
    After receiving more than 50 applications, the NSW government has settled to outsource ServiceFirst to Infosys and Unisys.
  • Qihoo invests $409M in smartphone joint venture (2014-12-17 00:10:02)
    Chinese internet company inks new partnership with local smartphone maker to produce a new range of mobile devices, branded under the existing Dazen name, which will be distributed primarily online.
  • Telcos and law enforcement split over data-retention period (2014-12-17 00:10:02)
    Telecommunications companies have argued that the period of mandatory data-retention in Australia should be less than two years, while law-enforcement agencies have indicated that they would like the data retained for as long as possible.
  • Sony under attack from hackers and ex-employees (2014-12-17 00:06:20)
    NEW YORK (AP) — Threats of violence against movie theaters. Cancelled showings of "The Interview." Leaks of thousands more private emails. Lawsuits by former employees that could cost tens of millions in damages.
  • SpaceX is going to land a rocket on a 'spaceport' barge (2014-12-17 00:01:00)
  • No credible sign of plot on theaters over Sony movie: U.S. officials (2014-12-16 23:50:12)
    By Jim Finkle and Mark Hosenball BOSTON (Reuters) - Two U.S. security officials cast doubt on a threat against theaters planning to show Sony Corp's controversial movie about an assassination of the leader of North Korea, but police across the country vowed on Tuesday to take extra precautions. Sony executives, meanwhile, told theater owners the studio would not pull the film but added they would not object if theaters decided to cancel screenings, according to a person familiar with the discussions. ...
  • Sony battles more leaks, threats against theaters, lawsuits (2014-12-16 23:08:53)
    NEW YORK (AP) — Threats of violence against movie theaters. Cancelled showings of "The Interview." Leaks of thousands more private emails. Lawsuits by former employees that could cost tens of millions in damages.
  • Carmike Cinemas pulls 'The Interview' with Sony's support (2014-12-16 22:46:24)
    LOS ANGELES (AP) — Carmike Cinemas has decided to cancel its planned showings of "The Interview" in the wake of threats against theatergoers by the Sony hackers.
  • New Nintendo products may use Sharp's wild 'free-form' displays (2014-12-16 22:42:49)
    Sharp's Free-Form Display technology is designed to allow for new shapes and sizes of screen, and the first client could be Nintendo. Japanese news agency Kyodo reports that the venerable video games company will be Sharp's first client for the LCD tech, which may be used in a new portable games console or the company's upcoming sleep-tracking device. According to one source, Nintendo is considering a doughnut-shaped screen with a hole in the middle.
  • Norton-approved jeans could keep your pockets as safe as your PC (2014-12-16 22:25:34)
    Norton, a company best known for making security software, is getting into pants. Not like that, but with a team up with San Francisco-based Betabrand to make a pair of jeans, as well as a blazer with radio frequency identification (RFID)-blocking fabrics in the pockets. Both articles of clothing promise to keep identify thieves from swiping identifying information from things like passports and contactless credit cards. The pants include two such protected pockets, one in front and one in the back where your wallet typically goes, while the blazer includes just one.Norton for your pants
  • ​Time Inc accepting bitcoin subscription payments (2014-12-16 21:56:02)
    Time Inc has signed a deal with Coinbase to begin accepting bitcoin as a form of payment from customers looking to subscribe to its titles.
  • Kicking Cancer with Technology (2014-12-16 21:56:02)
    The German National Center for Tumor Diseases won’t leave cancer treatment to fate. With personalized medicine via big data analysis they help more people more effectively.
  • Bitcoin not a financial product: ASIC (2014-12-16 21:56:02)
    Bitcoin and other digital currencies are not financial products, meaning that a licence is not required to operate a digital currency trading platform, according to the Australian corporations regulator ASIC.
  • LA mayor plans 7,000 police body cameras in 2015 (2014-12-16 21:49:56)
    Mayor Eric Garcetti announced a plan Tuesday to equip 7,000 Los Angeles police officers with on-body cameras by next summer, making LA's police department the nation's largest law enforcement agency to ...
  • Sony tells theaters they don't have to show 'The Interview' (2014-12-16 21:45:09)
    LOS ANGELES (AP) — Sony Pictures Entertainment has told theater owners that they can cancel their plans to show "The Interview," according to multiple reports.
  • The LAPD is getting a body camera for every officer on the street (2014-12-16 21:32:00)
  • U.S. judge OKs Seattle artist's 'Angry Birds' lawsuit (2014-12-16 21:26:01)
    By Eric M. Johnson SEATTLE (Reuters) - A U.S. judge has allowed a Seattle artist's intellectual property lawsuit to go forward over her claims she was cheated out of possibly millions of dollars from the sale of "Angry Birds" pet toys she designed, her attorney said on Tuesday. U.S. District Judge Robert Lasnik on Monday denied a motion by pet toy maker Hartz Mountain Corp to dismiss the lawsuit. The company argued it had ownership of the "Angry Birds" trademark and that the license covered Juli Adams' drawings or illustrations of animals. ...
  • Los Angeles is buying its police force 7,000 body cameras (2014-12-16 20:46:53)
    Just two weeks after New York ramped up efforts to outfit its police officers with body cameras, Los Angeles says it plans to put cameras on the vast majority of its police force. Today, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said the city has signed a contract to buy 800 Axon cameras made by Taser that will make their way into the field now, with an additional 6,200 that are being worked into next year's city budget. The city's police commission raised $1.5 million to buy that first batch, which Garcetti says will be used first in areas of the city that have "high police activity."
  • Sony 'wouldn't object' to theaters pulling The Interview after terror threats (2014-12-16 20:40:24)
    The Interview, Seth Rogen's Kim Jong-un assassination comedy that may be at the center of the devastating Sony Pictures hack, is scheduled to hit theaters on Christmas Day, but at this point Sony may rather wish it not come out at all. Following another leak which contained terror threats against prospective viewers, studio executives are now telling theaters that they "wouldn't object" to any decision not to show the movie, according to The Wall Street Journal.
  • Ministry mega-merger faces IT challenges (2014-12-16 20:16:01)
    Some systems are yet to be scoped following the merger of four large New Zealand government departments in 2012.
  • Wynyard Group warns of revenue lag (2014-12-16 20:16:01)
    New Zealand security software company Wynyard Group is facing an annual revenue result that will fall below its forecast NZ$29 million, due to lagging customer negotiations.
  • Google Ventures spent 24 percent of 2014 funds on enterprise, data (2014-12-16 20:16:01)
    The venture capital arm of the Internet giant just published a slew of big numbers intended to impress the tech community through its annual report released this week.
  • DHS finds no evidence for attack on theaters showing 'The Interview' (2014-12-16 20:07:15)
    Alleged hackers had warned potential viewers of the film to "Remember the 11th of September." The Department of Homeland Security says it found "no credible intelligence" that the attack will happen.>
  • Fall in mobile issues drives telco complaints to seven-year low (2014-12-16 19:48:01)
    Mobile services complaints decreased by 8.1 percent during July to September 2014, driving down the number of complaints that the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman received during the quarter.
  • Winning 3D-printed ornaments deck White House tree (2014-12-16 19:42:37)
    A few talented artists get to have their 3D-printed ornaments hung on the White House Christmas tree, and they'll be on display at Smithsonian's National Museum of American History.>
  • Twitter may tap Foursquare to make location more relevant in tweets (2014-12-16 19:36:00)
  • 3D printing points way to smarter cancer treatment (2014-12-16 19:06:51)
    By Ben Hirschler LONDON (Reuters) - British scientists have developed a new use for 3D printing, putting it to work to create personalized replica models of cancerous parts of the body to allow doctors to target tumors more precisely. The initiative is the latest example of medicine harnessing the rapidly emerging technology, which has already been used to manufacture some medical implants. 3D printing makes products by layering material until a three-dimensional object is created. ...
  • After Google, Dutch privacy watchdog probes Facebook (2014-12-16 19:04:00)
    A Dutch government-affiliated watchdog said Tuesday it is probing changes in Facebook's privacy policy, the latest skirmish in a wider fight over the commercial use of online personal data. The announcement came a day after the Hague-based Data Protection Agency warned Google it was breaching data protection laws by using personal details for targeted advertising. Google faces a 15 million-euro ($18.7 million) fine if it doesn't fix the alleged breaches by the end of February, the DPA said. "The DPA has decided to investigate Facebook's newly-announced privacy policy," it said in Tuesday's statement.
  • The 404 Show 1,595: Spotify's best music of 2014 with Shanon Cook (podcast) (2014-12-16 18:47:37)
    Spotify's Shanon Cook makes her final 2014 appearance on the show to discuss the most popular and streamed artists of 2014.>
  • Sony facing 2 suits by ex-workers over data breach (2014-12-16 18:24:46)
    NEW YORK (AP) — Sony Pictures Entertainment now faces two lawsuits from four former employees who claim the company did not do enough to prevent hackers from stealing nearly 50,000 social security numbers, salary details and other personal information from current and former workers.
  • U.S. startup sues France's Orange over social calling app: FT (2014-12-16 18:05:58)
    (Reuters) - French telecom group Orange SA has been sued in California by San Francisco-based startup Telesocial over an application that lets users make phone calls via their Facebook profiles, the Financial Times reported. Telesocial claims that the PartyCall app, launched in November 2012 by Orange, was based on its own code that it shared with the company during negotiation of a deal that the telecom carrier later dropped, the FT said. (http://on.ft. ...
  • Sony faces 2nd class action suit over data breach (2014-12-16 17:55:24)
    NEW YORK (AP) — A second class action lawsuit has been filed against Sony Pictures Entertainment by two former employees whose private data was stolen from the company's servers and posted online.
  • FCC eyes $105 million fine for Sprint over phone bill 'cramming' (2014-12-16 17:50:10)
    By Alina Selyukh WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. wireless carrier Sprint Corp is expected to face a $105 million fine from the Federal Communications Commission in coming weeks over unauthorized charges on customers' cellphone bills, a practice known as cramming, according to FCC officials. FCC commissioners are reviewing and will soon vote on the proposed fine over charges Sprint's consumers faced for services they never requested, FCC sources said. A $105 million fine would tie as the agency's largest. ...
  • Sony hackers reference 9/11 in new threats against theaters (2014-12-16 17:42:49)
    NEW YORK (AP) — Hackers calling themselves Guardians of Peace made ominous threats Tuesday against movie theaters showing Sony Pictures' film "The Interview" that referred to the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. The group also released a trove of data files including about 8,000 emails from the inbox of Sony Entertainment CEO Michael Lynton.
  • Apple temporarily halts Russian online sales over currency issues (2014-12-16 17:40:17)
    The California electronics giant says it has closed its Russian online store while it reviews pricing in the wake of "extreme fluctuations of the ruble.">
  • Facebook has started automatically enhancing your mobile photos (2014-12-16 17:34:22)
    One of the few strongpoints of Google+ is that it automatically enhances all of your photos in an attempt to make them look even better, and now Facebook is starting to test the waters with a similar feature. Photos uploaded to Facebook on an iPhone will now be gently enhanced by default, with the app adjusting lighting, shadows, and general clarity. You'll be able to remove the changes entirely, or you can enhance the photo further.
  • Ascension review: no future (2014-12-16 17:23:23)
    SyFy is known for spinning off popular movies, or beating viewers into submission with Dadaist pulp like Sharknado, but its new miniseries Ascension starts with a brilliant premise. What if Project Orion, a ‘50s research program bent on launching interplanetary nuclear-powered spaceships, had secretly succeeded?In Ascension's 1963, 350 people were launched on a century-long journey into another solar system, unknown to anyone except the program administrators and some nosy conspiracy theorists. ...
  • 'Data stash'? Why T-Mobile doesn't just call it rollover data (2014-12-16 17:08:40)
    AT&T actually owns the use of the term "rollover" from its days when it rolled over minutes as Cingular Wireless.>
  • Apple stops sales in Russia, citing unstable ruble (2014-12-16 17:02:53)
    CUPERTINO, Calif. (AP) — Apple has halted online sales of its iPhones, iPads and other products in Russia amid financial turmoil triggered by the steep decline in the country's currency.
  • Vintage videogame found in New Mexico landfill sent to Smithsonian (2014-12-16 16:48:45)
    By Joseph Kolb ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (Reuters) - A copy of a vintage ET Atari videogame extracted from a New Mexico landfill where hundreds of the cartridges were dumped after the game flopped in the 1980s has made its way to the Smithsonian Institution in Washington. The games were found earlier this year near Alamogordo, about 200 miles (320 km) southeast of Albuquerque. The mystery behind who dumped them, and why, inspired a documentary film by Microsoft Corp's Xbox Entertainment Studios. Among the black cartridges unearthed by archaeologists were hundreds of copies of "E.T. ...
  • Data retention may have helped police in Sydney siege: Abbott (2014-12-16 16:08:02)
    Although the man involved in a fatal siege in Sydney on Monday was well known to police and out on bail, Prime Minister Tony Abbott has said that retaining every Australian's telecommunications data for two years may have helped police in the incident.
  • California has lost 11 trillion gallons of water in recent drought (2014-12-16 16:05:51)
    Water storage in the Sacramento and San Joaquin river basins measured "11 trillion gallons below normal seasonal levels" earlier this year, according to data presented by NASA scientists at the American Geophysical Union meeting in San Francisco. The new information shows precisely how severe California's drought is. Since 2011, those basins have decreased in volume by 4 trillion gallons of water per year — a rate that outpaces the amount used yearly by California residents.
  • Apple wins class-action lawsuit over iPod prices (2014-12-16 16:00:29)
    OAKLAND, Calif. (AP) — A federal jury decided Tuesday that Apple didn't compete unfairly when it sold music players and songs with copy-protection software that was incompatible with rival devices and music from competing online stores.
  • Sony sued by former employees over hack (2014-12-16 15:59:53)
    Two former Sony Pictures employees are suing the company, saying it mismanaged their health care information and other personal details that were grabbed by hackers in a recent breach.>
  • Tag Heuer changes tune, now looking at smartwatches (2014-12-16 15:52:25)
    La Chaux-de-Fonds (Switzerland) (AFP) - Barely a few months after dismissing Apple's smartwatch, the new chief executive of luxury Swiss watchmaker Tag Heuer conceded Tuesday that such a hi-tech gadget might after all have a place in his firm's line-up. "Initially, we were all a bit reticent," Jean-Claude Biver told reporters in La Chaux-de-Fonds, the Swiss city at the centre of the watchmaking industry. Biver, an industry legend who leads the watch division of Tag Heuer's owners LVMH, was appointed to head the Swiss brand on an interim basis last week following the departure of Stephane Linder. He refused to divulge what Tag Heuer was planning, but said it would divide its research and development department so that one side could focus on technological innovation.
  • Four handy Android Studio shortcuts for Eclipse users (2014-12-16 15:46:00)
    With the recent 1.0 milestone for Android Studio, more developers are moving from Eclipse to Android Studio and are having trouble finding their hotkeys. These tips should help.
  • 1962 Alcatraz escape was survivable, scientists show how (2014-12-16 15:40:11)
    A famous prison-break mystery gets a new wrinkle as scientists examine a hydraulic model that gives the escapees a brief window for a survivable run.>
  • Watch a new clip from Black Mirror: White Christmas before it airs tonight in the UK (2014-12-16 15:38:42)
    For those of you lucky enough to be spending the holidays in Greenwich Mean Time, Christmas comes early tonight with the premiere of Black Mirror: White Christmas on Channel 4. The special holiday installment of Charlie Brooker's "information age Twilight Zone" marks the end of a nearly two year hiatus since the last episode, "The Waldo Moment." (It will air on December 25 on DirecTV here in the States.)
  • Uber says only some employees have access to 'God View' (2014-12-16 14:45:58)
    (Reuters) - Taxi service provider Uber Technologies Inc said only some of its employees have access to "God View", or a real-time aerial view of the movement of its cars. The tool is available only to "employees working in operations or other areas, like fraud prevention," the company said in a letter to Minnesota Senator Al Franken. ( The tool was also shown to some third parties in a "presentation" view, Uber said. Franken, chairman of the Judiciary Subcommittee on Privacy, Technology, and the Law, said he was concerned about Uber's "surprising lack of detail". ...
  • Apple says online store in Russia is down due to rouble fluctuations (2014-12-16 14:21:34)
    SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Apple confirmed on Tuesday that it has taken down its online store in Russia due to extreme fluctuations in the value of the rouble. It said in a statement that it is currently reviewing pricing. (Reporting By Christina Farr; Editing by Jonathan Oatis)
  • Apple wins class-action iPod lawsuit (2014-12-16 14:14:10)
    OAKLAND, Calif. (AP) — After just a few hours of deliberation, a jury in California found in favor of Apple on Tuesday in a billion-dollar class-action lawsuit over the price of its iPod music players.
  • Apple wins digital music U.S. antitrust trial (2014-12-16 14:13:49)
    By Dan Levine OAKLAND, Calif. (Reuters) - Apple Inc won an antitrust trial on Tuesday when a U.S. jury decided the company did not act improperly when it restricted music purchases for iPod users to Apple's iTunes digital store. The verdict was read in an Oakland, California federal court. The plaintiffs, a group of individuals and businesses who purchased iPods from 2006 to 2009, sought about $350 million in damages from Apple alleging the company unfairly blocked competing device makers. Patrick Coughlin, an attorney for the plaintiffs, said "the jury called it like they saw it. ...
  • Google, Verizon ink global patent deal to nix future litigation risks (2014-12-16 14:12:02)
    Google has been outspoken over the last few years in lambasting the growing number of "patent trolls" seeking and filing lawsuits left and right in the technology sector.
  • Automation destroying jobs: is it different this time? (2014-12-16 14:12:02)
    There's a lot of consternation that automation is eliminating jobs and professions at a faster rate than jobs are being created.
  • RegScanner review (2014-12-16 14:10:03)
    Scan, search, and find desired registry values
  • Apple halts online sales to Russia as the ruble plunges in value (2014-12-16 14:09:06)
    According to reporters at Bloomberg, Apple is shutting down its online sales to Russia because of the "extreme fluctuations" in its currency, the ruble. Over the last twelve months the value of the ruble has plunged more than 50 percent against the dollar, destabilizing the Russian economy. That drop was already making it difficult for ordinary Russian citizens to purchase imported goods, but Apple's move shows things may get far worse, as foreign companies decide to stop accepting a currency that has been rapidly shedding value with each passing week.
  • Ex-employees sue Sony Pictures over hacked personal details (2014-12-16 14:08:04)
    NEW YORK (AP) — Two former employees of Sony Pictures Entertainment are suing the company for not preventing hackers from stealing nearly 50,000 social security numbers, salary details and other personal information from current and former workers.
  • Don't let thieves steal your child's identity (2014-12-16 13:59:40)
    A recent survey showed that children are 51 times more likely to become targets of identity-stealing thieves.
  • The guys behind Dots raised $10 million to build the next great mobile game studio (2014-12-16 13:53:56)
    Dots — the studio behind, you guessed it, the Dots series of mobile games — has just raised $10 million in order to become a standalone mobile gaming company.
  • Congress rolled a major victory for medical marijuana in a spending bill (2014-12-16 13:52:08)
    Inside the fiscal 2015 spending bill — yes, the one that's 1,603 pages long — is a measure that prevents the federal government from interfering with states that have allowed medical marijuana or allow the drug entirely. Federal agents are now prohibited from raiding marijuana retail operations.
  • How a People Magazine Teacher of the Year created the Reading Train iPad app (2014-12-16 13:50:00)
  • Orange executive sees BT/EE deal closing by early 2016 (2014-12-16 13:00:08)
    PARIS (Reuters) - British telecoms group BT's plan to buy UK mobile operator EE for 12.5 billion pounds ($19.7 billion) should be completed by end-2015 or early 2016, said a senior executive of French group Orange which owns half of the business. Speaking on BFM Business radio on Tuesday, Gervais Pellissier, Orange's executive director for Europe, also said the proceeds of the sale could allow Orange to avoid raising capital to fund its own proposed acquisition - that of Spanish broadband specialist Jazztel . ...
  • Ex-Sony employees sue, claim company failed to protect data (2014-12-16 12:54:54)
    By David Ingram (Reuters) - Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc has been sued in a class action by two people who described themselves as former employees and accused the company of failing to protect employee data. The lawsuit against Sony Corp's Hollywood movie studio, filed on Monday in federal court in Los Angeles, alleged that Sony failed to both secure its computer network and to stop hackers. The plaintiffs are asking for compensation for any damages as well as credit monitoring services, identity theft insurance and other assistance for themselves and any former or current U.S. ...
  • T-Mobile to let customers carry over unused data (2014-12-16 12:09:31)
    NEW YORK (AP) — T-Mobile will now let customers carry over their unused cellular-data allotments.
  • ShopKeep upgrades POS hardware to accept Apple Pay, chip cards (2014-12-16 12:06:01)
    The cloud-based POS platform provider, which largely services small businesses, is giving away the revamped readers for free to new customers, but for a limited time.
  • Uncarrier 8: T-Mobile lets you store, roll over your data (2014-12-16 12:06:01)
    The fourth largest cellular giant in the U.S. will now let you "stash" your data, allowing you to store unused data in following months.
  • Verizon adds HP, Salesforce to its cloud interconnect roster (2014-12-16 12:06:01)
    Verizon's pitch is that it will offer the largest roster of cloud interconnect partners. HP and Salesforce join Microsoft Azure, AWS and Google.
  • Holiday deal: Acer Iconia Tab 8 and $40 gift card for $140 at Best Buy (2014-12-16 12:06:01)
    A decent tablet for under $100? That's possible with this deal from Best Buy and Acer, after accounting for the gift card.
  • ​MongoDB snaps up WiredTiger and its storage expert team (2014-12-16 12:06:01)
    As well as acquiring storage-engine company WiredTiger, open-source database firm MongoDB is bringing on board the architects behind the technology.
  • FireEye predictions for cybersecurity in 2015 (2014-12-16 12:06:01)
    Mobile ransomware, insurance claims and striking the supply chain are all expected to make an appearance in 2015.
  • Amazon won't stop sending me someone else's email (2014-12-16 11:54:58)
    I'm getting someone else's Amazon email. I don't know how to make it stop. Someone help me.
  • Android Wear Can Now Control Netflix (2014-12-16 11:51:03)
    Smartwatches haven't quite reached their full sci-fi potential yet, but at least you can now use one to watch a movie. The latest Netflix update on Android adds a few much-needed features, but the biggest improvement is the ability to control the app via an Android Wear smartwatch.
  • T-Mobile Data Stash Lets You Roll Over Data (2014-12-16 11:51:01)
    AT&T did it for minutes, and now T-Mobile is doing it for data. T-Mobile CEO John Legere announced today a Data Stash program that will let customers roll over data at the end of every month, and is giving new subscribers 10GB of data to start. That means if you don't use up all of your megabytes each month, you can use them later.
  • This sea snail is so punk rock it was named after The Clash's Joe Strummer (2014-12-16 11:44:56)
    There are five new species of snail in town, and one of them is a little punk rock. According to a new study published in the journal Systematics and Biodiversity, a group of researchers decided to name a spiky-looking sea snail after The Clash's Joe Strummer, because of its "hardcore" nature and appearance. Thus, a snail named Alviniconcha strummeri gets to join the ranks of previous rock star animals, such as Dendropsophus Ozzyi — a tree frog named after Ozzy Osbourne — and Phialella zappai — a jellyfish named after Frank Zappa.
  • Dozens of vendors jump on Apple Pay bandwagon (2014-12-16 11:33:16)
    Apple Pay now supports 90 percent of all credit card purchases in the US, according to Apple.>
  • The 2014 Year in Review (2014-12-16 11:30:57)
    2014 was quite a newsmaker, wasn't it?
  • Comcast subscribers can soon stream HBO, Showtime via Roku (2014-12-16 11:30:51)
    The end of a Comcast-Roku dispute means that Comcast subscribers will finally be able to stream HBO and Showtime on their Roku devices.>
  • TAG Heuer enlists partners in smartwatch plan and may make acquisitions (2014-12-16 11:26:55)
    By Silke Koltrowitz LA CHAUX-DE-FONDS, Switzerland (Reuters) - TAG Heuer is pushing ahead with plans for a smartwatch to more directly compete with the likes of the Apple Watch and may make acquisitions to help drive the strategy, its head said on Tuesday. Swiss watch makers like TAG Heuer, the biggest brand in luxury goods group LVMH's watch portfolio, had until recently largely dismissed the threat of "smart" gadgets, but LVMH watch chief Jean-Claude Biver says he had changed his mind on the subject. ...
  • T-Mobile unveils Data Stash rollover program (2014-12-16 11:15:37)
    T-Mobile's Uncarrier 8 campaign kicks off with a rollover program and a bonus 10 gigabytes of data, and will go into effect in January.>
  • Dotcom darling changes hands for $120 million (2014-12-16 11:11:39)
    LONDON (Reuters) -, a company that came to symbolize the rise and fall of Internet firms in the dotcom bubble, is to be bought by Swiss online travel company Bravofly Rumbo Group, for about $120 million, owner U.S. company Sabre Corp said. In 2000 the group was worth 768 million pounds after a flotation which coincided with the high-water mark of the Internet bubble, when companies in any way related to the web were valued far in excess of typical measures using turnover and earnings. Its IPO came four days after the tech-focused U.S. Nasdaq index peaked at 5,132 points. ...
  • Resurgent BT comes back to haunt old rival Vodafone (2014-12-16 10:38:25)
    By Kate Holton LONDON (Reuters) - BT's move to buy mobile operator EE is expected to put the former state-owned telecoms giant back in pole position as fixed line and mobile services converge, forcing rivals such as Vodafone to make costly moves of their own to keep up. BT on Monday entered into exclusive talks with the owners of EE, Orange and Deutsche Telekom, after playing them off for weeks against rival suitor, Telefonica, showing the power the 168-year-old fixed-line operator now wields with its vision of providing a unified fixed and mobile broadband Internet service. ...
  • Xiaomi gets temporary go-ahead for phone sales in India (2014-12-16 10:10:57)
    (Reuters) - An Indian court on Tuesday temporarily allowed Xiaomi Technology Co Ltd to sell some of its devices in the country, about a week after it had asked the Chinese company to suspend sales in the world's third largest smartphone market. Xiaomi had been asked to suspend selling its smartphones in a case related to patent infringements that telecom equipment maker Ericsson had filed against the Chinese company. On Tuesday, the court gave Xiaomi permission to continue importing phones which have Qualcomm chipsets in them until the next hearing on Jan. ...
  • NBC is launching a live stream of its shows (2014-12-16 10:01:46)
    NBC is launching a live stream of its network shows for audiences anywhere they go. According to the Wall Street Journal, the network will allow viewers to stream its broadcast programming online and on mobile. However, unlike CBS' recently-launched CBS All Access offering and HBO's upcoming standalone service, viewers will need to verify that they are paying TV subscribers in order to access NBC's content.
  • Sprint finally hops aboard Lumia train with budget Lumia 635 (2014-12-16 10:00:03)
    The Lumia 635 will sell for $100 online through Sprint's prepaid arm, Boost and Virgin, starting December 23.>
  • Get Android notifications on your Linux desktop (2014-12-16 09:57:36)
    Jack Wallen shows you an easy method of getting your Android notifications to your Linux desktop with the help of a tiny Android app called Linconnect.
  • The best video games of 2014 (2014-12-16 09:56:59)
    When it comes to video games, much of this year has been overshadowed by Gamergate; the movement has hovered over the industry like a dark, ugly cloud, dominating the discussion about games and the people who make them.
  • ​Tablet sales up 18 percent in Brazil in Q3 (2014-12-16 09:54:02)
    Segment performs well despite a challenging year, says IDC
  • Dutch watchdog slams brakes on Facebook's new privacy plan (2014-12-16 09:54:02)
    The Netherlands' data regulator has asked Facebook to hold off implementing a revised privacy policy until it can take a look at whether it complies with local law.
  • Sony Pictures warns employees to be on the lookout for fraud (2014-12-16 09:44:59)
    The company has acknowledged that personal information of both current and former employees has been stolen and could be used by criminals.>
  • Amazon guarantees packages ordered through Friday will arrive before Christmas (2014-12-16 09:43:41)
    Amazon was one of the many big retailers that were unable to deliver packages on time for Christmas last year, but this year, the company seems to be a lot more confident. In fact, Amazon is actually making its holiday shipping cut-off even later than it was last year, pushing it back by two days to December 19th for free shipping and the 22nd for two-day shipping. That's going to give it a lot more to do — according to USA Today, Amazon thinks that the 18th will be its busiest shipping day of the year — but it apparently has the infrastructure to actually handle that now. ...
  • Google Wallet for iOS now supports Touch ID and helps you split the bill (2014-12-16 09:40:23)
    You can't buy things with a fingerprint Apple Pay-style, but Google Wallet for iOS has been updated to support Touch ID. Instead of entering a PIN to open Google's mobile wallet app, you can now choose to authenticate with the touch of a finger. It's a slightly faster way into Wallet, where you can send money, request payments, and access loyalty programs like always. Google has also added the ability to split a charge between multiple people, perhaps hoping it can build some momentum against Venmo, Square Cash, and other apps that have proven popular when the lunch bill shows up. ...
  • Microsoft teams up free Yurbuds earbuds with Fitbit Activity Tracker (2014-12-16 09:32:35)
    Buy a Fitbit Flex or Fitbit Charge, and Microsoft will throw in a pair of $40 earbuds at no charge.>
  • The fall of GPL and the rise of permissive open-source licenses (2014-12-16 09:24:02)
    The GPL is still the world's most popular open-source license but it's declining in use, while permissive licenses are gaining more fans, and some developers are choosing to release code without any license at all.
  • 2014: The year Microsoft lost my loyalty (2014-12-16 09:24:02)
    From productivity to email to operating systems to mobile to hardware, David Gewirtz is no longer actively using Microsoft products. He's not a Microsoft hater. The transition just happened organically as he adopted products that better served his needs.
  • Microsoft's 'Arcadia' team is building a streaming app and game service (2014-12-16 09:24:02)
    Microsoft's Operating Systems Group is staffing up a new team that is building an app and game streaming service for the company's 'core platforms.'
  • Pilot study suggests wearable devices can help alleviate back pain (2014-12-16 09:24:02)
    Research by wearable healthcare platform startup Vivametrica indicates that activity trackers can help to deliver effective health benefits for patients with lumbar spinal stenosis.
  • As Google brings Loon to France, Ericsson CEO doubts balloon broadband will fly (2014-12-16 08:08:01)
    Google and the French space agency are teaming up on Project Loon for parts of the world with poor or no broadband, but Ericsson's CEO reckons a bigger impact could be made by focusing on other issues affecting broadband, like power.
  • Pirate Bay team talk seizure, scams, future plans (2014-12-16 08:08:01)
    The crew behind The Pirate Bay has opened up about what the future holds for the torrent search website.
  • Microsoft opens up Office Sway preview, iOS app gets updated for iPhone 6 (2014-12-16 08:08:01)
    Anyone keen on Microsoft's new presentation app Sway can give the preview product a whirl today, while Australians and New Zealanders can try out an updated Sway app for iOS.
  • Vinyl storage stages a comeback (2014-12-16 08:08:01)
    Vinyl storage - in the form of LP records - is staging a comeback. Over 8 million LPs - more than 5 petabytes in digital capacity - were produced last year, up 49 percent. But the old technology has problems.
  • Why our drone future is for real -- someday (2014-12-16 08:00:04)
    Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos wants to ship goods using unmanned aircraft. Some are skeptical, others nervous, but drones already are improving the way we live.>
  • Ben Fathi: VMware CTO. OS OG. Long-distance runner. (2014-12-16 08:00:03)
    VMware's Ben Fathi spoke with TechRepublic about his three decade career working with operating systems, his first year as CTO of VMware, and why he thinks we are at a critical moment in IT history.
  • Hearthstone storms onto Android tablets, phone version incoming (2014-12-16 07:50:23)
    After months of anticipation, World of Warcraft-maker Blizzard has brought its popular card-battling game to Google gadgets.>
  • Tomorrow Daily 100: Eye-popping new CG, a new DIY hoverboard, the Kinematics 4D dress and more (2014-12-16 07:39:19)
    On today's show, we celebrate our 100th episode with Disney Research's incredible animations of the human eye, a hoverboard you can make at home, and a 3D-printed dress that looks like fabric in motion.>
  • T-Mobile's Uncarrier 8.0 slated for Tuesday (2014-12-16 07:36:59)
    CEO John Legere takes center stage again as the carrier unveils its latest plan to win new customers and retain existing ones.>
  • Scientists dream up a credit card that no one can forge (2014-12-16 07:25:00)
  • Uber restricts God View but needs to come clean on usage policy, says US senator (2014-12-16 07:24:09)
    Uber has responded to concerns over the company's privacy policy, after it was reported last month that one of its employees tracked a journalist's location using an internal tool called "God View." In a letter to Senator Al Franken, the company says employee Josh Mohrer tracked BuzzFeed News reporter Johana Bhuiyan because she was "30 minutes late" to a meeting, and he wanted to meet her in the lobby. Uber adds that Mohrer showed "poor" judgment in using God View to access Bhuiyan's data, and that he was disciplined "accordingly."
  • Roku finally secures HBO Go and Showtime for Comcast subscribers (2014-12-16 06:13:08)
    Roku is the latest streaming service playing fill-in-the-blanks with its video content. An FCC filing reveals that the company has finally secured a deal with Comcast to allow subscribers of the world’s largest cable company access to HBO Go and Showtime on Roku’s devices.The document was spotted by Recode and states that while Comcast has condescended to "authenticate" these two apps in a deal on November 25th, there’s no explicit start date for when the content will be up and running. ...
  • Chinese messaging app ​WeChat poised to conquer India, the world (2014-12-16 06:10:01)
    WhatsApp may have received all the attention thanks to its acquisition by Facebook, but today it is Tencent's WeChat that is making waves around the world.
  • ​Google releases Android 5.0.1 images for Nexus 5 (2014-12-16 06:10:01)
    The Nexus 5 has become the latest piece of Google's own-brand hardware to get the Lollipop update.
  • Five ways to get your IT project signed off (2014-12-16 06:10:01)
    So you've got a great idea for a project - here's how you get a green light from the management.
  • Western Digital acquires Skyera, eyes solid state storage deployments (2014-12-16 06:10:01)
    With the move to buy Skyera, Western Digital is looking to beef up its HGST unit's solid state storage knowhow as flash storage becomes common.
  • Google facing €15m Dutch fine over privacy changes (2014-12-16 06:10:01)
    The Dutch regulator is threatening the search giant with fines if it doesn't smarten up its unified privacy policy.
  • Little computers, everywhere: Makers and the Internet of Things (2014-12-16 06:10:01)
    With the launch of Imagination's MIPS-powered Creator C120, there are now low-cost developer boards for all the main Internet of Things platforms.
  • Comcast, Roku ink deal for HBO, Showtime streaming (2014-12-16 06:10:01)
    Will the reluctant truce entice cable subscribers back to Comcast?
  • Imagination Tech sees 'significant' improvement ahead after profit fall (2014-12-16 05:43:51)
    By Paul Sandle LONDON (Reuters) - Imagination Technologies, the British company that supplies graphics processing to Apple Inc, said it expected an improved second half as costly investments which weighed on the first months of the year begin to pay off. The cost of developing its MIPS processing platforms -- a computer processing architecture first developed in the 1980s -- and multimedia contributed to a 75 percent drop in adjusted profit in the first half, the company said. "We are migrating from a heavy investment to exploitation," said Chief Executive Hossein Yassaie. ...
  • 'Light Cocoon' is a fabric-wrapped concept car with a 3D-printed skeleton (2014-12-16 05:34:00)
  • Yahoo completes acquisition of video platform BrightRoll (2014-12-16 04:06:01)
    Yahoo hopes the buyout will strength the firm's video advertising capabilities and publisher relationships.
  • When a tough history becomes your asset: Bulgaria's plan to be a major force in technology (2014-12-16 04:06:01)
    After the fall of communism, many of Bulgaria's IT experts left the country and headed to Western Europe. Today, a new breed of developers wants to prove that ambition is more important than money.
  • Tencent, Sony strike China music distribution deal (2014-12-16 04:04:32)
    By Paul Carsten BEIJING (Reuters) - Chinese Internet giant Tencent Holdings Ltd has struck the latest in a string of music distribution deals, this time with Sony Music Entertainment, as it teams up with labels to try to develop China's paid-for music market and curb piracy. The partnership, announced on Tuesday, will give Tencent the right to distribute Sony Corp's music catalog online in China, including artists like Daft Punk, Bob Dylan and Yo-Yo Ma. Tencent, which operates China's biggest messaging app WeChat, did not disclose financial terms of the deal. ...
  • McDonald's is running out of fries in Japan (2014-12-16 03:23:16)
    Does the flap of a  butterfly's wings in Brazil set off a tornado in Texas? Not necessarily, but a labor dispute on the west coast of the United States has caused 3,135 Japanese McDonald's to restrict their sales of french fries. The dispute, between 20,000 dockworkers and the shipping lines that employ them at 29 ports, has lengthened the time it takes to get the required tonnage of frozen fried potatoes to Japan from two to four weeks.
  • The 10 fastest-rising search requests on Google (2014-12-16 03:10:22)
    Google has released its annual list of the year's fastest-rising search requests. Although Google's list usually comes last each year, its rankings typically provide more telling insights into what people were thinking because the company's technology processes about two out of every three search requests made on the Internet.
  • Robin Williams' suicide seizes the year on Google (2014-12-16 03:09:12)
    SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Robin Williams' suicide seared into the world's collective mindset more than anything else this year, based on what people were searching for on Google.
  • Robin Williams was the most popular Google search term of 2014 (2014-12-16 03:00:02)
    What else was the United States interested in finding out about? The World Cup, Ebola and Apple's Airdrop also topped Google's list.>
  • From Robin Williams to MH370: this was Google's 'Year in Search' (2014-12-16 03:00:01)
    The new year is almost upon us, and that means that it's time for Google's quantified look back at the most searched people, trends, and events of 2014. Formerly referred to as "Zeitgeist," the collection has been rebranded as the "Year in Search" this time around, and it offers great insight into how people around the world use the most popular search engine. The top global trending search of 2014 was the story of Robin Williams' death, followed by the World Cup and Ebola.
  • Comcast, Roku cut a deal for HBO Go and Showtime streaming (2014-12-16 02:40:00)
  • WA government puts Uber in legal sights (2014-12-16 02:14:02)
    The Western Australia Department of Transport could prosecute up to 24 people for operating unlicensed taxi services in Perth via the Uber ride-share service.
  • Talent2's Novopay settlement costs top NZ$29 million (2014-12-16 02:14:02)
    The operating costs of New Zealand's troubled Novopay schools payroll system are still too high, according to the minister responsible.
  • Sony Pictures warns staff on fraudsters misusing stolen data (2014-12-16 01:22:36)
    (Reuters) - Sony Pictures Entertainment advised its current and former employees to be on the alert for fraudsters looking to use their stolen data, which included detailed personal information. In what is Sony's most detailed description on the types of data stolen, the company listed information such as social security numbers, credit card details, bank account information, healthcare information and compensation and other employment-related information. Hackers attacked Sony's computer network last month and released sensitive data over the Internet. ...
  • Uber says employee tracked journalist because she was late (2014-12-16 01:17:40)
    Sen. Al Franken, who raised concerns about the ride-sharing startup's privacy policies, says he is concerned about the lack of detail in Uber's response.>
  • Liberal MP calls for increased intelligence powers (2014-12-16 00:10:02)
    The chair of the joint committee on intelligence and security, Dan Tehan, has said that Monday's gunman incident in Sydney has reinforced the need for increased police powers and intelligence surveillance.
  • LG Uplus launches IoT remote gas valve control service (2014-12-16 00:10:02)
    LG Uplus has launched U+Gaslock to allow people to monitor and turn on and off gas valves through their smartphones, Park Soo-hyung reports.
  • Talent2's Novopay settlement costs top $29 million (2014-12-16 00:10:02)
    The operating costs of New Zealand's troubled Novopay schools payroll system are still too high, says minister.
  • Emergency services get automatic access to cell tower info (2014-12-16 00:10:02)
    Triple Zero will soon be able to automatically obtain the location of mobile callers using tower information shared by Australia's three mobile network operators.
  • As Qualcomm decision looms, U.S. presses China on antitrust policy (2014-12-15 23:05:27)
    By Michael Martina and Matthew Miller BEIJING (Reuters) - U.S. President Barack Obama pressed China's Xi Jinping during recent talks on the use of Chinese antitrust policy to limit royalty fees for foreign companies, an issue at the heart of a probe into U.S. mobile chipset maker Qualcomm Inc. The move by Obama to admonish China against applying its anti-monopoly law to benefit Chinese firms using foreign companies' technology will be a key test of how much influence he can wield on these issues as Qualcomm's case nears conclusion. ...
  • Aperture 1.5.6 update install failure, Apple's solution (2014-12-15 22:50:00)
    Use the manual update.>
  • Hearthstone is coming out on Android (2014-12-15 22:14:30)
    Blizzard's acclaimed free-to-play trading card game Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is finally making an appearance on Android tablets. Currently, it is only available in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, but there are plans for a worldwide rollout in "the days ahead." In a statement, CEO Mike Morhaime says that the company is also aiming to bring the title to more mobile platforms, including smartphones.
  • Lawyer: Free speech at stake in anti-Muslim film (2014-12-15 22:06:34)
    PASADENA, Calif. (AP) — A lawyer for Google told a federal appeals court Monday that free speech is in jeopardy if a ruling stands forcing it to keep an anti-Muslim film off its YouTube service.
  • Motorola Mobility to resume selling smartphones in China (2014-12-15 21:56:02)
    Acquired by Lenovo in January this year, the smartphone maker says the Chinese market is too significant to be overlooked and it will tap its parent company's resources to grow its market share.
  • Google blacklists 11,000 WordPress sites amid malware campaign (2014-12-15 21:56:02)
    ​Google has blacklisted over 11,000 domains after a malware campaign, dubbed SoakSoak, compromised more than 100,000 websites using the WordPress content management system.
  • Chinese electric appliances giant slams Xiaomi as a 'swindler' (2014-12-15 21:56:02)
    President of Gree Electric Appliances Inc, the world's largest residential air-conditioner manufacturer, has slammed Xiaomi and another Chinese home appliance maker Midea Group as 'two swindlers together', after the latter two companies teamed up for a $200 million smart-home push.
  • LG Electronics to launch quantum dot TVs in early 2015 (2014-12-15 21:14:28)
    SEOUL (Reuters) - LG Electronics Inc, the world's No. 2 television maker behind South Korean compatriot Samsung Electronics Co Ltd, said on Tuesday it will launch quantum dot television sets in early 2015. LG, in a statement, said it will have 55-inch and 65-inch ultra-high definition (UHD) quantum dot TVs on display at the annual International CES trade show next month in Las Vegas. An LG spokesman said the electronics maker will start selling quantum dot products early next year, without offering details. ...
  • Blizzard's bringing its 'Warcraft' card game to Android tablets (2014-12-15 20:40:00)
  • Telstra slugged with AU$102K fine for iPhone 6 ad (2014-12-15 19:58:01)
    Australia's largest mobile provider Telstra has been fined AU$102,000 by the competition watchdog for not prominently detailing the full cost of a new iPhone 6 plan.
  • Finzsoft secures financial assets with hybrid cloud strategy (2014-12-15 19:58:01)
    Finzsoft Solutions has signed a five-year agreement with IBM to move its finance and banking applications to the cloud as part of its hybrid cloud infrastructure.
  • Sony studio chiefs aim to reassure employees after damaging hack (2014-12-15 19:55:13)
    By Dana Feldman LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Executives at Sony Corp's Hollywood movie studio sought to reassure employees on Monday that the studio would recover from a massive cyber attack that exposed internal emails and sensitive employee data. Michael Lynton, CEO and Chairman of Sony Pictures Entertainment, and Co-Chairman Amy Pascal addressed staff at two separate meetings in a packed sound stage on the company's lot in Culver City, California, according to an employee who attended one of the sessions. ...
  • The Best Is Yet To Come: Tech Leaders Predict What's Coming Next (2014-12-15 19:30:14)
    As we begin to wind down the year, many executives within the tech industry are looking ahead to 2015 and evolving strategies based on expectations of what's coming next. Technology, which has the power to move industries at unprecedented speeds - forging into new markets and completely overturning others - has increased the pace of innovation...
  • Sen. Al Franken questions Uber, Lyft over privacy (Q&A) (2014-12-15 19:05:19)
    The Minnesota senator has asked Uber and Lyft to clarify their data collection practices. He believes users should know how their personal information is being collected and used by these ride-sharing services.>
  • Engineer uses tape measure to beat speeding ticket (2014-12-15 18:45:29)
    A retired UK engineer is reportedly convinced he wasn't speeding, despite getting a ticket generated by a speed camera. So he gets on his hands and knees to prove white lines on the road are incorrectly spaced.>
  • Apple lawyer sums up iPod antitrust trial: 'This is all made up' (2014-12-15 18:38:00)
    The jury hears closing arguments in a class action case about the decisions made almost a decade ago to limit competitors' access to Apple's iPod.>
  • Xiaomi made only $56M last year, filing shows (2014-12-15 18:37:38)
    The upstart Chinese phone maker is operating on a profit margin of just 1.8 percent, which pales in comparison to competitors like Samsung and Apple.>
  • Sea-snail perfume may help save coral reefs (2014-12-15 18:31:55)
    The scent from a giant sea snail may be key to convincing coral-reef-munching starfish to move along and find something else to snack on.>
  • Omega Skywalker: A watch for astronauts (2014-12-15 18:21:09)
    Omega has announced a new version of its historic space watch, incorporating elements designed by astronaut Jean-François Clervoy.>
  • Diverse allies rally for Microsoft in overseas data fight (2014-12-15 17:55:44)
    By David Ingram and Bill Rigby NEW YORK/SEATTLE (Reuters) - Corporate lobbyists, news organizations and academics joined forces with Microsoft Corp on Monday in the software company's legal battle with the U.S. government over access to customer data stored overseas. The diverse set of interests filed briefs with a federal appeals court in New York, urging it to reverse a judge's order that Microsoft turn over emails from a data center in Ireland. They argued that turning them over would jeopardize the future of international cloud computing. ...
  • Sony Pictures CEO promises employees that hack 'will not take us down' (2014-12-15 17:53:34)
    Sony Pictures' legal team has begun its campaign to beat back media coverage of the studio's hack, and today leadership tried to address internal concerns during a company-wide town hall. Variety reports that CEO Michael Lynton and Co-Chairman Amy Pascal led two meetings on Sony's lot in Culver City, California, with Lynton acknowledging the hardships, but assuring employees that "This will not take us down."
  • Microsoft remakes its Active Directory tool for linking Windows Server, Azure (2014-12-15 17:50:02)
    Microsoft has released a new public preview of Azure Active Directory Connect, a tool for connecting Windows Server AD to Azure AD. It will replace DirSync and the standalone Azure AD Sync tools.
  • Riverbed finds a buyer in private equity firm Thoma Bravo (2014-12-15 17:50:02)
    Ahead of publishing its third quarter earnings report in October, Riverbed had looked poised as a potential buy for the likes of Cisco, Citrix or privately held Blue Coat Systems.
  • Why you shouldn't trust Verizon's new encrypted calling app (2014-12-15 17:50:02)
    Analysis: Thanks to a not-so-secret backdoor, any encrypted calls will be open to intercept anyway, according to the NSA's rules of engagement.
  • Sony threatens to sue for publishing stolen emails (2014-12-15 17:42:17)
    WASHINGTON (AP) — A lawyer representing Sony Pictures Entertainment is warning news organizations not to publish details of company files leaked by hackers in one of the largest digital breaches ever against an American company.
  • Amazon's Kindle iOS app adds Goodreads and Kindle Unlimited bookstore (2014-12-15 17:34:24)
    Amazon today rolled out a pretty substantial update for its Kindle iOS app as it prepares for an influx of new readers this holiday season. First, the company has added full Goodreads integration, allowing users of the service — which Amazon bought last year — to keep friends updated as they progress through a book and share quotes and book snippets.
  • Watch the trailer for what could be Christian Bale's wildest film yet (2014-12-15 17:30:02)
    Christian Bale has been in a lot of crazy movies, but every actor sort of enters another dimension when they take part in a Terrence Malick film. Malick has one of the most recognizable styles in filmmaking, known for his movies' gorgeous, dreamy, and drifting gaze at their subjects. The film teams Malick with Bale, Cate Blanchett, and Natalie Portman, and a bewildering and entrancing first trailer for it was just released.
  • Potential $1 billion Apple DRM judgment is now in jury’s hands (2014-12-15 17:18:37)
    A jury of eight will now decide whether Apple should pay more than $1 billion for changes it made to its iTunes and iPod software nearly a decade ago. While both of those products have become less relevant in the age of smartphones and streaming, a legal complaint that was originally filed in 2005 argues that Apple locked down its products to keep competitors out, and harmed consumers in the process.
  • HBO Go is on Amazon's Fire TV now, Fire TV stick soon (2014-12-15 17:18:00)
  • Sony meeting after hackers vow 'Christmas gift' (2014-12-15 16:24:05)
    Staff were called together at its headquarters west of Los Angeles to hear how the company is responding to the ongoing hacking attack which has produced a string of damaging and highly embarrassing leaks. A Sony source declined to give further details of the meeting, but it came after the so-called Guardians of Peace (GOP) hacking group promised: "We are preparing for you a Christmas gift. The gift will surely give you much more pleasure and put Sony Pictures into the worst state," added the statement, posted on The group has demanded that Sony stop the release due on December 25 -- Christmas Day -- of the comedy "The Interview," depicting a fictional CIA plot to kill North Korea's leader.
  • JetClean review (2014-12-15 16:13:00)
    Sweep out old registries, repair structural errors, and recover unused memory space
  • Apple antitrust case over iPods nears jury deliberations (2014-12-15 16:10:59)
    By Dan Levine OAKLAND, Calif. (Reuters) - A software update for Apple Inc's iPod music player was not a product improvement, but was intended to improperly raise costs for consumers who wanted to switch to newer devices, an attorney for Apple customers said in court. Closing arguments were delivered on Monday in an Oakland, California, federal courtroom in an antitrust trial that has cast fresh scrutiny on Apple's onetime virtual domination of the digital music market. ...
  • A tale of two Chromebooks: one size doesn't fit all (2014-12-15 16:05:00)
  • BioShock Infinite is less than $5 on Xbox 360 right now (2014-12-15 16:01:40)
    If you've yet to play BioShock Infinite, the 2013 first-person shooter from now defunct studio Irrational Games, there's good news: the game is incredibly cheap on Xbox 360 right now. You can grab Infinite for just $4.49 through the Xbox Live marketplace, a pretty steep decline for a game that still regularly sells for more than $30 elsewhere (even the extra downloadable episodes set in Rapture will set you back more). We're not quite sure how long the deal will last for, though, so you'll want to grab it soon.
  • The Supreme Court just redefined the boundaries of California with this crazy document (2014-12-15 15:55:30)
    When you're the highest court in the land, there has to be a specific way of doing things. Whether it's not allowing video cameras, naming cases for the inanimate objects involved, or this peculiar decree released today. In an effort to update the specific legal boundaries that separate the coast of California from the land submerged in the Pacific Ocean, the Court released a 112-page document — 108 pages of which are full of nothing but actual coordinates. ...
  • Ars Technica is the latest site to fall victim to hack (2014-12-15 15:51:28)
    There has been a lot of hacking news in the past few weeks, and now noted technology news site Ars Technica has fallen victim to a hack. The site's front page has gone black, with white text reading "Ars Security" alongside a couple of Twitter handles, presumably of those who have taken control of the site. There's also some music playing to keep you occupied while waiting for the site to come back online.
  • My 12-Step Digital Detox for a Healthier and More Productive 2015 (2014-12-15 15:51:04)
    If you're like me, you probably sleep with your smartphone and tablet at arms reach. Then start checking email, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp and several news sites before you fully wake up each morning. Do your friends and family constantly nag you to stop looking at your phone? In my previous posts, I talked about how we've been digitally...
  • Hollywood is still obsessed with breaking the internet (2014-12-15 15:44:26)
    Today, most observers would tell you the piracy fight has reached a standstill. It's easy to take down infringing links from platforms like Google and YouTube, and a string of international prosecutions has turned file-sharing sites like The Pirate Bay and Isohunt into an endangered species. At the same time, more draconian measures that would wipe the sites off the internet entirely have largely failed within the US after a string of legislative defeats that culminated in 2011's SOPA and PIPA fights.
  • Tech companies support Microsoft in overseas data fight with U.S. (2014-12-15 15:27:20)
    SEATTLE (Reuters) - Technology companies Apple Inc, Inc , AT&T Inc and more than 20 others are supporting Microsoft Corp in the software company's legal battle with the U.S. government over access to customer data stored overseas. The long-running court fight has taken on an urgency for technology and media companies in the wake of revelations about bulk electronic data collection by the U.S. National Security Agency from former NSA contractor Edward Snowden. A U.S. judge ruled in late July that Microsoft must turn over a customer's emails stored in a data center in Ireland to U.S. ...
  • Ex-Google employees launch app to make you smarter about health, fitness (2014-12-15 15:04:33)
    By Christina Farr SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - A group of former Google employees are betting they can boost the world's medical knowledge with a mobile IQ test. Hi.Q, a free app for the Apple Inc iPhone and iPad launching on Monday, includes 10,000 questions across 300 topics, such as food allergies, childhood health, and portion control. After taking the test, users are given a breakdown of their expertise across certain health areas. Founder and Chief Executive Officer Munjal Shah, who sold his prior company Like. ...
  • BT opts for EE over O2 for $19.6 billion UK mobile deal (2014-12-15 14:47:54)
    By Kate Holton and Paul Sandle LONDON (Reuters) - BT has entered exclusive talks with the owners of EE for a potential 12.5 billion pound ($19.6 billion) deal to give the former UK state telecoms firm the top position in mobile as well as fixed line broadband services. BT had been in competing talks with both the Spanish group Telefonica's rival mobile firm O2 and EE's owners, Orange and Deutsche Telekom, putting the 168-year-old fixed line firm a strong position in negotiating for a return to the consumer mobile market after 13 years away. ...
  • U.S. faces tough questions in Apple e-books antitrust appeal (2014-12-15 14:43:46)
    By Nate Raymond NEW YORK (Reuters) - A U.S. government lawyer faced tough questioning in an appeals court on Monday as he sought to defend a judge's ruling that Apple Inc conspired with five publishers to raise e-book prices. In arguments before the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New York, some judges appeared sympathetic to Apple's contention that it engaged in pro-competitive conduct when in 2010 it entered an e-books market largely dominated by Inc. Amazon at the time had a 90 percent market share. ...
  • Big tech aims at talent shortage with 'Hour of Code' campaign (2014-12-15 14:27:02)
    By Deepa Seetharaman SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Call it the thinking man's ice bucket challenge: an hour of code. Last week, everyone from U.S. President Barack Obama to top model Karlie Kloss tried their hand at writing software for one hour in the global campaign by nonprofit to make coding less intimidating to students and teachers. The "Hour of Code" campaign, which ended on Sunday, was the latest step by large tech companies to help boost American interest in computer science as they face a shortage of qualified engineers and developers in the United States. Code. ...
  • The Hobbit cast says goodbye in exclusive featurette for The Battle of the Five Armies (2014-12-15 14:08:15)
    Bilbo Baggins and crew have gone on quite the journey through Middle-earth over these past few years, and the actors behind that journey appear to feel a little disappointed about finally leaving it all behind. In a new featurette that's premiering exclusively on The Verge, Peter Jackson, Lee Pace, Evangeline Lilly, and Luke Evans look back at their time on set. "It actually felt like we were there," Pace says. "It felt like we were in this extraordinary, mythic place." The final Hobbit installment comes out this Friday.
  • Why It's Harder Than Ever To Unplug From Our Devices (2014-12-15 14:03:34)
    We're living in a time when a seemingly endless number of devices and apps are demanding our attention, while claiming to make our lives better and easier. However, this overpowering presence of technology actually makes it harder than ever to achieve a healthy balance of connectivity and disconnection -- certainly harder than it was a...
  • Microsoft's Skype moves toward auto-translation (2014-12-15 14:02:39)
    Microsoft announced Monday a new step toward real-time translation, launching a Spanish-English test program using its Skype messaging service. "Today, we are excited to announce the first phase of the Skype Translator preview program," said Microsoft's Gurdeep Pall. "One classroom of children speaking Spanish and the other speaking English, Skype Translator removed this language barrier and enabled them to communicate," Pall said. "Skype Translator relies on machine learning, which means that the more the technology is used, the smarter it gets.
  • BT in talks to buy EE for £12.5bn (2014-12-15 14:02:02)
    The telecoms giant is in negotiations to buy Deutsche Telekom and Orange's mobile business, EE.
  • The Samsung 850 EVO SSD: Fast, furious, and in fabulous 3D (2014-12-15 14:02:02)
    The Samsung 850 EVO Series SSDs are out and they're fast, furious, and in fabulous 3D. Check out Samsung's newest SSDs by the numbers on Linux and on Windows.
  • US appeals court hears Apple e-books challenge (2014-12-15 14:00:57)
    A US judge Monday appeared to doubt the government's e-book antitrust case against Apple, saying the tech giant was challenging "predatory" pricing from rival Amazon. The comments came as a federal appeals court panel heard arguments in the case, in which Apple was found to have colluded with publishers to raise e-book prices. Apple argues that its entry into the e-book market was pro-competitive because it challenged Amazon, which had a dominant share in e-books. Apple claims its entry spurred additional publishers to produce e-books, and that prices of e-books generally fell even though it concedes that some prices rose in the short-term.
  • Was 2014 the geekiest year yet? A CraveCast discussion (2014-12-15 13:52:09)
    What were the big stories of the year for geeks and nerds in 2014? Was this the year we all became geeks? Join the conversation.>
  • This is how Jaguar Land Rover wants to eliminate blind spots (2014-12-15 13:50:58)
    Consider Jaguar Land Rover, which just announced an update to its previous augmented reality efforts with the new "360 Virtual Urban Windscreen" research project. The project takes the main idea from Land Rover's original "Transparent Bonnet" concept — which uses cameras mounted on the grille to capture and relay video to a heads-up display in the windscreen, essentially making the car's hood appear semi-transparent to the driver — and expands it to the blind spot-causing pillars between car windows. In addition to the blind-spot technology, Jaguar Land Rover is teasing a few additional ideas with respect to augmented reality on the windscreen.
  • Microsoft slashes $200 off price of Asus notebook (2014-12-15 13:45:30)
    Transformer Book Flips are $299 courtesy of Monday's 12 Days of Deals.>
  • Brazil: Google fined in Petrobras probe (2014-12-15 13:35:07)
    SAO PAULO (AP) — A Brazilian court says it has fined Google around $200,000 for refusing to intercept emails needed in a corruption investigation at state-run oil company Petrobras.
  • Preorder your $30,000 diamond-bedazzled Apple Watch (2014-12-15 13:30:03)
    It's never too soon to luxuriate in a blinged-out version of 2015's hottest smartwatch. A jewelry company is already putting dibs on a diamond Apple Watch.>
  • BT chooses EE over O2 in $19.6 billion mobile deal (2014-12-15 12:36:51)
    LONDON (Reuters) - Britain's BT has entered into exclusive talks with Orange and Deutsche Telekom to buy EE for 12.5 billion pounds ($19.6 billion), opting for the country's biggest mobile operator over rival suitor, Telefonica's O2. BT had been in talks with Telefonica and EE's owners since late November about a deal to buy one of the providers, giving the fixed-line firm an unusually strong position to return to the consumer mobile market. ...
  • BT to enter exclusive talks with EE owners: sources (2014-12-15 12:06:19)
    LONDON (Reuters) - BT is expected to enter exclusive talks with the owners of EE, Orange and Deutsche Telekom, about buying Britain's biggest mobile network operator, three sources familiar with the situation said on Monday. BT has been in talks with both EE's owners and O2-owner Telefonica since late November about a deal to buy one of the operators, putting the British telecom firm in an unusually strong position to secure a good deal. One person familiar with the situation said the deal would cost around 12 billion pounds ($18.8 billion) in cash and shares. All parties declined to comment. ...
  • Carbonite buys email archiving service MailStore for $20 million (2014-12-15 11:52:01)
    Carbonite will integrate MailStore's email archiving and full-text search and indexing capabilities into its portfolio of cloud backup services.
  • Android increased its lead in smartphones in Q3 sales boom, says Gartner (2014-12-15 11:52:01)
    Android now has 83 percent of the smartphone market, with Chinese vendors benefiting from market growth and a slump in Samsung's sales. Apple also did well, but Windows Phone lost ground on flat sales.
  • Microsoft makes available preview of Skype Translator (2014-12-15 11:52:01)
    Microsoft is rolling out its first public preview of its Skype Translator real-time translation service, which is initially available on devices running Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 Technical Preview.
  • What is Hybrid Transaction/Analytical Processing (HTAP)? (2014-12-15 11:52:01)
    According to analysts, in-memory Hybrid Transaction / Analytical Processing (HTAP) is the future of business applications.
  • Google faces $18 million fine for web privacy violations: Dutch watchdog (2014-12-15 11:39:31)
    AMSTERDAM (Reuters) - Google could be fined up 15 million euros ($18.6 million) if it does not stop violating the privacy of Internet users in the Netherlands, the Dutch data protection agency said on Monday. The U.S. company is breaching the country's data protection act by using people's private information such as browsing history and location data to target them with customized ads, the Data Protection Authority (DPA) said. The regulator gave Google until the end of February to change how it handles the data it collects from individual web users. ...
  • How to be a god among robots (2014-12-15 11:33:07)
    Can a swarm of robots show how schools of fish and flocks of birds follow mathematically predictable behavior? That's the challenge facing Robot Swarm, a new exhibit at New York's Museum of Mathematics. We had a chance to try it out ourselves and sit down with MoMath founder Glen Whitney.
  • For 15 minutes, I was the king of robots (2014-12-15 11:25:45)
    As I walked around the edges of a metallic boxing ring, a half dozen or so crab-like robots scurried under my feet and followed my every move, their backs glowing the same green color as a tracker I wore on my shoulder. Inside the ring, the robots moved beneath a thick layer of transparent flooring, not entirely dissimilar to a glass-bottom boat. A few red-hued robots passed by, causing a brief pile-up that they (slowly) sorted through.
  • Volcano dykes: what scientists are watching out for (2014-12-15 11:22:11)
    Volcanoes are misleading. For obvious reasons, their large, spectacular eruptions soak up most of our attention. But it's important to remember that there's actually a lot going on below the surface. For instance, many volcano eruptions are accompanied by the formation of dykes — magma-filled cracks below the Earth's surface. But because they're hard to observe in most parts of the world, the science of how dykes propagate isn't very advanced. ...
  • Uber briefly enabled surge pricing in Sydney during hostage situation (2014-12-15 11:19:40)
    Uber briefly raised fares in Sydney to at least four times their normal rate as people in the city's Central Business District attempted to leave during the nearby hostage situation. Mashable reports that the minimum price for an Uber ride was raised to $100 at one point, after the service's "surge pricing" was activated in response to the high demand. Uber automatically activates surge pricing as demand rises, thus offering rides to those truly willing to pay for them and encouraging more drivers to get on the roads to pick people up. ...
  • The Broken Windows of Uber (2014-12-15 11:12:50)
    Uber's dynamic pricing has been, almost since its introduction, a stable source of controversy. That woman who was charged, because of whopping surge fare, $357 for a 14-mile ride in Los Angeles? Controversy. That winter storm leading to a surge rate of 7.75x? Controversy.
  • Riverbed to be bought by Thoma Bravo, Ontario Teachers (2014-12-15 10:50:23)
    By Soham Chatterjee and Lehar Maan (Reuters) - Thoma Bravo LLC and the Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan said they would buy network equipment maker Riverbed Technology Inc for $3.6 billion, just over a year after the company's biggest shareholder started agitating for a sale. Paul Singer's Elliott Management Corp had been pressing Riverbed to sell itself due to a slowdown in its main wide-area network (WAN) optimization business and its struggle to integrate Opnet, a maker of software to manage traffic on networks that it bought in 2012 for about $1 billion. ...
  • France says UberPop to be banned as irate taxi drivers stall traffic (2014-12-15 10:31:05)
    PARIS (Reuters) - The UberPop transport service will be banned in France from Jan. 1 to avoid unfair competition, the interior ministry said on Monday as taxi drivers impeded morning traffic into Paris in a one-day protest against the U.S.-based online cab-hailing firm. Uber allows users to summon taxi-like services with their smartphones while its UberPop arm links private drivers to passengers. It has gained popularity around the world since its 2010 launch but drawn controversy over its aggressive approach to traditional taxi services. ...
  • Analysis: True engagement - inPowered moves beyond clicks and bikinis (2014-12-15 10:06:02)
    Click-baiting and sexual images drive traffic to stories but turn off readers. Ad company inPowered is focusing on true engagement with stories written by independent reporters instead.
  • The year in DIY-IT: Our project recap for 2014 (2014-12-15 10:06:02)
    We've done a bunch of projects in 2014. In this article, we'll take a look at the big ones, along with pointers for how you can get started in any of them you wish.
  • Uber's bumpy road to world domination (2014-12-15 10:00:12)
    Uber is good at two things: running a taxi service and getting on regulators' nerves. The car service's entire history has been a series of back and forth battles between it and the cities that it's trying to operate in, with Uber frequently ignoring regulations when launching in a new location. For the most part, that strategy has been successful. Major cities have reworked their taxi laws to account for Uber, as well as other services like it. But for every success, Uber seems to run into a new hurdle in another city or with another type of service. ...
  • Skype's newest app will translate your speech in real-time (2014-12-15 09:55:54)
    Microsoft’s Skype software will start translating voice calls between people today. As part of a preview program, Skype Translator makes it possible for English and Spanish speakers to communicate in their native language, without having to learn a new one. It sounds like magic , but it’s the result of years of work from Microsoft’s research team and Skype to provide an early working copy of software that could help change the way the world communicates in the future.
  • Ontario Teachers, Thoma Bravo to buy Riverbed for $3.6 billion (2014-12-15 09:53:34)
    (Reuters) - Thoma Bravo LLC and the Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan said they would buy network equipment maker Riverbed Technology Inc for $3.6 billion, just over a year after the company's biggest shareholder started agitating for a sale. Paul Singer's Elliott Management Corp had been pressing Riverbed to sell itself due to a slowdown in its main wide-area network optimization business and its struggle to integrate Opnet, a maker of software to manage traffic on networks that it bought in 2012 for about $1 billion. ...
  • Arab woman aims to blaze a trail in Israel's high-tech sector (2014-12-15 09:42:50)
    By Tova Cohen TEL AVIV (Reuters) - Israel is proud to call itself a "Start-up Nation", with more tech firms listed on Nasdaq than any other country outside the United States and China. But two elements are often missing from that success story: women and Arabs. Doctor Amal Ayoub is hoping to change that. An Arab-Israeli from the town of Nazareth, Ayoub is the founder and chief executive of Metallo Therapy, a biomedical start-up that has developed technology to better monitor the development of malignant tumors. ...
  • Riverbed Technology accepts $3.6B takeover bid (2014-12-15 09:40:04)
    SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Private equity firm Thoma Bravo and a Canadian teacher pension say they will pay about $3.6 billion to take Riverbed Technology private a couple months after the computer networking equipment maker promised a thorough review of its business.
  • iPhone 6 supply improves, but still tight -- analyst (2014-12-15 09:34:03)
    More than half of iPhone 6 and 6 Plus models were available in stores as of December 12, according to Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster.>
  • Get a Striiv Fusion fitness band for $54.99 (2014-12-15 09:31:26)
    Priced at $80 elsewhere, this brand new activity-tracker comes with three colored bands and doubles as a smartwatch.>
  • France bans UberPop after taxis go on strike (2014-12-15 09:29:08)
    The French government today announced that Uber's low-cost service, UberPop, will be banned throughout the country as of New Years Day, marking the latest in a series of regulatory setbacks for the company. France's interior ministry announced the ban Monday, as three taxi unions blocked major highways around Paris in protest against Uber and the "unfair competition" it poses. On Friday, a French court ruled that UberPop could continue to operate within Paris — a decision that sparked today's taxi strike — but the government today said the service will be banned nationwide in accordance with new regulations that go into effect next year.
  • Your wearable camera wobble is as unique as a fingerprint (2014-12-15 08:05:18)
    Peleg and Hoshen explain that in the future, law enforcement agencies might even be able to link first person footage to video captured by CCTV. "Though we haven’t done this form of recognition, when you look at a person from a surveillance camera you can see the way they move and the way they move their head," says Peleg, adding it could be "possible" to connect the two, especially in surveillance-heavy countries like the UK where there is one CCTV camera for every 11 people. Although their research only looked at head-mounted cameras, Peleg and Hoshen are confident the same methods could be used for body-mounted devices: an important development considering President Obama’s recent pledge to purchase 50,000 body cameras for US law enforcement.
  • Microsoft update blunders going out of control (2014-12-15 08:04:02)
    We have had an absolute deluge of problem updates from Redmond recently and some have been serious. What's up at Microsoft?
  • Gift idea: JayBird BlueBuds X wireless earbuds for iPhone (review) (2014-12-15 08:04:02)
    Looking for a last minute gift for an iPhone owner? These wireless earbuds do double duty as a headset for calls and listening to music.
  • BlackBerry Classic: Old-school keyboard cool or needless nostalgia? (2014-12-15 08:04:02)
    BlackBerry's next handset sees a return to an older design.
  • Police question Daum Kakao CEO in child porn investigation (2014-12-15 07:49:57)
    The CEO of one of Korea's largest internet companies, Sirgoo Lee, has been questioned on allegations against Daum Kakao for failing to report and stop the distribution of child pornography on its messaging service.>
  • Spain's Google link tax: 'Clearly insane' law may hurt the news companies it seeks to protect (2014-12-15 07:48:02)
    The upcoming closure of Google News has reawakened the debate over the consequences of a law that experts have described as quite simply "nonsense".
  • Hackers promise to give Sony coal and chaos for Christmas (2014-12-15 07:48:02)
    The group taking responsibility for the Sony hack have promised to give the firm a Christmas present it won't forgot -- unless staff ask politely for documents to be kept secret.
  • Microsoft to open source 'Orleans' in early 2015 (2014-12-15 07:48:02)
    Microsoft will release its .NET-based programming model Orleans early next year, offering developers new tools to simplify the development of distributed application for the cloud.
  • Systemd: Navigating through the quagmire (2014-12-15 07:48:02)
    Here's some background, and my take, on the new initialization daemon.
  • Crossbar breaks 3D storage barrier (2014-12-15 07:48:02)
    Crossbar is a leader in the race to improve on flash. Today at IEDM they're announcing a breakthrough in 3D RRAM architecture.
  • 4G goes live throughout the Channel Tunnel (2014-12-15 07:48:02)
    The Channel Tunnel's recently launched 3G services from the UK side has now been upgraded to LTE.
  • The Imitation Game, film review: The breaking of a code-breaker (2014-12-15 07:48:02)
    The tragic story of pioneering computer scientist Alan Turing makes for an interesting and enjoyable movie, but many personal and technological details are glossed over in this treatment.
  • Social media over the holidays: Five tips to manage your brand (2014-12-15 07:30:03)
    Very little is 'business as usual' during the holidays. Here's how your brand can continue to thrive on social media this December.
  • Sony demands halt to reporting from leaked documents (2014-12-15 07:22:37)
    By Lisa Richwine LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Sony Pictures Entertainment told certain news organizations on Sunday to stop publishing information contained in documents stolen by hackers who attacked the movie studio's computer network last month, three media groups reported.     The New York Times, The Hollywood Reporter and Variety published stories reporting that they had each received a letter from David Boies, an attorney for Sony, demanding that the outlets stop reporting information contained in the documents and immediately destroy them. ...
  • New app tells you if you're too drunk to drive, helps call a cab (2014-12-15 07:17:00)
  • Computers to get faster processors, lower prices at CES 2015 (2014-12-15 07:15:00)
    What we expect, from new Intel CPUs to hints of Windows 10, in laptops, tablets, hybrids, and desktops at CES.>
  • offers concession in bid to end competition probes (2014-12-15 07:06:40)
    By Foo Yun Chee BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Online travel agent has offered to scrap a practice which prevents hotels from giving discounts to its rivals, in a bid to end investigations by competition authorities in France, Sweden and Italy, the European Commission said on Monday. Such so-called parity clauses in contracts between online booking sites and hotels are common in the industry and have led to complaints by competitors and scrutiny by regulators across Europe who are worried that they may dampen competition and hurt consumers. ...
  • China's Xiaomi booked $56 million profit in 2013 -filing (2014-12-15 06:20:28)
    By Gerry Shih BEIJING (Reuters) - Privately owned Xiaomi Technology Ltd Co booked 347.5 million yuan ($56 million) in net profit last year, according to a regulatory filing that showed the world's No.3 smartphone maker grappling razor-thin margins. The figure casts new light on the growth of a company that reached third place in just four years thanks to handsets lauded for balancing quality and affordability. Only this month did momentum finally stall when a patent challenge in India halted sales. Valued by private investors at more than $10 billion, Xiaomi recorded revenue of 26. ...
  • China's Xiaomi booked $56 million profit in 2013: filing (2014-12-15 06:14:16)
    By Gerry Shih BEIJING (Reuters) - Privately owned Xiaomi Technology Ltd Co booked 347.5 million yuan ($56 million) in net profit last year, according to a regulatory filing that showed the world's No.3 smartphone maker grappling razor-thin margins. The figure casts new light on the growth of a company that reached third place in just four years thanks to handsets lauded for balancing quality and affordability. Only this month did momentum finally stall when a patent challenge in India halted sales. Valued by private investors at more than $10 billion, Xiaomi recorded revenue of 26. ...
  • Isohunt resurrects torrent search site The Pirate Bay (2014-12-15 05:48:02)
    After the torrent search website's closure last week, Isohunt has stepped into the breach by relaunching The Pirate Bay's database.
  • ​Baidu taps Nokia's Here for maps outside of China (2014-12-15 05:48:02)
    Nokia's Here maps are to power Baidu's mapping services for areas beyond mainland China.
  • Top 10 ed tech trends to watch out for in 2015 (2014-12-15 05:48:02)
    From flipped classrooms to online learning, what ed tech trends should we watch out for in the next year?
  • There are just five northern white rhinos left in the world (2014-12-15 05:44:08)
    A northern white rhinoceros has died at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, leaving just five of the animals in the world. The 44-year-old male rhino, named Angalifu, apparently died of old age Sunday, the Associated Press reports. Conservationists at the park had hoped that Angalifu would mate with a female northern white rhino named Nola, but their attempts proved unsuccessful.
  • Hony, lead $148 million investment in travel firm Tuniu (2014-12-15 05:36:18)
    SHANGHAI (Reuters) - Investment firm Hony Capital and e-commerce firm Inc have led a $148 million round of investment into Chinese travel company Tuniu Corp, tapping into the country's fast-growing tourism market. Hony and invested $50 million each, while Tuniu rival Ctrip.Com International Ltd injected $15 million, with Tuniu's chief executive and chief operating officer investing $16.5 million each, according to a press release on Monday. ...
  • Amazon workers strike in Germany as Christmas orders peak (2014-12-15 05:33:24)
    BERLIN (Reuters) - Workers at Amazon warehouses in Germany started a fresh three-day strike on Monday to press their demands for better pay and conditions as the online retailer races to ensure Christmas orders are delivered on time. Labor union Verdi said the strike had started at five of Amazon's nine distribution centers in Germany but added it would only know later in the day how many workers participated. The walkouts are set to run until the end of Wednesday's late shift. ...
  • APAC firms to focus IT services spend on consolidation, security (2014-12-15 04:04:01)
    Apart from IT infrastructure resources consolidation and security enhancements, Asian businesses will also be spending on IT-enabled innovation, social apps, and data analytics, reveals IDC survey.
  • The ISP made by the people, for the people: Filling in broadband notspots the DIY way (2014-12-15 03:42:02)
    One Italian group is showing how a do-it-yourself ethos can bring internet connectivity to an area where ISPs fear to treat.
  • Ahead of taxi protest, France says UberPop to be banned (2014-12-15 02:59:47)
    PARIS (Reuters) - The UberPop transport service will be forbidden in France beginning Jan. 1, the French interior ministry said on Monday, the latest regulatory hurdle for the controversial car service company. The announcement came as taxi unions called a one-day action to protest San Francisco-based Uber, vowing to block 260 km (160 miles) of roads around Paris with slowly moving taxi motorcades during the morning rush hour. ...
  • Google Earth's third-party app support is going away, for now (2014-12-15 02:57:00)
  • Foxit Reader Portable review (2014-12-15 02:23:00)
    View and read PDF files from your PC
  • Zumtobel to focus more on software, CEO says (2014-12-15 02:21:12)
    VIENNA (Reuters) - Austrian lighting group Zumtobel will increasingly focus on providing packages of services rather than just hardware, Chief Executive Ulrich Schumacher told magazine Trend. "We will develop increasingly in future into a software supplier, a kind of Google of the lighting industry," he was quoted as saying in an interview published on Monday. He cited as an example complementing ceiling lighting with movement sensors or cameras to make it into an alarm system, or adding wireless modules to create an internet network. ...
  • Sony hacking highlights challenge to CEO Hirai's 'One Sony' vision (2014-12-15 02:19:22)
    By Ritsuko Ando and Reiji Murai TOKYO (Reuters) - Leaked emails reveal a cultural gulf between Japan's Sony Corp and Hollywood subsidiary Sony Pictures Entertainment, highlighting the challenge of CEO Kazuo Hirai to turn around the money-losing company under the slogan One Sony. The Japanese conglomerate is heading for its fifth net loss in six years, raising questions about its ability to hold on to businesses ranging from making television sets to movies. ...
  • FileMenu Tools review (2014-12-15 02:10:12)
    Customize the context menu of the Windows Explorer
  • Taiwan's TSMC optimistic for 2015, could help China develop chip industry (2014-12-15 02:04:01)
    TAIPEI (Reuters) - Taiwan's Morris Chang, the founder of the world's largest contract chipmaker, said on Monday he is upbeat about the global semiconductor outlook for 2015 and that his firm could play a helpful role as China develops its own chip industry. "We expect to be able to play a supportive role in the recent mainland semiconductor plan," the chairman of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co Ltd told a Taiwan-China business conference in Taipei attended by senior Chinese officials. ...
  • IT boards and committees face axe in mid-year Budget update (2014-12-15 02:00:03)
    A number of IT boards and committees in the Australian Department of Finance are being abolished or merged as part of the government's bid to reduce the size of government as the Budget deficit grows.
  • Xiaomi one of many companies sued by Ericsson (2014-12-15 02:00:03)
    Xiaomi isn't the only company to fall afoul of Ericsson, but it needs to press for a speedy resolution if it is to continue its winning ways in the ultra-competitive Indian market.
  • Xiaomi made $56 mln profit in 2013: filing (2014-12-15 01:59:53)
    By Gerry Shih BEIJING (Reuters) - China's Xiaomi Technology Ltd Co made a profit of 347.48 million yuan ($56.15 million) on 26.58 billion yuan ($4.30 billion) in revenue in 2013, according to new Chinese securities filings, showing the razor-thin margins at one of the handset industry's fastest growing companies. The filings also revealed chairman and chief executive Lei Jun claims 77.8 percent ownership of the company he co-founded in 2010, while unnamed shareholders split the remaining shares. ...
  • Efficient Address Book Free Portable review (2014-12-15 01:47:05)
    Manage your contact and customer information
  • Duplicate File Finder review (2014-12-15 01:33:00)
    Find and remove duplicate files from your PC with easy to use free tool
  • Blackhat trailer promises a hacking thriller, computer screens that beep (2014-12-15 01:32:00)
  • DocX Viewer review (2014-12-15 01:23:00)
    View MS Word 2007/2010 documents
  • CloneSpy review (2014-12-15 01:04:00)
    Save hard drive space by detecting and removing duplicate files
  • Uber offers free rides out of Sydney after surging during siege (2014-12-14 23:42:02)
    Uber is offering users free rides out of the Sydney CBD after coming under fire for increasing its surge pricing as the city's financial district goes into lockdown due to an armed hostage siege at a store in Sydney's Martin Place.
  • Optus Business, Citycom Solutions ink two-year comms deal (2014-12-14 23:42:02)
    Citycom will be delivering its Citycom Assure platform through Optus to help financial institutions monitor real-time communications to comply with regulations.
  • Global roaming play by Vodafone and Telstra (2014-12-14 23:42:02)
    Vodafone Australia is offering to waive its AU$5 per day surcharge on global roaming to its high-value customers, as Telstra offers new 'Travel Pass' options for roaming in different global regions.
  • Sony demands halt to reporting from leaked documents, some media outlets say (2014-12-14 23:02:49)
    By Lisa Richwine LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Sony Pictures Entertainment told certain news organizations on Sunday to stop publishing information contained in documents stolen by hackers who attacked the movie studio's computer network last month, three media groups reported.     The New York Times, The Hollywood Reporter and Variety published stories reporting that they had each received a letter from David Boies, an attorney for Sony, demanding that the outlets stop reporting information contained in the documents and immediately destroy them. ...
  • Calibre Portable review (2014-12-14 22:59:00)
    Manage your eBook library and sync to reader devices
  • Bandizip review (2014-12-14 22:43:00)
    Compress and decompress Zip, Rar, 7z with fast archiving and Unicode support
  • Uber reaches 4.0x surge pricing as Sydney faces hostage lockdown (2014-12-14 22:42:46)
    As a major hostage operation plays out in the centre of Sydney, Uber briefly reached record surge pricing for rides in the CBD, before changing tack and offering free rides for passengers trying to leave the city.>
  • Xiaomi made $56 million profit in 2013: filing (2014-12-14 22:34:02)
    BEIJING (Reuters) - China's Xiaomi Technology Ltd Co made a profit of 347.48 million yuan ($56.15 million) on 26.58 billion yuan ($4.30 billion) in revenue in 2013, Chinese securities filings dated Monday show. The filings also revealed chairman and chief executive Lei Jun claims 77.8 percent ownership of the company, while unnamed shareholders split the remaining shares. ...
  • NBN Co may pay Telstra to maintain Telstra copper network (2014-12-14 22:14:02)
    NBN Co could potentially pay Telstra to maintain the copper network that Telstra has now sold to NBN Co.
  • Sony wants news organizations to delete data leaked after hack (2014-12-14 21:11:26)
    Movie studio calls the leaked documents "stolen information" and threatens legal action if the files are not ignored and destroyed.>
  • Sony demands news organizations delete stolen information (2014-12-14 21:09:15)
    Movie studio calls the leaked documents "stolen information" and threatens legal action if the files are not ignored and destroyed.>
  • PlayStation Plus gave you $1,349 in 'free' games this year (2014-12-14 20:01:00)
  • MoMA adds '4D' printed dress to its permanent collection (2014-12-14 19:47:59)
    The Kinematics dress created by design studio Nervous System using a 3D printer has been acquired by the Museum of Modern Art.>
  • ​Sony hackers offer to suppress pilfered employee information (2014-12-14 18:34:08)
    The cyber group that claims to have hacked Sony Pictures and has been publishing the information on the Internet says studio's employees have a chance to keep personal data private. It says more releases are coming.>
  • Apple's holiday ad delivers a beautiful song from the heart (2014-12-14 18:29:14)
    For the holidays, Cupertino could have shouted from the rooftops. Instead, it delivers a beautifully understated homage to a girl, her grandmother and music.>
  • Struggling Pantech asks employees to return 20 percent of monthly salary (2014-12-14 18:21:47)
    Employees of the South Korean handset maker have agreed to return a share of their salary from December to March to help Pantech stay afloat amidst rising debt and growing concerns over securing a buyer for the company.>
  • Enterprise vendors: Can they scale and keep it simple? (2014-12-14 18:14:02)
    SAP Nation, a book chronicling the bloat of the SAP economy, could also apply to other enterprise tech vendors. Does scale truly represent customer interests?
  • Police probe Daum Kakao CEO in child pornography investigation (2014-12-14 18:08:06)
    The CEO of one of Korea's largest internet companies, Sirgoo Lee, has been questioned on allegations against Daum Kakao for failing to report and stop the distribution of child pornography on its messaging service.>
  • This spectacular home is at peace with the California desert (2014-12-14 17:26:02)
    The Desert House is simply a stunning example of architecture as art. Located in picturesque Joshua Tree — right in Southern California's High Desert — the home is at a comfortable equilibrium with its barren desert environment. The structure is dominated by soaring concrete ribs, but the overall effect is similar to the Native American adobe pueblos that were once scattered across the American southwest. The concrete is understated, despite its impressive form, making it a perfect match for the muted palette of the desert landscape.
  • Drone revolution hovers on the horizon (2014-12-14 16:06:58)
    Drones are about to have a big impact on our lives, even if they will not be delivering our orders from Amazon any time soon, say experts.
  • Uber has an army of at least 161 lobbyists and they're crushing regulators (2014-12-14 14:55:38)
    Just four years after launching in San Francisco, Uber has propagated across the world and could be worth as much as $40 billion. Part of that success — and what Uber makes headlines for — comes from its ruthless playbook to frustrate the competition and to invade any market it wants, even if it's facing a government-protected taxi monopoly. Less glamorous but no less important: Uber appears to be completely dominating local politicians who get in its way.
  • ​Locals upset at Google's Waze for sending traffic to their streets (2014-12-14 14:25:10)
    LA residents complains that Waze creates congestion on roads once only known to those who live there.>
  • Norway probes spy equipment found in central Oslo (2014-12-14 14:01:30)
    HELSINKI (AP) — Norwegian police said Sunday they have warned politicians about possible eavesdropping of cellphone calls after several listening devices were reportedly found in central Oslo, including near government buildings and Parliament.
  • On SNL, the heroes of Middle Earth get a job at 'The Office' (2014-12-14 14:00:15)
    Martin Freeman began his career in the British version of "he Office" before becoming Bilbo Baggins. Last night, he brought the two worlds together.>
  • Amazon glitch leads to items being sold for almost nothing (2014-12-14 12:36:50)
    In the UK, many items on Amazon suddenly appear for a price of one penny. Retailers rail, while Amazon blames third-party software.>
  • This $6,000 'Lamborghini' smartphone will make you feel special (2014-12-14 12:34:01)
    If you want a smartphone to match your lux lifestyle, you can't settle for the same old iPhone as everyone else. You need something unique to show off just how special you are. That's where the 88 Tauri from Torino Lamborghini comes in. Only 1,947 of these Android smartphones will be made, so you can be sure you won't run into someone on the street with the same device. And, yes, it does cost $6,000, but it ups your masculinity quotient by at least 50 percent with all of those leather finishes and angular slabs of steel. ...
  • That $119 'Frozen' playset sells for $250 on Amazon. Let it go? (2014-12-14 11:16:43)
    The art of retail artbridge -- buying products from brick-and mortar stores and selling them online for a higher price -- is alive and well.>
  • Your info has been hacked. Now what do you do? (2014-12-14 10:37:44)
    SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Criminals stole personal information from tens of millions of Americans in data breaches this past year. Of those affected, one in three may become victims of identity theft, according to research firm Javelin. Whether shopping, banking or going to the hospital, Americans are mostly at the mercy of companies to keep their sensitive details safe. But there are steps you can take to protect yourself against the financial, legal and emotional impact of identity theft — and most of them are free:
  • Identity theft victims face months of hassle (2014-12-14 10:36:12)
    SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — As soon as Mark Kim found out his personal information was compromised in a data breach at Target last year, the 36-year-old tech worker signed up for the retailer's free credit monitoring offer so he would be notified if someone used his identity to commit fraud.
  • Samuel L. Jackson calls on the stars of the Ice Bucket Challenge to sing against 'racist police' (2014-12-14 10:29:20)
    On the day when thousands of Americans took to the streets to protest police brutality, Hollywood actor Samuel L. Jackson urged his fellow celebrities to contribute their voices to the popular movement. Calling out all he high-profile figures who poured buckets of ice over their heads for the Ice Bucket Challenge, Jackson sings:"I can hear my neighbor crying 'I can't breathe,' now I'm in the struggle and I can't leave, calling out the violence of the racist police. We ain't gonna stop till people are free."
  • People finding their 'waze' to once-hidden streets (2014-12-14 09:56:29)
    LOS ANGELES (AP) — When the people whose houses hug the narrow warren of streets paralleling the busiest urban freeway in America began to see bumper-to-bumper traffic crawling by their homes a year or so ago, they were baffled.
  • Leaked Windows 10 build reveals new Xbox app and Cortana integration (2014-12-14 08:18:49)
    Microsoft is currently readying an updated preview of Windows 10 to focus on the consumer features of the upcoming operating system. While the company plans to detail those improvements at a January press event, a consumer build (9901) has leaked out onto the web today to provide an early look at the various changes Microsoft is making.The biggest new feature since the recent technical preview is the addition of Cortana. ...
  • That $119 Frozen playset sells for $250 on Amazon. Let it go? (2014-12-14 08:00:09)
    The art of retail artbridge, buying products from brick-and mortar stores and selling them online for a higher price, is alive and well.>
  • Xiaomi's India smartphone ban exposes wider patent risk (2014-12-14 04:16:42)
    By Sumeet Chatterjee and Gerry Shih MUMBAI/BEIJING (Reuters) - The court order that banned Chinese mobile maker Xiaomi from selling its phones in India has halted its breakneck expansion into the world's fastest growing major smartphone market and could be just the start of a string of patent challenges. Xiaomi Technology only started selling in India in July and quickly became the country's fastest growing smartphone brand; with minimal marketing, it is already outselling even low-cost smartphones running Google's Android One. ...
  • NBN Co to take over Telstra, Optus networks in new deals (2014-12-14 02:10:02)
    Telstra will hand over ownership of its copper and hybrid fibre-coaxial networks to NBN Co for the multi-technology mix network under a new deal signed on Sunday.
  • The ERP monolith begins to unravel, sort of (2014-12-14 02:10:02)
    Will all-encompassing enterprise application suites survive what the cloud has in store?
  • Ikea replaced a movie theater's seats with beds for an advertising campaign (2014-12-13 21:04:02)
    Some moviegoers in Moscow were in for a surprise this past week. Ikea secretly replaced the stadium seating at one of the city's newest theaters with complete bedrooms. Instead of sitting in a boring old chair, couples and families snuggled up in beds and under sheets to watch the latest releases. Now, depending on the type of person you are, you'd either be very excited or extremely disappointed with the surprise seat-swap. If you can't imagine being in the latter group, just think about hearing everyone shifting around in bed and rearranging pillows throughout a feature-length movie. ...
  • India questions man over pro-Islamic State tweets (2014-12-13 19:00:53)
    BANGALORE, India (AP) — Police in southern India questioned a man who they say acknowledged to running a popular pro-Islamic State group Twitter account but appears to have no direct links to the militant group.
  • Father and son must face the unknown in this sci-fi short film (2014-12-13 18:29:02)
    More often than not, our minds unconsciously see an enemy in the face of the unknown. That's precisely the case in The Landing, a finely-shot Australian short film that explores the bond between a father and his son after a UFO crash-lands on their midwestern farm in 1960. What's inside the UFO is a surprise, but both father and son imbue the mysterious black sphere with meaning that says far more about themselves as human beings than the entity inside the craft.
  • Hackers vs. James Bond: 'SPECTRE' script stolen in Sony attack (2014-12-13 16:35:15)
    LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Early villains have emerged in the next James Bond film "SPECTRE": hackers who stole a version of the screenplay as part of a devastating cyberattack on Sony Pictures. Producers of the James Bond films said they learned on Saturday morning that an early version of the "SPECTRE" script was among material stolen and made public by hackers who infiltrated computers at the Sony studio. ...
  • Teaching creationism makes kids less intelligent, says Bill Nye (2014-12-13 16:31:56)
    The Science Guy worries that forcing children to believe the world is only 6,000 years old prevents them from thinking critically.>
  • The Verge Playlist: NickiLeaks (2014-12-13 16:20:02)
    Nicki Minaj's third studio album The Pinkprint officially drops on Monday, and as of this writing there's a good chance you may already have it on your computer or audio listening device. If so, carry on; let's regroup after the weekend and chat about our feelings. If not, now's as good a time as any to get hyped and remind yourself why a new Nicki album is something to be excited about.
  • Washington DC is making a taxi app to take on Uber (2014-12-13 15:40:55)
    It's no secret that some local governments, especially those with robust taxi systems, have been less than welcoming to Uber. The solution, usually, has been to ban the start-up from city borders. But Washington D.C.'s taxi commission might be taking a different strategy: try to compete.
  • Before hack, Sony Pictures was told network was vulnerable (2014-12-13 14:27:53)
    A security audit earlier this year showed gaps in the way the movie studio monitored its computer systems, according to a Recode report.>
  • Predicting the Success of Design Driven Startups (2014-12-13 14:16:39)
    In stark contrast to previous decades, starting a new venture can be accomplished on a shoestring budget. This is due to the diminishing cost of information and tools combined with the relatively high value of knowledge, skills and experience that founders bring to the equation. Bootstrapping is now often possible up to Round A Financing. This...
  • Pivotal Tracker 1 review: Get active and make informed choices for just $12 a year (2014-12-13 14:00:02)
    Pivotal Living has removed the cost barrier to helping improve your life through activity tracking. Matthew was impressed by the Pivotal Tracker 1 and thinks everyone should give it a try.
  • 13 revelations from the Sony hack (2014-12-13 13:14:08)
    The Sony Pictures hack has exposed the inner workings of one of Hollywood's biggest studios.>
  • Google enlists balloon experts from French space agency to bring Project Loon to life (2014-12-13 12:55:53)
    Google is enlisting some of the world's foremost experts on balloons to turn its ambitious Project Loon into reality. The search company has partnered up with French space agency CNES to "pool resources and research" and help complete Google's plan to bring high-speed internet to poor, rural corners of the world with a fleet of balloons with antennas on board. The partnership should be good news for Google, because CNES isn't just some backwater space agency.
  • Alleged UK hacking of Belgian telecoms firm was far-reaching-reports (2014-12-13 12:19:57)
    BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Hacking of computers at Belgian telecoms firm Belgacom, alleged to have been carried out by a British spy agency, was more far-reaching than previously thought and went undetected for more than two years, according to reports published on Saturday. News of the intrusion into Belgacom's networks first broke late last year when Belgium asked Britain, its NATO and European Union partner, to respond to allegations that its intelligence service was responsible. ...
  • Top iOS news of the week: effective iPhone lockout, IBM app rollout, best apps (2014-12-13 12:04:02)
    This week in iOS saw reports of effective Activation Locks, IBM released the first iOS apps for the enterprise from the alliance with Apple, and Apple named its picks for best apps.
  • T-Mobile announces first LTE Google Nexus 9, $100 unlimited everything business plan (2014-12-13 12:04:02)
    T-Mobile continues its aggressive march on competing carriers by launching the first cellular Google Nexus 9 and offering low cost unlimited data, voice, and text business plans.
  • Networking and storage: Nine most interesting products of 2014 (2014-12-13 12:00:32)
    CNET editor Dong Ngo picks a handful of networking and storage products of 2014 he finds most interesting.>
  • Richard Branson's plan to explore the world's deepest oceans is scrapped (2014-12-13 11:43:38)
    Sir Richard Branson's lofty ambitions to explore the limits of earth — in both directions — have been put on ice. After Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo crashed during testing earlier this year, company representatives have confirmed that Virgin Oceanic's goal of diving to the deepest part of the ocean has been put on indefinite hold. Virgin Oceanic set out a grand goal when it was first announced in 2011.
  • Top Android news of the week: CyanogenMod apps, vulnerable smartwatches, unlocked Chromebooks (2014-12-13 10:10:02)
    The Android world this week saw reports of the premiere custom ROM maker getting its apps separated from its ROMs, an Android Wear watch vulnerability, and unlocking the Chromebook with Android.
  • Facebook drops Microsoft's Bing from Facebook search results (2014-12-13 10:10:02)
    Facebook is no longer showing Bing Web search results in Facebook search results.
  • The Weekender: out of time edition (2014-12-13 10:00:02)
    Good morning, and welcome back to The Weekender. Our weekend journey is just now starting, so thank you for choosing us for your travels. As you may recall, this was the 50th week of the year 2014 on the planet known colloquially as Earth, otherwise known as Terra in other inhabited star systems. It was not a quiet week, as you might imagine. Below you'll find your itinerary, carefully crafted for your pleasure; stories from the week passed and recommendations for the days ahead. Now. Please sit back and relax as we take you on a journey through time and space. ...
  • Recommended Reading: The Orion capsule's great radiation test (2014-12-13 09:30:00)
  • Beddit sensor offers look at your slumbering self (2014-12-13 08:00:18)
    By measuring your sleep quality, this $150 gadget helps you understand what your body is up to while you're unconscious.>
  • Facebook's updated search tool leaves out Bing results (2014-12-13 07:26:00)
  • Mitigate the risk of temporary data science development hacks (2014-12-13 06:00:04)
    You don't want your temporary data science coding hacks to make it into your production code. Here are two ways to prevent that from happening.
  • India questions man for pro-Islamic State tweets (2014-12-13 05:44:51)
    BANGALORE, India (AP) — Police in southern India said Saturday that they have arrested a man who has admitted to running a popular pro-Islamic State group Twitter account, but added that he appears to have no direct links to the militant group.
  • Exclusive: Iran hackers may target U.S. energy, defense firms, FBI warns (2014-12-13 04:20:30)
    By Jim Finkle BOSTON (Reuters) - The Federal Bureau of Investigation has warned U.S. businesses to be on the alert for a sophisticated Iranian hacking operation whose targets include defense contractors, energy firms and educational institutions, according to a confidential agency document. The operation is the same as one flagged last week by cyber security firm Cylance Inc as targeting critical infrastructure organizations worldwide, cyber security experts said. ...
  • Facebook doesn't love the idea of a 'dislike' button (2014-12-13 04:17:18)
    Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg wants people to be able to quickly express broader ranges of feelings at the leading online social network, but a "dislike" button doesn't make the cut.
  • India police question man for pro-Islamic State tweets (2014-12-13 01:49:56)
    BANGALORE, India (AP) — Police in southern India have detained a man they believe is behind a popular pro-Islamic State Twitter account.
  • You can make your own DJ Roomba with the iRobot Create 2 (2014-12-12 23:47:02)
    iRobot has embraced the hacking that's already happening on its Roomba robotic vacuums by releasing a new little robot it's calling the "Create 2." The $200 device is essentially a refurbished Roomba 600 that's had all the vacuum parts removed and replaced with empty space and new smarts that make it easy to program and hack. It still has the basic navigation and movement behavior of a Roomba, including hugging walls and getting itself out of tight spots, and it comes with a green cover that shows you exactly where it's safe to cut and drill if you want to put your own gear in it.
  • Fight Content Smog to Win Fame, Fortune & Your Dog's Undying Love (2014-12-12 23:27:09)
    Scratch any millennial geek today and "disintermediation" will bubble to the surface immediately. For good reason. Our world is being redefined as never before. It's the new digital world order and here is quick review for brands in need of refreshment. 1) Expect your going to have competition from sources not on your radar screen. Be paranoid....
  • Chicago's getting its own Uber-like app for ordering taxis (2014-12-12 23:22:00)
  • Apple worked to block '100 percent' of iTunes competitors from iPods (2014-12-12 22:51:00)
  • Facebook unfriends Microsoft's Bing search (2014-12-12 21:15:38)
    The world's largest social network has stopped showing results from the search engine.>
  • Sony executive may face call from Sharpton to resign over emails about race (2014-12-12 21:06:52)
    By Lisa Richwine LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Civil rights leader Reverend Al Sharpton will meet next week with Sony Pictures Entertainment Co-Chairman Amy Pascal and decide whether her emails about President Barack Obama's race warrant calling for her resignation. Pascal is under pressure after her private emails were exposed by hackers who attacked the computer network of the Hollywood movie studio, a unit of Sony Corp . In exchanges with producer Scott Rudin, Pascal guesses that Obama might be a fan of "Django Unchained" or other films with black actors or themes. ...
  • Facebook quietly drops Microsoft Bing from Graph Search (2014-12-12 21:01:01)
    Facebook is no longer showing search results from Microsoft's Bing search engine on its on-site Graph Search product, as Reuters reports. The move apparently happened four days ago, alongside an update that improved Graph Search so that it could return specific posts when you search instead of just people. In a statement to Venture Beat, a spokesperson said “We’re not currently showing web search results in Facebook Search because we’re focused on helping people find what’s been shared with them on Facebook. ...
  • Elevate review (2014-12-12 20:18:50)
    Elevate is a brain training program designed to improve focus, speaking skills, processing speed, memory, math skills, and more Each person is
  • Computers get faster processors, lower prices at CES 2015 (2014-12-12 20:09:15)
    What we expect, from new Intel CPUs to hints of Windows 10, in laptops, tablets, hybrids, and desktops at CES.>
  • Stephen Colbert interviews Smaug from 'The Hobbit' (2014-12-12 20:02:58)
    Colbert's latest guest hails all the way from Middle-earth. Watch the dreaded dragon riff on other dragons, presidents and Hollywood liberalism.>
  • Apple ends its arguments in the DRM trial, but it’s far from over (2014-12-12 19:42:47)
    All the evidence for the $350 million court case against Apple is now in, but what we still don't have is someone to represent the some 8 million who purchased iPods during the class action period. That's an important detail that's still being hashed out ahead of next week, when the trial comes to a close and a jury of eight begins its deliberations. Despite the lack of a plaintiff, Apple presented evidence defending itself from the claims that it harmed consumers when creating the DRM system for iTunes and the iPod.
  • CNET's Next Big Thing at CES to delve into new realities (2014-12-12 19:17:14)
    CNET's Next Big Thing SuperSession is one of the most popular events at CES. In 2015, we're taking an in-depth look at augmented reality, virtual reality and the amazing futures they will enable.>
  • Crave Ep. 186: Finally, a working hoverboard you can make yourself (2014-12-12 19:14:42)
    Meet Mr Hoverboard, a small hovercraft you can ride on any flat hard surface. Bonus: you make it yourself from leaf blowers.>
  • Satellite photos of deserts and airports make perfect phone wallpapers (2014-12-12 18:58:02)
    This hopefully won't surprise you, but the planet we live on is full of beauty — especially when it's photographed from way, way up above. And while the puny human astronauts aboard the International Space Station do an amazing job capturing it themselves, there are plenty of satellites outpacing them with their automatic imaging. If you want to take some of this beauty with you everywhere you go, someone's already doing the work for you on Tumblr by finding and cropping the best shots to fit the aspect ratio of most new phones.
  • Facebook dumps Microsoft Web search results (2014-12-12 18:52:46)
    By Alexei Oreskovic SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Facebook Inc has stopped including results from Microsoft Corp's Bing search engine on its social networking site. The move, confirmed by a company spokesperson, comes as Facebook has revamped its own search offerings, introducing a tool on Monday that allows users to quickly find past comments and other information posted by their friends on Facebook. The decision may reflect the increasing importance that Facebook sees in Web search technology, a market dominated by rival Google Inc . ...
  • The American Medical Association condemns CIA torture (2014-12-12 18:41:05)
    Today, the American Medical Association condemned the US's torture of suspected terrorists, after three days of silence on the Senate report. According to the report, doctors, nurses, and psychologists —professionals sworn to help other people — participated in the torture of prisoners. "The torture could not proceed w/o medical supervision," said Atul Gawande, a surgeon and writer for The New Yorker, on Twitter.
  • Engadget Daily: Alienware Alpha, what to expect from Sony at CES, and more (2014-12-12 18:39:00)
  • Apple pacts in Canada may have raised prices - court filing (2014-12-12 18:31:24)
    By Randall Palmer and Alastair Sharp OTTAWA/TORONTO (Reuters) - Canadian consumers may have ended up paying higher prices for cellphones and wireless services because of contracts between Apple Inc's Canadian unit and domestic carriers, the Canadian Competition Bureau said in a court filing this week. The iPhone has given Apple extraordinary bargaining power with mobile carriers around the world, and the Canadian watchdog wants to know if it used that leverage to force domestic operators to sell rival devices at a higher price than they otherwise would have. ...
  • This DIY hoverboard combines ingenuity and four leaf blowers (2014-12-12 18:02:00)
  • A Supreme Court case about a Spider-Man toy could overturn a 50-year-old patent rule (2014-12-12 18:01:45)
    A lawsuit against Marvel is making its way to the Supreme Court, and the decision could change a 50-year-old rule about how inventors can profit off of their patents. The case pits Marvel against Stephen Kimble, an inventor who sold it a patent for a glove that shoots a foam string out of its palm, much like Spider-Man's web shooters. Marvel agreed to pay Kimble a percentage of product sales indefinitely, but it stopped paying him after the patent expired.
  • Apple pacts in Canada may have raised prices: court filing (2014-12-12 18:00:37)
    OTTAWA (Reuters) - Canadian consumers may have ended up paying higher prices for cellphones and wireless services because of contracts between Apple Inc's Canadian unit and domestic carriers, the Canadian Competition Bureau said in a court filing this week. The affidavit made on Tuesday by the Competition Bureau's Vincent Millette listed several ways the agreements with the phone companies may have prevented or lessened competition. ...
  • Snowball review (2014-12-12 17:32:00)
    Organize your messages from the apps you already love with a single place to view everything
  • Can Amy Pascal's career survive Sony cyberattack? (2014-12-12 17:27:20)
    LOS ANGELES (AP) — Amy Pascal, one of the most powerful women in the man's world that is Hollywood and the force behind such critical and commercial hits as "The Social Network" and "American Hustle" has had better days
  • Virtual reality's next level: Seeing your hands (2014-12-12 17:23:46)
    In this roundup, learn about YouTube's GIF maker, Facebook's take on a dislike button, and how the next Oculus Rift can track hand movements. Meanwhile, Bridget Carey learns she can't handle virtual zombies.>
  • Vodafone's return to the US next year will be powered by T-Mobile (2014-12-12 17:23:00)
  • Skype Qik review (2014-12-12 17:07:00)
    Start shooting and swapping videos
  • ​FCC approves $1.5 billion funding increase to upgrade school broadband (2014-12-12 16:46:00)
  • Canada Black Friday, Cyber Monday weekend spending up: Moneris (2014-12-12 16:16:34)
    TORONTO (Reuters) - Deals on clothing and cameras helped spur Canadian shoppers to spend more during the most recent Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend than they did in 2013, according to a report by Canada's largest payments processor. Black Friday spending increased by 5 percent while Cyber Monday sales grew 12 percent, credit and debit card processor, Moneris Solutions Corp reported on Friday. In contrast, sales in the United States were disappointing. The growth rate in Canada has nonetheless slowed from 2013, based on Moneris' data. ...
  • Microsoft reissues withdrawn Exchange 2010 update (2014-12-12 16:14:01)
    One of several updates for various versions of Exchange Server released Tuesday, the Exchange Server 2010 SP3 Update Rollup 8, was pulled Wednesday and reissued Friday.
  • The Big Picture: Galactic collision provides amazing X-ray light show (2014-12-12 16:01:00)
  • Don't be fooled: the CES meme generator is not a meme generator (2014-12-12 15:33:22)
    CES, now less than a month away, is the kind of week to inspire camaraderie and in-joking — some of which made it into our daily liveblogs in 2014. It is also a week of awkward corporate attempts at coolness, beginning with the International CES Tumblr, which starts strong (with an astronaut walking a tiger on the Moon, for some reason) and then stumbles into a sludge of blurry animated gifs and image macros. Many of the latter were made through the site Memegenerator. ...
  • Green Roadmap; Not Silk Road: Kazakhstan's (renewed) Role in World Affairs (2014-12-12 15:26:54)
    Kazakhstan can offer a much more visible contribution to international peace and prosperity. This country needs to be called upon to play a stronger and more active role in the mediation of interests between the United States (U.S.) and the European Union (E.U.), on one side, and Russia and the Middle East, on the other. Kazakhstan's recent...
  • Beyoncé recaps her year over an epic remix of her music videos (2014-12-12 15:22:57)
    With everything that Beyoncé has done in the last 12 months — almost to the day — it's fitting that Queen Bey caps off the year with a 12-minute scrapbook video that compiles much of the footage from her visual album over new narration from Beyoncé herself, discussing lyrically the concept of identity, feminism, and her life this year. The only thing missing? The ultimate combination that is Beyoncé and pizza.
  • Pro tip: How to configure a Golden Triangle (2014-12-12 15:15:23)
    Jesus Vigo explains how to configure a Golden Triangle between Active Directory, Open Directory, and OS X on Apple computers.
  • Norton Security 2015 for Mac review (2014-12-12 15:07:01)
    Advanced protection to surf, bank and shop online with your Mac
  • Ex-Liberty Reserve exec gets 5 years in prison (2014-12-12 14:59:34)
    NEW YORK (AP) — The former technology chief for payment processing company Liberty Reserve was sentenced Friday to five years in prison by a judge who rejected arguments that the firm popular with criminal enterprises was merely aspiring to compete with eBay Inc.'s PayPal payments business before it was shut down.
  • Sony 'spooked' over possibility of more attacks: government source (2014-12-12 14:13:35)
    By Mark Hosenball and Jim Finkle WASHINGTON/BOSTON - Sony Pictures Entertainment representatives have advised U.S. authorities they are deeply concerned the studio might fall victim to more cyberattacks after it releases the film "The Interview" on Dec. 25, a U.S. national security source said on Friday. "They are spooked," said the official, who was not authorized to publicly comment on government discussions with the Sony Corp unit, which is still rebuilding some computer systems as it seeks to repair its public image after a devastating two-pronged attack was revealed last month. ...
  • Another Patch Tuesday Patch from Microsoft for Office (2014-12-12 14:06:02)
    October updates to Office 2010 and 2013 could cause problems with field updates in Microsoft Word. The faulty update is unclear at this point.
  • Qualcomm's Snapdragon 810 chip shows speed isn't everything (2014-12-12 14:03:00)
  • AVG AntiVirus for Mac review (2014-12-12 14:00:00)
    Virus & spyware protection for your Mac
  • 2014 Mobile Year In Review (2014-12-12 13:45:57)
    From the nation dousing itself in ice water for a good cause to wearable mobile devices topping holiday gift lists, mobile innovation is yet again skidding into home plate as another year draws to a close. With consumer mobile data use climbing, competition intensifying and vigorous wireless network and spectrum investment underway, we at...
  • Microsoft's end to clip art makes Fallon weep (2014-12-12 13:41:53)
    What are Microsoft Office users to do now that clip art is no more? "Tonight Show" host Jimmy Fallon is not happy. He also says goodbye to Google's Captcha.>
  • WTO talks on duty-free trade in IT goods collapse (2014-12-12 13:41:34)
    By Tom Miles GENEVA (Reuters) - Talks on cutting trade tariffs on hundreds of information technology products collapsed on Friday, delaying and potentially scuppering a deal estimated to be worth $1 trillion to global trade. "This is potentially an enormous deal. We missed an opportunity here this week to conclude," U.S. Ambassador Michael Punke told reporters at the World Trade Organization (WTO). The talks aimed to update the WTO's 17-year-old Information Technology Agreement, which guarantees zero-tariff and duty-free trade on hundreds of products. ...
  • Quip review (2014-12-12 13:37:34)
    Create and share docs from any device
  • UK stages a mass face-sitting protest against new porn restrictions (2014-12-12 13:30:03)
    "I’ve never done this before with my trousers on!"
  • What to get when you've got little kids in your life (2014-12-12 13:30:00)
  • French court rejects bid to forbid UberPop, will continue for now (2014-12-12 13:05:27)
    PARIS (Reuters) - Uber will continue to operate its UberPop transport service in France for now after a Paris commercial court rejected on Friday a request by competitors to ban the service. Three car companies and several taxi associations had sued the French subsidiary of the San Francisco-based company over what it deemed unfair competition, saying among other things that Uber drivers circumvented the training required of taxi drivers and other limousine service chauffeurs. The court found that the emergency request brought by the plaintiffs was unjustified. ...
  • Adobe shares soar after Fotolia buy, Creative Cloud jump (2014-12-12 12:44:16)
    By Anya George Tharakan (Reuters) - Shares in Photoshop maker Adobe Systems Inc soared to lifetime highs on Friday, a day after it announced plans to buy stock photography company Fotolia for $800 million and a quarterly jump in subscribers of Creative Cloud. The stock rose more than 10 percent, trading at $76.70 per share as of 1733 GMT as several brokerages published raised price targets. The company said it would integrate Fotolia, which offers royalty-free stock photos and video, with CreativeCloud to raise its average revenue per user, while Fotolia will continue as a standalone service. ...
  • This is the Oppo R5, the thinnest phone I've ever seen (2014-12-12 12:08:45)
    "The thinnest phone in the world" is a fleeting title. Like ever-more-preposterous marathon times, or the absurd number of hot dogs a single human can eat in 10 minutes on July 4th, it's dangerous to claim to be the thinnest phone in the world because in the time it took to utter those words, someone made a phone thinner.
  • Oppo R5 hands-on: the thinnest phone in the world (2014-12-12 12:07:51)
    Oppo became one of China's most interesting phone manufacturers by building smartphones with wild, weird, outrageous specs and features. This time, it's the R5, and this time, it's a simple question: how thin can you even make a phone?
  • Price Check: your first VR headset, a cheap Bluetooth speaker, and great coffee at home (2014-12-12 12:02:42)
    Welcome to Price Check, our weekly post dedicated to sorting through all the new products and deals that we find. We also get a ton of gadgets sent to our office, so consider this the best place for us to tell you about them and where you can find them — sometimes even for cheap.
  • Alienware Alpha review: almost the Steam Machine you're looking for (2014-12-12 12:00:00)
  • Microsoft pulls buggy Patch Tuesday updates (2014-12-12 11:56:43)
    Two updates were beset by technical issues, forcing Microsoft to issue another update to remove the faulty software.>
  • Before you see Inherent Vice, watch this trailer that will help you understand it (2014-12-12 11:54:48)
    Movie trailers have a reputation for spoiling what they're meant to be promoting. Studios seem to have such little faith in the power of mystery, that their marketing materials tell us what happens deep into the second act of most upcoming films. But the new trailer for Inherent Vice, one of the year's best and most difficult to follow films, does that rare thing: it makes seeing the movie more enjoyable without giving everything away.
  • Is Twitter starting to lose its glitter? (2014-12-12 11:50:03)
    With Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger racing ahead of Twitter in terms of user numbers, are we losing our loyalty to the microblogging site?
  • Double-check your autoplay settings for Facebook before you get that huge bill (2014-12-12 11:50:03)
    Combination of app and OS updates may reset your setting to the defaults.
  • Brazil tops banking malware list (2014-12-12 11:50:03)
    Number of attacks peaks driven by attempts to steal money online during the World Cup.
  • Computer failure grounds London flights (2014-12-12 11:50:03)
    Updated: "Technical problem" traced to Swanwick air traffic control centre, but the system has now been "restored".
  • Hortonworks, New Relic kick off IPOs (2014-12-12 11:50:03)
    By going public on the same day, the next generation enterprise tech vendors are likely hoping for both a boost in credibility and the capital to expand.
  • 'The Theory of Everything' producer reveals what makes this film unique (2014-12-12 11:48:51)
    Theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking and Jane Hawking are the subjects of the new film "The Theory of Everything." Find out if the science is accurate, and if Dr. Hawking likes the movie.
  • French court says Uber may infringe on taxi law (2014-12-12 11:46:35)
    PARIS (AP) — A French court has ruled that Uber's ride-hailing service may infringe French law and ordered the company to make changes to its popular mobile app-based service.
  • WTO talks fail to clinch deal on trillion dollar IT tariff cuts (2014-12-12 11:43:41)
    By Tom Miles GENEVA (Reuters) - Talks on cutting trade tariffs on hundreds of information technology goods failed to reach agreement on Friday, diplomats at the World Trade Organization (WTO) said. "We don't have a deal," one trade ambassador told Reuters as he entered the closed-door meeting. Several diplomats said they were disappointed at the failure of a reform potentially worth a trillion dollars, and that they would now take stock before deciding how to take the talks forward, possibly with further talks next year. ...
  • Amaya reports Quebec securities regulator probe, shares plunge (2014-12-12 11:42:11)
    TORONTO (Reuters) - Shares in Amaya Gaming Group Inc fell 15 percent on Friday after it disclosed that the company and its officers are cooperating with Quebec securities regulator AMF in an investigation regarding trading activities in Amaya securities. The Montreal-based company said late on Thursday the probe is related to trading activities in Amaya shares surrounding the corporation's acquisition of Oldford Group earlier in 2014. Earlier on Thursday Forbes reported that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF) raided the Montreal area offices of Amaya. ...
  • Stratoscale targets VMware with fresh approach to taking on the datacenter (2014-12-12 10:10:02)
    After a second round of funding, the startup is hoping to convince datacenter owners to look beyond the one-server-at-a-time idea.
  • Tracker, pixel, spyware, snitch: How to shop in secret (2014-12-12 10:10:02)
    Trying to buy confidential office hardware, or a surprise gift? Advances in ad retargeting will broadcast your intentions across the internet and all your devices unless you cover your tracks.
  • BlueData EPIC - making Big Data implementations easy (2014-12-12 10:10:02)
    Big Data tools are complex and there are many "moving parts" to install, tune and deploy. The installation of the hardware and software can require weeks of work and require expertise that is simply unavailable in the mid-market. BlueData believes it has the solution.
  • Snort 3 a complete rewrite, aims high (2014-12-12 10:10:02)
    A multithreaded, multi-core engine should greatly improve throughput. A more powerful shell interface, more user-friendly design and simpler rule language make it more accessible.
  • ​Why 2015 will be big for NoSQL databases: Couchbase CEO (2014-12-12 10:10:02)
    As an alternative to relational technology, NoSQL database deployments could well be entering a new phase next year, according to Bob Wiederhold, CEO of open-source NoSQL firm Couchbase.
  • Microsoft antimalware to lock down system settings (2014-12-12 10:10:02)
    New rules will stop apps from interfering with user control of extensions and settings in all browsers. Other products do this, but Microsoft now makes it a baseline protection.
  • Facebook has an empathy team to teach employees that users are human beings (2014-12-12 09:30:02)
    Every so often I like to go back and watch Facebook's first-ever TV commercial from 2012. It's only 39 seconds long and it features a lot of chairs. I never get very far because the commercial is bonkers. It ends with the words: "Chairs are for people and that is why chairs are like Facebook." Two years later and the social network is still struggling with how to relate to human beings.
  • Snapdragon 810 Hands-on: Top 6 Features Demoed (2014-12-12 09:29:27)
    It seems like only yesterday Qualcomm introduced its powerful 64-bit Snapdragon 805 chip, featured in such flagship phones as the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and the Google Nexus 6. But just in time for CES 2015, the company has announced its new Snapdragon 810 processor, which will provide the ability to film and stream 4K video, better security, and greater and more power-efficient performance.
  • Why am I still playing Bejeweled? (2014-12-12 09:28:05)
    Much has changed in the past four years, but one constant in my life has been a humble game by the name of Bejeweled 3. Bejeweled is the poster child for a genre of casual games that revolve around shifting colored blocks to match three or more of them in a line.
  • Scope management is the key to mobile success (2014-12-12 09:22:00)
    Getting commercial and internal mobile applications out the door on schedule and on budget largely comes down to effectively managing scope.
  • Sony's smart lock is yet another crowdfunding experiment (2014-12-12 09:11:00)
  • Microsoft offers $130 Jawbone speaker for $69 (2014-12-12 09:05:02)
    Early birds who buy it at a Microsoft store can snag the portable speaker for $50.>
  • The best cheap tablet you can buy (2014-12-12 09:01:35)
    Not everyone is looking to replace their laptop for work with an expensive tablet like the iPad or Galaxy Notes. They’re looking for a better way to watch Netflix in bed or check the recipe while you cook. A better way to play Angry Birds and Asphalt, or get some reading done on the train. These are the things any tablet can do, and you don’t have to pay very much to do it anymore.
  • Amaya confirms probe by Quebec securities regulator (2014-12-12 08:11:32)
    TORONTO (Reuters) - Amaya Gaming Group Inc said late on Thursday that the company and its officers are cooperating with Quebec securities regulator AMF in an investigation regarding trading activities in Amaya securities. On Thursday, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF) raided the Montreal area offices of Amaya, Canadian investment bank Canaccord Genuity, and insurance firm Manulife Financial regarding the probe. ...
  • Zero Day Weekly: Cisco acquires Neohapsis, Sony Obama apology, iRobot's hackable Roomba (2014-12-12 08:00:03)
    A collection of notable security news items for the week ending December 12, 2014. Covers enterprise, controversies, reports and more.
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.1 Beta is here (2014-12-12 08:00:03)
    Doesn't it seem like RHEL 7 just came out the other day? Well, brace yourself, the next version is already on its way.
  • Google slams Russia engineering office doors shut (2014-12-12 08:00:03)
    The tech giant is planning to close its engineering office in Russia following a crackdown on Internet firms in the country.
  • Qualcomm invests $40 million in Chinese mobile firms (2014-12-12 08:00:03)
    The US chip maker is pouring an additional $40 million into four Chinese companies and a venture fund to stay ahead of the game in mobile and emerging technologies.
  • Computer sold by Steve Jobs out of his parents' garage raises $365,000 at auction (2014-12-12 08:00:03)
    One of the fewer than 50 surviving Apple-1 computers has been sold at auction alongside papers suggesting Jobs may have written some custom code for the machine.
  • Xiaomi bows to Indian court, halts smartphone sales (2014-12-12 08:00:03)
    The budget handset maker has acquiesced to India's legal system and halted handset sales until a patent dispute with Ericsson is resolved.
  • Spy agency GCHQ builds Android app to inspire next wave of code-breakers (2014-12-12 08:00:03)
    GCHQ's tablet app allows users to use encryption to create and crack messages
  • What is 4K? (2014-12-12 07:41:44)
    How does 4K work? And what does it mean for you? CNET explains this up-and-coming TV technology in a way anyone can wrap their head around.>
  • Video game industry struggles to grow, a year after new consoles launch (2014-12-12 07:37:03)
    After months of subsisting on strong sales of new game hardware, overall game spending plummets in November.>
  • French court to rule on Uber ban in new challenge (2014-12-12 07:34:02)
    PARIS (AP) — A French court is expected to decide Friday whether to ban the ride-hailing company Uber's service after a complaint from rival taxi and car services.
  • Steam auction on hold after users find exploit, pilfer online currency (2014-12-12 07:31:00)
  • Are SMBs near the end of organic reach on Facebook? (2014-12-12 07:30:04)
    Say goodbye to overly promotional posts on Facebook starting in 2015. Here's what it means for brands.
  • NASA to receive more money than it requested for 2015 (2014-12-12 07:19:41)
    NASA is poised to see an increased budget for 2015, after the House of Representatives passed a bipartisan spending bill late Thursday. Under the so-called "CRomnibus" bill, the federal space agency's overall budget will rise by two percent to $18 billion next year — an increase of $364 million from current levels, and $500 million more than NASA requested in March. The $1.1 trillion spending bill, passed just hours before a midnight deadline to avert a government shutdown, now moves on to the Senate, which is expected to vote this weekend.
  • Mega retailers battle to survive as e-commerce booms in China (2014-12-12 05:43:22)
    By Adam Jourdan SHANGHAI (Reuters) - It took China's biggest retail chain Suning all last year to generate sales of about $17 billion. Last month, e-commerce giant Alibaba saw sales worth more than half that amount pass through its Tmall website in just one day. Big retailers like Suning Commerce Group Co Ltd and foreign rivals Wal-Mart Stores Inc and Best Buy Co Inc are struggling to attract customers to their traditional stores in China, where online shopping is booming. ...
  • SoftBank shrinks U.S. office, marking end of failed T-Mobile bid (2014-12-12 05:34:12)
    By Yoshiyasu Shida and Teppei Kasai TOKYO (Reuters) - Japan's SoftBank Corp will soon downsize its Silicon Valley offices, people with knowledge of the matter said, signaling the company won't revive efforts to buy T-Mobile U.S. Inc. SoftBank subsidiary Sprint Corp dropped its bid to acquire the No. 4 U.S. carrier in August but the companies did not rule out future consolidation. ...
  • EC to grill Google rivals once more in search competition probe (2014-12-12 05:32:02)
    With a new face in charge of competition, the European Commission is revisiting its ongoing antitrust investigation into Google.
  • Apple's online store now accepts PayPal, lets you spread the cost (2014-12-12 05:32:00)
  • The new experimental Sony launches the Qrio Smart Lock (2014-12-12 05:14:46)
    In the midst of a crisis, Sony has decided to crowdfund a little more security. The Japanese electronics giant has launched a campaign for its Qrio Smart Lock, a device it says is the smallest of its kind, allowing users to open their doors with their smartphones and share encrypted keys with friends via messaging apps like Line and Facebook.Sony is using crowdfunding and auditions to find new business ideasLaunching the Qrio as a crowdfunding campaign is part of Sony's new initiative to bring back the pioneering spirit that defined the company in previous decades. ...
  • Google shuts Russian office following Putin's internet crackdown (2014-12-12 04:29:00)
  • China's Baidu to invest in taxi-hailing app Uber (2014-12-12 04:16:03)
    BEIJING (Reuters) - Search engine Baidu Inc will invest in taxi-hailing app maker Uber Technologies Inc, a person familiar with the matter said on Friday, becoming the latest Chinese Internet firm to take an interest in the flourishing market for transportation apps. The size of Baidu's investment - and its valuation of Uber - are unknown, but the Chinese firm has scheduled a press conference to announce an investment into an unnamed U.S.-based startup on Dec. 17 in Beijing. State media outlet China National Radio reported the deal earlier this week. ...
  • Apple sold by Jobs fetches $365,000 at auction (2014-12-12 03:19:35)
    A 1976 Apple computer sold by Steve Jobs from his parents' garage fetched $365,000 at auction in New York on Thursday, falling short of its pre-sale estimate in a competitive computer relic market.
  • Crave giveaway: SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive (2014-12-12 03:00:13)
    Need to expand the storage on your iOS phone or tablet? Win a SanDisk gadget that adds space while working as a convenient backup device for user-generated content.>
  • YouTube is adding an automatic GIF creator to videos (2014-12-12 02:57:57)
    YouTube has quietly added an automatic GIF creator tool to a handful of its videos. The new tool, spotted by Andy Baio, allows the creation of GIFs by selecting a section of YouTube video footage from the video's "Share" menu. The resultant GIFs are hosted by YouTube itself, and can either be embedded on another page directly as a YouTube video would be, or linked to directly for download.
  • Seagate starts shipping 8TB hard drives that cost only $260 (2014-12-12 02:38:00)
  • Max Sound files patent suit against Google, YouTube in Germany (2014-12-12 02:13:59)
    (Reuters) - Technology company Max Sound Corp said it filed a lawsuit against Google Inc and YouTube in Germany earlier this month, alleging infringement of a video-streaming patent. Max Sound claimed that all the products that use the H.264 video-encoding format for video compression infringed its asserted patent. Max Sound's allegations include current versions of Google operating system, Android, installed on mobile phones and tablets. The complaint also addresses Google's latest products in the market such as Nexus5, Nexus 6, Nexus9 chromebook and chromecast. ...
  • Uber defies government warnings and goes live in Seoul, Korea (2014-12-12 01:19:40)
    After a tense battle, the City government of Seoul will crack down on UberX following the service's launch, offering rewards for reporting drivers.>
  • Junko Junsui and Alfa-Arkiv: Behind the curtain of the insidious ARG (2014-12-12 00:43:07)
    The ringleaders behind the ARG that started nearly 10 years ago with Junko Junsui step out from behind the curtain to tell CNET their story.>
  • Wanderers: 3D-printed spacewear for medieval Arab astronauts (2014-12-12 00:26:45)
    A series of 3D-printed garments is inspired by space travel, symbiosis and the medieval astronomers of the Middle East.>
  • All calm amid political storm at 'Interview' premiere (2014-12-12 00:08:13)
    By Piya Sinha-Roy Los Angeles (Reuters) - All was calm on Thursday at the Los Angeles premiere of Sony Pictures' parody film "The Interview", which had been in the spotlight for sparking tension with North Korea and potentially prompting a major cyber hack on the company. Stars Seth Rogen and James Franco posed on a small red carpet restricted to photographers as Sony reined in media access after the film made headlines following a devastating security breach that leaked films, data and emails. ...
  • Rosetta finds comets carry more 'Star Trek' fuel than expected (2014-12-11 23:45:24)
    Rosetta researchers think comets are less likely to be the source of Earth's water than previously thought, which also makes them a great source of fuel for fictional starship warp cores.>
  • YouTube is testing a GIF sharing option (2014-12-11 23:43:00)
  • Sony to launch PlayStation consoles in China from January (2014-12-11 23:18:18)
    Japanese gaming giant Sony is to offer its PlayStation consoles in China from January, the company said, following rival Microsoft into the potentially lucrative market after China ended a 14-year ban. The company will launch the PlayStation 4, the latest in its series, in China on January 11, priced at 2,899 yuan ($475), Sony said in a release, adding pre-sales started Friday. Its handheld game console PlayStation Vita will also be available, with a price tag of 1,299 yuan, it added. US technology giant Microsoft launched its Xbox One console in China in late September, initially priced at 3,699 yuan, the first foreign company to enter the market.
  • Trillion dollar IT trade deal on a knife-edge at the WTO (2014-12-11 22:46:51)
    By Tom Miles GENEVA (Reuters) - A trillion dollar deal at the World Trade Organization to reduce tariffs in the vast information technology sector will stand or fall in the next 24 hours, trade diplomats said on Thursday. But late on Thursday one trade official involved with the talks said a deal would be very unlikely because of a stand-off between South Korea and China, which was refusing all attempts to broker a compromise. ...
  • YouTube launches offline playback for Android users in three Asian countries (2014-12-11 22:44:00)
  • Xiaomi confirms sales have been suspended in India (2014-12-11 22:15:52)
    The Chinese smartphone maker's global vice president says in a Facebook post that is has been "forced to suspend sales in India until further notice.">
  • Women's safety in focus as Uber rivals race across Southeast Asia (2014-12-11 22:06:58)
    By Aradhana Aravindan and Mai Nguyen SINGAPORE/HANOI (Reuters) - A co-founder of GrabTaxi, Uber's biggest competitor in Southeast Asia, remarked earlier this year that safety is so central to the online taxi booking business that some of his drivers feel like they are tracked at every moment - even when they go to the bathroom. The Malaysian company and Brazil-based rival Easy Taxi made headlines over the past year by attracting over $400 million in investment. But a rape accusation against an Uber driver in New Delhi has thrown taxi apps under a different spotlight. ...
  • Two-month wait for government POODLE patch (2014-12-11 22:06:02)
    Almost two months after Google's security team revealed a major security flaw in SSLv3, an Australian government department was found to still be using the old protocol on at least one of its websites, leaving it wide open to POODLE-like attacks.
  • What's essential for a hybrid cloud (2014-12-11 22:06:02)
    93% of surveyed respondents have heard of hybrid cloud and a third have already implemented a hybrid cloud solution in their organizations. How is your organization's cloud strategy matching up or are APAC organizations falling behind in the cloud race?
  • Microsoft opens up to bitcoin payment (2014-12-11 22:06:02)
    ​Microsoft has added bitcoin as a payment option for US-based Microsoft account purchases of Xbox games and mobile content, along with other products and services in its Windows Store.
  • ​Uber suspends service in New Delhi (2014-12-11 22:06:02)
    Following the report that a woman was allegedly raped by an Uber driver in New Delhi, Uber has decided to suspend operations until it completes a review of its service.
  • 'I can't believe it's not a filter' website-blocking legislation to hit parliament in 2015 (2014-12-11 22:06:02)
    Legislation that will allow rights holders to get piracy websites blocked by Australian internet service providers will hit the parliament in the first half of 2015.
  • Chromecast gets Guest Mode, now doubles up as dog whistling device (2014-12-11 22:06:02)
    Ultrasonic pairing between Android and Chromecast devices will allow users to connect to Chromecast devices without first being on the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Las Vegas Sands' network hit by destructive malware in Feb: Bloomberg (2014-12-11 20:54:55)
    (Reuters) - A February 2014 cyber attack against casino operator Las Vegas Sands Corp crippled thousands of servers across the company’s network by wiping them with highly destructive malware, Bloomberg Businessweek reported on Thursday. Investigators hired by the company have determined that the attack was conducted by hacker activists to punish its chief executive officer and largest shareholder, billionaire Sheldon Adelson, for comments he made about detonating a nuclear bomb in Iran, Blooomberg reported. It cited a report written by investigators with cybersecurity firm Dell SecureWorks. ...
  • Digital driver's licenses come with one small (big) problem (2014-12-11 20:50:46)
    Iowa announces it is testing driver's licenses on phones. But what if a police officer asks to take your phone, so that he can check your license in his own vehicle?>
  • Telling people how to remove DRM isn't illegal (2014-12-11 20:42:00)
  • Video game industry struggles to grow, a year after new console launches (2014-12-11 20:35:04)
    After months of subsisting on strong sales of new game hardware, overall game spending plummets in November.>
  • Google to close engineering office in Russia: WSJ (2014-12-11 20:26:01)
    (Reuters) - Google Inc has plans to shut down its engineering office in Russia amid a crackdown on internet freedoms and a law regarding data-handling practices, the Wall Street Journal reported. The Journal said that the internet search engine company might retain some employees to assist in sales, business partnerships, user support, marketing and communications. ...
  • Adobe Q4 beats estimates as Creative, Marketing clouds fuel growth (2014-12-11 18:02:02)
    The creative software giant followed up with an announcement that it plans to acquire Fotolia, a marketplace for purchasing stock content.
  • Maximising cloud through cloud-aware apps (2014-12-11 18:02:02)
    A majority of organisations have already thrown themselves into building a cloud strategy for their business.
  • Cisco's next stop on Internet-of-Everything roadmap: Connected analytics (2014-12-11 18:02:02)
    Cisco estimates that roughly $7.3 trillion of the $19 trillion value opportunity promised by the Internet-of-Everything movement will stem from just data and analytics alone.
  • CenturyLink bulks up its cloud, buys Cognilytics (2014-12-11 18:02:02)
    In the second deal this week, CenturyLink acquires Cognilytics, which provides big data tools to midsized companies.
  • Digital Transformation - The Use Cases: Automotive (2014-12-11 18:02:02)
    Porsche has undergone a digital transformation to keep up with ever-changing customer expectations. It's implemented agile processes and services while maintaining exceptional and personal customer service.
  • Parallels adopts Docker in next Cloud Server release (2014-12-11 18:02:02)
    Parallels was working on containers before they were cool, and now the company is adding Docker support to Parallels Cloud Server.
  • ProCapture Free review (2014-12-11 17:55:00)
    Add advance features to the Android camera
  • Wi-Fi Pioneer Predicts the Future of Wireless Technology (2014-12-11 17:54:58)
    The scientist who innovated wireless technology that removed wires from offices and made our smartphones capable of sending and receiving high definition images is now turning his sights to how consumers buy mobile service.Greg Raleigh, one of the pioneers of the wireless industry, said he expects being able to pay for a mobile data plan a la carte will be a leading trend in 2015 and beyond."We recognize the big impediment for people is the way they buy their service. People like going to the mobile store about as much as they like going to the dentist," Raleigh told ABC News. ...
  • Momo shares shrug off allegations against CEO in debut (2014-12-11 17:42:22)
    By Amrutha Gayathri (Reuters) - Shares of Momo Inc, a Chinese mobile chat app firm backed by Alibaba Group Holding Ltd, jumped as much as 30 percent in their debut, shrugging off allegations of misconduct and corruption against the company's chief executive. Momo's American depositary shares (ADS) closed at $17.02 on the Nasdaq on Thursday, valuing the company at about $3 billion. The company's CEO and co-founder Tang Yan faces allegations of stealing information and technology from former employer NetEase Inc, where he was a senior executive from 2003 to 2011. ...
  • Ford Sync 3 dumps Microsoft for BlackBerry (2014-12-11 17:38:52)
    We get an early peek at the next Ford Sync interface, Microsoft accepts Bitcoin payments, and Google Search adds new features for Apple's iOS.>
  • Spanish news to vanish from Google News globally (2014-12-11 17:35:41)
    MADRID (AP) — Google is locking Spanish publishers out of its popular Google News service in response to a new Spanish law that imposes fees for linking to the headlines and news stories on other websites.
  • Tripling Internet access would do more good than tackling HIV: study (2014-12-11 17:27:04)
    Dramatically expanding broadband access would boost the global economy and could do more good than investing in HIV prevention or clean drinking water, according to a study published Thursday. Economists commissioned by think-tank Copenhagen Consensus Centre calculated that tripling access to mobile broadband networks in developing countries by 2030 would boost economic growth by $22 trillion. "There's a well-established increase in GDP growth if you have more broadband, and it doesn't take very much of a higher growth rate to make a huge difference in people's lives," the head of the think-tank Bjorn Lomborg told AFP. Tripling fixed broadband coverage worldwide from 10 to 30 percent, or in the developing world from six to 20 percent during the same timeframe, would meanwhile reap $21 in benefits for each dollar spent, the study found.
  • You Can't Have These Tech Gadgets for Christmas (2014-12-11 17:18:55)
    2014 has been a great year for tech products -- heck, every year since 2000 has. Plenty of electronics, including smartphones and entertainment systems, will be right at home under the tree. There are lots of gadgets that you can have this Xmas, but what about the ones you can't have?1. The iWatch A photo posted by Kiki Sidiek (@kiki_kuki)...
  • Adobe to buy stock photo co, posts revenue above Street (2014-12-11 16:56:08)
    (Reuters) - Photoshop maker Adobe Systems Inc said it would buy stock photography company Fotolia for $800 million and reported quarterly revenue above market estimates, helped by higher subscription sales of its Creative Cloud suite. Adobe shares were up nearly 8 percent in extended trading. The company said it would integrate Fotalia, a marketplace which offers royalty-free stock photos and video, with Creative Cloud to raise average revenue per user at the business. Adobe also plans to continue Fotolia as a standalone service. (http://adobe. ...
  • Original Apple computer sells for $365,000 at New York auction (2014-12-11 16:16:26)
    By Chris Michaud NEW YORK (Reuters) - A fully operational Apple computer that company co-founder Steve Jobs sold out of his parents' garage in 1976 for $600 sold for $365,000 at Christie's on Thursday. The Ricketts Apple-1 Personal Computer, named after its original owner Charles Ricketts, is the only known surviving Apple-1 documented as having been sold directly by Jobs to an individual from the Los Altos, California family home, according to the auction house. ...
  • ZipGenius Standard Edition review (2014-12-11 16:12:28)
    Compress and decompress the archive files on your system
  • With WebRTC, the Skype's no longer the limit (2014-12-11 16:07:19)
    By Jeremy Wagstaff SINGAPORE (Reuters) - WebRTC, a free browser-based technology, looks set to change the way we communicate and collaborate, up-ending telecoms firms, online chat services like Skype and WhatsApp and remote conferencing on WebEx. Web Real-Time Communication is a proposed Internet standard that would make audio and video as seamless as browsing text and images is now. Installed as part of the browser, video chatting is just a click away – with no need to download an app or register for a service. ...
  • Chickens are closely related to dinosaurs, and other insights from the new bird family tree (2014-12-11 16:06:31)
    Flamingos and doves are more closely related than they look, a new genetic analysis of birds shows. That's not all: chickens are close relations of dinosaurs, and genetic patterns in the brains of birds that learn new calls show remarkable similarities to humans.
  • Greenpeace activists damage Peruvian heritage site to send environmental message (2014-12-11 16:01:20)
    Greenpeace apologized to Peru today for placing a gigantic banner promoting renewable energy on the site of the Nazca Lines, an ancient heritage site, reports the BBC. The damage caused by the environmental group's actions will be long-lasting, officials say, so the country is now planning to file criminal charges against the activists.
  • Microsoft, Dropbox collaboration goes live for early access users (2014-12-11 15:58:02)
    Dropbox previously revealed it hosts more than 35 billion Office documents, spreadsheets and presentations as of November 2014.
  • Microsoft ready to show off Windows 10 mobile SKU on January 21 (2014-12-11 15:58:02)
    Microsoft will share more about the Windows 10 'consumer experience' at an event on January 21 in Redmond.
  • Xplorer2 Lite review (2014-12-11 15:47:00)
    Manage, view, and search files in a tabbed, dual-pane mode
  • Microsoft lets US shoppers pay with Bitcoin (2014-12-11 15:37:09)
    Microsoft began Thursday letting US shoppers at its online Windows Store pay with digital currency Bitcoin. Bitcoin, traded in at market value through a partnership with payment processor BitPay, could be used to add money to Microsoft accounts that provide funds for buying games, music, video or applications for Xbox consoles or computers powered by the US technology titan's Windows operating systems. "The use of digital currencies such as Bitcoin, while not yet mainstream, is growing beyond the early enthusiasts," Microsoft Universal Store corporate vice president Eric Lockard said in a blog post. Virtual currency cannot be used to directly buy products at the Windows Store, but must first be converted to traditional funds in Microsoft accounts, according to the post.
  • Five open source PaaS options you should know (2014-12-11 15:36:24)
    Check out this list of five popular open source PaaS options before you spend part of your IT budget on a PaaS platform.
  • All the rage a year ago, bitcoin sputters as adoption stalls (2014-12-11 15:34:35)
    By Gertrude Chavez-Dreyfuss and Michael Connor NEW YORK (Reuters) - After skyrocketing to more than a thousand dollars in price late last year and attracting global attention, bitcoin, the leading digital currency, has stalled. Figures obtained by Reuters show that while "wallets" - cyberspeak for accounts - are being created at a steady clip, many of them are empty. Analysts also provided Reuters with data that shows liquidity in the cryptocurrency remains limited. ...
  • Studio head, producer apologize for Jolie, Obama remarks (2014-12-11 15:30:58)
    LOS ANGELES (AP) — Angelina Jolie and her highly anticipated "Unbroken" may have been shut out at the Golden Globe nominations, but she was still in the Hollywood spotlight Thursday, following the latest in a series of leaked emails in the Sony hacking scandal that calls the actress and director a "spoiled brat."
  • New Norton Mobile Security warns of privacy problems (2014-12-11 14:14:01)
    Is there a mobile privacy crisis? Symantec thinks so and has added features to Norton Mobile Security to save you from it.
  • GE, Softbank ink Predix software licensing deal (2014-12-11 14:14:01)
    Softbank will utilize Predix to develop and deliver custom apps for industries such as shipping and manufacturing that will tentatively become available in early 2015.
  • Workflow Designer review (2014-12-11 14:03:00)
    Create business procedures and workflows, document BPM and workflow automation
  • Can we conquer infectious disease? (2014-12-11 14:01:59)
    With ambitious vaccine projects taking on the flu virus, Ebola, and other threats to human health, will our future be less sick?
  • The Big Future: Can we conquer infectious disease? (2014-12-11 14:01:08)
    With ambitious vaccine projects taking on the flu virus, Ebola, and other significant threats to human health, will our future be less sick? Is it possible we'll never be felled by the flu again?
  • Water alone couldn't have made Mars hospitable to life (2014-12-11 14:00:02)
    Dried-up riverbeds, water-weathered minerals, underground reservoirs of ice: the evidence for Mars’ watery past keeps building. In fact, the eight missions that have successfully landed on the red planet have been mostly focused on finding hints of Mars’ watery past because it’s considered a strong indication that the planet may have hosted life before it became the cold, barren planet we know today.
  • Canada competition watchdog probing Apple mobile carrier deals (2014-12-11 13:58:25)
    TORONTO (Reuters) - Canada's Competition Bureau is investigating allegations that Apple Inc's Canadian unit used anti-competitive clauses in contracts with domestic wireless carriers, the watchdog said on Thursday. The bureau said no wrongdoing by Apple's Canadian arm has been found so far, without stating who made the allegations. An Apple spokeswoman was not immediately available for comment. The bureau this week sought a court order to compel Apple to turn over records relating to the ongoing investigation. ...
  • Microsoft to spill more Windows 10 details on Jan. 21 (2014-12-11 13:55:23)
    Titled "Windows 10: The next chapter," Microsoft's second event for its next operating system will focus on consumers.>
  • Ford Sync 3 drops Microsoft, puts MyFord Touch out to pasture (2014-12-11 13:49:57)
    Ford's Sync in-car infotainment is about to turn eight, making it one of the most well-established on the market. With version three, it's been completely rebuilt from the ground up.>
  • DIY McFly: Make a working hoverboard from common yard gear (2014-12-11 13:47:23)
    A working hoverboard inspired by "Back to the Future: Part II" uses leaf blowers to glide over the ground. And you can build your own.>
  • Scott Rudin apologizes for insensitive Jolie, Obama remarks (2014-12-11 12:10:48)
    LOS ANGELES (AP) — Scott Rudin, the high-powered producer at the center of the latest embarrassment stemming from the Sony hacking scandal, has apologized for remarks he made in leaked emails.
  • Exclusive: Telefonica boss heads to London as BT mobile talks heat up (2014-12-11 12:09:06)
    By Robert Hetz and Sophie Sassard LONDON/MADRID (Reuters) - The battle to become the mobile partner of BT intensified on Thursday as the chairman of O2-owner Telefonica flew to London and the owners of EE indicated they were willing to offer more attractive terms to seal a rival deal. BT has been in talks with Telefonica and EE's owners, Orange and Deutsche Telekom since November about a deal to buy one of the mobile operators, putting the British telecom firm in an unusually strong position to negotiate a deal. ...
  • Android smartwatches vulnerable to snooping (2014-12-11 12:08:02)
    Bluetooth communications between smartphones and smartwatches running Android are vulnerable to brute-force attacks that can decipher messages sent between the devices into plaintext, claims a prominent security firm.
  • Digital wallet closer to reality as Iowa plans smartphone driver's license launch (2014-12-11 12:08:02)
    You can now leave your credit cards behind when you have your smartphone. In Iowa you will soon be able to flash your phone to show off your driver's license.
  • Predictive analytics player Infer raises $25 million (2014-12-11 12:08:02)
    The Palo Alto-based startup says it will use the cash flow to expand innovation around new applications, ramp up hiring, and boost sales and marketing efforts.
  • Amazon denies Sony used AWS for denial-of-service counter-attack (2014-12-11 12:08:02)
    Launching a counter-attack against hackers using another company's systems won't just break their agreement, but it's also illegal.
  • Can an app get Americans to care about government again? (2014-12-11 12:02:03)
    Civic engagement is at its lowest point in 75 years. But startup Capitol Bells is looking to change that.
  • Lyft is bringing its carpooling service to New York tomorrow (2014-12-11 12:00:02)
    Earlier this year, Lyft attempted to launch in New York with a spectacular failure, getting shut down by local regulators just a day before it planned to get its service up and running. Lyft says it will lock in the discounted rate, even if it doesn't end up matching you with another passenger. Lyft is not the only company with this service in New York.
  • Small Empires: Can an app really get Americans to care about their government again? (2014-12-11 12:00:02)
    Unless you're one of those gluttons for punishment who tunes in to CSPAN on a regular basis, it can be tough to follow along with the way the wheels of government are turning. That's especially true in recent years, when partisan gridlock has been the norm, not the exception. Civic engagement, as measured by voter turnout, is at its lowest point in the last 75 years.
  • Get a Martian Notifier smartwatch for $74.99 shipped (2014-12-11 11:57:30)
    It's a watch that actually looks like a watch, but also gives you customizable notifications.>
  • Take a look at the collection of 11,000 antique toys at New York City's oldest museum (2014-12-11 11:51:53)
    This holiday season, the New York Historical — a stone's throw from the Natural History Museum on the westside of Central Park — is displaying parts of the Jerni Collection, over 11,000 toys and trains from 1840 to 1960. The hundreds of toys on display include toy soldiers, steam-powered trains, zeppelins, and a handful of replicas of New York architecture. Thornton explains how the quality of toys reflected the countries producing them, and how the toys themselves portrayed the lifestyles of their era.
  • These terrifying Alien action figures will haunt your nightmares (2014-12-11 11:51:50)
    People express their fandom in different ways. Some write fan fiction, while others get into cosplay. Dayton Allen, meanwhile, builds stunningly detailed sculptures of his favorite sci-fi movies. Until 2012, that work was reserved for recreating characters and scenes from Star Wars; he's built beautiful figures of everyone from Darth Vader to the Yuuzhan Vong aliens from the expanded universe. But more recently he decided to tackle his favorite film, one that never really had proper action figures of its own — the original Alien from 1979.
  • Sony Pictures tries to prevent download of stolen documents-Re/code (2014-12-11 11:47:11)
    (Reuters) - Sony Pictures Entertainment was trying to stop downloads of its documents stolen in a massive hack at the film and television studio late last month, technology news website Re/code reported, citing two people familiar with the matter. The company was using a denial-of-service attack through hundreds of computers in Asia to cripple the sites where its documents are available, the report said. One of the sources told Re/Code Sony was using Inc's cloud computing services. Sony Pictures Entertainment and Amazon were not immediately available for comment. ...
  • RadioShack says lenders yet to agree on store closures (2014-12-11 11:44:58)
    By Sruthi Ramakrishnan (Reuters) - Electronics retailer RadioShack Corp said lenders have not agreed to the closure of 1,100 stores, raising doubts about its turnaround plan and sending its shares down 7 percent. RadioShack, which warned of bankruptcy in September, was forced to reduce its target of 1,100 closures to 600 over three years after objections from lenders. "We view the headwinds facing RSH as insurmountable," CRT Capital analyst Kirk Ludtke wrote in a note. He said the company may file for bankruptcy and liquidate a substantial portion of its stores. ...
  • Loan platform operator LendingClub's shares soar in debut (2014-12-11 11:25:12)
    (Reuters) - Shares of LendingClub Corp, the world's largest online marketplace that connects borrowers and investors, rose as much as 67 percent in their debut, valuing the company at more than $9 billion. The company's low-cost peer-to-peer online platform allows investors to lend directly to individuals and businesses, cutting out banks and other lenders. Traditional banks have been hurt by the high underwriting and servicing costs related to small business lending, creating an opportunity for companies such as LendingClub. ...
  • Sony strikes back at data thieves, tackles torrent downloaders (2014-12-11 10:12:01)
    Sony's security failure has been devastating, but the company is turning to technology in an attempt to halt downloads of its confidential data.
  • DDoS of unprecedented scale 'stops Sweden working'. The target? A gaming site (2014-12-11 10:12:01)
    Could LizardSquad be at work again?
  • Microsoft makes its MSN consumer apps available on iOS, Android, Amazon devices (2014-12-11 10:12:01)
    Microsoft is continuing its cross-platform push, bringing a number of its MSN-branded consumer apps to iOS, Android and Amazon devices.
  • Salesforce debuts AppExchange Store Builder (2014-12-11 10:12:01)
    Connected apps and devices have been at the center of Salesforce's rhetoric for the last few years as it continues to tackle the Internet of Things movement.
  • What's wrong with the Washington State data center? (2014-12-11 10:12:01)
    Facility sits mostly empty after more than two years.
  • Pure Storage launches converged infrastructure systems (2014-12-11 10:12:01)
    According to Pure Storage, FlashStack CI is delivered through its partners, validated and integrated with Cisco and VMware.
  • Microsoft buys cross-platform mobile development service vendor HockeyApp (2014-12-11 10:12:01)
    Microsoft is spending more of its overseas cash to buy mobile crash-analytics vendor HockeyApp.
  • ​Jawbone sets up its enterprise health play with Groups (2014-12-11 10:12:01)
    Wearable makers smell units, volume and money in corporate wellness programs. Jawbone makes its move with UP for Groups.
  • Web inventor Berners-Lee: The hidden cost of mass surveillance (2014-12-11 10:06:25)
    The founder of the World Wide Web Sir Tim Berners-Lee said people must demand governments stop mass surveillance online.
  • Use Google Apps to reduce printing expenses for your organization (2014-12-11 10:05:19)
    Andy Wolber explains how you can use Google Apps to share more and print less.
  • Uber says will tighten driver background checks in India after ban (2014-12-11 09:35:39)
    NEW DELHI (Reuters) - Uber, the popular U.S. cab-hailing company banned in New Delhi, said it will carry out a review of its India operations and beef up driver screening as it seeks to reach an agreement with the government to restart services. The federal government asked states to ban Uber on Tuesday amid concerns about passenger safety after one of the company's drivers was arrested for allegedly raping a young female passenger in New Delhi. The case has caused an uproar in India after it emerged that the suspect had been previously charged with sexual offences including rape. ...
  • Amazon gets its first major award nominations with Transparent (2014-12-11 09:31:13)
    Amazon and Netflix are about to square off during Hollywood awards season. Transparent, the acclaimed Amazon original series from Jill Soloway, has earned a Golden Globe nomination for best comedy TV series. It's the first time Amazon has really broken through with one of its own shows; previous attempts have fallen flat and failed to stand up against network programming and established Netflix hits like House of Cards and Orange is the New Black. (The latter was also nominated for best TV comedy.)
  • Microsoft is giving away 100 free albums as MP3s, including one from U2 (2014-12-11 09:21:03)
    Microsoft’s Music Deals app launched in October and it has been a rather impressive way of obtaining music ever since. 101 albums were priced at $1.99 or less initially, and Taylor Swift’s new 1989 release debuted for just $0.99 in a brief promotional period. Now Microsoft is literally giving music away. 100 albums are now free, including hits like Dr. Dre’s 2001, Eminem’s The Marshall Mathers LP2, Rihanna’s Unapologetic, Kanye West’s Graduation, and Lady Gaga’s The Fame. ...
  • Imgur gets ready to show its massive audience a lot more advertising (2014-12-11 09:16:19)
    Imgur is a massive web property, with 140 million monthly visitors and $40 million in funding from some of the top venture capitalists in Silicon Valley. But so far it has only dabbled at building a business around that traffic, with a few small tests of promoted posts created by advertisers. Today it's announcing the hire of Steve Patrizi as its VP of market development, and the company hopes to start rolling out a steady stream of native ads on Imgur some time in the first half of 2015.
  • BBC iPlayer for iOS now gives you 30 days to watch downloaded shows (2014-12-11 09:11:00)
  • EBay debates thousands of job cuts (2014-12-11 08:00:03)
    The e-commerce giant is considering axing thousands of jobs in order to slim down after spinning off its PayPal unit.
  • ​Say hi to Linux's future: Fedora 21 is here (2014-12-11 08:00:03)
    Red Hat's latest community Linux distribution, Fedora 21, is here and it offers a glimpse at Linux's future.
  • ​iPhone 6 Plus ready for takeoff as airline plans Apple rollout (2014-12-11 08:00:03)
    United Airlines will equip 23,000 of its cabin crew with Apple's phablet.
  • Companies expect wearables in the workplace, but few have polices in place yet (2014-12-11 08:00:03)
    Most businesses are unprepared for influx of Apple watches and other wearable tech in the office.
  • Indian court orders Xiaomi smartphone sales ban (2014-12-11 08:00:03)
    An Indian court has issued an injunction to stop Xiaomi handsets being sold in the country until a patent dispute is resolved.
  • Mobile tech: Thinner and lighter is no longer the biggest selling point (2014-12-11 08:00:03)
    'Our new gadget is the thinnest!' The fact is, that doesn't matter very much anymore.
  • Cloud collaboration startup Huddle raises another $51 million (2014-12-11 08:00:03)
    Huddle plans to keep growing its geographical footprint in the United States and Europe while doubling the size of its product team.
  • Fewer Brits are using social media, but those who do can't put down their phone (2014-12-11 07:58:00)
  • How AppZen disrupts expense reports with natural language processing (2014-12-11 07:55:54)
    Startup AppZen uses natural language processing and machine learning to automate the process of expense reports. Here's how.
  • Father of Web tells Russia's Putin: Internet is not a 'CIA project' (2014-12-11 07:52:15)
    By Guy Faulconbridge LONDON (Reuters) - The inventor of the World Wide Web said on Thursday that Russian President Vladimir Putin was incorrect when he alleged the Internet was a project created by U.S. spies in the Central Intelligence Agency. Putin, a former KGB spy who does not use email, has said he will not restrict Internet access for Russians, but in April he stoked concerns that the Kremlin might seek to crackdown by saying the Internet was born out of a "CIA project". ...
  • Create a live system ISO for your Ubuntu-based Linux machines using Systemback (2014-12-11 07:47:22)
    Jack Wallen introduces you to an easy way to create live ISO images of your currently running Linux system with Systemback.
  • Google to shut down news site in Spain over copyright fees (2014-12-11 07:42:46)
    By Eric Auchard LONDON (Reuters) - Google said it plans to close its news-linking service in Spain in response to legislation under which publishers will soon be able to force Internet sites to pay for re-publishing headlines or snippets of news. In a statement, the search giant said the new law makes the Google News service unsustainable and that it will remove Spanish publishers from Google News sites worldwide and shut down this service in Spain on 16 December. ...
  • US tried to undermine Cuba by infiltrating its underground hip-hop scene (2014-12-11 07:40:01)
    A US government agency spent more than two years trying to fuel political change in Cuba by covertly manipulating the country's underground hip-hop scene, according to an investigative report from the Associated Press. Documents obtained by the AP show that contractors hired by the US Agency for International Development (USAID) tried to promote certain Cuban hip-hop artists within the country in the hopes of bolstering a youth movement against the communist government of Raúl Castro. ...
  • EU's Vestager to meet Google complainants in coming weeks (2014-12-11 07:37:56)
    BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Europe's antitrust chief will meet Google's critics in the coming weeks in an effort to resolve issues in a four-year investigation which has stirred up politicians and lawmakers on both sides of the Atlantic. European Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager said she wanted new information on the case. Her predecessor, Joaquin Almunia, rejected three attempts by the world's most popular Internet search engine to settle the case without a fine. "It is important to get new information in the file and we have sent questionnaires to a number of people in a number of areas. ...
  • RadioShack quarterly sales drop 16 percent (2014-12-11 07:24:11)
    (Reuters) - Struggling electronics retailer RadioShack Corp reported a 16 percent drop in quarterly sales and said it was undertaking cost-cutting actions to boost earnings by over $400 million annually. Net loss widened to $161.1 million, or $1.58 per share in the third quarter ended Nov. 1, from $135.9 million, or $1.35 per share, a year earlier. Net sales fell for the eleventh straight quarter to $650.2 million from $775.4 million a year earlier. (Reporting by Sruthi Ramakrishnan in Bengaluru, Editing by Siddharth Cavale)
  • Censors loom large over Sony's PlayStation prospects in China (2014-12-11 07:15:03)
    By Kazunori Takada SHANGHAI (Reuters) - Sony Corp should fear China's censors almost as much as rival Microsoft Corp when it launches its PlayStation 4 gaming console in the world's third-largest gaming market next month. Sony said on Thursday that PlayStation 4 will go on sale in China from January 11. Its announcement in Shanghai follows Microsoft's launch of its Xbox console in China as the two firms rush to capitalize on the end to a 14-year ban on foreign gaming consoles. ...
  • Sony PlayStation 4 China sales to begin January 11 (2014-12-11 06:08:48)
    SHANGHAI (Reuters) - Sony Corp will sell its PlayStation 4 in China for 2,899 yuan ($468) starting from Jan. 11, a company executive said on Thursday. This marks PlayStation's official entry into China, the world's third-largest gaming market, after Beijing lifted a 14-year ban on foreign gaming consoles earlier this year. Microsoft Corp launched its Xbox in China in September. China may be a tough market to crack with strict censorship blocking many popular games. ...
  • Now TV gets a Windows 8 app (2014-12-11 06:07:00)
  • Spotify's apps now show you the top songs your friends are listening to (2014-12-11 06:00:02)
    Spotify has a wealth of options for discovering new music (in fact, some might say it has too many). You can browse through countless genre-based radio stations, carefully curated playlists, top albums and tracks in your area, a new releases tab, and that's just scratching the surface. But now the company is adding a new discovery option that just might be the only one you'll need. As of today, Spotify will feature a constantly-updating "top tracks in your network" list, which simply shows the most popular songs that people you follow are listening to.
  • Spotify tackles the paralysis of choice through friends (2014-12-11 06:00:00)
  • Google cans Spanish Google News after new law means it has to pay publishers (2014-12-11 05:44:01)
    After revisions to Spain's intellectual property law, Google has taken its ball and gone home.
  • Hon Hai unit to close India phone plant on shift in client base (2014-12-11 05:42:49)
    TAIPEI (Reuters) - A unit of Hon Hai Precision Industry Co Ltd, the world's largest contract manufacturer of electronic goods, will shut operations at a mobile-phone facility in India due to a change in its customer base, it said on Thursday. The facility in southern India will shut down at end-December, it said, but did not give details about the changes in the customer base. ...
  • Hacking a Keurig to use cheap coffee pods only requires scissors and tape (2014-12-11 05:39:54)
    Keurig’s copyrighted coffee has been hacked again – this time with just a pair of scissors and a bit of tape. The coffee machine maker (purchased by Green Mountain in 2006) attracted the ire of both consumers and rivals earlier this year after it unveiled a coffee pod machine with digital rights management (DRM) that blocks cheaper, third-party pods. Like the printer manufacturers that sell their machines at near cost in order to make a killing off the refills, Keurig is relying on customers not having the time or know-how to circumvent their system.
  • Microsoft's canceled Lumia flagship appears in iPhone 6 photoshoot (2014-12-11 05:00:58)
    Microsoft was originally planning to release a new Lumia flagship Windows Phone with a huge camera bump in time for the holidays. The device, known as codenamed McLaren, would have been the first to use Microsoft’s new Kinect-like 3D Touch gestures that the company is developing. Photos of McLaren leaked last weekend, and The Verge can confirm they’re genuine and that the device is simply a canceled prototype. The wait continues for Microsoft’s next flagship Windows Phone.New photos have been published today, showing McLaren in every possible angle. The aluminum device runs Windows Phone 8. ...
  • There are more than 5 trillion pieces of plastic floating in the ocean (2014-12-11 04:56:34)
    In a major study published this week in the journal PLoS One, scientists from the US, France, Chile, Australia, and New Zealand found that the pollution is largely comprised of plastics from food packaging, clothing, and other products. The researchers observed or gathered plastics from 1,571 different locations, before running their data through a model to simulate the volume and distribution of plastics across the globe. Most plastics were small in size, measuring less than five millimeters.
  • Google News to shut in Spain ahead of new publisher rights law (2014-12-11 04:08:57)
    By Eric Auchard LONDON (Reuters) - Google said it was closing its news-linking service in Spain next week due to new legislation under which publishers can charge search engines for using their content. In a statement, the global Internet search giant said the new law makes the Google News service unsustainable and that, "with real sadness", it will remove Spanish publishers from Google News and shut down its service in Spain on 16 December. ...
  • Microsoft now accepts Bitcoin to buy Xbox games and Windows apps (2014-12-11 04:03:59)
    Microsoft is now accepting Bitcoin as a payment option to download digital content. The software maker quietly started supporting the digital currency earlier this week, months after adding a Bitcoin currency converter to its Bing search engine. Bitcoin can be used to fund a Microsoft Account, allowing owners to purchase content from the Windows and Xbox games, music, and video stores.
  • Google News quits Spain in response to new law (2014-12-11 04:02:46)
    Google's increasingly fractious relationship with European regulators is about to claim one of its most significant victims this month, as from December 16th the Google News service in Spain will be shut down. In an impassioned note on the Google Europe Blog, Richard Gingras, Head of Google News, explains that new legislation taking effect from January 1st will force publishers to charge Google for "even the smallest snippet from their publications," which, he argues, is an untenable situation given that the News service is provided free of charge and without accompanying advertising. Google's argument is that it already has a good collaborative relationship with local publishers, who are contributing their content to Google News out of their own self-interest.
  • Tablets for all: Can a plan to jumpstart tech skills with slates for every student succeed? (2014-12-11 03:54:01)
    French president François Hollande has ordered "tablettes pour tous" (tablets for all) for the country's schools. But is there a concrete strategy behind this grand technology plan?
  • Sony attacks torrents to prevent spread of stolen data (2014-12-11 03:50:09)
    Sony Pictures, hit by a cyberattack that allowed hackers to steal sensitive data — including financial documents, email transcripts, unreleased movies, and celebrity social security numbers — has reportedly borrowed a leaf from the hackers' books as it has begun to try to control the spread of its stolen documents. Recode reports that locations sharing the have become the target of attacks set in motion by Sony itself. According to two sources familiar with the matter, the company is using Amazon Web Services' data centers to flood the torrent files that contain the company's stolen information with bad seeders, in an attempt to slow download speeds and limit access to the sensitive files.
  • Fingerprint sensors - coming to a notebook near you soon (2014-12-11 03:35:44)
    The Synaptics SecurePad is a new integrated biometric scanner that is built into a notebook's trackpad and which PC makers will be able to incorporate into their latest models.
  • Is rider safety the real Achilles heel for Uber and Lyft? (2014-12-11 03:17:52)
    LOS ANGELES (AP) — The growth of ride-hailing companies such as Uber and Lyft so far has not been hindered by limits from government regulators and campaigns by taxi cab competitors. A bigger threat to the new industry's impressive start could come from customers — if enough people stop using the services over fears that drivers aren't safe.
  • Gift Guide: Small, smart stocking techie stuffers (2014-12-11 03:12:25)
    ATLANTA (AP) — If you were naughty this year, you might end up with something big and boring, like a vacuum cleaner. If you were good, you might ask for one of these little high-tech gems instead.
  • Google to kill News service in Spain due to new law (2014-12-11 02:54:00)
  • Gangnam becomes hot spot for Korean startups (2014-12-11 02:25:47)
    SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — The uber-trendy Seoul neighborhood made famous by the "Gangnam Style" K-pop hit is known for status-conscious people, plastic surgery clinics and Ivy League prep schools. Now it's making a name as a bustling center for tech startups.
  • ​Bulletproof signs AU$3.9m deal for Pantha Corp (2014-12-11 02:16:01)
    Australian cloud services provider Bulletproof has sealed a deal worth up to AU$3.9 million for local cloud consulting company Pantha Corp.
  • All aboard the internet of things infosec hype train (2014-12-11 02:16:01)
    Myriad new connected devices may represent an easy target, but criminals are still making plenty of money by hacking what they've always hacked. So why bother with Refrigergeddon?
  • ACSC opens cybercrime reporting outlet for businesses, government (2014-12-11 02:16:01)
    The Australian Cyber Security Centre has launched an online service to allow Australian businesses and government agencies to report online security incidents.
  • Samsung reorganises software and B2B into mobile division (2014-12-11 02:16:01)
    As part of its annual reshuffle, Samsung has consolidated, streamlined, and outright disbanded some of its divisions.
  • Web inventor says Internet should be 'human right' (2014-12-11 02:03:17)
    LONDON (AP) — The computer scientist credited with inventing the World Wide Web says affordable access to the Internet should be recognized as a human right, as a report showed that billions of people still cannot go online and government surveillance and censorship are increasing.
  • Finally, you can now play 'Minecraft' on Windows Phone too (2014-12-11 01:59:00)
  • Alibaba-backed China mobile app Momo says CEO to fight misconduct allegations (2014-12-11 01:57:00)
    BEIJING (Reuters) - Chinese mobile chat app firm Momo Inc, backed by Alibaba Group Holding Ltd, said its CEO will fight allegations of misconduct and corruption made by his former employer, as it prepares to debut on Nasdaq. In a filing to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission on Wednesday, Momo said the allegations against CEO and co-founder Tang Yan by Chinese Internet firm NetEase, Inc could have an impact on its operational expenses and brand image. The company is expected to raise as much as $232 million on Thursday by selling American Depository Shares in an initial public ...
  • Xiaomi reportedly banned from selling smartphones in India due to patent issues (2014-12-11 01:25:38)
    The Chinese handset maker has supposedly been served with an injunction and will be unable to import or sell its smartphones until infringement issues with Ericsson are resolved.>
  • 'No surprises' at CES, says Samsung TV boss (2014-12-11 01:19:53)
    ​There will be "no surprises" from Samsung Electronics at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show, the company's TV boss says.>
  • Driving while black? App developers aim to help (2014-12-11 01:09:56)
    PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — Two lawyers in Portland, Oregon, plan to release "Driving While Black," a free mobile app that educates people on how to interact with police during traffic stops.
  • India court orders Xiaomi to suspend smartphone sales: Economic Times (2014-12-11 00:14:27)
    MUMBAI (Reuters) - An Indian court has ordered Chinese budget smartphone maker Xiaomi Technology Co Ltd to temporarily stop selling its devices in India, the Economic Times newspaper reported on Thursday, citing legal documents. Xiaomi sells its phones exclusively through online retailer in India, the world's third largest smartphone market. ...
  • Amazon job posts hint at global ambitions for same-day delivery (2014-12-11 00:04:22)
    By Deepa Seetharaman SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Inc is considering expanding its same-day delivery program globally, recent job listings show, underlining the importance of fast shipping to its ability to compete with the instant gratification offered by brick-and-mortar stores. The No. 1 U.S. online retailer is also looking to add a same-day delivery option on all items sold by third-party merchants on its site, a move that some logistics experts said may help offset the high costs of speedy, last-mile delivery. ...
  • The age of the hybrid cloud is upon us (2014-12-10 23:54:01)
    Both public and private clouds have their benefits, so which one should you choose? Given the way the industry is evolving, you won't have to.
  • ​New houses to be charged for NBN fibre (2014-12-10 23:54:01)
    Under the Australian government's reform of telecommunications regulations, developers and owners of new housing developments will be charged a capped price to connect to the NBN.
  • OWC Aura SSD is first solid-state storage upgrade for latest Apple Mac Pro (2014-12-10 23:54:01)
    The new drives will come in 1TB or 2TB versions, starting at $899. The company even throws in an enclosure to transform the original Mac Pro SSD into an external USB 3.0 storage device.
  • Sony is reportedly using hacker methods to take its stolen data offline (2014-12-10 22:55:00)
  • Google News to close up shop in Spain in response to new law (2014-12-10 22:54:05)
    So-called "Google tax" requires aggregators to pay a fee for posting links and excerpts of news articles.>
  • Telstra backs Code Club Australia launch (2014-12-10 22:12:02)
    Telstra has backed the Australian launch of Code Club, a volunteer-led network of coding clubs for children aged 9 to 11.
  • Australia's security agencies quiet on metadata definition (2014-12-10 22:12:02)
    Australia's leading national security and intelligence agencies will not reveal the communications data they want retained by telecommunications companies until discussions with those companies have concluded.
  • Google throws its weight behind cheap Cardboard virtual reality (2014-12-10 22:01:15)
    Stacked up against high-cost and high-tech virtual reality headsets such as the Oculus Rift or Sony's Project Morpheus, Google Cardboard — the company's low-cost VR viewer, made out of actual cardboard — sounds a bit like a joke. Google's Cardboard app, also updated today, now highlights Google's favorite Cardboard-compatible Android apps.
  • Instagram celebrates 300 million users, which is more than Twitter (2014-12-10 21:58:00)
  • Chicago plans app so taxis can compete with Uber, ridesharing services (2014-12-10 21:51:57)
    By Mark Guarino CHICAGO (Reuters) - Chicago opened a new front in the war on ridesharing services like Uber on Wednesday, approving a plan to sponsor an app for riders to hail local cabs. The measure was part of a package including financial supports for taxis, such as fee breaks, passed by the city council on Wednesday. A union that has expanded into cab drivers and organized Chicago this year pushed hard for the package, which had the support of Mayor Rahm Emanuel. ...
  • Here's what happened on Twitter in 2014 (2014-12-10 21:32:45)
    What happened on Twitter this year? What's more, the company also cajoled a bunch of celebrities into sharing tweets they liked or thought were important, as well as five Twitter users each one thinks you should follow. It was the Ellen Degeneres selfie at the Oscars, of course.
  • Google News to go dark in Spain over 'Google Tax' (2014-12-10 21:19:16)
    MADRID (AP) — Google says it will shut down its Google News service in Spain to prevent content from Spanish publishers from appearing on it ahead of a law due to go into effect requiring the Internet search company to pay news organizations for linked content.
  • Hacking threatens airline safety: aviation chiefs (2014-12-10 20:57:37)
    Montreal (AFP) - Cyber crime is a serious threat to safety in the skies, aviation industry heavyweights said, vowing to fight the growing scourge before it causes a catastrophic incident.
  • eBay may slash thousands of jobs ahead of PayPal split (2014-12-10 20:56:09)
    US online retail giant eBay may slash thousands of jobs early next year as it prepares to separate from PayPal to become an independent company, The Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday. Some 3,000 jobs -- about 10 percent of the total workforce -- could be affected, sources close to the company told the newspaper. "We are focused on running the business and setting eBay and PayPal up for success as independent companies," Amanda Miller told AFP.
  • Sony limits media access to 'Interview' premiere after hacking (2014-12-10 20:10:55)
    LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Sony Pictures Entertainment plans to roll out the red carpet for the Thursday premiere of "The Interview," but the stars of the controversial comedy about North Korea will not face the customary glare of TV news cameras. The studio said Wednesday only still photographers and a Sony video team will document arrivals at the event, stopping reporters from asking Seth Rogen and James Franco about a massive cyber attack at Sony that some speculate is linked to the film. ...
  • Engadget Daily: Digital life after death, the deal with Google Cardboard and more! (2014-12-10 20:10:00)
  • Australian govt's IT hardware panel closer to establishment (2014-12-10 20:04:01)
    The Department of Finance is one step closer to establishing an IT hardware panel to reduce the cost of procuring hardware supplied to government agencies.
  • Tencent's chairman cashed in $387 million worth of shares (2014-12-10 20:04:01)
    A filing to the Hong Kong stock exchange shows that Ma Huateng, chairman of Chinese technology giant Tencent Holdings Ltd, sold a total of 25.1 million shares in four consecutive days last week, leading to a share decline on Wednesday.
  • Samsung begins 14nm contract chip production (2014-12-10 20:04:01)
    Samsung Electronics has begun producing contract chips using its 14-nanometre FinFET process for an unspecified client, a top executive has said.
  • Uber's ridesharing app will come preloaded on Sprint smartphones (2014-12-10 19:37:00)
  • The most disappointing games of 2014 (2014-12-10 19:28:17)
    Before we celebrate 2014's greatest in gaming, let's revisit those titles that failed to live up to the hype.>
  • People working to change the face of the tech industry (2014-12-10 19:24:08)
    SANTA CLARA, Calif. (AP) — Despite all their wealth and brainpower, technology companies realize they need help identifying and recruiting more women, blacks and Latinos who can write computer code, design websites and build mobile applications.
  • Ebay considering cutting 10 percent of workforce: WSJ (2014-12-10 18:11:17)
    (Reuters) - Online retailer eBay Inc is mulling over a plan to cut thousands of jobs early next year, as it readies to spin off its PayPal unit, the Wall Street Journal reported, citing people familiar with the company's thinking.
  • Box's S-1 update: Revenue climbed toward Q3 2014, losses less severe (2014-12-10 18:04:01)
    Since the S-1 landed in early 2014, the enterprise cloud company has deflected analysis and criticism over severe losses matched by high spending rates.
  • Microsoft pulls Exchange 2010 update (2014-12-10 17:58:01)
    One of several updates for various versions of Exchange Server released Tuesday, the Exchange Server 2010 SP3 Update Rollup 8 can prevent Outlook from connecting to the server.
  • 10 admin tasks to knock out by the end of the year (2014-12-10 17:42:00)
    As the final days of 2014 fly by, make sure you've tended to any lingering IT chores so you can start the New Year off right.
  • FBI official calls Sony attackers 'organized,' 'persistent' (2014-12-10 17:31:12)
    The FBI spills more details to US Senate on the hack that destroyed Sony's computers and leaked sensitive documents.>
  • Microsoft exec sees autumn release for Windows 10 (2014-12-10 17:24:30)
    SEATTLE (Reuters) - Microsoft Corp expects to have its new Windows 10 operating system on the market by autumn 2015, slightly later than previous comments had suggested. Chief Operating Officer Kevin Turner told Japanese news service Nikkei on Wednesday that the new system would be released "early next fall." Microsoft has not publicly set a firm timetable for the release of Windows 10, but only last week suggested the possibility of an earlier release. "By next late summer and early fall we'll be able to bring out this particular OS (operating system). ...
  • Got a busted gadget? We want to see it (2014-12-10 17:23:09)
    In today's mobile era, it's more common than ever to spot spectacularly broken devices running around. Got one? We want to see a photo and hear its sob story.>
  • The first full trailer for Pixar's Inside Out shows the inner workings of a family's brains (2014-12-10 17:16:45)
    If you're in a family with a teenager (or are one yourself), you're likely familiar with how fraught with peril an ordinary night at the dinner table can be. That's the basis of the first full trailer for Pixar's Inside Out. The clip marks the first lengthy look we've gotten at the film beyond a simple teaser and is entirely composed of a stand-off at the table between two parents and their seemingly sullen child. ...
  • Instagram now larger than Twitter with 300M users (2014-12-10 17:12:12)
    As Instagram sees fast growth, Google adds stickers and "smart suggestions" to your chats, Android smartwatches sport new faces, and Amazon opens items up for bidding.>