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  • Tech doesn't work with children and animals (2016-04-30 19:04:00)
  • US surveillance court reportedly rejected zero spying requests last year (2016-04-30 18:10:07)
    According to a Justice Department memo seen by Reuters, the United States Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, tasked with approving or denying electronic spying requests for foreign intelligence purposes, did not deny any requests made by the government in 2015. Reuters writes that the 1,457 requests made last year by the NSA and FBI were all approved.
  • US surveillance court didn't reject a single spy order last year (2016-04-30 17:32:00)
  • Stanford team made a humanoid robot that can stand in for a real diver (2016-04-30 17:02:02)
    A Stanford robotics team has built a humanoid robot that can stand in as "the physical representation" of a remote pilot — a swimming avatar for dangerous aquatic expeditions. The robot, OceanOne, is a two-handed, anthropomorphic 'bot that provides haptic feedback, meaning the pilot can "feel" what the robot reaches out and touches.
  • Valve will ban Steam cheaters via their linked phone numbers (2016-04-30 16:01:00)
  • SeeNote is a digital replacement for your sticky notes (2016-04-30 15:51:02)
    Sure, you may have calendar reminders, mobile notes, and plenty of other ways to tell you about the stuff you need to get done, but there's something charming about the analog sticky note pasted to the fridge (or wherever else). SeeNote wants to bridge that gap between the past and the future with an e-paper, touchscreen device that displays appointments, traffic, communal notes, and more.
  • Uber agrees to $225,000 settlement in lawsuit alleging discrimination against the blind (2016-04-30 14:59:02)
    Uber has agreed to pay the National Federation of the Blind $225,000 over three years to settle a lawsuit alleging discrimination against blind riders, the company announced yesterday. The settlement, which is still pending approval from a judge, also requires Uber to notify drivers that they must provide transport to customers with service animals. Should a driver break that policy, Uber says it will deactivate their account.
  • Windows 95 on an Apple Watch is wonderfully impractical (2016-04-30 14:28:00)
  • Apple's great taste doesn't extend to grammar (2016-04-30 13:19:02)
    With all that said, I have a serious problem with Apple's ideas about grammar. You may have noticed Apple's odd grammar while browsing its website or watching a keynote. Here's the essence of Apple's grammar rules: its product names should be entirely unadorned.
  • Globalization 3.0 Is Shifting Power From Nations to Cities Around the World (2016-04-30 13:14:03)
    Barcelona, New York, London, Hong Kong, and even Nice, according to Forbes Magazine, quoting a study by Juniper Research which reported: "Now with greater use of technology, a number of cities are accumulating data, delivering innovation, and enhancing lives of citizens."Globalization 3.0 --allowing individuals all over the world to talk, work...
  • Garmin's 'Varia Vision' headset is the Google Glass of cycling (2016-04-30 13:00:00)
  • How many people can the Earth actually hold? (2016-04-30 12:11:20)
    Earth may only be a tiny blip on the map relative to the entire universe, but for our purposes, it's pretty darn big. Of course, the vast majority of earth - about 70% - is comprised of water. Taking that into account, the actual area of land on earth is estimated to be around 150 million square kilometers. That being the case, Life Noggin recently set out to examine how many human beings the earth is capable of holding; not in a physical sense, but more in the sense of how many people can be sustained by the Earth's finite resources. Today, the earth's population checks in at about 7 billion, but that figure will only increase in the years ahead thanks to improvements in medicine and other health-positive factors. In fact, it's estimated that the human population by the end of the century will be 10 billion strong. DON'T MISS:  Completely change the look of your iPhone with round folder icons, no jailbreak needed Looking ahead, is there a point in time where the earth's capacity to support mankind will be pushed to the limit? Will we always have enough food and water to keep everyone happy and healthy? If you're pessimistically inclined to answer 'no', we can't really fault you, especially given that the distribution of resources around the world today is extremely skewed already. But even if we assume a more even distribution across the world, many experts believe that the situation here on Earth will start looking grave once the human population reaches the 9-10 billion mark. Live Science notes : One such scientist, the eminent Harvard University sociobiologist Edward O. Wilson, bases his estimate on calculations of the Earth's available resources. As Wilson pointed out in his book "The Future of Life", "The constraints of the biosphere are fixed." Aside from the limited availability of freshwater, there are indeed constraints on the amount of food that Earth can produce, just as Malthus argued more than 200 years ago. Even in the case of maximum efficiency, in which all the grains grown are dedicated to feeding humans (instead of livestock, which is an inefficient way to convert plant energy into food energy), there's still a limit to how far the available quantities can stretch. "If everyone agreed to become vegetarian, leaving little or nothing for livestock, the present 1.4 billion hectares of arable land (3.5 billion acres) would support about 10 billion people," Wilson wrote. Life Noggin's video  also address a number of interesting points on the matter.
  • How to be human: how can I stop making everything about me? (2016-04-30 11:38:02)
    Leah Reich was one of the first internet advice columnists. Her column "Ask Leah" ran on IGN, where she gave advice to gamers for two and a half years. During the day, Leah is Slack’s user researcher, but her views here do not represent her employer. You can write to her at and read more How to be Human here.
  • Six robots inspired by real-life animals (2016-04-30 11:30:00)
  • 11 new movie trailers from this past week that you have to watch (2016-04-30 10:11:30)
    This week marks the debut of the highly anticipated Captain America: Civil War if you’re anywhere else other than America. That said, we’ve got a new clip from the Marvel blockbuster, as well as 10 other trailers you should check out from this past week. DON’T MISS:  This is how I make my iPhone look so much better than yours Absolutely Fabulous It’s a fabulous life in London, and around the world, in this adventure. It’s Absolutely Fabulous . Yes, you might be aware of a BBC series of the same name, but this time around we’re getting a full feature-length film. We’ve got Joanna Lumley, Jennifer Saunders and a bunch of stars playing themselves in this one – be on the lookout for Absolutely Fabulous on July 22nd. Batman: The Killing Joke We already talked about the teaser trailer for Batman: The Killing Joke , and now the full trailer is here for your enjoyment. Cell Want a Samuel L. Jackson / John Cusack type of action movie that’s anchored in our modern smartphone-dependent lives? Want a pinch of Stephen King in it? Here comes Cell , a film about smartphone-zombified humans. In theaters July 8th. Captain America: Civil War Did I say Civil War is already playing in some theaters? Do you already know there will be post-credits scenes ? OK good, now check out a new clip showing Spidey. Florence Foster Jenkins Florence Foster Jenkins is the true story of a rich woman (Meryl Streep) who thought she could become an opera singer and did everything in her power to pursue her dream. Of course, she couldn’t sing, but that’s beside the point. I can’t wait to see Streep in this one, coming August 12th. Joining her is Hugh Grant, who plays her husband. Here Alone Looking forward to new horror stories? In Here Alone , a woman is trying to survive on her own as the world falls victim to a massive epidemic. Is this a new zombie plague? It would appear so, though the trailer doesn’t quite show any walking dead – pun intended. Ma Ma Cancer. Love. Parenthood. Pregnancy. Life. Death. In short, that’s what Ma Ma , starring Penelope Cruz, is about. The movie premiered in Spain last September, but it’s yet to reach your neighborhood. Southside With You The best date ever is the one between Barack and Michelle Obama, if you believe Southside With You critics. The movie premieres August 26th, starring Tika Sumpter (Michelle) and Parker Sawyers (Barack). Snowden We’ve already talked about Oliver Stone’s Snowden , a movie that’ll turn the current debate about privacy, security and encryption into a real-life action movie. Tulip Fever Set in 17th century Amsterdam, this adultery story has an amazing cast, which makes Tulip Fever a must-see movie this year. We’ve got Alicia Vikander, Cara Delevingne, Christoph Waltz, and Judi Dench in Tulip Fever , which is set for a July 15th premiere. X-Men: Apocalypse Wolverine is back, baby! Check out the latest clip of X-Men: Apocalypse , which happens to be the final one before the movie is released on May 27th.
  • The Large Hadron Collider was shut down by a small mammal (2016-04-30 10:09:29)
    CERN's Large Hadron Collider — the massive, atom-smashing machine that uncovered the Higgs boson — may have met its match: a tiny animal.
  • Recommended Reading: Why can't we stream more black TV shows? (2016-04-30 10:00:00)
  • Heart pounding first-person video takes you skydiving with Navy SEALs (2016-04-30 09:10:18)
    Have you ever wondered what it might be like to be a member of the Navy SEALs Leap Frogs jump team as they leap from an airplane high above Knoxville, Tennessee and skydive down into a football stadium below? Weird, that's very specific of you to have wondered. No matter, because one of the SEALs strapped a GoPro camera to his head, and the result is a heart pounding first-person view of the entire stunt from start to finish. DON'T MISS:  This is how I make my iPhone look so much better than yours Members of the U.S. Navy Parachute Team pulled off the awesome stunt earlier this month to help celebrate the annual orange vs. white Spring Scrimmage at the University of Tennessee. UT Volunteers football players go head to head each year ahead of the season, and it just so happened to be Knoxville Navy Week, so naturally the Leap Frogs had to crash the party. OK, so they didn't actually crash anything. This was a carefully planned and expertly executed stunt, and you definitely shouldn't try this at home. Of course, now you won't have to since the video embedded below will show you exactly what it was like to be there. And in case you were wondering, white beat orange 70-63 this year.
  • ICYMI: Barely hoverbiking, new hair dryer tech and more (2016-04-30 09:00:00)
  • Roaming within the EU has just become cheaper (2016-04-30 06:00:00)
  • Inventor of jet-powered hoverboard sets new world record with 7,000-foot flight (2016-04-30 05:31:35)
    Franky Zapata, the French jet ski champion who invented the Flyboard Air, has set a new Guinness World Record for the farthest hoverboard flight. Zapata achieved the feat Saturday morning off the coast of Sausset-les-Pins in the south of France, riding his Flyboard Air hoverboard for a distance of more than 2,252 meters (7,388) feet). Zapata, 37, gained wide attention online earlier this month after videos of himself riding the Flyboard Air went viral.
  • A man just smashed a world record with a jet-powered hoverboard (2016-04-30 05:31:35)
    Franky Zapata, the French jet ski champion who invented the Flyboard Air, has set a new Guinness World Record for the farthest hoverboard flight. Zapata achieved the feat Saturday morning off the coast of Sausset-les-Pins in the south of France, riding his Flyboard Air hoverboard for a distance of more than 2,252 meters (7,388) feet). Zapata, 37, gained wide attention online earlier this month after videos of himself riding the Flyboard Air went viral.
  • Watch a 360-degree video of SpaceX's rocket landing at sea (2016-04-30 03:47:00)
  • Africa's giant eye in the sky proving worth its SALT (2016-04-30 03:35:03)
    By Wendell Roelf SUTHERLAND, South Africa (Reuters) - South Africa’s SALT telescope has helped detect the first white dwarf pulsar, the latest co-discovery that has astronomers eager to use the largest optical telescope in the southern hemisphere to unlock the galaxy's secrets. Quick reaction times, as well as being significantly cheaper than similar European or American facilities in producing the science are key competitive advantages, said a senior astronomer at the SALT consortium during a media visit. “SALT is now living up to expectations, producing high-quality science data that probe the far reaches of the universe,” said Ted Williams, a director at the South African Astronomical Observatory managing the site.
  • Puma's robotic running companion can keep pace with Usain Bolt (2016-04-30 01:38:00)
  • Xiaomi's smartwatch for kids costs less than $50 (2016-04-29 23:34:00)
  • %PublicAccess-21350733% (2016-04-29 22:43:00)
  • See what it’s like to live in solitary confinement with this terrifying VR experience (2016-04-29 22:17:21)
    Virtual reality is responsible for some of the most fascinating experiences in recent memory, from a tour of Chernobyl to some of the most immersive games in the history of the medium . These are all worthwhile applications of the technology, but it's hard to imagine any of them could be as effective as The Guardian's  virtual experience of solitary confinement , which you can try for free right now. SEE ALSO:  Google just patented a crazy device it wants to inject into your eyeball "6x9 is the Guardian's first virtual reality experience," the site explains "which places you inside a US solitary confinement prison cell and tells the story of the psychological damage that can ensue from isolation." In order to experience the project as it was meant to be seen, you'll need to download the Guardian VR app [ iOS , Android ], plug in your headphones and either hold your phone in front of you or slot it into a Google Cardboard. If that sounds like too much work, you can also watch a 360-degree video from YouTube embedded below — just make sure you have a browser with Flash: Most people excited about VR know that games aren't the only thing that developers, filmmakers and other creative types are bringing to the medium, but it's nice to see a major publication jumping in headfirst.
  • Ask Alexa what's playing on SyFy (2016-04-29 21:46:00)
  • These aren’t Steve Jobs’s last words, but they still managed to inspire a billionaire (2016-04-29 21:14:03)
    Remember back when email chains were a thing? Instead of sharing anything and everything you find online using Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites, people would pass along anecdotes via email. Several of these chain emails would reach your inbox each day, and you'd forward the best and most inspirational among them to everyone on your contact list. And the best part about them, of course, was that the stories they recounted were almost always completely and utterly fake. We were reminded recently of these silly chain emails by an inaccurate story currently making the rounds online claiming to recount the inspiring last words of late Apple cofounder Steve Jobs . Interestingly, the passage was still moving enough to inspire a billionaire even though it doesn't recount Jobs's final words at all. DON'T MISS:  Completely change the look of your iPhone with round folder icons, no jailbreak needed In late 2011 after Jobs's passing, his sister Mona Simpson published the eulogy she had given at his memorial service  in The New York Times . Her moving account of Jobs's last words read as follows: But with that will, that work ethic, that strength, there was also sweet Steve’s capacity for wonderment, the artist’s belief in the ideal, the still more beautiful later. Steve’s final words, hours earlier, were monosyllables, repeated three times. Before embarking, he’d looked at his sister Patty, then for a long time at his children, then at his life’s partner, Laurene, and then over their shoulders past them. Steve’s final words were: OH WOW. OH WOW. OH WOW. Billionaire Virgin boss Richard Branson is well aware that those were Jobs's final words, but he still managed to find inspiration in the "last words of Steve Jobs" meme currently being passed around online. In fact, he found the passage so inspirational that he decided to share it on his blog despite the fact that it's fake. Here it is in its entirety, as reprinted by Branson : The last words of Steve Jobs I have come to the pinnacle of success in business. In the eyes of others, my life has been the symbol of success. However, apart from work, I have little joy. Finally, my wealth is simply a fact to which I am accustomed. At this time, lying on the hospital bed and remembering all my life, I realize that all the accolades and riches of which I was once so proud, have become insignificant with my imminent death. In the dark, when I look at green lights, of the equipment for artificial respiration and feel the buzz of their mechanical sounds, I can feel the breath of my approaching death looming over me. Only now do I understand that once you accumulate enough money for the rest of your life, you have to pursue objectives that are not related to wealth. It should be something more important: For example, stories of love, art, dreams of my childhood. No, stop pursuing wealth, it can only make a person into a twisted being, just like me.
  • %PublicAccess-21351457% (2016-04-29 20:51:00)
  • U.S. spy court rejected zero surveillance orders in 2015: memo (2016-04-29 20:32:45)
    By Dustin Volz WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The secretive U.S. Foreign Surveillance Intelligence Court did not deny a single government request in 2015 for electronic surveillance orders granted for foreign intelligence purposes, continuing a longstanding trend, a Justice Department document showed. The court received 1,457 requests last year on behalf of the National Security Agency and the Federal Bureau of Investigation for authority to intercept communications, including email and phone calls, according to a Justice Department memo sent to leaders of relevant congressional committees on Friday and seen by Reuters. The court did not reject any of the applications in whole or in part, the memo showed.
  • We really wish Apple would start paying more attention to the Mac (2016-04-29 20:13:36)
    Apple last quarter experienced its first year-over-year drop in revenue since 2003. Not only that, but Apple saw a sales decline across all major product lines: iPhone sales were down 18%, iPad sales were down 19% and Mac sales were down 9%. With most analysts preoccupied with iPhone and iPad sales, it appears that the Mac continues to be overlooked. Which is strange given that the Mac these days is actually more profitable than the iPad. During Apple's most recent quarter, for example, the iPad generated $4.4 billion in revenue compared to the Mac which brought in $5.1 billion in revenue. DON'T MISS:  This is how I make my iPhone look so much better than yours During a recent interview relayed by Macworld , Technology Business Research analyst Ezra Gotthell opined that Apple is making a big mistake by continuing to ignore its Mac lineup. Sure, we see updates here and there, but it's clear that Apple has been giving much more of a push to the iPad, a device which I strongly believe has never been a true PC replacement , despite Tim Cook's seemingly blind assertions to the contrary. There’s no indication that people are giving up their Macs to go to Windows, or that new entrants are choosing Windows or Chromebooks rather than Macs,” said Ezra Gottheil, an analyst with Technology Business Research, in a Wednesday interview. But the slide in Mac sales does show something, Gottheil argued. “The keeping-your-older-PC-longer problem caught up with Apple, too,” he said, referring to, as analysts see it, the heart of the slump in personal computer shipments: Consumers are simply not upgrading to new systems at the rate they once did, either holding onto their machines for years longer or simply not bothering at all. One factor to consider, Gottheil pointed out, was that machines with solid-state drives tend to last longer than older computers that shipped with more traditional hard drives. As a result, new Macs really need to up the ante from a feature prospective in order to compel users to upgrade. And there, Apple has failed by largely ignoring the Mac—Gottheil cited the line’s lack of innovation on both hardware and the OS X operating system—and confusing customers with overlap between models, particularly the MacBook and the MacBook Air. He criticized Apple’s refusal to add a touch-based screen to the Mac line, and the omission of the Siri digital assistant in OS X. Even just a few years ago, I remember when new versions of OS X would jam pack all sorts of interesting and compelling new features. And sure, iOS is where all the money is at these days, but keep in mind that the Mac is not only more profitable than the iPad these days, it also is a much higher-product line. So while Apple has rolled out some nice improvements with the MacBook, it'd be nice to see Apple roll out some improvements to the entirety of the Mac line far more consistently. The iMac especially seems to be completely off of Apple's radar in recent years. As it stands today, it feels far too often that the Mac is nothing more than an afterthought.
  • Delta is rolling out RFID luggage tags by the end of summer (2016-04-29 19:48:00)
  • Someone got Windows 95 running on an Apple Watch (2016-04-29 19:28:14)
    If you're willing to wait an hour for it to boot up, you can enjoy the ludicrous pleasures of running Windows 95 on an Apple Watch. Developer Nick Lee posted a video to YouTube this evening showing what it looks like once the operating system is up and running. As Lee points out in a blog post, the Apple Watch's specs are well above those of a typical Windows 95 computer, so it makes sense that it should be capable of running the Microsoft's old OS.
  • How to back up Windows 10 with Western Digital's My Passport Ultra (2016-04-29 19:07:40)
    Find out about this colorful compact drive that might be the right tool to safeguard your data when you're on the road.
  • Wireless carriers will adopt a new real-time text protocol by December 2017 (2016-04-29 18:52:00)
  • Fight ransomware with data backups and gift cards (2016-04-29 18:42:46)
    How to stop malware from holding your files and PC hostage.
  • Facebook hit with lawsuit over plan to issue new stock (2016-04-29 18:38:30)
    A Facebook Inc shareholder filed a proposed class action lawsuit on Friday in a bid to stop the company's plan to issue new Class C stock, calling the move an unfair deal to entrench Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg as controlling shareholder. The lawsuit, filed in the Delaware Court of Chancery, comes two days after the social networking company announced its plan to issue the shares. The rejiggering of Facebook's share structure, effectively a 3-for-1 stock split, follows the 31 year-old's announcement last December that he intends to put 99 percent of his Facebook shares into a new philanthropy project focusing on human potential and equality.
  • SpaceX releases 360-degree footage of the Falcon 9 sea landing (2016-04-29 18:28:41)
    SpaceX has just published a stunning 360-degree video of its most recent feat: landing the first stage of the Falcon 9 rocket on a drone ship in the ocean. If you ever wanted feel like you're standing under a spaceship that's landing without the awful side effect of being burned to shreds, here's your chance.
  • ‘Battlefield 5’ world premiere event scheduled for May 6th – here’s what we know (2016-04-29 18:23:00)
    Just days after several surprisingly plausible Call of Duty leaks slipped through the cracks, EA announced that it would hold an official world premiere event for the next Battlefield game on May 6th at 4 p.m. ET. DON'T MISS:  This is how I make my iPhone look so much better than yours Unfortunately, EA's ship seems to be far less leaky than Activision's, as the existence of the world premiere event is just about all the information we have regarding the next entry in the Battlefield series. An explosion of some nature is all we can see on the event page , but some fans think the phrase "the future of Battlefield " might be a hint as to the setting of the sequel. Could 2016's Battlefield be the long-awaited followup to Battlefield 2142 ? It's certainly a possibility, but there have also been rumors that the next Battlefield will return to World War I or World War II. In other words, unless there's a major leak between now and next Friday, we're going to have to wait and see. As for the premiere event itself, fans can expect to hear from creative director Lars Gustavsson and lead producer Aleksander Grondal about the new entry and the franchise as a whole. With the EA Play event just over a month away, EA likely won't give away everything about the game next week, but we should at least see a trailer. Be sure to tune in for the world premiere event on May 6th at 4 p.m. ET.
  • Scientists use 'Moth Radio Hour' to map meaning across the brain (2016-04-29 18:04:00)
  • Here's a look at Fujifilm's next major camera (2016-04-29 18:00:03)
    The listing, which has apparently been pulled but was captured by Fuji Rumors before it came down, says the device is a fully working "preview unit". Fujifilm, as does many other device manufacturers, often sends out prerelease cameras to special testers to get feedback before the product is brought to market, and it appears that's where this model came from.
  • Oculus Rift delays flatten virtual-reality fan fervor (2016-04-29 17:53:10)
    LOS ANGELES (AP) — Virtual reality, oddly enough, isn't immune to the problems that arise in practical reality. Just ask would-be fans of the Oculus Rift headset, many — possibly most — of whom are still waiting for their $600 gadgets more than four weeks after they started shipping .
  • This is your next jam: Calvin Harris, Local Natives, and more (2016-04-29 17:52:02)
    Kesha rose above her legal battle by performing on a new Zedd single, her first release since 2013. The best thing about this new Band of Horses single is probably its lyric video, which tries to capture the magic of a night spent singing at a Korean karaoke parlor.
  • Cellphone in missing Florida teens case to be reviewed by Apple (2016-04-29 17:42:59)
    (Reuters) - A recovered cellphone at the center of a dispute between the families of two Florida teens who went missing during a fishing trip will be examined by its manufacturer, Apple Inc, in an agreement hammered out during a hearing on Friday, according to a local media report. If Apple is able to retrieve anything from the water-damaged phone that is pertinent to the day the boys disappeared - including photos, texts and social media posts - the data will be given to a judge, who will decide if it is evidence and whether it may be shared with the families, according to a report by WPLG television in Miami. The agreement puts to rest - for now - a row between the families of Austin Stephanos, 14, who owned the iPhone 6 model cellphone, and his friend Perry Cohen, also 14, who had borrowed it to communicate with his family the day they disappeared in July 2015 off the Atlantic Coast of South Florida, according to the report.
  • Hulu is adapting Margaret Atwood's 'The Handmaid's Tale' (2016-04-29 17:35:00)
  • 5 of the best free iPhone games you might have missed in April (2016-04-29 17:34:59)
    Not every gamer has been enthused by the rise of free-to-play gaming on mobile devices, but it gives everyone a chance to try out all kinds of new experiences without ever spending a cent (unless they want to). In fact, there are so many new games released every month that it can be hard to keep track, which is why we've decided to round up five of the best free iPhone games that launched in April that you need to try. DON'T MISS:  This is how I make my iPhone look so much better than yours Disney Crossy Road From Hipster Whale, the makers of the original Crossy Road™ with over 120,000,000 downloads, and Disney comes Disney Crossy Road—an all-new take on the 8-bit endless adventure to cross the road without splatting! Tap and swipe your way to a record-setting number of steps with 100+ Disney and Pixar figurines while dodging crazy and unexpected obstacles in the 8-bit worlds of Toy Story, Zootopia, The Lion King, The Haunted Mansion, Tangled, Wreck-It Ralph, and more. Download Disney Crossy Road Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ Adventure across Disney’s magical and wondrous worlds in the first mobile app for the beloved KINGDOM HEARTS series! Become a hero at the very beginning of the KINGDOM HEARTS story in the era of the Lost Masters. Gather LUX—a mysterious form of light—and fight the Heartless as you explore Disney’s worlds. Meet familiar faces and strengthen yourself and your Keyblades! Download Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ Loop Drive 2 As it's ancestor, Loop Drive 2 is a casual arcade racing game with a gameplay incredibly easy to get started but frustratingly difficult to master. Basically, all you have to do is drive in circles and avoid crashing your car. Adjust your speed as you accelerate and brake at the right moments to avoid crashing into another vehicle. Earn more coins with every loop, unlock cars, expand your collection and see what suits you best. Survive as long as possible, as you train your reactions, climb leaderboard with higher scores and challenge your friends. Download Loop Drive 2 PKTBALL Prepare to smash it! A hyper-charged arcade smash sport designed to test your skills and reflexes to the max. Fight your way through the leaderboard and become a PKTBALL master! Collect dozens of awesome PKTBUDDIES, featuring DotBoy the retro console, Brains the zombie, Mixtape the vintage cassette and many more. Each PKTBUDDY comes complete with a new court and unique soundtrack, and special guest PKTBUDDIES include PUK, ALONE, HOPIKO as well as other exciting characters! Download PKTBALL War Tortoise Take control of the mighty War Tortoise, a heavy tank armed to the teeth with powerful weapons and automated turrets! Equip weapons, recruit units, build defenses, collect resources, and ultimately defend against a huge onslaught of enemy forces. Combining a shooter, idle gaming, and tower defense, War Tortoise is a unique mix of gaming that anyone can enjoy! Download War Tortoise
  • This portable battery charger magnetically attaches to your iPhone (2016-04-29 17:15:03)
    There are a ton of battery packs available today, but most are cumbersome and require an elaborate wrapping of charging cables to hold in one hand if you want to charge your phone while you walk. The 4000mAh slim battery pack with 2.1A output can fully charge an iPhone 6S two times or a 6S Plus once, which isn't bad for such a thin charger. The MagicMount comes with lighting and micro-USB cables, along with a small pad called a MagicPlate that attaches to the back of your phone (which the battery will attach to).
  • Google, Fiat Chrysler working on self-driving car deal: sources (2016-04-29 17:13:00)
    By Bernie Woodall DETROIT (Reuters) - Google and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV are close to agreeing on a partnership that could break boundaries between Silicon Valley and the auto industry in the race to develop self-driving cars, people familiar with the discussions said on Friday. Google, a unit of Alphabet Inc, and Fiat Chrysler declined to comment. Google has said that it does not want to build self-driving vehicles on its own and has explored alliances with auto companies, but none have been finalized.
  • Judge rules for Fitbit in patent dispute with Jawbone (2016-04-29 16:50:00)
  • Google is testing a wild new feature that allows brands to take over search results (2016-04-29 16:45:06)
    In an effort to further bolster its already successful advertising business, Google is currently experimenting with a new initiative that promises to give companies and marketers unprecedented control the search results stemming from specific queries. According to the Wall Street Journal , Google's new program "allows marketers, media companies, politicians and other organizations [to] publish content directly to Google and have it appear instantly in search results." In one example of the new advertising feature in action, ABC yesterday paid Google for the right to effectively take over the search results page when a user typed in "Jimmy Kimmel." In that scenario, a normal page of search results was replaced with an ABC created "carousel" that featured handpicked posts and videos that users could browse through. At this point it remains unclear if the promotion appeared before every user who typed in the query or if ABC was perhaps able to target certain geographic locations or even demographics. DON'T MISS:  Hidden design details that will make you want Tesla’s Model 3 even more With Google naturally being very protective over its search business - where it generates the vast majority of its billions - we wouldn't expect to see widespread changes anytime soon. As it stands now, it appears that Google is only letting a select few outlets and organizations take advantage of what is admittedly an interesting concept. In other words, we don't anticipate that a query for LeBron James, for example, will ever yield a link to a site selling basketball paraphernalia. But come June when the NBA Finals are afoot, then perhaps we might see a dedicated ad from a company like ESPN or Sprite. "We’re continuing to experiment with the look and feel of this feature, including exploring other potential use cases,” Google said in a statement to the Journal. Broadly speaking, it stands to reason that only blue chip companies like Coke and HBO will be allowed to take part in the  program, which reportedly still lacks an official name.  Besides, we'd imagine that only top-tier companies would be able to afford the presumably high prices Google is commanding for such a service in the first place. Regardless, it'll certainly be interesting to keep an eye on this new advertising initiative in the weeks to come.
  • DIY smart mirrors are still irresistible, and this one has a touchscreen (2016-04-29 16:38:15)
    Every few weeks a new homespun smart mirror pops up on Reddit. The formula is pretty staid by now: put an LCD and a Raspberry Pi behind a one-way mirror, and now you have a weather widget to look at while you brush your teeth. There are even GitHub repos to do the software work for you. And yet I always click on each new project. It's always worth an upvote.
  • Harnessing the Power of Blockchain (2016-04-29 16:29:49)
    Since becoming a worldwide phenomenon in 2008, Bitcoin and digital currency have remained at the forefront of ever-evolving changes in the payments industry. A once obscure digital currency has sparked not only global interest, but also a flurry of innovation and technological advances.From beginning as a niche payment mechanism for...
  • Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale will be made into a series at Hulu (2016-04-29 16:27:50)
    Hulu has given a series order to The Handmaid's Tale, a show based on Margaret Atwood's 1985 novel of the same name. Atwood will serve as a consulting producer for the series. Elizabeth Moss (Mad Men) will star as Offred, a handmaid whose sole function in society is a reproductive one.
  • Start-up uses drones to maintain wind turbines (2016-04-29 16:22:41)
    Despite the hoopla generated by Amazon's announcement that it would like to deliver parcels by drone at some point, the most successful initial application of the technology has been much more humdrum.I have written a few times recently about the growing use of drones to provide monitoring services, whether it's to help navigate the oceans,...
  • Do Smart Cities Need To Do a Better PR Job? (2016-04-29 16:17:42)
    //please note, this is embargoed until May 3rdSmart cities are something I've touched on a bit recently, with an article on INSEAD the latest to highlight the benefits to citizens and institutions of having smarter urban areas.It's a message that I think is fairly obvious, yet a recent report from the Institution of Engineering and Technology...
  • Justin Timberlake reminds us of the inevitable death of all things (2016-04-29 16:11:07)
    At the end of every April, clever people on Tumblr and Twitter would post images from N’Sync’s "It’s Gonna Be Me" video, marked with the caption "It’s Gonna Be May." In fact, the lyric used the word "me," but when sung aloud, it sounded like "May" (the name of the forthcoming month), and the tension of the dual meanings made us happy and caused us to laugh. The laws of our tribe dictate that we should be angry with Timberlake for drawing back things of the past. Timberlake is himself a creature of the past now.
  • 6 ways to save links with free Google tools (2016-04-29 15:59:18)
    Often when browsing, you'll come across links you may want to save for future use. Here are six ways you can save and share your links with Google.
  • The original Ghostbusters is coming back to theaters for two nights in June (2016-04-29 15:58:27)
    The original Ghostbusters is returning to select American theaters for two nights this June, just in time to rescue those fans who need to brush up on the series before Paul Feig's all-female reboot hits the big screen in July. Fathom Events is going to rerelease the 1984 classic in over 750 theaters around the US on June 8th, which happens to be the 32nd anniversary of the movie's theatrical debut. If you make your way to one of these anniversary screenings, you'll be rewarded with more than just the chance to watch Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd roam New York in search of the paranormal.
  • FCC chariman Tom Wheeler praises Comcast as it moves away from set-top boxes (2016-04-29 15:52:51)
    Speaking in a press conference yesterday, Federal Communications Commission chairman Tom Wheeler praised Comcast for its decision to partly unbundle its pay-TV service from its proprietary set-top box, according to a report from Ars Technica. Wheeler said it "points a way forward" for the industry to stop forcing customers to lease hardware they don't need. Cable companies blasted the FCC back in February after it announced plans to mandate pay-TV services be made available to makers of third-party set-top boxes.
  • FCC chairman Tom Wheeler praises Comcast as it moves away from set-top boxes (2016-04-29 15:52:51)
    Speaking in a press conference yesterday, Federal Communications Commission chairman Tom Wheeler praised Comcast for its decision to partly unbundle its pay-TV service from its proprietary set-top box, according to a report from Ars Technica. Wheeler said it "points a way forward" for the industry to stop forcing customers to lease hardware they don't need. Cable companies blasted the FCC back in February after it announced plans to mandate pay-TV services be made available to makers of third-party set-top boxes.
  • Apple exec says you should never mention iPhones when discussing iPhones (2016-04-29 15:46:58)
    Any iPhone users out there when have been around long enough to have bought an early iPhone 4 unit will remember the unexpected cellular signal loss they may have experienced. The antenna was on the outside of the phone, and Apple’s engineers didn’t foresee this problem: holding the phone by its antennas might mess with cellular reception. But then late Apple cofounder and CEO Steve Jobs famously explained that if you experienced signal issues while using the iPhone 4, you were probably holding it wrong. Now, a different Apple executive is telling us we’ve been doing something else wrong when it comes to the iPhone. DON’T MISS:  This is how I make my iPhone look so much better than yours For some reason, Apple’s senior vice president Phil Schiller decided to fix the Internet this week, telling us that there’s no such thing as “iPhones” or “iPad Pros.” There’s no plural for these devices. It turns out that I’ve never had two iPhones. Not because I sold off the older model when buying a new release, but because I’ve been doing it wrong. It turns out you can’t have two or more iPhones, iPad Pros or Macs. But according to Apple's Phil Schiller, you can have two "iPhones devices," "iPad Pro tablets" or "Mac computers." You can also apparently have "two iPhone" or "three Macintosh." Now that the Internet knows what the correct plural of iPhone is, Schiller should also pay a visit to Tim Cook and Luca Maestri's offices. It turns out they said “iPhones” and “iPads” during the company's earnings call  earlier this week.
  • Exclusive: Yahoo's bidder shortlist points to cash deal -sources (2016-04-29 15:42:53)
    Yahoo Inc has shortlisted close to 10 bidders in the auction for its core Internet assets, including Verizon Communications Inc, with most offers involving cash rather than a combination with another company, according to people familiar with the matter. Some bidders that did not make the shortlist because their first-round offers were not specific enough are still being kept close to the process by Yahoo's advisers, the people said. One of those bidders is Liberty Media Corp Chairman John Malone, who has proposed a tax-efficient merger with one of the companies he controls, the people said.
  • Celebrate 50 years of 'Star Trek' at NYC's Intrepid museum (2016-04-29 15:35:00)
  • Watch Glenn Beck smother his face in Cheetos dust to look like Donald Trump (2016-04-29 15:30:35)
    On his radio show today, Glenn Beck and three friends dipped their faces in Cheetos dust to look like Donald Trump. You see, Donald Trump's fake tan gives him the skin tone of an Oompa Loompa on a tropical vacation. The footage comes to us via Right Wing Watch's YouTube page.
  • Survey: How do you secure your mobile devices in the enterprise? (2016-04-29 15:19:00)
    Mobile devices offer powerful productivity, but there is also the risk of security breaches. Tech Pro Research's survey looks at the best practices for securing these devices.
  • Google just patented a crazy device it wants to inject into your eyeball (2016-04-29 15:17:36)
    We may be accustomed to seeing high-tech companies file patents for out-there concepts and technologies, but a new patent from Google  takes the cake. Originally spotted by Forbes , Google earlier this month filed a patent which describes a method of injecting a device into a person's eyeball as a means to correct poor vision. If you're at all wary about inserting a Google product into your eyeball, well, you should be. The description of the patent in question seems to be lifted straight out of a bad sci-fi book. DON'T MISS:  This is how I make my iPhone look so much better than yours Forbes explains: [The] device is injected in fluid that then solidifies to couple the device with the eye’s lens capsule, the transparent membrane surrounding the lens. Injection would take place ”following the removal of the natural lens from the lens capsule,” the patent reads. The planned device injected into the eye contains a number of tiny components: storage, sensors, radio, battery and an electronic lens. The eyeball device gets power wirelessly from an “energy harvesting antenna.” Thanks, but no thanks. Now you may be wondering why Google is patenting something like this at all. A fair question, and while Google may be primarily known for search and Android, the company has its hands in all sorts of interesting projects. In fact, Google's R&D initiatives were so broad that the company this past August felt compelled to completely reorganize itself under a completely new name: Alphabet. As part of the restructuring, Google's disparate divisions became wholly owned subsidiaries under the Alphabet umbrella. One of the subsidiaries created as a result was Verily, effectively Google's Life Sciences division. As the company's webpage explains, Verily is primarily concerned with "bringing together technology and life sciences to uncover new truths about health and disease." And we can now thank Verily for the terrifying patent above.
  • Google patents smart lenses you inject into your eyes (2016-04-29 15:12:00)
  • Microsoft releases workflow automation tool Flow, and PowerApps custom app platform (2016-04-29 15:07:34)
    Microsoft recently released an automation tool called Flow that could be a competitor to IFTTT, and a new platform for businesses to build internal apps.
  • Addiction Aftercare Treatment Needs A Makeover (2016-04-29 15:04:46)
    As a grateful recovery addict and alcoholic, having spent time at a residential treatment facility and also, as the founder of a company that is revolutionizing the way aftercare support at treatment facilities is done, I've learned a thing or two.The bridge back from residential treatment to "reality," let's call it, is one of fear,...
  • Amazon's Echo can now buy your mom flowers so you don't have to (2016-04-29 14:55:33)
    It's Friday, so that means Amazon's Echo is learning new tricks. On the lesson plan this week is the ability to order flowers from 1-800-Flowers. This integration is clearly timed for the upcoming Mother's Day holiday in the US on May 8th, and will let you order four different flower arrangements with your voice.
  • You can get a brand new Galaxy S7 for $560 right now if you hurry (2016-04-29 14:48:51)
    There are precious few high-end smartphones that are actually worth paying top dollar for, but the Galaxy S7 should be counted among them. Samsung did a tremendous job of combining a gorgeous design with cutting-edge specs, and the S7 easily has the best smartphone display on the planet. It's our favorite Android phone right now, hands down. But just because it's worth paying top dollar doesn't mean you actually should. DON'T MISS:  Everything we know about the suicide at Apple’s headquarters this week If you hurry — and we mean really, really hurry — you can pick up a brand new Galaxy S7 smartphone in gold for just $560 with free shipping . This deal comes from eBay (via Droid Life ) and while we can't vouch for the seller, they have a feedback score of 16,800 and it's 98.3% positive. We like those odds. The model in question is the Galaxy S7 SM-G930F, which has 2G, 3G and 4G LTE radios compatible with both AT&T and T-Mobile's networks. Verizon and Sprint customers will have to look elsewhere, unfortunately, since this model doesn't support all of the cellular bands they use. The phones are factory unlocked, and according to the seller they're also brand new. The same Galaxy S7 model costs $615 unlocked from Amazon  with Prime shipping, which isn't a bad price at all if you miss out on the eBay deal.
  • Cord-munching weasel temporarily knocks the LHC offline (2016-04-29 14:48:00)
  • Cyber threat hunting: How this vulnerability detection strategy gives analysts an edge (2016-04-29 14:43:00)
    Forensic experts indicate cyber threat hunting is an improvement over what currently exists for detecting security threats. Find out what makes cyber threat hunting unique.
  • Twitter just killed off the most useful Twitter account (2016-04-29 14:32:14)
    It was an account Twitter created that sent you custom alerts based on the people you had chosen to follow. If 10 of them all followed the same person suddenly, MagicRecs would send you a direct message with the name of the account and which of your friends followed it. If a bunch of your friends all retweeted the same tweet, MagicRecs would let you know about that, too.
  • The 'Mass Effect' theme park attraction opens in May (2016-04-29 14:25:00)
  • Michigan is considering criminalizing vehicle hacking, which is a bad idea (2016-04-29 14:20:27)
    Hacking into a vehicle's electronic system or exploiting its internal bugs would be punishable for some offenders by life in prison under legislation recently introduced in the Michigan Senate, according to Automotive News. The Republican-sponsored bills are an attempt to heighten regulation on the state's emerging connected and autonomous vehicle industry, but it could end up discouraging well-meaning security researchers from finding potentially dangerous bugs in vehicle systems. Mike Kowall, the Senate majority floor leader and prime sponsor of the bills, told Automotive News that the penalty was so steep because the stakes of car hacking, in which attackers could remotely take control of a vehicle's transmission, brakes, and even steering, were so huge.
  • GM design chief Ed Welburn on his 44-year legacy and the high-tech future of the connected car (2016-04-29 14:14:32)
    When Ed Welburn retires from his post as General Motors' global design chief this July, he'll be leaving behind a 44-year legacy that cuts right through the most turbulent era in GM's long history. There was the culling of the Pontiac, Oldsmobile, and Saturn brands; bankruptcy and a federal bailout; the 1973 energy crisis that flipped the American auto industry upside down and heralded the rise of fierce Japanese competition.
  • Who hacked Facebook? (2016-04-29 14:02:00)
  • Life in airplane mode (2016-04-29 14:01:02)
    I don't have much money lately. Or, rather, I’m bad with money lately. I end up with enough to pay a few bills and buy food, but for a few months now I've failed to pay my phone bill. So I have a phone, but I don't have a phone number or mobile data. No text messages, no phone calls.
  • Microsoft closes Fable developer Lionhead Studios (2016-04-29 13:51:03)
    Following the cancelation of its latest game last month, Fable developer Lionhead Studios is shutting down. Lionhead's parent company Microsoft confirmed the news to Polygon today, saying that it is working to place former Lionhead employees in different divisions of Microsoft or at outside gaming companies. "We can confirm that after much consideration over the six week consultation period with Lionhead employees, we have reached the decision to close Lionhead Studios," a Microsoft spokesperson tells The Verge.
  • The NSA doesn’t even know how many Americans it’s spying on (2016-04-29 13:50:39)
    The National Security Agency ( NSA ), which is behind some of the world's most sophisticated mass surveillance operations, can’t say how many Americans it’s spying on in these endeavors. That’s not because it’s a secret, though that might be a reason too. It’s because the agency's operations are so vast that it can't even figure out the number. MUST SEE:  This is how I make my iPhone look so much better than yours According to Quartz , National Intelligence Director James Clapper said at a press briefing that the agency has no idea how many American citizens it spies on. “We’re looking at several options right now, none of which are optimal,” he said. “Many people find that unsatisfactory, but that is a fact.” U.S. senators Ron Wyden, Mark Udall and others asked the agency for a ballpark estimate on April 22nd. “We are not asking you for an exact count. Today, our request is simply for a rough estimate.” The NSA couldn't answer. In theory, the NSA is forbidden from spying on U.S. citizens. But in practice, a secret 2015 court ruling unsealed this week reveals that warrantless spying has been approved by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Courts for general investigations in the U.S. Furthermore, the NSA says it wants to share access to communications databases with other domestic law enforcement agencies, including the FBI. But the reason that the NSA can’t answer this important question yet is that its surveillance operations are massive, and data might overlap. There are two major spying programs that collect data about U.S. individuals, revealed by the Snowden leaks as PRISM and Upstream. With PRISM, the NSA requests data including emails, texts , video chats, photos, and more from tech companies, which have to provide it. Upstream is a goldmine of data, on the other hand. The NSA is believed to tap about 80% of the world’s data traffic via undersea fiber-optic cables.
  • Edit images with Apple Photos (2016-04-29 13:50:00)
    Apple's Photos for OS X offers a solid set of editing tools for sprucing up your images.
  • Drake levels Chrysler for making a knockoff Bentley (2016-04-29 13:40:09)
    Drake released his fourth studio album Views last night, but we're not here to talk about the merits of the album — we're here to discuss the verbal ass whooping Mr. Graham put on the Chrysler 300. On the opening track "Keep The Family Close" Drake decides to wreck Chrysler's social identity when he uses the Chrysler 300, the company's flagship car that closely resembles a Bentley, as a metaphor for unfulfilled potential.
  • The 'Dark Souls' franchise is over... for now (2016-04-29 13:39:00)
  • First Zika death in the US reported in Puerto Rico (2016-04-29 13:35:03)
    For the first time, a person in the US has died of complications related to the Zika virus, CNBC reports. Puerto Rico's health secretary announced today that a 70-year-old man with Zika died in February from severe thrombocytopenia, a condition of the blood that can lead to internal bleeding. For adults, dying from the Zika virus is unusual.
  • Skullcandy's Grind Wireless are reliable and inexpensive Bluetooth headphones (2016-04-29 13:31:29)
    There are really only a handful of things I look for in wireless Bluetooth headphones: comfort, sound quality, and wireless reliability. Skullcandy's new Grind Wireless, a set of Bluetooth headphones that hit stores earlier this month, do well in all of those areas and only cost $89.99. The Grind Wireless look just like the wired version of the Grind, which means they have a minimal design, round, on-ear cups, a metal headband, and a padded top.
  • You'll be able to watch Olympics highlights on Snapchat (2016-04-29 13:28:21)
    The Olympics have been a reliable cash cow for NBC going back for decades, but a younger generation isn't nearly as interested in watching linear television. The highlights will appear in the "live stories" feed and will include a mix of content licensed from NBC and snaps from athletes and fans. The Snapchat deal marks the first time NBC has allowed Olympics highlights to be broadcast anywhere but on NBC-owned properties.
  • Apple's stock suffers worst week since 2013 (2016-04-29 13:27:51)
    By Noel Randewich SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Apple was set on Friday to have its worst week on the stock market since 2013, as worries festered about a slowdown in iPhone sales and after influential shareholder Carl Icahn revealed he sold his entire stake. Shares of Apple, a mainstay of many Wall Street portfolios and the largest component of the S&P 500, have dropped 11 percent in the past five sessions. Confidence in the Cupertino, California company has been shaken since posting its first-ever quarterly decline in iPhone sales and first revenue drop in 13 years on Tuesday, although Apple investors pointed to the stock's relatively low valuation as a key reason to hold onto the stock.
  • Cloud seeding returns to LA, but no one is sure if it works (2016-04-29 13:27:24)
    This was the famous "Pineapple Express," a band of weather so saturated with water vapor that meteorologists call it an "atmospheric river" flowing through the sky. Forecasters had predicted that much-needed rains would come from these systems, spit out by a supersized El Niño, but an unusual bubble of high pressure had sat over Southern California all winter, keeping January and February sunny and dry. As the clouds swept over the LA Basin and east over the San Gabriel Mountains, 10 Automatic High Output Generators (AHOGS) contracted by the LA County Department of Public Works began to fire.
  • The hottest PDF release of 2016 is finally here (2016-04-29 13:23:18)
    Last night, hours before Drake's fourth studio album was set to be released, the rapper took to Instagram to belatedly join in the week-long Views album artwork Photoshop party. The Views album artwork was always meant to inspire memes, just like the music video for "Hotline Bling" was always meant to fast-track an alright single from the shadows to the song of autumn.
  • Hidden design details that will make you want Tesla’s Model 3 even more (2016-04-29 13:21:01)
    Hundreds of thousands of Tesla fans have been throwing money at the company to buy its cheapest electric car yet, securing their place in line to purchase the Model 3. Many of them preordered the car even before Tesla revealed its design and specs. In the meantime, almost everything is known about the Model 3 at this point, but a new report reveals hidden design details that might make Tesla’s new Model 3 one of the best electric cars money can buy in any price range. At least, for the time being. DON’T MISS:  This is how I make my iPhone look so much better than yours Tesla’s Model 3 has to have a smaller battery to be more affordable than other models, but that doesn’t mean it’ll have reduced range. Tesla already said that Model 3 should be able to travel over 215 miles on a single charge of a battery that’s smaller than 60 kWh. How is it possible? Aerodynamics. Elon Musk also said that Model 3 will have a 0.21 Cd drag coefficient, which would make the car the most aerodynamic mass production car ever made, according to Electrek . Tesla’s Model S and Model X already achieved the lowest drag coefficients in their respective segments, but Model 3 will be even better. How is that possible? Exa’s vice president of ground transportation application Ales Alajbegovic speculated on the aerodynamic design of Model 3, suggesting that certain design lines – like that ugly grille – are intentional choices meant to reduce drag. Tesla is rumored to use Exa’s digital simulation tool to develop its cars, but Exa doesn’t have access to results of those tests. “Tesla uses Exa’s PowerFLOW digital simulation software in-house to design its cars,” the exec said. “We don’t see the process, but by analyzing the cars that Musk unveiled at the end of March, we can see where Tesla has innovated.” He then explained that some of the design lines Tesla used in wheels and grille are all backed up by aerodynamics principles intended to make the car more efficient. These design tricks might make the Model 3 appear "ugly" when compared to other cars, but they're key to making sure the car can offer incredible range in spite of a smaller battery. “The differing turbine-blade styling not only comes across as fresh and appealing, but it also directs the flow of the air under the body of the car to reduce drag," Alajbegovic said about the wheels. “That’s smart. Tesla could have used an active aero solution that closed the vanes on the wheels at speed, but they chose not to. In fact, it appears there are no active aero devices on the Model 3, which reduces the cost of making it.” He then went on to explain the grille shape. “Here only the shape remains. A more wedged front end, such as used by rear-engined Porsches, might well be more desirable aerodynamically, but Tesla could be using the grille shape with its rounded edges to control the air flow over the top or round the sides of the car,” Alajbegovic said. He continued, “The Model 3 also employs air curtains in the lower fender that exit ahead of the front tires to provide a drag-reducing air stream over the wheels, while helping the flow transition smoothly around the sides of the vehicle,” he said. “The underbody is likely to be flat and smooth, ending with a rear diffuser to control the air coming from under the car.” How important is aerodynamics? The exec said that by reducing drag from 0.32 to 0.24 – which seems like a minimal improvement – Tesla managed to increase the range by 50 miles. So, before you complain about the Model 3’s design, best remember that the company may have compromised on style so that you can afford to purchase a car that drives for more than 200 miles on a charge. Knowing how much skill and expertise went into these design elements makes you wonder what other surprises are in store, and it might make you want Tesla's Model 3 even more.
  • 'Doom' creators pull 'Blackroom' Kickstarter after four days (2016-04-29 13:19:00)
  • Help Mii! How Nintendo Can Survive a Rough 2016 (2016-04-29 13:08:34)
    Now that both the Nintendo NX and the long-awaited Legend of Zelda sequel are slated for 2017, Nintendo fans don't have a whole lot to look forward to for the rest of this year. Fire Emblem, on the other hand, promises to cater to fans of the hardcore tactical role-playing series.
  • Once Upon A Weird: Bedtime Stories Go VR (2016-04-29 13:08:22)
    Dubbed Bedtime VR Stories, Samsung's latest app allows parents or guardians to read a story to their children in virtual reality. The parent straps on a Gear VR, while the child dons a Google Cardboard headset. For this test, Cardboard comes with one of three character masks, so kids can decorate their viewer for a fun arts and crafts project.
  • Fitbit wins big in trade ruling vs. Jawbone (2016-04-29 13:03:12)
    Fitbit scored a victory in a trade dispute against Jawbone this morning, with a judge ruling that some of the Jawbone patents at the heart of the dispute were invalid. Jawbone had been seeking to block Fitbit from importing its products into the U.S. based on the patent claims, but after today's ruling, that looks less likely. The official court filing states that the claims on certain patents "seek a monopoly on the abstract ideas of monopoly on the abstract ideas of collecting and monitoring sleep and other health-related data," and are therefore ineligible.
  • The curious case of 'Quadrilateral Cowboy' (2016-04-29 13:00:00)
  • Roaming fees in Europe get cheaper on April 30th before vanishing next year (2016-04-29 12:59:50)
    Europe is putting an end to the roaming fees that can quickly add up on a consumer's wireless bill, but before that happens, the charges will first be capped. Beginning April 30th, roaming charges across the European Union can be no higher than €0.05 per minute for outgoing voice calls, €0.02 for texts, and €0.05 per megabyte for data usage (VAT excluded).
  • Puma built a fast robot to race fast humans (2016-04-29 12:58:03)
    If you're an athlete sponsored by Puma, you're about to get a new toy. The shoe company partnered with ad agency J. Walter Thompson New York to create the Puma BeatBot, a self-driving robot built to help runners train. The BeatBot, which looks like a rolling shoebox with LED lights, can trace a perfect line around a track at world record speeds to help give professional runners a physical target to chase down.
  • 7 Awesome Resources To Sharpen Your Coding Skills (2016-04-29 12:54:47)
    Coding - That word can scare away a lot of people. It is also the thing that confers special "nerd" status to some people.With a growing emphasis on STEM jobs like never before; and many governments from all over the world facilitating and fueling the startup culture; learning to code is fast becoming a must-have skill in your arsenal. The good...
  • Samsung brings nightly storytime into VR for busy parents (2016-04-29 12:44:00)
  • Vice President Joe Biden lost 10 bucks betting against a Tesla Model S in a drag race (2016-04-29 12:32:15)
    Whatever your feelings about President Obama and his time in office, I believe we, as a nation, can agree he gave us one pure, unquestionably great thing: the Vice Presidency of Joseph R. Biden.
  • Samsung's Artik is the perfect example of why IoT is confusing (2016-04-29 12:30:37)
    Samsung held a developer conference this week in San Francisco. The company talked about a bunch of neat stuff! An untethered VR headset. A personal assistance robot called Otto. Utilizing a new graphics API in Android to improve battery life. Using Samsung Pay to get cash from ATMS. Giving developers access to the fancy car dongle that turns your car into something smarter. CNet has a nice roundup of everything Samsung announced.
  • Meet Rep. Ted Lieu, a Congressman who says encryption is a ‘national security priority’ (2016-04-29 12:27:26)
    Ted Lieu is one of the few bona fide computer geeks in Congress. Even if you didn’t already know the California Democrat is one of only four congressmen (out of a total of 535) with a computer science degree, it’s the kind of thing that quickly becomes apparent when talking to the Stanford grad about a range of privacy and encryption matters. For starters, he recently downloaded and started using WhatsApp, the Facebook-owned messaging platform that earlier this month defaulted to end-to-end encryption for all users. He’s not only a supporter of strong encryption without backdoors — Lieu considers it “a national security priority.” DON'T MISS:  Completely change the look of your iPhone with round folder icons, no jailbreak needed Earlier this year, he co-sponsored legislation that would introduce a National Commission on Security and Technology Challenges. Essentially, it would impanel a group of digital security experts to make recommendations on how law enforcement can pursue investigations without undermining privacy protections or the competitiveness of U.S. tech companies. It’s also not every day you hear a sitting U.S. congressman ask you, as Lieu did during a conversation with BGR: “Hey, by the way, do you watch ‘Mr. Robot?’ … I actually don’t think the show is far-fetched at all.” As the idealogical fault lines over encryption and privacy continue to sharpen and government officials past and present continue moving over to this or that side of the line, Lieu represents an influential addition to the debate. Notwithstanding his membership in the minority party in the House, he’s a current federal lawmaker who thinks that writing new laws around encryption and privacy is something the government isn’t ready to tackle quite yet. “My general view is I’m a great believer in both state and federal legislatures,” Lieu told BGR. At the same time, though, Lieu thinks that persuading lawmakers to pass legislation that tries to prevent situations like the recent flap between the FBI and Apple over an iPhone belonging to one of the San Bernadino shooters isn’t the right approach. “(Legislatures) do a lot of good for America, but there are some things we’re not,” he continued. “We are not nimble. We are not quick. We’re not elegant. And the law is often a very blunt instrument to try to address a problem. With technology, it’s pretty much the exact opposite of all of those characteristics. My view is you have to have very precise and well-written laws to address issues on technology. That’s often hard to do. And if you can’t do it right, my view is we shouldn’t be doing it at all.” Former Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff, who today has a security consultancy called the Chertoff Group, is among a set of ex-national security types mentioned in a New York Times piece a few days ago who - perhaps surprisingly - side with Lieu when it comes to encryption. They include officials like former director of national intelligence Mike McConnell; former CIA director R. James Woolsey and former White House counterterrorism official Richard Clarke, among others. This is from a 28-page report prepared by the Chertoff group about encryption: “Efforts to constrain encryption through forms of extraordinary access (for law enforcement) will inevitably introduce vulnerabilities into the security of consumer products in ways that are likely to have an adverse long-term effect on the security, privacy, and civil liberties of citizens … our conclusion is that a mandate to require extraordinary lawful access to commercial encryption products would incur greater social, security, and economic costs than the benefits it would achieve. Based on what we know today from the public record, we recommend against the enactment of (an) extraordinary lawful access requirement.” Lieu, for his part, thinks now is also the least ideal time for congress to try to get involved. “That’s why you have (defense secretary) Ash Carter coming out publicly saying he’s a strong believer in strong encryption without back doors, and that he doesn’t believe legislation should be done in times of grief and anger,” Lieu says. “The FBI tries to frame this as privacy versus safety. And when you frame it that way, of course you’d say, well, we want our lives. But that’s not the proper frame. Because you can’t do back doors just for the good guys. “My view is there’s not a lot of technical expertise in congress. I’m the only Democrat with a computer science degree. Before we wade into this fast-evolving area, let’s take a step back, get all the relevant information and consult with experts before moving forward.”
  • The best universal remote control (2016-04-29 12:21:00)
  • Netflix is giving the Punisher his own show (2016-04-29 12:19:00)
  • Podcast: Business Technology Weekly - All the tech in China (2016-04-29 12:17:00)
    Dial in to TechRepublic's news podcast featuring top headlines, tech trends, and thoughtful stories. This week we discuss AI and Microsoft Azure, with Jason Hiner reporting live on innovation in China.
  • Ricky Gervais invents a different kind of lying in his Netflix movie Special Correspondents (2016-04-29 12:13:08)
    Ricky Gervais’ third directorial project, made for Netflix on what looks like a tiny budget, is modestly hilarious when it keeps the story proportional to its funding. Gervais, who scripted Special Correspondents as a remake of the 2009 French farce Envoyés Très Spéciaux, stars as Ian Finch, an engineer at a New York City news-radio station that’s looking to boost flagging ratings.
  • Never-before-seen footage of Tesla’s Model S and Model X manufacturing process (2016-04-29 12:02:49)
    While Tesla's preoccupation with product secrecy is nowhere near as obsessive as Apple's, the company over the past few years has become a bit more guarded about the happenings at its Fremont factory. Over the past few months, however,  Tesla  has seemingly become a bit more willing to pull back the curtain of secrecy ever so slightly. This past February, for instance, Tesla allowed - for the first time in 5 years - a news crew to visit the factory where it manufactures the Model S and the Model X. Naturally, the crew managed to capture never before seen footage of Tesla's Model X production line. DON'T MISS:  This is how I make my iPhone look so much better than yours More recently, Tesla allowed what appears to be a German site that predominantly tests iPhone and iPad accessories into its Fremont factory where they managed to film never before seen footage of the Model X manufacturing process. Featuring compelling footage of the Model X assembly line, bolstered of course by Tesla's army of futuristic and advanced robots, the video provides a fascinating look into the advanced processes that comprise Tesla's intricate production process. But perhaps the coolest part of the video is when we're given a quick peek at how Tesla manages to attach battery packs to cars on the production line. As the video below demonstrates, Tesla relies upon automated guided vehicles to transport the batteries across the factory floor. From there, the battery is pushed up to the floor of the waiting car. For anyone with even a passing interest in Tesla, the video is chock-full of interesting information. Note that the video is in German, so make sure that closed captioning is toggled on.
  • The Only Streaming Stick You Need (2016-04-29 12:00:00)
    Everything you need to know about Roku's Streaming Stick.
  • The director of 'Madagascar' takes on the wild west of VR (2016-04-29 12:00:00)
  • The tough questions of ethical content creation in VR (2016-04-29 11:59:26)
    A panel at the Silicon Valley Virtual Reality Conference discussed ethical questions virtual reality content creators should bear in mind.
  • Cortana won't let you search with Google in Windows 10 (2016-04-29 11:43:00)
  • Uber is offering yacht rentals in Dubai because it's still a luxury product (2016-04-29 11:41:47)
    Uber's stated mission is "transportation as reliable as running water." Now, that literally includes luxury vessels that operate on running water. This Saturday, Uber is offering yacht rentals to residents of Dubai for 300 AED (or $82). Uber's Dubai general manager, Christopher Free, said the new Uber Yacht service is an outgrowth of the success of the ride-hail company's on-demand helicopter service at Coachella, Sundance, and in the Hamptons.
  • Today’s best paid iPhone and iPad apps on sale for free (2016-04-29 11:37:13)
    It's time to close out the week with one last batch of paid iPhone and iPad apps on sale for free. Yesterday's list included a whopping 15 premium apps that were all made free for a short time, and a number of them are still free downloads today as well. Friday's list packs 10 new apps though, and you'll find them all laid out below. MUST SEE:  This is how I make my iPhone look so much better than yours These are paid iPhone and iPad apps that have been made available for free for a limited time by their developers. There is no way to tell how long they will be free. These sales could end an hour from now or a week from now — obviously, the only thing we can guarantee is that they were free at the time this post was written. If you click on a link and see a price listed next to an app instead of the word “get,” it is no longer free. The sale has ended. If you download the app, you will be charged. Mobo WiFi Pro Normally $0.99. Do you want to get the info of the Wifi hotspot around? This app will help you easy and fast to do that! We had a lot of the Wifi hotspot info over the world! Main functions: - Detect your location and get free the Wifi. 1、WiFi Map to find more free WiFi. 2、Discovery channel . 3、Take screenshot to find WiFi spots. 4、Now you can test your WiFi speed. Download Mobo WiFi Pro OftenType Normally $1.99. Use quick keys to avoid repeated typing of email, surname, signature and many more! Featured in "Best Apps" list by "It’s the perfect app for users who need access to snippets of content over and over." OftenType is a custom keyboard app which expands iPhone keyboard with additional quick keys keypad. You can easily increase your productivity by optimizing repeated typing. After set up you’ll only need one tap to type email, surname, address and other thing you have to type over and over again. FEATURES: - unlimited keys quantity - easy to set up and use - secure information storage - icons set for all your needs - extensions to store up to 4 snippets in one key - multiple lines of text in one key - clear iOS style interface IMPORTANT: Your data is securely stored on your iPhone, we don’t spy on what you are typing. OftenType PRIVACY POLICY: - We do not collect any data you enter inside your custom quick keys. It is stored locally on your device. - We do not record your login information, IDs, addresses, e-mails etc. that you store in the app. - We need Full Access to load your data from application to quick keys outside the app. It's the only way in iOS design to use quick keys for custom information. - We do not use internet connection to copy or view the data inside your quick keys. Default keys set includes email, name, address, phone, phrases to texting, signature, company name & security ID. All titles are customizable, you can use them for any other texts you have to type often. Please, mind that password form fields usually disable third party keyboards. It’s beyond our power to fix this, though it’s more secure not to store your password inside an app. Download OftenType PDF to Audio Offline Normally $0.99. This app is working 100% in offline mode: - Read (offline) - Listen (offline) - View (offline) - Scan (offline) - Annotate (offline) Read, Listen, View, Scan, Annotate almost anything you want on your iPad and iPhone. This super quick tool will help you stay better organised. You will use it constantly, at home, office, university or on the road, every single day. This app can convert for you any Text File (PDF, RTF, FB2, TXT, PPT, DOC, XLS, HTML) to speech and more then this you can save this audio file. Another great thing that you can do is that he will read the text from any photo. 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  • Obama announces new steps to curb gun violence (2016-04-29 11:36:36)
    President Barack Obama announced new steps Friday to help curb gun violence, including by identifying the requirements that "smart guns" would have to meet for law enforcement agencies to buy ...
  • Why Hollywood will adapt web videos and memes into big summer movies (2016-04-29 11:32:46)
    While nostalgically binging on old internet comedy from my childhood, I was struck by an epiphany: just as the comical repacking of 1980s nostalgia during the 2000s made cheap toys and crummy cartoons into flashy movies, so too will the web videos of the late 1990s and early 2000s become fodder for shallow, rushed movies and brand tie-ins over the next decade. Maybe, somehow, in the shadow of the superhero movie glut, you've already forgotten the rush to adapt board games into movies. In the mid-2000s, I and members of my generation — folks who are too old to identify as millennials, and too young to care about Pearl Jam — collectively lost our minds when toy company Hasbro threatened to adapt the intellectual properties of our childhood into films.
  • Supreme Court approves legal authority to hack anonymous computers (2016-04-29 11:31:11)
    It just got a lot easier for law enforcement agents to hack anonymous computers over the internet. Last night, the Supreme Court approved changes to the rules of criminal procedure, enabling warrants for searches of remote computers, regardless of their physical location. A number of experts have criticized hacking warrants as granting unnecessarily broad powers. In a 2014 editorial, law professor Ahmed Ghappour argued the warrants would result in widespread intrusions into other countries, potentially violating other countries' sovereignty.
  • How Technical Do Product Designers Need to Be? (2016-04-29 11:29:42)
    How technical do Product Designers need to be in order to be effective at their job? originally appeared on Quora - the knowledge sharing network where compelling questions are answered by people with unique insights. Answer by Adam Michela, Designer and Engineer at Facebook, Airbnb, Dropbox, Last, Gowalla, and more, on Quora.I believe that the...
  • 20th Century Fox will skip Comic-Con to avoid trailer leaks (2016-04-29 11:23:00)
  • EU roaming charges drop sharply on Saturday (2016-04-29 11:15:18)
    The European Union will scrap phone roaming charges outright on June 15, 2017 ending fees loathed by millions of holidaymakers and business travellers across Europe. "This is not only about Europeans saving money, this is about bringing down barriers in the digital single market". "We welcome the slashing of roaming prices," said Monique Goyens, head of the European Consumer Organisation.
  • Watch Seth Rogen and Zac Efron lose to Conan O’Brien at Mario Kart 8 (2016-04-29 11:12:52)
    Clueless Gamer is one of our favorite segments on Conan O'Brien's TBS show. Typically Conan gets to sit down with a hotly anticipated game weeks before its release and stumble through it with his producer Aaron Bleyaert or a celebrity guest. This week was different, as Conan decided to play the Wii U classic Mario Kart 8 with Seth Rogen and Zac Efron to promote  Neighbors 2 . SEE ALSO:  New report sheds light on Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox One hardware updates In case you missed the first movie, Neighbors is about a couple who have to deal with the fact that the house next door to them turns into a fraternity house. In the sequel, the same thing happens again, but this time with a sorority. Keeping with tradition, Conan decided to play Mario Kart 8 with Rogen and Efron, but it wouldn't be any fun if there weren't stakes. So Rogen and Efron decide that if Conan loses, they get to draw on his face. What exactly do they get to draw on his face? Well, you'll have to watch the video (NSFW) to find out: To be honest, I'm not 100% sure how they got away with this, even on cable television. It's incredibly entertaining, but I imagine Team Coco won't use the same rules if they end up play Uncharted 4 or Doom in the next few weeks. Neighbors 2 comes to theaters on May 20th, 2016.
  • New trailers: Snowden, Southside With You, X-Men: Apocalypse, and more (2016-04-29 11:11:48)
    It's a weird week when Edward Snowden is the biggest action hero in new movie trailers, but here we are and I guess it's kind of great? Snowden very much appears to be a pop-friendly retelling of those events, but it may well do a good job of explaining to people the gist of what happened and what's still going on — even if that means having to hear Nicolas Cage reference the "internet haystack." Snowden comes out on September 16th.
  • How SpaceX's Red Dragon could change the way we land on Mars (2016-04-29 11:03:02)
    SpaceX's bold plan to put a Dragon spacecraft on Mars in 2018 will rely on a type of landing technique known as propulsive landing — a way of using rocket engines to go down instead of up. As the Dragon descends toward the Martian surface, eight SuperDraco engines embedded in the spacecraft's hull will fire, slowing down the vehicle's descent and allowing it to land gently on the ground. It's akin to how SpaceX lands the first stages of its Falcon 9 rockets on Earth, and it could be a revolutionary way of landing on Mars.
  • Red Bull debuts its partially closed cockpit solution (2016-04-29 11:00:57)
    The Red Bull Racing Formula One team officially debuted its partially closed cockpit solution during practice this morning in Russia. The Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA), the sport's governing body, announced in February that Formula One cars will be required to use some sort of cockpit protection starting in the 2017 season. Red Bull is calling its solution the "aeroscreen," and driver Daniel Ricciardo took one lap with it fixed to his car.
  • 'A Beautiful Planet' offers a bold new look at Earth in IMAX 3D (2016-04-29 11:00:00)
  • Everything coming to Netflix, Amazon Prime, and HBO Now in May (2016-04-29 10:58:43)
    There’s an existential question that the staff of The Verge has struggled with since we launched the site: what is the best version of Blade Runner? This May it’s going to get a little more difficult to make an evaluation, because the theatrical cut of the film is disappearing from Netflix.
  • This is how I make my iPhone look so much better than yours (2016-04-29 10:47:54)
    Every time I publish a post that includes a photo of my iPhone at the top of the page, my email inbox and Twitter DM box fill up a little quicker than usual. Why? People always seem to love the wallpapers I use on my iPhone. I'm not a designer and I don't do anything particularly special to find wallpapers or to make them, but I do put some effort into the wallpapers I use. There are so few things Apple allows users to do to customize the look of the iPhone, so I try whatever I can to give my phone a little extra flair. How do I always manage to make my iPhone look so much better than yours? It's time to let the cat out of the bag. MUST SEE:  Completely change the look of your iPhone with round folder icons, no jailbreak needed My secret really isn't a secret at all. In fact, I've written about it before here on BGR. I'm a big fan of minimalism, which is probably why I like the look of iOS so much in general following Apple's big UI revamp that eliminated skeuomorphism. Beyond the general style of the OS though, that also means that I like to keep things simple with my wallpapers. Some people like to use photos as their wallpapers and as they say, to each his (or her) own. I have a few issues with using photographs as wallpapers, though, and the biggest is that they're often too busy and bright. As a result, icons and especially the text beneath them tend to get lost in the fray. Photos on your lock screen are fine, on the other hand. You'll still see your baby, or a sports car, or your cat, or whatever else all the time, and the iPhone UI darkens and blurs the lock screen wallpaper anytime notifications are displayed above it. As a result, notification text is still crystal clear regardless of the image shown behind it. On home screens that's not the case, so I do the blurring myself. It really couldn't be easier. You can use any one of dozens or even hundreds of photo editors to blur images on the iPhone (or on Android, of course), but I use a free app called Gradify . In addition to blurring, it also lets you add patterns or manipulate colors if you want. Open the app, load any photo you'd like, and get to work. Once you get the hang of the controls, it typically takes less than 20 seconds to blur an image to your liking and then save it to the camera roll. As an extra step if the photo I start with it particularly bright or colorful, I sometimes also then open it in the Photos app on the iPhone and tweak the saturation or brightness a bit using the built-in editor. The colors and content of the photo you start with will obviously determine what the end result looks like, so be sure to play with lots of source photos. You'll find an example below (click to enlarge). Before: After: As you can see in those pictures, I sometimes use the original photo on my lock screen and the blurred version on my home screen just to add an additional layer of cohesiveness to my iPhone's UI. I'll do my best to keep responding to as many "Hey can you send me that wallpaper?!" emails as I can, but I figured it was about time I teach a man to fish.
  • John Romero puts Blackroom Kickstarter on hold to finish gameplay demo (2016-04-29 10:47:36)
    Just a few days ago John Romero, the iconic game designer best known for his work on Doom and Quake, launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund a new, classic-style first-person shooter called Blackroom. Prior to being cancelled, the Blackroom Kickstarter raised more than $130,000 from just over 2,200 backers.
  • Gfinity's eSports broadcasts now offer multiple perspectives (2016-04-29 10:46:00)
  • Belgium plans to distribute iodine pills to entire country in case of nuclear catastrophe (2016-04-29 10:44:35)
    Belgium plans to distribute iodine pills across the country as a safety measure against a nuclear disaster, according to a report from the BBC. Although the 11-million-person country previously had rules for distributing the pills to only some people located near nuclear power plants in the country, the health minister reportedly said that a new proposal would distribute the pills nationally. Iodine pills, which can help block the absorption of some radioactive material, have long been distributed in places around the world as a precautionary measure.
  • Who knew RC helicopter stunts could be so cool? (2016-04-29 10:35:55)
    For years, flying RC helicopters has been a hobby for many enthusiasts. But few people have done it as well as Tareq Alsaadi, who has seemingly mastered the art(?) of doing insane tricks that could never be replicated in an actual helicopter. In what can only be described as five minutes of unexpected entertainment, Alsaadi flips and twists and starts and stops his helicopter across a field in South Africa, ultimately leading us down a YouTube rabbit hole that will take us straight into the weekend.
  • How I Embraced My Failure (2016-04-29 10:27:48)
    I grew up poor. My family and I lived in a studio apartment in Delhi. I had one set of clothes, one pair of shoes, and I remember my father going an entire winter without a sweater. Seeing my parents struggle, I felt a duty to help the family by earning money when I was old enough. I rounded up a few friends and sold phones we purchased at a...
  • Amazon's profit and revenue surge sweeps away doubts (2016-04-29 10:24:39) Inc's shares jumped in early trading on Friday, a day after the company reported profit and revenue that swept away analysts' estimates along with doubts about the online retailer's investment spree. "While it's tempting to try to pull out each component of AMZN’s strong 1Q (and generally recent) performance, we think it's the combination of many factors - the 'AMZN Flywheel', Prime, a growing distribution footprint, getting closer to customers, 3P (third party), AWS … the list goes on." The "Amazon Flywheel" refers to founder Jeff Bezos' strategy of offering the biggest selection of goods at the lowest prices and providing the best customer experience to create a "positive feedback loop".
  • YouTube is changing Content ID to be kinder to video creators (2016-04-29 10:23:00)
  • Indonesian ride-hailing firm Go-Jek needs more funds in market fight-CEO (2016-04-29 10:22:11)
    Go-Jek, a play on the local word for motorbike taxis, has become popular among commuters on the traffic-clogged streets of Jakarta as its phone app removes much of the hassle of finding a driver and negotiating fares. Go-Jek, which has a network of more than 200,000 motorbike taxi drivers, is battling aggressively with other ride-hailing apps such as Grab and Uber [UBER.UL], driving rates lower to gain market share in the country of 250 million people. The company, which already operates in big Indonesian cities like Bandung and Surabaya, also plans to broaden its reach and add more drivers.
  • Brian Eno's The Ship, and the family tree of ambient music (2016-04-29 10:07:06)
    How is Brian Eno still finding uncharted waters after half a century spent making music? On The Ship, his first solo album in four years, Eno fuses his signature yawning soundscapes and substantive vocal work for the first time. The result is an album that occupies a space somewhere in between the ambient realm Eno helped to define and traditional songcraft.
  • Casio Smart Outdoor Watch review: Android Wear climbs a mountain (2016-04-29 10:02:31)
    As a company that’s very used to getting people to strap little computers to their wrist, however, it’s perhaps not surprising that Casio has taken a different approach with its first smartwatch. It’s safe to say I’m not really a hiker, but I did want to test the Smart Outdoor Watch as fully as I could, so I strapped it to my wrist one recent weekend and set off to the summit of Mount Takao — a popular and reasonably non-threatening mountain just outside Tokyo. To understand the Smart Outdoor Watch at all, you have to understand the category it sits in — and I don’t mean smartwatches as a whole.
  • Japan's most powerful X-ray satellite is dead (2016-04-29 10:00:00)
  • ‘The Punisher’ will be Marvel’s next Netflix series (2016-04-29 09:59:50)
    It looks like The Punisher made an impact. On Friday, Marvel announced that Netflix has officially ordered a Punisher spin-off series following the character's critically praised debut in the second season of  Daredevil . Jon Bernthal will reprise his role as Frank Castle with Steve Lightfoot ( Hannibal ) serving as executive producer and showrunner. SEE ALSO:  Captain America: Civil War’s post-credits scenes have been revealed The Punisher will be the sixth Marvel series ordered by Netflix, following Daredevil , Jessica Jones , Luke Cage , Iron Fist and the ensemble miniseries The Defenders . It's still unknown whether or not The Punisher will join The Defenders now that he's starring in his own series, but there are definitely still plenty of threads to explore. "We want to thank the fans who are clamoring for more of Jon’s stunning and powerful performance as Frank Castle from 'Marvel’s Daredevil,'" said Executive Producer/Head of Marvel Television, Jeph Loeb, "Now combined with Showrunner Steve Lightfoot’s compelling writing, we’re thrilled to bring 'Marvel’s The Punisher' to Netflix." No release date or plot information was revealed, but with Luke Cage releasing this September and The Defenders expected to begin production before the end of the year, it might be a while before we see Frank Castle again. Until then, we can just keep watching Daredevil season 2 over and over again to get our Punisher fix.
  • Google faces first EU fine in 2016 with no deal on cards: sources (2016-04-29 09:52:11)
    Google is likely to face its first European Union antitrust sanction this year, with little prospect of it settling a test case with the bloc's regulator over its shopping service, people familiar with the matter said. There are few incentives left for either party to reach a deal in a six-year dispute that could set a precedent for Google searches for hotels, flights and other services and tests regulators' ability to ensure diversity on the Web. Alphabet Inc's Google, which was hit by a second EU antitrust charge this month for using its dominant Android mobile operating system to squeeze out rivals, shows little sign of backing down after years of wrangling with European authorities.
  • Everything wrong with the ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ plot (2016-04-29 09:42:47)
    Critics loved Star Wars: The Force Awakens  — let's not forget, though, that movie critics are often completely useless — and it’s definitely a movie to see this year. That doesn’t make this Star Wars episode perfect, however. We’re still looking at a clone of  A New Hope , and there are several plot holes that we're not terribly happy about. But the overall Star Wars universe J.J. Abrams envisioned is a very enjoyable one. Star Wars fans have probably noticed some of the issues with Episode VII , but if you haven’t then the following 19-minute video will show you some of the strange decisions Abrams & Co. made in movie. DON’T MISS: Captain America: Civil War's post-credits scenes have been revealed YouTube channel CinemaSins is an expert at roasting movies, and you must see the video it created for the latest Star Wars film. Not only does it highlight all the inconsistencies in The Force Awakens , but the clip does a tremendous job at recapping the entire movie in less than 20 minutes. The “bloopers” reel at the end is also hilarious – but we won’t spoil anything for you. That said, don’t watch this clip if you haven’t seen The Force Awakens yet because there are obviously plenty of spoilers . If you've already seen the movie, then it's time to check out how Disney messed up Episode VII. If you’re looking to see more funny Star Wars clips, check out this fake but hilarious outtakes video  starring Kylo Ren.
  • A river runs through it: Amazon's profit surge sweeps away doubts (2016-04-29 09:41:04)
    The source of's namesake river may be uncertain, but there's no doubt about where the online retailer's surging revenue is flowing from - just about everywhere. Inc's shares rose as much as 11.3 percent to $669.98 in early trading on Friday, a day after the company reported profit and revenue that swept away analysts' estimates. "While it's tempting to try to pull out each component of AMZN’s strong 1Q (and generally recent) performance, we think it's the combination of many factors - the 'AMZN Flywheel', Prime, a growing distribution footprint, getting closer to customers, 3P (third party), AWS … the list goes on." The "Amazon Flywheel" refers to founder Jeff Bezos' strategy of offering the biggest selection of goods at the lowest prices and providing the best customer experience to create a "positive feedback loop".
  • FCC introduces rules to prevent 5G price hike (2016-04-29 09:40:00)
  • Russia's nuclear nightmare flows down radioactive river (2016-04-29 09:38:04)
    MUSLYUMOVO, Russia (AP) — At first glance, Gilani Dambaev looks like a healthy 60-year-old man and the river flowing past his rural family home appears pristine. But Dambaev is riddled with diseases that his doctors link to a lifetime's exposure to excessive radiation, and the Geiger counter beeps loudly as a reporter strolls down to the muddy riverbank.
  • Fujifilm X-Pro2 review: my favorite camera (2016-04-29 09:36:52)
    Fujifilm’s new X-Pro2 is a tough camera to review by any ordinary metric — it’s an exotic tool that defies rational purchasing decisions. There are cameras in its price range that will give you better image quality, and there are cheaper cameras — even from Fujifilm — that offer more features. It’s still a convincing, chunky facsimile of a rangefinder camera, with shutter speed and exposure compensation dials designed to be used with lenses with aperture rings.
  • IBM launches new cloud services for blockchain (2016-04-29 09:32:37)
    IBM on Friday announced new services to help companies design and develop blockchain technology in a secure environment in the cloud, a network of computers where users are increasingly storing their data and computing work. The blockchain, the underlying technology behind bitcoin, is a digital tool for doing a slew of functions such as recording and verifying transactions. The technology, according to its many supporters, would make it easier to create cost-efficient business networks without requiring central control.
  • The Punisher is officially getting a series on Netflix (2016-04-29 09:30:56)
    After months of rumors, Netflix has officially given the green light for a The Punisher series. Entertainment Weekly reports that Marvel has just ordered a new series starring the gun-toting vigilante first introduced in Daredevil season 2. Jon Bernthal is set to reprise the role of Frank Castle, army veteran turned anti-hero, for the show. Writer and producer Steven Lightfoot will serve as showrunner.
  • Sling adds Spanish TV to its multi-stream beta (2016-04-29 09:21:00)
  • Everything we know about the suicide at Apple’s headquarters this week (2016-04-29 09:17:42)
    This has been an incredibly difficult week for Apple . The company shed more than $40 billion in market capitalization on Tuesday evening following its fiscal first-quarter earnings report, which showed a much steeper decline than Wall Street was expecting in both profit and iPhone sales. Then, just one day later, tragedy struck Apple's Cupertino, California headquarters when one of the company's employees was found dead in a conference room on campus. The story is still unfolding two days later. DON'T MISS:  Completely change the look of your iPhone with round folder icons, no jailbreak needed The Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office responded to a 9-1-1 call placed from Apple's Cupertino campus at approximately 8:35 a.m. PDT on Wednesday. According to a brief press conference later that morning, the call came from an Apple employee who said that there was a “person down” on campus. Upon responding, police found the body of a young male who was later confirmed to be an Apple employee. On Thursday evening, the Santa Clara County coroner’s office identified the deceased male as 25-year-old Edward Mackowiak, according to Reuters . A LinkedIn page that has now been deleted listed Mackowiak as a software engineer at Apple, and the company had earlier confirmed that he was an employee. A cause of death was then released on Friday morning. In a written statement, the Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office said: "The Medical Examiner determined the manner of death was suicide and the cause was a gunshot to the head." TMZ  had reported soon after the story broke on Wednesday morning that a gun was found by police near Mackowiak's body. “We are heartbroken by the tragic loss of a young and talented coworker,” an Apple spokesperson said on Thursday in a statement given  to Matt Keller , a reporter with local ABC affiliate ABC 7 . “Our thoughts and deepest sympathies go out to his family and friends, including the many people he worked with here at Apple. We are working to support them however we can in this difficult time.”
  • Sony wants to patent a contact lens camera with image stabilization and autofocus (2016-04-29 09:16:41)
    Every time I see a patent for these, I get slightly less freaked  outby the idea of putting electronics in my eye, and slightly more excited for my soon-to-be laser vision. The latest company to join in the hypothetical race for a technology that barely exists is Sony, with the Japanese tech company applying for its own smart contacts patent. The patent, which doesn't appear to have been approved yet, describes a "contact lens and storage medium" capable of controlling an "image pickup unit" (aka a camera).
  • McLaren has an F1 for sale, which is a big deal (2016-04-29 09:09:25)
    The McLaren F1 is widely regarded as the supercar's supercar: utterly dominant during its production run in the ’90s, still capable of running with the latest and greatest some 20 years later. It wasn't until Bugatti's Veyron came out that the F1 lost its title of world's fastest production car — and even now, it's the world's fastest production car with a naturally aspirated engine. MSO — McLaren's customization, restoration, and maintenance service — just announced that it is offering F1 chassis number 069 for sale, which was one of six F1s built in the final model year of 1998.
  • ICYMI: 3D-printed instrument, Humanoid diver and more (2016-04-29 09:00:00)
  • Telefonica first quarter net profit falls sharply (2016-04-29 08:54:00)
    Spanish telecoms giant Telefonica said Friday its net profit more than halved in the first quarter from same time last year when its results were inflated by the sale of its British operator 02. The company reported a net profit of 776 million euros ($879.7 million) during the first three months of the year, a 56.9 percent drop from the first quarter of 2015. Telefonica's results in the first quarter of 2015 were boosted by tax breaks related to the proposed $14 billion sale of its British mobile phone operator O2 to Hong Kong conglomerate Hutchison Whampoa.
  • Inventor builds incredible HoverBike that actually flies (2016-04-29 08:52:13)
    When he’s not busy designing thermite cannons  or wearable weapons that involve throwing flames, Colin Furze comes up with all sorts of clever ideas – or takes inspiration from his YouTube fans. For his latest stunt, he created an amazing HoverBike that can actually lift a person off the ground and fly around. DON’T MISS: Apple issues statement following apparent suicide at Cupertino headquarters Furze’s video are always intense and there’s no doubt about it, this creative man knows what he’s doing, even if he's not a trained engineer. We’ve seen many of his crazy contraptions in the past, and they always work. Sure, you might not find the HoverBike in a store anytime soon, and Furze’s concept needs plenty of polishing before becoming a commercial product. But the machine he’s made from scratch – okay, okay, some of the parts he purchased preassembled – is still impressive. The HoverBike, as he calls it, has no steering wheel, no breaks and no seat. But it’s got two motors and two accelerators that should be enough to get it airborne. In the following videos, you can see Furze’s detailed account of the build process, including the final video where the actual flight takes place. And yes, before you ask. There will be fireworks... just you wait and see.
  • Benchmarks never tell the whole story (2016-04-29 08:46:10)
    DxOMark's cameraphone test has grown into the 3DMark of the mobile world — a multifaceted, widely used performance exam that churns out a definitive scalar score — and it's producing similar effects. Phone geeks are comparing and disputing scores while manufacturers are taking notice and actively optimizing their cameras to produce higher DxOMarks. Take HTC's 10 as the most recent instructive example.
  • TiVo agrees to $1.1 billion acquisition by Rovi (2016-04-29 08:22:17)
    Digital entertainment company and patent hog Rovi has agreed to buy DVR-maker TiVo in a $1.1 billion deal. The acquisition was rumored yesterday and confirmed this morning by Rovi, saying it will adopt the "iconic TiVo brand" as the name for the new company. Following the usual regulatory approvals, the acquisition is scheduled to go through in the third quarter this year.
  • Atari founder Nolan Bushnell is making mobile games (2016-04-29 08:15:00)
  • Samsung’s Bedtime VR Stories is an ambitious app for remote parenting (2016-04-29 08:03:42)
    Fans of virtual reality say the technology is going to connect people like never before, and Samsung obviously believes in this vision. The tech company has unveiled a new prototype app, Bedtime VR Stories, designed to let parents telling their children bedtime stories over virtual reality. The app is still a prototype at this point, but Samsung says it's currently being tested with select families in the UK.
  • Where to download and stream Drake’s new album ‘Views’ (2016-04-29 07:56:04)
    No, you don’t need Tidal for this one. Unlike Beyoncé’s Tidal launch of her newest album, Drake went directly to Apple for his latest release. Views , the new 20-track album that also includes hit single "Hotline Bling," can be purchased on iTunes straight away, or streamed on Apple Music if you’re a subscriber. The album will be an Apple exclusive for one week, Drake confirmed. DON’T MISS: Captain America: Civil War's post-credits scenes have been revealed Coming out just days after Beyoncé’s newly released Lemonade became an instant hit online, Views is Drake’s fourth studio album. The rapper released it just as he was preparing to do an interview with DJ Zane Lowe on Beats 1, Apple’s radio station. Drake teased the track list for Views on Thursday via Instagram, as seen above. The album features guest appearances by Rihanna, Future, PartyNextDoor, Pocaan, the late Pimp C, WizKid, and dvsn. Also of note, the album version of "Pop Style" on Views doesn’t include contributions from Kanye West or Jay Z, as heard in the single version. You can purchase the entire album on iTunes ( follow this link ) or stream it and download it for offline listening if you’re an Apple Music subscriber. And if you’re also looking to get Beyoncé’s Lemonade  without signing up for Tidal while you’re shopping for music this weekend, follow this link .
  • Rovi to buy DVR maker TiVo for $1.1 billion (2016-04-29 07:54:27)
    (Reuters) - Rovi Corp, a provider of digital entertainment guides, said on Friday it would buy digital-video recorder pioneer TiVo Inc in a deal valued at about $1.1 billion. The $10.70 per-share cash-and-stock offer represents a premium of 13.6 percent to TiVo's Thursday closing. TiVo's shares, which have shot up about 23 percent since the New York Times first reported about a potential deal on March 24, were trading at $9.74 before the opening bell on Friday.
  •'s smartwatch available for pre-order in the UK (2016-04-29 07:39:45)
    The Dial, the latest wearable by singer, rapper and entrepreneur, is now available for pre-order in the UK, reports Engadget.
  • TiVo will be acquired by patent giant Rovi for $1.1 billion (2016-04-29 07:32:00)
  • First Click: Have we reached peak Apple? (2016-04-29 07:30:03)
    Apple’s incredible growth that saw the company report record quarterly earnings over a span of 13 years was untenable. Any one company would be thrilled by the success brought by the Apple II, the Mac, the iPod, the iPhone, or even the iPad. It makes me wonder: have we reached peak Apple?
  • Fairphone's Google-free open source OS is now available to download (2016-04-29 07:15:32)
    Phone manufacturer Fairphone is all about making smartphones that are as accessible and ethical as possible. This includes trying to find conflict-free minerals for use in their phones' construction, but also the software that lives on these devices. This means users will have to find their own apps for email, maps, and a browser, but in exchange they get more control over their software.
  • Rovi to buy DVR maker TiVo in $1.1 billion deal (2016-04-29 07:13:03)
    (Reuters) - Digital entertainment guide provider Rovi Corp said on Friday it would buy TiVo Inc, which makes digital-video recorders, in a deal valued at about $1.1 billion. The $10.70 per-share cash-and-stock offer represents a premium of 13.6 percent to TiVo's Thursday closing. (Reporting by Rishika Sadam in Bengaluru; Editing by Saumyadeb Chakrabarty)
  • Flow is Microsoft's take on IFTTT automation (2016-04-29 06:40:00)
  •’s smartphone-free smartwatch is available to preorder in the UK (2016-04-29 06:33:11)'s standalone smartwatch, the Dial, is now available to preorder in the UK. This means you need to buy your own contract for it, though, and UK mobile operator Three is offering the Dial on a two-year contract from £24 a month with a £49 upfront payment. Buyers will also get access to an free music streaming service.
  • Cute robotic monk knows the meaning of life (2016-04-29 05:50:00)
  • Jazz drumming to Super Smash Bros. is better than any commentary (2016-04-29 05:39:48)
    I usually have a hard time following competitive Super Smash Bros. matches, but honestly, they make so much more sense when accompanied by some freeform jazz drumming. The video above shows what a perfect pairing this is — with drummer Caleb Goss providing a soundtrack to a January 2015 bout between players Armada_UGS and L3ff3n.
  • Elon Musk now has a heavy metal tribute band (2016-04-29 05:05:02)
    What sort of music do you imagine Elon Musk listens to when he's looking over SpaceX rocket designs at home? No. When Musk is hanging out in his secret lair with his secret robot butlers he turns to one genre: power metal.
  • Microsoft has created its own IFTTT tool called Flow (2016-04-29 04:48:39)
    If This Then That (IFTTT) is an incredibly popular tool that enables features for web services like Twitter to generate an email through automation and lots more. Microsoft appears to be working on a similar tool for businesses to create automated workflows. Twitter user h0x0d discovered Microsoft Flow, a preview service that connects a number of cloud services together.
  •'s next wearable is available to pre-order (2016-04-29 04:41:00)
  • 'No Man's Sky' lore comes from classic sci-fi and comics (2016-04-29 04:31:00)
  • Google will livestream the Republican convention, despite anti-Trump protests (2016-04-29 04:21:56)
    Google will be the official livestream provider at the Republican National Convention, the company confirmed to Politico this week. The search giant will also provide virtual reality tools and real-time data on election trends during the GOP convention, though rights groups have called on the company to withdraw from the event due to the "hateful rhetoric" of frontrunner Donald Trump. Activists have organized protests and petitions urging Google, Microsoft, and other companies to not sponsor the convention, which will be held this July in Cleveland.
  • GNOME privacy options give users even more desktop security (2016-04-29 04:07:31)
    Privacy is simple to manage in the recent iterations of the GNOME desktop. Jack Wallen walks you through the GNOME Privacy tool.
  • BT is raising prices for (almost) everyone in July (2016-04-29 03:55:00)
  • Uber vs. Ola: How fight for Indian taxi market ended up in court (2016-04-29 03:51:46)
    By Aditi Shah and Aditya Kalra NEW DELHI (Reuters) - A flurry of complaints from Uber drivers about an unusually high number of canceled bookings was the spark that ignited a bitter legal fight with Ola, Uber's rival for dominance of India's $12 billion taxi market, according to court documents and a source with direct knowledge of Uber's case. A seven-member internal team was set up to investigate the drivers' complaints in November, and its findings are the basis of a lawsuit filed by Uber accusing Ola of a campaign to disrupt its business and poach its drivers, said the source. Ola, an Indian company backed by Japan's SoftBank Group Corp , denies any wrongdoing.
  • Elon Musk's AI initiative opened an online dojo (2016-04-29 03:03:00)
  • New Zealand launches new entrepreneur visa in tech race with Australia (2016-04-29 01:50:35)
    By Charlotte Greenfield WELLINGTON (Reuters) - New Zealand will launch a new visa to attract technology entrepreneurs as it tries to offset its struggling dairy industry, but it may struggle to beat Australia in the race to become the Silicon Valley of the South Pacific. Up to 400 Global Impact Visas would be offered over a four-year pilot beginning later this year, the New Zealand government said on Friday. This follows Australia's announcement in December of its "entrepreneur visa" as part of a raft of measures to boost innovation.
  • Microsoft is using synthetic DNA to store data (2016-04-29 01:48:00)
  • Japan abandons costly X-ray satellite lost in space (2016-04-29 00:27:45)
    Japan's space agency has abandoned its efforts to restore the operations of a multimillion-dollar satellite that was to probe the mysteries of black holes using X-ray telescopes. The Japan Aerospace Exploration ...
  • ESPN Classic on-demand videos head to Roku and Apple TV (2016-04-29 00:04:00)
  • Test drive the PC-optimized 'Forza 6: Apex' on May 5th (2016-04-28 23:18:00)
  • Mesmerizing drone footage of world’s highest waterfall must be seen to be believed (2016-04-28 23:02:40)
    We've seen drones capture all sorts of interesting footage over the past 12 months, including a peculiar and mildly disturbing video of a man sunbathing on top of a wind turbine, more than 200 feet up in the air. On the complete opposite end of the spectrum, we recently stumbled across drone footage of the Santo Angel waterfall in Venezuela, otherwise known as Angel Falls. Though Angel Falls may not be as widely known as Niagra Falls, at least in the United States, Angel Falls has the distinction of being the world's highest waterfall on the planet. From top to bottom, water tumbles down more than 2,600 feet. DON'T MISS:  What’s the purpose of the iPhone 7’s most puzzling new feature? While video of Angel Falls is plentiful, we can guarantee that you've never seen Angel Falls quite like this.
  • FCC approves real-time text proposal to aid people with disabilities (2016-04-28 22:58:38)
    The FCC has approved a proposal to help people with disabilities use telephone services more easily through real-time text technology. RTT is designed for wireless networks. Text is sent as soon as it's typed without the need for a separate "send" command, which the FCC says lends a more conversational rhythm and also allows for at least some information to get through if it's not possible to complete the message.
  • How to Raise Capital as a Solo Founder (2016-04-28 22:53:54)
    I've played a role in founding three startups, but I'd never tackled the trials of fundraising until Roomi. Within a year, I raised $2 million.Convincing someone to invest in your brainchild is one of the biggest challenges a founder faces, and solo founders are often perceived by investors as an unsafe bet. In theory, a co-founder doubles your...
  • Chinese search leader Baidu's profits sink to four-year low (2016-04-28 22:29:46)
    By Paul Carsten BEIJING (Reuters) - Chinese search leader Baidu Inc's first-quarter net income fell to its lowest level since 2012 and revenue grew at its slowest pace in more than seven years, as its long decline from previously heady growth continued. The Chinese Internet stalwart said it now expected revenue growth to slip even further in the April-June quarter, to 21.3-24.2 percent, once again underscoring the importance of its ongoing efforts to diversify away from its core search business. Net income fell 19 percent to 1.99 billion yuan ($307.41 million) in the January-March quarter from 2.45 billion yuan a year earlier, Baidu said.
  • LG Display says to invest almost $400 million in South Korea for OLED capacity (2016-04-28 22:28:36)
    SEOUL (Reuters) - LG Display Co said on Friday it plans to invest 450 billion won ($395.99 million) in South Korea to build production capacity for flexible organic light-emitting diode (OLED) displays and OLED lighting panels. An LG Display spokeswoman told Reuters the company would invest 310 billion won to boost flexible OLED capacity and 140 billion won to build a dedicated OLED lighting production line. The investment adds to the 1. ...
  • Google's got a new travel app, but it's not ready for the masses (2016-04-28 22:21:00)
  • New report sheds light on Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox One hardware updates (2016-04-28 22:01:16)
    Following countless rumors of an upgraded Xbox One console set to be introduced later this year, a new report from Thurrott is the latest to lend credence to the idea. According to the report, inside sources say that Microsoft will bring both a new Xbox One console and a new standard controller to E3 2016 in June. DON'T MISS:  Next ‘Call of Duty’ game gets revealed next week – here’s what we know so far This is the first we're hearing about a new controller, but Thurrott's Brad Sims says that it will feature a similar design to the current controller, but will be available in a new color. There doesn't seem to be any hard evidence to support this theory, but it wouldn't be surprising to see a default white controller added to the lineup. Earlier this month, Sony brought PS4 Remote Play to PC , which took away one of the Xbox One's advantages over the PS4. Thurrott's sources claim that Microsoft is also working to support new interactions between the Xbox One and the PC in order to further differentiate the two consoles from one another. Finally, Sims leaves us with an extraordinarily vague update, saying that the company has "something else up its sleeve that I still don’t have all the details on, but it’s a much bigger deal than an updated standard controller." Could this be the Xbox One.5 that's set to take on Sony's PS4K console ? It's still too early to tell, but don't be surprised if Microsoft introduces a 4K-capable console at E3 this year.
  • Supreme Court approves feds' request for greater hacking powers (2016-04-28 21:57:00)
  • 4 Business Process Reengineering Questions Your Business Should Be Asking (2016-04-28 21:55:49)
    Every business employs some sort of process for defining its objectives and executing on initiatives.Depending on the vertical, your business might also employ automation tools to some degree in order to help you visualize where you can optimize inefficiencies, and create better engagement with your target audience. Whether it's an automatic...
  • FBI paid under $1 million to unlock San Bernardino iPhone: sources (2016-04-28 21:25:16)
    By Mark Hosenball WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The FBI paid under $1 million for the technique used to unlock the iPhone used by one of the San Bernardino shooters - a figure smaller than the $1.3 million the agency's chief initially indicated the hack cost, several U.S. government sources said on Thursday. The Federal Bureau of Investigation will be able to use the technique to unlock other iPhone 5C models running iOS 9 - the specifications of the shooter's phone - without additional payment to the contractor who provided it, these people added. FBI Director James Comey last week said the agency paid more to get into the iPhone than he will make in the remaining seven years and four months he has in his job, suggesting the hack cost over $1.3 billion, based on his annual salary.
  • Argentinean football club to offer dermal implants to its fans (2016-04-28 21:19:00)
  • Google is trying to take its self-driving cars to the next level (2016-04-28 21:02:36)
    Google’s self-driving cars  might be ready for mass consumption, a pair of reports this week have suggested. After Alphabet execs hinted that their autonomous driving technology is approaching its graduation from Google's X “moonshots” division, a new rumor says that Google might already be in late-stage talks with Fiat Chrysler. DON’T MISS: Apple issues statement following apparent suicide at Cupertino headquarters Google is one of several tech companies that’s strategically placed at the forefront of this new trend in the car business. Google’s self-driving cars have logged millions of miles of test driving in anticipation of a commercial roll out. On the other hand, while Google might be ready to deploy self-driving cars on regular streets, the legislation needed to regulate this new type of vehicle is not yet here. A partnership between Google and Fiat Chrysler would benefit both parties. Google has developed the smart cars of the future while Fiat Chrysler already knows how to build cars that appeal to buyers. A few months ago, Google and Ford were supposedly negotiating such a deal. In fact, partnering with an established carmaker might be the quickest way for Google to get its technology out in the streets. There is obviously some pressure to see a Google car on the road, considering Apple is also reportedly developing a similar vehicle and might also ink a deal with an established carmaker. There’s also Tesla, which has smart electric cars that already come with some interesting autonomous features. The talks have been ongoing for several months, The Wall Street Journal says . Apparently, Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne has been looking for partners to help offset production and development costs, or to merge. The CEO also made several nasty remarks aimed at new competitors, including Apple and Tesla. He said that Apple’s interest in an electric car is an “illness,” and that electric cars are “obscene” when talking about a Tesla . Neither company commented on the rumored partnership, the Journal said.
  • Authorities say death at Apple headquarters was suicide (2016-04-28 20:20:59)
    CUPERTINO, Calif. (AP) — Authorities say a young Apple employee took his own life at the company's headquarters this week.
  • NY Times sends 300,000 Google Cardboard viewers to subscribers (2016-04-28 20:20:00)
  • Amazon profit crushes estimates as cloud-service revenue soars (2016-04-28 20:12:07) Inc on Thursday reported profit and revenue that blew past analysts' expectations, sending its shares soaring in after-hours trading and demonstrating the growing market power of its core retail business and new cloud services division. The results draw a sharp contrast to the disappointing fourth quarter Amazon reported in January, which renewed worries among some shareholders about the company's comparatively thin profit margins. Amazon's performance also assuaged concerns about a broader slowdown among tech and internet companies after Apple , Microsoft and Intel all reported disappointing earnings.
  • Captain America: Civil War’s post-credits scenes have been revealed (2016-04-28 19:28:38)
    Not too long ago, we found out why Marvel decided to cut a post-credit scene from Captain America: Civil War . But don’t plan on hurrying out of the theater once the credits start rolling. Relax, chat with friends, as there’s one more thing coming. Sure, it won’t be Hulk or Bruce Banner in it , but we’ll see at least one of the superheroes appear in the post-credits scenes in this Captain America flick. Spoilers follow below . DON’T MISS: Amazon's 10 best daily deals: Fire TV Stick, $4 iPhone screen protector, Nexus 6P and more Civil War already premiered in some European countries and will hit theaters in America next week. Meanwhile, Birth Movies Death found out there are quite a few post-credits scenes you should be ready for. First of all, there’s a mid-credits sequence that’s part of the story and the character arcs that have been playing for critics for more than a month. And then there’s the final sequence where Spider-Man appears, with a message saying “Spider-Man Will Return.” It’s not clear at this time whether both sequences will play in U.S. theaters.  Birth Movies Death says that European viewers only got to see the final scene, a short and to-the-point clip that’s all about Spidey. It’s not supposed to tease Doctor Strange or Thor: Ragnarok , in case you were wondering. We already know that Spider-Man will have to take sides in Civil War , after seeing two clips showing him in action. But it looks like Marvel has big plans for him, considering the post-credits promo he’s getting.
  • Twitter co-founder Biz Stone relaunches failed Jelly app (2016-04-28 19:19:00)
  • LinkedIn raises forecast on robust demand for hiring services (2016-04-28 19:06:29)
    LinkedIn Corp , the operator of the world's largest online network for professionals, raised its 2016 revenue and profit forecast as demand rises for its hiring services and its advertising revenue growth accelerates. LinkedIn shares, which have lost more than a third of their value since the company reported fourth-quarter results on Feb. 4, rose 7.6 percent in extended trading on Thursday. The company seems to have benefited from an improving jobs market in the United States.
  • The FTC is investigating Venmo over 'deceptive or unfair practices' (2016-04-28 18:48:30)
    Venmo, the hugely popular peer-to-peer payments service owned by PayPal, is under investigation by the Federal Trade Commission. Its parent company acknowledged the situation today in an SEC filing. "On March 28th, 2016, we received a Civil Investigative Demand (CID) from the Federal Trade Commission as part of its investigation to determine whether we, through our Venmo service, have been or are engaged in deceptive or unfair practices in violation of the Federal Trade Commission Act," the filing reads.
  • Whatever you do, don’t look down (2016-04-28 18:39:54)
    People can definitely hurt themselves while riding around on the trendy little " hoverboards " you see everywhere these days, but we doubt anyone would consider them to be particularly dangerous devices. They don't travel at very high speeds and if you fall off one, you're likely looking at a tiny bruise or a sprain at worst. Of course, that assumes you're riding around on the ground and not on the roof of a 656-foot-tall skyscraper. MUST SEE:  Completely change the look of your iPhone with round folder icons, no jailbreak needed Oleg Sherstyachenko, known on the internet as  Oleg Cricket , is a daredevil who probably shouldn't be alive at this point considering all of the crazy stunts he's pulled. But he manages to narrowly escape death each and every time, and his latest stunt is easily one of his craziest yet. Sherstyachenko climbed to the top of a 656-foot skyscraper for his latest feat, which is just another day at the office for him. Typically he poses for some photos on the edges once atop these terrifyingly tall buildings, but this time he was in the mood for something different. So naturally, he hopped on a hoverboard to do 360-degree spins and even a handstand while positioned right next to the edge. The full video is embedded below — don't look down.
  • Strike-hit Verizon makes 'final' contract proposal to unions (2016-04-28 18:38:51)
    Verizon Communications Inc said it had presented a revised and "final" contract proposal to unions representing nearly 40,000 striking workers, who walked off their jobs in mid-April after talks over a new labor agreement hit an impasse. "We are putting our last, best final offer on the table," Verizon's Chief Administrative Officer Marc Reed said in a statement. "The ball is now in the unions' court to do what's right for our employees." Verizon 's proposal comes ahead of the expiration on Saturday of healthcare coverage for striking employees.
  • Do you want these patent-pending hexagons to control your home? (2016-04-28 18:30:02)
    Any company can make a connected thermostat, but only Johnson Controls made a connected thermostat with hexagons on it. Let me describe this patent-pending interface to you: it looks like a beehive, or a Catan board, or some weird space strategy game that's beyond your understand, except it's just used to control the temperature in your home. All you do is tap a hexagon and raise or lower the temperature in your wonderful home.
  • In a reversal, YouTube will let videos under copyright dispute earn revenue (2016-04-28 18:23:59)
    In February, YouTube came under heavy criticism from some of its most popular creators for denying them revenue whenever a copyright claim was made against one of their videos. In many cases those videos were found to have made fair use of copyrighted material, but only after weeks of back-and-forth discussions. Today YouTube relented, announcing it would let videos under dispute earn revenue until the conflicts are resolved.
  • Apple may be working on a way to show friends your autocorrect mistakes (2016-04-28 18:23:03)
    Autocorrect failures are a great source of internet schadenfreude, but they typically come at the expense of a texter's mental anguish for having tapped send one second too soon. According to a new Apple patent, the iPhone maker is looking into a way to notify a text recipient of any words that underwent autocorrect in the typing process. The patent, which can be found here, describes a system for showing recipients highlighted words that were altered by autocorrect.
  • Uber affirms tipping drivers 'is not expected or required' (2016-04-28 18:21:00)
  • Apple Music now plays music videos on Android (2016-04-28 18:17:25)
    A new version of the Apple Music app for Android was released today, and Android users who haven't already pledged their allegiance to Google Play or Spotify might find the Apple Music update intriguing. The new version of the app gives Android users access to music videos inside of Apple Music, which were previously exclusive to iOS users.
  • The Peanuts are coming back to TV next month (2016-04-28 18:16:16)
    Charlie Brown and his friends will make their way back to American TV sets next month. Variety reports that Peanuts will make its debut on Boomerang, the Cartoon Network offshoot that specializes in kids' programming, on May 9th.
  • Peanuts is coming back to TV next month (2016-04-28 18:16:16)
    Charlie Brown and his friends will make their way back to American TV sets next month. Variety reports that Peanuts will make its debut on Boomerang, the Cartoon Network offshoot that specializes in kids' programming, on May 9th.
  • Windows 10 will no longer let you Google search from Cortana (2016-04-28 18:07:38)
    Microsoft is closing off one of the easiest ways to Google search in Windows 10. The company has announced in a blog post that starting today, it will block the ability to perform third-party searches through the Cortana digital assistant, as part of an effort to maintain an "integrated search experience." The move comes in response to a number of recent workarounds, which used browser extensions or even registry edits to establish Google as the default engine for Cortana searches instead of Bing. The company is particularly concerned about logging search results across different parts of Windows, as certain Cortana queries can now trigger corresponding features in Edge or Bing.
  • Pandora revenue rises on ad sales, shares up 11 pct (2016-04-28 18:07:03)
    Music streaming service Pandora Media Inc gave a full-year revenue forecast above expectations, helped by rising advertising sales, sending its shares up 11 percent late on Thursday. The strong quarterly performance comes at a pivotal time for Pandora, whose stock has fallen sharply year amid concerns about stiffening competition in music streaming from rivals such as Apple Inc's Apple Music and Spotify. The company recently named a new chief executive, co-founder Tim Westergren, hoping to build goodwill in the music industry as it negotiates for licenses to launch an on-demand product.
  • It makes much more sense for Apple to compete with Netflix than to buy it (2016-04-28 17:58:45)
    With iPhone sales down, perhaps temporarily, Apple CEO Tim Cook indicated during the company's earnings conference call this week that Apple is always on the look out for exciting new technologies and companies to acquire. Not only that, Cook suggested that Apple would be willing to shell out big bucks for a blockbuster acquisition if the right opportunity arose. We’re always looking in the market about things that could complement things that we do today, become features in something we do, or allow us to accelerate entry into a category that we’re excited about,” Cook explained. Later on, Cook added that Apple "would definitely buy something larger than we bought thus far.” DON'T MISS:  Completely change the look of your iPhone with round folder icons, no jailbreak needed Of course, Apple's acquisition to date was its $3 billion purchase of Beats, a shrewd move considering that its off-shoot - Apple Music - already boasts more than 13 million subscribers. With Apple apparently eager, or at the very least open to the idea of on opening up its wallet and making a huge acquisition, we've already started to see pundits chime in about potential acquisition targets. And one name which not surprisingly seems to be coming up, and has come up before in the past, is Netflix. From a business standpoint, Apple would love to have Netflix under its umbrella. Not only would it provide an incredible way for Apple to get into the TV business, it would also fit in nicely with Apple's existing products. Imagine, for instance, every new iPhone, iPad and Apple TV coming with a Netflix app pre-installed. In turn, imagine Apple leveraging its expansive iOS user base to really drive the number of Netflix subscribers higher. The business synergy - for lack of a better word - is undoubtedly there. The financials, however, don't make a whole a lot of sense from Apple's perspective. Truth be told, it makes more economic sense for Apple to compete with Netflix than to buy Netflix. Sure, the idea of a blockbuster acquisition is fun to think about, but Apple can tend to be stingy and they're not going to make a play for a company if the financials don't make sense. As it stands today, Netflix's market cap is $38.9 billion. Even if Apple tosses on a meager 10% premium, we're looking at a purchase price of about $41 billion. That's a huge chunk of change, but certainly something Apple could afford. The return on investment from such a purchase, however, would be laughably low. For all of 2015, Netflix's revenue was $6.7 billion. In fact, all of the revenue Netflix has ever earned combined, going all the way back to 2002, doesn't even reach $32 billion. Put simply, Apple acquiring Netflix would require vast amounts of money for relatively little revenue in return. Instead, Apple can simply try to create its own line of programming, something it's reportedly already trying to do. Not only does Apple already have a six-episode series in the works starring Dr. Dre, it recently released a series called The Score which focuses on various local music scenes around the world. Furthermore, recent reports indicate that Apple is hoping to get into the original content business in a major way. A Fast Company report from a few weeks ago notes: The second lane—which for now is more deeply undercover—is an effort to do what Amazon and Netflix have done for their tens of millions of users: offer its own original TV-style entertainment. Apple being Apple, though, it not only wants to find its own House of Cards, but it wants several of them at once. An ambitious goal, but certainly one within the realm of possibility. And more importantly, competing with Netflix, rather than buying them out, would be drastically cheaper. As we've noted previously, it would cost Apple $538.5 million to come up with 10 quality TV programs. As a few quick illustrative examples, here's how much it costs to produce one season of the following shows: Game of Thrones - $60 million House of Cards - $50 million Mad Men - $39 million Breaking Bad - $39 million The only question, I think, is how fast Apple can manage to get into the TV content business. The longer it waits, the more challenging it will be for them to jump right in and make a splash. At the same time, if Apple opts to make its potential TV offerings a package deal under Apple Music, which is to say unlimited streaming music and TV content all for $10, that's a compelling value proposition right there.
  • Foop is a hydroponic garden for your abrasive city life (2016-04-28 17:54:20)
    Foop is a hydroponic pod from Japan that lets people grow vegetables and herbs, like lettuce, parsley, basil, and mesclun, in their apartments. Foop says you can buy your desired vegetable's seeds, plop them into their "cultivation cup," and set up a time frame for them to grow in Foop's app. A few weeks later, you'll get a notification that your vegetables are ready, and you'll have watched them grow up with little to no interaction at all.
  • Google Photos now lets you customize its auto-generated movies (2016-04-28 17:46:02)
    Google Photos for Android got a nice update today, picking up a new search bar, and the ability to rename and delete device folders, as well as improved management over photos on SD cards. But the biggest improvement to what is probably the best photo management app around today is that the app will now allow you to customize those automatically generated videos it creates with your own photos, music, or video clips.
  • Carl Icahn sells Apple stake, citing China worries (2016-04-28 17:25:39)
    Billionaire investor Carl Icahn has sold his stake in Apple, citing concerns about the giant tech company's prospects in China.
  • This E Ink tablet is a cute way to manage meetings (2016-04-28 17:25:03)
    Working in a crowded office quickly teaches you the value of an open meeting room, but dealing with meeting room schedules will always and likely forever be a hassle. It's making 6-inch E Ink tablets that you can mount on the front of meeting rooms to display whether they're open or booked, and then allow people to come up and schedule a new meeting in a free block. There are already similar products that exist, including apps that can turn iPads into dedicated meeting room monitors.
  • Amazon delivers profit, stock surges (2016-04-28 17:23:52)
    Amazon on Thursday reported a fourth consecutive quarterly profit, sending shares surging for the online giant known better for its customer connections than its profit margins. Profit for the first quarter was $513 million, compared with a $57 million loss in the same period a year ago, and marked a fourth straight quarter in the black for Amazon. In after-hours trade, Amazon shares leapt 11.6 percent to $672.27 on the news.
  • 5 games that were never finished and are now impossible to beat (2016-04-28 17:23:32)
    Some games require a great deal of effort to complete. Whether its their length, their difficulty or their complexity, games like Dark Souls , Spelunky  and  Dota 2 are best known for driving players crazy as they attempt to fight their way through increasingly lopsided battles, find every potential pitfall and learn the best matchups. But some games can't be beat simply because the developers never finished them. DON'T MISS:  ‘Top Gear’ is getting a new spinoff next month called ‘Extra Gear’ In a video published earlier this week, YouTuber Larry Bundy Jr examines five games that seem impossible to beat only because they actually are impossible to beat. One of the more intriguing cases is that of Smash TV . This 1990 arcade game was known for its fiendish difficulty and seemingly endless stream of enemies. Any players who were able to make it to the end of the game would find themselves in a room with a locked door. They were told that if they collected enough keys, they could access a secret room known as the Pleasure Dome, but, lo and behind, the Pleasure Dome doesn't actually exist. The developers figured that no one would ever actually make it that far, so they didn't ever actually design the secret room. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 is a much more recent example of a game that wasn't finished upon release. Modern games are notorious for day-one patches, but as Larry points out, the file that you download when you first install THPS 5 actually contains a vast majority of the game. Only the tutorial lives on the disc. See the rest of the unfinished games in the video below:
  • The Wirecutter's best deals: The Pebble Time Round (2016-04-28 17:22:00)
  • Google's OnHub router uses IFTTT to automate your life (2016-04-28 17:21:00)
  • U.S. high court approves rule change to expand FBI hacking power (2016-04-28 17:16:40)
    By Dustin Volz WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Supreme Court on Thursday approved a rule change that would let U.S. judges issue search warrants for access to computers located in any jurisdiction despite opposition from civil liberties groups who say it will greatly expand the FBI's hacking authority. U.S. Chief Justice John Roberts transmitted the rules to Congress, which will have until Dec. 1 to reject or modify the changes to the federal rules of criminal procedure.
  • Chinese search engine giant Baidu's revenue jumps 24 percent (2016-04-28 17:09:53)
    (Reuters) - Baidu Inc, sometimes referred to as China's Google, reported a 24.3 percent jump in quarterly revenue as more advertising money flowed into its core search engine business. The company's shares rose nearly 5 percent to $194.69 in extended trading on Thursday. Baidu's online marketing revenue rose about 19.3 percent to 14.93 billion yuan ($2.31 billion) in the first quarter. The company has been investing heavily to diversify away from search advertising, its mainstay so far, as customers increasingly use smartphones rather than personal computers for browsing the web. ...
  • Russia launches the first rocket from its brand-new spaceport (2016-04-28 17:04:20)
    Russian space agency Roscosmos has launched the first rocket from Vostochny Cosmodrome, the country's newest spaceport. Last night at 10:01PM ET, a Soyuz-2.1a rocket blasted off, taking with it three satellites that will monitor the Earth and measure cosmic rays. Anatoly Zak, who has written about Russia's space program for years, reports for Popular Mechanics that Roscosmos (which is a corporation run by the Russian government) didn't allow any foreign press to view the launch from Vostochny.
  • Oh look, Fitbit is probably going to make more Fitbits! (2016-04-28 17:00:02)
    New trademark filings released today suggest that Fitbit is going to update its Charge and Flex wearables. The trademarks cover the Fitbit Charge 2 and the Fitbit Flex 2, marking the first upgrades to the devices since they were released in 2014 and 2013, respectively. Fitbit already released two new products this year — the Blaze and the Alta — both of which were on the higher end of its offerings.
  • Verizon offers updated 'final' contract proposal to worker unions (2016-04-28 16:58:06)
    "We are putting our last, best final offer on the table," Verizon's chief administrative officer Marc Reed, said in a company statement. The strike was called by the Communications Workers of America (CWA) and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. The wireline unit, which represents Verizon's legacy business, generated about 29 percent of company revenue in 2015, down about 60 percent since 2000.
  • Tune up your iOS device with PhoneClean (2016-04-28 16:56:00)
    iMobie's free PhoneClean app can help keep your iOS device running smoothly by deleting old clutter. Learn more about how it works and what it can do.
  • Twitter for iPhone is now classified as a news app (2016-04-28 16:55:00)
  • Expedia posts surprise profit as acquisitions pay off (2016-04-28 16:53:19)
    (Reuters) - Expedia Inc, the world's largest online travel services company by bookings, posted a surprise quarterly profit, largely helped by a string of acquisitions. "The type of activity that we did last year was unprecedented...unlikely that it would be repeated in 2016," Chief Financial Officer Mark Okerstrom told Reuters in an interview. Revenue rose about 39 percent to $1.90 billion, ahead of the average analyst estimate of $1.84 billion, according to Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S. Acquisitions added about 28 percentage points to revenue growth in the first quarter ended March 31, the company said.
  • It looks like an actor from ‘Star Wars: Rogue One’ just gave away a huge spoiler (2016-04-28 16:52:13)
    If the months preceding the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens were any indication, we're never going to know much about the upcoming Star Wars movies before they hit theaters. The same was true of Rogue One , even after we saw the first trailer , but star Mads Mikkelsen might have just given one big spoiler away. SEE ALSO:  10 ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ theories that will have your head spinning In an interview with Sky News this week, Mikkelsen was asked about his role in Rogue One and immediately told the reporter that he could say "absolutely nothing about it." He then proceeded to say absolutely something about it: "I read the script, it was very beautiful, and Felicity's playing this lovely, strong woman. I play ... her ... father. And that was too much, I'm sorry." The reporter and the crew at Sky News were clearly shocked to have actually gotten a scoop out of Mikkelsen. Unless Mads is just secretly the best troll in the industry, we might now know his role in the film, which was previously under wraps. You can hear Mikkelsen's admission at the 1:20 mark in the video below: So, providing this is true, Mads Mikkelsen will play the father of Jyn Erso in Rogue One . As io9 points out , Mon Mothma says to Jyn in the trailer that she's been on her own since the age of 15, so presumably her father was either killed, captured or had some very important matters to attend to that would force him to leave his daughter behind. Then again, he also might have abandoned her, just as Rey's parents seemed to in The Force Awakens . Someone else needs to get Mikkelsen on another talk show, stat.
  • Alicia Vikander to play Lara Croft in Tomb Raider reboot (2016-04-28 16:48:17)
    Ex Machina star Alicia Vikander has just been cast to star in the next Tomb Raider. The Hollywood Reporter reports that Vikander will play a young Lara Croft setting off for her first adventure in the upcoming Warner Bros. film. Norwegian director Roar Uthaug (The Wave) is attached to direct.
  • LinkedIn raises 2016 forecast as demand rises for hiring services (2016-04-28 16:37:30)
    (Reuters) - LinkedIn Corp , the operator of the world's biggest online network for professionals, reported better-than-expected quarterly revenue and profit as demand grew for its hiring services and the company raised its 2016 forecasts. LinkedIn shares, which have lost more than a third of their value since the company reported fourth-quarter results on Feb. 4, rose 8 percent to $133 in extended trading on Thursday. LinkedIn has been buying companies, expanding its sales team and spending heavily to grow its presence in markets outside the United States, including China.
  • Man builds working homemade hoverbike, doesn't die (2016-04-28 16:30:02)
    YouTube sensation and inventor Colin Furze is used to making insane things like retractable wolverine claws, working versions of the hidden blade and rope launcher featured in Assassin's Creed games, and even a homemade Iron Man suit. Although it's not getting too far off the ground, Furze's hoverbike does legitimately hover for short periods of time.
  • Amazon’s earnings soar as its hardware takes the spotlight (2016-04-28 16:24:43)
    With memories of the abysmal Fire Phone fading fast, Amazon is becoming one of the most exciting device makers in the tech industry. Sales of its Echo speaker, featuring the Alexa voice assistant, and the company's Fire TV stick have consistently led's electronics category for months. With the addition of its $50 Kindle tablets and new, albeit pricey Kindle Oasis e-reader, Amazon is further cementing its position as a top-tier gadget maker.
  • Canada's Goldcorp says computer network hacked (2016-04-28 16:19:08)
    By Susan Taylor TORONTO (Reuters) - Canada's Goldcorp Inc on Thursday said its computer network had been compromised and the gold mining company was working to determine the scope and impact of the data breach. Vancouver-based Goldcorp's internal security team and independent technology security firms are gathering facts and informing affected employees, but Chief Executive David Garofalo said he was not overly worried. "The extent of the data breach is not of significant concern for us because we're a public company and anything of a material nature has to be in the public domain by law anyways.
  • Online travel services company Expedia's revenue jumps 38.6 percent (2016-04-28 16:17:11)
    (Reuters) - Expedia Inc reported a 38.6 percent jump in quarterly revenue, helped largely by a string of acquisitions. Net loss attributable to the company was $121.9 million, or 81 cents per share, for the first quarter ended March 31, compared with a profit of $44.1 million, or 34 cents per share, a year earlier. Revenue rose to $1.90 billion from $1.37 billion. Expedia, the world's largest online travel services company by bookings, last year embarked on an acquisition spree, buying vacation rental site HomeAway Inc for $3.9 billion, Orbitz Worldwide Inc for $1. ...
  • Online retail giant Amazon's quarterly revenue surges 28 percent (2016-04-28 16:14:18)
    (Reuters) - Online retail giant Inc's quarterly revenue surged 28.2 percent as its Prime loyalty program helped attract more customers and revenue jumped in its cloud services business. Amazon, the world's biggest online retailer, reported net income of $513 million, or $1.07 per share, for the first quarter ended March 31. The company had a loss of $57 million, or 12 cents per share, a year earlier. Net sales rose to $29.13 billion from $22.72 billion. (Reporting by Narottam Medhora in Bengaluru; Editing by Kirti Pandey)
  • Professional network operator LinkedIn's revenue rises 35 percent (2016-04-28 16:13:12)
    (Reuters) - LinkedIn Corp , the operator of the world's biggest online network for professionals, reported a 35 percent rise in quarterly revenue as demand grew for its hiring services. However, the net loss attributable to LinkedIn widened to $45.8 million, or 35 cents per share, in the first quarter ended March 31 from $42.5 million, or 34 cents per share, a year earlier. Revenue rose to $860.7 million from $637.7 million. (Reporting by Kshitiz Goliya in Bengaluru; Editing by Kirti Pandey)
  • Verizon offers improved contract proposal to worker unions (2016-04-28 16:11:41)
    Verizon Communications Inc said it had presented a revised contract proposal to the unions representing nearly 40,000 workers, who have been on strike after contract talks hit an impasse. "We are putting our last, best final offer on the table," Verizon's chief administrative officer Marc Reed, said in a company statement. “The ball is now in the unions’ court to do what’s right for our employees.” Workers from network technicians to customer service representatives in Verizon's Fios Internet, telephone and TV services across several U.S. Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states, including New York and Virginia, walked off the job on April 13 in one of the largest U.S. strikes in recent years.
  • Using White Noise for Sleep (2016-04-28 16:10:51)
    (Photo courtesy of HoMedics)Do you prefer quiet to sleep, or do you require a little white noise to reach that restful state of slumber?If you need some type of noise to fall asleep, you aren't alone.In a National Sleep Foundation study, 74 percent of respondents describe a quiet room as important for a good night's sleep.
  • Mom convicted of creating public nuisance for Facebook post (2016-04-28 16:07:26)
    ROSWELL, N.M. (AP) — A Roswell woman has been convicted of creating a public nuisance by posting an online comment about the possibility of a shooting at her son's middle school.
  • Exclusive: No wall, but more high-tech gear, fencing sought by U.S. border agents (2016-04-28 16:04:11)
    By Julia Harte WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Federal agents who patrol the U.S. border with Mexico want 23 more miles (37 km) of fences, better radios and more aerial drones to tighten the southern frontier, according to an unpublished U.S. government study that influences budget requests. The modest scope of the requirements, details of which were contained in internal emails seen by Reuters and described by Border Patrol officials in interviews, contrasts sharply with calls by Republican presidential candidates for more drastic measures to secure the border. Front runner Donald Trump and rival Ted Cruz have both pledged to build a border wall, a project that could cost several billion dollars.
  • ISIS is assembling a cyber army (2016-04-28 16:02:33)
    Following the deadly assaults on Europe in late 2015 and early 2016, reports emerged suggesting that ISIS has an army of organized hackers  who can provide consistent, round the clock  support to foot soldiers. However, new information on the matter seems to suggest that ISIS’s remaining hacking arm is nothing more than a propaganda machine capable of dealing minor hits, if any, to enemies. But ISIS is showing more interest in expanding its hacking capabilities. The news comes at a time when the U.S. government has declared cyber war on the Islamic paramilitary organization. DON’T MISS:  Apple issues statement following apparent suicide at Cupertino headquarters A report from Flashpoint called Hacking for ISIS: The Emergent Cyber Threat Landscape , first seen by Ars Technica , says that ISIS in April merged four independent pro-ISIS cyber teams into a single group called the United Cyber Caliphate. The group is made of the Sons Caliphate Army, the Caliphate Cyber Army, the Ghost Caliphate Section and Kalashnikov E-Security Team. These sound like rather scary organizations, but Flashpoint says they can’t do that much harm as they lack the expertise to conduct sophisticated digital assaults. “Until recently, our analysis of the group's overall capabilities indicated that they were neither advanced nor did they demonstrate sophisticated targeting,” Flashpoint co-founder and Director of Research & Analysis for the Middle East and North Africa Laith Alkhouri said. “With the latest unification of multiple pro-ISIS cyber groups under one umbrella, there now appears to be a higher interest and willingness amongst ISIS supporters in coordinating and elevating cyber attacks against governments and companies.” The report reveals that British citizen Junaid Hussain, who was killed in a raid in August 2015 , was the leader of ISIS's former Cyber Caliphate Army. Known as TriCK and part of a well-known black hat hackers group called TeaMp0isoN, Hussain joined ISIS in the summer of 2014. Since then, he has tried to recruit other colleagues into his team, but he hasn't been very successful. ISIS was able to take over social media accounts, defame websites (including CENTCOM and Newsweek), and attack the sites of certain cities, although it hasn't accomplished any major hack. Rather than coming up with its own hacks, the unified UCC group – not to be confused with the US Cyber Command fighting ISIS hackers – is likely going to employ “malware as a service” exploit sites and other tools that can be purchased off hacker forums. The UCC would still be able to conduct propaganda operations and cause damage to “soft” targets. So their capabilities, while limited, shouldn’t be completely ignored.
  • Google's OnHub is the first Wi-Fi router to support IFTTT (2016-04-28 16:00:03)
    Google's "smart" OnHub wireless router now supports IFTTT, the web service that automates actions between apps. IFTTT can be triggered when devices connect and disconnect from OnHub — and, in the spirit of IFTTT, what you do based on that information is up to you. OnHub's smart features let users manage and prioritize Wi-Fi to connected devices through an app, and they can now connect to the 300-plus programs and apps supported by IFTTT.  OnHub makes a few suggestions in a blog post, which gives a good idea of the sorts of things this new feature will allow. ...
  • Facebook: 60 percent of government requests come with gag order (2016-04-28 15:56:00)
  • AP Source: Fiat Chrysler, Google in partnership talks (2016-04-28 15:53:40)
    DETROIT (AP) — Fiat Chrysler and Google's self-driving car project are in advanced talks to form a technical partnership.
  • Comcast buying DreamWorks Animation for about $3.55B (2016-04-28 15:44:25)
    NEW YORK (AP) — Comcast is buying DreamWorks Animation, the film company behind the "Shrek," ''Madagascar" and "Kung Fu Panda" franchises, for approximately $3.55 billion, strengthening its presence in the important and growing business of children's entertainment.
  • Watch the trailer for Southside With You, a movie about the Obamas’ first date (2016-04-28 15:41:31)
    Southside With You, a movie about the early days of Michelle and Barack Obama's relationship, premiered at Sundance earlier this year to widely positive reviews. Now, anyone who didn't get the chance to attend the exclusive film festival can get their first look the Richard Tanne-directed movie, with the release of its first trailer.
  • eBay uncorks online wine shop (2016-04-28 15:38:06)
    Online commerce colossus eBay on Thursday opened a virtual wine shop. The Silicon Valley-based Internet marketplace had previously offered wine for sale in the United States, but the dedicated venue at will provide a dedicated venue where oenophiles can browse vintages bases on factors such as region, price, and grape type. The online marketplace "is offering a fresh, modern way to find the perfect bottle,” said eBay home and garden merchandising manager Alyssa Steele.
  • AirConsole turns your browser into a game console and your phone into a controller (2016-04-28 15:37:32)
    It's a shame that video game consoles have grown so large that carrying them to a friend's house no longer feels like a reasonable option. You're not going to throw your Xbox One in a backpack the way you did with your Nintendo 64 or PS1 20 years ago, which makes local multiplayer even more obsolete than it already was. Thankfully, with AirConsole , all you need is a computer and a smartphone — two things nearly everyone carries around — to jump into a multiplayer game. DON'T MISS:  10 ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ theories that will have your head spinning AirConsole is a website that turns your browser into a console and your smartphone into a gamepad. When you visit the site, you'll be greeted by a big green "Start" button. Once you press it, the window will automatically go fullscreen and you'll see a code that will let you connect your browser to your phone. Once the browser detects at least one phone, it will switch over to a new menu filled with dozen of free games that anyone with a smartphone can play cooperative or competitively with everyone else in the room. If you'd rather not use the browser on your phone, you can also download the AirConsole app on the App Store or on Google Play . It's totally worth it if you plan on playing more than once. Here's a short trailer showing the site and the app in action:
  • Google grabs ex-Motorola president to unify its hardware groups (2016-04-28 15:35:00)
  • Technics' SL-1200G turntable promises 'the smoothest possible' way to spin vinyl (2016-04-28 15:30:03)
    Technics is bringing back the SL-1200 turntable — still legendary among DJs — for its 50th anniversary. The good news is, Technics' wide-release model, called the SL-1200G, is virtually identical to the limited-edition model on paper. For whatever reason, the SL-1200G is about 3mm taller than the limited-edition model, but that appears to be about it.
  • On the Brink of Greatness short: Standup (2016-04-28 15:30:00)
  • Facebook says government data queries up 13 percent (2016-04-28 15:29:33)
    Facebook said Thursday it had received 13 percent more government requests for user data in the second half of 2015, with more than 46,000 requests worldwide. "Overall, we continue to see an increase globally in government requests for user data and content restrictions pursuant to local law," Facebook deputy general counsel Chris Sonderby said. The details come as the technology industry is embroiled in debate on how governments should gain access to user data, and how the requests should be disclosed to users and the public.
  • SpaceX undercut ULA rocket launch pricing by 40 percent: U.S. Air Force (2016-04-28 15:29:15)
    By Irene Klotz CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (Reuters) - The U.S. Air Force will save 40 percent by buying a GPS satellite launch from Elon Musk’s SpaceX compared with what United Launch Alliance has been charging, the head of the Space and Missile Systems Center said on Thursday. The Air Force on Wednesday awarded SpaceX an $83 million contract to launch the satellite, breaking the monopoly that ULA partners Lockheed Martin Corp and Boeing Co had held on military space launches for more than a decade. The disclosure of the cost gap between SpaceX and ULA highlights the challenge the latter will face in competing for future launch business.
  • How Mobile Video Experiences Are Evolving: An Interview With CEO & Founder Of imDown (2016-04-28 15:27:47)
    You'd think that in 2016, with all sorts of content blasting through mobile avenues, there wouldn't be any more room for brands and apps to capture a fair market share of mobile content. But you're wrong. Mobile viewers are most likely to click and engage with all sorts of content, from cat videos to inbound marketing podcasts.The king of the...
  • Twitter doesn't want to be a 'Social Networking' app anymore (2016-04-28 15:26:30)
    It's very tempting to read into this: on the iOS App Store, Twitter is now categorizing itself as a "News" app instead of a "Social Networking" app. Sarah Perez over at TechCrunch has a very cogent and level-headed analysis of why this should help Twitter's download numbers and overall rankings. You should read it, then come on back here for the schadenfreude that inevitably follows every single moment in Twitter's long history of trying do define and / or redefine itself.
  • The Digital Disruption of Our Lives (2016-04-28 15:23:44)
    Whether you are a fan of the digital revolution, or think of it as unavoidable evil, there is no denying that it has changed our lives forever. It has changed the culture and social fabric of our existence in more profound ways than we realize. The most amazing thing is that all of these changes have taken place in the last 15-20 years! The...
  • Talkshow is a messaging app that wants you to text in public (2016-04-28 15:20:00)
  • Carl Icahn says he sold entire Apple stake on China woes: CNBC (2016-04-28 15:18:46)
    Billionaire activist investor Carl Icahn said Thursday he had sold his entire stake in Apple Inc, citing the risk of China's influence on the stock. Icahn, in an interview with cable television network CNBC, also said he was "still very cautious" on the U.S. stock market and there would be a "day of reckoning" unless there was some sort of fiscal stimulus. Icahn had been a huge fan of Apple, repeatedly calling the investment a "no brainer." But Icahn, who owned 45.8 million Apple shares at the end of last year, said China's economic slowdown and worries about how China could become more prohibitive in doing business triggered his decision to exit his position entirely.
  • Facebook, Messenger and Instagram apps hit Windows 10 (2016-04-28 15:16:09)
    Fresh from reporting stellar earnings, Facebook on Thursday rolled out applications tailored to Microsoft's latest operating system for the social network as well as its Messenger and Instagram services. "There are many people using Facebook, Messenger and Instagram on Windows, so today we're excited to roll out Windows 10 apps for Facebook and Messenger on desktop and Instagram on mobile," product manager Davis Fields said in a blog post at the leading social network. Free Facebook and Messenger programs for Windows 10 were hitting virtual shelves at the Windows desktop app store, and an Instagram application that runs on mobile devices powered by the Microsoft operating system hit the Windows Phone Store.
  • Google’s 2016 Nexus phones are probably going to be unbeatable (2016-04-28 15:12:14)
    Multiple reports have said that Google is already working hard on a couple of new Nexus handsets, undoubtedly the successors of the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P . But rather than have LG and Huawei make them, Google supposedly hired HTC, the same company that made the iconic Nexus One. A pair of new reports bring further evidence that Google may indeed partner with HTC for the 2016 Nexus handsets – yes, two devices are supposedly in the works. DON’T MISS:  How Snapchat and stupidity almost left five people dead First off, not only is HTC capable of making some impressive Android handsets – just look at this year’s HTC 10 – but the rumors come from sources who’re generally in the know about these type of things. Evan Blass and Android Police independently came out with details about the new Nexus handsets. Blass found out from his sources that HTC is making a pair of Android N handsets for Google, dubbed M1 and S1 internally. Meanwhile, a source told Android Police that Marlin and Sailfish are Google’s internal codenames for the new Nexus phones. The blog also dug through the available code to uncover evidence of one of the two names: Marlin. Sailfish is a weird choice for Google considering that it happens to be the name of a rival mobile operating system, but the company is known for using fish names for its Nexus devices. Furthermore, Blass and Android Police ’s reports certainly align: M1 might be the Marlin while S1 could stand for Sailfish. What about the numbers you ask? Neither source explains the detail. But an earlier report suggested that HTC may have inked a three-year Nexus exclusivity deal . So there’s that. It’s too early for specs, features or pictures. But the possibility of seeing HTC 10 variations turned into Nexus handsets is exciting. The HTC 10 is the most powerful smartphone ever and HTC'c hardware designs are always best-in-class. Add in stock Android and immediate access to software updates and you've got a pair of phones that might be unbeatable.
  • YouTube's first live 360-degree videos were little more than tech demos (2016-04-28 15:10:00)
  • Younger U.S. buyers more open to self-driving cars: J.D. Power (2016-04-28 15:04:00)
    By Paul Lienert DETROIT (Reuters) - U.S. consumers who are under 40 are more open than older people to self-driving cars and their underlying systems, according to a survey released on Thursday by J.D. Power. The 2016 U.S. Tech Choice Study found that 56 percent of Gen Y buyers - born 1977-1994 - said they trust self-driving technology, compared with 41 percent for Gen X - born 1965-1976 and 23 percent of Baby Boomers -born 1946-1964. "'Will they pay?' is always the key question," said Kristin Kolodge, J.D. Power's executive director of driver interaction and human machine interface (HMI) research.
  • Confess all your sins to this robot, if you want (2016-04-28 15:03:19)
    Have you ever wanted to confess your crimes, bear your soul, and spill your secrets? Have you ever thought, "No, better to not. Better to suffer in silence than take the wild gamble of confiding in another fallible human being?"
  • Samsung's Vulkan experiment could add 40 minutes to your phone's battery life (2016-04-28 15:00:03)
    Samsung already gives developers the option to create with the Vulkan API on Galaxy S7s, but now, the company has demonstrated how big of a difference the low-level graphics API could make. Samsung said at its annual Samsung Developer Conference yesterday that it rebuilt its home launcher using Vulkan, and internal tests show that using the API could reduce battery consumption by up to 6 percent when users are scrolling through pages or opening their app tray. ...
  • Chrome extension blocks out the names of mass shooters (2016-04-28 14:50:00)
  • Inside Despacio, James Murphy and 2manyDJs' dance music utopia (2016-04-28 14:49:59)
    Inside the tiniest tent at Coachella with the biggest speakers, a minor crisis is brewing. A couple of eager folks who have been granted backstage access at Despacio, the bespoke 50,000-watt dance floor setup making its North American debut at the California festival, are abusing their privileges. Such schmoozing is par for the course at Coachella, whose reputation as a VIP meetup often threatens to eclipse its status as a music festival.
  • Comedian Aziz Ansari blasts Donald Trump at Time 100 Gala (2016-04-28 14:47:01)
    Add comedian Aziz Ansari to the long list of people who don’t like Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump. The former Parcs & Rec and current Master of None star appeared surprised last night to hear that Trump was attending the Time 100 Gala in New York City – or at least he acted surprised. Ansari's short response to the news was hilarious, showing that he’s not too fond of a guy who might have it out for Ansari's parents. DON’T MISS: 10 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' theories that will have your head spinning "He's coming?" asked a surprised Ansari upon hearing that Trump was going to be a the gala honoring leaders in science, tech, the arts, and entertainment. "Oh yeah, he asked for me to be seated in a different area," he then told People . "I'll go ask him if he's going to put my parents under surveillance since they're Muslim." That’s certainly a funny response, and probably what you’d expect from Ansari. Truth be told, Trump brought this upon himself, given the many anti-Muslim speeches he's given on the campaign trail. Ansari appears to join the ranks of people ready to criticize the Republican candidate, even if his weapon of choice is humor. That said, we can’t help but wonder what a Trump’s Correspondents' Dinner with Ansari hosting would look like – as if that would ever happen. Ansari’s Trump remarks from the Time 100 Gala can be seen in the clip embedded below.
  • Google revamps search in its Photos app for Android (2016-04-28 14:37:00)
  • Twitter co-founder Biz Stone relaunches Q&A app Jelly as a search engine (2016-04-28 14:05:19)
    Twitter co-founder Biz Stone is ready to take the wraps off Jelly 2.0, a reimagining of his failed Q&A app that's now less social network and more search engine. In a Medium blog post out today, Stone says his team is using artificial intelligence to get the question to someone Jelly thinks can answer it. "Only Jelly can say you asked the wrong question.
  • Vudu's latest iPad app finally has picture-in-picture (2016-04-28 14:04:00)
  • Periscope now lets users sketch over live streams (2016-04-28 14:03:43)
    You can now draw your own face over your face, or draw clothes on yourself in Periscope. This means Periscope's parent company Twitter is likely thinking about ways to replicate its competitors' successes. Facebook is also aggressively embracing live video, and its live streams, like Periscope's, feature heart reactions, a live map, and commenting.
  • Microsoft’s futuristic storage solution can hold 1,000,000,000 TB (2016-04-28 14:01:44)
    Bickering about the paltry amount of storage on the cheapest new iPhone might become a thing of the past… at some point in the distant future. Microsoft is currently experimenting with DNA material for the purpose of holding massive amounts of data . How massive? Try a billion terabytes, or a zettabyte. The best part about it is that the whole DNA storage receptacle would weigh just 1 gram. DON’T MISS: Amazon's 10 best daily deals: Fire TV Stick, $4 iPhone screen protector, Nexus 6P and more That said, the research is not done, and we shouldn't expect DNA data drives in computers anytime soon. But the DNA material is very dense and very robust, making it an ideal candidate for storing data in addition to biological information. Microsoft is partnering up with Twist Bioscience, Ars Technica reports , a company that performs the reading and writing of the data that’s stored in these special data arrays. Twist hopes to make DNA storage even cheaper than it currently is: A custom DNA sequence costs 10 cents per base, but the company wants to drive the price down to 2 cents. DNA sequencing isn’t as elaborate a process as it used to be. Ars reminds us that the human genome project cost $3 billion, running from 1990 to 2003. The same research can be done now for around $1,000. It’s not clear at this time where Microsoft would use such storage, but it’s not likely that your phone will get a billion terabytes of storage anytime soon. Similarly, it’s not yet clear whether the data can be modified once written. Regular HDDs and SSDs can obviously be rewritten many times during their lifetime. Speaking of usage time, DNA drives would last for hundreds of years, likely outlasting even the best SSDs; that’s how good this particular storage material is.
  • This robot monk will teach you the wisdom of Buddhism (2016-04-28 14:00:06)
    Is it distinctly un-Buddha-like to see a new gadget and say, "I want one?" Probably, but that's what this one inspires: The New York Times and others report that a 1000-year-old temple in Beijing, China is using an adorable robot named Xian'er to help impart the teachings of Buddhism. A monk named Master Xianfan worked with Chinese robotics companies to build the bot. Right now there's only one Xian'er, with no plans to commercialize the bot.
  • Priceline CEO resigns over relationship with employee (2016-04-28 13:55:10)
    Priceline Group Inc said on Thursday that Chief Executive Darren Huston has resigned, effective immediately, after an investigation found that his personal relationship with an employee violated the company's code of conduct. The investigation into Huston's relationship with the employee, who was not under his direct supervision, determined that he had engaged in activities inconsistent with the board's expectations for executive conduct, Priceline said. The travel website operator said the 50-year-old Huston, who has been the company's CEO since January 2014, had acknowledged his misconduct and expressed regret.
  • 20th Century Fox will reportedly skip Comic-Con over piracy concerns (2016-04-28 13:47:27)
    Every July, San Diego turns into the massive geek mecca known as Comic-Con — but despite having an impressive lineup of fan-friendly films, it looks like 20th Century Fox won't be participating in the show's bombastic Hall H presentations this year. The Wrap reports that Fox is stepping away due to concerns that it won't be able to protect the exclusive footage and trailers that usually debut as part of the panels, and there's legitimate reason to worry. Last year Warner Bros. debuted a Comic-Con trailer for Suicide Squad, as did Fox for Deadpool, and in both cases unauthorized video of the footage made its way online soon thereafter. The Suicide Squad leak picked up so much momentum that director David Ayer was forced to release the official version on YouTube just two days later.
  • Google Play warns you when apps contain ads (2016-04-28 13:43:00)
  • Samsung's personal assistant robot is called Otto (2016-04-28 13:30:03)
    Samsung is pushing hard into the Internet of Things, and in an effort to show off its new ARTIK IoT platform, the company created Otto, a personal assistant robot similar to the Amazon Echo, but a bit creepier. Otto has a microphone and speaker, can answer questions when prompted like Siri or Alexa, and can control smart home devices like thermostats and lights, just like the Echo.
  • FBI arrests three suspects with connections to San Bernardino shooters (2016-04-28 13:29:05)
    A spokeswoman for the FBI told Reuters on Thursday that three new warrants have been served in Corona and Ontario, California in relation to the mass shooting that occurred in San Bernardino last December. READ MORE:  Apple issues statement following apparent suicide at Cupertino headquarters First reported by the Press-Enterprise out of Riverside, the warrant in Corona was served to Syed Raheel Farook, the brother of Syed Rizwan Farook, who opened fire on the Inland Regional Center with his wife, Tashfeen Malik, killing 14 people. Laura Eimiller, the FBI spokeswoman, was able to confirm that warrants had been issued, but said that the U.S. Attorney's office would provide more details later in the day. Reuters was not able to reach the U.S. Attorney for a comment. ABC News reports that a federal grand jury in California's Central District issued a five-count indictment on Wednesday against Farook as well as Mariya Chernykh of Ontario, California and her sister Tatiana Farook of Corona. Syed and Tatania are both accused of taking part in the conspiracy. If they are convicted, they could spend up to five years in jail. Mariya, on the other hand, is the wife of Enrique Marquez, a friend of Syed Rizwan Farook and his wife who has been accused of providing weapons and other items to the couple. If she is convicted of the charges leveled against her, she could face 25 years in prison. "Last year’s tragedy in San Bernardino showed yet again how our nation’s legal immigration system can be subverted and exploited," Joseph Macias, the head of Homeland Security Investigations in Los Angeles, said in a statement.
  • Vergecast will be live today at 4:30PM ET (2016-04-28 13:26:52)
    With Nilay out, Dieter brings in the editor of Circuit Breaker, Paul Miller, and news editor Jake Kastrenakes to discuss this week in tech. Racked senior reporter Nicola Fumo engages the hype matrix in this week's episode of Vergecast.
  • Fiat Chrysler, Alphabet in technology partnership talks: WSJ (2016-04-28 13:24:03)
    (Reuters) - Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV is in late-stage talks with Alphabet Inc's self-driving car division for a technology partnership, the Wall Street Journal reported, citing a person familiar with the discussions. The talks have been ongoing for several months, the Journal reported, as Alphabet seeks industry partnerships, offering a deal to sell self-driving car technology. Alphabet and Fiat Chrysler declined to comment. ...
  • Google and Fiat Chrysler are reportedly partnering on autonomous cars (2016-04-28 13:24:00)
  • The Helium iPhone case is for you, iPhone camera fans (2016-04-28 13:22:02)
    The iPhone camera has spawned an entire generation of "iPhoneographers," but often times, those fans have to use additional accessories to capture a particular shot. A company called Helium is looking to change that with its new iPhone case. The Helium Core and Helium Core+ will let iPhone photographers build a complete video and photo setup with up to 17 accessories.
  • Hackers leak stolen Kenyan foreign ministry documents (2016-04-28 13:17:01)
    By George Obulutsa NAIROBI (Reuters) - Online activists who claim ties to Anonymous said on Thursday they had begun to leak documents from Kenya's foreign ministry as part of a campaign to expose government and corporate corruption across Africa. HackRead, a cyber security news site, reported that a hacker affiliated with "Operation Africa" had told it: "In (a) few days you will receive full disclosure of the data – We the Anonymous will stand against corruption, child abuse, and child labor!" A link to a sample of 95 documents was published to a widely known Anonymous Twitter account, part of what it claimed was a one-terabyte stash of date from Kenya's Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade. The documents, viewed by Reuters, appear to consist of mostly routine correspondence between Kenyan foreign ministry officials and other diplomatic missions, trade partners and international companies around the world.
  • Lawsuit blames Snapchat’s speed filter for Georgia car crash (2016-04-28 13:10:33)
    A young girl trying to capture the perfect Snapchat is nothing out of the ordinary — but a speeding selfie comes with its costs. A new lawsuit alleges that Snapchat's speed filter, which lets users display the speed at which they're moving while taking a photo, encourages reckless driving and can cause automobile crashes. On September 10th, 2015, 18-year-old Christal McGee was caught up with trying to get over 100 mph on Snapchat's speed filter and failed to notice Wentworth Maynard's car pull onto the Georgia highway she was speeding on. At around 11:15PM, McGee struck Maynard's Mitsubishi Outlander at 107 mph on a road where the speed limit was 55 mph.
  • Younger buyers more open to self-driving cars: J.D. Power (2016-04-28 13:03:37)
    By Paul Lienert DETROIT (Reuters) - U.S. consumers who are under 40 are more open than older people to self-driving cars and their underlying systems, according to a survey released on Thursday by J.D. Power. The 2016 U.S. Tech Choice Study also found that one-third of Gen Y buyers - those born from 1977-1994 - would pay $3,000 or more for an automated system. The survey results should encourage automakers such as General Motors Co, suppliers such as Delphi Automotive Plc and tech companies such as Alphabet Inc's Google, all of which are accelerating development of self-driving cars and systems.
  • Teen birth rates have dropped by almost half among black and Hispanic teens (2016-04-28 13:00:06)
    Birth rates among black and Hispanic teenagers have fallen by nearly half in the last 10 years, according to a new analysis released by the CDC. That decrease is the result of community-centric initiatives aimed at those communities, which have helped bring the overall birth rate among American teenagers down by 40 percent. However, the CDC reports that teen pregnancy is still a problem, and more action is needed to curb the trend.
  • How Instagram became the perfect platform for streetwear resellers (2016-04-28 13:00:00)
  • New Deus Ex trailer is a perfect introduction to the game's cyberpunk future (2016-04-28 12:59:48)
    If you're new to the Deus Ex universe — or it's just been a while since you've played — the latest trailer for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is a great way to get up to speed. The six-minute-long clip is narrated by protagonist Adam Jensen, as he outlines the state of the dystopian world featured in the game, in which augmented humans — such as Jensen — are now considered dangers to society.
  • The hilarious Star Wars: The Force Awakens ‘outtakes’ we’ve been waiting for (2016-04-28 12:58:45)
    The newest Star Wars villain, Kylo Ren, has  appeared in various spoofs following the release of last year’s massive hit Star Wars: The Force Awakens . But what you’re about to see probably takes the cake so far: fake, but hilarious outtakes from the movie. And yes, you’ll grow fond of Stannis Baratheon soon enough because he's apparently a rebel of sorts. MUST SEE:  Completely change the look of your iPhone with round folder icons, no jailbreak needed Comedy duo Auralnauts came up with this brilliant video that focuses on various scenes from the movie. But while the footage is unaltered and still fresh in our minds, the dialogue has been slightly modified. For example, Captain Phasma — who’s played by Gwendoline Christie, the actress who brings to life the Brienne of Tarth character in Game of Thrones  — is used to link the two universes. That’s how Kylo Ren first hears about Stannis, who appears to be a pretty bad guy. Captain Phasma tells Kylo Ren that “he” was murdered by a shadow with the face of Stannis Baratheon. Stannis does other crazy stuff throughout the clip, but we won't spoil it for you. A “can you hear me now” sketch follows later into the clip, with Kylo’s helmet interfering with his orders. And hearing Kylo Ren singing Rihanna's Work as a torture technique will make your day. The final scene of The Force Awakens isn’t spared either, and Han and Leia get a similar spoof treatment as well. Sadly, Kylo Ren doesn't appear in these scenes. Check out the full video, which is embedded below. Note that if you haven't yet seen The Force Awakens , the video contains spoilers .
  • Close-up with HP's all-aluminum Chromebook 13 (2016-04-28 12:57:22)
    HP is starting to make Chromebooks exciting again. This morning, it unveiled the Chromebook 13, a slim, all-metal laptop that looks nicer than most Chromebooks that came before it. The Chromebook 13 looks nice and feels well made.
  • Mark Zuckerberg thinks AI will start outperforming humans in the next decade (2016-04-28 12:51:01)
    On yesterday's investor call, Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg was asked how the machine learning technology behind its recent introduction of bots to Messenger would manifest itself in the future. "So the biggest thing that we're focused on with artificial intelligence is building computer services that have better perception than people," he replied. "So the basic human senses like seeing, hearing, language, core things that we do. There are a couple of striking things about this statement: it imagines computer systems with abilities that are central to our existence as biological creatures, the essential skills that we rely on to understand and interact with the world.
  • FCC advances reform of U.S. business data market (2016-04-28 12:46:49)
    By David Shepardson WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Federal Communications Commission on Thursday voted to advance reforms of the $40 billion market for business data services, known as special access lines, and to bar some contractual practices by providers. The FCC voted 3-2 to approve an order that will bar some existing contract requirements by special access providers for businesses using high-capacity data and voice connections and to advance a proposed regulation reforming the market that would create a "new technology-neutral framework" that would extend regulations in non-competitive markets. Many businesses rely on the little special access lines to transmit large amounts of data quickly, for instance connecting banks to ATM machines or gasoline pump credit card readers.
  • Curiosity snaps a pic of the most rugged plateau it crossed (2016-04-28 12:46:00)
  • Google and Fiat Chrysler said to be close to self-driving 'technical partnership' (2016-04-28 12:43:50)
    Google and Fiat Chrysler are in "late stage talks" on a technical partnership on Google's self-driving car project, according to a report from The Wall Street Journal, citing AutoExtremist. The talks are said to have been underway for several months, and are in final negotiations.
  • How to reclaim the free OneDrive storage Microsoft is about to take away (2016-04-28 12:37:42)
    If you use Microsoft's OneDrive cloud storage with any regularity, chances are that you're still reeling from the news that free users will have their storage cut from 15GB to 5GB on July 27th. Unless you visited a page on Microsoft's website before January 31st, 2015, you're going to lose 10GB of storage this summer. Thankfully, there are a few ways to counteract the change. MUST SEE:  Completely change the look of your iPhone with round folder icons, no jailbreak needed The only way to restore those 10GB without spending any money is by referring others to the service. As CNET notes , if anyone signs up for OneDrive using your referral link, 500MB of cloud storage will be added to your account. If you can find 20 willing individuals to click your link and sign up, you'll be back in business. In order to find your referral link, just head to the OneDrive Manage Storage and click the "Earn more" link at the bottom of the page. You will then have the option of copying the link directly, sending it in an email or sharing on social media. The link will look like this: If this sounds like too much work, you can always pay $1.99 for 50GB of storage instead. It's slightly more expensive than "free," but it's not a terrible investment if you spend a majority of your time on Windows devices. On the other hand, you could also just dump OneDrive altogether and start using Google Drive, which offers 15GB of free cloud storage without any strings attached.
  • On gadgets: the glory days and the new wave (2016-04-28 12:31:54)
    With the introduction of The Verge's new gadget blog Circuit Breaker and the release of Apple's Q2 earnings report, Walt and Nilay discuss the importance of gadgets in the tech world today, the separation of smartphones from the gadget world, and also look back at the golden age of gadgets in the 1990s.
  • Mahindra to build India's first automobile shredding plant (2016-04-28 12:27:11)
    By Aditi Shah NEW DELHI (Reuters) - A unit of autos-to-technology group Mahindra intends to set up a network of automobile shredding plants, an executive told Reuters on Thursday after announcing plans to build India's first such facility with a state firm. India is considering introducing a policy to scrap old vehicles, like the cash-for-clunkers program the United States tried during the global economic recession to boost auto sales. India also plans to enforce stricter vehicular emission rules, potentially opening up an opportunity for companies like Mahindra, India's top utility vehicle maker by sales with a market capitalization of $17 billion, to recycle older cars and trucks.
  • This old French film trailer was colorized with artificial intelligence (2016-04-28 12:27:02)
    The machine learning community has responded to a paper published this week that introduced a method of colorizing black-and-white photos using artificial intelligence. One redditor, mar_cnu, used this new automated colorization technique on a trailer for 1964 French film La 317 ème Section (The 317th Platoon), a black-and-white movie about a French platoon stuck behind enemy lines at the end of the Indochina War.
  • How virtual reality can save humanity (2016-04-28 12:24:53)
    Truc de Ouf's Gentry Lane says society is losing its humanity, but a powerful storytelling tool like VR can help revive it.
  • NFL Sunday Ticket adds out-of-market games at no extra cost (2016-04-28 12:23:00)
  • You can play the free Forza 6 spinoff on Windows 10 next week (2016-04-28 12:07:56)
    Forza Motorsport 6: Apex, the free-to-play version of the popular racing series, will be in open beta starting on May 5th. As previously announced, the spinoff will be coming to Windows 10, marking the series' PC debut, and it's being developed by longtime Forza studio Turn 10.
  • What is a gadget blog, anyway? (2016-04-28 12:05:01)
    Paul Miller, the editor of Circuit Breaker, has spoken a lot this week about the broader hopes and ambitions for the new site. After you give the show a listen, be sure to visit Circuit Breaker on its two homes: The Verge and Facebook.
  • A viral VR sex suit and what it says about us (2016-04-28 12:00:00)
  • 15 paid iPhone apps on sale for free right now (2016-04-28 11:53:27)
    Welcome to our biggest list of the week of paid iPhone and iPad apps on sale for free. This isn't just the best list of the week because it has the most apps — 15 in total, if you're counting. It also has a fantastic variety of high-quality apps and games that will keep you entertained. There's even a special surprise at the end that might change your life... or at least make you laugh. Be sure to check out yesterday's post as well, where you'll find a few remaining free downloads. MUST SEE:  Completely change the look of your iPhone with round folder icons, no jailbreak needed These are paid iPhone and iPad apps that have been made available for free for a limited time by their developers. There is no way to tell how long they will be free. These sales could end an hour from now or a week from now — obviously, the only thing we can guarantee is that they were free at the time this post was written. If you click on a link and see a price listed next to an app instead of the word “get,” it is no longer free. The sale has ended. If you download the app, you will be charged. Camera7 Normally $0.99. Camera7 is an amazing camera app that offers the same effects of the reported dual-lens camera of the upcoming iPhone 7. With this app, you can add impressive new features to your older generation iPhone’s camera and take stunning pictures. Why wait for iPhone 7 to get a brand new experience of mobile photography? - Use two varied focal lengths simultaneously and capture striking photos or videos. - Focus area can be enlarged by dragging. - Easily adjust the focal length with just a pinch from 2x to 4x. - Ability to individually customize the display size of all parts. - Works fine on all iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Download Camera7 OftenType Normally $1.99. Use quick keys to avoid repeated typing of email, surname, signature and many more! Featured in "Best Apps" list by "It’s the perfect app for users who need access to snippets of content over and over." OftenType is a custom keyboard app which expands iPhone keyboard with additional quick keys keypad. You can easily increase your productivity by optimizing repeated typing. After set up you’ll only need one tap to type email, surname, address and other thing you have to type over and over again. FEATURES: - unlimited keys quantity - easy to set up and use - secure information storage - icons set for all your needs - extensions to store up to 4 snippets in one key - multiple lines of text in one key - clear iOS style interface IMPORTANT: Your data is securely stored on your iPhone, we don’t spy on what you are typing. OftenType PRIVACY POLICY: - We do not collect any data you enter inside your custom quick keys. It is stored locally on your device. - We do not record your login information, IDs, addresses, e-mails etc. that you store in the app. - We need Full Access to load your data from application to quick keys outside the app. It's the only way in iOS design to use quick keys for custom information. - We do not use internet connection to copy or view the data inside your quick keys. Default keys set includes email, name, address, phone, phrases to texting, signature, company name & security ID. All titles are customizable, you can use them for any other texts you have to type often. Please, mind that password form fields usually disable third party keyboards. It’s beyond our power to fix this, though it’s more secure not to store your password inside an app. Download OftenType Wakeupper Normally $0.99. Stress-free and positive wake up with a new video every morning. Choose from various topics, including girls, boys, vacation, nature, lifestyle, sports, humor, cats and dogs. New video will surprise you every morning We deliver you only the best shots from the best videos every time It is much easier to pull yourself out from the bed when you open your eyes and watch an interesting video for a couple minutes Our mission is to bring positive feelings of happiness in your early morning and charge you with a good mood for all further day! Download Wakeupper Wonderland Saga In-app purchase of Jango character free, normally $3. Wonderland Saga is a casual side-way fantasy MOBA sling-shot game. With real-time battle against players from around the world, easy control mechanics suitable for all ages, and easy to learn strategies, Wonderland allow players to enjoy the fun of teaming up and fight against other real player. Each hero have their unique outfit and skills waiting for players to explore and master, improving their MOBA experience and possibly compete in tournaments in the near future! The game is Free-to-play, providing in-app purchase to skip waiting time only, while remaining fair fight with our tracking ladder rank system so players only fight opponents near the same experience. Game Features First instant battle side view battle MOBA unlike any other game, battle with enemy towards victory, strategies and skills are the key to concur the battlefield. Easy to learn, hard to master, instant battle with real player provides a different experience everytime. Multiple hero to choose from and outfits to your liking, unique skills that allows player to form different strategies with each hero. Complete ranking system to show your skills and power. Design with Unity engine, detailed battle map, explosive effects! Download Wonderland Saga FrameLapse Normally $1.99. Make every moment of your life an instant moving picture. Create stunning time-lapses and stop motion videos, and share them with your friends. - Change the frame interval - Set a timer - Front and back camera support - Video frame rate - Custom video duration - Add text or stickers - Stunning filters - Stop motion with onion skin - Import image sequences - Import videos - Use any song from your library as sound track of your video - Share on Instagram, Facebook, Messenger, Twitter and many others - Create MP4 or GIF animation - Intuitive interface You can create back-and-forth looped videos/gifs, stop-motion videos/gifs, jitter/wiggle videos/gifs, time lapse videos/gifs, slideshow videos/gifs Download FrameLapse Huerons Normally $1.99. Huerons are tiny circles arranged on grid. What do you have to do? You have to combine all the Huerons into each other leaving only one in the end. Sounds simple? You bet! Huerons is a challenging puzzle game that will make you think hard and long. The rush of solving a puzzle after bending your mind a million times around it is what will keep you pushing forward. With more than 100 levels, you are looking at days spent in the pursuit of perfection. And it all works with simplest of rules: “Adjacent Huerons merge at empty cells between them”. That’s it! During this journey, you will meet 9 more Huerons that change the way you think about spaces and grids. CAUTION: This game is not for the faint of heart. Enter this adventure only when puzzles are all you care for. FEATURES - Simple intuitive gameplay based on simplest of rules - 125 levels all unlocked (and more as free updates) - 2 game modes, Zen and Time Trial - Hints for all levels (but they only hint at the solution, not solve it for you) - 9 types of Huerons like Portals, Blenders, Black Holes, Chameleons etc. - Visual accessibility: support for Color Blind mode Download Huerons SNAPPTiON Normally $0.99. We set out with one goal when building this app… We wanted to make it as simple as possible to add text quickly to our photo’s and be able to share it immediately onto any social network possible. Yes we added all the good features from other camera apps, and made something this unreal. Full Screen camera Tap to add a SNAPPTiON Simple drawing ability 10 Second video clip capture 20 awesome fonts Share to anywhere from within the app. Download SNAPPTiON Fake Call Pro Normally $0.99. Fake an incoming call from your boss, your wife, or a celebrity at the tap of an app! Get out of bad dates, impress your friends, and prank your enemies! Import your favorite audio as ringtone! Fake Call at the press of a button, or have it delay and call you at a specified time! Record your own voices to start talking to you when you answer the fake call. Just ad lib your end of the conversation for an ultra realistic fake call! This app is intended for entertainment purposes only and does not provide true calling functionality. Enjoy yourself! Download Fake Call Pro PhotoVault Normally $2.99. No one likes someone else being able to accidentally or intentionally view your private photos & videos and so on. With PhotoVault you can easily organize and protect your private albums, photos, videos and accounts! Accessing the application content is protected by your own password to keep your privacy hidden from other eyes. √ Safety: • No networking function(In addition to connect Apple), bring you a sense of security! • Smart Lock technology: if you forget to turn off the software, it auto-lock your privacy √ photos / video • Import photos / videos from your iPhone / iPod touch • Import photo album directly • Do not change photo format or resolution, Do not change video format (Perfect lossless storage) • Photos/videos taken from the camera are stored into the app only, not into the iPhone / iPod touch's library • Export photos to your iPhone / iPod touch • Create custom albums for your photos • Photo slide show, video preview • Multi-touch gestures: zoom and swipe photo • Batch Export, Batch Delete, Batch Move, Batch Copy functions For 'Privacy Photo' • Batch select and save videos, Add Video From Wifi. • Add info for photos or videos • easy to use interface and operation, superior user experience √ Other • Quick response to user feedback (via e-mail feedback from privacy setting) Download PhotoVault Extreme Week Calendar Normally $1.99. Light version of the popular Extreme Agenda organizer app. It gives you a 7 day week view and inline day view to add great features not found in the default calendar. Use it as a great week calendar, or as a trial to see the quality of our advanced Extreme Calendar and Extreme Agenda solutions. Once you are ready you can easily upgrade to the more advanced products from within the app. Features Include: Great Calendaring • Powerful Week and Timeline Day with inline editing. • Uses and expands on your native calendar data. • Sync like you would with the default calendar(Google, iCloud, Exchange). • Advanced repeating event options. • Move/Copy Events • Event Templates • Email Events • Show events on Facebook • Military time, ISO week, and week start options. • Uses time bars and icons to keep you informed at a glance • Filter events based on iCal calendars. • Almost 200 professional icons to mark your events Power and Flexibility • Universal Support • TextExpander Support • Portrait and Landscape Support. • Retina Display Support. • Background and color theme choices. • Help System • Easily upgraded to Extreme Calendar or Extreme Agenda Planner Download Extreme Week Calendar Micro for Yahoo Normally $0.99. # Very light App for Yahoo with Lock Feature # Use Yahoo in private mode . # Keep your Yahoo data private ** It is just not only yahoo lock , it is also a very light version of yahoo Note - Please write in review about your need , we will definitely add those feature in next version. Key Feature - * Lock Yahoo Automatically When App enter in background * You can Lock App By Lock Button in the App * Navigation Button to Use Yahoo in very easy way * Manage Contact * Manage Folder * Basically All the feature of Yahoo # Don't drain your battery so fast and don't full up your device with junks ! # It is useful if you are running out of memory . # Useful for the user who want to keep their Yahoo data private # Once Install Log in and have Fun ! # Lock your yahoo in case any other family member want to use your phone . # Lock Yahoo in case many people access your phone . # It also fast and take less running memory . Download Micro for Yahoo My Things Normally $6.99. A super simple way to remember things in your personal life. We help you to remember things like: - a new restaurant you want to try - an idea you just had - a new song you want to listen to - key summaries of a book you just read - birthday of your friends Features: • a complete planner and organizer • comes with template checklists • save all kind of notes quickly and painlessly (including checklist, photo, audio note, geo-location note) Download My Things Alien Sky Normally $2.99. Reality is boring! Create fantastic and futuristic visions with the power of Alien Sky. With Alien Sky, you can customize your sky with an amazing collection of high resolution space objects. Alien Sky also includes a set of futuristic lens flares optimized for your space explorations. Featured on Apple Watch App Included! Get your daily dose of inspiration with our featured photo app, AlienSky for the Apple Watch. As a bonus, we've added a cool Solar Flare animation to show off the amazing Apple Watch display. Alien Sky gives you complete control over sky customization, allowing you create fantastic visions and otherworldly photos. Why settle for a boring sky? There is simply nothing else like this in the app store. USER REVIEWS "Amazing app for creating cosmic creations and stellar sky scenes." "Fantastic app, create epic space images, just brilliant!" "This is an amazing photography app! There isn't another one in its class when it comes to photo FX!!! It allows you to take your images and give them a true SciFi feel. I love it and use it often!!!!" FEATURES - Space Objects such as Planets, Moons, and Galaxies - Bright Suns and Distant Stars - Futuristic Lens Flares Turn your everday photos into fantastic visions with Alien Sky. Tag your photos with #AlienSky for a chance to be featured! Download Alien Sky SelfiEmoji Normally $0.99. You know what your emoji keyboard is missing? ... You! With Selfiemoji you can create your own library of emojis so that you can use as a keyboard on your iPhone and use wherever you can insert pictures. There is no login required. No connecting with facebook before you can do anything. Just get in and start making your own set of emoji! Download SelfiEmoji Luxy Pro Normally $19.99. Luxy Pro is the special version of the only millionaire dating app that finds you millionaire match based on what you really care about-Luxy. Luxy is the leading luxury millionaire dating app for the the wealthy singles. That’s why Luxy is the most popular Millionaire Match maker app in most of the millionaire cities! And Luxy Pro offers you free access to 400 Luxy coins (worth $40) in the first 3 months! Plus some other privileges. Featured on Jimmy Kimmel, CNN, ABC, CNBC, CBS, Huffington Post, Business Insider and The New York Times, to name a few. Luxy caters to the worlds elite 1%, almost half of them earn $1M+, members include CEOs, entrepreneurs, investors, beauty queens, super models, celebrities, pro athletes, doctors, lawyers and other elites, cause Luxy is a luxury dating club. Just like Tinder: -Browse and connect with millionaires nearby. -Anonymously Swipe Right to Like other users or Swipe Left to Pass. -Send and receive unlimited messages to your millionaire match. Enhance your Luxy experience by joining Luxy BLACK: -Browse profiles invisibly - only those who you have ‘liked’ will see your profile -Get more cards each day - match with even more wealthy singles! -Enjoy advanced search options and filters, such as search by location -Send messages freely to the most beautiful women and the most wealthy men. -Receives messages from the world’s most wealthy men and women, verified millionaires. NOT A MILLIONAIRE? Don’t worry! Real Luxy users will vote you in based on your profile, once you’re in you can mingle will REAL Millionaires. Download Luxy Pro
  • Movidius puts deep learning chip in a USB drive (2016-04-28 11:45:43)
    Today Silicon Valley chip maker Movidius released the Fathom Neural Compute Stick. It looks like a measly thumb drive, but inside it packs a high-end visual processing unit that can do a bunch of advanced image recognition. The Fathom is basically a plug-and-play version of the Myriad 2, and Movidius hopes engineers will use it to build deep learning features like like pixel-by-pixel imagine labeling and advanced video analytics into their existing products.
  • Windows 10 update message interrupts live weather report (2016-04-28 11:42:00)
  • Apple issues statement following apparent suicide at Cupertino headquarters (2016-04-28 11:32:54)
    Apple on Thursday morning issued an official statement after a man was found dead on Wednesday at Apple's corporate headquarters in Cupertino, California. Officials from the Santa Clara County’s Sheriff’s Department confirmed on Wednesday that they responded to a call around 8:35 a.m. local time stating that there was a "person down" on Apple's Cupertino campus. Upon arriving at the scene they discover the body of a deceased male. The coroner is currently examining the body and the cause of death has not yet been confirmed, but reports suggest that the victim died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Now, Apple has released a statement confirming that the deceased man was indeed an Apple employee. MUST SEE:  Completely change the look of your iPhone with round folder icons, no jailbreak needed "We are heartbroken by the tragic loss of a young and talented coworker," an Apple spokesperson told Matt Keller , a reporter with local ABC affiliate ABC 7 . "Our thoughts and deepest sympathies go out to his family and friends, including the many people he worked with here at Apple. We are working to support them however we can in this difficult time." The Sheriff's Department isn't confirming much at this point, and the man's identity and cause of death have not yet been released to the public. In light of Apple's confirmation that the deceased man was an Apple employee and that it is working to support his friends and family, it is apparent that his family has been notified of his death. TMZ at first reported that multiple people may have been involved with the incident, including a woman who was being removed from Apple's campus by security personnel. That report was dismissed by police soon after. The site later reported that the deceased person was a Hispanic male Apple employee, and that a gun was found near the body in a conference room at Apple's headquarters. Those details have not yet been confirmed by authorities.
  • UK recommends smokers switch to e-cigarettes to help them quit (2016-04-28 11:27:10)
    Cigarette smokers in the UK are being encouraged to switch to electronic cigarettes, which the Royal College of Physicians says are much safer than regular tobacco cigarettes, The New York Times reports. The recommendations, released today by the prestigious medical group in the UK, come as a bit of a surprise, as reports about e-cigs have mainly focused on the negatives, especially in the US.
  • This adorable speaker puts Alexa on your fridge (2016-04-28 11:22:19)
    The Triby Bluetooth speaker works with Amazon Alexa, plays internet radio, and makes calls. But is it any good?
  • The iPhone's trippiest app has to be heard to be understood (2016-04-28 11:22:13)
    Augmented reality usually refers to the overlaying of digital images or information onto a user's view, but it's not all visual. To wit, there's an iPhone app called Hear that does augmented aural reality — and it's a blast.
  • Siri vs. Alexa comparison (2016-04-28 11:21:00)
    Apple’s Siri and Amazon Alexa are similar in that they’re both voice-controlled virtual assistants, but that’s where the similarities end. Which is better? The Verge’s Lauren Goode reports.
  • Facebook, Messenger and Instagram apps arrive for Windows 10 (2016-04-28 11:21:00)
  • How Snapchat and stupidity almost left five people dead (2016-04-28 11:07:12)
    Snapchat's speed filter is an awful, awful idea. For those unaware, it's a feature of the popular messaging app Snapchat that uses sensors in a smartphone to record the speed at which a user is traveling when he or she sends a message. Users earn trophies for reaching high speeds, so needless to say they often try to send snaps from fast-moving cars. And if they're stupid enough, they try to send snaps while they're driving fast-moving cars. Enter Christal McGee, an 18-year-old girl from Atlanta who almost killed herself and left another driver with brain injuries when she struck his car at over 100 mph while using Snapchat. MUST SEE:  Completely change the look of your iPhone with round folder icons, no jailbreak needed There is little question that Snapchat's speed filter encourages young users to do things that aren't smart, but it takes someone truly special to push things as far as Christal McGee did. While driving her parent's Mercedes down the highway in Atlanta, Georgia last September, McGee decided to test the limits of the speed filter. With three passengers in the car, McGee used Snapchat to take selfies while traveling at speeds as fast as 113 mph, according to the speed filter in the Snapchat app. With her attention on her phone instead of on the road, the teenager didn't see Wentworth Maynard merging onto the highway ahead. McGee struck the man's car while traveling at 107 mph, a lawsuit filed by Maynard says. According to NY Daily News , the lawsuit seeks unspecified damages from McGee and Snapchat, which is named in the lawsuit because the company's speed filter "motivated" McGee's reckless driving. Maynard, an Uber driver, was left with brain damage that his lawyers say will prevent him from doing his job. “We’ll see to it that Christal McGee is held responsible, but we also want to see Snapchat held responsible,” one of Maynard’s attorneys said in a statement. “This is a product liability case because Snapchat put something very dangerous in the marketplace without any warnings or safeguards, and basically said, whatever happens, happens.” And now, the cherry on top: Following the crash that could easily have left all five people dead, McGee sent the following snap while lying bloody on a gurney in the back of an ambulance:
  • Review: Kindle Oasis aims at avid readers, pricey for others (2016-04-28 11:01:03)
    NEW YORK (AP) — The Kindle Oasis is Amazon's sleekest, lightest e-book reader yet — and at $290, unnecessary unless you're a die-hard reader.
  • SpaceVR has a new plan for filming virtual reality in space (2016-04-28 11:00:30)
    Last year, a company called SpaceVR used Kickstarter to fund the idea of sending a virtual reality camera to the International Space Station. Today at the Silicon Valley Virtual Reality Expo in San Jose, California, the company announced a seed round of $1.25 million. SpaceVR CEO Ryan Holmes calls it "the world’s first virtual reality camera satellite," and he plans to launch it in early 2017.
  • Artificial intelligence now fits inside a USB stick (2016-04-28 11:00:00)
  • Apple chipmaker NXP looks to autos to outpace rivals' growth (2016-04-28 10:57:57)
    By Harro Ten Wolde FRANKFURT (Reuters) - Chipmaker NXP Semiconductors, the world's top manufacturer of electronics in cars and a producer of chips used in Apple iPhones, gave an upbeat outlook for its growth prospects on Thursday. The company, which completed its nearly $12 billion acquisition of Freescale last year, told investors it expects to outperform its peers until 2019 by growing at a compound annual rate of between 5 and 7 percent. "The merger is going well," NXP's Financial Chief Dan Durn said at the company's capital markets day.
  • I visited the set of Ghostbusters (2016-04-28 10:51:56)
    Last September, Sony Pictures invited me to go to the set of Ghostbusters, Paul Feig's reboot of the original Ghostbusters. The studio offered to pay for my accommodation while in Boston, but I declined and booked a hotel through my employer so as to maintain journalistic integrity. Like I said, I was and still am very excited for Ghostbusters so I didn't feel dishonest in my interest in this opportunity.
  • 10 ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ theories that will have your head spinning (2016-04-28 10:44:17)
    It's been months since Star Wars: The Force Awakens left theaters, but that hasn't stopped fans from poring over every moment of the movie to try to discover any hidden secrets they might have missed. So while you're waiting for Rogue One later this year and Episode VIII in 2017, why not see what they've discovered? SEE ALSO:  There’s a new Batman movie that doesn’t star Ben Affleck and this is the first trailer In a recent video, Screen Rant has explored ten of the wildest fan theories that are floating around the internet now that The Force Awakens is available on Blu-ray . Some seem far-fetched, but a few sound surprisingly believable. One of those believable theories? Rey is the daughter of Han Solo and Leia Organa. No, it's not one of the more exciting theories, but until we get a definitive answer, fans are going to continue to argue over the hero's parentage. A slightly more convoluted theory suggests that Kylo Ren might actually be a double agent working to bring down the First Order from the inside. There's not a great deal of evidence supporting this theory at the moment, but there is a quick moment (blink and you'll miss it) in Rey's flashback where Kylo Ren appears to save her from someone who is about to attack her. Is it all a guise? We'll have to wait at least a couple of years to find out, but you can watch the full video from Screen Rant below:
  • Time-bending FPS 'Superhot' heads to Xbox One next week (2016-04-28 10:35:00)
  • Completely change the look of your iPhone with round folder icons, no jailbreak needed (2016-04-28 10:21:02)
    This has got to be one of the coolest iOS bugs we've seen in a long time, and we're keeping our fingers crossed that Apple doesn't fix it anytime soon. Little glitches are common to find here and there in iOS, as is the case with any other software platform. Sometimes they're serious bugs that compromise the security of your iPhone or iPad , but sometimes they're harmless little glitches that offer some unexpected side effects. The latest bug found in the iOS platform thankfully falls into the latter category, and it gives your iPhone or iPad an awesome new look typically reserved only for people who jailbreak their phones. MUST READ:  Making sense of Apple now that everything has changed Apple's iOS platform doesn't support very many customization options in terms of the appearance of the user interface. Apple loves nothing more than simplicity and consistency, so it doesn't support any kind of themes on the iPhone or iPad. Android, meanwhile, lets the user manipulate the UI in any number of ways. You can even install a third-party launcher and change everything about your phone's interface. On the iPhone... you can change the wallpaper. Users looking for a bit more freedom often jailbreak their phones, which allows them to install third-party apps with far more capability than the apps in Apple's official App Store. This way, they can install theming apps that can change an iPhone's layout, icons and more. But now, thanks to a glitch discovered by YouTube user "videosdebarraquito" (via Cult of Mac ), anyone can give their iPhone or iPad a quick visual overhaul in just a few seconds. Here's how it works: Visit this webpage and download one or more of the tiny wallpapers seen there To save them, simply tap and hold on any image, then choose to save it In the Settings app, navigate to Wallpaper > Choose a New Wallpaper > Camera Roll and choose one of the new photos you downloaded That's it — you're done. You'll now find that some or all of your folders will display nifty round icons instead of the slightly rounded squares you're accustomed to. If some icons remain square, you can often manipulate them by rearranging your home screen. Check out the video below to see how it works.
  • Facebook in class of its own as ad revenue soars (2016-04-28 10:17:21)
    After underwhelming results from Apple Inc, Google Inc and other big tech names, investors finally found a friend in Facebook IncN after the company shredded Wall Street's forecasts for revenue, profit and user growth. Facebook's shares jumped 11 percent to a record high of $120 in early trading on Thursday, giving a $30 billion boost to the social networking company's market value. "FB remains in a class by itself across the combination of scale, growth, and profitability," J.P. Morgan Securities analyst Doug Anmuth said in a research note.
  • The many luxury cars of this year's Beijing auto show (2016-04-28 10:15:29)
    Like consumer tech, the auto industry has been increasingly turning to China and its burgeoning middle class for growth in recent years. That has made China's auto show circuit considerably more interesting, as big automakers turn to their stages for major debuts — cars, trucks, and SUVs that are going to either have a global impact, or are at least notable enough for global attention.
  • Comcast buys DreamWorks Animation for $3.8 billion (2016-04-28 10:13:00)
  • 10 must-have Chrome productivity extensions (2016-04-28 10:09:47)
    Chrome is more than just a browser--it's an ecosystem that can help make your day a bit more productive. And with the help of these extensions, it can deliver an extra boost of efficiency to your daily grind.
  • The Siri-enabled August Smart Lock is now shipping (2016-04-28 10:07:04)
    Back in October, August took the wraps off of its second generation Smart Lock, which features HomeKit support, a few design changes, and a slightly cheaper price. The Smart Lock was supposed to be available to purchase before the end of 2015, but the release was delayed, until today.
  • Kanye West dubs Aziz Ansari's buddy comedy the official Famous music video (2016-04-28 10:06:51)
    Earlier this month we squealed and clapped our hands right under our chins while watching Master of None costars Eric Wareheim and Aziz Ansari dance it out and eat fancy Italian pasta to the tune of Kanye West's extremely polarizing (but irresistible) new song, "Famous."
  • Kanye West approves of Aziz Ansari's makeshift Famous music video (2016-04-28 10:06:51)
    Consequence of Sound reported this morning that this incredible frivolity had been dubbed the official music video for the song, by order of Kanye West. This report turned out to be false, but Kanye's team later reached out to Vulture and emphasized that Kanye "thinks it's great." In light of The Life of Pablo's bizarre, months-long rollout, the choice wouldn't have seemed that strange. The fact that this isn't the official video is bad news for Aziz, Eric, and dreamers everywhere.
  • Samsung advances its IoT push with new ARTIK Cloud platform (2016-04-28 10:06:11)
    At the 2016 Samsung Developer Conference, the tech giant announced its new ARTIK Cloud platform for IoT and connected devices
  • Cyber bullying delivers a punch to consumer wallets (2016-04-28 10:02:31)
    By Amy Tennery NEW YORK (Reuters) - Anyone who has had embarrassing photos posted on social media or been deluged with angry messages can attest to the high emotional cost of cyber bullying. For the 40 percent of adult Internet users who are dealing with this issue, according to 2014 Pew Research Center data, and numerous school-age children, there is a new insurance policy to help mitigate the financial repercussions. Chubb Ltd recently began offering optional cyber bullying coverage for its homeowners insurance clients.
  • The Climb turns virtual reality acrophobia into an extreme sport (2016-04-28 10:00:12)
    The very worst thing I can say about The Climb, a virtual reality rock-climbing game from studio Crytek, is that it does not include dinosaurs. The Climb, released only on the Oculus Rift, is still a rare creation: a virtual reality title that looks like a big-budget first-person game. A VR rock climbing simulator is the sort of thing that seems to demand motion controllers, and when Oculus releases its Touch devices later this year, The Climb will have them.
  • A virtual reality game that's good for you and scientist approved (2016-04-28 10:00:00)
  • Snapchat reportedly generates 10 billion daily video views (2016-04-28 09:54:33)
    Snapchat's users watch 10 billion videos per day, according to a report from Bloomberg. In addition, Bloomberg reports that more than a third of Snapchat users post to the app's daily Stories feature, where videos and photos can be viewed for 24 hours before disappearing. The company is typically very tight-lipped about its numbers, but CEO and founder Evan Spiegel revealed in February that the service has more than 100 million daily users.
  • Tips: What are the best ways to use Slack for business? (2016-04-28 09:49:00)
    Slack users offer practical advice on how to get the most out of the fast-growing platform for building corporate chatrooms.
  • Indonesian online retailer Bhinneka plans IPO to fund expansion (2016-04-28 09:44:23)
    By Eveline Danubrata JAKARTA (Reuters) - Indonesian online retailer PT Bhinneka Mentari Dimensi is planning an initial public offering (IPO) in 2018 to widen its reach, one of its directors said on Thursday, as the e-commerce battleground heats up in Southeast Asia's biggest economy. "Our objective to go public is for scaling," director Andi Boediman said, adding that the company plans to expand its store network and strengthen its supply chain while investing in technology and marketing. Bhinneka is in a good position to attract investors, Boediman told reporters on the sidelines of a conference in Jakarta.
  • SpaceX wins its first military launch contract (2016-04-28 09:41:00)
  • That time a Windows 10 update alert ruined a live TV broadcast (2016-04-28 09:35:09)
    How annoyed do you get each and every time a little alert pops up on your Windows computer insisting that you install the latest available platform updates? Do you keep your cool and just dismiss it? Do you get a little miffed and take your frustrations out on your mouse? Or maybe you're so tired of seeing these notifications that your blood begins to boil and you have to fight back the urge to break something. Now imagine you're reporting a weather forecast in the middle of a live TV broadcast when an alert pops up asking you to update... DON'T MISS:  Making sense of Apple now that everything has changed Via BetaNews , KCCI 8's meteorologist Metinka Slater was reporting the weather on live television when the Windows-powered computer her station uses to power weather graphics took an unplanned detour. Just as she was discussing heavy amounts of rainfall across southwest Iowa, an alert popped up saying that the channel's Windows computer wanted to install Windows 10. In the process, it covered her handy weather map graphics. To Slater's credit, she handled the curveball quite well. "Microsoft recommends upgrading to Windows 10... what should I do?" she asked sarcastically. "Ahhhh don't you love when that pops up, huh?" Microsoft has been pushing PC users with earlier Windows versions to update to Windows 10 in the hopes that they'll forget the Windows 8 debacle ever happened, and it has been doing so using annoying pop-up alerts like this one. Windows 10 is a huge improvement and we certainly recommend the free update, but don't worry, there's a way to stop those bothersome upgrade alerts if you're not quite ready to pull the trigger.  Here you go , Metinka. A video showing the blooper is embedded below.
  • NXP Semiconductors expects to grow at CAGR of 5-7 percent by 2019 (2016-04-28 09:30:35)
    Chipmaker NXP Semiconductors expects to outperform its peers until 2019 by growing at a compound annual rate of between 5-7 percent, its financial chief said on Thursday. The company, which completed its nearly $12 billion acquisition of Freescale last year, told investors it expected to reach adjusted earnings before interests, tax, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) of more than $4 billion by 2019 as a result of combining businesses. "The merger is going well," NXP's Financial Chief Dan Durn said at the company's capital markets day.
  • In J.G. Ballard’s High-Rise, the metaphor eats the story and Tom Hiddleston eats the metaphor (2016-04-28 09:28:33)
    Tom Hiddleston is turning a particular brand of intense, savage politesse into a thriving career. The British film, which screened at the Toronto Film Festival last September, and the Tribeca Film Festival in New York this April, is headed for wider American release in May. It’s arriving at a moment that feels like Peak Hiddleston, but it’s still a welcome use of his particular image: few other actors would be as well suited for this role, which combines elemental ferocity and a polite, faintly dubious, openly artificial social mask. Hiddleston narrates the film in the third person, in Ballard’s prose: “As he sat on his balcony eating the dog, Dr. Robert Laing reflected on the unusual events that had taken place within this huge apartment building.” On the page, that removal from first person seems like natural storytelling.
  • Priceline CEO quits over relationship with employee (2016-04-28 09:25:36)
    (Reuters) - Priceline Group Inc said its Chief Executive Darren Huston has resigned, effective immediately, following an investigation into a personal relationship with an employee that violated the company's code of conduct. The investigation, which involved an employee who was not under his direct supervision, determined that Huston had engaged in activities inconsistent with the board's expectations for executive conduct, Priceline said. The travel website operator said Huston, who has been the company's CEO since January 2014, had acknowledged his misconduct and expressed regret.
  • Comcast announces plan to buy DreamWorks Animation for $3.8 billion (2016-04-28 09:21:48)
    NBCUniversal has announced a plan to purchase DreamWorks Animation for $3.8 billion, in a deal expected to close by late 2016. Best known for the Shrek and Kung Fu Panda franchises, DreamWorks Animation has produced 32 feature films in its 22-year history, developing as a rival to the Disney-owned Pixar. The deal does not include DreamWorks Pictures, a separately owned studio specializing in live-action films.
  • Britain's WPP boosted by leading role in U.S. 'reviewageddon' (2016-04-28 09:20:25)
    By Kate Holton LONDON (Reuters) - Britain's WPP, the world's biggest advertising company, enjoyed a solid first three months to the year after it outperformed rivals in securing a wave of contracts up for grabs in the United States. An unprecedented number of U.S. blue-chip companies have put their contracts up for review in the past year, re-thinking which agencies they want for marketing advice and trying to drive down the prices they pay.
  • Comcast’s NBCUniversal is acquiring DreamWorks for $3.8 billion (2016-04-28 09:20:19)
    How many streaming DreamWorks movies does it take to eat through a Comcast data cap? Following rumors that suggested a deal was imminent, Comcast-owned NBCUniversal has announced that it will acquire top animation studio DreamWorks for $41 a share. That figure represents a 27% premium over Wednesday's close, and it works out to a total of roughly $3.8 billion. DreamWorks Animation will become part of Universal Pictures and will be lumped into the company's Filmed Entertainment Group. DreamWorks co-founder and CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg will become chairman of the newly formed entity, which will be called DreamWorks New Media moving forward. Katzenberg will also act as a consultant to NBCUniversal as part of the deal. DON'T MISS:  There’s a new Batman movie that doesn’t star Ben Affleck and this is the first trailer DreamWorks is one of the biggest animation studios in the world, with dozens of popular animated films under its belt. Some of the company's most successful films include the Shrek series, the Madagascar series, the Kung Fu Panda series, How To Train Your Dragon 1 and 2, Over the Hedge, Home and plenty more. This deal is the latest move in a series of acquisitions and investments aimed at bolstering Comcast's media portfolio, which now spans television, film and web-based media. The deal was approved by both companies' boards and is now subject to regulatory approval. The acquisition is expected to proceed by the end of the year Of note, the acquisition does not include DreamWorks Pictures, the company's live-action studio.
  • ICYMI: Deaf translation gloves, mind-controlled UAVs & more (2016-04-28 09:18:00)
  • HP and Google made this thin, all-metal Chromebook (2016-04-28 09:03:22)
    Here's the first Chromebook in a while that's worth paying attention to: the HP Chromebook 13. This is the first Chromebook to use one of Intel's Core m Skylake processors (as far as I can tell, it's the first Chromebook with a Core m processor period), it can be configured with up to 16GB of RAM, and its 13.3-inch display can be upgraded to use a 3200 x 1800 display. The Chromebook 13 is a little bit like HP's answer to the question: what would it look like if the Macbook ran Chrome?
  • New Facebook and Messenger apps arrive on Windows 10 today (2016-04-28 09:00:07)
    Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said back in October that the company was "all in on Windows 10." After months of beta testing, Facebook is launching its new Facebook and Messenger apps on Windows 10 today. While Facebook already has an existing Windows 8 version of its desktop app, today's release brings it in line with iOS and Android versions thanks to some feature additions. Reactions, stickers in comments, and a column for birthdays and event reminders are all present, and Facebook has even created a built-in browser to convince users to share articles to their News Feed.
  • Instagram launches on Windows 10 Mobile, finally gets video support (2016-04-28 09:00:06)
    Instagram for Windows Phone has barely been updated since it was first released almost two and a half years ago without video support. Instagram users on Windows Phone have turned to third-party alternatives to upload their videos, but today they're finally getting the update they deserve. Facebook is launching Instagram for Windows 10 Mobile, and it includes video support and access to Instagram's direct messages.
  • Watch the video for Jean-Michel Jarre and Edward Snowden's new track, Exit (2016-04-28 09:00:02)
    Unlikely musical collaborators Jean-Michel Jarre and Edward Snowden recently released a track they worked on together called "Exit." It's a freaky and aggressive little piece of electronic music that calls for an equally strange visual. Well today, The Verge has the premiere of the song's new video, and it's definitely strange. The video itself is... quite literal.
  • The New York Times is sending out a second round of Google Cardboards (2016-04-28 09:00:02)
    Last November, The New York Times and Google organized a massive giveaway of Google Cardboard, shipping a million of the disposable virtual reality headsets alongside a new "NYT VR" app. Next month, the Times will send out 300,000 Cardboard headsets to its "most loyal" digital customers, based on subscription length. Based on numbers published last year, these Cardboard headsets will reach about a third of the Times' million-strong digital-only subscriber base.
  • HP's new Chromebook 13 is a Pixel for everybody (2016-04-28 09:00:00)
  • Can the presence of a robot affect whether humans behave ethically? (2016-04-28 09:00:00)
    A series of studies at Cornell investigate how humans behave in the company of robots. Here are the findings, and what they mean.
  • Smartphone addiction prompts German city to embed traffic lights in sidewalks (2016-04-28 08:58:17)
    These days, many smartphone users have become accustomed to walking down the street, completely oblivious to the people and environment around them. Of course, it's hard to notice cars zooming by when your eyes are permanently fixated on the smartphone in front of you. The harsh reality is that our addiction to smartphones can sometimes be dangerous, if not downright tragic. Over the past few years, there have been an increasing number of smartphone toting pedestrians who have either come close to getting hit or who have fatally been hit by cars while lost in the hazy glow of their smartphone. DON'T MISS:  Apple’s iPhone 7 ‘Pro’ design might not be a mystery anymore To help address this problem, one enterprising German city has decided to embark on an interesting experiment: city officials in Augsburg, Germany recently decided to embed traffic signals onto sidewalks, thus enabling pedestrians to get a gauge for traffic flow without having to look up from their devices. I mean, who has time to look up when there are texts to be sent, emails to be read and snapchat stories to view? Interestingly enough, reports indicate that the embedded lights remain visible from many meters away, prompting some to say that the experiment will also prove helpful for city cyclists. The Washington Post reports : "It creates a whole new level of attention," city spokeswoman Stephanie Lermen was quoted as saying. Lermen thinks the money is wisely spent: A recent survey conducted in several European cities, including Berlin, found that almost 20 percent of pedestrians were distracted by their smartphones. Younger people are most likely to risk their safety for a quick look at their Facebook profiles or WhatsApp messages, the survey found. Is this overkill? Perhaps. But there's no denying that distracted walking (admittedly a ridiculous term) can have tragic consequences. To this point, the Post draws our attention to a 2012 study which found that nearly 33% of pedestrians observed at high-risk intersections "performed a distracting activity while crossing." Welcome to the future.
  • Wikipedia Gap Finder: filling in the language holes (2016-04-28 08:49:15)
    The Gap Finder, currently in beta mode, is an article recommendation system that aims to encourage more translations within Wikipedia. Due to the unbalanced percentage of languages on the Wikipedia database, the company's research department has launched an initiative to encourage more of the volunteer editors to translate articles. In order to do this, they have built the Gap Finder -- currently in beta mode -- which locates articles lacking translations, prioritizes them, and then uses an algorithm to locate and contact the ideal volunteer for the task.
  • A Song of Ice and Fire condemns violence, but Game of Thrones is just plain in love with it (2016-04-28 08:44:55)
    The genius of George R. R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire isn't his prose — which is often rote — it's his world building, and his ability to craft a story in which every action has consequences and carries thematic weight. No act of violence just happens — it is caused, and that in turn causes more.
  • Symantec's fourth-quarter estimates miss Street, says CEO Brown to step down (2016-04-28 08:42:09)
    (Reuters) - Symantec Corp , best known for its Norton antivirus software, estimated fourth-quarter profit and revenue below analysts' estimates, and said Chief Executive Michael Brown would step down. Symantec estimated revenue of $873 million for the quarter ended April 1, lower than its forecast of $885 million-$915 million. Analysts on average were expecting revenue of $901.2 million, according to Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S. The company estimated an adjusted profit of 22 cents per share, below the average analyst estimate of 25 cents.
  • UK government says BA plane strike probably wasn't a drone (2016-04-28 08:41:00)
  • 'The Angry Birds Movie' credits will unlock game content (2016-04-28 08:31:00)
  • Philippine anti-money laundering body says remittance firm a 'cleaning house' in heist (2016-04-28 08:21:42)
    A Philippine anti-money laundering body has lodged a complaint against owners of a remittance firm it called a "cleaning house" to hide the trail of $81 million looted from a Bangladesh bank, in one of the biggest cyber heists in history. Philrem Service Corporation muddied the process and washed the stolen funds via a web of transfers and currency conversions around Philippine bank accounts, before moving it into Manila casinos and junket operators, the Anti-Money Laundering Council (AMLC) said in the filing dated Wednesday. Unidentified hackers infiltrated the computers at Bangladesh Bank, the central bank, in early February and tried to transfer some $951 million from its account at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.
  • Oracle to buy Textura for $663 million (2016-04-28 08:20:57)
    (Reuters) - Oracle Corp said it would buy cloud-based payment management services provider Textura Corp for $663 million in cash. The $26-per-share offer represents a premium of 30.7 percent to Textura's Thursday closing. (Reporting by Rishika Sadam in Bengaluru; Editing by Saumyadeb Chakrabarty)
  • Coinbase users in the US can now buy Bitcoin with debit cards (2016-04-28 08:08:14)
    Starting on Thursday, users of Coinbase in the US will be able to purchase Bitcoin using their debit cards. Until now, the bitcoin wallet and exchange company required users to connect their US bank accounts to their Coinbase accounts, verify with a small double-deposit and then wait up to five days. Now, as was announced in a tweet by Coinbase, users are able to make instant purchases with their debit cards, creating a more streamlined process.
  • Triby Review: Alexa on your fridge (2016-04-28 08:00:03)
    1. Take everything you like about the Amazon Echo speaker (including voice activation) and stick it into a portable Bluetooth speaker. 2. Add some physical buttons for shortcuts to your favorite radio stations or Spotify playlists. 4. Stick it on the fridge.
  • Triby will be the first non-Amazon device to get Alexa (2016-04-28 08:00:00)
  • Five essential online tools to start your own business (2016-04-28 07:58:00)
  • Samsung reports fastest growth in three years following Apple’s big miss (2016-04-28 07:54:12)
    Remember how Apple got a little crafty and bulked up its holiday quarter by playing around with the iPhone 6s launch? Well guess what happened when Samsung shifted its Galaxy S7 launch earlier in the year — you got it, a big performance boost in the first quarter. Hot off of Apple's first ever quarterly decline in iPhone sales, Samsung reported first-quarter earnings on Thursday morning that showed a healthy 14% rise in profit. The company had strong Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge shipments to thank for the performance boost, which marked Samsung's strongest profit growth in three years. DON'T MISS:  Making sense of Apple now that everything has changed Samsung on Thursday reported first-quarter net profit of 5.3 trillion won, or $4.6 billion, up 14% compared to the same quarter last year. The company enjoyed a much-needed turnaround from the 40% dip its earnings took in the fourth quarter last year. In its mobile division, which had been suffering for a long stretch, Samsung's operating profit of 3.9 trillion won marked a 42% spike following the launch of its Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge flagship smartphones. It was the company's biggest jump in profits since early 2013, when its mobile profit jumped more than 51% in the second quarter. Samsung's strong March quarter comes just as its chief rival Apple hit some rough waters. The company on Tuesday reported its weakest quarter in years , missing analysts' estimates by a huge margin on lower than expected iPhone sales. Apple's iPhone business is expected to remain in decline as the company struggles to match the unprecedented performance of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Pent-up demand for iPhones with larger displays sent sales soaring in late 2014 and early 2015, and Apple has not yet found a way to maintain that remarkable pace in the high-end smartphone market, which is believed by many to be nearing saturation in several key regions.
  • Computershare teams up with start-up SETL on blockchain project (2016-04-28 07:47:08)
    By Jemima Kelly LONDON (Reuters) - Stock transfer and registrar company Computershare and British financial technology start-up firm SETL have teamed up on a project to create the first immutable record of securities ownership using blockchain technology, the companies said on Thursday. Blockchain, or distributed ledger technology, keeps track of and authenticates a continuously growing list of transaction data which is secured by a global network of computers and cannot be tampered with or revised. The new project will initially focus on the Australian market, using SETL's blockchain to record asset ownership and to automate the transfer of title from one owner to another.
  • UK government says plane collision 'was not a drone incident' (2016-04-28 07:39:51)
    The UK government has said it no longer believes that an unknown object thought to have struck a passenger plane this month was a drone. The plane's pilot reported the suspected collision on the 17th, with UK police saying they believed the culprit may have been a quadcopter drone. An investigation into the incident by the Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB) has also been closed.
  • BBC and Netflix team up to remake 'Watership Down' (2016-04-28 07:34:00)
  • Symantec cuts fourth-quarter forecast, says CEO Brown to step down (2016-04-28 07:31:29)
    (Reuters) - Symantec Corp , best known for its Norton antivirus software, cut its fourth-quarter profit and revenue forecast below analysts' estimates, and said its Chief Executive Michael Brown will step down. Analysts on average were expecting a profit of 25 cents per share on revenue of $901.2 million, according to Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S. Brown will continue as CEO until a successor has been appointed, the company said.
  • Canada's BCE posts better-than-expected profit (2016-04-28 07:31:04)
    (Reuters) - Canadian telecom and media company BCE Inc reported a slightly better-than-expected quarterly profit as it added more wireless customers and earned more for each one. Bell, as the company is known to customers, is locked in a fight for wireless market share with national rivals Rogers Communications Inc and Telus Corp as well as smaller regional players. The company said it added nearly 26,000 valuable postpaid wireless customers in the seasonally weak first quarter.
  • First Click: I want my Instagram in black-and-white (2016-04-28 07:30:03)
    I’m not a big Instagram user. I’ll post the obligatory vacation photo or the occasional funny-thing-I-saw, but for the most part, it's is what I scroll through when I’m bored on the metro or waiting for a dinner date to return from the bathroom. My followers include a handful of friends; the rest are a mix of photographers, artists, and rich strangers in beautiful locations. It’s probably the least social of my social networks — which is also what I love about it.
  • Uber's proposed class-action settlement leaves some dissatisfied (2016-04-28 07:11:31)
    Uber's proposed settlement of a high-profile class-action lawsuit last week has drawn opposition from some drivers and other concerned parties as the ride-hailing service seeks to avoid reclassifying drivers as employees. The settlement, which still must be approved by a San Francisco federal judge, provides for a $100 million payout to drivers, who could get as little $12 apiece or as much as a few thousand dollars, depending on how many miles they drove. The deal contains a number of caveats and contingencies, however, such as making $16 million of the payout to drivers dependent on Uber Technologies Inc's [UBER.UL] future valuation increasing by 150 percent.
  • Microsoft’s special edition Iron Man Xbox One looks crazy (2016-04-28 07:10:50)
    Microsoft might be about to launch an upgraded Xbox One at E3 in June, but it's still busy creating special edition designs of its existing console. Like some previous bundles, this new special edition is white, but it has a hugely customized top plate. Microsoft claims Tony Stark (Iron Man) helped customize the console, and the center includes an arc reactor that lights up.
  • Volkswagen says not in talks with Apple or Google (2016-04-28 06:58:02)
    Volkswagen Chief Executive Matthias Mueller said the carmaker is in talks with external partners to start new digital mobility businesses but added these talks do not involve Apple or Google . Speaking at a press conference to discuss full-year results in Wolfsburg on Thursday, Mueller said the company was looking for ways to expand its offering in the area of digital mobility services. "Please understand if I cannot name these companies, but we are not in talks with Apple or Google," Mueller said.
  • You can now buy games on Steam using Bitcoin (2016-04-28 06:57:44)
    Valve has partnered with Bitcoin payment service Bitpay to bring everyone's favorite cryptocurrency to games platform Steam. Bitpay says it was approached by the company because it wanted to internationalize its operation, making it easier for Steam users in emerging markets to to buy games without using a credit card. "While more users are coming online in in these countries, traditional payment options like credit cards often aren't available," said Bitpay in a blog post.
  • NASA now uses giant touchscreens to teach astronauts how to fly to space (2016-04-28 06:44:04)
    Before NASA astronauts can fly in new spacecraft from Boeing and SpaceX, they'll have to rack up hundreds of hours of practice on training simulators. This week, two of NASA's commercial crew astronauts tried out new touchscreen simulators in a Boeing facility in St. Louis, preparing to use Boeing's CST-100 Starliner crew capsule and SpaceX's Crew Dragon capsule to dock with the International Space Station.
  • UK doctors say smokers should be encouraged to use e-cigarettes (2016-04-28 06:32:00)
  • Hey Siri, who's better: you or Alexa? (2016-04-28 06:30:02)
    It's too easy, almost lazy, to lump Apple's Siri and Amazon's Alexa into the same category. They're both virtual personal assistants made by two of the biggest, most influential companies in tech. They both answer questions, add things to shopping lists, control your smart lights, and tell awesome dad jokes.
  • Markit, ISDA offer concessions to settle EU antitrust charges (2016-04-28 05:51:24)
    Data company Markit and trade body ISDA have offered concessions in a bid to settle EU antitrust charges and stave off a possible fine, the European Commission said on Thursday. The competition authority charged the two companies and 13 banks with blocking Deutsche Boerse from the lucrative credit derivatives market in 2007 and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange in 2008. The Commission dropped the banks from the case in December last year for lack of evidence but Markit and the International Swaps and Derivatives Association (ISDA), which represents firms involved in the derivatives market, remained in its crosshairs.
  • Uber tests stricter waiting time charges for late passengers (2016-04-28 05:35:00)
  • Even weather forecasts aren’t safe from Windows 10 upgrade prompts (2016-04-28 05:33:02)
    You will upgrade to Windows 10. Microsoft's aggressively nagging Windows 10 upgrade prompts claimed another victim on Wednesday morning. KCCI 8 News Meteorologist Metinka Slater was just trying to tell us the weather in southwest Iowa, but Windows 10 had other ideas.
  • Visit Mars with NASA's 360° view video (2016-04-28 05:20:51)
    Take a look around Mars through the eyes of a space rover using a 360° video that NASA has published online. The two-minute video provides 360° views of the Martian landscape, featuring footage taken on April 4 by the Mast camera atop NASA's Curiosity rover, which first landed on the planet in 2012. A press release explains what viewers see before them: "The scenes show wind-sculpted textures in the sandstone bedrock close to the rover, and Gale Crater's rim rising above the crater floor in the distance.
  • Indonesia online retailer Bhinneka plans 2018 IPO to invest in stores (2016-04-28 05:11:33)
    JAKARTA (Reuters) - Indonesian online retailer PT Bhinneka Mentari Dimensi is planning an initial public offering (IPO) in 2018 partly to invest in logistics and stores, a director said on Thursday. Bhinneka, which specializes in electronic products such as computers and gadgets, saw its revenue at least double last year, Andi Boediman told reporters. The company also expects a strong performance this year, Boediman said. He declined to say how much the IPO was planning to raise and give a number for the company's revenue. (Reporting by Eveline Danubrata; Editing by Muralikumar Anantharaman)
  • DARPA's rocket-dodging armored vehicles inch closer to reality (2016-04-28 05:11:16)
    US military agency DARPA is determined that the fighting vehicle of the future is all about mobility. Its Ground X-Vehicle Technology program (GXV-T) has long been dedicated to developing armored vehicles which are lightweight, responsive, and smart, able to autonomously detect and dodge incoming threats like rockets and navigate any terrain. Now, DARPA's vision is getting closer to reality, with the agency awarding contracts to eight institutions to develop its ideas.
  • Philips' Hue 2.0 app gets new smart features (2016-04-28 05:10:41)
    The home lighting app has been redesigned to improve users' control of their equipment.
  • LG Electronics' profit jumps on strong appliance sales (2016-04-28 04:53:52)
    SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — LG Electronics Inc. reported a stunning jump in its first-quarter earnings as its high-end home appliance sales offset a loss for its smartphone business.
  • Panasonic sees profit falling this year on slower emerging markets (2016-04-28 04:32:47)
    Panasonic Corp forecast its profit to fall in the current business year amid slower growth in emerging markets as well as planned investments in automotive technologies and high-end consumer electronics. The company said it expects operating profit of 375 billion yen ($2.86 billion) in the year ending March, down from 416 billion yen in the previous year. It had flagged the weaker outlook last month, showing that even one of the strongest of Japan's consumer electronics companies is struggling to grow as the domestic economy grapples with weaker consumer spending and slower exports to China.
  • HIV antibodies guarded monkeys from the disease for six months (2016-04-28 04:28:00)
  • Verizon implies striking workers are sabotaging its network (2016-04-28 04:21:37)
    Earlier this month, Verizon employees initiated the largest strike in the US in four years. More than 30,000 workers joined picket lines protesting the telecom company's handling of contract negotiations. As the strike enters its third week, Verizon has suggested that striking workers are attacking its network, severing fiber-optic cables and vandalizing terminal boxes.
  • LG's G5 has so far only contributed to growing mobile losses (2016-04-28 04:00:43)
    Samsung, buoyed by its new Galaxy S7, is reporting improved profits for the past quarter, while LG's mobile division sunk deeper into the red with a $168 million loss. The primary cause for LG's increased expenses was marketing around the launch of the modular G5 smartphone, LG's new flagship, although the company's other products didn't fare too brilliantly either. LG mobile sales at the start of this year fell by 15.5 percent in monetary terms, with 13.5 million smartphones representing a 12 percent decline in shipments.
  • Pinterest rolls out 'Featured Collections' trend boards (2016-04-28 03:53:20)
    With more and more users signing up from around the world, not just the US, Pinterest has developed a means of highlighting local content and trending ideas with its new "Featured Collections" boards, it was reported by VentureBeat. Users will be presented with local boards or trending ideas from their own country that could be of interest.
  • Netflix and the BBC are working on an animated Watership Down series (2016-04-28 03:49:06)
    Fresh off a star-making turn as Finn in The Force Awakens, John Boyega's next big role will be as a small bunny. Boyega will play Bigwig the rabbit in a four-part animated adaptation of seminal children's book Watership Down being developed by Netflix and the BBC. Alongside Boyega's bunny will be voices from X-Men star James McAvoy, Nicholas Hoult — recently seen semi-naked and high as a kite on chrome spray in Mad Max — and Sir Ben Kingsley.
  • Sony swings to $1.4 bn full-year profit as PlayStation sales soar (2016-04-28 03:34:31)
    Sony posted a $1.4 billion annual profit Thursday, boosted by strong sales of its PlayStation console, but analysts warned that slowing smartphone demand could hit a lucrative business that makes key parts for mobile devices. The company's full-year profit -- only its second since the 2008 global financial crisis preceded years of eye-watering losses -- may be a sign that things have finally turned around for Sony. Sony, along with rivals Panasonic and Sharp, has struggled in the consumer electronics business that built its global brand, including losing billions of dollars in televisions over the past decade as it was hammered by competition from lower-cost rivals.
  • Man found dead in Apple conference room was employee (2016-04-28 03:27:44)
    CUPERTINO, Calif. (AP) — An Apple employee that the company described as "young and talented" was found dead in a conference room inside the company's headquarters in Cupertino, authorities said.
  • Russia launches 1st rocket from new space facility (2016-04-28 03:22:15)
    MOSCOW (AP) — Russia on Thursday successfully launched the first rocket from its new space facility after a last-minute delay the day before.
  • Smartphone health: Apple releases software for medical apps (2016-04-28 03:05:46)
    Apple is edging its way a little further into health care with the release of new iPhone apps that patients can use to manage their own medical conditions — from diabetes to pregnancy and even depression. ...
  • Apple dives straight into health care with release of first CareKit apps (2016-04-28 03:00:02)
    Today, Apple announced the release of the very first apps made using CareKit, an open software platform that lets developers create iPhone apps that can help people manage various medical conditions and share information with their doctors. Among the four apps released today is one that helps users manage their diabetes, and one that people can use to track symptoms of depression. For Apple, the move signals the company's first real step into the realm of true health care, as opposed to scientific research or simple health tracking.
  • Most Pinterest users are now from outside the US (2016-04-28 03:00:00)
  • Apple open-sources CareKit to help us better understand our health (2016-04-28 03:00:00)
  • Pinterest Featured Collections highlights local boards worldwide (2016-04-28 03:00:00)
  • Watchers wonder if Apple has lost its magic (2016-04-28 02:58:59)
    Is Apple facing a rare, simple pause in growth in a tough global economy or has it lost its magic for dreaming up must-have new gadgets like the iPhone? The drop erased the equivalent of $40 billion in market capitalization and came after Apple Tuesday reported its first year-over-year quarterly revenue drop in 13 years. Apple also forecast that the current quarter would be difficult.
  • Logitech CEO upbeat amid smartphone slowdown: CNBC (2016-04-28 02:53:01)
    Swiss-American technology accessories maker Logitech could benefit from a slowdown in the smartphone market, Chief Executive Bracken Darrell said on Thursday after it reported its best annual retail sales growth in five years. "I'm optimistic about Apple," Darrell said.
  • Sony earnings show PlayStation performing well as Xperia drags (2016-04-28 02:35:55)
    The Xperia mobile division continues to drag on Sony's bottom line, making an operating loss of ¥61.4 billion ($544 million) — that's 57.4 percent bigger than the company predicted a year ago. The games division is clearly Sony's star unit at this point, with an 84.3 percent increase in operating income to ¥88.7 billion ($785 million) and an 11.8 percent improvement in sales. Sony says that better PlayStation software and hardware sales are both contributing, and this is only likely to get better for the company — PlayStation VR hits later this year and will be almost an entire new platform in itself, while there are rumors of upgraded PS4 hardware on the horizon.
  • Philips' Hue app gets way better with an overhauled design and new features (2016-04-28 02:30:03)
    Philips' Hue app has always been a little rough around the edges, but today that changes as Philips releases an update that both overhauls how it looks and adds in much-needed features to make the system far more useful. Lights can now be easily grouped into individual rooms that get controlled as a whole unit, which makes a lot more sense than having to turn lights on and off individually, or turning all Hue lights off at once. Here, it's placed front and center — perhaps because Philips realizes that people have been hooking up a lot of bulbs.
  • Philips' Hue 2.0 app adds a host of new 'smart' features (2016-04-28 02:30:00)
  • Email privacy bill passes Congress with flying colors (2016-04-28 01:58:00)
  • Samsung Elec tips second quarter profit pickup as Galaxy S7 excels (2016-04-28 01:45:04)
    By Se Young Lee SEOUL (Reuters) - Tech giant Samsung Electronics Co Ltd on Thursday tipped a pickup in second-quarter profits after reporting a 12 percent earnings gain in January-March on the back of "robust" sales of its Galaxy S7 smartphones. Boasting an improved camera, waterproofing and microSD storage support, Galaxy S7 models are on track to set a new first-year shipments record, lifting hopes the mobile business will post its first annual profit gain in three years. "In the second quarter we expect our solid performance to continue," Samsung investor relations chief Robert Yi said during a post-earnings conference call, adding the firm was "cautiously optimistic" that operating profit would increase quarter-on-quarter.
  • 'Angry Birds' maker wants phones out as film credits roll (2016-04-28 01:41:23)
    LOS ANGELES (AP) — The creators of "Angry Birds" hope movie theater audiences don't get their feathers ruffled if some filmgoers pluck out their mobile devices at the end of "The Angry Birds Movie" and point them at the screen.
  • FTC widens its probe into Android's antitrust concerns (2016-04-28 01:01:00)
  • New Angry Birds uses QR-like ‘BirdCodes’ to blur the lines between game, film, and brands (2016-04-28 01:00:03)
    Rovio today is launching a new free-to-play Angry Birds game — called Angry Birds Action! (exclamation point theirs) — and it's actually pretty good. The multicolored birds are still present with their respective abilities, although their appearances have been altered this time around to more closely align with the upcoming Angry Birds film. You have to scan the code again each time you want to play, though, which Rovio is upfront about saying is designed to incentivize people to make return trips to retail stores or buy the relevant Angry Birds merchandise to take home.
  • China's Xiaomi aims to double smart home device sales this year to $1.54 billion (2016-04-28 00:43:48)
    Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi Inc [XTC.UL] aims to double sales of smart home technology devices like rice cookers and air purifiers this year, the company's vice president said on Thursday, as it accelerates diversification of business lines to cope with the saturation of smartphones at home and abroad. Xiaomi expects sales of smart home devices to reach 10 billion yuan ($1.54 billion) this year, up from 5 billion yuan a year ago, said the company's vice president Liu De, speaking to reporters at the Global Mobile Internet Conference in Beijing. Xiaomi was ranked fifth in global smartphone shipment in the first quarter of 2016, according to research firm TrendForce.
  • Apple, ANZ Bank strike deal to bring Apple Pay to Australia (2016-04-28 00:04:11)
    By Matt Siegel and Swati Pandey SYDNEY (Reuters) - Apple Inc expanded its Apple Pay digital wallet in Australia on Thursday after ANZ became the country's first bank to support the mobile payment service, executives at the pair told Reuters. Apple Pay allows users to register credit cards on devices such as iPhones, and pay for goods and services by swiping the devices over contactless payment terminals. Apple charges card providers for transactions via the service, which it introduced to Australia last year with American Express Co. The latest partnership extends the service to ANZ customers and represents the culmination of months of talks with the bank and three bigger peers.
  • Moving the Galaxy S7 launch up helped Samsung's profits (2016-04-27 23:53:00)
  • Philippine central bank says foiled attempts to hack its website (2016-04-27 23:29:50)
    By Karen Lema MANILA (Reuters) - The Philippine central bank has foiled attempts to hack its website, its governor said on Thursday amid a warning from global financial network SWIFT about recent multiple cyber fraud incidents targeting its system. SWIFT'S disclosure came as law enforcement authorities in Bangladesh and elsewhere investigated the February cyber theft of $81 million from the Bangladesh central bank account at the New York Federal Reserve Bank. "There were attempts, and I think this is a fact of life, but we have been able to turn them back," Amando Tetangco told reporters.
  • Cracker Jack ditches toys in favor of augmented reality (2016-04-27 23:29:00)
  • Samsung Elec tips second-quarter profit pickup as Galaxy S7 excels (2016-04-27 23:26:08)
    By Se Young Lee SEOUL (Reuters) - Tech giant Samsung Electronics Co Ltd on Thursday tipped a pickup in second-quarter profits after reporting a 12 percent earnings gain in January-March on the back of "robust" sales of its Galaxy S7 smartphones. Boasting an improved camera, waterproofing and microSD storage support, Galaxy S7 models are on track to set a new first-year shipments record, lifting hopes the mobile business will post its first annual profit gain in three years. "In the second quarter we expect our solid performance to continue," Samsung investor relations chief Robert Yi said during a post-earnings conference call, adding the firm was "cautiously optimistic" that operating profit would increase quarter-on-quarter.
  • Global smartphone market shrank annually for first time in first quarter: Strategy Analytics (2016-04-27 23:22:11)
    Global shipments of smartphones shrank 3 percent in the first quarter from a year earlier in the market's first year-on-year contraction on record, researcher Strategy Analytics said on Thursday, reflecting growing strains on the industry. Strategy Analytics said in a statement January-March shipments fell to 334.6 million devices from 345 million in the same period a year earlier, as major markets such as China matured and concerns about the global economy weighed on consumer sentiment. South Korea's Samsung Electronics Co Ltd remained the world's top smartphone maker, but saw shipments fall by 4.5 percent to 79 million, Strategy Analytics said.
  • Samsung's profit beats forecast thanks to early phone debut (2016-04-27 22:39:09)
    SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — Samsung Electronics recorded a better-than-expected profit in January-March, as an early debut of its flagship Galaxy smartphones boosted sales of high-end phones despite flat growth in the overall smartphone market.
  • 'Modern Warfare' could return in a 'Remastered' edition (2016-04-27 22:28:00)
  • Galaxy S7 sales drive Samsung profit growth (2016-04-27 22:20:41)
    Samsung says the profit growth was led by the "early launch and successful sales" of the well-received Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, as well as increased sales of OLED panels and stronger operations in the semiconductor division. Apple just posted its first-ever iPhone sales decline, and Samsung also "anticipates softening demand in the smartphone market" for the year ahead.
  • The Latest: Apple says dead man was "young and talented" (2016-04-27 22:13:35)
    CUPERTINO, Calif. (AP) — The Latest on an Apple employee found dead in a conference room at the company headquarters in Cupertino, California (all times local):
  • Early smartphone launch boosts Samsung profits (2016-04-27 21:57:33)
    Samsung Electronics, the world's largest smartphone maker, reported a better-than-expected jump in net profits Thursday, boosted by the successful early release of its new flagship Galaxy handset. The result will encourage shareholders after a disappointing 2015 that saw Samsung lose more than $8.0 billion in market value, with its smartphone business sandwiched by top-end rivals like Apple's iPhone and lower-end devices from fast-growing Chinese outfits like Huawei and Xiaomi. In an effort to defend its smartphone share, Samsung rolled out the latest version of its Galaxy S7 smartphone in March -- a month earlier than the previous year and ahead of new launches by its competitors.
  • Remote app for Android TV finally comes to iOS (2016-04-27 21:18:00)
  • Watch the first trailer for Oliver Stone’s ‘Snowden’ movie (2016-04-27 21:00:19)
    If you don’t know who Edward Snowden is and why he’s so important to the technology sector, then Oliver Stone’s Snowden will tell you everything you need to know about his story. If you already know who Snowden is, then you're probably already anticipating the movie eagerly. The first trailer already makes Snowden look like the next Bourne-style action movie, though parts of the trailer make the movie look kind of, well, lame. It's too early to pass judgement, but watch it yourself and you'll see. DON’T MISS: Ferrari CEO drives a Tesla, promptly calls electric cars 'obscene' Playing Snowden is Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who’s joined by Shailene Woodley, Melissa Leo, Zachary Quinto, Tom Wilkinson, Rhys Ifans and Nicholas Cage. The movie opens September 16th, so there’s plenty of time to see more clips from this new Stone film until then. From the looks of it, Stone wants us to understand how Snowden became an intelligence officer, from the early days of his army training. He didn’t end up in any special forces unit, but it looks like he had more important skills than simply turning into a war machine for the government. Stone gets directing and writing credits for this one, and the screenplay was based on two books, including The Snowden Files (Luke Harding) and Time of the Octopus (Anatoly Kucherena). We do expect Stone & Co. to make use of plenty of visual effects to depict the massive surveillance operations conducted by the NSA – which Snowden found and leaked to the press – but that’s a small price to pay to understand it all. Check out the trailer below.
  • Go on a bitcoin spending spree in the next Steam sale (2016-04-27 20:47:00)
  • Samsung Biologics plans to list in South Korea in 2016 (2016-04-27 20:25:56)
    SEOUL (Reuters) - Samsung Biologics Co Ltd, the biopharmaceutical contract manufacturing affiliate of Samsung Group [SAGR.UL], said on Thursday that it decided to pursue an initial public offering in South Korea in 2016. The company said in a statement that it will pick advisors for the IPO in May. Analysts have estimated the company's market capitalization to be around 10 trillion won ($8.72 billion) or more. (Reporting by Joyce Lee; Editing by Ryan Woo)
  • FBI would gain new hacking power if search warrant rules change (2016-04-27 20:22:09)
    By Dustin Volz WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. judges will be able to issue search warrants giving law enforcement agents power to access computers in any jurisdiction, potentially even overseas, under a controversial rule change likely to be approved by the Supreme Court by May 1. Magistrate judges can normally only order searches within the jurisdiction of their court, which is typically limited to a few counties. The U.S. Justice Department, which is pushing for the rule change, has described it as a procedural change needed to modernize the criminal code for the digital age, and has said it would not permit searches or seizures that are not already legal.
  • Samsung Electronics first-quarter profit underpinned by better-than-expected Galaxy S7 sales (2016-04-27 20:09:24)
    By Se Young Lee SEOUL (Reuters) - Tech giant Samsung Electronics Co Ltd said on Thursday that its first-quarter operating profit rose 12 percent from a year earlier, propelled by strong initial sales for its flagship Galaxy S7 smartphones. Samsung's mobile division was the top earner for the first time in nearly two years, thanks to better-than-expected sales of Galaxy S7 devices, in a sign the world's top smartphone maker has righted itself after two years of shrinking profits. Boasting an improved camera, waterproofing and microSD storage support, Galaxy S7 models are on track to set a new first-year shipments record, boosting hopes the mobile business will post its first annual profit gain in three years.
  • Google Calendar can now automatically find the best time for office meetings (2016-04-27 20:06:29)
    Google Calendar is already trying to help people find time for exercise and other important tasks between everyday appointments, and now the app is aiming to simplify the daunting task of arranging meetings for those in the working world. You'll get a list of several suggested times to pick from, and if there's no time where all participants are totally open, Calender will "look at which conflicting meetings can most easily be rescheduled." Since all of this depends on people keeping their calendars up to date, Find a Time is only available to everyone using Google Apps for Work or Google Apps for Education. Earlier this month, Google added another new feature, Goals, to its popular Calendar app.
  • Cop accused of peeping on breastfeeding mom via iPhone app (2016-04-27 20:03:00)
  • SpaceX breaks Boeing-Lockheed monopoly on military space launches (2016-04-27 20:00:37)
    By Irene Klotz CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (Reuters) - The U.S. Air Force on Wednesday awarded billionaire Elon Musk's SpaceX an $83 million contract to launch a GPS satellite, breaking the monopoly that Lockheed Martin Corp and Boeing Co have held on military space launches for more than a decade. The Global Positioning System satellite will be launched in May 2018 from Florida, Air Force officials said. It ends the exclusive relationship between the military and United Launch Alliance, a partnership of Lockheed Martin and Boeing.
  • Samsung posts 13.4% rise in Q1 net profit (2016-04-27 19:59:24)
    Samsung Electronics, the world's largest smartphone maker, reported Thursday a 13.4-percent on-year rise in net profit for the first quarter, on strong sales of its new flagship Galaxy handset.
  • The Latest: Man dead in Apple conference room was employee (2016-04-27 19:49:38)
    CUPERTINO, Calif. (AP) — The Latest on an Apple employee found dead in a conference room at the company headquarters in Cupertino, California (all times local):
  • Samsung Electronics says first-quarter operating profit up 12 percent vs year earlier (2016-04-27 19:49:35)
    SEOUL (Reuters) - Tech giant Samsung Electronics Co Ltd said on Thursday its first-quarter operating profit rose 12 percent from a year earlier, buoyed by strong initial sales for its flagship Galaxy S7 smartphones. Samsung, in a regulatory filing, said January-March operating profit was 6.7 trillion won ($5.84 billion), compared with its earlier estimate of 6.6 trillion won. Revenue rose 5.7 percent during the period to 49.8 trillion won, compared with its guidance for 49 trillion won. The mobile division's profit rose to 3.9 trillion won from 2. ...
  • Samsung's 1Q profit up 14 percent after early phone debut (2016-04-27 19:48:46)
    SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — Samsung Electronics says its first-quarter net profit rose 14 percent.
  • SanDisk revenue rises as demand grows for solid-state drives (2016-04-27 19:36:16)
    SanDisk Corp reported a surprise increase in quarterly revenue, its first rise in more than a year, helped by strong demand for its chips used in solid-state drives and data centers. Shares of the company, which is being bought by Western Digital Corp , rose nearly 1 percent to $76.50 in after-market trading on Wednesday. SanDisk has been ramping up production of solid-state drives (SSDs), which are pricier than hard disk drives and are used increasingly by data centers and in consumer laptops as they are quicker, more rugged and less prone to fail.
  • Samsung is making a dedicated VR headset (2016-04-27 19:19:00)
  • PayPal's profit surges on growth in transactions, new users (2016-04-27 19:16:31)
    PayPal Holdings Inc's quarterly revenue and profit jumped, beating analysts' estimates, as the company added customers and processed more digital payments. Shares of PayPal, spun off from eBay Inc last year, were up 2 percent at $40.90 in extended trading on Wednesday. PayPal, which is facing increasing competition from rival digital payment services by Apple Inc , Samsung Electronics Co Ltd and Square Inc , is tying up with retailers, airlines and other companies to drive growth.
  • This app lets you test out tattoos before you commit to permanent ink (2016-04-27 19:12:16)
    Virtual reality has (justifiably) been the biggest story in the tech world over the past few weeks. Oculus launched the Rift , HTC launched the Vive and gamers are finally getting the chance to see how much potential VR has. But you don't have to spend $600 on a headset to digitally alter the world around you. DON'T MISS:  Police are investigating a death at Apple’s headquarters this morning Augmented reality (AR) has been around in various forms for years, allowing consumers to see what furniture might look like in their homes, or to bring virtual figures into the real world, where they can interact with the environment. Not long ago, an app called INK HUNTER launched on the App Store. Using AR technology, the app allows users to see what a tattoo would look like on their body before they actually make the decision to get inked. You can choose from dozens of premade tattoos in the gallery or upload your own sketches. In order to make the tattoo appear on your body, you simply need to draw a smiley face on yourself where you want to see the tattoo. Once the app detects the smile, it'll digitally place the tattoo on you, at which point you can take a picture and see how the tattoo looks. Simple, yet effective. If you want to try it out for yourself, INK HUNTER is free on the App Store .
  • 'Minecraft' arrives on Samsung's Gear VR headset (2016-04-27 18:59:00)
  • The Lumen app emulates an analog video synth (2016-04-27 18:58:19)
    Traditional video synths take video input, or just simple waveforms, and turn them into something weird and psychedelic. Now, a Portland-based software development firm, Paracosm, is digitizing that analog experience through its new Mac OS app. Lumen does for video synthesizers what Garage Band did for making music. The app comes with patterns to start users out on their first project, walks them through the process, and even has knobs and virtual wires in its UI to make the whole experience feel a little less digital.
  • Utah essential oil company announces third-party data breach (2016-04-27 18:55:23)
    PLEASANT GROVE, Utah (AP) — Utah-based essential oil company doTERRA is warning customers and distributors that their personal information may have been compromised in a data breach in March.
  • Comcast bumps its trial data caps to 1TB (2016-04-27 18:35:00)
  • Hackers Backing Up the Fight Against Human Trafficking (2016-04-27 18:34:10)
    Human trafficking is a $150 billion industry with only $124 million appropriated globally in the fight against it. This billion-dollar industry adapts, innovates and is not scant of resources to fuel the sale of a human being. Unfortunately, non-profits and government institutions are not innovating and face major obstacles such as:1. Lack of...
  • There’s a new drone that’s actually a drone and we’re pretty sure you’ll want one (2016-04-27 18:31:01)
    It really shouldn't be this refreshing to see a company unveil a drone that's actually a drone, but alas. The term "drone" has been broadened to include a wide range of popular quadcopters that don't have any autonomous capabilities at all, but there are still some companies building real drones for consumer use. Back in February we told you about an awesome drone that can follow you and record your every move with its built-in camera , though it's a bit pricey for some. If you don't want to part with that kind of cash you'll be happy to learn that a new drone called the Hover Camera will soon be released, and it offers similar functionality in a much more compact design at a fraction of the price. DON'T MISS:  Police are investigating a death at Apple’s headquarters this morning Created by Zero Zero Robotics, the Hover Camera is a compact UAV with an integrated high-definition camera and an intriguing design. The drone folds in half when it's not in use so it can be stowed easily, and then it opens into a square shape when it's ready to launch. The outer housing protects four vertically positioned propellers, and the Hover Camera's quad-core processor and other gadgetry is contained within a compartment that runs down the center. Here's where the fun begins. Once airborne, the Hover Camera will follow a subject autonomously as he or she moves and record all the action with its 13-megapixel camera. The camera records video at resolutions up to 4K Ultra HD. The device can also rotate in place to take 360-degree panoramic photos, and it has plenty more tricks up its sleeve. Zero Zero Robotics is aiming to price the Hover Camera at less than $600 when it's made available sometime this summer, and the company is currently making early models available to a small number of users in a limited release. A video of the Hover Camera in action is embedded below.
  • Elon Musk's non-profit wants AIs to compete for Atari high scores (2016-04-27 18:23:33)
    Today, Elon Musk and Sam Altman's OpenAI non-profit published its first batch of open-source code, aimed at making AI programs smarter, more diverse, and less murderous. Called "OpenAI Gym," the new code consists of a series of "environments" designed to test and improve various machine learning systems. Most of those environments are standard tasks like completing algorithms, managing physics simulators, or playing Go against a fixed opponent.
  • Kendall Jenner: model, app star... Sims superfan? (2016-04-27 18:23:08)
    Jenner wrote about playing the game in a post on her website. "Hearing Kylie [Jenner, her sister] mention what she sees her life like at 30 got me thinking about my own life in 10 years, weird weirdly gave me a strong urge to play The Sims," wrote Jenner. "If I were building my perfect world on the game, this is how it would look: I'd have a beautiful, secluded house in Malibu with a gorgeous husband and a couple of kids. Jenner's ideal Sim scenario is detailed, sure, but the bulk of it is easily attained.
  • Comcast beats forecasts, adds subscribers, unveils data plan (2016-04-27 18:21:57)
    PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Comcast Corp. on Wednesday reported first-quarter earnings that topped Wall Street's expectations with help from an increase in subscriber numbers.
  • Stanford's humanoid robot diver explores its first shipwreck (2016-04-27 18:21:00)
  • SpaceX wins its first satellite launch for the US Air Force (2016-04-27 18:09:42)
    SpaceX has been awarded an $87.2 million contract from the US Air Force to launch a military GPS satellite in May 2018, Space News reports. It will be the first national security launch SpaceX performs for the Air Force, since the company was authorized to launch military satellites in May 2015. It was practically guaranteed that SpaceX would win the contract because the company was bidding unopposed.
  • Facebook plans new non-voting shares to keep Zuckerberg at helm (2016-04-27 18:07:30)
    Facebook announced on Wednesday it will create a new class of non-voting shares in a move aimed at letting Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg give away his wealth without relinquishing control of the social media juggernaut he founded. The rejiggering of Facebook's share structure, effectively a 3-for-1 stock split, follows the 31 year-old's announcement last December that he intends to put 99 percent of his Facebook shares into a new philanthropy project focusing on human potential and equality. Also on Wednesday, Facebook's stock jumped 9 percent in extended trade after the company's first-quarter revenue smashed Wall Street's expectations.
  • Lenovo and Xiaomi no longer among top 5 smartphone makers (2016-04-27 18:01:23)
    Lenovo and Xiaomi have lost their spots as the fourth and fifth largest largest smartphone manufacturers, according to a study by IDC. The research firm found that the two companies had been pushed out of fourth and fifth place by two lesser-known Chinese companies, Oppo and Vivo, when looking at shipments over the first quarter of 2016. It's a surprising change: Lenovo, as well as its subsidiary Motorola, has a high profile around the globe, and Xiaomi has been positioned as an exciting upstart pushing for its big break.
  • U.S. Congress passes legislation to protect firms' trade secrets (2016-04-27 18:00:59)
    By Richard Cowan WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Congress on Wednesday passed and sent to President Barack Obama legislation strengthening legal protection for companies' trade secrets, including manufacturing processes and computer methods. The House of Representatives voted 410-2 to approve the "Defend Trade Secrets Act" on the heels of it being unanimously passed by the Senate earlier this month. The legislation, which is backed by the White House, would open the door for companies to sue in federal court for damages related to theft of trade secrets.
  • Otto is Samsung's cute personal assistant robot (2016-04-27 18:00:00)
  • House unanimously OKs bill bolstering privacy of old emails (2016-04-27 17:54:14)
    The House used a rare show of unanimity Wednesday to approve legislation requiring the government to get a search warrant if it wants people's older emails. The legislation would require federal agencies ...
  • Is Cord Cutting a problem? Apparently not for Comcast (2016-04-27 17:54:00)
    For years, it was widely assumed that the cable industry was in the midst of a transition. Blindsided by streaming services from the likes of Netflix , Amazon, and Hulu, it was effectively taken as fact that cable companies were withering as more and more subscribers were opting to cut the cord. Bolstering this narrative was ostensibly cold hard data. For instance, The Wall Street Journal last year relayed a study which claimed that the number of households with cable "will fall at an accelerating rate for at least the next four years..." DON'T MISS:  Police are investigating a death at Apple’s headquarters this morning Sounds ominous, but believe it or not, not every cable provider is feeling the pinch. All the more surprising is that one of the biggest cable providers on the planet - Comcast - claims that it's not seeing any significant impact from the supposed wave of cord cutting. In fact, the number of Comcast cable subscribers increased by 53,000 last quarter, representing the largest increase Comcast has enjoyed in nearly 10 years. So what's going on here? How in the world is Comcast seemingly thriving when, by all accounts, it should have already peaked. Addressing the issue, Fortune  puts forth an interesting theory: Those who dislike cable monopolies are eager to see them toppled, and so the whole “no one watches cable any more” story line has probably been overplayed somewhat. Like most cable companies, Comcast also seems to be doing not a bad job of shifting customers to lower-priced “skinny bundles” so that it doesn’t lose them completely. Of course, Comcast's situation only provides us with one piece of the puzzle. For instance, perhaps Comcast is picking up a certain percentage of subscribers fleeing from other providers. In other words, perhaps the cumulative number of cable subscribers is decreasing even though Comcast appears to be weathering the cord cutting storm; for now, at least.
  • 'Electronic Voyager' to document the life of synth pioneer Bob Moog (2016-04-27 17:41:00)
  • Pour one out for AT&T Edge (or praise its death, your call) (2016-04-27 17:39:10)
    AT&T has confirmed the plans it made four years ago to shut down its 2G EDGE network by 2017. Its demise set off a raging debate in our Circuit Breaker chat room, along the following lines:2G was essential to the smartphone revolution! Everything that came before the iPhone (and heck, even the original iPhone) was possible because people saw the potential of real data on phones thanks to 2G! (Paul Miller)2G was a garbage network that couldn't hold a candle to 3G CDMA in the US that was available at the same time. ...
  • Silicon Valley pleads for less regulation at second public hearing on self-driving cars (2016-04-27 17:36:21)
    Some of the biggest names in Silicon Valley and the auto industry pleaded with government officials today to employ restraint in issuing regulations for self-driving cars. The meeting was the second of two public hearings on autonomous vehicles held by the Department of Transportation's National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), which is set to issue guidelines later this year. The first hearing, which took place earlier this month in Washington, DC, featured a mix of voices for and against loose regulations that would more easily let Google and automakers deploy various levels of autonomy on public roads.
  • The smartphone market is peaking (2016-04-27 17:19:00)
  • Facebook reports stronger-than-expected 1Q results (2016-04-27 17:18:53)
    MENLO PARK, Calif. (AP) — Facebook posted stronger-than-expected results for its first quarter, helped by a growing number of users and higher advertising revenue, especially on mobile devices.
  • ‘Top Gear’ is getting a new spinoff next month called ‘Extra Gear’ (2016-04-27 17:17:53)
    Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May won't be returning for the next season of Top Gear , but that doesn't mean that the BBC is giving up on the property altogether. In fact, on Wednesday morning, the BBC announced an online spinoff called Extra Gear , which will launch alongside the new season of Top Gear in May. DON'T MISS:  Ferrari CEO drives a Tesla, promptly calls electric cars ‘obscene’ Rory Reid, a presenter from Top Gear , will host Extra Gear every week at the Top Gear studio. The show will bring fans of the series behind-the-scenes footage, interviews and special films that can't be seen anywhere else. "Extra Gear is hugely exciting," says Reid. "The Top Gear fans are some of the keenest in the world and with this show I'm giving them a chance to really get a peek behind the curtain. I'm looking forward to showing them how the show is made and what goes on behind the scenes, giving viewers a different perspective on some of the coolest cars on the planet." The show will be available to watch on BBC Three's live page and BBC Three on iPlayer immediately after Top Gear ends on BBC Two every week. BBC Worldwide will also distribute Extra Gear to international broadcasters, including BBC America, where it will air along with the new season of Top Gear .
  • Facebook revenue smashes expectations as mobile ad sales surge (2016-04-27 17:17:52)
    (Reuters) - Facebook Inc's quarterly revenue rose more than 50 percent, handily beating Wall Street expectations as its wildly popular mobile app and a push into live video lured new advertisers and encouraged existing ones to boost spending. Facebook also announced a proposal to create a new class of non-voting shares, which would be given as a dividend to existing shareholders. The dividend of non-voting shares would allow Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg, who plans to give away the majority of his wealth, to sell part of his stake in Facebook without giving up any of his voting control.
  • Someone finally redesigned crutches (2016-04-27 17:16:03)
    If you've ever used crutches, you know that they can be awful tools that slowly torture you the longer you use them. While the M+D Crutch looks like a dramatic improvement over the status quo, it's going to take some time for it to replace axillary and forearm crutches, which have been around since the early 1900s.
  • FBI won't disclose iPhone hack details to Apple (2016-04-27 17:09:58)
    The FBI said Wednesday it would not disclose details of its hack of an iPhone used by one of the shooters in last year's San Bernardino killing spree. The federal law enforcement agency, which waged a court battle to compel Apple to help unlock the device, said the reason for its decision was a technical one: it did not have the details from the outside party. "The FBI purchased the method from an outside party so that we could unlock the San Bernardino device," said a statement from Amy Hess, the FBI's executive assistant director for science and technology.
  • Smaller tech stocks thrive even as large names get hammered (2016-04-27 17:09:57)
    By Chuck Mikolajczak NEW YORK (Reuters) - The technology sector has taken it on the chin in recent days, after lukewarm-to-disappointing results from a range of bellwethers such as Apple, Alphabet and Microsoft, but stocks of smaller tech companies have managed to buck the downtrend. Apple and Microsoft are off nearly 9 percent while both classes of Alphabet shares have tumbled more than 7 percent. The S&P Midcap tech sector has climbed 0.8 percent while smallcap tech has advanced 1 percent.
  • Here's the tracklist for Drake's new album, which is just called VIEWS now (2016-04-27 17:09:47)
    Drake just shared the tracklist for his long awaited new album on Twitter, and it's arriving with a slightly tweaked name: VIEWS. The album formerly known as Views from the 6 is being released this Friday, so the title change is taking place at the last possible second. Drake hasn't officially acknowledged the title change on Twitter or another platform yet, but The Verge has independently confirmed the tweak.
  • House of Representatives approves bill requiring warrants for email searches (2016-04-27 17:06:08)
    The House of Representatives today unanimously voted to approve the Email Privacy Act, which requires law enforcement officials to obtain a warrant before accessing stored electronic communications, such as emails. The act updates the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, which has been in place since 1986. Although that law provides some protections, digital privacy activists have long criticized a part of it that ends warrant requirements for stored electronic communications after 180 days.
  • Dungeons & Dragons has finally met Magic: The Gathering (2016-04-27 17:05:51)
    If only for the sake of Dungeon masters known to dabble in Magic, Wizards of the Coast today released a supplement that will allow D&D players to mount campaigns in Zendikar, one of the many planes of existence within Magic: The Gathering. It's the first time the company has allowed its two properties to cross over, and paves the way to more crossovers in the future.
  • The Cars That Defined the 1980s (2016-04-27 17:00:00)
    Here are 10 highlights that exemplify the neon-gilded age of the 1980s.
  • As Facebook’s profits soar, Zuckerberg moves to consolidate his power (2016-04-27 16:59:17)
    Facebook is crushing it. Zuckerberg is following in the footsteps of founders like Google's Larry Page and Sergey Brin, who created a third class of stock back in the summer of 2014. Like Facebook's new stock, the shares are non-voting, meaning they can't be used by activist investors to try and influence the direction of the company.
  • Nintendo NX: We already have so many feelings! (2016-04-27 16:57:02)
    Paul Miller is joined by Allegra Frank of Polygon to talk about what Nintendo's crazy plan is for its next console, codenamed NX. There are some audio problems at the start, but your patience will be rewarded with insightful commentary from two of the internet's brightest stars.
  • Email privacy bill unanimously passes U.S. House (2016-04-27 16:56:09)
    By Dustin Volz WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. House of Representatives voted unanimously on Wednesday to require law enforcement authorities to get a search warrant before asking technology companies to hand over old emails. The bill's prospects in the Senate remain unclear, though the 419-0 vote in the House was likely to put pressure on the upper chamber to approve it. Under the Email Privacy Act, which updates a decades-old law, authorities would have to get a warrant to access emails or other digital communications more than 180 days old.
  • Innovating Innovation (2016-04-27 16:55:57)
    Innovation might be the buzzword word du jour but it is hardly a new concept. In fact it is as old as the human race. A Google search yields 487,000,000 results in point two seconds. Lately, the word itself has become so prevalent that it's difficult to recognize true innovation from simply an updated idea. True innovation not only makes...
  • You can drop Drake off the top of the CN Tower over and over until you feel no pain (2016-04-27 16:55:04)
    Whether you are Drake's number one fan or his biggest hater or an innocent bystander whose interests lie elsewhere, you can now experience the simple joy of throwing a tiny Drake avatar off the top of the CN Tower a billion times in a row. Using just your cursor, you can make Drake flip and roll through the stormy skies of Toronto. You can also unlock different "mods," such as Big Head Drake, "double gravity," and a Hotline Bling version of Drake.
  • SanDisk posts surprise revenue rise on demand from data centers (2016-04-27 16:52:53)
    (Reuters) - Data storage products maker SanDisk Corp reported a surprise rise in quarterly revenue, its first increase in more than a year, helped by strong demand for its chips used in solid-state drives and data centers. Shares of the company, which is being bought by Western Digital Corp , were up about 1 percent at $76.58 in after-market trading on Wednesday. Revenue from its enterprise business, which makes chips for data centers, rose 15 percent in the first quarter ended April 3.
  • All the panic surrounding Apple’s declining iPhone sales is way overblown (2016-04-27 16:52:26)
    For the first time in company history, Apple recently posted a year-over-year drop in iPhone sales. During the March 2016 quarter, Apple sold 51.1 million iPhones compared to 61.2 million iPhones sold during the same quarter a year-ago. And seeing as how the iPhone is Apple's primary revenue driver, Apple's earnings also took a hit, with the company posting EPS of $1.90, down from $2.33 during the year-ago quarter. Not surprisingly, shares of Apple opened up 8% lower when trading began earlier this morning. And while shares have since climbed back up from a low of $95.98 to about $98, the stock is still down more than 6% as fears of 'peak iPhone' continue to grow. DON'T MISS:  The iPhone 7 might cost you money even if you don’t buy one While there's no denying that iPhone sales this past quarter took a hit, I think people overlooking the fact that there's no way iPhone sales could have even come close to what Apple achieved during its second fiscal quarter of 2015. In other words, the 'doom and gloom' scenarios that many are now associating with Apple are a bit premature. The sky isn't falling nor is the iPhone about to embark on a multi-year decline a'la the iPad, a likelihood an analyst alluded to on Apple's earnings conference call. If we take a step back and look at why iPhone sales checked in lower this year than last, I think it becomes clear that the iPhone is still doing remarkably well. Here's why. For starters, we have to examine why iPhone sales during the year-ago quarter were so high. Remember, the 61.2 million iPhones Apple sold during Q2 2015 were 40% higher than what they sold in Q2 2014. The reasons behind the impressive increase are three-fold. One, last year marked the release of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. For the first time in company history, Apple was selling two new iPhone models with distinct form factors. What's more, Apple's iPhone 6 lineup marked Apple's first foray into the realm of larger-sized smartphones. That being the case, the iPhone 6 release prompted a unique and unprecedented upgrade cycle that Apple couldn't replicate with the iPhone 6s. To this point, Tim Cook explained: First, from an upgrade perspective, during the first half of this year the upgrade rate for the iPhone 6s cycle has been slightly higher than what we experienced in the iPhone 5s cycle two years ago, but it is lower than the accelerated upgrade rate we saw with iPhone 6, which as you know was a big contributor to our phenomenal revenue growth a year ago. Two, iPhone sales during Q2 2015 were artificially higher due to supply constraints during the holiday quarter. Consequently, many individuals who were eager to pick up a new iPhone 6 or 6 Plus last year had to wait until early 2015 before being able to purchase an iPhone. This year, Apple got a handle on supply and there was no delayed iPhone supply to provide a boost to quarterly sales. Three, it's not entirely fair to compare iPhone sales figures from one generation to the next. Remember, S-cycle refreshes have historically performed worse than numbered upgrades. Again, the upgrade rate to the iPhone 6s was higher than what Apple saw with the 5s, yet lower than what they experienced with the iPhone 6. This shouldn't come as much of a surprise. Looking ahead, it stands to reason that the iPhone 7 will go on to shatter all previous iPhone sales records. Now if iPhone 7 sales turn out to be disappointing, well, then it's more than fair to declare that we've reached peak iPhone. But until then, such proclamations are far too premature. Touching on the same points, Brian Nichols over at Seeking Alpha astutely points out : Yes, Apple's earnings look bad, with a 12.8% decline in revenue, but investors must remember the comps and how big of a success the iPhone 6 was. The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus launch included two phones versus just one the year before. The product launched to a more developed 4G network in China, and it marked the beginning of annual upgrades on installment plans here in the U.S. In other words, even iPhone 5s owners were able to upgrade and buy a 6 or 6 Plus, rather than waiting two years. ... Furthermore, this is an "s" year for the iPhone, which means mostly software changes. Historically, it is the big hardware changes, with software, and iPhone 5, 6, 6 Plus that really perform well for Apple, not the updates it does between launches. Put simply, let's see what the iPhone 7 brings to the table and how that device sells before categorizing Apple as a company on the downward trend.
  • Comcast is raising its monthly internet data cap to 1TB (2016-04-27 16:52:16)
    Comcast is raising data caps to 1TB in all areas of the US that it's currently limiting internet usage. Comcast says that shouldn't be a problem with its new cap. "Today, more than 99 percent of our customers do not come close to using a terabyte," Comcast executive vice president Marcien Jenckes says.
  • Verizon, striking unions at impasse as health benefits to expire (2016-04-27 16:50:05)
    By Malathi Nayak NEW YORK (Reuters) - A strike by nearly 40,000 Verizon Communications Inc workers is in its third week with unions and the company still far apart on contract talks, even as employee healthcare benefits are set to expire on Saturday. Workers, from network technicians to customer service representatives, in Verizon's Fios Internet, telephone and TV services walked off the job on April 13 in one of the largest U.S. strikes in recent years after contract talks hit an impasse. A resolution on various issues, including temporary job relocations, pensions and moving call center jobs offshore, has yet to be reached, representatives of Verizon and the Communications Workers of America union said on Wednesday.
  • Volvo autonomous car engineer calls Tesla’s Autopilot a ‘wannabe' (2016-04-27 16:45:29)
    Tesla's Autopilot semi-autonomous technology gives drivers the ability to take their hands off the wheel, while the car effectively drives itself on the highway. While Tesla says its technology is Level 2 autonomous — a combination of two technologies designed to make driving easier — some automotive industry experts, including Ford CEO Mark Fields, believe Autopilot is a Level 3 technology. "It gives you the impression that it's doing more than it is," says Trent Victor, senior technical leader of crash avoidance at Volvo, in an interview with The Verge.
  • Payment processor PayPal's quarterly revenue rises 19 percent (2016-04-27 16:14:45)
    (Reuters) - PayPal Holdings Inc's quarterly revenue rose 19 percent as the company added customers and processed more digital payments on its network. PayPal, which was spun off from eBay Inc last year, said revenue rose to $2.54 billion in the quarter ended March 31 from $2.14 billion, a year earlier.
  • You can now play Minecraft in virtual reality (2016-04-27 15:37:24)
    If there's one game that everyone has been dying to see make the transition to virtual reality , it's Minecraft . With its infinite, procedural generated worlds, it could be one of the first VR games with the ability to complete immerse players from the minute they put on their headsets — and now it's finally available on the Gear VR . DON'T MISS:  Police are investigating a death at Apple’s headquarters this morning Mojang announced the immediate availability of  Minecraft: Gear VR Edition  on Wednesday. It has all of the same features as the  Pocket Edition  as well as cross-platform play with the Pocket and Windows 10 editions, and it costs $6.99. Mojang notes that older Samsung phone models might not be able to support the draw distance or the resolution of the Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S7. That's not to say that the game won't run, it just won't look as nice on older phones. As Oculus explains in a separate blog post , you'll need a gamepad in order to battle, build and move around the world, so consider picking up a SteelSeries Stratus XL (or any other compatible controller) before you buy Minecraft on Gear VR. Mojang is still working on the full virtual reality edition of Minecraft for Oculus Rift , but if you have a Gear VR and don't want to wait for the full-featured version, this should be an acceptable substitute in the meantime.
  • Data Literacy Will Make You Invincible (2016-04-27 15:36:04)
    Because the velocity of data is increasing and will always increase, the need for data literacy is increasing and will always increase. This does not mean that to be a successful executive you have to become a data scientist - quite the contrary.
  • After massive drop, is Apple cheap enough? (2016-04-27 15:23:28)
    By Rodrigo Campos NEW YORK (Reuters) - If Apple could cash in the value it lost in the first minute of trading on Wednesday, it would be nearly enough to buy General Motors, Target or Caterpillar. "I would not be surprised in the near term for the stock to fall to the high $80s or low $90s, there's no catalyst right now," said Channing Smith, managing director at Capital Advisors in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The firm manages about $1.4 billion in assets and Apple accounts for roughly 4 percent of their holdings, he said.
  • Leica's next camera may not have an LCD screen (2016-04-27 15:20:00)
    Someone tell Leica it's 2016. The German camera maker is preparing to release a production M-Series Leica without an LCD screen. According to leaked images and details from Meister Camera and Leica Rumors, the M-D Typ 262 will be the first digital M-Series camera to go into production without a display.
  • NASA gets new Dragon capsule training simulators this year (2016-04-27 15:20:00)
  • Ultimate iPad speed shootout pits all 12 iPad models against each other (2016-04-27 15:12:56)
    Since the release of the original iPad back in 2010, Apple's famed tablet has taken on a number of varied form factors; it's gotten smaller (iPad Mini), unbelievably thin (iPad Air), and more recently, it's gotten a whole lot bigger thanks to the iPad Pro. And much like we've seen with the iPhone, Apple has, more often than not, improved the iPad's hardware consistently year after year, with the iPad 3 perhaps being the lone outlier. In an interesting effort to see how performance varies across every iPad model ever released - an astounding 12 devices in total - the YouTube channel EverythingApplePro recently dusted off Apple's older iPads and put together a well-done video comparison. Suffice it to say, Apple's hardware has improved tremendously over the last six years. DON'T MISS:  Making sense of Apple now that everything has changed First up, EverythingApplePro decided to test startup times across devices. Notably, each device was connected to the same power bank as to ensure a fair fight. The winner? Not surprisingly, the iPad Pro that came out ahead. Following that, the next devices to start up were the iPad Air 2, the original iPad, the iPad Mini 4 and the original iPad Air. Following that, Apple's impressive lineup of iPads engaged in a number of performance tests, including Geekbench testing, Wi-Fi speed tests, webpage loading, operating temperatures when under heavy load, camera performance, and even sound quality. Not surprisingly, the iPad Pro emerged victorious more often than not. Nonetheless, a few older iPad models had curiously strong showings in a few of the tests. You can check out the entire video below for the full results.
  • Samsung building 'dedicated' VR headset (2016-04-27 15:11:48)
    The VR console war is still heating up. At Samsung's developer conference today, the company's head of R&D, Injong Rhee, confirmed the company is working on a standalone VR headset, Variety reports. Samsung is incorporating positional tracking — the primary drawback of phone-based VR systems like Samsung's Gear VR — and also exploring hand and gesture tracking, though not necessarily for the near-term.
  • Nintendo may cease Wii U production by 2018 (2016-04-27 15:06:18)
    While all eyes are currently focused on Nintendo's next piece of hardware, the mysterious NX, the company says that it could end production of the Wii U by March 2018, one year after the NX is expected to launch. The news comes from Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima, as reported by Reuters, and goes against previous reports claiming that Wii U production could halt as soon as this year. Since then the console has sold 12.8 million units, putting it far behind other Nintendo home consoles.
  • Babymetal is coming to 'Super Mario Maker' (2016-04-27 15:00:00)
  • These old black-and-white photos were colorized by artificial intelligence (2016-04-27 14:54:32)
    Researchers at Waseda University in Tokyo have created a way to realistically colorize black-and-white photos without any human intervention for the first time ever. The researchers used artificial intelligence to classify a full image and then identify parts of that image to label its components before filling them in with the appropriate colors.
  • Beyoncé's Lemonade is a dazzling social drama with a decent soundtrack (2016-04-27 14:49:49)
    The bulk of the popular conversation surrounding Beyoncé’s new album Lemonade has revolved around the specifics underpinning the record’s central drama. Betrayal, distance, and love’s fragility stud many of the most memorable songs on those records, like seeds embedded within pieces of fruit.
  • Fox's 24 revival just got a series order (2016-04-27 14:49:45)
    24: Legacy, Fox's upcoming 24 revival series, has gotten a full series order. Deadline reports that the new show will run for 12 episodes in its first season, half the length of a traditional season of the long-running series, but mirroring the approach taken by 2014's 24: Live Another Day.
  • Apple’s iPhone 7 ‘Pro’ design might not be a mystery anymore (2016-04-27 14:47:27)
    What’s the relationship between a standard 3.5mm audio jack and iPhone 7's battery life, you ask? Some reports indicated that Apple is looking to remove the headphone jack from upcoming iPhone design to come up with an even slimmer iPhone. Such changes would also impact the size of the phone's battery. While Apple would likely find ways to keep battery life about the same even after decreasing the battery’s size, some would argue that a thicker iPhone could pack a more generous battery. A new schematic leak from Asia suggests that not only will the iPhone 7 Plus — or iPhone 7 "Pro," as it has sometimes been called — have the same size battery as the current 5.5-inch iPhone, but that it would also sport a certain “Pro” feature we keep hearing about in iPhone rumors. The leak might also have eliminate nearly all of the mystery surrounding the design of Apple's next-generation iPhones. DON’T MISS: 12 paid iPhone apps on sale for free today The schematics, found in Japanese magazine Mac Fan by local Apple site Macotakara , show what looks like a 5.5-inch iPhone 7 Plus featuring a dual-lens camera and Smart Connector port on the back, a single speaker on the bottom, and no headphone jack. The schematics say the phone measures 158.22 x 77.94 x 7.3mm. That means the handset would have the same design lines as Apple’s current phablet, and possibly sport a battery that’s at least as big as the iPhone 6s Plus. Should the A10 chip inside the 2016 iPhones be even more energy-efficient, then the iPhone 7 Plus could have even better battery life than its predecessor, regardless of size. A theory explaining the potential reasoning behind Apple’s decision to ditch the headphone jack pointed out that the change may have nothing to do with the phone’s thickness . Instead, Apple is simply preparing for a radical iPhone design change in the future: the removal of the home button. By ditching both the headphone jack and the home button, Apple could shrink the size of the iPhone without reducing the screen size . Assuming the schematics above are accurate, then there are several conclusions we can reach. First of all, it looks likely that all iPhone 7 units will lose the headphone jack. Second, it seems that the iPhone 7 Plus will have a dual lens camera or at least the Premium (Pro) version of it will. Third, the iPhone 7 Plus will probably be similar in thickness to the iPhone 6s Plus (7.1mm). Earlier rumors suggested this year's iPhones would be substantially thinner.
  • Cassini flybys probe the depths of Titan's methane sea (2016-04-27 14:40:00)
  • Dead body found at Apple's headquarters in Cupertino (2016-04-27 14:34:19)
    Reports are coming in that a dead body has been found at Apple's headquarters in Cupertino, CA. Though it appears that neither Apple nor local law enforcement authorities are commenting, Matt Keller, a reporter for ABC7 News out of San Jose, has said that it was a man and a gun was located near his body. He also reports that a Sheriff's spokesperson says the deceased was an Apple employee.Sheriff spokesperson confirms person found dead in conference room was #Apple employee. No one else involved.— Matt Keller (@MattKellerABC7) April 27, 2016
  • Award Winning Technology Gives Homes Free Energy By Tapping The Cloud (2016-04-27 14:33:44)
    Last summer I wrote about a fascinating new start-up called Nerdalize. The company was hoping to tap into the huge amount of waste heat generated by cloud computing to provide cheap and eco friendly heating for our homes and offices.The concept is a remarkably simple one. Rather than locate servers in huge facilities that require a vast...
  • Samsung's 360-degree camera will arrive on April 29th (2016-04-27 14:30:00)
  • The FBI bought an iPhone hack, but not the right to tell anyone how it works (2016-04-27 14:29:51)
    On March 28th, the FBI bought a way to break into the iPhone at the center of the San Bernardino fight — and ever since, the tech world has been wondering what they'll do with the new bug. The White House maintains a process for disclosing any vulnerabilities that might post a threat to public safety, and you might think that a method for unlocking possibly stolen iPhones would qualify. "The FBI purchased the method from an outside party so that we could unlock the San Bernardino device," Executive Assistant Director Amy Hess said in a statement obtained by The Daily Dot.
  • AT&T exec says Internet of Things is a top priority (2016-04-27 14:28:03)
    By Georgina Prodhan HANOVER, Germany (Reuters) - U.S. telecoms provider AT&T is betting it can carve out a significant business in connecting objects with one another, the head of that unit told Reuters in an interview, as it seeks new revenue sources in an oversaturated wireless market. The so-called Internet of Things (IoT) is a fast-growing area where industrial and consumer firms and software providers are teaming up to offer smarter ways of doing things such as predicting mechanical problems before they arise, controlling machines at home remotely or integrating municipal services. AT&T already has a strong position in the automotive industry, where it has 10 major carmakers using a platform it has developed to deliver services such as roadside assistance, weather reports or Internet radio to cars on the road.
  • Meet the self-driving car industry’s most important lobbyist (2016-04-27 14:27:14)
    Five companies —€” Ford, Google, Uber, Lyft, and Volvo —€” announced the formation of the Self-Driving Coalition for Safer Streets, a lobbying and advocacy group. The industry's public face is David Strickland, a lawyer by training who attended Harvard at the same time as Barack Obama, and was later the president's pick to lead the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. In an interview, Strickland says he got involved in the group to promote improved mobility for people who lack it.
  • Yahoo to add four directors to board in deal with Starboard (2016-04-27 14:25:10)
    The agreement shows Yahoo's board and management team were under pressure from major shareholders to settle the battle, and that Starboard was willing to set aside its plan for board control in favor of immediate director seats inside the struggling Internet company. A truce with its most vocal activist investor helps Yahoo clear the way for the auction of its core businesses, which is underway. Yahoo said Starboard Chief Executive Jeffrey Smith and three independent directors associated with him will join the board immediately.
  • James Corden’s spoof of Beyonce’s ‘Lemonade’ is absolutely amazing (2016-04-27 14:22:02)
    Beyonce surprised fans on Saturday night with the release of a new album that was accompanied by an hour-long exclusive HBO show. Lemonade certainly made an impression, and Beyonce’s album became available exclusively on Tidal... for a few hours.  Lemonade  then became available in other places , and now the first Lemonade spoofs have started to appear. One of the best ones comes from comedian James Corden, who aired an almost four-minute long spoof during the Late Late Show . DON’T MISS: Ferrari CEO drives a Tesla, promptly calls electric cars 'obscene' The tone, costumes and props are amazingly similar to Beyonce’s act in the HBO special. Corden has replaced Beyonce’s voice-over with jokes you’ll quickly get, especially if you’re a fan of both these artists. Corden even manages to make fun of Donald Trump in the video. “I try to write a monologue for your night after night, even when we don’t have a show,” Corden’s whispered voice-over says, before arriving at Trump jokes. “I write a monologue, but you don’t see that.” Corden also covered one of the highlights from Beyonce’s Lemonade , the reference to “Becky with the good hair,” which is believed to be in reference to a woman who may have had a romantic relationship with Jay Z, Beyonce’s husband. For Corden, Becky is replaced by Jimmy – probably Fallon. “Does that make you laugh like Jimmy with the good hair?” Corden asked. Check out Corden’s entire skit below.
  • Hands on with the Meta 2 augmented reality headset (2016-04-27 14:22:00)
    Meta wants to eventually replace 2D computing, and it's starting in the enterprise.
  • Nintendo might stop making the Wii U by March 2018 (2016-04-27 14:20:00)
  • The first five Linux command-line apps every admin should learn (2016-04-27 14:11:00)
    If your company is about to employ Linux, and you're going to have to administer those servers, it's time for you to learn the Linux command line.
  • Where to Start if You Want to be a Data Scientist (2016-04-27 14:07:42)
    What knowledge/skills must an entry-level Data Science engineer have? originally appeared on Quora - the knowledge sharing network where compelling questions are answered by people with unique insights. Answer by Vijay Krishna Narayanan, Head of Data Science, Director, Algorithms and Data Science at Microsoft, on Quora.It is useful to have the...
  • If Tribeca 2016 had a theme, it might be 'adulting is hard' (2016-04-27 14:05:33)
    For 15 years, the question of identity has haunted the Tribeca Film Festival. As trailers before every public film showing reminded audiences at the 2016 festival, Tribeca was founded in 2002 — in the wake of the September 11th attacks — to help revitalize Manhattan and bring artists and audiences (and their dollars) back to the city. With more than 70 movies slated for world premieres at Tribeca in 2016, even the most dedicated attendees couldn’t come close to finding a single consistent, coherent throughline.
  • How Microsoft Missed the Mark on Internet Technology (2016-04-27 14:01:00)
    Why did Microsoft miss the internet so badly on search, on cloud applications, etc.? originally appeared on Quora - the knowledge sharing network where compelling questions are answered by people with unique insights. Answer by Russell Siegelman, former Microsoft and KPCB, currently GSB professor and angel investor, on Quora.I am not sure I...
  • Decoy eggs used to provide birth control for mice (2016-04-27 14:00:05)
    Scientists have created a novel method of contraception, using polymer beads coated in a special protein as "decoy" eggs in mice. In experiments described in Science Translational Medicine, researchers deposited the beads in the uteruses of mice. When the mice mated, sperm cells bound themselves to the fake eggs, preventing the real eggs from being fertilized.
  • How to resolve Mac printing issues (2016-04-27 14:00:03)
    Printing on a Mac is typically reliable. Occasionally trouble arises, however. Here are a few recommended resolutions for returning printing to proper operation.
  • Intel hopes USB-C will replace the headphone jack (2016-04-27 14:00:00)
  • Samsung already has a fix for the worst thing about the iPhone 7 (2016-04-27 13:57:19)
    One of the worst features reportedly coming to the iPhone 7 , according to some potential buyers, is the lack of a 3.5mm headphone jack. But while iPhone fans might be annoyed, other companies including headset makers, Intel , and more are prepping for a future without the old standard jack. Even Samsung is working on a new type of headset: truly wireless headphones that come with their own storage. DON'T MISS:  Making sense of Apple now that everything has changed Called Gear IconX and due later this year, the new headphones were detailed by  VentureBeat . The IconX headphones aren’t connected by a wire and they charge in a special case, seen in the images above. The headphones are dust- and water-resistant and come with 4GB of flash memory contained in one of the headphones. That extra flash storage might come in handy, should Apple decide to launch a 16GB iPhone 7 this year. Additionally, the IconX buds also work as standalone fitness trackers when used without other devices. Touch control on the earbuds is similar to Gear Circle, the existing Bluetooth headset from Samsung with buds that are tethered to a controller placed on the neck. Obviously, the IconX have not been conceived to work specifically with the iPhone 7. But this only goes to show the kind of smartphone accessories we might see in stores once Apple and other device makers remove the 3.5mm headphone jack from smartphones and tablets. A few other companies already have similar wireless earbuds available for purchase, and Apple is rumored to be working on its own pair that will supposedly launch with Beats branding.
  • What Apple Needs to Do to Keep Its Growth Streak Alive (2016-04-27 13:55:04)
    Sluggish iPhone sales took a bite out of Apple's impressive 13-year growth streak, marking the first sales slump for Apple's flagship product. Now Wall Street analysts are looking to Apple to find new sources of revenue. The success of the iPhone, which was first released in 2007, has been a consistent driver of growth for the company.
  • Minecraft is now available on the Oculus Store for Gear VR (2016-04-27 13:53:54)
    As of today, you can explore Minecraft in virtual realty via the Gear VR. Minecraft: Gear VR Edition is now available on the Oculus Store for $6.99. The announcement at is careful not to mention the Oculus Rift headset, instead emphasizing that Minecraft: Gear VR Edition is available on the discrete digital Oculus Store meant for Samsung's Gear VR hardware.
  • Buddhist temple unveils robot monk to engage the new generation (2016-04-27 13:47:51)
    A Buddhist temple on the outskirts of Beijing has embraced technology and debuted a robot monk in a bid to attract new followers to the faith. The cartoon-like creation, dubbed Xian'er, wears a yellow robe and has a shaved head, and can recite mantras and answer 20 simple questions about Buddhism and the daily lifestyle at the Lonquan temple from an attached screen. Developed from a as a joint project between a technology company and artificial intelligence (AI) experts from some of the top universities in China, the bot signals a new era for Buddhism in contemporary culture.
  • Paris police want drones to watch over crowds (2016-04-27 13:40:00)
  • FBI will not share iPhone unlocking mechanism, cites lack of ownership (2016-04-27 13:34:19)
    By Mark Hosenball WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation said on Wednesday it did not own the rights to the technical method a contractor used to open an Apple iPhone used by one of the San Bernardino shooters and therefore could not submit details of the mechanism for an interagency government review. Amy S. Hess, the FBI's executive assistant director for science and technology, said in a statement that when it hired an outside party to unlock the phone, the agency did not purchase the rights to the technique. As a result, Hess said, the FBI does not "have enough technical information about any vulnerability" in the iPhone to submit for the interagency review.
  • TiVo's cord-cutting DVR gets more storage and drops subscriptions (2016-04-27 13:20:00)
  • Police are investigating a death at Apple’s headquarters this morning (2016-04-27 13:07:17)
    Authorities in California are investigating a death at Apple's headquarters in Cupertino after a body was found early this morning in a conference room. Details are extremely limited right now and local news channel  KTVU broke the story . Apple has not yet commented and police have not released the identity of the person found deceased. It's not even clear at this point if the body has been identified at all. DON'T MISS:  Making sense of Apple now that everything has changed Two tweets from KTVU's Maureen Naylor, who broke the story, follow below: The report was then confirmed by a reporter at a local ABC affiliate: At this point nothing is known about the deceased or about the cause of death, but we will update this post as soon as additional details are confirmed. UPDATE: TMZ is citing unnamed law enforcement sources in reporting that the call came into dispatch as a "possible suicide." From the developing report: According to the sheriff's dispatch call there was a female employee involved in an argument on the campus -- and she was being escorted out by security when she sustained a head wound ... possibly from a gunshot. As deputies were responding, they were unclear if there were multiple people involved. One portion of the dispatch exchange describes a body being found in a conference room, and that person had a gun.
  • A single injection of antibodies protected monkeys from HIV for nearly six months (2016-04-27 13:00:05)
    A new study has shown that a single injection of antibodies that target HIV can protect monkeys from contracting the virus for nearly six months. The study, published today in Nature, is an important step in the development of a new treatment that could prevent HIV infections in people. Because no HIV vaccine exists, finding other forms of preventive treatments against HIV is key.
  • 'Blockhood' is a beautiful game about eco-architecture (2016-04-27 13:00:00)
  • Social media users upbeat on Facebook; gloomy on Apple, Twitter (2016-04-27 12:51:47)
    Social media sentiment for Apple Inc and Twitter Inc dropped sharply on Wednesday, a day after the companies reported disappointing quarterly earnings, while online circles remained confident about Facebook Inc , which is scheduled to post results after the market closes. Twitter's stock plunged 15 percent at midday, after dropping nearly 14 percent late Tuesday on news that revenue growth at the microblogging service was stagnant. Apple shares were down 6 percent, after Tuesday's 8 percent drop to below $100 for the first time since February.
  • The Opposite of Evolution: How Easy Options Turn Us Into Mindless Hamsters (2016-04-27 12:46:46)
    The Abandoned Boy When the boy was 10, his dad abandoned him. He had already lost his mom.So the boy lived with his sister, alone, in the forest of Indiana. In what the boy called the "rough, unbroken forest that was a constant fight with trees and logs and grubs."They shared a one-room log cabin. It had a dirt floor. It had a corn husk bed.But...
  • SpaceX will try to send a spacecraft to Mars by 2018 (2016-04-27 12:43:17)
    Right on the heels of its first successful sea landing, SpaceX announced on Wednesday that it is planning to send a Dragon spacecraft to Mars as soon as 2018. SpaceX says that the proposed Red Dragon craft will inform the "overall Mars architecture," but has yet to release any details about the mission. DON'T MISS:  Making sense of Apple now that everything has changed Earlier this year, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk told attendees at the StartmeupHK Festival in Hong Kong that the company would reveal its plans for Mars travel in 2016 and hoped to introduce commercial flights to the red planet by 2025. If previously announced plans for the missions are any indication, SpaceX is planning to use Falcon Heavy rockets to launch the Red Dragon capsules into space. The Red Dragons are able to enter, descend and land on Mars without the use of a parachute, while carrying a payload of up to 2,200 lbs. We'll keep an eye out for any further developments, but it looks like we're going to be waiting for quite some time before this plan comes to fruition.
  • SpaceX wants to land on Mars as early as 2018 (2016-04-27 12:42:00)
  • The FTC is reportedly expanding its investigation into Android (2016-04-27 12:38:27)
    The Wall Street Journal reports that the Federal Trade Commission has quietly stepped up its investigation into Android, over fears that Google is exploiting its position in the smartphone market. According to the Journal, the FTC has been meeting with companies to hear concerns about how Android's market share is being used — and possibly misused — against others. The initial probe began last year, and the timing now coincides with antitrust charges recently filed against Google in the European Union.
  • TiVo’s new DVR for cord cutters drops the $14.99 monthly fee (2016-04-27 12:36:49)
    Back in 2014 TiVo released the Roamio OTA, a DVR box designed specifically for cord cutters that pulled in HD content over the air and supported every major streaming service at the time. The device features an updated user interface, allowing users to record 150 hours of HD video, and drops the $14.99 monthly fee that came with the original Roamio OTA. You'll get all the latest TiVo features on the Roamio OTA 1TB, including OneSearch, SkipMode, QuickMode, and OnePass, which creates a universal watchlist of your favorite shows airing across OTA broadcasts and streaming services.
  • US court rules Amazon liable for kids' app charges (2016-04-27 12:30:57)
    Online giant Amazon must pay damages to consumers billed for app purchases by children on its tablets, a federal court has ruled, in a win for US regulators. The US Federal Trade Commission said Wednesday the court backed its lawsuit, which argued that Amazon failed to get consent from parents whose children made in-app purchases on the Kindle and Fire tablets, sometimes racking up huge bills. The FTC has also reached settlements with Apple and Google on similar cases, arguing the lack of passwords had allowed children to make app purchases without parental consent.
  • Samsung's Level On Pro Wireless headphones are a compelling alternative to Beats (2016-04-27 12:30:41)
    For the past couple of years, Samsung has been releasing headphone and speakers under the Level brand as a clear play against Apple's Beats brand of fashion headphones and Bluetooth speakers. The Level headphones largely match Beats' offerings: there are over-ear, on-ear, and in-ear models, in both wired and wireless versions. The latest model is the $249.99 Level On Pro Wireless, which is a wireless on-ear headphone with active noise canceling and audio upscaling features.
  • Amazon is liable for in-app purchases made by kids, court finds (2016-04-27 12:22:00)
  • FBI says it won't disclose how it accessed locked iPhone (2016-04-27 12:20:46)
    WASHINGTON (AP) — The FBI says it won't publicly disclose the method that allowed it to access a locked iPhone used by one of the San Bernardino attackers.
  • Amazon found liable for charges incurred by kids using apps (2016-04-27 12:18:33)
    Judge John Coughenour of the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Washington on Tuesday granted the Federal Trade Commission's motion for summary judgment on liability in a fight between Amazon and the agency over the unauthorized purchases. The FTC said it would press for full refunds for affected Amazon customers. Amazon did not immediately respond to requests for comment.
  • 12 paid iPhone apps on sale for free today (2016-04-27 12:18:07)
    Welcome to what is unquestionably our best list so far this week of paid iPhone and iPad apps on sale for free. We've got 12 fresh new apps for you today that have all gone on sale for free for a limited time, and they span a very wide range of genres. This list also includes a few apps that we really love, including what is easily one of the most innovative apps ever. There's even an app that's perfect for anyone who loves burgers — and who doesn't love burgers? You'll also find a few additional freebies in yesterday's post so be sure to check those apps out as well. DON'T MISS:  Making sense of Apple now that everything has changed These are paid iPhone and iPad apps that have been made available for free for a limited time by their developers. There is no way to tell how long they will be free. These sales could end an hour from now or a week from now — obviously, the only thing we can guarantee is that they were free at the time this post was written. If you click on a link and see a price listed next to an app instead of the word “get,” it is no longer free. The sale has ended. If you download the app, you will be charged. Cycloramic Normally $1.99. As Seen on SHARKTANK! ▶▶ The Handsfree mode only works with the iPhone 5/5S/SE and must be used on a polished level surface (granite or marble counter top). Cycloramic Revolutionizes the way you take panoramic photos and videos! Handsfree! - Steve Wozniak: ”Unexpected, fanciful and useful all at the same time!” - TechCrunch: "The Best iOS And Android Apps Of 2013" - The New York Times: “Pogie Award for Brightest Ideas of 2012” - Gizmodo: “Coolest thing we’ve seen an app do in a while.” 20 Million total downloads worldwide. ▶ GUIDED Mode (All iPhones and iPads): The easiest, fastest panorama taking app. Just follow the guided system to take the perfect panorama photo every time. Now with HD resolution up to 42MP ▶ HANDSFREE Mode (iPhone 5/5s and iPhone SE ONLY): This revolutionary, fully automated mode lets your phone do all the work. Just put your phone on a smooth, level surface and it will automatically rotates 360 degrees using the phone's internal vibration motor. As it rotates, the phone takes multiple photos, instantaneously stitches them together, and generates a panoramic photo viewable in our immersive viewer. ###NEW CLAP/WHISTLE ACTIVATION in the HANDSFREE Photo Mode ### ▶ CYCLORAMIC UNIQUE FEATURES: - The easiest panorama guidance system. - The fastest panorama capture (less than 5 sec for 180 degree panorama with the iPhone 5S) - Stitching powered by Dermandar. - up to 360-degree panoramas. - Immersive viewer. - Video Conversion: Convert any photo into a video (240p, 360p, 480p, 720p or 1080p resolutions). - Panorama Photo to INSTAGRAM Video converter. - Share to Facebook, Twitter, INSTAGRAM (photo and video), email, sms and camera roll. - ... And for the iPhone 5/5S/SE, the revolutionary Handsfree Mode. Download Cycloramic Gestrument LE Normally $0.99. Gestrument LE - the revolutionary gesture instrument! Swipe your finger to play - it has never been easier to make music! Gestrument received the Innovation Prize in culture 2012 from the City of Stockholm. Excerpts from AppStore reviews of the full version of Gestrument: "Wonderful stuff" ***** "Best musical app ever" ***** "Brilliant! Simple AND Deep" ***** "Génial. Tout simplement génial !" ***** "Thanks for releasing this fantastic instrument." ***** "In love with Gestrument since my first touch. Endless possibilities." ***** "Play with it for just a few minutes and your mind is already racing with inspiration" ***** "This is a totally original well thought out and beautifully constructed music making app." ***** "If you like to play with sound this is your app. Simply that. It is what you have to have." ***** "What a wonderfully creative new way to make music!" ***** "Herzlichen Dank dem Entwickler, ein geniales App." ***** "Wow! This is a wonderful way to create music." ***** "Instant gratification, can't wait to dig in more!" ***** "Vom einem Komponisten für Komponisten." ***** "Rivoluzionario! Bellissima!" ***** "Total Creativity" ***** See videos and read more about Gestrument on Developed by Jesper Nordin ( and Jonatan Liljedahl ( • Play and compose music with the swipe of your finger • Generate music within defined scales and rhythms • Play with the internal GM sound bank, to use costum soundfonts or to control other MIDI devices or Apps, you can buy the full version of Gestrument • Download new presets from or buy the full version of Gestrument to make your own • Record what you play to audio and MIDI file • Export recordings to AudioShare - audio document manager • Copy recordings with AudioCopy • Play back previous recordings, optionally looping • Use Gestrument as a source synth in Audiobus • Allow mixing with other apps, for example play a track in the Music app and play along with it in Gestrument. • Hold (sustain) toggle let you play on other apps while Gestrument is still playing in the background Improvise or compose within predefined scales and rhythms. Use parameters like pulse density, scale morphing, rhythm randomness or pitch fluctuation to find new paths for your musical expression and creativity. Use the tutorials and presets to fit the musical style you want to play and compose in. Play on up to eight instruments at once - all with different individual settings. Gestrument works equally well for rhythmic music or sweeping soundscapes, for solo melodies or chord blocks, for long lines or short staccatos. It can help you make music in whichever genre you can imagine. Download Gestrument LE Live Wallpapers Normally $0.99. *** Live Wallpapers only work on iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s+ *** Get access to custom Live Wallpapers that will animate your lock screen and bring it to life! Select a Live Wallpaper from our catalog, and when you 3D Touch your screen it will start animating. Show it off to your friends! Right now there are more than 100 Live Wallpapers you can choose from. We are working to add more Live Wallpapers as time goes on. To set the Live Wallpaper on your lock screen: 1) Make sure Low Power Mode is OFF 2) Save a Live Wallpaper from the app 3) Open Settings > Wallpaper > Choose a New Wallpaper 4) Select the Live Wallpaper you saved 5) Go to your lock screen, and 3D Touch the screen. Download Live Wallpapers Huerons Normally $1.99. Huerons are tiny circles arranged on grid. What do you have to do? You have to combine all the Huerons into each other leaving only one in the end. Sounds simple? You bet! Huerons is a challenging puzzle game that will make you think hard and long. The rush of solving a puzzle after bending your mind a million times around it is what will keep you pushing forward. With more than 100 levels, you are looking at days spent in the pursuit of perfection. And it all works with simplest of rules: “Adjacent Huerons merge at empty cells between them”. That’s it! During this journey, you will meet 9 more Huerons that change the way you think about spaces and grids. CAUTION: This game is not for the faint of heart. Enter this adventure only when puzzles are all you care for. FEATURES - Simple intuitive gameplay based on simplest of rules - 125 levels all unlocked (and more as free updates) - 2 game modes, Zen and Time Trial - Hints for all levels (but they only hint at the solution, not solve it for you) - 9 types of Huerons like Portals, Blenders, Black Holes, Chameleons etc. - Visual accessibility: support for Color Blind mode Download Huerons Super Calendar Normally $4.99. iOS Premium Calendar Most versatile calendar app and widget in the app store! - day view, list or time view for day events - customize list view for day events - turn on/off month view in the widget - choose from one of 10 styles for month view in the widget - more customization options Also the most customizable calendar app in the app store! - 6 different views easily accessible through swipe. - Light, dark, color or picture theme! - Search your events. - Customize day, week, month, agenda views with templates/styles. - Table style or list for day view - 11 different styles for week view - 11 different styles for month view, 11 different styles for its agenda view - 13 different styles for agenda view including a countdown mode - 3 useful year view styles allowing easy navigation to any day, week or month - 11 different styles for agenda view including a countdown mode - 8 different styles for Reminders - Adjust font size for events, choose font - Choose from 100+ different colors for individual calendars - Easy settings - Option to choose default view - And so much more - Optimized for iPhone 5S, 6, and 6 Plus - This has not been tested with iPhone 5 and below, so it may not work with these older iPhones. Download Super Calendar Dragon Hills Normally $1.99. Are all Princesses really waiting for Princes to come and save them? Not this time! Take control of a very dangerous Dragon in this action-packed adventure and help the furious princess on her revenge mission. Slide down the hills jumping into and out of the ground, crashing and destroying everything on your way. Chase down the knights, conquer new castles and discover new lands! Awesome FEATURES: • Super fun, fast and furious gameplay • Fully destructible terrain • Epic boss battles • Upgradeable weapons, armor and explosive power-ups available for unlocking • Easy to learn, intuitive one-touch controls combined with innovative gameplay • Game Center achievements and leaderboards to compete with friends • iCloud Support Get ready for crazy adventures with this instantly playable and simple to control game! Download Dragon Hills Shake for Cocktail Normally $0.99. Shake! for Cocktail is the ultimate cocktail suggester in the whole App Store. Just select the drinks you have, shake your device and see what you can pour with what you have. The App includes ingredient list, preparation details, standard drink-ware information and tips for 120 International Bartender Association cocktails. Download Shake for Cocktail AnyScan Normally $0.99. AnyScan gives your iphone the ability of scanning any type of documents you want into one single pdf, all kinds of papers, receipts, notes, whiteboards, tax forms, all of them can be put in the light and portable scanner! AnyScan takes fast and optimal algorithms to process the scanned documents, auto detect document edges, correct perspective, eliminate shadows, and set the grayscale with inside 6-levels adjustments. AnyScan has a wonderful workflow, which makes the whole scanning process clearly and precisely, never lost in the stack of operations. You can adjust the brightness and contrast, ratate the document, switch the color mode within just a few taps. AnyScan builds in a predicate seach, you can get your seach result instantly by evaluating a predicate, then get into the document you want. AnyScan builds with a powerful document explorer, looking through your scanned documents is a just pleasure of journey, panning, scaling, paging, switching, all before your fingers. And the clouds support, of course , you can upload the scanned documents to all kinds of online storages, google drive, dropbox, evernote,.etc, then you can share them in anytime, anywhere, any devices. MAIN FEATURES: 1 Share the scanned documents to Email, GoogleDrive, Dropbox,Evernote.,etc. 2 Fully preview and adjust the pdf scan results before you share them out including the file name, page size, file size.,etc. 3 Support any type of documents, all kinds of paper works, receipt, whiteboards, notes, cheque, tax forms .,etc. 4 Optimal algorithm for shadow eliminating, correcting perspective, auto edge detecting, get clear, sharp scan results both in grey and color mode . 5 Fully multiple pages organizing, renaming, sorting, adding, deleting before incorporate them to one pdf. 6 Email documents with pdf, jpg format, or save to local camera roll. 7 Sort documents by name and date, build in a powerful ducuments explorer. 8 Build in a predicate search, search your documents by evaluating a predicate. 9 Steady and fast yet low-memory usage. TIPS ON GOOD SCANNING 1 Make the lighting in the room is good. 2 Keep your hands steady and make the camera focus. 3 Place a dark background under your document to make the auto edge detection work better . This app is still evolving, and your idea is precious, if any advice, please send feedback, it could be a new feature in the next release. Download AnyScan Summize Pro Normally $2.99. 1- Snap a pic of any text 2- Read its summary Special Features: - Key Topic Extraction & Analysis - Categories - Entities Extraction & Analysis Find long text very boring ? Now you can summarise anything on the go... No need to read everything anymore, only the important part! Download Summize Pro Mini for Twitter Normally $0.99. # A lite Version of Twitter with Lock Feature . # Keep Your Twitter profile Safe ,Keep it private . # Use Twitter in private mode . # Keep your Twitter data safe even if someone access your phone . # Small App 3.5 MB only , Very less compare to official Twitter App 65 MB * It is not just only Twitter lock , it is also a very light version of Twitter . Note - This is the Twitter Version of our popular App "Mini for Facebook " Key Feature - * Lock Twitter Automatically When App enter in background * You can also Lock it By Lock Button in the App * Navigation Button to Use Twitter in very easy way * Home button to easily move on profile page * Change Password Anytime * Tweet to your follower easily * Only one time login needed * Basically All the feature of Twitter # Don't drain your battery so fast and don't full up your device with junks ! # It is useful if you are running out of memory . # Useful for the user who want to keep their Twitter data private # useful for the time when some of your friend access your phone then he will not be able to see your Twitter data . # Once Install ,Log in and Enjoy ! # Lock your Twitter in case any other family member want to use your phone . # It is also fast and take less running phone memory . Thank you ! Download Mini for Twitter Text Panther Normally $2.99. Text Panther makes it easy and cost effective to send mass messages delivered to each recipient on an individual basis. Separate your business contacts from your personal contacts. * Schedule text messages to be sent at a later date *Send a mass text message to many recipients, but each message is delivered individually *Text message archiving for safety (password protected) *Create text message distribution lists *Design and send your virtual business card via text message or email *Referral notification, share your contact with someone and let your contact know you just referred them TextPanther is the app that uses automation to enhance your relationships. • Personal- TextPanther makes it easy to always remember holidays, birthdays, anniversary’s, or special events. Schedule the message to be sent as far in advance as you choose. • Business- TextPanther will make connecting with clients and prospects simple and efficient with automation. "Text for a purpose" was designed to be a socially conscious and is a proud supporter of The Cure Cancer Foundation. You can learn more by visiting TextPanther is essential in the 5 keys to a successful business. • Segmentation- Grouping contacts based on a connecting fact. • Automation- Schedule messages to be sent automatically to stay in front of the people you need to. • Variation- Schedule a variety of messages to be sent. • Information- Provide good information to your contacts to increase your value and importance to them. • Repetition- Repeat your message for the ultimate impact. TextPanther allows you to craft a message and schedule it to be sent at a future time that you choose. This feature enables you to automatically stay in touch with anyone you want to. TextPanther helps you organize your contacts into custom groups for an easy way to blast out messages to many contacts at once. Although you are sending to an entire group, the message is delivered as it was just sent to that person. Individualized messaging for a personal feel. TextPanther will archive text messages securely in the cloud for easy password protected retrieval at anytime. No need to worry about your iPhone’s memory either. The archived messages use our memory not yours. TextPanther’s referral exchange function is a breakthrough way of effectively connecting one of your contacts with another one. The user sends a contact’s information to another person and TextPanther simultaneously sends a text to the referred contact so they know who and when their information was shared. Now you are facilitating a seamless connection of your personal network. TextPanther’s wallet is the easiest most professional way to design and share your virtual business cards (unlimited). Input a photo, your company logo, your contact information and all social media profiles. 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"Paid Tier" Auto-Renewable Subscription Information: * $4.99 USD / Month * Payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase * Your iTunes Account will be charged $4.99 for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period * Subscriptions may be managed and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the your Account Settings after purchase * No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during active subscription period Privacy Policy - Download Text Panther BurgerNerd Normally $0.99. An app for burger lovers and aficionados to document delicious burgers across the country! Swipe through recent burger uploads, double-click for burger details, rate burgers, take your own burger cam photos and share via Facebook, Twitter or email! Download BurgerNerd
  • Qatar National Bank investigating alleged data hack (2016-04-27 12:16:45)
    By Tom Finn DOHA (Reuters) - Qatar National Bank, the largest lender in the Middle East and Africa by assets, is investigating an alleged security breach of data posted online this week that revealed the names and passwords of a large number of customers. QNB said it was investigating "social media speculation in regard to an alleged data breach" and would not comment on reports circulated via social media. One file contained information on what appeared to be 465,437 QNB accounts, although only a fraction of these accounts had anything resembling full account details.
  • Google's self-driving car is 'close to graduating from X' (2016-04-27 12:13:16)
    According to Astro Teller, the Google self-driving car is "close to graduating from X." Parsing out the meaning of that string of words is a little complicated, but basically it means that Alphabet isn't thinking of self-driving cars so much as a crazy "moonshot," but as a thing that's just about ready to be a standalone business that could actually generate revenue. If you're not a close follower of Google, though, more explanation might still be in order. Holt interviewed Astro Teller and Obi Felten, who have the cheeky titles "Chief of Moonshots" and "Director of X Foundry," respectively.
  • Dear Veronica: The bots are taking over! (2016-04-27 12:11:00)
  • This $70 computer stick is designed for Ubuntu (2016-04-27 12:10:52)
    Ubuntu is starting to show up in lot more places lately: tablets, phones, and this neat little computer-on-a-stick created by MeLE called the PGC02U. It also comes in Ubuntu orange and has a wee little antenna to help with wireless reception. Liliputing points out that you might want to go ahead and install this build of Ubuntu created by Ian Morrison, as it's designed specifically for stick computers. Then again, if you're the sort of person who would want to own an Ubuntu computer on a stick, maybe you're the sort of person who doesn't have a spare HDMI port on your TV.
  • You’ll soon be able to play as Japanese metal band Babymetal in Super Mario Maker (2016-04-27 12:10:47)
    Super Mario Maker just got a lot more metal. Today Nintendo announced that the latest character to be added to the build-your-own Mario game will be none other than Japanese metal idol group Babymetal. Like other characters in the game — which include everything from original Pokemon like Squirtle to a Mercedes-Benz GLA — the band will be available as a costume for Mario.
  • How I would steal 10,000 copies of Uncharted 4: A Thief's End (2016-04-27 12:08:14)
    If I were to steal 10,000 copies of Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, this is exactly how I'd do it. Like the real thieves, my best bet is to steal the copies before they reach video game retailers, as to avoid confrontations with their underpaid and overworked employees — many of whom I suspect, inspired by years of Dragonball Z fandom, have dabbled in a variety of martial arts.
  • Gorgeous competitive tactics game 'Duelyst' is out today (2016-04-27 12:00:00)
  • Tech interns at these companies make more money than interns at Amazon, Apple and even Google (2016-04-27 11:53:12)
    Given the immense demand for tech talent in Silicon Valley, it shouldn't come as much of a surprise that tech companies often roll out the red carpet for talented computer science and engineering students, often in the form of incredibly generous salaries and subsidized housing. With the current school year coming to an end at most Universities, it's about that time where top engineering students need to decide where they want to intern for the summer. And while one might think that companies like Apple and Google offer the most competitive compensation packages, it turns out that they're not even close to being at the top. DON'T MISS:  Ferrari CEO drives a Tesla, promptly calls electric cars ‘obscene’ In a way, this isn't surprising. After all, companies like Apple or even Oracle are established entities; they don't need to offer the most money to recruit top students. On the contrary, lesser known or emerging companies are the ones that need to go above and beyond in the never-ending battle for tech talent. Recently, a UC Berkeley student named Rodney Folz did a bit of crowdsourcing and compiled a list which details what type of compensation packages tech companies are offering to summer 2016 interns. As you'll see via the full list below, the 8 companies with the most generous compensation packages are Two Sigma, Snapchat, Pintrest, Twitter, Quora, Facebook, Slack and Groupon. If you haven't heard of Two Sigma, they're a hedge fund "founded with the goal of applying cutting-edge technology to the data-rich world of finance." Interestingly enough, the bottom 7 companies on the list include entities like Apple, Google, Dropbox and Amazon.
  • SpaceX plans to send a spacecraft to Mars as early as 2018 (2016-04-27 11:52:15)
    SpaceX plans to send its Dragon spacecraft to Mars as early as 2018, the company announced today — marking a major first step toward CEO Elon Musk’s goal of sending humans to the Red Planet. The company didn’t say how many spacecraft it will send, but hinted it would conduct a series of these Dragon missions. If successful, the endeavor would make SpaceX the first private spaceflight company to land a vehicle on another planet.
  • Tinder's new 'Social' feature reveals which Facebook friends are swiping (2016-04-27 11:48:58)
    In a new attempt to move beyond one-on-one dates, Tinder is testing a feature that lets users engage in group chats and arrange meet-ups involving multiple people. Tinder Social is what the company calls this new functionality, and to use it, you'll need to form a group with some of your own friends, and then swipe through other groups rather than individual people. "You can then chat with your group matches or see their status to find out what they're up to and where everyone’s headed," the company wrote in a blog post outlining Tinder Social, which will eventually be rolled out globally.
  • Spotify acquires CrowdAlbum image platform (2016-04-27 11:41:18)
    Swedish music streaming giant Spotify on Wednesday announced the acquisition of CrowdAlbum, a US-based company that created a platform for sharing online photos and videos. "CrowdAlbum aggregates photos and videos from artists' performances" and "helps them (artists) to identify and connect with their most passionate fans," Spotify said in a statement. CrowdAlbum was founded by Tracy Chan, a former Google and YouTube executive, in 2013.
  • Beautiful images could lead to quieter supersonic jets (2016-04-27 11:39:00)
  • Yahoo agrees to add 4 Starboard nominees to board (2016-04-27 11:32:11)
    NEW YORK (AP) — Yahoo said Wednesday that it reached an agreement with activist investor Starboard Value to add four new members to its board, including the CEO of Starboard.
  • There’s a new Batman movie that doesn’t star Ben Affleck and this is the first trailer (2016-04-27 11:28:15)
    Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was a real eye opener for a lot of people. We published a few posts about how vast the disparity was between critics' opinions and fans' opinions on the movie , and we subsequently received a flood of emails from people telling us how much they loved the movie and how little they value the opinions of critics. But even among people who loved Batman v Superman , not everyone enjoyed Ben Affleck's portrayal of the caped crusader. Well, we've got good news and bad news: the good news is that there's a brand new R-rated Batman movie coming out later this year, and Ben Affleck won't star as the Bat. The bad news is that no one will really star as Batman in this new film, because it's animated. DON'T MISS:  Instagram is testing a sleek new design and this is what it looks like Batman: The Killing Joke is a hotly anticipated movie among comic book fans, and now the film's first trailer has finally been released. Early reactions have been mixed, due largely to the film's unique animation. The creators chose to use animation reminiscent of cartoons from the 1990s to create a retro look and feel, but fans are not impressed. A few samples from the early comments on YouTube: "Are you kidding me? Not only are they doing their first R-rated animated movie, but a legendary piece like the Killing Joke, and what do they do? They f*** it up with this poor excuse for animation. The 90's animated series looked better than this. What a waste." "The animations all seem to be three frames long. I wonder if this will be the type of movie that I can minimize, and listen to like it's a radio drama?" "What happens when you spend 95% of the budget on voice actors and chip a few pennies towards a couple animators and ask them to animate a feature length film. Corner cutting and outsourcing galore. What I feel worse about is these animators are probably going to catch a lot of s*** when it's probably not their fault. Reeks of bad budgeting/planning. Happens in videogames all the time, you can't overwork/underpay the people that actually create your content and expect good quality stuff. Normally I don't care and acknowledge the reality of today's underpaid animating industry, but it's just really unfortunate since TKJ is so iconic." "Cool slideshow but can I have the trailer now?" Needless to say, The Killing Joke fans aren't at all into the retro look of the animation. Here's the full trailer: Batman: The Killing Joke features the voices of Kevin Conroy (Batman), Mark Hamill (The Joker), Tara Strong (Batgirl) and Ray Wise (Commissioner Gordon), and it will be released on Blu-ray and DVD following its debut at the San Diego Comic-Con in July.
  • Connecting With Boys Offline in an Online World (2016-04-27 11:24:12)
    "Mommy, do you remember that time you played Skylanders with me?"My nine-year-old son asks me this question from time to time. I do remember. It was the first and only time I played Skylanders because I'd rather get a root canal. Video games aren't my thing. I'm a good person and a great mom, and I'll take both of my boys down in an art...
  • Marvell Technology to add three Starboard nominees to board (2016-04-27 11:18:32)
    Marvell Technology Group reached an agreement with Starboard Value LP on Wednesday, saying it will add three new directors nominated by the activist hedge fund, which has agitated for changes at the company since early this year. Starboard announced its stake in February, saying then it had retained semiconductor veterans Rick Hill, Oleg Khaykin and Jeff McCreary as advisers for its Marvell investment, an early indication the activist would propose them as board directors if the hedge fund and company could not come to terms on the path of the company. In April, Marvell said its chief executive and president, a husband-wife duo who co-founded the company, were stepping down, though both remained on the board.
  • Plants might know when to bloom by remembering seasons (2016-04-27 11:18:00)
  • Photo agency Getty asks EU to investigate Google over images (2016-04-27 11:17:06)
    Photo agency has become the latest company to ask European competition regulators to investigate Google, accusing the Internet search giant of diverting users to its own images service to the detriment of competitors. The European Commission has already conducted a number of investigations into Alphabet Inc's Google, and has charged it with promoting its own shopping service at the expense of rivals and also of using its dominant Android mobile operating system to squeeze out competitors. Google has always denied any wrongdoing and said competition is just a click away.
  • Google releases an Android TV remote for iOS (2016-04-27 11:14:38)
    Google has released an Android TV remote app on iOS that lets users control both smart TVs and set-top boxes running Android TV. The app is pretty simple — and identical to the Android version — with a D-pad, gesture support, and voice and text search. Multiple remotes can be connected to an Android TV to take advantage of multiplayer games, and to steal back control of the TV from whomever is binge-watching Storage Wars. You can download Android TV app, which is designed for both iPhone and iPad, from the App Store today.
  • Crunch time for Twitter as ad dollars remain elusive (2016-04-27 11:14:34)
    Twitter Inc's race against the clock is intensifying. The company is trying hard to improve its much-criticized interface, but analysts said the challenge was to do that before more users and advertisers defect to Facebook Inc and Alphabet Inc's Google. Twitter, led by co-founder Jack Dorsey, said on Tuesday monthly active users ticked up to 310 million in the March quarter, but revenue fell short of expectations.
  • Making sense of Apple now that everything has changed (2016-04-27 11:01:59)
    Apple shed more than $40 billion in market capitalization in mere minutes on Tuesday afternoon as the company reported its first revenue decline in more than a decade  and its first iPhone sales decline ever. But Apple didn't just report declines, it reported huge declines and missed Wall Street's earnings estimates by a shockingly wide margin. iPhone sales plummeted to 51.2 million units from 61.17 million in the same quarter last year. Earnings per share fell to $1.90 while analysts were expecting $2.00 or more. Revenue sank by nearly $7.5 billion on-year. There were no bright spots in Apple's report — it was gruesome through and through. But what does all this mean for Apple's future? First things first: no, Apple is not doomed. There's no denying that Apple's March quarter was a big disappointment, but this is not the beginning of the end despite what you've been reading and what you'll continue to read in the coming days. That said, it's equally important to note that this isn't just a little bump in the road for Apple. Even Drexel Hamilton’s Brian White, the king of all Apple bulls, cut his price target on Apple shares from $200 to $185. This is the end of a period of rapid growth that the company achieved by completely reinventing the smartphone in 2007. It created a core business that no one saw coming, and that led to unprecedented growth for the better part of a decade, but it couldn't last forever. Is Apple's iPhone business done growing? No. But it likely is done growing for a period of time. In fact, we might continue to see year over year sales declines for several quarters to come, including the quarters following Apple's upcoming iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus launch. There was so much pent-up demand for iPhones with larger displays that the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus accelerated sales too quickly. Apple had to use some clever tricks to top its sales records last year following the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus launches, but that was only a Band-Aid and it wasn't going to stick forever. Recent rumors paint a somewhat troubling picture of Apple's upcoming iPhone 7 launch. There is absolutely no question that sales of Apple's next-generation iPhones will be strong, but growth is anything but assured. One of the most accurate Apple insiders in the world even stated that Apple's iPhone 7 might be a "boring" update that leads to further sales declines . Apple will indeed see declines in the final calendar quarters of 2016 if the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are anything but revolutionary, simply because the bar has been set so high. Of course, even a moderate upgrade will still lead to massive sales and Apple's iPhones will remain the best-selling smartphones in the world by a wide margin. What comes next is crucial. Smartphone upgrade cycles may be getting longer. The high end of the smartphone market may be getting saturated. But there is still room for growth regardless of what you read. The issue is that hype will no longer carry Apple's iPhone line. Great phones won't even carry Apple back to meaningful growth. Only innovation can really move the needle now in Apple's iPhone business. Only exciting new designs and features can rekindle the flames. Can Apple deliver? Nothing is guaranteed, but the potential is certainly there. Innovation is not dead at Apple and iOS is still the best mobile platform in the world . There are also rumblings that Apple is getting ready to make some pretty big changes to its iPhone strategy. Internal upgrades simply might not be enough to keep things moving in the right direction each year anymore, so Apple might even ditch its "S" models and launch brand new, completely redesigned iPhones in 2016 and again in 2017 . Beyond that, we have some pretty strong indications that Apple is working on a number of exciting new features for its iPhone lineup. In fact, one of the company's upcoming new iPhones might be the biggest game-changer the world has seen since the original iPhone launched in 2007 . Don't expect things to turn around tomorrow. Don't even expect them to turn around in the next few quarters, necessarily. But Apple absolutely can still turn things around and return to growth. The company has a massive cash hoard of $233 billion, it's on the hunt for acquisition targets, it has plenty of talent led by a great CEO, it has exciting new iPhone features in the pipeline, and it's getting ready to enter new markets . We have without question reached a new chapter in the book of Apple, but the story is far from over. Dollars and Sense is a recurring column by BGR Executive Editor Zach Epstein. It offers insights on subtle changes in and around consumer electronics with the potential to have a broad impact on companies that drive the industry. Contact the author at .
  • Paranormal thriller 'Oxenfree' hits PS4 in May (2016-04-27 11:00:00)
  • Amazon illegally billed parents for kids' in-app purchases, judge rules (2016-04-27 10:57:48)
    Amazon illegally billed parents around the US for allowing their children to make in-app purchases without their knowledge or permission, a federal judge ruled on Tuesday. The judge decided in favor of the Federal Trade Commission, agreeing with its complaint that Amazon surprised consumers with charges because it failed to sufficiently inform them that games labeled "free" could later allow purchases to be made. The case will now continue as Amazon and the FTC work out damages.
  • Arianna Huffington joins Uber's board of directors (2016-04-27 10:55:51)
    Don't be surprised if your next Uber driver lectures you about the "miracle of sleep" or has a "nap pod" installed in the back of their car. Uber announced Wednesday that media mogul, author, and sleep advocate Arianna Huffington has joined its board of directors — a move that is already prompting backlash from some of the ride-sharing company's critics. In a blog post today, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick praised Huffington as a successful entrepreneur and someone who's "emotional intelligence" can help balance out his own data-driven approach.
  • Netflix orders a new Wet Hot American Summer series set 10 years in the future (2016-04-27 10:46:10)
    At the end of 2001's cult comedy Wet Hot American Summer, Bradley Cooper's character says to the rest of the camp counselors, "Hey, let’s all promise that in 10 years from today, we’ll meet again, and we’ll see what kind of people we’ve blossomed into." They all agree to meet in a decade, at exactly 9:30AM. Netflix has just ordered an eight-episode Wet Hot American Summer installment called Ten Years Later, Deadline reports. Last summer, Netflix debuted the first WHAS follow-up, First Day of Camp, which rewound the clock to when the main characters were still just teenage campers.
  • A German city put traffic lights in the sidewalk (2016-04-27 10:40:02)
    Well the German city of Augsburg may have found a solution to the problem: traffic lights in the sidewalk. Augsburg officials realized pedestrians were engrossed in their smartphones and not paying attention to traffic lights, so they decided to install traffic lights where smartphone users are typically looking: at the ground. The LED lights flash red when pedestrians should stop walking. "It creates a whole new level of attention," city spokeswoman Stephanie Lermen told N-TV.
  • Watch the first full trailer for Oliver Stone's Snowden biopic (2016-04-27 10:40:00)
  • Next ‘Call of Duty’ game gets revealed next week – here’s what we know so far (2016-04-27 10:38:57)
    Let's start with the obvious: there will be a new Call of Duty this fall. Until everyone on the planet stops picking up the latest version of Activision's incredibly popular first-person shooter, we're going to keep seeing new entries year in and year out. And now we might know the name of 2016's entry. DON'T MISS:  The iPhone 7 might cost you money even if you don’t buy one It all started on Tuesday morning when game critic Jim Sterling shared an image of a document from a retailer which seemed to indicate a "Call of Duty Reveal" would take place by May 3rd (next Tuesday): As IGN points out , the first gameplay trailer for Black Ops 3 was released on April 26th, 2015, so it wouldn't be surprising to see Activision begin its months-long marketing campaign this week or next. Then, hours after Sterling's tweet, some PS4 owners began to see an empty entry for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare scrolling across the Trending section of the PlayStation Store: The chances of this being a complete fluke are slim to none. Adding even more fuel to the fire, Call of Duty fan site Charlie Intel  got its hands on an image of a promotional poster for Infinite Warfare which indicates that the game will release on November 4th, 2016 and that the Legacy Edition will include a free download of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered as well: With all of this information pouring in within a matter of hours, it seems highly unlikely that we'll be waiting more than a few days for Activision to come forward and confirm the existence of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare .
  • Watch the first trailer for Snowden, starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt (2016-04-27 10:32:07)
    The first trailer for Oliver Stone's Snowden is here, starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt as the former NSA contractor. The film is set to hit theaters on September 16th, and also features Shailene Woodley as Snowden's girlfriend, and Zachary Quinto as the journalist Glenn Greenwald.
  • Tinder Social helps you and your crew mix and mingle (2016-04-27 10:22:00)
  • AMD bolted two Radeon R9s together to make the world's 'fastest' graphics card (2016-04-27 10:18:37)
    As we wait patiently, ever so patiently, for the next generation of video cards from Nvidia and AMD to arrive, AMD has treated us to one more hurrah for the 28nm era. AMD is pitching this 350W monstrosity at "VR content creators" which makes sense, but is including both professional-oriented FirePro drivers and gaming-oriented Radeon drivers.
  • U.S. agency says court found Amazon liable for kid in-app charges (2016-04-27 10:14:51)
    A federal judge has ruled that was liable for billing parents for unauthorized charges that children made within apps, the Federal Trade Commission said on Wednesday. A judge on Tuesday granted the FTC's motion for summary judgment on liability but also granted Amazon's motion regarding injunctive relief. The FTC said it would press for full refunds for the affected Amazon customers.
  • Yahoo bows to pressure from activist fund Starboard (2016-04-27 10:11:19)
    Yahoo Inc on Wednesday agreed to add four new independent directors to its board, bowing to pressure from activist hedge fund Starboard Value LP and averting a proxy fight ahead of its upcoming annual meeting. Yahoo said Starboard Chief Executive Jeffrey Smith, along with tech and media industry veterans Tor Braham, Eddy Hartenstein, and Richard Hill, will join the Internet company's board immediately. All four directors were on the slate Starboard proposed last month as it sought to overthrow Yahoo's entire board if a deal between the two sides failed before the annual meeting.
  • Kinnevik's Global Fashion Group cut sparks Rocket Internet fall (2016-04-27 10:06:01)
    By Mia Shanley and Eric Auchard STOCKHOLM/FRANKFURT (Reuters) - Sweden's Kinnevik revealed a big drop in the value of Global Fashion Group (GFG), highlighting concerns over how much digital consumer businesses are worth and knocking shares in co-investor Rocket Internet. Kinnevik said the lower value of the online fashion firm, which involves a widely different valuation view from Germany's Rocket, weighed on its first quarter net asset value. Wednesday's news knocked Rocket's already dented shares, which were down 14.5 percent at 1300 GMT (8 a.m. ET) as investors fretted over possible markdowns in its other companies.
  • Google Play Music's podcasts are convenient but lack features (2016-04-27 10:00:00)
  • New modifiable drone can help researchers scan the changing Antarctic ice shelf (2016-04-27 09:57:07)
    Measuring how the polar ice caps change over time is crucial to understanding the effects of our warming climate — but doing so is no easy task. It's called the Tiburon, and it's made by the Houston-based company Intuitive Machines. The Tiburon is an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) weighing up to 55 pounds that can carry radar instruments to scan the caps for researchers, relieving pilots from the dangerous feat.
  • New ‘Captain America: Civil War’ ad might tell us which side Spider-Man chooses (2016-04-27 09:48:38)
    Now that we’re way past the  Batman v. Superman  movie, it’s time to get excited for the next must-see superhero blockbuster of the year. In just a few days, Captain America: Civil War hits theaters so it’s time for a new don’t-call-it-a-trailer trailer . We’re treated to the second sighting of Spider-Man in this short 30-second clip, and we might get a hint as to whose side Spidey is taking in this clash between heroes and friends. DON'T MISS:  Instagram is testing a sleek new design and this is what it looks like It’s obvious that Spider-Man attacks Bucky in this teaser, the Captain’s old Winter Soldier pal. While that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s going to take Iron Man’s side in the final battle, it could be a pretty big clue. As you’ll see in the TV ad, Spider-Man is genuinely impressed with Bucky’s metal arm – but again, he attacks Bucky and that’s how he finds out about the arm. “You have a metal arm? That is awesome dude,” Spider-Man says, though we have no idea what happens in the ensuing fight. Spidey’s funny remark and all the other action in this new Civil War clip follows below.
  • Nintendo NX: everything we know so far (2016-04-27 09:48:19)
    Last night Nintendo announced some big news: the company's next home console, code-named NX, will be launching globally in March 2017. Nintendo has been very quiet about what the device will be, but thanks to a number of reports and rumors, we can at least piece together some details on the Wii U's successor. The only thing Nintendo has really said about the NX so far is that it will be very different from the company's last two consoles.
  • High warranty costs reflect Tesla’s struggle with quality (2016-04-27 09:34:58)
    By Paul Lienert and Alexandria Sage DETROIT/SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Tesla Motors Inc Chief Executive Elon Musk has told investors his electric car company will stop burning cash and turn a profit this year, and corralling costs associated with quality problems will be critical to making good on that pledge. While Tesla has trimmed its average warranty repair cost per premium electric vehicle since 2014, it still spends more than twice as much as General Motors Co and Ford Motor Co, according to a Reuters analysis of company data. Tesla's warranty costs are also higher than those of Germany's Daimler AG, maker of Mercedes-Benz luxury cars.
  • Instagram is testing a sleek new design and this is what it looks like (2016-04-27 09:23:41)
    Instagram quickly became one of the most popular photo-based social networks in the world thanks largely to design. Photo-sharing sites were a dime a dozen when Instagram launched, but the company differentiated itself by offering sleek photo filters that instantly made users' photos look like they had been professionally edited. In the years since the app's initial launch though, Instagram has fallen a bit behind the times in some areas. Specifically, the Instagram app's design is a little dated at this point — but it appears as though the company is hard at work on a remedy. A few lucky users recently received special updates to their Instagram apps, giving them a preview of a hot new design the company is testing. The bad news is no, you can't download the redesigned Instagram app yourself. But the good news is we have a bunch of images of the sleek new design and you can check them out right here. DON'T MISS:  These are the apps hardcore iPhone fans can’t live without Mobile interfaces have changed over the years and Facebook-owned Instagram hasn't done a very good job of keeping up with the times. The company's app isn't among the worst offenders — it's nowhere near as bad as, let's say, Twitter — but its current user interface doesn't really fit well with fit very well with Material Design on Android or with iOS 9. But that may soon change. Instagram has confirmed that a small number of users have been given an early preview version of a redesigned iPhone app that the company is currently testing. The new design does away with Instagram's signature navy blue color scheme and switches to a monochrome look that simplifies the entire experience. Distractions fade away and photos become the only thing your eye is drawn to. Long story short: The new design looks fantastic and we hope Instagram puts the finishing touches on it and rolls it out to all users as soon as possible. Here's a pair of screenshots posted by Instagram user Anton Abramov : And another shot posted by Engadget : And finally, a few additional screenshots posted by people on Twitter:
  • Amid talk of 'peak iPhone', Apple's prospects hinge on next model (2016-04-27 09:21:41)
    (Reuters) - Ask Siri if iPhone 7 will be the answer to Apple Inc's problems, and you're told that a visit to Apple's website should answer that question "and more". Apple's shares were down 8 percent at $95.80 in premarket trading on Wednesday after the company reported its first-ever fall in smartphone sales, arousing talk of "peak iPhone". For many analysts, the company's immediate future rests with iPhone 7, which Apple is expected to launch in September.
  • Twitter seen fighting losing battle for users, ad dollars (2016-04-27 09:21:18)
    Twitter Inc's race against the clock is intensifying. The company is trying hard to improve its much-criticized interface, but analysts said the challenge was to do that before more users and advertisers defect to Facebook Inc and Alphabet Inc's Google. Twitter, led by co-founder Jack Dorsey, said on Tuesday monthly active users ticked up to 310 million in the March quarter, but revenue fell short of expectations.
  • Email privacy bill headed for House approval (2016-04-27 09:19:32)
    By Dustin Volz WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The House of Representatives was expected to vote on Wednesday to require law enforcement authorities to get a search warrant before asking technology companies to hand over old emails, with the bill's Senate prospects unclear. Under the Email Privacy Act, updating a decades-old law, authorities would have to get a warrant to access emails or other digital communications more than 180 days old. At present, agencies such as the U.S. Justice Department and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission only need a subpoena to seek such data from a service provider.
  • 'Fallout 4' gets official mod support on PC (2016-04-27 09:19:00)
  • Yahoo adds four Starboard nominees to its board (2016-04-27 09:13:16)
    (Reuters) - Yahoo Inc on Wednesday agreed to add four new independent directors to its board, bowing to pressure from activist hedge fund Starboard Value LP. Yahoo said Starboard Chief Executive Jeffrey Smith along with Tor Braham, Eddy Hartenstein, and Richard Hill would join its board immediately. (Reporting by Rishika Sadam in Bengaluru; Editing by Savio D'Souza)
  • Nintendo NX Launching March 2017, New Mobile Games On Way (2016-04-27 09:06:19)
    Nintendo's new console is less than a year away. The Japanese games giant announced that its highly-anticipated NX console will launch globally in March 2017, with the latest Legend of Zelda game slated to arrive for both the NX and Wii U. While we finally have an official release window, we still don't know much else about Nintendo's mysterious gaming machine.
  • These are two of the best smart lights for your home (2016-04-27 09:03:00)
    Light bulbs are one of the obvious starting points when trying to smarten up parts of your home. Fortunately, they're also among the easiest and most flexible smart home products to work with right now. We decided to take a look at two of them: one, Philips Hue, is among the best known smart home products out there — and the most capable when it comes to lighting; the other, C by GE, is a new competitor that goes for simplicity and a low price over endless colors and features. Check out our video above to see how the two bulbs can be put to work.
  • Mossberg: When gadgets were king (2016-04-27 09:00:06)
    For the past nine years or so, the smartphone has been such an amazing, versatile, and powerful digital gadget that the industry's desire to create other devices to complement the personal computer seemed to wane. The smartphone is still as awesome as ever, but it has matured — even replacing the PC as the base computing device in many people's lives. The idea is to capture the excitement of what you can do with chips, sensors, screens and more — beyond the computer and smartphone.
  • Does your air freshener need an app? (2016-04-27 09:00:06)
    Starting today, it’s can be bought online for $149 from Vapor Communications. If you select Get Away, the app starts to "play" a scent melody, which is a string of scents lined up together including guava, coconut, venetian bellini, and suntan. If you’re asking yourself why you’d want an app-operated air freshener, you’re not alone.
  • Germany to launch 1 billion-euro discount scheme for electric car buyers (2016-04-27 09:00:04)
    By Andreas Cremer and Joseph Nasr BERLIN (Reuters) - Germany is set to launch a new incentive scheme worth about 1 billion euros ($1 billion) to get more consumers buying electric cars as it struggles to meet a target of bringing 1 million of them onto its roads by the end of the decade. The costs of the incentives, similar to those already established in some other European countries, are to be shared equally between the government and automakers with a view to selling an additional 400,000 electric cars, Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt said on Wednesday. Currently Germany, the biggest car market in Europe, has only about 50,000 purely battery-powered vehicles and plug-in hybrids among the 45 million cars using its roads.
  • Nextbit Robin gets software update with new emoji, camera fixes (2016-04-27 09:00:03)
    Nextbit is today releasing the update it promised for the Robin smartphone last month that updates the system to Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow and includes camera improvements. The update, which is available to Robin devices over the air, adds an expanded emoji set and Google's April security patches. Nextbit says it also offers improved performance and battery life, but users will notice the biggest changes in the camera app — which is much faster to launch, focus, and take a picture than before.
  • ICYMI: Bullet-stopping foam, all-terrain military car & more (2016-04-27 09:00:00)
  • New software update fixes the Nextbit Robin's sluggish camera (2016-04-27 09:00:00)
  • The iPhone 7 might cost you money even if you don’t buy one (2016-04-27 08:56:18)
    One of the most prominent iPhone 7 rumors out there concerns the device’s audio output. Apparently, Apple is going to “kill” one more port with this iPhone release: the standard 3.5mm headphone jack . However, it looks like Apple isn’t the only company looking to get rid of the old analog port, as others are also interested in this particular move. Intel is one of them, and it could help Apple make the 3.5mm headphone jack a thing of the past. DON’T MISS: Ferrari CEO drives a Tesla, promptly calls electric cars 'obscene' Intel likely didn't have a hand in Apple's rumored decision to nix the 3.5mm jack on its next iPhone — Intel will reportedly make money off the new iPhone thanks to its modem solutions , but the company's reach doesn't extend to ports. The chip maker likely does want to make the headphone jack obsolete though, so it can replace it with an audio-ready USB-C port. After all, it’s likely that other smartphones manufacturers that already support USB-C technology for smartphones may be interested in following Apple and ditching the headphone jack from devices. Speaking at its developer conference in China, Intel proposed using USB-C as the next port for audio. Slides obtained from AnandTech show that Intel is pretty clear that the industry is signaling the demise of the 3.5mm audio jack and Intel wants to be at the forefront of that battle. By turning the USB-C into a headphone jack, Intel would help device makers come up with slimmer devices while simultaneously improving the sound experience for the user. USB-C headphones could deliver an improved digital audio experience in the future, instead of the analog audio you get from current headphone jacks. Currently, the USB-C port could be used to transmit analog audio, making the 3.5mm jack redundant. But Intel is working on finalizing the USB Type-C Digital Audio spec, which could be released in the second quarter of the year, ready to offer additional features. In other words, Apple may once again lay the groundwork for a massive shift in the industry. The bad news is that means whether or not you buy an iPhone 7, your next smartphone might not have a 3.5mm headphone jack... which means you'll have to shell out extra cash to replace your current wired headphones with a wireless model or with a USB-C model. USB-C headphones of the future could be equipped with special multi-function processing units – probably where Intel is going with this endeavor – that would bring a bunch of extra features, including “beam forming, noise suppression, acoustic echo suppression (AES), acoustic echo cancellation (AEC), non-linear processing and other operations.” These headphones would be software-upgradeable, meaning they’d get new features in the future as they emerge. However, they will also be more expensive than regular headsets, at least at the beginning; high production volumes and new process technologies should bring the prices down in the future. From the looks of it, the 3.5mm will slowly fade away in the coming years, especially if a coordinated attack from Apple, Intel and other tech giants pushes it out. Too bad we’re going to be left with millions of pairs of useless headphones in the fallout — unless you follow our advice to keep them alive .
  • Amazon names Doug Gurr UK country manager (2016-04-27 08:52:17)
    Online retailer Amazon on Wednesday named Doug Gurr as the firm's new UK country manager, moving him from the same role in China. Amazon said Gurr will take up his new job in late May, succeeding Christopher North, who was in March named as the new chief executive of digital imaging company Shutterfly.. Gurr first joined Amazon in the UK in 2011 as vice president of its hardlines division, which covers products such as lawn and garden tools and toys.
  • Watch the full trailer for Batman: The Killing Joke (2016-04-27 08:50:20)
    The first full trailer for Batman: The Killing Joke, Warner Bros. Animation's first R-rated Batman movie, is finally here. Based on the acclaimed and highly controversial graphic novel of the same name, the film will explore Batman's relationship with the Joker, and drive home the fact that they represent perfect arch-nemeses for one another. Alan Moore's The Killing Joke, released as a one-shot back in 1988, is considered by many fans as the greatest, and perhaps most terrifying, Joker story ever written.
  • Google faces piracy accusation from Getty Images in Europe (2016-04-27 08:28:00)
  • Working Well, Good Work and the Environment (2016-04-27 08:20:24)
    Photo: PixabayI'm a person who likes to get things done. Before I go to bed I think of the things I'd like to do the next day, and when I wake up I consider what I'd like to accomplish that day and when. There's nothing wrong with the pleasure of seeing the results of one's efforts. But there's another way I think is better. The difference...
  • 4 tips for developing a relationship with a new vendor (2016-04-27 08:00:03)
    Starting a relationship with a new vendor might be uncharted territory. Here are some tips to get you started.
  • Pizza Hut gives you delivery estimates before you order online (2016-04-27 08:00:00)
  • Nintendo announces new iPhone and Android games, NX console launches in March (2016-04-27 07:56:20)
    Nintendo's Wii U console has been nothing short of an absolute disaster. The company was revitalized by the original Wii, which completely revolutionized console gaming and extended its reach beyond "gamers" by offering an experience that appealed to a much wider range of users. Unfortunately, lightning didn't strike twice and Nintendo's followup with the Wii U has been a total mess. Quality games have been few and far between, and the Wii U did nothing to enhance the user experience. So now, Nintendo is trying to look ahead. Following yet another bleak earnings report on Wednesday morning, the company made two key announcements — one concerning its next-generation home video game console currently known as " NX ," and a second regarding upcoming new iPhone  and Android games. MUST SEE:  These are the apps hardcore iPhone fans can’t live without First things first: the new Nintendo NX console will be released sometime in March next year, barring any delays. "For our dedicated video game platform business, Nintendo is currently developing a gaming platform codenamed ‘NX’ with a brand-new concept," Nintendo said in its earnings release . "NX will be launched in March 2017 globally." A "brand-new concept" could mean just about anything, but Nintendo is clearly looking to offer some differentiation for its next-gen console. Hopefully it finds something a bit more impressive than an oversized controller with an annoying touchscreen crammed in. Of note, Nintendo confirmed that the new NX console will not be shown off at E3 this year despite the fact that its launch is less than a year away. Ahead of the NX's release, Nintendo plans to look elsewhere for a boost to its struggling business. No, there's still no Super Mario game slated for release on Apple's iPhone, but Nintendo did confirm that multiple new games are coming soon to iOS and Android devices. Details are scarce for the time being, but the company specifically named  Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing in a tweet announcing the news. No specific release dates have been confirmed.
  • Volvo will test self-driving cars on the public next year (2016-04-27 07:37:00)
  • Q&A app Zip: Swipe right for better data (2016-04-27 07:35:02)
    Learn how the "Tinder for the intellectually curious" app uses anonymous data to help companies crowdsource smart decisions.
  • First Click: Sometimes the best technology doesn’t need electronics (2016-04-27 07:30:02)
    Or maybe it’s just a reaction to what Nilay calls the post-smartphone “divergence.” No matter what you call it, I’ve grown increasingly fond of high-technology products that lack any electronics whatsoever. At one point I thought about calling products like the Hangout "no-tech" gadgets.
  • Paris police are looking for drones to carry out crowd surveillance (2016-04-27 07:00:19)
    Police in Paris are looking to buy drones to carry out crowd surveillance, according to a tender released by the prefecture last month. The document shows that police are seeking to acquire hexacopter drones to carry out "low altitude aerial surveillance" on outdoor crowds, presumably in an effort to tighten security ahead of the UEFA Euro 2016 soccer championship, which begins in June, and the Tour de France in July. France has been under a state of emergency since the November 13th terrorist attacks in Paris, and the government is seeking to extend it through the Euro 2016 tournament, which will be held in France.
  • Nintendo's 'Miitomo' app passes 10 million users (2016-04-27 06:55:00)
  • Germany to offer 1 billion euro electric-car incentives (2016-04-27 06:42:14)
    Germany will offer incentives for buyers of electric cars worth about 1 billion euros ($1.13 billion) to stoke consumer interest in battery cars as it struggles to meet a target of bringing 1 million of them on to its roads by the end of the decade. The incentives, to be shared equally between the government and automakers, may yield 400,000 electric-car sales in coming years as part of a program to run on a first-come, first-served basis, Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt said on Wednesday. Under the plans, agreed early on Wednesday between government ministers and representatives of Volkswagen , Daimler and BMW, electric car buyers will get a 4,000 euro incentive while buyers of plug-in hybrid vehicles will get a premium of 3,000 euros.
  • Thai Delta Electronics puts acquisition plans on hold (2016-04-27 06:39:04)
    Thai electronic part maker Delta Electronics Thailand Pcl said on Wednesday it has put acquisition plans on hold to concentrate on expansion existing operations in high-growth markets in India and Slovakia. The Thai firm, a unit of Taiwan's Delta Group, had been on the lookout for opportunities to buy assets overseas as part of a dive to diversify away from traditional power supply products towards telecoms, automobile and energy businesses. Director Anusorn Muttaraid told reporters Delta planned to invest about 500 million-600 million baht ($14 million-17 million) this year to buy land and build a new plant at Chennai, India, and up to 10 million baht to buy machinery for its second plant in Slovakia.
  • Apple upbeat on iPhone SE demand but some Asian retailers, suppliers less cheery (2016-04-27 06:04:01)
    By Yimou Lee HONG KONG (Reuters) - After announcing its first-ever drop in iPhone sales on Tuesday, Apple Inc sought to reassure investors by saying its latest and cheapest model was in strong demand after being launched in late March. In a Reuters survey of 10 retailers in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen, seven - including four Apple Stores - reported solid early demand, but three third-party retailers said sales were weak. Two suppliers of components for Apple phones, including the new iPhone SE, said they were seeing lower orders.
  • Mitsubishi has been cheating fuel economy tests for 25 years (2016-04-27 05:58:03)
    Last week, Mitsubishi admitted that it had cheated fuel economy tests for some 625,000 vehicles. It's unclear at the moment how widespread this manipulation was, or how many vehicles it affects, but the backlash against Mitsubishi has been swift. The company has lost half its market value since it first admitted fault (roughly $3.9 billion), and the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has ordered the company to re-test its vehicles.
  • German government confirms plan to invest 1 billion euro to promote e-cars (2016-04-27 05:47:15)
    Germany announced plans on Wednesday to invest a total of around 1 billion euros ($1.13 billion) to promote electric cars, whose number on the roads it wants to bring to 1 million by 2020 from only 50,000 now. "Of this, 300 million euros will be used on the charging infrastructure between 2017 and 2020," Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble said, unveiling the plans during a news conference with other government ministers. Under the new plans, buyers of electric cars will get a 4,000 euro incentive, which will be shared equally by the government and the car industry.
  • Formula E is getting electric trucks from the creator of Roborace (2016-04-27 05:45:00)
  • Germany to subsidize electric cars to help own auto industry (2016-04-27 05:41:12)
    BERLIN (AP) — Germany plans to subsidize electric cars in a bid to help the country's auto industry compete in the global market for the growingly-popular and environmentally friendly vehicles.
  • Google faces EU competition case over image search (2016-04-27 05:27:21)
    US photo agency filed a complaint Wednesday with the European Commission accusing Google Inc.'s web search of hurting its business, opening a new front in the Internet giant's anti-competition fight with Brussels. Brussels, which is already investigating Google over alleged anti-competitive practices linked to its Android smartphone operating software and its web search business, said it would look into the unfair competition complaint from .
  • Nintendo announces new console for 2017 as profits dive (2016-04-27 05:10:05)
    Japanese videogame giant Nintendo on Wednesday said it would release its new games console next year, after the success of its foray into smartphone gaming, but added sales had slipped and a resurgent yen hammered profits. "Our first smart device app, Miitomo, was released globally in March and it started off well," Nintendo said. Japanese exporters such as Nintendo have seen their profits, which are calculated in yen, soar in recent years as the unit weakened sharply against the US dollar and other currencies.
  • Nintendo misses profit forecast as Wii U fades away (2016-04-27 05:06:24)
    Sales of the Wii U and the handheld 3DS continue to taper off as expected, but the next big thing from Nintendo — the NX console — won't arrive until March 2017. For the fiscal year ending March 31st, Nintendo's operating profit was ¥32.8 billion or $295 million from ¥504 billion revenue. The company updated its total lifetime sales figure for the Wii U to 12.8 million, meaning the company sold only 200,000 units of the console in the last three months.
  • Google turns the Sydney Opera House into an online exhibit (2016-04-27 05:05:02)
    Google has launched a new interactive feature that brings users inside the Sydney Opera House, one of the world's most iconic works of architecture. The online exhibit, launched this week by the Google Cultural Institute, features more than 1,000 artifacts about the opera house, including early designs from architect Jørn Utzon, rare photographs, and a detailed look at the building's mechanical organ, the world's largest. Google has also released a 360-degree video of the venue, as well as a Street View feature (embedded below) that takes users inside the landmark.
  • Microsoft claims it's ‘committed' to Windows 10 Mobile (2016-04-27 04:47:30)
    Microsoft's Windows and devices chief, Terry Myerson, has reaffirmed the company's commitment to its struggling Windows 10 Mobile platform. Let me be very clear: We are committed to deliver Windows 10 on mobile devices with small screen running ARM processors.
  • 'Animal Crossing' and 'Fire Emblem' are coming to smartphones (2016-04-27 04:39:00)
  • Sony says numerous 'Uncharted 4' copies were stolen (2016-04-27 04:37:00)
  • Comcast is reportedly in talks to buy DreamWorks Animation (2016-04-27 04:33:00)
  • 'Top Gear' gets an online spinoff called 'Extra Gear' (2016-04-27 04:15:00)
  • Nintendo sees smartphone games, new console pushing up FY profit (2016-04-27 04:09:06)
    TOKYO/OSAKA (Reuters) - Japan's Nintendo Co Ltd said on Wednesday it expects operating profit to rise 36.9 percent in the year through March 2017, as the videogame maker plans to release more smartphone games as well as its next-generation game console. Nintendo estimates operating profit to grow to 45 billion yen ($404.9 million) from 32.9 billion yen a year prior, when earnings were roughly in line with a forecast announced in February. Nintendo last year said it would enter the rapidly growing mobile gaming segment after years of resisting investor calls for the move, with consumers starting to shift from dedicated consoles to simple and often free-to-download smartphone games.
  • Intel wants USB-C to replace the headphone jack (2016-04-27 03:55:40)
    The 3.5mm headphone jack is one of the elder statesmen of the personal tech world, having become ubiquitous with the rise of mp3 players, smartphones, and other mobile devices, but now it's those very same devices that threaten its future. Intel has joined LeEco in trumpeting the advantages of the new USB-C connector as a replacement for the traditional headphone jack. The Chinese company recently introduced a trifecta of smartphones without a 3.5mm port, relying on the charging and data slot to output audio as well.
  • Nintendo sinks into bigger quarterly loss on weak sales (2016-04-27 03:54:06)
    TOKYO (AP) — Japanese video-game maker Nintendo Co. is reporting a 24 billion yen ($216 million) loss for January-March, bigger than the loss it reported the previous year.
  • Nintendo delays new 'Zelda' to 2017, announces NX version (2016-04-27 03:50:00)
  • Nintendo is bringing Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem to smartphones (2016-04-27 03:36:31)
    Few details were given about the future smartphone titles, but the two games seem like a smart choice for Nintendo's developing mobile strategy. The company launched its first smartphone app Miitomo in March, but the title was decidedly niche — a free-to-download social network driven by Nintendo's cartoonish Mii avatars. Fire Emblem is a tactical RPG, with players controlling a roster of fantasy characters and deploying them in miniature battles.
  • Nintendo to launch NX console in March 2017 (2016-04-27 03:34:00)
  • Getty Images accuses Google of promoting photo piracy (2016-04-27 03:32:30)
    , the US photography agency, has accused Google of enabling photo piracy and undermining its business. Getty will file a formal complaint with the European Union's antitrust commission today, Time reports, marking a new chapter in Google's ongoing legal troubles in Europe. Getty is targeting Google Images in its complaint, arguing that the service scrapes images from third-party sites and promotes piracy by making them available to download.
  • The Legend of Zelda for Wii U is delayed to 2017 and coming to NX too (2016-04-27 03:18:18)
    We've just learned that Nintendo's new console, the NX, is coming in March 2017, and now we know at least one more game to expect on the system: the upcoming and untitled Wii U entry in the Legend of Zelda series will also be coming to the NX.
  • Nintendo confirms new NX console for March 2017 release (2016-04-27 03:05:57)
    Nintendo’s mysterious NX console is getting closer. If this seems like an inauspicious way to announce an important new console’s release, know that it’s Nintendo’s modus operandi. None of that was confirmed or denied by Nintendo today, and it's unclear when we'll hear any more details — the company says that the new Legend of Zelda game will "be the focus" of the company's showing at the E3 conference in June.
  • Uber's app can guide its drivers to the cheapest gas (2016-04-27 03:03:00)
  • Dyson reveals first ever beauty product: a high-tech blowdryer (2016-04-27 02:54:09)
    Marking the company's first foray into the beauty market, the Dyson Supersonic is a powerful, high-tech blowdryer. The home-care brand released the new Dyson Supersonic on April 27. In total, Dyson has invested $72 million into the development of this new endeavor, including a team of aero-acoustic engineers to minimize the noise, and the company's smallest, lightest motor to date - the new V9 digital motor.
  • Construction is bustling at Florida's first 'sustainable town' (2016-04-27 02:20:06)
    With deep pockets and an environmentalist's zeal, retired American football player Syd Kitson dreamed up a plan to build the United States' first solar-powered town on a vast swath of rural land in southwest Florida. Now, nearly a decade after he first purchased the 91,000 acres (37,000 hectares) known as Babcock Ranch, construction is bustling at what developers say will be the nation's first eco-friendly city, built from the ground up, with enough room for some 50,000 people. No homes have been built yet, but the first residents will move in by early next year says Kitson, 57, who played professional football for five years -- first with the Green Bay Packers and later, the Dallas Cowboys -- before he became a real estate developer.
  • Two SpaceX founders will build a rocket for microsatellites (2016-04-27 01:43:00)
  • Comcast is reportedly planning to buy DreamWorks for more than $3 billion (2016-04-27 01:34:24)
    Comcast is in discussions to buy DreamWorks for more than $3 billion, The Wall Street Journal reports, a purchase that could see the animation company joining a stable of Comcast-owned studios that includes Universal Pictures. The WSJ says that the acquisition would allow Comcast to put the pressure on Disney by more effectively copying that company's business model, licensing movies such as Shrek, Kung Fu Panda, and How to Train Your Dragon for commercial and theme park purposes in much the same way it has already done so with Universal Pictures' animated films like Minions and Despicable Me. This isn't the first time DreamWorks has been linked with a big telecoms company — the studio held talks with Japanese firm Softbank in 2014, the same year that it also discussed a possible purchase with toy company Hasbro.
  • German nuclear plant infected with computer viruses, operator says (2016-04-27 01:29:01)
    By Christoph Steitz and Eric Auchard FRANKFURT (Reuters) - A nuclear power plant in Germany has been found to be infected with computer viruses, but they appear not to have posed a threat to the facility's operations because it is isolated from the Internet, the station's operator said on Tuesday. The Gundremmingen plant, located about 120 km (75 miles) northwest of Munich, is run by the German utility RWE. The viruses, which include "W32.Ramnit" and "Conficker", were discovered at Gundremmingen's B unit in a computer system retrofitted in 2008 with data visualization software associated with equipment for moving nuclear fuel rods, RWE said.
  • As iPhone sales slump, Apple bets on services from apps to music (2016-04-27 00:39:47)
    By Julia Love SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Apple Inc's first-ever drop in quarterly iPhone sales has spurred Chief Executive Tim Cook to turn the spotlight on prospects for its services business, but the field is rife with competition and may prove challenging for a brand based on gadgets. Second-quarter earnings saw services emerge as Apple's second-largest business after the iPhone for the first time, topping iPad and Mac sales, which both fell. The App Store, Apple Music, storage center iCloud and mobile wallet Apple Pay and other services generated nearly $6 billion in revenue, up 20 percent from the previous year.
  • Hubble discovers that dwarf planet Makemake has a moon (2016-04-27 00:38:00)
  • Dyson's first ever hairdryer is the chic, industrial Supersonic (2016-04-27 00:30:03)
    Dyson has unveiled its first ever hairdryer: the Dyson Supersonic. It's a pricey, lightweight device that's designed to prevent heat damage to users' hair and combines a number of design elements from Dyson's previous gadgets.
  • Dyson's first beauty product is a hair dryer (2016-04-27 00:30:00)
  • Samsung justifies its touchscreen fridge with talking chocolate syrup and maimed cupcakes (2016-04-27 00:08:55)
    "Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could," Jeff Goldblum famously said in Jurassic Park, "that they didn't stop to think if they should." Yes, he was talking about cloned dinosaurs at the time, but the charge could also be leveled at the Samsung scientists who designed a fridge with a huge touchscreen in the front. Samsung showed off the device at CES earlier this year, but only now seems to be justifying why it exists — with talking bottles of chocolate syrup. The company's new ad stars real-life celebrity couple Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard, showing them pack away their groceries in Samsung's Family Hub refrigerator.
  • Report: IT's top challenges and priorities for 2016 (2016-04-27 00:02:04)
    According to a new survey sponsored by Kensington, IT feels undervalued and overwhelmed. Here's why.
  • Leaked image purportedly shows hand-off feature in Windows 10 (2016-04-26 23:47:00)
  • Optical illusion crosswalks are trippy, but they could make street crossings safer (2016-04-26 23:28:31)
    You’ve probably witnessed them too, drivers who completely ignore crosswalks and don't even slow down as they approach them. But if these optical illusion crosswalks catch on, the chances are that crossing the street will be even safer. The smart concepts in the following images are meant to fool drivers into thinking there’s a roadblock ahead, and make them slow down when approaching a pedestrian crossing. DON’T MISS: Incredible drag race video pits Tesla Model X against a Ferrari F430 Developed by two mother-and-daughter artists from Gujarat, India, and painted on a highway in Ahmedabad, the crosswalk in the picture below looks like a roadblock when seen from the distance. It’s unclear at what distance the crosswalk starts looking like a 3D object, but the artists say that it’s far enough to prevent panicked braking, as Wired explains . But this technique isn’t only used in India, Architect’s Newspaper reports . Chinese authorities have also taken advantage of similar optical illusions to create 3D crosswalks (see image below). Instead of creating virtual roadblocks like in India, Chinese artists came up with “floating” 3D crossings, which appear to be levitating above the street when seen from a distance. “We want the new crosswalk to become a real safety belt for pedestrians and vehicles,” a traffic police spokesman from Taizhou, China said. Of course, while drivers could quickly get used to 3D crossings and remember their locations, the eye can still be fooled rather easily with the help of these designs. It’s likely that drivers would still slow down to avoid a 3D object before the brain fully processes what a person is seeing. It’s not clear how successful these crosswalk designs are at preventing injuries, but authorities in Ahmedabad are apparently satisfied with the results.
  • Feds tipped Apple to a security flaw it already fixed (2016-04-26 23:06:00)
  • Watch nine minutes of leaked Pokémon Go footage from Nintendo's Australian beta (2016-04-26 23:02:38)
    Cutesy social networking app Miitomo became Nintendo's first foray into mobile gaming when it was released last month, but it's Pokémon Go — the Japanese publisher's upcoming augmented-reality mobile monster-collecting game — that promises to be the real test of how Nintendo can adapt to the platform. Now, as Nintendo dishes out beta invites for the game to a selection of people in Australia and New Zealand, we're getting a better idea of how the game plays.
  • OnePlus 3 ‘flagship killer’ will have specs you won’t believe (2016-04-26 22:39:30)
    This year’s “flagship killer” from OnePlus hasn't yet been unveiled, but a new round of rumors claims the company will announce the OnePlus 3 in late May, and release it a few weeks later. Furthermore, pricing for two OnePlus 3 versions has seemingly leaked, as well as expected specs. One interesting detail concerns RAM, as the high-end model will pack as much as 6GB of memory. DON’T MISS: Incredible drag race video pits Tesla Model X against a Ferrari F430 The OnePlus 3 has  starred in a few leaks recently , with a new set of benchmarks revealing details about the upcoming handset. According to GFXBench and Geekbench test results spotted by iFeng , the OnePlus 3 will have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor, 4GB or 6GB of RAM, 64GB of storage, a 16-megapixel camera, an 8-megapixel front camera and NFC support. The handset is supposedly running an updated Android 6.0-based Oxygen OS and features a metal body and fingerprint sensor. The OnePlus 3 might be available with different screen sizes as well; 5-inch, 5.2-inch and 5.5-inch options have been named in benchmarks and reports. According to iFeng , the OnePlus 3 will reportedly come in three versions when it comes to RAM and storage, as well: 3GB + 32GB, 6GB + 64GB, and 4GB + 128GB. Yes, that kind of lineup does sound a little strange, but nothing is official just yet. And  GizmoChina says the phone will be available in 4GB + 32GB and 6GB + 64GB options, priced at around $354 and $384 in China, respectively. Since a model with 6GB just appeared in benchmark tests, this seems like the more likely scenario. OnePlus’s announcement event is said to be set for either May 18th or May 28th, with the phone expected to go on sale soon after.
  • Google updates Hangouts on iOS to ease file sharing (2016-04-26 22:08:00)
  • Hysterical video explains how Bernie Sanders is actually winning (2016-04-26 21:50:42)
    According to the latest delegate count from RealClearPolitics , Hillary Clinton is leading Bernie Sanders by 752 delegates. Even taking away the superdelegates that have pledged their support to Clinton, Sanders is still losing by a significant margin. To make matters even worse for Sanders, CNN's Political Prediction Market has Clinton's odds of winning all five states during Tuesday's primaries at 85% or higher. SEE ALSO:  Elon Musk discusses one of the best things about Tesla’s Autopilot In other words, the chances of Sanders actually securing the nomination at this point are nearing zero. Nevertheless, Sanders supporters (understandably) want to believe that there's still some way for their candidate to pull it off. In response to this wishful thinking, CollegeHumor released a video on Monday explaining how Bernie Sanders is actually winning. Parodying the issue, CollegeHumor's Mike Trapp turns it into math homework, where he plays the part of a skeptical neutral party and his dad takes on the role of a delusional Sanders supporter that has to dream up ways for his candidate to win. Regardless of your party affiliation or your feelings about Bernie Sanders as a potential president, you'll probably find yourself laughing along with the video. After all, CNN currently shows Clinton as a 96% favorite to win the nomination, so it's probably for the best for everyone to come to terms with that outcome. Watch the full video from CollegeHumor below:
  • Blizzard considers running classic 'World of Warcraft' servers (2016-04-26 21:17:00)
  • LG Display first-quarter down 95 percent vs year ago, but beats forecast (2016-04-26 20:49:09)
    By Se Young Lee SEOUL (Reuters) - South Korea's LG Display Co Ltd said on Wednesday its first-quarter operating profit fell 95 percent from a year earlier, beating market expectations but still the weakest in four years as soft tech demand hit display panel prices. The world's top liquid crystal display maker has warned of difficult market conditions due to sluggish global economic growth and industry oversupply. Researcher IHS says prices of liquid crystal displays for products including laptops, TVs and smartphones were broadly weaker in March.
  • Apple's nine-year iPhone juggernaut stops with first sales decline (2016-04-26 20:30:16)
    Apple Inc on Tuesday posted its first-ever decline in iPhone sales and its first revenue drop in 13 years as the company credited with inventing the smartphone struggles with an increasingly saturated market. The company's sales dropped by more than a quarter in China, its most important market after the United States, and it also forecast another disappointing quarter for global revenues. A hike in Apple's share buyback and dividend as well as bumper revenue from services failed to mollify investors.
  • Court: Nintendo's 3DS patents are not guilty of infringement (2016-04-26 20:26:00)
  • Apple says FBI gave it first vulnerability tip on April 14 (2016-04-26 20:14:13)
    The FBI informed Apple Inc of a vulnerability in its iPhone and Mac software on April 14, the first time it had told the company about a flaw in Apple products under a controversial White House process for sharing such information, the company told Reuters on Tuesday. The FBI told the company that the disclosure resulted from the so-called Vulnerability Equities Process for deciding what to do with information about security holes, Apple said. The vulnerability that was disclosed to Apple involved older versions of the iPhone and the Mac, Apple said.
  • Witness the beauty of a robot dominating Piano Tiles (2016-04-26 19:58:51)
    Piano Tiles is so much easier when you're able to perfectly process and react to 120 frames of motion per second. The result is four hammers working in perfect unison to nail tile after tile after tile in Piano Tiles 2. The machine tops out at just over 21 tiles per second before missing one.
  • Amazon FreeTime Unlimited adds content for tweens (2016-04-26 19:47:00)
  • Estonian sentenced in U.S. to seven years in prison for cyber fraud (2016-04-26 19:27:27)
    By Nate Raymond NEW YORK (Reuters) - An Estonian man who authorities said ran a cyber criminal enterprise that infected more than four million computers worldwide with malware to carry out a lucrative click fraud scheme was sentenced by a U.S. judge on Tuesday to 7-1/4 years in prison. Vladimir Tsastsin, 35, was sentenced by U.S. District Judge Lewis Kaplan in Manhattan after pleading guilty in July to charges that he engaged in wire fraud and computer intrusion conspiracies in a scheme that caused $14 million in losses. Tsastsin was extradited in October 2014 from Estonia, where he was arrested in 2011 and separately tried and convicted in a court in Estonia on related money-laundering charges.
  • This site lets you find all the songs in your favorite movies (2016-04-26 19:23:45)
    It’s relatively easy to find soundtracks or independent film scores nowadays, as long as you know exactly what you’re looking for. But there’s a new site that can help you find every song used in your favorite movies in an instant without having to dig around at all. DON’T MISS: Elon Musk says Tesla's next car will be even cheaper than the Model 3 Called Sweet Soundtrack , the site is currently very popular on Reddit . According to its creators, “is the spot where music and movie lovers unite.” The site contains song listings from thousands of movies. You can search by movie name and the site also offers alphabetical listings by movie titles or by artists. The chances are good that you’re going to find most of your favorite songs from a film with a few clicks, although the interface isn’t terribly polished right now. You’ll quickly discover short descriptions for each movie as long as it’s included in the database, followed by a list of songs in its soundtrack. Clicking on a song will also tell you which other movies the same song was featured  in, while clicking on an artist gives you a list of all of his or her songs that have appeared in movies. Here's what a listing for The Matrix looks like: Once you’ve settled on a song, you can buy it from Amazon or iTunes. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a way to download entire soundtracks, and you’d instead have to go song by song. Of course, as soon as you’ve discovered the soundtrack/movie combo you were looking for, you can always use Spotify or Apple Music to listen to the entire thing.
  • Google opposes new privacy protections for set-top boxes (2016-04-26 19:14:14)
    Google is a big fan of the Federal Communications Commission's plan to open up cable boxes so that any company can tap into TV streams and make a new interface for them. It thinks the FCC is too concerned with them. "Imposing new privacy rules specifically directed to new generations of devices and applications is unnecessary given the comprehensive scope of the FTC Act and state privacy laws," Google writes in a filing with the FCC.
  • First drop in iPhone sales, Apple revenue streak ends (2016-04-26 19:11:14)
    Apple on Tuesday reported its first-ever drop in iPhone sales since launching the smartphone in 2007 as the tech giant's long streak of rising revenue ended. Apple said iPhone sales dropped year-over-year for the first time, slipping to 51.19 million in the recently ended quarter compared with 61.17 million in the same period a year ago. Profits fell as well: Apple reported net income of $10.5 billion in the fiscal quarter to March 26 from $13.6 billion last year.
  • As tide turns against chip industry, Samsung forges ahead of rivals (2016-04-26 19:02:27)
    By Se Young Lee SEOUL (Reuters) - Gloom may be settling over much of the world's semiconductor industry but Samsung Electronics Co Ltd is expected to cope better than most due to its strong technological edge, enabling it to boost market share for some key products and possibly even lift revenue. Qualcomm has said fiscal third-quarter chip shipments could fall as much as 22 percent, while SK Hynix Inc on Tuesday reported a 65 percent slide in quarterly operating income - its weakest result in three years. Samsung, which reports its first-quarter earnings on Thursday, is also hurting.
  • Amazon Studios may be gearing up to make its own original VR content (2016-04-26 19:01:27)
    Over the past few years Amazon has established itself as home to both quality television shows and movies, and according to a recent report the company is now setting its sights on virtual reality. According to The Wrap, the company's creative production arm Amazon Studios is talking with multiple companies about producing original VR content. With VR headsets finally landing in the hands of consumers this year, it's rapidly becoming clear that the games and narrative experiences people have with the devices will determine the success of the medium more than just hardware specs or capabilities.
  • Jaguar and Land Rover are making it a lot harder to forget your wallet (2016-04-26 19:01:02)
    Do you have your wallet on you? If you've got a Jaguar or Land Rover, those questions are getting a little easier to answer. Jaguar Land Rover is announcing that it's the first automaker to integrate support for Tiles, the little white squares you can attach to keys and other easily lost objects.
  • Land Rover puts Tile's stuff-finding Bluetooth tech in an SUV (2016-04-26 19:01:00)
  • Nothing Twitter is doing is working (2016-04-26 18:58:31)
    Twitter reported its first-quarter earnings today, and they came in under expectations: the company's haul of $595 million was less than the $607.8 million that analysts expected, and so is the $590 million to $610 million it expects to make in the current quarter. The company added 5 million users, for a total of 310 million — more than Wall Street expected, but well short of the growth that would allow it to siphon significant advertising revenue from Facebook and Google. Twitter's stock fell more than 12 percent after hours as the market confronted reality: Nothing Twitter has done to improve the appeal of its core product over the last year has resonated.
  • Akamai's revenue beat estimates on higher cloud service demand (2016-04-26 18:50:57)
    (Reuters) - Akamai Technologies Inc, a provider of services that speed up delivery of content over the internet, reported better-than-expected quarterly revenue and profit, helped by higher demand for its cloud security services. Revenue from Akamai's cloud security business, which protects websites and data centers from cyber attacks, rose 46 percent to $80.7 million for the first quarter. Akamai Chief Executive Tom Leighton said he expected the Olympics and U.S. presidential elections to lead to a sharp rise in Internet traffic this year.
  • AT&T loses TV subscribers; profit beats expectations (2016-04-26 18:27:01)
    Shares of AT&T, which had gained 10.7 percent so far this year, fell almost 2 percent in extended trading. AT&T has been seeking new revenue sources in an oversaturated wireless market, and has acquired satellite-TV provider DirecTV to offer bundles of cellular, broadband, TV and fixed-line phone services. AT&T is in the early stages of implementing this plan after completing the $48.5 billion merger in July, which created the country's largest pay-TV company.
  • EBay attracts more shoppers, earnings beat expectations (2016-04-26 18:24:53)
    EBay Inc reported better-than-expected quarterly earnings on Tuesday and raised its full-year revenue forecast as a revamped shopping platform attracted more buyers, mitigating growth concerns following its spinoff of PayPal Holdings Inc. The e-commerce company has been executing its plan to offer a bigger selection of products, new brands and more small business sellers on its platform, along with getting sellers to offer detailed product data and reviews, Chief Executive Devin Wenig said on a conference call. For example, eBay has signed a deal with Adidas AG to open showrooms on its platform across key European markets later this year. EBay, which spun off its main growth engine PayPal last July, has tackled slowing growth in its core business by overhauling its platform, search functions and refocusing on small-scale sellers.
  • Maybe Twitter needs to get used to being small (2016-04-26 18:17:19)
    NEW YORK (AP) — Twitter gets lots of grief from investors because it hasn't taken over the world the way Facebook did, at least in terms of amassing users.
  • Volkswagen seriously made a PowerPoint presentation on how to cheat emissions tests (2016-04-26 18:01:57)
    Volkswagen held an internal presentation in 2006 explaining how to evade US diesel emissions testing, according to a New York Times report today. The report cites two individuals who've seen the presentation — an actual PowerPoint file — which has been uncovered in the course of the ongoing investigation into the scandal. Dieselgate, as it's been called, has already felled numerous executives and threatens to cost Volkswagen tens of billions of dollars. The presentation was reportedly prepared in response to Volkswagen's realization that it couldn't meet the US's more stringent diesel emissions standards without wearing out filtering equipment too quickly.
  • Volvo is bringing its self-driving cars to London (2016-04-26 18:01:04)
    Volvo is bringing its Drive Me autonomous driving research program to the United Kingdom next year. It will run alongside similar programs in Sweden and China, which will see each country have 100 XC90 SUVs put in the hands of real families to test Volvo's autonomous car technology. The cars will be able to run in fully "unsupervised" autonomous mode on certain, pre-approved and pre-mapped freeways around London.
  • Apple posts historic drop in iPhone sales; forecast disappoints (2016-04-26 17:55:46)
    Apple Inc on Tuesday posted its first-ever decline in iPhone sales and first revenue drop in more than a decade as the company credited with inventing the smartphone struggles with an increasingly saturated market. A hike in Apple's share buyback and dividend as well as bumper revenue from services failed to mollify investors. Apple said it sold 51.2 million iPhones in its second fiscal quarter, down from 61.2 million in the same quarter a year ago but above analysts' estimates of about 50 million devices.
  • Time Warner’s new Netflix rival isn’t a Netflix rival at all (2016-04-26 17:53:48)
    There's a whole lot of money to be made in streaming content to computers and mobile devices, and big media companies have no intention of letting Netflix and Amazon dominate the market without a fight. Companies from HBO and Showtime to Hulu and Verizon have all launched subscription streaming services in an effort to chase cord cutters and "cord nevers" who don't pay for cable or satellite television service, and the streaming market is expected to continue to grow in the coming years. Now,  Time Warner has tossed its hat into the ring in announcing a new streaming service of its own. While the media giant's plan certainly seems interesting, its new service isn't likely to keep any Netflix executives up at night. DON'T MISS:  20 apps that hardcore iPhone fans can’t live without Time Warner on Tuesday announced an upcoming new movie streaming service called FilmStruck , which will debut later this year. In partnership with the Criterion Collection, Time Warner-owned Turner Classic Movies will offer on demand streaming access to indie films as well as Criterion's library of movies. In other words, it's a niche play that isn't a rival to mainstays like Netflix, Amazon and Hulu at all. "It's tailor-made for the diehard movie enthusiast who craves a deep, intimate experience with independent, foreign, and art house films," Turner CEO John Martin said of FilmStruck in a statement. "And it takes advantage of TCM's powerful curation capabilities, as well as its proven track record in building a long-term relationship with passionate film fans." The new service will be the exclusive home to Criterion Collection content when it launches sometime this fall. Pricing hasn't yet been announced.
  • Samsung is working on truly wireless earbuds (2016-04-26 17:49:57)
    This space is about to get really crowded — Apple is reportedly working on its own wireless earbuds, the Dash is available at retail outlets, and dozens of others are trying to jump start the market. Samsung is also apparently working on a new Gear Fit, which would be the first update to the company's fitness band line since 2014.
  • You could maybe put an Amazon Echo on the ceiling, I guess (2016-04-26 17:46:09)
    Ceilings. Typically the haunt of light bulbs, fans, and the odd projector, they're clearly under-utilized. Now someone on Etsy has made a mount for the Amazon Echo to rectify this problem. Sure, you could use the mount to bolt the Echo to a counter, or be a rebel and let it jut out of your wall, but a real hero gets out the step ladder and places Echo in its natural habitat: up above. The 3D-printed mount is $25.
  • Apple now makes more money from its services than selling Macs (2016-04-26 17:44:06)
    Apple now makes more revenue from its services than it does from selling Macs. Revenue from services like iTunes, the App Store, iTunes, other internet services, and licensing has increased 20 percent year-over year. It's a shift that means Apple can now generate a steady stream of revenue from existing devices that are accessing its internet-based services that the company controls.
  • Apple Music now has 13 million subscribers (2016-04-26 17:33:46)
    Apple Music has reached 13 million subscribers, CEO Tim Cook announced during an earnings call today. The music streaming service has picked up around 2 million subscribers since February when the company announced it had reached 11 million subscribers. The service has benefitted from a slew of exclusive content and album releases from artists including Future, The 1975, and Drake — who will release another album exclusively through Apple Music on Friday — along with its deep integration with iTunes.
  • AT&T beats profit estimates on DIRECTV acquisition (2016-04-26 17:32:47)
    (Reuters) - AT&T Inc , the No. 2 U.S. wireless carrier, reported a better-than-expected quarterly profit, largely helped by the acquisition of satellite TV operator DIRECTV. The company added 328,000 DIRECTV subscribers, higher than the average analyst estimate of 222,000, according to FactSet StreetAccount. AT&T, however, lost 382,000 customers at its Internet and TV service U-verse.
  • Twitter stung by stall in user growth (2016-04-26 17:30:31)
    Twitter shares nosedived Tuesday after a quarterly update showed little change in its user base and the messaging platform delivered weaker-than-expected revenue growth. Twitter changed the way it measures active users, no longer counting those who follow via SMS text messaging. Twitter shares skidded 12 percent at $15.64 in after-hours trading, extending their slump over the past two years.
  • You’ll never want to work again after watching this insane workplace safety video (2016-04-26 17:22:51)
    No matter where you work — whether it's at home in your personal study, in a cubicle at an office building or in a factory — there are always precautions that you need to take in order to keep yourself and your coworkers safe. For example, don't operate heavy machinery when you're exhausted and always remember to throw away your tuna salad sandwich before it starts to stink. SEE ALSO:  How to get 13 free packs from Hearthstone’s Whispers of the Old Gods expansion But after watching this video, you might rethink ever leaving your home again. In fact, if the workplace really is as dangerous as this United Safety Council video from 1994 makes it out to be, maybe we should all just move out to a flat field somewhere and live off of the land. Originally uploaded by a YouTube channel called cultpoptrash, Atlas Obscura  rediscovered this genuinely horrifying safety video titled  Will You Be Here Tomorrow? late last week. Like many of our modern horror movies, the safety video relies on the goriest of special effects to get its points across. Seriously, if you watch this video, you will see people get crushed to death, impaled by spikes, lose their fingers and more. I've never been more thankful to sit at a desk and write for a living. Watch the full (NSFW, incredibly violent) video below:
  • In Stephen King’s new movie, curmudgeons inherit the earth (2016-04-26 17:22:30)
    If everyone in the world was assembled into a hive mind that was controlled by a rogue cellphone signal, do you think that would be better or worse than how brains work currently? Stephen King, the author of a novel that operates on the assumption that not everyone owns a cellphone, thinks it would be a lot worse. Eli Roth, a man known for directing Hostel and briefly owning a haunted house in Las Vegas, thought it would be a great horror movie, if nothing else.
  • Google sister company wants to build smart city districts (2016-04-26 17:21:00)
  • Purple Rain tribute screenings expanding into over half of AMC theaters (2016-04-26 17:17:42)
    In the wake of Prince's unexpected death at the age of 57 last week, fans everywhere celebrated his musical legacy and prowess as a performer, and this weekend even more of them will be able to pay tribute by watching his musical Purple Rain. According to The Hollywood Reporter, AMC Theaters will be expanding its tribute screenings of the film into over 200 different theaters starting this Friday. While no box-office figures have been released for the tribute screenings, according to the report Purple Rain had the highest percentage of sold-out screenings of any movie playing in those original 87 theaters. Granted, you could just buy it off iTunes and watch at home, but if you're going to sit back and sing along with "Purple Rain" and "Let's Go Crazy," it'll be better in a crowd full of other fans.
  • Twitter says barely anyone disables its algorithmic timeline (2016-04-26 17:11:57)
    Twitter's stock took a beating today following its poor quarterly earnings report, but the company has some good news: its timeline tinkering is working. After introducing an algorithmic feed in February that would prioritize certain tweets over others, Twitter says only 2 percent of users choose to turn the feature off. According to the company, the new timeline is helping users get more out of each interaction on Twitter.
  • Twitter's destiny: staying small? Not so fast, say investors (2016-04-26 17:10:13)
    NEW YORK (AP) — Twitter gets lots of grief from investors because it hasn't taken over the world the way Facebook did, at least in terms of amassing users.
  • Twitter stock plunges after revenue misses estimates (2016-04-26 17:08:13)
    Twitter Inc reported lower-than-expected revenue for the first quarter, hurt by weaker than expected spending by big advertisers, and the microblogging service forecast current-quarter revenue well below analysts' expectations. Twitter shares plunged 12.3 percent to $15.58 in extended trading on Tuesday. Twitter's user base grew modestly to 310 million monthly active users in the quarter ended March 31 from 305 million in the fourth quarter, above analysts' expectations.
  • Akamai revenue rises on demand for cloud security (2016-04-26 17:05:58)
    (Reuters) - Akamai Technologies Inc, a provider of services that speed up delivery of content over the internet, reported a better-than-expected 7.8 percent rise in quarterly revenue, helped by higher demand for its cloud security services. Revenue from Akamai's cloud security business, which protects websites and data centers from cyber attacks, rose 46 percent to $80.7 million for the first quarter. The Cambridge, Massachusetts-based company is facing a slowdown in its media delivery business after two of its largest customers, which the company has not identified, recently switched to their own delivery networks.
  • A tiny moon was found orbiting a dwarf planet at the edge of our Solar System (2016-04-26 17:02:42)
    Astronomers have spotted a tiny, faint moon orbiting a dwarf planet at the outer fringes of our Solar System. The little satellite was found circling around Makemake, a dwarf planet in the large region of icy bodies located beyond Neptune called the Kuiper Belt. Nicknamed MK2, the moon is thought to only be 100 miles wide, a little over one-tenth the size of its host Makemake, which is just 870-miles wide.
  • EBay's profit, revenue trump estimates; shares rise (2016-04-26 16:56:45)
    (Reuters) - EBay Inc reported better-than-expected quarterly profit and revenue as efforts to revamp its shopping platform attracted more buyers, helping offset the impact of a strong dollar. The company's shares rose 4 percent after the bell on Tuesday. EBay, which spun off its main growth engine PayPal last July, has tackled slowing growth in its core business by revamping its platform and refocusing on small-scale sellers. The company said its gross merchandise volume, or the total value of all goods sold on its sites, rose 1 percent to $20.45 billion in the first quarter ended March 31. ...
  • FBI admits to having submitted flawed hair analysis as trial evidence for decades (2016-04-26 16:55:49)
    A disturbing new report shows that the FBI may have a severe hair problem on its hands, one it’s fully aware of – and acknowledging – and one that may have led to an unknown number of wrong convictions spanning decades. Apparently, FBI experts gave flawed testimony in criminal trials for a period of more than two decades, and the agency is just now trying to fix its mess. DON’T MISS: Elon Musk says Tesla's next car will be even cheaper than the Model 3 According to The Washington Post , the Justice Department and the FBI have acknowledged that “nearly every examiner in an elite FBI forensic unit gave flawed testimony in almost all trials in which they offered evidence against criminal defendants over more than a two-decade period before 2000.” 26 of the 28 examiners with the FBI Laboratory’s microscopic hair comparison unit overstated forensic matches, favoring the prosecution in more than 95% of the 268 trials reviewed so far. And there are even more trials to look into, assuming there’s data available to analyze. The National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL) and the Innocence Project are assisting with this massive investigation. The Post says that the cases include 32 defendants sentenced to death, with 14 of them having already been executed or died while imprisoned. “The FBI’s three-decade use of microscopic hair analysis to incriminate defendants was a complete disaster,” Innocence Project co-founder Peter Neufeld said. “We need an exhaustive investigation that looks at how the FBI, state governments that relied on examiners trained by the FBI and the courts allowed this to happen and why it wasn’t stopped much sooner.” The Post does say that these errors do not indicate whether or not there was other evidence to prove a suspect's guilt, yet defendants and prosecutors in 46 states and Washington D.C. are being notified in order to determine grounds for appeals. But the investigation was launched in 2012 after a report from the same paper revealed that flawed forensic matches related to hair might have led to the conviction of hundreds of potentially innocent people since the 1970s. The FBI has identified some 2,500 cases where the FBI Lab's hair matches need to be reviewed. More than 340 cases were already reviewed. In 2002, the Bureau reported that its DNA testing found that examiners reported false matches 11% of the time. The Post found that in the District, where all the FBI hair convictions were reinvestigated, three of seven defendants were exonerated — and courts later exonerated two more men. The five people in question each served between 20 and 30 years in prison for either rape or murder.
  • Apple sold 51.2 million iPhones and 10.3 million iPads in the first three months of 2016 (2016-04-26 16:45:34)
    Although Apple isn't exactly hurting, this is the worst fiscal quarter for the company since 2003. Product sales are down across the board, including for the iPhone, marking its first year-over-year decline since the smartphone was introduced back in 2007. Apple managed to sell 51.2 million iPhones in the second quarter, down from 61.1 million year over year.
  • Fortinet revenue soars 33.7 pct on higher demand for security software (2016-04-26 16:45:04)
    (Reuters) - Security software maker Fortinet Inc reported a 33.7 percent jump in quarterly revenue, as governments and companies spend more to protect themselves from cyber attacks. However, the company posted a net loss of $3.43 million, or 2 cents per share, in the first quarter ended March 31, compared with a net profit of $1.56 million, or 1 cent per share, a year earlier. Revenue rose to $284.6 million from $212.9 million. (Reporting by Kshitiz Goliya in Bengaluru; Editing by Sriraj Kalluvila)
  • Apple sees its revenue decline for the first time in 13 years (2016-04-26 16:35:24)
    Apple posted a year-over-year decline in revenue today, the first time the company's failed to grow its business in 13 years. It is projecting another revenue decline for next quarter, a 15 percent year-over-year drop. Apple isn't doing badly, it is still one of the most valuable and profitable companies in the world.
  • Apple reports Q2 earnings: Revenue drops, iPhone sales sink for first time ever (2016-04-26 16:30:56)
    Apple's second-quarter earnings report for fiscal 2016 is historic for all the wrong reasons. The iPhone has driven growth at a breakneck pace for nearly a decade now, and has helped Apple consistently post on-year sales and profit growth in every quarter. But in the March quarter this year, Apple's revenue declined for the first time in 13 years as the pillar on which Apple has stood since 2007 finally began to crack. For the first time ever, Apple's iPhone sales declined, dropping significantly in fiscal Q2 2016 compared to the same period a year ago. MUST SEE: 20 apps that hardcore iPhone fans can't live without No one was surprised on Tuesday afternoon when Apple reported declines in both revenue and iPhone units sales. The company's second-quarter guidance issued alongside its record-breaking first quarter report  called for revenue to fall between $50 billion and $53 billion last quarter, down from just over $58 billion in the fiscal second quarter last year. But, about that first-quarter record... In the fiscal first quarter of 2016, Apple managed to narrowly top the prior year's profit, revenue and iPhone sales records — but it took a bit of craftiness to get the job done. I explained it in an article back in January . Pent up demand for iPhones with larger displays sent holiday sales soaring when the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus were released back in 2014. In 2015 demand wasn't quite as high, so Apple had to double the preorder period and launch the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus in China much earlier than it did the prior year in order to show iPhone sales growth. Even then, Apple only managed to sell 2 million more iPhones in Q1 2016 than it did in Q1 2015. It was good thinking and it worked well at the time, but iPhone demand was already slowing. By piling all those sales into the fiscal first quarter, Apple was left wide open to decline in the second quarter. And that's exactly what happened. Apple on Tuesday reported fiscal second-quarter earnings of $1.90 per share on revenue totaling $50.56 billion. Those figures compare to a profit of $2.33 per share and $58.01 billion in sales during the same quarter last year. Meanwhile, Wall Street was expecting EPS to come in at $2.00 on revenue totaling $51.97 billion. Apple shares immediately fell more than 4.5% on the news. Where the crown jewel of Apple's product lineup is concerned, iPhone sales slowed in the second quarter just as we all knew they would. Analysts were expecting iPhone sales totaling 51.53 million units, and actual Q2 2016 sales came in at 51.2 million iPhones. In the second quarter last year, Apple sold 61.17 million iPhones. Elsewhere in Apple's lineup, iPad sales came in at 10.2 million units and Mac sales totaled 4 million units for the second quarter. Analysts were expecting sales to total 9.95 million iPads and 4.53 million Mac computers. iPad sales in the year-ago quarter were 12.62 million units, and 4.56 million Macs were sold during that period. Here is Apple's guidance for the fiscal third quarter: revenue between $41 billion and $43 billion gross margin between 37.5 percent and 38 percent operating expenses between $6 billion and $6.1 billion other income/(expense) of $300 million tax rate of 25.5 percent Now, despite all the doom and gloom you've been reading recently and all the doom and gloom to come following Tuesday's report, this is hardly where the iPhone story turns south for good. Apple is set to launch completely redesigned iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus handsets this September, and the company has even more exciting things coming down the road. In fact, an upcoming new generation of iPhones might change the game more than you can even imagine . Apple's iPhone business won't continue to grow forever, but it's certainly not finished yet.
  • Talkshow is a social network that lets you text in public (2016-04-26 16:27:23)
    Talkshow, a new iOS app out today, wants people to open up the act of texting from a closed-door conversation to a public chat anyone can view. Created by former Twitter exec Michael Sippey, the app lets anyone create a "show" and start talking with friends. The thread, which operates much like a chat room, is viewable by anyone on Talkshow who follows you, but only those who are invited to the show may participate in the conversation.
  • FBI decides provisionally not to share iPhone unlock: sources (2016-04-26 16:25:58)
    By Dustin Volz and Mark Hosenball WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The FBI has provisionally decided not to share an iPhone unlocking mechanism used by a contractor to open the phone of one of the San Bernardino shooters because the agency does not own the mechanism, two U.S. government sources said on Tuesday. The FBI is expected within days to write to the White House explaining why the agency cannot share the unlocking mechanism with other government agencies, Apple or other third parties, said the sources, who asked to remain anonymous.
  • Wearable tech gears up in 2016 (2016-04-26 16:22:50)
    Just as for virtual reality, 2016 is expected to be a pivotal year for wearable technology, particularly smartwatches and fitness trackers. This is in part due to the Apple Watch, which has now been on sale for a year. "The demand for wearable technology has grown rapidly, but early consumer signals have been mixed," said Lauren Guenveur, mobile analyst for Kantar Worldpanel.
  • SparseLightAR / VR hack might make Microsoft's HoloLens less disappointing (2016-04-26 16:20:02)
    Microsoft Research just presented a new paper, titled "Augmenting the Field-of-View of Head-Mounted Displays with Sparse Peripheral Displays" at a human-computer interaction conference. The paper studied the effect of extending a VR or AR display into the wearer's peripheral vision by simply using ultra-low-res LED lights to "extend" a scene. Humans have a lower "resolution" in their peripheral vision, and the LEDs can let you fake a 190 degree field of view — drastically better than Microsoft's much-derided HoloLens, or even the Oculus Rift.
  • Colbert remakes all of your favorite movies with emoji (2016-04-26 16:19:08)
    It's been several months since Sony announced it would be producing an animated movie based entirely on the emoji that live in our Facebook messages and text conversations, but everyone was still finding it hard to believe until the studio explained what the film would be about at CinemaCon 2016 earlier this month. DON'T MISS:  Incredible drag race video pits Tesla Model X against a Ferrari F430 According to a report from Slashfilm , the emoji characters will act sort of like the toys from Toy Story — living their own lives inside of our phones while we aren't paying attention. Concept art from the movie showed off a suburban landscape known as Emoji Valley, where all the emoji apparently live. The reason I'm telling you all of this is because on last night's Late Show , Stephen Colbert decided that The Emoji Movie shouldn't be the only movie featuring emoji. So he (and his writing staff) took it upon themselves to rewrite a bunch of classic movies using nothing but emoji characters. There's no point in spoiling any of the emoji remakes, so here's the full video: The Emoji Movie is currently scheduled to hit theaters on August 11th, 2017.
  • AT&T's revenue jumps 24.4 pct on DIRECTV acquisition (2016-04-26 16:15:04)
    (Reuters) - AT&T Inc , the No. 2 U.S. wireless carrier, reported a 24.4 percent jump in quarterly revenue, largely helped by the acquisition of satellite TV operator DIRECTV.
  • Online content distributor Akamai's revenue rises 7.8 percent (2016-04-26 16:06:03)
    (Reuters) - Online content distributor Akamai Technologies Inc reported a 7.8 percent rise in quarterly revenue, helped by higher demand for its cloud security services. The company's net income fell to $74.9 million, or 42 cents per share, in the first quarter ended March 31, from $77.7 million, or 43 cents per share, a year earlier. Revenue rose to $567.7 million from $526.5 million. (Reporting by Rishika Sadam in Bengaluru; Editing by Sriraj Kalluvila)
  • A great wrong has been righted: you can now cook meatballs in Ikea's VR kitchen (2016-04-26 16:04:00)
    In the beginning, Ikea created a VR kitchen for would-be buyers on the HTC Vive. It followed a long and proud tradition of virtual reality test kitchens. The people were unimpressed.
  • Pentagon identifies cause of F-35 radar software issue (2016-04-26 15:56:04)
    The Pentagon has found the root cause of stability issues with the radar software being tested for the F-35 stealth fighter jet made by Lockheed Martin Corp, U.S. Defense Acquisition Chief Frank Kendall told a congressional hearing on Tuesday. Last month the Pentagon said the software instability issue meant the sensors had to be restarted once every four hours of flying. Kendall and Air Force Lieutenant General Christopher Bogdan, the program executive officer for the F-35, told a Senate Armed Service Committee hearing in written testimony that the cause of the problem was the timing of “software messages from the sensors to the main F-35” computer.
  • Instagram is testing a new black-and-white design (2016-04-26 15:54:48)
    Of all the major social platforms, Instagram has evolved the slowest. Tipster Anton Abramov sent us screenshots from the redesign, showing an increased use of white space and some redesigned icons throughout the app. The camera icon has been changed from a square with a circle inside it to something more closely resembling a camera, and the notifications feed is now represented by a heart, instead of a heart inside a dialog bubble.
  • How to create a Windows-based USB installer (2016-04-26 15:51:00)
    Creating a Windows-compatible installer on a USB flash drive will help you with deployments and quick fixes to OS-related issues. Here are the steps to get it done.
  • Samsung’s new experiments raise a weird question: am I ready for 360-degree lifelogging? (2016-04-26 15:50:18)
    Early this year, Samsung started showing off its weird side. There's no guarantee any C-Lab projects will become consumer products — they exist more so to inspire others and get people interested in working with / liking Samsung.
  • Two of SpaceX's founders are working on a new rocket to launch micro-satellites (2016-04-26 15:38:14)
    Two members of SpaceX's founding team are starting a new rocket venture of their own, called Vector Space Systems, aimed at getting satellites into orbit. Rather than launch large space probes deep into orbit around our planet — a feat that SpaceX has mastered — Vector is primarily focused on sending micro-satellites weighing only a few dozen pounds into space. Today, Vector Space Systems announced that it has received $1 million in angel funding, which will be used to further develop the project's small launch vehicle, aptly named Vector.
  • How a Twitter joke inspired a clever soccer video game (2016-04-26 15:37:11)
    On April 5th, Dan Marshall — a game developer best known for witty adventure games like Ben There, Dan That — joked that he was going to make a soccer game. Eventually Marshall's game got a name, Behold the Kickmen, and some unique rules. In spite of — or perhaps because of — his ignorance of soccer, Marshall is making one of the most curious sports games in quite some time, all while publicly documenting the process on Twitter.
  • Why Apple’s Q2 revenue could be higher than people are expecting (2016-04-26 15:33:23)
    When Apple posts its earnings results for the March quarter later this afternoon, don't expect to see any huge surprises. As we covered previously, Apple's projected revenue for the quarter will likely fall due to an anticipated year-over-year decline in iPhone sales. Hardly a surprise, Tim Cook projected an iPhone sales shortfall during Apple's last earnings conference call. Cook, however, did caution that the drop-off in quarterly iPhone sales may not be as severe as some bearish analysts on Wall St. might assume. DON'T MISS:  Elon Musk says Tesla’s next car will be even cheaper than the Model 3 "We do think iPhone units will decline in the quarter,” Cook said this past January. “We don’t think that they will decline to the levels you’ll talk about." Because of the expected decline in iPhone sales, some on Wall St. believe that Apple's quarterly revenue will see a year over year decline for the first time since 2003. As it stands now, Wall St. is anticipating Apple to post revenue of about $52 billion, compared to $58 billion in revenue recorded during the April quarter of 2015. While disappointing iPhone sales will undoubtedly affect quarterly revenue, it's entirely possible that Apple's revenue won't be as low as some believe. The reason? People keep ignoring the fact that Apple's range of services (App Store downloads, Apple Pay, Apple Music etc.) has been growing at an incredible clip over the past few quarters. That said, it's not outside the realm of comprehension that the decline in iPhone-related revenue will be partially offset by surprisingly high revenue from Apple's line of services. From 2014 to 2015, revenue from Apple services shot up to nearly $20 billion, representing an impressive 10% increase year over year. And as the number of active iOS users only continues to rise with each passing quarter, it stands to reason that services-related revenue will be a good deal higher than it was during the same quarter a year-ago. "Because our install base has grown quickly," Tim Cook said this past January, "we have also seen an acceleration in... what has become one of the largest service businesses in the world." What's more, Cook made a point of noting that Apple's services arm generates move revenue than most Fortune 500 companies. Writing for Quartz , Mike Murphy explains : Apple has figured out, through its app and content stores, after-sales services, Apple Pay, and a few other services, how to continue to make money off of customers who aren’t buying new phones. It’s done an excellent job of locking customers into its ecosystem, and in a note to investors last week, Credit Suisse analysts predicted that Apple’s services business could continue to grow from about $14 billion to over $35 billion—about 30% of Apple’s gross profits—by 2020. This quarter’s number, when iPhone sales are likely declining, could indicate how robust that theory is. As it stands today, Apple services account for about 15% of Apple's gross profits. The following chart, also via Quartz, speaks volumes. All that said, even if Apple's revenue drops for the quarter, it's certainly possible that the decline will not be as severe as Wall St. anticipates.
  • Google, Ford, Uber launch coalition to further self-driving cars (2016-04-26 15:26:07)
    By David Shepardson WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Alphabet Inc's Google unit , Ford Motor Co , the ride-sharing service Uber [UBER.UL] and two other companies said on Tuesday they are forming a coalition to push for federal action to help speed self-driving cars to market. Sweden-based Volvo Cars, which is owned by China's Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Co , and Uber rival Lyft also are part of the Self-Driving Coalition for Safer Streets. The group said in a statement it will "work with lawmakers, regulators and the public to realize the safety and societal benefits of self-driving vehicles." The coalition said David Strickland, the former top official of the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the top U.S. auto safety agency that is writing new guidance on self-driving cars, will be the coalition’s counsel and spokesman.
  • Lemonade: all the news on Beyoncé’s latest album (2016-04-26 15:20:36)
    Beyoncé's visual album Lemonade came out this week. Floating in the wake of Beyoncé's Lemonade, one feels the urge to react. "The Lemons," a piece of fan fiction published on Wordpress yesterday, is art.
  • Google, Uber in coalition to promote self-driving cars (2016-04-26 15:15:49)
    Google and Uber are part of a coalition unveiled on Tuesday to push for a unified US legal code on self-driving cars as part of a broader lobbying drive to promote that technology. Car makers Ford and Volvo along with ride-sharing start-up Uber's rival Lyft rounded out a roster of five founding members of the Self-Driving Coalition for Safer Streets. Former US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration administrator David Strickland was named as coalition counsel and spokesperson.
  • The Blackberry Priv is getting Marshmallow and a sweet swipe keyboard (2016-04-26 15:12:56)
    The BlackBerry Priv is getting Android Marshmallow starting on May 3rd. But more importantly than that general update is what the recent OS brings with it. The Priv's physical and digital keyboards are getting a major upgrade where they'll be able to work more like Swype. Users can glide their fingers over the keys they want to type and have the Priv predict their text. Plus, there will be more than 200 emoji! Big times.
  • Any Given Wednesday with Bill Simmons premieres on HBO on June 22nd (2016-04-26 15:11:12)
    Bill Simmons' HBO-backed show is finally on the horizon. HBO just announced that the new series, Any Given Wednesday with Bill Simmons, will premiere on June 22nd. The show is getting a 20-episode season, and will feature Simmons — currently one of the most recognizable voices in sports media — meeting with guests to discuss everything from sports to pop culture and technology.
  • These aren’t the stormtroopers we were expecting to see in Star Wars VIII (2016-04-26 15:08:06)
    Filming continues for the upcoming eighth episode of the Star Wars saga, with a report suggesting that Disney will use some unexpected Stormtrooper cameos once again, just like  Episode VII . In Star Wars: The Force Awakens , none other than Daniel Craig took on the role of a Stormtrooper , and he even had a few lines of dialogue – if you’re good with voices, you’ll know which one he was. In the untitled Episode VIII , which is set to premiere in mid-December next year, we’ll see at least two more well-known celebrities hide in Stormtrooper armor. This time around they’re not actors, but they’re certainly famous. And, ironically, they’ll play empire servants even though they’re in line to actually run an empire in real life. MUST SEE:  20 apps that hardcore iPhone fans can’t live without Princes William and Henry have secretly filmed Stormtrooper scenes for the next Star Wars movie during their visit to the set last week, The Daily Mail reports . Images showing the two royals playing with Star Wars props on the set surfaced last week, but it wasn’t known at the time they were actually filmed for the movie. According to the Mail , the brothers appeared alongside Daisy Ridley (Rey), John Boyega (Finn) and Benicio del Toro (Lord Vikram). The scene involves Rey and Finn infiltrating a secret base. The rebels are in an elevator with Lord Vikram when a group of Stormtroopers, including the princes, enter. Apparently, after posing for official photo shoots, William and Henry went on to shoot their scene and only the director, producer and essential crew knew about it. “The line given was that they were going to have lunch and a private tour of the rest of the set,” a source told the paper. “What really happened is that the director came over and told them it was time to ‘get suited’ and off they went to the wardrobe department.” The princes’ spokesman would “neither confirm nor deny” whether the pair will appear in the movie, but he said the Princes had a great day at the event. Future King of England Prince William even presented a birthday cake to a crew member while wearing the Stormtrooper costume. That’s probably as good as it gets if you like Star Wars .
  • Larry Page's dream of building a 'Google Island' could be coming true (2016-04-26 15:05:51)
    Top executives from Google are reportedly weighing a pitch from its "smart city" spin-off Sidewalk Labs about taking over a section of a preexisting city and rebuilding it with a particular focus on technology, efficient infrastructure, and self-driving cars. According to The Wall Street Journal, Sidewalk Labs CEO Dan Doctoroff has been scrambling in recent months to put together a proposal to purchase a large swath of a city (potentially one that is struggling economically) to be rebuilt to house tens of thousands of residents. In essence, Sidewalk Labs —€” and by extension Google — would become the landlord to people residing within this refurbished, tech-rich mini-city. Doctoroff, a former New York City deputy mayor and chief executive at Bloomberg LP, first dropped hints about his desire to build a new city from scratch at an event hosted by The Information last February.
  • Snapchat is fighting to legalize ballot selfies (2016-04-26 14:58:14)
    With social media platforms absorbed into our culture, the voting booth selfie will be more popular than ever — even though, in some states, it’s technically banned. According to The New York Times, Snapchat, a favorite among younger voters, is fighting for their right to take photos in voting booths. The social media giant filed an amicus brief against a ban on ballot selfies in New Hampshire on Friday. The complaint comes at the heels of an August 2015 ruling by a federal judge in New Hampshire that struck down a bill banning photos and videos in voting booths.
  • Virtual reality world 'Project Sansar' to open gates to content creators (2016-04-26 14:49:36)
    Linden Lab, the creators of Second Life, today announced that applications have opened for an upcoming "Creator Preview" for "Project Sansar", the new platform for user-created social VR experiences. The platform, slated for general availability at the end of 2016, aims to democratize virtual reality as a creative medium and is made for use with virtual reality (VR) headsets like Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. According to Linden Lab's CEO Ebbe Altberg "Project Sansar" would allow companies to build VR experiences without a lot of technical knowledge.
  • The FBI won't say how its iPhone hack works (2016-04-26 14:49:00)
  • The DDoS attack that cried wolf (2016-04-26 14:44:42)
    Last week, the VPN service Cloak found a frightening message in its inbox:"We are Armada Collective," the email read. "We have launched the largest DDoS [distributed denial-of-service attack] in Swiss history and one of the largest DDoS attacks ever… All your servers will be DDoS-ed starting Monday (April 25) if you don’t pay our protection fee — exactly 10.06 Bitcoins." A bitcoin address was provided, along with a threat that for each day, the price would increase by an additional 10 bitcoin, roughly $4,400. "But let us reiterate: no matter what happens, we simply will not pay these garden-variety thugs." (The last sentence was later removed.) In the days that followed, the company discovered that a number of other VPN services had received the same note.
  • Fallout 4 gets new in-game modding tools on PC (2016-04-26 14:39:22)
    Mods are now officially supported in Fallout 4. Today developer Bethesda released an open beta for modding in the PC version of the post-apocalyptic RPG. While mods previously existed in the PC version of the game, the update opens them up to everyone.
  • 100 restaurants that will serve you free food on your birthday (2016-04-26 14:39:20)
    Your birthday only comes around once a year, so why limit your celebration to just a few drinks at a bar and a Facebook wall packed with generic HBD messages? Instead, you might want to spice things up with a little bit of free food. And while you're at it, you might even want to make a whole day of it: go on an indulgent restaurant-hop, picking up free food from a number of establishments throughout the day. But where to start? Which restaurants out there offer up free birthday food? And more importantly, which restaurants offer up the best birthday deals around? DON'T MISS:  20 apps that hardcore iPhone fans can’t live without No need to research it yourself as the folks over at Wallet Hacks recently put together an ambitious list of more than 100 restaurants that will dole out awesome food items (for free!) on your birthday. And we're not just talking about a free scoop of ice cream here; on the contrary, some restaurants will even give you an entire entree for free. Of course, to take advantage of such deals, it's often necessary to sign up for a restaurant's newsletter, a small price to pay, really. Making things super easy, Wallet Hacks' list even includes the requisite links to sign up for the restaurant newsletters of your choice. So whether or not you want a free 6-inch sub from Blimpie, a free burrito from Baja Fresh, or a free XL slice of pizza from Sbarro, make sure to check out the full list via the source link below.
  • Falcon Northwest's custom gaming PCs are now 'Oculus Ready' (2016-04-26 14:28:02)
    Custom PC manufacturer, Falcon Northwest, has joined the Oculus Ready PC program. Falcon Northwest is only the fourth (arguably third) company to join the certification program after Asus, Dell, and Dell subsidiary Alienware.
  • HTC's Vive X program will invest $100 million in VR startups (2016-04-26 14:22:00)
  • Captain America is a murderer (2016-04-26 14:10:06)
    The third installment of the Captain America saga is set to hit theaters soon, with Civil War  positioned as an important turning point in the Marvel universe. But we’re not going to talk about this massive conflict between superheroes. Instead, we’re going to look at how many people (and other beings) the Captain killed so far. He might be a good guy, but he's also a shockingly prolific murderer. DON’T MISS:  20 apps that hardcore iPhone fans can’t live without Put together by YouTube channel Mr Sunday Movies , the following clip shows you all of Captain America’s victims, whether they’re direct kills or indirect victims. Some superheroes seem to understand that many henchmen are simply doing their bosses' bidding, but the Captain doesn't seem to care at all. According to the video, Captain America has killed 14,089 distinct creatures, including humans, robots and whatever else came swinging at him. It’s not clear exactly how the number of collateral victims is calculated when it comes to scenes involving mass destruction, so we’ll just have to trust the source. The body count only covers the films that the Captain has appeared in so far. The list includes four movies: Captain America: The First Avenger , The Avengers , Captain America: The Winter Soldiers , and Avengers: Age of Ultron . While Captain America will be busy fighting off his friends in Civil War, it’s likely that the body count will still go up from here. Check out the full video below.
  • HTC launches $100 million VR startup accelerator (2016-04-26 14:09:57)
    HTC is launching a $100 million accelerator program for startups that want to use its VR technology. The money for this doesn't come solely from HTC: it's described as an investment fund "led by HTC" instead. Whatever the specifics, this is a major signal that HTC is serious about VR — especially given that the rest of the company has been struggling for a while.
  • The creator of Roborace is supplying Formula E with electric trucks (2016-04-26 14:02:41)
    Formula E has struck a deal with British electric truck maker Charge, which will provide the all-electric racing series with a small fleet of electric trucks. Charge received a $500 million investment in September 2015 from Kinetik, the same investment firm that spawned Roborace, which is an autonomous racing series that's set to debut during the next season of Formula E. The company's trucks run on fully electric motors, but are supplemented with a fuel supply to extend their range.
  • How tall is Drake? A scientific investigation based on facts (2016-04-26 14:01:21)
    The cover art for Drake's upcoming album, Views From The 6, in which Drake is perched atop Toronto's CN tower, is the kind of image that used to exist only in the wildest dreams of the world's meme creators. Suddenly, there was Drake, sitting on Beyoncé's head, hanging out with J. Cole, and lost in Where's Waldo's world. As you can see from this helpful illustration below, if the bulb at the top of the CN Tower is about 40-meters tall, and 11 sitting Drakes equals the length of that bulb, then one sitting Drake is 12-feet tall.
  • HTC's One S9 Android smartphone: sometimes mid-range is really strange (2016-04-26 14:00:05)
    HTC has announced a new smartphone now that it's successfully launched its flagship HTC 10. It's called the HTC One S9.
  • 6 Pro Tips to Make Your Dropbox Work for You (2016-04-26 14:00:00)
    Your storage situation just got a lot easier.
  • Google's Mode Android Wear bands snap on for easy changes (2016-04-26 13:54:00)
  • Ford, Google and Uber form a group to push for self-driving cars (2016-04-26 13:48:00)
  • The Lemons is hilarious Beyoncé fan fiction, aware of its own absurdity (2016-04-26 13:45:15)
    Floating in the wake of Beyoncé's Lemonade, one feels the urge to react. "The Lemons," a piece of fan fiction published on Wordpress yesterday, is art. It imagines the fallout of Lemonade as it transpires between an amazing cast that includes actor Taraji P. Henson, director Ava Duvernay, Beyoncé's sister Solange, most of the Kardashians, Kanye West, Beyoncé's mother, and of course, Beyoncé and Jay Z. It is written as a screenplay, more or less, with Jay Z dodging increasingly acrobatic assaults from Solange in between volleys of percussive dialogue.
  • Ferrari CEO drives a Tesla, promptly calls electric cars ‘obscene’ (2016-04-26 13:41:51)
    Relative to how fast things typically move in the auto industry (read: not fast at all), Tesla's emergence as a forward-thinking and revolutionary company seemingly came out of nowhere. While traditional automakers over the years have been quick to scoff at Tesla's prospects for long-term success, the success of the Model S and the recent explosion in Model 3 reservations underscore that Tesla is here to stay. Speaking to how Tesla is completely turning the auto industry on its head, just yesterday we highlighted a video featuring a drag race between a Tesla Model X and a Ferrari F430 . Impressively, the Model X managed to hold its own against the F430 for far longer than you might imagine. DON'T MISS:  Elon Musk says Tesla’s next car will be even cheaper than the Model 3 Think about that for a second: we're now living in a world where an SUV can go head to head with a Ferrari  and not be blown out of the water. Maybe, just maybe, there's something about the EV revolution that industry incumbents should pay attention to. When Tesla can put out an SUV capable of accelerating form 0-60 in just 3.2 seconds, maybe it's time for auto executives to stop dismissing Tesla out of hand. That said, perhaps it's time for Ferrari to stop being so stubborn, swallow its pride, and dare we utter it out loud, consider developing an electric car? Various Ferrari models can certainly perform impressively well on the acceleration front, but imagine what the Italian automaker might be able to accomplish with an electric car. While the notion of an electric car might run counter to Ferrari's DNA, it hasn't stopped other blue chip auto manufacturers like Porsche and BMW from getting in the game. Strictly speaking, Ferrari may not compete in the same space as BMW or Tesla, but that still doesn't explain why Ferrari still seems to view electric cars as something akin to the bubonic plague Suffice it to say, Ferrari isn't the least bit interested in the EV revolution that appears to be picking up steam with each passing year. Underscoring Ferrari's aversion to all things electric, Ferrari chairman Sergio Marchionne last month said that the idea of a Ferrari without an internal combustion engine would be "an almost obscene concept" and that it's something Ferrari will never do. A CNN report on Marchionne's remarks reads in part: It's obscene, he explained, because a crucial part of the Ferrari driving experience is the aggressive sound of the engine. Marchionne described his experience driving an all-electric Tesla car, which has no internal combusion engine sound at all. "This is not Ferrari," he recalled thinking as he turned up the radio to fill the silence. Marchionne also said he has no interest in building a self-driving Ferrari since the Ferrari brand is, fundamentally, about driving. "You'll have to shoot me first," the auto industry veteran told a room of reporters. Well, I suppose you can't fault him for being unclear. Sure, we can understand Ferrari's allegiance to loud cars that run on gasoline; but given Tesla's ability to defy traditional auto conventions with great success, one would think that auto makers would be more willing to look at Tesla with a more objective eye. Much like in the consumer electronics space, there are certain waves of innovation that companies risk ignoring at their own peril. Notably, Ferrari isn't the only company that seemingly remains beholden to traditional modes of thinking; there's also Porsche. While Porsche recognizes the value of an EV - exemplified by their work on the Mission E - the company remains philosophically opposed to self-driving car technology. Just this past February, Porsche CEO Oliver Blume said that no one buys a Porsche because they want to have a computer drive it. "An iPhone belongs in your pocket, not on the road," Blume said. Tesla has already influenced a number of automakers like BMW and Ford to take EVs more seriously. I suppose it remains to be seen if Ferrari will ever follow suit, Marchionne reluctance notwithstanding.
  • YouTube redesigns its mobile apps with improved recommendations (2016-04-26 13:35:24)
    YouTube is launching new versions of its iOS and Android apps today with a redesigned home tab and smarter video recommendations. "One of the biggest improvements is how the system suggests more recent videos and those from the creators you love," wrote YouTube product managers Brian Marquardt and Todd Beaupré in a blog post. "People who have tried the new system have spent more time watching fresh videos and content from their subscriptions." YouTube's app will now show fewer recommendations, but each one should be more tailored to a user's interests.
  • Mazda's future is hidden in these completely mad vintage race cars (2016-04-26 13:33:02)
    No modern automotive brand is more underrated than Mazda. While the sales volume goes to brands like Toyota and Honda, I often recommend Mazda to friends who are looking for economy, coherently designed interiors, and genuine driving fun. The MX-5 and Mazda 6 speak perfectly to the brand’s DNA, but even the CX-5 crossover is more entertaining than it has any right to be.
  • You language 4 brand (2016-04-26 13:26:03)
    You cool happy person. You drink Starbucks® coffee. Happy lol! Happy. Love. // Ouch! Head hurts, where caffeine? Caffeine so long far away airplane. // Mmm, Starbucks o'clock. Unicorn Starbucks sippy Frappe. Smile. Tears. Love brand.
  • Pandora pads podcast lineup by adding 'This American Life' (2016-04-26 13:24:00)
  • Roku says Google is its biggest rival to build the operating system for smart TVs (2016-04-26 13:12:15)
    Roku is best known as a maker of a set-top box that provides customers with access to streaming services on their TVs. But it's main business is actually licensing its technology to other companies who want to build connected televisions, and selling advertising against streaming content. And it sees Google as its biggest competitor in the race to build the dominant operating system for the future of television.
  • FBI director suggests iPhone flaw may remain secret (2016-04-26 13:04:06)
    By Dustin Volz WASHINGTON (Reuters) - FBI Director James Comey said on Tuesday that his agency was still assessing whether a vulnerability used to unlock an iPhone linked to one of the San Bernardino killers would go through a government review to determine if it should be disclosed to Apple or the public. "The threshold (for disclosure) is, are we aware of the vulnerability, or did we just buy a tool and don’t have sufficient knowledge of the vulnerability to implicate the process?" “We are close to a resolution," he added at a cybersecurity event at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. The White House has a procedure for reviewing technology security flaws and deciding which ones should be made public. Although officials say the process leans toward disclosure, it is not set up to handle or reveal flaws that are discovered and owned by private companies, sources have told Reuters, raising questions about the effectiveness of the so-called Vulnerabilities Equities Process.
  • The foldable Hover Camera is expensive for eight minutes of battery life (2016-04-26 13:01:03)
    Zero Zero Robotics is planning to launch its new selfie drone, the Hover Camera, this year. What's neat about the Hover Camera is its ability to follow a person around using Zero Zero's AI algorithms that use facial and body recognition to track a person around a room. Zero Zero says it'll give users multiple batteries per order, but still, that's barely long enough for a full-fledged photo shoot.
  • Google's Mode watchbands make swapping easier for Android Wear (2016-04-26 13:00:05)
    Today, Google is doing one of the things Google likes to do — introducing a new standard. It's called "Mode" and the idea is pretty simple: Google is hoping to make it as easy to switch watch bands on Android Wear smartwatches as it is on the Apple Watch. The first set of Mode bands from Hadley-Roma start at $49.99 for silicon bands and $59.99 for leather ones.
  • 72 Hours with the ASUS ZenWatch 2 (2016-04-26 13:00:00)
    We put the new Android Wear MODE bands, and ZenWatch 2, to the test for three days straight. Here are the results.
  • YouTube's mobile homepage redesign has better recommendations (2016-04-26 13:00:00)
  • EU lawmakers to hold off from regulating blockchain for now (2016-04-26 12:55:01)
    By Huw Jones LONDON (Reuters) - The European Union should hold off for now from regulating blockchain, the technology that underpins bitcoin, an EU parliamentary committee agreed on Tuesday in the latest example of a softly-softly approach by authorities toward financial services. "We don't want pre-emptive regulation, but we do want precautionary monitoring," Jakob von Weizsaecker, a German center-left member of the European Parliament, told Reuters. The parliament's economic affairs committee backed his report on virtual currencies such as bitcoin and blockchain, also known as distributed ledger technology.
  • Kindle Oasis review roundup: Here’s what critics are saying (2016-04-26 12:47:01)
    Earlier this month, Amazon unveiled the brand new, surprisingly pricey Kindle Oasis . Although the eReader doesn't release until the 27th, critics have already gotten their hands on the Oasis, and their reviews are beginning to trickle in. READ MORE:  20 apps that hardcore iPhone fans can’t live without Every review we found was generally positive, but The Huffington Post did have some harsh words regarding the existence of the Oasis. Basically, despite its sleek design and top-of-the-line display, it's just not enough of an upgrade: "But somehow, our appetite for new gadgets means Amazon and companies like it will continue to iterate and release mildly upgraded new hardware to seize our money and eventually get tossed out. The innovations are slowing: Kindle Oasis is likely the best eReader you can buy, but it is mostly a new shell for existing technology. In all likelihood, you can make do without it." Pocket-lint was a bit more enthusiastic, but was still unimpressed with the lack of new features available on a device that costs significantly more than its predecessors: "And therein lies the biggest problem with the Kindle Oasis: it doesn't do anything different. The Paperwhite is £109.99, a full £160 cheaper than the Oasis. Sure, the lighting isn't quite as even, and it's bulkier and heavier, but the feature set is the same. If you asked us which Kindle to buy, we'd point to thePaperwhite and tell you that that's the hero, because the Kindle Paperwhite is just too damn good to ignore." But in spite of any issues regarding the cost or the lack of upgrades, The Guardian gave a beaming review to Amazon's new tablet: "The Amazon Kindle Oasis is the best e-reader available at the moment. Others may be waterproof, or have more advanced features, but the Oasis is just a nicer reading experience, from the way the software works to the way the device feels in your hand." We'll update this post as additional reviews are published, and you can  preorder the Kindle Oasis now at Amazon for $289.99.
  • Valeo sales rise 9 percent on intuitive driving systems (2016-04-26 12:45:56)
    French vehicle components firm Valeo reported a 9 percent rise in first-quarter sales on Tuesday, lifted by demand for pricier content such as display screens, parking assistance and radar systems. Revenue rose to 3.92 billion euros ($4.43 billion) from 3.58 billion in the same period of 2015, the Paris-based company said, reiterating full-year targets including a rate of sales growth exceeding that of vehicle production in all regions. Valeo, a supplier of driving sensors, automated parking technology and engine stop-and-start devices that cut emissions, has positioned itself to benefit from progressive vehicle electrification and driving autonomy.
  • This Android app uses ultrasound to share links (2016-04-26 12:41:41)
    Do we really need a new way to share links with friends? Instead of sharing links through text, Messenger, Twitter, WhatsApp, Pocket, or the thousands of other apps that let you send links, Radon wants you to to use ultrasound waves to share the next HTC think piece.
  • Cyclist banned for six years after racing with a hidden motor (2016-04-26 12:40:00)
  • Whirlpool posts unexpectedly low first-quarter earnings on soft emerging market demand (2016-04-26 12:35:19)
    In Latin America, weak demand in Brazil and the negative impact of currency exchange pulled sales down to $705 million, from about $900 million a year ago, the company said. Many U.S.-based manufacturers' sales have been hit by weakness in Brazil's currency and the country's unstable political environment. "There is some concern about European market loss," Gabelli analyst Alvaro Lacayo said.
  • Winning the Future (2016-04-26 12:35:03)
    For the last several months, Americans across our country have listened to the leading Republican presidential candidates share their pessimistic and partisan ideas about the state of our country. The key point that none of them seem to realize is that America and the American people are already great. We are resilient and throughout our...
  • Uber drivers can now find the cheapest gas stations within the app (2016-04-26 12:24:30)
    Uber drivers looking for that coveted $2.25-gallon of gas can now conduct their search from within the ride-hail company's app. Uber announced Tuesday a new feature for its driver-facing app called Fuel Finder, which drivers can use to search gas prices nearest to them. Not only will the app show drivers where the cheapest gas prices are, it will also provide step-by-step, GPS-enabled directions to those stations.
  • How to get 13 free packs from Hearthstone’s Whispers of the Old Gods expansion (2016-04-26 12:20:06)
    Later today, Blizzard will launch the third major expansion for Hearthstone , titled Whispers of the Old Gods . As with previous expansions, Whispers of the Old Gods will add a new card pack to the store with 134 new cards to collect, but before you start spending, you should know that you can get your first several packs for free. MUST SEE:  20 apps that hardcore iPhone fans can’t live without During a recent live stream, Hearthstone lead designer Ben Brode revealed that players will be able to collect 13 free packs just by logging in and playing the game after the expansion launches on Tuesday afternoon. First off, just by logging in during the launch event (which will likely last a few weeks), players will immediately be treated to three packs as well as a legendary C'Thun card and two Beckoner of Evil cultist cards which interact with C'Thun. That's eighteen free cards before you've even clicked a button. After that, every player will receive two quests, each of which reward five packs a piece. The first quest requires players to win two games in Hearthstone's new Standard format , which bans cards from the Curse of Naxxramas adventure and the Goblins vs Gnomes expansion. Once you've won two games, you'll receive a second quest requiring you to win seven more games. Splitting the player base into two separate formats (Standard and Wild) might be jarring, but rewarding them with free packs should make the transition easier.
  • Stop trying to make me sign up for more subscription services (2016-04-26 12:17:00)
  • Apple revenue to shrink but options traders unfazed (2016-04-26 12:09:41)
    By Saqib Iqbal Ahmed NEW YORK (Reuters) - Apple Inc on Tuesday is likely to report its first decline in revenue in more than a decade, and analysts expect to hear bad news on iPhone sales, but traders in the options market are not running scared. Relative to bullish bets, the cost of bearish options on Apple is now near the low end of the range they have inhabited over the last year, as traders await what they hope will be encouraging guidance - including a possible increase in dividends and buybacks - along with the weaker sales. When compared with 30-day bullish Apple options, the cost of bearish options is lower than about 85 percent of the time over the last year, according to options analytics firm Trade Alert.
  • The best foam mattresses you can buy online (2016-04-26 12:00:00)
  • Maisie Williams auditioned for Game of Thrones because she wanted a new laptop (2016-04-26 11:57:15)
    Maisie Williams was 12 years old when she took the role of Arya Stark in Game of Thrones. In the seven years that have followed, the actress has grown up on the set of one of television's most violent and mature dramas. A recent interview with The Guardian reflects on Williams' unusual path to adulthood, but the most charming bit comes from those early days, back when she auditioned for the role that would make her famous. "The thing I was really obsessed about," Williams told The Guardian, "was whether I would earn enough money to buy myself a laptop.
  • Kansas City Seeing Jump in Venture Capital (2016-04-26 11:56:17)
    Kansas City has been on a roll the last few years in the entrepreneur, technology and development space. The city has the top researchers and leaders in the world for entrepreneurs at the Kauffman Foundation. KC has some of the best resources for entrepreneurs in the United States through organizations like KCSourcelink, Think Big, UMKC SBTDC...
  • North Face's new Access Pack is a gadget nerd's dream bag (2016-04-26 11:55:03)
    Backpacks are an unfortunate reality we must all live with. Messenger bags, while a bit more stylish, are never big enough. They also don't readily lend themselves to aimless stuffing. North Face's new backpack, however, is the ultimate stuff bag. The Access Pack's outside resembles a cool turtle shell, more for a jet-setting millennial than an elementary schooler. And knowing that our gadgets can bog us down, the Access Pack comes with a bunch of "ejector tabs" that you can use to take out your phone and other devices. But the bag's true glory is its laptop compartment. ...
  • HTC Vive teardown shows it's even easier to fix than Oculus Rift (2016-04-26 11:41:00)
  • There is no such thing as a Leica phone (2016-04-26 11:40:09)
    You don't have to walk far into London's trendy Shoreditch district before seeing a giant billboard featuring Hollywood stars Henry Cavill and Scarlett Johansson taking a selfie with Huawei's P9 smartphone. Two of the world's hottest actors and one of its greatest camera companies have come together, on a single banner, to proclaim their approval of a new smartphone.
  • The inspiration behind the Circuit Breaker logo (2016-04-26 11:35:02)
    The brief that was given to me for the logo for Circuit Breaker was pretty much the same as every other design and photographic project at The Verge: make it awesome. That kind of brief is equally exhilarating and terrifying. So the best first step is to look for inspiration.
  • YouTube will soon roll out six-second ads that you can't skip (2016-04-26 11:33:31)
    YouTube's adding a new option to help advertisers get their message to consumers — but in a much shorter amount of time than normal. Today the company announced that beginning next month, it'll offer six-second "Bumper" ads that are designed to be a better companion to the shorter video clips that millions of YouTube users are watching on smartphones. "We like to think of Bumper ads as little haikus of video ads — and we’re excited to see what the creative community will do with them," YouTube's Zach Lupei wrote in a blog post.
  • These were the worst decisions Bill Gates made as CEO of Microsoft (2016-04-26 11:28:01)
    In 2016, Microsoft doesn't carry quite the same cachet that it did a decade ago. Although Windows 10 has been widely praised as a step in the right direction, the company has never been able to garner the same good will that Apple has been swimming in for nearly a decade now. So who's to blame? DON'T MISS: Is this how Microsoft Windows finally dies? Well, here's the easy answer: Bill Gates . Clearly the former CEO can't be held accountable for everything that has gone wrong at Microsoft since the company's inception. Nor can he be celebrated for every success. But a group of former Microsoft employees have come together to answer a recent Quora post which posed a very interesting question: "What were Bill Gates's worst decisions as CEO?" Here's what Microsoft's former SVP Brad Silverberg said about Gates' worst decision during his time at the head of the company: "Top of the list for me is that Bill did not engage – either himself or the company – in the political process early enough. When Microsoft’s competitors were effectively lobbying the government, Bill’s attitude was the government should just go away and leave Microsoft alone." Hamid Shojaee, another former employee, believed that the worst decision Gates ever made was to appoint Steve Ballmer as CEO: "Essentially, during Steve's tenure at Microsoft, virtually nothing new was made while all the existing stuff (Windows, IE, WinMobile, Exchange, Office, etc.) continued to become bloated to the point where an opening was made for a competitor to disrupt each of those categories." Although Dave Whetstone, a self-described mobile and social innovator, puts more of the blame on Ballmer, he says that Microsoft never found the right way to approach mobile, allowing Android and Apple to dominate the field: "It's hard not to point to Bill and Steve's repeated failures in mobile, caused by trying to repeat their approach in PCs in mobile. They never gained much traction in spite of many $billions spent. They never found effective ways of leveraging their dominance on the desktop to an advantage in mobile." Microsoft is anything but a failure, but it's still fascinating to read about how the company has failed to live up to the high expectations it set for itself when it took over the PC industry all those years ago.
  • India mandates all smartphones must come with a panic button (2016-04-26 11:20:00)
  • Why the Ratchet & Clank movie adaptation stays true to the game (2016-04-26 11:17:58)
    Like the rest of us, Kevin Munroe is well aware that video games don’t have a great track record when it comes to being adapted for film. As the director of the upcoming Ratchet & Clank movie, based on the long-running PlayStation series, it’s something he has no choice but to think about. "I think that with any adaptation, but specifically video game adaptations, filmmakers just get super arrogant in terms of the producers and the studios, and they think they know better than the guys who have been working on the video game up until that point," he says.
  • Logitech's Harmony app will let you control your smart home from your Android TV (2016-04-26 11:15:25)
    Logitech wants you to be able to control your smart home from any device, including your TV. The company has released a version of its Harmony remote app for Android TVs. The app, which is in beta, is designed to work with Sony's Android TVs, but will also work with the Nexus Player.
  • Silent Unplugging From Technology Is Healing Self Care (2016-04-26 11:04:21)
    In this era of overwhelming digital and electronic technology, we can all benefit from a day or more of unplugging and taking a nice break from technology. I personally enjoy and savor the sweet special moments I have connecting with Mother Nature in complete silence. When all I hear is the birds singing, wind rustling through the trees, the...
  • The virtual reality successor to Second Life will open to 3D artists this summer (2016-04-26 11:00:03)
    Second Life creator Linden Lab is letting a few more people into its mysterious new virtual reality operation. Today, Linden Lab announced that it's taking applications for a preview of Project Sansar, a VR-creation platform that it first announced last year.
  • The Health-Tracking GoPro Is Here (2016-04-26 11:00:00)
    GoPro is teaming up with Polar to overlay your health data, speed, and altitude on your videos
  • What becomes of Facebook when people start to value privacy? (2016-04-26 11:00:00)
  • Nokia bought Withings to take on Apple's Healthkit (2016-04-26 10:46:00)
  • The newest Alien adventure is an audio drama starring Rutger Hauer (2016-04-26 10:44:57)
    Blade Runner star Rutger Hauer, Harry Potter's Matthew Lewis — yes, that's Neville Longbottom — and Corey Johnson are headlining Alien: Out of the Shadows, an audio drama out of the Alien universe that's available in full on Audible today.
  • These are the apps hardcore iPhone fans can’t live without (2016-04-26 10:38:34)
    Apple's iPhone had a huge impact on the industry right out of the gate since it prompted a shift toward the touch-centric smartphone experience we all enjoy today, but the iPhone's real game-changer came a year later courtesy of the App Store. By moving app portals off of the web and onto the device itself, Apple brought apps to the masses, allowing users to completely alter the iPhone's capabilities with just a few quick taps. The app market took off from there, and it has since grown into a multibillion dollar business as well as the most important part of the smartphone experience. As big as mobile apps have become though, the App Store is flooded to the point where finding great apps is quite difficult. We do our best to help by drawing attention to the top apps we come across and by publishing a very popular series on paid apps that go on sale for free . Now, it's time to see which apps hardcore iPhone fans say they can't live without. MUST SEE:  My iPhone screen is bigger than your HDTV, but it still fits in my pocket In a thread on Reddit in the iPhone subreddit, user Lev-J asked other redditors a simple question: "What apps can't you live without?" Every iPhone and iPad user has different wants and needs, but it's always a good idea to pay attention to threads like this, especially when they garner a healthy number of responses. In this case, there were more than 370 responses at the time of this writing. I dug through as many of the responses as I could, and I've compiled the 20 app suggestions with the most up-votes here in this post. You'll find them listed below along with links to download each one. 1Password (free): Create complex passwords, store them securely, and sync them across devices. Airmail ($4.99): The most full-featured iOS email client ever. Spark (free): Another extremely capable iOS email app. MacID ($3.99): Lock and unlock your Mac computer using TouchID on your iPhone or even using your Apple Watch. ProTube for YouTube ($2.99): A great YouTube client. MyFitnessPal (free): Track calorie intake and calorie burn. Waze (free): Crowd-sourced navigation owned by Google. Sweep (free): A sleek app that helps you stick to your budget. Tweetbot 4 ($9.99): Widely regarded as the best Twitter app ever. WolframAlpha ($2.99): Portal into all the data on the Wolfram|Alpha website. VLC Remote Free (free): Remotely control your VLC Media Player on your Mac or PC. 2Do ($14.99): A to-do app on steroids. Due ($4.99): Much better reminders app than the one that ships on the iPhone. Workflow ($2.99): Automate... everything. Pocket Casts ($3.99): A very well-made podcast player. Calendars 5 (free): Great full-featured calendar app that's on sale for free this week. Scanner Pro 7 ($3.99): Document scanner that converts words to text. Friendly (free): Facebook, Instagram and Facebook Messenger in one app. Afterlight ($0.99): A simple but capable photo editor. Dark Sky ($3.99): Hyperlocal weather app with alerts when it's about to start raining or snowing. Looking for a few more app suggestions? Check out our recent post on 5 free iPhone apps that will actually change your life .
  • Giroptic’s unique take on the 360-degree camera is now shipping (2016-04-26 10:36:53)
    In the time that it took the company to turn that cash into a real product, Giroptic was beaten to market by the likes of Ricoh and Kodak. Richard Ollier, the company's CEO, recently brought one of the cameras to The Verge's office for a short demo.
  • The Furbo lets you spoil your pup remotely (2016-04-26 10:30:03)
    Dogs, though seemingly content hanging alone, evolved to become man's best friends. And us humans, we often have to live life without our pets, like when we're at work or at the coffee shop with a strict no-dog policy. (This doesn't apply on the subway.) So Tomofun, a Seattle-based company, is launching an Indiegogo campaign today for a product that's basically a Dropcam but just for dog stuff.
  • Sonos gains Amazon Prime Music streaming in Europe (2016-04-26 10:29:00)
  • Spider-Man makes his second appearance in new Captain America: Civil War TV spot (2016-04-26 10:26:47)
    By my calculations, that would make this television spot the 112th video teaser for Marvel's latest movie, but only the second to show off fan-favorite newcomer Spider-Man. Marvel has been pretty quiet about Spider-Man's inclusion, his first appearance in Marvel's Cinematic Universe after a deal was struck between the studio and Spider-Man movie rights holder Sony.
  • T-Mobile swings to a profit driven by customer gains (2016-04-26 10:23:57)
    T-Mobile US Inc on Tuesday swung to a profit and raised its 2016 forecast for customer additions, as competitively priced plans and free video streaming options helped it add over 1 million new monthly subscribers for the seventh consecutive quarter. Shares in T-Mobile were last down 2 percent at $40.32, reversing earlier gains. T-Mobile has rolled out data-only plans, new family price offers and free music and video streaming services in recent months.
  • Whirlpool 2016 earnings outlook unchanged, first-quarter lower than expected (2016-04-26 10:23:15)
    Whirlpool Corp shares fell in early trading on Tuesday after the company posted a lower-than-expected first-quarter net profit but kept its previous 2016 earnings per share outlook. The biggest driver of the weakness appears to be Whirlpool's European business. Whirlpool shares fell about 5.5 percent to $175.71 but are up about 19 percent year-to-date.
  • Google, Ford, and Uber just created a giant lobbying group for self-driving cars (2016-04-26 10:21:17)
    A who's-who of carmakers, technology companies, and ride-sharing startups are joining forces to pressure the federal government on the issue of self-driving cars. Ford, Google, Uber, Lyft, and Volvo announced Tuesday the formation of the Self-Driving Coalition for Safer Streets, a lobbying group with the express purpose of advocating autonomous driving. It's a power move by some of the most high-profile names behind the still nascent technology, made at a time when regulators and policymakers in Washington, DC are still wrapping their heads around the concept of self-driving cars.
  • YouTube will soon show six-second 'Bumper' ads before videos (2016-04-26 10:19:00)
  • YouTube is getting ready to introduce unskippable ads (2016-04-26 10:13:32)
    Everyone watches videos on their phones. It's something that video platforms have been trying to contend with for years, and on Tuesday, YouTube revealed a new ad format that is specifically suited for viewers on mobile devices. SEE ALSO:  Elon Musk says Tesla’s next car will be even cheaper than the Model 3 On the company's AdWords blog on Monday , Project Manager Zach Lupei announced bumper ads — "a new six-second video format [...] ideal for driving incremental reach and frequency, especially on mobile, where “snackable videos” perform well." Being only six seconds long, they're also unskippable. It's worth noting that these bumper ads wouldn't replace longer commercials altogether, but rather would be used to complement them. In a recent campaign, Atlantic Records found that it could use short bumpers to highlight guests featured on an upcoming record, and then use a full TrueView ad to provide "the fuller story around the album and the band." Used in conjunction, the two formats were even more effective than they would have been on their own. "We like to think of Bumper ads as little haikus of video ads – and we’re excited to see what the creative community will do with them," wrote Lupei. Advertisers will be able to start using bumper ads in May. Here's a sample of a bumper ad you might see starting next month:
  • Watch a trailer for the Chernobyl VR Project interactive documentary (2016-04-26 10:00:59)
    Today marks the 30th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster in Ukraine — the date that a nuclear power plant outside the town of Pripyat melted down, releasing deadly amounts of radiation into the surrounding area. The disaster killed 31 people in the immediate aftermath, afflicted many more with cancer or birth defects, and turned an 18-mile radius around the plant into an abandoned "Exclusion Zone." But in the years since then, the space's eerie emptiness — especially as nature begins to reclaim it — has made it a popular destination for visitors. It combines 360-degree video shot across the Exclusion Zone with walkable 3D versions of some inside spaces, created by meticulously photographing each area and transposing its textures onto rendered objects.
  • Dining with the electric fork that could save lives (2016-04-26 10:00:00)
  • Sneak Peek: Infiniti QX Sport Inspiration (2016-04-26 10:00:00)
    Infiniti's QX Sport Inspiration concept, which debuted at the Beijing Auto Show, is a very real preview of a future SUV.
  • You can buy the Meizu Pro 5 Ubuntu Edition today (2016-04-26 09:56:39)
    If you've been waiting for a powerful Ubuntu smartphone, today is your lucky day. Canonical has announced that the Meizu Pro 5 Ubuntu Edition is now on sale, officially giving Ubuntu a flagship phone to offer users. If you're looking to go all-in with Ubuntu OS (or just want something different than Android and iOS), this is one of the few high-end phones that won't break the bank, coming in at $369 off contract.
  • #FredinChina: « Thank you Kobe » everywhere on Chinese social media (2016-04-26 09:54:46)
    I'm Fred Raillard, CEO, Co-founder and Creative Chief Officer of FF GROUP, a social, content, tech solutions for brands company based in Paris, Shanghai, Beijing and New York. In partnership with FF GROUP, BFM Business launches #FredinChina, a social media podcast in "Chine Hebdo", the weekly radio broadcast of Mathieu Jolivet. #FredinChina is...
  • #FredinChina: 'Thank You Kobe' Everywhere on Chinese Social Media (2016-04-26 09:54:46)
    I'm Fred Raillard, CEO, Co-founder and Creative Chief Officer of FF GROUP, a social, content, tech solutions for brands company based in Paris, Shanghai, Beijing and New York. In partnership with FF GROUP, BFM Business launches #FredinChina, a social media podcast in "Chine Hebdo", the weekly radio broadcast of Mathieu Jolivet. #FredinChina is...
  • Apple Watch ‘flop’ outsold Rolex by about $1.5 billion (2016-04-26 09:48:52)
    The Apple Watch is a miserable failure... or something like that. On Monday we discussed how a number of high-profile industry watchers have labeled Apple's first foray into fashion and wearable tech a flop . For whatever reason, nothing Apple does is a success in some people's eyes unless it instantly becomes a business as big as the iPhone. Of course, we also noted the obvious fact that not even the iPhone was as big as the iPhone when it first launched. Actually, the Apple Watch is believed to have doubled Apple's iPhone revenue during their respective first years of availability. Well, here's another simple comparison for you to help gauge just how badly the Apple Watch flopped: According to estimates, Apple Watch sales in its first 12 months totaled about $1.5 billion more than Rolex's total revenue last year. DON'T MISS: Is this how Microsoft Windows finally dies? Google Ventures general partner M.G. Siegler tweeted a link  on Monday to the same Wall Street Journal article we discussed yesterday . In it, the Journal noted that estimates peg Apple's Watch revenue during the device's first year of availability at $6 billion. We used Apple's original iPhone launch in 2007 as a frame of reference to put that $6 billion figure in perspective, since it was double the sales Apple enjoyed during the iPhone's first year on the market. Well, there's another frame of reference we would now like to draw your attention to. In response to Siegler's tweet, Twitter user @heyyoudvd pointed out a great little stat that really paints a picture of the state of watches right now. In 2015, Rolex's combined revenue totaled $4.5 billion. That's down a good deal from years past, but the watch market has been in decline for some time now. All in all, it wasn't a terrible year for Rolex. Meanwhile, Apple Watch revenue totaled $6 billion in its first 12 months of availability. So, just to reiterate one last time and let it really sink in, Apple Watch sales totaled about $6 billion in its first year of existence. Meanwhile, the world's foremost luxury watch brand did $4.5 billion in sales across its entire product portfolio last year. In fact, the combined sales of all top Swiss watch makers totaled roughly $20 billion in 2015, so Apple is nearly one-third of the way there after just one year. Quite a flop, indeed.
  • Twitter updates harassment reporting tool (2016-04-26 09:45:11)
    Twitter has added an option to its harassment reporting tool: now users can attach multiple tweets to one complaint.
  • T-Mobile continues the good times with 2.2 million new customers (2016-04-26 09:40:00)
  • The remote control for Yuneec's latest drone is bonkers (2016-04-26 09:36:28)
    The first thing I pulled out of the box was the remote control, and it's a whopper. The controller is over a foot long, and features a built-in Android tablet with a 7-inch screen. It's a remote control, but it has two fans! This thing is an absolute beast, and I am pumped to be the drone bro with the heftiest piece of hardware.
  • Volkswagen just killed its most exciting car (2016-04-26 09:35:07)
    Maybe you're into the Budd-e. Maybe you're excited about the new Tiguan crossover. Maybe you just like a good, sensible family sedan like the Passat.
  • Meet LIM, the tech company creating the ultimate wearable: prosthetic sockets (2016-04-26 09:30:02)
    For the past five years LIM has been working on making the ultimate wearable: a prosthetic socket that is soft, adjustable, and modular. It’s difficult for people who don’t have to wear a prosthetic leg to understand the potential impact of such a device. Some parts of lower-limb prostheses — like cheetah blade legs or microprocessor-controlled knees — are more recognizable, both because they’re more visible to others and because the bulk of innovation in prosthetics has been devoted to these parts in recent years.
  • FilmStruck is a streaming service for movie nerds, and it's launching this fall (2016-04-26 09:28:07)
    Turner Classic Movies and the Criterion Collection are teaming up for FilmStruck, a streaming service focusing on indie movies and Criterion's library of licensed properties. The service will become the Criterion Collection's exclusive streaming home when it starts operating this fall, and many of its films are going to be coupled with "rare footage and special features." Turner hasn't announced pricing details or a specific launch date for the service yet, but it's going to be ad-free and available before the end of the year. The best point of comparison for FilmStruck is probably MUBI, the boutique service that offers subscribers a continuously rotating selection of 30 indie movies.
  • HTC Vive guts reveal photodiodes and spinning lasers (2016-04-26 09:25:56)
    iFixit has done its customary teardown work on the HTC Vive, and there's a lot of tech to be seen in there! Most prominent are the oodles of photodiodes placed strategically all over the headset and the Vive controller. iFixit has also done the work to identify and label every chip inside the headset, which are all over the place (the circuit board doesn't look as condensed or consolidated as the Oculus Rift's board.)
  • Elon Musk says Tesla’s next car will be even cheaper than the Model 3 (2016-04-26 09:23:27)
    When it's finally released in late 2017, Tesla's new Model 3 will be a tremendous accomplishment. The car offers features and performance that are on par with similar models from premium car brands, but it bakes them into an all-electric vehicle with a range of at least 200 miles per charge. And incredibly, the Model 3 will start at just $35,000 before tax incentives that will be available to many early buyers. If all goes according to plan, the Tesla Model 3 will be a complete game-changer... but just wait until Tesla unveils the " Model 4 ." DON'T MISS:  My iPhone screen is bigger than your HDTV, but it still fits in my pocket No, there wasn't a huge Tesla event that you somehow missed and no, the Model 4 doesn't yet exist. We don't even know that the company's fourth-generation electric car will be called the Model 4. But in a recent talk, Tesla CEO Elon Musk already started speaking about his company's next-generation vehicle and he had some pretty fascinating things to say about it. Namely, the next-gen Tesla will be even more affordable than the upcoming new Model 3. As noted by Evannex , Musk spoke late last week at the Future Transport Solutions conference in Oslo, Norway. The visionary CEO discussed a number of things during his talk, but one area was of particular interest. During the Model 3 event, Musk discussed how Tesla's master plan has always been to make affordable electric vehicles, noting that the pricey Roadster, Model S and Model X were essentially created to fund more affordable EVs. The Model 3 is the next step in Tesla's plan, but the company's upcoming fourth vehicle will push things even further. "I'm super-excited about being able to produce a car that most people can afford," Musk said of the new Model 3. "And there will be future cars that are even more affordable down the road. But, with something like the Model 3, it's designed such that roughly half the people will be able to afford the car. Then, with fourth generation and smaller cars, we'll ultimately be in the position where everyone will be able to afford the car." The full video of Musk's talk is embedded below, and the part where he discusses Tesla's future fourth-generation car begins just after the 12-minute mark.
  • Britain looking at blockchain for tracking taxpayer money, payments (2016-04-26 09:18:46)
    By Jemima Kelly LONDON (Reuters) - The British government is exploring using the blockchain technology that underpins the bitcoin currency to increase efficiency in the distribution of taypayers' money such as grants, a minister said on Tuesday. Banks and other financial institutions are increasingly investing in blockchain technology, reckoning it could cut their costs and make their operations faster and more transparent. Cabinet Office Minister Matt Hancock said the government was examining how the technology could be used to manage and keep track of the distribution of public money, such as grants and student loans, saying it could "foster a new culture of trust".
  • ICYMI: Fire starting drone, Stanford bird studies and more (2016-04-26 09:18:00)
  • ECB experiments with technology behind bitcoin: Mersch (2016-04-26 09:03:38)
    The European Central Bank is doing "experimental work" with the same ledger technology that underpins virtual currency bitcoin but it needs further research before considering adopting it, an ECB executive board member said on Monday. Yves Mersch said the ECB would look into whether distributed ledger technology (DLT) -- a shared database that can be used to secure and validate any type of transaction -- could be adopted as the market infrastructure of the euro zone's system of central banks. "From a central bank perspective, in the context of our strategic reflections on the future of the Eurosystem’s market infrastructures, we are certainly open to new technologies and, like many market players, have launched some experimental work with DLT," Mersch said.
  • T-Mobile posts higher-than-expected earnings as customers climb (2016-04-26 09:02:51)
    T-Mobile US Inc on Tuesday reported better-than-expected earnings and raised its 2016 forecast for customer additions, as competitively priced plans and free video streaming options helped it add over 1 million new monthly subscribers for the seventh consecutive quarter. Shares in T-Mobile rose 2.6 percent in premarket trading on Tuesday, after closing at $41.18 a day earlier. T-Mobile has rolled out data-only plans, new family price offers and free music and video streaming services in recent months.
  • Giroptic's 360-degree waterproof camera starts shipping (2016-04-26 09:00:00)
  • Google, Ford, Uber join coalition to further self-driving cars (2016-04-26 08:57:05)
    Alphabet Inc's Google unit , Ford Motor Co , the ride-sharing service Uber [UBER.UL] and two other companies said on Tuesday they are forming a coalition to push for federal action to help speed self-driving cars to market. Sweden-based Volvo Cars, which is owned by China's Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Co , and Uber rival Lyft also are part of the Self-Driving Coalition for Safer Streets. The coalition said David Strickland, the former top official of the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the top U.S. auto safety agency that is writing new guidance on self-driving cars, will be the coalition’s counsel and spokesman.
  • Tech billionaire calls Apple ‘outdated’ and its product designs ‘obsolete’ (2016-04-26 08:54:44)
    Chinese billionaire entrepreneur Jia Yueting recently had some harsh words for Apple. During a speech at the China Entrepreneur Club (subsequently summarized by CNBC ), Yueting boldly called Apple outdated while emphatically intimating that the tech world has effectively passed Apple by. Driving the point home, Yueting said that Apple's product design chops were "obsolete." Now I know what you're all wondering: who in the world is Jia Yueting? It's a fair question, and though Yueting is far from a household name outside of China, Yueting, through his company LeEco, has his hands in all sorts of products and services. Not only is LeEco often regarded as Netflix of China, the company also develops smartphones, HDTVs, and more recently, electric vehicles. Put simply, Yueting has aspirations to take on both Apple and Tesla. DON'T MISS:  My iPhone screen is bigger than your HDTV, but it still fits in my pocket With respect to Apple, Yueting brought up the recently released iPhone SE to bolster his point about Apple's lack of innovation: One of the most important reasons [for slowing sales] is that Apple's innovation has become extremely slow," he said. "For example, a month ago Apple launched the iPhone SE. From an industry insider's perspective, this is a product with a very low level of technology...We think this is something they just shouldn't have done." Yawn. While questions about Apple's innovative edge are certainly fair game, bringing up the iPhone SE to prove this point is impossible to take seriously. As we've highlighted before, the release of the iPhone SE was a strategic move designed to patch up holes in Apple's product lineup. In other words, it wasn't an opportunity for Apple to show the world the most advanced mobile technologies it's been working on. What's more, to categorize the technology packed into the iPhone SE - effectively an iPhone 6s - "low level" is absurdly laughable. Moving along, Yueting said that Apple, given its track record for innovation, needs to step it up. As an industry leader, Apple should be developing more cutting-edge products, Jia said. The iPhone was still a leader five years ago after being launched in 2008 but now the concept has "fallen behind," he said. "We believe the next generation of mobile internet will be more open, more ecosystem oriented instead of being a closed loop...Ironically, Apple's over-dominance, lack of internet-thinking and the closed off nature of its systems, all hindered innovation in the internet mobile industry," Jia said. It's almost comical, really. Truth be told, the arguments against Apple in 2016 are the same today as they were back in 2009, 2006 and 2003: Apple's best days are behind it, they no longer know how to deliver innovative products. Rinse and repeat.
  • Jessica Alba, Michelle Obama win Webby Awards (2016-04-26 08:53:59)
    The winners were announced ahead of the 20th Annual Webby Awards ceremony that will take place in New York City on May 16. Michelle Obama won two awards in an Online Film and Video category for parts in Funny or Die and CollegeHumor videos. News satire outlet The Onion was singled out for a Webby Lifetime Achievement award for having won a record-high 39 Webby Awards in a humor category.
  • Whirlpool 2016 earnings outlook unchanged, first-quarter earnings lower than expected (2016-04-26 08:49:50)
    Whirlpool Corp. shares fell in light pre-market trade on Tuesday after the company posted a lower-than-expected first-quarter net profit but kept its previous 2016 earnings per share outlook. Whirlpool shares fell more than 5 percent after it said cost and capacity reductions were offset by soft demand in emerging markets and unfavorable currency exchange rates. Ongoing business earnings per share exclude special items such as restructuring charges or other one-time fees that do not reflect the company's ongoing operations.
  • E-cigarette ads are encouraging teen vapers, CDC finds (2016-04-26 08:39:00)
  • TalkTalk relaunches TV Store with lowest price promise (2016-04-26 08:16:00)
  • Google, Ford, Uber form coalition on self-driving cars (2016-04-26 08:07:00)
    (Reuters) - Alphabet Inc's Google unit , Ford Motor Co , Volvo Cars and two ride-sharing companies said Tuesday they are forming a coalition to urge federal action on self-driving cars. The coalition, which also includes Uber Technologies Inc [UBER.UL] and Lyft, is "to work with lawmakers, regulators, and the public to realize the safety and societal benefits of self-driving vehicles." The group said David Strickland, the former top official of the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, will serve as the coalition’s counsel and spokesperson. "The best path for this innovation is to have one clear set of federal standards, and the coalition will work with policymakers to find the right solutions that will facilitate the deployment of self-driving vehicles," Strickland said in a statement.
  • Hover Camera is a safe and foldable drone that follows you (2016-04-26 08:07:00)
  • How to decipher error codes in Apple Hardware Test or Apple Diagnostics (2016-04-26 08:00:04)
    Apple's Diagnostics utility is great at testing for hardware trouble. However, what do the cryptic codes mean when a piece of hardware has failed the scan? Follow the guide below to figure it out.
  • Zscaler wants to eliminate VPNs with cloud-based Private Access tool (2016-04-26 08:00:02)
    Zscaler recently announced its new Zscaler Private Access (ZPA) tool, which ups security by separating data and network access for users.
  • The Munitio NINES Tactical Earbuds Are 80 Percent Off (2016-04-26 08:00:00)
  • Microsoft is bringing my favorite iPhone and Mac feature to Windows 10 (2016-04-26 07:52:50)
    It's incredible how quickly the tide can turn on the internet. It seems like just yesterday that hordes of angry Windows users were banding together and vowing in unison that they would never patronize Microsoft again because of its shoddy Windows 8 platform. Now, it's almost as though Windows 8 never existed — apparently skipping 9 and jumping directly to 10 worked pretty well indeed. But Windows 10 isn't just a marketing trick, it's a well-crafted desktop platform that doesn't overcompensate for Microsoft's shortcomings in mobile, which is why the Windows 8 experience was so terrible. The best part is that Microsoft continues to make important improvements to its Windows 10 platform, and it looks like the next big addition to Windows will be one of my favorite features from iOS and OS X. DON'T MISS:  My iPhone screen is bigger than your HDTV, but it still fits in my pocket Desktop and smartphone user experiences were entirely separate for a period of time, but Apple and Google have made great strides to better link them. Email protocols like Exchange and IMAP allowed changes made on one device to be reflected on the other, so why couldn't this same concept extend to other areas as well? Apple's Handoff feature suite was introduced as a way to make that happen. Using Handoff, users can switch seamlessly from an iPhone to a MacBook to an iPad without skipping a beat. Web pages you were browsing on your iPhone are instantly available on your MacBook. Documents you were editing on your MacBook open in the blink of an eye on your iPad. Now, it looks like Microsoft is getting ready to bake a similar feature set into Windows 10. As noted by a user on Reddit , a new option appeared for some users in the latest Windows 10 update that refers to Microsoft's upcoming handoff feature. It's not yet fully implemented so it cannot be tested, but this falls in line with earlier reports suggesting that Microsoft is working on functionality similar to handoff. It's important to note that this functionality, once launched, will not be limited to users with Windows smartphones. As reiterated by MSpoweruser , the handoff feature in Windows 10 will be cloud based and will work with third-party apps on the iOS and Android platforms.
  • T-Mobile revenue jumps as heavy discounts attract customers (2016-04-26 07:30:16)
    (Reuters) - T-Mobile US Inc reported a better-than-expected 10.6 percent rise in quarterly revenue and raised its forecast for customer additions in 2016 as heavy discounts helped the No.3 U.S. wireless carrier by subscribers attract more business. T-Mobile has been offering cheaper leasing plans and free music and video streaming to lure customers away from larger rivals Verizon Communications Inc and AT&T Inc . T-Mobile, controlled by Deutsche Telekom , said it added 2.2 million customers on a net basis in the first quarter ended March 31.
  • First Click: Nokia gadgets are coming back (2016-04-26 07:30:02)
    The big news out of Europe today is Nokia's announcement that it's buying digital health firm Withings for $191 million. In announcing the acquisition, Nokia CEO Rajeev Suri said that it "puts us at the heart of a very large addressable market [and] leverages the power of our trusted brand." Read between the lines and you should find yourself suitably excited: Nokia is getting back into the consumer electronics market. When Nokia sold its devices business to Microsoft a couple of years ago, it seemed like the final nail in the coffin for one of Europe's great consumer tech giants.
  • Whirlpool posts lower than expected first-quarter profit (2016-04-26 07:20:34)
    (Reuters) - Whirlpool Corp. on Tuesday posted a lower than expected first-quarter net profit but kept its previous 2016 outlook as it said cost and capacity reductions were offset by soft demand in emerging markets and unfavorable currency exchange rates. Whirlpool said first quarter ongoing business earnings rose to $2.63 per share from $2.14 in the same period last year. Net sales fell to $4.6 billion from $4.8 billion a year earlier Sales in North America, Whirlpool's biggest market, rose about 4 percent to $2.4 billion.
  • Dropbox announces Infinite Drive project: a solution for cloud storage (2016-04-26 07:16:53)
    At the Dropbox Open conference in London, April 26, the company unveiled a new project, Infinite Drive, which in principle would solve a significant problem associated with current cloud storage. TechCrunch explains that one of the main headaches when it comes to cloud storage, and therefore Dropbox, is the problem of accessing a cloud file system in a local file management tool (Windows Explorer or OSX Finder): the file system must be stored on the drive, which defeats the point of cloud storage. Instead, users must open the cloud storage program itself in order to access their files from elsewhere.
  • Apple's iPhone upgrade program now available online (2016-04-26 07:16:00)
  • Dropbox's new magical placeholders save you hard drive space (2016-04-26 07:08:51)
    Dropbox is previewing a new feature that will make owners of small laptop hard drives very happy. Codenamed Project Infinite, Dropbox is planning to enable desktop placeholders for files stored on the cloud storage service. If you've got 20GB of Dropbox storage then you'd typically sync that all to your desktop to get immediate access to your files, but Project Infinite will just produce shortcuts to your files that don't use up any local storage space.
  • An Entrepreneur Makes Speech a Reality for All (2016-04-26 06:58:52)
    Smartstones, Inc., a company taking great leaps in improving communication technology, is today releasing a new product that will directly improve millions of lives. GlobalMindED is proudly committed to supporting the innovative efforts of companies like Smartstones, whose products and services increase access, equity and opportunity for people...
  • Tesco Mobile scraps European roaming charges, for the summer (2016-04-26 06:40:00)
  • Cars will be banned from the Champs-Élysées one day a month (2016-04-26 06:31:20)
    All cars will be banned from the Champs-Élysées on the first Sunday of every month, as part of an ongoing effort to combat air pollution across Paris. The car ban along Paris' most famous boulevard was approved in February and had been slated to go into effect this Sunday, but the mayor's office said Tuesday that it will be delayed until May 8th. Socialist Mayor Anne Hidalgo has made the environment a priority since assuming the office in 2014, backing ambitious plans to create more pedestrian zones and ban diesel cars in Paris by 2020.
  • Dropbox will soon show all your cloud-based files right in the desktop (2016-04-26 06:30:00)
  • Exclusive: SWIFT warns customers of multiple cyber fraud cases (2016-04-26 06:23:26)
    The disclosure came as law enforcement authorities in Bangladesh and elsewhere investigated the February cyber theft of $81 million from the Bangladesh central bank account at the New York Federal Reserve Bank. SWIFT has acknowledged that the scheme involved altering SWIFT software on Bangladesh Bank's computers to hide evidence of fraudulent transfers. Monday's statement from SWIFT marked the first acknowledgement that the Bangladesh Bank attack was not an isolated incident but one of several recent criminal schemes that aimed to take advantage of the global messaging platform used by some 11,000 financial institutions.
  • You can now play Counter-Strike on your Android Wear watch (2016-04-26 06:20:54)
    Google first unveiled its Android Wear smartwatches with fitness as a key feature. Two years ago, Google said you'd be able to get "real-time speed, distance and time information on your wrist for your run, cycle or walk," but it forgot to mention Counter-Strike. For no apparent reason at all, someone has decided to get Counter-Strike 1.6 running on an Android Wear smartwatch.
  • T-Mobile revenue jumps 10.6 percent (2016-04-26 06:15:31)
    (Reuters) - T-Mobile US Inc reported a 10.6 percent rise in quarterly revenue as heavy discounts helped the No.3 wireless carrier attract more customers. The company reported net income of $479 million, or 56 cents per share, for the first quarter ended March 31, compared with a loss of $63 million, or 9 cents per share, a year earlier. Revenue jumped to $8.6 billion from $7.78 billion. (Reporting by Sai Sachin R in Bengaluru; Editing by Saumyadeb Chakrabarty)
  • Microsoft testing app handoff feature for Windows 10 (2016-04-26 05:30:03)
    It's been almost two years since Apple first introduced its app Handoff feature for OS X — letting users pass active apps between mobile and desktop — and Microsoft is now testing a similar feature for Windows 10. It's not clear exactly how this will work in reality, but Microsoft is testing apps based on its Xbox SmartGlass technology. Apps will be able to share information with each other through the cloud, and it's possible that Cortana could play a role in helping assist sharing data to specific apps.
  • Panasonic's pink Dalek delivery bot has been cleared for hospital work (2016-04-26 05:21:33)
    Panasonic's range of Hospi robots are designed to take over drudge work in hospitals — toting around medicine, patients, and performing rote tasks like hair washing. Now, the company's porter bot (the Hospi type R) has been cleared for personal care duties, both in Japan and abroad. Panasonic says it's the first robot in the world to meet this particular combination of safety standards.
  • India mandates panic button on all phones to help keep women safe (2016-04-26 05:09:44)
    All mobile phones sold in India will be required to have a panic button as of next year, the country's telecommunications ministry announced this week, as part of an effort to enhance safety for women. The function will be mandatory on all phones by January 1st, 2017, while GPS navigation systems will be mandatory on all devices by 2018. Women's safety in India have drawn worldwide attention following reports of gang rapes and other forms of violence.
  • Former 'Top Gear' hosts plan DriveTribe motoring community (2016-04-26 05:00:00)
  • British Princes William and Harry will reportedly play Stormtroopers in Star Wars: Episode VIII (2016-04-26 04:21:28)
    As if it's not enough that Princes William and Harry live their opulent lives largely at the British taxpayers' expense, now they might get to live out the regular British citizen's dream, too. The Daily Mail reports that William and Harry might have filmed a small part in the upcoming Star Wars: Episode VIII when they visited the set recently, appearing incognito as masked Stormtroopers in much the same way Daniel Craig did before them. William and Harry reportedly donned the iconic white suits to film a scene that takes place at a First Order installation, stepping into an elevator alongside Benicio del Toro's character as Daisy Ridley's Rey and John Boyega's Finn are trying to sneak their way in. "The line given was that they were going to have lunch and a private tour of the rest of the set," the Daily Mail's source says.
  • LeEco CEO says Apple is 'outdated' and losing momentum (2016-04-26 04:14:28)
    The CEO of LeEco, the Chinese company formerly known as LeTV, thinks Apple isn't as innovative as it once was, characterizing the iPhone maker as "outdated" in an interview with CNBC this week. Jia Yueting made the comments in an interview on Monday, days after LeEco announced its first electric car, called LeSee, which it sees as a rival to the Tesla Model X. Speaking with CNBC, Jia said that the iPhone has "fallen behind" the competition in recent years, pointing to declining sales momentum in China. "In China you can see that Apple has already begun to lose the rapid sales growth momentum," Jia said.
  • Nokia is buying digital health firm Withings for $191 million (2016-04-26 03:34:57)
    Nokia has announced plans to acquire Withings — a French consumer electronics company focused on digital health — for €170 million ($191 million) in cash. The acquisition will significantly boost Nokia's portfolio of wearables and fitness devices, bringing 200 Withings employees and various products such as its Activité smartwatch, E-ink fitness tracker, and Bluetooth thermometer into Nokia's advanced technologies division. "We have said consistently that digital health was an area of strategic interest to Nokia, and we are now taking concrete action to tap the opportunity in this large and important market," said Rajeev Suri, president & CEO of Nokia in a press statement.
  • Nokia will buy Withings for $191 million (2016-04-26 03:28:00)
  • Logitech made the iPad Pro charging dock Apple refused to (2016-04-26 03:01:02)
    Logitech today announced the new Logi Base for the iPad Pro, a charging dock that makes use of the Pro's connector pins to charge and sync the tablet with a computer. The Base, which supports both the 12.9-inch and 9.7-inch versions of the iPad Pro, is made from aluminum, has a non-slip base and magnets to easily align the iPad with the charging pins, and sells for $99.99. The Logi Base is similar to Apple's charging dock for the iPhone, but is obviously larger and designed to hold the iPad Pro's weight.
  • Gmail for Android updated with Microsoft Exchange support (2016-04-26 02:54:09)
    On April 25, Google updated its Gmail app for Android in order to remedy one of its major drawbacks: its lack of support for Microsoft Exchange. The latest version of the app can be downloaded from Google Play as of April 25, although Google has warned the rollout may take a few days. Microsoft Exchange email accounts are standard for work, but support in the Gmail app on Android was previously only available on Nexus devices.
  • Esports league bans porn site-sponsored team (2016-04-26 02:40:00)
  • Egypt looks to avert water crisis driven by demand, waste (2016-04-26 02:17:53)
    KAFR HAMOUDA, Egypt (AP) — "For a thousand years," Abdullah Sheikh's family has been working the land the same way — flooding fields in Egypt's Nile Delta and planting seeds by hand.
  • Malaysia's 1MDB says keeping options open on May 11 coupon payment (2016-04-26 02:08:53)
    The President of troubled Malaysian state fund 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) said on Tuesday it was keeping its options open on another coupon payment for a $1.75 billion bond that is coming up on May 11. "We are keeping our options open on the May 11 coupon and will deal with the payment closer to time," Arul Kanda Kandasamy said in an interview with Reuters. Under the terms of an agreement reached in June last year, Abu Dhabi sovereign fund IPIC was to pay the interest for the bond.
  • Logitech's Harmony app brings smart home control to Android TV (2016-04-26 01:10:00)
  • AI will frag each other with rocket launchers in 'Doom' (2016-04-25 23:47:00)
  • US government wants cyber forces that think like the enemy (2016-04-25 23:28:00)
  • Dangerous Windows 10 flaw lets hackers secretly run any app on your PC (2016-04-25 23:17:39)
    A newly identified Windows 10 security flaw lets  hackers install malicious apps on any machine, without business owners being made aware anything out of the ordinary is happening. The issue lets anyone familiar with Windows security bypass its defenses without leaving any trace on the machine. Discovered accidentally, the issue is significant, and Microsoft is yet to issue a patch. DON’T MISS:  My iPhone screen is bigger than your HDTV, but it still fits in my pocket Found by Casey Smith , the Windows vulnerability doesn’t affect only Windows 10 machines. Malicious hackers could take advantage of the security flaw on enterprise versions of Windows dating back to Windows 7. The issue concerns a program called Regsvr32 (and Regsvr64 for 64-bit machines), which lets anyone execute code on a Windows computer from remote network locations. The flaw doesn’t trigger the AppLocker security software, which is supposed to only let users run apps from trusted sources, and it doesn’t leave any traces in the registry, as it doesn’t need administrator access. In other words, pretty much anyone could use it to install and run any application on an unsuspecting employee’s Windows machine. Microsoft has not yet provided a fix for the issue, but users can disable the Regsvr program using Windows Firewall. More details on Smith’s findings are available at the source links, including proof of concept scripts to demonstrate the security issue.
  • Rock Band 4 is getting an online multiplayer mode (2016-04-25 23:14:42)
    Rock star simulator Rock Band 4 will be getting online multiplayer later this year, developer Harmonix has announced, allowing people to play their plastic instruments as part of a full band even if they're home alone. The update bringing the feature to the game is due out during the holiday period later this year, following the addition of a new practice mode in June, and an expansion pack slated to arrive this fall.
  • 'VR LAN party' software launches for free on Thursday (2016-04-25 22:53:00)
  • 2nd security firm raises concerns about Cruz and Kasich apps (2016-04-25 22:45:01)
    WASHINGTON (AP) — Another computer-security firm raised concerns Monday about the potential for hackers to glean users' personal data from phone apps released by the campaigns of Republican presidential contenders Ted Cruz and John Kasich.
  • Elon Musk discusses one of the best things about Tesla’s Autopilot (2016-04-25 22:28:06)
    Dozens of YouTube videos have already shown us the potential of Tesla's semi-autonomous Autopilot feature , but according to Elon Musk, we've only seen the tip of the iceberg. Electrek reports that Musk told an audience last week during a talk in Norway that early data from Autopilot shows that drivers are significantly safer in their cars when the feature is activated. DON'T MISS:  Elon Musk says Tesla is working on a secret new vehicle that could replace public transport This is the full quote from Musk's talk: "The probability of having an accident is 50% lower if you have Autopilot on. Even with our first version. So we can see basically what’s the average number of kilometers to an accident – accident defined by airbag deployment. Even with this early version, it’s almost twice as good as a person." That's a bold claim for prototype software, but he only sees the safety benefits becoming more pronounced as the technology continues to improve. After all, regulators will need to be shown a great deal of data before they are comfortable allowing Tesla to add a fully autonomous Autopilot mode to its cars, which is exactly what Musk is proposing for the second generation of the feature. Unfortunately, we're probably still a couple of years out from the next major update for Autopilot, but looking at some of the additions Musk and his team plan to make , it's hard not to get excited about the future of autonomous driving.
  • Apple's iPhone Upgrade Program is now available for online purchases (2016-04-25 22:22:19)
    Last year Apple introduced its iPhone Upgrade Program as an easy way to get a new phone every 12 months, but you could only use it by walking into an Apple retail store. It's also, of course, a way to encourage customers to upgrade more frequently than they otherwise might.
  • BMW's EV tech is being used to resurrect the Karma (2016-04-25 22:03:00)
  • Check out SNL’s full hour-long tribute to Prince (2016-04-25 21:39:20)
    Beloved artist Prince passed away last week, shocking fans all over the world. We’ve seen various tributes since then , and  Saturday Night Live  dedicated an entire hour-long episode to the late musician. Don't worry if you missed it, because you can watch the entire thing online for free. DON’T MISS: Nissan trolls Tesla Model 3 in new ad campaign SNL's  hour-long show was dedicated to Prince, featuring special guest stars, Prince-inspired sketches and footage of Prince's past performances on  SNL . "Prince has been a special presence here at Saturday Night Live for the last four decades, from his debut on the show as a 22-year-old in 1981 to his surprise performance at the after party for the SNL 40th anniversary," Jimmy Fallon said in the episode's opening monologue. "Tonight we wanted to pay tribute to him by looking back at his performances on the show over the years and by remembering what he meant to us." Fallon continued, "Other people may have been on the show more times or performed more frequently, but there was always something different about a Prince performance: It was special, it was an event. It was Prince. Times have changed, styles have come and gone, but no matter what, Prince has never not been cool." Among the various clips showing Prince’s performance at the show, SNL also aired his performance at the SNL 40 after party, a clip of which follows bellow. SNL  also prepared special segments featuring Prince, played by Fred Armisen. One of them, featuring Maya Rudolph as Beyonce, Amy Poehler as Nancy Grace, and Shia LaBeouf as Tobey Maguire, can be seen in this embedded video: The full SNL episode dedicated to Prince is available on Hulu , and you can also stream it on  for free.
  • EU invests 1 billion Euros to make quantum computing practical (2016-04-25 21:05:00)
  • You can watch one of Prince’s best concerts in its entirety for free (2016-04-25 20:09:55)
    The world is still coming to grips with the loss of one of the most talented musicians we have ever known. Prince's untimely passing at the young age of 57 rocked the music industry and fans last Thursday morning, and we've all spent plenty of time since then relive our favorite music. If you're unfamiliar with Prince, one video and the story behind it will tell you everything you need to know . We've done a whole lot of digging over the past few days in our quest to relive the magic, and we've found a number of great videos in the process. Among them is a full hour-long set from a Prince concert in 1982, and you can watch the entire thing for free. DON'T MISS:  My iPhone screen is bigger than your HDTV, but it still fits in my pocket The show took place at the Capitol Theatre in Passaic, NJ on January 30th, 1982. No additional intro is needed — just watch the video embedded below and enjoy. Setlist: 0:00:00 - The Second Coming 0:02:00 - Uptown 0:04:50 - Why You Wanna Treat Me So Bad? 0:12:24 - I Wanna Be Your Lover 0:29:14 - Dirty Mind 0:35:42 - Do Me, Baby 0:45:45 - Controversy 0:53:01 - Let's Work 1:00:55 - Encore Applause 1:02:55 - Jack 1:07:42 - Applause
  • What's on your HDTV: 'Penny Dreadful,' 'Limitless' (2016-04-25 20:00:00)
  • Teens who see e-cig ads are more likely to vape, CDC says (2016-04-25 19:48:58)
    The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said today that middle and high school students exposed to e-cig ads — be it online, on TV, or printed in a store or magazine — were more likely to have vaped in the past 30 days than teens who weren't. The data comes from the CDC's 2014 National Youth Tobacco Survey, with results being self-reported by more than 22,000 students. The findings are being published today in the journal Pediatrics. Earlier this month, the CDC said that 3 million middle school and high school students were current e-cigarette users.
  • Exclusive: SWIFT network says aware of multiple cyber fraud incidents (2016-04-25 19:20:49)
    The disclosure came as law enforcement authorities in Bangladesh and elsewhere investigated the February cyber theft of $81 million from the Bangladesh central bank account at the New York Federal Reserve Bank. SWIFT has acknowledged that the scheme involved altering SWIFT software on Bangladesh Bank's computers to hide evidence of fraudulent transfers. Monday's statement from SWIFT marked the first acknowledgement that the Bangladesh Bank attack was not an isolated incident but one of several recent criminal schemes that aimed to take advantage of the global messaging platform used by some 11,000 financial institutions.
  • Former Top Gear trio hope to create an online universe for car fans (2016-04-25 19:01:02)
    Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May — the trio of presenters from BBC's Top Gear who have a new show in the works for Amazon — have invested heavily in a new company that is aiming to create the ultimate online destination for fans of cars and the show. Comparing DriveTribe to Twitch for video games or TripAdvisor for travel, company representatives said there was no single, massive online destination for motoring enthusiasts.
  • Gmail on Android adds support for Microsoft Exchange accounts (2016-04-25 18:58:09)
    Google updated its Gmail app for Android today to support Microsoft Exchange email accounts on all devices. Now, when adding a new account to Gmail, you have a dedicated Exchange option at the bottom of the list. The update should be live in the Play Store for every Android user over the next few days, Google says.
  • A look at the top-secret factory where iPhones are assembled (2016-04-25 18:47:39)
    Some companies are more than happy to announce their product roadmaps months, if not years, in advance. Apple is not one of those companies. On the contrary, Apple takes elaborate and arguably excessive measures to ensure that its upcoming products remain completely hidden from the public up until the moment Tim Cook trots out on stage and officially introduces it. Apple's penchant for and obsession with product secrecy is well-known at this point; which is why the company's recent decision to grant Bloomberg  access to a top-secret factory where iPhones are assembled caught many off-guard. DON'T MISS:  iPhone 7 could be more exciting than we thought if this rumor pans out Not too long ago, Apple let Bloomberg  have a look at an iPhone manufacturing plant owned by Pegatron. Located in China, Pegatron factories have made the news in recent years following reports that employees there were forced to endure less than stellar working conditions, often in the form of excessive working hours. As a result, Apple over the past few years has enacted new rules and regulations that all of its manufacturing partners must adhere to. The entire piece is well worth a read as it provides a fascinating and unprecedented look at the process by which iPhones are assembled. It also highlights how Apple has taken a number of pro-active measures to improve overall working conditions at the manufacturing plants of its partners. For instance, Pegatron plant managers utilize "strict ID checks" to ensure that no employee works excessive overtime hours. Specifically, workers are not allowed to work more than 60 hours in a given week and, at the very minimum, are required to take at least one day off of work a week. The report reads in part: After passing through metal detectors to sniff out camera-equipped devices that could be used to leak pictures of unreleased new products, the workers follow arrows on the floor and inspirational posters on the wall. They climb up a stairwell with safety netting draped across the middle, to prevent accidents—or suicide attempts. At a bank of lockers, they don blue hairnets and swap their shoes for clean plastic slip-on slippers. At 9:20 a.m., the 320-worker production unit lines up with military precision in four rows for their roll call. ... One improvement Pegatron executives were eager to share was increased income transparency. Employees can now check their hours, pay stubs, and monthly lodging and food expenses at touchscreen terminals throughout the campus. Including overtime, take-home pay averages 4,200 yuan to 5,500 yuan ($650-$850) a month. One employee, who helped workers access the automated information stations, showed her base salary was 2,020 yuan. An iPhone 6 in China costs 4,488 yuan. For a company as secretive as Apple, it's always fascinating to see how the sausage is made - so to speak - when given the chance. That said, Bloomberg's full piece on their time at Pegatron's super secret factory is well worth checking out.
  • A look inside the top-secret factory where iPhones are assembled (2016-04-25 18:47:39)
    Some companies are more than happy to announce their product roadmaps months, if not years, in advance. Apple is not one of those companies. On the contrary, Apple takes elaborate and arguably excessive measures to ensure that its upcoming products remain completely hidden from the public up until the moment Tim Cook trots out on stage and officially introduces it. Apple's penchant for and obsession with product secrecy is well-known at this point; which is why the company's recent decision to grant Bloomberg  access to a top-secret factory where iPhones are assembled caught many off-guard. DON'T MISS:  iPhone 7 could be more exciting than we thought if this rumor pans out Not too long ago, Apple let Bloomberg  have a look at an iPhone manufacturing plant owned by Pegatron. Located in China, Pegatron factories have made the news in recent years following reports that employees there were forced to endure less than stellar working conditions, often in the form of excessive working hours. As a result, Apple over the past few years has enacted new rules and regulations that all of its manufacturing partners must adhere to. The entire piece is well worth a read as it provides a fascinating and unprecedented look at the process by which iPhones are assembled. It also highlights how Apple has taken a number of pro-active measures to improve overall working conditions at the manufacturing plants of its partners. For instance, Pegatron plant managers utilize "strict ID checks" to ensure that no employee works excessive overtime hours. Specifically, workers are not allowed to work more than 60 hours in a given week and, at the very minimum, are required to take at least one day off of work a week. The report reads in part: After passing through metal detectors to sniff out camera-equipped devices that could be used to leak pictures of unreleased new products, the workers follow arrows on the floor and inspirational posters on the wall. They climb up a stairwell with safety netting draped across the middle, to prevent accidents—or suicide attempts. At a bank of lockers, they don blue hairnets and swap their shoes for clean plastic slip-on slippers. At 9:20 a.m., the 320-worker production unit lines up with military precision in four rows for their roll call. ... One improvement Pegatron executives were eager to share was increased income transparency. Employees can now check their hours, pay stubs, and monthly lodging and food expenses at touchscreen terminals throughout the campus. Including overtime, take-home pay averages 4,200 yuan to 5,500 yuan ($650-$850) a month. One employee, who helped workers access the automated information stations, showed her base salary was 2,020 yuan. An iPhone 6 in China costs 4,488 yuan. For a company as secretive as Apple, it's always fascinating to see how the sausage is made - so to speak - when given the chance. That said, Bloomberg's full piece on their time at Pegatron's super secret factory is well worth checking out.
  • MakerBot will start outsourcing its 3D printers (2016-04-25 18:41:00)
  • Wisent protocol makes battery-free computers reprogrammable and a whole lot smarter (2016-04-25 18:15:02)
    The WISP project has been making battery-free electronics, which work wirelessly by harvesting power from ambient radio waves, a reality for a while now. This is great for embedded electronics, which can send off a beacon, monitor the environment, and do other cool IoT-type things. Fast Company reports that these battery-free devices could be embedded in structures, used for health applications, or even work as a backup to send an emergency message when your phone's dead.
  • If you use Microsoft’s free OneDrive cloud storage, we hope you’re sitting down (2016-04-25 18:06:23)
    OneDrive users, we have some bad news and we think that you should probably be sitting down for it. Microsoft announced last year that it would be making some big changes to its cloud storage solution, OneDrive . Unfortunately, those changes were all bad news for users. For one, the company said that it intended to ditch its 100GB and 200GB plans and offer only a paid 50GB plan for $1.99 per month. Of note, that's twice what Apple charges for the same amount of iCloud storage. But that's not even the really bad news. Microsoft also said that it planned to trim the amount of cloud storage available to free OneDrive users from 15GB to 5GB at some point in early 2016, and now we know exactly when the change will take place. DON'T MISS:  Is this how Microsoft Windows finally dies? As cloud storage continues to get cheaper and cheaper for service providers, Microsoft has decided to remove much of the value from its own consumer offering. It's a curious and aggravating move for many users, but there is some good news to be had... sort of. If you saw earlier coverage of Microsoft's announcement, you know that there was a way for free users to keep their 15GB of OneDrive storage after the switch is made. All you had to do was visit a special page on Microsoft's website and click one button. Note the past tense in that last sentence — unfortunately, you had to click that button by January 31st, 2015 in order to keep your 15GB. If you missed out and didn't get a chance to visit Microsoft's site by the end of January, there's nothing you can do. Well, that's not entirely true. There are two things you can do: pay for 50GB of OneDrive storage or switch to another cloud storage provider. You have until July 27th to decide, as Microsoft has confirmed that's the date these changes will take effect.
  • Exclusive: SWIFT bank network says aware of multiple cyber fraud incidents (2016-04-25 17:58:42)
    The disclosure came as law enforcement authorities in Bangladesh and elsewhere continued to investigate the February cyber theft of $81 million from a Bangladesh Bank account at the New York Federal Reserve Bank. SWIFT has acknowledged that the scheme involved altering SWIFT software on the bank's computers to hide evidence of fraudulent transfers. "SWIFT is aware of a number of recent cyber incidents in which malicious insiders or external attackers have managed to submit SWIFT messages from financial institutions' back-offices, PCs or workstations connected to their local interface to the SWIFT network," the group warned customers on Monday in a notice seen by Reuters.
  • The Apple Watch, one year on (2016-04-25 17:55:00)
  • Beyoncé's 'visual album' Lemonade sets a new standard for pop storytelling (2016-04-25 17:47:03)
    It’s tempting to look at Beyoncé’s new "visual album" Lemonade as a show of celebrity force that’s without parallel in pop music. No one’s ever used an hour on premium cable to unveil an album-length airing of marital grievances so potent fans thought it might be coupled with a divorce announcement. (It’s a testament to Beyoncé’s command over the public imagination that the idea of a promotional divorce announcement wasn’t completely insane in the first place. ...
  • Here's what Nintendo's weird U-shaped controller patent might actually be for (2016-04-25 17:46:05)
    The patent application, which was reportedly filed in October of 2014 and has been roughly translated into English, suggests that Nintendo had plans for a motion-based controller with a variety of fitness-related sensors, including a gyroscope, acceleration sensors, and temperature sensors.
  • See the major design overhaul coming to Chrome courtesy of Material Design (2016-04-25 17:35:49)
    Over the past few months, Google has been steadily adopting some of the styles and principles from Material Design in order to give its Chrome browser a major visual overhaul. We've highlighted some of the most significant changes in the past, but with Chrome 50 finally rolling out, even more updates are on the way. DON'T MISS:  Is this how Microsoft Windows finally dies? Last week, Google designer Sebastien Gabriel published several examples of how the new design would affect Chrome. We've seen many of these changes before, including the dark incognito theme and the sharp edges of tabs, but there are several additions that we didn't have a chance to see until now. Along with the visual alterations, the new Canary release of Chrome also brings a "hybrid" layout to the browser which is supposed to be more comfortable on touch-enabled and convertible devices. The hybrid layout will be activated by default on any Chromebooks with touchscreens. If you want to try Chrome's Material Design update on your Windows or Mac computer right now, you can do so by heading to and clicking the download button. Once Canary is installed, you'll need to head to about:flags URL bar and turn on "Material design in the browser's top chrome." Here are some of the best pictures that Gabriel shared on his blog:
  • Time Warner Cable deal gets OK, with online video conditions (2016-04-25 17:34:55)
    NEW YORK (AP) — Federal regulators will impose several conditions meant to protect online video services as they back Charter's bid to buy Time Warner Cable and create the country's second-largest home Internet provider.
  • Gmail on Android is ready for your Exchange account (2016-04-25 17:24:00)
  • The failed Fisker Karma will be reintroduced as the Karma Revero later this year (2016-04-25 17:19:39)
    Beautiful but fatally flawed, Fisker Automotive's Karma hybrid sedan was an early example of a next-gen car startup biting off more substantially than it could chew. After it ran out of money, Fisker parted ways with its namesake founder — well-known designer Henrik Fisker — and sold off its assets to a Chinese auto parts company. WSJ reports that Fisker (which is now named Karma, to complete the divorce from Henrik Fisker himself) will launch an updated version of the car called the Karma Revero.
  • Google's custom cases for Nexus phones are more style than substance (2016-04-25 17:15:02)
    A little over a week ago, Google announced two new customizable cases for the Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, and Nexus 6 smartphones. The new cases, which sell through Google's online store for $35, let you put a custom image, photo, or map on the back of the case, and talk to the phone via an NFC tag. For $35, the cases are pretty basic: I have the matte-finish Live Places case with a custom image of the island of Manhattan on it and it's about the same quality of plastic as a $10 case you can get from Amazon.
  • Don't overlook these two hidden risks to your corporate data (2016-04-25 17:01:00)
    Securing corporate data requires more than implementing hardware and software packages. Here are two less obvious risks that should be on your radar.
  • Comcast isn't letting customers use Starz's video service (2016-04-25 16:57:00)
  • First Response's Bluetooth pregnancy test is intriguing — and a privacy nightmare (2016-04-25 16:45:02)
    First Response, a pregnancy test company owned by household product manufacturer Church & Dwight, released its Pregnancy Pro test app in March, which it markets as the "first pregnancy test that syncs with your smartphone." The Bluetooth-enabled test comes with a free partner app that's available on Android, iOS, and Amazon. The app can help women track their ovulation cycle, as well as their pregnancy, and can maintain a calendar with their baby appointments.
  • Women Run the World (2016-04-25 16:41:57)
    People always ask me why I run, ride, swim and do anything to get my heart rate up. My husband says he will run with me, but only if someone is chasing us! For me, exercise is my drug of choice. It keeps me focused, calm and inspired. I especially love running with or for others! I was recently lucky enough to be able to participate in the 13th...
  • UF researchers let people race drones using their minds (2016-04-25 16:34:00)
  • It looks like Spotify was hacked – change your password ASAP, if you still can (2016-04-25 16:29:35)
    If you're one of the millions of people around the world who count themselves as Spotify users, we have some troubling news: it looks like Spotify recently suffered a security breach. A list containing hundreds of sets of account credentials was published late last week to popular anonymous text file sharing site Pastebin, and several of the accounts have been confirmed to be real. What's more, users named in the leak are already reporting that their accounts were indeed breached. In other words, change your Spotify password immediately. DON'T MISS:  Is this how Microsoft Windows finally dies? The news comes from TechCrunch , which says it has directly confirmed that a number of accounts mentioned in the leaked document were indeed breached. The tech site contacted several email addresses contained within the leaked file, and it confirmed that a number of people who replied had indeed had their accounts compromised. “I suspected my account had been hacked last week as I saw ‘recently played’ songs that I’d never listened to, so I changed my password and logged out of all devices,” one victim said. Another said he had found tracks added to his saved songs that he hadn't saved himself. Unfortunately, it looks like some users have already been locked out of Spotify when unknown users changed the usernames and passwords tied to their accounts. Curiously, Spotify flat-out denied the possibility that it has been hacked in a statement to TechCrunch . "Spotify has not been hacked and our user records are secure," a company spokesperson said. "We monitor Pastebin and other sites regularly. When we find Spotify credentials, we first verify that they are authentic, and if they are, we immediately notify affected users to change their passwords." Want our advice? Change your Spotify password as soon as possible, just in case. It certainly appears as though this breach is the real deal and it's unclear if additional account credentials will be released in the future.
  • Kill or Be Killed: Driverless Cars and the Ethical Trolley (2016-04-25 16:24:50)
    As per statistics from the World Health Organization, 1.2 million lives are lost each year to car accidents. Reckless driving, drunken driving and underaged driving are responsible for so many deaths worldwide. According to Google, by eliminating the human factor in driving, road accidents can be reduced by as much as a half through the use of...
  • Chase adds fingerprint support to its Android app (2016-04-25 16:18:02)
    Chase is the latest bank to add fingerprint support to its Android app, following Bank of America that added support for the feature last week. Chase added Touch ID support to its iOS app last June. If you're hoping to log in to your Chase account without having to type in your password, you'll need to be running Android Marshmallow on your phone — the security feature takes advantage of the new fingerprint API introduced in the release, and isn't available on older versions of Android.
  • HTC Vive companion app now available for iOS users (2016-04-25 16:10:00)
  • BetterCloud survey: Adoption of Google Apps and Microsoft Office 365 continues to grow (2016-04-25 16:04:00)
    According to a recent survey, an increasingly mobile enterprise workforce is starting to realize the benefits of SaaS in Google Apps and Microsoft Office 365.
  • The creators of Minecraft just released a new game and it’s completely free (2016-04-25 15:58:39)
    Without any warning whatsoever, the developer behind Minecraft released a new game on Steam over the weekend called  Crown and Council .  Crown and Council is a strategy game from Mojang "about conquering land and obliterating rival monarchs," built from the ground up by Mojang employee Henrik Pettersson. DON'T MISS:  Wolverine finally joins the fray in the new ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ trailer Originally created during a game jam (an event where game designers gather to make short games based around a theme),  Crown and Council has been expanded upon and released in full. And the best part? It's totally free. Reviews are fairly mixed, with many players complaining about the random outcomes of the matches and buggy clicking, but keep in mind, this is a free game designed by one person. Set your expectations accordingly. That said, it's a deceptively addicting game. You probably won't spend as many hours wrapped up in it as you might in an endlessly expansive Minecraft world, but if you're looking to kill some time this afternoon without spending a cent, you could do much worse than Crown and Council . Here's the launch trailer for the game to give you an idea of what to expect when you boot it up for the first time: You can download Crown and Council free for PC on Steam today.
  • Chief justice calls U.S. patent challenge process bizarre (2016-04-25 15:54:50)
    By Lawrence Hurley WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. Chief Justice John Roberts on Monday described as bizarre the legal process used by companies to challenge competitors' patents as the Supreme Court heard a case involving a vehicle speedometer that alerts drivers if they are driving too quickly. The eight justices heard an appeal filed by Cuozzo Speed Technologies LLC, whose speedometer patent was invalidated in a U.S. Patent and Trademark Office review board procedure after being challenged by GPS device maker Garmin Ltd in 2012. The issue before the justices during a one-hour argument in the case was whether the U.S. government has made it too easy for companies to pursue challenges to the patents of other companies.
  • The FCC just signaled war against data caps (2016-04-25 15:52:02)
    The US government is about to approve Charter's bid for Time Warner Cable, and like similar mega-mergers in recent history, it's coming with plenty of strings attached. The FCC might not be able to turn back and impose similar restrictions on Comcast, even though the company has been the worst offender in imposing data caps recently.
  • Zotac stuffed a PC into a backpack for untethered VR gaming (2016-04-25 15:48:27)
    One of the biggest limitations around super high-powered virtual reality headsets is that they have to be tethered to some type of computer, which not only adds to the cost of the VR setup but limits mobility. Fortunately, computer hardware maker Zotac has come up with a solution: Mobile VR, a ZBOX mini-PC stuffed into a backpack. "No longer will you need to worry about tripping over cables or tangling your legs up as you finish your graceful 360," the Zotac Mobile VR blog post reads.
  • WSJ: Facebook working on dedicated camera and live video app (2016-04-25 15:45:00)
  • Virtual reality animator Tyler Hurd on the rebirth of the music video (2016-04-25 15:31:42)
    Some of the most critically lauded virtual reality is the stuff that takes on pressing global problems, like the plight of refugees or the threat of climate change. But Tyler Hurd’s Old Friend, which premiered at Tribeca Film Festival last week, is the opposite of serious. Based on Future Islands’ bouncy pop song of the same name, it uses the HTC Vive headset to transport participants to a cheery, pastel planet inhabited by muppets and a tiny, endearingly grumpy-looking drum major. ...
  • Apple might ditch its ‘S’ strategy and launch the redesigned iPhone of our dreams next year (2016-04-25 15:29:44)
    The iPhone 7 is already seen as a boring phone  by one well-known insider, one that won’t convince enough buyers to purchase the 2016 flagship, which could result in a significant iPhone sales decline. But next year’s iPhone sounds a lot more exciting than the iPhone 7, and a new report indicates it won’t be an iPhone 7s. DON’T MISS:  My iPhone screen is bigger than your HDTV, but it still fits in my pocket Rather than following its traditional upgrade cycle, where an “S” model follows a new iPhone design, Apple could decide to skip the iPhone 7s with the iPhone 8. According to MacRumors , Barclays analyst Mark Moskowitz spoke to industry sources who said the 2017 iPhone might be an overhauled “iPhone 8” featuring “significant design changes” and new features. The handset could pack an OLED display, wireless charging, no home button, and a completely new form factor. In other words, it might be the iPhone of our dreams Recent reports did hint that Apple will equip 2017 iPhones with an OLED screen and that the OLED iPhone might feature a curved display . The device could also lack a physical home button, with Apple expected to replace it with 3D Touch gestures once it's technically able to relocate the Touch ID fingerprint sensor in the display. “In our view, these potential changes could drive a megacycle, underpinning our C2017 iPhone unit growth estimate of 10.3%, vs. 6.3% previously,” the analyst said. This year's iPhone is rumored to be very similar to the iPhone 6s series. The handset is expected to be slightly thinner and lack a headphone jack. Furthermore, a premium version of the iPhone 7 Plus is believed to have a new dual lens camera and a Smart Connector.
  • It's official: Charter owns Time Warner Cable (2016-04-25 15:21:00)
  • Private browsing on iPhone and Mac (2016-04-25 15:16:00)
    Surf Safari discreetly on your Mac, iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.
  • Holy schnikes, this HD footage from 1993 NYC looks like it was filmed today (2016-04-25 15:09:02)
    This HD, 60-frames-per-second footage taken in New York City in 1993 is a test run for grappling with the weirdness of that fact. The video comes from YouTube Pedant, who guesses, "that this footage was shot with a HDVS camera- perhaps a Sony SONY HDC-500 attached to a HDV-10 portable recorder which recorded on UniHi 3/4" tape." That camera alone weighed 10 pounds.
  • Samsung will reportedly start making OLED TV panels this year (2016-04-25 15:05:04)
    Samsung is about to get deep in the OLED game. According to a report from SamMobile, Samsung is preparing to start manufacturing OLED TV panels later this year. Samsung has dominated the mobile OLED market with its displays for years, and now it looks to be turning its sights on the TV industry.
  • Charter's purchase of Time Warner Cable set for US regulatory approval (2016-04-25 15:02:42)
    Charter's purchase of Time Warner Cable is close to receiving US regulatory approval. The Department of Justice and Federal Communications Commission both announced their support for the deal this afternoon, with their approval imposing a series of conditions on the combined entity. Together, Charter and TWC create the second-largest cable company in the US. The conditions are broadly meant to prevent the combined company from creating "unfair barriers to video competition" — that is, driving consumers away from services like Netflix so that consumers might sign up for, say, TWC TV service.
  • '1666 Amsterdam' is back in 'Assassin's Creed' creator's hands (2016-04-25 15:01:00)
  • The Pope says you should stop using your smartphone so much (2016-04-25 14:58:43)
    It's hardly controversial to say that we as a society have become addicted to smartphones. Walk down the street of any major metropolitan city and you'll inevitably see swarms of zombie-like people walking around with their eyes glued to the warm glow of their smartphone of choice, completely oblivious to the world around them. Even in private, many people tend spend an inordinate amount of time checking Facebook, refreshing their email, and literally wasting countless hours hopping around from app to app. Well, the Pope has taken a look at our smartphone dependence and has boldly declared that enough is enough. DON'T MISS:  Is this how Microsoft Windows finally dies? During a lecture this past Sunday at St. Peter's Square, Pope Francis said that teenagers would be well advised to put their phones away and enjoy life the old-fashioned way. "Your happiness has no price," Francis explained. "It cannot be bought. It is not an app that you can download on your phones, nor will the latest update bring you freedom and grandeur in love." Not a bad point, but I think I'll wait until iOS 10 drops before I form a full opinion on the matter. Kidding aside, it's worth noting that Pope Francis is actually rather tech-savvy as far as worldwide religious figures are concerned. As Gizmodo points out, "he recently launched his own Instagram account, and he’s a big fan of the selfie." Notably, though, this isn't the first time Francis has warned about the inherent danger of technology taking over our lives. This past November, Pope Francis said: "A family that rarely eats together, or a family where no one speaks, opting instead to watch television or look at smartphones, is not much of a family.”
  • Facebook developing camera app similar to Snapchat: WSJ (2016-04-25 14:58:13)
    (Reuters) - Facebook Inc is developing a stand-alone camera app, similar to disappearing photo app Snapchat, to increase user engagement, the Wall Street Journal reported, citing people familiar with the matter. The app, being developed by Facebook's "friend-sharing" team in London, is in its early stages and may never come to fruition, according to the report. ( The company is also planning a feature that allows a user to record video through the app to begin live streaming, the newspaper reported. Facebook could not immediately be reached for comment. ...
  • Facebook is reportedly building a standalone camera app (2016-04-25 14:56:07)
    A team of Facebook engineers in London are working on a standalone camera app with a big live-streaming component, according to a report today in The Wall Street Journal. The app would open straight into a camera, as Snapchat does, to foster immediate capturing and posting of photos and videos, as well as letting users stream via Facebook Live. With billions of smartphones in the world and near-ubiquitous high-speed data connections, Facebook sees a huge opportunity to get its 1.6 billion users sharing more than ever before.
  • Amid slowing growth, Yik Yak adds a chat function (2016-04-25 14:38:08)
    It's a truism that all software expands until it includes messaging, and Yik Yak is no exception. The mostly anonymous campus social network today introduced chat, allowing users who have created "handles" inside the app to communicate with one another privately. Chat was the most-requested feature in the app, which in January had about 4 million users a month, according to TechCrunch. The move comes at a time when Yik Yak is struggling with the perception that its growth has stalled.
  • Twitter lets you flag multiple abusive tweets in one report (2016-04-25 14:38:00)
  • An astronaut ran a marathon in space, because going to space wasn’t hard enough (2016-04-25 14:37:53)
    While I was relaxing, it turns out, British astronaut Tim Peake ran the London Marathon over the weekend. There was even an iPad in front of him that digitally recreated the actual London Marathon route, according to The Guardian. Seriously, leave it to NASA and the European Space Agency to remind me that I'm aiming way too low with my #weekendgoals.
  • How one e-commerce giant uses microservices and open source to scale like crazy (2016-04-25 14:36:05)
    Zalando's "Radical Agility" is becoming a mainstream way for businesses to scale.
  • Dubai pushes the pedal to the metal on driverless cars (2016-04-25 14:34:52)
    DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — Already home to the world's biggest skyscraper, Dubai has another tall order to fill: By 2030, its leader wants 25 percent of all trips on its roads to be done by driverless vehicles.
  • AMC’s casting for The Walking Dead season 7 could tell us who was killed by Negan (2016-04-25 14:29:04)
    AMC trolled us big time a few weeks ago during the season 6 finale of The Walking Dead . Long-time fans of the series are wondering who died at the end, and this might be the most annoying cliffhanger yet, especially since we all have our suspicions. Fast forward to now, and we hear that AMC is casting for a new recurring The Walking Dead role, based on the comics. If accurate, this might indirectly indicate who died at the end of season 6. If you haven’t seen last season's finale yet, you should avoid reading any further because this post may contain some major spoilers . DON’T MISS: Where to download Beyoncé's new album Lemonade without signing up for Tidal Independent reports from TV Line and The Hollywood Reporter tell us that Glenn might indeed Negan's victim, as was the case in the comics. First off, AMC is reportedly casting the role of Augustus, who seems to be based on Ezekiel, the self-proclaimed king of The Kingdom in Robert Kirkman’s comics. His Highness is “flamboyant and wise, nice and weird.” Oh, and he has a pet tiger called Shiva – we can’t imagine what he’s feeding his tiger in this post-apocalyptic landscape. Ezekiel teams up with Rick against Negan, after meeting the people of Alexandria through Jesus – that’s assuming the show will follow the comics. If that's the case, then Glenn died at the hand of Negan. Steven Yeun, who plays Glenn, has started filming Okja , a movie that will be released down the road on Netflix. Yeun joins Tilda Swinton, Jake Gyllenhaal and Paul Dano in this one, which is a monster movie about a genetically manufactured pig named Okja  that doesn’t stop growing. Principal photography began on April 22nd, with the film set to shoot in South Korea, Canada and the U.S., The Hollywood Reporter says. Meanwhile, The Walking Dead season 7 is set to premiere in October. Is Yeun’s involvement in Okja another hint that his character died in season 6? We certainly hope not, but the evidence is mounting
  • This Audi has a beautiful electric longboard hidden in its bumper (2016-04-25 14:15:49)
    At Beijing's auto show this week, Audi unveiled its Connected Mobility Concept, a trucklet based on the production Q3. What's interesting is what's inside of it: a beautiful electric longboard that automatically charges when it's stowed inside the rear bumper. The idea is that the car's navigation system automatically calculates whether your'e better off driving or using the longboard to get to your destination — and if it tells you to take the longboard, it'll first suggest a place to park.
  • MakerBot will no longer make its own 3D printers (2016-04-25 14:15:02)
    MakerBot has announced that it will no longer manufacture its own hardware. As a result, the company will shut down its manufacturing operations in the Industry City complex in Brooklyn, NY, and will part ways with an undisclosed number of staffers. MakerBot's headquarters and its other teams — namely design, engineering, logistics, and repairs — will remain in Brooklyn.
  • Paul and Dieter talk gadgets for 23 minutes (2016-04-25 14:15:02)
    If you haven't seen our huge State of the Gadget Union post yet, or maybe just hate reading, don't even worry about it, because two cool men, Paul and Dieter, have teamed up to give you an overview of the industry. Or, at least, as much of the industry as they could fit on a small table.
  • Siemens says will continue to make digital acquisitions (2016-04-25 14:02:07)
    HANOVER, Germany (Reuters) - German industrial group Siemens will continue to buy software companies to beef up its core industrial business, its board member with responsibility for its digital factory division said on Monday. "Will we continue to invest in acquisitions? Definitely, yes," Klaus Helmrich told a news conference when asked whether Siemens would continue to buy so-called product lifecycle management software firms at the rate it has been doing. Siemens agreed in January to buy U.S. ...
  • iPhone 7 could be more exciting than we thought if this rumor pans out (2016-04-25 14:00:46)
    iPhone 7 reports were bound to start flying at this time of year, with most of them agreeing on the phone’s most important features. Far from being confirmed, the iPhone 7 is supposed to be thinner than predecessors, featuring a redesigned antenna system and no standard headphone jack. A premium iPhone 7 Plus model is expected to have a dual lens camera, and this year’s high-end iPhone is also rumored to pack a keyboard-friendly Smart Connector just like the iPad Pros. But a new report also suggests another key feature is getting a makeover, and it could pave the way for a future major iPhone redesign. SEE ALSO:  My iPhone screen is bigger than your HDTV, but it still fits in my pocket The home button on the iPhone 7 might be touch-sensitive, according to Digitimes . That means the button might be flush with the rest of the phone’s face. This might not seem like a significant upgrade, but it most certainly would be. This type of home button design might be a transition from the standard home button available in current iPhone and iPad models to a buttonless design in the future. The features offered by the home button could be replaced by a combination of touch actions, including 3D Touch gestures, as soon as Apple integrates the Touch ID fingerprint sensor with the screen. The fingerprint sensor is a core iPhone feature that won’t go away anytime soon — Touch ID lets you unlock the iPhone, purchase items Apple Pay and more. That said, there’s no confirmation Apple is indeed going to modify the home button design in the iPhone 7, but we have every indication that the company intends to ditch it entirely in the future. As MacRumors points out , a patent awarded last month indicates that Apple might already be working on such technology. By using a Liquidmetal mechanism , the home button could depress when touched, then revert to normal shape – which would be flush with the rest of the handset's face.
  • Creepy co-op game 'Push Me Pull You' comes to PS4 on May 3rd (2016-04-25 13:58:00)
  • EU regulators to block Telefonica's sale of O2 UK to Hutchison: sources (2016-04-25 13:57:23)
    By Foo Yun Chee BRUSSELS (Reuters) - EU competition regulators will veto CK Hutchison Holdings's 10.3 billion-pound ($14.9 billion) deal to buy O2 UK from Spanish group Telefonica to become Britain's biggest mobile network operator, two people familiar with the matter said on Monday. Hutchison, controlled by Asia's richest man Li Ka-shing, had always faced an uphill battle getting EU clearance for the deal because merging O2 with its own Three UK, would reduce the number of rival mobile network operators in Britain to three. It will be the first time that European Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager has expressly rejected such a deal, although Scandinavian groups Teliasonera and Telenor abandoned plans to merge their Danish mobile subsidiaries in September last year after Vestager said she wanted four network operators in that market.
  • Learning the Game of Thrones theme song on Roli's futuristic Seaboard Rise (2016-04-25 13:52:35)
    Late last year, Roli unveiled the Seaboard Rise, which disconnected the software aspect of the keyboard — it requires a laptop or tablet to play versus the standalone capabilities of the Grand — but also lowered the price of entry. Roli's Seaboards are part of a (relatively) new category of musical instruments known as polyphonic multidimensional controllers (PMCs) — instruments like the Eigenharp, Haken Continuum, and Linnstrument that could only really exist in digital form. The Seaboard intentionally looks like a melted, rubberized keyboard, but those keys are intended only as guideposts for traditional piano keys.
  • The full cast list for the new Twin Peaks is here, and it’s really, really strange (2016-04-25 13:47:49)
    Questions have surrounded Showtime's new Twin Peaks series ever since it was first announced: Is it a reboot? Is David Lynch on board? Did David Lynch drop out? Is David Lynch back on board after dropping out? And most importantly, will the frontman of Nine Inch Nails be making an appearance?
  • Microsoft is giving away a free Lumia 950 if you buy a Lumia 950 XL (2016-04-25 13:44:48)
    Microsoft's Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL smartphones have been on the market less than six months, but Microsoft is practically giving them away. The software giant is giving away a free Lumia 950 if you buy the larger Lumia 950 XL unlocked from the Microsoft Store in the US before May 1st. It appears that Microsoft is clearing its inventory of Lumia devices, amidst poor sales and a lack of marketing.
  • How to prepare your business to benefit from AI (2016-04-25 13:37:00)
    AI is on the verge of becoming a critical part of business infrastructure. TechRepublic spoke to the CEO of a data science company to understand how to best integrate AI into business plans.
  • Google Glass-based startup raises $17 million in funding (2016-04-25 13:33:19)
    (Reuters) - Augmedix Inc, a startup that uses Alphabet Inc's Google Glass to provide documentation services to doctors and other healthcare workers, said on Monday it had closed a $17 million funding round led by investment firm Redmile Group. Augmedix's employees transcribe doctors' notes and update patients' electronic medical record through Google Glass. The San Francisco company, which has raised $40 million so far, also said it had received investments from five U.S. healthcare networks, including Sutter Health and Dignity Health, which together have more than 100,000 healthcare workers.
  • Pope to teens: you cannot download happiness (2016-04-25 13:32:00)
  • A $79 Remix OS laptop may be on the way (2016-04-25 13:12:02)
    Now Chinese manufacturer Allwinner is looking to capitalize on the operating system with a new laptop that could end up being the cheapest in the world. ARMDevices got its hands on a reference laptop built by Allwinner, which may end up selling for as cheap as $79 (but only for bulk orders of models with the lowest specs). The laptop comes with an 11.6-inch 1366 x 768 display and runs on a 64-bit quad-core ARM Cortex-A53 processor, 1GB of RAM, and 8GB of flash storage.
  • Crowdsourcing the Future of a Social Movement (2016-04-25 13:09:11)
    How an innovative campaign lifted up the voices of people across the United States to help inform movement leaders about the hopes, fears, and ideas of the LGBTQ community.A year and a half before the historic US Supreme Court ruling ended discrimination in civil marriage rights for same-sex couples, major funders and nonprofit leaders of the...
  • The creators of 'Doom' and 'Quake' reveal a new sci-fi shooter (2016-04-25 13:09:00)
  • Can AI fix education? We asked Bill Gates (2016-04-25 13:07:52)
    Bill Gates is working to change all that. Through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Microsoft’s co-founder and chairman has invested more than $120 million to date in a developing field known as "personalized learning." It’s a diffuse set of initiatives, led mostly by private companies, to develop software that creates individual lesson plans for students based on their performance, coaching them through trouble spots until they have mastered the subject at hand. Teachers still play a central role in the classroom, but they do less lecturing and more one-on-one coaching.
  • The next Apple Watch will reportedly have cellular connectivity (2016-04-25 13:06:44)
    Apple's next smartwatch may come with a faster processor and cellular connectivity, according to a report from The Wall Street Journal. The company, which hasn't said when it will announce the next Apple Watch, is reportedly hard at work remedying some of the device's current shortcomings.
  • You can now flag abusive Twitter accounts by reporting multiple tweets at once (2016-04-25 13:04:20)
    Twitter's processing for reporting abusive accounts has long been criticized as being clunky and ineffective. Today, in a long overdue move, Twitter will allow you to flag abusive accounts by attaching multiple tweets to your report as evidence. It's been more than a year since former CEO Dick Costolo acknowledged to employees that the company "sucks" at dealing with abuse — a problem that has made it even harder for Twitter to grow its user base. Since then, the company has taken some concrete steps to improve, including hiring more people and adding new reporting tools.
  • You have a week left to watch these Netflix movies and shows before they start disappearing (2016-04-25 13:02:20)
    Nothing lasts forever, including the Netflix streaming library. Late last week, Netflix announced all of the movies and shows that would be added to its service in May as well as everything that would be removed. Thankfully, this time around, only a few of the expiring titles were worth watching in the first place. SEE ALSO:  My iPhone screen is bigger than your HDTV, but it still fits in my pocket Some of the movies you might want to check out before they're gone include  Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure , Blade Runner and Black Hawk Down . Keep in mind, the list is subject to change as Netflix renegotiates its deals, but here is the current list of removals scheduled for March: May 1st The Animatrix (2003) Anna Karenina (1948) Author! Author! (1982) Beware of Mr. Baker (2012) Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure (1989) Broadway Idiot (2013) Bus Stop (1956) Election (1999) The Good Life (2012) Holiday Engagement (2011) Kiss of Death (1995) Mad Hot Ballroom (2005) Mona Lisa Is Missing (2012) Ralphie May: Austin-tatious (2008) Terms And Conditions May Apply (2013) That's What I Am (2011) Thérèse (2012) Truth or Die (2012) Young & Handsome: An Evening with Jeff Garlin (2008) May 2nd Slightly Single in L.A. (2012) May 3rd JFK: The Smoking Gun (2013) May 4th Stealing Harvard (2002) May 6th Finding Normal (2013) May 7th JFK: A President Betrayed (2013) May 9th Cheerful Weather for the Wedding (2012) Tears of the Sun (2003) May 10th The Score (2001) May 12th The Ladykillers (2004) May 13th Is the Man Who Is Tall Happy? (2013) May 14th The Master of Disguise (2002) Offender (2012) May 15th A Pope For Everyone (2013) Bratz: BFF: Best Friends Forever (2007) The Greatest Places: IMAX (1999) In Her Skin (2009) Inhale (2010) The Quest: Season 1 (2014) Search for the Great Sharks: IMAX (1995) Tiger Eyes (2012) May 16th Blade Runner: Theatrical Cut (1982) The Last Tycoon (2012) May 19th Peep World (2010) May 21st Struck by Lightning (2012) May 22nd Ida (2013) Stand Off (2012) May 23rd Black Hawk Down (2001) May 27th Escape from Tomorrow (2013) Run & Jump (2013) Vanishing of the Bees (2009) May 28th Barfi! (2012) May 29th These Birds Walk (2013) May 31st Clerks (1994) It's not all bad news, though — don't forget to check out all of the new movies and TV shows being added to Netflix in May .
  • Kodak will give free 35mm film to some filmmakers on Kickstarter (2016-04-25 12:47:24)
    It's no easy to feat to shoot a movie on film these days, but Kodak and Kickstarter are trying to change that. If a filmmaker's campaign qualifies for Kodak's help, Kodak will offer up to $20,000 worth of 35mm film or $15,000 worth of Super 16mm film. The exact amount is determined by how much the campaign raises, with Kodak offering a 20 percent match (worth of film) on funding for 35mm campaigns and a 15 percent match on Super 16mm campaigns, with a cap on both once the campaign hits $100,000.
  • Apple Watch sequel reportedly includes cellular data (2016-04-25 12:46:00)
  • Harmon Kardon's Go + Play Bluetooth speaker has a fancy handle (2016-04-25 12:42:03)
    Harman's new Bluetooth speaker, the Harman Kardon Go + Play, can connect to up to three devices and reportedly supports up to five hours of playtime. If you're in a conference room, it can host conference calls! Though these are definitely nice features, they aren't anything revolutionary. Lots of Bluetooth speakers can be paired in stereo and play conference calls.
  • My iPhone screen is bigger than your HDTV, but it still fits in my pocket (2016-04-25 12:37:35)
    One of the reasons I like the Galaxy S7 edge so much is the fact that it stuffs a large 5.5-inch display into a smartphone that is surprisingly compact and comfortable to use with one hand. Samsung's S7 edge design is fantastic, featuring curved glass edges on the front and back of the phone. Couple that with practically non-existent bezels on the sides of the handset's Super AMOLED display, and you've got a wonderfully compact phone that still has a big, beautiful display. And here I am stuck with the tiny little 4.7-inch screen on the iPhone 6s. I would love to switch to the Galaxy S7 edge. Sadly, I cannot . It would also be awesome if I could switch to Apple's larger iPhone 6s Plus. Unfortunately, that's also a no-go . There's simply no perfect solution for me right now, but an awesome accessory I recently found makes my iPhone 6s screen the size of an HDTV, and I'm shocked at how much I've been enjoying it. DON'T MISS:  Is this how Microsoft Windows finally dies? I now join the tens of thousands of BGR readers who can happily say that I found an awesome product thanks to the BGR Deals team . Actually, that's not true at all... I joined those ranks months ago, and all the cool stuff our Deals team posts has been costing me a fortune. But that's neither here nor there. Some time ago, a company called RIF6 reached out to me and asked me if I wanted to check out a product called the Cube . It looked nifty but my schedule was packed at the time, so I passed it along to our Deals team. Then I read their coverage of the Cube , and I was instantly jealous. What a cool little device it appeared to be, and I was told that it worked even better than I might expect. So naturally, I eventually crept into the BGR office one evening and stole the Cube back. I've been playing with RIF6's tiny little mobile projector for a while now, and I'm pretty surprised at how much I like it. The Cube mirrors the display of any connected smartphone in HD resolution up to 1080p, and it projects an image that's very clear in a dark room and still reasonably clear even in moderately low light. A single cable connects any smartphone to the Cube via HDMI, though if you're using an iPhone you also need a Lightning to HDMI adapter. You can find an adapter on Amazon , or you can purchase a version of the Cube projector that ships with an adapter . Once connected, the Cube will automatically recognize the phone and project its display onto any surface. The Cube obviously doesn't solve the issue of my tiny screen during normal usage, but I actually like better than Apple's AirPlay streaming solution. The Cube works anywhere, any time, and it's pretty great for watching streaming movies and TV shows, or for showing off photos and videos to friends and family, as I've done several times now. It's just 2 inches tall by 2 inches wide and deep and it charges with a standard microUSB cable, so it's also obviously very portable. RIF6's Cube might not be as crucial as some other iPhone accessories out there , but it's a pretty great option for people looking for a good portable solution for their screen envy.
  • Lyft's new ad campaign shows drivers escaping the hellish circus of traffic (2016-04-25 12:36:21)
    Lyft has begun a massive national marketing campaign in recent weeks, spending heavily on discounted rides, billboards, and street teams armed with promotions and pink mustaches. Today it debuted the first look at its television ad campaign, a spot that will run in 19 major markets across the US with the slogan "Riding is the new driving." In keeping with its light-hearted vibe, the one-minute message depicts the nightmare of driving in traffic as a fantastical circus worthy of a Fellini film. This whimsical approach to attracting customers is quite different from the tactics playing out on the ground, where Uber and Lyft — the two largest ride sharing services in the US— have been fighting a price war against each other.
  • Disney forges a deal to use Nokia's VR camera (2016-04-25 12:19:00)
  • Researchers are using the vibration of your skull to identify you (2016-04-25 12:15:02)
    Conventional passwords are marching to their death, and biometric authentication might be the future, especially with the possibility of widespread fingerprint scanning or facial-recognition technology. Every skull modifies sound differently, and the researchers measured those minute differences to use as an authentication system. The Google Glass application records sound as it plays and converts the data it gathers into a byte file.
  • Chromebooks May Soon Get "Over a Million" Android Apps (2016-04-25 12:13:38)
    Apps for Google's Chromebooks are currently limited to the Chrome Web Store, but that may change dramatically very soon. Some users have found hints that Android's Google Play Store may be coming to Chrome OS. Ars Technica found that some Reddit users noticed a checkbox that allows for Chromebooks to run Android apps under settings, but it disappeared almost instantly, preventing anyone from clicking it (Ars replicated this on its own Chromebook).
  • Where to Listen to Beyonce's Lemonade (2016-04-25 12:13:33)
    After Beyonce debuted her latest album Lemonade as an hour-long cinematic feature on HBO last Saturday (April 23), you either needed an HBO Now or Tidal account to stream the special, and you couldn’t hear the audio version without Tidal. As of today (April 25), you can buy the album from iTunes and Tidal for $17.99, so you don’t need to add another recurring monthly payment in order to hear Beyoncé’s latest.
  • Incredible drag race video pits Tesla Model X against a Ferrari F430 (2016-04-25 12:12:30)
    As Elon Musk likes to boast, Tesla doesn't know how to make slow cars. In fact, when it comes to pure acceleration, Tesla offers borderline supercar level performance at a price point that's incredibly reasonable when you look at how much some of the most expensive cars in the world typically sell for. Over the past few months, we've seen no shortage of race videos pitting a Tesla Model S against all comers, including a Lamborghini Aventador , a McLaren 650s Spider , and even a Boeing 737 . Does the Model S ever prevail? Of course not. But with a Model S in Ludicrious Mode capable of going from 0-60 in just 2.8 seconds, the raw acceleration is still a sight to behold. Now that Tesla has finally gotten around to ramping up production on the Model X, we're finally starting to see Tesla's crossover SUV appear in drag racing videos of its own. Most recently,  DragTimes decided to pit a Tesla P90D Model X in Ludicrous mode against a Ferrari F430. As a quick point of interest, a Model X in Ludicrous mode can go from 0-60 in 3.2 seconds, can complete a quarter-mile in just 11.7 seconds and has a top speed of 155 mph. By way of contrast, a Ferrari F430 can reach a top speed of 196 mph and can go from 0-60 in 3.8 seconds. DON'T MISS:  The iPhone 7 is going to be ‘boring’ Now think about that for a second: we're comparing a relatively recent Ferrari to an SUV of all things. In any event, the video below really showcases how impressive a tricked out Tesla Model X performs even when racing against a bonafide sportscar. What's particularly interesting about this video is that the Model X seems to hold its own for far longer than we're accustomed to seeing. Typically, a sports car racing against a Tesla Model S will manage to catch up and reclaim the lead relatively quickly, but the Model X appears to really give the Ferrari a run for its money.
  • Mindful of Myself: From Me to You (2016-04-25 12:04:28)
    On a recent flight from Ann Arbor to Philadelphia I inwardly groaned when I saw that I had the dreaded middle seat. I settled myself in, turned my phone off and began my typical inner debate on early morning flights (sleep versus read) when the window seat passenger made a comment to me about barely making his connection. Noting that it was...
  • Apple's updated MacBook is indeed faster with longer battery life (2016-04-25 12:00:00)
  • Xiaomi CEO shows off Mi Band 2 in smug Weibo photo (2016-04-25 11:55:03)
    Xiaomi's incredibly cheap Mi Band and Mi Band Pulse have allowed the Chinese smartphone maker to find success in the wearable market in China. Jun showed off Xiaomi's upcoming device during a wearables conference in China over the weekend, and it looks like the Mi Band 2 will be a major step up from its predecessors.
  • Top 100 Most Social CIOs on Twitter 2016 (2016-04-25 11:51:03)
    There is no better time than now to be a chief information officer (CIO). 2016 is the year of the connected customer and an opportunity for CIOs to help their companies learn more about and engage with their customers in a whole new way. Every business is a technology business and CIOs are best positioned to leverage innovation to help their...
  • What Were Bill Gates's Worst Decisions as CEO? (2016-04-25 11:50:24)
    These questions originally appeared on Quora - the knowledge sharing network where compelling questions are answered by people with unique insights. Answers by Brad Silverberg, Co-founder Fuel Capital; Partner at Ignition Partners; Microsoft SVP (1990-99), on Quora.Q: What were Bill Gates's worst decisions as CEO?A: Top of the list for me is...
  • Veep's fifth season is a welcome refuge from real-world political absurdity (2016-04-25 11:48:18)
    Thanks to a mix of fate and scheduling, Veep’s fifth season (which premiered last night on HBO) will likely be its most relevant yet. Over the course of 10 weeks this spring, the series will chronicle the results of a fictional presidential election alongside its real-world counterpart. There’s nothing inherently unusual about presidential elections (there have been dozens of them), but this one, if you haven't already noticed, feels particularly absurd.
  • 11 paid iPhone apps on sale for free right now (2016-04-25 11:47:11)
    We've got one week left in April and we plan on closing this month out with a bang. That means you can expect a solid week packed with more paid iPhone and iPad apps on sale for free than you know what to do with. To start things off, we've dug up 11 premium iOS apps that are all free downloads for a limited time, and you'll find them all laid out below. DON’T MISS:  Guess which ‘flop’ sold twice as well as the iPhone in its first year These are paid iPhone and iPad apps that have been made available for free for a limited time by their developers. There is no way to tell how long they will be free. These sales could end an hour from now or a week from now — obviously, the only thing we can guarantee is that they were free at the time this post was written. If you click on a link and see a price listed next to an app instead of the word “get,” it is no longer free. The sale has ended. If you download the app, you will be charged. Data Widget Normally $1.99. Apple Watch is supported now! The first iOS data widget, a single swipe is all! It takes a creative design named double progress, which brings time and data in one simple diagram. You can see all at a glance . Compatible with all carrier networks! Real-time monitoring,history. Green App: no consumption data, no GPS, no ads Download Data Widget Remote Pro Normally $1.99. Remote is swiss army knife of remote apps - allowing you to control volume, use your iPhone or iPad as trackpad and keyboard, and launch apps on your Mac, without moving from your couch. FEATURES: • Have control of your Mac at your finger tips, relaxing on your couch while watching favorite movie or TV show • Remote turns your iPhone or iPad into a Wi-Fi keyboard and trackpad, making it a perfect controller for a living room, controlling your HTPC • Control volume during music or movie playback, or mute it entirely • Launch or quit any app installed on your Mac (Kodi, Plex and etc.) • Using Wi-Fi it has superior range and performance compared to other wireless technologies without extra dongles or expensive adapters Want to try the features before paying for them, free ads supported version is available here: REQUIREMENTS: OS X 10.7 or newer iOS 8.0 or newer Download Remote Pro Tasker Normally $0.99. Always be prepared for the task at hand with Tasker! Take your to-do list and project manager app wherever you go. Tasker is a beautifully designed to do list app that makes you more organized and productive. 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Learn about new things and broaden your horizon one article at a time. > Share the most interesting articles with your friends through iMessage, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp and more. > Save your articles for later with Safari's Reading List, Pocket, Readability and more. Currently supported languages: English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, 普通话, Español, العربية, Pусский, Português, 日本語. If you want to suggest new features or need any help, feel free to contact me through the support button inside the app! Download One Wiki A Day InstaTrend Normally $2.99. -The most recent data about your Instagram activity is read and saved by the app every time you ask to do it (* a limited number of updates by day is allowed to each user: 2 (included) or 100(purchased option) ) -Ultra-fast connection: Connection time is very short, can be done using 3G or Wi-Fi -Confidential login: Login is done using Instagram services, the app doesn't store your credentials (Please, note that the app can only store data for one user. If you log with a new user, information of previous one will be deleted after confirmation). Followers' tracking over time ---------------------------------------------- -Guess if you're seducing new followers or loosing them -Visualize followers' progression in graphic or table format. Data is available for the period between first and last update. -Trend calculation: know if you're attracting (or loosing) more followers than yesterday -No data gaps: Estimations are made for dates where update hasn't been done. These data are clearly identified in the views. -No connection required: Data are stored in the smartphone, then you can explore them without being connected to Internet. Connection is only required to update. 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  • How Tech Is Helping Us Fight Terrorism (2016-04-25 11:42:02)
    Lately, a week doesn't pass without reports of a terrorist attack flooding the news -- there is a sinking realization that terrorism and martyrdom are gaining traction as an effective means of expressing ideology or political dysfunction. Still, amid the seeming chaos, it is heartening to know that law enforcement and tech companies often...
  • Brazil's Oi starts $14.3 billion bond restructuring talks (2016-04-25 11:41:51)
    By Guillermo Parra-Bernal SAO PAULO (Reuters) - Oi SA on Monday formally started talks to restructure $14.3 billion of bonds, pitting some of the world's biggest investors against each other as Brazil's most-indebted phone carrier fights for its survival. In a securities filing, Oi said a group of bondholders that have Moelis & Co as their advisor signed a non-disclosure agreement to join talks. The decision to begin talks with the Moelis-advised group leaves unclear how, or whether, Oi will negotiate with other creditors such as hedge funds that have bought credit default swaps linked to Oi's bonds. The carrier wants to negotiate with bondholders who "care about the company's future," one of those sources told Reuters.
  • US launches its first cyberattacks against ISIS (2016-04-25 11:39:00)
  • Nativ is a gorgeous, theoretical home audio system (2016-04-25 11:35:03)
    Nativ is a home audio system that you control with a touchscreen. No, it's like taking the giant touchscreen control panel out of a Tesla and dropping it in your home. Actually, it's the kind of futuristic-looking thing we always thought we'd be using to control the entertainment in our homes. Wait, no, it's more like taking a tablet, stapling it to a box of PC components, and placing it in a wooden tray.
  • The Game of Game of Thrones: Season 6, Episode 1, The Red Woman (2016-04-25 11:34:05)
    Obara Sand gets +30 for killing Trystane (quite well, I might add!) and Nymeria Sand gets a pity +5 for "You're a greedy bitch, you know that?" which at least gave us a laugh line to go out on. Look at how long that paragraph about Dorne was! All of this really just matters as it affects Cersei Lannister, back in the Red Keep and about five pounds of hair lighter.
  • You Should Totally Download Microsoft's Weird iOS Keyboard (2016-04-25 11:32:26)
    Folks with small hands, rejoice! Microsoft has finally dropped its Word Flow keyboard for iOS, bringing with it a cool fan-shaped keyboard that makes one-handed typing much easier. The curved layout is easily the biggest selling point of Word Flow, which is otherwise just like the dozens of keyboard apps for iOS. Emoji fans will appreciate being able to access their smileys from Word Flow simply by tapping the emoji icon--instead of having to switch to another keyboard.
  • John Romero is working on a dark new shooter called Blackroom (2016-04-25 11:27:38)
    John Romero — one of the key minds behind seminal shooters like Doom and Quake — is returning the genre that made him famous. Today Romero announced the first project from his new studio, Night Work Games, and it's a first-person shooter called Blackroom. Following in the footsteps of other notable designers, including Peter Molyneux and Koji Igarashi, Romer is crowdfunding Blackroom, looking to raise $700,000 to fund its development.
  • Is this how Microsoft Windows finally dies? (2016-04-25 11:22:19)
    It's not easy to imagine a world without the  Windows operating system. Even in spite of Microsoft's Windows 8 debacle, the company's computing platform is still the most widely used desktop operating system by a wide margin. Of course, a decade ago it was equally difficult to envision a world without the Symbian platform, and now there are millions upon millions of smartphone users who don't even know that an OS called Symbian ever existed. What goes up must come down. Windows played an integral role in shaping personal and corporate computing, and it continues to play an integral role to this day. But the Windows platform won't be around forever, and it's possible that we're about to witness the first step in a massive sea change. DON'T MISS:  Guess which ‘flop’ sold twice as well as the iPhone in its first year It's never easy to predict the future. That's why analysts are so bad at it. Remember when Pyramid Research said that Microsoft's Windows Phone platform would overtake iOS in 2010 and Android in 2013 ? The idea that Google's Chrome OS might someday overtake Windows could be equally outlandish. Or, maybe it's not so crazy after all. The Windows Phone platform failed miserably for a number of reasons. One was that it was introduced just as iOS and Android were in the process of ascending. Another was that there wasn't enough integration between Windows and Windows Phone. But the biggest barrier to success may have been the platform's app problem. What was the problem? Simple: There were no apps. As a desktop computing platform, Chrome OS has seen a bit more success in the early days than Windows Phone did. Particularly in schools, the value Chrome offers has been met eagerly. Chrome notebooks can typically be purchased for a fraction of the cost of a Windows machine, and they work quite well for web browsing, media streaming, schoolwork and more. Apps are a far less serious issue for many users on desktop computers than they are on smartphones and tablets, thanks largely to the fact that so much time is spent in web browsers and using web apps. But as it turns out, apps could be the key to pushing the Chrome platform to the next level. In a world where smartphones are becoming the primary computing device for more and more people, carrying the same app experience over from the world's most widely used mobile platform could have a huge impact on the market — and that's exactly what Google now appears to be doing with Chrome. As a number of blogs including Engadget have noted, some people are beginning to see Google's Play Store appear in Chrome as well as an option to "enable Android Apps to run on your Chromebook." So far, the new option has only appeared in a developer build of Chrome OS, but that's obviously a good indication that Google is working to bring this potentially game-changing feature to the masses.
  • The Netflix effect: SNL to air fewer commercial breaks (2016-04-25 11:22:00)
  • Fiat could be cheating on diesel emissions, too (2016-04-25 11:20:44)
    Bild am Sonntag reports that German regulators are investigating the emissions of a Fiat model equipped with a diesel engine on suspicion that it may be evading emissions tests. The news comes as Volkswagen is just starting to deal with the fallout of the massive, global diesel emissions cheating scandal that threatens tens of billions of dollars' worth of the company's revenues and cash reserves. Reuters notes that some automakers have been using a warmup mode when cars are first turned on to get the engines to comply with emissions standards, which may be interpreted as a "defeat device" — and it's possible that's what's happening with the Fiat, too.
  • With its retreat in New York, the FBI has lost the encryption fight (2016-04-25 11:16:59)
    There had been a lot of speeches and it was clear the FBI didn’t like Apple’s default encryption system — but what could they actually do about it? On February 16th, the FBI took Apple to court over an iPhone used by one of the San Bernardino attackers, putting encryption at the center of the largest terrorism-linked shooting in the US in years. A similar phone-unlocking order was already being argued in New York, and the two cases plunged Apple into a legal crisis, as the company faced the possibility that a single ruling might undo years of security work.
  • This bicycle has 4GB of RAM (2016-04-25 11:15:02)
    LeEco is one of a growing number of young Chinese companies vying for global attention, and one of its most fun (and extravagant) products is called Le Syvrac. Equal parts mountain bike and smartphone, this fiendish invention runs a version of Google's Android software on a 4-inch display nestled in between the handlebars. LeEco has built lasers into Le Syvrac, which beam out red lines on either side of the bike to give nearby car drivers an indication of the safe distance to keep away from the bicycle.
  • Why the EU is going after Google and not Apple (2016-04-25 11:12:28)
    On April 20th, 2016, the European Commission announced that its year-long investigation of Android had led it to believe that Google might be violating European Union antitrust laws. The Commission issued a statement of objections to Google and Alphabet (Google’s parent company), launching a formal antitrust case against them, along with a brief public statement that represents the best window into what is going on. The EU believes that Google holds a dominant position in three related markets, and that it is using that position to distort competition.
  • UK bans cold callers from withholding numbers (2016-04-25 11:09:00)
  • Bangladesh Bank hackers compromised SWIFT software, warning issued (2016-04-25 11:06:10)
    SWIFT, a cooperative owned by 3,000 financial institutions, confirmed to Reuters that it was aware of malware targeting its client software. Its spokeswoman Natasha Deteran said SWIFT on Monday released a software update to thwart the malware, along with a special warning for financial institutions to scrutinize their security procedures.
  • The HTC Vive now lets iPhone users take phone calls in VR (2016-04-25 11:04:10)
    HTC Vive owners with iPhones can now get phone notifications in virtual reality, just like their Android-affiliated compatriots. The iOS version of HTC's Vive companion app is now available on the App Store, after making a fleeting appearance prior to the Vive's launch. In addition to downloading the mobile app, users will need to install some otherwise nearly useless HTC Vive desktop software.
  • Silicon Valley season three channels the story of Steve Jobs (2016-04-25 11:01:52)
    In the season three premiere of HBO’s Silicon Valley, former Pied Piper CEO Richard Hendricks finds himself courted by a mustache app. The recruiters from the tech startup — which is called Flutterbeam — want him for a secret project focused on 3D-holographic facial hair you can don during live-video chats. As the not-so-unrealistic show enters its third season, it’s embracing the tech industry’s absurdity more so than ever before.
  • Disney bets on Nokia’s Ozo camera for the future of VR (2016-04-25 11:00:03)
    Ever since Nokia announced its 360-degree Ozo virtual reality camera it has positioned the system as a high-end option for Hollywood filmmakers, and today the company is announcing a partnership with Disney that should help deliver on that promise. As part of the deal, Ozo cameras will be put into the hands of Disney filmmakers and its marketing teams to create 360-degree, virtual reality content across all of the studio’s various brands. "We are very excited to collaborate with Nokia Technologies to help explore the creation of VR content for our theatrical releases," Jamie Voris, chief technology officer for The Walt Disney Studios, said in a statement announcing the news.
  • This tiny adapter lets you use wireless controllers with an NES (2016-04-25 11:00:03)
    Analogue, the company behind perhaps the most gorgeous NES ever made, is releasing a new adapter so you can use a wireless controller with your classic Nintendo hardware. Called the Retro Receiver, the $19.99 receiver simply plugs into the controller port on an NES, letting you replace the standard, tethered gamepad with something wireless. The device is compatible with any console that has an NES-style port — including both the classic Nintendo hardware and Analogue's own versions, even the ones made of gold — and it also works with a wide range of controllers.
  • Adapter brings your own wireless gamepads to the NES (2016-04-25 11:00:00)
  • Sony's glass speakers are magnificent and very expensive (2016-04-25 10:55:03)
    Last year at CES, Sony showed off its Symphonic Light speaker, a gorgeous speaker made out of glass. Reminiscent of a lantern, Sony offered few details about the product. Now that speaker is back with a new name — the Glass Sound Speaker — and will hit the market next month as a wireless Bluetooth speaker.
  • Lionsgate is bringing more than 100 Hollywood movies to Steam (2016-04-25 10:52:13)
    The Hunger Games, Twilight, and more big Hollywood movies are now available on Steam, Valve's PC-gaming platform. Today Valve announced a deal with Lionsgate, which will bring more than 100 films to the service, and it includes some of Lionsgate's biggest franchises, like Saw, Crank, and Divergent (there's also the entire Leprechaun series, if that's your thing).
  • Drake's upcoming tour will be sponsored by Apple Music (2016-04-25 10:48:42)
    At this point, Apple and Drake have something of a symbiotic relationship. When it comes to Drake, Apple has been like an art patron of yore. The company paid to make Drake's effortlessly memeable "Hotline Bling" video, his upcoming album will initially be an Apple Music and iTunes exclusive, and Drake's OVO label has its own radio show on Beats 1. Now, that business partnership is spilling over into Drake's live show, as Apple Music will sponsor the rapper's upcoming Summer Sixteen tour with Future.
  • Starz tried to make streaming simpler, but Comcast customers are paying for it (2016-04-25 10:47:47)
    Streaming TV shows can be a bit confusing for some people, and that's partly because many networks — HBO, Showtime, etc. — offer two apps for basically the same purpose. The debut of standalone, over-the-top streaming services has led these companies to present consumers with a pair of apps: one for cord cutters (think HBO Now, Showtime), and the other for customers who log in with their existing cable account (HBO Go, Showtime Anytime). Seems simple enough, and most cable providers have allowed their customers to stream through the Starz app with no problem, except for one: Comcast.
  • Saturday Night Live will cut back commercials by 30 percent next season (2016-04-25 10:35:16)
    Something very unexpected has been happening in the world of broadcast television over the last few years. After decades of increasing the number of commercials shown each hour, many networks are beginning to cut back. Today NBC joined the club, announcing that it would trim the number of ads shown during Saturday Night Live by a whopping 30 percent next season.
  • Chase adds support for Android fingerprint logins (2016-04-25 10:35:00)
  • ‘Game of Thrones’ recap: Was the question on all our minds finally answered? (2016-04-25 10:32:26)
    It finally happened, folks —  HBO’s best TV series ever returned last night. Every single  Game of Thrones fan went into the first episode of season 6 with one question in mind, but the show’s creators decided to keep the answer from us for at least one more week. It's infuriating indeed, but it was still a pretty great episode. In case you haven’t seen the first episode of the new season, then make sure you avoid this post for the time being. Spoilers follow below. DON’T MISS:  How to download Beyoncé’s new album Lemonade without signing up for Tidal Is Jon Snow dead or alive? Even though the season's premiere starts exactly where the season 5 finale ended, showing Snow’s lifeless blood-covered body, the question on all our minds hasn't yet been answered. Ser Davos did find Jon Snow, and to him everything is crystal clear: Jon Snow is dead, though Melisandre could do something about it if she wanted. But while we waited for the entire episode to see Melisandre raise Snow from the dead, that doesn’t happen. That’s not to say last night’s episode was bad, or that HBO’s teasing is on par with AMC’s massive Glenn trolling in the last season of the The Walking Dead . We got plenty of action and there was solid development in other storylines on  Game of Thrones  in the opening episode of season 6. Personally though – and I’m sure many would agree – I want to know what happens to Jon Snow. I want to either see him dead and buried, or watch him come back to life. For the moment, I don’t care how Sansa and Theon escape, though that’s a remarkable plot line. I don’t care about Prince Doran Martell, Areo Hotah and Prince Trystane meeting their makers, though I surely appreciate the way it happened. I don’t care about Jaime and Cersei's hatred and desire for revenge. I don’t care how Arya Stark will learn to fight even though she’s now blind. I don’t care how Khal Moro and his Dothraki will treat Daenerys. And I don’t care about the missing dragons or the fact that the wildlings don’t make an appearance at all in this episode. I don’t even care about Melisandre’s secret – which only makes her seem even more powerful. I just want to know if Jon Snow is coming back from the dead. And from the looks of the teaser trailer for the second episode , we might still not find out next week. I do have to say that the conflict at the Night’s Watch between Ser Davos and Ser Alliser will require a fast resolution. Davos and Night's Watch members loyal to Snow are holding his body in a locked room for the time being, but they have only a few hours to either surrender or fight. Ignoring Snow for a moment, I can’t help but admire the writers. The scene where Khal Moro’s advisers offer him examples of things that are better in life than seeing a woman naked for the first time – in a conversation about the Mother of Dragons who’s been brought before him – is brilliantly written and makes you forget for a second what kind of show you’re watching. Add to that Tyrion’s mistaken offer to eat someone’s baby and you’ll enjoy a few laughs in this episode. You might even briefly forget that you're waiting for Snow to rise. That never happens though, so the wait continues.
  • U.S. exploring ways to disclose number of Americans caught in data grabs: spy chief (2016-04-25 10:14:05)
    Director of National Intelligence James Clapper said Monday his office was looking at “several options” to publicly disclose an estimate of the number of U.S. persons caught incidentally in Internet surveillance intended for foreign targets. “We are looking at several options right now, none of which are optimal,” Clapper told reporters at a breakfast hosted by the Christian Science Monitor news organization, though he cautioned the task would be difficult and potentially run afoul of privacy considerations. Clapper’s comments came in response to a letter sent last week by 14 bipartisan lawmakers in the U.S. House of Representatives, pressing the country’s top spy to provide a public estimate of the number of Americans ensnared in data grabs of foreign Internet communications traffic.
  • Wolverine finally joins the fray in the new ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ trailer (2016-04-25 10:07:06)
    With just over a month to go until the movie releases in theaters, 20th Century Fox has shared the final theatrical trailer for  X-Men: Apocalypse . Like the ones before it, this trailer is jam-packed with action and dialog, so if you're trying to go into the movie relatively blind, you're going to want to skip this one. Otherwise, prepare yourself for two and a half minutes of nonstop thrills. SEE ALSO:  Watch the first new trailer for Game of Thrones season 6 episode 2 Without delving too deep into the story, all you really need to know about this sequel is that a god-like mutant who goes by the name Apocalypse has returned after being dormant thousands of years. Dissatisfied with the world that has risen in his absence, he recruits a team of mutants to do his bidding. Oh, and his bidding involves destroying huge chunks of the planet. Again, you've seen all of this before if you've watched the other trailers and TV spots, but there's one worthwhile surprise hiding at the end of the trailer: Adamantium claws. We all knew that Wolverine would at least have a cameo appearance in the movie, but it's looking like we'll be treated to one more fight scene with everyone's favorite X-Man before his next solo movie lands in 2017 . X-Men: Apocalypse releases in theaters on May 27th in the United States.
  • Circuit breaker (2016-04-25 09:52:36)
  • Introducing Circuit Breaker, a new gadget blog from The Verge (2016-04-25 09:51:32)
    I’m very excited to announce the launch of Circuit Breaker, a new gadget blog from The Verge.
  • The Xplova X5 cycling camera will automatically record when you reach crazy fast speeds (2016-04-25 09:50:02)
    Instead of strapping a generic camera to their helmets, cyclists can now mount the Acer Xplova X5 on their bike frame to track routes and record video in 720p. The camera can turn on automatically based on certain factors, like when your heart rate or speed reaches a certain level, or if you pass by a specific GPS coordinate.
  • The iPhone 7 is going to be ‘boring’ (2016-04-25 09:46:39)
    Will the iPhone 7 be “boring” in terms of novel new features? A new report from a reputable insider seems to suggest that the new smartphone won’t have alluring features that will convince masses of buyers to purchase it. On the contrary, the iPhone 7 might hurt Apple's bottom line this year and the company might sell fewer iPhones this year than it did in 2014. DON’T MISS: Guess which 'flop' sold twice as well as the iPhone in its first year KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who has been very accurate with iPhone predictions in the past, says that in a worst case scenario, Apple will sell 190 million iPhones in 2016, 3 million short of the 193 million units it sold in 2014. In a best case scenario, Apple is seen selling 205 million handsets, which is still much lower than the general Wall Street consensus – analysts think Apple will sell between 210 million and 230 million iPhones in 2016. Kuo says that Apple might be the only smartphone maker from the top five smartphone brands that sees shipments decline year over year. That list includes Samsung, Apple, Huawei, Oppo and Vivo. The insider says the new iPhone SE will have little impact on overall iPhone sales, though he raised his SE sales estimates  from 12 million to 18 million shipments for the year. "While we believe the high-end smartphone market still has room for growth, the development of a newer, more innovative user experience is a prerequisite for growth," Kuo said, according to MacRumors. "We believe only iPhone will see shipments fall YoY in 2016, for three reasons: (1) intensification of market competition; (2) time needed for commercialization of new user experience technologies; and (3) iPhone needs a makeover (e.g. form factor design) to keep attracting consumers." Kuo said that the iPhone 7 doesn’t have “attractive selling points,” without elaborating on exactly what that means. Presumably, Kuo is suggesting that the new features Apple intends to introduce won't be exciting enough to draw the types of crowds Apple's iPhones have drawn in the past. Earlier rumors suggest the iPhone 7 will be similar to the iPhone 6s when it comes to overall design, though it might be thinner thanks to the removal of the headphone jack. It will supposedly also feature a redesigned antenna assembly on the back, which some versions of the Plus model are expected to pack a dual lens camera. Other reports have suggested that the iPhone 7 will also be waterproof.
  • Microsoft's mobile Windows keyboard arrives on iOS (2016-04-25 09:41:00)
  • What in the world is Obama looking at in virtual reality? (2016-04-25 09:37:44)
    Barack Obama is on a bit of a press junket at the moment, and after dropping a bombshell on the UK's ongoing "Brexit" crisis, it seems he's decided to head to Germany and just chill with Angela Merkel. The pair were photographed trying out virtual reality headsets in Hanover recently, and while we're grateful that someone put googly eyes on the thing, we're deadly curious to know: what were they virtually looking at? Obama's "alas poor Yorick" pose made us think it was some sort of Hamlet reenactment (after all, it was the Bard's 400th deathday this weekend), but Merkel's hand position kind of throws that off.
  • Brazil's Oi starts $14.3 billion bond restructure talks (2016-04-25 09:33:44)
    By Guillermo Parra-Bernal SAO PAULO (Reuters) - Oi SA on Monday formally started talks to restructure $14.3 billion of bonds, pitting some of the world's biggest investors against each other as Brazil's most-indebted phone carrier fights for its survival. In a securities filing, the company said it and adviser PJT Partners Inc launched talks with a group of bondholders that hired Moelis & Co as their consultant. Oi "intends to conclude the ongoing restructuring process promptly, as it believes that conducting negotiations with a single steering committee representing the company's bondholders will facilitate the debt reorganization process and make it more agile," the filing said.
  • Qualcomm denies USB-C quick charging issues (2016-04-25 09:30:02)
    The HTC 10 and the LG G5 are flagship phones for their respective companies, and each is equipped with flagship features like USB Type-C ports and fast charging. But both HTC's and LG's newest models employ Qualcomm's Quick Charge 3.0 standard, and that's drummed up some worry in a particular part of the mobile phone community. Google's Benson Leung said in November that "any USB Type-C charger" that claims to support Qualcomm's quick charging standard is "breaking" the specs laid out by the USB Implementers Forum, and that has some people worried about problems like overheating.
  • Watch the first new trailer for Game of Thrones season 6 episode 2 (2016-04-25 09:21:48)
    Game of Thrones is back. Game. Of. Thrones. Is. Back! The hotly anticipated premiere of Game of Thrones season 6 finally debuted on Sunday night and it was intense, to say the least. Season 6 picked up right where season 5 left off without skipping a beat, taking us right back to the spot at Castle Black where Jon Snow was brutally murdered at mutiny swept the Night's Watch. Then he sprang back to life and took revenge on his assailants! No, sadly that's not really what happened at all. Jon Snow is dead, just as HBO confirmed earlier this month . You won't find any spoilers in this post — what you will find, however, is the first official trailer for Game of Thrones season 6 episode 2, which is set to air this coming Sunday at 9:00 p.m. EDT. MUST SEE:  FML, KMN: Merriam-Webster adds FOMO, dox, TMI and more to dictionary The season 6 premiere of HBO's smash hit TV series did not disappoint. Quite the contrary, in fact. The first episode of the new season thrust fans back into the action and picked things up right where season 5 left off. Now that Game of Thrones has outpaced the books on which it is based, anything can happen and fans are left wondering what crazy new twists might be in store. We have a long week of waiting ahead before Game of Thrones season 6 episode 2 premieres on Sunday, May 1st. The new episode will be called "Home," and HBO has released the first official preview trailer for the episode on its Game of Thrones YouTube account. You'll find it embedded below so you can watch it in its entirety, but you should probably hold off if you haven't seen episode 1 yet. In fact, you should probably get off the internet if you haven't season the season 6 premiere yet, because there are spoilers everywhere you turn. Here's the Game of Thrones season 6 episode 2 trailer:
  • Tesla's Destination Charging network expands to Europe (2016-04-25 09:20:00)
  • 'Rock Band 4' to get online multiplayer later this year (2016-04-25 09:00:00)
  • Where to download Beyoncé’s new album Lemonade without signing up for Tidal (2016-04-25 08:56:05)
    When life gives you lemons, make tens of millions of dollars by being one of the most popular pop singers in the world and writing an album about it. Actually, all of the supposed drama behind Beyoncé's new album is looking pretty real right now, because Bey just pulled a pretty intense move that completely stripped the edge from her husband's streaming music service. Her new album Lemonade , which is said to be about recent trouble in her marriage to Jay Z involving fighting and infidelity, was promoted ahead of launch as a Tidal exclusive. Upon release, Lemonade  was indeed a Tidal exclusive... for about a day. DON'T MISS:  FML, KMN: Merriam-Webster adds FOMO, dox, TMI and more to dictionary If you were mad about the prospect of having to sign up for Tidal to check out Beyoncé's latest album, it's time to dry those eyes. In what may very well be the shortest period of exclusivity ever, Lemonade has already been released by rival digital stores and can be downloaded right now from Amazon , iTunes and elsewhere. Ouch. The album is still available on Tidal, of course, and Jay Z's service does have an "exclusive" in one area — Tidal is currently the only place where you can legally stream Lemonade's 12 new tracks. You'll find the Tidal link in Beyoncé's first tweet since 2013: But if you'd rather not sign up for yet another streaming music service (with exclusives that never really seem to be very exclusive), you can purchase a digital copy of Beyoncé's new album Lemonade from Amazon or iTunes. Here are the links you need: Download Beyoncé - Lemonade on Amazon Download Beyoncé - Lemonade on iTunes Here's the full track list from Beyoncé's new album, followed by a Bey GIF to get you ready: Pray You Catch Me Hold Up Don't Hurt Yourself (featuring Jack White) Sorry 6 Inch (featuring the Weeknd) Daddy Lessons Love Drought Sandcastles Forward (featuring James Blake) Freedom (featuring Kendrick Lamar) All Night Formation
  • How to download Beyoncé’s new album Lemonade without signing up for Tidal (2016-04-25 08:56:05)
    When life gives you lemons, make tens of millions of dollars by being one of the most popular pop singers in the world and writing an album about it. Actually, all of the supposed drama behind Beyoncé's new album is looking pretty real right now, because Bey just pulled a pretty intense move that completely stripped the edge from her husband's streaming music service. Her new album Lemonade , which is said to be about recent trouble in her marriage to Jay Z involving fighting and infidelity, was promoted ahead of launch as a Tidal exclusive. Upon release, Lemonade  was indeed a Tidal exclusive... for about a day. DON'T MISS:  FML, KMN: Merriam-Webster adds FOMO, dox, TMI and more to dictionary If you were mad about the prospect of having to sign up for Tidal to check out Beyoncé's latest album, it's time to dry those eyes. In what may very well be the shortest period of exclusivity ever, Lemonade has already been released by rival digital stores and can be downloaded right now from Amazon , iTunes and elsewhere. Ouch. The album is still available on Tidal, of course, and Jay Z's service does have an "exclusive" in one area — Tidal is currently the only place where you can legally stream Lemonade's 12 new tracks. You'll find the Tidal link in Beyoncé's first tweet since 2013: But if you'd rather not sign up for yet another streaming music service (with exclusives that never really seem to be very exclusive), you can purchase a digital copy of Beyoncé's new album Lemonade from Amazon or iTunes. Here are the links you need: Download Beyoncé - Lemonade on Amazon Download Beyoncé - Lemonade on iTunes Here's the full track list from Beyoncé's new album, followed by a Bey GIF to get you ready: Pray You Catch Me Hold Up Don't Hurt Yourself (featuring Jack White) Sorry 6 Inch (featuring the Weeknd) Daddy Lessons Love Drought Sandcastles Forward (featuring James Blake) Freedom (featuring Kendrick Lamar) All Night Formation
  • Windows Phone keyboard now available for iOS in USA (2016-04-25 08:46:54)
    From April 25, Microsoft's Windows Phone keyboard -- Word Flow -- will be available for download onto the iPhone via the US App Store. Microsoft's popular Word Flow keyboard is out of its testing phase and now available for both Android and iOS. The iPhone version even contains some features that aren't available for Androids, such as customizable backgrounds and a one-handed mode, which features an arched keyboard that can be scrolled from side to side for facility of use.
  • These beautiful circuit boards are based on classic, hand-drawn designs (2016-04-25 08:46:36)
    Star Simpson has launched a crowdfunding campaign for something she's calling "Circuit Classics." She's taken classic circuit drawings from Forrest Mims III and designed real-life, working boards with them. Each board features the schematic, an actual working circuit of it (complete with through-hole components you solder yourself), and a relevant quote from Mims. If you want to get one of the boards, the funding level to get one starts at $44 or $119 for all three and a copy of Mims' Getting Started in Electronics.
  • Ikea is selling solar panels in the UK again (2016-04-25 08:45:00)
  • Read this essay from Mozilla's co-founder on life without a visual imagination (2016-04-25 08:29:37)
    If you've not heard of the condition "aphantasia" before, you should definitely read this Facebook post by programmer, writer, and Mozilla Firefox founder Blake Ross. The word means the "absence of fantasy" and individuals who have aphantasia literally can't visualize the world.
  • Xerox's revenue falls on lower printer sales (2016-04-25 08:05:09)
    (Reuters) - Xerox Corp reported a 4.2 percent fall in quarterly revenue, hurt by a strong dollar and lower sales of printers and copiers. The company is focusing on its services business, which offers business process outsourcing and document outsourcing, as sales of printers and copiers, its mainstay for over half a century, have fallen for more than four years. Rival printer maker Lexmark International Inc said last week it agreed to be taken private by a group of investors led by China-based Apex Technology Co Ltd and PAG Asia Capital in a deal valued at $3.6 billion net of cash.
  • Beyoncé's new album Lemonade is now available to buy on iTunes (2016-04-25 08:05:04)
    As expected, Beyoncé's sixth studio album, Lemonade, is now available to buy on iTunes for $17.99. Not long after Lemonade went up on Tidal, it was made available for download worldwide for $17.99, before hitting iTunes early this morning. The service is, of course, part-owned by Beyoncé and husband Jay Z, and has managed to snag a number of exclusives including Kanye West's The Life of Pablo.
  • Huawei P9 review: New phone, familiar tricks (2016-04-25 08:00:00)
  • Guess which ‘flop’ sold twice as well as the iPhone in its first year (2016-04-25 07:56:20)
    In 2007 Apple launched the iPhone, a product that would forever change the cell phone industry. It would set the bar by which all other phones were measured. It would topple giant companies and force every other player in the market to completely reinvent their product lines. It would grow to become the biggest moneymaker in Apple history, and allow the company to report the No. 1 and No. 2 most profitable quarters any company has ever reported. Now, a brand new product that is selling twice as fast the original iPhone has been widely deemed a flop. DON'T MISS:  This tiny device might be every iPhone owner’s new best friend The Apple Watch got off to a rocky start thanks to what can only be categorized as an uncharacteristically messy product launch, but Apple quickly recovered and hit its stride. Despite being Apple's first foray into a young new product category, estimates since the device's launch have been very positive. Apple's smartwatch quickly outsold every other smartwatch on the market, and sales are thought to have continued at a strong pace throughout the Watch's first year on the market. According to analysts' consensus ahead of Apple's fiscal second-quarter earnings report on Tuesday, Apple is thought to have sold between 12 million and 13 million Apple Watches during the device's first year of availability, The Wall Street Journal noted . That's at least double the number of iPhones Apple sold in its first year on the market. It's also good for about $6 billion in revenue assuming an average selling price of about $500. Despite a start that can only be classified as strong — the Apple Watch is already believed to account for 61% of global smartwatch sales — some high-profile analysts and industry watchers still insist on categorizing the device as a "flop." Among them is  Union Square Ventures cofounder Fred Wilson , who has been negative on the Apple Watch since before it was released. In a classic case of not being able to see the forest for the trees, even some of the smartest experts out there seem to think that any new market Apple enters is a failure unless it instantly rivals the iPhone in terms of revenue generation and profitability. Needless to say, this a horrible way to measure the success or failure of a new product line. Nothing will ever be as successful as the iPhone right out of the gate. The iPhone wasn't even a smash hit right out of the gate, having sold just 6 million units in its first year on the market. To put that in perspective, Apple sold nearly 6 million iPhones each week during the holiday quarter last year. It's still early days for the Apple Watch. It could become the next big thing for Apple down the road, but even if it doesn't it's already bringing in billions in additional revenue each quarter.
  • Microsoft’s excellent Windows Phone keyboard is now available for iOS (2016-04-25 07:52:58)
    Microsoft is bringing its excellent Windows Phone keyboard to the iPhone today. The new iOS version will let you tap or swipe to type out words and intelligently predict words for sentences, just like the Windows Phone variant. Microsoft had promised a beta period, but it appears the app is freely available in the US App Store today.
  • Dubai wants 25 percent of all car trips driverless by 2030 (2016-04-25 07:51:03)
    DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — Dubai, already home to the world's tallest building, is looking to get ahead by getting out of the driver's seat.
  • German Finance Ministry proposes electric car incentives scheme to run until 2018-document (2016-04-25 07:41:32)
    The German Finance Ministry is proposing an incentive of 5,000 euros ($5,626.50) for electric car buyers and 3,000 euros for those who purchase a plug-in hybrid vehicle, according to a document seen by Reuters on Monday. The ministry will present its proposal at a summit in Berlin on Tuesday between Chancellor Angela Merkel and chiefs from the German car industry to discuss measures to raise the share of electric cars on German roads. The ministry wants the scheme to run until June 2018, after which the amount will be reduced to a 3,000-euro incentive for electric cars and 2,000 euros for plug-ins.
  • First Click: The world’s best gadget blog launches, Bey, and more in the week ahead (2016-04-25 07:30:03)
    Paul Miller has returned to The Verge to launch Circuit Breaker, the world’s best gadget blog? Well placed sources tell me that Nilay Patel will have more to say about Circuit Breaker soon. Beyoncé dropped her new album Lemonade over the weekend, and we’ll have plenty to say just as soon as we can gather our wits.
  • Raspberry Pi gets an 8-megapixel Sony camera upgrade (2016-04-25 07:24:00)
  • Windows 10: Here's Microsoft's new look Start menu (2016-04-25 07:16:00)
    Redmond revamps the Start menu in early builds of Windows 10 as it begins getting ready for the Windows 10 Anniversary Edition this summer.
  • Report: Bank network flaw helped hackers steal $80 million (2016-04-25 06:30:00)
  • Logitech turned 160 gaming keyboards into a massive pixelated display (2016-04-25 06:04:17)
    Using programmable LEDs as backlighting for keyboards has become a familiar trick for gaming companies, but Logitech has managed to put the tech to a new use. At gaming festival PAX East, the company turned 160 of its light-up G810 keyboards into a massive, pixellated display. The resulting screen — dubbed the Great Wall of Logitech G — was used to show various messages and images during PAX, including a mock-up of a side-scrolling shooter created by production company iam8bit.
  • Snapchat offers custom filters for Anzac Day (2016-04-25 05:56:18)
    April 25, aka Anzac Day, marks the day that Australia commemorates the country's losses in World War I. The instant messenging application Snapchat has created three custom thematic options to mark the event, it has been reported by Mashable.
  • Google will soon bring the Android Play Store to Chromebooks (2016-04-25 05:35:00)
  • Two-thirds of German industry hit by digital crime, survey finds (2016-04-25 05:32:21)
    More than two-thirds of German industrial companies have been victims of digital crime in the past two years, according to a survey carried out by Bitkom, Germany's IT, telecoms and new media industry association. Such crimes cost German manufacturing industry more than 22 billion euros ($25 billion) a year, Bitkom estimated following its survey of 504 German manufacturing companies with at least 10 employees. "German industry, with its numerous hidden champions, is an attractive target for cybercriminals and foreign intelligence services," he added.
  • You can now download 300TB of data from the Large Hadron Collider (2016-04-25 05:24:51)
    If you ever wanted to take a look at raw data produced by the Large Hadron Collider, but are missing the necessary physics PhD, here's your chance: CERN has published more than 300 terabytes of LHC data online for free. The data covers roughly half the experiments run by the LHC's CMS detector during 2011, with a press release from CERN explaining that this includes about 2.5 inverse femtobarns of data — around 250 trillion particle collisions. CERN says the latter "require a lot less computing power [to process] and can be readily analyzed by university or high-school students." To help with this, the agency has also made software based on its in-house data modeling tool, CernVM, free to download.
  • The US is dropping 'cyberbombs' on ISIS (2016-04-25 05:20:02)
    The US has begun launching cyberattacks against ISIS, The New York Times reports, marking a significant shift in its battle against the terrorist organization. According to the Times, the US Cyber Command has been tasked with carrying out the campaign, which aims to disrupt ISIS' communications, recruitment, and financial operations. American officials are also hopeful that their open discussion of the cyber campaign will force ISIS operatives to doubt the security of their communications.
  • Logitech made this retro game display from 160 light-up keyboards (2016-04-25 04:21:00)
  • This is the new logo for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo (2016-04-25 03:12:09)
    A new logo has been selected for the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo, organizers announced Monday, more than seven months after the original design was scrapped amid accusations of plagiarism. The winning design, "harmonized chequered emblem," was chosen among four logos shortlisted by the Tokyo 2020 Emblems Selection Committee. The Emblems Selection Committee was comprised of 19 members from the sports, design, and business communities.
  • Paramount agrees to offer Sky UK content across Europe (2016-04-25 02:40:00)
  • Exclusive: Bangladesh Bank hackers compromised SWIFT software, warning to be issued (2016-04-25 02:12:50)
    The attackers who stole $81 million from the Bangladesh central bank probably hacked into software from the SWIFT financial platform that is at the heart of the global financial system, said security researchers at British defense contractor BAE Systems. SWIFT, a cooperative owned by 3,000 financial institutions, confirmed to Reuters that it was aware of malware targeting its client software. Its spokeswoman Natasha Deteran said SWIFT would release on Monday a software update to thwart the malware, along with a special warning for financial institutions to scrutinize their security procedures.
  • Exploit gets around Windows' app security safeguards (2016-04-25 01:23:00)
  • Who's Fooling Who? (2016-04-25 00:25:03)
    Who Tech Companies Might Not Want to Swipe Right on April Fools DayI was never allowed to pull a prank on April Fools' Day. I was disappointed as a child but didn't have a choice because that day is also my mother's birthday. Over all she is a pretty fun-loving, laid back person. She laughs at jokes and sitcoms and has a penchant for posting...
  • Chromebooks may soon be able to run almost every Android app (2016-04-24 23:54:26)
    It looks like Google may soon be breaking down barriers between its two operating systems and giving Chrome OS users access to Android apps from the Google Play Store. As spotted by a Reddit user this weekend, Chromebooks running version 51 of Chrome OS are showing a checkbox in their settings menu that reads "Enable Android apps to run on your Chromebook." The option disappears quickly, but the Chrome OS source code appears to indicate that Chromebook users will soon get access to the "more than a million" games and apps on the Google Play Store. The specific version of Chrome OS in which this feature appears is only available in the Developer Channel at the moment, and those who have been able to enable it say that it only shows a tutorial before automatically closing, but it seems that the feature is in the works as Google gears up for its I/O conference next month.
  • Make your own hand-controlled robot with a crowdfunded kit (2016-04-24 23:05:00)
  • Will Ferrell will reportedly star in one of two Uber-themed movies (2016-04-24 22:30:59)
    Movies about Uber are apparently like buses — you wait an age for one and then two turn up at once. Both Universal Pictures and 20th Century Fox are working on Uber-themed comedies, according to the Hollywood Reporter, after both studios purchased projects within a day of each other. Universal's as-yet-untitled movie, purchased for seven figures on April 14th, is expected to star Will Ferrell as an Uber driver who picks up an escaped convict.
  • Solar-plane pilots say trip was also test of human endurance (2016-04-24 21:42:04)
    MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. (AP) — The two Swiss pilots taking turns to fly a solar-powered airplane around the world said Sunday the endeavor is not only a demonstration of the importance of renewable energy but also of the many challenges the human body can endure.
  • Drake shares cover art for new album Views From The 6 (2016-04-24 21:38:39)
    Amid this weekend's flurry of Lemonade-induced Beyoncé hype, you may have forgotten that Drake's new album Views From The 6 is dropping this Friday — he's already released a pair of singles this month, and now we have the cover art. You may be aware that Drake is from Toronto, and the Views cover features a photo of him sitting atop the city's iconic CN Tower. Drake dedicated the record "to the city I love and the people in it" on Twitter.
  • NASA conducts the toughest test yet for drone traffic control (2016-04-24 21:33:00)
  • The Latest: Pilot tells of difficulties of long solar flight (2016-04-24 20:50:50)
    MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. (AP) — The Latest on a solar plane that landed in California after crossing the Pacific (all times local):
  • Taking on Tesla: China's Jia Yueting aims to outmuscle Musk (2016-04-24 20:19:52)
    "Tesla's a great company and has taken the global car industry to the EV era," Jia said in an interview at the Beijing headquarters of his Le Holdings Co, or LeEco. "We hope to surpass Tesla and lead the industry leapfrogging to a new age," said Jia, wearing a black T-shirt and jeans. A wave of EV start-ups has emerged in China after the government opened up the auto industry to deep-pocketed technology firms to drive a switch to cleaner electric as an eventual alternative to gasoline cars.
  • Qualcomm says it's fine to fast-charge your phone over USB-C (2016-04-24 20:04:00)
  • Start-up Sirin to launch ultra high-tech phone for executives (2016-04-24 19:19:39)
    By Steven Scheer JERUSALEM (Reuters) - A British-Israeli start-up plans to sell a mobile phone from next month that will offer users unprecedented levels of technology and security -- and retail for close to $20,000. Sirin Labs AG said on Monday it had raised $72 million in private funds to launch the device, which would be aimed at executives. It plans to open its first store, in London's Mayfair, in May. "(Our) smartphone ...brings the most advanced technology available - even if it is not commercially available - and combining it with almost military-grade security," said Sirin co-founder and president Moshe Hogeg.
  • Google is creating a startup haven to prevent staff from leaving (2016-04-24 18:32:00)
  • See humanity's monuments to work, life, and death through a drone's eyes (2016-04-24 18:07:52)
    Imagine being a drone, flying aimlessly over and through American metropolises in 2016. What would you see? For filmmaker Tim Sessler, it might look something like this. In "Balance," Sessler takes what he calls "an abstract look at our modern world" and makes something beautiful and alien with it.
  • Astronaut becomes the first person to finish a marathon in space (2016-04-24 17:01:00)
  • Astronaut becomes the first man to finish a marathon in space (updated) (2016-04-24 17:01:00)
  • How to stream the ‘Game of Thrones’ season 6 premiere online (2016-04-24 17:00:12)
    It’s finally the weekend, which means it’s time to watch HBO , as the first episode of Game of Thrones’ season 6 is about to air. In what follows we’re going to tell you everything there is to know about HBO’s massive Game of Thrones premiere event, so you can make the most of it and even stream it for free.  DON’T MISS: Purported 'Star Wars Episode VIII' plot leaks, and I really hope it's fake What time does it air? You should know this by now, but the first episode of season six will be available on HBO at 9:00 p.m. EST on April 24th. That’s 6:00 p.m. PST. Where is it available? You can watch Game of Thrones on TV, computer, smartphone, tablet, and consoles, as long as you’re an HBO subscriber and you’ve got the right apps. Obviously, the first episode will be available on torrent sites as soon as HBO releases it, so there’s also that option if you plan on going the illegal way. What apps do I need? If you’re planning to watch episode one on any smartphones, tablets and consoles, you’re going to need the HBO Go or HBO Now apps. On a computer, you’ll simply need to load HBO Go or HBO Now in a browser. HBO apps are available on a variety of platforms, including iOS, Android, and Xbox. Just make sure you download the right app for your device if you don’t have it installed on your device yet. HBO Go works as long as you are a paying HBO subscriber (TV version) - get your HBO Go apps here . Choose HBO Now if you don’t want to pay for HBO via your cable provider and prefer the streaming app instead - get your HBO Now apps here . Smart TVs and set-top boxes should also have the appropriate HBO apps, in case that's the route you want to go. In either case, you’ll get access to the first episode around the time it premieres after you've downloaded and set up the appropriate app on your device. On a computer, simply login with your subscriber credentials in a browser by visiting the appropriate site. Do I need to be an HBO/Go or HBO Now subscriber? Yes, you have to either pay for HBO in your cable bundle or sign up for HBO Now. But you’re in luck this weekend as HBO will be available free of charge from Friday night to Sunday evening , meaning you’ll be able to watch the first episode of Game of Thrones totally free. Moreover, you should join HBO Now right now and take advantage of the free 30-day trial. That way you’ll get to see up to four episodes of Game of Thrones season 6 without paying for HBO. After the trial expires, you’ll have to either cancel the service or pay $15 per month. If all else fails, you can always try borrowing the password to HBO Go or HBO Now from someone else. As long as someone's paying for that account and you have access to it, you'll be able to stream Game of Thrones online this weekend. What about illegal downloads? Game of Thrones is one of the most pirated TV shows in history. It’ll hit torrent sites in the hours following its release, so that’s where you’ll find it if none of the above options are available. We do advise against pursuing this path, but if you do end up torrenting it, you might want to go for the streaming option, rather than outright downloading the show – many torrent sites have built-in streaming options nowadays. One more thing... If you're outside the U.S., but have an HBO/Go or HBO Now account, you'll most likely need a VPN connection to stream Game of Thrones . So make sure you get one before the show starts.
  • Stephen King's It will hit theaters on September 18th, 2017 (2016-04-24 16:30:02)
    The film adaptation of Stephen King's classic 1986 horror novel It is officially set to hit theaters on September 18th, 2017.Variety reports that the film, which may be split into two parts, will begin filming this summer. Beasts of No Nation director Cary Fukunaga was originally attached to direct, but reportedly backed out of the project over creative differences. Andrés Muscietti, who directed the 2013 horror short Mama, is now helming the movie in his stead. It follows the lives of a group of friends known as the Losers' Club, who together face the evil "It" monster after it takes on the form of Pennywise the Dancing Clown.
  • Beyoncé's Lemonade is now available to everyone for $17.99 (2016-04-24 15:42:58)
    Even though the album is only available on Tidal for streaming listeners, fans and non-subscribers willing to buy Beyoncé's new album Lemonade are now able to enjoy it. Tidal just announced that both the record and the film that aired on HBO last night are now available for download worldwide for $17.99. Users who pick up the album will also be given a 90 day free trial for the streaming service.
  • Ben Heck's mechanical TV, part 2 (2016-04-24 15:30:00)
  • Uber drivers in California join with Teamsters Union to fight for better benefits (2016-04-24 15:00:03)
    Not long after Uber settled its two worker misclassification lawsuits in California and Massachusetts, contractors are still putting pressure on the ride-hailing behemoth. Drivers in California are partnering with the Teamsters Union to create the App-Based Drivers Association (ABDA), a group that will push Uber to provide better wages and working conditions and give the contractors a stronger voice. "We welcome any Uber drivers seeking to improve their working conditions," said Teamsters international vice president Rome Aloise in an official statement.
  • Dutch police seize a secure communications network (2016-04-24 14:02:00)
  • Google reportedly starting an in-house startup incubator (2016-04-24 14:00:03)
    Google has a plan to retain some of its top talent. According to The Information, the company is looking into starting an in-house startup incubator. Known internally as "Area 120," the plan is to allow entrepreneurial Googlers and their teams to develop their ideas with Google's support and funding and potentially branch out with Google as an investor. Executives Don Harrison and Bradley Horowitz will reportedly manage the incubator.
  • The Verge Review of Animals: the red panda (2016-04-24 13:00:03)
    The red panda's classification hasn't always been so clear. At one point, it was considered to be related to the giant panda, but after genetic testing, the panda was subsequently drafted into the bear species. There's no other way to put it: the red panda knows how to work a camera, with curious eyes, a beautiful red fur coat that it maintains with cat-like cleaning habits, and a long striped tail that doubles as a blanket when it's cold.
  • Watch Felipe Massa's seven-year-old son beat F1 star Daniel Ricciardo in a crazy cart race (2016-04-24 12:30:02)
    Red Bull Racing driver Daniel Ricciardo took on Williams driver Felipe Massa's seven-year-old son Filipinho in a race around an outdoor patio on Razor Crazy Carts. Massa and Ricciardo are two of the most-liked drivers in the Formula One paddock, and it's nice to see both of them away from the ultra-competitive race track and enjoying each other's company on their day off.
  • Beyoncé's 'Lemonade' could be a permanent Tidal exclusive (2016-04-24 12:28:00)
  • Beyoncé's 'Lemonade' could be a permanent Tidal exclusive (updated) (2016-04-24 12:28:00)
  • Beyoncé's 'Lemonade' could be a permanent Tidal streaming exclusive (updated) (2016-04-24 12:28:00)
  • Hulu’s film library its well on its way to overtaking Netflix (2016-04-24 11:55:01)
    Fans of streaming video services are going to have a very difficult decision to make in the coming months. Although Hulu began life as the number one destination for next-day TV show streaming, its film library is quickly catching up with that of Netflix . In fact, at this rate, there might be more movies on Hulu than there are on Netflix by the end of 2016 (if not earlier). DON'T MISS:  Photos of the Tesla Model 3 like you’ve never seen before According to Mashable , Hulu had 3,800 films available to stream as of late last month, following significant year-over-year growth. Netflix, on the other hand, has reportedly had its film library decreased by 33% to just 4,300 titles over the past two years. And both of these trends will likely continue in 2016. Looking back at April's additions and expiring titles , Netflix brought on just nine new movies while it lost nearly 100. Hulu has been doing the exact opposite, regularly adding 50-100 movies every month for quite some time. But Netflix really isn't all that concerned with the size of its library. "To put it simply, an exact number reflecting the breadth of the catalog does not exist," a Netflix spokesman told Mashable . "The licensing and renewal process occurs on an on-going basis, meaning titles are constantly being added and rotated off the service. Our focus is to continuously deliver great experiences for our members and we look to continue doing so by providing great movies and TV series that can only be found on Netflix." Although few would argue that Hulu's original programming can stand toe-to-toe with Netflix's impressive lineup, the tide is beginning to turn in Hulu's favor when it comes to sheer value of subscription, especially if an expansive movie library is one of your primary concerns when paying for a streaming service.
  • SNL honored Prince last night with tribute special (2016-04-24 11:36:59)
    Later in the evening, Fallon gave an account of Prince's performance at last's year's SNL 40 after party. Former cast member Tim Kazurinksy uploaded his own video of the performance — which you can watch below — wherein Prince absolutely shred on the guitar.
  • The After Math: Well, pay the man (2016-04-24 11:00:00)
  • The Game of Game of Thrones: our season six preview and truly confounding draft results (2016-04-24 10:39:14)
    Sit down. Pour yourself a little of the Myrish firewine, that old favorite of ours. We are going to be here a while, so we may as well start off properly medicated.
  • Solar Impulse 2 successfully completes flight to California after 62 hours (2016-04-24 10:03:09)
    After taking off from Kalaeloa Airport in Hawaii on Thursday, the Solar Impulse 2 successfully landed at Moffett Air Field in Mountain View, California last night. Pilot Bertrand Piccard spent a total 62 hours flying the solar-powered plane. The landing completed the ninth leg of the thirteen-stage round-the-globe journey Piccard and fellow pilot André Borschberg began last year.
  • Inhabitat's Week in Green: Solar Impulse's trans-Pacific flight, and more! (2016-04-24 10:00:00)
  • What’s it really like to be a CIA spy? (2016-04-24 09:55:50)
    Intelligence agencies have been in the news a lot for the past few years thanks to the Snowden leaks, but also the recent wave of terrorist threats and attacks that hit various targets in the U.S., Europe, and other regions of the world. So what’s it really like to be a CIA spy? Is it similar to what we see in Homeland,  The Americans , or other movies? One former spy took to Reddit to host an Ask-Me-Anything (AMA) session, in which he revealed what his experience as a CIA officer was. DON’T MISS: How do planes fly? This animation explains everything you need to know We often see impressive Ask-Me-Anything sessions on Reddit , and this one is definitely one to check out. Hosted by Doug Laux, author of the newly published book  Left of Boom: How a Young CIA Case Officer Penetrated the Taliban and Al-Qaeda , the AMA is definitely a fun read. Laux explains what he did for the CIA, how he signed up for service, how he kept his cover from his family and friends. “I was a Central Intelligence Agency Case Officer who served in the Directorate of Operations (DO) with multiple tours in Afghanistan and throughout the Middle East. I was in Afghanistan throughout President Obama's 2010 Afghan Surge, during which time I worked on eliminating the most deadly improvised explosive device (IED) network in the world; as well as the removal of numerous al-Qaeda and Taliban High-Value Targets from the battlefield,” Laux opened his AMA under the AgencyAgent Reddit username. “I was in Kandahar, Afghanistan during Operation Neptune Spear which resulted in the death of UBL in Abbottabad, Pakistan. My final assignment was with a top secret task force operating amidst the Syrian Civil War.” Here are some of the interesting things he said. About joining the CIA "A recruiter came to my campus at Indiana University and gave a speech. Then he encouraged us to all apply on line. That's what I did and this whole thing took off from there." About telling his family "So for context, since you asked about family - I classify that as solely my mom and dad. And I kept it from them by telling them I was a low-level sales guy - which I also told everyone else - and since that's pretty boring, their truthfully weren't a whole lot of other follow up questions. I just told my mom and dad last week. It's also a gigantic weight off my chest that I have been carrying for the past ten years." About someone figuring out his secret "Oh yes. Those closest to me always were suspicious. And those closest to me were always my girlfriends. They always thought I was cheating on them or in the mafia or selling drugs or something illicit. Which they would constantly point out but I just had to suck it up and deal with it. I talk about in my book how my girlfriend once found my Agency badge in my sock drawer (cool secret hiding spot huh?) and how I had to talk my way out of that disaster. Didn't go over so well." "No, I do not regret that my life was a fabricated lie because it was only my job that I was hiding from everyone. Yes, that job bled into my social life quite heavily at times, but I was determined to keep as much normality in my life as possible which came with a lot of pain along the way. Wasn't easy but I am glad I at least always held onto a sliver of it." About life as a CIA officer The mental toll is tougher. “Because I kept it turned up to 11 the entire time I was there. I was generally pretty safe physically during my time there with a few exceptions but nothing that left me debilitated or maimed. That said, I have an entire chapter in my book called The Downward Spiral which talks about my trying to cope with the stress through drugs and alcohol. Not my best stuff but it happened and I thought it was integral to share because lots of guys come back and have a hard time adjusting.It is hard to replace that adrenaline and it's also hard to deal with petty shit not being so petty back home. But I have come around.” About being outed in the OPM hack "Yes, [I was]. And I will not hide that from anyone because I think it was fucking disgusting that I got that letter in the mail telling me I was exposed." About CIA and the movies “Great question [about tracking targets like in the movies]. Let me answer your first question by referring you to Zero Dark Thirty . That is highly authentic movie, and as we learned yesterday via, it is because the Agency helped them along the way to ensure its authenticity. As for the second question, I refer you to the Billion Dollar Spy by Bruce Hoffman, which lays out the tradecraft involved with surveillance and counter-surveillance.” About silly things he did "Silliest thing I ever did was take a huge dip of Redman chewing tobacco trying to fit in with some of the hardcore door kickers we employ. I turned green, puked in the trash can, drank a coke, then took another even bigger dip to prove to the guys I wasn't a pussy. Turns out, I am. Puked again. Went home early. Sleep tight America."
  • Info on every voter in Mexico was publicly accessible on an Amazon server (2016-04-24 09:00:02)
    Personal information on every voter in Mexico was left sitting out in the open on an Amazon server until Friday, according to Scientific American. The leak was discovered by MacKeeper security researcher Chris Vickery, who also identified the leak of over 190 million US voters' data in December. Vickery reported the finding to officials in the US and Mexico.
  • Mini review video: Our verdict on the HTC 10 in a minute (2016-04-24 08:30:00)
  • Solar-powered plane completes journey across Pacific Ocean (2016-04-24 05:51:01)
    MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. (AP) — A solar-powered airplane landed in California on Saturday, completing a risky, three-day flight across the Pacific Ocean as part of its journey around the world.
  • 'Ark: Survival Evolved' mods will become part of the main game (2016-04-24 05:26:00)
  • Solar plane readies to land in California after 3-day flight (2016-04-24 01:58:04)
    SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — A solar-powered airplane on a journey around the world was preparing to land in California on Saturday night to complete a risky, three-day flight across the Pacific Ocean.
  • Uber drivers partner with the Teamsters Union in California (2016-04-24 01:55:00)
  • Solar Impulse 2 completes its flight across the Pacific (2016-04-24 00:17:00)
  • NASA pours $67 million into solar electric spacecraft engines (2016-04-23 23:35:00)
  • Beyonce’s new album Lemonade won’t stream on other platforms anytime soon (2016-04-23 23:23:08)
    If you were hoping to wait a week and stream Beyoncé's new album Lemonade on Apple Music or Spotify, you can give up on that dream. Lemonade will be exclusively streaming on Tidal in perpetuity, a source confirmed to The Verge. This is the second album from a major artist that Tidal has locked down a major streaming exclusive for, following Kanye West's seventh album, The Life of Pablo, which streamed exclusively on the service for six weeks before becoming available on Spotify and Apple Music.
  • Intel execs received threats over the company's diversity push (2016-04-23 22:04:00)
  • Beyoncé's new album 'Lemonade' is now available on Tidal (2016-04-23 21:53:08)
    Surprise! Beyoncé just released her new album Lemonade putting an end to speculation that began in earnest when she released the single "Formation" a day before performing as part of the Super Bowl halftime show. The release of Lemonade comes minutes after Beyonce's HBO special of the same name — which turned out to be a visual album — finished airing. It's her sixth studio album and first since 2013's celebrated Beyoncé, an album she released without any promotion or warning in December of that year.
  • Beyoncé's new album Lemonade is now available on Tidal (2016-04-23 21:53:08)
    Surprise! Beyoncé just released her new album Lemonade, putting an end to speculation that began in earnest when she released the single "Formation" a day before performing as part of the Super Bowl halftime show. The release of Lemonade comes minutes after Beyonce's HBO special of the same name — which turned out to be a visual album — finished airing. It's her sixth studio album and first since 2013's celebrated Beyoncé, an album she released without any promotion or warning in December of that year.
  • The Latest: Solar plane crossing Pacific reaches California (2016-04-23 21:02:56)
    OVER THE PACIFIC OCEAN (AP) — The Latest on the flight of a solar-powered airplane from Hawaii to California in an attempt to circumnavigate the globe (all times local):
  • Stanford wind tunnel for birds could lead to more stable drones (2016-04-23 20:29:00)
  • Congress asks the NSA how often it spies on Americans (2016-04-23 19:02:00)
  • This is how Material Design looks on Chrome OS, rolling out now (2016-04-23 18:00:03)
    Google has been revamping its look piece by piece to fall in line with the Material Design style guidelines that it introduced two years ago. As Google designer Sebastien Gabriel details on Dribbble, a new design is rolling out on Chrome OS as part of the latest update (version 50). Alongside the design changes, Chrome OS is also getting a slightly altered design meant for use on touchscreen Chromebooks.
  • Sales skyrocketed after 'Rust' added female character models (2016-04-23 17:31:00)
  • Solar plane pilot hopes to link to Silicon Valley's spirit (2016-04-23 17:08:31)
    OVER THE PACIFIC OCEAN (AP) — The pilot of a solar-powered airplane on an around-the-world journey said Saturday that stopping in California's Silicon Valley will help link the daring project to the pioneering spirit of the area.
  • to test 'deep learning' autonomous cars on California roads (2016-04-23 17:00:03)
    Another self-driving car startup is about to hit the roads. The Wall Street Journal reports that, a Silicon Valley startup that received $12 million in funding last year, has been granted a license to test autonomous vehicles on California roads. — which, for clarity, is not George Hotz's — reportedly says that it's working to bring "deep learning" to autonomous car tech.
  • The Latest: Solar plane crossing Pacific nears California (2016-04-23 16:50:42)
    OVER THE PACIFIC OCEAN (AP) — The Latest on the flight of a solar-powered airplane from Hawaii to California in an attempt to circumnavigate the globe (all times local):
  • Carmike Cinemas is putting Prince's Purple Rain back in 80 theaters (2016-04-23 16:00:03)
    Following AMC's announcement that it would put Prince's 1984 film Purple Rain back in theaters, Carmike Cinemas has decided to follow suit. The theater chain announced yesterday that it would play Purple Rain in 80 or so theaters starting today and running through this coming Thursday. If you're looking for a way to remember Prince this weekend, seeing Purple Rain may be among the best ways to go.
  • Facebook was the victim of a backdoor hack (2016-04-23 15:58:00)
  • Someone is creating a horrifying sci-fi world in Reddit comments (2016-04-23 15:00:03)
    A lot of weird things happen on Reddit, so it normally wouldn't be all that interesting to hear that someone is posting strange comments. Creating a narrative through online message boards isn't a brand new concept — it was famously done in the early 2000s by someone claiming to be a time traveler named John Titor.
  • Oree's real ink-and-paper stylus is not for starving artists (2016-04-23 14:30:00)
  • Comcast customers hate data caps, but making customers hurt is all part of the plan (2016-04-23 14:00:03)
    The Wall Street Journal has a great report about broadband data caps this week, revealing something everyone already knows: people really don't like the bullshit that huge broadband companies put them through. Through a Freedom Of Information Act request, WSJ found that consumer complaints to the FCC skyrocketed in 2015 as Comcast in particular started ramping up data cap experiments across the country. Complaints about data caps reportedly rose from 863 in the first half of the 2015, to 7,904 in the second half — and continued into 2016 with 1,463 complaints made as of mid-April.
  • Nissan trolls Tesla Model 3 in new ad campaign (2016-04-23 13:00:17)
    Just three weeks after Elon Musk introduced the Model 3 to the world, the number of reservations for Tesla's mass market EV is already close to surpassing 400,000. And while rival car companies may not be in panic mode just yet, there's no question that they've been caught a little bit off guard. DON'T MISS:  Photos of the Tesla Model 3 like you’ve never seen before In turn, we've started to see auto manufacturers and executives more freely throw a few jabs in Tesla's direction. Just last week, for example, GM executive Dan Nicholson threw some shade at Tesla over the fact that the Model 3, in contrast to the Chevy Bolt, won't truly launch until 2018. “I am very proud of the Chevrolet Bolt that’s coming out, which will be the first to market as a long-range affordable battery electric vehicle,” Nicholson said. “It will have more than 200 miles of range and it will be in production by the end of 2016, so it’s not necessary to put down $1,000 and wait until 2018 or some time after that.” Also getting in on some of the anti-Tesla action is Nissan. Earlier this week, the Japanese-based auto manufacturer rolled out a new ad campaign touting the fact that you can pick up a Nissan Leaf today without the prolonged waiting period that comes along with making a Model 3 reservation. Automotive News reports : Nissan has now turned those reservations into fodder for its own advertising for the electric Nissan Leaf. “No one should have any reservations about getting an electric car today,” trumpets a Nissan ad that appears around the country today. The ads appear in Friday’s New York Times, Los Angeles Times, USA Today and The Wall Street Journal, reminding consumers that Nissan has been mass-producing the all-electric Leaf since 2010. The ads also ask rhetorically, "Why wait when you can drive an all-electric Leaf now? And why drop $1,000 to stand in line when you can get $4,000 cash back and best-in-class range?” Valid questions, to be sure, but it's hard to imagine anything slowing down the Tesla Model 3 hype train at this point.
  • Disney, CBS, Viacom worry FCC cable box proposal would do to TV what iTunes did to music (2016-04-23 13:00:03)
    In a joint filing last night, a coalition of huge media companies including Disney, CBS, and Viacom told the FCC that they oppose its plan to open up cable boxes, according to the Los Angeles Times. The comment, which does not appear to be available publicly yet, reportedly argues that the plan would destroy a major source of revenue for cable companies, TV networks, and the studios producing their shows.
  • Roku's $50 Streaming Stick makes 1080p set-top boxes obsolete (2016-04-23 13:00:00)
  • A Hologram For The King takes Tom Hanks on a frustrating journey of self-discovery (2016-04-23 12:32:13)
    It's meant to illustrate how rapidly Alan's life has disintegrated, turning a successful executive into a deflated, doubtful man. A Hologram For The King, adapted by director Tom Tykwer from Dave Eggers' 2012 novel, follows Alan to Saudi Arabia, where he's the lead salesman on a team hawking a new holographic telepresence system to the Saudi king. Alan's job is on the line, and he's under pressure to produce fast results.
  • You'll actually want to get sucked into this Boeing 737 engine... chair (2016-04-23 12:00:03)
    Meet the aptly named 737 Cowling Chair from British workshop Fallen Funiture. It is precisely what it sounds like: a chair made out of the cowling of an actual 737 engine, best known for its trademark squat appearance — most airliner engines are round, but the 737's have a little bit of flatness along the bottom edge so they have enough ground clearance. It just so happens that the shape also makes for an awesome (giant) chair. No, seriously, it's big: it measures some six and a half feet tall, wide, and deep.
  • The 10 most polluted cities in America (2016-04-23 11:45:48)
    How clean is the air in your city? In its annual 'State of the Air' report for 2016 , the American Lung Association reports that despite the continued improvement in air quality, there are still over 166 million Americans at risk of averse health effects on account of unhealthy air throughout the country. READ MORE:  This tiny device might be every iPhone owner’s new best friend "Thanks to cleaner power plants and cleaner vehicles, we see a continued reduction of ozone and year-round particle pollution in the 2016 'State of the Air' report. However, climate change has increased the challenges to protecting public health," said Harold P. Wimmer, CEO of the American Lung Association. "There are still nearly 20 million people in the United States that live with unhealthful levels of all three measures of air pollution the report tracks: ozone, short-term and year-round particle pollution." These are the top 10 U.S. cities most polluted by short-term particle pollution: Bakersfield, California Fresno-Madera, California Visalia-Porterville-Hanford, California Modesto-Merced, California Fairbanks, Alaska Salt Lake City-Provo-Orem, Utah Logan, Utah San Jose-San Francisco-Oakland, California Los Angeles-Long Beach, California Missoula, Montana Perhaps somewhat surprisingly, none of the most polluted cities in America are anywhere near big cities. Rather, a majority of them fall in California's Central Valley, which Gizmodo notes is an agricultural region that, because of its geographical makeup, often traps all of the pollutants that float over the city. Even more depressing is the fact that only four cities qualified for the 'cleanest cities' list this year. "We simply must do more to protect the health of Americans," said Wimmer.
  • Six amazing underwater buildings (2016-04-23 11:30:00)
  • Marvel's Inhumans movie is in limbo (2016-04-23 11:00:05)
    Marvel's planned Inhumans movie seems to be up in the air. After weeks of rumors that it was being pushed back, Marvel has removed the film from its release calendar, according to The Wrap. Collider questioned Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige about the potential move earlier this week.
  • Apple requiring all new Watch apps to be native by June (2016-04-23 10:00:07)
    All new Apple Watch apps will have to run natively on the Watch as of June 1st. Apple announced the mandate to developers last night, indicating that it would reject Watch apps from the App Store if they didn't comply. Developers have been able to publish native Watch apps since September, when Apple launched watchOS 2.
  • Recommended Reading: Is Instagram ruining our vacations? (2016-04-23 10:00:00)
  • Arya Stark pretends to be a store clerk, hilariously pranks ‘Game of Thrones’ fans (2016-04-23 09:15:32)
    Actress Maisie Williams, best known for her work playing Arya Stark in  Game of Thrones , isn't above having a little fun at fans' expense. She recently agreed to act as a young woman named Loraine who works at a gaming and toy store that just happens to be having a killer  Game of Thrones promotion going on. Most of her customers recognize her right away but she refuses to admit who she really is and ends up hilariously pranking some diehard fans. FROM EARLIER:  Watch military vehicles crash land in this failed heavy drop video You see, in order to win some promotional  Game of Thrones toys, the customers need to act out scenes from the show with Maisie. One woman does Cersei Lannister's infamous walk of shame while Williams encourages other customers to throw things at her. Another couple reenact the scene where young Bran Stark walks in on Jamie and Cersei Lannister having incestuous relations. (Don't worry, everyone keeps their clothes on the whole time.) Williams also pretends that she's never seen the show and pretends to horrified when customers inform her that it regularly features rape, incest, beheadings and other fun staples of life in Westeros. Check out the whole thing for yourself below.
  • Amazon's Alexa can now add events to Google Calendar (2016-04-23 09:02:17)
    This should be useful: after an update yesterday, Amazon's Alexa can now be used to add events to Google Calendar by voice. Alexa has had Google Calendar integration for about a year now, but it's only been able to check your calendar and read it back to you up until this point. Of course, you'll still need one of the few devices that include Alexa to get started.
  • ICYMI: Targeting Zika with tech, flexi-cam and more (2016-04-23 09:00:00)
  • Try a free strategy game from the makers of 'Minecraft' (2016-04-23 06:37:00)
  • CERN opens access to 300TB of Large Hadron Collider data (2016-04-23 03:57:00)
  • Feds say they've accessed phone at center of Apple data case (2016-04-23 03:53:14)
    NEW YORK (AP) — The U.S. Justice Department said it has withdrawn a request to force Apple to reveal data from a cellphone linked to a New York drug case after someone provided federal investigators with the phone's passcode.
  • Solar plane's Pacific crossing going smoothly (2016-04-23 02:05:00)
    OVER THE PACIFIC OCEAN (AP) — A solar-powered plane's flight across the Pacific Ocean was going smoothly as it gets closer to a stop in Northern California.
  • Chinese firms accelerate in race toward driverless future (2016-04-23 01:18:10)
    Chinese manufacturers and Internet giants are in hot pursuit of their US counterparts in the race to design driverless cars, but the route to market is still littered with potholes. While Google has been working on autonomous vehicles for at least six years, with the likes of BMW, Volvo and Toyota in its wake, more recently Chinese businesses have entered the race, from Internet search giant Baidu to manufacturer Changan. Last week, ahead of the Beijing Auto Show opening on Monday, two self-driving Changan cars made a mountainous 2,000 kilometre (1,200 mile) journey from Chongqing in the southwest to the capital in the country's first long-distance autonomous vehicle test.
  • %PublicAccess-21344447% (2016-04-23 00:57:00)
  • Apple mandates new Watch apps 'must' work without an iPhone (2016-04-22 23:49:00)
  • Apple mandates that new Watch apps 'must' work without an iPhone (2016-04-22 23:49:00)
  • Look Mao, no hands! China's roadmap to self-driving cars (2016-04-22 23:28:11)
    By Jake Spring BEIJING (Reuters) - In the race to develop self-driving cars, the United States and Europe lead in technology, but China is coming up fast in the outside lane with a regulatory structure that could put it ahead in the popular adoption of autonomous cars on its highways and city streets. A draft roadmap for having highway-ready, self-driving cars within 3-5 years and autonomous vehicles for urban driving by 2025 could be unveiled as early as this year, said Li Keqiang, an automotive engineering professor at Tsinghua University who chairs the committee drafting the plan. Without coordination, that patchwork could hold back the development of self driving cars in the U.S., David Strickland, a former safety chief for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, said at an event in Beijing this month.
  • Feds scrap Apple lawsuit in New York (2016-04-22 23:00:00)
  • Government withdraws from New York iPhone unlocking case (2016-04-22 22:23:16)
    The Justice Department has withdrawn from its legal dispute with Apple over a locked iPhone in New York, the government said in a court filing made late Friday. The department said the FBI no longer needs the company's help unlocking the phone, involved in a drug-trafficking case, as it has obtained the passcode from someone else. The withdrawal is the second high-profile case the FBI has stepped away from in recent weeks after finding alternative means to unlocking a phone without Apple's help.
  • Satellite TV is helping Iranians bypass internet censorship (2016-04-22 22:03:00)
  • Solar plane passed half way point for final leg of journey (2016-04-22 21:55:58)
    OVER THE PACIFIC OCEAN (AP) — The pilot of a solar-powered plane on an around-the-world journey took a few minutes Friday to exchange pleasantries with the United Nations secretary general as he flew high above the Pacific Ocean en route to a stop in Northern California.
  • 7 new movie trailers you need to watch this week (2016-04-22 21:35:18)
    Last week's trailers roundup was pretty epic, but we think this week's is even better: We've got Independence Day: Resurgence , Jason Bourne , and The Magnificent Seven , to name just a few of the most exciting ones. Let's check them out! DON’T MISS: Purported 'Star Wars Episode VIII' plot leaks, and I really hope it's fake Independence Day: Resurgence The second trailer for Independence Day 2  delivers almost three minutes of action to keep you going until the full movie hits theaters this summer. Jason Bourne We’ve already talked about Matt Damon’s fourth Bourne movie  and the first trailer for Jason Bourne is finally here: The Do Over The second Adam Sandler movie is heading to Netflix on May 27th, and it doesn’t look as bad as you’d expect. The Do Over tells the story of a bank manager (David Spade) who’s looking to restart his life. He meets his friend Max (Sandler), and they fake their deaths to start off fresh with new identities. The Girl on the Train You may have already read The Girl on the Train , and now you’ll be able to watch the movie based on the hot book. Starring Emily Blunt, Haley Bennet, Luke Evans, this disturbing story will hit cinemas this fall on October 7th. The Infiltrator We’ve seen Bryan Cranston becoming a ruthless drug lord in Breaking Bad , so it only seems fair to see him take down one in The Infiltrator . Based on the true story of how the U.S. caught Pablo Escobar, The Infiltrator  reveals how this massive sting operation took place. Cranston is joined by John Leguizamo and Diane Kruger, and the movie is set for a July 15th launch. The Magnificent Seven What do you get when you hire Denzel Washington and Chris Pratt, along with five other tough souls from the Wild West, to defend a seemingly lost cause? You get a reboot of The Magnificent Seven  and it sounds quite promising. Warcraft We’ve often talked about the first  Warcraft movie , and we can only hope that it doesn't suck like most video game movies do.  Warcraft hits cinemas June 10th, so let’s check out a fresh trailer for it.
  • 'Tekken X Street Fighter' is on hold for now (2016-04-22 21:12:00)
  • ‘Game of Thrones’ will be back for at least one more season (2016-04-22 20:40:07)
    In just a few days  Game of Thrones finally returns to HBO , and the first episode will probably explain what happened to Jon Snow at the end of season five. But regardless of his fate, things are looking up for Game of Thrones fans. The show will be renewed for at least one more season, HBO confirmed, and an eighth season might also be in the making. DON’T MISS: How do planes fly? This animation explains everything you need to know A formal announcement is expected in the near future, The Hollywood Reporter said , with HBO’s programming president having told reporters on Thursday that the cable network is nearing a deal for two more seasons. The official Game of Thrones Twitter channel then confirmed season 7 on Friday: Reports said that the upcoming seasons of Game of Thrones might be shorter than the usual 10-episode season fans expect. But what ultimately matters for fans is that the hugely popular show is being renewed. Game of Thrones is one of the best TV shows in recent history and the most watched HBO show to date. It’s also one of the most pirated TV series ever, and new records are probably going to be shattered in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, Game of Thrones season six debuts on April 24th, with HBO making it easy for both subscribers and non-subscribers to watch the first episode – here’s what you need to know . Hollywood Reporter also notes that securing more seasons of Game of Thrones is a top priority for HBO, even if that means giving huge pay raises to the show's stars, who will become some of the highest-paid actors on cable TV. At least, the ones who survive... HBO has other shows lined up, including Vinyl , Westworld , the third and final season of The Leftovers . It’s not clear at this time whether True Detective will go on to air a third season.
  • Log in with your skull via bone conduction biometrics (2016-04-22 20:15:00)
  • Elon Musk says Tesla is working on a secret new vehicle that could replace public transport (2016-04-22 19:55:29)
    While speaking at a transport conference in Norway this week, Elon Musk articulated that Tesla's plan to revolutionize the transportation industry is much broader and more ambitious than initially assumed. In other words, if you thought Tesla's master plan to usher in an EV revolution was going to end once the Model 3 hit mass production, think again. DON'T MISS:  One video and the story behind it tell you everything you need to know about Prince Far from it, Tesla is just getting started. Not only have we heard reports that Tesla is eyeing a crossover vehicle based on the Model 3, Musk has also suggested that a Tesla pickup truck might also be a possibility later on down the line. And now we have word ( via Bloomberg ) that Tesla, believe it or not, is working on a new self-driving vehicle of some sort that may one day serve as a replacement for traditional forms of public transportation. In classic Musk fashion, the Tesla CEO teased the idea without divulging anything concrete. "I very much agree with solving the high-density urban transport problem,” Musk explained. “There’s a new type of car or vehicle that would be great for that and that’ll actually take people to their final destination and not just the bus stop.” "We have an idea for something which is not exactly a bus but would solve the density problem for inner city situations,” Musk further added. “Autonomous vehicles are key. I don’t want to talk too much about it. I have to be careful what I say." Intriguing, to say the least. Of course, Musk's confidence in a future where autonomous vehicles are commonplace is nothing new. Late last year, Musk went so far as to say that not having a self-driving car in 15 years will be akin to owning a horse. “Well, I’m actually on record saying that I think that all cars will go fully autonomous in the long-term,” Musk said not too long ago. “I think it will be quite unusual to see cars that don’t have full autonomy, let’s say, in 15-20 years. And for Tesla, it will be a lot sooner than that.” Thus far, Tesla has already changed the game with the introduction of its Autopilot software. And as impressive as it is today, it's only going to become more reliable and more advanced in the not-too-distant future.
  • The government is shaming people for texting and driving (2016-04-22 19:17:00)
  • Will Smith shows up in the latest trailer for ‘Independence Day: Resurgence’ (2016-04-22 19:10:38)
    The great thing about a sequel to a schlocky 20-year-old action movie is that the expectations are never going to be very high. Yes, people have been clamoring for a new Independence Day for years, but after watching the latest official trailer, I'm still having trouble deciding whether Resurgence is going to be a fun romp or an overproduced disaster with headache-inducing visual effects. SEE ALSO:  How do planes fly? This animation explains everything you need to know Regardless of how it turns out, there's plenty to get excited about if you were a fan of the original. Jeff Goldblum is back as scientist David Levinson, Bill Pullman returns as ex-president Thomas J. Whitmore and Jesse Usher will play the part of Steven Hiller's (Will Smith) stepson. Sadly, Smith himself didn't film any scenes for the movie, as his character was killed in the aftermath of the original movie while testing an alien fighter jet (aka, Smith didn't want to be in the movie), but if you pay close attention during the trailer, you can actually see a photo of Steven Hiller at the 0:28 mark. It's not the cameo we wanted, but it's nice to see that Resurgence will acknowledge the existence of the main character from the first movie: Along with the new trailer, 20th Century Fox is also putting the original Independence Day on sale for just $0.99 on Google Play this weekend, with all proceeds going directly to Earth Day Network. Independence Day: Resurgence hits theaters on June 24th, 2016.
  • At Tribeca, virtual reality takes early steps toward art (2016-04-22 18:56:52)
    NEW YORK (AP) — Walking through most doors at the Tribeca Film Festival means taking a seat in a theater full of chattering moviegoers. But there are also darkened, cloth-wrapped chambers — like old carnival booths promising never-before-seen wonders — that offer nothing but a headset, headphones and perhaps some advice, like: "Watch for the dragon."
  • Philips' SpeechAir voice recorder runs on Android (2016-04-22 18:45:03)
    Who needs a voice recording app when you've got a tricked out voice recorder? Philips' new SpeechAir is an Android voice recorder that includes a touch screen and camera. It can even pair up with computers over Bluetooth and connect to Wi-Fi! The camera, while useful for taking pictures of whatever you're recording, is also apparently good for barcode scanning, which will help health professionals, Philips says.
  • Nebraska researchers test new firefighting tool _ drones (2016-04-22 18:34:33)
    BEATRICE, Neb. (AP) — Researchers in Nebraska tested a new tool on Friday that could eventually help in fighting grass fires — drones.
  • Bank of America now supports Android's fingerprint scanner (2016-04-22 18:18:00)
  • Roku CEO opposes FCC plan to open up cable boxes (2016-04-22 18:05:48)
    First of all, basically every tech company has been silent on the FCC's proposal since it was announced. Cable pricing would likely rise as customers no longer have to rent cable boxes (so it's possible you'd still break even on monthly costs).
  • China ban on Apple services is a challenge for key growth area (2016-04-22 18:01:33)
    The blocking of Apple mobile entertainment services in China poses fresh challenges for the tech company as it prepares to report its first-ever drop in iPhone sales. The news on Thursday that Apple Inc's online book and film services had gone dark in China came at a vulnerable moment for the company. Apple executives have said that iPhone sales will fall for the first time in the company's second quarter, and the results for that quarter will be released on Tuesday.
  • Step inside the artistic algorithms of 'No Man's Sky' (2016-04-22 17:52:00)
  • The NSA won't tell Congress how many Americans it's spying on because our democracy is broken (2016-04-22 17:40:40)
    Congress is trying to learn more about the NSA's surveillance programs, and it's not going well. In a letter delivered today to director of National Intelligence James Clapper, a group of 14 legislators (eight Democrats and six Republicans) asked for a ballpark figure on how many Americans are having their data collected under Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. Section 702 is the legal justification for many of the NSA's most invasive programs, including PRISM.
  • This awesome ‘Game of Thrones’ tribute was made with 7,600 individual paper cutouts (2016-04-22 17:40:19)
    Can you feel the Game of Thrones fever? Everywhere you turn, there’s talk about the upcoming premiere of HBO’s sixth season, with fans honoring the show in unique ways. this week came up with a unique way to promote the show: it created the opening sequence using props made out of paper. DON’T MISS: How do planes fly? This animation explains everything you need to know Why is Moleskine remotely interested in promoting a TV show like that? Well, when you sell Game of Thrones themed paper notebooks, you’re probably looking at ways to make them go viral. According to CNET , Moleskine used 7,600 individual paper cutouts – Earth Day, who? – and filmed the moving parts using stop-motion technology. Yes, the paper castle has moving parts. It probably took a lot of time to do it, and plenty of paper. But the end result is indeed epic: Even more impressive is the making-of video that shows the Moleskine artists behind this epic performance at work: Meanwhile, the limited edition Game of Thrones Moleskin notebooks feature symbols from the three dominant families of the show, including Stark, Lannister, and Targaryen. That said, Game of Thrones returns this Sunday on HBO, and you’ll be able to watch it free of charge – click this link to find out how to do it .
  • This is your next jam: Andy Stott, Sturgill Simpson, and more (2016-04-22 17:39:20)
    You can hear Prince in a few of the picks below, like Alexis Taylor’s spare "I’m Ready." In others, like Deerhoof’s spiky "Plastic Thrills," it’s not something you’d leap to identify. Whether or not he influenced their work, I’m confident everyone chosen below has a favorite Prince song or memory somewhere in their minds. Alexis Taylor’s sweet voice usually emerges out of a thicket of keyboard and jittery rhythms as part of his work fronting Hot Chip, so it’s a little strange to hear him singing over a lone piano melody on "I’m Ready." It’s the lead single from a forthcoming collection of solo piano records, one aptly titled Piano.
  • Some of the greenest gadgets for Earth Day (2016-04-22 17:30:00)
  • Bless California health officials for trying to stay relevant with dated memes (2016-04-22 17:16:13)
    This tweet was brought to my attention today.A dead bird could mean West Nile Virus-infected mosquitoes are near. Report dead birds. Call 1-877- 968-2473— CAPublicHealth (@CAPublicHealth) April 22, 2016
  • Fiat Chrysler is recalling 1.1 million cars because of weird electronic shift levers (2016-04-22 17:07:38)
    Fiat Chrysler is recalling more than 1.1 million cars because owners were having difficulties with the unusual electronic shift lever. With many drivers used to physically shifting a lever into position, the electronic lever used in some older Dodge Charger, Chrysler 300, and Jeep Grand Cherokee models can be confusing. In a press release, Chrysler says that "unless due care is taken, drivers may draw erroneous conclusions about the status of their vehicles." The company says it's aware of 41 injuries that are potentially related to this shift knob issue.
  • Solar plane's pilot speaks with UN leader from over Pacific (2016-04-22 17:06:42)
    OVER THE PACIFIC OCEAN (AP) — The pilot of a solar-powered plane on an around-the-world journey took a few minutes Friday to exchange pleasantries with the United Nations secretary general as he flew high above the Pacific Ocean enroute to a stop in Northern California.
  • Prince's Purple Rain will play in AMC theaters this weekend (2016-04-22 17:06:24)
    Prince's iconic 1984 film Purple Rain is returning to theaters this weekend. Variety reports that, as a way of honoring the lost legend, AMC has partnered with Warner Bros. to screen the film in 87 locations across the country from tomorrow, April 23rd through Thursday, the 28th. Purple Rain, both the film and the album that shared its name, is Prince's best known work and is widely regarded as what shot him to superstardom. Purple Rain is a cult classic like no other, and if you can see it in theaters, you absolutely should.
  • How 60 Minutes played 'Telephone' with public hacking hysteria (2016-04-22 17:01:00)
  • How '60 Minutes' played 'Telephone' with public-hacking hysteria (2016-04-22 17:01:00)
  • The studio behind Minecraft just released a free strategy game on Steam (2016-04-22 16:59:41)
    Mojang, the Swedish game studio best known for a little game called Minecraft, not only just announced its next game, it just released it, too. The new title is called Crown and Council, and it's described as "a fast-paced strategy game about conquering land and obliterating rival monarchs." It looks sort of like a pixelated and streamlined Civilization, and as with most strategy games, the goal is to build up your empire by acquiring land, raising money, and building up a military force. Surprisingly, the game was actually developed in its entirety by just one member of the Mojang team, Henrik Pettersson.
  • Pro-Clinton PAC unleashes a ridiculous $1 million plan to ‘correct’ Reddit (2016-04-22 16:56:47)
    One of the things that people say they like about the campaigns of candidates like Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders is that they seemingly say exactly what they're thinking and they don't follow the advice of well paid political consultants. What's wrong with well paid political consultants, you ask? Well, they often don't seem to understand politics very well, for one. Nowhere is this more apparent than a pro-Hillary Clinton Super PAC's decision to spend $1 million to "correct" misinformation about their favored candidate on Reddit and Facebook. FROM EARLIER:  Lawsuit alleges T-Mobile is deceiving us about its ‘no-contract’ initiative As  The Daily Beast reports , the pro-Clinton Super PAC Correct the Record "is pledging to spend $1 million to “push back against” users on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and Instagram." The project claims that it has already "addressed more than 5,000 people that have personally attacked Hillary Clinton on Twitter" and it's going to do a lot more of this on other social networks. Dear God. There really aren't words to describe how much of a bone-headed move this is... but I'm going to try. One of the staples of online discourse is assuming that the person you're arguing with is a paid shill for the company or person they're advocating. While most people who argue for different positions across the web aren't actually paid shills, it goes without saying that being a paid shill is something that automatically discredits the person making the argument. Correct the Record's plan, in short, is to flood social media with paid shills and brag about it publicly. This not only further irritates people on social media by spamming them with pro-Hillary messages but it also has the unintended side effect of making your genuine supporters online seem illegitimate. After all, if anyone on Reddit now argues in favor of Hillary Clinton, everyone will naturally question whether they're for real or just another Correct the Record throwaway account. At any rate, this debacle-in-the-making should be a lesson to future campaigns on how not to handle social media.
  • Twitch transforms into a social network with new 'Friends' feature (2016-04-22 16:30:00)
  • Alphabet drops most in three years after first quarter but analysts upbeat (2016-04-22 16:26:48)
    (Reuters) - Ruth Porat couldn't have been clearer: Alphabet Inc's chief financial officer said on Thursday that Google's parent needed to step up investment to boost traffic. Analysts agreed. The search giant's first-quarter earnings fell short of estimates, largely because it spent more to build traffic for its mobile advertising services.
  • New on Netflix: Every movie and TV show being added in May (2016-04-22 16:24:00)
    Although not quite as loaded as April, May looks to be another exciting month for Netflix subscribers. Fans of the service's original content have a few very interesting comedian-led projects to look forward to, including Maria Bamford's Lady Dynamite and Chelsea Handler's not-live talk show, Chelsea . DON'T MISS:  Purported ‘Star Wars Episode VIII’ plot leaks, and I really hope it’s fake Other highlights include Sixteen Candles , The Replacements and the fifth and final season of Hell on Wheels . There are also a boatload of a couple of Bring It On movies coming to Netflix... you know, if that's your thing. Check out the full list of additions for May 2016 below: May 1st A Study in Sherlock (2016) Admiral (2015) Ava's Possessions (2015) Bring It On (2000) Bring It On: All or Nothing (2006) Easy Living: Seasons 1-3 El Crítico (2013) FernGully 2: The Magical Rescue (1998) Finger of God (2007) Gary Gulman: It's About Time (2016) Great Expectations (1998) I Am Road Comic (2014) Jesus Town, USA (2014) Just Friends (2005) Kevin Hart Presents Keith Robinson: Back of The Bus Funny (2015) Kevin Hart Presents Lil Rel: RELevent (2015) Kevin Hart Presents: Plastic Cup Boyz (2015) LoliRock: Season 1 (2014) My Last Day Without You (2011) The Nutty Professor (1996) Off the Map (2013) Palm Trees in the Snow (2015) Pleasantville (1998) Shark Lake (2015) She's Beautiful When She's Angry (2014) Sixteen Candles (1984) Sugar Coated (2015) Terra (2015) Things We Lost in the Fire (2007) To Catch a Thief (1955) Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers: Runnin' Down a Dream (2007) Who's Driving Doug (2016) May 2nd The Replacements (2000) May 3rd Submerged (2015) May 4th The Keeping Room (2015) Shanghai Knights (2003) May 5th Fourth Man Out (2015) Marseille May 6th Ali Wong: Baby Cobra Baby Daddy: Season 5 Grace and Frankie: Season 2 Young & Hungry: Season 3 May 8th The Chosen Ones (2015) May 9th A Stand Up Guy (2015) May 10th Eisenstein in Guanajuato (2015) May 11th Chelsea Goosebumps (2015) They Look Like People (2015) May 12th Bleeding Heart (2015) May 15th We Are Still Here (2015) Yo Soy la Salsa (2014) May 17th American Dad!: Season 10 Kindergarten Cop 2 (2016) Slasher: Season 1 (2016) May 18th A Girl Like Her (2015) May 19th Benders: Season 1 (2015) May 20th Lady Dynamite: Season 1 May 22nd David and Goliath (2015) The Letters (2014) The Ouija Experiment 2: Theatre of Death (2015) May 23rd Electricity (2014) May 26th Graceland: Season 3 The Last Man on the Moon (2016) May 27th Bloodline: Season 2 Chef's Table: Season 2, Part 1 The Do-Over (2016) Mako Mermaids: Season 4 May 28th Hell on Wheels: Season 5 Check back soon for a full list of the shows being removed from Netflix.
  • App aims to bring Shakespeare to new generation (2016-04-22 16:20:11)
    A new iPad app intended to make William Shakespeare's works more accessible is being launched by actor Ian McKellen and director Richard Loncraine on Saturday, the 400th anniversary of the Bard's death. The app users see actors reading out "The Tempest", facing the camera with no costume or staging as the text scrolls, and its developers said they hope eventually to cover all of Shakespeare's 37 plays. "Shakespeare did not mean you to read it.
  • At Tribeca Film Festival, Virtual Reality Steals the Show (2016-04-22 16:10:44)
    Virtual reality made a big splash at this year's Tribeca Film Festival -- as anyone who visited the event's Virtual Arcade and watched some of the VR-enabled films featured there will be sure to tell you. It's moment on the "red carpet" was featured in stories far and wide, including The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, LA...
  • How having fun at work can make employees more productive (2016-04-22 16:05:31)
    All work and no play can lead to anxiety, burnout, and absenteeism. Here's how to stave off the dullness.