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  • Siri won't let Beats into Dr. Dre's party in bizarre new ad (2014-08-01 22:14:38)
    In the 30-second spot posted to Twitter, Siri overhears two Beats spokes-speakers happily discussing the news about their new corporate owners. Siri's disembodied voice lets them know that Beats founder Dr. Dre is hosting a party tonight, leading to much rejoicing. The man Pill asks for directions, but Siri shoots him down. "Sorry, Mikey and Tina," Siri says, not sounding sorry at all.
  • Samsung continues its Galaxy Tab S push with three new ads (2014-08-01 22:00:57)
    The Galaxy Tab S released to rave reviews earlier this summer as many proclaimed that Samsung finally had its answer to the iPad. The tablet’s killer feature is its 2560 x 1600 Super AMOLED display, which is of course the focus of the brand new #TabletRealities ad campaign. In the three advertisements published to Samsung’s YouTube page on Friday, we watch three accomplished individuals discover their guilty pleasures on the Galaxy Tab S. Monique, an artist, has discovered that her true talent might be annihilating bananas and mangos in Fruit Ninja. Judge Walthall is similarly consumed with an American Idol-style pop star show and Amanda Hayward, a mother of four, can’t tear herself away from the steely blue eyes of her favorite cowboy in stunning
  • Despite warnings, computers still vulnerable to hackers of start-up codes (2014-08-01 21:25:35)
    In the latest sign that the problem persists, researchers at the federally funded MITRE lab said this week that many customers of Intel Corp still had not adopted revised security designs Intel distributed in March after the MITRE team found new vulnerabilities in the start-up process. Intel’s point person on the issue, Bruce Monroe, said he did not know how many suppliers and computer makers had followed Intel’s recommendations. “We asked them to let us know.” The stubborn glitches illustrates how such well-funded spying programs as those exposed by former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden can continue to succeed against targets that depend on a complex supply chain.
  • Office for iPad just got some of the great features you’ve been asking for (2014-08-01 21:05:02)
    Microsoft’s Office for iPad has been a hit from the moment it was finally launched in the App Store, with Word, Excel and PowerPoint quickly becoming top apps, and it looks like the Windows maker is not done with further improving this particular touch-first Office version. Microsoft has updated its Office for iPad apps, Ars Technica reports, with several interesting additions, including support for exporting files as PDFs, cropping pictures in line, and using third-party fonts in documents. Microsoft’s Word for iPad, Excel for iPad and PowerPoint for iPad are available as free downloads from the App Store, but users will need an Office 365 subscription to be able to edit their various documents inside the apps. The new features
  • Microsoft's Four Biggest Problems (2014-08-01 21:02:29)
    Where is Microsoft headed in the next three to five years? Will it continue to slog along, as it has been for the past several years, riding its PC legacy and expanding its footing in the cloud, while its market is increasingly defined by business users instead of consumers?With Satya Nadella now at the wheel, it's clear that Microsoft is...
  • Ask Ooloo puts the 'person' back in personal assistant (2014-08-01 20:59:00)
  • Popular to-do app Wunderlist gets major redesign and awesome new features (2014-08-01 20:00:17)
    Wunderlist is a well-known to-do list app that’s available on iOS, Android, Mac, Chrome and the web, with developer 6Wunderkinder on Thursday announcing a major redesign and completely new features for the popular applications. The company also revealed that its app has more than 8 million users who have generated over 450 million lists since the app was first launched four years ago. “Wunderlist has always been about enabling people to create and manage their lists,” 6Wunderkinder Founder and CEO Christian Reber said. “Now, with Wunderlist 3, we are introducing a platform, for all the world’s lists, where people can discover and benefit from the knowledge of others. Whether you share your grocery list with a loved one, or create a public list
  • World Health Organization chief says latest ebola outbreak is moving too fast to control (2014-08-01 19:45:02)
    In a speech to three countries hit hard by an ebola outbreak, the director of the World Health Organization today said that efforts to halt the spread of the deadly virus have not been good enough. "This is an unprecedented outbreak accompanied by unprecedented challenges. According to the WHO's latest tally, the virus has infected 1,323 and led to 729 deaths across Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria, and Sierra Leone. Most of those cases have been in Sierra Leone, while the most deaths — 339 — have been recorded in Guinea.
  • Microsoft sues Samsung in royalty dispute (2014-08-01 19:39:12)
    LOS ANGELES (AP) — Microsoft said Friday it is suing Samsung for threatening to stop paying Microsoft royalties for patents behind the Android operating system.
  • Do you like watching German-language TV? Then this post's for you. (2014-08-01 19:39:00)
  • How to play any Game Boy Advance game on your iPhone without a jailbreak (2014-08-01 19:15:55)
    Back in February, we showed you how to play classic NES games on your iPhone without having to resort to a jailbreak. If your mobile Nintendo game fix still isn’t satisfied, you might want to give GBA4iOS a try. There are versions for both iOS 6 and iOS 7, but the instructions to download the app are the same: set your iPhone back at least one day, head to the website to download the app, open GBA4iOS at least once and then set the date back to normal. The most recent version of the app supports Game Boy Color games, iOS 7 controllers and is even optimized to run on iPad. You can also sync the app with your Dropbox account in order to
  • Microsoft sues Samsung in US, alleging contract breach (2014-08-01 18:44:23)
    Microsoft on Friday sued Samsung in US federal court, claiming the South Korean giant had breached a contract over licensing of technology used in the fiercely competitive smartphone market. "After becoming the leading player in the worldwide smartphone market, Samsung decided late last year to stop complying with its agreement with Microsoft," the US technology firm's deputy counsel said in an online post. The complaint filed in federal court in New York alleges Samsung is failing to make payments for patented Microsoft technology used in smartphones and tablets. Samsung did not immediately respond to an AFP request for comment.
  • NASA successfully tests microwave thruster, paving the way for speedier space travel (2014-08-01 18:40:00)
  • Forget Siri and Google Now, human-powered Ooloo will answer all your questions (2014-08-01 18:30:15)
    Remember those hilarious videos wondering what it would be like for Google to be an actual human being capable of answering all your serious, strange and wacky questions? Well, now there is one such human-powered search solution, but it wasn’t made by Google. The guys over at iDrive, who make extremely affordable cloud solutions for iOS and Android devices, have a completely different endeavor called Ooloo that is described as Apple’s Siri but with real people. Or better said, it’s like Amazon’s Mayday service, but for everything you might want to find out from a search service. Instead of having a virtual assistant answering all sorts of questions and not getting it right all the time, Ooloo relies on good old humans to actually understand
  • Microsoft takes Samsung to court over Android royalties (2014-08-01 18:02:46)
    Microsoft wants a judge to decide whether its recent Nokia acquisition should allow Samsung to stop handing over royalties on Android devices. Since 2011, Samsung has been paying out per-device royalties to Microsoft for every Android product it sells. Microsoft has struck similar deals with many Android OEMs, and it's been a lucrative endeavor.
  • How Samsung can take on the iPhone 6 (2014-08-01 17:58:01)
    Nilay Patel and Dieter Bohn discuss the challenges Samsung faces in the second half of the year: a new iPhone, new challengers in China, and a horde of dissatisfied investors.
  • ​Google is reportedly separating its photo service from its social network (2014-08-01 17:53:00)
  • This is the HTC One (M8) running on Windows Phone (2014-08-01 17:45:04)
    Rumors have been circulating regarding a Windows Phone variant of the HTC One (M8) for months, but a picture on Verizon’s servers seems to have confirmed the existence of the phone once and for all. Leaked to PCMag, the high quality rendering clearly shows an HTC One (M8) with the iconic Live Tiles of Windows Phone on the display. The URL even reads “HTC_M8_Windows.” With an HTC press event scheduled for August 19th in New York, it was unlikely that we were going to have to wait long for the official unveiling of the phone, but Verizon couldn’t keep this cat in the bag. According to Windows Phone Central’s sources, the One (M8) for Windows (as documents have referred to it) will launch on August 21st, just
  • WWE Network isn't yet the streaming champion Vince McMahon wants it to be (2014-08-01 17:45:03)
    When Vince McMahon proudly announced WWE Network at CES in January, he essentially gave wrestling fans everything they'd ever wanted. The 24/7 streaming network offers access to WWE's massive vault of past pay-per-views, weekly programming, and original shows. It seemed like an absolute bargain for fans, and set WWE on a new trajectory that will ultimately abandon the old, $60 Sunday night pay-per-view formula that's lined McMahon's pockets for decades. Right now, Vince McMahon is learning that you can give wrestling fans everything they want, but there's no guarantee they'll pay for it.
  • Microsoft sues Samsung in U.S. over patent royalties (2014-08-01 17:43:26)
    Microsoft Corp sued Samsung Electronics Co Ltd on Friday, claiming the South Korean smartphone maker refused to make a royalty payment last fall on patent licenses after Microsoft announced its intention to acquire Nokia's handset business. The Microsoft lawsuit, filed in a Manhattan federal court, seeks monetary recovery from Samsung but does not publicly disclose the amount in dispute. Samsung representatives did not have immediate comment. In a blog post on Friday, Microsoft deputy general counsel David Howard wrote that Microsoft "values and respects our partnership" with Samsung, but differs with Samsung over how to interpret the licensing agreement.
  • Google Now Launcher available for most Android phones (2014-08-01 17:21:00)
  • The latest updates for the Galaxy S5 have arrived on Verizon and T-Mobile (2014-08-01 17:00:28)
    Samsung’s latest flagship phone just got even better on two of the biggest U.S. carriers. As SamMobile points out, both Verizon and T-Mobile released updates for the Galaxy S5 this week, fixing several issues and adding additional features to the Android device. On Verizon’s side, Caller Name ID, Message+ and Cloud have all received updates. Streaming music connectivity has also improved, the “Primary Contacts” label now reads “Emergency Contacts” when in Emergency Mode and Visual Voicemail will now work when the S-View flip cover is closed. A full list of improvements follows below: Updates applications: Caller Name ID Message+ Cloud Resolved issues: ‘Search’ icon has been removed within Memo when there is no memo Favorite ‘Contact’ information background is now more
  • President Obama signs cellphone unlocking bill into law (2014-08-01 16:54:00)
  • Apple's $450 million ebooks antitrust settlement approved by judge (2014-08-01 16:51:33)
    Apple's $450 million ebooks case settlement received preliminary approval from US District Judge Denise Cote today, though the ultimate sum distributed to consumers will hinge on the outcome of Apple's appeal. If the original verdict is upheld, $400 million will go to consumers that were "harmed" by the price-fixing scheme between Apple and book publishers, with $50 million directed to lawyers' pockets. If Apple somehow pulls an upset and wins on appeal, the company won't have to pay anything. Should that play out, Apple will pay consumers $50 million, with lawyers still earning a healthy $20 million payday.
  • PlayStation Now is a glimpse at the future of gaming — for a price (2014-08-01 16:44:09)
    "Honey, can you turn off Netflix? I'm trying to play Twisted Metal." The "Netflix for games" truly is the future of gaming — but that future comes with a whole new vocabulary of gripes and concerns, all of which will be familiar to anyone who uses Netflix. PlayStation Now is a cloud gaming service that lets you rent games by the hour, day, week, or month.
  • Researchers turn culture in to cold, hard data (2014-08-01 16:44:00)
  • Researchers turn culture into cold, hard data (2014-08-01 16:44:00)
  • Everything you need to know about how to use Amazon’s Fire phone (2014-08-01 16:35:08)
    Amazon’s recently launched Fire phone isn’t exactly jumping off of store shelves, but the handset’s placement on the best-selling smartphone charts over the past month suggest that at least a few people have purchased the novel new handset. Amazon tried to woo potential smartphone buyers by developing features that no other smartphone has, such as a nifty glasses-free 3D effect and touchless tilt gesture controls. The bad news is that these aren’t really features that will sell phones. The good news is that if you did happen to purchase a Fire phone, we’ve come across a quick collection of guides that will teach you everything you need to know about how to use the handset’s unique new features. CNET
  • Google is reportedly separating its photos service from Google+ (2014-08-01 16:17:34)
    The Google+ photo organization and editing tools are probably the most useful part of Google's oft-critizied social network, and now it sounds like they'll soon be spun off into their own standalone product. According to Bloomberg, Google is planning to make the existing Google+ photo features into an independent product that'll be accessible even to users who don't have a Google+ account. It's an effort to find more users for the strongest part of Google+ without the baggage that comes with a service that has consistently struggled to find an engaged user base, despite Google's claims to the contrary. The future of Google+ has been up in the air for several months now — VP Vic Gundotra, the head of Google+, left the company in April, and the product wasn't mentioned a single time at the recent I/O developer conference.
  • Relive the past 7 years of Marvel movies in this incredible 5 minute video (2014-08-01 16:12:10)
    When Iron Man landed in theaters in 2008, we had no idea what we were in for. Seven years and several billion dollars later, The Avengers have changed the landscape of cinema — and that’s putting it lightly. With this weekend’s release of Guardians of the Galaxy, Marvel is taking a bold step by introducing an unknown group of space vigilantes to the masses. Marvel can only hope that its pedigree will have given audiences enough faith to go out on a limb with a mutant tree, a talking raccoon, a sitcom star and a giant purple moon man who wants to collect magic crystals to destroy the universe. Based on pre-release numbers, the penultimate movie in the second phase of the
  • Sprint LivePro review: A mediocre projector hotspot that appeals to few (2014-08-01 16:11:00)
  • You can now install Google's app launcher on almost any Android phone (2014-08-01 16:03:32)
    Google special app launcher, which initially debuted on the Nexus 5 last year, is now available for all Android devices running 4.1 Jelly Bean or newer. The Google Now Launcher integrates Google's virtual assistant service into a permanent pane to the left of the primary homescreen and has larger app icons than the standard launcher that comes on many Android phones. Google had previously expanded availability of the launcher to its own Nexus devices, including the Nexus 4 and Nexus 7, but now it is available for about 75 percent of the Android devices currently in use.
  • One of Google's two mystery barges is being dismantled and sold for scrap (2014-08-01 15:55:28)
    So much for Google's barge project, it seems. One of the only two multi-level barges owned by Google has been sold by the company, and the rest is headed off to a scrapyard, reports The Portland Press Herald. Earlier this week, Google quietly sold off the barge that was holding up the mysterious four story structure. The floating vessel had been harbored in Maine since last October, with Google planning to eventually use it as "an interactive space where people can learn about new technology." A counterpart on the West Coast was originally docked in San Francisco bay, though was moved inland back in February.
  • Why movies look awful on your brand new expensive TV – and how to fix them (2014-08-01 15:51:03)
    So you bought a brand new, expensive LCD TV and now you sit down to binge-watch your favorite show only to find it looks… totally different than it usually does? There’s nothing wrong with the TV or the content you’re watching, Wired explains, although sometimes there can be issues with those things, too. The TV has a built-in feature that turns Hollywood movies in a soap opera-like video mode that makes things look like they have been recorded in a different century. As the publication explains, while Hollywood movies are shot at 24 frames per second (24 fps or 24p), these new TV sets do not actually show videos at that frame rate. Broadcast TV delivers video at 60 “fields” per second, so 24fps content doesn’t work
  • Apple $450 million e-book settlement wins court approval (2014-08-01 15:41:50)
    By Jonathan Stempel NEW YORK (Reuters) - Apple Inc on Friday won preliminary court approval for its $450 million settlement of claims it harmed consumers by conspiring with five publishers to raise e-book prices. In approving the accord, U.S. District Judge Denise Cote in Manhattan overcame concerns she had expressed over a settlement provision allowing Apple to pay just $70 million if related litigation were to drag out. Apple has been appealing Cote's July 2013 finding, in a case brought by the U.S. Department of Justice, that it violated antitrust laws for colluding with the publishers to drive up e-book prices and impede rivals such as Inc . In June, Apple agreed to settle related class-action litigation brought on behalf of consumers and 33 U.S. states.
  • Flappy Bird is back, but only on Amazon's Fire TV (2014-08-01 15:33:58)
    After several months flying under the radar, Flappy Bird creator Dong Nguyen is back with his latest game: Flappy Bird Family. The game is, however, only available to download on Amazon's Android App Store, and only works with Amazon's Fire TV set-top box. In interviews and tweets, Nguyen often got cagey when people asked him about the millions of people worldwide suffering from Flappy Bird addiction. Or, perhaps Nguyen cut a deal with Amazon to help drive Fire TV sales.
  • HTC One with Windows Phone shows up on Verizon's site (2014-08-01 15:33:00)
  • Finally: Cell phone unlocking is legal in the U.S. once again (2014-08-01 15:30:12)
    Beginning Friday, August 1st, it is once again legal to unshackle your carrier-locked cell phone in the United States. President Obama on Friday signed the Unlocking Consumer Choice and Wireless Competition Act into law, thus giving cell phone users the legal right to unlock their handsets. Smartphones are often sold locked by wireless carriers in the U.S., meaning that the devices can only operate on the contracted carrier’s network despite being technically compatible with other networks. This new law will make unlocking those cell phones for use on other networks via a third party legal once again after an amendment to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act made it illegal last year. “[This] effort began with a digital petition on the White House’s We the People
  • Google’s awesome Google Now Launcher is finally ready to take over your non-Nexus phone (2014-08-01 15:03:37)
    One of the best features Google brought to KitKat devices is the brand new Google Now Launcher, a Google Search-infused product that should improve users’ search experiences as well as Google’s bottom line, since search is how the company generates revenue. Up until now, that launcher wasn’t officially compatible with any Android handsets and tablets other than Nexus models and Google Play Edition (GPE) devices, although daring Android users were able to install it on many other devices. FROM EARLIER: 10 of the best Android launchers on the planet But now it appears that Google is finally ready to challenge OEMs and app developers with its Google Now Launcher, as was rumored not long ago. At the same time, considering the company
  • The early design history of NASA's spacesuits (2014-08-01 15:00:00)
  • Chill Situations is the essence of summer distilled into 140 characters (2014-08-01 14:58:27)
    If you're living in the Northern hemisphere, it's the dead middle of summer and the livin's easy. It's hot and humid, and there might be a thunderstorm on the horizon — but for now, it's a sunny, hazy afternoon.
  • Making the Internet Work for Democracy (2014-08-01 14:51:20)
    A level playing field for the Internet got a powerful boost this week. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev) threw his support firmly behind protection of Net Neutrality in any new Federal Communications Commission (FCC) decisions on regulation of the Internet. Senator Reid anticipates a fight. There's a lot of money and power at stake...
  • Forget killing business cards – SwivelCard rockets them into the digital age (2014-08-01 14:48:29)
    For years, we’ve been told that various technologies were going to render business cards obsolete. NFC-enabled smartphones, apps that let you bump two devices together even without NFC to exchange contact details, and plenty more have come and gone, and yet we still carry cards and hand them out when we need to exchange info. Since business cards don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon, one company has decided to give them a much-needed digital update instead of trying to kill them off. Meet the SwivelCard. In a nutshell, the SwivelCard is a business card with an in-built USB drive. The card stock is a thin cardboard that is about the thickness of three standard business cards, and it
  • This is HTC's One M8 running Windows Phone (2014-08-01 14:42:21)
    The HTC One M8 running Windows Phone is real, and you need only follow a Verizon URL to prove it. HTC hasn't yet announced the rumored device, but a photo sitting right on Verizon's servers seems to confirm that the phone is indeed coming — and likely soon. WP Central's original report says the "One (M8) for Windows" will be available from Verizon on August 21st. When reached by The Verge, HTC declined to comment on the photo's authenticity. The company is hosting a press event on August 19th, and it's likely we'll hear confirmation of the new, aluminum-clad Windows Phone on that date.
  • Facebook restores service after outage in many countries (2014-08-01 14:38:34)
    By Alexei Oreskovic SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Facebook Inc said service to the world's largest online social network was fully restored on Friday, following a widespread outage that affected users in multiple countries. "Earlier this morning, some people had trouble accessing Facebook for a short time. We quickly investigated and have fully restored service for everyone. We’re sorry for the inconvenience," Facebook said in an emailed statement.
  • Google confirms floating 'interactive space' (2014-08-01 14:37:42)
    Google confirmed Friday that it was selling an enormous floating barge being converted into a space for showing off and learning about technology. The sale trims the number of vessels in Google's budding showroom armada to three and raises questions about whether the Internet titan is abandoning the aquatic effort. The barge was one of four docked on US coastlines and in various states in what Google described as an experiment with creating "interactive space" for learning about technology.
  • Google Workshop will reportedly wrap your Nexus 5 with custom cases (2014-08-01 14:25:00)
  • Is Nokia getting back into the phone market with Android? (2014-08-01 14:17:14)
    Ever since Microsoft acquired Nokia’s devices and services business, we’ve been waiting to see how the future of Nokia’s hardware strategy will play out. The Nokia X line of heavily modified Android devices looked like it might be the end of the line for Nokia as a phone maker, but an abundance of recent job listings on LinkedIn seem to indicate otherwise. Originally noticed by Russian mobile news site, Nokia has posted dozens of openings on LinkedIn over the past several weeks, including some as recently as this Thursday for designers, engineers, researchers and more. Many appear to pertain to an effort to reenter the smartphone market in the coming months, possibly as an Android phone maker. Although the Nokia X devices ran
  • As of today, Americans can legally unlock their phones again (2014-08-01 14:07:53)
    It's finally happened: as of today, unlocking your cellphone to work on other networks will be legal again in the US. The White House and Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT), who helped pass legislation earlier this year, announced that President Barack Obama is signing the Unlocking Consumer Choice and Wireless Competition Act. President Obama made clear last week that he would be signing the bill, a version of which was recently agreed upon by both the Senate and the House of Representatives. The rule was one of several proposals floated last year in response to a call from the White House, and the White House itself was responding to an official online petition, which collected over 100,000 signatures in favor of legalizing phone unlocking.
  • Core i3 and i7 Surface Pro 3 now shipping to US and Canada (2014-08-01 13:56:00)
  • Mio Fuse Fitness Tracker Wants to Win Your Heart (Rate) (2014-08-01 13:55:18)
    In a sea of fitness tracking devices, it's not easy to stand out. Mio is positioning its latest smartband as the most accurate heart rate monitoring wrist accessory without a chest strap. The Mio Fuse is coming by the holiday season for $180.
  • NASA tested an impossible space engine and it somehow worked (2014-08-01 13:55:05)
    NASA has been testing new space travel technologies throughout its entire history, but the results of its latest experiment may be the most exciting yet — if they hold up. Earlier this week at a conference in Cleveland, Ohio, scientists with NASA's Eagleworks Laboratories in Houston, Texas, presented a paper indicating they had achieved a small amount of thrust from a container that had no traditional fuels, only microwaves, bouncing around inside it. If the results can be replicated reliably and scaled up — and that's a big "if," since NASA only produced them on a very small scale over a two-day period — they could ultimately result in ultra-light weight, ultra fast spacecraft that could carry humans to Mars in weeks instead of months, and to the nearest star system outside our own (Proxima Centurai) in just about 30 years. The type of container NASA tested was based on a model for a new space engine that doesn't use weighty liquid propellant or nuclear reactors, called a Cannae Drive.
  • This unexpectedly gorgeous Moto 360 rival comes from a surprising source (2014-08-01 13:46:31)
    There’s a lot of hype around the upcoming Moto 360 smartwatch, as Motorola was the first Android Wear device maker to come up with an awesome gadget that uses the most basic watch design lines – not to worry though, Samsung plans to quickly follow with a round smartwatch, even if it takes a few trial runs to get the new smartwatch model right. However, while the Gear watchmaker is patenting round smartwatches, a different company – one you’d never expect to come out with such a device – is working on an unbelievably gorgeous Moto 360 rival, Engadget has discovered. When it’s not spending time getting to know BlackBerry better or coming up with cheaper and cheaper Android tablets, HP is apparently
  • Google confirms it sold barge docked in Maine (2014-08-01 13:44:42)
    PORTLAND, Maine (AP) — Google Inc. is confirming that the so-called "Google barge" it docked in Maine has been sold.
  • IRL: Two weeks with Samsung's Level portable audio line (2014-08-01 13:20:00)
  • These 5 handy iPhone tricks will stop email from driving you crazy (2014-08-01 13:15:39)
    Many people think they’ve figured out email, and how to better manage it, but email is still a big problem that needs fixing. While there are plenty of interesting ways of dealing with email on a mobile device, and many awesome apps that claim they know how to make email a more pleasant experience, Business Insider has put together a short video showing how five iPhone tricks could help you better stay on top of your email using the default iOS email application. FROM EARLIER: 5 awesome alternatives to Spotify and Pandora Instead of archiving an email with a swipe, iPhone users can simply delete it and not to have to be bothered with it in the future. In addition to
  • Mass Hacking of iOS Devices Possible, Researchers Say (2014-08-01 13:01:35)
    It's not as impossible as it sounds, claim a group of Georgia Tech researchers. Details are still sketchy, as the Georgia Tech researchers behind the study are waiting to give their full report at the Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas next week. When iOS devices connect to Windows PCs, as many do, they allegedly become vulnerable to certain types of specially crafted Windows malware.
  • Vodafone's Smart 4 power: too expensive for an own-brand 4G phone (2014-08-01 13:00:00)
  • Let's Calculate How Much Money Facebook Just Lost During Today's Outage (2014-08-01 12:56:11)
    Today around noon, Facebook went down. The earth kept spinning, shockingly, but Facebook was unavailable. Considering how much Facebook earns every day, it is a tiny hit, but nonetheless, not too many companies can lose almost half a million in less than a half hour.  On the other hand, Twitter jumped:
  • The case against Windows Phone (2014-08-01 12:50:06)
    Ahead of its launch in 2010, Windows Phone looked like a unique and exciting platform that might propel Microsoft back into contention in the mobile space. Now, nearly four years later, Microsoft’s mobile operating system appears to be nearing the end of the line, struggling to pick up the scraps left behind by Google’s Android platform and Apple’s iOS. Is there any hope left for Windows Phone, or is the end in sight? According to a recent post by ZDNet’s Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Windows Phone is on its way out and there is precious little that can be done to prevent its demise. Put simply, Kingsley-Hughes doesn’t even see the possibility of a scenario where Windows Phone survives through the next few years. The
  • Delta's new iPad app lets you watch movies, shows on flights (2014-08-01 12:49:00)
  • Facebook service disrupted for some users (2014-08-01 12:42:17)
    Facebook Inc, the world's No.1 social network, suffered a service disruption on Friday that made the website unavailable to some users. Facebook has 1.32 billion monthly users. "We’re aware that some people are currently having trouble accessing Facebook. We’re working to get things back to normal as quickly as possible," a Facebook spokesman said in an emailed statement.
  • Take a first look at Josh Brolin as Thanos in 'Guardians of the Galaxy' (2014-08-01 12:34:22)
    Marvel gave Comic-Con attendees an early look at a number of its upcoming movies last week, and one of the biggest surprises it showed is now online for the rest of the world to see. At the very end of a sizzle reel highlighting all of its superhero films to date, Marvel gave a sneak peek at Josh Brolin as the villain Thanos, as he appears in Guardians of the Galaxy. Given that the movie is now out, Marvel fans will soon get to see a lot more of Thanos than just this tiny glimpse — and there's no doubt that he'll appear quite a bit more in the future.
  • At least one American aid worker infected with ebola is coming home (2014-08-01 12:25:30)
    Earlier this week, there were no plans to repatriate either of the two known Americans infected with ebola in West Africa. JUST IN: State Dept. says evacuations of Ebola-infected Americans to U.S. "will take place over the coming days" — CBS News (@CBSNews) August 1, 2014 The university hospital doctors are confident they can contain the disease in a special facility operated in conjunction with the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention designed to treat serious infectious diseases.
  • 10 of the best Android launchers on the planet (2014-08-01 12:25:19)
    The iOS vs. Android debate will rage on for several more years until one or both of these great mobile platforms are no longer leaders. Until then, we can expect enthusiastic fans to continue making the same tired arguments ad nauseam. Just because arguments are old and boring doesn’t mean they’re always incorrect, however, and the point that Android fans repeatedly make about their platform’s flexibility is a valid one. There is perhaps no better way to illustrate Android’s flexibility than with a compilation of awesome launcher apps. Smartphone makers spend countless hours and millions of dollars customizing Android, but the simple fact of the matter is that no single solution will ever be perfect for everyone. But the beauty of the
  • I watched 'Sharknado 2' sober and alone (2014-08-01 12:19:25)
    I watched the first Sharknado in a theater, drunk and surrounded by friends. #Sharknado2TheSecondOne — Mark Caswell, Jr. (@MarkCaswellJr) July 31, 2014
  • New Twitter feature labels #hashtags you may not recognize (2014-08-01 12:13:00)
  • Google Scraps Its Mysterious Unused Barge (2014-08-01 12:04:40)
    Once upon a time, Google had a dream. Unfortunately, this plan never got off the ground (or, um, sea) and now the Google Barge that never was is headed off to a sad fate: the scrap yard.  The barge is four-stories high, made of 63 shipping containers. Google said the barges would be "an interactive space where people can learn about new technology." The barge was supposed to head to New York after, where the technorati could check out different gadgets within it.
  • The funniest thing you’ll watch today: Team Coco builds an iPad from household items (2014-08-01 12:00:13)
    Apple’s iPad is a great tablet, quite possibly the best on the market, but it’s also one of the most expensive. There are now countless affordable Android tablets available from every vendor imaginable, which makes it even harder to justify the purchase of an iPad, but what if you could build one yourself just using items lying around the house? Comedian Matt Walsh, host of Team Coco DIY on Conan O’Brien’s website, will walk you through the shockingly repulsive process which he says should only take around 30 minutes. First off, you’re going to need a monitor. Anything with a screen will do, so Walsh decides to use an Etch-a-Sketch. Next up is the motherboard. If you’re not willing to rip the cables
  • When Business Etiquette Resembles a Competitive Dating Scene (2014-08-01 11:49:16)
    While sitting in a coffee shop in Manhattan, I overheard a conversation between two women that I suspect happens, on average, every three seconds in the world. "It was a great date and he's really cute...I could tell we were on the same page""When are you seeing him next?" "Well I am not sure, he said he'd call, but it's been 5 days, should I...
  • The Verge's 10 best review photos (2014-08-01 11:45:18)
    We've seen and tested hundreds of gadgets over the past few years. And when we photograph these devices for our reviews, we try our hardest to display them in their element or at their best. After digging through the archives, here are the photos that we think stand out the most. What are your favorites?
  • Android just topped iOS in global usage for the first time ever (2014-08-01 11:37:21)
    We all know Android’s market share crushes every other mobile platform out there in terms of shipment volume, but Android’s share of mobile usage as recorded by various networks around the world has always lagged Apple’s iOS platform… until now. Just as we noted would be the case, Net Applications shows that Android’s share of global smartphone and tablet usage has narrowly topped worldwide combined usage of iPhones and iPad tablets. This marks the first time in the platform’s history that it finds itself at the top of the mobile pile. Net Applications measure global mobile usage, which it refers to as market share, by monitoring traffic across its massive global network. In the month of July, the firm shows
  • 5 Hot Rumors Surrounding the iPhone 6 (2014-08-01 11:30:44)
    When an iPhone release is coming up, people typically envision long lines in front of the Apple store, full of people who camped out the night before. Today, this depiction still isn't far from the truth.With every new release, Apple lovers everywhere become filled with uncontainable excitement. As Apple prepares to release the iPhone 6, fans...
  • ASUS MeMO Pad 7 and 8 review: small, speedy tablets that cut a few corners (2014-08-01 11:30:00)
  • Confessions of a music thief (2014-08-01 11:10:48)
    I have stolen music. A massive amount of music, in fact. Over the past decade or so, I have illegally downloaded hundreds of songs from various file-sharing networks. Even thousands, most likely. In the past couple of years, however, I have completely stopped stealing music as my listening habits shifted from album-based listening to services like Pandora and Spotify. The painful irony here, however, is that recording artists and music labels earn far less money from me now that I have gone legit than they did when I was a thief. Before I elaborate, let me first note that I am very pro-artist. I have family who work in the music industry, I have friends who work in the music industry,
  • Post-apocalyptic photography with 'The Last of Us' on PS4 (2014-08-01 11:08:01)
    The mode is the work of Jason Gregory and Artem Kovalovs, who were tasked by the studio’s co-presidents with building upon the photo tools found in fellow Sony PS4 title Infamous: Second Son. The developers say that while the photo mode would have been technically possible for the PS3 version, the PS4’s emphasis on social connectivity makes sharing photos a much better fit. “Photo mode gives you the tools that you need to express yourself when you’re sharing those experiences, so it made a lot of sense and it fits really well into that ecosystem.” “When the PS3 came out, Facebook wasn’t as popular as it is now, and there was no Twitter and there was no Instagram,” agrees Kovalovs, who calls the Share button “physical evidence of where the industry is going in general.” It does feel like the photo mode is a concept whose time has come;
  • This motherboard looks sick (2014-08-01 10:55:42)
    If you're not a PC gamer you're about to be one, all because of the ASUS Republic of Gamers Maximus VII Formula Z97 motherboard. Sure, you might be interested in its maximum DDR3 RAM capacity of 32GB, or its dual PCIe 3.0 expansion slots, or its copper "hybrid cooling" system, but there's really only one thing you need to know: it's the sickest looking motherboard ever created by humans. It's like staring right into the face of Michael Bay's Optimus Prime except without all the crying.
  • Apple officially brings Beats into the fold (2014-08-01 10:55:00)
  • Yahoo takes copyright law to top German court (2014-08-01 10:45:50)
    BERLIN (AP) — Yahoo says it has filed a complaint to Germany's highest court against a year-old law that broadened copyright protection for news material used on the Internet.
  • This is one Moto 360 rumor you won’t like (2014-08-01 10:45:20)
    The Moto 360 may be one of the most hotly anticipated smartwatches out there, but a new report from Asia casts a shadow on the device’s design and build quality. According to TechWeb, the Moto 360 will be made of plastic rather than metal, as it was previously believed. Furthermore, the device will come with wireless charging abilities, but Motorola apparently had to increase the thickness of the device to 13.5mm to be able to offer users this particular charging option. FROM EARLIER: I saw a Moto 360 this morning and I liked it The publication also says the watch’s display will have a diameter of 48mm, or 1.88 inches. The Moto 360 is expected to start selling in stores this
  • Watch 2,600 years of culture spread across the world in 5 minutes (2014-08-01 10:43:00)
    The personal journeys of world-changing thinkers such as Leonardo Da Vinci are fascinating enough in their own right, but what happens when you track the paths of thousands of similarly influential individuals across space and time? A team of scientists have done exactly that, mapping the birthplaces and death sites of over 120,000 of history's most celebrated intellectuals from the past 2,600 years. ...
  • Share iconic movie quotes with Quotacle's GIF maker (2014-08-01 10:41:00)
  • Are freemium apps turning us into insane impulse buyers? (2014-08-01 10:34:25)
    Apps are consuming our time, and apparently also our money. In Valleywag, Nitasha Tiku makes a fascinating case for how freemium app makers have manipulated some of the basest elements of human nature to get us to spend big bucks on meaningless in-app purchases. We paid out $606.7 million dollars to Candy Crush in the first few months of 2014 alone, and Kim Kardashian is making millions from selling virtual "K-stars" on her new app. Head over to Valleywag for the full story.
  • Beats is now officially part of Apple (2014-08-01 10:27:49)
    Beats Electronics is now part of Apple's family. "Music has always held a special place in our hearts, and we’re thrilled to join forces with a group of people who love it as much as we do," Apple said. "Beats cofounders Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre have created beautiful products that have helped millions of people deepen their connection to music." CEO Tim Cook took to Twitter with his own messaging welcoming Dre, Iovine, Luke Wood, Ian Rogers, and other Beats employees to Apple. Welcome to the family---Jimmy, Dre, Luke, Ian and the entire beats team! — Tim Cook (@tim_cook) August 1, 2014
  • New leak shows one of the most important iPhone 6 and ‘iPhone Air’ parts (2014-08-01 10:20:06)
    With not one but two brand new iPhone models expected to launch this year, leaks and rumors have been coming at a breakneck pace over the past few months. And now that multiple reports suggest that the iPhone 6 has entered mass production with the larger 5.5-inch “iPhone Air” close behind, parts have begun leaking rapidly as well. While component leaks might not seem terribly interesting on the surface, they are actually quite important because they often help shed light on what functionality we can expect from Apple’s upcoming new iPhones. And although this most recent part leak won’t come as much of a surprise, it does seemingly reveal one of the most important parts in Apple’s next-generation iPhone models. FROM
  • Typo 2 Is Sharknado 2 of iPhone Add-Ons (2014-08-01 10:03:27)
    When you think about it, the Typo iPhone case and the film Sharknado aren't all that different. Typo is a Ryan Seacrest-backed keyboard case that blatantly ripped BlackBerry (and got banned for it), whereas Sharknado is about, well... a tornado of sharks. Neither product needed a follow-up, but just as Sharknado got a star-studded sequel this week, Seacrest's legally dicey add-on is back with the $99 Typo 2.
  • Why A Data Scientist Should Be Your Next Marketing Hire (2014-08-01 10:00:58)
    Identified as the "sexiest job of the 21st century" by Harvard Business Review, it's no wonder that demand for the data scientist position has skyrocketed. However, according to McKinsey research, by 2018 the United States will experience a shortage of 190,000 skilled data scientists and 1.5 million managers and analysts capable of reaping...
  • New trailers: 'The Maze Runner,' 'The Expendables 3,' 'BoJack Horseman,' and 'Into the Woods' (2014-08-01 10:00:02)
    There were a ton of trailers released during Comic-Con last week, but that hardly means that movie studios need to slow down. For one, some of the best trailers shown exclusively inside of Comic-Con's halls are finally coming out for the rest of the world to watch, and on top of that, a number of other big titles are now trying to win over our attention. The Maze Runner, the latest in a long line of young-adult novel adaptations, looks like it should be a lot like that. Netflix's next original series is a raunchy, animated comedy that has Will Arnett voicing a washed up actor who happens to be a humanoid horse and Aaron Paul playing said horse's best friend.
  • What next for Samsung? (2014-08-01 09:56:00)
    For the past few years, Samsung has been on top of the smartphone world, outselling Apple’s iPhone and besting everyone else by creating powerful phones with big screens and small prices. The smartphone market can’t stop growing, but Samsung smartphone sales are actually falling — and while undercutting the competition on price is still a viable strategy, others are now doing it better. Having spent years toiling in the shadow of feature-phone leaders like Nokia and Sony Ericsson, Samsung’s mobile division rose to prominence at the turn of the decade by embracing the Android platform aggressively. While Nokia and BlackBerry were ponderously trying to evolve their outdated software, Samsung was focused on just cramming the highest specs inside the cheapest phone.
  • What's next for Samsung? (2014-08-01 09:56:00)
    For the past few years, Samsung has been on top of the smartphone world, outselling Apple’s iPhone and besting everyone else by creating powerful phones with big screens and small prices. The smartphone market can’t stop growing, but Samsung smartphone sales are actually falling — and while undercutting the competition on price is still a viable strategy, others are now doing it better. Having spent years toiling in the shadow of feature-phone leaders like Nokia and Sony Ericsson, Samsung’s mobile division rose to prominence at the turn of the decade by embracing the Android platform aggressively. While Nokia and BlackBerry were ponderously trying to evolve their outdated software, Samsung was focused on just cramming the highest specs inside the cheapest phone.
  • 6 awesome paid iPhone apps that are free for a limited time (2014-08-01 09:51:59)
    It’s time to start August off on the right foot — by saving a bunch of money on some nifty iPhone and iPad apps. We saved you hundreds of dollars last month by sharing great paid iPhone apps that were on sale for free for a limited time, and we have no plans to slow down anytime soon. To start things off, we have six solid paid iPhone and iPad apps worth a combined $12 that can all be had for free if you move quickly. These are paid iPhone and iPad apps that have been made available for free for a limited time by their developers. There is no way to tell how long they will be free. These
  • Makerbot plants its 3D-printing flag in Europe (2014-08-01 09:41:00)
  • What I learned shooting with the Lytro Illum (2014-08-01 09:32:44)
    I’ve been fascinated with Lytro since the company published its first “living” photos in 2011. I instantly loved the Illum. Sure, photos or video can evoke similar feelings, but this was different. It wasn’t until I brought the Illum to a concert at Brooklyn Bowl that I realized just how quickly I’d bumped into the ceiling of its capabilities.
  • Film world's cast of toys teleport into digital playground (2014-08-01 09:28:09)
    By Piya Sinha-Roy LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Those ubiquitous Angry Birds flew from the mobile screen to the toy store, hooked up with Hollywood, and are headed back to the digital world thanks to the telepod. Hasbro's Angry Bird telepods were a big attraction last weekend at San Diego's Comic-Con, an annual gathering of 130,000 comic and entertainment enthusiasts, with fans lining up to preview new Transformers-themed bird figurines containing miniscule codes that can be read by tablets. The Angry Birds Transformers telepods, featuring "Autobirds" and "Deceptihogs," is due out on October 15, spinning off the success of Paramount Pictures' June box office hit, "Transformers: Age of Extinction." Licensed toys have become a key to extending the entertainment content revenue stream, with U.S. retail sales in 2013 of $5.3 billion, according to research company The NPD Group. In the first quarter of 2014, the top licensed toys included Disney's princess lines and "Frozen" toys, which helped Disney bring in $885 million in consumer products revenue, about 8 percent of the company's overall revenue during that time.
  • Why the PC just won't die (2014-08-01 09:26:52)
    The PC is not dead, at least not yet, despite the rising popularity of tablets, “phablets” and smartphones - large and small. According to a July report from Gartner, the personal computing market will experience a “relative revival” this year.
  • Hackers can seize control of your phone using software preinstalled by your carrier (2014-08-01 09:20:01)
    With fears over hacking and NSA spying still mounting, the last thing we needed was yet another report of a serious vulnerability that leaves millions of people at risk — but that’s exactly what we got recently when news broke of a huge security vulnerability that impacts millions upon millions of Android phones, BlackBerry handsets and even some iPhones. Security researchers Mathew Solnik and Marc Blanchou with Accuvant Labs recently told Wired about a massive security hole that they’re about to expose. During the upcoming Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas, Nevada next week, the researchers will shed light on a serious threat present in third-party device management software that numerous carriers install on Android phones and BlackBerry handsets. The software is also apparently
  • James Cameron found himself at the bottom of the ocean (2014-08-01 09:00:00)
  • Google’s $4 million mystery barge is headed for the junk yard (2014-08-01 08:45:34)
    $4 million is barely a drop in the bucket for Google, which racked up $16 billion in revenue in the June quarter alone. But $4 million is the amount Google just burned on its mystery barge, which is reportedly about to be dismantled after Google had tried to use it as a floating showroom. The Portland Press Herald reports that Google’s East Coast barge has been towed to Turner’s Island Cargo Terminal in South Portland, Maine, where the massive floating experiment is set to be dismantled. The 250-foot barge contained 60 shipping containers stacked into a four-story building that Google had planned to use as a reconfigurable private showroom for its various products such as Google Glass and Chromebook laptop computers. According to the
  • Casio's next G-Watch uses Soundhound to discover new music (2014-08-01 08:38:00)
  • The Mars 2020 rover will search for life while generating its own oxygen (2014-08-01 08:36:05)
    NASA has its next rover all planned out. These include two instruments for detecting organic compounds, sensors for measuring environmental conditions, and an experimental device designed to produce oxygen from the Martian atmosphere. "Mars exploration will be this generation’s legacy." The Mars 2020 rover will use a design similar to that of the Curiosity Rover, and will focus on conducting geological assessments of the landing site, searching for signs of ancient Martian life, and determining the planet's suitability as a human habitat.
  • HP's new smartwatch actually looks good (2014-08-01 08:23:09)
    Fashion designer Michael Bastian is partnering with HP and retailer Gilt to sell a smartwatch this fall. Can HP succeed in creating the hardware, software, and applications for a product after relying on third-parties for so long?
  • Typo tries again with another iPhone keyboard (2014-08-01 08:03:26)
    The iPhone accessory company backed by US TV star Ryan Seacrest is back after a legally imposed hiatus with a new and improved clip-on physical keyboard. Called the Typo 2 and available to pre-order now for $99 directly from the company's website, it comes in two pieces that clip together around an iPhone 5 or 5S like a case and gives owners a proper QWERTY keyboard alternative to the iPhone's on-screen effort. In September, when the Typo 2 officially starts shipping, it will have been nine months since the original Typo debuted. It arrived on the scene in January with considerable hype, thanks to Mr Seacrest's promotional efforts, but unfortunately the publicity caught the attention of BlackBerry who within days had filed a lawsuit claiming intellectual property violation.
  • You’ll now be able to easily replace your iPhone 5s screen if you break it (2014-08-01 08:00:40)
    Screen damage is a very frequent and frustrating issue with smartphone owners, and Apple apparently is very aware of how annoying the iPhone screen replacement process can be for its customers. 9to5Mac says the company has started receiving large quantities of iPhone 5s screens in its U.S. and Canada retail stores, which will replace broken iPhone 5s screens in the near future. This isn’t the first time word of Apple’s iPhone screen repair program got out, with previous reports detailing iPhone 5c screen repairs earlier this year. Considering Apple is expected to launch even bigger handsets later this year, figuring out a simple way to fix screen damage in its own stores appears to be a logical step for the
  • An illustrated history of the 'Console Wars' (2014-08-01 08:00:00)
  • Hacking attack in Canada bears signs of Chinese army unit: expert (2014-08-01 07:38:39)
    By David Ljunggren and Alastair Sharp OTTAWA/TORONTO (Reuters) - The recent hacking attempt on a sensitive Canadian government computer network is similar to attacks mounted by an elite unit of the Chinese army based in Shanghai, according to a cybersecurity expert. Canada said on Tuesday "a highly sophisticated Chinese state-sponsored actor" had broken into the National Research Council, a leading body that works with major companies such as aircraft and train maker Bombardier Inc . Beijing on Thursday accused Canada of making irresponsible accusations that lacked credible evidence. While Canada did not give details of the attack, CrowdStrike Chief Technology Officer Dmitri Alperovitch said it was similar to other hacking campaigns launched by a unit of the People's Liberation Army that his company has nicknamed 'Putter Panda.' The group, Unit 61486, has thousands of people and conducts intelligence on satellite and aerospace industries, he said.
  • Take a look at HP's luxury smartwatch (2014-08-01 07:19:00)
  • Apple will pay huge money to give you faster iOS 8 and Yosemite downloads (2014-08-01 07:15:13)
    Apple is apparently working hard on improving iTunes content download speeds for users, Streaming Media reports, with the company having already deployed its own content delivery network (CDN) that’s already serving some digital content to users, and having inked interconnect deals with ISPs to make sure content delivery gets prime treatment. Apple has already turned on its CDN in the U.S. and Europe, although it’s not clear to what extent it operates, as it tries to replace the CDNs it’s currently using – Akamai (for iTunes traffic) and Level 3 (for Radio).For example, OS X downloads arrive directly from Apple’s CDN, Streaming Media has discovered, by doing trace routes on them from multiple ISPs. The company clearly wants to further
  • GIF your favorite movie quotes with Quotacle (2014-08-01 06:50:02)
    A site called Quotacle might revolutionize the way you whip out movie quotes in an online discussion. It is a searchable repository consisting of over 250,000 lines from 143 movies. What makes it unique is that each entry comes with an embeddable clip showcasing the precise quote, and the ability to transform that moment into a GIF. Currently still in beta, Quoctacle also reveals which references are most popular on the site, while offering the option to procure a random quote from the existing library. It's clear that more work needs to be done, however. ...
  • YouTube comes to Sky's Now TV box (2014-08-01 06:50:00)
  • Google's peculiar floating barge meets its maker (2014-08-01 06:41:00)
  • Google says 'forgetting' isn't easy, as requests mount (2014-08-01 06:19:54)
    Google on Thursday told European officials that forgetting isn't easy, especially when details are few and guidelines are murky regarding when personal privacy trumps public interest. The world's leading Internet search engine said that as of July 18 it had received more than 91,000 requests to delete a combined total of 328,000 links under Europe's "right to be forgotten" ruling. The most requests came from France and Germany, with approximately 17,500 and 16,500 respectively, according to a copy of a letter Google global privacy counsel Peter Fleischer sent to an EU data protection committee. Another 12,000 removal requests came from Britain, 8,000 from Spain, and 7,500 from Italy.
  • Making a parody will soon become legal in the UK (2014-08-01 06:07:00)
  • Chinese employees at Microsoft's Nokia arm protest mass layoffs (2014-08-01 06:03:32)
    BEIJING (Reuters) - "Hundreds" of Chinese employees at Microsoft Corp's Nokia phone business protested on Friday against mass layoffs that the U.S. tech company announced last month, according to an employee present and pictures posted on social media networks. Protesters held banners and shouted slogans against "Microsoft's hostile takeover and violent layoffs" for five hours until "they had sore throats," said the employee who participated in the demonstration and so declined to be identified. Microsoft announced on July 17 the deepest job cuts in its 39-year history, amounting to 18,000 positions. Microsoft said up to 12,500 of those jobs would come from Nokia, the Finnish handset maker it bought in April in a $7.2 billion friendly takeover.
  • Microsoft seeks to shield emails stored overseas from U.S. prosecutors (2014-08-01 06:02:06)
    In the first case of its kind, Microsoft is disputing the U.S. government’s power to force the company to turn over a user’s emails stored in a data center overseas.
  • Sharp's first-quarter operating profit boosted as Chinese smartphone makers swell sales (2014-08-01 05:46:52)
    By Sophie Knight TOKYO (Reuters) - Japan's Sharp Corp said it expected revenue from Chinese smartphone makers to increase fivefold in the six months to September after a jump in smartphone panel orders helped boost operating profit by 55 percent in the first quarter. A big part of that recovery was due to demand from rising stars in China's smartphone market. Sharp's president, Kozo Takahashi, said the company expected revenue from Chinese handset makers to swell to 100 billion yen in the first half of the business year to Sept. 30. Sharp issued guidance earlier this year for 1 trillion yen in sales from LCD panels for the year to March 2015.
  • See how Tesla intends to Supercharge the world (2014-08-01 05:37:00)
  • Drone crashes while smuggling weed into maximum security prison (2014-08-01 04:54:23)
    The wreckage of a drone has been found outside of a maximum security prison in South Carolina, according to Reuters. It is believed to have been used in an attempt to smuggle phones, marijuana, and tobacco into the Lee Correctional Institution. The discovery precipitated an investigation that would later lead to the arrest of 28-year-old Brenton Lee Doyle and a search for a second suspect. State Department of Corrections spokeswoman Stephanie Givens is cited as stating "officials believe it was the first time an unmanned aircraft had been used in an effort to breach prison walls in the state." While it might be a new incident for South Carolina, similar cases have cropped up across the world.
  • The most gender-equal tech company still hires mostly men (2014-08-01 04:38:03)
    Copying the lead of other big tech companies such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google, eBay has detailed its workplace diversity for the first time. The figures released show a company that hires more women, Hispanics, and black people than its industry peers, but one that is still dominated by white and Asian men. 42 percent of eBay's 33,000 employees are women. By comparison, only 37 percent of Yahoo's and 30 percent of Google's workforces are female.
  • Typo's iPhone keyboard is back and it still looks a lot like a BlackBerry (2014-08-01 04:22:00)
  • CIA director reverses himself on Senate spying (2014-08-01 03:38:42)
    WASHINGTON (AP) — For months, CIA Director John Brennan stood firm in his insistence that the CIA had little to be ashamed of after searching the computers of the Senate Intelligence Committee. His defiant posture quickly collapsed after a devastating report by his own inspector general sided against the CIA on each key point of the dispute with the Senate.
  • eBay is winning at gender diversity in technology (2014-08-01 02:56:00)
  • Start-up behind 'dunkable' phone technology explores Asian IPO (2014-08-01 01:46:56)
    By Anshuman Daga SINGAPORE (Reuters) - P2i, a technology spin-off from Britain's Ministry of Defence, is looking to raise as much as 10 million pounds ($17 million) from Singapore investors as it readies the launch of its "Dunkable" or waterproof technology for smartphones and tablets. The fundraising by the nanotechnology company follows an expanding list of overseas firms tapping Singapore's pool of high net worth individuals. P2i's technology applies a thin, transparent, splash-resistant polymer coat to products ranging from clothing to mobile phones. The company is in the process of introducing a new version of the technology, which it calls "Dunkable", that will allow devices to survive being immersed in water.
  • Poochi the robot dog can talk with your 3DS (and play rock-paper-scissors) (2014-08-01 01:25:00)
  • Canada's telcos burst into banking, healthcare in hunt for growth (2014-08-01 01:06:18)
    By Alastair Sharp and Euan Rocha TORONTO August 1 (Reuters) - Canada's three biggest telecom firms, keen to keep shareholders happy with fat dividends, are breaking into businesses ranging from banking to healthcare to drive growth as they run out of expansion options and shy away from overseas purchases. BCE Inc , Rogers Communications Inc and Telus Corp dominate their industry in Canada but with landline connections on the wane, cable TV losing out to online portals and wireless growth slowing, Canada's telecom giants are pushing into uncharted businesses. Some of the moves - such as Rogers' C$5.2 billion-deal ($4.8 billion) for exclusive National Hockey League broadcast rights - may bring a rapid pay-off. Others, like Telus' bid to dominate healthcare services, are gambles that may not pay off for many years.
  • New malware can live inside any USB device undetected (2014-07-31 23:55:00)
  • Mars 2020 rover will give us a way to know the red planet better (2014-07-31 22:31:00)
  • MLB trashes ISPs, doesn’t like the FCC’s ‘fast-lane’ plan one bit (2014-07-31 22:30:40)
    The net neutrality debate is far from over, especially since the FCC is still sorting through more than one million comments on the matter. Quartz reports that one of those comments comes directly from Major League Baseball, which argues against allowing for Internet “fast lanes” despite the fact that its own MLB Advanced Media (BAM) platform could benefit from such a scheme as long as MLB agreed to pay the proper fees to ISPs. MLB wasted no time pointing out the problems with the FCC’s proposal and argued that, ultimately, the regular consumer would pay the price, and that fast lanes would also affect competition. “Fast lanes would serve only one purpose: for Broadband ISPs to receive an economic windfall. American consumers would be worse off as the
  • Apple decal sellers saw a tremendous spike in sales following 'Stickers' ad (2014-07-31 21:39:00)
  • How Disney World is keeping tabs on visitors with rubbery wristbands (2014-07-31 21:16:45)
    Beginning last year, Disney World started issuing "MagicBands," rubberized RFID wristbands that can do everything from unlock your hotel room to act as a fast pass to get you slotted to skip the long lines on rides. It also tracks your every move and lets you buy things. With tens of thousands of visitors to the park every day, Disney is amassing a wealth of personal information on its customers. ...
  • Here are all the free games PS4, PS3 and PS Vita owners can download in August (2014-07-31 21:15:57)
    Not to be outdone by Microsoft’s increasingly attractive Games with Gold program, Sony has announced the August lineup of the Instant Game Collection for PlayStation Plus subscribers on the PlayStation Blog. This month, PS4 owners will be treated to the brand new downloadable title Road Not Taken for free on the day it releases. Road Not Taken is a roguelike puzzle game from Spry Fox, the creator of Triple Town, and will be available on the PlayStation Store on August 5th. Fez will also go free on the PS4 for the month of August, a game that I loved to no end when it originally released in 2012. Fez is a cross-buy game as well, so if you’d rather play on your
  • Wikipedia iOS app relaunches with mobile editing and a new design (2014-07-31 21:05:00)
  • NFL players will wear RFID chips this season to track their movements (2014-07-31 20:30:52)
    This year's football season is set to begin in September, and for the first time 17 National Football League stadiums will employ radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology to better track how players move on the field during games. The league has partnered with Zebra Technologies to use its quarter-sized RFID sensors inside the shoulder pads of players. The NFL also plans to hand the data over to teams so that they can analyze it, but not initially. USA Today notes that the league plans to do some testing on the data it's gathered before making it available to teams, and that all NFL players agreed to wear sensors as part of their collective-bargaining agreement in 2011.
  • Engadget Daily: HTC Desire 816 review, the perks of being verified and more! (2014-07-31 20:21:00)
  • Mobile Internet and SMS blocked during exams in Uzbekistan (2014-07-31 20:07:40)
    Internet and messaging services were suspended across Uzbekistan on Friday during university entrance exams in an apparent bid to prevent cheating which is reported to be widespread. Two major national mobile operators shut down mobile Internet and text and picture messaging from 8:30 am until 1:30 pm, citing "urgent maintenance work on telecommunications networks". According to local media reports, students use mobile Internet and text-messaging to cheat on their exams.
  • Pics of Sony’s Xperia Z3 Compact shown in new leak (2014-07-31 20:00:15)
    Sony likes to move quickly when it comes to hardware releases, but if the latest leak is to be believed, it might be time for Sony to pump the brakes. On Wednesday, Xperia Blog published images of the alleged Xperia Z3 Compact, a miniature version of the next-gen flagship which is expected to be revealed alongside the Xperia Z3 at IFA 2014 in September. The only problem? Sony still hasn’t confirmed the existence of the Xperia Z2 Compact. This could mean one of three things: Sony has decided to skip the Xperia Z2 Compact altogether and move straight to the Z3 models, the Z2 Compact will be revealed sometime after its successor or this leak is inaccurate. Considering Sony’s track record in the
  • This is what Instagram for Android would look like with Google's Material Design (2014-07-31 19:45:02)
    The new user interface style is supposed to be based around how physical objects move and is "grounded in tactile reality, inspired by our study of paper and ink." Google is already encouraging third-party developers to redesign their apps to fit with the new style, but some people just can't wait for that to happen. Designer Emmanuel Pacamalan has created a concept video showing Instagram rebuilt using Material Design principles, and the results are gorgeous.
  • Facebook's Slingshot now keeps the convo going with reactions to reactions (2014-07-31 19:38:00)
  • PlayStation Now beta open to all PS4 owners in the U.S. and Canada (2014-07-31 19:15:23)
    Sony’s PlayStation Now game streaming initiative is moving closer to launch, as the company is ready to allow any PS4 owners in the U.S. and Canada to try it starting today. The company on Wednesday announced on its PlayStation blog that while the open beta is available only to PS4 buyers for now, a beta option will be coming to PS3, PS Vita, PlayStation TV and select 2014 Sony TVs. When it comes to pricing, Sony will have various tiers for customers willing to rent one of the more than 100 PS3 titles that will be available through the PlayStation Store, including 4-hour ($2.99), 7-day ($5.99), 30-day ($7.99) and 90-day ($14.99) loan periods, as detailed by The Next Web. In a
  • Watch Deadmau5 and Toronto mayor Rob Ford get coffee in a Nyan Cat Ferrari (2014-07-31 19:09:57)
    Electronic dance music artist Deadmau5 created an internet stir with his meme-tastic Nyan Cat Ferrari at the Gumball 3000 earlier this summer, but after the race is done, what do you do with a souped-up cat-powered hyper-car? Why, take Toronto mayor Rob Ford on a coffee run, of course. It's hard to know what to expect when you get a rock star DJ and a disgraced mayor together, but the result is oddly sedate. They mostly talk about traffic, coffee, and being in the Ferrari itself. ...
  • Sony's new Action Cam arrives stateside with SteadyShot and more for $200 (2014-07-31 18:55:00)
  • Action camera maker GoPro reports bigger loss as costs double (2014-07-31 18:45:22)
    (Reuters) - GoPro Inc, which makes wearable cameras used by surfers, skydivers and other action junkies to post their exploits online, reported a bigger quarterly loss as costs nearly doubled. GoPro shares fell 11 pct to $42.70 in extended trading after its first financial results since its initial public offering in June. The net loss attributable to GoPro stockholders grew to $19.8 million, or 24 cents per share, in the second quarter from $5 million, or 6 cents. Excluding items, GoPro earned 8 cents per share and the company said it expected a seasonally stronger second half.
  • Why 'Halo' creators Bungie left Microsoft to make 'Destiny' (2014-07-31 18:40:03)
    Bungie's sci-fi shooter (and sort-of MMO) Destiny held an open beta this past weekend for all home consoles (PlayStation 4, PS3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360) simultaneously. It's an ambitious game for the team that created Halo, joined Microsoft, and subsequently split from the company to make this multi-platform game (signing a 10-year deal with publisher Activision Blizzard in the process). We talked with Polygon Editor-in-chief Chris Grant for more on the impact of the beta and why Bungie left and how important this $500 million project is for everyone involved.
  • Why the creators of 'Halo' left Microsoft to make 'Destiny' (2014-07-31 18:40:02)
    Bungie's sci-fi shooter (and sort-of MMO) Destiny held an open beta this past weekend for all home consoles (PlayStation 4, PS3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360) simultaneously. It's an ambitious game for the team that created Halo, joined Microsoft, and subsequently split from the company to make this multi-platform game (signing a 10-year deal with publisher Activision Blizzard in the process). We talked with Polygon Editor-in-chief Chris Grant for more on the impact of the beta and why Bungie left and how important this $500 million project is for everyone involved.
  • Here’s how you can stream a bunch of Hulu shows without paying a dime (2014-07-31 18:30:19)
    Earlier this year, Hulu announced that it would be bringing free streaming to mobile devices at some point this summer, but a precise release date wasn’t revealed. This week, Hulu finally launched the update for Android phones and tablets which will allow mobile users to access select content from from Hulu Originals, Anime, Kids, Movies and Latino. Network shows from NBC, Fox, Comedy Central and others will be available as well. If you want full access to Hulu’s entire back catalog, you’ll have to sign up for Hulu Plus, the streaming site’s premium subscription service. And of course, activating a subscription is one click away within the app. No news on whether or not the update will reach iOS devices any time soon
  • To-do app Wunderlist gets a fresh coat of paint and real-time sync (2014-07-31 18:24:00)
  • 'The Spongebob Movie: Sponge Out of Water' trailer will fry your mind (2014-07-31 18:13:07)
    In case you've been living in a pineapple under the sea for the better part of two decades, you should know that Spongebob Squarepants is an enormously popular animated series on Nickelodeon about a talking yellow sea sponge created by a marine biology teacher. Ten years ago, it was made into a movie that combined animation and live action. Now, we are getting the requisite sequel: The Spongebob Movie: Sponge Out of Water will wash into US theaters on February 6th, 2015. But based on the first trailer released today, the sequel is going several leagues of crazy above and beyond its predecessor, taking Spongebob and his beloved crew of sea creatures and turning them into buff, 3D monstrosities. They face off on land against Antonio Banderas as an evil, live-action pirate.
  • Canada takes steps to secure network after China hacking claim (2014-07-31 18:08:20)
    Canada's top research body has taken steps to tighten security on its computer network, it said on Thursday, days after the government accused state-backed Chinese hackers of breaking into the system. Canada has declined to give details of the attack on the National Research Council, which works with firms such as aircraft and train maker Bombardier Inc, but it took the unprecedented step of pinning the blame on China. It also plans to build a new technology infrastructure to help guard against "the risk of future cyber threats of this nature." "Creating a new, secure IT infrastructure within the broader government of Canada network could take approximately one year," it said in the statement on its website.
  • Watch this idiot steal Google Glass and then go to a rave without realizing he’s being recorded the whole time (2014-07-31 17:56:38)
    If there’s one thing we love writing about, it’s moronic criminals. The latest brain-dead felon comes to us courtesy of Business Insider, which brings us the story of a tourist named Mike Geller (no relation to our own Boy Genius) who decided to bring Google Glass with him during his trip to New York, only to have it stolen by a man who asked to try it on and then ran off with it the minute he got it in his hands. Unfortunately for the thief in question, however, Geller was still able to record everything he did throughout the day by using a third-party Glass app called LiveLens. Geller has now posted a video compilation of everything the thief
  • WWE Network heading to 170 new countries next month (2014-07-31 17:49:00)
  • New leak reveals OnePlus’s top-secret smartwatch (2014-07-31 17:45:18)
    The One won’t be OnePlus’s only smart device this year, as the company is working on a smartwatch of its own. BGR India has exclusively obtained images showing the OneWatch, a device that’s apparently close to launching. As seen in the leaked sketches, the OneWatch will be made of high-end materials, including titanium for screen borders, leather for bands, and sapphire for the OLED display’s cover, and will offer some interesting features including QI wireless charging, a circular screen just like the gorgeous Moto 360, and a curved battery. Furthermore, the watch will apparently have an user-configurable physical button on the side. It’s not clear at this time whether the OneWatch will come with Android Wear under the hood, or whether it
  • Scientist Creates Ice Cream that Changes Color When You Lick It (2014-07-31 17:42:29)
    As you lick the ice cream, it changes its hue. Xamaleón ice cream changes colors as you lick it. As the temperature changes and the acidity of the human saliva hits the ice cream, it triggers the color change. Several scientists worked with Linares on the formula for about a week until they perfected it.  Xamaleón tastes like "tutti fruitti." In order to be such an ice cream pro, "Linares pursued what he has described as a 'Masters Diploma in Creating Artisan Ice Cream.'"
  • Social media sizzles as 'Sharknado 2' audience grows (2014-07-31 17:29:43)
    Whimsical TV disaster movie "Sharknado 2" reeled in 3.9 million viewers, the Syfy specialty channel said Thursday, one day after the sequel's broadcast. The followup to last year's instant cult classic about a freak weather system that rains a torrent of man-eating sharks on New York City was also a massive hit on social media, at one point dominating the entire top-10 trending list on Twitter, Syfy said. The original "Sharknado," set in Los Angeles, drew 1.4 million viewers and prompted 318,000 tweets -- key numbers in an era when social media engagement is as important for TV executives as eyeballs glued to the screen.
  • Office for iPad updated with PDF export, third-party fonts and video playback support (2014-07-31 17:20:00)
  • Any color as long as it's black: smartphone preferences (2014-07-31 17:06:57)
    Whether from the UK, US China or France, smartphone owners all appear to have one thing in common -- they prefer black to any other handset color. The findings of the survey, carried out by research firm Strategy Analytics, could be bad news for Microsoft. One of the standout features of its Lumia handsets is their incredibly bright color palette of cyan, yellow, green, orange and red. It might even be a possible theory as to why the company is struggling to gain a significant foothold in the smartphone market.
  • Apple reportedly paying internet providers to ensure speedy delivery of its data (2014-07-31 17:01:22)
    Apple has apparently turned on its new content-delivery network, and is reportedly paying Comcast and other big ISPs to move hardware into their data center and build direct interconnects to their networks. This is the exact same evolution that Netflix has been going through, building out its own CDN and agreeing to pay ISPs for interconnection. The major difference is that Netflix has loudly opposed the fact that ISPs can charge a fee for this arrangement, while Apple has stayed mum on the issue. Apple has traditionally relied on third-party CDNs like Akami and Limelight, but has decided it can do much of that work for less money by working directly with ISPs.
  • This brilliant Kickstarter will let you make maps that put Google and Bing to shame (2014-07-31 16:58:17)
    This Kickstarter campaign is for anyone who has ever looked at Google Maps or (especially) Apple Maps and thought: “I could do better than that.” Because with Maps Made Easy, you’re finally going to have that opportunity to make your own maps capable of putting big tech companies to shame. Drones Made Easy, the team behind Maps Made Easy, is working to build a website that will allow users to upload raw images captured during a drone’s flight and process them into high quality stitched images that fit seamlessly together to build interactive photo maps, like the ones you see on Google. Aerial mapping has traditionally been a very expensive endeavor, but with Maps Made Easy, all you need is a drone, which
  • Boston's due up next on our Engadget Live tour! (2014-07-31 16:51:00)
  • Government requests for Twitter information climb (2014-07-31 16:46:56)
    Twitter on Thursday released a new transparency report showing a steady rise in government requests for information from the globally popular one-to-many messaging service. The number of requests for information from governments climbed 46 percent from the second half of last year to 2,058, according to Twitter. The report, the fifth from Twitter to date, was viewable online and showed what portion of those requests were granted. The US accounted for 1,257 of the requests for information, and Japan a distant second with 192 requests, according to Twitter.
  • Man survives getting shot after his massive Samsung Galaxy Mega stops the bullet (2014-07-31 16:46:41)
    Samsung has a new way to market its gigantic phablets — they’re now apparently able to take a bullet for you. 9to5Google points us to a story in Chinese website AppleDaily that describes how a man survived getting shot because the bullet happened to strike his enormous Galaxy Mega 6.3 phablet. Apparently, the shooting victim got into a street altercation with another man after the man dropped his wallet and the soon-to-be-victim picked it up and joked about using it to buy beer. At this point, the man whipped out a gun and fired it straight toward his chest. Luckily for him, however, the Galaxy Mega 6.3 was in his shirt pocket and it blocked the bullet from reaching any of his
  • BlackBerry opens up BBM to Windows phone users (2014-07-31 16:41:14)
    BlackBerry Ltd said on Thursday its popular messaging system BBM, or BlackBerry Messenger, would now be open to those using the Windows phone platform, a move that potentially makes the messaging service more appealing to its enterprise clients. BlackBerry, which is seeking to reinvent itself as a more software and services driven company as its smartphone market share has dwindled, has been lately touting new BBM features in a bid to make it a more viable messaging tool for clients such as corporations and government agencies that are on the lookout for a secure messaging service. The company, last year, opened the service to phones powered by Google Inc's wildly popular Android operating system and Apple's iOS platform.
  • Samsung execs will be dancing in the streets if the iPhone 6 gets delayed until October (2014-07-31 16:30:48)
    The iPhone 6 has been largely anticipated to debut mid-September, much like iPhone 5c and 5s, which arrived on September 20th last year. But this week, it suddenly started looking like the iPhone 6’s debut may be pushed to October 20th. There are several reasons why this might put Apple in a tough spot. First, it seems that Samsung is now prepping to launch its Galaxy Note 4 during September. As it happens, the iPhone 6 is the first phone with a display of larger than 4 inches that Apple has ever done, and it will compete directly against the Note 4 in the phablet category. High-end smartphone growth has slowed down notably over the past year and Samsung’s overall smartphone revenue
  • Talking to Each Other: The Next Hot Thing (2014-07-31 16:27:36)
    Photo: I.RimanoczyIn a recent meeting my colleague Barri Litt, who teaches accounting and audit at Huizenga School of Business and Entrepreneurship, commented about a sleepover party she participated in, invited by a friend who hosted a group of 11-year-old girls. When bedtime arrived, they asked the girls to put down their iPhones, iPads or...
  • Facebook's app offers free web access in Zambia (2014-07-31 16:24:00)
  • Three maps that show Tesla's plan to blanket the world in superchargers (2014-07-31 16:22:42)
    There are 121,446 gas stations in the United States (as of 2012). What began as a side business for a handful of pharmacies became a massive industry because Henry Ford's Model T quickly became so popular that there was suddenly stable demand for everything from gas stations to mechanics. Now, Elon Musk and Tesla are trying to create their own nationwide network of stations to dispense electricity, not gas — perhaps as much as its cars themselves, this network of chargers will determine Tesla's future. There are currently 103 Tesla Supercharger stations in the US, which are the best and fastest ways to charge Tesla cars.
  • Android grabs 85% of smartphone market (2014-07-31 16:19:09)
    Smartphones powered by the Android operating system captured 85 percent of the worldwide market in the second quarter, threatening to marginalize rival platforms, a new survey shows. Strategy Analytics said overall smartphone shipments were up 27 percent from a year ago to 295 million, with most of the growth in devices using Android, the free mobile system from Google. Apple's iPhone managed to increase sales to 35 million in the quarter, the survey showed, but Apple's global market share fell to 11.9 percent from 13.4 percent a year ago, said the report released Wednesday. "Android is on the verge of turning smartphone platforms into a one-horse race," said Strategy Analytics executive director Neil Mawston.
  • Did Microsoft just botch another Xbox One launch? (2014-07-31 16:15:37)
    Microsoft’s exclusive deal with China Telecom to bring the Xbox One to a huge new market could be the boost the company needs to begin catching up with the PlayStation 4, but one major detail might be curtailing sales before the console even launches: The price. The Wall Street Journal reports that the Xbox One (without Kinect) will cost 3,699 yuan ($600) when it releases in China on September 23rd. To put that price into perspective, the Xbox One unbundled from Kinect now costs $399 in the U.S. and $436 in Hong Kong. Only India has a higher retail price for the Xbox One at $665. Worst of all, the Chinese government only recently removed its 14-year ban on video game console sales, so a gouging
  • Whistleblower alerted L-3 to accounting misconduct (2014-07-31 16:06:17)
    An employee complaint exposed accounting misconduct at L-3 Communications Holdings Inc, according to people familiar with the matter, prompting the aerospace and defense supplier to fire four people, revise two years of earnings statements and cut its earnings forecast. L-3's shares plunged as much as 17 percent - their biggest intraday percentage drop ever - after the company said on Thursday it would take a pretax charge of $84 million for misconduct and accounting errors, including cost overruns and overstated sales figures from 2013 and 2014. The Pentagon has not barred L-3 from bidding on other contacts as a result of the misconduct, the sources added. The pretax charge includes adjustments for accounting errors L-3 found as it scrubbed its books during the review, said the sources, who spoke on condition that they not be named.
  • Twitter: Govt. requests for user data increased (2014-07-31 16:04:07)
    NEW YORK (AP) — Twitter said government requests for user data grew sharply in the past six months as more countries asked for a greater amount of information about users.
  • 5 awesome alternatives to Spotify and Pandora (2014-07-31 16:01:31)
    When we think about music streaming services, we typically think of either the ones being offered by tech giants such as Google and Apple, or we think of the ever-popular third-party apps such as Spotify and Pandora. However, LifeHacker’s Alan Henry has put together a great list of music streaming services that he says you should use instead of the service you’re currently addicted to. What makes these services superior to Spotify and Pandora? To take one example, Noon Pacific is a unique service that will send you a playlist full of songs once a week at noon Pacific time that highlight brand-new music that it thinks you will like. As Henry tells it, Noon Pacific is great because it
  • New Oculus Rift dev kit uses front of a Galaxy Note 3 as its screen (2014-07-31 15:57:36)
    It doesn't get much more "off-the-shelf" than this: the new Oculus Rift developer kit uses the front half of Samsung's Galaxy Note 3 for a display. Samsung's logo is in its usual spot, and the frame even has slots where the phablet's home button, earpiece speaker, and various sensors would normally go. iFixit made the discovery while tearing down the Rift Dev Kit 2, which is now making its way to developers who ordered the VR headset earlier this year. Sadly one of the coolest design aspects of the final dev kit is something your eyes can't see: it's the IR LED array (now placed inside the headset), which works together with a separate camera to achieve positional tracking. To see everything else that Oculus crammed into the second and final dev kit, head over to iFixit.
  • Apple's new online content network should deliver your files faster (2014-07-31 15:53:00)
  • 10 Amazing Apps to Make Your Honeymoon Travels a Breeze (2014-07-31 15:43:15)
    Whether you need to find a reliable taxi within minutes or come up with a quick foreign translation, many of the latest travel apps have the ability to make your honeymoon a lot more convenient. Take a look at these useful tools below to see how a few quick downloads can ensure a smooth getaway from start to finish.Google TranslateUse Google...
  • iWatch production delay confirmed by most solid source yet (2014-07-31 15:38:52)
    Were you hoping to get an iWatch this fall? If so, then you might have to hold out until Christmas. AppleInsider points us to a new research note written by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who has a very solid track record with Apple rumors and who now says that Apple will start mass producing the iWatch in the second half of November and not in September as he previously reported. This means that Kuo has decided to significantly cut his iWatch shipment projections for the year down to just 3 million, whereas before he believed Apple would ship around 5 million of the devices. Although no explicit reason was given for the delay, Kuo did say that Apple is facing difficulties in producing
  • Apple Will Lay Off Almost A Third of Beats Employees (2014-07-31 15:26:34)
    Apple blog 9to5Mac has learned Apple will lay off a portion of Beats Electronics and Beats Music employees when the acquisition is complete. Over the last two weeks, Apple executives met with Beats employees to offer some jobs, but about 200 out of the 700 employees have not made the cut. It seems most of the development and creative employees are being kept. Apple offered this statement to Re/code, "We’re excited to have the Beats team join Apple, and we have extended job offers to every Beats employee.
  • The scariest USB hack of all-time is almost completely undetectable (2014-07-31 15:24:33)
    When you plug a USB stick into your laptop, you probably aren’t too worried about it completely taking over your computer. However, Ars Technica reports that researchers at Security Research Labs in Berlin are scheduled to unveil a new exploit at the Black Hat conference in Las Vegas next week that will allow an infected USB stick to take over your computer and use it to execute malicious code. The researchers have found a way to hack USB sticks so that once you plug them into your computer, it can make your machine “act as a network card that causes connected computers to connect to malicious sites impersonating Google, Facebook or other trusted destinations.” And this technique doesn’t just work with
  • The government still won't let Twitter share details about national security requests (2014-07-31 15:22:00)
  • PSA: This emoji stands for praying hands, not a high five (2014-07-31 15:07:27)
    There seems to be some confusion about what certain emoji actually mean. Gawker brings us word that a TV station in Philadelphia described the emoji pictured above as being for a “high-five” of two hands slapping together, although it’s clearly supposed to be two hands held together in prayer. How do we know this? Well, look at it: The angle at which the arms are bent suggests a meditative position while the sun rays surrounding the hands suggest some sort of divine power at work and not a mere hand slap. And most tellingly, Gawker points out that both of the thumbs on the hands are on the same side, which is usually not something you see with high fives where
  • San Francisco Airport testing beacon system for blind travelers (2014-07-31 14:59:19)
    San Francisco Airport is testing out location-aware beacons to help visually-impaired people navigate around one of its newest terminals, a program it could roll out to the rest of the airport if successful. An early version of the system was shown off to press today for use on Apple iOS devices, though SFO also plans to make it available for Android users and eventually expand the system to serve up information for those who can see. The beacons are coming from an indoor positioning company and have been installed throughout the terminal. For the visually impaired, the system uses Apple's Voiceover technology to read out points of interest as they come on screen, though an early version of the app also gives people visual cues for how to navigate to locations from a directory that can be sorted.
  • Iliad of France makes surprise bid for T-Mobile US (2014-07-31 14:46:04)
    NEW YORK (AP) — T-Mobile US Inc., the most eligible company in the U.S. wireless industry, has another suitor on its hands. Upstart French telecom company Iliad SA on Thursday said it has offered $15 billion for a majority stake.
  • It’s official: Apple is axing 200 Beats employees (2014-07-31 14:40:17)
    Apple is cleaning house as the $3 billion acquisition of Beats Electronics approaches completion. Bloomberg reports that Apple has informed over 200 Beats employees that they will not be able to stay on with the company for the long term once the transaction has been finalized. According to the source, most of those jobs are in finance, HR and other areas where the two groups might overlap. “We’re excited to have the Beats team join Apple, and we have extended job offers to every Beats employee,” said Apple spokesman Tom Neumayr in a statement on Thursday. “Because of some overlap in our operations, some offers are for a limited period and we’ll work hard during this time to find as many of
  • BlackBerry's BBM messenger app officially arrives on Windows Phone (2014-07-31 14:37:00)
  • You can play every Game Boy Advance game on your iPhone right now (2014-07-31 14:33:21)
    The original Game Boy turns 25 today. But short of owning an original device or buying the games again on the 3DS eShop, your best bet for reliving Super Mario Land or Pokémon Red is to use emulators. While Android users have a variety of choices for emulation, the legally gray area of emulators has kept any apps from making it to Apple’s App Store, leaving apps like gpSPhone and GBA.emu limited only to jailbroken iOS devices. Aside from its ease of installation, GBA4iOS is simply one of the most polished GBA emulators on any platform, with full Game Boy Advance, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy support, accelerated speed, multiple and locked save states, as well as customizable skins and Dropbox syncing for saves between multiple devices.
  • Hulu now lets you watch free TV shows and movies on Android (2014-07-31 14:08:01)
    Hulu is finally starting to let viewers watch TV shows on their phones and tablets without paying for a subscription. Beginning on Android today, just about everything that you can currently watch for free on Hulu's website can now be watched for free on mobile devices. Hulu says that there are some exceptions to what you can watch, but it doesn't say what those are and makes it sound as though it isn't much. Until now, Hulu has put strict walls around where it lets viewers watch TV shows and movies.
  • Windows Phone will soon render websites a lot more like an iPhone (2014-07-31 14:06:29)
    Microsoft has tried to push standards with its mobile Internet Explorer browser, but unfortunately the wider web largely develops specifically for the webkit rendering engine and the iPhone. Twitter and a number of Google web sites do not render correctly in Windows Phone, but Microsoft thinks it has an answer. With the upcoming Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1, Microsoft is tweaking its mobile browser to better support sites that were designed for an iPhone. The approach means Microsoft is adding non-standard web platform features, but the result is a much better experience for Windows Phone users.
  • Hang Up the Phone! (2014-07-31 13:57:12)
    Let's recap shall we? We seem to have forgotten not only proper etiquette when it comes to cell phones and all other devices but the law as well. Have we forgotten that it is illegal to hold a cell phone in your hand and talk on the phone while you are driving? Well maybe not everybody, but definitely the guy I saw yesterday driving his...
  • Canada's Quebecor says nearing decision on mobile expansion (2014-07-31 13:56:13)
    By Alastair Sharp TORONTO (Reuters) - Canadian telecom and media conglomerate Quebecor Inc says it is closing in on a decision on whether to buy up smaller competitors or team up with a partner to expand its wireless operations outside its home province of Quebec. On the company's quarterly earnings call on Thursday, executives said they are talking to several potential partners about plans to become Canada's fourth national wireless player, a move that would fulfill a key goal of the federal government's telecom policy. Montreal-based Quebecor bought wireless airwaves across much of Canada earlier this year but its services - cable TV, Internet, landline and mobile telephony - are now mostly offered in Quebec. The head of Quebecor's wireless and cable arm said the company is now evaluating whether to purchase an existing network or build out a national network, and that the decision is expected in weeks or months.
  • CIA admits to spying on US Senate computer network (2014-07-31 13:52:00)
  • We are all Glassholes now (2014-07-31 13:50:42)
    2013 was the year of the Glasshole — the year that technology made one of its most violent entries into our personal lives at bars, restaurants, workplaces, and homes. Public backlash stemmed from concerns about Glass’ clandestine camera, and about fears of being documented publicly without consent. But really, Glass isn’t much different from the cameras we already use. It’s just the most obvious manifestation of our obsession with documentation, the most logical scapegoat for a much larger trend: we’re addicted to recording our lives, and shunning Glass isn’t going to change that.
  • Hot new HTC smartphone tackles two of the One (M8)’s biggest flaws (2014-07-31 13:49:07)
    There’s a hot new HTC smartphone on the market, although you won’t be able to get it unless you live in Japan. Japanese carrier KDDI on Thursday revealed that it will start selling the new HTC J Butterfly starting in late August, and from the looks of it, it seems HTC has done its best to fix two of the biggest flaws with its flagship HTC One (M8). In the first place, the J Butterfly now has a 13-megapixel and a 2-megapixel rear-facing “duo camera” as well as a 5-megapixel front-facing camera, which should help improve the camera quality that we found sorely lacking in our review of the One (M8). Second, the J Butterfly will feature a waterproof case,
  • NY judge: US warrant can reach email in Ireland (2014-07-31 13:44:29)
    NEW YORK (AP) — U.S. law enforcement can force Microsoft Corp. to turn over emails it stores in Ireland, a judge ruled in a case that technology companies have rallied around as they pursue billions of dollars in data storage business abroad.
  • Microsoft ordered by U.S. judge to submit customer's emails from abroad (2014-07-31 13:33:03)
    By Joseph Ax NEW YORK (Reuters) - Microsoft Corp must turn over a customer's emails and other account information stored in a data center in Ireland to the U.S. government, a judge ruled on Thursday, in a case that has drawn concern from privacy groups and major technology companies. Microsoft and other U.S. companies had challenged the warrant, arguing it improperly extended the authority of federal prosecutors to seize customer information held in foreign countries. Following a two-hour court hearing in New York, U.S. District Judge Loretta Preska said a search warrant approved by a federal magistrate judge required the company to hand over any data it controlled, regardless of where it was stored.
  • Meet Timeful, the intelligent ‘Time Assistant’ that knows how to squeeze all your to-do chores in your busy calendar (2014-07-31 13:30:45)
    Timeful is a new free iPhone application that wants to help users better manage their calendars and to-do lists at the same time. Timeful is an intelligent “Time Assistant” that relies on machine learning and behavioral science to automatically insert tasks in busy calendars, thus helping users get more things done without having to worry about scheduling. Timeful can grab calendar events from all sorts of supported calendars, with users able to manually configure them, and add as many to-dos and actions as they want, which, in turn, can be manually slotted in the calendar. However, Timeful is able to analyze all that, and offer suggestions in the future based on past actions, taking into account various parameters including location, personal preferences
  • French company Iliad reportedly wants to buy T-Mobile too (2014-07-31 13:30:00)
  • Sprint's proposed T-Mobile buyout now faces a competing offer from Iliad (2014-07-31 13:30:00)
  • French company Iliad bidding for T-Mobile US (2014-07-31 13:07:10)
    NEW YORK (AP) — T-Mobile US Inc. has another suitor on its hands. Upstart French telecom company Iliad SA on Thursday said it has offered $15 billion for a majority stake in the fourth-largest U.S. cellphone company.
  • Is the Galaxy Note 4 doomed to be plastic? (2014-07-31 13:05:42)
    Samsung doesn’t always listen to fans when creating new mobile devices, no matter what it says during its press events — as long as smartphone sales are still strong, it will keep churning out the plastic. But the company seems finally ready to commit to making high-end devices out of materials other than plastic now that its smartphone profits are crashing — The Wall Street Journal reports that Samsung senior vice president Kim Hyun-joon acknowledged during a recent earnings call that Samsung will release two new high-end smartphone models in the second half of the year, one with a large screen and the other made of “new materials.” It’s not clear whether the second will also have a screen as large as the
  • The perks of being 'somebody' online (2014-07-31 13:00:00)
  • French company Iliad wants to buy T-Mobile and ruin Sprint's grand plan (2014-07-31 12:54:33)
    We may soon see a bidding war for T-Mobile. French telecom company Iliad has put in a $15 billion, all-cash bid for the company that would give it a controlling stake of 56.6 percent. The news throws a huge wrench into the months-long narrative that Sprint is preparing to buy its smaller competitor. T-Mobile parent Deutsche Telekom and Sprint have already reached a tentative agreement that would ultimately combine the third and fourth place US carriers, according to previous reports.
  • Facebook Will Bring Free Internet Access to Zambia (2014-07-31 12:49:55)
    Facebook has launched an app providing the citizens of Zambia with free Internet access. This move is the next step toward Facebook's goal of bringing wireless Internet access to everyone around the world. The "" initiative, led by Facebook in partnership with several other technology companies, is aiming to bring Internet access to five billion more people. A commendable goal — and also a lot more new users for the company. Thus far, their efforts have given Internet access to three million people.  Zambia was targeted in part because only fifteen percent of citizens have Internet access. The app will allow mobile users to have free basic Internet services through their cellphones.
  • This could be the final nail in the Sprint-T-Mobile merger’s coffin (2014-07-31 12:40:58)
    The $32 billion merger between Sprint and T-Mobile always faced a major uphill climb since U.S. regulators really weren’t keen on the idea of letting the wireless industry consolidate even further. And now a new report from The Wall Street Journal indicates that Sprint parent company SoftBank may no longer be the only company willing to shell out big bucks for America’s scrappy “Uncarrier.” According to the Journal’s sources, French company Iliad has made a bid to buy T-Mobile within the last week and it’s even presented the proposal to T-Mobile’s board. The Journal says that Iliad has garnered an “Uncarrier”-like reputation of its own in France and “has sparked a fierce price war in France’s mobile-telephone market via its cutthroat
  • L-3 discloses accounting misconduct, fires four (2014-07-31 12:40:57)
    L-3 Communications Holdings Inc said it fired four employees as part of an ongoing internal review that revealed overstatement of net sales and cost overruns in the company's aerospace business. "We had some bad actors and they are no longer part of L-3," Chief Executive Michael Strianese said on a conference call with analysts. The company said the accounting issues primarily related to a "fixed-price" maintenance and logistics support contract from the U.S. Department of Defense that began in December 2010 and runs through January 2015. L-3 cited misconduct and accounting errors, including concealment from the company's corporate staff, at its aerospace systems business for the overstatement and deferred cost overruns.
  • NFL players to wear shoulder pad RFIDs for on-field stats tracking (2014-07-31 12:32:00)
  • Android grabs 85% of smartphone market: survey (2014-07-31 12:24:39)
    Smartphones powered by the Android operating system captured 85 percent of the worldwide market in the second quarter, threatening to marginalize rival platforms, a new survey shows. Strategy Analytics said overall smartphone shipments were up 27 percent from a year ago to 295 million, with most of the growth in devices using Android, the free mobile system from Google. Apple's iPhone managed to increase sales to 35 million in the quarter, the survey showed, but Apple's global market share fell to 11.9 percent from 13.4 percent a year ago, said the report released Wednesday. "Android is on the verge of turning smartphone platforms into a one-horse race," said Strategy Analytics executive director Neil Mawston.
  • Ryan Seacrest’s ‘BlackBerry killer’ copycat keyboard is back from the dead (2014-07-31 12:20:45)
    You can’t keep a good copycat down. CrackBerry brings us word that Ryan Seacrest’s Typo has just unveiled a new keyboard attachment that it hopes is different enough from BlackBerry’s keyboards to avoid getting slapped with injunctions. The first-generation Typo was such a blatant BlackBerry knockoff that it never really stood a chance in court and was immediately hit with preliminary sales ban earlier this year. In an argument before the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California earlier this year BlackBerry claimed that the original Typo’s “blatant copying of BlackBerry’s keyboard presents an imminent threat of irreparable harm to BlackBerry, and that threat is magnified in combination with the significant market power of the iPhone.” It will be interesting to see
  • US attorney general encourages feds to carry heroin overdose antidote (2014-07-31 12:17:56)
    US Attorney General Eric Holder is calling for federal law enforcement agencies to train and provide their personnel with naloxone, a drug that can help reverse deadly heroin overdoses. Ideally, Holder wants to see the drug made available to anyone "who may interact with a victim of a heroin overdose" so they'll be ready to use naloxone in situations where it's warranted. "I am confident that expanding the availability of naloxone has the potential to save the lives, families and futures of countless people across the nation," Holder said in a statement. Federal agencies that fall under his directive include the FBI, Drug Enforcement Administration, and Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives, and US Marshals Service.
  • USB drives are a security nightmare (2014-07-31 12:13:08)
    "These problems can’t be patched," one researcher told Greenberg. As Greenberg puts it, "all you have to do is not connect your USB device to computers you don’t own or don’t have good reason to trust — and don’t plug untrusted USB devices into your own computer." That's bad news for lots of projects — including live-boot systems like Tails, which typically reside on USB drives — but it would keep users safe from scary attacks from all corners, including possibly the NSA.
  • Korea’s worst baseball team builds robot fans to cheer demoralized players (2014-07-31 12:05:12)
    When a baseball team hits a slump, it can feel insurmountable at times. It doesn’t help when the fan base isn’t there to support the team either, which was the case for the Hanwha Eagles, a South Korean team which has lost more than 400 times in the last five season, consistently coming in last in their league, reports ABC News. Now that the fans have all but given up on their hometown Eagles, the team is making it easier than ever to show support without actually having to sit through another tragic loss with an ingenious solution: robot fans. According to the report, fans are able to project their faces on to a robot and even control some of its
  • This is my next drone (2014-07-31 12:00:44)
    We took five drones for a spin at the skate park besides New York City's Rockaway beach. Some fun flights, wild crashes, and amazing video were the result. If you've always wondered which drone to buy, we've got recommendations for the ambitious hobbyist and the true beginner.
  • With Qi wireless charging, you'll soon be able to charge your device from a small distance (2014-07-31 12:00:00)
  • With Qi wireless charging, you'll soon be able to charge your device from a short distance (2014-07-31 12:00:00)
  • CIA apologizes for hacking Senate computers after internal investigation (2014-07-31 11:52:24)
    The CIA appears to have admitted (albeit vaguely) that it surreptitiously accessed Senate computers  to perform damage control in advance of a report on alleged torture under its watch. In a statement published by McClatchy, spokesperson Dean Boyd said that an internal investigation's findings "include a judgment that some CIA employees acted in a manner inconsistent with the common understanding reached between SSCI [Senate Select Committee on Intelligence] and the CIA in 2009." We don't know the contents of the report, but Boyd said that CIA head John Brennan briefed Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) earlier this week and apologized for the incident. Brennan's response is a marked reversal from earlier this year, when he said that "nothing could be further from the truth" than CIA hacking Senate computers.
  • Sweet app brings one of Apple’s best new software features to your Android phone (2014-07-31 11:50:22)
    One of the best software features Apple introduced at WWDC 2014 is Handoff, a neat trick that will allow users who own both an iOS 8 device and a Yosemite Mac seamlessly move between devices while using the same supported app. For example, with continuity, Apple will let users send and receive SMS and MMS messages, and making a phone call directly from a Mac through an iPhone that happens to be really close by. Luckily for Android users there’s an app that brings some of that functionality to their Macs and/or Windows PCs. Called MightyText and detailed by Cufflinked Magazine, the app has been available for quite a while in the Google Play Store, and will let Android device users
  • Panasonic, Tesla to build big US battery plant (2014-07-31 11:39:12)
    TOKYO (AP) — American electric car maker Tesla Motors Inc. is teaming up with Japanese electronics company Panasonic Corp. to build a battery manufacturing plant in the U.S. expected to create 6,500 jobs.
  • The one thing that Tim Cook really needs to do better (2014-07-31 11:35:11)
    Unlike a lot of pundits and analysts, I actually think Tim Cook has done a very good job of running Apple. The company is still insanely profitable and Apple customers’ loyalty has shown no signs of waning. Granted, he’s not Steve Jobs, but that’s not a bad thing because he’s shown that he’s very skilled at getting a bunch of very talented people with very big egos to work together effectively as a team — not an easy feat when you consider how a post-Jobs Apple could have easily turned into one giant turf war. That said, there is one criticism of Cook that I think rings true — he has not lived up to his promise to get more
  • Apple reportedly laying off up to 200 of Beats' 700 employees (2014-07-31 11:33:17)
    Apple's purchase of Beats will likely make Dr. Dre a billionaire, but it could also potentially send many other people to the unemployment line. Recode says Apple recently informed as many as 200 Beats workers that they'll have temporarily positions at the company once the acquisition closes, but those jobs are likely to disappear within months. Beats currently staffs roughly 700 people, and it sounds like Apple doesn't have room for all of them. "We’re excited to have the Beats team join Apple, and we have extended job offers to every Beats employee," an Apple spokesperson told The Verge when asked about the news. "Because of some overlap in our operations, some offers are for a limited period and we’ll work hard during this time to find as many of these Beats employees as we can another permanent job within Apple." So Apple isn't immediately throwing anyone onto the street, and the company is seemingly doing its best to avoid layoffs wherever possible; Yesterday, 9to5Mac reported that Apple has already set up a hotline to its human resources division to help ease the transition for those affected.
  • Recording industry sues Ford and GM over in-car CD ripping (2014-07-31 11:32:00)
  • 'Wire' creator David Simon is making a new miniseries (2014-07-31 11:23:52)
    David Simon is known for his stark yet nuanced portrayals of race, class, violence, and other issues in America: he's best known for The Wire but created other critical successes like Generation Kill (set in the 2003 invasion of Iraq) and and Treme (set in New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.) The latter ended late last year, and according to The Hollywood Reporter, Simon is moving ahead with another show, this one a six-hour HBO miniseries called Show Me a Hero. Show Me a Hero is based on a 1999 nonfiction book by former New York Times reporter Lisa Belkin, and it was reportedly just greenlit by HBO. The book follows Nicholas Wasicsko, who became the youngest mayor in America when he won a campaign in Yonkers, New York in 1987.
  • Samsung Promises Two New iPhone 6 Killers (2014-07-31 11:21:50)
    Samsung just took a big financial hit because of slowing growth in mobile, but the company is ready to come back swinging. According to the Wall Street Journal, the Galaxy phone maker is planning to release two new high-end handsets to take on Apple's upcoming iPhone 6. Samsung mobile senior VP Kim Hyun-Joon mentioned the two devices during an earnings call, though he was light on specifics.
  • Is Apple’s iPhone 6 going to feature a glowing Apple logo? (2014-07-31 11:20:01)
    Following a hands-on video with the metal case of the iPhone 6, which originated from a source close to Apple’s production lines in China, YouTube channel iCrackUriDevice posted a second clip in which “the truth about glowing Apple logo and notifications” is explained. FROM EARLIER: New iPhone 6 leak gives us a great look at the device’s major redesign While several rumors said that the iPhone 6 will have a Mac-like glowing logo on the back, which could light up for notifications, this is not something the iPhone 6 will deliver, the source told iCrackUrIDevice’s Tanner Marsh. “My inside sources who have deep connections within Apple’s supply chain have informed me that due to the process Apple will utilize for achieving
  • The second Oculus Rift headset uses the Samsung Note 3 screen, literally (2014-07-31 11:18:00)
  • T-Mobile leads industry in subscriber additions (2014-07-31 11:17:52)
    T-Mobile US Inc on Thursday posted its first net profit in a year, raised its forecasts for subscriber growth and reported the most postpaid phone subscriber additions in the industry. "What matters most for T-Mobile and Sprint is subscriber growth, said Cowen Group analyst Colby Synesael. "Three to five years from now, your revenue growth will be largely capped by how big that base is." Last year T-Mobile turned around years of subscriber losses through campaigns that have eliminated contracts, restructured pricing plans and sparked price slashing across the industry. T-Mobile added 1.5 million net customers in the second quarter and 102,000 net prepaid subscribers, compared with prepaid subscriber losses for the top four wireless carriers.
  • Irish bookmaker apologizes for 2010 data breach (2014-07-31 11:06:53)
    DUBLIN (AP) — Irish betting company Paddy Power says it is notifying hundreds of thousands of customers that most of their profile information was stolen in 2010, but hackers did not gain their credit card details or log-in passwords.
  • You can now download 30 paid Android apps worth $155 for free (2014-07-31 11:05:39)
    Android device owners looking to score a slew of free Android apps should check out the Amazon Appstore, where some 30 applications that are worth a combined $155.71 are available right now as free of charge downloads. As found by a Redditor, the free apps list does not include only games, as some would expect, but also various other premium apps users may find very useful, with Amazon describing them as “essential apps” in its promotion – the offer is valid on July 31 and August 1 only. Regular prices for these apps range from $0.99 for WiFi File Explorer Pro or Fraction Calculator Plus all the way up to $29.99 for Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, 8th edition and $24.00 for Essential
  • HTC Desire 816 review: A mid-range M8 let down by sluggish cameras (2014-07-31 11:00:00)
  • This is one iOS 8 feature you’ll absolutely love (2014-07-31 10:50:34)
    Apple’s iOS 8 will ship with a bunch of new features and improvements, including a way for apps to communicate between each other to share data, which is something Apple has not supported in the past. One app that will make use of Apple’s iOS 8 extension feature is the popular password manager 1Password, which will make logging into websites in other apps and web services even easier than before. Agilebits has announced its own 1Password app extension for iOS 8, demoing the feature in a short video. In short, instead of users having to copy passwords stored in the 1Password iOS app and paste them in the app they need to sign into, or a certain web service, the app extension will
  • Google may face Android antitrust investigation in Europe, says Reuters (2014-07-31 10:39:52)
    The European Commission is preparing an antitrust case against Google's Android platform, sources have told Reuters. Regulators have allegedly sent questionnaires to telecom companies and phone manufacturers, trying to get a sense of whether Google is strong-arming them into promoting its own services at the expense of competitors. One question is said to ask whether Google had ever said "that it was not in favor of your undertaking manufacturing, marketing, or launching a smart mobile device with your own or a third-party application or service pre-installed or set as default." Other questions asked for information about how revenue was shared with Google and whether other app stores had difficulty competing with Google Play, and companies were asked to provide any emails, presentation notes, and other records related to its Google dealings. Android case is a 'political game,' says source
  • Smartphone management flaws puts users at risk, researchers say (2014-07-31 10:35:27)
    By Eric Auchard VIENNA (Reuters) - Security researchers have revealed two separate threats this week they say could put up to 90 percent of the world's 2 billion plus smartphones at risk of password theft, stolen data and in some cases let hackers take full control of devices. One vulnerability involves flaws in the way scores of manufacturers of Apple, Google Android and Blackberry devices, among others, have implemented an obscure industry standard that controls how everything from network connections to user identities are managed. The threat could enable attackers to remotely wipe devices, install malicious software, access data and run applications on smartphones, Mathew Solnik, a mobile researcher with Denver-based cyber security firm Accuvant, said in a phone interview. A separate threat specifically affecting up to three-quarters of devices running older Android software has been unearthed by researchers at Bluebox Security of San Francisco.
  • Sprint again shows why it’s America’s worst wireless carrier (2014-07-31 10:35:14)
    Amazing but true — Sprint’s “Framily” ad campaign has done little to stop subscribers from fleeing in droves. The Un-uncarrier last quarter reported losing another 245,000 contract subscribers and now it’s fallen behind T-Mobile and is now America’s fourth-largest wireless carrier. And how’s T-Mobile doing? Over the same period this year it added 1.5 million net customers, including a hugely impressive 579,000 branded postpaid subscribers. And as BTIG analyst Walter Piecyk points out, T-Mobile’s wireless service revenue grew by 8.1% last quarter while Sprint’s fell by 6.3%. So, things are looking pretty awful for Sprint, just as they have for years. Bloomberg is reporting, however, that Sprint may finally be waking up to the realization that ads with talking hamsters
  • LG's G Vista looks like the G3 but lacks the power and resolution (2014-07-31 10:35:00)
  • The extended 'Birdman' trailer shows the surreal life of a washed up superhero star (2014-07-31 10:30:32)
    It's been decades since Michael Keaton was Batman, but it's still impossible not to associate him with the role. Now, Keaton is taking those associations and fictionalizing them in Birdman, where he stars as a washed up actor who used to be synonymous with the flying superhero. The film comes from director Alejandro González Iñárritu, who's made his mark through ensemble films with intertwining stories, like Babel. A new trailer for Birdman was just released, and it revels in the dark, funny, and surreal. ...
  • T-Mobile tops 50 million subscribers, swings to a profit in latest earnings (2014-07-31 10:26:07)
    T-Mobile's reinvention has been underway for a few years now, driven by the larger-than-life CEO John Legere and his Uncarrier program. "We have completely reversed T-Mobile’s trajectory." "We have completely reversed T-Mobile’s trajectory and started a revolution that is changing the rules in wireless," said Legere. "Now — with more than 50 million customers, 1.5 million customers added this quarter and five quarters in a row of over 1 million net new customers — we are proud to be the fastest-growing wireless company in America."
  • How to fix one of iOS 7.1’s most annoying bugs (2014-07-31 10:20:25)
    IOS 7.1 was a fantastic update for Apple’s mobile operating system, bringing with it plenty of bug fixes and refinements that were absent in the initial iOS 7 update. Apple’s huge iOS 7 release, as you’ll surely recall, was all about renovating the look of the iOS platform, and it was a bit raw when it first launched. There are still some annoying bugs that crept through in the latest version of iOS 7.1, however, and now there’s a simple fix for one of the most annoying ones out there. As noted by iMore (via CNET) in a recent post, many users have experienced an issue where new contacts they add in the iPhone’s Phone app aren’t appearing in the phone’s contact list. As
  • Facebook Brings Free Internet to Users in Zambia (2014-07-31 10:13:15)
    It’s not just owning a smartphone that’s expensive — it’s the data plan. Facebook introduced an app today that will give mobile users in Zambia free, limited access to the internet. The app is part of Facebook’s collaborative initiative, which aims to bring internet...
  • L-3 Communications fires four for misconduct in aerospace unit (2014-07-31 10:10:32)
    L-3 Communications Holdings Inc said it fired four employees as part of an ongoing internal review that revealed overstatement of net sales and deferred cost overruns in the company's aerospace business. L-3 cited misconduct and accounting errors including concealment from L-3's corporate staff at its aerospace systems business for the overstatement and deferred cost overruns. "We have no reason to believe that this issue occurred at any other segment of the company," Chief Executive Michael Strianese said on a conference call with analysts. The company also cut its 2014 operating margin forecast for the aerospace systems business to 9.0-9.2 percent from 10.6-10.8 percent.
  • 9 awesome paid iPhone apps you can now download for free (save $21!) (2014-07-31 10:05:53)
    It’s the last day of a great month, so we clearly need to end on a high note. BGR has saved app lovers hundreds of dollars in July by sharing awesome paid iPhone and iPad apps that have gone on sale for free for a limited time, and today we’re finishing strong with the most apps we’ve shared in a single post all month. We’ve got nine nifty paid iPhone and iPad apps in total to share with you on Thursday, and as always, download anything that looks appealing immediately because these great sales could end at any time. These are paid iPhone and iPad apps that have been made available for free for a limited time by their developers.
  • Indiegogo has a new iOS app for mobile crowdfunding (2014-07-31 10:03:00)
  • Facebook unveils free Internet app, starting in Zambia (2014-07-31 10:02:18)
    Facebook on Thursday unveiled an app to allow people around the world with mobile phones but no Internet access to access online services for health, education and basic communications. The app is being released first in Zambia, and is to be rolled out in other countries where Internet access is lacking or unaffordable, Facebook said. "Over 85 percent of the world's population lives in areas with existing cellular coverage, yet only about 30 percent of the total population accesses the Internet," Facebook's Guy Rosen said in a blog post. "Affordability and awareness are significant barriers to Internet adoption for many and today we are introducing the app to make the Internet accessible to more people by providing a set of free basic services."
  • Why the 'Deadpool' film is going to be PG-13 — and why it can still be great (2014-07-31 10:01:25)
    It's a short clip originally made about three years ago to give Fox executives a taste of what they'd be financing: over-the-top violence, bizarre one-liners, and a titular character (motion-captured and voiced by Ryan Reynolds) who talks more to the audience off-screen than the thugs onscreen. Deadpool is one of Marvel's more potentially lucrative characters, and yet the film has remained in development limbo at 20th Century Fox, home of the X-Men film franchise, since at least 2009. For those who don't know Deadpool, think of him as a human Looney Tunes character with two katanas and an obsession with guns. Deadpool's most defining characteristic is being aware that he's a character.
  • Can Samsung Finally Outsexy Apple with This Phone? (2014-07-31 09:59:50)
    Samsung's smartphones are often considered less handsome than iPhones because of all the plastic involved. Multiple leaks and reports have surfaced about a possible metal handset that could rival the iPhone's premium aesthetic, and the latest rumor points to the potential Galaxy Alpha launching Aug. 13. According to SamMobile's sources, the Galaxy Alpha will feature a 4.8-inch, 720p display and will carry a fingerprint scanner, just as the Galaxy S5 does.
  • China denies it hacked Canadian research council (2014-07-31 09:52:09)
    BEIJING (AP) — China says Canada's accusation that it was behind the hacking of a Canadian technology development organization is groundless and irresponsible.
  • Facebook unveils Internet app, starting in Zambia (2014-07-31 09:52:00)
    Facebook on Thursday unveiled an app to allow people around the world with mobile phones but no Internet access to access online services for health, education and basic communications. The app is being released first in Zambia, and is to be rolled out in other countries where Internet access is lacking or unaffordable, Facebook said. "Over 85 percent of the world's population lives in areas with existing cellular coverage, yet only about 30 percent of the total population accesses the Internet," Facebook's Guy Rosen said in a blog post. "Affordability and awareness are significant barriers to Internet adoption for many and today we are introducing the app to make the Internet accessible to more people by providing a set of free basic services."
  • iPhone 6 Launch Could Be Pushed to Oct. 14 (2014-07-31 09:47:04)
    September is usually synonymous with crazed shoppers rushing to snag the newest iPhone, but those shoppers might have to wait. The latest release-date rumor for the much-anticipated handset points to Oct. 14, nearly a month after the potential Sept. 19 release date that's been circulating over the past few weeks. This new date was reported by MacRumors, which cited sources that caught wind of a recent internal meeting for Apple's retail shops.
  • Verizon explains why it’s throttling its ‘unlimited’ data customers (2014-07-31 09:40:32)
    Remember that classic Simpsons episode where Homer got tossed out of the “all-you-can-eat” seafood restaurant because he ate its entire supply of shrimp and two plastic lobster decorations? Well that’s the sort of situation that Verizon is claiming its in with some of its customers who subscribe to its nominally unlimited data plans. In a new blog post on Wednesday, Verizon said that it had decided to throttle some of its customers who have unlimited data plans because they were apparently causing congestion issues on its network. “What we announced last week was a highly targeted and very limited network optimization effort, only targeting cell sites experiencing high demand,” the carrier explained. “The purpose is to ensure there is capacity
  • Nanobots get tiny propellers for targeted drug delivery (2014-07-31 09:34:00)
  • The swift death of ReaganBook, the Facebook for patriots (2014-07-31 09:23:52)
    If I could look back now, I would say the whole prospect fell apart after Satan poked me. I joined ReaganBook when I saw it billed earlier this week (admittedly, on liberal sites) as the conservative response to Facebook. Surely a name like ReaganBook — a name devoid of any irony, part of a logo that includes an illustration of the president, cowboy hat adorned, done in the style of the Obama "Hope" image — would be bait to any liberals hoping to while away a few minutes on a fake profile. The site requires no proof of identity (or semblance to reality) to log in, which becomes immediately obvious: everyone seems to be either using real names, the names of famous conservatives, or the names of famous conservatives paired with sex acts.
  • New report claims the iPhone 6 may release much later than we expected (2014-07-31 09:15:24)
    Apple is widely expected to launch two iPhone 6 models beginning this fall. The company was expected to start selling at least one of them in stores that month, but a new report from MacRumors says that the iPhone 6 may arrive a month later, on October 14th. FROM EARLIER: Report from solid source points to iPhone 6 release in mid-September According to a single unnamed source familiar with the matter, who supposedly attended an Apple retail store meeting, October 14th was referred to by a senior Store Leader as an “immense” day for Apple, with the whole month being “incredibly busy” for the company and its stores. Thus, Apple may be planning an October 14th launch for the iPhone 6,
  • The first detailed Moon photo was taken 50 years ago today (2014-07-31 09:08:20)
    Until 50 years ago today, we had never seen exactly what the Moon's surface looked like. As the Space Race heated up, NASA launched the first Ranger probe in 1961, intending to capture photographs and scout the way forward for a human landing.
  • Distiller builds a social network for whiskey lovers (2014-07-31 09:00:00)
  • Siemens CEO needs more time to fix energy business issues (2014-07-31 08:50:56)
    By Maria Sheahan FRANKFURT (Reuters) - Siemens AG will need more time to shake off problems at its energy business that have weighed on profits, its chief executive said on Thursday, indicating investors hoping for a fast improvement will have to be patient. "There is no quick fix for this (energy business) matter," CEO Joe Kaeser told analysts and reporters. Kaeser unveiled a corporate overhaul for Germany's second-biggest company by market value in May, dubbed "Vision 2020", that will simplify the group's structure and aims at making up ground lost to more profitable competitors such as Switzerland's ABB and U.S.-based General Electric. The former finance chief, who got the top job when his predecessor was pushed out a year ago, has also sought to improve the way Siemens handles big risky projects, which led to average annual project charges of 700 million euros in recent years, to improve profitability.
  • Play '80 Days,' a steampunk remix of Jules Verne's classic novel (2014-07-31 08:50:30)
    80 days is a fantastical reinterpretation of the Jules Verne classic Around the World in Eighty Days. Here, airships and mechanical men intermingle with more mundane aspects of the 19th century to create an environment that is both familiar and charmingly strange. Much as in the book, the main goal in this interactive fiction game for iOS devices is to traverse the globe within the eponymous time span. A large part of 80 Days is delivered through Meg Jayanth's gorgeous writing, which players interact with via text prompts.
  • Samsung desperately rushing Galaxy Note 4 to market before the iPhone 6 hits (2014-07-31 08:50:07)
    Samsung will apparently announce its fourth-generation flagship phablet on September 3rd at IFA 2014 in Berlin, The Korea Times has learned, as the company appears to be “looking to rush the Galaxy Note 4 out the door” before the iPhone 6 arrives during the same month. However, an actual release date or pricing details for the newest Note are not available at this time. “Samsung will hold an event to announce the Note 4 on Sept. 3, just few days before this year’s IFA trade fair in Berlin, Germany ― Europe’s biggest technology exhibition,” a Samsung top-tier display supplier executive told the publication. An invitation for the media is apparently due “soon.” The Galaxy Note 4 will pack “better specification
  • Inside the 'Destiny' beta: why Bungie's next epic could be bigger than 'Halo' (2014-07-31 08:31:37)
    The new space epic from Halo developer Bungie, Destiny just wrapped up an open beta before its upcoming September launch. I managed to get that helmet.
  • LG's first big 4K OLED TV may have a non-ridiculous price tag (2014-07-31 08:28:00)
  • Watch this crazy GoPro video of a man leaping off a four-story building (2014-07-31 08:25:41)
    Repeat after me, everyone: Do not try this at home. GoPro has just posted an amazing new video that shows us what it’s like to jump from the roof of a four-story building and live to tell about it. The video was made by professional stuntman Ethan Swanson, who expertly figured out the proper angle and force of his jump that he would need to land on the downward slope of a smaller building’s roof below and slide safely to the ground. In the end, the only damage he sustained was of a torn pants leg. GoPro videos have really taken off this year, as so far we’ve seen some insane footage of tornadoes, car crashes and accidental sky dives. GoPro
  • Strategy Analytics: 85% of phones shipped last quarter run Android (2014-07-31 08:00:39)
    Strategy Analytics already has smartphone sales numbers for the second quarter of 2014, with the company revealing that Android gained even more market share during the period, at the expense of all its competitors. Global smartphone shipments for Q2 2014 reached 295.2 million units, 27% more than the same period last year when 233.0 million units were shipped. Of those, 84.6% (249.6 million) were Android smartphones, up from 80.2% during Q2 2013. “Like the PC market, Android is on the verge of turning smartphone platforms into a one-horse race,” Strategy Analytics Executive Director Neil Mawston said. “Its low-cost services and user-friendly software remain wildly attractive to hardware makers, operators and consumers worldwide. Rival OS vendors are going to have to do
  • Cyborg conversion incomplete: my life with finger implants (2014-07-31 08:00:02)
    Push hard on my skin, and you’ll find that the source is two lumps of glass, metal, and plastic embedded in my right hand: a years-old magnet in the ring finger and a newer NFC chip in my thumb webbing. I first heard about magnet implants in college, but I didn’t seriously pursue one until my colleague Ben Popper got his for the piece that would become "Cyborg America." At a Brooklyn tattoo parlor in 2012, I watched someone cut along the top of my finger, tear open a pocket with a dowel, and slide in a dark rod about half the size of a sunflower seed. I began to catalog sensations: the vicious pinch of picking up a Buckyball, the jitter of using a microwave, the sense of floating when I hovered my hand above another magnet.
  • Runtastic's Orbit band is a fitness tracker that doubles as a running watch (2014-07-31 08:00:00)
  • Amazon's offering 30 free Android apps to help make you a better person (2014-07-31 07:42:00)
  • Tesla seals landmark deal to mass-produce EV batteries in the US (2014-07-31 07:27:00)
  • Apple TV next gen premiere delayed (2014-07-31 07:24:26)
    When the Apple TV was launched back in 2007, the company described it as a fun hobby, but over the years, as the way consumers watch television itself and access digital content has changed, the little ice hockey puck-sized box is becoming increasingly important. During the company's April 23 quarterly earnings call, Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed that the Apple TV was moving rapidly into the mainstream and had sold 20 million to date. "The reason that I stripped off the 'hobby label' is that when you look at the sales of the Apple TV box itself and you look at content that was bought directly off the Apple TV, for 2013 that number was over a billion dollars," Cook said. To build on this momentum Apple has been developing a totally reimagined Apple TV complete with Siri-like voice commands, serious games console capabilities and motion detection and tracking features.
  • Tesla's US 'Gigafactory' will be operated by Panasonic's battery masters (2014-07-31 07:19:28)
    Electric car manufacturer Tesla has today announced a partnership with Japanese electronics giant Panasonic to build a large battery manufacturing plant on US soil. Dubbed the "Gigafactory," the facility will produce the lithium-ion cells, modules, and packs that power Tesla's all-electric vehicles. While Panasonic will be doing the actual manufacturing, Tesla will manage the site and assemble the cells into packs and modules. The California-based manufacturer already has a deal in place to purchase cells from Panasonic's existing battery factories, and says the new factory will not supplant that arrangement.
  • T-Mobile swings to Q2 profit, adds 1.5 million net customers (2014-07-31 07:15:49)
    T-Mobile on Thursday morning reported solid second-quarter earnings that sent the stock climbing in pre-market trading. The company says it led the industry in a number of key areas including service revenue growth (7.1%), total revenue growth (8%), branded postpaid net subscriber additions (579,000) and branded prepaid net subscriber additions (102,000). Total net customer additions in the June quarter totalled an impressive 1.5 million, which included more than 1 million total branded net customer additions. The company noted a second-quarter profit of $391 million, crushing the Street’s consensus and marking a significant swing from the $54 million loss is posted in the same quarter last year. Revenue in the June quarter totalled $7.19 billion. T-Mobile’s full press release follows below. T-Mobile US Reports Second Quarter 2014
  • New products to return Taiwan's HTC to growth by year end (2014-07-31 07:11:06)
    By Michael Gold TAIPEI (Reuters) - Taiwan's HTC Corp will return to growth in the final three months of 2014 after a bruising few years that has seen market share dwindle amid steep sales declines. The October-to-December period will see the company's first rise in year-on-year total revenue in 12 quarters, company chief financial officer Chialin Chang said after the firm's quarterly investor conference. Those products likely will include HTC's first-ever phone based on the Windows operating system from Microsoft Corp, a partnership Chang said was "going well." HTC is also working on a smartwatch with Silicon Valley internet giant Google Inc, but Chang wouldn't say when the product would hit the market. Sales at the beleaguered phone company, which once sold one out of every 10 smartphones worldwide, have only notched two months of year-on-year growth out of the past 32.
  • China slams Canada for 'irresponsible' hacking accusations (2014-07-31 06:49:56)
    China's foreign ministry accused Canada on Thursday of making irresponsible accusations lacking any credible evidence after Canada singled out Chinese hackers for attacking a key computer network and lodged a protest with Beijing. Officials said "a highly sophisticated Chinese state-sponsored actor" had recently broken into the National Research Council. The council, Canada's leading research body, works with major companies such as aircraft and train maker Bombardier Inc.. Canada has reported hacking incidents before, but this was the first time it had singled out China. China is often cited as a suspect in various hacking attacks on companies in the United States and other countries.
  • T-Mobile's UnCarrier plans continue to surge at the expense of rivals (2014-07-31 06:44:00)
  • Panasonic confirms will invest in $5 billion Tesla battery plant (2014-07-31 06:08:39)
    By Sophie Knight TOKYO (Reuters) - Panasonic Corp confirmed on Thursday it would invest in U.S. electric carmaker Tesla Motors Inc's planned $5 billion lithium-ion battery plant in the United States, but said it had yet to decide on the size of its investment. The Japanese company, which already supplies batteries for Tesla, said it was gauging the demand for batteries before deciding on an amount. "We have not yet decided exactly how much we will invest and when," said Chief Financial Officer Hideaki Kawai. "However, Tesla is a very important partner to us and discussions are continuing.
  • Samsung earns $6.1 billion, shares plunge (2014-07-31 05:49:32)
    SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — Samsung earned $6.1 billion last quarter but investors were dissatisfied, sending its share price down 4 percent. The panoply of numbers in its earnings report for the April-June quarter show why.
  • Sony warns smartphone weakness will brake profit progress after first-quarter surge (2014-07-31 05:29:08)
    By Sophie Knight TOKYO (Reuters) - Japan's Sony Corp warned it doesn't now expect to make money on smartphones this year, citing weak demand, as the consumer electronics maker said restructuring will still help it turn a profit on its TVs after 10 years of losses. As it said April-June operating profit doubled, boosted by its videogames business and a one-off asset sale, Sony on Thursday cut its smartphone sales target this fiscal year by 14 percent. Sony now expects to just break even in the business this year, down from a previous operating forecast of 26 billion yen ($253 million), and is reviewing its mid-term strategy. Samsung Electronics also flagged its own uncertain handset earnings prospects on Thursday, undercut by Chinese rivals like Xiaomi, while Sony said progress by Chinese smartphone makers was a factor in its own sales shortfall.
  • Samsung promises to release a non-plastic phone this year (2014-07-31 05:25:28)
    Following another quarter of disappointing financial results, Samsung is promising a pair of new smartphones for 2014. As The Wall Street Journal reports, Kim Hyun-joon, senior vice president at Samsung Mobile, told investors and analysts a large-screened phone will materialize in the coming months, along with a model made from "new materials." The large-screened device is almost certainly going to be the latest in Samsung's popular Galaxy Note line, but the promise of a phone utilizing "new materials" is more intriguing. A leaked image of Samsung's rumored metallic Galaxy Alpha, courtesy of SamMobile. Samsung's profits were down 18 percent year-over-year, despite the launch of its flagship Galaxy S5 smartphone. Kim Hyun-joon also told investors that Samsung introduce mid-to-low-end smartphones with "enhanced specifications" later this year in an effort to reverse this trend.
  • Google-backed 23andMe gets public money for DNA research (2014-07-31 05:25:00)
  • app brings free access to Facebook and Google in developing countries (2014-07-31 05:10:22)
    Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s initiative launched last year with the goal of helping make the internet available to the entire world. is taking a big step towards this by launching an Android app that provides free data access to services like Google, Wikipedia, Facebook, and more. The app will be available in Zambia initially, with plans to extend it to other developing markets over time. While Android users can simply download a standalone version, all of the services can also be accessed freely through on feature phones, or from within Facebook’s Android app.
  • Samsung posts 19.6% fall in net profits (2014-07-31 04:54:07)
    Samsung said Thursday net profit plunged almost 20 percent in the second quarter as competition from cheap Chinese phones and the strong won saw sales slump in its key mobile business. The South Korean electronics giant said net profit came in at 6.25 trillion won ($6.1 billion), down 19.6 percent in the first on-year decline for nearly three years.
  • Samsung launches world's first flexible TV (2014-07-31 04:43:17)
    If you want an ultra-high-definition TV but can't decide on a flat or curved screen, the Samsung UN78S9B might be just the thing. Demonstrated for the first time at the 2014 International CES in January, the TV has gone from prototype party piece to actual product and will be going on sale in the company's native South Korea on August 1. The logic goes that curved-display TV screens, especially ones that boast four times the resolution of High Definition, offer a more immersive, cinematic experience -- so great for watching movies and for gaming. The past several weeks have been very busy for Samsung's TV business.
  • Xiaomi's star rises as Chinese handset makers gnaw at Samsung's share: report (2014-07-31 04:37:13)
    Xiaomi Inc, the three-year old company known as the Apple of China, has become the world's No.5 smartphone maker by market share while Samsung Electronics Co Ltd's lead has continued to shrink, a report by Strategy Analytics shows. Three out of the world's top 5 smartphone sellers were Chinese manufacturers in the second quarter, Strategic Analytics said, as China's low-cost offerings on the Android operating system whittle away Samsung's market share.
  • Samsung sees its lowest profit in two years as smartphone sales languish (2014-07-31 04:34:00)
  • Alcatel loss narrows in 2Q but revenue stagnates (2014-07-31 04:22:58)
    PARIS (AP) — Telecommunications equipment company Alcatel-Lucent SA says its net loss narrowed in the second quarter thanks to lower accounting charges, while revenue stagnated and restructuring charges mounted.
  • Samsung's massive bendable TV goes up for pre-order tomorrow (2014-07-31 04:18:55)
    It might be some time before the public can get its hands on Samsung's 85-inch "Bendable TV," which can transform from a flat panel to a curved screen and back. However, a smaller alternative can soon be purchased. Beginning August 1st, the 78-inch UN78S9B model will be available for pre-orders in Korea for an estimated price of 35 million won (about $34,000). The Ultra High-Definition TV will eventually be put on display in two locations in Seoul, specifically Samsung Digital Plaza in Gangnam and Lotte Department Store in Jamsil. ...
  • Panasonic first-quarter operating profit up 18.1 percent (2014-07-31 04:08:57)
    Panasonic Corp posted an 18.1 percent rise in operating profit for the first quarter, beating analyst expectations, on growing demand for its automotive parts and household fittings. The figure was higher than the 66.82 billion yen average estimate of six analysts, according to Thomson Reuters Starmine. Panasonic kept its operating profit target for the full year to March 2015 unchanged at 310 billion yen, which would be its highest profit in seven years.
  • Sony surprises with first quarter profit (2014-07-31 04:00:42)
    TOKYO (AP) — Sony Corp. reported a surprise eightfold jump in quarterly profit Thursday as sales got a perk from a cheap yen and its bottom line was helped by gains from selling buildings and its stake in a video-game maker.
  • Sony makes money on movies and games, but not on smartphones (2014-07-31 03:50:00)
  • You can now Shazam from your Mac (2014-07-31 03:42:37)
    While Shazam has long existed on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone, it’s making the jump to the Mac today to bring song detection to the desktop. Shazam already has a fullscreen Windows 8 app, but its new Mac app is more of a traditional desktop app that sits quietly in the system tray. If you allow Shazam for Mac to detect music automatically then it will do so while it’s open, particularly useful if you’re watching TV or listening to a radio in a coffee shop with your MacBook. If you leave Shazam for Mac silently detecting music in the background then it will trigger a notification each time a new track is identified.
  • Facebook's expands in Zambia (2014-07-31 03:06:28)
    NEW YORK (AP) — Facebook's project is taking another step toward its goal of bringing the Internet to people who are not yet online with an app launching Thursday in Zambia.
  • Facebook mobile app to offer free, limited Internet in Zambia (2014-07-31 03:03:56)
    By Alexei Oreskovic SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Facebook Inc is launching a mobile app that gives users in Zambia free access to a handful of online services on mobile phones, broadening an effort to boost Internet usage in underdeveloped countries. The app will offer, in partnership with wireless operator Airtel , more than a dozen services including online encyclopedia Wikipedia, websites devoted to weather, job listings and health information, as well as Facebook's own social network and messaging service.
  • Hackers can tap USB devices in new attacks, researcher warns (2014-07-31 03:02:43)
    By Jim Finkle BOSTON (Reuters) - USB devices such as mice, keyboards and thumb-drives can be used to hack into personal computers in a potential new class of attacks that evade all known security protections, a top computer researcher revealed on Thursday. Karsten Nohl, chief scientist with Berlin's SR Labs, noted that hackers could load malicious software onto tiny, low-cost computer chips that control functions of USB devices but which have no built-in shields against tampering with their code. It is almost like a magic trick," said Nohl, whose research firm is known for uncovering major flaws in mobile phone technology. Nohl said his firm has performed attacks by writing malicious code onto USB control chips used in thumb drives and smartphones.
  • Shazam takes its music discovery powers to the Mac (2014-07-31 03:00:00)
  • Siemens warns of challenges ahead for energy business (2014-07-31 01:42:14)
    Germany's Siemens AG warned on Thursday that its energy business faces challenges in the coming quarters as it reported fiscal third-quarter core profit that fell short of expectations. The news is a setback for Chief Executive Joe Kaeser, a conservative former finance chief who got the top job when his predecessor was pushed out a year ago, as he seeks to improve profitability after Siemens lost ground to competitors like Switzerland's ABB and U.S.-based General Electric. Kaeser unveiled a corporate overhaul in May, dubbed "Vision 2020", that will see Siemens take out a layer of management by cutting back to nine core divisions from 16, spinning off its hearing aids business as a publicly listed company and separating out management of its healthcare business. In the three months through June, operating profit from Siemens's four main businesses - industry, energy, healthcare and infrastructure & cities - rose 37 percent to 1.74 billion euros ($2.33 billion), missing the analyst consensus of 1.83 billion euros in a Reuters poll.
  • HTC's latest J Butterfly is a supercharged One M8 in a waterproof body (2014-07-31 01:40:00)
  • Google Fiber hardware is being streamlined: fewer boxes, same functionality (2014-07-31 01:29:00)
  • Amazon quickens push into tough local services market (2014-07-31 01:01:54)
    By Deepa Seetharaman SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Seattle audio and video technician Todd Mueller showed up last year for what might have been a routine job except for one thing: Inc was taking notes. As he mounted a flat-screen TV on the wall, an Amazon employee studied how he covered his shoes and used a blanket to protect the hardwood floor. After at least two years of study, Amazon is ramping up efforts to offer repair, installation and other services online, tackling a fragmented but potentially rich U.S. market that may be worth an estimated $400 billion. Amazon's experiment with services goes back to at least mid-2012 in its hometown of Seattle.
  • Samsung Electronics downbeat on third quarter prospects as profits slide (2014-07-31 00:47:05)
    By Se Young Lee SEOUL (Reuters) - Samsung Electronics Co Ltd. on Thursday reported its worst quarterly profit in two years and flagged uncertain earnings prospects for its key handset business, fuelling worries about its ability to return to growth. The downbeat guidance, as well as Samsung's decision to keep its interim dividend unchanged from last year, put the shares of South Korea's biggest company by market value on track for their worst daily percentage decline in nearly eight months. Samsung expects July-September handset shipments to pick up by 10 percent from the previous quarter and said it planned to release a new premium smartphone employing a new design and material, underscoring efforts by the world's largest smartphone maker to regroup. With its flagship Galaxy S5 smartphone outsold by Apple Inc's iPhone 5S in May and its cheaper devices feeling the squeeze from Chinese rivals like Xiaomi, Samsung also vowed to revamp its mid-to-low-tier product lineup with more aggressive pricing and a focus on a smaller set of products.
  • Scientists discover the moon is shaped like a lemon (2014-07-31 00:35:06)
    It's only this week that scientists have revealed that, 45 years after Neil Armstrong set foot on the planetoid, our closest celestial neighbor is not actually round. Ian Garrick-Bethell, who authored the study published in Nature, describes it as "like a lemon with an equatorial bulge," or like a water balloon that flattens out as it's spun. Garrick-Bethell and his team instead ascribed the shape to a process known as tidal heating, in which early orbital forces between the Earth and the moon caused friction in the latter's interior, causing its crust to expand outward in certain places. Garrick-Bethell, a planetary scientist at the University of California, Santa Cruz, used a laser altimeter to create super-accurate maps of the moon's surface, before calculating its topography.
  • Quentin Tarantino and Christopher Nolan want to save the future of movies on film (2014-07-31 00:23:00)
  • Samsung profit falls as smartphone sales slow (2014-07-31 00:13:29)
    SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — Samsung Electronics Co. reported a bigger-than-expected fall in second quarter profit on Thursday and said it was uncertain if earnings from its handset business would improve in the current quarter.
  • Danish researchers achieve fastest single-laser data transfer speeds ever (2014-07-30 23:24:00)
  • Samsung's new UHD TV is the first to go from flat to curved on command (2014-07-30 22:21:00)
  • Samsung sales and profits down despite Galaxy S5 launch (2014-07-30 22:11:15)
    Samsung Electronics has released its financial results for the second quarter of 2014, showing the first drop in net profit in three years for the Korean electronics giant, and a slowdown in its smartphone sales. The new figures mean Samsung's operating profit has dropped almost 25 percent from the same quarter last year, falling from 9.53 trillion won ($9.27 billion) in the second quarter of 2013. Samsung's operating profit dropped 25 percent from last year Samsung said that while the demand for smartphones remained the same as in the previous quarter, its smartphone and tablet sales decreased.
  • Meet the voice behind AOL’s ‘You’ve got mail’ sound clip (2014-07-30 22:00:23)
    Have you ever wondered who recorded AOL’s extremely popular “You’ve got mail” line, which you may have heard countless times so far alongside other familiar phrases spoken by your computer including “Welcome,” “File’s done” or “Goodbye?” CNBC has the answer, as the actor who was hired to record the clip more than twenty years ago retired this past March after a career of 47 years in television. Elwood Edwards is this celebrity’s name, although you wouldn’t recognize him on the street. What exactly landed him the job, then? “My wife worked for a company called Quantum Computer Services that became AOL,” Edwards said, “and in 1989 she volunteered my voice to [future CEO] Steve Case. And on a cassette deck in my
  • Twitch streams its first live concert tonight (2014-07-30 21:50:00)
  • Samsung posts 19.6% fall in Q2 net profit (2014-07-30 21:35:41)
    Samsung Electronics on Thursday reported a near 20 percent decline in second quarter net profit, blaming increased competition from cheap Chinese devices in the key smartphone sector and a surging Korean won. The South Korean electronics giant said net profit came in at 6.25 trillion won ($6.1 billion) -- its lowest figure for two years and down 19.6 percent from the same quarter last year. "The second quarter was affected by several factors including the slow global sales of smartphones and tablets and escalating marketing expenditure to reduce inventory," the company said in its earnings report. Thursday's figures were in line with earnings estimates released earlier this month, when Samsung also issued an explanatory note attributing the profit decline to increased competition from cheap Chinese devices.
  • Want to make $1 million per month? Retire from the NSA (2014-07-30 21:15:36)
    Former NSA director Keith Alexander will charge companies up to $1 million a month to keep them safe from online hackers, Foreign Policy reports. Apparently Alexander and business partners from IronNet Cybersecurity have founded a new firm after leaving the government and military in March. The company supposedly offers a new technology that has a “unique” approach when it comes to detecting hackers online. His stint at the NSA is directly responsible for many tools the organization developed to prevent cybercriminals from stealing money and/or trade secrets online, although the new product was developed in private. Alexander’s new technology will help various companies and institutions, with the former NSA boss expected to file at least nine patents to protect it. While at the NSA,
  • Samsung Elec sees tough second half after second-quarter profit slips (2014-07-30 21:13:15)
    Samsung Electronics Co Ltd. on Thursday reported its worst quarterly profit in two years and was downbeat about its second-half prospects, fuelling concerns about its ability to protect its smartphone turf in the face of mounting competition. With its flagship Galaxy S5 smartphone outsold by Apple Inc's iPhone 5S in May and its cheaper devices feeling the squeeze from Chinese rivals like Xiaomi, Samsung is under pressure to come up with a new strategy to halt the slide. For April-June, Samsung said operating profit fell 24.6 percent annually to 7.2 trillion won ($7.03 billion), matching its guidance. Profit for the mobile division fell to 4.42 trillion won from 6.28 trillion won a year ago, also the lowest in two years.
  • Samsung Elec says third quarter handset, tablet shipments to rise 10 percent vs second quarter (2014-07-30 21:12:53)
    SEOUL (Reuters) - Samsung Electronics Co Ltd on Thursday said it expected shipments of handsets and tablets to pick up by about 10 percent in the third quarter from the April-June period. Smartphones will account for around 80 percent of total handset shipments in the July-September quarter, up from the high 70 percent range in the second quarter, Senior Vice President of Investor Relations Robert Yi told analysts in a conference call. (Reporting by Se Young Lee; Editing by Stephen Coates)
  • Samsung's paid Milk Music Premium service arrives with offline listening (2014-07-30 21:12:00)
  • Apple to lay off about 200 people at Beats: Bloomberg (2014-07-30 20:30:27)
    (Reuters) - Apple Inc intends to lay off about 200 people at Beats Electronics LLC following its $3 billion acquisition of the headphone and music streaming services company, Bloomberg cited a person with knowledge of the restructuring as saying. The job cuts will mainly hit human resources, finance and other departments with significant overlap between the two, the news agency reported. ...
  • BlackBerry’s global market share is so low that Kantar won’t even report it (2014-07-30 20:30:08)
    BlackBerry CEO John Chen strikes us as a very smart guy who has made some good moves to give BlackBerry fresh life. The smartest move he’s made might be to emphasize that BlackBerry will not live or die based on smartphone sales and will instead work to offer a wide range of enterprise-centric services that put security front and center. This move is particularly smart because, as ZDNet’s Chris Duckett points out, Kantar Worldpanel has just tossed BlackBerry into its “other” category in its smartphone market share reports alongside such non-powerhouses as Symbian and Firefox OS. Earlier this year, Kantar found that BlackBerry’s market share had fallen to 0.4% in the United States, to 1.5% in the five biggest European
  • FCC head chastises Verizon for throttling unlimited data plans (2014-07-30 20:29:00)
  • Khosla-backed startup hopes to bring doctors to patients' mobiles (2014-07-30 20:10:04)
    HealthTap Chief Executive Officer Ron Gutman believes paying the doctor a visit is expensive and time-consuming. So why not bring the doctor to the patient - digitally?     On Wednesday, the Palo Alto-based startup, which is backed by investor Vinod Khosla, introduced a virtual-consult service called HealthTap Prime. Consumers can opt to pay $99 a month to text or video conference with a physician, online or via a smartphone.      It remains to be seen whether patients will be willing to pay out-of-pocket for HealthTap's service, which is not covered by the largest insurers.
  • Samsung's Milk Music gets $3.99 monthly premium plan to skip unlimited songs (2014-07-30 19:59:33)
    Samsung's streaming internet radio service Milk has been free of advertising since its launch, though as part of a new update has added the option to pay to skip more tracks and download music to play without an internet connection. The new "premium service" (spotted by Android Police) runs $3.99 a month, and upgrades users from six song skips per hour to unlimited. Samsung accidentally outed its premium service back in April inside an infographic posted on its corporate blog, though the feature was described only as a way to remove advertisements, which free users still do not hear. Milk remains a highly limited service, available only for US users who one of Samsung's newer Galaxy tablets or smartphones. Behind the scenes, the service is powered by Slacker, which serves up about 200 different stations of music.
  • Sony explains what to expect tomorrow in the PlayStation Now open beta for PS4 (2014-07-30 19:53:00)
  • Sony explains what 's in the PlayStation Now open beta for PS4 (2014-07-30 19:53:00)
  • Here’s why you can’t get EA’s awesome game subscription service on the PS4 (2014-07-30 19:45:55)
    When EA announced its new EA Access subscription program for the Xbox One, we were surprised because it sounds like a pretty good deal. Given EA’s past antics, we actually expected the program involved asking gamers to pay an extra $5 per month just for the privilege of playing games on Xbox Live that they’d already purchased. But no — EA Access actually will give you the ability to play games like Madden NFL 15, Battlefield 4 and FIFA 14 even if you’ve never bought the games themselves for just $5 per month or $30 for a full year subscription. This raises a question, however — why is this awesome-seeming deal only available for Xbox One gamers? GameInformer reached out to Sony to
  • FreedomPop is about to turn any LTE tablet into a phone with free data, voice and texting (2014-07-30 19:00:42)
    FreedomPop on Wednesday announced plans to sell discounted LTE tablets that come with a free data plus connectivity capable of offering tablet buyers phone features. In addition to browsing the web with their tablets, FreedomPop tablet buyers will also be able to send and receive text messages and make voice calls for free. “The line between smartphones and tablets continues to blur,” FreedomPop Co-Founder and COO Steven Sesar said. “As a result, people want to use the device they’re most comfortable with, in a way that is most useful to them. We felt it was important to offer an expanded FreedomPop tablet experience by including telephony, and not just to enable calls but also for using apps like WhatsApp or
  • NomadPlus turns your iPhone's wall plug into an external battery (2014-07-30 18:41:00)
  • Microsoft board adds mobile savvy with Stanton (2014-07-30 18:36:19)
    Microsoft Corp named wireless industry pioneer John Stanton to its board on Wednesday, adding a director with experience in the mobile sector it has struggled to crack. The move to appoint Stanton, 58, who until last year was the chairman of wireless broadband company Clearwire Corp, comes six months into the leadership of new Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, whose motto for the company is "mobile-first, cloud-first", veering away from its historical strength in PC software. Investors have applauded Nadella's forward-looking stance, but still have concerns about the $7.2 billion purchase this year of Nokia's handset business, which thrust Microsoft directly into the phone market, but has yet to deliver results with only about 4 percent of smartphones globally running Windows software. Two weeks ago, Nadella announced 18,000 job cuts at Microsoft, with most coming from the phone business it acquired from Nokia.
  • Microsoft challenging US on overseas data (2014-07-30 18:35:26)
    In a case closely watched by the tech sector, Microsoft will challenge Thursday a US court order requiring it to give prosecutors electronic mail content associated with an overseas server. Microsoft said it plans to argue that the warrant, which would require the tech giant to turn over customer emails stored in a data center in Dublin, should be nullified because it would give the US government excessive power to pry over private information. The case comes amid rising concern about US surveillance following revelations of snooping disclosed by former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden. Leading tech firms, including Apple and Verizon, have filed briefs supporting Microsoft.
  • The man who said Google Glass would revolutionize computing wants Microsoft to dump Windows Phone (2014-07-30 18:15:42)
    One-time Google Glass enthusiast Robert Scoble is always an entertaining read, although he’s not exactly someone whom tech companies should take advice from. After all, Scoble was once so enthusiastic about Google Glass that he compared it to the Apple II and similarly said it would revolutionize the way we do computing. Needless to say, that hasn’t turned out to be the case, as even Scoble admitted earlier this year that Glass in its current incarnation is “doomed.” It’s from this perspective that we should read Scoble’s recent comments in an interview with GeekWire where he says that Microsoft ought to just dump all its ambitions at building a competitive mobile platform and concentrate on making apps and services for
  • U.S. regulator questions Verizon plan to slow data speeds for some (2014-07-30 18:09:23)
    By Alina Selyukh WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The top U.S. telecommunications regulator said on Wednesday he is "deeply troubled" by Verizon Communications Inc's plan to slow data downloads for some high-speed wireless customers remaining on the older unlimited data plans. Verizon, the largest U.S. wireless carrier, stopped offering unlimited data plans in 2012 and last week said it will begin slowing services for the top 5 percent of data users who are on such data plans in places where the network is experiencing high demand. "I am deeply troubled by your July 25, 2014 announcement that Verizon Wireless intends to slow down some customers' data speeds on your 4G LTE network starting in October 2014," Wheeler wrote in a letter to Verizon Wireless President and CEO Daniel Mead released by the FCC. "It is disturbing to me that Verizon Wireless would base its 'network management' on distinctions among its customers' data plans, rather than on network architecture or technology.
  • If you're part of the 'younger set with high income,' you might like this purple potato (2014-07-30 18:05:00)
  • U.S. cellphone users frequent victims of 'cramming': Senate study (2014-07-30 18:03:26)
    By Diane Bartz WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. mobile phone users have likely paid hundreds of millions of dollars in unauthorized charges "crammed" onto their bills, according to a report released by the U.S. Senate Commerce Committee on Wednesday to coincide with a hearing on the topic. "Scammers figured out a way to beat the system," Senator Richard Blumenthal, a Connecticut Democrat, said at the hearing.
  • Twitch tries out live concerts with free house music performance tonight (2014-07-30 17:54:16)
    Twitch is the biggest name around when it comes to broadcasting live streams of video games, but Twitch's dominance hits a hard stop right there. Now, Twitch appears to be considering ways that it could begin to branch out, and it's starting by hosting a free broadcast of a concert from house musician Steve Aoki.
  • FCC 'deeply troubled' by Verizon's plan to slow down LTE for unlimited data customers (2014-07-30 17:37:36)
    FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler isn't happy about Verizon's plan to start slowing down customers on unlimited data plans this October. Verizon announced the update to its "network optimization" policy on Friday, making sure to note that throttling will only happen under very specific circumstances — and only when network cell sites are experiencing heavy demand. "It is disturbing to me that Verizon Wireless would base its network management on distinctions among its customers' data plans, rather than on network architecture or technology." Verizon and other carriers that have implemented throttling say they have every right to do so since it falls under "reasonable network management." But Wheeler is also critical of this defense. "I know of no past Commission statement that would treat as reasonable network management a decision to slow traffic to a user who has paid, after all, for unlimited service."
  • No one wants ‘mini’ versions of flagship phones (2014-07-30 17:30:42)
    As flagship smartphones continue to grow more giant each year, smartphone vendors have tried to avoid losing customers looking for smaller and more affordable smartphones with “mini” versions of their various hero phones. As it turns out, however, their efforts appear to be failing. Sales of devices like the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini, LG G3 Beat, HTC One mini and Sony Xperia Z1 Compact have “fallen short of expectations” thus far, according to Digitimes’ unnamed supply chain sources in Taiwan. The site’s sources pointed to “uncompetitive performance-price ratios” as a key reason for the mini flagship models’ failures. This logic is likely sound, of course, considering the wide variety of mid-range smartphone models currently available at far lower price points; the report noted that
  • 1Password log-ins are coming to third-party iOS apps (2014-07-30 17:27:00)
  • A weird copper shrub keeps this computer totally silent (2014-07-30 17:08:33)
    Silent Power's tiny computer doesn't even really look like a computer. It isn't a weak computer either: though it'll be inside of a small package (just 6.3 inches on its longest side), Silent Power says that it'll include a Core i7 Haswell processor and a discrete graphics card from Nvidia.
  • BitTorrent's Bleep messenger is a secure, decentralized chat platform (2014-07-30 17:04:00)
  • Country Web domains can't be seized (2014-07-30 17:03:56)
    The Internet's regulatory authority said Wednesday that country-specific Web domains cannot be seized in court proceedings, as it sought to quash an effort to recover assets in terrorism-related lawsuits. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers said it filed its argument in response to lawsuits by victims of acts of terror who were seeking to seize the Web domains of Iran, Syria and North Korea to collect on civil damage judgments -- potentially shutting down Internet access in the countries. The response was to petitions filed by victims of terror and family members of those who have been injured or killed in attacks believed to be sponsored by the countries, and are seeking to seize the so-called "country code top level domains," such as .ir for Iran, .sy for Syria and .kp for North Korea.
  • Why won't the FAA let students fly drones? (2014-07-30 16:56:04)
    From the the Seattle Space Needle to a fireworks show in Florida to Martha Stewart’s farm in upstate New York, it seems like small, privately-owned drones are popping up everywhere across America these days, providing us with previously unattainable, breathtaking aerial views. The US Federal Aviation Administration has struggled for years with how to handle the growing popularity of these unmanned aircraft while keeping people safe, but the agency’s latest attempt has raised the ire of an unusual group of critics: professors and model airplane pilots. As Paul Voss, an associate professor of engineering at Smith College who favors using small drones for teaching his students, tells The Verge: "even though we as a group are very much respectful of government, things [at the FAA] are going way too far and harming our national interest." Last week, he and some 29 other academics from institutions including Harvard, Stanford, and Boston University, submitted an open letter to the FAA outlining their complaints with a new policy the agency released last month.
  • Portland OKs Airbnb-type short-term rentals (2014-07-30 16:53:01)
    PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — The Portland City Council voted Wednesday to legalize short-term rentals in single-family homes, giving added legitimacy to rental websites such as Airbnb.
  • Apple may release an all-new ‘mid-2014′ 27-inch iMac soon (2014-07-30 16:45:04)
    Following a previous accidental mention on Tuesday of an updated iMac Mini on Apple’s website, the company has apparently spilled the proverbial beans on another upcoming product that should have been kept under wraps. French site ConsoMac has discovered a mid-2014 iMac mention on Apple’s site in a chart detailing what kind of Windows versions Apple’s iMacs support, just as was the case with the 2014 iMac mini refresh. Apple has removed that reference from its website, but a Google cache of the support page in question is still available. Other details about the mid-2014 iMac refresh aren’t available at this time, and it’s not clear what’s in store for Apple’s upcoming 27-inch iMac. So far this year, Apple has released
  • Latest Apple television rumors: not this year (2014-07-30 16:30:00)
  • Why Did Microsoft Make China's Cortana Cuter Than Everyone Else's? (2014-07-30 16:23:13)
    Microsoft announced the features in its Windows Phone 8.1 update today, including, as expected, folders for organizing apps, an Xbox Music app, and new capabilities for text messaging.  Microsoft's Siri—for China, while sticking to the same ole halo look for all other countries' versions. It's cute, and it's made cuter by its nickname: "Xiao Na." ("Xiao" means "little" in Mandarin Chinese, and is often used for children's nicknames.) But why the special treatment for China? Take it away, Microsoft: 
  • A tech fan’s confession: I actually regret helping Amazon kill off bookstores (2014-07-30 16:20:27)
    I’m not normally one to weep over obsolete business models. I can’t bring myself to fret too much about the Internet strangling the life out of print newspapers, video rental stores or CD shops, largely because I’ve found that what’s replaced them (online journalism, Netflix and iTunes) offers much better value than the old way of doing things. And when the Internet eventually kills off cable TV, I will positively do a dance of joy in the streets. That said, there is one slowly dying business that I’ll confess that I sorely miss: Bookstores. Unlike many retail outlets, going to a bookstore is relaxing and enjoyable. The staff in the stores aren’t constantly hounding you to see if they can
  • Millions battle in 'Destiny' video game test run (2014-07-30 16:10:07)
    Armies of players joined the virtual fray during a test run of online play for a "Destiny" video game poised to make a blockbuster debut later this year. The number of players topped 4.6 million, making it the "biggest beta" test for a new-generation console title and the largest test run ever for a new video game franchise, according to a statement Wednesday from Activision Publishing chief executive Eric Hirshberg. "We were totally blown away by the number of people who played the beta," said Bungie Studios chief operating officer Pete Parsons. Activision boasted that, by the time the beta program closed Sunday night, the number of players who took part hit 4,638,937.
  • Processing issue delays bar exam submissions (2014-07-30 16:05:54)
    BUFFALO, N.Y. (AP) — Law school graduates sweated their way through the second and final day of their bar exams Wednesday, some relieved to see paper and pencil after running into a technical glitch that kept test takers in several states from uploading the first day's answers from their computers.
  • R.I.P. Facebook Gifts (2014-07-30 16:04:27)
    Next month, Facebook will no longer pushily suggest you send your friend (who you probably haven't spoken to in years) a gift on their birthday (that you probably would've missed if not for the always looming social network.) 
  • The top 9 wearables you can buy right now (2014-07-30 16:02:00)
  • With 1Password and iOS 8, you'll never need to remember a password again (2014-07-30 15:59:50)
    One of the most exciting features coming in Apple's iOS 8 update is extensions. Starting this fall, third-party iOS apps will work together better than they ever have before. If everything works out the way Apple wants it to, you'll suddenly find yourself jumping between various apps less and less. At WWDC, Apple demonstrated how this will make photo editing way easier.
  • Germany to examine BlackBerry's planned Secusmart buy (2014-07-30 15:59:15)
    Germany will examine BlackBerry's planned acquisition of Secusmart, whose encryption technology protects the devices of government officials including Angela Merkel. BlackBerry, which is trying to reinvent itself under new Chief Executive John Chen, wants to buy the privately held German firm to burnish its credentials with highly security-conscious clients like government agencies. German Chancellor Merkel, whose mobile phone was eavesdropped on by the U.S. National Security Agency, has a BlackBerry mobile device with Secusmart encryption, as do many other members of the government administration. Shares in BlackBerry, which fell as much as 4.5 percent on Tuesday's news of the planned acquisition, traded up 1.6 percent at $9.67 on the Nasdaq and up 2 percent on the Toronto Stock Exchange at C$10.54 by 1946 GMT.
  • Google’s Material Design is about to change the way we look at the worldwide web (2014-07-30 15:55:12)
    Android L’s Material Design is not reserved only to the Android operating system or Google’s mobile apps, as the company wants to use the same design principles it formally unveiled at its I/O developers conference this year across the web. Furthermore, the company wants app developers to include the same Material Design elements in their own apps, and Google has so far showed what Material Design apps are supposed to look like. To further showcase Material Design, this time on a functional web page rather than by providing just concept images, Google has updated its Google Drive home pages (for Docs, Sheets and Slides) to Material Design. Google announced the changes in a Google+ post titled. “Home screens for Docs, Sheets,
  • Portland, Oregon, council OKs short-term rentals (2014-07-30 15:48:10)
    PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — The Portland, Oregon, City Council has voted to legalize short-term rentals in single-family homes, giving added legitimacy to rental websites such as Airbnb.
  • Factbox: Google under European regulatory spotlight (2014-07-30 15:47:22)
    (Reuters) - Google Inc faces a variety of challenges from European Commission regulators, in contrast to its experience in the United States where the Internet search company has largely mitigated regulatory threats. The following are some of the regulatory issues that Google is contending with in Europe: *Android - EC regulators have stepped up inquiries into Google's policies regarding its Android mobile operating system, which is used in 80 percent of the world's mobile phones. Regulators appear to be focused on whether Google’s mobile policies impede rivals. *Search - An EC investigation that began in 2010 seeks to address complaints that Google manipulated its search results to rank its own services higher than competitors.
  • European regulators training sights on Google's mobile software (2014-07-30 15:45:09)
    By Foo Yun Chee and Alexei Oreskovic BRUSSELS/SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - European regulators are preparing what could be a stern challenge to Google Inc's mobile software business in the coming months after a nearly four-year investigation into the company's Web search practices left rivals and European politicians dissatisfied. Two sources with direct knowledge of the matter said that with a new antitrust chief taking over in November, European regulators are laying the groundwork for a case centered on whether Google abuses the 80 percent market share of its Android mobile operating system to promote services from maps to search. The Commission has stepped up inquiries just in recent weeks, sending companies questionnaires that seek far more details than previous queries on the matter in 2011 and 2013. In one questionnaire seen by Reuters, respondents were asked whether there was a requirement set by Google, written or unwritten, that they not pre-install apps, products or services on mobile devices that compete with Google software like its search engine, app store and maps.
  • Pinterest buys startup with image organizing skills (2014-07-30 15:40:16)
    Online bulletin-board service Pinterest on Wednesday announced the acquisition of Spanish startup Icebergs, specializing in helping creative people collaborate on projects. The acquisition was aimed at beefing up Pinterest's team, particularly with Icebergs co-founders Cesar Isern and Albert Pereta. "For years, Cesar and Albert have been building technology to improve online visual curation and organization of projects, and we're excited for them to join us," Pinterest said in an email to AFP. Icebergs services will be discontinued on the first of September, and the startup's founders will come here to work for Pinterest.
  • Russia wants Apple and SAP to prove that their software isn't used for spying (2014-07-30 15:37:00)
  • The ‘Netflix for pirates’ is coming soon to an iPhone near you (2014-07-30 15:30:51)
    Those unencumbered by guilt and happy to steal movies instead of paying to see them will be glad to learn that the latest and greatest movie-pirating tool is coming soon to an iPhone and iPad near you. Hot on the heels of the release of an app called TorrenTV that uses Popcorn Time’s code to stream torrents to an Apple TV or Roku box, the team behind Popcorn Time confirmed that an Apple TV streaming feature has been added to its own app. More interestingly, however, the team has confirmed that it will soon launch an iOS version of its popular app. “Our ultimate goal is to bring Popcorn Time to every platform, operating system and device that can play videos, so Airplay
  • A closer look at the Lytro Illum, the futuristic new light-field camera (2014-07-30 15:30:33)
    Two years ago, Lytro's first camera showed us a world in which we never had to worry about getting the right photo anymore, where we could change focus and perspective well after we shot our photos in the first place. The Illum, Lytro's second model, is a $1,499 beast of a digital camera that is designed to completely reinvent the way we take and look at photos.
  • US carriers have 'reaped hundreds of millions of dollars' from bogus charges (2014-07-30 15:25:02)
    A new report published Wednesday claims US wireless carriers have raked in "hundreds of millions of dollars" from unsuspecting customers by "cramming" unauthorized charges onto their bills. The dubious practice often finds wireless subscribers paying for premium short message services (PSMS) they have no recollection of signing up for. Cramming has "caused consumers substantial harm" according to the US Senate Commerce Committee. "Third-party billing on wireless phone bills has been a billion dollar industry that has yielded tremendous revenues for carriers," the report found.
  • Apple's set-top box reportedly won't arrive this year (2014-07-30 15:19:50)
    Apple's said to be working on a set-top box that many hope will revolutionize the way we watch TV, but according to The Information, we shouldn't expect to see it this year. The project has reportedly been held up by Apple's inability to strike the necessary deals with cable providers, which are said to be concerned that Apple might eventually replace them as the company that consumers look to when they're shopping for TV services. The potential merger of Comcast and Time Warner Cable is also reported to be one of the issues that Apple sees as holding up the deal. Of course, rights issues have long been reported to be one of the major roadblocks in Apple's plan to take on TV.
  • Why is Comcast's customer service so bad, and what can they do about it? (2014-07-30 15:13:36)
    Comcast regularly comes in at the bottom of customer satisfaction rankings, and a recorded phone call with an especially frustrating customer service rep recently reinforced that impression. The Verge interviewed more than 100 current and former Comcast employees to find out why. We're publishing the results in a series called Comcast Confessions, and we also had a short conversation about it in the office today. Check out the video above.
  • Apple’s hotly anticipated next-gen Apple TV won’t launch until next year (2014-07-30 15:05:10)
    That list of “exciting new product categories” Apple CEO Tim Cook loves teasing at every opportunity keeps getting smaller and smaller — and now it looks like one of Apple’s most interesting new products that was rumored to be slated for a 2014 debut will not launch until sometime next year. TV isn’t exactly a “new product category” for Apple, but the company is widely expected to relaunch Apple TV as a hub for content streaming, video games and other third-party apps. This massive update was expected to debut sometime this fall, but now it appears as though a fall release isn’t in the cards. According to a new report from The Information, which has a solid track record when
  • Get a behind the scenes look at Google's self-driving car this Friday (2014-07-30 15:01:00)
  • Microsoft unveils Xbox in China as it faces probe (2014-07-30 14:53:17)
    Microsoft on Wednesday unveiled its Xbox game console in China, the first to enter the market after an official ban 14 years ago, even as it faces a Chinese government probe over business practices. China's State Administration for Industry and Commerce said Tuesday it was investigating the US technology firm for "monopoly actions" related to its flagship Windows operating system and Office suite of software. The day after the announcement of the investigation, Microsoft introduced its newest Xbox One model to the potentially vast Chinese market ahead of the official sales launch, which a company representative said would be September 23. "We are deeply committed to deliver the very best games and entertainment experience for fans in China," Yusuf Mehdi, chief marketing and strategy officer for Xbox, told reporters at an event billed as a chance to "experience" the Xbox.
  • A leaked customer service call turns the spotlight on Comcast (2014-07-30 14:41:20)
    In June 2014, a Comcast customer recorded a frustrating call with a customer service representative and posted it to the internet. Comcast has notoriously poor customer service and little competition in most of its markets, so unhappy customers can't switch. At the same time, Comcast is preparing for an acquisition of Time Warner Cable, something critics say would worsen problems at both companies and reduce choice for consumers. Almost anyone that has tried to cancel cable service, wireless service, or a gym membership knows how difficult it can be to do over the phone, but a recent call to Comcast by one customer might take the cake for the worst of them all.
  • Why is Comcast's customer service so bad? (2014-07-30 14:41:17)
    Nilay Patel talks to Adrianne Jeffries about Comcast Confessions, an investigative reporting series on The Verge based on extensive interviews with current and former employees about life inside America's largest cable company.
  • Revenge porn victim wants $0.10 in damages for every Facebook subscriber in the world (2014-07-30 14:40:57)
    A Facebook user who claims the social network has failed to take action against a fake “revenge porn” Facebook page despite being notified about it, wants the company to pay $0.10 for every subscriber it has, or around $123 million in damages, The Wrap has learned. Meryem Ali filed a lawsuit against Facebook and her former friend, Adeel Shah Khan, who has apparently created the revenge porn Facebook profile showing Ali in photoshopped “false, phony, naked body shots,” and even in a sex act. Ali found out about the fake page when she was contacted by family members who received friend invites from the revenge porn profile. She then submitted repeated requests to Facebook asking the company to remove the profile, but it failed
  • Google's 64-bit Chrome browser for Windows is available in beta (2014-07-30 14:29:00)
  • How to get the touchscreen Retina MacBook Pro of your dreams (2014-07-30 14:15:54)
    Apple has never been all that keen on the idea of releasing a MacBook with a touchscreen, even if it has been toying with the idea of releasing a larger “iPad Pro.” Just because Apple isn’t going to release a touchscreen MacBook, however, doesn’t mean that a bold entrepreneur on Kickstarter won’t give it a shot. A new Kickstarter projected called Modbook Pro X is trying to raise $150,000 to build a massive MacBook-tablet hybrid that even utilizes one of Steve Jobs’ most hated accessories — the stylus. The proposed device will feature a 15.4-inch Retina display with a resolution of 2,880 x 1,800 pixels, or 220 pixels per inch. You can use it as either a laptop or a tablet and it will also come
  • The latest trailer for Christopher Nolan's 'Interstellar' heads to another world (2014-07-30 14:07:51)
    Director Christopher Nolan says that Interstellar will have the grandest scope of any film that he's shot to date, and we're starting to get a good look at just how far into the universe the movie will go through its latest trailer. While earlier trailers kept the film's star, Matthew McConaughey, largely down on Earth, this latest one takes him out into space and onto another planet. The movie is scheduled for a release on November 7, and you an read our writeup of Nolan's surprise discussion of the film at Comic-Con right here.
  • The new 'Interstellar' trailer is fantastic, but you need this secret key to watch it (2014-07-30 14:07:51)
    Director Christopher Nolan says that Interstellar will have the grandest scope of any film that he's made yet, and we're starting to get a good look at just how far into the universe the movie will really go through its latest trailer. While earlier clips largely kept the film's star, Matthew McConaughey, down on Earth, this latest one takes him out into space and onto what appears to be another gorgeous, desolate planet.
  • Amazon Prime members get a $1 video credit for choosing slower shipping (2014-07-30 14:02:00)
  • How ‘Last Blockbuster Syndrome’ dooms empires like Nintendo (2014-07-30 13:50:45)
    For years, Nintendo has believed it could reject smartphone and tablet apps, yet still flourish. The reason for this delusion is familiar — it’s the toxic Last Blockbuster Syndrome that doomed the consumer electronics divisions of Motorola in 2004 and Nokia in 2007. Often at the start of a massive trend shift in consumer electronics, dominant dinosaurs get one massive hit built on a nearly obsolete paradigm, and that allows them to be lulled into a comfy trip to the grave. Nobody was surprised by the stiff quarterly loss and weak Wii U numbers Nintendo just reported. But there was one number in the report that was a bit of a shocker – 3DS sales sank below 900,000 in the spring quarter. The
  • Trust Will Shape Your Company's Future (2014-07-30 13:50:21)
    In a world filled with uncertainty, you have to ask what you are certain about. The number one thing I'm certain about is that the future is all about relationships. If you want a positive future, then you need to have positive relationships with your employees and customers. And if you want positive relationships, you have to focus on the glue...
  • Stanford medical students learn to operate with Google Glass (2014-07-30 13:34:00)
  • This is what Comcast instructed employees to do following viral-call-gate (2014-07-30 13:25:21)
    Comcast’s customer care service is a mess, as many affected customers and even former and current employees will attest, no matter what the company says in public. It all became even clearer following that customer call that was recorded by a certain tech personality, and which quickly went viral, as it revealed that Comcast is desperately trying to put a stop to service cancellations. The company took immediate action by apologizing for the incident and explaining its customer care policies publicly. Internally, the company served its employees a new memo supposed to be a reminder of its “customer interaction policy.” That memo has obviously leaked – maybe that was its purpose in the first place – and was published by The Verge. “Comcast
  • Twitter's surge revives valuation debate (2014-07-30 13:01:06)
    (Reuters) - The surge in Twitter Inc's shares has revived debate about whether the stock warrants a valuation that is five times that of Facebook Inc , its biggest rival in social media. Twitter reported on Tuesday that its active users jumped 24 percent to 271 million in the second quarter. If Facebook was trading at Twitter's valuation, it would be worth nearly $1 trillion.
  • Samsung to unveil the metal smartphone we’ve been waiting for on August 4th (2014-07-30 13:00:07)
    Samsung’s first metal smartphone is reportedly releasing in less than a week, but don’t get too excited — it’s not going to be as great as you hoped. SamMobile reports that the upcoming Galaxy Alpha is going to be unveiled on August 4th, or roughly a month before Samsung takes the wraps off its highly anticipated Galaxy Note 4. But wait, why wouldn’t Samsung just unveil both at the same time? Largely because the Galaxy Alpha won’t be all that much to write home about compared to the Note 4. SamMobile says that from a hardware perspective, the Alpha will basically be a watered down Galaxy S5 with a a 4.8-inch 720p display, 32GB storage and a fingerprint scanner, among other
  • Modbook will let you convert your Retina MacBook Pro to a tablet for $1,999 (2014-07-30 13:00:00)
  • Want to test pre-release BlackBerry products, BlackBerry fans? Here’s your chance (2014-07-30 12:35:06)
    BlackBerry fans, this is the moment you’ve been waiting for. In a memo sent to some customers earlier this week, BlackBerry announced that its most loyal users will soon be able to test pre-release BlackBerry products ahead of launch. The program is open to a limited number of BlackBerry device owners who are registered in the free BlackBerry Beta Zone, which currently has more than 400,000 registered members. BlackBerry’s full email to Beta Zone members, which was published earlier this week by CrackBerry, follows below. We’re excited to announce that in the near future we will be initiating an exciting new beta program for BlackBerry 10 devices! Based on your participation in past betas you look like you would be
  • Virgin Mobile lets you customize your family's prepaid phone plan (2014-07-30 12:32:00)
  • Quentin Tarantino's 'The Hateful Eight' is coming next year, and this is its first poster (2014-07-30 12:23:56)
    Quentin Tarantino's The Hateful Eight is back on. After saying that he would cancel the project earlier this year after its script leaked online, Tarantino has slowly begun hinting that he was coming back around to it, and others involved in the project have even suggested that it's preparing to start shooting. Now an ad in the film magazine Empire confirms as much, promoting the movie with a first poster and a premiere date of 2015. The ad also suggests, as the leaked script did, that Tarantino's upcoming western will shoot in 70mm, a rarely used higher-resolution format that results in some gorgeous images.
  • Cellphone users hit for 'hundreds of millions' in bogus charges: Senate study (2014-07-30 12:20:10)
    By Diane Bartz WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. mobile phone users have likely paid hundreds of millions of dollars in unauthorized charges "crammed" onto their bills, according to a report released by the U.S. Senate Commerce Committee on Wednesday ahead of a hearing on the subject. "Some carrier policies allowed vendors to continue billing consumers even when the vendors had several months of consecutively high consumer refund rates – and documents obtained by the committee indicate this practice occurred despite vendor refund rates that at times topped 50 percent of monthly revenues," the report found. In early July, a federal court in California shut down six companies accused of cramming more than $100 million in unauthorized charges on consumers' cellphone bills, according to the Federal Trade Commission. It is asking the company to refund the unauthorized charges.
  • This tiny Android projector puts an 80-inch touchscreen on your wall (2014-07-30 12:12:13)
    TouchPico is an Android-powered pico projector that’s about the same size as the Galaxy S4, and it can turn any surface, including a wall, into a touch-friendly 80-inch screen. With 28 days left in its Indiegogo campaign, the TouchPico has already raised more than $96,000 in pledges, topping its $55,000 funding goal. The trick component of the TouchPico that turns it into projector with a touchscreen display is the special infrared stylus accessory, whose movements are captured by the projector’s camera and turned into actions on the projected screens. In addition to working like a touch-enabled Android desktop, or a large tablet, the TouchPico also lets users project content from other devices on a wall, including Macs and PCs. The device
  • HTC One E8 hands-on (2014-07-30 12:11:56)
    HTC's One M8 is among the best-designed phones we've ever seen. Now, in an effort to find a way to make its best phone a little cheaper, HTC is releasing the One E8, a phone with all the trappings of the M8 except for a plastic body and a much lower price tag.
  • Square chipping away at traditional credit card payments (2014-07-30 12:02:41)
    The mobile payments market is about to get interesting. Square, the company that allows virtually anyone with a smartphone to accept credit card payments, has unveiled a new card reader that will work with the chip-embedded cards that are commonplace across Europe and that will finally be coming to US consumers' wallets in 2015.
  • Lytro Illum review (2014-07-30 12:01:42)
    Lytro's mission is to convince the world to re-think our relationship with photos. With the Illum, it's built a professional-grade camera designed to teach us how light-field photography works, and what it means when we don't have to focus our photos when we shoot them. What it means when we can change perspective, even view our photos in 3D after the fact.
  • Square's new chip card reader will make your payments more secure (2014-07-30 12:01:00)
  • Lytro Illum review: this is the camera of the future (2014-07-30 12:00:12)
    Ten minutes into using the Lytro Illum, I’m throwing out everything I’ve ever learned about photography. Taking great photos with this camera has a different set of rules, a different guiding principle. The Illum is Lytro’s second product, but its first real camera. The Illum has a remarkable lens, a big, hefty body, and lots of manual controls.
  • The insane process of connecting the world through undersea Internet cables (2014-07-30 11:51:39)
    We’ve oohed and ahhed over interactive maps that detail the world’s mysterious network of undersea Internet cables, but a new report over at Builtvisible is taking things to an entirely new depth. The exhaustive account looks at the entire history of the process, ranging from experiments in the 1840s to a rash of undersea surveillance taps in the 1970s. Today, there are 263 active cables that carry upwards of 95 percent of global Internet traffic, with 22 new drops planned for the coming years. Hungry for a few more nuggets from the report? Underwater cables carried 51 billion gigabytes of data per month in 2013, and that figure is expected to swell to 132 billion gigabytes in 2018. While 10
  • Make Information Security a Priority (2014-07-30 11:34:30)
    Just about everyone has private information that should be protected. Let’s begin with something you’ve surely heard of: antivirus protection.But this isn’t enough to guard your personal data. A free antivirus service may not even update automatically, and this is very important to keep up with rapidly evolving technology. Your protection...
  • Samsung is thinking of making round smartwatches, too (2014-07-30 11:34:00)
  • Life after a face transplant (2014-07-30 11:33:44)
    Over the past decade, face transplants have started returning normality to the lives of people who have been severely disfigured, but even now the surgery still holds a great number of severe risks — including death. Looking at the current state of the surgery, GQ profiles one of the people who have benefitted most from it, Richard Norris, whose face was replaced years after being torn apart by a bullet. Norris is now living a relatively normal life, going to college and dating someone, but GQ suggests that there are still ethical reasons to have concern over the surgery.
  • Is the 16GB iPhone ‘the biggest ripoff in tech?’ (2014-07-30 11:30:26)
    Are Apple and other smartphone manufacturers straight-up gouging you when it comes to smartphone storage? LaptopMag’s Mark Spoonauer seems to think so and he makes a case that there is no real reason that a 32GB smartphone should cost a full $100 more than a 16GB smartphone. “Smartphone manufacturers pay a measly 50 cents per gigabyte for smartphone storage,” Spoonauer fumes. “So, increasing the standard storage from 16GB to 32GB would cost just $16 per phone. Some flagship phones have already gone this route, but why not all of them?” Spoonauer notes that Apple isn’t the only manufacturer to seemingly charge you way too much money for a 16GB phone, although he also points out that at least with Samsung’s 16GB
  • My favorite thing on Twitter is a stream of fire and crime (2014-07-30 11:30:03)
    I was at a birthday party when I heard about the fire. I was at a birthday party when I heard about the fire There was a 15-story building on fire by the World Trade Center. The fire department called in another battalion.
  • Internet privacy service Tor warns users it was attacked (2014-07-30 11:14:44)
    By Jim Finkle BOSTON Reuters - Tor, the Internet privacy protecting service, said on Wednesday it discovered a compromise on its network that indicated somebody was trying to monitor the activity of its users. "While we don't know when they started doing the attack, users who operated or accessed hidden services from early February through July 4 should assume they were affected," Tor said in a blog entry. Tor is an anonymity tool designed to protect the identity of Internet users by routing traffic through multiple nodes around the globe. The blog post said that it was not sure how much information the attackers were able to obtain in their efforts to monitor traffic on Tor.
  • This is the amazing prepaid smartphone plan you’ve been waiting for (2014-07-30 11:09:07)
    Virgin Mobile on Wednesday announced a new bold prepaid plan that may give certain smartphone buyers exactly the kind of tools they may have been dreaming of. Subscribers will be able to customize their Custom plans on the go, including number of voice minutes, messages and data allowance per month, via a special app that will let them make as many changes as they require. Furthermore, the Custom plan will also let parents add up to four extra lines to their plans and customize other parameters including app access for kids, both when it comes to the time of day an app can be used, and whether their children are even allowed to use it. Among the perks offered by Custom plans,
  • Is Snapchat really worth $10 billion? (2014-07-30 11:08:00)
  • Strategic Higher Education CIOs Invest In Technology To Improve Student Success (2014-07-30 11:00:36)
    Today's college students are mobile. Whether in class, relaxing in their living group, exercising in the gym, studying in the library, shopping in town, traveling to sporting events, or even sleeping in their dorms, they are always connected. This represents both an opportunity and a challenge. The challenge is to provide an always-on...
  • Tor anonymity service says unknown attackers compromised its network (2014-07-30 10:53:00)
    The Tor encryption service is a high-profile bastion of computer security, but the project appears to have been compromised earlier this year. Anyone who used Tor between early February and July 4th of 2014 "should assume they were affected" by the attack, says the Tor team. The attackers specifically looked for who was retrieving the public keys to hidden services, but they "likely were not able to see any application-level traffic (e.g. "The attack probably also tried to learn who published hidden service descriptors, which would allow the attackers to learn the location of that hidden service." It's possible, but less likely, that they also attempted to identify users who were just browsing the ordinary web through Tor.
  • Russia wants Apple, SAP to cooperate against foreign spying (2014-07-30 10:49:07)
    By Maria Kiselyova MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russia has proposed that Apple Inc and SAP hand the government access to their source code to make sure their widely used products are not tools for spying on state institutions. The suggestion that two of the world's flagship technology companies disclose some of their most sensitive business secrets comes as the United States and Europe debate their most severe sanctions yet against Russia for its role in Ukraine. The European Union reached agreement on Tuesday on its first broad economic sanctions, marking a new phase in the biggest confrontation between Moscow and the West since the Cold War. The Russian proposal was voiced last week when Communications Minister Nikolai Nikiforov met Apple's general manager in Russia, Peter Engrob Nielsen, and SAP's Russian managing director, Vyacheslav Orekhov, the Communications Ministry said in a statement.
  • New app brings Fire phone’s tilt gesture controls to your iPhone (2014-07-30 10:48:13)
    Thanks to our exclusive reporting earlier this year, there was absolutely nothing about Amazon’s Fire phone that came as a surprise — including the public’s reaction to the handset. The handset definitely has some unique features such as Firefly, tilt controls and the 3D effects in the user interface, but none of them appear to be helping to move a significant amount of inventory at this point. Now, users can get a bit of a taste for what the Fire phone has to offer without actually buying one, because a new free app adds some simple tilt gesture functionality to the iPhone. Inspired by the Fire phone’s tilt gestures, app developer Mobile Simplified created a simple quick dialer called Tilt. The app is
  • Best Buy CEO says tablet sales are 'crashing': Re/code (2014-07-30 10:46:21)
    (Reuters) - Best Buy Co Inc Chief Executive Hubert Joly said tablets sales were "crashing" and the PC business was seeing a revival in sales, according to the website, Re/code. The U.S. smartphone market has also grown more mature, Joly also said, according to the website. Best Buy had earlier warned that same-store sales could fall this quarter and the next on lower demand for many consumer electronics. Joly attributed the PC revival during the first quarter partly to Microsoft Corp stopping support for the older Windows XP operating system, the website said.
  • Sony rejected EA Access for the PS4 because it's not worth the money (2014-07-30 10:31:00)
  • Former BlackBerry CEO’s bold prediction might actually be coming true (2014-07-30 10:27:22)
    Was former BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins actually right about tablets? While we laughed at Heins’ prediction last year that tablets would be dead in just a few years, there’s now some evidence to suggest that he might have been onto something. In an interview with Re/code, Best Buy CEO Hubert Joly says that tablet sales at his stores have been absolutely plummeting this year while PC sales have actually experienced a rebound in the wake of Windows XP’s demise. “Tablets boomed and now are crashing,” Joly tells Re/code. “The volume has really gone down in the last several months. But I think the laptop has something of a revival because it’s becoming more versatile. So, with the two-in-ones, you have
  • This is my e-cig. There are many like it, but this one is mine (2014-07-30 10:25:14)
    Every day, I take apart the pieces of my e-cig and clean them. I wipe each part down with tissue or Q-Tips. I examine its parts, naming their arcane names and checking for signs of wear and failure. I unscrew the metal from the metal, I fill it with a self-made mix of nicotine-infused liquid, I check the seals.
  • Three's smartphone app for calling and texting over WiFi now available (2014-07-30 10:20:00)
  • Virgin Mobile's new plan offers more control at the expense of net neutrality (2014-07-30 10:17:54)
    Virgin Mobile's new build-your-own smartphone plans may be seen as convenient by many consumers, but they also represent the most glaring net neutrality foul we've seen come from a US carrier. Starting next month, Virgin customers will be able to piece together a completely personalized plan — plans that could potentially turn social networks like Facebook and Twitter into line items on your monthly bill. Because with Virgin's new approach, you're no longer just paying for voice, texts, and a bucket of data. Unlimited Facebook is a thing now
  • The 'Road House' graphic novel kicks you in the face with philosophy (2014-07-30 10:12:00)
    I’ve always loved Road House. The 1989 Patrick Swayze vehicle is an awful, utterly awesome movie filled with clattering dialogue and razor-sharp roundhouse kicks. Babak Ganjei agrees with me. He's dedicated the past few months of his life to creating a graphic novel based on Swayze's fourth-greatest movie, titled Babak Ganjei's Roadhouse, and it’s astonishingly good.
  • The funniest thing you’ll see today: Stephen Colbert reviews the Kardashian game (2014-07-30 10:06:44)
    Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is the name of a mobile game that took app stores by storm earlier this year, despite the fact that it doesn’t really bring any actual value to gamers who may be on the constant lookout for new releases for their smartphones and tablets. What the game did do, however, was boost the share price of Glu Mobile by 50% last month, adding more than $100 million to its market cap, with some reports saying that Kardashian herself stands to make some $85 million from the title, which is available as a free download. Unsurprisingly, Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert has noticed the rising app and he gave it a fair review during his show, telling potential players how the game
  • Life on the ISS as seen through social media (2014-07-30 10:00:00)
  • This colorful tree is designed to grow 40 types of fruit (2014-07-30 09:57:06)
    A project of his, the "Tree of 40 Fruit," has Van Aken grafting 40 different stone fruit branches onto a single tree, ultimately creating a tree that will slowly begin blooming at the beginning of spring and continue through the season as different varieties hit their marks. Van Aken, who tells Epicurious that he grew up on a farm, uses a technique called grafting to combine the similar fruit types onto a single tree. Van Aken's trees are certainly designed more for the art of their blooming, but there's a preservation element that he's bringing in to it too. Van Aken says that he tries to include local fruits on each of his trees, as well as varieties that aren't commercially available.
  • Windows Phone 8.1 Update Adds Live Folders, Cooler Cortana (2014-07-30 09:54:24)
    After a few months in the wild, Windows Phone 8.1 is about to get its first major update. Available next week for developers and rolling out in the coming months for the public, Windows Phone 8.1 Update will add new features such as Live Folders and Apps Corner, while beefing up voice assistant Cortana and sending her to new markets like China and the U.K. Stateside users can look forward to new Cortana features, including snooze times for reminders and the ability to activate the assistant hands-free, if your Windows Phone is connected to your car.
  • U.K. To Allow Driverless Cars on the Road Next Year (2014-07-30 09:50:33)
    Government officials will also be reviewing existing road regulations, as they will need to be adjusted for driverless cars.  Business Secretary Vince Cable said, "Today's announcement will see driverless cars take to our streets in less than six months, putting us at the forefront of this transformational technology and opening up new opportunities for our economy and society."
  • 8 awesome paid iPhone apps that are free right now (a $20 value!) (2014-07-30 09:45:38)
    We’re halfway home, and what better way to celebrate hump day than with a whole bunch of nifty paid iPhone and iPad apps that are on sale for free? Today, we have eight great paid apps for you to check out, and they’re worth a combined $20. If you act fast, however, each and every one of them can be downloaded without paying a dime. These are paid iPhone and iPad apps that have been made available for free for a limited time by their developers. There is no way to tell how long they will be free. These sales could end an hour from now or a week from now — obviously, the only thing we can guarantee is that
  • 8 awesome paid apps that are free right now (a $20 value!) (2014-07-30 09:45:38)
    We’re halfway home, and what better way to celebrate hump day than with a whole bunch of nifty paid iPhone and iPad apps that are on sale for free? Today, we have eight great paid apps for you to check out, and they’re worth a combined $20. If you act fast, however, each and every one of them can be downloaded without paying a dime. These are paid iPhone and iPad apps that have been made available for free for a limited time by their developers. There is no way to tell how long they will be free. These sales could end an hour from now or a week from now — obviously, the only thing we can guarantee is that
  • The HTC One E8 is a plastic phone in search of its metal soul (2014-07-30 09:40:02)
    Plastic phones have a bad reputation and HTC is partly to blame. In an Android world dominated by frumpy-but-functional Samsung Galaxy phones, HTC’s One line stands out with its premium materials and tasteful design. HTC has undoubtedly raised the bar for high-end phones and challenged everyone else to match it, but the company can’t afford the luxury of writing off plastic phones altogether. The HTC One E8 is a faithful plastic copy of the One M8, trimming away a few peripheral features and nearly halving the price in the process.
  • HealthTap Prime lets you video call a Doctor whatever the hour (2014-07-30 09:30:00)
  • Ads are the new face of virtual reality (2014-07-30 09:28:01)
    "So, what’d you think?" said the man who had gotten me into the cockpit of a Pacific Rim Jaeger. The Oculus Rift has put me through a lot. Until my development kit comes next month, and probably even after that, the best place to do so is at promotional events. The Oculus Rift hasn’t entirely replaced the specially built video rooms and funhouse contraptions that convention exhibitors bring to advertise their wares, but headsets can do the same thing for cheaper — shut out a busy showroom and put visitors into the world of a film or TV show.
  • Nokia’s innovative Android launcher gets a huge update and opens up to new users (2014-07-30 09:20:11)
    We called Nokia’s first Android app “wonderfully simple and shockingly innovative” when we gave the world its first look at the sleek Z Launcher app back in June, but the app was only available as a limited pre-beta at the time and Nokia quickly filled all available slots. Well, we have good news and bad news. The good news is that the Z Launcher app just received a major update and opened up to a new wave of pre-beta users at the same time. The bad news, however, is that you can only get in if you had previously signed up for access to the app. Z Launcher is Nokia’s first big post-smartphone project. Developed by a team within the Nokia Technologies
  • 5 Lessons Learned Mentoring 300+ Student Entrepreneurs at European Innovation Academy (2014-07-30 09:08:41)
    I just got back to The States after an amazing experience in the South of France mentoring at European Innovation Academy, a three week entrepreneurship education program. I Met some awesome entrepreneurs (both students and mentors) from all over the world. And I was incredibly inspired by how hard working and smart these young entrepreneurs...
  • Connected devices have huge security holes: study (2014-07-30 09:07:08)
    The surge Web-connected devices -- TVs, refrigerators, thermostats, door locks and more -- has opened up huge opportunities for cyberattacks because of weak security, researchers said Thursday. A study by the Hewlett-Packard security unit Fortify found 70 percent of the most commonly used "Internet of Things" devices contain vulnerabilities, including inadequate passwords or encryption, or lax access restrictions. "While the Internet of Things will connect and unify countless objects and systems, it also presents a significant challenge in fending off the adversary given the expanded attack surface," said Mike Armistead, vice president and general manager for Fortify's enterprise security. The study comes amid recent security warnings about hacking of medical devices, cars, televisions and even toilets that have an Internet connection.
  • Virgin Mobile, Walmart Let Parents Set Phone Curfews (2014-07-30 09:04:39)
    Whenever you're ready, Virgin Mobile and Walmart want to make the process as pain-free as possible with wireless plans and parental controls you can change on the fly -- right from your smartphone. Mom and Dad won't even need to be on Virgin Mobile themselves to make adjustments. A new product from Sprint's prepaid division, Virgin Mobile Custom plans go on sale Aug. 9 at more than 1,800 Walmart stores and start at as little as $6.98 per month (for 20 text and 20 voice minutes).
  • Square prepares for US move to chip-and-PIN cards with new reader (2014-07-30 09:00:02)
    Traditional swipe-and-sign credit cards are slowly being phased out, and Square is adapting to the times with new support for EMV credit cards. Commonly known as chip-and-PIN cards in the UK and Ireland, these are compliant with the EMV (Europay, MasterCard, and Visa) global standard and are reputedly harder to hack or replicate. "Our EMV readers are the next step towards ensuring sellers make every sale," Square CEO Jack Dorsey said in a statement.
  • FreedomPop's free data and voice are now available on tablets (2014-07-30 09:00:00)
  • Movidius wants to change the way your smartphone sees the world (2014-07-30 09:00:00)
  • Twitter's market value set to soar after strong results (2014-07-30 08:57:18)
    (Reuters) - Shares of Twitter Inc were set to soar on Wednesday as surprisingly strong user growth eased investor concerns that the popularity of the micro-messaging site was waning. Twitter's user growth stagnated after it went public to much fanfare in November, leading to a management shake-up that included the exit of Chief Operating Officer Ali Rowghani. At that price, Twitter is valued at about $29 billion, or about $6 billion more than at Tuesday's close. Twitter's monthly active users rose 24 percent to 271 million in the quarter ended June 30, more than expected, as it introduced product tweaks and services built around the soccer World Cup.
  • New app brings free encrypted voice calling to your iPhone (2014-07-30 08:45:28)
    Are you worried that hackers — or even worse, the NSA — are listening in on your phone calls? Well it’s time to lay those fears to rest; Open Whispersystems has released a new app that brings encrypted voice calling to the iPhone. And best of all, perhaps, the firm’s new app is free to download and it supports worldwide calling, also for free. “Over the past year, we’ve been working to bring the privacy software we’ve developed for Android to the iPhone, and today we’re releasing Signal – free, worldwide, encrypted voice calls for iPhone, and fully compatible with RedPhone for Android,” Open Whispersystems said in a blog post. The app uses the ZRTP encryption protocol to protect voice communications between
  • What's a group selfie? Usie (pronounced uss-ee) (2014-07-30 08:22:57)
    NEW YORK (AP) — What do you call a group selfie? An usie, of course!
  • A North Korean defector sees his art silenced in China (2014-07-30 08:11:02)
    Look at us, by Sun Mu. An exhibition of works by a former North Korean propaganda artist was cancelled this week in China, reportedly under orders from the Chinese government. As AFP reports, Beijing's Yuan Dian gallery was planning to show a collection from Sun Mu, a North Korean defector who uses a pseudonym for fear of retribution from Pyongyang. The month-long exhibition was due to open on July 27th, but according to South Korea's Yonhap news agency, Chinese police blocked people from entering the gallery and removed Sun Mu's paintings just before the opening.
  • Amazon to invest $2 bln to expand in India (2014-07-30 08:10:17)
    MUMBAI, India (AP) — The world's largest online retailer is facing off in India against a new name in e-commerce that was founded by former Amazon employees.
  • Experimental display lets glasses wearers ditch the specs (2014-07-30 08:07:00)
  • The latest Google Now trick will totally improve your travel experience (2014-07-30 08:00:35)
    Google is slowly upgrading the powers of its voice-based search assistant, giving Google Now more and more awesome powers that can help users when they need it most. The company revealed on Google+ that Google Now can scan a user’s Gmail account for hotel information, and use it to respond to certain hotel-related questions travellers are likely to search for. For more interesting Google Now tricks, check out this handy list of commands, and our Google Now hub. “Traveling this summer?” the company wrote. “If your hotel confirmation is in your Gmail, you can now ask Google for things to do, eat or see to do nearby without the fuss looking up where you’re staying. Tap the mic on the
  • Say goodbye to Facebook Gifts (2014-07-30 07:52:11)
    When Facebook Gifts went live in the US in September 2012, it actually sold real-world presents that users could buy and send to their friends. From August 12, the service will be no more, however, if you've used Facebook Gifts or still have a gift card with remaining credit bought via the site, there's no need to panic. Facebook says that it will be taking the lessons learned from Gifts and using them to help businesses market and sell their wares directly to the site's billion+ users instead. Announced on July 17, the idea is that if an ad on Facebook features the button, a Facebook user can click on it and purchase the product or service in question, without leaving Facebook to do so.
  • Microsoft spreads Cortana abroad in Windows Phone (2014-07-30 07:20:47)
    LOS ANGELES (AP) — Microsoft is spreading its Cortana digital assistant abroad, starting with China and the U.K.
  • Flickr's new licensing program opens up opportunities for the chosen few (2014-07-30 07:18:00)
  • Wii U drags Nintendo into $97 million Q1 loss (2014-07-30 07:15:05)
    Nintendo’s struggles continued in the first quarter of fiscal 2015, as relatively poor Wii U sales and high costs resulted in yet another loss for the struggling video game giant. Nintendo on Wednesday reported a June-quarter loss of 9.92 billion yen, or $97.3 million, compared to an 8.6 billion yen profit in the same quarter last year. Revenue totalled 74.7 billion yen, or roughly $732.3 million, in the quarter, which represents an 8% decline from the year-ago quarter. Perhaps the most disconcerting news is that this markedly worse performance comes on the back of dramatically improved Wii U unit sales; Nintendo said it sold 510,000 Wii U consoles in the fiscal first quarter, which is a huge improvement over the 160,000 units it sold in the
  • Chinese smartphone makers are eating away at Samsung Galaxy sales (2014-07-30 07:12:35)
    In a smartphone market that grew by 23 percent over the past year, Samsung has somehow managed to ship fewer phones. Huawei is the standout from that group, recording a 95 percent increase in global shipments and sliding into third place behind Samsung and Apple. It's followed by Lenovo in fourth, but the more daunting thing for established brands like Samsung is the sheer number of upstart Chinese manufacturers capable of stealing away sales with lower prices. Samsung's biggest threat comes from China, not Cupertino
  • Sony claims EA's Xbox One subscription service isn't 'good value' (2014-07-30 07:08:54)
    Electronic Arts surprised gamers with a subscription service for Xbox One yesterday, but Sony is less than impressed with the offering. EA Access lets Xbox One owners play titles like FIFA 14, Madden NFL 25, Peggle 2, and Battlefield 4 for just $4.99 a month, or $29.99 per year. Despite what seems like a good deal, with more games coming soon, Sony claims the program is not good value for PlayStation 4 owners. "We evaluated the EA Access subscription offering and decided that it does not bring the kind of value PlayStation customers have come to expect," a Sony spokesperson told Game Informer.
  • How one journalist accidentally turned fiction into fact (2014-07-30 06:30:54)
    The Daily Dot's EJ Dickson told a lie on the Internet, and it went on to be repeated by dozens of people and publications. The article opens with an explanation about how the writer and her best friend had embellished a Wikipedia entry about a well-known children's book character named Amelia Bedelia.
  • Amazon runs the numbers to convince you that e-books should be cheaper (2014-07-30 06:26:00)
  • Microsoft Xbox One to launch in China on September 23 (2014-07-30 05:59:20)
    Microsoft Corp will launch its Xbox One gaming console in China on September 23, Yusuf Mehdi, head of marketing and strategy for Microsoft's Xbox group said at an event in Shanghai on Wednesday. The Xbox One will be the first foreign-made console to be launched in China in 14 years after the government this year lifted a 2000 ban on gaming consoles. Microsoft is forging ahead with the console launch despite Tuesday's government announcement that the U.S. software giant is the subject of an anti-monopoly investigation.
  • UK to let driverless cars loose on roads by January (2014-07-30 05:30:00)
  • Nintendo posts quarterly net loss on Wii U costs (2014-07-30 05:12:50)
    Japanese videogame giant Nintendo on Wednesday posted a $97 million quarterly net loss, with higher costs tied to sales of its Wii U console digging into its bottom line while sales weakened. On Wednesday, Kyoto-based Nintendo said its net loss for the three months through June came in at 9.92 billion yen ($97.14 million) on sales of 74.70 billion yen, down 8.4 percent from a year earlier Nintendo said it sold 510,000 Wii U consoles globally in the quarter, well up from 160,000 units in the same quarter last year. "'Mario Kart 8', with a good start in sales, has contributed to a gain in momentum for the Wii U platform business," the company said.
  • Instagram takes on SnapChat with Bolt (2014-07-30 05:00:39)
    The company's first standalone app offers one-tap self-destruct messaging but only to smartphone users in New Zealand, South Africa and Singapore. Instagram says that those countries were chosen for the initial launch because of their geographical diversity and because they are regions with high messaging app use.
  • It's time to crowdfund the first step towards giant car-juggling robots (2014-07-30 04:36:00)
  • Nintendo reports loss on shaky Wii U sales (2014-07-30 03:45:42)
    TOKYO (AP) — Nintendo Co. sank to a worse-than-expected loss for the fiscal first quarter on lagging Wii U video-game machine sales.
  • Windows Phone 8.1's first update arrives next week with a cute Chinese Cortana (2014-07-30 03:30:01)
    After accidentally detailing its first update to Windows Phone 8.1 earlier this week, Microsoft is now ready to officially reveal exactly what’s included in Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1. There aren't many big visible changes with this update, but instead it includes a number of small improvements just a few months after the initial Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview release. If you’re a Developer Preview user then expect to see the Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 arrive next week. Cortana heads to the UK, China, Canada, Australia, and India
  • Microsoft's latest Windows Phone update expands Cortana to more countries (2014-07-30 03:30:00)
  • Sky's Now TV streaming app comes to the Xbox One (2014-07-30 03:26:00)
  • 'Mario Kart 8' couldn't save Nintendo from a $97 million loss (2014-07-30 03:21:00)
  • 'Mario Kart 8' fails to stem growing Nintendo losses (2014-07-30 03:14:37)
    Nintendo made an operating loss of ¥9.47 billion ($92.7 million) in its first quarter of 2014, with the launch of Mario Kart 8 sparking a bump in Wii U hardware sales that wasn't big enough to boost the company's financial performance. Wii U sales were 510,000 between April and June, a year-on-year jump of 219 percent, as Mario Kart 8 itself moved 2.82 million copies — over half of all Wii U titles for the quarter, and enough to make it the console's third best-selling game of all time. This means that over 80 percent of people who bought Mario Kart 8 were existing Wii U owners before this quarter, so it hasn't yet convinced many newcomers to pick up the console. Nintendo hasn't altered its forecast of a ¥40 billion operating profit for fiscal 2014, and still predicts that it will sell 3.6 million Wii U consoles during the period.
  • Indian online retailer Flipkart raises $1 billion (2014-07-30 02:02:33)
    MUMBAI, India (AP) — India's largest online e-commerce company, Flipkart, says it has raised $1 billion in new capital as the company gears up for competition with Amazon's push into the Indian market.
  • Making an indie game for Xbox One costs just over $5,000 (2014-07-30 01:21:00)
  • Billions of GI Bill funds go to for-profit schools (2014-07-30 00:10:41)
    WASHINGTON (AP) — Iraq and Afghanistan veterans have flocked to for-profit colleges, including a troubled chain that is closing or selling its campuses amid a series of federal and state investigations.
  • How Tech Innovation Leads To Sustainable Solutions In Developing Nations (2014-07-30 00:00:32)
    It seems as if the days of manually doing routine tasks such as shopping and health care are slowly fizzling into obsolescence. People in both developed and developing countries are reshaping their daily lives and interactions as digital technology becomes intertwined with their everyday activities.Interested in this trend, Accenture and...
  • Verizon's FiOS Xbox apps now let you watch 'The Walking Dead,' er, live (2014-07-29 23:57:00)
  • Top 10 YouTube Channels for Leaders (2014-07-29 23:30:06)
    With over 6 billion hours of video and thousands of channels, YouTube has something for everyone -- even for those of us who want to become better leaders.Over the last year I've subscribed to a number of YouTube channels that have consistently helped me identify new trends, understand best practices, and spot high-impact opportunities.Here is...
  • Samsung's phone market share takes a bruising as Chinese rivals surge (2014-07-29 22:56:00)
  • Here is the memo Comcast sent to employees after the 'rep from hell' call went viral (2014-07-29 22:43:26)
    It's now been two weeks since AOL executive and former Comcast subscriber Ryan Block published a recording of his insane dialogue with an overly persistent customer service representative, and we finally have the memo that the company sent out immediately afterward. "Recently, an unfavorable phone call into Comcast has been circulating on the Internet," the memo says. "If you receive a call from the media regarding this incident, please refer to the Media Inquiry Policy to transfer them to your local media contact." Comcast is committed to delivering outstanding service to each and every customer.
  • Awesome Kickstarter hit revolutionizes water balloon fights (2014-07-29 22:25:29)
    A new, interesting product is taking Kickstarter by storm – Tinnuss Enterprises’ Bunch O Balloons, which has already raised well over $600,000 with 23 days left in the campaign, or more than 60 times its initial funding goal. The purpose of Bunch of Balloons is quite simple: allow kids to quickly fill up lots of balloons with water, so they can truly have fun instead of spending so much time filling them up with water. The Bunch O Balloons contraption has a hose attachment that’s linked to many tiny balloons which fill up with water almost simultaneously. Each Bunch O Balloons kit lets users fill up 37 balloons at the same time, and the ingenious tool will fill up to 100 water balloons in under
  • Hollywood joins forces with Kodak to keep movie film alive (2014-07-29 22:22:13)
    After lobbying by directors including Quentin Tarantino, Christopher Nolan, and JJ Abrams, movie studios are negotiating a deal with Kodak that would secure the company's ability to keep producing motion picture film. The Wall Street Journal reports that the agreement is likely to see studios commit to buying from Kodak in set quantities for upcoming years regardless of their plans to actually shoot movies in the format. Kodak is now the sole major provider of movie film following Fujifilm's exit from the market in 2013. The rise of professional digital cinema cameras from the likes of Arri and RED have hastened Kodak's predicament;
  • OkCupid experiment may violate FTC rules on deceptive practices (2014-07-29 21:51:28)
    By Casey Sullivan (Reuters) - OkCupid’s disclosure that the popular dating website intentionally misled couples about their suitability could open it up to a U.S. Federal Trade Commission inquiry, according to lawyers and experts in consumer-protection law. On Monday, President Christian Rudder disclosed in a blog post that OKCupid had conducted experiments on its users, including a test to see whether its assessment of their matchability led to successful dating. "To test this, we took pairs of bad matches...and told them they were exceptionally good for each other," Rudder wrote. ...
  • Google now shows what you can do near your hotel (2014-07-29 21:34:00)
  • Now you have another way to circumvent Snapchat’s core privacy features (2014-07-29 21:10:11)
    In theory, Snapchat users should not be able to save any of the shared photos and messages in the app, but there are some ways files can still be saved, defying Snapchat’s core feature. One such trick is Snapkeep, The Daily Dot reveals, an app that lets users open any shared content from Snapchat. Snapkeep looks similar to Snapchat, as it closely replicates its functionality. Users can log in with their Snapchat credentials, at which point they’ll be able to browse through anything that was shared with them without any time limits. Saving files is apparently a hassle-free procedure, and Snapkeep users will be able to bring up pictures without alerting the other party in a SnapChat. While the app
  • Facebook is killing its Gifts service, still wants you to buy stuff (2014-07-29 20:52:00)
  • Why it's so hard to survive Comic-Con (2014-07-29 20:49:02)
    There's so much to love about San Diego Comic-Con, from the big movies and games to the cosplayers. So how did it end up feeling to miserable? Let's break it down.
  • Applied Micro ships microserver chips in challenge to Intel (2014-07-29 20:40:47)
    By Noel Randewich SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Applied Micro Circuits has begun shipping a new kind of low-power server chip that might challenge heavyweight Intel in cutting-edge data centers. The Sunnyvale, California, company disappointed Wall Street on Tuesday with first fiscal quarter revenue and second-quarter revenue outlook that missed expectations due to a declining legacy business, sending its shares 4 percent lower after hours. In the quarter that ended in June, Applied Micro Circuits recognized its first revenue from the chips - about a $1 million - and the company said it expects "meaningful" revenue from the chips in the quarters ending in December and March as shipments build.
  • More than 20 million people watched the most lucrative video game tournament ever (2014-07-29 20:34:01)
    The International 2014 already had the largest prize pool ever seen in e-sports, but now it can boast one of the largest audiences too. The Dota 2 tournament, the fourth such annual event organized by the game's developer, Valve, was watched live online by more than 20 million people. At its highest, the number of people watching at the same time was over 2 million, a figure that Valve says doubled last year's peak concurrent viewership.
  • Skullcandy's Method sports buds will get tunes stuck in your head (2014-07-29 20:17:00)
  • Xbox steps up its game with the best free Games with Gold offering yet (2014-07-29 19:55:50)
    It wasn’t long ago that we talked about the one way the Xbox One was beating the PlayStation 4, but if the free monthly offering of Games with Gold keeps getting better at this rate, we’ll have to add an asterisk to that headline. Microsoft announced via the Xbox Wire on Monday that the Games with Gold for August would include Crimson Dragon and Strike Suit Zero: Director’s Cut on Xbox One as well as Motocross Madness and Dishonored on Xbox 360. Crimson Dragon was actually a launch title for the Xbox One and serves as a spiritual successor to the cult hit Panzer Dragoon series. It’s an on-rails shooter in which the protagonist battle fantastical foes while mounted on a dragon.
  • 23andMe lands $1.4 million grant from NIH to detect genetic roots for disease (2014-07-29 19:50:56)
    Home genetics startup 23andMe has secured a $1.4 million two-year grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to build survey tools and expand its gene database. With these funds from NIH, an agency of the United States Department of Health and Human Services, the company intends to use its stores of genetic data for various research projects. External researchers will be able to access information on thousands of diseases and traits for more than 400,000 people. The grant "enables researchers from around the world to make genetic discoveries," Anne Wojcicki, chief executive officer of 23andMe, said in a statement.
  • Engadget Daily: EA Access, upgrading your dumb home on a budget and more! (2014-07-29 19:46:00)
  • Canada says China hacked science agency computers (2014-07-29 19:35:05)
    Canada accused China on Tuesday of hacking into the computers of its research and development arm, which Beijing strongly denied. China partners each year with thousands of Canadians firms to roll out new technologies, and took advantage of this arrangement to engage in a cyber attack, Ottawa said. "Recently, the government of Canada, through the work of the Communications Security Establishment, detected and confirmed a cyber intrusion on the IT infrastructure of the National Research Council of Canada by a highly sophisticated Chinese state-sponsored actor," said a government statement.
  • Facebook to shut down Gifts service in latest e-commerce shift (2014-07-29 19:27:23)
    By Alexei Oreskovic SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Facebook Inc will shut its 2-year-old Gifts shop on Aug. 12, as the world's largest social network tests other ways to let consumers buy products on its website. "We'll be using everything we learned from Gifts to explore new ways to help businesses and developers drive sales on the web, on mobile, and directly on Facebook," the company said in an emailed statement on Tuesday. Facebook Gifts opened in 2012 as a way for users to buy gifts such as socks and teddy bears.
  • Facebook to close up shop on its digital gift card service (2014-07-29 19:23:02)
    If you want to buy your friend a gift card to go stuff themselves at Chilis, you're going to have to do it somewhere else than Facebook soon. The social network today said it's shuttering its gifts service, which let people buy gift cards in the form of digital codes. According to Facebook, which spoke to Recode, the service is being shut down for good August 12th in favor of simply letting developers and companies offer their own online stores, complete with "buy" buttons for goods. On its help page, Facebook notes that those who have received digital gifts or that have a balance from a Facebook Card can still redeem those after the end of the program.
  • Physicist concocts ice cream that changes color when you lick it (2014-07-29 19:06:00)
  • Twitter assuages growth concerns for now as shares soar 35 pct (2014-07-29 18:45:36)
    By Edwin Chan SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Twitter Inc halted a slowdown in user-growth in the second quarter with the help of product tweaks and services built around the summer's World Cup, assuaging concerns for now that the online messaging service had peaked. Twitter, which has battled to reverse a steady decline in its once-heady pace of growth, surpassed targets for virtually every metric Wall Street scrutinizes. Before Tuesday's after-hours surge, Twitter had lost about 40 percent of its market value since the start of 2014. "The expectations going in had become quite low," said Sterne Agee analyst Arvind Bhatia.
  • Apple may have just revealed a new Mac mini coming in mid-2014 (2014-07-29 18:40:36)
    It’s been nearly two years since the last update to the Mac mini line, but Apple may have quietly revealed a new model on Tuesday amid the launch of the 2014 versions of the Retina MacBook Pro. 9to5Mac points out that a new listing on the Boot Camp support page on Apple’s website shows “Mac mini (Mid 2014)” as one of the Mac mini models near the bottom of the page. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard tell of a new Mac mini for 2014 either. Back in January, the recipient of information from a “reliable source” told MacRumors that the miniaturized computer would see release before the end of February. Clearly the February release didn’t pan out, but the source also mentioned
  • Netflix agrees to pay AT&T to ensure smooth video downloads (2014-07-29 18:37:51)
    Video streaming service Netflix has agreed to pay U.S. broadband provider AT&T Inc to ensure smooth delivery of Netflix content to Internet users, the companies said on Tuesday. The announcement of the deal, struck in May, comes as Netflix has been waging a public campaign against such fees, which they present as tolls, and calling on the Federal Communications Commission to review the market. Having brokered this so-called interconnection agreement, AT&T and Netflix are now working to build out new network connections for Netflix content to be delivered directly to AT&T's servers "to improve the viewing experience for our mutual subscribers," the companies' representatives said.
  • Amazon says lower ebook prices benefit authors, publishers (2014-07-29 18:30:16)
    (Reuters) - Inc, locked in a war with publisher Hachette Book Group over ebook prices, said its push for lower prices was good for authors, publishers and booksellers. Upset over its ebook prices, Amazon has delayed deliveries and cut discounts on some books published by Hachette, the fourth-largest U.S. book publisher, owned by France's Lagardere. In a blog post on the Amazon site authored by the "Amazon Books team", the ecommerce giant said e-books were very price sensitive. Amazon claims that pricing an e-book at $14.99 or $19.99 is too expensive and unjustifiable in most cases.
  • Playdate: We're livestreaming 'The Last of Us: Remastered' on PS4! (update: it's over!) (2014-07-29 18:30:00)
  • Martha Stewart writes a love letter to drones in 'Time' magazine (2014-07-29 18:26:37)
    We have been dutifully chronicling the particular technological habits of Martha Stewart — yes, that Martha Stewart, lifestyle magazine magnate and convicted obstructor of justice —  for some time now, including her self-described "beautiful" personal drone. In an 800-plus-word ode published in Time magazine, Stewart reveals the backstory of her introduction to drones (a "meet cute" on a beach in Maine on her birthday, naturally), and expresses her admiration of how great architects of the past were able to build things without drone aerial photography. She also makes a few good points about the usefulness of drones compared to other, more potentially dangerous methods of aerial surveying, and acknowledges that there remain serious unanswered questions about how drones should be regulated in order to protect people and their privacy.
  • Netflix cut a deal with AT&T, just like the ones with Verizon and Comcast (2014-07-29 18:24:00)
  • Can Technology Disrupt the Boardroom? (2014-07-29 18:14:02)
    As baby boomers retire, the boardroom is ripe for a makeover and its composition is likely to change meaningfully over the coming years. This opens up opportunities for tech companies to disrupt board recruiting, an opaque process currently driven by insiders. What compelling offerings and viable business models could a technology platform...
  • Chinese smartphone makers win as market swells (2014-07-29 18:07:58)
    Chinese smartphone makers racked up big gains as the global market for Internet-linked handsets grew to record levels in the second quarter, International Data Corp said Tuesday. Huawei and Lenovo, both based in China, came out winners as a record-high 295.3 million smartphones were shipped worldwide in the second quarter of this year, according to IDC. "As the death of the feature phone approaches more rapidly than before, it is the Chinese vendors that are ready to usher emerging market consumers into smartphones," IDC senior research manager Melissa Chau said in a release with the quarterly figures. "The offer of smartphones at a much better value than the top global players but with a stronger build quality and larger scale than local competitors gives these vendors a precarious competitive advantage."
  • Canon's new PowerShot cameras are for super-zoom lovers (2014-07-29 18:04:00)
  • Netflix is now also paying AT&T to improve streaming quality (2014-07-29 17:57:28)
    Netflix has signed another interconnection deal with another ISP: AT&T. The two sides have reached an agreement that should over time result in better streaming performance for Netflix subscribers. Terms of the deal aren't being disclosed, so we don't know how much Netflix paid for direct access to AT&T's network.
  • Amazon finally explains what it wants from Hachette: lower ebook prices (2014-07-29 17:41:13)
    Amazon is finally providing some explanation for its ongoing dispute with the publisher Hachette, explaining that it's taken issue over Hachette's insistence on pricing ebooks above $9.99. In a note today, Amazon explains that it's not actually looking for a particularly large share of the revenue on ebook sales: it's only interested in taking 30 percent, a fairly standard figure for digital store sales and the same figure that it says Hachette proposed in 2010. Instead, the change Amazon wants to see is for most ebooks to sell for $9.99 or less, with only a "small number of specialized titles" being offered at prices above that. "With an ebook, there's no printing, no over-printing, no need to forecast, no returns, no lost sales due to out-of-stock, no warehousing costs, no transportation costs, and there is no secondary market — e-books cannot be resold as used books," Amazon's books team writes.
  • Evernote turns your prose into published books (2014-07-29 17:33:00)
  • Twitter flies on surprisingly strong numbers (2014-07-29 17:29:08)
    Twitter shares shot higher by some 30 percent Tuesday after its quarterly report showed surprisingly strong revenue and user growth, despite a widening loss. The popular one-to-many messaging service said its quarterly loss widened to $145 million from a $42 million loss a year ago.
  • The formula that helped the nerds in HBO's 'Silicon Valley' get rich is being used in the real world (2014-07-29 17:28:19)
    HBO's satirical show Silicon Valley begins with a programmer who accidentally develops a radically efficient new algorithm for compressing data. The thing is, the Weissman score didn't exist until Silicon Valley's production team willed it into being. While the show was being developed, actual Stanford professor Tsachy Weissman and then-PhD student Vinith Misra were hired as consultants and charged with creating both the fictional algorithm itself and the metric for ranking it against other algorithms. One researcher at North Carolina State University plans to update his recently published research paper with Weissman scores, while two other professors teaching at Stanford and the University of Santa Barbara, California, plan to incorporate it into their classes, according to IEEE Spectrum.
  • Spotify's Top 10 most viral tracks (2014-07-29 17:26:26)
    The following list represents the most viral tracks on Spotify, based on the number of people who shared it divided by the number who listened to it, from Monday, July 21 to Sunday, July 27 via Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and Spotify.
  • Samsung might release six smartwatches before Apple even releases one (2014-07-29 17:25:30)
    In less than a year, Samsung has released five — yes, five — different smartwatches that have released with four different operating systems. And now SamMobile points out that a sixth might soon be on the way because Samsung has filed for a trademark for a device called the Gear S. While the trademark filing doesn’t give any hint about what the Gear S will be like, SamMobile speculates that it could be the first Samsung smartwatch that you won’t have to tether to your smartphone to get data connectivity. SamMobile has also been hearing that Samsung is planning to unveil “multiple” wearable devices alongside the Galaxy Note 4 this fall, so it’s entirely possible that Samsung is going to have released
  • Twitter's user growth beats targets, shares skyrocket (2014-07-29 17:23:22)
    By Edwin Chan SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Twitter Inc's monthly active users rose a better-than-expected 24 percent in the second quarter as the online messaging service mostly succeeded in stemming a dwindling pace of growth, sending its shares soaring after hours. Twitter, which has battled to reverse a steady decline in its once-heady pace of user growth, saw users increase to 271 million, still dwarfed by rival Facebook Inc's 1.3 billion. Wall Street analysts had been expecting a pace of growth closer to 21 percent. Twitter, whose rapid-fire format has proven popular as a companion to major global events, may have enjoyed a boost from the World Cup.
  • The top iPhone and iPad apps on App Store (2014-07-29 17:16:59)
    App Store Official Charts for the week ending July 28, 2014:
  • Spotify's Top 10 most streamed tracks (2014-07-29 17:15:43)
    The following list represents the top streamed tracks on Spotify from Monday, July 21, to Sunday, July 27:
  • Omidyar rethinks focus of online news venture (2014-07-29 17:07:48)
    Internet entrepreneur Pierre Omidyar is shifting the focus of his online news operation, saying he wants to "incubate" to improve journalism with new technology. Omidyar, who created First Look Media last year, said his new go-slow approach will concentrate on two digital outlets -- The Intercept which launched with investigative journalist Glenn Greenwald, and a new "digital magazine with a satirical approach to American politics and culture" to be launched later this year, led by former Rolling Stone journalist Matt Taibbi.
  • Instagram quietly (and slowly) launches Snapchat rival, Bolt (2014-07-29 17:00:00)
  • Twitter 2Q results soar, stock flies high (2014-07-29 16:55:38)
    NEW YORK (AP) — The little blue bird is flying high. Stronger-than-expected financial results pushed Twitter's stock sharply higher on Tuesday after the short messaging service said its revenue more than doubled in the second quarter.
  • Analysts: Samsung phone shipments falter in 2Q (2014-07-29 16:53:12)
    NEW YORK (AP) — Samsung Electronics Co., the world's biggest maker of smartphones, saw its sales drop in the second quarter, a research firm said Tuesday.
  • Twitter's active user growth continued to improve this quarter (2014-07-29 16:45:00)
  • Kevin Spacey has all the power in the latest Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare trailer (2014-07-29 16:40:10)
    The yearly ritual that is the release of a new Call of Duty has become more than a little stale, but with a new setting, a new story and a villain for the ages, Advanced Warfare might give the series the kick in the pants it needs to become as widely praised as it is widely purchased. In the latest trailer for Advanced Warfare, Sledgehammer Games takes us through the story of its first entry into the Call of Duty timeline. As anyone who has played Call of Duty in the past might expect, the stakes are unbelievably high in Advanced Warfare. The entire civilization of Earth has been shaken to its core by the first global terrorist attack in
  • Why 16GB Smartphones Are the Biggest Rip-off in Tech (2014-07-29 16:38:49)
    The other day, I hit a huge wall with my iPhone a wall so big I couldn't upgrade to the latest version of iOS. True, I cheaped out and bought the lowest-capacity 16GB iPhone 5s last September, but at the time, I didn't want to spend an extra $100 for the 32GB model. Want to know how much smartphone makers pay for that 16GB worth of extra capacity?
  • US Army researchers weigh the benefits of 3D-printed warhead parts (2014-07-29 16:34:00)
  • How the AP-GfK poll was conducted (2014-07-29 16:33:43)
    The Associated Press-GfK poll on immigration was conducted by GfK Public Affairs and Corporate Communications July 24-28. It is based on online interviews of 1,044 adults who are members of GfK's nationally representative KnowledgePanel.
  • This is Bolt, Instagram's new messaging app (2014-07-29 16:30:35)
    Instagram has quietly unveiled its new "one-tap" messaging app, Bolt, for iOS and Android. Instagram still operates largely as an independent company within Facebook, we're told, making its own decisions on most everything.
  • Twitter rebounds from earnings slump with strong user growth and unexpected profit (2014-07-29 16:22:57)
    Twitter has had a rough time during its early life as a public company. Over the last three months Twitter's active user base grew to 271 million, adding 16 million new accounts. Mobile users make up 78 percent of Twitter's userbase, totaling 211 million. Analysts expected the company to show a bump in new users and engagement for this quarter driven by the immense World Cup activity on Twitter, and warned that a big jump was not necessarily evidence of a turnaround.
  • How Asana hopes to purge the scourge of email (2014-07-29 16:19:23)
    Asana is a service created to minimize the need for workplace email by serving as a one-stop shop for assigning work, sharing ideas, posting important updates and tracking the progress of projects.
  • Twitter's active users increase 24 percent to 271 million (2014-07-29 16:13:39)
    SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Twitter Inc's monthly active users rose 24 percent to 271 million in the second quarter, as the online messaging service struggles to accelerate its pace of growth. On Tuesday, Twitter reported a 124 percent jump in quarterly revenue to $312 million, beating Wall Street's expectation for $283.1 million. (Reporting by Edwin Chan; Editing by Leslie Adler)
  • OKCupid, Facebook not alone in studying consumers (2014-07-29 16:10:48)
    NEW YORK (AP) — Think you're in control? Think again.
  • Here's what the phone unlocking bill means, and how it affects our future (2014-07-29 16:00:00)
  • The most shocking thing about the infamous ‘Comcast phone call from hell’ (2014-07-29 15:53:16)
    The infamous call between Ryan Block and a Comcast retention agent in which the rep refused to let Block unsubscribe from Comcast genuinely surprised me. Not because it wasn’t something I expected out of Comcast — there’s a very good reason it and Time Warner Cable are America’s two most hated companies, after all — but more because in the days following the call, several current and former Comcast employees reached out to me to talk about how Comcast’s policies are basically designed to make both their lives and their customers’ lives a living hell. I’ve occasionally gotten emails from disgruntled employees complaining about the companies they work for but the flood of emails I received from current and former Comcast employees
  • The Senate's latest, best hope for NSA reform (2014-07-29 15:44:01)
    NSA reform has been building steam for over a year now, but while the courts and even the White House have shown movement, Congress has struggled to come up with a meaningful bill. The table of contents is a laundry list of the major NSA authorizations detailed in the Snowden leaks. Still, the history of NSA legislation suggests Leahy may have a tough road ahead of him. The House version of the same bill, introduced by Rep. Sensenbrenner (R-Wis.), started strong before being amended so thoroughly that many observers said the final version would do more harm than good.
  • How clinical trials are turning homeless people into lab rats (2014-07-29 15:35:13)
    Drugs need to go through a lot of testing before they actually make it to market, but that testing isn't all occurring in quite as ethical of a way as we might hope. Over at Medium, Carl Elliott describes the growing use of homeless people as test subjects in drug trials. Homeless shelters have become something of a target for recruiters trying to find subjects, as shelters have a wealth of people looking for jobs and willing to overlook whatever side effects might come with the trial.
  • Canada says China hacked its science agency computers (2014-07-29 15:26:11)
    Canada accused China on Tuesday of hacking into the computers of its research and development arm, which partners with thousands of Canadians firms each year to roll out new technologies. "Recently, the government of Canada, through the work of the Communications Security Establishment, detected and confirmed a cyber intrusion on the IT infrastructure of the National Research Council of Canada by a highly sophisticated Chinese state-sponsored actor," said a government statement. The NRC's computers, Ottawa went on to say, have been isolated from the broader Canadian government network "as a precautionary measure." Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird meanwhile expressed Canada's outrage to his Chinese counterpart during a trip to Beijing.
  • Women in STEM Begins With Girls in STEM: 7 Ways to Support a Generation of Scientific Young Women (2014-07-29 15:25:32)
    There is an issue with trying to determine why STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) is still a four-letter word to women: We're asking the wrong question. We should be asking instead, Why is STEM still a four-letter word to girls? Representing women in technology and science begins with raising girls to become a part of those...
  • Microsoft gives employees sneak peek at new 'selfie' phone (2014-07-29 15:21:50)
    Microsoft Corp's hardware chief gave employees a sneak peek at a 'selfie' phone featuring a 5 megapixel forward-facing camera at an internal meeting this week, a source at the company said on Tuesday. Stephen Elop, the former Nokia CEO who now runs Microsoft's devices business, showed off the phone in front of thousands at the company's annual employee meeting in Seattle on Monday. The 5 megapixel camera on the front of the device is much more powerful than Apple Inc's iPhone 5, with a 1.2 megapixel front camera, and the Microsoft phone's screen is larger, making it better-suited for users who want to take pictures of themselves. Microsoft is jumping on the selfie bandwagon after rival Samsung launched the Galaxy K Zoom earlier this year.
  • Apple TV gets two new apps: Fox Now and CNBC (2014-07-29 15:21:00)
  • Now you have another reason to hate wireless data caps (2014-07-29 15:15:30)
    Does anyone actually like the wireless data caps that mobile carriers impose? No, of course not. And now Re/code points out that everyone now has a brand-new reason to hate data caps: Apparently, they’re scaring us into spending more money than we need to spend on our data plans. Re/code cites a recently released study conducted by the Government Accountability Office showing that customers whose carriers only offer capped data plans are more likely to go with pricier plans even though they may not end up using that much data per month. The reason? They’re apparently so scared of getting slapped with overage fees that they get more data than they need per month just in case. In fact, it
  • UK police try to spook piracy website users with banner ads (2014-07-29 15:06:48)
    UK authorities are apparently hoping so. The City of London Police’s Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU) is plastering ads across known piracy websites in an attempt to make users think twice before clicking the download button. The ads appear on all sites that've been added to PIPCU's new "Infringing Websites List" (ICL). Aside from helping visitors avoid potential legal problems, the ICL also meant to help local advertisers steer clear of piracy sites.
  • We’re hiring! (2014-07-29 15:00:25)
    BGR has been growing at a phenomenal pace for years, but the first half of 2014 saw unbelievable growth that exceeded even our own lofty expectations. Does that mean it’s time to rest on our laurels, sit back and enjoy being one of the largest and most influential news sites in tech? Of course not — we’re not even close to being done. As fantastic as our team is right now, however, we need more hands on deck if we’re going to keep growing at our current breakneck pace. We plan to hire a number of new people this year for various editorial positions, and we have two important jobs to fill to start off. For the time being, we’re looking for two
  • Osram to cut almost 8,000 jobs in switch to LED (2014-07-29 14:52:44)
    German lighting maker Osram Licht AG announced late on Tuesday plans for a new savings program that will include almost 8,000 job cuts, or around 23 percent of its staff, as it seeks to keep up with a shift in technology. It said that the extra measures would cost around 450 million euros and could result in it missing its long-term target for a reported operating profit margin of more than 8 percent in the fiscal year to the end of September, 2015. Osram also announced third quarter results a day earlier than planned, with sales of 1.2 billion euros ($1.61 billion) and better than expected adjusted earnings before tax and interest of 104 million euros. "While earnings continue to develop nicely, the growing market acceptance of LED technology is, as already announced, causing a significantly faster decline of the traditional business," said Chief Executive Officer Wolfgang Dehen.
  • Former NSA chief makes up to $1 million a month selling cybersecurity services (2014-07-29 14:48:20)
    General Keith Alexander was in charge of the National Security Agency when all hell broke loose and former security contractor Edward Snowden leaked documents showing the organization was spying far beyond the extent to which most people were aware (or comfortable with). As Bloomberg first reported last week, Alexander has spent the last few months since his retirement as NSA head in March giving paid talks on cybersecurity to banks and other large financial institutions. Bloomberg also noted that Alexander has charged up to $1 million a month for his services, and even co-founded his own private security firm, IronNet Cybersecurity, Inc. In a more recent interview with Foreign Policy, Alexander admitted that his firm has developed "unique" technology for detecting and fighting so-called "advanced persistent threats" — cyberattacks that can extend for months or years at a time without being noticed, and are directed against specific targets like big companies or governments. Beyond the somewhat uncomfortable optics created by America's leading spymaster turning his skill-set to the private security sector, there are other problems with Alexander's new job.
  • LG Heart Rate Monitor Earphone review: good fitness gadget, poor earphones (2014-07-29 14:45:00)
  • Here’s one more way the PS4 is better than the Xbox One (2014-07-29 14:40:18)
    PlayStation 4 owners who also happen to love watching 3D content should know that Sony has just updated its new console to support 3D Blu-ray playback, the company revealed in a short tweet. “PS4 System Software 1.75 is now ready to download. Get downloading!” the company wrote on its PlayStation Europe account, posting the image above that confirms 3D Blu-ray movies will be now supported on the console. Like Sony, Microsoft is also interested in offering 3D Blu-ray playback support, but that will happen at some point in August, in a following software update for the Xbox One. Thus, PS4 obtained another victory in its battle with Microsoft’s console, albeit a small one, being the first to support 3D Blu-rays. PS4
  • BlackBerry Is the Only Phone Secure Enough for German Officials (2014-07-29 14:35:58)
    Mobile security has become a major concern of the German government, ever since Edward Snowden's leaks revealed last year that the NSA had tapped German Chancellor Angela Merkel's cellphone. They are now taking steps to protect themselves against wiretaps of this sort, and have turned to BlackBerry to help.  Interior ministry spokesperson Tobias Plate told the Financial Post, "We have a federal authority for information security and they checked several smartphones, and the only brand that was approved by them is the BlackBerry smartphones… it’s the security of the device." BlackBerry recently announced the purchase of SecuSmart, a German security company specializing in preventing phone tapping. BlackBerry has also recently launched secure BBM.
  • Tesla CEO Elon Musk will appear on 'The Simpsons' (2014-07-29 14:30:17)
    Elon Musk seems to end up wildly successful in pretty much any venture that he's undertaking, and it appears that success extends into fictional worlds as well. According to EW, Musk will cameo on The Simpsons in a future episode, where he'll turn up in Springfield and somehow manage to bankrupt Mr. Burns. This won't be the first time that Musk, the CEO of Tesla Motors, has been referenced in the show — an earlier episode used his name as a body spray scent — but this will be the first time that he shows up in person.
  • Stream Lollapalooza sets from Outkast, Skrillex and Phantogram this weekend (2014-07-29 14:16:00)
  • Here's where Tony Stark should live when he moves to San Francisco (2014-07-29 14:08:05)
    With details emerging about the upcoming new Iron Man series at this year's Comic-Con, Marvel has confirmed what the rest of America already knows: San Francisco is where you go if you're looking to launch an app. In the upcoming comic Superior Iron Man #1, Tony Stark is leaving Stark Tower in Manhattan and moving 3,000 miles to San Francisco to build his Extremis mobile app. Stark is a very, very, very rich man, and a narcissist who could benefit from a locally sourced, organic glass of humility. He'll fit right in.
  • EA just unveiled an awesome gaming subscription service that you can only get on Xbox One (2014-07-29 14:05:34)
    EA announced on Tuesday that it would be partnering with Microsoft to introduce a new $4.99 a month membership service called EA Access exclusively on the Xbox One. The service is in beta at the moment and will only be available to a limited number of Xbox One owners at first, but EA Access will launch for everyone else soon. With a subscription to EA Access, gamers will have unlimited access to a collection of EA games on the Xbox One called The Vault, which currently holds FIFA 14, Madden NFL 15, Peggle 2 and Battlefield 4 as the initial lineup. As EA notes, this is over $100 worth of games for just under $5 a month. Simply load up EA Access and any of
  • Scientists discover 'killer' roundworm sperm (2014-07-29 14:00:03)
    When it comes to sex, animals have developed a plethora of tricks to avoid mixups with other species. They use sight, smell, and even feel to tell each other apart. But in certain cases, the similarities between species are just too strong, so internal processes, such as a female’s ability to detect sperm from another species and select those that belong to her own, have to pick up the slack. This is what tends to happen with Caenorhabditis worms, a type of roundworm. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always work — sometimes the sperm cells are just too quick, and things can go terribly wrong.
  • This worm's sperm invades and kills females of another species (2014-07-29 14:00:03)
    Unfortunately, this doesn’t always work — sometimes the sperm cells are just too quick, and things can go terribly wrong. As a result, the sperm would be able to crawl up the body cavity (the use of the word "crawl" is important because these sperm are amoeboid, meaning that they use protrusions of the cell body to push themselves forward, instead of "swimming" with a tail).
  • 'EA Access' subscription on Xbox One brings all-you-can-eat gaming for $5 per month (2014-07-29 13:40:00)
  • Signal brings painless encrypted calling to iOS (2014-07-29 13:38:22)
    As the NSA leaks create new demand for secure voice and texting apps, it’s a lesson developers have learned over and over. When it comes to tackling that problem, Whisper Systems has an unusually strong track record. It's called Signal, a free iOS app aiming for the simplest and easiest encrypted call you'll ever make. The process will be familiar to RedPhone users, but the interface here is more polished, adopting the flat look of iOS 7 and 8.
  • New concept gives us a tantalizing peek of how fantastic our favorite apps will look on Android L (2014-07-29 13:30:37)
    We can’t wait to see how great our favorite apps will look on Android L and its gorgeous new Material Design UI. Droid Life points us to a new concept video that takes elements of Material Design and applies them to Instagram to give us a sneak peek at what the app will look like once Android L releases this fall. As you can see in the video, the Instagram concept features both the new app animations and the flatter design that Google unveiled at Google I/O last month. The concept, which was designed by Emmanuel Pacamalan, really shows us how Android L can help developers be more creative with how their users can interact with their apps and how they
  • EA is letting Xbox One owners pay $5 a month to play all its best games (2014-07-29 13:26:18)
    Electronic Arts has announced a new subscription service that gives Xbox One owners access to some of its biggest games for a small monthly fee. The company says EA Access will "launch for everyone on Xbox One soon." Paying for the subscription will get you access to what EA calls its Vault, a collection of games you'll have unlimited access to as long as you're subscribed. During the beta, that will include a sampling of four titles — FIFA 14, Madden NFL 25, Peggle 2, and Battlefield 4 — though the company says more games will be added "soon." Subscribers will be able to play trials for upcoming games like Dragon Age: Inquisition and this year's EA Sports titles "up to five days" ahead of their launch date.
  • Tor received $1.8 million in US federal funds last year, while the NSA tried to crack it (2014-07-29 13:23:44)
    One arm of the US government may be trying to crack Tor, but another arm is handing Tor money — a lot of it. As spotted by the Guardian, the anonymous browsing tool Tor is reporting that it received over $1.8 million in federal funds last year, a figure that's gone up 50 percent from 2012. It's ironic news, as the NSA and other intelligence organizations have been attempting to undermine Tor, which is generally able to hide the tracks of someone who uses it while browsing the web. Most of Tor's funding didn't come straight from the US government, however.
  • Uber for Business bills companies directly for employee's rides (2014-07-29 13:23:00)
  • Don’t hold your breath for an iPhone 6 with sapphire glass (2014-07-29 12:55:37)
    Apple is expected to introduce new iPhone models this year that will feature, for the first time ever, sapphire glass displays instead of Corning’s Gorilla Glass, but not all reports agree on what iPhone 6 models will have such front panels. Some say Apple would have enough sapphire manufacturing capacity for all iPhone 6 models, while others say that only the bigger 5.5-inch iPhone 6 will have such display covers. According to The Register, industrial analysis firm TrendForce has not observed any proof that actual sapphire display production is underway at Apple’s Arizona factory. FROM EARLIER: New iPhone 6 leak gives us a great look at the device’s major redesign Apparently, the sapphire glass has not been sent to Apple’s manufacturing partners,
  • Beats Music adds new options for enhanced personalization (2014-07-29 12:54:00)
  • Always misplacing keys, wallet? Lost and found apps may help (2014-07-29 12:44:10)
    By Natasha Baker TORONTO (Reuters) - Finding misplaced keys, wallets and purses could get easier with new apps that take the guess work out of trying to remember where they might be. “With all of the technology around us, it’s still crazy to think that we still lose our things,” said Nick Evans, chief executive office of Tile, based in San Mateo, California.
  • Can we talk about the awful side of Comic Con and Hall H for a second? (2014-07-29 12:25:35)
    My colleague and really awesome guy Casey Newton does an excellent job of capturing what it's like to actually get into Hall H and see cool things, but can we talk about Hall H as an entity unto itself for a minute here?
  • OneNote on iOS and Mac now lets you attach files (2014-07-29 12:20:00)
  • BlackBerry’s newest acquisition looks like the smartest move it’s made all year (2014-07-29 12:05:45)
    BlackBerry has been doubling down on its reputation as the most secure mobile device manufacturer lately and the company just made a very smart move that could solidify that reputation even further. BlackBerry announced that it acquired German security firm Secusmart on Tuesday and as ZDNet points out, this could be a very big move for BlackBerry as it tries to make sure its enterprise and government customers don’t jump ship to iOS and Android devices. Why is Secusmart such a big deal? ZDNet informs us that its Secusmart Security Card is “a mini-computer integrated into the micro-SD card” that “contains the NXP SmartMX P5CT072 crypto-controller with a PKI coprocessor for authentication” and features “an additional high-speed coprocessor encrypts voice and
  • How to make your dumb home smarter without spending a fortune (2014-07-29 12:01:00)
  • The Challenge of Shared Data and Apps in a BYOD Environment (2014-07-29 12:00:52)
    The concept of bring your own device (BYOD) may have started with students and employees simply using their own phone at work or school, but it rapidly evolved to include personal email, data storage, and BYO technology (BYOT). A blog posting at the Chronicle of Higher Education about how to prepare for a job change raised red flags and set off...
  • 'Guardians of the Galaxy' review: Marvel hits interstellar space (2014-07-29 11:55:41)
    Like Pixar before it, Marvel Studios has developed a brand that transcends any particular character or franchise. Guardians of the Galaxy shows the studio choosing the latter option, and the film truly manages to find its own rhythm and tone. More emotional than Captain America, more awe-inspiring than Thor, more genial than Iron Man, and more playful than the Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy has the same downside as a lot of franchise-starters in that it mostly sets the table for presumably bigger future installments. Rather than just repeating the Marvel formula, Guardians of the Galaxy feels like a legitimate attempt to add more elements to the mixture.
  • ‘Fake ID’ security flaw could be the greatest threat to Android phones yet (2014-07-29 11:40:06)
    One Android feature that never made its way to iOS may be the cause of one of the most worrying security exploits ever on the mobile platform. AppleInsider reports that Bluebox Security has found an Android design flaw that could potentially allow malware apps to take over someone’s device without requiring users to manually give the app permission to access their phones. Dubbed ‘Fake ID,’ the flaw allows the malicious apps to send fake credentials to Android, granting the app the ability to take on the form of another legitimate app that would have more extensive access to the device. Perhaps unsurprisingly, one of the trusted apps that ‘Fake ID’ can assume the identity of is Adobe Flash, an Android-specific feature that Steve Jobs refused
  • I killed Facebook and left its body in the woods (2014-07-29 11:32:01)
    Facebook is dead. Then I drank good beer, petted an outdoor cat named Gator, chased some chickens around, and watched my one-year-old cousin stuff cake into his mouth on his first birthday.
  • LG follows Samsung to market with 105-inch monster TV (2014-07-29 11:31:02)
    If you liked the look of Samsung's living room-filling 105-inch curved screen ultra-high-definition television set but were put off by its $120,000 asking price, there's good news. Thanks to the sheer size of the screen it boasts 11 million pixels, so technically speaking it's a 5K, not a 4K set (as it has five times the number of pixels found in a HD TV screen), something LG is very quick to point out. It also comes with a specially designed sound system co-developed by premium audio brand Harman Kardon so the listening experience should be as immersive as the viewing -- with an aspect ratio of 21:9, LG claims it is the same as that of a multiplex cinema screen. "The vision behind LG's 105-inch 21:9 Curved Ultra HD TV was to bring the movie theater into the living room," said In-kyu Lee, senior vice president and head of the TV Division at LG's Home Entertainment Company.
  • 'The Last of Us' brought to life in live stage show (2014-07-29 11:28:00)
  • How one fraudster bought $309K worth of Apple products without paying a single penny (2014-07-29 11:15:53)
    One Apple fan ran a clever con in many Apple retail stores across the U.S., buying products worth $309,768 over 42 purchases made in 16 different states since December 2012, ComputerWorld reports, without actually having the money to pay for them. 24-year-old Sharron Laverne Parrish Jr. has been charged with wire fraud and the Secret Service claims that he tricked Apple retail staff into accepting purchases made with credit and/or debit cards that didn’t have any funds by using a clever, simple financial trick. The trick in question — which is commonly referred to as “forced sale,” “forced post” or “forced code” — allows customers whose cards are declined in a store to still make the purchase. All the merchant has to do
  • India's Flipkart raises $1 bn to tackle Amazon (2014-07-29 11:04:36)
    India's top e-commerce company Flipkart said Tuesday it had raised $1 billion (60 billion rupees) in funds as it battles US giant Amazon for supremacy in the hyper-competitive local market. Flipkart, set up in 2007 by two former Amazon employees, said Singapore sovereign wealth fund GIC was among those to participate in the fundraising, the latest cash injection into the e-commerce market. "The fresh round of funding is a great milestone in the e-commerce industry of India," Flipkart's co-founder Sachin Bansal told reporters in Bangalore. "Very few Internet companies in the world could have raised such funds publicly." Flipkart is the country's biggest online shopping portal in an e-commerce market that is still puny next to China's. But the market, whose sales reached $2.3 billion in 2013 according to Indian consultancy Technopak, is expanding rapidly, with venture capitalists pouring money into the sector, scenting potential.
  • Engadget giveaway: win an iPad mini and GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition courtesy of younity! (2014-07-29 11:00:00)
  • Uh-oh: New report claims iWatch production has definitely been delayed (2014-07-29 10:50:31)
    Samsung has released five different smartwatches in the last year alone, but Apple is apparently struggling to just get one out the door. G for Games points us to a new report from Taiwan’s Economic Daily News claiming that mass production for the iWatch has been delayed and that the device won’t release until December at the earliest. The report centers around iWatch component supplier TPK, which recently warned investors that its third-quarter profits might not be as strong as expected because Apple has delayed mass production of its first wearable computer until Q4 2014. The device was originally supposed to go into mass production in Q3 2014 with a targeted release date of October, but apparently the device has proven
  • This sleek electric bike features smart lights and a built-in lock (2014-07-29 10:45:02)
    Called the Denny, the bike concept includes a number of clever features that make it a bit more useful than your average two-wheeler. Not only does it have a removable electric motor to give you a bit of a boost, as well as automatic gear shifting, but its detachable handlebar doubles as a lock, so you never have to worry about bringing one along.
  • Sony's PlayStation 4 can now play 3D Blu-rays (2014-07-29 10:41:26)
    Sony has added 3D Blu-ray playback support as part of its latest PlayStation 4 firmware update. Earlier this month, Microsoft revealed that the upcoming August update for Xbox One will also introduce 3D support. Both consoles have lacked the ability to play 3D Blu-rays since launch. After being a big proponent of stereoscopic experiences (both in movies and games) during the previous generation, Sony has dragged its feet in bringing 3D to the PS4. ...
  • U.K. Police Attempt to Undermine Illegal Torrent Sites Using Their Own Ads (2014-07-29 10:33:25)
    Police in London have decided to place anti-piracy advertisements on illegal torrent sites. They hope their own notices will help to decrease ad revenue for the sites in addition to drawing attention to their illegal activity. Currently, torrent sites receive most of their advertisements from syndication networks. Many legitimate brands and companies have their advertisements available in such networks, and often don't realize they will be advertising on an illegal torrent site. Through this method, the police will not pay the torrent site for using the ad space.
  • China investigates Microsoft over monopoly worries (2014-07-29 10:31:00)
  • 5 gorgeous iPhone apps you need to check out right now (July 2014) (2014-07-29 10:25:18)
    Welcome to the latest edition of our series on gorgeous iPhone apps. We talk about apps a great deal here on BGR and the reason is fairly obvious: apps make the phone. Thanks to the advent of on-device application stores, smartphones now ship as blank canvases, waiting for users to fill them with third-party software that extends their functionality in any number of directions. In this series, we try to bring you the cream of the crop — apps that are beautifully designed as well as useful — to help fill your canvas. Want to check out some more gorgeous iPhone apps? Be sure to read our earlier posts in this series. Sunrise Calendar Since the calendar app is one of the
  • #AOLBUILD Meets Alexa Von Tobel, Founder and CEO of (2014-07-29 10:23:46)
    HPLEmbed.load({ targetId: 'HPLContent', app: 'hplive_player', width: '640px', height: '360px', streamType: 'live', autoPlay: 'true',playButtonOverlay: 'true', thumbnail: '', sources: { 'video/hds':...
  • Enter the sharknado: a final day at Comic-Con 2014 (2014-07-29 10:10:02)
    You can't get into Hall H every day. For the final installment of our animated series, I set off for Comic-Con's biggest venue in search of new adventures. But the line for the day's biggest and best panels was more than a mile long, and I abandoned all hope early on. Fortunately Thunder Levin, the screenwriter of Sharknado and this week's Sharknado 2, was around to talk to me about upping the ante, crazy filming conditions, and what happened when he introduced himself to Richard Dreyfuss.
  • When the writer of 'Sharknado' met 'Jaws' star Richard Dreyfuss at Comic-Con (2014-07-29 10:10:02)
    The last of our animated Comic-Con diaries looks at our last big day in San Diego, where we abandon the line for Hall H to have a conversation with 'Sharknado' screenwriter Thunder Levin.
  • When the writer of 'Sharknado' met 'Jaws' star Richard Dreyfuss (2014-07-29 10:10:02)
    The last of our animated Comic-Con diaries looks at our last big day in San Diego, where we abandon the line for Hall H to have a conversation with 'Sharknado' screenwriter Thunder Levin.
  • New iPhone 6 leak gives us a great look at the device’s major redesign (2014-07-29 10:00:45)
    The rear iPhone 6 shell which has appeared in various reports so far has leaked yet again, as YouTube channel iCrackUriDevice has apparently scored a copy of the component directly from a manufacturer. In a short video, iCrackUriDevice goes over all the design changes expected for the iPhone 6, including the phone’s thin profile, relocated power button, iPod touch-like volume rockers, round corners, redesigned antennas on the back, and increased size of the device, while comparing it to last year’s flagship iPhone model, the iPhone 5s. FROM EARLIER: Foxconn pulls out the big guns to ensure iPhone 6 production goes perfectly The component is similar to other iPhone 6 rear shell leaks, and is consistent with what the many iPhone 6 dummy
  • I went to Comic-Con and all I got was this lousy sense of ennui and a sneak preview of 'Penguins of Madagascar' (2014-07-29 10:00:04)
    San Diego Comic-Con is an impossible place, because everything that’s terrible about it is basically mitigated by everything wonderful about it. For my first Comic-Con, I decide to jump in with both feet. At 3:30AM on Thursday morning, I wake up and get in line for Comic-Con’s biggest venue, Hall H. The lineup for the day is a mix of things that no one could possibly care about (clips from Penguins of Madagascar) and things that will probably be cool (a mystery presentation by Paramount Pictures).
  • Touchpico Turns Any Surface into a Touch Screen (2014-07-29 09:55:41)
    It almost sounds like a late-night infomercial: It's an Android PC and a portable projector. The projector will be able to run any Google App, and can stream activity from your phone, PC or Mac. MORE: The Best Android Wear Smartwatch Apps So Far
  • Uber for Business launches to let companies pay for employee travel (2014-07-29 09:54:53)
    Uber wants to help you get around while you're at work, and it's launching a new business service today to let workers do that on their company's dime. Uber for Business allows companies to grant their employees the option of billing travel receipts directly to a company card, rather than having to pay for the travel on their own and then expense it. For workers whose company supports it, they'll start to see a second payment option in Uber, allowing them to switch back and forth between personal and business payments. Uber will also integrate with the expensing service Concur to automatically file receipts for those who use it.
  • You'll Unlock Hotel Rooms with Your Phone by 2016 (2014-07-29 09:48:00)
    Someday, if Hilton Hotels and Resorts has its way, you'll never need anything but your smartphone to get in. According to The Wall Street Journal, Hilton is investing $550 million in new tech that will allow its clients to book rooms, view their location before visiting and even open their doors right from their mobile device. Aimed at younger travelers, the company's smartphone-based entry system will start trickling out in select locations next year, and will be available at most Hilton hotels by the end of 2016.
  • Endure and survive: how Naughty Dog brought ‘The Last of Us’ to the PS4 (2014-07-29 09:42:28)
    Playing though Naughty Dog’s post-pandemic survival adventure The Last of Us is an intense, grueling, and highly rewarding experience — one that’s only heightened by the just-released remaster for the PlayStation 4. The Last of Us Remastered checks all the boxes you’d expect it to. Despite the fact that the game, according to lead developer Christian Gyrling, “looked broken up until a week before shipping,” The Last of Us Remastered really does make for a markedly better experience.
  • UK copyright police hit piracy sites where it hurts: their wallets (2014-07-29 09:40:00)
  • Windows Phone fans finally have something to be excited for this year (2014-07-29 09:35:31)
    This hasn’t been the most exciting year for Windows Phone hardware, most likely because Microsoft has been devoting a lot of energy to finalizing its plans for what to do with the recently acquired Nokia handset division. However, things may be about to change because new reports suggest that we’re going to see some brand-new Windows Phone devices hit the market very soon. The Verge’s Tom Warren reports that Microsoft is planning to release two new Windows Phone devices this fall — a low-end device that will be primarily marketed as a “selfie” phone that features a 5-megapixel front-facing camera and a more high-end model that will feature a PureView camera and will be a replacement for the Lumia 720.
  • Two Americans in West Africa have ebola. Why aren't they coming home? (2014-07-29 09:30:39)
    The current ebola outbreak is the largest in history, with 672 dead in Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone. At least two Americans have now been infected with the disease: Dr. Kent Brantly of Texas and Nancy Writebol of North Carolina, who both worked in an ebola clinic in Monrovia, Liberia. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which has been active in the ebola crisis, says there is no established protocol for evacuating American aid workers. "Whether an American citizen would be transported to another country would be determined on a case by case basis, and it’s something we’re working now on figuring out now," spokesperson Kristen Nordlund tells The Verge.
  • Autism Parents Build Virtual Birdhouse for Others (2014-07-29 09:27:37)
    Dani Gillman was a single mom in Metro Detroit with an autistic daughter, Brodie, who ran a popular blog detailing her daughter's challenges and successes as a way to help other parents of autistic children. Using a pencil and paper, she vigilantly kept track of her daughter's daily regimen, including diet, medications and vitamins, sleeping...
  • Apple unveils updated MacBook Pro notebooks (2014-07-29 09:25:12)
    All 13- or 15-inch notebooks also get upgraded to the latest iteration of Intel's Haswell processor, so performance and battery life will also get an upward push. With the smaller Retina display notebooks that means dual-core Intel Core i5 processors that offer up to 2.8GHz with additional Turbo Boost speeds of up to 3.3HGz while the bigger notebooks get quad-core Intel Core i7 processors up to 2.5 GHz with Turbo Boost speeds up to 3.7 GHz. For an extra $700 or €700, consumers will be able to snap up a 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display boasting a 2.2 GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 processor with Turbo Boost speeds up to 3.4 GHz, 16GB of memory, 256GB of flash storage and Intel Iris Pro graphics.
  • Russia Regains Control of Its Space Sex Geckos (2014-07-29 09:17:57)
    Last week, Russia's space agency lost contact with their satellite of geckos. The Foton-M4 satellite was launched July 19th, and stopped responding last Wednesday after Russia attempted to send it into higher orbit. Four female and one male gecko were aboard in order to study the effect weightlessness had on their sex life.
  • Here’s the iPhone 6 you don’t want to preorder (2014-07-29 09:15:25)
    The iPhone 6 isn’t even officially out yet, and more than 30 sellers are already ready to offer preorders for the handset before it’s officially announced by Apple. Luxury retailer Brikk has decided to throw its hat into the iPhone 6 preorder ring as well, and allow potential buyers to request their custom, and extremely expensive, 24-karat gold iPhone 6, CNET reports. FROM EARLIER: Apple wants to make it even easier for you to buy an iPhone 6 in its retail stores The device will come either in black or white and will be finished in either 24-karat yellow or pink gold, or in pure platinum. Furthermore, the Apple logo on the back can be adorned with 1.08 carats worth of
  • Watch 'The Last of Us' as a live-action stage show (2014-07-29 09:09:56)
    Appropriately called "The Last of Us: One Night Live," the performance featured live reads of some of the game's more important scenes, a few terrific musical performances, along with thoughts from director and writer Neil Druckmann. "It's really weird to put video games up on a stage," said Druckmann.
  • Apple updates MacBook Pro laptops, cuts price of older model (2014-07-29 09:09:54)
    (Reuters) - Apple Inc said it updated its MacBook Pro line of laptops with a high-resolution Retina display, faster processors and higher memory for a starting price of $1,299. The world's largest technology company also lowered the price of its older 13-inch MacBook Pro by $100 to $1,099. Apple shares were up marginally in premarket trading on Tuesday, after closing at $99.02 on Monday on the Nasdaq. (Reporting by Supantha Mukherjee in Bangalore; Editing by Savio D'Souza)
  • BlackBerry buffs up security credentials with Secusmart deal (2014-07-29 09:06:56)
    By Euan Rocha NEW YORK (Reuters) - BlackBerry Ltd is buying a privately held German firm that specializes in voice and data encryption, it said on Tuesday, in a bid to burnish its credentials with highly security-conscious clients like government ‎agencies. The acquisition is the latest by the smartphone pioneer to build on niche areas in an attempt to reinvent itself under new Chief Executive John Chen and recover ground ceded to Apple's iPhone and Samsung Electronics Co's Galaxy devices. Chen wants to remain a competitor in the smartphone segment, but is focused on building on BlackBerry's strong mobile device management abilities by beefing up its security and corporate app offerings. Secusmart's technology is currently being used to protect the devices of government officials in both Canada and Germany, including the BlackBerry device used by German Chancellor Angela Merkel in the wake of the U.S. spying scandal last year.
  • Bike of the future removes the need to shift gears, pedal up hills or pack a lock (2014-07-29 08:53:00)
  • This might be the worst advice BlackBerry has ever received (2014-07-29 08:50:19)
    We’ve seen a lot of different ideas for how BlackBerry can turn itself around over the years but none of them has ever struck us as flat-out crazy… until now. IntoMobile’s Dusan Belic says that BlackBerry needs to make a big move to counter Apple’s huge deal with IBM and that the best way to do this would be by partnering with HP. Yes, that HP. Essentially, Belic thinks that BlackBerry needs to have a company with HP’s ties to the enterprise hawking its smartphones despite the fact that BlackBerry itself already has plenty of experience selling its smartphones to business customers. He also thinks that BlackBerry and HP could team up to create joint smartphone-laptop hybrid products along the
  • China investigating Microsoft in monopoly case (2014-07-29 08:46:11)
    BEIJING (AP) — China's anti-monopoly agency announced an investigation Tuesday of Microsoft Corp., stepping up regulatory pressure on foreign technology companies.
  • Co-op's trolley-mounted tablets want answers (2014-07-29 08:39:00)
  • Microsoft is about to launch a selfie phone and a new 'high-end' Windows Phone (2014-07-29 08:17:48)
    Microsoft is planning to launch two new Windows Phone 8.1 devices shortly. Sources familiar with the company’s plans tell The Verge that Microsoft devices chief Stephen Elop revealed both handsets during an internal company meeting this week. Microsoft’s selfie phone was previously revealed as codename Superman, a handset with a 5-megapixel forward-facing camera and 4.7-inch display. Tesla will likely debut as a Lumia 720 replacement, and it mark a new effort by Microsoft to push PureView down to even lower price points. The handset looks similar to the squared Lumia 930, but we understand it will be thinner and less bulky.
  • Using Facebook on your smartphone is about to get much more annoying (2014-07-29 08:15:10)
    Facebook may want to look up the phrase, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” TechCrunch reports that Facebook plans to take away the messaging feature from its core app and force users to download the separate Facebook Messenger app if they want to chat with their friends. Facebook has apparently been testing out using Messenger as its sole messaging app in Europe and has been encouraged by the results so far, TechCrunch says. TechCrunch says that the good news is that “mobile web, iPad, feature phone, Windows Phone, Paper, and desktop users can still message in their main Facebook apps or sites” for the time being and won’t be forced to use a separate app. WhatsApp users should also be happy with the
  • Viddy is an adorable pinhole camera made of reclaimed parts and cardboard (2014-07-29 08:11:00)
  • 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' poster puts exploding building above Sept. 11 release date (2014-07-29 08:04:52)
    The upcoming Michael Bay-produced Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is set to open on September 11th in Australia, which was today highlighted by a new promotional poster published to Paramount's Twitter and Facebook streams. The image was quickly retracted, however, after users reacted angrily to the combination of its release date and the artwork above it, depicting the four turtles jumping out of an exploding skyscraper. Evoking the tragic events of the World Trade Center attacks in New York 13 years ago was certainly not Paramount's intention, as evidenced by the fact that this particular poster had already been used a week earlier, albeit without the offending opening date.
  • Apple Gives MacBook Pros Speed Boost, More RAM (2014-07-29 07:59:16)
    Putting more pro in the MacBook Pro, Apple has upgraded its 13- and 15-inch Retina display laptops, offering faster Intel Haswell processors along with more RAM standard. But how much more notebook do you get for your money?
  • China regulator announces anti-monopoly probe of Microsoft (2014-07-29 07:52:22)
    By Paul Carsten BEIJING (Reuters) - A Chinese regulator said on Tuesday it is conducting an anti-monopoly investigation into Microsoft Corp over its Windows operating system, in the latest in a growing number of competition probes that have unnerved Western firms in China. China's State Administration for Industry & Commerce (SAIC) was also investigating a Microsoft vice president and senior managers, and had made copies of the firm's financial statements and contracts, the agency said on its website. It said Microsoft, which has struggled to make inroads in China due to rampant piracy, had not fully disclosed information about Windows and its Office software suite. Microsoft is one of the biggest U.S. companies to fall under the eye of Chinese regulators as they ramp up their oversight in an apparent attempt to protect local companies and customers.
  • Motorola Nexus 6 reportedly really coming, as Android Silver might be delayed (2014-07-29 07:40:25)
    Google and Motorola are apparently indeed working together on a Nexus 6 smartphone, a phablet of gigantic proportions unlike anything Motorola has done while under Google. Following a recent report from Android Police, which has obtained details about the Motorola “Shamu” Nexus 6, The Information said that it has been able to independently verify the device, adding that Google’s rumored Android Silver line of premium devices may be delayed. “Motorola is also getting a boost from working on an undisclosed phone-tablet project with Google—the type of initiative which, ironically, it could not pursue as a Google subsidiary due to concerns about favoring the house-owned Android vendor over others,” the publication wrote. “After Lenovo agreed to buy Motorola, Google’s Android unit
  • Coub is Russia's answer to the GIF, and it's coming to America (2014-07-29 07:30:02)
    Coub says it has reached fairly massive scale, with more than 50 million unique visitors to its website each month, up from 8 million this time last year. It is on iOS and has an Android app in the works, but most of its usage still comes from the desktop, because Coub's best use case is not really creating new videos on the go, but making it easy to remix existing content. "Coub looks like a GIF, but it's better than GIF, because Coubs have sound," said Anton Gladkoborodov, the startup's co-founder and CEO. "It's very easy to find video and trim it, simpler than making a Tweet." Coub's website is minimal, with a button for creating new Coubs and a feed displaying recent additions.
  • Microsoft offices in China raided over monopoly allegations (2014-07-29 07:23:59)
    Four of Microsoft’s offices in China were raided yesterday as part of an anti-monopoly investigation. China's State Administration for Industry and Commerce (SAIC) has revealed that around 100 officials made unannounced visits to Microsoft’s offices in China, seeking information on Microsoft’s security features and the way it bundles software. Microsoft was quick to issue a statement yesterday when news of the raids broke, noting that the software maker would "actively cooperate" with the government. China’s investigation appears to have been prompted by complaints from rival companies over the past year about compatibility issues with some of Microsoft’s Windows and Office software.
  • Microsoft and Intel's latest development board will cost you $300 (2014-07-29 07:22:00)
  • Wireless Charging Tech Sends Power Through Clothes, Books (2014-07-29 07:11:37)
    The Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP) just released its Rezence specification for wireless power transfer so any hardware vendor can make a charger that can penetrate cloth and other materials. Called the Rezence Baseline System Specification (BSS), the standard is a set of guidelines that allows manufacturers to build a wireless charging device that is compatible with the platform. The choice of other components, such as power amplifiers, DC-to-DC converters, rectifiers and microprocessors, are left up to the individual designer.
  • Apple’s best yet Retina MacBook Pros are already here (2014-07-29 06:45:44)
    After a leaked imaged suggested Apple may be getting ready to release new Retina MacBook Pro models this week, the company went ahead and updated its online stores with the 2014 versions of its top of the line laptop. All models received processor and memory bumps, with some versions also getting a price reduction, similar to what the company did with its 2014 MacBook Airs. All 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro laptops now have 8GB of on-board memory, even the entry-level model that previously shipped with 4GB of RAM out of the box. All models also received a 200MHz processor speed bump compared to their respective 2013 versions. Pricing for the 13-inch models remains the same, starting at $1,299 and going
  • You can now watch Blu-ray 3D movies on your PlayStation 4 (2014-07-29 06:34:00)
  • Microsoft's Cortana now integrates Foursquare results (2014-07-29 06:10:21)
    Microsoft invested $15 million in Foursquare earlier this year, and now the software maker is using the location data to improve its Cortana digital assistant. Windows Phone 8.1 users have started seeing prompts to add nearby suggested places into Cortana’s Notebook of features recently. The new feature simply surfaces nearby Foursquare locations that are popular, including restaurants, bars, and places of interest. Foursquare’s suggestions appear in cards alongside other Cortana interests, and selecting one will immediately launch the Foursquare app to show a more detailed view of the place.
  • China regulator in anti-monopoly probe of Microsoft (2014-07-29 06:03:18)
    By Paul Carsten BEIJING (Reuters) - A Chinese regulator said on Tuesday it is conducting an anti-monopoly investigation into Microsoft Corp because the firm has not fully disclosed information about its Windows operating system and Microsoft Office software. China's State Administration for Industry & Commerce (SAIC) was investigating a Microsoft vice president and senior managers, and has made copies of the firm's financial statements and contracts, the SAIC said on its website. Microsoft is one of the biggest U.S. companies to fall under the eye of Chinese regulators as they ramp up their oversight in an apparent attempt to protect local companies and customers.
  • LG launches the curious Tab Book 11 (2014-07-29 06:02:24)
    It's essentially an 11.6-inch Android tablet, but one that seems to think it's a Chromebook or a laptop. For a start, it has a slide-out keyboard and behind the IPS display is a very potent Intel Haswell Core i5 processor. This is the sort of chipset usually reserved for notebooks like the 13-inch MacBook Pro, meaning that, from a performance aspect seeing as it's just running Android, it's like using a sledgehammer to tap in a nail. Rich media like videos take up a lot of space but the Tab Book 11 has a 128GB solid state drive plus support for MicroSD cards for further memory expansion.
  • Spotify's iOS app gets equalizer feature with custom settings and 22 presets (2014-07-29 06:00:00)
  • Apple gives Retina MacBook Pros a speed boost ahead of Yosemite rollout (2014-07-29 05:18:00)
  • Orange's network investments help ward off low-cost rivals in France (2014-07-29 05:17:33)
    By Leila Abboud and Gwénaëlle Barzic PARIS (Reuters) - Telecoms operator Orange's investment in faster fiber and mobile broadband networks in its French home market has started to pay off, as its high-end focus insulates it from cut- price fixed plans offered by rival Bouygues. As France's largest carrier reported second-quarter results in line with forecasts on Tuesday, it said that some 60 percent of new mobile customers were signing up for high-end plans that include 4G and that 50,000 new customers had signed up to its fiber broadband offers, taking the total to 415,000. Orange shares are up about 30 percent so far this year, the biggest gainers among Europe's large-cap telecom firms, as investors bet on its recovery from a French price war touched off by low-cost player Iliad's entry to the mobile market in 2012 as well as possible consolidation. Bouygues took the price battle to the fixed broadband market this March with a TV, Internet and fixed-line phone bundle at 19.99 euros ($26.9) a month, a move that analysts said risked hurting Orange since it has the largest fixed client base.
  • Facebook to drop messaging from main mobile app (2014-07-29 05:07:18)
    Following what the company describes as a successful trial in Europe, the world's largest social network is going to confine the ability to message Facebook friends solely to the dedicated Facebook Messenger app. Over the coming days users of both the Android and iPhone versions of Facebook's mobile app will discover that when they receive a message from a friend -- be it a straight text, a selfie or a video -- rather than being able to read it within the app, they will get a notification that a message has arrived and that in order to view it they will have to install Facebook Messenger. Facebook is yet to take to its official blog to announce this global mobile migration but, when pushed, it did release an official statement to the media, saying: "In the next few days, we're continuing to notify more people that if they want to send and receive Facebook messages, they'll need to download the Messenger app. As we've said, our goal is to focus development efforts on making Messenger the best mobile messaging experience possible and avoid the confusion of having separate Facebook mobile messaging experiences.
  • Apple's MacBook Pros with Retina display now have faster processors and more memory (2014-07-29 04:57:55)
    Apple's just updated its top of the line MacBook Pro with Retina display lineup with speedier chips, right in the middle of the back to school season. New today are three updated 13-inch models, and two 15-inch notebooks that have Intel's newest i5 and i7 Haswell processors. The entry-level 13-inch model now comes with a 2.6 Intel Core i5 chip and 8GB of memory instead of the 2.4GHz Core i5 chip, and 4GB of memory Apple was offering yesterday. Apple's also made a change on the entry-level 15-inch model, bumping the memory up to 16GB from 8GB and the processor from 2.0GHz to 2.2GHz.
  • George R.R. Martin says he is 'not obsessed with weenies' (2014-07-29 04:45:02)
    George R.R. Martin strongly prefers boobies to weenies, according to his brief chat with Clevver News at Comic-Con, an event he has been attending since 1987. Last year, South Park had portrayed the celebrated author as obsessed with the male genitalia, possibly due to certain explicit descriptions found in the Song of Ice and Fire books. When asked, Martin enthusiastically refuted the accuracy of the claim, stating it was a "scurrilous rumor" before cheerily explaining, "I have nothing against weenies. Weenies are fine, but I am not obsessed with weenies. ...
  • HTC One with Windows Phone reportedly coming to Verizon this August (2014-07-29 04:13:52)
    A Windows Phone version of the HTC One has been a long-standing rumor, but it now appears the handset might be close to launching imminently. The Verge revealed at the weekend that HTC is testing a Windows Phone version of the One M8, and WP Central now claims the device will launch on Verizon on August 21st. Labelled the “One (M8) for Windows,” HTC’s latest Windows Phone is expected to be a carbon copy of its Android handset, complete with BoomSound speakers and Duo cameras. HTC’s One M8 for Windows will likely ship with Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 installed, alongside the Dot View case that uses the new smart cover support that Microsoft recently revealed to phone makers. There’s no word on an exclusive for Verizon, but the US carrier has typically stocked special Windows Phone variants from HTC and Nokia that haven’t been made available on rival carriers.
  • Opportunity rover breaks record for longest distance driven off-Earth (2014-07-29 03:50:00)
  • 'Mike Tyson Mysteries' looks like Scooby-Doo on hallucinogens (2014-07-29 03:10:02)
    Evil is about to be punched in the face. Adult Swim recently revealed a sneak peek of Mike Tyson Mysteries, an upcoming animated series that will star the tattooed boxer, a ghost, a teenage girl, and an acerbic, alcoholic pigeon with a taste for human women. The two-minute clip is rife with bizarre situations and questionably written dialogue, including a brief glimpse of Tyson riding a purple pterodactyl with a rocket launcher in hand. Mike Tyson Mysteries is slated to begin airing later in fall. ...
  • Cortana now taps into Foursquare to give you recommendations for lunch (2014-07-29 02:35:00)
  • Daniel Radcliffe turns devilish in new trailer for paranormal murder mystery 'Horns' (2014-07-29 02:32:24)
    Harry Potter might be a movie murderer. Daniel Radcliffe, who played the teen wizard in the eight-film series, has moved on to very different roles since his time at Hogwarts ended. His upcoming film, Horns, sees him adopting an American accent and being accused of killing his girlfriend. The movie's latest trailer aired first at Comic-Con, and opens with Radcliffe in happier times, before shifting to show him trying to cope as bony appendages grow out of his head and his life falls apart.
  • The game controller that trains your pelvic floor muscles (2014-07-29 01:19:00)
  • Huawei says ships 34 million smartphones in H1 globally, up 62 percent year-on-year (2014-07-29 00:12:52)
    By Yimou Lee HONG KONG (Reuters) - China's Huawei Technologies Co Ltd said smartphone shipments in the first half rose 62 percent year-on-year, as it targets the more expensive smartphone sector dominated by Samsung Electronics Co Ltd and Apple Inc. Shenzhen-based Huawei has shipped 34.27 million smartphones globally in the first six months ending June 30 - about 43 percent of its annual shipment target of 80 million, according to Reuters' calculations based on figures provided by Huawei. "We recorded faster growth in areas such as Middle East and Africa and Latin America, with 275 percent and 550 percent year-on-year growth in the second quarter, respectively," Shao Yang, vice president of marketing in the consumer business group, told Reuters in a written statement. "Based on the growth momentum at the moment, we are firmly moving toward our full-year target," Shao said, adding that smartphones are now accounting for 97 percent of Huawei's global phone shipments.
  • Rhapsody bets on carrier partnerships to grow its music service (2014-07-29 00:01:00)
  • Microsoft targeted in apparent Chinese anti-trust probe (2014-07-28 23:53:43)
    Microsoft Corp appears to be the latest U.S. company targeted by China for anti-trust investigation after government officials paid sudden visits to the software firm's Chinese offices on Monday. Representatives from China's State Administration for Industry & Commerce (SAIC) made the visits to Microsoft offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chengdu, according to local media reports that were confirmed by Microsoft. A Microsoft spokeswoman said the company was "happy to answer the government's questions", but declined to give any further information.
  • 'The Last of Us' looks better on PS4 but it's not perfect (2014-07-28 23:38:00)
  • Forget Apple – the iPhone alone is as big as McDonald’s and Coca Cola combined (2014-07-28 22:30:38)
    Let’s start with the obvious: the iPhone has been a massive, unequivocal success. Every subsequent release seems to break the records that the last one set before it, and now with the biggest hardware overhaul in the phone’s history rumored to be coming this fall, the books are primed to be rewritten once again. But before any of that happens, Jordan Weissmann of Slate has decided to take a step back and see just how big the iPhone really is (and we’re not talking about the 5.5-inch phablet). The question Weissmann posed was this: “If Apple’s product lines were their own companies now, which corporations would they stack up against?” Using this quarter’s earnings, Weissmann discovered that Apple’s iPhone line (easily its most successful product line),
  • LG's 105-inch 4K TV is here, if you can afford it (2014-07-28 22:30:00)
  • Flash sale site Rue La La explores sale; Gilt interested: sources (2014-07-28 22:06:09)
    Online flash sale site Rue La La, which counts eBay as an investor, is exploring a sale that could value the company at around $400 million, people familiar with the matter said on Monday. Boston-based Rue La La, which has attracted interest from online shopping site Gilt Groupe, has hired JPMorgan Chase & Co to advise a potential sale, the people said. Representatives for Rue La La and Gilt Groupe did not immediately respond to requests for comment. Founded in 2008, Rue La La was acquired for $350 million by e-commence and marketing services company GSI Commerce, which was bought three years later by eBay.
  • Google's next Nexus device is reportedly a super-sized phablet (2014-07-28 22:06:00)
  • Why HBO won’t ditch cable, no matter how much you beg it to (2014-07-28 21:15:37)
    HBO gets it: You want to be able to subscribe to its content without having to pay for a bunch of other channels you don’t want. However, just because HBO understands what you want, that doesn’t mean it care. Re/code’s Peter Kafka has an excellent post explaining why HBO isn’t going to pull a Netflix and offer a standalone online subscription, no matter how much you beg it to do so. It basically boils down to this: HBO is making money hand-over-fist from its current arrangements with cable providers and it faces no incentive to change its business model, even if it means that an unprecedented number of people are pirating its shows. “HBO depends on the pay TV providers to market
  • Self-driving mini truck put to the test by US Marines (2014-07-28 21:05:00)
  • Engadget Daily: credit card skimming, floating 'Star Wars' holograms and more! (2014-07-28 20:27:00)
  • Holographic politicians could soon become a normal thing in the US (2014-07-28 20:07:56)
    Earlier this year, India's prime minister Narendra Modi was campaigning for reelection and used a rather unusual method for being in many different places at once: he became a hologram. Not biologically, but with the help of a company called NChant3D that broadcast his nearly hour-long speech in 53 different locations. Here come America's Founding Fathers as holograms The result could be long-dead politicians from America's Founding Fathers, to more recent and beloved party figureheads like Ronald Reagan and John F. Kennedy.
  • Samsung is ‘hiring like crazy’ trying to come up with original ideas (2014-07-28 20:00:27)
    Samsung’s biggest fear is that it will become just another small-margin smartphone vendor along the lines of LG, HTC, Xiaomi and countless others. This is why it’s invested so many resources into creating its own Tizen mobile platform and why it’s tried unsuccessfully to heavily modify Android with overlays like Magazine UX to move its mobile devices beyond being vehicles for Google’s Android platform. Business Insider now reports that Samsung is “hiring like crazy” in anticipation of its massive, yet-to-be-opened Silicon Valley research and development center to come up with fresh ideas for whatever the company’s “next big thing” will be. Bob Brennan, the senior vice president of Samsung’s Memory System Application Lab, tells Business Insider that his unit is scooping up “top
  • What's on your HDTV: 'Sharknado 2', 'Twin Peaks' Blu-ray, TLoU and NFL (2014-07-28 19:57:00)
  • HTC's next Windows Phone is coming to Verizon with an awkward name (2014-07-28 19:21:00)
  • BMW's fast electric car charger rolls out to the US (2014-07-28 18:54:00)
  • Your smartphone is about to kill off another piece of arcane technology (2014-07-28 18:45:35)
    Smartphones have effectively replaced a lot of the gadgets that we used to buy, including calculators, compasses, alarm clocks and dedicated GPS trackers. And now The Wall Street Journal reports that smartphones look poised to kill off another antiquated piece of technology — hotel key cards. Per the Journal, Hilton is planning to implement technology that will let its guests use their smartphones to open up their hotel rooms starting next year. The new integration of smartphones as hotel keys is part of a $550 million investment that Hilton is making to make it easier for guests to use their smartphones not just to unlock their rooms but to pick out their rooms and to check in and out of hotels.
  • Ancient Reddit prank Cat Facts is now a real app to troll your friends (2014-07-28 18:28:02)
    Two and a half years ago, a Reddit user named frackyou decided to pull a prank on her teenage cousin, who had posted on Facebook that "he was bored" while offering up his phone number as a plea for entertainment. What proceeded is the stuff of internet trolling legend, with a series of texts purporting to be from an SMS service called "Cat Facts" that would deliver "fun daily facts about CATS!" every hour. It's the creation of Kyle Venn, a former developer for PayPal and RunKeeper, who has put together an Android app designed to do one thing, and one thing only: send cat facts.
  • Facebook is about to make everyone use the standalone Messenger app (2014-07-28 18:18:00)
  • Ex-Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer can buy the LA Clippers, judge rules (2014-07-28 18:13:24)
    Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is clear to move ahead with his $2 billion purchase of the LA Clippers today after a judge ruled against the current owner's objection to the sale, reports The New York Times. Ballmer brokered his deal for the team with owner Donald Sterling's wife, who was said at the time to have legal standing to sell the team, after her husband was banned for life from the NBA for making a series of racist statements. The judge also ruled that the Clippers' sale to Ballmer could go through immediately, the Times reports. Ballmer's purchase of the Clippers comes very shortly after his departure from Microsoft — it'll be a very different business to run, but there's good reason to believe that Ballmer can make good money from the team.
  • Facebook urges users to download Messenger before chat disappears from mobile app (2014-07-28 18:05:22)
    In April, Facebook announced plans to pull messaging from its core mobile apps in favor of moving all chat activity to Messenger. Facebook isn't yet forcing anyone to make the switch; Facebook is trying to make things as seamless as possible and says you won't lose your place when hopping between apps. The company also insists Messenger offers a faster experience with more ways of keeping in touch with your friends (voice messages, video, and of course stickers).
  • Microsoft will launch another new Surface tablet in October – but not the Surface mini (2014-07-28 18:00:12)
    Microsoft reportedly had plans to unveil a new Surface mini tablet alongside the Surface Pro 3 earlier this year, but the company supposedly cancelled those plans when it realized the mini tablet didn’t offer much in the way of compelling differentiation. Some reports suggest the Surface mini is back in the mix and could launch later this summer, while others state that tablet has been shelved indefinitely. Whatever the case may be, it looks like Microsoft has another new Surface tablet in store for us this fall. According to a new report on Monday from Digitimes that cites unnamed Taiwan-based sources in Microsoft’s supply chain, a new Surface will enter volume production in September ahead of an October debut. Few details are
  • OKCupid treats your love life like a lab rat (2014-07-28 17:43:00)
  • Cynk shares fall below $1; traders see further decline (2014-07-28 17:24:08)
    By Rodrigo Campos NEW YORK (Reuters) - Cynk Technologies, which was briefly worth billions of dollars last month, saw its shares fall below $1 on Monday, and traders say it is only a matter of time before the stock is once again worth next-to-nothing. Most traders interviewed said the stock is likely to keep falling until it is once again worth no more than a few cents. In addition, short sellers who had borrowed the stock were also buying it to close out positions, also elevating the price a bit, traders said. A trader at Canaccord, who would not identify himself, said any volume was attributable to short covering -- traders who are buying because they had borrowed stock to sell it on the expectation of a price drop.
  • Apple wants to make it even easier for you to buy an iPhone 6 in its retail stores (2014-07-28 17:18:58)
    Apple will reportedly offer potential iPhone buyers a new way of acquiring iPhones in its retail stores, in addition to on-contract, prepaid and full price purchases, 9to5Mac has learned. The company will apparently test drive iPhone purchases via carriers’ early upgrade programs, including AT&T Next, T-Mobile Jump and Verizon Edge. It’s not known whether Sprint’s One Up plan will also be supported. FROM EARLIER: 5.5-inch iPhone 6 and new iPads reportedly heading to production in September Following the test phase, the new iPhone purchase option could be rolled out to all Apple retail stores in the U.S., likely in time for the iPhone 6 launch, which is expected to be the biggest iPhone launch in Apple’s history. With either AT&T’s, T-Mobile’s
  • Stackable cells allow you to sleep on top of your friends at music festivals (2014-07-28 17:16:13)
    There may be a much more comfortable and stylish way to stay the night next time you head to a big music festival. Two Belgian design firms have created an efficient new type of campsite that stacks tiny sleeping pods together like a honeycomb.
  • Meet the judges of Engadget Expand's Insert Coin 2014 competition (2014-07-28 17:15:00)
  • With PlayStation network, Sony goes back to the future in search of revival (2014-07-28 17:03:56)
    By Reiji Murai TOKYO (Reuters) - Japan's Sony Corp is hammering out plans to rise from the ashes of nearly $10 billion lost in six years by building a future around its last consumer electronics blockbuster - the PlayStation. Sony plans to reposition the video console warhorse as a hub for a network of streamed services, according to three senior officials, offering social media, movies and music as well as games. The plans to coax more revenue from the PlayStation's network of users are being developed by a new breed of managers brought in by Chief Executive Kazuo Hirai. Analysts say if Sony gets it right, the game and network business could earn about $1 billion in the fiscal year from April 2016 - making it the most profitable part of the company bar a financial services unit.
  • OkCupid admits to Facebook-style experimenting on customers (2014-07-28 16:55:38)
    By Sarah McBride SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - OkCupid, a top U.S. matchmaking website, regularly mismatches users to test its technology, the IAC/InterActive Corp service revealed on Monday, weeks after Facebook Inc admitted to misleading users in a psychological study. "When we tell people they are a good match, they act as if they are," co-founder Christian Rudder wrote in a blog post. "Even when they should be wrong for each other." Conversely, couples told they were bad matches, even when OkCupid's algorithm showed the opposite, were less likely to exchange four messages. Experiments are how you sort all this out." An IAC spokeswoman said OkCupid planned to continue with the experiments, which are known in the business as A/B testing.
  • Leaked footage shows Halo: The Master Chief Collection in action (2014-07-28 16:48:35)
    Although Halo: The Master Chief Collection comprises four games we’ve already played, 343 Industries still hasn’t shown off much in the way of gameplay footage since announcing the project at E3 this year. That changed this week when the team took the stage at Comic-Con to reveal not only the gorgeous new cinematics that would be appearing in Halo 2, but also the graphical differences between Halo 2 remastered on the Xbox One and the original game, which you can swap between with a single button press. During the Comic-Con presentation, The Spawn Point Blog managed to secretly capture both the footage you see above as well as a rundown of the collection’s immense multiplayer offering, featuring over 100 maps from all four Halo
  • ​NVIDIA found a way to quadruple display performance in low-res LCDs (2014-07-28 16:47:00)
  • NVIDIA found a way to quadruple display performance in low-res LCDs (2014-07-28 16:47:00)
  • Exclusive: Flash sale site Rue La La explores sale; Gilt interested - sources (2014-07-28 16:36:41)
    Online flash sale site Rue La La, which counts eBay as an investor, is exploring a sale that could value the company at around $400 million, people familiar with the matter said on Monday. Boston-based Rue La La, which has attracted interest from online shopping site Gilt Groupe, has hired JPMorgan Chase & Co to advise a potential sale, the people said. Representatives for Rue La La and Gilt Groupe did not immediately respond to requests for comment. Founded in 2008, Rue La La was acquired for $350 million by e-commence and marketing services company GSI Commerce, which was bought three years later by eBay.
  • Hack-Proof Drones? This Could Make It Happen (2014-07-28 16:29:34)
    Drones are an integral part of modern warfare, which is just one of many reasons why it would be unusually bad if malefactors were able to hack them. (See the recently finished season of 24.) seL4, an ironclad drone programming protocol, is about to go open-source, allowing both governments and enthusiasts to keep their autonomous flying machines secure.
  • Video: Cortana trolls Siri in new TV commercial (2014-07-28 16:24:51)
    Microsoft has a new TV commercial for its Windows Phone 8.1 Cortana assistant in which it’s taking new shots at one of its biggest competitors, Apple’s voice-based assistant Siri. The new ad, titled “Happy Anniversary,” shows a smartphone user issuing certain commands to an iPhone 5s (Siri) and a Lumia 635 (Cortana), with only the latter able to recognize them and deliver appropriate responses. FROM EARLIER: How Microsoft plans to give Cortana more brain power than anything Siri can muster Microsoft is basically advertising Cortana’s context-aware algorithm, which will let a Windows Phone user set up a reminder based on a certain type of command that uses various elements, including location and/or the user’s relationship with a person. Interestingly, while Google’s Google Now assistant can offer plenty
  • FAA wants Southwest Airlines to pay $12 million penalty for sloppy maintenance (2014-07-28 16:21:58)
    The FAA is seeking a $12 million fine against Southern Airlines after finding that the Dallas-based airline did a lackluster job overseeing repairs on Boeing 737 jetliners. Back in 2006, Southwest carried out "extreme makeover" alterations that were intended to "eliminate potential cracking of the aluminum skin on 44 jetliners," the FAA says.
  • GM is bringing wireless phone charging to some Cadillac cars (2014-07-28 16:19:00)
  • Civil Rights Clash: Transhumanists Prepare to Challenge an Anti-Cryonics Law in Canada (2014-07-28 16:12:10)
    British Columbia, the westernmost province of Canada that is home to over 4 million people, has a law on the books that prohibits the marketing or sale of services for cryonics. You can still deep-freeze people after they die in the province, but as you might guess, without advertising, it makes it nearly impossible to find willing funeral...
  • From Ursula to Jon Snow: our favorite cosplay of Comic-Con 2014 (2014-07-28 16:03:34)
    Tens of thousands of people descend on San Diego for Comic-Con each year, making it the perfect place for cosplayers to show off some of their best outfits. It’s hard not to be almost-constantly wowed by the costume work while walking around the convention floor, but some outfits stood well above the rest in terms of accuracy, attention to detail, or just sheer awesomeness.
  • Is the world’s best Android phone about to become the world’s best Windows Phone too? (2014-07-28 16:01:00)
    The HTC One (M8) is definitely a top contender for the title of being 2014′s best Android phone and now it might become 2014′s best Windows Phone as well. Tom Warren’s sources claim that HTC is planning to make a Windows Phone version of the One (M8) that will supposedly release later this year.  PhoneArena chimes in to add that HTC’s flagship Windows Phone may be called the HTC One (W8) and will even include the same Duo Camera and BoomSound speakers found in the Android version. PhoneArena’s sources say that the Windows Phone version of the One (M8) will likely release on Verizon by the end of September. While it may seem strange that HTC would release the exact
  • Women's brains got a huge boost from better living conditions (2014-07-28 15:57:33)
    For psychologists, there’s no question that human cognition — the way we process information — has dramatically improved over the last century thanks to improvements in nutrition, health care, sanitation, and social equality. Those are the findings of a new study, published today in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, which stipulates that women’s cognitive abilities benefit far more from improvements in social conditions than men's do. "As living conditions increase, so do men and women’s cognitive abilities — but women’s more than men’s," says Agneta Herlitz, co-author of the study and a psychologist at Stockholm University in Sweden. Other studies have been able to show increases in cognition over time, Herlitz says, "but we show that this happens more for women than for men, and that gives rise to slightly different patterns in cognitive differences."
  • Airbnb launches dedicated portal for business travelers (2014-07-28 15:51:00)
  • Coming soon: a smartphone with a four-day battery life (2014-07-28 15:50:32)
    Unfortunately, battery technology isn't moving at the same pace as every other component in the latest generation of smartphones, meaning that, if anything, battery life is becoming comparatively shorter. Of course, as battery life is a hot topic, similar reports about breakthroughs make the headlines on a regular basis, but what makes this discovery, by the team headed up by Yi Cui, a professor of Material Science and Engineering, exciting is that it may have solved a problem that was at the core of existing lithium ion batteries.
  • These incredible 3D holograms make Star Wars sci-fi tech a reality (2014-07-28 15:33:36)
    After decades of incredible technological advancements, we now have a greater understanding of which former pipe dreams might be within reach and which are better left to the world of science fiction. Holographic video has been one of the sci-fi concepts slowly transitioning into the real world over the past several years, and this amazing project from Chris Helson and Sarah Jackets is about as close to the Star Wars hologram as we’ve ever seen. Profiled on The Creators Project, Helson says that the 3D video machine should not be confused with the 3D holograms we traditional think of: “We use the term holographic because there is nothing else like it,” said Helson. “The machine creates 360 [-degree] moving video objects apparently floating
  • Mozilla makes interim CEO's job permanent (2014-07-28 15:19:00)
  • Read an excerpt from Haruki Murakami's new novel (2014-07-28 15:18:26)
    Haruki Murakami has time and again proven himself as one of today's fiction greats, effortlessly jumping between the subtle and real and the strange and surreal over the course of novels and even chapters. His latest novel comes out in English on August 12th — a quick turnaround by translator Philip Gabriel, as the novel was only released in Japanese back in April 2013. Titled Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage, the new novel is said to blend in the type of dreamlike elements that Murakami fans have come to expect from his longer stories. ...
  • Watch the full 'Interstellar' Comic-Con panel with Christopher Nolan and Matthew McConaughey (2014-07-28 15:10:50)
    Even after this week's Comic-Con panel, we still don't know much about Christopher Nolan's upcoming film Interstellar. Will there be wormholes? Check. An internal emotional struggle for our main protagonist, a pilot played by Matthew McConaughey? Check, check, check. You can now watch the 15-minute panel yourself, with Nolan and his lead star reportedly making their first-ever appearance at Comic-Con. Two words of caution, however: one, the new footage that bookended the panel isn't included in the video. ...
  • Foxconn pulls out the big guns to ensure iPhone 6 production goes perfectly (2014-07-28 15:09:21)
    Apple is without question Foxconn’s largest and most important client. The China-based electronics manufacturing giant has seen its revenue skyrocket since it began building iPhones and iPads for Apple, and 2014 will seemingly be the biggest year yet for the iPhone, with two new models set to debut and as many as 80 million units on order. Since the iPhone 6 and “iPhone Air” phablet comprise Foxconn’s most important project ever, the company isn’t taking any chances — the biggest of Foxconn’s big guns has been called upon to ensure that everything goes as planned. FROM EARLIER: iPhone 6 release date may have just been revealed Digitimes on Monday cited multiple anonymous industry sources in reporting that Foxconn founder and chairman Terry
  • Microsoft targeted in apparent Chinese antitrust probe (2014-07-28 15:03:02)
    Microsoft Corp appears to be the latest U.S. company targeted by China for antitrust investigation as government officials paid sudden visits to the software firm's Chinese offices on Monday. Representatives from China's State Administration for Industry & Commerce, which is responsible for enforcing business laws, made the visits to Microsoft offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chengdu, according to local media reports that were confirmed by Microsoft. A Microsoft spokeswoman said the company was "happy to answer the government's questions," but declined to give any further information. A source close to the company said the visits were most likely the preliminary stage of an antitrust investigation.
  • The first trailer for 'The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies' shows a Middle-earth ready for war (2014-07-28 15:01:23)
    Attendees of Comic-Con 2014 may have been lucky enough to get a look at the first trailer for Peter Jackson's final Hobbit film, but now those of us who didn't make the trek to San Diego are getting our first look. The first teaser trailer for the newly-titled The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies is now online for all to view, and it shows a Middle-earth embroiled in massive conflict, with dwarves, elves, wizards, humans, a hobbit, and, of course, a massive, fire-breathing dragon all ready for war. To go along with the new trailer, the team behind the movie also released a dramatic new poster of Bilbo Baggins kneeling in reflection with his sword Sting. The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies is scheduled to premiere on December 17th.
  • Fears can be inherited through smell (2014-07-28 15:00:03)
    According to a new study, published today in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the mechanism might be scent — at least when the fear occurs in mice. "We found that the mother that expresses fear in the presence of their newborn pups passes her fear to her pups through scent," says Jacek Debiec, a psychiatrist at The University of Michigan and a co-author of the study. In the study, Debiec and his team exposed adult female mice to the smell of peppermint, a "neutral" scent, while giving them mild electric shocks. This produced long-term fear response in the female mice that researchers were then able to trigger using peppermint.
  • Fitbit's activity tracking app comes to Windows Phone (2014-07-28 14:50:00)
  • Amazon Opens a Store for 3D Printing Products (2014-07-28 14:44:19)
    Amazon has created a 3D printing store, where it will offer a platform for 3D printing businesses to sell printed products, as well as their printers and filaments. Some of the companies involved include printing giant Sculpteo, 3DLT and Mixee Labs. Amazon itself won't be involved in the manufacturing. Sculpteo CEO Clement Moreau told the Verge, "The online customer shopping experience will be redefined through 3D printing. In our interview with co-founder Steve Schell of 3D printing company New Matter, he mentioned that printing an iPhone case would cost only a few dollars in filament, and takes only about 45 minutes.
  • Cool new app turns your Android phone into a video game controller with gesture support (2014-07-28 14:41:51)
    When it comes to video games, mobile gaming grows more impressive with each new device generation. Controlling a game with on-screen buttons never quite offers the same experience as a physical video game controller though, so it seems odd that Ideum would put so much time and effort into creating an app that transforms an Android smartphone or tablet into a video game controller for PC gaming. The result is quite impressive, however, and it actually adds some nifty functionality that standard gaming controllers simply cannot offer. Ideum recently updated its GestureWorks Gameplay app to add Android compatibility, thus letting gamers use Android smartphones and tablets to play video games on their computers. Unlike typical controllers, Gameplay can be customized for each game and it
  • Fitbit is the first fitness band to support Windows Phone (2014-07-28 14:41:19)
    Companies appeared to be ignoring Microsoft’s platforms in favor of iOS and Android. Thanks to Windows Phone 8.1, that might be about to change. Bluetooth support is greatly improved with the 8.1 update, and Fitbit is the first to take advantage of it with a new mobile syncing app for Windows Phone 8.1. Fitbit’s Windows Phone 8.1 app will be available in the Store today, and just like its iOS and Android counterparts it will automatically sync Fitbit activity wirelessly.
  • The ‘Holy Grail’ of batteries might double your smartphone’s battery life (2014-07-28 14:14:45)
    Researchers from Stanford including former U.S. Secretary of Energy and Nobel laureate Steve Chu are currently working on “fixing” lithium-ion batteries in order to offer a longer charge to various devices that require such batteries, including smartphones and electric cars. A battery has three components including an anode that discharges electrons, a cathode to receive them and an electrolyte to provide electrons. Stanford researchers are trying to create a battery that has lithium in the anode as well, not only in the electrolyte. “Of all the materials that one might use in an anode, lithium has the greatest potential. Some call it the Holy Grail,” Stanford professor and leader of the research team Yi Cui said. “It is very lightweight
  • Slim down at home with P90X for Xbox Fitness (2014-07-28 14:13:00)
  • I unlocked my phone with a tattoo (2014-07-28 13:57:50)
    These methods range from the inconvenient and insecure, like Google’s Face Unlock system in Android, to the quick and painless, like Apple’s Touch ID on the iPhone 5S. Motorola debuted a number of new lockscreen options with the Moto X last year, including trusted Bluetooth devices and the Skip accessory. Last year, Regina Dugan, head of the group that came over to Google from Motorola, showed off concepts that lets you use a sticker on your skin to unlock your phone or swallow a pill that can authenticate you. The sticker is a temporary tattoo with an NFC chip inside, not unlike the cartoonish temporary tattoos you can purchase from vending machines in department stores across the country.
  • Brilliant new iOS app catalogs thousands of GIFs and puts them at your fingertips (2014-07-28 13:53:45)
    Here’s a new iOS app that will either delight your friends or make them want to murder you. Gifit, which went live on the App Store earlier this month, has cataloged “thousands and thousands” of GIFs and has made them searchable by several different topics, including the TV show they’re from, the celebrities they feature and even just the emotional reaction that they’re conveying. Once you find the GIF you’re looking for, you can send it in messages to your friends, which they’ll either find endearing or infuriating. So for instance, if you’re looking for a GIF that shows you feel vaguely annoyed at something, you can do a search for “eye roll” and Gifit will retrieve every GIF in its
  • OkCupid admits that it experiments on users, just like Facebook (2014-07-28 13:40:44)
    Facebook received a lot of backlash when news came out that it had manipulated users' news feeds in order to experiment on them, and today OkCupid is responding with the admission that it too has run experiments on users. OkCupid isn't apologizing for it though — rather, it's arguing that experiments across the web are good and necessary. "Guess what, everybody: if you use the internet, you’re the subject of hundreds of experiments at any given time, on every site," site co-founder Christian Rudder writes in a new blog post. Rudder goes on to detail three experiments that OkCupid has run, though two of them don't involve unknowing manipulation of its users.
  • Solid's vibrating handlebars navigate bike lanes on its 3D printed frame (2014-07-28 13:38:00)
  • Samsung’s plans to challenge Android fall apart yet again (2014-07-28 13:31:30)
    Samsung has hit another roadblock in its troubled journey to replace Android as the primary operating system for its mobile devices. The Wall Street Journal reports that Samsung is postponing the release of its first Tizen phone, the Samsung Z, which was originally set to go on sale in Russia in the third quarter of this year. The company didn’t give any specific reasoning for the delay, but did note that it still needs to “further enhance [the] Tizen ecosystem,” referencing the platform’s lack of software. This is only the latest in a string of setbacks keeping Tizen at bay while Android continues to dominate the mobile market. In January, Japan’s biggest carrier, NTT DoCoMo, revealed it would be indefinitely delaying its own
  • T-Mobile's new family plan is cheaper than AT&T's, but won't be for everyone (2014-07-28 13:28:38)
    T-Mobile thinks it's come up with a family plan that "blows away" anything from the competition. The Simple Choice Family Plan will be available beginning July 30th and T-Mobile will accept signups for through September. True to form, CEO John Legere wasted no time attempting to shame his company's rivals on Twitter. He primarily focused on AT&T and what the second-largest US carrier has recently called its own "best-ever" family plan pricing.
  • Zillow buying Trulia to build real estate titan (2014-07-28 13:14:33)
    NEW YORK (AP) — Zillow and Trulia, two companies that changed the way people shop for homes, are combining.
  • We got dizzy watching this GoPro video so you don’t have to (2014-07-28 13:14:06)
    More and more videos recorded with GoPro cameras are popping up online, some daring, some scary and some weird, as the tiny portable camera gets more and more popular. But what happens when a GoPro owner decides to stick his camera to one of the wheels of his car using nothing but duct tape and to record a short drive at 45mph or so? First of all, the resulting nearly 3-minute long video is impressive, showing yet another way the camera can be used to obtain some stunning visual effects. Secondly, you start to get dizzy, and the video seems awfully long. For more awesome GoPro videos, don’t forget to check our GoPro hub! There are plenty of lights, as the action takes
  • NPR One delivers personalized public radio on the go (2014-07-28 13:03:00)
  • Facebook Scam Tricks Users into Hacking Themselves (2014-07-28 12:57:25)
    The latest Facebook scam promises to give people the ability to hack into anyone's account. The scam appears as either an email or a Facebook post on your Timeline purportedly from a friend of the victim. "Hack any Facebook account following three steps," the scam promises.
  • Pirate paradise: New app streams movie torrents to Apple TV and Roku (2014-07-28 12:56:59)
    An app called Popcorn Time that has been dubbed the “Netflix for pirates” has been making waves recently because it makes finding and streaming pirated movies and TV shows easier than it has ever been before. The app is also quite sleek, with a nice user interface and, apparently, equally elegant code. The program’s code has been used in a number of similar apps, and now a new offering of particular interest has popped up: TorrenTV. “Popcorn Time is beautiful in code and in looks but I wanted to do two things that Popcorn Time didn’t allow me, [such as watching] movies directly on my TV,” TorrenTV’s creator told TorrentFreak in a recent interview. Of course, Carlos’s new app does just that. Using the TorrenTV
  • The judges who approve phone surveillance are buying Verizon stock (2014-07-28 12:55:05)
    As the world learns more about the NSA's global surveillance programs, the FISA court has come under new scrutiny as well. The court provides the legal authorization for much of the NSA's spying apparatus, including programs collecting phone records in bulk from phone companies like AT&T and Verizon. The report singles out three judges who own significant quantities of Verizon stock, including a judge who signed off on the request to renew the metadata program. It's not the first time these conflict-of-interest charges have been raised against the court, but there's still real doubt about whether the programs have helped or hurt Verizon.
  • The Trulia–Zillow merger could put the squeeze on real estate brokers (2014-07-28 12:51:48)
    Trulia and Zillow — have agreed to a merger. "They aren't even planning any integrations short term, just like with StreetEasy," says Doug Perlson, CEO of the online brokerage RealDirect. StreetEasy was another online-listings site acquired by Zillow last year. Zillow CEO Spencer Rascoff says the goal is to create a suite of real estate sites, much like IAC has done in the world of online matchmaking.
  • Alleged test footage shows how amazing a 'Deadpool' movie would be (2014-07-28 12:40:03)
    There's been talk of Hollywood making a movie out of the comic series Deadpool for a while now, and a couple years ago there was actually some forward progress. An animated clip of test footage was put together to show what the film would look like, and it appears that that footage has now leaked online. The animation is believed to have been made in 2012 by VFX artist Tim Miller, who worked on Edgar Wright's Scott Pilgrim movie and was on board to direct Deadpool, according to JoBlo. Ryan Reynolds was reported to be attached to star as Deadpool himself, and it certainly sounds like him in the clip.
  • Lady Gaga guest stars in latest 'Sin City: A Dame to Kill For' trailer (2014-07-28 12:38:14)
    Sin City: A Dame to Kill For comes out in a little under a month, and by now we're well aware of how stylish and downright bloody it's meant to be. But things can always get bloodier. In this latest spot that first debuted at Comic-Con this weekend, directors Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller both make short appearances as men dying slowly in an alley. "This rotten town," Miller croaks. "It slows everybody it touches." After that, it's pure carnage as we see plenty of returning faces, new stars... and even Lady Gaga as a waitress. We'll see more when it hits theaters on August 22nd.
  • New Samsung ad says bloatware makes Galaxy tablet buyers happy (2014-07-28 12:35:14)
    It’s one thing to have to abide by the requirements of carriers and include their bloatware alongside yours when selling a new smartphone – unless you’re Apple – but the same rules don’t have to apply to tablets. Unless you’re Samsung. The company has preloaded such “gifts” on the Galaxy S5 smartphone as well as on Galaxy Tab and Note Pro tablets from earlier this year. And the newly released Galaxy Tab S, with its gorgeous 2K Super AMOLED display, is no exception. In a new ad, the company says that Galaxy Tab S buyers are happier because their devices are packed with Galaxy Gifts that offer them access to premium content, adding that the company offers them more than 30 such apps. Luckily, at
  • Hilton will let you use your phone as a hotel room key (2014-07-28 12:31:00)
  • I torrented 'The Expendables 3' and I'm still going to see it in theaters (2014-07-28 12:30:03)
    The Expendables 3 comes out August 15th in thousands of theaters across America. I watched it Friday afternoon on my MacBook Air on a packed train from New York City to middle-of-nowhere Connecticut. Will everyone who might otherwise pay $17 to watch Sylvester Stallone And His Merry Men blow things up just download the movie instead? Leaking a month before its release might just be the best thing that ever happened to The Expendables 3.
  • T-Mobile just put Sprint’s ‘Framily’ plans to shame (2014-07-28 12:14:06)
    Anything Sprint tries to do, T-Mobile is determined to try to do better. T-Mobile on Monday unveiled a new family plan that will cost $100 per month for four separate lines and offer a total of 10GB of LTE data, or 2.5GB per line. In contrast, Sprint’s most comparable “Framily” plan costs $160 per month and offers a mere 4GB of data total, or 1GB per line. You can get an unlimited-data Sprint “Framily” plan, of course, but it will cost a total of $240 per month since the unlimited option costs an extra $20 per line. The T-Mobile plan also looks pretty good when compared to similar plans from AT&T and Verizon — both of those carriers will give you 10GB
  • Is Instagram doing enough to fix its account hijacking bug? (2014-07-28 12:00:02)
    If you're checking Instagram on public Wi-Fi, you may be exposing more than you realize. A security researcher named Mazin Ahmed has published a new report showing how easy it is to hijack an Instagram account, and taking the company to task for lax security. The technique relies on catching Instagram data in transit, either through an open Wi-Fi hotspot or a more sophisticated attack at the network level. If attackers can do that, Ahmed says, they'll be able to see unencrypted pictures, user IDs and account keys — potentially allowing outsiders to take over your account entirely.
  • PantryChic's Bluetooth ingredient dispenser is for lazy, type-A bakers (2014-07-28 12:00:00)
  • Google is helping James Frey build a multimedia sci-fi juggernaut (2014-07-28 11:55:02)
    On October 7th, author James Frey will release a novel about the apocalypse. It will hold an elaborate code, directing readers towards a key hidden somewhere in the real world. Fox is developing a movie concurrently, and Google's Niantic Labs, responsible for alternate-reality game Ingress, is making a new game based on the plot. A D&D dungeon master has been conscripted to maintain social media accounts for the characters, which he has done for the past year.
  • Is Apple intentionally slowing older iPhones to make you buy new ones? (2014-07-28 11:53:00)
    The New York Times cried wolf in late October last year, observing that the iPhone 4 has became more sluggish following the iOS 7 update and wondering, without any kind of data to back it up other than one user’s experience, whether Apple has intentionally slowed down performance on older smartphone models to convince more iPhone users to upgrade. However, the publication is now back with a more scientific approach to the quandary. In a new piece penned by Harvard economics professor Sendhil Mullainathan, the publication draws our attention to the correlation between iPhone launches and the perceived slowness of older devices. Similarly, the study looks at Galaxy S phone slowness and relation to new Galaxy S model launches. FROM EARLIER: 12
  • Amazon launches 3D printing store (2014-07-28 11:52:49)
    Amazon announced Monday the launch of an online store for 3D printed items to allow consumers to customize and personalize items like earrings, pendants, dolls and other objects. "The introduction of our 3D printed products store suggests the beginnings of a shift in online retail -- that manufacturing can be more nimble to provide an immersive customer experience. Sellers, in alignment with designers and manufacturers, can offer more dynamic inventory for customers to personalize and truly make their own," said Amazon's Petra Schindler-Carter in a statement The store "allows us to help sellers, designers and manufacturers reach millions of customers while providing a fun and creative customer experience to personalize a potentially infinite number of products at great prices across many product categories."
  • Liberia closing most borders to stop the spread of ebola (2014-07-28 11:50:52)
    Liberia is closing down most of its borders and quarantining certain communities as it attempts to crack down on the spread of ebola within the region, which has so far killed over 670, including 129 people in Liberia alone, reports the Associated Press. In addition to closing all but three of its border crossings and quarantining communities widely effected by the virus, the restrictions include limitations on public demonstrations and requirements that certain venues, such as restaurants, run a five-minute video on ebola. The current ebola outbreak became the largest ever recorded over a month ago, and it's still spreading. Guinea and Sierra Leone have also had residents infected with the virus, which is believed to have begun spreading from Guinea at the beginning of the year. Despite the tight restrictions, Liberia will reportedly be keeping open its international airport.
  • Russia offers a $110,000 bounty if you can crack Tor (2014-07-28 11:34:00)
  • 12 slick tricks that will make your iPhone run faster (2014-07-28 11:32:31)
    Even though the iPhone offers users a rather consistent smartphone experience, the device can get slower the more it’s used, as is the case with any other kind of computer. However, there are plenty of tricks that can significantly improve the iPhone’s performance, and Business Insider has put together a collection of 12 such handy tricks every iPhone user looking for performance improvements has to know. FROM EARLIER: 5 awesome tricks that will make your iPhone run much smoother While some of them have been featured in previous lists, the publication offers additional tools to make the iPhone run faster, as well as instructions on how to perform the necessary chores, which may come in handy especially to newer iPhone owners.
  • Your smartphone will replace room keys at Hilton hotels by end of 2016 (2014-07-28 11:14:10)
    Within a couple years, most people will never need to visit the front desk at a Hilton hotel ever again.
  • TWC hilariously claims Google and Netflix are the real threats to net neutrality (2014-07-28 11:11:33)
    You’ve got to hand it to Time Warner Cable’s lawyers — they certainly deserve an A+ for creative writing. Per The National Journal, both Time Warner Cable and the National Cable and Telecommunications Association lobbying group have filed comments with the Federal Communications Commission warning that major Internet companies such as Google, Facebook and Netflix are the real threats to net neutrality because they could threaten to charge ISPs extra money for the rights to let their customers access their websites. We are sadly not joking. “A relatively concentrated group of large [Web companies] — such as Google, Netflix, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, and Facebook — have enormous and growing power over consumers’ ability to access the content of their choice on
  • Returning to 'Sin City': a chat with Frank Miller (2014-07-28 11:00:04)
    Ever the controversial figure, Frank Miller is nevertheless one of the greats. It gave me a chance to explore my world that much more deeply.
  • What you need to know about card skimming (2014-07-28 11:00:00)
  • Israel's Iron Dome (2014-07-28 10:54:59)
    The politics of the conflict between Hamas and the State of Israel are well documented, and I'm sure you have already formed an opinion about who is at fault and what must be done. This article is not about any of that. It's not about right or wrong, good or bad, politics or religion... it's about a remarkable technology that is serving both a...
  • New leak compares key component from iPhone 6 and ‘iPhone Air’ phablet (2014-07-28 10:50:40)
    Apple’s next generation iPhone 6 and 5.5-inch “iPhone Air” phablet are reportedly nearing the mass production phase and as a result, we’ve seen component leaks kick into high gear recently. Monday morning we seemingly saw the main printed circuit board (PCB) from the iPhone 6 for the first time, and now a new leak may show the iPhone 6 circuit board next to the same component from the larger 5.5-inch iPhone, again supporting the notion that Apple is planning two new iPhone models this year. FROM EARLIER: iPhone 6 and next-gen Retina iPad mini rendered by design master French Apple news site on Monday published photos it obtained from an unnamed source in China that supposedly show both main circuit boards
  • John Oliver, Buzz Aldrin, and Patrick Stewart plead for rescue of lost Russian space-geckos (2014-07-28 10:35:02)
    There are a lot of international crises at the moment, but no one that can bring humanity together like the story of Russia' s gecko sex experiment that became lost in space. The experiment was supposed to monitor the sex lives of geckos inside a satellite, but last week Russia was reported to have lost contact with it — leaving the geckos adrift. On his show this weekend, John Oliver took a break from some of the more serious subjects that he could have been addressing to ask that viewers email Putin and raise awareness for the geckos. It's as funny as you'd expect from Oliver — and somehow, he even gets a few guest stars to show up, including Buzz Aldrin and Patrick Stewart.
  • A giant armadillo building is hiding in the middle of Paris (2014-07-28 10:30:02)
    On a tree-lined boulevard in southeast Paris, an enormous creature is slowly coming to life. Nestled in a dense block of 19th-century buildings, the sloping glass structure looks like a metallic armadillo shell, but is in fact a new project from world-renowned architecture firm Renzo Piano Building Workshop.
  • Amazon’s new 3D printing store lets you build customized gear (2014-07-28 10:29:34)
    If for some reason Amazon’s vast selection of products from every imaginable category wasn’t quite cutting it for you, we have some good news – on Monday, Amazon opened a 3D printing store on its website, offering customizable goods to its customers for the very first time. Amazon notes that more than 200 items are already available in the new store, including earrings, bobblehead figures, phone cases and cookie cutters. “The introduction of our 3D Printed Products store suggests the beginnings of a shift in online retail – that manufacturing can be more nimble to provide an immersive customer experience. Sellers, in alignment with designers and manufacturers, can offer more dynamic inventory for customers to personalize and truly make their own,” said Petra Schindler-Carter,
  • Zillow buying Trulia to make real estate titan (2014-07-28 10:23:15)
    NEW YORK (AP) — Real estate website operator Zillow is buying rival Trulia in a $3.5 billion deal that would make the biggest player in the online real estate market.
  • Apple upgrading its MacBook Pro line this week: report (2014-07-28 10:22:58)
    Though neither computer's outward appearance is expected to be altered, what's under the hood is set to get a very impressive upgrade, especially in the case of the 15-inch MacBook Pro, which is expected to get 16GB of RAM as standard, even on the base configuration model. According to numerous sources, including Apple Insider, each 15-inch notebook is also getting a faster Intel Core i7 processor and better harddrive options too. Also, if information that originally is believed to have come from an Apple Store in China is totally accurate, Apple might also be planning to introduce a third ‘maxed out' version of the 15-inch notebook as a standalone model which will boast a 2.8Ghz Intel Core i7 processor, 16GB of RAM, a 1TB SSD and Intel Iris Pro and Nvidia GeForce GT 750M graphics. Apple has already released refreshed MacBook Airs and iMacs this year and in updating the internal components has also cut retail prices.
  • GSA CIO: Successful Organizations Connect, Collaborate and Innovate (2014-07-28 10:18:01)
    Successful CIOs are driving digital business transformation, leveraging mobile, social and cloud computing technologies to improve workforce productivity, while reducing IT expenses and bolstering employee engagement. Sonny Hashmi, Chief Information Officer (CIO) for the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA), has received the 2013 Federal...
  • Judges ruling on secret telecoms cases found to own Verizon stock (2014-07-28 10:17:00)
  • 7 awesome paid iPhone apps you can download for free right now (a $24 value!) (2014-07-28 10:08:36)
    It’s the last week of July and as we enter the last month of summer freedom before school starts again, we need to make sure that we finish out the month on a high note. We’ve been sharing tons of paid iPhone and iPad apps we you lately that have gone on sale for free for a limited time, and we have no plans to slow down now. Monday has brought some great new sales with it, and we have hand-picked seven sweet paid iOS apps that you can get for free if you move quickly. These are paid iPhone and iPad apps that have been made available for free for a limited time by their developers. There is no way
  • NASA is testing a laser-powered drill to explore Jupiter's ice moon (2014-07-28 10:06:38)
    While Mars gets all the press, a group of NASA scientists are laying the groundwork for a more exotic destination: the ice-covered moon of Europa, locked in orbit above Jupiter. President Obama set aside $15 million of NASA's 2015 budget specifically for Europa exploration, and some researchers think the project could launch an explorer probe as early as 2022. You can see video of NASA's test below, complete with dramatic music, courtesy of the New Scientist:
  • MacBook Pros About to Get Major Speed Boost (Report) (2014-07-28 10:00:41)
    Apple's MacBook Air line got a speedy refresh this past spring, and it looks like the Pros are up next. Based on signage from a Chinese Apple store, the MacBook Pro lineup will soon consist of three new Retina models that have faster processors and a minimum of 16GB of RAM.
  • Galaxy S4 bursts into flames under sleeping 13-year-old girl’s pillow (2014-07-28 09:47:31)
    Let this cautionary tale serve as a reminder to everyone: don’t buy unauthorized parts or accessories for your smartphone. We have seen stories of combusting cell phones before, but perhaps none have been quite as unsettling as a new report from this past weekend. According to a Dallas, Texas-based Fox affiliate, a 13-year-old girl was awoken last week when she smelled something burning. As it turns out, the Samsung Galaxy S4 that she slipped under her pillow as she fell asleep had caught fire in the middle of the night and had begun to burn her pillow and sheets. “I didn’t think much of it, so I went back to sleep and then I woke up again and it was more prominent,”
  • 32 things you need to watch, read, and know from Comic-Con 2014 (2014-07-28 09:40:03)
    Just about all of the biggest movies and TV shows for the year or so ahead descended on San Diego over the weekend for the 2014 Comic-Con, unleashing a whirlwind of news, trailers, and teases for what’s to come. Marvel didn't have to do much to be the star of this year's Comic-Con… and, unfortunately, it really didn't. Fans were treated to a first look at Avengers: Age of Ultron, but everyone else just got two new movie announcements: that it's working on a second Guardians of the Galaxy for 2017, and that some of our favorite actors from Lost and House of Cards have joined Ant-Man. Marvel won on the big screen, so DC is trying to take over the small one.
  • Amazon now lets you customize and buy 3D-printed products (2014-07-28 09:28:00)
  • 7 things the iWatch needs to do if Apple wants to win (2014-07-28 09:27:07)
    We don't know much of anything about Apple's upcoming smartwatch, or even if such a thing exists. Apple's obviously not the only company trying to make an incredible product — from Samsung and Google to Pebble and CooKoo, many others are in the wristwear business. If Apple's going to do right what all others have done wrong, it needs to quickly learn a number of important lessons. It needs the iWatch to do, and be, a few things like no other smartwatch.
  • The Nexus 6 may be coming from the most unexpected source (2014-07-28 09:26:21)
    Despite what many rumors said about the possibility of a Nexus smartphone being made by this particular company in previous years, it appears Motorola had to be bought and sold by Google to get an actual chance to making a Nexus smartphone. Following all the rumors that claimed Google is getting ready to discontinue the Nexus smartphone line next year, the company denied such plans at I/O 2014, suggesting a Nexus 6 is indeed in the making. And Android Police says that phone, dubbed Shamu, may be a 5.9-inch Motorola beast. FROM EARLIER: Why Google needs Android L’s awesome Material Design “The rumor this time is simple – according to information made available to us, Motorola is working on a
  • Zillow buying Trulia in $3.5 billion stock deal (2014-07-28 09:06:46)
    NEW YORK (AP) — Real estate website operator Zillow is buying competitor Trulia in a $3.5 billion all-stock deal.
  • Comcast Confessions: when every call is a sales call (2014-07-28 09:00:02)
    When AOL executive and Comcast customer Ryan Block recently tried to cancel his internet service, he ended up in a near-yelling match with a customer service representative who spent 18 minutes trying to talk him out of it. Rep: I’m just trying to figure out here what it is about Comcast service that you’re not liking. Block: This phone call is actually a really amazing representative example of why I don’t want to stay with Comcast. During the ensuing media frenzy, The Verge put out a call and sought out current and former Comcast employees, hoping to shed light on the inner workings of the largest broadcasting and cable company in the country.
  • Google's 'perfect human' project isn't evil, it's business (2014-07-28 08:45:02)
    This past Friday, Google unveiled the latest in a line of ambitious and somewhat confounding health programs. It's got everything you would want from a big Google project: it's big, brash, a little scary, and completely oblivious to how anyone might take it the wrong way. Already, writers have described Baseline as Google's quest to build a perfect human, implying ethical concerns before the process has even begun. Most biomarker research is still focused on finding early warning signs of a disease — a classic example would be a protein that tips off doctors to a disease before symptoms manifest — but researchers are increasingly interested in projects like Baseline that would help to better understand the healthy body.
  • Watch the first 'The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1' footage in latest trailer (2014-07-28 08:38:47)
    The Hunger Games has been promoting itself with eerie propaganda videos and posters for a couple months now, but today the first proper teaser for Mockingjay Part I has arrived. The teaser doesn't go right into all-out advertising mode either: it still maintains the dark tones of everything else that we've seen promoting the film until now. It's both hopeful and mournful, and it shows that these film adaptations continue to have a strong grasp on what makes their dystopian world come alive. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 is scheduled to open in theaters on November 21st.
  • Here's a book about people tweeting about writing their novels (2014-07-28 08:34:00)
  • The updated Retina MacBook Pro you’ve been waiting for could launch tomorrow (2014-07-28 08:30:05)
    A picture taken inside a new Paradise Walk store and posted on a Chinese forum apparently reveals that Apple is getting ready to update its MacBook Pro line at some point in the near future, 9to5Mac reports. Apple already updated the MacBook Pro with slightly faster processors and cheaper prices across the board, and launched an even cheaper iMac version earlier this year. The company is expected to update its Pro family and release other Mac models later this year. According to the image leak, Apple apparently plans to include faster processors in all new 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro models – only details for the 15-inch models were leaked – with a 200MHz bump expected for all models. Other significant changes
  • Apple’s $30 million Swell acquisition could be big for iTunes Radio (2014-07-28 07:40:40)
    For the time being, Apple’s iTunes Radio product is something of an also-ran. It’s a nice value-add for iOS device owners, allowing them to stream Pandora-like Radio stations for free, but it doesn’t really offer any compelling features compared to bigger rival services. According to a new report, however, that may soon change. Re/code on Monday reported that Apple is close to acquiring Swell for about $30 million. Swell, which you might recall we have covered here on BGR before, is something of a Pandora for online news radio. The app includes many sources from podcasts to news radio stations, and it chooses which content to stream in much the same way that Pandora selects music. While the deal would be extremely
  • Europe approves Apple's $3 billion takeover of Beats (2014-07-28 07:40:00)
  • Microsoft says government officials make sudden visits to China offices (2014-07-28 07:12:15)
    Chinese government officials have made sudden visits to Microsoft Corp offices in China, a spokeswoman for the company said on Monday, but declined to give any reason for the inspections. China's State Administration for Industry & Commerce, which Chinese media reported had made the visits to Microsoft offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chengdu, declined to give comment outside of working hours. Microsoft has been a focus of anti-U.S. technology sentiment in China since U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) contractor Edward Snowden revealed widespread spying programs, including PRISM, which used U.S. company's technology for cyber espionage. In an e-mailed statement, the Microsoft spokeswoman said: "We aim to build products that deliver the features, security and reliability customers expect and we're happy to answer the government's questions," but declined to give any further information.
  • Bitcoin catches on in tech-savvy Romania (2014-07-28 07:02:37)
    By Luiza Ilie BUCHAREST (Reuters) - In a well-lit office with red window frames in downtown Bucharest, Romania's first bitcoin ATM attracts many who until it opened in May had to buy or sell the digital currency face-to-face or through wire transfers. The interest in bitcoin in Romania stands out in a region where national currencies are widely seen as poor substitutes for the euro. In the western town of Oradea, 370 miles (595 km) away from the capital, the first bitcoin exchange in the country has drawn more than 2,000 clients in the seven months since it opened, with transactions totaling 5.12 million lei ($1.57 million). Bitcoin is still an infant in Europe relative to the United States, where hundreds of start-ups backed by some Wall Street traders and venture capitalists have propelled consumer and media interest.
  • Amazon opens a 'Create Your Own' 3D-printing store (2014-07-28 06:58:48)
    Not to be outdone by eBay, Amazon today opens the doors to a new 3D Printing Store that allows the customization of "more than 200 unique print on-demand products." Personalized dog tags, credit card holders, iPhone cases, and even custom bobbleheads are among the first selection of items that Amazon has on offer. The massive online retailer won't be involved in the manufacturing process and is simply connecting its shoppers with established 3D-printing businesses like Sculpteo, Mixee Labs, and 3DLT, who will be responsible for fulfilling orders placed through the new store. "The online customer shopping experience will be redefined through 3D printing," says Sculpteo CEO Clément Moreau, as "a customer's wants are no longer limited to what is in stock but instead by what they can imagine." Moreau thinks Amazon's participation will expand the market for 3D-printed goods dramatically and reduce promotional costs for producers.
  • It will soon be legal to unlock your phone and move to another carrier (2014-07-28 06:50:15)
    Handset unlocking in the U.S. is not exactly legal when done by device owners looking to move to a different mobile operator, but this will soon change, Reuters reports, as the cellphone unlocking bill has cleared the House. President Barack Obama said he’s looking forward to signing it into law. “This is something that Americans have been asking for and I am pleased that we were able to work together to ensure the swift passage of legislation restoring the exemption that allowed consumers to unlock their cell phones,” House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte said. “The bill congress passed today is another step toward giving ordinary Americans more flexibility and choice, so that they can find a cell phone carrier
  • EU antitrust body clears Apple's $3bn Beats deal (2014-07-28 06:42:33)
    BRUSSELS (AP) — The European Union's antitrust authority has cleared Apple's $3 billion deal to buy Beats Electronics, which makes headphones and offers music streaming services.
  • New photo app is all Selfies, all the time (2014-07-28 06:27:00)
  • US companies increasingly fish for growth overseas (2014-07-28 06:21:01)
    SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Major U.S. companies are starting to reap their most rapid growth in fertile lands of opportunity far from home.
  • Amazon offers 3D printing to customize earrings, bobble head toys (2014-07-28 05:58:45)
    By Deepa Seetharaman SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Inc will offer 3D printing services that allow customers to customize and build earrings, bobble head toys and other items from third-party sellers using a new personalization option on its website. Before it is printed by one of Amazon's sellers, users can customize a product like as a bobble head figure by changing its skin and eye color, hair style and outfit, Amazon said. "The customization is something we're keenly interested in," said Petra Schindler-Carter, director for Amazon marketplace sales, speaking in an interview. "We'll always look for new applications for that." Amazon, which has more than 240 million users, has expanded its marketplaces division to include new areas such as fine art and wine.
  • Samsung postpones launch of Tizen smartphone (2014-07-28 05:45:46)
    SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — Samsung Electronics Co. says it is delaying sales of its first Tizen-powered smartphone.
  • Samsung delays Tizen smartphone sales launch (2014-07-28 05:35:27)
    Samsung Electronics said Monday it would postpone the roll-out of its new smartphone based on Tizen, a home-grown operating system aimed at breaking away from Google's Android system. The delay is seen as a blow to Samsung's campaign to carve out a niche in mobile software and services, to complement its dominant hardware role. The Samsung Z, which has been specially developed by Samsung to run on the Tizen platform, was to go on sale in Russia in the third quarter of this year before reaching other markets. The vast majority of Samsung's popular devices, including its flagship Galaxy S smartphones, use Android.
  • London will be a 5G city by 2020, promises Boris (2014-07-28 05:31:00)
  • Amazon credit card reader coming (2014-07-28 05:05:43)
    Just like PayPal and Square, the online retailer is planning to launch a device that plugs into smartphones and tablets so that they can be used to validate card payments. 9to5Mac has managed to get its hands on a set of internal documents from US retail giant Staples that detail an Amazon Card Reader that will go on sale starting on August 12 and that it is going to be selling for $9.99. Adding fuel to the fire is the fact that earlier this month, Amazon quietly launched a mobile wallet app that is compatible with Android smartphones as well as Amazon's own devices. It can currently be used for storing gift cards, membership and loyalty cards;
  • This floating 3D video shows 'Star Wars' holograms are closer than we think (2014-07-28 04:08:00)
  • Floating 3D video shows 'Star Wars' holograms are closer than we think (2014-07-28 04:08:00)
  • Microsoft pits Siri against Cortana in new Windows Phone 8.1 ad (2014-07-28 02:39:16)
    Microsoft is focusing on Apple’s Siri digital assistant in one of the first Windows Phone 8.1 commercials. It’s another return to the Mac vs. PC war, as Microsoft choses to mock Siri in an effort to showcase Cortana for the first time. The new commercial sees an iPhone 5S pitted against a low-end Lumia 635, with Cortana handling people- and location-based reminders, along with traffic alerts for meetings. Siri is unable to complete similar tasks.
  • Chinese portal Sohu reports $45 million loss (2014-07-28 01:52:30)
    BEIJING (AP) — Inc., operator of a popular Chinese Internet portal, says it lost $45 million in the latest quarter while revenue rose 18 percent to $400 million.
  • Twitter is Still the Best Water Cooler Ever for Brands (2014-07-28 00:53:50)
    Twitter is an essential platform for businesses marketing to other businesses and it's morphing quickly to a direct response "buy it now" platform functionality like Pinterest and Facebook. I anticipate "social selling" will accelerate moving forward, as social platforms embrace mobile enabled direct commerce and marketers pour more money into...
  • How well do Uber drivers rate you? (2014-07-28 00:03:00)
  • How well do Uber drivers rate you? (update) (2014-07-28 00:03:00)
  • Professors object to FAA restrictions on drone use (2014-07-27 23:07:30)
    WASHINGTON (AP) — University and college professors are complaining that government restrictions on the use of small drones are likely to stifle academic research.
  • to sell Microsoft's Xbox One games console in China (2014-07-27 22:41:14) Inc, China's second-biggest e-commerce company by market share, will accept pre-orders for Microsoft Corp's Xbox One games console in China from July 28 to July 30, the firm said on Monday. The pre-orders will be taken via Tencent Holdings' mobile social networks Mobile QQ and WeChat, known as Weixin in China, said in a statement. Tencent holds a 17.6 percent stake in The Xbox One will be the first gaming console to be released in mainland China since the government banned console sales in 2000, citing games' effects on mental health.
  • 'Batkid Begins' is the origin story of San Francisco's smallest superhero (2014-07-27 22:22:57)
    The city of San Francisco — and most of Twitter — stopped and watched last November, as five-year-old Miles Scott became pint-sized superhero Batkid. Miles, who has leukemia, was given the chance to dress up as his favorite comic icon by the Make-A-Wish Foundation. His day was made even more remarkable by the reaction from the city he wanted to save, as thousands of people turned out to watch the tiny crusader catch cartoon criminals around San Francisco. The feature-length documentary, created by filmmaker Dana Nachman, was teased at Comic-Con with a three-minute trailer that later appeared online courtesy of Deadline.
  • Next-generation lithium cells will double your phone's battery life (2014-07-27 19:52:00)
  • For Asgard! Women cosplaying as the new Thor (2014-07-27 19:27:34)
    It has only been two weeks since Marvel announced that that a woman would take up Thor’s hammer in the comics, but attendees at Comic-Con 2014 have eagerly embraced the news. This year, Marvel is the top choice for cosplayers looking for inspiration, and mixed in with all the Deadpools, Captain Americas, and Winter Soldiers, we found a number of women wielding Mjolnir and excited about the direction Marvel is taking its comics.
  • Modern Etiquette: Does voicemail make you nervous? (2014-07-27 19:06:14)
    Does leaving a voicemail message create performance anxiety for you? The bad news is that, if you are a millennial, you cannot afford to regard leaving voicemail messages as obsolete.
  • The Verge Playlist: Weather the storm (2014-07-27 19:00:02)
    Here in the Northeastern United States, we're in the thick of a hot, sticky summer, and with it, privy to theatrical summer thunderstorms almost every day. I love thunderstorms in the summer — there's just nothing like when the sky turns pitch black in the middle of the day and the clouds unleash their fury on the land below. There's a specific soundtrack that goes oh so perfectly with these storms: moody, atmospheric metal that builds from quiet nothing into crashing crescendos and soaring guitars. ...
  • Feedback Loop: Yosemite beta, Kindle Unlimited and more! (2014-07-27 18:15:00)
  • Amazon may be going after Square with a credit card reader of its own (2014-07-27 18:09:55)
    It looks like Amazon is about to release another piece of hardware. After over a year murmurs, documentation from Staples' internal inventory system suggests that Amazon is almost ready to unveil its own point-of-sale system to compete with the likes of Square and PayPal Here. A copy of the inventory documentation provided to 9 to 5 Mac includes an unreleased product referred to as an "Amazon Card Reader." The site reports that it's marked as a $9.99 product and the system notes that signage related to the reader should be held until August 12th. In that report, the paper said that Amazon was working on a point-of-sale system similar to the Square reader.
  • Animated worlds collide in five-minute clip from the 'Simpsons'–'Family Guy' crossover episode (2014-07-27 18:04:18)
    The Simpsons and Family Guy haven't historically been on the best terms. In 2005, a joke on The Simpsons took a dig at the shows' similarities, which Seth MacFarlane said was "definitely a slam." But it appears they've buried the hatchet — mostly. The Simpsons and Griffins will meet in a cross-over episode of Family Guy airing September 28th on Fox. During a Family Guy panel at Comic-Con, attendees were given a sneak peek at the episode, and now it's available for the world to see.
  • Animated worlds collide in 'Simpsons'–'Family Guy' crossover clip (2014-07-27 18:04:18)
    The Simpsons and Family Guy haven't historically been on the best terms. In 2005, a joke on The Simpsons took a dig at the shows' similarities, which Seth MacFarlane said was "definitely a slam." But it appears they've buried the hatchet — mostly. The Simpsons and Griffins will meet in a cross-over episode of Family Guy airing September 28th on Fox. During a Family Guy panel at Comic-Con, attendees were given a sneak peek at the episode, and now it's available for the world to see.
  • Amazon is reportedly making a Square-like payment card reader (2014-07-27 17:24:00)
  • Google will soon let you tour the Statue of Liberty in Street View (2014-07-27 16:33:02)
    Soon, you might be able to visit the Statue of Liberty without hopping on a ferry and braving hordes of tourists. That's because Google recently collected Street View imagery of Liberty Island for the very first time — according to The New York Times, it's been a challenge getting permission and access to the island, which is run by the National Parks Service. The paper followed a Google contractor as he donned the Street View backpack and toured the island for the benefit of millions online, You can read the full story here.
  • Sure enough, you can play 'Doom' on an ATM (2014-07-27 15:23:00)
  • 'Gotham' first look: all set-up and no substance (2014-07-27 15:21:06)
    In the opening moments of Fox’s new series Gotham, you follow a young, strangely mute Selina Kyle as she leaps up and down fire escapes, picking pockets and making mischief. You guess she’s supposed to be "young Catwoman" because of her signature goggles and her cat-like agility, but you never get a glimpse into her inner life.
  • Humanity is running out of oxygen in the trailer for 'Air' (2014-07-27 15:02:02)
    In Air, it looks like The Walking Dead star Norman Reedus and Djimon Hounsou (Gladiator, Blood Diamond) are about to find that out for themselves. As Skybound Entertainment, the studio behind The Walking Dead TV show, games, and comics, explains, their "sanity is tested as they struggle to survive in the last bit of habitable space on Earth." According to The Hollywood Reporter, the low-budget film is produced by Robert Kirkman (also of The Walking Dead), and co-written by Christian Cantamessa, whose writing experience comes from video games like Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Red Dead Redemption.
  • Ron Moore shows off 'Outlander' at Comic-Con (2014-07-27 13:59:03)
    As its release date draws near, Ronald D. Moore took to San Diego Comic-Con to reveal more details about his upcoming series Outlander. Moore, known for Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and the 2004 Battlestar Galactica series, announced last year that he was working with cable channel Starz on an adaptation of the popular Diana Gabaldon novel, first published in 1991. This weekend, Starz released a full trailer for the series, and Moore answered questions about it at a panel and a private press session.
  • Watch the explosive first trailer for 'Mad Max: Fury Road' (2014-07-27 13:12:29)
    One of the biggest movies of next year will without a doubt be the return of Mad Max in the sequel Fury Road, and the film already started to wow audiences yesterday at Warner Bros.' big Comic-Con presentation. It's an explosive look at the film in all the right ways, and it shows that series director George Miller, who's back on board for Fury Road, still knows exactly what fans want to see out of its apocalyptic world. The character is different to some degree." Hardy's Max will be joined by Charlize Theron, playing a warrior known as Furiosa.
  • Windows Phone's next update will support smart cases and giant devices (2014-07-27 13:12:00)
  • Telltale Games confirms 'The Walking Dead' season three (2014-07-27 12:56:02)
    Developer Telltale Games confirmed at Comic-Con yesterday that it'll make The Walking Dead season three. The news was revealed during panel held by Skybound Entertainment, the publisher of The Walking Dead comics on which the game and television series are based. Unfortunately, the developer didn't divulge details on the latest "season" of the story-driven video game, and it's unclear when it will be available.
  • Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 includes support for folders and interactive cases (2014-07-27 11:55:02)
    Microsoft is planning to release its first update to Windows Phone 8.1 soon, and the company has started detailing some of the upcoming features to phone manufacturers. One of the main visual changes with Update 1 is the introduction of folder support, allowing Windows Phone users to drag one Tile on top of another and create a folder to organize apps. It’s a feature both Android and iOS have had for years, so it’s encouraging to see Microsoft is finally close this gap. HTC, Samsung, and LG all use cases that wake phones up when they’re opened, or even display information on a phone display when a case is in use.
  • Richard Dreyfuss has never heard of it: talking to the creator of 'Sharknado 2' (2014-07-27 11:00:03)
    Thunder Levin is in on the joke. The improbably named writer of SyFy’s notorious Sharknado has been making tongue-in-cheek disasters since 2008’s Mutant Zombie Vampires From The Hood. He also tells a story about Richard Dreyfuss that we will be sharing with our friends for quite some time. Thunder Levin: The guy who thought of Sharknado was (director) Anthony Ferrante and one of his writing partners on another film.
  • Gadget Rewind 2005: BenQ Z2 (2014-07-27 11:00:00)
  • Inhabitat's Week in Green: bonsai in space, rising sea levels and the blood of horseshoe crabs (2014-07-27 10:02:00)
  • Solar 'superstorm' that missed earth in 2012 could have caused massive blackouts (2014-07-27 09:49:14)
    A massive solar storm emitted from the sun could fry electronics and satellites around the globe, and take down much of the power grid. A 2009 report from the National Academy of Sciences said that such a storm could cause some $2.6 trillion in damage and a full recovery could take years. John Kappenmann, a co-author of the National Academy of Sciences' 2009 report, found that a large solar storm could leave 130 million in the dark.
  • UConn makes 3-D copies of antique instrument parts (2014-07-27 09:34:03)
    STORRS, Conn. (AP) — Researchers at the University of Connecticut are using medical technology to breathe new life into some antique musical instruments.
  • Chinese search provider Baidu follows Google with a 'highly autonomous car' of its own (2014-07-27 05:24:02)
    Chinese search engine Baidu is widely known as "the Google of China," and it looks like the company plans to go toe-to-toe against Google with a self-driving car of its own. According to statements attributed to Kai Yu, a deputy director of a Baidu research group focused on machine learning, the company is working on "a highly autonomous car." Yu tells The Next Web that it's "an intelligent assistant collecting data from road situations and then operating locally," adding, "We don’t call this a driverless car."
  • Startup offers elderly an Internet key to family links (2014-07-27 05:04:22)
    The system -- the work of a startup called Hubert -- began operating in the United States and in Europe on crowd-funding website Indiegogo this month. "Everything started after one of my grandmothers died in a home for dependent seniors in France," Stephane Lucon, a Frenchman who co-founded Hubert, told AFP. "I was living with my wife and children 2,000 kilometres (1,250 miles) away from her, in Romania. I went to visit her whenever I could but I would have liked her to be able to see her grandchildren every day via Skype or any video conference application."
  • Solar cells cool themselves to produce more power (2014-07-27 05:01:00)
  • Homer for iPhone lets you peek at the apps your friends use (2014-07-26 23:56:00)
  • The Penguin appears in latest 'Gotham' trailer (2014-07-26 22:34:21)
    Marvel is the biggest name in superheroes when it comes to the movies, so DC is now making a big effort to take over a screen of its own: the TV. Gotham, which premieres on September 22nd, will be one of DC's highest-profile attempts to bring its comic-book worlds to television. Instead, it'll follow a young Commissioner Gordon — then just a detective — and it'll have him occasionally crossing paths with an even younger Bruce Wayne, who's dealing with the murder of his parents. A new trailer released today gives the best look yet at what that struggle will be like for young Bruce, and also gives a good look at the Penguin and Jada Pinkett Smith's gangster / club owner Fish Mooney.
  • 'Guardians of the Galaxy 2' is coming July 2017 (2014-07-26 21:45:05)
    Guardians of the Galaxy looks like it's going to be a ton of fun, and apparently Marvel thinks that fans are really going to love it, because it just announced at Comic-Con that a sequel will arrive on July 28th, 2017. The announcement was Marvel's biggest surprise of the night, in what was otherwise a fairly quiet event in terms of details on its upcoming films. Its panel opened with a big sizzle reel of Marvel films that concluded with a quick tease of the villain Thanos. Two new cast members were announced for Ant-Man as well: Lost's Evangeline Lilly will be playing Hank Pym's daughter, Hope Van Dyne, and House of Cards' Corey Stoll will be playing the villain Yellowjacket.
  • Turn your Android phone into a PC gamepad with this new app (2014-07-26 21:09:00)
  • Weekends with Engadget: Bose sues Beats, OS X Yosemite preview and more! (2014-07-26 19:00:00)
  • Editorial board of The New York Times calls for the legalization of weed (2014-07-26 18:24:25)
    While the full decriminalization of marijuana in the United States is far from guaranteed, momentum has been building at a fast clip in recent years: Colorado and Washington state have taken the lead, with medical marijuana now legal in nearly two dozen states in total. Now, the editorial board of The New York Times is calling for legalization with an opinion being published in tomorrow's edition.
  • 'Skull Island' movie will explore King Kong's monstrous home (2014-07-26 17:10:48)
    Legendary Pictures found a huge success in Godzilla earlier this year, and now it plans on turning its attention to another huge monster: King Kong. At Comic-Con today, Legendary announced that it was developing a movie based around Skull Island, home of the oversized ape.
  • Filmmaker Ridley Scott is tackling a Phillip K. Dick project for Amazon (2014-07-26 17:05:00)
  • BuzzFeed writer Benny Johnson fired for plagiarism (2014-07-26 16:59:21)
    (Reuters) - The news and entertainment website BuzzFeed has fired the writer Benny Johnson after its editors said they found he plagiarized others' work 41 times. BuzzFeed editor Ben Smith in a note late on Friday called writer Benny Johnson "a creative force" at his best, but said a review of more than 500 posts revealed dozens of instances where he copied sentences and phrases verbatim from other websites. Smith said the plagiarism on the seven-year-old site was brought to light this week by Twitter users.
  • Parkour group brings 'Assassin's Creed' to life in Paris (2014-07-26 16:43:22)
    Assassin's Creed has always made it easy to pull off incredible acrobatic moves with little more than a tap of a button, but those video game leaps are nothing compared to seeing real parkour practitioners weave their way through the urban jungle. Just in time for Comic Con, developer Ubisoft has sponsored a new parkour video to promote its upcoming Assassin's Creed: Unity, which takes the series to the French Revolution. Four French practitioners, dressed up as "Assassins," bring a moment from the game to life on the streets of Paris as they chase down a couple of guards. ...
  • Malware Can Hide in the Most Obvious Places (2014-07-26 16:14:51)
    You never know when malware will bite. Even browsing an online restaurant menu can download malicious code, put there by hackers.Much has been said that Target’s hackers accessed the giant’s records via its heating and cooling system. They’ve even infiltrated thermostats and printers among the “Internet of Things”.It doesn’t help...
  • Gareth Edwards returns to direct 'Godzilla 2' with Rodan and Mothra (2014-07-26 15:40:40)
    Godzilla's return to theaters this summer was a huge success, and now Legendary Pictures has confirmed that it's making a sequel. At San Diego Comic Con, the studio announced that director Gareth Edwards is back on board to helm the sequel, and it turns out that Godzilla won't be alone in this picture. All three Kaiju have been featured in classic monster films from Japanese studio Toho, which made the original Godzilla film from 1954. Deadline earlier reported that a sequel was in development. Gareth Edwards confirms he will be back to direct Godzilla 2! #LegendarySDCC #SDCC — Legendary (@Legendary) July 26, 2014
  • Camping in hell: the endless lines of Comic-Con 2014 (2014-07-26 15:21:28)
    It was 3:55 a.m. when we reached the end of the line. We’d already walked a full 1.09 miles, past people fast asleep in sleeping bags and lawn chairs, camped out from midday the day before. Doors wouldn’t open for another six hours. As we walked down this snaking mass of people behind the convention center, looking for the end, staffers in yellow polos gave us bemused looks. A few gave sympathetic nods. They were dealing with what might be longest line Comic-Con had ever seen. All for Hall H, where fans hope to catch glimpses of upcoming blockbusters like Batman v. ...
  • Microsoft flashes its 'Halo 2' remake and Atari documentary at Comic-Con (2014-07-26 15:02:00)
  • The trailers of Comic-Con 2014 (2014-07-26 14:27:34)
    San Diego Comic-Con is where all the biggest movies and TV series show up to win over new fans and to stoke the excitement of existing ones. With 2015 and 2016 being two of the hugest years for movies in recent memory, it's no surprise that there's been a lot to see in San Diego this year. Follow along in this stream for all of the top new trailers coming out of the convention.
  • NASA publishes 3D-printable models of asteroids and satellites (2014-07-26 14:18:02)
    Do you have a favorite NASA satellite? There's a small chance that you can now make a tiny figurine out if it using a 3D printer, as NASA has transformed a number of spacecrafts, asteroids, and features of Mars and the Moon into 3D-printable models. NASA has actually provided free 3D models for years now, but it appears that just recently it updated its modeling site with 22 files designed for 3D printing.
  • This is what Wonder Woman looks like in 'Batman v. Superman' (2014-07-26 13:21:45)
    Director Zack Snyder surprised Comic-Con crowds this morning by opening up Warner Bros.' big panel with art and a teaser for Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, as well as a first look at Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. While the footage isn't online, Snyder did tweet out the photo of Gadot — and it's perhaps the most exciting image that we've seen from the film to date. Footage from the film was easily the most unexpected aspect of Snyder's presentation though, as the movie is still shooting and is planned for a release way out in 2016. According to SlashFilm, the brief teaser begins with Batman in an armored suit that looks like it's right out of Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns. Batman then turns on the Bat-signal, illuminating Superman up in the sky, who's staring down Batman.
  • IRL: Taking HTC's One M8 for a test drive (2014-07-26 13:00:00)
  • These beautiful worlds are trapped in tiny bottles (2014-07-26 12:40:02)
    Some people build ships in bottles. Rafael Varona builds worlds.
  • There's a 'war for talent' between fashion and tech right now (2014-07-26 12:03:45)
    Tech companies want more fashionable products, and fashion companies need to get better at creating great websites and online experiences. It's gonna get weird.
  • A Stanford engineer built the fake compression algorithm in HBO's 'Silicon Valley' (2014-07-26 11:54:08)
    The creators of HBO's Silicon Valley could have glossed over the breakthrough technology behind fictional start-up Pied Piper, but instead they reached out to a Stanford professor for some help crafting a compression algorithm that seemed perfectly plausible on the surface. Ultimately, Ph.D student Vinith Misra was brought in to work on the nitty-gritty details of the algorithm. Beyond the original algorithm in the show, Mirsa also had to come up with the "breakthrough" discovery for the punchline of season finale. ...
  • The Weekender: cosplay, card games, and cowabunga (2014-07-26 11:39:01)
    Competitors include Kelly Slater, one of the most decorated athletes in history in any sport — and hey, any excuse to go spend a day on a beach is a good one. A notorious conspiracy theorist associated with the 9/11 Truth Movement, Michael C. Ruppert had a hard time finding anyone to listen to him before finally rising to some fame in the late ‘90s.
  • Mouth Silence is the sound of your brain roasting (2014-07-26 11:20:02)
    Imagine the rapture in all its violence and beauty, set to the sound of a trillion angels harmonizing to Third Eye Blind's "Semi-charmed Life." Imagine yourself hurdling through a lukewarm, glowing, pearlescent wormhole singing, "I'm not listening when you say goodbye." It's glorious. It’s followed by an onslaught of abhorrent mashups featuring the Red Hot Chilli peppers, Nine Inch Nails, Kool & the Gang, Hanson, Jimmy Hendrix, the Foo Fighters, the Carmen San Diego theme, Tina Turner, the Folgers jingle, and a ton more.
  • The incredibly short story of the 'post-PC' era (2014-07-26 11:00:00)
  • You can watch the 'Doctor Who' Series 8 premiere in theaters on August 23rd (2014-07-26 10:51:18)
    The premiere of Doctor Who Series 8 — featuring the debut of Peter Capaldi as the 12th Doctor — isn't limiting itself to the small screen. The feature-length episode, called "Deep Breath," clocks in at over 70 minutes long, so you should get your money's worth at the cinema. This isn't the first time Doctor Who has been screened in movie theaters, however: last year a very special 50th anniversary episode featuring multiple incarnations of the Doctor was shown in over 1,500 theaters around the world.
  • Upcoming documentary tells the story behind Atari games buried in landfill (2014-07-26 10:25:02)
    It's rare for people to discuss bad video games, but an upcoming documentary is doing just that. Atari: Game Over focuses on the truly terrible Atari 2600 game E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial — a game so bad that it's often cited as single-handedly bringing down the video game industry in the early ’80s. Legend had it that Atari dumped a massive stockpile of worthless, unsold copies of the game in a New Mexico landfill, and film crews this past April unearthed the cache for the documentary. The documentary was meant to be part of a series focusing on the impact of technology in entertainment and business, but Microsoft recently shut down its entire original content division focused on taking on Netflix.
  • ​Amazon's new video portal makes it easy to buy while you watch (2014-07-26 10:22:00)
  • The neon knight: Batman goes high fashion (2014-07-26 09:30:02)
    Floral prints are the new black? For Batman's 75th anniversary, DC Comics had a team of artists and celebrities painted over the classic black mask and cape at the Cape/Cowl/Create exhibition. The likes of Zack Snyder, Will Arnett, and Lego artist Nathan Sawaya used everything from melted neon plastic to black fur to make over the outfit, which was modeled on the one from the upcoming Arkham Knight game.
  • Recommended Reading: 'Lucy's' bad science and space movie inaccuracies (2014-07-26 09:30:00)
  • Weave app brings Tinder-style swipes to job hunting (2014-07-26 06:41:00)
  • David Attenborough's next 3D nature doc and new VR experiences are coming soon (2014-07-26 02:33:00)
  • Russia has lost control of a gecko sex experiment in space (2014-07-26 00:14:02)
    67 years ago, the US sent fruit flies into space inside a V-2 rocket to see if they could survive the radiation. One of the latest: a Russian satellite called Foton-M No. 4 that was launched into orbit last week containing fruit flies once again. According to a representative for Russia's Institute of Medico-Biological problems who spoke with Agence France-Presse, all other parts of the satellite are working as expected, including life support systems that will keep the experiments running.
  • The first trailer for Kevin Smith's horror film 'Tusk' is here and it's bizarre (2014-07-25 23:37:15)
    Kevin Smith promised to unveil the first trailer for his latest horror film Tusk at San Diego Comic-Con, and he delivered this evening. And it's much weirder than even we expected. Starring Justin Long as a podcaster visiting Canada for a new story, Long's journey takes a turn when he meets an old man who... winds up surgically turning him into a walrus. It's as bizarre as all that sounds, and Smith looks like he's blending body horror with a really strange sense of humor in this movie. We'll just have to see what comes of it when it hits theaters on September 19th.
  • ​The Tesla Model S doesn't have onboard navigation in China (2014-07-25 22:57:00)
  • A closer look at the Xperia Z3, Sony’s next flagship smartphone (2014-07-25 22:00:19)
    Sony still hasn’t found a way to effectively infiltrate the Western phone market, but that doesn’t mean the Japanese powerhouse is giving up any time soon. Our friendly neighborhood leaker @evleaks has published two new photos of what he claims to be the upcoming flagship Xperia Z3 smartphone, a phone that at first glance could easily be mistaken for an Xperia Z2. Upon further inspection, the Z3 does appear to be thinner and seems to lacks the silver trim which lined the edges of the Z2. Other than that, as you can see in the header image, the button placement appears to be the same, although if the flap at the top of the device is the SD card slot, it
  • Everyone is now invited to play the Destiny beta (2014-07-25 21:05:13)
    If you somehow missed out on all the code giveaways and couldn’t bring yourself to preorder the game, you’re in luck — the Destiny beta is now open to anyone with a active subscription on Xbox Live Gold or PlayStation Plus as of 4pm PDT on Thursday. Bungie is basically conducting a stress test over the weekend by allowing everyone to join in the beta, so don’t be surprised if there are some issues on Friday night after everyone gets off work. The beta was already taken offline for an extended period of time earlier in the week for maintenance though, so hopefully the servers are prepared for a massive influx of Guardians. In order to download the beta, just head to
  • Apple iPhones allow extraction of deep personal data, researcher finds (2014-07-25 21:00:54)
    By Joseph Menn SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Personal data including text messages, contact lists and photos can be extracted from iPhones through previously unpublicized techniques by Apple Inc employees, the company acknowledged this week. The same techniques to circumvent backup encryption could be used by law enforcement or others with access to the "trusted" computers to which the devices have been connected, according to the security expert who prompted Apple's admission. In a conference presentation this week, researcher Jonathan Zdziarski showed how the services take a surprising amount of data for what Apple now says are diagnostic services meant to help engineers. As word spread about Zdziarski’s initial presentation at the Hackers on Planet Earth conference, some cited it as evidence of Apple collaboration with the National Security Agency.
  • China's Baidu to challenge Google with its own self-driving car (2014-07-25 20:21:00)
  • I experienced The Rock at Comic-Con (2014-07-25 20:16:12)
    Dreams do come true. Casey Newton is experiencing his first-ever San Diego Comic-Con. Here's what happened to Casey, in his own words, the moment Dwayne Johnson (aka The Rock) takes the stage to promote Hercules and talk about his "fanny pack" photo popularized this week on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.
  • All of my dreams coming true: I experienced The Rock at Comic-Con (2014-07-25 20:16:02)
    Dreams do come true. Casey Newton is experiencing his first-ever San Diego Comic-Con. Here's what happened to Casey, in his own words, the moment Dwayne Johnson (aka The Rock) takes the stage to promote Hercules and talk about his "fanny pack" photo popularized this week on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.
  • Next big moonshot project puts Google inside your body (2014-07-25 20:00:34)
    Google is far from being done searching for answers for some of your most pressing questions, including many surrounding health and the human body, The Wall Street Journal reveals. Baseline Study is a new Google X “moonshot” project that wants to look into the human body and find out exactly what makes us healthy so that the company can find new ways to improve our health. Google hopes to learn more details about the human body by looking at many parameters and analyzing the huge amount of data resulting from the various tests performed. THe company might then be able to provide potentially preventive treatments for health problems that may affect an individual in the future, rather than after-the-fact treatments for an existing illness that’s
  • Amazon's far-reaching ambitions, lack of profits, unnerve investors (2014-07-25 19:27:24)
    By Deepa Seetharaman SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Inc's message to investors has always been clear: trust in founder and CEO Jeff Bezos. Some on Wall Street wonder if Amazon may have bitten off more than it can chew. After an unusually busy first half of the year that saw the online retailer spend on developing everything from mobile phones and Hollywood-style production to grocery deliveries, investors are ready to see it curtail its ambitions and start delivering sustainable profits. "It does get frustrating when they continue to spend quarter after quarter and they don't let the revenue flow through," said Michael Scanlon, who manages $3.5 billion at Manulife Asset Management and holds shares of Amazon.
  • Engadget Daily: the battle for VR, Bose sues Beats, and more! (2014-07-25 19:24:00)
  • Edgar Wright's next two films are reportedly a comedy and a sci-fi about sex-crazed bugs (2014-07-25 19:07:46)
    Edgar Wright just left Marvel's Ant-Man movie a couple months ago, but he appears to already have two new films locked up. Deadline reports that Wright's next two movies will be Baby Driver — a long-gestating comedy written by Wright himself — and a young-adult novel adaptation called Grasshopper Jungle. Wright's plans to direct Baby Driver appear to be all but a done deal, and he's said to be fully signed on for Grasshopper Jungle. Details are limited on Baby Driver, but it's reported to be in the same vein as the comedies in his trilogy of films with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost — though the two don't appear to be involved. The recently-released novel is a sci-fi coming-of-age story involving gigantic praying mantises.
  • Microsoft is ready to attack China with an exclusive Xbox One deal (2014-07-25 19:05:47)
    Microsoft is far from beating Sony in the new gaming console war, but the company is reportedly ready to attack a huge market in the coming months. The Wall Street Journal has learned that the Xbox One maker will partner with China Telecom, the country’s most important fixed-line operator, to launch its latest console. Starting in September, China Telecom will become the exclusive Xbox One retailer in the country. The company revealed that potential buyers looking “to enjoy the games an entertainment experience at home,” will have to sign up for a broadband subscription when buying the new console. Neither China Telecom nor Microsoft mentioned the price of the Xbox One for China, or an actual release date. The console is available
  • Playdate: We're livestreaming the 'Destiny' beta on Xbox One! (2014-07-25 18:30:00)
  • Playdate: We're livestreaming the 'Destiny' beta on Xbox One! (update: it's over!) (2014-07-25 18:30:00)
  • The first 'Hot Tub Time Machine 2' trailer heads into its own weird future (2014-07-25 18:16:03)
    Did the world need another Hot Tub Time Machine? Either way, it's getting one, and with dramatically more time-twisting action than before. The first raunchy (and NSFW) trailer for the comedy's sequel finds the gang having taken advantage of their knowledge of the future to get rich Back to the Future Part II-style, except things go wrong when another night in the hot tub sends them to the predictably wild future of 2024. ...
  • High-tech headband looks to prevent drowning, bad parenting (2014-07-25 18:16:00)
  • High-tech headband looks to keep kids from drowning (2014-07-25 18:16:00)
  • Samsung just launched a phablet with a ridiculous 7-inch screen (2014-07-25 18:00:54)
    It’s official: we have reached the peak of phablet insanity. Samsung on Friday unveiled the latest addition to its phablet lineup. While the device officially falls under Samsung’s “Tab” product family of tablets, you’ll notice that the Galaxy Tab Q is not like normal tablets. Instead, it includes an ear speaker and a microphone, and it supports voice calling. In other words, Samsung expects you to hold this gigantic beast of a tablet up to your face to make phone calls. Please. We beg you. Don’t. Galaxy Tab Q specs include a 7-inch display with only 720p resolution, a 1.2GHz quad-core processor, an 8-megapixel rear camera, a 2-megapixel front-facing camera, microSDXC support up to 64GB and a 3,200 mAh battery. And thankfully, it’s
  • Cellphone unlocking set to become legal again (2014-07-25 17:55:25)
    NEW YORK (AP) — Congress passed a bill Friday that makes it legal to "unlock" cellphones so the devices can —at least in some instances— be used on other carriers.
  • Americans Are One Signature Away From Legally Unlocking Cell Phones (2014-07-25 17:46:21)
    It may seem like common sense to have phones automatically switch carriers or use new carriers when abroad, but a controversial line in the Digital Millennium Copyright Act had made it illegal in 1998 to unlock a cell phone to switch service providers. After 19 months of petitioning President Barack Obama (amounting to more than 114,000 signatures) and pushing the bill, the House agreed to fix the legislation. "This is something that Americans have been asking for and I am pleased that we were able to work together to ensure the swift passage of legislation restoring the exemption that allowed consumers to unlock their phones," House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte said in a statement. We love you #unlocking bill! — Christopher J. Lewis (@ChrisJ_Lewis) June 6, 2013
  • Microsoft unleashes 'Settlers of Catan' on the web (2014-07-25 17:38:00)
  • Here's the new cast of 'Game of Thrones,' and a blooper reel from last season (2014-07-25 17:28:53)
    Game of Thrones is a serious show. A very, very serious show, where anyone can die. Except when they're falling off their horses or missing their lines or doing a catchy dance down the carpet. This blooper reel from Season Four opened the Game of Thrones panel at San Diego Comic Con, where we're on the ground live, and it's now online for your edification. But if you're looking for real news from the series, you can watch the video below, introducing the characters who will be coming in Season Five.
  • This is what Halo 2 looks like on Xbox One (2014-07-25 17:15:02)
    For many Xbox fans, the long-awaited announcement of Halo 2: Anniversary was a highlight of E3 2014. No one ever doubted that Xbox classic would be remastered for the new generation, but it was an exciting announcement nevertheless, especially when coupled with the reveal of The Master Chief Collection. Now 343 Industries has returned to the stage just a month later to show off the first overhauled cinematic cutscene from the Anniversary edition of Halo 2, and it’s even more stunning than you might have imagined. Rather than just lay an HD skin on top of the original cinematics, 343 Industries brought on Blur Studio to completely rework the scenes from the ground up. It might not be Halo 5, but it
  • Verizon to slow down speeds for some unlimited data subscribers (2014-07-25 16:59:38)
    By Marina Lopes WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Verizon Communication Inc's high speed wireless customers who subscribe to the company's legacy unlimited data plans might experience slower speeds starting Oct. 1, the company said on Friday. Verizon will slow services for the top 5 percent of data users who are on unlimited plans in places where the network is experiencing high demand, the company announced on its website. The policy is currently in effect for unlimited subscribers on the 3G network, but will be expanded to its 4G, higher speed network in October. Verizon stopped offering unlimited data plans in 2012.
  • Verizon to start throttling data on unlimited LTE plans (2014-07-25 16:49:00)
  • Pebble vs. Android Wear, which should you buy? (2014-07-25 16:48:38)
    There are only two smartwatches worth buying today, the Pebble and Google's new Android Wear platform. If you're set on buying a smartwatch, which do you buy? The Pebble has sharp looks and long battery life, while Android Wear brings color displays and the full power of Google Now. Does either earn your money?
  • Which smartwatch should you buy? (2014-07-25 16:46:21)
    There are only two smartwatches worth buying today: the Pebble and Google's new Android Wear platform. If you're bent on buying one, which do you choose? The Pebble's got the looks, Android Wear has the power of Google, should either earn your money? Right now, the Pebble takes the lead over Android Wear, but it's likely that far better things are right around the corner, and the smart move might just be to wait for those.
  • Bose sues Beats over headphone noise-cancellation patents (2014-07-25 16:46:04)
    High-end sound system and headphone maker Bose Corp is going after the newer kid on the block, Beats Electronics, with a lawsuit accusing Beats of infringing several patents related to noise-cancellation technology. In a lawsuit filed Friday in federal court in Delaware, Bose said Beats had willfully infringed upon five of its patents,which Beats allegedly uses in its Studio and Studio Wireless line of headphones. Bose said it had lost profits and sales as a result. Bose was seeking unspecified damages from Beats, which Apple Inc announced this year it would acquire for $3 billion.
  • Cynk Tech plummets 85 percent as trading suspension ends (2014-07-25 16:43:23)
    By Rodrigo Campos NEW YORK (Reuters) - Cynk Technology shares plummeted to close down about 85 percent on Friday after a trading suspension was lifted, but the stock was only being exchanged in private deals. Based in Belize, Cynk became one of the market's biggest stories as volumes soared and the social media company briefly became valued at more than $6 billion, despite having no revenue and being described as a "development stage" company.
  • This app will let you delete all your drunk texts once you sober up (2014-07-25 16:30:27)
    Wiper is a new smartphone app that will let you do something you may have wanted to do with certain drunk texts, and that’s delete them after the fact both on your phone as well as on the recipient’s handset. Spotted by Business Insider, Wiper is available for iOS and Android devices, where it acts almost like any other messaging app, allowing users to chat (text and voice), as well as send and receive media files. However, its trick lies in the “Wipe” button, which can be used by any party in the conversation to delete parts of the chat, or the entire thing, from all devices. Wiper will automatically get rid of everything in the chat, whether it’s text, photos or videos,
  • Watch the first trailer for the next season of 'The Walking Dead' (2014-07-25 16:15:26)
    Things have never really been going well on The Walking Dead, but the core crew only appears more broken and battered than ever in the first trailer for Season 5. The trailer teases the group's attempts to get to DC and — hopefully — deliver a cure for the zombifying infection. There's always been a lot standing in their way, and it all looks even more gruesome and horrifying in this coming season. The show will come back on the air with new episodes starting October 12th.
  • Cellphone unlocking bill clears U.S. House, heads to Obama (2014-07-25 16:09:54)
    By Alina Selyukh WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. House of Representatives approved legislation on Friday to give mobile-phone users the right to 'unlock' their devices and use them on competitors' wireless networks, something that is now technically illegal. President Barack Obama said in a statement that he looked forward to signing the bill into law. "The bill congress passed today is another step toward giving ordinary Americans more flexibility and choice, so that they can find a cell phone carrier that meets their needs and their budget," Obama said. The lawmaking follows a 2012 ruling by the Library of Congress, the minder of U.S. copyright law, that effectively made phone unlocking illegal, even after the consumer completed the contract with its wireless carrier.
  • Comic-Con gets first look at 'Mockingjay' trailer (2014-07-25 16:01:45)
    SAN DIEGO (AP) — The trailer for the next film in the popular "Hunger Games" series is making its premiere at Comic-Con.
  • The top 11 laptops you can buy right now (2014-07-25 16:00:00)
  • Massive increase in R&D spending suggests awesome new Apple products are on the way (2014-07-25 15:55:54)
    It’s been a long time since Apple had anything to prove in the mobile world, but as iPhone iterations have become increasingly indistinguishable from one another, the Cupertino crew realized it might be time to catch up with the rest of the industry. And catch up they will — this year’s iPhone 6 display is expected to stretch to 4.7 inches and its phablet counterpart might feature an enormous 5.5-inch display. FROM EARLIER: Apple’s iPhone 6 launch will be even bigger than anyone imagined There are also rumors of a Retina MacBook Air, new iPad models and even a smartwatch of some kind, all of which have resulted in the biggest increase in Apple’s R&D spending and commitments to third-party manufacturing and
  • Facebook says SEC's IPO probe ends, extending WhatsApp closing date (2014-07-25 15:55:27)
    (Reuters) - Facebook Inc said the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission dropped its probe into the social networking company over events surrounding its controversial initial public offering. In its quarterly report filed on Thursday, Facebook said the regulator in May "notified us that it had terminated its inquiry and that no enforcement action had been recommended by the SEC." Facebook shares began trading on May 18, 2012, but soon fell below their $38 per share offering price and had lost more than half their value by the middle of August, angering investors. Investors also complained they were not told just prior to the IPO that analysts at Facebook's investment banks were cutting their forecasts after learning of the company's internal projections for advertising revenue. The end of the SEC probe does not affect shareholder litigation against Facebook, Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg and many banks over the Menlo Park, California-based company's IPO.
  • IBM talks with Globalfoundries break down over price: Bloomberg (2014-07-25 15:43:47)
    By Marina Lopes WASHINGTON (Reuters) - International Business Machines Corp's attempt to sell its slumping chip manufacturing business to Globalfoundries Inc deteriorated when the two companies failed to agree on a price, Bloomberg reported on Friday. The breakdown in talks between the two companies marks a setback for IBM, which has been trying to divest its chip making business to focus instead on chip research and design. IBM rejected Globalfoundries' offer because it was too low, Bloomberg reported, citing people familiar with the matter.
  • ​Cellphone unlocking bill passes through the House, heads to the Oval Office (2014-07-25 15:34:00)
  • Cynk Tech shares crash after trading suspension ends (2014-07-25 15:27:25)
    By Rodrigo Campos NEW YORK (Reuters) - Cynk Technology shares plummeted more than 80 percent on Friday after the end of a trading suspension, but the stock was only being exchanged in private deals. Based in Belize, Cynk became one of the market's biggest stories as volumes soared and the social media company briefly became valued at more than $6 billion, despite having no revenue and being described as a "development stage" company.
  • Meet the young businessman tasked with reviving the Burger King empire (2014-07-25 15:22:26)
    Burger King is in trouble, but its new CEO, 33-year-old Daniel Schwartz, has been secretly engineering a big turnaround. In his first year in office, Schwartz has sold off the corporate jet — as well as all but 52 of the company's nearly 14,000 burger joints. Can Schwartz put some mustard on Burger King's business model before it's too late? Will Chipotle's organic business plan prove to be too spicy to handle?
  • 5.5-inch iPhone 6 and new iPads reportedly heading to production in September (2014-07-25 15:20:11)
    A new report from Taiwan’s Economic Daily News says that Apple will start mass-producing the 5.5-inch iPhone 6, the second-generation iPad Air and the third-generation iPad mini in September, further confirming earlier stories on the matter. FROM EARLIER: Here’s why you won’t be able to buy a 5.5-inch iPhone 6 in September Some previous reports said that Apple is experiencing certain production issues, especially with the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 model, which is why the handset will be delayed. Others disagreed, saying that Apple will intentionally delay the iPhone 6 phablet because the company doesn’t want to create any competition between the 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch versions at launch. Economic Daily News also mentions some manufacturing issues, saying that initial shipments will be small, but things should
  • Can Google Glass help the Minnesota Vikings? (2014-07-25 15:17:26)
    "Here's the other trick: the people wearing Google Glass have to be good."
  • Can Google Glass make the Minnesota Vikings any good? (2014-07-25 15:16:29)
    The Minnesota Vikings will be wearing Google Glass during training camp to record first-person videos — a window into what pro football players experience as they gear up for the season. The Vikings are the second team to wear Glass at camp — the St. Louis Rams wore Glass last year — and the players seem to be enjoying it, mugging at press conferences and on Twitter.
  • Dell, BlackBerry downplay threat from Apple-IBM alliance (2014-07-25 15:11:46)
    By Euan Rocha and Alastair Sharp TORONTO (Reuters) - IBM Corp's recent move to partner with Apple Inc to sell iPhones and iPads loaded with corporate applications has excited investors in both companies, but two rivals say they are unperturbed for now. Top executives at Dell and BlackBerry Ltd scoffed at the threat posed by the alliance this week, arguing the tie-up is unlikely to derail the efforts of their own companies to re-invent themselves. I think it just made a good press release," John Swainson, who heads Dell's global software business, said in an interview with Reuters in Toronto on Thursday. PC maker Dell and smartphone maker BlackBerry are in the midst of reshaping their companies around software and services, as the needs of their big corporate clients morph.
  • Watching 'Sharknado' with Syfy Sync and Philips Hue (2014-07-25 15:07:00)
  • Sam Raimi writing 'Evil Dead' TV series (2014-07-25 15:01:58)
    Sam Raimi's Evil Dead series could be coming to TV. In a surprise appearance at San Diego Comic Con, Raimi announced that he and his brother Ivan are writing a show based on the franchise, and that it will star Bruce Campbell. In addition to the original trilogy of films, a remake of The Evil Dead was released in 2013, but it wasn't directed by Raimi and didn't star Bruce Campbell. Naughty Dog writer Neil Druckmann and producer Raimi revealed one potential casting choice: Maisie Williams, better known as Arya on Game of Thrones.
  • Sierra Leone is on the lookout for an Ebola-positive patient on the run (2014-07-25 14:53:46)
    Officials in Sierra Leone's capital are trying to find a woman who left a hospital with the help of her family after testing positive for the deadly Ebola virus. The 32-year-old woman, who radio stations in Freetown named as Saudatu Koroma, was being tested for virus in an isolation ward, then was "forcefully removed" by her family, Reuters reports. News of the hunt comes just days after Sierra Leone officials announced that the head doctor in the effort to combat Ebola in the country contracted the virus. Dr. Sheik Umar Khan treated more than 100 Ebola patients, and was diagnosed with the virus this week.
  • Why Google isn’t afraid to kill your favorite products (2014-07-25 14:45:32)
    In addition to explaining why Google actually needs the gorgeous new Material Design deployed on Android L, android apps and the web, Google’s Search design guru Jon Wiley talked during the same Reddit Ask-Me-Anything (AMA) session about the reasons why Google has to sometimes remove features from products, or products, even though some people may still be interested in using them. One user asked Wiley why Google removed a specific Search feature – in this case the Google Discussion search filter that allowed him to search forums and discussions, and the exec offered quite an extensive reply. “One thing that’s almost always guaranteed with product design: when you add a feature, no one complains about it outright; if they don’t
  • Now that Apple is buying Beats, Bose sues over noise-cancelling patents (2014-07-25 14:38:00)
  • Congress has passed a bill making phone unlocking legal in the US (2014-07-25 14:18:02)
    The House of Representatives unanimously passed a bill this afternoon legalizing cell phone unlocking, following the lead of the US Senate earlier this summer. President Obama came out in support of the policy over a year ago, spurring this activity in Congress, and now all that's left is for him to sign this bill into law. "It will provide greater competition and more consumer choice." The bill, known as the "Unlocking Consumer Choice and Wireless Competition Act," directs the Library of Congress to allow consumers and third-parties to legally unlock phones that were received through a carrier.
  • Unlocking phones in the US will soon be legal (2014-07-25 14:18:02)
    The House of Representatives unanimously passed a bill this afternoon legalizing cell phone unlocking, following the lead of the US Senate earlier this summer. President Obama came out in support of the policy over a year ago, spurring this activity in Congress, and now all that's left is for him to sign this bill into law — which the president has said that he'll do. "The bill Congress passed today is another step toward giving ordinary Americans more flexibility and choice, so that they can find a cell phone carrier that meets their needs and their budget," Obama says in a statement. "I commend Chairmen Leahy and Goodlatte, and Ranking Members Grassley and Conyers for their leadership on this important consumer issue and look forward to signing this bill into law."
  • Bose sues Beats 'to protect' noise-canceling headphone technology (2014-07-25 14:12:01)
    Bose has sued Beats Electronics over noise-canceling technology it says is wrongfully being used in the latter company's headphones. Until now, the two have managed to coexist peacefully in the headphone market, with each finding lucrative success. Beats is of course in the process of being acquired by Apple. A lawsuit is unlikely to affect that deal, but may pose an unwanted and early challenge for Apple once it assumes ownership of the company. CNBC was first to report the lawsuit. Beats uses noise cancellation technology in its Beats Studio, Beats Studio Wireless, and Beats Pro headphones.
  • Get the most out of Netflix with these tools -- while you still can (2014-07-25 14:00:00)
  • Verizon will soon throttle LTE data: here's what you need to know (2014-07-25 13:47:05)
    The days of truly unlimited LTE data on Verizon Wireless are coming to a close. Today, the largest US carrier announced that it will begin applying its "network optimization" practices, which previously only affected the 3G network, to unlimited 4G LTE customers starting October 1st. Beginning on that date, the carrier will slow you down if you're "connected to cell sites experiencing heavy demand." But Verizon's policy is far from straightforward, and it's in no way universal. You're using a 4G LTE smartphone on an unlimited data plan.
  • Stephen King, John Grisham, and nearly 900 other authors oppose Amazon's Hachette tactics (2014-07-25 13:45:18)
    Nearly 900 writers, including Stephen King, John Grisham, Jennifer Egan, and Donna Tartt, have signed a letter objecting to the aggressive tactics that Amazon has been using to gain leverage over the book publisher Hachette, according to the Guardian. As part of what appears to be an attempt to renegotiate the split of revenue on ebook sales in its favor, Amazon has effectively begun discouraging its shoppers from buying Hachette books by not offering preorder options and by pushing their shipping times back by weeks in some cases. While this is clearly damaging to Hachette, it's also damaging to the authors, who might otherwise be seeing more substantial royalties through book sales.
  • Save $100 on the new king of Android phones (2014-07-25 13:45:10)
    BGR reviewed LG’s G3 smartphone earlier this week and we called it the new king of Android phones. The flagship devices features cutting-edge specs and is the first mass-market smartphone to sport a quad HD (2K) display with a pixel density of 538 pixels per inch, making it sharper than anything else on the market by a landslide. Despite the fact that the G3 just launched in the United States last week, interested consumers can already get their hands on this great smartphone for $100 off the standard purchase price. FROM EARLIER: LG G3 review: Android has a new king Nationwide retail giant Best Buy is currently offering a great sale on the new LG G3 smartphone. For shoppers looking to
  • SpaceX CEO Elon Musk wants to go to Mars (2014-07-25 13:36:00)
  • Hedge fund Greenlight details short bets, still likes Apple (2014-07-25 13:29:39)
    BOSTON (Reuters) - Hedge fund manager David Einhorn's Greenlight Capital told investors on Friday that it has short bets against supermarket chain Safeway Inc. and Questcor Pharmaceuticals which was is being taken over by Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals. The firm is also short cigarette maker Lorillard Inc. Martin Marietta Materials and said that Mallinckrodt might make for an "attractive short sale candidate" if the merger is completed. Einhorn, whose comments on stocks are widely watched, also threw his weight behind long-time favorites Apple Inc. ...
  • Lyft says it's starting New York City service (2014-07-25 13:22:34)
    ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) — The on-demand ride-sharing app Lyft says it is starting limited service in New York City after reaching agreement with state and city officials to resolve regulatory issues.
  • Why Google needs Android L’s awesome Material Design (2014-07-25 13:20:00)
    Android L’s main feature so far is the new Material Design that Google will also use across platforms and on the web, and whose new rules developers are also encouraged to abide by. But why did Google decide to go for a complete makeover of Android, apps and the web? Google designer Jon Wiley, who works on Google Search design, hosted a Reddit Ask-Me-Anything (AMA) session during which he explained why Google needs Material Design. Unsurprisingly, Material Design is supposed to further enhance Google’s Search performance and offer a better user experience across all devices. “I’m one of the instigators of material design. It actually came about a couple of years ago when we were working on a design problem
  • Europe debates how far to push 'right to be forgotten' (2014-07-25 13:13:09)
    By Leila Abboud and Julia Fioretti PARIS/BRUSSELS (Reuters) - European regulators have not yet decided whether to try to force search engines such as Google and Microsoft's Bing to scrub results globally when people invoke their "right to be forgotten" in the region. Isabelle Falque-Pierrotin - who heads France's privacy watchdog and the WP29 group of EU national data protection authorities - said in an interview on Friday that no consensus had yet been reached on what she called a "complicated issue". The European Union's top court ruled in May that search engines must take down certain results shown under a search of a person's name if the information was "inadequate, irrelevant or no longer relevant". Although the "right to be forgotten" existed as a concept in European law, the ruling marked the first time companies like Google have been asked to field such requests from the public.
  • Seattle man gets 1-1/2 years for Microsoft insider trades (2014-07-25 13:11:08)
    By Bill Rigby SEATTLE (Reuters) - An online stock trader who profited from inside information passed to him by a former Microsoft Corp finance employee was sentenced to 1-1/2 years in prison in Seattle on Friday. Sean Stokke had pleaded guilty to charges of insider trading, which federal prosecutors said netted more than $400,000 in illicit profits over an 18-month period for him and his Microsoft accomplice, Brian Jorgenson. Prosecutors had asked for a 1-1/2 year sentence for Stokke, 29, far short of the maximum prison sentence of 20 years for the charges of criminal insider trading, given his cooperation with investigators.
  • Lyft gets the green light to operate in New York City (2014-07-25 13:01:00)
  • All the disgusting and terrible phones I’d rather use than Amazon’s Fire phone (2014-07-25 12:55:32)
    I honestly feel like I’m in a scene from Billy Madison. Amazon has finally released a smartphone, and since Amazon PR won’t talk to us ever since I leaked the Amazon Kindle 2 like six years ago, I had to go buy one today in order to play with it. The radio silence also might have something to do with all of our incredible reporting detailing every single angle and feature of the phone prior to release, but… anyway. Amazon has spent so much money on the Fire phone, it’s incredibly incredible how downright horrible it is. The project was almost forced to release years ago, and I just can’t comprehend what device we would be talking about if that had actually happened.
  • 'The Expendables 3' leaks nearly a month before theatrical release (2014-07-25 12:51:35)
    The Expendables 3 has leaked nearly an entire month before it's due to hit theaters nationwide. A DVD-quality copy of the film began circulating on piracy sites sometime Wednesday and as of Thursday evening had been downloaded over 100,000 times. Torrent Freak observed over 66,000 people attached to a single torrent, so the leak could quickly turn into major crisis for distributor Lionsgate. The third Expendables installment, co-written by Sylvester Stallone, follows the series tradition of cramming a seemingly endless roster of action stars into a single movie.
  • A solar storm in 2012 just barely avoided devastating our planet (2014-07-25 12:51:00)
  • Interactive map of drone footage gives you a bird’s-eye view of disasters (2014-07-25 12:30:32)
    Earlier this week, we told you about an incredible new website called TravelByDrone, which is basically a Google Maps Street View for aerial drone footage. While it doesn’t cover nearly as much ground as Street View, of course, TravelByDrone allows users to explore areas all over the world without leaving their homes. Now, another new website has been brought to our attention that also compiles aerial drone footage, but this one serves a different purpose entirely. Patrick Meier’s iRevolution blog brings our attention to a newly launched Crisis Map from the Humanitarian UAV Network. This crowdsourced interactive map is a compilation of drone-shot aerial footage of various disasters around the world. While the footage contained on the site is certainly fascinating to
  • BSkyB to create multinational European TV network (2014-07-25 12:30:24)
    LONDON (AP) — London-based pay TV network BSkyB has agreed to take control of its sister companies in Italy and Germany, creating a multinational European broadcaster. The deal could have a wider impact on the media industry, giving Rupert Murdoch's 21st Century Fox a cash boost to potentially revive its attempt to buy Time Warner.
  • Lyft will launch in all of New York City's five boroughs tonight (2014-07-25 12:29:17)
    Lyft is finally launching in New York City, but it's making some concessions to do so. After a back-and-forth battle between Lyft and the city, the two have finally struck a deal that will allow Lyft to begin offering service throughout the city's five boroughs, but only so long as Lyft drivers register with the city's Taxi & Limousine Commission.
  • 8 Ways Technology Makes You Stupid (2014-07-25 12:06:53)
    People assume that iPhones, laptops and Netflix are evidence of progress. In some ways, that's true. A moderate amount of Googling, for instance, can be good for your brain, and there are apps that can boost brain function and activity.Yet tech advancements also come with some unintended consequences. Our brains being "massively rewired" by...
  • This beautiful video from Samsung was shot entirely on a Galaxy S5 (2014-07-25 12:05:24)
    The Galaxy S5 hasn’t been as overwhelmingly successful as Samsung might have hoped, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a great phone with some of the most impressive specifications on the market. In fact, the Galaxy S5 features the very best smartphone camera on the market according to the photography experts at DxOMark, and now Samsung has released a video showcasing just how impressive footage recorded on an S5 can look. In the short film, Samsung walks us through a day in Trieste, a picturesque city by the sea in north Italy. It’s clear that given the right photographer, the phone’s 16-megapixel camera can be put to great use. The filmmaker also takes advantage of the camera’s HDR functionality to give the video
  • Playing 'Gods Will Be Watching' turned me into a terrible person (2014-07-25 12:00:02)
    Russian roulette is terrifying, even when the gun is made of pixels. You might think of a video game as something that's fun, because the medium is stocked full of powerful wish fulfillment fantasies that let you run rampant in a bustling city or hop into a giant robot suit and wage war. Gods Will Be Watching, on the other hand, is far from fun. Gods Will Be Watching tells the story of a sci-fi, dystopic future where two factions are at war over a powerful biological weapon that could be used to terrorize entire planets.
  • Amazon worker piloted drone around Space Needle (2014-07-25 11:56:15)
    SEATTLE (AP) — Police say an out-of-town Amazon employee was the operator behind a drone that buzzed the Seattle Space Needle this week.
  • George R.R. Martin won't add 13-year-old begging for 'gruesome' death to next novel (2014-07-25 11:43:09)
    Two huge Game of Thrones fans recently earned spots in a future novel from George R.R. Martin by donating $20,000 to causes close to the author's heart. "Although I'm not allowed to watch certain bits of Game of Thrones, I do enjoy playing Skyrim and acting out being a warrior with my bokken." 13-year-old Jack wrapped up the letter saying he'd "love" to appear in Martin's future work.
  • Cortana won't sound like Cortana on UK Windows Phones (2014-07-25 11:42:00)
  • 7 great Android apps that will make your phone more like Android L (2014-07-25 11:40:32)
    Google’s upcoming new version of Android is an absolutely gorgeous reimagining of the company’s mobile operating system. Dubbed “Material Design,” Google has employed a new design identity throughout the user interface that makes Android L far more beautiful and approachable than the OS has ever been in the past. While Apple has done a great job of flattening its iOS platform in an effort to modernize it, Google is taking a different approach, adding different levels to the UI that combine with new graphics to create a great experience. The problem, of course, is that Android L won’t be available until sometime this fall and even then, there’s no telling when vendors will finally start updating their phones. Luckily, you don’t have
  • Cynk Tech shares crash after trading suspension lifted (2014-07-25 11:28:23)
    By Rodrigo Campos NEW YORK (Reuters) - Cynk Technology shares plummeted more than 80 percent on Friday after the end of a temporary trading suspension, but the stock was only being exchanged in private deals. In mid-morning trading, Cynk was down 82 percent at $2.50 as 255,000 shares changed hands. OTC Markets Group, where the stock had traded prior to its suspension by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, was not used for the trades, a spokeswoman for OTC Markets said. "Those transactions are taking place over the phone," said Saskia Sidenfaden, spokeswoman for OTC Markets Group.
  • Amazon's spending spree raises margin concerns (2014-07-25 11:27:23) Inc's heavy investment in content and technology to fight off deep-pocketed rivals is proving to be more costly than many had expected, raising fears that operating earnings will be remain under pressure indefinitely. Amazon's shares fell 12 percent to $314.76 in early trading on Friday, wiping out about $18 billion from its market value. Amazon is engaged in "a massive ecosystem war" with Apple Inc, Google Inc and Microsoft Corp Macquarie Research analyst Ben Schachter said. Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Holdings Group Ltd [IPO-BABA.N] also looms as a threat to Amazon as it expands in the U.S. market, Schachter and others say.
  • The cast of 'Firefly' is reuniting for upcoming game (2014-07-25 11:25:30)
    At last year's San Diego Comic-Con, Brown Coats all over the 'verse got excited by the announcement of Firefly Online, which planned to revive the cult-hit show as an online game. Firefly Online never made its planned summer release date, but at SDCC 2014 we at least have some exciting news: the original cast is returning to reprise their roles. There's also a brand new trailer that provides the first look at actual gameplay, and it features a cameo from none other than Nathan Fillion, better known as Captain Malcom Reynolds from the show. ...
  • Moto 360 will have one important feature other Android Wear devices lack (2014-07-25 11:09:12)
    In addition to being the only Android Wear device that will have a round watch face, the Moto 360 will also pack a unique feature existing competitors lack, Android Police reports, and that’s an ambient light sensor that will surely come in handy when it comes to adjusting to the lighting in a new environment and saving battery life. FROM EARLIER: ‘I saw a Moto 360 this morning’ and I liked it LG’s G Watch and Samsung’s Gear Live both come without ambient light sensors, which means users have to manually adjust brightness depending on where they are. But the Moto 360 will not come with such annoyances, and Motorola’ Cathay Bi has confirmed the smartwatch’s ambient light sensor during
  • Google Play gets a section for offline games (2014-07-25 11:06:00)
  • All We Need Is the Human Touch (2014-07-25 11:05:34)
    I was in the kitchen making dinner, as I finished cooking I called my teenage kids to come eat. No one responded. I walked closer to the stairs (as their rooms are upstairs) and called their names, again nothing. I had a choice, to go upstairs and physically call them or to stay down stairs and just send them a text message. So I decided to go...
  • DC comes for Marvel on the small screen: a first look at 'The Flash' and 'Constantine' (2014-07-25 10:56:40)
    Wednesday night, we got a look at the pilots from two of those series: The Flash, airing on CW, and NBC’s Constantine. The Flash ties into CW’s existing Green Arrow adaptation, and the protagonist, Glee star Grant Gustin, seems to nail the tone it’s going for: earnest and incredibly excited at its own geekery.
  • Chubby Checker, HP settle lawsuit over penis-measuring app (2014-07-25 10:50:31)
    The singer Chubby Checker has settled a lawsuit in which he accused Hewlett-Packard Co of using his trademarked name without permission on a software app that purported to measure the size of a man's penis. HP denied liability in agreeing to settle with Checker, whose given name is Ernest Evans, but agreed not to make future use of his stage name, likeness or related trademarks. In his February 2013 lawsuit against HP and its Palm unit, the singer objected to HP having in October 2006 begun online sales of "The Chubby Checker" app, which purported to let women estimate the size of a man's genitals based on his shoe size. A federal judge last August let Checker pursue part of his case, saying one might infer that HP should have known that "the owner of the Chubby Checker mark would never have consented to license the mark for such a vulgar purpose." HP spokeswoman Sarah Pompei on Friday declined to elaborate on the settlement.
  • Are you a Verizon customer with unlimited data? Get ready to be throttled (2014-07-25 10:48:49)
    As we learned from a recent study, Verizon has been remarkably efficient at convincing unlimited wireless data plan holders to switch to newer, more profitable data plans. According to market research firm Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, just 22% of Verizon’s mobile subscribers were still on unlimited data plans as of the end of the second quarter. That still leaves millions of people with unlimited plans though, and we have bad news for all of them: According to a new report, all Verizon Wireless subscribers with unlimited data plans will be subject to throttling beginning October 1st. Verizon’s “Network Optimization” policy, which says that the company may intentionally slow your wireless data speeds in certain cases, currently only applies to 3G networks. Droid-Life
  • Google has already hidden as many as 100,000 search results in Europe (2014-07-25 10:35:02)
    The "right to be forgotten" is already having a huge impact on Google's search results. Since the landmark May ruling, Google has removed "tens of thousands" of links — potentially over 100,000 — pertaining to Europeans who've filed to have that information hidden from web users. According to a Wall Street Journal source, 91,000 people have so far asked Google to pull down links for 328,000 URLs. Of those it has, Google says it's removed results in over 50 percent of cases.
  • Ride app Uber gets respite in German city of Hamburg (2014-07-25 10:34:55)
    Uber, whose smartphone app summons rides at the touch of a button, won a new lease of life in the German city of Hamburg on Friday when a court suspended a ban imposed by local regulators. Hamburg traffic authorities told Uber earlier this week to stop operating in the northern port city on the grounds that its drivers lacked passenger transport licenses, one of a number of challenges to the San Francisco-based company from regulators and traditional taxi services across the globe. Uber retaliated with a complaint against the ban and a Hamburg court on Friday allowed it to continue operations while the court deliberates on the merits of the case. Uber said in a statement on Friday it welcomed the court's decision.
  • Feeling powerful increases how much time you think you have (2014-07-25 10:30:42)
    "Four studies experimentally demonstrated that power increases perceptions of available time, and that perceived control over time underlies this effect," write the study's authors Alice Moon and Serena Chen. In other words, your boss thinks they have more control over time, and thus feels like they have more time to spend.
  • The battle for virtual reality: Google, Samsung, Sony and Oculus VR (2014-07-25 10:30:00)
  • 4 more awesome paid iPhone apps that are free right now (2014-07-25 10:27:12)
    Before the sun sets on another week, we have one last batch of paid iPhone and iPad apps to share with you that are currently on sale for free for a limited time. This has been a terrific week for thrifty app shoppers looking to save money on some awesome paid apps. Today, we have four more solid offerings to share, but you’d better hurry because these sales could end at any time. These are paid iPhone and iPad apps that have been made available for free for a limited time by their developers. There is no way to tell how long they will be free. These sales could end an hour from now or a week from now — obviously,
  • Elon Musk tells Stephen Colbert his wild plans for cars, jetpacks, and wireless charging (2014-07-25 10:22:06)
    Last night, Stephen Colbert's guest on The Colbert Report was Elon Musk. Musk told Colbert that he and SpaceX are focused on reusability for space flights: building a rocket that can take off, land, refuel, and take off again is incredibly important. He talked about Tesla's desire to personalize your car, and told Colbert that he named his Old Faithful. "Yeah, we'll do it." If we've learned one thing about Elon Musk over the years, it's that he probably means what he says.
  • An illustrated history of the computer virus (2014-07-25 10:12:51)
    Computer viruses have come a long way, starting as the practical jokes of computing's early days and ending up as modern military weapons. A site called Computer Virus Catalog is walking through the history one virus at a time, pairing each one with a fitting illustration.
  • Take a look at the Nic Cage 'Superman' movie that Tim Burton and Kevin Smith almost made (2014-07-25 10:06:20)
    In the late ’90s, Kevin Smith, Tim Burton, and Nicolas Cage teamed up to make what easily would have become either the most amazing or the most terrible Superman film ever made. The documentary, titled The Death of Superman Lives: What Happened?, isn't actually finished yet, but it's just released its first trailer, which includes footage from interviews with Smith and Burton (who isn't all that excited to talk about it: "Anybody got any cyanide or anything I can take?" he asks).
  • Amazingly fast Internet speeds are in our future (2014-07-25 10:06:16)
    New technology developed by researchers at Aalborg University, MIT and Caltech may increase Internet data speeds by up to 10 times, and play a role in future 5G mobile networks deployment. The technology proposes smarter and more adaptable network nodes that could replace the way Internet works today – relying on the 40-year old TCP/IP protocol can be inefficient and less secure. Researchers have come up with network coding, which is a way to make each node of a network smart enough to reroute and re-encode data packets as needed. By comparison, current nodes in TCP/IP networks only forward data packets as they are received to the next node, in the order they were received. Smarter nodes could also be more secure,
  • New trailers: 'Predestination,' 'Dear White People,' 'Honeymoon,' 'Nightcrawler,' and 'Out of Print' (2014-07-25 10:00:02)
    Hope you aren’t already overwhelmed from Comic-Con. The huge convention isn’t even halfway through, and we’ve already gotten looks at some of the most exciting movies and TV shows coming up over the next year. And while Comic-Con may be the epicenter of entertainment this week, there have been a good number of movie trailers coming out around it too. Below is five of our favorite new trailers and three that you’ll want to watch if you missed them earlier. Predestination
  • Microsoft’s mobile failure stems from a lack of understanding of the iPhone’s success (2014-07-25 09:45:02)
    After being among the first few companies to bring smartphones to the masses with Windows Mobile, Microsoft has repeatedly failed to return to its former glory in recent years. There are a number of reasons for these repeated failures in the smartphone and tablet markets, but the broadest and most important may be the simple fact that Microsoft appears to have absolutely no idea what users want. The company has focused on unique, differentiated experiences without worrying about making them truly compelling, and it repeatedly harps on the same selling points that almost no one seems to care about. Now, a recent post may have gotten to the root of Microsoft’s problem: The company still has no idea what made the
  • The Creative Class with Paddle8: Tips for Launching a Successful Startup (VIDEO) (2014-07-25 09:42:34)
    In just three short years Paddle8 an innovative marketplace infusing technology and art has held hundreds auctions with over $100MM in bidding activity and raising over $25MM for charities. They've quickly expanded their reach with members and bidders from hundreds of countries and they are also setting records with their most expensive work,...
  • 'The Wolf Among Us' season one review: a terrifying fairy tale (2014-07-25 09:31:10)
    The Walking Dead video game was a remarkable series, one that turned a zombie apocalypse into a never-ending stream of gut-punching moral dilemmas. It was also proof that developer Telltale games hadn't been wasting its time. "The Walking Dead was one of those overnight wonders that took 10 years to put together," explains studio president and founder Kevin Bruner. "We set really high standards for ourselves coming off the heels of The Walking Dead season one," explains Bruner.
  • Firefox Android beta puts Instagram feeds straight into your browser (2014-07-25 09:31:00)
  • Vodafone revenue dragged lower by Spain and South Africa (2014-07-25 09:23:51)
    By Paul Sandle LONDON (Reuters) - Vodafone reported another big quarterly drop in its main revenue measure, as weakness in South Africa and Spain offset stabilization elsewhere in Europe, and said a broader improvement is not expected until later in the year. Vodafone said on Friday the pace of decline in organic service revenue, which strips out items such as handset sales and currency movements, accelerated to 4.2 percent in the three months to June 30, the company's financial first quarter. Chief Executive Vittorio Colao said the group was doing better in some European markets, such as Germany and Britain. Shares in Vodafone, which have fallen 9 percent in the last three months, underperforming the European telecoms index by 11 percent, were trading up 1.5 percent at 201 pence 1045 GMT.
  • Amazon outlook darkens in the face of rising competition (2014-07-25 09:22:35)
    (Reuters) - Inc's heavy investment in new content and technology to fight off deep-pocketed rivals is proving expensive and analysts fear this will hurt operating earnings for some time. Shares of the company traded down 12 percent at $315 in premarket trading, as at least 11 brokerages cut their price targets on the stock by as much as $60 to $340-$460. "We are in the early stages of a massive ecosystem war between Apple, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and possibly others such as Facebook and potentially Alibaba [IPO-BABA.N]," Macquarie Research analyst Ben Schachter said. "Within that context, it is clear that this ecosystem war is going to be expensive and will impact margins." Amazon on Thursday forecast an operating loss of between $410 million and $810 million for the third quarter ending September, a sharp increase from a loss of $25 million a year earlier.
  • Video: Don’t be fooled by this extremely detailed iPhone 6 clone running Android (2014-07-25 09:20:45)
    The iPhone 6 isn’t even out yet and it already has a few clones that mimic its appearance and software very well, with 9to5Google having found a new video hands-on demo of one such device. While the clone is based on the leaked dummy iPhone 6 units that flooded the Internet and is fully working, it’s not actually running iOS 8. Instead, it’s running an Android version that has been customized to look just like iOS. The Wico6 is the name of this new clone, which features a 4.7-inch display with 960 x 540 resolution, 2.4GHz quad-core MediaTek processor, 2GB of RAM, 8GB of storage, and Android 4.2.2 under the hood. Even though it appears the device has a Touch ID home button, it’s
  • Lower printer sales hurt Xerox's revenue (2014-07-25 09:17:02)
    (Reuters) - Xerox Corp reported a 2 percent fall in second-quarter revenue, hurt by lower demand in its printing business. Net income attributable to Xerox fell to $266 million, or 22 cents per share, for the quarter ended June 30, from $271 million, or 21 cents per share, a year earlier. Revenue fell to $5.29 billion from $5.39 billion a year earlier. Revenue from its printing business, which accounts for 40 percent of total revenue, fell 6 percent. (Reporting by Soham Chatterjee in Bangalore; Editing by Savio D'Souza)
  • China Telecom to sell Microsoft's Xbox One from September (2014-07-25 09:09:24)
    China Telecom Corp Ltd will sell Microsoft Corp's Xbox One gaming console in China from September through an exclusive contract, the country's third-largest telecommunications company said on Friday. The Xbox One will be the first gaming console to be released in mainland China since the government banned console sales in 2000, citing games' effects on mental health. The price has not yet been decided, China Telecom spokesman Ivan Wong told Reuters by telephone. Joanna Li, Microsoft's China spokeswoman, said the console would be offered exclusively to China Telecom's 30 million broadband customers.
  • This Tech Could Prevent Kid Deaths in Hot Cars (2014-07-25 09:06:39)
    The Hot Seat, Babeep and Precious Cargo app -- could help save children's lives by alerting parents if they've accidentally left their little ones behind. Created by New Mexico teen Alissa Chavez, The Hot Seat is a small pad that parents place under their child's car seat and a proximity sensor attached to a key fob. Although she's a high school senior now, Chavez came up with The Hot Seat idea as an eight grader.
  • Repairing the Fire Phone's cameras is more difficult than you think (2014-07-25 08:42:00)
  • US to write privacy rulebook for commercial and civilian drones (2014-07-25 07:38:00)
  • 'Community' season six could be your Christmas present (2014-07-25 07:24:03)
    Cult TV show Community has dodged the broadcaster's axe, and may be en route towards fulfilling its self-orchestrated "six seasons and a movie" meme, thanks to Yahoo TV. According to The Associated Press, creator Dan Harmon told Comic-Con 2014 attendees that Community would not return until at least Christmas as writing would likely begin in fall.
  • Here’s how Verizon’s Android bloatware might become the best ever (2014-07-25 07:15:03)
    One of the reasons users passionately hate carriers is the bloatware they fill Android devices with, as in many cases a mobile operator’s app collection that comes preloaded on a new handset may be somewhat difficult to remove for an average user. In some countries, there already are laws that require carriers to let their subscribers delete any apps they want on a handset, but that’s hardly a widespread practice. Luckily for Verizon customers, Big Red is willing to make some changes to its approach to bloatware, Droid-Life reports, starting with the LG G3. FROM EARLIER: LG G3 review: Android has a new king “Verizon is trialing a new service on the LG G3. Pre-loaded applications will install in the
  • London's Tube to accept contactless payments from September 16th (2014-07-25 06:44:00)
  • Lenovo reveals Google glass competitor (2014-07-25 05:47:29)
    Lenovo wants to make its take on smart glasses, called the C1, the central hub of the connected home or office of tomorrow. Like Google Glass, it has a front-facing camera and a prism display but the battery is contained within a section worn around the neck.
  • This art project turns primitive smoke signals into ones and zeros (2014-07-25 05:44:00)
  • Google Voice now lets you call people using Hangouts (2014-07-25 05:06:08)
    Google Voice is now providing the option to make calls with Hangouts. Alex Wiesen divulged the update through the company's social networking platform, noting that the new functionality does not require a G+ account and works "even if you aren't using Hangouts in Gmail." The feature can be accessed by selecting Hangouts from a drop-down menu labeled "Phone to call with." The website will then launch a separate Hangouts window, allowing conversation to take place as normal. Hangouts is seen as Google''s solution to its fractured messaging systems, and even offers the ability to place phone calls.
  • Sky spends £5 billion to become one of Europe's biggest pay-TV operators (2014-07-25 03:54:00)
  • 'Ulysses' is coming to life thanks to virtual reality (2014-07-25 03:16:00)
  • Indianapolis parking lot transformed into giant dynamic artwork (2014-07-25 02:39:27)
    Parking lots are rarely beautiful, but Rob Ley shows us that they can be. Spanning 12,500 square feet, his massive May - September installation transforms the front of the parking structure at Eskenazi Hospital, Indianapolis into perpetually changing artwork. It is comprised of 7,000 metallic panels, each of which is painted two colors: blue and yellow. Ley made sure to steer away from geometric patterns, choosing instead to draw inspiration from gentler shapes of nature.
  • Spotify comes to (a few) Vizio smart TVs (2014-07-25 01:24:00)
  • Google is collecting medical data to paint a picture of perfect human health (2014-07-25 00:15:41)
    Google has started to collect medical data from volunteers as part of an ambitious project designed to build a database of records that show what a healthy human being should be. The project, developed by Google's experimental Google X wing and called Baseline Study, sees the company first harvesting anonymous genetic and molecular information from 175 people. According to The Wall Street Journal, Baseline Study will soon draw information from thousands more in a bid to create a picture of a person in perfect health. Project Baseline will collect genetic and molecular data The project is designed to pull together a huge amount of data that will not only allow medical professionals to detect and treat major health issues such as heart disease and cancer earlier, but will also enable them to detect trends and patterns in human health, making medicine more about the prevention of illness rather than the cure.
  • Sense sleep sensor monitors your zzz's and wakes you up at the best time (2014-07-25 00:08:00)
  • China Telecom says will sell Microsoft's Xbox One from September (2014-07-24 23:59:14)
    China Telecom Corp Ltd will start selling Microsoft Corp's Xbox One gaming console in China from September through an exclusive contract, the country's third-largest telecommunications company said in a statement on Friday. The launch date and price have not yet been decided, China Telecom spokesman Ivan Wong told Reuters by telephone. The Xbox One will be the first gaming console to be released in mainland China since the government banned console sales in 2000, citing games' effects on mental health. In September last year, Microsoft reached a deal with Chinese internet TV set-top box maker BesTV New Media Co Ltd to form a joint venture to manufacture the consoles in Shanghai's Free Trade Zone.
  • Baidu profit up 34 percent as mobile service grows (2014-07-24 23:55:40)
    BEIJING (AP) — Baidu Inc., which operates China's most popular search engine, said Friday its quarterly profit rose 34 percent over a year earlier as its mobile business grew.
  • Sense is the latest awesome product to take Kickstarter by storm (2014-07-24 23:31:00)
    Sense reached its Kickstarter goal of $100,000 in just seven hours, becoming a new Kickstarter star on its way to almost $400,000 in pledges with 28 days left in its crowdfunding campaign. Developed by Hello, Sense is an advanced sleep-tracking gadget that aims to improve our time in bed. “Sense lets you know how you are sleeping; what is affecting your sleep and how to correct the bad; what the ideal environment for you when sleeping is and how to achieve that; helps you to fall asleep soundly, as well as waking you up in the morning at the right point in your sleep cycle to avoid feeling terrible,” the company says. The Sense system consists of a Sense ball-like device
  • Gamer discovers deceased father's ghost car, gets to race him again (2014-07-24 23:26:00)
  • Taiwan's Acer shipments grew faster than industry average in second quarter: CEO (2014-07-24 23:19:36)
    Taiwan's Acer Inc saw quarter-on-quarter shipments growth that exceeded the PC industry average in the April-June period, the company's chief executive said. The beleaguered computer maker, which eked out a net profit in the first quarter after three straight quarters of losses, has turned a corner and will remain "on track" in the third quarter, chief executive Jason Chen told reporters. The comments were reported by Taiwanese media on Friday and confirmed to Reuters by a company representative. Acer will report its second-quarter earnings in the coming weeks.
  • Report: China to declare Qualcomm a monopoly (2014-07-24 23:17:22)
    BEIJING (AP) — A government newspaper says Chinese regulators have concluded Qualcomm Inc., one of the biggest makers of chips used in mobile devices, has a monopoly.
  • Nortel Networks to pay U.S. bondholders up to $1 billion in interest (2014-07-24 22:37:15)
    By Tom Hals WILMINGTON Del. (Reuters) - Nortel Networks Inc, the U.S. unit of defunct Canadian telecom company Nortel Networks Corp, has agreed to pay up to about $1 billion in interest that has accrued on the $3.9 billion it owes to its U.S. bondholders, a court filing showed.     Thursday’s settlement comes as Nortel’s bankrupt units in Canada and Europe are fighting with the U.S. unit over how to divide $7.3 billion raised by liquidating the global telecommunications company.     The settlement, if approved by U.S. Bankruptcy Court Judge Kevin Gross in Wilmington, Delaware, could affect Nortel retirees in Canada and the United Kingdom. They argued that the bondholders should get $90 million in interest, or no interest at all.     Any funds that are left over in Nortel’s U.S. bankruptcy after paying off the bondholders and other U.S. creditors could be used to help to make up for pension shortfalls in Canada and the United Kingdom.     Under the proposed settlement, bondholders would be entitled to post-petition interest of $876 million, potentially increasing to as much as $1.01 billion if Nortel has not repaid them by June 30 next year.     Nortel said the settlement will help speed the resolution of its bankruptcy.
  • ​More dinosaurs had feathers than we thought (2014-07-24 22:37:00)
  • Verizon remixes the HTC One mini 2’s name, launches it for $50 (2014-07-24 22:30:50)
    Buyers looking to score a brand new HTC One mini 2 from Verizon will have to look for the HTC One remix in the carrier’s inventory, as Big Red decided to have a special name for HTC’s latest mini smartphone. To further mark its territory, Verizon has plastered its logo all over the front and back of the phone. FROM EARLIER: HTC One mini 2 review The HTC handset is available starting today for just $49.99 on a new two-year contract with Verizon or for $22.49 per month for 20 months when purchased with Verizon Edge. The full price of the handset is $449.99, in case the other options aren’t interesting enough. The HTC One remix is not a top-of-the-line Android
  • Amazon's 'Fire' smartphone contains chips from Qualcomm, Samsung, NXP (2014-07-24 22:29:03)
    By Noel Randewich SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Inc's new "Fire" smartphone contains chips from Qualcomm Inc, NXP Semiconductors NV, and Samsung Electronics Co Ltd, according to repair and teardown specialists iFixit, which pried one open on Thursday. The Fire phone also houses chips from Synaptics Inc and Skyworks Solutions Inc, said the repair outfit, which made a name for itself taking apart devices like Apple Inc's iPhone and identifying its internal components.
  • Engadget Daily: the Oppo Find 7, shoes that vibrate in the right direction and more! (2014-07-24 22:03:00)
  • ‘Coolest’ cooler Kickstarter pledges could reach record-shattering $21M (2014-07-24 21:31:10)
    The “Coolest” cooler is a very successful Kickstarter project that has so far raised almost $7 million, or about 14,000% its initial goal of $50,000, with KickTraq stats saying the campaign could end up raising more than $21.7 million by August 29 when it ends, assuming it’ll continue to draw backers at the same rate. FROM EARLIER: This cool ‘Coolest’ cooler just passed $4M on Kickstarter with more than a month to go To reach the number, the Coolest cooler has to keep raising an average of $410,020 per day or so, data from the site suggests, until the deadline. The cheapest cooler costs $185 on Kickstarter, and will arrive only in February next year packed with many additional features compared to regular coolers. Meanwhile, the average
  • Google wants to define a healthy human with its new baseline genetic study (2014-07-24 21:27:00)
  • Wil Wheaton shows why Hollywood's nostalgia obsession is killing movies (2014-07-24 21:05:57)
    Do you remember the past? Hollywood is really hoping that you do — it's much too difficult to appeal to human beings on a shared emotional level. Much easier to simply make reference to a toy popular when the largest movie-consuming demographic was young and hope that draws in the millions. This obsession with nostalgia has been particularly pronounced in recent years, neatly emphasized by the upcoming release of a gritty-fied movie version of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the success of Michael Bay's brain-melting Transformers franchise.
  • Major League Baseball takes a swing at the FCC's fast lane internet proposal (2014-07-24 20:38:02)
    Do you know who's not a fan of the Federal Communication Commission's proposal to let internet service providers offer different speeds to online services? Major League Baseball. In a letter to the FCC last week, the league's digital group argued that the most recent open internet proposal could do more harm than good to consumers and upstart businesses, and likened the move to "rolling the dice." "Fast lanes would serve only one purpose: for Broadband ISPs to receive an economic windfall," the league wrote in a letter to the FCC last week. "American consumers would be worse off as the costs of fast lanes are passed along to them in new fees or charges where there were none, or higher fees or charges where they existed." It went on say that the changes would make it more difficult for "start-up entrepreneurs and innovators" that want to build things.
  • Data Cuisine creates meals based on cultural statistics (2014-07-24 20:37:00)
  • Watch the first clip from the Halo TV show premiering this fall (2014-07-24 20:30:15)
    We all wish that Halo 5: Guardians could be done in time for the holiday season this year, but 343 Industries and Microsoft are doing everything they can to tide us over in the meantime. At San Diego Comic-Con on Wednesday, Microsoft took the stage to show off the first footage of Halo: Nightfall, an original television series based on the game franchise which will begin airing this fall. “In science fiction, we’re always searching for new frontiers. We’re drawn to the unknown,” said Ridley Scott, executive producer on the show. “With Halo: Nightfall, we’re pioneering a new medium in terms of interactive storytelling on Xbox.  It’s going to be fun for long-time fans to see how the worlds come
  • Everyone can now play the 'Destiny' beta on PlayStation or Xbox (2014-07-24 20:04:04)
    Anyone with a compatible console can now download and play the beta version of Destiny, the next video game from Halo creators Bungie. The early trial version of the game lets players create a character to blast both computer-controlled aliens and other players in a multiplayer arena, and can be downloaded on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, in addition to PS3 and Xbox 360. To play, you'll need a PlayStation Plus account or an Xbox Live Gold subscription. The beta began on July 17th on PS4 and PS3, but Xbox One and 360 owners had to wait a week before their version of the trial started on July 23rd.
  • U.S. judge says she is troubled by Apple $450 million e-books deal (2014-07-24 20:03:11)
    By Nate Raymond NEW YORK (Reuters) - A U.S. judge on Thursday expressed concern over a proposed $450 million settlement of claims Apple Inc conspired with five publishers to fix e-book prices, saying its provisions could drastically reduce money paid to consumers depending on appeals. U.S. District Judge Denise Cote in Manhattan said she found "most troubling" a clause requiring Apple to pay only $70 million if an appeals court reversed her finding that the company is liable for antitrust violations and sent it back to her for further proceedings. Speaking on a teleconference, Cote questioned if that would be fair and what might happen if the appeals court reversed her ruling on a minor issue. She also took issue with the lack of any requirement for Apple to pay interest while the appeals go forward.
  • Here's the first look at Ridley Scott's live-action 'Halo' project (2014-07-24 19:51:00)
  • This is Hot Wheels' life-size 'Darth Vader Car' (2014-07-24 19:40:02)
    A visit to the Hot Wheels booth at Comic Con's exhibition floor will give visitors a look at a life-size car that looks just like Darth Vader's iconic helmet. Hot Wheels went all out with the car, giving it all the Star Wars touches you could think of: Sith lightsaber-style exhaust pipes, Imperial insignias in the wheels, and even Vader's life support panel. The Darth Vader Car is actually a modified Chevy Corvette C5, with the Darth helmet comprised of fiberglass that sits atop the car's frame.
  • Christopher Nolan talks up the science of 'Interstellar' in surprise Comic-Con appearance (2014-07-24 19:33:53)
    In a surprise appearance at Comic-Con, the director of The Dark Knight trilogy and Inception says that his latest film is his grandest in scope. One of the film's executive producers is the theoretical physicist Kip Thorne, who gave Nolan extensive guidance on how wormholes could work — a hint at how the film's characters will accomplish their interstellar travel. Nolan was joined on stage by the film's star, Matthew McConaughey, who reiterated what was previously disclosed about the plot: that it involves his character, an astronaut named Cooper, and his efforts to find another planet for humanity to live on after earth becomes uninhabitable. A new trailer shown to the Comic-Con crowd showed McConaughey and co-star Anne Hathaway, who plays a fellow astronaut, as they hunt for an inhabitable planet.
  • Forget the cloud, researchers are working on 1TB memory for smartphones (2014-07-24 19:31:37)
    What if your smartphone shipped with 1TB of memory, which would be not only be able to store all the digital content you want to carry with you at all times, but would also be faster and more reliable? Researchers from Rice University are already working on such technology, MIT’s Technology Review reports, having discovered a more practical way to mass-produce it. Called resistive random access memory (RRAM), the memory is already being developed by some companies, but it’s not an easy or affordable process. However, Rice scientists have figured out how to make RRAM at room temperature and using far lower voltages. More importantly, they say they can store 1TB of data in a chip that’s about the size
  • What's the deal with 'Seinfeld' coming to Netflix? (2014-07-24 19:28:28)
    Jerry Seinfeld has confirmed that he is in talks to bring his iconic comedy series Seinfeld to Netflix. Speaking in an AMA question and answer session on Reddit, the comedian replied "conversations are presently taking place" when asked if the hit show, created by Seinfeld himself and Curb Your Enthusiasm star Larry David, would be brought to the streaming service. In addition to confirming that his show could soon be on its way to Netflix, Seinfeld used the Reddit AMA to reminisce on his comedy career, describing the making of the now-classic comedy series that bears his name. The comedian said one of his most memorable Seinfeld scenes came when Jerry Stiller as George Costanza's father challenged Julia Louis-Dreyfus' Elaine to a fight, denied a rumor that every episode of the show featured a Superman reference, and dropped the bombshell that he never really drank coffee in the 1990s.
  • Comixology now offers DRM-free comic backups, but only from select publishers (2014-07-24 19:28:00)
  • The 'Destiny' beta is now open to everyone (2014-07-24 18:59:00)
  • Pandora Media profit forecast below analysts' estimates, shares fall (2014-07-24 18:45:51)
    (Reuters) - Pandora Media Inc forecast current quarter adjusted profit below analysts' estimates as it plans to plow money back into the business. Analysts on average were expecting an 8 cents per share in profit on revenue of $234.6 million, according to Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S. Pandora Chief Financial Officer Mike Herring said in an interview that adjusted profit forecast was because the company plans to "reinvest aggressively." Pandora faces stiff competition from Spotify, Apple Inc's Beats online streaming service, Google Inc and Inc in the fast-growing music streaming business as downloads decline. "That said, there has been for years and we have continued to grow market share." Advertising revenue, where Pandora makes the bulk of its money, jumped 39 percent to $177.3 million in the second quarter helped by strong mobile advertising revenue growth.
  • HP and musician Chubby Checker settle lawsuit over penis-measurement app (2014-07-24 18:32:43)
    Last February, rock-and-roll legend Chubby Checker sued the companies, asking for $500,000 while claiming the third-party app called the Chubby Checker "adversely affects Chubby Checker's brand and value." The app itself, which was first released in 2006, would estimate penis length from whatever shoe size was inputted. Nonetheless, Chubby Checker — whose real name is Ernest Evans — went after the companies, arguing that the app infringed on a number of his trademarks.
  • Flagship G3 drives record smartphone sales for LG (2014-07-24 18:30:21)
    BGR recently reviewed LG’s new flagship G3, which just launched last week in the United States. We called the phone Android’s new king, supplanting Samsung’s lackluster Galaxy S5, which has been something of a disappointment for many consumers and for Samsung’s bottom line. While LG has a long way to go before it catches up to Samsung in terms of shipments, the company on Thursday reported record smartphone sales for the second quarter. FROM EARLIER: LG G3 review: Android has a new king LG posted a June-quarter net profit of $400 million on revenue across all divisions that totaled $14.9 billion. The company said mobile sales rose 16% on-year to $3.5 billion on record smartphone shipments that came in at 14.5 million
  • Qlik forecasts revenue above Street as software demand grows (2014-07-24 18:16:06)
    Qlik Technologies Inc forecast current-quarter revenue largely above Wall Street expectations, citing strong demand for its business analytics software. Qlik's shares rose more than 8 percent after markets closed. The company's flagship product, QlikView, helps companies to organize vast amounts of data in the form of reports, charts and infographics. Customers include American Apparel Inc, Coca-Cola Co and healthcare company Omnicare Inc. Chief Executive Lars Björk said "continued strong demand for QlikView", combined with Thursday's launch of the company's Qlik Sense software, would drive sales in a growing market for self-service visualization and data discovery.
  • MIT students modify a 3D printer with a height-measuring laser (2014-07-24 18:12:00)
  • China's Baidu outpaces Street targets as mobile revenue surges (2014-07-24 18:11:05)
    Baidu Inc, China’s biggest Internet search company, blew past Wall Street's targets with a 34.1 percent jump in quarterly net profit, helped by a surge in mobile revenue. On Thursday, the company often likened to a Chinese Google said it now gets 30 percent of its revenue from mobile services, up from around 20 percent in previous quarters, as online advertisers migrate to mobile devices. Revenues for the second quarter rose 58.5 percent to 11.986 billion yuan from 7.56 billion yuan a year earlier, in line with Baidu’s own forecasts of between 11.82 billion yuan and 12.11 billion yuan. Baidu had struggled to keep up with rivals on mobile devices such as smartphones as they invest in an array of apps to keep users engaged.
  • Amazon shares fall on 2Q loss (2014-07-24 18:08:38)
    SEATTLE (AP) — Shares of Inc. fell Thursday after the e-commerce retailer reported a deeper-than-expected second quarter loss as expenses outpaced a surge in revenue.
  • Amazon's heavy investing eats into bottom line, shares drop (2014-07-24 18:05:34)
    By Deepa Seetharaman SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Inc posted a much larger-than-expected loss in the second quarter as it continues its rapid pace of investment in new businesses such as digital content and consumer electronics. Amazon's stock price has dropped 10 percent so far in 2014, with investors leery of betting on its long-term growth at the expense of little to no profit. Amazon is investing heavily in new businesses and hardware products, as it prepares to take on major tech rivals from Apple Inc and Google Inc to Netflix. Chief Financial Officer Tom Szkutak said Amazon had a "tremendous amount of opportunities" and its investments were "certainly impacting short-term results." The company is spending more than $100 million on original video content in the third quarter, a substantial increase compared to last year and the second quarter, Szkutak said.
  • Amazon spending more than $100 million on original content in third-quarter (2014-07-24 18:04:32)
    By Deepa Seetharaman SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Inc is spending more than $100 million on original video content in the third quarter, considerably higher than its spending a year ago and in the second quarter, Chief Financial Officer Tom Szkutak said on Thursday. The largest U.S. online retailer, which also reported a larger-than-expected second-quarter loss Thursday, is beefing up its digital content. Szkutak told analysts during a call that members of Amazon's Prime membership program are increasingly streaming free videos online.
  • Video: Want to see what happens when an iPhone 5s gets run over by a train? Of course you do (2014-07-24 17:45:05)
    The iPhone 5s is amazingly solid for a smartphone made entirely of glass and ultra-thin aluminum. It looks great, it feels great and it can survive its fair share of drops as long as it doesn’t hit a hard surface on its corner. But can it survive being run over by a speeding train? No, of course it can’t. YouTube user TechRax recently posted a video of not one but two iPhone 5s handsets being run over by speeding trains. Why? We have absolutely no idea… but that didn’t stop us from watching the video out of sheer morbid curiosity. The full video is embedded below.
  • Amazon expects to lose half a billion dollars in the next three months (2014-07-24 17:38:05)
    Amazon has a pretty stable pattern when it comes to reporting earnings. For the last couple years that has kept the company's share price on a steady upward climb. Today Amazon announced its second quarter earnings, and losses were nearly twice what analysts had predicted, leading to a more than 5 percent drop in its share price during after-hours trading. More importantly, Amazon predicted that its losses for next quarter would be between $410 and $810 million, or more than 16 times the amount it lost during the third quarter of last year.
  • RF Micro forecasts strong second-quarter as mobile chips sales rise (2014-07-24 17:37:18)
    RF Micro Devices Inc forecast quarterly results above market expectations, helped by higher demand for its chips that connect devices such as Apple Inc's iPhone and Samsung Electronics Co's smartphones to networks. The chipmaker, which supplies cellular radio frequency chips for use in mobile handsets, notebook computers and tablets, forecast second-quarter adjusted earnings of 27 cents per share. Analysts on average were expecting earnings of 20 cents per share on revenue of $328 million, according to Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S. "We will probably hear that it has a lot to do with their largest customer, which they won't name, but obviously is Apple and the smartphone growth coming out of China right now is just on fire," Northland Capital Markets analyst Tom Sepenzis said.
  • Comixology users can now download DRM-free backups of some comics (2014-07-24 17:30:03)
    Maybe Amazon's purchase of Comixology isn't the worst thing to ever happen after all. Comic book readers on iOS have been fuming over the loss of in-app purchases following the company's acquisition, but today during a panel at Comic Con, Comixology announced a new feature that users are certain to love: DRM-free backups. Customers can now download and store copies of books without being bothered by a DRM system that limits what they can do with content they rightfully own. "For those out there who have not joined the comic reading community because of DRM, you have no excuse now," said co-founder John Roberts.
  • Batman is still sad in the second Ben Affleck photo from 'Batman v. Superman' (2014-07-24 17:20:40)
    DC Comics decided to honor Batman's 75th anniversary yesterday, and — while he's a day late — Zack Snyder is joining in on the action too since he's at the helm of a film starring the hero. Snyder published a close look at Ben Affleck's Batman on Twitter today, the second photo yet of him from the set of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. We don't really know what happens in the movie yet, but one thing continues to be evident from the early photos: everyone is sad. Batman and Superman both looked down in their first images, and this second photo of Batman shows him just as gloomy. Snyder also had a bit of fun on Twitter this morning, messing with Star Wars fans by posting a photo of Henry Cavill — his Superman — as a lightsaber-wielding Jedi.
  • ​Google is reportedly buying Twitch for $1 billion (2014-07-24 17:20:00)
  • Philips' light bulbs will bring 'Sharknado' into your living room (2014-07-24 17:16:28)
    Finally there's a reason to invest in smart light bulbs. Syfy and Philips have announced that Sharknado 2: The Second One viewers will be treated to a custom light show designed to sync up with the film when it premieres on July 30th. It's all made possible with Syfy's "Sync" second-screen app, which listens for audio cues from the film and then sends lighting commands to the Philips Hue system. Beginning at 7PM, any Philips smart bulbs in your living room will change color "to reflect the increasingly stormy weather conditions, chainsaw-induced shark carnage, and more." (Don't worry, the "light track" will repeat during Syfy's 9PM encore presentation.)
  • Pandora profit forecast largely below Street, shares fall (2014-07-24 17:06:14)
    (Reuters) - Pandora Media Inc forecast current quarter adjusted profit largely below analysts' estimates, hurt by slowing subscription revenue growth. The company's shares fell 12 percent in extended trading. Pandora forecast adjusted profit of 5-8 cents per share on revenue of $235-$240 million for the third quarter ending September. [ID:nBw7FJpLJa] Analysts on average were expecting an 8 cents per share in profit on revenue of $234.6 million, according to Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S. ...
  • Google reportedly acquires streaming video giant Twitch for $1 billion (2014-07-24 17:00:11)
    Following several reports that the two were in talks, Google has reportedly reached a deal to acquire streaming video giant Twitch for approximately $1 billion. With more than 50 million monthly active users, Twitch is a wildly popular service that allows gamers to stream live video of themselves as well as live feeds of whatever video games they might be playing. Venturebeat reports that Google’s YouTube division is in charge of the deal and will presumably oversee Twitch in some capacity moving forward. Google has not yet confirmed the acquisition.
  • New Apple TV game brings the 'Dance Party' to your living room (2014-07-24 16:57:00)
  • Amazon's 'Fire' smartphone has chips from Qualcomm, Samsung, NXP (2014-07-24 16:41:43)
    By Noel Randewich SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Inc's new "Fire" smartphone, aimed at extending the online retailer's reach, includes chips from Qualcomm Inc, NXP Semiconductors NV and Samsung Electronics Co Ltd, according to repair firm iFixit, which pried one open on Thursday. The phone, powered by a Qualcomm quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor, also touts a "Firefly" feature that allows users to point the phone at an object and be directed to Amazon's online store to buy it. Dismantling a just-delivered Fire handset, tear-down and device-repair specialist iFixit discovered radio frequency, power amplifier, audio and WiFi chips that were also from Qualcomm.
  • Philip K. Dick's cult novel 'Man in the High Castle' becoming an Amazon TV pilot (2014-07-24 16:38:17)
    Amazon is preparing its third round of TV show pilots, and Deadline reports that one of the upcoming titles will be an adaptation of a Philip K. Dick novel in which Germany and Japan have won World War II and taken over most of the United States. Titled The Man In the High Castle, the show will be based on Dick's 1962 Hugo award-winning book of the same name. A writer from The X-Files will reportedly create a script for the pilot, which will be directed by David Semel — who was also behind the first episode of Heroes. This is one of the occasions that Amazon's pilot process is a huge win for viewers.
  • Jimmy Kimmel pranks strangers with a fake Apple iTime smartwatch (2014-07-24 16:31:41)
    Jimmy Kimmel is the best in the business when it comes to making unsuspecting passersby look like complete morons. On a recent episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, Kimmel’s crew took to Hollywood Blvd. with Apple’s unreleased iTime smartwatch, first revealed in a patent application earlier this week, to gauge the public reaction. The only problem was that the watch in question was actually a $20 Casio watch with an Apple logo stuck to the back. As you can probably guess, a lot of people didn’t catch on, and the resulting video is pretty hysterical. Of course, it’s just a bit on a late night talk show, but considering how impressed everyone was by a watch that you can find in the discount section at your
  • Here's what our readers are saying about the Surface Pro 3 (2014-07-24 16:30:00)
  • Top iPhone apps: 'Pou' (2014-07-24 16:27:46)
    Alien pet care app "Pou" benefits from a free promo, while Glu Games takes top spot in the US and Japan with "Kim Kardashian: Hollywood" and "Dino Hunter: Deadly Shores" respectively.
  • Twitch lets you host another channel's stream while you're on a burrito break (2014-07-24 16:04:00)