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  • This is the first unibody metal phone without antenna lines (2016-05-30 06:04:42)
    Asus has somehow worked around the iPhone's most glaring aesthetic shortcoming, beating competitors like HTC, Huawei, and Meizu in producing a "full-metal" phone with completely discreet antennas. Alongside the 5.7-inch Deluxe, Asus today also unveiled the 6.8-inch ZenFone 3 Ultra, which resides firmly in phablet territory while also matching the invisible antenna design. Both devices have 1080p displays and an enviable 79 percent screen-to-body ratio, so Asus has truly done its utmost in terms of design measurables.
  • Iran orders foreign messaging apps to store data within its borders (2016-05-30 06:00:57)
    Iran has ordered foreign messaging apps to store all data on its citizens within the country's borders, Reuters reports, giving the companies one year to comply. Iran's Supreme Council of Cyberspace announced the measures on Sunday, saying they are based on the "guidelines and concerns of the supreme leader" Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, according to the local IRNA news agency. Iran has long held tight control over the internet, censoring objectionable content and blocking access to services like Facebook and Twitter.
  • ASUS' me-too VR headset sure looks fancy (2016-05-30 05:36:00)
  • Researchers create high-speed electronics for your skin (2016-05-30 05:34:00)
  • For an Optimistic Revolution (2016-05-30 05:09:24)
    The world has seen more than one industrial revolution and another one is already upon us. We should face it as optimists. According to the classical legend, a Greek messenger named Pheidippides ran from Marathon to Athens to deliver a message. It took him 36 hours. A horse-drawn carriage or a modern car would have saved Pheidippides...
  • Here's an Asus VR headset with fancy leather straps (2016-05-30 04:54:42)
    Asus didn't mention this during their laptop- and phone- and robot-packed Computex Taipei press conference, but in the demo area there's a virtual reality headset on display behind glass; other than the name "Asus VR" emblazoned above it, there's zero explanation of what it actually is. But! It does have stitched leather straps, which look a little too ZenWatch-like for my taste but are arguably more fashion forward than the likes of the HTC Vive.
  • Watch Jonney Shih announce Asus’ MacBook killer (2016-05-30 04:43:34)
    The scarcely believable Asus ZenBook 3 is the undeniable highlight of an action-packed press conference from Asus today. This new laptop measures only 11.9mm in thickness and challenges Apple's MacBook for the title of best ultra-portable computer. Not only is the ZenBook 3 thinner, it is also lighter — by 10 grams, weighing in at 910g — and more powerful than its better-known rival.
  • Here's how the Asus ZenBook 3 looks next to the MacBook (2016-05-30 04:00:11)
    Asus' new ZenBook 3 is plainly aimed straight at the MacBook's heart; chairman Jonney Shih made multiple comparisons to Apple's 12-inch laptop on stage this afternoon at Computex Taipei, highlighting how the latest Zenbook is thinner and lighter while managing to cram in an Intel Core i7 processor.
  • Zenbo family robot destroys Computex with cuteness before it even begins (2016-05-30 03:43:54)
    Asus dropped an unexpected robot revolution on its Computex press conference, launching the Zenbo household assistant, priced at $599.
  • Indian minister: discussing Apple's request for FDI rules waiver (2016-05-30 03:31:27)
    By Manoj Kumar NEW DELHI (Reuters) - The Indian government on Monday said it was discussing Apple Inc's foreign direct investment application that seeks a waiver from a local sourcing rule. Nirmala Sitharaman, commerce and industry minister in the federal cabinet, told reporters her ministry would discuss the issue with the finance ministry. The finance ministry's foreign investment promotion board (FIPB), which clears foreign direct investment applications, has asked the iPhone maker to sell at least 30 percent locally sourced goods if it wished to open shops in India.
  • The Asus Zenbo is a ridiculous home robot for $599 (2016-05-30 03:11:42)
    Meet Zenbo, a new robot friend for seniors, kids, and anybody else who wants to invite a less-cute real-world version of BB-8 into their own home. Asus chairman Jonney Shih showed off Zenbo on stage at Computex today, describing the robot as a smart home manager, security guard, hands-free kitchen assistant, and family photographer. Zenbo looks like an iMac G4 riding a Sony Rolly, but appears to work like Amazon's Echo, providing recipe recommendations and similar services in response to voice queries.
  • MediaTek's Pump Express 3.0 charges a smartphone from 0 to 70 in 20 minutes (2016-05-30 03:00:02)
    The Taiwanese chipmaker's new battery solution looks promising, but will only be available at the end of the year.
  • Three people killed in flooding in southwestern Germany (2016-05-30 02:53:36)
    BERLIN (Reuters) - Three people have been killed in floods in the southwestern German state of Baden-Wuerttemberg, a spokesman for the region's interior ministry said on Monday. One man who was around 60 years old died in an underground car park, which filled with water too quickly for him to be able to escape, said Carsten Dehner, a spokesman at Baden-Wuerttemberg's interior ministry. In the town of Schwaebisch Gmuend, a fireman died as he tried to rescue another person, who then also died, Dehner said. ...
  • ASUS' Zenbo robot walks, talks and controls your home (2016-05-30 02:48:00)
  • Asus announces new Transformer 2-in-1s to rival Microsoft's Surface (2016-05-30 02:37:28)
    Asus is taking on Microsoft's latest Surface's tablets with its Transformer 3 and Transformer 3 Pro, a new generation of 2-in-1 devices, announced today at Computex in Taipei. The Asus Transformer 3 Pro is a direct competitor for Microsoft's Surface Pro 4, and will be purchasable with an Intel i7 processor, 16GB of RAM, and a 1TB solid state drive. The device is a hybrid laptop and tablet, but Asus is emphasizing the device's power, describing it as "the world's most versatile PC," and detailing an array of ports to make the Transformer 3 Pro simpler to connect to other devices.
  • Make music with the Large Hadron Collider through a web app (2016-05-30 02:32:00)
  • Asus announces Zenfone 3 alongside premium Deluxe and giant Ultra models (2016-05-30 02:26:17)
    Asus has kicked off its Computex Taipei announcements with the Zenfone 3 series, comprising a trio of phones with some pretty big differences. The regular Zenfone 3 is positioned as a mainstream phone with strong design at a low price; the Zenfone 3 Deluxe goes for high-end performance and build quality; and the Zenfone 3 Ultra is centered around entertainment with a gigantic screen. All three of the models look to be far better built than the plastic Zenfone 2.
  • ASUS ZenFone 3 looks and feels twice its price (2016-05-30 02:26:00)
  • Tesla's Gigafactory grand opening to take place July 29 (2016-05-30 02:21:38)
    The company's giant battery manufacturing facility outside Reno, Nevada will be celebrating a grand opening in just two months' time.
  • ASUS' latest Transformers take heavy cues from Microsoft's Surface (2016-05-30 02:11:00)
  • Asus ZenBook 3 is thinner and lighter than Apple’s MacBook (2016-05-30 02:10:35)
    Shih said the ZenBook 3 was "the best of both" MacBook and MacBook Air, being lighter and thinner than the former, and more powerful than the latter. The ZenBook 3 will also feature the company's highest screen-to-body ratio of any of its laptops — 82 percent.
  • ASUS' ZenBook 3 is thinner, lighter and faster than the MacBook (2016-05-30 02:02:00)
  • Blizzard trying to crack down on Overwatch porn (2016-05-30 01:24:40)
    Fighting Rule 34 may seem futile, but Blizzard has a good reason for trying to stop X-rated fan interpretations of its multiplayer first-person shooter.
  • Pope Francis meets with YouTube creators to 'promote empathy' (2016-05-30 00:28:29)
    Pope Francis has met with 11 young YouTube personalities to have a discussion about spreading peace and understanding through videos.
  • Beijing tracks the elderly as they take buses, go shopping (2016-05-30 00:26:27)
    BEIJING (AP) — These days, when people over 80 in Beijing take a bus, see a doctor or spend money, their activities are digitally tracked by the government, as part of an effort to improve services for the country's rapidly growing elderly population.
  • Largest-ever math proof chews up 200TB of data (2016-05-29 23:20:00)
  • Graphics in Samsung's next super phone will look much prettier thanks to this chip (2016-05-29 23:01:02)
    ARM Holdings, whose technology is the basis for Apple and Samsung processors, has created a new CPU and GPU that work better for VR and other intensive tasks.
  • ARM’s new CPU and GPU will power mobile VR in 2017 (2016-05-29 23:00:02)
    ARM, the company that designs the processor architectures used in virtually all mobile devices on the market, has used Computex Taipei 2016 to announce new products that it expects to see deployed in high-end phones next year. The Cortex-A73 CPU and Mali-G71 GPU are designed to increase performance and power efficiency, with a particular view to supporting mobile VR. ARM says that its Mali line of GPUs are the most widely used in the world, with over 750 million shipped in 2015.
  • ARM prepares for VR in 2017's phones with new chips (2016-05-29 23:00:00)
  • This week's best Game of Thrones live-tweet goes to Leslie Jones (2016-05-29 22:48:45)
    The only ritual more sacred than the Naked Walk of Atoning for Being a Woman is the ritual of Game of Thrones live-tweeting. Every week, only one live-tweet can stand out as the best — much like the world of Game of Thrones, you can be Arthur Dayne, Sword of Morning one week, and RIP-ing the next. Thank you for your tweets, ghostbuster, SNL cast member and inveterate Game of Thrones spoiler Leslie Jones.
  • Acer's Switch 2-in-1 notebooks take aim at the budget-conscious (2016-05-29 22:43:18)
    The Taiwanese company is offering two new inexpensive convertible notebooks that run Windows 10 with the touch- and keyboard-friendly Continuum feature.
  • Computex 2016 shifts gears as VR heats up in Taiwan (2016-05-29 22:41:18)
    The schedule looks a little different in Taipei this year, bringing fresh vibes to Asia's big tech show as VR steps into the limelight.
  • Watch a rock climber scale a skyscraper using two vacuum cleaners (2016-05-29 22:30:45)
    Professional rock climber Sierra Blair-Coyle climbed a skyscraper using two LG CordZero vacuum cleaners for suction.
  • Google Photos update hints at unlimited free storage for Nexus users (2016-05-29 22:29:13)
    A teardown of the APK for the next update to Google's photo backup and storage service has revealed some new features.
  • New Horizons space probe shares most detailed look at Pluto's surface yet (2016-05-29 21:50:12)
    The extreme close-up mosaic includes all of the highest-resolution images the Pluto probe took on its July 2015 flyby.
  • Pope meets YouTube creators from around the world (2016-05-29 21:40:00)
  • International Space Station's inflatable room successfully installed (2016-05-29 21:00:47)
    A second attempt to install the BEAM inflatable habitat on the ISS has succeeded.
  • On the road: What I'm taking to Computex 2016 (2016-05-29 20:40:02)
    CNET is over in Taiwan for the Computex 2016 show. But what sort of gear does a CNET editor pack for an international conference?
  • Iran may be tightening its grip on messaging apps (2016-05-29 20:28:57)
    Officials reportedly order social media and messaging apps to move data on Iranian users to servers inside the country.
  • The new 'Doom' hides sinister images in its soundtrack (2016-05-29 20:06:00)
  • Taiwan does travel SIMs properly: Unlimited data on LTE-A (2016-05-29 19:48:29)
    A week of unlimited 4G+ data for $15 and no restrictions on tethering or other such rot. It really is how things should be.
  • Iran orders messaging app makers to store data inside the country (2016-05-29 18:34:00)
  • Now you can be a cat and knock things over in VR (2016-05-29 17:45:07)
    Everyone's favorite cat destruction simulator, Catlateral Damage, is now available for virtual reality on the HTC Vive. The VR version of the game turns you into a cat ghost that can warp around and materialize wherever the most damage can be inflicted on a human domicile. The VR version of Catlateral Damage is available as a free update to the game on Steam, and you can get the full game for $4.99 through the end of the month.
  • Computers may be given 'human' rights, says professor (2016-05-29 17:28:43)
    Technically Incorrect: An Oxford University professor says artificial intelligence may reach the stage where computers have consciousness and therefore should be treated as living beings.
  • 'Catlateral Damage' VR is out on Steam for HTC Vive (2016-05-29 17:02:00)
  • Google won't get a deal on French taxes (2016-05-29 15:33:00)
  • Tesla hosts a grand opening for its Gigafactory on July 29th (2016-05-29 14:02:00)
  • Please don't make death threats because a video game got delayed (2016-05-29 13:39:12)
    I can think of lots of reasons to delay a video game, and zero reasons to threaten to kill someone because a video game was delayed. And yet that's exactly what happened to No Man's Sky creator Sean Murray, who announced last night on Twitter that he had received "loads of death threats" following the news that release of his game would be pushed back a couple of months.I have received loads of death threats this week, but don't worry, Hello Games now looks like the house from Home Alone #pillowfort— Sean Murray (@NoMansSky) May 28, 2016
  • 'Walking Dead' cast crafts a 'Star Wars Holiday Special' spoof (2016-05-29 12:46:02)
    Norman Reedus, Andrew Lincoln and others from the hit show envision a Star Wars-esque special complete with musical acts, weird celebrity appearances and nonhuman sidekicks for Red Nose Day.
  • Extending Your Healthy Lifespan (2016-05-29 12:41:34)
    At Human Longevity Inc. (HLI), our goal is to extend the healthy human lifespan and to revolutionize healthcare.You've often heard me speak about how converging exponential technologies have the potential to disrupt industries. This is a blog providing a detailed overview of the road map for reinventing medicine and extending your "healthy,...
  • Tokyo Thrift: Infobar is the most beautiful series of phones ever made (2016-05-29 12:40:03)
    Fukasawa conceived the first phone in the line, pictured above, as an intentional breakaway from the flip phones you probably associate with Japan in the 2000s. “I designed this mobile phone in 2000, the year in which the market for mobile phones expanded dramatically towards a situation where there would be one phone per person,” Fukasawa says in Phaidon’s excellent monograph on his work. As a reaction against this homogeniety, Fukasawa created a candybar-style phone unlike any other.
  • Ben Heck's Hackmanji board game (2016-05-29 12:30:00)
  • The Verge Review of Animals: spiders (2016-05-29 11:27:02)
    This column is part of a series where Verge staffers post highly subjective reviews of animals. Up until now, we’ve written about animals without telling you whether they suck or rule. We are now rectifying this oversight.
  • Apple’s AI sounds like a dormant giant about to be awakened (2016-05-29 11:15:28)
    Many people criticize  Apple's  voice-based assistant since Siri tends to run into problems on the  iPhone and other devices. Some even worry that Apple might have a tough time combating Google’s artificial intelligence, and even potentially face a fate similar to BlackBerry in the event that its AI can’t compete. But it turns out that Apple is working on an advanced AI product of its own, which could be unveiled in the very near future. DON’T MISS:  iPhone 6s and Galaxy S7 faced off in a drop test and it was brutal After a recent report said that Siri APIs will be open to third-party developers and a Siri-based competitor for Amazon Echo will be unveiled at WWDC 2016, a new story delves into Apple’s highly secretive AI research and development plans. Writing on Medium , Brian Roemmele reminds us that Apple is very interested in voice-based computing – a Steve Jobs legacy – and in AI. Through a combination of in-house development and smart investments, Apple could offer a powerful AI experience without having had as much time as Google or Facebook to train its virtual assistant. Roemmele calls Apple’s next voice-based computing experience Siri2, adding that he’s very certain Apple will call it something else. In his Medium post, he reminds us that “Jobs felt very strongly about the Voice First world, perhaps more then [sic] he felt about the Mobile First and the PC Revolution.” It was Jobs who insisted on the purchase of the company that created Siri, a technology that evolved over the years. Some members of the original Siri team may have left Apple to create Viv, which appears to be a formidable voice assistant looking for a platform to call home. But others remained at Apple and continued their work. “Tom Gruber, one of the original team members and the chief scientist that created Siri technology, stayed on and continued his work. During most of 2016 and 2017 we will begin to see the results of this work,” he writes. Another interesting acquisition that Roemmele details is VocalIQ, an AI company from the UK that Apple purchased last October – we wrote about it at that time . The technology VocalIQ offers would bring the smart AI features that Siri lacks to Apple hardware. VocalIQ worked on “the world’s first self-learning dialogue API ” that would enable “real, natural conversation between people and their devices,” the company explained on its website in 2014, well before the Apple deal. Furthermore, this voice-based AI tech can be integrated into other apps, according to the company – just recently, a report said that developers will finally be allowed to use Siri in their apps, and VocalIQ might play a role in that. On top of that, there are other AI-related purchases that could also help Apple upgrade Siri with advanced features, including Perceptio , Emollient  and Emotient .
  • Tesla's Gigafactory sets grand opening for July 29th (2016-05-29 11:10:01)
    Multiple publications, including Fortune and Tesla Central, have confirmed the July 29th date. Speaking of the Model 3, the Gigafactory is seen as a key element to affordable mass production of the Model 3 (or of any other Tesla vehicle).
  • After a shaky start DTS:X is finally ready to take on Dolby Atmos (2016-05-29 11:00:05)
    Twelve months after DTS' next-generation surround-sound format was announced, compatible discs and hardware are still scarce. We visit the company's headquarters to find out how it plans to compete against Dolby.
  • The After Math: Potpourri (2016-05-29 11:00:00)
  • How to be human: when (and how) do I open up about past traumas? (2016-05-29 10:30:03)
    Leah Reich was one of the first internet advice columnists. Her column "Ask Leah" ran on IGN, where she gave advice to gamers for two and a half years. During the day, Leah is Slack’s user researcher, but her views here do not represent her employer. You can write to her at and read more How to be Human here.
  • Inhabitat's Week in Green: A VW bug made out of timber (2016-05-29 10:00:00)
  • Mugger arrested after victim spots him on Facebook’s ‘people you may know’ section (2016-05-29 09:31:06)
    In a somewhat bizarre story which proves that truth is often stranger than fiction, a serial mugger in England was arrested after one of his victims spotted him under Facebook's "People you may know" section. Originally reported by the BBC , 21-year old Omar Famuyide had a long history of theft, muggings and armed robberies to his name. Not too long ago, Famuyide brandished a knife and stole a car. Flash forward a bit, and the victim of said car robbery was recently shocked to see Famuyide's face pop up as a suggested friend he might want to add on Facebook. DON'T MISS:  iPhone 6s and Galaxy S7 faced off in a drop test and it was brutal The victim promptly called the police who quickly managed to tie him to a large number of other violent crimes. By the time the dust settled and the full extent of Famyide's criminal rampage was revealed, Famuyide was sentenced to 17 years in prison. Some of the charges levied against him included robbery, attempted robbery, and possession of a firearm. “Old fashioned detective work got us most of the way and we were able to build enough evidence to link all of the different items and offences, but we still didn’t have a name," one of the detectives involved in the investigation said earlier this week. “It was a crucial part of the investigation when one of the victims got in touch after recognising Famuyide on Facebook and was the final piece of the jigsaw that we were looking for."
  • The interior of GM's 1990 CERV III concept car is the future we deserved (2016-05-29 09:08:44)
    I went down a Wikipedia hole looking up Corvettes recently. I can't remember how exactly I got there (does anyone ever remember how they ended up down a Wikipedia hole?), but it did give me occasion to remember GM's Chevrolet Engineering Research Vehicles (CERVs) — a series of concept cars mostly based on Vettes that spanned over three decades from 1959 to 1993.
  • The Crow and the Heron: An inside look at the legendary Himeji and Matsumoto castles of Japan (2016-05-29 08:00:06)
    Himeji and Matsumoto are two of the most famous Japanese castles. One mostly white, one mostly black, and both are magnificent inside and out. Here's a tour of both, in photos and 360 video.
  • Airbnb-style rentals, for those who like a good toke (2016-05-29 08:00:05)
    From CNET Magazine: Watch out Airbnb. The sharing economy and weed are bonding over a bowl.
  • Data analysis from Paris raid on Google will take months, possibly years: prosecutor (2016-05-29 07:50:26)
    Analysis of data seized by investigators in last week's raid of Google's Paris headquarters could possibly take years, French financial prosecutor Eliane Houlette said on Sunday. Dozens of French police raided Google's offices on Tuesday, escalating an investigation over suspected tax evasion. "We have collected a lot of computer data," Houlette said in an interview with Europe 1 radio, TV channel iTele and newspaper Le Monde, adding that 96 people took part in the raid.
  • 4K copy protection removal shop settles for $5.2 million (2016-05-29 07:01:00)
  • Dropbox's Infinite feature needs deeper access to your computer (2016-05-29 02:07:00)
  • French finance minister rules out Google tax deal, more firms could be targeted (2016-05-29 01:01:02)
    By Ingrid Melander PARIS (Reuters) - France will "go all the way" to ensure that multinationals operating on its soil pay their taxes and more cases could follow after Google and McDonald's were targeted by tax raids, Finance Minister Michel Sapin said. Sapin, speaking in an interview with Reuters and three European newspapers, ruled out negotiating any deal with Google on back taxes, as Britain did in January. Dozens of French police raided Google's Paris headquarters on Tuesday, escalating an investigation on suspicions of tax evasion.
  • Cinematic VR maker Jaunt needs a new CEO (2016-05-28 23:49:00)
  • Nest's co-founder is releasing a smart kids' go-kart (2016-05-28 22:23:00)
  • Nest's co-founder is releasing a smart go-kart for kids (2016-05-28 22:23:00)
  • Google Photos celebrates first birthday and 24 billion selfies (2016-05-28 20:50:00)
  • ASUS' GeForce GTX 1080 is faster and more colorful (2016-05-28 19:22:00)
  • Closing Walls & Ticking Clocks? Five ways to build Operational Elasticity (2016-05-28 19:20:21)
    Memorial Day is around the corner and holidays are time for reflection. The downtime brings rest, rejuvenation & perspective. Time, during this period, can be a bit more 'elastic' with low Task Saturation. In this reflective period, it's good to take a pause from Task Saturation and consider this question - "how will you, in the next 7 months...
  • Task Saturation - The Silent Killer of Business Growth & Ways To Eliminate It (2016-05-28 19:20:21)
    Memorial Day is around the corner and holidays are time for reflection. The downtime brings rest, rejuvenation & perspective. Time, during this period, can be a bit more 'elastic' with low Task Saturation. In this reflective period, it's good to take a pause from Task Saturation and consider this question - "how will you, in the next 7 months...
  • New Binational Research Institute Represents the Future for U.S. Mexico Relations (2016-05-28 19:06:14)
    The opening of the new Cali-Baja Center for Resilient Materials and Systems at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD), on May 24, 2016, was expected to be perfunctory, but when Dr. Olivia Graeve, the new Center's first director, stepped to the podium, it all changed."This center will be filled with the spirit of '¡Si, se puede!' It...
  • What is LitRPG and why does it exist? (2016-05-28 18:21:02)
    Look, the idea of going inside a WoW-style MMO as a plot element in sci-fi is not new to me. Survival Quest was different, though. No, Survival Quest is about what MMOs are actually about: grinding experience and gear.
  • Phonebloks creator isn't entirely happy with Project Ara (2016-05-28 17:51:00)
  • Amazon built a tool that puts Alexa in your browser (2016-05-28 16:57:03)
    Amazon's Alexa personal assistant is super useful in the Echo and lot of fun to use. In light of this, Amazon has created a web app that lets you play with Alexa right in your browser. You can access the web app at and it lets you ask Alexa all kinds of questions.
  • NASA successfully puffs up its inflatable space habitat (2016-05-28 16:40:00)
  • Apple Store's worst feature? Customers, says ex-employee (2016-05-28 16:34:44)
    Technically Incorrect: The customers are awful, workers get death threats, and the Apple Watch could use some work, a former Apple retail staffer tells Business Insider.
  • Senate anti-encryption bill is effectively dead, for now (2016-05-28 15:58:00)
  • If you're looking for a chill summer, you better get off of the coasts (2016-05-28 15:41:02)
    Most of the continental United States has a good chance of a scorcher this year. Kansas, Nebraska, and parts of South Dakota, Oklahoma, Wyoming, and northern Texas appear to be pretty much in the clear, and the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration cites the region's currently extremely high soil moisture as the cause. In contrast, Alaska has the highest likelihood of a hotter-than-usual summer, as sea surface temperatures there are already averaging 2.5 degrees Fahrenheit above normal.
  • State Senator backs off attempt to gut Illinois privacy law (2016-05-28 15:13:39)
    On Thursday, Illinois' Biometric Information Privacy Act was faced with a sudden and abrupt threat, with a new amendment introduced by State Senator Terry Link that would place severe limits on the bill's power. Facebook, Google and Snapchat are all facing lawsuits for violating the act, and the proposal would have stopped those lawsuits in a single stroke. It's still possible Link will reintroduce the measure, but the amendment introduced on Thursday, which was attached to a long-delayed property seizure bill, now seems to be off the table.
  • Meet the wearable tablet you might use at your next job (2016-05-28 14:30:00)
  • Uber needs to stop nudging me into carpooling (2016-05-28 13:31:02)
    This costs less than other Uber ride options, but it means waiting for other people to get picked up and dropped off, which you might not want to do. UberPOOL was introduced in San Francisco in 2014 and became available in Washington, DC, in October 2015. San Francisco and New York are still safe, but here in DC, the once-straightforward Uber app now pushes you into carpooling, by default.
  • HomeKit does indeed make the August Smart Lock more useful (2016-05-28 13:00:00)
  • U.S. Special Forces will soon have a new weapon at their disposal: Stealth motorcycles (2016-05-28 12:28:30)
    Over the past few decades, the military has made great strides towards improving its stealth technology. Today, the U.S. Air Force can make use of stealth fighter jets and stealth bombers while the U.S. Navy can just as easily deploy stealth submarines and even stealth ships. But what if a particular mission calls for something a bit smaller and just a tad more mobile? Meet the stealth motorcycle. DON'T MISS:  iPhone 6s and Galaxy S7 faced off in a drop test and it was brutal A few years ago, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) sponsored a competition where companies were challenged to come up with a compelling stealth motorcycle design. The underlying goal? To provide ground troops with the ability to navigate through tough terrain quickly and without detection. Such a bike could also airdropped down to troops on the ground whereupon they could use it and subsequently hide it "for later retrieval." Earlier this week, at the National Defense Industrial Association's Special Operations Forces Industry Conference, two prototype stealth bikes were on full display. One bike -- The Silent Hawk -- was developed by Logos while the other bike --dubbed Nightmare -- was developed by LSA Autonomy. Not surprisingly, both are hybrid bikes. The Silent Hawk in particular weighs 350 pounds, has a range of 170 miles, can reach a top speed of 80 mph and can store as much as 75 pounds of equipment. More importantly, when the bike is in "quiet mode", the noise it emits is less than 55 decibels, which is to say about as loud as a normal conversation. Logos adds : Troops attempting to maneuver with equipment during field operations face a number of challenges. Conventional transport vehicles can move people and cargo fast, but they have trouble negotiating extreme terrain. Likewise, the size and weight of these conventional vehicles is designed to make them difficult to airdrop. With its thin profile and innovative two-wheel drive, Silent Hawk makes easy work of thick forests, narrow mountain paths, and rocky landscapes. The military bike is lightweight and is made for easy deployment—its large cargo capacity, auxiliary power ports, and interactive user interface support deep-penetrating operations. The Nightmare sports specs similar to the Silent Hawk, though it weighs about 50 pounds more and can generate just a bit more horsepower. A photo of the Nightmare can be seen below. Interestingly enough, both the Silent Hawk and the Nightmare can run on a number of different fuels, including gasoline, Jet-A1 fuel, propane and more. Defense One notes: Both bikes feature cutting-edge hybrid multi-fuel engines that can burn a variety of combustibles like JP-8, Jet A-1, gasoline, propane, etc.. “If it’s gasoline, tell it it’s gasoline, tell it it’s something else. It will figure it out,” said Alex Dzwill, and engineer with Logos. Could you run it on lipids, olive oil? “Theoretically, yeah,” said Dzwill. While it remains to be seen when these bikes will transition from prototypes to full-fledged vehicles used in operations, it appears that it may be sooner rather than later.
  • Reasons Sean O'Kane says I should watch the Indy 500 (2016-05-28 12:04:03)
    This is a bad thing for me to admit, because every time I've done it in the past, I've gotten some very angry emails and tweets from IndyCar fans. One of those fans is my colleague Sean O'Kane. In fact, I think he's probably the biggest IndyCar fan I know, and when I told him that I had no interest in watching this weekend's Indy 500, he basically lost it on me.
  • Six transforming furnishings that make the most of small spaces (2016-05-28 11:30:00)
  • The definitive guide to not updating to Windows 10 (2016-05-28 11:11:04)
    Microsoft wants you to upgrade to Windows 10 . Like, a lot. So much so that if you leave your PC to its own devices for too long, you might come back and find that Cortana has settled in and made itself at home. If you want to hang on your Windows 7 or 8 install without having to live in fear of an unexpected update ( like this unfortunate TV weather crew ), or if you want to prevent Windows 10 from spying on practically everything you do , we've put together the definitive guide. There's a couple options, but the best one is very simple: download a tiny utility called Never 10. It's a utility that changes your computer's settings to prevent operating system upgrades. Simply download the utility and run it, and it will make the necessary deep-level changes to prevent any upgrade to Windows 10. It's not a piece of software that sits running on your computer -- instead, it just edits system settings, so you only have to run it once to be set. It also has the handy option that if Windows has downloaded the 6.5GB of files for a Windows 10 upgrade, it will find their specific location and delete them. If you ever choose to reverse the changes and upgrade to 10 (not a bad option, and worth considering before 10 becomes a paid upgrade later in July), just re-download the utility and revert back to Windows 10-friendly settings. If you're not a fan of utilities from unknown devs messing with your PC, there's other options. The most simple: correctly ignore the Microsoft prompts to upgrade to 10. There's a danger here, though: at a certain point, Windows is going to automatically schedule an update for you. If you "x" out of the pop-up informing you of this, you're not cancelling the scheduled update -- you're just making the notification go away. So, the highest thing on your priority list should be to check if you've got a Windows 10 upgrade already scheduled. If you do, and you let that date creep up on you, the update is going to happen whether you like it or not . To check if there's something scheduled, click on the Windows 10 icon in your taskbar. You should get a window telling you of a scheduled update. You can change the timing of that to something more convenient, or just cancel it altogether. There is a native way to completely disable Windows 10 updates, but it's the opposite of user-friendly, since it involves editing the registry. It's detailed in a Microsoft support article, or this ZDNet article. It's not for amateurs, though, and a misstep could mess up your PC. The TL;DR is this: for most everyone who just wants to postpone any update indefinitely, the simplest solution is to download this utility , and set it to Disable Win10 Upgrade. If you just want to postpone the update to a more convenient time, use the built-in Get Windows 10 app to schedule a better time. If you're comfortable messing with the registry, you can use Microsoft's heinously unfriendly method detailed here .
  • This is your next jam: Flume, The Strokes, and more (2016-05-28 11:00:03)
    This week’s batch of new tracks isn’t as rock-heavy as last week’s, but there are still some spots reserved for heavy-hitters like Dinosaur Jr. and The Strokes. Nao and Shura are readying long-awaited debut LPs in between the riffs, and Jessie Ware is making sure a new romantic comedy has at least one redeeming quality. It’s easy to get lost in all of the elliptical folk Cass McCombs has released over the last decade-plus.
  • The Indistinguishable X-Men: the narrowing range of superhero emotions (2016-05-28 10:00:03)
    Critics agree that X-Men: Apocalypse is a troubled film. Indiewire says it has an apocalypse problem. The Hollywood Reporter says it has “severe traffic control problems.” All these things are true — it’s overcrowded, the villain is generic and forgettable, and his plan to Destroy Everything Because Reasons has turned up in far too many recent superhero films.
  • Recommended Reading: Is the VR hype train grinding to a halt? (2016-05-28 10:00:00)
  • 9 new movie trailers you need to watch from this past week (2016-05-28 09:19:53)
    It’s the end of May, which means that X-Men: Apocalypse is finally hitting theaters all over the world; following its international launch, the new X-Men movie is now finally playing in the US. If you’re going to ignore all the critics who slammed it and see the most terrifying X-Men villain yet, you should expect a bombardment of new trailers , including a few exciting new ones. DON’T MISS: The iPhone 7 might actually be in trouble Beauty and the Beast Beauty and the Beast already looks like it's going to be a huge hit for Disney. The teaser trailer below received more views in a 24 hour period than Star Wars: The Force Awakens  or  Captain America: Civil War . Read more about Beauty and the Beast at this link . Finding Dory The Finding Nemo sequel focuses on the forgetful fish we’ve grown to love. The Pixar animation hits theaters in just a few weeks, and there’s a new trailer out now. Free State of Jones Here’s an idea, what if someone made the The Patriot again, this time around replacing Mel Gibson with Matthew McConaughey? We’d somehow end up with Free State of Jones . The movie premieres on June 24th, with Keri Russell and Gugu Mbatha-Raw joining McConaughey. Oh, and it’s not a Patriot remake, but it's a story about the civil war that’s inspired by actual events. Independence Day: Resurgence We just can’t get enough Independence Day: Resurgence clips , can we? After a slew of new videos were released last week, we have a brand new trailer for the sequel that’s been 20 years in the making. Morgan Morgan is a very special human who has some potentially dangerous powers. Kate Mara is sent to investigate an accident caused by this human, but the trailer for the Morgan movie doesn’t reveal any other details about this special person. The sci-fi thriller launches September 2nd, with Rose Leslie, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Paul Giamatti and Toby Jones also in the cast. Sing We talked about Sing before . It’s about a koala bear that wants to, well, host a singing competition at his theaters. There’s nothing wrong with that, especially considering the impressive cast voicing these animals. Here’s an idea of what to expect on December 21st when this one comes out. Star Trek Beyond One of the most important new trailers of the week covers Star Trek Beyond , the third new Star Trek film that will show us aliens tearing apart the Enterprise. The movie comes out on July 22nd, and I personally can’t wait to see it. The Infiltrator In The Infiltrator , Bryan Cranston plays the role of an undercover agent who’s called upon to infiltrate the organization run by Columbian drug lord Pablo Escobar. The movie hits the big screen on July 13th. The Space Between Us Forget about The Martian ! He was an adult who only had to live for about a year on the red planet. In The Space Between Us we have a boy who was born on Mars, where he lived until he turned sixteen. He had to be left behind or Earth would’ve killed him. But he decides to come back to Earth. And who wouldn’t? After all, Mars can be such a boring place. The movie will be released on August 19th, so get ready for one more story about Mars.
  • ICYMI: Smashing bacteria, high-jumping roboroaches and more (2016-05-28 09:00:00)
  • Splish splash! What if your phone takes a bath? (2016-05-28 08:00:07)
    In this edition of Ask Maggie, CNET's Marguerite Reardon offers some advice about drying out a wet phone. (Hint: It doesn't include rice.)
  • Has 'Apocalypse' messed up the first 'X-Men' movie? Yes and no (2016-05-28 08:00:05)
    As we meet younger versions of Storm, Cyclops and Jean Grey, we investigate whether "Apocalypse" hangs together with the chronology of "X-Men" and "X2". Spoilers!
  • What did one car say to the other car? If you make that turn I'll hit you! (2016-05-28 08:00:04)
    From CNET Magazine: Vehicle-to-vehicle communication could be the biggest safety breakthrough since seat belts, air bags and antilock brakes. Are you ready?
  • Raspberry Pi: The smart person's guide (2016-05-28 08:00:03)
    Everything you need to know about the tiny, ultra-cheap computer that has taken the world by storm.
  • Rosetta finds key building blocks of life in comet dust (2016-05-28 07:04:00)
  • Watch NASA's second attempt at inflating the first expandable habitat on the ISS (2016-05-28 06:00:03)
    After failing its first attempt, NASA will try once again to deploy its first expandable habitat. The space agency will start inflating the Bigelow Expandable Activity Module (BEAM) on Saturday morning, starting at 9AM ET. You can watch the event live on NASA TV.
  • China to open e-commerce, other sectors to foreign investment: newspaper (2016-05-28 04:37:03)
    China will lift restrictions to investments by foreign firms in a range of service industry sectors, including e-commerce, logistics, accounting and auditing, the China Securities News quoted commerce minister Gao Hucheng as saying. Gao said China would also promote the orderly opening of other service fields including finance, education, culture and health care, the report published on Saturday said without elaborating or giving a time-frame. China's trade in services would exceed $1 trillion by 2020, the minister predicted.
  • Europe will make publicly funded scientific research public (2016-05-28 03:03:00)
  • Twitter awarded bug bounty hunters $322,420 over two years (2016-05-28 02:34:00)
  • Apple Car hints and Tesla Autopilot misses (AutoComplete Podcast 20) (2016-05-28 00:00:03)
    In this week's rundown of the biggest stories, Brian and Tim talk about the latest in what seems like a series of never-ending Takata recalls, but find some light at the end of the Dieselgate tunnel.
  • Showrunner / executive producer leaves Netflix's talk show (2016-05-27 23:58:00)
  • Jawbone is selling off pieces of its business, reports say (2016-05-27 23:44:31)
    Jawbone has put its speaker business up for sale and has stopped production of its UP fitness trackers, two news sites say.
  • Google and Ray Kurzweil are making chatbots together (2016-05-27 23:22:00)
  • Activists say Vietnam shut down Facebook during Obama's visit (2016-05-27 22:58:00)
  • Watch an amazing onboard video of SpaceX's most recent rocket landing (2016-05-27 22:41:29)
    Hours ago, SpaceX landed the first stage of one of its Falcon 9 rockets. It was the third time in a row that the company has landed one of these rocket boosters on a drone ship at sea, and the fourth overall. The landings aren't the only thing SpaceX is getting better at though — just now, the company posted this truly incredible footage of the landing taken from onboard the rocket.
  • Latest robot roach can leap like the real thing (2016-05-27 22:23:00)
  • Alibaba won and lost a friend in Washington; how it happened (2016-05-27 22:13:42)
    SHANGHAI (AP) — In 2011, a respected anti-counterfeiting coalition in Washington escalated its fight against the Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba, saying its websites served as a 24-hour market "for counterfeiters and pirates" and should be blacklisted.
  • No one needs a Wi-Fi router this overkill (2016-05-27 22:00:49)
    Look, I get it. Bad Wi-Fi is one of life's worst tortures, up there with rush-hour traffic and Comcast customer service. But surely there's a solution that's a little more sane than this $400 Linksys router that looks like it wants to rip my head off? DON'T MISS:  Axon 7 is a flagship Android phone with killer specs that you never saw coming The  new EA9500 has every fun new tech going in Wi-Fi to get you maximum internet-ness. The headline feature is AC5300, a protocol that uses one standard 2.4Ghz channel and two 5Ghz channels to transmit at 5334Mbps. That's about 600 megabytes of data a second, and well in excess of any residential internet speed that I'm aware of. There's also compatability with the new MU-MIMO standard, which is a fancy way of saying that it can establish full-speed connections with multiple users at once. So if you have four laptops simultaneously streaming a couple 4K movies each, your Wi-Fi still won't grind to a halt. Oh, and in case one router isn't enough, it's designed to nicely handle device handoffs between multiple routers, so you can walk from one end of your mansion to the other. There's obvious penalties to having a router this good: it costs $400, looks so aggressive that I think it should ship with a muzzle, and most people's devices (and internet connections) can't make the most of the fancy new technology. But hey, anything to get you off your ISP's default router.
  • NBC will air the 2016 Rio Olympics in 4K, HDR and Atmos (2016-05-27 21:56:00)
  • Gawker privacy lawsuit evolves into battle of tech billionaires (2016-05-27 21:11:09)
    By Sarah McBride SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Billionaire media owner Pierre Omidyar is backing news and entertainment web site Gawker Media in its lawsuit against wrestler Hulk Hogan, adding a new twist to a case pitting technology money against press freedom. Omidyar, owner of The Intercept publisher First Look Media, is asking other media outlets to file legal briefs in support of Gawker, First Look said in a statement on Friday. First Look said its goal was to protect constitutional rights.
  • %PublicAccess-21383181% (2016-05-27 20:53:00)
  • Donald Trump can’t give Jimmy Kimmel a straight answer about transgender bathroom laws (2016-05-27 20:30:11)
    The presumptive Republican nominee for president of the United States of America, Donald Trump , made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live this Wednesday. As has become the norm for his talk show appearances, it was a relatively mellow affair, with Trump avoiding any of the colorful language or boisterous claims that draw crowds to his rallies all across the country, but there was one moment in particular that stood out like a sore thumb among the rest of the banter. DON'T MISS:  The iPhone 7 might actually be in trouble After joking around with Trump about his support for Hillary in previous campaigns, Kimmel asked the candidate what he thought needed to be done about the increasingly heated debate over transgender bathroom laws. "What really I'm saying, and I think it's pretty simple: let the states decide." He then went on to say that "we have to protect everybody," noting that the transgender community is relatively small at the moment, but could grow larger in the future. Confusingly, these points seem to contradict one another, as many states would inevitably decide not to protect the rights of that group. Kimmel attempted to cut through the noise by asking Trump a pointed question about whether or not he, as a voting citizen of New York state, would vote to allow a transgender individual the right to choose an appropriate bathroom. "Me? I say let the states decide," he responded. They proceed to go in circles for a few seconds until Kimmel finally asks Trump what "the right thing" to do is in this situation. "I don't know yet. I mean, I don't know. Honestly, I don't know." A strong take from the future commander-in-chief of the most powerful military forces on the planet. You can watch the full clip below:
  • Fast money: Banks making it easier to split the tab (2016-05-27 20:21:48)
    NEW YORK (AP) — Splitting the bill for those pizzas you shared with your buddies or that utility bill that is suddenly due is going to get easier and faster even if you don't all use the same bank.
  • 'No Man's Sky' is delayed until August 9th (2016-05-27 20:12:00)
  • Take Amazon's Alexa for a spin in your browser (2016-05-27 20:04:00)
  • No Man’s Sky has been delayed until August (2016-05-27 20:01:10)
    You'll have to wait a little bit longer to explore the vast universe of No Man's Sky. Hello's Sean Murray said that the delay was because the game had "some key moments [that] needed extra polish to bring them up to our standards." Kotaku first reported the news earlier this week. Originally announced in 2013, No Man's Sky is an ambitious sci-fi game set in a procedurally-generated universe with more than 18 quintillion planets to explore, each with their own unique ecosystems and wildlife — even the soundtrack, by British band 65daysofstatic, is procedurally generated.
  • Why Jeff Bezos’s space company is going to deliberately crash a spaceship (2016-05-27 20:00:48)
    Space is hard, and space is even harder when you take away all the parachutes. But that's exactly what Blue Origin, the pet space company of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, is going to do on its next test flight. DON'T MISS: Model X owner files Lemon Law suit against Tesla, claims car is unsafe to drive Blue Origin's New Shepard rocket is similar to SpaceX's Falcon 9, in that it's reusable. The one rocket has now flown (to much lower altitudes than the Falcon 9) and landed three times. In the upcoming test, Bezos plans to deliberately crash-land the crew capsule that sits on top of the rocket: "On this upcoming mission we also plan to stress the crew capsule by landing with an intentionally failed parachute, demonstrating our ability to safely handle that failure scenario. It promises to be an exciting demonstration." The capsule will also be testing out "additional maneuvers" to see how it performs under the different conditions. Bezos has more modest goals right now than SpaceX. While Elon Musk's company is launching satellites, delivering crew to the ISS, and has plans for a Mars mission, Blue Origin is focusing on modest space tourism. The plan is that by 2018, paying customers will ride the New Shepherd rocket to the boundary with space, 62 miles up. They'll experience weightlessness for four minutes, before returning to Earth. Obviously, the crew capsule has to be fully tested before anyone rides to space. That's what the upcoming mission is designed to test. Parachutes slow the capsule's descent, but not everything goes perfectly first time. This test should tell Blue Origin what to expect when things go wrong.
  • Do you talk to your mother like that? Twitter users say 'slut' and 'whore' a LOT, study finds (2016-05-27 19:44:43)
    Twitter users in the UK abusively hurled the terms around 10,000 times during the course of just three weeks.
  • Now Gawker has its own billionaire backer, sort of (2016-05-27 19:43:16)
    NEW YORK (AP) — The courtroom fight between former pro wrestler Hulk Hogan and news-and-gossip site Gawker is becoming a battleground of sorts for Silicon Valley tycoons as well.
  • This backpack computer makes a PC-grade virtual reality experience portable (2016-05-27 19:20:02)
    One of the problems with virtual reality is that it’s not really portable. You’ve got your Google Cardboard and Gear VR products that can turn your mobile phone into a VR machine, but that’s not the powerful VR experience many users want. That’s what the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive are for. But such advanced VR headsets have to be tethered to a computer that can deliver enough horsepower to offer you a more immersive VR experience. Luckily, some companies have figured out a clever way to offer users a mobile VR experience that is PC-grade. MSI is one of them, and the company has just come up with a Backpack PC that will let you take VR anywhere you want to go. Or at least, it will prevent you from tripping over wires. DON’T MISS: The iPhone 7 might actually be in trouble Yes, this sounds a bit crazy. Who wants to walk around wearing a VR rig? But MSI’s solution is still impressive, as it will let users enjoy VR games without being tethered to a desk. Think about it; you won’t take the Backpack PC outside of your home – OK, some of you will – but you could use it for untethered VR experiences, like the ones  the guys over at The Void have imagined . That's what MSI has in mind, at least. "Free from the restraint of a fixed VR platform, users get to move around and enjoy VR with big movements and total immersion. No more worries about accidently [sic] unplugging the wires between the VR device and the platform. MSI Backpack PC renders greater mobility and freedom for VR gaming," the company says in its teaser presentation . We don’t have pricing details or a release date for MSI’s Backpack PC, but the company promises to announce more details next week at Computex. We do know the Backpack PC will be powered by a Core i7 processor and a GeForce GTX 980 graphics card, which should be enough to offer a very decent VR experience. As The Verge points out , MSI isn’t the only company doing this. Zotac has a similar idea in the works, and we’re probably going to see others find ways of putting VR-capable computer on our backs in the future.
  • Watch this incredibly sweet short about growing up with video games (2016-05-27 19:08:51)
    It seems like player two always gets the short end of things, from getting second choice to always being second to play. But a really sweet animated short published to Vimeo last month makes the argument that there's something very special about going second when your older sibling is the one up first. I won't say more than that except to say that you really ought to watch it — and that if you can relate to this at all, you'll probably get kind of emotional before it's over.
  • SpaceX makes fourth successful rocket landing (2016-05-27 19:07:16)
    SpaceX launched an Asian communications satellite into a distant orbit Friday and for the fourth time managed to recover the rocket that did the work. Under blue skies dotted with clouds, the shiny white Falcon 9 rocket blasted off from Cape Canaveral, Florida at 5:40 pm (2140 GMT) carrying the Thaicom 8 satellite. SpaceX headquarters in Hawthorne, California erupted in cheers as the rocket touched down.
  • Jawbone's Hail Mary product is a clinical wearable it hasn't yet released (2016-05-27 18:45:21)
    It's been a rough Friday for Jawbone — a Friday before a holiday weekend, at that! — with two different reports stating that the tech company is trying to sell its audio business and has stopped production of its Up fitness trackers. The Verge has independently confirmed through sources that Jawbone is trying to sell its audio business. Jawbone had also explored licensing its audio tech rather than selling off that part of the business entirely, a source says.
  • Zika makes Olympics too dangerous to hold now in Rio, scientists tell UN (2016-05-27 18:36:00)
    More than 100 health experts and scientists call on the UN's World Health Organization to move or delay this year's summer Olympics.
  • ZTE is opening 23 retail stores this year to boost phone sales (2016-05-27 18:31:25)
    ZTE will open 23 stores across China and Europe this year to better establish its smartphone brand, according to a report from Bloomberg. A vast majority of the stores will be located in Chinese cities, with three additional locations slated for Germany, Russia, and Mexico. The tech retail model was popularized in 2001 by Apple, which has used its stores to establish an iconic presence in many of the world's biggest cities.
  • How to use Windows 10's Resource Monitor to track memory usage (2016-05-27 18:04:03)
    Windows 10 offers a number of ways to keep an eye on your system's memory usage. Here's a rundown of the options you'll find on Resource Monitor's Memory tab.
  • ‘Modular’ smartphones are 2016’s dumb trend (2016-05-27 18:00:38)
    The LG G5 has them. Google's first consumer phone will have them. The iPhone has some, thanks to this butt-ugly case . And now, it would appear that Motorola's upcoming smartphone will have modules. But don't let the trends deceive you: modular smartphones are not here to stay. DON'T MISS:   Axon 7 is a flagship Android phone with killer specs that you never saw coming According to ever-reliable mobile leaker Evan Blass , Motorola's next handset will come with three "MotoMods," which is brand-speak for cases that do things. The cases will reportedly feature a projector, speakers, and a fancy Hasselblad camera. On the surface, these kinds of "modules" seem to make sense -- people sometimes want a better camera (or, apparently the ability to put a crappy projection on a wall), and these cases give them that functionality when they need it. But I don't buy into the module idea, and I suspect the vast majority of people don't either. Pricing hasn't been revealed for the Hasselblad-branded camera module, but you can expect it to be a couple hundred dollars. Smartphones are already heinously expensive to buy every two years, and I can't see consumers sinking hundreds of dollars into mods, which are going to become outdated and useless in two years' time when they upgrade to a different smartphone. It's not just the cost, either. People who want a really good camera will just get a phone with a kick-ass camera to begin with. If that's not enough camera -- and remember, smartphone cameras are already insanely good these days -- then chances are you need a mirrorless camera or a DSLR, not an overpriced branded add-on. It's the same story with pretty much everything else. Why buy a chunky speaker module, when you could spend $50 on a Bluetooth speaker that will absolutely be better? Modules provide a marginal bump in performance, but they're expensive, only work with one device, and are normally outclassed by buying a standalone camera, speaker, or projector. On the surface, Google's Project Ara looks like it could be the difference. With Ara, you're not sticking on attachments if you feel like it -- modules are a fairly critical part of the phone's construction, so you're not adding extra bulk by trading out a big speaker for an extra battery. But even there, things aren't perfect. In order for the phone to be modular, it has to be thick and unattractive. We've spent a decade getting accustomed to smartphones as sleek devices crafted from steel and glass, and most people don't want to go back to something the size of a deck of cards, made from plastic. Modules aren't being driven by consumers wanting more features from their phones. It's Motorola, LG and Google trying to differentiate their devices from a sea of black rectangles. That's a good goal -- smartphones have been standing still for the last few years -- but modules aren't going to be the way to do it. Now, if I could just have my interchangeable batteries back, all will be well in the world.
  • SpaceX successfully lands a Falcon 9 rocket at sea for the third time (2016-05-27 17:56:43)
    SpaceX just successfully landed the first stage of its Falcon 9 rocket on a drone ship in the Atlantic Ocean. It was the third time in a row the company has landed a rocket booster at sea, and the fourth time overall. SpaceX started trying to land the first stage of its rockets back in January 2015, but the first successful landing didn't come until December.
  • Rio Olympics should be reconsidered due to Zika danger, scientists say (2016-05-27 17:53:18)
    A group of 150 doctors and scientists sign a letter urging the World Health Organization to call for moving or postponing the summer Olympics due to the threat of the virus.
  • SpaceX's next rocket launch and landing is just minutes away (2016-05-27 17:37:00)
  • GameStop expecting new console announcements at E3 (2016-05-27 17:26:02)
    Get ready for some console announcements at E3, GameStop says.
  • Town forces asses to wear diapers (2016-05-27 17:22:55)
    Technically Incorrect: Citing a need to preserve its tarmac roads, the town of Wajir in Kenya does the unthinkable and requires underwear on its donkeys.
  • Cellphone radiation study raises concerns despite low risk (2016-05-27 17:21:29)
    WASHINGTON (AP) — A new federal study of the potential dangers of cellphone radiation, conducted in rats, found a slight increase in brain tumors in males and raised long-dormant concerns about the safety of spending so much time with cellphones glued to our ears.
  • Hoping for a happy adulthood for Harry Potter? Think again (2016-05-27 17:20:06)
    Accio Kleenex! Fans are going to do some sobbing if they see the new play "Harry Potter and the Cursed Child," J.K. Rowling promises.
  • Pebble's decision to prioritize fitness tracking detracts from its charm (2016-05-27 17:17:07)
    Pebble founder and chief executive Eric Migicovsky seems to understand why people are choosing his company's products. Its aggressive move into fitness tracking by including a heart rate monitor directly on devices goes against the idea that its watches are fun and it operates as a lax tech company.
  • Hulu may lose most of its anime catalog come June (2016-05-27 17:17:00)
  • Hulu may lose most of its anime catalog come June (update) (2016-05-27 17:17:00)
  • Ray Kurzweil is building a chatbot for Google (2016-05-27 17:13:43)
    Inventor Ray Kurzweil made his name as a pioneer in technology that helped machines understand human language, both written and spoken. Back in 2012 he was hired at Google as a resident futurist, and today we got the first hint of what he is working on. In a video from a recent Singularity conference Kurzweil says he and his team at Google are building a chatbot, and that it will be released sometime later this year.
  • Watch Tony Hawk and Jaws skateboard in zero-gravity (2016-05-27 17:10:01)
    Last time we checked out one of Tony Hawk’s crazy skateboard tricks, he was skating the world’s first horizontal loop . Last time we watched a spectacular zero-gravity video, we were enjoying a new OK Go out-of-the-box music video . But what happens when you combine Hawk’s mad skating skills with zero G, and record everything on video? DON’T MISS: The iPhone 7 might actually be in trouble Tony Hawk and Aaron “Jaws” Homoki are the stars of the following video, as they both try to perform a variety of tricks in different types of gravity. They give Mars gravity and Moon gravity a try before moving to what seems to be the best trick of all: skateboarding without weighing anything. It’s not easy to perform any of these tricks in low gravity, let alone in no gravity. But the two famed skateboarders seem to be having fun even when there’s not enough gravity to help them pull off some of their best moves. In fact, you may very well say that the absence of gravity seems to motivate them to come up with ways to still entertain fans. The entire thing is a promo for Sony’s 4K cameras, but that doesn’t make it any less watchable – check out the full video below.
  • Verge ESP: Is Hodor a bot? (2016-05-27 16:59:52)
    This podcast has spoilers for this week's episode of Game of Thrones! Proceed at your own risk. Like armies of the dead and crazy kings, you can't keep us out of Westeros! This week on the podcast, Liz and Emily try to wrap their heads around the tragic, altruistic, heroic life of Hodor, a.k.a.
  • Senator behind biometric privacy act tries to remove its teeth (2016-05-27 16:57:00)
  • Alaska can't spell Hawaii, and this other state can't spell itself (2016-05-27 16:53:19)
    In honor of the Scripps National Spelling Bee, Google Trends releases a map showing which word each state struggles to spell.
  • Jawbone is reportedly stopping production on all of its fitness trackers (2016-05-27 16:37:00)
  • How Technology Hijacks People's Minds (2016-05-27 16:04:28)
    From a Magician and Google's Design EthicistI'm an expert on how technology hijacks our psychological vulnerabilities. That's why I spent the last three years as a Design Ethicist at Google caring about how to design things in a way that defends a billion people's minds from getting hijacked.When using technology, we often focus optimistically...
  • A list of every single Chromebook that’ll support Android apps this fall (2016-05-27 16:00:21)
    Chromebooks are already growing more popular with each passing quarter, having recently surpassed MacBook sales for the first time ever . These Chrome OS powered machines are already likely far more capable than you think, but their utility is about to increase exponentially. Beginning this fall Google's Chrome platform will add support for Android apps, instantly giving users access to millions of new applications found in the Google Play store. But not all Chromebook models will gain Android app support this fall. MUST SEE:  The iPhone 7 might actually be in trouble Wondering if your model made the cut? Or perhaps you're consider a new Chromebook and you want to make sure it'll gain Android app support in the coming months. Whichever is the case, you'll find a full list of Chromebook models that will support the Google Play store and Android apps this fall: Manufacturer Device Acer Chromebook 11 C740 Chromebase 24 Chromebook 11 CB3-111 / C730 / CB3-131 Chromebook 15 CB5-571 / C910 Chromebook 15 CB3-531 Chromebox CXI2 Chromebook 14 CB3-431 Chromebook 14 for Work Asus Chromebook C200 Chromebook C201 Chromebook C202SA Chromebook C300SA Chromebook C300 Chromebox CN62 Chromebit CS10 AOpen Chromebox Commercial Chromebase Commercial 22" Bobicus Chromebook 11 CDI eduGear Chromebook K Series eduGear Chromebook M Series eduGear Chromebook R Series CTL Chromebook J2 / J4 N6 Education Chromebook J5 Convertible Chromebook Dell Chromebook 11 3120 Chromebook 13 7310 Edxis Chromebook Education Chromebook Google Chromebook Pixel (2015) Haier Chromebook 11 Chromebook 11e Chromebook 11 G2 Hexa Chromebook Pi HiSense Chromebook 11 Lava Xolo Chromebook HP Chromebook 11 G3 / G4 / G4 EE Chromebook 14 G4 Chromebook 13 Lenovo 100S Chromebook N20 / N20P Chromebook N21 Chromebook ThinkCentre Chromebox ThinkPad 11e Chromebook N22 Chromebook Thinkpad 13 Chromebook Thinkpad 11e Chromebook Gen 3 Medion Akoya S2013 Chromebook S2015 M&A Chromebook NComputing Chromebook CX100 Nexian Chromebook 11.6" PCMerge Chromebook PCM-116E Poin2 Chromebook 11 Samsung Chromebook 2 11" - XE500C12 Chromebook 3 Sector 5 E1 Rugged Chromebook Senkatel C1101 Chromebook Toshiba Chromebook 2 Chromebook 2 (2015) True IDC Chromebook 11 Viglen Chromebook 11
  • MSI put Corsair liquid cooling on a GeForce GTX 1080 (2016-05-27 15:59:15)
    Along with EVGA, ASUS, Gigabyte, Zotac, and a half dozen other companies, MSI announced its own premium versions of Nvidia's hot new top-end graphics card today. All these companies are looking to squeeze a bit more performance out of the card by combining superior cooling and a bit of overclocking to Nvidia's stock version — or at least putting some pretty fans and lights on top and competing on price. MSI has a good record of making a relatively quiet GeForce, and it teamed up with Corsair to introduce a liquid-cooled edition of the card.
  • Verizon reaches tentative deal to end employee strike (2016-05-27 15:47:53)
    The dispute had gotten so bad the Labor Department had to step in to help with the talks.
  • Bank hackers linked to wider campaign: researchers (2016-05-27 15:46:48)
    The hackers behind the $81 million heist from the Bangladesh central bank have likely been involved in a series of attacks on the financial system, a US security firm has concluded. Researchers at the security firm Symantec also found that the malware used in the bank hacks shares code with that used in the massive 2014 cyberattack against Sony Pictures. Symantec said a bank in the Philippines has been attacked by the group that hit the Bangladesh central bank and attempted a heist from the Tien Phong Bank in Vietnam.
  • Digital bootstrapping: Hyundai releases DIY update kit for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay (2016-05-27 15:37:53)
    You can still have it done at the dealership if you're not comfortable upgrading your own car, but there will be an installation fee.
  • Google-backed Magic Leap alleges workers stole its secrets (2016-05-27 15:35:42)
    SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Artificial reality startup Magic Leap is accusing two Silicon Valley employees of stealing the closely guarded secrets that make its technological tricks work.
  • Jon Snow came back to life wearing UGG boots (2016-05-27 15:32:12)
    The scene in which Jon Snow came back to life on Game of Thrones seemed to last six years, and turns out, it did! Based on Kit Harington's footwear in this set image, I'm going to assume that this scene began filming in 2010, the height of popularity for UGGs (according to Google Trends). How crazy is it that Kit Harington successfully kept the secret of Jon Snow's death and resurrection for six years? He didn't even blow it right near the end or anything.
  • Google said to be beta testing Trips traveling app (2016-05-27 15:32:11)
    The app, reportedly rolling out in beta version, lets users organize their reservations, find places of interest and explore the best restaurants.
  • These are the U.S. airlines most likely to lose or damage your luggage (2016-05-27 15:30:20)
    One of the more frustrating aspects of air travel is when an airline loses or damages your luggage. Even in instances when an airline misplaces your luggage and successfully tracks it down to another city, retrieving it can often be an exercise in frustration. All the more so if your luggage contains items that you need immediately or if you're only on a short vacation and don't have the luxury of waiting a few days for your luggage to finally reach you. DON'T MISS:  The iPhone 7 might actually be in trouble In an effort to help you plan your next trip a bit better, TheActiveTimes recently directed us to an interesting list detailing which U.S. airlines are most likely to mishandle your luggage, which is to say lose or damage it. The data was initially reported in the May 2016 issue of the Air Travel Consumer Report which was put together by the Aviation Consumer Protection Division. So without further ado, below are the airlines that are most likely to cause you some luggage-related frustration. As evidenced via the chart below, ExpressJet Airlines, American Airlines, Skywest Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines and Southwest are the top 5 offenders. For those curious, the methodology used in tabulating the data reads as follows: This section gives the rate of mishandled-baggage reports per 1,000 passengers by carrier and for the industry. The rate is based on the total number of reports each carrier received from passengers concerning lost, damaged, delayed or pilfered baggage... These baggage statistics are filed with DOT’s Bureau of Transportation Statistics (Office of Airline Information) on a monthly basis by U.S. airlines that have at least one percent of total domestic scheduled-service passenger revenues, plus any other airline that voluntarily submits the data. And while we're on the topic of luggage, if you've ever been curious as to what happens to your luggage once you check it in, the video below is a must-watch.
  • Jawbone reportedly wants to sell its speaker business (2016-05-27 15:26:36)
    Jawbone is trying to sell its speaker business, according to Fortune. It reportedly hopes to offload its Jambox speakers to another company because it views the speaker market as small and saturated. It's not stated if Jawbone is nearing a sale.
  • Banking service SWIFT adds new security plan following hacks (2016-05-27 15:26:00)
  • NASA's first expandable habitat failed to inflate on the ISS because of friction (2016-05-27 15:22:34)
    NASA's attempt at deploying the first inflatable habitat on the International Space Station failed yesterday because the habitat hit some higher-than-expected forces during its expansion, NASA officials said during a press briefing today. NASA ended the attempt after two hours because the habitat, known as the Bigelow Expandable Activity Module (BEAM), failed to expand fully. Despite successfully completing the first three steps of the expansion, NASA hit a snag when it initiated manual expansion of the BEAM.
  • Intel snaps up Itseez, a startup that helps your car see better (2016-05-27 15:22:02)
    The acquisition of the computer vision specialist boosts Intel's push into the world of the Internet of Things and the self-driving vehicle market.
  • Asteroid mining company Planetary Resources kills 'space selfie' project (2016-05-27 15:17:29)
    Space exploration company Planetary Resources is scuttling a Kickstarter-backed project that would let backers take "selfies" via space telescope, after getting funding for a separate project. It has offered a full refund to the over 17,600 people who pledged a total of $1.5 million during the campaign. "When we closed the campaign in June of 2013, we were confident that the tremendous enthusiasm from around the world would translate into continued financial support outside of the Kickstarter community to move our idea forward," wrote Planetary Resources president and CEO Chris Lewicki.
  • Does a MacBook Pro with an OLED touch bar excite you? (Apple Byte Extra Crunchy Podcast, Ep. 39) (2016-05-27 15:08:54)
    The latest MacBook Pro rumors point to an all-new design, but will it be that great? Plus, all the latest iPhone 7 and 7 Plus news and rumors.
  • How I learned to stop worrying and love the Keurig for baby milk (2016-05-27 14:54:00)
  • Nest CEO Tony Fadell is behind electric go-kart startup Actev Motors (2016-05-27 14:46:51)
    Nest CEO Tony Fadell is the secret Silicon Valley power player behind a new smart go-kart startup, according to a report from Fortune magazine. The company, called Actev Motors, debuted its Arrow Smart-Kart at New York City's Toy Fair back in February. Actev has since garnered a good deal of publicity for its device, which is a small electric car that can be controlled with a smartphone app over Wi-Fi.
  • Bernie Sanders wants to debate Donald Trump in a football stadium (2016-05-27 14:45:16)
    Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump have been flirting around each other like teens at a high school dance. But thanks to Sanders' appearance on Kimmel last night, we're finally getting a look at whether this debate is going to happen, and what Sanders thinks it should look like. DON’T MISS:  How Google’s big court win just made history In his segment last night, Sanders seemed very into the idea of a debate with Trump -- as he should be, of course, given the publicity boost it would give him (not to mention framing him nicely as a presidential contender). Kimmel thinks it could be "one of the highest rated events in television history," and Sanders wants a venue to match -- specifically, "some big football stadium here in California." Apparently, Kimmel's network  ABC  has already reached out to Sanders to try to make it happen. But the roadblock here is likely to be Trump. Although The Donald said yesterday that he'd "love to debate" Sanders, they'd need to find some way of raising cash for charity in order for Trump to consider it. Meanwhile, the idea of a debate between Trump and Sanders has offended mainstream Democratic lawmakers, who see it as a publicity stunt. Sen. Joe Manchin, D-West Virginia, told Politico that the possibility of a debate was "bullshit," and California Senator Dianne Feinstein labelled it as a "publicity ploy." They see the race for the Democratic nomination as being over, and Sanders' continued involvement is just hurting Clinton's chances in the long run. Of course, with a State Department report hammering Clinton's use of private emails, and a former senior military adviser saying that Clinton's disregard for rules caused counter-terrorism ops to fail, things are still very much up in the air.
  • Mark Zuckerberg will use Facebook Live to chat with the ISS (2016-05-27 14:30:00)
  • Capitol Hill push for encryption back doors looks dead in the water (2016-05-27 14:25:30)
    The legislation that would make tech companies crack their own encryption has lost support, according to a report citing congressional sources.
  • Here's when E3 2016's press conferences take place (2016-05-27 14:16:55)
    Find out when you can watch the briefings from Sony, Microsoft, EA, Ubisoft and Nintendo.
  • Lost hiker who survived for a month before dying kept a journal documenting her plight (2016-05-27 14:11:15)
    An elderly hiker who wondered off a trail in the Appalachian mountains in 2013 was found dead two years later, but her story wouldn't end there. A journal recovered with her body details an ordeal that would last at least 26 days before she finally perished due to lack of food and exposure. MUST SEE:  The iPhone 7 might actually be in trouble The body of 66-year-old Geraldine Largay was discovered last year on October 16th by the Maine Warden Service in Redington, Maine. The woman went missing during a hike more than two years earlier and was presumed dead after a massive rescue effort conducted by the Maine Warden Service failed to locate her. Largay's remains were ultimately found just 3 miles from where she was last seen before separating from her group on a trail near Orbeton Stream. While lost in the wilderness, the Brentwood, Tennessee woman kept a diary that journaled the entire ordeal. According to The Boston Globe , the journal confirms that Largay survived for at least 26 days while lost in the woods. A report compiled by the Maine Warden Service states that the woman tried several times to text her husband but was not able to due to a lack of cell reception. Largay reportedly sought higher ground in an attempt to find signal, but her messages were never sent. She would then set up camp near a stream and begin documenting her plight in a diary, which was found in a bag with her cell phone near her remains. “When you find my body, please call my husband George and my daughter Kerry," Largay wrote on a page dated August 6th, 2013, which was torn out of the journal. "It will be the greatest kindness for them to know that I am dead and where you found me — no matter how many years from now. Please find it in your heart to mail the contents of this bag to one of them.” The contents of her journal have not been released by her family.
  • HP Wows with Omen X VR Backpack Concept (2016-05-27 14:09:48)
    As virtual reality becomes more popular, there's a growing interest in systems more powerful than current devices like the Samsung Gear VR. HP is working on just such a solution: the Omen X by HP VR PC Pack.
  • Batman Galaxy S7 Edge Almost Makes Up for Terrible Movie (2016-05-27 14:09:43)
    If you're still trying to get the bad taste of "Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice" out of your mouth, you might want to consider carrying around a reminder of a better interpretation of the Dark Knight. You tried.) Samsung has made a version of the Galaxy S7 Edge inspired by the Caped Crusader, featuring the Batman logo in gold on the back. It's called the Galaxy S7 Edge Injustice Edition.
  • Who Needs 3D Touch? ForcePhone Does Apple One Better (2016-05-27 14:09:40)
    You can't hear it, but that's the sound of University of Michigan (UM) engineers proving you don't need Apple's 3D Touch technology for pressure sensitive phones. ForcePhone does Apple's gimmick better, as it adds sensitivity to the entire phone, not just the screen. ForcePhone is a product of Kang Shin, a professor in the university’s electrical engineering and computer science departments and doctoral student Yu-Chih Tung.
  • Rats! Cellphones Might Cause Cancer After All (2016-05-27 14:09:28)
    A new U.S. government report will undoubtedly revive the debate as to whether or not cellphones cause cancer. The two-year peer-reviewed study was conducted by the National Toxicology Program. In it, more than 2,500 rats and mice were exposed to GSM and CDMA radio frequencies (900Mhz for rats and 1900 Mhz for mice) each day for 18 hours — 10 minutes on, followed by 10 minutes off.
  • Samsung's next smartphone display was designed for VR (2016-05-27 14:06:39)
    It's becoming more and more clear that virtual reality is going to the be the driver to push the spec race in smartphones to the next level. This week, Samsung demonstrated a new smartphone display designed specifically for VR and likely headed to a future Samsung smartphone. Samsung is far from the first display maker to pack 4K resolution into a phone-sized screen — Sony released the Z5 Premium last year with such a panel — but it is the maker of some of the most popular phones on the planet and often leads the way in display quality.
  • US automakers recall 12 million more vehicles with Takata airbags (2016-05-27 14:06:00)
  • Verizon reaches tentative union deal to end strike for 35,000 workers (2016-05-27 14:05:13)
    US Secretary of Labor Thomas Perez today announced that Verizon has reached a tentative deal with the Communication Workers of America and International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, all but ending a strike that encompassed an estimated 35,000 workers and has now stretched on for more than six weeks. "This tentative resolution is a testament to the power of collective bargaining," said Perez in a statement. The strike was limited to East Coast workers employed by Verizon's wireline business, which encompasses FioS and landline phone service, but operates independently of the Verizon Wireless carrier business.
  • Verizon, unions reach deal in principle for 4-year contract (2016-05-27 14:00:23)
    NEW YORK (AP) — Striking Verizon employees may be back to work next week after the company and its unions reached an agreement in principle for a four-year contract.
  • The entire spectrum of human emotion, in one spelling bee Vine (2016-05-27 13:50:41)
    The Scripps National Spelling Bee is the most grueling of all timeless American sporting events. In the Vine below, (made by Sports Illustrated offshoot The Cauldron) Hathwar misspells the word drahthaar, while Janga shakes his head knowingly in the background.
  • Here’s a sneak peak at ‘Game of Thrones’ episode 6 (2016-05-27 13:46:32)
    We’re already through five new Game of Thrones episodes, which brought us some amazing events including Jon Snow’s resurrection and Hodor’s death , to name just a few. But five episodes still remain in season 6, and we can’t wait to see the next one. HBO already released a trailer for episode 6 , set to air Sunday night in the US, but now we have a series of fresh images from the set that offer us a sneak peek at the new episode titled  Blood of My Blood . The new photos might not tell us much about the upcoming plot twists, but if you want to avoid spoilers at all costs, you know the drill: Stay away from what follows below. DON’T MISS: The iPhone 7 might actually be in trouble It’s Sir Jamie on a horse and he looks puzzled... and angry The new king is probably also angry about Margaery Is the new queen about to take a walk of shame? A girl is happy Will no one kill an actress? Meanwhile, there’s that look…
  • Jaguar's Formula E car makes its first appearance in the wild (2016-05-27 13:46:00)
    Autosport has published the first images of Jaguar's Formula E car. The British car manufacturer is joining the all-electric racing series when the third season begins later this autumn. The Jaguar team will take the place of the Trulli Formula E team, which ceased operation after the third race of the second season.
  • What Are Some Things the Media Lab is Doing With Bitcoin and Blockchain? (2016-05-27 13:45:08)
    What are some things the Media Lab is doing with Bitcoin and Blockchain? originally appeared on Quora - the knowledge sharing network where compelling questions are answered by people with unique insights. Answer by Brian Forde, Founding Director of Digital Currency Initiative at MIT Media Lab, on Quora.While the Digital Currency Initiative is...
  • This Robot Is Being Taught to Flinch as Though It's Reacting to Pain (2016-05-27 13:45:05)
    Robots that can do our jobs. Next up: Robots that can feel pain. Researchers in Germany are developing an artificial nervous system that would teach robots to feel and react to pain, with the intent of helping them to avoid damage to their systems and warn their human co-workers, which could help prevent accidents.
  • How Nanodegrees Can Help You Land Your Dream Tech Job (2016-05-27 13:43:30)
    These questions originally appeared on Quora - the knowledge sharing network where compelling questions are answered by people with unique insights. Answers by Sebastian Thrun, Founder and President, Udacity, on Quora.Q: Are Udacity Nanodegrees worth it for finding a job?A: We believe our more advanced Nanodegrees certainly are. In fact, we...
  • The X-Men who've yet to hit the silver screen (2016-05-27 13:41:54)
    Yes, the deluge of Marvel movies has thrust many X-Men into the Hollywood limelight. Some mutants, though, are still awaiting their close-up.
  • 'Crowd Control,' part 12: It's a small world, even in another universe (2016-05-27 13:39:52)
    In this installment of CNET's crowdsourced novel, one of our heroes tours an alternate Earth. And we learn there are no coincidences in the new quantum reality.
  • New algorithm performs complex DNA origami (2016-05-27 13:38:00)
  • 10 Netflix movies you have to watch this weekend before they disappear (2016-05-27 13:21:52)
    Netflix can be so cruel. The company's streaming video service completely changed the way we watch movies and TV shows, and we've now grown accustomed to being able to open the app on any laptop, smartphone, tablet or TV and stream whatever we want. Of course, Netflix strikes licensing deals with content owners for the rights to stream their movies and TV shows, and those deals are never open-ended. Current content disappears almost as quickly as new content is added each month, and in June it's worse than normal since Netflix is losing hundreds of movies from Miramax as the pair's 5-year, $100 million deal is set to expire. You can't watch 600 movies between now and June 1st, which is when all those Miramax titles are set to vanish along with some more content from other studios. Don't worry though, because we're here to help. DON'T MISS:  The iPhone 7 might actually be in trouble You shouldn't have to dig through a list of 600+ movies and trying to figure out what to watch before it's no longer available as of next Wednesday. That's why we've done the digging for you to come up with the 10 best titles leaving Netflix on June 1st. You've got a nice long three-day weekend ahead, and now you know how you're going to spend it. Our picks are all below in alphabetical order, and you'll find links to each Netflix page on each movie title. About a Boy (2002) Big Daddy (1999) Bruce Lee, The Legend (1977) Ghost (1990) Groundhog Day (1993) Kill Bill: Vol. 1 (2003) Kill Bill: Vol. 2 (2004) Marvin’s Room (1996) The Station Agent (2003) Wayne’s World (1992) Want to see more titles leaving Netflix next month? Check out our earlier post .
  • 'Battleborn' turned gaming cinematics into high art (2016-05-27 13:15:00)
  • 'Replica' bottle from 'flipping' video fetches over $15,000 on eBay (2016-05-27 13:12:09)
    A plastic water bottle touted as a replica of the one in a "bottle-flipping" video that went viral has fetched a closing bid of more than $15,000 on internet auction platform eBay. Videos posted to social media on Tuesday showed North Carolina teenager Mike Senatore flipping a partially full bottle of water onto a table during a school talent show. The video turned Senatore into a social media sensation.
  • Google's search app for iOS is now faster and loads news articles instantly (2016-05-27 13:11:44)
    Google released an updated version of its namesake app on iOS today, with the company claiming that some new speed improvements and performance optimizations will save users "a combined 6.5 million hours" this year. Google has brought its Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) — the company's answer to Facebook Instant Articles — directly to the Google iOS app. Now, whenever you tap on a story from any publication or news outlet participating in AMP (yes, The Verge is included), the entire article will load "blazing fast." AMP-optimized stories are designated with a lightning bolt icon and appear in the top stories section of search results.
  • Checking in with pop's B-list: Fifth Harmony, Ariana Grande, and Meghan Trainor (2016-05-27 13:11:17)
    Just look at this month’s release calendar: Meghan Trainor, Ariana Grande, and Fifth Harmony have dropped new albums in consecutive weeks, and you can make the case all of them have been disadvantaged by their position in the wake of 2016’s massive first two quarters. Trainor, Grande, and the women of Fifth Harmony are trying to make one of the toughest leaps imaginable: the one that separates “great” from “transcendent.” Their new albums attempt to bridge that chasm in markedly different ways.
  • Capitol Hill push for encryption backdoors looks dead in the water (2016-05-27 13:10:26)
    The Washington movement that seemed to be gaining momentum has stalled out, according a report citing congressional sources.
  • Philips will release cheap 4K Google Cast TVs this summer (2016-05-27 13:09:36)
    Polaroid released details on its decently affordable Google Cast TVs earlier this week, and now Philips is showing off its 6000 Series Google Cast Ultra HD TVs. The 6000 Series TVs are available in four sizes — 43 inches, 49 inches, 55 inches, and 65 inches — and start at $649.99.
  • ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ review roundup: Critics hate it, so it’s probably amazing (2016-05-27 12:56:39)
    If Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice taught us anything, it's that there is a massive disconnect between film critics and fans when it comes to superhero movies and similar fantasy genres. In fact, critics might just be useless . The movie was panned by nearly every critic who reviewed it, and it went on to pull in more than $870 million at the box office. What's more, there's 40% discrepancy between the film's critical rating and its fan rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Fast forward to today, and there's a new big-budget fantasy movie hitting theaters that has also been completely torn apart by critics. Did they get it right this time around or is X-Men: Apocalypse destined to break records just like Batman v Superman did? MUST READ:  The iPhone 7 might actually be in trouble First off, let's just run through some of the headlines from this second round of X-Men reviews (the first round ran earlier this month): Apocalypse is the worst X-Men film yet — BBC ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ Review: Mutants in a Muddle — WSJ All-out action makes 'X-Men: Apocalypse' hollow, unfocused mess — Star Tribune X-Men Apocalypse review: The end is ... sigh — Polygon Review: X-Men: Apocalypse is a step back for the X-Men franchise — Vox If that doesn't set a tone, we're not sure what will. Now, let's take a look at some of the critics' gripes ( SPOILER ALERT ): BBC It’s the kind of film which makes you feel sorry for the many, many actors it squeezes in. Jennifer Lawrence, as the increasingly Katniss Everdeen-like Mystique, is glum from start to finish, but Oscar Isaac has a right to be even gloomier. Weighed down by prosthetic make-up and rubber armour, he looks as if he couldn’t decide between dressing up as Star Wars’ Emperor and Doctor Who’s Davros, so he put on both costumes at once. There is a lot of this nonsense to endure before you get to the inevitable fight between Team Apocalypse and Team Xavier, and when you do, it’s hardly worth the wait. The characters do some jumping and flying, while looking suspiciously as if they are hanging from digitally-erased wires. Some of those characters switch allegiance at the last minute, just as their counterparts did in Avengers: Age of Ultron. The clouds of computer-generated dust keep swirling. And, ultimately, the fight is won not by the team which is bravest or most cunning, but the one which has the deadliest powers at its disposal. It’s not the most edifying of messages. WSJ Enormous goings on keep going on, and on, in “X-Men: Apocalypse,” a collection of explosions, eruptions and conflagrations that suggests the implosion of a franchise. Star Tribune It’s hard to know whether to welcome “X-Men: Apocalypse” with melancholic disappointment or testy annoyance. This time the story is action all the way. There are a dozen sequences where the camera tumbles down some rabbit hole of doom, or looks on while immense boulders crush casualties. They feel like visual diagrams of the movie’s collapse. It’s big in scope and scale and tiny in originality. Using the new term “drop” for a movie’s release was invented for tailspin declines like this. Polygon It's the end of the world as we know it (and I feel bored) (Zing!) A big, dumb superhero movie can — and should — be a lot of fun when done right. X-Men Apocalypse, for as big and dumb as it is, isn't much fun at all. Instead, the mutants' latest outing undercuts its occasional hints of heart and humor with an excessive runtime, self-serious story and, yes, a lot of big dumbness. Vox Apocalypse, the titular villain in X-Men: Apocalypse, has a funny tic. Every time he uses one of his superpowers — he's acquired many over the years — he lets loose a low moan. The sound is like the last few seconds of an aggressively mediocre orgasm or the first few seconds of a trip to the toilet. And it's uncannily fitting that it's the same sound I made when Apocalypse, the third film in the rebooted X-Men franchise, ended. Here are a few more reviews that we didn't mention above: Variety If you’ve seen one cinematic apocalypse, you’ve seen them all. At least that’s the feeling conjured by “X-Men: Apocalypse,” the latest entry in one of the more reliable comic-book franchises around, this time disappointingly succumbing to an exhausting case of been-there-done-that-itis. Read Variety's review here . New York Times But for every lively moment, there’s a reminder that the franchise is tiring. The genre’s emphasis on potential mass death is obsessive and unimaginative. At one point in “Apocalypse,” El Sabah Nur takes Magneto on a visit to Auschwitz, where Mr. Singer placed that character’s back story in “X-Men” (2000), the first film in the series. This narrative element seemed in extremely questionable taste at the time, although Mr. Singer presented it in a way that could also be seen as laudably ambitious. In this movie, the use of Auschwitz feels utterly cavalier. Read NYT's review here . Cinemablend Apocalypse includes everything you’d want in an X-Men movie, including two of the best superhero set-pieces ever. But after Days Of Future Past, it feels a tad underwhelming, and even a little tired. Read Cinemablend's full review here . Is that enough to scare viewers away from this latest installment in the X-Men Franchise? X-Men: Apocalypse premiere today, so we'll soon find out.
  • You look at your phone, now your phone can look back (2016-05-27 12:55:53)
    Software from an Israeli startup could change the way you communicate with your phone.
  • Report: A major developer is working on a VR game for Xbox One (2016-05-27 12:51:00)
  • Facebook is spreading ads beyond its network (2016-05-27 12:46:29)
    If you're not a Facebook user but have ever visited the site, you'll probably start seeing ads via Facebook.
  • Viral video of the day features a massive snake in a toilet (2016-05-27 12:44:46)
    Be glad you don't have huge snakes slithering through your plumbing.
  • Your ISP is going to hate this device almost as much as you love it (2016-05-27 12:31:02)
    What do you get when you cross a full-rate ADSL 2/2+ modem, a 4-port switch and a 300 Mbps wireless-N router? A very happy home internet user and a very angry ISP, that's what. We've told you a number of time how internet service providers  add bogus modem rental fees to your bill each month , and we explained how to eliminate those fees . All you have to do is purchase your own compatible modem and call up your ISP, then they have to help you set it up. Once that's done, you can return your ISP's old modem and knock anywhere from $96 to $120 off the annual cost of home internet service. Typically when we discuss this important topic, we highlight  cable modems that work with popular ISPs like Comcast and Time Warner cable. But what about DSL users? Don't worry, we've got you covered — the Actiontec GT784WN Wireless-N ADSL Modem/Router is on sale from now through the end of the month for just $49.95 with free shipping from Amazon. Here's what you need to know about this modem, which combines a cable modem and a Wi-Fi router into one device: Three products in one: full-rate ADSL 2/2+ modem, 4-port switch, and 300 Mbps wireless-N router Compatible with major DSL service providers, including Qwest, Verizon (excluding FIOS), AT&T (excluding U-verse), and others. Does not work with cable systems such as Comcast, Cablevision, Infinity, Cox, Charter etc. Does not support CenturyLink Preconfigured for simple setup and will auto-detect your specific service settings Rigorously tested to ensure the highest levels of compatibility and performance Includes high-grade firewall, parental controls and a variety of protections and encryptions You can pick up the Actiontec GT784WN Wireless-N ADSL Modem/Router right here on Amazon . Or, if you use cable internet, check out this modem instead. In either case, make sure you check the "other sellers" section in the right-hand column because you'll find lower price options for both models in there.
  • Takata airbag inflator recall expands to include 12 million more cars (2016-05-27 12:27:25)
    That's exactly what you want to hear just before the most popular driving weekend in the US.
  • Blue Origin's next flight will end in a crash-landing (2016-05-27 12:26:00)
  • 'Mo performance: Nissan thrusts 2017 updates upon GT-R Nismo (2016-05-27 12:20:12)
    It's now producing more downforce than any GT-R (or Nissan, for that matter) before it.
  • Terrapattern is the first open-access visual search engine for satellite maps (2016-05-27 12:19:58)
    Terrapattern is a amazing visual search engine for satellite imagery, and somehow the first of its kind. It's very easy to use, click on a section of the map, and Terrapattern will show you all similar geographical features or landmarks in the area. A football field, bus station, outdoor pool — it doesn't matter, Terrapattern can pinpoint the related image and location with surprising accuracy.
  • Your cellphone is not giving you cancer (2016-05-27 12:06:21)
    A government-funded study was released this morning which somewhat shows a link between cellphones and cancer. The results are catnip to the paleo-vegan anti-vaxxer crowd, who see the $25 million study as vindication for an irrational fear of technology. But while the results are certainly interesting, they absolutely do not show that your cellphone is going to give you a brain tumor. DON'T MISS:  How Google’s big court win just made history The study was conducted by the National Toxicology Program, ran over multiple years, cost $25 million, and has been thoroughly peer-reviewed. As such, the results themselves are beyond questioning -- but let's look at exactly how the study was conducted, and what those results are. 180 rats were exposed to cellphone radiation continuously, beginning when the rats were in their mother's womb, and continuing for nine hours a day, seven days a week, for two years. After that extreme exposure to radiation, there was a very small (2-3%) increase in the number of rats with brain tumors. That increase was statistically significant -- so in other words, the study has determined that if you are constantly blasted with cellphone radiation for nine hours a day, there's a very small chance you'll get cancer. What do those numbers mean for the average cellphone user? Well, surprisingly little! A spokesperson for the National Institute for Health said "This study in mice and rats is under review by additional experts. It is important to note that previous human, observational data collected in earlier, large-scale population-based studies have found limited evidence of an increased risk for developing cancer from cell phone use." That last sentence is the most important. The link between cellphones and cancer has been rigorously studied before , and large-scale examinations of cancer rates before and after the introduction of cellphones show no noticeable increase when cellphones came along. Despite that, the new study is useful. It shows us that there is a link between cellphone radiation and cancer, which is important. But it also implies that there's a safe level of cellphone radiation, which is somewhere below having a cellphone glued to your ear for nine hours a day, seven days a week. Who would have thought!
  • The Verge summer movie guide: blockbusters, comedies, and brand experiments (2016-05-27 12:04:00)
    Most of the film series’ favorite superheroes, plus new additions Black Panther and Spider-Man, are fighting each other. Ecstatically received during its festival run, The Lobster is reportedly offbeat, hilarious, and kind of terrifying, especially for single people.
  • Would you set foot on this insane, beautiful staircase? (2016-05-27 12:00:52)
    This scaffolding staircase is 95-feet tall, 187-feet long, and definitely not for people who are scared of heights. The staircase was built by the Dutch architecture firm MVRDV as a month-long installation for a city-wide festival in Rotterdam, South Holland. The festival celebrates the 75th anniversary of the rebuilding of the city, which was catastrophically damaged by a Nazi airstrike in 1940. "The Stairs to Kriterion" connect Rotterdam Central Station to the roof of the Groothandelsgebouw, one of the first major buildings to be completed during Rotterdam's reconstruction.
  • Making Harry Potter glasses and huffing plastic fumes with the 3Doodler 3D-printing pen (2016-05-27 12:00:07)
    It's basically a hot glue gun that heats up colored plastic to let you make 3D-printed creations. My colleague Ashley made a sweet pair of '50s cat-eye glasses in one go though, so maybe I'm just in the minority here! She claimed it was a very "zen" experience for her, while it caused me nothing but stress and heartbreak.
  • The best PC gaming controller (2016-05-27 12:00:00)
  • Social Media and Technology: Have We Gone Too Far? (2016-05-27 11:56:14)
    Back in 2008, I joined Facebook. It was a hoot at first because it was crazy to connect with all the old friends from grade school, high school, and college that I had lost touch with. But I had to admit, I didn't really understand it at first. If you are over the age of 30 or 35, you know what I mean. In fact, I still have some friends and...
  • Tonight's SpaceX rocket launch: start time, live stream, and what to expect (2016-05-27 11:46:00)
    SpaceX will once again attempt its fifth rocket launch of the year this evening, after scrubbing yesterday's attempt. CEO Elon Musk tweeted that a "glitch in the motion of an upper stage engine actuator" was the reason for the delay. The company will use its flagship Falcon 9 rocket to deliver the THAICOM-8 telecommunications satellite to geostationary transfer orbit (GTO).
  • 11 paid iPhone apps on sale for free today (2016-05-27 11:41:40)
    Another long week is drawing to a close and there's no better way to wrap things up than with a list of paid  iPhone and iPad  apps on sale for free. Friday's batch includes 11 iOS apps in total, and they're all free downloads for a limited time. Thursday's post also has some remaining freebies, so be sure to check that one out as well. DON’T MISS:  The iPhone 7 might actually be in trouble These are paid iPhone and iPad apps that have been made available for free for a limited time by their developers. There is no way to tell how long they will be free. These sales could end an hour from now or a week from now — obviously, the only thing we can guarantee is that they were free at the time this post was written. If you click on a link and see a price listed next to an app instead of the word “get,” it is no longer free. The sale has ended. If you download the app, you will be charged. Black Password Manager Normally $0.99. A fast, convenient and very easy to use password manager. Over time, remembering and storing passwords without the necessary utilities becomes a challenge. Black Password Manager allows you to conveniently and safely store all your passwords for the accounts from websites, forums, payment systems, e-mail, information on bank cards, bank accounts, credit cards and other sensitive information. ► All you need to remember is the only "Master Password" to launch the application. You will never forget your passwords and always have quick access to them! ► All your data will automatically sync between your devices via iCloud. ► With Black Password Manager you will appreciate the lack of cataloging which allows for faster searching for the password and more convenient navigation. You will need just a couple of operations to find a particular record. And all this at your fingertips! ► The application features a built-in Password Generator that creates unique and secure passwords for you! ► The Quick Password Create function will help you create a password directly when creating a new entry by pressing just one button. Key Features: ● Very easy to use and fast navigation ● Automatic syncing between your devices ● Built-in Password Generator ● Quick Password Create function ● Database Export ● Unlimited number of databases Some Tips: - Swipe your finger across a table cell to delete the entry - If you lose your device or buy a new one, all application data can be restored from backup in iTunes or iCloud - If you forget the password to run the application, you can restore it by answering the security question - You can enter a link in the description field to be able to quickly go to the website by clicking on the link - Quick Password Create button will help you instantly create a password and enter it directly when creating new entry - Quick Password Create function uses the built-in Password Generator settings Download Black Password Manager AfterCam Normally $0.99. AfterCam is a video camera that helps you keep only the memorable moments you’re really after - AFTER they’ve happened. It continuously captures video, but won’t save anything to your photo library until you tell it to. With AfterCam, there’s no need to record hours of video you know you’ll never edit. So, instead of recording your kid's entire game, or seven hours of baby’s ALMOST first steps, record only the highlights to begin with. You simply aim it as if you were recording video; then, when something memorable happens that you want to keep, press one of the number buttons to save the previous 5, 10, or 20 seconds as a video clip. You can also take still photos any time without affecting the video and the controls are duplicated on both sides for easy use with either hand! App Features: - Continuously captures video internally but only saves highlights you want to your photo library - Takes still photos without affecting video capture - Photo browser for playback and management - Controls duplicated on both sides for right- or left-handed use Download AfterCam The Big Clock Normally $0.99. Stop squinting! This is the Biggest, Ad-free Clock in the App Store. Completely Customize Your Alarm - Set a Song from your Music Library. - Set the Time Between each Snooze. - Set a Maximum Number of Snoozes. - New in iOS 8! Use Background Actions to Snooze or Stop the alarm. Weather Widget(In App Purchase Required - $2.00 USD/yr - Auto Renewable) - Always see the current temperature and conditions in your current city. - Use the GPS to set your Current City or get Weather from any City in the World. - Swipe or Tap to Reveal a 10-Day Forecast. Weather Data Powered by Forecast( Download The Big Clock Ark Journal Normally $2.99. Ark is an elegant and simple personal journal. The app is designed as a clean and light-weight way to keep track of your thoughts and experiences. All your content is synced across your devices in real-time, and is available offline for continuous use. Download Ark Journal Remote Drive Normally $1.99. View any file from your Mac, store it on your device for offline usage, easily copy files to your Mac from any app. CONVENIENCE: Need to send important document to your colleague, but too tired to look for it on your Mac? Use your phone and stay seated. SAVE MONEY: Do you keep losing USB drives and keep buying new ones? Store files on your phone and bring them always with you. TRANSFER: Need to transfer file to your Mac but its too big to send by email? Just open it in the app and upload it to your destination. VIDEO STREAMING: Want to watch your family vacation video stored on your Mac but don’t want to leave your bed? Stream it to your phone. SECURITY AND PROTECTION: Are you worrying about losing your sensitive files? Don’t. Protect them with passcode or delete them remotely. SECURITY: • Mac file access is password protected so you don't have to worry REQUIREMENTS: OS X 10.7 or newer iOS 8.0 or newer Download Remote Drive Neptune Notes Normally $4.99. Neptune Notes is the perfect way to quickly sketch ideas. The app is built to be fast and responsive. Beneath its minimal interface, Neptune Notes offers powerful features such as realtime cloud syncing, robust sharing options, and other tools that make it a compelling choice for capturing inspiration. Neptune Notes offers the following: • Realtime drawing engine. Every stroke is saved instantly to all your devices. • Organize your work into a notebook hierarchy • Beautiful interface, designed for iOS 9+ • A variety of drawing tools and colors The App is perfect for: • Quickly capturing ideas and inspiration • Sketching out a thought like you would on a napkin • Taking notes in class • And More! Give Neptune Notes a try today. We think you'll love it. Download Neptune Notes The Greedy Cave Normally $0.99. In a land far, far away there once was a vast continent called Milton. It was a land where the power of rule came by the sword and the arcane, where Men who devoted themselves to the blade or to magecraft, could become the finest warriors, wisest wizards or the greatest adventurers. In this land, there are several kingdoms divided by borders but united through history. Countless stories of alliances, upheaval, and moments of peace bedeck this tapestry, but that is a tale for another day. Our story begins in a remote kingdom to the north, Iblis, an obscure and oft-forgotten place. It is a wild and barren land, a place where its people scrape a living from the earth, mining minerals for the lords of the south. On occasion, adventurers would stop by for the night but never linger. Until one day, a fledgling adventurer lost his way and stumbled into a hole. The story might have ended then had he not come back, but return he did, with sacks of gold and glittering treasure. Like a fierce gale from the north, news of his fame and fortune fanned across the kingdoms overnight, and kings sent their bravest warriors and adventurers to clear the cavern of monsters in search of treasure. Even peasants wanting a part of this newfound wealth partook in these expeditions. In no time at all, a bustling town had sprung up in this forgotten place. People set up camps, and formed their own groups to explore the cave. Clever merchants not missing this opportunity, built taverns and shops near the cave, selling equipment and potions to eager adventurers. At first everything seemed fine. As explorers delved into the caves, they encountered new creatures and discovered new treasures. Mysteries continued to poured forth from the cave, yet nobody knew where the source of the secrets lay. However, as the explorations continued, the balance of wealth beyond the cave began to waver, and cracks appeared among those adventurers who had previously worked arm-in-arm. The latecomers or weak, limited to wandering the upper levels of the cave, could only watch as the veteran adventurers brought treasure after treasure from the deep. They began harboring dark thoughts as they watched the veteran adventurers grow arrogant from their largesse, ordering people around, hoarding secrets from the rest. The place became a festering pool of suspicions and greed, mired in jealous rage. It started with an adventurer disappearing in the cave. Rumors circulated he had found some legendary treasure and hoarded it for himself. Others said he had been guided to another world by some mysterious magic force in the cave. Still the unspoken belief was that he had been murdered by a rival party and was buried somewhere beneath the caverns. Nobody knows exactly what happened, but people have continued to disappear ever since. As more people have gone missing, some adventurers have called it quits, others cling to hope, and a few continue to wait and see. Which brings us to you, an ordinary young man, coming into this extraordinary circumstance with purposes unknown to others. May you find what you seek in ... -------------------------------------------------------- In "The Greedy Cave", you are a brave adventurer tasked with exploring a mysterious cave and battling all kinds of monsters. Use your wits to defeat them, learn different skills, gain mighty equipment, challenge evil monster bosses, and decipher the mysterious surrounding this cave... Game Features ·Randomly generated cave levels provide a different game experience every time! ·Hundreds of monsters to defeat! ·Hundreds of equipments to collect! ·Hundreds of quests and achievements to conquer! ·Enchant/Reform/Level up/Gold collecting, and more abundant systems to explore! Download The Greedy Cave Amplifind Music Player Normally $2.99. Amplifind is an all-in-one music player that lets you stream and build playlists across SoundCloud, YouTube, Spotify (with premium account) and your iTunes library! Lightning-fast search across multiple libraries Visualizer custom-built for the iPad and iPhone! Equalizer Build playlists with music from: -Local iTunes and downloaded music -SoundCloud -YouTube -Spotify (with account) Amplifind is a music player built by music-lovers for music-lovers. Designed to be simple and fast, Amplifind gets you to the music you want to hear whenever you want to hear it. We tried to combine the best of cloud music services with high-quality engineering and design in building Amplifind, and we hope you try it now! We love music. We think everyone loves music. With services like iTunes, YouTube, Soundcloud, and Spotify, getting cheap or free music is easier than ever! Until now, this meant you had to visit each site separately to find and listen to the music you want. Now you can access it all in one place--through Amplifind! Download Amplifind Music Player Men's Room Mayhem Normally $0.99. Fingers at the ready! Keep your nerve steady – its sanitary insanity! Take toilet gaming to a whole new level with this frantic line drawing game! Warning: contains punch in the face gameplay and some serious swiping action! In Men’s Room Mayhem you’re hired as the janitor of your very own chaotic men’s room. You’re responsible for directing patrons, keeping everywhere sparkling clean and steering patrons away from trouble! Get your customers safely to the urinals and cubicles in time – but hurry! Otherwise there’ll be a few nasty accidents for you to clean up! Avoid fights by strategically steering patrons past each other with pinpoint precision, but be careful, patrons pile up fast while the drinks are flowing – so mind your pee’s and queues! And if your customers have a run in, fists will be flying! Extra points are scored for maintaining proper men’s room etiquette (which you guys will all know about, and you girls can learn the secrets to the unwritten rules) as well as for demonstrating good personal hygiene. Are you a washer or a walker? In either case, try to encourage patrons to wash their hands for higher scores! There are 5 different locations for you to manage as you progress. Level-up to unlock them by completing specific in-game objectives. But beware! Levels become more difficult to navigate as each wave of patrons gets longer! Don’t forget – older and drunk patrons don’t move as fast as some of the little squirts! So prepare yourself for both slow and fast pee-ers! (peers) Can you control the stream and get your patrons in and out accident free? Or will you simply run out of time and finger flexibility – winding up with the ultimate janitorial fail: a condemned men’s room! Download Men’s Room Mayhem today and become the master of bathroom etiquette and cleanliness. Find out what really goes on behind cubicle doors in the ultimate Toilet gaming experience! Download Men's Room Mayhem DayCost Pro Normally $2.99. Three seconds a bill. Fast, Security and Easy to use is our aim, and iOS notification center widget. Look at other people how to say: ◎ I just downloaded this app and I am so loving it already! It seems easy to use but I need to explore it more. ◎ Very innovative work. Keep up guys. 5 star app. ◎ It's quick to note down your expenses and helps you track your money. ◎ Polished, smart, simple, with all functions of apps of this kind. Exactly the one I was looking for. Makes me delete other similar apps on my phone and keep only this one, really. ◎ I love this app! It is clean, beautiful, very customizable, and user-friendly. I love the ability to make your own categories and accounts. And I also love the ability to put it in your pull-down Notification Center on your phone. It makes it quickly accessible during the day. Great job, love the app! Apple Watch: You can create incomes and expenses from your Apple Watch. The Glance shows your expenses of today, this month. Feature: ◎ Three seconds only: pull down, fill money, choose category ◎ iOS notification center widget: you can easily account when iPhone lock screen ◎ Passcode security: everyone cannot open, only you. even double-click the Home button, in the App list can not view the data ◎ Support more than 160 kinds of currency, conversion exchange rate automatic updates ◎ Calculator: built-in calculator, more convenient and faster ◎ Full gestures: fast billing basic ◎ Humane beginners guide: for special operations, we guide the way through the animation + text, more intuitive, easier to understand ◎ iCloud backup & restore ◎ Dropbox backup & restore ◎ Export data to CSV via Email ◎ Recurring event, both expenses and incomes, with rich frequency options. Basic: ◎ Expense & Income bills can be added photos ◎ Income, Expense, Transfer, the others have ◎ Graphical reports, allowing you to easily view the balance of payments situation year / month / week ◎ Budget management: give yourself a reason to control consumption ◎ A variety of color themes and wallpaper, allows you to fully personalize ◎ Custom categories and consumption expenditure accounts, more in line with your needs ◎ Supports iPhone & iPad ◎ Daily reminder Increase: ◎ Easy copy history through gestures and automatically positioned in the day consumption date, you only need to modify the money can be. of course, you can use the existing money saved directly ◎ You can also add categories and account when billing editing, click on the banner to change currency If you give up because of difficulties If you give up because of busy If you want to know where expenses If you want to save money If 。。。 Try our "DayCost" it, she will be your best assistant Download DayCost Pro Event Countdowns Normally $0.99. Event Countdowns! is a day tracking app which tells you the remaining days until or starts counting the days after the event with your own photos.It is the simplest and the most beautiful way to track your days. Features: -Supports countdown to events and counting up once they arrive -Toggle between time in days and years/months with a single tap in each event -Seven default categories (Event, birthday, entertainment, holiday, life, love, and study) -Voice memos to record your thoughts for each event -Set your favorite event as cover -Ability to sort events by time -Customizable background for each event (background in app) -Customizable position show for each event -Color-coded navigation bar (your favorite event) -Share your joy with friends on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and via emails or text messages -Today widget extension -Optimization for the iPhone6s/6splus -User can custom background/themes for each event -Own background can zoom-in, zoom-out – NEW -User can change text color -Notifications redmine event Download Event Countdowns
  • Vergecast season 3 has arrived (2016-05-27 11:41:08)
    Well, we want to make Vergecast the best it can be, so we decided to retire the live aspect of our show to focus more on produced segments, interviews, and fun stuff. This is the future and we can chat in cyberspace, that's how! This week, we also patched in Paul Miller and Lauren Goode for a special State of Tech discussion. Wait! There's more! Nilay interviews Kara Swisher, executive editor of Recode, to talk about what's to come with this year's mammoth guest lineup at the Code Conference.
  • Samsung's Batman Galaxy S7 Edge has Alfred on speed dial (2016-05-27 11:30:00)
  • One lucky woman was just saved by a 96-year-old Henry Heimlich (2016-05-27 11:25:11)
    It was the first time Dr. Heimlich had used his namesake maneuver to save someone's life.
  • Model X owner files Lemon Law suit against Tesla, claims car is unsafe to drive (2016-05-27 11:16:12)
    When designing the Model X, Tesla went more than a little bit overboard in trying to trick out its crossover SUV with as many bells and whistles as possible. Not only did Tesla's overly ambitious development delay the launch of the Model X, it has arguably resulted in a noticeably higher number of quality control issues than we're accustomed to seeing. Hardly a controversial point, even Tesla CEO Elon Musk has conceded that the company was far too zealous when developing the Model X. Over the past few weeks, the number of complaints involving the Model X have continued  to roll in at a steady pace. For starters, Tesla this past April issued a recall for every Model X on the road due to a faulty locking hinge. Next, Consumer Reports published a report calling the Model X's reliability into question. More recently, Fortune's review of the Model X, while mostly positive, found some worrisome safety and fit and finish issues with the vehicle. DON'T MISS:  The iPhone 7 might actually be in trouble While some customers with frustrating Model X issues have noted that Tesla has been quick to fix any problems, one Model X owner from California has had enough. According to the Courthouse News Service , via Teslarati , Barrett Lyon recently filed a Lemon Law claim against Tesla, arguing that the car's problems are unfixable and that it's ultimately unsafe to drive. In addition to finding that the front door would often slam shut on his leg, Lyon's suit details a slew of other problems. CNS reports: He sued Tesla Motors on May 13 in Placer County Court, saying it's been unable to fix the machine, so he wants a refund of its $161,970 purchase price. "Auto Pilot in the rain is extremely dangerous," the lawsuit states. "It causes the car to swerve into different lanes." There are other problems too, Lyon says in the complaint. "Powered front doors are opening into cars and other obstacles." The power door slams are a feature of the Model X, and cannot be disabled. The touch screen freezes repeatedly, the "second row seat causes driver's seat to fold forward," and the auto park feature "does not work 90 percent of the time," according to the complaint. Notably, Lyon doesn't appear to be a litigious individual looking for a quick buck or refund. On the contrary, he's a proud owner of both a Tesla Roadster and the more recent Tesla Model S. But while Tesla's first two vehicles have performed well, Lyon's Model X, at this point, is apparently unusable. "It's become clear to me that the car wasn't ready for consumers," Lyon's said. "The service center is completely unprepared for the kind of problems they're having."
  • iPhone 6s and Galaxy S7 faced off in a drop test and it was brutal (2016-05-27 10:51:50)
    Smartphone companies spend so much time and money making their phones thinner, faster and more powerful. But how much work actually goes into making them stronger? Building more durable phones clearly falls somewhere on vendors' lists of priorities, but some seem to place it higher than others. Millions of people continue to drop and break their phones each year, and protective cases don't always offer as much protection as users would have hoped. With all that in mind, the two leading flagship smartphones in the world were recently put to the test in a fight to the death — literally — to see which one is better at withstanding drops. And while both phones seem sturdy enough, one came away the clear winner. DON'T MISS:  The iPhone 7 might actually be in trouble YouTube user "PhoneBuff" recently got his hands on a professional-grade drop test machine and he has been having way too much fun ever since. We saw the Galaxy S7 and HTC 10 face off in his last drop test video , and now he's back with the two best-selling flagship smartphones in the world, Apple's iPhone 6s and Samsung's Galaxy S7. Both the Galaxy S7 and iPhone 6s are constructed of metal and sturdy Gorilla Glass, though the S7 uses much more glass than Apple's iPhone. Will that be its downfall? We don't want to spoil the video for you, but suffice it to say that one of these two phones fared much better than the other. The moral of the story is the same on both sides of the fence though: Use a good protective case, and try not to drop your phone. The full video is embedded below.
  • Backpack PCs will help you avoid VR cable catastrophe (2016-05-27 10:51:00)
  • So Chinese citizens also think that ad is racist (2016-05-27 10:45:11)
    The laundry detergent ad that's been blowing up the Internet is also receiving backlash in China.
  • What do we want from an X-Men movie in 2016? (2016-05-27 10:32:27)
    After so many grim, overcrowded stories pitting Charles Xavier and his mutant students against Magneto and his mutant-supremacist followers, suddenly there was a storyline that acknowledged the friendship between the two leaders, brought back some of the big metaphors that have defined the X-Men stories since their inception, and acknowledged that being a superhero could be exciting and cool, instead of a constant parade of terror and resentment. Then X-Men: Apocalypse took the story back a decade. Every gain made in DoFP between Professor X and Magneto is erased, there's yet another generic villain out to destroy the world for clunky reasons, and even the fun stuff — like yet another slo-mo run-around from Quicksilver — is just reheated from the previous film.
  • GTA Online is getting a huge new expansion in June (2016-05-27 10:31:21)
    Today Rockstar announced the add-on "Further Adventures in Finance and Felony," which it describes as "one of GTA Online's biggest and deepest updates yet." It's a follow-up to last year's "Executives and Other Criminals," which introduced the option to run your very own criminal empire. According to Rockstar, the new expansion will let you expand your new empire, and even become CEO of a criminal organization, complete with a high-rise office.
  • FDA OKs first implant treatment for opioid addiction (2016-05-27 10:30:00)
  • Why there’s no great VR dueling game — and why you should want one (2016-05-27 10:20:48)
    The experience was the very first version of Oculus Maximus, one of the hundreds of small, crude, and often prescient games that were submitted to the very first Oculus Rift game jam in 2013. Developed over the course of a few weeks, there wasn’t much to it: using two motion controllers, players held a sword and a shield, taking on a handful of simply animated opponents armed with fists and, later, their own blades. Inspired, they launched a Kickstarter for a larger version, virtual reality’s first fully developed swordfighting — among other kinds of fighting — experience.
  • Acer's Liquid Zest Plus is coming to the US in July (2016-05-27 10:13:36)
    Acer will release its Android-based Liquid Zest Plus in North America this July. I'm not sure what "liquid zest" is. Like, the zest of an orange but purified? Acer's phone isn't citrus-colored, though, so even that makes no sense. The phone comes in either navy or white, so I think a more accurate name would be Liquid Business. Wow, that doesn't sound good. Maybe Liquid Zest isn't so bad! Anyway, let's get to the specs and photos:5.5-inch display5,000 mAh battery (Acer claims it'll last up to three days without a charge. ...
  • 'Game of Thrones' star details challenges of speaking Dothraki (2016-05-27 10:11:31)
    Emilia Clarke, who plays the Mother of Dragons, also translates Hanson's hit song "Mmmbop" into Dothraki on "Late Night With Seth Meyers."
  • Google beats Oracle in Java case, but it's not over yet (2016-05-27 10:08:31)
    Oracle's copyright case against Google over its use of Java in Android recently came to a close, with Google emerging victorious.
  • ForcePhone could let you control your phone with a squeeze (2016-05-27 10:06:42)
    Side note: Butt-dials are about to skyrocket.
  • Would you pay for Android updates? (2016-05-27 10:00:06)
    Being an Android device manufacturer has to be one of the most thankless jobs in the world. Each day, you go into your lab and perform minor engineering miracles to fit more power, bigger batteries, and better cameras into less space. And each day the price and value of your product diminishes. You give people 12 megapixels, they ask for 16, you give them 4GB of RAM, they ask why it's not 6GB. ...
  • The artist making physics and a conspiracy theory into music (2016-05-27 10:00:00)
  • The Best Outdoor Seating (2016-05-27 10:00:00)
    Low-maintenance, comfortable, and stylish are no longer mutually exclusive.
  • 10 awesome Marvel movie easter eggs you missed the first time around (2016-05-27 09:57:06)
    One of the best things about the expansive Marvel Cinematic Universe is that the writers and directors are free to make clever references to comics, TV shows and other movies. Some are painfully obvious, but others require a highly trained eye for detail to pick out, occasionally requiring viewers to pause and take a closer look. DON’T MISS: The iPhone 7 might actually be in trouble In a recent video, Screen Rant has rounded up ten of the most exciting easter eggs to appear in Marvel's movies so far, starting with Captain America's shield. Long before we (or the studio) knew that the MCU would span over a dozen films, Marvel liked to drop hints of other famous heroes and villains into its movies. For example, Captain America's vibranium shield can be seen in both Iron Man and Iron Man 2 , where it is still in development at Tony Stark's lab. Speaking of Iron Man 2, near the end of the movie, Nick Fury is introducing Tony Stark to the concept of the Avengers Initiative. In the background, a map can be seen on a computer screen with several locations circled. One of those locations happens to be Wakanda, which we saw for the first time in Captain America: Civil War . The other appears to be Atlantis, the home of Namor the Sub-Mariner. Along with these two, there are enough easter eggs in the MCU to fill a book, but you can see the rest of the top ten in the video below:
  • HTC is working on its own VR game for Vive (2016-05-27 09:40:00)
  • CNET UK podcast 483: Jane Bond and Google shaming tactics (2016-05-27 09:39:58)
    Andrew Hoyle is joined by Katie Collins to discuss new Xbox consoles, why Three is blocking ads on its network and why Gillian Anderson could make a great Bond.
  • Germany monitoring Chinese takeovers to ensure no loss of technology: source (2016-05-27 09:39:57)
    BERLIN (Reuters) - Germany is closely monitoring Chinese investment in the country and will consider each takeover on a case-by-case basis to ensure it does not lose key technology, a government source said on Friday. "We support investment in Germany but we must make sure that there is no outflow of technology," the source told Reuters. "The activities of Chinese investors have increased. We are intensively watching these developments." A growing number of Chinese companies are seeking to acquire key German industrial technology. ...
  • New trailers: Beauty and the Beast, Finding Dory, Star Trek Beyond, and more (2016-05-27 09:39:02)
    There are 11 new trailers from this week below. Here's something crazy: Disney's first teaser for Beauty and the Beast received more first-day views than any other teaser in history, with 91.8 million views. The latest trailer for Finding Dory is just two minutes straight of Pixar doing what it does best: being unabashedly sweet and lovable (and pretty funny at the same time).
  • Minecraft-like Dragon Quest Builders is launching in October (2016-05-27 09:36:30)
    Dragon Quest Builders — a game that mashes up the sandbox building elements of Minecraft with the story and world of Dragon Quest — is coming to North America. Today Square Enix announced that the game, which first launched in Japan in January, will be releasing in the West in October, coming to both the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita (though the handheld version will only be available digitally). Much like in Minecraft, you'll be using a variety of tools to gather resources and build structures.
  • London Olympics drug retests may disqualify 23 athletes from competing in Rio (2016-05-27 09:34:21)
    The International Olympic Committee announced today that 23 athletes who competed at the 2012 Games in London failed a retrospective doping test. The news comes one week after the IOC announced that it would begin proceedings against 31 athletes who violated anti-doping rules during previous olympic games. If they're found to have infringed the anti-doping rules, the IOC will ban them from competing in this summer's Olympic Games in Brazil.
  • Facebook will now track you even if you’re not a Facebook user (2016-05-27 09:28:23)
    It's official: there's nowhere to hide. Companies like Facebook and Google are happy to offer you their services for free, but free always has a cost on the internet. Advertising pays the bills, and these big companies separate themselves from the pack by serving up ads that are better targeted than other networks. How do they target so well? By tracking you as you make your way across the web and building a profile that helps determine which ads you're most likely to click. Some people don't want to be tracked by Facebook, so they don't register an account with the site. But thanks to some major changes rolling out now, on one will be able to hide from Facebook tracking. MUST READ:  The iPhone 7 might actually be in trouble Facebook announced on Thursday evening that it is changing the way its advertising works across the web. Facebook doesn't just serve ads on and in its mobile apps, the company also has a network of third-party websites and apps that it partners with to display ads. It's called the Audience Network, and there has always been one big difference between the way Facebook's off-site ads work as compared to Google: They were only shown to Facebook users. Now, that will no longer be the case. As The Wall Street Journal noted on Friday morning, Facebook's off-site ads will now be shown to people who are not registered Facebook users. That also means webgoers without Facebook accounts will now be tracked by Facebook so that the ads they're served will be better targeted to their tastes. By altering the code websites use to display Facebook widgets such as "Like" buttons, Facebook can track a user across most or even all of the web pages he or she visits. That information is then stored and analyzed by Facebook so that advertisements served by Audience Network partners are more likely to be relevant to these users. “Our buttons and plugins send over basic information about users’ browsing sessions. For non-Facebook members, previously we didn’t use it. Now we’ll use it to better understand how to target those people,” Andrew Bosworth, vice president of Facebook’s ads and business platform, told WSJ . Looking to thwart Facebook's ad tracking? It's easier than you might think, and you can find out how right here .
  • ICYMI: ISS inflation failures, remote controlled muscles and more (2016-05-27 09:20:00)
  • How Timescope's public VR terminal can show the past or future of a significant site (2016-05-27 09:12:53)
    Learn how a Paris startup is betting on virtual reality to enhance historical sites and future construction projects, and has launched the first VR kiosk in one very unique spot.
  • Kuka's CEO says Chinese bidder could be a growth driver (2016-05-27 09:06:14)
    By Jens Hack AUGSBURG, Germany (Reuters) - The chief executive of German industrial robot maker Kuka said on Friday he welcomed an impending 4.5 billion- euro ($5 bln) takeover bid from Chinese home appliance maker Midea . Asked at Kuka's annual meeting whether another prospective buyer might emerge with an alternative offer, Reuter said: "We have not actively looked for a partner until now, so the question of a white knight does not arise." Kuka is the latest and biggest German industrial technology group to be targeted by Chinese buyers as the world's second-largest economy makes the transition from a low-cost factory location into a high-tech industrial hub. China is the world's biggest market for industrial robots and robot sales in China rose 16 percent last year, driving global sales up 8 percent.
  • Apple's Echo rival could see you with built-in camera (2016-05-27 09:05:05)
    The company has been exploring the inclusion of facial-recognition tech in its upcoming device, sources tell CNET.
  • India's Tata Group enters ecommerce market with apparel and electronics website (2016-05-27 09:02:59)
    India's biggest conglomerate Tata Group launched an ecommerce venture on Friday, as it seeks to cash in on rising purchasing power in a market dominated by deep-pocketed international retailers and startups backed by global tech investors. The group said it developed its Tata Cliq website over a year and a half at a cost of "several hundred million dollars" to be a marketplace for inhouse and partner companies to sell apparel and electronics. The move is in line with a second phase in Indian ecommerce development, with the some of the country's oldest and largest corporations entering an industry established in the last five years by startups Snapdeal and Flipkart Online Services Pvt Ltd [IPO-FLPK.N].
  • Doom is the Mad Max: Fury Road of video games (2016-05-27 09:00:55)
    The signs weren't good for Doom. Id Software's reboot of the most storied shooter in gaming had languished in development hell for the better part of a decade. Talismanic studio founder John Carmack had left for Oculus. A public debut at E3 last year was less than inspiring. Even the box art sucked.
  • 'Dragon Quest Builders' comes to the West this October (2016-05-27 09:00:00)
  • Next-gen Motorola Droid looks pretty fantastic in this leaked image (2016-05-27 08:57:34)
    Verizon's first Motorola Droid smartphone helped set in motion a series of events that would ultimately see Android become the most popular mobile platform on the planet. Now, nearly seven years later, Droid branded smartphones are barely a blip on the radar. The market has been flooded with hundreds and hundreds of different Android models, and they're led by Samsung's Galaxy lineup and the double-digit billions the company spends on marketing and advertising. In fact, you might have even forgotten that Droid phones exist at this point, unless you've been to a Verizon Wireless store lately. All that could change soon enough, however, because a new leak suggests that Verizon and Motorola's upcoming Droid refresh may be one of the hottest new Android phones of the year. MUST READ:  The iPhone 7 might actually be in trouble Smartphone leaker Evan Blass  posted an image on Twitter earlier this week that shows an unreleased smartphone in three different colors. The picture was offered up alongside the text, "The DROIDs you're looking for?" You can see the image at the top of this post. The phone pictured in the leak looks fantastic, and it closely resembles a handset pictured in another leak earlier this month. The upcoming flagship Motorola Moto Z, which will replace the Moto X line, appears to feature styling that is very similar to the new Droid, which obviously appears to be based on the Z. Here's the leaked Moto Z image: Details specific to the next-generation Motorola Droid are scarce for the time being, but we can see from the photo that the phone appears to have a proprietary connector on the back near the bottom of the device. This is likely a port for Motorola's upcoming line of modular attachments called "MotoMods," which are similar in nature to the modular attachments released earlier this year for the LG G5. There's no word yet on when this new Droid might hit store shelves, but we may learn more during Lenovo's big press conference on June 9th.
  • Stringray phone tracker use in the UK admitted for the first time (2016-05-27 08:45:00)
  • Massachusetts, desert, pneumonia, diarrhea, gray, vacuum (2016-05-27 08:29:00)
  • Someone's trying to gut America's strongest biometric privacy law (2016-05-27 08:27:46)
    For years, the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act has been a headache for any tech company working with facial recognition. It's a simple law, requiring a person's explicit consent before a company can make a biometric scan of their body. In the eight years since the law was first passed, those scans have become a central part of products like Google Photos, Snapchat filters, and Facebook's photo-tagging system.
  • Your phone probably won't be Daydream VR-certified (2016-05-27 08:03:00)
  • Watch ‘Star Wars: Episode IV’ in its entirety by scrolling down a single 400-foot image (2016-05-27 08:01:33)
    You don’t have to watch Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope to relive the first episode in what turned out to be one of the most important film series in movie history. Instead, you can scroll down a single image that measures 403.5 feet long if you want to go through everything that happens in that first epic movie. DON’T MISS:  The iPhone 7 might actually be in trouble Artist Martin Panchaud created this huge graphic for A New Hope with Adobe Illustrator CC. “This long ribbon reminds the ancient Chinese script rolls that had to be rolled in and rolled out simultaneously in order to be read. I like this stretch between ages, cultures, and technologies,” he wrote on the website. He continued, “However, internet likes short stories and summaries, quickly understandable contents. With my work I aimed to create a contrast to that.” The reason he choose Episode IV is exactly because Star Wars had such a huge influence on pop culture over the years, and A New Hope is where it all began. The incredible “infographic” has no animations, special effects or sounds, but it’s amazing nonetheless. For example, the image above is just a part of the scrollable work of art, depicting the Han Solo vs. Greedo “who shot first” scene . You really have to see it yourself to appreciate it (see source link below), but make sure you have plenty of free time on your hands and plenty of ice for your scrolling finger.
  • 5 ways to secure OS X (2016-05-27 08:00:04)
    With OS X security exploits on the rise, Jesus Vigo takes a look at 5 ways to better protect your Mac from malware infections and data loss.
  • 4 tips for disaster recovery communications (2016-05-27 08:00:03)
    A communications plan during a disaster is important. Be sure you have one before you need it.
  • Why It Might Be Time To Go On A Digital Dating Diet (2016-05-27 07:55:48)
    Having trouble losing that extra 10 lbs. of online dating frustration? Here's a suggestion:Go on a digital dating diet. It's not a breakup, and it's not forever, it's just a way to add balance and quality back into your dating menu before you totally burn out and dump online dating altogether. Dating sites and apps are a lot of work. All that...
  • Facebook expands ads on third-party apps, websites to beyond users (2016-05-27 07:54:33)
    (Reuters) - Facebook Inc said its customers' ads would now be visible on third-party apps and websites to everyone who has ever visited its website, and not just to users logged into its social networking service. In the first quarter, Facebook generated more than 80 percent of its $5.20 billion ad revenue from mobile ads.
  • The best smartphones on the UK High Street (2016-05-27 07:45:00)
  • How Google’s big court win just made history (2016-05-27 07:30:33)
    A jury found that Google's  use of the Java programming language in Android is legal, in a patent battle that lasted some six years. Oracle, which owns Java, argued that Google stole code to build a mobile operating system that ended up being the most popular smartphone OS in the world. Google prevailed over Oracle in 2012 , but a year later a court found that software APIs can be copyrighted, which meant Oracle could revive its legal battle against Android. Google didn’t just save Android with this win, avoiding a huge financial hit in the process – a win for Oracle could have forced Google to cough up as much as $9 billion. The victory is also important for future patent battles that cover copyrightable software. DON’T MISS: The iPhone 7 might actually be in trouble The jury found that Google used Java APIs but did so under the fair use doctrine, meaning the company did not need Oracle’s permission to use them. As a result, the company doesn’t owe any damages for stealing code. Judge William Alsup who presided over the case made a clever analogy to explain the battle, Wired points out . He said that the Java programming platform is more like a bookshelf. The API is the way the bookshelf is organized so that programmers can find the appropriate information. Google organized Android the same way so that Java coders would have an easier time writing new apps for it. But the Jury found that Google wrote all the books on the bookshelf from scratch, Wired explains, using Alsup’s metaphor. The Oracle vs. Google battle will likely be a point of reference for future court battles over software, and it's good news for programmers who might be worried about copyrightable software. Of course, that doesn’t mean coders can go ahead and just swipe code from rivals to build apps, operating systems and other projects, but it does set a major precedent that might hinder similar legal cases from people or organizations looking to take advantage of the fact that software is copyrightable, too. The fact that APIs can be copyrighted is something the Electronic Frontier Foundation isn’t happy about. "There is a real cost to defending fair use," EFF director of copyright activism Parker Higgins wrote earlier this month when discussing the matter. "It takes time, money, lawyers, and thanks to the outrageous penalties associated with copyright infringement, comes with a substantial risk."
  • First Click: How much would you pay for Google’s modular Ara phone? (2016-05-27 07:30:03)
    Google’s modular Ara phone update was easily my favorite announcement from I/O 2016. It also turned out to be one of the most controversial.
  • Could VR blow your product pitch? (2016-05-27 07:30:03)
    Use cases for VR in the enterprise are growing. But, when it comes to showing off a product, will virtual reality do you any favors? We talk about why it might or might not.
  • Podcast: Business Technology Weekly - Fast moooving cattle tech (2016-05-27 07:15:00)
    Business Technology Weekly is TechRepublic's news podcast, featuring the latest headlines, trends, and stories. This week we discuss leaders in AI, drone tech, and facial recognition software--for cows.
  • Brain glucose levels can predict someone waking from a coma (2016-05-27 07:08:00)
  • Better listeners get more accurate customer analytics (2016-05-27 07:02:03)
    Find out how listening apps can help your organization collect analytics that really let you know what customers think.
  • 'Crowd Control,' part 12: It's a small world, even in a different one (2016-05-27 07:00:03)
    In this installment of CNET's crowdsourced novel, one of our heroes tours an alternate Earth. And we learn that there are no coincidences in the new quantum reality.
  • The 2017 GT-R NISMO may be the most badass Nissan you can buy (2016-05-27 07:00:03)
    Earlier this year, Nissan unveiled the refreshed 2017 Nissan GT-R. It came with a focus on the "GT" part of GT-R: gran turismo. That new GT-R is more comfortable, smoother, and easier to drive.
  • Researchers want robots to feel pain (2016-05-27 06:36:53)
    Researchers in Germany are developing a way for robots to feel pain, in the hopes that doing so will enable them to better protect humans. The researchers, from Leibniz University of Hannover, are working on an "artificial robot nervous system to teach robots how to feel pain," IEEE Spectrum reports, and presented their project at a robotics and automation conference in Sweden last week. Under the system, robots would identify pain and quickly respond to avoid further damage to their parts.
  • India's Tata Group enters e-commerce market with apparel, electronics website (2016-05-27 06:13:47)
    India's biggest conglomerate Tata Group launched an e-commerce venture on Friday, as it seeks to cash in on rising purchasing power in a market dominated by deep-pocketed international retailers and startups backed by global tech investors. The group said it developed its Tata Cliq website over a year-and-a-half at a cost of "several hundred million dollars" to be a marketplace for in-house and partner companies to sell apparel and electronics. The move is in line with a second phase in Indian e-commerce development, with the some of the country's oldest and largest corporations entering an industry established in the last five years by startups Snapdeal and Flipkart Online Services Pvt Ltd [IPO-FLPK.N].
  • Robber arrested after Facebook suggests the victim adds him (2016-05-27 06:06:00)
  • Ultra-realistic dino survival game chomps through Kickstarter goal (2016-05-27 05:49:11)
    "Saurian" for PC and Mac promises an open-world survival experience on the "cutting edge of scientific knowledge," and has raised nearly $75,000 to date.
  • Facebook begins tracking non-users around the internet (2016-05-27 05:41:31)
    Facebook will now display ads to web users who are not members of its social network, the company announced Thursday, in a bid to significantly expand its online ad network. As The Wall Street Journal reports, Facebook will use cookies, "like" buttons, and other plug-ins embedded on third-party sites to track members and non-members alike. Facebook began displaying a banner notification at the top of its News Feed for users in Europe today, alerting them to its use of cookies as mandated under an EU directive.
  • German robot maker Kuka's CEO welcomes Midea bid (2016-05-27 05:27:42)
    The chief executive of German industrial robot maker Kuka said on Friday he welcomed an impending 4.5 billion- euro ($5 billion) takeover bid from Chinese home appliance maker Midea . A partner who supports this strategy and provides us with better market access could be a considerable growth driver for Kuka." China is the world's biggest market for industrial robots.
  • Brits can now send a text to stop cold calls (2016-05-27 05:22:00)
  • Strap a VR rig to your back with HP's Omen X VR PC Pack concept (2016-05-27 05:01:03)
    This prototype backpack puts a full PC on your back for untethered Oculus or Vive action.
  • HP just officially made backpack VR computers a trend (2016-05-27 05:00:03)
    The specs are vaguely similar to other VR-ready desktop PCs: it's got a new Intel Core i5 or i7 processor, up to 32GB of memory, and a graphics card that's still unknown. A pair of fans will dispel heat, and the waist belt incorporates two batteries that power the CPU and graphics card separately.
  • Cyber firms say Bangladesh hackers have attacked other Asian banks (2016-05-27 04:46:35)
    By Dustin Volz and Jeremy Wagstaff WASHINGTON/SINGAPORE (Reuters) - Hackers who stole $81 million from Bangladesh's central bank have been linked to an attack on a bank in the Philippines, in addition to the 2014 hack on Sony Pictures, cybersecurity company Symantec Corp said in a blog post. The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation has blamed North Korea for the attack on Sony's Hollywood studio. A senior executive at Mandiant, the cybersecurity company investigating the Bank Bangladesh heist, also told Reuters the hackers had recently penetrated banks in Southeast Asia.
  • Daimler invests 3 billion euro in clean diesel technology (2016-05-27 04:44:56)
    FRANKFURT (Reuters) - Daimler said it will spend 3 billion euros ($3.35 billion) to curtail diesel exhaust pollution levels by modifying its engines and exhaust treatment systems including through a software update for some Mercedes-Benz passenger cars. The 3 billion euros includes a 2.6 billion euros investment announced in February. Daimler Mercedes-Benz will equip its entire range of diesel cars in Europe with selective catalytic reduction technology and roll out particulate filters for gasoline engines. ...
  • Upcoming OnePlus 3 smartphone promises top-end specs on a shoestring (2016-05-27 04:28:04)
    The firm's upcoming handset, the OnePlus 3, is no exception. The Chinese manufacturer, OnePlus, released its first smartphone in 2014, making an impression with its minimalist and innovative approach to advertising. At the time, the firm's CEO and sole shareholder, Pete Lau, starred in videos posted on social networks announcing his intention to launch a smartphone equipped with the best components on the market but with a competitively low price tag.
  • Jolla's Sailfish OS perseveres with second smartphone release (2016-05-27 04:23:59)
    Founded by a group of former Nokia engineers, Jolla is one of those companies built more on goodwill and rose-tainted optimism than practical business acumen. Back in 2013, its Sailfish OS promised to extend and develop the potential of Nokia's Harmattan interface, as best demonstrated by the MeeGo-powered N9, but it never really went anywhere. On Thursday, Jolla announced its second smartphone, the Jolla C, offering it as part of a new Sailfish Community Device Program for developers and fans — and it sold out its limited quantity of 1,000 units on the same day.
  • The government spends billions maintaining archaic IT systems (2016-05-27 04:22:00)
  • How to monitor your servers and desktops from Android with this free app (2016-05-27 04:14:18)
    Network Tools II is a must-have for any network admin, says Jack Wallen. Learn how to use the free Android app for monitoring your servers and desktops.
  • EMC and smaller players planning open-source storage middleware (2016-05-27 04:08:19)
    EMC explained its roadmap for open-source storage software. Meanwhile, smaller companies are going where EMC won't tread.
  • The guy who inspired the modular Ara phone says Google can do better (2016-05-27 04:05:33)
    You might remember Dave Hakkens as the young Dutch designer behind the Phonebloks concept video. It was this outpouring of support for Hakkens’ modular, upgradeable phone meant to help eliminate electronic waste that led Motorola (then owned by Google) to launch project Ara. Google "could do better," he says on a post to his personal site.
  • Reddit rolls out its own image hosting service (sorry, Imgur) (2016-05-27 03:34:24)
    Imgur has long served as the de facto image hosting platform for users on Reddit's forums, but the popular website is looking to keep it in-house.
  • 'Power Rangers' reboot might be the first of seven films, says studio exec (2016-05-27 03:00:49)
    Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer is excited about the prospects of the budding Power Rangers franchise set to hit theatres in 2017.
  • Crave giveaway: Motionize virtual coach for kayakers (2016-05-27 03:00:03)
    Win a sensor-based system worth $499 that keeps tracks of your kayaking performance in real time and tells you how to make it better.
  • How Alibaba won _ and lost _ a friend in Washington (2016-05-27 02:45:58)
    SHANGHAI (AP) — In 2011, a respected anti-counterfeiting coalition in Washington escalated its fight against the Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba, saying its websites served as a 24-hour market "for counterfeiters and pirates" and should be blacklisted.
  • Acer reveals Intel Skylake laptops with fingerprint readers (2016-05-27 02:20:00)
  • The ISS' first expandable habitat didn't unfold as planned (2016-05-27 02:04:00)
  • Vietnam blocks Facebook during Barack Obama visit (2016-05-27 01:18:27)
    The country's government reportedly restricted and blocked Facebook's usage to squash potential political demonstrations.
  • Push for encryption law falters despite Apple case spotlight (2016-05-27 01:08:10)
    By Dustin Volz, Mark Hosenball and Joseph Menn WASHINGTON/ SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - After a rampage that left 14 people dead in San Bernardino, key U.S. lawmakers pledged to seek a law requiring technology companies to give law enforcement agencies a "back door" to encrypted communications and electronic devices, such as the iPhone used by one of the shooters. Draft legislation that Senators Richard Burr and Dianne Feinstein, the Republican and Democratic leaders of the Intelligence Committee, had circulated weeks ago likely will not be introduced this year and, even if it were, would stand no chance of advancing, the sources said. Key among the problems was the lack of White House support for legislation in spite of a high-profile court showdown between the Justice Department and Apple Inc over the suspect iPhone, according to Congressional and Obama Administration officials and outside observers.
  • Windows 10 beta testers can make Cortana a DJ or an egg timer (2016-05-27 00:56:00)
  • The Last Guardian is definitely coming out this year, Sony dev says (2016-05-27 00:38:53)
    Director Fumito Ueda said that the game, first announced in 2007, will finally see the light of day this year.
  • Chinese users criticize Microsoft's push for Windows 10 upgrade: Xinhua (2016-05-27 00:30:20)
    Chinese users of Microsoft products are criticizing the software company's push to get them to mandatorily upgrade their Windows operating systems, the official Xinhua news agency reported on Friday. Posts critical of Microsoft on microblog site Weibo relating to the Windows 10 upgrade, which Microsoft users must switch to, have grown to over 1.2 million in number, it said. "The company has abused its dominant market position and broken the market order for fair play," Xinhua quoted Zhao Zhanling, a legal adviser with the Internet Society of China, as saying.
  • Optical disc drives aren't dead (2016-05-27 00:12:05)
    It has been all but deprecated out of existence by Apple's MacBook Air and the legion of PC clones that followed in its wake. Acer's new business laptops for Computex are exactly the sort of forgettable, unappealing, black functionaries that you'd expect business PC buyers from 2004 to be interested in.
  • Microsoft, Facebook to build trans-Atlantic undersea cable (2016-05-27 00:02:54)
    The 4,100-mile cable will have an estimated initial capacity of 160 terabits of data per second, the companies said.
  • Want to prove you're not scared of heights? Check out the world's highest glass bridge (2016-05-26 23:48:58)
    Opening soon at Zhangjiajie Canyon in China, the bridge is 300 metres high and will have three swings for thrillseekers.
  • Acer's new 4K monitor has almost no bezels (2016-05-26 23:41:53)
    Unless you're a diving watch aficionado, you probably hate the word "bezel." And by extension, you probably love the idea of this 4K monitor from Acer, which looks like it might be the best implementation yet of the company's "ZeroFrame" branding. Designed for video and graphics professionals, the BM320 has a 32-inch panel that covers 100% of the Adobe RGB color gamut, and Acer says its lack of bezels on three sides allows for a "seamless visual experience" when multiple units are used together.
  • Companies could use 'intermediate' web security certificates to spy (2016-05-26 23:34:00)
  • Acer announces two cheap 2-in-1 notebooks (2016-05-26 23:21:25)
    Just ahead of Computex Taipei, which kicks off next week, Acer has announced a pair of inexpensive 2-in-1 notebooks. The Switch V 10 and Switch One 10 both feature detachable 10-inch IPS displays and quad-core Intel Atom processors; the main differences are that the V 10 is available in more colours and has a fingerprint reader, plus a USB-C port for charging, data transfer, and video output.
  • Lenovo's new Droids might be shiny and metallic (2016-05-26 22:32:00)
  • These AR glasses give firefighters Predator-style thermal vision (2016-05-26 22:00:24)
    Augmented reality might factor in to the future of firefighting . This week, a team from the École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), a research institute in Switzerland, revealed the smart visor they have been working on that will help firefighters see through smoke and darkness while simultaneously freeing up their hands and allowing them to do their jobs with less constraints. SEE ALSO:  If the future of virtual reality looks like this, we’re all doomed Firefighters are not only loaded down with protective gear weighing around 50 pounds when they enter a burning building, they're also usually carrying a massive hose to fight the flames and a thermal imaging camera to see their surroundings through all of the chaos. “They really count on the thermal imaging camera, but it gets in the way and forces them to interrupt their search if they want to analyze a room,” said Adrien Birbaumer and Martijn Bosch, the men behind the VIZIR project. There's not much anyone can do about the hose, but the camera was in dire need of an upgrade. So Birbaumer and Bosch put a small infrared camera on the firefighter's helmet and incorporated a transparent screen on the oxygen mask. "At first it’s hard to know what you’re seeing, if it’s the real thing or not, but you get used to it surprisingly fast and can easily handle the two overlapping views," says Jean-Marc Pittet, who is in charge of training firefighters in Vaud Canton as well as conducting tests with the new smart visor. You can see the VIZIR project in action in the video below:
  • Facebook aflame over laundry detergent ad in which woman turns black man pale (2016-05-26 22:00:02)
    Technically Incorrect: In China, Qiaobi laundry detergent launches an ad that many find racist.
  • Mars faced an ice age 400,000 years ago, and it's still recovering (2016-05-26 21:46:00)
  • Researchers teaching robots to feel pain (2016-05-26 21:32:35)
    The robot version of "pain" will work much like the biological version, teaching robots to avoid hazards.
  • Samsung unmasks Batman-inspired Galaxy S7 Edge (2016-05-26 21:31:18)
    New-age Bat Phone features gold accents and the iconic Batman seal on the back.
  • Gawker CEO Nick Denton challenges Peter Thiel to a public debate (2016-05-26 21:29:24)
    Denton proposes an open discussion about the battle that could end up costing Gawker more than $100 million.
  • These 'stealth motorcycles' DARPA commissioned could run on nearly any fuel (2016-05-26 21:17:03)
    Say this for DARPA, it's not shy about picking ominous names for its projects. Pictured above: the "Nightmare" a "stealth bike" developed by LSA Autonomy for DARPA that has just been moved on to the second stage of development, according to Defense One. DARPA commissioned both it and another bike from Logos Technologies to meet some specific goals: run quietly on electric power, but also run on whatever fuel a soldier in the field.
  • 'LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens' season pass detailed (2016-05-26 20:47:00)
  • Why a revamped Apple TV can’t truly be an Echo killer (2016-05-26 20:45:07)
    For those who think that Google and Amazon have effectively already won the market for AI home assistants, you might not want to sleep on Apple just yet. Though Siri is not without its fair share of limitations, its functionality and feature-set has improved by leaps and bounds over the past few years. And looking ahead, a report from The Information  earlier in the week claimed that Apple has some grand and ambitious plans for its intelligent assistant. DON'T MISS:  The iPhone 7 might actually be in trouble Specifically, Apple is finally planning to release Siri APIs to developers, at long last paving the way for third-party app integration, an exciting feature which the Amazon Echo already supports. More than that, there are also rumblings that Apple is working on a standalone Siri-based device designed to compete with the Echo and the recently unveiled Google Home. Supposedly, Apple began developing such a device before Amazon even began shipping the Echo. Sounds intriguing, right? Well, a new rumor from VentureBeat suggests that Apple's plans for an Echo competitor may be a bit different than initially imagined. Citing an unnamed source who claims to be familiar with Apple's plans, VentureBeat reports that Apple's approach may simply center on a refreshed version of the Apple TV with expanded Siri functionality. The rumored implementation appears to be quite simple: Apple will simply outfit the existing Apple TV with a microphone and a speaker. The company will build on its enhancements to the Apple TV announced last year, which brought the Siri virtual assistant to the set-top box. A new version of the Apple TV will solve problems with the existing box and remote control, a source familiar with the matter claims. “They want Apple TV to be just the hub of everything,” the source told VentureBeat. While the goal of making the Apple TV the hub of the living room is certainly understandable, simply adding a speaker and microphone to the Apple TV doesn't seem like the ideal way to truly compete with the Amazon Echo or the upcoming Google Home, assuming of course that that is Apple's intention. For starters, a device like the Echo is ideally positioned in a centralized location in whatever room a user plans on using it the most. While this may be the living room for some, for others it may be the bedroom or the kitchen. The Apple TV, however, has to be tethered to an HDTV, severely limiting its placement options. As a result, usability issues may also emerge. Think about it: I'm watching a basketball game on ESPN and want to ask Siri what year Lebron James was born. If the Apple TV is right next to my TV speakers, will the device have a tough time detecting my "Hey Siri" prompt and processing my question? And even assuming that it can understand my query, will I even hear the response if the game is still going on in the background? Another point to consider is that some people keep their Apple TV units out of sight in a media cabinet, making an ideal setup even more challenging. Second -- and while this obviously doesn't apply to all users -- keeping the Apple TV on 24/7 isn't practical solution for some users. Personally, I only keep my Apple TV on when I'm using it. Keeping it on otherwise makes watching regular TV something of a hassle, admittedly a first world problem if there ever was one. I suppose the underlying question is this: Is an Apple TV with always-on Siri functionality compelling enough to further drive unit sales? I'm skeptical, but Apple may have some tricks up its sleeve that haven't yet leaked out. On a somewhat related note, will a revamped Apple TV be more expensive? With WWDC just around the corner, we presumably won't have to wait too long to find out.
  • Samsung made a Batman-inspired Galaxy S7 Edge (2016-05-26 20:16:47)
    Samsung has made a Batman-inspired smartphone ... really. In true ludicrous Samsung fashion, it's called the Galaxy S7 Edge Injustice Edition, and it features the superhero's logo in gold on the back. The device is commemorating the third anniversary of Injustice: Gods Among Us, and it's being produced in partnership with Warner Bros. The package appears to include a Samsung Gear VR headset, as well as a real gold-plated Batarang and a rubber phone case modeled after Batman's armor.
  • Snapchat aims to make over $1 billion in revenue in 2017 (2016-05-26 20:09:00)
  • Exclusive: Verizon turns to former Yahoo bankers for bid - sources (2016-05-26 20:02:54)
    By Greg Roumeliotis and Liana B. Baker NEW YORK/SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Verizon Communications Inc is working on its bid for Yahoo Inc's core assets with an investment bank which was, as recently as last year, one of the U.S. internet company's top advisers, people familiar with the matter said. Verizon has added former Yahoo adviser Bank of America Corp to its roster of investment banks, as the U.S. telecommunications carrier seeks an edge over other bidders ahead of a June 6 second-round bid deadline in the auction for the core assets, the people said this week.
  • Jury sides with Google in battle over Android software (2016-05-26 20:01:19)
    SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Google's Android software just dodged a $9 billion bullet.
  • Samsung Elec to launch Samsung Pay web payments app: Electronic Times (2016-05-26 19:57:14)
    Tech giant Samsung Electronics Co Ltd will launch a smartphone app in South Korea that would allow for easier use of its mobile payments service for online transactions, the Electronic Times reported on Friday citing unnamed sources. The South Korean paper said the app, to be called Samsung Pay mini, would be compatible with all Android and Apple Inc devices and could launch as early as June. The mobile payments service is currently compatible with Samsung devices but the firm has said it would consider expanding the service into other manufacturers' products.
  • Tech billionaire is unlikely Hulk Hogan ally in Gawker fight (2016-05-26 19:56:57)
    ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (AP) — Former pro wrestler Hulk Hogan has an unlikely ally in his corner for his courtroom cage match with Gawker — a high-tech billionaire with a long-standing grudge against the news-and-gossip site.
  • #TakeMeAnywhere: Shia LaBeouf hitches a ride via Twitter (2016-05-26 19:54:11)
    The actor is using social media to take a monthlong road trip around America.
  • 6 moderators we want to see helm a Trump vs. Sanders debate (2016-05-26 19:44:00)
    The prospect of Donald Trump taking on Bernie Sanders one-on-one is setting the Internet on fire. CNET's Eric Mack submits his own nominees to host such a spectacle.
  • Vietnam blocked access to Facebook during Obama visit this week (2016-05-26 19:36:49)
    The Vietnamese government restricted, and sometimes outright blocked, access to Facebook in the country from Sunday to Wednesday of this week during President Obama's visit, say two activists groups who spoke with Reuters. News of the Facebook blackout made its way out of the country via Twitter and through reports to help lines operated by Access Now, a digital advocacy group. Access Now works with Viet Tan, a pro-democracy activist organization operating in the country, to promote human rights and free expression.
  • Now anybody can register a '.game' top-level domain (2016-05-26 19:36:00)
  • This software upgrade could give any smartphone 3D Touch (2016-05-26 19:35:09)
    Apple's pressure-sensitive 3D Touch feature didn't find its way to the cheaper iPhone SE, probably because of the cost of a touch-sensitive panel. But what if the SE -- and any other phone with a speaker and mic -- could have their own, slightly MacGuyver version of 3D Touch? DON'T MISS:  The iPhone 7 might actually be in trouble That's exactly what engineers at the University of Michigan have done, with a piece of software called ForcePhone. The tech works by emitting an inaudible tone at 18kHz, outside the range of human hearing. That tone is ever-so-slightly changed when the phone is pressed or squeezed, and the phone's mic picks up on that tone change, and thereby lets the phone detect a particularly hard finger-tap. It's a similar concept to one that was demoed on a Sony Xperia phone shortly after 3D Touch launched. In that demo, the phone's internal barometer was picking up on the pressure difference from the waterproof phone being tapped hard. ForcePhone is a different concept to 3D Touch, and would require a different UI to work properly. 3D Touch can pick up on different levels of pressure in a specific location, not to mention give users haptic feedback that feels like clicking a touchpad. But ForcePhone also has its advantages -- imagine unlocking your phone by a specific pattern of squeezes, or muting a call without taking your phone out of your pocket, by just knocking on the screen. For the time being, the concept is just that -- there are no firm plans to bring it to market just yet. But if the idea can be turned into useful software that can be downloaded onto any existing smartphone, this could be huge.  
  • Lenovo's Motorola purchase not paying off (2016-05-26 19:07:17)
    Sales from its Motorola's phone business "did not meet expectations" in the last quarter, says Lenovo.
  • ForcePhone software makes any mobile device pressure sensitive (2016-05-26 19:03:00)
  • GameStop's forecast misses on fewer blockbuster launches (2016-05-26 18:57:28)
    (Reuters) - GameStop Corp, the world's largest retailer of video games, forecast lower-than-expected revenue and profit for the current quarter, blaming a lack of blockbuster game launches. "We expect June and July to reflect an industry decline, coming off of Batman and Elder Scrolls in June last year and Rory McIlroy PGA Tour in July," Chief Financial Officer Robert Lloyd said on a conference call with analysts. Sales from new video game hardware business fell 28.8 percent to $312.9 million in the first quarter.
  • Delta built the more efficient TSA checkpoints that the TSA couldn't (2016-05-26 18:50:48)
    Delta Airlines paid for and installed a pair of "innovation lanes" at its hometown airport in Atlanta. Rather than having TSA agents use hand-pushed carts to bring empty trays from the exit back to the entrance of the line, the new lanes use an automated conveyor belt system. Finally, the automated bin system can route bins that set off screening alarms to a separate area for inspection, again freeing up TSA agents to focus on screening rather than the logistics of moving baggage around.
  • Spelling is a sport, and its athletes dab too (2016-05-26 18:48:32)
    About 22 years ago, ESPN made the fateful decision to air the later rounds of the Scripps National Spelling Bee contest on TV. In including the act of spelling difficult-to-spell words in front of an audience of mostly family members, ESPN was signaling then and there that those contestants are, and forever would be, considered athletes. No way around it.) And we all know that athletes dab.
  • Twitter will serve up Spotify links as 30-second clips (2016-05-26 18:42:00)
  • A Conversation With Vishal Sikka (2016-05-26 18:11:52)
    At the Hilton Union Square in the heart of San Francisco, during Infosys' annual flagship conference Confluence, the chief executive talks about his deeply held beliefs and lessons learned through his journey in the world of innovation and how technology can move us forward.Dr. Vishal Sikka is a champion of technology, and clearly sees it as an...
  • Google beats Oracle in $9 billion Android trial (2016-05-26 18:09:53)
    By Jim Christie SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - A U.S. jury handed Google a major victory on Thursday in a long-running copyright battle with Oracle Corp over Android software used to run most of the world's smartphones. The jury unanimously upheld claims by Google that its use of Oracle's Java development platform to create Android was protected under the fair-use provision of copyright law, bringing trial to a close without Oracle winning any of the $9 billion in damages it requested. "We strongly believe that Google developed Android by illegally copying core Java technology to rush into the mobile device market," Oracle General Counsel Dorian Daley said in a statement.
  • Vietnam restricted access to Facebook during Obama visit: activists (2016-05-26 18:08:46)
    By Yasmeen Abutaleb SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - The Vietnamese government restricted access to Facebook Inc inside Vietnam for several days this week as part of a broader crackdown on human rights and political dissidents during a visit by President Barack Obama, two activist organizations said on Thursday. Officials of Access Now, a digital rights organization, and Viet Tan, a Vietnamese pro-democracy group, said the social media site was restricted and at times blocked inside Vietnam from Sunday to Wednesday, citing reports from people inside the country on Twitter and to Access Now's digital security help service. The move coincides with a trend toward restrictions on Facebook in countries including China, Uganda and Turkey during politically sensitive times as the 1.6 billion-person social network grows more powerful.
  • Digging Deeper: What Coworking Tells Us About The Future of Commercial Real Estate (2016-05-26 18:03:32)
    Authors: Amol Sarva and Jayson WhiteWith a valuation of more than $16 billion, WeWork's incredible growth, alongside the emergence of at least 100 other growing coworking brands, proves just how popular shared and flexible office spaces have become. But as valuations climb and the headlines keep coming, we may be seeing the tip of the iceberg...
  • Google wins Java lawsuit. Oracle sees future fight (2016-05-26 18:00:51)
    A jury sides with Google over nitty-gritty in Android code.
  • This might be Lenovo's new Droid (2016-05-26 17:52:31)
    Lenovo has a big event coming up on June 9th, and one of the things we might see then (or shortly thereafter) is a new lineup of Droids. VentureBeat reporter Evan Blass leaked an image showing what appears to be three color options for this next round of Droid phones — and they look pretty nice. In fact, I'm not sure that there's any difference aside from the "Moto" branding being replaced with "Droid" branding beneath the lens.
  • Here are the worst video game movies of all time (2016-05-26 17:50:15)
    Independently, playing video games and watching movies are immensely enjoyable activities. But when the two mix, the result is often an exercise in disappointment. Likely rooted in Hollywood's never-ending effort to print money without exercising an ounce of creativity, movie executives always seem keen on taking whatever video game happens to be hot at the moment and turning it into a movie. Even in the face of ridicule and a string of box office failures, we'll likely never see Hollywood stop trying to turn popular video games into hit films. DON'T MISS:  The iPhone 7 might actually be in trouble So with the latest video game inspired movie disaster just around the corner (read: Warcraft, which is set to hit theaters on June 10), our sister site Variety recently compiled a list outlining the 7 worst video game adaptations of all time. Now I know what you're all thinking: how could they have possibly narrowed the list down to only 7? It's a valid question, but the list itself is nonetheless pretty solid. Below are a few of the highlights. Double Dragon I loved playing Double Dragon back in the day, both in the arcade and on the old NES. But was this video game really deserving of a movie? Released in 1994, with Scott Wolf and Alyssa Milano as part of the ensemble, the film was a bust from day one. Not surprisingly, the film has a score of just 8% on Rotten Tomatoes. Curious as to what this monstrosity of a film looked like? Check out the trailer below. Super Mario Bros Likely the most influential, iconic and widely recognized video game of all time, Super Mario Bros has been a successful game franchise for decades. And with good reason, the characters are beloved and fit in nicely to any number of varying environments. Unfortunately, the notion of two plumbers serving as the focal point of a movie is a stretch that even Mario and Luigi can't make sense of. Summing things up aptly, Variety notes: Bob Hoskins and John Leguizamo stepped into the red and green overalls of two of the most iconic video game characters of all time. Unfortunately that's about all this movie had in common with the games. Looking past the atrocity they pulled on the Goombas, this film was such a critical and financial disaster that Hoskins has gone on record saying it was "the worst thing I ever did. Even the tagline for the film was atrocious: "This ain't no game. It's a live-action thrill ride!" The trailer for the forgettable 1993 film can be viewed below. Make sure to hit the source link below for the full list of atrocious video game movie adaptations. From Mortal Kombat to the laughably bad  Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li  , you'll undoubtedly see more than a few recognizable titles you probably wish you could forget about permanently. As a quick aside, some notably bad video game movies that didn't make Variety's final list include Max Payne , Hitman , and Wing Commander .
  • Steve Jobs is now selling tea (2016-05-26 17:49:24)
    Technically Incorrect: A Polish drinks brand features the Apple co-founder on the box for its cherry-rum tea.
  • Electrician finds a dead snake trapped inside Sony PlayStation 4 (2016-05-26 17:36:01)
    An electrician in Brazil got a slithery surprise while trying to fix a broken PS4.
  • Symantec says SWIFT heist linked to Philippines attack, Sony hack (2016-05-26 17:33:10)
    By Dustin Volz WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Hackers who stole $81 million from Bangladesh's central bank have been linked to another cyber attack, this time on a bank in the Philippines, in addition to the 2014 hack on Sony Pictures Entertainment, cyber security company Symantec Corp said in a blog post on Thursday. If confirmed, the Philippines incident would represent the fourth known cyber attack against a bank involving fraudulent SWIFT messages. SWIFT, as the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication is known, this week urged banks to bolster their security, saying it was aware of multiple attacks.
  • 'The Force Awakens' vinyl soundtrack is etched with holograms (2016-05-26 17:33:00)
  • Jury sides with Google in closely watched copyright case (2016-05-26 17:22:31)
    SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — A federal jury has sided with Google in a $9 billion legal battle with tech industry rival Oracle, a complex copyright case that was closely watched in Silicon Valley.
  • Ice-cream bars as a hangover cure? Thank you, South Korea (2016-05-26 17:21:26)
    Ice, ice baby: Forget the hair of the dog, this sweet treat is a much better day-after drinking solution.
  • 'Mirror's Edge' TV show in the works from 'Big Brother' studio (2016-05-26 17:15:00)
  • How to run a network scan on your Ubuntu Touch device (2016-05-26 17:10:26)
    Ubuntu Touch users can install a handy network scanner that serves serves as a front-end for the nmap scanning tool. Learn how to install and use Network Scanner.
  • Watch right here as SpaceX attempts a difficult rocket landing (2016-05-26 17:10:07)
    SpaceX is ramping up the number of launches of its Falcon 9 rocket, which is good for the company, and great for fans of large explosions. Tonight, Elon Musk's rocket company is shooting a commercial communications satellite to geostationary orbit. The first stage will once again try and land on a barge in the ocean, but the trajectory of the launch means that the landing will be "challenging." DON'T MISS:  Microsoft just turned Windows 10 into malware Tonight's payload is THAICOM 8, a commercial comms satellite that needs to get to a high orbit above Southeast Asia. Getting a satellite that high means going faster and higher, which creates problems for the landing. The Falcon 9 first stage uses whatever leftover fuel it has to decelerate and land, so the higher and faster the rocket has to go for launch, the less fuel it has to slow down before hitting the barge. With those caveats in mind, SpaceX is describing this landing as "challenging." But it said the same thing about the last landing it attempted, and that went more or less perfectly to plan. The launch window opens at 5.40 pm E.T, with a backup launch window tomorrow if needed. SpaceX will be streaming the entire thing, landing included, on the YouTube channel below.
  • Samsung announces the Galaxy C5 and C7 (2016-05-26 17:04:47)
    Samsung has launched two new mid-range devices in China, the Galaxy C5 and C7. If that branding doesn't sound familiar, it shouldn't — the Galaxy C line is a brand-new series of smartphones from Samsung. The Galaxy C5 is the smaller of the two devices, and features an all-metal chassis and some pretty decent specs:5.2-inch Super AMOLED full HD displaySnapdragon 617 SoC4GB of RAM32GB of storage, with 128GB capacity microSD slot 16MP rear camera, 8MP front-facing camera
  • The Wirecutter's best deals: 20 percent off Samsung's SmartThings Hub (2016-05-26 17:00:00)
  • GameStop's profit forecast misses estimates; shares drop (2016-05-26 16:50:46)
    (Reuters) - GameStop Corp, the world's largest retailer of video games, forecast current-quarter profit below analysts' estimates, sending its shares down 10 percent in after-hours trading. The company forecast on Thursday second-quarter profit of 23-30 cents per share. Analysts on average were expecting 33 cents, according to Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S. GameStop, which has said it expected its physical gaming business to continue to decline in 2016, is expanding its technology brands businesses, which sells cellphones and consumer electronics. ...
  • Is that colored E Ink?! (2016-05-26 16:49:27)
    E Ink unveiled its new Advanced Color ePaper, or ACeP, which can display a "full color gamut," which E Ink says includes all eight primary colors. E. Ink! These colors will be primarily used on signage at first, E Ink says, but maybe someday we'll be living in a brightened E Ink world. E Ink already launched a slightly colored display called Triton.
  • Google honors legendary swing dancer in doodle (2016-05-26 16:40:31)
    The search giant honors Frankie Manning on his 102nd birthday with a couple of cool cats jumpin' and jivin' on all over the Google logo.
  • Watch this teen do the impossible with a water bottle (2016-05-26 16:40:13)
    Technically Incorrect: YouTube is slightly gaga over a teen who tosses a bottle full of water and then...
  • 11+ security questions to consider during an IT risk assessment (2016-05-26 16:40:04)
    IT risk assessments are crucial to minimize the fallout from cyberattacks. Experts explain why and suggest what questions to consider to assess your company's risk.
  • Blue Origin will intentionally crash its spaceship during the next test flight (2016-05-26 16:27:47)
    Blue Origin is planning the next test flight of its reusable New Shepard rocket, but CEO Jeff Bezos just revealed a twist: the empty crew capsule, which sits on top of the rocket, will crash-land on purpose. "On this upcoming mission we also plan to stress the crew capsule by landing with an intentionally failed parachute, demonstrating our ability to safely handle that failure scenario," Bezos writes in an email update that was sent out this afternoon. New Shepard is the company's flagship rocket, one that it hopes to use to send tourists to space starting in 2018.
  • HTC is developing its own virtual reality game for the Vive (2016-05-26 16:24:21)
    HTC is developing a virtual reality game for its Vive headset called Front Defense, and the company plans on demoing it at the Computex conference in Taipei, Taiwan next week. Little is known about the game, as translated marketing material simply describes it as a wartime shooter game.
  • Google wins Oracle copyright fight over Android code (2016-05-26 16:22:08)
    Today, a jury in California's Northern District federal court declared that Google's use of copyright-protected code in Android was fair use, freeing it of any liability. The case centers around an API developed by Java and owned by Oracle, which allows outside programs to easily interact with Java programs. Android uses the same API, and in 2014 a federal appeals court ruled that Oracle has a valid copyright claim on the API code, potentially putting Google on the hook for billions of dollars in damages.
  • Android doesn't infringe on Oracle copyrights, jury finds (2016-05-26 16:21:00)
  • 'Minecraft' players can battle each other next month (2016-05-26 16:20:00)
  • U.S. jury sides with Alphabet's Google in Android trial (2016-05-26 16:12:08)
    SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - A U.S. jury handed Alphabet's Google a major victory on Thursday in a long-running copyright lawsuit against Oracle Corp, saying the law allowed Google's use of Oracle's software to create its Android smartphone operating system. The jury upheld claims by Google that its use of Oracle's Java development platform was protected under the fair-use provision of copyright law, bringing trial to a close without Oracle winning any damages. (Reporting by Jim Christie; Editing by Andrew Hay)
  • Justin Bieber and Skrillex are getting sued over Sorry (2016-05-26 16:10:30)
    Indie musician Casey Dienel (aka White Hinterland) is suing Justin Bieber, Skrillex, and the team of co-writers behind Bieber's 2015 mega-hit "Sorry" over the song's resemblance to Dienel's "Ring the Bell," released in 2014 as part of her album Baby. TMZ reported on the lawsuit this afternoon, noting that Dienel's issue with "Sorry" is rooted in the "unique characteristics of the female vocal riff" that opens "Ring the Bell." (You can hear said vocal riff cycling through the first 10 seconds of "Ring the Bell," and a similar snippet of melody is repeated throughout "Sorry.")
  • Two Twitter senior execs to leave in latest management shuffle (2016-05-26 16:04:16)
    (Reuters) - Twitter Inc said senior executives Jana Messerschmidt and Nathan Hubbard are planning to leave the company in its latest management shuffle. Messerschmidt, who leads the company's business development program, has spent six years at Twitter while Hubbard has led its commerce and media division for nearly three years. Ali Jafari, who runs the social media company's Amplify video ads business, will now head the units under a unified structure.
  • Google wants to solve password problems by tracking more of you (2016-05-26 16:03:58)
    Google thinks it can rid us of passwords with a series of tests in a "trust score." And Microsoft is getting tougher on what types of passwords it allows.
  • Report: Next Apple TV might be an Amazon Echo competitor (2016-05-26 16:00:00)
  • Doing Well by Doing Good: An Interview with Angel Investor and Philanthropist, Ron Conway (2016-05-26 15:59:12)
    An angel investor, Ron is often described as one of Silicon Valley's "super angels". His wealth and giving is a reminder that tech entrepreneurs aren't the only ones capable of large-scale philanthropy; the sector's investors are also involved. I had the chance to connect with Ron at the peak of the tech bubble in 1999. 17 years after this...
  • Finnish government criticizes Microsoft for job cuts, 'broken promises' (2016-05-26 15:57:50)
    The Finnish government on Thursday criticized Microsoft Corp for its latest job cuts in the Nordic country, saying it had failed to keep promises made two years ago of making Finland a hub and keeping research and development jobs. Earlier this week Microsoft said it would cut up to 1,850 jobs, 1,350 of them in Finland, in a move essentially seen as putting an end to the company's development of new phones. Microsoft said it would continue to develop the Windows 10 platform and support its Lumia smartphones, but gave no comment on whether it would develop new Windows phones.
  • Will Sony VR experience suck so much that the firm has to offer a souped-up console? (2016-05-26 15:57:34)
    Sony will introduce its widely expected PlayStation4 Neo only because its PlayStation VR headset would have been "terrible" on PS4 consoles, magazine says.
  • Planetary Resources cancels 'space selfie' project (2016-05-26 15:48:00)
  • America’s nukes are controlled by dead technology and we’re afraid (2016-05-26 15:45:57)
    It’s 2016 and for some reason, the world’s most powerful nations still have nuclear weapons – you know, just in case they need them. America's nukes are controlled by computers, no surprise there. On the plus side, these computers are so old that they can’t be hacked by zit-popping teenage hackerss. In fact, the devices used to control nukes are so old that most Snapchat users might not understand what they are. These massively destructive weapons are actually controlled by floppy disks. That's right, the same ones that died off years ago. Is there really nothing more modern that people can use when they have their fingers on the button? DON’T MISS:  The iPhone 7 might actually be in trouble A new report from the Government Accountability Office confirms that a computer that takes 8-inch floppy disks is still needed to control those nukes. And the government is aware that has to change. Titled Federal Agencies Need to Address Aging Legacy Systems , the report says these computers “have components that are, in some cases, at least 50 years old.” Pentagon's Strategic Automated Command and Control System, which coordinates US nuclear forces including nuclear bombers and intercontinental ballistic missiles, is running on an IBM Series/1, Business Insider notes . That’s a minicomputer that started with 16KB of memory and needs 8-inch floppy disks. While these systems might be too old to be hacked since they're not connected to the internet, the government does want to replace them with newer computers. The Department of Defense wants to update "data storage solutions, port expansion processors, portable terminals, and desktop terminals" by the end of fiscal 2017.
  • How Firms Can Prepare for the Freelance Economy (2016-05-26 15:44:19)
    That Sucking Sound Is Your Workforce Going 1099A lot of companies ask me how they can prepare their firms to take on more freelance tech talent. Before I explain, let me provide a little background. Since 1993 I've been working in the freelance gig economy...literally. I started my career booking concerts, then transitioned to managing bands...
  • Paperlike is an E Ink monitor for your PC (2016-05-26 15:38:02)
    Chinese company Dasung wants to bring that same experience to computer monitors. The company showed off its Paperlike E Ink monitor at CES this year and just put the 13.3" monitor on Indigogo this week. The monitor doesn't require a power connection to work and instead mirrors or extends a PC's display through a micro USB.
  • Gunless MMO game 'Absolver' slated for 2017 release (2016-05-26 15:30:00)
  • Feds' nuclear defense system uses ancient computer with 8-inch floppy drives (2016-05-26 15:17:18)
    The federal government still relies on ancient technology to run some of our most critical systems, including the DoD's computers that control ICBM nuclear missiles.
  • New study shows the scale of Twitter's misogyny problem (2016-05-26 15:12:00)
  • MSI built a computer into a backpack so you can walk around in VR (2016-05-26 15:08:03)
    Do you wish you could take a computer with you everywhere — maybe one in a form factor that was easy to carry around? MSI has been brilliant enough to put these desires together and create the Backpack PC, a PC that is literally built to be worn on your back. Okay, so this is a ridiculous idea at first glance (and probably second and third and— ), but MSI does have an interesting reason for designing a PC this way: for virtual reality.
  • ‘Ghost Recon Wildlands’ trailer shows off the game’s massive open world (2016-05-26 15:05:41)
    Much like the characters featured in the game itself, Ghost Recon Wildlands has been surprisingly hard to find over the past several months. After being unveiled at Ubisoft's E3 press conference last year, Wildlands immediately went into hiding, with nary a screenshot or a trailer to be found. In fact, I'd nearly forgotten the game even existed. Until today. DON'T MISS:  Things aren’t looking good for the Xbox One as PS4 sales top 40 million In a brand new trailer released on Thursday, Ubisoft showcases the game's huge map and the countless violent activities players will participate in once they arrive. Although the exact specifications of the map are still unknown, Ubisoft claims that Wildlands is going to be one of the biggest open worlds ever created. But size isn't everything. Ubisoft also claims that the world will be reactive to your choices, giving you the ability to shape Bolivia as you see fit. Wildlands also suits multiple play styles, supporting both those who want to sneak around and complete missions unnoticed and those who want to go in guns blazing, leaving blood and bullets behind after every encounter. With dozens of weapons to choose from, over 60 air, land and sea vehicles to operate and a huge open world to explore, Ghost Recon Wildlands is easily one of my most anticipated games of 2016. Ubisoft should have plenty more to say about the game at their E3 press conference on June 13th at 10AM ET.
  • This giant roach trap is so sticky it can catch a sumo wrestler (2016-05-26 14:56:06)
    Humans are usually too big to check in to a roach motel, unless it's a giant person-sized trap full of goo.
  • Snapchat snags over $1.8B in funding (2016-05-26 14:48:36)
    The extra surge in funds reportedly put the company's value near $20 billion.
  • HTC has stopped producing the Nexus 9 (2016-05-26 14:48:00)
  • Don't believe the hype: Cisco and VMware SDN solutions could work better than you think (2016-05-26 14:41:47)
    VMware and Cisco software-defined networking solutions may both have a place within customer environments. Here's how a single customer leveraged both in their data center.
  • Q.rad uses servers to warm homes and offices instead of wasting energy to cool data centers (2016-05-26 14:41:36)
    The French startup has created energy-saving distributed servers to power compute-intensive industries such as finance, research, and 3D animation.
  • DJI drones can now stream to Facebook Live, so we flew one over a beach in Croatia (2016-05-26 14:38:02)
    DJI updated its iOS app yesterday to allow its drones to stream to Facebook Live, after announced plans to do so earlier this week. With the feature now out for everyone, we figured we'd try it out. And since Verge video director Vjeran Pavic happened to be in Croatia, by a beach, with a drone, it sort of seemed like the perfect opportunity. Check out the results above.
  • Facebook is reportedly working on 'shoppable' video ads (2016-05-26 14:36:00)
  • Photoshop’s latest trick must use black magic (2016-05-26 14:30:19)
    I've always assumed that Photoshop uses some kind of alien technology to pull off the content-filling tricks that it's best known for. But to get this new feature working, someone at Adobe definitely sacrificed a baby goat or two to the devil. DON'T MISS:  Watch a Tesla Model S autonomously drive itself into a parked van Content-aware crop is a feature that will be coming to the next major update to Photoshop CC. It lets you crop to any size -- even including areas that would be outside the original photo. In the examples Adobe show in the video below, there's a photo of a boy in front of a sign, but the horizon isn't level. Straightening the horizon would mean losing part of the sign, which wouldn't do. So, content-aware crop rotates the image, and fills in the white space using Photoshop's existing content-aware fill algorithm. In a different example, the presenter drags the crop tool further down, to create more foreground. Content-aware fill seamlessly extends the foreground of the photo, filling in space with artificial rocks that you'd never spot aren't real. In theory, you can already do all of this in the current Photoshop CC. You can (and I have!) extend an image, then use content-aware fill to add stuff that wasn't there before. But it's a little inelegant and buggy, and Photoshop normally requires a lot of hand-holding to get it right. This new tool looks completely seamless -- no messing around or complicated layers, just endless slightly-fake photos that are mostly true to reality.
  • Name your price for these top-rated tech training bundles (2016-05-26 14:30:00)
  • Theranos hit with second class action lawsuit, one day after the first (2016-05-26 14:29:11)
    Theranos was hit with a second class action lawsuit today — one day after an angry customer filed the first. Today's suit alleges that Theranos breached its contract with customers by "providing tests that were not of the promised high level of accuracy and quality." The lawsuit also goes after Theranos for false advertising, not performing proper quality control, and for failing to use the fingerprick technologies that it advertised to customers when drawing their blood, according to the complaint. The Verge contacted Theranos for comment.
  • Happy birthday to NYC’s awesome, overlooked aerial tram (2016-05-26 14:21:45)
    The Roosevelt Island Tram, which connects the Upper East Side of Manhattan to Roosevelt Island in the East River, turned 40 this week, which means that for 40 years it has operated as New York City's most overlooked, most unique, and most stunningly beautiful commute.
  • Shameless plug(-in): Ford updates Fusion Energi for 2017 (2016-05-26 14:20:50)
    Ford's updated sedan posesses the longest total range of any PHEV.
  • Facebook and Microsoft are building a huge trans-Atlantic data cable (2016-05-26 14:18:00)
  • Google's Nexus 9 tablet has been discontinued (2016-05-26 14:08:02)
    Just days after the end of the Nexus Player, Google is saying goodbye to another piece of hardware: the Nexus 9. CNET reports that HTC, which collaborated on and manufactured the flagship tablet, said it has ceased building new units of the Nexus 9. That means it'll disappear from stores as stock runs out — if it hasn't already.
  • Symantec says SWIFT malware linked to attack in Philippines (2016-05-26 14:06:39)
    (Reuters) - The malware that was used to steal $81 million from Bangladesh's central bank has been linked to another cyber attack, this time on a bank in the Philippines, cyber security company Symantec Corp said in a blog post on Thursday. The company said it had identified three pieces of malware that were used in limited targeted attacks against financial institutions in South-East Asia.
  • Mars is emerging from an ice age that began about 400,000 years ago (2016-05-26 14:00:03)
    Mars is emerging from an ice age that began almost 400,000 years ago, according to a new study. Studying the Martian climate and how it changes over time can help scientists better plan future missions to Mars and even understand climate change here on Earth, the study authors say. Models had already predicted that Mars underwent several rounds of ice ages in the past, but little physical measurements ever confirmed those predictions.
  • Twitch’s new 'clips' feature lets you share your favorite streaming moments (2016-05-26 14:00:03)
    The next time you see an amazing goal while watching Rocket League on Twitch, you'll be able to easily share it with your buddies. Today the streaming service is introducing a new feature called "clips," which lets viewers record 30-second snippets of a stream, which they can then share on places like Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit.
  • Twitch Clips share your favorite stream moments (2016-05-26 14:00:00)
  • Microsoft, Facebook team up to build undersea Internet cable (2016-05-26 13:59:21)
    Microsoft and Facebook are building a new underwater Internet cable that will cross the Atlantic Ocean, carrying customers' data between North America and Southern Europe.
  • Game of Thrones creators apologized for what they did to Hodor, and it was hilarious (2016-05-26 13:55:58)
    HBO aired episode five of Game of Thrones’ sixth season a few days ago, which turned out to be one of the most significant episodes since the show premiered six years ago. The episode brought over a few explanations that were long overdue, including the mystery behind Hodor’s name. Spoilers follow below, on the off chance that you’ve somehow survived almost an entire work week without seeing any Game of Thrones spoilers. DON’T MISS:  The iPhone 7 might actually be in trouble Regardless of whether you’ve watched the episode or not, you probably know that Hodor dies at the end of the episode and that Hodor is derived from “hold the door.” These are the kind of spoilers you can’t avoid while you’re out and about surfing the internet. With that in mind, you simply must watch this sincere apology about what happened to Hodor from the show’s creators. David Benioff and Dan Weiss made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Tuesday to offer their apologies for the death of Hodor. They’re not sorry at all that they killed off one of the main characters of the series, yet again. What they’re really sorry about is that they may have turned diehard Game of Thrones fans into monsters. And no, we won’t spoil this for you, so you have to watch the full heartfelt apology from the creators of Game of Thrones yourself.
  • Facebook and Microsoft team up to lay a massive internet cable across the Atlantic (2016-05-26 13:55:41)
    Facebook and Microsoft announced a partnership today to lay the highest-capacity subsea internet cable to ever cross the Atlantic Ocean, starting with hubs connecting Northern Virginia to Bilbao, Spain. The cable, called "MAREA" after the Spanish word for "tide," will be capable of 160 terabits per second of bandwidth and will stretch more than 4,100 miles of ocean in a submarine cable system. The two companies have hired Telxius, the infrastructure company owned by global communications giant Telefónica, to manage MAREA and expand network hubs from Europe to Africa, the Middle East, and Asia.
  • Microsoft, Facebook to build transatlantic subsea cable (2016-05-26 13:48:09)
    (Reuters) - Microsoft Corp and Facebook Inc have agreed to jointly build a subsea cable across the Atlantic Ocean to meet growing demand for high-speed cloud and online services. The 6,600 kilometer cable, the first to connect the United States with southern Europe, will be operated and managed by Telefonica SA's telecoms infrastructure unit Telxius. The move comes nearly two years after Google Inc, which is now Alphabet Inc, agreed with five Asian companies to invest about $300 million to develop and operate a trans-Pacific cable network connecting the United States to Japan.
  • Urbanears has sweat-soaked headphones, if that's what you're into (2016-05-26 13:39:00)
  • Can an unknown Chinese startup build the world's first bendable screen bracelet phone? (2016-05-26 13:38:02)
    Okay so first of all, disregard that render above. Moxi Group, a little-known company in Chongqing China, passed these images of a magical, flexible bracelet smartphone around to the financial news press a couple days ago. But here's the fine print: Moxi actually claims to be working on a black-and-white version of this concept, with a color version "by 2018."
  • Can Apple still win in the AI era? (2016-05-26 13:37:52)
    With companies like Google and Microsoft introducing new technology like bots and VR, Walt and Nilay stop and look at Apple — can they make a shift to re-dominate the industry? Apple may not be perfectly positioned for the next big thing and there's no clear winner in the game so far but it might be the last possible minute for them to step on the gas. You might also want to check out Re/code Decode, hosted by Kara Swisher and Too Embarrassed to Ask featuring The Verge's Lauren Goode.
  • Facebook extends lead as news gateway: study (2016-05-26 13:31:55)
    Facebook has become an important news source for close to half of American adults, a study showed Thursday amid increased scrutiny over the social network's gateway role. The Pew Research Center survey showed 62 percent of US adults get news on social media, and 18 percent do so often. In 2012, based on a slightly different question, 49 percent of American adults reported seeing news on social media, Pew said.
  • Believe it or not, everyone still hates cable companies and ISPs (2016-05-26 13:22:02)
    We probably didn't need a survey to confirm this, but the 10,000 consumers polled for the 2016 Temkin Experience Ratings agree that TV and internet service providers are the most hated industries in the United States. DON'T MISS:  Watch a Tesla Model S autonomously drive itself into a parked van These ratings are based on consumer feedback of recent interactions with companies in each industry, and this is the fourth year running that cable  and ISP have floundered at the bottom of the list, with their scores hitting "an all-time low." Karl Bode over at DSLReports  got his hands on the data, which shows that six of the ten TV companies mentioned in the survey received "very poor" ratings (below 50%): Bright House, Charter, Verizon, Time Warner, AT&T and Comcast. Four of eight ISPs also scored below 50%: Time Warner, Charter, Cablevision, and, you guessed it, Comcast once again in last place. "The poster child for poor customer experience in these industries—Comcast—was not only the lowest-scoring TV service and Internet service provider, but was also one of the lowest-scoring companies in the entire Ratings," says the report. "It ranked 289th overall out of 294 companies for its TV service and ranked 284th overall for its Internet service." Bode also notes that not a single company in either the cable or internet industry scored higher than a "poor" rating. Comcast might be one of the most hated entities on the planet, but the highest-scoring cable company on the list, DirecTV, still only managed to rise to the 182nd spot of the 294 companies.
  • Cross Pollination: Fuelling the Innovation Economy (2016-05-26 13:21:14)
    I entered this huge building 8:30 am on a Monday. As I was looking around me, a tiny Egyptian pyramid was the first thing that caught my attention. This setting was starting to intrigue my curiosity. I took two steps forward and saw a couple of pictures pinned on the wall of people brushing their teeth and others having food. I started to...
  • Blendle's pay-per-article service is available on mobile devices (2016-05-26 13:20:00)
  • FenSens makes it easy to add parking sensors to your car (2016-05-26 13:15:03)
    If you've ever tried to add parking sensors to your vehicle, you know it's not a particularly easy endeavor. Enter FenSens (short for fender sensor), a company that made a smart license plate holder and an app that can give your car all the parking sensors you need. Installing FenSens is simple: install the license plate cover with a screwdriver, pair it with the companion app using Bluetooth, and you're no longer backing into trash cans.
  • The most powerful Bentley ever sold is also one of the best-looking (2016-05-26 13:03:04)
    I don't have a lot to say about these new Bentleys that were rolled out in New York City this week — they're very mildly refreshed versions of the existing Continental GT Speed and its various derivatives. But there are two very important takeaways: one, at 633 horsepower and 620 lb-ft. of torque, these are the most powerful production Bentleys in history. Two, the "Open Ocean" configuration of the GT Speed coupe shown at the event is probably the most beautiful version of the Continental that Bentley has ever displayed.
  • NASA's Expandable Fabric Space Habitat BEAM Hits a Snag (2016-05-26 13:00:05)
    NASA's plan to inflate an expandable habitat for the first time in space hit a snag today when the room -- known as BEAM -- failed to completely inflate. Today's test at the International Space Station has been postponed after NASA spent several hours attempting to pump air into BEAM, which is short for Bigelow Expandable Activity Module. "Engineers are meeting at the Johnson Space Center in Houston to discuss a path forward for the Bigelow Expandable Activity Module," according to a NASA update.
  • Solar Impulse Pilot Snaps an Extreme Selfie Upon Crossing US (2016-05-26 13:00:05)
    Solar Impulse pilot Bertrand Piccard snapped a sky-high selfie as he cruised toward Pennsylvania during the 13th leg of the plane's journey around the world. The Swiss adventurer was able to memorialize his time in the cockpit by using what appears to be an extremely long selfie stick held outside the window of the solar-powered plane. Piccard and Andre Borschberg have been taking turns flying the one-seater airplane, which is solely powered by the sun's energy.
  • The trippy, haunting 'Oxenfree' soundtrack is on vinyl (2016-05-26 13:00:00)
  • Eye-Opening Photos Show How Damaging Social Media Can Be (2016-05-26 12:58:57)
    To see how technology has impacted her family members, Chelsey Hale decided to capture the moments when they were wrapped up in social media, and the results are eye-opening.The photographer from Watertown, New York, decided to focus on technology for a school photo assignment after she wrote her senior paper on the effects of social media....
  • Here's why that 'leaked' Gear VR controller makes no sense (2016-05-26 12:57:18)
    Earlier today, the Czech site Samsung Mania published what they claimed were leaked renders of a new controller for the Samsung Gear VR headset. The accessory would be made by Samsung's partner Oculus and would feature one analog stick, four face buttons, two bumpers, a "home" button, and a button for pairing the device via Bluetooth. Oculus has declined to comment on the alleged leaks.
  • An intelligent Wi-Fi router that’s more impressive than anything it connects to (2016-05-26 12:53:56)
    Remember back when Wi-Fi routers we're boring little blue boxes with a bunch of antennas sticking out that had to be restarted four times a week? Practically everything in our lives connects to the internet now and our home wireless network has to be fast and reliable or it'll drive us crazy. There are a number of startups focused on changing the way we connect to the web, and Starry Inc. is somewhere near the top of the list. Meet the  Starry Station Wi-Fi Router , an intelligent networking device unlike anything you've ever seen before. DON'T MISS:  The iPhone 7 might actually be in trouble The Starry Station is fast, powerful, and it has an integrated 3.8-inch touchscreen that lets you configure and control it. That's right, no more connecting to a PC and fighting your way through a painful setup process. In fact, it even has a companion smartphone app that gives you complete control over the router's core features. But controls aren't the star of the show here. Where the Starry Station really shines is the fact that it works so well without any user intervention. Here are some key features: Total ease and control through 3.8" touchscreen display Superfast, reliable 802.11ac dual-band WiFi Intelligent learning features identify and solve problems as they arise Know if you're getting the speed you pay for with dynamic speed checks Set network-level parental controls with one tap Automatic updates deliver product enhancements and new features Works with all Internet providers and service types (cable, DSL, fiber, etc.) Quick and easy setup gets you online in minutes Get help: Request a call directly from the touchscreen or message via the app The  Starry Station Wi-Fi Router costs $349.99 with free Prime shipping on Amazon, and you can learn more about it right here .
  • EU lawmakers see 'deficiencies' in US data deal (2016-05-26 12:48:49)
    The European Parliament called Thursday on Brussels to pursue talks with Washington to remove "deficiencies" from a deal to curb government spying on the personal Internet data of EU citizens. Brussels and Washington announced the new "Privacy Shield" deal in February, replacing a previous agreement that was thrown out by the European Court of Justice last year, but has generated mixed reviews since. Top US companies including Facebook and Google in particular are eager to end the legal void as they transfer data from their European subsidiaries to their headquarters in the United States.
  • Huawei is trying to endear itself to Europeans with a 60-day return policy (2016-05-26 12:43:29)
    Huawei wants Europeans to use its Honor phones, so it's going to let them buy either an Honor 5X or 7 for 60 days with a money-back guarantee. If they decide to return the phone, Huawei will pick it up for free, too. The offer only lasts until June 8th and also only applies to five countries: the UK, Spain, Italy, Germany, and the Netherlands. The UK already requires that companies offer a 14-day return period when selling something remotely.
  • Samsung offers glimpse into the guts of the Gear 360 camera (2016-05-26 12:39:08)
    Can't get enough of Samsung's Gear 360? The electronics giant is offering an inside look at the device now available only in South Korea and Singapore.
  • Lionsgate wants to make 'five, six, or seven' Power Rangers movies (2016-05-26 12:37:24)
    Now that The Hunger Games series has come to an end, Lionsgate is looking toward its next franchise. For now, the studio wants that franchise to be Power Rangers, and is hoping to make "five, six, or seven" movies based around the rainbow spandex heroes, Deadline reports.
  • Barisieur's coffee-brewing alarm clock might actually happen (2016-05-26 12:35:00)
  • 5 Berlin Start-Ups to Watch (2016-05-26 12:34:18)
    A new start-up is founded every 20 minutes in Berlin and the industry is set to produce 100,000 new jobs by 2020. Some of my favorite start-ups in Berlin are:HELLOFRESHwww.hellofresh.comWhat it does: Delivery of meal kits.Hello Fresh, a Rocket internet company, delivers pre-measured ingredients and recipes so users can make meals at home. The...
  • Here's Why Blockchains Will Change the World (2016-05-26 12:29:47)
    This post was co written by Don and Alex TapscottThe Bitcoin technology creates the World Wide Ledger of value.As early as 1981, inventors were attempting to solve the Internet's problems of privacy, security, and inclusion with cryptography. No matter how they reengineered the process, there were always leaks because third parties were...
  • Tesla Model S on Autopilot crashes into van parked on highway (2016-05-26 12:27:54)
    It seems like some Tesla owners still aren't paying enough attention.
  • Hillary Clinton email scandal may have compromised terrorism ops, former military adviser says (2016-05-26 12:26:44)
    A damning report from the State Department yesterday added new fuel to a fire that was already a problem for Hillary Clinton. Now, a former military adviser to the State Department has broken ranks, saying that Clinton's "sloppy communications with her senior staff" may have compromised counter-terrorism operations. MUST READ:  The iPhone 7 might actually be in trouble Speaking to  Newsweek , Bill Johnson, the State Department's adviser to US special forces in the Pacific in 2010 and 2011, claimed Clinton's lax security "may have compromised at least two counterterrorism operations." He said that operations to "eliminate the leader of a Filipino Islamist separatist group and intercept Chinese-made weapons components being smuggled into Iraq were repeatedly foiled." The targets were said to be "one step ahead of us" on a constant basis. Johnson said that his team considered other sources for a security breach, but settled on Clinton's unencrypted phone calls to senior staff as the only option. There's no concrete evidence, so of course the Clinton camp is calling the allegations "patently false." The circumstantial evidence is pretty strong, however. When the special operations command became tired of botched missions, it stopped giving advance warning to the State Department officials in Manila. Once they did that, they finally had missions start to go to plan. Even if Clinton's phone calls weren't responsible for counter-terrorism ops going wrong, Johnson's stories of Clinton knowingly using unsecured phone lines to discuss military matters in worrying. The State Department report into Clinton's email use highlighted the fact that Clinton knew she was bypassing security rules; the fact that she also disregarded protocol for phone conversations isn't going to help her case at all.
  • EU governments agree new roaming rules for Netflix, Amazon (2016-05-26 12:13:08)
    By Julia Fioretti BRUSSELS (Reuters) - European subscribers to online video streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Video and Sky will be able to access the services when visiting other countries within the European Union under proposals agreed by member states on Thursday. The law was presented by the EU executive, the European Commission (EC), last December as part of its efforts to create a single market for such online services across the 28-member bloc. Consumers with subscriptions to services such as Sky TV Now, ProSiebenSat.1MaxDome TV in Germany or Netflix in France, would be able to view content they have paid for when they are "temporarily" in other countries within the EU.
  • Apple Car on the Way? iPhone-Based Key Is Latest Sign (2016-05-26 12:04:25)
    The most compelling piece of evidence yet in favor of the long-rumored Apple Car is already in your pocket. According to a set of newly published patents, Apple is working on a system that will let you use your iPhone to unlock and start your car, adding more weight to reports that the Cupertino tech giant is getting set to launch its own automotive vehicle. As discovered by Patently Apple, the iPhone maker was granted a patent yesterday (May 24) titled "Accessing Vehicles Using Portable Devices." The patent images show an iPhone-like device communicating wirelessly with a car, as well as an outline of the type of Bluetooth-based technology a vehicle would need to be controlled by your phone.
  • E Ink Develops New Color E-Paper But Not for E-Readers (2016-05-26 12:04:19)
    E Ink, which makes the technology behind Amazon's Kindle e-readers, has finally pushed beyond its black-and-white look with the new Advanced Color ePaper (ACeP) display. In an effort to keep the power demands low, E Ink sacrificed some sharpness. The black-and-white Kindle displays we know and love pack in 300 pixels per inch, but the new ACeP screens will be just 150 ppi.
  • Android TVs Can Be Hacked to Hear You Speaking (2016-05-26 12:04:04)
    Perhaps you read our piece last year on how some Samsung smart TVs were hanging on your every word. Instead, you went out and purchased one of those newfangled Android TVs — perhaps one made by Sony. The only difference is that rather than the parent company using your conversations for voice recognition, Android TVs could let cybercriminals record them for nefarious purposes.
  • Xiaomi Just Launched the Most Affordable 4K Drone Ever (2016-05-26 12:04:00)
    Affordable electronics maker Xiaomi today showed off its Mi Drone, which can shoot stable 4K videos for just $450. A 1080p version is also available for about $380, and can be purchased on Xiaomi's crowdfunding platform starting May 26. The 4K model will be available at the end of July, and it's still not clear if the drone will be available stateside.
  • Xbox TV May Be Real After All (2016-05-26 12:03:17)
    Microsoft releasing a stripped-down Xbox One for use as a streaming device is hardly the weirdest idea ever, and yet it's been rumored again and again for the last three years. An experienced Microsoft prognosticator has posited the existence of two new streaming devices from the Xbox manufacturer, and while neither of them sounds outlandish, both sound potentially useful. Brad Sams is an executive editor at Petri, an IT site with a special interest in Microsoft products.
  • Sneaky Malvertising Hits Top Sites: What You Should Do (2016-05-26 12:03:12)
    All the ads needs to do is display -- and for the Adobe Flash Player plugin to be out of date -- to trigger an infection. This gives you the power to see the Flash content you want to see, and ignore the rest.
  • Sneaky Malvertising Hits Top Sites; Patch Your Flash (2016-05-26 12:03:12)
    We've said it before, and we need to repeat it again: Update your Adobe Flash Player browser plugins now. Once again, a recently patched vulnerability in the multimedia plugin is allowing attackers to push out system-locking ransomware through malicious ads placed on popular websites, including, and
  • Hyundai models are getting Android Auto and CarPlay with a DIY update (2016-05-26 12:02:48)
    Hyundai just announced a bunch of updates to some of its 2015, 2016, and 2017 models that let owners add support for Android Auto and CarPlay at no additional cost — and even better, there's no trip to the dealer, because you can do the upgrade on your own. Outside Tesla, retroactive updates to add features are still rare in the auto industry — Ford being one of the few exceptions, which has been offering DIY upgrades to its Sync and MyFord Touch platforms for several years, and has said it will offer Android Auto and CarPlay as Sync 3 upgrades for 2016 models.
  • 13 paid iPhone apps on sale for free for a limited time (2016-05-26 11:59:00)
    App sales come and go but one thing is certain: if you don't follow our series on paid iPhone and iPad  apps on sale for free, you'll miss the best of the bunch. We shared 10 premium apps that went on sale with you yesterday and today we're back with a fresh batch. There are 13 freebies in total in Thursday's post, but you'll also find some more on Wednesday's list that are still on sale. DON’T MISS:  The iPhone 7 might actually be in trouble These are paid iPhone and iPad apps that have been made available for free for a limited time by their developers. There is no way to tell how long they will be free. These sales could end an hour from now or a week from now — obviously, the only thing we can guarantee is that they were free at the time this post was written. If you click on a link and see a price listed next to an app instead of the word “get,” it is no longer free. The sale has ended. If you download the app, you will be charged. AirPlayer Normally $4.99. AirPlayer is an application for streaming video*, music*, photo* from UPnP/DLNA media servers to your Apple iPhone/iPod/iPad. AirPlayer can access media files on your Windows 7 directly. view for more details. AirPlayer can stream movies from a NAS to your AppleTV 2 without iTunes! view for more details. Videos on Youtube: Features - Automated media server discovery on local network, also with a refresh function. - You can add server manually, then you can watch your movies outside the house. - With iPhone 3gs, iPhone4, iPod generation 3 32G/64G, iPod 4G and iPad, you can stream almost any formats of video from your media server, XVID, AVI, RMVB, MKV, MOV, MP4, M4V etc. - With iPhone 3gs, iPhone4, iPod generation 3 32G/64G, iPod 4G and iPad, you can stream almost any formats of music from your media server, MP3, WMA, OGG, AAC etc. - With eailer iPhone/iPod , You can use QuickTime plugin to view limited media formats, MOV, MP4, M4V, MP3, WMA, MP3, AAC. - Support photo browser. - Support photo thumbnails. - Support showing snapshot of the media file. [need server provide] - Support search function. - Support Airplay feature. 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Thank you” ***** — Wolfsbane71, UK FEATURES: - Create simple lists of incomings & expenses - keep track of the balance - Learn the interface in seconds - One-tap adding & editing - Tap star on an income or expense to repeat it on future budgets - No time constraints - use it monthly, weekly or however you like - Drag to reorder items - Choice of currency symbols (or choose your own) - Passcode lock & login - Touch ID login - secure your app and data with your fingerprint - Universal app - install on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad PRO FEATURES (require in-app purchase); - Mark an expense/income item as "paid" - Themes - choose from 8 beautiful color schemes - Calculator - quickly calculate values (addition, subtraction, multiplication & division) and insert into your budget - Export CSV - export any budget to a .csv file and open in your spreadsheet software - Remove ads Download Fudget Cleu Normally $0.99. Cleu makes it easy to automate your environment on a schedule. No more scrambling through endless apps to coordinate all of your smart devices & services. Cleu organizes your preferences with a single action. ---------------- FEATURES ---------------- Alarm Clock - Cleu is the leading alarm clock on the AppStore. With a connect-the-dots gesture upon wake, you'll be sure to get up with one alarm. Uber- Presets your Uber pickups according to time or your preferred location. "Snooze" the order if you need extra time. Nest- Makes sure your Nest thermostat is properly adjusted for your next weekend gathering or day out. Hue- Sets your Philips Hue light to create the perfect ambiance for an evening dinner, or simply to serve as a reminder for a phone call or meeting. Cleu Timer- Need a countdown for your next meeting? For the oven? This feature functions as a simple timer or stopwatch for everyday use. Available to use on Apple Watch. Calendar- Displays your upcoming appointments for easy scheduling. Weather- Elegant temperature display and animation- perfect for waking up to an experience powered by Cleu. -------------------- F A Q ----------------------- 1. Who uses Cleu? - The majority of customers use Cleu as a daily alarm clock on their iPhone. Pro-customers, use Cleu to automate their environment temperature, lighting sequences, and daily transport commutes. 2. What is the difference between Cleu and my stock Apple Alarm Clock? - Since '07, iPhone customers have gotten adept to hitting the gesture or snooze button in their sleep. This sometimes requires multiple alarms. Cleu solves this with features like a 'connect-the-dots' gesture. 3. Will Cleu work with my phone on 'vibrate' or with my 'screen locked'? - Yes, Cleu is built around system preferences like vibrate, 'do-not-disturb, or the lock screen. Just make sure the volume you prefer is chosen before exiting Cleu. 4. How does Cleu differ from services like IFTTT or Amazon Echo? - Cleu works off the iPhone with no need for extra hardware. Rather than the workflow or the automation recipe, Cleu has a familiar interface focused on the physical event itself. Download Cleu Jack Lumber Normally $3.99. Use the supernatural powers of Jack Lumber to massacre the forest and make Granny proud in this time-warping line-drawing log-slicing pun-filled lumberjacking mashup from Owlchemy Labs! Jack Lumber is ‘Poplar’ With the Press! 4 out of 4, A Must Have! "Between the excellent art style, goofy humor, and enjoyable gameplay, Jack Lumber is as lovable as its rugged hero. It's the stuff of App Store legends." - Andrew Podolsky | Slide to Play G4 GAME OF THE WEEK! "...A funny (and solid!) story, hilarious power-ups, and non-intrusive IAP. Jack Lumber is an easy shoe-in for one of this year’s best iOS games." - Ashley Esqueda | G4 'Knuckle Up' 148Apps EDITOR'S CHOICE! "Jack Lumber is completely ridiculous and I love it. It’s easy to pick up and play, has plenty of laughs, and actually has a great number of levels to go along with it. Put on some flannel, grow out that beard, and chop some wood." - Carter Dotson | 148Apps "The addition of super-hard four-star scores and difficulty-upping beards keep the replay value high. Jack Lumber injects a welcome layer of depth and strategy into the casual touch-slicing genre. The title is a great combination of frantic finger action and smart combo scoring." - Justin Davis | IGN "Axe-identally in love; funny and addictive, and has tremendous respect for the player. Jack Lumber is quirky, stylized, and unlike anything on iOS." - Chris Plante | The Verge A LUMBERJACK WITH AN AXE TO GRIND A tree killed his granny and now he is out for revenge. Meet Jack Lumber, the superhuman lumberjack who hates trees, loves animals, and hates trees. Did we say that twice? The guy really hates trees. Hike the trails of Flapjack Forest, trudge through The Loggers Bog, and ascend Widowmaker’s Peak chopping down every pine, oak, and maple that stands between you and the tree that killed your sweet old granny. SHOW 'EM WHO'S BOSS With one mighty swing of his axe, Jack Lumber sends logs, syrup bottles, explosives, and forest critters flying into the air. Use magic powers to enter LumberTime. With the logs suspended in slow motion, draw a smooth path for Jack’s axe following the grain of every treacherous log. Poke at the adorable forest animals living rent-free in your cabin after you’ve destroyed their homes Raid Granny’s Cupboard! - Drink Granny’s magical syrups to enhance your powers. - Intensify the gameplay by equipping challenging new beards - Spruce up the old cabin with tasteful lumber-decor! - Turn the forest into sawdust with the finesse and grace that only a burly lumberjack can possess. But be careful not to harm your furry friends. Every level requires timing, skill, logic, and flannel to solve. (Flannel wear not actually required) Unlockable missions, player driven challenges, and inventive power-up combos make it exciting to play this game again and again. OTHER FEATURES: - Universal support - GameCenter Leaderboards and Achievements - Optimized for retina displays on the New iPad, iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 5 - Social features (seamless Twitter/Facebook integration) Fight the forest and MAKE GRANNY PROUD! Download Jack Lumber BP Normally $2.99. Simple yet Powerful Money Management App Budget Planner is a personal financial assistant helping you in tracking and planning your money and it just fits in your pocket. BP was designed by people with a great passion to create the easiest tool for money management, where user interface has the simplest way to organise your budget thoughts in seconds while doing it with fun. BP has a structure of 4 Levels to manage your budget, but don’t worry most of it is estimated automatically. - First Level (Highest) - Yearly Dashboard - Automatic Estimation (No Input from you) - Monthly Dashboard - Automatic Estimation (No Input from you) - Expense / Income Category Level - Semiautomatic Estimation (Your Input). This is where you populate your expenses like apartment, loan, grocery, etc. You can create any category you want, and write them in seconds with copy tool. - Subcategory Level (Lowest) - Manual Entry (Optional). If you would like to detail your categories, then you can use this option, as an example a category apartment might have gas, water, electricity, internet, etc. subcategories. This helps you to group your categories and control your budget more precisely. TRACK YOUR INCOME AND EXPENSES ––––––––––––– You can easily input and manage your income or expenses. All the expenses and income are displayed in one page that you can manage them easily. ANALYSE YOUR BUDGET ––––––––––––– BP has all required features for you to analyse and control your budget. These features are combination of different ways to represent your expenses, like pie charts, line charts, percentage breakdown, yearly breakdown, etc. PLAN YOUR SAVINGS ––––––––––––– Forecast was designed to provide you the most descriptive method to plan your savings. Forecast tool helps you to interpolate or “project” your spendings dynamic over years, For example if you planned for an abroad travel in 2 years time, based on current spendings dynamic you can estimate how much you can save in this 2 years. FEATURES ––––––––––––– - Simple and User-Friendly interface - Flexible Timeline - 4 Levels Breakdown Estimation - Yearly Line Chart Dashboard - Monthly Pie Chart Dashboard - Expenses and Income Percentage Breakdown - Overall Spendings Dashboard - Expenses and Income Copy Tool - PC Data Export - Customisable expenses and income categories / subcategories - Customisable Interface (10 Uniquely Designed Themes) - Forecast Tool - Password Protection - Smart Notifications - User Manual (Help) Download BP Data Manager Pro Normally $1.99. Data Manager Pro will manage both Cellular (4G/LTE/3G/Edge/GPRS) and Wi-Fi data usage in real time from your device. This app will let you be in control of your data usage to avoid the costly overage charges your provider may charge providing alerts when data usage reaches user thresholds. This app monitors data usage from the device itself and is not reliant on setting up or logging into your provider's server or web site. Data Manager Pro also includes the ability to Speed Test your cellular or WiFi connection rate and response for you device. This simple, easy-to-use app provides consistent, accurate internet speed testing from any location. Data Usage Features include: - Monitor mobile Cellular data for all technologies (4G LTE 3G Edge GPRS etc.) int real time. - View the amount of internet data you use over your WiFi connection. - Simple and clear user interface with custom progress bar that graphically shows your data usage and predicted usage. - Works with ANY cellular provider in any country including AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, Rodgers, Virgin Mobile, Orange, O2, etc. by reading data usage from the device. - Billing periods and quota limits can be configured on a monthly, weekly or custom time basis to match your providers billing schedule. - Works on any iOS device (iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch) running iOS 7.x or later. - Works in the background using battery efficient background monitoring in iOS 7 to monitor usage and notify users when data usage reaches configured limits. - App Badge Monitoring shows the % as a app badge without even opening the app. Pro Data Features: - Custom counters can be setup allow you to monitor usage during a certain period to help identify data hogging apps. Counters can be easily enabled or disabled and can even be configured to end at a predetermined time. - History graph shows previous data usage for each day. - Email your usage information at any time. Speed Test Features: – Simple, one button tap performs (or cancels) the internet speed tests. – Simple, easy-to-read tracking and reporting. – Testing features download rate, upload rate and latency (response) time. - Includes the number of hops/gateways between the mobile client and the server (Trace Route). - Works on either Cellular data from any carrier or when connected via WiFi. - Conveniently share results with others via email. - Testing servers located around the world for accurate results. – Unlimited on-the-go testing - mobile speed testing. Data Manager Pro is a must have app for anybody on a restrictive data plan and to verify your network speed! Don't pay those expensive overage charges again. Download Data Manager Pro missBay Normally $1.99. Find out the hidden auctions on eBay! It happens very often that a seller cause to hurry, or distraction, type the name of an object to be sold in a wrong way (eg Samsumg instead of Samsung, iPone instead of iPhone, Prata instead of Prada). These auctions aren't usually displayed by Ebay and very often they are the most affordable. It happens sometimes these auctions, and "Buy Now!" offers, expires even unsold. How do you find them? Just type even a single word (eg Gabbana, Prada, iPhone) and the extended research system engine (ERS) of the app, as compared to other available tools, will scan the entire eBay warehouse to search each product hidden by the system. Every day thousands of Ebay listings are entered incorrect all over the world, but today you can easily find them and buy what you like, at very special prices. Download missBay SleepyHead Normally $0.99. use Apple Watch to track your sleep exactly! watch individual operation , no need iPhone Don't use micro of iPhone, no background running. give chart of sleep detail analysis . integrates with the Health app, write inbed time and asleep time data to "Health" app.Turn to health app to see the statistics. iPhone table view support 3d touch. apple watch shows result and complication. watch can play berceuses,with continued-wakeup style Download SleepyHead Pill Identifier and Drug List Normally $0.99. Pill Identifier and Drug List – Patient Care Edition is a comprehensive drug and pill information app specially designed for patients and consumers. Be it Prescription or OTC, information about drugs and medicines is something you will always need. You can search by generic as well as branded drug names, and bookmark specific drugs to refer to them during your next visit to your doctor or pharmacy. Pill Identifier and Drug List is an innovative app that lets you find everything you need to know about generic and branded drugs. If you are using a branded drug, you can find the generic alternative for that drug or vice versa, with this app. Pill Identifier and Drug List provides genuine information about 60K + drugs, and you can access the details about any medicine instantly. The app has a user-friendly design, enabling you to carry out your search smoothly. You can bookmark the drugs, pull it up and use the bar code for your pharmacist to locate the medication. App Features: Smart Search to find Branded and Generic Drugs. Easy intuitive navigation to locate drugs. Alphabets from A to Z are displayed. Choose an alphabet and see a list of all drug names, which begin with that alphabet. When you select any of the medicine names appearing in this drug list, in-depth details about that medicine is provided to you. The key information offered to you in the details page of a drug are: 1. Generic Name and Brand Name of the drug 2. Overview of the drug 3. The most important information you need to know about the drug 4. Why the drug is used 5. What you should discuss with your doctor before using the drug 6. Method of usage of the drug 7. What happens in case an individual misses a dose 8. What happens in case an individual is overdosed 9. Conditions in which you should not use the drug 10. What you should do prior to using the drug 11. Possible side effects 12. Important safety information for using the drug 13. Proper storage methods for the drug 14. Sources of getting more information about the drug 15. Drug Manufacturer, Distributer. This pill identifier app also provides you the barcode of a drug, which you can find in the details page of that drug. When you visit a medical store to get a specific medicine, you can simply show the medicine's barcode at the store. The barcode provides the Universal Product Code (UPC) of the drug to the store staff, which lets them give you the particular medicine. In the drug details page, you can find the phone number of the drug manufacturer along with the ‘Click to Call’ facility. If you have any queries related to the drug, you can directly call the manufacturer by tapping on that number. Want to save the details of a medicine, so that you can access it later easily? Simply tap the Add button on the details page of the medicine. This will save the drug details in the My Meds section of the app, from where you can easily view the information whenever you want. Download Pill Identifier and Drug List BrainWave Tuner Normally $3.99. ***29 + preset brainwave patterns. Nominated as ‘Best Healthcare and Fitness App’ by Handango. *** You must have heard about brainwave test in medical field. Doctors can detect people’s mood condition according to the brainwave frequency. Since you know it, have you ever hear the sound of brainwave in reality? Maybe not. Now BrainWave Tuner can help you experience the wave sound with your earphones on your iPhone. BrainWave Tuner is an integration of advanced Electroencephalography theory and considerate humane operating design. The most distinctive feature of BrainWave Tuner is that the wave sound is specially designed to cater users’ unique needs. With different wave patterns, user can relax his body and mind and stimulate his thought. Once tuned in, the brain will be closed into a quiet status and become calm. The wave strength can be changed from weak to strong to achieve best effect. *Distinguished Features - Easy-to-use user interface - Advanced Electroencephalography theory fully employed - 26 professionally built brainwave patterns with more to come - Pleasant ambient nature sounds to accompany the brainwave session - Adjustable volume/strength for both brainwave and ambient sounds - Configurable duration for your brainwave sessions *29 Brainwave Entrainment Programs - Headache Treatment Ⅰ(steady 10/5) - Headache Treatment Ⅱ(steady 10/5, circular) - Headache Treatment Ⅲ(varying 10/5) - Pain Relief - Meditation - Schumann Resonance - Dreamy - Sleep Induction - Relaxation - De-Stress - Self-hypnosis - Attention Increase - Creativity EnhancingⅠ(steady) - Creativity Enhancing Ⅱ (quavering) - IQ Increase - Memory Boost - The Awakened Mind - Quick Mental Refresher - Energy Boost - Confidence Boost - Learning Aid Ⅰ(for subliminal) - Learning Aid Ⅱ(for studying) - White Noise of Ocean Waves - White Noise of Shoveling Sand - White Noise of Rain and Windshield - High Frequencies *Here Are Recent Feedbacks From Brainwave Tuner Users "I bought Brainwave Tuner just to try it out and have some fun with this "brain stimulator". I never really believed in it. But then I noticed it really did work!" "The Brainwave Tuner has helped me to regularize disrupted sleep and waking cycles in a very short time. The headache treatment is very efficient.” Download BrainWave Tuner FancyDays Normally $1.99. FancyDays helps you manage those days that matter to you and countdown to them. You will never forget those important days! Functions & Features - Countdown on app icon - Notify you for upcoming events - Passcode lock, support Touch ID - Repeat event (annually, monthly, weekly) - Notification center widget - Customize background for every event - Beautiful themes - iCloud backup - Support Apple Watch - Support 3D Touch Download FancyDays Relax Music Normally $1.99. The most personalized sleep and relaxation experience that you can possibly have. With its very intuitive interface, create a very unique and personalized ambience to suit your personal needs. If you want to get rid of stress after a long, tiring day at work, Relaxing Sounds is the perfect app that will help you forget about all your problems, relax and loosen up. It can be used when you want to read, meditate, practice yoga, or when you feel depressed. Professional Sounds Collection: •Rain and Thunder •Seaside, Beach sounds •Underwater: Whales and Dolphins •Fireplace •Forest and Water streams Find your inner peace with Relax music for iPhone & iPad Start sleeping now and enjoy full nights of sleep like you haven’t in a long time! Select sounds and melodies that you like and combine them to create a great mix. Save your favourite combination and share it with your friends. Adjust the volume of each sound individually for the best results. Lay back, listen, and enjoy falling asleep. Use timers and alarms if needed. Try different and new mixes every time! The app is perfect during some of your favorites activities such as relaxing at the spa, relaxation classes, massaging sessions, or even when taking a nap! Parents can use it to help their baby fall asleep! Forget about insomnia,improve your health and feel better by getting back the sleep you deserve! Download Relax Music Dwelp Normally $1.99. Dwelp is an elegant little puzzler with a brand new game mechanic. To complete a puzzle, just link all of the same-colored dots by placing them one near another. There's a catch, though... Once you have connected two dots, the others of the same color become locked in their place. It's so simple to understand, yet it opens up a whole world of possibilities! Why "only" 120 puzzles, then? Because they were carefully selected from hundreds of others, in order to offer you only the best of the best. Each puzzle has more than one solution (and some have thousands). Will you find the one that requires the least number of moves? That’s the real challenge! Should you complete it, you will be treated to a select number of puzzles that are bordering on impossibility. But the satisfaction of solving one of those can't be described in words… Designed specifically for the iOS devices and carefully crafted to the tiniest detail, Dwelp brings you puzzle solving at its finest. ==== FEATURES ==== • 120 hand-crafted puzzles with a smooth difficulty curve • An ultra-hard puzzle pack, if you are up to a tough challenge and have some good hours to spare • Bonus puzzle pack with a different type of gameplay • Game Center integration with 16 achievements to earn and a global leaderboard to conquer by mastering all the puzzles • Handy features like the puzzle previewer, the progress saver and the powerful undoer, to enhance your gaming experience • Easy one-handed portrait-mode control • Working equally fine in landscape mode without any rotation - on the iPhone too • IAP-free & ad-free Enjoy! Download Dwelp
  • Gawker may be looking to sell after losing Hulk Hogan case (2016-05-26 11:54:08)
    NEW YORK (AP) — The embattled online media company Gawker Media has hired an investment banker to explore its options, including a possible sale.
  • Apple considered buying Time Warner, but it never got serious (2016-05-26 11:50:44)
    Apple's Eddy Cue floated the idea of a massive acquisition of Time Warner during a meeting with one of the latter company's executives. The idea never moved far enough along to warrant a meeting between Apple CEO Tim Cook and Time Warner boss Jeff Bewkes, however. Cue and Olafsson met to discuss potential inclusion of Time Warner's channels in Apple's oft-rumored — and reportedly paused for now — subscription TV service.
  • 'Deus Ex' trailer shows mankind divided over augmentation (2016-05-26 11:50:00)
  • VanMoof just made the Tesla of bicycles (2016-05-26 11:47:49)
    VanMoof is a company from Amsterdam that wants to change everything about bikes. That starts with the Electrified S, a bike with an electric motor and a whole bunch of smart features, including embedded radios that can help the company track down the bike if it gets stolen. And if you don't want a bike with a motor, the company just unveiled the SmartBike — a cheaper, lighter version of the Electrified S with the motor stripped out.
  • New law would let the FBI read your email without a court order (2016-05-26 11:34:55)
    A new Senate bill would let the FBI and other law enforcement agencies access the contents of any US citizen’s email without a court order during investigations. Instead, the FBI would need just a National Security Letter, which would force companies to provide email access to the agency without alerting the person who’s being investigated. The FBI can already access phone records without a court order, but that law doesn’t apply to email conversations. DON'T MISS:  The iPhone 7 might actually be in trouble The Senate Intelligence Committee approved the 2017 Intelligence Authorization Act on Tuesday, CNET reports . The bill will head to the full Senate now that it has passed the committee. “The threats facing our nation continue to grow and this year’s legislation provides the Intelligence Community the resourcing and authorities it needs to keep America safe,” Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr said in a statement. Vice Chairman Dianne Feinstein added, "The threat of terrorism remains high, so it's vital that we provide intelligence agencies with all the resources they need to prevent attacks both at home and abroad." Burr and Feinstein recently proposed an encryption backdoor law that received plenty of criticism. Fortunately, not all the senators on the committee agree. "This bill takes a hatchet to important protections for Americans' liberty," Senator Ron Wyden said in a statement. "This bill would mean more government surveillance of Americans, less due process and less independent oversight of US intelligence agencies. Worse, neither the intelligence agencies, nor the bill's sponsors have shown any evidence that these changes would do anything to make Americans more secure."
  • NASA's attempt to inflate expandable habitat fails (2016-05-26 11:34:34)
    This morning, the International Space Station was scheduled to deploy its first ever expandable module starting at 5:30AM ET. The folded-up habitat, called the Bigelow Expandable Activity Module (BEAM), was delivered last month by one of Space X's rockets and attached to the ISS. After that, ground controllers told ISS astronaut Jess Williams to start transferring air from the station to the module, in order to slowly inflate it, NPR reports.
  • ICYMI: LOCUST launchers, VR crime scenes and more (2016-05-26 11:30:00)
  • Amazon to deliver fresh food in Berlin soon: Manager Magazin (2016-05-26 11:22:56)
    Amazon plans to start deliveries of fresh food in Berlin in coming months, a magazine reported on Thursday, as the ecommerce giant extends its foray into groceries beyond its home market. Amazon plans to work with 15 partners to start delivery of fresh food in the German capital in the fall, unnamed sources told Manager Magazin. Amazon declined to comment.
  • ZTE will step into the VR game with its own virtual reality headset (2016-05-26 11:11:47)
    ZTE will bring the VR battle to Samsung and Google with its own headset.
  • PayPal to Microsoft, BlackBerry, and Amazon Kindle: Buh-Bye (2016-05-26 11:11:43)
    The payments service says it will cease support for apps on these mobile platforms in order to focus more on Apple iOS and Google Android devices.
  • ISS experiment will investigate how pills dissolve in space (2016-05-26 11:11:00)
  • The iPhone 7 might actually be in trouble (2016-05-26 11:05:34)
    For a long time, Apple's secrecy was legendary. The company managed to keep secrets under wraps better than any other consumer electronics company in the world. But the explosive popularity of the iPhone changed everything. Workers at the factories where Apple's gear is built found out how valuable these leaks can be, and almost nothing is a surprise these days when Apple finally announces something new. In the past, these leaks have done precious little in terms of a material impact on Apple's bottom line. This year with the iPhone 7 , however, that could change. DON'T MISS:  Axon 7 is a flagship Android phone with killer specs that you never saw coming Apple shares have recovered nicely since dipping on the revelation (which wasn't really a revelation) that iPhone sales can't keep skyrocketing forever . But what hasn't recovered is the narrative in the tech media that the new iPhone 7 has  to be remarkably exciting or it's doomed. This line of thinking obviously doesn't represent reality, and it's also nothing new — blogs and even mainstream news sites cook up similar stories ahead of each new iPhone launch. What's interesting this time around, however, is some subtext to the story that actually could be based in reality. Apple's new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are going to sell very, very well. They'll almost certainly be the best-selling high-end smartphones in the world until 2017 when new iPhones come out. What's interesting though, is that the rumor mill might actually have an impact on sales this time around. According to news from well-connected Apple blogger John Gruber , next year's new iPhones are going to be a complete reimagining of Apple's smartphone lineup. It would normally be an "S" year, but it makes perfect sense. 2017 marks the 10-year anniversary of the original iPhone, so Apple might be planning something big. Apple's 2017 iPhone — iPhone 8? iPhone X? — almost certainly isn't even finalized at this point, but Gruber says the phone may feature a display that is practically edgeless . He also says Apple might finally do away with the home button and integrate the Touch ID fingerprint scanner into the display panel. This is something Apple has been working on for quite some time, and we know that the technology now exists to make it happen . On top of that, earlier rumors had stated that the phone will also finally feature an upgraded OLED display. Now here's where things get interesting. These are very early rumors that have only appeared on tech blogs. Nothing about next year's iPhones has been reported by mainstream media yet. But I'm already seeing chatter from people who have seen the rumors and are starting to turn negative on this year's iPhone upgrade. In fact, I've heard this narrative from a number of people offline as well — people who could hardly be considered tech enthusiasts. They already seem to know that this year's iPhone 7 isn't going to be a big redesign, and they have already heard that next year's model will be. Several of them have said flat-out that they plan to skip the 7. Some industry watchers like Wells Fargo's Maynard Um are already dismissing the notion that iPhone 8 rumors might impact sales this year. “While it is reasonable to assume Apple may introduce an iconic iPhone in 2017, we believe it is not a foregone conclusion that the consumers will skip the iPhone 7 upgrade in 2016,” Um wrote in a note to clients . “The core of our premise revolves around continued competition for subscribers as two-year contracts come up for renewal.” But what's most interesting to me is how early we are in the rumor cycle. It's only May and there are already details from solid sources about next year's major iPhone redesign. And those reports are already starting to make people think about skipping this year's model. What happens when The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal start reporting on next year's iPhone models? Word is already out and you can be sure that the mainstream media will dig into this story in the coming months. It's obviously still early days. Opinions will change as people learn more about the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. And once they're out and in people's hands, everything could change. But as I mentioned, the iPhone 8 could pose a serious problem if the iPhone 7 doesn't have any truly appealing new features. Plenty more details on next year's model will emerge long before the iPhone 7 is released, and some people will decide to wait and save money. Will it be enough people to make a dent? Will so many people be coming off two-year iPhone 6 contracts that it will completely offset any impact? Only time will tell.
  • Engadget giveaway: Win a uniVERSE Case System courtesy of Otterbox! (2016-05-26 11:00:00)
  • Santander says first UK bank to use blockchain for overseas payments (2016-05-26 10:59:44)
    By Andrew MacAskill and Huw Jones LONDON (Reuters) - Santander is the first British bank to start using the technology behind virtual currency Bitcoin for recording international payments, and may start rolling out the service to customers next year, the head of innovation at its UK arm said.Blockchain, or distributed ledger technology, creates a shared database in which participants can trace every transaction ever conducted. Its proponents say it has the potential to shake up how financial markets operate.Santander said about 6,000 staff in Britain would be eligible to begin using the technology internally in a pilot program that aims to make the transfer of money faster, more accurate and more transparent. The technology may eventually allow banks to settle the estimated annual $26 trillion of international transactions almost instantaneously.
  • The Little Prince will debut on Netflix on August 5th (2016-05-26 10:48:00)
    The animated adaptation of the beloved French novella The Little Prince is finally coming to the US thanks to Netflix. Entertainment Weekly reports that the film will land exclusively on Netflix on August 5th. The Little Prince, which is based on Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s story of the same name, follows the journey of a young prince on an alien planet, but expands on the story by adding a frame narrative following a young girl just learning about the prince's story. Starring Marion Cotillard, Jeff Bridges, Paul Rudd, and other big names, the film originally debuted at Cannes last year and was slated for a Stateside release this March.
  • The easiest way to revolutionize your computer’s audio (2016-05-26 10:47:33)
    For most PC and mobile device makers, sound is a binary spec.
  • Dish's portable DVR is available today (2016-05-26 10:43:03)
    Dish has finally released its portable DVR, the HopperGo, after announcing it at CES back in January. The HopperGo allows Dish subscribers to transfer content from their set-top box — in this case from the Hopper with Sling, Hopper 2, or Hopper 3 — and watch it anywhere using a private Wi-Fi network created by the HopperGo and the Dish Anywhere app.
  • 'Hyper Light Drifter' special edition comes with a SNES cart (2016-05-26 10:41:00)
  • More than 600 movies will disappear from Netflix on June 1 (2016-05-26 10:40:34)
    Netflix's strategy for global video domination can be summed up in two words: original content. Building off the success of 2013's House of Cards , Netflix in recent years has launched an absolute avalanche of original content that spans every genre imaginable, including crime thrillers, comedies, sci-fi, political dramas, animated sitcoms, superhero dramas and even true-crime documentaries.  In fact, Netflix this past January said that it plans to roll out 600 hours of original programming throughout 2016, an impressive 33% increase from 2015. Because developing and producing original content can get wildly expensive, Netflix's increased focus on original content coincides with the company's lessening interest in securing licensing deals with movie studios. The most recent casualty of Netflix's original programming addiction is Miramax. In May of 2011, Netflix signed a 5-year and rumored $100 million licensing deal with the famed movie studio. With that deal set to expire at the end of May, Netflix reportedly has no plans to renew it in full. In turn, more than 600 movie titles will instantly be removed from Netflix's catalog beginning on June 1. MUST SEE: New free app and site makes watching online videos like regular TV channels While it's certainly possible that Netflix might surprise us all at the eleventh hour, Exstreamist points out that many of Miramax's movies -- due to thorny licensing issues -- can't be viewed across various world regions. Suffice it to say, this isn't something that Netflix and Netflix subscribers are big fans of. Netflix Content Chief Ted Sarandos spoke candidly about these massive contracts with Deadline, and mentioned that Netflix isn’t nearly as interested as it once was with single-region deals. In other words, if a library of movies is only available in specific countries, Netflix, now a global company, will likely not bid on the deal. Netflix has expressed that they want to focus on creating a unified experience no matter a subscriber’s location. The only way to make this possible will be through the actual ownership of the content or bidding on global distribution, an extremely expensive and complicated contract. Consequently, movie lovers will soon find Netflix decidedly less appealing as Miramax is the studio behind such blockbusters as Kill Bill . Notably, some Miramax classics such as Pulp Fiction , Reservoir Dogs , Sin City , Swingers and Trainspotting won't be going anywhere anytime soon as Netflix seemingly remains committed to keeping some A-list titles under its umbrella. For any movie buffs out there, ExpiringonNetflix has the full list of every Miramax movie set to disappear from Netflix come June 1. A brief sampling of the list can be seen below. 2000 A.D. 54 A Wrinkle in Time About a Boy Beautiful GIrls Big Daddy Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey Bounce Boys and Girls Bridget Jones's Diary Bruce Lee, The Legend Cats & Dogs City of Men Clear and Present Danger Click The Crow: City of Angels Finding Neverland Ghost The Grifters Groundhog Day Hamlet Hannibal Keeping Up with the Stein Kill Bill Vol. 1 Kill Bill Vol. 2 Losing Isaiah Men of War The Miracle Nine Months Prozac Nation Scary Movie
  • Silicon Valley billionaire at war with gossip site (2016-05-26 10:34:32)
    Silicon Valley billionaire Peter Thiel has confirmed he is funding a legal battle against Gawker Media, which "outed" him nearly a decade ago. Thiel told the New York Times late Wednesday he has provided around $10 million for the litigation by former wrestler Hulk Hogan, who sued Gawker for releasing a sex tape featuring Hogan and a friend's wife. The heretofore secret war against Gawker provoked a range of reactions in the media and in Silicon Valley, with many questioning Thiel's tactics.
  • German scientists are training robots to 'feel' pain (2016-05-26 10:22:00)
  • Is this the smart flip phone of my dreams? (2016-05-26 10:21:03)
    Anna Wintour and Rihanna told me flip phones are back, and wow do I want one. The snag with my dream, though, is that I can't navigate New York without a GPS in my pocket at all times. If only I had a smart flip phone. Luckily, Chinese company Oppo is ON IT. The company unveiled its smart flip phone prototype this week, and it's, well, it's definitely foldable? Not exactly what I was envisioning for a new flip phone, but it's a start, I guess. ...
  • German billionaire could get windfall from stake in robot maker Kuka (2016-05-26 10:20:43)
    By Georgina Prodhan FRANKFURT (Reuters) - German billionaire Friedhelm Loh stands to make a huge profit if industrial robot manufacturer Kuka accepts a $5-billion takeover bid by Chinese home appliance producer Midea . Loh will be under scrutiny for any signal of his intentions on Friday when he attends the annual meeting of Kuka shareholders as a member of its supervisory board even though he would not be able to block the takeover if enough other shareholders take up Midea's offer. The meeting in the Bavarian city of Augsburg was called before Midea's announcement but it is sure to be discussed.
  • Avian dating sim 'Hatoful Boyfriend' makes its mobile debut (2016-05-26 09:42:00)
  • EU lawmakers seek tougher limits on US data use (2016-05-26 09:40:15)
    BRUSSELS (AP) — European Union lawmakers want tougher limits set on the U.S. using information about EU citizens that's exchanged under a new trans-Atlantic data agreement.
  • Silicon Valley billionaire takes aim at Gawker (2016-05-26 09:33:36)
    Silicon Valley billionaire Peter Thiel has confirmed he is funding a lawsuit against Gawker Media, saying he wants to fight the gossip news site's "bullying" tactics. Thiel told the New York Times late Wednesday he has provided around $10 million for the litigation by former wrestler Hulk Hogan, who sued Gawker for releasing a sex tape featuring Hogan and a friend's wife. Thiel acknowledged he is working with lawyers to find and help "victims" of Gawker Media, whose Valleywag site in 2007 revealed he is homosexual.
  • Solar-powered airplane lands in Pennsylvania (2016-05-26 09:30:55)
    ALLENTOWN, Pa. (AP) — A solar-powered airplane has landed in Pennsylvania, about 17 hours after it took off from the Ohio hometown of America aviation pioneers Wilbur and Orville Wright.
  • South Africa's Standard Bank taking action after ATM heist in Japan (2016-05-26 09:27:02)
    South Africa's Standard Bank is taking action after criminals in Japan stole millions of dollars from automatic teller machines using fake credit cards from the lender, its joint CEOs said on Thursday. The criminal gang made 14,000 withdrawals in just three hours from bank machines at 7-Eleven convenience stores across Japan on May 15, withdrawing 1.4 billion yen ($13 million), according to a source familiar with the matter. The bank's co-Chief Executive Sim Tshabalala told Reuters on the sidelines of the bank's annual general meeting that the matter was "serious" but declined to comment further.
  • Things aren’t looking good for the Xbox One as PS4 sales top 40 million (2016-05-26 09:25:34)
    This console generation is unlike any that has come before it. Last cycle's Xbox 360 from Microsoft and PlayStation 3 from Sony were neck and neck throughout the years, and lifetime sales ended up within a couple million units of each other by all counts. Then you had the Nintendo Wii, which blew them both away and topped 100 million units. But this time around it's a completely different story. Nintendo's Wii U is a complete disaster that's already on its way out, and PS4 sales have nearly doubled Xbox One sales thanks in large part to a price gap and huge PR missteps early on. Now, Sony has announced new sales numbers for its popular PlayStation 4 console and things aren't looking good at all for Microsoft. MUST SEE:  New free app and site makes watching online videos like regular TV channels Microsoft's last update on Xbox One sales came back in January when the company said that global sales of its newest video game console had reached 19 million units. That's no small feat considering the console's rocky start, but Sony continued to eclipse its top rival with the fan favorite PlayStation 4. On Thursday, Sony issued a press release to announce that the PS4 has reached a new milestone: 40 million units sold. That means the company moved 5 million consoles in less than five months, since the tally was 35 million back in early January. "We are truly grateful for the enormous support from our fans and partners across the globe, which helped us achieve this significant milestone in such a short span of time," Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO  Andrew House said . "We will strive to deliver even more exciting gaming experiences to our users, further driving the momentum and accelerating the expansion of the PS4 platform and its business this fiscal year by offering an unparalleled line-up of games, bringing our virtual reality system, PlayStation VR, to market and providing ground-breaking features and network services." Sony is expected to maintain its momentum this year with an updated version of the PlayStation 4 that will be unveiled next month at E3. According to rumors, the new "PS4 Neo" will feature 4K graphics and more powerful components to better support VR gaming.
  • System helps spot bias in algorithms (2016-05-26 09:21:00)
  • Lenovo reports first loss in six years, eyes Chinese share listing (2016-05-26 09:01:49)
    By Clare Jim HONG KONG (Reuters) - China's Lenovo Group Ltd , the world's biggest maker of personal computers, reported its first loss in six years on Thursday, hit by exceptional acquisition and restructuring costs as well as weak sales for its smartphones business. With its shares at a near five-year low, the Hong Kong-listed company is also looking at the possibility of a listing back in China, adding to the growing number of Chinese companies heading back home as restrictions on capital flows to and from China create strong demand for locally-listed stocks. Mainland firms have long been attracted to Hong Kong's standing as a global financial hub, stable legal regime and large pool of investors but the downside is that share prices can be higher in China.
  • Axon 7 is a flagship Android phone with killer specs that you never saw coming (2016-05-26 09:00:04)
    Unless you're a hardcore tech lover and you follow all the Android fan blogs, odds are good that you've never heard of the Axon 7 and had no idea it was in the works. Actually, odds are good that you had never heard of the original ZTE Axon either, even though it has been available for quite some time now. (In case you're wondering,  numbers are completely meaningless now  for some reason, so there won't be an Axon 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6.) The Axon line might be new to you, but the Axon 7 is a smartphone you definitely won't soon forget — it will be available unlocked for less than $500, and it'll feature cutting-edge specs and performance on par with phones that cost nearly twice as much. MUST SEE:  New free app and site makes watching online videos like regular TV channels ZTE on Thursday made the Axon 7 official. The company's brand new flagship smartphone will be available for under $500 in the US with no service contract. ZTE's first unlocked model will work with AT&T, T-Mobile and smaller GSM carriers, and a second version compatible with Verizon and Sprint may or may not be released later in the year. Designed in partnership with BMW's iconic Designworks subsidiary, the Axon 7 features all-aluminum construction that ZTE says was inspired by luxury cars. It resembles last year's flagship HTC One handset a bit more than a 7 Series, but it's a very sleek design nevertheless. The phone will be available in either silver or gold as pictured above, but the real action is contained within the new Axon 7. Highlights from the phone's specs include a 2.2GHz Snapdragon 820 processor, a 5.5-inch AMOLED display with 2K quad HD resolution, a gigantic 3,140 mAh battery with quick charging support (50% in 30 minutes), microSDXC support, dual speakers, a 20-megapixel rear camera, an 8-megapixel front-facing camera, and what ZTE claims to be the fastest fingerprint scanner available. There are also two memory configurations, a 64GB model with 4GB of RAM and a 128GB version with a whopping 6GB of RAM. At under $500 for the 64GB model, the Axon 7 is a tremendous value. It's an Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow phone that packs specs on par with the best flagship smartphones on the market, and the aluminum design looks very sleek. It will also launch alongside a new VR headset from ZTE, and its VR experience will be powered by Google Daydream . The ZTE Axon 7 will be sold unlocked on Amazon , on ZTE's website , and at other leading retailers including Best Buy.
  • ZTE's Axon 7 has high-end specs and design with a budget price (2016-05-26 09:00:03)
    ZTE is today announcing the Axon 7, the successor to last year's Axon flagship. The Axon 7 continues on with the original Axon's goal of high-end specs and materials at a wallet-friendly price. The new phone has Qualcomm's highest-end processor, 4 or 6GB of RAM, a quad HD AMOLED display, metal chassis, quick charging, and a new dual-speaker system with Dolby surround sound.
  • ZTE's Axon 7 is a $450 alternative to pricy Android flagships (2016-05-26 09:00:00)
  • Dish's HopperGo portable DVR is available today (2016-05-26 09:00:00)
  • Apple’s efforts to buy Time Warner fell through (2016-05-26 08:45:22)
    Some question Apple’s future in all sorts of “doom” scenarios, but the iPhone maker is hardly doomed. Its cash pile alone could help it move in any number of new directions, and a new report proves exactly that. Apparently, Apple considered buying Time Warner as it looked to make a major push into the media business. DON’T MISS: Google knows that Android's update system sucks According to three sources who talked to The Financial Times , Apple’s senior vice president of software and services Eddy Cue suggested the idea during talks with Time Warner’s head of corporate strategy Olaf Olafsson. The proposal didn’t get very far, as the discussions never involved the CEOs of either company, and Cue’s suggestion came during talks between the two companies covering other matters. The idea of buying Time Warner might sound crazy to some, but it just goes to show what kind of game Apple is playing, even if talks didn’t lead to a deal. The acquisition would have given Apple a multimedia arm worth $60 billion, making it the parent company of HBO, Warner Bros., CNN and others. Numerous reports had previously detailed Apple’s various talks with TV networks and content creators, claiming that the company is looking to launch a streaming television product. Apple is also already working on its first original series. A source also told the Times that Apple continues to invest in content, and it's spending “several hundred million dollars a year” on content already. No clarification was made in terms of what type of content Apple is investing in, however.
  • Go Live on Facebook's Windows 10 app (2016-05-26 08:29:00)
  • What exactly does a Wi-Fi-connected Brita pitcher do? (2016-05-26 08:00:03)
    One of the amazing and brilliant and utterly bizarre things about the Internet of Things is that ordinary consumer things are becoming connected things. This includes objects like refrigerators, toothbrushes, juicers, and even Brita pitchers. Recently Amazon teamed up with Brita, which is sold through The Clorox Company, to create a water pitcher that could connect to Wi-Fi and would automatically trigger Amazon purchases of new filters once a certain amount of water had passed through the filter in use.
  • Pebble smashes crowdfunding goals for new connected wearables (2016-05-26 07:52:19)
    Like the first Pebble smartwatch, the latest line of Pebble wearables has been launched via the crowdfunding website, Kickstarter. The range includes two new watches -- the Pebble 2 and Pebble Time 2 -- along with the Pebble Core mini wearable. It's no surprise to see that the funding goals for all the new arrivals have already been smashed. 
  • Russia is working on a taxi to the moon (2016-05-26 07:47:00)
  • First Click: Planes should copy the cramped and claustrophobic Hyperloop (2016-05-26 07:30:03)
    When the most recent renderings of Hyperloop Transportation Technologies' planned Hyperloop carriage appeared earlier this week, the reaction was mixed. Large touchscreen windows promise to simulate the outside world for passengers inside, but the tightly packed seating arrangement and general lack of space didn't bode well for a particularly enjoyable ride.
  • Autonomous drones map historic landmark, could save construction industry billions (2016-05-26 07:30:03)
    Autodesk and 3D Robotics partnered with the city and county of Denver to map the historic landmark with an autonomous drone that delivers data to the cloud.
  • China's Lenovo posts $128 mn net loss last year (2016-05-26 07:15:58)
    Chinese technology giant Lenovo said Thursday it posted a net loss last year, as its smartphones struggle to keep apace with Apple and Android rivals and as the market for personal computers fizzles. The Beijing-based company, which has traditionally manufactured computers but has been trying to broaden its smartphone business after scooping up Motorola two years ago, reported a $128 million net loss for the year ending March 31, compared with a net profit of $829 million in the same period last year. "They are still trying to find a way to turn their business around that's why they are recording a loss right now," financial analyst Jackson Wong told AFP.
  • CDC study finds America has never been more obese (2016-05-26 07:12:42)
    There are more tools now at the disposal of people trying to lose weight and get in shape than there have ever been in the past. But unhealthy food is also more abundant than ever before, and the number of Americans who lead a sedentary lifestyle continues to grow. I know how difficult it can be to lose weight. I spent most of my life as an obese American before losing 50 lbs in just 3 months on the way to my target weight. Unfortunately, not all Americans have found the motivation to shed excess weight and improve their health — according to the CDC's most recent National Health Interview Survey, America has never been more obese than it is right now. DON'T MISS:  New free app and site makes watching online videos like regular TV channels The graph above is terrifying. It charts the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's annual obesity findings taken from its latest  National Health Interview Survey . The survey polls American adults on a wide range of health questions and compiles the results to paint a picture of the current state of health in America. Right now, that picture isn't pretty. The CDC polled 100,000 adult Americans in 2015 and used that data to determine that about 30.4% of adults aged 20 and older are obese, meaning they have a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 30 or greater. In other words, more than 97 million adult Americans are grossly overweight. That figure is up only marginally from 29.9% in 2014, but it marks the continuation of an ongoing trend. Since 1997 the number of obese Americans has only dropped one time, between 2002 and 2003, before promptly climbing again the following year. Also discouraging (unless you're a pharmaceutical company) is the CDC's finding that among Americans 18 and older, 9.5% had diabetes in 2015 compared to 9.1% in the prior year's study.
  • Google might start shaming companies that take too long to update their Android phones (2016-05-26 07:07:51)
    It's not just you who's sick of waiting for the latest Android updates to arrive on your phone -- Google is too, and it has a plan to tackle it.
  • Sony has sold over 40 million PlayStation 4 consoles (2016-05-26 07:07:00)
  • China's floating buses will ride above the roads (2016-05-26 06:57:58)
    To ease congestions in its bigger cities, a Chinese firm has shown off a concept for a bus that drives over the traffic.
  • Lenovo: Motorola acquisition 'did not meet expectations' (2016-05-26 06:50:38)
    It's rare to see much self-criticism in a company's quarterly financial report, but Lenovo hasn't been shy about it today with its disclosures around its mobile business group. "Integration efforts did not meet expectations," says the Chinese company with respect to its takeover of Motorola and subsequent efforts to consolidate it with its existing Lenovo-branded portfolio. Lenovo says it has drawn many lessons from the experience since the close of the Motorola acquisition and it's applying them quickly.
  • Snapchat raises $1.81 billion in new funding round (2016-05-26 06:47:13)
    (Reuters) - Messaging app Snapchat Inc has raised $1.81 billion in an equity offering, indicating strong investor interest in the company despite concerns that it is struggling to attract advertisers. Snapchat did not disclose its valuation in the latest round of funding in its filing on Thursday. ( However, technology website TechCrunch reported on Monday, citing sources, that the company could be valued at about $20 billion. ...
  • Hackers steal $12 million from an Ecuadorian bank via SWIFT (2016-05-26 06:31:00)
  • Sony has sold more than 40 million PlayStation 4s (2016-05-26 06:13:11)
    Sony is revealing today that its PlayStation 4 sales have surpassed 40 million units. It's clear that Sony is still way ahead of Microsoft's Xbox One sales, placing it firmly at the top of the current games console market. Microsoft hasn't been sharing Xbox One sales recently, but EA estimates revealed Microsoft's console sales were around 19 million back in January.
  • Blendle now lets you pay-per-article from US apps (2016-05-26 06:00:29)
    Blendle is a Dutch startup which aggregates news from media companies that maintain a paywall, then allows users to pay a small amount per article to read what they like. Up until now the US version was desktop only, but today the company is rolling out mobile apps for both iOS and Android. The apps will draw on digital replicas of around 300 print publications, including The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Economist, and Financial Times.
  • US nuclear force will phase out floppy disks next year (2016-05-26 05:57:31)
    The Pentagon and other US agencies still rely on outdated technology to carry out important functions — including some nuclear operations — according to a new government report. The report, published by the Government Accountability Office (GAO), shows that a command and control unit tasked with coordinating "the operational functions of the nation's nuclear forces" still uses 8-inch floppy disks and runs on an IBM/Series 1 computer — a model that was first produced in 1976. Other agencies, including the Department of the Treasury and the Department of Veteran Affairs, reported using IT systems that are at least 50 years old.
  • What I don't want to say about Overwatch (2016-05-26 05:42:04)
    Commentary: There's a lot of hype around Blizzard's new team shooter, but don't fear -- I come not to bury Overwatch but to praise it.
  • Norwegian watchdog protests app legalese by reading T&Cs out loud for 30 hours (2016-05-26 05:40:19)
    The average Norwegian has 33 apps on their smartphone, so the country's consumer body live streamed the reading of the small print of 33 popular apps. It took almost 32 hours.
  • No Apple Store in India unless it sells more local-made goods (2016-05-26 05:29:00)
  • Will Google's naughty list really improve Android updates? (2016-05-26 05:28:08)
    There's a new report out from Bloomberg this week detailing Google's behind-the-scenes efforts to expedite Android software updates. One of the key measures it notes is a ranking by Google of partner manufacturers based on how up-to-date their devices are in terms of security patches and OS versions. The company is said to already be sharing those lists with the relevant parties, but an escalating step that's under consideration is to make those lists public — essentially shaming Android OEMs into doing more to support their devices after they are sold.
  • Exclusive: New York financial regulator gearing up to probe online lenders - source (2016-05-26 05:06:37)
    New York state's financial regulator, which recently launched a probe into LendingClub Corp, is preparing to look into the activities at other online lenders and whether they should be licensed in New York, a person familiar with the matter said on Wednesday. The New York Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) has not yet established which companies it may target, but information it receives in response to a May 17 subpoena sent to LendingClub, one of the largest online lending services, could shed light on broader industry practices that require scrutiny, said the person, who was not authorized to discuss the issue publicly. Last week, NYDFS subpoenaed San-Francisco based LendingClub, a so-called peer-to-peer lender, asking for information about loans it issued to New Yorkers since May 17, 2013.
  • Brazilian companies rank worst among major economies on cyber security: report (2016-05-26 05:03:50)
    By Dustin Volz WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Companies based in Brazil scored “significantly poorer” in aggregate on a variety of cyber security indicators than those based in other major world economies, such as the United States and China, according to a report released on Thursday. The study, from Massachusetts-based security ratings company BitSight, found that Brazilian companies underperformed on metrics such as machine compromise rates, email security and file-sharing practices in an analysis conducted over the past year. "Brazil has significantly poorer performance than the other countries included in the study," the study said.
  • China's Lenovo swings to full-year loss on M&A costs (2016-05-26 04:55:31)
    China's Lenovo Group Ltd on Thursday reported its first loss in six years, with earnings pulled down by acquisition and restructuring costs as well as weak sales of smartphones and personal computers (PCs). The results come as Lenovo curbs its reliance on the slowing PC industry in favor of smartphones and servers. It said profit was pulled down by costs of multi-billion dollar acquisitions in 2014 - for the Motorola handset division of Google Inc and low-end server arm of International Business Machines Corp. It also booked a charge of $923 million for costs related to restructuring and clearing its smartphone inventory.
  • Three to trial mobile ad blocking next month (2016-05-26 04:40:00)
  • Japan regulates virtual currency after Bitcoin scandal (2016-05-26 04:34:19)
    Japan has passed a law regulating virtual currency, after the country found itself at the epicentre of a multi-million dollar embezzlement scandal following the spectacular collapse of the Tokyo-based MtGox Bitcoin exchange. Once one of the largest, most established exchanges for the cryptocurrency, MtGox collapsed in 2014 after a suspected theft worth nearly half a billion dollars, which hammered the digital currency's reputation. Japanese lawmakers passed a bill late Wednesday stipulating that all "virtual currency" exchanges must be regulated by the country's Financial Services Agency.
  • NASA and Wisconsin are covering the state with wildlife cameras (2016-05-26 04:20:00)
  • Samsung may skip Galaxy Note 6 name with dual-edge Note 7 (2016-05-26 04:02:01)
    The next major Android phablet release from Samsung will be called the Galaxy Note 7 and will feature a dual-edge display, according to Korean carrier sources speaking anonymously to ET News. Last summer, Samsung generated a bit of confusion and controversy when it launched the dual-edge Galaxy S6 Edge+ and the more regular Galaxy Note 5 at the same time. The confusion stemmed from their overlap in functionality, while the controversy bubbled up when Samsung decided to only offer the dual-edge device in Europe, leaving one of the world's most important smartphone markets without a flagship Note device for the first time since the series' inception.
  • EU states approve plans to coordinate key mobile spectrum (2016-05-26 03:38:08)
    EU member states approved plans on Thursday to coordinate the roll-out of a key spectrum across the 28-nation bloc to provide faster mobile broadband speeds and improve access to Internet services, including in remote areas. The proposal foresees the roll-out of the 700 MHz band for wireless broadband services by June 30, 2020. Member states can delay that by up to two years if they have legitimate reasons, such as unresolved coordination issues with neighboring non-EU countries or they need more time to reallocate the spectrum from broadcasting services.
  • Reddit moves away from Imgur with new photo uploading tool (2016-05-26 03:36:41)
    Reddit this week announced its own image uploading tool, marking a shift away from its informal partnership with Imgur. A member of Reddit's product team announced the beta feature in a post to the website on Wednesday, saying it will roll out to "select communities" this week. The tool allows users to upload images (up to 20MB in size) and GIFs (100MB) directly to Reddit, and to access threads about any image by clicking on it from any listing.
  • Survive-'em-up '7 Days to Die' hits consoles in June (2016-05-26 03:29:00)
  • HP launches a new line of gaming laptops, desktops, and accessories (2016-05-26 03:00:03)
    The Omen series will feature laptops, desktops, and accessories targeted across different price ranges, from cheaper notebooks up to higher-end towers for serious gamers with a lot of disposable income. The line is kicking off today with the announcement of four products: two laptops, a tower, and a display. The Omen series leads off with two laptops simply called the Omen.
  • HP goes big on gaming with new Omen laptops and desktop (2016-05-26 03:00:00)
  • Women in Business Q&A: Anna Newton, Apparel Innovation Designer, Bemis Associates (2016-05-26 02:59:12)
    How has your life experience made you the leader you are today?I supported myself during college as a cosmetologist. It was a wonderful career incorporating incredible combination of creativity, hard work and really fun social interaction. Learning and mastering a trade gave me so much confidence, and a life-long love of hands-on training,...
  • Whale-finding phone app grows in use, steering mariners away (2016-05-26 02:37:59)
    PORTLAND, Maine (AP) — With summer whale watching season fast approaching, conservation advocates and government agencies who want to protect whales say a mobile app designed to help mariners steer clear of the animals is helping keep them alive.
  • UberEATS makes its way to Singapore (2016-05-26 02:25:00)
  • Tinder breaking down barriers in India, one swipe at a time (2016-05-26 02:18:20)
    The majority of young people in India still want an arranged marriage. Yet the "hook up" app is growing more popular by the day.
  • SEC probes Alibaba accounting methods, shares dive (2016-05-26 02:04:55)
    Alibaba said the Securities and Exchange Commission launched the investigation earlier this year. The latest investigation highlights how far Alibaba has to go to improve transparency, as it also fights sales of fake items, while a continuing acquisition spree creates uncertainty over its earnings. It was not immediately clear what prompted the SEC investigation.
  • Building Dynamic Capability in Design Driven Startups (2016-05-26 01:55:26)
    To compete in an increasingly volatile Creative Economy, business has to create new design driven high-impact ventures that focus on breakthrough innovation. The organizational structures, procedures and product development for startups stand in stark contrast to that of an established business, thus learning becomes imperative. So, how do...
  • PayPal is killing its Windows Phone, BlackBerry and Amazon apps (2016-05-26 01:24:00)
  • Peter Thiel admits to bankrolling Hulk Hogan's Gawker lawsuit (2016-05-26 00:42:01)
    Peter Thiel confirmed last night that he did indeed fund Hulk Hogan's lawsuit against Gawker, as rumored earlier this week, saying that the move was one of the "greater philanthropic things" he had done in his life. Thiel, whose sexuality was outed in a 2007 Valleywag article, argued that he third-party funding was "less about revenge and more about specific deterrence." The venture capitalist, worth an estimated $2.7 billion, said he decided several years ago to covertly provide money to "victims" of stories posted on Gawker Media's properties. "I didn't really want to do anything," he told the New York Times, saying that he thought providing so-called third-party litigation funding "would do more harm to me than good." Thiel said he changed his mind when one of his friends convinced him that if he didn't step in to stop Gawker, nobody would.
  • It's Hulking season: Mark Ruffalo says Bruce Banner will feature heavily in 'Thor: Ragnarok' (2016-05-26 00:18:28)
    The Hulk has had less screen time in Marvel's cinematic Avengers franchise than Iron Man, Thor and Captain America, but he'll soon have time to shine again.
  • Dubai unveils world's first 3D-printed office building (2016-05-26 00:15:55)
    After nearly a year in development, Dubai unveils an open-plan office constructed using an industrial 3D printer.
  • 'Miitomo' players are apparently abandoning Nintendo's app (2016-05-26 00:12:00)
  • Linksys put tri-band, 5.3Gbps MU-MIMO into a $399 Wi-Fi router (2016-05-26 00:00:03)
    There are two hot new buzzwords in Wi-Fi router land you should be aware of: tri-band AC5400, and MU-MIMO. AC5400 (the latest version of 802.11ac Wi-Fi) is a combo of one 2.4Ghz channel and two 5Ghz channels to blast an absurd 5334Mbs over the air. Because some companies are better at rounding than Linksys, it's also referred to as AC5300.
  • Square Enix is bringing a new Final Fantasy XV demo to E3 (2016-05-25 23:49:25)
    The Japanese developer reveals more games it plans to bring to E3. As of yet, there's no word on Kingdom Hearts III.
  • Are these the Moto Z's 'MotoMod' backplates? (2016-05-25 23:31:29)
    Lenovo is rumored to be following up the Moto X line with some new "Moto Z" phones, which are said to work with a range of snap-on accessory cases called MotoMods. Now, thanks to a picture from Evan "Evleaks" Blass, we may have our first look at three of these semi-modular-ish cases.
  • Peter Thiel is the one behind Hulk Hogan's Gawker lawsuit (2016-05-25 23:18:00)
  • The precise details of how airlines are gouging you for money (2016-05-25 23:00:09)
    Running an airlines is a surprisingly unprofitable business, considering that the model does revolve around charging people many hundreds of dollars to sit in a chair. But as the  WSJ  points out, airlines have a creative new way to charge you a hundred bucks for something that used to be called "common courtesy." The  Journal  details how airlines have leeched on to the "family fee" as a new way of charging for flights. It used to be that when you booked four tickets at once -- say, because you're a perfectly normal family going on holiday -- the airline would book the four of you in seats next to each other. But this is a brave new world, and airlines running on razor-thin profit margins must grasp onto every possible chance for cold hard cash: A few carriers are openly marketing the so-called family fee. Frontier Airlines, which since 2014 has charged for all advance seat assignments, has a drawing of two people with a child on its website saying paying is recommended to “keep your party together.” Parents face the choice of adding fees on top of fares or begging other travelers on packed flights to switch seats so children aren’t sitting alone with strangers. Often when there are seats available that don’t require fees, they are all middle seats that would space family members one behind the other rather than side-by-side. This follows a disturbing decade-long trend of airlines inventing new fees where there were none before. Remember when you could snag extra legroom by stealthily booking the exit-row seats? Now, it will cost you a cool $49 to do so. Baggage fees are notorious, but some budget airlines will now charge you if you  don't  check-in online. Some of the details outlined by the  WSJ highlight how depraved the reservation fees are. It's one thing for airlines to charge extra for seats with more legroom, or even for seats further up the cabin. But it's a whole new level of trickery when airlines use online seating maps to make the plane seem full, pressurizing you to pay a fee to reserve a seat, when the plane's actually half-empty: Louis Silfin, a banking consultant in New York, was traveling alone recently when he decided to pay $9 extra to move closer to the front of the plane on what appeared to be full Delta flights from New York to Boston and back. When he boarded each time, his row and the one behind him had only five people filling 12 seats. “Why did I just pay for a better seat when I could have just moved around anyway?” Mr. Silfin asks. “What was on the airplane was definitely not what was on the seat map.” Happy capitalism, everyone.
  • 'Hitman' will take you to Morocco on May 31st (2016-05-25 22:48:00)
  • PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel admits backing Hulk Hogan's case against Gawker (2016-05-25 22:39:44)
    His backing of Hogan resulted in the former pro wrestler winning more than $115 million in a Florida jury trial in March.
  • FBI won't reveal hack, so child porn evidence tossed (2016-05-25 22:31:24)
    A criminal defendant allegedly used the Tor browser to visit a child pornography site hacked by the FBI, allowing law enforcement to track his location.
  • Google might name and shame slow-to-update Android vendors (2016-05-25 21:59:00)
  • 'Game of Thrones' creators are super sorry, but not for that (2016-05-25 21:31:52)
    The show's producers apologize on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" for creating a new annoying door behavior.
  • Guess which movie people want to see even more than ‘The Force Awakens’ and ‘Civil War’ (2016-05-25 21:30:00)
    Disney has been on a roll for the past 12 months, having released not one but two huge blockbusters including Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Captain America: Civil War . As big as those two movies were, the company also has plenty of other highly anticipated titles in the making and it looks like there's one trailer that people wanted to watch even more than The Force Awakens or Civil War . DON’T MISS: Microsoft’s just turned Windows 10 into malware You’ve probably seen the first teaser for the Beauty and the Beast live-action film that’s due March 17, 2017. It’s a 90-second video that will immediately remind you of the animated version of the story, also a Disney favorite. How excited are people for this movie? The teaser generated 91.8 million views in its first 24 hours, beating The Force Awakens (88 million views for the second trailer), Civil War (61 million) and Avengers: Age of Ultron (55 million), The Hollywood Reporter notes. The teaser trailer debuted on ABC’s Good Morning America  this past Monday morning, before appearing online and airing around the world. If that first 24 hours is any indication of box office performance, then Disney has likely locked down yet another blockbuster title and potential cash cow. Beauty and the Beast stars Emma Watson as Belle and Dan Stevens as the Beast. The entire cast is spectacular — we’re looking at Kevin Kline, Luke Evans, Josh Gad, Ewan McGregor, Stanley Tucci, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Audra McDonald, Ian McKellen and Emma Thompson. That alone should guarantee an incredible film.
  • Hodor door stops, if you can quit bawling long enough to use them (2016-05-25 21:26:01)
    This product inspired by the latest big "Game of Thrones" plotline is practical, but probably can't hold back the White Walkers.
  • 10,000 bees swarm car after queen reportedly trapped in trunk (2016-05-25 21:23:52)
    The swarm was finally shooed into a cardboard box, but we're giving up now. The bees can have this planet.
  • Microsoft's Windows 10 push comes to shove for some users (2016-05-25 21:06:27)
    SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Microsoft really, REALLY wants you to upgrade to Windows 10.
  • Twitter reportedly disbands Commerce team behind its Buy button (2016-05-25 21:01:00)
  • The Latest: Solar-powered airplane lands in Pennsylvania (2016-05-25 20:50:59)
    DAYTON, Ohio (AP) — The Latest on a solar-powered plane's flight from Ohio to Pennsylvania (all times local):
  • US nuclear force still using 1970s floppy disks warns watchdog (2016-05-25 20:21:42)
    America's nuclear force still uses floppy disks designed in the 1970s to coordinate some of its functions, according to a watchdog report released. The report by the Government Accountability Office points to a number of worryingly outdated "legacy systems" still in use across the US government that are in desperate need of upgrading. A Pentagon command and control system that "coordinates the operational functions of the United States' nuclear forces, such as intercontinental ballistic missiles, nuclear bombers, and tanker support aircrafts," runs on an IBM Series/1 computer and uses 8-inch floppy disks, the report says.
  • Automakers, tech companies decide to make deals, not war (2016-05-25 20:16:46)
    By Joseph White and Paul Lienert DETROIT (Reuters) - A flurry of deals between big automakers and ride hailing and transportation startups is rewriting the playbook in the contest to control the future of personal transportation. Automakers now recognize they may turn ride-hailing services and car sharing companies into steady customers for all sorts of vehicles, particularly hybrid and electric cars, industry executives and analysts say. Tie-ups with carpooling services or short-term rental companies help automakers expose consumers to brands they might otherwise ignore.
  • Astronaut celebrates Towel Day on the space station exactly like he should (2016-05-25 20:15:38)
    Astronaut Tim Peake unveils a unique towel in space in honor of author Douglas Adams.
  • Risk of severe birth defects from Zika virus may be as high as 13 percent (2016-05-25 20:13:29)
    The Zika virus may cause microcephaly in unborn children at a rate as high as 13 percent, a new study has found. New research, conducted by analyzing data from Brazil and published today in The New England Journal of Medicine, shows a staggering jump in the risk rate if a mother is infected with Zika in the first trimester. The range of risk spans from 1 percent to 13 percent, the study says, as researchers could not be certain about the overall rate of infection in the population studied and the accuracy of microcephaly diagnoses.
  • SoundCloud Go is available to creators for $2 a month (2016-05-25 20:07:00)
  • Eric Schmidt sees advances in genetics but no Alphabet breakup (2016-05-25 19:35:10)
    Alphabet executive chairman predicts tech will improve gene sequencing and make health care more efficient.
  • Artificial intelligence isn’t going to be the end of Apple (2016-05-25 19:30:20)
    Since 2007, I’ve read countless versions of the “Apple is doomed” argument, most of them related to the iPhone . Apple was doomed because it dared compete in the smartphone business, then it was doomed when Android came along, and then it was doomed every time a product failed to arouse the imagination of some analyst or journalist. In all this time, however, Apple has been anything but doomed. And it’s likely that will not happen in the foreseeable future. Today’s version of "Apple is doomed" comes from well-known outspoken software developer Marco Arment, who has often shared his views on Apple’s business. His take on the matter has an “if” in it, suggesting this scenario isn’t likely to happen, but his reasoning isn’t entirely accurate. DON’T MISS: Apple's next MacBook Pro will be like nothing we've ever seen Arment argues that Apple could repeat BlackBerry’s fate if advanced AI becomes the new hot thing in tech. Facebook and Google have recently announced products that are based on smarter AI – and Google certainly impressed with a few of its initiatives at Google I/O last week – with Arment arguing that Apple is trailing well behind. The developer says that AI could do to Apple what iPhone did to BlackBerry. “The BlackBerry’s success came to an end not because RIM started releasing worse smartphones, but because the new job of the smartphone shifted almost entirely outside of their capabilities, and it was too late to catch up,” he writes . “RIM hadn’t spent years building a world-class operating system, or a staff full of great designers, or expertise in mass production of luxury-quality consumer electronics, or amazing APIs and developer tools, or an app store with millions of users with credit cards already on file, or all of the other major assets that Apple had developed over a decade (or longer) that enabled the iPhone.” That’s right; RIM didn’t do that. It was Apple. But I think it’s troubling to think that Apple has stopped doing that, and now it’s simply riding on the iPhone’s success. The problem with Apple is that it never announced moonshots. Yet read through its patents – which is a testament to all the crazy hardware and software innovations going on at Cupertino – and you’ll see that Apple is thinking far ahead. Not just for the iPhone, but for many other products, some of them not ever made official. Tim Cook said a few times that the company is working on stuff that’s not even rumored. It’s likely certain products will emerge from there that not only will not "doom Apple", but which will also help it compete in a post-iPhone world. Arment does make a solid point though -- that Google and Facebook are so far ahead in AI that it’s scary. Moreover, you can’t build good AI overnight and then just unveil it during a keynote. That’s very true. Siri lags behind Google Now and the new Assistant, and it doesn’t have Facebook’s drive for bots either. But assuming that the emergence of AI from the likes of Google and Facebook will crush Apple (or the iPhone) is a stretch. “Today, Apple’s being led properly day-to-day and doing very well overall,” Arment said. "But if the landscape shifts to prioritize those big-data AI services, Apple will find itself in a similar position as BlackBerry did almost a decade ago: what they’re able to do, despite being very good at it, won’t be enough anymore, and they won’t be able to catch up.” Again, we have no idea what Apple is working on. But we do know that it’s definitely skating where the puck is going. Apple is doing VR , and it’s doing cars , according to recent reports. But we have no clear details on what kind of products and services it’s developing. Patents and company acquisitions point us in the right directions, but that doesn’t mean we have any idea what the company is creating. And it’s probably safe to say it’s not ignoring AI. Speaking of buying its way into things let’s not forget the massive amount of cash Apple is hoarding. Imagine what all that money can do in a worst-case scenario where Apple has to buy itself out of trouble. $3 billion was enough to buy Beats and transform it into the most popular music subscription service out there – Spotify may not like that claim – at a time when Apple’s music sales business was unable to compete against streaming services. $1 billion got Apple a stake in a Chinese car company , and we’re not even sure what that buys Apple. These are the biggest investments Apple made to date, but the company has quietly acquired plenty of talent in the last years , including many companies that’ll help it keep up (and overhaul) the competition. Earlier this week, a scoop from The Information told us that Apple is about to make several major Siri-related announcements at WWDC 2016 in June, the type of products we didn't see in leaks in rumors. Apple plans to open up Siri to developers, which should further enrich the app experience on iPhone and other devices that have Siri enabled, and it's making a Siri standalone device that's supposed to take on Amazon's Echo and Google's Home. “If Google is wrong, and computing continues to be defined by a tightly controlled grid of siloed apps that you poke a thousand times a day on a smooth rectangle of manufacturing excellence, Apple is fine,” Arment says. “They’re doing a great job of what computing is today, and what it will probably continue to be for a long time.” “But if Google is right, that’s a big problem for Apple,” he concludes. AI and the iPhone aren't mutually exclusive, though. Yes, we’re heading to a future where voice will probably be the main way to interact with a computer. But that future will still need a version of the screen. It might not be a touch-based rectangle. It might be some sort of virtual or augmented reality experience that involves either wearing a headset on your face or not. But it will definitely need the right hardware to run the AI, and that hardware will project images most of the time. AI won’t just float in the air. And just talking to a smart computer is going to be way too boring for most computer users. We'll still want to have a visual input for most of our computing needs, especially when it comes to our leisure time. There’s no way AI will catch Apple by surprise or kill the iPhone. But it’ll definitely shape its future. Apple will still build some of the best devices to run Google’s and Facebook’s AI for work and fun purposes, regardless of whether they’re rectangles with touchscreens or not. Surely, AI doesn’t signal Apple’s impending doom, even if Google can revolutionize computing and make it all about smart AI.
  • Florida man fined $48k for jamming cellphones while driving (2016-05-25 19:13:00)
  • Beechwood speaker simulates the resonance of vinyl records (2016-05-25 19:00:14)
    The Louis speaker by New Black is inspired by analog sound and works completely free of electronics.
  • Don text and drive in Canada, or cops will bust you with this camera rig (2016-05-25 18:50:55)
    Texting and driving is a menace that's up there with chugging vodka while at the wheel, and cops the world over are slowly cracking down on it. But how do you catch errant texters? With a DSLR and some serious glass, if you're Canada's Mounties. DON'T MISS:  Microsoft’s just turned Windows 10 into malware A  CBC News  report spotted by  PetaPixel   shows RCMP officers in British Columbia using a new set-up to catch drivers who are texting and driving at intersections. The rig consists of a DSLR, a 50mm lens, and a target-shooting spotting scope. It's a reasonably affordable set of kit -- certainly cheaper than a 500mm zoom lens -- but it should be good enough to capture photos of offenders from three-quarters of a mile away. That's bad news for anyone who likes to drive distracted. Even if you think it's reasonable to check your phone at a red light, it's illegal under Canadian law, and the Mounties are coming for your texts. The good news for distracted drivers is that due to the limitations of the rig (and in general, limitations of trying to photograph a car going at 70mph), it's only going to work at intersections for now. To catch highway phone users, cops are going to be relying on the old-fashioned Mk. 1 eyeball for now. Canada's set-up is the lastest in a list of technology to catch distracted drivers. Legislation was recently introduced in New York state to give cops "textalyzers," devices that could be used on driver's phones after a crash to see if they had been using it in the run-up to an accident. A spotting scope is a little more old-school, but nonetheless effective in issuing tickets.
  • HP Inc profit beats Street amid weak market for PCs, printers (2016-05-25 18:46:39)
    (Reuters) - HP Inc , which houses the former Hewlett-Packard Co's legacy hardware business, reported a better-than-expected quarterly profit as aggressive cost cutting helped counter weak demand for personal computers and printers. "I believe the general sentiment from HP Inc investors is that it could have been much worse given how poorly the PC market has been expected to be and the poor PC sales numbers put forth by peers," Bill Kreher, tech analyst at Edward Jones, said. HP Inc said in February it was accelerating its restructuring program and still expects about 3,000 people to exit by the end of the financial year 2016, instead of over three years, as announced initially in September.
  • PayPal is shutting down its Windows Phone, BlackBerry, and Amazon apps (2016-05-25 18:44:57)
    PayPal is thinning the number of mobile operating systems supported by the company's flagship app down to just two: Android and iOS. The PayPal mobile apps for Windows Phone, BlackBerry, and Amazon's Fire OS will be discontinued as of June 30th. It's fairly common to see these decisions for Windows Phone and BlackBerry, but a little less regular to see a company of PayPal's stature just up and abandon Amazon's fork of Android, which runs on Kindle Fire tablets and the failed Fire Phone.
  • Hype: The Social & Financial Currency of Technology (2016-05-25 18:33:58)
    By Kevin Allen, Executive Strategy Director, Publicis ChemistryOculus Rift, Apple Watch, Tesla. Iridium, Apple Newton, Segway, Second Life. Hype is both the social and financial currency of technology. Always has been, always will be. Only in the tech sector does everything you do have to be the Next Big Thing. Because if it isn’t, then...
  • Man killed by walrus he took a selfie with, report says (2016-05-25 18:21:54)
    Walrus reportedly drags selfie-taker into a pool. He drowns, and so does the zookeeper who tried to save him, Chinese media says.
  • Internet companies seek answers on wireless streaming freebies (2016-05-25 18:18:14)
    Tech companies that supported the FCC's Net neutrality rules ask the agency to make public its review of wireless service plans that exempt certain content from data caps.
  • Walgreens brought Theranos to its stores without even testing the technology (2016-05-25 18:13:32)
    Walgreens partnered with Silicon Valley blood-testing company Theranos in 2013 without ever testing the technology, reports The Wall Street Journal. Theranos wellness centers are currently in 40 Walgreens stores in Arizona, as part of a deal to put the company's Edison blood-testing equipment in thousands of drugstores around the country. Theranos hasn’t published any data on its technology, and avoids answering any questions about it by claiming they can’t reveal trade secrets.
  • Mark Ruffalo says we’re going to get ‘a lot more Hulk’ in Thor: Ragnarok (2016-05-25 18:10:46)
    After raking in over a billion dollars at the box office and receiving near-universal praise from critics, it's hard to deny that Captain America: Civil War was a massive success for Marvel . Sadly, even with its enormous budget and its long running time, Civil War didn't have room for all of our favorite heroes. But don't worry, Hulk fans — the Green Goliath can't be held back for long. DON'T MISS:  ‘Game of Thrones’ has one huge twist left, but it’ll be years before we see it Speaking with Entertainment Tonight , actor Mark Ruffalo confirmed that moviegoers are going to "see a lot more Hulk" in Thor: Ragnarok , which is currently scheduled to hit theaters on July 28th, 2017. He was initially going to make an appearance in the post-credits scene for Civil War , but those plans were scrapped early on . Ruffalo even went as far as calling the upcoming sequel "an intergalactic buddy road movie with Banner and Thor," which might explain their absence during the events of Civil War . He also had the following to say about Cate Blanchett, who was just recently confirmed to have taken the role of the villain in Ragnarok : "She plays the worst of the worst. So evil. She is going to kill us. It's such a great part she gets to play." Watch it with the spoilers there, Ruffalo! You can see the full clip from the interview with ET below:
  • The Star Wars Episode VII vinyl soundtrack has 3D holograms carved into the records (2016-05-25 18:05:42)
    The latest records have special 3D holograms of the Millennium Falcon and a TIE fighter carved right into the vinyl itself. It speaks to the ongoing resurgence of records that Disney would put the extra effort into making this vinyl release special. Tristan Duke, a holographer who created the hologram art that landed on Jack White's Lazaretto LP, created the wireframe versions of the iconic crafts, which, if you watch from the right angle, appear to be hovering over the spinning records.
  • Gawker doesn't get a do-over in Hulk Hogan trial (2016-05-25 18:05:25)
    A Florida judge rules there won't be a retrial or a reduction in the $140 million verdict awarded to the wrestler in a sex-tape case. But Gawker likely will appeal the decision.
  • 'The Division' update arrives with some giant bugs (2016-05-25 18:02:00)
  • Solos' augmented reality glasses let you bike like an Olympic cyclist (2016-05-25 18:00:03)
    When I wear my Jordans, do I become Michael Jordan? When I put on an Ivy Park bodysuit, do I become Beyoncé? When I look through my Solos Smart Olympics Cyclist Glasses with Micro-Display, do I become an Olympic cyclist? No, I don't. But I can definitely feel like one!
  • Google to open Detroit-area autonomous car center (2016-05-25 17:53:01)
    Google announced plans Wednesday to open a Detroit-area technology center for its self-driving car program. The new center in Novi, Michigan, will house engineers and others testing vehicles provided by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, a statement by Google parent Alphabet said. The 5,000 square meter (53,000 square foot) center will enable Google and its partners to "further develop and refine self-driving technology," the statement said.
  • Robots could be the key to moving iPhone production stateside (2016-05-25 17:40:49)
    A report today from the  South China Morning Post  claims that Foxconn, Apple's longtime manufacturing partner, has replaced over half of its workforce with robots. That's bad news for the workers and good news for Apple's bottom line, but it also hints at something else: the solution to Apple's offshore manufacturing "problem." DON'T MISS: This is the OnePlus 3 feature the iPhone 7 has to copy "Made in the USA" has a certain kind of cachet, but for decades, even high-tech manufacturing has been vanishing to China and south-east Asia. Companies quote lower prices and higher-skilled specialist manufacturing as the reasons, which is almost certainly true. Everyone, including our soon-to-be President Trump , talks about bringing manufacturing back home, for obvious reasons. Factories in America means more jobs here -- not just in the factories themselves, but in the industries that supply, clean, light and feed those factories. But thanks to a difference in wages (and the loss of skills), American factories struggle to compete with those abroad. But what if the bulk of manufacturing involved robots, rather than people? A separate report today paints a very different picture. Adidas, the kind of sneaker maker famous for using cheap labor, is bringing production back to Germany, a country with some of the highest wages in the world. Adidas is able to make the move because of robots. It's automated the bulk of its production, and fundamentally, you can put robots anywhere in the world, and they'll produce the same stuff. Apple has long had ambitions of bringing its manufacturing home, most recently with the assembly of the Mac Pro. Doing so would provide a huge PR boost, not to mention making it easier to control its supply chain, with such a vital step taking place on American shores. But ultimately, it might take robots stealing all the jobs for Apple to be able to do so.
  • Consumer Reports: 2016 Prius is the most fuel-efficient hybrid ever (2016-05-25 17:39:00)
  • Microsoft to cut 1,850 jobs at struggling smartphone unit (2016-05-25 17:31:05)
    HELSINKI/SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Microsoft Corp announced more big cuts to its smartphone business on Wednesday, just two years after it bought handset maker Nokia in an ill-fated attempt to take on market leaders Apple Inc and Samsung Electronics Co Ltd. In a move that clearly puts the stamp of two-year chief executive Satya Nadella on the U.S. company, Microsoft said it would shed up to 1,850 jobs, most of them in Finland, and write down $950 million from the business. It did not say how many employees currently work on smartphones in the group as a whole.
  • Apple must sell locally sourced products to open retail stores in India (2016-05-25 17:22:28)
    Apple is having a tough time breaking into India. If Apple wants to open up physical stores in the world's second-biggest country, it's going to have to sell locally sourced products, according to a report from Reuters. Apple reportedly lost out on an exemption to the rule that requires foreign companies to offer Indian products in their stores.
  • U.S. SEC probes Alibaba accounting methods, shares dive (2016-05-25 17:20:12)
    (Reuters) - U.S. regulators are investigating Alibaba Group Holding Ltd's accounting practices to determine whether they violated federal laws, the Chinese e-commerce company said, news that sent its shares down nearly 7 percent on Wednesday. Alibaba, a massive business selling to a growing middle class in the world's most populous country, said it was being investigated by the Securities and Exchange Commission. The SEC focused on the accounting for logistics firm Cainiao Network, which Alibaba owns with several courier companies in China, as well as operating data from its Singles' Day, an annual sale that accounts for more than the combined sales of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping events in the United States, according to Alibaba's annual report filed on Tuesday.
  • Foxconn replaces 60,000 human workers with robots (2016-05-25 17:16:00)
  • Why is there an iPhone in this 350-year-old painting? (2016-05-25 17:15:51)
    The Next Web reported this bizarre anecdote from the conference, noting that the odd-shaped block in the painting is actually described by the painter as "a letter." Okay, that's an iPhone, but sure. What I find most flabbergasting about this very odd story is that Tim Cook has ever been confident in the timing of the iPhone's invention or the identity of its inventor. If I have learned anything from the golden age of cable television it's that time is a flat circle, and if I have learned anything from the swath of recent films about tech personalities, everyone in Silicon Valley is a psychotic pathological liar.
  • App helps Iowa man get drunken driving conviction tossed (2016-05-25 17:13:22)
    IOWA CITY, Iowa (AP) — An Iowa man's use of a smartphone application to get legal help in the middle of the night proved key in getting his drunken driving conviction overturned.
  • CDC study finds Americans have never been more obese (2016-05-25 17:10:42)
    There are more tools now at the disposal of people trying to lose weight and get in shape than there have ever been in the past. But unhealthy food is also more abundant than ever before, and the number of Americans who lead a sedentary lifestyle continues to grow. I know how difficult it can be to lose weight. I spent most of my life as an obese American before losing 50 lbs in just 3 months on the way to my target weight. Unfortunately, not all Americans have found the motivation to shed excess weight and improve their health — according to the CDC's most recent National Health Interview Survey, America has never been more obese than it is right now. DON'T MISS:  New free app and site makes watching online videos like regular TV channels The graph above is terrifying. It charts the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's annual obesity findings taken from its latest  National Health Interview Survey . The survey polls American adults on a wide range of health questions and compiles the results to paint a picture of the current state of health in America. Right now, that picture isn't pretty. The CDC polled 100,000 adult Americans in 2015 and used that data to determine that about 30.4% of adults aged 20 and older are obese, meaning they have a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 30 or greater. In other words, more than 97 million adult Americans are grossly overweight. That figure is up only marginally from 29.9% in 2014, but it marks the continuation of an ongoing trend. Since 1997 the number of obese Americans has only dropped one time, between 2002 and 2003, before promptly climbing again the following year. Also discouraging (unless you're a pharmaceutical company) is the CDC's finding that among Americans 18 and older, 9.5% had diabetes in 2015 compared to 9.1% in the prior year's study.
  • Angry customer files class action suit against Theranos (2016-05-25 17:07:44)
    The blood-testing startup Theranos has been hit with a consumer fraud class action lawsuit, a week after the company voided two years’ worth of Edison blood test results. The suit, which was filed today in the district of Northern California, alleges that Theranos’ proprietary blood testing device, Edison, "did not work" and that Theranos’ tests weren’t accurate. "The lawsuit filed today against Theranos is without merit," Theranos spokesperson Brooke Buchanan told The Verge.
  • 'Battleborn' gets a hefty $20 price cut through the weekend (2016-05-25 16:52:00)
  • Corsair's Lapdog confirms lapboards are the hottest thing in PC gaming (2016-05-25 16:50:02)
    Instead of having a built-in keyboard, the Lapdog just has a huge cavity for holding a Corsair mechanical keyboard, and it has a built-in USB 3.0 hub for plugging in your mouse, keyboard, and other accessories. Underneath the Lapdog is memory foam, to cushion and stabilize the weight of this monstrous contraption. The advantage of Corsair's approach over Razer's is obvious: you can use a real gaming keyboard, and your USB mouse of choice, on your lap while sitting on a couch.
  • Exclusive: In Ecuador cyber heist, thieves moved $9 million to 23 Hong Kong firms (2016-05-25 16:44:24)
    By Clare Baldwin and Nathan Layne HONG KONG/CHICAGO (Reuters) - Cyber thieves who stole $12 million from an Ecuadorian bank in 2015 routed the funds through 23 companies registered in Hong Kong, some of them with no clear business activity, according to previously unreported court filings and judicial rulings. The court papers offer a first glimpse into where some of the money was moved after it reached accounts in Hong Kong. The filings stem from a lawsuit filed in early 2015 by Ecuador's Banco del Austro (BDA) in Hong Kong against the web of companies that received or handled more than $9 million in stolen funds, bank records submitted to the territory's Court of First Instance show.
  • Reddit’s Indiana Jones Photoshops are the best thing on the Internet today (2016-05-25 16:40:12)
    The folks over at the Photoshopbattles subreddit have been having a field day today coming up with all sorts of creative shots based on the above photo of Harrison Ford -- in his full Indiana Jones get-up -- sitting inside of a refrigerator. DON'T MISS:  Why Amazon’s Echo is better to talk to than Siri The original photo was a behind the scenes shot taken during the filming of 2008's forgettable  Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull . And now, the collective minds of Reddit have taken the photo and recreated it as their own. And now that you've got the backstory down, below is a sampling of some of the best Photoshop creations Redditors managed to come up with today. First up, we have this great Star Wars themed GIF. Next up, we have some Green Lantern inspired goodness. Oh the horror! Of course, the Star Wars fun isn't over just yet. This is a funny one of Ford being used as some sort of motivational tool. The Indiana Jones/King Kong crossover no one ever wanted. But who knows, maybe this would have actually been better than 2005's King Kong starring Jack Black. As for this one? Well, we have no words. This one is pretty great, a little meta action for a Wednesday. Make sure to hit the source link below for the full rundown of inspired Harrison Ford/Indiana Jones Photoshop magic.
  • HP Inc's revenue misses Wall Street on weak PC, printer sales (2016-05-25 16:36:12)
    (Reuters) - HP Inc , which houses the former Hewlett-Packard Co's legacy hardware business, reported lower-than-expected quarterly revenue as it struggles with weak demand for personal computers and printers.
  • Health and Technology: What You Should Know (2016-05-25 16:33:33)
    We are pioneers in a new world -- the digital world. As we seek to plant flags on new tech summits, it is important to be aware of the health risks involved in navigating this unknown and rocky terrain. Technology-induced accidents notwithstanding, the gadgets have already produced a variety of physical and mental maladies among the general...
  • Republican budget proposal would gut net neutrality (2016-05-25 16:24:00)
  • Did you drink water today? (2016-05-25 16:20:02)
    Hi. How are you feeling? Feeling thirsty, maybe? Did you drink water today? You should probably drink more water. WaterO, a smart water purifier, wants you to drink water, or else it has no reason to exist. You like water and water purifiers, right? You want WaterO to exist, right? No pressure.
  • Exclusive: Bangladesh probes 2013 hack for links to central bank heist (2016-05-25 16:14:27)
    By Krishna N. Das and Ruma Paul DHAKA (Reuters) - Bangladesh police are reviewing a nearly forgotten 2013 cyber heist at the nation’s largest commercial bank for connections to February's $81 million heist at the country's central bank, a senior law enforcement official said on Wednesday. The unsolved theft of $250,000 at Sonali Bank involved fraudulent transfer requests sent over the SWIFT international payments network. It is not widely known outside of Bangladesh, and in fact was treated as a cold case until Bangladesh police revived the investigation after thieves in February also used the SWIFT network to steal $81 million from Bangladesh Bank.
  • 100 incredible movies that everyone needs to see before they die (2016-05-25 16:10:26)
    There is an overwhelming amount of media to consume in 2016. You can catch up on the latest episodes of a network TV show, go to the theater to watch a multi-million dollar blockbuster, log in to Netflix to binge on the latest original series or jump on a PlayStation 4  to play a 60-hour game. With so much content at our disposal, it's easy to just give up and watch Seinfeld reruns, which is why it's always nice to have a list of suggestions from others. DON'T MISS:  ‘Game of Thrones’ has one huge twist left, but it’ll be years before we see it Last year, BBC Culture polled film critics from around the world in order to create a list of the best American movies of all time. A few weeks ago, someone decided to make a brilliant montage of all the films, which you can watch below: Here's the entire list of films that made the cut, from #100-#1: 100. Ace in the Hole (Billy Wilder, 1951) 99. 12 Years a Slave (Steve McQueen, 2013) 98. Heaven’s Gate (Michael Cimino, 1980) 97. Gone With the Wind (Victor Fleming, 1939) 96. The Dark Knight (Christopher Nolan, 2008) 95. Duck Soup (Leo McCarey, 1933) 94. 25th Hour (Spike Lee, 2002) 93. Mean Streets (Martin Scorsese, 1973) 92. The Night of the Hunter (Charles Laughton, 1955) 91. ET: The Extra-Terrestrial (Steven Spielberg, 1982) 90. Apocalypse Now (Francis Ford Coppola, 1979) 89. In a Lonely Place (Nicholas Ray, 1950) 88. West Side Story (Robert Wise and Jerome Robbins, 1961) 87. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (Michel Gondry, 2004) 86. The Lion King (Roger Allers and Rob Minkoff, 1994) 85. Night of the Living Dead (George A Romero, 1968) 84. Deliverance (John Boorman, 1972) 83. Bringing Up Baby (Howard Hawks, 1938) 82. Raiders of the Lost Ark (Steven Spielberg, 1981) 81. Thelma & Louise (Ridley Scott, 1991) 80. Meet Me in St Louis (Vincente Minnelli, 1944) 79. The Tree of Life (Terrence Malick, 2011) 78. Schindler’s List (Steven Spielberg, 1993) 77. Stagecoach (John Ford, 1939) 76. The Empire Strikes Back (Irvin Kershner, 1980) 75. Close Encounters of the Third Kind (Steven Spielberg, 1977) 74. Forrest Gump (Robert Zemeckis, 1994) 73. Network (Sidney Lumet, 1976) 72. The Shanghai Gesture (Josef von Sternberg, 1941) 71. Groundhog Day (Harold Ramis, 1993) 70. The Band Wagon (Vincente Minnelli, 1953) 69. Koyaanisqatsi (Godfrey Reggio, 1982) 68. Notorious (Alfred Hitchcock, 1946) 67. Modern Times (Charlie Chaplin, 1936) 66. Red River (Howard Hawks, 1948) 65. The Right Stuff (Philip Kaufman, 1983) 64. Johnny Guitar (Nicholas Ray, 1954) 63. Love Streams (John Cassavetes, 1984) 62. The Shining (Stanley Kubrick, 1980) 61. Eyes Wide Shut (Stanley Kubrick, 1999) 60. Blue Velvet (David Lynch, 1986) 59. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (Miloš Forman, 1975) 58. The Shop Around the Corner (Ernst Lubitsch, 1940) 57. Crimes and Misdemeanors (Woody Allen, 1989) 56. Back to the Future (Robert Zemeckis, 1985) 55. The Graduate (Mike Nichols, 1967) 54. Sunset Boulevard (Billy Wilder, 1950) 53. Grey Gardens (Albert, David Maysles, Ellen Hovde and Muffie Meyer, 1975) 52. The Wild Bunch (Sam Peckinpah, 1969) 51. Touch of Evil (Orson Welles, 1958) 50. His Girl Friday (Howard Hawks, 1940) 49. Days of Heaven (Terrence Malick, 1978) 48. A Place in the Sun (George Stevens, 1951) 47. Marnie (Alfred Hitchcock, 1964) 46. It’s a Wonderful Life (Frank Capra, 1946) 45. The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (John Ford, 1962) 44. Sherlock Jr (Buster Keaton, 1924) 43. Letter from an Unknown Woman (Max Ophüls, 1948) 42. Dr Strangelove (Stanley Kubrick, 1964) 41. Rio Bravo (Howard Hawks, 1959) 40. Meshes of the Afternoon (Maya Deren and Alexander Hammid, 1943) 39. The Birth of a Nation (DW Griffith, 1915) 38. Jaws (Steven Spielberg, 1975) 37. Imitation of Life (Douglas Sirk, 1959) 36. Star Wars (George Lucas, 1977) 35. Double Indemnity (Billy Wilder, 1944) 34. The Wizard of Oz (Victor Fleming, 1939) 33. The Conversation (Francis Ford Coppola, 1974) 32. The Lady Eve (Preston Sturges, 1941) 31. A Woman Under the Influence (John Cassavetes, 1974) 30. Some Like It Hot (Billy Wilder, 1959) 29. Raging Bull (Martin Scorsese, 1980) 28. Pulp Fiction (Quentin Tarantino, 1994) 27. Barry Lyndon (Stanley Kubrick, 1975) 26. Killer of Sheep (Charles Burnett, 1978) 25. Do the Right Thing (Spike Lee, 1989) 24. The Apartment (Billy Wilder, 1960) 23. Annie Hall (Woody Allen, 1977) 22. Greed (Erich von Stroheim, 1924) 21. Mulholland Drive (David Lynch, 2001) 20. Goodfellas (Martin Scorsese, 1990) 19. Taxi Driver (Martin Scorsese, 1976) 18. City Lights (Charlie Chaplin, 1931) 17. The Gold Rush (Charlie Chaplin, 1925) 16. McCabe & Mrs Miller (Robert Altman, 1971) 15. The Best Years of Our Lives (William Wyler, 1946) 14. Nashville (Robert Altman, 1975) 13. North by Northwest (Alfred Hitchcock, 1959) 12. Chinatown (Roman Polanski, 1974) 11. The Magnificent Ambersons (Orson Welles, 1942) 10. The Godfather Part II (Francis Ford Coppola, 1974) 9. Casablanca (Michael Curtiz, 1942) 8. Psycho (Alfred Hitchcock, 1960) 7. Singin’ in the Rain (Stanley Donen and Gene Kelly, 1952) 6. Sunrise (FW Murnau, 1927) 5. The Searchers (John Ford, 1956) 4. 2001: A Space Odyssey (Stanley Kubrick, 1968) 3. Vertigo (Alfred Hitchcock, 1958) 2. The Godfather (Francis Ford Coppola, 1972) 1. Citizen Kane (Orson Welles, 1941)
  • Uber is using Foursquare location data to help pick you up (2016-05-25 16:00:00)
  • Merge VR Goggles are now available at Target (2016-05-25 15:58:02)
    Merge is now selling its ultra-cheap VR Goggles which work with both iOS and Android devices in Target stores. Despite not being the most aesthetically appealing VR headset to wear, Merge does offer the cheapest multi-platform VR headset (outside of Google Cardboard) on the market. This would be a great entry device for people looking to give virtual reality a try. You can pick up the Merge VR Goggles on and in physical stores today.
  • Reddit and other web companies ask FCC to reexamine free data programs (2016-05-25 15:47:25)
    A group of companies and organizations that includes Kickstarter, Etsy, and Reddit have asked the Federal Communications Commission to take a stronger stance against "zero rating" programs that let broadband providers exempt specific services from data caps. Sent yesterday, the letter urges the FCC to establish an "open, public process" to evaluate when zero rating is acceptable — a decision that the agency has previously said it will make on a case-by-case basis. It argues that while the FCC has said it will go after individual companies that abuse zero rating, "ISPs have created a broad enough set of test cases that a decision on each of them would have much the same effect as a new rule, only without the same public participation and transparency." Instead, the group wants to see the agency take public input and use it to make a broader decision.
  • A new system can measure the hidden bias in otherwise secret algorithms (2016-05-25 15:45:20)
    Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have developed a new system for detecting bias in otherwise opaque algorithms. In a paper presented today at the IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy, the researchers laid out a new method for assessing the impact of an algorithm's various input, potentially providing a crucial tool for corporations or governments that want to prove a given algorithm isn't inadvertently discriminatory. Called "Quantitative Input Influence," or QII, the system would test a given algorithm through a range of different inputs.
  • Why Amazon’s Echo is better to talk to than Siri (2016-05-25 15:40:04)
    Artificial intelligence and voice-based computing are likely two of the main components of the smart devices of the future, and Amazon’s surprisingly popular Echo is certainly one device to beat. The home assistant can offer fast responses to some of your immediate needs, like playing music, or giving you the information you require the most, including weather, traffic, sports scores, to name just a few. To many people, the Alexa assistant that powers Echo is about as robust as Siri. Apple’s voice-assistant that resides inside the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV, and iPod touch, can easily do the same things. But Alexa does things better and faster than Siri not because Amazon is better than Apple at processing voice requests, but because the devices offer vastly different experiences. DON’T MISS: This is the OnePlus 3 feature the iPhone 7 has to copy In a post on Medium about his experience with the Amazon Echo , M.G. Siegler explained why Alexa beats Siri when it comes to voice control. What Amazon has managed to achieve is to train users to think differently about voice-controlled computing when having to use a static, home device like the Echo. “First and foremost, as I noted in the original post, the Echo is always listening,” Siegler notes. ”There is nothing to pull out, no button to push. Yes, with the iPhone 6s line, Siri is also always listening. But the key difference is the hit rate. Saying ‘Alexa’ always seems to work. Saying ‘Hey Siri’ appears to work about half the time or less, in my experience.” Furthermore, Alexa always sits out in the open in your house, readily waiting for your commands. Meanwhile, the iPhone isn’t always placed in the same position. That means it might not hear your voice if you keep leaving it in different places, and it might not respond. Even the Apple Watch, Siegler says, isn’t reliable enough to offer a steady Hey Siri experience. “These low hit rates and slow speeds effectively train every user not to use Siri in this way,” he says. Siegler argues that a vocal-only device is necessary "to force the paradigm shift in getting people comfortable talking to these devices,” and Alexa is the kind that gives you no other options of interacting with it than by using your voice. It's not that Siri did it first, it's that Alexa is more efficient at doing what Siri did first. The success of the Echo did not go unnoticed. Google announced Home , a clear Echo alternative that will be infused with its unnamed assistant, and Apple is rumored to be working on a similar device that will bring Siri to your home – you know, other than iPhone (or iOS devices), Apple Watch, and Apple TV
  • Periscope broadcasts are now permanently saved by default (2016-05-25 15:40:00)
  • Watch the first expandable habitat inflate on the International Space Station tomorrow (2016-05-25 15:39:52)
    The International Space Station is ready to deploy its first expandable habitat. The Bigelow Expandable Activity Module (BEAM), which was delivered last month by one of Space X's rockets, will finally be inflated to its full size starting at 5:30AM ET tomorrow, according to NASA. The event will be streamed live on NASA TV.
  • These are the Chromebooks getting Android app support (2016-05-25 15:36:14)
    Chromebooks are about to get far more capable with the addition of Android apps, but unfortunately, not all Chromebooks are going to get that capability. After announcing plans to roll out Android app support last week, Google released a list detailing which Chromebooks will be getting support for them — and there are a lot missing.
  • A wrestler, a website and maybe a billionaire go to the mat (2016-05-25 15:29:15)
    ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (AP) — Is Hulk Hogan's courtroom cage match with Gawker being bankrolled by a high-tech billionaire with a grudge against the news-and-gossip site?
  • Do you love drones enough to watch a 72-minute unboxing of the Xiaomi Mi Drone? (2016-05-25 15:20:03)
    Hey there, looking for clicks!
  • The US Olympic cycling team is training with smart glasses (2016-05-25 15:20:00)
  • The yachts of America’s Cup are faster and weirder than ever (2016-05-25 15:15:04)
    In 2013, Team Oracle USA, founded by the modern-day yachtsman and internet billionaire Larry Ellison, took foil design to the next level in its 72-foot catamarans and is going into the current Cup race as the defending champion. The next America’s Cup final will be held in 2017 in Bermuda.
  • US spends billions on aging tech, including floppy discs (2016-05-25 15:11:22)
    The government is squandering its technology budget maintaining museum-ready computer systems in critical areas from nuclear weapons to Social Security. In a report released Wednesday, nonpartisan congressional investigators found that about three-fourths of the $80 billion budget goes to keep aging technology running, and the increasing cost is shortchanging modernization. The White House has been pushing to replace workhorse systems that date back more than 50 years in some cases.
  • The hottest smart home controller ever installs anywhere there’s a light switch (2016-05-25 15:10:48)
    Every once in a blue moon you come across a device and you instantly know that the company just got it right. The hardware design is great, the software design is great, and the user experience is simple yet powerful and versatile. It's rare to begin with, but it's even more rare when you're talking about smart home controllers and hubs, because the market is all over the place right now. It can all be quite confusing, but there's nothing confusing about this statement: The  NuBryte Touchpoint All-in-One Smart Home Console With Security, Lighting Automation, Wireless Intercom is one of the best in the business, and it won't be long before you agree. First of all, just look at this thing: It couldn't possibly be more sleek, and the user interface is minimalistic and gorgeous. Then when you're not near the panel, there's an equally gorgeous smartphone app ready and waiting: Oh, and about that panel — it can be mounted in no time at all anywhere in your house where there's already a plain old light switch. No professional installation required. How cool is that? Here are some key details: ALL-IN-ONE HOME AUTOMATION by simply replacing your single gang (single switch) light switch with NuBryte Touchpoint. Make your house a smart home in minutes, and control it all from any console, or remotely via free Nubryte App. SMART LIGHTING: 5 easy-to-use advanced lighting modes for whole-home lighting control and digital dimming. Motion-based on/off, Morning Wake Up, Bedtime dimmer, Night light and Vacation lights. Works with standard dimmable bulbs. HOME SECURITY: Built-in wide angle camera and advanced motion detection up to 35'. Receive instant video alerts on your iOS or AndroidTM when alarm is triggered, alerting you to the disturbance. Detract intruders with a 2-stage alarm with both sound and flashing overhead lights. No Contracts/Monthly Fees Required. WIRELESS INTERCOM: Combine 2 or more Touchpoint consoles for an instant home intercom system. Wi-fi based. FAMILY FEATURES: Weather updates and forecasts, family calendar and organizer, notifications and event alerts, energy monitoring, and more! The NuBryte Touchpoint All-in-One Smart Home Console With Security, Lighting Automation, Wireless Intercom covers all the bases and it does so in a simple and elegant way. Best of all, it's only $199.00 on Amazon with no subscription fees or hidden expenses.
  • The Latest: Congressional Dems play down Clinton report (2016-05-25 15:10:21)
    WASHINGTON (AP) — The Latest on the State Department audit that faulted Hillary Clinton's email practices and cybersecurity (all times local):
  • Google's self-driving car project sets up shop in Michigan (2016-05-25 15:00:00)
  • Audit shows Hillary Clinton's private emails broke federal rules (2016-05-25 14:50:00)
  • Watch Samsung’s rollable OLED smartphone display unfold before your eyes (2016-05-25 14:40:42)
    For years, Samsung   has teased fans with flexible and foldable smartphones and tablets, but the company is yet to released any commercial product that people can prod and poke and buy. Sure, the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S6 both have “edge” versions with curved displays, and they’re gorgeous screens, but the curve isn't a must-have feature in a smartphone. However, Samsung is working on a different type of foldable display, and that’s something to be excited about. Rumors claim that a Galaxy X flagship smartphone will join the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note lines next year, sporting a flexible display. The technology is apparently already there, and Samsung demoed a rollable OLED screen in San Francisco at the SID 2016 event. DON’T MISS: This is the OnePlus 3 feature the iPhone 7 has to copy Captured on video by Slashgear , the rollable screen measures 5.7-inch diagonally, offering Full HD resolution (that’s 1920 x 1080 pixels). When rolled up, the OLED panel hides away in a metal cylinder that has a radius of 10mm. The foldable OLED screen weighs just 5g and is 0.3mm thick – that’s without a touch layer on top of it. The technology is impressive, and could help Samsung and other smartphone makers bring new form factors to the smartphone market, compact devices that can be turned into phablets or small tablets with the help of a foldable screen. Existing reports say that Samsung’s foldable smartphone will fold in half like a wallet, but the company is yet to announce any product. Check out Samsung Display’s demo in the following video.
  • Hello Kitty is the latest addition to 'Super Mario Maker' (2016-05-25 14:40:00)
  • Court strikes down U.S. FCC broadcaster sales rules (2016-05-25 14:33:58)
    By David Shepardson WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A U.S. federal appeals court on Wednesday struck down regulations aimed at cracking down on joint sales agreements by local broadcasters, saying an overall review of media ownership rules was long overdue and needed to be completed first. The Federal Communications Commission in 2014 banned such agreements, arguing they allowed companies to effectively control more than two television stations in a market, which is prohibited by commission rules. The three-judge panel of the U.S. Appeals Court in Philadelphia said the commission's regulation "put the cart before the horse" because it had failed to finalize the overall review of media ownership rules.
  • Magic Leap will let 10 developers build apps for its mysterious augmented reality tech (2016-05-25 14:28:47)
    Augmented (or "mixed") reality startup Magic Leap is maybe, theoretically, possibly getting closer to showing off its nearly mythical but reportedly amazing technology. At a Q&A session that he attended via telepresence robot, CEO Rony Abovitz announced a program that would let 10 outside developers come work with Magic Leap devices, over the course of an unspecified timeframe. Magic Leap has also announced a partnership with Twilio to integrate its software, which lets app developers add things like phone calls or text messaging, to the system.
  • Netflix's 'BoJack Horseman' returns on July 22 (2016-05-25 14:20:00)
  • If the future of virtual reality looks like this, we’re all doomed (2016-05-25 14:15:46)
    Our dystopian, tech-dominated future is always said to be an ad-invested hell where we're all slaves to our devices. But what would that actually look like? This video shows you, and it's really not pretty. Hyper-Reality  is a digital short from Keiichi Matsuda that's supposed to present "a provocative and kaleidoscopic new vision of the future, where physical and virtual realities have merged, and the city is saturated in media." What it does -- quite successfully, I should add -- is make me want to destroy all electronics with a rock, and go live in a cave. The short follows a few minutes in the life of a "gig economy" worker doing someone else's grocery shopping for them. The worker is wearing some kind of augmented reality glasses that make the entire world around them smart, but also festooned with ads and content. The film is part funny, part terrifying. Workers for Uber and Postmates talk all the time about being "slaves to the app," something that Uber always shoots down with faux-cheery features -- no authoritarian boss, just a "guru" trying to cheerfully remind you that you're missing all your targets and you're about to be fired. There's other worrying elements in the film -- the worker's device begins to be hacked, and we start to see how the entire world is fake. Adverts for products and customer service reps are all targeted towards the individual for maximum effectiveness, and screw honesty or integrity. Finally, the glasses shut down, and we get a brief glimpse of the real (and very drab) world. Soon enough, we're back in the land of adverts.
  • India says Apple must sell locally-sourced goods to set up stores: source (2016-05-25 14:00:23)
    India has said Apple Inc must meet a rule obliging foreign retailers to sell at least 30 percent locally-sourced goods if it wishes to open stores in the country, a senior government official told Reuters. Apple is hoping to expand its retail presence in India, one of the world's fastest-growing smartphone markets, at a time when sales in the United States and China have slowed. A change in legislation last year exempted foreign retailers selling high-tech goods from the rule, which states 30 percent of the value of goods sold in the store should be made in India.
  • Magic Leap partners with messaging startup Twilio (2016-05-25 14:00:00)
  • The best and worst of the internet's uninspired Hodor jokes (2016-05-25 13:59:20)
    On Sunday night, beloved Game of Thrones character Hodor valiantly sacrificed his life for two of his friends (because one of them was mind-controlling him and the other was repeatedly yelling at him to kill himself).
  • Report: Upgraded Xbox One with 4K, Oculus Rift support will launch in 2017 (2016-05-25 13:55:56)
    With less than a month to go until E3 2016 , the rumor mill has begun to kick into high gear. On Wednesday, Kotaku published a report claiming that Microsoft will release a cheaper, smaller Xbox One before the end of the year while an upgraded Xbox One console with upgraded specs will launch in 2017. DON'T MISS:  Microsoft’s just turned Windows 10 into malware According to Kotaku's sources, the upgraded Xbox carries the codename Scorpio, and will have a more powerful GPU than the current model. Sources also say that the new console will be able to support the Oculus Rift , which is why Microsoft is currently working to partner with Oculus in the months leading up to launch. As for the smaller Xbox One, there's a chance it will come equipped with a 2TB hard drive, although Kotaku couldn't offer many more details regarding the 2016 console. Providing the smaller Xbox One is real, we'll probably see it at E3 . Together, these two consoles make up a new strategy that sources are calling "Project Helix." This strategy will see the companies two major platforms, Windows and Xbox, come together as one. Developer sources tell Kotaku that Microsoft is going to require games to be made available for both platforms in the future. Finally, it appears that both of these consoles are part of a new iterative approach to console releases that will continue throughout the hardware generation. Sources say that Microsoft will continue to release new hardware on a more consistent basis than ever before, while keeping its games compatible with as much of the available hardware as it possibly can at once. We'll likely hear more about these plans when Microsoft takes the stage at E3 2016 on Monday, June 13th at 9:30 a.m. PDT. You can read all about the company's currently announced plans for E3 right here .
  • Foxconn replaces 60,000 factory workers with robots (2016-05-25 13:54:32)
    Foxconn, the largest contract electronics manufacturer in the world, says it has automated away 60,000 jobs in one of its factories, according to the BBC. The cuts are part of an ongoing process to replace humans responsible for "many of the manufacturing tasks associated with our operations" with robots, the company said in a statement. "We are applying robotics engineering and other innovative manufacturing technologies to replace repetitive tasks previously done by employees, and through training, also enable our employees to focus on higher value-added elements in the manufacturing process, such as research and development, process control and quality control," the statement reads.
  • Foxconn cuts 60,000 factory jobs and replaces them with robots (2016-05-25 13:54:32)
    Foxconn, the largest contract electronics manufacturer in the world, says it has automated away 60,000 jobs in one of its factories, according to the BBC. The cuts are part of an ongoing process to replace humans responsible for "many of the manufacturing tasks associated with our operations" with robots, the company said in a statement. "We are applying robotics engineering and other innovative manufacturing technologies to replace repetitive tasks previously done by employees, and through training, also enable our employees to focus on higher value-added elements in the manufacturing process, such as research and development, process control and quality control," the statement reads.
  • Clinton faulted on emails by State Department audit (2016-05-25 13:49:52)
    Hillary Clinton and her team ignored clear guidance from the State Department that her email setup broke federal standards and could leave sensitive material vulnerable to hackers, an independent audit ...
  • Intel awarded reality show contestants $1 million for creating a smart toothbrush (2016-05-25 13:43:54)
    Yesterday it was a smart water bottle to encourage kids to drink more water. Intel just awarded Grush: The Gaming Toothbrush $1 million for its toothbrush, which "transforms the brushing chore into a fun and interactive game." Basically kids follow commands on a smartphone screen while wielding their toothbrush.
  • Romanian hacker who revealed George W. Bush paintings pleads guilty (2016-05-25 13:41:20)
    The Romanian hacker Marcel Lehel Lazar, better known as Guccifer, pleaded guilty today on hacking-related charges, prosecutors on the case announced in a statement. Guccifer became infamous after a 2013 hack revealed self-portraits painted by former President George W. Bush, as well as private correspondence and information on the Bush family. The hacker was also credited with releasing emails from former Secretary of State Colin Powell, doodles drawn by Bill Clinton, and some emails sent through Hillary Clinton's private account.
  • An Apple vs Tesla showdown looks increasingly likely (2016-05-25 13:40:36)
    The evidence pointing to Apple's interest in developing an electric car is immense. As we've covered over the past year or so, Apple has hired a large team of engineers and executives in recent months, with expertise across all facets of the car development and manufacturing process. The most recent tidbit signaling Apple's increased interest in an electric car comes via a Retuers report which claims that the company has begun investigating electric car charging technologies. DON'T MISS:  This is the OnePlus 3 feature the iPhone 7 has to copy "Apple is investigating how to charge electric cars," the report notes, and is "talking to charging station companies and hiring engineers with expertise in the area, according to people familiar with the matter and a review of LinkedIn profiles." While it remains unclear if Apple is interested in developing its own proprietary charging technology or if it's looking to play nicely with existing systems, there's no denying that an expansive charging network is an integral part of the equation if Apple truly wants its rumored electric car to have a chance at success. Indeed, one of the more brilliant things Tesla did was to aggressively roll out a network of Supercharging stations across the country, thereby helping with any concerns of 'range anxiety.' More broadly, the news that Apple is already investigating charging technologies serves to show that Apple's car plans are serious business. It's strong evidence that Apple's plans are more than just a simple R&D sketch. After all, you don't start investigating charging systems unless you're strongly planning on actually building a car. Reuters also points to some notable car-related hires Apple has made lately. Apple has also hired at least four electric vehicle charging specialists, including former BMW employee Rónán Ó Braonáin, who worked on integrating charging infrastructure into home energy systems as well as communication between EVs, BMW and utilities, according a LinkedIn review. As recently as January Apple hired Nan Liu, an engineer who researched a form of wireless charging for electric vehicles, for instance. Quartz earlier this month reported that Apple had hired former Google charging expert Kurt Adelberger. Also worth noting is that Apple last month hired an extremely senior Tesla engineer named Chris Porritt who served as Tesla's VP of Vehicle Engineering. What's more, you might also remember a report from this past April detailing that Apple has a secret lab in Germany where a team of "progressive thinkers" with vast auto industry experience are busy coming up with new ideas and car-oriented technologies. Looking ahead, it's not outside the realm of possibility that Apple and Tesla will be the top two players duking it out in the EV space, or at the very least, in the luxury EV space. While more optimistic reports have suggested that an Apple Car will see the light of day by 2019, others believe we may have to wait until 2021 or even a short while after. As for any indication on the matter from Apple, it's worth highlighting this blurb from Tim Cook earlier this year. When asked if Apple would spend huge sums of cash on developing a car with no plans to commercialize it, Cook responded: Well, could we? Yes. But would we? We don’t have to spend large amounts to explore. So I can’t talk about this certain area that you’re talking about. But when we start spending large amounts of money, we’re committed at that point. But we explore things with teams of people. And that’s a part of being curious. Part of exploring technologies and picking the right one is becoming so familiar with it you can see ways that it can be used. And for us, we’ve never been about being first. We’ve been about being best. So we explore many different things, many different technologies. And at first we might not know what product it might wind up in. And then later we’ll see that that really cool technology enables maybe things that we’re doing today to take on something bigger, maybe something new. But once we start spending gobs of money—like when we start spending on tooling and things like that—we’re committed. And so the waiting game continues.
  • Apple reportedly looks into making electric car charging stations (2016-05-25 13:40:00)
  • BMW invests in California-based carpooling app Scoop (2016-05-25 13:39:31)
    By Paul Lienert and Joseph White DETROIT (Reuters) - German luxury car maker BMW AG on Wednesday said its BMW iVentures venture capital arm has invested an undisclosed amount in California-based Scoop Technologies, which offers a smartphone-powered carpooling service called Scoop. BMW's move is the latest in a flurry of investments by automakers in technology industry startups that appear to be aimed at convincing consumers to do without owning their own cars, or driving vehicles as often. After several years of uncertainty over how to respond to challenges from the startups, global automakers are racing to buy into the would-be disruptors, deploying cash generated from years of strong vehicle sales.
  • Microsoft's Gutting of Its Mobile Business Will Affect 1,850 More Jobs (2016-05-25 13:25:03)
    Microsoft announced today it is slashing 1,850 jobs in its mobile division as the company seeks to streamline operations. As many as 1,350 of the jobs being cut are in Microsoft's mobile division in Finland, according to a statement from the company. "We are focusing our phone efforts where we have differentiation — with enterprises that value security, manageability and our Continuum capability, and consumers who value the same," Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said in a statement.
  • Netflix, Other Streaming Services Face European Content Quotas (2016-05-25 13:25:03)
    Netflix and other on-demand video services could be subject to a quota requiring them to ensure at least 20 percent of their content is European and is prominently featured, according to a new proposal posted online today by the European Commission. "The way we watch TV or videos may have changed, but our values don't," Günther H. Oettinger, commissioner for the Digital Economy and Society, said in a statement. "Our members around the world love European programming, that’s why our investment in European programming, including Netflix original titles created in Europe, is growing," a Netflix representative told ABC News in an email today.
  • Don't worry, Twitter isn't going to broadcast all your replies (2016-05-25 13:20:00)
  • True Detective might be dying, but its memes can live forever (2016-05-25 13:14:41)
    The Hollywood Reporter published a profile of HBO's incoming head of programming Casey Bloys this morning, one that suggests Nic Pizzolatto's anthology series True Detective is unlikely to return for a third season. The writing's been on the wall regarding the show's fate for a few months at this point: HBO avoided mentioning renewal when it announced it had signed Pizzolatto to an exclusive deal through 2018, and Pizzolatto himself once said that he couldn't imagine doing more than three seasons of the show because of the heavy workload. A few eagle-eyed observers also noted that HBO's pre-Game of Thrones sizzle reel referred to "the complete series" of True Detective rather than "every episode," a subtle indication no further episodes were in the pipeline.
  • Microsoft denies forcing Windows 10 upgrade (2016-05-25 13:10:21)
    REDMOND, Wash. (AP) — Microsoft says Windows users still can opt-out of upgrading to the latest version of the software despite claims the company has made it exceedingly difficult to do so.
  • The 2016 Toyota Prius is the most fuel-efficient car Consumer Reports has ever tested (2016-05-25 13:07:10)
    The 2016 Toyota Prius has better fuel economy than any car Consumer Reports has tested, besting the 16-year-old Honda Insight by a single mile per gallon. CR found the new Prius scored an average of 52 mpg, handily beating the 44 mpg made by the 2015 Prius. In a 65 mph highway test, the 2016 Prius achieved 59 mpg, a better rating than any diesel car the magazine has ever tested.
  • A record player with a built-in whiskey bar is all you really need in life (2016-05-25 13:04:15)
    The Luno EGB2 is a beautiful mid-century record player with AirPlay support. You can stream music from your favorite AirPlay-enabled app or throw on a record and enjoy the two-way speaker system with a built-in subwoofer.
  • Welcome to the future of holographic computing (2016-05-25 13:00:25)
    Ask Sebastien Motte and John Howard about the post-smartphone future of computing innovation, and the two Seattle-area technology industry veterans will happily talk at length about mixed reality and holographic interfaces. Indeed, these ex-Microsoft employees -- Motte, the former head of Xbox first-party business development, and Howard, a former Microsoft HoloLens creative director -- are such big believers in mixed reality computing they left Microsoft to strike out on their own in the space. The result is their launch of Loook , a Seattle-based holographic mixed reality design and development studio. DON'T MISS:  New free app and site makes watching online videos like regular TV channels The studio -- which has teamed up with France-based Asobo Studio, an independent studio that’s been developing content for the HoloLens for the last few years - will offer things like prototyping and application development services for businesses. It’s also come along at an opportune time, making its way into a slipstream that’s filling up with other studios, companies and technologies racing to capitalize on the possibilities inherent in mixed reality. One such example is the secretive Florida-based Magic Leap, with its HoloLens-like device which has attracted so much investment funding it’s currently valued north of $4 billion. A few days ago, a pair of VR industry veterans who formerly worked with DreamWorks Animation also launched a new VR and mixed reality company called SPACES that’s already working on content for companies like Microsoft and NBCUniversal, and it’s raised $3 million in initial funding led by Comcast Ventures. Motte -- whose LinkedIn profile image is of him smiling and wearing a HoloLens headset -- says holographic computing is going to change everything. He’s already integrated the HoloLens into his home, where he says the resolution and luminosity are impressive even in his brightly lit house. The three O’s in his new company’s logo form an infinity loop. Motte, who’s also a Kundalini yoga teacher, says the O in the middle is also a symbol of the “third eye” -- the source of intuition and creativity, which speaks to the creation of content and applications that Loook wants to be part of. “Microsoft is really a platform company,” Motte said, by way of explaining his and Howard’s creation of Loook. “The content is there to drive the platform, but there’s only so much the content guys at Microsoft can do. We decided that the only way to make happen what we want to see happen is to go out on our own, where we wouldn’t have to seek approval of budgets and all that. It’s like in the gaming industry, where being indie has a lot to do with being in charge of your own destiny.” Motte, as well as Howard, had a front row seat at Microsoft for a few tidal shifts in consumer computing behavior. During Motte’s time with the company, according to his LinkedIn profile, he helped launch and manage the Age of Empires franchise and other first-party PC games; led content strategy and acquisitions of action/adventure and MMO games for the launch of the Xbox; led a global business development team responsible for first-party Xbox games; and negotiated partnerships with independent games studios and consumer brands for Microsoft Studios entertainment content exclusive to platforms like Xbox LIVE and HoloLens, among other platforms. His Loook cofounder, meanwhile, has a similarly expansive CV. Howard, among other things, led design and production for HoloLens enterprise experiences during his time with Microsoft, in addition to helping secure HoloLens partnerships with companies like Autodesk and Trimble. Prior to that, Howard was creative director on Xbox Fitness and held lead design positions on several games, including “Halo: Combat Evolved.” In mixed reality experiences, users see and interact with an interplay of virtual and real-world environments. Within the context of Loook, the team will sit down with clients and figure out where mixed reality applications can fit into their workflows or solve a particular need. That will result in a storyboard, visuals and technical outlines from which can be developed a proof of concept, prototype and fuller application. “What we bring to the equation is years of experience working with this technology and with the learning curve that’s gone from flat apps to real-time 3D,” Howard said. “Bridging that chasm and having the core skills to get stuff running in 3D and make it perform in real time. Just basic things, like building a basic application that’s going to actually be a mixed-reality 3D application, is often the first place organizations need help or expertise.” “If you think about it, we’ve all gotten really used to interacting with 2D screens and pulling information off of those 2D screens. Books were before that. What’s interesting is how much of that information is trying to tell us something about the real world. Like Google Maps. All of that is 2D trying to express something about the real world. The opportunity to merge the digital with the physical is transformative in terms of how we understand things.” He points to the “cognitive load” associated with using something like Google Maps. Using it while driving in a car requires mental processing, he explains, translating the 2D facts into three-dimensional real-world insight you can use about where you need to go. “But when you can see it on a scale where you’re no longer spending that effort, now that effort can go to something else,” Howard says. “It can go to having an insight you didn’t have before. "That will transform how we work and play going forward.”
  • How to make clouds from pine trees: a recipe from physicists (2016-05-25 13:00:03)
    This is a little complicated, but here’s the short version: when vapors from pine trees combine with oxygen, the resulting particles can cluster together if they’re helped by high-energy particles from space that rain down on the Earth’s atmosphere, called cosmic rays. Scientists think cosmic rays may play an important role in determining our climate — and in experiments they found that these interactions can lead to the formation of aerosol particles, which can grow to become precursors to clouds, according to two studies published in Nature today.
  • Neanderthals were building complex cave structures much longer ago than we thought (2016-05-25 13:00:03)
    Ancient piles of broken stalagmites found deep inside a cave in France were made by Neanderthals about 176,000 years ago, way before modern humans were around. This is the first time archaeologists have concluded that our cousins ventured underground and built complex constructions. The structures are proof that Neanderthals were pretty smart and organized, according to the study authors.
  • Canada's oil sands are a major source of air pollution, airplane study shows (2016-05-25 13:00:03)
    Canada's oil sands are an important source of fossil fuels, but they also emit high levels of air pollutants, according to a study published today in Nature. The emissions equal what's produced by the entire city of Toronto, researchers from Environment Canada say. The data in today's report were gathered by an aircraft that flew over Alberta's oil sands in August and September 2013, following clouds of air pollution for over 70 miles.
  • 'Pokemon Go' beta arrives on mobile devices (2016-05-25 13:00:00)
  • Google self-driving car project opening Michigan tech center (2016-05-25 12:47:47)
    DETROIT (AP) — Google's self-driving car project is heading to the Motor City.
  • 'Moneyball' 2.0: Championship Strategies Converge for Sports and Technology (2016-05-25 12:47:02)
    Sports and technology -- traditionally they have been the "oil and water" of business, just not mixing well. There could not have been two more opposite business models or participants, so much so that society actually segregated the two often-warring tribes into "the jocks" and "the geeks." As a former MLB player and now cloud software company...
  • Customize and better manage Android notifications with Nevolution (2016-05-25 12:45:49)
    If you get a lot of notifications from Android, find out how Nevolution can help make this system more efficient.
  • The Latest: Clinton spokesman says her email practices known (2016-05-25 12:40:53)
    WASHINGTON (AP) — The Latest on the State Department audit that faulted Hillary Clinton's email practices and cybersecurity (all times local):
  • There won’t be a Galaxy Note 6, because Samsung’s numbering system is dumb (2016-05-25 12:40:41)
    Remember the feeling when you found out that Windows 8 won’t be followed by a logical Windows 9 update, but by an unexpected Windows 10 release? Well, Samsung is reportedly pulling the same kind of marketing trick for its Galaxy Note line. DON’T MISS: This is the OnePlus 3 feature the iPhone 7 has to copy A new report from ETNews says that Samsung will move from Galaxy Note 5 directly to Galaxy Note 7. The move has an obvious marketing purpose: make sure customers know this year’s Galaxy Note is a fresh device, rather than a handset from last year. “When Galaxy Note 6 that has its model number lower than Galaxy S7, which is the newest model, is released, it can give out a feeling that it is an outdated phone,” a high-ranking official said. Samsung might have one other reason to look for such cohesion between Galaxy S and Galaxy Note numbering systems. The company is reportedly launching a Galaxy Note 7 edge handset that might be similar to the Galaxy S7 edge when it comes to overall design. It would make some sense to have the same number for both flagship devices. That doesn’t mean the reasoning isn’t silly as well. In an age where most smartphone buyers are always connected, it’s highly likely they’re smart enough to tell the difference between the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note families, and to know that the Galaxy Note 6 should be the latest flagship phablet from the company. Assuming this decision is true, then Samsung probably can’t wait for the Galaxy S8 and Note 8 to arrive next year. Think about it, Apple should unveil an iPhone 7s series in 2017, and 8 beats 7. The report goes on to say that the Galaxy Note 7 should be launched at some point in mid-August, just like its predecessor, to avoid iPhone 7 competition.
  • Tech alliance asks the FCC to investigate data cap exceptions (2016-05-25 12:39:00)
  • Feds spend billions to run museum-ready computer systems (2016-05-25 12:35:52)
    WASHINGTON (AP) — The government is squandering its technology budget maintaining museum-ready computer systems in critical areas from nuclear weapons to Social Security. They're still using floppy disks at the Pentagon.
  • Google self-driving car unit will open engineering center in Michigan (2016-05-25 12:33:40)
    Alphabet Inc's Google self-driving car project said Wednesday it will launch this year a new technology development center in suburban Detroit. The Mountain View, Calif. search company said in a blog post that engineers at the facility, located in Novi, Mich., will start with work fitting the company's autonomous driving systems into Chrysler Pacifica mini vans, under a previously announced agreement with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV. Google said the 53,000 square foot facility "will help us collaborate more easily and access Michigan's top talent in vehicle development and engineering" as it develops its self-driving vehicle systems.
  • Teach Money Skills to Your Middle Schooler This Summer (2016-05-25 12:31:25)
    Most 12-to-14-year-olds I know are pretty busy over summer break. They're active with sports, their friends and for many, their first odd jobs around the neighborhood - the first real spending money they've earned outside the home.At that age, the money young teens earn in the summer usually comes from parents for household chores like mowing...
  • Rumors are flying about new Xbox consoles and streaming devices (2016-05-25 12:19:00)
  • Irish privacy watchdog refers Facebook's U.S. data transfers to EU court (2016-05-25 12:18:45)
    By Julia Fioretti and Conor Humphries BRUSSELS/DUBLIN (Reuters) - Data transfers to the United States by companies such as Facebook and Google face a renewed legal threat after the Irish privacy watchdog said on Wednesday it would refer Facebook's data transfer mechanisms to the top EU court. The move follows an Irish investigation into Facebook's transfer of European Union users' data to the United States to ensure that personal privacy is properly protected from U.S. government surveillance. Facebook, like many other tech companies, has its European headquarters in Dublin and is regulated by the Irish Data Protection Commissioner (IDPC).
  • Google is building a self-driving car R&D center near Detroit (2016-05-25 12:16:38)
    Google's Self-Driving Car Project just announced on Google+ that it's building what it calls a "self-driving technology development center" in Novi, Michigan, about 30 miles northwest of Detroit. The 53,000-square-foot facility will be used for research and development in concert with the company's Michigan-based partners — this is still the home of the American auto industry, after all — and will be where Google works alongside Fiat Chrysler (based another 30 miles north in Auburn Hills) to build its self-driving minivans starting later this year. "Many of our current partners are based here, so having a local facility will help us collaborate more easily and access Michigan's top talent in vehicle development and engineering," the post reads.
  • Netflix, Amazon face quotas for European movies (2016-05-25 12:05:39)
    US firms like Netflix, Amazon and Apple face quotas for European movies and television shows under EU proposals unveiled Wednesday that also aim to lift cross-border barriers for Internet shoppers. The proposals are the latest step towards what Brussels calls a digital single market, in which the European Union's 500 million people will no longer be blocked from buying goods and services more cheaply abroad online. "We have a European film culture and we think European content should be in those programmes," Guenther Oettinger, the German EU commissioner for digital economy, told a press conference in Brussels.
  • Clinton didn’t follow State Department email policy, watchdog report says (2016-05-25 12:00:48)
    The State Department inspector general has released its report on email practices, and the result is harshly critical of former secretary of state and presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. First made public by The Washington Post, the report (which is embedded below) finds that Clinton's use of a private email server was a clear violation of both State Department and federal security standards. The report stops short of alleging criminal negligence, as the FBI is currently investigating whether Clinton's conduct warrants federal charges.
  • Bluesmart's redesigned smart luggage looks sharp but still weighs nine pounds (2016-05-25 12:00:02)
    Bluesmart raised more than $2 million on Indiegogo in 2014 for its connected carry-on bag. Now, two years later, the company's improving upon that luggage with the release of its Bluesmart Black Edition, which is available for preorder starting today. The Black Edition's exterior combines nylon and polyester with a double layer of PU coating, which makes the suitcase water- and scratch-resistant, Bluesmart says.
  • Osmo's blocks are like Lego for coding (2016-05-25 12:00:00)
  • BoJack Horseman is coming back on July 22nd (2016-05-25 11:53:50)
    Raphael Bob-Waksberg's animated story of a boozed-up, down-and-out horse, BoJack Horseman, has a season three premiere date: July 22nd. The series stars Will Arnett as BoJack, a horse trying to figure out what the heck he's doing with his life. It still seems safe to assume things aren't going to be easy for BoJack anytime soon.
  • Xiaomi’s new drone is insanely cheap (2016-05-25 11:52:01)
    A couple years ago, DJI made quadcopter drones easy to fly, and just about affordable -- its top-end models have always  hovered  around $1200. Xiaomi is a Chinese electronics manufacturer best known for its cheap-and-cheerful Android smartphones, which offer top-end features for about half the price. With a $500 drone that looks to rival DJI's flagship model, it looks like Xiamoi is trying to do for drones what it did for handsets. Here's all you really need to know about the two new Mi drones: 27-minute flight time, GPS and GLONASS for positioning, sensors on the bottom for holding a hover at low altitudes, and live-streaming video to a smartphone that connects to the controller. Video-wise, you're looking at 1080p video from the cheaper model, or 4K video and RAW stills from the more expensive version, with both cameras mounted on a 360-degree gimbal. Those specs are near-as-dammit identical to the DJI Phantom 3, DJI's insanely popular prosumer drone that was only recently replaced by the Phantom 4. But rather than costing $1,400 like the Phantom 3, the Mi Drone will run you $380 for the 1080p version, or $460 for 4K video. As one of my colleagues astutely pointed out, that makes the drones --  really good drones --  cheaper than a high-end smartphone (or a last-gen iPhone, for that matter). Sure, the drones might not fly as fast or as high as DJI's best, and they lack the collision avoidance features that are coming on today's top-end drones. But for that price, it doesn't really matter. Drones are already becoming a common sight at scenic lookouts and over city centers; if the price more than halves, then you can expect to see a lot more Dads With Drones this holiday season. Availability is unclear, but the 4K version will be first available for "testing" as part of a beta program in July.
  • Xiomi’s new drone is insanely cheap (2016-05-25 11:52:01)
    A couple years ago, DJI made quadcopter drones easy to fly, and just about affordable -- its top-end models have always  hovered  around $1200. Xiaomi is a Chinese electronics manufacturer best known for its cheap-and-cheerful Android smartphones, which offer top-end features for about half the price. With a $500 drone that looks to rival DJI's flagship model, it looks like Xiamoi is trying to do for drones what it did for handsets. Here's all you really need to know about the two new Mi drones: 27-minute flight time, GPS and GLONASS for positioning, sensors on the bottom for holding a hover at low altitudes, and live-streaming video to a smartphone that connects to the controller. Video-wise, you're looking at 1080p video from the cheaper model, or 4K video and RAW stills from the more expensive version, with both cameras mounted on a 360-degree gimbal. Those specs are near-as-dammit identical to the DJI Phantom 3, DJI's insanely popular prosumer drone that was only recently replaced by the Phantom 4. But rather than costing $1,400 like the Phantom 3, the Mi Drone will run you $380 for the 1080p version, or $460 for 4K video. As one of my colleagues astutely pointed out, that makes the drones --  really good drones --  cheaper than a high-end smartphone (or a last-gen iPhone, for that matter). Sure, the drones might not fly as fast or as high as DJI's best, and they lack the collision avoidance features that are coming on today's top-end drones. But for that price, it doesn't really matter. Drones are already becoming a common sight at scenic lookouts and over city centers; if the price more than halves, then you can expect to see a lot more Dads With Drones this holiday season. Availability is unclear, but the 4K version will be first available for "testing" as part of a beta program in July.
  • Marvel is making a massive change to Captain America (2016-05-25 11:38:22)
    Despite being one of Marvel Comics' most idealistic and incorruptible superheroes, Captain America is now being written as perhaps one of the company's greatest villains. With the release of Captain America: Steve Rogers #1 today, Marvel has revealed that Cap has operated as sleeper agent for Hydra, the fictional terrorist organization closely associated with the Nazis, from the very beginning. In an interview with Time, Marvel executive editor Tom Brevoort said that the plan to make Cap a villain has been in development since 2014, and aims to capture some of what's happening in politics today — particularly when it comes to discovering the ugly sides of our beloved public figures.
  • Xbox One slim rumored for E3 and more powerful console expected in 2017 (2016-05-25 11:32:20)
    While Microsoft is rumored to be planning two new "Xbox TV" streaming devices at E3, it appears a slimmer and smaller Xbox One will be unveiled too. References to a new Xbox One wireless chip were discovered last month, and now Kotaku claims Microsoft will release a "cheaper, small Xbox One" later this year. Sources familiar with Microsoft's Xbox plans tell The Verge that the refreshed Xbox One will be 40 percent smaller than the current model, and will likely include 4K video support.
  • 10 paid iPhone apps on sale for free right now (2016-05-25 11:27:19)
    Tuesday's collection of paid iPhone and iPad  apps on sale for free was great, but that doesn't mean we get a free pass on Wednesday. We're back with a fresh new back of apps that are all normally paid downloads but are on sale for free right now. You can still check back in yesterday's post if you want though, and you'll find that more than half of the apps listed in there are still  free. DON'T MISS:  New free app and site makes watching online videos like regular TV channels These are paid iPhone and iPad apps that have been made available for free for a limited time by their developers. There is no way to tell how long they will be free. These sales could end an hour from now or a week from now — obviously, the only thing we can guarantee is that they were free at the time this post was written. If you click on a link and see a price listed next to an app instead of the word “get,” it is no longer free. The sale has ended. If you download the app, you will be charged. Weather Lock Normally $1.99. With Weather Lock you can have current temperature and weather conditions on your lock screen! With a touch of Home button you can visualize current temperature, weather status, humidity, wind speed and direction. Access to forecast without unlock your device using Previous and Next control buttons! Widget You don’t want to use lock screen visualization? Enable the Widget so you can view the information using Notification Center. Also you can use the Widget as a quick access to the App or in case you need to re-enable lock screen visualization. Design Using minimalist and stylish interface you can easily view current weather information and forecast. Settings From settings you can configure current location and personalize information to show at lock screen Weather Sounds Listen current condition nature sound on background. (you can mute from app so it is not necessary to lower the volume of your device) Download the App Now! Next versions features - Automatic locations detection so no need to change it by hand if you travel - Forecast at Widget - Universal App (iPad version) - Localized interface (More languages) Download Weather Lock Ruler Normally $0.99. This is simple virtual Ruler app 17 feet/5 meters long. How to use Ruler to measure length: Put your finger on screen and slide phone with the other hand. Pull arrow down to reel off. See video and little practice and you may get 1% accuracy. Download Ruler Listify Normally $2.99. Listify designed as a simple and elegant solution to all the lists you make. It's uses are only limited by your imagination. With an emphasis on quick entry, a clean interface, as well as data that syncs to all your devices in real time, the app is simple but very powerful. Features: • Create colorful and fun lists • Cloud syncing to all your devices • A simple and clean interface • Fast data entry What could you use Listify for? Well here's a list: • To do Lists • Shopping Lists • Packing Lists • Inventories • Bucket Lists • Wish Lists • Needed Items • Projects • Checklists • Goals • Outlines and Points to cover • Places to visit • Your Favorite Things • And Much More! Download Listify Supra RPG II Normally $1.99. The World of Supra is a land of heroes and magic. Once a peaceful realm is invaded by vicious Demon Knights. Defeat the evil in a quest of justice and heroism. And collect few items on the way! Master one of the three classes available. Ferocious Blademaster, Intelligent Wizard or Sturdy Life Warrior. The choice is yours. Travel through 13 different zones and gather loot! Credits: Development: Rasmus Halsas Music: -Modern 8 Bit Game Theme by Ambasador -8Bit Adventure by pitanime80 -8Bit Action by pitanime80 Download Supra RPG II Video Web Normally $1.99. The definitive app for playing videos online from your favorite web sites! (not included YouTube) With Video Web you will can: - Play videos online from a huge quantity of web sites. - Play videos on your Apple TV and on your Chromecast! - Now you can browse on the web without any ad! - Video Web works with the most important video formats like: mp4, avi, mov, flv (flash), mpg… - Access to your device from a browser, FTP or WebDav to manage your files easily! - Save your favorite web sites to access them at any time. - Manage your history data. - Really simple and intuitive modern design. - Video Web is an UNIVERSAL app (it works great on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch). - And many more!! PLEASE NOTE: Video Web is not related with any video web service. Using Video Web to play copyrighted videos is not allowed unless you own them, and It's under your own responsibility. Download ZVideo Web Home Scan Pro Normally $4.99. Are your home network and connected devices secure? Use Home Scan to find your network security risks and monitor what is connected to your network. This simple to use app includes professional features but allows even the inexperienced user to get an understandable overview of the network and running services. A simple and intuitive interface helps you evaluate security levels, detect intruders and resolve network issues. Features include: • Scan your network to identify all attached devices and security risks. • Get notifications on any serious security alerts. • Device info for all devices connected to your network • NetBIOS, mDNS (Net Services), LLMNR, and DNS name support. • Vendor name, IP, and MAC addresses of all discovered devices. • Complete history of WiFi scans and devices added and removed. • Portscan any device. Also: • Realtime Internet speed testing of your Download, Upload and Ping (latency), • Cellular and Wi-Fi Internet speed test Download Home Scan Pro StarDroid Normally $0.99. StarDroid is a 2D top-down sci-fi action adventure shooter game The game is set in the future, of course, and has a lot of unmanned spaceships that are drifting around aimlessly around the galaxy, thus causing chaos for space traffic. Your mission, as a robot, is to board these spaceships and destroy them in order to save the galaxy's traffic. Are you up to the task? Features: - Great mix of action game, puzzle and explorer - Find your way to the reactor of the spaceship - Place bombs to free your way - Explore everything - discover many secret and hidden rooms - Experience humorous conversations in a great storyline - Boss fights - Beautiful PixelArt - Easy to control - 100% Indie Developer Please note: Runs smoothly on iPad 2/3, iPhone 4S or higher! Download StarDroid VideoSpoty Normally $0.99. "I love this video app. I can watch all the songs I have saved in my Spotify account as music videos" - User review. "Very nice app for Spotify users" - User review. Music videos for your Spotify songs. Now you can watch all your music on your device or TV! HOW IT WORKS: - Login with your Spotify account and VideoSpoty will search for music videos from your saved songs, playlists and all available music. KEY FEATURES: - Watch every music video on your device or on your TV. - AirPlay & Chromecast 100% compatible. - Discover new music videos with ease. - Great for parties! - Designed for iPhone & iPad. * A free or premium Spotify account is required to use the app. Download VideoSpoty Gboard Rages Faces Pro Normally $1.99. If you feel you need some new emoji for expressing yourself while chatting- We got the solution! Now you have a lot of Rage Faces and troll images that are very simple to use wherever you want. How it works: 1. Choose Rage Face you want 2. Add the rage face to the photo 3. Save or Share it with your friends. We made it so simple that you are doing this in seconds. Have fun and enjoy it! Download Gboard Rages Faces Pro Vanish Weight Loss Tracker Normally $1.99. Keep track of your weight loss goals and post progress photos straight to Instagram with the Vanish 12 week weight loss tracker. Perfect for Bikini Body Guide, Fit Girl Guide and other 12 week body transformation programs. Enter you starting and goal weight, then update each week as you get closer and closer towards your goal. Take selfies along the way and share before/after comparison photos direct to your Instagram fitness account in one click. Great for keeping all those fitness selfies & healthies in one place and off your iPhone photo app. No registration or personal data required, the app is perfectly anonymous and all your stats and photos are deletable at any time from within the setting section. Share your progress, stay motivated and see real progress with the Vanish 12 week weight loss tracker app. Download Vanish Weight Loss Tracker
  • The Latest: State Dept audit faults Clinton in emails (2016-05-25 11:21:58)
    WASHINGTON (AP) — The Latest on the State Department audit that faulted Hillary Clinton's email practices and cybersecurity (all times local):
  • Exclusive: Apple explores charging stations for electric vehicles (2016-05-25 11:12:02)
    By Julia Love and Alexandria Sage SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Apple Inc is investigating how to charge electric cars, talking to charging station companies and hiring engineers with expertise in the area, according to people familiar with the matter and a review of LinkedIn profiles. For more than a year, Silicon Valley has been buzzing about Apple's plan to build an electric car. A shortage of public charging stations, and the hours wasted in charging a car, could be an opportunity for Apple, whose simple designs have transformed consumer electronics.
  • Tech billionaire Thiel backs wrestler Hogan's Gawker lawsuit - Forbes (2016-05-25 11:03:18)
    Billionaire investor Peter Thiel is helping wrestler Hulk Hogan bankroll his lawsuit against Gawker Media, according to a report in Forbes. Hogan, whose real name is Terry Bollea, in March won a $140 million jury verdict against Gawker in a privacy lawsuit stemming from a sex tape Gawker had published. Gawker, a New York-based website specializing in media and celebrity news, is appealing the verdict.
  • Microsoft reportedly launching 'Xbox TV' devices next month (2016-05-25 11:02:26)
    Microsoft is said to be planning to unveil new Xbox streaming devices at E3 next month. The software giant has been considering an "Xbox TV" device for at least three years, and it appears a variant of it will be unveiled in June. Brad Sams, executive editor at Petri, revealed that Microsoft is "going to be announcing at least two streaming devices at E3" during an online podcast today.
  • How Genius annotations undermined web security (2016-05-25 11:00:23)
    Until early May, when The Verge confidentially disclosed the results of my independent security tests, the “web annotator” service provided by the tech startup Genius had been routinely undermining a web browser security mechanism. The web annotator is a tool which essentially republishes web pages in order to let Genius users leave comments on specific passages. In the process of republishing, those annotated pages would be stripped of an optional security feature called the Content Security Policy, which was sometimes provided by the original version of the page.
  • Spotify's Discover Weekly playlists have 40 million listeners (2016-05-25 11:00:00)
  • Microsoft’s just turned Windows 10 into malware (2016-05-25 10:58:59)
    For months now, Microsoft has done everything in its power to shove  Windows 10 down your throat. The free update is mandatory at this point, and we’ve heard from many Windows users who discovered their computers updated to the newest version automatically , without their knowledge or explicit permission. Microsoft kept offering excuses for these annoying occurrences, and even said it will stop pushing upgrades to Windows users refuse to hope aboard the Windows 10 train. Now, the company has come up with its most evil trick yet to get you to update your PC to Windows 10, and it's based on the same methodology hackers use to trick people into installing malware. DON'T MISS:  New free app and site makes watching online videos like regular TV channels Pop-ups often appear when you visit malicious websites and when you click the "X" to close them, malware is installed on your computer. Well, Microsoft just tweaked its Windows 10 upgrade alert pop-up so that the update is triggered when clicking the X, PC World explains . The Get Windows X app that pushes the update prompt has recently changed the behavior of the “X” button. Earlier, users would have been able to dismiss the pop-up by pressing the button, as you would expect. But you can’t do that anymore. Pressing the X now has a different function. It tells the company you’re happy to have your computer updated at the time shown inside the pop-up. The only way to get rid of it is to change the update time manually. But of course, that’s not intuitive at all and many people are about to be tricked into upgrading. The trick is disingenuous at best, since Microsoft isn’t technically doing anything wrong. It’s just turning the function of the X button from “close and do nothing” to “close and upgrade later.” You know, without explaining this tiny change to anyone. Come July 29th, Microsoft will stop prompting users to upgrade, Business Insider reminds us, so make sure you change your Windows 10 upgrade time to August or later!
  • BMW invests in California-based mobile carpooling app (2016-05-25 10:54:31)
    DETROIT (Reuters) - BMW i Ventures, an arm of the German automaker, said it has invested an undisclosed amount in California-based Scoop Technologies, maker of a mobile carpooling app called Scoop. BMW has made similar investments in several mobility-related startups. (Reporting by Paul Lienert in Detroit, Editing by Franklin Paul)
  • Microsoft to end smartphone manufacturing: union (2016-05-25 10:54:21)
    Microsoft announced Wednesday it was let go up to 1,850 employees and the Finnish union called it the end of the company's smartphone manufacturing business, bought from Finnish telecom equipment maker Nokia. "Microsoft Corp. on Wednesday announced plans to streamline the company's smartphone hardware business, which will impact up to 1,850 jobs," it said in a statement, adding 1,350 of those jobs would be eliminated in Finland where its smartphones have been designed. Microsoft's chief shop steward in Finland, Kalle Kiili, told AFP the decision means Microsoft will no longer design or manufacture phones.
  • VanMoof's connected bikes are easy to ride and hard to lose (2016-05-25 10:50:45)
    It's a bike with an electric motor and a suite of smart features that drastically reduce concerns about theft — including a guarantee that, if it gets stolen, the company will use the smart tech inside the bike to track it down and return it to you. Today the company will announce a new version of that bike with no electric motor.
  • EMC announces open source orchestration tool for cloud, IoT apps (2016-05-25 10:49:04)
    EMC recently announced UniK, a tool that hopes to bring unikernel functionality to app platforms.
  • US probes e-commerce giant Alibaba's accounting practices (2016-05-25 10:49:02)
    WASHINGTON (AP) — Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba says it is under investigation by U.S. regulators in connection with its accounting practices.
  • You can play the new 'Legend of Zelda' early in New York City (2016-05-25 10:42:00)
  • Weiner review: an embarrassing, unmissable ringside seat to scandal (2016-05-25 10:40:00)
    The fascinating thing about Weiner is that it doesn't definitively pick one of these angles over the other. Just by following former US representative Anthony Weiner around during his 2013 New York City mayoral campaign, directors Josh Kriegman (Weiner's former aide and district-office chief of staff) and Elyse Steinberg tell both stories at once. Once the youngest New York City councilman ever elected, then a 10-year veteran of Congress, Weiner resigned in 2011 in the wake of the scandal.
  • Samsung put an iris scanner in a Galaxy Tab (2016-05-25 10:34:24)
    Samsung has built iris-recognition technology into a Galaxy Tab specifically designed for India's government and enterprise community. India's government is pushing for a cashless and paperless society, leaning heavily on biometric data collected by UIDAI for authentication purposes, and Samsung is positioning the Galaxy Tab Iris as the device that can help ease the process. Samsung says the tablet will be able to simplify the authentication of Indian citizens in financial institutions and for government services, regardless of language and literacy challenges.
  • US defense secretary calls for faster technology development (2016-05-25 10:34:15)
    NEWPORT, R.I. (AP) — U.S. Defense Secretary Ashton Carter says the government needs to develop technology faster and reconnect with the tech industry.
  • Bentley, Zoolander pose, or Danielle Steel novel? (2016-05-25 10:25:44)
    I was browsing the online configurator for Bentley's range-topping Mulsanne model this morning, and I stumbled upon the most delightful feature: the British luxury automaker names the suggested color combinations for each of its models and sub-models, and the names are fantastic. Molten Bronze. Big Skies. Opera Night. The list goes on, seemingly forever. There are dozens of them.
  • A single European market won't lead to a single European Netflix (2016-05-25 10:21:00)
  • APNewsBreak: State Dept audit faults Clinton in emails (2016-05-25 10:08:53)
    A State Department audit has faulted Hillary Clinton and previous secretaries of state for poorly managing email and other computer information and slowly responding to new cybersecurity risks. The Associated ...
  • Shia LaBeouf is using Twitter to hitchhike across the country (2016-05-25 10:07:45)
    Aspiring artist and Gemini Shia LaBeouf has quite literally taken to the streets in his most recent attempt to prove himself as a performance artist. Here's how it works: over the course of one month, LaBeouf will randomly tweet the GPS coordinates of his present location. Any enterprising people without any more pressing engagements can then go find LaBeouf and his crew, and take them anywhere in the country.
  • New free app and site makes watching online videos like regular TV channels (2016-05-25 10:00:51)
    One of the many reasons cord cutting has grown so popular in recent years is the abundance of video content available online. It would take 1,000 lifetimes to watch all of the videos out there, and the amount of content continues to grow exponentially. But despite all of the great content that's freely available, cord cutters continue to subscribe to pay services like Netflix and Hulu . One reason is obviously to gain access to their content, but there's also another problem with sites like YouTube: It is becoming increasingly difficult to find good content. A newly launched app and website is looking to tackle that problem by offering a curated viewing experience that delivers curated streams of continuous videos that are structured like traditional TV channels. DON'T MISS:  12 paid iPhone apps on sale for free today One of the biggest differences between the online viewing experience and the pay TV viewing experience is that the former is active while the latter can be either active or passive. In other words, you can sit down in front of a television and watch content on demand, or you can flip to a channel you enjoy and watch new content that is continuously broadcast. With online video on the other hand, you have to seek out each new video unless you want to rely on YouTube's algorithm-based next feature, which never seems to go very well. A new free service Cornflix TV was created to give viewers a new option when tuning into online videos. Instead of just watching one clip and searching for the next, Cornflix TV offers a series of curated channels that are structured like TV channels. So for example, you can open the Entertainment category to watch continuous feeds of free entertainment shows like The Tonight Show and The Voice . Or flip over to the Food & Drink category and enjoy an experience similar to Food Network. Content can also be further drilled down by channel. Examples include "World's Fuzziest Videos," Top Gear, Red Bull TV, CNN, College Humor, Dude Perfect, BBC Trending and "Today's Funniest Clips." Cornflix TV currently offers 15 broad categories that are home to more than 500 channels. It's available for free on the web at , or as a free download for the iPhone and iPad , Android devices , and the Apple TV.
  • Dinner is Shipped (2016-05-25 10:00:11)
    For variety, I also signed up for PeachDish, a small, Southern food-specific service, and Purple Carrot, a fairly new vegan service. The website was as usable as the New York State DMV's. Blue Apron also only a few delivery days to choose from, and required a 10-day notice.
  • Riding shotgun in a DIY self-driving car (2016-05-25 10:00:00)
  • EU to pursue checks on web platform deals with businesses (2016-05-25 09:50:55)
    By Julia Fioretti BRUSSELS (Reuters) - The European Commission will check on whether it should do more to curb possible unfair practices in the terms of use set by web platforms such as Google, Amazon and Apple Inc's App Store. The Commission also published proposals on Wednesday to make online shopping across borders easier.
  • SEC investigating Alibaba's accounting practices (2016-05-25 09:49:20)
    (Reuters) - Alibaba Group Holding Ltd said it was being investigated by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission over whether the Chinese e-commerce company's accounting practices violated any federal laws.
  • EU wants Netflix to offer 20 percent European content (2016-05-25 09:42:00)
  • ‘Game of Thrones’ has one huge twist left, but it’ll be years before we see it (2016-05-25 09:35:50)
    If you watched Game of Thrones this past Sunday, you witnessed one of the most surprising episodes in the show's six-year run. Here's something that probably won't surprise you: Game of Thrones has more twists in store. HUGE LEAK:  This is probably our first look at a real iPhone 7   In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly , showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss were asked about a conversation they had with series creator George R.R. Martin two years ago. According to Benioff and Weiss, Martin told them about his vision for the remainder of the story, which included "three holy s--t moments." WARNING: Major spoilers for Game of Thrones season 5 and 6 to follow. The first bombshell came in season 5, when Stannis Baratheon sacrificed his daughter Shireen to the Lord of Light. The second happened this past week, when we were treated to the origin story of fan favorite Hodor. Sadly, the third big twist "… is from the very end…," according to Benioff. That's not to say that there aren't going to be plenty of other major and unexpected developments over the course of the next two and a half seasons, but we'll have to wait at least two years to know exactly what Martin told the showrunners. In the meantime, Benioff thinks everyone should stop worrying so much about the show spoiling the books before Martin finishes writing them: "People are talking about whether the books are going to be spoiled – and it’s really not true. So much of what we’re doing diverges from the books at this point. And while there are certain key elements that will be the same, we’re not going to talk so much about that – and I don’t think George is either. People are going to be very surprised when they read the books after the show. They’re quite divergent in so many respects for the remainder of the show."
  • Xiaomi's Mi Drone is pretty affordable for what it does (2016-05-25 09:31:00)
  • 'Hohokum' developers make a roguelike full of loot and cute (2016-05-25 09:30:00)
  • Queen's Brian May is making a VR viewer to speed the demise of reality (2016-05-25 09:24:41)
    "Ultimately VR will change the world, because you'll be able to build everything that you love and cherish in the virtual world. VR could advance to the point where you feel a tug, a sort of nostalgia, a feeling that you've lost something, because you've fallen in love with the virtual world. Owl VR — shipping in mid-June for around $36 — is effectively almost exactly like any number of mobile VR headsets.
  • Microsoft won PC but lost mobile, what now? (2016-05-25 09:13:38)
    Microsoft is bowing out of building its own phones for consumers. After dramatically scaling back its Lumia devices last year, Microsoft hammered the final nail in the coffin today with an additional $950 million write off and 1,850 more job losses. Microsoft's Lumia devices still account for more than 95 percent of all Windows phones sold, but a lack of new devices means sales and Windows Phone market share have declined sharply over the past year. Windows Phone is dead, and phone makers aren't interested in reviving it.
  • Instagram account for Iranian general no longer accessible (2016-05-25 09:11:12)
    TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — An Instagram account associated with a powerful general who leads an elite unit of Iran's Revolutionary Guard is no longer on the photo-sharing application.
  • ‘Warcraft’ review roundup: Another underwhelming video game movie (2016-05-25 09:06:43)
    After spending years in development hell, the Warcraft movie is finally coming to theaters early next month. Featuring quite possibly the largest budget ever for a movie based on a video game, Warcraft is likely expected to counteract years of misguided attempts to bring popular game franchises to the big screen. Unfortunately, early reviews paint a far more discouraging picture. SEE ALSO:  Watch ‘Chewbacca mom’ take James Corden to work and freak out meeting J.J. Abrams Before we jump straight into the negative, let's take a look at some of the less critical reviews from critics who found something to enjoy during their viewings. Although Sheri Linden of  The Hollywood Reporter refers to "the self-serious mythology" as "borderline camp, if not downright dull," she also compares it favorably to another recent fantasy film franchise: "Yet there’s no question that it’s a breakthrough in both storytelling and artistry for features based on video games. And compared with another medieval-ish tale, the soporific Hobbit trilogy, this international production is a fleet and nimble ride, likely to conquer overseas box offices and make a solid stand stateside." Variety's  Geoff Berkshire was far less forgiving, and his review features my personal favorite quote about the movie that I've read so far: "Boasting more than 2,000 visual effects shots, it’s dispiriting to think about the time, energy, planning and precision that went into “Warcraft” when the final product brings to mind those animated advertisements for iPhone app games." Finally, we have a gamer's perspective from Jason Schreier at Kotaku . Although he expected very little from the movie, he admits that he managed to have less fun in the theater than he does failing quests in World of Warcraft : "Rather than tapping into the goofy core that makes a game like World of Warcraft  interesting, the Warcraft movie aims for grittiness, missing the mark quite a bit. It just doesn’t work. The lore is too campy. This is a world where a mage’s most popular spell transforms his enemies into sheep, yet Warcraft acts as if it’s a green-screen version of Game of Thrones ." If you're looking for a CG spectacle, and don't mind a campy romp with relatively low stakes, Warcraft might not be a terrible way to spend a couple hours of your life. On the other hand, if you were expecting director Duncan Jones to spark a renaissance for video game movies, you're likely in for a major disappointment.
  • South Africa central bank urges vigilance after Standard Bank hit by ATM heist in Japan (2016-05-25 09:04:05)
    By Nqobile Dludla JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) - South Africa's central bank told lenders to be vigilant on Wednesday after criminals in Japan stole millions of dollars from automatic teller machines using fake credit cards from South Africa's Standard Bank . The criminal gang made 14,000 withdrawals in just three hours from bank machines at 7-Eleven convenience stores across Japan on May 15, withdrawing 1.4 billion yen ($13 million), according to a source familiar with the matter. Central bank deputy governor Kuben Naidoo confirmed that Standard Bank would shoulder the losses.
  • App-surdity? Norway readathon takes aim at wordy app terms (2016-05-25 09:01:26)
    What exactly do we agree to when we download a smartphone app? To prove the "absurdity" of lengthy terms and conditions, some Norwegians are reading those of 33 apps, from Tinder to iTunes, in a live two-day readathon. The user terms and conditions of the 33 applications typically found on a Norwegian smartphone amount to 260,000 words, or 900 pages, according to Norway's consumer protection agency, making them a lengthier read than the New Testament.
  • Spotify's Discover Weekly reaches 40 million users and 5 billion tracks streamed (2016-05-25 09:01:17)
    Every Monday morning, a freshly created selection of around 30 tracks arrives for each of Spotify's more than 100 million users. The offering is called Discover Weekly, and it has cracked the code on truly personalized playlist curation at a massive scale. Today Spotify announced that this feature has been used by 40 million users, an audience that has collectively streamed over 5 billion tracks.
  • Mossberg: Can Apple win the next tech war? (2016-05-25 09:00:07)
    Fifteen years ago, when the time became ripe for post-PC devices that put a premium on integrating software and hardware, Apple was the best-positioned company to lead the charge — and it did. After the success of Amazon's Echo, and the plans laid out at recent Facebook and — especially — Google developer conferences, it seems that the tech industry is pivoting in a big way to artificial intelligence and proactive assistance. Apple has some chops in this area, but it will be challenged to match what its rivals are promising.
  • Eero's multi-unit router will be available from Best Buy next week (2016-05-25 09:00:03)
    Eero, the multi-unit router system that launched earlier this year, has announced that it will be available from Best Buy's online store starting next week. It will arrive in 500 Best Buy US retail stores this summer. This marks the first brick and mortar retail availability for the product, which has only been available from Amazon and Eero directly until now.
  • ICYMI: 'Pepper'-oni pizzas, 'Vibranium' hyperloops and more (2016-05-25 09:00:00)
  • EU seeks to make it easier to buy online from other countries (2016-05-25 08:47:53)
    By Julia Fioretti BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Online retailers would be banned from stopping a customer in one EU country buying from a website based in another, under a proposal issued on Wednesday to make it easier for consumers to shop across the bloc. The European Commission said its law would stop "geoblocking" where companies limit access to their websites based on user location, often forcing customers to use versions based in their own country, sometimes with higher prices. "In the online world, all too often consumers are blocked from accessing offers in other countries," the Commission said in a statement.
  • Amazon has the only Father’s Day gift guide you’ll need this year (2016-05-25 08:39:14)
    Father's Day 2016 is less than a month away and you have two choices. You can either do what you always do and wait until the very last minute to overpay for a present for your dad that he probably won't even like, or you can check out Amazon's great Father's Day 2016 gift guide and take your time in picking out the perfect gift. We don't know your father personally, but we would be willing to bet a whole bunch of money that he would prefer the second option over the first. Amazon takes a lot of time putting its gift guides together and it shows. Instead of just throwing together a bunch of random stuff, the site splits its gift recommendations into categories and even themes. So for example, there's a whole section dedicated to the "DIY Dad" who loves to build things and fix things. In that section, you'll find gift recommendations that fall into categories like Tools & Home Improvement and Automotive . Then there's another section for "Gadget Dad" with Computers & Accessories and more, and a section for "Dapper Dad" containing gift ideas that fall under categories like Fashion and Customizable Gifts . Of course, you'll also find a whole section dedicated to daily deals as new things go on sale that might make good Father's Day Gifts. There are even sections with gifts that fall into certain price ranges, like gifts under $100 or TVs under $500. Father's Day 2016 is on June 19 this year but do yourself and your father a favor, and don't wait until the last minute. Check out Amazon's Father's Day gift guide and you can get all your shopping done in one spot. And who knows? You might even find a couple of cool things for yourself in the process,
  • Microsoft retreats in smartphone battle, 1,850 jobs could go (2016-05-25 08:39:08)
    Microsoft Corp announced more big cuts to its smartphone business on Wednesday, just two years after it bought handset maker Nokia in an ill-fated attempt to take on market leaders Apple and Samsung. The U.S. company said it would shed up to 1,850 jobs, most of them in Finland, and write down $950 million from the business. A Finnish union representative told Reuters the cuts would essentially put an end to Microsoft's development of new phones.
  • Xiaomi unveils the Mi Drone, costing $460 for 4K video or $380 for 1080p (2016-05-25 08:37:35)
    One of China's most popular consumer electronics brands today launches its own take on one of the hottest categories in consumer tech: drones. Xiaomi's Mi Drone is a quadcopter with a 360-degree 4K camera attached and a remote control that uses your Mi smartphone as its viewfinder. One of the key advantages that Xiaomi seems to be touting with the Mi Drone is the modularity and serviceability of the whole thing, as the camera module is detachable just like all the rotors.
  • Why AI is the 'agent of the economy': EmTechDIGITAL leaders show global impact of AI (2016-05-25 08:28:08)
    At MIT's 2016 event for digital leaders, a mix of CEOs at startups and big corporations discussed how AI is transforming industries.
  • Home Secretary submits to review of bulk surveillance powers (2016-05-25 08:15:00)
  • Breakthrough tech could double the amount of energy generated by solar cells (2016-05-25 08:10:48)
    Solar power has always seemed on its surface to be the perfect solution to the world's reliance on fossil fuels. After all, sunlight is free and abundantly available. The problem has always been efficiency, since solar panels generate power far less efficiently than other options. In fact, it takes about 40 square meters of solar panels to generate enough energy to power just one American home for a day, based on average use. Progress is slowly being made in labs around the world, though you might not know it by looking at the recent performance of solar stocks. But now, a breakthrough in the way solar energy is collected could double the amount of power generated by solar panels without dramatically increasing cost. DON'T MISS:  Revolutionary new laser system could detect bombs at airports in microseconds Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology published a paper this week  in the journal Nature Energy  in which they describe how they built a working solar thermophotovoltaic device (STPV). Using this revolutionary new setup, the researchers think they can dramatically increase the amount of energy solar panels generate by harnessing some of the energy current panels waste. A normal solar cell converts sunlight into energy and delivers it to a storage mechanism. Meanwhile, the heat energy created in the process simply dissipates and is wasted. Scientists have been working for years to find a way to harness some of that wasted heat, and now it appears as though the team at MIT is onto something. The MIT researchers have added a new layer to a solar cell's structure that absorbs heat energy and converts it to light, which is then reflected off to another solar cell. The reflected light is also delivered to the second cell at the perfect wavelength for peak efficiency. Of course, that's an oversimplification of the process. Here's a more detailed explanation from the team's abstract : Solar thermophotovoltaic devices have the potential to enhance the performance of solar energy harvesting by converting broadband sunlight to narrow-band thermal radiation tuned for a photovoltaic cell. A direct comparison of the operation of a photovoltaic with and without a spectral converter is the most critical indicator of the promise of this technology.Here, we demonstrate enhanced device performance through the suppression of 80% of unconvertible photons by pairing a one-dimensional photonic crystal selective emitter with a tandem plasma–interference optical filter. We measured a solar-to-electrical conversion rate of 6.8%, exceeding the performance of the photovoltaic cell alone. The device operates more efficiently while reducing the heat generation rates in the photovoltaic cell by a factor of two at matching output power densities. We determined the theoretical limits, and discuss the implications of surpassing the Shockley–Queisser limit.Improving the performance of an unaltered photovoltaic cell provides an important framework for the design of high-efficiency solar energy converters. Too much? Here's a slightly simpler explanation from MIT News : The basic principle is simple: Instead of dissipating unusable solar energy as heat in the solar cell, all of the energy and heat is first absorbed by an intermediate component, to temperatures that would allow that component to emit thermal radiation. By tuning the materials and configuration of these added layers, it’s possible to emit that radiation in the form of just the right wavelengths of light for the solar cell to capture. This improves the efficiency and reduces the heat generated in the solar cell. “We believe that this new work is an exciting advancement in the field, as we have demonstrated, for the first time, an STPV device that has a higher solar-to-electrical conversion efficiency compared to that of the underlying PV cell,” said MIT professor Evelyn Wang, one of four authors of the paper. Other researchers working on the project include David M. Bierman, Andrej Lenert, Walker R. Chan, Bikram Bhatia, Ivan Celanović and Marin Soljačić. So far the new tech has only been demonstrated at a small scale in a lab environment, so the next step is to determine how STPV technology can be scaled it up economically.
  • Scientists believe supermassive black holes had speedy births (2016-05-25 08:02:00)
  • Microsoft cuts more jobs in troubled mobile unit (2016-05-25 08:01:40)
    NEW YORK (AP) — Microsoft will cut up to 1,850 jobs and book an approximately $950 million writedown as it attempts to salvage its rocky entrance into the smartphone market.
  • 3 tips for taking a vacation from work (2016-05-25 08:00:03)
    As we enter the summer in the northern hemisphere, many of us are looking forward to well-deserved vacations and holidays. Here's how to take your vacation without exhausting yourself.
  • EU to probe deeper relations between web platforms and businesses (2016-05-25 07:52:33)
    By Julia Fioretti BRUSSELS (Reuters) - The European Commission will examine the terms of use of web platforms such as Google, Amazon and Apple Inc's App Store for businesses to decide whether further regulation is needed to curb possible unfair practices. The European Union executive on Wednesday presented the conclusions from a year-long inquiry into online platforms such as Facebook, Google and eBay, ruling out a single law for them but saying it would target specific problems in areas such as copyright and telecoms. The Commission also proposed a reform of the bloc's broadcasting rules which will include an obligation on providers of online video streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon to devote at least a fifth of their catalog to European works.
  • EU seeks to make buying online abroad easier, postage cheaper (2016-05-25 07:52:02)
    By Julia Fioretti BRUSSELS (Reuters) - The European Commission proposed on Wednesday to ban Internet retailers from treating customers differently depending on where they live to encourage consumers to shop across the bloc for online products. The legislative proposal will apply to e-commerce websites such as Amazon, eBay and Zalando as well as to sales of services provided in a specific location, for example car rental, accommodation and concert tickets. Geoblocking, limiting services to a country or region, is anathema to the EU executive, which last year presented a wide-ranging plan to knock down national barriers in the online world to create a digital single market.
  • EU unveils plans to boost e-commerce, overhaul broadcasting rules (2016-05-25 07:52:02)
    BRUSSELS (Reuters) - The European Commission unveiled on Wednesday proposals aimed at making it easier for the 500 million consumers in the European Union to make online cross-border purchases, as part of a strategy to boost e-commerce in the 28-country bloc. The recommendations also require online video streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon to bear some of the production cost of European works either by directly investing in them or by paying into national funds. The proposals need approval from the 28 EU countries and European Parliament before they can become law.. ...
  • EU moves to ease online shopping, protect European films (2016-05-25 07:40:55)
    BRUSSELS (AP) — The European Union on Wednesday unveiled a raft of proposals to make it easier to buy online across its borders, set quotas for European films with providers like Netflix and protect children from harmful content.
  • First Click: I am an electronics god (2016-05-25 07:30:03)
    I feel like a god. Note that I used the lowercase “g” god, not uppercase. I’m not the proper noun God for crissake. I’m not a surgeon. I’m just a lowly man with a portable USB hard disk drive that I resurrected from the trash heap.
  • How virtual reality gets industrial training simulators closer to real life than ever before (2016-05-25 07:30:02)
    Industrial training simulators are entering a new era with virtual reality technology, helping companies save time and money, and mitigate risk.
  • Apple rehires security expert to keep its encryption strong (2016-05-25 07:01:00)
  • Rumor roundup: Apple iPhone 7 already buzzing online (2016-05-25 06:58:10)
    Although the next iPhone isn't expected to land until September, the upcoming Apple handset has already got the internet awash with rumors and leaks. Unless Apple suddenly and unexpectedly changes its long-standing schedule, the iPhone 7 will be presented, as usual, around mid-September time, before going on sale one to two weeks later. It's often rumors about the design of upcoming iPhones that create the most online chatter ... but that's not the case this year.
  • Japan ATM heist prompts call for vigilance from South Africa central bank (2016-05-25 06:57:41)
    The theft of $13 million from ATMs in Japan using counterfeit cards from South African lender Standard Bank prompted a call for vigilance from South Africa's central bank on Wednesday. Thieves made 14,000 withdrawals in just three hours - 78 a minute - from bank machines at 7-Eleven convenience stores across Japan, according to a source familiar with the matter. Central bank deputy governor Kuben Naidoo told reporters that Standard Bank would shoulder the losses.
  • Microsoft completes disposal of Nokia’s remains with new round of layoffs and $950M hit (2016-05-25 06:50:47)
    For many Microsoft employees, this is just another Wednesday morning like any other. But for close to 2,000 people it’s going to be a day to remember. The company announced that it’s “streamlining” its smartphone business by laying off about 1,850 people worldwide, including 1,350 people in Finland and 500 elsewhere. The move will see Microsoft take a $950 million financial hit, and it marks the death of the Nokia-born Lumia phone brand. DON’T MISS: China wants to battle traffic jams with this crazy futuristic bus We had high hopes for the Microsoft-Nokia endeavor, but that proved to be largely a fruitless initiative. Microsoft did away with Nokia branding in the years that followed the acquisition, and now it’s slowly disposing of the remains of the former smartphone maker. A few days ago, Microsoft announced that it reached an agreement to sell the feature phone business to Foxconn for $350 million. Ironically, the Chinese devices manufacturer will build Nokia Android smartphones and tablets  as well in a venture with Nokia and a newly formed company. All in all, the Nokia business was an epic fail for Microsoft. The company paid $7.1 billion for the mobile division and patents in 2013, and in July last year, the company announced plans to lay off 7,800 people and take an impairment charge of $7.6 billion. Add to that the $950 million hit that will follow this new round of layoffs, of which $200 million is severance pay according to Ars Technica , and you’ve got the complete picture. Rumors say that Microsoft will make a Surface phone in the future, but nothing is confirmed. In an email to staff, Executive Vice President of the Windows and Devices Group Terry Myerson said the company plans to be “more focused” on its phone efforts, saying that "we're scaling back, but we're not out!"He says the company plans to “develop great new devices,” though it’s not clear what that means. Whatever the case, and no matter how Microsoft tries to sugarcoat it, the fact remains that Microsoft’s smartphone-making business has come to a halt, at least for the time being. Myerson's full memo can be seen below. To: Microsoft - All Employees From: Terry Myerson Date: Wednesday 5/25, 2AM Pacific Time Subject: Focusing our phone hardware efforts Team, Last week we announced the sale of our feature phone business. Today I want to share that we are taking the additional step of streamlining our smartphone hardware business, and we anticipate this will impact up to 1,850 jobs worldwide, up to 1,350 of which are in Finland. These changes are incredibly difficult because of the impact on good people who have contributed greatly to Microsoft. Speaking on behalf of Satya and the entire Senior Leadership Team, we are committed to help each individual impacted with our support, resources, and respect. For context, Windows 10 recently crossed 300 million monthly active devices, our Surface and Xbox customer satisfaction is at record levels, and HoloLens enthusiasts are developing incredible new experiences. Yet our phone success has been limited to companies valuing our commitment to security, manageability, and Continuum, and with consumers who value the same. Thus, we need to be more focused in our phone hardware efforts. With this focus, our Windows strategy remains unchanged: 1. Universal apps. We have built an amazing platform, with a rich innovation roadmap ahead. Expanding the devices we reach and the capabilities for developers is our top priority. 2. We always take care of our customers, Windows phones are no exception. We will continue to update and support our current Lumia and OEM partner phones, and develop great new devices. 3. We remain steadfast in our pursuit of innovation across our Windows devices and our services to create new and delightful experiences. Our best work for customers comes from our device, platform, and service combination. At the same time, our company will be pragmatic and embrace other mobile platforms with our productivity services, device management services, and development tools -- regardless of a person’s phone choice, we want everyone to be able to experience what Microsoft has to offer them. With that all said… I used the words "be more focused" above. This in fact describes what we are doing (we're scaling back, but we're not out!), but at the same time I don't love it because it lacks the emotional impact of this decision. When I look back on our journey in mobility, we’ve done hard work and had great ideas, but have not always had the alignment needed across the company to make an impact. At the same time, Ars Technica recently published a long story documenting our journey to create the universal platform for our developers. The story shows the real challenges we faced, and the grit required to get it done. The story closes with this: And as long as it has taken the company, Microsoft has still arguably achieved something that its competitors have not... It took more than two decades to get there, but Microsoft still somehow got there first. For me, that’s what focus can deliver for us, and now we get to build on that foundation to build amazing products. Terry
  • More people are trying e-cigs in Europe despite concerns (2016-05-25 06:28:09)
    The research, conducted by scientists from Imperial College London, found that the percentage of European adults who admitting ever trying e-cigarettes rose from 7.2 percent in 2012, to 11.6 percent in 2014, and of these, one in seven describe themselves as current users. The research came from a pair of EU-wide studies funded by the European Commission in 2012 and 2014.
  • Netflix and Amazon face quotas for European movies and TV shows (2016-05-25 06:10:57)
    The European Commission today announced a new proposal that will require streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime to devote at least 20 percent of their libraries to European content, as part of an overhaul of existing broadcasting regulations. The Audiovisual Media Services Directive also requires streaming companies to prominently feature European titles on their websites, and enables member states to mandate that the companies contribute to the production of European films and TV shows. The plan was announced as part of a broader effort to create a "digital single market" across the European Union.
  • Google confirms it has discontinued the Nexus Player (2016-05-25 06:08:14)
    Google has confirmed that it has discontinued its Nexus Player set-top box reports The Verge. The set-top box has already been unavailable for months from major third-party retailers, with Google now confirming that the item has been discontinued entirely. The Nexus Player was first launched back in late 2014.
  • Watch Reggie Watts perform tomorrow in an infinite VR comedy club (2016-05-25 06:00:02)
    Virtual reality social network AltspaceVR is testing a new expansion with a show from comedian and beatboxer Reggie Watts. Tomorrow at 11PM ET, Watts — who currently leads the band on James Corden's The Late Late Show — will be performing as part of AltspaceVR's running stand-up comedy program. Physically, Watts will be in JASH Studio in Los Angeles, wearing an HTC Vive headset and a Perception Neuron motion tracking harness.
  • TripAdvisor is offering two free months of Google Play Music (2016-05-25 06:00:00)
  • Toyota, Uber latest to join forces in ride-hailing rush (2016-05-25 05:50:55)
    By Alexandria Sage SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Toyota Motor Corp said on Tuesday it would invest in on-demand ride-hailing company Uber, the latest in a wave of high-profile moves by automakers to embrace their potential upstart rivals as partners, customers and sources of valuable data. Toyota and Uber will create new leasing options in which Uber drivers can lease vehicles with flexible terms from Toyota Financial Services and cover their payments through their Uber earnings, the companies said in a joint statement. Toyota and Uber did not disclose the size of the investment, but the alliance will go beyond just vehicle sales.
  • Microsoft to trim smartphone business, plans to cut 1,850 jobs (2016-05-25 05:50:31)
    Microsoft Corp said on Wednesday it will trim down its smartphone business by cutting 1,850 jobs, most of them in Finland, and write down $950 million from the operation. The U.S. company, which entered the phone business in 2014 by buying Finnish firm Nokia's handset unit, said it would "streamline" its smartphone business and close down its research and development site in Tampere, Finland. Microsoft said it will continue to develop Windows 10 Mobile platform and support its Lumia smartphones, but declined to say whether it would develop new phones.
  • Microsoft kills what's left of the old Nokia (2016-05-25 05:22:00)
  • Microsoft wasted at least $8 billion on its failed Nokia experiment (2016-05-25 05:20:27)
    Microsoft is taking another almost $1 billion hit on its failed Nokia acquisition today. The cuts come almost a year after Microsoft wrote off $7.6 billion and cut 7,800 jobs. Only a small number of former Nokia employees will remain at Microsoft, and the company's consumer phone making days are over.
  • Eric Schmidt tells room full of iPhone users: 'So much for the Android monopoly in Europe' (2016-05-25 05:17:02)
    For a man who makes more than his fair share of verbal gaffes, Alphabet executive chairman Eric Schmidt can still come up with the odd zinger when he needs to. Schmidt was speaking to a packed house at Startup Fest in Amsterdam when the audience were asked to raise their hands if they used an iPhone. The majority did, and Schmidt responded: "So much for the Android monopoly in Europe." He went on to admit that he himself used both an iPhone 6S and a Galaxy S7, before making the case for the latter's superiority.
  • Austria's FACC, hit by cyber fraud, fires CEO (2016-05-25 05:11:43)
    The head of Austrian aerospace parts maker FACC has been fired after the company was hit by a cyber fraud that cost it 42 million euros ($47 million). The firm's supervisory board decided at a 14-hour meeting on Tuesday to dismiss CEO Walter Stephan with "immediate effect", the company said on Wednesday. FACC, whose customers include Airbus and Boeing, said on Jan. 19 it had been hit by a cyber fraud in which hackers stole around 50 million euros by posing as Stephan in an email.
  • HP Enterprise to merge IT services unit with Computer Sciences (2016-05-25 05:02:03)
    (Reuters) - Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co said it would spin off and merge its struggling IT services business with Computer Sciences Corp, allowing the company to focus on its cloud services business and other fast-growing units. Shares of Hewlett Packard Enterprise, formed after Hewlett-Packard Co formally split in November, rose 10.5 percent in extended trading on Tuesday. Falls Church, Virginia-based Computer Sciences' shares jumped 19.5 percent to $42.60.
  • Microsoft lays off hundreds as it guts its phone business (2016-05-25 05:00:02)
    Microsoft is signalling the end of its Nokia experiment today. After acquiring Nokia's phone business for $7.2 billion two years ago, Microsoft wrote off $7.6 billion last year and cut 7,800 jobs to refocus its phone efforts. Microsoft is now writing off an additional $950 million today as part of its failed Nokia acquisition, and the company plans to cut a further 1,850 jobs.
  • Read Microsoft's internal memo about its smartphone restructuring (2016-05-25 05:00:02)
    Microsoft just announced some major changes to its smartphone business. After selling off its feature phone business last week, Microsoft is now streamlining its Windows Phone hardware plans once again. Terry Myerson, Microsoft's head of Windows and devices, admits the company is "scaling back" hardware in a memo to all employees, but that "great new devices" are being developed.
  • Adidas to return mass shoe production to Germany in 2017 (2016-05-25 04:50:22)
    By Jörn Poltz ANSBACH, Germany (Reuters) - Adidas will launch mass production of running shoes at a German factory operated largely by robots next year and plans to open a similar plant in the United States next year, the company said on Tuesday. Founded by German cobbler Adi Dassler in 1949, Adidas had closed all but one of its 10 shoe factories in Germany by 1993 as it shifted most production from Europe to lower-wage Asia, particularly China and Vietnam.
  • South Africa central bank demands tighter cyber security after Japan ATM heist (2016-05-25 04:35:26)
    PRETORIA (Reuters) - South Africa's central bank said on Tuesday it would push local banks to upgrade their cyber security after criminals used counterfeit Standard Bank cards to withdraw millions of dollars from ATMs across Japan. The gang used the fake cards to withdraw 1.4 billion yen ($13 million) in 14,000 transactions from ATMs at 7-Eleven convenience stores over three hours on a Sunday morning, according to a source familiar with the matter. (Reporting by Nqobile Dludla; Writing by James Macharia; Editing by Ed Cropley)
  • Deutsche Telekom sees results of U.S. wireless spectrum auction in second half (2016-05-25 04:22:49)
    Deutsche Telekom expects the results of an auction of wireless airwaves in the United States in the second half of the year, its chief executive told shareholders on Wednesday. The auction, which is aimed at repurposing low-frequency spectrum relinquished by television broadcasters to wireless companies and other bidders seeking new airwaves to build and improve wireless networks, started end-March. "We expect the results in the second half of the year," Deutsche Telekom's Chief Executive Tim Hoettges told the company's annual shareholders' meeting in Cologne.
  • Solar Impulse 2 leaves Ohio on fuel-free flight (2016-05-25 04:17:35)
    Washington (AFP) - The Solar Impulse 2, a solar-powered airplane piloted by Swiss national Bertrand Piccard, successfully flew out of Dayton, Ohio in the dark early Wednesday en route to Pennsylvania, according to a live online feed of the departure.
  • Opera Software shareholders back Chinese takeover bid (2016-05-25 04:11:30)
    By Joachim Dagenborg OSLO (Reuters) - More than 90 percent of Norwegian online browser and advertising company Opera Software's shareholders have backed a Chinese consortium's $1.24 billion takeover bid, clearing a big hurdle for the deal to go ahead, the buyers said on Wednesday. The bid was accepted by shareholders owning 90.6 percent of Opera's outstanding capital and 90.9 percent of the votes, preliminary numbers showed. The offer, unanimously endorsed by Opera's board, still needs approval from the U.S. and Chinese authorities.
  • Samsung Elec says launching iris-recognition tablets in India (2016-05-25 04:02:45)
    South Korean tech giant Samsung Electronics Co said on Wednesday that it is launching a new tablet device in India for government and enterprise use equipped with iris-recognition technology. Samsung, in a statement, said the Android-powered tablet - called Galaxy Tab Iris - will be equipped with technology to allow authentication through the recognition of a person's iris for applications including banking and healthcare. The product will be compliant with India's Aadhaar system, an identification database of residents that stores the biometric and demographic data of residents such as photographs, fingerprints and iris scans.
  • Mom behind most-watched Facebook Live video visits its HQ (2016-05-25 03:50:00)
  • This is what 100 Tinder screenshots look like in a single image (2016-05-25 03:40:55)
    There really are a surprising number of humans in the world, and a lot of them live near you. Sometimes you forget, but Tinder offers a helpful reminder. There's nothing like swiping through dozens of profiles, taking in new face after new face, to remember how much sheer humanity there is around. But sometimes it all gets a bit much.
  • Women in Business Q&A: Nancy MacIntyre, CEO, Fingerprint (2016-05-25 03:18:56)
    Nancy left the corporate world in 2010 to create Fingerprint, which is now a 30-person strong company in Silicon Valley creating learn-and-play mobile app networks for brands such as Samsung, Sylvan Learning, Highlights and Corus Entertainment. Named one of the Top 50 Women in Tech in Silicon Valley by Tech.Co, previously Nancy was EVP of...
  • Machine learning radiology startup Zebra raises $12 million (2016-05-25 02:51:04)
    TEL AVIV (Reuters) - Israel's Zebra Medical Vision raised $12 million in a funding round led by Utah-based healthcare provider Intermountain Healthcare, with the participation of existing investors. Intermountain plans to work with Zebra to accelerate the creation of imaging algorithms to improve patient care. Zebra Medical, founded in 2014, seeks to teach computers to automatically read and diagnose medical imaging data. Its analytics engine helps physicians and healthcare providers analyze millions of imaging records. ...
  • ISS' expandable module has a shield that protects it from debris (2016-05-25 02:41:00)
  • Foxconn says won't sell Sharp's solar power business (2016-05-25 01:45:03)
    Taiwan's Foxconn said on Wednesday it will not sell Sharp Corp's solar power business, amid concerns from business partners over a possible closure of the struggling division. "We want to let you know that we are totally committed to this business," Foxconn founder Terry Gou and Tai Jeng-wu, its vice chairman and the newly-appointed CEO at Sharp, said in a letter addressed to Sharp's solar power business partners. Foxconn, also known by its formal name Hon Hai Precision Industry Co , is the world's largest contract electronics manufacturer.
  • A Silicon Valley billionaire is reportedly funding the legal war to end Gawker (2016-05-25 01:30:14)
    Gawker Media was ordered to pay $140 million in damages to Hulk Hogan — real name Terry Gene Bollea — in March of this year over the company's publication of the wrestler's sex tape. The case was outlandish and caused a media frenzy, as expected from a legal battle between a man famous for ripping his shirt off and fighting on stage and a company built around combative tabloid stories. ...
  • Pod-based marijuana vaporizers are coming (2016-05-25 01:27:00)
  • Huawei files lawsuits accusing Samsung of violating patents (2016-05-25 00:55:53)
    BEIJING (AP) — Chinese tech giant Huawei said Wednesday it has filed patent infringement lawsuits against South Korean mobile phone rival Samsung in the United States and China, in a case that highlights the rise of Asian competitors as technology creators.
  • 'Overwatch' adding ranked play next month (2016-05-25 00:27:00)
  • Tech billionaire Thiel backing wrestler Hogan's Gawker lawsuit: Forbes (2016-05-25 00:06:25)
    Billionaire investor Peter Thiel is helping wrestler Hulk Hogan bankroll his lawsuit against Gawker Media, according to a report in Forbes. Hogan, whose real name is Terry Bollea, in March won a $140 million jury verdict against Gawker in a privacy lawsuit stemming from a sex tape Gawker had published. Gawker, a New York-based website specializing in media and celebrity news, is appealing the verdict.
  • China to protect IP, won't over-regulate innovation: Premier Li (2016-05-24 23:18:23)
    China will focus on protecting intellectual property and commercial secrets, while offering a fair playing field for both domestic and foreign companies, premier Li Keqiang said on Tuesday at a technology summit. Li also said that new innovations should be given room to grow, free from over-regulation, even if new and traditional industries sometimes run into conflict. China is pushing entrepreneurship and innovation to encourage economic growth, although government oversight and support for state firms remains strong.
  • AT&T's prepaid GoPhone plans get 1GB of extra data (2016-05-24 23:14:00)
  • The New York Times is the latest publication to decapitalize 'the internet' (2016-05-24 22:42:25)
    Like a cool business dad, the New York Times has finally decided to stop capitalizing the word "Internet." From June, the publication will be relying on lower-case letters to describe the information superhighway, calling it just the "internet" in both its print and online iterations. Thomas Kent — the AP's standards editor — explained that the internet had become "wholly generic, like ‘electricity or the ‘telephone'." The word was not trademarked, and not based on a proper noun, he said.
  • Google ads take aim at people on the move (2016-05-24 22:20:04)
    Google on Tuesday unveiled redesigned ad products aimed at catching eyes on mobile devices and enticing people with nearby offerings at just the right moments. Google also introduced local search ads at its free Google Maps service and at Tactics being tested included promoted "pins" appearing in maps to point out locations of coffee shops, gas stations, restaurants or other offerings people may want, Ads and Commerce senior vice president Sridhar Ramaswamy said in a blog post.
  • Watch ‘Chewbacca mom’ take James Corden to work and freak out meeting J.J. Abrams (2016-05-24 22:15:50)
    Unless you’ve been disconnected from the Internet this past weekend – and who does that, am I right? – you’ve probably seen and shared the hilarious Chewbacca mom video on Facebook . The clip shows a Texas woman trying out a Chewbacca mask and enjoying every minute of it. Her contagious laugh is what turned the video into a viral sensation that has since surpassed 140 million views. That’s all you need to know before you watch the following video, in which we see the Chewbacca mom taking James Corden and J.J. Abrams to work. DON’T MISS: Apple's next MacBook Pro will be like nothing we've ever seen Candance Payne, a mom from Texas, became an internet sensation thanks to her Chewbacca stunt, and Corden had her on The Late Late Show on Monday night, where she appeared in a carpool sketch that makes perfect sense given the nature of her original video. Payne reenacts her Chewbacca video at the beginning of the sketch, so you’ll think it’s just a rerun of her video. But then the camera pulls out, and we see an impatient Corden, who’s looking to get to work. That’s when Abrams, who directed Star Wars: The Force Awakens , appears, ready to give Payne some Chewbacca notes. Check out the clip below: Payne played it really cool, but she freaked out when she actually met Abrams just before shooting the carpool sketch. Corden also aired that video of that meeting during his interview with the Chewbacca mom:
  • China's Huawei files patent suits against Samsung Elec (2016-05-24 22:11:03)
    By Yimou Lee and Anne Marie Roantree HONG KONG (Reuters) - Huawei Technologies Co Ltd [HWT.UL] on Wednesday said it sued Samsung Electronics Co Ltd claiming infringement of smartphone patents, the Chinese firm's first intellectual property challenge against the world's top mobile maker. Huawei has filed lawsuits in the United States and China seeking compensation for what it said was unlicensed use of fourth-generation (4G) cellular communications technology, operating systems and user interface software in Samsung phones. "We hope Samsung will ... stop infringing our patents and get the necessary license from Huawei, and work together with Huawei to jointly drive the industry forward," Ding Jianxing, president of Huawei's Intellectual Property Rights Department, said in a statement.
  • A smart toothbrush just won Intel's maker-themed reality show (2016-05-24 22:00:00)
  • Blizzard is offering one free name change (2016-05-24 21:22:00)
  • Samsung Elec to defend interests against Huawei patent suits (2016-05-24 21:08:20)
    SEOUL (Reuters) - Tech giant Samsung Electronics Co Ltd said on Wednesday it will defend itself against patent lawsuits filed by smartphone rival Huawei Technologies Co Ltd [HWT.UL]. Huawei, the world's third-largest smartphone maker, has filed lawsuits against Samsung in the United States and China claiming infringement of smartphone patents. "We will thoroughly review the complaint and take appropriate action to defend Samsung's business interests," Samsung, the world's top smartphone maker, said in an email to Reuters. (Reporting by Se Young Lee; Editing by Stephen Coates)
  • The Strong Museum opens a DICE Awards exhibit (2016-05-24 20:27:00)
  • China wants to battle traffic jams with this crazy futuristic bus (2016-05-24 20:00:43)
    Traffic congestion is a problem that many cities across the globe continue to struggle with. And while some cities have come up with their own ways to deal with congestion, whether it be a push for public transportation or constructing new roads, a new initiative out of China is without a doubt the most original idea we've seen yet. Meet TEB, otherwise known as a Transit Elevated Bus. TEB is essentially a bus that can drive over traffic, as evidenced by the photo above, although it's just a concept for now. The idea for a TEB like vehicle isn't new, but a working mini-model of the incredibly intriguing idea was recently presented at a tech expo in Beijing. DON'T MISS:  This is probably our first look at a real iPhone 7 In an ideal world, an engineer familiar with the project said that an elevated bus like TEB would be able to carry as many as 1,200 people per trip. Even more tantalizing is the claim that such a project could be completed within a 12-month time frame. A video of the mini-model can be seen below. Interestingly enough, the idea for this type of bus design stretches back for quite some time. The following report from ChinaHush , for instance, first appeared nearly six years ago. Proposed by Shenzhen Hashi Future Parking Equipment Co., Ltd, the model looks like a subway or light-rail train bestriding the road. It is 4-4.5 m high with two levels: passengers board on the upper level while other vehicles lower than 2 m can go through under. Powered by electricity and solar energy, the bus can speed up to 60 km/h carrying 1200-1400 passengers at a time without blocking other vehicles’ way. Also it costs about 500 million yuan to build the bus and a 40-km-long path for it, only 10% of building equivalent subway. It is said that the bus can reduce traffic jams by 20-30%. Another video detailing the futuristic idea can be seen below.
  • Microsoft's Magic Mirror will recognize human faces and emotions (2016-05-24 20:00:03)
    Microsoft unveiled a smart mirror that can read human faces and determine a user's emotional state. Is this a good thing... or even a real thing?
  • This sweat monitoring patch can tell how hard you're working (2016-05-24 19:52:00)
  • Will no one save us from wireless carriers? (2016-05-24 19:30:48)
    Why is T-Mobile's "Un-carrier" initiative working so well? The answer is as obvious as it seems: people don't like wireless carriers. These telecommunications giants continue to squeeze subscribers for every last penny they can and all the while, they rake in billions upon billions of dollars each quarter. It would be one thing if a company just scraping by tacked on a tiny fee, but Verizon hauled in $7.9 billion in profit last quarter on $32.2 billion in sales while AT&T's operating income climbed to $7.1 billion on revenue totaling $40.5 billion. T-Mobile is hardly a non-profit, but the company has done a tremendous job of playing off consumers' collective disdain for carriers and it has seen tremendous growth as a result. At the same time, its model really isn't all that different from the rivals it regularly berates. Can't anyone save us from our carriers? MUST SEE:  2 new Craigslist scams you need to watch out for Every few years like clockwork, a new company comes along to save us from cell phone carriers. The most recent, as we're sure you'll all recall, was Google. The company's " Google Fi " service uses a combination of cellular and Wi-Fi to offer dirt-cheap prices — unlimited voice and text messaging cost just $20 per month, and then Google charges $10 for every 2GB of data. To sweeten the pot, Google never charges subscribers for unused data. Instead, people get credits each month on their next bill. Then come the caveats. Chief among them are the fact that you can only use the service if you have a Nexus 6P or a Nexus 5X, and the fact that Google's carrier partners on the cellular side of things are T-Mobile and Sprint. That's fine if you live in some regions, but AT&T and Verizon still have far better nationwide coverage. Fi wasn't the answer people have been looking for, but there was still a glimmer of hope. Persistent rumors have claimed time and time again that Apple is working behind the scenes to launch its own wireless service, and it could potentially be just the innovation consumers are looking for. Sadly, that isn't going to happen. Apple may or may not have investigated the possibility of launching its own wireless service in the past, but we now have definitive word from CEO Tim Cook that the company will not enter the wireless space. "Our expertise doesn’t extend to the network," Cook said during an interview at Startup Fest Europe. "We’ve worked with AT&T in the US, O2 in the UK, as well as T-Mobile and Orange, and we expanded as we learned more. But generally, the things Apple likes to do, are things we can do globally." He went on, "We don’t have the network skill. We’ll do some things along the way with e-SIMs along the way, but in general, I like the things carriers do." The wait continues...
  • Netflix comes full circle, creates virtual video store (2016-05-24 19:13:00)
  • Fitbit’s inaccurate heart can ‘put consumers at risk’ (2016-05-24 19:00:33)
    Fitbit is currently embroiled in a class-action lawsuit over the accuracy of its heart-rate tracking. As part of their case, the plaintiffs commissioned a scientific study of the accuracy of the Fitbit Charge HR and Surge.  Wareable   spoke to the scientist who was paid to do the testing, and unsurprisingly, he has bad things to say about Fitbit's devices. Dr. Edward Jo, an assistant professor of Applied Physiology at California State Polytechnic University, was paid to conduct a "validation study," seeking to prove that Fitbits mis-report heart-rate data when users are working out. DON'T MISS:  THE CEO OF GOOGLE IS AN UNASHAMED IPHONE USER The results appear to be damning -- according to the study, Fitbit devices are, on average, 20 beats per minute off the true heart rate. According to Jo, that's pretty bad: "This inaccuracy that we've seen can definitely pose a danger to not only the clinical population, but those population of individuals who may not know that they have any cardiac related conditions. It can definitely put them at risk." The results of a paid-for study in a lawsuit are obviously worth taking with a grain of salt, but Fitbit has hit back, and hard. In a statement given to media after the results were made public, Fitbit didn't seem amused: "What the plaintiffs’ attorneys call a “study” is biased, baseless, and nothing more than an attempt to extract a payout from Fitbit. It lacks scientific rigor and is the product of flawed methodology. It was paid for by plaintiffs’ lawyers who are suing Fitbit, and was conducted with a consumer-grade electrocardiogram – not a true clinical device, as implied by the plaintiffs’ lawyers. Furthermore, there is no evidence the device used in the purported “study” was tested for accuracy. Fitbit’s research team rigorously researched and developed PurePulse technology for three years prior to introducing it to market and continues to conduct extensive internal studies to test the features of our products. Fitbit Charge HR is the #1 selling fitness tracker on the market, and is embraced by millions of consumers around the globe. Consumer Reports independently tested the heart rate accuracy of the Charge HR and Surge after the initial lawsuit was filed in January and gave both products an “excellent” rating. We stand behind our heart-rate monitoring technology and all our products, and continue to believe the plaintiffs’ allegations do not have any merit. We are vigorously defending against these claims, and will resist any attempts by the plaintiffs’ lawyers to leverage a settlement with misleading tactics and false claims of scientific evidence.” Jo takes issue with virtually everything Fitbit says. Firstly, with regard to the Zephyr Technology BioHarness used to compare the Fitbits, Jo says "The device has been validated twice to the traditional 12-lead ECG and also a 3-lead ECG for heart rate measurement. It's FDA approved, so for them to say it's not a clinical grade device – well, I don't even know what that means." He also talked about the methodology used to test the Fitbits, namely putting one Fitbit on each wrist of a participant, putting a BioHarness on their chest, and getting them to work out. Jo claims that across 43 different participants, the Fitbits were off from the BioHarness -- and from each other -- by an average of 20bpm. Assuming that he's not outright lying, that seems to point to a serious problem with Fitbit's heart-rate tracking. Whether it's a serious risk to consumers, or just bad advertising, is for a court to decide. In any case, the full interview with Jo is over at Wareable , and well worth a read.
  • Watching water get vaporized by an X-ray laser shouldn’t be this mesmerizing (2016-05-24 18:40:37)
    The SLAC National Accelerator Lab in Menlo Park, California has a ridiculously powerful X-ray laser. And what would you do if you were one of the members of the team lucky enough to play with said X-ray laser? You would shoot stuff with it, obviously, and you would record all the action to post up later on YouTube. Well, you're in luck because the researchers at the lab think just like you do and they're way ahead of you. DON'T MISS:  2 new Craigslist scams you need to watch out for The world's brightest laser is the star of a series of videos published this week by SLAC, though you won't actually be able to make out the laser in any of the videos. What you will see, however, are streams and droplets of water being vaporized by this incredible laser — and the footage is beautiful. Of course, this video isn't all fun and games. Water is often used to deliver material samples into the path of a laser during tests, and the results are then analyzed by researches at SLAC’s Linac Coherent Light Source. That's exactly what's happening here. “Understanding the dynamics of these explosions will allow us to avoid their unwanted effects on samples,” Stanford PULSE Institute's  Claudiu Stan said . “It could also help us find new ways of using explosions caused by X-rays to trigger changes in samples and study matter under extreme conditions. These studies could help us better understand a wide range of phenomena in X-ray science and other applications.” Science!
  • Verizon admits it 'overhyped' Go90 (2016-05-24 18:37:26)
    Verizon, in a rare moment of honest self reflection, acknowledged today that its Go90 streaming service "did get a little bit overhyped." According to FierceCable, Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam made the remarks during a conference this morning. McAdam's comments were meant to tone down the expectations around Go90, which hasn't been the overnight success that Verizon initially indicated it was hoping for. "We didn't believe that it was going to move the needle on [Verizon's overall] $130 billion revenue stream overnight," he said, according to FierceCable.
  • GoPro makes a seemingly inevitable deal with Red Bull (2016-05-24 18:34:00)
  • Volkswagen, Toyota buy into ridesharing (2016-05-24 18:14:48)
    Toyota and Volkswagen announced separate partnerships Tuesday with rideshare companies Uber and Gett, in the latest such moves by major carmakers. Japan's Toyota and ridesharing titan Uber said they had entered into a memorandum of understanding to explore collaboration, starting with trials in countries where ridesharing is expanding. "Through this collaboration with Uber, we would like to explore new ways of delivering secure, convenient and attractive mobility services to customers," Shigeki Tomoyama, senior managing officer of Toyota Motor Corporation, said in a joint statement.
  • 'What's Overwatch?' he asked me, with oldness in his eyes (2016-05-24 18:09:08)
    Now here I am, literally dying to go home and play Overwatch, trying to think of any plausible excuse to leave work early, and the very man who writes my paychecks has no understanding of my pain. Is Nilay Patel a Grade A monster? Overwatch is a first person shooter.
  • This illustration of the entire Star Wars: Episode IV plot is over 400 feet long (2016-05-24 18:02:38)
    For anyone who might be sick of watching the actual film, artist and graphic novelist Martin Panchaud has created an incredible 157-page illustration of Star Wars: Episode IV showing the entire plot from start to finish that you'd have to scroll through to believe. The entire image, which Panchaud made in Adobe Illustrator, contains every bit of dialogue and action in the film, and measures 10.6 inches by 4845.3 inches — or 403.775 feet long. Panchaud says on his site that he wanted to create something that contrasted with the internet's desire for quick, bite-sized content.
  • Prepare for another scorching summer in the US (2016-05-24 18:00:19)
    As we approach the end of May, it's finally beginning to heat up — even in the colder regions of the United States. It's a welcome change after winter decided to stick around for a few extra weeks, but come mid-July, there's a good chance we'll all be wishing for snow. This summer is going to be a rough one. READ MORE:  The true story behind one of the Internet’s most famous memes On Monday, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) published its summer outlook , warning Americans that "most of the continental United States is facing elevated chances of well above average summer temperatures." In other words, temperatures are likely to be in the warmest top third of summers from 1981-2010 in the states highlighted on this map: The West Coast and the Northeast are most likely to experience sweltering summers, but virtually every state in the country (save for Kansas and Nebraska) is expected to get hit hard by the sun in the coming months. Keep in mind, darker doesn't mean warmer, just that the chances of an especially warm summer are greater. Vermont isn't going to be warmer than Alabama just because it's a darker shade of red. In case you thought the record temperatures might finally be tapering off after a relatively mild winter, summer's almost here to set you straight.
  • Foursquare's new bot texts food suggestions before you're hungry (2016-05-24 18:00:00)
  • HP Enterprise selling tech services business to rival (2016-05-24 17:52:14)
    SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Hewlett Packard Enterprise is slimming down its business further by selling off its technology-services division to competitor Computer Sciences Corp.
  • Samsung denies giving up on Android Wear for smartwatches (2016-05-24 17:50:00)
  • E Ink announces a color breakthrough, but it's only for signs (2016-05-24 17:33:00)
  • Toyota to invest in ride-hailing app Uber (2016-05-24 17:30:50)
    NEW YORK (AP) — Toyota said Tuesday it is investing in Uber, making it the latest car company to put money in a ride-hailing app.
  • On the free Kindle excerpt of the novelization of the film based on the app called Angry Birds (2016-05-24 17:24:19)
    The feature film The Angry Birds Movie is not art. There is nothing in the rudimentary mobile game Angry Birds to suggest such a story. Players of Angry Birds know that pigs are their enemies because they are explicitly told, not because the pigs are gradually revealed to have unsettling cultural dissimilarities to the protagonist.
  • SteelSeries ships Rival 700 gaming mouse just in time for Overwatch (2016-05-24 17:20:37)
    The new SteelSeries Rival 700 is a fancy gaming mouse for playing video games. Look it's not like there's some sort of branded tie-in here, I've just been thinking about Overwatch a lot today. Actually it's not "just a mouse" because SteelSeries has kind of gone wild here.
  • Foursquare is remaking itself as a bot (2016-05-24 17:16:21)
    We may be getting a new way to use Foursquare. The location-based recommendation company today announced Marsbot, an iOS app for the service that aims to provide tips for where to eat and drink in the moment. "Our goal: create a product that tells you where to eat or drink before you think to ask for it," the company said in a blog post. "It would deliver contextually aware, proactive recommendations for awesome food and nightlife spots via the simplest communications channel possible: text."
  • Google Maps will soon be flooded with ads (2016-05-24 17:15:39)
    Without question, Google Maps is one of the most widely used and highly regarded navigation apps in the industry, but an upcoming change might be enough to convince some users to give other apps a try. In a blog post on Tuesday , Google revealed that it will begin experimenting with local search ads on Google Maps. Ads for nearby businesses will appear on both the desktop and mobile version of Google Maps, giving advertisers the ability to show off their stores when users search for goods or services they carry. DON'T MISS:  The CEO of Google is an unashamed iPhone user Additionally, Google is testing out several ad formats in order to help businesses increase store visits from Maps users. One of these formats is known as a "promoted pin," which shows up as a logo of the business on Google Maps. (You can see what that might look like in the header image with the Walgreens logo.) Google is also upgrading pages for local business, giving users the option to explore the store from Google Maps. Product inventory, special offers and more can be added to the page to entice nearby shoppers to visit. If you've ever used Yelp , you're probably already familiar with the basic premise of Google's latest advertising scheme — promoted restaurants appear above the standard results, carrying an "Ad" label to let you know someone paid for that spot. It's relatively unobtrusive in Yelp, but as often as many of us use Google Maps, it's hard to say whether or not ads crowding the screen will have users jumping ship.
  • Take a look inside this Hyperloop pod to allay your claustrophobia (2016-05-24 17:13:50)
    The most common reaction I get when explaining the concept of the Hyperloop to people who have never heard of it is: "Hell no." No one wants to be the first to step inside a windowless pod that careens through an airless tube at almost twice the speed of sound. One startup, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, is working on waylaying those fears through — what else? The company, which is based in LA, is very good at releasing loads of images of a transportation system that, so far, does not yet exist in the world.
  • Google stops selling the Nexus Player (2016-05-24 17:10:00)
  • Scientists designed a wearable patch that monitors the chemicals in our sweat (2016-05-24 17:06:51)
    Most fitness trackers monitor heart rate and the number of steps users take in a day. And while these trackers might be good enough, researchers at the University of California, San Diego think they can provide a better overall view of health. In research released today, they discussed their development of a patch called Chem-Phys that's worn on a user's chest. It monitors electrocardiogram heart signals and a user's levels of lactate, which decreases as we work out. ...
  • 3 awesome Netflix hacks that need to be real (2016-05-24 17:00:59)
    About two times a year, Netflix holds an internal hackathon where employees are encouraged to come up with creative ideas and explore new technologies, both in software and hardware, that tend to fall outside of their day-to-day job description. In other words, the Netflix hackathon is a great excuse for engineers to have a bit of fun. Just this past November, for example, you might recall that Netflix engineers managed to get a video stream running on a 1950s era TV . By the time Netflix's most recent hackathon ended, the streaming giant noted that it saw 200 engineers put together more than 80 unique hacks. "The hacks themselves ranged from product ideas to internal tools to improvements in our recruiting process," Netflix said. Of those 80+ projects, Netflix published a blogpost highlighting some of the cooler concoctions its engineers managed to come up with this year. Here's a look at a few of them. DON'T MISS:  This is probably our first look at a real iPhone 7 Desktop Netflix experience Netflix calls this project Tetris, and as you might imagine, it allows users to drag, drop, re-position and even remove rows from the Netflix splash page. Put differently, it's Netflix customization unhinged. It's really just a more powerful, desktop-based Netflix experience that you can customize. Someone explain to me why it took a 'hackathon' for Netflix to come up with this? Watch Netflix in peace with QuietCast This is a great little hack that lets users watch Netflix programming on their bigscreen but cast the audio straight to their headphones, either via Chromecast or another mobile device. This is a nice solution for users looking to get their TV and movie watching in without waking up anyone who might be asleep in the house. Netflix takes on VR Virtual reality is all the rage these days, and Netflix's engineers don't want to sit on the sidelines. Meet Netflix Zone , a Netflix UI designed specifically for the HTC Vive. This one is pretty cool as it presents Netflix's catalog of content in what appears to be an antiquated video store. Make sure to hit the source link below for the full rundown of Netflix's 2016 Spring hackathon.
  • Apple reportedly working on a rival to Amazon's Echo (2016-05-24 16:53:00)
  • Google confirms the Nexus Player has been discontinued (2016-05-24 16:51:48)
    Google has ceased direct sales of its Nexus Player set-top box. "Nexus Player is still available on some retail sites," a spokesperson told The Verge, meaning that finding it elsewhere is your last remaining option for getting one. Introduced in late 2014, the Nexus Player was the first set-top box to run Android TV, but was by no means Google's first try at becoming the center of your living room.
  • Apple is reportedly building a Siri speaker to rival Amazon’s Echo (2016-05-24 16:49:03)
    Apple is working on its own competitor to the Amazon Echo to give consumers a Siri-powered speaker for the home, according to a report from The Information today. Not only that, but Apple is also reportedly opening Siri up to third-party apps so developers can finally tap into the voice assistant. In fact, the Siri SDK could arrive as early as June during Apple's annual WWDC conference.
  • Paul McCartney adopts VR so your grandparents don't have to (2016-05-24 16:43:00)
  • After delay, solar plane will fly from Ohio to Pennsylvania (2016-05-24 16:41:49)
    DAYTON, Ohio (AP) — After a delay to check for possible damage, a solar-powered airplane will take off Wednesday for its planned flight from Ohio to Pennsylvania.
  • Report: Apple to open up Siri to developers, release an Amazon Echo competitor (2016-05-24 16:33:05)
    Remember when we said that Siri was becoming boring and stale in the face of impressive AI advancements from the likes of Google, Viv and Amazon? Well, perhaps we spoke too soon. According to a new report from The Information , Apple is finally ready to let Siri grow up. DON'T MISS:  This is probably our first look at a real iPhone 7 Specifically, the publication relays that Apple will finally offer official Siri APIs to developers, thus paving the way for third-party integrations, the kind that Amazon Echo users can't seem to get enough of. Things like ordering an Uber or pizza are currently impossible, because Siri is locked down by Apple. There's a few integrations possible via HomeKit, like Philips Hue lightbulbs or Nest, but limiting the digital assistant solely to internet-connected devices was cramping Apple's style. According to the report, we won't have long to wait, either -- Siri integrations are hopefully going to be launched at WWDC, in just a few weeks' time. A preview at WWDC would pave the way very nicely for an appearance in the next version of iOS, which normally lands alongside the new iPhone in the fall. What's more, Apple is also reportedly working on a standalone device meant to compete with the Amazon Echo and Google's recently unveiled Google Home . If that's true, it's huge news -- Apple has been lacking any kind of smart home hub until now, but a Siri-powered device would be a serious play to get Apple into our homes. All in all, this is huge news that shows Apple is thankfully willing to become a bit more flexible in an effort to keep up with fast-moving advancements in the AI space . As we highlighted just a few weeks ago, Viv -- an AI platform created by former Siri employees -- not only seemed to lap Siri functionality wise, but also showcased the benefit of allowing third-party developers to tap into an AI platform. While the degree to which Apple allows developers to tap into Siri remains to be seen, perhaps we're not too far off from a time where we can finally order pizza, book restaurant tables, or really do more than check the weather with Siri.
  • Apple to release a Siri-based Amazon Echo competitor (2016-05-24 16:33:05)
    Remember when we said that Siri was becoming boring and stale in the face of impressive AI advancements from the likes of Google, Viv and Amazon? Well, perhaps we spoke too soon. According to a new report from The Information , Apple finally appears ready to let Siri grow up. DON'T MISS:  This is probably our first look at a real iPhone 7 Specifically, the publication relays that Apple will finally offer official Siri APIs to developers, thus paving the way for third-party integrations that Amazon Echo users can't seem to get enough of. What's more, Apple is also working on a standalone device meant to compete with the Amazon Echo and Google's recently unveiled Google Home. All in all, this is huge news that shows Apple is thankfully willing to become a bit more flexible in an effort to keep up with fast-moving advancements in the AI space. As we highlighted just a few weeks ago, Viv -- an AI platform created by former Siri employees -- not only seemed to lap Siri functionality wise, but also showcased the benefit of allowing third-party developers to tap into an AI platform. While the degree to which Apple allows developers to tap into Siri remains to be seen, perhaps we're not too far off from a time where we can finally order a pizza or an Uber via Siri. Developing...
  • Encryption expert returns to Apple in wake of San Bernardino standoff (2016-05-24 16:27:15)
    One of the cryptography world's biggest names has returned to Apple. According to a Reuters report, former Silent Circle CTO Jon Callas is employed by Apple as of this month, working in an undisclosed capacity. Callas has worked for Apple twice before, first from 1995 to 1997 and again from 2009 to 2011.
  • Kanex's USB-C portable battery charger is now available (2016-05-24 16:14:27)
    Kanex has released a new USB-C portable battery charger that seems like a good deal on the surface. It claims it can deliver a full charge to your MacBook with its 15,000 mAh battery, comes with safety features like built-in circuit protection to keep your devices from overcharging, and comes with two extra USB-C cables, all for $99.95. Right up until you realize Anker — the company that makes the lightning cable you bought from Amazon when you lost yours that works remarkably well  — is selling a more-powerful version of the same product for $49.99 on Amazon.
  • A prototype iPhone 6 is selling for $50,000 on eBay (2016-05-24 16:00:34)
    These days, an iPhone 6 in half-decent condition sells for about $400. So why exactly are people willing to pay upwards of $50,000 for an older, weirder iPhone 6? DON'T MISS:  This is probably our first look at a real iPhone 7 9to5Mac first spotted the device on eBay. The description claims it's "bought from a friend," which is really just one step up from "fell off the back of a truck." Because it's allegedly a prototype, it has no serial number or FCC branding. (Actually, the back of the device looks refreshingly clean -- just imagine what life would be like if every handset looked like that.) The eBay seller isn't particularly descriptive: I bought this item from a friend of mine, it is a iPhone 6 prototype, it has no FCC logos, Serial Number or Imei.  From what I know it runs a debugging OS called SwitchBoard and features a red lightning dock port with a serial number of C39NW00KG876. The software is the really interesting part here. SwitchBoard is an operating system used internally by Apple for bug testing, and it's allegedly far more hackable than stock iOS. That could let the future owner do all sorts of things to the device that would be impossible with a stock iPhone. Of course, there's also the distinct possibility that this is a knockoff iPhone running some old, buggy software, masquerading as a prototype. But that hasn't dissuaded buyers -- the price is at $53,000 at the time of writing, and rising rapidly. This isn't the first time an iPhone prototype has ended up on eBay. Back in 2014, another iPhone 6 prototype found its way to eBay, with the same red lightning connector. That listing was removed before the end of the auction, so this seller's seven-day listing might have been a little optimistic.  
  • Huawei sues Samsung over cellphone patents (2016-05-24 15:54:00)
  • Why Agile Release Planning is Critical for Product Management (2016-05-24 15:49:07)
    A product release is the launch of a new product or a combination of features that will provide value to customers or users. Digging deeper, a release is much more to both your customers and internal teams.
  • Toyota, Uber latest to join forces in ride-sharing rush (2016-05-24 15:47:16)
    Toyota Motor Corp and Uber said on Tuesday they would partner to explore ridesharing, including an investment by the Japanese automaker in the on-demand ride company, the latest in a wave of high-profile partnerships between carmakers and ride-sharing services. Toyota and Uber will create new leasing options in which car purchasers can lease their vehicles from Toyota Financial Services and cover their payments through earnings generated as Uber drivers, the companies said in a joint statement. Traditional automakers are racing to find ride-sharing partners as a response to the rush of technology companies such as Apple , Alphabet's Google and private companies such as Uber that are reshaping the global auto industry.
  • Toyota is establishing a 'strategic partnership' with Uber, which is a really big deal (2016-05-24 15:43:53)
    Toyota and Uber are forming a "strategic partnership" which will include an investment by the Japanese automaker in the San Francisco-based ride-sharing company. Under the agreement, Uber drivers can lease their vehicles from Toyota and cover their payments through earnings generated as Uber drivers. The two companies also agree to conduct ride-sharing trials in countries that have yet to establish the practice.
  • French raid Google in latest probe into tech's tax tactics (2016-05-24 15:41:08)
    PARIS (AP) — Police raided Google's French headquarters Tuesday looking for evidence of "aggravated tax fraud," marking one of Europe's most conspicuous attempts yet to cast a U.S. technology leader as a manipulative scofflaw.
  • Yes, you can buy the Chewbacca mom’s Chewbacca mask on Amazon right now (2016-05-24 15:31:01)
    Candance Payne's "Chewbacca mom" video is easily our favorite viral sensation of the year so far. First, it's hilarious. Second, Payne seems like she's perhaps one of the most likable people on the planet. And third, her laugh is without question the most amazing and infectious laugh that has ever swept the web. Her video on Facebook now had nearly 142 million views at the time of this writing and if you somehow haven't seen it yet, here's a link to watch it and welcome back to Earth. Of course if you're like us, you were left with one important question: Where can I get that awesome Chewbacca mask  for myself? Well, we have good news and bad news. The good news is that you can pick up a new "Star Wars The Force Awakens Chewbacca Electronic Mask" on Amazon right now. The bad news is that the mask is something of a hot item at the moment, so it's going to cost you a pretty penny. How much is the mask going for on Amazon? We won't spoil the surprise — you can find out right here . Chewbacca mom video aside, it's actually a pretty awesome toy. It looks great and has adjustable straps so that one size fits all, but it's also not your average mask. The mouth opens and closes as the wearer's mouth opens and closes, and the mask's famous Chewbacca roar gets louder as you open your mouth wider. Still not convinced? Let's watch it one more time:
  • Toyota is investing in Uber (2016-05-24 15:31:00)
  • Toyota, Uber to explore ridesharing partnership (2016-05-24 15:27:50)
    (Reuters) - Toyota Motor Corp said on Tuesday it will partner with on-demand ride company Uber to explore ridesharing and will make a strategic investment in the company. As part of the partnership, Toyota would create new leasing options in which car purchasers can lease their vehicles from Toyota Financial Services and cover their payments through earnings generated as Uber drivers. Toyota is making the strategic investment through its unit Toyota Financial Services Corporation and Mirai Creation Investment Limited Partnership. ...
  • 9 Online Camps to Keep Kids Busy (and Learning) This Summer (2016-05-24 15:22:08)
    By Caroline Knorr, Common Sense Media OK, don't laugh. Virtual summer camps -- where kids head to the computer instead of the pool or park -- are a thing now. And before you say, "Over my dead body," these aren't the solitary, sedentary, screen-centered experiences you fear. Plenty of virtual summer camps offer kids the chance to make projects,...
  • Netflix engineers made a VR 'video store' for the company's latest Hack Day (2016-05-24 15:17:33)
    When Netflix's designers and engineers get together for their biannual Hack Day, they usually manage to turn out at least one invention the streaming service's subscribers wouldn't mind taking for a public spin. The results from Netflix's most recent Hack Day were published this morning, and they skew a little more practical than the examples above while still retaining some of that signature weirdness. This Hack Day's strangest product is probably the Netflix Zone, an alternate VR viewing experience made for the HTC Vive that ditches the existing living room simulation for a skeuomorphic video store.
  • Cargill plans to keep several operations in Wichita (2016-05-24 15:12:36)
    WICHITA, Kan. (AP) — Agribusiness giant Cargill said Tuesday it will keep its protein operations in Wichita, Kansas, and search for a new facility to house them.
  • Huawei takes Samsung to court over LTE patents (2016-05-24 15:06:51)
    Two of the world's largest phone manufacturers are facing off over the core technology that powers LTE. Today, the Chinese phone manufacturer Huawei filed suit against Samsung over its use of 11 standard-essential patents owned by Huawei. According to Huawei's complaint, Samsung has failed to properly license the patents, but continues to make use of them in all its LTE-equipped devices.
  • Red Bull deal gives GoPro wings (2016-05-24 15:05:39)
    By Noel Randewich SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Shares of GoPro Inc got a lift on Tuesday after the struggling action camera maker said it was partnering with extreme sports sponsor Red Bull in a marketing and promotion deal. Briefly a Wall Street favorite following an initial public offering in 2014, GoPro's shares have fallen 82 percent in the past year as the company wrestles with weak demand for its helmet- and body-mounted cameras. Its stock rallied 5.4 percent after GoPro unveiled the partnership, which makes GoPro the official point-of-view camera provider for Red Bull's events and videos.
  • Rocket League is the first game to support cross-network play between Xbox One and PC (2016-05-24 15:04:00)
    If you play soccer-meets-cars game Rocket League on Xbox One, your pool of opponents is about to get a lot bigger. Today developer Psyonix is releasing an update for the Xbox version of the game that will allow for cross-platform play between Microsoft's console and PC players on Steam. Cross-platform play has been available in the PS4 and PC versions of the game since Rocket League launched last year, but the game didn't come to Xbox One until this February.
  • A look at Google’s wild plan to kill the password (2016-05-24 15:00:59)
    Every time there's a large scale data breach, we're reminded how little thought and creativity people use when coming up with their passwords. In in the wake of LinkedIn's 2012 data breach, for example, we learned that hundreds of thousands of people were using "password" as their password. A good number of users were also found to be using the password LinkedIn . In an effort to combat people's predilection for choosing horribly insecure passwords, Google has come with an interesting new solution called a "Trust Score" designed to replace passwords altogether. Trust Score, in a broad sense, is effectively a continuation of Project Abacus which Google first introduced last year. DON'T MISS:  Apple’s next MacBook Pro will be like nothing we’ve ever seen At Google I/O this year, Google said that a "Trust Score" consists of software that continually runs in the background and monitors various usage patterns in order to verify the identity of a user with a high degree of certainty. Some monitored metrics might include facial recognition, fingerprint authentication, typing patterns, tying speed, general behavioral data, voice recognition and location information. "This score is basically about how confident it is that you are who you say you are," TechCrunch adds . "If your score isn’t high enough, apps could revert back to asking for passwords." And if a score is high enough, access would be granted without having to punch in a password. Naturally, sensitive apps like banking apps would require a higher Trust Score than, say, a user's chess app. As it stands now, Google is conducting a trial run with financial institutions before taking the technology mainstream. Indeed, Google indicated that the technology will likely be available to developers before 2017. Like many things Google attempts, the underlying technology behind this particular technology seems cool, but the practicality remains questionable at best. People of course choose horrible passwords, but securing an app behind a biometric feature such as a fingerprint seems preferable to having an algorithm determine if a password is needed in the first place. It also remains to be seen if users are open to the idea of their phone effectively keeping tabs on them in exchange for an ostensibly more convenient user experience.
  • SteelSeries ships its OLED-packing gaming mouse (2016-05-24 14:59:00)
  • Coming soon to Twitter: More room to tweet (2016-05-24 14:54:28)
    NEW YORK (AP) — Twitter is making some big changes, at least in the context of 140 characters or fewer.
  • Google Maps is about to get a lot more ads (2016-05-24 14:39:29)
    Get a good look at Google Maps now, because it may soon start filling up with lots of company logos. In a blog post today, Google says it will start experimenting with showing logos for physical business locations on Google Maps, both in your desktop browser and on the mobile app. This means that when you type something like "coffee shop near me" into your Google Maps app search bar, a business that paid for an ad could appear first in your search results list.
  • Sony sells most of its media editing tools (2016-05-24 14:39:00)
  • How to add a simple password manager to Ubuntu Touch (2016-05-24 14:36:04)
    For an easy-to-use password manager for the Ubuntu Touch platform, Jack Wallen recommends the no-frills app password-shroud.
  • Apple rehires prominent security pro as encryption fight boils (2016-05-24 14:30:18)
    By Joseph Menn SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Apple Inc , which has resisted pressure from U.S. law enforcement to unlock encrypted iPhones, this month rehired a top expert in practical cryptography to bring more powerful security features to a wide range of consumer products. Jon Callas, who co-founded several well-respected secure communications companies including PGP Corp, Silent Circle and Blackphone, rejoined Apple in May, an Apple spokesman said. Callas had worked at Apple in the 1990s and again between 2009 and 2011, when he designed an encryption system to protect data stored on a Macintosh computer.
  • CompTIA report: Almost half of companies believe their security is 'good enough' (2016-05-24 14:30:00)
    A recent security report from CompTIA found that while threats are growing stronger, many enterprises still aren't ready to face them.
  • The CEO of Google is an unashamed iPhone user (2016-05-24 14:21:26)
    It normally shouldn’t matter what smartphone a person chooses to use, but when the executive chairperson of one of the biggest tech conglomerates in the world says they use a product from the competition, well, it kind of does. In this case, we’re looking at former Google CEO Eric Schmidt, currently the executive chairman of Alphabet, the little company that’s the owner of Google. He apparently uses an iPhone 6s , Apple’s latest and greatest. He admitted his iPhone-using-ways during an interview, but still professed a little love for Samsung. DON’T MISS: New photo leak shows big differences between iPhone 7 and 7 Plus In a fireside interview with CNBC at Startup Fest in Amsterdam on Tuesday, Schmidt did say that he was an iPhone user, but that he also owns a Galaxy S7 . "Samsung S7 is better. It has a better battery. And those of you who are iPhone users (know) I'm right," Schmidt said. Apparently, that’s the first and only feature that came to his mind when recommending the Galaxy S7 over the iPhone. Maybe he should switch to an iPhone 6s Plus that should offer plenty of extra battery life. If not, Apple has a handy iPhone battery case that can fix any battery issues he might experience. What’s interesting is that Schmidt did not recommend the Nexus 5X or the Nexus 6P over the iPhone, which are Google’s latest Nexus handsets. Schmidt was caught taking pictures with an iPhone during a March trip to South Korea, but only know the Alphabet exec admitted to actively using it. Of course, many could point out that Schmidt must use an iPhone just to keep a close eye on the competition. At least that’s what Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore explained his use of an iPhone in late January when he was caught tweeting from an iPhone. Furthermore, Google’s mobile apps are available on both iPhone and Android, with iOS versions sometimes getting preferential treatment over their Android equivalents. That would be a good reason for Schmidt to use a new iPhone. Or is it because he uses the iPhone that some of Google's apps are launched first, or updated first, on iOS?
  • 'Rocket League' gets cross-network play for Xbox One and PC (2016-05-24 14:21:00)
  • This Star Wars drone dogfight would be nothing without the right sound design (2016-05-24 14:15:47)
    What really makes the short work is the attention paid to the music and sound effects. Star Wars is immediately recognizable for its wide array of iconic sound effects. The swooshes of spacecrafts, the blaster fire, and John Williams' score are a big part of what makes the series so singular in pop culture.
  • Why robots must explain, listen, and ask for help (2016-05-24 14:13:00)
    A panel of roboticists at EmTechDIGITAL 2016 explored how social robots will improve our work.
  • Volkswagen pours $300 million into Gett's ride hailing service (2016-05-24 14:02:00)
  • Tesla customers have driven 100 million miles with Autopilot active (2016-05-24 13:54:16)
    Tesla says owners of its electric vehicles have driven 100 million miles using its autonomous Autopilot feature. Sterling Anderson, Tesla's director of Autopilot programs, told a crowd at the EmTech Digital conference today in San Francisco that the data collected from those miles is what the team is using to develop, refine, and introduce more features in the future. It should be noted that Tesla vehicles are not fully autonomous in the way Google's self-driving cars are shaping up to be.
  • Why I'm still skeptical about Project Ara (2016-05-24 13:50:09)
    What Google is doing with its modular Project Ara smartphone is perhaps its grandest experiment yet: developing hardware out in the open as if it were software. Starting with a developer device this year and a consumer release in 2017, Google's ambition for Ara is to grow into a vast hardware ecosystem with an array of interchangeable parts and a range of compatible devices. In Google's ideal scenario, modules and components would be sold like apps from a digital store.
  • Twitter drops photos, videos from 140-character limit (2016-05-24 13:46:14)
    (Reuters) - Twitter Inc said on Tuesday that user names and media attachments such as photos and videos will no longer count toward the length of a tweet but the 140-character limit will remain. Twitter said the change, part of its efforts to simplify its microblogging service, will happen in the next few months. "A few simple changes to make conversations on Twitter easier! And no more removing characters for images or videos!" Chief Executive Jack Dorsey said in a 115-character tweet.
  • Not all Silicon is the Valley. True in Biotech + Space too (2016-05-24 13:44:33)
    Don't let the empty halls fool you. Behind the scenes in almost every corporate park and office building in Carlsbad, CA you will find cutting edge technology, world class competitive companies and lots of gee whiz technology.This beautiful little city north of San Diego, California is home to some of the world's largest bio technology...
  • ComiXology Unlimited offers all of the comics for $6 a month (2016-05-24 13:41:00)
  • China's Huawei sues Samsung over wireless patents (2016-05-24 13:30:45)
    Chinese technology titan Huawei said Tuesday it filed suit in the United States against Samsung, claiming its South Korean rival has infringed on patents on wireless connectivity for mobile devices. Huawei said it was filing a similar lawsuit in China alleging infringement of patents which allow mobile devices to connect to high-speed networks.
  • Welcome to the future: Video shows Tesla driver sleeping at the wheel while Autopilot drives (2016-05-24 13:29:00)
    Tesla’s Autopilot feature is awesome, and it’ll surely be a great way to “drive” your car once self-driving cars are regulated, and once Tesla deploys a more advanced version of its software. However, people driving Tesla cars should remember that Autopilot is in beta right now. That means drivers should still keep their eyes on the road and be ready to take control on a whim. It almost definitely does not  mean that you can fall asleep behind the wheel and let Autopilot do its thing — we’re definitely not there yet. But that’s exactly one driver did, and someone recorded it on video. DON’T MISS: New photo leak shows big differences between iPhone 7 and 7 Plus As Electrek points out , the video could very well be a hoax, but that doesn’t matter given the bigger picture. As it stands now, Tesla’s Autopilot isn’t finalized software, which means it needs constant supervision from a human driver. On top of that, driverless cars aren’t yet legal. While the US government – and other governments – is developing the legal framework needed to regulate self-driving cars, nobody can really sell autonomous cars right now. Even if Autopilot was better at driving cars than humans, regulators aren't yet ready to greenlight the tech. The Model S in the following video seems to be doing all the driving in what looks like heavy traffic. Meanwhile, the driver appears to be sleeping. Thankfully, the car is hardly moving, which means the computer can quickly stop if it needs to. Assuming something wrong happens, the car will try to alert the driver. If the driver doesn’t respond to an alert, the car will decelerate while activating the hazard lights and moving the vehicle off the road, Electrek reminds us. Even so, regardless of whether your car has smart features like Autopilot enabled, you definitely shouldn’t fall asleep behind the wheel. The full video is embedded below.
  • Google Maps directions may soon lead you to ... more ads (2016-05-24 13:28:12)
    SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — You might start seeing more ads when getting directions from Google's popular mapping service.
  • Microsoft opens wallet to extend Internet in remote areas (2016-05-24 13:27:18)
    SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Microsoft has joined other tech giants working to deliver the Internet in remote parts of the world, although it's taking a smaller-scale approach than some of its rivals.
  • Finally, a lightbulb socket for people who don't want to buy connected lights (2016-05-24 13:27:02)
    There are batteries to make regular appliances smart, and now there's a light socket to make any lightbulb a connected one. Oh and that socket has its own LED light ring, too. Socket comes with an app that lets users turn their lights on, adjust their brightness and power, and create a room ambiance. Read: its light ring changes colors. And because it syncs with Apple's HomeKit, Siri also works. Socket costs $79, not including bulbs. With so many lightbulb options on the market how can we choose?!
  • A Bionic Arm That Pushes the Boundaries of Imagination (2016-05-24 13:23:15)
    This laser-shooting, drone-launching prosthetic arm is loaded with technology inspired by the owner's favorite video game.
  • World's first 3D-printed office opens in Dubai (2016-05-24 13:19:00)
  • The ludicrous $700 Wi-Fi connected juicer (2016-05-24 13:12:29)
    The Juicero juicer is supposed to make the most delicious juice you can find, but it does that in the most ludicrous of ways. Using a Wi-Fi connection, QR codes, and a scanner, the juicer detects which fruits and vegetables it’s making and how hard it ought to press them. We tried it out to see if the juice is any good — and if the Wi-Fi is really that useful.
  • Gululu turns drinking water into a Tamagotchi-like game for kids (2016-05-24 13:06:52)
    Some kids may not be drinking as much water as they ought to, so a company called Gululu is trying to make a game out of it. It's created a product called the Gululu Interactive Bottle, which is among the more high-tech water bottles out there: it has a screen, a home button, a pair of touch sensors, Wi-Fi, and wireless charging capabilities. When you first get Gululu's bottle, it'll have you set a goal for how much water your child should be drinking.
  • One last ride in the Dodge Viper (2016-05-24 13:06:15)
    The Dodge Viper is scheduled to end production next year — but this dinosaur of a car still has a few tricks up its sleeves. Jason Harper takes it for a spin at the Monticello Motor Club.
  • The true story behind one of the Internet’s most famous memes (2016-05-24 13:00:38)
    While some Internet memes have a tendency to burst onto the scene like an exploding star before fizzling out just as quickly, the meme of Michael Jordan crying has taken the opposite route. What initially started out as a niche and rather obscure meme known only to hardcore sports fans has slowly but surely grown in popularity over the past few years, and especially over the last few months. And because it's often hard to pinpoint why or how certain memes sweep over the Internet like a tidal wave while others quickly fade into memory, 2 Point Lead over the weekend ventured to set the record straight. With assistance from ESPN's Jay Williams, DJ Gallo of SportsPickle, and AP photographer Stephan Savoia -- the man who took the now-ubiquitous photo, 2 Point Lead gives us a behind the scenes tour of how the original photo was taken and how it eventually grew into an Internet phenomenon. HUGE LEAK:  This is our first look at a real iPhone 7 First off, for a bit of context, the origin of the Jordan crying photo can be traced back to September 2009 when His Airness became emotional when giving his Basketball Hall of Fame induction speech . With tears streaming down his face at one point, AP photographer Stephan Savoia couldn't believe what he was seeing and took the following photo. But interestingly enough, it wasn't until a few years later that the meme truly began to gain traction in the media. The video below highlights the myriad of ways in which the "Crying Jordan" meme has since taken on a life of its own. Also interesting is that Jordan himself is well aware of the meme. And while he doesn't necessarily like it (word is, he hates it ), he's okay with people having fun at his expense so long as no one uses the meme for commercial purposes. And lest anyone want to try the great #23, it's worth pointing out that Jordan successfully sued a supermarket chain in Chicago for millions for using his identity without permission. "It is my name, and I've worked hard for it for 30-something years," Jordan said a few months back, "and I'm not just going to let someone take it." With that warning out of the way, let's keep those Jordan memes coming .
  • 'Mirror's Edge Catalyst' and the long shadow of a cult classic (2016-05-24 13:00:00)
  • China's Huawei sues Samsung Electronics claiming mobile patent infringement (2016-05-24 12:43:23)
    By Yimou Lee and Anne Marie Roantree HONG KONG (Reuters) - Huawei Technologies Co Ltd [HWT.UL] said on Wednesday it has filed lawsuits against Samsung Electronics Co Ltd claiming infringement of smartphone patents, in the first such case by the Chinese firm against the world's biggest mobile maker. Huawei has filed lawsuits in the United States and China seeking compensation for what it said was unlicensed use of fourth-generation (4G) cellular communications technology, operating systems and user interface software in Samsung phones. "We hope Samsung will ... stop infringing our patents and get the necessary license from Huawei, and work together with Huawei to jointly drive the industry forward," Ding Jianxing, president of Huawei's Intellectual Property Rights Department, said in a statement.
  • High-resolution renders show us what the iPhone 7 Plus will probably look like (2016-05-24 12:38:28)
    Many iPhone 7 buyers are already disappointed that  Apple’s 2016 smartphone line will apparently look almost exactly the same as last year’s iPhones, thanks to the plethora of leaks we’ve seen so far. In case you missed it, this leak is probably our first look at a real iPhone 7 . Numerous schematics have also firmed up the idea that the iPhone 7 will be a more refined version of the iPhone 6s, but not a radical design overhaul – and that’s really not a bad thing, no matter how bored you might be with smart rectangles with touchscreens. But schematics and leaked components don't tell the whole story. Thankfully, high-resolution renders and a video created using the information in these iPhone 7 leaks have come to the rescue, offering us a sneak peek of what the iPhone 7 will almost certainly end up looking like. HUGE LEAK: This is probably our first look at a real iPhone 7 Created by Jermaine Smit, a designer who has come up with similar concepts based on Apple leaks in the past, the video and images show off the iPhone 7 Plus’s main features. We’re looking at a dual lens camera on the back, redesigned top and bottom antenna lines, and a dual speaker setup on the bottom that replaces the current headset jack and single-speaker design. Most rumors agree that the iPhone 7 Plus will have a dual lens camera, and that all iPhone 7 units will lack a headphone jack, and will feature redesigned antennas. However, not all rumors agree on whether a dual speaker setup is in the works for the new iPhone line. Aside from the three design details featured in these renders, the iPhone 7 Plus is expected to be pretty similar to its predecessor – see the full video below.
  • Far Harbor pulled me right back into Fallout 4 (2016-05-24 12:34:08)
    Last week Fallout 4 developer Bethesda released the game’s first major expansion called “Far Harbor,” which adds a huge new area to the game. “Far Harbor” starts out as a simple missing person's case you get from Nick Valentine’s secretary. Kasumi has been chatting with a stranger over a CB radio, and eventually decided to meet that stranger on the island of Far Harbor.
  • The best food processor (2016-05-24 12:30:00)
  • Philips Hue's new white ambiance bulbs are now available (2016-05-24 12:20:04)
    If your current Philips Hue white light bulbs aren't the proper shade of white you require, well you're in luck. The Philips Hue white ambiance bulbs are officially on sale today, and they will deliver shades of white light between a cool 6,500K to a warm 2,200K. The current white Hue bulbs will let you change the brightness level, but not the color temperature.
  • 'Ready Player One' filmmakers want your 3D avatars (2016-05-24 12:14:00)
  • Comixology launches Netflix-style subscription service for comics (2016-05-24 12:08:10)
    Comixology is launching a subscription service that will offer readers "thousands" of digital comics for $5.99 a month. Called Comixology Unlimited, the service will feature work from a variety of major indie presses, including Image Comics, Dark Horse Comics, and Fantagraphics Books.
  • How to easily encrypt/decrypt a file in Linux with gpg (2016-05-24 12:07:21)
    Stop your search for an easy way to encrypt and decrypt files in Linux -- the built-in gpg tool will do the trick.
  • French raid Google over 'aggravated tax fraud' allegations (2016-05-24 12:07:06)
    PARIS (AP) — French police have raided Google's Paris offices as part of an investigation into "aggravated tax fraud" and money laundering, authorities said Tuesday. The raid is the latest regulatory headache for the American search engine-and-email company, which like other Silicon Valley firms faces increasing questions about its complex tax arrangements.
  • Google offers new features to local search ads (2016-05-24 12:06:01)
    (Reuters) - Google Maps will soon carry promotional offers from nearby businesses along with ads and allow users to browse product inventories and menus. Alphabet Inc's Google said on Tuesday it would introduce the new ad features on both Google Maps and Google Maps already allows businesses to advertise store locations based on search keywords. The new feature will show ads automatically to users along their driving route. ...
  • Pebble just re-invented the iPod Shuffle, and it runs Spotify (2016-05-24 12:05:33)
    Back in the days before RunKeeper and GPS watches, my jogs were a beautifully simple thing: I strapped on an iPod Shuffle loaded with a strong mix of Britney and Eminem, and vanished into my own little world for an hour. A couple years later, I transitioned to Spotify and never really looked back. But running with an armband and a 5-inch phone never felt quite the same, and clearly other people agree. That's why I'm absurdly happy that Pebble, a small Canadian company that makes wearables, is making a Shuffle-sized device that clips on to your shorts, plays your Spotify playlists, and tracks runs. DON'T MISS: iPhones will finally get the OLED screens they deserve The Core is a $70 device about the same size as an old Shuffle, complete with a little clip. It allows you to store Spotify playlists on the 4GB of built-in storage, or stream them over a 3G connection. It also has built-in GPS and integration with popular apps like RunKeeper and Strava, so you can track your workouts. Finally, it builds in an emergency SOS button using that cellular radio, so you still have the comfort value of not being completely cut off from the world in an emergency. It feels like someone's sat down, thought about what my ideal device would be to take running or biking, and then built that. It's a stripped-down machine for people who just want to know how far they've run, and listen to music along the way. My only concern is the controls: Core only has two buttons, so you'll really need to pair it to a Pebble smartwatch over Bluetooth to make the most of it. Pebble actually has other plans for the Core beyond just workouts. As Pebble points out, Core is really just a tiny Android 5.0-powered computer, complete with a full suite of sensors like GPS and microphones, and Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity. Pebble is making the device completely open to hackers, so you can expect a bunch of Core-powered lifehacks coming soon. Alongside the Core, Pebble also revamped its line of smartwatches with a new focus on fitness. The Pebble 2 is a $100 smartwatch that looks a lot like the original Pebble, but with the notable addition of built-in heartrate tracking. The Pebble Time 2 is an update to last summer's Pebble Time Steel, with a color e-ink display and heart-rate monitoring again. Overall, the smartwatch updates stick to Pebble's core philosophy of the simpler, the better. Pebble watches have buttons instead of touchscreens, and week-long battery life rather than 24 hours. They're meant to be smartwatches for people who mostly want a watch, only with this update, they're now also cheap and powerful fitness trackers. All three devices are up for pre-order on Kickstarter right now, Pebble's tried-and-tested method of selling products. The Core is $69 with delivery in January next year, Pebble 2 is $99 in September this year, while the Pebble Time 2 is $169, delivery November 2016.
  • Robot queen Simone Giertz on inventions, the internet, and not winning a Darwin Award (2016-05-24 12:05:32)
    Simone Giertz is a 25-year old inventor from Stockholm, Sweden, best known for charming the internet with her "shitty robots," as she calls them. You mentioned you’re a fan of the HowToBasic channel on YouTube.
  • Twitter changes tweet format but keeps 140-character limit (2016-05-24 12:00:27)
    (Reuters) - User names and media attachments such as photos and videos will no longer count towards the length of a tweet, Twitter Inc said on Tuesday, but the 140-character limit will stay. Twitter said the change, part of its efforts to simplify its microblogging service, will come into effect in the next few months. "A few simple changes to make conversations on Twitter easier! And no more removing characters for images or videos!," Chief Executive Jack Dorsey said in a 115-character tweet.
  • AI 'doctors' will diagnose your X-rays (2016-05-24 12:00:00)
  • New Google Maps ads will drop branded pins on your search results (2016-05-24 12:00:00)
  • YouTube Gaming launches event hubs with E3 live streams (2016-05-24 12:00:00)
  • Volkswagen just invested $300 million in Uber rival Gett (2016-05-24 11:58:27)
    Volkswagen Group invested $300 million in Gett, a Tel Aviv-based black car-hailing app that routinely needles Uber in its marketing material. The investment is a sign that Volkswagen wants to branch into the highly competitive ride-sharing market as it continues to deal with the fallout from the diesel emissions scandal. Gett is widely used in cities like Moscow and London, but has struggled to compete with Uber in the US, where it is only available in New York City.
  • These Ninja Turtles figures are ripped straight out of the classic arcade game (2016-05-24 11:46:56)
    Today sees the launch of TMNT: Mutants in Manhattan, a modern action game that looks to capture the same feeling as the turtles' old arcade adventures. In addition to the four turtles, NECA also created multiple color variations of foot soldiers and, naturally, the Shredder as well.
  • 12 paid iPhone apps on sale for free today (2016-05-24 11:44:13)
    An app that grabs still photos from your videos... an app that will help you manage your finances... an app that will block every mention of Donald Trump from your phone... all this and more can be found in today's list of paid iPhone and iPad  apps on sale for free. And if the 12 apps we've dug up for you today aren't enough, be sure to check out the remaining sales in yesterday's post . HUGE LEAK:  This is our first look at a real iPhone 7 These are paid iPhone and iPad apps that have been made available for free for a limited time by their developers. There is no way to tell how long they will be free. These sales could end an hour from now or a week from now — obviously, the only thing we can guarantee is that they were free at the time this post was written. If you click on a link and see a price listed next to an app instead of the word “get,” it is no longer free. The sale has ended. If you download the app, you will be charged. Video to Photo Grabber Normally $1.99. Video to Photo Grabber is an easy way to extract high quality photos from recorded videos on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Videos can be loaded directly from Camera Roll to the Video to Photo Grabber app, then you can inspect the video frame by frame and pick up the one you like to save as still image. The photo will be saved at the same resolution as the source video. For iPhone5, iPhone 4S, the new iPad,iPad mini, the still frame photo has a resolution of 1920x1080, just like a 200M pixels digital camera. Features: *Very Easy to use Just select the video file you want to extract, then browse the video frame by frame by swiping the film. Tap to capture the great moment and save a still photo. *Fast locate the frame You can play the video, pause, fast forward and backward to easily locate the frame you want to save as photo. *Built-in photo editor with powerful photo editing functions How can the App help? * The photo & video modes switching could be cumbersome. With the Video to Photo Grabber App, you can simply choose to take a video when you hesitate which to choose. As Video to Photo can help you easily extract any static photos or images from the video. * The traditional point-and-shoot way could be too slow sometimes. Video to Photo helps you take better pictures of fast moving objects (cars, sports, dance , exciting baby and so on). With Video to Photo Grabber app you can take up to 1,800 pictures a minute, you will certainly have a better chance of getting excellent candidate shoots than you would with the regular iPhone camera. * Recover Photos from Recorded Videos Sometimes you want to take a photo, but you may have been forgetful and leave your iPhone cameras set to video. Video to Photo Grabber app helps you recover photos from the recorded videos. * Extract the Best Photos from Videos You can browse the video frame by frame to get the best scenery and the exact moment you need. You can extract up to 30 different pictures of a one second video recorded with your iPhone or iPad and save them as 1080p full HD pictures. * Taking a great photo of yourself If you use the front camera for easier use, you will find it is difficult to get the right angle, what's worse you have no way to take full body pictures without help, let alone taking photos with your family or friends. With Video to Photo Grabber App, you can prop your iPhone up, shoot a video of yourself and your family or friends. You can export any photo suits you best afterwards. * Powerful Photo Editing Features Before saving the images, you have the opportunity to edit them. For example, you can crop the image, add text to image, add stickers to image, rotate/flip image, etc. There a plenty of other enhancements and effects you can easily touch to apply. You can also adjust image brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpness to output high quality images. * Easy Photo Sharing Features You can export images to Camera Roll, email the photos, share via iTunes File-Sharing, print them out, open in with other apps, etc. Download Video to Photo Grabber Lock Notes Pro Normally $2.99. A SINGLE PURCHASE COVERS ALL YOUR IPHONE AND IPAD DEVICES. FINALLY AN APP FOR ALL YOUR PRIVATE NOTES! Keep your most valuable, private, and secret notes away from prying eyes. Keep them all totally secret and safe. Store passwords, secrets, contacts or just keep your diary private. KEY FEATURES: • Use Touch ID or passcode to safely lock access to your private notes. • Set a security question and answer in case you forget your passcode. • Safely Backup your valuable notes to iCloud. • Quickly Sync notes between iPhone & iPad with iCloud. • Sort notes list by name, date or manual. • Select notes font style and size. • Insert images & photos into notes. • Print your notes. • Send notes via text message or email. • Save notes to Camera Roll. • Support for Emoji Emoticons. Download Lock Notes Pro Trump Trump Normally $0.99. Enjoy Trump-free web browsing. Trump Trump is a content blocker that filters out links, websites and photos that contain the word Trump. Instantly vanish Trump-related content from the web. Trump Trump integrates directly into Safari, so you do not need to change anything about the way you browse the web. Simply enable Trump Trump and you will see how photos, images and links related to the Trump keyword disappear. Trump Trump also blocks website URLs that contain the Trump keywords, so if you accidentally follow a link to one of these sites, you will only see a blank page. In addition to working in Safari, Trump Trump also works in certain apps that use Safari Webkit for web browsing. Trump Trump does NOT work in apps such as Facebook for iOS or Twitter for iOS. However, it will work if you access these services via the Safari web browser. LIMITATIONS: Trump Trump is intended for entertainment purposes only. It has been tested on a large number of websites. It will dramatically reduce your exposure to Trump-related content. However, it cannot block 100% of the Trump content on 100% of the websites. It may also affect the display of some web content that may mistakenly identify as Trump-related. DISCLAIMER: Reference to any celebrity, person, product, name or trademark is for descriptive purposes only and does not constitute or imply sponsorship or endorsement. Download Trump Trump Coyn Normally $0.99. Coyn — Simple, Secure, and Stylish way to manage your cash balance. Introducing new feature: Coyn Share. • Manage your money like it’s no one else’s business. • A brand new experience to manage your daily expenses. • Be the only one who tracks your cash expenditures and earnings. • Traveling a lot? No problem! use Coyn to track all your cash expenditures and focus on your adventures! • Never lose track of where and how you spent your cash. • Improve your financial wellness by defining budget and meeting the goals. - Introducing Coyn Share, now you can share your expenses with anyone. - Premium users to have Unlimited Accounts to manage their cash balance. - 3D Touch feature allowing users to add expense/ earning quickly and also see the balance instantly. - Premium users can see their expense and income balance for each accounts using the 3D Touch features. - Secure your Coyn using your finger print. Use Coyn Share to: - Manage expenses from your road trip with friends - Report your business expenditures to your boss - Pay your electricity/ rent to your roommate - Split bills at the restaurant - or simply pay your friend for that cold beer! -"Keep your cash and your Coyn in your pocket." Simplicity: Coyn is all about efficiency. We spent days and nights testing the usability of Coyn so that you can experience the most unique user-interface and enjoy managing your cash. Simply swipe up to add expenses and swipe down to add income! Privacy: Coyn respects your privacy and will never allow your data to be posted to any websites, bank accounts, or cloud services. We don't require you to log in or add your bank accounts. With Coyn you can focus on saving money and being on top of your cash expenditures and earnings and stop worrying about privacy and accounts FOREVER! Personalize: You can customize all categories and set target budget to make sure you are on top of your financials. Coyn is the most powerful tool for anyone who uses cash for daily expenses or even have cash incomes (gift cards, pocket money, etc.) it will help you track your cash activities and keep the records only to yourself. If you travel with cash or want to track business vs. personal expenses Coyn would be your best friend! Download Coyn IQ Test Normally $2.99. IQ Test With solutions! Available for iPad and iPhone. 2 Tests +39 Questions Mensa iq test. +33 Questions European iq test. With solutions! An intelligence quotient (IQ) is a score derived from one of several standardized tests designed to assess intelligence. The abbreviation "IQ" comes from the German term Intelligenz-Quotient, originally coined by psychologist William Stern. Try it. NOTE: This test is intended for entertainment purposes only. Download IQ Test Skycatch COMMANDER Normally $3.99. Download the Skycatch COMMANDER iOS app to transform your DJI drone into a professional mapping tool. Easily create high resolution 2D maps & 3D models. Fully compatible with: DJI Phantom 3 (Advanced, Pro), Phantom 4, Inspire 1, and Inspire 1 Pro . Use your iPhone 5 and newer, and all sizes of iPad. Safely fly your mission with just a few taps — no professional experience required. Skycatch COMMANDER activates your DJI drone for automatic take-off, flight, image capture and landing. Upload your images to the cloud for processing into 2D & 3D models, which can easily be viewed, analyzed, and shared using the Skycatch Dashboard. For over three years our customers in construction, mining, utilities, and energy have used aerial data daily to save time, money, and reduce costs and common oversight. Now you can too. >>> "Using Skycatch tools helps increase field productivity related to material staging and site logistics by up to 3 hours per week.” — Scott W, DPR Construction Use this app for a wide range of jobs: - Surveying and volume measurements. - Track progress on a job site. - Make better logistics plans with an aerial map. How Skycatch COMMANDER works: - Outline the area you want to map and let COMMANDER take care of the rest (altitude, airspeed, waypoints, routing, image overlap). - Autonomously takeoff, fly, and land; upload images to the cloud where Skycatch processes the data for you. - Post-flight — view, analyze, and share your data in the Skycatch Dashboard: share annotations, overlay BIM & CAD files, and more. Key features: - Guidance provided in-app at every step — no professional experience required. - Quick flight execution: outline the area to be mapped, upload the mission to the drone, monitor its progress. - You set the output resolution — the app calculates waypoints, altitude, speed, and overlap automatically. - Flight direction control: modify the direction/heading of flight path; use this to set the direction of flight relative to wind, terrain, obstacles! - Multi-flight missions — plan the entire area once. After battery swap, tap Continue to pick up right where you left off. - Live video feed – see live video feed from the drone's camera. - Summary flight stats – keep track of your work with shareable total stats on number flights, flight time, acres mapped, and number of photos captured. Share with clients and teammates via social media and email. - Automated map processing in the cloud. - Access completed maps directly from your iPhone and iPad. - Save mission plans and avoid re-planning — perfect for multiple sites and recurring data capture. Skycatch gives you the power to capture aerial data and create actionable intelligence to help people operate faster, safer, and smarter than ever before. Download Skycatch COMMANDER Real Metronome Pro Normally $1.99. ▼ Improve your sense of rhythm ! ▼ Brand new metronome - very simple and pleasant to use. It includes two types of metronomes: classical and digital. ◆◆◆ Main features ◆◆◆ ◉ Real pendulum animation ◉ Ergonomic touch interface ◉ All popular time signatures ◉ Awesome pulsating animation ◉ 9 different sound sets ◉ High accuracy Download Real Metronome Pro Air-Photos Normally $1.99. Air-Photos is a wifi photo Viewer lets you direct view your photos from your computer without sync. Do you think that is very troublesome to import photos from your computer,especially when you have to keep updating photos? Is it not enough memory to hold your thousands of photos? Wish to direct view photos form your computer without synchronization? And it is also a photo sharing app ,let you share photo to others over wifi. The features : 1.View photos on you pc without sync over wifi. 2.Slideshow,Browse thumbnails,Zoom Photo ,Drag to view next. 3.Support Ram Image (.NEF .RC2) 4.Download photos from pc,view photos offline. 5.Share photos as a website.That you can access you photos over web browser. 6.Share photo to another device as a AirPhotoServer.That others can use Air-Photos to access your photos. 7.Automatically discover available servers on the network. set password for each image folder save photo to camera roll share camera roll air-Print ,twitter photo web upload 13.Support new iPad. 14.Support iPhone5 15.Suport External Display(Airplay Mirroring) 16.This version has a ad bar. Instructions for use : AirPhotoServer on your PC computer: 1.Go to Http:// Http:// download and install AirPhotoServer on your computer 2.Start the AirPhotoServer 3.Tap Image Folders and select the Photo folders which you want to browse Air-Photos on you mobile device: 1. Download this application to mobile device 2. Ensure that your mobile device and your computer in the same wifi network 3. Start the Air-Photos and start browsing Download Air-Photos SlideSync Normally $1.99. SlideSync lets you present, record, take notes, and share documents across iOS devices without the need of any internet connection. NOTE: SlideSync currently only supports PDF documents Simply just open the same documents on multiple iOS devices, and watch the magic happen. No connection, no pairing, it's almost like wizardry! SlideSync is for everyone. Whether you give presentations at conferences regularly; review documents with clients; or enjoy reading storybooks to your kids, SlideSync is for you! *Even though we require Location Services for the sync to work, we do not actually use or track your location. So start syncing! SlideSync Features: - No Internet? No Problem! 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However, the biggest feature of this app is simple: 1.It has a simple interface and calendar-style data and global charts; 2.It has no complex types like other traditional accounting app,but only the color type, user can define their own types for colors, such as green for food consumption, and blue represents traffic consumption and so on; 3.It has a convenient feature is the input,It not only can automatically calculate the number or expression, but also can define user's input keyboard. Details: 1.You can view the consumption recorded in weeks, months or years; 2.In the home page,"Daily" is average consumption in the last 10 days,and "Weekly" is average consumption in the last 6 weeks,and "Monthly" is average consumption in the last 4 months,and "Yearly" is average consumption in the last 3 years; 3.If the day(week/month/year) consumption over 100%(75%/50%/25%) of the average consumption,it will be warned by red text color; 4.Tap "%" button in chart can watch the proportion of consumption trends in each colors; 5.You can send the bills by email in chart view; 6.You can split the bill by using newline while editting; 7.You can ues "*","X" or "x" for multiplication symbol, for example: "2*(3+4)" is equals to "2x(3+4)" and "2(3+4)"; 8.The result of expression will appear in the bottom right corner, you can tap it to replace the expression; 9.The numbers and expression will be accumulated in one bill, for example: "apple 10, banana 2x2",the result is 14; 10.The wrong expression can not be accumulated; 11.The numbers after symbol "#" can not be accumulated in one line, for example: "apple 15 #123",the result is 15, "123" is not accumulated; 12.Tap the color number in the home page will add a bill in the same color; 13.When editting the bill,the color of consumption value and "save" button is the type color, and it can be changed. 14.The button "Left" and "Right" in the app can be instead of swipe gesture; 15.The search results display 200 bills at most,but it does not affect the statistics; 16.If you only input space into the search box, it will search all the bills; 17.Three round buttons in the bottom right corner of the calendar are used to jump the month of "first day","selected day" and "today"; 18.No Ad. 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  • LG G5's VR headset, 360 camera and other accessories hit the US (2016-05-24 11:39:00)
  • The Dodge Viper is dying, but it's going out fighting (2016-05-24 11:37:07)
    Could there be a car less "today" than the Dodge Viper? Of any vehicle found on a production lot, this two-door, two-seater is the most throwback; the most analog. It will never be associated with any semi-autonomous driving feature, it will never have a digital screen the size of a Tesla’s, and you won’t be able to summon it from your garage via an iPhone.
  • Polaroid just released details on its first Google Cast TVs (2016-05-24 11:34:02)
    Polaroid unveiled its Google Cast TVs this week. While there's not much new to focus on with Polaroid's TVs, their affordable starting price point might make them a tempting option for some buyers. Since announcing its decision to stop manufacturing its famous instant film in 2008, Polaroid has turned to capitalizing on its recognizable name.
  • Pebble Surprises with Core Fitness Wearable (2016-05-24 11:31:11)
    Pebble is getting serious about helping you keep tabs on your health. The smartwatch maker just dropped a trio of wearables that boast fitness tracking features, heart rate monitors and affordable prices. The Pebble Core, Pebble 2 and Pebble Time 2 are now available for pre-order exclusively via Kickstarter for $69, $99 and $169, respectively.
  • Clueless Gamer: Conan plays ‘Overwatch’ with Tyrion and Cersei Lannister (2016-05-24 11:19:06)
    Following months of anticipation, Blizzard's new game  Overwatch launched this week. Born out of the wreckage of a scrapped project known internally as Titan, Overwatch is a team-based first-person shooter in which players can choose from 21 different characters, each with their own special weapons and abilities. To celebrate the launch, Conan O'Brien decided to invite Lena Headey (Cersei) and Peter Dinklage (Tyrion) of Game of Thrones fame to play a few rounds. SEE ALSO:  ‘Game of Thrones’ recap: Hodor’s heartbreak, and answers to more burning questions It's worth noting up front that all three of these gamers happen to be entirely useless, so this isn't the best video to watch for pro tips on how to dominate your opponents in Overwatch . On the other hand, if you want to know how to rip apart a shoddily made Iron Throne replica, this is the video for you: At first, it seemed like Dinklage might have the upper hand, but as soon as the three of them are thrown into a full online game, it becomes obvious just how overmatched they are. Besides, Conan is far too distracted by the shiny butts to actually focus on shooting the other players. Overwatch is out now for PS4, Xbox One and PC. And if you're interested in reading our recap of the latest, heartbreaking episode of Game of Thrones , you can do that at this link right here .
  • Twitter takes next step in evolution, boosts tweet character counts (2016-05-24 11:15:58)
    Social media platform Twitter has announced it will soon upgrade its service to allow users to fit more into their tweets, with a range of evolved features. According to Twitter, the updates have "a significant impact" on Tweets, with the platform also exploring ways to make existing uses easier and enable new ones, without compromising brevity and speed.
  • This doll thermos is actually a breathalyzer meant to end your date night diarrhea (2016-05-24 11:12:07)
    Aonghus Shortt, the founder of biotech startup Food Marble, was very sorry to learn that his new live-in girlfriend had intestinal problems. People who are in love and want to stop bothering others with their intestinal problems can take AIRE breath readings before and after they eat to determine how "compatible" the meal was with their bodies. Over time, Food Marble promises, AIRE will develop an increasingly "complete picture" of your digestive health.
  • Microsoft's news bot finds stories based on your interests (2016-05-24 11:05:00)
  • The History of Data Science (2016-05-24 11:01:04)
    If you had to explain what Data Science is to someone with no prior knowledge, how would you do it? originally appeared on Quora - the knowledge sharing network where compelling questions are answered by people with unique insights. Answer by Neel Sundaresan, Partner Director, Data Platform, Data Science and Applications, C&E, Microsoft, on...
  • 2 new Craigslist scams you need to watch out for (2016-05-24 10:54:26)
    Craigslist's heyday may be behind it at this point, but millions of people still flock to the site in search of all sorts of discounted goods and services. And of course, Craigslist often delivers. The trouble with the site is and always has been weeding out the scams from the genuine deals, a task that's more difficult now than it has ever been in the past. Scammers are lurking in every corner of the site, just waiting to take advantage of vulnerable people in search of bargains. There are plenty of potential scams to watch out for, but two in particular were recently brought to our attention. HUGE LEAK:  This is probably our first look at a real iPhone 7 The first scam is a particularly awful one because it preys on people when they're at their most vulnerable. There is precious little question that moving is one of the most stressful life events for American families, and it can also be terribly expensive. Since Craigslist has a reputation of being home to individuals and businesses that provide services at deep discounts, it's naturally among the first destinations people visit as they search for low-cost moving crews. But as the old adage goes, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Find the right movers and you can potentially save plenty of money carting your belongings from your old residence to your new one. But find the wrong movers and you could end up like this family in Georgia , who lost $75,000 worth of furniture and other household items when movers packed up all their belongings and just took off. Bottom line: buying or renting a new home is expensive and moving adds even more cost to the equation. But trying to skimp on your move instead of hiring a licensed and insured company can end up costing you far more money if it's a scam. Speaking of moving, the story above from earlier this month reminds us of another scam people are using Craigslist to perpetrate. A Southern Indiana couple put their house up for sale back in February , but they were confused when people began showing up at their home and looking around the property unannounced. Well, it turns out that scammers took all of the photos and details from the family's listing and put their house up for rent on Craigslist. The updated three bedroom, two bathroom house was listed for rent at just $600, well below market rates. The scam stated that the homeowners would be gone for between three and four years on a mission trip out of the country and needless to say, the listing drew tremendous attention. All the listing asked for was the renter's personal info and a security deposit to lock in the deal. The couple was made aware of the scam listing when someone interested in the rental messaged them on Facebook. This is a particularly bad scam because if someone does end up falling for it, it could create some serious animosity between the victim and the homeowners even though they had nothing to do with it.
  • The Bachelorette, illustrated: first impressions (2016-05-24 10:51:10)
    Let's get one thing out of the way: The Bachelorette is a mindless reality television series built upon a ridiculous premise of a bunch of conventionally attractive people competing for love. This is partly due to the fact that most of these blonde, white male contestants are virtually indistinguishable, but mostly because I am unable to draw more than one type of face. Please do not hold that against me as I am very fragile, but do hold it against the producers of The Bachelorette, whose new diversity initiative meant including five minority contestants in this year's batch.
  • LG releases cheaper OLED 4K TVs (2016-05-24 10:51:02)
    LG has released two lower cost OLED 4K TV models to go along with its high-end G6 and E6. The flat-panel B6 and curved C6 are the latest additions to LG's pretty great lineup of OLED TVs. Both sets will come in 55-inch and 65-inch models, run WebOS 3.0, and support both Dolby Vision and Ultra HD Premium HDR formats.
  • LG's 2016 OLED 4K TV lineup is still expensive, starts at $3,999 (2016-05-24 10:41:00)
  • Adonit improved its best stylus and made it even cheaper (2016-05-24 10:30:03)
    Adonit is doing away with its top-of-the-line stylus and replacing it with a slightly better model that'll sell at a lower price. The new stylus is called the Pixel, and its introduction is definitely a win for anyone interested in buying an iPad stylus. It's supposed to have improved the stylus' "precision, offset correction, pressure sensitivity, and palm rejection." Its tip design is supposed to be slightly changed to adjust traction on the iPad's glass screen, too.
  • Watch the world's brightest X-ray explode water droplets in slow motion (2016-05-24 10:28:16)
    Scientists wanted to better understand how X-rays might cause tiny explosions when being used to examine samples suspended in water. In a press release, Claudiu Stan of Stanford University's PULSE Institute, which helped conduct the experiments, said the footage would help scientists avoid "unwanted effects" when X-raying samples suspended in liquid.
  • What are graphics cards, and why do you want one? (2016-05-24 10:28:11)
    Whether it's the slow realization that jumping on board with the 2016 VR revolution requires a tricked-out gaming rig you'd never previously have dreamed of stashing under your desk, or the blitz of hype surrounding Nvidia's latest 1000-series GPUs, there's more reason to get excited about PC gaming hardware than there has been in years. Chris Plante, your fearless What's Tech host, invited me onto the show last week to talk about the past, present, and future of graphics card technology.
  • Twitter hopes changing its 140-character limit will Make Twitter Great Again (2016-05-24 10:25:12)
    Twitter has been fighting for relevancy over the last few years: Snapchat took away its tweens, Facebook took away the argumentative uncles, and Twitter is mostly left with political statements and Kanye's tweetstorms. But don't worry, there's a plan to Make Twitter Great Again, and it involves changes to the very heart of Twitter's formula, the 140-character limit. DON'T MISS:  iPhones will finally get the OLED screens they deserve Starting in the coming months , Twitter will be modifying the 140-character limit for a number of different situations. When you @reply someone, their Twitter handle will no longer factor into the character count. Photo and video links won't be counted against your 140 characters either. But wait, that's not all! You'll now be able to retweet yourself, for maximum ego-stroking, and you no longer have to start tweets with .@ if you want to tweet at someone, but still have all your followers see it. The hardened cynic in me wants to say these changes are mostly for Donald Trump -- after all, the sum of his Twitter interactions consists of arguing with people (now more visible with @ tweets appearing to his followers), and retweeting praise. Unfortunately, the truth is a little more sad: Twitter hopes that these tiny algorithmic changes are going to drag back a large part of its audience, boost engagement, or some other metric that only investors care about. But here's the reality: while Twitter has been tweaking layouts and messing with character limits, Facebook has brought high-quality news outlets directly onto its platform and started a live video service that's scored interviews with President Obama . I'm no hardened venture capitalist, but I don't think the ability to Retweet yourself is really going to help Twitter here.
  • Pepper the robot gets a job at Pizza Hut (2016-05-24 10:22:00)
  • European Space Agency puts 2 navigation satellites in orbit (2016-05-24 10:13:57)
    BERLIN (AP) — A rocket fired from French Guiana has lifted two satellites into orbit that will form part of Europe's rival to the U.S.-made Global Positioning System, or GPS.
  • The new Finding Dory trailer hints at Dory's origin story (2016-05-24 10:07:49)
    The 13-year wait for Disney and Pixar's Finding Nemo sequel Finding Dory is almost over, and the movie's latest trailer — premiered on YouTube by The Ellen Show, naturally — reveals just how long the titular forgetful fish has been separated from her parents. It's Dory, rendered an orphan by her short-term memory loss. From there, it only takes a few seconds to zoom from Dory's adolescence to the moment she's caught in a plastic six-pack ring and scooped up by a marine life institute.
  • Fingertips Lab revives the rotary dial to give you no-look iPhone controls (2016-05-24 10:00:07)
    Fingertips Lab today announced the O6, a clicky little rotary dial that gives you "no looking required" control of an iPhone or iPad over Bluetooth. The device harkens back to the BlackBerry's jog dial — the de facto method for skimming through email before Apple introduced momentum scrolling — but with one important bonus: there's an app. O6 is just a little disc that you can twist and click, but when paired with the O6 app, it gives you an eyes-free way to work through your emails, tweets, and podcasts without looking, using text-to-speech.
  • Twitter says usernames and images will no longer count against 140-character limit (2016-05-24 10:00:07)
    Twitter is expanding the number of things you can post in a 140-character tweet, without expanding the number of characters. Within the next few months, usernames, quoted tweets, photos, and other media attachments will no longer count against the tweet’s 140-character limit. The company says it will also (finally) enable users to begin tweets with usernames without first adding a period, and — attention thought leaders — natively retweet themselves.
  • New Pebble 2 and Pebble Time 2 smartwatches will track your heart rate (2016-05-24 10:00:06)
    The new Pebble 2 has some aesthetic improvements, but the most notable new feature is the Pebble 2's ability to track heart rate. In fact, the Pebble Time 2, another new smartwatch, will also feature heart rate sensors, and Pebble says they'll be included on all future Pebble watches. Pebble says it decided to include heart rate tracking because the company believes fitness tracking has become the third pillar of smartwatch functionality, alongside notifications and basic communications.
  • The new Pebble Core is a GPS accessory for runners and hackers (2016-05-24 10:00:03)
    It has a 3.5mm jack for headphones, but also pairs with wireless headphones over Bluetooth. If you are a runner, and you're wondering about the usefulness of a GPS device without a display — I asked Pebble the same thing. It also doesn't have a microphone, so you would have to use headphones with a microphone in order to make a phone call over a third-party VoIP app.
  • Overwatch: 8 things to know before you play (2016-05-24 10:00:03)
    Blizzard’s Overwatch is out today, making it the first brand-new property from the World of Warcraft developer in close to two decades. And while it looks like what would happen if Pixar’s B-team designed a multiplayer shoot-'em-up, there’s a lot of hidden complexity in the way its roster of playable characters interact.
  • Twitter drops media and @name replies from 140-character limit (2016-05-24 10:00:00)
  • Pebble's new smartwatches focus on fitness (2016-05-24 10:00:00)
  • Pebble's first non-watch is basically a next-gen iPod Shuffle (2016-05-24 10:00:00)
  • Investigators raid Google Paris HQ in tax evasion inquiry (2016-05-24 09:56:09)
    French investigators raided Google's Paris headquarters on Tuesday as part of a tax evasion inquiry, the financial prosecutor's office said. Google said it was fully complying with French law. Facing public anger at the way multinational companies use their footprints around the world to minimize tax, France, Britain and others have sought ways to make sure Google, Yahoo! and other digital giants, who often have their tax bases in other countries, pay their taxes locally.
  • New photo leak shows big differences between iPhone 7 and 7 Plus (2016-05-24 09:49:34)
    The barrage of  iPhone 7 leaks and rumors continues with a new set of images from Asia that show not only schematics for the upcoming devices, but also metal molds that will reportedly be used in the phone's manufacturing process. The new images seem to further reinforce some of the rumors we’ve read before; in particular, it looks like the 5.5-inch iPhone 7 Plus (Pro) will be the only version of the upcoming lineup to pack a dual rear camera. HUGE LEAK:  This is our first look at a real iPhone 7 The images were discovered on Baidu by and they apparently originate from one of Apple’s manufacturing partners. The schematics suggest the iPhone 7 Plus will not have an iPad-like Smart Connector on the back, as some of the previous rumors had stated. The molds seem to indicate the 4.7-inch iPhone might have a bigger single-lens camera than its predecessor, but they’re yet to be confirmed as genuine. This does align perfectly with yesterday's big leak though, which seemingly gave the world its first look at a real iPhone 7 . Overall, the design of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus seems to be similar to the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s series, just as previous rumors have claimed. Recent reports said that iPhone 7 production started earlier than usual this year, as the 2016 iPhones might be more complicated and therefore harder to manufacture than previous handsets. The early production schedule might also help explain all the recent leaks. A slew of leaks in the last few days showed one questionable 4.7-inch iPhone 7 rear case , as well as a metal shell that was more in line with recent rumors. Furthermore, photos showing the dual rear camera on the iPhone 7 Plus and the purported 256GB flash storage option have also popped up. The iPhone 7 should be unveiled and released at some point in September, which means we're in for plenty more iPhone rumors in the meantime.
  • Facebook Live will broadcast a Spanish soccer game (2016-05-24 09:39:00)
  • Police raid Google's Paris office as part of tax investigation (2016-05-24 09:35:42)
    Google's Paris offices were raided by French police this morning, as part of an ongoing investigation into tax evasion. French authorities have demanded that Google pay €1.6 billion ($1.8 billion) in back taxes, according to media reports published in February. Google, Apple, and other US tech giants have faced increased scrutiny in Europe over complex fiscal arrangements that lower their tax burdens, but the companies have argued that their tax regimes are within the law.
  • Algerian authorities destroy mountain of pirated CDs, DVDs (2016-05-24 09:33:50)
    ALGIERS, Algeria (AP) — Power shovels and a bulldozer have destroyed a huge mound of 2 million illegally copied CDs and DVDs outside Algeria's Culture Ministry, as part of a government pledge to crack down on long-rampant digital piracy.
  • Revolutionary new laser system could detect bombs at airports in microseconds (2016-05-24 09:24:52)
    There's no evidence that the TSA has ever actually prevented a terrorist attack. In fact the head of the TSA was just forced to step down on Tuesday after an investigation conducted by Homeland Security revealed that 95% of weapons and explosives went undetected as they passed through airport security check points. Ineffective though it may be, everyone can still recognize the importance of airport security. Of course, that doesn't make it any less painful to endure, especially when you're running late for your flight and you arrive at a security line that stretches as far as the eye can see. The good news is that progress is being made that could speed up the security screening process in the future, while also making air travel far more secure. HUGE LEAK:  This is probably our first look at a real iPhone 7 Researchers from MIT’s Research Laboratory of Electronics and Princeton University have developed a new quantum cascade laser the size of a computer chip. The laser is part of an innovative terahertz spectroscopy system that takes just 100 microseconds to identify an object's spectroscopic signature, allowing the system to identify dangerous devices such as explosives in a fraction of a second. While terahertz spectroscopy is very effective, existing solutions require a heavy radiation source and can take anywhere between 15 and 30 minutes to analyze an object and identify its spectroscopic signature. Terahertz spectroscopy uses electromagnetic radiation bands found in between microwaves and infrared light, and it is able to "fingerprint" a wide range of materials such as chemicals used in explosives. The technology's accuracy would make it ideal for airport security and several other applications, but current technological limitations represent a large barrier to adoption. MIT's advancements could completely eliminate those road blocks. “With this work, we answer the question, ‘What is the real application of quantum-cascade laser frequency combs?’” lead researcher Yang Yang  told MIT News . “Terahertz is such a unique region that spectroscopy is probably the best application. And QCL-based frequency combs are a great candidate for spectroscopy.” The group's paper was published recently in the journal Optica .
  • 2017 iPhone Should Deliver the Screen You Really Want (2016-05-24 09:24:24)
    The Galaxy line has offered an organic light emitting diode (OLED) screen for several years, which offers richer colors, better black levels and consumes less power than a traditional LCD. According to a new report, Apple is finally jumping on the bandwagon with an OLED phone of its own, but it doesn't look like it will make it into this fall's iPhone 7.
  • Humanoid robot Pepper is joining the team at Pizza Hut Asia (2016-05-24 09:21:13)
    MasterCard announced Tuesday the launch of a new app for SoftBank Robotics' humanoid robot Pepper, which will enable Pepper to join the team at Pizza Hut Asia. Pepper, who is designed to interact with humans, will be able to help customers who have a MasterCard MasterPass account, offering customized suggestions, special offers, order-taking and assistance in paying. Vipul Chawla, Managing Director of Pizza Hut Restaurants Asia, expressed his delight at the news saying, "We are excited to welcome Pepper to the Pizza Hut family.
  • ICYMI: Smart coats, robot whiskers and vaporizing lasers (2016-05-24 09:15:00)
  • Time Machine is the closest you can get to Jurassic Park in virtual reality (2016-05-24 09:10:24)
    The year is 2033 and a weird virus that was once trapped beneath the ice is now infecting and killing half of the world (not even virtual reality can escape global warming). Monda Museo, a corporation with a real purpose that is a bit of a mystery, has picked you to use a time machine and go back to the year 155 million BCE.
  • Dubai says opens world's first functioning 3D-printed office (2016-05-24 09:08:01)
    Dubai has opened what it said was the world's first functioning 3D-printed office building, part of a drive by the Gulf's main tourism and business hub to develop technology that cuts costs and saves time. This one used a special mixture of cement, a Dubai government statement said, and reliability tests were done in Britain and China. The arc-shaped office, built in 17 days and costing about $140,000, will be the temporary headquarters of Dubai Future Foundation - the company behind the project - is in the center of the city, near the Dubai International Financial Center.
  • Report suggests DJI drones will soon be able to stream live to Facebook (2016-05-24 09:04:08)
    What a time to be a live stream enthusiast and a drone hobbyist. Facebook and DJI are reportedly making good on their promise to let drone owners stream aerial footage to the social media platform. Engadget reported that DJI updated its iOS Go app yesterday, making the feature available to owners of the Phantom or Inspire.
  • John Carpenter will executive produce the next Halloween movie (2016-05-24 09:03:26)
    John Carpenter, director of the original 1978 Halloween, will return to the horror franchise once again to executive produce the movie's 10th sequel, Entertainment Weekly reports. This is Carpenter's first involvement with the series since 1983's Halloween III, which Carpenter produced alongside his Halloween co-creator Debra Hill. "Thirty-eight years after the original Halloween I’m going to help to try to make the tenth sequel the scariest of them all," Carpenter said in a statement to Entertainment Weekly.
  • Google says complies with French law, cooperating with authorities (2016-05-24 09:00:48)
    Google fully complies with French law and is cooperating with French authorities, a spokesman said on Tuesday in response to an ongoing raid at the group's Paris headquarters. "We are cooperating with the authorities to answer their questions," said Al Verney, a spokesman for Google in Europe, in an email. "We comply fully with French law." French investigators raided Google's Paris headquarters as part of a probe into tax evasion and money laundering, the financial prosecutor's office said on Tuesday.
  • Skylander's Hearthstone-like mobile card game is available today on iOS and Android (2016-05-24 09:00:12)
    The hugely successful toys-to-life franchise Skylanders is taking its first foray into the hugely successful mobile card game genre currently dominated by titles like Hearthstone. Skylanders Battlecast will be available today for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Battlecast takes the popular Hearthstone formula and adds a handful of classic RPG-like elements.
  • New migraine drugs promise relief — but at a steep price (2016-05-24 09:00:03)
    The migraines started when I was 12. The migraines went away when I was 16 or so — until eight months ago, when they returned stronger and more frequent, almost every other day. Anyone who suffers from migraines — about 36 million Americans do — can tell you how discouraging they are.
  • OtterBox made a modular case that lets you add and remove accessories (2016-05-24 09:00:02)
    When you put a case on your phone, you usually give up the ability to add on more accessories — be it a new camera lens, a card reader, or extra storage. It's unveiling a new iPhone case today called the Universe, which protects a phone and allows its owner to clip on up to two accessories at the same time. There are no electronics involved, so accessories have to plug into the iPhone's Lightning port or use Bluetooth if they need to connect.
  • Hyperloop startup selects Vibranium for pods because it’s good enough for Captain America (2016-05-24 09:00:02)
    Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT) announced today that it will be using a new type of sensor-embedded carbon fiber to make its capsules, capable of transporting passengers through a nearly airless tube at speeds up to 760 mph, safer than ever. The company is calling this new material "Vibranium," which may sound familiar to anyone with a passing knowledge of Marvel Comics and its wildly popular Cinematic Universe. In the comics, Captain America's iconic shield is made of a nearly indestructible metal called Vibranium.
  • Hyperloop pods will be coated in Vibranium. No, really (2016-05-24 09:00:00)
  • Otterbox's new case lets you use accessories without removing it (2016-05-24 09:00:00)
  • 'Battlecast' turns 'Skylanders' into a collectible card game (2016-05-24 09:00:00)
  • Apple’s next MacBook Pro will be like nothing we’ve ever seen (2016-05-24 08:59:31)
    While the bulk of Apple's laptop updates in recent years have been relatively incremental in nature, Tim Cook and co. have plans to really shake things up in 2016. According to a new research report from reputed analyst Mink Chi-Kuo, Apple later this year is planning to release what may prove to be its biggest MacBook Pro update in history. DON'T MISS:  This is probably our first look at a real iPhone 7 According to Kuo's latest note to investors, originally published via MacRumors , Apple later this year plans to introduce a completely revamped MacBook Pro outfitted with a Touch ID sensor along with an OLED display panel located above the keyboard. The OLED display will purportedly be implemented as a replacement for the traditional function keys. Without question, it will be interesting to see how and where Apple implements Touch ID on the new MacBook Pro, especially in light of rumors that the iPhone 7s may incorporate an edge to edge display with an embedded home button and Touch ID sensor. As far as other notable features are concerned, Apple's 2016 MacBook Pro is slated to feature a thinner and lighter design, hardly a surprise given what Apple managed to do with its MacBook Line. Taken together, Kuo -- who we should point out has a stellar track record with respect to Apple rumors -- articulates that Apple's upcoming notebook refresh will mark the company's "the most significant update ever." Kuo's note reads in part: While long overlooked, the MacBook line is the brightest spot for Apple’s 2016 rollouts. This is particularly true of the two new MacBook Pro models, to be introduced in 4Q16, as they will have a thinner and lighter form factor, Touch ID, use OLED display touch bar (to replace physical function keys, located above the keyboard) and adopt USB- C / Thunderbolt 3. Coupled with Intel's speedy and more energy-efficient Skylake processors, Apple's notebook lineup will be particularly compelling this upcoming holiday season. Notably, the new MacBook Pros will likely feature the same type of 'butterfly keyboard' Apple originally introduced on its 2015 MacBook. This is particularly noteworthy because not everyone is fond of Apple's new keyboard design. With respect to screen size, Kuo doesn't expect to see any major changes to the MacBook Pro . In other words, the revamped MacBook Pro models will likely come in the same 13-inch and 15-inch form factors available today. But the MacBook Pro is just one part of Apple's multi-pronged notebook strategy. Kuo adds that Apple later this year is also planning to introduce a new 13-inch MacBook that will effectively take the place of Apple's current MacBook Air. In turn, the 11-inch MacBook Air will be positioned as an entry-level device with the MacBook and MacBook Pro serving as mid-level and premium notebook options, respectively. While initial rumblings from the rumor mill suggested a comprehensive notebook refresh sometime in July, it now appears that we'll have to wait until Q4 before Apple's new notebook hit store shelves.
  • Google's Paris HQ raided by French tax authorities (2016-05-24 08:48:00)
  • Google’s Paris HQ raided in tax fraud, money laundering investigation (2016-05-24 08:41:57)
    Google's headquarters in Paris were raided by French tax officials and law enforcement on Tuesday morning as part of an investigation over alleged tax fraud. The news was first reported by French outlet Le Parisien and then later confirmed to Reuters by sources who claim the raid began at 5:00AM local time. READ MORE:  This is probably our first look at a real iPhone 7 In an update to the story, added shortly after the report was published, a French prosecutor explains that the raid "a ims to verify whether Google Ireland has failed in fiscal obligations in France." Google's current tax structure allows it to pay taxes in Ireland even when sales appear to be coming from the UK. As Reuters notes, France isn't the only country with significant concerns about the way Google conducts its business. Britain has also complained about Google's penchant for having its tax base in countries where it can pay lower corporate taxes. The financial prosecutor's office also mentioned allegations of money laundering in a statement to the press, but there aren't many details to work with at the moment.
  • Google’s Project Ara is about more than just modular phones (2016-05-24 08:30:02)
    If there's one thing I took away from my time, it's this: the goal is to turn Ara into a real business inside Google. Ara is going to be the first ever phone that Google is making itself (it has already made laptops and a tablet, among other things). Yes, we've seen Google kill off hardware before, but this is a high-profile launch from a newly independent division.
  • Ransomware hackers get their money, then ask for more (2016-05-24 08:28:00)
  • Phones4u execs' new venture offers loans for phones (2016-05-24 08:10:00)
  • Samsung's building the first national network dedicated to smart cities (2016-05-24 08:01:43)
    Samsung Electronics and SK Telecom just announced plans to build a nationwide network in South Korea to connect the intelligent devices required for the smart cities of the future. By now it should be clear that the next big computing trend after smartphones is the Internet of Things (IoT), the poorly named movement to put a chip inside everything. LoRaWAN (Long Range Wide-Area Network) is a low power, long range, and low bandwidth networking solution that’s ideal for communications between the sensors that will blanket smart cities.
  • HDR Projects 4 lets you perfect your photos in a new way (2016-05-24 08:00:00)
  • US biochemical engineer wins $1.2 million technology prize (2016-05-24 07:56:58)
    HELSINKI (AP) — American biochemical engineer Frances Arnold has won this year's euro 1 million ($1.2 million) Millennium Technology Prize for discoveries in "directed evolution," which has helped sustainable development and clean technology become available in many areas of industry.
  • You can preorder Cat's thermal imaging smartphone in June (2016-05-24 07:52:32)
    Cat first announced its thermal camera-equipped S60 smartphone back in February, and now says it'll be accepting preorders for the device this June. As well as its thermal camera, the S60 has a ruggedized construction and superior waterproofing (it can survive underwater at depths of up to 5 meters for up to an hour). Cat will also be releasing an SDK for the S60 this June, allowing third-party developers to build apps that work with the device's thermal camera.
  • SoftBank's humanoid robot Pepper is getting a job at Pizza Hut (2016-05-24 07:52:20)
    Domino's may be forward thinking with its smartphone apps, but Pizza Hut is about to let a damn robot take your order. Pizza Hut Asia and MasterCard are partnering to bring Pepper, SoftBank's somewhat creepy humanoid robot to restaurants by the end of 2016. If all goes to plan, Pepper will be able to take and process entire customer orders.
  • Facebook denies manipulating trending news, but changes its policies anyway (2016-05-24 07:45:18)
    Facebook said in an official response to US Senator John Thune that it has found no wrongdoing following an internet investigation into allegations that the social networking giant was manipulating stories in its trending news section to block conservative political content. At the same time, however, the company said that it is making big changes to the processes that power its trending news section, sending mixed messages in the process. HUGE LEAK:  This is our first look at a real iPhone 7 Facebook issued a carefully worded non-denial following allegations earlier this month that the company routinely blocked news from conservative websites from growing popular in its trending news feed. Here's the company's initial response: We take allegations of bias very seriously. Facebook is a platform for people and perspectives from across the political spectrum. Trending Topics shows you the popular topics and hashtags that are being talked about on Facebook. There are rigorous guidelines in place for the review team to ensure consistency and neutrality. These guidelines do not permit the suppression of political perspectives. Nor do they permit the prioritization of one viewpoint over another or one news outlet over another. These guidelines do not prohibit any news outlet from appearing in Trending Topics. The company also released a list of roughly 1,000 feeds that it regularly monitors to pull in news for its trending section. That wasn't enough to satisfy the US Senate Commerce Committee, however, which would launch an inquiry into the matter the very next day. Now, Facebook has issued a response to that inquiry. Facebook general counsel Colin Stretch explained in his response that an internal investigation found "no systematic political bias." Even still, Stretch still said that Facebook plans to overhaul the processes behind its trending news feature even though there was no systematic wrongdoing. Why? Stretch explained: "Our investigation could not fully exclude the possibility of isolated improper actions or unintentional bias in the implementation of our guidelines or policies," he wrote. "As part of our commitment to continually improve our products and to minimize risks where human judgment is involved, we are making a number of improvements to Trending Topics." He listed the following steps that will soon be taken: Updated terminology in our Guidelines to make them more clear Refresher training for all reviewers that emphasized that content decisions may not be made on the basis of politics or ideology Additional controls and oversight around the review team, including robust escalation procedures Additionally, Stretch wrote that Facebook is making the following "improvements" to trending topics and the tools used to identify trending stories: We will no longer rely on lists of external websites and news outlets to identify, validate or assess the importance of particular topics. This means we will eliminate the “Media 1K” list, the list of RSS feeds used to supplement the algorithm that generates potential trending topics, and the top-10 list of news outlets. We are also removing the ability to assign an “importance level” to a topic through assessment of the topic’s prominence on the top-10 list of news outlets. We will expand our Help Center content on Trending Topics to provide more information about this feature and how it works. Senator Thune issued a statement in response to Facebook's release. "Private companies are fully entitled to espouse their own views, so I appreciate Facebook’s efforts to address allegations of bias raised in the media and my concern about a lack of transparency in its methodology for determining trending topics," Thune said. "Facebook has been forthcoming about with how it determines trending topics, and steps it will take to minimize the risk of bias from individual human judgment. The seriousness with which Facebook has treated these allegations and its desire to serve as an open platform for all viewpoints is evident and encouraging and I look forward to the company’s actions meeting its public rhetoric."
  • French investigators raid Google's Paris HQ over tax case: source (2016-05-24 07:42:06)
    French investigators raided Google's Paris headquarters on Tuesday as part of a probe over tax payments, a source close to the finance ministry told Reuters. Investigators have been probing Google's offices in central Paris since 0500 am (0300 GMT), said the source, who declined to be named. "A raid is underway at Google's," the source said, confirming a report in French daily Le Parisien.
  • Investigating Tech and Social Impact in East Africa: (2016-05-24 07:29:14)
    Discussion about development in East Africa has revolved for a long time around international aid and other support from external institutions. A new narrative has been emerging in the region in more recent years that it is a lot more exciting. It is a story of self-reliance, resilience and a passion for growth facilitated largely by new...
  • Apple boss Tim Cook: Apps are future of TV (2016-05-24 07:29:03)
    AMSTERDAM (AP) — Apple CEO Tim Cook said Tuesday that apps are the future of television and that the company wants to help change the entertainment industry.
  • Head of TSA security removed following inquiry into agency 'mismanagement' (2016-05-24 07:23:27)
    The head of security at the TSA has been removed from his position as frustration mounts over growing lines in airports. Kelly Hoggan had been the agency's assistant administrator for security operations since 2013, during which time a report from Homeland Security found that the TSA failed to spot 95 percent of concealed weapons and explosives. Security lines at airports around the US have been growing and growing over the last few years, and airlines, passengers, and politicians are all blaming the TSA.
  • This Molekule air filter is obsessed with destroying pollutants (2016-05-24 07:00:02)
    To solve that problem, a company called Molekule is launching the first molecular air purifier — a two-foot-tall cylinder that sucks in and destroys the stuff that pollutes your air. Molekule has a new technology called Photo Electrochemical Oxidation, or PECO, which uses UV-A wavelength LED lights to simulate solar light. For example, Molekule can convert 3.9 million E. Coli bacteria into trace amounts of water, carbon dioxide, and elemental nitrogen in two minutes, the company says.
  • Molekule's air filter aims to purify your home with light (2016-05-24 07:00:00)
  • Spotify subscriptions pump up revenue, but operating loss widens (2016-05-24 06:50:37)
    By Mia Shanley and Sven Nordenstam STOCKHOLM (Reuters) - Spotify's revenues rose 80 percent in 2015 as it gained more subscribers for its music streaming service, but heavy spending on product development and international expansion meant a bigger operating loss. The privately-owned Swedish firm, global market leader with more than 30 million paying users, is facing tough competition from others such as Apple Music and Alphabet Inc's Google, which offers YouTube and Google Play Music. Filings obtained by Reuters from Luxembourg's company registry on Tuesday showed Spotify's revenues rose to 1.9 billion euros ($2.1 billion) in 2015, almost double the pace of growth from the previous year.
  • DJI's Facebook Live streaming drone app has now been released (2016-05-24 06:16:58)
    The new drone controlled app from DJI which supports Facebook Live video streaming is now available reports SlashGear. The app allows pilots to beam a drone's eye view in real time across Facebook using a smartphone and without waiting for the drone to land. At the moment the feature is available in the DJI GO app for iOS, with owners of a Phantom or Inspire model now able to broadcast.
  • The Keurig of weed vaporizers is launching next year (2016-05-24 06:12:53)
    Last month, the company completed a seed funding round of $1.58 million, and say they're now finessing their unnamed prototype for a launch early next year. CannaKorp is officially focused on the medical marijuana market. "We’re a company that’s medically oriented," Bourque said.
  • Temasek sees no sharp rebound in global startup valuations (2016-05-24 05:23:54)
    Funding for global tech startups should return,even if valuations don't rebound to their 2015 levels as investors press for less inflated values, a senior executive at Singapore state investor Temasek [TEM.UL] said. Lured by a potential market for app-based, on-demand and logistics-heavy businesses, venture capitalists and others have thrown billions of dollars to startups that often need only cash and a working app to enter the fray. "We have seen that slowdown because valuations are adjusting in Silicon Valley, they have adjusted in China, in India.
  • Sony sees weaker-than-expected annual profit on quake damage (2016-05-24 05:15:24)
    By Makiko Yamazaki TOKYO (Reuters) - Japan's Sony Corp on Tuesday forecast weaker-than-expected earnings this year after partially halting production of its cash-cow image sensors last month to assess earthquake damage to its factory. The electronics maker expects operating profit to rise just 2 percent to 300 billion yen ($2.75 billion) for the year ending March, versus the 409 billion yen average of 27 analyst estimates compiled by Thomson Reuters. Brisk sales of image sensors for smartphones have helped revive Sony's earnings in recent years, masking slowing sales in other consumer electronics such as television sets.
  • Nokia could cut 10,000-15,000 jobs worldwide: union (2016-05-24 05:06:44)
    By Jussi Rosendahl HELSINKI (Reuters) - Telecom network equipment maker Nokia is likely to cut 10,000 to 15,000 jobs globally as part of a cost-cutting program following its acquisition of Franco-American rival Alcatel-Lucent , a Finnish union representative said. Nokia kicked off the program in April with a target to slash 900 million euros ($1 billion) of operating costs by 2018, but it has yet to give a figure for how many jobs will be reduced in total. "We haven't heard any official numbers, but based on the information from our union contacts, I would estimate the global impact of this round would likely be around 10,000 to 15,000 jobs," said Risto Lehtilahti, a trade union shop steward at Nokia's Oulu site.
  • Story of NASA's black female mathematicians gets made into a movie (2016-05-24 05:01:00)
  • More challenges than cheer for Apple chief on Asia tour (2016-05-24 04:43:14)
    By Himank Sharma and Matthew Miller MUMBAI/BEIJING (Reuters) - With slowing iPhone sales in China, Apple Inc is having to take India more seriously, but investors hoping for a stock price fillip from CEO Tim Cook's week-long Asia trip instead were given a taste of the daunting challenges that lie ahead. The second leg of Cook's trip, to India, the world's third-largest smartphone market, comes at a crucial time as Apple battles slowing growth in China, its second-biggest market. "With China saturating, everybody has no choice but to look at India, and Apple's rivals have been strengthening there in the last two years.
  • Spotify revenues grow 80 percent to 1.9 billion euros in 2015, operating loss widens (2016-05-24 04:28:55)
    Music streaming service Spotify reported an 80 percent increase in revenues to 1.945 billion euros in 2015 as its user base swelled and it expanded in new markets, a filing showed. The figures for its holding company Spotify Technology S.A. were obtained by Reuters from the Luxembourg company registry on Tuesday. Spotify, which was created in Stockholm 10 years ago, now boasts of having close to 100 million users in about 60 markets.
  • Xiaomi's 4K Mi Drone will reportedly cost around $600 (2016-05-24 04:28:19)
    If Xiaomi's first ever drone is going to make an impact then it needs to follow the company's winning game plan to date: quality products at cheap prices. Well, according to a report from Bloomberg, the 4K video-enabled Mi Drone will be priced at 4,000 yuan or $610. That's nearly 25 percent cheaper than market leader DJI's similarly equipped $799 Phantom 3 4K.
  •'s new Bluetooth earphones are vinyl-inspired Apple exclusives (2016-05-24 04:06:55) has released a new pair of wireless Bluetooth earphones. has a frankly abysmal track record when it comes to making consumer technology, but with audio products the proof is in the pudding.
  • Ping An becomes first Chinese member of R3 blockchain consortium (2016-05-24 04:06:14)
    By Jemima Kelly LONDON (Reuters) - China's second-biggest insurance company, Ping An Group, has become the first Chinese member of a global consortium led by fintech firm R3 that is working on ways blockchain technology can be used in financial markets, the companies said on Tuesday. Ping An joins a group of more than 40 of the world's biggest banks and other financial institutions, such as Barclays and Goldman Sachs, brought together last year by New York-based R3 to work together on using the technology that underpins digital currency bitcoin. Chinese financial firms -- some of the biggest in the world -- had been conspicuous by their absence in the consortium.
  • Facebook finds 'no evidence' of political bias in Trending Topics (2016-05-24 03:39:00)
  • The UE Roll 2 adds louder sound and better range to a great $99 speaker (2016-05-24 03:01:02)
    Today Ultimate Ears is announcing the $99.99 UE Roll 2, the successor to last year's original Roll. The frontside is still dominated by oversized volume buttons, and around back is the same bungee cord loop that lets you hang the Roll in the shower, someplace outside, or pretty much anywhere else you want music. Perhaps more important than the slight output boost is the Roll 2's extended wireless range; just like the larger Boom 2, it'll keep your music playing up to 100 feet away, up from the original model's limit of 65.
  • UE's updated Roll speaker brings a volume and range boost (2016-05-24 03:01:00)
  • Financial tech startups compete for overlooked U.S. immigrant market (2016-05-24 03:00:26)
    By Gabriel Stargardter MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - For two decades, Noe Sanchez sent money from California to his father in Mexico City through storefront outlets of traditional remittance firms such as Western Union. Now he grabs his smartphone and uses Remitly, one of several new competing mobile apps promoting cheap and quick international transfers. Founded in 2011 and backed by Inc Chief Executive Jeff Bezos's venture capital arm, Remitly is among a vanguard of financial technology, or fintech, companies targeting what they view as an underserved immigrant market - traditionally disregarded as high-risk and low-margin.
  • Sony sees near-flat growth in annual profit as quake damage weighs (2016-05-24 02:12:29)
    Japan's Sony Corp said on Tuesday it expects operating profit to rise just 2 percent in the year through March 2017, weighed down by damage from deadly earthquakes that halted production at its image sensor plant in Kumamoto. The company forecast profit of 300 billion yen ($2.75 billion) from 294.2 billion yen a year prior. The outlook was far below the 409.1 billion yen average of 27 analyst estimates compiled by Thomson Reuters.
  • You can drop, drown, and crush Olympus' new 4K action camera (2016-05-24 02:00:02)
    Action cameras aren't always immediately suited for action out of the box. For example, GoPro's cameras are known for being sturdy, but that's usually because you stick them in one of the company's ruggedized cases.
  • Olympus joins the action camera race with its Stylus TG-Tracker (2016-05-24 02:00:00)
  • Facebook makes changes to avoid political bias (2016-05-24 01:54:19)
    Facebook on Monday said it was making changes aimed at keeping political bias out of its "trending" stories list even though an internal investigation revealed no evidence it was happening. "Our investigation has revealed no evidence of systematic political bias in the selection or prominence of stories included in the Trending Topics feature," Facebook general counsel Colin Stretch said in a letter responding to a query from Republican US Senator John Thune, who chairs the commerce committee. Facebook was unable to substantiate any specific accusations of bias made in media reports, which relied on anonymous sources, Stretch said in the letter, a copy of which was made available by the leading social network.
  • South Korea's Mando in talks to supply parts for Tesla's Model 3: source (2016-05-24 01:41:44)
    Mando Corp is in talks with Tesla Motors to supply parts for its Model 3 car, a person with direct knowledge of the matter said, seeking to join other South Korean firms supplying components for Tesla's more affordable electric cars. Mando, which makes steering, brake and suspension parts, currently supplies steering racks for Tesla's Model S vehicles. A Tesla spokesperson was not immediately available for comment.
  • Vizio's cheaper tablet-controlled 4K TVs start rolling out (2016-05-24 01:27:00)
  • Facebook changes policies on 'Trending Topics' after criticism (2016-05-24 01:17:34)
    By Yasmeen Abutaleb SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Facebook Inc said on Monday that it had changed some of the procedures for its "Trending Topics" section after a news report alleging it suppressed conservative news prompted a U.S. Congressional demand for more transparency. The company said an internal probe showed no evidence of political bias in the selection of news stories for Trending Topics, a feature that is separate from the main "news feed" where most Facebook users get their news. Earlier this month, a former Facebook contractor had accused the company's editors of deliberately suppressing conservative news.
  • New, thinner Macbook Pros will reportedly have an OLED touch bar (2016-05-24 00:18:00)
  • Solar plane's flight from Ohio to Pennsylvania postponed (2016-05-24 00:11:19)
    DAYTON, Ohio (AP) — A solar-powered airplane's planned flight from Ohio to Pennsylvania has been postponed.
  • 'Ori and the Blind Forest' finally makes its way to retail (2016-05-23 23:57:00)
  • DJI drones can start streaming live aerial videos on Facebook (2016-05-23 23:42:00)
  • Major MacBook Pro revamp could replace function keys with OLED touch bar (2016-05-23 23:33:10)
    Apple is preparing a serious overhaul of the MacBook Pro line for later this year, according to a research note from well-connected KGI Securities analyst Ming-chi Kuo reported on by MacRumors. The new MacBook Pros will also reportedly use Thunderbolt 3-enabled USB-C ports. What is not predictable is Kuo's assertion that the MacBook Pros will substitute the keyboard's physical function keys with an "OLED display touch bar," which sounds deeply wild.
  • New FDA rules require nutrition labels to show how much sugar was added (2016-05-23 23:30:24)
    Nutrition facts labeling will now contain a new category called “Added Sugars” that’s supposed to better portray reality, the government announced. That way, you’ll know exactly how much extra sugar was added to any type of food or beverage. But that's not the only change you can expect from the upcoming new nutrition label requirements. DON’T MISS: Watch the Britney Spears BMA performance that the internet is going crazy over The Added Sugars can be found within the Total Carbohydrates section of a nutrition label, right under Total Sugars. The government also announced that the “Calories From Fat” category is gone. The fats section is still going to show you what types of fats are found inside your favorite foods, including saturated and trans fats. Food makers will now have to declare the actual amount of vitamin D, calcium, iron and potassium on the label, in addition to the percent Daily Value. Furthermore, packages that contain between one and two servings will have to present the information for the whole package, rather than just per serving. Some labels will have two columns, separating per serving and per package. The FDA is also making several changes to the design of the nutrition label to help you make informed decisions about what you eat. “These changes include increasing the type size for ‘Calories,’ ‘servings per container,’ and the ‘Serving size’ declaration, and bolding the number of calories and the ‘Serving size’ declaration to highlight this information." A comparison between the old and new designs follows below. Food companies have two years to comply with the new rules, or three years if they make less than $10 million in annual food sales.
  • Watch the most powerful x-ray laser zap droplets of water (2016-05-23 23:25:00)
  • Facebook auto-translates 200 million lines of text every day (2016-05-23 22:51:00)
  • Apple wants to sell cheaper iPhones (2016-05-23 22:45:51)
    In most countries, the iPhone is the most expensive smartphone you can buy. The iPhone’s price can be quite prohibitive in certain markets where Apple would like to see growth, including China and India, and the company is apparently aware of the problem. Without committing to anything, Apple CEO Tim Cook said during his visit in India that Apple is considering making a cheaper iPhone, but he insisted that the company’s priority is shipping quality products. DON’T MISS: Watch the Britney Spears BMA performance that the internet is going crazy over NDTV ’s Vikram Chandra asked Cook whether the iPhone is really worth the expence in India. “It's expensive,” the host said. “Even in dollar terms, it's expensive because you have taxes in India, and then you don't necessarily have all the functionality that you would in the US. So you've got an iPhone here which is more expensive than it is in the US, with less functionality than you would have in the US, and in a country where purchasing power is a fraction of what it is in the US.” Cook replied, “The challenge there is the duties and the taxes and the sort of compounding of those, it takes a price, and it makes it very high. Our profitability in is less in India, materially less. But still I recognize that prices are high.” “We want to do things that lower that over time to the degree that we can, so we're looking at a number of different things. What we wouldn't do is lower our quality bar,” he continued. This seems to be an indication that the company is considering lowering the iPhone price to make it more affordable in some markets. One way to do it is launching older iPhone models in India and similar markets, which have lower entry prices. Apple could also sell refurbished iPhones in the region -- the ones it obtains via its upgrade program -- however India recently stopped the company from moving forward with such plans. Apple's iPhone SE is currently the cheapest new iPhone in Apple’s lineup, a relative steal in the US. The price will likely go down in coming years, both in the US and other markets, as Apple launches newer iPhone models. Cook still said that Apple will not compete in very low price ranges, but the iPhone prices could come down in the future. “I want the consumer in India to be able to buy at a price that looks like the US price,” he said. “That would be my objective. And I want the user experience to have all the services.” Cook’s full interview follows below.
  • Geek Squad employee allegedly searched PCs for the FBI (2016-05-23 21:49:00)
  • Ocean’s 100: Thieves steal $12.7 million from ATMs in just three hours (2016-05-23 21:00:29)
    The Ocean's 11 movies are spectacular stories about crazy heists that take lots of effort, careful planning and just a touch of skillful improvisation to pull off. But it turns out that jobs like this exist in real life, too. And they’re equally impressive. A few days ago, 100 coordinated thieves stole no less than $12.7 million (1.4bn yen) from ATMs. The entire thing took just three hours, and no suspect was apprehended since then. DON’T MISS: Watch the Britney Spears BMA performance that the internet is going crazy over According to The Guardian , the operation was orchestrated by an organized crime ring. 100 people targeted 1,400 ATMs and used fake credit cards that contained details stolen from an unidentified South African bank. Thieves stole precisely 100,000 yen per withdrawal. That means each card was used only for a single transaction worth around $914, but the grand total was just under $13 million. The thieves started withdrawing cash on Sunday, May 15th, at 5:00AM, completing the entire process just before 8:00AM. They targeted cash machines in Tokyo and 16 other districts. Because it was a day when banks were closed and the cards used belonged to a bank in a different country, it took a while before the caper was discovered. That was probably enough time for the members of the gang to have left in Japan without being in any danger of getting caught by police. It’s unclear at this time who was behind the heist, what bank’s security was cracked, or who stole the credit card data to manufacture the fake credit cards.
  • Make Spotify private (2016-05-23 20:58:00)
    Keep your guilty pleasures to yourself.
  • Giving away free TVs with each purchase is one way to keep Galaxy S7 sales up (2016-05-23 20:30:13)
    Samsung shipped more than 81 million smartphones in the most recent quarter, according to market research firm Gartner. The company's successful flagship smartphone launch was obviously a big driver for Samsung in the first quarter as it enjoyed its fastest profit growth in three years . Samsung's Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge are clearly the sleekest and most powerful smartphones the company has ever launched, but they also got a helping hand from some serious advertising and marketing campaigns. On top of that, sales were no doubt bolstered by the fact that carriers were offering buy-one-get-one campaigns before the new flagship phones even launched . If you missed out on a BOGO deal, don't feel too bad because another nice incentive just popped up. HUGE LEAK:  This is our first look at a real iPhone 7 Between now and the end of the day on June 4th, anyone who purchases a Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 edge at Best Buy for use on Verizon Wireless, AT&T or Sprint will also get a 32-inch Samsung Smart LED TV for free at Best Buy. And if 32 inches is too small, buyers can also opt to upgrade to a 48-inch Smart TV for $250. The 32-inch Samsung TV in question is currently being sold for just over $200 on Amazon , and the 48-inch model costs $448 . The deal is available to anyone who purchases a new Galaxy S7 or S7 edge on a 2-year contract with Verizon, AT&T or Sprint, or opts for one of the carriers' newer lease plans. It isn't quite as good a bargain as the BOGO offers that had been available, but it certainly sweetens the pot. Plus, if you're planning to purchase one anyway, now you know you should do it at Best Buy rather than at a carrier store. Here's the link to Best Buy's deal page.
  • Facebook says found no political bias on Trending Topics (2016-05-23 20:23:50)
    Facebook Inc will no longer rely on a top-10 list of websites to help choose items for its Trending Topics section, even though an internal probe showed no evidence of political bias in the selection process, the company said on Monday. The world's largest social media network said in a blogpost that changes include clearer guidelines for human editors on the Trending Topics team, more training to emphasize avoiding ideological or political basis, and more robust review procedures. The internal investigation was prompted by a letter from Republican Sen. John Thune earlier this month demanding that the company explain how it selects news articles for its "trending" list.
  • The trailer for Adam Sandler’s new Netflix movie is surprisingly good (2016-05-23 20:00:40)
    For a short period of time, Adam Sandler seemed destined for greatness. Thanks to his work on Saturday Night Live and iconic roles in films like Happy Gilmore and  Billy Madison , he was on the verge of becoming the biggest name in comedy (hard though that is to believe). But as the early 2000s began, Sandler's films experienced a staggering drop-off in quality. Somehow, the man who gave us gems like The Wedding Singer was soon bringing us abominations like Jack and Jill and That's My Boy . In fact, Sandler for a while almost seemed as if he were trying to amass as many Razzies as he could in as short amount of time as possible. DON'T MISS:  This is probably our first look at a real iPhone 7 These days, Adam Sandler makes movies for Netflix exclusively and, we gotta admit, the trailer for his upcoming film The Do-Over  doesn't look half-bad. Starring Sandler and fellow Saturday Night Live alum David Spade, the film centers on Sandler and Spade's characters faking their own deaths to escape their boring and monotonous lives. But, plot twist! -- the fake identities they assume soon get them into big trouble with guys who know their way around a pistol. The film isn't going to win any awards, but the rare occasion when Sandler can deliver a trailer that doesn't look horrid is certainly worth drawing attention to. The trailer can be seen below and the film itself will debut on Netflix on May 27.
  • What's on your HDTV: 'Overwatch,' 'Chef's Table' (2016-05-23 19:51:00)
  • Facebook makes changes to 'trending topics' after review (2016-05-23 19:44:41)
    LOS ANGELES (AP) — Facebook says it is dropping its reliance on news outlets to help determine what gets posted as a "trending topic" on the giant social network following a backlash over a report saying it suppressed conservative views.
  • Oculus Rift’s new piracy protection somehow made piracy even worse (2016-05-23 19:30:59)
    Last Friday, Oculus released a software update for the Rift that was meant to curb piracy, but it looks like it had exactly the opposite effect. Back in April, a developer known as Libre VR released a program called Revive which allowed HTC Vive owners to play Oculus Rift exclusives on their headsets. Oculus' update killed off Revive, but in the process of developing an updated version of the software, Libre VR stumbled upon a workaround that might have made the entire situation much worse for Oculus. DON'T MISS:  This is the Netflix hack the world has been waiting for As Libre VR explained to Motherboard , the original Revive converted Oculus Runtime functions into OpenVR calls, which gave owners of other HMDs (head-mounted displays) the ability to play Rift games. With the new Revive, created in response to the DRM, the ownership check is bypassed altogether. In other words, the Oculus Rift no longer has any idea whether or not someone playing a game actually owns that game, which makes it far easier to play pirated software on the Rift than it was with the old Revive. "This is my first success at bypassing the DRM, I really didn't want to go down that path," the developer explained in a Reddit post over the weekend . "I still do not support piracy, do not use this library for pirated copies." Libre VR wants to work with Oculus on a legitimate way for owners of other HMDs to play Rift games, because if the company continues to push back without offering any solutions of its own, VR enthusiasts are going to keep fighting.
  • Facebook denies systemic bias in Trending Topics but changes how they are chosen (2016-05-23 19:20:18)
    Facebook says it's altering the makeup of its controversial Trending Topics section in response to a Senate inquiry over alleged censorship of conservative news sources. "Our investigation has revealed no evidence of systematic political bias in the selection or prominence of stories included in the Trending Topics feature," Facebook general counsel Colin Stretch wrote in a statement today. Facebook says its data analysis proves liberal and conservative topics were approved for the Trending list at identical rates, while no evidence exists to substantiate the claim that certain news sources like The Blaze and Drudge Report were being suppressed.
  • 'Romancing SaGa 2' is out for mobile devices this week (2016-05-23 19:14:00)
  • SWIFT to unveil new security plan after hackers' heists (2016-05-23 19:09:18)
    By Huw Jones and Tom Bergin LONDON (Reuters) - The SWIFT secure messaging service that underpins international banking said it plans to launch a new security program as it fights to rebuild its reputation in the wake of the Bangladesh Bank heist. The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT)’s chief executive, Gottfried Leibbrandt will tell a financial services conference in Brussels that SWIFT will launch a five-point plan later this week. In February thieves hacked into the SWIFT system of the Bangladesh central bank, sending messages to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York allowing them to steal $81 million.
  • Bangladesh Bank heist trail goes cold in Manila as probes falter (2016-05-23 19:07:07)
    By Raju Gopalakrishnan MANILA (Reuters) - More than three months have passed since $81 million was stolen in a brazen cyber-heist from Bangladesh's central bank and sent to Manila – yet authorities in the Philippines appear no closer to nabbing those who laundered most of the money through a bank and casinos here. Nobody has been arrested, the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) - the nation’s equivalent of the FBI - has not been allowed to get fully involved in the probe, and a Philippines Senate investigation petered out last week. Several official and private investigators said they had hoped to make headway by following the money trail in the Philippines, but they told Reuters it has gone cold.
  • NY lawmaker warns on U.S. financial security after SWIFT attacks (2016-05-23 19:01:29)
    Recent hacks of international banks through the SWIFT messaging system raise serious questions about cyber-related risks to U.S. firms, Representative Carolyn Maloney wrote on Monday in a letter to the country's top banking regulators that asked about measures to strengthen systems' security. Maloney, a Democrat who represents part of Manhattan - home to many people employed in finance and banking - wrote to Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen, U.S. Comptroller Thomas Curry and Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Chairman Martin Gruenberg that she remains "deeply concerned about U.S. banks' exposure to these new, sophisticated cyber attacks." The SWIFT network that allows banks to process billions of dollars in transfers each day is considered the backbone of international banking.
  • How to control VLC media player from your Android device (2016-05-23 18:57:36)
    If you need to control multimedia on your PC from your Android smartphone, Jack Wallen shows you how with VLC and VLC Direct.
  • Facebook says no evidence of political bias found on 'Trending Topics' (2016-05-23 18:57:24)
    (Reuters) - Facebook Inc said on Monday that an investigation into its editorial practices had found no evidence of political bias in the selection or prominence of stories shown on its Trending Topics feature. The company also said the investigation revealed that conservative and liberal topics were approved as trending topics at "virtually identical rates" and it was unable to substantiate any allegations of politically-motivated suppression of particular subjects or sources. ( (Reporting by Sangameswaran S in Bengaluru; Editing by Mary Milliken)
  • SpaceX will try to land on solid ground again in July (2016-05-23 18:56:24)
    SpaceX's ninth cargo resupply mission to the International Space Station will take place no earlier than 1:32AM ET on Saturday, July 16th, NASA announced today. A representative for SpaceX has confirmed to The Verge that the company will attempt to land the first stage of its Falcon 9 rocket at Cape Canaveral. This will be the first time that SpaceX has attempted a landing on solid ground since the initial attempt last December, which was also the company's first successful landing.
  • It's officially 'Beyoncé Day' in Minnesota (2016-05-23 18:47:19)
    Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton has declared that today is officially Beyoncé Day. This is a thing that governors do when they want attention, so here is some attention for you, Governor Dayton. Here is a story by the local newspaper I used to read, The Star Tribune, which makes a mediocre pun about making "Lemonade" out of the "lemons" of a legislative session gone sour. Here, the local CBS affiliate WCCO wrote a headline that ends with "As Storms Loom," which is literally true for the local weather where Beyoncé's concert in Minnesota is happening tonight but metaphorically not at all true so far as I can tell unless you really want to read too much into something.
  • iPhone 7 already shaping up to be Apple’s most successful model yet (2016-05-23 18:30:27)
    A new report from Taiwan's Economic Daily ( via Barrons )   suggests that the upcoming  iPhone 7 will be the monster hit Apple needs to help worried analysts forget about the current lull in iPhone 6s sales. According to the report, Apple has already asked component suppliers to prepare for a production target in the 72 to 78 million range, making it the "highest production target in about two years." DON'T MISS:  Watch the Britney Spears BMA performance that the internet is going crazy over By way of contrast, Wall Street had been anticipating iPhone 7 production to fall in the 65 million range. That being the case, and assuming that this tidbit of information from the rumor mill is accurate, iPhone 7 sales may be as much as 20% higher than anticipated. More than that, the iPhone 7 stands a good chance of becoming the most popular smartphone Apple has ever released. Indeed, it's been a rather busy week for iPhone 7 rumors over the past few days. Following up on a report that Apple may release three distinct iPhone 7 models this year, we've seen a number of interesting leaks hit the web over the last 48 hours. While a peculiar rumor pointed to the iPhone 7 housing 4 separate speaker grilles , a more believable leak from earlier today provides us with our best look yet at what the iPhone 7 will look like. Additionally, we've seen reports that the iPhone 7 will be the first iPhone to come with a 256GB storage option. Other iPhone 7 rumors have pointed to a waterproof design, wireless charging, and of course, the removal of the tried and true 3.5mm headphone jack.
  • ATM hacking spree nets thieves $12.7 million in two hours (2016-05-23 18:23:00)
  • App market may hit $100 billion by 2020 with help from big data (2016-05-23 18:15:00)
    Mobile developers who are looking for ways to monetize their apps should consider checking out analytics technologies that can provide customer insights.
  • Twitter is testing a night mode on Android (2016-05-23 18:11:29)
    Literally just this weekend, while procrastinating on a story I was supposed to be writing, I started searching for a way to add a night mode to Google Docs. When Apple finally added an OS X "dark mode," it did so in its update for power users. Twitter is the latest company to consider the ever-exciting night mode.
  • Facebook Live adds nonstop, 24-hour video (2016-05-23 18:02:00)
  • Whatever you do, don’t buy these smartphones (2016-05-23 18:00:18)
    There is nothing in consumer tech right now that's as hot as the smartphone market, even as it nears saturation in many regions, and the real beauty of it is that there are so many options. Every company out there wants a piece of the action and they're all looking for ways to differentiate their products, so there really is something for everyone. It's not easy to make a choice that can truly be considered wrong since different people have different needs and wants, but there is one line of smartphones that people probably shouldn't bother with unless they having a burning desire to dump hundreds of dollars into a dead platform. As noted by market research firm Gartner, Windows Phone's share of the global smartphone market actually fell below 1% this past quarter for the first time ever, market yet another stop on Microsoft's one-way trip to smartphone irrelevance. As such, the worst mistake you can make when buying a new phone is to buy a Windows Phone, unless you're fine with burning cash on a platform that's on its way out. Actually, there is one smartphone platform that somehow has an even lower share of the global market — BlackBerry OS — but it's so low that it's not even worth discussing anymore. HUGE LEAK:  This is our first look at a real iPhone 7 According to Gartner's estimates , smartphone shipments grew 3.9% in the first quarter of 2016 compared the same quarter one year earlier. That seems like a small figure, but it's pretty impressive when you consider how far iPhone sales fell between January and March . Gartner says total "smartphone sales," which is a figure that actually includes end-user iPhone sales and estimated channel sales for other brands, reached 349 million units in the quarter. Samsung led the way with estimated shipments totaling 81 million units, which is indeed a massive number that was bolstered by the launch of the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge. Chinese Android brands grew too fast in the quarter though, so Samsung's global market share actually fell to 23.2% in the first quarter from 24.1% in the same quarter last year. Meanwhile, Apple's global smartphone market share saw a much bigger drop, from 17.9% in Q1 2015 to 14.8% in Q1 2016. "In a slowing smartphone market where large vendors are experiencing growth saturation, emerging brands are disrupting existing brands' long-standing business models to increase their share," Gartner research director Anshul Gupta. "With such changing smartphone market dynamics, Chinese brands are emerging as the new top global brands. Two Chinese brands ranked within the top five worldwide smartphone vendors in the first quarter of 2015, and represented 11 percent of the market. In the first quarter of 2016, there were three Chinese brands – Huawei, Oppo and Xiaomi – and they achieved 17 percent of the market."
  • The Game of Game of Thrones: who will win season six? (2016-05-23 17:54:04)
    Ever wished you could participate in an extremely unofficial Game of Thrones fantasy league? You’re in luck, because The Verge has created The Game of Game of Thrones, and you can follow along with us as you watch the show week-by-week! If you haven't already, create your own league and draft your team at and keep score with our Monday episode recaps, which are comprised entirely of an improvisational points system based on arbitrary episode stats like number of kills and witty one-liners, and seconds of gratuitous nudity.
  • Polaroid's first smart TVs pack 4K and Google Cast (2016-05-23 17:41:00)
  • Lenovo filed a trademark for 'Moto Z,' so that seems to be a thing (2016-05-23 17:40:47)
    A week ago we heard a rumor that Lenovo is about to announce a Moto X follow-up by the name of Moto Z, skipping the oft-neglected letter "Y" in its quest for renewed relevance in the world of Android. Now we have a US trademark filing for "Moto Z" to back that rumor up. HelloMotoHK has also posted a supposed leaked invite for Lenovo's upcoming Tech World conference on June 9th, which apparently shows a stylized version of the phone.
  • How to Keep Your Screen Addiction From Harming Your Happiness (2016-05-23 17:33:22)
    There's a reason why you don't see screen addiction programs popping up all over the place and politicians touting the need for increased spending on screen addiction research and treatment.It's because the constant use of our personal technology is a modern reality that's not going to change any time soon.In fact, it's only going to get worse...
  • Snapchat does something useful, lets you buy 'X-Men' tickets (2016-05-23 17:14:00)
  • Asus Tips Monster 24-inch Gaming Laptop with Graphics 'Leap' (2016-05-23 17:11:47)
    The new Nvidia GTX 1080 graphics card represents the pinnacle of graphics performance, and it looks like a mobile variant could find its way inside Asus' upcoming beast of a ROG gaming laptop. Asus didn't identify the GPU inside its 24-inch notebook--it's been playfully redacted--but whatever it is promises spectacular power. As you can see in this purposefully leaked benchmark chart, the mystery laptop beats a GTX Titan X GPU, an AMD Radeon R9 295X2 chip and GTX 990 Ti.
  • The Best Motorcycles to Buy Now (2016-05-23 17:00:00)
    Rider tech comes to bikes of all levels, for faster and safer trips.
  • Courts use a ‘Minority Report’ crime prediction algorithm, and it’s incredibly racist (2016-05-23 16:55:33)
    I was somewhat surprised to learn that courts use software to predict the likelihood of criminals reoffending. But I was far less surprised to learn that the computer, much like the system it serves, seems to hate black people. ProPublica   has a new report that shines a light on the system used by Broward County, Florida. Those courts use a system made by Northpointe, a for-profit company. Various factors are inputted into an algorithm, which spits out a score that reflects an offender's chance of re-offending within two years. DON'T MISS:  Right now, Lyft is cheaper than the subway in NYC Those scores are then used by judges to help with everything from bond amounts to sentencing. It's kind of like a credit score, only worse-informed, and used to make decisions about people's liberty, rather than car insurance. It's currently used in states including Arizona, Colorado, Delaware, Kentucky, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin. To measure the effectiveness of Northpointe's algorithm in the real world,  ProPublica  obtained the risk scores of 7,000 people arrested in Broward County, and tracked them for the next two years. Surprise result! The computer was "remarkably unreliable" in predicting violent crimes: only 20 percent of people predicted to commit violent crimes actually did so. That figure only rises to 61 percent when considering all crimes. What makes the report -- and yes, there is something worse than computers using flawed methodology to lock people up -- is the racial bias. ProPublica found that it falsely flagged black defendants at twice the rate that it did white defendants. On the flip side, white defendants were mistakenly labelled as "low risk" more often than black defendants. Northpointe disputed the results of ProPublica's findings, and wouldn't release the exact algorithm it uses to compute risk scores. So, in conclusion, a computer is incorrectly classifying individuals as high or low risk, using a formula that it won't disclose, but is objectively racist. And courts are still using the algorithm to influence judge's decisions. Right.
  • Spotify breaks $2 billion in revenue but still in red (2016-05-23 16:55:28)
    Streaming leader Spotify said Monday that its losses deepened last year even as the company topped $2 billion in revenue amid the global boom in online music. The Swedish company founded in 2008 has been at the forefront of the music industry's turn to streaming, which offers unlimited music on demand, yet it has never turned a profit itself. Luxembourg-based holding company Spotify Technologies, submitting its annual earnings report, said its revenue jumped 80 percent to 1.95 billion euros ($2.18 billion) in 2015.
  • Amazon no longer offers refunds for after-the-sale price drops (2016-05-23 16:49:00)
  • Google could replace some passwords with a 'trust score' by the end of the year (2016-05-23 16:41:22)
    Conventional passwords might soon be a thing of the past, or at least on devices running Android. Google announced at I/O last week that it's pushing ahead with plans to replace passwords with "trust scores" that incorporate various data points about users to determine whether or not they're legitimate. "Assuming it goes well, this should become available to every Android developer around the world by the end of the year," Dan Kaufman, head of ATAP at Google, said at I/O.
  • Puppycams are coming to Facebook Live with new nonstop streaming feature (2016-05-23 16:41:08)
    Facebook is pushing out a few updates to its live video platform today, including a new feature that lets broadcasters maintain continuous streams. Other possibilities include a continuous video of a group of puppies or even entire sports matches and other events, Facebook video head Fidji Simo told TechCrunch. The one downside: you can't save these streams to watch later, as the server strain would be too costly for Facebook to maintain.
  • Netflix will soon be the only place to watch new Disney and Marvel movies (2016-05-23 16:30:54)
    As if all the new TV shows and movies coming to Netflix in June weren't enough, Netflix is already hyping up its entire summer slate. For June, the service has Jurassic Park and Spotlight , July brings The Big Short and Back to the Future and August's lineup includes The Little Prince and The Fast & The Furious . But the biggest addition comes in September, when Netflix becomes "the exclusive US pay TV home of the latest films from Disney, Marvel, Lucasfilm and Pixar." DON'T MISS:  See tons of new footage in the latest trailer for ‘Independence Day: Resurgence’ The deal basically means that all relevant movies will go straight to Netflix after the DVD release -- and it's exclusive, so you won't be able to get the same movies on Amazon Prime or HBO. We originally covered the deal between Netflix and Disney way back in 2012 , but this is the first time we've been given a precise window for when the deal would go into effect. As the original press release notes, this only applies to first-run live-action and animated feature films, but that's still a ton of value. It's also worth reminding everyone that Rogue One: A Star Wars Story will hit theaters in December, so presumably it will be one of the first Disney movies to release on Netflix under this new arrangement. Unfortunately, Netflix CCO Ted Sarandos didn't have many details to share in his blog post on Monday . We'll be keeping an eye out for any more news regarding the Netflix-Disney deal, but in the meantime, here's a sneak peek at the service's summer schedule:
  • NASA is building the next Mars rover in mixed reality (2016-05-23 16:30:00)
  • ESPN and 'League of Legends' studio aren't making a broadcast deal (2016-05-23 16:12:00)
  • E3 video game trade event adds sideshow for players (2016-05-23 16:03:33)
    Organizers of trade-only Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) video game extravaganza on Monday announced the addition of a side event open to players. E3 Live will take place in a venue close to the Los Angeles Convention Center where the E3 trade show will be taking place on the same days -- June 14 through June 16.
  • How to share files easily and quickly with Send Anywhere (2016-05-23 16:01:00)
    There's a new way to share files, and Jack Wallen thinks it could easily become your must-have file sharing tool. Send Anywhere is simple, fast, and ready to serve.
  • The Car Auction Makes a Comeback (2016-05-23 16:00:00)
    Can The Finest Automobile Auctions quietly shake up the online auction establishment with a ground-focused approach?
  • Facebook Live video replays will highlight the best moments (2016-05-23 15:46:00)
  • Configure Outlook's Calendar view to suit your work routine (2016-05-23 15:44:00)
    Outlook's out-of-the box calendar may not fit your scheduling needs. Here's the easy route to changing the defaults to work for you.
  • Right now, Lyft is cheaper than the subway in NYC (2016-05-23 15:43:38)
    Uber and Lyft have made taking a car to get around a surprisingly affordable method of transportation. But right now, the rivalry between the two is driving prices to be ludicrously cheap. Starting today , all weekday Lyft rides in Manhattan will be 50 percent off. And before you point out that this will screw over drivers, don't worry -- they're getting to keep 100 percent of the non-discounted fare, with no commission going to Lyft. HUGE LEAK:  This is our first look at a real iPhone 7 The rideshare company won't say how long this promotion will go on for, but it can't be endless -- since Lyft is making up the difference between the discount and the real fare, without collecting commission, it's losing money on every single ride you take. A Lyft spokesperson told the NY Post  only that it would last for a "limited time," possibly stretching to several weeks. But hey, if Lyft wants to burn cash, then there's no harm in joyriding around the city. With the discount in place, any trip shorter than about 25 blocks is cheaper than a one-way subway fare, and four to five times cheaper than a standard yellow cab. It's a possible reaction to Uber's new commuter-friendly option , which allows for $5 rides around lower Manhattan during rush-hour. That requires you to share a cab and walk to the nearest intersection however, while Lyft's promo applies to standard cars. To get the discounts, you don't need a promo code -- just open the app, hail a ride as usual, and be pleasantly surprised by the bill at the end. Lyft is also planning to expand around the NYC area, with Jersey Shore and the Hamptons in the works for the next few weeks.
  • How Solar Energy Is Changing the World Using New Technologies (2016-05-23 15:31:42)
    CreditOne of the recent technology trends making waves on the globe right now is the significant use of solar energy systems to generate clean, non-polluting electricity and to also curb other issues that directly affect the environment. Due to different global warming concerns that are depleting the Earth's resources, innovators have found a...
  • Violent crime prediction algorithms are racially biased (2016-05-23 15:25:00)
  • Watch a really excited Android fan show off Android N’s hot new animations in slow-mo (2016-05-23 15:16:00)
    There are two reasons we love this new video of an Android fan showing off Android N's hot new animations so much. First, it does a fantastic job of giving users a preview of all of the slick new animations Google baked into Android N. Transition animations might not seem like they would be a pivotal part of the overall Android experience, but we assure you they are. They add a tremendous amount to the user experience and that's why mobile platform makers like Apple and Google  put so much time and effort into their animations. The second reason we love this video so much is because the YouTube user who made it is really excited. Like, really really excited. DON'T MISS:  5 Android N features you won’t find on any iPhone Seriously, just look at him: His name is "GeekCeption" and there is absolutely no question that he's now our favorite YouTuber. The level of enthusiasm he offers in his videos is off the charts, and it's infectious. Is it possible to get this enthused over Android UI animations? You might not think so going into this video, but you'll be a believer when it's done. As for the animations themselves, GeekCeption used the latest Android N developer preview to show them off, and he slowed down the footage so it's all in slow-motion. If you're wondering what kind of attention to detail Google applied when crafting Android N, this video will undoubtedly answer your question. The full video (via Reddit ) is embedded below.
  • Facebook now lets you skip right to the engaging parts of live videos (2016-05-23 15:10:26)
    Facebook is introducing a new "Engagement graph" for Facebook Live, a simple-to-understand visualization that reveals which parts of a live clip viewers have engaged with the most. According to Facebook, this will allow users to skip all the filler and get "right to what might be the most interesting or exciting points of the video." The engagement graph, rolling out today, appears when you start watching a previously live video — it'd be rather hard to do this on the fly — or any time you skip to a different section of a clip. Why slog through an entire five-minute video when you can just hop from one exciting moment to another, as determined by other Facebook users?
  • Apple’s rules for video games are still causing problems in the App Store (2016-05-23 15:05:19)
    Apple, which last week rejected a mobile game called Liyla and The Shadows of War for its political message, has decided to approve it. The monochrome platformer, which tells the story of a young Palestinian girl living in the Gaza Strip amid the ongoing conflict with Israel, was kicked back during Apple's app review process because it contained content that "is not appropriate in the Games category." The company has a storied history of censoring mobile games that touch on politically or culturally charged subjects, including games highlighting Chinese factory conditions and violence against children. Palestinian developer Rasheed Abueideh, the creator of Liyla, posted a screenshot of text he received from Apple outlining why the company rejected his game.
  • Netflix's Disney streaming exclusives start in September (2016-05-23 15:01:00)
  • Spotify losses deepen despite rapid expansion (2016-05-23 14:58:26)
    Streaming leader Spotify said Monday that its losses deepened last year even as the company topped $2 billion in revenue amid the global boom in online music. The Swedish company founded in 2008 has been at the forefront of the music industry's turn to streaming, which offers unlimited music on demand, yet it has never turned a profit itself. Luxembourg-based holding company Spotify Technologies, submitting its annual earnings report, said its revenue jumped 80 percent to 1.945 billion euros ($2.18 billion) in 2015.
  • How did three different Game of Thrones fans predict that Hodor surprise? (2016-05-23 14:57:12)
    If you haven't seen last night's episode of Game of Thrones yet, I suggest closing this tab and putting all of your devices on airplane mode and avoiding human interaction until you have the opportunity to do so. The lovable, perfect Hodor, who dedicated the last several years of his life to carrying known-brat Bran Stark around on his back and listening to Meera Reed spout off about how much she hates Bran (valid) and just wants some eggs (same), is now deceased. Here is seriously the most simple way I can think to recap what transpired in about two minutes of a very popular cable television program last night: as far as Bran or the audience knew, Hodor has always had some kind of very specific (and presumably rare!) medical condition that renders him incapable of saying any words other than "Hodor" (ostensibly his name), despite being totally able to understand English.
  • iPhones will finally get the OLED screens they deserve (2016-05-23 14:51:13)
    Apple's iPhones have long used LCD screen technology, which is great, if you like settling for second-best. OLED panels are lighter, look better, and can be curved into more interesting shapes. The best Android phones have been using them for years, and according to a report, iPhones due out in 2017 will be packing OLED panels. A Bloomberg  article cites a sudden spike in demand for screen-manufacturing technology as an indicator of suppliers preparing for a big increase in demand for OLED displays, and it doesn't take much to connect the dots. HUGE LEAK:  This is our first look at a real iPhone 7 Bloomberg   specifically quotes Applied Materials Inc, a manufacturer of machines used in the production of displays. The equipment is going to Samsung, LG, Foxconn, and Sharp, all of whom are primary suppliers of displays to Apple. As Applied Materials CEO Gary Dickerson told  Bloomberg, " We all know who is the leader in terms of mobile products." The increase in orders isn't a blip: Applied saw orders of $700 million in the space of three months, close to what it would normally see in a year. The timing is right for the new screens to make it into the 2017 iPhones. New machinery being ordered now would be in place early next year, ready for a production run of components to be assembled for a fall 2017 iPhone 7s release. This report also dovetails perfectly with a previous  Nikkei  article , which claimed that Apple reached out to Samsung and LG about OLED displays in December 2015. The timeline sounds perfect: Apple reaches out a few months ago, the suppliers design new supply lines, and now start ordering the heavy machinery that will take months to manufacture and ship. The most compelling part about this rumor isn't the sales data: it's that moving to OLED displays is an obvious move for Apple. Organic light-emitting diode displays have pixels that light themselves, without needing a backlight. That makes for displays that are thinner (no need for a separate light behind the screen), have more contrast, since only the necessary pixels will light up, and better battery life for the same reason.
  • Android will have password-free sign-ins by the end of 2016 (2016-05-23 14:37:00)
  • These wireless headphones will make you look like an alien (2016-05-23 14:27:03)
    A dozen or more companies are currently cranking away on the idea of truly wireless earbuds, but so far no one has nailed the execution. Ben Willis, the company's co-founder and CEO, says in a statement that "the Sound program will fundamentally transform the way the world experiences both audio and interpersonal communication." To be fair — and setting the design aside for a moment — what the company claims to be doing with Sound would be a welcome mashup of all the different features you can find in piecemeal from other wireless earbud companies. First and foremost they are headphones that play audio from a device of your choosing.
  • Snapchat will let you add adorable chat stickers to your snaps now (2016-05-23 14:24:45)
    Snapchat is rolling out a small update today that brings the stickers from Chat 2.0 into snaps. That means the big walruses, speech bubbles, hearts, and motivational fruit are now available to use in your individual snaps and Stories. Stickers are basically giant, more adorable emoji, so this is a pretty exciting update for Snapchatters feeling a little restrained by the current options.
  • You can now book a Lyft ride up to 24 hours in advance (2016-05-23 14:10:28)
    Uber and Lyft have resisted calls to allow customers to book their rides in advance, arguing it would defeat the purpose of being an on-demand ride-sharing platform. But starting today, Lyft is reversing course, announcing that it is testing a new feature in San Francisco to allow riders to schedule a ride 24 hours in advance.
  • A few moving LEDs can trick your brain into seeing a person walking (2016-05-23 14:07:55)
    New artwork from art studio Random International experiments with the amount of information our brains need in order to visualize an animated image. The work, "Study for Fifteen Points," consists of robotic arms, each with an LED light, that move in formation. From one angle, the piece looks literally just like that — moving robotic arms — but when looked at from the side, an image of a walking human appears.
  • Facebook offers a free VR audio tool thanks to a buyout (2016-05-23 14:01:00)
  • The Game of Game of Thrones: Season 6, Episode 5, The Door (2016-05-23 13:44:18)
    In the Game of Game of Thrones, everyone is what they are, and where they are, for a reason. The reveal of Hodor's big secret traverses time and space, and instantly threw Game of Thrones into the realm of the metaphysical. First, I want to acknowledge how nice it was to see Sansa Stark just excoriate Petyr Baelish, who hadn't seen her since selling her off as a goth bride for Ramsay Bolton (thankfully absent this week).
  • Chance the Rapper's streaming-only album hits Billboard chart (2016-05-23 13:40:00)
  • This rare sale on all Sonos speakers won’t last long (2016-05-23 13:38:06)
    Opportunities to save money on Sonos speakers are few and far between, to say the least. In fact, Black Friday is pretty much the only time of year that Sonos speakers ever go on sale. They're best-in-class and Sonos knows that people are going to seek them out whether or not they're on sale, so it never really bothers playing the discount game like most other companies do. But right now, with less than a month to go before Father's Day 2016 arrives, you can save money on every single Sonos speaker Amazon sells. HUGE LEAK:  This is our first look at a real iPhone 7 Amazon's big sale on Sonos speakers isn't actually a sale, so to speak. The prices remain the same and you'll have to part the standard amount of cash in order to buy one. With each purchase, however, you'll receive an Amazon gift card valued at between $20 and $140 depending on which speaker or system you purchase. For example, buy the $199 Sonos Play:1 and you'll get an Amazon gift card worth $20. Amazon will give you a free $30 gift card if you purchase a Sonos Play:3 , and the Play:5  or Playbar sound bar will get you $50 cards. There are also combinations available — for example, you'll get a $100 Amazon gift card if you purchase a Playbar and a Sonos Sub . In all likelihood, you're not going to find another opportunity to save on Sonos speakers until Black Friday. So, even if you want one for yourself and not as a Father's Day gift, now is the time to buy. You can see all the available Sonos deals on Amazon right here .
  • New on Netflix: Every movie and TV show being added in June (2016-05-23 13:17:16)
    June is going to be a great month for fans of popular TV shows with Netflix subscriptions. Along with the fourth season of Orange is the New Black , Netflix is also adding The League season 7, Scandal season 5 and Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. season 3. Oh, and a new Voltron series to top it all off. DON'T MISS:  100 of the greatest one-liners in movie history all collected into a single video Other highlights for June include Jurassic Park ,  A Walk to Remember and Academy Award winner Spotlight . Not the most exciting month, but the Netflix original series should help tide you over until July. Check out the full list of additions for June 2016 below: June 1st 7 Chinese Brothers (2015) 72 Cutest Animals: Season 1 72 Dangerous Places: Season 1 A Walk to Remember (2002) Big Stone Gap (2014) Bob Ross: Beauty is Everywhere (1990) Breaking the Magician's Code: Magic's Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed: Seasons 1-2 Cold in July (2014) Conspiracy Theory: Did We Land On The Moon? (2001) Cuba: The Forgotten Revolution (2015) (Dis)Honesty: The Truth About Lies (2015) El Libro de Piedra (1969) Elizabeth: The Golden Age (2007) Extraordinary Tales (2015) The Fear of 13 (2015) Gabo: The Creation of Gabriel García Márquez (2015) Gentlemen and Gangsters: Season 1 The Good Witch: Season 1 The Great Alone (2015) Hadwin's Judgement (2015) J. Edgar (2011) Jaco (2015) Janis: Little Girl Blue (2015) Jurassic Park (1993) Jurassic Park III (2001) Lion Heart (2013) The Lost World: Jurassic Park (1997) Meadowland (2015) The Odd Couple II (1998) Off Camera: Series 1 Pokémon the Movie: Hoopa and the Clash of Ages (2015) Pokémon: XY: Kalos Quest: Season 2 Portrait of a Serial Monogamist (2015) The Resurrection of Jake the Snake (2015) Rock the Kasbah (2015) Sam Klemke's Time Machine (2015) Second Coming (2014) Tab Hunter Confidential (2015) UFOs: The Best Evidence Ever (Caught on Tape) (1997) Underdogs (2013) What Our Fathers Did: A Nazi Legacy (2015) Wildlike (2014) June 2nd Beauty & the Beast: Season 3 Hibana: Spark Pretty Little Liars: Season 6 June 3rd Bo Burnham: Make Happy June 6th Darkweb (2015) June 7th Every Thing Will Be Fine (2015) Jarhead 3: The Siege (2016) June 10th Lego Friends: The Power of Friendship: Season 2 Voltron: Legendary Defender: Season 1 June 11th Me Him Her (2016) Scandal: Season 5 June 12th Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong (2015) June 14th The League: Season 7 June 15th After The Spill (2015) Boom Bust Boom (2016) The Giver (2014) In the Shadow of the Moon (2007) Naz & Maalik (2015) Night Owls (2015) Poverty, Inc. (2014) Top Spin (2015) TransFatty Lives (2015) June 16th Being Mary Jane: Season 3 Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Season 3 The Unborn (2009) June 17th All Hail King Julien: Season 3 Orange is the New Black: Season 4 June 18th Cedar Cove: Season 3 Grey's Anatomy: Season 12 June 19th Bunk'd: Season 1 I Am Thor (2015) June 20th Life Story: Series 1 The Making of Life Story June 21st Best Friends Whenever: Season 1 June 22nd Sin City: A Dame to Kill For (2014) Spotlight (2015) June 24th Dragons: Race to the Edge: Season 3 The Fundamentals of Caring (2016) Justin Time GO! June 27th Cronies (2015) June 29th Life (2015) June 30th A Very Secret Service: Season 1 Palio (2015) (T)ERROR (2015) Check back soon for a full list of the shows being removed from Netflix.
  • Chicago turns to big data to predict gun and gang violence (2016-05-23 13:15:00)
  • India Launches Reusable Space Shuttle Prototype (2016-05-23 13:10:04)
    India's quest to build a reusable space shuttle just cleared its first major hurdle with the successful launch today of a miniature prototype. The shuttle, which is designed to place satellites into orbit, took its first test flight today when it blasted off from the Satish Dhawan Space Center in Sriharikota, an island located off the country's southeastern coast in the Bay of Bengal. After reaching a peak altitude of 40 miles this morning, the Reusable Launch Vehicle-Technology Demonstrator (RLV-TD) re-entered the atmosphere at Mach 5 (five times the speed of sound) and successfully descended to a landing spot over the Bay of Bengal, about 279 miles from where it launched, according to a statement from India's Space Research Organization (ISRO).
  • Who comes up with a $700 Wi-Fi-connected juicer? (2016-05-23 13:10:02)
    Doug Evans is trying to make me love juice.
  • Facebook acquires audio company to launch VR and 360-degree sound design tool (2016-05-23 13:06:03)
    Facebook has acquired virtual reality audio company Two Big Ears, and it's using its platform to promote high-quality VR audio. The acquisition, reported by VentureBeat, means that Facebook is rereleasing Two Big Ears' "Spatial Workstation" software as the Facebook 360 Spatial Workstation, currently available here. According to a statement on the site, the software is supposed to "make VR audio succeed across all devices and platforms," and Two Big Ears developers will keep working on it alongside employees from Oculus, which is also owned by Facebook.
  • Apple and Google are playing catch-up — and that's a good thing (2016-05-23 13:04:14)
    One of the complaints I'm hearing with increasingly regularity in the wake of an Apple or Google launch event is that the company in question is "playing catch-up." Hey Apple, nice job with that Surface Pro clone. Ok Google, I see you have your own Alexa now. Apple and Google are the two great giants of the tech world, and if they're having to catch up to others, that's just a sign of a thriving industry.
  • Who knew a rock-sorting robot could be so mesmerizing? (2016-05-23 13:02:43)
    A couple of artists have teamed up with the Czech-German Future Fund to create a vacuum robot that can sort rocks. The result is much more mesmerizing than that description, I promise.
  • Waterstones is done selling e-books (2016-05-23 13:02:00)
  • Drone footage of a tiger shark feeding frenzy off the coast of Australia (2016-05-23 12:56:01)
    Although drones can be a bit of a nuisance in the wrong hands, there's no question that they have allowed us to see the world from fascinating new perspectives. For example, over the weekend, the Eco Abrolhos cruise line out of Australia was able to capture footage of a tiger shark feeding frenzy on a whale in Australia's Shark Bay. HUGE LEAK:  This is probably our first look at a real iPhone 7 "Passengers on our 14 day Geraldton to Broome and everywhere in between were treated to an unexpected phenomena whilst cruising inside Dirk Hartog Island," Eco Abrolhos explains  on its Facebook page . Jay Cox, a tour operator for the company,  set the scene for the BBC : "We went around the corner. We come across this splashing in the water, we were so close to them, they were going under the boat, all around the boat, bumping into us. They weren't actually worried about us one little bit. They were actually pretty docile." Cox says that six or eight of the sharks would move in at a time, tearing a piece free from the dead whale and then swimming back out for others to take a turn. The whale was apparently dead before the sharks arrived. You can see some of this incredible footage in the video below, but be warned, there's a whole lot of blood (as you might expect from a shark feeding frenzy):
  • AT&T streamlines its smartphone installment plans (2016-05-23 12:50:00)
  • Display manufacturing supplier gives more evidence for OLED iPhone in 2017 (2016-05-23 12:39:39)
    The four-fold increase adds credence to a series of reports claiming that Apple is planning a brighter, 5.8-inch OLED display in an iPhone for a 2017 launch. The company received a year's worth of orders in a single quarter and, without ever saying "Apple," Applied Materials still signaled where its products would be going and that it was readying itself for long-term growth. Three of Apple's biggest suppliers — Samsung, LG, and Foxconn (which bought Sharp, earlier this year) — have all announced heavy investments in display manufacturing equipment and technology.
  • Why Toyota Saving the iBot Wheelchair Is a Big Deal (2016-05-23 12:37:45)
    Deka Research's iBot is poised for a comeback. Inventor Dean Kamen announced this weekend that Deka Research has formed a partnership with Toyota to bring the iBot back to the market. The car manufacturer will license Deka's balancing technologies (Kamen also invented the Segway) for "medical rehabilitative therapy and potentially other purposes." The partnership was announced at the annual convention of the Paralyzed Veterans of America.
  • Can You Trust Your Fitbit's Heart Rate? (2016-05-23 12:37:37)
    New research shows that Fitbit devices have disturbingly inaccurate heart rate monitors, but the leader in fitness tracker devices says that the study is biased. The study was commissioned by Lieff, Carbraser, Heimann, and Bernstein, the law firm behind a class-action suit against Fitbit that alleges that the heart rate monitors in the Charge HR, Surge, and Blaze are inaccurate, and could pose a health hazard for those who rely on it for precise heart rate measurements. “What the plaintiffs’ attorneys call a “study” is biased, baseless, and nothing more than an attempt to extract a payout from Fitbit.
  • OnePlus 3 to Debut in VR with New Headset (2016-05-23 12:37:28)
    To launch its next flagship phone, OnePlus is headed back to virtual reality. This time, though, the phone maker is putting out a more advanced VR headset for viewing the release as well buying the new OnePlus 3. OnePlus announced launch plans for the OnePlus 3 phone on its website today (May 23).
  • AT&T is finally simplifying the way it sells smartphones (2016-05-23 12:35:27)
    Buying a smartphone used to be a relatively straightforward experience. You'd simply walk into your local carrier and fork over some cash for a new device and, more often than not, a new 2-year contract. But over time, carriers got tired of subsidizing pricey smartphones, a sentiment which quickly ushered in the era of installment pricing. Today, buying a new smartphone or upgrading to a new device can be an exercise in frustration thanks to a dizzying matrix of installment plan pricing options. To help alleviate the frustration, AT&T today announced a welcome change to its smartphone purchasing plan that promises to make the overall upgrade experience much simpler. HUGE LEAK:  This is our first look at a real iPhone 7 Beginning on June 9, AT&T will pare down the number of its installment payment options from four down to two. The new payment options for both existing and new customers now looks like this: AT&T Next Every Year : Upgrade to a new device every year, with a 24-month financing program term. AT&T Next : Upgrade every 2 years, with a 30-month financing program term. In short, users intent on always having the latest and greatest smartphones can do so simply by paying a little bit more every month. Assuming a smartphone with a base price of $700, the AT&T Next Every Year plan will cost users about $6 more a month. Additionally, customers also have the option to either make a down payment or trade-in their current device and apply that value towards a new device. AT&T's simplified installment plan matrix now looks like this.
  • Dell's 43-inch, 4K monitor supports four clients on one screen (2016-05-23 12:28:00)
  • Are You Ready to Hyperloop? (2016-05-23 12:26:01)
    Would you like to have Hyperloop in your city?I'm proud to be a founding Board Member of Hyperloop One (the new name for what was formerly known as Hyperloop Technologies).Last week, I was in the Nevada desert for the Hyperloop Propulsion Open Air Test with the rest of the board, the Hyperloop One team, and hundreds of members of the press.If...
  • See tons of new footage in the latest trailer for ‘Independence Day: Resurgence’ (2016-05-23 12:14:14)
    There are few movies releasing in 2016 that we're as cautiously excited about as Independence Day: Resurgence . A sequel 20 years in the making, Resurgence brings back many of our favorite characters, including David Levinson (Jeff Goldblum), President Whitmore (Bill Pullman) and Vivica A. Fox (Jasmine Dubrow). SEE ALSO:  ‘Game of Thrones’ recap: Hodor’s heartbreak, and answers to more burning questions One character that won't be returning is Will Smith's Captain Steven Hiller, but director Roland Emmerich hopes to make up for his absence with enough action to keep the movie theater shaking for the duration of the movie. We've already gotten a pretty good idea of what the movie will be about in previous trailers, but on Monday, 20th Century Fox shared a new extended trailer with tons of additional footage. Coming in at nearly 5 minutes long, the latest trailer might actually give away too much of the plot, so don't watch if you want to go in blind. Still with us? Alright, here's the extended trailer in all its glory: See what I mean? That was basically a recap of the entire movie. But if you were desperate to get a decent look at the alien, there you have it. It might not be a cinematic work of art, but it should be a fun time at the theater later this summer. Independence Day: Resurgence will arrive in theaters on June 24th, 2016.
  • AT&T streamlines its phone financing plans (2016-05-23 12:10:28)
    AT&T today announced a revised set of financing plans for its smartphone customers that shrink the options available from four to two. While simpler and possibly easier to understand than AT&T's confusingly-named (for example, the "Next 24" plan is actually a 30 month payment plan) existing options, the new plans remove options that allowed customers to pay off their phones in fewer installments. AT&T does say that customers that wish to pay off their phone sooner than the plans provide will be able to make extra payments on top of the regular monthly installments.
  • Netflix's big exclusivity deal for Disney's latest movies starts in September (2016-05-23 12:06:27)
    The blockbuster deal that Netflix and Disney reached all the way back in 2012 will soon take effect. Beginning in September, Netflix will be allowed to stream all Disney films — including Marvel, Pixar, and Lucasfilm titles — in the same window that they'd typically be made available to HBO, Starz, and other paid TV networks.
  • Everything You Need to Know About Project Starshot (2016-05-23 12:04:19)
    These questions originally appeared on Quora - the knowledge sharing network where compelling questions are answered by people with unique insights. Answers by Simon Pete Worden, Chairman, Breakthrough Prize Foundation, Exec Director, Breakthrough StarShot, on Quora.Q: What is the Starshot Initiative in simple terms?A: The StarShot Initiative...
  • Snapkeys shows off its idea of an Android Wear keyboard (2016-05-23 12:03:45)
    Snapkeys, a company that specializes in custom keyboards, unveiled its six-key QWERTY keyboard for Android Wear devices this past week. Google announced at I/O that its biggest wearable update yet will allow users to type on their watch faces through custom keyboards. Snapkeys thinks its keyboard is the "fastest" and "easiest." Personally, I find its demo video overwhelming.
  • In Oracle vs. Google retrial, lawyers make final pitches to jury (2016-05-23 12:03:16)
    By Dan Levine SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Oracle Corp filed a multibillion-dollar copyright lawsuit against Google because Oracle failed in its own attempts to enter the smartphone market, a Google attorney said in closing arguments on Monday. In a retrial in federal court in San Francisco, Oracle Corp has claimed Google's Android smartphone operating system violated its copyright on parts of Java, a development platform. Alphabet Inc's Google unit said it should be able to use Java without paying a fee under the fair-use provision of copyright law.
  • E3 will hold a public gaming event this year (2016-05-23 11:54:00)
  • Stream live TV anywhere… for free… forever. (2016-05-23 11:53:04)
    It's pretty great that most pay TV companies now offer apps that let you stream live TV. From Comcast and Time Warner Cable to Dish, these companies all offer apps for the iPhone, iPad and Android devices that give you access to on demand content as well as live channels. Some apps have restrictions though, so you can only watch live TV on your phone or tablet while you're in your house. And the ones that don't have restrictions still have other issues like bad interfaces, stability problems or even locked content that can only be accessed on your home TV. But what if your home TV was everywhere? Instead of using an app, what if your smartphone, tablet or laptop was actually a portal into the full experience that your home TV and set-top box provides? And what if you could stream as much as you want for free after buying the hardware and app you need? It's time to stop saying "what if," because the Slingbox 500 does all that and more. HUGE LEAK:  This is probably our first look at a real iPhone 7 Here are the highlights from Sling: Watch and control 100% of your live TV on a tablet*, phone*, PC, or Mac. *Requires Slingplayer for mobile devices app, sold separately. Windows® or MAC® minimum requirements : Intel® Core(TM) 2 Duo or better, DirectX 9 Class video card with more than 256 MB of dedicated memory for Windows PC Home TV interface via HDMI with live sports and Gallery View for easy program discovery. Sort by program genre or set up favorites, Integrated YouTube app and YouTube Web Gallery with top-trending videos. Get contextual YouTube recommendations, based on the show you're watching, at the touch of a button. All that with absolutely no monthly fees whatsoever! And we haven't even told you the best part: Amazon is hosting a one-week sale that drops the price of the Slingbox 500 to just $249.99 with free Prime shipping. If you want to the same great experience you get at home to follow you everywhere you go, this is the device for you.
  • Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice: a night at NYC’s Tim Burton-themed bar (2016-05-23 11:35:34)
    Kaitlyn Tiffany: Good morning, Lizzie! Remember this weekend, when we went to Beetle House, the Beetlejuice / Tim Burton-themed bar in Manhattan's East Village? Like most Tim Burton movies, the experience improved in direct correlation to how much alcohol we drank. Luckily for us (and for the economy of Beetle House) the drinks were strong and we drank a lot of them.
  • Watch John Oliver tear into the ridiculous US presidential primary system (2016-05-23 11:32:10)
    HBO’s John Oliver  takes issue with the way the United States chooses its president every four years. Specifically, Oliver focused on the way primaries and caucuses work, and how the system isn’t as democratic as regular voters might think. Oliver argues that either party can circumvent the will of the people by taking advantage of certain loopholes in the rulebooks, and they essentially bypass the primary vote if they want to. HUGE LEAK:  This is probably our first look at a real iPhone 7 Oliver may mock the entire presidential election system in his usual style, but he also presents all the facts you need to know to understand how the game is played. Oliver explains the differences between primaries and caucuses, and how some states hold both types of event even though only one really counts. He also explains what the party convention and electoral votes are, and how you can win the majority of the electoral vote as a candidate without actually winning the majority of the public vote in a state. Furthermore, he hilariously explains how voters won’t really know how electors vote in the end, and that each party has the power to influence the outcome. To further prove his point, Oliver even admits he had to agree with Donald Trump on the way primaries and caucuses are run. “The thing is, I get why he’s annoyed, and there’s no clear a piece of evidence that our system is broken, no more thoroughly dead canary in the coal mine than when Donald Trump is actually making sense,” Oliver says while explaining how Trump obtained fewer delegates in a state than the rival he beat in the local primary. The entire clip from Last Week Tonight is definitely worth checking out, and it's embedded below.
  • VicoVR is like Kinect for mobile VR (2016-05-23 11:30:41)
    The gulf between phone-powered virtual reality and the Oculuses and HTC Vives of the world will, for a while, likely remain pretty wide. Phones just don't have enough processing power, and even if they did, mobile VR setups aren't capable of doing what makes desktop-based experiences so immersive: tracking your body's movement. Think of VicoVR like a Microsoft Kinect for your mobile VR setup.
  • Destroying the "indestructible" Titan cable (2016-05-23 11:20:30)
    We put Fuse Chicken's "indestructible" Titan USB cable to the ultimate test — and then some. While it might survive your dog, it definitely can't survive a sword.
  • This is probably our first look at a real iPhone 7 (2016-05-23 11:07:46)
    With just four months to go until Apple's new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are released, leaks are definitely starting to pick up pace. It makes sense in light of the recent news that iPhone 7 production is now underway — Apple has never been able to keep a lid on things once workers at its manufacturing partners' plants get their hands on new iPhone parts. If you haven't already seen them, be sure to check out all of the big iPhone 7 leaks you missed from this past weekend . Once you're done there, we have an even bigger treat for all the eager Apple fans out there: In all likelihood, the leaked photo below is our first look at a genuine iPhone 7 in the flesh. MUST SEE:  Your iPhone could look so much better than it does right now Apple news cycles in mainstream media bounce dramatically between positive and negative. Things were generally pretty downbeat as the company's iPhone business made its climb, but then things reversed completely following the record-shattering launch of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Now that reporters and analysts have come to terms with the fact that Apple's iPhone business couldn't grow at breakneck speed forever, things have gotten negative again. As part of the overall negativity on Apple right now, the idea that the upcoming new iPhone 7 is going to be "boring" has begun to permeate through the media. This downbeat attitude is based solely on rumors surrounding the new iPhone's design. People in the know have suggested repeatedly that the new iPhone 7 will look a great deal like the current iPhone 6s and 2014's iPhone 6, but nothing has really been confirmed at this point. Until now, perhaps. We've already discussed why a "boring" new iPhone 7 design probably wouldn't be such a big deal. You can read about why in our earlier post . Apple had better hope that most of its customers feel the same way because it looks like next year's iPhone 7 will indeed look strikingly similar to the current flagship iPhone. Behold what is likely our first look at a real iPhone 7: The photo of what is claimed to be an actual iPhone 7 was posted on Weibo  (via 9to5Mac ) by a user named "Qiu Han tie," and it came alongside images of two different internal components said to be destined for inclusion in the iPhone 7. This iPhone 7 image aligns exactly with what we've seen in earlier leaks  and heard from reliable sources, and it is believed to be authentic. In the image, we see an iPhone that indeed looks a great deal like the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s. On the plus side, the camera lens is huge compared to the one on the iPhone 6s, suggesting that we can expect a dramatically improved camera on the next-generation iPhone. On the flip side, the redesigned antenna lines follow a better path than the current ones, but they appear to be significantly thicker and still just as ugly. Is this the real deal? Production is underway and all signs point to yes , but obviously nothing is 100% confirmed until Apple unveils its new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus this coming September. In the meantime, this photo likely gives us a good idea of what we can expect. Why would Apple release new iPhones that look just like old iPhones? That will be a much-debated topic over the coming months, but don't forget that a completely redesigned iPhone is expected next year for the iPhone's tenth anniversary.
  • Cat treats and the secret to livestreaming success (2016-05-23 11:00:00)
  • Improve your communication skills with these 4 tips (2016-05-23 10:56:24)
    Communication is integral to effective leadership. Here are 4 tips for strengthening your skills.
  • OnePlus wants you to order its new phone using a VR headset (2016-05-23 10:47:00)
  • ‘Game of Thrones’ recap: Hodor’s heartbreak, and answers to more burning questions (2016-05-23 10:46:26)
    Many people saw the fifth episode of Game of Thrones hours before it even hit HBO or HBO Now, because HBO Nordic managed to leak it online. But no matter how you watched last night’s episode, one thing is clear: we’re looking at one of the pivotal episodes of the season, and it answered more questions than any other episode so far this season. In addition, we get the heartbreaking explanation of Hodor’s name. But before we can delve into all that, we’ll remind you that major spoilers follow below , so proceed with caution if you haven't watched the episode yet. DON’T MISS:  Watch the Britney Spears BMA performance that the internet is going crazy over Titled "The Door," the new episode makes it official: Sansa is one of the characters to fear. She’s grown, and you can see that. All the terrible things that happened to her in the past have made her a stronger woman and she’s not afraid to give Lord Baelish all the details of how Ramsay abused her, making it clear that she blames Baelish for everything. “He did what he liked with the rest of me, as long as I could still give him an heir,” she says at one point. She could easily order Baelish killed and Brienne would have a field day with him. But it’s equally apparent that Baelish loves her, just like he loved her mother, and would probably die without putting up a fight. Sansa sees that but she understands that his knowledge and talents could be useful to her in the future. In fact, she uses information Baelish gives up in the early encounter in a war room with Jon Snow and Ser Davos, providing information that could be vital for the attack on the north. Wisely, she does not tell them it’s Baelish who came forward with the information, which shows us that she has learned one more important thing: You never know who to trust in the Seven Kingdoms, not even your half-brother. Arya, meanwhile, is still training to become no one. In the process, she must kill an actress who’s part of a play that mocking the death of her father. Ned Stark is portrayed as a buffoon in the play, and Arya is made to watch the comical portrayal of Ned Stark’s death. Elsewhere Westeros, we have the Kingsmoot “election,” where Yara makes her claim and receives strong support from Theon. The sexist men of the Iron Islands are actually about to accept a woman to lead them, but Euron Greyjoys arrives. He admits to having killed his brother Balon and comes forward with a daring proposal. He wants to make the biggest fleet ever and bring it to Daenerys, who would marry him in return. Euron is the winner, but Yara and Theon leave the islands and take some of the fleet's best ships. Dany comes to the realization that Ser Jorah is a resource worth having around. She learns of his greyscale disease, but instead of dismissing him she orders him to find a cure and then rejoin her. Tyrion and Varys have to find a way to sell the deal they made in the previous episode. The masses have to accept slavery for seven more years, and that’s where the services of the High Red Priestess from Volantis may be needed. She hints that there are things Varys doesn’t know about the world, no matter how knowledgeable he is, and we’re curious to learn more about this new Melisandre. But it’s Bran’s curiosity that brings up the best part of last night’s episode. He’s so eager to probe the past that he ventures back there. That’s where he finds out that the Children of the Forest sacrificed a man in a magical ritual. After his death, the man’s eyes turn blue in what’s the most shocking revelation of the season. We find out that the Children created the White Walkers to fight against men who were taking their land. But the walkers turned into a more terrible threat than anyone could have envisioned. Bran goes back in time without the supervision of the Three-Eyed Raven, and that’s when he sees the Night King and White Walkers gearing for war. But they can see him as well, even though he’s not really there. The king touches his arm, effectively marking his location for a fierce attack on Three-Eyed Raven. As Meera and Hodor plan to leave, the walkers surround them with Bran still having his vision. The Children of the Forest show us their terrific weapons that can kill the undead, but that’s not enough to stop the Night King and his minions. Bran finally wargs into Hodor, controlling his friend while still having his vision. Bran, Hodor and Meera escape, making it through a door that even Hodor had trouble opening – as this happens, the Night King kills the Three-Eyed Raven, whose place must be taken by an unprepared Bran. It’s here that Bran has the heartbreaking vision of Wylis, which was Hodor's name when he was younger. He sees Wylis going into some sort of seizure as a teenager. The boy repeatedly screams "HOLD THE DOOR!" echoing what Meera is saying in the present. The seizure fades, as the words turn slowly into "Hold Door" and then "Hodor." In the present, the old Hodor is killed by walkers, just as Meera and Bran disappear into the storm. For all these years, Hodor’s mind kept this disturbingly dark secret about his death. GIF animations above courtesy of BingeWhale .
  • Raccoon hands are nature's most wonderful and terrifying appendages (2016-05-23 10:30:49)
    Not only does he have a burglar face, he has human hands. In a recent Mallory Ortberg post for The Toast, she calls raccoons out: “YOU SCRUBBLEMENT UP YOUR WITCH HANDS AND I DON’T TRUST IT, THAT IS A HUMAN ATTRIBUTE AND I WANT YOU TO LEAVE THAT TO US” Wow. Or after seeing this raccoon take the opposite tactic, by petting — okay, basically mauling — another cat?
  • VR music videos from the '90s were amazing (2016-05-23 10:30:02)
    Chances are, if you think of something new to do with virtual reality, someone already did it — or at least tried — in the '90s. The VR music video, for example, is still a nascent art form, in the sense that every kind of consumer VR is only a couple of steps past the prototype stage and may remain there for years to come. The video above is called Still Life, and it's actually meant as a tech demo for a music visualizer, like that thing Guitar Hero studio Harmonix is making for the PlayStation VR. Shown at the 1996 Siggraph conference, it's a vanitas still life (the kind with the skulls) whose elements respond to outside musical input by thumping, rotating, and generally floating around in the VR version of low-earth orbit.
  • Five Myths About the Blockchain Revolution (2016-05-23 10:25:58)
    Blockchain technology is the most important invention in computing in a generation because, for the first time in human history, we have at our disposal a truly native digital medium for peer-to-peer value exchange. Blockchain, a vast global platform based on a distributed ledger, establishes the rules -- in the form of computations and heavy...
  • Spotify just upgraded its family plan to make it much better value (2016-05-23 10:25:18)
    The battle for music streaming supremacy hasn't been decided just yet, but it's increasingly starting to look like Spotify and Apple Music will be the two services angling for the top spot. While Spotify still has many more paid subscribers relative to Apple Music, Apple's streaming service is growing at an impressive clip. The most recent data we have indicates that Apple Music already boasts more than 13 million paid subscribers , a pretty impressive feat for a service that was initially plagued with usability problems at launch. Spotify meanwhile has 30 million paid subscribers. DON'T MISS:  Watch the Britney Spears BMA performance that the internet is going crazy over In Spotify's latest effort to keep subscribers from jumping ship for Apple Music, the streaming pioneer earlier today upgraded its family plan to more closely mirror what Apple offers users. Specifically, Spotify's family plan now allows upwards of 6 family members to take advantage of a $14.99/month family plan. While monthly pricing between the two services has always been more or less the same, Apple's family plan had long provided a little bit more bang for the buck. When Apple Music first launched, Spotify's family plan only supported up to two individuals. With Spotify's most recent update, the two services are once again on a level playing field. As for any Spotify subscribers currently on a family plan, the Swedish-based company said that those users will automatically be enrolled in the new plan. You can read more about Spotify's family plan over here on the company's website .
  • After Krispy Kreme and Starbucks, what food chain-themed shoes should Nike make next? (2016-05-23 10:22:25)
    Now, the logical conclusion of Nike's foray into breakfast: the Starbucks-themed SB Dunk Low Premium. No one is calling this an official partnership between Nike and Starbucks, but it might as well be, considering the signature green highlights paired with rich, coffee-colored canvas. Premier, which is selling the shoe, appears to have pulled all of the images showing the shoe next to Starbucks cups and coffee beans — so it's possible Starbucks actually got a little upset here.
  • This is what Samsung's Gear Fit 2 (probably) looks like (2016-05-23 10:21:00)
  • Toyota is remaking the iBot, a stair-climbing wheelchair that was ahead of its time (2016-05-23 10:14:56)
    The iBot motorized wheelchair was first unveiled back in 2001, but it still looks remarkably futuristic today. The device was created by Segway inventor Dean Kamen, and could climb stairs, raise users from sitting level to eye-height, and travel at a steady walking pace in this "standing" configuration. This weekend, the carmaker announced that it's joining forces with Kamen's company DEKA to "support mobility solutions for the disabled community." This includes developing and launching the next generation of the iBot, with the company publishing a photo of an iBot 2.0 prototype.
  • U.S. consumers buck investors' rush to self-driving cars : study (2016-05-23 10:09:40)
    By Paul Lienert DETROIT (Reuters) - U.S. consumers still resist the notion of self-driving cars, according to a University of Michigan study released on Monday, the latest sign that investors and automakers may be rushing into a business where demand is limited at best. General Motors Co's recent acquisition of Silicon Valley startup Cruise Automation for a reported $1 billion has accelerated a stampede by other automakers, suppliers and venture capital firms looking to invest in or acquire new companies developing self-driving technology. The survey results are consistent with those in a similar survey that the university conducted a year ago and generally mirror the findings in a study that the American Automobile Association released in March.
  • A crime-prediction algorithm may be biased against black defendants (2016-05-23 10:06:39)
    The "risk assessment" score, a tool used to chart the odds a criminal defendant will commit a crime in the future, is becoming a common sight, informing sentencing procedure and other steps of the criminal justice system across the country. Hoping to add some data to the debate, the nonprofit investigative team at ProPublica analyzed risk scores for more than 7,000 people arrested over two years in Broward County, Florida, tracking who was charged with new crimes over the next two years. The algorithm used in the county, according to ProPublica, incorrectly predicted future crimes by black defendants at nearly twice the rate of white defendants.
  • Alibaba gave online shoppers a VR celebrity date (2016-05-23 09:58:00)
  • The Changing Shape of the Gig Economy (2016-05-23 09:53:29)
    The gig economy tends to divide opinion quite roundly, with supporters saying it offers a tremendous level of flexibility and opportunity, whilst its detractors suggesting it offers a race to the bottom coupled with intense uncertainty.I spoke recently with Mariano Mamertino, an economist at job site Indeed about the rise of gig employment. ...
  • The first trailer for next week’s Game of Thrones episode is already here (2016-05-23 09:37:31)
    Hopefully you're finally coming to terms with what happened in the recently-aired episode 5 of  Game of Thrones season 6, but it’s already time to look ahead at what’s coming next week. Some spoilers follow below, so in case you’re not up to date with all of the action in this season of  Game of Thrones , best avoid the trailer for episode 6 ( Blood of My Blood ) the time being. DON’T MISS: This is the Netflix hack the world has been waiting for The trailer focuses on several major characters of Game of Thrones , including some that haven’t had enough screen time so far in this season. We’re looking at you, Sam and Gilly! They’re apparently heading to find Sam’s family, which might play a role in the future of the realm. The Lannisters and the Tyrells, meanwhile, have promised to stand against the High Sparrow and his desire to see Margaery receive a shameful punishment like Cercei did. Some blood will be shed, and we can only anticipate some fierce conflict in King’s Landing. Meanwhile, Dany is determined to take what’s hers, which is something we’ve gotten used to over the years. Conspicuously absent are Jon Snow, other Starks, and the wildlings, but we’ll have to wait for HBO to air episode 6 – or conveniently leak it several hours before it's set to air – to see the full picture.
  • Spotify's Family Plan now covers six people for $15 a month (2016-05-23 09:34:00)
  • Spotify upgrades its family plan to match Apple Music's (2016-05-23 09:31:22)
    Spotify has upgraded its family plan, now allowing up to six Premium accounts per family for $14.99 a month. The new plan is a direct match to Apple Music's family plan — which Google Play also matched back in December — and is a dramatic improvement over Spotify's old family offering, which would've cost users $30 a month for family of five (there was no six-person plan available before today). Spotify says users under the family plan will all have their own separate premium accounts and full access to Spotify's library of songs and videos.
  • How to fix the Android battery drain issue with these quick tricks (2016-05-23 09:29:19)
    If your Android device battery is draining faster than it should, Jack Wallen offers up advice that might save the day.
  • Google is working on a project that will test the artistic ability of AI (2016-05-23 09:22:43)
    Google is working on a new project to determine if artificial intelligence can ever be truly creative. The project, called Magenta, was unveiled this weekend at Moogest in Durham, North Carolina, Quartz reports. During a presentation at Moogfest, Google Brain researcher Douglas Eck said the goal of the new group is to determine if AI is capable of creating original music and visual art somewhat independently of humans.
  • India successfully tests first tiny reusable space shuttle (2016-05-23 09:18:00)
  • Bursting the Bubble: Have We Hit Maximum Tech Hype? (2016-05-23 09:15:30)
    By Dan Machen, Director of Innovation, HeyHumanAmara’s Law states: “We tend to overestimate the effect of a technology in the short run, and underestimate the effect in the long run.” This has rung true time and time again, with various cycles of boom and bust witnessed among the technorati – most notably the dotcom crash in 2000. But...
  • How Entrepreneurs Think (2016-05-23 09:06:41)
    How often do you think about the way you think?I remember how busy my thought process was in the earliest days of starting WordStream. At the time, I was bootstrapping my start-up with consulting fees while building the software side of the business. Everything seems urgent, all the time, when you're in high-gear entrepreneur mode.There are...
  • With HoloLens, Microsoft aims to avoid Google's mistakes (2016-05-23 09:03:56)
    By Sarah McBride SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - When Google introduced its Google Glass smart glasses four years ago, it turned to Glass-sporting sky divers buzzing a San Francisco convention center, Glass-adorned models at a glitzy fashion show and a Twitter campaign to notify early "Glass Explorers" of their luck in snagging a pair. This year, when Microsoft showed off an early edition of its HoloLens augmented-reality goggles, it took the opposite approach: targeting the software developers it needs to make the device useful. The discreet launch reflects the daunting hurdles confronting the nascent industry of augmented reality, known in the industry as AR.
  • All the big iPhone 7 leaks you missed over the weekend (2016-05-23 09:02:30)
    The iPhone 7 is months away from being announced, yet more and more reports offer new details about the unreleased smartphone. Some of the most recent leaks suggest that Apple might be bringing 256GB of storage to the iPhone 7 line, as previously rumored, and that the 4.7-inch iPhone 7 will have a camera featuring optical image stabilization (OIS). DON’T MISS: This is the Netflix hack the world has been waiting for A set of images found on Weibo by Steve Hemmerstoffer shows purported camera and storage components for the upcoming iPhone 7. There’s a dual lens camera that’s supposedly going into the iPhone 7 Plus, and pictures of three NAND storage chips, including 16GB, 64GB and 256GB modules made by SanDisk. While the dual lens camera rumor isn’t new, the storage chips are definitely puzzling. They seem to indicate that Apple is willing to offer users up to 256GB of storage on the most expensive iPhone 7 models, but only 16GB of memory on the entry-level models. Furthermore, a 128GB NAND flash chip isn’t even present in the following image. However, the more reasonable explanation is that the 16GB flash module is present only to highlight the size difference between earlier SanDisk flash and new modules. In mid-March, a similar image leaked  showing that SanDisk’s 256GB flash is now even smaller than the 64GB version. That image follows below. Finally, a report from Nomura Securities a few days ago said that all 5.5-inch iPhone 7 models will have dual rear cameras. The claim seems to be in line with what a well-known Apple insider said a few weeks ago . Nomura learned that Sony and LG will provide the camera modules for the iPhone 7 Plus, Barron's said , but Sony is apparently falling behind schedule. Initially, it’s LG that will get the majority of orders from Apple, as Sony is facing two issues, including lower than expected yields and damages to a production facility from an earthquake in April. The same analysts said that both the 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch iPhone 7 options will have OIS cameras, which would be a first for Apple. So far, the iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6s Plus are the only devices to sport OIS.
  • How to securely manage an Apple ID to best protect business information (2016-05-23 09:01:50)
    An Apple ID provides access to a variety of Apple services, including iCloud files, applications, and messages. Follow these security practices to ensure your account, apps and data remain safe.
  • Your next Lyft ride in Manhattan will be half-off, but your driver won't mind (2016-05-23 09:00:03)
    Lyft is feeling particularly bullish about its rate of growth in New York City, so the company is deciding to share the wealth with riders and drivers alike. Starting today, all weekday Lyft rides in Manhattan will be 50 percent off. Meanwhile, all of Lyft’s New York City drivers will get to keep 100 percent of their fares before the discount, as the company says it will forgo collecting per-fare commissions for a limited time.
  • Oculus' DRM could have unintentionally helped VR piracy (2016-05-23 08:45:00)
  • Samsung’s sleeker Gear Fit 2 appears in new leaked promo images (2016-05-23 08:29:29)
    Reports of a new fitness tracker from Samsung first surfaced last month, followed by a leak from the company's own website. Now, what look like promo images for the new device — thought to be the Gear Fit 2 — have appeared online, showing the wristband with a variety of watch faces and fitness-tracking apps. As we've seen from Samsung's own renders, the Gear Fit 2 looks to have a sleeker profile than its predecessor, with a display that sits flush with the wristband, rather than raised up from its surface.
  • Iridium launches timing, location service as GPS back-up (2016-05-23 08:13:52)
    U.S. firm Iridium Communications Inc on Monday said its Satellite Time and Location (STL) system was ready for use as an alterative or companion to the U.S. Air Force's Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites. Iridium developed the new STL system with Satelles, a private firm, to deliver signals using Iridium's 66 low-earth satellites, making it less vulnerable than ground-based terminals used for GPS services. The Virginia-based company said the STL system gives users access to accurate position, navigation and timing technology using inexpensive chips that work anywhere on earth, providing an alternative to GPS and a way to verify GPS signals.
  • EU digital progress report card: Europe could do better (2016-05-23 08:02:12)
    BRUSSELS (AP) — A new report says that the European Union's borderless single market is expanding only sluggishly into cyberspace, amid consumer concerns about security and whether it's possible to return unwanted purchases.
  • Xiaomi teases first ever drone in new video clip (2016-05-23 07:57:07)
    Xiaomi is really milking the unveiling of its first ever drone, with a short teaser video of the device now surfacing online. AndroidCentral spotted the video on Chinese streaming site Youku, and we've embedded a YouTube mirror above. There are no surprises here, though, especially based on what we've seen from Xiaomi's teaser images. It looks like a pretty standard quadcopter, albeit with an underslung spherical camera. Previous leaks suggest this is controlled via an app and records 4K video. ...
  • Alleged iPhone 7 case photos show a brand new feature no one wants (2016-05-23 07:45:55)
    The latest iPhone 7 rumor suggests that there may be a few more changes to the device's final design than initially anticipated. According to a new set of images which purport to show the device's rear casing, it appears that the iPhone 7 may feature a grand total of four speakers. Originally published by , the alleged iPhone 7 photos vary a good deal from previous leaks we've seen over the past few months. While some of the antenna lines have been mercifully removed -- consistent with previous rumors -- you'll note that the camera module and the LED flash have been reoriented vertically rather than horizontally. The leaked photos also support the persistent rumor that Apple's next-gen smartphone will ship without a traditional 3.5mm headphone jack. But there's also a curious new feature shown in the photos that suggest they might not accurately reflect the upcoming iPhone's new design. DON'T MISS:  This is the Netflix hack the world has been waiting for It goes without saying that every iPhone rumor should be taken with a grain of salt, especially since Apple has been known to experiment with varying iPhone designs in the months building up to a new release. This rumor especially deserves some skepticism because, as Steve Hemmerstoffer of Nowhereelse points out, it seems peculiar to place a speaker so close to the camera module; but perhaps that's what lies behind the new camera layout. In this first photo, you can see the new camera layout at the top. Also note that there's no headphone jack in sight, seemingly lending credence to rumors claiming that audio on the iPhone 7 will rely exclusively on Bluetooth and the Lightning port. In this second photo, we get a better look at the top of the device and can see the presence of two additional speaker grilles. Assuming that these leaked photos are representative of what the final iPhone 7 design will look like -- which is definitely not a safe assumption -- it's not entirely clear that there is much of a practical benefit to outfitting an iPhone with 4 distinct speakers. While Apple is certainly familiar with a four speaker design thanks to the iPad Pro, a comprehensive speaker system is arguably more of a compelling feature on a large-scale tablet than on a smartphone. As for other iPhone 7 features that we've seen make the rounds, one of the biggest rumors suggests that the iPhone 7 Plus will feature an advanced dual-camera system. As for features that will reportedly grace all iPhone 7 models, we can likely look forward to a bigger battery, a blazing fast A10 processor, a waterproof design, and according to some, wireless charging capabilities. Not to be outdone, we've also seen an influx of iPhone 7s rumors over the past few weeks, with some reports even hinting that Apple may call the iPhone 7s the iPhone 8. Feature wise, a growing number of analysts are anticipating that Apple's iPhone in 2017 will feature curved OLED display . More recently, John Gruber just two weeks ago relayed some "scuttlebutt" which points to Apple's 2017 iPhone featuring an edge-to-edge display  with an embedded home button and front-facing camera.
  • Toshiba moves to slash capital base to enable payout, get fresh funds (2016-05-23 07:37:00)
    By Makiko Yamazaki TOKYO (Reuters) - Japan's Toshiba Corp plans to more than halve its capital base, a move that may enable it to resume paying dividends quicker and get a fresh capital injection as it aims to recover from a $1.3 billion accounting scandal last year. Toshiba will cut its capital to 200 billion yen ($1.8 billion) from 439.9 billion yen to plug a deficit in its earnings reserves on its balance sheet after posting huge losses, the company said on Monday. A capital reduction is a common step for Japanese companies with a history of deep losses that aim to return to profits and begin paying dividends.
  • From Windows 10, Linux, iPads, iPhones to HoloLens: The tech astronauts use on the ISS (2016-05-23 07:36:00)
    The NASA official who looks after computers on the International Space Station on the role played by both Linux-based and Windows systems throughout the station's history, the rise of mobiles in space and plans for the Microsoft HoloLens.
  • Google's 'Magenta' project will see if AIs can truly make art (2016-05-23 07:35:00)
  • First Click: Depp, VanMoof, Xiaomi and other difficult names in the week ahead (2016-05-23 07:30:03)
    Now that Google I/O is a wrap, it seems the rest of the tech industry has slunk into the rafters hoping to avoid comparison. Project Jacquard, Project Soli, and Project Ara — all three are visions of how computers...
  • First Click: Depp, VanMoof, Xiaomi, and other difficult names in the week ahead (2016-05-23 07:30:03)
    Now that Google I/O is a wrap, it seems the rest of the tech industry has slunk into the rafters hoping to avoid comparison. Project Jacquard, Project Soli, and Project Ara — all three are visions of how computers...
  • On-demand tech support companies HelloTech, Geekatoo merge (2016-05-23 07:06:21)
    By Heather Somerville SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Los Angeles-based startup HelloTech and rival in-home tech support company Geekatoo on Monday said they had merged, in a sign of consolidation in the hotly competitive on-demand sector. HelloTech will combine its network of about 150 college students who provide on-demand tech repair to Southern California consumers with Geekatoo's U.S. network of about 5,000 technicians, the companies said in a joint statement. The merger connects HelloTech with Geekatoo's national market and provides Geekatoo with more access to venture capital funding, HelloTech co-founder Richard Wolpert said in an interview.
  • Small in size but big on sound, Jaybird launches new Freedom Wireless Bluetooth Buds (2016-05-23 07:00:23)
    Wireless headphone brand Jaybird announced on Monday the release of its smallest pair of earbuds yet, the Freedom Wireless Bluetooth Buds. The company's latest fifth generation of Freedom combines the style, sound and comfort that the brand is known for into the smallest wireless earbuds ever designed. The new release sees Jaybird move away from traditional plastic, often used in wireless headphones to help maintain Bluetooth connection, and placing all their electronics into Freedom's miniaturized three-button controller to allow them to update their design not only with a smaller size but also with sand-blasted metal.
  • Hackers probe defenses of Middle East banks : FireEye (2016-05-23 06:27:21)
    Hackers are probing the defenses of banks in the Middle East, targeting employees with infected emails which gather information about the banks' network and user accounts, FireEye researchers said.  FireEye, a U.S. cyber security company investigating the February attack on Bangladesh's central bank in which hackers stole $81 million, said there was no apparent connection with the heist or related attacks on banks in Ecuador and Vietnam. A FireEye spokesman said Qatar National Bank was not one of the "several banks" in the Middle East where researchers had found the malware.
  • This self-healing material could solve many wearable woes (2016-05-23 06:15:00)
  • UK heads towards cashless society as contactless payments triple (2016-05-23 05:45:47)
    The UK could be heading towards a cashless society as 2015 saw contactless payments triple reports The Guardian. 2015 was the first year that cash was used for less than half of all payments by consumers -- 45.1 percent, compared to 64 percent in 2005. Payments UK, a representative of the UK's major banks, building societies and payment providers, predicts that debit cards and contactless payments will continue to overtake cash in popularity, eclipsing cash transactions by 2021.
  • UK's National Obesity Forum slams 'disastrous' low-fat diet advice (2016-05-23 05:25:03)
    The UK's National Obesity Forum (NOF) has come out with a scathing report this week that condemns the common advice handed down from authorities to eat a low-fat, low-cholesterol diet. It argues that "eating fat does not make you fat" and joins a growing wave of backlash against the established dietary wisdom of the past four decades — which was initiated by the US Dietary Goals that began in 1977 and concurring UK guidelines in 1983. A year ago, the United States made its biggest shift in policy since the start of its national dietary guidelines by dropping the warning about cholesterol.
  • Oculus Rift update accidentally makes piracy easier (2016-05-23 05:22:23)
    Last Friday, Oculus released a software update blocking Revive — a piece of software that allowed users to port Rift games they'd bought from the Oculus store onto HTC's Vive headset. In posts on Reddit and GitHub spotted by Motherboard, Revive developer LibreVR said their intention was not for users to steal games. LibreVR told Motherboard that if they could find a way to port Rift games without bypassing its DRM they would do so.
  • India successfully launches reusable shuttle prototype (2016-05-23 05:12:11)
    India's space agency has successfully launched a reusable mini shuttle model into space, marking an important development in its low-cost space program. The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) announced that the launch was successful on its website. The 7-meter (23-foot) model that launched today is about six times smaller than the final version, which the ISRO aims to launch within a decade.
  • Windows Phone market share sinks below 1 percent (2016-05-23 05:06:33)
    Worldwide smartphone sales increased by nearly 4 percent in the recent quarter, but Microsoft's Windows Phone OS failed to capitalize on the growth and dropped below 1 percent market share. Gartner's latest smartphone sales report provides the latest proof of the obvious: Windows Phone is dead. Gartner estimates that nearly 2.4 million Windows Phones were sold in the latest quarter, around 0.7 percent market share overall.
  • Microsoft wants you to share your 3D printer over your network (2016-05-23 04:44:00)
  • Contactless payments tripled in popularity in the UK last year (2016-05-23 04:32:44)
    The UK is on its way to becoming a cashless society, with payments in physical currency making up less than half of all consumer purchases for the first time last year. This is according to a new study from Payments UK, and reported by The Guardian, which says that the number of contactless payments made in 2015 tripled compared to 2014. A separate study released last week by the UK Cards Association estimated that one in seven transactions in the UK are made using contactless methods, which include NFC-enabled debit cards and smartphone services like Apple Pay.
  • After conservative meet, Zuckerberg says Facebook open to 'all ideas' (2016-05-23 03:52:29)
    Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg says conservatives are an important part of the social network after a meeting aimed at defusing concerns it is politically biased. "We've built Facebook to be a platform for all ideas," Zuckerberg said on his Facebook page after a meeting at the company's California headquarters to discuss allegations in a news article that Facebook was suppressing conservative voices in its "trending" news stories. Zuckerberg called the meeting after technology news outlet Gizmodo last week reported allegations that Facebook was deliberately omitting articles with conservative viewpoints from a sidebar that lists popular stories.
  • Jaybird's new Freedom headphones have customizable sound and a portable battery pack (2016-05-23 03:01:03)
    Jaybird has just announced what it says are the smallest pair of earbuds the company has ever made. The new Freedom Wireless Bluetooth Buds, the fifth pair in the Freedom series of headphones, are meant to blend features of Jaybird's sport headphones, the Freedom X line, with a much more refined look. This newest pair of Freedoms has tiny tapered earbuds that are about 20 percent thinner than the earbuds on the company's earlier models.
  • Jaybird's Freedom wireless earbuds balance sound and battery life (2016-05-23 03:01:00)
  • Toshiba to more than halve its capital base to about $1.8 billion (2016-05-23 01:35:44)
    TOKYO (Reuters) - Japan's Toshiba Corp said on Monday it would more than halve its capital base - a move that comes in the wake of a $1.3 billion accounting scandal last year. It will cut its capital to 200 billion yen ($1.8 billion)from 439.9 billion yen, it said. The capital reduction will be subject to shareholders' approval and would be effective July 31, the embattled industrial conglomerate said in a statement. (Reporting by Makiko Yamazaki; Editing by Edwina Gibbs)
  • Uber deal shows divide in labor's drive for role in 'gig economy' (2016-05-23 01:09:50)
    The International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers trumpeted an agreement reached earlier this month to represent New York Uber drivers, saying it "gives organized labor an opportunity to shape the new economy in a way that supports and values workers and their families." But not everyone in the U.S. labor movement is cheering. The deal falls short of actual union representation, and it has revealed sharp divisions among labor advocates about how to address a central reality of the so-called gig economy: The classification of workers as independent contractors rather than employees. Under the terms of its agreement with Uber Technologies Inc [UBER.UL], the Machinists will form an “Independent Drivers Guild” that will be able to intervene with the company on behalf of wrongly terminated drivers and negotiate for benefits, such as disability insurance and roadside assistance.
  • Infuse helps you find fresh videos on Apple TV and iOS (2016-05-23 00:58:00)
  • China mulls new ways to control video websites (2016-05-22 23:51:16)
    Chinese authorities are exploring new ways of imposing controls on the Internet, state-run media cited experts as saying Monday, after reports said state-owned enterprises may be encouraged to take stakes in video streaming websites. The Communist country restricts access to foreign websites including Google, Facebook and Twitter with a vast control network dubbed the Great Firewall of China, and under President Xi Jinping it has tightened its grip on broadcast, print and online media. New regulations being considered by China's censorship authority would allow a select list of SOEs to buy "special management stakes" of up to 10 percent in the country's popular video streaming websites, giving them the right to oversee production and decision-making, respected business magazine Caixin reported.
  • Terahertz laser tech could scan for bombs at airports (2016-05-22 23:15:00)
  • EU countries call for the removal of barriers to data flows (2016-05-22 23:07:46)
    By Julia Fioretti BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Half of the European Union's member states on Monday called for the removal of barriers to the free flow of data both within and outside the 28-nation bloc to ensure the continent can benefit from new data-driven technologies. In a letter to the European Commission and the Netherlands - which holds the rotating EU presidency - ministers from countries including Poland, Britain, Sweden and Finland urged Brussels to make sure regulation is not a barrier to the development of data-driven technologies and to avoid one-size-fits-all rules for online platforms such as Amazon and Facebook. "It is vital for European competitiveness to take a positive approach to new advancements in digital technologies and business models," wrote the ministers from Belgium, Britain, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Ireland, Latvia, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Poland, Slovenia and Sweden.
  • Toyota is bringing back Dean Kamen's stair-climbing wheelchair (2016-05-22 21:39:00)
  • Indiegogo deal helps crowdfunders make their gadgets (2016-05-22 20:08:00)
  • To halt smartphone slide, Samsung rewrites playbook (2016-05-22 19:20:13)
    From the way it chooses smartphone components to the models it brings to market, Samsung Electronics has undergone a painful process of breaking from its past to reverse a slide in its handset business. For example, the world's largest smartphone maker agonized over camera specs for its flagship Galaxy S7 until the last moment - ultimately defying industry convention by opting for fewer pixels in exchange for improved autofocus features and low-light performance, a move that contributed to early success. "We've now gotten to a point where we can secure a baseline profit even if the market stagnates, so long as we don't make a bad mistake," said Kim Gae-youn, vice president in charge of Samsung's smartphone product planning.
  • Watch homebrew code run Steam games on the PS4 (2016-05-22 18:36:00)
  • Chance the Rapper's Coloring Book is the first streaming-only album to chart on the Billboard 200 (2016-05-22 18:03:00)
    Chance the Rapper's new mixtape Coloring Book will debut this week at No. 8 on Billboard's 200 chart, making it the first ever streaming-only album to land there. The mixtape was released without the help of a label, but was only available in its first week as an Apple Music exclusive. During that time, the mixtape earned 38,000 equivalent album units, or a total of 57.3 million streams, according to Billboard.
  • These $70 DIY synthesizers are a hobbyist's dream (2016-05-22 17:04:00)
  • Apple, Google locked in battle for supremacy (2016-05-22 16:33:04)
    At the top of the corporate world, Apple and Google are in a back-and-forth battle to be number one. For a brief time early this year, Google parent Alphabet overtook Apple as the world's largest company by market value. Apple then regained, lost and recovered the leader position in May in a battle that appears set to continue for some time.