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  • New rules on warrants for online devices divide officials (2016-10-28 03:27:55)
    WASHINGTON (AP) — The Justice Department is citing last week's internet outages caused by widespread cyberattacks to support allowing U.S. agents to search online devices in faraway locations with approval from a single judge. Lawmakers are expressing renewed reservations about a change some see as expanding the FBI's authority to hack devices.
  • Volkswagen rolls out the new Atlas SUV (2016-10-28 02:01:08)
    The 7-passenger mid-size SUV is big, boxy and might just bring VW back into the light.
  • Nintendo Switch will have a 'wider array' of new hardware accessories, says CEO (2016-10-28 01:41:00)
    Nintendo CEO Tatsumi Kimishima has hinted that there's more to the company's upcoming console, the Switch, than it revealed in the brief video introduction last week. "It may be appropriate to call them accessories. It's probably more correct to call them accessories.
  • Every Kingdom Hearts game will come to PS4 in 2017 (2016-10-28 01:23:55)
    With the probable exception of Kingdom Hearts III, which is yet to get a release date.
  • Facebook executives feel the heat of content controversies (2016-10-28 01:05:03)
    By Kristina Cooke, Dan Levine and Dustin Volz SAN FRANCISCO/WASHINGTON (Reuters) - After Facebook's removal of an iconic Vietnam war photo stirred an international uproar last month, the social network's executives quickly backtracked and cleared its publication. Trainers told content-monitoring staffers that the photo violated Facebook policy, despite its historical significance, because it depicted a naked child, in distress, photographed without her consent, the employees told Reuters. The reversal on the war photo, however, shows how Facebook's top executives sometimes overrule company policy and its legions of low- and mid-level content monitors.
  • After third-quarter revenue drop, Baidu warns China ad curbs to hit fourth-quarter harder (2016-10-28 01:00:59)
    By Catherine Cadell and Paul Carsten BEIJING (Reuters) - Chinese internet search giant Baidu Inc warned investors fourth-quarter revenue will slide, hitting shares, as a government crackdown on healthcare advertising that tipped the firm into its first-ever quarterly sales drop bites even harder. Baidu said revenue could slip as much as 4.6 percent in the October-December period, following the 0.7 percent third-quarter drop it reported on Thursday. Earlier this year it was at the center of a national media outcry when a student with a fatal cancer blamed Baidu ads for directing him to suspect, ultimately ineffectual treatment.
  • Amazon delivery contractor settles on New York back wages (2016-10-28 00:13:33)
    By Gina Cherelus New York (Reuters) - An Inc delivery contractor in New York City has agreed to pay $100,000 in back wages to drivers after making deductions for lunch breaks that the workers never took, the state attorney general's office said on Friday. The company, Cornucopia Logistics, delivers packages and food from Amazon Fresh to resident and commercial locations in the city. Attorney General Eric Schneiderman said in a statement that the settlement will allow short-changed workers, who would often miss meals because of heavy delivery schedules, to receive the restitution.
  • Samsung still smartphone king in India (2016-10-28 00:02:07)
    It's good news for the company, as India's tech markets continue to grow at tremendous rates.
  • We’ll finally see Han Solo win that Millennium Falcon from Lando Calrissian (2016-10-27 22:09:07)
    The Millennium Falcon is Han Solo’s ship, but he wasn’t her only owner. We know he won it from Lando Calrissian in a card game, and we know that he lost it somehow so that Rey could later find it on her home planet. In the near future, we’re going to learn exactly how Han Solo won it, because this is one of the plotlines of the upcoming standalone Han Solo movie. DON’T MISS:  Google Pixel crushed by iPhone 7 once again in new performance test According to Hollywood Reporter writer Borys Kit , the Han Solo film set for a 2018 launch will show us how our favorite space smuggler won the ship in the game of Sabacc, a card game we’ve yet to see in any Star Wars movie. Alden Ehrenreich will play young Han Solo in the movie, with Donald Glover having secured the Lando Calrissian role. Production for the movie is set to start in early 2017, Gamespot notes, and the movie is set to premiere about a year later. Before then, we will have seen two more Star Wars movies. Rogue One, Disney’s first standalone Star Wars story, comes out this December and Star Wars: Episode VIII is set for a December 2017 release. The Millennium Falcon appeared in The Force Awakens , abandoned on the same planet where Rey lived most of her life. Hopefully, the upcoming episodes from the new saga will also tell us how Han Solo lost the iconic ship, which must have been a tremendous hit for the smuggler. And let’s just hope that the ship will remain in use long after Han Solo’s death, as Rey has proven to be quite good at managing it.
  • Halloween (2016-10-27 21:47:34)
    One of us is slowly catching up on "Westworld," the other may never finish "Luke Cage" at this rate. Plus, Apple just made it easier for you to consume even more pop culture, and prepare your costumes for this weekend because we sure are.
  • Apple exec avoids jail over Italian tax arragements (2016-10-27 21:00:31)
    A criminal investigation into a senior exec at Apple's European division has concluded with no jail time, but a rather hefty fine. Italian prosecutors have been investigating Apple's tax dealings through Apple Sales International, the Irish-based unit that controlled much of Apple's European profits. According to  Reuters , a settlement has now been reached, with the potential six-month jail term for the Apple exec converted into a $50,000 fine instead. DON'T MISS:  We have some bad news about next year’s iPhone 8 Reuters  sources claim that the prosecutors have reached a settlement with Apple, which converts the potential six-month jail sentence into a 45,000 euro fine. Most importantly for Apple (and the executive), the settlement does not mean an admission of guilt. Apple itself first had issues with Italian tax authorities back in 2013 , with investigations being opened into withheld taxes from 2010 and 2011. Apple eventually paid the full $347 million that Italian tax authorities claimed they were owed, and now the case has been settled against the Apple exec, that should be the end of Apple's issues with Italy. Its European tax situation is far from solved, however. Earlier this year , an investigation by the European Commission accused Apple of using tax mechanisms in Ireland to evade paying the true corporate tax rate, paying fractions of a percentage point instead. Apple denies any wrongdoing, but banks have put Apple's potential liability for the case at over $19 billion.
  • Tesla claims Model X service issues have declined by 92% (2016-10-27 20:35:07)
    Tesla's Model X may be a forward-thinking vehicle, but there's no getting around the fact that Tesla's crossover SUV had more than its fair share of problems at launch. In fact, Tesla CEO Elon Musk even said that he somewhat regrets turning the Model X into an incredibly ambitious project. DON'T MISS:  We have some bad news about next year’s iPhone 8 "I think we got a little carried away,” Musk said during the Model X's official unveiling last year. “There’s far more here than is really necessary to sell a car.” As we detailed earlier this week, the Model X performed exceedingly poorly in a recent Consumer Reports profile on reliable car brands. Labeling the Model X as "more showy than practical", the report listed out a number of problem areas that it found with the car, including the vehicle's Falcon-wing doors, locks and latches, power equipment, in-car electronics, and climate system. Addressing such complaints during the company's earnings conference call yesterday, Tesla executives made a point of noting that Model X reliability has improved drastically over the past few months. With Musk calling the reliability improvements massive, Tesla CTO JB Straubel added that Model X related visits to Tesla service centers have gone down by an astonishing 92% throughout the year. So the visits to service for Model X through the course of the year declined 92%, which is just a fantastic result both from the manufacturing side. And the vehicle reliability teams have been working hard to achieve that. And we're going to continue to improve against that. Indeed, this seems to be a pattern with Tesla. Its early production cars are riddled with problems, in turn prompting Tesla to work tirelessly to fix any number of pressing issues. A few months later, new cars coming off of the production line appear to be virtually flawless. While that might irk Consumer Reports , Tesla's loyal fanbase still seems more than willing to put up with a few kinks in order to get their hands on a new Tesla vehicle as soon they can.
  • Pornhub offers to buy Vine: 'Six seconds is more than enough' (2016-10-27 20:08:50)
    The adult megasite offers to save the microvideo platform and restore it to its "NSFW glory."
  • Google parent Alphabet profit surges on mobile, video ads (2016-10-27 20:05:29)
    Google parent Alphabet Inc bested analysts' estimates for third-quarter profit and revenue on Thursday as the search company showed it has honed its core business for the mobile era and is closing in on the next wave of computing. Propelled by strong advertising on mobile devices and video site YouTube, Alphabet's net income climbed 27 percent to $5.06 billion. Google is competing fiercely with social network Facebook Inc for dominance in the fast-growing mobile advertising market.
  • Amazon's $99 Prime problem (2016-10-27 20:02:46)
    The e-tailer's weaker earnings highlight the dilemma it faces with a capped $99 annual fee. But it's looking to boost subscriptions elsewhere.
  • Quick, responsive, and cool as hell: MacBook Pro Touch Bar review roundup (2016-10-27 19:59:54)
    Going into yesterday's Apple event, the expectations hoisted upon Tim Cook were sky-high. Not only had it been an excruciatingly long time since Apple delivered a solid refresh to its Mac lineup, but Microsoft earlier in the week impressed the tech world with an innovative (and yes, hyper expensive) desktop PC. So with all eyes in the tech world laser focused on Apple's product announcements yesterday, the company delivered in a big way. Apple's revamped 2016 MacBook Pro is a thing of beauty. Far from an incremental upgrade, it may completely alter the way we interact with computers. Aside from impressive hardware improvements and a sleeker, thinner and lighter form factor, the biggest selling point on Apple's top of the line MacBook Pros is a feature Apple calls the Touch Bar. DON'T MISS:  The iPhone 7 has an exciting new feature that Apple is keeping secret The Touch Bar on the MacBook Pro is a multitouch OLED display that completely replaces the function key row. The benefit of such a design is that the OLED display can offer up users specialized controls that correspond precisely to specific apps. All the more intriguing is that the default controls on the Touch Bar can be customized to better fit a particular user's workflow. Apple's new MacBook Pros won't ship for another 2-3 weeks, but Apple yesterday offered select outlets some hands-on time with its new machines. While overall impressions of the machine itself were overwhelmingly positive, we're far more interested in taking in what early reviewers of the MacBook Pro thought of the new Touch Bar. Here's a brief sampling. Susie Ochs of Macworld  had mostly positive things to say: But the coolest part of the Touch Bar is how quickly it changes as you switch apps. I used it for scrolling through a full-screen album in Photos, as well as for scrubbing through the timeline in Final Cut Pro. Both were fast and responsive. ... The other killer Touch Bar feature might be predictive suggestions in Mail. When you’re looking at a list of messages in your Inbox, you’ll see a button on the Touch Bar that says “Move to Vacations” or the name of another folder the app thinks is suitable. Mail seems to be guessing based on context, such as the sender and content of the message, and I can’t wait to see how well it does with the volume of email I get every day. Brian Heater of TechCrunch was similarly impressed with the Touch Bar's responsiveness: It’s quick and responsive, reacting to multi-touch and the amount of pressure the user applies. It also adapts quite quickly as you toggle between different apps. It’s a really cool and really versatile new addition — like having a small mobile display embedded directly into the notebook. Ina Fried of Recode writes : As expected, it’s super light and the Touch Bar looks like the kind of thing that those who spend all day on a laptop will grow to really love. (It might prove too pricey a nice-to-have for casual laptop users, though.) AppleInsider had a number of positive things to say : In our short time with the Touch Bar, we came away impressed with the component's ability to surface features and functions that might otherwise be lost in menus or tool palettes. As demonstrated onstage today, the Touch Bar also frees up screen real estate, allowing users to go fullscreen without obscuring their work. Being integrated directly above the keyboard makes it natural to "chord" Force Touch trackpad selections and TouchBar controls while working in a full screen interface. Contextual content makes the experience all the more engrossing, actually adding to MacBook's usability rather than distracting from it. Users are able to customize toolbars to a certain extent in Apple's system controls and first-party apps, though more robust options are expected to debut once third-party developers begin rolling out updates supporting the new hardware. Dieter Bohn of The Verge writes : I also rearranged buttons (you can find the option in a menu) and it worked, well, as advertised. What’s neat about dragging buttons down from the screen to the Touch Bar is that you can keep moving them with the mouse on the second screen. ... One last neat thing on the Touch Bar: you can tap-and-hold on a bunch of buttons to get to functions faster. Long-press on Reply and you can slide over to Reply-All. Same for other buttons like volume control. Wired writes : The whole idea is going to take some getting used to: each app does different things, in different ways, to different effect. In Mail, you can quickly tap on the Touch Bar to compose a message; in Pages, it’s a super-fast way to access a bunch of formatting options. In Photos, you can use the Touch Bar to quickly scrub through a bunch of images, and it’s a really nifty way to move through a timeline in Final Cut. A bunch of demos on stage at Apple’s event featured a number of people doing a sort of two-handed dance, one twiddling on the my-god-it’s-huge touchpad and one on the Touch Bar. How people will use this thing, and what the right features and mechanisms will be, will take some time to sort out. And to close things out, here are a few video overviews of Apple's new Touch Bar feature.
  • 'Stranger Things' meets Peanuts in animated mashup (2016-10-27 19:54:15)
    Good grief! Fans of both series will appreciate the new video, in which Eleven takes a shift in Lucy's psychiatric stand and Winona Ryder gets the Miss Othmar wah-wah voice.
  • PlayStation Vue launches on Android TV (2016-10-27 19:50:09)
    Sony’s TV streaming service is launching today on Android TV. With today’s launch, PlayStation Vue will be available on all recent Android TV devices, including dedicated streaming boxes and TVs that have it built in. It’s a particularly notable addition for Sony, because several of its own high-end TVs are running Android.
  • Faraday Future electric car almost breaks cover in video (2016-10-27 19:45:05)
    Upcoming Tesla competitor Faraday Future posted video today of what we expect to be its first electric production car, covered in camouflage ahead of its official unveiling in January at CES.
  • See a giant fighting robot test its new high-power tank treads (2016-10-27 19:44:38)
    The MegaBots team checks out new custom tank treads designed just for their ultimate fighting robot.
  • Walmart quiere que compres más en línea, recojas tus compras en las tiendas (2016-10-27 19:44:04)
    La gigante cadena de minoristas pronto lanzará sus primeras ofertas navideñas y desplegará un ejército de empleados para mejorar la experiencia de sus consumidores.
  • Getting a new MacBook Pro? Check out these accessories first (2016-10-27 19:43:53)
    The new MacBook Pros and the 12-inch MacBook include Thunderbolt 3/USB-C ports as their sole connections. In order to use some of the most popular peripherals you'll need to have one of these accessories.
  • New MacBook Pros vs. old MacBook Pros vs. MacBook (2016-10-27 19:42:47)
    The new 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pros have a new design and a bunch of new features. Check out how they compare against last year's models and each other.
  • Apple reveals MacBook-friendly 5K LG display (2016-10-27 19:30:48)
    Who needs a new 5K Mac when you can buy a new MacBook Pro and this 5K LG monitor?
  • Teen taking topless selfie crashed into patrol car, police say (2016-10-27 19:27:18)
    Technically Incorrect: A Texas A&M student is allegedly trying to send a topless photo to her boyfriend via Snapchat when, oh.
  • CenturyLink nears deal to merge with Level 3 -sources (2016-10-27 19:23:41)
    By Liana B. Baker and Greg Roumeliotis NEW YORK (Reuters) - CenturyLink Inc and Level 3 Communications are in advanced talks to merge, according to people familiar with the matter, in a deal that would create an enterprise telecommunications player worth more than $50 billion, including debt. It would combine Level 3's enterprise services with CenturyLink's network that provides Internet and telephone offerings to millions of customers. CenturyLink and Level 3 declined to comment.
  • Brandon Sanderson's Cosmere universe headed to big screen (2016-10-27 19:23:40)
    "The Way of Kings" gets the green light as the first Sanderson book lined up for movie treatment, with a screenplay coming from the "Saw" writing team.
  • Booz Allen reviewing security after arrest of NSA contractor (2016-10-27 19:20:01)
    By Dustin Volz WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Booz Allen Hamilton said on Thursday it had hired a former FBI chief to conduct an external review of its security practices, after the consulting firm learned for the second time in three years that an employee working under contract with the National Security Agency had been charged with stealing classified information. Booz Allen, which earns billions of dollars a year contracting with U.S. intelligence agencies, has come under renewed scrutiny in recent weeks after authorities took Harold Thomas Martin into custody. The firm also employed Edward Snowden, who leaked a trove of secret files to news organizations in 2013 that exposed vast domestic and international surveillance operations carried out by the NSA.
  • Senate summons wrong company to AT&T-Time Warner hearing (2016-10-27 19:19:43)
    Subcommittee reviewing the deal invites Time Warner Cable, a company purchased by Charter Communications earlier this year.
  • Watch up close as a blowtorch melts Lego toys (2016-10-27 19:01:28)
    It's oddly satisfying to watch this video of a Lego helicopter and truck melting at the hands of a gas torch.
  • Ken Bone, no longer undecided, votes for giant gummy bear (2016-10-27 18:55:31)
    The red-sweatered voter, ready to make America sweet again, puts his vote where his mouth is in a candy ad.
  • Dakota Access Pipeline protesters arrested and pepper sprayed (2016-10-27 18:41:45)
    Authorities began arresting people at a Dakota Access Pipeline protest site in Morton County, North Dakota today, according to the Associated Press and the Guardian. There have also been reports that authorities are using beanbag guns. Protesters could be heard calling for a medic in the live stream.
  • Microsoft fixed one of the most annoying Surface Book ‘features’ (2016-10-27 18:40:19)
    Microsoft introduced a new Surface Book laptop during its Windows event on Wednesday, but it made sure not to call it a Surface Book 2. No, that model is probably coming next year. What we’re getting instead is a “Surface Book with Performance Base” laptop that’s supposed to improve performance and battery life. But the laptop has one more feature that some people will enjoy, and it's one that Panos Panay didn’t explain on stage. DON’T MISS:  The 7 biggest announcements from Microsoft’s October event One of the most annoying things about the first-gen Surface Book is the gap. The convertible laptop has an innovative hinge that keeps the screen attached to the base. But when you close the laptop, you get an annoying gap that makes it easy for dirt to get in. Microsoft has heard your complaints and has partially fixed it. It’s still there, but it’s much smaller now. By packing a bigger battery inside the Performance Base, the company actually made it thicker. That means the Surface Book’s top is almost flush with the base when closed down, as seen in this image from The Verge : The keys are closer to the screen when closed, and the ridge at the base of the laptop where the vents eject air is also bigger. Sure, you may still have a dirt problem on this upgraded Surface Book, but it’ll be more manageable. And it’s really not such a big deal in the first place, but Microsoft is still addressing the problem. The real Surface Book 2 may come without any gap whatsoever.
  • Brandon Sanderson's Cosmere universe could be the next big fantasy film series (2016-10-27 18:37:37)
    Hot on the heels of buying the movie rights of Ken Liu’s The Grace of Kings, Variety reports that China-based DMG Entertainment is back with a potentially bigger purchase: the movie rights to Brandon Sanderson’s massive interconnected epic fantasy Cosmere universe. Sanderson is one of fantasy’s biggest and most prolific authors, and most of his separate book series actually take place in a larger setting, known as the Cosmere, with individual works taking place on separate planets with unique magic systems in different parts of the universe. The overall Cosmere universe includes Sanderson’s popular Stormlight Archive and Mistborn series, the standalone Warbreaker and Elantris novels, the White Sands graphic novels, and a variety of novellas.
  • Amazon triples profit, but shares slide (2016-10-27 18:23:43)
    Online giant Amazon said Thursday its profits more than tripled in the third quarter, but shares fell as the rise was weaker than expected. Amazon extended its string of positive results after years of investments that produced little or no profit, helped by its cloud computing, streaming video and new products and services. Amazon shares tumbled more than five percent in after-hours trade after profit fell shy of most analysts' forecasts.
  • Mobile, video pump up profit at Google parent Alphabet (2016-10-27 18:17:39)
    "We had a great third quarter," Alphabet chief financial officer Ruth Porat said in the earnings release. It has been about a year since the California internet titan revamped its corporate structure, making Google's internet operations a division of Alphabet and putting units such as autonomous cars and internet service balloons in an "other bets" or "moonshots" category. The self-driving car effort that was once part of the X lab at Google -- devoted to bold, futuristic projects -- has become a separate business unit at Alphabet.
  • Online privacy may be boosted by new FCC data rules (2016-10-27 18:05:20)
    NEW YORK (AP) — New privacy rules may make it easier to escape at least some online tracking.
  • Apple's Cook: 'We're going to kill cash' (2016-10-27 18:04:51)
    Apple CEO Tim Cook says after the event that Apple Pay's uptake has been dramatic.
  • Booz Allen says ex-FBI director conducting review after employee arrest (2016-10-27 17:54:44)
    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Booz Allen Hamilton said on Thursday it had asked a former FBI director to conduct a review of the firm’s security, personnel, and management processes and practices after the arrest of a former National Security Agency contractor employed by the firm charged with stealing classified information. Robert Mueller's review began on Oct. 19, Booz Allen said in a statement. Harold Thomas Martin was taken into custody in Maryland in August. ...
  • The new MacBook Pro vs the new Surface Book: fight! (2016-10-27 17:50:49)
    Today, Apple announced two new MacBook Pros. Microsoft announced a new and upgraded Surface Book yesterday. There's only one thing to do: compare specs, judge designs, and declare a winner. DON'T MISS:  Everything you need to know about Apple’s new MacBook Pro There are two (really three!) versions of the MacBook Pro: 13-inch models with and without the OLED mutli-touch panel, and a 15-inch model that has to have the touch panel. On the Surface side, there's only one chassis, the convertible 13-inch model. But there are a range of different specs you can buy, most notably versions with and without discrete graphics. So let's take a look at how the different versions stack up. Specs The base 13-inch MacBook Pro ships with a 2.0GHz Core i5, with 8GB of RAM, and a 256GB SSD. You can spec that all the way up to a 3.3GHz Core i7, 16GB of storage and a 1TB SSD if you want. The Surface Book starts at $1,500 also, but with a lower-specced 128GB/8GB/Core i5 version. For that, you are getting a touchscreen and a stylus however. The real advantage goes to the Surface Book in the higher configurations. You can get a version of the Surface Book with a discrete graphics card for $1,900, and upgrade that to a version with a more powerful GTX 965M graphics card and a Core i7 for $2,400. To get discrete graphics from a MacBook Pro, you have to buy a 15-incher. It comes with a Core i7 and 16GB of RAM as standard, starting at $2,400 also. Basically, you're getting similar performance from the cheapest 13-inch Pro and the cheapest Surface Book. But Microsoft wins this, because you can get the performance of the 15-inch MacBook Pro, for the same price, in a much smaller body. Assuming you don't want to lug a 15-inch laptop around but you need real graphics performance, the Surface Book is your only option. Design and Size Apple made a big deal of how thin the 13-inch Pro is, and for good reason. It's a consistent 14.9mm thick, which is somehow thinner than the MacBook Air. The Surface Book is quite a lot thicker at its widest point, because of the "hinge gap" between the screen and keyboard. But at its thinnest point, it's actually a whole millimeter thinner than the Pro. On weight, the difference is more noticeable. The new MacBook Pro is an even three pounds, while the Surface Book tips the scales at 3.63 pounds. Of course, the big design difference between the two is that the Surface Book's screen detaches to become a tablet, while the MacBook Pro is just a laptop. I'm willing to be that a lot of people don't care at all to have a 13-inch tablet as well as a laptop, but then again, I assume people have bought the iPad Pro. Touch Input The biggest change to the MacBook Pro is the addition of the new Touch Bar. On the $1,800 model and up, the row of function keys along the top of the keyboard have been changed to a multi-touch, multi-function OLED display. In regular use, the Touch Bar will display common controls like brightness and volume. When you delve into an application, the bar switches to provide specific functions, like tools in Photoshop or a scrolling bar for watching video. Apple spent a lot of time and effort on stage trying to convince us that it's a better system than a regular keyboard and mouse, or a touchscreen for that matter. For some applications -- and for general browsing around the laptop -- it does look fun, but playing a whole DJ set using a tiny touch bar is a bit of a reach. The Surface Book goes the other way, with a full touchscreen and pressure-sensitive stylus. Because you can flip the screen around to turn the entire laptop into one big tablet, it is better for something like drawing, and it gives you the option to annotate documents or the like. But because it's more effort to reach all the way up to the screen (or pull out the stylus), it's probably going to get used less than the Touch Bar. Overall, Touch Bar is better for small stuff, touchscreen is better for working on bigger projects. We'll call this one a tie until we can try both in the real world. Ports The MacBook Pro has four amazing ports! Unfortunately, they're all the same, and you probably don't own anything that works with them. That's right: Apple has fully bought into the USB-C craze, and equipped the MacBook Pro with four Thunderbolt 3/USB-C ports. (There's only two ports on the base 13-inch MacBook Pro, though.) This is probably a good thing in the long run, since USB-C is an icnredibly versatile standard that can exchange data, power a display or even charge your laptop, all at the same time. But in the immediate future, it's bound to be far less useful that the Surface Book's selection. Ever model of the Surface Book has two USB ports, a mini DisplayPort for connecting to monitors, a charging port, and an SD card reader. Point Microsoft. Pricing This one's pretty much a wash. Both laptops start at $1,5000, although for the price, you get 256GB of storage for the MacBook Pro vs 128GB on the Surface Book. The impressive thing on Microsoft's end is that for the same price as the base MacBook, you get a fully convertible laptop/tablet, with a stylus, with virtually the same specs as the new MacBook Pro.
  • Google parent Alphabet beats on revenue, earnings; sets buyback (2016-10-27 17:43:55)
    Alphabet, along with Facebook Inc, dominates the fast-growing mobile advertising market. Shares of Alphabet, the world's No. 2 company by market value, were up 1.6 percent in after-hours trading. The company posted third-quarter adjusted earnings per share of $9.06 on revenue of $22.45 billion.
  • Amazon forecast for holiday season disappoints as investment rises (2016-10-27 17:43:49)
    Investors and analysts are trying to gauge how much more Amazon plans to invest in its various ventures, and it unnerved some that it offered wide ranges in its outlook. "Amazon really doesn't know what's going to happen this quarter," said analyst Jan Dawson of Jackdaw Research, noting investors disapproved of the "uncertainty" in the company's guidance. Amazon forecast net sales of between $42 billion and $45.5 billion for the current-quarter, which includes the all-important holiday shopping season.
  • Uber sees flying commuters in 10 years (2016-10-27 17:42:00)
    By Alexandria Sage SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Flying commuters like George Jetson could be whizzing to work through the sky less than 10 years from now, according to ride-services provider Uber, which believes the future of transportation is literally looking up. Uber Technologies Inc [UBER.UL] released a white paper on Thursday envisioning a future in which commuters hop onto a small aircraft, take off vertically and within minutes arrive at their destinations. It sounds like the opening sequence to "The Jetsons", the 1962 U.S. cartoon about a future filled with moving sidewalks, robot housekeepers and spaceflight, but Uber sees flying rides as feasible and eventually affordable.
  • Imzy, a social network based on kindness, opens its doors to the public (2016-10-27 17:40:03)
    It’s a question that social networks like Twitter, which just decimated its workforce in a push for profitability, have been struggling to answer. “We're not a media company,” says Dan McComas, CEO of Imzy. What we really want is a well-functioning community.” Like Reddit, where McComas and five other Imzy co-founders formerly worked, Imzy lets users create communities based on shared interests.
  • Las búsquedas, videos impulsan a Alphabet (2016-10-27 17:38:57)
    Impulsados por la publicidad móvil, los resultados financieros de la empresa sobrepasaron las expectativas de Wall Street.
  • What did the SD card ever do to Apple? (2016-10-27 17:36:43)
    What you see before you, friends, is Apple’s brand new MacBook Pro, in the silver $1,799 configuration and space gray $1,499 variant without the cool new Touch Bar. Neither of them has an SD card slot. SD cards are those awesome things that practically every dedicated camera in the world nowadays stores photos on.
  • Here's how the FDA wants drugs for women's sex drives to be developed (2016-10-27 17:35:33)
    Lots of pharmaceutical companies want to make drugs targeting women who have low sex drives or trouble becoming aroused. The new draft guidelines come a year after the administration approved the so-called “female Viagra”: a drug called Addyi that promised to make women want sex more. Future drugmakers targeting female desire now know what the FDA wants in the trials, and what results in the last of three phases of testing are likely to get their drug approved.
  • Cyberattacks put new focus on search-warrant rule change (2016-10-27 17:27:53)
    WASHINGTON (AP) — The Justice Department is citing last week's internet outages caused by widespread cyberattacks to support allowing U.S. agents to search online devices in faraway locations with approval from a single judge. Lawmakers on Thursday expressed renewed reservations about a change some see as expanding the FBI's authority to hack devices.
  • All the places a DJ might actually need to use the new Apple Touch Bar (2016-10-27 17:27:44)
    The top two tiers of Apple’s newest MacBook Pros have one hell of an eye-catching feature: a touchscreen that runs across the top of the entire keyboard. Known as “Touch Bar,” it changes dynamically depending on whatever application is being used at the time. As far as Apple event demos go, it fell a little flat.
  • Florida man pleads guilty to hacking, spamming scheme (2016-10-27 17:26:38)
    A Florida man pleaded guilty on Thursday to charges stemming from his role in wide-ranging hacking scheme that generated $1.3 million through the hijacking of customer email accounts to send unsolicited "spam" messages, prosecutors said. Timothy Livingston, 31, entered his plea in federal court in Newark, New Jersey to three counts including conspiracy to commit fraud and related activity in connection with computers and access devices, prosecutors said. As part of a plea agreement, Livingston agreed to forfeit nearly $1.35 million as well as property he obtained using proceeds from the scheme, including a Ferrari and Cadillac, prosecutors said.
  • Can Donald Trump actually still win? (2016-10-27 17:25:01)
    If you've been keeping up with all the coverage of the presidential election lately, you've probably heard that Donald Trump has begun to rebound somewhat after a dismal month of October following three poor debate performances. In fact, CNN's Electoral College map now shows both Florida and Nevada as "battleground" states once again after moving them to "lean Democratic" just a week ago. So does Trump actually have a chance to come back and win? DON'T MISS:  We have some bad news about next year’s iPhone 8 The answer, of course, is yes. Until the votes are actually counted on November 8th (and possibly past that date depending on how close the results are), Trump has a chance to be the next president of the United States. But before you start worrying (Hillary supporters) or celebrating (Trump supporters), there are some important caveats you need to know about. First of all, while Trump has indeed recovered somewhat from the catastrophic lows of mid-October, Clinton has continued to gain ground as well. This election cycle has had more undecided and third-party voters than any cycle in recent history, but with just days to go until the election, many of those voters are making their minds up and giving up on the third party candidates. Based on FiveThirtyEight's polls-only national polling average , Trump has jumped from 38.8% on October 19th to 39.6% on October 26th. On the other hand, Clinton has improved from 45.4% to 46% in the same time span. So, in the past week, Trump has actually risen further in the polls than Clinton. But he's still six points behind Clinton overall. RealClearPolitic's 4-way General Election average isn't much better, with Trump sitting at 40% and Clinton at 45.8%. Still a huge margin to overcome. So while Trump may indeed end up making states like Ohio, Florida, Nevada and North Carolina more competitive than they looked a week ago, he needs a ton of help (or some significant polling errors) if he expects to win in November.
  • No new iMacs, Mac Pro or Mac Mini at Apple's October Mac event (2016-10-27 17:14:35)
    Apple announced 3 new MacBook Pros and an Apple TV app called TV, but several other products were M.I.A.
  • U.S. lawmakers raise privacy concerns over new hacking rules (2016-10-27 17:10:18)
    By Dustin Volz WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A bipartisan group of lawmakers in the U.S. Congress on Thursday asked the Justice Department to clarify how a looming rule change to the government's hacking powers could impact privacy rights of innocent Americans. The change, due to take place on December 1, would let judges issue search warrants for remote access to computers located in any jurisdiction, potentially including foreign countries. Magistrate judges can normally only order searches within the jurisdiction of their court, which is typically limited to a few counties.
  • Podcast: The Fourth Amendment and civil liberties (2016-10-27 17:08:04)
    Tracey Meares of Yale University and John Stinneford of the University of Florida explore how Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump approach policing and privacy.
  • The new Mac vs. PC war is all about touch (2016-10-27 17:05:14)
    Apple and Microsoft have shared various battles over many years, in an ongoing rift over the direction of computing, but this week has marked a switch in both of their war strategies. Microsoft is now going after Apple's core customers, and the two are split over the role of touch and input interfaces for PCs. Apple separates its tablets and phones with the iOS operating system, and its range of Macs running macOS.
  • The most annoying things about the new MacBook Pro, ranked (2016-10-27 17:00:39)
    Hey, did you hear? Apple launched a new MacBook Pro ! It's got touch bars and fancy ports and it's so pretty and thin. But despite what Tim Cook might have said on stage, there's plenty of stuff to get made about. Let's rage. DON'T MISS:  There’s a new, cheaper MacBook Pro to replace the MacBook Air The ports. We need to talk about the ports. Specifically, how there are four Thunderbolt 3/USB-C ports and no regular USB ports, or SD card reader, or HDMI port. Apple used to be the company for the "professionals," which used to be where the "Pro" got its name from. There's lots of things in the new Pro that cater more towards college students than photographers who want to quickly transfer photos, or anyone who wants to transfer anything from one computer to another. USB-C might be the future, but it just means a dongle-filled hell for users right now. Since we've got started on ports, let's just keep going. The MagSafe connector used to be great. I once destroyed a Windows laptop by tripping over the power cable, and it was one of the reasons I switched to a MacBook Air (RIP). Don't get me wrong -- I'm happy that Apple is killing one of its many proprietary ports in favour of something standardized. But this is a post fuelled by anger, not logic, and a part of my brain is mad. Also, I have a bunch of laptop chargers that are now useless if anyone's buying. The logo doesn't light up any more. File this under "petty things you shouldn't care about," but the light-up logo has been one of the iconic Macbook features for a decade now. It let you feel superior to the non-illuminated Windows plebs. And now it is gone. Speaking of things that are gone: the MacBook Air. It might still be on sale on Apple's website, but the lack of an update means it is now fundamentally dead. The replacement is a "cheaper" MacBook Pro, which starts at $1,500 and only has two USB-C ports in the same sized body as the more expensive ports. USB-C ports don't cost much money. This is a fairly blatant middle finger to poor people. Let's also talk about the much-vaunted TouchBar, the replacement for the Fn keys. It looks pretty neat altogether, but I can see one tiny drawback already. The tradeoff for having application-specific shortcuts is losing out on all the shortcuts you're used to. If you're in Photoshop and you want to adjust the brightness or volume, it's going to take a couple more key presses than it used to. Then, there's the specs that we need to talk about. I'm astounded that Apple still doesn't make a version of the 13-inch Pro with discrete graphics. This is literally a laptop that Apple describes as being for "professionals," but it will be slow at tasks like Photoshop, some aspects of video editing, and can't really support multiple hi-res displays. Microsoft managed to fit a discrete GPU into the kinda-thinner Surface Book last year, so Apple's excuses are starting to look flimsy. Also, even the $4,300 15-inch Pro tops out at 16GB of RAM. Enough said.
  • The first phone with Google Tango, the Lenovo Phab 2 Pro, is shipping next week (2016-10-27 17:00:03)
    Lenovo announced that its Phab 2 Pro would be the first phone to ship with Google Tango. The Phab 2 Pro immediately stands out thanks to the extra-large depth-sensing Google Tango camera on the back of the device that allows the phone to map out physical spaces, track its position in a room, and follow objects. Getting down to the numbers, the Phab 2 Pro will cost $499 unlocked, which, in addition to the Tango sensor gets you a 6.4-inch QHD display, Snapdragon 652 processor, 4GB of RAM, and 4,000mAh battery.
  • Google may be all-in on hardware, but it's all about search (2016-10-27 16:58:54)
    The internet giant has its hand in a lot of things, from Wi-Fi routers to driverless cars. But the reason it makes so much money has nothing to do with devices.
  • With staff cuts, Twitter sees road to profit (2016-10-27 16:51:55)
    Still losing money and without a merger partner, Twitter said Thursday it sees a path to profitability as the struggling social network unveiled job cuts as part of a reorganization. The messaging platform said it would cut nine percent of its workforce after another money-losing quarter, but suggested it could reach profitability for the first time next year. "We have a clear plan, and we're making the necessary changes to ensure Twitter is positioned for long-term growth," chief executive Jack Dorsey said.
  • Rising star: YouTube playing key role in Google's success (2016-10-27 16:49:53)
    SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — YouTube has emerged as a break-out star in Google's cast of services as the online video site upstages cable television for a younger generation of viewers looking for amusement, news and music on their smartphones.
  • Amazon courts food shoppers (2016-10-27 16:45:15)
    NEW YORK (AP) — Amazon wants you to order your turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce online this Thanksgiving — its latest effort to make its Prime subscription service a central part of food shopping, much the way it's done for other consumer goods.
  • Well into its second decade, Google's business is still booming (2016-10-27 16:43:03)
    Alphabet, the holding company formed around Google, reported its third quarter earnings today. Google is really the only company making money at Alphabet, and advertising still makes up the vast majority of Google's revenue. Other Bets, which includes things like Google Fiber, Project Loon, driverless cars, and other moonshots, continued to slowly improve its financial state, but still isn't anywhere close to profitable.
  • Mobile and video pump profit at Google parent Alphabet (2016-10-27 16:40:29)
    Google parent Alphabet on Thursday reported its quarterly profit climbed 27 percent to $5.1 billion, boosted by mobile and video advertising revenue. "We had a great third quarter," Alphabet chief financial officer Ruth Porat said in the earnings release. It has been about a year since the California internet titan revamped its corporate structure, making the Google internet operations a division of Alphabet and putting units such as autonomous cars and internet service balloons in an "other bets" category.
  • Amazon’s secret weapon remains its cloud services (2016-10-27 16:40:11)
    Amazon, once a company with a volatile profit capacity, has started stabilizing its money-making activity in recent years. It’s shown investors that it can turn out huge gains when it wants to, due to its more capable logistics network, Prime subscription service, cloud computing efforts, and growing family of Kindle and Echo devices. This past quarter, unfortunately, was the company’s first disappointment in quite some time.
  • Does the Mac still matter? (2016-10-27 16:40:01)
    Apple updates its top-of-the-line laptop, the MacBook Pro. In exclusive interviews, Apple executives explain why it was over four years in the making, and why we should care.
  • The Mac and iPad aren't merging. Get over it (2016-10-27 16:36:31)
    Apple's top executives, including design chief Jony Ive, talk through the reasons why the company's computers and tablets will keep doing what they're doing, on their own.
  • Elon Musk has a crazy plan to make Tesla vehicles more affordable (2016-10-27 16:36:00)
    Over the past few months, we've heard rumblings about Tesla's efforts to eventually introduce a Tesla Network, effectively a ridesharing service operated by self-driving Tesla vehicles. During a Tesla event last week, where Tesla introduced hardware capable of supporting fully autonomous driving, the company noted that using a self-driving Tesla for ridesharing "will only be permissible on the Tesla Network, details of which will be released next year." Clearly, Tesla has its eyes on competing with the likes of Uber and Lyft, but the company isn't exactly looking to get rich off such a plan. On the contrary, it wants to put all of that ridesharing money into the pockets of Tesla drivers themselves. DON'T MISS:  We have some bad news about next year’s iPhone 8 When Musk was asked about the Tesla Network and how the rumored initiative fits into the company's overall vision of the future, Musk articulated that fully autonomous Tesla vehicles will be able to generate ridesharing income for owners while they don't need it. Consequently, this will help offset the overall purchase price of the car itself. "This would be something that would be a significant offset on the cost of ownership of a car and then a revenue generator for Tesla as well," Musk explained. "Obviously, the majority of the economics would go to the owner of the car. Sometimes, it's been characterized as Tesla versus Uber or Lyft or something like that. It's not Tesla versus Uber; it's the people versus Uber." It's an interesting strategy to say the least, but one has to wonder when this plan might actually become a reality. Additionally, it will be interesting to see if Tesla owners are even open to the idea of sending their expensive car out on the road to drive itself and random strangers around town.  
  • Amazon misses 3Q profit forecasts (2016-10-27 16:28:50)
    SEATTLE (AP) — Shares of Inc. fell in after-market trading on Thursday after the online retailer reported third-quarter net income that missed analyst expectations.
  • Stranger Things is a surprisingly perfect match for A Charlie Brown Christmas (2016-10-27 16:22:47)
    Stranger Things is absolutely a sci-fi horror series indebted to Stephen King, Stephen Spielberg, and a whole host of stories from the 1970s and ‘80s. All of that makes this mashup of Stranger Things and A Charlie Brown Christmas pretty inspired. Here, a Peanuts-ified Will Byers is struggling with a sense of unease after his ordeal in the Upside Down.
  • Apple adds touch screen keys to MacBook Pro, price jump startles some (2016-10-27 15:50:55)
    By Deborah M. Todd CUPERTINO, Calif. (Reuters) - Apple Inc unveiled a revamped MacBook Pro on Thursday, adding a fingerprint reader, replacing function keys with a small touch screen and raising prices by several hundred dollars. The first redesign in several years is a sign Apple still sees a role for the product that launched the company, even though its iPhone has become the flagship product. Ben Bajarin, an analyst at Creative Strategies, described the changes as "important incremental upgrades" which would convince people with old Macs to trade up to the smaller, faster model.
  • Vine was an underrated source of joy on the internet (2016-10-27 15:35:16)
    It’s October 27th, 2016, and Vine is being given its last rites. Twitter made the announcement today that it would be shutting down the video platform’s mobile app in the coming months, although its website will remain online. The news triggered an impromptu memorial service on Twitter, with users sharing dozens of their favorite Vines.
  • You’ll need $250 in dongles to upgrade to the new MacBook Pro (2016-10-27 15:26:54)
    Apple's new MacBook Pro is stunning. It's sleeker and smaller than any MBP in history , and it features an OLED touch bar that might make touchscreen computer displays obsolete. But there's one huge problem with the new MacBook Pro: It has four Thunderbolt 3/USB-C ports, a headphone jack, and nothing else. DON'T MISS:  The 5 biggest announcements from Apple’s October event You might be asking, "how am I supposed to connect my iPhone to my new MacBook Pro?" The answer is that you're going to have to buy a dongle. Alright, no big deal, but you're also an avid photographer, and the easiest way to upload your photos is by sticking your SD card into the slot on your laptop. Unfortunately, there is no such slot on the new MacBook Pro, so there's dongle #2. What about an Ethernet port, or an HDMI port or a VGA port or even a port for your old Thunderbolt 2 devices? You guessed it — you're going to need to pick up adapters with those ports if you want to connect devices that require them. After searching through Apple's online store, I managed to find five different adapters that should get you back on track. There's the USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter  ($69.00) with an HDMI port and a standard USB port. Then there's the  SanDisk Extreme Pro SD UHS-II Card USB-C Reader  ($49.95) for your SD cards. You might also need the  Belkin USB-C to Gigabit Ethernet Adapter  ($34.95), because wireless internet isn't always dependable. Oh, and who could forget the  Belkin USB-C to VGA Adapter  ($39.95), for those who prefer to use other monitors. Last, but certainly not least, how are you going to connect your old Thunderbolt 2 devices without the  Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) to Thunderbolt 2 Adapter ($49.00). And depending on what you want to do with your MacBook Pro, you might need even more dongles. Adding all of those dongles and adapters to my bag at, the total came out to $264.40. But hey, at least there's free shipping!
  • You need an adapter to plug your iPhone into the new MacBook Pros (2016-10-27 15:21:27)
    Apple just announced a lineup of three new MacBook Pro laptops, each of which is decked out with four (four!) USB Type-C ports. More specifically, you now need purchase either a USB 2.0 (old USB) to USB Type-C dongle or a Lightning-to-USB-C cable to connect your shiny new iPhone 7 (or any old iPhone, to be clear) to use any of these new MacBook Pros.
  • U.S. Senate panel to hold hearing on AT&T-Time Warner deal on December 7 (2016-10-27 15:20:29)
    The U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee's antitrust subcommittee will hold a hearing on Dec. 7 on the proposed merger of Time Warner Inc and AT&T Inc , and the companies' chief executives will testify, the committee said in a statement.
  • Here's everything you can do with the new MacBook Touch Bar (2016-10-27 15:20:26)
    Apple has unveiled the new MacBook Pro and the most interesting part of it by far is the Touch Bar — a strip of touch-sensitive, context-aware display that replaces the function keys above the keyboard. Buttons on the Touch Bar change depending on the software you're using, so that when you're in your mail app, for example, it'll show you a button for deleting emails, whereas in a photo app it'll let you crop or rotate an image. In Apple's Photos app there are buttons for adjusting tilt, crop, and adding filters.
  • Apple’s new TV app is an important half-step to the future (2016-10-27 15:18:18)
    It’s more of a second homescreen than an app, really — when you open it up you see a bunch of shows and movies that you can watch based on the video services you’ve subscribed to either directly or through your cable provider. Clicking on a show or movie opens the Apple TVs show screen that display all the apps a particular show is in, and then you can pick one, which will then open that app and play. Apple’s remapped the home button on the remote to take you back to the TV app, but it doesn’t remember where you left off — it starts you right back at the top of the interface.
  • 10 paid iPhone apps on sale for free right now (2016-10-27 15:12:23)
    Happy October event day, Apple fans! There's already plenty of Apple news in the air on Thursday, but let's add to it with a fresh-baked batch of paid iPhone and iPad apps that are all on sale for free for a limited time. MUST WATCH:  iPhone 7 vs. Pixel real-world speed test: The showdown we’ve been waiting for These are paid iPhone and iPad apps that have been made available for free for a limited time by their developers. There is no way to tell how long they will be free. These sales could end an hour from now or a week from now — obviously, the only thing we can guarantee is that they were free at the time this post was written. If you click on a link and see a price listed next to an app instead of the word “get,” it is no longer free. The sale has ended. If you download the app, you will be charged. Cleaner Pro Normally $2.99. Easily remove duplicate contacts. Cleaner Pro is the most intuitive and secure way to manage your phone book, merge duplicate contacts and remove duplicates. FEATURES: ○ Automatic search duplicate contacts ○ Intelligent union, without loss of information ○ Automatic contacts backup INTELLIGENT UNION: ○ Find and merge duplicate contacts by name ○ Find and merge duplicate contacts by phone number ○ Find and merge duplicate contacts by email Download Cleaner Pro Filterloop Infinite Normally $2.99. A special version of the Filterloop app, Filterloop Infinite is your endless source of beautiful photo edits! Just a single tap is what you need to add stunning retro and analog effects to your images. While other apps overwhelm you with hordes of editing tools and adjustments, you’ll be surprised at the things a simple one screen app with only one button can do to your pics. For a quick yet gorgeous edit on the go, upload a photo and tap the button. 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  • The new MacBook Pro looks and feels so good it's unreal (2016-10-27 15:10:00)
    The new MacBook Pro is here — literally available for preorder today — and I’ve just tried it. The best thing I can say about is simple: everything about it looks and feels so good I almost didn’t believe it.We’ll start with the marquee feature, the Touch Bar. What you might not have gathered from the keynote is that it has a matte finish, which makes the buttons on it somehow feel a little more physical. It’s bright, but not so bright that it distracts — it seems to be about on par with the brightness of the backlit keyboard.
  • Watch the MacBook Pro’s new Touch Bar feature in action (2016-10-27 14:59:08)
    It's been a frustratingly long time since Apple rolled out a meaningful update to its MacBook Pro line, but Tim Cook and co. earlier today introduced a new MacBook Pro that may very well have been worth the wait. Without question, the most intriguing aspect of Apple's new top of the line notebook is an OLED touch display that Apple is calling the Touch Bar. As previously rumored, the Touch Bar will dynamically display different control options depending on whatever app happens to be up and running. Even better, the Touch Bar can be customized to more efficiently fit into a user's specific workflow. Of course, the MacBook Pro's new Touch Bar isn't the only thing worth getting excited about. From faster internals to Touch ID integration, you can bet that Apple's new MacBook Pro lineup will be especially popular come this holiday season. DON'T MISS:  The iPhone 7 has an exciting new feature that Apple is keeping secret During the course of Apple's presentation today, the company showed off a slew of videos to highlight all of the snazzy new software and hardware design changes behind its biggest notebook refresh in years. If you missed today's event, Apple a short while ago posted all of its aired videos onto its YouTube page and we've compiled them all here for your viewing pleasure. First up, this video focuses on Apple's new Touch Bar. It should provide you with a general idea of why the Touch Bar is such a game-changing feature. Second, what Apple event would be complete without a Jony Ive narrated event detailing all of the design and hardware innovations that went into creating Apple's latest creation. Third, we have an ad that will likely show up on a TV near you sometime soon. And last but not least, we have a video retrospective which highlights the evolution of Apple laptop design over the past few decades.  
  • God Particle is definitely another J.J. Abrams-produced Cloverfield movie, right? (2016-10-27 14:52:02)
    Today, The Wrap released a report confirming that the upcoming film God Particle — directed by Julius Onah and produced by J.J. Abrams — is actually the next entry in the Cloverfield series. God Particle won’t be the last in the franchise, either. According to The Wrap, Abrams and Paramount have plans to release films every year within that shared universe.
  • Apple's new app for Apple TV and iOS is cleverly called 'TV' (2016-10-27 14:52:01)
    Coming in December, it provides a single place to access and discover shows and movies across different apps, but not Netflix.
  • Apple stops selling computer released in June 2012 (2016-10-27 14:50:30)
    Apple just announced a new generation of MacBook Pro laptops, which means it's probably time to stop selling the prior range. Or at least the the one before it. Yes, the 13-inch MacBook Pro from June 2012, which made up for its lack of Retina display with an optical disc drive and an extra pound or so in weight, has finally been killed after inexplicably remaining on sale at $1,099 for years without a spec bump. New models are no longer on sale, although some refurbished units are still available.
  • Apple brings Touch ID to the MacBook Pro (2016-10-27 14:47:20)
    The iPhone's handy fingerprint sensor finally comes to the Mac line.
  • The 5 biggest announcements from Apple’s October event (2016-10-27 14:45:54)
    Okay, Apple fans. The show is over. Move along. Nothing more to see here. Apple just wrapped up its last big press conference of 2016, and it was a doozy. It might now have had the flash of the iPhone 7 event and it might not have been as hotly anticipated as WWDC 2016 either. Apple enthusiasts around the world were still plenty excited to see Apple's next-generation MacBook Pro though, and Apple appears to have delivered on the hype. Of course, a redesigned MacBook Pro wasn't the only big announcement Apple made during its big October event on Thursday. In this post, you'll find everything you need to know about all of Apple's big announcements from the "Hello Again" event. DON'T MISS:  Google Pixel crushed by iPhone 7 once again in new performance test Accessibility website Apple started off the show by announcing a new website dedicated to teaching users about the accessibility features in iOS and macOS devices. Apple has been a longtime leader when it comes to accessibility features, and now it's stepping up its efforts to educate consumers. Apple TV First and foremost... Minecraft is coming to Apple TV! This is obviously a huge deal since Minecraft is one of the most popular iOS apps of all time. TV Apple's new Apple TV app is called simply "TV." The app will also be available across the iPhone and iPad, and it will be a hub that collects videos, TV shows and movies across a wide range of apps into a single interface. The app will support on-demand video content as well as future airings, so it can notify you when a new episode of a show is made available in an app. The "watch now" feature lets the user launch a TV show or movie in the appropriate app with a single click or tap. There is also a library view that aggregates all TV shows and movies purchased in iTunes, and it also gives users access to a store where video streaming apps are made available. Then, the Apple TV's "Siri Live Tune-in" feature covers live TV by letting Siri integrate with and control live TV streams. The TV app will be available for free, and it will be released for the Apple TV, iPhone and iPad by the end of the year. Learn more right here . MacBook Pro Ladies and gentlemen... the star of today's show... the all-new MacBook Pro. Learn everything you need to know about the new MacBook Pro right here . Entry-level MacBook Pro Apple's MacBook Pro is also available in a 13-inch model with no Touch Bar, and it will be available in place of an updated MacBook Air. It's thinner and smaller than the old MacBook Air model, and it has less overall volume. Learn more in this post .
  • Emojis are why you'll want the new MacBook's Touch Bar (2016-10-27 14:42:47)
    Apple's new MacBooks include a Touch Bar that makes sending emojis easier than ever.
  • Apple's Tim Cook stresses accessibility with new site (2016-10-27 14:39:48)
    A new website from Apple brings more focus to accessibility features.
  • Apple's $1,499 13-inch MacBook Pro has an escape key, but no Touch Bar (2016-10-27 14:36:46)
    Alongside the new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, Apple just introduced a third new MacBook Pro model that's something of an unofficial successor to the MacBook Air. It slots in as a cheaper option next to the 15-inch and 13-inch Touch Bar models.  The company plans to continue selling its 13-inch Air, Phil Schiller said, but this specific MacBook Pro will likely be a preferable option for those who can afford its $1,499 price.
  • Apple's new MacBook Pros keep the headphone jack alive (2016-10-27 14:35:04)
    Apple opted not to go with a Lightning port like on the iPhone.
  • Minecraft coming to Apple TV by end of the year (2016-10-27 14:33:19)
    Apps are the future of TV, Apple CEO Tim Cook argues, and Microsoft's tremendously popular game will help bring it about.
  • Everything you need to know about Apple’s new MacBook Pro (2016-10-27 14:30:52)
    It didn't seem that this would be the case during the first half of the event, but Microsoft really managed to impress people with its announcements on Wednesday. The new Surface Book laptop is a beast, and the Surface Studio offers a fresh new take on the all-in-one PC. In light of that, Apple had some work to do if it hoped to steal back the spotlight and turn everyone's attention back to its refreshed Mac lineup. There were several big announcements made during Apple's October 2016 event, but the updated MacBook Pro and its hot new OLED touch bar were obviously the stars of the show. Is the new Touch Bar a gimmick? Exactly what new features does it provide? And is there anything else about Apple's next-generation MacBook Pro work getting excited about? You'll find everything you need to know about Apple's new MacBook Pro 2016 right here in this post. DON'T MISS:  Google Pixel crushed by iPhone 7 once again in new performance test Colors Apple's next-generation MacBook Pro features a brand new aluminum design that, as rumored, includes a new OLED touchscreen at the top of the keyboard. as far as colors go, it comes in silver and space gray — the latter being a bit of an odd choice considering there is no longer a space gray iPhone. Size The new 13-inch MacBook Pro model is 23% smaller in volume than the previous-generation version, and it's just 14.9mm thick. Of course, it's also much lighter than the old model. The 15-inch Pro is 15.5mm thick and 20% smaller in volume than the old model. It weighs just 4 pounds, which is half a pound less than the old model. Trackpad The new Force Touch trackpad is twice as big as the one on the old model. It features the same kind of enhanced haptic feedback as the home button on the iPhone, and it is... huge. Touch Bar A new OLED Retina display with gesture support and multi-touch replaces the function key row on Apple's keyboard. It's awesome. The Touch Bar gives users access to all the standard function key functions so nothing is lost, but it also adapts to each app that you're in. It can also provide new surfaces and controls for certain apps. For example you can scrub through a video in Final Cut or flip through images in the Photos app by sliding your finger along the photos on the Touch Bar. Quick Type Apple's new Touch Bar also shows Quick Type suggestions as you type. As anyone with an iPhone or iPad knows, Quick Type displays word, emoji and other suggestions as you type, and it learns and gets better as you continue to use it. Touch ID A new second-generation Touch ID fingerprint scanner is embedded beneath sapphire crystal on the right end of the Touch Bar. Touch ID can be used to authenticate Apple Pay purchases, unlock the MacBook Pro and more. Display The new wide-color screen is 67% brighter, 67% better contrast ratio and 25% more colors than Apple's previous-generation MacBook Pro. Specs Wooooh nelly... check out the new MacBook Pro's specs right here . Battery What are we looking at in terms of battery life? Both the 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pro models will last up to 10 hours per charge. Price The 13-inch MacBook Pro model will start at $1,799 and the 15-inch model starts at $2,399. The entry-level MacBook Pro without the Touch Bar starts at $1,499. Release Date Preorders begin today and the new Touch Bar models begin shipping in 2-3 weeks. The entry-level 13-inch MacBook Pro is available in stores beginning today.
  • There’s a new, cheaper MacBook Pro to replace the MacBook Air (2016-10-27 14:25:06)
    It's been years since Apple updated the MacBook Air, and now we know why. Apple is killing the MacBook Air, and replacing it (kind of!) with a basic 13-inch MacBook Pro. The cheapest Pro doesn't have the fancy TouchBar that you're going to find on the more expensive Pros. It also ditches two of the four Thunderbolt ports, meaning it only has two Thunderbolt ports and one headphone port. That means it has fewer ports -- most notably, no SD card slot -- than the Air it's replacing. But on the flip side, the specs are better. The base model, which costs $1,500, has 256GB of storage (and faster storage than the Air), 8GB of RAM, and a 2.0GHz Core i5. The new Pro is also a little thinner than the 13-inch Air, depending on which way you look at it. It's thinner than the Air's thickest point, but the Air also tapers down to a point. In weight terms, the Pro is a little heavier, but exactly the same weight as the first MacBook Air when it launched years ago. For anyone hoping for a refresh of the traditional MacBook Air, this is probably bad news. The cheapest Pro is $1,500, way more than the sub-$1,000 11-inch MacBook Air. It's also significantly more than the entry-level price for the 13-inch Air. But in return, you're getting a better-specced laptop, with a faster processor and a reasonable amount of space.
  • Lawsuit seeks to block New York ban on 'ballot selfies' (2016-10-27 14:20:06)
    A federal lawsuit is challenging a New York state law that makes it a misdemeanor to show a marked election ballot to others. The lawsuit filed late Wednesday in Manhattan federal court seeks to have the ...
  • Despite exploding batteries, some professionals refuse to give up their Samsung Galaxy Note7 (2016-10-27 14:18:22)
    Samsung announced that it will cap the battery charge for unreturned Galaxy Note7 phones at 60%. Here's why some business users refuse to exchange the recalled device.
  • Apple adds keyboard touch functions to Mac in major refresh (2016-10-27 14:17:57)
    CUPERTINO, Calif. (AP) — Apple unveiled long-awaited updates to its Mac computers Thursday, aiming to spark consumer interest in a product line often overshadowed by newer gadgets like the iPad and iPhone.
  • BlackBerry is focusing on security and software with the new DTEK60 phone (2016-10-27 14:16:00)
    BlackBerry's new Android phone is intended to feature security functions a step above the competition.
  • CenturyLink nears deal to merge with Level 3: sources (2016-10-27 14:13:58)
    Telecommunications firms CenturyLink Inc and Level 3 Communications are in advanced talks to merge, according to people familiar with the matter. The merger would create a telecommunications company and infrastructure provider worth more than $50 billion, including debt, the people said on Thursday, asking not to be named because the talks are private. CenturyLink declined to comment.
  • Why Twitter killed off Vine after a short-lived run (2016-10-27 14:12:36)
    Vine's seemingly endless loop is looping no more.
  • Apple says LG's new 5K displays were designed for the new MacBook Pro (2016-10-27 14:11:57)
    If you want the greatest external monitor for the new MacBook Pro, Apple says your best bet is the new 27-inch, 5K UltraFine Display from LG. This may not be the new 5K Apple Cinema Display some had hoped for, but it is, apparently, the best we're going to get. The MacBook Pro can support two LG UltraFine 5K displays, with Apple exec Phil Schiller describing the screens as the "ultimate docking station" for the MacBook.
  • Apple MacBook Pro: The smart person's guide (2016-10-27 14:11:00)
    Everything you need to know about the new MacBook Pro, including the new OLED touch panel, fingerprint ID and retina display.
  • Apple’s new Macbook Pro has a headphone jack (2016-10-27 14:09:57)
    The new Macbook Pro swaps out the USB ports, HDMI port, and power port of previous models for four Thunderbolt 3 ports that can serve those purposes and others. Apple has been broadly criticized for removing the standard headphone jack from new iPhones. In its announcement of the Pixel, competitor Google jokingly emphasized the inclusion of the headphone jack on the Pixel as a key feature.
  • Apple revamps computer line with new MacBook Pro, adds touch screen keys (2016-10-27 13:59:55)
    By Deborah M. Todd CUPERTINO, Calif. (Reuters) - Apple Inc unveiled a revamped MacBook Pro on Thursday, adding a fingerprint reader, replacing function keys with a small touch screen and slimming down the ageing workhorse of its computer notebook line. Customers will be able to open up the new notebook with Touch ID, the fingerprint reader also on iPhones, and customize the touch screen bar of keys. The Mac line accounted for about 11 percent of Apple sales in the just-finished fiscal year, with the number of machines sold down by 10 percent to 18.5 million.
  • Apple's new MacBook Pros will keep your fingerprint secure like the iPhone (2016-10-27 13:58:36)
    Apple has included a surprising new chip in its new MacBook Pro. Onstage at the company’s Fall event, Apple’s Phil Schiller revealed a new T1 chip, manufactured by Apple, that will bring the Secure Enclave on the new generation of laptops. Apple’s A7 chip — included in iPhones and iPads — is encoded with an inextractible private key at the factory, as part of the A7’s Secure Enclave.
  • NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft just sent back the last bit of its Pluto data (2016-10-27 13:55:09)
    NASA now has all the science data that the New Horizons spacecraft gathered of Pluto and its moons over a year ago. Early in the morning on October 25th, the vehicle sent back the last bit of the more than 50 gigabits of information it collected during its flyby of Pluto in July 2015. It marks a big milestone for the New Horizons mission, as the team prepares for the spacecraft’s next flyby of any icy space rock.
  • In Men Against Fire, Black Mirror takes on the future of warfare (2016-10-27 13:52:05)
    The third season of Charlie Brooker's Black Mirror, a Twilight Zone-esque anthology TV series about technological anxieties and possible futures, was released on Netflix on October 21st. Read our thoughts on Episode 1, Episode 2 and Episode 3.
  • Apple refreshes Mac lineup with new keyboard touch functions (2016-10-27 13:48:21)
    Apple is announcing long-awaited updates to its Mac computers, aiming to spark consumer interest in a product line that often seems overshadowed by newer gadgets like the iPad and iPhone. As widely speculated, ...
  • FCC adopts controversial online privacy rules (2016-10-27 13:42:10)
    Internet service providers will now have to abide by strict FCC rules when it comes to sharing your personal data with third-party advertisers.
  • Rancid tortilla chips sickened 79 Wyoming inmates and prison staff (2016-10-27 13:40:29)
    A mystery began unfolding at a correctional facility in Wyoming in the hours after lunch on October 11th, 2015. At the time, there were 254 inmates and 75 staff at the mixed-sex correctional facility — and eventually, 79 people reported getting sick. Today, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published the results of the investigation in its Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report.
  • Twitter cuts staff, kills off Vine app amid pressure to grow (2016-10-27 13:39:49)
    Twitter, seemingly unable to find a buyer and losing money, is cutting about 9 percent of its employees worldwide. It is also killing off Vine, a mobile video app where people share short video clips that ...
  • Apple adds Touch Bar and Touch ID to the new MacBook Pro (2016-10-27 13:38:40)
    Apple has added the Touch Bar to the new MacBook Pro the company announced during an event today. The new Touch Bar, which leaked out two days ago, replaces the row of keys and will allow app-specific commands to be displayed on the keyboard. For example, when you open Mail, the Touch Bar will display buttons to create a new message, replying, or moving an email to the trash.
  • Twitter's video-sharing mobile app Vine to close (2016-10-27 13:32:47)
    By Amy Tennery NEW YORK (Reuters) - Twitter Inc announced Thursday that it would discontinue the video-sharing mobile app Vine, as it moves to cut 9 percent of its workforce worldwide to keep costs down after beating Wall Street quarterly earnings expectations. The decision comes on the heels of a failed attempt to sell Twitter as it fights against stagnant user growth and mounting competition from other social media platforms. In a post published jointly by Twitter and Vine to the blog platform Medium, the social media services said that the Vine website would stay live even after the mobile app is discontinued, giving users the chance to download and save any videos.
  • Apple announces new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar (2016-10-27 13:31:57)
    The main attraction of Apple’s "Hello Again" event today has just been made official with the new 2016 MacBook Pro. It’s been a very long time since Apple meaningfully redesigned its flagship laptop, which has felt somewhat neglected with only the addition of a Force Touch trackpad as a major change in the past two years. Apple calls it Touch Bar and it does actually have an Esc key, it's just in software rather than a dedicated button.
  • Apple’s MacBook Pro event: all the news from the October 2016 keynote (2016-10-27 13:19:44)
    Apple's big event is here, and we're expecting one major announcement: a brand-new, thinner, lighter MacBook Pro. If you want to watch a master at work, observe Apple’s timing of product launches. Today’s long-awaited MacBook Pro redesign is just the latest example, coming swiftly on the heels of Apple reporting declining earnings and Microsoft announcing an eye-catching new PC — both of which are liable to be avalanched by excited chatter about Apple’s exciting new laptop.
  • Apple announces a TV app to put all your content in one place (2016-10-27 13:18:31)
    Apple may not be building its own TV, but it at least has its own TV guide. The app is free, available on iOS and Apple TV, and works with Siri, so you can use voice commands to find shows and control playback. It also integrates the single sign-on feature Apple introduced for tvOS earlier this year, meaning users only have to sign in once to access content from different services.
  • Microsoft is bringing Minecraft to the Apple TV (2016-10-27 13:16:50)
    Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed today that Microsoft is planning to bring Minecraft to the Apple TV. While it was a brief mention on stage at Apple's event, Cook did reveal you'll be able to build worlds straight from the Apple TV. It's likely that the app will be similar to the existing Pocket Edition for iOS, allowing you to play with other Minecraft players across multiple platforms.
  • Nintendo Switch will reportedly have a multitouch screen (2016-10-27 13:12:05)
    Last week Nintendo finally unveiled its long-rumored next console, Switch. The answer, according to a new report from Eurogamer, is yes. The site claims that Switch will feature a 6.2-inch 720p display and that, unlike past Nintendo hardware like the 3DS and Wii U which had resistive touch screens, it will also include a capacitive multitouch display.
  • Remembering Vine with our 18 favorite loops (2016-10-27 13:09:35)
    Vine is dead. Twitter killed Vine. What can we do? Nothing. We are not in positions of corporate power and we don’t know any effective hexes. The six-second, looping videos of Vine were a new art form when they debuted a little less than four years ago. Now they’re an old art form, a dead art form, a warning against betting big on fickle teens.Dominated by peppy young folks, Ted Cruz (against his will), and smart puppies of all sorts, Vine was one of the brightest and weirdest patches of the internet. So we culled our favorites and we’re going to keep them here. ...
  • Firefox Quantum project aims for a radically faster web (2016-10-27 13:00:55)
    Mozilla hopes to speed up its browser so much by the end of 2017 that the today's complex, interactive websites will feel completely different.
  • Are the Jaybirds X3 wireless headphones good enough in a world with no wires? (2016-10-27 12:58:50)
    Jaybird has released the Jaybird X3 Wireless Sport Headphones, the latest version of its in-ear wireless headphone line, and the third iteration of their X-series products, The X3 is an iterative update from the X2, reducing the size and increasing the volume and battery life, while also retaining the same wraparound wire from the earlier Jaybird models. It will be interesting to see how products like the Jaybirds — by all accounts, good headphones according to The Verge's Vlad Savov — fare with a decidedly last-generation design against their flashier, completely wireless competitors.
  • An apology to the pokémon Popplio for all the things I said (2016-10-27 12:53:14)
    My dearest Popplio,
  • Twitter cuts jobs with eye on 2017 profit; Vine discontinued (2016-10-27 12:50:51)
    More than 300 Twitter employees will be affected by the layoffs as part of a broader restructuring, a figure similar to an earlier round of reductions announced a year ago. Separately, the company announced it would discontinue Vine, a video app launched in 2013 that played brief clips on a repeat loop that struggled to compete with Facebook's Instagram. Twitter, which has seen user growth stall amid competition from nimbler rivals such as Instagram and Snapchat, said its user base ticked up 3 percent to 317 million average monthly active users in the quarter.
  • Qualcomm seeks to buy NXP for $39 billion (2016-10-27 12:50:40)
    Confirming rumors, the world's dominant maker of wireless chips signs a deal to acquire fellow chipmaker in the largest semiconductor deal ever.
  • T-Mobile trolls Verizon exclusive with half-off Google Pixel offer (2016-10-27 12:49:22)
    The provider will refund half the purchase price of an unlocked Pixel phone to people who sign up for its One plan.
  • T-Mobile is offering 50 percent back on Google Pixel purchases (2016-10-27 12:47:28)
    T-Mobile is trying to pry consumers away from Verizon with a new Google Pixel deal that refunds $325 off the purchase of the phone. The deal is designed to hit back at smartphone exclusivity, specifically the deal Verizon and Google made to offer the Pixel exclusively through Verizon’s network. Of course, you can buy the Pixel unlocked direct from Google.
  • The Seers Catalogue is a fascinating, eerie work of online interactive fiction (2016-10-27 12:46:51)
    Instead, The Seers Catalogue is an online piece of interactive fiction made in conjunction with the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity. The Seers Catalogue draws you in with its atmosphere. The sound design is also excellent, adding an uneasy air to the whole proceedings even as each individual step draws you farther into the mysterious world of The Seers Catalogue.
  • Apple’s big October event is about to start – here’s how to watch live (2016-10-27 12:32:40)
    Microsoft started slow on Wednesday, but things picked up when Panos Panay took stage and showed off a brand new all-in-one desktop PC called the Surface Studio. Now, just one day later, it's Apple's turn to try to wow tech enthusiasts with its own look at the future of computing. Apple's big iPhone 7 event this past September was obviously the highlight of the year for Apple fans, and the company's iOS 10 unveiling to kick off WWDC 2016 in June was a close second. The company's October event might not have generated quite as much buzz as either of those two earlier press conferences, but Apple's Mac lineup is about to get its biggest refresh in years and fans can't wait to see what's in store. DON'T MISS:  Google Pixel crushed by iPhone 7 once again in new performance test Apple's redesigned MacBook Pro is going to be the star of the show this time around, and for good reason. While the new laptop will look fairly similar to other Apple laptops from afar, a closer inspection reveals an awesome new "Magic Toolbar." This nifty new feature replaces the keyboard's top row of function keys with a long OLED touchscreen display. The display will feature 3D Touch to mimic button presses just like the home button on Apple's iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, and it will also sport an integrated Touch ID fingerprint scanner for security and Apple Pay transaction authentication. The Magic Toolbar display will change dynamically to show contextual information and buttons depending on which apps are being used at the time. So, for example, the OLED screen might show Photoshop's tool buttons while the user is editing a photo, but it will switch to playback controls when Spotify is in the foreground. The MacBook Pro will come with either a 13-inch or 15-inch display, and it is also expected to feature improved specs highlighted by Intel's latest-generation processors. Thanks to a big leak ahead of Apple's October event, you can see what the new MacBook Pro and Magic Toolbar look like right here in this post . Other announcements are expected as well during Thursday's big Apple press conference, of course. Rumor has it that there won't be any new iMac computers unveiled today, and Apple's long-awaited 5K Thunderbolt display will also be a no-show. The will reportedly be refreshed MacBook Air laptops unveiled during the event though, and rumor has it we're also in store for some Apple TV news. Where the Apple TV is concerned though, it's not yet known if we'll see any new hardware (the old entry-level Apple TV was recently discontinued) or if Apple only has new software to show off. Now that you know what's in store, it's time to watch all the big announcements live as they happen. Apple’s big event is set to kick off at 1:00 PM EDT / 10:00 AM PDT, and there are several different ways to watch. On an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, simply click this link to open the live stream in Safari. Apple requires that you're running at least iOS 7.0 on your device in order for the stream to work. And if you’re on a Mac computer, you’ll need to have OS X 10.8.5 or later installed and the stream only works with Safari 6.0.5 or later, not any third-party browsers. Click  this link  in Safari to check out the live stream. Second, third and fourth-generation Apple TVs will see the Apple Events app reappear on their home screens, and the event will be broadcast live inside that app. Last but not least, Windows 10 users can watch Tim Cook and his cohorts unveil the latest Windows rivals by clicking  this link  using the Microsoft Edge browser.
  • Samsung keeps smartphone lead despite Note 7 debacle (2016-10-27 12:29:32)
    Samsung maintained its lead in the global smartphone market in the third quarter despite a massive recall that has tarnished the South Korean giant's image. Samsung had a 20 percent market share in the quarter, well ahead of number two vendor Apple, according to reports late Wednesday from IDC and Strategy Analytics. The electronics giant discontinued its Galaxy Note 7 after its replacement devices faced the same problems of batteries overheating and bursting into flames.
  • New 3D printed microscope lets kids 'play' microbiology (2016-10-27 12:26:31)
    By Ben Gruber PALO ALTO (Reuters) - Playing classic video games like Pac-Man with living single-celled microbes thinner than a human hair is now possible thanks to an interactive microscope developed by bioengineers at Stanford University. “It’s a microscope that you can 3D print and build yourself,” Ingmar Riedel-Kruse, an assistant professor of bioengineering at Stanford, told Reuters. After it is assembled, tiny, light-responsive organisms called Euglena swim on a microscope slide surrounded by four LED lights.
  • Bourne Identity director Doug Liman on the making of his new VR series, Invisible (2016-10-27 12:20:21)
    Virtual reality filmmaking is in its infancy, but for Bourne Identity and Edge of Tomorrow director Doug Liman, there are already too many rules. The characters are going to have to be more compelling, and more quickly compelling, than what you’re used to in film and television, where you can have a slow burn and get to know somebody.
  • Twitter is killing off Vine (2016-10-27 12:14:35)
    A source told The Verge that significant layoffs hit Vine today, though Twitter declined to specify how many at Vine were affected or whether any employees were being offered new jobs. Twitter bought Vine, which had yet to launch, in late 2012. A number of Vine stars improbably became popular recording artists after clips of themselves singing went viral, most notably Shawn Mendes.
  • The iPhone 7 has an exciting new feature that Apple is keeping secret (2016-10-27 12:11:42)
    The iPhone 7 has one major feature that Apple is still keeping secret. And so does the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6. According to new findings, Apple happy just making its own CPU for the iPhone — one that has no rival in the smartphone market  for the time being — but it has also quietly been working on its own mobile GPU customizations. Unlike A series chips, Apple has not acknowledged its effort with graphics chips at all. But the company has been gradually moving from licensing PowerVR graphics to making its own. DON’T MISS:  Google Pixel crushed by iPhone 7 once again in new performance test The new graphics processor first shipped with the A8 chip, Real World Technologies ’ David Kanter says. The A9 and A10 Fusion chips then received upgraded versions of Apple’s GPU chips. Kanter said in his analysis that a modern GPU has three major components: “The first is the fixed-function graphics hardware, which is responsible for tasks like processing API commands, triangle rasterization, and raster output. The second is the shader core, which is the heart of the GPU and executes programmable shaders (e.g., vertex, geometry, pixel, and compute shaders). Last, the graphics driver is the software that runs on the CPU and ties everything together, coordinating the activities of the GPU. The driver transforms graphics applications written in the Metal or OpenGL ES APIs into a series of commands for the fixed-function hardware and programmable shaders that execute on the shader cores.” Imagination Technologies, which makes the PowerVR chips Apple uses in its iOS devices, provided Apple the fixed-function graphics hardware, the shader cores and the drivers for previous-generation iPhones. But Apple has created its own shader cores and its own driver and compiler in recent years. The company has never documented the changes, but Kanter compared available information from WWDC 2016 sessions to basic PowerVR manuals and discovered that shader cores in Apple’s GPU are different from the ones in the PowerVR line. On of the themes of Apple’s iPhone 7 keynote was increased performance and power efficiency for a variety of components, including the CPU and GPU in its new smartphones. Apple was once rumored to be considering an acquisition of Imagination Technologies, but the iPhone maker denied those claims. The company did hire at least two dozen employees from the British company, including former COO John Metcalf, as  MacRumors reminds us. Furthermore, Apple has hired engineers from AMD, Google, Intel and Nvidia, creating its own GPU design and graphics driver teams. However, Apple is not ready to give its GPU a formal name. And Apple has special terms for all the iPhone bits and pieces it wants to talk about. The iPhone 7’s CPU is called A10 Fusion, while Metal is the name of the new graphics framework Apple introduced with iOS 8. The iPhone 7's GPU might be called the G9, a name that appeared briefly in GFXBench tests for the phone before being removed. The advantages are clear to Kanter. "The most obvious benefit is that Apple’s GPU is better (i.e., faster and more efficient) than the mobile competition, which includes GPUs licensed from ARM or Imagination, as well as proprietary designs from Qualcomm. Superior performance directly translates into a better user experience and battery life for gaming, as well as for imaging and machine learning applications," he wrote. Going forward, Apple will likely improve the performance and efficiency of its iPhone and iPad GPUs in a way rivals can't imitate.
  • Twitter plots new path after merger talks fail (2016-10-27 11:44:29)
    Twitter said Thursday it has a path to growth and profitability as it unveiled hefty job cuts and more losses after talks to find a buyer collapsed. The struggling social network said it would cut nine percent of its workforce after another money-losing quarter, as it suggested it could reach profitability for the first time in 2017. "We see a significant opportunity to increase growth as we continue to improve the core service," chief executive Jack Dorsey said in the earnings report.
  • Broadband privacy rules approved despite industry pushback (2016-10-27 11:40:36)
    Federal regulators have approved new broadband privacy rules that make internet service providers like Comcast and Verizon ask customers' permission before using or sharing much of their data. Under the ...
  • Russia's Putin says cyber attacks are unacceptable (2016-10-27 11:38:26)
    KRASNAYA POLYANA (Reuters) - Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday that cyber attacks or other types of interference in other countries' internal affairs were intolerable. The U.S. government has formally accused Russia of a campaign of cyber attacks against Democratic Party organizations in the run-up to the U.S. presidential election. Russian officials have denied those allegations. (Reporting by Gleb Stolyarov; Writing by Maria Tsvetkova; Editing by Andrew Osborn)
  • Samsung is focusing on the S8 after its Note 7 disaster (2016-10-27 11:36:08)
    Samsung still has no idea what caused some of its Galaxy Note 7 phone batteries to explode, but that’s not stopping it from focusing on future phones. Lee Jae-yong, vice chairman and board member at Samsung, who’s also the apparent heir to the company, told the Wall Street Journal that next year's Galaxy S8 will come with a "slick design and an improved camera." It’ll also have better artificial intelligence, Lee said. Samsung acquired the creators of Siri, Viv Labs, earlier this year, so it would make sense for the company to improve its voice assistant.
  • 8 easy ways to make a GIF (2016-10-27 11:35:22)
    Set its friendly green overlay on top of a video (you can resize it) to capture up to 30 seconds of footage at a time. One problem: the app makes high-resolution GIFs that often have file sizes too big for Tumblr.
  • Qualcomm to buy NXP for $38 billion in biggest chip deal (2016-10-27 11:30:16)
    Smartphone chipmaker Qualcomm Inc agreed to buy NXP Semiconductors NV for about $38 billion in the biggest-ever deal in the semiconductor industry, making it the leading supplier to the fast-growing automotive chips market. The acquisition will also help Qualcomm, which provides chips to Android smartphone makers and Apple Inc , reduce its dependence on a cooling smartphone market. With the deal, Qualcomm is taking a big bet on the so-called Internet of Things (IoT), which enables everyday objects such as fridges and cars to communicate with each other.
  • FCC will not say if agency will review AT&T purchase of Time Warner (2016-10-27 11:28:08)
    U.S. Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler on Thursday declined to say if he thinks the commission will review AT&T's proposed $85.4 billion purchase of Time Warner Inc. At a press conference, Wheeler called questions hypothetical, since nothing has been filed. Some analysts have suggested that since Time Warner only holds one broadcast license and some satellite licenses that the transaction could avoid a full-scale review by the FCC. "We ought to see how things develop," Wheeler said, declining to say whether the FCC could still have a role if no licenses are transferred.
  • T-Mobile frees Google’s Pixel from Verizon and gives you half your money back (2016-10-27 11:23:23)
    Google’s Pixel and Pixel XL are Verizon exclusives in the US for the time being when it comes to carrier sales, but T-Mobile won’t let that slide. The “Uncarrier” on Thursday announced a Pixel promotion that targets Verizon customers specifically. If you purchased a Google phone from Big Red, just bring it over to T-Mobile and the carrier will give you half of the purchase price back. DON’T MISS: Are these legs actually shiny? This picture is driving the internet insane Sign up for a T-Mobile One plan with your Verizon Pixel, and you’ll get $325 back, or half what the Google Pixel costs. Well, you’re not going to receive the money all at once, though. In fact, you’re not getting any cash put back into your account. But you’ll get a $13.55 credit on your monthly bill for 24 months, which adds up to $325 for the 32GB Pixel. If the offer sounds too good to be true, that’s because it is. You’ll still have to pay Verizon the full price of the Pixel and any other termination fees that may apply. Furthermore, the Pixel promo can’t be combined with T-Mobile’s Carrier Freedom offer — that’s the one where T-Mobile pays you up to $650 “or more” per line to switch carriers. An even better deal would be buying the Google Pixel directly from Google and activating it with whichever carrier you want. After all, the Pixels are compatible with all carriers, which is why T-Mobile can pull this particular trick. Speaking of tricks, here’s a special new T-Mobile Halloween video starring your favorite CEO:
  • Star Trek Discovery showrunner Bryan Fuller has stepped down due to his other projects (2016-10-27 11:15:38)
    One of the most exciting things about CBS’s upcoming Star Trek Discovery was Bryan Fuller in the captain’s chair. Fuller has worked on shows like Pushing Daisies and Hannibal, and we were particularly excited to see his take on Gene Roddenberry’s universe. Now, Fuller is stepping back as the production’s showrunner, although he will remain the show’s executive producer.
  • Privacy group launches legal challenge against EU-U.S. data pact (2016-10-27 11:15:26)
    By Julia Fioretti and Dustin Volz BRUSSELS/WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A widely expected legal challenge has been filed by an Irish privacy advocacy group to an EU-U.S. commercial data transfer pact underpinning billions of dollars of trade in digital services just two months after it came into force. The EU-U.S. Privacy Shield was agreed earlier this year after the European Union's highest court struck down the previous Safe Harbour agreement over the transfer of Europeans' personal data to the United States, on concerns about intrusive U.S. surveillance. Digital Rights Ireland has challenged the adoption of the Privacy Shield pact by the EU executive in front of the second-highest EU court because it does not contain adequate privacy protections, people familiar with the matter said on Wednesday.
  • Of course Uber is working on a flying car project (2016-10-27 11:09:51)
    Uber just published a massive white paper detailing its plan to launch an “on demand aviation” service called Uber Elevate. Uber is working on a flying car project. A two-hour-and-12-minute slog from San Francisco to San Jose would become a breezy 15 minutes by flying car, Uber theorizes.
  • Google Pixel crushed by iPhone 7 once again in new performance test (2016-10-27 10:56:44)
    Google's new Pixel smartphone has plenty going for it right now. Heading into the holiday season, the Pixel and Pixel XL are the hottest new flagship Android phones in the world. They have some competition at the top, but not much thanks to Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 fiasco; after a hot launch that saw Samsung ship approximately 2.5 million smartphones to markets around the world, Samsung was forced to cancel every single Note 7 it sold and discontinue the phone due to a problem with spontaneous explosions. When you're dealing with smartphones that are held in people's hands, in their pockets and against their faces, "spontaneous explosions" is not a good problem to have. Both new Pixel phones offer solid specs and a sleek (albeit familiar) design to smartphone shoppers this holiday season, but Android fans looking to crown a new performance king were unable to do so with Google's Pixel lineup. Now, yet another performance test has found that Apple's iPhone 7 doesn't just outperform Google's Pixel, the new iPhone absolutely pummels it. DON'T MISS:  The 7 biggest announcements from Microsoft’s October event We've covered a number of different performance tests that pit the latest and greatest smartphones from Google against Apple's iPhone 7 lineup, and a familiar picture is beginning to take shape. Apple's iPhone lineup has never been particularly impressive when it comes to specs on paper, but efficiency and optimization are Apple's forte. As a result, its hardware and software always manages to outperform rivals, and it's the same old story with the iPhone 7. As far as raw benchmark scores go, Google's Pixel didn't fare very well against Apple's iPhone lineup. The Pixel achieved a score of 1565 on Geekbench’s single-core test while Apple's iPhone 7 Plus more than doubled that with 3488. On Geekbench's multi-core test, the Pixel got a 4103 while the iPhone scored 5590. Moving on to real-world performance, the test we had been waiting for was finally released on Wednesday . Apple's iPhone 7 Plus and Google's Pixel XL were lined up in a familiar speed test that involves opening and closing a series of apps one at a time, and then repeating them in the same order for a second "lap." Again, the results weren't even close and Apple's iPhone clobbered Google's new flagship phablet. Now, the results of yet another type of performance test once again show a huge disparity. Google's Octane 2.0 is a benchmark test that specifically measures a computer or smartphone's JavaScript performance. JavaScript, of course, is a very popular programming language that is widely used across the web and in web apps. These Octane 2.0 benchmark scores illustrate once again just how powerful Apple's A10 Fusion chipset is, and how efficient iOS and the Safari browser are.
  • ​Proyecto de autos autónomos de Alphabet será un negocio independiente (2016-10-27 10:51:17)
    El jefe de los laboratorios secretos X de la compañía dijo que los vehículos serán introducidos en el mercado de manera gradual durante los próximos años.
  • Internet providers will soon need permission to share your web browsing history (2016-10-27 10:41:07)
    In a win for privacy advocates, the FCC voted this morning to place new restrictions on internet providers that limit the information they can share about their subscribers. When the rules go into place, likely sometime early next year, internet providers will be required to get explicit permission from subscribers before sharing “sensitive” information about them, such as their browsing history, their app usage, their location, and the content of emails and other communications. This is all particularly revealing data, and none of it has been governed by FCC privacy rules until now.
  • iSKN Slate digitizes your paper doodles in real time using magnets (2016-10-27 10:40:06)
    The Slate is a tablet that digitizes your drawings on paper, using magnetic rings that you fit onto a pen or pencil. Originally launched as a Kickstarter in 2013, French startup iSKN (then called iSketchnote) released the first Slate in 2015 after raising close to $350,000 — 10 times its original goal. Scrolling through the backer comments page, you’ll find complaints about the Slate’s bugginess, blind spots, and problems with pen detection.
  • Facebook Live launches Halloween-themed masks (2016-10-27 10:37:57)
    Facebook has launched a new feature for Facebook Live that allows users to don a variety of scary masks without putting on a stitch of makeup. With just a few taps, Facebook users can wish their friends and family a happy Halloween wearing a variety of limited-edition masks -- skull, evil queen, pumpkin and witch -- when sharing live video. A selection of masks will also be made available after Halloween.
  • Why wait for Apple’s big event when you can see the redesigned MacBook Pro right now? (2016-10-27 10:31:15)
    Apple's brand new MacBook Pro for 2016 will feature a gorgeous slimmed-down aluminum case and a sleek design that rivals will continue to chase. It will feature next-generation processors and cutting-edge specs that make it the fastest and most powerful MacBook Pro Apple has ever produced. The new high-end notebook computer will include an upgraded display panel and better battery life than any of its predecessors. But despite all of those hot new improvements, there's one new feature that people will be buzzing about more than anything else: a long thin OLED touchscreen display that will replace the top row of keys on the keyboard. Supposedly dubbed the "Magic Toolbar," this new screen will offer users a new way to control their apps, and it may also give us a preview of next-generation Touch ID tech that will help define Apple's iPhone 8 lineup in 2017. Well guess what — thanks to a big leak, you don't need to wait until Apple's event this afternoon to seen the new Magic Toolbar-equipped MacBook Pro. MUST WATCH:  iPhone 7 vs. Pixel real-world speed test: The showdown we’ve been waiting for Behold, Apple's next-generation MacBook Pro: Here's another angle: These aren't mockups or renders of Apple's next-generation MacBook Pro based on rumors. These are images of Apple's actual late-2016 MacBook Pro that were found buried in the latest version of Apple's macOS Sierra operating system earlier this week . That's right, this is the real deal, ladies and gentlemen. So if you missed them the first time around and you weren't sure exactly what to expect from Apple's big event on Thursday afternoon, consider the mystery solved. The new OLED touchscreen at the top of Apple's keyboard is expected to be a dynamic control bar equipped with 3D Touch and Apple's taptic engine. The display will show different graphics and controls based on which app you're using at the time, and advanced haptic feedback will make touches feel like button presses, as is the case with the new home button on Apple's iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. What's more, the new OLED bar has a hidden Touch ID fingerprint scanner positioned on the right side of the screen, as seen in the image above. Rumors have suggested that it may be a new next-generation scanner, though nothing has been confirmed at this point. MacBook Pro users will be able to unlock their laptops using Touch ID, and they'll be able to authenticate Apple Pay payments as well. Third-party apps may also be able to utilize Touch ID, though that has not been confirmed at this point. Apple's big October event is scheduled to begin at 1:00 PM EDT / 10:00 AM PDT on Thursday, and BGR will be covering all the news as it breaks.
  • Watch this gorgeous, intense new Final Fantasy XV short film (2016-10-27 10:22:33)
    The movie was created by Digic Pictures, the same team behind the beautiful but flawed movie Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV. After nearly a decade in development, Final Fantasy XV will finally be launching on November 29th.
  • Nokia hit by weak wireless market, says awaiting merger benefits (2016-10-27 10:17:15)
    Finnish telecoms equipment group Nokia reported a sharp drop in third-quarter earnings on Thursday, suffering from weaker sales in the wireless network market and warning that the market was likely to shrink further in the coming year. Its share price fell 7 percent on the news to its lowest level in three years, despite analysts saying that Nokia is now better placed than Ericsson to ride out the downturn in the mobile network market following its acquisition in January of broader-based rival Alcatel-Lucent. Ericsson earlier this month reported a more than 90 percent plunge in third-quarter profits and replaced its chief executive.
  • Tesla up on surprise profit, reassurance on capital plans (2016-10-27 10:07:38)
    Tesla Motors Inc's shares rose more than 5 percent in early trading on Thursday as investors welcomed the electric car maker's first quarterly profit in more than three years and its reassurance that the Model 3 sedan would not need new capital. Tesla boss Elon Musk said on Wednesday the company's current plan didn't require new funding, after going back and forth this month about needing to raise money to fund the launch. Tesla, whose shares have fallen nearly 16 percent this year, said its profits were helped by nearly $139 million in sales of clean car credits.
  • Can Apple and Microsoft recapture the thrill of the PC? (2016-10-27 10:05:17)
    As Walt Mossberg wrote in his column this week: “the thrill is gone.” PCs were once on top of the consumer tech market, but that was before the introductions of the modern smartphone and tablet. Walt and Nilay discuss on this week’s Ctrl-Walt-Delete. You might also want to check out Recode Decode, hosted by Kara Swisher, and Too Embarrassed to Ask featuring The Verge's Lauren Goode.
  • 4 Reasons We Can't Wait to Play the Nintendo Switch (2016-10-27 10:00:00)
    The new mobile gaming system, the Nintendo Switch, will make it easier for you to play games everywhere you go.
  • Trump campaign using targeted Facebook posts to discourage black Americans from voting (2016-10-27 09:52:35)
    While the Trump campaign continues to flounder weeks before Election Day, a new report is providing some inside information on the candidate's strategy, including an unorthodox use of Facebook. Businessweek, which published a major look into the campaign this morning, explains how the Trump team has quietly organized a data enterprise to sharpen its White House bid. According to the magazine, the campaign is meanwhile attempting to depress votes in demographics where Hillary Clinton is winning by wide margins.
  • See the final evolutions of the ‘Pokemon Sun and Moon’ starters in action for the first time (2016-10-27 09:43:08)
    With less than a month remaining until the launch of Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon , The Official Pokemon Channel on YouTube shared a new trailer on Thursday officially unveiling the final evolutions of the starter Pokemon. Of course, we already saw these evolutions in the data mine of the Pokemon Sun and Moon demo , but this is the first time we get to see them in action. SEE ALSO:  Pokemon Go Halloween event kicks off with some unannounced surprises Meet Decidueye, Incineroar, and Primarina in the trailer below: Along with introducing the final evolutions of the starters and their signature moves, the trailer also shows off the four guardians that watch over Alola's four islands. Psychic-Fairy type Tapu Lele guards Akala Island, Grass-Fairy type Tapu Bulu guards Ula'ula Island, Water-Fairy type Tapu Fini guards Poni Island and Electric-Fairy type Tapu Koko guards Melemele Island, which is where the game begins. The Tapu Pokemon all share a special Z-Move called Guardian of Alola, which looks like it can take out most Pokemon in a single blow. After a few additional Pokemon reveals (including the hideous Alolan form of Persian), we finally get a glimpse of the Alolan Pokemon League, which appears to be something trainers will take on near the end of their journeys and includes battles with some of the franchise's most iconic characters. Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon will be available for the Nintendo 3DS on November 18th, but if you don't want to wait that long, you can download the demo right now from the eShop and collect a few items to transfer to the full game .
  • We have some bad news about next year’s iPhone 8 (2016-10-27 09:41:20)
    A surprising report from Nikkei on Wednesday said that Apple will unveil three fresh new iPhone 8 models next year, including the familiar 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch flavors that fans expect, but also a 5-inch version that might be the perfect size so many iPhone users have been waiting for. However, it appears the report is already being disputed. A source familiar with Apple’s iPhone plans claims that there are only two new versions of the iPhone 8 in the works, and they'll come in familiar sizes. MUST WATCH:  iPhone 7 vs. Pixel real-world speed test: The showdown we’ve been waiting for This mysterious single unnamed source has supposedly provided accurate details about Apple’s products in the past, according to Apple Insider , and he or she says that Apple is working on 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch iPhone 8 models. The source did reiterate one detail offered by Nikkei  though, suggesting that Apple is going to replace the aluminum case-back with glass next year. “Current plans for ‘iPhone 8’ include a ‘glass sandwich’ chassis incorporating an AMOLED display, though fallback designs are also being explored, the person said. While initial structural tests on early prototypes appear to be promising, Apple is readying backup contingencies in parallel with primary development,” the blog wrote. What’s interesting about next year’s iPhone isn’t just the size of the screens but the size of the iPhones themselves. Apple is rumored to be ditching the home button from its iPhones, which would help it eliminate much of the space beneath the display. Furthermore, the top bezel might also go away too, as Apple is looking to integrate the various components that are found on the front of the iPhone above the screen into the display itself. An all-screen iPhone might help Apple reduce the overall size of its handsets, and make them easier to use with just one hand. Xiaomi already has a new phone that foreshadows the design changes that are supposedly coming to flagship smartphones next year.
  • The Google Pixel's camera is great in low light, you just have to trust HDR (2016-10-27 09:30:04)
    Last week, I spent many hours poring over images from the newly released Google Pixel. The conclusion was that the Pixel is pretty much the best, but the difference between the three was closer than ever. One area where the Pixel seemed to be lacking, however, was in low light situations.
  • Pebble 2 review: still more smartwatch than health tracker (2016-10-27 09:30:03)
    The new Pebble 2, which went on sale earlier this month, comes in two models: a $99 base model, and a $130 version that has sensors on its underside for tracking heart rate. The latter will record your heart rate continuously throughout the day and while you’re exercising. It’s good at passively tracking your movements throughout the day, but I wouldn’t say this puts Pebble in the category of fitness wearables.
  • Microsoft's Windows chief: Surface Dial is just the beginning (2016-10-27 09:28:10)
    Microsoft's Windows chief sees a future where the regular input devices —€” touch, mouse and keyboard, or stylus —€” are complimented by objects that interact with a PC's screen. Talking to The Verge after Microsoft's Surface event yesterday, Windows and devices chief Terry Myerson discussed the new Surface Studio, radial menus, the Surface Dial, and more. Microsoft's new Surface Studio is aimed at creatives, designed as an all-in-one PC with a 28-inch display that glides down into a drawing mode.
  • It looks like Apple’s all-new MacBook Pro will go on sale today (2016-10-27 09:16:18)
    Apple will unveil its new MacBook Pro 2016 lineup during a special press conference on Thursday, and the company’s online store is already down. That means you might be able to preorder the new laptops as soon as Tim Cook & Co. walk off the stage this afternoon. But while it’s customary to see the Apple store go down before a product launch, it’s unusual to see retail Apple stores prepare for lines on the same day an event takes place. DON’T MISS:  iPhone 7 vs. Pixel real-world speed test: The showdown we’ve been waiting for A Reddit user posted pictures late on Wednesday night of the San Francisco Apple Store, where employees were setting up line dividers. Store employees were also measuring in-store space for some sort of new display. That can only mean that they’re expecting people to line up for something. And the most likely thing to line up for in front of an Apple store at this particular time is the exciting new MacBook Pro. The comment section on the page indicates that line dividers have been set up in other stores as well, including locations in Hawaii and Indianapolis. Apple has not redesigned its most powerful laptop in years, so MacBook fans are probably anxiously waiting to see the 2016 MacBook Pro. The laptop will borrow several design concepts from the 12-inch MacBook and will introduce a few innovations of its own, which Apple has already confirmed in a macOS Sierra beta release earlier this week. The all-new MacBook Pro will feature a secondary OLED display that will replace the function keys and will incorporate a Touch ID sensor. Apple is expected to unveil new 13-inch and 15-inch new MacBook Pro models, and a new MacBook Air might be in the cards as well. However, you shouldn’t expect an iMac update yet, and next-gen Apple Thunderbolt display isn't expected either.
  • Facebook introduces Halloween-themed face filters for Live videos (2016-10-27 09:00:11)
    Facebook today is giving users the option to wear "masks" in Facebook Live — at least through Halloween. This is the first time Facebook has introduced Snapchat-style face filters. The filters are admittedly less flattering than Snapchat's, but if you want to look like half your face skin is peeling off, it's a pretty good option.
  • Report: Citizen developers growing in number and delivering faster results (2016-10-27 09:00:04)
    No-code platform QuickBase reports rapid growth of both its platform and citizen development in general. What does that mean for businesses considering no-code apps?
  • Nintendo reveals the exact date it will announce Switch’s price and release date (2016-10-27 08:49:24)
    Following the reveal of the Nintendo Switch last week , fans and journalists immediately wanted to know more. We were given a few additional details , but the most important questions remained unanswered: When does the console come out, how much does it cost and what games will be available at launch? Answers to all of those questions and more are coming next year when Nintendo hosts its Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017 live on January 12th. DON'T MISS:  Pokemon Go Halloween event kicks off with some unannounced surprises Hours ago, Nintendo announced that it would hold a media event in Tokyo, Japan in January which would focus on "the launch date and pricing for Nintendo Switch, as well as a look at the lineup of games currently in development." So far, only a few games have been officially confirmed for the Switch, including The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild , Dragon Quest XI , Just Dance 2017 and Project Sonic 2017 . Skyrim and NBA 2K appeared in the first look trailer, but it's still unclear whether or not ports of those games are actually in development. In the days following the presentation, members of the press in the US and Europe will have a chance to attend sampling events where the Switch will be on display. There will also be hands-on events for the public leading up to launch. Nintendo has yet to announce a time for the presentation, but plans to do so on social media "in the coming weeks." It's a shame that we won't learn anything of consequence before the end of the year, but at least we have something to look forward to in 2017 now (along with Sherlock season 4, obviously). Nintendo Switch launches in March 2017.
  • Microsoft sees the future in 3D at latest Windows event (2016-10-27 08:48:47)
    Microsoft made several announcements concerning its intention to bring 3D technologies to everyone at its latest Windows 10 event. The first step in Microsoft's vision to bring 3D to everyone is to provide easy-to-use tools for capturing, creating and sharing in 3D for all Windows users. As a result, 3D will be fully integrated into a future update of the operating system (Windows 10 Creators Update), scheduled for spring 2017.
  • Apple’s new MacBook Pro is expertly timed (2016-10-27 08:20:03)
    If you want to watch a master at work, observe Apple’s timing of product launches. Today’s long-awaited MacBook Pro redesign is just the latest example, coming swiftly on the heels of Apple reporting declining earnings and Microsoft announcing an eye-catching new PC — both of which are liable to be avalanched by excited chatter about Apple’s exciting new laptop. Microsoft and HP collaborated on the Slate tablet, but it was Apple’s subsequent iPad that has defined what we mean by that category of portable computer.
  • Qualcomm to buy NXP for $38 billion in largest chip deal (2016-10-27 08:18:46)
    Qualcomm Inc agreed to buy NXP Semiconductors NV for about $38 billion in the biggest-ever semiconductor industry deal, expanding the reach of its chips from phones to cars. The deal will make Qualcomm, which provides chips to Android smartphone makers and Apple Inc , the top supplier of chips to the automotive industry and help to reduce its dependence on the smartphone market. San Diego-based Qualcomm, which gets most of its profit from wireless patents it licenses to the mobile industry, has been facing slowing smartphone sales and stiff competition from Chinese and Taiwanese rivals.
  • Twitter beats estimates, cuts jobs with eye on 2017 profitability (2016-10-27 08:12:10)
    Twitter Inc said Thursday it would cut 9 percent of its global workforce to keep costs down as the microblogging service reported quarterly results that beat Wall Street expectations, lifting shares. Excluding items, the company earned 13 cents per share, beating the average estimate of 9 cents, according to Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S. "We're getting more disciplined about how we invest in the business, and we set a company goal of driving toward GAAP profitability in 2017," said Chief Financial Officer Anthony Noto. Twitter, which has seen user growth stall amid competition from nimbler rivals such as Instagram and Snapchat, said its user base ticked up 3 percent to 317 million average monthly active users in the quarter.
  • Twitter slashes staff with revenue under pressure (2016-10-27 08:03:03)
    Twitter, seemingly unable to find a buyer and losing money, is cutting about 9 percent of its employees worldwide. The social media site has failed to keep pace with rivals Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram ...
  • Seven big questions about Microsoft’s new VR headsets (2016-10-27 08:00:03)
    Today’s big tech news might be the fancy-looking Surface Studio PC, but Microsoft also decided to make a major virtual reality announcement during its Windows event: a whole new line of VR headsets with built-in tracking sensors, starting at the surprisingly low price of $299. Manufactured by Microsoft partners like Asus, Acer, Lenovo, HP, and Dell, the headsets were shown briefly, and in little detail. What is inside-out, six-degree of freedom tracking, and why is it a big deal?
  • This hoverboard startup wants to create floating cities to combat climate change (2016-10-27 08:00:03)
    As rising sea levels continue to threaten coastal communities around the world, a potential (and far-fetched) idea has emerged to protect houses and apartment buildings by floating them on pools of water like a boat. Arx Pax, the Silicon Valley startup behind the Hendo hoverboard, recently filed a patent for something it calls a self-adjusting floating environment, or SAFE Building System, that it plans to license to real estate developers, aid groups, and governments interested in creating climate change-proof communities.
  • Samsung Is About to Speed Up Online Shopping in a Big Way (2016-10-27 08:00:00)
    According to a press release, Samsung has teamed up with MasterCard to let Samsung Pay users take advantage of its express checkout technology, which means you won't have to fill out those annoying online forms. With the express checkout feature, customers will be able to use their MasterCard debit or credit cards to quickly complete online transactions, and you'll never have to fill out shipping info, because it's stored in your Samsung Pay account. Plus, Apple reportedly plans to add an Apple Pay button to its new MacBook.
  • Twitter to cut 9% of staff, plots new growth strategy (2016-10-27 07:58:58)
    Twitter announced plans Thursday to cut nine percent of its workforce as the struggling social network reaffirmed its strategy to drive growth after failing to find a buyer. "We see a significant opportunity to increase growth as we continue to improve the core service," chief executive Jack Dorsey said while releasing quarterly results showing more losses. Twitter reported a net loss for the quarter of $103 million, compared with a $132 million loss a year earlier.
  • Lawyer urges court to speed up 2001 Deutsche Telekom case (2016-10-27 07:49:57)
    One of Germany's longest-running business court cases reopened on Thursday, with the lawyer for the plaintiffs against Deutsche Telekom urging judges to speed up proceedings as his clients were getting too old to see the results. "Plaintiffs are dying on us," lawyer Andreas Tilp told the higher regional court in Frankfurt, which has been told by Germany's supreme court to determine damages in the case first filed in 2001. The lead plaintiff in the case - Germany's closest thing to a class action in which one person is used as an example for all the others - has meanwhile died, but this does not affect the lawsuit.
  • Nintendo Switch: Features, Games and Launch Date (2016-10-27 07:47:00)
    The Nintendo NX finally has a name, and it's called the Switch. Keeping in line with Nintendo's wacky console naming conventions, the Nintendo Switch is a hybrid games system that you can play at home on your TV and also take on the go. Nintendo plans to reveal more about the Switch at a special presentation on Jan. 12, 2017, but until then, here's everything we know so far about the Big N's eye-catching console.
  • Exploding Note 7 torches Samsung’s Q3 earnings and smartphone market share (2016-10-27 07:45:21)
    Samsung's mobile division profit and global market share both went up in smoke in the third quarter as the damage from the company's dual recalls and cancellation of its flagship Galaxy Note 7 began to take shape. The company on Thursday morning announced final figures for the third quarter of 2016, noting revenue that slid 7% on year to 47.8 trillion won ($42 billion) and operating income that tumbled 30% to 5.2 trillion won ($4.6 billion). Those were the bright points in Samsung's report, believe it or not — the South Korean consumer tech giant reported operating income for its mobile division of just 100 billion won ($87.9 million), down a staggering 96% from 2.4 trillion won in the same quarter last year. MUST WATCH:  iPhone 7 vs. Pixel real-world speed test: The showdown we’ve been waiting for Lee Jae-yong, Samsung's heir apparent and grandson of Samsung founder Lee Byung-chull, was awarded a seat on Samsung's board amid turbulent times for the world's top smartphone vendor. The company was forced to completely scrap its flagship smartphone for the second half of 2016 after an initial recall failed to keep exploding Galaxy Note 7 phones out of consumers' hands. The company is expected to take a hit that totals billions spread out over the third and fourth quarters. At least. Beyond the impact to Samsung's finances, the company's global smartphone market share also took a big hit as a result of the Galaxy Note 7 ordeal. According to market research firm Strategy Analytics, Samsung shipped just over 75 million smartphones in the third quarter. That figure is down roughly 10% from the 83.8 million handsets it shipped in the same quarter last year, and it marks Samsung's worst performance by volume in nearly two years. Of note, Samsung's top rival Apple apparently didn't reap much benefit in the third quarter from Samsung's Note 7 debacle. Apple's market share slid to 12% from 14% in the year-ago quarter, as several Chinese smartphone vendors increased their shares of the global market.
  • Avoid These Key Finders If You Care About Your Privacy (2016-10-27 07:45:00)
    UPDATE: Tom's Guide received a statement from TrackR, which we have reproduced in part below:"Regarding the claim that retrieve TrackR doesn’t require authentication, we knew about this issue and fixed it several months ago. After that time, the deprecated call remained online, but was no longer in use by any apps. We are grateful that Rapid7 brought this possible point of confusion to our attention; as of yesterday, that call has been completely removed but no consumers have had access since we became aware of this issue in the spring.
  • Qualcomm is spending $47 billion to become the 21st century Intel (2016-10-27 07:33:50)
    Qualcomm, the company already responsible for providing the majority of the world with its mobile processors and wireless modems, is endeavoring to make itself even more indispensable to our future with today’s announcement that it’s acquiring NXP Semiconductors for $47 billion. NXP is a Dutch outfit employing 45,000 people in 35 countries around the world, and would probably be more recognizable by its original name of Philips Semiconductors. Like Qualcomm, NXP has quietly played a major role in the shift of computing to mobile devices, providing secure wireless communication methods for things like contactless payments.
  • First Click: The iPhone is no longer a compromise in Japan (2016-10-27 07:30:03)
    The iPhone 7 might not, on the face of it, be the most exciting upgrade ever — it’s the first time Apple’s used the same basic industrial design three years running, with a more dramatic overhaul set for next year’s model. China understandably gets much of the world’s attention for its rapid growth and potential, but while Japan’s population is a fraction of the size, a far greater proportion of people are able to afford the iPhone. Apple now has higher marketshare in Japan than almost anywhere else in the world, but this wasn’t always the case.
  • Apple's MacBook Pro event: start time, live blog, and streaming (2016-10-27 07:30:03)
    Apple is set to announce a few new products in Cupertino today. We're still not sure about everything that the company will announce, but all signs point to a refresh of the MacBook Pro lineup at the very least.
  • Apple Presses Pause on AirPods Debut, Try These Instead (2016-10-27 07:30:00)
    You'll have to wait a bit before putting a pair of Apple's AirPods into your ears. The $159 wireless earbuds were set to debut in late October, but with less than a week left in the month, Apple says it's now holding off on the AirPods release. The company spoke to TechCrunch, telling the site "The early response to AirPods has been incredible.
  • Chip maker Qualcomm buying NXP Semiconductors in $38.1B deal (2016-10-27 07:27:05)
    NEW YORK (AP) — Smartphone chipmaker Qualcomm is buying NXP Semiconductors N.V. in a deal valued at approximately $38 billion.
  • Twitter is cutting 9 percent of its workforce, aims for profitability in 2017 (2016-10-27 07:22:07)
    Twitter has announced it will be laying off 9 percent of its staff (roughly 350 people), as the company tries to cut costs and refocus its operations. While Twitter managed to beat analysts' expectations, earning $616 million in revenue compared to the forecasted $590-610 million, but revenue growth has slowed and the company is still losing money. CEO Jack Dorsey will address the lay offs in an all-hands meeting later this afternoon, with the cuts following 300 earlier job losses in October 2015, not long after Dorsey resumed the position of CEO.
  • Apple expected to refresh ageing computer line with new MacBook Pro (2016-10-27 07:20:53)
    Apple Inc is expected to unveil a revamped MacBook Pro on Thursday with a fingerprint reader and faster ports, returning to the product line it build the company on after updating smartphones with the iPhone 7. "Hello again," reads the invitation from Apple to the Thursday product launch, likely a reference to the original Macintosh that debuted with "hello" scrolled across its black and white screen. Technology websites, including Techradar, expect the new MacBook Pro to remain the workhouse of the notebook computer line while getting updates like a fingerprint reader and high-speed USB ports.
  • Qualcomm to buy NXP Semiconductors for about $47 billion including debt (2016-10-27 07:17:24)
    (Reuters) - Qualcomm Inc said on Thursday it agreed to buy NXP Semiconductors NV for about $47 billion, including debt, as it seeks to expand the reach of its chips from phones to cars. The deal would make Qualcomm, which supplies chips to Android smartphone makers and Apple Inc , one of the biggest suppliers to the fast-growing market of chips used by the automotive industry. Qualcomm said it would offer $110 per share in cash, a premium of 11.5 percent to NXP Semiconductor's Wednesday's close.
  • 10 programs to help you break into a cybersecurity career (2016-10-27 07:00:03)
    Eighty-two percent of IT professionals report a shortage of cybersecurity skills at their company. Here are 10 programs spanning all education levels to help you get your start in the field.
  • How to evaluate project management software (2016-10-27 06:44:03)
    There are a lot of options out there. Here are some questions to ask to help you find the best one for your company.
  • Software maker Misys tops list of ditched UK IPOs (2016-10-27 06:41:05)
    By Dasha Afanasieva and Rachel Armstrong LONDON (Reuters) - After struggling for weeks to woo buyers for a proposed public offering, financial software firm Misys scrapped plans to relist on the London stock market, blaming shaky market conditions and adding to a run of aborted floatations in recent weeks. Misys is the largest initial public offering (IPO) to be pulled or postponed in London this year amid investor caution about pricing and the outlook for markets. The company said this month it had hoped to raise around 500 million pounds ($611 million) by selling a quarter of the company through the IPO, but underwriters scaled back the offering after finding it hard to sign up investors.
  • Tech privacy ally Feingold leads in Wisconsin Senate race (2016-10-27 06:25:27)
    By Dustin Volz WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Next month's Senate election in Wisconsin could gain Silicon Valley a key ally in Washington in the high-tech industry's battle against the U.S. government's growing appetite for more access to private data. Democrat Russ Feingold, 63, the only lawmaker to vote against the USA Patriot Act in 2001, leads incumbent Republican Senator Ron Johnson in the state in opinion polls ahead of the Nov. 8 election. Johnson, 61, rode a wave of support from conservative Tea Party activists to victory six years ago, sweeping Feingold out of office.
  • Viral Facebook pages are passing off old space clips as live footage to millions of viewers (2016-10-27 06:17:47)
    Facebook has been pushing live video as its next big format for a while now, and that means there are plenty of media outlets trying to take advantage of the extra visibility. Some, though, aren’t being so honest about it, with Mashable pointing out this week that some viral Facebook pages have been passing off archive footage from the International Space Station as live streams from off the planet. UNILAD and Viral USA are two pages that tricked viewers in this way, launching hours-long "live" streams from space earlier this week.
  • First Mercedes car under new electric brand to be made in Bremen (2016-10-27 06:05:02)
    Mercedes-Benz will build the first model under its new EQ electric vehicle brand in the northern German city of Bremen by the end of the decade, parent Daimler said on Thursday. Mercedes-Benz and Daimler's Smart brand aims to launch more than 10 electric cars by 2025, in major push in pure electric vehicles thanks to advances in battery technology and greater consumer acceptance of zero-emissions vehicles. The model to be built in Bremen will be based on the sporty SUV coupe-style EQ vehicle it presented at the Paris auto show last month, Daimler said.
  • Samsung still stumped by charred Note 7s; heir joins board (2016-10-27 05:44:17)
    Samsung Electronics is still trying to figure out why its Galaxy Note 7 smartphones were catching fire, the company said Thursday, as shareholders appointed the grandson of the company's founder to its ...
  • Samsung Note 7 probe results to be come at year-end: Samsung SDI executive (2016-10-27 05:42:36)
    Samsung Electronics and battery supplier Samsung SDI expect to announce the results of their probe into the cause of fires in some Galaxy Note 7 smartphones late this year, a SDI executive said on Thursday. Samsung SDI later said in a statement that Samsung Electronics would announce the results of the probe, without giving a timeframe. Analysts have said Samsung SDI supplied about 60 percent of the batteries for the Note 7.
  • Nokia shares plunge to three-year low after warning of tough network markets (2016-10-27 05:33:48)
    Nokia has succumbed to a downturn in the telecoms equipment business, posting a sharp drop in quarterly earnings and warning that demand for the kit which drives global network traffic would shrink further in the coming year. The network gear market is in decline after demand for 4G equipment peaked last year and a new cycle of 5G network upgrades is not expected to begin until around 2020, a trend which earlier this month pummeled rival Ericsson . "Although their underlying profitability is solid, it does not compensate for reported figures being weak... It's a bit better than Ericsson's, but it is not a good report," said Swedbank analyst Mathias Lundberg, who rates the stock "neutral".
  • Italy judge agrees tax probe settlement with head of Apple's Irish unit: source (2016-10-27 05:27:08)
    A Milan judge has accepted a settlement agreement with the head of Apple's Irish-based unit Apple Sales International as part of a probe into allegations the U.S. tech giant failed to pay corporate taxes in Italy to the tune of 879 million euros ($959.43 million), a judicial source said. Under the settlement agreement, a six-month jail sentence for the executive has been converted into the payment of a 45,000 euro ($49,126) fine, the source said. Under Italian law, a settlement agreement does not imply an admission of guilt.
  • Fujitsu confirms Lenovo PC tie-up talks, says to retain brand (2016-10-27 05:08:20)
    Japan's Fujitsu Ltd on Thursday confirmed it was in talks with China's Lenovo Group to cooperate in the design and manufacture of personal computers (PC), and that any outcome would see it retain its own PC brand. The possible alliance with the world's largest PC maker "is aimed at strengthening our brand and business," Fujitsu President Tatsuya Tanaka said at a briefing in Tokyo after the company released its latest earnings report. Fujitsu and Lenovo, in a joint statement, said they were exploring means of cooperation and were discussing financial support with the state-backed Development Bank of Japan.
  • Yoko Ono channels Simpsons by exhibiting a single plum, floating in perfume, served in a man’s hat (2016-10-27 04:59:48)
    As outlandish drink orders go, few are more memorable than the “single plum, floating in perfume, served in a man’s hat” requested by The Simpsons’ Yoko Ono analog. Now the woman herself has even paid homage the line, including the drink — plum and all — in an Icelandic exhibit that celebrates her works. The piece is on show as part of the Yoko Ono: One More Story exhibition at the Reykjavik Art Museum.
  • This AI-powered alarm clock promises to make your life better, more French (2016-10-27 04:38:02)
    The French cook well, they dress well, and, according to a Kickstarter campaign for an AI-powered alarm clock, they're even better at getting up in the morning. The alarm clock in question is called the Bonjour and pledges to be your "morning assistant," making your life easier and more luxurious. It offers all the sorts of features you'd get from Google Assistant or Alexa (warning you about traffic on your way to work, checking your calendar, playing music, etc) but houses this information in a chic-looking circular alarm clock with an animated UI and built-in speaker.
  • Samsung Electronics to buy $159 million of shares in Samsung Heavy rights issue (2016-10-27 04:37:12)
    SEOUL (Reuters) - Samsung Electronics Co Ltd said on Thursday it will buy 181 billion won ($158.71 million) worth of Samsung Heavy Industries Co Ltd shares as part of the shipbuilder's 1.14 trillion won ($999.59 million) rights issue.
  • Nokia in Q3 loss, sales drop amid networks downturn (2016-10-27 04:30:17)
    HELSINKI (AP) — Mobile networks operator Nokia continued to be hit by a downturn in the industry, reporting a loss in the third quarter and a 12-percent drop in sales that saw the company's share price plunge 7 percent.
  • Nokia reduces losses as merger with rival proceeds (2016-10-27 04:29:51)
    Finnish telecom equipment giant Nokia said Thursday it has managed to reduce losses but remained in the red in the third quarter after acquiring its former rival, French-American Alcatel-Lucent. Thanks to the Alcatel-Lucent acquisition, the company's net sales grew by nearly 94 percent to 5.89 billion euros from 3.04 billion for Nokia alone a year before (to $6.43 billion from $3.32 billion). Nokia's chief executive Rajeev Suri described the results as solid "despite market conditions that are softer than expected".
  • Indonesia hopes to reach tax settlement with Google: finmin (2016-10-27 03:57:31)
    JAKARTA (Reuters) - Indonesia aims to reach a tax settlement with Alphabet Inc's Google, Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati said on Thursday. "We've already communicated with Google. At least there's an understanding why Indonesia would like to have a fair share of the revenue. We do hope that we are going to have a settlement," Indrawati told foreign journalists in Jakarta, the capital, without disclosing any timeline. ...
  • Results of Samsung's Note 7 probe to be announced at year-end: Samsung SDI (2016-10-27 03:45:21)
    SEOUL (Reuters) - Samsung SDI, a battery supplier for Samsung Electronics, said on Thursday it expects the two companies to announce late this year the results of their probe into the cause of fires in some of the Galaxy Note 7 smartphones.
  • Federal tech innovation service to be led by Ex-Pixar exec (2016-10-27 03:34:57)
    A former Pixar executive who won the first ever Oscar for software is taking over a U.S. government agency responsible for improving federal digital technology. Rob Cook, whose credits include "Toy ...
  • Samsung posts 30 percent profit plunge on Note 7 crisis (2016-10-27 03:14:36)
    Samsung Electronics on Thursday reported an expected 30 percent profit plunge on the back of a highly damaging recall crisis that hammered the reputation of the world's largest smartphone maker. Samsung said its operating profit for the July-September period stood at 5.2 trillion won ($4.6 billion), compared with 7.3 trillion won a year ago. The profit slump was in line with a revised earning estimate issued by Samsung two weeks earlier after it killed off its flagship Galaxy Note 7 smartphone due to devices overheating and bursting into flames.
  • Sale or no sale, changes could come to Twitter users (2016-10-27 03:07:58)
    Sale or no sale, Twitter users are bound to see changes as the beleaguered communications service tries to broaden its appeal to more people and advertisers. A new owner could clean up Twitter and curb ...
  • ​El proyecto de autos autónomos de Alphabet será un negocio independiente (2016-10-27 02:57:23)
    El jefe de los laboratorios secretos X de la compañía dijo que los vehículos serán introducidos en el mercado de manera gradual durante los próximos años.
  • Samsung SDI widens loss in third quarter after demise of Galaxy Note 7s (2016-10-27 02:57:10)
    Samsung SDI, a battery supplier for Samsung Electronics' Galaxy Note 7 phones, posted a worse-than-expected operating loss in the third quarter, weighed down by the termination of the fire-prone devices. The Samsung Electronics affiliate posted an operating loss of 110 billion won ($96.33 million) for the July-to-September period, compared with a loss of 48 billion won a year earlier and a consensus forecast of a loss of 55 billion won. Analysts said Samsung SDI supplied about 60 percent of the batteries for the Note 7, which Samsung scrapped earlier this month due to over-heating problems.
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 7 troubles, by the numbers (2016-10-27 02:34:38)
    SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — Samsung Electronics said Thursday that it has confirmed 140 cases of the Galaxy Note 7 smartphone overheating or catching fire. Samsung's President Shin Jong-kyun apologized at a meeting with shareholders, saying the company still does not know what is causing the problem.
  • LG Electronics says third-quarter profit down 3.7 percent vs. year earlier (2016-10-27 02:22:36)
    SEOUL (Reuters) - South Korea's LG Electronics Inc said on Thursday its third-quarter operating profit fell 3.7 percent from a year earlier, dragged down by a record quarterly loss for its mobile division. The world's No. 2 television maker behind Samsung Electronics Co Ltd said in a regulatory filing its July-September profit was 283 billion won ($248 million), matching an earlier estimate. Revenue for the quarter dropped 5.7 percent to 13.2 trillion won. LG's mobile division reported its worst-ever quarterly operating loss of 436. ...
  • Network maker Nokia outperforms Ericsson in third quarter (2016-10-27 02:11:22)
    Nokia on Thursday reported falling quarterly sales and profits for its network gear business, but outperformed rival Ericsson in a weak market thanks to cost cuts after its recent acquisition of Alcatel-Lucent. Finland's Nokia said total third-quarter operating profit decreased 18 percent from a year ago to 556 million euros ($606 million), but was buoyed by a one-off patent licensing payment. Group sales dropped 7 percent from a year ago to 5.95 billion euros, including network equipment sales falling 12 percent to 5.32 billion, which compared with a market consensus of 5.39 billion.
  • As Mexico lauds telecom reform, rural poor search for connection (2016-10-27 02:10:21)
    By Christine Murray SANTA CRUZ ITUNDUJIA, Mexico (Reuters) - Toddler Priscila Rubi Sanchez lived in a remote Mexican hamlet with no fixed line or cell phone network, so when a mouthful of corn partially blocked her throat late one night and her parents could not call for help, she died. Life is tough in Santa Cruz Itundujia in the mountains of Oaxaca state and it is made even harder here and in other isolated towns throughout Mexico's rugged interior by a lack of connectivity that complicates everything from education to getting help in medical emergencies. In these remote indigenous hills, President Enrique Pena Nieto's telecommunications reform, credited with slashing prices for many Mexicans and boosting competition against billionaire Carlos Slim's company America Movil, is coming up short.
  • Samsung Electronics vows mobile rebound, dangles buyback after Note 7 shock (2016-10-27 01:41:32)
    Samsung Electronics Co Ltd on Thursday said it aims to recover quickly from the disastrous withdrawal of the fire-prone Galaxy Note 7 that dragged third-quarter mobile earnings to their lowest level in nearly eight years.
  • Telefonica will decide on O2 listing when markets steady: UK CEO (2016-10-27 01:35:40)
    By Paul Sandle LONDON (Reuters) - Telefonica will not list its British mobile business in 2016, the unit's chief executive said, citing softer demand for initial public offerings and the impact of the weaker pound, and would only go ahead in 2017 if market conditions are right. The Spanish telecoms group said last month it planned to either list or sell a stake in O2 UK before early 2017 as part of its plan to cut its 50 billion euros ($55 billion) of debt. It decided to seek a London listing or a partial sale of the business after European regulators blocked an agreed 10.3 billion pounds ($13.7 billion) takeover by CK Hutchison Holdings, the owner of British rival Three, earlier this year.
  • Ex-Pixar executive to head federal tech innovation service (2016-10-27 01:07:46)
    WASHINGTON (AP) — A former Pixar executive who won the first ever Oscar for software is taking over a U.S. government agency responsible for improving federal digital technology.
  • Samsung’s Q3 profits are way down after Note 7 recall (2016-10-27 00:52:22)
    Samsung profits slipped significantly as a result of the Note 7 debacle, the company confirmed today in financial results for the third quarter of 2016. The year-on-year drop of more than a third marks the first decline in profits in a year for Samsung, which started to turn around a stagnant financial situation in the third quarter of 2015. Prior to its decision to fully recall the Galaxy Note 7, Samsung had anticipated slight increases in operating profit for the quarter.
  • Samsung Elec vows mobile rebound after third quarter Note 7 shock (2016-10-26 23:52:24)
    Samsung Electronics Co Ltd on Thursday said it aims to recover quickly from the disastrous withdrawal of the fire-prone Galaxy Note 7 that dragged third-quarter mobile earnings to their lowest in nearly eight years. The world's top smartphone maker saw its mobile earnings plunge 96 percent from a year earlier to its lowest since the fourth quarter of 2008, barely avoiding its first-ever loss and dragging the firm's overall profit to a two-year low. Samsung said July-September operating profit was 5.2 trillion won ($4.57 billion), matching its revised guidance.
  • Samsung heir joins board, moving toward top leadership role (2016-10-26 23:01:52)
    The grandson of Samsung's founder is stepping up as its new leader as the South Korean company grapples with the recent failure of a flagship smartphone. Shareholders of Samsung Electronics Co. voted Thursday ...
  • ‘Planet Earth 2’ finally has a premiere date and an awesome new teaser video (2016-10-26 22:30:29)
    After releasing a tantalizing teaser video for Planet Earth 2 last week, BBC today finally gave us some information regarding when its award-winning documentary series is slated to return. Originally scheduled to air sometime in 2016, it appears that the debut of the highly anticipated series has been pushed back ever so slightly. Now comes word via BBC that Planet Earth 2 will hit our TV screens on January 28 on BBC America. DON'T MISS:  This is going to be the first problem that 2016 MacBook Pro buyers need to fix While the first installment of Planet Earth made waves because it was shot and aired in HD -- still something of a novelty back then -- Planet Earth 2  is taking things to an entirely new level. Featuring narration from David Attenborough, Planet Earth 2 was filmed with 4K cameras, advanced drones and an assortment of next-gen remote recording equipment. "The epic scale and ambition of this series is second to none,” series executive producer Mike Gunton explained a few months ago. “It will be a truly immersive experience, providing audiences with a unique perspective on the most extraordinary places and animals on our planet.” Footage for the documentary was captured over the last three years, and if the first installment is any indication, Planet Earth 2 will be must-see TV. To further get us amped up for the series premiere, frustratingly still three months away, BBC earlier today released a new teaser video to hold us over for the time being. You can check a trailer for the upcoming 6-part series below.
  • OPPO leapfrogs smartphone rivals with ad blitz and sales force (2016-10-26 22:12:53)
    By Eveline Danubrata and Sijia Jiang JAKARTA/HONG KONG (Reuters) - Chinese smart phone company OPPO doesn’t believe in subtle marketing. It has built a massive network of 320,000 retail outlets across China and other parts of Asia, its sales representatives earn commissions on every phone they sell, and it has filled the airwaves and covered thousands of billboards with advertising based on the endorsement of some of the hottest Asian pop stars. OPPO also sells a lot of devices through its own stores, deals directly with any retail partners rather than through layers of middlemen, and provides them with sales reps and generous incentives.
  • Samsung Electronics vows mobile rebound after third-quarter Note 7 shock (2016-10-26 22:12:24)
    Samsung Electronics Co Ltd on Thursday said it aims to recover quickly from the disastrous withdrawal of the fire-prone Galaxy Note 7 that dragged third-quarter mobile earnings to their lowest in nearly eight years. The world's top smartphone maker saw its mobile earnings plunge 98 percent from a year earlier to its lowest since the fourth quarter of 2008, barely avoiding its first-ever loss and dragging the firm's overall profit to a two-year low. Samsung said July-September operating profit was 5.2 trillion won ($4.57 billion), matching its revised guidance.
  • Samsung Electronics says Note 7 probe goes beyond batteries (2016-10-26 22:12:00)
    SEOUL (Reuters) - Samsung Electronics Co Ltd said on Thursday it will examine every aspect of the Galaxy Note 7 such as hardware, software and the manufacturing process to determine the root cause of the fires that led to the phone's cancellation.
  • Samsung Elec shareholders OK board seat for Samsung Group scion (2016-10-26 22:05:27)
    SEOUL (Reuters) - Samsung Electronics Co Ltd shareholders voted on Thursday to make Vice Chairman Jay Y. Lee a board director, a move seen as further cementing the 48-year-old's role as the leader of Samsung Group. The seat gives the scion of the founding Lee family an official leadership position at Samsung Group's flagship company and allows him to publicly weigh in on strategic decisions. (Reporting by Joyce Lee, writing by Se Young Lee; Editing by Stephen Coates)
  • Samsung Elec to respond to Elliott in November (2016-10-26 22:05:27)
    SEOUL (Reuters) - Samsung Electronics Co Ltd on Thursday said it is considering activist hedge fund Elliott Management's proposals for a radical corporate makeover and will respond by the end of November. Robert Yi, head of Samsung's investor relations, said the response will be made along with its overall shareholder returns plans. He said the response will likely speak in broad directions as opposed to specific details. (Reporting by Se Young Lee; Editing by Stephen Coates)
  • Nintendo will reveal the Switch's price and release date on January 12th (2016-10-26 21:55:29)
    Nintendo doesn't plan to reveal much more about its upcoming Switch console this year, but you won't have to wait too long into 2017. The company just announced a "Nintendo Switch Presentation" in Tokyo on January 12th, which will be streamed live around the world. Nintendo will use the event to announce the system's price, release date, and initial lineup of games.
  • Samsung reports sharp fall in profit on Galaxy Note 7 recall (2016-10-26 21:29:24)
    SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — Samsung Electronics reported a sharp fall in its quarterly earnings Thursday as the unprecedented recall and discontinuation of the Galaxy Note 7 smartphones wiped out its mobile profit.
  • Samsung Electronics to change quality assurance processes after Note 7 withdrawal (2016-10-26 21:12:07)
    SEOUL (Reuters) - Samsung Electronics Co Ltd on Thursday said it would make significant changes to its quality assurance processes in the wake of the withdrawal of its Galaxy Note 7 devices over safety concerns. It gave no further details. The company began an extraordinary shareholder meeting for investors to vote on a decision to sell its printing business to HP Inc for $1.05 billion, and on whether to approve Samsung Group scion Jay Y. Lee as a board director. (Reporting by Joyce Lee; Editing by Stephen Coates)
  • Man who went on crazy iPhone rampage in France gets huge fine and suspended jail sentence (2016-10-26 21:06:07)
    A few weeks back, an unhappy Apple customer made headlines across the globe when he went on a destructive rampage inside of an Apple store in Dijon, France. In a video that naturally went viral, we see said customer angrily tearing iPhones off of their safety tethers and then smashing them with what we would come to learn was a petanque steel ball. Sparing no device, our protagonist also managed to destroy a MacBook before he was unceremoniously escorted out of the store. When the dust settled, the damage accrued was well into the tens of thousands of dollars. DON'T MISS: Somebody just smashed Donald Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fame star with a sledgehammer We've since come to learn via the French-language site Le Figaro   that the man responsible for the property damage was recently sentenced to a suspended sentence of six months in jail and a two year probation period. He also agreed that he would not revisit the mall where the attack took place. As to the motivation behind the destruction, he said that he was shocked when the Apple Store failed to reimburse him for a faulty iPhone device, subsequently causing him to fall into what he categorized as a monster-like state of anger. The report adds that the court overseeing the case awarded Apple nearly $20,000 in damages. The figure would have apparently been higher but the court took into consideration the fact that the destroyed devices were demo units that weren't intended to be sold to the general public. And in case you missed the video the first go-around, you can check it out below.
  • Are these legs actually shiny? This picture is driving the internet insane (2016-10-26 20:45:52)
    Over the past few hours, the Internet has been racking its collective brain trying to figure out the backstory to what, on the surface, seems like a relatively straight forward photo. The photo above has been spreading across the web like wildfire, but when I first stumbled across it, I couldn't for the life of me figure out what the big deal was. After all, the caption I saw attached to it simply said, "Crazy shiny or not at all shiny?" The answer seemed rather obvious. DON'T MISS:  The MacBook Pro won’t be the best new laptop tomorrow, I’m hoping At first glance, the photo looked to be nothing out of the ordinary. The legs are clearly shiny, right? I wasn't sure where the controversy lied or what the debate even was. But once I saw another caption that read, "Shiny legs or just white paint?" my mind was blown. Alas, there I was thinking that the legs above were wrapped up in some weird form of plastic or oil when it could have simply been white paint all along. Upon closer inspection, I realized it was ridiculous that I didn't spot the paint from the get-go. For crying out loud, there are art tools littered across the floor in the background. As to the story behind the photo, it initially appeared on Instagram but gained newfound fame once it started making the rounds on Twitter earlier today. Now as opposed to the annoying debate surrounding the blue/gold dress, we won't need a team of scientists to come in and bore us to death with their research. On the contrary, we can go straight to the source itself. The photo was originally posted to Hunter Culverhouse's Instagram account. Speaking to Insider , Culverhouse explained that the crazy optical illusion happened purely by accident. "I had some white paint left on my brush and put random lines on my legs," Culverhouse explained. "[It] turned out to be a completely confusing picture for everyone on the internet. The first time I posted it, it didn't go completely crazy. But then I reposted it again and other big accounts started to post it and share it. Then it took to Twitter and YouTubers started tweeting about it as well."
  • Samsung logs 17 percent drop in profit after phone recall (2016-10-26 20:12:50)
    Samsung Electronics says its third quarter profit has plunged 17 percent as Galaxy Note 7 recalls nearly wiped out its mobile profit. The South Korean tech giant said Thursday that its July-September net ...
  • Tim Cook says Apple doesn’t need to sacrifice user privacy to improve its AI (2016-10-26 20:00:12)
    Siri has been lambasted in the press lately, with no shortage of tech observers opining that Apple's personal intelligent assistant lags woefully behind competitors like Google Assistant. Part of the problem, some believe, is that Apple's dutiful approach to user privacy fundamentally and detrimentally impacts the effectiveness of Siri. When asked about Siri during the company's earnings call yesterday, Cook reiterated Apple's commitment to privacy and emphatically scoffed at the notion that Siri's ability to handle queries is at all being affected by Apple's stance on privacy. DON'T MISS:  The difference between iPhone users and Android users The question leading into Cook's response reads in part: "There’s been an increasing focus on artificial intelligence both in new smartphones like the new Pixel and also some of the home assistants like the Amazon Echo… How do you think about balancing AI with your focus on privacy? "In terms of the balance of privacy and AI," Cook answered, "this is a long conversation, but at a high level, this is a false tradeoff. People would like you to believe you have to give up privacy to have AI do something for you, but we don’t buy that. It might take more work, it might take more thinking, but I don’t think we should throw our privacy away. It’s sort of like the age old argument between privacy and security. You should have both. You shouldn’t have to make a choice.” It's a fair point, but at a certain level, there's no getting around the fact that an intelligent assistant that knows more about you, whether it's via your email or via your shopping history, is more likely to be of assistance to you than an intelligent assistant operating with significantly less data. Speaking to this point, you might recall a Reuters report from this past March where we learned that Apple has a secret privacy team where a group of three "privacy czars" and a top executive must approve every type of data collection before a given feature goes live. Key principles include keeping customer data on their devices - rather than in the cloud, on Apple servers - and isolating various types of data so they cannot be united to form profiles of customers. ... Debates over new uses of data at Apple typically take at least a month and have dragged on for more than a year, former employees said. Apple's philosophy in this regard can sometimes result in limited functionality. For example, the machine learning Apple baked into iOS 10 does an amazing job of applying facial recognition algorithms to people as well as identifying objects that appear in photos. That's all well and good, but because Apple doesn't want to keep such data in the cloud, any facial recognition data or the like collected on your phone won't be transferred over to those very same photos on your Mac. Speaking to Reuters on the topic, analyst Bob O'Donnell raised the point that "the value of a service is the ability to personalize it" and that "the only way you can personalize it is with knowledge about an individual's preferences." Rumor has it that Apple has some interesting surprises in the works with Siri, so it will definitely be interesting to keep an eye on this space in the months ahead.
  • Emporio Armani's first connected watch has a reported six-month battery life (2016-10-26 20:00:03)
    Emporio Armani has realized even people with expensive taste want connected devices. The fashion company partnered with Fossil to launch its first hybrid connected watch this week, called the EA Connected Watch.
  • Sony permitirá a terceros diseñar mandos para PS4 (2016-10-26 19:55:07)
    Las compañías Razer y Nacon han desarrollado controles especiales para los jugadores competitivos de los torneos 'e-sports'.
  • Microsoft’s new Paint 3D app is now available to download and test (2016-10-26 19:36:14)
    Microsoft unveiled its revamped and modernized Paint app for Windows 10 earlier today. It's designed to make 3D object creation easy across devices with a regular mouse and keyboard, touchscreens, and stylus input. Microsoft is now letting Windows Insiders test out an early version of Paint 3D.
  • Doctor Strange review: Just what the doctor ordered (2016-10-26 19:32:30)
    The best Marvel movies of the past few years (which encompasses all of Phase Two and some of Phase Three) haven't looked much like Marvel movies at all. Guardians of the Galaxy was an intergalactic adventure film, Ant-Man was a small-scale heist film and Doctor Strange , which arrives in theaters next week, feels like a grown-up Harry Potter film mashed up with Inception . Although Civil War and Iron Man 3 were entertaining and worthwhile additions to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, nothing has expanded it quite like Doctor Strange . DON'T MISS:  The 7 biggest announcements from Microsoft’s October event Marvel's ability to introduce us to and make us care about characters with whom we are only faintly familiar cannot be overstated. Going into Doctor Strange , I knew only bits and pieces about the character's origins, his powers and his connections with the larger Marvel universe. And yet, two hours later, I not only feel like I know the character intimately, but I want to spend more time with him. Much like Tony Stark, Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) never stops working. As a brilliant and renowned neurosurgeon, he cares more about his work than the people closest to him (much less the people he's actually working on). So when he suffers a tragic, potentially career-ending injury, there's only one person there to help get him back on his feet: colleague and former lover Christine Palmer (Rachel McAdams). Their dynamic shifts dramatically throughout the movie, but despite the fact that their strained relationship is more window dressing than anything else, the two actors play well off of one another. But this isn't a love story — it's an origin story, and possibly the studio's strongest since Iron Man . After trying and failing to restore full use of his hands through traditional means, Strange goes off in search of a mysterious location known as Kamar-Taj, where at least one other man with a hopeless diagnosis had miraculously recovered from his injury. But rather than a healing center at Kamar-Taj, Strange finds a training grounds for would-be sorcerers. After some convincing by The Ancient One (Tilda Swinton), Strange agrees to study within the sacred city, learning the ways of magic alongside other trainees. He becomes increasingly curious about the history of Kamar-Taj and its purpose, and eventually learns that sorcerers are the only thing standing between our planet and the mystic forces of the multiverse that seek to do it harm. Those forces soon make themselves known, and what follows are some of the most compelling, mind-bending and impressive action sequences in any Marvel movie to date. Using their mystic powers, the sorcerers are able to manipulate time and space, project their astral forms from their bodies and fold cities in on themselves. With some of the most stunning visual effects in recent memory,  Doctor Strange  promises to be the spectacle of the holiday season. Although some of the jokes fall flat and the brisk pace of the film might give you whiplash, Doctor Strange is an incredibly fun adventure, a rewarding tale of redemption and my favorite Marvel movie since Guardians of the Galaxy .
  • Samsung Electronics to limit Galaxy Note 7 battery charge in South Korea (2016-10-26 19:18:21)
    SEOUL (Reuters) - Samsung Electronics Co Ltd said on Thursday it will implement a software update in South Korea to prevent Galaxy Note 7 smartphone batteries from charging beyond 60 percent, the latest safety step for the recalled, fire-prone phones. The world's top smartphone maker said it would implement the software update at 2 a.m. on Oct. 29 (1700 GMT Oct. 28) in accordance with a recommendation from regulators. (Reporting by Se Young Lee; Editing by Stephen Coates)
  • Chinese ride-share king Didi Chuxing could go global (2016-10-26 19:05:44)
    Fresh from forcing Uber to back down in China, ride-sharing king Didi Chuxing plans to put what it knows to work in other parts of the world. Didi would like to collaborate with local ride-sharing companies where possible, but will consider launching its own operations in places where such services do not exist, she said.
  • Elon Musk makes cryptic comments about Tesla competing with Uber (2016-10-26 18:57:26)
    Tesla CEO Elon Musk suggested Wednesday that he can create a car-sharing network that’s so good, customers will abandon Uber and other ride-sharing companies in droves to adopt it. During an earnings call Wednesday, Musk was asked to explain whether his proposed car sharing network, dubbed the Tesla Network, would generate revenue for Tesla or help Tesla owners offset the costs of their vehicles.
  • Apple reportedly launching TV guide tomorrow without Netflix's support (2016-10-26 18:53:38)
    Apple plans on unveiling its own version of a TV guide tomorrow during its Mac hardware event in Cupertino, California, according to Recode. The software will live on top of the Apple TV streaming box, as well as an app on iOS devices, to let users easily search and find shows and movies across a wide variety of apps. The guide will sync with supported streaming services, supposedly with a single login, and offer recommendations.
  • Microsoft te pagará US$650 si canjeas tu MacBook por una Surface (2016-10-26 18:33:22)
    La compañía comenzará a aceptar las computadoras de Apple en las tiendas de Microsoft a partir del jueves.
  • Black Mirror’s ‘Playtest’ episode was almost even more of a mindwarp (2016-10-26 18:29:57)
    Black Mirror’s latest season has no shortage of downer moments. “Playtest” provides a look at what virtual reality could become — a force so powerful it redefines what a horror game could be. During a recent Reddit AMA, showrunners Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones revealed that they toyed with the idea of changing specific scenes in that episode after it aired.
  • Black Mirror’s creators dialed back the horror in ‘Playtest’ (2016-10-26 18:29:57)
    Black Mirror’s latest season has no shortage of downer moments. “Playtest” provides a look at what virtual reality could become — a force so powerful it redefines what a horror game could be. During a recent Reddit AMA, showrunners Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones revealed that they toyed with the idea of changing specific scenes in that episode after it aired.
  • Xiaomi’s edgeless ‘iPhone 8’ is nowhere near as impressive as you thought (2016-10-26 18:04:50)
    Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi, often referred to as the Apple of China, surprised the world on Tuesday with a brand new phone design. The Xiaomi Mi Max has an all-screen front side and a ceramic back, but the phone is labeled as a “concept” device. Xiaomi likely can’t make enough units to meet demand, and it probably announced the phone just so that it can one day say it beat Apple by more than a year with a device like this. Anyone following the smartphone business closely already knows that Apple’s iPhone 8 is expected to feature new design with a screen that occupies most of the phone's front side . But it turns out that Xiaomi’s Mi Mix phone looks a lot better on paper than in real life when it comes to that edgeless design. DON’T MISS:  iPhone 7 vs. Pixel real-world speed test: The showdown we’ve been waiting for Sure, any smartphone still has to have an edge to encapsulate the screen — even if that edge is curved. And Xiaomi’s accomplishment here shouldn’t go unrecognized. But the fact remains that Xiaomi’s marketing images for the phone show a top and side bezels that are much thinner in drawings than they are on the actual product. Xiaomi is intentionally deceiving buyers. Anyone looking at the press images will expect something entirely different from what he or she will find in the box. Phone Arena ’s comparison images show the differences between the advertised edge of the Mi Max and the bezels on the real product. Is Xiaomi taking its lead from Apple yet again? The real Apple is no stranger to bending reality like that. Apple was caught hiding the camera bump on the back of the iPhone 6 in its marketing images posted on its website soon after the iPhone 6 keynote was over more than two years ago.
  • Clinton expresses concern about AT&T-Time Warner deal (2016-10-26 18:04:18)
    ABOARD CLINTON CAMPAIGN PLANE (Reuters) - Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton said on Wednesday the proposed tie-up between AT&T Inc and Time Warner Inc raised concerns that needed study. "I think it raises questions and concerns, and they should be looked into," she told reporters on her campaign plane. "If I'm fortunate enough to be president, I will expect the government to conduct a very thorough analysis before making a decision," she said. (Reporting by Jeff Mason; Editing by Mohammad Zargham)
  • You'll be able to transform your Surface Pro into a miniature Surface Studio (2016-10-26 17:41:37)
    Microsoft's most fascinating announcement today was the introduction of its Surface Dial accessory. It's a Bluetooth-powered puck that can sit on your desk or attach to the new Surface Studio display to provide contextual radial menus that you can interact with. While you'll be able to use the Surface Dial with any Windows 10 PC, Microsoft is also working on a firmware update to let Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 owners attach the Dial to their display and have the same functionality as the Surface Studio.
  • How to use Google Trends to win any argument (2016-10-26 17:40:19)
    Yesterday morning, Twitter user @Kuwaddo made a cheeky realization: By Google Trends’ count, the search term “memes” is now more popular than “Jesus.” We’ve reached peak internet in the year 2016. Google Trends is a sample of Google search data, not the whole package.
  • World Series live stream: How to watch Cubs vs. Indians Game 2 online (2016-10-26 17:35:43)
    After being shut out in Game 1 , the Chicago Cubs will try to even the series tonight at Progressive Field against a hard-hitting Cleveland Indians team. MLB moved up the start time of Game 2 to 7:08PM ET tonight on Fox to try to avoid bad weather. MUST SEE:  7 biggest announcements from Microsoft’s October event After scoring 23 runs in the final three games of the NLCS against the Nationals, the Cubs couldn't get anything going on Tuesday night against a sparkling Corey Kluber. Although the Cubs managed to rack up seven hits on the night, they couldn't get any runs across as everyone who reached base was left stranded. On the other hand, Cleveland scored a pair in the first, one in the fourth and three in the eighth off of a Roberto Perez home run (his second of the night). That put the game too far out of reach for the Cubs, even if their bats had woken up. The Indians ended up handling the Cubs easily with a final score of 6-0. In Game 2, Jake Arrieta will get the call for the Chicago Cubs and Trevor Bauer will take the mound for the Indians. Bauer's win-loss record and ERA might not stand out as much as Arrieta's, but all bets are off in the World Series. This is going to be a difficult matchup for both clubs, and the Cubs have to take advantage. If you want to watch Game 2 online, there are two ways to do so. First, you can head to Fox Sports Go in your browser or download the app on your tablet or smartphone . Alternatively, you can buy the Postseason Package from MLB.TV, but you still have to subscribe to a pay TV provider to access the streams.
  • Salesforce CEO speaks of failed efforts to buy Twitter, LinkedIn (2016-10-26 17:19:25) Inc Chief Executive Marc Benioff spoke on Wednesday about a pair of key acquisitions that got away, suggesting his vision for LinkedIn was different from Microsoft's and that he would have pursued Twitter if shareholders had not learned of his plans Speaking at a technology conference hosted by the Wall Street Journal in Laguna Beach, Calif., Benioff declined to elaborate on what he had hoped to do with micro-blogging site Twitter Inc. Twitter hired bankers earlier in October to explore selling itself. Technology and media companies including, Walt Disney Co and Alphabet Inc's Google looked at the company but passed on buying it. Some regarded Twitter as an unlikely fit for, whose platform is popular among sales teams.
  • Microsoft is shrinking its Surface Book gap (2016-10-26 17:15:47)
    Microsoft's new Surface Book might look a lot like the old one, but there's one subtle change that the company didn't highlight at all at its event today. Comparing both last year's model and the new Surface Book, it's clear that Microsoft has managed to shrink the gap when the hinge is closed. When I reviewed the Surface Book last year, it was something I noticed when I placed the laptop in my bag.
  • U.S. FCC chairman wants more industry action on robocalls (2016-10-26 17:11:30)
    By David Shepardson WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A task force of more than 30 major technology and communication companies said they have made progress but have not found a solution to eliminate "robocalls" or automated, prerecorded phone calls, but a top U.S. regulator urged faster action. "We are not yet where we want to be," Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler said Wednesday at a meeting of industry executives who have been working on the issue since August. AT&T Chief Executive Officer Randall Stephenson, who is chairing the strike force, said the blue-ribbon group has "come a long way in 60 days and we've got a long way to go - I fully recognize that Mr. Chairman, he said.
  • The Google Cast app is now called 'Google Home' (2016-10-26 17:05:56)
    This marks, somewhat confusingly, the third name for Google’s companion application for controlling Google-branded connected devices, following the original "Chromecast" and "Google Cast" names. Along with the new moniker, Google has updated the app with "Watch" and "Discover" tabs, making it easier to find new suggested content to watch on your Chromecast, along with a library of applications that support the device.
  • The MacBook Pro won’t be the best new laptop tomorrow, I’m hoping (2016-10-26 17:03:15)
    Apple is virtually guaranteed to release two new MacBook Pros tomorrow. This is a good thing, because the MacBook Pro lineup is in dire need of an update. Adding an OLED touch panel and a Touch ID sensor is a smart move, even if I am going to be left fidgeting for an Escape key for the rest of my life. But good or not, the MacBook Pro isn't the new laptop to get excited about. That would be the refreshed MacBook Air, which, like a tiny spoiled child before Christmas, I'm hoping appears under Santa Cook's tree tomorrow. DON'T MISS:  The iPhone 7 Plus Portrait Mode keeps screwing up I'll always have a soft spot for the MacBook Air. It was the first Apple laptop I owned, the first laptop I bought with my own money, and the much-needed replacement for an Acer laptop that got RMAed three times in four months. It seemed unrealistically thin to do any serious work, and way too fragile to survive falls. But even without discrete graphics, it flew through web browsers and Photoshop without stopping, or dying from low battery for that. Basically, it was the perfect laptop for everyone. Unfortunately, that Haswell i5-powered 2013 MacBook Air was the last Air to get any serious updates from Apple. For the last three years, Apple's engineers have begrudgingly shoved a new Intel processor in every year, but the rest of the specs have gone to hell. Windows manufacturers are putting out laptops that are smaller, have bigger batteries, retina displays and zero bezel. In Air-town, we've still got a 1440 x 900 display surrounded by a small field of bezel and Apple's old-skool touchpad. The price hasn't even gone down, and I've started telling people to spend the tiny bit extra and buy a 13-inch Pro instead. But it really wouldn't take much to make the Air the king of laptops again. Shrink the chassis down so it  just  accommodates the new 1080p display you're going to fit, chuck in some USB-C ports for good measure, and don't dare touch my SD card reader or HDMI port. Do all of that, upgrade the guts, keep the price the same, and Apple will have a winner on its hands. I know, I know. Things have changed since 2013, and Apple wants people to buy the Retina MacBook. It's cute, but it costs $1,300 for a laptop with no ports and a slow processor. It's a great email machine, but it's not designed for serious work. You can't take it as your sole workstation for a month-long roadtrip, or live-blog an Apple keynote off it. Much as Apple wants to exist in one big Mac commerical where we all sail around on yachts posting iPhone photos to Flickr, lots of people need a work machine that isn't overpriced. Case in point: the growth of Chromebooks, which are outselling Macs recently. They're cheap, have USB ports, great battery life, and cost less than $1,000. You know what else fits into that category? The entry-level new MacBook Air that Apple's going to announce.
  • Sony announces officially licensed pro-gaming PS4 controllers (2016-10-26 17:00:03)
    PlayStation 4 gamers looking at Xbox One Elite controllers with envy may not have much longer to wait for a professional PS4 controller of their own. Sony announced today that Razer and Nacon will be each be releasing a pro gaming-focused controller for the PlayStation 4 later this year.
  • Tesla sets a new record for revenue and deliveries, and scores a surprise profit (2016-10-26 16:58:08)
    Tesla’s quarterly earnings report is out, and things are looking good for the upstart electric car company. Tesla claims to have set new records for vehicle production, deliveries, and revenue, while also posting a surprise net profit of $21 million in the third quarter of 2016. It’s Tesla’s first profit in eight quarters, according to Bloomberg.
  • Tesla fans are like ‘members of a religious cult,’ former BMW and GM exec claims (2016-10-26 16:40:41)
    At this point, it's starting to seem that former GM and BMW executive Bob Lutz has a personal vendetta against Tesla CEO Elon Musk. While we're accustomed to the outspoken auto industry veteran lambasting Tesla, Lutz in recent months has really dialed up the vitriol, so much so that he's even taken to publicly making plainly false statements about Tesla's business. Earlier today, Lutz appeared on CNBC where he absolutely laid into Musk, Tesla, and even Tesla's passionate fanbase, effectively calling the latter cult followers. DON'T MISS:  Somebody just smashed Donald Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fame star with a sledgehammer "Tesla supporters are like members of a religious cult," Lutz said. "Just like Steve Jobs was worshiped at Apple, it's the same way with Elon Musk. He's seen as a new visionary god who promises this phantasmagorical future, a utopia of profitability and volume." However, drawing a distinction between the two CEOs, Lutz said that whereas Jobs actually delivered real products and results, Musk offers nothing except hot air and increasingly dire financial results. "[Musk] hasn't delivered a thing," Lutz added, "except increasingly negative cash flow, and an increasing lack of profitability; more and more capital spending." Now that's all well and good; Lutz is entitled to his opinion after all. That said, Lutz also made a point to completely and purposefully misrepresent Tesla's business. In short, Lutz claimed that Tesla will never be profitable, intimating that the company loses money every time they sell a Model S or a Model X. "I just don't see anything about Tesla that gives me any confidence that that business can survive," Lutz said, "unless people keep pouring new money in ad infinitum. If you’re not recovering labor and materials in your sell price, then doing twice as many or three times as many or four times as many doesn’t help. The losses just get bigger and bigger." This is horribly misleading and is not the first time we've come across such nonsense. Reuters last year, for example, used some backwards math and embarrassingly flawed logic to argue that Tesla loses $4,000 on every single car it sells. The reality is that the margins Tesla enjoys on the Model S and Model X are some of the best across the entire auto industry. Consider the following observation from an astute commentor on Reddit: There is a big difference between losing money for every car sold and spending more money than you make. Considering the profit margin on the Model S is over 25%, Tesla is actually in the latter category. Making the Model S is profitable. Rapidly expanding into a major car manufacturer while making the Model S is not. *Edit: look at it this way. You want to open a McDonalds. It will cost you $500,000, which you borrow from a bank. The first year you bring in a million dollars in revenue, and make $100,000 profit from sales. However, you borrowed and spent $500,000 opening the store, which means you sort of lost $400,000 that first year. Would Reuters say you lose $2.00 for every Big Mac sold? I guess so. Lutz's hate for Tesla, apparently, is so great that he either misses this point or purposefully ignores it. Like any startup, Tesla is spending every spare cent it has on capital expenditures, investing in itself for future products. The fact that Lutz, presumably a smart businessman, glosses over this fact is peculiar to say the least. All in all, though, this isn't too much of a surprise given Lutz's previous statements about Tesla. Late last year, Lutz explained why he believes Tesla is doomed . "I think Tesla CEO Elon Musk figured that if factory stores work for Apple, they’ll work for Tesla,” Lutz explained this past October. “But the fixed costs for an Apple store are next to nothing compared with a car dealership’s. Smartphones and laptops don’t need anything beyond a mall storefront and a staff of kids. A car dealership is very different. It sits on multiple acres. You need a big building with service bays, chargers, and a trained sales force, plus all the necessary finance and accounting people. It ties up a staggering amount of capital, especially when you factor in inventory.”
  • Apple says AirPod shipments to be delayed (2016-10-26 16:36:41)
    (Reuters) - Apple Inc said on Wednesday that its wireless AirPod headphones, which were suppose to hit the market this month, will be delayed. "We don't believe in shipping a product before it's ready, and we need a little more time before AirPod are ready for our customers," Apple spokeswoman Trudy Muller said in an email to Reuters. Apple unveiled the AirPod at the launch of the latest iPhone last month.
  • 5 best practices for switching your site to HTTPS for improved security (2016-10-26 16:34:42)
    Chrome is starting to flag more pages as insecure. Here are five things every webmaster should know about HTTPS.
  • Airbnb hosts protest new rental law outside New York governor's office (2016-10-26 16:32:15)
    Less than a week after New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a bill that would severely limit the kind of properties New York City residents can rent out on Airbnb, about 50 hosts from the online service rallied outside Cuomo's office this morning to protest the new law. Three days before Cuomo provided his sign-off, Airbnb attempted to provide a set of concessions that include setting up a host-registration system and limiting listings to just one property per host. The rally was organized by the New York Host Clubs, composed of hosts from New York's five boroughs.
  • ¿En qué se parecen tu ex pareja y los AirPods de Apple? (2016-10-26 16:29:45)
    En que ambos necesitan tiempo… Apple dijo a CNET que los AirPods todavía no están listos para llegar a los consumidores; no hay nueva fecha de venta.
  • Apple says it needs more time before new ear buds are ready (2016-10-26 16:24:21)
    SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Apple says it needs "a little more time" before it starts selling the new wireless ear buds that are designed to work with its newest iPhones — the ones that don't come with a dedicated headphone jack.
  • Tesla shocks Wall St. with huge earnings surprise (2016-10-26 16:20:54)
    Tesla just a few minutes ago posted its earnings report for the quarter gone by and investors will have a lot to cheer about. While analysts on Wall St. were expecting Tesla to post a loss, Tesla during its September quarter actually posted a profit, and an impressive profit at that. When the dust settled, Tesla posted a quarterly profit of $22 million and EPS of $0.71. Revenue for the quarter checked in at $2.3 billion. Illustrating how impressive Tesla's performance was this past quarter, Wall St. was anticipating Tesla to post a loss amid $1.9 billion in revenue for the quarter. DON'T MISS:  This is going to be the first problem that 2016 MacBook Pro buyers need to fix As far as deliveries are concerned, Tesla during the quarter boasted that it achieved record vehicle production, deliveries and revenue. More importantly, Tesla reaffirmed via a shareholder letter that the Model 3 is still on track for a late 2017 release. "At the same time, we continue to lay the foundation for future growth," the shareholder letter reads in part. "Gigafactory construction and Model 3 development both remain on plan to support volume Model 3 production and deliveries in the second half of 2017. Meanwhile, our efforts to transform the solar industry will be demonstrated at our joint product introduction with SolarCity on October 28th. "Last week, we announced that all newly produced Tesla vehicles have the hardware needed for full self-driving capability," the letter continues. "This same capability will also be built into every Model 3." As to manufacturing progress on Tesla's highly anticipated $35,000 EV, the company notes that production line layouts are completed that body welding and final assembly lines will soon be installed. Addressing any concerns about suppliers not being able to handle what is already immense demand for the Model 3, Tesla notes that they have "established a world class team of suppliers for Model 3 production equipment and components and critical long lead time equipment and components have been sourced." Additionally, Tesla says that testing on the Model 3's "chassis, the high voltage drive system, and low voltage subsystems such as vehicle controllers, HVAC, infotainment and lighting" has already begun. Not surprisingly, shares of Tesla are nearly up 5% in after hours trading. Tesla's shareholder letter can be viewed in its entirety over here . Developing...
  • 3 inexpensive steps to secure IoT (2016-10-26 16:09:27)
    IoT devices powered the attack against Dyn, causing major disruptions to certain web properties. Follow these three steps to secure your IoT devices.
  • Microsoft launches first desktop, Windows update with 3D features (2016-10-26 16:05:44)
    Microsoft Corp on Wednesday unveiled its first-ever desktop computer and a free update to its Windows operating system that allows edits using 3D simulations, in hopes of reinvigorating its computing business. The Windows 10 Creators Update, coming in early 2017, lets mobile devices scan an object on all sides so it can rotate 360 degrees in a photograph. It also allows for three-dimensional graphics in Microsoft's popular PowerPoint presentation software, and a new "Paint 3D" application allows edits in 3D simulations.
  • How to add new drives to a VirtualBox virtual machine (2016-10-26 16:04:35)
    Follow these simple steps on adding a new virtual drive to your VirtualBox VMs.
  • Apple prepares AirPod owners for the future by delaying shipping for weeks (2016-10-26 16:04:08)
    With Apple steadily inching towards a future where wires are superfluous, the company in early September announced a new pair of wireless headphones called AirPods. For anyone bemoaning the demise of the 3.5mm headphone jack or wired technology in general, AirPods represent Apple's high-tech solution to such complaints. Priced at $159, Apple's AirPods were initially slated to launch sometime in late October. That said, Apple observers were expecting the company to fill us in on the launch details during tomorrow's Mac-themed media event. But as it turns out, anyone who was planning to get their hands on Apple's AirPods this month will have to wait a little bit longer. DON'T MISS:  This is going to be the first problem that 2016 MacBook Pro buyers need to fix Earlier today, Apple confirmed via a statement to TechCrunch that the AirPods launch is being delayed so that Apple can work out a few kinks. "The early response to AirPods has been incredible," an Apple spokesperson said. "We don’t believe in shipping a product before it’s ready, and we need a little more time before AirPods are ready for our customers." All in all, this is a pretty big bummer. I wasn't planning on purchasing a pair but I was eager to try them out and see what the hype was about. Additionally, Apple's AirPods are jam packed with all sorts of interesting and advanced technologies. As a quick example, each AirPod comes with an optical sensor that will only allow audio playback when the device is properly positioned in one's ear. What's more, a built-in accelerometer can detect when a user is speaking and, in turn, can filter out external noise focus more closely on transmitting the sound of the wearer's voice. At the very least, hopefully Apple will provide some sort of launch update tomorrow during its special Mac event.
  • The Auxillite is the best-looking iPhone 7 headphone dongle so far (2016-10-26 16:00:03)
    While Apple includes a free 3.5mm-to-Lightning adapter with every iPhone 7, there’s been an onrush of alternative solutions that hope to replace Apple’s dongle with different designs and restore the ever important option to charge your iPhone and listen to music at the same time. The Auxillite is another crowdfunded adapter that hopes to make up for Apple’s 3.5mm omission by adding a Lightning port and headphone jack to the iPhone 7. It takes a different approach to most of the other solutions we’ve seen so far, by positioning the headphone and second Lightning port perpendicularly to the iPhone's charging port, allowing for a much slimmer profile on the bottom of the phone.
  • Apple delays AirPods launch (2016-10-26 15:57:44)
    Apple is delaying the launch of its first pair of wireless headphones, the AirPods, which were supposed to come out sometime this month. Apple sent out preproduction AirPods units for various reviewers to test out alongside the iPhone 7. Apple delaying products is pretty rare, but it's happened a few times in recent memory.
  • Astronomers capture birth of triple-star system (2016-10-26 15:56:27)
    Researchers have been extra curious about how binary and multiple stars form together, since these types of systems are abundant throughout the galaxy. "If you pick a random star in the sky, there’s a 50 percent chance it’s binary," study author John Tobin, an astrophysics professor at the University of Oklahoma, tells The Verge. It’s thought there are two main ways that multiple stars end up together.
  • You probably won’t get eye herpes from a VR headset (2016-10-26 15:51:19)
    At public events like conventions, strapping a virtual reality headset onto your face can feel uncomfortably intimate. “Ocular herpes is going around VR headsets, ones that are used to share with people,” wrote an unnamed developer, according to logs posted by YouTube game streamer Drift0r. The news confirmed people’s worst fears about sharing headsets, and it lengthened an already-long list of VR health concerns, from the undeniable (motion sickness) to the fanciful (forgetting reality.) But if a VR developer did end up with ocular herpes, they probably didn’t get it from a headset.
  • The Latest: Man pleads not guilty in hospital computer hack (2016-10-26 15:37:39)
    The Latest on a man who acknowledges launching a computer network attack against Boston Children's Hospital (all times local): 2:55 p.m. A Massachusetts man charged in a 2014 computer network attack against ...
  • Microsoft's Surface Studio could change how you think about Windows (2016-10-26 15:37:29)
    Microsoft’s biggest product announcement at its Windows 10 event this morning was the Surface Studio, an all-in-one iMac-lookalike that breaks from tradition by folding down into a tilted canvas. On deeper inspection, it’s clear that Microsoft has a grander ambitions for its convertible desktop. The company wants to reorient how consumers think about the PC, from a stodgy platform for office work and games into an art station capable of striking at the heart of Apple’s creative demographic.
  • Microsoft aims at Apple with high-end PCs, 3D software (2016-10-26 15:36:54)
    The US tech giant announced its first desktop computer, called Surface Studio, a $3,000 high-end "all-in-one" device that aims at creative professionals, a segment dominated by Apple. "We're creating a new category that transforms your desk into a creative studio," Microsoft chief executive Satya Nadella said at the unveiling in New York. With a large, 28-inch (71-centimeter) hinged touchscreen display touted as "the thinnest desktop monitor ever created," Surface Studio adds to the Microsoft lineup of tablet and laptop devices for the premium segment.
  • Can we stop connected gadgets from taking down the internet? (2016-10-26 15:30:06)
    Late last week, 100,000 compromised connected gadgets helped anonymous attackers launch a massive and sustained DDoS attack. Malware called Mirai took control of the devices to direct large amounts of traffic, potentially as much as 1.2 Tbps, at Dyn, a DNS service provider that routes traffic requests to multiple major websites, including Twitter, Amazon, and Netflix. Security researchers have warned for years about an attack of this magnitude as more gadgets come online and become obvious targets for hackers.
  • 176 original emoji will become part of the Museum of Modern Art’s collection (2016-10-26 15:21:45)
    New York City’s Museum of Modern Art has added the world’s first emoji set to its permanent collection, The New York Times reports. For the most part, these early emoji, designed by Shigetaka Kurita, look completely unrelated to the 2,000 standardized emoji you can choose from today. Looking at them it’s difficult to conceptualize how emoji eventually became a crucial part of mobile communication, and how we got to the point where we are now — iOS 10 actively suggests emoji replacements for words based on what it thinks you’re typing.
  • Like Microsoft and the 1990s, 3D graphics are cool again (2016-10-26 15:20:04)
    Microsoft’s insistence that 3D is something new and futuristic aside — 3D graphics have been around for decades and will forever be associated in my mind with terrible '90s web art — Microsoft executives actually made a convincing case that they would be able to breathe new life into a form that never quite caught on with the masses. Along with Microsoft Paint 3D, the company showed off a way to easily scan a real-world object with a phone so that it could become a 3D file you can manipulate with software. It linked 3D objects to its flagship piece of futurism, the Microsoft HoloLens, which makes sharing and interacting with 3D objects a lot more compelling than viewing them on a two-dimensional screen.
  • The iPhone 7 Plus Portrait Mode keeps screwing up (2016-10-26 15:14:32)
    iOS 10.1 is here, and along with it the iPhone 7 Plus's much-vaunted Portrait mode. It uses the dual cameras to blur the background in certain photos, resulting in a "bokeh-like" effect that replicates the results of a top-quality DSLR. But the iPhone 7 Plus is not a DSLR, and Portrait mode is just clever software. Sometimes, that software messes up. And when it does, the results are something to behold. DON'T MISS:  The 7 biggest announcements from Microsoft’s October event Since the update launched, users have been posting their sample photos of the iPhone 7 Plus Portrait mode all over the internet. While some of them are fantastic , there's an equal sampling of terrible results that don't look anything like reality. The problem comes from how the iPhone 7 Plus uses its two cameras to create the "bokeh" effect. Using both cameras and some clever software, the iPhone can roughly work out how close or far away everything in shot is. It then decides what object should be in focus, and artificially blurs the rest. It generally (but not always) works with human heads, which is the focus of this Portrait mode. But when you try and use it as a macro mode, things go badly. As you can see in the image above, the iPhone decided the two guns were not part of the figurine, and blurred them into obscurity. The same thing happens here, where the iPhone arbitrarily decides to cut off the tips of those leaves. Once you start looking really close at the 7 Plus's Portrait photos, you can see it more and more. It's like looking at a good Photoshop job: most of the picture looks perfect, but if you pixel-peep around the edges of whatever's in focus, you can catch a few errant edges or hairs that have been incorrectly blurred. Image: Nobuyuki Hayashi/Flickr Sometimes, the screwups are more obvious. This photo from a Flickr user looks great at first glance, but then you notice that the entire top of the glass has been bokehed. When it's not dealing with faces, the AI is not great at deciding what should be in focus. This isn't to say that the Portrait mode is junk. For most of the things that users will be shooting -- people and dogs , let's be honest -- it provides a great effect that adds to a photo. You just have to understand the limitations of the camera, and turn off portrait mode when you're shooting anything complicated that the phone is going to struggle with.  
  • A Twitter election: A look at some memorable hashtags (2016-10-26 15:14:27)
    The 2016 presidential campaign has played out on Twitter as much as it has on TV, in convention halls and diners, rallies and watercoolers across the country. There were, of course, memorable tweets, such ...
  • Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner is developing an anthology series for Amazon (2016-10-26 15:05:20)
    Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner has found his next TV project. Deadline reports that the writer-producer has inked a $70 million deal with Amazon and The Weinstein Company to create a new series for streaming audiences. Not much is known about the currently untitled project, but sources tell Deadline that Weiner plans on setting his story in the present day in multiple locations around the world.
  • The iPhone 7 headphone adapter you’ve been waiting for was just suspended by Kickstarter (2016-10-26 14:39:45)
    After Apple made the "courageous" decision to remove the 3.5mm headphone jack from the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, countless customers began to wonder how they would charge their phones while listening to music. Several entrepreneurs heard their pleas, and thus a wave of Kickstarter projects were born. iLDOCK was one of the first and most popular , promising a small, discreet dongle with a Lightning port and a headphone jack built in. The project smashed its $5,000 goal within 24 hours, but with just days left until funding was expected to come to a close, the project has been suspended and everyone has been refunded. DON'T MISS:  iPhone 7 vs. Pixel real-world speed test: The showdown we’ve been waiting for The suspension of the project was brought to our attention by a Reddit thread , where user NikeSwish shared the email he received from Kickstarter: We were highly skeptical of the project to begin with, given the exceptionally low price of the device itself ($10 for a single dongle) and the aggressive release date (estimated delivery of November 2016), and it appears we had reason to be. Three days before the end of the campaign, the creators provided an update, celebrating the fact that the project had reached $200,000 and announcing that small batch testing of the units had already begun in preparation for launch. It's still unclear exactly which of the rules were broken by the iLDOCK team, but if this was the dongle you were planning to pick up for your iPhone 7, you might want to start looking elsewhere . We'll likely never know precisely why the campaign was suspended anyway, as Kickstarter has a policy not to offer comment on projects that are suspended after breaking the rules.
  • Verizon warily staying with deal to buy Yahoo (2016-10-26 14:39:41)
    A Verizon executive overseeing the deal to buy Yahoo said Wednesday the deal was moving ahead pending the outcome of an investigation into an epic hack. Verizon expected that within 60 days it would have the "outcome" of how the massive breach at Yahoo will affect, if at all, the $4.8 billion purchase of the struggling internet pioneer by the US telecom titan. "We are not going to jump off a cliff blindly, but strategically the deal still does make sense to us," Verizon executive vice president of product and new business innovation Marni Walden said at a WSJD Live technology conference in California.
  • Microsoft Surface Studio: An all-in-one PC aiming to steal Apple's design crown (2016-10-26 14:38:00)
    Microsoft unveils a PC aimed at professional designers, a machine with what it says is the 'world's thinnest LCD monitor'.
  • This is going to be the first problem that 2016 MacBook Pro buyers need to fix (2016-10-26 14:37:24)
    Apple leaked its upcoming 2016 MacBook Pro design in a macOS beta release that preceded its October Mac event by a few days. In the process, it confirmed the most notable change coming to the new MacBook Pro generation: the laptop is getting a touch-based secondary display that will offer app shortcuts and a Touch ID fingerprint scanner. However, the change also brings over an unexpected problem that early buyers will have to fix. DON’T MISS:  iPhone 7 vs. Pixel real-world speed test: The showdown we’ve been waiting for By removing the top row of keys, Apple is also eliminating the escape key, one of the most commonly used keys on the keyboard. Sure, a shortcut for it might be found in the same position on the OLED Magic Toolbar. But if that isn't enough, then you should know you can fix it. You’ll simply have to assign the escape shortcut to a different key, and macOS Sierra lets you do that. Apple included in macOS 10.12.1 the option to remap the escape key to a different key, 9to5Mac reports . You’ll have to head to System Preferences , then Keyboard , and then Modifier Keys . Then you’ll have to select escape key from the drop-down box next to the hardware key you want to assign it to. Once that’s done, you’ll have a dedicated escape key again if the Magic Toolbar doesn't satisfy your needs. macOS 10.12.1 will likely be rolled out once the 2016 MacBook Pro is available for sale. Apple’s 2016 MacBook announcement is scheduled for October 27th, at which point we’ll find out more details about Apple’s highly anticipated MacBook Pro redesign.
  • Why tech startups are thriving outside Silicon Valley (2016-10-26 14:30:00)
    As Silicon Valley becomes increasingly expensive and saturated, entrepreneurs are looking to settle elsewhere. Here's how a couple of Midwest startups built successful companies in an unconventional spot.
  • Privacy group launches legal challenge against EU-U.S. data pact: sources (2016-10-26 14:29:09)
    By Julia Fioretti and Dustin Volz BRUSSELS/WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A widely expected legal challenge has been filed by an Irish privacy advocacy group to an EU-U.S. commercial data transfer pact underpinning billions of dollars of trade in digital services just two months after it came into force, sources said. The EU-U.S. Privacy Shield was agreed earlier this year after the European Union's highest court struck down the previous such framework for transferring Europeans' private data to the United States on concerns about intrusive U.S. surveillance. Digital Rights Ireland has challenged the adoption of the "Privacy Shield" by the EU executive - which negotiated the pact with Washington - in front of the second-highest EU court, arguing it does not contain adequate privacy protections, several people familiar with the matter said on Wednesday.
  • Microsoft's awesome ergonomic keyboard finally works over Bluetooth (2016-10-26 14:20:47)
    Today, Microsoft introduced a successor to the three-year-old Sculpt model: the Surface Ergonomic Keyboard. Using the Sculpt required wasting a USB port and plugging in a dongle, but the Surface Ergonomic Keyboard uses Bluetooth. With the Sculpt, Microsoft included a separate, also-wireless number pad that you could either position next to the keyboard and use — or toss in a drawer somewhere.
  • Microsoft’s new Surface Book looks very much like the old one (2016-10-26 14:14:40)
    Microsoft surprised everyone with a refresh of its Surface Book today, but it's not a design overhaul at all. At an event in New York City this morning, I got a chance to get a closer look at the new Surface Book, and it looks very much like the same model from last year. Microsoft's big reason for refreshing the Surface Book is to give it more battery life and an Nvidia GeForce GTX 965M GPU.
  • Pokemon Go Halloween event kicks off with some unannounced surprises (2016-10-26 14:14:33)
    We're still a few days away from celebrating Halloween in the real world, but the holiday event has already begun in Pokemon Go . As Niantic revealed on Monday , Pokemon Go will be extra spooky (and extra generous) from October 26th through November 1st, offering double candy rewards and increased Ghost Pokemon sightings. But now that the event is live, trainers are discovered a few secrets that weren't announced by Niantic in the original post on Monday. FROM EARLIER:  Daily quests are coming to Pokemon Go Along with the seven Pokemon that Niantic said would appear more often during the event (Gastly, Haunter, Gengar, Zubat, Golbat, Drowzee and Hypno), trainers are also seeing an increased number of Cubones, Marowaks and Meowths, bumping the number of frequent spawns from seven to ten. Along with the bonus Pokemon, Niantic has also updated the loading screen to get trainers into the Halloween spirit. It's a minor addition, but a welcome one: Finally, the folks over at The Silph Road community have confirmed that although catches, transfers and hatches will net you double the candy, evolving a Pokemon does not. Also, while lures and incense will attract Halloween Pokemon more frequently, regular Pokemon still spawn at their nests. We'll be keeping an eye out for any other unannounced changes, but for now, get out there are catch some spooky Pokemon. And if you need any help finding them, you can always load up the recently resurrected FastPokeMap tracker .
  • Watch Microsoft's Surface PC event in under 9 minutes (2016-10-26 14:03:45)
    Microsoft just spent a full two hours presenting the future of Windows 10 and its Surface line on stage in New York City. And it wasn't exactly padding out that time — aside from a lengthy demo of Paint (something I think no one expected in 2016), Microsoft really did have a lot to cover. You can read our roundup right here, and above, you can watch our trimmed down cut of the two-hour event, which puts it all into a much snappier eight-and-a-half minute presentation. When you're done, you can check out our hands on with the new Surface Studio right here.
  • El gigantesco ZTE ZMax Pro llega a T-Mobile por US$180 (2016-10-26 13:39:31)
    El teléfono de 6 pulgadas ya está a la venta a partir de este miércoles. ZTE lanzó el ZMax Pro en agosto con MetroPCS.
  • Scientists dispel the HIV Patient Zero myth (2016-10-26 13:37:08)
    The HIV virus entered the United States around 1971, a decade before AIDS was recognized as a disease, new research confirms. The new study dispels the "Patient Zero" myth that a handsome, sexually active flight attendant named Gaétan Dugas knowingly spread the virus to North America in the late 1970s. "In the context of the origins and evolutionary history of HIV-1, this is the last piece in the puzzle," says Beatrice Hahn, an expert on HIV evolution at the University of Pennsylvania who was not involved in the research.
  • The eight biggest announcements from today’s Microsoft event (2016-10-26 13:32:28)
    Microsoft wants artists and content creators to want its products. The company unveiled multiple creative-minded products at its keynote today, including a major Windows 10 upgrade called the “Creators Update” and a gorgeous PC called the Surface Studio. It has 80 custom parts in its arm alone! Most of today's announcements were about advancing into the future, but Microsoft also stayed true to its roots with an update to Paint.
  • The 8 biggest announcements from today's Microsoft event (2016-10-26 13:32:28)
    Microsoft wants artists and content creators to want its products. The company unveiled multiple creative-minded products at its keynote today, including a major Windows 10 upgrade called the “Creators Update” and a gorgeous PC called the Surface Studio. It has 80 custom parts in its arm alone! Most of today's announcements were about advancing into the future, but Microsoft also stayed true to its roots with an update to Paint.
  • New York's MoMA acquires original set of emojis (2016-10-26 13:31:01)
    Back in the day, before cars could drive themselves and phones could send stickers and animations, a Japanese phone company released a set of 176 emojis. The year was 1999 and the tiny 12-by-12 pixel designs ...
  • How Microsoft’s iMac copy compares to the Apple original (2016-10-26 13:28:32)
    Microsoft just announced the Surface Studio , an all-in-one desktop computer aimed squarely at creative designers and professionals. Stop me if you've heard this one before. Of course, we can't talk about the Studio without mentioning the iMac, Apple's all-in-one that Microsoft is clearly challenging. The two machines are clearly similar, but once you dig down, there's all sorts of differences to examine. DON'T MISS:  The 7 biggest announcements from Microsoft’s October event Screen The biggest selling point on both these devices is the screen. We're going to focus on the 27-inch 5K iMac, since it's the closest competitor to the Studio. Apple's computer has 5,120 x 2,880 pixels across 27 inches, which means 217 pixels per inch. Microsoft's screen is 4,500 x 3,000 pixels across 28 inches, so a PPI of 192. It's not a big difference, and you probably won't notice it unless your pixel-peeping real hard. More important is the color accuracy, and we're going to have to wait for real-world comparisons to declare a winner. On the surface, both look pretty similar. Both machines have support for sRGB and DCI-P3 color profiles, promise great color fidelity, and can be switched easily. While neither display is going to replace a $5,000 monitor for movie or photo production work, both are probably just fine for the vast majority of real-world use. Overall, it looks like a tie between both screens in terms of resolution and color accuracy. Of course, there's the matter of the Studio's touch capabilities, but we'll look at that below. Design Microsoft made a big deal out of the design choices they've made to make the Studio more flexible. While the iMac has a thin base, relatively thick screen and crams the components in behind, Microsoft chose to made a big base that contains all the guts. This means the screen of the Studio is far thinner -- 12mm throughout -- than the iMac, but has a bigger base. While the iMac's screen is at a fixed height and only tilts, the Studio has a fancy hinge that allows you to convert it into a drawing tablet. Microsoft calls it a "zero-gravity hinge," because it apparently requires zero effort to move. You could accuse the Studio of being a clunkier design because of the boxy base, but the functionality to swivel the screen down to desk height and draw is unbeatable. This round goes to Microsoft. Performance The top-end Studio packs a desktop Core i7, 32GB of RAM, hybrid 2TB SSD/HDD, and discrete GTX 980M inside. Those are top-end PC specs, although the inclusion of a 980M is a little disappointing. That's Nvidia's last-gen mobile graphics card, and it can be handily outclassed by any of Nvidia's new 1000-series graphics cards. Companies are making (admittedly huge) laptops with GTX 1080 cards, so the older graphics card (which, of course, can't be upgraded) is a real let-down for a computer that costs this much, and is meant to be made for serious graphic design professionals. Of course, the iMac isn't much better. The max specs are basically the same, but the best graphics card you can get is AMD's M395X with 4GB of GDDR5. On most benchmarks, the 980M handily outclasses the AMD card. That might all change, because Apple is expected to have an event tomorrow, and a spec bump for the iMac is easily possible. Overall, I'd hand the performance to Microsoft. There's no real difference between the base specs, but the slightly smaller resolution and faster graphics card should make things faster on the Studio. Watch this space, though. Input Devices On the iMac, you've got a keyboard and mouse. A  fancy  keyboard and mouse, to be fair, but still technology that hasn't really changed in 30 years. The Studio comes with as many input devices as I have limbs, however. There's the wireless keyboard and mouse you'd expect. Then, there's the fact that the 28-inch screen is touch-sensitive. Microsoft also includes a pen and a haptic-feedback Dial, so there's no shortage of input devices. The Surface Pen and Dial are probably the biggest reasons to buy the Studio. If the pen experience is anything like the Surface Book, there will be nearly zero latency and a good drawing experience. Microsoft spent the entire event talking about how good the Studio is for creative people, and provided Windows plays nice with all the new input device, this category is a wash for Microsoft. Price But here's the sticking point: the Studio starts at $3,000 for a model with a Core i5, 8GB of RAM, GTX 965M and a 1TB hard drive. The iMac has similar specs for $1,800. The gap between the two could nearly buy you Microsoft's entry-level Surface Book, or a professional-grade Wacom graphics tablet. Things are a tiny bit better at a higher spec. The top-end Studio is $4,200, while the maxed-out iMac is $3,400. That's still a big gap, but the better graphics card goes some way to justify it. But whichever way you cut it, you're paying a big premium with the Studio for better graphics, a fancy hinge and a nice stylus. We'll have to wait and see if it's enough to drag the world's graphic designers to Windows.
  • Verizon executive says company needs more information about Yahoo hack (2016-10-26 13:21:05)
    (Reuters) - A Verizon executive said the acquisition of Yahoo still makes sense, but the telecommunications giant needs more information about the email provider's massive breach of accounts. Speaking at a tech conference hosted by the Wall Street Journal in Laguna Beach, California, Marni Walden, an executive vice president at Verizon, said Yahoo is investigating the 2014 data breach and that she hopes to resolve any questions related to the incident in 60 days.
  • How dare Microsoft change MS Paint, the endless source of lovable garbage art (2016-10-26 13:19:31)
    Suddenly, I felt intensely protective of classic MS Paint. The beauty of MS Paint is its limitations. MS Paint is how artists got their start painting on a computer for the first time, using just a mouse and imagination, and influenced entirely new styles of drawing.
  • Google is making it easier for anyone to design beautiful apps (2016-10-26 13:10:26)
    Google is launching a new suite of tools meant to make it easier for designers and app makers to collaborate. It’s partially an expansion of Google’s Material Design efforts, which launched two years ago as a way to rethink how software should be designed on touchscreens. It makes it easier for people to upload, share, and comment on designs.
  • Amtrak upgrades: High-speed proposals could affect 8 states (2016-10-26 13:05:07)
    Proposals by the Federal Railroad Administration to upgrade the high-speed rail corridor through the Northeast have raised concerns , and some enthusiasm, from residents in the eight states containing the route of Amtrak's Acela Express from Boston to Washington. After reviewing three major alternatives and a fourth option of doing nothing, the agency plans to release its recommendations later this year. The proposals attracting the most attention:
  • 9 paid iPhone apps on sale for free for a limited time (2016-10-26 13:03:06)
    Following yesterday's killer post, we're back with yet another list of the best paid iPhone and iPad apps on sale for free. We've got a terrific list for you today but like always, these sales could be over at any minute so be sure to hurry and grab anything that looks appealing right away. MUST WATCH:  iPhone 7 vs. Pixel real-world speed test: The showdown we’ve been waiting for These are paid iPhone and iPad apps that have been made available for free for a limited time by their developers. There is no way to tell how long they will be free. These sales could end an hour from now or a week from now — obviously, the only thing we can guarantee is that they were free at the time this post was written. If you click on a link and see a price listed next to an app instead of the word “get,” it is no longer free. The sale has ended. If you download the app, you will be charged. DropDetector Normally $0.99. Meet the Drop Detector - an application that can prevent the loss of your iPhone! IMMEDIATELY! at the drop site, using Signals! !Millions of phones are lost every year - the loss of the phone can happen at any time! When activated at the right moment, the application will save your iPhone! You can use several modes of instant alerts: – Melody sound of your choice, – Vibration, – Silent mode, as well as notifications with – Geolocation coordinates of the drop site of your iPhone right on your e-mail (notification of the whereabouts of the iPhone are sent after 20 seconds since the beginning of the notification). Activate the application when and where you think it’s needed. It's simple - try it! It is helpful and interesting! The application can be used also for other purposes (of course within the framework of the functionality of the application itself), it all depends on your needs and imagination. • • • • • • • • • • * In the silent mode alert only melody sound and geolocation will work - vibration doesn’t work in silent mode due to iOS specifications, so do not forget to turn the sound on (trigger on the left side of your iPhone); ** When choosing your music track from iPhone, this track will not appear in the list of standard due to iOS specifications - it is played at the notification; *** Geolocation usage drains your battery, but in our case we have made a minimum battery power consumption (go to Settings > Battery and check the battery usage of our app — it is minimal for background applications). - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Download DropDetector Braindoro "Schulte Table Game Unlock" in-app purchase normally $0.99, now free. Want to improve you mental calculation skills, peripheral vision? 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If played on regular basis you you can improve: - mental calculation (addition) - peripheral vision - speed reading skills - attention stability - visual perception - No matter how old you are you can still have fun playing it - Game Center integration, separate leaderboard for each game Download Braindoro Live Convert for iMessage Normally $1.99. 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  • A fast track to ruin? Amtrak opponents fear high-speed plans (2016-10-26 13:01:56)
    OLD LYME, Conn. (AP) — This quaint shoreline community, proud of its role as a nursery of American Impressionist art, fears the destruction of its heritage if a federal proposal to someday run an East Coast high-speed rail line through its historic center becomes reality.
  • Long-vanished German car brand joins electric race (2016-10-26 12:51:43)
    Cars bearing the stamp of once-defunct manufacturer Borgward will once again roll off an assembly line in north Germany from 2018, the firm said Wednesday. Managers at Borgward have picked Bremen as the site for a new factory that will assemble vehicles from components -- so-called "semi knocked-down" assembly -- shipped over from its main factory in China. After going bust in 1961, the marque lay dormant until being revived by Christian Borgward, grandson of the company founder, in 2015.
  • U.S. to secure guilty plea in case tied to JPMorgan hack probe (2016-10-26 12:39:29)
    By Nate Raymond NEW YORK (Reuters) - U.S. prosecutors are expected to obtain their second guilty plea in a case related to what they say was an illegal bitcoin exchange owned by an Israeli behind a series of hacking attacks on organizations such as JPMorgan Chase & Co. Prosecutors in a letter filed in Manhattan federal court said Michael Murgio of Florida will plead guilty on Thursday after being charged for participating in a scheme to pay bribes to let the bitcoin exchange's operators gain control of a credit union. Under a plea agreement, Murgio has agreed to plead guilty to a single count of making a false statement to the U.S. National Credit Union Administration, said Stuart Kaplan, his lawyer said on Wednesday. Murgio was added as a defendant in April in a case against others including his son Anthony Murgio, who prosecutors say operated the unlicensed bitcoin exchange,, and was involved in the bribe scheme.
  • Nikkei: Apple will release three different all-glass iPhone 8 models next year (2016-10-26 12:38:26)
    Apple’s "boring" iPhone 7 is a big success, even if the phone looks just like its predecessors. But Apple will come out with a new iPhone design next year, one that will bring with it several major changes. On top of the redesign, a new report now indicates that Apple will do one more thing differently next year: It’ll launch three different iPhone 8 models instead of two. DON’T MISS:  iPhone 7 vs. Pixel real-world speed test: The showdown we’ve been waiting for According to a report from Nikkei , Apple is working on three new glass iPhones that will feature 4.7-inch, 5-inch, and 5.5-inch displays. The phones will have glass faces, glass backs and a metal frame to hold everything together. This isn’t the first time we've heard Apple is going back to an all-glass design, but Nikkei offers more details. Apparently, Biel and Lens are going to make the glass backs for the iPhone 8 models. The iPhone 4S was the second (and last) iPhone to feature an all-glass design. "Apple has tentatively decided that all the 5.5-inch, 5-inch and 4.7-inch models will have glass backs, departing from metal casings adopted by current iPhones, and Biel and Lens are likely to be providing all the glass backs for the new iPhones next year," an unnamed source told Nikkei . Nikkei also reiterates that the 5.5-inch iPhone 8 model will have a curved display and an AMOLED screen, which is something the news agency first reported this past August. The other two handsets will apparently stick to LCD displays, just like the iPhone 7 series. Also, the news site says Yuanta Investment Consulting analyst Vincent Chen wrote in a note on October 20th that the iPhone 8 will feature wireless charging. Other expected iPhone 8 changes concern the front side of the handset, where Apple is expeced to remove the home button from the iPhone 8 and include the fingerprint sensor under the display.
  • Microsoft's Surface Studio is a stunning desktop computer (2016-10-26 12:37:21)
    Microsoft just announced the latest member of its Surface family, the Surface Studio. An all-in-one machine, the Studio is targeted toward creative professionals and has features and design traits that make creating artwork with the device easier. In addition, the Surface Studio works with Microsoft’s Surface Pen and the new Surface Dial, a puck-like device that can be rotated to control a variety of things.
  • Internet revenue now tops TV for Canada cable, telecom industry (2016-10-26 12:29:52)
    By Alastair Sharp TORONTO (Reuters) - Canadians for the first time are spending more on internet access than television subscriptions from the country's telecom and cable companies, the industry regulator said on Wednesday, citing soaring demand for streaming video and music services. Telecom and cable companies brought in a total of C$8.92 billion ($6.7 billion) in revenue from cable, satellite and Internet-enabled television subscriptions in 2015, while they collected C$9.81 billion from the supply of internet connections, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) said in its annual report on the industry. Appetite for music and video streaming and other data-intensive activities led to a 44 percent jump in wireless data usage in 2015 compared to 2014, and a 40 percent jump in the volume of data used in the home, the CRTC said.
  • The 7 biggest announcements from Microsoft’s October event (2016-10-26 12:13:03)
    Microsoft just wrapped up one of its biggest event of 2016, and it was packed full of new product announcements and more. There actually wasn't much buzz leading up to the event, all things considered, but that didn't stop Microsoft from over-delivering and showing off a number of new products that Windows users are all-too eager to check out ahead of the holiday season this year. Beyond new Surface hardware, we also saw some cool new accessories and even some software-related announcements on Wednesday. Did you miss the show? Don't worry, we've rounded up everything you need to know about every single big announcement from Microsoft's October event right here in this post. MUST SEE:  iPhone 7 vs. Pixel real-world speed test: The showdown we’ve been waiting for Windows 10 Creators Update Shipping in early 2017, Microsoft announced a fresh new Windows 10 that's aimed at improving mixed reality, gaming, and productivity solutions. Microsoft is putting a big emphasis on 3D features in the new Windows 10 update, using the tagline "3D is for everyone" to highlight the new features. Microsoft's new Paint 3D app makes it easy not just to create 3D content, but also to share 3D content. 2D images can be mixed with 3D images and a "magic select" tool lets users easily erase the background in photos to place people or objects into 3D backdrops. 3D features will also be worked into other Microsoft apps, such as PowerPoint, where 3D objects can easily be inserted and even manipulated. A new "Windows Capture 3D Experience" app lets people use a smartphone to quickly and easily scan an object in 3D. The 3D capture app will initially be available only on smartphones that run Windows, but Microsoft will launch the app for other platforms moving forward. There will also be a new site called Remix 3D with Microsoft-supplied 3D content and user-generated 3D content. 3D objects can be downloaded from the site and inserted into a project in Paint 3D. Perhaps most impressively, HoloLens can be used to explore all of your 3D creations in augmented reality. And yes, there are plenty of custom 3D emoji. Windows 10 Creators Edition is available as a beta beginning today, and the final build will be released for free in early 2017. New VR Headsets To go along with Microsoft's new Windows 10-enabled 3D experiences, Microsoft is partnering with hardware makers to launch next-generation VR headsets using a reference platform similar to Google Daydream. These will be standalone devices though, rather than enclosures that need smartphones to operate. Headsets will begin launching early next year starting at just $299, and they won't require special high-power PCs to work. Gaming Windows 10 Creators Update features a number of new features aimed at gamers, including an in-built game-streaming service called Beam that's based on tech Microsoft gained when it acquired the Seattle-based company by the same name. Beam includes a number of interactive features that put it on par with rival services like Twitch. When streams begin, Xbox Live sends a notification to a user's network so they can tune in from a PC, Xbox One or even on a smartphone. There's also a new Arena feature in the Xbox app that lets users create custom tournaments and challenges quickly and easily. New communications features in Windows 10 The Creators Update lets you drag any content onto a contact shortcut in the Windows toolbar to instantly share that content. Photos, videos, 3D objects and more can be shared in just seconds. Microsoft is also adding features to Windows that are similar to Apple's Continuity features in Mac and iOS. Messages are accessible across devices and even across apps, making it easy to communicate however you want on any device. Finally, Microsoft is adding "shoulder taps" to Windows 10 Creators Edition, which is a quick and simple lightweight messenger service built right into the Windows desktop. Surface Book Microsoft announced a brand new Surface Book with huge internal upgrades that begin with the latest-generation Intel Core i7 processor. It has more than 2x better graphics than last year's model and 3x better graphics than the highest-powered 13-inch MacBook Pro, according to Microsoft. Impressively, the new battery will last for as long as 16 hours on a single charge. Preorders will be made available today and the new Surface Book will begin shipping in November starting at $1,499. Find out more in this post . Surface Studio The star of the show today was Surface Studio, Microsoft's reimagining of the all-in-one PC. It features a 28-inch PixelSense touchscreen display (13.5 million pixels) in a forged aluminum enclosure with a 1.3mm LCD panel (the full display portion is 12.5mm thick). The screen features TrueColor technology that reproduces color more accurately than any other display, according to Microsoft, and it also displays certain objects like pages in Word at their actual size in real life. so an 8.5 x 11 piece page in Word actually measures 8.5 inches by 11 inches on the screen. Other key specs include a quad-core Intel Core i7 processor, integrated stereo speakers with Dolby sound, 3TB of storage and a stunning form factor unlike any other all-in-one. The screen can be laid almost flat, and an included stylus makes it an ideal work surface with pen friction that Microsoft says is almost exactly the same as a standard pen on paper. There's also a sensitive microphone that enables accurate voice control and dictation even from across the room. The Surface Studio will begin shipping next month starting at $3,000, and preorders will go live today. Learn more right here . Surface Dial A new peripheral that complements the Surface Studio (and other Surface devices) is the Surface Dial. The dial is a stand-alone scroll wheel that provides a new means of scrolling and controlling various functions in Windows. Touching the dial also opens an on-screen radial menu that provides quick access to key features. The Dial can also be placed on the screen when the Surface Studio is laid flat to interact with software, thanks to the Surface Studio's multi-touch interface. Surface Dial will be made available for preorder beginning today.
  • Titanfall 2’s new story mode is exactly what the series needed (2016-10-26 12:08:18)
    The original Titanfall was missing something. The 2014 multiplayer shooter managed to stand out among its contemporaries with its breakneck pace and weapons and levels that were designed to be more forgiving of new players. The multiplayer maps offered a glimpse into an intriguing sci-fi universe filled with towering robots, warring factions, and a Wild West slice of space known as the Frontier. What Titanfall lacked was true story mode. You were never able to really interact with that universe in a satisfying or meaningful way. ...
  • Auto industry cyber security group hires Boeing veteran (2016-10-26 12:03:45)
    (Reuters) - The organization that automakers in the United States created to cope with cyber security threats said on Wednesday it has hired a former Boeing Co executive as its leader. Faye Francy, who most recently was head of the aviation industry's cyber security clearinghouse, known as the Aviation-ISAC, will take over the Automotive Information Sharing and Analysis Center, or Auto-ISAC. Automakers use the Auto-ISAC to share certain information about cyber security threats and countermeasures without compromising competitive information.
  • Somebody just smashed Donald Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fame star with a sledgehammer (2016-10-26 12:02:34)
    Donald Trump is nothing if not controversial. During the course of his unlikely and bizarrely successful run for President during this election cycle, Trump has eviscerated anyone and anything that dared stand in his way or even lightly criticize him. Comically, The New York Times earlier this week published a complete list of the "218 people, places and things Donald Trump gas insulted on Twitter." Needless to say, Trump is an equal opportunity offender quick to insult people and things as varied as Super Bowl 50 and T-Mobile's service. DON'T MISS:  Now Galaxy S7 edge phones are exploding, but don’t freak out just yet Suffice it to say, Trump has made no shortage of enemies during his campaign for the presidency, which is why it may not come as much of a surprise that Trump's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame was recently vandalized with a sledgehammer. Now I know what you're all thinking: Trump has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame? It's a fair question, and, as it turns out, his star dates back to 2007 and was given to him in light of his work on NBC's hit show The Apprentice . Originally reported by our sister site Deadline , Trump's star was utterly smashed. And in a scene that reads straight out of a Hollywood movie, the vandal was dressed up as a city construction worker and got busy with a sledgehammer and a pick-ax. Speaking to Deadline, the man said his name was Jamie Otis. He said he originally intended to remove Trump’s star completely to auction it off next month in New York to raise funds for the women who have recently come forward to accuse Trump of sexually assaulting them over the decades. In the past few months, 11 women have claimed the GOP POTUS candidate groped or otherwise attempt to get intimate with them. At a rally earlier this week, Trump told supporters the accusers were not telling the truth and that he would sue them after the November 8 election. As for the star itself, it was smashed to bits, but not completely removed. And so, the craziest election year in U.S. history rages on.
  • A Shipment Worthy of the World’s First Autonomous Truck: 51,744 Beers (2016-10-26 11:56:23)
    The autonomous trucking service Otto made the world's first truck delivery sans driver. The cargo? 51,744 cans of Budweiser beer. We'll drink to that.
  • Hackers: emails show ties between Kremlin, Ukraine rebels (2016-10-26 11:54:28)
    MOSCOW (AP) — A group of Ukrainian hackers has released thousands of emails from an account used by a senior Kremlin official that appear to show close financial and political ties between Moscow and separatist rebels in Eastern Ukraine.
  • The Surface Dial is a crazy puck that controls Microsoft's new PC (2016-10-26 11:47:01)
    Microsoft just announced an all-in-one PC called Surface Studio and alongside it a strange new accessory called the Surface Dial. When the Dial is placed on the Studio's screen, a radial menu pops up all around it.
  • This tiny Lightning cable adds 64GB of storage to your iPhone (2016-10-26 11:45:29)
    Imagine having one single device that would ensure you're always able to charge your iPhone AND that adds up to 64GB of extra storage to your device. Stop imagining because the OLALA iDisk Mobile Expandsion Memory Cable does just that. This Apple MFi certified accessory looks like any other tiny Lightning cable, but it actually hides a built-in flash drive with either 32GB or 64GB of storage. And best of all, both models are on sale right now on Amazon. Some key details: High speed in write/read transfer Rate, Free up space on your smartphone for photos, videos, music and more. Easily transfer content between iPhone, iPad,iPod,tablets and computers. Plug and Play: No need to install any software, just plug it into the USB port of computer or other devices, and use it! The USB Flash Drive is compatible with Microsoft Win10/Win8/Win7/Vista/ Win XP and Mac OS 10.X Light-weight: Our Lightning OTG USB Flash Drive is very tiny and light, very convenient to carry on the go. This lightning OTG USB Flash Stick is 6 inch long, and can also be used as a charging cord.If you left your charging cable at your home or somewhere, then you can use this instead. High Quality: our OTG iPhone USB Flash Stick have 1 year's warranty. To buy it for your friends or family as a gift is a good choice. Let's buy it with confidence NOW. The OLALA iDisk Mobile Expandsion Memory Cable costs $49.99 for the 32GB version , or you can upgrade to the 64GB model for $65.99.
  • Microsoft announces 3D features for new Windows update (2016-10-26 11:29:05)
    By Jeffrey Dastin NEW YORK (Reuters) - Microsoft Corp on Wednesday announced a free update to its Windows operating system that lets users take photos and edit content in three dimensions, in a bid to raise excitement for its declining computing business. The Windows 10 Creators Update, coming in early 2017, lets users on mobile devices take three-dimensional photos by scanning an object as they walk around it. It also allows for 3D graphics in Microsoft's popular PowerPoint presentation software, and a new "Paint 3D" application lets people edit photos and other designs in three dimensions.
  • Black Mirror’s episode Shut Up and Dance is hacking torture-porn (2016-10-26 11:24:47)
    The third season of Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror, a Twilight Zone-esque anthology TV series about technological anxieties and possible futures, was released on Netflix on October 21st. Episode 1 and 2 are here.
  • Microsoft Surface Studio PC announced for $2,999, coming this holiday (2016-10-26 11:20:04)
    Microsoft's Surface family has officially expanded to include the desktop. The company just announced the Surface Studio at today's event in New York City. Pre-orders begin today, and the Studio will also be showcased in Microsoft retail stores ahead of its release.
  • Microsoft announces upgraded Surface Book with 16-hour battery life, for $2,399 (2016-10-26 11:18:25)
    Microsoft just showed off an updated version of its Surface Book laptop that comes with 30 percent more battery life and double the graphics performance of the most powerful Surface Book currently available. Microsoft says the updated Surface Book is the most powerful version it's ever produced, featuring latest Intel i7 processor, a redesigned thermal system an additional fan to keep those processors running at full strength, 1.9 teraflops of graphics performance, and 16 hours of battery life. All of those improvements are shoved into the existing Surface Book frame, which was announced one year ago to the day.
  • T-Mobile just leaked a Windows 10 VR phone (2016-10-26 11:17:47)
    During Microsoft's Windows 10 event in New York City today, it looks like T-Mobile jumped the gun and posted the product page for a new Windows 10 smartphone designed for virtual reality. The device was released back in July running Android, and it was sold bundled with a low-cost VR headset similar to the Samsung Galaxy VR. It looks like Microsoft has teamed up with Alcatel to sell its own version of the Idol 4S running Windows 10 Mobile, while it seems customers still get the VR headset with the package.
  • Here are all the biggest features coming in the Windows 10 Creators Update (2016-10-26 11:15:46)
    Microsoft announced the next big update to Windows 10 at its Surface event today. As the name suggests, the focus for this update is creativity, with Microsoft grouping its new features into three main categories: 3D, gaming, and (rather broadly) people. Microsoft says it wants Windows 10 to be a home for not only virtual reality, but also augmented reality and holographic computing — aka the Hololens.
  • New data reveals early voting trends in key swing states (2016-10-26 11:12:07)
    As the presidential race enters its penultimate week, passionate early voters are hitting the polls. Big data firm L2 Political analyzed election trends from the most important swing states.
  • Windows 10 to bring 3-D to two-dimensional experiences (2016-10-26 11:07:05)
    Microsoft plans to bring three-dimensional tools to computing experiences long done in two dimensions as it eyes the needs of the next generation of users. The new tools are part of a free "Creators ...
  • Microsoft Corp announces 3D features for new Windows update (2016-10-26 11:06:59)
    By Jeffrey Dastin NEW YORK (Reuters) - Microsoft Corp on Wednesday announced a free update to its Windows operating system that lets users take photos and edit content in three dimensions, in a bid to raise excitement for its declining computing business. The Windows 10 Creators Update, coming in early 2017, lets users on mobile devices take three-dimensional photos by scanning an object as they walk around it. It also allows for 3D graphics in Microsoft's popular PowerPoint presentation software, and a new "Paint 3D" application lets people edit photos and other designs in three dimensions.
  • Microsoft is bringing player-created e-sports tournaments to Xbox Live next year (2016-10-26 11:06:23)
    Microsoft is expanding its Arena platform by letting players create their own competitive gaming tournaments. First launched in preview back in October, Arena is an e-sports platform that lets players compete in organized tournaments through Xbox Live. Previously Arena tournaments were organized by Microsoft, game developers, and e-sports organizations, but today's news means that eventually players will be able to start their own custom tournaments as well.
  • Google halts Fiber rollout in some U.S. cities (2016-10-26 10:59:09)
    (Reuters) - Alphabet Inc is halting the rollout of its much-talked about high-speed internet service, Google Fiber, in some cities in the United States. The company's Google Access division, which provides the service, said its chief executive, Craig Barratt, would step down but stay on as an adviser. Google had been expanding the service, which promises Internet speeds of up to 1,000 megabits per second, in several cities in the United States.
  • Xiaomi Mi Mix hands-on video shows off smartphones’ crazy edgeless future (2016-10-26 10:54:55)
    Xiaomi cut its teeth in the smartphone market by ripping off every single Apple product it could. In fact, the company went beyond copying Apple products and even copied Apple's marketing strategies. One time, the company hilariously had an executive in jeans and a black mock turtleneck unveil a smartphone at a virtual press conference. Seriously, that's how ridiculous Xiaomi was. The company still copies Apple products all the time, and it has now widened its reach to copy Samsung devices as well. But every so often the company gets out ahead of the curve, and such is the case with the gorgeous new Xiaomi Mi Mix, a practically edgeless smartphone with a display that occupies an insane 91.3% of the phone's face. MUST READ:  The difference between iPhone users and Android users Seriously, just look at this thing: A smartphone with that design felt like a distant dream on Monday, but it became a reality on Tuesday when Xiaomi unveiled the phone in China. The Mi Mix features a huge 6.4-inch display, a Snapdragon 821 chipset, up to 6GB of RAM, up to 256GB of storage, a 16-megapixel camera and a massive 4,400 mAh battery. But because the screen takes up so much of the phone's face, the overall size is barely larger than Apple's iPhone 7 Plus. We saw pictures of the phone when Xiaomi unveiled it on Tuesday, and it looked impressive to say the least. The photos are nothing compared to a hands-on video, though. Popular YouTuber MKBHD spent some quality time with the new Xiaomi Mi Mix, and his video does a great job of showing off just how impressive this new smartphone design really is. Both Samsung and Apple are expected to launch new flagship phones with displays that occupy far more of the phones' faces than they do now, but in the meantime, let's all drool over this stunning peak at the future of smartphone design. Of note, the Mi Mix will be released on November 4th starting under $515, but it will not be available in the United States.
  • Microsoft announces new VR headsets for Windows 10, starting at $299 (2016-10-26 10:51:31)
    Microsoft’s partners will ship a new line of virtual reality headsets to take advantage of Windows 10’s VR and holographic capabilities. At today’s event, Microsoft said that the headsets will start at $299 and will include inside-out tracking sensors, obviating the need for external cameras or laser systems like those on the current Oculus Rift or HTC Vive. HP, Dell, Lenovo, Asus, and Acer are all listed as partners.
  • How to tune Apache in seconds with (2016-10-26 10:45:35)
    Discover how to improve the performance of your Apache server configuration with the help of a must-use Perl script.
  • Microsoft’s AR future is buying chairs off the internet (2016-10-26 10:43:09)
    Microsoft announced its Hololens augmented reality goggles years ago, but we've never quite been told what Microsoft thinks it will be used for. Well, at the event today in NYC, Microsoft finally gave us an answer. Augmented reality and the Hololens kit will be a game-changer for buying furniture online. DON'T MISS:  iPhone 7 vs. Pixel real-world speed test: The showdown we’ve been waiting for On stage, Microsoft has been showing off a bunch of different Hololens demos. The most interesting was probably an integration with Houzz, an online renovation store. The demo showed off picking a chair off the website, and then pushing a 3D model into real life using Hololens. It lets you view furniture or decorations in your home before buying it, which could genuinely be useful if you're trying to buy important things online. Other demos included transporting people to a virtual world, or letting you use Hololens to design virtual objects in 3D. It ties in well with Microsoft's broader message for the next Windows update, which is all about creating or playing in 3D. There's also hope that this stuff is going to be cheap. Microsoft still hasn't announced a price or release date for Hololens, but it did say that the 3D accessories for Windows 10 (which presumably includes Hololens) start as cheaply as $300.
  • MTV Europe awards plans Facebook bot, virtual reality (2016-10-26 10:41:09)
    The MTV Europe Music Awards, seeking to reach a wide global audience, will feature a first-of-a-kind interactive bot on Facebook Messenger and a virtual reality edition, the network said Wednesday. The awards night, the international showcase for the music and youth channel, will take place on November 6 in the Dutch city of Rotterdam with performers to include Bruno Mars and Shawn Mendes. In what MTV described as a first-ever technology for any awards show, the gala will have its own interactive bot on Facebook Messenger.
  • How to create interactive PDFs with LibreOffice (2016-10-26 10:35:30)
    If you're looking for the simplest, cheapest route to interactive PDFs, Jack Wallen walks you through the steps of creating such documents with LibreOffice.
  • Microsoft Surface PC event: all the latest news (2016-10-26 10:32:10)
    Microsoft's big event has kicked off, and we're expecting some major news from the company. Keep your eyes peeled for a new Surface all-in-one PC, updates to Windows 10, and much more. Microsoft's Panos Panay is a veritable Santa Claus.
  • Microsoft’s new Paint 3D app will let you 3D print your Minecraft creations (2016-10-26 10:31:23)
    At an event in New York City today, Microsoft unveiled a radically updated version of its ubiquitous Paint app for Windows 10, one that lets users build three-dimensional creations. According to Microsoft, players will not only be able to export their in-game creations to the new Paint 3D tool, but then 3D print them from the app, so you can have a real live version of your previously digital creation. There are already a few third-party options that offer similar services, of course, but given the tight integration between Minecraft and Paint 3D, this should be the most streamlined way yet.
  • Galaxy S8 tipped to beat the iPhone 8 in the next-gen smartphone design race (2016-10-26 10:27:45)
    Multiple reports backed by various Apple patents have suggested that the iPhone of the future will kill the home button without ditching its features. And now that future is closer than ever , as the iPhone 8 is rumored to be the first iPhone to lose the iconic iPhone home button. However, Samsung is also pulling a similar move , and the Galaxy S8 that’s due at least six months before the iPhone 8 is already tipped to “steal” the exciting new iPhone feature. DON’T MISS: Now Galaxy S7 edge phones are exploding, but don’t freak out just yet The Galaxy S8 will be the first widely available smartphone in the world to feature an optical fingerprint sensor, SamMobile says , quoting unnamed sources in China. Samsung is also removing the home button from the next Galaxy S phone, these sources have said, which is a move that’s hardly surprising. Samsung’s home button also contains a fingerprint sensor that needs to be relocated, and the screen is the obvious choice. According to the report, the Galaxy S8’s fingerprint sensor will be placed under the display. SamMobile says that the sensor will be an optical scanner that should be more accurate and faster than the ultrasonic sensors. Apple already has patents that describe different means of integrating a fingerprint sensor into a sophisticated display. Apple can’t do without the Touch ID sensor on its phones, which is needed for encrypting (locking) the handset, signing into apps and services, and verifying Apple Pay transactions. Samsung has similar needs for its fingerprint sensor, which means it also needs to place it underneath the display in Galaxy phones that don't have a home button. Manufacturing this particular type of component is difficult, SamMobile notes, but yield problems may be overcome in time for the phone’s launch. Samsung is rumored to be planning a late-February launch for the Galaxy S8 next year, and the phone will supposedly be released less than a month later.
  • Stop trying to force students into STEM fields (2016-10-26 10:26:00)
    Before trumpeting STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education as the answer to economic woes, consider how many STEM jobs are actually available.
  • Audi just quit Le Mans to focus on Formula E (2016-10-26 10:24:47)
    Audi is shaking up its motorsports program in a big way. The German car manufacturer announced this morning that it will be leaving the FIA World Endurance Championship — one of the premiere racing series and home to the 24 Hours of Le Mans — and instead will focus on its growing involvement in Formula E, the all-electric racing series.
  • Microsoft announces Paint 3D, the biggest update ever to the classic app (2016-10-26 10:21:22)
    Microsoft is releasing a revamped and modernized Paint app for Windows 10 that makes creating in 3D easy. Users can take photos and turn portions of the photo into 3D objects, or turn a 2D doodle into a 3D image. All the 2D pens and pencils also work on any 3D object.
  • Apple slips as supply woes weigh on holiday sales forecast (2016-10-26 09:59:41)
    (Reuters) - Apple Inc's smaller-than-expected margin forecast sent the company's shares down nearly 4 percent on Wednesday and raised concerns about its ability to capitalize on high demand for its bigger screen phones that bring in more money. Apple on Tuesday forecast profit margins of 38.0-38.5 percent for the current quarter, below the average analyst estimate of 38.8 percent. Strong demand for the iPhone 7 Plus, which features two cameras, caught Apple off-guard, resulting in a supply crunch that is expected to affect holiday sales.
  • Google Fiber pivots: What it means for the future of gigabit internet (2016-10-26 09:40:32)
    In a recently published blog post, former Google Fiber CEO Craig Barratt said that he was stepping down, and plans for new Fiber cities would be put on hold. Here's what it means and why it matters.
  • Microsoft’s October event is about to start – watch live right here (2016-10-26 09:37:01)
    Apple's big Mac press conference on Thursday has been the talk of the town for the past week, but another major tech company is stealing the spotlight on Wednesday. Just one day ahead of Apple's new product announcements, which are expected to include a redesigned MacBook Pro with a revolutionary new secondary OLED touchscreen , Microsoft will take the stage in New York City to show off its latest and greatest Surface hardware. We're expecting plenty of action during today's big event, and the show is about to kick off. MUST SEE:  iPhone 7 vs. Pixel real-world speed test: The showdown we’ve been waiting for As we noted in our preview of Microsoft's October event , the company is expected to unveil a number of new devices on stage in Manhattan on Wednesday morning. Among the highlights are big updates to both the Surface Pro and Surface Book lines. The Surface Pro is Microsoft's hybrid tablet device that features a variety of magnetic covers to provide a laptop-like experience without the bulk. The device also has a built-in kickstand with an adjustable angle to make working on it as easy as possible. Then there's the Surface Book, which is Microsoft's ultra-thin Windows 10 laptop that's designed to compete with Apple's MacBook Air. Unlike most MacBook Air competitors though, the Surface Book sports a nifty, novel design instead of just blatantly copying Apple's laptop design. Also expected at the event are a new all-in-one Surface product that will compete with Apple's iMac and similar computers, as well as some new Windows 10 features and perhaps even HoloLens updates. The event is scheduled to begin at 10:00 AM EDT / 7:00 AM PDT, and you can watch live streaming video right here .
  • How to turn a Stormtrooper toy into a kid-sized Halloween costume (2016-10-26 09:32:16)
    A year ago, Jakks Pacific released a massive toy for part of their Force Awakens line: a 48-inch stormtrooper. When the toy was released, several costumers saw its potential. It took some leg-work to turn the toy into an outfit, but last fall, several builders made their own conversions.
  • iPhone 7 vs. Pixel real-world speed test: The showdown we’ve been waiting for (2016-10-26 09:14:44)
    The discontinuation of the Galaxy Note 7 means that Samsung is effectively out of the running this holiday season, since its most recent flagship smartphone is now about seven months old. That means if shoppers in the United States want a fresh new top-of-the-line smartphone this holiday season, they basically have four phones to choose from. In the Android camp, Google's new Pixel and Pixel XL are the cream of the crop, offering the latest and greatest version of Android powered by cutting-edge components that are stuffed into a sleek, though familiar housing. On the other side of the fence we have Apple's new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, which also pack powerful new components fitted into an all-too familiar case. Any one of these four flagship phones is a fantastic option, but there's nothing like a good old-fashioned showdown to see which premium smartphone is this year's speed champ. MUST READ:  The difference between iPhone users and Android users We shared a real-world speed test of sorts with you last week that showed a face-off between the Pixel and the iPhone 7 Plus, but it wasn't the comprehensive performance comparison we were waiting for. Now, YouTube user PhoneBuff has finally finished his testing and released a video that shows off the showdown we've been waiting for. In this test, the narrator looks to illustrate how each phone performs in the real world, where the bulk of our usage involves opening, closing and switching apps. It's not perfect or scientific, but it's a much better way than specs on paper to compare how these phone perform everyday tasks. PhoneBuff chose to pit the iPhone 7 Plus against Google's Pixel XL phablet, which some people will think is a good comparison and others will complain about. Both groups will make valid points: on one hand, the Pixel XL features a quad HD screen while the iPhone 7 Plus is only 1080p, which means Google's phone has far more pixels to power. On the other hand, this test compares real-world performance. These are the two best phablets in the world right now, and users want to know how they compare. So, how did these two supersized smartphones perform? Was Google's Pixel XL finally able to dethrone the reigning speed test king? We won't spoil the ending but we will say this: It's not even close. The full speed test video is embedded below, and the action starts at 1:35.
  • GrubHub quarterly revenue beats as orders increase (2016-10-26 09:09:29)
    (Reuters) - Online food order and delivery company GrubHub Inc reported a better-than-expected quarterly revenue, as more diners used its services to place orders. The company, which has a delivery network spread across 1,100 U.S. cities as well as London, also forecast revenue of $136 million-$138 million for the current quarter, largely above analysts' average estimate of $136.2 million, according to Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S. The number of active diners rose 19.5 percent to 7.7 million, the company said on Wednesday. ...
  • LG Chem to enter U.S. home battery market with Sunrun deal (2016-10-26 09:08:45)
    (Reuters) - LG Chem Ltd, the world's largest automotive battery maker, will enter the fledgling U.S. market for home energy storage through a partnership with rooftop solar company Sunrun Inc, the companies said on Wednesday. The move will put LG in direct competition with electric car maker Tesla Motors Inc, which unveiled its own home battery packs, called Powerwalls, last year. Sunrun has been using Tesla batteries in its home storage systems in Hawaii since earlier this year, and this deal will add LG to its list of suppliers.
  • Amazon's Alexa voice assistant arrives on Fire tablets (2016-10-26 09:03:15)
    Amazon's Fire tablets are getting the Alexa voice assistant. The previously announced feature will start rolling out to customers Wednesday. It's meant to complement what users get on other Alexa devices, ...
  • Google executives met Indonesian officials to negotiate tax bill: source (2016-10-26 09:01:16)
    By Gayatri Suroyo and Eveline Danubrata JAKARTA (Reuters) - Senior executives from the Asia Pacific headquarters of Alphabet Inc's Google met Indonesian tax officials on Wednesday to negotiate the internet search company's tax bill, a person with knowledge of the matter told Reuters. Indonesia plans to pursue Google for five years of back taxes, and the U.S. company could face a bill of more than $400 million for 2015 alone if it is found to have avoided payments, senior tax official Muhammad Haniv told Reuters last month. Google Indonesia has said it continues to cooperate with local authorities and has paid all applicable taxes.
  • Mossberg: The PC has become part of the furniture (2016-10-26 09:00:06)
    For a long, long time the PC was king. Whether it ran Windows, as most did, or was a premium-priced Mac, your desktop or laptop computer was your most cherished, most important digital device. For three decades, from roughly 1977 to 2007, people and companies gradually came to rely on PCs, by which I mean both major flavors of computers.When a new desktop or laptop came out, it was a big deal. When a new style or big feature or operating system came out, it was a huge deal. Plenty of people still around today can remember that many stores opened at midnight to sell Windows 95 when it ...
  • There’s now a light switch for Apple’s HomeKit (2016-10-26 09:00:05)
    Elgato is releasing the first in-wall light switch with support for Apple’s HomeKit. The device replaces a standard light switch and can be used to control either smart light bulbs or any normal bulbs that happen to be screwed into the outlets it controls. While a light switch isn’t necessarily the most exciting new product, this is a pretty meaningful addition to the HomeKit ecosystem.
  • Amazon's Alexa now works on tablets, but the best new feature involves an Echo speaker (2016-10-26 09:00:04)
    Last month Amazon said it would eventually allow its voice-controlled virtual assistant Alexa to work on mobile devices, provided those devices are tablets made by Amazon. Starting this week, Amazon is rolling out a free over-the-air software update that will install Alexa on Amazon's $49 Fire tablet, the Fire HD eight-inch tablet, and the Fire HD 10-inch tablet. Unlike Amazon's Echo speakers, which you can shout at from across the room (or even another room) to call up Alexa, you have to long press on the Fire tablet's virtual home button to launch Alexa.
  • Microsoft’s big event: What to expect, and how to watch (2016-10-26 08:49:25)
    Microsoft is doing a thing this morning! Specifically, at 10:00 AM Eastern, the company is hosting a big press conference in New York City, where we're expecting to hear about new hardware, exciting developments in augmented reality, and probably some stuff about Windows as well. The event will be live-streamed starting at 10AM on Microsoft's website , but while you're waiting, here's everything we're expecting to see (and a few things we aren't). MUST READ:  The difference between iPhone users and Android users New Surface hardware The most obvious reason for throwing an event tomorrow is to update the Surface Book and the Surface Pro 4, Microsoft's surprisingly popular line of convertible tablet laptops. Microsoft has refined the formula for the Surface Pro quite carefully by this point: a device that looks like a tablet, but with a built-in kickstand and keyboard cover that makes it work like a laptop. I wouldn't expect that to change much, but there are rumors that Microsoft is going to make the Pro tablet more oriented towards creative types, and the Book towards traditional users who want more of a laptop experience. Specifically, a new rotary-style control might be coming, called the "Surface Dial." It would be an add-on accessory to help artists draw strange and wonderful things with their Surface tablets. It would also help Microsoft keep artists using the Surface tablet, now that it's facing stronger competition from Apple's iPad Pro. As for the Pro and the Surface Book, some rumors are suggesting that we'll have to wait until spring for updates to the hardware. Even if we do see changes, it will likely just be a spec bump to Intel's Kaby Lake processors, with better performance and battery life the result. A Surface rival for the iMac The exciting new hardware could well be an all-in-one PC, because apparently it's 2007 all over again. We saw a Surface-branded keyboard make its way through the FCC  earlier this month, and other leaks have virtually confirmed that Microsoft is making a Surface-branded keyboard and mouse. Assuming that it's not throwing a launch event for an exciting new range of accessories, the logical conclusion (again, backed up by rumor) is that Microsoft is launching an all-in-one PC to rival the iMac. The name being thrown around is Surface Studio, as it's apparently catered towards graphic designers and creative individuals. New Windows features To go along with the new, pro-creative hardware, we can also expect a lot of the event to focus on changes to Windows software. In particular, we could see upgrades to the software to accommodate new accessories like the rumored Surface Dial, and other drawing tools from third-party manufacturers. No software demo would be acceptable these days without some mention of artificial intelligence either. Apple and Google have both shown off advancements to their AI systems in the past few months , and it's a good guess that Microsoft will have something to say about Cortana. Some rumors have suggested that we're also going to see a Microsoft-branded home hub/speaker, like the Amazon Echo, but with Cortana inside. If so, we haven't seen any hardware leaks thus far. It's also a less obvious move for Microsoft, which has yet to really get into the smart home game. But with Cortana currently just an under-used speech-to-text function on Windows laptops, it's the kind of semi-desperate move that's definitely possible. Hololens updates Going from the desperate back to the exciting, we could also see some updates from Hololens. It's been years since Microsoft first unveiled its Hololens augmented reality program, and we still don't have any idea of how it will really be used in the real world. Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Playstation VR are all now very much a reality, so some kind of update to Hololens is about due.
  • In China, some Apple users opt for iPhone makeover rather than buy new (2016-10-26 08:42:36)
    By Catherine Cadell BEIJING (Reuters) - Some Chinese iPhone owners are giving their old models a makeover to look like the latest iPhone 7, rather than buying new - a trend that could dent Apple Inc's efforts to boost sales in what has been its biggest growth driver. Online sites offer shoppers makeover kits, false cameras and even dust plugs to hide the removed headphone jack to give their iPhone 6 or 6S the appearance of the iPhone 7 - Apple's latest flagship product which launched last month. The makeover quirk mirrors a broader view among some Chinese users that the iPhone 7 doesn't have enough new features to convince them to trade up.
  • Commodity traders must go digital or face extinction: report (2016-10-26 08:33:13)
    As commodity margins flat-line, the number of traders will shrink as existing trading firms consolidate and digital rivals emerge, U.S. consultancy Oliver Wyman said in its annual commodity trading report. With the exception of oil and natural gas boosted by volatility last year, growth across commodities is plateauing with combined margins stuck at around $44 billion per year in 2014 and 2015, the report said. Wyman sees digitization as the game-changer in the next few years that will force independent traders such as Glencore, Trafigura and Vitol, as well as the trading arms at integrated oil companies like Shell and BP, to become ever more nimble and automate many of their activities.
  • Microsoft looks to reinvent the desktop PC (2016-10-26 08:30:03)
    Microsoft's Panos Panay is a veritable Santa Claus. Later today, Microsoft's Santa Claus is expected to deliver his latest gift: a Surface PC. Microsoft's Surface team has successfully refined the Surface Pro into a tablet and laptop hybrid that is inspiring other PC makers, including Google and Apple, into creating their own versions.
  • Ericsson names new CEO amid declining networks industry (2016-10-26 08:17:25)
    STOCKHOLM (AP) — Swedish mobile networks company Ericsson said Wednesday it has named longtime board member Borje Ekholm as its new CEO, in a bid to turn around the company amid a decline in the industry.
  • How to watch Microsoft’s Surface PC event: start time, live blog, and streaming (2016-10-26 08:00:03)
    Microsoft's Panos Panay is back in New York City, and he's pumped! Panay always gets pumped when something is about to go down, so we'll be there covering it all live. Microsoft is, of course, expected to introduce a new Surface all-in-one PC at an event in New York City this morning. If you're tuning in to see a Surface Pro 5, Surface Book 2, or Surface Phone then prepare yourself for disappointment, as Microsoft isn't likely to unveil any of those devices today.
  • Despite ratings drop, Olympics boosts Comcast in 3Q (2016-10-26 07:51:09)
    NEW YORK (AP) — Comcast's profit rose 12 percent in the July-September quarter thanks to the Olympics and the first third-quarter gains in video subscribers in a decade.
  • iPad sales hit a new 5-year low this past quarter (2016-10-26 07:45:08)
    Apple's iPad still can't seem to catch a break. For as much as some people may be inclined to explain away slumping iPad sales, the harsh reality is that Apple's iconic tablet has been floundering for many years now. Yesterday, Apple's earnings report revealed that year-over-year iPad sales dropped yet again during the September quarter, this time by 6%. That may not seem so bad in a quarter where Mac sales declined by 14%, but it's hard to ignore the fact that iPad sales have been trending downward for years with no end in sight. The numbers in this regard are rather telling. During the quarter gone by, Apple sold 9.26 million iPads. By way of comparison, Apple during its September 2013 quarter sold 14.08 million iPads. And during the September quarter in 2012, Apple sold 17.04 million iPads. Indeed, Apple's quarterly iPad sales are now lower than they've ever been in five years. MUST READ:  The difference between iPhone users and Android users Despite Tim Cook's claims to the contrary, something is clearly amiss with the iPad. Recall that Cook, back in late 2015, opined that Apple's iPad Pro would go on to replace sales of traditional Macs. “Yes, the iPad Pro is a replacement for a notebook or a desktop for many, many people," Cook said. "They will start using it and conclude they no longer need to use anything else, other than their phones." Cook has been championing this point of view for years now but the data simply doesn't seem to bolster such claims. If there's one bright spot to be found in Apple's latest earnings report, it's that year over year iPad revenue remained same amidst falling sales. The takeaway here is that Apple, at the very least, has been able to offset a decline in sales with more margin-friendly devices. Now to be fair, tablet sales are on the decline everywhere, so it's not as if Apple's iPad is uniquely failing. Still, with so many consecutive quarters of iPad sales on the decline, one can't help but conclude that the notion of the post-PC era was far too optimistic and that tablets may coexist alongside PCs but will never truly replace them.
  • Singapore telco StarHub hit by cyber attacks, internet connections disrupted (2016-10-26 07:38:14)
    By Aradhana Aravindan SINGAPORE (Reuters) - Singaporean telecoms service provider StarHub Ltd said intentional cyber attacks had caused internet connection disruption for some of its home broadband customers on Oct. 22 and Oct. 24. The attacks came from the machines of StarHub's own customers, the company said at a news conference, the Straits Times newspaper reported on Wednesday. "On those two occasions, subscribers' bug-infected machines turned into zombie machines that repeatedly sent queries to StarHub's DNS, overwhelming it," the newspaper said.
  • First Click: I hate being an early adopter (2016-10-26 07:30:03)
    Hello, my name is Thomas Ricker and I am an early adopter. Weekends with dad meant spending a lot of time sifting through bins of resistors and capacitors at the local Radio Shack. It also meant growing up with the first home gaming console (Pong), the first handheld scientific calculator (the HP-35), and one of the first mass-produced home computers (the Apple ][).
  • Nintendo cuts profit forecast as strong yen overwhelms Pokemon (2016-10-26 07:15:09)
    By Makiko Yamazaki OSAKA, Japan (Reuters) - Japanese videogames maker Nintendo Co cut its annual profit outlook by a third on Wednesday as a strong yen erodes income earned overseas and overwhelms an earnings bounce from its surprise hit smartphone game Pokemon GO. The popularity of Pokemon GO sparked expectations of an earnings renaissance at Nintendo. Nintendo profits from Pokemon GO through investments in Pokemon Co and Niantic Inc. Nintendo's president, Tatsumi Kimishima said earnings from affiliates over April-September was 12 billion yen ($115 million), mostly from Pokemon-related businesses.
  • Delta's new app lets you track your bag from airplane to airport (2016-10-26 07:10:36)
    Earlier this year, Delta introduced new RFID luggages tags to let airports and passengers more accurately track and identify bags. "From the moment our customers drop off their bag, we want them to know we’re looking out for it every step of the way and working to take the stress out of flying," said Delta's SVP of airline operations Bill Lentsch in a press statement. More importantly, the company thinks RFID tags will lead to a 10 percent decrease in misplaced baggage.
  • CIO Jury: 10 out of 12 tech leaders trust Samsung despite Galaxy Note7 failure (2016-10-26 07:00:03)
    While battery problems ultimately halted sales and production of Samsung Galaxy Note7 smartphones, CIOs say they still trust Samsung products in the enterprise.
  • Dubai billionaire Alabbar plans messaging app for Middle East (2016-10-26 06:46:52)
    By David French DUBAI (Reuters) - Billionaire Mohamed Alabbar, one of Dubai's most prominent businessmen, plans a phone messaging service for the Middle East that aims to compete with services such as WhatsApp. Alabbar, who made his fortune as the chairman of Dubai's largest listed property developer, Emaar Properties , has been moving into other areas, in particular technology. Asked on the sidelines of a conference in Dubai on Tuesday if he was considering launching a messaging app akin to WhatsApp, Alabbar replied: "Yes, soon," adding "it's regional" when asked if the service would be designed for an Arabic-speaking audience.
  • GM wants to use artificial intelligence to sell you stuff while driving (2016-10-26 06:21:20)
    General Motors has partnered with IBM to add the latter's artificial intelligence smarts to its cars. IBM's Watson will be used to augment GM's OnStar service, which currently offers features like vehicle tracking and turn-by-turn navigation for a monthly subscription fee. The upgraded OnStar Go, though, seems to be more about advertising than anything else.
  • Correction: Disruptive Cyberattack-Chinese Firm story (2016-10-26 06:17:47)
    BEIJING (AP) — In a story Oct. 25 about a Chinese electronics maker's recall of web-connected cameras sold in the U.S., The Associated Press erroneously reported that the company would recall 4.3 million units. The company has not specified how many units would be involved in the recall but a manager said it was likely to be in the thousands.
  • Ericsson picks board veteran Ekholm to engineer turnaround (2016-10-26 06:17:16)
    By Olof Swahnberg and Helena Soderpalm STOCKHOLM (Reuters) - Ericsson picked Borje Ekholm, a Swedish business insider and veteran board member, to steer the telecoms gear maker through its worst crisis in a decade. Ekholm's surprise appointment on Wednesday ends months of speculation over who Ericsson would select to tackle an industry downturn and fierce competition from Nokia and Huawei [HWT.UL]. For some, Ekholm, who Chairman of the Board Leif Johansson said was the top choice, represents the old Ericsson which failed to respond fast enough to worsening market conditions.
  • Danish payments firm says fears 100,000 credit cards hacked (2016-10-26 05:57:48)
    Danish payment processor company Nets has advised local banks to block up to 100,000 credit cards on suspicion their security might have been compromised by hackers, it said on Wednesday. None of the cards had been tampered with yet but might be in the near future, it said, adding that credit card companies including Visa and Mastercard had opened an investigation. "By replacing possibly compromised cards preemptively, banks and shops can save an amount in the triple digit million (Danish crowns) range, which they could suffer in losses from trades made with stolen credit card information," Nets said.
  • Powerbeats 3 earphones with Apple’s W1 chip are now available to buy (2016-10-26 05:03:25)
    First shown off at the September launch of the iPhone 7, the Powerbeats 3 wireless headphones by Beats are now available to buy. Following the availability of the on-ear Beats Solo3 and Apple's own wireless AirPods, the Powerbeats are now the third product to use Apple's proprietary W1 chip. According to Apple, what that W1 chip delivers is extra battery life.
  • This is Mercedes-Benz's new premium pick-up truck (2016-10-26 04:24:15)
    Mercedes-Benz has unveiled its new premium pick-up truck: the stylish, sleek X-Class. The midsize truck comes with permanent all-wheel drive and high-torque V6 engines, and is set to hit markets in Europe and South America late 2017. "With the Mercedes-Benz pickup we will close one of the last gaps in our portfolio," said Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche in a press statement.
  • Nintendo cuts profit outlook as yen strength offsets Pokemon (2016-10-26 04:03:54)
    Japanese videogame maker Nintendo Co cut its annual profit outlook on Wednesday as income-eroding yen strength overwhelmed an earnings bounce from its popular Pokemon GO smartphone game. The creator of Super Mario lowered its operating profit outlook for the year through March to 30 billion yen ($288 million) from a July estimate of 45 billion yen. The unexpected popularity of Pokemon GO sparked expectation of a renaissance at Nintendo, causing it share price to more than double in July.
  • Ericsson names Investor AB veteran Ekholm as CEO (2016-10-26 03:55:46)
    By Olof Swahnberg and Helena Soderpalm STOCKHOLM (Reuters) - Telecoms gear maker Ericsson picked Swedish businessman and board member Borje Ekholm to take over as chief executive on Wednesday as the firm grapples with cost cuts and an industry downturn. Ekholm's appointment comes three months after Hans Vestberg was ousted in late July as CEO following months of criticism over his leadership and pay, and over the firm's slow response to deteriorating market conditions and fiercer competition from Nokia and Huawei [HWT.UL]. Ekholm, 53, served for a decade as CEO of the Wallenberg family-backed investment firm Investor AB and is currently CEO of Investor AB subsidiary Patricia Industries.
  • China issues roadmap for rapid development of self-driving cars (2016-10-26 03:54:27)
    By Jake Spring SHANGHAI (Reuters) - China has issued a long-term roadmap with the aim of having highly or fully autonomous vehicles on sale in the world's biggest auto market by as early as 2021, an official body said on Wednesday. The 450-page roadmap, issued by the official Society of Automotive Engineers of China (SAEC), lays out the blueprint for the development of virtually every aspect of the automotive industry until 2030. Meanwhile a lack of a clear over-arching policy toward autonomous vehicles may hold back their development in the United States and other regions.
  • China bars taking Samsung Galaxy Note 7 onboard flights from October 27 (2016-10-26 03:52:40)
    BEIJING (Reuters) - The Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) said on Wednesday that it will not allow Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones to be taken on board flights from Oct. 27. The CAAC has said that it would outlaw the use and charging of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones aboard flights from September 14. (Reporting by Beijing Monitoring Desk; Editing by Himani Sarkar)
  • Weak Nintendo earnings show there's nowhere to go but up for Switch (2016-10-26 03:45:11)
    If last week's reveal of the Nintendo Switch sparked widespread excitement around the company for the first time in a while, today's second-quarter earnings release is a reminder that there's still some way to go. Nintendo reported revenue of 137 billion yen ($1.32 billion), down 33 percent year-on-year, slumping to an operating loss of 5.95 billion yen ($57.1 million) after making 8.98 billion yen operating profit in the same period last year. Nintendo sold just 530,000 Wii U systems between July and September, down 53 percent on 2015, and software sales were also down 33 percent because, well, basically nothing of note was released.
  • Google puts expansion of fiber optic network on hold (2016-10-26 03:29:53)
    Alphabet, the parent of internet giant Google, on Tuesday announced it was halting the rollout of its Google Fiber -- 1 Gbps fiber optic wireless service, in some markets. In cities where service started or is being developed, work will press ahead, said Craig Barratt, head of the Access division that covers the Google Fiber project. Kansas City in 2011 became the first city chosen by the group to test its proposed ultra high-speed Google Fiber internet network, promising transmission speeds of 100 times that of current networks.
  • WhatsApp video calls return to the beta app (2016-10-26 03:24:48)
    There have been reports this week that video calls have returned to the beta of the WhatsApp app. The feature's been spotted in the beta versions of WhatsApp for Android, iOS, and for Windows Phone, but unfortunately, to actually make a video call, both parties must have the beta app installed. Hopefully this means video calling will be available sooner rather than later for WhatApps's billion-plus users.
  • Clouds gather in rooftop solar's biggest U.S. market (2016-10-26 03:11:39)
    By Nichola Groom SAN DIEGO (Reuters) - For years, the quiet, winding streets of the Scripps Ranch neighborhood have been pure gold for solar installers. Thanks to its high power prices, hot summers and large homes to cool, a greater share of Scripps Ranch residents have embraced solar power than anywhere else in California, itself the nation's solar energy leader. The rooftops of some 2,000 homes - 26 percent - are fitted with panels in Scripps Ranch, according to an analysis of state and utility solar installation numbers and U.S. Census Bureau housing data by the non-profit Center for Sustainable Energy and the environmental news web site EcoWatch.
  • The Trump-Clinton Twitter war: Bludgeon vs. stiletto (2016-10-26 03:06:34)
    NEW YORK (AP) — Back in June, when Donald Trump slammed President Barack Obama's endorsement of Hillary Clinton on Twitter, the Democrat's campaign was quick to tweet back a chilly three-word response: "Delete your account ."
  • Vodafone UK fined a record 4.6 million pounds for failing customers (2016-10-26 02:55:40)
    Britain has fined Vodafone a record 4.6 million pounds ($5.60 million) for "serious and sustained" customer failures, including not updating accounts when mobile phone users topped up their credit to make calls. Vodafone, the world's second-largest mobile operator, also failed to act quickly enough to identify or address the problems, the regulator said, which stemmed from a move to a new billing system. Some 10,452 of the mobile phone giant's pay-as-you-go customers collectively lost 150,000 pounds over a 17-month period between the end of 2013 and April 2015.
  • Samsung Pay will support online purchases from early 2017 (2016-10-26 01:45:56)
    Samsung Pay users around the world will soon be able to use the service to buy items online. The company announced today that it has signed a deal with Mastercard to use Masterpass, a digital payment system already supported by hundreds of thousands of online retailers in 33 countries, starting early next year. In addition to buying goods online, users in the US will also be able to use Samsung Pay for in-app purchases, and find money-off discounts for local stores from November, as Samsung makes its payment service more of a fully featured online wallet.
  • Amazon beefs up Paris express delivery service with partnerships (2016-10-26 00:58:50)
    Online retailer Amazon said on Wednesday it was partnering with luxury food group Fauchon, organic food chain Bio c'Bon and wine retailer Lavinia to extend the product range of its Prime Now express delivery service in Paris and its suburbs. The deal, which will add 5,000 food products to Amazon Prime Now's range of 18,000 products in Paris, comes as French retailer Carrefour started testing its own express delivery service named Livraison Express this month in several Paris stores as it seeks to counter Amazon Prime Now.
  • Man accused in hospital computer hack wages hunger strike (2016-10-26 00:44:58)
    The man who acknowledges he attacked the computer network at world-renowned Boston children's hospital two years ago, costing it hundreds of thousands of dollars, is unapologetic and now waging a hunger ...
  • Justin Timberlake's ballot selfie highlights mixed laws (2016-10-26 00:25:43)
    Now even Justin Timberlake has been forced to deal with the question of whether a ballot selfie is legal.
  • How to install Rocket.Chat with Ubuntu Snap in 5 minutes (2016-10-26 00:18:03)
    See how to get a solid chat server up and running in approximately five minutes with the help of Rocket.Chat and Ubuntu Snap.
  • A bumpy iPhone 7 upgrade: Lessons to learn from a longtime Apple user (2016-10-26 00:08:03)
    Unboxing and setting up a new iPhone is often an exciting experience, unless the process goes sideways. It seems there's room for Apple to improve the iPhone 7 upgrade.
  • Volkswagen gets final approval for $14.7 billion Dieselgate settlement (2016-10-25 23:42:37)
    US-based owners of Volkswagen vehicles affected by the manufacturer's infamous emissions scandal will now be able to sell their cars back to dealerships, after the company was granted final approval on its proposed $14.7 billion compensation deal. US district judge Charles Breyer approved the plan, which was first hammered out in June this year, and sets aside just over $10 billion for customers who want to trade their vehicles in for pre-scandal prices or who are waiting for repairs. In addition to buyback fees, owners of the 475,000 cars implicated in the scandal — including Beetles, Passats, and Audi A3s released since 2009 — will also get between $5,100 and $10,000 as an apology.
  • Donald Trump once offered to buy the Cleveland Indians for $13 million (2016-10-25 23:11:09)
    Later today, the collective eyes of the sports world will be fixated on game 1 of the World Series pitting the Chicago Cubs against the Cleveland Indians. As many have pointed out, the 2016 World Series matchup was seemingly lifted out of a movie as both the Cubs and the Indians currently sport the longest World Series championship droughts in the majors. The Indians haven't won a title in 67 years but the hapless Cubs have it way worse, without a title to their name in 107 long and frustrating seasons. DON'T MISS:  The difference between iPhone users and Android users From a baseball perspective, this year's World Series matchup is interesting for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that the Indians managed to sneak into the Series after batting just .168 against the Toronto Bluejays to get into the World Series. Of course, that didn't matter much given that the Indians defense all but anchored the team. Baseball aside, there's also an interesting political component to tonight's game, at least in relation to the Indians in particular. With Donald Trump now a household name thanks to his bizarre and surprisingly ongoing campaign for the U.S. Presidency, you might be surprised to learn that Trump back in the early 80s actually made an offer to acquire the Indians. It may sound like a strange story at first glance, but recall that Trump in the early 80s was a fixture on the U.S. sports scene on account of his involvement with the USFL. As for Trump's baseball aspirations, reports that Trump's bid for the Indians checked in at $13 million. The deal obviously never went through, and the report notes that it's because refused to agree to terms that would prohibit him from moving the team out of Cleveland. Had the deal gone through, many believed at the time -- and still do -- that the front-runner for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination would have wasted little or no time moving the team to another city, most likely Tampa. Trump reportedly increased his $13 million offer substantially but ultimately refused to agree to keep the Indians in Cleveland for a period lasting longer than three years. Consequently, negotiations never moved forward. All in all, Indians fans can breath a sigh of relief, especially in light of how Trump so famously mismanaged things in the USFL, a story which was brilliantly told in a great 30 for 30 episode on ESPN . As a point of interest, a copy of Trump's $13 million offer to the Indians can be viewed via the source link below.
  • For Apple, surprise hunger for big phones leaves money on table (2016-10-25 22:35:56)
    The technology leader is not sure it can make as many units of the iPhone 7 Plus as consumers want in time for the Christmas shopping rush, Apple's Chief Executive Tim Cook told analysts on Tuesday. Demand was strong "particularly on the iPhone 7 Plus versus our forecast going into the product launch," Cook said. The bigger phones bring bigger profits, and Apple's forecast for thinner-than-expected margins concerned investors after it reported quarterly earnings on Tuesday.
  • macOS code practically confirms the 2016 MacBook Pro’s most important upcoming feature (2016-10-25 22:00:49)
    Apple will unveil a new MacBook Pro model later this week, one that’s going to bring fans of the series a well-deserved redesigned. The laptop is getting thinner and lighter, reports have said, borrowing certain design lines from the 12-inch MacBook. But perhaps the most important change concerns the keyboard. Apple is rumored to replace its six-row keyboard found on any MacBook with one that has just five rows. A touch-friendly OLED display will replace the current function row keys and will offer users context aware shortcuts — and perhaps access to a Touch ID sensor. Apple has not confirmed such rumors, but code found inside the latest macOS release points in that direction. DON’T MISS: Report claims iPhone 8 will feature a revolutionary new design that no one saw coming Earlier this week, Apple seeded macOS 10.12.1 beta, which contains a new set of assets that suggest the keyboard’s function row is going away. According to a MacRumors reader , the virtual keyboard that can be activated in macOS now contains only five rows (see image below). The change is likely needed to mimic the real keyboard of the upcoming 2016 MacBook Pro refresh — that means you won’t see a five-row virtual keyboard on your screen unless you’ve got a MacBook with an OLED touchscreen atop the keyboard. There’s really no other reasonable explanation for Apple’s new visuals for a virtual keyboard. The OLED bar will still offer users access to F function keys, but will also show certain shortcuts in apps that will support it, and will surely work even when a virtual keyboard is activated. Apple is expected to unveil 13-inch and 15-inch flavors of the MacBook Pro later this week. Furthermore, a new 13-inch MacBook Air might be in the cards. But that’s about everything you can expect from Apple’s late October event. Reports have said that an iMac refresh isn’t in the cards, and you won’t get a new 5K Thunderbolt display this year.
  • Why the iPhone 7 Plus Is Now the Phone to Beat (2016-10-25 21:30:00)
    Because early sales of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus were pretty strong, according to figures released by Apple. The timing of Apple's projected rebound in iPhone sales comes as its chief rival Samsung is still reeling from the Note 7 fiasco.
  • The Tesla Model S P100D has smashed another record with a blistering 10.76 second quarter-mile (2016-10-25 21:01:08)
    When we talk about how fast Tesla's are, we tend to focus on how fast Tesla's vehicles can go from 0-60. The recently released Tesla Model S P100D, for example, is an absolute rocket and can go from 0-60 in 2.5 seconds flat. Understandably proud, Tesla CEO Elon Musk appropriately calls the Model S P100D the fastest production car in the world. But here's the thing: nobody in the real world really lives in a universe where 0-60 time even matters. And yet, we're still overly concerned with 0-60 times as if getting up to that speed in 2.5 seconds as opposed to 3 seconds is all that important or significant. Even the brilliant Vin Diesel eschews the 0-60 metric and instead chooses to live his life a quarter mile at a time. Sure, the quarter mile time is just as pointless as 0-60, but in the interest of spicing things up a bit, the enterprising folks over at DragTimes were up to their old tricks again this weekend when they took a Tesla Model S P100D on a record-setting quarter-mile run. DON'T MISS:  Xiaomi just announced the iPhone 8 we’re expecting next year When the dust settled, Tesla's flagship car completed a quarter mile in just 10.76 seconds flat. "We set a new NEDRA certified record for an electric or any all stock 4 door car with the Tesla Model S P100D Ludicrous running 10.76 in the 1/4 mile at Palm Beach International Raceway," DragTimes notes. Further highlighting how much faster the Tesla Model S has become over the years, the publication adds: "[The] 1/4 miles times dropped astoundingly from the P85 @ 12.3, P85D @ 11.6, P90DL @ 11.2 and now the P100DL @ 10.7, the You can check out the full video below.  
  • Google Fiber halts expansion plans as chief steps down (2016-10-25 20:32:54)
    Google's parent company is halting operations and laying off staff in a number of cities where it once hoped to bring high-speed internet access by installing new fiber-optic networks. The company also ...
  • GM's OnStar, IBM's Watson combine to market brands to drivers (2016-10-25 20:24:16)
    By Alexandria Sage SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - General Motors Co and International Business Machines Corp on Tuesday said they would combine IBM's artificial intelligence software Watson with the carmaker's OnStar system in order to market services to drivers in their vehicles. The feature, called OnStar Go, is set to debut early next year in more than two million GM vehicles with 4G service, IBM and GM said in a joint statement. IBM's Watson, which beat two previous winners of the quiz show "Jeopardy!" in 2011, will sift through data in order to recognize a driver's habits, allowing third-party marketers to deliver targeted offers, whether nearby coffee shops, reminders about shopping-list items, or paying for fuel from their dashboards.
  • U.S. Treasury tells banks to provide details on cyber attacks (2016-10-25 20:21:47)
    The U.S. government on Tuesday told banks to include details about cyber attacks when filing mandatory reports on fraud and money laundering, saying that will help battle digital crimes that pose "a significant threat" to the U.S. financial system. The U.S. government has long required banks to submit confidential reports known as suspicious activity reports, or SARs, in fraud cases involving at least $5,000. The Treasury Department's office of Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, or FinCEN, released an advisory that specifies what details banks should include in SARs when there is a cyber element in the case.
  • Apple's holiday surprise: big sales, not so big profits (2016-10-25 20:12:48)
    Apple Inc posted its third successive quarter of declining iPhone sales on Tuesday and forecast slimmer-than-expected profit margins over the upcoming holiday season even as it projected record sales, sending its shares down. "In essence, in China and elsewhere, while Apple’s products are still seen favorably, the distance between Apple and its competitors is nowhere near as great as it once was," Neil Saunders, head of retail research firm Conlumino, wrote in a note. Apple shares fell 2.8 percent to $114.99 in after-hours trading.
  • Oculus Rift user gets so into his alternate reality, he faceplants in the real one (2016-10-25 20:04:54)
    Can't a man enjoy using an Oculus Rift in peace, fall down flat on his face in the process and not have to worry about the Internet collectively laughing at the comedic misfortune? Perhaps one day, but for now, with virtual reality still in its infancy, videos like the one you're about to see below are exceedingly funny. DON'T MISS:  The difference between iPhone users and Android users Our faceless hero here is living the good life, or so he thinks. While playing the virtual reality rock climbing game "The Climb", the gaming environment gets a little bit too disorienting, a little bit too real if you will, and he swiftly loses his balance and crashes down to the ground head first. All in all, it's a spill that would make Johnny Knoxville proud. If you look closely, it appears that the Occulus Rift headset actually breaks his fall, allowing our hero to game on for yet another day.
  • GM, IBM combine OnStar with Watson AI system to connect brands with driver (2016-10-25 19:50:51)
    SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - General Motors and IBM on Tuesday said a jointly created platform would combine the artificial intelligence system Watson with the carmaker's OnStar connectivity service in an effort to market new services to drivers. "OnStar Go," which will debut early next year in more than two million GM vehicles with 4G, is billed as a way to optimize time spent in the car by enhancing in-vehicle experiences, the companies said. (Reporting by Alexandria Sage, editing by G Crosse)
  • Alphabet's Access will lay off employees as it moves away from fiber internet (2016-10-25 19:38:05)
    Access, the Alphabet internet division formerly known as Google Fiber, will lay off employees and replace its CEO as it looks for cheaper ways to deliver internet service to new cities. Current Access CEO Craig Barratt made the announcement in a blog post this evening, saying that he would be staying on only in an advisory role.
  • Google Fiber will lay off employees as it shifts to wireless (2016-10-25 19:38:05)
    Access, the Alphabet internet division containing Google Fiber, will lay off employees and replace its CEO as it looks for cheaper ways to deliver internet service to new cities. Current Access CEO Craig Barratt made the announcement in a blog post this evening, saying that he would be staying on only in an advisory role.
  • Now Galaxy S7 edge phones are exploding, but don’t freak out just yet (2016-10-25 19:33:14)
    Samsung still has a massive Galaxy Note 7 recall to deal with, and that’s the only Samsung smartphone that has been exploding at a much higher rate than what would be statistically acceptable. The fact is that anything packing a battery has a theoretical risk of explosion. If it occurs due to faulty components, as is the case of the Galaxy Note 7, then there’s a real danger that must be addressed. But other Samsung phones are safe, even if there are sporadic reports of non-Note 7 handsets exploding. Such is the case with the Galaxy S7 edge, a six-months-old phone that’s about as safe as any other phone — at least until Samsung or any other authority says otherwise. DON’T MISS: Report claims iPhone 8 will feature a revolutionary new design that no one saw coming Two Galaxy S7 edge units have exploded recently. One incident took place in Canada, according to Android Headlines . The other explosion happened to a phone that belonged to an employee of a major US carrier, Phone Arena reports . The Canadian unit caught fire while the owner was driving home from work. The other handset exploded while it was charging overnight using the included charger. It’s unclear at this time exactly what caused either of these two explosions. Samsung is investigating the fire in Canada, according to Yahoo . “We are unable to comment on this specific incident until we obtain and thoroughly examine the phone. Customer safety remains our highest priority and we want to work with any customer who has experienced an issue with a Samsung product in order to investigate the matter and support them,” the company said in a statement. These aren’t the only two Galaxy S7 edge phones that have exploded recently. A man in Ohio is already suing Samsung because his phone caught fire in his pocket.
  • Las bajas ventas del iPhone perjudican los ingresos de Apple (2016-10-25 19:19:56)
    Sin embargo, Apple espera que las ventas del iPhone 7, la MacBook y el Apple Watch Series 2 durante la época navideña le traiga entre US$76,000 millones y US$78,000 millones.
  • Watch 40 minutes of unseen ‘Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’ footage (2016-10-25 19:11:25)
    Save for possibly  Pokemon Sun and Moon , The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is the most anticipated Nintendo game of the near future. The title is coming to both Wii U and Nintendo's recently announced Switch console , but all the footage we've seen so far has come from the Wii U version of the game. Sadly, that's also true of this new footage, but that shouldn't stop you from watching 40 minutes of gameplay from what might be the Wii U's last great game. RELATED:  Everything we know about the Nintendo Switch On Sunday, Nintendo of Japan's YouTube account shared a new video featuring the cast of Japanese variety show  GameCenter DX playing through an extensive demo of Breath of the Wild . You've seen some of this before in previous videos , but as it's less of a guided tour and more of a player experimenting with the various items and systems of the game, there are plenty of never-before-seen moments as well: Fighting, hunting, cooking, shield surfing — it's all here in the video, giving Wii U and (future) Switch owners plenty to think about leading up to the game's launch next year. Although the game is expected to debut alongside the Nintendo Switch next March, Nintendo has not confirmed the release date yet.
  • Blockchain start-ups pair up on currency processing platform (2016-10-25 19:05:33)
    By Jemima Kelly LONDON (Reuters) - Two London-based start-ups have joined forces on a platform to process currency trades with blockchain technology, in an effort to cut settlement times and costs in the $5 trillion-a-day (4.10 trillion pounds) global foreign exchange market. Cobalt DL, fronted by former Citi and Deutsche Bank currencies supremo Andy Coyne and backed by 15 major foreign exchange market participants, is partnering with fellow London-based firm SETL, which says it can settle transactions via the blockchain almost instantly. In contrast, the current foreign exchange market requires multiple records to be created for buyer, seller, broker, clearer and third parties in currency trades, and then reconciliation across multiple systems.
  • Lighten up: tech firms take on economy-class flight challenge (2016-10-25 19:04:10)
    By Jeremy Wagstaff SINGAPORE (Reuters) - Some start-ups are taking on one of air travel's last undisrupted bastions - the economy-class cabin. While first and business class travelers have long enjoyed comfort upgrades, there's been less attention to innovation at the rear of the plane. "We want to make travel memorable and comfortable for all of us, not just the top 1 percent," Alireza Yaghoubi, founder of Singapore-based AirGo, told a recent start-up conference to pitch his superlight economy-class seat.
  • The Galaxy Note 7 fiasco may be bad news for Apple’s new MacBooks (2016-10-25 18:51:00)
    Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 troubles are far from over, and there’s one more side-effect the South Korean giant will have to deal with this quarter: a resurgent Apple. According to a report, Samsung's American rival has increased iPhone 7 production in the wake of the Galaxy Note 7 explosions and recalls. DON’T MISS: Report claims iPhone 8 will feature a revolutionary new design that no one saw coming The news comes from Digitimes , and follows a similar report from the same tech site. Digitimes says that Samsung has been increasing its Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge orders after the Galaxy Note 7 recall, hoping to minimize the financial hit. Apple, meanwhile, increased smartphone orders for the fourth quarter as well, looking to steal customers away from Samsung. The site says that many memory component suppliers have shifted their capacity for PC memory for smartphones. That means that memory shipments to PC vendors may be delayed, which could impact PC sales during the Christmas quarter. While the Galaxy Note 7 recall appears to be good news for Apple, it may have an adverse effect on a different Apple product that’s coming this quarter, the redesigned MacBook Pro. It’s unclear at this time whether this expected PC memory shortage will affect Apple in any way. The MacBook maker will unveil a new MacBook Pro generation later this week, at which point we’ll find out more details about actual ship dates for the new laptops. Apple never comments on supply rumors, but various reports have painted the company as a tough negotiator in its relationship with component makers that usually gets what it wants. It’s likely that Apple secured the components needed to make next-gen MacBooks well ahead of their official launch. But just in case this report does pan out, we might see some PC shortages in the coming months, all apparently caused by the Galaxy Note 7 debacle. On the other hand, it’s not as the PC business is flourishing right now.
  • Netflix’s CEO is worried about what AT&T’s merger means for the internet (2016-10-25 18:32:08)
    Netflix and AT&T/Time Warner are set to go to war. Fresh from its $80 billion takeover of Time Warner , AT&T has announced an internet-only streaming service, DirecTV, that is aimed squarely at Netflix subscribers. That would always be seen as a threat by Netflix CEO Reed Hastings. But after AT&T's takeover of Time Warner, the company now owns big-name content producers like HBO and CNN, and the internet pipes that deliver those to the consumer. That's a dangerous combination. DON'T MISS:  Leaked trademarks confirm we’re getting three new MacBooks this week Speaking at the Wall Street Journal's WSJD Live conference , Hastings outlined his concerns. "We want to require that for AT&T customers, that HBO and Netflix are treated the same. Now that they're going to own HBO we think that any special treatment for HBO data would be inappropriate, but I think that's pretty basic." Hastings is talking about net neutrality and "zero-rating" data, a practice that is already creeping into some mobile carriers. Services like T-Mobile's Binge On exclude certain video and music streaming providers like YouTube and Netflix from counting against your data cap, provided that those streaming services work with T-Mobile to provide mobile-friendly streams. Obviously, this gives an advantage to the services that partner with T-Mobile. As a customer, you're more likely to watch a video on YouTube than something else, is if doesn't count against your data limit. T-Mobile's program is pushing the boundary of fairness, but at least it doesn't charge services for access, and is open to any streaming service that wants to work with T-Mobile. What could be much worse is if an internet provider, like AT&T, offers preferential access or zero-rated data to a content provider, such as Time Warner. Doing so goes against the idea of net neutrality, which states that internet providers are not allowed to discriminate between different kinds of data. There's obvious incentives for AT&T to favor Time Warner channels on its network, and doing so would put Netflix (and everyone else) at a serious disadvantage. That's what Hastings is worried about. But apart from ensuring AT&T/Time Warner play by the rules, Hastings doesn't appear to be fazed by the merger. He said that it would now be easier to recruit Time Warner execs, which could help Netflix get more content for its platform.
  • Jony Ive and Marc Newson’s latest collaboration is a Christmas tree (2016-10-25 18:17:22)
    Apple’s chief design officer Jony Ive and and industrial designer Marc Newson are designing a new, exclusive project in time for the holidays: a Christmas tree.The tree is part of London hotel Claridge’s seasonal celebration, the hotel announced on its website. Since 2009, different designers have created a unique tree to commemorate the holidays. Ive and Newson’s work will be unveiled on November 18; the two join previous designers such as Dolce & Gabbana, McQueens’ Kally Ellis, and Christopher Bailey of Burberry. ...
  • World Series live stream: How to watch Cubs vs. Indians Game 1 online (2016-10-25 18:15:45)
    71 years after their last appearance, the Chicago Cubs have finally made it back to the World Series. They'll face off against the Cleveland Indians at Progressive Field in Ohio in Game 1 on Tuesday night at 8:08PM ET on Fox. DON'T MISS:  AT&T’s internet-only TV service will give you over 100 channels for $35 a month There are countless fascinating storylines surrounding this series — the most obvious being that the Cubs haven't won the World Series since 1908. That's the longest drought in Major League Baseball by a fairly wide margin, but the Indians are actually in second place, having not won a ring since 1948. But despite their history, these are two surging clubs with loaded rosters in 2016. In Game 1, two of the best pitchers in the sport (especially in the postseason) will take the mound: Jon Lester for the Cubs and Corey Kluber for the Indians. While the Indians silenced the Toronto Blue Jays in the ALCS with some outstanding pitching performances, the Cubs fell behind the Nationals 1-2 in the NLCS before catching fire in the last three games to score 23 runs vs. Washington's 6. The Cubs definitely have the firepower to end this series in four games, but with the second most wins in the American League this year, the Indians aren't going to go down without a fight. This should be a fun series from start to finish. If you want to watch Game 1 online, there are two ways to do so. If you prefer, you can head to Fox Sports Go in your browser or download the app on your tablet or smartphone . Alternatively, you can buy the Postseason Package from MLB.TV, but you still have to subscribe to a pay TV provider to access the streams.
  • Apple spins services with iPhone sales slumping (2016-10-25 18:07:17)
    Apple's quarterly profit slumped on a widely expected drop in iPhone sales, but gains in services offered some optimism on the company's efforts to curb dependence on its smartphone. The results were largely in line with market forecasts and showed sales of the iPhone -- Apple's biggest revenue and profit driver -- down five percent from a year ago to 45.5 million units. The quarterly update only provided limited information on the reception of the newest iPhone models, the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, which were released in early September, and was likely to benefit from the woes of rival Samsung, suffering from a massive recall of its flagship Galaxy Note 7 phone.
  • Apple's Services division is the one bright spot in a down fiscal 2016 (2016-10-25 18:01:58)
    During its earnings call today, Apple CEO Tim Cook put the focus on the company's Services division, which contains Apple Music, iTunes, Apple Pay, and the App Store, and grew 24 percent year-over-year in an otherwise down year for the company. Services has become Apple's second biggest revenue generator behind the iPhone over the past two years, and it's importance to the company as a diversified section in contrast to its hardware products has dramatically increased in that same timeframe. Cook touted the expansion of Apple Pay, which has just been released in Japan, Russia, and New Zealand, and is coming to Spain next month.
  • Apple CEO Tim Cook thinks technology could 'revolutionize' the car experience (2016-10-25 17:54:27)
    Much has been said about Apple’s fledgling automative efforts, with reports of its Project Titan car division shifting its focus away from building a vehicle and toward automation and software. Today on an earnings call, CEO Tim Cook offered perhaps the most definitive recognition that his company was eyeing the auto industry. Although in typical Apple fashion, Cook kept it light on details when asked to elaborate on what he thinks the company can bring to the table.
  • These are the 10 most reliable and least reliable car brands (2016-10-25 17:53:50)
    Consumer Reports this week published their annual look at which car brands are beacons of reliability and which brands you might be better off avoiding altogether. Earlier today, we took a close look at Tesla which appeared close to the bottom of the list of least reliable cars. But seeing as how not everyone is on the EV bandwagon just yet, we thought it would be just as interesting to run down which car brands are worthy of your hard-earned money and which ones still have a long ways to go before earning that privilege. DON'T MISS:  The difference between iPhone users and Android users Starting off first with the most reliable cars, the list is hardly surprising, with trusted brands like Lexus and Toyota occupying the top two slots. Lexus in particular scored extremely high, with its 9 distinct models earning an average reliability score of 86. Occupying slots 3-10, we have Buick, Audi, Kia, Mazda, Hyundai, Infiniti, BMW and Honda. Moving down the list to the least reliable car brands, the top 5 brands you want to avoid are Ram, Fiat, Chrysler, Dodge, and surprise surprise, Tesla. Ram and Fiat in particular perform horribly on Consumer Reports' reliability index, with their selection of vehicles netting reliability scores of 16 and 17, respectively. Rounding out the list of least reliable car brands is Volvo, Lincoln, Cadillac, Volkswagen, Jeep and GMC. As a quick point of reference, the average reliability score falls somewhere in the 40-60 point range. It's worth noting that Consumer Reports' rankings here are based on the average scores across a brand's entire product line. That said, the list may be a helpful reference when purchasing a car but shouldn't be strictly instructive in its own right. Take Chevrolet, for example, which has an average reliability score of 45. That may be a middle-of-the-road ranking, but it's important to remember that there are 15 distinct Chevrolet models out on the market and it's entirely possible for a few particularly low-ranking cars to bring down the brand's average on the whole. All that said, it seems like you really can't go wrong handing over your money to Lexus.
  • Apple's Big Expensive iPad push has kept iPad revenue flat, at least for now (2016-10-25 17:44:44)
    Apple just reported its fourth quarter earnings for 2016, showing a decline in iPhone sales for the third consecutive quarter and the first full-year drop in revenue since 2001. Just 9.3 million iPads sold this quarter. In other words, Apple is selling fewer iPads, but it has made the same amount of money from them in Q4 2016 that it did in Q4 2015.
  • Apple iPhone sales fall but beat estimates; shares slip (2016-10-25 17:41:08)
    Apple Inc posted a third quarter in a row of declining iPhone sales on Tuesday, but beat Wall Street targets for its flagship product and forecast higher-than-expected revenue for the critical holiday shopping season. Apple executives said demand for the new iPhone 7, the company's best hope to revive flagging sales, was strong, despite fiscal fourth-quarter revenue dips in China and the Americas, its two most important markets. Chief Financial Officer Luca Maestri said it was "impossible to know" if there was any effect yet from rival Samsung Electronics halting production of its fire-prone Galaxy Note 7 phones earlier this month.
  • Apple profit slips, but gains in services (2016-10-25 17:40:52)
    Apple's quarterly profit slumped on a widely expected drop in iPhone sales, but gains in services offered some optimism on its move to ease dependence on its smartphone. The results were largely in line with market forecasts and showed sales of the iPhone -- Apple's biggest revenue and profit driver -- down five percent from a year ago to 45.5 million units. The quarterly update only provided limited information on the reception of the newest iPhone models, the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, which were released in early September.
  • How to tell if you have a fake iPhone cable or charger (2016-10-25 17:32:39)
    Apple made headlines recently when it sued an Amazon seller over fake Lightning cables. According to the lawsuit filed by Apple , the company spent the last nine months buying iPhone cables, chargers and devices on Amazon. It determined that "almost 90 percent" of those products are counterfeit in some way. If Apple's claims are true, there's a very good chance you have some fake iPhone accessories lying around your house. At worst, fake chargers can seriously damage your device and cause fires; at best, they'll just last for less time than a real cable. Here's how to tell the difference. DON'T MISS:  Apple’s new MacBook Pro with touch bar on keyboard leaks ahead of reveal As  Lifehacker  spotted , Apple has an entire support page dedicated to telling the difference between fake cables and the real thing. It's also worth mentioning that there are two different standards to look for here. Apple produces and sells its own iPhone accessories, but it also certifies third-party accessories (although not the standard USB-to-Lightning cable!) under the "Made for iPhone" program. Under the terms of that agreement, manufacturers pay a licensing fee to Apple to use the Lightning port and Apple's proprietary design and circuitry. That makes accessories more expensive, but it also makes them far more likely to work correctly. The MFi logo should be found on the packaging of any officially certified accessory, like battery chargers, cases, docks or speakers -- basically, anything that attaches to your iPhone. If the MFi logo appears on the packaging for a cable, though, that guarantees that it's fake. Apple does not certify any cables under the MFi program, and only recommends the official USB-to-Lightning cable for charging and data transfer. As for spotting counterfeit cables against the genuine Apple product, there's plenty of details on Apple's site . "An Apple Lightning to USB cable has "Designed by Apple in California" and either "Assembled in China," "Assembled in Vietnam," or "Indústria Brasileira" on the cable about seven inches from the USB connector. You'll see a 12-digit serial number at the end of this text." Apple also provides a series of images to compare details between the genuine Apple cables and what you have have received. As for the chargers, the most important thing is to verify the power that the charger is capable of. USB ports and chargers can put out varying amounts of power. The big iPad chargers are more powerful than the smaller iPhone chargers, for example. Using a charger that's underpowered will damage your battery life and charge your phone more slowly, so it's always best to buy a charger that provides the maximum for USB: 5 volts, 2.1 amps. The output voltage is normally written on a charger, and if it's not, that's a good sign that it is counterfeit. You should also look for UL or CE markings, which certify that a charger has been examined by a regulatory body.
  • Apple just had its first annual revenue decline since 2001 (2016-10-25 17:17:21)
    For the first time since 2001, Apple's annual revenue has declined year over year, falling from $233.7 billion in 2015 to $217 billion in the 2016 fiscal year. It's clear Apple has its work cut out for it to right the fiscal ship — and it's likely that it will happen given the expectations for next year's iPhone — but right now it's unclear how long that will take. The bulk of iPhone 7 sales will hit in the next quarter, and while another monster first quarter is expected from Apple, it's unclear if this phone will be able to maintain sales like previous iPhones have.
  • AT&T aims to break from streaming crowd with Time Warner (2016-10-25 17:08:54)
    By Lisa Richwine LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - AT&T is betting its purchase of Time Warner Inc will give the company an edge in winning subscribers for its live internet television package, a new front in media that is about to become crowded by technology players. The DirecTV Now service coming to the market next month will offer the kind of live programming on multiple channels now available primarily through traditional cable providers. DirecTV's price will be in the middle, at $35 a month for more than 100 channels, AT&T Chief Executive Randall Stephenson said on Tuesday.
  • Samsung’s cash payouts are keeping Note 7 customers loyal (2016-10-25 17:07:01)
    The global Note 7 recall is a very real disaster for Samsung. There's an immediate cost to destroying all those smartphones, but the bigger question is what the long-term damage will be for the company. Some experts are suggesting that this will be a massive blow to the brand and its reputation, but according to the companies actually selling phones, that isn't happening yet. Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure told  Recode that most of the customers returning Note 7s "are basically switching to a Galaxy S7." Much of that is undoubtedly thanks to the cash incentives Samsung is offering to customers who trade in their Note 7 devices for something else Samsung-made. DON'T MISS:  Samsung just shot down the Galaxy S8 rumor that had fans buzzing Recalls of products aren't that uncommon, and if handled properly, don't tend to cause long-term damage to the brand. The problem for Samsung has been the double recall: first, it pulled 2.5 million devices from shelves and asked customers to swap affected phones for ones with "safe" batteries. But that didn't solve the problem, and after a number of highly public explosions (including on an airplane), Samsung was forced to admit it had no idea what was going on. But Claure doesn't think the double recall will affect Samsung too badly. "Even with this, they begrudgingly gave back their Note 7," he said. "I’m a believer that Samsung will recover." Samsung is offering a number of incentives to try and keep users on its platform. In the US,  buyers who return the Galaxy Note 7 and exchange it for a different Galaxy handset will receive $100 from Samsung in the form of a bill credit. The company is also offering $25 to anyone who turns in their Galaxy Note 7 for a different brand of phone, as a payout for the inconvenience. The incentives are likely to add another big item to Samsung's already-huge bill for this refund. But paying $100 in bill credit in order to retain market share (and sell more Galaxy S7 devices) is a genuinely small price to pay in the long run. It's also bad news for Apple, which was expected to see a big bounce in iPhone 7 Plus sales from the Note 7 fiasco.
  • Model X ‘malfunctions’ are hurting Tesla’s reliability score (2016-10-25 16:43:46)
    Tesla was featured for the first time in Consumer Reports’ annual survey of vehicle reliability, but not in a good way. The below-average ranking was a shift for Consumer Reports, which previously broke its own rating system because it loved the Model S so much. With the release of the Model X, Tesla now has the two vehicle models "with sufficient data" required to be included in Consumer Reports’ brand-reliability rankings.
  • Apple reports third consecutive quarterly decline as iPhone sales continue to slow (2016-10-25 16:40:57)
    The big story over the last six months of Apple earnings has been the dreaded decline in iPhone sales. During the fiscal fourth quarter ended September 24, Apple continued that trend with revenue shrinking 9.8 percent to $46.9 billion and profit falling 23 percent to $9 billion from the same period one year earlier. This decline was mainly driven by weak sales of the iPhone, which dropped 13 percent year over year to 45.5 million units.
  • Apple's quarterly sales fall, but forecast calls for gains (2016-10-25 16:38:35)
    SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Apple says it sold 45.5 million iPhones in the last quarter, 5 percent fewer than it sold a year earlier. But the giant tech company's rosy forecast for the holidays was better than what Wall Street had been expecting.
  • Apple posts Q4 2016 earnings: $46.9 billion in revenue amid strong iPhone sales (2016-10-25 16:32:45)
    It's earnings season and all eyes in the tech world were laser focused on Apple today as the iPhone maker posted its earnings results for the recent September quarter. After the bell, Apple released its Q4 2016 earnings report and posted revenue of $46.9 billion and a net quarterly profit of $9 billion . With respect to overall earnings per share, Apple posted EPS of $1.67. By way of contrast, Apple during the year-ago quarter posted revenue of $51.5 billion and a quarterly profit of $11.1 billion. Meanwhile, Apple's EPS during its fiscal fourth quarter last year checked in at $1.96 DON'T MISS:  The difference between iPhone users and Android users Leading up to today's earnings report, analysts were anticipating Apple to post revenue in the $47.1 billion range and to deliver 44.93 million iPhone sales, 9.16 million in iPad sales and 5.15 million in Mac sales. Apple's EPS for the quarter was expected to come in at $1.66. During the quarter, Apple's sales figures came in as follows: 45.5 million in iPhone sales, 9.2 million in iPad sales and 4.8 million in Mac sales. All in all, it was an impressive if not surprising showing for Apple, especially on the iPhone front. “Our strong September quarter results cap a very successful fiscal 2016 for Apple,” Tim Cook said in a press release. “We’re thrilled with the customer response to iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and Apple Watch Series 2, as well as the incredible momentum of our Services business, where revenue grew 24 percent to set another all-time record.” Looking ahead to Apple's holiday quarter, the company is anticipating revenue to fall in the range $76 billion and $78 billion. During the last holiday quarter, Apple posted revenue of $74.6 billion. As it stands now, Apple's cash hoard now stands at $237 billion. In after hours trading, shares of Apple were down nearly 3%. Developing...
  • Apple posts Q4 2016 earnings: $46.9 billion in revenue as stock soars (2016-10-25 16:32:45)
    It's earnings season and all eyes in the tech world were laser focused on Apple today as the iPhone maker posted its earnings results for the recent September quarter. After the bell, Apple released its Q4 2016 earnings report and posted revenue of $46.9 billion. With respect to overall earnings per share, Apple posted an EPS of $1.67. By way of contrast, Apple during the year-ago quarter posted revenue of $51.5 billion and a quarterly profit of $11.1 billion. Meanwhile, Apple's EPS during its fiscal fourth quarter last year checked in at $1.96 DON'T MISS:  The difference between iPhone users and Android users Leading up to today's earnings report, analysts were anticipating Apple to post revenue in the $47.1 billion range and to deliver 44.93 million iPhone sales, 9.16 million in iPad sales and 5.15 million in Mac sales. Apple's EPS for the quarter was expected to come in at $1.66. During the quarter, Apple's sales figures came in as follows: 45.5 million in iPhone sales, 9.2 million in iPad sales and 4.8 million in Mac sales. All in all, it was an impressive if not surprising showing for Apple, especially on the iPhone front. “Our strong September quarter results cap a very successful fiscal 2016 for Apple,” Tim Cook said in a press release. “We’re thrilled with the customer response to iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and Apple Watch Series 2, as well as the incredible momentum of our Services business, where revenue grew 24 percent to set another all-time record.” Looking ahead to Apple's holiday quarter, the company is anticipating revenue to fall in the range $76 billion and $78 billion. In after hours trading, shares of Apple were up significantly. Developing...
  • Apple's new MacBook Pro has no escape key (2016-10-25 16:31:28)
    To make room for that, Apple completely got rid of the function keys that've been at the top of Mac keyboards for years. Previous reports have rumored that the touch bar will present different controls and options based on the apps you've got open, which makes a ton of sense.
  • Google's New Buy Will Let You Text with Your Eyes (2016-10-25 16:30:00)
    Google has acquired eye tracking tech company Eyefluence, and while we naturally expect its new tech to revolutionize augmented and virtual reality as a part of the gaming experience, it could also to transform how we use mobile devices to consume and convey information. The acquisition, announced Monday (Oct. 24), means that you may soon be able to use just your eyes to do everyday tasks like send text messages, shop, and browse through, zoom into and share photos, capabilities that Eyefluence demonstrated earlier this year. In order to quickly develop and refine its hardware, software and algorithms used in eye-tracking systems, Eyefluence developed tools that simulate how the brain and the eyes work together, the company explains.
  • White House urges states to ban employers from making non-compete agreements (2016-10-25 16:16:29)
    One in five workers is bound by a non-compete agreement. Here's why the Obama administration is asking states to reform non-compete policies to enhance wages and competition.
  • Apple’s MacBook Pro event: what to expect (2016-10-25 16:07:07)
    If there has been one refrain from Apple fans over the past year, it’s that the Mac is well overdue for an upgrade. Apple is holding an event at its Cupertino campus on Thursday where it’s expected to unveil some major Mac updates, with the highlight being a redesigned MacBook Pro. Updates for the MacBook Air and iMac are also expected.
  • Is the 32GB iPhone 7 really slower? Confusion abounds with the latest Apple controversy (2016-10-25 16:00:03)
    News keeps trickling out about the iPhone 7's speed problem. Several theories have been put forth: What's the real problem? And does it even matter?
  • A Washington ritual: Reading John Podesta's stolen emails (2016-10-25 15:59:16)
    Poring through thousands of private, stolen emails from Hillary Clinton's confidants has become a daily ritual in Washington. The hacked emails — some mundane, others laced with intrigue about election ...
  • Apple’s new MacBook Pro with touch strip on keyboard leaks ahead of reveal (2016-10-25 15:47:30)
    Just hours before Apple planned to take the stage to unveil its latest MacBook lineup, images of the new MacBook Pro appear to have been found in the latest macOS Sierra update. According to MacRumors , the images were hidden in macOS Sierra 10.12.1, which rolled out to the public on Monday. DON'T MISS:  The difference between iPhone users and Android users Developing...
  • Apple’s new MacBook Pro with touch bar on keyboard leaks ahead of reveal (2016-10-25 15:47:30)
    Just hours before Apple planned to take the stage to unveil its latest MacBook lineup, images of the new MacBook Pro appear to have been found in the latest macOS Sierra update. According to MacRumors , the images were hidden in macOS Sierra 10.12.1, which rolled out to the public on Monday. DON'T MISS:  The difference between iPhone users and Android users As expected, the new MacBook Pro features an OLED touch bar (rumored to be called the Magic Toolbar) above the keyboard, replacing the function keys that occupy that spot on current MacBooks. Although we don't know all of its capabilities yet, the image above shows that the bar will be equipped which Touch ID, which means you'll be able to complete Apple Pay payments by pressing your finger against the touch bar. But that's surely just the tip of the iceberg. Along with the touch pad, there are some other key design changes. The keys appear to be closer together, there are now speakers on each side of the machine and the hinge looks thinner than it was on older MacBook Pros. In fact, the MBP appears to have adopted many of the design principles of the standard MacBook — a (potentially) smaller laptop with flatter keys and thinner bezels which should appeal to MacBook fans looking for a true hardware upgrade. If you want to know more about the MacBook Pro, be sure to tune in on Thursday, October 27th at 10AM PT / 1PM ET when Apple plans to officially announce its upcoming laptops . Consider this a sneak peek.
  • BlackBerry launches last phone it will carry on its books (2016-10-25 15:40:35)
    By Alastair Sharp TORONTO (Reuters) - BlackBerry Ltd launched its third Android-based phone on Tuesday, the last device whose success will be the company's financial responsibility, opting to price its top-end device well below Apple Inc's iPhone 7. The Canadian smartphone pioneer, which has lost most of the market to Apple and others, last month said it planned to completely outsource the development of its smartphones to focus on its more profitable business of making software and managing mobile devices. "This one is our phone," BlackBerry Chief Operating Officer Marty Beard said in an interview.
  • Apple leaks new MacBook Pro with touch strip (2016-10-25 15:32:10)
    Apple is widely expected to unveil a redesigned MacBook Pro at an event on Thursday, but it looks like it may have let a couple images slip out early. MacRumors spotted a pair of images hidden inside yesterday's update to macOS Sierra, both of which show a new MacBook Pro, a touch panel above its keyboard, and a fingerprint reader. The images show a narrower MacBook Pro with slimmer bezels around both the keys and screen. The keys all look to be flatter, likely adopting the same slim format used on the MacBook.
  • Black Friday comes early to Best Buy, along with free shipping (2016-10-25 15:28:09)
    It’s almost November, which means the Black Friday craze is about to start. Shoppers will be looking for the best tech deals for the upcoming holiday season, there’s one other type of deal that buyers appreciate, and that’s free shipping. Best Buy on Tuesday confirmed that it’ll offer customers free shipping on all products this year, from now through December 24th, just like last year. DON’T MISS:  The difference between iPhone users and Android users The free shipping offer applies to any product on, starts on October 25th, and is valid for almost two full months. And of course it covers the Black Friday shopping event, set for November 25th this year. Best Buy also named its Top Tech products of 2016, a list of 20 must-have hot products of the year. The list includes the newly released iPhone 7, the Google Home, and many other exciting products: Google Home Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headphones Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer Lenovo Yoga 910 2-in-1 Laptop iPad Pro 9.7” Oculus Rift Sony PlayStation VR Sony 65” Class LED Smart 4K Ultra HD TV with High Dynamic Range GoPro Hero5 Black DJI Mavic Pro Drone Fitbit Charge 2 Microsoft Xbox One S Samsung 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Player iPhone 7 Powerbeats3 Wireless Earphones Apple Watch Series 2 Rand McNally OverDryve Connected Car System HP Spectre x360 2-in-1 Laptop Google Chromecast Ultra Samsung Galaxy S7 Finally, Best Buy announced a couple of special shopping events that will precede Black Friday 2016. Today through Saturday, October 29th, buyers will get $100 off the 9.7-inch iPad Pro and $100 off the Lenovo Yoga 910 laptop — read more about this offer here . Then on Saturday, November 5th, customers will be able to score deals on the Top Tech products mentioned above, and experience them in more than 400 stores  across the US.
  • AT&T says new streaming service will cost $35 a month (2016-10-25 15:26:55)
    AT&T says a streaming service with more than 100 popular TV channels that's coming out next month will cost $35 a month. That's far less than the typical big bundle of channels on cable, which a recent ...
  • IBM says new Watson Data Platform will 'bring machine learning to the masses' (2016-10-25 15:24:00)
    On Tuesday, IBM unveiled a cloud-based AI engine to help businesses harness machine learning. It aims to give everyone, from CEOs to developers, a simple platform to interpret and collaborate on data.
  • Despite explosions, 33% of Galaxy Note 7 owners in Europe haven’t returned their device (2016-10-25 15:06:36)
    It's hard to assess what's crazier: the fact that Samsung still can't figure out the root cause behind exploding Note 7 phablets or the fact that 1/3 of Note 7 owners in Europe still haven't returned or exchanged their device. Without exaggeration, Samsung's Note 7 is a ticking time-bomb. Over the past few months, we've seen no shortage of stories involving Note 7 devices spontaneously catching fire and exploding, causing property damage and, at times, serious burns to owners. In turn, Samsung not only recalled the device but discontinued it completely. Additionally, multiple airlines across the globe have issued bans on the device, not allowing passengers to bring it on board even if it's turned off. DON'T MISS:  The difference between iPhone users and Android users And yet still, a sizeable percentage of Note 7 owners still haven't heeded the call to either return the device for a refund of exchange it for another smartphone model. Looking to persuade this subset of owners to do the right thing, Business Insider reports that "Samsung is pushing out an update to all European customers that still have a Note 7 that will cap the recalled device's battery charge at 60% of its full capacity." The stated goal of the software update is to convince owners to stop using the device as well as to "reduce customer risk." On a related note, Samsung is also taking steps to prevent current and previous Note 7 owners from leaving the company's ecosystem. Specifically, Samsung has a new program wherein Note 7 owners who swap out their device for either a Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 edge will be able to upgrade to a Galaxy S8 or Galaxy Note 8 for 50% off.
  • IBM targets real-time data analytics with new database software (2016-10-25 15:00:06)
    At the IBM World of Watson conference in Las Vegas, IBM announced the latest version of its DB2 database software, in an effort to empower better analytics.
  • IBM Watson is coming to the iPhone, and that's big news for business users (2016-10-25 15:00:04)
    On Tuesday, IBM announced it will be combining its enterprise iOS mobile apps with IBM Watson for better decision-making and productivity.
  • Como Audio’s speaker matches classic looks with modern tech (2016-10-25 14:54:35)
    Wireless speakers are great for a vast number of reasons, but the most obvious one is that they make it super easy to play music or other audio in your home without having to plug into to anything. The modern speaker is meant to blend into the decor of your home, not be a piece of it. Como Audio is looking to change that with its Solo and Duetto speakers.
  • The Here One wireless earbuds let you manipulate the world around you (2016-10-25 14:53:20)
    This is the kind of power that Doppler Labs has hinted at since it launched a Kickstarter in 2015 for the Here Active Listening System — smart wireless earbuds that let you filter and alter the sounds of the world around you. This summer, Doppler announced its next product: the Here One earbuds. It’s the kind of product that could push Doppler’s take on “putting a computer in your ear” into the mainstream.
  • President Obama burns Donald Trump in a new edition of Mean Tweets (2016-10-25 14:43:42)
    With less than two weeks remaining until the United States presidential election, both candidates are pulling out all the stops in order to sway as many Americans voters to their side as possible. To that end, President Barack Obama has been on a press tour of sorts in support of Hillary Clinton, and this week his tour included a stop at Jimmy Kimmel Live for a second Mean Tweets in as many years. SEE ALSO:  Daisy Ridley says we’ll learn the truth about Rey’s parents in Star Wars: Episode 8 Before we get to the new video, let's revisit the first one from 2015 : A few things have changed for the second edition of Obama's Mean Tweets. First, his hair is even more gray than it was a year and a half ago. Second, people are still making fun of the president's jeans. And third, Donald Trump has managed to sneak his way into Mean Tweets, only to have the tables turned on him: Looking back at Trump's response to Alec Baldwin's impression of him on Saturday Night Live , I have a feeling the presidential nominee is not going to appreciate Obama's zinger. In fact, maybe keep an eye on his Twitter feed today. But most of all, remember to get out and vote on Tuesday, November 8th.
  • The ExoMars spacecraft’s crash landing may have been caused by a computer glitch (2016-10-25 14:39:51)
    Europe and Russia’s ExoMars lander may have suffered a computer glitch during its descent to Mars last week, ultimately causing it to crash-land into the planet’s surface, Nature reports. As the lander fell, the mysterious software bug may have caused the vehicle to think it was closer to the ground than it actually was, a lead researcher with the European Space Agency suggests. The crashed lander, called Schiaparelli, was really just a demonstration spacecraft, meant to show that ESA and Roscosmos have the capability to land heavy objects on Mars.
  • AT&T's DirecTV Now online video service to cost $35 per month (2016-10-25 14:23:20)
    NEW YORK (Reuters) - AT&T Inc's upcoming DirecTV Now online video service will cost $35 per month, Chief Executive Randall Stephenson said, speaking at the WSJ.D Live conference in California on Tuesday. The wireless company's streaming video service, which will launch late next month, will have more than 100 channels, Stephenson said. AT&T said on Saturday that it would buy Time Warner Inc for $85.4 billion, as it looks to diversify its business into the media and entertainment market. (Reporting by Malathi Nayak; Editing by Jonathan Oatis)
  • How to create automated btrfs snapshots with snapper (2016-10-25 14:17:26)
    If you're running the btrfs file system on an external data drive or a production machine, learn how to automate the process of taking snapshots with the help of snapper.
  • AT&T’s internet-only TV service will give you over 100 channels for $35 a month (2016-10-25 14:15:09)
    AT&T just announced that DirecTV, the internet-only streaming service coming next month , will include upwards of 100 channels for $35 per month. AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson made the announcement on stage at the WSJ.D Live conference . Worryingly for Netflix (and the future of net neutrality), Stephenson also said that the $35 per month will include unlimited mobile data so you can watch any of your channels on the go. DON'T MISS:  New rumors show Apple is (or at least, was) considering iMessage for Android With AT&T launching this brand-new internet streaming service as a genuine cable competitor, this could be a turning point for the industry. Long term, there’s plenty to be worried about with an AT&T/Time Warner merger. AT&T will own everything related to your TV consumption, all the way from producing the content to delivering it to your phone or TV. Monopoly power has not traditionally gone well for the consumer when it comes to telecoms, so if AT&T starts using its power to price-gouge consumers, it could be bad. But in the short run, it seems like AT&T is using its newfound power to break the established system of cable TV bundles, and is actually giving people something they want for a change. The price is way below what any traditional TV bundle will cost you, and the integration of free mobile data shows how AT&T is planning to use all the tools at its disposal to make this a success. Notionally, DirecTV is aimed at people who don't currently pay for cable. But if the selection of channels doesn't have any holes (sports in particular has been a sticking point for cable-cutters in the past), it's possible that DirecTV could eat into the heart of cable TV subscriptions.
  • AT&T’s streaming TV service will include over 100 channels for $35 per month (2016-10-25 14:08:31)
    AT&T’s effort to build a cable alternative for cord cutters now has a price. AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson said today that DirecTV Now will launch next month for $35 a month with access to more than 100 channels, including channels from Disney and Time Warner. It competes with similar offerings from Sling, whose package starts at $20 a month for fewer channels, and PlayStation Vue, which starts at $40 for around 60 channels.
  • Don't Call This Number: It's a Microsoft Support Scam (2016-10-25 14:06:00)
    A new and creative type of malware pretends to be Microsoft Security Essentials, a real antivirus suite used on Windows 7 and earlier. Called Hicurdismos, the malware displays Microsoft's classic Blue Screen of Death — with one key difference. The real Blue Screen of Death doesn't include a phone number.
  • China's Xiongmai to recall up to 10,000 webcams after hack (2016-10-25 14:03:36)
    By Sijia Jiang HONG KONG (Reuters) - Up to 10,000 webcams will be recalled in the aftermath of a cyber attack that blocked access last week to some of the world's biggest websites, Chinese manufacturer Hangzhou Xiongmai Technology Co told Reuters on Tuesday. In Washington, a member of the U.S. Senate Intelligence committee asked three federal agencies what steps the government can take to prevent cyber criminals from compromising electronic devices.
  • Astronauts' spinal muscles shrink and weaken after long stays in space (2016-10-25 14:00:03)
    Such body changes could explain why so many astronauts suffer from back pain after taking trips to lower-Earth orbit. Up until now, researchers thought that astronauts’ back pain was caused by fluids swelling up in the spinal discs — cartilage joints that cushion the bones of the spine. Instead, the paraspinal muscles, which connect the bones of the spine together and control their movement, shrunk by about 19 percent in size, according to NASA-sanctioned research detailed today in the journal Spine.
  • Google Jamboard: New 55-inch digital whiteboard for conference rooms (2016-10-25 14:00:00)
    Google recently announced Jamboard, its newest hardware project that acts as a digital whiteboard for cloud collaboration among business users.
  • Consumer Reports ranks Tesla as one of the least reliable car brands on the planet (2016-10-25 13:46:10)
    If it wasn't already, I think it's now safe to say that Consumer Reports ' on-and-off-again love affair with Tesla is officially over. In a new tally ranking the 10 least reliable cars, the Model X makes an unceremonious appearance, joining the likes of the Ford Fiesta and the Fiat 500L. That Tesla's SUV made the list should hardly come as a surprise for anyone who has been paying close attention to early reviews of the luxury vehicle. From faulty doors and wonky electronics, some of the first impressions of the Tesla Model X were far from positive. Calling the gargantuan Model X "more showy than practical," Consumer Reports identified the following problem areas with the vehicle: "Falcon-wing doors, locks and latches, power equipment, in-car electronics, climate system." That's quite a laundry list of problem areas, especially for a luxury SUV that starts at $85,000. DON'T MISS: 'The Walking Dead’ season 7 premiere had two awesome moments you probably missed With the Model X apparently tarnishing the entirety of Elon Musk's beloved brand, Tesla came in 25th on Consumer Reports' list of the 29 most reliable car brands, sandwiched between GMC and Dodge. As a point of interest, the top 5 most reliable car brands were Lexus, Toyota, Buick, Audi and Kia. While most of Consumer Reports' ire was directed at the Model X, recall that the publication has also had some negative things to say about the Model S. Just last year, for example, the publication pulled its recommendation for the Model S citing reliability issues. "The main problem areas," the report said at the time, "involved the drivetrain, power equipment, charging equipment, giant iPad-like center console, and body and sunroof squeaks, rattles, and leaks." Notably, Elon Musk was quick to respond to said allegations. Though Consumer Reports can sometimes be a bit hasty its judgements, there's no denying that early production models of the Model X were not quite up to snuff with Tesla's stated standard of excellence. For instance, recall Fortune's review of the Model X from a few months back. While reviewer Sue Callaway found a lot to like with Tesla's crossover SUV, she had a startling observation regarding the seat design. Tesla promised me that the Model X’s second-row seats move in such a way as to allow a baby seat to be in place and yet still move to access the third row. I borrowed a friend’s three-month-old baby—yes, really—and her Uppababy Mesa babyseat and discovered very quickly that the system moved the rear-facing seat far enough forward to hit the back of the driver’s seat. Worse, it started to tip the second-row seats, squeezing the car seat’s frame with the baby in it. Definitely not okay. In another instance of Tesla quality control gone awry, recall the experience of Tesla enthusiast Byron Deeter who was one of the first owners to get behind the wheel of a Model X. As an early adopter, Deeter was more than happy to live with a few mildly frustrating bugs, but the problems he faced were truly over the top. A few months ago, Deeter explained how the driver's side door on his Model X wouldn't open from the outside, forcing him to enter in from the passenger side and stretch out across the seats to open it up from the inside. And as if that weren't enough, the door wouldn't fully close once he managed to open it. “I could manually close it, but the car couldn’t sense that the door was shut, so the electric control wouldn’t latch,” Deeter said a few months ago. “Yesterday, I literally drove to a meeting holding the door closed.” “It’s definitely a reminder that quality control with human mobility and safety is critical,” Deeter said in an interview  with TechCrunch at the time. “In this case, Tesla did push out some software and maybe some hardware that wasn’t quite ready for prime time.” Addressing many of the initial complaints that surfaced with early Model X owners, Tesla back in April issued the following statement. “We are committed to making the world’s most reliable cars,” Tesla said. “While we have seen some issues with early Model X builds, the issues are not widespread, and we are working closely with each owner to respond quickly and proactively to address any problems. We will continue to do so until each customer is fully satisfied. This commitment is one of the reasons why 98% of our customers say they will buy another Tesla as their next car.” Indeed, Tesla Model X owners do seem to be overwhelmingly satisfied, but that data point apparently doesn't factor into Consumer Reports' reliability calculus.
  • The 10 best paid iPhone apps on sale for free today (2016-10-25 13:19:38)
    Dozens or even hundreds of paid iPhone and iPad apps go on sale for free every day, and we always try to select the best of the bunch to share with our readers. Today's list might be the best one we've had in quite some time though. It's packed full of well-made and well-reviewed iOS apps that are on sale for free for a limited time, so be sure to check them all out before these sales are over. Of note, one of the apps we listed is a killer Instagram tool that normally sells for $28! MUST READ:  The difference between iPhone users and Android users These are paid iPhone and iPad apps that have been made available for free for a limited time by their developers. There is no way to tell how long they will be free. These sales could end an hour from now or a week from now — obviously, the only thing we can guarantee is that they were free at the time this post was written. If you click on a link and see a price listed next to an app instead of the word “get,” it is no longer free. The sale has ended. If you download the app, you will be charged. Network Utility Pro Normally $0.99. ******** App and Widget were updated for iOS 10! Add to your notification center every available Network Info and Data Usage*. ******** With Network Utility you can quickly find all informations about your network. Information such as internal and external IP, network name, MAC address, gateway address, subnet mask and DNS addresses. In addition, with a single tap you can PING a domain, query a Whois server or use NSLookup function to discover every info about it. You can copy any information of the network that you are connected, simply tap on it! You can also copy result of Whois or NSLookup and paste it everywhere on your iOS device. An amazing real time graph help you to visualize PING response times, and Network Utility v4 has also real time stats. Network Utility 4.1 brings to you an advanced Data Usage monitor tool! Configure it, and see how much space you have left. The Geo IP tool allows you to to quickly geolocate a domain or IP in a matter of seconds. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DATA USAGE PLANS Daily Weekly Monthly 30 days 28 days (**NEW**) AVAILABLE NETWORK INFO Internet - ISP - IP - REACHABILITY STATUS - DNS - TOTAL SENT DATA - TOTAL RECEIVED DATA Wi-Fi - SSID - BSSID - IP - GATEWAY - MASK - MAC ADDRESS - SENT DATA - RECEIVED DATA Cellular - CARRIER - RADIO ACCESS TECHNOLOGY - VoIP SUPPORT - SENT DATA - RECEIVED DATA -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PING OPTIONS - COUNT - WAIT - TIMEOUT - PACKET SIZE Download Network Utility Pro PostBot 2 for Instagram Normally $27.99. The Bot that tells you when to post to Instagram. Best hours of the day determined with intelligence, specifically for your audience. INTRODUCING most awaited, app that will completely revolutionize the way you post to Instagram! Do you want to build a great Instagram account? Do you often plan to make few posts per day but forget? Do you wonder when is the best times to post on instagram? Then this is the perfect solution for you! PostBot will remind you when to make a new post. The app will analyze your Instagram and determine the best hours to post. It will detect the best time to upload on instagram for each day of week. If you are a business owner or social media manager who wants to schedule your posts on Instagram, this is the best tool for you. When we travel we all take a lot of pictures and we like to share them all on our IG profile, but if you post all of them at once, less people will see it. also your fans will easily get tired of you taking over their whole feed. Wise way is to spread the uploads to few days, Make few new posts per day on peak hours, when most of your audience are present online. PostBot helps you to do exactly that. 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  • T-Mobile seen as top target following AT&T-Time Warner deal (2016-10-25 13:18:51)
    By Malathi Nayak NEW YORK (Reuters) - T-Mobile US Inc is the likeliest acquisition target as media companies seek a wireless partner following AT&T Inc's proposed $85.4 billion takeover of Time Warner Inc, analysts said. AT&T announced the deal late on Saturday, stoking urgency in the telecoms and media sectors, where carriers facing a saturated wireless market are looking for content to attract mobile users and producers of shows and movies are seeking digital distribution. T-Mobile took most of the wireless industry's subscriber and revenue growth in the third quarter.
  • Yahoo scanning order unlikely to be made public: sources (2016-10-25 13:17:12)
    By Joseph Menn, Dustin Volz and Mark Hosenball WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Obama administration officials briefed key congressional staffers last week about a secret court order to Yahoo that prompted it to search all users’ incoming emails for a still undisclosed digital signature, but they remain reluctant to discuss the unusual case with a broader audience. The groups also pressed Clapper, who has pledged to be more transparent in the wake of controversial spying revelations, to explain how much authority FISA gives the court to order technical assistance from technology companies.
  • Vue tries to replace your Fitbit, headphones, and prescription glasses (2016-10-25 13:00:03)
    Vue are prescription, crowdfunded glasses that launched on Kickstarter today and function as a fitness tracker, bone conduction headphones, and a Bluetooth mic for phone calls. While Vue are definitely more decked out than typical prescription glasses, they’re no where near as technical as Google Glass and fit in more as a novelty item.
  • Amazon’s next-gen Fire TV Stick brings Alexa to your home for $40 (2016-10-25 12:52:06)
    Devices like the Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV box are fantastic ways to make a wide range of streaming content available on your TV, but they're also pretty pricey. If you want an Apple TV you're spending at least $150, and Amazon's Fire TV starts at $90. Those are decent prices, but you can get a complete streaming experience for much less than that. Amazon's All-New Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote has now been released, offering a ton of features and even better performance for the same insanely low price. Here's what you need to know: The next generation of our bestselling Fire TV Stick. The most powerful with the fastest Wi-Fi and most accurate voice search of any streaming media stick-now with the Alexa Voice Remote. Enjoy over 7,000 apps, games, and Alexa skills including Netflix, Hulu, HBO NOW, YouTube, Amazon Video, NBC, WatchESPN, Disney, and more. Subscription fees may apply. Launch and control content with the included Alexa Voice Remote. Simply say, "Play Game of Thrones" or "Launch Netflix" and Alexa will respond instantly. Plus, play music, find movie show times, order a pizza, and more-just ask. No cable or satellite? No problem. Watch the best of live TV and sports from AMC, HGTV, ESPN, FOX, and others with a subscription to Sling TV, or top-rated primetime shows with CBS All Access. Find the best way to watch with universal search results from over 90 channels and apps including Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Video Prime members get unlimited access to Prime Video, featuring thousands of movies and TV episodes at no additional cost. Plus, members can add over 70 premium and specialty channels like STARZ, and SHOWTIME-no cable or satellite subscription necessary. Pick up where you left off. Bring hit shows and movies with you when you travel. Plug Fire TV Stick into any TV's HDMI port, connect to Wi-Fi, and continue watching. The All-New Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote costs just $39.99 with free Prime shipping, and it's available right now.
  • North Face’s Epic 1966 Store Opening, Starring Dirt Bags, Hells Angels and the Grateful Dead (2016-10-25 12:52:00)
    One evening in 1966, The Grateful Dead, Joan Baez, the Hells Angels, and Doug Tompkins came together to celebrate the opening of The North Face.
  • The North Face’s Epic 1966 Store Opening, Starring Dirt Bags, Hells Angels and the Grateful Dead (2016-10-25 12:52:00)
    One evening in 1966, The Grateful Dead, Joan Baez, the Hells Angels, and Doug Tompkins came together to celebrate the opening of The North Face.
  • Black Mirror director Dan Trachtenberg explains why horror stories are 'good for your soul' (2016-10-25 12:49:12)
    When Charlie Brooker was looking for directors for the third season of his future-horror series Black Mirror, Dan Trachtenberg must have seemed like a natural for “Playtest,” the season’s second episode. The game takes place in a haunted house setting where new threats lurk around every corner, but part of the threat is outside the game entirely, and for the protagonist — easygoing surfer-type Cooper, played by Kurt Russell’s son Wyatt — a further threat comes from his past, and his troubled relationship with his family. All of which winds up sounding a lot like Trachtenberg’s recent horror movie 10 Cloverfield Lane, also about a protagonist trying to escape a suffocating relationship, an enclosed physical space, and a series of nested lies.
  • Xiaomi announces the Mi VR, its second low-cost virtual reality headset (2016-10-25 12:35:03)
    Lost in all of the hype surrounding the reveal of the stunningly beautiful Mi Mix, Xiaomi also took the wraps off its newest virtual reality headset, the Mi VR. The new headset, which is designed to work with the latest generation of Xiaomi smartphones including the Mi 5 and Mi Note 2, will only cost you $29, keeping with Xiaomi's goal of offering solid hardware at lower prices. Xiaomi says the new hardware comes with a new built-in motion sensor that will keep latency low at 16ms, and also features a 9-axis motion controller and supports touch controls.
  • Google's answer to Microsoft's Surface Hub is an equally giant digital whiteboard (2016-10-25 12:31:16)
    Google is moving into office hardware today with Jamboard, a new 4K digital whiteboard. Just like Microsoft's Surface Hub, Google's Jamboard is a 55-inch 4K touchscreen, but Google is using Android and a new whiteboard app to power its giant display. It's a direct move for Google's continued competition with Microsoft in businesses and the enterprise, and the Jamboard is designed for businesses who already use Google Apps.
  • New rumors show Apple is (or at least, was) considering iMessage for Android (2016-10-25 12:27:02)
    For as long as iMessage has existed, smartphone owners have speculated about the possibility of Apple bringing its messaging service to Android. Although there have been hints and rumors in the past , the release of Apple Music on Android late last year reignited conversations about iMessage being ported over as well. Nearly a year later, the blogosphere has been relatively quiet, but a new report from John Gruber of Daring Fireball  claims that Apple has indeed been considering expanding the reach of iMessage beyond the iOS platform. DON'T MISS:  The difference between iPhone users and Android users "I’ve heard from little birdies that mockups of iMessage for Android have circulated within the company, with varying UI styles ranging from looking like the iOS Messages app to pure Material Design," says Gruber. "iMessage for Android may never see the light of day, but the existence of detailed mockups strongly suggests that there’s no “of course not” to it." That's last line is the key here. Whether or not Apple ever brings iMessage to Android remains to be seen, but the fact that the company has (reportedly) gone as far as to create mockups of the app in the style of Material Design suggests that Apple isn't altogether averse to the idea. Gruber believes that iMessage is "a" glue that keeps customers coming back to the iPhone, but it's not "the" glue. In other words, iPhone owners aren't going to dump the iPhone 7 just because they can get iMessage on the Google Pixel. It's highly unlikely that we'll see iMessage make the jump to Android any time soon, but it's not totally out of the question that it will happen in the coming years .
  • Uber’s new self-driving Volvo SUVs have been spotted in Pittsburgh (2016-10-25 12:24:10)
    One of Uber’s self-driving Volvo XC90 SUVs has been spotted out in the wild. A tipster in Pittsburgh sent us this image, as well as the video below, that confirms that Uber is in the process of testing out the newest member of its self-driving vehicle fleet. The Volvo was spotted on Morewood Street, in front of the Carnegie Mellon campus around 5PM on Monday, the tipster said.
  • Google adds digital whiteboard to expanding device lineup (2016-10-25 12:14:40)
    Google has designed a giant touch-screen canvas for companies trying to make it easier for their employees to brainstorm as they work on team projects and other assignments. The product is called "Jamboard," ...
  • Microsoft to launch its Slack competitor as Microsoft Teams (2016-10-25 12:06:42)
    Microsoft is planning to unveil its Slack competitor at an Office event in New York City next week. Originally dubbed Skype Teams internally, Microsoft will launch the service as Microsoft Teams once it's broadly available for businesses and schools to make use of. Just like Slack, it's a web-powered chat service that's designed for teams of colleagues or school classes to collaborate.
  • Singapore telecoms group StarHub says hit by cyber attacks (2016-10-25 12:04:19)
    Singapore telecom operator StarHub Ltd said on Tuesday intentional cyber attacks had caused web connection disruptions for some of its home broadband customers on October 22 and October 24. The company said it analyzed network logs of the disruptions and found that it had experienced intentional and likely malicious distributed denial-of-service attacks on its domain name servers. StarHub said there was no evidence of any impact on the rest of its services, and the security of its customers' information was not compromised.
  • The Walking Dead: Negan’s victim discusses his demise in new interview (2016-10-25 12:02:02)
    The Walking Dead is back, and if you’re a fan you know what happened during Sunday’s premiere. AMC’s massive trolling came to an end and we finally know who Negan killed as well as exactly how he did it. Just in case you still haven’t seen the first episode of season 7, be warned, major spoilers follow below , as we’re about to tell you what Negan’s victim had to say about the whole ordeal. DON’T MISS: Report claims iPhone 8 will feature a revolutionary new design that no one saw coming ...or should we say, victim s . Negan killed Abraham and Glenn on Sunday night, proving some theories out there right. Both characters are dead in the comics, though Negan only killed Glenn with his trusty bat Lucille. The Walking Dead’s showrunners decided to go a different route for this extended Negan introduction. Abraham was Negan’s first choice, and he would seemingly be the only major character to die in the episode. However, Glenn also met Lucille after Daryl punched Negan during an outburst. Even if Glenn experiences a similarly horrifying death in the comics, his death at the hand of Negan was something of a surprise. Here’s what actor Steven Yeun had to say about the whole thing in an interview with AMC . “For me, personally, I didn’t want anyone else to take that death and I don’t think anyone intended to give it to anyone else, to be quite honest,” the actor said. “I don’t know what it feels like to die, but it was a very unique experience [to film] and a pretty affective moment for me, too,” Yeun added. “After I took some steps back from it, I really started to process what it was, what it meant, and what it means for me in terms of how much I might have been connected to Glenn.” Yeun knew at the beginning of season 6 that he was going to die just like his character did in the comics, and he had to keep the secret for a year. “It got gnarly near the end because when you mentally cross that threshold and say to yourself, ‘OK I’m done with this particular chapter now,’ to then hold onto it for another full year is pretty rough,” he said. As for Daryl, who causes Glenn’s death, Yeun said he shouldn’t feel responsible. “I think Daryl did what anybody would have done at that moment – which is fight back – and it just happened to be that it came with other ramifications,” Yeun said. “I suppose Daryl is the type of person that would shoulder that type of blame. That seems like something that could be in his wheelhouse to feel, but I don’t know if he’s supposed to be blamed for that. That doesn’t seem right to me. He’s a good person, and I don’t think he likes to live with things like that.” Finally, Yeun also addressed Glenn’s last line. “Maggie, I’ll find you,” Glenn says after Negan first hit. This reminds the audience of earlier in the series when Glenn was actually looking for Maggie. “I tried to play it as sincere as you possibly could in a moment where you are just glitching,” he said. “I think Glenn was fighting to find words… Maybe it was a subconscious thought or maybe something he held onto for a while that was his driving force, and when he got smashed in the head, it just brought it to the forefront.” So there you have it, folks: Glenn is dead, and it seems like Yeun wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. As for Abraham’s demise, well, you can read more about it at this link .
  • Smartwatch sales nosedive worldwide (2016-10-25 12:00:53)
    Global smartwatch sales reportedly stand at 2.7 million units for Q3 2016, down from 5.6 million in Q3 2015 (-51.6%), according to the latest figures from IDC. Could this be a passing dip or a genuine lack of enthusiasm for the product itself?
  • Fast & Furious producer Justin Lin is rebooting Knight Rider (2016-10-25 12:00:13)
    Fast & Furious producer Justin Lin is trading drag racing for AI-driven cars with a reboot of the ‘80s crime-fighting show Knight Rider. The digital series, which is currently in development, is expected to launch in 2017. It’s a joint venture between Machinima — best known for productions like Mortal Kombat: Legacy 2 and Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist — NBCUniversal Brand Development, and Lin’s digital media company YouOffendMeYouOffendMyFamily (YOMYOMF).The original Knight Rider aired from 1982 to 1986 and starred David Hasselhoff and his self-aware, chatty car, KITT. ...
  • Loop's retro tablet looks like a Fallout prop (2016-10-25 12:00:10)
    A new tablet called Loop was unveiled at CES this year and is now available to order. Sure, you could just use a tablet or smartphone in the kitchen, but the creators behind Loop think you’ll be into their product’s throwback design, 10-inch HD display, and voice controls. The tablet pairs with phones over Wi-Fi through a companion iOS / Android app, so users can send photos to their Loop and convert it into a digital picture frame.
  • Duet Pro turns your iPad into a high-end Wacom tablet (2016-10-25 12:00:02)
    If you've never heard of Duet Display and you're the owner of an iPad, do this one good thing for yourself and download it immediately. The update is aimed at artists to use as a professional graphics tablet, like a Wacom. The cheapest version of the tablet is the $800 Cintiq 13HD, and my imposter syndrome tells me it's insulting to real artists for a cartoonist like me to even think about using such a powerful device, when a cheap $100 Wacom Bamboo works just fine.
  • Jon Glaser Really, Truly Loves Gear (2016-10-25 12:00:00)
    Ahead of the premiere of 'Jon Glaser Loves Gear,' Jon Glaser gave us his favorite things.
  • The Bike Lock That Punishes Thieves (2016-10-25 12:00:00)
    Smell ya later, stupid thieves.
  • Cheaper phones are fine _ if top-end camera isn't a must (2016-10-25 11:48:34)
    You can easily save hundreds of dollars on an Android phone — especially if you, like many people, don't need a top-end camera. Cheaper Android phones are, in many respects, adequate substitutes for pricier ...
  • This Futuristic All-Screen Phone Just Beat iPhone 8 to Punch (2016-10-25 11:40:00)
    If you're curious what next year's iPhone 8 might look like with an all-screen design, look no further than Xiaomi's Mi Mix. This jaw-dropping "concept" phone (which already has a price and release date in China) features a ceramic design and virtually edgeless display that make it look like something flung out of the far future. The handset's all-ceramic design was made in partnership with well-known designer Philippe Starck, and lacks any unsightly stripes or camera bumps.
  • Daily quests are coming to Pokemon Go (2016-10-25 11:37:18)
    Niantic is on a roll. After failing to provide many significant post-launch updates following the launch of Pokemon Go , the team appears to have settled into a groove lately, adding new features , improving gym training and unveiling the first official in-game event ( which starts tomorrow and runs through Halloween ). But there's still one feature that has been suspiciously missing from Pokemon Go since launch: incentives to log in and play the game on a daily basis. Daily rewards are a staple of free-to-play games, but up to now, they haven't made their way to one of the App Store's most profitable games. Thankfully, that's about to change. DON'T MISS:  Pokemon Go Halloween event details After data mining the hex code featured in the latest Pokemon Go update (0.43.3 on Android, 1.13.3 on iOS), Pokemon Go Hub has discovered that Daily Quests are coming to the game. The code indicates that there will be three possible daily quests: First Catch of the Day , First PokeStop of the Day and an Unknown quest. It's still unclear what the rewards for completing a Daily Quest will be, but the code makes mention of an incubator. It could be the only possible reward, one of several possible rewards or something else entirely — we don't know yet. The code also suggests that trainers will be able to perform Streaks , i.e. complete multiple Daily Quests in a row for potential bonuses on top of the standard rewards. The code references both a Current Streak Count and a Current Period Bucket (which is described as "the currently active questing period"). Although Niantic hasn't announced Daily Quests yet, all of the necessary code to activate the feature is already in the app. In theory, all Niantic needs to do is turn it on, which means Daily Quests could arrive virtually any time. That said, we're willing to bet the developer will wait until after the Halloween event.
  • The Gilmore Girls revival trailer is here and everyone, everyone, everyone is back (2016-10-25 11:18:38)
    The official trailer for Netflix's much-hyped Gilmore Girls revival is here, and if you're the sort of person that interests, you might want to sit down and take a deep breath before you watch it. All of the casting rumors were true, and you'll see Kelly Bishop as Emily Gilmore, Melissa McCarthy as Sookie St. James, and, crucially, Sean Gunn as Kirk. There's also a Ben Affleck joke, because Rory and Lorelai are obviously Team Jen!
  • Fake Blue Screen of Death Leads to Tech-Support Scam (2016-10-25 11:12:02)
    Imagine this: You install an antivirus program, only to find that the installation has infected your machine with malware. The real Blue Screen of Death doesn't include a phone number. Hicurdismos is a new and creative type of malware that pretends to be Microsoft Security Essentials, a real antivirus suite used on Windows 7 and earlier.
  • The difference between iPhone users and Android users (2016-10-25 11:08:45)
    Just over three months ago, I was having a casual conversation with an acquaintance about a few rumors surrounding Samsung's upcoming Galaxy Note 7. At the time, Samsung's sixth-generation phablet was one of the most hotly anticipated smartphones of the summer. He knew what I did for a living and asked if I had heard anything about the new phone that hadn't already been reported, and I told him about some display and design improvements I had caught wind of that were in the works, as well as a few new software features that hadn't yet been revealed in leaks. Then, the conversation took an interesting turn that ended up sending me on a three-month mission. MUST SEE:  Report claims iPhone 8 will feature a revolutionary new design that no one saw coming He was excited about the new details I gave him that were unknown at the time, and he told me that he would be pre-ordering the phone as soon as Samsung announced it. Then he asked me if I planned to buy one as well, and I told him that I was definitely excited to review the phone but I planned to stick with my iPhone 6s until the iPhone 7 came out in September. His response was ridiculous: "Oh man I hate Apple," he told me. "I can't believe you use an iPhone!" My face probably puckered in an expression that closely resembles the face I make when I read ridiculous troll comments on Twitter or elsewhere online, because he immediately followed with, "whatever, the Apple cult always thinks everything else out there is junk. I could never be an iSheep !" Now, anyone reading this has undoubtedly seen this type of comment all over the internet. For some bizarre reason, people love arguing about smartphones and why their platform of choice is better than rival platforms. I suppose my friends and family aren't the web-commenting type though, because I never have conversations like this myself, in the real world . Since I had no interest in arguing about something so insignificant, I chuckled and steered the conversation back to the Note 7. But it gave me pause. This wasn't some teenage tech enthusiast I was speaking with, he was a grown man who owned a small business and had a family. Let's be honest for a moment: when you read comments on the internet from people arguing back and forth about smartphones, do you picture a kempt adult in a suit or young teen shoveling Cheetos into his or her face in a basement somewhere? I don't know about you, and I apologize if this offends anyone, but it's difficult to believe that there are productive members of society with fulfilling lives who have the time or desire to bicker about cell phones. But they exist, and I was intrigued. Like a wildlife expert who had just discovered a new species, I needed to know more. Over the course of the next three months, I conducted an informal and unscientific poll that included only one main question. In and around New York City and northern New Jersey, I would approach people at random while they used their phones and ask why they chose one platform over the other. Specifically, after explaining briefly that I was the editor of a tech news site, I would ask iPhone users "why do you use an iPhone?" and Android phone users "why do you use an Android phone?" It was beyond uncomfortable for me, and perhaps for some of them as well. But as I said, I needed to know more . While this poll was completely unscientific, I phrased my question in a very specific way. My phone was always in my pocket when I asked, and I made sure to never mention a rival platform at all. It's subtle, but the question "why do you use an iPhone and not an Android phone?" is a bit leading compared to simply asking, "why do you use an iPhone?" In about three months I ended up asking 219 different people this question, including 112 iPhone users and 107 Android users. I wasn't terribly concerned with the features of each platform that people liked most. I just wanted to see how many people, unprovoked, would mention a rival platform in a negative way when offering their responses to a complete stranger. So, how many Android users mentioned their disapproval of Apple or of the iPhone among in their response? 51. 51 people said things like "iPhone users are a cult," "I hate Apple," "only stupid people use iPhones," or "I hate the iPhone" when explaining to me why they chose an Android device. Seriously, people actually used the word hate to describe their feelings about a cell phone, or worse yet, about people who use a certain type of cell phone. And how about the other side of the fence? Of the 112 iPhone users I polled, a total of six people said something negative about Android or about a specific Android phone manufacturer. Not a single person make a negative blanket statement about Android users in general. Look. People. Life is too short. There's enough craziness in the world, and there are already enough petty and illogical reasons that people dislike each other. We don't need to pile on with something as ridiculous as this. Find a phone that works for you, use it, and don't worry about what kind of handset anyone else is using. Seriously, it's a damn cell phone we're talking about here. -- (Of note, there is one type of unprovoked complaint that I did not include in my final tally. If people said they had switched from one platform to another and found that the new platform suited them better, they were not included in the final count. On top of the figures noted above, several iPhone users and Android users mentioned having experience with one platform and then switching to the other. Also excluded from the tally above are five iPhone users who laughingly joked that they chose the iPhone because it doesn't explode like Samsung's Galaxy Note 7. It seemed pretty obvious that they were joking and not being malicious.)
  • UK approves third runway for London's Heathrow, Europe's busiest airport (2016-10-25 11:08:30)
    The UK has approved the addition of a third runway to Heathrow airport in London — a decision that has taken decades to come to and that has already been heavily criticized by members of the government. Businesses have said increasing airport capacity in London is a must, but expanding any of the city's existing airports (there are six in total) means clashes with nearby residents. Environmental campaigners have also objected to the new runway, which will hamper the UK's pledged reductions to greenhouse gas output.
  • Samsung chip supplier AMS warns of customer setback, shares plunge (2016-10-25 11:03:46)
    Austrian sensor chip maker AMS AG has warned of a setback with one of its customers which could hit revenues and force a writedown in its accounts, sending its Swiss-listed shares down by as much as 23 percent on Tuesday. AMS, which supplies components to smartphone makers Apple and Samsung among others, did not name the company involved in what it called a "customer-specific negative development", but analysts suggested it could be Samsung. Samsung scrapped its flagship Galaxy Note 7 phone on Oct. 12 less than two months after the launch after numerous reports of their batteries overheating and catching fire.
  • launches new technology site Lifewire (2016-10-25 10:46:07)
    A new technology information website has launched by the media company behind
  • Apple's Found a Better Way to Find Your iPhone (2016-10-25 10:44:02)
    Currently, you can find a missing iPhone, iPad or Mac by using the iCloud feature Find My iPhone, but that system relies on your lost device being turned on and connecting to the internet. Apple's U.S. Patent No. 9,479,920 is for a "Power management in crowd-sourced lost-and-found service" and uses Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) technology to ping waypoints in your community. If this sounds familiar, Apple's patent appears to share a lot of features with the Tile trackers, which users can clip onto their keychain or slot into their wallets.
  • Samsung just shot down the Galaxy S8 rumor that had fans buzzing (2016-10-25 10:43:28)
    Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 has gone up in smoke, both figuratively and literally, leaving a huge void in the smartphone market this holiday season. After years of following the same release pattern, Samsung has trained consumers to expect a new Note series smartphone each fall. New Notes always feature the latest and greatest specs, including jaw-dropping Super AMOLED displays and a suite of software features that make use of the S Pen stylus. This year, however, a new Note smartphone is nowhere to be found. Some smartphone shoppers will turn to Apple's new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus since there are no new Samsung flagships to be found. Others will opt for Google's Pixel or Pixel XL, or perhaps for a rival smartphone from another Android phone vendor. But not everyone is willing to bail on Samsung and all of the class-leading features its smartphones offer, so many people are waiting for the next-generation Galaxy S8 to arrive before upgrading to a new handset. Well, we have some bad news... DON'T MISS:  Report claims iPhone 8 will feature a revolutionary new design that no one saw coming According to a new rumor that just started to make the rounds on Tuesday morning , Samsung's next-generation Galaxy S8 is going to be an absolute beast. The leak in question suggests that the Galaxy S8 will sport a completely new design with cutting-edge specs and a display that takes up almost all of the phone's face. Other highlights apparently include a next-generation processor and as much as 8GB of RAM. All that is good news, so what's the problem? A recent rumor that gathered some serious steam suggested that Samsung was planning to released the new Galaxy S8 ahead of schedule to help fill the void left by the Note 7's untimely demise. Fans were excited by the prospect of getting their hands on a sleek redesigned Samsung phone early next year as opposed to having to wait until sometime in March, but Samsung was quick to squash those dreams. "Currently we do not have any plans to release Galaxy S8 early," an unnamed Samsung executive told The Electronics Times on Tuesday. "Even before we released Galaxy Note 7, we had a separate plan to announce Galaxy S8. Pushing release date forward all of sudden is something that is realistically impossible." The new Galaxy S8 is shaping up to be an impressive phone indeed, but it looks like we still have four or five months to wait before we can finally get our hands on it.
  • Playtest is Black Mirror's terrifying take on the future of gaming (2016-10-25 10:21:14)
    The third season of Charlie Brooker's Black Mirror, a Twilight Zone-esque anthology TV series about technological anxieties and possible futures, was released on Netflix on October 21st. This year, virtual reality headsets finally started shipping to consumers en masse, but there’s no denying that we’re still in the Wild West when it comes to content. 360-degree movies, experimental shorts, first-person games that turn players into Bruce Wayne — if there’s an idea out there, odds are that somebody has tried it.
  • How smartphone cameras took over the world (2016-10-25 10:00:23)
    In the early 2000s, the digital photography revolution made it possible for miniaturized camera hardware and image sensors to be packed into cell phones without adding a significant amount of weight. Then the iPhone was announced. As the smartphone war began, the camera became an important part of the ongoing spec race. Competitors tried to beat Apple in making an excellent camera (and app) that was easy to use — and it took until this year for that to start happening. Now, two-thirds of adults in the US own a smartphone. The average smartphone user takes at least 150 photos per month. ...
  • This Robot Vacuum Could Beat the Roomba (2016-10-25 10:00:00)
    Gadget lovers with dusty homes could be putting robot vacuums even cooler than that Roomba on their holiday wish lists. Using technology similar to LiDAR remote sensing, which is used to help autonomous cars navigate around obstacles, the Botvac could actually be more efficient than the Roomba and other similar robot vacuums. Instead of following a somewhat random path across a room like the Roomba, the Botvac's lasers find a room's perimeter and moves back and forth across it.
  • Hackable heart implants: St. Jude comes under fire for security risks (2016-10-25 09:55:20)
    In an ongoing legal battle between St. Jude and Muddy Waters and MedSec, new filings claim that devices created for heart issues are vulnerable to cyberattacks.
  • Leak says Galaxy S8 will be an all-screen phone with amazing hardware (2016-10-25 09:53:20)
    Samsung is still picking itself up after the Galaxy Note 7 disaster, which has seemingly affected its Galaxy S8 production schedule as well, at least according to some reports. Even so, the phone is still expected to make its debut in late February and a new round of rumors reveals more purported details about Samsung’s next big thing. DON’T MISS: Report claims iPhone 8 will feature a revolutionary new design that no one saw coming According to a leaker who posted a spreadsheet on Weibo , the Galaxy S8 edge will have a 5.5-inch 4K Super AMOLED display — that’s 3840 x 2160 resolution and 506 ppi pixel density). Interestingly, the screen will supposedly account for 80% of the front side of the handset, which seems to imply that Samsung is going to ditch the home button next year. Furthermore, the phone is said to have either a Qualcomm Snapdragon 830 processor or an Exynos 8895 chip, which means in either case will will sport a 10nm chipset. Finally, the leaker says the phone will have either 6GB or 8GB of RAM, which is impressive. The battery size isn’t mentioned, and we’re definitely interested to see what Samsung is doing next when it comes to smartphone batteries, given the whole exploding Galaxy Note 7 thing. The leak also says the phone will be unveiled on February 26th next year, with a launch scheduled for the following month. No matter how exciting all that sounds, this is still just a rumor so treat it accordingly. After all, there's no telling how the Galaxy Note 7 mess will affect Galaxy S8 production, especially given that the phone is expected to introduce a brand new design.
  • How to be more efficient by using Action Launcher 3's Quickpage on your Android device (2016-10-25 09:32:04)
    Action Launcher 3 offers a feature set that can seriously boost efficiency. Get details on how to enable and use one such feature called Quickpage.
  • China's Xiongmai to recall up to 10,000 webcams after U.S. hack (2016-10-25 09:31:30)
    By Sijia Jiang HONG KONG (Reuters) - A recall of webcams linked to a major cyber attack in the United States last week will involve up to 10,000 of the compromised devices, Chinese manufacturer Hangzhou Xiongmai Technology Co told Reuters on Tuesday. Xiongmai said it would recall some surveillance cameras sold in the U.S. on Monday after security researchers identified they had been targeted in the attack, which rendered Twitter, Spotify and dozens of other major websites unavailable. Friday's cyber attack alarmed security experts because it represented a new type of threat rooted in the proliferation of simple devices such as webcams which often lack proper security.
  • Daisy Ridley says we’ll learn the truth about Rey’s parents in Star Wars: Episode 8 (2016-10-25 09:28:53)
    Although Rogue One could very well be a great film and worthwhile entry into the Star Wars canon, its most important job is to tide fans over until Star Wars: Episode VIII premieres in 2017. Based on what we've seen from the trailers , it's got a pretty good chance of doing that, but that hasn't stopped the internet from voraciously searching for any clues they can find about the future of the main series . READ MORE:  Report claims iPhone 8 will feature a revolutionary new design that no one saw coming On Friday, Vulture  shared an interview with Daisy Ridley in which the actress was once again questioned about Rey's parentage. Specifically, the publication asked about whether or not Rey might be related to Obi-Wan Kenobi, but her answer was non-committal: "We will see in a year," Ridley said. "Just sit tight on that question." It's no surprise that Ridley wasn't willing to spoil one of the biggest mysteries of the new trilogy, but based on her answer, we're pretty comfortable assuming that the mystery will be solved next year when Episode VIII hits theaters. Vulture also asked Ridley if it might be possible for Jyn Erso (the main character in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story ), but after trying to work out the timeline of the series in her head, she realized it wouldn't make much sense: "I mean, I think historically it wouldn’t work, because she is … Darth Vader is there …  so she would ultimately be my great-grandma; no, she would be my grandma. I mean it could happen, especially in a galaxy far, far away." Rogue One: A Star Wars Story releases on December 16th in the United States.
  • Big tech-media mergers raise fresh privacy concerns (2016-10-25 09:19:26)
    Data collected by internet and media companies is a powerful tool, and the big mergers planned by AT&T with Time Warner and Verizon with Yahoo offer those firms more data that can be used to target consumers with content and advertising. "Twenty-first century media is all about the ability to gather information on a single individual regardless of where they are -- whether they are using mobile phone or watching TV or in a grocery store," said Jeffrey Chester of the Center for Digital Democracy, a privacy rights group. The $85 billion deal unveiled Saturday would combine AT&T, one of the largest mobile telecom and residential internet operators, with Time Warner, the media-entertainment giant with powerful brands including the Warner Bros. studio, HBO, CNN, Cartoon Network and a major online game studio.
  • Google's self-driving car design boss speaks on her strategy (2016-10-25 09:09:13)
    As the head of design for Google’s self-driving car program, YooJung Ahn has figured out how to design a car for people who aren’t the least bit interested in driving. The challenge is that people who will ride in the Google car aren’t drivers, they are users. Google has been mum about its process for building and operating self-driving cars, and has even made the name of its self-driving car arm Alphabet, and research being done at X, hard to pin down.
  • Did Xiaomi just preempt the iPhone 8? (2016-10-25 09:00:05)
    Xiaomi, the former darling of the Chinese smartphone market, has hit a rocky patch as of late, though its rejuvenation efforts have today been stoked with the introduction of a spectacular new smartphone called the Mi Mix.
  • Mophie's co-founder made a crazy smartphone-connected scooter (2016-10-25 09:00:03)
    The Immoter Go is a new foldable scooter from the ex-CEO and co-founder of Mophie, Daniel Huang. The battery is built with a micro-processor inside and runs on Immoter's custom OS, which the company says will allow riders to determine whether their battery is malfunctioning or needs to be replaced.
  • Samsung slapped with biggest class action lawsuit yet over Note 7 recall (2016-10-25 08:51:13)
    Remember last week when Samsung was hit with a class action lawsuit over "economic injuries" resulting from the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco? At the time we told you it would be the first of many suits filed as a result of Samsung's defective Note 7 and the company's mishandling of the ensuing global recall(s). More lawsuits are indeed inevitable, and now the biggest class action lawsuit so far has been filed in Samsung's home country. What's more, the new suit coincides with increased pressure from analysts advising shareholder to vote against approving Samsung Vice Chairman and heir apparent Jay Y. Lee's seat on the board. DON'T MISS:  Report claims iPhone 8 will feature a revolutionary new design that no one saw coming Bloomberg  relays  news that a new class action lawsuit has been filed against Samsung in South Korea. The suit, which is the largest yet to have been filed as a result of Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 ordeal, seeks to recoup losses resulting from Samsung's mishandling of the Galaxy Note 7 recall. Filed by attorneys at Seoul-based Harvest Law on behalf of a class of 527 Galaxy Note 7 buyers, the lawsuit alleges that Samsung caused hardships for customers by recalling its first-run Note 7 phones and then issuing replacement devices that had to be recalled yet again. The suit seeks 500,000 won in damages per plaintiff, or about $440 each. Samsung told Bloomberg that the company plans to take appropriate action once it receives the complaint, but the attorneys are already gearing up for a fight. "We’re now planning to file a lawsuit every month," Harvest Law's Ko Young-yeel said. The lawyer also noted that it took his firm just five days to collect more than 500 plaintiffs, suggesting that more Note 7 buyers may be likely to follow suit.
  • Here's the one thing keeping me from dumping my iPhone for Google's Pixel (2016-10-25 08:51:02)
    Apple is strategically using iMessage lock-in to keep customers from moving to Android, which is bad news for would-be iPhone switchers.
  • Twitch will host a live cooking show with a former Food Network Star winner (2016-10-25 08:39:55)
    Twitch is getting a live cooking show from the winner of 2012's Food Network Star, Variety reports. Justin Warner will host a 2-hour show called ChefShock, in which he’ll cook different recipes while answering questions from viewers. It has also streamed marathons of Bob Ross’ The Joy of Painting and Julia Child’s cooking show The French Chef.
  • Here's what consumers might get out of a combined AT&T-Time Warner (2016-10-25 08:30:50)
    AT&T’s massive $85 billion deal to acquire Time Warner has generated plenty of attention in the press, and it will have to weather a lot of scrutiny from federal regulators before it becomes official. Many have compared the deal to Comcast’s acquisition of NBCUniversal, a deal which seems to have been good for the financial health of both companies, but has produced little of note for consumers. In an interview Sunday AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson highlighted Time Warner, with it's rich collection of film and television, as the perfect partner for a streaming effort.
  • Beer run! Self-driving truck goes 120-plus miles on delivery (2016-10-25 08:26:24)
    Anheuser-Busch says it has completed the world's first commercial shipment by self-driving truck, sending a beer-filled tractor-trailer on a journey of more than 120 miles through Colorado. The company ...
  • U.S. self-driving sensor maker Savari announces partnership with China's SAIC Motor (2016-10-25 08:05:04)
    Savari Inc, a U.S. maker of sensors for autonomous driving, on Tuesday said China's largest automaker, SAIC Motor Corp Ltd, has agreed to manufacture and distribute Savari's sensors in China and some Southeast Asian markets. California-based Savari did not disclose financial terms in a statement announcing the deal.
  • BlackBerry launches its third Android-based phone (2016-10-25 08:04:24)
    By Alastair Sharp TORONTO (Reuters) - BlackBerry Ltd launched its third Android-based phone on Tuesday, opting to price the device cheaper than competing products like Apple Inc's iPhone 7 and Android-maker Alphabet Inc's Pixel. The Canadian smartphone pioneer, which has lost most of the market to Apple and others, last month said it planned to outsource the development of its smartphones to focus on its more profitable business of software and managing mobile devices. "This one is our phone," BlackBerry Chief Operating Officer Marty Beard said in an interview.
  • BlackBerry makes the DTEK60 official, available today for $499 (2016-10-25 08:00:03)
    BlackBerry is adding a new phone to its stable today, the higher-end DTEK60. The DTEK60 is available unlocked direct from BlackBerry’s website starting today for $499. BlackBerry has upgraded a number of other specs in the phone compared to the Alcatel version, giving it Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820 processor and a higher-resolution, 21-megapixel rear camera.
  • Smart Home Devices Need Security: Is It Your Job? (2016-10-25 08:00:00)
    Smart-home devices and other "Internet of Things" gadgets need to be secured now, lest there be more attacks like the one that knocked out large parts of the internet this past Friday (Oct. 12). "Prior to today, IoT security might have been debatable," said Neil Diswani, chief information security office of the identity-protection firm LifeLock. Some advocate government regulation to mandate smart-home security, while others argue that the free market would force IoT vendors to incorporate security as consumers rejected unsecure devices.
  • EU to investigate Czech telecoms operators' network-sharing deal (2016-10-25 07:49:50)
    The European Commission said on Tuesday it is to investigate whether a mobile telecoms network-sharing deal between O2 CZ/CETIN and T-Mobile CZ restricts competition in the Czech Republic. The cooperation between the two companies, which serve about three-quarters of the Czech market, started in 2011 and had since been increased in scope to include 3G and 4G data services and covers all of the country with the exception of Prague and Brno. The Commission said it would investigate whether the deal slows down quality improvements in existing infrastructure or delays the deployment of new technologies as well as new services based on them.
  • First Click: Ignore Black Mirror and let the internet reconnect you to the world (2016-10-25 07:30:03)
    Honestly, you never think when clicking a link: “I’m definitely going to spend the next half hour of my life watching a beautiful, wordless video of a man making a violin.” But this is the internet, and if it does nothing else good in this world, it has the power to make the minutiae of skilled woodworking utterly engrossing.
  • iPhone 8 Will Be Clear, Revolutionize Mixed Reality (Report) (2016-10-25 07:00:00)
    How do you make a big splash with the 10th anniversary iPhone? Prominent tech blogger Robert Scoble has posted a wide-ranging set of predictions for Apple's next-generation handset on Facebook, citing multiple industry sources who are "leaders in the consumer electronics world," many of which could be making components for Apple's device. The most dramatic design change could come from the OLED screen on the iPhone 8.
  • Could Microsoft save the PC market by challenging Apple and creating a designer all-in-one? (2016-10-25 06:56:00)
    Would it really be such a good idea for Microsoft to enter the struggling desktop PC market in 2016?
  • Link brings its free public Wi-Fi booths from New York to London (2016-10-25 06:36:27)
    Link's public Wi-Fi access points are coming to London, marking the hubs' first expansion outside of New York. The LinkUK "Links" kiosks will be coming to the British capital in 2017 in a partnership with telecoms company BT. Each kiosk will offer a number of free services including gigabit Wi-Fi connections, two USB charging ports for your devices, a touchscreen tablet for pulling up maps, and free calls to UK landlines and mobile phones.
  • Chinese firm says it did all it could ahead of cyberattack (2016-10-25 06:30:48)
    A Chinese electronics maker that has recalled millions of products sold in the U.S. said Tuesday that it did all it could to prevent a massive cyberattack that briefly blocked access to websites including ...
  • Nissan-Renault says open to partnerships to develop new car technologies (2016-10-25 06:23:10)
    Nissan Motor Co Ltd and Renault SA are open to partnerships with other companies to equip their vehicles with sophisticated technology as automakers race to develop the cars of the future, the pair's connected vehicles chief said. Global automakers are competing with industry rivals and technology firms to develop self-driving cars and mobility services such as car sharing as the growing use of technology and artificial intelligence may eventually diminish the role of drivers, threatening the traditional model of car ownership.
  • Uber's Otto hauls Budweiser across Colorado in self-driving truck (2016-10-25 06:05:06)
    By Alexandria Sage SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - In the first real-world commercial use of autonomous trucking, some 45,000 cans of Budweiser beer arrived late last week to a warehouse after traveling over 120 highway miles in a self-driving truck with no driver at the wheel, executives from Uber [UBER.UL] and Anheuser-Busch said. Otto, the self-driving truck subsidiary of Uber, shipped a truckload of Budweiser from Fort Collins, Colorado to Colorado Springs last Thursday with the driver monitoring from the truck's sleeper berth for the entire two-hour journey, Otto's co-founder Lior Ron and Anheuser-Busch's senior director of logistics strategy, James Sembrot, told Reuters on Friday.
  • Uber’s self-driving truck company just completed its first shipment: 50,000 cans of Budweiser (2016-10-25 06:00:02)
    The journey began 120 miles away at an Anheuser-Busch facility in Loveland, Colorado. The truck — a Volvo big rigs equipped with dozens of cameras and sensors — was one of five owned by Otto, a San Francisco-based self-driving truck company acquired by Uber in August. From there, it drove 100 miles without human intervention to Colorado Springs, with the driver monitoring the two-hour trip from the sleeper berth.
  • EU to investigate O2 CZ, T-Mobile CZ network sharing deal (2016-10-25 05:49:44)
    BRUSSELS (Reuters) - EU antitrust regulators will investigate whether a network sharing deal between O2 CZ/CETIN and T-Mobile CZ curbs competition in the Czech Republic, the European Commission said on Tuesday. The two companies, which serve about three-quarters of the Czech market, started cooperating in 2011 and currently offer 2G to 4G. ...
  • IBM apologizes for Australian e-census bungle, setting off blame game (2016-10-25 05:43:31)
    By Byron Kaye SYDNEY (Reuters) - International Business Machines Corp apologized to Australia on Tuesday for what the government has described as a "malicious" cyber-attack that shut down a national census, but blamed two domestic internet providers for the security lapse. IBM was the lead contractor for the five-yearly August 9 household survey by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) which went offline that day after four distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, caused by the website being flooded with clicks. At a Senate inquiry into the matter, IBM Australia and New Zealand Managing Director Kerry Purcell said he apologized "unreservedly" for the inconvenience and added that he is negotiating a settlement with the government for failing to fulfill the A$10 million ($7.6 million) contract.
  • Xiaomi is selling the concept phone of your wildest dreams (2016-10-25 05:42:57)
    Nothing says sci-fi like a bezel-less screen, and Xiaomi’s newly announced Mi Mix Android phablet is very sci-fi with its 91.3 percent screen-to-body ratio. This 6.4-inch device has just been announced as a concept phone by the Chinese company, but weirdly enough, it has a price, ¥3,499 ($516), and a release date of November 4th in its home country. Think of every out-there spec you could cram into a phone and the Xiaomi Mi Mix probably has it.
  • 'Siri, catch market cheats': Wall Street watchdogs turn to A.I. (2016-10-25 05:22:59)
    Artificial intelligence programs have beaten chess masters and TV quiz show champions. Two exchange operators have announced plans to launch artificial intelligence tools for market surveillance in the coming months and officials at a Wall Street regulator tell Reuters they are not far behind. A.I. may even sniff out new types of chicanery, said Tom Gira, executive vice president for market regulation at the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA).
  • Nissan hiring 300 to develop common connected car technology (2016-10-25 04:40:13)
    YOKOHAMA, Japan (AP) — The top executive overseeing connected vehicles at Nissan and Renault believes the benefits of developing a common technology for connectivity within the Japanese and French auto partnership outweigh the risks of sustaining huge damage from a possible defect or cyberattack.
  • Samsung's halt of Galaxy Note 7 hurt third-quarter GDP: finance ministry official (2016-10-25 04:03:23)
    SEOUL (Reuters) - Samsung Electronics Co Ltd's decision to scrap its Galaxy Note 7 smartphone likely erased 0.1 to 0.2 percentage points from third-quarter GDP growth in quarterly terms, a finance ministry official told Reuters on Tuesday. The official, who declined to be named as he was not authorized to speak to media on the issue, made the comments just hours after the Bank of Korea estimated third-quarter GDP growth at 0.7 percent from the previous three-month period. (Reporting by Christine Kim; Editing by Jacqueline Wong)
  • Xiaomi's Mi Note 2 is a Galaxy Note 7 that hopefully won't explode (2016-10-25 03:45:55)
    Xiaomi has announced the Mi Note 2, a phone that looks suspiciously similar to Samsung's ill-fated Galaxy Note 7 while presumably posing less of a fire risk. Here's the impressive (and earlier leaked) spec sheet:
  • Chinese firm issues US recall after massive cyberattack (2016-10-25 03:26:44)
    BEIJING (AP) — A Chinese electronics maker has issued a recall for millions of products sold in the U.S. following a massive cyberattack that briefly blocked access to websites including Twitter and Netflix for many U.S. users, but has lashed out at critics who blamed its devices.
  • Logitech's new Alexa skill lets you turn your TV on with your voice (2016-10-25 03:01:02)
    Logitech is releasing a new Alexa skill that will allow you to control your Harmony Hub through the Amazon Echo and other Alexa-powered devices. The new feature will allow users to turn on TVs, control DVRs, and start apps like Netflix using simple voice commands, if your devices are connected through the Harmony Hub or the Harmony Elite remote. This means you could walk into your living room and say "Alexa, turn on the TV" or "Alexa, turn on Netflix" and your entertainment system will spring to life.
  • Apple Pay is live in Japan and works on public transport (2016-10-25 02:43:22)
    The release of iOS 10.1 has brought with it support for Apple Pay in Japan, one of Apple's largest markets and a country where mobile payments have been commonplace for well over a decade. The expansion into Japan required significant work from Apple to get its payment system working on the existing infrastructure. In Japan, Apple Pay is actually more like two systems.
  • Chinese firm issues webcam recall after massive cyberattack (2016-10-25 01:33:23)
    A Chinese electronics maker has issued a recall for millions of products sold in the U.S. following a devastating cyberattack, but is pushing back against criticism that its devices played a role in the ...
  • IBM apologises for Australian e-census bungle, setting off blame game (2016-10-25 01:29:39)
    By Byron Kaye SYDNEY (Reuters) - International Business Machines Corp said on Tuesday it plans to compensate the Australian government for a "malicious" cyber-attack that shut down a national census, but blamed two domestic internet providers for the security lapse. IBM was the lead contractor for the five-yearly Aug. 9 household survey by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) which went offline that day after four distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, caused by the website being flooded with clicks. "I am confident we'll be able to achieve some kind of outcome in the very near future," IBM Australia and New Zealand managing director Kerry Purcell told a Senate inquiry into the matter, without discussing terms of the negotiations.
  • 'Siri, catch market cheats': Wall Street watchdogs turn to A.I (2016-10-25 01:17:29)
    By John McCrank NEW YORK (Reuters) - Artificial intelligence programs have beaten chess masters and TV quiz show champions. Two exchange operators have announced plans to launch artificial intelligence tools for market surveillance in the coming months and officials at a Wall Street regulator tell Reuters they are not far behind. A.I. may even sniff out new types of chicanery, said Tom Gira, executive vice president for market regulation at the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA).
  • Netflix CEO gives conditional approval of AT&T-Time Warner deal (2016-10-25 00:32:41)
    Netflix Chief Executive Reed Hastings said he was in favor of AT&T Inc's planned $85.4 billion acquisition of Time Warner Inc, provided that his popular media streaming company continued to be treated fairly. Speaking at a technology conference hosted by the Wall Street Journal in Laguna Beach, Calif., Hastings said it was critical that Netflix's content be treated the same as Time Warner's once the deal takes effect.
  • Report: Gunmen still control metals mined for modern gadgets (2016-10-25 00:30:49)
    SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Violent gunmen still menace pick-and-shovel miners in eastern Congo, a new report finds, despite years of efforts to loosen their grip by local reformers, Western activists and companies like Apple and Intel that use minerals from the African region in their products.
  • Netflix boss imagines replacing movies and TV shows with entertainment drugs (2016-10-24 23:48:30)
    Netflix has become a household name by offering streaming movies and TV shows, but CEO Reed Hastings is already looking to the future, to a time when people stop binge-watching entire seasons and take futuristic entertainment pills instead. Speaking at the Wall Street Journal's WSJD event, Hastings said that in the long term, movies and shows "will be like the opera and the novel," indicating that there "would be substitutes" that make their way into the mainstream. When asked what those substitutes would be, Hastings said Netflix's long-term challenge was to figure that out, the company hopefully hitting on something that future customers wanted to consume.
  • Samsung's prestige takes another hit over lawsuit (2016-10-24 23:42:28)
    A South Korean law firm said Tuesday that it expected thousands more people to join a class action lawsuit seeking compensation from Samsung over its combusting Galaxy Note 7 smartphones. Seoul-based Harvest Law filed the initial suit on Monday on behalf of 527 Note 7 buyers -- demanding 500,000 won (US$440) per plaintiff for time and effort lost during a chaotic recall process that turned into a PR nightmare for the world's largest smartphone maker. Although the sums involved -- even when accumulated -- are tiny for a giant like Samsung, the lawsuit illustrates the dent the Note 7 fiasco has made in the prestige of a company used to be being treated as corporate royalty in South Korea.
  • John Oliver tackles America’s opioid problem on ‘Last Week Tonight’ (2016-10-24 22:01:29)
    One of the reasons why HBO's Last Week Tonight is so compelling is because it has a unique knack for taking a topic that most people don't know much about and subsequently doing a great job of informing while also keeping the laughs coming. During the most recent episode of Last Week Tonight , John Oliver and his writers set their sights on America's opioid problem. From heroin overdoses to an increase in prescription pain killer related deaths, America's ongoing struggle with opioids is a serious topic that doesn't typically attract the level of attention it deserves. Thankfully, Oliver was in top form this weekend as he provided viewers with no shortage of interesting data about this growing epidemic. DON'T MISS:  Report claims iPhone 8 will feature a revolutionary new design that no one saw coming "As of 2015," Oliver said towards the beginning of the segment, "an estimated 2.6 million Americans were addicted to [opioids] and they're now involved in almost 30,000 overdose deaths a year in the U.S." Another interesting data point tis that approximately 75% of all heroin users started off with prescription painkillers like OcyContin and Vicodin. Getting to one of the root causes of the problem, Oliver explains: And look, a nuanced discussion between the medical community about the complexities of pain treatment is clearly important. The problem is that discussion became dominated by the pharmaceutical industry who started amplifying the message that opioids should not just be used for acute pain like that from cancer or surgery, but for all sorts of pain like arthritis and backaches. Which makes sense as a motive coming from the pharma industry. The full video is embedded below, and per usual, it's as educational as it is laugh out loud funny.
  • U.S. takes aim at cyber attacks from connected devices as recalls mount (2016-10-24 21:34:59)
    By Joseph Menn SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Obama administration officials sought on Monday to reassure the public that it was taking steps to counter new types of cyber attacks such as the one Friday that rendered Twitter, Spotify, Netflix and dozens of other major websites unavailable. The Department of Homeland Security said it had held a conference call with 18 major communication service providers shortly after the attack began and was working to develop a new set of “strategic principles” for securing internet-connected devices. DHS said its National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center was working with companies, law enforcement and researchers to cope with attacks made possible by the rapidly expanding number of smart gadgets that make up the "internet of Things.
  • ‘The Walking Dead’ season 7 premiere had two awesome moments you probably missed (2016-10-24 21:30:14)
    The season 7 premiere of The Walking Dead was positively insane, exceedingly bloody and downright distressful. Before we get too much further into things, you should know that spoilers do lie ahead, so read along at your own risk. Sunday night's episode was harrowing to say the least, with Negan showing himself to be epitome of pure evil. By the time The Walking Dead premiere came to a close, the show's landscaped looked markedly different, with both Abraham and Glenn falling victim to Negan's deadly bat Lucille in a pair of scenes that many have opined were far too brutal and gory than they needed to be. There were, however, two touching moments in the show that you may not have caught the first go-around. DON'T MISS:  Report claims iPhone 8 will feature a revolutionary new design that no one saw coming First off, after Negan bashed Glenn over the head with a baseball bat, we hear a bloodied Glenn say something that was partially inaudible. Was it a message to Negan? Something meant for the group, perhaps? Or, more likely, a message for Maggie? As it turns out, it was in fact a message for Maggie. If you missed it, Glenn, mustering all of his remaining energy, tells his wife Maggie, "I will find you", one last romantic gesture before ultimately succumbing to Negan's brutal blows. Maggie, played by dutifully by Lauren Cohan, explained during Sunday's episode of Talking Dead : "Time and place doesn't erase that. [Glenn's statement means] I'll find you; I'll be with you; I'll watch over you and the baby; I'll be there." Meanwhile, Steven Yeun who played Glenn insightfully points out, "Glenn died in a very Glenn way, still not thinking about himself. It's appropriate that he ends there and also appropriate that he puts those last words out as a final look out for each other." Moving along, there was another touching moment that occurred in a blink of an eye right before Abraham was murdered by Negan. Defiantly standing up to Negan, refusing to cower, Abraham flashed a quick peace sign to Sasha. Vanity Fair adds that the idea for the peace sign came from Michael Cudlitz, the actor who plays Abraham. [Director Greg] Nicotero explained that going into the Season 7 premiere—and having already shot the Season 6 finale death scene from a first-person point of view—there were limitations on what Abraham could do as he faced the bat. For instance, he couldn’t turn to look at Sasha, since the finale kept the lens locked on Negan. “So that was something that Michael added, and it was a beautiful little moment,” Nicotero said. “That little peace sign was to her.” All in all, the first episode was a surefire way to kickstart what may very well be the most violent, disturbing and controversial season of The Walking Dead yet.
  • Twitter plans to cut about 300 more jobs: Bloomberg (2016-10-24 21:19:22)
    (Reuters) - Twitter Inc may cut 8 percent of its workforce or about 300 people, Bloomberg reported on Monday, citing people it said were familiar with the matter. The job cuts could be announced before the company reports third-quarter earnings on Thursday, and the number of jobs affected could change, Bloomberg said. Last year, Twitter announced plans to lay off up to 336 employees, or about 8 percent of its workforce, a week after Jack Dorsey, its co-founder who had been serving as interim chief executive, took over as permanent CEO.
  • Absurd ‘CIA Election’ malware charges $50 to let you vote (2016-10-24 21:03:12)
    I used to think no computer scam would ever get more ridiculous than Nigerian princes. But as it turns out, human creativity does know bounds, which is why the deliciously titled "Official CIA Election AntiCheat Control" malware is doing the rounds. Details of the program were exposed by the MalwareHunterTeam . Once installed, the malware closes down all your common processes and displays a big and scary message. It says that unless you send $50 in a PaySafeCard to the CIA/FBI (standard operating procedure for large intelligence organizations), the "reigstred name on your house adress election vote will not be valid." I assume that made sense to someone, somewhere. DON'T MISS:  AT&T’s internet-only, no-cable TV package will launch in weeks It could be described as ransomware, if counting your imaginary friend hostage could be considered ransom. Obviously, this software has nothing to do with voting control, and unlike real ransomware, it doesn't appear to encrypt all your files. A good antivirus program, mild Windows skills, or just a simple reinstall should easily defeat this virus. But as we all know, the world's grandparents generally don't have the skills to do any of that, and these scams only become popular because they work. Preying on current affairs often works well for scammers, and given what an out-of-control inferno this election cycle is turning into, I'm not that surprised it works. To avoid this malware, follow the same steps that you should already be doing: don't download files from websites you don't trust, use an adblocker, install updates for Windows (and your browser) regularly, and have some kind of antivirus (even the built-in or free antivirus) running and up to date.
  • Apple’s fiscal 2016 will mark company’s first annual revenue decline in 15 years (2016-10-24 20:00:30)
    Tomorrow afternoon after the bell closes, Apple will post its earnings results for the recent September quarter. Because Apple's fiscal year ends in September as opposed to December, tomorrow will not only give us a little bit of insight into how the iPhone 7 is doing, it will also provide us with a complete picture of Apple's finances over the last year. Interestingly, because Apple experienced two consecutive quarters of iPhone sales declines this year, 2016 will likely mark the first time in 15 years that Apple will report a year-over-year decline in annual revenue. DON'T MISS:  Report claims iPhone 8 will feature a revolutionary new design that no one saw coming Touching on this topic, VentureBeat relays that Apple's revenue for its fiscal 2016 will likely land somewhere in the $215 billion range. By way of comparison, Apple in 2015 posted revenue of $233.72 billion, marking a year-over-year decline of 8%. Still, it’s incredible to think one has to go all the way back to 2001 to find any decline, when the company reported $5.36 billion in revenue, down from the $7.98 billion revenue it reported in 2000. That’s also a reminder of just how puny Apple was at that point: The drop in annual revenue for 2016 could be about three times Apple’s total revenue in 2001. All that said, it's not as if investors are exactly worried. On the contrary, shares of Apple are trading at a level we haven't seen since 2015, bolstered in large part by better than anticipated iPhone 7 sales, an upcoming revamp to Apple's Mac line and, last but not least, what will likely be an iPhone 8 with a radical new redesign . When Apple posts its earnings results tomorrow, there will be two items in particular worth keeping an eye on. One, it will be interesting to see if revenue from Apple's services division continues to impress. Apple of course derives the bulk of its revenue from hardware, but thanks to the ongoing success of the App Store and continued growth the company is seeing with Apple Music, Apple's services division is fast becoming a balance sheet item worth paying attention to. And two, and more importantly, Apple's earnings guidance for the company's upcoming holiday quarter will be important to keep tabs on.
  • Faster Wi-Fi will be in smartphones and laptops next year (2016-10-24 20:00:03)
    The Wi-Fi Alliance is now beginning to certify smartphones, laptops, routers, and other devices that include a super-fast Wi-Fi standard called WiGig, which nearly doubles Wi-Fi’s current top speed. The Alliance says it’ll be in “marquee” smartphones and laptops next year. “We talk about it as an in-room technology,” says Kevin Robinson, who is VP of marketing at the Wi-Fi Alliance.
  • Washington's version of Silicon Valley startup founders (2016-10-24 19:17:02)
    WASHINGTON (AP) — The Obama administration's "18F" program to create its own version of a high-tech startup for government digital projects has foundered since its launch in 2014, losing nearly $32 million as its staff spent most of its time on unbillable work, according to a new inspector general report published Monday.
  • Gadgets in decline as R&D shifts to software and services -study (2016-10-24 19:02:05)
    By Eric Auchard FRANKFURT (Reuters) - Research and development spending by the world's biggest companies is accelerating into software and services while investment in physical products is falling sharply, an annual study by consulting firm PwC has found. The study is both a reflection of current spending priorities by the top 1,000 companies in North America, Europe, Japan, China and the rest of the world, but also a benchmark against which many firms will judge their future growth plans. The 2016 Global Innovation 1000 Study released on Monday by PwC's "Strategy&" unit found that by 2018, the healthcare industry will overtake computer and electronic hardware as the top R&D sector, spending $165 billion versus $159 billion.
  • These are the cars Tesla hopes to release after the Model 3 (2016-10-24 19:01:33)
    Tesla may have become a household name thanks to the tremendous success of the Model S, but the company's ambition for automotive domination certainly don't end there. In fact, the company's product roadmap doesn't even end with the upcoming Model 3. If all goes according to plan, and assuming that Tesla can manufacture enough Model 3 vehicles to meet staggering demand in a timely manner, the company hasn't been shy about revealing what other types of vehicles it may manufacture in the future. DON'T MISS:  Report claims iPhone 8 will feature a revolutionary new design that no one saw coming That said, Fred Lambert over at Electrek did a great job compiling a list of every single Tesla vehicle that we might see by 2020. From the list, one of the more intriguing vehicles is a Tesla pickup truck. While the idea of Tesla, a company known for its sleek design, rolling out an electric pickup truck may sound a bit absurd at first glance, it's important to remember that pickup trucks are without question the most popular vehicles in the U.S. year in and year out. Notably, word of Tesla's interest in a pickup truck came straight from CEO Elon Musk's mouth. During an interview earlier this year , Musk said that releasing a pickup truck would be a logical next-step for the company. “I think it is quite likely we will do a truck in the future,” Musk said. “I think it’s sort of a logical thing for us to do in the future.” Another car Tesla has in the works is the Model Y. Set to be built upon the Model 3 platform, Tesla's rumored Model Y will likely be a crossover version of the Model 3, similar to how the Model X was an offshoot of the Model S. Again, word of the Model Y's existence came from Musk himself late last year. Additionally, note the following slide from a presentation given by Tesla CTO JB Straubel many months ago. Those two vehicles aside, Lambert does a solid job of breaking down other Tesla vehicles that we might see on the road at some point in the future, including a Minibus and a Tesla Semi. Check it out via the source link below.
  • MIT scientists are foolishly training AI to scare people (2016-10-24 18:57:44)
    Just in time for Halloween and the presidential election, MIT scientists have created an AI that makes images spooky. A three-person team created an algorithm called Nightmare Machine that generates Halloween-inspired images from pictures of faces and places. The algorithm is still a work-in-progress, however.
  • The Trump campaign just launched a nightly talk show on Facebook Live (2016-10-24 18:50:10)
    Donald Trump’s campaign just began broadcasting the first installment of what it’s calling a nightly campaign coverage show exclusively on Facebook Live. The show, which will be broadcast on Trump’s Facebook page at 6:30PM ET from today until Election Day, is hosted by campaign advisors Boris Epshteyn and Cliff Sims, as well as The Blaze commentator Tomi Lahren. For the first episode, the trio is interviewing campaign manager Kellyanne Conway and adviser Jason Miller, according to Wired.
  • Alipay targets Chinese tourists with U.S. payment deals (2016-10-24 18:30:20)
    By Eric Auchard FRANKFURT (Reuters) - China's Alipay is expanding its mobile payment app service into the United States through partnerships with payment processors First Data and Verifone, the latest deals in a global strategy to reach Chinese consumers travelling abroad. Alipay, which counts 450 million active users in China, is the top mobile payments player there. It has begun actively expanding outside China over the past year via partnerships in Asia and Europe.
  • Now Galaxy S7 Edge Is Reportedly Catching Fire (Update: Samsung Responds) (2016-10-24 18:29:00)
    Samsung's troubles have apparently just spread from the Note 7 to another flagship phone. According to Android Headlines, a Canadian man says his Galaxy S7 Edge caught fire while he was driving home from work. Separately, Phone Arena reports that an employee of one of the big U.S. wireless carriers told the site that one of its customers' Galaxy S7 Edge devices had exploded while it was charging overnight using the included charger.
  • How to manage user security in Samba (2016-10-24 18:25:00)
    When securing your Samba shares, start by locking down user and group security. Follow this tutorial to learn how.
  • AT&T, Time Warner shares dip with worries about deal clearance (2016-10-24 18:14:41)
    Wall Street signaled skepticism on Monday that AT&T Inc would secure the government approvals needed to carry out its planned $85.4 billion acquisition of Time Warner Inc, with shares of both companies falling as analysts scrutinized the deal. Time Warner shares were trading some 20 percent below the implied value of AT&T's $107.50 per share cash and stock offer, indicating investors doubt that the companies would be able to complete the transaction. The deal, announced on Saturday, would give AT&T control of cable TV channels HBO and CNN, film studio Warner Bros and other coveted assets and reshape the media landscape.
  • Apple Watch sales crashed this summer, still the best-selling smartwatch (2016-10-24 18:09:43)
    New data from IDC estimates that Apple shipped 1.1 million Apple Watches between June and September this year. That's a lot of wrist 'puters to sell, but it's actually a 70 percent decrease in sales from the summer before. You might think that falling sales figures is not a good thing for Apple, but there's a few things in the IDC report to make the company feel better. Most notably, despite the drop in sales, Apple remains the biggest seller of smartwatches by a country mile. DON'T MISS: Report claims iPhone 8 will feature a revolutionary new design that no one saw coming The obvious killer of sales is the fact that the Apple Watch Series 2 was announced at the beginning of September, and not released until later in the month. We all had a good idea that new Apple Watch hardware would be coming sometime this summer, and it's a safe bet that a lot of customers deferred their Watch purchases until after the announcement. Apple also continues its dominance as the largest maker of smartwatches, with an estimated market share of a little over 40 percent. Garmin and Samsung are the next closest, with 20 and 14 percent of the market respectively. But neither company is really competing much with the Apple Watch. Garmin's wearables are focused squarely on fitness with little thought given to aesthetics, while Samsung's Gear line is more about fitting as many features (and cellular radios) into a thing you strap to your wrist, with little concern for what it's actually meant to do. Overall, only 2.7 million smartwatches shipped in Q3 this year, according to IDC's estimates. Those aren't big numbers, especially for a product that was supposed to be the next smartphone. We'll have to wait and see if the numbers bounce back after the launch of the Apple Watch Series 2, but so far, it seems like Apple has squarely won the smartwatch war. It just doesn't really seem like a war worth winning.
  • What's next for AT&T megadeal? A look back at Comcast-NBC (2016-10-24 17:53:30)
    AT&T is following in the footsteps of its rival Comcast in snapping up its own entertainment conglomerate — in this case, Time Warner. But what's happened in the aftermath of Comcast's 2011 purchase of ...
  • Fan-made Sonic game looks better than anything Sega has made in years (2016-10-24 17:46:31)
    10 years ago, Sega released Sonic the Hedgehog on PS3 and Xbox 360. It was an utter disaster, and in one fell swoop nearly killed the Sonic franchise for good. Since then a majority of Sega's Sonic games have been poorly received, but some of the character's most dedicated fans are taking matters into their own hands. SEE ALSO:  Trump and Clinton’s third debate parodied by SNL Since 2000, Sonic fans have convened online nearly every year for the Sonic Amateur Games Expo (SAGE). SAGE gives fangame developers the chance to share footage or downloads of their Sonic -related projects with the community. This year's SAGE features over 50 finished and unfinished projects ( which you can check out right here ), but one specific fangame has been making waves: " Sonic Utopia is an experiment that not only tries to expand on Sonic gameplay in an intuitive way in 3D, but also aims to capture the best of Sonic’s style and tie it together in a cohesive experience," explain the developers. "Nearly everything in this demo, from art to sound to the gameplay engine, was made from scratch!" The developers say they've been working on this project for quite a while, but wanted to save the debut for SAGE 2016. You can actually download the early demo (which is on display in the trailer above) at this link . Although we're hopeful that Sega can right the ship with Sonic Mania and Project Sonic 2017 next year, it's nice to see fans picking up the slack in the meantime.
  • Mirai malware simplifies internet attacks like last week's (2016-10-24 17:36:10)
    NEW YORK (AP) — A massive internet attack that paralyzed Twitter, Netflix and other services is being blamed on a specific kind of malware designed to harness the power of ordinary consumer devices.
  • Tesla Model S sales are not nearly as impressive they seem, report claims (2016-10-24 17:32:12)
    One of the more commonly held assumptions about Tesla is that the Model S absolutely owns the U.S. market for large luxury sedans. As we highlighted just last week, recently tabulated data revealed that the Model S moved an estimated 9,156 units last quarter, easily trouncing the Mercedes-Benz S-Class and BMW's 7-Series which each moved 4,921 and 3,634 units, respectively. DON'T MISS:  Everyone’s favorite Pokemon Go map tracker is finally back online As the following chart from Bloomberg illustrates, the Model S is so popular that it almost accounts for 1/3 of the entire U.S. market for large luxury sedans. Tesla enthusiasts, not surprisingly, were all too happy to circulate the chart widely. It all looks impressive, but it may also be a whole lot of BS. In an interesting post up at Autotrader, Doug DeMuro argues that charts like the one above are incredibly if not purposefully misleading because the Tesla Model S is most definitely not a large luxury sedan. Not only is the Model S physically smaller than many of the cars above, it's also markedly cheaper. Nonetheless, categorizing the Model S as a large luxury sedan provides Tesla with an avenue to make its sales figures appear exceedingly more impressive. Tesla has fought incredibly hard for media sources to consider the Model S a full-size luxury sedan, for one simple reason: Its sales numbers aren't as impressive if you compare it to more accurate rivals. As I mentioned above, Tesla sold 9,156 units of the Model S during the last quarter. In the same time period, Mercedes-Benz sold 14,672 units of the E-Class. Meanwhile, the 5 Series sold 7,430 units of an aging model nearing replacement. When a redesigned 5 Series last debuted, as it will again in the next few months, it wasn't uncommon to see sales totals well in excess of 5,000 per month -- or 15,000 per quarter. Even the Hyundai Genesis is nipping at the Model S's heels, earning around 2,500 sales per month through 2016. Interestingly, some folks in the comments were quick to assert that the size classification of of a car isn't necessarily a function of length but is a more practical representation of a vehicle's interior volume. Addressing this point, DeMuro points out that even when looking at a metric like interior volume, the Model S still pales next to traditional large luxury sedans. Model S rear leg room: 35.4 inches BMW 5 Series rear leg room: 35.3 inches BMW 7 Series rear leg room: 44.4 inches Likewise, Mercedes E-Class rear leg room: 35.8 inches Mercedes S-Class rear leg room: 43.0 inches The Model S doesn't compete with S-Class and 7 Series any way you slice it. All the same, the issue isn't strictly black and white. Take pricing, for example. The cheapest Model S one can buy is the Model S 60 which starts at $66,000. However, it's no secret that the average sales price of a Model S is much higher as customers tend to gravitate towards more expensive variants. So when DeMuro points out that that the respective base price for a Mercedes S-Class and BMW 7-Series is $97,600 and $82,500, it's not necessarily a straight-forward comparison. The cheapest Model S is certainly priced like a mid-size luxury sedan, but most Tesla buyers are spending large luxury sedan money when purchasing their cars. I don't think there's a clear-cut way to categorize the Model S as there are valid arguments on both sides of the debate. Still, given how much adoration Tesla tends to receive, it's fascinating to see a thoroughly well-researched piece that seeks to take out some of the wind from Tesla's vibrant sails. Make sure to check out DeMuro's full piece via the source link below, along with the subsequent exchanges in the comment section.
  • U.S. calls on automakers to make cyber security a priority (2016-10-24 17:24:32)
    Automakers should make shielding the electronic and computer systems of vehicles from hackers a priority, developing layers of protection that can secure a vehicle throughout its life, U.S. regulators said on Monday. The cyber security guidelines issued by the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration are recommendations, not enforceable rules. Some of the agency's proposals, included in a paper titled "Cybersecurity Best Practices for Modern Vehicles," echo moves major manufacturers are making already, including establishing a group to share information about cyber security threats.
  • Cyber attack likely mitigated, US Homeland Security says (2016-10-24 17:17:41)
    The cyber attack which darkened a large portion of the US internet on Friday has been mitigated, but officials continue to monitor the situation, the Department of Homeland Security said Monday. The domain name services company Dynamic Network Services Inc, or Dyn, suffered successive attacks, causing outages for hours for millions of users of brand-name internet services such as Twitter, Spotify and Netflix. Dyn said it was struck by so-called distributed denial of service attacks in which adversaries flood servers with so much traffic they stumble or collapse under the burden.
  • Alipay targets Chinese tourists abroad with Verifone deal (2016-10-24 17:13:29)
    By Eric Auchard FRANKFURT (Reuters) - China's Alipay has agreed with U.S.-based Verifone to integrate its mobile app on Verifone payment terminals at merchants in Europe and North America, the latest such deal to reach Chinese consumers traveling abroad. Alipay, which counts 450 million active users in China, is the top mobile payments player there. Verifone terminals are used by most of the top 200 retailers in the United States, a spokesman said.
  • AT&T investors weigh new growth, risks with Time Warner deal (2016-10-24 17:12:09)
    By Lewis Krauskopf NEW YORK (Reuters) - AT&T Inc shareholders who have profited for most of 2016 from owning a major telecommunications provider with a strong dividend yield are now tied to a controversial media acquisition that comes with new growth potential but also fresh risks. AT&T shareholders so far have panned the $85 billion cash-and-stock purchase of Time Warner unveiled over the weekend. Since word of the acquisition first leaked on Thursday, AT&T shares have fallen 6.4 percent, their largest three-day drop since January 2009.
  • Is sneaker production making a return run to the US? (2016-10-24 16:52:36)
    PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) — Crafting the latest trends in global footwear used to be the pride of U.S. shoe industry workers, but most of those jobs left long ago for Asia. Now, the American sneaker factory could be coming back — with robots doing most of the work.
  • Electronic health records: The new gold standard for cybercriminals (2016-10-24 16:47:17)
    Electronic health record (EHR) systems are being compromised by script kiddies, cybercriminals, self-radicalized threat actors, and nation states. Learn how and why.
  • Forget Daydream: Google Working on New Merged Reality Headset (2016-10-24 16:46:02)
    Back before Google announced the Daydream View headset, there was talk of the company working on a standalone head-mounted device that would offer some form of mixed reality. Unlike Daydream View, this new headset will operate independent of a smartphone or PC and will use eye-tracking and integrated sensors to create a 3D map of a room in real time. Oculus is also working on a standalone device codenamed Santa Cruz that utilizes cameras positioned on the headset to track movement in a process called inside-out tracking.
  • There’s an Android phone coming out that will cost $1,300 (2016-10-24 16:44:48)
    Flagship smartphones are insanely expensive these days. Consider this: today, our deals team included a brand new 2016 Samsung HDTV model with a curved 49-inch display in their  roundup of Amazon's best daily deals . Curved screens are the latest and greatest tech Samsung is touting in its TV lineup, and a 49-inch display is a great size. This model also smart features so it can run all of your favorite apps like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime Video. Right now, this great TV from the world's top TV brand is on sale for $510 — which is just over half of what Apple charges for a high-end iPhone 7 Plus. But if you think the iPhone 7 Plus is expensive, you haven't seen anything yet. DON'T MISS:  Insane new iPhone 8 design that no one saw coming may have just been revealed There's a hot new smartphone that is about to be released, and it features specs that are shaping up to absolutely crush every other Android smartphone on the market. You'll probably never actually see one in person though — not just because it's a Huawei flagship phone and the company doesn't sell many flagship phones in the US, but also because new rumors suggest that it's going to be priced right out of contention. Gadget leaker Evan Blass reports that the upcoming new Huawei Mate 9 and Huawei Mate 9 Pro will feature 5.9-inch displays, Kirin 960 processors, 4GB of RAM and as much as 256GB of internal storage. The higher-end "Pro" model will reportedly feature quad HD resolution and a dual lens camera set up that offers up to 4x optical zoom, outdoing Apple's new iPhone 7 Plus and its 2x optical zoom. Here's the kicker: According to a tweet from Blass , a Mate 9 Pro with 256GB of storage will cost a whopping $1,300. Huawei will reportedly unveil its new Mate 9 and Mate 9 Pro during a press conference on November 3rd.
  • Metrics matter: Why tech leaders should evaluate how they measure progress (2016-10-24 16:35:02)
    Of course all CXOs want progress, but tracking progress in the right areas is what really matters.
  • US regulators will decide on review of AT&T, Time Warner deal: White House (2016-10-24 16:24:30)
    The White House on Monday said it will be up to independent federal regulators to decide whether to carry out a formal review of AT&T Inc's planned acquisition of Time Warner Inc. "Any decision to review the deal would be made by regulatory officials at the Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission," White House spokesman Josh Earnest told reporters in a briefing. "Certainly when you consider the size of the deal ... I don't think anybody would be surprised if they announced a review," Earnest said.
  • iPhone 7 Plus vs. Pixel XL camera showdown: Low-light video comparison (2016-10-24 16:20:56)
    Were it not for the Galaxy Note 7 battery debacle , the battle between the iPhone 7 Plus and Google Pixel XL might be the biggest smartphone story of the fall. Both phones feature top-of-the-line processors, smart software upgrades and arguably the best cameras every seen on the mobile market. So while this battle might not get top billing, it's still been entertaining to keep up with , and a video comparison from Btekt adds an interesting new wrinkle. DON'T MISS:  Report claims iPhone 8 will feature a revolutionary new design that no one saw coming Last week, YouTube channel Btekt put the iPhone 7 Plus and Pixel XL cameras to the test in a low-light setting at the top of Shanghai Tower in China. As the creators explain, the two samples below were captured in Full HD and the sound alternates between devices so you can hear how they compare to one another as well: You can draw your own conclusions as to which camera "wins" this comparison, but it's clear that each has its own strengths and weaknesses. For example, even at a distance in terrible conditions, the iPhone 7 Plus camera captures sharper, more appropriately lit footage than the Pixel XL. On the other hand, the Pixel handles exposure shifting like a champ, while the iPhone falters. Perhaps the most noticeable difference throughout the video is the audio quality — the iPhone 7 Plus doesn't hold a candle to the Pixel XL. When the video switches to the iPhone's audio, I have trouble making out anything being said. So while one camera might not necessarily come out on top, this should give anyone deciding between the two phones a little more information before they buy.
  • New Mastercard feature that lets you pay with a selfie coming to North American market (2016-10-24 16:05:30)
    Mastercard will debut Identity Check Mobile, which allows mobile users to verify their identity for mobile payments with a selfie or fingerprint, in North America in early 2017.
  • The most interesting things we learned from Elon Musk’s surprise AMA (2016-10-24 15:57:59)
    Famed billionaire and wannabe space cadet Elon Musk took to Reddit to do a surprise AMA yesterday. It was supposed to be a follow-up to SpaceX's recent announcement about how it plans to return Elon Musk to his place of birth, and also create a permanent Mars colony along the way. DON'T MISS:  Report claims iPhone 8 will feature a revolutionary new design that no one saw coming Given that Musk insisted questions stick on the topic of SpaceX and its recent announcement, much of the conversation was centered around highly technical details. But there are still plenty of good nuggets to take away. On the number of times the Falcon 9 rocket can be re-used : "I think the F9 boosters could be used almost indefinitely, so long as there is scheduled maintenance and careful inspections. Falcon 9 Block 5 -- the final version in the series -- is the one that has the most performance and is designed for easy reuse, so it just makes sense to focus on that long term and retire the earlier versions. Block 5 starts production in about 3 months and initial flight is in 6 to 8 months, so there isn't much point in ground testing Block 3 or 4 much beyond a few reflights." The reusability of the Falcon 9 rocket might sound like a minor thing, but it's actually a crucial component in sending people to Mars. The more times a rocket can be used, the lower the cost of sending stuff into space is. One of the hardest parts (economically speaking) about a sustainable colony on Mars is sending everything there, since launching things into space costs hundreds of thousands of dollars per pound. An indefinitely reusable Falcon 9 would help with that. On the plan for building up a Mars colony : "We are still far from figuring this out in detail, but the current plan is: Send Dragon scouting missions, initially just to make sure we know how to land without adding a crater and then to figure out the best way to get water for the CH4/O2 Sabatier Reaction. Heart of Gold spaceship flies to Mars loaded only with equipment to build the propellant plant. First crewed mission with equipment to build rudimentary base and complete the propellant plant. Try to double the number of flights with each Earth-Mars orbital rendezvous, which is every 26 months, until the city can grow by itself." Musk's plan still sounds very ambitious, and there's still a lot of unknowns that will need to be sorted out before the first scouting missions can go. But at least SpaceX seems to know what it doesn't know, and is planning on filling in the gaps before sending major equipment. What Mars buildings might look like : "Initially, glass panes with carbon fiber frames to build geodesic domes on the surface, plus a lot of miner/tunneling droids. With the latter, you can build out a huge amount of pressurized space for industrial operations and leave the glass domes for green living space." Again, lots of unknowns. Currently, probes have drilled a couple inches into Martian rock, whereas Musk is proposing building entire underground cities on a planet we know objectively little about. How many people will go on that first mission :  "Early missions will be heavily weighted towards cargo. First crewed mission would have about a dozen people, as the goal will be to build out and troubleshoot the propellant plant and Mars Base Alpha power system." More than anything else, we really learned that Musk is serious about his timeline and plans for colonizing Mars. Rather than this just being a pipe dream after sending a manned mission or two, it appears that SpaceX is seriously thinking about and designing components for a long-term Mars base.
  • This case keeps you safe from exploding smartphones. Please don’t use it with the Note 7. (2016-10-24 15:44:43)
    Exploding smartphones are the talk of the town right now thanks to the ordeal that Samsung is currently trying to cope with. A defect in the company's most recent flagship smartphone caused some handsets to explode, and the problem still wasn't fixed in a second round of "safe" Galaxy Note 7 phones that were issued as replacements. As a result, the company had to discontinue the phone completely and issue a recall for all models, old and new. Thanks to Samsung's debacle, every exploding phone is now news, like this story of an iPhone 7 that allegedly burst into flames and destroyed a man's car . The buzz has become so widespread that now accessory makers are looking to capitalize on it, and one company has developed a case that it claims can protect you if your smartphone combusts. MUST SEE:  Report claims iPhone 8 will feature a revolutionary new design that no one saw coming Late last week, a company called GelTech Solutions announced a new product it calls ChargeSafe, a small portable pouch. According to the company's press release, the case is designed to "protect smartphones against lithium-ion battery fires while storing or charging." It seems to be less about protecting the smartphone though, and more about protecting you and your property in the event that your smartphone catches fire while charging. The case is lined with proprietary fire-retardant material called FireIce Shield, which the company says can withstand and even extinguish fires up to 10,000ºF. "It is now abundantly clear that, under certain conditions, faulty or damaged lithium batteries pose a serious fire risk with potentially devastating results," said GelTech president Michael Reger. "The ChargeSafe case helps ensure devices powered by lithium-ion batteries do not cause a catastrophic explosion or fire. It can also make transporting these devices safer. While no technology can prevent a faulty or damaged battery from igniting, the ChargeSafe case can prevent anything worse from happening." If you're paranoid about your smartphone battery potentially bursting into flames, this case seems like a fine solution. The ChargeSafe case should absolutely not be used as an excuse to hold onto your Galaxy Note 7 , however. Note 7 phones have been combusting while in use, and GelTech's case is only effective when a phone is sealed away inside the pouch while charging or being transported. The ChargeSafe case costs $24.99 on GelTech's website , and orders will begin shipping on December 1st.
  • Look at this goddamn chart (2016-10-24 15:33:39)
    There’s been a lot of excellent analysis and reporting about the proposed $86b AT&T / Time Warner merger in the days since the deal was announced, but this infographic from the Wall Street Journal really nails the fundamental insanity of the telecom industry. What started in 1877 as the original Bell Telephone Co turned into the great phone monopoly of AT&T, found itself broken up by the government in 1984, and has since slowly reconstituted itself as the massive duopoly of the modern AT&T and Verizon. At the same time, Warner sucked up Time Inc to become TimeWarner, merged with AOL in history’s most popular business punchline, un-merged, spun off Time Inc again, and is now being swallowed by AT&T while AOL is now part of Verizon.
  • How to access and edit Google Calendar quickly with this must-have extension (2016-10-24 15:33:04)
    If you rely heavily on Google Calendar, check out an extension that makes viewing and adding to upcoming events a snap.
  • T-Mobile gana con sus tácticas; le roba clientes a Verizon, AT&T (2016-10-24 15:29:29)
    La operadora agregó 851,000 suscriptores de pospago a su servicio en los últimos tres meses, aunque la posible adquisición de Time Warner por parte de AT&T le haya apagado la fiesta.
  • Our little corner of the world: the Gilmore Girls get a fan festival (2016-10-24 15:27:20)
    This weekend, I went to the “real” Stars Hollow — the Connecticut town of Washington Depot — for the first Gilmore Girls fan festival. If you’re unfamiliar with the cult classic Gilmore Girls, the show was pitched to Warner Bros. with one line: “a mother and daughter who are best friends.” That’s pretty much the premise, and the rest was filled in by the colorful townspeople in the mother-daughter pair’s quirky, beautiful small town in Connecticut. The Gilmore girls are most famous for their uncommonly rapid-fire banter and encyclopedic knowledge of pop culture, their obsessions with coffee, junk food, and loud, inaccurate declarations of their working class identity, and of course, their beauty.
  • Big US banks unveil consumer payment app (2016-10-24 15:23:54)
    Major US banking groups Monday announced they would join forces for a new person-to-person mobile payment application to counter services like PayPal's Venmo and Square Cash. The new app called Zelle will launch in 2017 and give consumers the ability to instantly send and receive payments using a smartphone. "Zelle will transform how people manage their financial lives, providing them faster, safer, and more convenient payment options with their friends and family," said Paul Finch, chief executive officer of the banking technology firm Early Warning, which made the announcement.
  • Leaked trademarks confirm we’re getting three new MacBooks this week (2016-10-24 15:22:53)
    Apple is having an event later this week, and you won't be surprised to hear that it's finally going to update the poor, neglected MacBook Pro. But rumors have suggested we're getting three new computers rather than one, and new trademark filings from Russia appear to confirm that. French site  Consomac  found documents from the Euraisan Economic Commission (EEC), the FCC equivalent for Russia and surrounding nations. The documents appear to show that Apple has received permission to sell three new portable computers, models  A1706, A1707, and A1708. DON'T MISS:  Apple insider provides some tantalizing details about Apple’s next-gen MacBook Pro Details are nonexistent apart from those model numbers, but the real information here is the three new models of laptop. Hopefully, that means new 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pros, and (fingers crossed) a new MacBook Air. Screenshot via Consomac It's also very possible that we'll see an updated Retina MacBook, although that would be a fast refresh for a laptop that was already updated earlier this year. Apart from the model numbers, we also learned that the new laptops are running the latest version of macOS. That's not exactly a surprise, but it does confirm that these are new laptops, and not a weird new iPad made specially for Russia. While details on a new MacBook Air are virtually nonexistent, we do have a very good idea of what the new MacBook Pro will look like. The function keys will apparently be replaced by a touchscreen OLED strip, which will offer different functions depending on what app you're in. Supoort for always-on Hey Siri and a Touch ID sensor is also possible. Other than the new features, you can also expect the updated MacBook Pros to be a little thinner and a little lighter than current versions. With updates to graphics technology, a discrete GPU in the 13-inch Pro could also be an option at a higher price point. Microsoft's year-old Surface Book manages to fit a discrete GPU in a convertible laptop that's thinner than the current 13-inch MacBook Pro, and Apple doesn't like losing spec wars that badly.
  • Viernes Negro: Estas son las tiendas que abrirán en Thanksgiving (2016-10-24 15:20:26)
    Tacha todos los regalos de tu lista tras organizar tu visita a las tiendas que sí estarán abierta este Día de Acción de Gracias.
  • AT&T’s internet-only, no-cable TV package will launch in weeks (2016-10-24 14:52:02)
    AT&T's long-rumored DirecTV service is going to launch next month, the company has revealed. AT&T chief Randall Stephenson announced the news as part of a discussion surrounding AT&T's $80 billion takeover of Time Warner . With the promise to provide a traditional cable viewing experience, but without needing a cable box and for a "radically lower" price, this could be a big move. DON'T MISS:  AT&T announces it will acquire Time Warner for $85 billion Details on the service are still unclear, but rumors suggest that the price will be somewhere around $40-50 for a fairly complete package of channels. Disney channels like ESPN and ABC will be available, and we also know that HBO and Cinemax will be available. Since AT&T acquired Time Warner this weekend, you can also expect Time Warner's full lineup of channels (including HBO) to be available. With AT&T launching this brand-new internet streaming service as a genuine cable competitor, this could be a real game-changer for the industry. Long term, there's plenty to be worried about with an AT&T/Time Warner merger. AT&T will own everything related to your TV consumption, all the way from producing the content to delivering it to your phone or TV. Monopoly power has not traditionally gone well for the consumer when it comes to telecoms, so if AT&T starts using its power to price-gouge consumers, it could be bad. But in the short run, it seems like AT&T is using its newfound power to break the established system of cable TV bundles, and is actually giving people something they want for a change. Provided that the price is low enough, and DirecTV doesn't have any major gaps in channels (sports and big drama like HBO have traditionally been the sticking points), this could be one of the last blows that kills off the cable monopoly.
  • Gov't: Cybersecurity should be part of auto design process (2016-10-24 14:46:14)
    The government's highway safety agency says automakers should make cybersecurity part of their product development process by assessing risks and designing in protections. Companies also should identify ...
  • Credit-card issuer Synchrony Financial joins blockchain group (2016-10-24 14:39:11)
    (Reuters) - Synchrony Financial said on Monday its has joined R3, a group of companies working on blockchain technology, making it the first credit-card issuer to join the consortium. Blockchain is a web-based transaction-processing and settlement system whose efficiency banks say could slash costs. The first cross-border transaction between banks using multiple blockchain applications took place on Monday, Commonwealth Bank of Australia and Wells Fargo & Co said, resulting in a shipment of cotton to China from the United States.
  • Alibaba founder tells Chinese government to use data to stop criminals (2016-10-24 14:36:14)
    In a move considered unusual for a Chinese internet entrepreneur, Alibaba founder and business magnate Jack Ma urged Chinese officials to use big data to stop would-be criminals. Ma announced his ideas on Friday in a televised speech to about 1.5 million domestic security and legal officials. The speech was also published on the Chinese Communist Party’s Commission for Political and Legal Affairs' WeChat account on Saturday, according to Bloomberg.
  • Hhgregg, otras tiendas cerrarán sus puertas en Thanksgiving (2016-10-24 14:34:06)
    Dando marcha atrás a la tendencia de abrir durante el Día de Acción de Gracias para las ofertas de 'Black Friday', algunas minoristas prefieren dejar a sus empleados disfrutar del feriado con su familia.
  • U.S. robots defeat Australian counterparts in soccer (2016-10-24 14:28:11)
    By Joseph Campbell BEIJING (Reuters) - An American team of robots defeated an Australian rival in soccer on Monday to win the RoboCup Challenge as technical problems plagued the Australian side. The University of Texas at Austin's Austin Villa beat the University of New South Wales' Runswift 7-3 during China's 2016 World Robot Conference UNSW's Jeremy Collette bemoaned the glitches that hampered Runswift.
  • Interview with a hacker: S1ege from Ghost Squad Hackers (2016-10-24 14:27:00)
    Ghost Squad Hackers has emerged as one of the world's most influential indie hacking teams. S1ege, the group's 'administrator,' explains his tactics, how the group works, and the ethics of hacking.
  • The new AT&T could control the path from the cable box to your phone (2016-10-24 14:25:31)
    This weekend saw one of the biggest corporate acquisitions in years as AT&T reached a deal to purchase Time Warner for more than $80 billion. Comcast has a bundle of cable channels and a fiber network — a scary combination for many — but it doesn't have a wireless business (at least not yet). Verizon has a wireless business and a web empire, but it doesn't have any TV channels.
  • Don't get bullied into public cloud: Private cloud is growing, says report (2016-10-24 14:21:45)
    A recent report from 451 Research claims that OpenStack revenues could top $5 billion by 2020.
  • How AT&T might skirt an FCC review of Time Warner deal (2016-10-24 14:14:43)
    AT&T Inc may not have to seek approval from the U.S. Federal Communications Commission for the biggest acquisition announced this year by selling the one television station that Time Warner Inc owns: WPCH-TV in Atlanta. The FCC has broad leeway to block a merger that it deems not to be in the "public interest," while the U.S. Justice Department mainly examines a deal to see whether it breaks antitrust rules by reducing competition. If Time Warner divests its only FCC-regulated broadcast station, that could eliminate a primary reason for the U.S. telecoms regulator to review the takeover, a government official with knowledge of the matter told Reuters.
  • Meet the company whose webcams shut down the Internet last Friday (2016-10-24 14:13:29)
    Last Friday, hackers successfully managed to unleash an absolutely massive DDoS attack that swiftly knocked a number of popular websites offline, including Twitter, Spotify and even Amazon. DDoS attacks are of course nothing new, but last Friday's attack was unique insofar as it was incredibly massive and was carried out with a botnet not comprised of computers, but of Internet connected devices. We're now a few days removed from the attack and more information about how the attack was carried out is starting to emerge. Of particular interest is that last Friday's botnet was carried out by compromised DVRs and webcam devices infected by a piece of malware called Mirai. The malware itself isn't particularly sophisticated but it's tremendously effective as Internet connected devices often have poor security and easy to guess default passwords. DON'T MISS:  Report claims iPhone 8 will feature a revolutionary new design that no one saw coming As ComputerWorld points out , "because these devices have weak default passwords and are easy to infect, Mirai has been found spreading to at least 500,000 devices, according to internet backbone provider Level 3 Communications. Also interesting is that many of the infected devices can be traced back to a single company, a Chinese electronics company called Hangzhou Xiongmai Technology . Over the weekend, Hangzhou Xiongmai Technology said that weak security on some of its products -- DVRs and webcams in particular -- helped contribute to last Friday's DDoS attack. Specifically, the company sells a variety of circuit boards for DVRs and various camera modules for webcams. Xiongmai says it patched the flaws with its products in September 2015 and its devices now ask the customer to change the default password when used for the first time. But products running older versions of the firmware are still vulnerable. To stop the Mirai malware, Xiongmai is advising that customers update their product’s firmware and change the default username and passwords to them. Customers can also disconnect the products from the internet. Additionally, Hangzhou Xiongmai Technology issued a product recall for all webcams that contain components sourced from the company.
  • Time Warner, AT&T shares fall amid concerns over deal clearance (2016-10-24 14:07:30)
    Time Warner shares were trading some 20 percent below the implied value of AT&T's $107.50 per share cash and stock offer, indicating investor doubts that the companies would be able to complete the transaction. The deal, announced on Saturday, would give AT&T control of cable TV channels HBO and CNN, film studio Warner Bros and other coveted assets and reshape the media landscape. Dallas-based AT&T said on Saturday it would need approval of the U.S. Justice Department and the companies were determining which Time Warner U.S. Federal Communications Commission licenses, if any, would need to transfer to AT&T. Any such transfers would require FCC approval.
  • Time Warner to evaluate Hudson Yards plans due to AT&T merger (2016-10-24 14:07:30)
    Time Warner Inc said the case to consolidate its New York facilities into the flagship building under construction at the Hudson Yards project remains strong, but in light of its planned merger with AT&T Inc it will assess its options. "We're continuing with our plans to move," Time Warner said on Saturday in a list of questions and answers to employees. AT&T Chief Executive Randall Stephenson said on a conference call on Monday he expects the $85 billion acquisition of Time Warner, announced on Saturday, to close by the end of 2017.
  • T-Mobile raises forecast; sees 'upside' from AT&T-Time Warner deal (2016-10-24 14:02:18)
    T-Mobile US Inc raised its forecast for customer additions for the year and Chief Executive John Legere said AT&T Inc's proposed plan to buy Time Warner Inc could help T-Mobile to carve out more market share. AT&T on Saturday proposed to buy Time Warner for $85.4 billion in a bid to acquire content to stream over its network to attract a growing number of online viewers. "I would say the great news is (AT&T is) going to be further unfocused than they are now and the upside opportunity to continue to acquire businesses in the space for us is tremendous," T-Mobile CEO John Legere said.
  • Google reportedly building eye-tracking headset that mixes VR with the real world (2016-10-24 13:58:41)
    Google is continuing work on a standalone headset that blends virtual and augmented reality, according to Engadget. The device, which has been rumored previously, functions differently from the Daydream VR headset that will soon ship to consumers. Additionally, Engadget now reports that the unannounced product integrates eye tracking technologies and algorithms "to map out the real-world space in front of a user." The result is an experience that's less closed off than current VR headsets and "blurs the line between virtual and augmented reality." From the sounds of it, this merged reality concept seems to resemble that of Microsoft's HoloLens, though we know very little about Google's plans for this product and what features it will offer. The report reveals that some components powering Google's futuristic device are being provided by Movidius, the computer vision company that Intel is acquiring for an undisclosed sum.
  • Predicting Westworld: The Microcosmic God (2016-10-24 13:54:03)
    The first is a classic novelette from 1941 called the Microcosmic God, by Theodore Sturgeon. The second is Redshirts: A novel with Three Codas, by John Scalzi. It’s not long before the crew realizes something profound: they’re not really a spaceship, they’re characters in a crappy science fiction show.
  • Everything we learned about the Nintendo Switch after the big unveiling (2016-10-24 13:46:22)
    Months of anticipation boiled over last week when Nintendo finally unveiled its new console. The Switch, as it has been dubbed, will be a hybrid console that you can connect to your TV or take with you on the go, but even though we learned a great deal from the preview video, countless other questions remained unanswered. Can the Nintendo Switch play Wii U games? How powerful is the Switch compared to the PS4 and the Xbox One? How long does the battery last in portable mode? MUST SEE:  Everyone’s favorite Pokemon Go map tracker is back Unfortunately, many of our most pressing questions remain unanswered, but a few important details did leak out in the hours and days following the reveal. Let's start with some bad news: Nintendo Switch won't play physical Wii U or 3DS games. In an interview with Famitsu ( translated by Destructoid ) on the day after the reveal, Nintendo confirmed that the new console won't play "Wii U game discs or 3DS cartridges." The Switch uses its own GameCards, so this shouldn't come as much of a surprise. As for the eShop and Virtual Console, Nintendo hasn't said anything yet, but we have to imagine that classic games will find their way to the Switch in a digital format at the very least. Now for good news: speaking with Nintendo on the day of the reveal, IGN learned that the Switch will "absolutely" support amiibo figures.  "If a Nintendo Switch game supports amiibo then the Nintendo Switch home gaming system will as well," said a Nintendo representative. That breeze you just felt was the collective sigh of relief from thousands of amiibo collectors around the world. In addition to amiibo support, IGN also discovered that the Nintendo Switch Dock is  not  the main console unit of the Nintendo Switch. Rather, the tablet with the LCD screen is the console, while the dock's main functions are the provide output to the TV and charge the Switch while it's plugged in. Finally,  IGN was told that the two controllers that slot into the Switch (called Joy-Con L and Joy-Con R) will be included in every Nintendo Switch box.  There were other controllers and accessories shown off last week, but Nintendo hasn't said anything about when or how we'll be able to get them. One of the Wii U's defining features was the second-screen experience offered by the GamePad. You could check a map or rearrange your inventory on the GamePad while you played a game on your TV, so many gamers were curious to know if Nintendo had similar plans for the Switch. The answer is no. “Nintendo Switch is dedicated to deliver a single-screen experience, on whatever screen you might choose,” Nintendo told Polygon . You can either play the Switch as a standalone gaming tablet or drop it into the Switch Dock to play on your television, but you can't do both. Second-screen gaming is dead. Perhaps the strangest revelation of last week was when we learned that Skyrim and NBA 2K17 , despite appearing in the preview trailer for Nintendo Switch, aren't actually confirmed to be releasing on the console.   Polygon got it touch with both Bethesda and 2K, but neither publisher could say whether or not their game was in development for the Switch. They just say they're happy to partner with Nintendo. As has become the norm with Nintendo, we seem to have more questions that answers. "We haven’t shown everything," a Nintendo spokesperson told The Wall Street Journal on Friday, adding that consumers will learn more about the Switch  next year before the console actually hits store shelves. Buckle in, Nintendo fans — this is going to be a long ride.
  • Blurring effect comes to iPhone 7 Plus with software update (2016-10-24 13:43:50)
    Apple's iPhone 7 Plus is getting a new camera capability — the blurring of backgrounds to focus attention on people or other objects in the foreground. Apple's "portrait mode" feature was announced ...
  • Report: Android and iOS apps both leak private data, but one is definitely worse for the enterprise (2016-10-24 13:41:20)
    iOS apps are actually leaking more data than Android apps, with one important qualifier: The countries where the most leaks are happening.
  • Hired experts back claims St. Jude heart devices can be hacked (2016-10-24 13:27:14)
    Short-selling firm Muddy Waters said in a legal filing on Monday that outside cyber security experts it hired have validated its claims that St. Jude Medical Inc cardiac implants are vulnerable to potentially life-threatening cyber attacks. Muddy Waters released a 53-page report from boutique cyber security firm Bishop Fox, the latest piece of evidence to emerge in an ongoing dispute over claims made in August by the short-selling firm and cyber research firm MedSec Holdings that St. Jude cardiac implants are vulnerable to hacking. St. Paul, Minnesota-based St. Jude has strongly disputed those claims, which are under investigation by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.
  • Apple’s releases iOS 10.1 with Portrait Mode (2016-10-24 13:19:24)
    Apple on Monday released iOS 10.1 for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The new update marks the end of an abnormally long beta period for a relatively minor update, but there was a good reason Apple went through five different developer beta versions of its latest mobile software build. The star feature, Portrait Mode for the iPhone 7 Plus, had to be thoroughly tested to ensure that it was ready for primetime. And as we saw on Monday in samples captured by a professional portrait photographer , it is definitely ready for primetime. DON'T MISS:  Report claims iPhone 8 will feature a revolutionary new design that no one saw coming Portrait Mode is a new feature enabled by the dual cameras on the back of the iPhone 7 Plus. By combining the main 12-megapixel wide-angle lens with a secondary telephoto lens, the device is able to add a bokeh effect behind the subject of a photo that mimics the background blurring you would see in a portrait captured by a DSLR camera. The results are stunning . iOS 10.1 also includes a number of other new features as well as bug fixes and refinements that impact all devices, not just the iPhone 7 Plus. The update is available immediately as an over the air (OTA) update or as a download that can be installed by connecting your iOS devices to a computer using iTunes.
  • Cortana is giving out hints about Microsoft's Surface PC event (2016-10-24 13:15:32)
    If you ask Microsoft’s Cortana to spark your imagination today, the software will reply with real-world examples of how to foster creativity, find inspiration, and solve problems, using examples like Velcro creator George de Mestral and novelist Gertrude Stein. Rumor has Microsoft will show off an all-in-one PC that doubles as a drawing tool you can lay flat on a desk. Tying together the whole package appears to be a 3D ecosystem for Windows 10 that loops in the overhauled Microsoft Paint app, the HoloLens headset, and new peripherals for creating these 3D objects and holograms.
  • Netflix’s obsession with original programming is paying off big time (2016-10-24 13:14:20)
    Much like Tesla, Netflix has never been afraid to publicly reveal its long-term strategy for success. These days, it's no secret that Netflix is betting the farm on original content. In the process, Netflix hasn't shied away from letting licensing deals for popular movies expire and has been more than happy to spend insane amounts of money on new programming. In 2017, Netflix is planning to release 1,000 hours of original programing, a marked increase from the 600 hours that will have been released by the time 2016 comes to a close. DON'T MISS:  Report claims iPhone 8 will feature a revolutionary new design that no one saw coming It may take a while for Netflix to get there, but the company's ultimate goal is a future where at least 50% of its content is comprised of original programming. It's an ambitious plan to say the least, and some might even reasonably argue that its needlessly risky. Original programming is great, the argument might go, but there's something to be said about licensing deals for popular movies and popular TV shows with a demonstrable track record of excellence. A deeper dive into the topic, however, reveals that Netflix's strategy is already paying off and will continue to do so in the years ahead. In a great piece up at All Flicks , Stephen Lovely did a bit of research and discovered that viewers tend to enjoy original Netflix content more than the streaming service's other content. "Netflix user ratings show that Netflix’s subscriber base prefers Netflix’s original content to its syndicated content," Lovely writes. "Netflix originals sport an average rating of 3.85 stars out of five; all other content averages 3.47 stars. That means that user ratings for Netflix originals are 11% higher, on average, than user ratings for syndicated content." The following chart speaks volumes. What's particularly interesting is that Netflix's success with original programming extends beyond traditional TV programming and even encompasses documentaries. While Netflix's catalog of original documentaries is obviously not as broad as its other content, the widely acclaimed Making a Murderer is proof positive that Netflix knows what it's doing across all types of genres. Ratings aside, Netflix's obsession with original programming is also paying off financially. Last week, shares of Netflix went through the roof after the streaming giant reported that it acquired 3.2 million new subscribers, easily besting analyst estimates.
  • ZTE Tempo llega a Boost Mobile por US$70 (2016-10-24 13:05:20)
    Este asequible celular viene con Android 6.0 Marshmallow y ya está disponible de la mano de la unidad de prepago de Sprint.
  • Apple releases iOS 10.1 with Portrait mode for iPhone 7 Plus (2016-10-24 13:03:41)
    Apple is launching its portrait photo mode for the iPhone 7 Plus today with the release of iOS 10.1. The update, which includes some smaller features and bug fixes for other iOS 10 devices, is headlined by the addition of a photography mode that uses the 7 Plus' dual cameras to take portraits with blurred-out backgrounds, making them look a bit more like they were taken on a high-end camera. The feature is technically still in beta — and, for what it's worth, early examples of the portrait mode's results seem pretty hit and miss.
  • Hacked webcams that helped shut down the internet last week are being recalled (2016-10-24 12:57:37)
    Chinese electronics company Hangzhou Xiongmai is recalling its webcams in the US following last week’s massive distributed denial-of-service attack that shut down multiple websites, including Github, Amazon, and Twitter. Some security researchers, including security firm Flashpoint, blamed the attack on Xiongmai’s lagging security practices and use of a default username and password in its software and camera components. Xiongmai told the BBC that its webcams didn’t make up the majority of the devices in the botnet, however.
  • Microsoft wants to bring better data visualization to your enterprise (2016-10-24 12:57:00)
    In this era of big data, successful enterprises take advantage of data visualization. Microsoft is offering free courses that will train people how to use this reporting technique.
  • Deadline extended for Google to respond to EU's AdSense complaint (2016-10-24 12:55:45)
    By Foo Yun Chee BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Alphabet unit Google has been given an extra week to formally respond to allegations by the European Commission that it was blocking rivals in online search advertising, a move likely to delay a regulatory decision on the case until next year. The deadline has been extended to Nov. 3 from Oct. 26, European Commission spokesman Ricardo Cardoso said, making it the second extension. "Google asked for additional time to review the documents in the case file.
  • Mini Metro is a zen subway-building game that’s a perfect fit for your phone (2016-10-24 12:53:03)
    This past weekend, while riding the train from Toronto’s Union Station to my suburban house, I found myself transfixed by a map. I look at transit maps all the time, but it’s always just a fleeting glance; I see where I am and where I need to go, then I’m done. But this time was different. I was struck by how clean and orderly the map looked, and analyzed it for tips on how I could make mine the same. Clearly I’ve been playing too much Mini Metro on my iPad.Mini Metro is a game about making subway maps. ...
  • Sweden places ban on flying camera drones without surveillance permits (2016-10-24 12:51:59)
    The Supreme Administrative Court of Sweden just ruled that camera drones qualify as surveillance cameras and require a permit under Sweden's camera surveillance laws. County administrators will have to consider whether use of a "surveillance camera" overrides the public's right to privacy on a case-by-case basis. Aerial photographers and recreational drone users may have to rely on alternative methods to get their footage.
  • Are bone conduction headphones good enough yet? (2016-10-24 12:45:02)
    Well, there is, sort of, for a loose definition of "better." For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been trying out a pair of bone conduction headphones, a futuristic-sounding technology that’s about a century old. The company started off making bone conduction headphones for the military, but for the past couple of years it’s been trying to push them into the mainstream (with mixed success). Now, instead of faffing around sending vibrations through the air like a damn clown, bone conduction headphones take a more direct route — sending vibrations straight into the top of your jaw and from there to your inner ear and brain.
  • 10 tips to help your business get the most out of Facebook Live (2016-10-24 12:45:00)
    Facebook Live is an outstanding way to help establish and extend your company brand. Jack Wallen offers up ten tips that will help you hit the ground running with this new social media experience.
  • LG Electronics says Germany's Miele infringes washing patents (2016-10-24 12:23:35)
    SEOUL/FRANKFURT (Reuters) - LG Electronics said Miele was infringing patents for so-called steam washing machines and has sent a letter demanding that the German domestic appliance maker stop using the technology, setting an end-October deadline for a response. Miele has been and is willfully infringing on LG's patents, LG said in the letter, sent last week and seen by Reuters. Miele, whose roots go back to 1899 when Carl Miele and Reinhard Zinkann founded a company to manufacture dairy cream separators, confirmed it had received the letter.
  • Ninth century library goes digital to reach wider audience (2016-10-24 12:12:29)
    A ninth century library in Morocco, widely believed to be the oldest in the world, is going digital to make its ancient treasures available to a wider audience. The al-Qarawiyyin library in the former Moroccan capital, Fez, is home to some of the rarest and most unique manuscripts in the world, with access limited to just the curator in some special cases. "The main aim is to provide means and tools both in terms of hardware and software to digitalize this cultural heritage and to make them available in an open way to the world at large," said Vito Pirelli of the Italian institute.
  • Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1 fills the S Pen void left by the Note 7 (2016-10-24 12:10:03)
    Samsung is bringing its Galaxy Tab A 10.1 tablet to the US five months after it was announced back in May. The tablet, which will retail for $349, will ship with an S Pen (hey former Note 7 owners!) and 3GB of RAM — an improvement on the 2GB of RAM the tablet shipped with when it was released overseas. The Tab A 10.1 won't run the latest version of Android out of the box — it's shipping with Android 6.0 — but hopefully Samsung will give it an update to Nougat in the near future. Samsung says the tablet will be available on its website and from select retailers on October 28th.
  • Lending Loop reopens peer-to-peer lending after regulator OK (2016-10-24 12:02:29)
    By Alastair Sharp TORONTO (Reuters) - Canadian financial technology startup Lending Loop said on Monday it was re-launching its online lending marketplace after receiving regulator approval to sell investment opportunities to lenders regardless of their wealth. The company, which paused its unlicensed operation in March, said the Ontario Securities Commission has now granted it an exempt market dealer license, and that it can connect small businesses looking to raise capital to individual lenders seeking a return on capital everywhere in Canada except Quebec. "These are successful business models that help the middle class, they help small businesses, so why not here?," said Cato Pastoll, Lending Loop's chief executive.
  • The Best Lightweight, Insulated Jackets (2016-10-24 12:00:00)
    Bye-bye, bulk. These insulated jackets are so thin, you'll barely notice you're wearing one.
  • Apple insider provides some tantalizing details about Apple’s next-gen MacBook Pro (2016-10-24 11:51:05)
    Apple in just a few days will unveil some sweeping and long-overdue changes to its stagnant Mac lineup , with the venerable MacBook Pro slated to receive a particularly dramatic overhaul. As we covered previously, Apple's 2016 MacBook Pro will not only feature upgraded specs, but will also incorporate an OLED display panel located at the top of the keyboard. It's also believed that Apple's new MacBook Pro will feature built-in Touch ID functionality, a larger trackpad and a shallower and more reliable keyboard like the 12-inch MacBook. DON'T MISS:  Insane new iPhone 8 design that no one saw coming may have just been revealed But just when we thought we had it all figured out, along comes reputed analyst Ming-Chi Kuo with some tantalizing new details at the 11th hour. Over the weekend, Kuo issued a new research report to investors where he added quite a bit of information about Apple's upcoming Mac themed event. In the note, which MacRumors obtained a copy of, Kuo sheds some light on the upcoming MacBook Pro's processor, display technology and more. Our new predictions also include: (1) Intel’s (US) Skylake processor; (2) the same panel resolution but better display quality and energy efficiency thanks to an oxide panel; (3) a new option of 2TB SSD storage capacity; (4) adoption of a similar processor as Apple Watch to control the OLED touch bar more energy-efficiently in the new MacBook Pro models; and (5) a Type-C & MagSafe-like adapter rolled out by Apple or a third-party supplier, given positive reviews for the MagSafe charging design. There's quite a bit of excitement to unpack here. One, with Intel's power efficient Skylake processors in the mix, along with improved display technology, it will be interesting to see if battery life on the 2016 MacBook Pro takes a huge leap forward. As a point of reference, Apple's current 13-inch MacBook Pro delivers up to 10 hours of battery life while browsing the web. Moving along, a 2TB SSD storage option is certainly welcome, but we're most excited about Apple's upcoming notebook sporting a MagSafe-like USB-C adapter. As far as other Mac products are concerned, Kuo relays that we can expect to see a new 13-inch MacBook (whether it's a MacBook Air model or not remains to be seen). Unfortunately, Kuo adds that Apple will not be selling revamped iMacs in 2016, though Tim Cook and co. could theoretically introduce one next week even though availability, per Kuo, won't begin until the middle of next year. The odds of that happening, though, are likely pretty low as Apple likely doesn't want to artificially deflate current iMac sales in the interim.
  • Surface Studio name emerges ahead of Microsoft’s PC event (2016-10-24 11:43:04)
    Microsoft is expected to unveil a Surface-branded all-in-one PC on Wednesday at an event in New York City. Trademark attorney Brian Conroy may have uncovered potential names for Microsoft's Surface PC, or the software features powering it. Conroy has a habit of spotting trademark filings: he found the AirPods trademark, an AirPods case, and Warner Brothers' filing of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.
  • Time Warner CEO Bewkes could get $32 million from AT&T merger (2016-10-24 11:35:11)
    (Reuters) - Time Warner Inc Chief Executive Jeff Bewkes could walk away with a $32 million payout if the media company completes its $85 billion merger with AT&T Inc .
  • Dyn DDoS attack: 5 takeaways on what we know and why it matters (2016-10-24 11:25:22)
    On October 21, a Distributed Denial of Service attack on Dyn took many key web properties such as Twitter and Netflix offline. Here are some more details on the attack and the breadth of its impact.
  • Professional portrait photographer shows how incredible iPhone 7 Plus’ Portrait Mode can be (2016-10-24 11:22:26)
    Apple is expected to release the first major update to its iOS 10 platform later this week. The new iOS 10.1 build has been available as a beta for several weeks now, and the public release may come on Thursday shortly after Apple's big press conference. In fact, with recent rumors suggesting Apple's event will focus solely on the company's refreshed Mac computers, iOS 10.1 could be released to the public even before Thursday. Beyond bug fixes and refinements, there are a handful of new features coming iPhones and iPads in iOS 10.1. The most hotly anticipated among them, however, is definitely the new Portrait Mode setting that is exclusive to the iPhone 7 Plus. DON'T MISS:  Crazy new iPhone 8 design that no one saw coming may have just been revealed Apple's iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus include a number of new features and improvements over last year's iPhone lineup, but the new camera on the larger iPhone model is one of this year's hottest additions. The iPhone 7 Plus sports a dual lens setup that places a 12-megapixel telephoto lens next to the main 12-megapixel wide-angle lens. The new configuration gives iPhone 7 Plus users access to 2x optical zoom without taking any hit to image quality. There are other ways the second rear camera is used as well, but the most talked-about feature is the new Portrait Mode that Apple added to the phone in iOS 10.1. This special new mode uses the wide-angle lens to focus on the subject of a photo, and then it uses data captured by the telephoto lens to blur the background of an image. The result is a "bokeh" effect similar to what you might see in photos captured by a DSLR camera. We've seen plenty of samples of Portrait Mode photos around the web, and iPhone 7 Plus users who have the iOS 10.1 beta installed have undoubtedly tested the new camera mode themselves. Professional photographer and filmmaker Gary Yost wasn't happy with the photo samples he's seen floating around the web though, so he installed the iOS 10.1 beta on his own iPhone 7 Plus. Armed with more than 40 years of photography experience, Yost took some professional portraits with the phone's new Portrait Mode enabled. The results are astounding. Yost told BGR that Apple's new Portrait Mode in iOS 10.1 is "indistinguishable from the 'real thing'" for most viewers as far as presentation on the web is concerned. The bokeh effect obviously isn't quite as accurate as optical results shot with a DSLR camera, but the difference is negligible when sharing photos on the internet or on social media. Yost said that the iPhone 7 Plus' new Portrait Mode is particularly impressive in very good lighting, so you'll want to ensure that your subject is well-lit when you start playing with the iOS 10.1 update yourself. A composite of some of the portraits captured by Yost with his iPhone 7 Plus has been posted on his website , and you'll find a few samples below so you can see just how impressive the photos really are. Click on any image to view it at its full size. Image source: Gary Yost Image source: Gary Yost Image source: Gary Yost Image source: Gary Yost
  • How to deploy applications with the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (2016-10-24 11:17:03)
    Discover how to install applications when deploying devices using the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT). This illustrated tutorial takes you through the steps.
  • Smart security cameras will be able to tell if you're texting and driving (2016-10-24 11:00:18)
    Spencer Platt/Getty Images
  • Your brain gets used to lying as you do it more (2016-10-24 11:00:03)
    New research shows that the part of the brain that is activated during dishonesty responds less and less as we “get used” to cheating — and that could make us lie even more. Brain scans of the participants confirmed that lying can be a slippery slope: people did lie more over time. When we deceive someone, the part of the brain that regulates emotion — called the amygdala — is activated, and we often feel shame or guilt.
  • The upgraded version of the Turing Phone is reportedly shipping (2016-10-24 10:57:19)
    Remember the Turing Phone? You might because you preordered it in August 2015 and received an "evaluation unit" a year later, only to discover it was kind of terrible. After a switch to Sailfish OS in January of this year, the company began shipping its "ultra-secure" phone to early backers with the promise that an upgraded version with the Snapdragon 820 processor would follow this year. Essentially, customers were sent a beta phone and then told the real version would be coming to them soon.Phoneradar reports that a source in Taiwan has now received this upgraded phone. ...
  • AT&T, Time Warner bonds widen on merger news (2016-10-24 10:50:36)
    AT&T saw some of its shorter-term outstanding bonds widen sharply in secondary trade Monday after the telecoms giant announced a blockbuster US$85bn acquisition of Time Warner. AT&T's 2.8% 2021s were spotted at T+120bp, some 15bp wider than Friday's close, according to one trading source, while its 4.125% 2026s were spotted at T+170bp or 7bp wider on the day. Meanwhile Time Warner's 2.95% 2026 were bid 17bp wider at T+140bp after the announcement of the deal, which still needs the approval of US regulators.
  • Brexit bombshell: Microsoft raises cloud pricing 22% for UK businesses (2016-10-24 10:47:51)
    Microsoft recently announced a price hike for British customers purchasing enterprise software and cloud services due to the fall of the pound after the Brexit vote. Here's what you need to know.
  • With email dumps, WikiLeaks tests power of full transparency (2016-10-24 10:32:16)
    LONDON (AP) — WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange first outlined the hypothesis nearly a decade ago: Can total transparency defeat an entrenched group of insiders?
  • NBA League Pass optimizes game-watching on smartphones (2016-10-24 10:31:23)
    The NBA League Pass, a subscription service that allows fans to live-stream games on their phone, tablet or smart TV, has launched a new feature designed specifically for mobile viewers. Called NBA Mobile View, the option provides a viewing experience that's optimized for smaller screens, reports TechCrunch. An explanatory video, for instance, shows a side-by-side comparison of how games are livestreamed for viewers watching on flat-screen TVs at home, for instance, and for viewers using the Mobile View option.
  • Dishonored 2's live-action trailer will make you want a Dishonored movie (2016-10-24 10:31:14)
    In what's becoming a tradition, Bethesda is getting ready for the release of a big new game by putting out a live-action trailer. The publisher previously did the same for both Fallout 4 and the recent reboot of Doom, and now it's Dishonored 2's turn. The new two-minute clip is called "Take Back What's Yours" and, like the company's previous attempts, it doesn't show what it will be like to play the game, but instead aims to capture the same feeling. ...
  • Pokemon Go celebrates Halloween with bonus candy, increased Ghost Pokemon spawns (2016-10-24 10:26:21)
    If you've been desperate to add a Gengar to your collection in Pokemon Go , the week of Halloween might be the perfect time to do so. On Monday morning, Niantic announced a special Halloween event for the popular mobile game that will allow trainers to collect bonus candy through a variety of actions and offer an increased spawn rate for "spooky" Pokemon. RELATED:  Everyone’s favorite Pokemon Go map tracker is back You can watch the trailer for the first official Pokemon Go event below: According to Niantic, you will gain double candy every time you catch, hatch or transfer a Pokémon and your Buddy Pokemon will gain candy four times faster than usual. For many trainers, this alone will be incentive enough to redownload the app or jump back in after an extended hiatus. But that's not all! Seven of the game's "spookiest" Pokemon will spawn more often throughout the event: Gastly, Haunter, Gengar, Zubat, Golbat, Drowzee and Hypno. If any of these Pokemon are missing from your Pokedex, you're going to want to get outside this week and start searching the neighborhood. Although this isn't the huge Legendary event that many Pokemon Go players have been waiting for, it is a nice surprise and a good sign that Niantic is still invested in keeping the Pokemon Go community coming back for more. The event lasts from October 26th to November 1st, so be sure to play  Pokemon Go starting this Wednesday to collect bonus candy and spooky Pokemon.
  • AT&T CEO expects Time Warner deal clearances; shares fall (2016-10-24 10:19:23)
    AT&T Inc Chief Executive Randall Stephenson on Monday told investors he expects the planned $85.4 billion acquisition of Time Warner Inc to receive regulatory clearances as investors showed skepticism by pushing shares of both companies lower. AT&T said on Saturday it had agreed to buy Time Warner for $107.50 per share, giving it control of cable TV channels HBO and CNN, film studio Warner Bros, and other coveted assets in a deal that will reshape the media landscape if it receives government approvals. "While regulators will often times have concerns with vertical integrations, those are always remedied by conditions imposed on the merger, so that's how we envision this one to play out," Stephenson told CNBC in an interview.
  • Black Mirror's third season opens with a vicious take on social media (2016-10-24 10:18:53)
    The third season of Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror, a Twilight Zone-esque anthology TV series about technological anxieties and possible futures, was released on Netflix on October 21st. If Black Mirror could be summed up in one sentence, it'd probably be "Technology is exciting, but people are awful, and they keep finding the worst ways to apply it." The anthology series had a seven-episode run on Britain's Channel 4 from 2011 to 2014, and Netflix is now producing new episodes, but the show hasn't changed much. At its best, it's insightful, satirical, and bleak enough to shock even viewers jaded by the endless, pummeling violence of shows like Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead.
  • Hired experts support claims St. Jude heart devices can be hacked (2016-10-24 10:13:56)
    Short-selling firm Muddy Waters said in a legal brief filed on Monday that outside cyber security experts it hired have validated its claim that St. Jude Medical Inc cardiac implants are vulnerable to potentially life-threatening cyber attacks. Boutique cyber security firm Bishop Fox disclosed its findings in a 53-page report that was attached to a legal brief filed on Monday in U.S. district court in Minnesota on behalf of the short-sellers, who hired the firm to perform the work as they defend themselves in a lawsuit filed by St. Jude. A representative for St. Jude was not immediately available for comment.
  • The internet apocalypse map hides the major vulnerability that created it (2016-10-24 10:10:35)
    During Friday’s massive distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack on DNS service provider Dyn, one might be forgiven for mistaking the maps of network outages for images of some post-apocalyptic nuclear fallout. Aside from offering little detail and making a DDoS literally into a glowing red menace, they also obscured the reality of just how centralized a lot of internet infrastructure really is.
  • Meet Alexa, Your Digital Barback (2016-10-24 10:00:00)
    You don't have to go out to get a great cocktail. Make it at home with your Amazon Echo and Alexa.
  • Report claims iPhone 8 will feature a revolutionary new design that no one saw coming (2016-10-24 09:57:52)
    Next year, Apple is expected to release a completely redesigned iPhone 8 to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the original iPhone. Following three consecutive years of seeing the same design reused in the iPhone 6, iPhone 6s and iPhone 7, Apple is expected to make dramatic changes to the appearance of its next-generation iPhone, and to the technology included inside the device. Previous reports have stated that the new iPhone 8 will feature an OLED display that covers almost all of the phone's face, and the home button and fingerprint scanner will be embedded beneath the screen. The phone is also expected to have a glass back instead of aluminum, and metal will surround the outer edges as it did on the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4. According to a new report, however, these claims have it all wrong and the iPhone 8's new design will be unlike anything the world has ever seen. DON'T MISS:  iPhone 7 Plus vs Google Pixel speed tests: Yup, Android still gets crushed According to everything we've heard so far from tried and true sources, next year's iPhone 8 sounds pretty terrific. The new OLED screen is long overdue and Apple's removal of the home button may finally let it shrink down the overall size of its iPhones without decreasing the size of the displays. Fans are excited enough as it is, but now a new report claims that Apple's upcoming iPhone redesign is far more revolutionary than any previous rumors claimed. "The next iPhone will be, I am told, a clear piece of glass (er, Gorilla Glass sandwich with other polycarbonates for being pretty shatter resistant if dropped) with a next-generation OLED screen (I have several sources confirming this)," wrote longtime tech blogger and current Entrepreneur in Residence at UploadVR in a post on Facebook . "You pop it into a headset which has eye sensors on it, which enables the next iPhone to have a higher apparent frame rate and polygon count than a PC with a Nvidia 1080 card in it." He says the next-generation iPhone will be clear — as in, completely transparent so that users can see straight through it — so that Apple can use it to power an augmented reality experience similar to the one offered by Microsoft's HoloLens. "The phone itself has a next-generation 3D sensor from Primesense, which Apple bought," Scoble added. "Apple has 600 engineers working in Israel on just the sensor. It's the 10th anniversary of the iPhone. It's the first product introduction in Apple's new amazing headquarters. It's a big f**king deal and will change this industry deeply." He continued, "Also, updates from new sources: expect battery and antennas to be hidden around the edges of the screen, which explains how Apple will fit in some of the pieces even while most of the chips that make up a phone are in a pack/strip at the bottom of the phone." This all sounds absolutely incredible... and completely implausible. First, we're years away from having technology that would enable Apple to build an iPhone like the one Scoble describes with a battery and antennas "hidden around the edges of the screen" that would last longer than about 4 minutes on a charge. We've seen some pretty spectacular tech as far as transparent displays are concerned — check out this invisible TV from Panasonic , which is incredible — but scaling it down to a device the size of a smartphone isn't happening in 2017. Beyond that, this contradicts everything we've heard so far from the most reliable sources in the world when it comes to leaking Apple's plans, such as The Wall Street Journal and KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. Scoble has plenty of sources in the startup world and he's had some scoops in the past, but he doesn't quite have the kind of track record with Apple scoops that would make us confident in these outlandish claims, however much we'd love for them to be true.
  • Pokémon Go celebrates Halloween with its first in-game event (2016-10-24 09:47:18)
    Starting October 26th through to November 1st, Pokémon Go will be running its first in-game event, which will offer special rewards during Halloween. For starters, you’ll encounter more of what developer Niantic calls the "spookiest pokémon," which includes ghosts like Gastly, Gengar, and Haunter, and also Drowzee and Zubat for some reason.
  • Xprize launches two new competitions addressing water scarcity and women’s safety (2016-10-24 09:30:03)
    The non-profit group Xprize, which creates global competitions to solve some of the world’s most pressing problems using technology, is launching two new competitions today: one to address access to fresh water, the other to address women’s safety. The two challenges were chosen because of their importance on a global scale, Zenia Tata, the executive director of global development and international expansion at Xprize, tells The Verge. "These issues are extremely valuable for everyone, no matter where they are," Tata says.
  • SpaceX's Elon Musk elaborates on plan to colonize Mars (2016-10-24 09:29:52)
    SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has given more details about his plan to colonize Mars. Musk answered questions on Reddit on Sunday. The session was a follow up to Musk's comments at a space conference in Mexico ...
  • Everyone’s favorite Pokemon Go map tracker is finally back online (2016-10-24 09:28:58)
    Earlier this month, the developers behind the FastPokeMap map tracker for Pokemon Go announced that it would come back online by Friday the 14th or Saturday the 15th. That deadline came and went, but last night, after weeks of anticipation, the site's Twitter account confirmed FastPokeMap was back. DON'T MISS:  Return to the ‘Pokemon Sun and Moon’ demo on these days for special rewards If you've never used FastPokeMap, it's exceptionally easy: Just head to  in your browser, tap an area near your current location and wait for the service to scan in a 70 meter radius around the point of request. The developers are still working to smooth things out, so your scans are probably going to fail more often than not if you're trying to use the service around the time this article went live on BGR. That said, the site's Twitter account claims that FastPokeMap will be "100% operational" at some point on Monday. Here's what the developers have to say: And if you hate reading maps or are unfamiliar with the area you're scanning, you can now click (or tap, if you're on a mobile device) the Pokemon you want to pursue and FastPokeMap will automatically redirect you to Google Maps, where a route will appear that you can follow to reach the creature. If you've been looking for a reason to jump back into Pokemon Go , this might be it.
  • Video: Top 5 ways Brexit will affect tech (2016-10-24 09:13:17)
    Tom Merritt examines five ways Brexit could affect the tech landscape, including EU regulation, data portability, IT hiring, and more.
  • Samsung announces new upgrade program for Galaxy Note 7 owners in S. Korea (2016-10-24 09:12:34)
    Owners of Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 in South Korea are being offered a new compensation package. In a move to appease Galaxy Note 7 owners who had to exchange their faulty devices for a Galaxy S7 after reports of battery fires and exploding phones, the South Korean electronics and mobile giant announced an upgrade program that will make them eligible for a Galaxy S8 or Galaxy Note 8 when they're launched next year. Customers will be able to upgrade to the forthcoming models at half the price of the Galaxy S7.
  • The NBA is adding a zoomed-in view for smartphones to all League Pass streams (2016-10-24 09:00:14)
    The NBA doesn't think it makes sense to give fans streaming games on a smartphone the exact same vantage point as people watching at home on a large TV screen. Beginning tomorrow, Mobile View will appear as a third option alongside the typical home and away feeds when in League Pass. Mobile View is available on both phones and tablets, but not League Pass apps designed for TVs.
  • Microsoft’s Surface PC event: what to expect (2016-10-24 09:00:13)
    Microsoft is returning to New York City this week to host a special press event on October 26th. While Microsoft held a similar event last year in October, this year's show is expected to include less hardware, with more of a theme around 3D and creativity. As always, you'll be able to follow along with our live blog for immediate updates on Microsoft's announcements.
  • Watch the first trailer for The Walking Dead season 7 episode 2 (2016-10-24 08:59:52)
    Wow. Just... wow. AMC's smash hit show The Walking Dead finally returned on Sunday night and the answer to the question on everyone's minds came with it. Yes, we know all know who Negan killed with a swing of his trusty bat Lucille. Well, it was more like 20 or 30 swings of his trusty bat Lucille. Season 7 episode 1 is now behind us and it's time to look forward to episode 2. But before we do, we're going to issue an obligatory spoiler alert because there are some major spoilers included in this post if you haven't yet seen episode 1. DON'T MISS:  iPhone 7 Plus vs Google Pixel speed tests: Android gets crushed again What... the... &*@% ?!? Season 7 episode 1 started off a bit slow. Actually, that's far too kind — the first few minutes of episode 1 were just awful. The writers wanted to drag things out a bit to add to the suspense, but after a while it just got annoying. And then, the reveal... Abraham was Negan's victim. Or should we say, Negan's first victim. After an outburst from Daryl, Negan had to make sure that Rick and his crew fully understood the gravity of the situation. That's when Glenn met his untimely, grotesque, and completely unexpected demise. Walking Dead fans were blindsided, and they were left deflated. As was Rick. With the first episode now behind us, AMC has released the official trailer for The Walking Dead season 7 episode 2, and it picks up right where episode 1 left off. You'll find the full trailer embedded below.
  • T-Mobile beats profit estimates, raises customer additions forecast (2016-10-24 08:51:41)
    (Reuters) - T-Mobile US Inc reported a better-than-expected quarterly profit and raised its forecast for customer additions for the year as heavy discounting helped attract subscribers. Shares of the company, controlled by Deutsche Telekom , were up 3.5 percent at $48.40 in premarket trading on Monday. The Bellevue, Washington-based company added 969,000 postpaid customers in the third quarter ended Sept. 30, up from 890,000 in the second quarter.
  • From Texas to the Smithsonian, following a trail of sexual misconduct (2016-10-24 08:30:02)
    Pinto, widely regarded as a talented mammalogist, had a prior record of misconduct. In 2008, while a biology masters student at Texas Tech University, he was admonished for inappropriate behavior with an undergraduate. "He would come into the room and ask for hugs, but just the girls." The details uncovered by The Verge have now forced the chair of TTU’s biology department, behavioral ecologist Ronald Chesser, to step down pending an investigation of extremely sexist remarks he made at Baker’s retirement party last year, which were caught on video.
  • Nocs, Jays, and Degauss Labs: a smorgasbord review of Swedish headphones (2016-10-24 08:22:25)
    Not long after The Verge was founded in late 2011, I heard from Nocs, a small team from Stockholm that had managed to get its impeccably tiny and minimalist headphones into Apple stores. All of these in-ear headphones had that unmistakeable purity of Scandinavian design: beauty achieved through purity of purpose, simplicity, and efficiency.
  • AI program able to predict human rights trials with 79 percent accuracy (2016-10-24 08:05:26)
    Computer scientists have created an AI program capable of predicting the outcome of human rights trials. The program was trained on data from nearly 600 cases brought before the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), and was able to predict the court's final judgement with 79 percent accuracy. Its creators say it could be useful in identifying common patterns in court cases, but stress that they do not believe AI will be able to replace human judgement.
  • Time Warner CEO says only AT&T approached with offer (2016-10-24 08:01:47)
    (Reuters) - Time Warner Inc Chief Executive Jeff Bewkes said on Monday that AT&T Inc was the only company to make a takeover approach for the media group. AT&T said on Saturday it had agreed to buy Time Warner for $85.4 billion, or $107.50 per share, to gain control of cable TV channels HBO and CNN, film studio Warner Bros, and other coveted media assets. Several media outlets had reported that Apple Inc had also been interested in acquiring Time Warner.
  • Samsung already pushing Galaxy Note 8, as cause of Note 7 fires remains a mystery (2016-10-24 08:01:18)
    It seems like we can't go a single day without new negative developments in Samsung's ongoing Galaxy Note 7 saga, but Monday morning brings at least one positive tidbit along with all the negatives. To briefly recap the situation yet again, Samsung launched its best ever smartphone this past August, but a defect caused a small number of devices to explode without warning. Samsung recalled the phone and issued replacements that were believed to be safe, but then they began to explode without warning as well. The company was left with no choice but to discontinue the phone and recall all handsets, old and new. On to the new developments on Monday morning. First, the bad news: Samsung still reportedly has absolutely no idea what caused the Galaxy Note 7 to explode. But the good news is that the company is planning to offer even more benefits to consumers who stay loyal to the brand next year. DON'T MISS:  iPhone 7 Plus vs Google Pixel speed tests: Android still gets crushed It has now been more than a month since Samsung first began investigating Galaxy Note 7 fires and according to The Wall Street Journal , the company still doesn't know what caused the handsets to malfunction. "We recognized that we did not correctly identify the issue the first time and remain committed to finding the root cause," a Samsung spokesperson told the paper. "Our top priority remains the safety of our customers and retrieving 100% of the Galaxy Note 7 devices in the market." The Journal also noted that Samsung's decision not to work more closely with US and international regulators early on may have hindered regulators' ability to help determine the cause of the fires. But there is some good news to be found this morning, as well. Samsung announced on its site that consumers in its home country will be able to trade in their recalled Note 7 handset for a Galaxy S7 model, and they'll be refunded the difference. That's old news, of course. Next year, Note 7 buyers who swapped their phones for a Galaxy S7 will be able to trade in their S7 model for a 50% discount on the Galaxy Note 8 (or whatever Samsung ends up calling it ). The company has run into problems convincing people in South Korea to turn in their recalled Note 7 phones , so this could be just the push they need. This offer is only available in South Korea for the time being, and it's unclear if Samsung plans to offer Galaxy Note 8 discounts to consumers in other markets.
  • T-Mobile reports 17.8 percent jump in quarterly revenue (2016-10-24 07:59:23)
    (Reuters) - T-Mobile US Inc , the No. 3 U.S. wireless carrier, reported a 17.8 percent rise in quarterly revenue as promotions helped attract more subscribers.
  • Now the Galaxy S7 Edge Is Catching Fire (Reports) (2016-10-24 07:56:00)
    Samsung's troubles have apparently just spread from the Note 7 to another flagship phone. According to Android Headlines, a Canadian man says his Galaxy S7 Edge caught fire while he was driving home from work. Separately, Phone Arena reports that an employee of one of the big U.S. wireless carriers told the site that one of its customers' Galaxy S7 Edge devices had exploded while it was charging overnight using the included charger.
  • Trump and Clinton’s third debate gets mocked brilliantly by Saturday Night Live (2016-10-24 07:30:38)
    The trio of U.S. Presidential debates between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have been an absolute goldmine for comedians and late night talk show hosts. From the unlikely emergence of Ken Bone as a known entity to Donald Trump boldly proclaiming that nobody respects women more than he does, the debates have provided an incredible amount of source material for political satirists and journalists of all kinds. Saturday Night Life in particular has been bringing its A-game with respect to the current election. In particular, the sketch show has been doing a tremendous job of skewering and spoofing the debates themselves, anchored of course by Kate McKinnon's hilarious Hillary Clinton impersonation and Alec Baldwin's surprisingly impressive job playing Trump. DON'T MISS:  Dunk test video shows the Google Pixel is more waterproof than you might think Over the weekend, SNL was back it again, this time mocking last week's third and final debate between Trump and Clinton. Also chipping in this time around was Tom Hanks who was back hosting Saturday Night Live for an impressive ninth time. With Hanks impersonating Chris Wallace, and McKinnon and Baldwin in top form, SNL's cold open this past Saturday is must-see TV. Starting off strong, McKinnon began the festivities with the following quip, "In the first debate, I set the table. In the second debate, I fired up the grill. And tonight, I feast." Per usual, the real debates between Trump and Clinton have been so outlandish and wacky that SNL doesn't need to parody the debate so much it simply needs to recreate the bizarre reality that is the 2016 U.S. Presidential election. The full video can be seen below.
  • First Click: Apple says hello, Microsoft Surface all-in-one PC, and more in the week ahead (2016-10-24 07:30:03)
    Microsoft’s Surface event in New York City is expected to yield new Surface hardware and details about the next Windows 10 software update. What we won’t see is a refresh of the Surface Pro 4 or Surface Book — instead, we’re likely to see a new all-in-one Surface for the desktop as well as new Surface-branded keyboards and a mouse. Apple’s “hello again” event is on Thursday and is expected to focus heavily on the Mac.
  • India's Ola ties up with BMW for luxury cabs segment (2016-10-24 07:17:45)
    MUMBAI (Reuters) - Indian ride-sharing service Ola has partnered with German carmaker BMW to strengthen its luxury mobility segment, the app-based taxi aggregator said on Monday. The tie-up will allow Ola cab operators to avail cheaper credit to buy BMW cars, receive after-sales support and guaranteed buyback, Ola said in a statement. BMW-certified instructors will also train drivers about auto safety systems and technology, the statement said. The agreement follows Ola's partnership, announced last month, with India's top SUV maker, Mahindra & Mahindra. ...
  • AI can predict outcome of human rights trials, but should it? (2016-10-24 07:00:04)
    A new study shows that AI has been 79% accurate in predicting the decisions of the European Court of Human Rights. Here's how it works, and why we still need human input to prevent bias.
  • Can LinkedIn Learning help train your employees? (2016-10-24 07:00:03)
    A month after LinkedIn launched its online learning platform in partnership with, companies report using courses to teach employees programming, writing, and leadership skills.
  • Samsung promises Korean Note 7 owners a 50 percent discount on the Note 8 (2016-10-24 06:44:02)
    Samsung is offering Note 7 owners in South Korea the chance to upgrade their phone to a Note 8 for half the price when the as-yet-unannounced handset becomes available next year. In a statement on Monday, Samsung said customers who trade in their Note 7 phone for either a flat-screen or curved-screen version of the Galaxy S7 can trade up for a Galaxy S8 or Note 8 smartphone launching next year through an upgrade programme. The news seemingly confirms that Samsung will be continuing the Note line despite the disaster of the Note 7, which was permanently discontinued earlier this month.
  • Samsung Electronics denies report of talks to buy French audio maker Focal (2016-10-24 06:22:37)
    Samsung Electronics Co Ltd said on Monday a South Korean media report that the firm was in talks to acquire French audio equipment maker Focal for up to 300 billion won ($265.44 million) was not true. South Korea's Financial News newspaper, citing unnamed sources, said earlier talks between the two firms are in final stages and that Samsung plans to complete the acquisition by the year-end. "The report from Financial news on acquisition of the French audio equipment maker, Focal, is not true," Samsung, which is battling a crisis with the discontinuation of the Galaxy Note 7 smartphones, said in a statement, without elaborating further.
  • This AI program sees genitals everywhere it looks (2016-10-24 05:36:51)
    This imagery is the work of computer scientist Gabriel Goh, who created a neural network that mashes together two existing programs. The first is a Deep Dream-like image generator from MIT that uses deep learning to look at libraries of pictures and create similar images, and the second is an open source program from Yahoo that automatically detects and filters pornography. The most interesting application of Goh's work is when he uses his program to generate NSFW imagery based on scenes already identified by MIT's neural net.
  • Samsung Electronics in talks to acquire French audio firm Focal: Financial News (2016-10-24 05:35:24)
    SEOUL (Reuters) - Samsung Electronics Co Ltd is in talks to acquire French audio equipment maker Focal for up to 300 billion won ($265.44 million), South Korea's Financial News newspaper reported on Monday citing unnamed sources. The paper cited an unnamed Samsung source as saying the talks are in final stages and that the Korean firm aims to complete the deal by the year-end. Samsung did not immediately comment on the report, and Focal could not be immediately reached for comment. ($1 = 1,130.1900 won) (Reporting by Se Young Lee; Editing by Muralikumar Anantharaman)
  • Microsoft to raise enterprise prices in UK after pound plunges (2016-10-24 05:05:08)
    By Kate Holton LONDON (Reuters) - Microsoft plans to increase prices for some enterprise services by up to 22 percent in Britain following the plunge in the pound, likely hitting thousands of companies and government departments who rely on its cloud and software products. Microsoft said it would increase prices for its enterprise software by 13 percent and for its cloud services by 22 percent from Jan. 1 next year, becoming the latest tech company to raise fees in the wake of the vote to leave the European Union. Britain's shock vote on June 23 triggered the biggest one-day fall in sterling against the dollar and the pound is now down 18 percent against the U.S. currency, prompting computer makers such as Apple , Dell and others to increase prices in Britain.
  • China electronics firm to recall some U.S. products after hacking attack (2016-10-24 03:53:17)
    Chinese firm Hangzhou Xiongmai Technology Co Ltd said it will recall some of its products sold in the United States after it was identified by security researchers as having made parts for devices that were targeted in a major hacking attack on Friday. Hackers unleashed a complex attack on the Internet through common devices like webcams and digital recorders, and cut access to some of the world's best known websites in a stunning breach of global internet stability. The electronics components firm, which makes parts for surveillance cameras, said in a statement on its official microblog that it would recall some of its earlier products sold in the United States, strengthen password functions and send users a patch for products made before April last year.
  • Samsung offers upgrade program for South Korea Note 7 customers (2016-10-24 02:44:53)
    Samsung Electronics Co Ltd said on Monday it is offering an upgrade program to Galaxy Note 7 customers in South Korea who trade in their recalled device for a Galaxy S7 phone, marking its latest bid to hang on to customers. In a statement, Samsung said customers who trade in their Note 7 phone for either a flat-screen or curved-screen version of the Galaxy S7 can trade up for a Galaxy S8 or Note 8 smartphone launching next year through an upgrade program. Samsung, in addition to offering refunds or exchanges for a Galaxy S7 smartphone, has already offered financial incentives amounting to 100,000 won ($88.39) to affected customers in South Korea.
  • Samsung offers phone upgrade programme for South Korea Note 7 customers (2016-10-24 01:58:49)
    Samsung Electronics Co Ltd said on Monday it is offering an upgrade programme to Galaxy Note 7 customers in South Korea who trade in their recalled device for a Galaxy S7 phone. In a statement, Samsung said customers who trade in their Note 7 phone for either a flat-screen or curved-screen version of the Galaxy S7 can trade up for a Galaxy S8 or Note 8 smartphone launching next year through an upgrade programme. Users in the upgrade programme will have to pay half of the price of a Galaxy S7 device before exchanging to the S8 or the Note 8, Samsung said.
  • Major banks mark first-ever international trade using blockchain tech (2016-10-24 01:18:27)
    By Byron Kaye SYDNEY (Reuters) - The first cross-border transaction between banks using multiple blockchain applications has taken place, Commonwealth Bank of Australia and Wells Fargo & Co said on Monday, resulting in a shipment of cotton to China from the United States. Australian cotton trader Brighann Cotton Marketing bought the shipment bound for the port city Qingdao from U.S. division Brighann Cotton in Texas, the companies and their banks said in a joint statement. The blockchain trade, for 88 bales, totaled $35,000, Commonwealth Bank told Reuters.
  • U.S. banks add pieces to new instant payments network (2016-10-24 00:08:07)
    By the end of December some U.S. bank customers may begin to notice features of the new Zelle instant payments network appearing on their mobile phone and online banking apps as the financial industry tries to catch up to technology company rivals, such as Venmo. Paul Finch, chief executive of the bank network operator, Early Warning Services, said during the weekend that buttons on user screens for digital payments at some banks will gradually start to use a uniform procedure for individuals to send and receive money. "This is about creating a wide, and inclusive, alternative to cash and checks for everyone," said Finch, who was at the Money 20/20 payments industry conference in Las Vegas to promote Zelle for its bank owners.
  • Watch Clive Owen play tug of war with a helicopter in Neill Blomkamp’s BMW short (2016-10-23 22:06:26)
    Now, he’s partnered up with BMW to helm The Escape, a new entry in the company’s The Hire series of short action films, which just hit the web today. As the FBI closes in, the security contractors tasked with taking one of the clones away mounts an escape, hiring The Driver to whisk away Five (played by Dakota Fanning). The head of the mercenary group, the Punisher himself, Jon Bernthal, hops in the side passenger seat, and the convoy makes its escape.
  • AT&T acquisition of Time Warner may avoid FCC oversight (2016-10-23 21:51:58)
    AT&T Inc may bypass a powerful telecommunications regulator by offloading a Time Warner broadcast station, analysts say, as the telcommunications giant braces for what is expected to be a lengthy and tough antitrust review of its proposed $85.4 billion deal to buy Time Warner Inc . Dallas-based AT&T said late Saturday the deal would need approval of the U.S. Justice Department and the companies were determining which Time Warner U.S. Federal Communications Commission licenses, if any, would transfer to AT&T as part of the deal. Any such transfers would require FCC approval.
  • Companies urged to use multiple vendors in wake of cyber attack (2016-10-23 21:40:37)
    Companies can reduce the risk from the type of cyber attack that took out major websites on Friday by using multiple vendors for the critical internet service known as a domain name service, or DNS, companies and security experts said on Sunday. "We have advocated for years for redundancy in your infrastructure," said Kyle York, chief strategy officer for Dyn, the New Hampshire DNS provider that was attacked on Friday. York said clients who used multiple servers "saw less of an impact." Using multiple DNS providers can, however, make managing traffic more complicated and costly, experts said.
  • Here’s what we learned from Elon Musk’s SpaceX Reddit AMA (2016-10-23 20:45:24)
    SpaceX founder and CEO Elon Musk took to Reddit this evening for an Ask Me Anything session, which he noted was “meant to be supplemental to the talk he gave at the International Astronautical Conference in Guadalajara, Mexico on September 27th. After the talk, there were plenty of lingering questions about his Mars colonization plans: what about radiation? During the AMA, he followed up on a several of topics that he didn’t cover at the initial talk.
  • Microsoft to increase UK prices of enterprise products, citing falling pound (2016-10-23 19:28:17)
    (Reuters) - Microsoft Corp said it will be increasing pricing for its enterprise software and cloud services in the UK in the wake of the sterling's plunge since Britons voted to leave the EU. The price increase, from Jan. 1 2017, will be 13 percent for its enterprise software and 22 percent for its enterprise cloud services, it said. Pricing changes will not apply to consumer software or consumer cloud services, the company said in a blog post.
  • Samsung’s rush to save the Galaxy Note 7 may have hastened its demise (2016-10-23 17:28:22)
    Samsung continues to deal with the aftermath of its decision to eliminate its Galaxy Note 7 phone. According to an article published today in The Wall Street Journal, the company’s efforts to save the device might have hindered regulators from closely investigating it. Weeks after the initial recall and the elimination of the phone line, "Samsung still doesn’t have a conclusive answer for what’s causing some Note 7s to catch fire," reports The Wall Street Journal.
  • A merged AT&T-Time Warner may not do consumers much good (2016-10-23 16:27:09)
    AT&T and Time Warner are playing up how their $85.4 billion merger will lead to innovative new experiences for customers. But analysts, public-interest groups and some politicians are far from convinced. ...
  • For AT&T, Time Warner was always on the menu (2016-10-23 15:43:51)
    When Time Warner Inc's Jeff Bewkes welcomed AT&T Inc's Randall Stephenson for lunch at Time Warner Center in New York in late August, their meeting was supposed to be one of the catch-ups the two chief executives have had over the years. Stephenson and Bewkes discussed how Time Warner could reach more customers through AT&T's mobile network, and how that content could reinforce the loyalty of customers.
  • iFixit’s Pixel teardown shows us the innards of Google’s latest phone (2016-10-23 15:33:05)
    iFixit Google started shipping its its Pixel and Pixel XL phones earlier this week, and the team at iFixit documented their teardown, showing off the insides of the company's new device.One of the big takeaways is the repair score, a six out of ten. That’s not quite as good as the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus (which score a seven), but it’s far better than the Samsung Galaxy S7 (which scored a three) and the Nexus 6P (two our of ten). ...
  • iFixit’s Pixel teardown shows us the innards of Google’s phone (2016-10-23 15:33:05)
    iFixit Google started shipping its its Pixel and Pixel XL phones earlier this week, and the team at iFixit documented their teardown, showing off the insides of the company's new device.One of the big takeaways is the repair score, a six out of ten. That’s not quite as good as the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus (which score a seven), but it’s far better than the Samsung Galaxy S7 (which scored a three) and the Nexus 6P (two out of ten). ...
  • AT&T-Time Warner deal sparks calls for scrutiny in Washington (2016-10-23 14:59:55)
    By Julia Edwards and Diane Bartz WASHINGTON (Reuters) - AT&T Inc's agreement to acquire Time Warner Inc for $85 billion drew skepticism from both Democrats and Republicans on Sunday, making it more likely that regulators will scrutinize the effort to create a new telecommunications and media giant. The deal, announced just two weeks before the U.S. election, may be the strongest sign yet that corporate America expects Democrat Hillary Clinton to be the next president and maintain the same tenor as President Barack Obama on anti-trust and regulatory enforcement, which is seen as already tough. Clinton spokesman Brian Fallon told reporters on Sunday there were "a number of questions and concerns" about the deal "but there's still a lot of information that needs to come out before any conclusions should be reached." Democratic vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine and several U.S. lawmakers said on Sunday that the deal may raise antitrust issues, one day after Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump also criticized the deal.
  • Clinton thinks regulators should scrutinize AT&T-Time Warner deal: spokesman (2016-10-23 14:54:35)
    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton thinks U.S. regulators should closely scrutinize AT&T's acquisition of Time Warner, her spokesman said on Sunday. Clinton spokesman Brian Fallon told reporters on Sunday there were "a number of questions and concerns" about the deal "but there's still a lot of information that needs to come out before any conclusions should be reached." "But certainly she thinks regulators should scrutinize it closely," Fallon said. (Reporting by Luciana Lopez; Writing by Julia Edwards; Editing by Sandra Maler)
  • Jessica Jones’ next season will be directed entirely by women (2016-10-23 14:00:02)
    When Jessica Jones returns to Netflix for its second season, women will be behind the cameras directing each episode, according to the show’s executive producer, Melissa Rosenberg. Rosenberg made the remarks on Friday at the Transforming Hollywood 7: Diversifying Entertainment conference held at the University of Southern California’s Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism. Rosenberg didn’t reveal any details about the show’s next season, other than that it was still expected to go into production next year for a likely 2018 release.
  • Moscow confirms ministry website attack after US hacker claim (2016-10-23 13:41:33)
    Russia's foreign ministry on Sunday said an old version of its website had been attacked after a US hacker claimed he broke in and posted a mocking message. "If they establish there was hacking by Americans, even of a resource that wasn't working, this is far from pleasant," Zakharova wrote. Alternatively, the latest hack simply shows that the "US elections have wound up people to such a state that they start smashing everything," Zakharova wrote.
  • Senate to hold hearing on AT&T acquisition of Time Warner (2016-10-23 13:27:36)
    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Senate subcommittee on antitrust will hold a hearing sometime this year on AT&T Inc's planned acquisition of Time Warner, a spokesman for the subcommittee's chairman, Mike Lee, said on Sunday.
  • How to be human: why do I keep blaming myself for bad friends? (2016-10-23 13:09:56)
    Fabrizio Lonzini/Flickr Leah Reich was one of the first internet advice columnists. Her column "Ask Leah" ran on IGN, where she gave advice to gamers for two and a half years. During the day, Leah is Slack’s user researcher, but her views here do not represent her employer. How to be Human runs every other Sunday. You can write to her at and read more How to be Human here.Hello Leah,I have a big problem with friendships. I have very few long-term friendships. ...
  • Elon Musk will answer your SpaceX questions in a Reddit AMA this afternoon (2016-10-23 12:07:00)
    Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX and Tesla Motors, will host an “Ask Me Anything” session on Reddit at 3PM, Sunday October 23rd. The Q&A will be on the SpaceX subreddit, which means that Musk will likely only answer questions pertaining to SpaceX, and not Telsa, SolarCity, or “duck-sized horses,” according to the subreddit’s moderators. Fortunately, there’s a crazy amount of space news that Musk needs to address.
  • Kaine, Trump, U.S. lawmakers raise concerns over AT&T-Time Warner deal (2016-10-23 11:49:27)
    By Julia Edwards and Diane Bartz WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The telecom-media giant that would be formed if federal regulators approve AT&T Inc's $85.4 billion purchase of Time Warner Inc raises antitrust issues, Democratic vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine and several U.S. lawmakers said on Sunday. Kaine said lawmakers and regulators would have to review the deal and "get to the bottom" of questions over whether the merger would decrease competition. "I'm pro-competition," Kaine said on NBC's "Meet the Press." "Less concentration, I think, is generally helpful especially in the media." Kaine, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's running mate, said he had not had a chance to review the details of the deal.
  • A love letter to gluten-free people (2016-10-23 11:00:03)
    Everyone has something to say about the gluten free diet. Fifteen years ago, my mom had to mail order me loaves of cardboard dressed up as gluten free bread. This week, I ate a gluten free cinnamon bun for breakfast — and bandwagon jumpers, I loved you for it.
  • Senate committee on antitrust to 'carefully examine' AT&T-Time Warner deal (2016-10-23 10:57:33)
    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - An acquisition of Time Warner Inc by AT&T Inc. could raise significant antitrust issues that the U.S. Senate committee on antitrust would carefully examine, the chairman and ranking member of the committee said Sunday. AT&T announced on Saturday a deal to buy Time Warner for $85.4 billion, the boldest move yet by a telecommunications company to acquire content to stream over its network to attract a growing number of online viewers. (Reporting by Julia Edwards; Editing by Bill Trott)
  • Saturday Night Live goes through the motions with its final debate sketch (2016-10-23 10:28:05)
    Tom Hanks hosted this weekend’s Saturday Night Live, and took on the role of Chris Wallace as the show skewered the final presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Kate McKinnon’s Clinton held up a completed Trump bingo card, while Hanks admonished the entire planet from laughing after Alec Baldwin’s Trump said he respects women.
  • The iPod turns 15: a visual history of Apple's mobile music icon (2016-10-23 10:00:03)
    Fifteen years ago today, on October 23rd, 2001, Steve Jobs stood up on stage and announced the original iPod. Since that day, the iPod has changed the way people buy and listen to music, sold millions of devices, and laid the foundation for the powerhouses that Apple has had with the iPhone and iPad. The one that started it all, the original iPod launched exactly 15 years ago today for $399.
  • Dunk test video shows the Google Pixel is more waterproof than you might think (2016-10-23 09:00:21)
    As a premium priced device, it's a bit surprising that the brand new Google Pixel is severely lacking when it comes to its ability to withstand dust and water. In fact, the Google Pixel only sports an IP53 rating which means that it technically isn't designed to even withstand splashes of water. DON'T MISS:  Everything we know about Apple’s exciting next-gen MacBook Pro Per the Ingress Protection (IP) chart, here's how the Google Pixel stands up. It has a level 5 rating against solids which means: "Ingress of dust is not entirely prevented, but it must not enter in sufficient quantity to interfere with the satisfactory operation of the equipment; complete protection against contact." With respect to liquids, it has a rating of 3 which means: Water falling as a spray at any angle up to 60° from the vertical shall have no harmful effect." Put simply, you'll definitely want to avoid taking your brand new Pixel into the shower or even bringing it anywhere near water without a protective case. All that said, some real world testing suggests that the Google Pixel may be more water resistant than its paltry IP rating would otherwise suggest. In a video posted to YouTube this week, we see a Google Pixel submerged under water for 30 minutes. Impressively -- relative to its IP rating -- the device survived the submersion and appeared to be functioning just fine. Now we still wouldn't recommend anyone try this at home, but Pixel owners might take solace in the fact that a little bit of rain won't wreak havoc on their device.
  • AT&T-Time Warner may signal start of new media industry consolidation (2016-10-23 08:08:55)
    By David Shepardson and Jessica Toonkel WASHINGTON/NEW YORK (Reuters) - The tie-up of AT&T Inc and Time Warner Inc, bringing together one of the country's largest wireless and pay TV providers and cable networks like HBO, CNN and TBS, could kick off a new round of industry consolidation amid massive changes in how people watch TV. Discovery Communications Inc gained 3.6 percent, AMC Networks Inc rose 3.9 percent and Scripps Networks Interactive Inc jumped 5.6 percent. Media content companies are having an increasingly difficult time as standalone entities, creating an opportunity for telecom, satellite and cable providers to make acquisitions, analysts say.
  • AT&T to pay $85 billion for Time Warner, create telecom-media giant (2016-10-23 06:29:36)
    By Greg Roumeliotis and Jessica Toonkel NEW YORK (Reuters) - AT&T Inc said on Saturday it agreed to buy Time Warner Inc for $85.4 billion, the boldest move yet by a telecommunications company to acquire content to stream over its network to attract a growing number of online viewers. The biggest deal in the world this year will, if approved by regulators, give AT&T control of cable TV channels HBO and CNN, film studio Warner Bros and other coveted media assets. The tie-up will likely face intense scrutiny by U.S. antitrust enforcers worried that AT&T might try to limit distribution of Time Warner material.
  • In insurance Big Data could lower rates for optimistic tweeters (2016-10-23 04:17:37)
    By Brenna Hughes Neghaiwi ZURICH (Reuters) - When people take to Twitter to comment on the great evening they enjoyed with good food and wonderful friends, reducing their monthly insurance bill is probably the last thing on their mind. This could lead to future insurance cover based on "sentiment analysis", in which Big Data and artificial intelligence make predictive models ever more accurate. Swiss Re says technological advances will cut the price of insurance protection and help individuals and firms make better decisions through programs that offer advice and incentivise improvements in areas such as health and driving.
  • AT&T's $85.4B deal for Time Warner: A new bet on synergy (2016-10-23 00:08:53)
    AT&T's $85.4 billion purchase of Time Warner represents a new bet on synergy between companies that distribute information and entertainment to consumers and those that produce it. The acquisition would ...
  • Silicon Valley all-in for Hillary Clinton (2016-10-22 23:24:40)
    Silicon Valley, the hub of the US tech industry, is traditionally a Democratic political stronghold. It is no understatement to say Donald Trump is unpopular among California's tech titans. Along with overwhelmingly donating their dollars to Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, many are openly campaigning for Trump's defeat.
  • AT&T to buy Time Warner for $85 billion, create telecom-media giant (2016-10-22 21:10:45)
    AT&T Inc said on Saturday it agreed to buy Time Warner Inc for $85.4 billion, the boldest move yet by a telecommunications company to acquire content to stream over its high-speed network to attract a growing number of online viewers. The biggest deal in the world this year will, if approved by regulators, give AT&T control of cable TV channels HBO and CNN, film studio Warner Bros and other coveted media assets. The tie-up will likely face intense scrutiny by U.S. antitrust enforcers worried that AT&T might try to limit distribution of Time Warner material.
  • AT&T buying HBO and CNN owner Time Warner for $85.4 billion (2016-10-22 20:13:59)
    AT&T is buying Time Warner, owner of the Warner Bros. movie studio as well as HBO and CNN, for $85.4 billion in a deal that could shake up the media landscape. The merger combines a telecom giant that ...
  • AT&T agrees to buy Time Warner for $85 billion (2016-10-22 19:55:07)
    By Greg Roumeliotis and Jessica Toonkel NEW YORK (Reuters) - AT&T Inc said on Saturday it agreed to buy Time Warner Inc for $85.4 billion, the boldest move yet by a telecommunications company to acquire content to stream over its high-speed network to attract a growing number of online viewers. The biggest deal in the world this year will, if approved by regulators, give AT&T control of cable TV channels HBO and CNN, film studio Warner Bros and other coveted media assets. It will likely face intense scrutiny by U.S. antitrust regulators worried that AT&T might try to limit distribution of Time Warner material.
  • AT&T set to announce $85 billion Time Warner purchase (2016-10-22 16:02:07)
    AT&T Inc is set to announce as early as Saturday an $85 billion deal to buy Time Warner Inc , sources familiar with the matter said, giving the telecom company control of cable TV channels HBO and CNN, film studio Warner Bros and other coveted media assets. Telecommunications companies have been looking for quality content to stream over their high-speed networks, hoping to attract a growing group of viewers who want to ditch traditional pay-TV packages in favor of streamlined offerings or watching online. AT&T will pay $110 per Time Warner share, half in cash and half in stock, worth about $85 billion overall, sources told Reuters.
  • WSJ: AT&T will acquire Time Warner for more than $80 billion (2016-10-22 15:59:34)
    Following rumors earlier this week of an imminent deal, The Wall Street Journal is now reporting the AT&T has reached an agreement to acquire Time Warner. AT&T will reportedly pay between $105 and $110 per share for Time Warner, making the deal worth more than $80 billion. Time Warner shares closed at $89.48 on Friday after spiking on rumors that a merger deal with AT&T could be announced as soon as this weekend. According the WSJ , AT&T and Time Warner's boards are meeting this afternoon and the final merger proposal could be announced later on Saturday. DON'T MISS:  iPhone 7 Plus vs Google Pixel speed tests: Closer, but Android was still crushed in the end As a result of its acquisition of Time Warner, AT&T will dive headfirst into the entertainment business — Time Warner companies include HBO, CNN, TNT and the Warner Bros. film and TV studio. As WSJ noted, this acquisition will be the largest media deal in years, provided it is approved by regulators. Rumors on Friday suggested that a number of other companies were closely watching negotiations between AT&T and Time Warner, including Apple . Apple had been rumored earlier this year to be considering making a play for Time Warner, and the two companies had even met according to reports that broke late on Friday. Should it be approved, AT&T's acquisition of Time Warner will be its biggest deal since buying BellSouth for $85 billion in 2006.
  • AT&T is reportedly in talks to buy Time Warner for $80B (2016-10-22 15:44:31)
    Grab some popcorn — AT&T wants to take you to the movies. At least that's the word on Wall Street after several reports citing unnamed sources said the giant phone company is in advanced talks to buy Time ...
  • The Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade was the best day of my life (2016-10-22 15:39:05)
    Ever since I learned about the annual Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade in New York City, I knew I would have to make it my life's mission to go someday. That dream finally came true for me when I moved to New York last year, and the parade, as expected, did not disappoint. How could you go wrong with hundreds of dogs in adorable costumes? That's right, you can't.Halloween costume choices for humans and dogs alike are telling of the trends and events of that year. Last year's parade saw meme culture spilling into the real world with dog versions of The Fat Jewish and Netflix and Chill. ...
  • The best ways to sell your big data projects to the CEO (2016-10-22 14:56:00)
    In order to gain support and financial approval for your big data and analytics initiatives, you need to give busy senior managers a snapshot of how these efforts can pay off.
  • Yesterday’s massive Internet outage was caused by hijacked DVRs, webcams and more (2016-10-22 14:51:42)
    Hackers yesterday attacked Dyn, a major DNS service, with an absolutely massive DDoS attack that swiftly took a number of popular services, including Twitter, PayPal and Spotify, offline. While DDoS attacks are nothing new in and of themselves, there are two aspects to yesterday's widespread assault on the Internet that are particularly intriguing. One, the scale and effectiveness of yesterday's DDoS attack was impressive and brutal. All the more so because just when Dyn had seemingly addressed the issue, the actors behind the attack would launch another deluge of garbage requests. Two, the malware behind yesterday's DDoS attack was effectively a botnet comprised of millions of Internet connected devices, from DVRs and routers to CCTV cameras. In other words, yesterday's attack saw our vaunted Internet of Things  turned against us in an unprecedented way. DON'T MISS:  Everything we know about Apple’s exciting next-gen MacBook Pro Security researcher Brian Krebs has been monitoring the situation closely and notes that the attack was orchestrated by the Mirai malware. You might recall that Mirai's source code was released  just a few weeks ago. Krebs details how Mirai works and why it's so effective. Mirai scours the Web for IoT devices protected by little more than factory-default usernames and passwords, and then enlists the devices in attacks that hurl junk traffic at an online target until it can no longer accommodate legitimate visitors or users. According to researchers at security firm Flashpoint, today’s attack was launched at least in part by a Mirai-based botnet. Allison Nixon, director of research at Flashpoint, said the botnet used in today’s ongoing attack is built on the backs of hacked IoT devices — mainly compromised digital video recorders (DVRs) and IP cameras made by a Chinese hi-tech company called XiongMai Technologies. The components that XiongMai makes are sold downstream to vendors who then use it in their own products. According to Dyn, the incident was officially resolved as of yesterday evening. Developing...
  • Superman shilled for AT&T in the '80s (2016-10-22 14:26:00)
    AT&T is now on its way to acquiring Time Warner for more than $80 billion. The deal promises to have a massive impact on the tech and entertainment industries. But seeds of this merger were planted almost 30 years ago. Back in 1987, AT&T did a deal with DC Comics (which is now held by Time Warner) to have an animated Clark Kent and Lois Lane appear in a Super Bowl spot promoting the AT&T Card. And none other than Christopher Reeve and Margot Kidder are voicing the characters!
  • How to create multiple NAT Networks in VirtualBox (2016-10-22 14:08:00)
    For an easy way to work with NAT networks and virtual machines, check out how to use VirtualBox's NAT Networks.
  • Near Death is a tense, fantastic game about surviving Antarctica (2016-10-22 14:03:02)
    Emphasizing the adventure-movie feel of Near Death is the weary, sardonic written banter between your pilot and her dispatcher. As with the base, there’s no real backstory to discover, and the writing has just enough personality to enliven the process of getting instructions.
  • AT&T to buy HBO, CNN, and the rest of Time Warner for more than $80 billion (2016-10-22 13:39:51)
    The Wall Street Journal reports that AT&T has reached a deal to acquire Time Warner for more than $80 billion. If successful, AT&T will gain control of huge entertainment and news brands including HBO, Warner Bros. Entertainment, and CNN, and resembles efforts by competing ISPs in recent years to create enormous media conglomerates. Since one of Time Warner's holdings is DC Comics, the wireless company will also be acquiring Batman.
  • Trump says Comcast and NBC are poisoning the minds of American voters (2016-10-22 13:12:14)
    In a speech today about his first 100 days in the White House, Donald Trump got more specific about how the universe is allegedly rigged against him. Trump, who has routinely called journalists nasty liars for bringing up his own record, blasted the media by turning his ire toward Comcast / NBC Universal. Saying the merged company is "trying to poison the mind of the American voter," Trump said that the now-five-year-old deal should never have been approved in the first place, and that it's bad for democracy.
  • Toyota’s new hydrogen-powered bus also doubles as a powerful emergency generator (2016-10-22 13:00:03)
    Toyota announced today that it will start selling buses that run on hydrogen fuel-cells in Tokyo next year in advance of the 2020 Summer Olympics. “The Toyota Group considers the use of hydrogen to be a powerful source of energy for the future,” the company said in a statement, noting that its zero-emission Mirai fuel-cell sedan just went on sale. Toyota’s fuel-cell buses will run on more powerful platform than the Mirai, with up to 10 fuel tanks holding 600 liters of highly pressurized H2 and producing 235 kwh, or almost three times the output of a Tesla Model S battery.
  • The Future of Fear: I was eaten alive by an escape room cannibal (2016-10-22 12:05:03)
    "The entertainment industry will never go out of business, because the one thing that's always in demand is escape," Adam Milicevic, a creative director at Universal Studios Japan, tells me over the phone. Milicevic should know.
  • Why is the Google Pixel graded on a curve when the iPhone isn’t? (2016-10-22 12:00:20)
    During the original iPhone introduction, Steve Jobs referenced a favorite quote of his from legendary computer scientist Alan Kay: "People who are really serious about software should make their own hardware." This philosophy has formed the bedrock of Apple's business strategy for decades now, save for that brief dark period during the mid-90s when Apple sanctioned an ill-fated Mac clone initiative. Apple's devotion to both software and hardware is part of the reason why the iPhone often outclasses every other smartphones on the market. Undeniably, the ability to fine tune software and hardware to work together seamlessly and efficiently is a huge competitive advantage. That being the case, I've been especially intrigued with the Google Pixel as it marks Google's most serious effort to date to exert strict control over the entirety of the Android experience, from both a software and hardware perspective. We've seen Android flagships before, no doubt, but the Google Pixel was designed by Google from the ground up. DON'T MISS:  iPhone 7 Plus vs Google Pixel speed tests: Closer, but Android was still crushed in the end As Google's Rick Osterloh explained to Bloomberg  not too long ago, the Google Pixel has Google "managing inventory, building relationships with carriers, sourcing components, making supply chain deals and managing distribution." When reviews of the Google Pixel first started appearing online, I was excited to see if the hype behind the Pixel was real. Because competition is often a necessary component and driver of innovation, I was eager to see if the Google Pixel was a device that could potentially force Apple to step up its game. Most of the Google Pixel reviews I came across where overwhelmingly positive, but I couldn't help but notice that Google's smartphone, in many respects, was being afforded a pass that Apple's iPhone rarely, if ever, receives. Whereas the iPhone is seemingly criticized for minute and arguably petty reasons, some of the Google Pixel's shortcomings were curiously and conveniently glossed over with gusto. Touching on this very point, Rene Ritchie has a great piece up on iMore where he explains how the Pixel was graded by tech reviewers on curiously favorable curve. Remember: Google is a serious player in the smartphone business and the Pixel is priced as a premium handset. Consequently, one would imagine that the Pixel would be held up to the same level of scrutiny as the iPhone. Alas, this was hardly the case. The design of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s was lambasted mercilessly, and rightfully so given those unsightly antenna lines. In fact, many even brought up said design as evidence that Apple had lost its innovative edge along with its eye for industrial design. Meanwhile, the Google Pixel borrows many design elements from Apple's 2014 iPhone design and nobody bats an eye. It strikes me as odd that in 2016, an iPhone and an Android phone can look extremely similar and evoke completely opposite sentiments from reviewers. The Google Pixel by and large looks like an iPhone but some reviews viewed this as a positive because it was "familiar."  Meanwhile, if Apple doesn't introduce a groundbreaking new iPhone design every year, it's a sign that there's trouble in Cupertino. So, everyone who'd been criticizing Apple and iPhone design immediately called Google out for aping it? Not so much. Well, at least they called Google and Pixel out for the same things they called Apple and iPhone out for? Again, not so much. Bizarrely, some of the subtle improvements Apple incorporated into the iPhone 7 that were immediately categorized as minor  or  insignificant  are completely missing from the Google Pixel. Ritchie writes: Surely they drew the line at Google's 2016 flagship missing optical image stabilization — not just in the regular-size, but in the Plus XL model as well — stereo speakers, and water resistance — things that were pointed to last year as indicators Apple was falling behind? I'm not saying that Apple should be immune from criticism, but it'd be nice if other companies, especially big players like Google, were held to the same set of expectations and standards that Apple has to live up to. Taking a look at any number of Pixel reviews, Google is given a pass for items that the press would absolutely obliterate Apple for. Take Walt Mossberg's review, for example. Calling the Google Pixel "first rate" and the best Android phone he's ever tested, Mossberg quickly mentions that that the device's battery life was disappointing relative to Google's advertised specs. "It also isn’t water resistant, and is exclusive to only a single carrier, Verizon," Mossberg mentions before quickly moving on. And then there are the Google Pixel headphones. Oh wait, the Pixel doesn't come with any headphones. Speaking of earbuds, there’s good and bad news. The good: Google retained the industry-standard 3.5mm headphone jack. The bad: it doesn’t supply any earbuds for a $649 phone. The company says it assumes everyone has many pairs of buds lying around. I wound up using an old Samsung pair. Can you imagine the vitriolic outrage that would have resulted if Apple shipped an iPhone of any model with no headphones? It's also interesting that Google's new AI feature -- Google Assistant -- is being heaped with praise mostly because of its underlying potential. Google Assistant does seem to be a step up from Siri since it can handle contextual queries much more ably, but is it really that compelling of a feature in its current form? Mossberg writes: Here’s a series of questions I asked about the state where I live, without ever saying the state’s name except in the first question. The Assistant answered every question but one with a vocal reply, and answered all quickly and accurately: — What’s the population of Maryland? — Who’s the governor? — What’s the average household income? — What’s the land area? — Show me the state flag. — What’s the biggest county? I’m pretty sure I could have gone on. When I tried this with Siri, it handled the first one nicely, vocally and with a Wikipedia page. It answered the second by displaying an article defining the term governor. That's a nice perk for the Pixel, but is this really a huge selling point? As far as I can tell, the AI that Viv Software showed off is far more impressive. Besides, there are things that Siri can do that Google Assistant can't do quite yet, like reserving an Uber or Lyft. Still, not everyone was a fan of Google Assistant, as evidenced by this review from Michael Nunez of Gizmodo . I was particularly disappointed with Google Assistant because it’s such a promising concept. Google is moving attention away from the search bar more than ever. Instead, the company wants you to “Google” by using the messaging app Allo or voice search in Google Assistant. Ultimately, the Pixel and Pixel XL are gateways for feeding the Google brain more information about yourself. As Google’s AI gets smarter, the Assistant will become more helpful. While some people might find this creepy, I think the idea is exciting, and it’s a letdown that the tech isn’t there yet. In fairness nobody has it, and Google’s is better than what’s offered by competitors like Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana. The point is that as a whole, smartphone assistants aren’t smart enough to be defining features. They’re gimmicks, and Google unwisely decided to build a phone around one. Meanwhile, another Pixel review on The Verge was quick to call Google's smartphone a "home run." Almost comically, one of the first few paragraphs reads: The Pixel is not waterproof, which is dumb and annoying. I should also note that a very short fall managed to crack the screen on the smaller Pixel during our review. A sample size of one is obviously too small to say that these devices are less durable than they ought to be, but it's not a great sign. All that said, I think it's great that Google released the Pixel. It's nice to see some solid competition in the premium smartphone space from a company not named Samsung. The Pixel seems like a compelling device, but let's be honest, the grading curve for Android is still a whole lot more lenient than it is for the iPhone.
  • Attacks on the internet keep getting bigger and nastier (2016-10-22 11:33:01)
    NEW YORK (AP) — Could millions of connected cameras, thermostats and kids' toys bring the internet to its knees? It's beginning to look that way.
  • Siri and Google Assistant go head to head in new comparison video (2016-10-22 11:00:35)
    A lot has been made recently over Siri's shortcomings as an intelligent personal assistant, especially relative to the capabilities of Google Assistant on Google's new Pixel phones. Speaking to this point, Walt Mossberg not too long ago penned a widely circulated post lambasting Siri for its frustrating inability to answer layered questions. Siri has undoubtedly come a long ways since its introduction on the iPhone 4s back in 2011, but there's no getting around the fact that Apple's intelligent personal assistant faces increasingly stiff competition not only from Google, but also from Amazon and upstarts like Viv (now a Samsung property ). DON'T MISS:  Everything we know about Apple’s exciting next-gen MacBook Pro Making blanket comparisons between Siri and Google Assistant tends to be convenient, but it can also be misleading at times. While there are some things that Google Assistant excels at, there are also things that Siri can do that Google Assistant cannot. As a quick example, Google Assistant -- in its current form -- cannot order you an Uber while Siri can. All that said, Marques Brownlee recently posted an interesting video where he puts Apple's latest incarnation of Siri up against Google's vaunted new Google Assistant in a side-by-side competition. For as much praise as Google Assistant has received and for as much flack as Siri tends to receive, the results may surprise you. Google assistant is expectedly more nimble with context-based queries but Siri's answers, when it does have an answer, tend to be more informative. Starting out with some basic queries (i.e wake me up at 7:30 tomorrow morning , what's Tesla's stock price? ) both Siri and Google Assistant are up to the task and perform dutifully. About 3 minutes in, Siri shows its first sign of failure. When asked who the president of the United States is, Google Assistant is quick to come up with the answer while Siri throws the query to Bing and lists out a few search results. When Brownlee next asks, "How tall is he?", Google Assistant recognizes that the context of the question is Barack Obama and returns the correct answer. Siri, meanwhile, remains clueless and once again returns Bing search results. However, when straight up asking, "How tall is Barack Obama?", Siri is able to answer quickly. The full video, which is well worth watching, can be viewed below. Siri certainly has tremendous room for improvement, but the gap between the two virtual assistants may not be as wide as you might assume. One interesting tidbit is that Brownlee found Google Assistant to be more personable than Siri, a feature which Siri used to excel at. Highlighting an instance where Siri outperforms Google Assistant, Brownlee at one point asks "Who won the Super Bowl?" While both return the correct answer, Siri's response contains more information as it displays a card with the final score along with a quarter-by-quarter scoring breakdown.
  • New trailers: Assassin's Creed, Arrival, Nocturnal Animals, and more (2016-10-22 11:00:03)
    Black Mirror is out on Netflix today. Just kidding, I don't know all the twists but I'm sure they have something to do with our collective impending doom. Luckily we can pass the time until the apocalypse hits with Jake Gyllenhaal movies and high-def footage of all of the Earth's most beautiful places that we haven't yet destroyed with our human-ness.
  • Amazon is refreshing its Fire TV interface later this year (2016-10-22 10:00:04)
    Amazon has begun shipping its latest Fire TV stick, and along with the new hardware the company announced its biggest update to the Fire TVs user interface since its launch in 2014 is on the way. Amazon describes the new user interface as a "cinematic experience" and says that it will show trailers and screenshots without the need to jump in and out of apps.
  • Leaks show OnePlus is about to release an even faster smartphone (2016-10-22 09:00:56)
    The OnePlus 3 is one of the fastest (and least explosive) big smartphones that you can currently buy. But it was released before Qualcomm unleashed its new Snapdragon 821 processor, and OnePlus doesn't like having outdated specs. As a result, it looks like OnePlus is planning on releasing a version of the OnePlus 3 with bumped-up specs called the OnePlus 3T. DON'T MISS:  Everything we know about Apple’s exciting next-gen MacBook Pro A device with model number A3010 has already made its way through the China Compulsory Certification, similar to when devices pass FCC tests in the US. Confirmation that a new device is on the way also comes from a OnePlus designer, who published to his Weibo account from a device identified as the OnePlus 3T. Rumors suggest that the 3T is a version of the OnePlus 3 with a faster processor (T for turbo?), presumably the Snapdragon 821. The current OnePlus 3 has a Snapdragon 820 clocked at 2.15GHz, while the Snapdragon 821 is typically clocked at around 2.4GHz. Apart from the processor, the OnePlus 3 still has some of the best specs out there. Some versions come with 6GB of RAM, which when paired with a now-standard aluminum body and fingerprint sensor make for a compelling smartphone. One other rumor surrounding OnePlus is a move away from optic AMOLED panels. A shortage of AMOLED panels has driven up prices and made them difficult to find recently, but OnePlus founder Carl Pei has tweeted that the company will be staying with AMOLED panels "for the foreseeable future." OLED displays are known for their lower power draw and better contrast than traditional LCD panels.  
  • A Phone That Can Stick to Almost Anything? Yes Please (2016-10-22 09:00:00)
    ZTE fans have the answer in the form of this grand-prize winning phone. ZTE reached out to its customers in January to crowdsource ideas for the next great gadget, and tons of ideas poured in that included everything from drones to augmented reality headsets. Devised by Team One Technology for ZTE's Project CSX, the 5.5-inch handset enables a truly hands-free experience by leveraging eye tracking technology.
  • Huge crowd of mourning Thais sings royal anthem in honor of late king (2016-10-22 08:03:56)
    By Thanarith Satrusayang and Amy Sawitta Lefevre BANGKOK (Reuters) - A huge crowd of Thais gathered on Saturday outside Bangkok's Grand Palace to sing the royal anthem in honor of King Bhumibol Adulyadej, who died on Oct. 13 after seven decades on the throne. The government has declared a year of mourning for the 88-year old king, who was seen as a father figure for generations of people, and, though a constitutional monarch, a calming influence over the country's often turbulent politics. People dressed in black traveled by bus, boat and on foot to Sanam Luang, a tree-lined open space that has been used for royal cremations outside the river-side Grand Palace, bringing the area to gridlock well before the singing.
  • iPhone 7 Plus Has Huge 4G Difference Between Carriers (2016-10-22 08:00:00)
    The iPhone 7 Plus you buy might offer inferior LTE performance versus the same model you could buy from another carrier. Apple is using different LTE modems inside the iPhone 7 Plus, with the Verizon, Sprint and SIM-unlocked versions using a Qualcomm modem, and GSM versions like those offered from AT&T and T-Mobile using an Intel modem. Based on comprehensive tests by Cellular Insights, the Qualcomm and Intel modems offered similar performance in ideal conditions.
  • Thai junta says Google removing content with royal insults (2016-10-22 04:46:39)
    Thailand’s government met with representatives from Internet giant Google, amid growing calls from Thai hardline royalists to bring those who insult the monarchy to justice, as many Thais look with uncertainty to a future without their revered king. King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s death on Oct. 13 has thrown the country of 67 million into mourning. It has also led to the rise of ultra-royalist vigilante groups who say they will punish anyone perceived to have insulted the monarchy during a highly sensitive time for Thailand.
  • Facebook to allow more graphic news (2016-10-22 04:01:11)
    Facebook on Friday said that it will begin allowing more graphic or potentially disturbing newsworthy posts to be shared at the leading online social network. "We're going to begin allowing more items that people find newsworthy, significant, or important to public interest -- even if they might otherwise violate our standards," Facebook vice presidents Joel Kaplan and Justin Osofsky said in a blog post. "Our intent is to allow more images and stories without posing safety risks or showing graphic images to minors and others who do not want to see them," Kaplan and Osofsky said.
  • India launches phone app to monitor New Delhi's pollution (2016-10-22 03:51:17)
    NEW DELHI (AP) — The Indian capital, laboring under the label of being the world's most polluted city, is trying something new to help clean up its air.
  • Hard crash-landing may have wrecked Europe's Mars probe (2016-10-22 03:19:29)
    Scientists say Europe's experimental Mars probe has hit the right spot but may have been destroyed in a fiery ball of rocket fuel because it was traveling too fast. Pictures taken by a NASA satellite show ...
  • Cyber attacks cripple Twitter, Netflix, other websites (2016-10-22 00:47:54)
    Cyber attacks pounded the underpinnings of the internet Friday, crippling Twitter, Netflix and other major websites with the help of once-dumb devices made smart with online connections. Waves of attacks incapacitated a crucial piece of internet infrastructure, hampering or outright blocking access to popular online venues. "When I see something like this, I have to think state actor," said Carbon Black national security strategist Eric O'Neill, a former "spy hunter" on the FBI counter-intelligence force.
  • How to stop specific contacts from knowing when you’ve read their iMessages (2016-10-21 22:06:17)
    Apple's iOS 10 software has been available for a while now. In fact, the latest version of Apple's popular mobile platform is already installed on more than two-thirds of all active iOS devices in the world , and we're likely less than a week away from seeing the next major build, iOS 10.1, released to the public . Tens of millions of people use iOS 10 each day, and yet Apple added so many new features to the platform that many people miss things they would actually benefit from a great deal. Among the new features that often go unnoticed by many is the option to control iMessage read receipts on a per-contact basis. That's right, you can stop specific contacts from knowing when or even if you read their messages. In this post, we'll tell you exactly how to do it. DON'T MISS:  iPhone 7 Plus vs Google Pixel speed tests: Closer, but Android was still crushed in the end Everyone knows that you can enable or disable read receipts across the board by opening the Settings app and toggling read receipts on or off from within the Messages menu. Most people want to leave them on, but there are always a few contacts who send you messages and you don't want them to know if and when you've read them. This is one of those iPhone and iPad features where, once you find out how easy it is, you want to kick yourself for not having noticed it before. Here's all you need to do: From within the Messages app, open a conversation with the contact in question Tap the "i" in the top-right corner On that screen, you'll see a setting for "Send Read Receipts" — toggle it to off That's it. This setting will override your global setting and this specific contact will no longer know when you open his or her messages.
  • NSA contractor to be charged with espionage after making off with 50 TB of data (2016-10-21 21:06:45)
    Late on Thursday, federal prosecutors signaled their intention to charge former NSA contractor Harold T. Martin with violating The Espionage Act after authorities discovered that he took upwards of 50 TB of classified data from the NSA to his home. While the precise details regarding the stolen data remain murky, the New York Times a few weeks ago claimed that it may have included "highly classified computer codes developed to hack into the networks of foreign governments” like China, North Korea and Iran. DON'T MISS:  These are the 2 best iPhone email apps in the world, and I can’t decide which to use Interestingly enough, Martin's arrest a few weeks ago came on the heels of the leak involving NSA hacking tools. It was initially believed that an NSA operate inadvertently left the hacking tools on a computer, but Martin's arrest prompted a wave of speculation that the leak may have been purposeful. The motion filed by federal prosecutors -- originally published by LawNewz  -- reads in part: For over two decades, the Defendant, Harold T. Martin, III, was entrusted to work at multiple government agencies dealing with highly classified information, including the National Security Agency (“NSA”). Throughout his government assignments, the Defendant violated that trust by engaging in wholesale theft of classified government documents and property—a course of felonious conduct that is breathtaking in its longevity and scale. The Defendant’s decades of criminal behavior were in flagrant violation of his many promises and oaths, as well as the law. The case against the Defendant thus far is overwhelming, and the investigation is ongoing. The Defendant knows, and, if no longer detained may have access to, a substantial amount of highly classified information, which he has flagrantly mishandled and could easily disseminate to others. At this point, there is absolutely no debating that Martin absconded with classified information. In fact, prosecutors note that investigators, upon visiting Martin's home, found classified documents littered everywhere, some of which were "lying openly in his home office or stored in the backseat and trunk of his vehicle." Notably, Martin told investigators that he has consistently been taking classified materials from the NSA for a period of many years. That said, it still remains unknown what was driving Martin's espionage escapades. The federal prosecution's full complaint against Martin can be read over here .
  • Cyberattacks on key internet firm disrupt internet services (2016-10-21 20:18:45)
    Withering cyberattacks on server farms of a key internet firm repeatedly disrupted access to major websites and online services including Twitter, Netflix and PayPal across the United States on Friday. ...
  • Russian indicted on charges he hacked LinkedIn (2016-10-21 20:10:49)
    SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — A Russian man has been charged with hacking and stealing information from computers at LinkedIn and other San Francisco Bay Area companies, federal prosecutors announced Friday.
  • AT&T is close to acquiring Time Warner for $85 billion (2016-10-21 19:39:43)
    AT&T is nearing a deal to acquire Time Warner for $110 per share, a price tag to the tune of $85 billion for the telecom. According to Reuters, AT&T has reached an agreement in principle, which is a kind of stepping stone on the path to a formal contract. At $110 a share, AT&T would be paying a roughly 23 percent premium on Time Warner’s market value at close this afternoon, which was around $70 billion.
  • Look how easy it would be for Nintendo to make the Switch so much hotter (2016-10-21 19:20:22)
    After months of anticipation, Nintendo finally unveiled its new console on Thursday . As expected, the console is unlike anything we've ever seen before from a major console maker, combining the raw power of a home console with "the mobility of a handheld" to let gamers bring the biggest games with them anywhere they go. Unfortunately, there's still a great deal we don't know, including the price of the Switch, the launch lineup and the color options that will be available at launch. DON'T MISS:  Nintendo’s Switch is everything the Wii U should have been, but it might be too late Although we might have to wait until 2017 to know the answer to any of those questions, a talented fan who goes by TheGrumpyCat took to imgur yesterday to share his concepts for an assortment of Nintendo Switch colorways. First up we have the classic white, which will probably be real eventually: Next up is a striking orange, which surprisingly doesn't look too bad: Taking some inspiration from Apple's rose gold iPhone, perhaps: My personal favorite — the Nintendo Switch NES Edition: And for those of you who prefer the Famicom to the NES: In all likelihood, the Nintendo Switch will launch in the black/grey that we saw in the preview trailer on Thursday, but down the line, don't be surprised to see several of TheGrumpyCat's designs lining store shelves.
  • Microsoft in 2010 offered to buy Facebook for $24 billion and Mark Zuckerberg said ‘no’ (2016-10-21 18:30:46)
    Facebook over the years has received no shortage of buyout offers, with Yahoo's bid to purchase the social network for $1 billion back in 2006 perhaps being the most famous of all. While $1 billion seems like a steal today, remember that Facebook back in 2006 was only two years old and it was no surefire guarantee that it would go onto become the tech giant it is today. Remember, MySpace was still alive and kicking back in 2006 and Facebook at the time was still closed off to anyone without a .edu email address. DON'T MISS:  Samsung’s bogus copyright claim couldn’t block this video of the Note 7 bomb hack in GTA 5 Yahoo, though, wasn't the only tech giant to express an interest in Facebook over the years. Microsoft in 2010 made a play for the company back in 2010. Of course, Facebook in 2010 was a much different animal than it was in 2006, and Microsoft's offer clearly reflects that. Though Facebook's IPO was still two years away, Facebook by 2010 was growing like mad and had firmly established itself as the only   social networking site worth caring about. Appearing on CNBC earlier today , former Microsoft CEO and current LA Clippers owner Steve Ballmer looked back at some of Microsoft's past acquisitions. While explaining that Microsoft was never interested in acquiring Twitter, Ballmer did confirm that Redmond was dead serious about snatching up Microsoft. When asked how much Microsoft was willing to pay to acquire Facebook, Ballmer said $24 billion. "I think $24 billion when the company was itsy-bitsy and [Zuckerberg] said no," Ballmer said. "And I respect that." The entire interview with Ballmer can be viewed below.
  • New NYC law, San Francisco lawsuit highlight global risks for Airbnb (2016-10-21 18:25:41)
    SAN FRANCISCO/BERLIN (Reuters) - Airbnb, the online lodging service that investors now believe is worth $30 billion, faces a reckoning. "Throughout the country, people representing cities have called me to ask what's going on with the litigation," he said.
  • Instagram appears to be testing live video (2016-10-21 17:41:56)
    Facebook's all-out embrace of live video appears to be heading to Instagram. A new report from a Russian news site shows live functionality embedded into Instagram stories, with a bold "LIVE" banner on what is apparently a live video appearing at the front of the stories feed. Tech sources have been telling me for more than a year that Instagram would add live video eventually.
  • Moonlight is a beautifully nuanced gay coming-of-age tale (2016-10-21 17:30:00)
    Going into events like the Toronto International Film Festival, it's easy to predict a few of the hot-ticket hits — the movies that built major buzz at other festivals, or that come with particularly high-powered cast-and-crew lineages. Juan answers Little's blunt, desperate questions about sexuality in considerate ways, but he has no way of fixing the black community's codes about masculinity and perceived toughness, or the way children pick on outsiders.
  • Apple might save us from an AT&T/Time Warner merger (2016-10-21 17:20:11)
    Yesterday , we heard rumors that AT&T is thinking about an acquisition of Time Warner, the cable company that owns HBO and CNN, among other channels. A  WSJ  report this morning upgraded the urgency, saying that a deal could happen as soon as this weekend. But according to other  WSJ  sources , Apple is also interested in Time Warner, and is "monitoring the situation." DON'T MISS:  Everything we know about Apple’s exciting next-gen MacBook Pro Apple's interest in Time Warner, one of the biggest content creators out there, is not new. Reports surfaced back in January that Apple was one of a number of "possible suitors" to buy Time Warner. AT&T was also named as a potential bidder, so at least the rumors are consistent. With cable TV revenues faltering and Netflix making a bundle of cash producing and delivery video online, a number of companies are circling Time Warner as an easy way to get into the media business. AT&T, which is one of the largest cable and internet providers, would buy Time Warner to make distributing its content easier. Buying the content creators is also a good hedge against traditional cable TV, which is dying an increasingly quick death. On the other hand, Apple is looking at subscription content services like Netflix, Spotify and Amazon. The latter's recent roll-out of Amazon Prime Music means that Amazon now offers a complete package of subscription services, while Apple is stuck with just Apple Music. It's unclear exactly what Apple would do with Time Warner, but it's in a good position to bundle popular content and channels into a web TV service. In the same way that it used its ownership of iOS to convert millions of people to Apple Music, something similar could happen with TVs and movies. In any case, Apple only said to be "monitoring the situation," not actively bidding. If AT&T is desperate enough for media to overpay, Apple is less likely to enter a bidding war. But if a good price isn't reached, or AT&T's acquisition is blocked by regulators, I'm sure Apple will be waiting in the wings.
  • Donald Glover will play a young Lando Calrissian in the Han Solo movie (2016-10-21 17:13:55)
    Donald Glover has just been cast to play a young Lando Calrissian in the upcoming Han Solo movie coming out in 2018. The news confirms months of rumors linking Glover to the project, and now the artist will officially join Alden Ehrenreich, who was recently cast as Han, in the spin-off. According to Lucasfilm, the movie, helmed by The Lego Movie directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller, will depict Lando in his "formative years" as a young scoundrel in the galaxy's underworld.
  • Apple discovers that selling smartwatches for $15,000 doesn’t work (2016-10-21 17:01:30)
    It feels like 1,000 years since Tim Cook stood on stage an announced that Apple was selling a gold-plated smartwatch for $15,000. At the time, it was difficult to say if this was a sensible move or just one involving "courage," because no one had tried to sell a small wrist computer for that much before. Two years later, the normal-human Apple Watch is doing surprisingly well , exceeding expectations by being the best-selling smartwatch in its category. The $15,000 gold Apple Watch Edition? Well, it's been discontinued, and now its fancy Paris flagship store is closing. DON'T MISS:  Everything we expect Apple to announce next week that isn’t a Mac As  Mac4Ever  discovered , the dedicated Apple Watch boutique in Galeries Lafayette, a famous shopping center in Paris, is going to be closed down. The report cites dwindling sales figures and a "change in focus" as the reasons for killing off the picture-perfect store. The boutique is expected to close in January next year. There's two similar boutiques in Tokyo and London, and the future of those is said to be undecided. You can also see the shift in focus from the current Apple Watch lineup. When Apple debuted the Watch Series 2 last month, they Apple Watch Edition underwent a conspicuous change. The $15,000 gold-plated version isn't sold any more, and instead the Apple Watch Edition is wrapped in ceramic, and costs a much more palatable $2,000. Now, $2,000 is what you should spend on a laptop, not a smartwatch. But it put the top-end Apple wearable far closer to the rest of the company's lineup. It's possible to see someone who owns several $10,000 watches splurging on a ceramic Apple Watch Edition. It's far harder to see many people making their most expensive watch a gadget that will be out of date in a few years' time.
  • How an army of vulnerable gadgets took down the web today (2016-10-21 16:55:48)
    At some point this morning, one of the US’s critical internet infrastructure players was hit with a staggering distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack that has taken out huge swaths of the web. Sites like Twitter, Netflix, Spotify, Reddit, and many others — all clients of a domain registration service provider called Dyn — have suffered crippling interruptions and, in some cases, blanket outages. It appears the cause is what’s known as a Mirai-based IoT botnet, according to security journalist Brian Krebs, who cited cyber-threat intelligence firm Flashpoint. Dyn’s chief strategy officer Kyle Owen, who spoke with reporters this afternoon, later confirmed Flashpoint’s claim.
  • LG is reportedly abandoning its modular phone strategy after one try (2016-10-21 16:49:39)
    Amelia KralesModular phones aren't winning. Korea's Electronic Times reported today that LG will go back to a regular, integrated design for its upcoming G6 phone after a failed experiment with modularity.LG seemed to have big plans for its G5 phone, with a nice collection of modules out of the gate and the promise of an ecosystem. We liked some things about the phone, but also found a lot of compromises thanks to the modular design. In June we learned that the phone wasn't doing very well, partly due to the complication of building it... ...
  • Friday's Internet Outages May Be Just the Beginning (2016-10-21 16:49:00)
    UPDATED 5:30 p.m. ET Friday with indications that attack may be caused by Mirai Internet of Things botnet. Around 7 a.m. Eastern time, a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack was launched against Dyn, a Manchester, New Hampshire, company that provides Domain Name System (DNS) resolution services for dozens of companies, many of them household names. Dyn's customers weren't directly affected, but people wishing to use those sites or services couldn't reach them.
  • San Francisco lawsuit, NYC law highlight global risks for Airbnb (2016-10-21 16:44:52)
    By Heather Somerville and Tina Bellon SAN FRANCISCO/BERLIN (Reuters) - Airbnb, the online lodging service that investors now believe is worth $30 billion, faces a reckoning. Other online marketplaces - such as Amazon, eBay, and Craigslist – have cited the same law to shield themselves from liability for any improper transactions among users of their services.
  • Samsung placing product images in Youku videos, targeting Chinese viewers (2016-10-21 16:43:16)
    By Malathi Nayak NEW YORK (Reuters) - Advertising technology company Mirriad says it is working with Samsung Electronics Co Ltd and China's video site Youku to market Samsung products to Chinese viewers who are gravitating toward streaming video content. For instance, in the show "Ode to Joy" on Youku, as two characters emerge from an underground escalator in an urban setting, a billboard at the landing bears an ad for Samsung's Galaxy C phone. After the episode was shot and produced, the ad was inserted by Mirriad's technology over a real billboard at the setting.
  • Facebook employees argued Trump's posts should be banned as hate speech (2016-10-21 16:19:45)
    Some Facebook employees have argued that Donald Trump’s posts on the social network should be designated as hate speech and removed, according to a new report. The Wall Street Journal said today that Trump posts calling for a ban on Muslim immigration to the United States had triggered an emotional debate inside Facebook over enforcement of the company’s community standards. CEO Mark Zuckerberg ultimately ruled against deleting the posts, which he argued would amount to censorship of a political candidate, according to the Journal.
  • The Feds are investigating today's massive DDoS attacks (2016-10-21 16:16:22)
    The motivations behind today's massive denial-of-service attacks are still unknown, but the FBI and Department of Homeland Security are now looking into the incident. As Politico reported earlier today, White House press secretary Josh Earnest told reporters that DHS was "monitoring this situation," as the agency said it was "investigating all potential causes." Reuters reports that the FBI is also investigating the attacks. The DDoS, which first hit DNS service company Dyn, has affected several major websites, including Twitter, Spotify, The New York Times, and The Verge.
  • Airbus Flying Taxi Is Commute of the Future (2016-10-21 16:00:00)
    Soon enough, you'll be able to forget about ride hailing apps for autonomous vehicles on the ground and instead commute in small autonomous aircraft, flying over those suckers stuck in rush hour traffic. The Airbus aircraft would be equipped with sense-and-avoid technology like self-driving cars are, plus it would be able to take off and land vertically like a helicopter, so there would be no need to build or clear a stretch of runway. For those willing to share their rides, Airbus is working on a separate CityAirbus vehicle developed by its Airbus Helicopters division.
  • Here’s the video everyone’s talking about of Trump and Clinton roasting each other (2016-10-21 15:56:57)
    As terrifying this presidential campaign season has been, I was somewhat conflicted when the third and final debate wrapped up on Wednesday night . Millions of Americans will be happy to never see these two together in the same room again, but some of us are going to miss the sparks that flew every time they met. To that end, we figured it might be worth sharing the full video from the Al Smith charity dinner in New York City this week, where the two presidential candidates roasted one another mercilessly for the amusement of the crowd. SEE ALSO:  Everything we expect Apple to announce next week that isn’t a Mac For a little bit of history, presidential candidates have been attending the white tie event since 1960. Richard Nixon, John F. Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, both George H.W. and George W. Bush as well as sitting president Barack Obama. If you felt like there wasn't quite enough back-and-forth at the debates (or you simply can't get enough), you can watch Trump and Clinton go at each other one last time in the video below. Donald Trump's speech begins at the 7:30 mark in the video and Hillary Clinton's speech starts at around the 25:30 mark: What a weird, weird year this has been. But hey, at least Donald seems to have developed a sense of humor about himself since the 2011 White House Correspondents' Dinner.
  • Facebook ajustará las noticias que ves por la velocidad del Internet (2016-10-21 15:41:49)
    Los ingenieros cambiarán el algoritmo del 'news feed' para que las noticias relevantes les lleguen a las personas interesadas.
  • PayPal says some customers unable to make payments due to cyber attack on Dyn (2016-10-21 15:36:35)
    (Reuters) - PayPal Holdings Inc said on Friday that it has experienced some service disruptions due to the cyber attack on Dyn that caused Internet outages for its customers. "This has prevented some of our customers from being able to pay with PayPal in certain regions," said company spokeswoman Amanda Miller. "PayPal was not attacked directly, nor were any of our core services to business impacted in the disruption." (Reporting by Jim Finkle; Editing by David Gregorio)
  • New York governor approves new regulations on Airbnb (2016-10-21 15:27:00)
    (Reuters) - New York Governor Andrew Cuomo approved legislation on Friday that would place new regulations on online home rental companies like Airbnb. Existing New York state law bars most urban apartment-dwellers from renting out their units for less than 30 days if they are not present. The law recently passed by the state legislature would bar even advertising a rental that violates that existing law, which could help regulators crack down on Airbnb itself in addition to the users of its service. Airbnb had previously said it would sue if Cuomo approved the bill. ...
  • Everything we know about Apple’s exciting next-gen MacBook Pro (2016-10-21 15:23:42)
    It's been a long time since we've seen Apple roll out a revamped and next-gen MacBook Pro. In fact, the entirety of Apple's Mac lineup has been in dire need of a meaningful refresh for an embarrassingly long time. Thankfully, we won't have to endure Apple's stale and stagnant Mac lineup for much longer. Earlier this week, Apple sent out invitations for a special media event set to take place on October 27. Apple, in typical fashion, hasn't told us what's on the agenda but it's no secret that the event will focus primarily on new Macs. It's also no secret that the star of the show will be a completely retooled MacBook Pro with a number of snazzy new bells and whistles. DON'T MISS:  Google’s new Pixel XL is no match for iPhone 7 Plus in one key area If you've been in the market for a new Mac, you certainly won't want to miss next week's event. And to get you primed for what will hopefully be some compelling new products, we've put together a list highlighting everything we know about Apple's upcoming MacBook Pro. First things first, the killer feature on Apple's 2016 MacBook Pro will reportedly be the addition of an OLED display panel located towards the top of the keyboard. Rather than expanding the existing keyboard, it's believed that the OLED panel will be located where the function keys typically reside. This past May, photos purporting to be from Apple's new MacBook Pro leaked online and, surprise surprise, note the empty space where the function row keys usually are. As to the inherent advantages of such a design, an OLED display on the keyboard would allow the keys to dynamically change to more appropriately fit whatever app you happen to be using. As an illustrative example, designer Martin Hajek earlier this year produced a number of tantalizing concept images which showcase how the feature might operate. The images below, for example, show what the OLED display might look like with Spotify running. These are just concepts, remember, but the possibilities of an OLED display offering up app-specific shortcuts is certainly compelling. All the more intriguing are reports that users will have the ability to customize app-specific shortcuts to their liking. Late this August, the French site Consomac unearthed code from Apple's Pages app which strongly hints that the shortcuts on the OLED display -- which Apple internally calls the Dynamic Function Row -- can be tweaked by users. Imagine, for example, selecting a block of text and with the tap of a button instantly formatting it to your liking without having to go sifting through a maze of menus. We would imagine that Apple will have more appealing examples to show us come next Thursday. Another intriguing detail about Apple's forthcoming MacBook Pro models is that they will have Touch ID integrated into the keyboard itself. This should be particularly useful given that users running Mac OS Sierra can now take advantage of Apple Pay on the web. As for other details, Apple's new MacBook Pro will reportedly be a little bit thinner than its predecessor, will feature a larger trackpad, and will include a keyboard based on the butterfly mechanism Apple first introduced us to with the 12-inch MacBook. If this particular rumor pans out, expect the keys on the new MacBook Pro to have a slightly larger surface area. Apple touts the benefits of its butterfly mechanism thusly: Traditional keyboards use a scissor mechanism, which tends to wobble around the edges. This creates a lack of precision when you strike anywhere except the center of the key. We needed to reduce key wobbling for a keyboard this thin; otherwise, striking a key off-center could result in the keycap hitting bottom before a keystroke registers. So we designed a unique butterfly mechanism, which is wider than the scissor mechanism and has a single assembly made from a stiffer material — allowing for a more stable, responsive key that takes up less vertical space. This innovative design improves stability, uniformity, and control — no matter where you press on the key. Additionally, don't be surprised if the trackpad on the new MacBook Pro is completely stationary a'la Apple's current 12-inch MacBook. As far as ports are concerned, consumers can likely kiss the beloved MagSafe adapter and traditional USB ports goodbye and instead say hello to new USB-C and Thuderbolt 3 ports. While Apple may very well just include one USB-C port, one would imagine that Apple would outfit its Pro notebook with more than just USB-C port. With respect to internals, we can naturally expect to see some great speed and graphics improvements. Specifically, the new MacBook Pros will reportedly house Intel Skylake processors which should make the machines much more power efficient, a welcome perk on a Pro device that will likely be used as a workhorse by many. On the graphics front, don't be surprised to see a GPU which takes advantage of AMD's Polaris architecture. Size wise, Apple will reportedly release two MacBook Pro models, one in a 13-inch form factor and another in a 15-inch form factor. While there was some concern that Apple might do away with the headphone jack on its new MacBook Pros, the leaked chasis below should help alleviate any concerns in that regard.   Last and not least, expect to see Apple's revamped MacBook Pro hit store shelves in 2016, presumably before the busy holiday shopping season kicks off. One rumor
  • Airbnb is now banned from listing short-term rentals in New York (2016-10-21 15:16:44)
    New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed into law today a bill to make it illegal to advertise entire unoccupied apartments for less than 30 days on Airbnb, according to multiple reports. Cuomo had until October 29th to sign the bill, but until today the governor’s office had been mum on the legislation. Airbnb loudly opposed the measure, spending $10 million on a campaign to defeat its passage.
  • Here's Why Your Internet Was Down Today (2016-10-21 15:00:00)
    You can blame hackers for not being able to Tweet today, if you can even read this.
  • Dedicated fans figured out how to play ‘Pokemon Sun and Moon’ in full HD (2016-10-21 14:51:53)
    This has been an exciting week for Nintendo fans. Not only did the company finally unveil the Nintendo Switch , it also released a demo for Pokemon Sun and Moon on 3DS . The demo is fairly short, offering just a glimpse of what the full game has in store for gamers, but hackers have made the most of the demo's files. RELATED:  Pokemon Go will interact with Pokemon Sun and Moon Earlier this week, seemingly the entire Pokedex of Sun and Moon made its way online. And now, using an emulator on PC, some fans are making the demo run in full 1080p HD. Pokemon has never looked this good: The sprites look better, the animations are smoother and Dugtrio's hair is somehow even more extravagant in high-definition. Based on the demo, Pokemon Sun and Moon are some of the series best-looking games, but seeing the characters and environments in HD will have Pokemon fans begging for a Pokemon Switch . It's pretty astounding how much players have been able to accomplish with a 30-minute demo of an unreleased game, but it just goes to show you how dedicated the Pokemon community can be. Once the full games actually hit retail, expect to see plenty more surprises from the fans anxious to dig into the code. Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon release for 3DS on November 18th, but you can download the demo now to pick up some in-game surprises before launch .
  • Photos show European Mars probe crashed, may have exploded (2016-10-21 14:19:13)
    BERLIN (AP) — Europe's experimental Mars probe hit the right spot — but at the wrong speed — and may have ended up in a fiery ball of rocket fuel when it struck the surface, scientists said Friday.
  • Facebook says it will allow more explicit posts if they are newsworthy (2016-10-21 14:17:52)
    Facebook will begin allowing more explicit posts if they are "newsworthy, significant, or important to the public interest," the company said today, following a series of controversies over deleted content. "Our intent is to allow more images and stories without posing safety risks or showing graphic images to minors and others who do not want to see them," said  Joel Kaplan, vice president of global public policy, and Justin Osofsky, vice president of global operations and media partnerships, in a blog post. Facebook has been under increasing pressure to relax its community standards to allow for posts that include violence or nudity in some contexts.
  • BMW's vision for the smart city of the future includes autonomous driving and AI (2016-10-21 14:05:00)
    BMW's new venture accelerator allows entrepreneurs to work with its engineers to create human-focused technology that will result in a paradigm shift of urban mobility.
  • Ongoing cyber attack hits Twitter, Amazon, other top websites (2016-10-21 14:01:04)
    Major internet services including Twitter, Spotify and Amazon suffered service interruptions and outages on Friday as a US internet provider came under sustained cyber attack. The internet service company Dyn, which routes and manages internet traffic, said that it had suffered a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack on its domain name service shortly after 1100 GMT. The cyber attack meant that millions of internet users could not access the websites of major online companies such as Netflix and Reddit as well as the crafts marketplace Etsy and the software developer site Github, according to media reports.
  • Refreshing The Verge: no platform like home (2016-10-21 14:00:03)
    In Refreshing The Verge, we’ll be looking at how that refresh process works, and what it’s like to adapt a brand like The Verge to a world where media platforms have become dominant. One of the biggest advantages The Verge has always had is Vox Media’s own proprietary publishing platform, Chorus. As we think about building The Verge for a future where other media platforms command more and more of our audience’s attention, the needs and demands of Chorus have also changed — what started as an efficient tool for writing articles and publishing a website now needs to become a system for creating a wide range of formats and managing distribution to multiple platforms.
  • The ExoMars lander may have exploded when it hit the surface of Mars (2016-10-21 13:59:58)
    The European Space Agency says that its Schiaparelli lander, the ExoMars spacecraft that attempted to land on Mars on Wednesday, may have exploded when it hit the surface. The ESA reached that conclusion after pictures taken by NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) show a black spot in the area where the probe should have landed. Schiaparelli was meant to test ESA’s landing technology in view of a future rover the space agency wants to land on Mars in 2020.
  • Leading researcher says iPhone 7’s A10 Fusion chip ‘blows away the competition’ (2016-10-21 13:55:47)
    Apple famously has hundreds if not thousands of in-house engineers who work on chip design and the group's work is becoming increasingly more impressive with each new iPhone release. Getting right down to it, the new A10 Fusion chip that powers Apple's iPhone 7 is an absolute beast. While new iPhone models are always faster than their predecessors, Apple really outdid itself with the A10, both in terms of overall performance and power efficiency; as we were reminded in a new showdown on Friday, the iPhone 7 crushes leading Android phones . DON'T MISS:  iPhone 7 Plus vs Google Pixel speed tests: Closer, but Android was still crushed in the end When Apple introduced the iPhone 7, it boasted that the A10 Fusion is the "most powerful chip ever in a smartphone" and, truth be told, it's hard to disagree. As a quick point of reference, consider this: the A10 chip is 40% faster than the A9 chip Apple used in the iPhone 6s. That's a tremendous year-over-year improvement no matter how you look at it. Since the iPhone 7's release, a variety of testing has confirmed that Apple's A10 Fusion processor is best in class. Most recently, microprocessor analyst Linley Gwennap of Mobile Chip Report recently said that the A10 "blows away the competition." Apple’s investment in custom CPU design continues to pay off, as the new iPhone 7 delivers better performance than any other flagship smartphone and outscores even some low-end PCs. The phone uses a new processor chip, the A10 Fusion, that contains not one but two custom CPU designs, representing Apple’s first foray into the Big.Little approach that many other mobile processors employ. The massive Hurricane CPU improves performance by 35% over the previous-generation Twister, boosting both the clock speed and the per-clock performance. The smaller Zephyr CPU helps the iPhone 7 extend battery life compared with its predecessor. You might also remember that Anandtech had similar praise for the iPhone 7's hardware, calling it "unparalleled and a cut above anything else in the industry." Putting the iPhone 7 through any number of tests, the results speak for themselves.
  • Electronic health records: The smart person's guide (2016-10-21 13:52:46)
    This comprehensive guide covers all you need to know about EHRs, or electronic health records, the new standard in medical documentation.
  • 5 top takeaways from Dell EMC World 2016 (2016-10-21 13:30:04)
    At the inaugural conference of the newly-joined tech giants, a host of announcements were made around products and services. Here's what you need to know.
  • Samsung’s exploding Note 7 now banned on planes, trains and automobiles (2016-10-21 13:26:55)
    Steve Martin and the late, great John Candy were in their prime when they made Planes, Trains and Automobiles together, and it was easily one of the best comedies of the late 1980s. Unlike the movie, however, Samsung's potentially explosive Galaxy Note 7 smartphone is no laughing matter. The FAA banned the Galaxy Note 7 from all flights earlier this month , and international aviation agencies have since followed suit. Now, the Note 7 has also been banned from all Amtrak trains and even from thruway busses at stations where Amtrak operates. DON'T MISS:  Samsung’s bogus copyright claim couldn’t block this video of the Note 7 bomb hack in GTA 5 "Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones are no longer permitted on Amtrak trains, Thruway buses, stations & platforms due to potential safety risks," the official Pacific Surfliner account tweeted on Thursday afternoon. The phones present an obvious danger to passengers in enclosed spaces aboard mass transit vehicles, so it makes sense that they would be banned on trains and even in stations. What remains unclear, however, is how Amtrak plans to enforce the ban since train stations do not utilize any agency akin to the TSA, which checks people and scans luggage before allowing passengers to board an airplane. It seems like only an insane person would continue using Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 at this point, since the device puts the user and anyone around him or her at risk. We've seen people's cars and even homes destroyed by fires caused by malfunctioning Note 7 handsets. According to a recent report, however, more than 1 million people are still in possession of potentially explosive Note 7 phones.
  • US internet repeatedly disrupted by cyberattacks on key firm (2016-10-21 13:25:14)
    Cyberattacks on a key internet firm repeatedly disrupted the availability of popular websites across the East Coast of the United States Friday, according to analysts and company officials. Manchester, ...
  • Met Gala, exhibit to honor designer Rei Kawakubo (2016-10-21 13:20:41)
    The annual Met Gala, one of the most anticipated events in the fashion world, will honor designer Rei Kawakubo of Comme des Garcons. It will be the first time the gala, and the accompanying exhibit of ...
  • European Space Agency says Mars probe may have exploded (2016-10-21 13:16:21)
    BERLIN (AP) — Europe's experimental Mars probe hit the right spot — but at the wrong speed — likely ending up in a fiery ball of rocket fuel when it struck the surface at high speed, scientists said Friday.
  • SharkNinja, Dyson end legal battle over advertising claims (2016-10-21 13:11:12)
    BOSTON (AP) — Two of the most well-known names in vacuum cleaners have ended a two-year legal battle over just how much their products suck.
  • European Space Agency says its experimental Mars probe crash-landed and may have exploded when it hit the surface (2016-10-21 13:04:57)
    BERLIN (AP) — European Space Agency says its experimental Mars probe crash-landed and may have exploded when it hit the surface.
  • Microsoft defends its Surface NFL tablets after the Patriots stop using them (2016-10-21 13:00:43)
    Microsoft's Surface deal with the NFL made the news for all the wrong reasons again earlier this week, after Patriots coach Bill Belichick revealed his thoughts on Microsoft's tablets. Belichick ranted that he was "done with the tablets" during a five-minute-long expression of pure frustration at the Surface tablets and the technology surrounding them. Microsoft responded to Belichick's concerns with a brief statement earlier this week, but now the company is going even further to defend its Surface tablets. In a blog post, Microsoft's Windows and devices corporate vice president, Yusuf Mehdi, defends the company's NFL deal at length.
  • Thieves storm Apple retail store and walk off with $13,000 worth of iPhones (2016-10-21 12:57:37)
    This past Wednesday, a group of seven individuals walked into an Apple Store in Natick, Massachusetts and calmly carried out a highly orchestrated yet not too sophisticated heist. Clad in hoodies and low-riding hats as to hide their identity as best they could, the group of individuals circled around an iPhone display table and systematically cut all of the security cords before snagging 19 iPhones and fleeing the premises on foot. DON'T MISS:  iPhone 7 Plus vs Google Pixel speed tests: Closer, but Android was still crushed in the end Impressively, the thieves were rather disciplined and efficient, with the entire operation from start to finish, only taking 126 seconds. Per the Natick Police Department, the value of the stolen iPhones is somewhere in the range of $13,000. The suspects are still at large and authorities apparently remain unsure as to the identities of the thieves. It is believed that this iPhone theft crew may have carried out a similar attack at another Apple retail store location as well. The Boston Globe adds : A similar incident happened at the Apple store at the Derby Street Shoppes in Hingham in September, where about a dozen teenagers rushed the store and stole 22 phones. Natick police said the two incidents might be connected. Police posted a video of the heist which you can check out over here .
  • EU regulators want to know if LinkedIn data is unique: sources (2016-10-21 12:54:11)
    By Foo Yun Chee BRUSSELS (Reuters) - EU antitrust regulators want to know whether LinkedIn's data is unique, two people familiar with the matter said on Friday, which could be key to their decision on Microsoft's $26 billion bid for the social network. The European Commission earlier this week sent questionnaires to third parties, asking for their views on the subject after Microsoft sought approval for its biggest ever acquisition. One of the questions asked whether LinkedIn's data from its 433 million professionals is unique and whether it can be replicated, and to what extent substitutes exist for LinkedIn, the people said.
  • Switching clouds: What Spotify learned when it swapped AWS for Google's cloud (2016-10-21 12:40:51)
    Spotify reveals how it fared when replacing Amazon's cloud storage with Google's and shares the gotchas to watch out for.
  • These robots will crawl over your clothes for some reason (2016-10-21 12:40:02)
    MIT / StanfordScientists at MIT and Stanford created a new type of tiny robot called a "roveable" that’ll travel over clothes. The little bots have magnetic wheels on either side of a garment that keep them anchored and moving, as well as a 100mAh battery, microcontroller, and a small antenna so they can communicate with the computer directing them. They’re also relatively autonomous, so they can direct themselves back to their home base for wireless charging.
  • Here Are This Year's Special Edition NYC Marathon Shoes (2016-10-21 12:32:00)
    It's the most wonderful time of the year. For a very small group of running shoe nerds.
  • The Ockel Sirius A is a mobile computer that runs Windows 10 (2016-10-21 12:09:02)
    Around 10 years ago, before the rise of the smartphone, there was a brief moment when it looked like mobile devices were going to take a very different direction. Ultra-mobile PCs — small, even pocket-sized Windows computers that ran the same full versions of Windows XP or Vista as your desktop, with all the same apps — looked like they might be the future of portable computing. Obviously, history was not on the side of the UMPC, and products like the OQO Model 01 or Samsung Q1 have faded into relative obscurity, replaced by smaller smartphones and larger tablets like the Surface. The Ockel Sirius A is an Indiegogo project from the Netherlands-based Ockel Computers that’s strongly reminiscent of the UMPC days of old.
  • How to deploy Windows using MDT and WDS (2016-10-21 12:04:42)
    You can save time by using the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) and Windows Deployment Services (WDS) to deploy Windows client OS from your Windows Server across your network.
  • Kisslink lets you connect any device to your Wi-Fi network with just a tap (2016-10-21 12:03:11)
    Wi-Fi routers have come a very long way in the past few years. They used to be awful little devices that caused us nothing but problems. Remember when your internet connection would get choked up constantly and you had to reboot your router at least once a week to get it working again? Times have definitely changed and newer models take the headache out of home internet connections. Some routers offer cool new features that you weren't even aware of though, and the Kisslink Wi-Fi System is a perfect example. Aside from being a multi-device system that completely eliminates dead spots, Kisslink lets you connect any device simply by tapping it on the router. Never type one of those annoying Wi-Fi passwords again! Some key details: Complete Wi-Fi system with 3 kisslink routers, new ones will automatically connect with existing router Plug & play setup boost Wi-Fi in 30 seconds, please refer both the instructional video One of the "Best new inventions for 2015" App support for IOS and Android devices: Locally or remotely manage your Wi-Fi network and devices One top of everything else, the Kisslink Wi-Fi System is much less expensive than similar multi-device home Wi-Fi options at just $199.99 for a three-unit system.
  • The 32 Best Cars to Buy Now (2016-10-21 12:00:00)
    From sports cars and sedans to hybrids, here are the absolute coolest cars you can buy and take for a long ride.
  • Why you should devote as much time to dark data as big data (2016-10-21 11:47:31)
    Dark data projects can be a tough sell. Learn ways to explore dark data that can generate business insights and results.
  • How to install NitroShare on Ubuntu Linux for cross-platform file sharing (2016-10-21 11:44:00)
    File sharing on a LAN doesn't have to be complicated. Discover how to make it simple with the free and open NitroShare app.
  • Counterterrorism prosecutors seek access to encrypted data (2016-10-21 11:43:16)
    PARIS (AP) — Prosecutors from France, Belgium, Spain and Morocco called Friday for the ability to unlock phones and computers and to gain access to encrypted communications to aid in the fight against terrorism.
  • Everything we expect Apple to announce next week that isn’t a Mac (2016-10-21 11:36:00)
    Apple's biggest event of the year has obviously come and gone at this point, and millions of people have new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus handsets in their pockets right now. The annual iPhone press conference is always the Apple event that fans look forward to most each year, and a new iOS unveiling at WWDC is a close second. But 2016 isn't over yet and Apple has one more event planned before the year is through. This event isn't anticipated quite as eagerly as other recent Apple events, mainly because Apple's Mac lineup is expected to be the focus. Apple makes some great computers and the company's next-generation MacBook Pro is getting some very nifty new features, but desktop and laptop computers aren't quite as sexy as smartphones these days. Of course, Apple has more in store for us than just new Macs, so let's take a look at what we can expect from next week's press conference. DON'T MISS:  These are the 2 best iPhone email apps in the world, and I can’t decide which to use The stars of the show next week at Apple's big event on October 27th will be Macs. The new MacBook Pro with a special OLED touch bar in place of the function row key will likely be the biggest news from the show, and we can expect refreshed MacBook Airs and more as well. For those of you uninterested in Macs who are wondering what else we might see unveiled next Thursday, there are a few things you likely have to look forward to. First, Apple will almost certainly announce an on-sale date for its new AirPods. And that release date will almost certainly be the following day, October 28th. Apple said when it unveiled its new wireless headset that it would go on sale sometime in October, and "sometime in October" is quickly disappearing. Next up, Apple might finally unveil a next-generation Thunderbolt Display. The company's most recent model was discontinued earlier this year, and an updated version with 5K resolution has been rumored to be in development for quite some time. If that new display is real, it will probably be announced at next week's event and released soon after. If Apple's Mac computer and peripheral lineup is completely uninteresting to you, there's still one likely announcement that you can look forward to. Apple's iOS 10.1 betas have been coming hot and heavy lately, with iOS 10.1 beta 5 having been released earlier this week. Apple will most likely announce release timing during the event on Thursday, and it might even push the public build out that very same day. As a refresher, iOS 10.1 includes a number of bug fixes and refinements, but the main new feature is the addition of Portrait Mode to the iPhone 7 Plus' camera. Finally, and least likely, is an updated Apple TV of some kind. Here at BGR we give this about a 1% chance of happening, but a few rumors have suggested that Apple might replace the entry-level third-generation Apple TV that was discontinued earlier this month with a new model that's updated but still cheaper than the current entry-level model, which costs $149. Compared to rival streaming devices with price points that start at just $39.99 like the Fire TV Stick , the Apple TV is a tall order. Apple's event is scheduled to begin at 1:00 PM ET / 10:00 AM PT on Thursday, October 27th, and BGR will be covering all the news as it breaks.
  • Airbus has a secret flying-car project called Vahana (2016-10-21 11:34:40)
    The French aerospace giant Airbus recently unveiled its secret flying-car project dubbed Vahana — a single-manned, autonomously piloted aircraft that can take off and land vertically. The concept drawing of Vahana should look familiar to anyone who follows the tiny-but-passionate flying car movement. The project launched in early 2016 as one of the first pursuits of A³ (pronounced A-cubed), the Silicon Valley arm of Airbus, according to the startup’s CEO Rodin Lyasoff.
  • U.S. videogame voice artists go on strike (2016-10-21 11:33:12)
    (Reuters) - Actors who provide voice-overs for video games went on strike in the United States on Friday over pay and the refusal of employers to tell them what games they will be working on ahead of time. The strike affects 11 gaming companies, including Electronic Arts Inc , Activision Blizzard Inc's Activision unit and Take-Two Interactive Software Inc. The actors are represented by the Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Arts (SAG-AFTRA), which said it had been negotiating terms for a new contract for nearly two years.
  • Nikon’s new wireless tethering feature will change the way you take pictures (2016-10-21 11:27:56)
    Nikon announced the D500, the company’s latest top-of-the-line APS-C DSLR, at CES back in January. Snapbridge is Nikon’s way of using Bluetooth Low Energy to establish an always-on connection between your camera and your phone. In fact, it’s so good that Snapbridge makes every other solution for connecting your phone to a camera feel archaic.
  • AT&T is reportedly in 'advanced talks' to buy Time Warner (2016-10-21 11:27:13)
    AT&T and Time Warner, the owner of numerous popular TV networks including HBO, are fast approaching an acquisition deal. After Bloomberg reported yesterday that there had been "informal talks" between senior-level AT&T and Time Warner executives, The Wall Street Journal is now putting those discussions at an "advanced" stage and says a deal could be imminent. AT&T had no comment when contacted by The Verge.
  • Russians seek answers to central Moscow GPS anomaly (2016-10-21 11:17:57)
    Joggers, taxi drivers, players of Pokemon Go and senior Russian officials are seeking an explanation of why mobile phone apps that use GPS are malfunctioning in central Moscow. A programmer for Russian ...
  • 'Pokémon Go', una mina de oro: genera ganancias de US$600 millones (2016-10-21 11:11:20)
    Según App Annie, el popular juego alcanzó esa cifra en apenas 90 días, superando por mucho a otros títulos móviles, que lo han hecho en hasta 500 días.
  • AT&T’s massive Time Warner acquisition could happen this weekend (2016-10-21 11:09:58)
    Yesterday, we learned that AT&T was in "informal talks" to acquire Time Warner Inc. Everyone must have got on pretty well, because the  Wall Street Journal  is now reporting that a deal could be done as soon as this weekend. DON'T MISS:  Samsung’s bogus copyright claim couldn’t block this video of the Note 7 bomb hack in GTA 5 The report from the  WSJ  is thin on details, but the Bloomberg report from yesterday suggested that “senior executives at AT&T Inc. and Time Warner Inc. have met in recent weeks to discuss various business strategies including a possible merger.” AT&T is one of the largest cable TV and internet companies in the country. But, with cable profits falling and Netflix making serious money by producing its own shows, AT&T is said to be interested in acquiring a media company. A merger of AT&T and Time Warner would create one massive company that commissions and produces content, then sells it to cable subscribers over a cable network that it owns. That sounds great for business, but a little less fun if you're paying the bills. Exactly how much Time Warner would be worth to AT&T is debatable, but the company is currently valued by the stock market at about $62 billion. Time Warner rejected a takeover offer of $75 billion in 2014. The obvious sticking point for a merger or acquisition would be regulation. Anti-competition regulators would need to look closely at the deal before it went through. Even if terms are agreed to this weekend, as the  WSJ  suggests is possible, it would be months or years before anything really happened.
  • JLab Audio announces its first completely wireless earbuds (2016-10-21 10:56:40)
    Once Apple announced the completely wireless AirPods, it was only a matter of time before the competition released their own versions of wire-free earbuds, and JLab Audio is the latest to jump in the fray. The company has announced the JLab Audio Epic Air, an evolution from The Verge favorite Epic2 earbuds. The Epic Air features an earhook that doubles as a Bluetooth antenna, which the company says will increase the strength of the earbuds' connection to your device.
  • If you want a jet black iPhone 7 Plus before Christmas, you’d better order it now (2016-10-21 10:55:54)
    Today is October 21st, and it has now been a month and a week since Apple first released its new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Five full weeks, and yet it's still next to impossible to find the model that everyone wants. The larger iPhone 7 Plus is vastly superior to its smaller sibling this year, and Apple's new glossy jet black color is obviously the most desirable color of the season. It's also the most difficult color for Apple's manufacturing partners to create, and you know what happens when high demand meets low supply. If you want a jet black iPhone 7 Plus, you have two options: you can either stalk your local Apple stores every single morning until you find one in stock, or you can order one online. If you're not the stalker type and you want your shiny new iPhone before Christmas though, you had better order one right away. DON'T MISS:  These are the 2 best iPhone email apps in the world, and I can’t decide which to use As of Friday morning, the soonest shipping estimate for Apple's jet black iPhone 7 Plus models has now slipped back to December. Apple's online stores shows a delivery window of six to eight weeks for new orders, which means deliveries are not expected to be made until December 2nd at the earliest and December 16th at the latest. Friday also marks the release of the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in several additional countries, which means supply might not improve anytime soon. On other words, if you want a new iPhone 7 Plus in jet black and you want it to arrive before Christmas, you had better order it right away. If you want one in time for the start of Hanukkah, you might already be too late. Your other option, as we mentioned, is to keep your eye on stores in your area. Stores in big cities have begun to get some shipments of jet black iPhone 7 Plus inventory, but it's usually sold out by mid-morning. Keep your eye on third-party inventory tracking site iStockNow every morning and be ready to pounce.
  • Twitter, Spotify, other top websites shut in DDOS attack (2016-10-21 10:46:22)
    Major internet services including Twitter and Spotify suffered outages on Friday as a US internet provider came under cyber attack. The internet service company Dyn said that it had suffered a denial of service (DDoS) attack on its domain name service shortly after 1100 GMT, but that services had been restored in about two hours.
  • Michael Moore in TrumpLand is an earnest case for Hillary Clinton (2016-10-21 10:39:56)
    Michael Moore in TrumpLand is not about Donald Trump, nor the world of his supporters. This might not come across in the first few minutes of the film, a recording of a one-man show performed in Wilmington, Ohio by political humorist Moore. Fahrenheit 9/11 and Bowling For Columbine director Moore has described TrumpLand as his "October surprise," releasing it weeks before the election.
  • Vergecast 226: Pixel, Nintendo Switch, and new MacBook Pros (2016-10-21 10:32:16)
    This week at The Verge has been a busy one! Reviews for Google’s Pixel phone are out, Chinese tech firm LeEco just announced a plethora of new products coming to the US, Nintendo finally showed us new hardware for their games, and Apple is teasing a new Mac event for next week. Even Tesla had a few things to say. Nilay, Dieter, Paul, and Jordan cover it all on this week’s Vergecast. ...
  • Why there's no compelling use case for hybrid cloud (2016-10-21 10:29:19)
    Don't confuse hybrid infrastructure with hybrid cloud. With no real reason to integrate public and private cloud solutions, hybrid cloud isn't a worthwhile undertaking.
  • Qualcomm nears $37 billion deal to buy NXP Semiconductors: source (2016-10-21 10:24:05)
    Qualcomm Inc is nearing a deal to acquire NXP Semiconductors NV for around $37 billion, a person familiar with the matter said on Friday, as the U.S. company seeks to expand the reach of its chips from phones to cars. The deal would make San Diego-based Qualcomm, which supplies Android smartphone makers and Apple Inc, a bigger supplier to the automotive industry as it grapples with slowing smartphone sales and stiff competition from Chinese and Taiwanese rivals. The acquisition of NXP by Qualcomm for $110 per share in cash could be announced within days, although there is always a possibility of a last-minute glitch, the source said, asking not to be identified because the negotiations are confidential.
  • US internet disrupted as key firm gets hit by cyberattack (2016-10-21 10:04:09)
    LONDON (AP) — There have been reports of internet disruption across the East Coast of the United States after a key firm was hit by a cyberattack.
  • iPhone 7 Plus vs Google Pixel speed tests: Closer, but Android was still crushed in the end (2016-10-21 10:01:10)
    Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 may be toast — literally and figuratively — but Android fans have a new pair of flagship phones to lust after this holiday season. Google's first ever "made by Google" smartphones pack cutting-edge specs into a somewhat unique design, giving shoppers what most early reviewers believe to be a viable alternative to Apple's iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. We know the Pixel phones feature the latest and greatest features Android has to offer, and we also know that they pack some serious power on paper. By how do those impressive specs translate in the real world? Is the Pixel a match for the reigning performance champs, Apple's iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus? DON'T MISS:  These are the 2 best iPhone email apps in the world, and I can’t decide which to use When it comes to optimizing the mobile experience, Apple has been untouchable for a few years now. The company has never concerned itself with speeds and feeds, but it has still managed to build phones that outperform all of its rivals. By taking control of the hardware and software from start to finish, Apple has put itself in a unique position in an industry filled with companies that use Google's software to power their smartphone experiences. The Google Pixel and Pixel XL are the closest any Android phone company has come to mirroring Apple in terms of owning and controlling both the hardware and software experiences. Google has repeatedly touted its new "made by Google" smartphones, which it says were designed solely by Google with no outside help from its manufacturing partner, HTC. As a side note, it's odd that HTC offered no design input and yet the finished product looks just like all of HTC's recent iPhone knockoffs . But that's a topic for another time. So now that we have an iPhone rival with software and hardware designed and optimized by the same company, we should have a phone that is much more competitive with Apple's iPhone lineup, right? Well, the good news is that Google's new Pixel phone came closer than any other Android phone to matching the iPhone 7 Plus's performance in performance tests. The bad news is that while it did come "closer," it still wasn't very close in the end. YouTube channel SuperSaf TV posted a video recently that shows the Pixel and the iPhone 7 Plus facing off in two key performance tests. Why the smaller Pixel and the larger iPhone? Because both phones have 1080p displays, so this is the best way to level the playing field. Where raw benchmark scores are concerned, the Pixel was obliterated by the iPhone phablet. Google's new phone rang up a 1565 on Geekbench's single-core test while the iPhone 7 Plus more than doubled that score at 3488. The Pixel's 4103 on the multi-core test was a bit more competitive, but the iPhone registered a 5590. Real-world speed tests were a different story. The narrator compared the phones by opening the same app on both devices to see how quickly they load, and the Pixel definitely held its own when opening simple, lightweight apps. But then when it came to more complex apps like games with 3D graphics, Google's new smartphone was no match for the iPhone 7 Plus. The full video is embedded below.
  • On a Sunbeam is a must-read comic about boarding schools in space (2016-10-21 10:00:03)
    Every now and again, there’s a comic that will stop you dead in your tracks and consume your time until you take in every last page and dialog bubble. Hailing from Texas, Walden recently graduated from the Center for Cartoon Studies in White River Junction, Vermont, and just began publishing a new webcomic, On a Sunbeam. Four installments in, and it’s clear that this is a is a beautiful comic that has a ton of potential.
  • Qualcomm nears deal to acquire NXP Semiconductors: source (2016-10-21 09:58:46)
    (Reuters) - Qualcomm Inc is nearing a deal to acquire NXP Semiconductors NV for $110 per share in cash, a person familiar with the matter said on Friday. Qualcomm and NXP did not immediately respond to requests for comment.
  • Counterterrorism prosecutor want access to encrypted devices (2016-10-21 09:51:37)
    PARIS (AP) — Prosecutors from France, Belgium, Spain and Morocco are calling for the ability to unlock phones and computers and have access to encrypted communications in the fight against terrorism.
  • IBM and SBI Securities test bond trading on the blockchain (2016-10-21 09:48:41)
    SBI Securities will adopt the Hyperledger Fabric and work with IBM to test the application of blockchain technology for operational processes and security around bond trading.
  • A denial-of-service attack shut down major websites across the internet (2016-10-21 09:43:38)
    A denial-of-service attack shut down major websites across the internet this morning, as DNS service company Dyn was hit by an apparently targeted strike.
  • Netflix’s selection of movies in the US is embarrassingly bad (2016-10-21 09:34:01)
    Netflix may be the best place to watch original programming, but if you're a movie buff in the United States or the UK, Netflix doesn't really have a whole lot to offer you. Thanks to Netflix's increasingly laser-like focus on developing original content, the streaming giant hasn't been afraid to say goodbye to expensive licensing deals with movie studios expire. As a prime example, Netflix last year opted not to renew its deal with Epix, and in turn lost thousands of films, including blockbuster hits like  The Wolf of Wall Street  and The Hunger Games: Catching Fire . DON'T MISS:  Google’s new Pixel XL is no match for iPhone 7 Plus in one key area Now the quantity and quality of Netflix's movie library varies from region to region, and according to a recent study carried out by Streaming Observer , Netflix's movie selection in the U.S and the U.K. is particularly shoddy. After taking a look at the top 250 ranked movies on IMDB, the site discovered that Netflix in the U.S. and the UK only housed 33 and 28 of them, respectively. In stark contrast, Netflix Brazil houses 85 movies from IMDB's vaunted list. This of course may not come as too much of a shock given that Netflix's content library is 40% smaller today than it was four years ago. As Exstreamist pointed out a few months ago: Over the past four years Netflix has seen a massive decline in the number of titles available to stream through their service. At our last count, with numbers pulled from uNoGS, Netflix in the US currently has just over 5,100 movies and TV shows available. Back towards the end of 2012 and early 2013, according to sources formerly at Netflix, the title count was nearly 9,000, meaning we have seen the total title count drop over 40% in the past four years. That said, the significance of this is debatable given Netflix's ongoing ability to introduce incredibly addicting original programming at an impressively consistent rate.
  • Weird Al moderates the last presidential debate, accidentally opens a portal to hell (2016-10-21 09:32:19)
    Beginning in the 1980s, "Weird Al" Yankovic appeared on MTV with a series of television specials he called AL TV, which featured music videos, sketches, and fake interviews with various celebrities. The channel actually autotuned the first two debates as well: the first with Debbie Harry & Chris Stein of Blondie, the second with Joseph Gordon-Levitt.
  • Lynk & Co is a car company that's refreshingly cynical about car companies (2016-10-21 09:22:25)
    If Lynk & Co turns out to be a success over the next few years, these will be its famous first words. Lynk & Co has been spawned from the Volvo labs in Gothenburg, under the patronage of Chinese parent company Geely, though it’s a standalone brand that will have to prove its own merits. Visser and his team are on a publicity tour across Europe this week, endeavoring to convince the world of the fallacy of his opening proclamation.
  • Samsung’s bogus copyright claim couldn’t block this video of the Note 7 bomb hack in GTA 5 (2016-10-21 08:01:29)
    Samsung would like nothing more than to have you forget that the Galaxy Note 7 ever existed. Of course, news surrounding the ordeal is still flowing, and it will continue to emerge for weeks and even months to come. The company was forced to cancel its flagship phablet, which would likely have been one of its top-selling smartphones this holiday season, because a defect in some phones caused them to catch fire or even explode. The company recalled its first run of phones and then issued replacements that were supposed to be safe, but then the replacement phones began combusting as well. Samsung was left with no choice but to discontinue the device and recall every phone that had been sold. The Galaxy Note 7 may have been cancelled, but it will live on forever in our hearts... and in this hilarious video, which Samsung tried and failed to block from YouTube. DON'T MISS:  Man claims iPhone 7 burst into flames and destroyed his car Back in early October, someone created what almost certainly must be the greatest Grand Theft Auto V hack of all time. The hack added brings a deadly new weapon to GTA 5: an exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7 that can be tossed like a grenade. It had to be done, and if you play GTA 5 you should check out this post to learn how to get Galaxy Note 7 bomb mode for yourself. Naturally, videos were uploaded to YouTube showing off the hilarious mod and it's just as amazing as you might think. Everyone loved it... well, maybe not everyone. Samsung was none too pleased with everyone laughing at its expense, so it filed a (bogus) copyright claim and forced YouTube to take the most popular video of the GTA 5 Note 7 bomb hack down. But that's not the end of the story — YouTube has realized the claim was ridiculous, and it has unblocked the video on YouTube. So, to start off your Friday on the right foot, we recommend watching this video at least a half-dozen times. Enjoy.
  • Every movie and TV show being removed from Netflix in November (2016-10-21 07:30:15)
    This has been an exciting week, full of new movie trailers, new game trailers and even a new console announcement from Nintendo, but we have some somber news to discuss as well: Netflix is getting rid of a bunch of content again. DON'T MISS:  These are the 2 best iPhone email apps in the world, and I can’t decide which to use Some of the highlights (or maybe lowlights, since they're expiring) include some great television series like Chuck , Courage the Cowardly Dog and Powerpuff Girls . We're also losing E.T. , Deliverance , The Boxtrolls and Gigli , though if you've actually seen Gigli , you might not be too upset about that last one. Keep in mind, the list is subject to change as Netflix renegotiates its deals, but here is the current list of removals scheduled for November: Leaving November 1st The Addams Family (1991) Almost Famous (2000) Angel Heart (1987) Barnyard (2006) Bratz: The Movie (2007) The 'Burbs (1989) Can't Hardly Wait (1998) Chuck: Seasons 1-5 The Core (2003) Deliverance (1972) E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982) Echelon Conspiracy (2009) Eight Crazy Nights (2002) Empire State (2012) Equilibrium (2002) Escape to Witch Mountain (1975) The Family Man (2000) Fatal Attraction (1987) Fresh (1994) Get Rich or Die Tryin' (2005) The Holiday (2006) Into the Wild (2007) Kangaroo Jack (2003) Legally Blonde (2001) Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde (2003) Major League (1989) Mansfield Park (1999) Meet Joe Black (1998) Mel Brooks: Make a Noise (2013) Open Season (2006) Open Season 2 (2008) Open Season 3 (2010) Patton Oswalt: My Weakness Is Strong (2009) Powerpuff Girls: Seasons 1-6 Rounders (1998) Scream 2 (1997) Sex: My British Job (2013) Shameless: Series 1-10 (UK) Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow (2004) Something's Gotta Give (2003) The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie (2004) Spy Game (2001) The Sum of All Fears (2002) Total Drama World Tour (2014) Underground: The Julian Assange Story (2012) Urban Cowboy (1980) Varsity Blues (1999) What Women Want (2000) Leaving November 2nd The English Teacher (2013) Leaving November 4th Gigli (2003) Leaving November 5th The Homesman (2014) Leaving November 11th Quartet (2012) Leaving November 14th Seal Team 8: Behind Enemy Lines (2014) Leaving November 15th Naked Among Wolves (2015) Leaving November 16th The American (2010) Let's Go to Prison (2006) Leaving November 22nd Tracers (2014) Leaving November 23rd The Boxtrolls (2014) Scenic Route (2013) Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors (2015) Leaving November 24th The Boondocks: Seasons 1-4 Chowder: Seasons 1-3 Courage the Cowardly Dog: Seasons 1-4 Uncle Grandpa: Season 1 Leaving November 25th Robin Hood (1973) Leaving November 30th Stuck in Love (2012) xXx (2002) It’s not all bad news, though — don’t forget to check out all of the new movies and TV shows being added to Netflix in November .
  • First Click: How much would you pay for the Nintendo Switch? (2016-10-21 07:30:03)
    We now know a whole lot more about Nintendo’s upcoming console — it’s called the Switch, it’s a home-portable hybrid, it has weird modular controllers that can be used in three million different ways — but there are still a number of major questions that have to be answered ahead of its March release.
  • Sweden's Ericsson posts Q3 loss, cites worsening industry (2016-10-21 07:13:10)
    Swedish mobile networks company Ericsson said Friday that the decline across the industry has accelerated, contributing to a third-quarter loss for the company of 233 million kroner ($26.3 million). The ...
  • iPhone 7 hits Korean stores in Note 7's absence (2016-10-21 07:11:43)
    The Apple iPhone 7 went on sale in South Korea on Friday, seeking to fill a void left by arch-rival Samsung on its home turf following a damaging recall fiasco over the Note 7 smartphone. The South Korean electronics giant discontinued the Note 7 -- one of its key iPhone challengers -- on October 11 following reports that replacements for combustible models were also catching fire. An official at mobile carrier Korea Telecom (KT) said the first batch of 50,000 iPhone 7s they put up for pre-order a week ago sold out in 15 minutes.
  • How data and machine learning are 'part of Uber's DNA' (2016-10-21 07:00:03)
    TechRepublic talked to Uber's head of machine learning about what the ride-sharing giant has learned from seven years of collecting and using 'smart' data.
  • Google hawks hardware in real-world 'showroom' (2016-10-21 06:37:26)
    It's not exactly a store, but the Google "showroom" that opened Thursday in New York is the internet giant's first real-world shop and a step onto terrain where rival Apple has excelled. The success of the temporary storefront Google opened in the trendy Soho neighborhood could help the California-based company decide whether to follow Apple's lead and operate its own brick-and-mortar retail operation. The New York pop-up shop will be open through the end of this year, and let people get their hands on new Google devices such as Pixel smartphones which began shipping Thursday in a direct challenge to Apple's latest iPhones.
  • Facebook censors cancer awareness video over cartoon breasts (2016-10-21 06:36:49)
    Facebook has come under criticism for censoring a cancer awareness video because of animated breasts. The ad campaign, produced by Cancerfonden, a Swedish cancer charity, used animated figures to demonstrate how to check breasts for suspicious lumps. Facebook removed the video this week, telling the organization: "Your ad can not market sex products or services nor adults products or services," according to The Guardian.
  • Exclusive: White House makes a big bet on small satellites (2016-10-21 06:00:03)
    The White House is announcing its plan today to promote the use of small space satellites — a move aimed at strengthening the U.S.’ burgeoning commercial space industry. The project, called "Harnessing the Small Satellite Revolution," is meant to spur collaboration between government agencies, including NASA, and the private sector to find practical uses for small satellites, or smallsats.
  • Investors hit sell button on Nintendo's new console (2016-10-21 05:42:19)
    Investors hit the sell button on Nintendo shares Friday as gamers and analysts were left underwhelmed by a sneak peek at the videogame giant's long-awaited new console. One company watcher called the Nintendo Switch "disappointing", while gamers were left wondering how much it would cost and whether it was compatible with smartphones. In a three-minute video posted on its YouTube channel Thursday, Nintendo unveiled the hybrid machine which can be played at home and on the go, thanks to a removable screen with the controllers attached.
  • Mario Pikachu is undoubtedly the best Pikachu (2016-10-21 05:12:42)
    Pikachu has been many things over the years. Artist. Detective. Lucha libre wrestler. But this might be his finest performance yet: Mario Pikachu.
  • The Nintendo Switch dock is only for charging and TV output (2016-10-21 04:51:27)
    The core concept of Nintendo's upcoming Switch console is that it's a portable device with games that you can also play on your TV at home by way of a dock. "The dock is not the main console unit of Nintendo Switch," a representative tells IGN. "The main unit of Nintendo Switch is the unit that has the LCD screen, which the two Joy-Con controllers can be attached to and detached from.
  • The Apple PowerBook at 25 - the computer that defined the laptop (2016-10-21 04:45:51)
    When Apple launched its first PowerBook range of laptop computers on Ocotber 21, 1991, it also set in motion a computing revolution by firmly establishing the recipe for the laptop computer that all leading PC makers are still following. "Apple has done a very good job of letting the market test new technologies for a bit before they refine it and send it through the reality distortion field to make the tech new again," said Smith. It was the lightest and best-looking laptop on the market thanks to some industrial design and miniaturization input from Sony.
  • Spotify launches new Samsung smart TV app for free users (2016-10-21 04:30:42)
    Spotify is launching a new-and-improved app for Samsung smart TVs, promising both paid and free users a better way to access music. The app itself isn't that interesting, but the fact that Spotify's making it available to free users is. Spotify, of course, is available on all sorts of devices, including phones, tablets, and streaming sticks like Roku, Google's Chromecast, and others.
  • Sweden's Ericsson post Q3 loss, cites worsening industry (2016-10-21 04:13:57)
    STOCKHOLM (AP) — Swedish mobile networks company Ericsson says "negative industry trends have further accelerated," contributing to a third-quarter loss for the company of 233 million kroner ($26.3 million).
  • The iPhone has a secret one-handed keyboard you're not allowed to use (2016-10-21 03:48:08)
    Microsoft has a one-handed mode for its keyboard app, and Google has one as well. Developer Steve Troughton-Smith spotted the code for a one-handed keyboard in Apple's iOS Simulator (a program that lets you test and debug iOS apps on other hardware). It's not clear why Apple has never implemented this feature, especially as the company is usually so good on iPhone accessibility, but Troughton-Smith did create a way to access the one-handed mode if your iPhone is jailbroken.
  • A giant nude statue in California is stirring controversy (2016-10-21 03:39:20)
    SAN LEANDRO, Calif. (AP) — There have long been complaints about the lack of women in the tech industry. Now there's a towering female figure, in a tech park across the bay from San Francisco, although not quite what some people had in mind.
  • J.J. Abrams reveals Star Wars secrets in new Force Awakens audio commentary (2016-10-21 02:30:02)
    Abrams references the painful visions Rey sees when she touches the lightsaber in Maz Kanata's bar. "There were many iterations of this," Abrams says, describing another version that pictured Rey in the Empire Strikes Back's Cloud City, watching Vader fighting Luke.
  • No partner in sight, Twitter faces tough solo choices (2016-10-21 01:12:59)
    By Liana B. Baker and Jim Finkle SAN FRANCISCO/BOSTON (Reuters) - The apparent lack of interest in Twitter Inc by potential suitors may force the social media company to consider a route anathema to aspiring tech startups: a major restructuring and cutting some its nearly 4,000 employees. Earlier this month, Twitter hired bankers to explore selling itself. The aborted sales process - and the company's strategy as an independent company - will be back in the spotlight when Twitter reports earnings on Oct. 27.
  • Goodyear christening 2nd airship in fleet replacing blimps (2016-10-21 00:12:31)
    Goodyear is officially welcoming the second airship in the fleet replacing its famous blimps. The replacements look much like their predecessors but aren't technically blimps because they have a fixed ...
  • Nintendo unveils new console, shares slide as features underwhelm (2016-10-21 00:04:11)
    By Taiga Uranaka and Makiko Yamazaki TOKYO (Reuters) - Nintendo Co Ltd offered a sneak preview of a new gaming system that can be used both as a traditional console as well as a handheld device, but a lack of revolutionary features helped send its shares sliding 6 percent. In a 3-minute video teaser, the Kyoto-based games company unveiled Nintendo Switch, its first new gaming device in four years, which will launch in March 2017. Its success will be crucial as Nintendo still considers console gaming to be the center of its business, even as casual gaming has moved to smartphones and tablets and as it last console, the Wii U, flopped badly.
  • Man lets a tarantula hawk sting him and the video is absolutely crazy (2016-10-20 23:00:32)
    If you've never heard of the tarantula hawk before, you probably want to keep it that way. For those unfamiliar, the tarantula hawk is a wasp that - no joke - actively hunts tarantulas. Tarantula hawks can be found across most parts of the world but you thankfully don't need to run for cover as they don't often sting humans unless provoked. What makes the tarantula hawk as intriguing as it is terrifying is that its sting is incredibly painful. So painful, in fact, that a sting from a tarantula hawk is largely considered to be the second most painful sting in the world. Now if you're a human being of even moderate intelligence, you're obviously going to do everything in your power to stay out of a tarantula hawk's way. But if your name happens to be Coyote Peterson, well, you've really got no choice but go out into the desert, capture a a tarantula hawk, let it sting you on purpose, and film the entire ordeal for the collective amusement and horror of the masses. DON'T MISS:  These 5 insanely thin iPhone 7 cases are perfect for people who hate iPhone cases Earlier this week, Peterson posted an enthralling 15-minute YouTube video documenting his experience getting stung by a tarantula hawk. Just take a look at this thing. Boasting the world’s 2nd most painful sting, the Tarantula Hawk also happens to be the largest species of wasp in North America! These enormous spider wasps are most notorious for their macabre breeding habits but are also becoming well known for their ranking on the insect sting pain index. Only trailing in behind the bullet ant in terms of “sting pain” Coyote felt it necessary to experience this fear inducing sting before taking on the highly anticipated bullet ant challenge. The bullet ant challenge? What happened to the good old days where challenges consisted of dumping cold buckets of ice water on your head? Regardless, the 15-minute video is worth watching in its entirety. For starters, when else are you ever gonna hang out with someone who calls himself 'Coyote'? Second, the video flows more like a short film, complete with an interesting backstory, intriguing build-up and harrowing climax. As far as viral videos are concerned, this is one of the best we've seen in a long while.
  • Wal-Mart to invest $50 million in China online grocer New Dada (2016-10-20 22:14:56)
    SHANGHAI (Reuters) - Wal-Mart Stores Inc will invest $50 million in Chinese online grocery and delivery firm New Dada, the U.S. retailer said on Friday, extending its tie-ups with local online players to help boost sales in the world's second-largest economy.
  • Watch Joe Biden do a spectacular burnout in the Presidential Corvette (2016-10-20 22:01:04)
    The Secret Service doesn't let people under its protection drive very often. When they do, it's normally a golf cart they're behind the wheel of. So after years of driving imprisonment, it's no surprise that Joe Biden pulled a spectacular burnout the second he got behind the wheel of his Corvette. DON'T MISS:  New tests confirm there’s one iPhone 7 model that’s much slower than the rest Jay Leno tweeted out a preview of Jay Leno's Garage featuring Biden. Leno shows up at the Secret Service training ground, where Biden was waiting with his very own 1967 Corvette. The car was a wedding gift from his father 49 years ago, and Biden's two sons recently had the engine rebuilt as a Christmas present. Our nation's leaders are not allowed to drive very often, so this is only the third time Biden's driven his pride and joy since being elected. You can tell he's missed spinning the tires just a little bit. It also seems that there's more to the episode than just Biden hooning around. Former Secretary of State Colin Powell also turns up towards the end with a more modern Corvette, so we're hoping for an elected officials muscle-car showdown in the near future. With just a few more months left in office, Biden is primed to be back driving soon, although even as a former Vie President, the Secret Service probably won't let him do this kinda thing on public roads.
  • iPhone Has Secret One-Handed Keyboard (2016-10-20 21:26:00)
    The iPhone 7 Plus beats the regular iPhone 7 in so many ways it's not even funny. It has a sharper and bigger screen, longer battery life, and only it has an optical zoom for the camera. It's easily worth the extra $100 bucks, but typing on that big boy can be a chore, especially with one hand.
  • Nintendo slides 6 percent after unveiling 'Switch' game console (2016-10-20 21:11:23)
    TOKYO (Reuters) - Shares of Nintendo Co Ltd dropped 6 percent in early trade on Friday after the videogame maker unveiled its next-generation gaming console, called the Nintendo Switch. The stock fell as far as 25,300 yen as of 0101 GMT, its lowest since Sept. 7. (Reporting by Chris Gallagher; Editing by Michael Perry)
  • Samsung’s Galaxy S8 may use battery packs from a non-Samsung supplier for obvious reasons (2016-10-20 21:00:43)
    Whatever the technical deficiency behind exploding Galaxy Note 7 devices was, Samsung still hasn't been able to figure it out. Indeed, Samsung's inability to pinpoint the root cause of the problem effectively forced the company to issue a worldwide recall and discontinue production altogether. DON'T MISS:  If you have a black or jet black iPhone 7, you need these wallpapers While not a cure-all solution by any means, the Note 7 fiasco has reportedly convinced Samsung to diversify its list of battery suppliers. According to a new report from The Korea Herald , Samsung is exploring the possibility of tapping LG Chem as a new battery supplier for its upcoming Galaxy S8. With the Note 7 saga said to be costing the Samsung as much as $5 billion, the South Korean tech giant understandably wants to do all it can to prevent another mishap when it releases its other premium handset next year. According to news reports on Oct. 20, the Korean tech giant is talking with LG Chem for possible partnership in a move to diversify its battery suppliers other than Samsung SDI and China’s ATL. “We are looking at diverse suppliers, including LG Chem,” a Samsung executive was quoted as saying by Maeil Business Newspaper. As you may recall, when word of Note 7 explosions first began to spread, Samsung engineers initially believed the problem was with faulty batteries from Samsung SDI. However, once replacement units with batteries from ATL began exploding as well, Samsung engineers were flummoxed. While it's nice to see Samsung looking to get LG on board, there's no concrete proof that faulty batteries are behind the explosions. In fact, one of the more interesting theories behind the Note 7's woes suggests that the industrial design of the Note 7 put too much pressure on the battery, ultimately causing it to bend and overheat. Highlighting just how big of a PR misstep the Galaxy Note 7 has become, bringing a Note 7 onto a plane and refusing to turn it off could end up costing you as much as $179,000. Embarrassingly, Samsung in recent days even began setting up kiosks at various airports so that Note 7 toting customers can exchange it before boarding.
  • Check out this genius Nintendo Switch controller concept (2016-10-20 20:28:36)
    Nintendo this morning unveiled its ambitious Switch device, a portable handheld-console hybrid that will act as the company’s successor to the Wii U. One of its trademark features is a wild modular controller scheme called Joy-Con. In fact, Twitter user Ryan Salamanda has devised a fascinating Joy-Con peripheral concept that would make the right unit swappable for game-specific modules. For Yo-Kai Watch fans, Salamanda even put together a physical spinning disc concept to replicate how the game’s touchscreen controls work for charging special moves.
  • In just 17 days, Apple’s iPhone 7 accounted for 43% of all Q3 iPhone sales (2016-10-20 20:02:09)
    If you listened to the pundits and armchair analysts, you'd be forgiven for thinking that the iPhone 7 was going to be a boring upgrade, nothing more than a stop-gap measure to keep consumers occupied until the release of the radically re-designed iPhone 8. Of course, the iPhone 7 was far from boring. Sure, the device may lack one overarching killer feature, but it nonetheless sports a sufficient number of impressive enhancements that, taken together, make the device a compelling upgrade in its own right. DON'T MISS:  An iPhone feature people have been clamoring for has been hiding in iOS the whole time Speaking to this point, new sales data from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) reveals that the iPhone 7 is off to a blistering start. At the close of the September quarter, the iPhone 7 already managed to account for 43% of sales, an impressive feat given that it was only available for 17 days out of a 3-month quarter. “In a quarter with only two weeks’ of sales, iPhone 7 and 7 Plus grabbed significant share of iPhones sold,” CIRP co-founder Josh Lowitz said. “We attribute this to slow iPhone sales in the weeks leading up to the launch of these two new models, as well as a positive reception for the new 7 and 7 Plus models." Broken down by model, CIRP found that the 4.7-inch iPhone 7 accounted for 31% of sales while the larger iPhone 7 Plus accounted for 12% of sales. Now as to why the iPhone 7 appears to be resonating with customers, it's hard to pinpoint any particular feature. Again, the combination of enhanced hardware improvements across the board have seemingly made the iPhone 7 a much more enticing upgrade than the iPhone 6s was last year. In addition to improved display technology and more robust water resistance, the iPhone 7's hardware bests every other smartphone on the market by a significant margin. As AnandTech pointed out not too long ago, the iPhone 7's hardware is "unparalleled and a cut above anything else in the industry." As if that weren't enough, Apple with the iPhone 7 finally delivered marked improvements to overall battery life, at last addressing one of the more longstanding complaints about Apple's smartphone lineup. As a quick illustration, battery life on the iPhone 7 when browsing the web on Wi-Fi is 14 hours. On the iPhone 6s, battery life for the same activity checks in at 11 hours. Last but not least, the camera performance on both iPhone 7 models was improved upon dramatically. The iPhone 7 Plus in particular has proven to be particularly popular in this respect.
  • U.S. confirms 11th death linked to faulty Takata air bag inflator (2016-10-20 19:33:34)
    By David Shepardson WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. safety regulators confirmed late Thursday an 11th death in the United States caused by a ruptured Takata Corp air bag inflator, the latest fatality tied to the largest ever auto safety recall. At least 16 deaths are now linked to the defect, including five in Malaysia, that prompted the recall of nearly 100 million air bag inflators worldwide by more than a dozen automakers. The U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) said a 50-year-old woman died after a Sept. 30 crash in Riverside County, California in a 2001 Honda Civic that was first recalled in 2008 and never repaired.
  • Two-wheel drive: China tech giants bet on 'Uber for bikes' in hunt for next unicorn (2016-10-20 19:23:37)
    China's tech industry giants are sloughing hundreds of millions of dollars into what they're betting will be the country's next big internet craze - 'Uber for bikes'. A symbol of China's cities long before a boom in cars, snarling traffic and smog, the humble bicycle is making a comeback. Start-ups equipped with smartphone apps, GPS and scannable codes are selling cheap bike-sharing to city-dwellers as the way to beat jams on China's most clogged streets.
  • Pokemon Go will interact with Pokemon Sun and Moon ‘at some point’ (2016-10-20 19:12:40)
    With the launch of Pokemon Go earlier this year, a whole generation of smartphone users were either introduced or reintroduced to one of the most successful video game franchises of all time. Having generated over $600 million since its release, you might be wondering if and when Niantic and Game Freak will find a way to make Pokemon Go interact with Pokemon Sun and Pokemon   Moon . Don't worry; they're way ahead of you. R ELATED:  Everything to do in the Pokemon Sun and Moon demo In an interview with Game Informer this week , Pokemon Sun and Moon director Junichi Masuda confirmed that the companies were working to develop some form of interactivity between the app and the 3DS games: "With Pokémon Go, yeah, we definitely want to have some kind of – at some point – some kind of connectivity, some way the games can interact. [...] We want people who picked up Pokémon and learned about it through Pokémon Go to also play Sun and Moon and the main series games. We want to have a kind of way to connect the two, or have a way for people who enjoyed one to enjoy some of their progress in the other. But that will definitely come down the road." Unfulfilled promises are nothing new in game development, but Masuda sounds confident that the development teams will find a way to bring Pokemon Go players into the fold with Sun and Moon , and possibly vice versa as well. There probably won't be any interconnectivity at launch, but we should see something eventually. Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon launch on the 3DS on November 18th.
  • Jaguar Land Rover and Ford test connected cars in Britain (2016-10-20 19:11:00)
    Jaguar Land Rover, Ford and Tata Motors are testing connected cars which can communicate with each other using technology designed to speed up journeys and cut accidents, the first such trials in Britain. Increasingly sophisticated technology in vehicles is paving the way for fully driverless vehicles, with Jaguar Land Rover (JLR), owned by India's Tata Motors, also demonstrating a self-driving Range Rover Sport which can automatically overtake slower moving cars.
  • Correction: LeEco Makes Its Move story (2016-10-20 18:48:12)
    SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — In a story Oct. 19 about LeEco's entrance into the U.S. market, The Associated Press erroneously reported the address of the company's online store. It is, not
  • Google’s new Pixel XL is no match for iPhone 7 Plus in one key area (2016-10-20 18:43:22)
    Google's new Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones were released on Thursday and diehard Android fans were excited. In fact, unlike Nexus phones from Google, the new Pixel phones even managed to generate some interest outside the enthusiast crowd thanks to the recent cancellation of Samsung's Galaxy Note 7. Android users are in search of a new star now that Samsung's most recent flagship phone is more than seven months old, and Google's first self-designed handsets could be just what the doctor ordered. Early reviews were mostly positive, though bloggers who didn't like the phones really didn't like them . Google Assistant is a bright spot and the Pixel's rear camera really shined as well, even managing to capture more impressive photos than Apple's iPhone 7 Plus in many cases . But a new test reveals that there's another key area where Google's new Pixel XL is no match for Apple's flagship phablet. DON'T MISS:  These are the 2 best iPhone email apps in the world, and I can’t decide which to use There are a few features that always seem to be at the top of every list when consumers are surveyed about the things they consider most when buying a smartphone. Camera quality is absolutely near the top of the list each time, and the Pixel XL and iPhone 7 Plus both have you covered in this important area. The #1 answer is almost always battery life though, and Apple's phablet beat the newest Google phone by a wide margin in one recent test. Mobile blog Phone Arena put both phablets through its standard battery test , which is intended to measure how long a smartphone battery lasts during continuous "typical" use. According to the site's tests, the new Google Pixel XL lasted for an admirable 7 hours and 19 minutes, one minute longer than Samsung's Galaxy S7 edge. But the iPhone 7 Plus ran for 9 hours and 5 minutes, crushing the Pixel phablet by nearly 2 hours.
  • Tesla’s self-driving car hardware will run you $8,000 (2016-10-20 18:31:30)
    The new “Enhanced Autopilot” — basically more advanced version of the current Autopilot system (well, it will be eventually, once Tesla finishes testing it) — is a $5,000 option on the Model X and the Model S at purchase, rising to $6,000 if you enable it after delivery. Tesla says it will be able to match the car’s speed to traffic conditions, automatically change lanes without driver input, drive from one freeway to another, and even exit the freeway when your destination is near. It requires Enhanced Autopilot and will, according to Tesla, eventually allow the car to drive itself in all conditions.
  • Google Daydream View ya se puede pedir por adelantado en Verizon (2016-10-20 18:26:21)
    Las nuevas gafas de realidad virtual están disponibles para comprar no sólo por la operadora sino también por la tienda Google Play.
  • Microsoft 1Q profit tops views, lifting stock to new high (2016-10-20 18:17:43)
    Microsoft's focus on business software and online services paid off with a surprisingly high profit in its latest quarter, putting its stock on a trajectory toward its all-time high. The fiscal first-quarter ...
  • Microsoft shares hit high as cloud business flies above estimates (2016-10-20 17:58:57)
    Shares of Microsoft rose 6.1 percent to $60.73 in after-hours trading, adding more than $27 billion to its market value. The Redmond, Washington-based company said revenue from its flagship cloud product Azure, which businesses can use to host their websites, apps or data, rose 116 percent. "There’s a huge runway for them to show growth," said Trip Chowdhry, managing director of Global Equities Research, noting the market for cloud services will be controlled almost entirely by Microsoft and larger rival Inc.
  • There’s two types of iPhone 7 Plus, and one is much faster than the other (2016-10-20 17:42:05)
    For the first time this year, Apple went with two different providers of cellular modems in the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. Some phones have Qualcomm modems, the company Apple has worked with for years. The others had Intel modems, marking a real breakthrough for Intel, which has been trying to get its chips into flagship smartphones for years. Unfortunately, testing is showing that there's a big difference between the two modems. Although both will work just fine when there's a good LTE signal, it seems that if you've got an Intel modem, your data speed in areas with less-than-ideal coverage may be much slower. DON'T MISS:  New tests confirm there’s one iPhone 7 model that’s much slower than the rest The testing was conducted by Cellular Insights, using a test rig that allowed them to vary the cell signal at will. As such, it might not be a perfect representation of real-world conditions, but it does have the benefit of being more scientific and controllable. The results show that the iPhone 7 Plus with the Intel modem performs much worse in areas with poor cell signal. At worst, the Intel-powered phone was 40Mbps slower than the Qualcomm device, although when the cell signal gets really bad, they're only a couple megabits apart. Qualcomm modems can be found in Verizon, Sprint, and SIM-unlocked iPhones. Devices on other networks are using the Intel modems. To work out which device you have, you can check the model number on the back of your phone. The A1778 and A1784 versions are powered by Intel modems, while the A1660 and A1661 models are Qualcomm-powered. It's worth mentioning that both versions of the iPhone 7 Plus were soundly beaten by the Galaxy S7 Edge in the tests, so even the best iPhone isn't comparable to Samsung's flagship on a good day. It's also debatable how different the performance will be in the real world. On a recent three-day road trip, I consistently had excellent service and data speeds on my Intel-powered iPhone 7, so just because one model is slower than the other, doesn't make it truly slow. This also isn't the first time that we've found major performance differences between different versions of iPhones. Other tests have shown that the storage used in this year's 32GB iPhones is much worse than in the 128GB or 256GB models, and previous years have seen different processors in different models with vastly different processing speeds.
  • Tesla CEO: Criticism of self-driving cars can kill people (2016-10-20 17:36:46)
    Self-driving cars hold the promise of saving thousands of lives each year on U.S. roads. But does pointing out flaws with the technology effectively put people in danger? That claim was put forth Wednesday ...
  • Tesla, rivals joust over how to put self-driving cars on the road (2016-10-20 17:34:37)
    By Paul Lienert and Alexandria Sage DETROIT/SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Tesla Motors Inc's decision to equip all of its vehicles with self-driving hardware has intensified competition among rival camps of technology and auto companies over what equipment will be on board cars of the future. Tesla's self-driving system will rely on cameras and radar sensors -- but not lidar, the laser imaging technology most other companies pursuing self-driving cars are using to generate precise pictures of the environment around their vehicles. Tesla also is not using technology from Mobileye , the Israeli-based supplier of computer vision chips and software that provided components for earlier Tesla models equipped with Autopilot, a semi-automated system designed to assist with driving but not replace the driver.
  • Nintendo’s Switch is everything the Wii U should have been, but it might be too late (2016-10-20 17:11:15)
    When Nintendo unveiled the Wii U at E3 2011, I was baffled. Sitting in the back row at the Nokia Center in Los Angeles, I distinctly remember that I started laughing out loud, because I couldn't believe what I was seeing . As in, I literally didn't know what it was that Nintendo was trying to announce. Was it a new console? A hardware upgrade for the Wii? Some kind of supersized portable device? I, along with countless other gamers, couldn't wrap my head around the Wii U, but as a Nintendo fan, I was more concerned about the games than the hardware anyway, so I decided to reserve judgment. SEE ALSO:  Every new game in the first Nintendo Switch trailer Five years later, I think we can safely say that judgment has been rendered: The Wii U will go down as one of Nintendo's most significant missteps in its mostly spotless history. It would take too long to list each and every way that the Wii U failed to keep, or even develop, an audience, so let's stick with the main issues: Third-party support — No one made games for the Wii U, relatively speaking. Seeing that Nintendo had no intention of keeping up with Sony and Microsoft from a technical standpoint, most third-party developers gave up on the Wii U before it even shipped, realizing that their time would be better spent serving the Xbox and PlayStation brands than porting games to the Wii U. First-party support — Even Nintendo didn't consistently release games for its own console. There were several worthwhile entries into some of the company's most important franchises (i.e. Super Mario 3D World , Super Smash Bros. , Super Mario Maker and Pikmin 3 ), but they were few and far, far between. Underpowered, underutilized hardware — Not only was the Wii U significantly less powerful than the PS3 and Xbox 360 (not to mention the PS4 and Xbox One), but Nintendo and its partners failed to make use of the Wii U GamePad in any meaningful way from the day the console launched. With all of that in mind, how could Nintendo turn things around with the Switch ? Well, let's look at the three issues above and see what Nintendo is doing to address them (based on the admittedly limited information we have so far). When it comes to third-party support, Nintendo has been far more aggressive about courting the biggest AAA developers in the industry for the Switch. Nintendo shared a list of partners that are working on games for the console to drive this point home, and it's way more encouraging than the list for the Wii U was in 2011: As for first-party games, the Nintendo Switch preview trailer suggests that both a new Mario game and the previously announced Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will be available on day one. Considering how depressing the Wii U's launch lineup was, these two games alone could breath some life into the Switch: Finally, the hardware. Now, there are plenty of skeptics who have already written off the Switch's ambitions of being both a home console and portable gaming machine, but at least this time we know that Nintendo has a vision. Whether or not that vision becomes a reality remains to be seen, but if the hardware works like it's supposed to, and if the Switch is competitively priced, and if Nintendo is the only console maker who can offer gamers the ability to play Zelda , Skyrim , Call of Duty and Mario Kart on the go, it just might work. Maybe. On the other hand, hundreds of thousands of gamers have already invested in the PS4 or Xbox One (or both), and many will likely spend the next several months deciding whether or not they're going to upgrade to a PS4 Pro/Xbox One Scorpio. Where exactly does the underpowered Switch fit into that decision? For many gamers, it simply won't. Nintendo just has to hope it hasn't used up all the good will that carried it this far, because the Switch can't be another Wii U. The Nintendo Switch launches in March 2017.
  • UK Defense secretary: Our military is hacking Islamic State (2016-10-20 16:58:06)
    LONDON (AP) — U.K. Defense Secretary Michael Fallon said Thursday that Britain's military is launching cyberattacks against the Islamic State group in support of the offensive on the Iraqi city of Mosul, a first-of-its kind acknowledgement that British forces are launching attacks across the internet.
  • AMD revenue beats on demand for chips used in gaming consoles (2016-10-20 16:47:54)
    (Reuters) - Chipmaker Advanced Micro Devices Inc reported a better-than-expected 23.2 percent increase in quarterly revenue, helped by higher demand for graphics chips used in gaming consoles. AMD forecast revenue for the fourth quarter to decrease 18 percent from the third quarter, plus or minus 3 percent, which translates into a range of $1.03 billion-$1.11 billion. Analysts on average were expecting revenue of $1.06 billion, according to Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S. The company's shares were down nearly 4 percent at $6.70 in after-hours trading. ...
  • A new dinosaur species has been discovered in Australia (2016-10-20 16:26:20)
    Paleontologists have discovered a new species of dinosaur in Australia. Dinosaur fossils in Australia are exceedingly rare, and this discovery could help scientists understand how these massive creatures spread across the planet millions of years ago. David Elliott, now the chairman of the Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum, stumbled across the fossils by chance in 2005.
  • Even President Obama is making fun of the Galaxy Note 7 (2016-10-20 16:24:49)
    Poor Samsung. Even the leader of the free world won’t spare them from ridicule. In a speech today, President Obama compared Obamacare to a smartphone, noting that when a smartphone (or a law) has a few bugs, you fix it or upgrade it. You don’t just throw it away.Unless it catches fire. Then you pull it off the market. But you don’t go back to using a rotary phone. You don’t say “well, we’re repealing smartphones.” We’re just gonna do the dial-up thing. That’s not what you do. The same basic principle applies here. ...
  • Let’s hope this rumored AT&T and Time Warner merger never happens (2016-10-20 16:20:55)
    If you live in an AT&T area, chances are you're not in love with the level of control the company already has over your internet and TV service. But according to a new report, things are about to get even worse. DON'T MISS:  New tests confirm there’s one iPhone 7 model that’s much slower than the rest According to a report from  Bloomberg , "senior executives at AT&T Inc. and Time Warner Inc. have met in recent weeks to discuss various business strategies including a possible merger." While the talks are still "informal," the fact that there are any talks at all are the final confirmation that we really should just end 2016 right now. A merger of the two companies -- one of which has significant monopoly power over cable TV, and the other that makes much of the content that goes over those pipes -- would be great for business, and probably not good for anyone paying for it. The takeover makes sense for AT&T, since the company has been looking at getting into the content creation and media side of the business. Profits for cable TV providers are dwindling, and with Netflix making serious money investing in content rather than infrastructure, it's a good option for AT&T. Exactly how much Time Warner would be worth to AT&T is debatable, but the company is currently valued by the stock market at about $62 billion. Time Warner rejected a takeover offer of $75 billion in 2014. The obvious sticking point for a merger or acquisition would be regulation. Anti-competition regulators (and the FCC!) would be very unlikely to approve an offer that creates a company with so much monopoly power. But then again, regulators did approve Charter's takeover of TWC last year, so anything's really possible. Correction:  A previous version of this article confused Time Warner Cable (TWC) with Time Warner Inc. We regret the error.
  • Let’s hope this rumored AT&T and TWC merger never happens (2016-10-20 16:20:55)
    According to a non-scientific poll of our internal Slack channel, the American company we'd most like to see dead is AT&T. Second place goes to TWC. So let's not even think about what would happen if both those cesspools of bad billing and awful customer service were to ever merge. DON'T MISS:  New tests confirm there’s one iPhone 7 model that’s much slower than the rest Unfortunately, we have to entertain that possibility. According to a report from  Bloomberg , "senior executives at AT&T Inc. and Time Warner Inc. have met in recent weeks to discuss various business strategies including a possible merger." While the talks are still "informal," the fact that there are any talks at all are the final confirmation that we really should just end 2016 right now. A merger of the two companies -- who both already command monopolies for cable and internet across wide swathes of the country -- would be fantastic for business, so it's no surprise that the two companies are in talks. AT&T is the largest provider of cable TV in the US at this point, while TWC's new parent company Charter is the third-largest. A merger of the two would give them over 50 percent market share, which is terrifying to everyone already being screwed over by the lack of competition for cable internet and TV. Exactly how much TWC would be worth to AT&T is debatable, but the company is currently valued by the stock market at about $62 billion. TWC rejected a takeover offer of $75 billion in 2014. The obvious sticking point for a merger or acquisition would be regulation. Anti-competition regulators (and the FCC!) would be very unlikely to approve an offer that creates a company with so much monopoly power. But then again, regulators did approve Charter's takeover of TWC last year, so anything's really possible.
  • Nintendo combines portable and home gaming with Switch (2016-10-20 16:20:31)
    Nintendo has announced a new gaming system that combines a portable handheld device with a dock to use at home. Nintendo Switch will be released in March. The gaming giant released a preview video of the ...
  • Microsoft's reports rising revenues thanks to Office, Surface, and cloud services (2016-10-20 16:18:22)
    Microsoft posted its first quarter of its 2017 fiscal earnings today, reporting revenue of $20.5 billion and net income of $4.7 billion. The highlights of Microsoft's latest earnings come in the form of Office and Cloud. Office commercial revenue grew 5 percent, while Office consumer revenue was up 8 percent in the latest quarter.
  • Microsoft reports rising revenues thanks to Office, Surface, and cloud services (2016-10-20 16:18:22)
    Microsoft posted its first quarter of its 2017 fiscal earnings today, reporting revenue of $20.5 billion and net income of $4.7 billion. The highlights of Microsoft's latest earnings come in the form of Office and Cloud. Office commercial revenue grew 5 percent, while Office consumer revenue was up 8 percent in the latest quarter.
  • Innovate like Amazon: Put values and tactics ahead of strategy (2016-10-20 15:52:00)
    Gartner's Janelle Hill made an unorthodox recommendation to the tech leaders at Gartner Symposium this week. She told them to stop spending so much time on strategy.
  • Netflix: Todo lo que viene y se va en noviembre en EE.UU. (2016-10-20 15:37:50)
    El regreso de la serie 'Gilmore Girls' es uno de los puntos sobresalientes de la programación del servicio de 'streaming' de video en noviembre.
  • How to install Advanced Intrusion Detection Environment on CentOS (2016-10-20 15:34:07)
    For an added layer of security on your CentOS system, you should consider installing Advanced Intrusion Detection Environment. Find out why.