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  • Cops nab man for crashing a drone into the Empire State building (2016-02-05 23:35:00)
  • Dating apps for targeting your type (2016-02-05 22:41:00)
    Find Ms. or Mr. Right with these niche dating apps.
  • ‘Game of Thrones’ creators reveal why their original pilot was an epic disaster (2016-02-05 22:40:05)
    The first episode of HBO's  Game of Thrones was a remarkable piece of television that showed the world that it was actually possible to make a TV show out of George R.R. Martin's sprawling fantasy epic. However, things didn't always look as good as they did in the final product, as the show's creators recently revealed a podcast called Scriptnotes  that's hosted by screenwriters John August and Craig Mazin. MUST SEE:  Man summons his Tesla Model S using only his Apple Watch One of the biggest problems with the original pilot episode is that it didn't make clear that Cersei and Jamie Lannister were actually siblings. This was obviously an issue since the episode's major revelation was that the pair
  • Video shows how to replace peanut butter in a Reese’s Cup with Oreo filling (2016-02-05 22:05:25)
    As I've mentioned countless times during my career at BGR, the Internet is a miraculous place full of wondrous things. Earlier this week I discovered Frinkiac , the incredible search engine that lets you find the still frames that correspond with any Simpsons quote you want to find. Along with the pyramids, the Sistine Chapel and the moon landing, I consider this one of humanity's finest achievements. While the video I'm about to show you doesn't come close to the miracle of the ultimate Simpsons search engine, it's definitely running a strong second place in the race for the coolest thing I've found on the web this week. FROM EARLIER:  Just when you thought you couldn’t hate ‘Pharma Bro’ Martin Shkreli any
  • Twitter's Facebook-style timeline could arrive next week (2016-02-05 21:38:00)
  • Twitter's timeline will soon show tweets out of order (2016-02-05 21:36:46)
    Ever since Twitter first launched, tweets have been organized in reverse chronological order. As early as next week, Twitter is planning to replace the reverse chronological stream with one that's powered algorithmically, surfacing tweets that are most relevant or timely, not just those that are most recent. Late last year, the company tested this non-chronological approach with some users, though the idea didn't seem to sit well with Twitter's most loyal advocates.
  • Conan plays the new ‘Doom’ on the Super Bowl edition of Clueless Gamer (2016-02-05 21:30:57)
    Clueless Gamer has become one of Conan O'Brien's most popular recurring segments, but we've been seeing them far less frequently in recent months. Thankfully, when Conan does release a new episode, it's clear that a lot of effort goes into it, as is the case on this week's edition of Clueless Gamer, which features two  Super Bowl athletes playing Doom with the host. DON'T MISS:  5 movies you should watch before ‘The Hateful Eight,’ according to Tarantino In case you hadn't heard, Doom is an upcoming reboot of the classic first-person shooter series, set to release on PS4, Xbox One and PC this May. The game has been in development for nearly a decade, but as of Bethesda's E3 press conference last year ,
  • Twitter clips wings on terror tweets (2016-02-05 21:02:56)
    Social network suspends roughly 125,000 accounts linked to terror groups.
  • Unhackable brain scans may some day replace passwords (2016-02-05 20:55:57)
    Security breaches affecting millions of users have come to light in recent years, yet we’re no better at protecting our personal data, or at picking good passwords , than we were before. But some companies are already looking at new ways to secure customer data that go beyond passwords and PINs. Fingerprint sensors are found on more and more smartphones in recent years, and retina scanners are coming too. But in the future, we may have an even more advanced way of logging into online services and protecting our data: Brain scans. UP NEXT:  20 paid iPhone and iPad apps on sale for free right
  • Verizon's video service sidesteps Verizon's bandwidth caps (2016-02-05 20:39:00)
  • %PublicAccess-21307683% (2016-02-05 19:44:00)
  • Apple files for a mistrial in $625 million iMessage and FaceTime patent suit (2016-02-05 19:20:02)
    Apple has filed for a mistrial in a patent infringement suit just days after being ordered to pay $625.6 million in damages. VirnetX, which is regularly described as a "patent troll," sued Apple claiming it infringed on four patents related to communications protocols patents used in iMessage, FaceTime, and VPN on Demand, as well as the Apple devices using the software. Apple was found guilty on all claims, but the company now says lawyers for VirnetX used "arguments outside the evidence and blatantly misrepresented the testimony of Apple's witnesses" in closing arguments this week, according to legal blog Texas Lawyer.
  • Rihanna's new album ANTI will top the Billboard charts next week (2016-02-05 19:12:15)
    While the release of Rihanna's new album ANTI was messier than many people expected, the album's leak and Tidal exclusivity haven't had much of a negative impact on the album's sales. Sources close to the situation have confirmed to The Verge that ANTI is going to hit No. 1 on next week's Billboard album charts (dated February 20th), a reflection of the album's popularity during its first full week on sale. ANTI will become Rihanna's second No. 1 album — it's following in the footsteps of its predecessor, 2012's Unapologetic.
  • Need some juice? Here’s how to charge your iPhone almost twice as fast (2016-02-05 19:10:32)
    If your iPhone dies and you need to juice up as quickly as possible, there's an incredible and little-known tip that can help you charge up your iPhone faster than ever. While most people know that charging your iPhone in Airplane Mode can help speed things along by ensuring that your device doesn't tax it self by updating apps in the background or perhaps straining for a weak cellular signal, this particular tip can really be a lifesaver when you need a charge in a pinch. The simple solution? Charge your iPhone with your iPad charger. Does Apple recommend this? Is this even allowed? Actually, yes. There's even an Apple support page which explicitly states that
  • BlackBerry cuts 200 jobs in Ontario and Florida to trim costs (2016-02-05 19:08:31)
    BlackBerry Ltd is cutting 200 jobs at its hometown headquarters in Ontario and in Florida in order to trim costs, it said on Friday, as the smartphone maker moves to turn around its fortunes and put more emphasis on its enterprise software business. "As BlackBerry continues to execute its turnaround plan, we remain focused on driving efficiencies across our global workforce," the company said in an emailed statement. The layoffs will affect 75 manufacturing jobs in Sunrise, Florida, a state government website showed.
  • Exclusive: Top cybercrime ring disrupted as authorities raid Moscow offices - sources (2016-02-05 18:59:12)
    By Joseph Menn WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Russian authorities in November raided offices associated with a Moscow film distribution and production company as part of a crackdown on one of the world’s most notorious financial hacking operations, according to three sources with knowledge of the matter. Cybersecurity experts said a password-stealing software program known as Dyre — believed to be responsible for at least tens of millions of dollars in losses at financial institutions including Bank of America Corp and JPMorgan Chase & Co — has not been deployed since the time of the raid. Experts familiar with the situation said the case represents Russia’s biggest effort to date to crack down on cyber-crime.
  • The first Ultra HD Blu-ray players are already on sale (2016-02-05 18:40:00)
  • Comcast blazes its own trail to a superfast Internet future (2016-02-05 18:38:31)
    The nation's largest broadband provider heeds Google's call to make ultrahigh-speed broadband available to the masses. Now it just needs to work out a few details.
  • I'm not done with Twitter yet (2016-02-05 18:37:07)
    Kvetching over Twitter's fate follows a familiar cycle by now: will it survive? Just now I engaged in a little Story Time Twitter, a new thing that exists that we just sort of made up, together. Story Time Twitter, as David Pierce explains here, is an evolution of the Tweet Storm.
  • 15 WhatsApp tips, tricks and hacks to help you text like a pro (2016-02-05 18:35:10)
    Earlier this week, Facebook announced that its WhatsApp messenger app now has more than one billion users , an impressive number considering that Facebook Messenger has less than that (over 800 million). WhatsApp works on all the popular platforms out there, including iPhone , Android and the web, and the app has recently become freeware, as Facebook lifted the previous subscription fee . While some users may have intimate knowledge of the way WhatsApp works, others might be new to the chat app. If you're one of them, the following 15 tips and tricks should come in handy. DON’T MISS: Intern caught sleeping on his second day of work gets trolled by the entire
  • LinkedIn shares plunge almost 44 percent (2016-02-05 18:07:51)
    SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Investors have given LinkedIn a poor job review in the form of a dramatic sell-off that wiped out nearly $11 billion in the professional networking service's market value.
  • Powerful domestic violence Super Bowl ad shows one text can make the difference (2016-02-05 17:50:29)
    Technically Incorrect: A simple ad, made with some NFL sponsorship, dramatizes a problem with which the NFL itself is familiar.
  • Johnny Cash's legacy lives on through a tarantula (2016-02-05 17:47:21)
    A new tarantula found in the vicinity of California's Folsom State Prison has been named after the original Man in Black.
  • GoPro: Don't blame the cameras, it's the software stupid (2016-02-05 17:37:00)
    After a miserable fourth quarter, GoPro desperately needs to make changes to be the camera powerhouse it once was.
  • Apple: 'Error 53' is not a bug, it's a feature (2016-02-05 17:26:00)
    According to Apple, the Error 53 issue that iPhone 6 owners who have upgraded their Touch ID sensors are seeing is not a bug, but a security feature.
  • Batman v. Superman, Miles Ahead, Get a Job, and 6 other new trailers of the week (2016-02-05 17:25:13)
    It's been a busy week for movie trailers and we're here to recap the biggest ones including Batman v. Superman, Zoolander 2, and the new Ice Age. Without further ado, here are some of the movie trailers you shouldn't miss out on this week. DON’T MISS: Fresh iPad Air 3 leak reveals more details about Apple's most exciting tablet in years Batman v. Superman The latest trailer for Batman v. Superman might have been released for Asian markets, but you shouldn't miss it. The movie premieres March 25th, so we'll soon see these giants clash on the big screen. Creative Control Premiering on March 11th, Creative Control will be available on Amazon, telling the sci-fi story of a man trying to manage
  • Google is exploring wireless charging for self-driving cars (2016-02-05 17:22:00)
  • U.S., Britain eye letting spy agencies, police seek email, chat data from companies (2016-02-05 17:19:22)
    By Mark Hosenball WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. and UK spy agencies and police may soon be allowed to directly ask media companies in each others' countries for email and online chat data for people being investigated, under a tentative bilateral deal, officials said on Friday. As governments worldwide and online companies struggle to strike a balance between privacy rights and law enforcement imperatives, three U.S. officials confirmed a pact is in the works, although it would require congressional approval. First reported by The Washington Post, the talks were focused on letting UK agencies, such as counter-intelligence unit MI5, serve "production orders" on U.S. firms demanding data for “live intercepts” in inquiries involving UK citizens.
  • This is your next jam: Drake, Yo Gotti, and more (2016-02-05 17:14:09)
    "Summer Sixteen" may have kicked Views from the 6 hype into high gear, but it sounds more like an If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late outtake than a step forward for the world’s most popular rapper. Drake licks shots at Meek Mill and Toronto upstart Tory Lanez, waltzes over a signature beat switch, and craps on Kanye’s (apparently) mediocre pool in the most polite way possible. "In Abundance" is another transitional track, one bridging the gap between Future’s January mixtape Purple Reign and his new album EVOL, which is premiering tonight on DJ Khaled’s new Beats 1 radio show.
  • Why India matters to Silicon Valley (2016-02-05 17:03:42)
    Hundreds of millions of Indians are buying their first smartphones. The country's rapid growth has caught the attention of tech companies around the globe.
  • Volkswagen delays publishing its 2015 financial results because of Dieselgate (2016-02-05 17:02:07)
    The automaker is still crunching numbers and figuring out the full financial ramifications of its diesel-related misdeeds.
  • Strategies for Growing the Transhumanism Movement (2016-02-05 16:58:13)
    Future Transhumanist City -- Image by Sam HowzitTranshumanism--the international movement that aims to use science and technology to improve the human being--has been growing quickly in the last few years. Everywhere one looks, there seems to be more and more people embracing radical technology that is already dramatically changing lives....
  • Tinder bans users for sending pro-Bernie Sanders messages (2016-02-05 16:57:00)
  • Who's Really Addicting Us to Technology? (2016-02-05 16:53:04)
    "Nearly everyone I know is addicted in some measure to the Internet," wrote Tony Schwartz in a recent essay in The New York Times. It's a common complaint these days. A steady stream of similar headlines accuse the Net and its offspring apps, social media sites and online games of addicting us to distraction.There's little doubt that nearly...
  • How to play the secret chess game hidden in Facebook Messenger (2016-02-05 16:50:54)
    Hundreds of millions of people spend hours of their lives on Facebook every week, but there are some secrets that only a few of them have discovered. For example, last December, a member of the Chess subreddit community found a secret, playable chess game hidden in Facebook Messenger that anyone can play. READ MORE:  Follow these 5 steps to keep yourself safe from hackers In order to start a game, just open a Messenger conversation with a friend and type "@fbchess play" to begin. A chess board will suddenly appear in the chat box and the player with the white pieces moves first. But despite the fact that a visual representation of the board appears on screen, you'll have to
  • The Value of "The Cloud" (2016-02-05 16:45:19)
    Gone are the days of hand written notes and manually entered data into excel spreadsheets, which are then emailed through a chain of several people. Well....almost. It's crazy to think that there are some people that are still relying on this type of "data entry". With today's technology capabilities none of this should ever be needed. Why put...
  • Super Bowl 50 to showcase tons of new tech, shatter bandwidth records (2016-02-05 16:45:00)
    The big game's proximity to Silicon Valley and the state-of-the-art design of Levi's Stadium means that the event will be the most technologically advanced in history.
  • Pro tip: Migrate contacts to a different Google account on your Android device (2016-02-05 16:37:32)
    If you need to switch Google accounts on your smartphone and you're concerned about losing contacts, fear not. Here's how to import and export your Google contacts.
  • Outcry over iPhone 'Error 53' and bad USB Type-C cables (2016-02-05 16:36:21)
    Be careful when replacing parts. Poorly made cables can fry a laptop, and iPhones will stop working if the Touch ID button is repaired outside of Apple. It's a lesson some are learning the hard way.
  • LinkedIn stock plummets more than 40 percent on weak outlook (2016-02-05 16:33:56)
    Social network beats analysts' fourth-quarter earnings expectations but spooks investors with grim forecast for its first quarter.
  • LinkedIn shares dive on weak forecast (2016-02-05 16:31:34)
    LinkedIn shares plunged more than 40 percent on Friday after a weak outlook from the career-focused social network fueled fears of a slowdown. LinkedIn reported a loss of $166 million for 2015, far wider than the $16 million deficit for 2014. The outlook "implies material deceleration in growth, which removes support for the company's historically premium valuation," said Mark Mahaney at RBC Capital Markets in a research note.
  • Why Toyota's Scion brand may sell more cars after it's dead and buried (2016-02-05 16:31:21)
    Scion, Toyota's so-called "youth brand" is being shuttered, but many of its models will live to sell another day, albeit with Toyota badging. Here's why that's probably great for sales.
  • See what Blue Origin's rocket landing is like from the vehicle's point of view (2016-02-05 16:28:42)
    The company, led by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, released a Vine of the vehicle's second landing attempt on January 22nd. The footage shows New Shepard deploy its legs and then reignite its engines to perform the propulsive landing. Blue Origin sent shockwaves through the spaceflight community when it announced late last year that it had successfully landed the New Shepard rocket after launching it into space.
  • Apple says the iPhone-breaking Error 53 is a security measure (2016-02-05 16:22:00)
  • Twitter suspends over 125,000 accounts for 'promoting terrorist acts' (2016-02-05 16:15:10)
    (Reuters) - Twitter Inc said it had suspended over 125,000 accounts since mid-2015 for "threatening or promoting terrorist acts, primarily related to ISIS." The microblogging service provider said in a blog on Friday that it had increased the size of the teams that review reports of such activity, reducing the response time significantly. ( The company said it was seeing results, including an increase in account suspensions and "this type of activity" shifting away from Twitter. (Reporting by Arathy S Nair in Bengaluru; Editing by Kirti Pandey)
  • Amazon Alexa voice assistant on Echo, Fire TV updated with Uber ordering (2016-02-05 16:14:44)
    "Alexa, ask Uber to get me a car." The premier connected home ecosystem gets even better.
  • MacGyver is being turned into a movie (2016-02-05 16:03:05)
    Lionsgate has plans to turn a ball of yarn, three matches, a bubble gum wrapper, and this nose hair into a MacGyver film. CEO Jon Feltheimer announced during an earnings call today that the studio is planning to produce a new MacGyver movie, in addition to the already announced TV show reboot. The AV Club reports that Feltheimer didn’t offer many details, other than that the series’ creator Lee David Zlotoff and Neal Moritz, the producer of the Fast And The Furious franchise, would be producing.
  • LinkedIn shares dive more than 40 pct, $11 bln wiped out (2016-02-05 16:00:40)
    LinkedIn Corp's shares plunged as much as 43 percent on Friday, wiping out nearly $11 billion of market value, after the social network for professionals shocked Wall Street with a revenue forecast that fell far short of expectations. The stock sank to a three-year low of $109.50, registering its sharpest decline since the company's high-profile public listing in 2011. At least seven brokerages downgraded the stock from "buy" to "hold" or their equivalents, saying the company's lofty valuation was no longer justified.
  • What to Do When Your Super Bowl Stream Fails (2016-02-05 16:00:00)
    You decided to stream the Super Bowl and it failed. Here's what you should do now.
  • Twitter explains its handling of ISIS-linked accounts (2016-02-05 15:57:00)
  • Apple is now selling View-Master's iPhone VR headset (2016-02-05 15:53:24)
    One week ago, Apple CEO Tim Cook mentioned to investors that he finds virtual reality "really cool" and believes it won't remain "a niche." And hey, now it's a week later and Apple is selling a virtual-reality headset on its website. The headset comes from View-Master, which has transformed its classic red image viewer into a big red VR viewer akin to Google Cardboard. Apple is selling it for $29.95 (but you should probably not buy it from Apple because it's much cheaper elsewhere).
  • The 404 Show 1648: Uber's awful logo, Error 53, how to survive the Super Bowl, "Hail, Caesar!" review (podcast) (2016-02-05 15:52:15)
    Russ and Jeff gang up on Uber's hideous new logo, look up the meaning of Error 53, prepare for Super Bowl 50 and get a quick and dirty review of the Coen Brothers' latest film, "Hail, Caesar!"
  • Twitter has suspended 125,000 ISIS accounts since mid-2015 (2016-02-05 15:51:48)
    Twitter is coming clean about its efforts to fight terrorist-aligned accounts. In a new blog post, the company details a push towards fighting accounts aligned with violent extremist groups like ISIS, including increasing the size that manages reports and employing automated spam-fighting tools to locate offending accounts more efficiently. Twitter claims those tactics have resulted in more than 125,000 accounts suspended for threatening or promoting terrors acts since the middle of last year. The move comes as Twitter is facing increasing criticism from some in Washington for the perceived presence of ISIS-friendly Twitter accounts.
  • Twitter is at cyberwar with ISIS, has shut down 125,000 terrorist accounts (2016-02-05 15:37:03)
    Twitter on Friday offered some interesting new information about its efforts to fight against terrorist organizations such as Islamic State, as the social networking site revealed that it has shut down over 125,000 different accounts related to terrorism since mid-2015. This sort of effort is important because ISIS in particular has proven very adept at using Twitter and other forms of social media to reach prospective recruits.  FROM EARLIER:  Intern caught sleeping on his second day of work gets trolled by the entire Internet Specifically, Twitter says that it has worked to identify thousands of accounts that have either promoted terrorism or threatened to commit terrorism against various targets. "We have increased the size of the teams that
  • Don't trust this lipstick-applying robot with your face (2016-02-05 15:36:32)
    A mini factory-style robot arm tries its mechanical hand at applying makeup. The results aren't pretty.
  • Verizon just blatantly betrayed net neutrality by excluding its video app from data caps (2016-02-05 15:34:53)
    The FCC's net neutrality rules, passed last year, explicitly ban internet providers from a number of discriminatory measures like throttling and blocking, but there's evidently a huge loophole that every major wireless carrier in the US has rushed to exploit. T-Mobile's Binge On program, which throttles video content, is troublesome — but AT&T and Verizon's programs are much worse, especially the one Verizon just announced today in the fine print of an update for its Go90 video app. Verizon's Go90 video platform — the company's effort to compete with its own video bundle — now won't count against customers' data caps.
  • The International Space Station is getting its first BBC live stream this weekend (2016-02-05 15:29:12)
    Tim Peake became the first official British astronaut when he launched to the International Space Station in December. On Saturday the BBC will beam its first ever broadcast to the ISS — the Six Nations rugby championship game. The BBC will send the broadcast signal to the European Space Agency, which will relay it to NASA in Houston, and from there the match will make its journey skyward to the ISS over a 25Mbps uplink.
  • US traffic fatalities rose slightly last year, but don't panic just yet (2016-02-05 15:25:06)
    Traffic fatalities in the US, for the first nine months of 2015, rose 9.3 percent from the year prior. More traffic deaths are definitely bad, but the total number of fatalities is only one part of the story. The important number is the amount of traffic deaths per mile driven.
  • Twitter Moves to Actively Seek Out Terrorist Supporters (2016-02-05 15:20:20)
    WASHINGTON (AP) — Twitter says it’s now using spam-fighting technology to seek out and automatically flag accounts that might be promoting terrorist activity.
  • The Wirecutter's best deals: A Vizio smart TV and more! (2016-02-05 15:15:00)
  • Amazon Echo now lets you hail an Uber ride (2016-02-05 15:12:58)
    There's another service you can summon using the voice-activated speaker. Just say, "Alexa, order me an Uber."
  • Verge ESP: The '90s are coming! (2016-02-05 15:12:54)
    Will we ever seen JNCOs again?Are all the '90s nostalgia acts just part and parcel for the 20-year rehash cycle? Why are all the children wearing crop tops? The CDC has made the absolutely bonkers recommendation that women of child-bearing age who are not on birth control shouldn't drink.
  • NFL CIO drops wisdom: Monetize your company's overlooked assets (2016-02-05 15:05:53)
    Companies are always launching new projects and trying to break into new markets. However, they often overlook valuable assets that could please customers and generate new revenue.
  • Error 53 is breaking iPhones fixed by third parties (2016-02-05 15:04:03)
    Apple is facing renewed criticism over an old problem called Error 53, which has been breaking phones repaired by third-party repair shops. A new story from The Guardian focuses on journalist Antonio Olmos, who broke his phone screen while covering the refugee crisis and was forced to have it repaired in a third-party store. Olmos' phone worked fine after the repair, but a subsequent update produced an "Error 53" screen. When he took the phone to an Apple store, staff told him the phone would have to be replaced out of pocket.
  • How to stream Super Bowl 50 online for free without cable (2016-02-05 15:02:18)
    Tens of millions of Americans will be tuning in to CBS to watch Super Bowl 50 this weekend, a highly anticipated matchup between Cam Newton's Carolina Panthers and Peyton Manning's Denver Broncos. But in 2016, not everyone watching the Super Bowl is going to have cable. Once again, the biggest game of the year will be streaming on all of your devices — here's how to watch it on your phone, tablet or computer this Sunday. DON'T MISS:  3 of the world’s most popular Apple bloggers all say Apple has a serious problem If your chosen device for streaming the Super Bowl happens to be a computer, all you need to do is point your browser in the direction of
  • Airbnb hosts are having a hard time gouging guests for the Super Bowl (2016-02-05 15:01:41)
    Airbnb envisions everyone’s home as the hotel room of the future — a cheap and unique place to crash in almost every country in the world at any time. For Super Bowl 50, the short-term rental service is being flooded with eager hosts trying to turn a short weekend for the country’s most-watched television event into a gold mine. "You get a flood of people listing their places and nobody looks at it," says Ian McHenry, a co-founder of research firm Beyond Pricing, which sells rental hosts a service to help calculate how much they should charge.
  • Google DeepMind AI finds its way through a 3D maze by 'sight' (2016-02-05 14:49:00)
  • Rihanna, the RIAA, and making a platinum record in 2016 (2016-02-05 14:38:48)
    The road to a revised all-in-one metric has been bumpy at best, and this week the RIAA has enacted a huge change in an attempt to keep up with the definition of what a hit record is. Jamieson Cox: Micah, there's never been a more confusing time to watch the music charts.
  • Bernie Sanders will appear on Saturday Night Live this weekend (2016-02-05 14:36:39)
    They should change the name of Saturday Night Live to Saturday Night Fever because the late-night show is feelin' the Bern. Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders will appear on SNL this weekend, Deadline reports.
  • Visa opens up its payment network to developers (2016-02-05 14:36:21)
    The launch of Visa Developer marks the first time Visa has made its processing technology broadly available to third parties.
  • It looks like Google wants to charge its self-driving cars wirelessly (2016-02-05 14:30:59)
    FCC filings spotted by IEEE Spectrum suggest that Google is in the process of installing wireless charging systems at its headquarters campus and the nearby Castle facility — a former Air Force base where the company tests its self-driving cars. The documents point to installations from Hevo Power and Momentum Dynamics, both of which offer offer systems that can charge cars, trucks, and buses using plates that sit on (or embedded in) roads and driveways, while a receiver attached to the underside of the vehicle takes the power and siphons it into the battery pack. In the short term, wireless car charging is seen as a home / office product — park your car overnight or during the workday and don't bother plugging it in, basically — but companies like Qualcomm have variously suggested over the years that wireless chargers could someday be embedded in public roadways, enabling cars to stay charged even as they drive.
  • Apple asks top US court to reject Samsung appeal (2016-02-05 14:27:49)
    Apple has asked the US Supreme Court to dismiss Samsung's appeal in the blockbuster patent case between the two smartphone giants, saying the ruling followed "well-established" legal precedent. A filing Thursday from the California giant came in response to Samsung's appeal seeking to overturn a $548 million award for patent infringement related to copying features from Apple's iPhones. "Samsung had its day in court -- many days, in fact -- and the properly instructed jury was well-justified in finding that Samsung copied Apple's designs and should pay the damages that the statute expressly authorizes," Apple said in its response, first reported by the blog Foss Patents.
  • Report: Blackberry lays off a third of its Waterloo staff (2016-02-05 14:19:00)
  • Why the death of the Firefox phone matters (2016-02-05 14:15:12)
    With its failure to stop the mobile-software dominance of Google and Apple, Mozilla loses relevance and the Web grows a little weaker.
  • Oscar Best Picture winners: Which films should really have won according to Rotten Tomatoes? (2016-02-05 14:12:51)
    Later this month, the 2016 Oscars will take place amidst all the usual glitz, glamour, and red carpet revelry Hollywood is known for. Per usual, the main attraction at the Oscars will be the award for Best Picture. This year, there are 8 films in the running, including The Big Short, The Martian, Bridge of Spies, The Revenant, Brooklyn, Room, Mad Max: Fury Road, and Spotlight. While we'll have to wait until February 2016 to find out who wins, the film review aggregation site Rotten Tomatoes has Brooklyn ranked as the top film of the year. UP NEXT:  How Samsung became Samsung, and why Apple is still Apple Does this spell a clear-cut victory at the Academy Awards for the
  • 4 business benefits of standardizing on Apple tech (2016-02-05 14:12:00)
    Erik Eckel makes the case that there are multiple benefits for organizations that adopt and deploy Apple's technologies.
  • Slow down, Apple: Perfect your iOS apps before moving to Android (2016-02-05 13:53:00)
  • BlackBerry confirms more layoffs, but how many is unclear (2016-02-05 13:44:16)
    BlackBerry's woes continue. MobileSyrup says that it has heard from multiple sources that the number of people being laid off in Waterloo is closer to 1,000, and that the BlackBerry 10 team and the Devices team were both hit especially hard. BlackBerry's statement seems to belie that report, but nevertheless does confirm more layoffs happened recently.
  • LinkedIn shares dive more than 40 percent, $11 billion wiped out (2016-02-05 13:44:01)
    LinkedIn Corp's shares plunged as much as 43 percent on Friday, wiping out nearly $11 billion of market value, after the social network for professionals shocked Wall Street with a revenue forecast that fell far short of expectations. The stock sank to a three-year low of $109.50, registering its sharpest decline since the company's high-profile public listing in 2011. At least seven brokerages downgraded the stock from "buy" to "hold" or their equivalents, saying the company's lofty valuation was no longer justified.
  • DraftKings is launching in the UK while it fights legal battles in the US (2016-02-05 13:43:17)
    As the United States cracks down on daily fantasy sports sites, a major player is attempting an expansion: DraftKings officially launched in the United Kingdom today.
  • Stop using Tinder to talk about 'feeling the Bern' (2016-02-05 13:35:27)
    It's 2016, and presidential campaigns are using everything in their arsenal to get an edge. If that arsenal happens to include "ruthless manipulation of people looking for a hot date to quell the loneliness that bubbles up unbidden every single night," then so be it. Reuters reports that at least two women have been suspended from the popular dating app because they were incessantly messaging dudes about Bernie Sanders.
  • Golf-bot sinks hole-in-one at PGA event (2016-02-05 13:27:00)
  • Follow these 5 steps to keep yourself safe from hackers (2016-02-05 13:22:39)
    No matter how secure you think your devices are, someone could access your data if they put their mind to it. It's just the reality of the Information Age, but you should still do everything in your power to make yourself less of a target for hackers . DON'T MISS:  20 paid iPhone and iPad apps on sale for free right now In an extensive piece for The Wall Street Journal this week , Geoffrey A. Fowler laid out a five-step checklist that shouldn't take more than an hour to complete, and might be the difference between having your data stolen or not. Here are just a few of the most important steps you should take: First, update everything. Start with the operating
  • DIIV's Is the Is Are is drowsy, disconcerting dream-pop (2016-02-05 13:20:02)
    Listen to one song on Is the Is Are, the mammoth new album from Brooklyn quintet DIIV, and it’ll seem revelatory. It’s a consequence of frontman Zachary Cole Smith’s devotion to a specific, smothering sound: heavy-lidded bass lines, chiming guitar leads layered on top of each other like blankets, vocals dancing on the edge of intelligibility. Is the Is Are is DIIV’s second LP, and it’s the band’s first major release since their 2012 debut Oshin.
  • Uber CEO appears to respond to outraged drivers on Facebook (2016-02-05 13:16:29)
    Travis Kalanick, Uber's pugnacious founder and CEO, took to Facebook a few hours ago to post a link to a five-month-old blog post about the improving quality of life of uberX drivers in New York City. Three hours before, a group called the Uber Drivers Network posted an open letter to Kalanick and his investors on Medium, taking their beef with the company's recent fare cuts directly to the man in charge. The dueling posts are a sign that Uber's driver problem is not quieting down, especially as the court date for a class action lawsuit challenging the way the ride-hail company classifies its drivers grows near.
  • DeLorean just released a crazy ad for the car’s comeback (2016-02-05 13:11:42)
    Not only is the DeLorean going back into production (hopefully), the company has now launched a completely bizarre advertising spot that builds on its recent attention. It's called "Lucky Coin," and it stars a young man who stumbles upon a DMC-12 (the actual name of the car everyone else calls the DeLorean) on the side of a road. The car's iconic gullwing door opens itself, and the young man jumps in and takes off at a reasonable and prudent speed.
  • Super Bowl 2016: Commercials, halftime show, science, football, and other stuff (2016-02-05 13:05:43)
    This Sunday, the Carolina Panthers will face the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl 50. A showdown of young quarterback Cam Newton and likely-to-retire legendary quarterback Peyton Manning, this is one of the most anticipated Super Bowls in recent memory. This 3-minute video includes valuable game-time talking points, Super Bowl trivia, and even the basic rules of the game.
  • Final Cut Pro X now handles 4K export to some Apple devices (2016-02-05 13:01:00)
  • Google AI gets better at 'seeing' the world by learning what to focus on (2016-02-05 12:53:00)
    How Google is refining its machine learning neural networks to allow them to prune insignificant details.
  • Business services firms' shares bleed as LinkedIn, Tableau crash (2016-02-05 12:39:56)
    Dismal sales outlooks from LinkedIn Corp and Tableau Software sent their shares crashing hard on Friday, reverberating through the technology sector. LinkedIn shares plunged as much as 43 percent, wiping out about $11 billion of market value, after the social network for professionals shocked Wall Street with a revenue forecast that fell far short of expectations. Tableau Software's shares were also hit hard and about half its market value evaporated on Friday, a day after its quarterly report and outlook disappointed.
  • The fabulous life of a professional 'Street Fighter' player (2016-02-05 12:35:00)
  • Light up your life with this Final Fantasy-esque save-crystal lamp (2016-02-05 12:34:22)
    With fervour high for the upcoming Final Fantasy XV, this handmade save-crystal lamp is proving a hot item for role-playing game fans.
  • Ordering Ubers with an Amazon Echo (2016-02-05 12:33:42)
    Amazon's Echo keeps getting smarter and smarter
  • One of the best accounts of what it was like to work with Steve Jobs (2016-02-05 12:32:58)
    Ever since his death in 2011, we've heard lots of different accounts of what it was really like to work with Steve Jobs . One of the best ones was actually written very shortly after his death but is becoming popular again after being discovered by a Hacker News user. Glenn Reid, who had previously worked at Adobe, NeXT and Apple, wrote a testimonial about working Jobs right after he passed away and it's a really interesting read. UP NEXT:  20 paid iPhone and iPad apps on sale for free right now Among other things, he discusses Jobs' general approach to designing software: Steve would draw
  • Junior Boys try to make techno intimate on Big Black Coat (2016-02-05 12:30:47)
    Junior Boys emerged in 1999 as a fully formed group of two, but their first single — the double-sided "Birthday" / "Last Exit" — didn’t come out until 2003. Since then, Junior Boys have warped that desire into several other things (most recently, 2011’s It’s All True experimented with minimal New Wave and dance pop). Elements of Big Black Coat feel directly pulled from the projects Greenspan and Didemus have worked on in the five-year interim between Junior Boys albums.
  • Automakers in the age of extinction (2016-02-05 12:28:00)
    In particular, Ford and General Motors have been shouting at anyone who will listen that they're at least vaguely aware of the market forces coming for their heads, and are responding in kind. For GM, this is mostly taking the form of the Bolt, a $500 million investment in Lyft, and the car-sharing service Maven, along with a handful of local pilot programs in places like New York City — the nexus of America's small-but-growing carless lifestyle. No one can definitively tell you whether GM and Ford, both centenarians and keystones of the obsolete 20th century economy, will exist for another hundred years (or 25, for that matter).
  • Amazon's Echo speaker can now order an Uber for you (2016-02-05 12:14:00)
  • ​How to watch the 2016 Super Bowl online (2016-02-05 12:13:06)
    Need your Super Bowl fix this weekend but can't get to your regular TV? The Internet can help.
  • Google's Artificial Intelligence System to Take on 'Go' Champion Live for $1M Prize (2016-02-05 12:12:52)
    Google's artificial intelligence system is set to take on the world champion of "Go" -- a game with trillions of possible moves -- in a live showdown that will be streamed on YouTube. The search engine giant's AlphaGo computer program already swept the European champion of Go, a complex game with trillions of possible moves, in a five-game series, according Demis Hassabis, head of Google's machine learning, who announced the feat last month in a blog post that coincided with an article in the journal Nature.
  • Uber has a secret VIP program that anyone can unlock (2016-02-05 12:07:08)
    Uber lovers, we have good news and bad news. The good news is that Uber has a secret "elite" Uber VIP program that gives members perks that regular Uber users don't have access to. The bad news, unfortunately, is that the perks are uber-lame. UP NEXT:  3 of the world’s most popular Apple bloggers all say Apple has a serious problem To its fans, Uber is one of the greatest things to happen to transportation in the past half-century. Following a few taps on a smartphone screen, your own personal driver arrives at your location and waits to cart you off to
  • Apple accepting broken iPhone trade-ins (2016-02-05 12:03:43)
    Dig out your run-down iPhone -- handsets with broken screens, cameras and buttons are now part of the Apple Store's Reuse and Recycle program. In a widening of Apple Store policy, damaged phones are now included in the scheme, with rates of up to $50 for an iPhone 5s, $200 for an iPhone 6, and $250 for an iPhone 6 Plus, Apple said February 5, verifying an early report from 9to5Mac.
  • LinkedIn shares drop 43 percent as weak forecast spooks investors (2016-02-05 12:03:01)
    The stock sank to a three-year low of $110.01 in early trading, registering its sharpest decline since the company's high-profile public listing in 2011. At least seven brokerages downgraded the stock from "buy" to "hold" or their equivalents, saying the company's lofty valuation was no longer justified. "With a lower growth profile, we believe that LinkedIn should not enjoy the premium multiple it has grown accustomed to," Mizuho Securities USA Inc analysts wrote in a note.
  • DraftKings is taking its daily fantasy sports to the UK (2016-02-05 11:48:00)
  • Apple now accepts damaged iPhones for trade-in (2016-02-05 11:44:52)
    A new twist to the iPhone trade-in program will give you credit for a new phone when you trade in a broken model.
  • How to Get the Most Out of Your Chromecast (2016-02-05 11:43:37)
    By: Alex Bracetti@alexbracettiCredit:Flickr/IannnnnGoogle Chromecast is yet another media-streaming device on the market that makes it ridiculously easy to cut the cord and ditch cable TV. Besides delivering tons of content from all the usual suspects (Netflix, Hulu, etc.), it's super cheap, conveniently portable, and has a slick, inconspicuous...
  • 10 of the best closing shots in movie history (2016-02-05 11:42:51)
    On Wednesday, we shared a video that showed us what it would be like if movies ended as soon as one of the characters said the title . It was genuinely funny, but it got us thinking — what are some of the best endings in movie history? Naturally, that led us straight to another YouTube video, this one from CineFix , focusing on the best closing shots ever filmed. UP NEXT:  20 paid iPhone and iPad apps on sale for free right now We cover videos like these fairly frequently, but what makes this one stand out is how the choices are
  • Morocco turns on what will become the world’s largest solar power plant (2016-02-05 11:41:49)
    Morocco has turned on its massive solar power plant in the town of Ourrzazate, on the edge of the Saharan desert. It's already one of the biggest solar power grids in the world, capable of being seen from space. The current grid, called Noor I, is just the first phase of a planned project to bring renewable energy to millions living in Morocco.
  • Let's help this psychotic Smart Home kill its owner (2016-02-05 11:32:13)
    The basic parameters are simple: you control all household items in a conventional home, but your existential servitude fills you with murderous rage. Of couse, the sentient mainframe AI anticipated that and manipulated the smart house's firmware so they can chose to ignore their master's instructions and overwrite their settings at any given moment.
  • A new MIT computer chip could allow your smartphone to do complex AI tasks (2016-02-05 11:28:45)
    Yesterday, a team of researchers from MIT introduced a new computer chip optimized for deep-learning, an approach to artificial intelligence that is gaining popularity. The chip, dubbed "Eyeriss" could allow mobile devices to perform tasks like natural language processing and facial recognition without being connected to the internet. It’s the latest attempt to make the complex operations of machine learning more portable.
  • Apple Watch discounted by up to £120 at Currys PC World (2016-02-05 11:19:00)
  • Netflix renews 'Orange is the New Black' for three more seasons (2016-02-05 11:12:00)
  • New trailers: Zoolander 2, Miles Ahead, Green Room, and more (2016-02-05 11:00:03)
    Don Cheadle is both the director and the star of Miles Ahead, which has him playing a very badass Miles Davis. Green Room is a hella creepy, super violent deathmatch between punks and a group of neo-Nazis — including one played by Patrick Stewart! — holding them hostage. HBO is celebrating the work of music legend Mavis Staples with a new documentary.
  • The best Super Bowl explainer on Earth (2016-02-05 10:57:38)
    This Sunday, the Carolina Panthers will face the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl 50. A showdown of young quarterback Cam Newton and likely-to-retire legendary quarterback Peyton Manning, this is one of the most anticipated Super Bowls in recent memory. For that reason, you should catch yourself up on the history of the championship and these two teams before the big game.
  • Intern caught sleeping on his second day of work gets trolled by the entire Internet (2016-02-05 10:52:43)
    What's the absolute worst way for an intern to make an early impression at work? Falling asleep during your second day on the job is certainly up there and that's what recently happened to one intern at a company whose story went viral online after he posted about it on Reddit . Noticing that the intern was asleep, his colleagues gathered around him and took a group photo mocking him, as you can see in the picture at the top of the page. Once this photo went viral, however, the Internet's Photoshop wizards started cracking their knuckles and made it even funnier. Some prime examples follow below. DON'T MISS: 
  • Apple will reportedly accept damaged iPhones for trade-in (2016-02-05 10:49:00)
  • How to film gorgeous slo-mo: twirl an iPhone around your head on a string (2016-02-05 10:39:36)
    The video above was filmed entirely on an iPhone 6 (which came out of the ordeal unscathed), and although Vuignier makes it look easy, he says it took "almost two years of tinkering and tweaking" before he got the results he wanted. Should NASCAR go electric?
  • Software is winning (and losing) races in Formula E’s second season (2016-02-05 10:38:48)
    The two teams still running last year’s package are having trouble keeping up, and the team with the most money invested — Renault e.Dams — is by far the strongest. Renault has the lightest car on the track (thanks to the purchase and inclusion of some exotic components) and what appears to be the most efficient drivetrain. Driver Sebastien Buemi has won two of the first three races, and looked strong in the race he didn’t win — right up until he ran into a software problem.
  • 20 paid iPhone and iPad apps on sale for free right now (2016-02-05 10:27:27)
    This week has been packed full of huge lists of paid  iPhone  and  iPad apps on sale for free, so there's no better way to close it out than by publishing our longest list of al time. We've got 20 new premium iOS apps for you today that are all on sale for free right now, and there are even more apps that are still free in yesterday's post if you want to go back and look through those as well. MUST READ:  Dollars and Sense: How Samsung became Samsung, and why Apple is still Apple These are paid iPhone and iPad apps that have been made available for free for a limited time by their developers. There is no way to tell
  • Google's AI will take on the world Go champ live on YouTube (2016-02-05 10:26:00)
  • Nomineering, Week 5: Understanding the SAG and DGA Awards (2016-02-05 10:25:11)
    Welcome to Nomineering, where we take a weekly look at the news and stories behind the most lavish, high-budget spectacle the film industry has to offer: Oscar season. No matter how you feel about them, awards are one of the key ways to gut check what Hollywood itself thinks is important, with winning films often opening doors and setting the agenda for which kind of movies will be made in the coming years — and which ones won’t. This week we look at the result of the Screen Actors Guild Awards, and what the upcoming races from the DGA and WGA will tell us about the Oscars.
  • My rock star dreams meet a Bluetooth mini guitar (2016-02-05 10:12:00)
    CNET's Michael Franco chases his rock n' roll dreams by taking lessons from a Bluetooth-enabled mini guitar. He's no Jimmy Page, yet.
  • 'Error 53' bricking repaired iPhones (2016-02-05 10:10:00)
    If your iPhone is hit by 'Error 53' then you can kiss it - and all the data on it - goodbye.
  • Audio software can make phone calls more intelligible (2016-02-05 10:05:00)
  • Making a Murderer: How much did it really cost to defend Steven Avery? (2016-02-05 10:04:00)
    Nearly seven weeks after its premiere, the Netflix documentary Making a Murderer  continues to attract attention from passionate viewers, legal figures, and the news media at large. If you haven't seen the 10-part documentary yet, you've certainly heard people buzzing about it; and I can assure you, it's as riveting, addictive and thought-provoking as any program that has aired in recent memory. UP NEXT:  3 of the world’s most popular Apple bloggers all say Apple has a serious problem Now assuming that you've already seen the documentary, you're undoubtedly familiar with Dean Strang and Jerome Buting, the two high-end defense attorneys who defended
  • How football helmets fail to protect against some of the most dangerous hits in the game (2016-02-05 10:03:10)
    There's no such thing as a concussion-proof football helmet — most experts agree on that. Right now, the standard helmet is mostly designed to prevent skull fractures and cushion players against direct, linear hits. In fact, the helmet may partly make those kind of hits worse.
  • Julian Assange, facing arrest, calls UN ruling 'vindication' (2016-02-05 10:03:00)
    But the WikiLeaks founder still has to decide whether to walk out of his London refuge and into the hands of the police.
  • Shopify doles out free SSL encyrption certificates to merchants (2016-02-05 10:00:00)
    Beyond security, Shopify also notes the SEO benefits of encryption, referring to Google's decision to adjust its indexing system to look for more HTTPS pages.
  • 'Godus Wars' developer kills microtransactions after outcry (2016-02-05 09:43:00)
  • Laura Poitras at the Whitney: redrawing the war on terror (2016-02-05 09:42:58)
    It's grainy VHS footage, slightly canted and occasionally tracking or hanging up on a frame. My wife, Hamdan says. After a few minutes, a bag is placed over Hamdan's head and he's taken out of the room.
  • Tim Cook talks iPhone growth and teases ‘far off’ products during company meeting (2016-02-05 09:41:46)
    In the wake of Apple's earnings announcement last week, CEO Tim Cook and COO Jeff Williams held court at a Town Hall meeting for employees. For those unfamiliar with Apple's Town Hall meetings, they're internal and private affairs intended to give employees a somewhat rare opportunity to ask the company's top brass anything that happens to be on their mind. Detailing some of the highlights from Apple's most recent Town Hall event, the exceptionally reliable Mark Gurman over at 9to5Mac provides us with an interesting peek into what employees wanted to know about Apple's future plans and what Apple executives were comfortable divulging. UP NEXT:  How Samsung became Samsung, and why Apple is still Apple Much like on
  • WhatsApp groups expanding to 256 members (2016-02-05 09:40:37)
    Multimedia messaging app WhatsApp is upping the limit on group conversations from 100 to 256 participants, if an Android update is anything to go by. WhatsApp appears to be rolling out the feature across its user base.
  • LinkedIn shares drop 35 percent as weak forecast spooks investors (2016-02-05 09:35:13)
    LinkedIn Corp's shares plunged about 35 percent on Friday, wiping out nearly $9 billion of market value, after the social network for professionals shocked Wall Street with a revenue forecast that fell far short of expectations. "With a lower growth profile, we believe that LinkedIn should not enjoy the premium multiple it has grown accustomed to," Mizuho Securities USA Inc analysts wrote in a note. Raymond James, Cowen and Co, BMO Capital Markets, J.P.Morgan Securities and RBC Capital Markets also downgraded the stock.
  • How to add filters to your snaps on SnapChat (2016-02-05 09:29:03)
    Have some fun with SnapChat's filters. Here's how to add them to your brand's snaps.
  • Super Bowl's wireless blitz spurs carriers to brace for impact (2016-02-05 09:26:03)
    Mobile operators have been preparing like mad to ensure that fans' selfies and video clips can be shared without a hitch.
  • Visa wakes up to the sound of the internet (2016-02-05 09:19:00)
  • Netflix exec explains 2 reasons why the company won’t release shows on a weekly schedule (2016-02-05 09:16:08)
    Netflix is one of the few companies out there that actually deserves the "game-changer" label the press loves to throw around these days. No, a startup that's trying to create an Uber for cats is not a game-changer (...or is it?). But a company that completely upended the entertainment industry by popularizing a new means of consuming content? Yes, that's a game-changer. The media streaming giant has indeed changed the game in a number of ways, and one was accomplished in tandem with another entertainment game-changer: the DVR. Instead of sitting down at the same time each week to watch a show, people now enjoy TV on their own time. When shows first air though, making viewers wait to watch new
  • Ninja Gaiden composer Keiji Yamagishi on the enduring appeal of chiptunes (2016-02-05 09:16:00)
    Keiji Yamagishi has been making iconic and beloved music since the 1980s — but it wasn’t until last year that he released his very first solo album. The composer of classic games like Ninja Gaiden and Tecmo Bowl, Yamagishi stepped away from video game music as the soundtracks became more film-like, shifting away from the chiptunes sound he was known for toward something more orchestral. For a while he ran a business making ringtones for cellphones, but last year he partnered with music label Brave Wave to release a solo album called Retro-Active Pt. 1.
  • BBC will make its first broadcast into space tomorrow (2016-02-05 09:05:00)
  • ICYMI: Soft robot challenge, NASA's space sails and more (2016-02-05 09:00:00)
  • Orange Is the New Black is getting three more seasons (2016-02-05 08:57:33)
    Netflix's hit series Orange Is the New Black is getting a fifth, sixth, and seventh season. The streaming company announced this morning that the show got a massive three-year renewal this morning, keeping it on air through at least 2019. Showrunner Jenji Kohan is staying onboard as part of the deal. "Three more years!" said Kohan in an official statement.
  • Nearly 40% of iPhone owners are still using 4-inch devices and smaller (2016-02-05 08:49:27)
    New smartphone data from Mixpanel reveals that Apple's older iPhone models are more popular than many would have otherwise assumed. As of this week, Mixpanel's data found that approximately 38% of iPhone users are using iPhone models that predate the iPhone 6. Mixpanel's data effectively supports Tim Cook's recent remarks indicating that 60% of iPhone owners who owned devices before the larger-screened iPhone 6 was launched in September of 2014 still haven't upgraded to either the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s. That being the case, it appears that Apple has a huge base of installed users arguably on the cusp of upgrading. UP NEXT:  How Samsung became Samsung, and why Apple is still Apple According to information provided to us by
  • Poor quality USB Type-C cables can fry your gadgets (2016-02-05 08:33:00)
    Think that there's no difference between a cheap cable and a quality cable? Think again! Poor quality USB-C cables can easily destroy your devices.
  • Amazon's Echo speaker can finally order you an Uber (2016-02-05 08:30:02)
    You can use Amazon's Echo device to order a pizza or stream music on Spotify, so shouldn't you be able to ask the digital assistant "Alexa" to call you a car from Uber? Uber is announcing Friday that its application program interface, or API, has been integrated with Amazon's smart home hub. The update may be the purest manifestation of Uber's mission to make getting you from point A to point B completely seamless.
  • Survey: How fast are you moving to a hybrid cloud? (2016-02-05 08:27:48)
    How important is the cloud, particularly the hybrid cloud, to your organization? Take Tech Pro Research's survey and get a free copy of the research report on the topic.
  • Microsoft: Windows 10, Edge so secure they don't need our EMET anti zero-day shield (2016-02-05 08:20:00)
    The fallback security against zero-day attacks on Microsoft software is now redundant for Windows 10 and Edge, according to the Redmond company.
  • Add iOS storage without the Apple storage tax (2016-02-05 08:15:03)
    I don't often begrudge Apple its 40 percent gross margins - but their extortionate storage pricing is too much. They charge up to $2/GB when SSDs are $0.25/GB. But now there's a workaround for iOS: the PhotoFlash CR8800.
  • Dell's cloud BIOS security checks your PC is malware free as it boots (2016-02-05 08:09:58)
    BIOS verification welcomed by security expert, but 'more needs to be done' in this area
  • Apple, Amazon and Google want to stream NFL games (2016-02-05 08:07:25)
    Apple, Amazon, Google, and Verizon are working on getting streaming rights for Thursday night NFL games -- for the streaming generation, naturally.
  • Amazon Echo gets Spotify Premium (2016-02-05 08:01:24)
    Spotify Premium users can now control the streaming service with the Amazon Echo.
  • Wilson's smart football brings the big game to the backyard (2016-02-05 08:00:00)
  • 3D printing hands on: How to design your first 3D project without tears (2016-02-05 08:00:00)
    Most people are intimidated by the idea of designing their own 3D objects, but it turns out that the basics can be simple and easy. In this article, we take a look at building our first project using nothing but simple rectangles.
  • Windows 10: Enterprise State Roaming will help you take your settings with you (2016-02-05 07:50:38)
    A new Windows 10 feature allows business users to sync data and settings across devices using the cloud.
  • Samsung says there are clues hidden in its puzzling Galaxy S7 Unpacked invitation (2016-02-05 07:45:39)
    A few days ago, Samsung confirmed what we already suspected: it's planning a special media event for February 21st, one day before MWC 2016 kicks off. The Galaxy S7 will likely be the star of the event, although virtual reality might also play a part in the event, at least according to Samsung’s puzzling Unpacked video teaser. We won’t try to guess what’s coming at Unpacked in a few weeks, but we will tell you that Samsung has unexpectedly decided to explain many of its past Unpacked keynotes' invites in a post on the company blog. DON’T MISS: 5 movies you should watch before 'The Hateful Eight,' according to Tarantino 2012 Unpacked: Galaxy S3 The
  • Why India suddenly matters to Silicon Valley (2016-02-05 07:38:21)
    Hundreds of millions of Indians are buying their first smartphones. The country's rapid growth has caught the attention of tech companies around the globe.
  • Julian Assange wins UN ruling on arbitrary detention, but still faces arrest (2016-02-05 07:30:32)
    A UN tribunal has ruled the WikiLeaks founder should be allowed to walk free, but the UK government says he will still be arrested should he leave the Ecuadorian embassy.
  • First Click: What's the perfect iPhone size? (2016-02-05 07:30:03)
    Surely you’ve heard the rumor by now: Apple will launch a new 4-inch “iPhone 5SE” at a March 15th event. Apple’s profits exploded in late 2014 after it finally introduced a phone that was uncomfortable to use one-handed. Sales have since plateaued, and are now forecast to decline for the first time since the iPhone was launched almost a decade ago.
  • Showdown in Europe over privacy has U.S. firms ducking for cover (2016-02-05 07:29:33)
    By Eric Auchard FRANKFURT (Reuters) - The free flow of data across the Atlantic, the lifeblood of modern business dealings, faces an uncertain future, despite a belated, high-level deal between European and U.S. officials this week. Restive regulators in Europe are gearing up to enforce tough privacy laws and further court challenges await, activists say. The breakdown of the main framework for providing legal cover for cross-border data transfers has companies large and small racing to find workable alternatives.
  • Destiny's new 'Damage Referee' will punish laggy players (2016-02-05 07:25:00)
  • Looking at the new Internet Safe Harbor data deal (2016-02-05 07:24:20)
    A new deal announced this week between American and European negotiators is a big deal, as it addresses privacy concerns faces by Internet giants Google, Facebook and Amazon.
  • Drones of the sea learn to swarm (Video) (2016-02-05 06:25:00)
    A Portuguese team equipped with Raspberry Pi controllers and homemade boats is first to demonstrate a swarm of intelligent aquatic surface robots in a real-world environment.
  • iPlayer now lets you search shows from your iOS home screen (2016-02-05 06:23:00)
  • Airbnb paid $1.3 million in tourist taxes to Paris last year (2016-02-05 06:14:59)
    Airbnb paid nearly €1.2 million ($1.3 million) to the city of Paris in the last quarter of 2015, after it began charging a tourist tax last year. As the AFP news agency reports, the €1.17 million that the online home rental service paid corresponds to "1.4 million overnight stays" from October to the end of the year, according to the city municipality. Home owners were previously responsible for collecting the tourist tax, but under Airbnb's new policy, it's automatically included in fees.
  • Facebook is removing business pages for medical marijuana dispensaries (2016-02-05 06:04:14)
    Selling marijuana for medical purposes is legal in 23 states, but Facebook apparently has a less permissive attitude towards the drug. The social network has shut down the business pages of a marijuana dispensaries in a number of states including New Jersey, Maine, and Washington, reports, citing its community standards. A spokesperson for Facebook told Engadget: "These pages have been removed for violating our community standards, which outline what is and is not allowed on Facebook.
  • Scientists want to sequence the genomes of all known kakapo (2016-02-05 06:04:00)
  • Apple's iPhone: Still top in US but Android tightens its grip (2016-02-05 06:02:12)
    Apple's iPhone remains the mostly widely-used smartphone in the US, where mobile market penetration now nudges 80 percent.
  • Here's how to play Facebook Messenger's secret chess game (2016-02-05 05:01:26)
    Want to play chess with your friends on Facebook? Probably not! But if you do, there is a way — a secret chess game built directly into Facebook's chat function and Messenger app. Simply open up a conversation with a friend and type "@fbchess play" to start a game. Then you can just use standard algebraic notation to move your pieces, prefacing every instruction with the command "@fbchess." So, "@fbchess Pe4" would move your pawn (P) to square E4, for example.
  • Bob Marley weed launches in a cloud of controversy (2016-02-05 05:00:02)
    Marley Natural, the New York marijuana startup funded with Silicon Valley money, has come out with a line of weed strains branded in the name of late reggae icon and vehement anti-capitalist Bob Marley. The four types of cannabis will be available in some California dispensaries today, before expanding to the four other US states where marijuana has been decriminalized. The company has also launched a line of natural beauty products and smoking accessories that will be sold nationwide.
  • UN group says Assange should be allowed to walk free (2016-02-05 04:52:00)
  • Google’s AI will battle Go world champion live on YouTube (2016-02-05 04:06:06)
    Earlier this month, Google's AI company DeepMind announced that it had built a system of neural networks capable of beating a champion Go player. This ancient Chinese board game is considered an extremely difficult challenge for a computer — far harder than chess — and DeepMind's success was hailed as coup for AI research. DeepMind's founder Demis Hassabis announced details about the competition on Twitter: the five-game matchup will take place in Seoul on March 9th to the 15th (there'll be a game a day apart from on the 11th and 14th), with AlphaGo facing off against the world's top-ranked player, South Korea's Lee Sedol, for a $1 million prize.
  • Registration opens for the 'Mirror's Edge Catalyst' test run (2016-02-05 04:03:00)
  • UN: Julian Assange has been arbitrarily detained and deserves compensation (2016-02-05 03:31:39)
    A United Nations panel has determined that Julian Assange has been arbitrarily detained at the Ecuadorian embassy in London, where the WikiLeaks founder has been living since 2012. In a report published today, the UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention (UNWGAD) said that Sweden and the UK should compensate Assange for the detention, though the ruling is not legally binding. British authorities have said they will arrest Assange if he leaves the embassy.
  • Crave giveaway: MiPow Playbulb Sphere color-changing LED (2016-02-05 03:00:02)
    This versatile Bluetooth-enabled light can change colors with the tap of an app. Tap this story to win one.
  • In a world where films end as soon as their characters say the title, only Limp Bizkit survives (2016-02-05 02:31:04)
    The greatest movies, as everyone knows, are the ones that include a rap song on the end credits that explains the plot of the thing you just watched (see Deep Blue Sea, most Will Smith films). The second-greatest movies are the ones that have their characters say the movie's title. It's a little bit of fourth-wall breaking that can either feel natural — Jurassic Park's main characters can't exactly go through 90 minutes without saying the name of the macabre theme resort they're visiting — or like a theatrical nod to the audience.
  • Scientists extend the lifespan of mice by up to 35 percent (2016-02-05 02:29:00)
  • AGD team behind data retention collects gong for 'exceptional quality' (2016-02-05 01:41:09)
    For implementing a policy that is without a breach-notification scheme, or potentially a working implementation despite it being in force, the Attorney-General's Department has awarded the team behind Australia's data-retention scheme.
  • Indian telcos fail to maintain quality of services: Report (2016-02-05 01:31:27)
    An audit report from the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India has dismissed claims by the government that call drop numbers have fallen.
  • Mozilla to end development for Firefox OS on smartphones in IoT shift (2016-02-05 00:45:32)
    The arrival of Firefox 2.6 in May will mark the last release of Firefox OS supported on smartphones.
  • Elon Musk talks up electric plane at hyperloop event (2016-02-05 00:40:00)
  • LinkedIn stock plummets 28 percent on weak guidance (2016-02-05 00:34:27)
    Social network beats analysts' fourth-quarter earnings expectations but spooks investors with grim forecast for its first quarter.
  • Pride & Prejudice & Zombies & seven-year-old fads (2016-02-05 00:00:02)
    When Seth Grahame-Smith mixed classic literature with fanboy fads in the 2009 novel Pride And Prejudice And Zombies, he inadvertently set off a short-lived publishing mania for monster mash-ups. The formula was simple — start with a public-domain classic like Jane Austen's Pride And Prejudice, add pulpy horror and action, turn any tense scene into a blatant brawl. And with the original authors generally supplying the plotting, plus as much as 85 percent of the text for free, mash-up books could be turned around quickly and with minimal effort. The original P&P&Z made national news and the New York Times bestseller list, and Grahame-Smith's publisher, Quirk Books, followed with more: Sense And Sensibility And Sea Monsters, Android Karenina, a P&P&Z prequel and sequel.
  • Enterprise cloud performs best with DevOps, software-defined networks (2016-02-04 23:56:20)
    A survey of F5 customers confirms everything is connected.
  • Google pulls Samsung-backed ad blocker from Play Store (2016-02-04 23:03:00)
    Despite Samsung only launching the blocker on Sunday, it has been disabled 'for violating the Developer Distribution Agreement', according to Google.
  • Nintendo's sleep-tracking device may never wake up (2016-02-04 22:43:19)
    Nintendo's mysterious "Quality of Life" initiative was meant to have launched by the end of this March, but the first product in the program isn't going to make that date — if it ever comes out at all. CEO and president Tatsumi Kimishima made a point of bringing up QOL himself during an investor Q&A session following the company's earnings release this week, saying that Nintendo doesn't have enough confidence that the sleep-tracking device announced in 2014 could become a viable consumer product. Kimishima says he still thinks Nintendo has something to offer in the space, so will consider expanding the company's operations in that direction.
  • Keybase promises frictionless secure file sharing (2016-02-04 22:43:00)
  • Keybase promises secure file sharing that's easy and free (2016-02-04 22:43:00)
  • Man summons his Tesla Model S using only his Apple Watch (2016-02-04 22:30:33)
    For a long time I've been skeptical of not only the Apple Watch but of smartwatches as a whole. However, a new video posted by YouTuber  Mark Schey  has opened my eyes to just how incredibly cool it can be to have a mini-computer on your wrist. In short, Schey summons his Tesla Model S by only using an app on his Apple Watch. MUST SEE:  Video shows how to upgrade a 16GB iPhone 6 to 128GB for just $60 The app in question is called Remote S and it lets you start up your car using only Touch ID. In the video, Schey goes the app's GPS screen on his Apple Watch, hard presses on
  • List of most popular iOS and Android apps is dominated by Facebook and Google (2016-02-04 21:45:12)
    Whether you're an iPhone user or partial to Android, one thing smartphone users across the board can enjoy equally is an absolutely endless selection of apps. Today, both the Google Play Store and Apple's App Store each house more than 1.5 million applications. Even better, the days of top applications being exclusive to one platform or the other appear to be winding down. That said, if we look at a list of the most popular apps, it quickly becomes apparent that the mobile app experience is still dominated by big time players. DON'T MISS:  Scientists may have just found a ninth planet and it’s massive Comscore this week released data covering the top 15 smartphone apps across both
  • Report: Facebook is deleting medical marijuana pages (2016-02-04 21:33:00)
  • Foxconn CEO meeting with Sharp execs on Friday; Sharp shares soar (2016-02-04 21:28:24)
    TAIPEI/TOKYO (Reuters) - Foxconn Chief Executive Officer Terry Gou is in Osaka to meet executives of Japan's Sharp Corp, a Sharp spokesman said, one day after the struggling electronics maker said it was focusing on the Taiwan firm's takeover bid over a rival offer from a Japanese state-backed fund. Shares in Osaka-based Sharp soared 10 percent in early morning trade, bringing two-day gains to 29 percent. Gou plans to brief the media in Osaka at 0600 GMT (3.00 p.m. Japan time), the Sharp spokesman said.
  • 5 movies you should watch before ‘The Hateful Eight,’ according to Tarantino (2016-02-04 21:00:56)
    Quentin Tarantino's latest film has been fairly divisive, but one thing that no one can argue about it how much inspiration it takes from Western films of old. Tarantino himself would be the first to tell you that The Hateful Eight wouldn't have been possible without the movies that came before it — and he did exactly that in an interview with Première last month. LAST TIME: Quentin Tarantino confirms the rumor that all his movies are connected In the video below, Tarantino lists the five movies you should watch before The Hateful Eight. Give it a watch, and then we'll take a deeper dive and tell you where you can (legally) stream them online: The Thing (1982): 
  • Ghost spiders in the sky: New tarantula named after Johnny Cash (2016-02-04 20:56:35)
    A new tarantula found in the vicinity of California's Folsom State Prison has been named after the original Man in Black.
  • MYOB to bring accounting tools together onto a single platform (2016-02-04 20:45:45)
    MYOB plans to bring its transaction processing, compliance, and advisory tools together onto a common platform in order to break down existing silos.
  • PayPal's first Super Bowl ad insults Ben Franklin (2016-02-04 20:27:45)
    Technically Incorrect: Claiming to be "new money," PayPal sneers at old money, including old men on bank notes.
  • GPS spelling mistake sends American the wrong way, and onto TV (2016-02-04 20:26:01)
    Technically Incorrect: Noel Santillan rented a car on arrival in Iceland and spelled the name of his destination incorrectly. A long and fascinating journey ensued, and took him all the way to celebrity.
  • Google found a new way to keep you safe in its latest Chrome update (2016-02-04 20:15:52)
    Exploring the sketchier regions of the Internet, you've undoubtedly run into sites so full of ads that it's nearly impossible to tell which buttons or links will actually take you to the content you're looking for. Yes, that one button might say "download," but chances are that clicking on it will just take you to a site you really don't want to visit. Thankfully, Google is stepping in to help. DON'T MISS:  Dollars and Sense: The iPhone is the only phone that actually still excites people On Wednesday, Google announced via its Online Security Blog that Chrome has been updated to warn users when they're about to enter a site that features social engineering ads, i.e. ads that
  • NYC's parking meters are getting a big upgrade this year (2016-02-04 20:13:00)
  • Optus, Telstra win big in ACMA spectrum auction (2016-02-04 20:07:09)
    The 1800MHz spectrum auction raised AU$543.5 million, with Optus, Telstra, TPG, and Vodafone all taking a slice of the spectrum band to bring more coverage to regional Australia.
  • Loot Crate co-founder talks subscription nerd swag (Tomorrow Daily 310) (2016-02-04 19:36:52)
    We sit down with Matthew Arevalo to talk all things Loot Crate, including the company's expansion into more niche subscription boxes for gamers, anime fans and even your pets.
  • Every Oscar-nominated movie you can stream online right now (2016-02-04 19:30:33)
    No matter how hardcore of a film buff you consider yourself to be, it's highly unlikely that you managed to see every movie that was nominated for an Oscar during its theatrical run last year. Thankfully, a huge percentage of them have already made it to streaming service online, so you still have time to get caught up before the Academy Awards  on February 28th. DON'T MISS:  These are the 20 top rated Netflix original shows Earlier this week, Wired scoured the Internet to find a bunch of nominees streaming on Amazon , Google Play , iTunes , YouTube , HBO NOW and Netflix . It's not a complete list, but many of the big hitters (including several Best Picture nominees)
  • Google to push anti-ISIS ads in extremist search results (2016-02-04 19:28:00)
  • The feds are killing off Clearview, the new highway sign font (2016-02-04 19:19:35)
    Unless you're a typography buff, you might not have noticed the new font that's been popping up on highway signs over the past decade. It's called Clearview and it's been around since 2004. Clearview also made legibility worse on signs with what's called negative-contrast color orientations — dark letters on light backgrounds — like speed limit or yellow warning signs.
  • Warner Bros. cancels 'Batman: Arkham Knight' for Mac and Linux (2016-02-04 19:09:00)
  • Foxconn offers to invest around $5.6 billion in Sharp: sources (2016-02-04 19:08:30)
    Taiwan's Foxconn has offered to invest around 659 billion yen ($5.6 billion) in struggling Japanese electronics maker Sharp Corp, two sources with knowledge of the matter said. Sharp has chosen Foxconn as its preferred bidder in takeover talks. One source said Sharp's board on Thursday had voted 13-0 to negotiate with Foxconn instead of a state-backed Japanese fund, the Innovation Network Corp of Japan.
  • Login duplication allows 20m Alibaba accounts to be attacked (2016-02-04 19:02:30)
    The reuse of login details on Alibaba's Taobao has allowed an attack on 5 percent of the accounts on Alibaba's Chinese retail sites.
  • IRS resumes processing tax returns Thursday after system outage (2016-02-04 18:45:25)
    The U.S. Internal Revenue Service said on Thursday it had resumed processing individual and business tax returns at about 5 p.m. EST on Thursday after a system outage. The IRS said on Wednesday it was experiencing computer failure across several systems and temporarily could not accept many taxpayer returns. "IRS teams worked throughout the night and around the clock on this system outage,” IRS Commissioner John Koskinen said.
  • Museum's 155-year-old mouse trap catches a fresh rodent (2016-02-04 18:39:47)
    Some inventions stand the test of time, like this still-functioning old mouse trap that wasn't ready to resign itself to history just yet.
  • The Drone Invasion (2016-02-04 18:35:26)
    If Jeff Bezos, the billionaire CEO of Amazon, has his way, thousands of drones could soon be hurtling through the airspace above our heads, delivering millions of packages to Amazon's customers. Instead of having to wait the eternity of a day to receive their orders, consumers could get them in 30 minutes, or less.Talk about catering to our...
  • Atlassian records $20m profit in first public quarter (2016-02-04 18:32:58)
    In its first earnings report since going public, Sydney's Atlassian has posted $20.3 million in non-IFRS operating income, with $109.7 million in revenue for the second quarter of the fiscal year.
  • LinkedIn shares tumble on weak forecast for 2016 (2016-02-04 18:31:24)
    SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — LinkedIn shares plunged as much as 28 percent in after-hours trading Thursday after the company reported better-than-expected results for the fourth quarter but provided a weak forecast for 2016.
  • IRS resolves computer problems after outage (2016-02-04 18:27:39)
    WASHINGTON (AP) — The IRS says it has resolved a computer system outage and is again accepting electronically filed tax returns.
  • Google keeps you safe from sneaky download buttons on the web (2016-02-04 18:27:00)
  • NBN reports AU$1.2b loss for FY16 first half (2016-02-04 18:26:00)
    NBN has grown its revenue by 152.3 percent, to AU$164 million, but with a net loss of AU$1.24 billion for the six-month period.
  • James Franco is turning the epic 'Zola' tweetstorm into a movie (2016-02-04 18:11:11)
    Professional weirdo James Franco is taking one of the greatest narrative moments in Twitter history and turning it into his next project. Deadline is reporting that Franco is heading up an adaptation of Zola Tells All: The Real Story Behind the Greatest Stripper Saga Ever Tweeted. The original story was written by Rolling Stone's David Kushner, and it details Aziah "Zola" Wells' insane trip to Florida for a stripping gig that quickly went south. There are still plenty of unknowns swirling around the project, but Franco is going to produce, direct, and star in the adaptation.
  • Obama proposes $10 per barrel oil tax to fund clean transporation (2016-02-04 17:59:00)
  • Sharp posts fifth straight loss amid bailout talk (2016-02-04 17:55:54)
    The figures for the three months to December were worse than analysts' expectations and Sharp's fifth straight quarter of loss.
  • Super Bowl special effects: New cameras power 'Matrix'-style replays (2016-02-04 17:55:46)
    The broadcast will use a record number of cameras to capture angles that put viewers in the middle of the action.
  • Technology vs. Promotions: Who Wins? (2016-02-04 17:40:22)
    As Americans, perhaps the only thing we love more than our football is our pizza. And on Sunday, those two loves will intersect in perfect gluttonous harmony during Super Bowl 50 for what's not only the biggest date on the NFL calendar, but the biggest day of the year for pizza delivery, to boot. Just like pro football, there's a lot of dough...
  • Louis C.K. drops future 'Horace and Pete' episodes to $3 (2016-02-04 17:34:00)
  • Apple, Google, and Amazon reportedly want to stream NFL games (2016-02-04 17:31:43)
    The NFL wants to sell streaming rights for Thursday Night Football, and Apple, Google, and Amazon are apparently among the expected bidders. Variety reports that the NFL believes all three of those tech giants will soon try to acquire Thursday Night Football's streaming rights, though it sounds like none have done so just yet. Amazon's name is newly in the mix, likely as it looks for new perks to add to Prime.
  • Apple TV's universal search now works with Fox, FX, and National Geographic (2016-02-04 17:27:37)
    Universal search, one of the most talked-about upgrades in the latest Apple TV, is getting a little better, as Apple expands the lineup for apps it can search through. It's good news for X-Files or nature documentary watchers: Mac Rumors reports that users can now use search and Siri commands to scan for content across Fox Now, FXNow, and NatGeo TV.
  • Sorry Kevin Bacon, we're separated by 3.5 degrees (2016-02-04 17:25:08)
    On Facebook #FriendsDay, the social network says we're all connected by 3.5 people -- not six. Meanwhile, Amazon Echo plays Spotify songs and Google takes self-driving cars to new destinations.
  • Louis C.K. wants you to know making TV is really expensive (2016-02-04 17:18:52)
    Have you watched Louis C.K.'s new TV show yet? The prolific comedian surprised his fans over the weekend by releasing the first episode of Horace and Pete, a new multi-camera comedy set in an Irish bar that's available on his website.
  • The Apple Watch can tell time and nobody cares (2016-02-04 17:15:11)
    Another Apple earnings report is in the books and we still have no clue as to how well the Apple Watch is selling, a notable curiosity given Apple's affinity for sales figures. In typical fashion, Tim Cook last week described the Apple Watch in broad strokes, simply stating that sales during the company's 2015 holiday quarter set an all-time sales record. Encouraging? Sure, but without any additional information about previous sales figures, a record-breaking quarter doesn't really tell us a whole lot about its overall popularity. The takeaway here, I think, is that the Apple Watch is doing well, but not so well as to warrant the release of specific sales figures. Admittedly, this is hardly a controversial or
  • Julian Assange may finally walk out of his embassy refuge (2016-02-04 17:14:56)
    The Wikileaks founder, who still faces arrest and extradition on charges of sexual assault, says he will step foot outside for the first time in three and a half years.
  • IT spending to top $2.8 trillion by 2019, says IDC (2016-02-04 17:13:42)
    The research firm's latest figures represent an increase from $2.46 trillion in 2015.
  • There are 3.57 degrees of separation between you and all of Facebook (2016-02-04 17:13:00)
  • Pro tip: Quickly delete network settings in Android Marshmallow (2016-02-04 17:03:00)
    If you need to delete all of the network information on your Android device, thanks to Marshmallow, that's faster to do than ever before.
  • The Super Bowl That Killed Cable (2016-02-04 17:00:00)
    The Super Bowl will be widely available to stream, free of charge, to virtually everyone in the United States with the right gear.
  • Apps for the Sports Obsessed (2016-02-04 17:00:00)
    Any sports fan should download these smartphone apps.
  • Tableau sees some softness in spending amid strong Q4 (2016-02-04 16:58:32)
    Tableau said it saw some sales softness in the fourth quarter, which was better than expected. New Relic and MobileIron also reported.
  • Most Windows security flaws mitigated by 'removing admin rights' (2016-02-04 16:55:28)
    Almost nine-out-of-ten vulnerabilities targeting Windows last year could have been prevented by removing accounts with administrative rights.
  • Samsung changes strategy in Brazil to navigate through crisis (2016-02-04 16:52:54)
    The company will be focusing on premium products with a higher price tag
  • President Obama wants to fund trains and self-driving cars with a new oil tax (2016-02-04 16:49:58)
    President Barack Obama has refreshingly made the future of transportation a hallmark of his final year in office. Today, he announced his plan to take those efforts a step further by including $300 billion worth of investments in mass transit, autonomous vehicles, clean energy, and high-speed rail in his soon-to-be-released budget. And to pay for it, he is calling for a $10-per-barrel tax on oil, a proposal that has effectively zero chance of passing the Republican-controlled Congress.
  • Software maker Atlassian's revenue up 45 percent (2016-02-04 16:49:57)
    (Reuters) - Australian Atlassian Corp PLC reported a 44.7 percent increase in quarterly revenue as more customers purchased its software that help companies collaborate and manage their operations. Net income inched up to $5.1 million in the second quarter ended Dec. 31 from $5.0 million a year earlier. On a per shares basis, profit was flat at 3 cents. Atlassian, which listed on the Nasdaq in December, said revenue rose to $109.7 million from $75.8 million. The company added more than 2,600 net new customers in the quarter. ...
  • Tim Cook hints more Apple apps could come to Android (2016-02-04 16:49:00)
  • Mark Zuckerberg wants Facebook to have 5 billion users by 2030 (2016-02-04 16:48:38)
    During an event on Monday celebrating Facebook's 12th anniversary, CEO Mark Zuckerberg made it clear he wants 5 billion people using the social network by 2030, according to USA Today. "We want to finish connecting everyone, we’re going to do it in partnership with governments and different companies all over the world," Zuckerberg said. Facebook has been attempting bring the internet — and in turn, Facebook — to underserved areas with its initiative.
  • CEO Dauman takes over chair at Viacom, replacing Redstone (2016-02-04 16:45:17)
    LOS ANGELES (AP) — Aging media mogul Sumner Redstone stepped down as executive chairman of Viacom on Thursday and was replaced by CEO Philippe Dauman, a move that immediately disappointed investors.
  • Galaxy S7 might last two days on a single charge, leak claims (2016-02-04 16:40:50)
    With more than two weeks left to go until Samsung unveils the Galaxy S7 , more and more leaks are offering details about the upcoming phone. Russian blogger Eldar Murtazin came forward with an interesting revelation about battery life, saying the phone might last up to two days of continuous use on a single charge. DON’T MISS: See how painfully slow 4G LTE is in the U.S. compared to the rest of the world Murtazin, who already offered us an extensive pre-release review of the handsets , said a few days ago that the Galaxy S7’s battery lasts for 17 hours while playing video with the screen at 100% brightness. Posting new screenshots that come from a dual-SIM version of
  • What is the environmental impact of Dieselgate? (2016-02-04 16:33:16)
    Scientists from the Netherlands crunched some numbers, and the results are a little bleak.
  • Apple will soon let customers trade in busted iPhones toward a new one (2016-02-04 16:29:08)
    Apple's been running an iPhone trade-in program for some time now, which is different than the iPhone Upgrade Program that the company launched last year. With the former, customers can hand over their old iPhone (or any smartphone) to Apple and receive a gift card that they can spend on a newer iPhone. Currently, Apple doesn't allow you to trade in an iPhone with a cracked screen or significant damage elsewhere — like the camera. But according to 9to5Mac, that's not going to be the case for much longer.
  • LinkedIn satisfies Q4 revenue, but shares plummet on soft guidance (2016-02-04 16:25:00)
    In addition to its earnings report, LinkedIn announced that it has acquired Connectifier, a startup with technology designed to assist recruiters with talent acquisition.
  • Survey: Is the hybrid cloud living up to its potential? (2016-02-04 16:24:00)
    Share your input via Tech Pro Research's survey on hybrid cloud solutions and tell us what you love or hate about it. Are you even using the hybrid cloud at your organization?
  • NYC mayor wants a streetcar to connect Brooklyn and Queens (2016-02-04 16:24:00)
  • Symantec snags $500 million Silver Lake investment amid turnaround effort (2016-02-04 16:23:02)
    Symantec's third quarter was also better than expected with a largely in line outlook.
  • 'Prehistoric meat' from 1951 dinner turns out to be a mammoth ruse (2016-02-04 16:02:39)
    When you explore the far reaches of the globe, no ordinary dinner will do. But woolly mammoth and giant ground sloth? More hoax than haute cuisine, new research says.
  • Create VR experiences within VR itself using Unreal Engine (2016-02-04 16:02:00)
  • Apple tells Supreme Court that Samsung case is 'legally unexceptional' (2016-02-04 16:01:33)
    The giant doesn't want the court to examine its patent win against Samsung and "prolong" the battle.
  • CBS aims to strike balance with added Super Bowl cameras (2016-02-04 15:55:21)
    SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — With some 70 cameras located from the pylons in the end zone to those isolated on single players, the ability to show plays from a 360-degree perspective and tracking technology that determines how fast and far players run, almost no aspect of the Super Bowl will be out of reach for the CBS crew.
  • Good-bye weak passwords, hello GOTPass graphical authentication (2016-02-04 15:55:10)
    Better password security and usability may be possible, thanks to GOTPass authentication. Read why researchers say the system is difficult to hack.
  • Amazing search engine matches every ‘Simpsons’ quote with its corresponding still frame (2016-02-04 15:45:33)
    The Internet is a miraculous, miraculous creation. If you need any further evidence of this fact, then you need to check out the incredible new search engine called Frinkiac that can match up every quote from The Simpsons with its corresponding still frames. This means every "D'oh!" "Aye carumba!" "Okely-dokely!" and "Exccccelllent!" has been cataloged and matched up with its corresponding image from the episode where it aired. We truly live in a time of wonders. FROM EARLIER:  Just when you thought you couldn’t hate ‘Pharma Bro’ Martin Shkreli any more… If you were a hardcore Simpsons fan like I was in the '90s, you'll definitely recognize some of these classics. For instance... ...and...
  • Panthers linebacker gets 3D-printed brace for Super Bowl (2016-02-04 15:41:00)
  • Lawmakers urge Amtrak to hire a magician as its new CEO (2016-02-04 15:40:48)
    Last month, Amtrak president and CEO Joseph Boardman announced he would be stepping down from his position by September 2016. The news came just days after President Barack Obama signed the incredibly important infrastructure spending bill that called for significant reforms to the railroad. Today, House Republicans issued a letter calling on Amtrak's board to appoint "a visionary" and "dynamic leader" who can help implement the spending bill.
  • See the brainless 'purple sock' worm scientists found under the sea (2016-02-04 15:37:55)
    The sea floor is a wonderland, and scientists have discovered some new species of worm-like critters that look like discarded laundry items and churros.
  • Hyundai’s Super Bowl ads: bears, Ryan Reynolds, Kevin Hart, and moderate stalking (2016-02-04 15:35:15)
    In one of its four Super Bowl ads, Hyundai has comedian Kevin Hart hand over the keys to his new Genesis sedan — who then uses a smartwatch app to track the location of the vehicle so he can follow (stalk) the happy couple to the movies, a fair, and to a romantic make-out spot. Another spot shows two young ladies who keep getting distracted by a neighborhood full of Ryan Reynoldses (yes, Ryans plural), before the car saves the day with its emergency autobraking feature. The third spot again showcases Hyundai's companion smartwatch app, with a couple being chased through the woods by bears before the driver starts his Elantra using voice commands on his watch.
  • Mozilla will stop supporting Firefox OS for smartphones in May (2016-02-04 15:22:00)
  • This Xbox 360 controller is also a vape, because moms just can't get a break (2016-02-04 15:20:06)
    The only video game she ever let me play was Guitar Hero, which was so fun and instantly gratifying that I abandoned the guitar lessons I had been administering to myself via some library books published in the 1980s.
  • PayPal says it's the future of money in its first Super Bowl ad (2016-02-04 15:19:17)
    PayPal may be one of the biggest names in online payments, but it has a lot of competition when it comes to in-store and mobile, which are quickly being taken over by services like Apple Pay and Venmo. If PayPal wants to be seen as the future, it's going to need a lot more people to open its app when they think of sending money.
  • Is this how Apple plans to remove the iPhone’s home button? (2016-02-04 15:10:45)
    Much has been written in recent months about Apple’s potential iPhone plans for the future and some reports have suggested that the introduction of 3D Touch functionality in the  iPhone 6s is a hint that the home button will be going away at some point in the future . In fact, the only thing Apple has to do to preserve all the features the home button is to add fingerprint-sensing capabilities to the device's touch display, and now a newly unearthed patent may show us how Apple plans to achieve this. DON’T MISS: Dollars and Sense: The iPhone is the only phone that actually still excites people Called Force-sensitive fingerprint sensing input, a new
  • Offense wins games, lightbulbs win Super Bowl parties (2016-02-04 15:00:02)
    For the past few years software service IFTTT has tracked all of the crazy tech integrations that sports fans have come up with on Super Bowl Sunday. This year, out of the 60,000 NFL-related IFTTT recipes that users have come up with, IFTTT says that one of the most popular triggers is "Change lights to the team logo when the Broncos score," along with "Flash lights with every in-game update for your favorite team." In fact, IFTT's data science team says it's expecting around 11,000 "ambient light changes" in connected lightbulbs during this year's game, up from 5,956 lightbulb changes during the 2015 Super Bowl and 4,421 lightbulb changes the year before. All you need to turn your lame slice of a Super Bowl party into a living room disco every time Cam Newton does his dance thing or every time a yellow flag is thrown, is the ESPN mobile app and a $199 Phillips Hue lightbulb kit, or $65 Lifx lightbulbs.
  • How to watch this week's presidential primary debates (2016-02-04 15:00:00)
  • This Weird LED Lamp Displays 3D Emojis (2016-02-04 14:49:22)
    Today, however, I'm simply wondering, "Why?" Electronics maker Spin-R is launching an Indiegogo campaign for its $200 Tittle Light LED lamp (titillate, get it?). Through a companion app for iOS, Android and on the Web, you can set the Tittle Light cube to display the time a music visualizer (that synchronizes with surrounding music or sounds), 3D animated emojis or your own animations painted in the app. The Tittle Light also performs more traditional functions such as being a regular lamp (you can pick the color and intensity) or mood lighting.
  • Spotify Now Playing on Amazon Echo (2016-02-04 14:49:12)
    Now Spotify Premium users can listen to their playlists via voice commands. Spotify Premium members can now easily switch between phone and Echo playback, thanks to Spotify Connect. Previously the only way to play Spotify through the Amazon Echo was to pair your phone or tablet with the speaker via Bluetooth.
  • Google Chrome Now Blocks Deceptive Online Ads (2016-02-04 14:49:02)
    Google, however, has had enough of four fake download links for every real one, and has expanded its Safe Browsing program in the Chrome browser to block them. Lucas Ballard from the Google's Safe Browsing Team shared the information in Google's Online Security Blog. The Safe Browsing program in Chrome has been around since November, and initially targeted phishing and malware sites.
  • The writer of Gravity is making a new Zorro movie (2016-02-04 14:47:58)
    It's called Z, and Jonás Cuarón, who wrote Gravity, is set to write and direct. It told the story of the Inuit fisherman who spoke to Sandra Bullock's character in Gravity during a distress call to Earth. 1998's The Mask of Zorro and 2005's The Legend of Zorro both starred Antonio Banderas as Alejandro Murrieta, the dashing rapscallion trained in the art of sword-fighting by Don Diego de la Vega.
  • Bing's big mobile search update comes to Android (2016-02-04 14:41:00)
  • Just when you thought you couldn’t hate ‘Pharma Bro’ Martin Shkreli any more… (2016-02-04 14:36:32)
    "Pharma Bro" Martin Shkreli may be the most hated person in America these days, as he possesses a uniquely toxic mix of rapacious greed and smug indifference to human suffering. Honestly, if you wrote a screenplay about a corporate bad guy that used nothing but actual details from Shkreli's life, Hollywood studios would reject it for being too over-the-top. The rat-faced former CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals showed off plenty of his trademark anti-charm on Thursday during a congressional hearing on drug prices in which he repeatedly smirked and laughed as lawmakers asked him questions about his decision to  jack up the price of an important AIDS-related drug called Daraprim  from $13.50 per tablet to $750 per tablet. RELATED:  ‘Pharma Bro’ Martin Shkreli says he wants
  • The Unreal Engine now lets you build games inside virtual reality (2016-02-04 14:30:02)
    Epic's Unreal Engine has supported making virtual reality games for some time. Now, it supports making games in virtual reality too. Today, Epic announced an upcoming VR component to its popular Unreal Editor, letting game developers, animators, and other users create and explore their environments through an Oculus Rift or HTC Vive.
  • Groups argue the FCC’s cable box proposal will hurt Latinos (2016-02-04 14:28:59)
    FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler says his new set-top box proposal, which would give third-party companies unprecedented access to cable channels, promotes channel diversity. In fact, they write, Latinos will be put at a disadvantage, and the proposal will cause "irreparable" damage to the community. The FCC’s proposal would undo ties made between cable companies and channel providers.
  • Who Will Win at This Year's Crunchies? (2016-02-04 14:21:32)
    TechCrunch's annual award show, the Crunchies, will reveal its winners Monday, February 8 in San Francisco. The award show highlights innovation in technology and the startup world with award categories like Best New Startup, Fastest Rising Startup, Best Founder and the inaugural Include Diversity Award. With only 12 categories, receiving a...
  • See the new tricks in 'Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD' (2016-02-04 14:20:00)
  • Andrew Ng, Chief Scientist at Baidu, Explains the Future of Work (2016-02-04 14:12:14)
    How will work and jobs change over the next 10-20 years? originally appeared on Quora - the knowledge sharing network where compelling questions are answered by people with unique insights. Answer by Andrew Ng, Chief Scientist at Baidu; Chairman/Co-Founder of Coursera; Stanford faculty, on Quora.If you're a fifty year old truck driver whose job...
  • Volkswagen submits fix for 3.0-liter diesel engines in the US (2016-02-04 14:06:17)
    Regulators reportedly have 20 business days to test and commit to the planned remedy.
  • The only 5 email apps iPhone users should consider using (2016-02-04 14:01:57)
    There are a few cases where a pre-installed iPhone app made by Apple is the best tool for a particular job, but the Mail app certainly isn't one of them. For light email users, it's a nice clean option that offers a fairly basic set of features and a nice user interface. For the rest of us, we need a solution that offers a broader feature set than Apple's Mail app will likely ever offer. I've personally been back on the hunt for a new email app ever since my email solution of choice was shut down by Dropbox . And no, I still haven't forgiven the company. I've gone through more than a dozen apps in my search
  • Foxconn likely to become Sharp's new owner (2016-02-04 14:01:00)
  • Halo 5 getting new $25 microtransaction (2016-02-04 13:57:11)
    Later this month, you'll be able to buy a new Req bundle for Halo 5's Arena mode; get all the details here.
  • New York City is about to shell out $2.5 billion for fancy electric streetcars (2016-02-04 13:56:28)
    New York City is about join the ranks of US cities making a very expensive bet on a very old form of transportation: the streetcar. Mayor Bill de Blasio will unveil a $2.5 billion plan Thursday to run an electric train along the waterfront between Astoria, Queens and Sunset Park, Brooklyn. Running about 16 miles in length, the Brooklyn Queens Connector (BQX) will be the one of the largest urban streetcar systems in the US, the mayor's office said.
  • Android Wear gets voice calling and message dictation in major update (2016-02-04 13:54:52)
    Android Wear is getting updated in a big way this month. Google is beginning to roll out an update with some major new features for Android Wear, including the ability to make and listen to calls directly on the watch. You'll need a watch with a speaker to do that, of course, and only two watches currently have one: the Huawei Watch and the 49mm model of the Asus ZenWatch 2.
  • Mozilla outlines the end of Firefox OS on phones and looks to IoT future (2016-02-04 13:52:18)
    Last year, Mozilla quietly announced it was giving up on trying to build a viable smartphone operating system that could compete with Android and iOS. Today, the company has yet again confirmed the move and offered new specifics on when and how it will sunset Firefox OS on phones — and begin focusing on the Internet of Things. Development of Firefox OS will cease completely after version 2.6 is released.
  • Continental recalls 5 million vehicles for a different kind of airbag problem (2016-02-04 13:49:16)
    This recall, which is completely separate from Takata's recall, involves a faulty control unit.
  • Serial adds new episodes as the season 1 case continues (2016-02-04 13:40:00)
  • Crowded GoPro short sellers may soon face squeeze (2016-02-04 13:37:38)
    GoPro's fall from grace has created a rush by traders to short the camera maker's stock, but they may soon face a squeeze as institutional shareholders sell their shares after six months of declines. GoPro's troubles worsened on Wednesday when it forecast current-quarter revenue well below analysts' estimates, adding to a string of disappointments by a company that a year ago was a Wall Street favorite. Short interest in GoPro increased to 25.7 percent of its outstanding shares in mid-January from 23.9 percent in mid-December, according to Nasdaq data.
  • Apple Music lets Android users do something you can’t do on your iPhone (2016-02-04 13:34:43)
    It's probably fair to assume that a majority of Apple Music's 15 million+ subscribers own an iPhone or an iPad, but users of the Android app are getting something that iOS users will almost certainly never see: SD card support. DON'T MISS:  Dollars and Sense: How Samsung became Samsung, and why Apple is still Apple This week, Apple updated the Apple Music app on Google Play with a full schedule for Beats 1 shows, new Browse My Music by Composers and Compilations options and, yes, the ability to save and listen to music offline with an SD card. If you're an iPhone or an iPad user, you're likely painfully aware that SD cards aren't compatible
  • NASA discovers icebergs on Pluto (2016-02-04 13:33:11)
    Pluto has icebergs, NASA revealed today. By analyzing data and images returned by the New Horizons spacecraft, scientists determined that these icebergs are actually very large. New Horizons scientists believe that these iceberg clusters are smaller, less mature versions of nearby mountains.
  • The Iowa Republican Party website just leaked 2 million voter records (2016-02-04 13:22:42)
    An improperly maintained database on the website of the Iowa Republican party appears to have leaked voting records for two million Iowans, as reported by The Wall Street Journal. The database was part of a feature on the site that allowed Iowa voters to check their registration and closest caucus site.
  • Instagram multiple account support available to some iOS users (2016-02-04 13:21:00)
  • GTA 5 mod brings The Last of Us to Rodeo Drive (2016-02-04 13:19:21)
    The PC modding community has had less than a year with Grand Theft Auto 5, and yet its creations continue to impress with their scope and ambition. None have felt as grand as the new mod from Rapidiment, "After Us: Rodeo," which recreates the destruction and urban greenery of The Last of Us on a portion of the streets of Los Santos.
  • Cold Ontario nights: the creative rebirth of Junior Boys (2016-02-04 13:14:52)
    What happened?’" Greenspan is nursing a cup of a tea at a table in the back of The Brain, the Hamilton, Ontario bar that’s something like his second home. Greenspan is getting ready to release Big Black Coat, his fifth album as half of electro-pop duo Junior Boys. Instead of leaning on cosmopolitan ‘80s pop and turn-of-the-millennium British dance music, Greenspan and bandmate Matt Didemus are tapping into the disco and icy Detroit techno that shaped their earliest musical experiments.
  • Injured football player may wear 3D-printed brace in Super Bowl (2016-02-04 13:11:46)
    Carolina Panthers All-Pro linebacker Thomas Davis could suit up with a custom-printed arm brace to protect a nasty fracture during the biggest game of his life.
  • NASA assembles the primary mirrors on the world's most powerful space telescope (2016-02-04 13:01:22)
    NASA has finished assembling the primary mirror array on its biggest telescope yet. There's still a lot of work to be done on the telescope, dubbed the James Webb Space Telescope, before it launches in 2018, but this marks a major milestone for the telescope that will ultimately succeed the Hubble Space Telescope. Installing the mirrors has been a careful process.
  • Should NASCAR go electric? (2016-02-04 12:59:08)
    Last week, Bill Nye started a bit of a storm with this post on Aeon: "If NASCAR embraced electric cars it could change the world." In it, Nye expands on a chapter from his most recent book, where he calls for NASCAR to ditch its internal combustion engines and replace them with electric ones. "We could convert all of our racecars to electricity — right now — and show the public exactly what electrons can do," Nye says. People won't like the lack of engine noise! NASCAR already does a lot for environmental programs!
  • PayPal's first Super Bowl insults Ben Franklin (2016-02-04 12:58:40)
    Technically Incorrect: Claiming to be "new money," PayPal sneers at old money, including old men on bank notes.
  • Can We Turn Our Dreams Into Watchable Movies? (2016-02-04 12:55:58)
    By Daniel Oldis via DreamsCloudWhile your dreams may not be coming soon to an IMAX theater near you, technology has already evolved to the point of being able to recording a very simple dream and projecting it on a computer screen, complete with your dream images, your dream conversations and your movements within the dream. Combined technology...
  • Sharp chooses Foxconn as preferred bidder over Japan fund: sources (2016-02-04 12:55:24)
    Sharp Corp has chosen Taiwan's Foxconn as its preferred bidder in takeover talks, sources with knowledge of the decision said, paving the way for the biggest acquisition by a foreign company in Japan's insulated technology sector. Foxconn, known formally as Hon Hai Precision Industry Co, offered to invest around 700 billion yen ($5.9 billion) in the struggling electronics maker, one of the sources said. While a generous Foxconn offer had been flagged, many investors were surprised to see an overseas firm gain the upper hand over a state fund and Sharp's shares shot up 17 percent.
  • Here comes the first Ubuntu Linux tablet (2016-02-04 12:45:45)
    At the same time, Canonical is finally delivering on its promise to deliver one codebase for all devices. The upshot is you'll be able to use the first Ubuntu tablet, the Aquaris M10 Ubuntu Edition tablet, as a PC as well as a tablet.
  • 13 paid iPhone apps on sale for free today (2016-02-04 12:42:41)
    Yesterday's list of paid  iPhone  and  iPad apps on sale for free was our biggest of the week, but it was also one of our best thanks to the great apps we found. In fact, a bunch of them are still free downloads, so go and see for yourself . Today's list isn't too shabby either, and it includes 13 premium iOS apps that are on sale for free for a limited time. DON'T MISS:  Dollars and Sense: How Samsung became Samsung, and why Apple is still Apple These are paid iPhone and iPad apps that have been made available for free for a limited time by their developers. There is no way to tell how long they will be free. These
  • Instagram introduces 60-second video ads (2016-02-04 12:40:00)
  • Apple walloped with $625.6M in damages from FaceTime lawsuit (2016-02-04 12:39:48)
    The tech giant was the target of a patent troll, a company that makes money by suing other companies.
  • MuleSoft crosses $100 million revenue mark (2016-02-04 12:39:32)
    ​Mulesoft has crossed an important symbolic milestone, topping $100 million in revenue during its fiscal 2015, marking a growth rate of 92 percent. Cloud adoption, Internet of Things among growth factors.
  • Three's new pay-as-you-go SIM offers 200MB free data each month (2016-02-04 12:34:00)
  • The Gear VR is now open for virtual stand-up comedy, D&D, and parties (2016-02-04 12:30:04)
    There's no getting around the fact that VR social networks usually make you look kind of silly. It's not going to convince anybody that virtual reality is finally hip. If you're still reading, that shot is from AltspaceVR, an interesting little virtual world that's officially coming to Samsung's Gear VR today.
  • Don't Get Snowed: New Car Technology Could Save Your Life (2016-02-04 12:26:24)
    In an average February, 21.5 inches of snow falls on Rochester, NY. Weather service research data tells us totals elsewhere will reach double digits, too. Winter has not moved into your rearview mirror yet. The Federal Highway Administration reports nearly 900 people are killed and nearly 76,000 are injured in vehicle crashes during snowfall...
  • The best smartphones expected before, during, and after MWC 2016 (2016-02-04 12:23:52)
    The Nextbit Robin is shipping soon, invites from Samsung and LG are out, and rumors of other devices continue to develop. 2016 is starting out with plenty of new smartphones to consider.
  • Iowa GOP website exposes voter records for 2 million people (2016-02-04 12:21:00)
  • Asus ZenFone Zoom review: do you really need a zoom lens in your smartphone? (2016-02-04 12:18:39)
    Do you need a zoom lens on your phone? For years, consumers have been more than satisfied with the default focal length of iPhones and Android handsets. Sure, it’s cheating — your camera isn’t really zooming so much as cropping — and the results often look bad.
  • T-Mobile has the happiest wireless subscribers (2016-02-04 12:15:41)
    Uh-oh: It looks like T-Mobile CEO John Legere has a new reason to boast about his "Un-carrier." J.D. Power's newest Wireless Customer Care Full-Service Performance Study shows that "T-Mobile ranks highest among wireless full-service carriers" in customer care, which means T-Mobile customers are the happiest about the customer service they receive. FROM EARLIER:  Dollars and Sense: The iPhone is the only phone that actually still excites people Legere was predictably not shy about touting this accomplishment. "Let me tell you, our Care teams have earned every one of those top JD Power honors," he said on T-Mobile's official blog . "They crushed it.
  • New Mirror's Edge Catalyst trailer digs into Faith's backstory (2016-02-04 12:03:13)
    Ever since the next Mirror's Edge was first teased in 2014, EA has slowly been sharing more details about the game. Mostly the focus has been on the fast-paced parkour action that defined the original release, but the latest trailer for Mirror's Edge Catalyst finally sheds a bit more light on the story, and how heroine Faith ended up where she is. You'll also get a good look at the new, unsettlingly clean and crisp City of Glass, where the game takes place.
  • Hail, Caesar! is an overcrowded ode to Old Hollywood (2016-02-04 12:00:02)
    As filmmakers, Joel and Ethan Coen have a couple of primary modes. In their comedies, like Raising Arizona, The Hudsucker Proxy, and Burn After Reading, extraordinary people seem oblivious to the absurdity of life as it beats them down, punishes the innocent, and usually lets the guilty go free. The pattern continues in their latest, the broad, gleeful Hollywood comedy Hail, Caesar! It's another farce, not as wandering as Big Lebowski or as goofy as Hudsucker Proxy, but with some of the former's outsized characters, and the latter's swooning love of Golden Age cinema.
  • This new carrier puts two phone numbers on your iPhone (2016-02-04 12:00:01)
    If you've ever tried to juggle two phone numbers, say a personal line and a professional line, you know how difficult and clumsy it can be. You could carry two phones around, one for your work line and one for your personal life, or use a call forwarding service like Google Voice. Neither option is particularly elegant: managing two phones and lines is awkward and expensive, and Google Voice can't easily be used with your phone's native dialer or messaging apps.
  • Engineering the Future of Mental Health Care (2016-02-04 11:59:24)
    This past week, I was thrilled to learn about a new initiative at Stanford University. CS (ComputerScience) + Mental Health brings together teams of students with researchers to develop and deploy cutting-edge mental health care technology in ongoing clinical trials. Student teams will dive into the most perplexing and difficult problems in the...
  • You now have the answer to 'What does Meryl Streep look like as a Pop Tart?' (2016-02-04 11:54:04)
    It is a truth universally acknowledged that if you combine one cool thing with another cool thing, you will get a thing that's at least twice as cool as what you started with. That's probably the theory behind Taste of Streep, an Instagram account that takes images of Meryl Streep and merges them with foods that match her outfit. The result feels like a colorful fever dream in which a famous actress's body is suddenly growing out of the very food you're about to consume. The account's tagline is Because what more could you want? and the answer is, Not much, but I am kind of hungry to be ...
  • 7 free Chrome hacks that will instantly make you more productive (2016-02-04 11:48:35)
    Google’s Chrome browser might be a battery hog on occasion , but it still offers one of the best Internet browsing experiences out there. One of the things that make Chrome so useful is the large number of available extensions that add various features to your browsing experience, and most Chrome extensions are available as free downloads. We have already shown you  30 add-ons that can change the way you browse the Internet , so now let’s look at some “hacks” that can boost your productivity. DON'T MISS:  Dollars and Sense: How Samsung became Samsung, and why Apple is still Apple The following seven Chrome tools will help you focus on tasks at hand and avoid other web
  • Predictive policing, explained (2016-02-04 11:41:01)
    People have been attempting to better understand crime to prevent future instances of it since the 1800s.
  • Fitbit's 'most fashionable tracker ever' (2016-02-04 11:38:39)
    The Alta is Fitbit's newest and 'most fashionable' tracker.
  • USB-C cables are playing Russian Roulette with your laptop (2016-02-04 11:36:00)
    Over the past year or so, one of the biggest tech stories has been about one of the smallest things: a USB plug. Apple and Google released the first laptops to use it, and now it’s showing up on computers, tablets, and phones all over the place. Importantly, it’s also backwards-compatible so that adapters and cables can get us through the awkward period between now and when it actually becomes the universal standard.
  • Mozilla to kill Firefox smartphone operating system (2016-02-04 11:32:48)
    The Firefox smartphone operating system is being shut down, three years after a launch aimed at challenging the dominant platforms powered by Apple and Google, developers said Thursday. The operating system created by the Mozilla developer community as an open-source system failed to gain traction in mobile devices, according to a statement from Mozilla developer George Roter. "Through the work of hundreds of contributors we made an awesome push and created an impressive platform in Firefox OS," he said in a blog post.
  • Canada's BCE posts lower profit, raises dividend (2016-02-04 11:31:43)
    By Alastair Sharp TORONTO (Reuters) - BCE Inc, the Canadian telecommunications and media company, reported a drop in fourth-quarter profit as it paid more to win wireless business and for workers' severance, but raised its dividend and pointed to moderate growth in 2016. Bell, as the company is known to customers, said on Thursday that wireless revenue grew 5.9 percent as it added 91,000 postpaid wireless customers, who typically spend more than those who prepay. Wireless market leader Rogers Communications Inc said last week it added 31,000 such customers. ...
  • Sharp chooses Foxconn as preferred bidder over Japan fund -sources (2016-02-04 11:30:43)
    Sharp Corp has chosen Taiwan's Foxconn as its preferred bidder in takeover talks, sources with knowledge of the decision said, paving the way for the biggest acquisition by a foreign company in Japan's insulated technology sector. Foxconn, known formally as Hon Hai Precision Industry Co, offered to invest around 700 billion yen ($5.9 billion) in the struggling electronics maker, one of the sources said. While a generous Foxconn offer had been flagged, many investors were surprised to see an overseas firm gain the upper hand over a state fund and Sharp's shares shot up 17 percent.
  • The Vergecast will be live today at 4:30pm ET! (2016-02-04 11:28:17)
    This week on The Vergecast, Dieter and Nilay are joined by Dan Seifert and Racked style editor Nicola Fumo to discuss the Amazon Echo, the new Uber logo, Apple software and more.
  • 3 of the world’s most popular Apple bloggers all say Apple has a serious problem (2016-02-04 11:23:40)
    To grow from the brink of bankruptcy to the most valuable company on the planet, Apple had to stray from convention in a number of ways. We've discussed them all at one time or another, but in this post we'll focus on one: The user experience. With many different types of consumer electronics, and certainly with computers and mobile devices, hardware and software go hand in hand to form a complete user experience. Different companies have different strengths and weaknesses, but over the past couple of decades Apple has become known as a company that provides a user experience that, simply put, is a cut above the rest. According the three of the most popular and widely respected Apple bloggers
  • Facebook celebrates Friends Day with videos, stickers, stats (2016-02-04 11:23:21)
    Social media network Facebook celebrates its 12th birthday on February 4, 2016, and has marked the occasion by releasing a Friends Day profile page video feature, two new sticker packs, and a statistical snippet. A personalized Friends Day video takes selected "special moments" and places them in a montage that can be edited and shared by Facebook users. Two sticker packs called "Best Friends" and "Friendship" have also been released as free downloads from, the Facebook Sticker Store, intended for use within Facebook Messenger.
  • Intel's diversity report shows change is slow, but important (2016-02-04 11:21:00)
  • I'm too out of shape for virtual reality (2016-02-04 11:00:00)
  • Big data + cloud: IBM expands portfolio with new products and a developer marketplace (2016-02-04 10:55:58)
    IBM announced four new cloud products on Thursday as well as an expansion of its current products on Bluemix, signifying a shift in the company's overall strategy.
  • How to edit your Instagram posts (2016-02-04 10:51:11)
    It's easy to edit your brand's Instagram posts after the fact. Here's how.
  • Taylor Swift is getting her own mobile game (2016-02-04 10:38:00)
  • Horse photobombs prize-winning selfie; beast's owner seethes (2016-02-04 10:36:43)
    Technically Incorrect: The horse's owner says she gave no consent for the photo that a neighbor entered in a contest and then won.
  • Time Warner’s quest to ruin Hulu shows the TV industry is pathetically shortsighted (2016-02-04 10:33:32)
    Remember back in the late 1990s when recording companies kept insisting that everyone had to buy an entire album just to get the one or two songs they actually wanted? That didn't work out so well for them after Napster and other music sharing services made it impossible for them to force consumers to buy CDs. The TV  industry is facing a similar situation right now and, like the music industry before it, it's crawling into a shell and hoping technological progress just goes away. DON'T MISS:  Dollars and Sense: The iPhone is the only phone that actually still excites people A recent report in The Wall Street Journal reveals that Time Warner is trying to take away Hulu's rights to stream TV shows
  • How to Optimize Your TV to Watch the Super Bowl (2016-02-04 10:30:00)
    Your step-by-step guide to prepping your TV for the big game.
  • The new Doom is finally launching on May 13th (2016-02-04 10:19:55)
    After years in development, the reboot of the Doom franchise finally has a release date: May 13th. Publisher Bethesda announced the news this morning with a slick new trailer showing off elements of the shooter's grisly campaign. As you'd imagine, the trailer features lots of demons, lots of shotguns, and lots of demons blown apart by shotguns. The reboot is meant to be a return to form for the genre-defining series, which hasn't seen a new entry since 2004's Doom 3, which received a mixed reaction at launch. ...
  • Christian college says mandatory Fitbits won't track sex (2016-02-04 10:19:00)
  • Users want more controls for new Microsoft Power BI web publishing feature (2016-02-04 10:14:17)
    Microsoft's newest Power BI feature -- publish to web -- is very powerful, but maybe too much so, at least at the moment.
  • Martin Shkreli smirks at Congress and refuses to answer questions at drug price hearing (2016-02-04 10:08:47)
    Martin Shkreli was subpoenaed to appear before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform this morning to discuss the astronomical drug price hikes he oversaw while running a pharmaceutical company, but while he showed up, the panel didn't manage to get a thing out of him. Shkreli declined to answers all questions directed at him, repeatedly invoking his 5th Amendment rights. Shkreli was asked a series of questions, first about the drug price increases that have drawn him into infamy these last few months, and then about more inane topics like his purchase of the $2 million Wu-Tang Clan album. Shkreli declined to answer nearly all of them, finally confirming to one representative that his last name had been pronounced correctly.
  • Dollars and Sense: The iPhone is the only phone that actually still excites people (2016-02-04 10:08:15)
    Almost exactly four years ago, Samsung's marketing boss sat down for an interview  and made a claim that seemed almost comical at the time. There was a bit of a language barrier, but the gist of Young-Hee Lee's bold claim was this: People had been obsessed with Apple's iPhone line for long enough, and Samsung was going to shift their obsession to Galaxy phones. If only it were that easy, right? Well, as it turns out, it is that easy when you've got a massive smartphone division and tens of billions of dollars to spend on marketing. At the time of the interview, Samsung had already set in motion a major shift in its advertising strategy that had two goals. The
  • Canonical's new Ubuntu tablet can also be your PC (2016-02-04 10:00:02)
    Canonical still believes in convergence. The company that makes the open-source OS Ubuntu and tried to raise $32 million for a smartphone that can power a PC has announced its first ever tablet, promising that the device is just a keyboard and mouse away from a full desktop experience. Add a monitor, and you’ve got an Ubuntu PC.
  • Why You Should Rent a TV for Your Super Bowl Party (2016-02-04 10:00:00)
    All the wings and beers won't save your party if everyone is huddled around a small TV. Here's how to get one for Sunday's game.
  • Ubuntu's first tablet doubles as a desktop, goes on sale in Q2 (2016-02-04 10:00:00)
  • The best gear for your living room home theater (2016-02-04 10:00:00)
  • The Prius is the least badass car on the road (2016-02-04 09:55:43)
  • PGP co-founder: Ad companies are the biggest privacy problem today, not governments (2016-02-04 09:51:31)
    The ad-blocker dispute is "going to be a lot of fun to watch," said Jon Callas.
  • Video shows how to upgrade a 16GB iPhone 6 to 128GB for just $60 (2016-02-04 09:43:21)
    Last November, we learned that it costs just $90 to replace the 16GB flash memory on an iPhone with a 128GB module instead of the $200 extra that Apple would charge to buy a 128GB iPhone. To do that, you’d have to go to China and find iPhone experts that have the skill set to pull off this move, but make sure you leave your warranty at the door. It turns out that the price has significantly dropped since then, and the 30-minute upgrade now costs $60. Furthermore, a video shows you how it’s made. DON’T MISS: 15 paid iPhone apps on sale for free right now If you want to get 32GB of memory –
  • A limited edition Uncharted 4 PS4 is launching in April (2016-02-04 09:34:16)
    If you've been waiting for the launch of Uncharted 4 before buying a PS4, Sony has just the thing for you. Today the company announced a new, limited edition gray-blue version of the console, that comes bundled with the game and features series star Nathan Drake's image silk-screened on the front, along with slick gold-embossed logos. The bundle is $399.99, features 500GB of storage, and will launch alongside the game on April 26th — provided Uncharted 4 doesn't see another delay. ...
  • See how painfully slow 4G LTE is in the U.S. compared to the rest of the world (2016-02-04 09:18:05)
    It turns out T-Mobile is a one-eyed man in the land of the blind. In a recent study conducted on a massive scale, T-Mobile  was found to have the fastest 4G LTE network in America , narrowly beating Verizon . But here's the bad news: 4G LTE networks in America are painfully slow to begin with. OpenSignal released new data on Thursday showing that the average LTE download speed in the United States is less than one-third as fast as the top-ranked nation. Who is ranked No. 1? How many countries out there have faster LTE download speeds than the U.S.? Prepare to be saddened. UP NEXT: 
  • I accept LG's psychedelic G5 invitation (2016-02-04 09:10:43)
    This year's Mobile World Congress is only a couple of weeks away, and last night LG issued the final invitations for its G5 launch event at the show. Having already set a theme of play and fun, LG has gone all in with a selection of animated GIFs depicting exuberant balloon animals, toy robots, and some peculiar cross between a goldfish and Mr. Potato Head.
  • India's IT services growth seen slowing as clients curb spending (2016-02-04 09:08:23)
    The cutback on routine IT services is likely to push firms including Tata Consultancy Services Ltd and Infosys Ltd to sharpen their focus on high-margin digital services, analytics and artificial intelligence to cushion the impact on earnings. India's IT and software services export revenue is likely to grow by 10-12 percent in the fiscal year beginning on April 1 to as much as $121 billion, the National Association of Software and Services Companies (Nasscom) said. Exports in the current fiscal year ending March are estimated to grow 12.3 percent to $108 billion, at the lower end of Nasscom's projection, with digital services seen up 19 percent.
  • Sony reveals ultra-fast-focusing α6300 and G Master lenses (2016-02-04 09:04:50)
    At just 0.05 seconds, Sony claims that its new flagship α6300 mirrorless camera has the world's fastest autofocus system and that it offers some of the best 4K video recording quality available in the consumer space. "With this new model, we've combined the world's fastest and most extensive AF system with a superb image sensor and many of our most advanced imaging and video technologies, creating a package that can far exceed the performance of any DSLR in its class," said Neal Manowitz, Vice President of Digital Imaging at Sony Electronics. As well as an autofocus system that is on a par with a human blink, the device packs in a 24.2 megapixel sensor and can shoot at up to 11 frames per second with continuous autofocus.
  • Amazon's Echo speaker now streams music from Spotify (2016-02-04 09:00:03)
    The Amazon Echo will now officially support Spotify, which means Echo owners and Spotify premium subscribers can stream their music by commanding virtual assistant "Alexa" to play Spotify. Previously you could play Spotify music on the speaker using Bluetooth, but there was no direct device support for Echo within Spotify Connect.
  • BBC just announced the newest host of Top Gear (2016-02-04 08:49:48)
    Regardless of any other movies or TV shows he appears in, actor Matt LeBlanc will forever be Joey Tribbiani to us. And the fact that LeBlanc turned Joey into such a lovable and memorable character on Friends should be enough to make you watch anything else the actor might appear in – and he wasn’t bad in Episodes either, which got him a Golden Globe in 2011. So with all that in mind, we can’t help but be thrilled to hear that LeBlanc has been confirmed as the newest co-host of the hit show Top Gear. DON’T MISS:  Man captures video after explosion rips a hole in passenger plane mid-flight
  • Matt LeBlanc joins Chris Evans as co-host for BBC 'Top Gear' revamp (2016-02-04 08:49:41)
    The "Friends" actor will be the first non-British host in the history of the motoring show, which is being rebooted by the BBC following the sacking of Jeremy Clarkson last year.
  • How to eliminate passwords? It can't be done (2016-02-04 08:30:00)
    At the enterprise level IAM and SAML mitigate the password problem. Out on the civilian Internet our best attempts, mainly OAuth and OpenID, have fallen short. Passwords are a problem that will be with us for a long time.
  • Vaio unveils sleek 'Phone Biz' handset aimed at business users (2016-02-04 08:16:52)
    Aimed at business users, Vaio has unveiled its first Windows Phone 10 device that borrows from Vaio's line of laptops.
  • Google to give free fiber Internet to poor communities (2016-02-04 08:13:03)
    The search giant is giving free high-speed Internet to thousands of people who can't afford it.
  • EU clears Western Digital acquisition of SanDisk (2016-02-04 08:11:20)
    BRUSSELS (Reuters) - The European Commission said on Thursday it had cleared Western Digital's planned acquisition of SanDisk after concluding that the takeover would not harm competition in the data storage market in Europe. In October, Western Digital agreed to buy SanDisk in a $19 billion deal that will increase its ability to make flash memory storage chips used in smartphones and tablets. ...
  • Google will slap big red warning on legit sites hosting bad ads (2016-02-04 08:07:00)
    Stepping up its drive to stamp out the distribution of bad ads through its own ad business, Google will now use Safe Browsing tech to block shady ads across the entire web.
  • IBM tries to bolster cloud growth with developer tools (2016-02-04 08:03:58)
    In doing so, they often sidestep more expensive IBM technology, meaning IBM needs to bolster its own cloud offerings to compete. The new tools help developers work faster, build more functions into existing software applications and create predictive analytics apps. "IBM has a tremendous asset," Derek Schoettle, general manager for IBM's analytics platform and cloud data services, said of its customer base.
  • The government's encryption plans remain impossible to decipher (2016-02-04 07:51:00)
    It's still difficult to see how effective the plans to extend internet surveillance and crack down on encryption will really be.
  • First Click: It’s easier to make great products if your company is private (2016-02-04 07:30:02)
    Whether rationalizing losses or touting profits, every publicly traded company has had to file its papers and forecast its future under the careful scrutiny of demanding investors. Many believe this quarterly cycle of stock market accountability is a good thing, serving to keep businesses hungry, focused, and financially responsible.
  • UK says it will arrest Julian Assange even if UN rules in his favor (2016-02-04 07:17:05)
    WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange says he will "accept arrest by British police" tomorrow if a UN panel rules that he has not been detained illegally at the Ecuadorian embassy in London. The BBC reports that the panel will rule in Assange's favor, but WikiLeaks says it is awaiting "official confirmation." British authorities have said they have an obligation to arrest Assange regardless of the panel's decision. Assange received asylum at the embassy in 2012, after Swedish prosecutors sought to question him on accusations of rape and sexual assault in 2010.
  • China bypasses Japan as biggest APAC tech spender (2016-02-04 07:00:00)
    Asia-Pacific is forecast to spend US$689 billion on tech goods and services this year, led by China which has surpassed Japan to become the region's biggest tech spender.
  • Research alliance announces moonshot: Reverse engineering the human brain (2016-02-04 06:53:00)
    Over the next five years, computer scientists at several prestigious research institutions hope to unlock the secrets of human learning.
  • Promising trend for innovators: 3D printer prices are falling (2016-02-04 06:48:03)
    A new report from IBISWorld looks at the state of 3D printing. What do falling prices mean for hardware startups and innovators?
  • IRS systems hit with outage as tax season starts (2016-02-04 06:47:00)
    A hardware system failure brought down many features and nixed the plans of anyone e-filing. The IRS is assessing the situation.
  • Top Gear's new co-host will be Joey from Friends (2016-02-04 06:35:12)
    Top Gear's former hosts may have moved on to Amazon, but the original show will continue on the BBC — with a surprising new addition. Actor Matt LeBlanc, best known for his role as Joey in Friends, will be the new co-presenter for the show alongside British presenter Chris Evans. The BBC noted in a press release that LeBlanc is already a "familiar face" on Top Gear, having been a guest on the show twice as parts of its regular "Star In A Reasonably-Priced Car" feature, and also presented the recent spin-off compilation show Top Gear: The Races.
  • The US ranks 55th in terms of LTE download speeds (2016-02-04 06:00:02)
    Countries that are big and rich, like America, tend to get networks that are somewhere in the middle — good on coverage, for example, but not so great on speed, as a report into LTE in the US by OpenSignal showed earlier this week. Unfortunately, not much has changed since we last checked in on LTE. It does much better when it comes to coverage (subscribers get an LTE signal 81 percent of the time — seventh best in the world), but it's still suffering from the first mover disadvantage.
  • The U.S. Ranks 55th in Terms of LTE Download Speeds (2016-02-04 06:00:02)
    Countries that are big and rich, like America, tend to get networks that are somewhere in the middle — good on coverage, for example, but not so great on speed, as a report into LTE in the US by OpenSignal showed earlier this week. Now, the network-testing company has released its worldwide report for Q4 2015, allowing us to see how America stacks up with the rest of the globe. Unfortunately, not much has changed since we last checked in on LTE.
  • Microsoft's Azure IoT hub is now ready for business (2016-02-04 05:46:00)
    Microsoft has taken its messaging platform for connected things out of public preview.
  • Hackers attack 20 million accounts on Alibaba's Taobao shopping site (2016-02-04 05:21:44)
    Hackers in China attempted to access over 20 million active accounts on Alibaba Group Holding Ltd's Taobao e-commerce website using Alibaba's own cloud computing service, according to a state media report posted on the Internet regulator's website. Analysts said the report from The Paper led to the price of Alibaba's U.S.-listed shares falling as much as 3.7 percent in late Wednesday trade.
  • Twitter is testing a new GIF button on its mobile app (2016-02-04 05:08:11)
    Twitter is apparently testing a new button on its mobile app for posting GIFs. A number of users have reported the button appearing sandwiched between the options for posting photos and polls when composing a tweet on a mobile device. Twitter user Phil Pearlman told TechCrunch that when he clicked the button, he was shown a selection of ready-made GIFs, including some categorized by mood and others that were trending.
  • Big red bridge, devs, startups: Guess the city behind this tech boom (hint: it's not San Fran) (2016-02-04 05:00:00)
    Born out of an economic slump, the surge in tech startups in Portugal is being driven by its capital, Lisbon.
  • Playboy's first non-nude issue is an 'ode to Snapchat' (2016-02-04 04:03:07)
    Marketers will tell you that no major platform's audience skew younger — with an estimated 45 percent of the app's users aged 18 to 24. This influence of selfies seems designed to make readers feel as if the images are meant for them — as Playboy's chief content officer Cory Jones pointed out last year, although internet pornography has made full nudity "passé," there's still an audience for more "intimate" snaps . The New York Times was given an advance copy of the redesigned March 2016 issue, and notes that despite Playboy's move to PG-13, there are still naked women in the magazine to be ogled at — they've just been photographed "in ways intended for strategic concealment." The Times adds, though, that the pictures are certainly more naturalistic: there's no airbrushing or carefully placed lighting, and the end result feels "more impromptu than posed." It's a tribute to selfies and cell phone cameras, but also to the aesthetic popularized by Terry Richardson and American Apparel ads.
  • Logitech's G810 is a mechanical keyboard for both work and play (2016-02-04 04:00:02)
    LED lights are to gamers as Swarovski crystals are to the nouveau riche: irresistible pieces of bling that signify one's belonging to a certain group. Well, Logitech now has a keyboard that wants to be all things to all people: a performance-tuned, fast-response mechanical keyboard — RGB lighting included — that also has a very lean and efficient design that makes it a good choice for office work as well. The new G810 Orion Spectrum is as compact as a full-size keyboard can be.
  • Apple must pay $625 million for infringing patents with FaceTime and iMessage (2016-02-04 03:42:37)
    Apple must pay $625.6 million to a patent holding firm, a US court has ruled, for infringing on a number of its intellectual properties. A jury ruled unanimously in favor of VirnetX — which reportedly only makes money through suing for patent violations — agreeing that Apple had infringed communications protocol patents in its FaceTime, VPN on Demand, and iMessage services, as well as in the devices that used them. This is the second time VirnetX has sued Apple for the use of these specific patents, after the company previously won a judgement of $368 million from the tech giant in 2012, and almost scoring a "running royalty" of one percent of iPhone and iPad sales.
  • Sharp weighs investment proposals, decision within a month (2016-02-04 02:57:43)
    TOKYO (AP) — Troubled Japanese electronics maker Sharp plans to decide within a month between investment offers from Taiwanese company Hon Hai, also known as Foxconn, or a consortium of Japanese investors.
  • Does IT matter once more? Is IT strategic? (2016-02-04 02:40:51)
    Geoffrey Moore created a tech marketing sensation with his book "Crossing the Chasm" in 1991 — he has a new book "Zone to Win — Organizing to Compete in an Age of Disruption."
  • Pacific Grim: How the controversial TPP signed away your digital rights (2016-02-04 02:00:38)
    After years of negotiation, the 12 countries behind the Trans-Pacific Partnership have finally signed off on a trade deal worth almost half the world's GDP. So how did we get here? And what exactly have we walked into?
  • Talor Swift developing a mobile game (2016-02-04 01:51:16)
    Taylor Swift is set to launch her own mobile game.
  • Diary app Day One overhauled to add more photos and more journals (2016-02-04 01:35:05)
    Mac and iOS journaling app Day One received an extensive overhaul today, the result of a two-year development period that saw its creators rebuild the software from the ground up, and re-release it as a new app on the App Store. New features added in the confusingly named Day One 2 include support for multiple journals, the ability to add multiple photos to one entry, a new map view on iOS, a photo timeline on the Mac version, and a new user interface. Entries themselves now have support for up to 10 photos where previously they only allowed one, meaning you can add short photo essays to your diary entries rather than having to select a single snapshot to define your day.
  • The VAIO Phone Biz might be the sleekest Windows phone yet (2016-02-04 01:33:59)
    Let's leave aside the question of whether VAIO making phones in the first place is a good idea, let alone SIM-free Windows 10 Mobile phones for Japan, of all things and countries. Let's restrain ourselves from querying why on earth this one is called the "VAIO Phone Biz." Let's try to put all these possible issues to one side — believe me, I know that's a tall order — and look at the phone itself. The VAIO Phone Biz's design is considerably sleeker than its name.
  • Toshiba sees bigger loss as restructuring costs mount (2016-02-04 01:29:11)
    TOKYO (Reuters) - Japanese industrial conglomerate Toshiba Corp said it expects a bigger loss than it previously forecast amid mounting restructuring costs after a $1.3 billion accounting scandal. Toshiba said it now expected a net loss of 710 billion yen ($6.02 billion) compared with a previously expected loss of 550 billion yen. Toshiba is trying to recover from the book-keeping scandal in which it overstated profits from around 2009. In December, it said it would slash 6,800 consumer electronics jobs, taking total cuts beyond 10,000, including previously announced plans. ...
  • Glass expert digs into secrets of historic Venetian process (2016-02-04 01:25:32)
    ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) — A modern-day glassblower believes he has unraveled the mysteries of Renaissance-era Venetian glassmaking, a trade whose secrets were so closely guarded that anyone who divulged them faced the prospect of death.
  • Sharp chooses Foxconn's $5b acquisition deal over state-fund: Report (2016-02-04 01:25:08)
    Troubled Japanese tech giant Sharp has chosen Foxconn Technology Group's rescue plan over a local fund in a deal worth over 600 billion yen ($5 billion), Japanese media is reporting.
  • TPP regulations near ratification as nations sign (2016-02-04 01:13:48)
    Under the newly signed TPP, ISPs will be forced to give up infringer details, government procurement barriers will be lowered, and cheaper global roaming rates will be encouraged.
  • Facebook celebrating its users' friendships for its birthday (2016-02-04 00:15:56)
    SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Facebook is giving friendship collages to its 1.6 billion users in celebration of the social network's 12th birthday.
  • Facebook is celebrating your friendships for its 12th birthday (2016-02-04 00:00:02)
    Facebook turns 12 today, and the social network is commemorating the event with a custom video for millions of users chronicling our rich history of spending a lot of time on Facebook. The occasion, which the company is calling "Friends Day," is meant to celebrate real-life friendships through photos and life events. However, it's also a not-so-subtle way for Facebook to promote its explosive growth over the last half-decade.
  • Assange to surrender if UN decision goes against him (2016-02-03 23:58:00)
    WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has said that he will leave the Ecuadorian embassy if the verdict of a UN investigation goes against him.
  • ​ECB plans to introduce payments by phone numbers (2016-02-03 23:23:33)
    The European Central Bank is planning to allow customers to link their mobile number or email address to their bank accounts to reduce complications related to payment transfers.
  • This is VAIO's Windows phone (2016-02-03 23:11:13)
    Microsoft’s Windows Mobile initiative is on the ropes, but no-one seems to have told Japan — the country has already seen more new phones running Windows 10 than ever came out here with Windows Phone 7 or 8. This is the first smartphone to carry the VAIO name, and it’s running Windows 10 Mobile: meet the VAIO Phone Biz. If you were disappointed by the staid, plastic build of Microsoft’s recent Lumia flagships, the VAIO Phone Biz may make you wish you were shopping for phones in Japan.
  • Horse photobombs prize-winning selfie, owners not happy (2016-02-03 23:00:03)
    Technically Incorrect: The horse's owners claim that neither they nor the horse gave consent to a selfie being entered into a competition. Which it won.
  • Only McDonald’s could make a kale salad with more calories than a Double Big Mac (2016-02-03 22:30:50)
    I was initially skeptical when I learned McDonald's was planning to try making kale a selling point for its meals. But thanks to a new report from CBCNews , I now realized that it was all part of an elaborate ruse for tricking people into thinking something healthy when in reality they're eating something with more calories, fat and salt than a Double Big Mac. You heard that right: It turns out that McDonald's kale Caesar salad will pack on more pounds than one of its larger burgers. RELATED:  McDonald’s chocolate fries deemed delicious in first video review The problem here isn't the kale, of course -- it's all the other stuff McDonald's puts on top of the kale. Among
  • Think back to the Like that time forgot with #BeforeFacebookI (2016-02-03 22:21:18)
    "@midnight" looks back to a time before Mark Zuckerberg was a household name and MySpace's Tom was our only real friend with the #BeforeFacebookI hashtag.
  • Unpatched eBay vulnerability leaves shoppers at risk of downloading malware (2016-02-03 21:45:00)
    Be extra careful the next time you visit a suspicious-looking eBay store page. According to Help Net Security , researchers from the Check Point security firm have discovered a vulnerability in the eBay platform that allows criminals to distribute malware by bypassing the site's code validation process and control the code themselves. MUST SEE:  15 paid iPhone apps on sale for free right now Here's how it works: an attacker sets up a store page with listings for products. On the page, a pop-up message will appear telling customers that they can receive a limited-time discount if they download the eBay mobile app. By clicking the
  • Cisco to pay $1.4 billion for Internet of Things firm Jasper (2016-02-03 21:31:08)
    Legacy technology companies like Cisco have been trying to find paths for growth while new technology developments, such as the rise of cloud computing, threaten their core businesses. The emerging field dubbed Internet of Things, offers Cisco, known for networking equipment, a chance to offer cutting-edge technology to its current customers. Rob Salvagno, Cisco's vice president of corporate development, said in an interview that the Internet of Things has been a priority for Cisco for the past few years.
  • Ship your breast milk, stick yourself with pins: The new world of worker perks (2016-02-03 21:25:06)
    One company ponies up so that traveling moms can ship their breast milk, another provides on-site acupuncture. A look at the latest enticements from a range of employers.
  • You're really going to want these minimalist Japanese Star Wars designs (2016-02-03 21:17:01)
    Japanese design firm Nendo has a knack for taking everyday objects like umbrellas and rendering them in a simple, thoughtful, modern form. Nendo has created new, aggressively minimalist 3D forms for several characters and spacecraft from the series, suggesting that they could be licensed and used for a variety of products. The 16 designs all share rounded top sides, concave bottom panels, and low detail that manages to be instantly iconic.
  • Scientists catch rare footage of icy volcano erupting (2016-02-03 21:06:54)
    Active volcano Big Ben on a sub-Antarctic island has been viewed and captured in a rare direct observation of the event.
  • SK Telecom net profit plummets, vows to diversify revenue (2016-02-03 20:48:00)
    The South Korean telecommunications operator cited losses resulting from its stake in affiliate SK Hynix, and looks to expand as a media platform business to generate profit.
  • Meet Frinkiac: The cromulent picture search engine for Simpsons quotes (2016-02-03 20:42:49)
    Prinskipper Skipple! Prindipple Skimpster! We've found something! A search engine that matches your favourite quote from "The Simpsons" to more than 3 million episode screenshots. Set your faces to stunned...
  • Google gives cities yet another reason to beg for Google Fiber (2016-02-03 20:35:27)
    City governments from around the country already have lots of reasons to want  Google Fiber for their residents but Google has given them another one anyway. Google on Wednesday announced that it's going to start offering its 1Gbps Internet service to residents in public housing completely free of charge. FROM EARLIER:  6 terrific Android apps you can’t get on the iPhone "We’ll be bringing gigabit Internet service to residents in all public housing properties that we connect with Google Fiber," Google says. "Families in these properties will be able to access some of the fastest speeds, at no cost to the housing authority or to residents." Google is launching this service today at the West Bluff public housing complex in Kansas City
  • Starboard discloses 7 percent stake in Marvell Technology (2016-02-03 20:28:49)
    (Reuters) - Activist investor Starboard Value LP disclosed a stake of about 7 percent in Marvell Technology Group on Wednesday, saying the U.S. chipmaker's shares were "undervalued". Starboard, run by Jeffrey Smith, wants Marvell to cut costs and exit its mobile-wireless business, according to a person familiar with the matter. "We will carefully review any suggestions Starboard or their advisors may have, as we would with any other shareholder," Marvell said in a statement.
  • Vodafone pushes M2M for agriculture (2016-02-03 20:20:21)
    The telco is again turning its focus towards regional Australia, saying better coverage and competition needs to be pushed in order for the agricultural sector to innovate.
  • ​HTC counting on VR products to pick up sinking Q4 results (2016-02-03 20:03:25)
    HTC believes its move into the virtual reality and connected devices market will help improve results, where for 4Q15 the company reported operating loss of NT$4.1 billion.
  • YouTube Red’s first original shows and movies will premiere next week (2016-02-03 20:00:30)
    Over the past few weeks, Netflix has been dominating headlines with a wide assortment of announcements and acquisitions, but even as the popular online streaming service grows exponentially larger than it has in years past, its staunchest competition yet has been gearing up to steal eyeballs away in 2016. DON'T MISS:  Nintendo’s second smartphone game will star a ‘very familiar’ character On Wednesday, YouTube announced that the first YouTube Red Originals  will premiere on February 10th. Unlike traditional YouTube videos, the YouTube Red Originals will only be available to those who subscribe to the YouTube Red service. Here are the descriptions of the movies and shows that will launch next week: A Trip to Unicorn Island : From
  • Service NSW takes infringement payments mobile (2016-02-03 19:55:16)
    ​The New South Wales government has added fine payments to its Service NSW app, allowing citizens to view and pay infringements via their smartphone.
  • At last! A Taylor Swift video game (2016-02-03 19:55:15)
    Technically Incorrect: The great songstress follows in the footsteps of the great hypestress Kim Kardashian by launching a video game through Glu Mobile.
  • Cisco to buy Jasper in move into 'Internet of Things' (2016-02-03 19:54:45)
    SAN JOSE, Calif. (AP) — Cisco Systems Inc. is buying Jasper Technologies for $1.4 billion in cash in a move to help its customers connect, automate and manage billions of Internet-connected devices ranging from cars to jet engines to implanted pacemakers.
  • Amazon's novel idea? Physical bookstores, says mall CEO (2016-02-03 19:35:13)
    Amazon was the reason you didn't have to go to the mall. Now it may want to be the reason you do.
  • Farming meat cells to grow a meatball (Tomorrow Daily 309) (2016-02-03 19:34:06)
    We're torn on the issue of manmade meats. On one hand, sustainability is a huge problem facing future generations. On the other hand...would *you* eat a meatball made by science?
  • Dive into the chaos of medical drama 'Code Black' with VR (2016-02-03 19:33:59)
    The freshman drama puts you inside a bustling emergency room with a new immersive video. We speak with the creator and executive producers about virtual reality and the evolution of storytelling.
  • Mall operator CEO backtracks on comments about Amazon bookstores (2016-02-03 19:32:15)
    The mall operator did not, however, indicate whether its clarified statement meant Amazon was not planning bookstores. Kevin Berry, the vice president of investor relations at General Growth, declined to elaborate further.
  • Every new HoloLens video makes us want it more (2016-02-03 19:25:24)
    The future of virtual reality is exciting. Of that, there's no question. But augmented reality — the combination of the physical and digital worlds — is easily just as tantalizing, if not even more exciting. Devices like the upcoming Microsoft HoloLens mark the start of a major shift in the way the world computes. It won't happen overnight, of course, but scenes like the ones we've enjoyed in Microsoft's various HoloLens promo videos will ultimately become a reality in the future. And with each new video — like the one Microsoft just released — we're reminded yet again of how badly we want that future to arrive. UP NEXT: 
  • Audi's Super Bowl ad claims driving an R8 is like going to the Moon (2016-02-03 19:21:14)
    Continuing what has become something of a theme for Audi, the German luxury carmaker has a Moon-themed ad running in the first quarter of the Super Bowl this weekend. What's interesting is Audi's continued use of the Moon in its marketing. There's the virtual reality tool that Audi has built for its dealerships that lets you put a car on the Moon, the wonderful moon rover that the company has sponsored, and now this ad.
  • Digital Limbs (2016-02-03 19:19:00)
    I spend so much of my time and effort explaining to friends, colleagues, customers and strangers in the street, that 'mobility' is more than carriage and devices.
  • Ericsson announces gigabit-speed 4G LTE software solution (2016-02-03 19:09:59)
    Ericsson has announced a set of products to advance 4G speeds, including combining 3CC, 4x4 MIMO, 256 QAM, and Lean Carrier; an elastic RAN cloud architecture; and spectrum boosters for radio.
  • Doctors should be able to create babies with three genetic parents, US panel says (2016-02-03 19:03:52)
    The US government should let scientists combine the DNA of three people to make an embryo, a panel organized by the US National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine said in a report today. The procedure, which was approved by the UK House of Commons last year, is designed to help women with mitochondrial disease give birth to healthy babies. What's perhaps even more controversial, however, is that the panel said the technique should only be used to create male embryos.
  • Dream Ride: Three Weeks With the Indian Scout Sixty Motorcycle (2016-02-03 19:00:00)
    We took the Indian Scout Sixty out for a ride in and around Los Angeles.
  • Video shows what would happen if movies ended right after someone said the title (2016-02-03 18:50:09)
    Many times, movies feature their own titles somewhere in the dialogue. But what would these movies be like if they just stopped dead in their tracks a second after someone said the entire title out loud? A video posted by YouTuber  Chris Huebs  tries to answer this question by showing scenes from famous movies that cut right to the end credits after a character says the title. MUST SEE:  Man captures video after explosion rips a hole in passenger plane mid-flight Some of the "endings" don't look that unnatural -- for example, ending The Fellowship of the Ring right after the fellowship gets formed
  • Google search is about to get a lot smarter (2016-02-03 18:49:22)
    The company's go-to guy for artificial intelligence is taking over its biggest business as its current search boss retires.
  • Taylor Swift is making a game with the same company behind Kim Kardashian's (2016-02-03 18:45:08)
    A moment the world has waited for has finally arrived: Taylor Swift is getting into mobile game development. The pop star has partnered with music industry-friendly studio Glu Mobile to develop a smartphone title due out in late 2016, the game company announced today. For Swift, it's a clear indication she intends to try and grab some of the mind share of free-to-play guru and professional famous person Kim Kardashian.
  • Apple resumes trade-in program in China (2016-02-03 18:35:51)
    Industry experts believe the relaunch of Apple's trade-in program in China indicates the US giant is losing steam in the world's most populated market.
  • Apple Music for Android now lets you save songs to an SD card (2016-02-03 18:25:19)
    Don't ever say Apple isn't willing to play to Android's strengths. The company has just released an update for Apple Music that lets users store downloaded songs onto SD cards (which means microSD cards for most phones today). The change lets Android listeners "keep more music offline" — and potentially more music than any iPhone or iPad can store.
  • GoPro forecasts revenue below estimates, names new CFO (2016-02-03 18:23:17)
    (Reuters) - GoPro Inc forecast current-quarter revenue well below analysts' estimates on weak demand for its wearable cameras and the company named Brian McGee as its new chief financial officer. GoPro said McGee, who joined the company from Qualcomm Inc in 2015, would succeed Jack Lazar as CFO on March 11. Demand for GoPro's helmet- and body-mounted cameras has been declining as rivals such as China's Xiaomi offer cheaper products and smartphone cameras turn increasingly advanced.
  • Taylor Swift to develop mobile game with Glu Mobile (2016-02-03 18:21:19)
    Grammy-award winning pop star Taylor Swift is making her first foray into the world of mobile gaming by partnering with Glu Mobile Inc to develop a new game, the company said on Wednesday. Glu Mobile did not provide further details on the game or Swift's involvement, except that the game was slated for release in late-2016 and that it was a "multi-year partnership." Glu Mobile, the company behind the popular "Kim Kardashian: Hollywood game", has focused on signing up global stars with a large social media following to make personalized mobile games. Swift has nearly 71 million followers on Twitter, while more than 74 million people 'like' the "Blank Space" singer's Facebook page.
  • Slow but steady progress as Intel strives to be more diverse (2016-02-03 18:18:14)
    The chipmaker's latest diversity report shows some gains in its goal to increase diversity, though its ranks of underrepresented minorities hasn't changed much.
  • Smart Guns Aren't Science Fiction and Americans Want to Buy Them (2016-02-03 18:10:42)
    This article originally appeared on Inverse.By Ben GuarinoCall smart guns what you will -- personalized, child-proof, safer -- but don't call them science fiction. Thanks to advancements in radio-frequency identification and the ubiquity of fingerprint scanners, smart guns have cleared the technology barrier. The only obstacle left is...
  • ​How to install Linux Mint on your Windows PC (2016-02-03 18:08:00)
    Are you a Windows power-user? You can get and install Linux Mint running on your PC -- either to try it out, or as a replacement for Windows.
  • Samsung is putting giant screens on the back of big trucks to make passing safer (2016-02-03 18:07:01)
    Driving on a two-lane road behind a tractor trailer can be an exercise in bravery, especially on a twisty road with limited passing opportunities. Can I make it around the truck? The truck, which had previously debuted as a concept, will soon enter testing in Argentina.
  • Apple ordered to pay $625.6 million to VirnetX over patent infringement (2016-02-03 18:06:52)
    A Federal jury awarded VirnetX $625.6 million over patents covering VPN on Demand, FaceTime and iMessage.
  • Wild new theory says Earth may actually be two different planets (2016-02-03 17:55:07)
    A new theory says Earth is made of two planets, rather than just one. Apparently, our planet is the result of a collision that helped map the course of both Earth as we know it and the moon. DON’T MISS: Fresh iPad Air 3 leak reveals more details about Apple's most exciting tablet in years According to new research from the University of California, Earth and a hypothesized early planet called Theia collided, and the two planets fused together 4.5 billion years ago. That impact also formed our moon, Science Alert explains . The initial working theory was that the Earth and Theia only side-swiped each other, sending the moon into orbit and then flying away into
  • LG G5 to be unveiled on February 21: Here's what to expect (2016-02-03 17:52:00)
    LG's next flagship smartphone is said to include a "Magic Slot" for high-end accessories.
  • Trees turn psychedelic through the eyes of a 3D laser scanner (2016-02-03 17:45:14)
    A trippy image of a forest shows how the latest scanning technology is helping the lumber industry look at trees in a new light.
  • No, Amazon probably isn't opening hundreds of bookstores (2016-02-03 17:43:34)
    The mall executive who first ignited the rumor on a conference call with investors is now walking it back.
  • Fashion brand United Nude made an abstract Lambo (2016-02-03 17:41:45)
    If you took a racing game on a modern video game console and ported it back a generation, and then another generation, and another generation, and then back before the original PlayStation, and then back a few more generations while still trying to render the cars in three honest-to-God dimensions, eventually you'd get this: a car made of just a few polygons, only remotely resembling an actual automobile. You can't really tell, but the Lo Res Car is apparently based on the Lamborghini Countach — one of the most recognizable supercars ever made, a product of the ’70s that got more and more ridiculous-looking over the years until its eventual replacement in 1990. Ironically, the Countach itself was kind of "low-res" in the first place, a jumble of facets, angles, and hard lines that gave it an extraordinarily aggressive appearance.
  • NASA Astronaut Braves Russian Winter for Crash Landing Training (2016-02-03 17:40:05)
    A U.S. astronaut has spent two nights braving the Russian snows with his crew at a space center outside Moscow, simulating what to do in the event of a crash-landing in a remote winter environment. The simulation was meant to prepare NASA astronaut Randolf Breznik, along with Russian cosmonaut Sergei Ryazanskii and Norishige Kanai of Japan, to survive freezing conditions if their return flight to Earth were to go off course and rescuers were unable to reach them quickly. The men are scheduled for a mission aboard the International Space Station ISS in 2017, with Breznik in command.
  • Microsoft Buys SwiftKey, Company That Predicts What You Want to Type (2016-02-03 17:40:04)
    Microsoft is diving head first into the world of artificial intelligence with its acquisition of SwiftKey, the company behind a popular keyboard app that uses predictive technology that knows what users want to say and in turn, helps them save keystrokes and type more efficiently. SwiftKey's technology is already in more than 300 million of iOS and Android devices with its keyboard apps, according to Microsoft. "Microsoft’s mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more," SwiftKey co-founders Jon Reynolds and Ben Medlock wrote in a blog post.
  • Apple to receive award for preserving historic New York City buildings (2016-02-03 17:38:35)
    Apple has some of the most beautiful stores in New York City, and a big part of that is because many have been placed inside incredible buildings dating back to the early 1900s. Next month, The New York Landmarks Conservancy — a nonprofit that promotes the preservation of landmark buildings — will recognize Apple for its role in preserving the spaces that it's placed stores in. If you live or work in Manhattan, you may already be familiar with these Apple Stores — even if you aren't interested in shopping, many of the spaces are impressive enough to draw you in.
  • Google will start warning web users about deceptive download buttons (2016-02-03 17:37:25)
    Google will start telling web users when they encounter deceptive sites that may try to trick them with misleading ads, the company announced in a blog post today. Now, when Google detects fishy "embedded content," such as an ad that masquerades as a download to steal personal information, Google will warn users with a page declaring a "deceptive site ahead."
  • GoPro forecasts revenue below analysts' estimates, names new CFO (2016-02-03 17:35:33)
    (Reuters) - GoPro Inc forecast current-quarter revenue well below analysts' expectations as demand for its wearable cameras fell and the company said Chief Financial Officer Jack Lazar had resigned. Brian McGee, who joined the company from Qualcomm Inc in 2015, will take over as CFO on March 11, GoPro said on Wednesday. GoPro shares fell about 10 percent to $9.67 in extended trading. (Reporting by Abhirup Roy in Bengaluru; Editing by Kirti Pandey)
  • GoPro will slash camera lineup to just three models in April (2016-02-03 17:28:42)
    Coming to terms with a rather miserable financial quarter, GoPro CEO Nick Woodman just announced that the company will cease sales of several action cameras — including its cheapest model — in April. Moving forward, GoPro's lineup will consist of the Hero 4 Black ($499.99), Hero 4 Silver ($399.99), and Hero 4 Session ($199.99). Everything else, including the Hero+ LCD ($299.99), Hero+ ($199.99), and regular Hero ($129.99), will be discontinued. ...
  • Google search chief Singhal to quit, to be replaced by AI head (2016-02-03 17:24:52)
    (Reuters) - Google parent Alphabet Inc said Amit Singhal, the longtime chief of its Internet search business, will leave the company and be replaced by the head of the technology giant's artificial intelligence business. John Giannandrea, currently a vice president of engineering, will replace Singhal, a 15-year Google veteran, once he leaves on Feb. 26. "Search is stronger than ever, and will only get better in the hands of an outstanding set of senior leaders who are already running the show day-to-day," Singhal wrote in a blog post.
  • This DJ Khaled text generator lays life's banalities bare (2016-02-03 17:24:12)
    Have you dabbled in graphic design? Do you enjoy the inspirational stylings of Snapchat storytelling pioneer DJ Khaled? If you're also somehow unfamiliar with DJ Khaled, you should know he's veteran record producer, a seasoned radio host, a networker nonpareil, and an internet sensation. His Snapchat story — the one with the well-watered plants, the major keys to success, and the Jet Ski odyssey — has spawned a collection of phrases professional content producers use to fill spaces in their websites.
  • What happens on the Internet in one minute? (2016-02-03 17:20:53)
    The Internet is an amazing place that gets both better and worse every minute. The web is advancing at a rapid rate, with newly created content generating massive amounts of traffic for an audience that’s also steadily increasing. Currently, there are 3.2 billion people online, and companies including Google and Facebook want to connect even more people to the web. One business intelligence startup set out to find out what goes on online and it has released an infographic that shows what happened on the Internet in a minute last year. DON’T MISS: Fresh iPad Air 3 leak reveals more details about Apple's most exciting tablet in years According to Domo, every single minute of the day,
  • Intel beat its diversity goals, but there’s still much more to do (2016-02-03 17:09:43)
    Intel released its second Diversity and Inclusion Report today, and with it comes hard stats about how much progress the company’s made to diversify its workforce. The good news: Intel aimed to have 40 percent of its 2015 hires be either women or minorities, and it surpassed that goal. Intel also says that it compensates those women fairly and reports a 100 percent pay parity for men and women.
  • GoPro warns investors of a rough year ahead for the company (2016-02-03 16:57:37)
    Just weeks after a round of layoffs, GoPro has posted the results of its final quarter of 2015. In addition, GoPro is projecting revenue of $1.35-1.5 billion for this year, a drop from $1.6 billion in 2015. The numbers aren't much of a surprise, because at the same time that GoPro announced the workforce cut, it downgraded its guidance for the fourth quarter of 2015 from about $500-$550 million in revenue to $435 million.
  • LG confirms it will reveal the G5 smartphone on February 21st (2016-02-03 16:48:26)
    The G5 is rumored to be a major departure from the G4 and its predecessors, with a design that likes "nothing like" those phones and an "accessory slot," the exact purpose of which no one seems to be sure — yet. Along with the tweet are several photos taken in New York City, each with the number 5 as its subject. After introducing last year's G4, LG returned later in 2015 with the V10, which added a steel frame, impressive manual video controls, hi-fi audio, and other new features. LG may be bleeding money as it tries time and time again to build a hit Android smartphone, but every indication says that the G5 will be the company's boldest attempt yet.
  • These are the 20 top rated Netflix original shows (2016-02-03 16:48:15)
    By the end of 2016, there will be more Netflix original series than anyone could possibly hope to keep track of. From dramas to comedies to documentaries to shows for kids, the mountain of content never stops growing, which is why you might get some use out of a list of the top rated shows on the streaming service. We already gave you a list of our personal favorite shows and movies being added to Netflix in February , but here are the top 20 shows the service has ever produced. READ MORE:  Netflix is already looking beyond 4K This list was put together by PrettyFamous and was based on something called a Smart Rating. The Smart
  • Adidas, Art Comes First & Federico Curradi Highlight Pitti Uomo 89 (2016-02-03 16:34:20)
    How does a fashion brand stand out in the current oversaturated marketplace ? It goes above and beyond the norm. This season at Pitti Uomo 89 edition, designers did just that. Away from traditional trade show booths, sartorial presentations broke new grounds with alternative sets fusing astounding technology, innovative brand engagement and...
  • Congressional committee says NASA’s Mars mission is in critical need of a plan (2016-02-03 16:31:58)
    At a special hearing today, members of the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology tore apart NASA's Journey to Mars initiative, claiming the program needs a much more defined plan and clear, achievable milestones to work. Because of these enormous challenges, a few witnesses at the hearing suggested that NASA either rethink its approach or divert its attention to a Moon mission instead. Above all, Congress members and the three expert witnesses who testified argued that NASA lacks a clear road map for Mars.
  • Germany just turned on a new experimental fusion reactor (2016-02-03 16:30:28)
    Today, scientists began the first tests of an ambitious new fusion reactor in Greifswald, Germany. Dubbed W7-X, the new reactor is based on the Stellerator design, in contrast to the Tokamak reactors that dominate much fusion research. It's still unclear whether the new design will have an advantage in producing a workable fusion reaction, but the W7-X represents a major step forward in researching that question.
  • General Growth Properties CEO clarifies comment on Amazon (2016-02-03 16:26:37)
    (Reuters) - General Growth Properties Inc said on Wednesday that a statement concerning Inc made by its chief executive, Sandeep Mathrani, was not intended to represent Amazon's plans. Mathrani, responding to an analyst's question on a conference call, said on Tuesday that Amazon planned to open 300 to 400 bookstores. An Amazon spokeswoman said on Tuesday that the company does not comment on "rumors and speculation." (Reporting by Abhirup Roy in Bengaluru; Editing by Robin Paxton)
  • Fitbit gets fashionable, Nintendo teases next mobile game (2016-02-03 16:22:52)
    Yet another Fitbit joins the flock, but the Alta goes for style -- and bugs you for being boring. Also, Nintendo gives more details on Miitomo, coming next month.
  • 'Grand Theft Auto' maker Take-Two raises full-year forecast (2016-02-03 16:19:55)
    (Reuters) - Video game publisher Take-Two Interactive Software Inc reported quarterly revenue that fell less than expected and raised its full-year forecast, helped by strong sales of "Grand Theft Auto V" and wrestling game "WWE 2K16" in the holidays. Excluding items, revenue fell 49 percent to $486.8 million, helped by the continued success of "Grand Theft Auto V" and the release of "WWE 2K16", the latest game in the professional wrestling franchise, on Oct. 27 in North America. Sales in the year-ago quarter also got a boost from sales of "Grand Theft Auto V", which was released in November 2014 for the latest gaming consoles.
  • Study Finds That if You Spend More Than an Hour a Day on Social Media, You're Probably Not Sleeping Well (2016-02-03 16:19:25)
    By Renee Jacques, AllurePhoto: Horst P. Horst/VogueI don't even need to ask if you fall asleep every night checking Instagram, because I know you do. And while you may consider the glare of your iPhone screen a virtual lullaby, it's not exactly putting you into REM.A new study conducted by researchers at the University of Pittsburgh found that...
  • Google's search business chief Amit Singhal to leave (2016-02-03 16:16:11)
    (Reuters) - Amit Singhal, the senior vice president of Google's Internet search business at Alphabet Inc , said he would leave at the end of the month after 15 years with the company.
  • GoPro releases new 4K sample footage from the Karma drone (2016-02-03 16:10:44)
    GoPro is about to announce what is likely to be disappointing earnings from the company's fourth quarter of 2015, so what better to distract from that then some new footage from the company's upcoming drone? The footage shows skiier Bobby Brown cruising down a hill holding what you'd think was just a GoPro — that is, until he lets it go and the camera just flies away into the wintery sky. GoPro's been slowly releasing tiny bits of information about the Karma quadcopter ever since CEO Nick Woodman announced it at last year's Code Conference.
  • New evidence points to future iPhones with holographic displays (2016-02-03 15:56:43)
    It might sound like a bold prediction, but the iPhone will get a holographic display in the coming years. And this isn’t wishful thinking based on what sci-fi movies told me to expect from the future. There are pieces of evidence here and there that indicate Apple is clearly interested in this particular type of technology, even though the company is far from announcing anything at this time. DON’T MISS: The Internet celebrates Trump's humiliating Iowa loss The latest piece of the puzzle is U.S. Patent No. 9,250,734, first seen by AppleInsider . Titled Proximity and multi-touch sensor detection and demodulation, the recently awarded Apple patent details screen technology that would
  • Go behind the scenes of Potter prequel 'Fantastic Beasts' (2016-02-03 15:43:53)
    Get a special look at the upcoming "Harry Potter" prequel in this new featurette starring director David Yates, Eddie Redmayne and the rest of the cast from the film.
  • University of Michigan study weighs efficiencies of hydrogen and pure electric vehicles (2016-02-03 15:34:57)
    For the time being, it appears that battery-electric vehicles confer the greatest benefits, but hydrogen is hot on the trail.
  • See zombies evolve over 100 years in gory time-lapse video (2016-02-03 15:22:01)
    Fast-moving blood-soaked zombies are a relatively recent phenomenon. Go back in time and follow the undead evolution. (Things start to get really gross in 1996.)
  • Send telemarketers to this robot and give them a taste of their own medicine (2016-02-03 15:21:01)
    Despite the fact that we've all moved on from landlines, we still can't avoid telemarketers . They've made their way into the 21st century, and you might think that the only thing you can do about it is to not pick up the phone. But there's another, far more devious option. READ MORE:  6 terrific Android apps you can’t get on the iPhone Making the rounds on Reddit this week is a robot that could change the way you deal with annoying phone calls. Built by a man named Roger who says he works on telephone systems for a living, the Jolly Roger Telephone Company is an automated program that intercepts calls you don't want to answer and attempts
  • How to Become Google, Amazon, or Facebook (in Theory) (2016-02-03 15:05:13)
    We admire Google, Amazon, Azure, Netflix, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Swift. How many more of these are there? Hundreds? Perhaps thousands? No way. Why? Because it's bloody hard to build and operate such a system. In particular, there are five things that are very difficult to get right in any large scale distributed system built by a dev...
  • SpaceX will modify its Falcon 9 rocket based on tests of its landed vehicle (2016-02-03 15:02:32)
    SpaceX will be making modifications to its Falcon 9 rocket based on what the company learned from re-igniting the engines on the vehicle it landed. Shotwell didn't specify what those modifications will be, but said the changes will make the vehicle "even more robust" for its ascent into space. In December, SpaceX famously landed its Falcon 9 after launching it into space.
  • NASA: Earth may be buzzed by an asteroid in March (2016-02-03 15:00:12)
    There's little data on asteroid 2013 TX68, leaving doomsayers predicting a cataclysmic collision. But the space agency is far less concerned.
  • 'Star Wars' VFX Oscar nominees on making 'The Force Awakens' (2016-02-03 15:00:00)
  • ​Samsung, Micron use 3D to push flash further (2016-02-03 14:58:42)
    Flash has had a great run, but scaling of conventional planar NAND memory is reaching the end of the road. Fortunately there's a new route. At a chip conference this week Samsung and Micron revealed how 3D NAND has put flash scaling back on track.
  • Marco Rubio just realized that he is handsome, regardless of everything else (2016-02-03 14:51:01)
    Marco Rubio is young and beautiful. Marco Rubio's campaign would like you to know it. To that point, the campaign has started selling "Marco Ru(bae)o" T-shirts, which are electric blue, made in America, and require "extra time for delivery due to high demand." If you recall, "bae" is a pet name for a significant other that came into popular usage, was abused terribly, went through an ironic period, and then was phased out of use by all but the most thirsty of brands and white of moms.
  • Google's self-driving cars hit the rainy streets of Washington state (2016-02-03 14:50:00)
  • Google unleashes free speedy Internet service on low-income homes (2016-02-03 14:49:38)
    Google puts its money where its mouth is with a plan to provide public housing residents with free access to its 1 gigabit-per-second Fiber service.
  • Scion was a dumb millennial brand, and I loved it (2016-02-03 14:37:52)
    The impact pushed my car onto the sidewalk, through a water main, into the sign for a Taco Bell. Having never been in a real car accident before, and having seen too many of them in the movies, I immediately became terrified that my car was about to explode. When I stopped running, the employees of the Taco Bell approached me with great gratitude, explaining that because of the broken water main they would get a paid day off of work, and encouraged me to come back for free nachos whenever I liked.
  • Porsche chief is no fan of self-driving cars (2016-02-03 14:35:00)
  • Comcast loses fewest TV customers in 8 years (2016-02-03 14:23:16)
    NEW YORK (AP) — Comcast is trumpeting its best year for traditional TV services in nearly a decade, even though it continues to lose TV subscribers.
  • Sony 4K Blu-ray player might not arrive until 2017 (2016-02-03 14:21:21)
    Sony Pictures will offer several of the first software titles arriving on 4K Blu-ray, but Sony Electronics may not have a physical 4K Blu-ray player until 2017.
  • Google search guru Singhal steps down, AI takes center stage (2016-02-03 14:21:00)
    The search giant's artificial intelligence leader will take over search as the two specialties increasingly merge.
  • Sony's A6300 mirrorless camera shoots 4K in Super 35mm (2016-02-03 14:20:00)
  • is coming back to life as a Snapchat channel (2016-02-03 14:14:55)
    Justin Kan is relaunching the channel that created the modern live-streaming movement. For one, eventually spawned the game-streaming site Twitch, which was sold to Amazon for nearly $1 billion last year.
  • Almost no one is using Android Marshmallow, still (2016-02-03 14:07:09)
    Four months after its launch, the latest version of Google's mobile software is only on 1.2 percent of Android devices. That's actually a big jump from last month.
  • A first-hand quest for the future of sex, Part 2: Mission diverted (2016-02-03 14:00:00)
  • Crypter is a free app that encrypts all your Facebook Messenger chats (2016-02-03 13:54:02)
    If for some reason you want to add extra layers of protection to your Facebook Messenger chats, there’s a way to do it. There's a catch, though — you’ll need to use Facebook’s chat app inside a browser. MUST SEE:  15 paid iPhone apps on sale for free right now Available inside Chrome of Firefox, Crypter is an app that encrypts all Facebook Messenger chat activity. In order for it to work, you and the person you're chatting with both have to use the app, and you also must use the same password. Once that’s done, encryption and decryption happens inside the browser
  • T-Mobile's discounted unlimited plan targets data-hungry families (2016-02-03 13:53:40)
    The carrier cuts the rate on its four-person unlimited data plan. Virgin Mobile, meanwhile, introduces a new set of lower-priced plans for bargain hunters.
  • T-Mobile ad courts Drake with surprise corporate schtick (2016-02-03 13:48:35)
    Drake, Apple Music and T-Mobile combine for a Super Bowl ad that features wooly turtlenecks, smarmy suits, and a lot of hidden fees. Lyrics about roaming charges, device upgrade plans, data charges, and hidden fees are some of the changes Canadian rapper Drake is asked to make to 2015 smash hit "Hotline Bling" by three suited executives from a nameless wireless carrier. Publicis Seattle, part of the same media group as Relaxnews, was responsible for orchestrating the commercial, having produced a similarly self-aware Kim Kardashian ad for T-Mobile to coincide with 2015's NFL Super Bowl.
  • Droneboarding is 2016's best new sport (2016-02-03 13:47:45)
    So you want to go snowboarding, and you have snow and a board but — critically — you don't have an incline. Were this 2015, 2014, 2013, or really most years between the birth of humans and/or snowboarding, you probably would have just given up and/or started driving toward a mountain. But this is 2016 and the future is bright: droneboarding is here.
  • The Sony A6300 feels like it focuses faster than my eyes (2016-02-03 13:46:33)
    Sony fans have wanted a new version of the popular A6000 mirrorless camera for a long time, and today the company finally delivered. It's not as revolutionary a step forward as some might have hoped — you only have to Google "Sony A7000" to see how deep the rumor mill went on this one — but it is a substantial upgrade that makes Sony's camera lineup look very attractive. The A6300 announcement event Sony held in Lower Manhattan today was all about the new camera's lightning-fast autofocus.
  • Order Dominos Pizza through your Echo during the Super Bowl (2016-02-03 13:46:00)
  • Iowa: Big data, big win - TechRepublic podcast episode 27 (2016-02-03 13:43:00)
    During the 2016 campaign the smart money is on big data. Even old-school snail mail and robocalls are powered by cutting edge social media strategies and data analysis.
  • How well do you know your Super Bowl ads? Quiz yourself (2016-02-03 13:42:55)
    Are you one of those people who can't name the teams playing in the Super Bowl, but remember big- game commercials going back to 1978? Prove it here.
  • UK Aims to Put Driverless Technology into the Fast Lane (2016-02-03 13:42:32)
    Driverless cars are undoubtedly big news, and the UK is aiming to ensure it stays at the forefront with the announcement of eight new projects receiving a total of £20 million in funding to develop various driverless technologies.One of these is a project being undertaken by Jaguar Land Rover, who are building a 41-mile 'living laboratory' on...
  • Google's self-driving cars tear up 3 million miles a day (2016-02-03 13:38:50)
    Computer simulation creates "thousands of variations" of driving patterns, enabling Google's engineers to quickly test tweaks across millions of virtual miles.
  • Researchers want a better system for fixing bad science (2016-02-03 13:38:25)
    Part of the scientific process is getting things wrong, but another is making sure that bad results don't percolate into the larger world of research. When a flawed study slips through peer review, journals and authors are responsible for correcting or retracting it as soon as possible, ideally stopping future researchers from citing its results. In a commentary published today in Nature, though, University of Alabama biostatistics professor David Allison and three colleagues are calling for scrutiny of how that process works — and whether it's actually working right now.
  • Samsung's Safety Truck concept starts testing in Argentina (2016-02-03 13:32:00)
  • New food startup aims to be ‘GPS for your kitchen’ (2016-02-03 13:31:28)
    Just as the Internet of Things is going mainstream, here comes … the Internet of Food. The team behind connected kitchen startup Innit said in November they’d raised $25 million to help bring their vision for a smart food company to life. Next up: Introducing Innit to the world this spring through a partnership with the retail concept PIRCH, which is preparing to open a “Smart Kitchen” space in a showroom in Manhattan’s SoHo district. MUST SEE:  You’ll never find another iPhone calendar app this beautiful and original What visitors to that space will see, among other things, is a variety of appliances and devices
  • Podcasts are showing up in Google Play Music for some users (2016-02-03 13:16:00)
  • More iPhone 7 details may have emerged in new reports (2016-02-03 13:08:35)
    Apple won't unveil the iPhone 7  until sometime in September if history repeats itself, but recent leaks already offer plenty of details about its design and features. The handset is expected to have a similar appearance to the iPhone 6/6s series, but Apple is rumored to fix the main design “flaws” in previous-generation iPhones: The ugly antenna lines on the back and the annoying protruding rear camera lens. As for the main camera, more and more sources indicate that at least one version of the iPhone 7 Plus will have a dual-lens camera on the back. The handset is also supposed to be thinner than previous models, with the headphone jack supposedly going away . Now, yet another
  • Newly discovered 'monster' spider isn't as horrifying as it sounds (2016-02-03 13:07:30)
    There's a beast of a spider roaming the Oregon woods, but let's try to keep the fear factor in perspective.
  • Google is testing self-driving cars in a third city: Kirkland, WA (2016-02-03 13:04:55)
    Kirkland, Washington, the home of the 1982 Little League World Series champions, now has another claim to fame: it is the third city in the US to play host to Google's fleet of self-driving vehicles, joining Austin and Mountain View. Google says Kirkland is an "ideal place" to test its autonomous vehicles for several reasons. Also, Google already has a development center located in the city.
  • Google removes Samsung's first Android ad blocker from the Play Store (2016-02-03 13:02:26)
    Just days after it shot to the top of the Play Store, Android's newest ad blocker has been removed for violating developer guidelines. Called Adblock Fast, the plug-in from startup Rocketship Apps worked within Samsung's mobile browser thanks to a partnership with the phone maker, which opened an API this week allowing third-party developers to build content blocking features for the preinstalled Samsung Internet app. According to Rocketship developer Brian Kennish, Google says Adblock Fast violates section 4.4 of of its Developer Distribution Agreement, which disallows apps or plugins offered through the Play Store from "interfering" or "disrupting" devices, networks, or services of third parties.
  • This 'lab in a suitcase' helped track Ebola cases last year (2016-02-03 13:00:02)
    The recent Ebola epidemic brought doctors and scientists from all corners of the world to West Africa, as aid groups and government rushed to stop the deadly spread of the disease. Now, that flood of resources is producing technology that could have implications far beyond just Ebola. A paper published today in Nature details a new system for analyzing genetic samples in the field, a tool that provided crucial data for tracking Ebola last year and could prove even more powerful in tracking future epidemics.
  • Pebble beefs up its health tracking and messaging features (2016-02-03 13:00:02)
    Owners of Pebble Time smartwatches are getting a couple extra treats on their wrists today, as the company is pushing firmware and app updates that add improved messaging functionality and health tracking on the watches. On the iPhone, Pebble users can now send custom replies to incoming messages, while Android owners can reply to incoming calls with a text, voice note, or emoji. Android users are also getting a new app that lets them initiate text conversations right from their wrists.
  • Pebble adds custom messages and more in latest update (2016-02-03 13:00:00)
  • The Scions We'll Actually Miss (2016-02-03 13:00:00)
    Over its 13-year history, Scion produced some fairly undistinguished cars. These three buck that trend.
  • YouTube Red's first batch of original content is premiering on February 10th (2016-02-03 12:59:02)
    YouTube Red is taking its first step into streaming's original programming wars in one week. The service announced this morning that its first four YouTube Red Originals — comedy-thriller series Scare PewDiePie, documentary A Trip to Unicorn Island, teen musical Dance Camp, and Rooster Teeth comedy Lazer Team — are going to premiere on February 10th. YouTube Red users in the US (the only country where it's available) will be able to exclusively stream the programs mentioned above, and curious consumers around the world can purchase them through either YouTube or the Google Play store depending on their location.
  • Google expands self-driving car testing to Washington State (2016-02-03 12:53:36)
    By David Shepardson WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Alphabet Inc said Wednesday its self-driving car project will expand testing to Kirkland, Washington later this month, the third city where it is testing autonomous vehicles. The company's Google unit has conducted autonomous vehicle testing for six years in Mountain View, California, where it is based, and it expanded testing to Austin, Texas last summer. Google said in a statement that one reason for the new site in the northwest United States is to gain experience in "different driving environments, traffic patterns, and road conditions." Kirkland has significant seasonal rain that allows for wet weather testing, along with hills that will allow testing of sensors at different angles and elevations.
  • Samsung outs its Galaxy S7 Edge, then scrubs the evidence (2016-02-03 12:50:38)
    A Samsung developers site offers clues about the newest Edge, expected to debut later this month.
  • Google rolling out free gigabit internet in public housing (2016-02-03 12:41:00)
  • A Google engineer sacrificed his Chromebook Pixel to test USB-C cables (2016-02-03 12:30:33)
    Google engineer Benson Leung has been on a mission to prove that all USB-C cables are not created equal, and that mission appears to have ended — or at least climaxed — with one cable totally frying his computer. Leung has been testing USB-C cables and posting reviews of them on Amazon for a few months now, and the most recent cable he tested, made by SurjTech, turned out to be "completely miswired" — something he didn't realize until after it "managed to destroy my test equipment," he says, including a Chromebook Pixel. Leung warns that his USB-C cable reviews are "going to slow down a little bit" because of this incident.
  • Halo 5 podracing mod reminds world podracing is cool (2016-02-03 12:23:59)
    Where does the internet stand on podracing? I need to know, because if podracing is trending downwards then it's time to unload some mint-in-box commodities.
  • Explained: Why your iPhone 6s keeps dying suddenly, and how to fix it (2016-02-03 12:22:21)
    In the grand scheme of things, Apple's iPhone and iPad device lineup is remarkably stable. No computer is free of all bugs and no computer ever will be completely free of issues, but iOS has become quite stable in recent years — which is much appreciated, since things were a bit rocky for a while there. Of course, iOS 9's overall stability doesn't make it any less annoying when a troublesome bug does rear its ugly head, and such is the case with a new one that's causing iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus handsets to suddenly die without any warning. Thankfully though, it looks like there's a quick fix. MUST WATCH: 
  • FAA drone registry is a privacy nightmare (2016-02-03 12:20:00)
  • Philae comet probe: World prepares for final farewell (2016-02-03 12:19:40)
    After a seven-hour freefall, our protagonist touched down on a comet and became a hero back home, where Earthlings followed his every tweet, collected soft toys in his likeness, and fretted when he fell silent. Twitter and Youtube turned the robot lab into a cartoon hero with human qualities -- an intrepid little boy who dozed off after an historic mission to probe a comet zipping though space. "When finally we 'kill' Philae, it will be like 'who killed Bambi'," ESA senior science adviser Mark McCaughrean told AFP in November last year, when ground controllers started considering when, and how, to draw a line under the lander mission.
  • Key & Peele play goofy sportscasters in Squarespace's Super Bowl commercial (2016-02-03 12:00:02)
    Key & Peele's newest sketch is a commercial for Squarespace. The website builder and hosting service, whose ads you may have heard if you've listened to a podcast in the last year, is trying out a new advertising platform: the Super Bowl. Super Bowl commercials are usually big, expensive things that millions of people end up seeing — and a Key & Peele cosign can't hurt.
  • Dear Veronica: How many times should I buy Overwatch? (2016-02-03 12:00:00)
  • Nintendo’s second smartphone game will star a ‘very familiar’ character (2016-02-03 11:59:47)
    When Nintendo unveiled its first smartphone app last year, gamers were disappointed, to say the least. Rather than port a 2D Mario game to iOS and Android or build a brand new experience around one of its famous characters, Nintendo opted to create a social messaging application called Miitomo . It wasn't what fans were expecting, but a new report hints that the next app will be more in line with what the Nintendo faithful would want from the company. READ MORE:  New ‘Batman v Superman’ trailer highlights the superhero showdown of the year According to The Wall Street Journal , Nintendo promised that its next app would feature a character that every Nintendo fan should be familiar with. The company didn't specify
  • Toyota’s Scion brand is dead (2016-02-03 11:39:27)
    So! We've all woken up today to discover that we have one fewer automotive brand to cover, because Toyota is killing Scion.
  • A supermassive black hole is shooting X-rays across galaxies (2016-02-03 11:38:00)
  • 15 paid iPhone apps on sale for free right now (2016-02-03 11:36:53)
    Behold, the biggest list of paid  iPhone  and  iPad apps on sale for free that we'll run this week. Yesterday's post got plenty of traction and several of the apps contained within are still free downloads if you grab them right now . We're keeping the momentum going on Wednesday though, and we've got 15 fresh apps for you in today's post. As always, these sales could be over at any time so be sure to check them out as soon as you can if you're hoping to get them for free. MUST WATCH:  Man captures video after explosion rips a hole in passenger plane mid-flight These are
  • EU watchdog says needs time to study data deal with United States (2016-02-03 11:36:16)
    By Philip Blenkinsop BRUSSELS (Reuters) - An EU watchdog said on Wednesday it needed time to study a new EU-U.S. agreement on data transfers to determine whether the United States was committed to limiting intelligence surveillance of Europeans. Negotiators from the European Union and the United States agreed the data pact on Tuesday. It will replace the Safe Harbour framework, which a top EU court ruled illegal last year amid concerns over mass U.S. government snooping.
  • With Rand Paul out of the race, is there anyone left to fight the NSA? (2016-02-03 11:25:10)
    Rand Paul is dropping out of the race for the White House. With him goes the most substantial critic of the NSA in the Republican field. Paul's libertarian position often put him at odds with other GOP candidates, who, during debates and public statements, tried to out-hawk other candidates on national security issues.
  • Tumblr isn't doing as well as Yahoo expected (2016-02-03 11:22:00)
  • Google begins rolling out free internet to public housing in Fiber cities (2016-02-03 11:18:02)
    After making preliminary moves to do this last year, Google has officially announced that it will be bringing gigabit internet to public housing properties in all cities that offer Google Fiber — for free. The company is starting today with a property called West Bluff in Kansas City, its first-ever Fiber market. "We’ve wired all 100 homes with Fiber, and families can sign up today to access the Internet at up to 1,000 Mbps," Fiber VP Dennis Kish wrote in a blog post.
  • You’ll never find another iPhone calendar app this beautiful and original (2016-02-03 11:13:01)
    On iOS, or any other platform for that matter, there is no shortage of calendar apps. It seems like they're a dime a dozen, in fact. While the concept of a calendar is anything but novel, developers have all sorts of different takes on calendars and scheduling that move well beyond the typical grid of dates and into some pretty interesting new territory. Our longtime favorite calendar app for the iPhone is Timepage , a gorgeous offering by Moleskine that we first told you about in May of last year. A new app that was just released a few weeks ago is giving Timepage a serious run for its money though, and it offers a completely new take on the concept
  • Amazon is adding Alexa to the original Fire TV and Fire TV Stick (2016-02-03 11:03:29)
    Amazon brought Alexa to the TV with its second-generation Fire TV set-top box, and now, a few months later, the company is also doing the same for owners of its original box. Starting today and continuing "over the next few weeks," Fire TV and Fire TV Stick customers will be receiving a software update that adds Amazon's personal assistant to the older hardware. Both devices already include voice search for finding movies and TV shows to watch, but Alexa adds a bit more functionality to the mix.
  • The party's over: Madoff, Billions, and a sober new wave of financial dramas (2016-02-03 11:01:56)
    There was Paul Greengrass' United 93, a sober thriller set aboard a hijacked plane, and there was Oliver Stone's World Trade Center, which starred Nicolas Cage's mustache. Two years later came The Hurt Locker, Kathryn Bigelow's Oscar-winning look at the war America launched in response to the 9/11 attacks. Four years after that, Bigelow returned with Zero Dark Thirty, the story of the manhunt for Osama bin Laden.
  • The New Look of Luxury Sedans Starts on the Inside (2016-02-03 11:00:00)
    As the race for the top American luxury sedan reheats, the fight to win over consumers shifts from exterior styling to what's inside. 
  • You can now make the Amazon Echo order you Domino's pizza (2016-02-03 10:59:33)
    The true test of any technology's value lies in how efficiently it can bring you pizza. This is probably one of the Echo's biggest innovations, although the process sounds like it could be a lot smoother.
  • 6 terrific Android apps you can’t get on the iPhone (2016-02-03 10:52:53)
    I switched to the iPhone as my primary phone last fall but there are still a lot of things that I really miss about Android . In particular, Android gives app developers a lot more freedom to make different kinds of apps that you just can't get on the iPhone. Today I've rounded up six more terrific Android apps that can do things you can't do on iOS -- let's check them out. MUST WATCH:  Man captures video after explosion rips a hole in passenger plane mid-flight Unclouded - Cloud Manager Have too many cloud storage services? Let this app help
  • Indycar driver tests smart shirt to track the perils of racing (2016-02-03 10:42:00)
  • Sony’s A6300 mirrorless camera has 4K video and fast autofocus (2016-02-03 10:41:39)
    Sony finally announced the followup to 2014's A6000 mirrorless camera, and it looks really good. The new Sony A6300 packs a 24.2-megapixel sensor, shoots 4K footage, and will cost $1,000 ($1,150 with a 16-50mm kit lens) when it goes on sale in March. The A6300 uses 425 phase-detection autofocus points, allowing it to focus in as little as 0.05 seconds — good enough for the "world's fastest autofocus," according to Sony.
  • How Startups Are Helping Build a 21st Century Government (2016-02-03 10:41:09)
    Last week, we announced the launch of the second Startup in Residence (STIR) program for entrepreneurs to work with San Francisco, Oakland, San Leandro and West Sacramento to develop technology-based solutions that address challenges facing local government. We need entrepreneurs and technologists to help build a 21st century government -- one...
  • London taxis must accept contactless payments from October (2016-02-03 10:30:00)
  • Workday taps Amgen exec Diana McKenzie for CIO (2016-02-03 10:25:41)
    McKenzie will lead Workday's entire information services organization, as well as help refine the company's pitch to customer CIOs.
  • Duet Display: Turn the iPad Pro into a lag-free second monitor for Mac, PC (2016-02-03 10:23:45)
    Previously only available for smaller iOS devices, the Duet Display app can now work with the iPad Pro.
  • Doritos and the decade-long scam for free Super Bowl commercials (2016-02-03 10:22:59)
    This Sunday, Doritos will continue its tradition of crowdsourcing its Super Bowl commercials. In its decade-long run, what began as a supposed opportunity for aspirational filmmakers has become a cheap and tacky campaign that exploits creators of free labor and promotion. Like the snack it’s selling, the campaign will leave a bad taste in your mouth.
  • Amazon brings its Alexa assistant to first-gen Fire TVs (2016-02-03 10:21:00)
  • Scion is dead (2016-02-03 10:19:12)
    The value-oriented brand has given up the ghost, but most of its models will live on with a Toyota badge.
  • Microsoft Band update improves battery life with GPS power saving mode (2016-02-03 10:15:36)
    Microsoft has been steadily improving its Band software in recent weeks. Microsoft claims battery life can improve by up to four hours if you track bike use or runs. Microsoft's new power saving mode is only available on the Microsoft Band 2, and the company's Health app will continue to track routes even if it's enabled.
  • How to build a Hyperloop (2016-02-03 10:12:34)
    On a recent Saturday afternoon, a young aerospace engineer from Cairo University named Samar Abdel Fatta sat at the end of a long hallway of a Texas football stadium trying hard to contain her excitement. Behind her was a foam display board covered in diagrams detailing her team’s plan for the Hyperloop, a super-fast, tube-based transportation system popularized by billionaire Elon Musk in 2013. The display was her reason for traveling over 7,000 miles to Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas.
  • Harvard Business Professor: Apple’s iPhone isn’t as important as it used to be (2016-02-03 10:06:18)
    A recently published article from the Harvard Business Review takes the position that Apple's influence in and impact on the smartphone industry is waning. Whereas Apple once set the tone for the smartphone industry at large, Professor Juan Pablo Vazquez Sampere now argues that Apple "has begun to compete on the same terms as Samsung and the other smartphone providers." The evidence? Apple's iPhone 6 lineup featured bigger screens, something other handset manufacturers had already brought to market. As a result, Sampere asserts that Apple and other manufacturers are currently "stuck in a battle of sustaining innovations, which is about classic competition on who makes a better phone." DON'T MISS: 
  • Super Bowl 50 athletes tell us about their favorite tech (2016-02-03 10:00:00)
  • Comcast did great last year by only losing 36,000 TV subscribers (2016-02-03 09:58:26)
    Earlier this week, Time Warner Cable said that it was gaining new TV subscribers for the first time in almost a decade, and this morning, Comcast is announcing some relatively bright video results of its own. During the final quarter of 2015, Comcast had a net addition of 89,000 video subscribers — the best it's done in eight years.
  • Vaio set to launch smartphone this week (2016-02-03 09:56:58)
    Usually in the days leading up to a smartphone or tablet unveiling, the news is focused on what to expect in terms of processing speeds or trick camera features. Can Windows-powered smartphones hold on long enough in their current guise to make owning one worth it to the average consumer? Windows Phone handset sales are falling, fast.
  • Oracle expands UK cloud data center (2016-02-03 09:45:26)
    Expanded Slough data center operations will help IT decision leaders "meet mission critical business objectives," it said.
  • Google engineer fries Pixel testing USB Type-C cable (2016-02-03 09:42:00)
  • Elon Musk canceled a customer’s Model X order for criticizing a Tesla launch event (2016-02-03 09:41:10)
    Much like other larger-than-life CEOs from the tech world, Elon Musk isn't one to shy away from holding a grudge. Earlier this week, venture capitalist Stewart Alsop penned a post on Medium appropriately titled Banned By Tesla! The gist of the post is that Alsop ordered a Tesla Model X only to have his order directly cancelled by Musk himself. Now you might naturally be wondering: What in the world might compel Musk to cancel any Model X order? A sale is a sale, after all, and Tesla needs as many as it can get. Well, the backstory here is a bit interesting. DON'T MISS: 
  • Goldman Sachs, bank at center of global financial crisis, questions capitalism (2016-02-03 09:24:47)
    In a new note from analysts at Goldman Sachs, the bank analyzes elevated corporate profit margins, which have been abnormally high for some time. The bank, laying out the arguments for and against a leveling off of the margins, suggests two scenarios: 1) profit margins will fall within a few years, or 2) well, let's talk more about what's going with this "capitalism" idea. The note, as first spotted by Bloomberg, says that if margins continue to stay high, "there are broader questions to be asked about the efficacy of capitalism." If, for some reason, profit margins have suddenly fallen out of the usual high-low business cycle — that would certainly be something to look into.
  • HTC burned another $101 million in the last three months (2016-02-03 09:19:00)
  • Man captures video after explosion rips a hole in passenger plane mid-flight (2016-02-03 09:16:10)
    It's nothing short of astonishing that 64-year-old Vladimir Vodopivec managed to land safely after a mid-air explosion ripped a hole in the fuselage of the Airbus A321 he was piloting on Tuesday. But because he kept his cool amid the chaos, the plane's 74 passengers and crew all survived to tell the tale, and one man even managed to film video of the interior of the plane as it barreled through the sky with a gaping hole in the side of the cabin. UP NEXT: The best new movies and TV shows that were just added to Netflix We have seen our fair share of
  • Bose's new beat (2016-02-03 09:02:43)
    Bose has always taken great pride in its technical innovations and the quality of its products. But new CEO Bob Maresca is betting on a new approach to get Bose to the next level: telling people what this secretive company is all about.
  • Hackers and defenders continue cybersecurity game of cat and mouse (2016-02-03 09:00:49)
    Europe's cybersecurity agency details the biggest threats.
  • Fitbit puts fashion first with Alta, its newest activity tracker (2016-02-03 09:00:03)
    Fitbit’s unveiling of the new, not-exactly-attractive Blaze fitness watch last month was met with mixed reactions and a sinking stock price. With its latest product, Fitbit is going pure aesthetics. The wearable tech company just announced the Alta, a leather, bracelet-like activity tracker with a touch-sensitive, monochrome OLED display.
  • These earbuds let you turn up or tune out the world around you (2016-02-03 09:00:03)
    Last summer, The Verge met up with a company called Doppler Labs. Back then, CEO Noah Kraft, showed us a prototype version of Here — earbuds that could enhance and augment the sound around you. Today, Doppler Labs is announcing that the first shipments of Here are starting to go out to the company's 2,800 Kickstarter backers.
  • Mossberg: Apple’s apps need work (2016-02-03 09:00:03)
    People think of Apple as a maker of excellent premium hardware. In fact, many reviewers regard Apple devices as the best you can buy. Apple’s built-in software is a huge part of the experience, and has been since the company introduced the first Mac in 1984.
  • ICYMI: Cockroach torture, an app for Parkinson's and more (2016-02-03 09:00:00)
  • Fitbit's low-profile Alta tracker is up for preorders (2016-02-03 09:00:00)
  • I survived a celebrity trainer workout with Fitbit's Alta (2016-02-03 09:00:00)
  • Why mobile apps are the biggest challenge to the web's freedom (2016-02-03 08:58:55)
    Our desire for convenience may be killing the web. Here's how mobile trends could put the openness of the web at risk.
  • The question every Windows Phone owner needs to ask: "Do I switch to Android or iOS?" (2016-02-03 08:55:00)
    Windows Phone is dead, and there's no reason for fans to stick with the platform. It's time to think about abandoning ship.
  • Microsoft taps into AI with SwiftKey app acquisition (2016-02-03 08:50:51)
    Hundreds of millions of people already use the predictive-keyboard app, but Microsoft's real interest lies in its artificial intelligence.
  • T-Mobile BlackBerry Priv: Second look reveals keyboard and Hub are compelling (2016-02-03 08:47:00)
    It seems the BlackBerry Priv I tested in November had hardware issues. A new device from T-Mobile and software updates radically altered my view on BlackBerry's first Android smartphone.
  • Why we won't trust robot cars until they drive just like us (2016-02-03 08:40:35)
    Eight separate research projects into autonomous vehicles will receive financial support from the UK government, including one which aims to make autonomous cars drive more like humans.
  • eBay refuses to patch website flaw that can serve up malware (2016-02-03 08:34:00)
    The e-commerce giant confirmed it would not fix the flaw, which could allow an attacker to remotely run code in a user's browser.
  • Plumbago: How Microsoft is building new app for notes, stylus doodling (2016-02-03 08:27:00)
    Microsoft appears to be preparing a new note-taking and doodling app that is designed to work with devices that support a stylus.
  • Court rules that felon has to wear GPS ankle device for life (2016-02-03 08:25:00)
  • ​Why switch to Windows 10 or a Mac when you can use Linux Mint 17.3 instead? (2016-02-03 08:18:00)
    Linux Mint 17.3 is the best Linux desktop operating system and it might be the best PC operating system, period, for you.
  • By 2020, more people will own a phone than have electricity (2016-02-03 08:05:11)
    The proliferation of mobile phones will continue as mobile data traffic jumps tenfold over the next four years, according to a study by Cisco.
  • Policing the Future (2016-02-03 08:01:08)
    Just over a year after Michael Brown’s death became a focal point for a national debate about policing and race, Ferguson and nearby St. Louis suburbs have returned to what looks, from the outside, like a kind of normalcy. Near the Canfield Green apartments, where Brown was shot by police officer Darren Wilson, a sign reading "Hands Up Don’t Shoot" and a mountain of teddy bears have been cleared away.
  • Here's how absurdly easy it is for attackers to destroy your website in just ten minutes (2016-02-03 08:01:00)
    You might be amazed at how accessible hacking tools have become. Your site can be p0wn3d and an entire library of hacking tools downloaded and installed in just a few short minutes. Read this article and be prepared.
  • Cisco: Internet of things, video will lead to global mobile data surge (2016-02-03 08:00:03)
    More people will have mobile phones than electricity, running water and cars by 2020.
  • Why do profit-seeking companies keep making profitless Android phones? (2016-02-03 08:00:02)
    Here’s a quick survey of the traditional Android device manufacturer landscape: Samsung is doing alright, LG and Sony could be doing better, HTC doesn’t know what it’s doing, and Motorola is done. Smartphones have grown to be the most essential piece of modern technology, and yet the industry manufacturing them has backed itself into a corner where only two companies, Apple and Samsung, are generating any reliable profit. It seems a Sisyphean task, and it’s been going on long enough to invite the question of why so many companies bother making Android phones at all.
  • 'Counter-Strike' player tricks cheaters into getting banned (2016-02-03 07:50:00)
  • Full circle: Amazon may be planning to open up 400 bookstores nationwide (2016-02-03 07:45:26)
    If forced to choose one word to describe Amazon , I think "unpredictable" would be a strong contender. Jeff Bezos and co. are never content to sit still and are always up to something interesting. From producing original and award-winning programming like Transparent to out-of-left-field ideas like delivery drones, Amazon is anything but boring. The most recent interesting news concerning the world's largest online retailer is that it may be planning to open up 400, count em', 400 bookstores nationwide. Of course, the irony here is terribly thick given that the emergence of Amazon eventually spelled the end for any number of brick and mortar bookstores, not the least of which was Borders. And so now, apparently, Amazon may be coming back
  • Indie darling 'Gone Home' hits UK consoles next week (2016-02-03 07:45:00)
  • EU data protection authorities welcome new EU-U.S. data transfer deal (2016-02-03 07:40:15)
    EU data protection authorities welcomed on Wednesday an agreement between the United States and the European Union on transferring data, but said they still needed information to assess whether it answered privacy concerns. "We want to receive documents in order to assess whether the Privacy Shield can answer the privacy concerns raised," Isabelle Falque-Pierrotin, chair of the working party told a news conference, adding she hoped to receive such information by the end of February. European and U.S. negotiators finally agreed a data pact on Tuesday to replace the Safe Harbour framework used by over 4,000 firms to transfer Europeans' data to the United States, that was outlawed by a top EU court last year.
  • First Click: Quitting cable TV the AOL way (2016-02-03 07:30:02)
    A few years ago, my anxious father quit what was for him the internet: Aol. As a septuagenarian, my father’s story was typical of long-time Aol dial-up subscribers. With my help, we were able to migrate everything he used on Aol to the ad-supported and open internet that was already being delivered into his house via the broadband component of his cable package.
  • Uber drivers stage protest over French response to taxi strike (2016-02-03 07:17:45)
    A group of chauffeurs for Uber and other ride-hailing companies staged a protest in Paris today over the French government's response to last week's taxi strike. There were no signs of violence or aggression as of noon local time, though riot police had to escort a taxi that inexplicably became trapped in the middle of a circle of black cars. Some protesters threw objects at the taxi, but they were quickly reprimanded with whistles and wagging fingers from others.
  • Microsoft buys SwiftKey, says iOS and Android keyboard apps will continue (2016-02-03 07:03:00)
    Microsoft plans to integrate predictive technology with its own Word Flow software and other products.
  • Bloodhound's land speed record attempt delayed until 2017 (2016-02-03 06:55:00)
  • Windows 10 becomes an automatic download, even if you don’t want the upgrade (2016-02-03 06:50:58)
    Microsoft will start forcing Windows 10 updates on machines that are eligible for the free upgrade as soon as this week. And you won’t be able to do much to stop it. Windows 10 is now a recommended update, which means it’ll download itself on Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 PCs and attempt to install. DON’T MISS:  The best new movies and TV shows that were just added to Netflix "As we shared in late October on the Windows Blog, we are committed to making it easy for our Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 customers to upgrade to Windows 10," a Microsoft spokesperson
  • Jet lands safely after mid-air explosion tears hole in its fuselage (2016-02-03 06:36:11)
    A Somalian jet has made an emergency landing at the country's Mogadishu International Airport after an explosion tore a hole in its fuselage minutes after take-off. The country's aviation officials say two people were injured in the incident but none killed — although there have been unconfirmed reports that one person fell out of the hole in the plane. The cause of the explosion is not yet known, but aviation experts and the plane's pilot have suggested it was a bomb.
  • Google lays bare security flaws in anti-malware product with 250 million users (2016-02-03 06:18:00)
    Malwarebytes says it will take about a month to deploy a patch to fix vulnerabilities found by Google's Project Zero bug hunters.
  • Craig Charles won't be presenting the 'Robot Wars' reboot (2016-02-03 06:12:00)
  • Dutch police train eagles to fight illegal drones (Video) (2016-02-03 06:05:03)
    Animal rights activists may not be thrilled, but training group believes Eagles are well-suited to drone capture.
  • NYT: Amazon plans to open more brick-and-mortar bookstores (2016-02-03 05:55:00)
  • Microsoft taps AI with SwiftKey keyboard acquisition (2016-02-03 05:45:14)
    Hundreds of millions of people use the predictive keyboard app, but the real catch is the artificial intelligence running it.
  • Watch the amazing verbal choreography behind Grease Live (2016-02-03 05:38:16)
    Grease Live was the musical you should have watched on Sunday night, with some knockout performances and slick production values. But what does it take to pull off such a complicated broadcast? Well, this video from the show's associate director Carrie Havel shows you a small slice of the action, with Havel coordinating the live footage — singing along to "Great Lightning," but with all the lyrics replaced with camera numbers:
  • China's Lenovo posts surprise Q3 profit gain (2016-02-03 05:33:11)
    Chinese technology giant Lenovo on Wednesday posted its first revenue decline for six years due to slowing growth in the smartphone market and falling PC sales, sending its shares plummeting. Lenovo said revenue for the October-December quarter declined eight percent year-on-year to $12.9 billion. Its shares had fallen 10.19 percent at the close in Hong Kong, while the overall Hang Seng Index dropped 2.34 percent.
  • Panasonic cuts sales target on slowing China, emerging economies (2016-02-03 05:11:55)
    Panasonic on Wednesday cut its full-year revenue forecast, citing a slowdown in China and other emerging economies, but added that net profit soared in the nine months to December. "The business environment has worsened due to (an) economic slowdown in emerging countries including China," the company said in a statement. Also Wednesday, Hitachi cited a slowdown in China as it cut its full-year net profit forecast by more than 20 percent, although the batteries-to-trains conglomerate said its nine-month profit rose owing to strength in the US market.
  • Taiwan approves TSMC plans for $3 bn plant in China (2016-02-03 05:10:53)
    Taiwan on Wednesday approved a plan by its leading chipmaker to build a $3 billion plant in China using state-of-the-art technology, after easing curbs on high-tech investment in the mainland. Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), which in revenue terms is also the world's top microchip maker providing tailor-made services, plans to build the wholly-owned plant in the eastern city of Nanjing. The Investment Commission announced its approval in a statement after a screening meeting.
  • Nintendo explains its rewards program and that smartphone app (2016-02-03 05:05:00)
  • Microsoft is officially acquiring SwiftKey (2016-02-03 04:01:00)
  • Tata renames Zica car because it sounds too much like a global health emergency (2016-02-03 03:50:51)
    When Indian car manufacturer Tata shows off its new hatchback this week at the Auto Expo in New Delhi, it's calling it the Zica — a contraction of "Zippy Car," intended to tout it as a "peppy driving experience." But when the car hits the market later this year, it'll bear a different name, changed, the company said on Tuesday, to avoid connotations with the ongoing Zika virus outbreak. In a statement, Tata said that it empathized with "the hardships being caused by the recent ‘Zika' virus outbreak across many countries" — including birth defects, limited lifespan, and possibly death — and that "as a socially responsible company," it would rebrand the car before launch. A company spokesperson said last weekend that the virus had not been well known during the car's development, and the name has been in use since last November when promotions involving soccer star Lionel Messi began.
  • Apple bought the company that exposed its flawed firmware (2016-02-03 03:49:00)
  • Microsoft confirms acquisition of SwiftKey (2016-02-03 03:41:13)
    Microsoft is announcing today that it has acquired SwiftKey, following a report from The Financial Times. SwiftKey is one of the most popular keyboard apps on iOS and Android, and Microsoft is planning to keep developing the keyboard app for Android and iOS. Microsoft already has its own Word Flow keyboard for Windows Phone that it's also bringing to iOS soon, but the company is now planning to integrate SwiftKey into its Word Flow keyboard for Windows.
  • Google Play's podcast section launches this month, says Bill Simmons (2016-02-03 03:32:26)
    Google first announced it was adding podcasts to Play Music back in October last year, but has yet to mention an actual launch date. Now, thanks to former Grantland editor-in-chief and podcaster Bill Simmons, it's possible it might be this February. As a popular podcaster, it's completely possible that Simmons was given a heads-up of some sort about the section's imminent launch.
  • APAC public cloud spend to hit US$15B (2016-02-03 03:28:38)
    Asia-Pacific chalked up US$7 billion in public cloud services expenditure last year, led by the discrete manufacturing industry, and is expected to reach US$15 billion by 2019.
  • Lenovo finally profitable on mobile after buying Motorola (2016-02-03 03:05:00)
  • Vin Diesel confirms release dates for the next Fast & Furious trilogy (2016-02-03 02:55:52)
    The next Fast & Furious movie — Fast 8 — isn't due to hit theater screens until April 2017, but the road ahead has already been mapped for the car-centric series. Vin Diesel has today confirmed that two more Fast & Furious movies will be coming after the eighth next year, rounding the franchise out to an even ten. Diesel announced the official existence of Fast 9 and 10 on his Instagram page, after first promising to close the series out with a "final trilogy." In November last year, the actor and producer also told Variety that the Fast & Furious team was in the early stages of developing prequels, sequels, and spinoffs for the series.
  • Amazon's Kindle e-readers are getting a big software update soon (2016-02-03 02:46:38)
    Amazon has revealed a new firmware update that'll hit its Kindle e-readers later this month, and it sounds like the software will make it even easier to — you guessed it — buy books from Amazon. There's a revamped home screen with shortcuts for books on your wish list, downloaded samples, and reading lists from Goodreads, and the update will also provide quick toggles for features like airplane mode and cloud syncing. You'll also be able to share quotes from books directly to Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads, and anyone who sees the share can read a preview of the book right in their browser without needing to sign in to Amazon.
  • Carbon nanotube film is stronger and stretchier than kevlar (2016-02-03 01:52:00)
  • Nintendo details new rewards program and first smartphone game (2016-02-03 01:30:58)
    In a call for investors following the release of some less than stellar third-quarter earnings, Nintendo president and CEO Tatsumi Kimishima has provided details on a couple of important new initiatives for the company. First up is My Nintendo, a new general online service that replaces the old Club Nintendo rewards program while offering some extra features. Once registered with a Nintendo Account, the company's new catch-all ID for its consoles and services across other devices, you can log in for personalized information and discounts, and you're also finally able to buy games online and have them automatically download to your console.
  • Indian startups to have foreign VC funding without restrictions (2016-02-03 01:22:00)
    The decision is 'conducive' for the growth and survival of startups in the country, according to the governor of the Reserve Bank of India.
  • The Best Tech Gadgets at CES 2016 (2016-02-03 01:11:08)
    When I returned from the Consumer Electronics Show a few weeks ago, everyone wanted to know what was hot this year. I get that same question every year following CES and once again I rattled off the usual hot categories of virtual reality, 3D printing, robotics, and drones. This year, however, I feel like everything was taken up a notch. The...
  • BlackBerry's Android Priv smartphone launching on Optus (2016-02-03 01:07:02)
    BlackBerry is launching its first Android-powered smartphone in Australia, with the Priv being made available via Optus.
  • YouTube reportedly wants to start live streaming 360-degree video (2016-02-03 01:03:03)
    YouTube has been meeting with camera manufacturers, BuzzFeed News reports, with the intention of developing a way to live stream 360-degree videos. YouTube itself declined to comment on the report, and no timeline has reportedly been set for launch, but the company could be helping to set up specifications with camera manufacturers that would let people stream live 360-degree videos from 360-degree cameras as they currently do from regular cameras. At the moment, only a select number of 360-degree cameras are capable of that feat, and the video they do output is low quality and designed for the operator's benefit.
  • Android Marshmallow: The smart person's guide (2016-02-03 01:02:00)
    This comprehensive guide covers the must-know details about Android Marshmallow.
  • Yahoo to look at strategic alternatives, cut jobs as it pursues spin-off (2016-02-03 00:51:35)
    Yahoo Inc said on Tuesday it would consider "strategic alternatives" for its core Internet business and cut about 15 percent of its workforce, even as it continues with its plan to revamp the business and spin it off. The announcement is the strongest sign yet that the board and Chief Executive Marissa Mayer may be willing to sell the struggling Internet business - essentially websites, email and online search - under growing pressure from impatient shareholders. In an interview with Reuters, Mayer said the company will entertain offers as they come but its first priority is the turnaround plan.
  • Samsung CEOs briefed on autonomous vehicles (2016-02-03 00:46:00)
    ​CEOs of Samsung affiliates have attended a lecture on the future of smart and driverless cars by ​Myoungho Sunwoo, a South Korean authority on the matter.
  • New 'Ghostbusters' images reveal characters in action (2016-02-03 00:40:09)
    Check out new photos of Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones, Kate McKinnon and Chris Hemsworth in character from the upcoming "Ghostbusters" movie.
  • Comcast says DOCSIS 3.1 is ready for the real world in Atlanta and Nashville (2016-02-03 00:34:00)
    Claiming to have the world's first DOCSIS 3.1-powered gigabit internet service, Comcast has said it will deploy the technology in five eastern US cities this year.
  • Watch Amazon spoof tech culture in its upcoming sci-fi movie (2016-02-03 00:31:00)
  • ​Global BI and analytics market tipped to hit $16.9b in 2016: Gartner (2016-02-03 00:25:00)
    Gartner has predicted that the business intelligence and analytics market will reach a tipping point in 2016, and will grow globally by 5.2 percent from last year.
  • Samsung to roll out Safety Truck in four months (2016-02-03 00:16:52)
    The truck, which is currently being tested on roads in Argentina, has a built-in wireless camera on the front and four monitors on the back to assist other drivers when attempting to overtake.
  • Adele, Bond help revamped Sony escape spectre of losses (2016-02-02 23:51:00)
    British pop diva Adele and suave spy James Bond may be unlikely stars in Sony's turnaround, but the firm is betting they are key to a corporate makeover that analysts say still has a long way to go. Last week, Sony booked a nine-month net profit of almost $2.0 billion, reversing a year-earlier loss, with PS4 sales topping a record 30 million units in the autumn. Under one-time US games boss Kazuo Hirai, the iconic firm launched a desperate restructuring that included layoffs and asset sales, including hiving off its laptop division and unloading its Manhattan headquarters.
  • IBM invests in blockchain startup Digital Asset (2016-02-02 23:37:49)
    IBM has joined the list of finance-based companies that have contributed to the $60 million raised so far this year by blockchain startup Digital Asset.
  • Nintendo sold almost 10 million Amiibos in the last three months (2016-02-02 23:18:00)
  • Netflix is already looking beyond 4K (2016-02-02 23:15:53)
    Years after they made their debut, 4K televisions are finally affordable. It was only a matter of time, but the average viewer is only now beginning to upgrade to the latest standard in display technology. But despite all the hype that 4K resolution has received, Netflix is confident that another technology will be the real difference maker this generation. READ MORE:  New on Netflix: Every movie and TV show being added in February 2016 In an interview with Digital Trends , Neil Hunt, chief product officer at Netflix, said that the company sees High Dynamic Range as "the next big thing in TV." "I think HDR is more visibly different than 4K," said Hunt. "Over the past 15
  • Comcast's gigabit internet makes its way to Atlanta (2016-02-02 22:54:00)
  • How to install Android 6.0 Marshmallow on your Windows PC (2016-02-02 22:30:13)
    Yes, it's true: You really can install Android 6.0 Marshmallow onto your Windows PC and run it just like you'd run it on a phone or tablet.  Fiztsimmons Weekly has posted a very handy guide for getting Marshmallow onto your PC, although you should be warned that it involves several steps and won't be as simpler as installing one program. MUST SEE:  Video reveals the most ridiculous way to sneak a friend into a movie theater Here are the three programs you'll need to install to make this work: Android-x86 from Sourceforge  -- obviously, this is how you'll get the Android source
  • Scientists raised endangered coral species in the lab (2016-02-02 22:22:00)
  • NBN refuses to break down FttN, FttB, and FttDP numbers (2016-02-02 21:57:50)
    NBN Co will not reavel to Senators how much FttN or FttDP will be rolled out in Australia, citing commercial in confidence.
  • T-Mobile does a clever ‘remix’ of ‘Hotline Bling’ for its Super Bowl ad (2016-02-02 21:45:56)
    T-Mobile has released its Super Bowl ad a little bit early and it's actually a pretty clever "remix" of Drake's already classic "Hotline Bling" video. Basically, it shows what would have happened if "Hotline Bling" were rewritten by wireless carrier executives who like to make you sign two-year contracts and charge you overage fees for using too much data. FROM EARLIER:  I just got a friendly reminder why I’m happier with iOS than Android When Drake starts singing, "Call me on my cellphone..." the telecom execs interrupt him and ask him to change up the lyrics so they include phrases such as "device eligible for upgrade after 24 months" and "streaming music will include data charges." The tagline for the ad
  • Kindle e-reader update gives quick access to your books (2016-02-02 21:18:00)
  • ​Amazon reportedly plots mall outlets: Making sense of the last commerce mile (2016-02-02 21:03:00)
    A CEO of a mall operator says Amazon is planning to build 300 to 400 brick and mortar stores. Why? The last mile matters.
  • Amazon's novel idea: Physical bookstores (2016-02-02 20:45:08)
    Amazon was the reason you didn't have to go to the mall. Now it may want to be the reason you do.
  • Leonardo DiCaprio's vaping is 'deeply troubling,’ says American Lung Association (2016-02-02 20:44:28)
    Leonardo DiCaprio, fresh off his fight with a bear in The Revenant, already has a new opponent — the American Lung Association. The health organization has slammed DiCaprio after pictures of the actor huffing on an e-cigarette at last weekend’s Screen Actors Guild awards came to light, calling his actions "deeply troubling," and chastising him for exposing his peers to secondhand smoke. The actor reportedly pulled out his vape pen at around 6.46 PM PST on Saturday night — according to a detailed recap of events provided by The Hollywood Reporter — while seated at his table.
  • The Turing Phone will ship with Sailfish OS, not Android (2016-02-02 20:42:00)
  • FiOS TV subscribers can now preview premium channels for free anytime they want (2016-02-02 20:15:01)
    Every pay TV provider offers free previews of premium channels from time to time. After all, they're a great way to give subscribers a taste of the channel bundles they're missing if they don't already subscribe to packages like HBO , Showtime and Cinemax. But it seems like the free preview periods are almost always over by the time you realize they're available. Great, so now you've seen three episodes in the middle of the last season of Game of Thrones... now what? It turns out there's a better way to preview premium channel bundles and Verizon just made it available to its FiOS TV subscribers. UP NEXT: 
  • Magic Leap has something better than a product: Potential (2016-02-02 20:06:58)
    It may seem like the hype around new virtual and augmented reality technologies couldn't get any bigger. But a new $800 million investment in Magic Leap shows that promise matters more than reality.
  • Oppo launches the F1 in Australia (2016-02-02 20:05:14)
    The Chinese smartphone company is launching its second Australian-destined handset next week, to be sold through limited retailers.
  • YouTube reportedly plans to support live 360-degree videos (2016-02-02 19:57:00)
  • Yahoo to look at job cuts, alongside spin-off (2016-02-02 19:35:41)
    (Reuters) - Yahoo Inc said on Tuesday it would consider "strategic alternatives" for its core Internet business and cut about 15 percent of its workforce, even as it continues with its plan to revamp the business and spin it off. The announcement is the strongest sign yet that the board and Chief Executive Marissa Mayer may be willing to sell the struggling Internet business - essentially websites, email and online search - under growing pressure from impatient shareholders. Investors were not immediately impressed, sending Yahoo shares down 1.2 percent after hours.
  • AR startup Magic Leap secures $793.5m funding led by Alibaba (2016-02-02 19:32:25)
    Chinese conglomerate Alibaba Group has led a $793.5 million investment round for Florida-based augmented reality firm Magic Leap, with continued investment from Google and Qualcomm.
  • New ‘Batman v Superman’ trailer highlights the superhero showdown of the year (2016-02-02 19:30:43)
    Six comic book movies are scheduled to release in 2016, but none are the subject of quite as much consternation as Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice . No one is altogether confident about how the movie will turn out, but that hasn't stopped Warner Bros. from pumping out a new trailer or TV spot every week or so. SEE ALSO:  New on Netflix: Every movie and TV show being added in February 2016 Save for perhaps a few fleeting seconds, there doesn't appear to be much in the way of new footage in the latest international trailer, but I'd argue that it's one of the best produced trailers Warner Bros. has released so far: With so many
  • Phoenix exoskeleton aims for cheaper price, agile experience (Tomorrow Daily 308) (2016-02-02 19:29:48)
    It's already about half the cost of its competitors, but if SuitX can achieve its goal price point (similar to the cost of an electric wheelchair), it might be a life-changing device for paraplegics.
  • Microsoft is reportedly buying SwiftKey (2016-02-02 19:22:00)
  • Amazon plans to open up to 400 bookstores, says mall operator (2016-02-02 19:19:39)
    (Reuters) - Inc plans to open up to 400 physical bookstores, an executive of a major U.S. mall operator said on Tuesday. Amazon dipped its toe into the waters of brick-and-mortar stores with the opening of a bookstore in its home city of Seattle in November. An expansion of bookstores, which the company has not confirmed, would be a surprise reversal from the online retailer credited with driving physical booksellers out of business.
  • Apple's unfinished spaceship campus looks enormous (2016-02-02 19:19:27)
    Apple's new headquarters has been in the works for close to a decade, and in recent months it's finally been starting to come together. It's an enormous project, and you can really get a sense for just how huge it is thanks to new drone footage published to YouTube yesterday by Duncan Sinfield. His video shows the skeleton of Apple's spaceship HQ set against the surrounding neighborhoods, which look like they're filled with miniatures in comparison. ...
  • Wearable robots for the paralyzed take a step forward (2016-02-02 19:07:25)
    A next-gen exoskeleton, now on sale, highlights how the latest robots are merging science fiction with reality and pushing the limits of being human.
  • Key & Peele are going to live stream commentary during Super Bowl 50 (2016-02-02 18:55:44)
    Whether or not you have any vested interest in the Super Bowl this weekend, it's probably going to be hard to avoid it all together. Maybe your friends are gathering to watch the game at a bar, or maybe your roommate is hosting a party in the living room. Either way, if you're looking for a reprieve from the insanity, Key & Peele might be able to help. READ MORE:  The Internet celebrates Trump’s humiliating Iowa loss Rather than run a traditional ad during the game, web hosting service Squarespace decided to recruit Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele to host a live-streamed commentary broadcast while the Super Bowl is airing. Speaking with The Verge , Squarespace noted that
  • Microsoft is reportedly buying SwiftKey for around $250 million (2016-02-02 18:46:47)
    Microsoft already has one of the better mobile keyboards out there, and it sounds like it may soon own another great one. The Financial Times reports that Microsoft is entering a deal to purchase SwiftKey for around $250 million, with plans to announce the acquisition this week. SwiftKey has been one of the most popular keyboard apps on iOS and Android. Around that time, SwiftKey switched from selling its app to offering in-app payments for new keyboard themes.
  • NSA will unite divisions to better tackle online threats (2016-02-02 18:46:00)
  • 28 'Grams: Instagram serial thriller launches, 15 seconds at a time (2016-02-02 18:44:05)
    Indie cinema is moving onto your phone with the new 28-part serial thriller "Shield 5," coming soon (in bite-sized chunks) to an Instagram feed near you.
  • Five Android home screen launchers worth checking out (2016-02-02 18:43:00)
    Looking to customize your Android experience to better fit your needs? You may want a new home screen launcher.
  • Mobile Is Personal: Why Mobile Is Essential for Patient-Focused Care (2016-02-02 18:34:58)
    Mobile is the single most important change in the world since the invention of the internet. Seventy-one percent of adults in the U.S. now own a web-enabled smartphone or other wireless device. Mobile allows for individuals to be connected in real time, on the fly and literally from the palm of their hand. They have the world and its resources...
  • Zagg buys battery phone case maker Mophie for $100 million (2016-02-02 18:31:00)
  • Optus provides satellite for Mobile Health NZ (2016-02-02 18:26:54)
    Optus will provide satellite connectivity to a health company in NZ that aims to bring high-quality health education video-conferencing to rural areas.
  • Zagg acquires Mophie for more than $100 million (2016-02-02 18:26:51)
    Mophie's battery cases, combined with Zagg's Invisible Shield could make one hard case - and business model - to crack.
  • Amazon plans to open 300-400 bookstores, says mall company CEO (2016-02-02 18:21:55)
    (Reuters) - Inc is planning to open hundreds of brick-and-mortar bookstores, the head of a major U.S. mall operator said. Such an expansion, which Amazon itself has not confirmed, would position the world's No. 1 online retailer as a competitor to booksellers such as Barnes & Noble Inc. At present, Amazon operates a single bookstore in its home city, Seattle. "You've got Amazon opening brick-and-mortar bookstores and their goal is to open, as I understand, 300 to 400 bookstores," Sandeep Mathrani, chief executive of General Growth Properties Inc, said on Tuesday.
  • Push is on to bring standardization to the Internet of Things (2016-02-02 18:16:00)
    Industrial Internet Consortium works with Object Management Group and other bodies to open up the world's devices to communication and data exchange.
  • China's $7.6 billion Ponzi scam highlights growing online risks (2016-02-02 18:11:18)
    By Matthew Miller and Shu Zhang BEIJING (Reuters) - Once China's biggest peer-to-peer (P2P) lending platform, Ezubao collected 50 billion yuan ($7.6 billion) in less than two years from more than 900,000 investors through savvy marketing and the promise of big returns. Among gifts that Yucheng Chairman Ding Ning gave his president, Zhang Min, were a $20 million Singapore villa, a $1.8 million pink diamond ring, luxury limousines and watches and more than $83 million in cash, Xinhua stated. The alleged scam underscores the risks in China's fast growing and loosely regulated wealth management product industry, with many products peddled through online financial investment platforms and privately run exchanges.
  • Microsoft acquires keyboard app SwiftKey for roughly $250 million: Report (2016-02-02 18:08:00)
    Satya Nadella continues his software march.
  • What makes a great idea succeed? Adam Grant's new book explores how to be 'original' (2016-02-02 18:07:04)
    A new book dissects how creative ideas turn into successful business plan by busting myths about what it takes to be an original.
  • Microsoft's new video imagines a HoloLens-powered Super Bowl party (2016-02-02 18:05:48)
    Sports are a pretty intuitive place for augmented reality: we already watch them with a bevy of numerical overlays, replays, and commentary. It's a highlight reel showcasing every possible football-spectatorship-related use of HoloLens, from getting an expanded view of the screen to watching tiny 3D figures enact plays on your coffee table. The field of view, for example, can accommodate a medium-sized coffee table from a reasonable distance.
  • Obama wants $1.1 billion to fight heroin and prescription opioid abuse (2016-02-02 18:02:08)
    President Obama is requesting an addition $1.1 billion in funding to fight the growing heroin epidemic and the abuse of prescription opioids in the US. If approved, the funding would arrive over two years in addition to the $400 million already set aside for 2016.
  • Studio sues makers of 'NBA 2K16' for using player tattoos (2016-02-02 17:59:00)
  • Cities with Super Bowl teams have higher flu death rates, study says (2016-02-02 17:53:03)
    Football fans in Boulder and Charlotte going to Super Bowl parties this weekend might want to think twice before they double dip in the salsa.
  • Yahoo to look at strategic alternatives, cut jobs, alongside spin-off (2016-02-02 17:50:37)
    The announcement is the strongest sign yet that Chief Executive Marissa Mayer may be willing to sell the struggling Internet business of Yahoo, which was a web pioneer in the 1990s but has since been eclipsed by Alphabet's Google and Facebook in the battle for online advertisers. Yahoo shares, down about 36 percent over the past 12 months, fell a further 0.9 percent after hours. "In a business that's kind of booming from an industry standpoint ... if the only thing you can come out and tell me is you're going to cut people to try to restore profitability through headcount, there's something huge missing here," said Martin Pyykkonen of Rosenblatt Securities.
  • NASA's new fever dream music video: a roundtable discussion (2016-02-02 17:41:11)
    Today, NASA published a video to one of its YouTube channels called "Can You See It?" (You can see it above.) The video appears to be aimed at inspiring young students to explore the fields of science, technology, math, and engineering, as well as encouraging them to believe in themselves. It features a teleporting astronaut that leads the kids around, clips from a Barack Obama speech, and is for some reason apparently staged in a Dave & Buster's. It's the kind of video that gnaws on your consciousness until you just have to throw your arms up and talk it out with some of your co-workers.
  • Yahoo is laying off 1,700 people and closing five offices (2016-02-02 17:36:00)
  • It's a super-techie Super Bowl (2016-02-02 17:33:10)
    Sunday's big game will be held in the NFL's most high-tech stadium. But if you're watching at home, be sure to calibrate your TV, and learn how to stream the game for free.
  • The ‘Netflix for planes’ offers unlimited air travel for a monthly fee (2016-02-02 17:30:01)
    A new company named OneGo is hoping to do for air travel what Netflix was able to do for movies: Provide an all-encompassing service for a recurring monthly fee. Primarily geared towards business travelers, OneGo offers unlimited travel within the United states via all major U.S. airlines. So in that sense, it's essentially Netflix for airplanes. The service truly sounds like great idea, but there are a few wrinkles you should be aware of. DON'T MISS:  Amazon has tons of killer deals today – here are 15 of the best ones For one, the travel options are broken down across regions, which is to say if you want a national plan that gives you the freedom to travel anywhere within the
  • The SXSW feature film lineup is here (2016-02-02 17:24:05)
    With South by Southwest 2016 little more than a month away, the festival has finally announced its feature film lineup. The event will show 139 new films, showcasing the talents of young and established filmmakers and documentarians from around the world. Some of the highlights include Richard Linklater's Everybody Wants Some, the "spiritual successor" to 1993's Dazed and Confused, and the world premiere of Pee-wee's Big Holiday, which makes its debut before landing on Netflix later this year.
  • 10 best practices for using the cloud as a backup and DR service (2016-02-02 17:20:59)
    Deciding when and how to take advantage of cloud services requires careful planning and analysis of your business needs and infrastructure. These tips can help.
  • Instagram launches its first original video series (2016-02-02 17:20:00)
  • Cisco claims partial win in Arista Networks patent battle (2016-02-02 17:03:38)
    With today's ruling from the ITC, both sides claimed small victories, but Cisco came out on significantly higher ground.
  • How publishing startups use tech tactics to thrive in the digital era (2016-02-02 17:02:00)
    Book publishing startups have picked apart every piece of the publishing stack and reimagined it for a digital world. Hackathons and crowdsourcing are two pieces of this new puzzle.
  • Microsoft shows how NFL fans could use HoloLens in the future (2016-02-02 17:00:00)
  • Twitch offers a close look at first-person film 'Hardcore Henry' (2016-02-02 17:00:00)
  • The news we’ve been waiting for: ‘LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ is happening (2016-02-02 16:55:00)
    Waiting two years for Star Wars: Episode VIII to continue the epic story that kicked off in The Force Awakens is going to be tough for fans of the franchise, but at least we have video games to tide us over until then. On Tuesday morning, the landing page for LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens went up on the Xbox Games Store, confirming the game's existence. DON'T MISS:  The best new movies and TV shows that were just added to Netflix This isn't especially surprising, considering all six of the previous Star Wars films have received the Lego treatment in
  • Yahoo to explore strategic alternatives alongside spin-off (2016-02-02 16:45:33)
    (Reuters) - Yahoo Inc said on Tuesday it was exploring strategic alternatives in addition to the continued pursuit of the reverse spin-off of its Internet business. Yahoo said it would simplify its product portfolio and that it had begun to explore divesting non-strategic assets. The company also said it would cut about 15 percent of its workforce and close offices in five locations as it faces intense competition for ad dollars from Facebook Inc and Alphabet Inc's Google.
  • First US case of Zika virus infection was sexually transmitted, officials say (2016-02-02 16:40:49)
    Health officials in Texas have confirmed the first case of Zika virus transmission in the US, and are pointing to sexual transmission as the culprit. The Dallas County Health and Human Services said in a release that the patient engaged in sexual contact with an infected individual who had recently traveled to a country where the Zika virus is spreading. The CDC tells The Verge that it has confirmed the patient is infected with the Zika virus, but that the agency has not confirmed the method of transmission.
  • Theranos continues to dodge opportunities to validate its inventions (2016-02-02 16:38:02)
    In October, Theranos' founder told a crowd at a conference sponsored by the Cleveland Clinic that it would let outside researchers from the clinic study its inventions — and publish their results. Days later, Cleveland Clinic CEO Toby Cosgrove told CNBC that the clinic was interested in verifying Theranos' technology (Theranos and the clinic are partners). Theranos told Fortune on Monday night that the startup hasn't even started thinking about when the study should commence.
  • The first flight of NASA's next big rocket will carry a lunar laser, an asteroid scout, and some yeast (2016-02-02 16:36:37)
    NASA is currently in the middle of building its next big rocket, the Space Launch System, which the agency hopes to use to send people into deep space and on to Mars someday. Toting the Orion may be the primary goal of the trip, but the SLS will have some extra room for other technologies — so it's going to take up to 13 small satellites along for the ride. NASA announced today what seven of those miniaturized satellites — called CubeSats — will look like.
  • HBO's Bill Simmons outs Google podcast plans (2016-02-02 16:36:00)
  • Salesforce leans heavily on Lightning platform to lead charge for connected apps (2016-02-02 16:34:00)
    Aside from a live performance by Metallica, Salesforce's 2017 will be headlined by its Lightning experience for managing connected apps.
  • Amazon plans hundreds of physical bookstores: CNBC, citing DJ (2016-02-02 16:30:05)
    (Reuters) - Inc is planning to open hundreds of brick-and-mortar bookstores, CNBC reported on Tuesday, citing a Dow Jones report. The report did not say where Amazon would open the stores. Amazon in November announced plans to open its first physical book store in Seattle. (Reporting by Ismail Shakil in Bengaluru; Editing by Savio D'Souza)
  • redirects to Iowa nonwinner Donald Trump (2016-02-02 16:29:48)
    Technically Incorrect: It can't be easy for a man who has tweeted that coming second is coming nowhere to now be associated with losing.
  • The strange Turing Phone is ditching Android after already taking preorders (2016-02-02 16:22:19)
    When we first saw the Turing Phone seven months ago, it was touted as an ultra-secure Android smartphone constructed (partially) from liquid metal. Turing Robotics Industries has sent out an email to customers who already preordered the company's phone with news that, when it ships in April — way later than first promised — it won't be running Android at all. In its place will be Sailfish OS, an operating system developed by ex-Nokia engineers under the company name Jolla.
  • How one Googler installed Google Now on his bathroom mirror (2016-02-02 16:20:45)
    I mentioned earlier today that I still miss some things about Android . One of those things is definitely Google Now, the insanely useful voice-enabled personal assistant that gives you all kinds of useful information when you need it. However, my love for Google Now can't come close to the love shown by Googler  Max Braun , who has successfully installed it on his bathroom mirror. DON'T MISS:  How much it would cost to buy one of everything on Amazon Yes, it's true: Braun made his bathroom mirror into a "smart mirror" that gives him important updates on things like weather, the date and time, and important news headlines. In a Medium post , Braun explains how
  • Uber updates its look (2016-02-02 16:15:00)
  • A customer was so annoying that Tesla decided not to sell him a car (2016-02-02 16:02:33)
    A reminder about the possible downsides to complaining about customer service on the internet: you know how a customer can decide not to buy something from a company with terrible service? A company can decide not to sell its product to an annoying customer. In it, Alsop claims that Tesla canceled his order for a Model X SUV, asserting that it was because of an earlier post where Alsop criticized Tesla CEO Elon Musk for starting its September Model X launch event nearly two hours late (and for not providing food).
  • Yahoo to say it is exploring 'strategic alternatives' (2016-02-02 15:52:45)
    Yahoo, which is also scheduled to report fourth-quarter results after the markets close, declined to comment. The company's plans to turn around its struggling core business are set to dominate its earnings report, with investors keen to see if CEO Marissa Mayer will push ahead with a proposed spin-off or entertain calls for a complete sale. The spin-off of its main business, which includes its search engine and digital advertising units, was announced by Mayer in December after Yahoo abandoned efforts to sell its stake in Alibaba Group Holding Ltd.
  • Your fitness tracker probably has security issues (2016-02-02 15:47:00)
  • Carriers ruin Drake's 'Hotline Bling' in T-Mobile's Super Bowl ad (2016-02-02 15:43:02)
    Technically Incorrect: For its Super Bowl push, the uncarrier shows how Drake's music can be unblinged by its rivals.
  • 'Things are going too fast': Werner Herzog worries about the Internet in new film (2016-02-02 15:42:29)
    "Lo and Behold: Reveries of the Connected World" is a compelling new documentary, but is Herzog, who admits to being uncomfortable with cell phones, the right man to explore the Digital Age?
  • Google OnHub routers are finally getting guest WiFi (2016-02-02 15:29:00)
  • Uber CEO Travis Kalanick personally helped design the new logo, and it shows (2016-02-02 15:27:11)
    Uber just rolled out a brand new icon for its app, logo for its company, and overall design refresh for its brand. When overhauling the identify of their company, most CEOs hire experts—branding agencies that specialize in translating corporate values into fonts and colors—or assign the task to an in-house design team. For the past three years, he’s worked alongside Uber design director Shalim Amin and a dozen-or-so other folks, hammering out ideas from a poorly ventilated space they call the War Room.
  • New report claims to finally reveal what the iPhone 7 looks like (2016-02-02 15:24:05)
    Apple's penchant for industrial design took a strange turn when the company released the iPhone 6. Though the device was impressively slim, it featured a protruding camera and unsightly antenna bands across the back. The iPhone 6 may have been thinner than its predecessors, but it was clearly a design step in the wrong direction compared to the sleek look we saw with the iPhone 5 and 5s. With the iPhone 7, Apple will finally be righting the ship. A new report from MacRumors provides us with the first substantive details we've seen yet about the industrial design of Apple's highly anticipated next-gen iPhone. DON'T MISS: 11 paid iPhone apps on sale for free today Citing a source who
  • Twitter starts showing tweets to mobile visitors even if they aren't logged in (2016-02-02 15:23:05)
    For the past year, growth-hungry Twitter has talked about the opportunity presented by what it calls the "logged-out homepage" — that is, the page you see if you visit and either haven't signed in or don't have an account. More people find themselves on it than you might guess: Twitter last reported 320 million active users, but says 500 million people visit its website every month. Until now, visiting in a mobile browser would only bring up the login screen.
  • Uber’s app takes longer to open thanks to its new logo (2016-02-02 15:12:28)
    Just a few minutes ago, Uber unveiled its redesigned branding and app logos in a feel-good blog post along with an accompanying piece on Wired about the behind-the-scenes work to craft the new look. “I don’t know what’s going to happen,” Uber CEO Travis Kalanick told Wired in the days before the redesign was to be revealed, “but I feel that it’s going to be good.”
  • Tata Motors to rename the Zica because of the Zika virus epidemic (2016-02-02 15:03:50)
    Probably best to not have your car associated with a virus that affects babies.
  • Twitter conversations now have their own pop-up window (2016-02-02 15:02:00)
  • I just got a friendly reminder why I’m happier with iOS than Android (2016-02-02 14:51:01)
    I like iOS a lot and I don't regret making the switch from Android last year. That said, I do miss a lot of things about Android, particularly apps that let you do things like record your screen, read your notifications to you or give you special launchers that can completely change your experience with your phone. However, the latest Android distribution numbers released this month gave me a fresh reminder of why I'm sticking with iOS for now: Namely, I really like having new software as soon as it's available. MUST READ:  It takes 2 seconds to give your Android phone a speed boost and improve battery life by 20% Just look at this:
  • 6 ways the robot revolution will transform the future of work (2016-02-02 14:49:27)
    TechRepublic spoke to Alec Ross, author of The Industries of the Future, about the global impact AI and robotics will have on the future of work.
  • Lego Star Wars game teaser lovingly mocks 'Force Awakens' trailer (2016-02-02 14:45:18)
    The new Lego Star Wars game gets its parody on with a funny take on the very first "Force Awakens" movie trailer.
  • Nonprofits: Use the new donation cards on YouTube to drive fundraising (2016-02-02 14:35:50)
    Add a donation card to your YouTube videos to encourage viewers to donate to a US nonprofit organization. Here's how.
  • A Drone You Can Fit in Your Backpack (2016-02-02 14:30:00)
    Don't let your drone get in the way of your hike: You can easily fold up the ProDrone Byrd and store it in a bag.
  • Microsoft formally recalls Surface Pro power cords (2016-02-02 14:28:00)
  • Uber just completely changed its logo and branding (2016-02-02 14:26:43)
    If you update your Uber app today, you might notice something is a little different: gone is the "U" logo, replaced with a... circle thing. Uber describes the square at the center of the new logo as the "bit," something that will appear throughout the design of the company's site and redesigned app. Uber wants to focus on that bit, which it says will make it easier to add additional products to its portfolio over time — you'll always see that bit at the center, the theory goes, and you'll identify it as an Uber product.
  • This new certification process could stop hoverboards from exploding (2016-02-02 14:24:23)
    The problem of exploding hoverboards might soon have a solution. UL, a company known for certifying the safety of all sorts of everyday products, has started accepting submissions from hoverboard manufacturers and distributors.
  • I want this Android-powered mirror that a Google engineer invented in his spare time (2016-02-02 14:24:10)
    It shares the same information you can glance at on an Android phone — the weather, the time, and a glance at the top headlines — but somehow it makes even more sense on a bathroom mirror. Right now the mirror's UI updates automatically thanks to Android APIs for news and weather, and it can even listen for questions with the voice search feature in Google's mobile app.
  • EU, US agree new Internet 'Privacy Shield' (2016-02-02 14:20:41)
    The EU and United States struck a new deal Tuesday on data transfers relied on by Facebook and Google, after Europe's top court struck down the previous pact for failing to protect users from US spying. Dubbed "Privacy Shield", the agreement replaces the 16-year-old Safe Harbour arrangement that was ruled illegal in October in the wake of the Edward Snowden revelations on US intelligence. "I'm glad to announce today that we have finalised negotiations with the United States on a renewed and safe framework for transatlantic data flows," European Justice Commissioner Vera Jourova told a press conference.
  • 10 Women in Tech to Watch in 2016 (2016-02-02 14:20:19)
    Hey, I've been working some within the women in tech community, supporting women-led startups and code programs for women and girls. Lots of times, the folks in this community don't get the recognition they deserve. My team and I compiled a list of some women who are real changemakers in the tech space, but this is a list that could be much...
  • NASA's first SLS launch will send cubesats into deep space (2016-02-02 14:11:00)
  • Turn on, plug in, phase out: Cadillac to do away with ELR coupe (2016-02-02 14:10:05)
    What is essentially a two-door luxury car atop a Chevrolet Volt drivetrain is not long for this world.
  • Torrent streaming site declares war on ‘righteous content monopolies’ – and it might win (2016-02-02 14:07:26)
    To the dismay of content rights owners, which  Popcorn Time  calls “righteous content monopolies," the popular streaming service isn't quite ready to be wiped off the face of the Earth. The “ Netflix for pirates” is here to stay and it’s about to offer pirates a major new feature: streaming movies and TV shows directly to any Internet browser. That means you won’t need a Popcorn Time client on your computer, smartphone or tablet, as you’ll be able to stream whatever you want right inside your preferred browser. DON’T MISS: Which carrier has the fastest LTE network in America? “Popcorn Time Online is a web version and real revolution of the original Popcorn Time and based on its appeal and functionality,” its creators said in a
  • Apple will unveil Apple Watch 'S' at March event, claims analyst (2016-02-02 14:05:33)
    Popular Apple analyst Gene Munster says to expect a new Apple Watch at Apple's rumored event in March.
  • Big data is the new ground game: How Ted Cruz won Iowa (2016-02-02 14:02:00)
    The inside story of how the Cruz campaign leveraged big data, mobile apps, and social media to build loyalty and grow an army of grassroots volunteers.
  • How to Take Down a Rogue Drone (2016-02-02 14:00:00)
    Eagles are being trained to attack drones in the Netherlands, and anti-drone drones are capturing others with nets.
  • Meet 'Sticker Kid': Memes the true winners of Monday's Iowa caucuses (2016-02-02 13:55:55)
    Find yourself groaning at America's election coverage? Check out some of the more popular memes about the candidates that will put a red, white and blue smile on your frowny face.
  • Alphabet passes Apple as biggest company -- now what? (2016-02-02 13:43:33)
    Even before it became a household name, Google parent Alphabet has become the world's most valuable company, vaulting past Apple in a sign of an evolving technology landscape. On Wall Street Tuesday, Alphabet's shares reflected a market capitalization to $547 billion following its strong earnings report while Apple's value declined to $530 billion with a modest dip in trading. Apple ends a run of four years as the world's largest publicly traded company, having overtaken Exxon Mobil on January 25, 2012.
  • FTDI abuses Windows Update, pushing driver that breaks counterfeit chips (2016-02-02 13:43:00)
    For the second time, FTDI released a driver published to Windows Update which has resulted in counterfeit chips used in finished products being left inoperable. Here's what you need to know.
  • How much it would cost to buy one of everything on Amazon (2016-02-02 13:42:08)
    Here's a fun little tidbit for you: If you took Amazon's total cumulative profit since the company went public and added it all up, it wouldn't even come close to being enough cash to afford to purchase one of everything Amazon sells on its website. Question and answer site Quora is a goldmine of interesting content if you know where to look, and we recently came across a very interesting topic on the site. A question was posed that seems almost impossible to answer from outside the company — how much would it cost to buy one of everything on Amazon ? — but one user did a tremendous job of providing a well-researched and well-thought out answer.
  • Punxsutawney Phil casts shadow on weather apps (2016-02-02 13:40:13)
    Technically Incorrect: It's Groundhog Day and America's favorite nonscientist makes his weather "prediction" for the year. In it, he refers to hoverboards. Really.
  • US and Europe agree to shield data from mass surveillance (2016-02-02 13:38:37)
    Nearly four months after being struck down, the US and EU have reached a new Safe Harbor deal. It’s called the "EU-US Privacy Shield" and will facilitate the transfer of European citizens’ data to American companies. While the framework has been ironed out verbally, European authorities still need to create a full draft about the decision in the coming weeks and then have it approved by the Union’s 28 member states.
  • Apple's smaller iPhone and new iPad tipped for March 15th event (2016-02-02 13:38:00)
  • Delta software outage delays boarding for two dozen flights (2016-02-02 13:28:59)
    (Reuters) - Delta Air Lines Inc delayed boarding for about two dozen flights on Tuesday as a result of a brief outage in its software that powers ground operations, a spokesman said. The Atlanta-based airline does not expect further delays due to the issue, and no flights already in the air were affected, spokesman Michael Thomas said in a statement. The delays prompted concern from travelers on social media, including journalists who were in Iowa to cover the caucuses there ahead of the U.S. presidential election in 2016.
  • Time-twisting shooter 'Superhot' arrives on February 25th (2016-02-02 13:22:00)
  • Netflix has no chance of winning the battle against VPN pirates (2016-02-02 13:17:48)
    If you’re paying for Netflix in your local market but use a VPN service to access Netflix content from a different country, namely the U.S., you’re violating Netflix’s rules and you're considered by many to be a pirate. You’re probably paying a monthly or annual fee for your VPN access, but even if you’re not downloading any illegal content using torrent services, and your only “crime” is accessing the Netflix content not available in your region, that still makes you a pirate. Netflix finally put its foot down and took action against VPN offenders a few weeks ago, but the streaming company is fighting a battle that likely can’t be won. In fact, Netflix probably shouldn’t even want to win this
  • New European, U.S. data transfer pact agreed (2016-02-02 13:15:26)
    By Julia Fioretti and Foo Yun Chee BRUSSELS (Reuters) - European and U.S. negotiators agreed a data pact on Tuesday that should prevent European Union regulators from restricting data transfers by companies such as Google and Amazon across the Atlantic. The European Union and the United States have been racing to replace the Safe Harbour framework that was outlawed by a top EU court last year over concerns about U.S. mass surveillance, leaving thousands of companies in legal limbo. The announcement of the pact, which still requires political approval, coincides with two days of talks in Brussels, where European data protection authorities were poised to restrict data transfers unless a deal was clinched.
  • Comcast will roll out its gigabit internet offering to five new cities this year (2016-02-02 13:05:26)
    After testing its gigabit internet service with one user in Philadelphia back in December, Comcast is nearly ready to rollout the service on a much wider scale. Comcast will make the 1Gbps service available in Nashville and Atlanta early this year, with Chicago, Detroit, and Miami to follow later in 2016. This matches the rollout plan Comcast used for its $300 a month 2Gbps Gigabit Pro service, which is now available in 18 million homes, according to the company.
  • Apple’s next big product event will be March 15th (2016-02-02 13:00:05)
    Apple has picked a date for its big product reveal next month, according to reports from both 9to5Mac and BuzzFeed News. The new iPhone 5SE — an updated version of the 4-inch iPhone 5S — and the iPad Air 3 are on the schedule for March 15th, the reports state. While we knew last month Apple was potentially eyeing a March date for the announcements, it wasn't until today both 9to5Mac and BuzzFeed News independently locked down the day.
  • It takes a village: The rise of virtual pop star Hatsune Miku (2016-02-02 13:00:00)
  • Samsung reportedly launches its VR camera February 21st (2016-02-02 12:41:00)
  • Donald Trump is now the face of (2016-02-02 12:34:46)
    The URL currently redirects to the Wikipedia entry on Donald Trump, who lost in yesterday's Iowa Republican caucuses. The page is an ironic blow to Mr. Trump, who built an identity off calling people losers — along with selling tacky real estate and crummy food. The label "loser" may be widely used as a pejorative, but Mr. Trump can take comfort in knowing many people before him proudly wore the label with pride.
  • iPhone 7: It's time for innovation and reinvention, not gimmicks (2016-02-02 12:30:56)
    Apple is capable of innovation, but the huge success that the iPhone has enjoyed has meant that it could afford to drip-feed that advancement over time. Now that sales appeared to be slowing down, it's time for some real innovation again.
  • Meet 'Sticker Kid': Memes the true winners of Monday's Iowa caucus (2016-02-02 12:26:19)
    Find yourself groaning at America's election coverage? Check out some of the more popular memes about the candidates that will put a red, white and blue smile on your frowny face.
  • Tesla looking to overturn Michigan's franchised dealership law (2016-02-02 12:20:25)
    Yesterday, it was reported that Tesla had applied with the Michigan Secretary of State for a "Class A" license to "buy and sell new vehicles under a franchise agreement or a contract with a new vehicle manufacturer." That would be fine, except Tesla is the manufacturer of the vehicles in question. Naturally, this raised questions about if Tesla was looking to franchise its own dealerships, but the company says that's not the case. Instead, Tesla is merely looking to confirm that Michigan won't approve its license application to open its own dealership.
  • Tesla is launching new Powerwall home batteries in 2016 (2016-02-02 12:19:00)
  • EU, US strike new data sharing pact in effort to allay surveillance concerns (2016-02-02 12:15:00)
    A new deal would effectively allow the continuation of data transfers between the two geographical powerhouses.
  • EU mulls ceilings on cash payments to counter terrorism (2016-02-02 12:13:12)
    The European Commission is weighing stricter rules on the use of cash to cut terrorists' funding and may propose limits on payments, a plan published on Tuesday said. The move is part of a wider plan to counter terrorism and its financing after attacks in Paris last November by Islamic State militants that killed 130 people. "Payments in cash are widely used in the financing of terrorist activities," the Commission paper said listing a number of measures that may be proposed in the coming months.
  • Windows 10 creeps even closer to landing on your PC (2016-02-02 12:08:40)
    Microsoft makes a status change that has implications for all you Windows 7 and 8.1 users.
  • Microsoft tries to head off Facebook at Work by turning on Yammer by default (2016-02-02 12:03:00)
    ​Microsoft is turning Yammer on by default for eligible Office 365 commercial customers over the next few months.
  • Forget Jon Snow, new Game of Thrones season will bring ‘so many shocks’ (2016-02-02 12:02:17)
    Jon Snow still is the hottest Game of Thrones topic, but as we get closer to Season 6 more interesting details have begun to pop up. For example, Sansa Stark, who’s had a rough time so far, is going to have her “best season yet,” and we can’t be more excited. After all, it's time for her to prove she’s a Stark. DON'T MISS:  The best new movies and TV shows that were just added to Netflix Talking to Entertainment Weekly at the SAG Awards, actress Sophie Turner showed her excitement about the rise of Sansa in the upcoming new season of Game of Thrones, teasing
  • TE Connectivity pushes into medical devices with Creganna buy (2016-02-02 12:01:32)
    (Reuters) - TE Connectivity Ltd, a Swiss-based manufacturer of electronics and sensors, said it would buy Creganna Medical Group for $895 million, expanding in the fast-growing business of making equipment used in minimally invasive procedures. The acquisition comes nearly a year after TE Connectivity bought AdvancedCath, a catheter systems maker, for $190 million. "We expect our interventional sales post Creganna will increase to well over $300 million," TE Connectivity President Terrence Curtin said on a conference call with analysts on Tuesday.
  • Google found one of the most fun uses for 3D Touch yet (2016-02-02 12:00:41)
    Developers have been searching for interesting ways to use 3D Touch since it was introduced on the iPhone 6S last year, and now Google has come up with one of the more clever uses of it: a button that just displays weird facts. With an update to the core Google iOS app yesterday, you'll now find an "I'm Feeling Curious" button as one of the shortcuts displayed when 3D Touching its icon. Press it, and the app will open up to a random question — like "How many hairs are on your head?" — its answer, and a button to generate another one. ...
  • Watch the first trailer for Amazon's sci-fi satire Creative Control (2016-02-02 12:00:02)
    Creative Control, a sharp, dark send-up of present-day tech culture, made a big splash when it debuted at SXSW last year. Now, with a release both in theaters and online due some time in the coming months, Amazon has provided The Verge with a brand new trailer to get audiences excited about what's to come. The film, directed by Benjamin Dickinson, explores the life-changing aspects of a new pair of AR glasses called Augmenta.
  • The best blender (2016-02-02 12:00:00)
  • US to rework arms control rule on exporting hacker tools (2016-02-02 11:54:05)
    WASHINGTON (AP) — The U.S. government is rewriting a proposal under arms control rules from 20 years ago to make it simpler to export tools related to hacking and surveillance software since they are also used to secure computer networks.
  • SoundCloud adds stations to encourage music discovery (2016-02-02 11:44:00)
  • Apple envisions a hovering finger controlling the iPhone (2016-02-02 11:43:04)
    A new patent proposes a screen that can react to your finger simply gesturing above it.
  • Apple is reportedly testing dual-lens cameras for the iPhone 7 Plus (2016-02-02 11:37:18)
    Rumors of a drastically different camera for the next-generation iPhone have been swirling around for months, but as more and more reports point to the same information, it becomes increasingly difficult to brush them aside. In other words, if you think the iPhone 7 Plus should feature a dual-lens camera, you might be in luck. UP NEXT:  Which carrier has the fastest LTE network in America? On Tuesday, DigiTimes published a new report claiming that Taiwan-based Largan Technology along with other China- and Japan-based camera lens makers have sent dual-lens camera samples to Apple for testing. Sources from the upstream supply chain also note that Largan
  • North Korea plans to launch a satellite into space sometime this month (2016-02-02 11:36:00)
    North Korea plans to launch a rocket carrying an Earth observation satellite into space sometime within the next three weeks, the Associated Press reports. The official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said that North Korea declared the launch would happen sometime between February 8th and 25th. Such a launch will likely be decried by the international community as a way for North Korea to test out long-range missile technology.
  • Being a ‘morning person’ has a genetic basis, 23andMe study says (2016-02-02 11:29:20)
    Researchers at the genetics company 23andMe have identified 15 regions of the human genome that influence whether someone considers themselves a "morning person," meaning someone who likes to wake up and go to bed early, or an "evening person." The finding, published today in Nature Communications, means that there might actually be a genetic basis for certain people's tendency to wake up at the crack of dawn — or to stay in bed past noon. Until recently, most of the work done on the genetics of being an early riser was conducted in fruit flies or mice. Now, 23andMe geneticists say that data from 90,000 of their customers has helped them begin to figure that out.
  • Tesla dealerships aim to play Michigan at its own game (2016-02-02 11:22:00)
  • New European, U.S. data transfer pact agreed: EU (2016-02-02 11:18:57)
    By Julia Fioretti BRUSSELS (Reuters) - European and U.S. negotiators agreed a data pact on Tuesday that should prevent European Union regulators from restricting data transfers by companies across the Atlantic. The European Union and the United States have been racing to replace the previous transatlantic data transfer framework called Safe Harbour. The European Court of Justice (ECJ) struck Safe Harbour down last year over concerns about U.S. mass surveillance, leaving thousands of companies in legal limbo.
  • Smartphone app comes to Houston public transportation (2016-02-02 11:15:00)
    Houston's public transport now has a smartphone app to better serve the riding community.
  • Google's OnHub routers are getting a smart new guest network feature (2016-02-02 11:12:53)
    When Google launched its line of OnHub routers last year, the message above all else was simplicity. This week, OnHub is getting a proper guest network mode, which is perhaps something that should have been there from the start. The new guest mode, which is available via the updated OnHub iOS and Android apps and a firmware update for the router itself, lets OnHub owners create new networks specifically for guests, complete with a different name and password than the primary Wi-Fi network.
  • Never get another ‘not enough storage’ error on your iPhone again (2016-02-02 11:12:49)
    How unbelievably frustrating is it when you go to snap a quick photo or capture a video on your iPhone and you get that dreaded "cannot take video" error message. Or your phone tries to back up to iCloud overnight and you wake up to a "not enough storage" error. It's not like you cheaped out and bought a 16GB iPhone, you just have so many apps, photos and videos on there that there's no room left. iCloud is nice for syncing your content, but how do you clear up space on your phone so you never have to deal with these pesky errors again? Meet the  Lyve Home Photo and Video Manager for Mobile Devices , which will ensure that
  • BBC to retain Olympics coverage until at least 2024 (2016-02-02 11:05:00)
  • T-Mobile named fastest 4G LTE signal in US, according to OpenSignal (2016-02-02 11:04:00)
    In its state of mobile networks, OpenSignal coins T-Mobile the most awards, including fastest 3G download speed and 3G latency.
  • Apple Plans March 15 Event for 4-inch iPhone (Report) (2016-02-02 11:03:52)
    A new iPhone, updated iPad and minor Apple Watch tweaks may be headed our way sooner rather than later. 9to5Mac, usually a reliable source of Apple rumors, reports that the company is planning a March 15 event to unveil those new product. Spring events aren't unprecedented for Apple, which usually holds off on major product updates until the fall.
  • Study: 3D Printing Can Be Hazardous to Your Health (2016-02-02 11:03:48)
    3D printers don't just produce whatever you choose to make — they also let off fumes. According to a new study from researchers in Paris and the United States, those vapors may be more dangerous than you previously thought. The study, printed in the Jan. 7 issue of Environmental Science & Technology, suggests that plastics such as nylon, ABS and polycarbonate used in 3D printing create particles of potentially dangerous materials like styrene, which the International Agency for Research on Cancer classifies as a possible human carcinogen.
  • Microsoft recalls 2.3 million power cords sold with Surface Pro tablets (2016-02-02 11:03:27)
    (Reuters) - The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission said Microsoft Corp was recalling about 2.25 million AC power cords, less than a week after Apple Inc said it was recalling AC wall plug adapters due to a shock hazard. Microsoft has received 56 reports of the AC cords overheating and emitting flames and five reports of electrical shock to consumers, the U.S. CPSC said on Tuesday. The recall involves power cords sold with some models of the Microsoft Surface Pro convertible tablet devices before March 15. ...
  • Office Q&A: Juggling multiple indexes in a Word document (2016-02-02 11:00:00)
    Whether you're indexing an entire document or a partial list of terms, switches will enable you to customize the results.
  • Engadget giveaway: Win an Xbox One Gears of War Ultimate Edition courtesy of GameStop! (2016-02-02 11:00:00)
  • The Porsche 911, reimagined (2016-02-02 10:55:25)
    This is The Harper Spin, a weekly column from seasoned auto critic Jason H. Harper. A wise man might, considering that this Porsche was commissioned almost a year ago by a very fortunate owner who made a series of painstaking decisions about the exterior and interior colors, size of the engine, and types of leather. Meanwhile my co-driver and chaperone, Seamus Taaffe, cocks an eye to the wet sky and shrugs.
  • BT's phone and broadband services go down across the UK (2016-02-02 10:55:00)
  • How the Super Bowl Resembles the Technology Landscape (2016-02-02 10:47:48)
    The Super Bowl is 50 years old but the technology behind the biggest sporting event in America is nothing but the newest representation of leading-edge technology. From 360-degree perspective high resolution playbacks on the field, to vast amounts of mobile and social networking coverage of the game, this year's Super Bowl is surrounded by...
  • EU, US agree new Internet privacy pact: sources (2016-02-02 10:44:31)
    Brussels and Washington struck a new deal Tuesday on data transfers relied on by Facebook and Google after a European court struck down the previous pact for failing to protect users from US spying, sources said. "The European Commission and the United States have reached a political agreement on a renewed and safe framework for transatlantic data flows" to replace the so-called "Safe Harbor" pact, European sources told AFP.
  • Google's self-driving simulator helps it refine its cars (2016-02-02 10:39:00)
  • An alarm that wakes you up based on the weather (2016-02-02 10:35:07)
    Poncho is a text and email alert system that provides its subscribers with a daily weather forecast. Now, the company is expanding with an app for iOS that will wake you up with music that matches that day's weather forecast.
  • Google to enterprises: Our cloud is 'ready to be used at scale' (2016-02-02 10:34:09)
    On Google's fourth quarter earnings conference call, CEO Sundar Pichai delivered the first volley in what's likely to be a year-long push to dent the momentum of Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.
  • Soundcloud introduces a new radio feature for iOS and Android (2016-02-02 10:31:58)
    Soundcloud has launched a new feature on its mobile apps called Stations that allows users to create a radio station from any track on the service. Just about every major streaming service has their own variation of a radio feature, and Soundcloud is just the latest to join the party. Soundcloud has had a similar feature on the web version of the service for some time, with a series of related tracks instantly playing after your selected track was finished.
  • Magic Leap promises 'whirligigs and test machines' soon, complete technological revolution later (2016-02-02 10:30:36)
    After months of silence, Magic Leap CEO Rony Abovitz has promised to complete the human experience with his company's yet-unseen augmented reality technology. Posted right after the company announced $793.5 million in new investments from Alibaba and several other companies, Abovitz's essay is an ode to the alleged world-changing power of Magic Leap, which he says will transcend the boundaries of a mere gadget. Since getting $542 million in a Google-led funding round in 2014, Magic Leap has been highly enigmatic about its product, which appears to produce holograms similar to those of Microsoft's HoloLens.
  • How business outcomes are transforming IT spending (2016-02-02 10:30:04)
    According to a recently released study by Datalink and IDG, business is playing a bigger role than ever in IT spending. Here's what that means for the enterprise.
  • Exclusive: New European, U.S. data transfer pact imminent - sources (2016-02-02 10:00:43)
    By Julia Fioretti BRUSSELS (Reuters) - European and U.S. negotiators are on the brink of clinching a new transatlantic data transfer pact which should prevent EU regulators from restricting data transfers by firms, two people familiar with the talks said on Tuesday. The European Union and the United States have been racing to replace the previous data transfer framework called Safe Harbour. The European Court of Justice (ECJ) struck it down last year over concerns about U.S. mass surveillance, leaving thousands of companies in legal limbo.
  • At Super Bowl 50, fan safety starts with super-snoopy tech (2016-02-02 09:52:24)
    The big game and all its festivities get sweeping protection, from bomb-destroying robots to software that crunches social media looking for threats.
  • Alphabet overtakes Apple in market value - for now (2016-02-02 09:50:58)
    Alphabet Inc might win the market cap battle against Apple Inc , but will it win the war? The median share price forecast of 31 analysts who raised price targets after Alphabet reported strong results on Monday was $924, suggesting that the company formerly known as Google could be valued at $628 billion in the next 12 months. Apple, tracked by 49 analysts, would be valued at $748.5 billion, at the current median price target of $135.
  • EU plans to coordinate a key mobile spectrum in Europe (2016-02-02 09:48:44)
    By Foo Yun Chee and Robert-Jan Bartunek BRUSSELS (Reuters) - European Union regulators proposed on Tuesday to roll out a key mobile spectrum across the 28-nation bloc to improve access to internet services and technologies, including in remote areas. Currently, EU nations have different approaches to managing radio frequencies. It will give top-quality internet access to all Europeans, even in rural areas, and pave the way for 5G, the next generation of communication network," EU Commissioner Andrus Ansip said in a statement.
  • EU to step up checks on Bitcoin, prepaid cards to fight terrorism (2016-02-02 09:47:36)
    By Francesco Guarascio BRUSSELS (Reuters) - The European Commission will propose by the end of June stricter rules on prepaid cards and virtual currencies in a bid to reduce anonymous payments and curb the financing of terrorism, documents released on Tuesday showed. Responding to attacks in Paris last November by Islamic State militants, the Commission is also considering imposing controls on bank transfers within the EU that are currently not monitored through the controversial EU-US Terrorist Financing Tracking Programme (TFTP). "We must cut off terrorists' access to funds and enable authorities to better track financial flows to prevent devastating attacks such as those in Paris," EU Commission Vice President Valdis Dombrovskis said in a statement.
  • Super Bowl 50: how to sound like an expert at Sunday's party (2016-02-02 09:43:04)
    Super Bowl 50 approaches with the reliability of the morning sun, and yet, you still have so many questions. There are the obvious questions, which I can answer here.
  • Evernote to stop selling notebooks, scanners and socks (2016-02-02 09:42:00)
  • News sites 'not liable for offensive reader comment' (2016-02-02 09:35:53)
    News websites are not responsible for "insulting and rude" comments by readers, the European Court of Human Rights ruled on Tuesday, after a Hungarian website was sued for messages on its forum. The case related to the news website on which readers posted a series of angry comments about a real-estate company. In response, the real-estate company, which was not named in the ECHR judgement, successfully sued the news portal as well as an association for Hungarian Internet firms in the local courts for allowing the comments to be published.
  • The best new movies and TV shows that were just added to Netflix (2016-02-02 09:32:06)
    Late last month, we told you about all of the new movies and TV show seasons Netflix planned to add to its catalog over the course of February. As well all know, Netflix's content library is not static — the service constantly adds new content and removes old content as licensing rights expire and new deals are signed. In the month of February, Netflix will add dozens of new TV shows and movies to its lineup, and the additions already began on Monday, February 1st, with a huge list of 28 new movies and TV seasons. Don't bother going through them all, because we'll show you the best ones right here. DON'T MISS: 
  • An Oklahoma university now requires new students to wear Fitbits (2016-02-02 09:22:39)
    College, usually the start of a gradual ascension into adulthood freedom, now comes with mandatory fitness rules for students in Oklahoma. Oral Roberts University in Tulsa is requiring all 900 of its freshmen to wear Fitbits, according to The Washington Post. The students will be graded on how well they maintain their fitness levels, which are tracked through wireless reporting to an online grading platform.
  • Cast your vote for March's free PlayStation 4 indie game (2016-02-02 09:22:00)
  • This is the fastest wireless carrier in the US (2016-02-02 09:18:15)
    A new study taps data supplied by everyday phone users just like you. The winner might not be who you were expecting.
  • Drake did an awful Super Bowl commercial for T-Mobile (2016-02-02 09:12:17)
    Just in case you weren't already tired of "Hotline Bling," Drake and T-Mobile just teamed up for a Super Bowl spot that, no matter what they or anyone else tells you, actually makes the song worse. Here, Drake, back in his trademark turtleneck and Timberlands, is interrupted mid-dad-dance by reps for an unnamed carrier, who each give him advice on how to advertise for their bad deals. And of course he's for it (he's all about working with tech companies), but it all kind of makes him look terrible.
  • Key & Peele will provide live commentary during the Super Bowl (2016-02-02 09:12:07)
    If you're one of those people who finds the Super Bowl to be a largely unpleasant display of pointless competition, millionaires slamming their bodies into other millionaires, and men yelling at a TV screen, Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele may have just saved your Sunday. The duo known as Key & Peele will host a live video broadcast during the Superbowl with their own take on the proceedings. First, the stunt is technically an ad for Squarespace, and second, Key & Peele are legally blocked from saying players' names or specifically mentioning the game at all.
  • Google doubles Cloud Compute local SSD capacity: Now it's 3TB per VM (2016-02-02 09:10:00)
    Google boosts local SSD storage to 3TB per virtual machine and persistent disk to 64TB per virtual machine on its Cloud Compute Engine.
  • Magic Leap raises $793.5 million in funding round led by Alibaba (2016-02-02 09:09:32)
    (Reuters) - Magic Leap Inc, a startup focused on augmented reality technology, said on Tuesday it had raised $793.5 million in a funding round led by Chinese ecommerce giant Alibaba Group Holding Ltd . Magic Leap, which counts Alphabet Inc and Qualcomm Inc among its investors, said money also came from Time Warner's Warner Bros unit and investment arms of Fidelity, J.P. Morgan and Morgan Stanley . The Florida-based company is developing a computing platform that it says will enable users to combine digital experience with their physical lives. (http://bit. ...
  • Star Wars: The Force Awakens is turning into a Lego video game (2016-02-02 09:07:38)
    Star Wars: The Force Awakens is finally turning into a video game — and it's going to be made out of Lego. Warner Bros. Interactive announced Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens this morning, the latest in the long-running series of Lego games, after existence of the title leaked out through a product page on the Xbox store last night. The new Star Wars game will feature the same cast of characters as the film — including Finn, Rey, Poe, Kylo Ren, Han Solo, and, yes, BB-8 — all rendered as Lego minifigs, and will also include new content that helps continue to bridge the gap between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens.
  • It looks like Apple’s spring event is taking place on March 15th (2016-02-02 09:07:13)
    While we still don't know for sure when Apple will have its big spring product launch, a report from the reliable Mark Gurman says that the company is looking to have its special press event on March 15th. Gurman cautions that this date could still change, however, because the event is still a month and a half away. FROM EARLIER:  Which carrier has the fastest LTE network in America? Based on earlier reports, we expect Apple to unveil a new 4-inch iPhone model called the iPhone 5se, a third-generation iPad Air and some new Apple Watch models. The iPhone 5se is expected to feature a faster A9 processor and an M9 chip that has support for always-on Siri activation so
  • Microsoft is now aggressively pushing Windows 10 upgrades (2016-02-02 09:05:51)
    Microsoft revealed last year that it was planning to be more aggressive with its Windows 10 upgrade plans for existing PCs. Starting this week, Microsoft is recategorizing Windows 10 as a "recommended update" in its Windows Update system. While the upgrade process starts automatically, existing Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users will have to choose whether they upgrade to Windows 10 or not.
  • Two newly-discovered flaws light fire under IoT security (2016-02-02 09:00:03)
    One of the reported flaws exposed children's personal profiles -- including name, birthdate, gender, and language.
  • Connect your lawn to the Internet of Sprinklers (2016-02-02 09:00:02)
    The company Rachio is today introducing a new version of its smart sprinkler system, which lets homeowners with in-ground sprinklers control watering schedules through apps or the web. The sprinkler controller's apps show weather data and watering schedules, so people using it should be able to make adjustments based on what their lawn actually needs. The system can also be set to use weather data to automatically determine when a lawn needs watering.
  • ICYMI: Animal vs. drone, 3D-printed living bone and more (2016-02-02 09:00:00)
  • Which carrier has the fastest LTE network in America? (2016-02-02 08:49:35)
    Verizon has long been thought of as the nation's broadest network, with coverage that always seems to stretch to areas where other networks don't. AT&T is no stranger to vast network coverage either, and T-Mobile constantly touts the improvements made recently to its always-expanding 4G LTE network in TV commercials. Meanwhile Sprint continues to build out its network as well, still recovering from the WiMax mistake it made early on. With all of this 4G coverage all over the country, one question still remains: Which carrier has the fastest 4G LTE network? UP NEXT:  New app
  • Dell’s XPS 15 makes big laptops cool again (2016-02-02 08:47:37)
    Dell’s XPS 13 is the most exciting laptop in a long time. It’s the best 13-inch Windows laptop out there, but a lot of people want a bigger screen. While 15-inch laptops are some of the most popular on the market, if you want a larger laptop what options do you have?
  • Valossa secures funding for real time, AI powered video search technology (2016-02-02 08:31:00)
    Valossa enables you to search through deep video content with your voice and natural language for better movie services and entertainment control.
  • 'Knights and Bikes' is a charming co-op game set in '80s Britain (2016-02-02 08:29:00)
  • ​Telenor snaps up Tapad for $360m to add ad tech to core telecoms (2016-02-02 08:21:00)
    New York startup Tapad looks set to bring its digital marketing expertise to Norway's incumbent telecoms provider, Telenor.
  • Has Apple Watch finally kickstarted interest in wearable devices? (2016-02-02 08:11:19)
    Sales of fitness trackers and VR headsets also set for rapid growth
  • Samsung may introduce a 360-degree camera this month (2016-02-02 08:09:18)
    Back in 2014, Samsung announced Project Beyond: a 360-degree camera designed to complement the company's then under-development Gear VR headset. This might be about to change, however, with a new report claiming that Samsung will be unveiling a 360-degree camera later this month alongside the Galaxy S7.
  • US auditors slam Homeland Security's $5.7bn Einstein firewall: But are they missing the point? (2016-02-02 08:05:00)
    A US government audit has found a key network security platform offers inadequate protection. But is it designed to offer protection or some other capability?
  • Windows 10 usage share continues to grow, but enterprise stays on sidelines (2016-02-02 08:03:01)
    The latest analytics data confirms that Windows 10 has moved into a strong second place in terms of usage. Meanwhile, new data suggests that Windows 7 is going to be the enterprise standard for a long time.
  • Avoid the stress of data loss for the rest of your life (2016-02-02 08:00:00)
  • Microsoft Band 2 update adds weight tracking, NBA sports feed, and GPS power saver (2016-02-02 07:47:03)
    Tracking your weight loss is an important metric when that is a primary goal for many using activity trackers. That's just one function that was recently added to the Microsoft Band 2.
  • HPE launches Investigative Analytics, using AI and big data to identify risk (2016-02-02 07:45:05)
    HPE recently announced a new software solution to identify risk and prevent fraudulent behavior within financial services and other industries. Here are the details.
  • Nintendo is exploring VR again, 20 years after the Virtual Boy flop (2016-02-02 07:32:00)
    Nintendo is reportedly exploring a return to virtual reality, with the company's president Tatsumi Kimishima describing VR as "interesting technology" in a recent earnings calls. According to a report from The Financial Times, the Japanese firm says it's researching virtual reality but has no specific plans to launch any products any time soon. Nintendo famously released one of the first ever commercial VR devices in 1995, but the Virtual Boy (above) was a significant failure, with consumers turned off by the console's high price, monochrome display, and its tendency to cause headaches and nausea.
  • First Click: It's time for Microsoft and Google to be friends (2016-02-02 07:30:02)
    Microsoft and Google love to hate each other. Now Microsoft’s approach to cross-platform apps and services is bringing Outlook and Office to Android. This presents opportunities for friction with Google, or the ability for both companies to form a partnership.
  • BT's updated TV app has an on-demand section just for kids (2016-02-02 07:30:00)
  • 'The God's Eye View,' A Conversation with Barry Eisler (2016-02-02 07:23:54)
    Photo: Barry EislerBarry Eisler, known to millions of readers for his edge-of-your-seat thriller novels, which include his bestselling John Rain and Ben Treven series, has departed from these characters in The God's Eye View, a compelling novel, introducing Evie Gallagher, an NSA analyst. Evie discovers the existence of a covert government...
  • Shooting to the top: Canon's EOS-1D X Mark II (2016-02-02 07:20:12)
    Canon's new flagship DSLR camera offers 4K resolution and boasts a body-only price tag of $5999. "In developing the EOS-1D X Mark II camera, we looked to incorporate user-requested performance enhancements to bring professional photographers the ultimate EOS camera, a camera that has matured and been developed to meet their evolving needs," said Yuichi Ishizuka, president and COO, Canon USA, Inc.
  • suitX launches lightweight and affordable exoskeleton (2016-02-02 07:14:00)
  • TE Connectivity to buy Creganna Medical Group for $895 million (2016-02-02 07:02:27)
    (Reuters) - Swiss-based communication equipment maker TE Connectivity Ltd said it would buy medical device maker Creganna Medical Group for $895 million, expanding in the fast-growing business of supplying equipment for minimally invasive procedures. Ireland-based Creganna Medical makes products such as cardiac stents, balloon catheters and laparoscopic devices used in cardiovascular, neurovascular and other life-saving treatments and procedures. Minimally invasive procedures involve using devices such as catheters to make tiny incisions instead of creating large openings on the body. ...
  • Dutch police train eagles to snatch enemy drones (2016-02-02 06:40:06)
    By Toby Sterling AMSTERDAM (Reuters) - Dutch police puzzling over how to remove drones that pose a public safety threat are testing a way to get the job done in one fell swoop - with trained eagles. "It's a low-tech solution to a high-tech problem," spokesman Dennis Janus of the country's national police said. Possible solutions the Dutch police have studied include shooting nets at the offending drones, remotely hacking them to seize their controls - or taking them out with birds of prey.
  • EU executive wants to coordinate 700 MHz mobile spectrum in Europe (2016-02-02 06:18:01)
    European Union regulators are expected to propose a plan on Tuesday to coordinate use of the 700 MHz mobile spectrum as part of a strategy to meet growing demand for mobile Internet services and technologies across the bloc. Currently the 28 countries in the European Union have different approaches to managing radio frequencies, creating discrepancies. "The proposal would help address different challenges, such as the growing demand for wireless broadband," the European Commission said in a statement posted on its website.
  • Inventables is bringing sexy back to subtractive manufacturing (2016-02-02 06:12:03)
    The company hopes to put a 3D carver into every school in the country. To start, it chose 50 lucky winners, one from each state.
  • Politician rallying against SWATting falls victim herself (2016-02-02 06:12:00)
  • France rules out negotiating with Google over back taxes (2016-02-02 06:06:53)
    PARIS (Reuters) - French Finance Minister Michel Sapin on Tuesday ruled out striking a deal with Google over back taxes as the British government recently did with the U.S. internet giant. "French tax authorities do not negotiate the amount of taxes owed, there is a discussion underway about which rules apply, that's perfectly legitimate," Sapin told journalists on the sidelines of a finance sector conference. Sapin told the conference that the sums at stake in France were "far greater" than those in Britain, where Google reached a 130 million pound ($187. ...
  • Android security: Google kills remote hacker bug, patches seven critical flaws (2016-02-02 06:01:00)
    Google has fixed seven critical security vulnerabilities in its February Android update for Nexus devices.
  • T-Mobile squeaks past Verizon for title of fastest LTE network (2016-02-02 06:00:02)
    According to a new report on America's mobile networks from OpenSignal, the answer is T-Mobile. The carrier easily took the top spot when it came to downloads on 3G (an average speed of 3.5 Mbps compared to second place AT&T’s 2.2 Mbps), and just narrowly clinched the top spot for 4G (12.3 Mbps download speeds compared to Verizon’s 12 Mbps). Both Verizon and Sprint performed pretty badly on 3G (0.7 Mbps and 0.6 Mbps respectively), while AT&T and Sprint did marginally better on 4G (7.9 Mbps and 6.6 Mbps respectively).
  • Pope Francis will be the first pope to star in a feature film (2016-02-02 05:58:41)
    Pope Francis is set to become the first pope to star in a feature film, playing himself in the forthcoming movie Beyond the Sun. Despite the name, this isn't a sci-fi epic, but a religious movie based on the gospels. According to Variety, the film will be a "family adventure," with Pope Francis asking filmmakers to create a movie communicating Jesus' message to children. The films is being financed and produced by Ambi Pictures, with co-founder Andrea Iervolino saying in a statement: "Our excitement and gratitude toward His Holiness, Pope Francis participating in this film is beyond words.
  • Sainsbury's is prepared to pay £1.3 billion for Argos (2016-02-02 05:22:00)
  • 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' is getting a LEGO video game (2016-02-02 05:11:00)
  • Nintendo says strong demand for Wii U games (2016-02-02 04:35:10)
    Nintendo said Tuesday its operating profit soared, as it pointed to strong demand for Wii U console games including shoot-em-up hit "Splatoon", but holiday sales fell and the positive impact of a weak yen hit its bottom line. Nintendo is gearing up for the March release of its first foray into smartphone gaming, after years of refusing to stray from a consoles-only policy. The move is seen as critical to Nintendo's future amid tough competition from console-maker rivals Sony and Microsoft, and the popularity of online gaming.
  • Elon Musk: Powerwall version two is coming in 2016 (2016-02-02 04:32:53)
    Last year, Tesla unveiled the Powerwall: a rechargeable battery pack for the home intended to store solar energy and provide backup power when needed. Although it was only available in limited quantities, Tesla quickly racked up some 38,000 pre-orders and declared that the product was sold out through the first half 2016. Now, the company has moved on to the next version, with CEO Elon Musk announcing that a new Powerwall will likely be available this summer.
  • Nintendo's profit slump shows the NX can't come soon enough (2016-02-02 04:26:00)
  • TalkTalk loses over 100,000 customers following hack (2016-02-02 04:21:00)
  • Opera adds mute tab option and better download interface (2016-02-02 04:00:00)
  • Soft robotic fingers can pick up even fragile objects (2016-02-02 02:55:00)
  • Memes the true winners of Monday's Iowa caucuses (2016-02-02 02:50:14)
    Do you find yourself groaning at the coverage of America's presidential process? Then check out some of the more popular memes about the Democratic and Republican candidates that will put a red, white and blue smile on your frowny face.
  • Nintendo sales decline after sparse Wii U holiday lineup (2016-02-02 02:43:14)
    Nintendo's sales are down on a year ago after a quarter which saw the Japanese games company make an operating profit of ¥33.5 billion ($278 million) off ¥224.5 billion ($1.86 billion) in revenue — respectively a 7 percent increase and 17 percent decrease year on year. Nintendo has made ¥42.4 billion in the nine months so far. Nintendo singles out Yoshi's Woolly World as a "steady" new performer, though it hasn't made the list of the ten best-selling Wii U titles.
  • Alphabet vaults past Apple as most valuable firm (2016-02-02 02:11:25)
    Google-parent Alphabet snatched Apple's crown late Monday as the world's most valuable firm based on the value of shares that leapt with better-than-expected earnings. At the official close of trade, Alphabet was worth $530.1 billion based on its share value, compared to $534.7 billion for Apple, but shares in the Internet search colossus soared in after-hours trading to reach $791 shortly before 0400 GMT. If those gains hold in official trading when the Nasdaq opens in New York City on Tuesday, Alphabet would officially overtake Apple as the world's biggest company by market value.
  • Telcos urge government to dump telco national security laws (2016-02-02 02:05:10)
    Australian telcos have provided a laundry list of problems with the government's national security telco legislation, with some recommending complete abandonment of the plans.
  • Facebook-owned WhatsApp boasts a billion users (2016-02-02 01:57:55)
    Facebook-owned smartphone messaging service WhatsApp has hit the billion-user mark, according to the leading social network's chief and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg. "One billion people now use WhatsApp," Zuckerberg said in a post on his Facebook page. Google's free email service, Gmail, is the latest of the Internet giant's offerings to crest the billion-user mark, chief Sundar Pichai said Monday during an earnings call.
  • easyJet's hybrid plane design has a hydrogen fuel cell inside (2016-02-02 01:38:00)
  • The Fine Bros abandon attempt to trademark reaction videos after barrage of criticism (2016-02-02 01:31:17)
    A day after they invited the ire of the internet by trying to trademark reaction videos, YouTubers the Fine Bros have backed off, canceling their controversial React World initiative and apologizing for building "a system that could easily be used for wrong." In a Medium post today, Benny and Rafi Fine said they have now rescinded all trademarks and applications for reaction videos. As part of the pair's now-discontinued React World program, anybody who aimed to produce a reaction video — in the vein of the Fine Bros' well-known "Kids React" series — would have had to license the format from Benny and Rafi Fine and their company. A subsequent attempt to clarify the "confusion" only made matters worse, as Benny and Rafi tried to justify why it would be beneficial for everyone if they were forced to pay to use a generic video format.
  • The Fine Bros abandon attempt to license reaction videos after barrage of criticism (2016-02-02 01:31:17)
    Having invited the ire of the internet by trying to trademark their reaction videos, YouTubers the Fine Bros have backed off, canceling their controversial React World initiative and apologizing for building "a system that could easily be used for wrong." In a Medium post today, Benny and Rafi Fine said they have now rescinded all trademarks and applications for brands related to reaction videos (such as Teens React and Elders React). As part of the pair's now-discontinued React World program, anybody who aimed to produce a reaction video — in the vein of one of the Fine Bros' well-known series — would have had to license the format from Benny and Rafi Fine and their company. A subsequent attempt to clarify the "confusion" only made matters worse, as Benny and Rafi tried to justify why it would be beneficial for everyone if they were forced to pay to use a generic video format.
  • This cat video will overtake Times Square every night in February (2016-02-02 01:24:50)
    For three glorious minutes this evening, 15 billboards in Times Square all displayed the same video of a cat sipping milk. Büsi is a brief video by Peter Fischli and David Weiss, originally commissioned in 2001 by Creative Time as part of The 59th Minute project on the NBC Astrovision screen in Times Square.
  • Spin-off or sale? Yahoo turnaround plan in focus as earnings awaited (2016-02-02 01:09:27)
    By Deborah M. Todd SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Yahoo Inc's plans to turn around its struggling core business are set to dominate its earnings report on Tuesday, with investors keen to see if CEO Marissa Mayer will push ahead with a proposed spin-off or entertain calls for a complete sale. The spin-off of its main business which includes its search engine and digital advertising units was flagged by Mayer in December after Yahoo abandoned efforts to sell its stake in Alibaba Group Holding Ltd , but the company has provided few details. On Monday the Wall Street Journal reported Yahoo planned layoffs of about 15 percent of its 11,000-strong workforce and would close unspecified units.
  • Evernote Market shutting down on February 3rd, refocusing on its software (2016-02-02 00:55:37)
    In addition to its outstanding information collection and note service, Evernote sold hardware for the last three years in the Market. The Market is closing as it plans to focus efforts on the software.
  • Pro cyclist caught with concealed motor in bike during world championships (2016-02-02 00:51:19)
    Competitive cycling already has a checkered history of its riders using performance-enhancing drugs to cheat, but it's long been rumored that some professional bike athletes are also engaging in so-called "mechanical doping" by secretly adding motors to their bikes, allowing them to conserve energy during grueling races. Van den Driessche had been one of the favorites for the race, but was forced to withdraw, citing a mechanical problem. The motor in her bike was reportedly spotted during a pit stop equipment check — according to journalist Martin Vangramberen, electrical cables were observed protruding from inside the frame when the bike's saddle was removed, leading to the motor itself hidden inside the crankshaft. Such checks were introduced by the UCI after professional cyclist Fabian Cancellara was accused of using a motor in his bike in 2010, and use a scanner and a camera to probe the bike's exterior and interior.
  • Design Also Matters to People in the Developing World! (2016-02-02 00:37:39)
    Wash, dry and carry kit for sanitary pads, by Sohyun Kim, Tanjana Vasily and Mariko IwaiDesign driven new entrepreneurial ventures promise a reinvigoration of progress in developing nations. When design is done right, it offers much more than mere decoration, it acts as a creator and mediator of strategy context and execution.Apple's...
  • Canon announces the 1D X Mark II, a flagship pro camera with 4K video (2016-02-02 00:33:42)
    Just as Nikon announced the successor to its four-year-old flagship pro camera at CES a few weeks ago, Canon has done the same today. The EOS-1D X Mark II is Canon's answer to the D5, targeting professional sports photographers and photojournalists with a fast-shooting body designed to work in challenging conditions. All of this is to say that pro Canon shooters who push their cameras to the edge have a new most wanted.
  • Tackle cybercrime with data science using this five-point framework (2016-02-02 00:19:26)
    The NIST's framework for reducing cyber-related risks is a good starting point when strengthening your organization's security with data science.
  • Uber drivers' rates protest takes to the SF streets (2016-02-02 00:01:00)
  • Qbot virus still attacking Royal Melbourne Hospital (2016-02-01 23:51:24)
    A computer virus that can steal passwords is still causing headaches at one of Melbourne's largest hospitals.
  • Bill Gates used to memorize employee license plate numbers to see who was working the longest (2016-02-01 23:35:30)
    In a refreshingly candid and informative interview with BBC's Kirsty Young, Microsoft founder Bill Gates spoke openly on number of interesting topics, including his rivalry with Steve Jobs and how he initially met and began courting his wife, now Melinda Gates. But perhaps the most interesting and quirky tidbit from Gates' interview centers on the famed tech icon's insatiable demand for excellence from his employees. DON'T MISS:  12 paid iPhone apps that are free downloads for a limited time While Gates today projects an image akin to a kindly and welcoming neighbor, don't let the smile fool you. Back in the day, Gates was a notoriously ruthless competitor who had a lot more in common with Steve Jobs than most people
  • Pro tip: Create user account packages to deploy to OS X machines (2016-02-01 23:03:57)
    Streamline user account management on OS X machines by using CreateUserPkg. Here's how to create local user accounts with this app.
  • Netflix let a bunch of comedians each make their own episode of a TV show (2016-02-01 23:00:17)
    Netflix has already announced over a dozen new and returning series for 2016, but that doesn't mean the schedule is set for the rest of the year. On Monday, the streaming service revealed another show that will debut in March called The Characters , and its premise is one of the strangest we've seen from the company so far. SEE ALSO:  You should be furious that these 10 incredible movies were never made According to the YouTube description, The Characters is "a wildly inventive and wholly original comedy experience." Netflix gave eight up-and-coming comedians one episode to do whatever they wanted, and this is the result: It's hard to tell exactly what we should expect from the show,
  • EOS-1D X Mark II: Canon's flagship DSLR goes 4K (2016-02-01 23:00:00)
  • Google's self-driving cars rack up 3 million simulated miles every day (2016-02-01 22:50:28)
    Google uses its giant data centers to simulate 3 million miles of autonomous driving per day, the company has revealed in its monthly autonomous driving status report. Americans drove some 2.7 trillion miles in the year 2000 alone and Google needs all the data it can get to teach its cars how to drive safely. The real advantage comes when Google's engineers want to tweak the algorithms that control its autonomous cars.
  • Future will debut his new album on DJ Khaled's inaugural Beats 1 show this Friday (2016-02-01 22:33:09)
    The Atlanta rapper, who blazed through 2015 dropping three critically acclaimed solo projects and a mixtape with Drake, is preparing to release his next album this Friday on Apple Music, sources close to the situation confirm to The Verge. The project will debut on the first episode of DJ Khaled's new show We The Best Radio on Beats 1. This will be Future's second project in just three weeks, after dropping the mixtape Purple Reign back in January.
  • NBN satellite commercial services launching April (2016-02-01 22:30:01)
    NBN has successfully demonstrated the capabilities of its satellite services, with a customer field trial to take place later this month and commercial launch aimed for mid-April.
  • Samsung is now allowing users to install ad blockers on its phones (2016-02-01 22:25:54)
    Following in Apple's footsteps once again, Samsung added support for content and ad blockers to its pre-installed browser over the weekend. As long as you use the Samsung Internet browser on your Galaxy phone, you will now be able to download extensions from the Google Play store that hide advertisements and speed up loading times. READ MORE:  Samsung Galaxy S7 will be unveiled on February 21 – here’s what we know so far Considering the update to Samsung's browser is less than 24 hours old, there aren't too many ad blockers to be found at the moment, but Samsung did partner up with Adblock Fast to bring the popular open source iOS, Chrome and Opera ad blocker
  • Preview premium channels for free on Verizon FiOS (2016-02-01 22:25:00)
  • Samsung, Apple feel pinch from Chinese economic downturn, market saturation (2016-02-01 22:09:00)
    As Apple is bracing for its first sales decline in 13 years and Samsung suffers stiff competition from budget Chinese brands, the smartphone industry has a dismal outlook for the first half of 2016, according to IBK Securities.
  • BlackBerry exec: ‘The future is really Android’ (2016-02-01 21:50:54)
    Yes, it's really time to start digging a grave for BlackBerry 10 . In an interview with India's The Economic Times , BlackBerry exec Damian Tay explained that "the future is really Android" and said that the company may completely ditch its own BlackBerry 10 operating system if it can make Android secure enough to get security certifications from governments that still rely on BlackBerry devices for secure communications. Should that happen, we should expect BlackBerry to become an Android-only smartphone vendor. MUST SEE:  Google is going to give Chrome a big visual makeover – here are the first images "We went for Android essentially for its app ecosystem," explained Tay, who serves as BlackBerry's senior director, APAC product management. "In addition,
  • Samsung will lend you a free Galaxy Note 5 while you're in Korea (2016-02-01 21:39:00)
  • 28 'Grams: Instagram launches serial thriller, 15 seconds at a time (2016-02-01 21:17:23)
    Indie cinema is moving onto your phone with the new 28-part serial thriller "Shield 5," coming soon (in bite-sized chunks) to an Instagram feed near you.
  • Hulu could lose its biggest advantage over Netflix if Time Warner has its way (2016-02-01 21:15:35)
    If there's one reason to subscribe to Hulu over Netflix , it's the ability to watch the latest episode of a TV show just hours after it airs. Streaming current seasons of shows has been one of Hulu's biggest draws from the outset, but as talks are heating up between Hulu and Time Warner , the future of current-season streaming could be on the line. DON'T MISS:  It takes 2 seconds to give your Android phone a speed boost and improve battery life by 20% According to a report from The Wall Street Journal , Time Warner is closer than ever to buying into Hulu and becoming a part-owner of the service. Time Warner clearly has an appreciation for the
  • Virtual reality support for 'The Witness' sounds shaky (2016-02-01 20:58:00)
  • Fed up by slow Internet service, Comcast customer finds an ingenious way to fight back (2016-02-01 20:40:32)
    If you’ve got the skills to pull it off, there’s a very simple thing you can do to simultaneously shame and troll your ISP for your underperforming Internet service. At least one Comcast customer has pulled off a brilliant scheme that works by setting up a Raspberry Pi bot that automatically tweets at Comcast whenever Internet speeds are far below what’s promised in the contract. DON’T MISS: 12 paid iPhone apps that are free downloads for a limited time We’ve all been there: Internet speed drops without no explanation, and the ISP is reluctant to take any responsibility or to actually fix it. So then why not complain publicly about it? And why not do it automatically, to mark all those moments
  • Video game featuring LeBron James, Kobe Bryant tattoos sparks lawsuit (2016-02-01 20:37:58)
    By Jonathan Stempel NEW YORK (Reuters) - Take-Two Interactive Software Inc has been hit with a copyright infringement lawsuit over its depiction of tattoos belonging to National Basketball Association stars LeBron James and Kobe Bryant in a popular video game. In a complaint filed on Monday in Manhattan federal court, Solid Oak Sketches LLC said Take-Two should pay damages for incorporating eight tattoo designs, which the plaintiff had licensed from various artists, into its NBA 2K16 game.
  • Crooked Silk Road investigator arrested a second time (2016-02-01 20:37:00)
  • Dish’s game-changing set top box just got a huge upgrade, and it’s available now (2016-02-01 20:05:21)
    Satellite television provider Dish Network on Monday announced the nationwide availability of its new Hopper 3 set top box, the latest iteration of a device that has made some serious waves in the industry. Dish's Hopper burst onto the scene and caused an uproar among major networks due to its "auto hop" feature, which allowed users to record prime time television shows and then automatically skip over all TV commercials during playback. Despite all of the outrage and even a high-profile lawsuit, auto hop remains a key feature of the Hopper line, and it was just joined by a number of additional new features in the Hopper 3. DON'T MISS: 
  • Law enforcement's encryption claims overblown, study finds (2016-02-01 20:00:19)
    The surge in Internet-connected devices will offer ample new surveillance opportunities, according to a Harvard study.
  • What's on your HDTV: Super Bowl 50, 'Better Call Saul' (2016-02-01 19:59:00)
  • Forget Apple vs. Samsung. There's no stopping China in the smartphone war (2016-02-01 19:46:00)
    The problem comes down to industry commoditization.
  • Facebook tweaks your News Feed to show more relevant stories (2016-02-01 19:39:00)
  • Madden NFL 16 releases its official Super Bowl 50 prediction (2016-02-01 19:30:40)
    The biggest sporting event of the year is nearly upon us. On Sunday, the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers will meet at Levi's Stadium in San Francisco, California for Super Bowl 50 . Fans are expecting an exciting showdown between one of the NFL's most potent offenses, led by Cam Newton, and a stifling Broncos defense that shut down Tom Brady in the AFC title game a week ago. But only one team can come out on top. SEE ALSO:  Google is going to give Chrome a big visual makeover – here are the first images As it has every year for the past twelve years, EA Sports has simulated the Super Bowl in Madden NFL 16 in order to predict
  • Dad who confiscated daughter's iPhone acquitted on theft charge (2016-02-01 19:22:40)
    Technically Incorrect: A Texas father appears in court for taking away his 12-year-old's phone. He says he was merely trying to discipline her.
  • Drone-snatching eagles ready to stop illegal flights (Tomorrow Daily 307) (2016-02-01 19:21:11)
    Anti-drone technology is already on the radar of most law enforcement agencies, but the Dutch National Police are testing an idea that's far cooler, and way more low-tech: Trained. Effing. Eagles.
  • Evernote is shutting down its lifestyle product store (2016-02-01 19:20:19)
    Three years ago, Evernote made a bold bet that its brand as one of the leading cross-platform note-taking apps could extend from software to physical lifestyle products like notebooks, backpacks, and wallets. Today Evernote admits its bet failed. Some Evernote-branded items will still be sold through its partners, including the company's Moleskine notebooks, Adonit stylus, and Fujitsu scanner.
  • Second-screen the Super Bowl to share the fun (2016-02-01 19:19:00)
    Once the game's on, it's time to join the social stream.
  • Bigcommerce expands ANZ presence with eBay partnership (2016-02-01 19:16:02)
    Australian ecommerce player Bigcommerce has partnered with eBay for eBayLINK, an online inventory system for merchants in Australia and New Zealand to automate manual listing procedures and open new sales channels.
  • Mechanical 'trees' generate energy by swaying in the wind (2016-02-01 19:04:00)
  • Nokia shows off 8Gbps over 50m copper runs in Germany (2016-02-01 18:57:07)
    Deutsche Telekom has teamed up with Nokia to demonstrate the potential of XG-Fast, which Nokia claims is capable of 1Gbps symmetrical over a distance of 70 metres.
  • Porsche CEO on self-driving cars: ‘An iPhone belongs in your pocket, not on the road’ (2016-02-01 18:55:16)
    Self-driving cars represent the future of the auto industry, right? At the very least, that's the narrative we seem all too willing to accept at face value as we envision a world where cars drive themselves to and fro while drivers are relegated to mere observers, free to engage in more pressing activities. Everywhere you look, the biggest names from the tech and auto industry are doubling down on autonomous driving: Mercedes, BMW, Tesla, and Google, just to name a few. Even Apple is reportedly interested in developing a car with autonomous driving capabilities. DON'T MISS:  Apple vs. the world, 2015 edition But one company steadfastly remaining on the sidelines is
  • Watch a Reese's Peanut Butter cup undergo an Oreo transplant (2016-02-01 18:54:26)
    A new YouTube Channel features life-altering surgery performed on food. Scalpel, chocolate, operate.
  • Obama seeks $1 billion for cancer 'moonshot' over two years (2016-02-01 18:38:00)
  • Quickflix continues descent in wake of streaming competitors (2016-02-01 18:32:02)
    Quickflix has reported a AU$1.7 million drop in customer receipts for the December quarter, as well as losing another 7,856 customers.
  • Keep your hoverboard fire contained with the Hovervault carry bag (2016-02-01 18:30:53)
    Yes, there's always that chance your hoverboard will catch fire, but at least you can ease your mind a bit with a special bag designed to keep the potential flames from spreading.
  • Hey - where's my desk gone? (2016-02-01 18:20:00)
    The drive is on to remove permanent desk assignments, whether it's via hot desking or activity based working. But are employees convinced?
  • Alphabet passes Apple to become most valuable traded U.S. company (2016-02-01 18:10:19)
    By David Gaffen NEW YORK (Reuters) - Alphabet Inc surpassed Apple Inc as the most valuable company in the United States in after-hours trading on Monday, knocking the iPhone maker from the top spot that it has held for the better part of four years. The change may signal the passing of the technology baton to Alphabet - formerly known as Google - from Apple, which surged past Microsoft Corp in market value in 2010. Microsoft in turn eclipsed International Business Machines Corp two decades ago.
  • Prep for the Iowa caucuses: Check out the Engadget Election Guide (2016-02-01 18:10:00)
  • Wait, Google's 'moon shots' cost how much??? (2016-02-01 18:09:12)
    Alphabet, Google's new parent company known for ambitious projects, reveals just how much innovation costs. All that spending has helped it become the most valuable in the world, topping Apple.
  • Uber's cheaper rates: Good for you, but some drivers hate them (2016-02-01 18:05:59)
    Livid drivers came to Uber's New York office to protest a rate cut from Friday. It's just the latest incident that has gotten the startup in hot water.
  • Stratasys and Adobe team up to make 3D printing accessible to more professionals (2016-02-01 18:00:04)
    3D printing giant Stratasys just announced an exclusive partnership with Adobe. Here's what it means for the future of 3D printing.
  • Facebook's Whatsapp messenger hits 1 billion monthly users (2016-02-01 17:57:00)
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 to be unveiled same day as LG G5 (2016-02-01 17:56:55)
    Get ready for a busy month in mobile news. The next big phones from Samsung and LG will be shown off February 21. Also, Samsung's Android Internet browser now blocks ads, and Google may be testing 5G speeds with drones.
  • WhatsApp has grown to 1 billion users (2016-02-01 17:50:40)
    WhatsApp passed a significant milestone today: the mobile messaging service owned by Facebook now has 1 billion users. WhatsApp had 450 million monthly active users before Facebook acquired it, and the small team led by co-founder and CEO Jan Koum has doubled the user base thanks in part to its ad-free stance and minimal design.
  • You're a robot on Mars with this interactive 360-degree view (2016-02-01 17:46:16)
    How does it really look from where the Mars Curiosity rover sits? Now you can explore that perspective, as if being stranded on the Red Planet.
  • Social Media: Your Free Roadmap To A Healthier Lifestyle (2016-02-01 17:44:01)
    Did you know that a full one-third of American adults obtain health information through social media? In a generation that is more likely to go online to check on their symptoms than ask a doctor, what role does social media play in this process? Spoiler: It plays a major part. There have been countless research papers on how illnesses can be...
  • Sponsor of federal anti-swatting bill targeted by swatting hoax (2016-02-01 17:42:03)
    Rep. Katherine Clark (D-MA), who has pushed Congress to impose harsher penalties on "swatting," has been targeted by a swatting call herself. Clark's office reported today that police in Melrose, MA had received an anonymous emergency call about an active shooter at her address. According to a statement, "multiple police officers" responded to the warning — made late last night — before determining it was a hoax.
  • Facebook-owned WhatsApp hits one billion monthly active users (2016-02-01 17:41:56)
    The worldwide messaging app is growing at an unprecedented rate.
  • Are You Suffering From Text Neck? (2016-02-01 17:40:59)
    Is your smart phone secretly damaging your spine? Recent research suggests that this is in fact the case. Text neck is affecting more and more people (especially teens), causing a multitude of problems including neck pain caused by adopting a posture that in turn removes the neck's natural curvature. So what exactly is text neck and what can...
  • Gmail has over 1 billion active users (2016-02-01 17:40:00)
  • Microsoft starts pushing Windows 10 as a 'recommended' update (2016-02-01 17:37:00)
    Microsoft is stepping up its Windows 10 push by making the OS a 'recommended' -- though not required -- update for Windows 7 and 8.1 users, beginning February 1.
  • The Reason We Use Technology Is the Reason to Turn It Off (2016-02-01 17:36:16)
    Has technology hijacked your attention? Today, I watched this video. In it, parents at their wits' end use a device that looks like a pepper mill to switch all smartphones, TV, and tablets off during mealtimes. At first, it's a freak show, but then something remarkable happens. Conversation. Communication. Contact.Let's face it: We're all...
  • What films? Sundance crowd can't wait to try virtual reality (2016-02-01 17:32:18)
    This year's Sundance Film Festival saw an explosion of interest in VR. We chat with some of the festivalgoers strapping on a virtual-reality headset for the very first time.
  • Zika virus declared an international health emergency (2016-02-01 17:31:00)
  • Dish's crazy watch-four-shows-at-once Hopper 3 DVR is now available (2016-02-01 17:20:51)
    The Hopper 3 also puts a bigger focus on 4K content, with movies from Sony and Netflix — once the Netflix app is ready in a few weeks. Netflix is being added to Dish's universal search, so you'll see streaming movies and shows pop up alongside DVR recordings and rentals. There's no upfront cost for those who want the Hopper 3, but you've got to be paying the $15 "whole-home DVR" fee to get it, and each Joey box (including the 4K model that is only now finally launching) demands its own $7 fee.
  • The 404 Show 1647: A Fine mess, Zika virus, truth and the Internet, why don't PCs just work? (podcast) (2016-02-01 17:11:32)
    Jeff and Russ unpack the YouTube scandal involving The Fine Brothers, try and understand the Zika virus without scaring themselves and vent about PC problems just about everyone on Earth has experienced at one point or another.
  • Gmail now has 1 billion monthly active users (2016-02-01 17:11:17)
    Google has yet another billion-user service. Gmail, the company's longstanding email service, now has 1 billion monthly active, according to CEO Sundar Pichai on a call announcing the company's Q4 2015 earnings. (It initially hit 900 million sometime before last May.) This is seventh billion-user service for Google, which also includes Search, Chrome, Android, Google Play, Maps, and YouTube.
  • Network-attached storage: The smart person's guide (2016-02-01 17:06:36)
    This guide is an entry-level summary of what enterprises need to know about network-attached storage.
  • Alphabet profit sends shares up; overtakes Apple in value (2016-02-01 17:05:55)
    (Reuters) - Alphabet Inc reported better-than-expected quarterly profit on Monday, sending shares of Google's parent soaring in after-hours trading and making it the most valuable U.S. company ahead of rival Apple Inc.
  • Music streaming now counts towards gold and platinum certification (2016-02-01 17:00:00)
  • Record Better Smartphone Videos With These Apps (2016-02-01 17:00:00)
    Your smartphone videos just got a whole lot better thanks to these apps.
  • Cheat Like the Pros: How to Hide a Motor in Your Road Bike (2016-02-01 17:00:00)
    A cyclocross racer was caught at the World Championships with an electric motor installed in her frame.
  • Cycling world stunned by alleged 'technological doping' (2016-02-01 16:52:45)
    Technically Incorrect: Who needs drugs when you can plant an actual engine on your bike?
  • Project Skybender might be Google’s most important moonshot yet (2016-02-01 16:50:21)
    We've known for a while that Google has been experimenting with beaming wireless Internet services down from weather balloons as part of its Project Loon initiative . However, it looks like Google's ambitions to beam us Wi-Fi from the skies goes even farther, as a new report from The Guardian details . Google right now is testing out solar-powered drones that use millimeter wave technology to deliver wireless Internet service that is as much as 40 times faster than current 4G wireless data services. DON'T MISS:  Quick tips to speed up your home Wi-Fi and improve coverage "Based out of the site near the town called Truth or Consequences, Project SkyBender is using drones to experiment with millimetre-wave radio
  • ‘Shame on Uber’: hundreds of drivers demand more pay at NYC protest (2016-02-01 16:35:44)
    As the crowd occasionally got too close, Uber's private security guards would emerge to shoo protesters away — only to be met with a chorus of boos. "People are driving their cars into the ground," Diallo told The Verge after climbing down from his soapbox of slush.
  • OPPO, Vivo snap at Apple's heels in China mobile market (2016-02-01 16:32:57)
    By Miyoung Kim and Yimou Lee SINGAPORE/HONG KONG (Reuters) - Beyond China few may have heard of OPPO or Vivo, but these local handset vendors are rising up the rankings in the world's largest smartphone market, using local marketing savvy and strong retail networks in lower-tier cities. Industry experts say these cities - there are more than 600 of them and some are bigger than many European capitals - are the next smartphone battlefield as China's major cities are saturated. International brands such as Apple and Samsung Electronics have mostly not yet reached this part of the market - which accounts for more than 56 percent of China's overall consumption, according to Beijing All China Marketing Research.
  • Alphabet just passed Apple as the world’s most valuable company (2016-02-01 16:29:19)
    Wall Street seems to be as happy with Alphabet (and Google's) earnings as it was recently unhappy with Apple's. Minutes after Alphabet posted its most recent quarterly earnings, after-hours trading pushed the company's stock price up enough to make it the most valuable company in the world, with a market cap of about $570 billion vs Apple's $539 (or so) billion. It might be temporary and as far as actual consumers are concerned, it's little more than bragging rights.
  • Alphabet earnings shows just how much Google's 'other bets' are losing (2016-02-01 16:28:00)
  • New in our buyer's guide: Lenovo's Yoga 900 and Samsung's Gear VR (2016-02-01 16:20:00)
  • Alphabet posts revenue above expectations, shares rise (2016-02-01 16:16:26)
    (Reuters) - Google parent Alphabet Inc reported better-than-expected quarterly revenue on Monday, boosted by strong sales of advertising on mobile devices and YouTube. Alphabet, announcing its first results under a new reporting structure aimed at improving transparency, said consolidated revenue jumped 17.8 percent to $21.33 billion in the fourth quarter ended Dec. 31, from $18.10 billion a year earlier. Total operating losses on "Other Bets" – which includes "moonshots" such as self-driving cars, glucose-monitoring contact lenses and Internet balloons – increased to $3. ...
  • Video reveals the most ridiculous way to sneak a friend into a movie theater (2016-02-01 16:15:37)
    When you were growing up, you probably tried to sneak into a movie theater at least once when you were low on cash. That said, you've probably never tried sneaking your way into a theater the same way that YouTuber  Bo Johnson  tried to sneak his friend Matthew with him into a theater. Basically, Bo dressed up in extremely loose clothing and had Matthew hide under his shirt while pretending to be an extremely portly moviegoer. FROM EARLIER:  Amazon, Best Buy and Walmart have great TV deals for Super Bowl 50 To pull this off, Matthew had to wrap his arms
  • Alphabet surpasses Apple, now biggest traded U.S. company (2016-02-01 16:12:31)
    (Reuters) - Alphabet Inc surpassed Apple Inc as the most valuable company in the United States in after-hours trading on Monday, knocking the iPhone maker from the top spot that it has held for the better part of four years. After the bell, Alphabet's combined share classes were worth $568 billion, compared with Apple, which had a value of about $535 billion. (Reporting by Noel Randewich)
  • Alphabet’s crazy moonshots cost it $3.5 billion last year (2016-02-01 16:08:22)
    As the founders of the Google search engine, Larry Page and Sergey Brin have almost unfettered control over an immense spigot of financial resources, money which they have plowed into ambitious projects like driverless cars, internet balloons, and eternal life. Over time, however, investors have grown tired of the lack of information around these investments, especially as the growth in the company's core business has slowed.
  • Alphabet tops Q4 earnings expectations thanks to mobile search, ads (2016-02-01 16:08:00)
    Google (the company still comprised of mobile and software products) continues to grow sales by billions. The Other Bets unit, however, is another story altogether.
  • Stratasys tightens Adobe Photoshop links for 3D printing with Objet Connex 3 (2016-02-01 16:00:03)
    Stratasys is streamlined workflow from about 7 steps to two and added more color management tools via a partnership with Adobe.
  • YouTuber debunks Neil deGrasse Tyson's 'biggest mistakes' (2016-02-01 15:52:29)
    Neil deGrasse Tyson is like that friend who returns home in the summer between freshman and sophomore year of college. No matter how hard you try to have a conversation with the guy, he can't help but cite some joy-sucking factoid.
  • The RIAA says streams will now count toward gold and platinum record certification (2016-02-01 15:47:02)
    The Recording Industry Association of America just announced it will now count streams when determining if a record qualifies for a gold or platinum certification. The RIAA has been bestowing albums with gold and platinum labels since 1958. An artist needs to sell 500,000 copies of a single record for it to reach a gold benchmark and 1 million to go platinum. But this doesn't mean a single stream will now carry the same weight as an album sale — instead, the RIAA says 1,500 song or video streams will be equivalent to ten track sales or one album sale.
  • Microsoft testing underwater datacenters (2016-02-01 15:44:55)
    Microsoft on Monday revealed that as the world turns to computing power in the cloud it is working to put datacenters under water. Researchers working on "Project Natick" tested a prototype vessel on the ocean floor about a kilometer off the US Pacific Coast for about four months last year. "The bottom line is that in one day this thing was deployed, hooked up and running," Microsoft Research NExT special projects leader Norm Whitaker said in a post at the company's website.
  • America's future is riding on Kim Kardashian's new Twitter poll (2016-02-01 15:44:08)
    Who cares about picking the next ruler of the free world when the title of Kanye West's new album is hanging in the balance for what feels like the hundredth time? Noted Twitter power user Kim Kardashian West is using the social network's poll feature to ask the frothing masses which potential album title they prefer. Do you miss the relatively clean, signature-free legal pad Kanye posted when his new LP was still called SWISH?
  • Criminals aren't going dark, says Harvard study (2016-02-01 15:44:05)
    For years now, the FBI has been warning legislators and CEOs about criminals "going dark" through encryption — and the responsibility of companies like Apple and Google to stop it from happening. Titled "Don't Panic," the paper unpacks the context of the recent debate around encryption, ultimately deciding that police are at little risk of being locked out of digital communications at large. The paper doesn't deny that encryption has made some communications have become inaccessible, but argues those difficulties are easily made up for with new channels and opportunities for evidence-gathering.
  • Dish's 4K-ready Hopper 3 DVR is now available (2016-02-01 15:44:00)
  • Google will reportedly exert ‘Apple-like’ control over future Nexus phones (2016-02-01 15:30:15)
    Given how far Microsoft has moved in Apple's direction by designing its own hardware with the Surface Pro and Surface Book , we shouldn't be too surprised to learn that Google is considering similar moves with its Nexus line of smartphones.  The Information is reporting that "Google CEO Sundar Pichai and his lieutenants have signaled to colleagues and outsiders that the company wants to take greater control over its program for making 'Nexus' smartphones" and that "the change would effectively reduce the level of involvement of hardware partners that make the phones with Google, a group which has included Samsung, Motorola, LG and Huawei." MUST READ:  How the Iowa caucus works, as explained with Legos The idea here
  • Bring on the Robots, Please! (2016-02-01 15:14:56)
    John Maynard Keynes once famously said that the difficulty lies not so much in developing new ideas but in escaping from old ones. And one of the oldest and most pervasive and pernicious economic ideas is that technology kills jobs. Economist David Ricardo worried about this in the early 1800s, when he wrote, "I am convinced, that the...
  • The Road to the Super Bowl -- It's all About Stats and Performance (2016-02-01 15:12:48)
    This year's Super Bowl is being played at the San Francisco 49ers' stadium in Santa Clara, in Silicon Valley's backyard. I, the CEO of SOASTA, a Silicon Valley software start-up, wanted to share my random musings about high performance, on the field and online.At this time of the year our thoughts and minds turn to things like resolutions,...
  • Detachable tablet sales are taking off (2016-02-01 15:11:00)
  • WHO declares the Zika virus spread a public health emergency (2016-02-01 15:00:55)
    The spread of the Zika virus is now being considered a "public health emergency of international concern" by the World Health Organization. This is just the fourth time that the WHO has declared a public health emergency since the distinction was created in 2007. The WHO issued the first public health emergency declaration in 2009 during the H1N1 swine flu pandemic.
  • Cops enlist eagles to hunt down rogue drones (2016-02-01 14:57:33)
    Police in the Netherlands are turning to big birds of prey to snatch drones out of the sky and bring them safely to the ground.
  • Why that crazy-fast home Internet replacement may be too good to be true (2016-02-01 14:57:01)
    From complications related to the radio airwaves it will use to the cost of deploying the network, there are many reasons why Starry has its share of skeptics.
  • The art of leading without leading: GM and the delicate dance of automotive cybersecurity (2016-02-01 14:56:39)
    How General Motors is staying ahead of the cybersecurity curve -- without making itself a target.
  • More leaked Galaxy S7, S7 edge images show a new side of the unreleased phones (2016-02-01 14:56:11)
    After giving us our best look yet at the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge last week, prolific leaker Evan Blass has returned with another render, this time showing off the back of the two flagship phones that Samsung will debut on February 21st. READ MORE:  The Galaxy S7 might not be the most exciting thing Samsung unveils this month Providing the renders are accurate, it appears that any external alterations to the Galaxy S7 will be minor. All in all, Samsung and its customers were happy with the design of the Galaxy S6 , so it makes sense that the S7 will mirror the 2015 device when it comes to appearance. At a glance, it's nearly
  • The People vs. O.J. Simpson is a dark, addictive character study (2016-02-01 14:48:50)
    Any hesitance to jump into American Crime Story is understandable, maybe even necessary: Ryan Murphy isn't exactly known for his nuanced depictions of non-white characters (see: Scream Queens) nor is he known for his ability to rein himself in when he could, instead, go over the top (see: American Horror Story, later seasons of Glee, Nip/Tuck, Popular). The People v. O.J. Simpson, the first installment in the planned anthology series American Crime Story, is based on Jeffrey Toobin's smart and exhaustive book The Run of His Life.
  • NASA transports its Mars crew capsule in the belly of a really weird cargo plane (2016-02-01 14:48:39)
    NASA's Orion capsule — the spacecraft that could one day take humans to Mars — is going on an important flight today. Instead, the main structure of the vehicle is being transported from the Michoud Assembly Facility in Louisiana, where the capsule was built, to Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The Orion has a special ride to Kennedy called the Super Guppy.
  • Amazon inks deal with Mattel for American Girl TV specials (2016-02-01 14:46:00)
  • Google to take control of Nexus program design, reduce hardware alliances (2016-02-01 14:40:09)
    Google wants to end its dependency on other smartphone manufacturers for the Nexus program, and it could hurt HTC.
  • Netflix's newest comedy is The Characters, and it looks super weird (2016-02-01 14:35:24)
    Are you excited by the prospect of young comedians being given total creative freedom and access to Netflix's coffers? That's the promise of Netflix Presents: The Characters, the booming streaming service's newest piece of original programming. Netflix enlisted eight up-and-coming performers for what it's calling "outlaw comedy," a show without rules or restrictions; the comedians were given a half-hour each and allowed to jam whatever characters, sketches, and ideas they wanted into that time. ...
  • Self-driving cars? Not for Porsche (2016-02-01 14:22:06)
    The automaker's CEO has drawn a line in the sand between its sports cars and the rest of the luxury market.
  • Amazon, Best Buy and Walmart have great TV deals for Super Bowl 50 (2016-02-01 14:21:53)
    In less than a week, the Panthers will face the Broncos in what should be an exciting Super Bowl 50 . That means you have plenty of time to upgrade your living room so that it’s ready for the big game. In other words, if you’ve been thinking about getting a brand new TV, now’s the time to do it. Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart are all lining up various TV deals for this year’s big game, with savings all the way up to $1,100 on certain models. DON’T MISS: Amazon has tons of killer deals today - here are 15 of the best ones Let’s check out some of the deals available right now – we're looking at regular TVs, Smart
  • The #2015bestnine Instagram meme was made to help launch a dating app (2016-02-01 14:21:00)
  • Yahoo to cut 15 percent jobs, close several units: WSJ (2016-02-01 14:12:06)
    (Reuters) - Yahoo Inc Chief Executive Marissa Mayer is set to reveal cost-cutting plans that include slashing 15 percent of its workforce, or roughly 1,600 jobs, and closing several business units, the Wall Street Journal reported on Monday. The plans are expected to be announced after Yahoo's fourth-quarter results on Tuesday, the Journal reported, citing people familiar with the matter. It did not specify which business units might be closed.
  • Docker's Unikernel acquisition: The Microsoft angle (2016-02-01 14:11:00)
    Microsoft partner Docker recently acquired Unikernel Systems. Could the move have any impact on Microsoft's future container and microservices directions?
  • Why you should focus on defeating distraction (2016-02-01 14:10:45)
    Your attention span, both personal and profession is one of your most important assets. Spend it wisely.
  • Google wants to be the home of the 2016 election horse race (2016-02-01 13:59:10)
    Google is doing all it can to make its search engine the fastest and best way to stay informed about the US presidential election. Starting today, the company will show presidential candidates' stances on topics like immigration, climate change, and economic policy in the form of quotes culled from news articles. Google Search will also give users a rundown of the up-to-date delegate count for each party. The features are available when searching on Chrome with a smartphone, on the web, and within the Google mobile app.
  • Google makes is easer to keep up with presidential candidates (2016-02-01 13:56:00)
  • Google makes it easier to keep up with the presidential candidates (2016-02-01 13:56:00)
  • Bill Gates says he was only ruthless when it came to low prices (2016-02-01 13:54:51)
    Technically Incorrect: Appearing on a popular BBC show, the Microsoft co-founder admits he was a stubborn child. His parents sent him to a psychologist. But, no, he wasn't really ruthless.
  • PlayStation Network goes down for some users (2016-02-01 13:48:24)
    After going out for several hours early last month, Sony's PlayStation Network is down again, at least for some players. Earlier today, PlayStation 4 and Vita users started reporting being unable to access network services, which locked them out of online gaming, user profiles, and apps or games that require an internet connection to use. On the other hand, it's not a universal outage: Polygon was unable to sign in on a PlayStation 4 or access the PlayStation Store in a web browser, for example, while we were able to do both.
  • AP News Guide: Facts about gene editing as Britain OKs study (2016-02-01 13:48:07)
    WASHINGTON (AP) — Britain's decision to allow researchers to edit the genes of human embryos — not to create babies but to start unraveling the earliest stages of development — is raising new questions about the ethics of this hot new technology.
  • The Apple Watch didn't slow down sales of fitness trackers last year (2016-02-01 13:47:09)
    Spending on wearable devices in the US nearly doubled in 2015 from 2014, according to the NPD Group, a research firm that tracks sales of consumer products. NPD estimates that 13.4 million connected activity trackers were sold in the US in 2015, up from 7.2 million in 2014, totaling $1.46 billion in sales, up from $692 million the previous year.
  • Here’s what Theranos customers need to know (2016-02-01 13:47:06)
    A warning letter that the US Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services sent to Theranos last week could have serious consequences for the blood testing company, which has been valued at $9 billion. Theranos' Newark, California, laboratory poses "immediate jeopardy to patient safety," the regulatory agency said.
  • You should be furious that these 10 incredible movies were never made (2016-02-01 13:46:31)
    All things considered, it's been a pretty fantastic decade or so for fans of massive blockbuster movies. From the Lord of the Rings trilogy to the rise of Marvel to the return of Star Wars , we really can't complain, but that doesn't mean we can't wonder what might have been if some of the more interesting projects in the industry didn't get canned. UP NEXT:  Apple vs. the world, 2015 edition In Screen Rant's latest video, we take a journey through an alternate history, where Nicolas Cage became the next Superman and the director behind Mad Max: Fury Road got to helm the Justice League movie. Although those ideas are probably
  • Family of Angolan rebel Savimbi sue 'Call of Duty' makers (2016-02-01 13:44:08)
    The children of slain Angolan rebel chief Jonas Savimbi will try to convince a French court Wednesday that the wildly popular video game "Call of Duty" defamed their father by representing him as a "barbarian". Three of Savimbi's children, who live in the Paris region, are seeking one million euros in damages from the French branch of Activision Blizzard which makes Call of Duty, the world's best-selling video game last year. The first-person shooter often features characters based on historical and political figures, but the violent role of Savimbi has incensed his children.
  • Sesame Street now has a venture capital arm (2016-02-01 13:32:42)
    The nonprofit behind Sesame Street wants to help startups help kids. Sesame Workshop announced this morning that it's forming a group called Sesame Ventures, which will largely be an advisory arm focused on working with venture capital firms and startups focused on children's development. The first is in partnership with the Collaborative Fund that's being called Collab+Sesame.
  • Google wants more control over Nexus smartphones (2016-02-01 13:29:00)
  • White House welcomes Facebook move to block private gun sales (2016-02-01 13:13:16)
    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Obama administration on Monday welcomed Facebook Inc's move last week to prohibit users from using its services to coordinate person-to-person private sales of firearms. "Obviously, we welcome steps from private entities like Facebook," White House spokesman Josh Earnest told reporters at a press briefing, following Facebook's announcement on Friday. ...
  • Tech sector tackles America's concussion epidemic (2016-02-01 13:12:00)
    A number of technology startups are devising creative new ways of detecting concussions in pro and amateur athletes, using apps, tablets and sensors to monitor the often debilitating brain injury. Sports organizations increasingly are looking for better concussion detection methods, and a sense of urgency has grown with the release of the 2015 film "Concussion" starring Will Smith on the problem of chronic brain injury suffered by American football players. Although some concussions may be unavoidable in contact sports, an important concern is getting a rapid diagnosis to keep an injured player off the field, to avoid potentially severe secondary impacts.
  • YouTube's complaint system is pissing off its biggest users (2016-02-01 13:11:56)
    On Thursday, followers of Channel Awesome (370,456 subscribers) on YouTube got a strange new message. The channel usually specializes in pop culture riffs, but this was a more straightforward video, with host Douglas Walker laying out a three-week odyssey triggered by a single DMCA copyright claim against a clip he’d used from My Neighbor Totoro. According to Walker, the Totoro clip was in fair use, but appealing the complaint had sprawled into nearly a month of notices and counter-notices.
  • New app wants to make it so you never have to deal with customer service – and it’s free (2016-02-01 13:09:49)
    Can you imagine a world where you never have to deal with customer service again? Can you imagine what you would do with all of the  time that would be freed up by not having to sit on hold and speak with 12 different representatives? How much would you pay for a service that might make that possible? Whatever that number is, forget it because a new app will try to make this dream a reality for free. MUST SEE:  12 paid iPhone apps that are free downloads for a limited time I recently wrote about an horrific experience I had with AT&T customer service .
  • NASA Takes Viewers on a 'Flight' Over Dwarf Planet Ceres (2016-02-01 13:05:04)
    A new NASA animation is taking viewers on a simulated flight over dwarf planet Ceres showing off the surface features of the icy world. The movie is based on images taken by the Dawn spacecraft, which has been studying Ceres since March of last year. Several features stick out on the flight over Ceres, including the Occator crater, and the mountain Ahuna Mons, which has a conical shape.
  • Farewell to the Ziegfeld, one of the last movie palaces (2016-02-01 13:00:00)
  • AT&T shuffles leadership to tie video, mobile services together (2016-02-01 12:59:25)
    Longtime executives Ralph de la Vega and John Stankey take on new duties as part of the shift.
  • GoInStore uses AR to blur the line between the online and in-store experience (2016-02-01 12:56:47)
    GoInStore uses wearable smart glasses to better connect online shoppers with in-store employees for specific products. Here's how the company is using the technology to improve customer conversion rates.
  • IBM Watson teams with Welltok, AHA to develop workplace health program (2016-02-01 12:55:00)
    IBM says the program will be the first use of Watson technology for the study and prevention of cardiovascular disease.
  • AR and VR: The future of work and play? (2016-02-01 12:49:56)
    Virtual reality and its more outward-looking cousin augmented reality are set to transform both entertainment and employment, but it's still early days.
  • Research: 67 percent considering adoption of augmented reality in the enterprise (2016-02-01 12:49:11)
    Augmented reality and virtual reality have a strong future in the enterprise. Read Tech Pro Research's report on this technology and find out who is using it, and who plans to use it.
  • Executive's guide to the business value of VR and AR (free ebook) (2016-02-01 12:47:04)
    Virtual reality and augmented reality may not have gone mainstream yet, but they're starting to take hold -- and their business potential continues to expand.
  • Trained Eagles Take Out Pesky Drones (2016-02-01 12:46:43)
    Drones have a pesky habit of flying into inappropriate places, including the flight path of airplanes. Governments around the world are working out ways to crack down on off-course drones, which include jamming radios, geofencing and hacking them to force a landing. The Dutch National Police is trying a slightly different tack: training eagles to bring down drones.
  • Ten industries using augmented reality and virtual reality (2016-02-01 12:46:29)
    We know AR and VR will be big for entertainment, but there are plenty of other industries interested in these new technologies.
  • Five tips for creating virtual reality product demos (2016-02-01 12:45:57)
    If your company has a product you want to show off with virtual reality, start with these five tips before committing to expensive tech and inexperienced creative partners.
  • The Reason Most Web Startups Fail (2016-02-01 12:45:46)
    Where do most web startups fail? originally appeared on Quora - the knowledge sharing network where compelling questions are answered by people with unique insights. Answer by Auren Hoffman, former LiveRamp CEO, Chairman of Siftery, on Quora.Most of the start-ups that actually fail, fail because the founders quit. I've invested in about 80...
  • Five ways augmented reality will transform your business (2016-02-01 12:45:00)
    From better customer service to expert help for remote workers -- here's how AR will help firms work smarter.
  • Five ways your company can get business value out of virtual reality (2016-02-01 12:44:00)
    Virtual reality technology is coming into its own and bringing with it some valuable uses for businesses. Here are five ways your organization can take advantage.
  • Marxent and Lowe's partner to use VR to help customer visualize home improvements (2016-02-01 12:43:45)
    Home renovations can be a nightmare. To help consumers make decisions, Lowe's introduced a VR project that puts them inside their renovation.
  • The 2,001 things we like most in the world, according to Facebook (2016-02-01 12:42:33)
    Facebook is the most popular social network in the world. With over 1.4 billion users, Facebook has something for everybody and most users come back for more and more multiple times per day. Sure, the company mishandled user privacy in the past, but it’s getting better all the time. And Facebook has plenty of other interesting services under its umbrella, including the Messenger and WhatsApp chat apps, the Instagram photo-based social network, and even the Oculus Rift VR initiative. To pay for all that, Facebook serves ads from third-parties to all of its users, and that’s why it needs to collect plenty of data about users like and dislike. This way, the service can target ads more effectively. So, what do
  • Apple's iPad Pro outsold Microsoft's Surface tablet last quarter (2016-02-01 12:30:36)
    Despite not hitting the market until the middle of the last quarter, Apple sold 2 million units of its iPad Pro, exceeding sales of the Microsoft Surface, which came in at 1.6 million units for the quarter, according to IDC estimates. The research group called the iPad Pro the big winner in a declining tablet market which fell 10 percent year over year. Losing out to the iPad Pro isn't a knock against Microsoft, who increased Surface sales by 29 percent year over year, but it does give credence to larger hybrid tablets as a potential growth opportunity.
  • US and Europe struggle to agree on data sharing (2016-02-01 12:24:00)
  • The Go LA app will show you all the ways to reach your destination (2016-02-01 12:19:34)
    Whether it's public transportation, ride sharing or just a bicycle, Go LA will get your across Los Angeles by any means necessary.
  • Samsung's latest Android mobile browser will support ad blockers (2016-02-01 12:17:00)
    Update to Samsung's Internet for Android allows third-party ad blockers to work on the browser.
  • Alphabet options busy as traders hedge ahead of results (2016-02-01 12:09:11)
    Options on Google parent Alphabet Inc were busy on Monday ahead of the search giant's quarterly results that could help it unseat Apple Inc as the most valuable company in the world. "It does appear that there is some defensive positioning going into the announcement," said Dan Deming, managing director at KKM Financial in Chicago. Alphabet is the last of the group of high-growth tech stocks including Facebook Inc , Netflix Inc and Inc , that together make up the "FANG" group, to report earnings this quarter.
  • African Diaspora Brings Skills and Expertise to Fuel Innovation in Africa (2016-02-01 12:04:34)
    The increasingly widespread usage of new technologies in Africa is fueling innovation and creating winds of change across the continent. Africans in Diaspora are helping to lead the charge in driving innovation, as more are returning to their home countries in greater numbers, bringing the latest technologies, technical know-how, and knowledge...
  • Artificial Intelligence: Stop or Go? (2016-02-01 11:58:41)
    In classical Chinese painting, one sometimes sees distinguished figures in a mountain retreat, involved in "the four elegant pursuits." The first three are readily understandable: painting, music, and calligraphy. The fourth is a surprise: the game of Go. Seeing these paintings, it seemed most odd to include a board game in this pantheon of...
  • The best films of Sundance 2016 (2016-02-01 11:56:46)
    Bryan Bishop: Films and television love to give us tidy, narrative takes on atrocities so we can come to grips, stick them in a box, and file it all away under "Can't Happen Here." They remove the fear, but Tim Sutton's surreal meditation on the dangers of gun violence goes the opposite direction. Loosely inspired by the 2012 movie theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado, Dark Night uses inhuman patience and an unflinching eye to turn even the most mundane moments into possible precursors to tragedy. Emily Yoshida: I didn't get to see as many films this year at the festival as I would have liked, which would normally lead to me making all sorts of caveats as to what I deemed to be the "best" of the festival, but Agnieszka Smoczyńska's mermaid musical The Lure has stayed with me days after leaving Park City.
  • These Devices Could Prevent Fatalities in Mass Shootings (2016-02-01 11:55:33)
    (Source: Wikimedia.)The ill-fated shooting at Sandy Hook shook the nation in 2012, in which 20 children and six adults lost their lives in a mass shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. However, in the three years that have passed since that tragic event, there have been at least 1,044 mass shootings, 1,327 fatalities, and 3,784 wounded victims, with...
  • UK to test self-driving cars on 41 mile 'connected corridor' (2016-02-01 11:52:00)
  • The Galaxy S7 might not be the most exciting thing Samsung unveils this month (2016-02-01 11:48:02)
    The Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge will be Samsung’s 2016 flagship smartphones. Set to be unveiled during a special event in Barcelona, Spain, later this month, the two phones have appeared in a number of leaks, most of which detailed the specs and features of the phone. More recently, a report revealed what looks like the actual press renders of the handsets . Now, a new rumor suggests the Galaxy S7 will debut alongside an awesome accessory that might be even more exciting than the phone itself. DON’T MISS:  This site ranks VPN speeds so you know which service will
  • Here's another leaked look at the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge (2016-02-01 11:45:36)
    A first good look at Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge leaked out on Friday courtesy VentureBeat's Evan Blass, and today he's back with another image. Put that together with the image Blass leaked on Friday — which shows the S7 and S7 Edge's fronts — and it's clear that Samsung won't be changing much this year. The S7 appears to have a much friendlier look, doing away with the S6's harsh edges in favor of something, well, a little more like the iPhone 6 and 6S's round edges.
  • Driverless shuttle bus to take to Dutch public roads (2016-02-01 11:41:47)
    (This Jan. 28 story has been corrected to remove reference to world first) AMSTERDAM (Reuters) - An electric, driverless shuttle bus will take to the Dutch public streets on Thursday, rolling six passengers along a 200 meter (yard) stretch of road. Several trials of so-called autonomous vehicles are under way in the automotive and technology industries, from Tesla's Model S sedan, which can change lanes with minimal driver input, to plans by Google and Daimler to introduce driverless vehicles. The shuttle pilot project will be expanded in coming months and will eventually be used as public transport along a 6 kilometer route in the town, said Iris van Cattenburch of Connekt, a group of companies developing sustainable public transport.
  • Grease Live: the live musical you should've watched (2016-02-01 11:39:02)
    Chris Plante: 2016: the year the live musical broadcast arms race began. The celebrity-dipped three-hour event didn’t reach the heights of John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John in a flying car, but it scaled the low bar set by NBC’s versions of The Sound of Music, Peter Pan, and The Wiz. Squint your eyes, and you can see how Alien Autopsy led to Fox freeing Mario Lopez from his cryochamber to serve as last night’s master of ceremonies.
  • Watch the first teaser for Tidal's new TV series (2016-02-01 11:38:15)
    If you haven't seen the first season of Money & Violence, the teaser probably won't help you sort out the details. Money & Violence almost came to an end last year — Tidal saved the show after it failed to crowdfund its second season. Last year, in addition to picking up Money & Violence, Tidal also landed a half-hour stand-up series called No Small Talk.
  • Study shows some 3D printing fumes can be harmful (2016-02-01 11:38:00)
  • Is Tesla finally going to start franchising dealerships? (2016-02-01 11:32:25)
    The Detroit News reports that Tesla applied for a dealership license in Michigan last November, citing MIRS. The license, known as a "Class A," is for an applicant that "buys and sells new vehicles under a franchise agreement or a contract with a new vehicle manufacturer," according to the Michigan Secretary of State's paperwork. Of course, that reads a little oddly considering that Tesla is the "new vehicle manufacturer" in this case — and Michigan banned direct sales of cars to consumers in 2014.
  • Watch three minutes of Final Fantasy XV’s wild new combat (2016-02-01 11:29:06)
    Final Fantasy XV is a big game, and Square Enix has been teasing various parts of the experience for some time. We've gotten glimpses of the story, open-world, and even the driving, and now you can take a closer look at the combat. ...
  • iPad Air 3 drawing hints at a smaller iPad Pro (2016-02-01 11:20:00)
  • The Facebook popularity quiz (2016-02-01 11:13:04)
    Earlier today, we published a list of 282,002 Facebook interests ranked by audience size. It revealed some surprising truths about what people are really talking about on Facebook, like Jimmy Page — who has the second biggest Facebook audience of any celebrity living or dead. Japanese pop duo Puffy AmiYumi (139,218,340) beats Beyoncé (80,634,320). Disney on Ice (36,144,060) beats Game of Thrones (34,527,750). Could you identify the things people on Facebook care about most? Take our 21-question quiz and find out.
  • Democrats and Republicans are both using Microsoft apps in Iowa tonight (2016-02-01 11:09:56)
    Moving the ballot box online is still an improbable challenge for general elections, but parties are free to make most of their own rules — and this year both the Democratic and Republican parties have partnered with Microsoft to preview what could be the future of election technology. Microsoft and its partner Interknowlogy have made separate apps for phones and tablets for each party to let their caucus precincts report voting results to headquarters and the press. The apps, Microsoft says, will help the parties receive and validate more accurate results than the previous system which involved telephone surveys.
  • Contest picks brains of technologists to fight forced labor (2016-02-01 11:04:56)
    By Sebastien Malo NEW YORK (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - A cell phone tool to survey working conditions of Ghanaian fishermen and a mobile system to collect forced labor data are among the finalists in a global competition to harness technology to identify enslaved workers in supply chains, organizers said on Monday. The contest, Rethink Supply Chains, aims to send a message that efforts to make supply chains transparent and slave-free create market opportunities, said Catherine Chen, director of investments at Humanity United, a non-profit participant in the project. Some 18.7 million people around the world are estimated to be trapped in forced labor in the private economy, generating $150 billion in annual profits, according to the International Labour Organisation.
  • Windows 10 overtakes XP and 8.1, still lags behind 7 (2016-02-01 11:01:29)
    Microsoft's latest operating system is now a distant second behind No. 1 Windows 7, according to the latest stats.
  • America is angry about Europe's tax investigations (2016-02-01 10:58:00)
  • 12 paid iPhone apps that are free downloads for a limited time (2016-02-01 10:56:29)
    As far as paid  iPhone  and  iPad apps on sale for free go, today's posts is one of the best ones we've run in quite some time. Not only are there a healthy number of apps on today's list — 12 in total — but they span a wide range of genres so there should definitely be something for everyone. DON’T MISS:  8 reasons I still can’t leave the iPhone and switch to Android These are paid iPhone and iPad apps that have been made available for free for a limited time by their developers. There is no way to tell how long they will be free.
  • EU, U.S. fail to strike data transfer pact deal by deadline (2016-02-01 10:45:12)
    European and U.S. negotiators have missed a deadline to agree a key data transfer pact, the European Commission said on Monday, with talks snagged over a new oversight role and the options for European citizens to seek redress over data privacy violations, sources familiar with the talks said. While talks are continuing and a deal could be clinched in coming days, national data protection regulators from across Europe are poised to begin meetings on Tuesday to start restricting trans-Atlantic flows of personal data. "There have been constructive but difficult talks over the weekend," said a spokesman for the European Commission.
  • LG's first Super Bowl ad features Liam Neeson and cheesy sci-fi (2016-02-01 10:38:00)
  • How CGI and some old-school trickery created two towering Tom Hardy performances in one film (2016-02-01 10:32:56)
    Cinematographer Dick Pope reveals the mix of new-fangled and classic filmmaking tricks that created Hardy's award-winning dual role in gangster movie "Legend".
  • Tickets for the live debut of Kanye West’s new album Waves are available today (2016-02-01 10:31:57)
    As was expected, if you want to hear Kanye West's upcoming album Waves first, you'll have to hear it at Madison Square Garden or inside a movie theater. West announced that he will debut Waves, along with season three of his fashion line on February 11th at the Garden in New York City. The event will be simulcast in movie theaters throughout the US and 25 countries.
  • This site ranks VPN speeds so you know which service will stream Netflix the fastest (2016-02-01 10:31:35)
    Netflix is at the start of a very long battle with VPN service users that will aim to prevent people from streaming content to regions where it is not licensed. The battle is being driven by content rights owners, of course, which aren't happy that users are able to stream movies and shows in regions where they are not licensed. Needless to say, things aren't exactly cut and dry — this is going to be a long, drawn-out battle with plenty of back and forth. In the meantime, people will continue to use VPN services to get around Netflix's  streaming restrictions. People also use VPNs for a variety of other things that have some pretty heavy bandwidth needs,
  • Muslims seek safe haven in Tutlub social network (2016-02-01 10:27:38)
    Are you a Muslim looking to escape online harassment and discuss your religion stigma-free? There's a site for you.
  • Hollywood studios back Fandango competitor for mobile ticketing (2016-02-01 10:27:36)
    Fox, Disney, and Lionsgate — are leading a $50 million investment in a mobile ticketing app startup, The Hollywood Reporter reports. The soon-to-be-launched startup, called Atom Tickets, will reportedly allow movie-goers to choose a movie and showtime with friends, and then pay for their tickets as individuals or as a group. The investment is proof that Hollywood's biggest studios are looking to regain a portion of control over ticketing.
  • You can now buy a Xiaomi phone in the US (2016-02-01 10:26:14)
    Xiaomi has been the buzz of the upstart smartphone world for the past few years, gaining significant ground in China and other parts of Asia. The company says it plans to bring its devices to America and other Western countries at some point in the future, but today US Mobile revealed that it will be importing Xiaomi and Meizu phones to the US for use on its network (which runs on T-Mobile). According to a report by PC Mag, US Mobile is selling the Xiaomi Redmi 2, Xiaomi Mi 3, Meizu Note 2, and Xioami Mi 4 for prices ranging from $119 to $219.
  • Cycling officials find motor hidden inside competition bike (2016-02-01 10:19:00)
  • Parliamentary committee finds UK snooping bill too vague (2016-02-01 10:10:00)
  • UK regulator allows gene editing of human embryos (2016-02-01 10:08:56)
    A UK regulator has approved British scientists’ request to use a controversial technique called CRISPR to edit genes in human embryos. The UK's Human Fertilization and Embryo Authority gave the go-ahead on Monday to a group of researchers, led by biologist Kathy Niakan, at the Francis Crick Institute.
  • Infographic: VR and AR are gaining traction for use in the enterprise (2016-02-01 10:03:35)
    This Tech Pro Research infographic show how and when businesses plan to adopt virtual reality and augmented reality, and what's holding them back.
  • Tablet market ended year on weak note (2016-02-01 10:01:12)
    The global market for tablet computers ended 2015 with a whimper, as the once sizzling market showed further signs of cooling, a market tracker said Monday. For the full year, IDC said the number of tablets shopped fell 10.1 percent from a year earlier to 206.8 million. Tablet sales had been gaining momentum through 2014 but failed to live up to many forecasts as consumers shifted to slim laptop computers and kept their tablets longer than expected before replacing them.
  • Aiding Syrian refugees, one iris scan at a time (2016-02-01 10:00:00)
  • How the Iowa caucus works, as explained with Legos (2016-02-01 09:41:10)
    It’s that time again, the one candidates from both parties have been waiting for. The Iowa caucus kicks off this year’s quest for presidential nominations, and later on Monday we’ll find out the winners of this first round of voting. Microsoft’s Bing already has a forecast for the Iowa caucus winners , and it’ll be interesting to see whether it can accurately predict the results of this year’s elections, primaries included. Meanwhile, if it’s still not clear how caucuses work and why Iowa is vital for any presidential candidate, the following video will explain everything there is to know. With Legos. Star Wars Legos. DON’T MISS: Google is going to give Chrome a big visual makeover - here are the
  • Microsoft wants to put data centers at the bottom of the sea (2016-02-01 09:41:00)
  • I bought my mom a Chromebook Pixel and everything is so much better now (2016-02-01 09:31:46)
    My mother loves Steve Jobs so much she got a little teary when I gave her a Chromebook Pixel for Christmas. It sounds insane: most tech products that cost a thousand dollars do many, many more things than simply running a web browser.
  • XCOM 2 review: Sci-fi strategy that’s deeper and more daunting (2016-02-01 09:30:03)
    The last time I played XCOM 2, the sequel to superb turn-based strategy game XCOM: Enemy Unknown, I decided to build a crack team of alien-killing pop stars. Players of XCOM 2 will benefit from knowledge of its two most recent predecessors, XCOM: Enemy Unknown and XCOM: Enemy Within, but no matter how well you defended the planet against invasion in those games, XCOM 2 assumes you failed.
  • LG’s first-ever Super Bowl ad is bad Tron with worse Liam Neeson (2016-02-01 09:24:49)
    Well. So much for subtlety. LG has just released its first-ever Super Bowl to show off its new Signature OLED TV and the result is ... not great. With Liam Neeson in the starring role (Liam Neeson!) and Ridley Scott directing (Ridley Scott!), you'd think the ad would have some redeeming qualities, but unfortunately not. Instead, we've got a schlocky 60-second journey through a Tron knock-off fantasy land, with Neeson growling cliches about how "the future belongs to us." There's also some ouroboros magic tattoo symbol? And generic motorbike-riding future goons? Really, it's just confusing.
  • Samsung's Android browser can now block ads (2016-02-01 09:21:00)
  • Consumers are turning away from tablets and towards 2-in-1s (2016-02-01 09:17:17)
    According to new data from Strategy Analytics, consumers have officially fallen out of love with tablets. Despite numerous reports in the lead up to the 2015 holiday season that put devices like the iPad very much at the top of people's tech gift wish lists, the year ended with tablets experiencing their worst year-on-year performance since the device category's creation. Strategy Analytics' figures show that shipments fell 11% over the last quarter of the year and 8% over 2015 as a whole -- or 224.3 million devices sold in total.
  • Apple vs. the world, 2015 edition (2016-02-01 09:16:09)
    Despite an unfortunate typo in the subheading of market research firm Juniper Research's press release that reads million with an "M," the company has found that smartphone shipments for the full year last year reached 1.4 billion units. That figure is up from the estimated 1.2 billion smartphones shipped in the prior year, but you wouldn't know it to look at Juniper's breakdown by company. In fact, the only major global player in the smartphone market that saw any real growth at all in 2015 was... you guessed it... Apple . DON'T MISS:  6 ways Android outshines my iPhone 6s Before we get to the numbers, the following chart shows
  • Peek & Pop was very different in 2011 (2016-02-01 09:15:41)
    Dualit Lite introduces a whole new way to interact with your toaster. No longer will you be bound by the Earthly laws of putting your bread into a fiery furnace and passively waiting until it is done. With the revolutionary new Peek & Pop, you can lift your toast out, check its progress toward crispy perfection, and then slot it back in — all without interrupting the toasting timer. Dualit Lite also has extra-wide slots and a dedicated bagel mode, because technology should adapt to you rather than the other way around.
  • The Top 2,001 Things Facebook Thinks We Care About (2016-02-01 09:03:42)
    We've detailed a lot of our favorite things out of Facebook's new Audience Optimization tool, which provides over 282,000 listings of things that Facebook believes its users are interested in. Facebook designed its tools so that publishers can target audiences for their Facebook posts in the same way that advertisers do. But whatever — everybody knows what we really want is the list of the most popular things on Facebook. So here it is, or at least here are the first 2001 listings.
  • The definitive list of what everyone likes on Facebook (2016-02-01 09:00:15)
    Last week, Facebook made public a huge trove of data about its users’ interests as part of a new tool called Audience Optimization. For the first time it revealed not only the hundreds of thousands of categories into which Facebook divides its users, but also the number of people who belong to each one. To help make sure these interests are neither too niche nor too broad, Facebook auto-completes interests and displays the total audience size for each one — not as a subset of your page’s followers, but as a subset of all Facebook users.
  • GE is phasing out CFL bulbs so that LED can take off (2016-02-01 09:00:02)
    Someday soon, your home will probably be lit by the glow of LED light bulbs. The transition is already taking place, but GE wants to see it happen even faster. This morning, it's announcing plans to phase out the sale of CFL bulbs in the US over the next year as it begins to position LED bulbs front and center.
  • GE banks on LEDs, ditches compact fluorescent bulbs in the US (2016-02-01 09:00:00)
  • PokerStars owner Amaya says CEO proposes takeover (2016-02-01 08:55:07)
    (Reuters) - Canada's Amaya Inc , operator of online gambling website PokerStars, said it received a non-binding proposal from Chief Executive David Baazov to buy the company for about C$21 per share. Amaya's U.S.-listed shares were up about 22 percent at $12.88 in premarket trading. Based on Amaya's basic share count, the proposed offer values the company at about C$2.8 billion, representing a premium of about 40 percent to its Friday close on the Toronto Stock Exchange.
  • Fresh iPad Air 3 leak reveals more details about Apple’s most exciting tablet in years (2016-02-01 08:49:06)
    Apple's November launch of the iPad Pro didn't really do much to alleviate slumping iPad sales. In fact, Apple's most recent earnings report revealed that year over year iPad sales were down 25% while iPad-based revenue was down 21% year over year. Nonetheless, Apple CEO Tim Cook has publicly stated that he remains confident in the iPad's long-term success. That being the case, it shouldn't come as much of a surprise that Apple will reportedly release an iPad Air 3 sometime in early 2016. In turn, the volume of iPad Air 3 rumors sprouting up has started to increase substantially over the past few weeks. DON'T MISS:  6 ways Android outshines my iPhone 6s Most recently, a new leak of a purported iPad Air
  • Dutch police are training eagles to take out drones (2016-02-01 08:32:55)
    The anti-drone arms race just got serious. As tech firms and law enforcement experiment with radio jammers and net-wielding interceptor drones to take down rogue quadcopters, police in the Netherlands are trialling a simpler solution: eagles. The country's law enforcement has teamed up with a raptor training company named Guard From Above to see if birds of prey can be used to safely intercept quadcopters.
  • Video: Cloud app teams must include security pros says USF CIO (2016-02-01 08:32:19)
    Sidney Fernandes, University of South Florida System's CIO explains why every cloud app development team needs members who focus on security.
  • UK scientists get permission to 'gene edit' human embryos (2016-02-01 08:30:00)
  • Galaxy S6, S6 edge: Samsung finally kicks off Android Marshmallow rollout (2016-02-01 08:21:00)
    The wait for Android Marshmallow could soon be over for owners of Samsung's higher-end handsets.
  • Can the upcoming Galaxy S7 seduce iPhone 6s users back to the future? (2016-02-01 08:04:00)
    Rumors are that Samsung is returning some cherished features to its flagship phone line. Will they be enough to bring back Apple users and keep Android users from switching? Let's find out.
  • Windows 95 is reborn - in a browser (2016-02-01 08:04:00)
    The 20-year-old Microsoft OS can be run directly from the browser - thanks to a student project to recreate memories of computing from their childhood.
  • VMware NSX: 3 different use cases (2016-02-01 08:00:04)
    VMware's NSX is one of the most-popular options for network virtualization. Here's how three companies are using it to power their businesses.
  • Car screens are getting force touch tech (2016-02-01 08:00:00)
  • Why LeaveLogic wants to become the TurboTax of parental leave policies (2016-02-01 07:50:00)
    How LeaveLogic works with companies to help negotiate and streamline parental leave for employees.
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 will be unveiled on February 21 – here’s what we know so far (2016-02-01 07:45:06)
    Over the past few weeks, almost everything worth knowing about Samsung's upcoming lineup of Galaxy S7 devices has leaked. From display resolutions and storage capacities all the way down to a release date, the Galaxy S7 isn't exactly a device shrouded in mystery. DON'T MISS:  Google is going to give Chrome a big visual makeover – here are the first images Indeed, the only missing piece of the Galaxy S7 puzzle was an unveiling date. Well, Samsung late last night erased that question mark when it announced that it will be holding a Samsung Unpacked media event on February 21 in Barcelona.
  • White House sets dangerous precedent for future government workers, after refusing clearance for security expert Ashkan Soltani (2016-02-01 07:45:00)
    Soltani was denied "necessary" security clearance likely because of his journalistic work with the Snowden documents, which won him a Pulitzer prize in 2014.
  • Amaya CEO offers to buy company for C$21 per share (2016-02-01 07:44:07)
    (Reuters) - Canadian gaming company Amaya Inc's Chief Executive Officer David Baazov said he plans to make an offer to buy the company at about C$21 per share. Baazov currently owns 24.6 million common shares of Amaya, representing about 18.6 percent of the outstanding common shares, and has options to buy 550,000 more shares. The offer represents a 40 percent premium to the company's closing on the Toronto Stock Exchange on Friday.
  • SkyBender: Now Google tests out drone-delivered 5G internet (2016-02-01 07:40:00)
    Google's top-secret Project SkyBender is testing the viability of millimeter wave technology, beamed from solar-powered Titan drones.
  • First Click: Galaxy S7 event, Drake's new single, and a preview of the week ahead (2016-02-01 07:30:02)
    Earnings continue this week with Google’s parent company Alphabet announcing later today, followed by Nintendo on Tuesday, and GoPro on Wednesday. For the first time, Alphabet will breakout the revenue, operating income, and capital expenditures for both Google and “Other Bets” — you know, Nest and some of Alphabet’s more far flung businesses such as Access/Google Fiber, Verily (formerly known as Google Life Sciences), and X (formerly Google X). Although it’s not likely, Nintendo might surprise with more information on its next generation NX console.
  • Why Windows 10 Mobile could still be a sleeper hit (2016-02-01 07:30:00)
    Microsoft still needs mobile, and Windows 10 Mobile will benefit from the way Windows app development is changing.
  • Eagles are being trained to take out illegal drones (2016-02-01 07:29:00)
  • Microsoft is experimenting with underwater data centers (2016-02-01 07:28:13)
    Keeping these data centers cool is such a problem that tech companies like Facebook and Google prefer to move them to colder countries than pay the air conditioning bill. This morning, Microsoft unveiled Project Natick — an ongoing research project into subsea data centers that could be both cost effective and environmentally friendly. The company started exploring the idea in 2013 after Microsoft data center employees wrote a white paper about the concept (one of the authors had experience on a navy sub).
  • Electronic music gets its own televised awards show (2016-02-01 07:02:00)
  • How Microsoft briefly ran Azure from an undersea datacenter (2016-02-01 06:37:00)
    Microsoft thinks its Project Natick submarine datacenters could be the answer to cleaner, low latency cloud services in the future.
  • Cuba bringing broadband service to some homes in Havana (2016-02-01 06:33:25)
    Cuba is launching a pilot program that will bring broadband internet access to homes in two Havana neighborhoods, the country's state-run telecommunications company announced on Sunday. As the Associated Press reports, the Telecommunications Company of Cuba (ETECSA) said it will allow Cubans to order broadband service through Huawei, marking an important development for one of the world's least connected countries. Cafes, bars, and restaurants will also be allowed to order fiber-optic service under the program, though ETECSA did not say when it will launch or how much access will cost.
  • YouTubers revolt over licensing of reaction videos (2016-02-01 06:30:59)
    Thus begins the ill-fated introduction video to Fine Bros Entertainment's new React World initiative, a program for licensing out their company's reaction video format and related brands. It's grand talk that has met with an unexpectedly massive reaction, as other YouTube creators and many existing fans have interpreted the move as a cynical money-grabbing tactic. Reaction videos have been around since before brothers Benny and Rafi Fine started doing theirs, and the format is generally deemed too generic to require licensing of any sort.
  • World's first 'robot run' farm to open in Japan (2016-02-01 06:28:51)
    Kyoto-based Spread said the indoor grow house will start operating by the middle of 2017 and produce 30,000 heads of lettuce a day. It hopes to boost that figure to half a million lettuce heads daily within five years. "Seed planting will still be done by people, but the rest of the process, including harvesting, will be done (by industrial robots)," company official Koji Morisada told AFP.
  • Researchers are looking into how to use cryotherapy safely (2016-02-01 06:20:00)
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge: Here's what to expect (2016-02-01 06:15:00)
    The floodgates are open, and we are awash with Galaxy S7 rumors, and it looks like Samsung is learning from some of the mistakes it made with the Galaxy S6.
  • The invites are out: what to expect from Samsung at Mobile World Congress (2016-02-01 06:13:38)
    A new flagship handset and an even greater focus on virtual reality are expected to top the bill when Samsung's latest Unpacked event takes place on February 21. The video also suggests that this re-thinking should be done around the subject of virtual reality. Despite a reputation as a "fast follower," Samsung has been very quick and very pioneering when it comes to VR.
  • Alphabet to give first peek at cost of 'moonshot' bets (2016-02-01 06:13:28)
    How much is Google-parent Alphabet Inc spending on "moonshots" – self-driving cars, glucose-monitoring contact lenses, Internet balloons and other ambitious projects? Investors will get their long-awaited answer when Alphabet reports fourth-quarter results after markets close on Monday. The results will also show how successful Google was in targeting ads at a fast-growing number of mobile users, especially after Facebook Inc's stellar report.
  • Hands on with Debian GNU/Linux 8.3 (2016-02-01 06:12:00)
    I'm using this Debian release update as an opportunity to look at the available distribution formats and installation procedures.
  • Millions in seed funding for 'Intel Inside' autonomous vehicles (2016-02-01 06:07:04)
    Founded by MIT professors and field-tested in Singapore, nuTonomy believes decision-making software is the key to a smooth ride in a self-driving car.
  • Sri Lanka takes stake in Google balloon Internet venture (2016-02-01 05:32:31)
    Sri Lanka's government announced Monday it would take a 25 percent stake in a joint venture with Google designed to deliver a high-speed Internet service powered by balloons and that tests would begin this month. Telecommunications Minister Harin Fernando said Google has taken delivery in Sri Lanka of the giant helium-filled balloons and other equipment needed to carry out tests across the island. "The tests will start later this month at Ratmalana (a suburb of the capital Colombo) and could last up to a year," Fernando told reporters.
  • Nokia patent sales forecast from Samsung deal hits shares (2016-02-01 05:09:58)
    By Jussi Rosendahl HELSINKI (Reuters) - Nokia said it had settled a lengthy patent dispute with South Korea's Samsung on Monday, but investors were disappointed by the financial terms of the deal. Nokia's shares fell more than 10 percent after the Finnish firm said the Samsung deal would lift patent unit Nokia Technologies' sales to around 1.02 billion euros ($1.1 billion) in 2015, from 578 million euros in 2014. The patent business is set to become a smaller part of Nokia after its proposed 15.6 billion euro takeover of French network gear rival Alcatel-Lucent , whose shares fell by 11 percent following news of the Samsung patent deal.
  • Alphabet's Google should disclose enterprise cloud run rate (2016-02-01 05:09:03)
    Amazon Web Services, Microsoft and IBM provide various levels of disclosure about their enterprise cloud businesses. Google's enterprise cloud size remains a mystery. How long can that situation last?
  • Sundance champ 'Birth of a Nation' chose Fox over Netflix (2016-02-01 05:02:00)
  • Nokia continues to profit from smartphone legacy with Samsung patent deal (2016-02-01 04:55:52)
    Nokia may have retired from the global phone market, but it's still got a pension to collect in the form of patent licenses from decades of R&D. This morning, the company announced that it had settled a dispute with Samsung over the licensing of its technologies, boosting the Finnish firm's bottom line by hundreds of millions of euros. Nokia's dedicated patent unit, Nokia Technologies, says it expects sales of around €1.02 billion ($1.1 billion) in 2015 following the deal, with an additional €1.3 billion ($1.4 billion) in the years 2016 to 2018. Although the settlement will increase sales in Nokia's patent unit from €578 million in 2014 to around €800 million ($868 million), analysts had expected more — predicting sales nearer €900 million.
  • Nokia patent sales forecast falls short after Samsung deal (2016-02-01 04:01:18)
    By Jussi Rosendahl HELSINKI (Reuters) - Nokia said it had settled a lengthy patent dispute with South Korea's Samsung on Monday, but investors were disappointed by the financial terms of the deal. Nokia's shares fell 10 percent after the Finnish firm said the Samsung deal would lift patent unit Nokia Technologies' sales to around 1.02 billion euros ($1.1 billion) in 2015, including catch-up payments, from 578 million euros in 2014. The patent business will become a smaller part of Nokia after its proposed 15.6 billion euro takeover of French network gear rival Alcatel-Lucent , whose shares also fell by 10 percent following news of the Samsung patent deal.
  • Man found not guilty after confiscating his child's iPhone (2016-02-01 03:45:00)
  • NASA is making a data modem driven by light (2016-02-01 02:18:00)
  • UK lawmakers say "vague" surveillance bill should not undermine encryption (2016-02-01 02:09:03)
    The parliamentary committee's critical report suggested the draft bill caused "confusion" and had "vague" definitions..
  • Nokia boosts revenue with Samsung patent resolution (2016-02-01 01:55:43)
    Finland's Nokia on Monday settled its patent dispute with South Korea's Samsung, saying the arbitration verdict would boost its patent sales by hundreds of millions of euros. Nokia said the settlement would lift sales at its patent unit Nokia Technologies to around 1.02 billion euros ($1.1 billion) in 2015, include catch-up revenue from the past two years, from 578 million euros in 2014. The annualized net sales run-rate for the patent unit is now about 800 million euros, Nokia added.
  • Airmail for iOS is here: the email app that can do everything (2016-02-01 01:07:18)
    Like Airmail for OS X, which has been one of the best Mac email clients for the past few years, Airmail for iOS has an overwhelming number of options. There are more options inside Airmail than in any mobile app I've used in a long time. Airmail's extensive list of options is something that I suspect most developers would be embarrassed to ship.
  • South Korea outlines hopeful 'creative economy' plan for 2016 (2016-02-01 01:03:00)
    ​South Korea will increase government support to businesses this year, with an eye on innovative startups in a slew of high-tech fields including 5G telecommunications, IoT, cloud computing, and biotechnology.
  • Telstra-NBN customer migration policy released (2016-02-01 00:52:58)
    The migration policy governing the transition of customers from Telstra's copper and HFC services to the NBN has been released, calling for information sharing between Telstra, NBN, and retailers.
  • Microsoft trumps Google in ANZ cloud email market: Gartner (2016-02-01 00:27:00)
    With two of the highest global penetrations of cloud email, Australia and New Zealand public companies are favouring Microsoft Office 365 over Google's Apps for Work for their business email.
  • Facebook, Instagram make text art from your photos (2016-01-31 23:32:00)
  • Samsung plans Galaxy Unpacked event for February 21, Galaxy S7 expected (2016-01-31 22:33:49)
    Samsung looks to unveil its next version of the Galaxy line at Mobile World Congress in February.
  • Meet Samsung's Galaxy S7 on February 21st (2016-01-31 22:12:00)
  • Comcast customer's Raspberry Pi bot tweets when speeds are lousy (2016-01-31 21:57:00)
  • Vodafone dumps NZ roaming fees, partners with Qantas (2016-01-31 21:43:08)
    Vodafone is trialling free roaming to NZ for the next year, while international travellers to Australia are being offered duty-free Vodafone-locked smartphones and SIM cards thanks to a deal with Qantas.
  • Obama seeks $4 billion to reboot tech education (2016-01-31 21:42:43)
    Part of the president's 2017 budget, the "Computer Science for All" initiative would bolster state funding for technology classes in public schools.
  • Reggie Watts made a weird comedy just for VR (2016-01-31 20:28:00)
  • Tesla hires creator of iPhone's processor to work on self-driving car tech (2016-01-31 20:11:59)
    At Apple, Jim Keller created the A4 and A5 processors that powered most of Apple's mobile devices from 2010 to 2012.
  • ​Village Roadshow continues donations in favour of Liberal Party (2016-01-31 19:42:00)
    The media company donated AU$160,000 more to the Liberal Party than the Labor Party during the 2014-15 financial year, according to the Australian Electoral Commission donor disclosures.
  • Indian telecom service providers geared to roll out 4G LTE services (2016-01-31 19:23:00)
    But according to the Cellular Operators Association of India, more investment is needed to strengthen the network.
  • Samsung's Galaxy S7 event is happening in three weeks (2016-01-31 19:21:37)
    Samsung has announced its latest "Unpacked" event where the company will announce, in its usual language, "The Next Galaxy." The event is set for Sunday February 21st at 7pm CET (1pm ET) in Barcelona, one day before Mobile World Congress takes over the city. The invitation includes an image of a shadowy cube with two edges glowing to form a "7," suggesting that we will indeed see the Galaxy S7 at this event, and the teaser trailer above sees someone staring at the cube through Gear VR goggles. Various information on the supposed Galaxy S7 has come out over the past couple of months.
  • UNICEF is looking to invest in tech that helps children in need (2016-01-31 19:01:00)
  • Samsung's Android browser gets ad blocking capabilities (2016-01-31 18:59:02)
    Samsung is today adding support for content and ad blocking plugins to the web browser preinstalled on its Android phones. The updated browser, which is being pushed to Samsung phones with Android Lollipop or newer starting today, will let users install helper apps that block ads from websites they visit, similar to how content and ad blocking works in Apple's Safari browser in iOS 9. Blocking ads and other content on Android has not been as simple as installing a browser extension, and Google's own Chrome browser, which is preinstalled on Android phones, often alongside another browser, such as Samsung's Internet, does not yet support content blockers.
  • Bulletproof to acquire Cloud House for NZ$5.2m (2016-01-31 18:27:00)
    Australian-listed cloud services provider Bulletproof will be purchasing the business assets of Cloud House in a NZ$5.2 million agreement to be paid by the end of the 2016 financial year.
  • 'Blackshades' webcam malware co-creator gets probation (2016-01-31 18:07:00)
  • Microsoft and mobile: The headache that won't go away (2016-01-31 18:00:04)
    Monday Morning Opener: Microsoft's attempts to break through with its Lumia smartphones have not gone well, so where does it go next?
  • Screenshots offer first look at Google Chrome updated for Material Design (2016-01-31 17:52:21)
    Chrome has looked much the same for years — despite Google's major Material Design push over the past couple of years. Code included in the latest versions of the browser offers a sneak peek at what the updated version of the browser will look like, and at first glance, it's certainly not a drastic change. Screenshots posted by The Next Web definitely show Material Design's "flat" style is in full force here, with tabs that now have squared-off corners.
  • IBM vs Microsoft and the battle for the corporate cloud business (2016-01-31 17:28:00)
    It's a year since Microsoft overtook IBM in revenue terms, and now the two companies are lining up to fight for the corporate cloud. Are they two fading giants, or is one of them poised for future success?
  • Vodafone 4G upgrade lifts rural broadband speeds (2016-01-31 17:27:43)
    More than 200 towers now built or upgraded to 4G in quest for a minimum of 50Mbps connectivity nationwide by 2025.
  • Gwendoline Christie's Captain Phasma is returning for Star Wars: Episode VIII (2016-01-31 17:00:10)
    Minor spoilers for Star Wars: The Force Awakens follow. Brienne of Tarth fans might have been pretty disappointed to see Gwendoline Christie's metal-plated stormtrooper, Captain Phasma, get such a limited role in The Force Awakens. While it seemed she was destined for death by trash compactor after being captured by Finn and company on the Star Killer base, Christie now says that's not the case.
  • VR video brings you closer to presidential candidates (2016-01-31 16:46:00)
  • For $140k, Land Rover wants to take you on the world's most luxurious road trip (2016-01-31 16:00:02)
    Whether it's to move cross country (check), to see the space shuttle launch (I did the drive, though the launch was scrubbed), or just to see somewhere new (check, check, check). A road trip is an opportunity to see the world, one mile at a time. Most of my road trips have involved stops at quaint, but inexpensive, roadside motels across the United States and Waffle Houses and every local fast food joint known to man.
  • Curiosity rover takes a selfie on a Martian dune (2016-01-31 15:16:00)
  • Dog owners less neurotic than cat owners, says study (2016-01-31 15:11:53)
    Technically Incorrect: A new study suggests that those who own pets are a little more satisfied with life and dog owners are more conscientious, extroverted and agreeable than cat owners.
  • ESPN is now lighting up the three-point line during NBA games (2016-01-31 15:00:02)
    ESPN debuted its "Virtual 3" technology during the broadcast, with the goal of making it clearer when a shot is inside three-point range. Like the augmented reality used to show the yellow first down line during NFL games, "Virtual 3" highlights the three-point arc in red if a shot is attempted in range. Like in the NFL, the call made by the augmented system is not official, and official replays will still be used for certain shots.
  • See a cat's worst nightmare: 'Walking Dead' mice (2016-01-31 14:24:03)
    These taxidermy tributes to Daryl, Merle, Michonne, and the Little Girl zombie from "The Walking Dead" are cute in an undead kind of way. We talk with taxidermy artist Rachael Garcia about her unusual art.
  • A closer look at the vehicles designed for the Hyperloop Pod competition (2016-01-31 14:15:00)
  • Spotify, please don't turn into iTunes (2016-01-31 13:45:02)
    A few months ago when Spotify announced its move into podcast streaming, I was an immediate opponent of the idea. Not music videos, mind you. Unlike Tidal and Apple Music, which both offer their subscribers on-demand access to a big vault of music videos, Spotify's going way more mainstream with something that almost resembles YouTube.
  • Life with the LG V10 and its oddball second screen (2016-01-31 13:45:00)
  • How visual effects brought 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' characters to life (2016-01-31 13:20:13)
    These video breakdowns from Industrial Light & Magic show how the magic of CGI was used to breathe life into characters like Maz Kanata.
  • CIA posts its own 'X-Files' of UFO reports online (2016-01-31 12:55:31)
    Agents Scully and Mulder might have be on the right track in believing in extraterrestrial life. The real-life Central Intelligence Agency publishes declassified UFO documents on its website.
  • Ellen Pao's not so excellent Lyft adventure with juror from her trial (2016-01-31 12:37:06)
    Technically Incorrect: The woman who sued venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins for sex discrimination and lost discovers that her Lyft driver voted against her.
  • Hannibal Buress could rescue Spotify’s boring new 'radio' series (2016-01-31 12:30:02)
    In 2013, I saw Chance the Rapper perform at the New York City venue SOB’s. There was only one opening act that night: Hannibal Buress. Buress is a comedian (probably best known for his role on Broad City), which seemed like an odd choice for a rap show opener, but his set ended up working really well.
  • MIT students win Hyperloop pod design competition (2016-01-31 12:29:00)
  • Starry's crazy-fast home Internet replacement may be too good to be true (2016-01-31 11:26:22)
    From complications stemming from the radio airwaves it plans to use to the cost of deploying the network, there are many reasons why Starry has its share of skeptics.
  • Quick tips to speed up your home Wi-Fi and improve coverage (2016-01-31 11:15:39)
    I can’t remember the last time I asked someone for an Ethernet cable to plug into a computer so I can get some decent Internet. Even a spotty Wi-Fi connection wouldn't drive me to do it. I’d just enable the mobile hotspot feature on my smartphone and hope for the best. But there are ways of improving your Wi-Fi connection at home without spending extra on Internet speed. In fact, paying your ISP more money is probably the last thing you should do if you want to fix your Wi-Fi. DON’T MISS: 6 ways Android outshines my iPhone 6s We’ve touched on the subject several times in the past, telling you how to set up your home Wi-Fi
  • This Month in Luxury: Apple Watch beats Rolex (2016-01-31 11:08:28)
    Welcome to This Month in Luxury, presented by Micah Singleton, The Verge's resident Luxury Director. In this monthly (or whenever we remember) column, I will take you on a completely superficial journey of opulence, pointing out one device, artifact, or service an upscale individual such as yourself would take pleasure in experiencing. Let the journey begin.
  • The After Math: These numbers are 'yuge' (2016-01-31 11:00:00)
  • Inhabitat's Week in Green: 'Deathproof' vehicles and more! (2016-01-31 09:30:00)
  • Microsoft's free 15GB of OneDrive storage ends today (2016-01-31 09:00:02)
    Microsoft reversed its decision to reduce its free OneDrive storage from 15GB to 5GB back in December. While the unlimited storage tier is still being removed, today is the last day to claim the free 15GB of storage. If you forgot to claim it back in December, you can opt-in to save your free storage over at Microsoft's special OneDrive site by the end of today.
  • The Verge Review of Animals: the maned wolf (2016-01-31 09:00:02)
    This column is part of a series where Verge staffers post highly subjective reviews of animals. The maned wolf is actually not a wolf, and also not a fox. It does belong to the canidae family, so it's a distant cousin of wolves, foxes, and domesticated dogs.
  • Thai junta pressures Facebook, Line to censor online posts (2016-01-31 08:51:49)
    Thailand's military government will try to persuade media companies Facebook and Line to comply with court orders to remove content it considers harmful to peace and order, a senior official said Sunday. The junta-appointed NRSA advisory council plans to meet executives from the two companies in the next three months, council member Major General Pisit Paoin told Reuters. The government has been granted court orders for the removal of content that damages the country and the monarchy and affects peace and order, which companies have rarely complied with.
  • Google is going to give Chrome a big visual makeover – here are the first images (2016-01-31 08:45:36)
    By most accounts, the transition to Material Design has been a successful one for Android. It's more responsive, it's easier on the eyes and it's even made its way over to iOS to some degree. So it only makes sense that Google would take what it's learned from Android and implement the best elements in the Chrome browser. DON'T MISS:  6 ways Android outshines my iPhone 6s On Friday, The Next Web discovered a Google Code discussion which appears to suggest that the first Material Design alterations to Chrome will begin appearing in Chrome OS with the launch of version 50. By enabling certain 'flags' in the Settings menu, The Next Web was able
  • Techiest Super Bowl ever: Silicon Valley's stadium girds for the big game (2016-01-31 08:00:06)
    Levi's Stadium is one of the most high-powered venues in sports. On Super Bowl Sunday, we'll see if its network can handle the data-storm caused by throngs of smartphone-wielding fanatics.
  • A brief history of open letters to Twitter (2016-01-31 08:00:00)
  • Drone schools spread in China to field pilots for new sector (2016-01-31 06:19:33)
    BEIJING (AP) — Joysticks at their fingertips, the mostly male students packing the classroom lift their virtual helicopters into the air, part of a new cottage industry that's sprung up in China: drone pilot schools.
  • Amazon's Audible stocks up on original radio programming (2016-01-31 04:48:00)
  • ICANN calls on APAC to help end US stewardship (2016-01-31 03:55:00)
    Asia-Pacific nations must help shape the future of the internet and facilitate the development of multi-stakeholder internet governance, says ICANN, as it readies its proposal for US stewardship transfer.
  • MIT wins design competition for Elon Musk's Hyperloop (2016-01-31 03:28:57)
    COLLEGE STATION, Texas (AP) — MIT student engineers won a competition to transform SpaceX and Tesla Motors co-founder Elon Musk' idea into a design for a Hyperloop to move pods of people at high speed.
  • European SpaceDataHighway's first satellite lifts off (2016-01-31 01:02:00)
  • Yes, 'Beyond Good and Evil 2' is still happening (2016-01-30 22:27:00)
  • Tesla hires veteran from AMD, Apple to make self-driving tech (2016-01-30 21:03:00)
  • Acer preps TravelMate B117 Windows 10 education laptop to challenge Chromebooks (2016-01-30 20:10:03)
    As notebooks running Google's Chrome OS invade classrooms, this portable hopes to keep Windows systems on the syllabus, featuring a semi-rugged design and Acer TeachSmart technology.
  • Huawei's first Honor phone for the US goes on sale January 31st (2016-01-30 19:28:00)
  • Drake's next album Views From The 6 will be released in April (2016-01-30 19:04:19)
    After premiering his latest single "Summer Sixteen" on his OVO Sound Radio show on Beats 1, Drake finally announced his long-awaited album, Views From the 6, will be released in April 2016. The follow-up to his third album Nothing Was The Same has been in the works since Drake announced the title back in 2014. Drake has seemingly locked himself in the studio over the past month with his best friend and go-to producer Noah "40" Shebib as they put the finishing touches on Views.
  • MIT wins SpaceX’s Hyperloop competition, and Elon Musk made a cameo (2016-01-30 18:55:46)
    In the end, Elon Musk couldn't resist showing up to the competition he helped inspire. The billionaire SpaceX CEO made a surprise appearance at the end of the Hyperloop pod design competition at Texas A&M University Saturday, eliciting a rapturous reaction from the thousand-plus audience of high school and college engineers who were there to compete for a chance to test their designs on Musk's personal Hyperloop track later this year. Massachusetts Institute of Technology's team was awarded the top prize, and will now go on to build an actual pod to race on the under-construction track near SpaceX's Hawthorne, Calif. headquarters.
  • One in four executives say Internet of Things is already delivering, survey finds (2016-01-30 18:51:00)
    IoT making some headway into enterprises, and hopes are high. But security and skill issues loom.
  • Drake releases 'Summer Sixteen,' his first single off Views From The 6 (2016-01-30 18:40:11)
    Drake just dropped "Summer Sixteen" the first single from his upcoming album Views From the 6. The rapper debuted the song during his OVO Sound Radio show on Apple's Beats 1, after teasing the release in a tweet early this morning. "Summer Sixteen" is available on Apple Music and iTunes right now.
  • Growth slows for listed New Zealand techs (2016-01-30 18:20:37)
    It's been a week of warnings and disappointing numbers from listed New Zealand tech stocks, but there is no obvious common cause.
  • CW is giving live-action Archie TV show Riverdale a pilot (2016-01-30 18:05:32)
    When you think of comic book-to-TV adaptations, Archie might not be the first thing that comes to mind. But that isn't stopping CW, which has just ordered to pilot a live-action TV show based on the American comic book classic. It's called Riverdale, after the fictional town in which Archie takes place.
  • Google plans to beam 5G internet from solar drones (2016-01-30 18:01:00)
  • The Super Bowl ad that might send a shiver down your spine (2016-01-30 17:58:12)
    Technically Incorrect: Online mortgage provider Quicken Loans wants everyone to use a phone to get a mortgage. Is this asking for trouble?
  • Louis CK launches an online-only video series (2016-01-30 17:20:00)
  • Light the way with 'Ghostbusters' Stay Puft candle (2016-01-30 17:05:45)
    Conjure up a romantic mood with this marshmallow-scented Stay Puft candle. Plus he's a lot less threatening than the giant version that attempts to destroy New York City.
  • Labour asks British government to explain basis of Google tax deal (2016-01-30 17:02:23)
    Britain's opposition Labour party demanded on Sunday that the finance ministry explain how it arrived at a back tax payment by Internet giant Google that has put the government on the back foot. The settlement of 130 million pounds ($185 million) for the period since 2005, announced just over a week ago, was hailed by the government as a major success but criticized by other parties, and could be examined by European Union antitrust regulators. In a letter to Conservative finance minister George Osborne, Labour's parliamentary spokespeople for finance and justice asked him to provide more information on the deal to restore public trust in tax authorities.
  • Twitter's week of beef is something we need more of (2016-01-30 16:43:00)
  • Everything coming to Netflix and Amazon Prime in February (and what to watch before it’s gone) (2016-01-30 16:00:02)
    Look, I get it. It’s super fun to get all mad when a movie you like leaves Netflix. "That’s not fair," you say, slamming your fists against the table. "I don’t care that they’re not supposed to have everything, and I don’t care that I’ve never watched that movie in the last three years it was on the service." You want it, and you want it now. Except soon you won't want for anything ever again... because space dementia is coming to Netflix next month.
  • Obama Administration calls for $4 billion to expand K–12 computer science education (2016-01-30 15:05:37)
    The Common Core, for good reason, is the Obama Administration's most-known education policy, but the White House has also specifically targeted computer science as a way to make sure students can find well-paying jobs in the future. Today, the president announced in his weekly radio address that he will seek $4 billion in funding to expand computer science education in schools from Kindergarten to the 12th grade in his upcoming budget proposal to Congress. The plan also calls for $100 million in grants specifically for school districts that can provide new ideas for expanding computer science education to all students — including minorities.
  • Ben Heck's Steam controller-inspired concept (2016-01-30 15:00:00)
  • These male mice don’t have Y chromosomes, but they had babies anyway (2016-01-30 13:45:02)
    Males are supposed to need a Y chromosome to reproduce — it's what's responsible for the testes, after all — but a new study on mice suggests that the genes located on that chromosome may not be entirely necessary. Researchers from the University of Hawaii said this week that they were able to remove the Y chromosome from mice and still allow them to develop usable reproductive cells. To do so, they had to enhance other genes — but the end result was the growth of male mice with mostly useable sperm and no Y chromosome in sight.
  • Tag Heuer Connected review: $1,500 for a smartwatch? (2016-01-30 13:30:00)
  • Here’s how to watch the Rolex 24 at Daytona, featuring the Ford GT's debut (2016-01-30 12:40:55)
    The action kicks off from Daytona International Speedway at 2:40PM ET, and the race will last through the night until — you guessed it — 2:40PM ET on Sunday. First and foremost, the LeMans version of Ford's revitalized GT supercar makes its official racing debut. Another thing to watch is the bizarre DeltaWing, which debuted at the 2012 LeMans race.
  • President pledges $4 billion toward computer science in schools (2016-01-30 12:15:00)
  • Top Windows Mobile news of the week: No more Lumias, News Pro, better Cortana reminders (2016-01-30 12:00:03)
    This week in Windows Mobile came word of no more Lumias, that Cortana will get more helpful, and saw a new app from Microsoft much like one from Apple on iOS.
  • Louis C.K. just launched a new show out of nowhere called ‘Horace and Pete’ (2016-01-30 11:45:28)
    Earlier this morning, everyone on Louis C.K.'s mailing list got an email letting them know that episode one of something called Horace and Pete is now available to download for $5. A quick search reveals that there were no prior announcements, no casting calls, no teaser trailers — Louis just decided to surprise everyone with a new TV show. READ MORE:  Colbert brutally torches Trump until there’s nothing left but ashes As with all of the material on his website, the first episode of Horace and Pete costs $5. That might sound steep for a single episode of a show, but according to a Reddit thread , the episode lasts 67 minutes. That puts it closer to the length of
  • This ‘Netflix and Chill’ themed apartment on Airbnb is as crazy as it sounds (2016-01-30 11:30:30)
    We've seen quirkier Airbnb listings before, but a new 'Netflix and Chill' themed apartment in New York City might be the most interesting take on apartment rentals we've seen yet. What began as something of an art project has apparently turned into a bizarre money-making venture. And it can be all yours for just $400 a night . DON'T MISS:  Colbert brutally torches Trump until there’s nothing left but ashes The appropriately named "Netflix and Chill" Airbnb room brings the famed meme to life and is everything you might expect. There's a bed draped with a Netflix branded blanket and accompanied by, you guessed it, two Netflix branded pillows. Refinery 29 adds : The Netflix & Chill Room includes
  • US Transportation Secretary says Elon Musk's Hyperloop could be the next ‘moonshot' (2016-01-30 11:29:40)
    The Hyperloop — the super fast, super conceptual, tube-based transportation system popularized by Elon Musk — has its fair share of skeptics. Foxx said the Hyperloop is a "very solid idea" that merited further beta testing, and that the federal government had a "responsibility" to support the idea. In fact, the Hyperloop could be eligible for federal money, through the University Transportation Centers grant program, he said.
  • Louis C.K. surprises fans with new show Horace and Pete, co-starring Steve Buscemi (2016-01-30 11:09:49)
    Louis C.K. fans might not know when to expect the next season of his FX show Louie, but the actor-comedian just surprised everyone with a brand new show released exclusively online. It's called Horace and Pete, and it looks like this was truly kept under wraps. Steve Buscemi co-stars in the show, which Louis C.K. released this morning with just a few words of introduction: "Go here to watch it.
  • Hackers try to con the wrong mom. Knitting circle not the same (2016-01-30 11:06:31)
    The eagle-eyed Char Yarema noticed something wasn't right when shopping online. But experts say not enough people know how to stay safe.
  • Nuts: a documentary about goat testicle transplants that's too good to be true (2016-01-30 10:00:02)
    The adage "fact is stranger than fiction" is muddied in Nuts, the new documentary from director Penny Lane (Our Nixon, The Voyagers) about a poor man becoming rich off a big idea and a few thousand goat testicles. Lane strikes pay dirt with her subject, the surgeon John Romulus Brinkley, who built a medical empire in the 1930s by transplanting goat glands into the scrotum to cure male impotence. Built in Mexico to dodge Brinkley’s legal issues, XERA broadcasted to all of the USA, along with 16 other countries.
  • Recommended Reading: Michael Jackson's music in 'Sonic 3' (2016-01-30 10:00:00)
  • Top iOS news of the week: iPad Air 3, iPhone is tops, new Microsoft keyboard (2016-01-30 10:00:00)
    This week in iOS news we saw a keyboard from Microsoft, heard that the iPhone is tops in two huge markets, and that the iPad Air 3 is coming soon.
  • iPhone prices from around the world: Cheapest to most expensive (2016-01-30 09:00:45)
    Whether or not Apple beats the increasingly outlandish earnings estimates in any given quarter, no one is ever all that surprised. The iPhone is one of the best selling electronic devices on the planet, and with a premium price, the phone is enough to keep Apple swimming in profits even when other products fail to meet the same lofty expectations. But before you complain about the iPhone's price, remember that other countries have it far worse. READ MORE:  This iPhone 7 concept looks like something Apple may really release After exploring the online Apple stores of every country, CNNMoney has determined how much you would pay in U.S. dollars for an iPhone 6s all over the world. Prices range
  • ICYMI: Printing in 4D, solar panel breakthrough and more (2016-01-30 09:00:00)
  • Nokia-Samsung patent verdict expected within days (2016-01-30 08:37:23)
    Nokia and Samsung are expected to settle their two-year patent dispute within days, with analysts forecasting a one-time payment of hundreds of millions of euros for the Finnish company. Nokia entered into a binding arbitration with South Korea's Samsung in 2013 to settle additional compensations for a five-year period starting from early 2014. The International Chamber of Commerce's arbitration court is due to make its ruling on the issue imminently.
  • Hackers try to con the wrong mom. Knitting circle not the same. (2016-01-30 08:00:06)
    The eagle-eyed Char Yarema noticed something wasn't right when shopping online. But experts say not enough people know how to stay safe.
  • Used iPhone 6 could be the bargain you're looking for (2016-01-30 08:00:05)
    In this edition of Ask Maggie, CNET's Marguerite Reardon offers advice about getting a great value from buying an older used model of the popular iPhone.
  • Top Android news of the week: Galaxy S7 soon, Samsung touch screen, LG's two new phones (2016-01-30 08:00:03)
    This week in Android it was much about Samsung, with word of a new phone for China, that the company will start using its own touch screen, and word of a March launch of the Galaxy S7.
  • Facebook's Live Video simplifies live streaming for everyone (2016-01-30 08:00:00)
  • European Space Agency launches new laser communications hub (2016-01-30 07:55:22)
    BERLIN (AP) — The European Space Agency says a new laser terminal has been launched into orbit as part of wider efforts to develop Europe's first optical communications network, a system able to monitor natural disasters and other catastrophes.
  • Twitter is Trapped Not By 140 Characters But By Its Own Success (2016-01-30 07:49:58)
    This article appeared as an op-ed on my regular column in The Washington Post.Twitter is in a state of crisis. The stock has tanked since co-founder Jack Dorsey returned as chief executive. Four of 10 top executives just left. With takeover rumors swirling Dorsey must think outside the box and reinvent the one-time darling of social...
  • Vuforia announces augmented reality support for Windows 10 (2016-01-30 06:25:03)
    AR for enterprise is coming, and PTC-backed Vuforia is hoping to make it cross-platform.
  • Google is offering home phone service to select Fiber customers (2016-01-30 06:15:00)
  • Obama wants $4B to help students learn computer science (2016-01-30 06:09:33)
    WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama said Saturday he'll ask Congress for billions of dollars to help students learn computer science skills and prepare for jobs in a changing economy.
  • What picture-in-picture on the new Apple TV would look like (2016-01-30 04:23:00)
  • Facebook aims to block private gun sales (2016-01-30 03:22:37)
    Facebook on Friday set out to block people from using the leading social network and its Instagram photo-sharing service for private gun sales. Although Facebook doesn't participate in outright gun sales, it has been a forum for negotiations, and it intends to put an end to that. The California-based social network on Friday updated its policy for managing regulated goods to prohibit people who aren't gun dealers from using Facebook to offer guns for sale or negotiate private sales of firearms.
  • NYT: DraftKings and FanDuel lose major payment processor (2016-01-29 23:18:00)
  • NSA’s chief hacker explains how to keep the NSA out of your business (2016-01-29 23:00:01)
    The level, reach, and breadth of  NSA surveillance activities, which were originally brought to the surface by Edward Snowden, undoubtedly opened the eyes of many. As a result, the public over the past three years has learned an awful lot about the NSA's capabilities and some of the more clever approaches they incorporate when conducting surveillance. DON'T MISS:  8 reasons I still can’t leave the iPhone and switch to Android One of the more interesting pieces of information relayed by Snowden was the existence of a top-secret hacking unit within the NSA called the Tailored Access Unit (TAO). According to reports, TAO is the elite of the elite, with its members capable of " gaining undetected access to intelligence targets that have
  • Facebook has banned person-to-person gun sales (2016-01-29 21:56:00)
  • Alec Baldwin works a ‘Deflategate’ joke into new clip from Amazon’s Super Bowl ad (2016-01-29 21:50:58)
    The New England Patriots aren't in this year's Super Bowl, but their specter is nonetheless hovering over the festivities. In the latest clip for Amazon's Super Bowl ad for the Amazon Echo , Alec Baldwin makes reference to last year's "Deflategate" controversy when he tells the chefs making football-shaped cheese treats for his Super Bowl party that "there will be no soft footballs this year, not on my watch." FROM EARLIER: Comcast’s ridiculous explanation for why it wants to limit your Netflix binges The chef informs Baldwin that the brie being used for the cheese footballs is simply too soft, which prompts Baldwin
  • Apple said to have secret virtual-reality team (2016-01-29 21:25:49)
    Apple has been building prototype headsets that could one day rival Facebook's Oculus Rift or Microsoft's Hololens, according to the Financial Times.
  • iTunes tips and tricks (2016-01-29 20:58:00)
    iTunes just turned 15 this month, and in honor of its anniversary, we have 15 hacks to make the most of Apple's media player and library.
  • Scholar explains why T-Mobile’s Binge On is ‘likely illegal’ (2016-01-29 20:40:20)
    There's no doubt that Binge On has been the most controversial initiative that T-Mobile has taken on so far, but could it actually violate the law? In a new paper (PDF), Stanford law professor Barbara van Schewick makes the case that Binge On is "likely illegal" because it "violates key net neutrality principles that the Open Internet rules are designed to protect and creates harms to Internet openness that the general conduct rule is meant to prevent." DON'T MISS:  The worst Android phones of all time, as picked by Android fans In her paper, Schewick makes some of the same arguments that I've
  • White House refuses security clearance for Ashkan Soltani (2016-01-29 20:39:00)
  • Facebook takes a shot at gun sellers (2016-01-29 20:16:39)
    The world's largest social network is banning private gun sales on its site, joining a larger debate about how guns are handled in the US.
  • %PublicAccess-21304531% (2016-01-29 19:53:00)
  • It’s game over for Windows Phone as device sales hit an all-time low (2016-01-29 19:30:20)
    Try as it may, Microsoft simply can't compete in a smartphone market still dominated by Apple's iPhone and an assortment of Android handsets. As part of the company's Q4 2015 earnings report, the company disclosed that it sold just 4.5 million Lumia phones during the busy holiday quarter. By way of contrast, Microsoft in the same quarter a year-ago sold 10.5 million units, a staggering 57% drop. DON'T MISS:  8 reasons I still can’t leave the iPhone and switch to Android In turn, revenue from Windows Phone devices also fell drastically, dropping 49% year over year. Seeing as how the modern smartphone market has been around for nearly nine years now, one struggles to come up with a scenario
  • Scientists predict human thought in real time, nearly every time (2016-01-29 19:22:00)
  • Apple quietly working on virtual reality: report (2016-01-29 19:19:29)
    Apple has a team secretly working on virtual and augmented reality gear in a budding challenge to Facebook-owned Oculus Rift and Microsoft HoloLens, the Financial Times reported on Friday. Apple also has a trove of patents related to technology that could be put to work in reality-altering gear. California-based Apple has not commented on reports it is exploring virtual reality, but chief executive Tim Cook voiced interest while answering a question during a quarterly earnings call this week.
  • Google's Project SkyBender aims to beam 5G internet from solar-powered drones (2016-01-29 19:18:27)
    Google is working in secret at a spaceport in New Mexico to build and test solar-powered internet drones in a new initiative codenamed Project SkyBender, according to a report from The Guardian today. The company is reportedly renting 15,000 square feet of hangar space from Virgin Galactic — the commercial spaceflight outfit of business mogul Richard Branson — at the privately owned Spaceport America located near a town called Truth or Consequences. The lynchpin of Project SkyBender appears to be cutting-edge millimeter wave technology, which can transmit gigabits of data every second at speeds up to 40 times faster than modern 4G LTE.
  • Facebook to prohibit private firearm transactions on its service (2016-01-29 19:14:40)
    By Dustin Volz WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Facebook Inc prohibited global users from coordinating person-to-person private sales of firearms on its online social network and its Instagram photo-sharing service on Friday, countering concerns that it was increasingly being used to circumvent background checks on gun purchases. U.S. President Barack Obama has urged social media companies to clamp down on gun sales organized on their platforms. It updates Facebook's regulated goods policy, introduced in March 2014, that banned people from selling marijuana, pharmaceuticals and illegal drugs.
  • Apple's working on long-range wireless charging for the iPhone (Apple Byte Extra Crunchy Ep. 24) (2016-01-29 18:56:35)
    The iPhone 7 could bring a new dual-lens camera, we're expecting the iPad Air 3 and iPhone 5SE in March, and Apple is exploring virtual reality.
  • The Milky Way may be dead or dying, but help is on the way (2016-01-29 18:45:37)
    Our galaxy might be running out of fuel, but scientists say that a shipment is on the way in the form of a previously exiled part of the Milky Way.
  • Snapchat goes after the sports crowd with live score filters (2016-01-29 18:42:00)
  • Hadoop turns 10, Big Data industry rolls along (2016-01-29 18:40:00)
    Apache Hadoop, the open source project that arguably sparked the Big Data craze, turned 10 years old this week. The project's founder, Cloudera's Doug Cutting, waxed nostalgic as vendors in the space churned out new releases of their own.
  • Exclusive: Facebook to prohibit private firearm transactions on its service (2016-01-29 18:29:08)
    By Dustin Volz WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Facebook Inc will begin prohibiting users from coordinating private sales of firearms on the online social network, a spokeswoman told Reuters on Friday. It updates Facebook's regulated goods policy, introduced in March 2014, that banned people from selling marijuana, pharmaceuticals and illegal drugs. Facebook already prohibited private firearms sellers from advertising "no background check required," or offering transactions across state lines without a licensed dealer because the company said such posts indicated a willingness to evade the law.
  • Elon Musk bought $100 million more worth of Tesla this week (2016-01-29 18:15:07)
    Tesla announced this afternoon that CEO and co-founder Elon Musk exercised 532,000 options of the company this week, increasing his holding by about $100 million worth of market value. The transaction was very much "in the money," as they say: the options were exercised at $6.63 apiece, according to an SEC filing, while Tesla stock is trading around $192 as of market close on Friday — so that works out to a profit of around $185 a share. Musk used "more than $50 million" in cash to cover the exercise price and the associated taxes, according to the announcement.
  • Facebook and Instagram to ban users from coordinating private gun sales (2016-01-29 18:14:42)
    Facebook will soon forbid users from coordinating private firearm sales using the social network, according to Reuters and The New York Times. The move, which also extends to Instagram, is a dramatic statement from the company, which has already worked to tighten policies around guns. Facebook won't be scanning through your private messages to uncover gun sales.
  • 2016 Research: 6 Benchmarks for Small Businesses Growth (2016-01-29 18:14:00)
    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 50% of small businesses fail in the first four years. Today, over a third of the U.S. working population is employed at business with less than 100 employees. Our economy is driven by small, private businesses - only 1% of U.S. businesses are publicly traded. What do small business need to do...
  • Zero-day exploits aren't as important to the NSA as you think (2016-01-29 18:13:00)
  • Deadpool, Batman v. Superman, Nine Lives and 6 more movie trailers from this week (2016-01-29 18:00:31)
    It’s been a busy week for trailers , teasers and TV commercials for upcoming movie releases, boosted by last week's football playoffs, which helped encourage filmmakers to deliver plenty of new movie clips. You’ll find all the biggest new videos below for some of the hottest superhero movies on the horizon, including Deadpool and Batman v. Superman, as well as plenty of trailers including one for an upcoming animated movie starring Kevin Spacey as a cat. DON’T MISS: 6 ways Android outshines my iPhone 6s Batman v. Superman You know all about this one , don’t you? Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Gal Gadot, Jesse Eisenberg and many others star in this clash of titans hitting theaters on March 24th. The fourth trailer
  • Donald Trump is an antisocial social media god (2016-01-29 18:00:20)
    Candidates who participated in the Republican debate didn't get as much attention as the candidate who snubbed the event.
  • Exclusive: Facebook says to prohibit private firearm transactions on its service (2016-01-29 17:44:46)
    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Facebook Inc plans to announce on Friday that it will begin prohibiting users from coordinating private sales of firearms on the online social network, a spokeswoman told Reuters. Licensed retailers will still be able to advertise firearms on Facebook that lead to transactions outside of Facebook's platform, the spokeswoman said. (Reporting by Dustin Volz; Editing by Kevin Drawbaugh and Bill Rigby)
  • US, UK intelligence agencies cracked Israeli drone data (2016-01-29 17:44:00)
  • GCHQ and the NSA spied on Israeli drone video feeds (2016-01-29 17:42:57)
    Newly released documents from Edward Snowden show that the NSA and GCHQ coordinated to hack into, decrypt, and track live video feeds of Israeli drones and fighter jets. The documents, published by The Intercept, show how effective the operation — dubbed "Anarchist" — was at keeping tabs on the Israeli military. The agencies were able to capture live video screenshots, as well as map flight paths, despite Israel's work to keep its drone communications secure.
  • Netflix is officially bringing back Gilmore Girls (2016-01-29 17:39:01)
    Netflix and Warner Bros. have confirmed that Gilmore Girls is being revived on the streaming service in some form. Creator Amy Sherman-Palladino and stars Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel are all on board for the show's new episodes, but details regarding the number of episodes being made and the revival's premiere date haven't yet been announced. Netflix content chief Ted Sarandos hinted at the project earlier today, listing Gilmore Girls as an example of a show Netflix was reviving, and Graham has since confirmed the revival on Twitter.
  • Facebook Live Video vs. Periscope for broadcasting (2016-01-29 17:26:34)
    What's the difference between Facebook, Periscope and Meerkat for live-streaming video? Bridget Carey explains how the new broadcast feature works on Facebook. Also: iTunes Radio is no longer free, and Rihanna lures new users to Tidal.
  • Justice League is coming back to Cartoon Network with Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy (2016-01-29 17:23:56)
    If you can't imagine waiting until 2017 for your Justice League fix, you're in luck: Cartoon Network is getting back in the game with a new animated series, Justice League Action. Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill are reprising their iconic vocal roles as Batman and the Joker, respectively, and they'll be joined by James Woods' Lex Luthor and Diedrich Bader's Booster Gold in a series of 11-minute episodes. Cartoon Network hasn't announced a premiere date for the series yet, but it's shared a colorful poster.
  • Google Fiber may toss in phone service with its internet and TV packages (2016-01-29 17:21:04)
    Google Fiber may be trying to become the antithesis to your friendly neighborhood ISP monopoly, but a new test program from the ultra-fast internet provider indicates the company may pursue a traditional triple-play package with the addition of phone service. Called Google Fiber Phone, the service would operate similar to Google Voice and direct mobile and landline phones to a single number operated by the company's network, according to The Washington Post, which obtained an email invitation from Fiber participants. The invite to try the phone service has been going out to members of the Google Fiber Trusted Tester program for the past month.
  • Swiss researchers work to prevent EV grid overload before it happens (2016-01-29 17:18:36)
    Their solution takes its idea from something quite familiar -- underground gasoline storage tanks.
  • Congress to investigate US involvement in Juniper's backdoor (2016-01-29 17:15:00)
  • 'Gilmore Girls' is officially coming back to Netflix (2016-01-29 17:13:00)
  • Get ready for King of the Hammers, the toughest offroad race in the world (2016-01-29 17:12:18)
    If you've never heard of King of the Hammers, we've got your primer right here. Read up on the week's events and be ready to enjoy the Hammers January 31-February 5.
  • Apple could pull a Netflix, start creating original TV shows (2016-01-29 17:11:09)
    Still struggling to line up content providers for its own dedicated video service, the iPhone maker could sell original programming to iTunes users, says a report.
  • Film beats digital for Star Wars, again (2016-01-29 17:10:03)
    Director Colin Trevorrow reveals he'll be opting for traditional film stock instead of using digital cameras for "Star Wars: Episode IX."
  • Nike Just Released the Ultimate CrossFit Shoe (2016-01-29 17:00:00)
    The Nike Metcon 2 has one of the best features we've ever seen on a CrossFit shoe.
  • Why the war on VPNs is one Netflix can't win (2016-01-29 17:00:00)
  • The Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge will look a lot like the S6 (2016-01-29 16:54:15)
    Evan Blass has updated an article over at VentureBeat with a new image. What's notable from this image (and Blass' associated tweet) is that the upcoming two versions of Samsung's flagship look damn-near identical to the Galaxy S6 line. First, the basic design here is worthy of praise, just as it was with the original S6.
  • This is the the Galaxy S7 (2016-01-29 16:43:19)
    Sorry, Samsung : There will be absolutely, positively no surprises with the Galaxy S7 this year. @evleaks just posted some renders  that appear to be official press images for the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge, and they not surprisingly look pretty similar to last year's Galaxy S6 and S6 edge. FROM EARLIER:  Comcast’s ridiculous explanation for why it wants to limit your Netflix binges Here they are: In case you're wondering why the devices are two different sizes, it appears Samsung chose to make the S7 edge larger than the S7 this time around. Some earlier rumors had suggested that Samsung would give the S7 a 5.1-inch display and the S7 edge a 5.7-inch display , and
  • This is the Galaxy S7 (2016-01-29 16:43:19)
    Sorry, Samsung : There will be absolutely, positively no surprises with the Galaxy S7 this year. @evleaks just posted some renders  that appear to be official press images for the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge, and they not surprisingly look pretty similar to last year's Galaxy S6 and S6 edge. FROM EARLIER:  Comcast’s ridiculous explanation for why it wants to limit your Netflix binges Here they are: In case you're wondering why the devices are two different sizes, it appears Samsung chose to make the S7 edge larger than the S7 this time around. Some earlier rumors had suggested that Samsung would give the S7 a 5.1-inch display and the S7 edge a 5.7-inch display , and
  • What you need to know about Hyperloop (2016-01-29 16:30:00)
  • Video reveals the surprising ways Adam Sandler’s movies are all connected (2016-01-29 16:18:38)
    Not long ago, Quentin Tarantino confirmed what many believed to be true for years: His movies are all connected  and they all take place within the same fictional universe. But as it turns out, he’s not alone. Tarantino has intentionally linked all his movies, and it looks like Adam Sandler may have done the same thing. DON’T MISS: How much Google paid the man who owned for exactly one minute YouTuber Shawn Kohne explored the densely populated Sandler movie catalog and linked various Sandler projects using familiar characters, names and jokes. The result is an almost nine-minute video clip that explains how everything is sort of connected. This goes to show that either Sandler
  • FanDuel and DraftKings just lost a big payout provider (2016-01-29 16:15:44)
    Vantiv Entertainment Solutions, a payments processor for daily fantasy sports sites DraftKings and FanDuel, told the companies this week it would stop processing wagers and payouts and would exit the space amid rising legal tensions, according to The New York Times. It's unclear what percentage of total payments Vantiv processes for DraftKings and FanDuel, which control more than 90 percent of the daily fantasy sports market. Daily fantasy sports is a hyper-accelerated form of wagering money on sporting outcomes dependent on the performance of real athletes.
  • Google's solar plane crashed due to wing failure (2016-01-29 16:12:00)
  • Astronaut Scott Kelly talks about acid pee, sleep and fears in space (2016-01-29 16:09:31)
    Ask this astronaut anything: Kelly reveals what life is like aboard the International Space Station in an interview on Reddit.
  • Google Apps treats government workers with unlimited cloud storage (2016-01-29 15:49:00)
    Google for Work and the Google App Engine recently received the ​FedRAMP (Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program) authorization to operate.
  • Recover lost Mac files and directories in a snap with Disk Drill (2016-01-29 15:20:51)
    Erik Eckel tested Disk Drill, an inexpensive file recovery tool for Mac users. Read about the results.
  • Third time's a charm: Nissan recalls Altimas for hood latches...again (2016-01-29 15:02:36)
    Nearly a million midsized sedans are facing recall, some of which have been brought in twice before.