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  • Twitter to delete photos of deceased upon family request (2014-08-20 07:33:00)
  • This one fact alone will make you insanely jealous of Google employees (2014-08-20 07:30:10)
    Why do people love working at Google so much? There seem to be many reasons and one of them is without a doubt the fact that Google showers its employees with perks when they come into the office every day. Business Insider has scored an interview with Google’s former executive head chef Nate Keller, who tells the publication that by the time he left Google in 2008, he and his team were serving up to 40,000 free meals for Google employees per day.  Even more astonishingly, he says that Google employees were eating roughly $1 million worth of chicken every single month — and again, this was back in 2008, the same year that the very first Android phone launched.
  • New York man wins $125,000 settlement after being arrested for photographing police (2014-08-20 06:52:41)
    A man who claims to have been arrested and strip-searched after photographing New York City police has reached a $125,000 settlement with the New York Police Department (NYPD). As the New York Daily News reports, 45-year-old Dick George told a Brooklyn federal court that in 2012, he witnessed NYPD officers conduct a stop-and-frisk operation on three young African-Americans. George photographed the encounter on his cellphone while sitting in his car, and later advised the youths to note the officers' badge numbers next time. Two officers overheard his advice and allegedly pulled him from his car, with one warning George that he was going to get what he deserves "for meddling in our business," according to court papers.
  • LG's Music Flow offers multi-room speakers controlled by a messaging app (2014-08-20 06:51:00)
  • After Journalist's Beheading, Twitter Says Families Can Ask Images of Deceased Be Removed (2014-08-20 06:48:00)
    Hours after images and videos of the beheading of James Foley were disseminated across Twitter, the social media service announced a conditional change that would allow families to request that images of the deceased be removed from Twitter. In order to respect the wishes of loved ones, Twitter will remove imagery of deceased individuals in certain circumstances."  On Twitter's website, it clarified the policy and its "certain circumstances" caveat: Immediate family members and other authorized individuals may request the removal of images or video of deceased individuals, from when critical injury occurs to the moments before or after death, by sending an e-mail to
  • Heartbleed blamed for Chinese theft of 4.5 million health records (2014-08-20 06:12:00)
  • TCL and Roku intro streaming-focused smart TVs (2014-08-20 06:08:16)
    In collaboration with streaming device specialist Roku, the Chinese electronics manufacturer TCL has announced the upcoming launch of a new range of TVs. Ranging in size from 32 to 55 inches, the new models facilitate access to services such as Netflix and Amazon Instant Video. The idea is to build the technology of Roku's streaming players directly into TCL's TVs, allowing users to easily and intuitively access their favorite content streaming sources through the remote. In fact, the remote even has specific buttons that take the user directly to Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Rdio and Vudu.
  • Tiny accelerometer adds motion detection to clothes and cheap phones (2014-08-20 05:29:00)
  • Ubisoft won't attempt an unlimited gaming service until EA proves it can work (2014-08-20 04:42:00)
  • Brazilian judge tells Apple and Google to pull Secret from people's devices (2014-08-20 04:16:00)
  • GIFYouTube does exactly what its name implies (2014-08-20 03:45:00)
  • Australia says Bitcoin not taxable as currency (2014-08-20 03:37:25)
    Crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin should not be considered as money or a foreign currency when it comes to taxation, Australia's tax authority ruled Wednesday. In guidance designed to help people finalise their tax returns, the Australian Tax Office said Bitcoins were a form of property, disappointing those hoping they would be seen as a currency. The decision follows a similar move by the US Inland Revenue Service in March. "Transacting with Bitcoins is akin to a barter arrangement," the Australian Tax Office said in its guidance.
  • Watch Jimmy Fallon kill Pierce Brosnan in N64 'GoldenEye' showdown (2014-08-20 03:12:18)
    Pierce Brosnan might have been the best Bond — even if he wasn't very pleased with his own performances — but he's certainly not the best at playing Bond. The actor appeared on The Tonight Show yesterday, whereupon host Jimmy Fallon took the chance to play Nintendo 64 video game GoldenEye 007 against the star of the movie GoldenEye. Sadly, Brosnan wasn't on his filmic form, spending all of the bout slapping at thin air while Fallon pumped him full of lead.
  • Xbox 360 HDD now comes in 500GB format, costs less than 320GB version (2014-08-20 03:06:00)
  • See-through solar panels provide power and a killer view (2014-08-20 02:33:00)
  • U.S. hospital breach biggest yet to exploit Heartbleed bug: expert (2014-08-20 02:29:40)
    Hackers who stole the personal data of about 4.5 million patients of hospital group Community Health Systems Inc broke into the company's computer system by exploiting the "Heartbleed" internet bug, making it the first known large-scale cyber attack using the flaw, according to a security expert. The hackers, taking advantage of the pernicious vulnerability that surfaced in April, got into the system by using the Heartbleed bug in equipment made by Juniper Networks Inc, David Kennedy, chief executive of TrustedSec LLC, told Reuters on Wednesday. Community Health Systems said on Monday that the attack had originated in China. Once in, they hacked their way into a database and stole millions of social security numbers and other records, he said.
  • Discarded car batteries could become low-cost solar cells (2014-08-20 02:05:00)
  • Despite lip service, Silicon Valley venture capital still a man’s world (2014-08-20 01:14:28)
    By Sarah McBride SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - When she started her child-support tracking business SupportPay, Sheri Atwood expected all kinds of suggestions - but not the tip she got from a female investor who suggested she dye her blonde hair darker to be taken more seriously by venture capitalists. To Atwood, who eventually won her funding from other backers, the recommendation underscored an attitude in Silicon Valley that women make second-class entrepreneurs. If more women held the purse strings at venture capital firms, the attitude would change, she said. Despite the lip service Silicon Valley has given over the past couple of years to the need to recruit more women venture capitalists, at senior levels the industry’s gender balance hasn’t budged, even as other industries with poor gender diversity show improvements.
  • Google search trends highlight America's digital divide (2014-08-20 01:05:00)
  • Families can now ask Twitter to remove images of their dead loved ones (2014-08-20 00:48:05)
    Twitter will now allow family members or authorized individuals to request that certain pictures and videos of deceased individuals are removed from the social networking service. As clarified in a policy update, Twitter says it will consider media removal requests sent to in order to respect the wishes of loved ones of the deceased, "from when critical injury occurs to the moments before or after death." The move comes a week after Robin Williams' daughter, Zelda Williams, was driven from Twitter by a barrage of abuse, including pictures depicting her father after his death.
  • PayPal's One Touch wants to power your in-app mobile purchases (2014-08-20 00:32:00)
  • Sony seems to be making a selfie camera shaped like a perfume bottle (2014-08-20 00:29:56)
    If leaks are to be believed, Sony's experiments in pushing the boundaries of camera design are taking an unexpected turn. Engadget notes that "several Chinese female influencers and models" have been showing off a camera shaped like a bottle of perfume with a large flippable lens on top, using it to take selfies. An announcement should be coming on August 22nd, according to a teaser on Sony's Chinese website. The Japanese site said that a compact camera called the KW1 is on the way, featuring a small 1/2.3-inch 19-megapixel sensor and a 23mm-equivalent f/2 wide angle prime lens.
  • Twitter to remove images of deceased on families' request (2014-08-20 00:14:53)
    (Reuters) - Twitter Inc said it will remove images or videos of deceased individuals at the request of family members. "In order to respect the wishes of loved ones, Twitter will remove imagery of deceased individuals in certain circumstances," according to a statement tweeted by Twitter spokesman Nu Wexler on Tuesday. Immediate family members and other authorized individuals may request the removal of images or videos of deceased individuals, from when critical injury occurs to the moments before or after death, the statement said. Facebook Inc also allows verified immediate family members to request the removal of a deceased person's Facebook account.
  • New Lego Minecraft sets turn minifig Steve into a farmer and a miner (2014-08-19 23:51:00)
  • 'Breaking Bad' stars reunite to run a seedy pawn shop for Julia Louis-Dreyfus (2014-08-19 23:30:38)
    Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul are back together, but they're not quite in their iconic roles as Breaking Bad's Walter White and Jesse Pinkman. The duo appear alongside Julia Louis-Dreyfus, once of Seinfeld, now starring in Veep, for an affectionate parody of shows such as Pawn Stars that casts the Breaking Bad actors as owners of seedy pawn shop "Barely Legal Pawn." Dreyfus — apparently keen to earn money to buy her own island — tries to convince Cranston and Paul to buy her Emmy, before changing her mind and keeping the statuette.
  • Selfie cameras that look like perfume bottles are going to be a thing (2014-08-19 23:13:00)
  • Google has a clever plan to get your kids hooked on Gmail and YouTube (2014-08-19 22:30:49)
    Google is ready to target a special set of potential new customers: Children under the age of 13. The Information and The Wall Street Journal report that the company wants to offer children an easy yet safe way to access Google Internet services including Gmail and YouTube, which aren’t officially available to children, although they can easily sidestep Google’s precautionary settings by lying about their age when setting up an account. This particular move doesn’t come without its share of controversy, especially considering Google’s privacy-infringing actions in the past and the fact that strict laws govern what Internet companies can do when it comes to kids accessing their services. However, the company apparently wants  make parents feel more comfortable about this by offering
  • Snapchat's bringing disappearing news to your vanishing selfie stream (2014-08-19 22:14:00)
  • Navy drone plays well with manned aircraft, caps it with a carrier landing (2014-08-19 21:31:00)
  • Watch over 30 minutes of gorgeous gameplay from The Witcher 3, the most anticipated RPG of 2015 (2014-08-19 21:15:59)
    We have plenty of great games to look forward to this fall, from console exclusives like Sunset Overdrive and Driveclub to huge third-party releases in the Call of Duty, Battlefield and Assassin’s Creed franchises, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get excited about 2015. And one 2015 release that quickly shot to the top of our most anticipated list after E3 this year was The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. CD Projekt Red is bringing the open-world RPG to the new generation. Filled with sprawling cities, diverse landscapes, dangerous foes and dozens of quests, The Witcher 3 should be enough to satiate Elder Scrolls fans for months. In the 35+ minute gameplay video published on Tuesday, we are able to get a feel
  • Engadget Daily: HTC One M8 for Windows, choosing a 4K TV, and more! (2014-08-19 21:09:00)
  • On the Edge: A Tijuana Tech Tour (2014-08-19 21:08:46)
    It was raw and I had heard murmurings of innovation stirring south of the border. My interest was piqued when I was invited by Angel Ventures Mexico to participate in the Tijuana Tech Tour. Admittedly, I was skeptical about this emerging tech scene in a border town perhaps better known for discos, mezcal and strip clubs. Uber had just...
  • Twitter is officially putting tweets from strangers in your timeline (2014-08-19 20:48:00)
  • Engadget Live Boston is this Friday! (2014-08-19 20:20:00)
  • Tom Hanks’ Typewriter app is a shockingly huge hit for iPad users (2014-08-19 20:00:32)
    Hanx Writer is a simple typewriter iOS app for the iPad, created by Hitcents at the request of Oscar-winning actor Tom Hanks. Launched only last week and available as a free download, the app has already hit the No. 1 spot in the top free iPad apps on the App Store, TechCrunch reports, enjoying unexpected success for an app that’s not at all essential to improving productivity on a tablet. The app offers users access to a keyboard that looks and sounds just like a typewriter – culled from one of Hanks’ actual collection of real typewriters – but also complete with the modern functionality of a virtual tablet keyboard. “I wanted to have the sensation of an old manual typewriter
  • ADT wants to automate your home with the help of IFTTT (2014-08-19 19:56:00)
  • Cox not interested in T-Mobile or going public: president (2014-08-19 19:48:58)
    By Alina Selyukh WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Cox Communications Inc [COXC.UL] is not interested in merging with wireless carrier T-Mobile US Inc or rival cable providers, Cox President Pat Esser said on Tuesday, dispelling rumors recently swirling about the private company. "We're not in any discussions to buy T-Mobile," Esser told Reuters.
  • DSLR or mirrorless: which should be your next camera? (2014-08-19 19:48:05)
    So you want to step up from your smartphone camera, and you've heard that point-and-shoots are dead. You need a serious DSLR, right? Mirrorless cameras — smaller, lighter models that can offer the same image quality as a DSLR — are a growing segment of the market, and they may just be right for you. A mirrorless camera is like an SLR without a mirror
  • Sharp's Stunning New Phone: Best Android Bargain Yet? (2014-08-19 19:41:07)
    It's like holding one of Sharp's HDTVs in your hand. The new Sharp Aquos Crystal, available on Sprint, Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile, has a 5-inch edge-to-edge display that could set a new design standard for smartphones. Available this fall, the Aquos Crystal ($150 for Boost and Virgin, $10 per month on Sprint) is being aggressively marketed by Sprint as an affordable, yet attractive option.
  • Ballmer steps down from Microsoft board (2014-08-19 19:39:30)
    LOS ANGELES (AP) — Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is stepping down from the company's board, closing a chapter on 34 years with the software giant.
  • AT&T is getting HTC's new One M8 with Windows Phone too (2014-08-19 19:30:50)
    It appears HTC's new One M8 phone running Windows Phone instead of Google's Android is not so exclusive to Verizon Wireless. The phone made its debut earlier today at a Verizon event and is identical to its Android brethren, except for the fact that it runs Microsoft's Windows Phone 8.1 operating system. HTC said it decided to make it after getting numerous requests from people who wanted it to run Windows Phone on the M8 One hardware. Verizon has said that its version will cost $99.99 with a new two-year contract, and will be available in stores beginning tomorrow.
  • Snapchat in talks to expand services: WSJ (2014-08-19 19:18:28)
    (Reuters) - Snapchat Inc, developer of a mobile app that lets users send messages that disappear within seconds, might expand its service to videos, news articles and advertisements, the Wall Street Journal reported on Tuesday. The California-based company is in talks with advertisers and media companies about a service called Snapchat Discovery, the Journal reported, citing sources. Snapchat Discovery, rumored to debut in November, will show content and ads to Snapchat users, the Journal quoted the sources as saying. At least a dozen media companies have shown interest in providing content for Snapchat Discovery, the Journal said.
  • Hugely popular email smartphone app is ready for a public Mac beta (2014-08-19 19:15:38)
    Mailbox is one of the most popular email apps on iPhone and Android as it’s won wide acclaim for helping its users “get to zero” emails. And now it looks like lucky OS X users will be able to use it on their desktops because the company’s Mailbox for Mac client is available in beta version on the company’s website and can be downloaded by anyone interested in giving it a try. “Here’s how the beta rollout works: if you signed up for the wait list, keep an eye on your email over the coming weeks — we’ll be sending you a small attachment that we call a betacoin,” the company wrote on its blog. “This coin will unlock your copy of
  • Sharp's AQUOS Crystal is all screen (2014-08-19 19:15:00)
  • 'Ignore No More' app makes sure your kids can't dodge your calls (2014-08-19 19:10:00)
  • AT&T plans to sell the HTC One M8 for Windows soon (2014-08-19 18:57:00)
  • Time Warner Cable is charging Netflix for a direct connection too (2014-08-19 18:55:00)
  • FBI probing reported theft of 1.2 billion Internet credentials (2014-08-19 18:52:41)
    Federal Bureau of Investigation is investigating a report by a U.S. Hold Security of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, disclosed earlier this month that it had discovered the credentials, collected over several years from approximately 420,000 websites and other servers. "The FBI is investigating the recently reported incident involving the potential compromise of numerous user names and passwords, and will provide additional information as the nature and scope of the incident becomes clearer," agency spokesman Josh Campbell said on Tuesday via email. Hold Security said on Aug. 5 that it obtained the credentials from a criminal gang that it has dubbed CyberVor, which focuses on stealing login credentials.
  • Twitter's going to show you popular tweets whether you like it or not (2014-08-19 18:50:31)
    Seeing tweets from people you don't follow, and that aren't retweets? A new change to the service is surfacing tweets from users people aren't following, something Twitter suggests will make things "more relevant and interesting." The company explains it like this on its support page (emphasis mine): This means you will sometimes see Tweets from accounts you don't follow.
  • Netflix now paying Time Warner Cable for faster speeds too (2014-08-19 18:44:21)
    Netflix is now paying Time Warner Cable in hopes of delivering better movie and TV streams to customers of both companies. The latest interconnection deal, first reported by Gigaom, means that Netflix has signed peering arrangements with the top four US broadband providers: Comcast, Time Warner Cable, AT&T, and Verizon. Netflix and Time Warner Cable initially reached their pact in June, and the cable operator — which is hoping to combine with Comcast pending regulatory approval — officially began putting the interconnection deal in place this month.
  • iPhone 6 sales seen topping a crazy 10 million in just the first week (2014-08-19 18:40:12)
    Apple is getting ready for its most massive product launch yet with the iPhone 6, with Business Insider pointing to a new RBC note to investors that says the upcoming smartphone will be a smash hit for the iPhone maker. FROM EARLIER: Incredible trade-in deal could net you $350 to spend on the iPhone 6 “Most supply chain data is pointing towards Apple gearing up to ramp 70-80 million iPhone 6 units across the two form factors (4.7”/5.5”),” RBC analyst Amit Daryanani said. “This is a notable uptick from last year when the supply chain ramped 50-60 million units.” By making around 75 million iPhone 6 units for 2014, Apple is increasing orders by 36% compared to its orders to
  • Octopus-like camouflage can hide you in plain sight (2014-08-19 18:09:00)
  • Sharp’s virtually bezel-free smartphone is officially coming to Sprint (2014-08-19 18:05:19)
    As we expected, Sprint on Tuesday announced that it would be getting the new Sharp Aquos Crystal smartphone exclusively on its network in the United States. Although the Aquos Crystal is a mid-range phone in terms of internal hardware, the device is notable for its display, which comes the closest to being completely bezel-free of any phone we’ve ever seen. In addition to its display, the Aquos Crystal features a quad-core 1.5GHz processor, an 8-megapixel rear-facing camera, a 1.2-megapixel front-facing camera, 1.5GB of RAM, 8GB of internal storage, and Android 4.4.2 KitKat. Check out a video showing off the new device below and also be sure to check out Sprint’s page to learn more about pricing options for the device, which
  • Sprint's new pricing plans may not be enough to curb churn (2014-08-19 17:52:14)
    By Marina Lopes WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Sprint Corp's cellular plan with more generous data allowances may fall short in overcoming defections by clients concerned about disruptions in the No. 3 cellular carrier's network, analysts say. "The challenge for Sprint is that existing prices are still too high and they are slow to reprice the base because of the enormous finiancial impact it would have on a company with margins as low as theirs," said Craig Moffett, analyst at MoffettNathanson. Sprint's shares are down 50 percent so far this year, hammered most recently by the collapse of its longtime plan to acquire T-Mobile US Inc, a move that could have reduced competition and created a stronger competitor to industry leaders Verizon Communications Inc and AT&T Inc. Analysts said the pricing strategy unveiled by newly appointed Sprint Chief Executive Marcelo Claure could backfire and cause further customer defections, already high as the company undergoes a network overhaul that has caused disruptions in service.
  • Biohacking meets 'The O.C.' in this trailer for BitTorrent's sci-fi 'Children of the Machine' (2014-08-19 17:43:11)
    Last month we heard about BitTorrent's first foray into paid original content with the sci-fi series Children of the Machine, and now we've got our first glimpse of... something related to it. The nearly-six-minute clip, posted to CotM's Facebook page, tells the story of 14-year old Winona from September 2025. The pilot for Children of the Machine will be available for free this December, followed by seven more episodes if an estimated 250,000 users pay the reported $9.95 fee.
  • Ghana company launches country's first 4G data network (2014-08-19 17:30:19)
    Ghana company Surfline Communications launched the country's first 4G data network on Tuesday in partnership with French technology company Alcatel-Lucent, making Ghana the sixth nation in sub-Saharan Africa to get the high speed service. The wholly-owned company invested more than $100 million for the first phase of the Long-Term Evolution (LTE) network, which has 300 cell sites, according to Chairman John Taylor, who owns a string of oil-related businesses, and wholly owns Surfline. The pre-paid data-only service is available in the capital and the nearby port city of Tema, but Taylor said Surfline aimed to go nationwide within two years.
  • Latest update makes Amazon’s Fire phone slightly more usable than before (2014-08-19 17:30:13)
    The Internet has not been kind to Amazon’s first foray into the smartphone market. The ironically named Fire phone has received a frigid response from consumers, failing to make any significant impact on the sales charts and prompting some very harsh comparisons from BGR, but the first major software update from Amazon might begin to repair the phone’s already badly damaged reputation. Many of the new features added in Fire OS 3.5.1 are substantial, but it’s also hard to imagine how Amazon shipped the Fire phone without including them in the first place. First up is Quick Switch, the Fire phone’s version of multitasking. By double-tapping the home button, Fire phone users can pull up a menu which will allow them to quickly
  • The 49ers' high-tech fan experience falls short in first real test (2014-08-19 17:28:00)
  • Silicon to spinach: Japan tech helps farmers cope with climate shifts (2014-08-19 17:17:25)
    By Sophie Knight SHIZUOKA/OSAKA Japan (Reuters) - Japanese technology firms are applying their expertise in energy-saving and cloud technology to help farmers cope with shifting weather patterns, an onslaught of cheaper imports and a shrinking workforce. Panasonic Corp, Fujitsu Ltd and others, seeking niche business opportunities to offset a downturn in demand for their consumer electronics, are touting automated greenhouses and sensor-controlled fields that ensure constant conditions to produce high-quality vegetables all year-round. Fujitsu says its Akisai cloud-based farming system means users can sit at a desk in Tokyo or even New York while tending vegetables in Shizuoka, using a tablet to operate sprinklers, fans and heaters in response to changes in heat and moisture tracked by sensors in fields or greenhouses. Companies are also converting factories into farms: Toshiba Corp is to start growing vegetables at a former floppy disk plant near Tokyo, while Panasonic is growing radishes and lettuce inside a Singapore factory, and Sharp Corp is trialling an indoor strawberry farm in Dubai.
  • Taiwan growth outlook brightens as factories gear up for smartphone demand (2014-08-19 17:16:24)
    By J.R. Wu TAIPEI (Reuters) - The launch of new tech products such as Apple's iPhone 6 will help Taiwan remain one of Asia's stronger exporters, bolstering its economic prospects this year amid a patchy global recovery. After the government raised Taiwan's GDP outlook for 2014 last week, export orders on Wednesday will provide more evidence that prospects have improved for the trade-reliant economy. A manufacturing survey in July showed new export orders grew at their fastest rates since January 2011. Taiwan's upgrade of economic growth estimates is unusual at a time when its North Asian neighbours are downgrading forecasts and rolling out stimulus measures to prop up growth.
  • Ferguson will 'explore' putting cameras on its cops (2014-08-19 17:16:14)
    As a suburb of St. Louis is still in turmoil after the August 9th killing of Michael Brown, and more than a week of an aggressive police presence that has been blamed for escalating tension. In a statement obtained by The Wire, the city of Ferguson said it will seek funding for dash and vest cameras for its officers. Body cameras would be a welcome improvement for many in Ferguson, but even dash cameras, used by other police departments across the United States, haven't been installed there. The city's police chief revealed last week that the department purchased two dash cameras and body cameras, but never installed them due to cost.
  • 'Anonymous' hackers plead guilty to minor charge in U.S. for cyberattacks (2014-08-19 17:09:05)
    By Aruna Viswanatha ALEXANDRIA Va. (Reuters) - Four members of the hacking group Anonymous pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge on Tuesday after a judge had earlier questioned whether prosecutors had treated the defendants too harshly for their crimes. The hackers, part of a group that gained notoriety for frequent cyber-battles with U.S. Attorney's office in the Eastern District of Virginia with a felony crime under which they could have faced a decade in prison. Attorney's office in San Jose were largely resolved through misdemeanor convictions with no jail time, and the federal judge overseeing the Virginia set of cases had asked why similar defendants were facing more severe punishment in his state.
  • Hidden iOS 8 code may reveal a key iPhone 6 specification (2014-08-19 16:55:29)
    Apple is just weeks away from unveiling two new iPhones, but as with any Apple reveal, there are still plenty of details being kept under wraps. The most oft-repeated rumor, supported by enough evidence to put it in the fact column, is that one iPhone 6 model will have a 4.7-inch display and the phablet version will feature a 5.5-inch display. With larger displays, it would make sense for Apple to bump up the resolution as well, but previous reports regarding an upgraded resolution have been shaky at best. FROM EARLIER: Solid source claims to reveal exact resolution of iPhone 6 display Now, months later, 9to5Mac’s Mark Gurman has returned with new evidence which points to a 828 x 1472 pixel resolution for both
  • 'Antiselfie' app uses face tracking to ruin your best pout (2014-08-19 16:50:00)
  • Watch every death in all eight of Quentin Tarantino's movies (2014-08-19 16:45:11)
    Right from his first film, Quentin Tarantino showed he had little remorse for killing off characters both big and small. Ever since 1992's Reservoir Dogs, Tarantino's films have been known nearly as much for their deaths as for any of their other attributes — and fortunately we now have the supercut to prove it. In four minutes and twenty gloriously bloody seconds, relive every death from all eight of Tarantino's major movies. Surprisingly enough, there aren't as many deaths as you might expect in Pulp Fiction, while Kill Bill still stands out as a ridiculous paean to blood and gore.
  • U.S. government's nuclear watchdog victim of cyber attacks: report (2014-08-19 16:33:20)
    Nuclear Regulatory Commission was "successfully hacked" three times in recent years in attacks involving tainted emails, according to an internal investigation on cyber attacks at the agency, reported on Tuesday. At least two of the attacks originated overseas, according to the report obtained by Nextgov, a rare public report with details of a cyber attack on the energy sector. The publication said it obtained a copy of a report by the NRC's Office of the Inspector General, which reviewed 17 suspected breaches from 2010 to 2013. "The few attempts documented in the OIG Cyber Crimes Unit report as gaining some access to NRC networks were detected and appropriate measures were taken," NRC spokesman David McIntyre said.
  • NFL wants artists to pay to perform at Super Bowl halftime show (2014-08-19 16:32:29)
    Musicians typically don't get paid for playing at the NFL's Super Bowl halftime show. The league has apparently whittled its list of potential acts down to three: Coldplay, Rihanna, and Katy Perry. Rihanna, Perry, and Coldplay have all come back with a "chilly reception" to the idea, according to the Journal.
  • ‘Doomed’ Apple sees its stock close at an all-time high (2014-08-19 16:32:20)
    Hey wait, wasn’t Apple supposed to have “disappeared” by now if it didn’t release the iWatch? Apparently the company didn’t the memo because as Bloomberg notes, its stock just closed trading at $100.56 on Tuesday, which is more than its previous split-adjusted all-time high of $100.30 that it hit back in 2012. All told, Apple now has a market cap approaching $600 billion, which still leaves it far ahead of top rivals Google ($397 billion market cap at the end of Tuesday’s trading) and Microsoft ($372.5 billion market cap at the end of Tuesday’s trading). If the iPhone 6 is as big a hit as many analysts predict, Apple’s stock price and market cap might have even more room to
  • The top 10 songs and albums on the iTunes Store (2014-08-19 16:30:27)
    iTunes' Official Music Charts for the week ending August 18, 2014:
  • Sound off! How do you keep your digital data safe? (2014-08-19 16:23:00)
  • Huge new iPhone 6 leak shows the device’s rear shell and front panel assembled for the first time (2014-08-19 16:15:13)
    OK, so we’ve seen the iPhone 6’s rear shell and its front display panel countless times by now. Nonetheless it’s still cool to see them finally together in a new set of leaked photos that give us our first glimpse at what the fully assembled iPhone 6 will look like. MacRumors has snagged some more photos from luxury retailer Feld & Volk that show the iPhone 6’s front panel attached directly to its rear shell, which marks the first time we’ve seen these two components assembled together like this. MacRumors comments that “it’s important to note that Feld and Volk’s images still depict unfinished iPhone 6 parts that are in rough condition, and Apple’s completed device will undoubtedly look even more polished.”
  • Sharp's new phone for Sprint looks like something out of a sci-fi fantasy (2014-08-19 16:12:04)
    This week, Sharp, Softbank, and Sprint announced a new line of devices called Aquos Crystal, which feature full-screen designs like nothing we've seen before. Sprint confirmed today that it would be getting the 5-inch Acquos Crystal smartphone, a new mid-range device unlike anything else in Sprint's or other US carrier lineups. Oh, and it's going to sell for a measly $239 (or $10 per month with Sprint's Easy Pay plan or $149.99 on Sprint's prepaid Boost or Virgin brands). The star of the show is the Acquos Crystal's 5-inch, 720p edge-to-edge display.
  • OneNote Windows Store app update adds printing, highlighting support (2014-08-19 16:02:18)
    Earlier today Microsoft updated two versions of OneNote. The Windows Store version1 finally feels feature complete. Microsoft has baked in support for printing in portrait or landscape. You can also insert file attachments and PDFs, and that means you can print to PDF then edit it and print those results in a symphony of editorial recursion. Finally, you can highlight using a pen or "finger paint," in custom colors and thicknesses.
  • Which electric car should you buy? (2014-08-19 15:55:52)
    Welcome to the first annual Verge Hack Week. We're totally blowing up our site: we've given our reporters and editors the entire week to play with new tools and experiment with new storytelling ideas, while members of our amazing product team have gathered in New York to help build all sorts of interesting new things. Learn more.
  • Sprint now wants you to pay $5 a month for its smartphone bloatware (2014-08-19 15:50:56)
    Sprint is ready to bring its carrier bloatware game to a whole new level, as it’s looking to convince customers to pay a monthly subscription fee for an app it will preload on its on-contract devices – the Sprint App Pass. Basically, Sprint is ready to offer subscribers unlimited access to certain apps on their Android devices for as long as they pay the subscription fee, and for as long as they remain with the carrier, Android Police has learned. While the new “feature” may not be that bad, as Sprint seems ready to offer users access to a variety of apps and games, it’s not that great for the user either. The better alternative is sticking with the Google Play Store,
  • Ex-CEO Ballmer quits Microsoft board to focus on NBA's Clippers (2014-08-19 15:46:43)
    By Bill Rigby SEATTLE (Reuters) - Former Microsoft Corp Chief Executive Steve Ballmer, the new owner of the Los Angeles Clippers basketball team, has left the software company's board in order to spend more time on his new sports project. "I see a combination of the Clippers, civic contribution, teaching and study taking a lot of time," Ballmer said in a letter to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella made public by Microsoft on Tuesday. "The fall will be hectic between teaching a new class and the start of the NBA season so my departure from the board is effective immediately," he wrote. Ballmer, 58, paid an NBA-record $2 billion for the Clippers.
  • Google's Street View-like Photo Spheres can now be made on iOS (2014-08-19 15:43:05)
    If you think people look dumb taking pictures with a tablet, or a selfie with one of those extendable poles, you haven't seen someone make a Google Photo Sphere. People might think you're looking for reception, but the result is a very pretty 360 degree view of whatever's around you that can be attached to Google Maps locations or shared with friends. Google's changed that today with a new app called Photo Sphere Camera that lets you make and share your own Photo Spheres.
  • Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg's next film 'has a title and everything' (2014-08-19 15:42:22)
    The last time Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg worked together was The World's End, the final movie in the so-called "Blood and Ice Cream" Cornetto Trilogy (which also includes Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz) from Wright, Pegg, and Nick Frost. Speaking to BBC 6 Music, Pegg confirmed that he and Wright are working on a new title that "has a title and everything." Pegg also confirmed that it wouldn't be part of the Cornetto series but added, "we made three films in 10 years and hopefully in the next decade we'll make another three."
  • Fandango finalizes a truce with the FTC after exposing your movie ticket data (2014-08-19 15:39:00)
  • Hey architects, the future of architecture is not about you (2014-08-19 15:33:46)
    As part of Verge Hack Week, we've invited great minds from around Vox Media to contribute their thoughts on the future of everything — from food to fashion to the written word. In this installment, we welcome Curbed senior editor Amy Schellenbaum.
  • Welp, 'Selfie' is here (2014-08-19 15:30:07)
    The internet has brought us many wonderful things: near-instantaneous communication across the globe, access to vast troves of knowledge, humorous videos of famous people dousing themselves with ice water. Unfortunately, the time has come for us to pay for all these gifts. Today the first episode of Selfie was been released for free online.
  • New report claims Apple might delay the iWatch until 2015 (2014-08-19 15:15:35)
    What if it turns out that the biggest reason that we haven’t see any leaked pictures of the iWatch is that the device really may not exist in any kind of final form yet? MacRumors has snagged a copy of the latest note from KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who now says that he wouldn’t be surprised if Apple delayed releasing the iWatch all the way until 2015. “We reiterate our view that iWatch, as compared to existing products, and as Apple’s (US) first attempt at a wearable device, represents a much higher level of difficulty for the company as regards component and system design, manufacturing and integration between hardware and software,” writes Kuo, who has a solid track record with Apple
  • Czechs roll out new Bitcoin-style virtual currency (2014-08-19 15:14:04)
    The Czech Republic launched its answer to Bitcoin on Tuesday when new virtual currency CzechCrownCoin started trading. "Early this afternoon we put a first test run of 100,000 coins on the market," CZC project head Ladislav Faith told AFP. Virtual currencies have becoming increasingly popular in recent years since the most famous example, Bitcoin, was launched by a mysterious computer guru in 2009. Faith estimated a total of 430 forms of e-money are now trading worldwide, allowing users to transfer funds anonymously online and then store them either virtually or on a user's hard drive.
  • Ballmer steps down from Microsoft board to focus on basketball, teaching (2014-08-19 15:03:00)
  • These are the blockbuster games you'll be playing this holiday season (2014-08-19 15:01:05)
    Welcome to the first annual Verge Hack Week. We're totally blowing up our site: we've given our reporters and editors the entire week to play with new tools and experiment with new storytelling ideas, while members of our amazing product team have gathered in New York to help build all sorts of interesting new things. Learn more.
  • Which sci-fi robot is right for you? (2014-08-19 14:50:24)
    Welcome to the first annual Verge Hack Week. We're totally blowing up our site: we've given our reporters and editors the entire week to play with new tools and experiment with new storytelling ideas, while members of our amazing product team have gathered in New York to help build all sorts of interesting new things. Learn more.
  • A volatile week for bitcoin (2014-08-19 14:46:54)
    After an extended period of relative calm, bitcoin has experienced some considerable swings to the downside over the past couple of weeks, and even saw its own mini “flash crash” Monday.
  • Credit card-sized Charge Ninja will get you out of your next smartphone battery jam (2014-08-19 14:45:44)
    Charge Ninja is the name of a new highly portable battery pack for smartphones, including iPhone and Android devices, that’s raising money on Indiegogo. The Charge Ninja is about as big as a credit card, although thicker, and will easily fit inside wallets, small pockets and purses, waiting to deliver up to 85% (or 1,500mAh) of an iPhone 5s battery charge. The device is also compatible with other gadgets that can be charged using an USB port, including tablets, portable game consoles and Bluetooth headsets. The cheapest Charge Ninja costs $29 via Indiegogo, and should ship at some point in December, assuming the project is funded. The company is looking to raise $21,000 by October 8th to make the Charge
  • Google's panoramic Photo Sphere Camera app reaches the iPhone (2014-08-19 14:36:00)
  • End of an era: Steve Ballmer steps down from the Microsoft board (2014-08-19 14:35:27)
    Good news for new Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella: You won’t have to deal with former CEO Steve Ballmer watching your every move. Microsoft on Tuesday announced that the frequently combustible Ballmer would be stepping down from his post as one of Microsoft’s board of directors. FROM EARLIER: Ballmer’s speech to Clippers fans is just as hilariously insane as you hoped In a letter written to Nadella, Ballmer said that given all the commitments that he’s about to take on — including his new ownership of the Los Angeles Clippers basketball franchise, civic engagements and even teaching opportunities — he felt it would be best to resign as a board member at Microsoft. He also expressed confidence in Nadella’s “mobile first,
  • Steve Ballmer steps down from Microsoft board (2014-08-19 14:30:43)
    In a letter addressed to the Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, former chief executive and current owner of the Los Angeles Clippers Steve Ballmer officially stepped down from the Microsoft board of directors, effective immediately. Citing his new commitments to the NBA and civic contribution, he states that it would be impractical for him to serve on the board, but that the company will climb to higher heights. Rumors from as early as January stated that Ballmer would eventually step down from the board, even while the company was in the midst of its search for a new CEO. I see a combination of the Clippers, civic contribution, teaching and study taking a lot of time."
  • Lockheed Martin's FORTIS exoskeleton helps US Navy with heavy lifting (2014-08-19 14:12:00)
  • DASH Radio tries to reinvent radio for the digital world (2014-08-19 13:59:03)
    It’s an interesting time for radio in the digital world. On one hand, you have traditional terrestrial radio stations still fighting to stay relevant in the days of Spotify and Pandora by simply simulcasting their existing radio feed in something like iHeartRadio, and you have Sirius XM which is limited to just the United States and has high monthly fees. A new company and service called DASH Radio is aiming to reinvent how we know and listen to the radio, and from what I can see, it’s doing all the right things as it launches both the app and service today. Starting with 50 stations, DASH Radio is available on iOS, Android and in your web browser. The company tells me that
  • DASH Radio aims to reinvent radio for the digital world (2014-08-19 13:59:03)
    It’s an interesting time for radio in the digital world. On one hand, you have traditional terrestrial radio stations still fighting to stay relevant in the days of Spotify and Pandora by simply simulcasting their existing radio feed in something like iHeartRadio, and you have Sirius XM which is limited to just the United States and has high monthly fees. A new company and service called DASH Radio is aiming to reinvent how we know and listen to the radio, and from what I can see, it’s doing all the right things as it launches both the app and service today. Starting with 50 stations, DASH Radio is available on iOS, Android and in your web browser. The company tells me that
  • I took the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (2014-08-19 13:50:02)
    Vox Media CEO Jim Bankoff tagged me in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge over the weekend, so here we are. We're definitely at the point in this trend where a crowd gathered to watch us in Times Square, but the cops didn't even question what was happening. "Just do it over a grate," they said. "People keep doing this."
  • Uber announces Cornerstore, a delivery service to compete with Amazon and Google Express (2014-08-19 13:47:04)
    Uber announced on its blog today that it is launching a test of a new delivery service called Cornerstore. Uber users in the Washington, DC area will see an option in their app to order from a list of 100 household items. If an Uber driver is available, the goods will be picked up and delivered to their door.
  • Hitchhiking robot completes its cross-Canada trip (2014-08-19 13:47:00)
  • HTC One (M8) for Windows hands-on preview: Windows Phone finally has a contender (2014-08-19 13:27:09)
    When HTC launched the One (M8) earlier this year, we called it the best Android phone the world has ever seen. With a few substantial hardware upgrades and some smart software additions from the (M7), HTC had built one of the best smartphones on the market. Microsoft saw the praise the device was receiving from press and consumers and hatched an idea: What if the best Android phone became the best Windows Phone? The HTC One (M8) for Windows is the device the Windows Phone market so desperately needed. It isn’t quite on par with the latest Android releases, but the hardware is still impressive, even months after the initial launch of the phone. The specifications are the same as before, so we’ll be
  • How It Works: Snowmaking 101 (2014-08-19 13:23:19)
    Snowmaking is essential to keeping the slopes white and skiable during the winter months. It supplements natural snow, gets trails and terrain open more quickly in the early part of the season, and helps extend the season, on both the front and back end. Before snowmaking, it was common for ski areas to close several times during the winter and...
  • Which 4K TVs are worth buying? (2014-08-19 13:21:00)
  • These six lawsuits shaped the internet (2014-08-19 13:05:13)
    When AOL executive Ryan Block went public with a recorded a customer service call in which a Comcast representative refused, for the better part of 20 minutes, to cancel Block’s service, the recording went viral not because it was an anomaly, but because the rep’s sales tactics were familiar: most of us have been at the receiving end of a Comcast sales call we didn’t ask for. Comcast provides a portal to this awesome, sprawling thing we all access constantly.
  • Google brings one of Android’s coolest camera tricks to the iPhone (2014-08-19 13:00:07)
    Google has just added a great new app for iOS users to download that will let you take cool panoramic 360-degree photos and even post them on Google Maps to boot. The new Photo Sphere Camera app gives iPhone users the same cool panoramic video feature that Google first brought to Android phones back in 2012. Basically, Photo Sphere is a fancy camera feature that lets you take panorama images by picking a central starting point and then filling things out by snapping additional pictures around your central image. Google brought it to Android users starting with Android 4.4.2 Jelly Bean and it’s finally decided to bring it to iOS all this time later. In addition to the aforementioned 360-degree
  • Adidas is opening its miCoach platform to developers so more apps can integrate your training data (2014-08-19 12:54:00)
  • From nightsticks to night vision: see what your local police are packing (2014-08-19 12:52:10)
    When the union was still young, the professional police forces we know today didn't exist. While political and social forces have shaped how police look and act today, technology has driven many of the major changes over time. In a 1990 opinion from The New York Times, the editorial board wrote that the "tyranny of 911" contributed to a deteriorating relationship between police forces and the public. It's not just military uniforms and big guns that have alienated the people from the police
  • Newly leaked docs detail more horrors from Comcast’s customer service misery mill (2014-08-19 12:35:17)
    Well looky here — The Verge has obtained some leaked documents detailing Comcast’s customer service representative training and… you’re not going to believe this… they make Comcast look pretty bad! The leaked documents unearthed by The Verge show that Comcast uses scorecards to grade its customer service and repair representatives and that sales is a huge chunk of their official score. In fact, The Verge found that sales accounted for 18% of the final scores for some customer service reps and 20% of the final scores for repair reps. And again, these aren’t sales agents — these are the people whose job is to nominally solve the problems you phone in. The documents also show all of the ridiculous ways that Comcast
  • Apple set to expand phone size — and profits (2014-08-19 12:34:42)
    Wall Street is excited for Apple's upcoming iPhone revamp, as larger screens may bring higher profits
  • Sony's launching a waterproof version of its mid-range Xperia M2 (2014-08-19 12:27:00)
  • 24 year-old app developer wants to reinvent your phone (2014-08-19 12:22:09)
    Ankur Jain is a 24 year-old app developer who thinks he change the way you use your smartphone
  • Google’s hugely ambitious YouTube music subscription service detailed in new report (2014-08-19 12:10:57)
    Google’s rumored music streaming service based on YouTube is finally taking shape, with Android Police having discovered the official name of this upcoming Google product, as well as details about how it’s supposed to work along the soon-to-be-rebranded Google Play Music All Access. The publication says Google is getting ready to offer users a YouTube Music Key service that’ll give them ad-free music and audio-only playback (including offline playback support) for just $9.99 per month after a 30-day free trial period. Subscribers will also get access to Google Play Music Key, which is what the awfully named Play Music All Access will be called in the future. Google has already acquired the domain, and has an YouTube Music Key
  • Human paints nude self-portrait with own blood and a humorless robot (2014-08-19 12:08:22)
    Ted Lawson is an artist living in Brooklyn, New York. You now know what he looks like drawn in the nude in his own blood by a robot. As shown in the video below, Lawson's piece "Ghost in the Machine (blood robot selfie)" uses a robot  — connected to a vein in his arm via medical tube — to capture what resembles a human photo copy of the artist.
  • Mailbox for Mac begins rolling out in beta to a handful of lucky testers (2014-08-19 12:00:00)
  • I burned through my inbox with Mailbox for Mac (2014-08-19 11:59:58)
    Today, however, Mailbox for Mac is finally available in beta, and it offers a taste of how email might feel if it weren’t bound by the age-old technologies underpinning it. The app still has its fair share of bugs, but since I began testing it a few weeks ago, I’ve only rarely returned to Gmail.
  • This is the first on-set photo of Paul Rudd in 'Ant-Man' (2014-08-19 11:54:11)
    Production on Marvel's Ant-Man finally started yesterday, and fans can already get a glimpse of the action on the set. In a photo released by USA Today, we see Paul Rudd in his role as Scott Lang, the reformed thief who eventually goes on to be the second Ant-Man.
  • Asus teases smartwatch launch for September 3rd (2014-08-19 11:45:46)
    Asus has a smartwatch coming, because of course Asus would make a smartwatch when everyone else in the industry is diving headfirst into wearables. A not-so-vague teaser suggests that we'll see Asus' watch — which is rumored to run Android Wear — at IFA on September 3rd. TechCrunch previously reported that the company is aiming to undercut LG, Samsung, and Motorola in terms of pricing; the Asus watch expected to land somewhere between $99 and $149. ...
  • New iPhone 6 component leak may reveal a key feature no one’s been talking about (2014-08-19 11:45:20)
    Another day, another rumor about the iPhone 6’s internal specs. According to GeekBar, the upcoming Apple iPhone will pack a Qualcomm MDM9625 LTE modem that will let it offer theoretical speeds of up to 150mbps (Category 4), rather than 300mbps (Category 6), an LTE speed certain Android devices already support. FROM EARLIER: Incredibly cool iPhone 6 feature seemingly confirmed by new leak Obviously, those maximum theoretical data speeds can be achieved only on LTE networks that actually support such technology. As MacRumors points out, LTE Advanced networks have yet to be rolled out in most markets The MDM9625 is an improvement over the MDM9616 found inside the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s when it comes to LTE speeds, and should offer better performance (carrier
  • Omate's next smartwatch is all about fashion without the premium (2014-08-19 11:40:00)
  • Which cyborg implant should you get? (2014-08-19 11:38:07)
    Welcome to the first annual Verge Hack Week. We're totally blowing up our site: we've given our reporters and editors the entire week to play with new tools and experiment with new storytelling ideas, while members of our amazing product team have gathered in New York to help build all sorts of interesting new things. Learn more.
  • Broadband is more important to Americans than cable (2014-08-19 11:36:00)
  • David Letterman aired a touching, hilarious tribute to Robin Williams (2014-08-19 11:29:12)
    David Letterman is the long-time, soon-to-be former host of the Late Show, but once he was a young comedian who was asked to appear on Robin Williams' TV series Mork and Mindy. Later, Williams would be a regular guest on the Late Show for years to come. Letterman gave a sweet, heartfelt tribute to Williams on the show, looking back on Williams' frequent guest appearances, and their personal relationship. Other late-night hosts shared similarly fond remembrances of Williams.
  • The future of sports is drugs, gambling, and an immortal FIFA (2014-08-19 11:27:31)
    As part of Verge Hack Week, we've invited great minds from around Vox Media to contribute their thoughts on the future of everything — from food to fashion to the written word. In this installment, we welcome Spencer Hall, editorial director of It will not be a nightmare for you, the person who does not like sports, but it will be a pain for those of us who will have to remember all those passwords to our WWE, NFL, SEC Network, La Liga, and International Cornhole Championship accounts. It would be fun to say that the NFL will decline as the king of American sports, but even if it does its subscription services will artificially extend its lifespan.
  • Venture firm tries telling others how to invest in private companies (2014-08-19 11:26:28)
    By Sarah McBride SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - A Washington, D.C.-area company that invests in startup companies is moving into a new line of business: advising others on how they too can invest in startups. Disruption Corp., which runs the Crystal Tech Fund in Crystal City, Virginia, said Tuesday that regulators had licensed it to provide investment guidance. It is licensed by the state of Virginia and appears on the Securities and Exchange Commission’s list of registered advisors. The move is an unusual one, say securities lawyers, as most venture funds like the relative lack of regulation they are entitled to under securities law.
  • Why is Microsoft still shooting itself in the foot with dumb carrier exclusives? (2014-08-19 11:20:12)
    There are days when I honestly don’t know if Microsoft even cares if Windows Phone succeeds. I bring this up because the new HTC One (M8) for Windows launched today and it’s definitely the most promising high-end Windows Phone we’ve seen released this year… and it’s also a Verizon exclusive. If you’ll recall, the two best Windows Phone handsets released in the U.S. last year — the Lumia 1020 and the Lumia 1520 — were also carrier exclusives. At the time, then-Nokia CEO Stephen Elop said that having flagship phones as carrier exclusives meant that the carriers would help out more with the marketing, which meant that Nokia would sell more phones than it otherwise would have if they’d been available
  • HTC One M8 for Windows: The One That You Want? (2014-08-19 11:18:00)
    Is the HTC One M8 for Windows the best of both worlds?Announced today, the device marries the HTC One M8's premium hardware with the slick Windows Phone 8.1 OS. HTC also carriers over some goodies from its Android flagship, including its camera app and TV remote. Available on Verizon for $99 for a limited time with a two-year contract,will this device revive the flagging fortunes of HTC and Microsoft's mobile phone operating system?
  • Fuhu Big Tab: A 20-Inch Kids Tablet Built for the Playroom (2014-08-19 11:17:54)
    Famous for its kid-friendly portable tablets, Fuhu now has its sights set on your living room. The company's new Big Tab HD brings the classic Fuhu Nabi experience to 20- and 24-inch devices, while adding in new apps designed for large-screen use. The Big Tab's massive black bezel is surrounded by a removable silver frame, which has a small gap at top that serves as handle for carrying it around.
  • Sprint's Cheapest Ever Family Plan Takes on T-Mobile (2014-08-19 11:17:47)
    Sprint just launched its Family Share Pack, which gives families or groups up to 40GB of data for $100 a month. Sprint's new Family Share Pack gives customers 20GB of data for $100, regardless of the number of people in the group. While Sprint's new Family Share Pack would cost the same as T-Mobile's Simple Choice plan, Sprint's offers twice the amount of data (20GB vs 10GB on T-Mobile).
  • Google May Start Handing Out Gmail Accounts to Kids (2014-08-19 11:10:05)
    Google may be going kid-friendly. The tech giant is allegedly planning to offer accounts to children under the age of 13 for services like Gmail and YouTube, according to reports. The unprecedented move would allow children to navigate fully online (without doing so anonymously or lying about their ages, as many have done on sites like Facebook), and allow Google access to the lucrative education market. In other words, Google will have to insert parents into the fold in the rumored initiative.
  • Microsoft optimizes OneNote for Android tablets, adds handwriting support (2014-08-19 11:05:00)
  • Engadget giveaway: win a Canon EOS Rebel T5 and more, courtesy of NeroTrigger! (2014-08-19 11:01:00)
  • RunKeeper will now bribe you to beat your best (2014-08-19 11:00:00)
  • How to revive your iPhone after dropping into water (2014-08-19 10:55:28)
    The iPhone isn’t waterproof or even water-resistant as some of its Android-based rivals, but that doesn’t mean that dropping it in water means instant death for the handset. As one Macworld writer discovered, the phone can survive such annoying accidents, and there’s always hope it’ll turn back on and function properly just like before being submerged underwater. FROM EARLIER: This $30 spray will make you iPhone or Android phone waterproof Macworld’s Rob Griffiths dropped his iPhone 5 in a lake while vacationing with his family and left the device for at least five minutes in lake water that measured around 10 feet deep. However, even though he suspected the Apple device may be dead, Griffiths still placed the recovered iPhone – which
  • Elon Musk's SpaceX reportedly raising $200 million in funding at $10 billion valuation (2014-08-19 10:54:26)
    The company that Elon Musk hopes will some day carry him to Mars has been making big strides in recent months, winning contracts to provide the rockets that ferry public and private satellites and other equipment into space. As NASA looks to limit it new launches and collaboration with Russia breaks down, SpaceX is filling the void. The fact that Musk has experience taking Tesla public no doubt helps to give investors confidence that he has a good chance to guide SpaceX to a similar outcome. A study from NASA and Nature found that using Space X could save the agency over $1 billion per rocket launch.
  • The HTC One M8 for Windows is an HTC One running Windows Phone 8.1 (2014-08-19 10:45:05)
    HTC is today announcing a new variant of its popular One M8 smartphone: the HTC One M8 for Windows. The new phone has the exact same hardware features and specifications as the Android model released earlier this year, but it is running Windows Phone 8.1 in place of Android 4.4 and HTC's Sense user interface. It is available starting today exclusively from Verizon Wireless' online store for $99.99 with a new two-year contract, and will be in stores starting tomorrow.
  • Meet the HTC One M8's Windows Phone twin brother (2014-08-19 10:45:00)
  • Is this a superintelligent machine? (2014-08-19 10:39:13)
    Welcome to the first annual Verge Hack Week. We're totally blowing up our site: we've given our reporters and editors the entire week to play with new tools and experiment with new storytelling ideas, while members of our amazing product team have gathered in New York to help build all sorts of interesting new things. Learn more.
  • 2014’s best Windows Phone is finally official – here’s what you need to know (2014-08-19 10:32:05)
    We’re here at HTC’s press event in New York and the HTC One (M8) for Windows has finally been made official. The new Windows Phone is a Verizon exclusive and will be the first flagship device released on multiple operating systems. All the features you know from the HTC One (M8) have been brought over to the Windows mobile OS. The One (M8) for Windows retains the metal casing that impressed us so much earlier this year. The phone also uses the 1080p full HD Super LCD 3 display panel, stretched to 5 inches this generation. The BoomSound speakers, the dual-LED flash Duo Camera and everything else that made the One (M8) the best Android phone we’d ever seen are
  • Of Course Reddit and Imgur Named Their Research Institute Derp (2014-08-19 10:29:50)
    Imgur, Reddit, FARK, StackExchange and Twitch have teamed up to create Derp: the Digital Ecologies Research Partnership. Derp, a word which the Oxford Dictionary defines as "a substitute for speech regarded as meaningless or stupid, or to comment on a foolish or stupid action," will now be a place for meaningful and intelligent work online. The research partnership allows users to collaborate within the academic community, use vast amounts of community driven data and share their findings.  Derp aims to offer two main services: providing researchers with data from different "community sites" and create a cross platform for academic research and analysis. 
  • HTC's One M8 now available with Windows Phone, but only on Verizon (2014-08-19 10:24:00)
  • Uber's Corner Store delivery service takes aim at Amazon in Washington, DC (2014-08-19 10:23:00)
  • This is the phone you’ve been waiting for, Windows Phone fans (2014-08-19 10:11:55)
    While HTC hasn’t officially announced anything yet at its press event, Verizon has apparently spilled the beans early and posted a video showing us the Windows Phone version of the HTC One (M8) in all its glory. While this hasn’t been a very exciting year for high-end Windows Phones so far, the Windows version of HTC’s hugely acclaimed flagship Android device figures to change that at least some.  As we expected, the HTC One (M8) for Windows basically looks exactly like the Android version except it obviously runs on a different platform and features the Windows logo at the bottom of its display instead of the regular Android back and home buttons. Even so, Windows Phone fans should be happy
  • If you lived and died in Delaware, your family now gets access to your digital afterlife (2014-08-19 10:11:27)
    The non-profit Uniform Law Commission has been pushing states to enact a broad, universal law that ensures heirs the right to digital assets, and it passed last week in Delaware. There are still patchwork laws for digital inheritance. The Delaware law, House Bill (HB) 345, signed last week, is based on the Uniform Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets Act (or UFADAA). Likely the broadest measure in the US, the law states that "[a] fiduciary with authority over digital assets or digital accounts of an account holder under this chapter shall have the same access as the account holder," including under "any end user license agreement." In essence, they have the same access as the deceased, and any digital effects they have are treated the same as physical documents, regardless of where they're stored.
  • Quiz: are these technology executives or historic dictators? (2014-08-19 10:04:21)
    Welcome to the first annual Verge Hack Week. We're totally blowing up our site: we've given our reporters and editors the entire week to play with new tools and experiment with new storytelling ideas, while members of our amazing product team have gathered in New York to help build all sorts of interesting new things. Learn more.
  • Quiz: are these quotes from tech execs or evil dictators? (2014-08-19 10:04:21)
    Welcome to the first annual Verge Hack Week. We're totally blowing up our site: we've given our reporters and editors the entire week to play with new tools and experiment with new storytelling ideas, while members of our amazing product team have gathered in New York to help build all sorts of interesting new things. Learn more.
  • Who said it: tech executive or evil dictator? (2014-08-19 10:04:21)
    Welcome to the first annual Verge Hack Week. We're totally blowing up our site: we've given our reporters and editors the entire week to play with new tools and experiment with new storytelling ideas, while members of our amazing product team have gathered in New York to help build all sorts of interesting new things. Learn more.
  • GameStop CEO undergoes surgery for brain tumor (2014-08-19 09:55:27)
    (Reuters) - GameStop Corp, the world's largest retailer of videogame products, said Chief Executive Paul Raines underwent an unexpected surgery last week for a small cancerous brain tumor. Raines, who will be undergoing chemotherapy, will restrict his travel during the expected six week of treatment, the company said in a regulatory filing on Tuesday. ( GameStop also said the six week treatment period will not interfere with Raines' "continued leadership" of the company. (Reporting By Lehar Maan in Bangalore; Editing by Joyjeet Das)
  • Project Tango tablet teardown reveals its custom 3D mapping gear (2014-08-19 09:51:00)
  • Employee metrics show how Comcast pushes customer service reps to make sales (2014-08-19 09:50:02)
    Many of the more than 150 current and former employees interviewed for The Verge's Comcast Confessions series cited excessive sales pressure as one of the main reasons the company gets poor customer satisfaction ratings. Despite the fact that Comcast has departments devoted to both inbound and outbound sales, the company encourages its employees in customer service, tech support, and other departments to make sales as well. "I don’t want any of our employees to feel that pressure to go through and sell…or feel like they’re going to get fired," Tom Karinshak, Comcast’s senior vice president of customer experience, tells The Verge. The Verge obtained some of the internal training materials and metrics for customer service employees, which show the company considers sales to be worth about 20 percent of performance.
  • 4 more awesome paid iPhone apps you can get for free right now – an amazing $22 value! (2014-08-19 09:45:03)
    It’s that time of day again where we tell you about some terrific paid iOS apps that you can download for free for a limited time. And for this edition, we have something very special: Four highly rated iPhone apps that previously cost a combined total of $22 but that are now all free if you act right now. These are paid iPhone and iPad apps that have been made available for free for a limited time by their developers. There is no way to tell how long they will be free. These sales could end an hour from now or a week from now — obviously, the only thing we can guarantee is that they are free at the time
  • Google considering YouTube, Gmail accounts for kids: reports (2014-08-19 09:42:16)
    (Reuters) - Google Inc is considering allowing online accounts for children under the age of 13 and give their parents control over how the service is used, according to media reports. Google has been working on a version of YouTube, its video-sharing site, for youngsters and is considering other child-friendly accounts such as its Gmail system, the Financial Times reported, citing a person familiar with the matter. Google's effort is partly driven by the fact that some parents are already trying to create accounts for their children and the company wants to make the process easier and compliant with the rules, the Wall Street Journal reported, citing a person familiar with the effort.
  • Sharp's no-bezel smartphone is coming to Sprint (2014-08-19 09:38:39)
    Sharp's Aquos Crystal, a 5-inch smartphone that features hair-thin bezels on its sides and top, is coming to Sprint, Boost Mobile, and Virgin Mobile. The electronics maker has been competing in Japan's smartphone market for years. Sprint says this is also a "a monumental step in the Sprint and SoftBank merger" since the device will be available across the entire company;
  • Everyone stares at their smartphone in the first trailer for 'Juno' director's next film (2014-08-19 09:30:01)
    There isn't a single line of dialog in the first trailer for Men, Women & Children, the next film from Juno director Jason Reitman. And yet, because the film displays little popups depicting the digital communications that are simultaneously pushing everyone apart and bringing them together, we still know a ton about the people it shows and the world they inhabit. The film isn't meant to take place in a dystopia, but the entire world is so absorbed by the screens in front of them that no one is really communicating with anyone else. ...
  • ASUS teases smartwatch for September 3rd event (2014-08-19 09:26:00)
  • Scottish Power is the latest energy provider to offer its own smart thermostat (2014-08-19 09:23:00)
  • Leaked video all but confirms an incredibly cool iPhone 6 feature (2014-08-19 09:20:16)
    Following a series of reports detailing the imminent arrival of a new iPhone accessory that’s supposed to be even better than its predecessor – i.e., a Lighting-to-USB cable that’s reversible at both ends – insider Sonny Dickson published a short video on his YouTube channel showing the cable in action. FROM EARLIER: Here’s an iPhone 6 leak that will leave you disappointed The video, available below, reveals how easily the reversible USB cable can be used when connecting an iPhone to a laptop or charger, and should be a welcomed addition to the iPhone accessory lineup. Assuming Apple is ready to start selling these reversible USB cables, it wouldn’t be surprising to see the iPhone 6 ship with such a cable
  • You can charge a phone battery by playing music at it (2014-08-19 09:14:04)
    There are any number of research teams trying to build alternative power sources for your cellphone. Now, at the Queen Mary University of London, a group of scientists has created a prototype panel capable of charging a cellphone off environmental vibrations like music or dinner conversation. The group is building off previous research that found solar cells became more efficient when exposed to acoustic vibrations, especially the high-pitched tones of pop music.
  • Reddit, Twitch, and Imgur have created a research partnership called DERP (2014-08-19 09:10:05)
    The sites are having a bit of fun with naming the new initiative, which they're calling the Digital Ecologies Research Partnership, though they'd probably you rather call it by its abbreviation: DERP. Research supported by DERP must be released publicly Twitch, Fark, and Stack Exchange are also part of the partnership that's launching DERP. Naturally, DERP is also requiring that any research that it helps support is released in an open and public manner.
  • Don Pardo, the voice of 'Saturday Night Live,' has died at 96 (2014-08-19 09:05:05)
    Don Pardo, the booming voice that has served as announcer for Saturday Night Live since the very beginning, has died. Pardo has been a part of SNL for more years that even creator Lorne Michaels, having served as the announcer for all but the 1981–1982 season. Outside of that, he's only missed a few episodes due to illness (on at least one occasion, former SNL cast member Darrell Hammond filled in for him). Prior to SNL, Pardo was the original voice for The Price is Right and a pre-Alex Trebek Jeopardy.
  • The worst company in America (2014-08-19 09:01:34)
    Comcast’s corporate headquarters, Comcast Center, is the tallest building in Philadelphia. Comcast earned Consumerist’s “Worst Company in America” title twice, first in 2010 and again this year, 2014. It ranks at the very bottom of the American Consumer Satisfaction Index, underperforming even the rest of the cable industry, where “high prices, poor reliability, and declining customer service” are endemic. In mid-July, AOL executive Ryan Block placed a call to Comcast customer service in an effort to cancel his service.
  • Apple releases iOS 8 beta 6 to testing partners (2014-08-19 09:00:45)
    We previously reported that Apple was scheduled to release a new version of iOS 8 to developers and testing partners, the sixth in the release schedule, and we have learned that Apple has in fact done so. We are told that because we are so close to Apple’s GM build (the final one, barring any huge problems), Apple has not seeded this to developers to test. This version must be accepted by all testing partners by September 5th, just a couple weeks before the rumored launch of the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6L. One of our sources separately tells us that this build was in fact rejected earlier today because of an issue where YouTube did not work in
  • Now you only have to barely move your hand to control your smart glasses (2014-08-19 09:00:00)
  • The biggest reason Sprint’s aggressive new prices might not matter (2014-08-19 08:40:13)
    So Sprint has finally gotten with the program by unveiling competitive new plans that double the amount of data available on family plans without raising prices a dime. If nothing else, this is certainly superior to Sprint’s previous strategy of showing us a talking hamster on TV and expecting us to give them money. However, the latest data from RootMetrics shows that there’s a still a huge obstacle to Sprint becoming relevant that has nothing to do with its pricing: Namely, the dilapidated state of its wireless network. In case you don’t recall, RootMetrics was the same firm that earlier this year found that T-Mobile’s network was the worst among all American wireless carriers. However, over the past six months T-Mobile has
  • Roku-powered TVs now let you skip the set-top box (2014-08-19 08:29:00)
  • HTC just released an awesome phone you won’t be able to buy (2014-08-19 08:15:09)
    HTC on Monday unveiled a brand new Android smartphone that buyers may like, but which won’t be widely available, at least for the time being, the HTC J Butterfly HTL23 (as it’s known in Japan), or HTC Butterfly 2 (as it’ll be sold in Taiwan, Hong Kong and other South Asian markets). FROM EARLIER: Leaked pic gives us a new look at the best-looking Windows Phone we’ve ever seen The HTC Butterfly 2 isn’t HTC’s One (M8) successor, but it certainly has some interesting specs to offer users. The phone comes with a 5-inch Full HD display, 2.5GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor, 2GB of RAM, 16/32GB of storage, microSD support, 13-megapixel Duo Camera camera (without the UltraPixels), 5-megapixel front-facing
  • Nabi's Big Tabs are kid-friendly Android tablets the size of computer monitors (2014-08-19 08:00:00)
  • Child friendly Instagram rival plans aggressive U.S. market push (2014-08-19 07:43:09)
    Kuddle, a Norwegian picture sharing app designed for children and billing itself as a rival to Instagram could have one million users by the end of the year and plans an aggressive push into the U.S.
  • Sprint finally gets serious, unveils more competitive family plans (2014-08-19 07:30:59)
    True to his word, new Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure on Monday unveiled some aggressive new pricing for Sprint family plans and the best part is that the word “Framily” was nowhere to be found in the official announcement. The new Sprint Family Share Pack plans — note the lack of the letter “r” in “family” — will effectively double the amount of data subscribers get for their money. So for example, the $160 per month plan that would give you 10GB of data across four lines now gives you 20GB of data. Verizon and AT&T, for comparison’s sake, still offer 10GB of data for $160 per month. “Sprint is offering the best value to data-hungry consumers,” explained Marcelo Claure, Sprint CEO. “We are
  • More African elephants are dying than being born, study shows (2014-08-19 07:25:05)
    Africa's fragile elephant population may be declining even faster than previously estimated, according to a major study published this week. The paper, published Monday in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, estimates that 100,000 elephants were killed by poachers between 2010 and 2012, driven largely by increased demand for ivory in China and other parts of Asia. Over the past decade, the percentage of African elephant deaths due to poaching has increased from about 25 percent to between 60 and 70 percent, suggesting that deaths are now outpacing births on the continent. "We are shredding the fabric of elephant society and exterminating populations across the continent," George Wittemyer, a professor at Colorado State University and lead author of the study, told BBC News.
  • Curved screens, 4K, gaming: innovative monitors from LG (2014-08-19 06:34:10)
    The South Korean manufacturer is slated to unveil the world's first curved, 21:9 format IPS monitor at IFA 2014, which takes place September 5-10 in Berlin. The first multi-function, 21:9 format, curved IPS LCD monitor (reference 34UC97) will be among the stars of LG's stand at IFA 2014.
  • Competition coaxes computers into seeing our world more clearly (2014-08-19 06:31:00)
  • One of these is Samsung's new portable speaker (2014-08-19 06:26:05)
    Welcome to the first annual Verge Hack Week. We're totally blowing up our site: we've given our reporters and editors the entire week to play with new tools and experiment with new storytelling ideas, while members of our amazing product team have gathered in New York to help build all sorts of interesting new things. Learn more. .image-compare-top:after { background-color: #fff; content: ""; height: 50px; left: 100%; left: calc( 100% - 5px ); top: 50%; top: calc( 50% - 25px ); position: absolute; width: 10px; z-index: 2; }
  • HTC's new flagship phone is designed to take over Japan (2014-08-19 05:38:15)
    HTC CEO Peter Chou was in Tokyo today to unveil the company’s latest flagship smartphone for Japan, the new J Butterfly (HTL23) on KDDI. “We got tremendous momentum after that,” said Chou on stage.
  • Flying drone arranges rendezvous with ground bot, lands on it (2014-08-19 05:37:00)
  • Firefox for Android could soon support Chromecast (2014-08-19 04:25:00)
  • Samsung buys U.S. air conditioner firm Quietside in 'smart home' push (2014-08-19 04:11:13)
    Samsung Electronics Co Ltd said on Tuesday it had acquired U.S. It is the South Korean firm's second such acquisition within a week after it said on Friday it had purchased SmartThings, a U.S.-based platform developer which builds apps that allow users to monitor, control and automate devices at home. So-called "smart homes" enable users to control multiple household appliances from a mobile device and are an area of increasing focus for technology companies like Samsung Electronics, the world's biggest maker of smartphones. A Samsung Electronics spokesman said the South Korean company acquired 100 percent of Quietside, but declined to elaborate on the price or other details.
  • Dr. Dre accepts Tim Cook's ice bucket challenge and nominates Eminem next (2014-08-19 04:01:59)
    The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge that is presently sweeping the US has reached hip hop mogul Dr. Dre, courtesy of a challenge from his new employer, Apple CEO Tim Cook. When Cook took a reasonably sized bucket of ice over the head last week, he nominated Dre as one of the three people he wished to see either doing the same or donating $100 to the fight against ALS, better known as Lou Gehrig's disease. Being the larger than life persona that he is, Dre's ice bucket is suitably oversized and delivered via a custom-built mechanism to ensure he's fully drenched.
  • US won't reveal records on health website security (2014-08-19 03:26:16)
    WASHINGTON (AP) — After promising not to withhold government information over "speculative or abstract fears," the Obama administration has concluded it will not publicly disclose federal records that could shed light on the security of the government's health care website because doing so could "potentially" allow hackers to break in.
  • You can now browse Reddit from your Xbox One (2014-08-19 03:05:00)
  • Handling HTC's Butterfly 2: the flagship phone you might never see (2014-08-19 02:30:00)
  • Activision wants its own movie studio to turn games into big-screen blockbusters (2014-08-19 01:07:00)
  • 'Madden 15' will bring EA's CoachGlass app to the PlayStation 4 (2014-08-19 00:39:00)
  • ReddX is the Xbox One's new dedicated Reddit app (2014-08-19 00:01:55)
    Microsoft is launching a dedicated Reddit app on Xbox One. ReddX, which allows Xbox One owners to browse the hyper-popular social network, submit their own links, and up and downvote content from the console, will be available on the system in North America from the 19th of August. Other apps, such as Reeddit, exist to make browsing Reddit easier with a controller, but Xbox's Larry Hyrb says ReddX is the first app ever built exclusively for a console.
  • Cincinnati residents will have access to gigabit internet (2014-08-18 23:56:00)
  • 'District 9' star cast in lead role for PlayStation's 'Powers' series (2014-08-18 23:31:00)
  • DARPA wants future tanks to use technology in place of armor (2014-08-18 22:55:00)
  • Amazon's first Fire phone update tackles its big interface problems (2014-08-18 22:23:00)
  • Amazing microscopic slow-motion video shows you exactly why jellyfish hurt so much (2014-08-18 22:15:31)
    Have you ever been stung by a jellyfish and wondered to yourself how a mindless blob of tentacled sea goo possibly hurt you that much? A new video posted by SmarterEveryDay explains how jellyfishes’ tentacles are equipped with organelles called nematocysts that extend whenever they come into contact with something else and inject venom directly into it. To give us a demonstration of this, SmarterEveryDay offers us some amazing microscopic slow-motion footage of jellyfish tentacles that get stimulated with electricity a 9-volt battery. Once the tentacles get touched, we can see tiny little prickers protrude from them that would injected venom into your hand if you touched them yourself. And this explains why jellyfish stings hurt so incredibly much: They’re basically a bunch
  • The Sisyphean struggle of always wanting the next great gadget (2014-08-18 22:15:21)
    Sisyphus is a tragic figure of ancient Greek myth, cursed to forever be pushing a boulder up a mountain only to see it return to the bottom every night. The futility and absurdity of his daily pursuit is something most gadget enthusiasts can relate to, having been conditioned to always desire the next great thing — which, by definition, remains perpetually out of grasp. Perhaps I'm overthinking this video of a tortoise chasing a blue remote control truck, but I can't help but see the Moto 360, the iPhone 6, and the next generation of Android phones embodied in that truck. ...
  • Aphex Twin's first album in 13 years unveiled through the secret web (2014-08-18 21:58:00)
  • Sprint family promo lets you share at least 20GB of data for $100 per month (2014-08-18 21:29:00)
  • 'Minecraft' might actually come to virtual reality after all (2014-08-18 21:04:00)
  • Microsoft’s plan to rebuild Internet Explorer’s image: Stop calling it Internet Explorer (2014-08-18 21:00:40)
    What would it take for you to give Internet Explorer another chance? What if it wasn’t Internet Explorer any more? During an Ask Me Anything on Reddit last week, engineers working on Internet Explorer discussed everything from reducing fragmentation by phasing out old versions of IE to the flavor of the cake Mozilla sent two years ago, but the most interesting reveal from the thread came when one Reddit user asked whether or not the team had ever considered rebranding the browser. “It’s been suggested internally; I remember a particularly long email thread where numerous people were passionately debating it,” wrote Jonathan Sampson. “Plenty of ideas get kicked around about how we can separate ourselves from negative perceptions that no longer reflect our
  • Engadget Daily: Hot-rod Tesla Model S, adventures with a homemade standing desk and more! (2014-08-18 20:41:00)
  • Watch The Mountain from 'Game of Thrones' become Europe's Strongest Man (2014-08-18 20:33:44)
    In a world that George R.R. Martin has filled with irredeemable characters, The Mountain That Rides may just be the worst — the murderous knight otherwise known as Ser Gregor Clegane has been responsible for some of the most shocking moments in Game of Thrones and the A Song of Ice and Fire novels. But the man who plays The Mountain in Game of Thrones' fourth season, Hafþór 'Thor' Björnsson, is a pretty formidable character himself; the Icelandic giant was crowned Europe's Strongest Man earlier this month in Leeds, England. ...
  • Maybe it's not Maybelline: Omote paints your face with digital makeup (2014-08-18 20:20:00)
  • Microsoft cloud service Azure restored after partial outage (2014-08-18 20:00:29)
    (Reuters) - Microsoft said it resolved an outage on its Azure cloud computing service, which occurred across multiple regions. Partial disruptions began as of 1.40 p.m. ET on Aug. 18, the company said on the Azure website. ( Microsoft Azure is a cloud-based platform for creating, deploying and maintaining online applications and services such as websites and web-hosted applications. The service, which is used by governments and corporations around the world, supports various programming languages, tools and frameworks. ...
  • What's on your HDTV: 'Doctor Who', 'Bojack Horseman', 'Diablo III' (2014-08-18 19:42:00)
  • Sprint cuts rates, CEO says more new plans to come (2014-08-18 19:18:24)
    By Marina Lopes and Carey Gillam OVERLAND PARK Kan./WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Sprint Corp on Monday unveiled a new pricing plan that offers customers 20 gigabytes of data and up to 10 lines for $100, doubling its data offerings, the latest in a string of price cuts and promotions sweeping the wireless industry. Sprint's chairman, business tycoon Masayoshi Son, is betting new prices will revive a carrier hampered by an expensive network overhaul and rising competition. We are going to offer most competitive value for American consumers," Marcelo Claure, Sprint's newly appointed chief executive told Reuters in an interview. The move comes after Verizon slashed prices for its unlimited talk and text plan and T-Mobile expanded its family plan to 6 lines and could signal more price cuts ahead for the industry as a whole.
  • The 2015 Corvette has a video recording of everything the valet did in your car (2014-08-18 19:12:00)
  • YouTube 'Music Key' leak reveals Google's streaming plans (2014-08-18 18:32:00)
  • LG’s G Watch 2 expected to be revealed early next month (2014-08-18 18:30:47)
    LG’s first ever Android Wear device, the G Watch, launched less than three months ago, but The Korea Times is reporting that the company is already prepping a sequel for IFA 2014 next month. According to the report, the new smartwatch is tentatively being called the “G Watch 2,” although the name is subject to change before the wearable hits the market. “LG Electronics was working on a September release for the new smartwatch alongside Google’s wearable platform,” one LG official told The Korea Times. “The IFA fair may be the venue to see the upgraded smartwatch.” If you somehow haven’t heard, IFA is the annual electronics trade show in Berlin, Germany where many of the biggest smartphone vendors in the world
  • Google's pivotal IPO launched a decade of big bets (2014-08-18 18:30:14)
    SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Google's IPO, a decade ago this week, launched the company on a trajectory that continues to reshape its business and much of the world in its orbit.
  • Pay-As-You-Go Solar Financing Can Finally Eliminate the Kerosene Lamp (2014-08-18 18:27:00)
    Today in Africa over 600 million people live without access to electricity; that's between 60 - 65% of the continent's population. To meet basic energy needs like lighting, the majority of the off-grid population burns kerosene fuel. Kerosene produces smoke that is devastating to health, and releases black carbon that contributes...
  • Google's new subscription music service will reportedly be called 'YouTube Music Key' (2014-08-18 18:01:13)
    Google has been rumored to launch a YouTube-branded subscription music service for months now, and we're getting a big look at what it might entail when it finally launches. Android Police is reporting that the service will be called YouTube Music Key, which will offer ad-free playback, the ability to save songs and videos for offline listening, and an audio-only interface for when you're multitasking or want to have music on in the background, all for $9.99 per month. It sounds like basically every other streaming music service out there, including Google's already-established Google Play All Access service — but at the same time as YouTube Music Key launches, Google is expected to rebrand its current offering to Google Play Music Key. It also sounds like a single $9.99 monthly subscription will include access to both the Google Play and YouTube music services.
  • LG's new curved device is a 34-inch ultrawide display (2014-08-18 17:58:00)
  • Meet Noke, the smart Bluetooth-enabled padlock (2014-08-18 17:45:08)
    The Noke – pronounced “no key” – is a brand new project seeking funds on Kickstarter, a smart Bluetooth-enabled padlock that’s apparently designed to help you ditch keys and combinations and adapt to the 21st century. Fuz Designs, the company behind Noke, is looking to raise $100,000 to make the Noke a real product and has already received over $15,000 in pledges from interested buyers with 30 days left in the campaign. Unsurprisingly, the Noke is supposed to work with smart devices such as smartphones and will simply unlock itself with a simple press once it detects that the device you’re carrying has a special unlock code stored on it. Furthermore, the Noke app lets users share Noke combinations within the app,
  • Who said it: Elon Musk, or a random YouTube commenter? (2014-08-18 17:32:57)
    Welcome to the first annual Verge Hack Week. We're totally blowing up our site: we've given our reporters and editors the entire week to play with new tools and experiment with new storytelling ideas, while members of our amazing product team have gathered in New York to help build all sorts of interesting new things. Learn more.
  • Obama says it is 'probably useful' for US to review police militarization after Ferguson (2014-08-18 17:29:07)
    President Obama today gave his longest and most detailed statements about the weeklong clashes between protesters and heavily armed police in Ferguson, Missouri, saying he was open to the idea of reviewing the collection of federal programs that supply local police departments with surplus military gear. "I think it's probably useful for us to review how the funding has gone, how local law enforcement has used grant dollars, to make sure that what they're purchasing is stuff they actually need," a visibly tired Obama said at a White House press conference this afternoon, after cutting his vacation short to return to Washington, DC. What’s also clear is that a small minority of individuals are not," in reference to looting of several stores in Ferguson and reports that Molotov cocktails were thrown at police.
  • HP is building a $199 Windows laptop (2014-08-18 17:29:00)
  • Supreme's winter lineup brings the heat to the hypebeasts (2014-08-18 17:07:33)
    Welcome to the first annual Verge Hack Week. We're totally blowing up our site: we've given our reporters and editors the entire week to play with new tools and experiment with new storytelling ideas, while members of our amazing product team have gathered in New York to help build all sorts of interesting new things. Learn more.
  • This new smartphone is the closest thing to being bezel-free we’ve yet seen (2014-08-18 17:05:55)
    While handset makers keep slimming down the bezels of their devices, Sharp has designed a smartphone that comes closer than any we’ve ever seen to eliminating bezels all together. The best part is Sharp’s Aquos Crystal phone will be available to American buyers, Engadget reports, as Sprint is getting ready to launch it in the U.S. In fact, Sprint’s Tuesday New York City media event for the Aquos Crystal is aptly called “Take the edge off.” From the sound of it, though, it looks like the Aquos Crystal that comes to the U.S. will be inferior to the one that releases in Japan. The Japan-only X version of the phone has, in addition to the almost bezel-free 5.5-inch 1080p display, a 2.3GHz
  • EA Access restricts early 'Madden 15' gameplay to six hours (2014-08-18 17:01:00)
  • U.S. to review rates for telecom special access lines (2014-08-18 16:55:13)
    The services are highly lucrative for large carriers, such as Verizon Communications Inc and AT&T Inc . The FCC has now received approval from the Office of Management and Budget to begin collecting information from providers and some purchasers of special access connections on the rates, terms and conditions of the services. The FCC will then determine whether the industry is competitive or needs regulation. The FCC will begin collecting special access information for 2013 from companies by the end of this year, an agency spokesman said.
  • Microsoft's first Chromebook killer is a $200 HP laptop (2014-08-18 16:52:18)
    Microsoft announced that it would be working with its partners to release ultra-low-cost Windows laptops just over a month ago, and now thanks to a leak from MobileGeeks, it looks like HP will release one of the first of these ultra-low-cost computers. If you ignore the Windows stickers that are surely going to be located on the palm rests of the Stream 14, you'd be hard-pressed to tell it apart from HP's Chromebook 14, a popular 14-inch Chromebook released late last year. In addition, the documents obtained by MobileGeeks claim that Microsoft will be throwing in 100GB of OneDrive storage for two years with the purchase of the Stream 14, which is very similar to the 100GB of Google Drive storage that comes with every Chromebook purchase.
  • Facebook helps readers tell truth from fiction (2014-08-18 16:42:52)
    Facebook said on Monday that it is testing a way to let members know when articles posted to the social network are tongue-in-cheek instead of hand-on-heart. Evidently, users of the world's leading social network need a bit of help when it comes to discerning truth from fiction in the form of satire crafted to pushed boundaries of credulity. Facebook told AFP they are testing a "satire" tag to go in front of links to satirical articles that pop up in news feeds at the service. "This is because we received feedback that people wanted a clearer way to distinguish satirical articles from others in these units," a Facebook spokesperson said.
  • Ballmer’s speech to Clippers fans is just as hilariously insane as you hoped (2014-08-18 16:42:33)
    “I got five words for ya… I. Love. This. Basketball team, YEEEEAAAAAAH!!!” If that’s the kind of opening pep talk you expected out of former Microsoft CEO and new Clippers owner Steve Ballmer, then you probably won’t be too disappointed with the real thing. In his opening remarks to fans of the NBA team, Ballmer talked about how much he loves Los Angeles and explained why he loved fans for loving the Clippers due to their underdog status compared with the crosstown Lakers. At one point, Ballmer seemingly got frustrated when the crowd didn’t cheer loudly enough to his satisfaction and prodded them to go as loud as they can. “THESE GUYS BUST THEIR BUTT FOR YOU, ONE TIME LOUDER!” shouted the
  • Steve Ballmer's introduction as the LA Clippers' new owner is perfect (2014-08-18 16:37:20)
    Today is the Clippers Fan Festival in Los Angeles, which means it's the first chance fans have to welcome former Microsoft CEO and all-around super excitable guy Steve Ballmer as their new owner. After high-fiving presumably every single Clippers fan in attendance, and after a couple of jokes from Clippers coach Doc Rivers, Ballmer took the stage at the Staples Center to introduce himself as the new owner. The whole video is worth a watch (Ballmer's bit starts at about 2:46:00), and one thing is for sure – today's a good day to be a Clippers fan.
  • Giant crowdfunded darts will search for life on Mars (2014-08-18 16:33:00)
  • The latest major Xbox One update is now available to download (2014-08-18 16:20:02)
    The Xbox One might not be topping the sales charts, but with every system update, Microsoft is building upon what has quickly become the most capable console on the market. Although the most exciting new features aren’t due until later this fall, the August system update brings many additions that users have been clamoring for over the past few months. Microsoft launched Xbox Feedback for members of the preview program earlier this year and the most commonly requested feature has been mobile payments. Starting this week, you’ll be able to remotely purchase games and DLC for your Xbox One on and Xbox SmartGlass. Furthermore, if your console is set to automatically download updates, the games will start downloading right away, even if you
  • Hospital network hackers nab personal info of 4.5 million US patients (2014-08-18 16:04:00)
  • US nuclear regulators were cracked twice by foreign hackers (2014-08-18 15:57:47)
    According to a NextGov exclusive, computers at the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission have been breached by foreign hackers at least twice in the last three years. The news comes from an official report from the Inspector General's Cyber Crime Unit, which led the investigation. In the first breach, the tactic was a simple phishing scheme, sending an email to multiple employees asking them to fill out Google doc with their login information. A dozen employees clicked on the link, although it's still unclear how many actually filled out the form. ...
  • We broke Twitter with #brands (2014-08-18 15:47:07)
    Welcome to the first annual Verge Hack Week. We're totally blowing up our site: we've given our reporters and editors the entire week to play with new tools and experiment with new storytelling ideas, while members of our amazing product team have gathered in New York to help build all sorts of interesting new things. Learn more.
  • How Microsoft filled its Windows Store with app scams waiting to steal your money (2014-08-18 15:45:09)
    Microsoft might have just stolen some money from you with help of the Windows Store. In an extensive look at the “cesspool of scams” in the Windows Store, How-To Geek reveals how the store is crammed with fake versions of popular paid apps that people are unwittingly giving money to. And it all happens with Microsoft’s knowledge, which has not only encouraged (read: paid) developers to create apps for Windows, but has already manually verified them and approved them, and it’s taking a cut of any profits developers make from sales. Looking for various apps, including VLC, iTunes, Adobe’s Flash, Firefox, Candy Crush Saga, WhatsApp, Spotify, and many others, the search results will return many apps, in addition to the real ones, that
  • Russian Astronaut Throws Satellite Into Space for Peru (2014-08-18 15:44:56)
    Today, a Russian astronaut got to throw a teeny tiny satellite into space. Oleg Artemyev was enjoying a spacewalk today, and 22 minutes into his walk, he launched the nanosatellite. The satellite is seriously small. It is just four inches on each side and weighs a little over two pounds. It will take infrared photos of the Earth for Peru.Here's the adorable tiny satellite floating away:via and NASA. The International Space Station has been used to launch satellites before. Artemyev was joined by Alexander Skvortsov while spacewalking. ...
  • A brief history of Gordon Ramsay's epicurean empire (2014-08-18 15:39:06)
    Zelenko’s celebrity chef du jour — he found himself lost in Ramsay’s all-you-can-eat menu of programming. "It’s unbelievable," says Zelenko, a 29-year-old self-identified "foodie" and cooking reality television enthusiast.
  • Humin: The Next Billion-Dollar App? (2014-08-18 15:34:51)
    I decided to invest in my first app.It's called Humin, and it launched this week (and was the #1 trending app on launch day).It is going to make life easier (and it's going to be the next billion-dollar company).Allow me explain why it's so epic...Context is key. Where did you meet that guy?How often do you run into someone and can't remember...
  • The government shouldn't be in charge of smartphone kill switches (2014-08-18 15:30:00)
  • The government shouldn't regulate smartphone kill switches (2014-08-18 15:30:00)
  • The sequel to Flappy Bird is called Swing Copters (2014-08-18 15:23:50)
    It looks like Flappy Bird creator Dong Nguyen has decided to come back after deciding his maddening bird-murder simulation was too addictive: Touch Arcade says his followup to Flappy Bird is called Swing Copters, and it's due out on Thursday of this week. The game will be free to play with a small ad, or you can pay a dollar to remove the ad if you're feeling generous.
  • Change Your Password with LEET (2014-08-18 15:15:14)
    I am an advocate of strong passwords -- inconvenient, long, strong passwords.  7-1d7w!Ka was my Yahoo! password until a few hours ago.  Can you guess the phrase I based it on?  Hint ... it's written in LEET and it is a famous phrase from the 1939 movie classic, The Wizard of Oz.  Got it?7-1d7w!Ka  is an abbreviation for, "Toto, I don't...
  • Leaked pic gives us a new look at the best-looking Windows Phone we’ve ever seen (2014-08-18 15:05:20)
    This is it, Windows Phone fans: You’re finally getting a premiere flagship smartphone this year, even if it did come out for Android months earlier. WPCentral has posted a brand-new picture of a retail display for the upcoming HTC One (M8) for Windows that we expect will officially launch on Tuesday at HTC’s press event in New York. As you can see below, the device looks exactly like the Android version of the device but is now clearly running Windows Phone as evidenced by the Windows Phone user interface and the Windows logo at the bottom of the display. The One (M8), of course, is one of the best Android phones released this year, which means it will automatically become the
  • If you have no surprises in your life, you’re doing it wrong (2014-08-18 15:03:41)
    As part of Verge Hack Week, we've invited great minds from around Vox Media to contribute their thoughts on the future of everything — from food to fashion to the written word. In this installment, we welcome product manager Lauren Rabaino, a member of Vox's editorial apps team. The night before, my Google Now notification told me — by searching my inbox and checking against my recent Google Maps search — that I was a 13-minute subway ride or a 20-minute Uber ride or a 24-minute bike ride from the place where I had a dinner reservation.
  • 'Minecraft' add-on helps you learn programming while you play (2014-08-18 15:03:00)
  • We want you to help us review every 'Simpsons' episode ever (2014-08-18 15:00:04)
    As luck would have it, FXX is planning to show every episode of The Simpsons back-to-back starting this Thursday, August 21st at 10:00AM (here's a handy schedule). It should be a review, but if it's a poem, a personal narrative, a thematic cocktail recipe, that's probably okay, too —  just remember that it has to be about the specific episode and that your name will forever linked to what you write. What if I just look up the episode now, prepare my piece, and submit it as if I watched it live?
  • Is your next phone a noPhone? (2014-08-18 14:49:34)
    Every so often, a device is created that is so singularly revolutionary in its execution, it's difficult to imagine the world before it. The iPhone, the PC, and the Atari 2600 are examples of these kinds of revolutionary devices. Now you can add another gadget to the list: the noPhone. This handset is shatterproof, waterproof, and doesn't require charging to function. It's also completely resistant to NSA surveillance and hacking (to the best of our knowledge). Unfortunately, it is not yet equipped with Wi-Fi, nor Bluetooth, nor a screen or cellular connection for that matter. ...
  • Web gaming firm Miniclip hires advisers for new sale attempt: sources (2014-08-18 14:47:13)
    By Pamela Barbaglia and Anjuli Davies LONDON (Reuters) - One of the world's largest online games companies, Miniclip, has hired advisers to find a buyer after previous attempts to sell it fell through, according to several sources familiar with the firm. Miniclip is hoping to fetch up to $400 million and could draw interest from "Candy Crush Saga" maker King Digital Entertainment , said the sources who declined to be named because the matter is confidential. It founders had previously been in talks to sell to Walt Disney Co. and "Farmville" creator Zynga , but no deal was struck, the sources added. Rothschild is advising Miniclip on the latest sale process, one of the sources said.
  • Pebble nabs the former interface designers for webOS and First Else (2014-08-18 14:37:00)
  • Encourage Women's Involvement in Tech at an Early Age (2014-08-18 14:35:46)
    The U.S Department of Labor predicts that the country will add 1.2 million tech-related jobs by 2022. However, you don't need hard data to tell you that all facets of the burgeoning economy will be touched by tech. Technological literacy is already essential for many jobs and that number is only growing.As the future of work moves inexorably...
  • Apple finds new ways to win that don’t involve hardware or software (2014-08-18 14:30:52)
    Apple has always had a penchant for creative advertising. From the original, iconic 1984-inspired Macintosh ad to the influential Mac vs. PC commercials of the Get a Mac campaign, Apple has approached customers with dark satire and goofy humor — but last year, a new advertisement tugged at our heartstrings, leading to a well-deserved Outstanding Commercial Emmy win for the creative team behind the holiday spot, “Misunderstood.” You probably remember “Misunderstood” from last December, the commercial in which an anti-social teen wastes the holidays preoccupied by his phone rather than spending time with his family. As it turns out, he’s been documenting everything all along with his iPhone in order to put together a saccharine-sweet video that brings everyone to tears. Watch it again below:
  • HP Stream is a $200 Windows 8.1 Laptop (2014-08-18 14:29:10)
    If you're looking for a great Windows notebook for the cost of a Chromebook, HP may have something for you soon. The companyhas been working on a $200 14-inch Windows 8.1 laptop called the Stream, and it looks almost ready for launch. While the Stream had previously been mentioned at a Microsoft partner conference earlier this year, the device has not yet been officially announced.
  • HP's $200 Stream Windows Laptop to Fight Chromebooks (2014-08-18 14:29:10)
    If you're looking for a great Windows notebook for the cost of a Chromebook, HP may have something for you soon. The companyhas been working on a $200 14-inch Windows 8.1 laptop called the Stream, and it looks almost ready for launch. While the Stream was previously mentioned at a Microsoft partner conference earlier this year, the device has not yet been officially announced.
  • HP to Fight Chromebooks with $200 Windows Laptop (2014-08-18 14:29:10)
    If you're looking for a great Windows notebook for the cost of a Chromebook, HP may have something for you soon. While the Stream was previously mentioned at a Microsoft partner conference earlier this year, the device has not yet been officially announced. MORE: Chromebooks vs. Windows Laptops: Which Should You Buy?
  • US nuclear regulator hit by two foreign cyberattacks in three years (2014-08-18 14:19:00)
  • Elon Musk engineers the most elaborte ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’ contraption we’ve yet seen (2014-08-18 14:05:58)
    Given his engineering chops, we shouldn’t be surprised that Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk concocted the most elaborate contraption we’ve yet seen for an “Ice Bucket Challenge” video. FROM EARLIER: Watch Satya Nadella, Mark Zuckerberg and Phil Schiller take the ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’ In the video shown below, we can see that Musk has created a device in which five different buckets are held up over him with long strings attached to them that reach down to the ground. When Musk gives the signal, his kids yank on the strings and simultaneously dump five buckets’ worth of water on his head at once. While this obviously isn’t nearly as complex an engineering feat as, say, SpaceX’s amazing reusable rocket,
  • Tumblr to scan your images for #brands (2014-08-18 14:00:09)
    If you're the sort of person who's constantly posting photos containing #brands on social media, you might want to be aware that Tumblr wants to track you. Companies attempting to understand customer sentiment for their #brand is nothing new, but a new deal between Tumblr and Ditto Labs will go deeper by analyzing photos posted to to the blog network instead of just text. As Mashable reports, the scans won't be used to present you with advertising "right now." Instead, Ditto and Tumblr will be collecting information for these #brands to help their companies learn how people feel about them.
  • Google's getting ready to open its web services to kids (2014-08-18 13:54:00)
  • Here’s how to turn any YouTube video into a GIF (2014-08-18 13:45:13)
    Last Friday, we featured one graphic designer’s incredible X-ray GIFs, focusing on the process by which he converted segments of video into the short, repeated clips we see so often online. The software he used to create the GIFs can be fairly expensive, but as Hacker News demonstrates, there’s an easy way to convert a section of any YouTube video into a GIF straight from your browser. All you have to do is find a video with a clip you’d like to make a GIF of, put “gif” into the URL right before YouTube and you’ll be taken to a new page which lets you decide the start time and the duration of the GIF. For example, I made a GIF from
  • Government wants to make cars talk to each other (2014-08-18 13:43:15)
    WASHINGTON (AP) — The Obama administration said Monday it is taking a first step toward requiring that future cars and light trucks be equipped with technology that enables them to warn each other of potential danger in time to avoid collisions.
  • Tumblr's going to scan your pictures to work out what brands you love (2014-08-18 13:28:00)
  • Ingenious mom comes up with an app that locks her kids’ phones until they call her back (2014-08-18 13:26:37)
    Sharon Standifird is a mom from Houston, Texas, who had a problem: Her children would not return her calls and texts on time. Frustrated and worried, she decided to take the matter into her own hands and create an app to specifically deal with teenagers who do not answer calls from parents on their smartphones, even though she didn’t actually know how to code. “We need to develop an app that just shuts their phone completely down and they can’t even use it,” she told ABC13. “I got on the internet and I literally just started researching how to develop an app.” Called Ignore No More, the app is available only on Android at this time and costs $1.99 per phone, although an iOS
  • The Intention Economy Or: What Productivity Applications Have to Do With Kids' Backpacks (2014-08-18 13:21:55)
    It seems like every year the "back to school" frenzy hits us just a little bit earlier (I'm sure commercial interests have nothing to do with it). Yesterday, my wife asked me to buy the kids new backpacks (never mind that their current ones seem impeccable), along with several other back-to-school errands.I want to be a good dad, I really do....
  • The team behind webOS TV jumps to Pebble to design the next generation of smartwatches (2014-08-18 13:07:28)
    To that end, the company has just announced that it has hired Itai Vonshak as head of product and UX and Liron Damir as head of design. Vonshak and Damir come to Pebble after working at LG, where they were instrumental in creating the user interface and design for webOS TV. Before that, they designed webOS for HP — though not everything they made there saw the light of day.
  • Yet another company is practically begging for an Apple lawsuit (2014-08-18 13:00:44)
    Xiaomi is making the job of former Googler Hugo Barra more and more difficult when it comes to denying copycat claims that say Xiaomi products look too much like their Apple-made alter egos. After launching the Mi iPad a few months ago, which is basically a nearly identical iPad mini clone, Xiaomi is now releasing MIUI 6, its latest Android-based operating system that looks very much like iOS 7, TechCrunch reveals. Even though it retains some of the features MIUI already had to offer users in previous versions, MIUI 6 looks very much like an Androidified version of iOS 7 when it comes to certain elements. Sure, it’s not anything as faithful as the iOS 7-based UI skin made for
  • Misfit Shine teams with Lose It! calorie-counting to keep your diet on course (2014-08-18 13:00:00)
  • Byron the bulb: how the velocity of journalism is changing (2014-08-18 12:58:17)
    As part of Verge Hack Week, we've invited great minds from around Vox Media to contribute their thoughts on the future of everything — from food to fashion to the written word. In this installment, we welcome senior product manager Mandy Brown, co-founder of Editorially, which joined the Vox team earlier this year. In Thomas Pynchon’s famous and famously unreadable 1973 novel, Gravity’s Rainbow, a short story about a sentient and immortal light bulb named Byron includes a moment when a technician is sent out to test Byron for irregularities. Wearing seven-inch spiked heels in order to extend her reach, she gently unscrews Byron from the sconce he’s plugged into.
  • Lady Gaga does the creepiest Ice Bucket Challenge yet (2014-08-18 12:51:32)
    Folding your legs like that on a weird wooden chair looks extraordinarily uncomfortable, but then again, pretty much everything about the Ice Bucket Challenge is designed to be uncomfortable.
  • Amazon's first Fire Phone software update adds features that should have been there on day one (2014-08-18 12:44:35)
    For starters, Amazon added a multitasking mode — double-tapping the home button now brings you to a "quick switch" menu to jump between apps or close them entirely. Amazon has also tweaked video sharing — users can now send high-resolution video through MMS and email.
  • Find your perfect zombie movie (2014-08-18 12:36:32)
    Welcome to the first annual Verge Hack Week. We're totally blowing up our site: we've given our reporters and editors the entire week to play with new tools and experiment with new storytelling ideas, while members of our amazing product team have gathered in New York to help build all sorts of interesting new things. Learn more.
  • This might be the perfect obituary for Windows 8 (2014-08-18 12:35:08)
    We know from well-connected Microsoft reporters and even directly from Microsoft employees that Microsoft knows it stumbled badly with Windows 8. Indeed, the Windows 8 brand has become so toxic that the company’s employees have reportedly dubbed it “the new Vista.”  While Microsoft did its best to make significant improvements to the platform with its subsequent Windows 8.1 and Windows 8.1 Update releases, the company is mostly now ready to move on from Windows 8 by releasing Windows 9, which will reportedly bring back many of the key desktop features that PC owners say they sorely missed with Microsoft’s first touch-centric OS. With Windows 8 soon to be on its way out, it’s worth examining just what Microsoft did that was such a mistake. There
  • Uber's back on the road in Berlin (2014-08-18 12:34:00)
  • BlackBerry creates new unit for potential high-growth assets (2014-08-18 12:27:57)
    By Alastair Sharp TORONTO (Reuters) - BlackBerry Ltd said on Monday it has created a new unit to house what many consider to be among its most promising assets - cryptographic applications, its QNX embedded software and Project Ion platform for connecting devices. The Canadian smartphone maker, which CEO John Chen is trying to revamp, said Sandeep Chennakeshu will start immediately as president of the BlackBerry Technology Solutions unit. The division will also include a portfolio of 44,000 patents and the Paratek antenna tech company purchased by BlackBerry in 2012. "These are the call options for upside value that the market may not be factoring because it just looks too far away," said BGC analyst Colin Gillis.
  • Slaying the demons of 'Dungeons & Dragons' (2014-08-18 12:23:52)
    The Christian right had been campaigning against this role-playing game: it was a danger to the youth of America; There’s a type of person that D&D’s attracted, the storyteller, the creative person, but that was actually the big barrier to entry for them, having to sort of vault over this giant wall of rules;
  • Long-suffering Comcast customer gets his problem fixed only after his story goes viral on Reddit (2014-08-18 12:10:25)
    Comcast has racked up an impressive tally of customer service horror stories that have gone viral on social media over just the last month. The latest such story involves a customer who tried in vain for 6 months to get assorted problems fixed and only really got Comcast’s attention once his story hit the front page of Reddit. “During the six month period from mid-January of 2014 through the end of July of 2014, I had to contact Comcast an astounding 25 times in regards to a multitude of issues, errors, and mistakes with my service, and charges related to my Comcast account,” writes Dann Furia, a customer who first told the world his story via Reddit last week. “I
  • Motion controllers make great virtual reality lightsabers (2014-08-18 12:07:44)
    One of the things that gaming — and by extension, virtual reality — has given us is the opportunity to live inside our favorite fictional worlds. In the Oculus Rift, you can ride Marty McFly's hoverboard. Continuing in that vein, gaming peripheral company Sixense has created a demo showing us what fighting with lightsabers might feel like.
  • Latest Xbox One update adds remote game buying, 3D Blu-ray (2014-08-18 12:07:00)
  • Quiz: Can you name the product with only a quote from its commercial? (2014-08-18 12:04:07)
    Welcome to the first annual Verge Hack Week. We're totally blowing up our site: we've given our reporters and editors the entire week to play with new tools and experiment with new storytelling ideas, while members of our amazing product team have gathered in New York to help build all sorts of interesting new things. Learn more.
  • Charli XCX's new single is pretty sweet (2014-08-18 12:04:00)
    Charli XCX can do complicated and weird, and that all turns out pretty well. XCX is slowly taking over the pop world, from helping launch Ryn Weaver to stardom and contributing a killer part to Iggy Azalea's huge hit "Fancy." And if her latest single is any evidence, she's still just warming up.
  • Uber Germany back in business after court suspends the ban in Berlin (2014-08-18 11:55:23)
    The presiding judge of Berlin's administrative court has overturned a ban on Uber put in place by the Berlin State Department of Civil and Regulatory affairs four days ago. Uber can now operate legally, although it seems likely that the legal wrangling is far from over. This follows the pattern Uber has been through in cities around the globe, with overlapping agencies and incumbent industries jockeying to allow or outlaw the transportation app.
  • Community Health details attack on patient records (2014-08-18 11:51:50)
    FRANKLIN, Tenn. (AP) — Hospital operator Community Health Systems said a cyberattack took information on more than 4 million patients from its computer network earlier this year.
  • Community Health says data stolen in cyber attack from China (2014-08-18 11:47:39)
    (Reuters) - Community Health Systems Inc, one of the biggest U.S. hospital groups, said it was the victim of a cyber attack that originated in China, resulting in the theft of personal data belonging to 4.5 million patients in April and June. The stolen information included patient names, addresses, birth dates, telephone numbers and Social Security numbers of people who were referred for or received services from doctors affiliated with the hospital group in the last five years, it said in a regulatory filing on Monday. Community Health Systems spokeswoman Tomi Galin said the company believes the attack originated from China because federal law enforcement and forensics experts with FireEye Inc unit Mandiant had told it that "the methods and techniques" employed by the hackers were consistent with a particular group of hackers operating in China. China has denied the charges.
  • Incredible trade-in deal could net you $350 to spend on the iPhone 6 (2014-08-18 11:45:39)
    Looking to get an iPhone 6 off-contract but don’t have much money saved up for it? No problem — just head over to Gazelle and you could get up to $350 for trading in your old iPhone. AppleInsider notes that Gazelle “has just launched its most aggressive price-lock promotion yet: up to $350 for your old iPhone if you lock in a price quote today.” It goes without saying that this seems like a pretty sweet deal, especially because you don’t actually have to trade in your current iPhone to Gazelle until October 10th at the latest. However, you should really go lock in your price as soon as you can because your old iPhone’s value is only going to get lower
  • Sensata to buy Schrader as Europe adopts tire pressure sensors (2014-08-18 11:41:47)
    (Reuters) - Sensors and electrical controls maker Sensata Technologies Holding NV said it would buy Schrader International to meet growing demand for sensors to monitor car-tire pressure. Sensata, whose shares rose as much as 6.6 percent on Monday morning, will purchase Schrader from private equity firm Madison Dearborn Partners LLC for an enterprise value of $1 billion. Denver-headquartered Schrader makes tire-pressure monitoring sensors (TPMS) that alert drivers when a tire is under-inflated. The technology, fitted on all cars in North America, is being rolled out in Europe to meet a new regulation that requires all passenger vehicles to have it installed this year, the company said.
  • ESPN strikes deal with Fox to carry some Champions League games (2014-08-18 11:39:00)
  • Xbox One system update lets you buy games with your phone (2014-08-18 11:31:42)
    The latest Xbox One system update being rolled out today will for the first time let players purchase games on their phones and mobile devices through the free Smartglass app, as well as on The games will automatically begin downloading upon purchase, so they're ready for play whenever you get back to your system, Microsoft says. Today's update also includes a few other useful additions, including a low battery indicator for wireless controllers and 3D Blu-Ray functionality. The activity feed has also been redesigned in a single-column view. ...
  • Here’s an iPhone 6 leak that will leave you disappointed (2014-08-18 11:25:42)
    A new iPhone 6 leak originating from China seems to reveal a critical detail about the upcoming iPhone 6’s on-board memory. According to Chinese Apple repair firm GeekBar, which posted an image on Weibo, the iPhone 6 will feature just 1GB of RAM, which may be seen as too low compared to current competitors that already pack 2GB and even 3GB of RAM for some phablets. FROM EARLIER: Another major iPhone 6 component revealed in new leak It’s not clear at this time whether the schematics leaked online describe the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 or 5.5-inch model. Various reports claimed the larger iPhone will have various differentiating specs and features, without revealing whether higher RAM was one of them. For buyers who are
  • Google coming for your children, says The Information (2014-08-18 11:17:44)
    Remember that heartwarming Dear Sophie Google Chrome ad? It was also technically not allowed: Google's terms of service forbid kids under 13 from signing up.
  • This awesome battery brings quick on-the-go wireless charging to your smartphone (2014-08-18 11:10:28)
    Revocharge is the name of a new iPhone and Android accessory that wants to let users wirelessly and efficiently recharge their devices on the go. To become a reality, Revocharge is currently raising money on Kickstarter and has already collected almost $7,000 of its $15,000 goal with 39 days left in the campaign. Revocharge is a combination of devices that work together to bring smartphone users an extra charge, including a special slim case with a magnetic back that enables wireless charging on the iPhone, and a magnetic highly portable battery that snaps on the back of that case that can offer a 2,000mAh charge. Additionally, a variety of mounting systems are available, including a car mount, desk mount, armband and belt clip,
  • John Oliver utterly shames the police in Ferguson on 'Last Week Tonight' (2014-08-18 11:07:11)
    Once again, the unsubtle British comedian provides a searingly funny and (sadly) more accurate analysis of recent events than anyone else in the mainstream media.
  • What you need to know about commercial spaceflight (2014-08-18 11:00:00)
  • Incredibly cool iPhone 6 feature seemingly confirmed by new leak (2014-08-18 10:55:30)
    Last week we started seeing evidence that Apple’s iPhone 6 Lightning cables would feature reversible USB, marking the first time that an Apple smartphone would come with this particular feature. Now uSwitch, in conjunction with iPhone leaker Sonny Dickson, has published some pictures of the iPhone 6 USB cable’s retail box that it says clearly shows the new cable will feature reversible USB. FROM EARLIER: Here’s one way Apple could make up for the iPhone 6’s reportedly skimpy battery “The shots of retail boxes for the cables confirm that rather than being something that could yet be a long way from reality and market-readyness, Apple is in fact ready to introduce them with the iPhone 6 next month,” uSwitch writes.
  • Sharp unveils a bezel-free smartphone (2014-08-18 10:50:52)
    So, with the Aquos Crystal that means a handset that measures 131mm (5 in) by 67mm (2.6 in) yet offers a 5-inch display. To put that into perspective, the iPhone 4S only has a 3.5-inch display yet the handset measures 115.2mm (4.5 in) by 58.6mm (2.31 in) and that's because on average, 30% of a phone's face is actually the bezel. Expected to be officially unveiled on August 19 by Sprint, neither handset will appeal to the uber technophile who demands the latest and greatest processor available at any given moment in time.
  • Is Aphex Twin planning to launch a new album? (2014-08-18 10:50:19)
    A neon green blimp was spotted over London on Saturday emblazoned with the Aphex Twin logo inside of “2014,” and stencils have been spotted in New York. There’s been no official confirmation from Warp Records or Aphex Twin’s Richard D. James on what it means. Aside from the release of the long-lost Caustic Window album earlier this year, it’s been over a decade since the last official release of new material from electronic artist Richard D. James.
  • Watch a violinist play through his brain surgery (2014-08-18 10:46:16)
    Doctors would normally fix a tremor like Roger Frisch’s by keeping him awake during surgery, inserting electrodes deep into his brain until the trembling appeared to stop. The surgery worked, and the Mayo Clinic has released a follow-up interview with Frisch and his doctors.
  • This face-tracking projection is the craziest thing you'll see today (2014-08-18 10:41:21)
    We've seen a whole bunch of projection-mapping videos, but this demo raises the bar, training the projection to recognize a model's face and follow her as she moves it. The result is basically real-life CGI — a real-time layer of animated light that's inseparable from the object itself. People say this on the internet a lot, but this is actually the craziest thing I've ever seen. Here's a gif of the best part, courtesy of Prosthetic Knowledge:
  • You may have to wait a while to get a truly scratch-proof iPhone 6 (2014-08-18 10:40:22)
    I scream, you scream, we all scream for an iPhone 6 with a scratch-proof sapphire display. However, a new research note from J.P. Morgan flagged by AppleInsider indicates that we may have to wait a bit to get our hands on the sapphire display-equipped iPhone 6. According to J.P. Morgan’s research, Apple will release a sapphire-free version of the iPhone 6 this fall but has plans to release a premium version of the device featuring a sapphire display in 2015. “Although we have channel indications that some sapphire devices will be produced, we actually lean toward Apple selling no sapphire phones this year,” writes J.P. Morgan analyst Rod Hall. “On sapphire as a feature — we see it as a
  • Sharp's new bezel-less smartphone will land in US thanks to Sprint (2014-08-18 10:37:00)
  • iPhone 6L to Sport Big Screen, Big Battery (Report) (2014-08-18 10:21:39)
    By now you may have heard that the iPhone 6 is expected to come in two sizes: 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches. Now comes word that the latter smartphone will be dubbed the iPhone 6L, and the L won't just stand for large display. According to Apple Daily, the iPhone 6L will sport a very generous 2915 mAh battery.
  • I watched 'The Expendables 3' in theaters and I want my money back (2014-08-18 10:09:44)
    On Sunday night, at 7:50PM, I walked into a theater in downtown Brooklyn, New York, to watch The Expendables 3. The Expendables 3 flopped this weekend, making just $16.2 million domestically, good enough only for fourth place in the US box office. The bigger problem with The Expendables 3 was that the most exciting thing that happened during its two hour, six minute runtime was a man falling asleep and snoring loudly for 25 solid minutes.
  • 5 fantastic paid iPhone apps that you can get for free right now – a $12 value! (2014-08-18 10:05:42)
    As part of our never ending series of features designed to help you find terrific free iOS apps, we’ve found five more apps that were previously paid that have now gone free for an undetermined amount of time. Taken together, these five apps used to cost $12 total but you can now get every single one of them for free if you act right this minute. These are paid iPhone and iPad apps that have been made available for free for a limited time by their developers. There is no way to tell how long they will be free. These sales could end an hour from now or a week from now — obviously, the only thing we can guarantee is that they
  • Dream thieves: fighting the sleep epidemic in America's underclass (2014-08-18 10:00:04)
    Tim Stoker remembers perfectly the last time he slept. The money is minimal, but so are his living expenses -- and it’s a far cry from the fines and jail time he could have received for violating the recently tightened, near-total national ban on sleep.
  • Dream thieves: inside America's ban on sleep (2014-08-18 10:00:04)
    Tim Stoker remembers perfectly the last time he slept. The money is minimal, but so are his living expenses -- and it’s a far cry from the fines and jail time he could have received for violating the recently tightened, near-total national ban on sleep.
  • Adventures with a homemade standing desk (2014-08-18 10:00:00)
  • Apple takes Emmy award with 2013's 'Misunderstood' Christmas ad (2014-08-18 09:54:03)
    One of the more heartwarming television spots from last year, "Misunderstood" was a 90-second ad in which a kid — seemingly too preoccupied with his iPhone 5S to engage with his family gathered for the holiday — is later revealed to have been working on a movie about the event. It likely brought tears to a few eyes when it ran, and those tears are paying off: as Adweek reports, it just took home a Creative Arts Emmy over the weekend for Outstanding Commercial. Under the direction of ad agency TBWA, "Misunderstood" won out over competition from GE, Nike, and Budweiser, which had two ...
  • Sharp just launched a hot new phone in Japan that's coming to America (2014-08-18 09:49:38)
    Sharp isn't exactly a household name for smartphones in the US, but the company has been pumping out interesting high-end handsets in Japan for years. Today the company just announced two new phones under the Aquos Crystal brand for Japan, and it says that at least one of them is coming to the US at some point. The Aquos Crystal is a 5-inch, 720p smartphone with a mid-range Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor.
  • Sharp just launched a hot new phone in Japan and it's coming to America (2014-08-18 09:49:38)
    Sharp isn't exactly a household name for smartphones in the US, but the company has been pumping out interesting high-end handsets in Japan for years. Today the company just announced two new phones under the Aquos Crystal brand for Japan, and it says that at least one of them is coming to the US at some point. The Aquos Crystal is a 5-inch, 720p smartphone with a mid-range Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor.
  • The anti-Facebook: one in four American neighborhoods are now using this private social network (2014-08-18 09:47:26)
    It was early in the morning when the flooding hit The Knolls, a neighborhood of about 500 homes in Columbus, Ohio. The sewer overflowed, dumping a foot and half of water into Chuck Totten’s basement, where his wife Deb kept around $25,000 worth of fabric and sewing supplies. So he put out a call for help on Nextdoor, a private social network aimed at connecting neighbors. "It was like living in an Amish community."
  • Facebook Is Going to Tell Users What Satire Is (2014-08-18 09:43:17)
    Facebook is fed up with clickbait headlines and the websites that mock them. The Onion and its sister site, Clickhole, have become so good at mimicking those headlines that Facebook is now testing a "Satire" tag to help users tell the difference. It Did For These People," and another like "It’s Time To Admit That Depression Is Real, Except For Teens Who Are Just Being Moody." The tag would appear as "[Satire]" in front of the fake headlines. We are running a small test which shows the text '[Satire]' in front of links to satirical articles in the related articles unit in News Feed.
  • Verge Hack Week 2014 (2014-08-18 09:41:53)
    We've also invited people from across Vox Media to write us editorials about the future — look for pieces from editor-in-chief Ezra Klein, Eater editor-in-chief Amanda Kludt, Racked national editor Leslie Price, senior product manager (and former Editorially CEO) Mandy Brown, Vox Media editorial director Lockhart Steele, and many, many others. This week we're totally blowing up our site: we've given our reporters and editors the entire week to play with new tools and experiment with new storytelling ideas, while members of our amazing product team have gathered in New York to help build all sorts of interesting new things.
  • Motorola’s new mystery phone might not be the Nexus 6… it might be something even better (2014-08-18 09:40:25)
    The Motorola Nexus 6, codenamed “Shamu,” might not actually be a Nexus 6 device, as many reports have said so far. Instead, the device could be an Android Silver heading to Verizon in the near future, TKTechNews seems to indicate. FROM EARLIER: Benchmark reveals the Nexus 6’s specs are just as great as you hoped The publication has been able to confirm the device is real by verifying its IMEI through Swappa – the IMEI code came up as valid but unlisted, which apparently means it’s associated with an unreleased device. Furthermore, it appears the model will hit Verizon in the future, which makes sense since it’s been a Nexus device-unfriendly carrier in the past years. It’s not clear whether
  • Welcome to Verge Hack Week (2014-08-18 09:37:08)
    I'd like to welcome you all to the first annual Verge Hack Week. Please do not adjust your display.
  • Community Health Systems says personal data stolen in cyber attack (2014-08-18 09:32:15)
    (Reuters) - U.S. hospital operator Community Health Systems Inc said on Monday personal data, including patient names and addresses, of about 4.5 million people were stolen by hackers from its computer network, likely in April and June. The company said the data, considered protected under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, included patient names, addresses, birth dates, telephone numbers and Social Security numbers. It did not include patient credit card or medical information, Community Health Systems said in a regulatory filing.
  • Violinist fiddles with a smart bow to help his brain surgery (2014-08-18 09:20:00)
  • China's JD sells 574,000 smartphones in Tencent five-day promotion (2014-08-18 09:06:09)
    China's second-largest e-commerce company sold 574,000 smartphones in a five-day promotion offered exclusively on Tencent Holdings Ltd's Mobile QQ, the two companies said on Monday, to show their partnership has paid off. Investors have scrutinized JD and Tencent, China's biggest mobile gaming and social media company, for signs of benefits from a $215 million partnership deal, in which Tencent took a 15 percent stake in JD.
  • Now you have an insanely simple way to quickly switch between Android apps (2014-08-18 08:50:31)
    Do you wish that you have a quick and simple way to switch between your favorite Android apps that doesn’t involve returning to the home screen or clicking on the notifications center? If so then you may want to check out Last App Switcher, a brilliant new app that works for your apps the same way the “Last Channel” button works on your TV remote control. Last App Switcher cleverly pitches itself as a solution to a situation we’ve all been in before. “Imagine, you are browsing internet and a message arrives,” developer InPen writes in its description. “Normally, you would minimize your browser, open the chatting application, and reply to the message. Then press the recent apps button, find
  • Community Health Systems says data stolen in cyber attack (2014-08-18 08:30:39)
    (Reuters) - U.S. hospital operator Community Health Systems Inc said it suspected data of about 4.5 million clients were stolen by Chinese hackers from its computer network. The company and its security contractors Mandiant, a unit of FireEye Inc, believes the attack occurred in April and June, Community Health Systems said in a regulatory filing. (Reporting by Shailesh Kuber; Editing by Joyjeet Das)
  • MakerBot launches a blank dummy you can turn into art (2014-08-18 08:21:00)
  • The iPhone 6’s extremely durable displays are ready for mass production (2014-08-18 08:15:11)
    One of the main features of Apple’s upcoming iPhone 6 is its display, not only because it’s supposed be the biggest display Apple has ever used, but also because it’s expected to offer increased durability compared to previous models, thanks to the use of sapphire glass protectors for the screen. Even though there are many contradictory reports on whether Apple will actually be able to successfully build enough sapphire glass for this year’s iPhone 6, at least some new iPhone models will have such a screen and The Guardian has learned that iPhone 6’s sapphire screen production will start this month. FROM EARLIER: Watch someone break the iPhone 6’s unbreakable sapphire screen However, the publication notes that Apple’s partner who
  • Hot-rod Tesla Model S will burn rubber and your cash (2014-08-18 07:42:00)
  • Best Buy reveals everything there is to know about the gorgeous Moto 360 (2014-08-18 07:30:46)
    Best Buy on Sunday listed its product page for the upcoming Moto 360 smartwatch, as discovered by Droid-Life, revealing in the process the official price of the highly anticipated Android Wear wearable device, as well as its full specs and features. Many details about the Moto 360 were already known, as Motorola shared certain things about the device, while keeping other hardware details secret – Best Buy’s listing, since removed, basically reveals everything there is to know about the device. FROM EARLIER: How some lucky people are about to get the gorgeous Moto 360 for free According to Best Buy, the Moto 360 will retail for $249.99 – or the same price listed in Motorola’s Moto 360 contest from a few months
  • Sensata Technologies to buy Schrader in $1 billion deal (2014-08-18 07:11:58)
    (Reuters) - Sensors and electrical controls maker Sensata Technologies Holding NV said it would buy Schrader group of companies for an enterprise value of $1 billion to benefit from a growing market for tire pressure monitoring sensors (TPMS). Schrader International, held by private equity firm Madison Dearborn Partners LLC, is the global leader in TPMS, Sensata said on Monday. Denver-headquartered Schrader sells TPMS and other sensors in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, China, Japan and South Korea.
  • Assange talks of leaving embassy, sowing confusion (2014-08-18 07:01:00)
    LONDON (AP) — WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange sowed confusion Monday with an announcement that appeared to indicate he was leaving his embassy bolt hole, but his spokesman later clarified that that would not happen unless the impasse over his extradition were resolved.
  • This Bluetooth padlock will open for you and whomever you deem worthy (2014-08-18 07:00:00)
  • NASA researchers use extreme origami to build space solar panels (2014-08-18 06:49:00)
  • Facebook testing 'satire' tag (2014-08-18 06:44:06)
    The social network wants to ensure that when a user shares a link to a comedy news article everyone who clicks through is in on the joke. A text message followed by a yellow, winking face makes it clear that the message is a joke, or not to be taken seriously. In fact, taking the contents of a shared Onion article as literal is so common that there's a website, called Literally Unbelievable, dedicated to capturing misinformed comments to misunderstood articles across Facebook. To help users avoid making an appearance on Literally Unbelievable, Facebook is currently testing a ‘satire' tag "because we received feedback that people wanted a clearer way to distinguish satirical articles from others," a spokesperson told Ars Technica.
  • The iPhone 6's Lightning cable may be reversible at both ends (2014-08-18 06:15:03)
    Sonny Dickson, the man who provided the sapphire glass screen rumored to feature at the front of Apple's upcoming iPhone 6, has a new hardware revelation about the unannounced new phone: a reversible USB cable. Thanks to its symmetrical design, the Lightning connector is already capable of being plugged into an iPhone or iPad in any orientation, and now Apple's apparently addressing the other end of the cable as well.
  • German authors protest to Amazon over e-book price war (2014-08-18 06:04:03)
    More than 1,000 German-language writers have signed a petition protesting against the methods used by online retailer Amazon in its e-book price battle with Scandinavian publishing house Bonnier. Taking their cue from US writers involved in a similar protest over Amazon's e-book dispute with Hachette, nearly 1,200 authors signed an open letter in which they accused Amazon of "taking writers hostage" in its pricing battle. "In the past few months, Bonnier authors are being boycotted and their books no longer held in stock," said the letter, which was signed by, among others, Austrian Nobel literature prize laureate Elfriede Jelinek and the head of the German PEN writers' association, Regula Venske. "Amazon has no right to take hostage authors who are not directly involved in the conflict," it said.
  • Apps put fitness fans through short, sharp workouts (2014-08-18 06:02:50)
    The U.S. Centers for Disease Control recommend that adults do at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity weekly. Sworkit, a new fitness app for iPhone and Android devices, takes users through workouts as short as five minutes that can be done anywhere. "We realized that a lot of people don’t have a lot of time, so we created an app for people to squeeze in bite-sized increments of exercise throughout their day where they don’t need to be at a gym or use equipment,” said Benjamin Young, CEO of Washington, D.C.-based company Nexercise, creator of the app. The routine is made up of 30-second exercises that are demonstrated with videos, or users can create their own workouts with the app.
  • Alcohol delivery app adds underwear model couriers, could make bad ideas worse (2014-08-18 05:54:00)
  • Julian Assange plans to leave Ecuadorian embassy 'soon' (2014-08-18 05:13:13)
    WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange says he will soon leave the Ecuadorian embassy in London, in a move that would end a two-year standoff with authorities. Assange has been living under asylum at the embassy since 2012, after Swedish investigators called him in for questioning over allegations of sexual assault. Assange faces likely arrest if he leaves the grounds of the Ecuadorian embassy, and has feared that doing so would result in his extradition to the US, where the Justice Department has been investigating WikiLeaks since the organization began publishing troves of classified diplomatic cables in 2010.
  • WikiLeaks founder says he'll leave embassy soon (2014-08-18 05:09:50)
    LONDON (AP) — WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange says he will be leaving the Ecuadorean Embassy in London soon — but did not say when or explain his decision.
  • Americans now have an electric supercar to call their own (2014-08-18 04:55:00)
  • Missouri governor calls in National Guard to calm Ferguson unrest (2014-08-18 03:49:57)
    Missouri Governor Jay Nixon today signed an executive order deploying the National Guard to Ferguson, in the hopes of quelling unrest that erupted following the killing of 18-year-old Michael Brown. In a statement released early Monday morning, Nixon said he is ordering the Missouri National Guard to the St. Louis suburb to restore "peace and order," condemning the "violent criminal acts of an organized and growing number of individuals." Nixon's full statement is below. Tonight, a day of hope, prayers, and peaceful protests was marred by the violent criminal acts of an organized and growing number of individuals, many from outside the community and state, whose actions are putting the residents and businesses of Ferguson at risk.  I join the people of Ferguson, and all Missourians, in strongly condemning this criminal activity that included firing upon law enforcement officers, shooting a civilian, throwing Molotov cocktails, looting, and a coordinated attempt to block roads and overrun the Unified Command Center.  These violent acts are a disservice to the family of Michael Brown and his memory, and to the people of this community who yearn for justice to be served, and to feel safe in their own homes.
  • MakerBot chief believes self-driving cars will spur a need for 3D-printed organs (2014-08-18 03:25:00)
  • Surprise! Even North Koreans download porn (2014-08-18 01:53:00)
  • Sony's A5100 combines super-fast autofocus and touchscreen controls for $549 (2014-08-18 00:00:03)
    Six months after introducing the A6000, a mirrorless camera with a lightning quick autofocus system, Sony is back again today with the new A5100. Priced at $549 (or $699 with Sony's 16-50mm kit lens), the company's latest addition to its Alpha line effectively replaces the NEX-5T. The A5100 borrows the 24.3-megapixel APS-C sensor and revamped, speedy hybrid autofocus system from the A6000. The ability to tap and focus is super convenient, and the A6000's lack of a touchscreen seemed like a crazy omission on Sony's part.
  • Sony's A5100 combines super-fast autofocus and touchscreen controls for $699 (2014-08-18 00:00:03)
    Six months after introducing the A6000, a mirrorless camera with a lightning quick autofocus system, Sony is back again today with the new A5100. Priced at $549 (or $699 with Sony's 16-50mm kit lens), the company's latest addition to its Alpha line effectively replaces the NEX-5T. The A5100 borrows the 24.3-megapixel APS-C sensor and revamped, speedy hybrid autofocus system from the A6000. The ability to tap and focus is super convenient, and the A6000's lack of a touchscreen seemed like a crazy omission on Sony's part.
  • Police in Ferguson use tear gas and riot gear as tensions flare up again (2014-08-17 23:50:35)
    Unrest continues tonight in Missouri as various police departments have descended on the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson over the killing of 18-year-old Michael Brown eight days ago. Although Thursday night was peaceful after Governor Jay Nixon recalled St. Louis County Police from security detail, livestream footage from Sunday night shows growing tension and clashes with police. There are reports of tear gas being used against the protestors, with some Twitter users finding CS gas canisters on the ground.
  • Police are still playing with fire in Ferguson (2014-08-17 23:50:35)
    Unrest continues tonight in Missouri as various police departments have descended on the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson over the killing of 18-year-old Michael Brown eight days ago. Although Thursday night showed promising signs of peace after Governor Jay Nixon recalled St. Louis County Police from security detail, livestream footage from Sunday night shows growing tension and clashes with police. This is the second night of a midnight curfew imposed by Nixon when declaring a state of emergency on Saturday, and police appear determined to enforce the curfew — well before it even takes effect.
  • Twitter tries sharing your favorite tweets with others (2014-08-17 20:04:00)
  • The Verge Playlist: Punk Rock Hack Week (2014-08-17 19:05:44)
    Verge Hack Week starts tomorrow, and we're letting everyone in the company go crazy building and experimenting with new tools on the site. It's going to be fast and messy and a little bit insane — so basically, punk rock. I can get down with that: the internet has always been about restlessness and attitude and DIY spirit, values that are rooted firmly in the punk rock I grew up listening to.
  • Biologist tries to explain Captain America and the Hulk with science (2014-08-17 18:14:22)
    Comic book writers almost always spin up some inventive pseudo-science to explain how normal men and women transform into superheroes, but what if a real biologist took a crack at it? Sebastian Alvarado, a postdoctoral research fellow at Stanford University, has done just that with a new series of videos. He plumbs the depths of biology in a search for some sort of reality-based explanations for Captain America's and the Incredible Hulk's spectacular transformations. You might be surprised by what he finds. Just don't ask him to explain how Bruce Banner keeps his pants on.
  • Spies used YouTube videos and Microsoft log-ins to take over devices (2014-08-17 18:02:00)
  • Twitter experiment that changes how favorites work angers users (2014-08-17 17:27:24)
    Twitter is experimenting with a new feature that is downright blasphemous to experienced users. The experiment is particularly concerning for some because the favorite has always been rather mysterious. Despite its name, many do not use the favorite in the same way as a Facebook "Like." Some use it as a simple acknowledgment of receiving a tweet or as a way of saying "thanks." It can also be a simple way of saying that you found something funny. If Twitter starts surfacing favorited tweets in timelines, they've suddenly become far more public.
  • Policing "Stop and Frisk" with "Stop and Track" Policing (2014-08-17 16:54:52)
    The events in Ferguson, Missouri between Officer Darren Wilson and Michael Brown are tragic, chaotic, and unfortunately part of a larger pattern of police-citizen conflict that occasionally escalates into deadly force. These events are also not simply about what happened on August 9, 2014, but about the growing distrust between citizens and...
  • Motorola's Moto 360 smartwatch pops up at Best Buy two weeks early (2014-08-17 15:28:00)
  • Alison Brie and Jennifer Lawrence probably wish this 'Buffy' parody never hit the web (2014-08-17 15:14:03)
    When parodies go wrong, they go horribly wrong. That's probably why you've never heard of Not Another High School Show. Comedy Central ordered a pilot of the show in 2006 as a spin off of 2001's Not Another High School Movie, and it disappeared soon after its 2007 premiere. Now you can see why: it's pretty awful.
  • ​This Bluetooth bangle lights up to match your outfit, tells you when you miss a call (2014-08-17 14:36:00)
  • Moto 360 smartwatch priced at $249.99 according to Best Buy listing (2014-08-17 13:51:16)
    Motorola is all set to unveil its Moto 360 watch at a press event in Chicago on September 4th, but it looks like Best Buy has let the cat out of the bag. A product page for the Android Wear smartwatch has mistakenly gone live on Best Buy's mobile site, and it lists the device with a $249.99 price tag. The fine print of the official rules for a Motorola contest this past May placed the smartwatch's approximate retail value at the same price. Droid Life first reported on the leak earlier this afternoon. The Best Buy page does list some preliminary specifications: the LCD touchscreen is said to come in at a resolution of 320 x 290.
  • AllCast will let you mirror any Android phone's screen on your PC (2014-08-17 12:44:00)
  • These solar arrays fold up like origami flowers (2014-08-17 12:32:09)
    Size, weight, and cost are all massively important, so some researchers are turning to advanced origami to fold up solar arrays. The result of their two years' worth of work is a solar array with a diameter of just 8.9 feet (2.7 meters) when folded and a massive 82 feet (25 meters) when unfurled. To build the solar array, Shannon Zirbel and professor Larry Howell of Brigham Young University, and mechanical engineer Brian Trease of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, enlisted the help of renowned origami expert Robert Lang.
  • See the actual photo Nick Frost took in 'Shaun of the Dead' (2014-08-17 10:21:24)
    If one thing's for certain, it's that Simon Pegg and Nick Frost had far too much fun parodying the zombie movie with 2004's Shaun of the Dead. Of course, if Shaun of the Dead were shot today, he would have just snapped a selfie with his phone instead.
  • Inhabitat's Week in Green: dinosaur bicycle, 3D-printed shoes and a lightning-proof dress (2014-08-17 10:00:00)
  • 3D-printed wind turbine puts 300W of power in your backpack (2014-08-17 06:50:00)
  • Here's another 'PlayStation Phone' that Sony could have made (2014-08-17 04:32:00)
  • Daimler's solution for annoying out-of-office email: delete it (2014-08-17 02:52:00)
  • Look, no hands! Test driving a Google car (2014-08-17 01:18:07)
    By Paul Ingrassia MOUNTAIN VIEW Calif. (Reuters) - The car stopped at stop signs. It's actually high praise for the car in question: Google Inc.'s driverless car. Most automotive test drives (of which I've done dozens while covering the car industry for nearly 30 years) are altogether different. This test drive, in contrast, took place on the placid streets of Mountain View, the Silicon Valley town that houses Google's headquarters.
  • You'll be able to play the 'Pokémon Trading Card Game' on your iPad later this year (2014-08-17 01:18:02)
    At least, that's what the makers of the Pokémon Trading Card Game hope. An iPad version of the card game has surfaced at the World Championships in Washington DC, and representatives have confirmed to Polygon that the game is real. It's reportedly scheduled to be released sometime this year, but from the looks of it, the game is a simple port of the Windows and Mac version of the trading card game that has been available for some time.
  • Creator of Xbox dashboard ads is sorry for all the Mountain Dew tiles (2014-08-16 23:58:00)
  • Twitter co-founder joins social media chorus from Ferguson (2014-08-16 23:35:43)
    Twitter co-founder and St. Louis native Jack Dorsey was in Ferguson Saturday sending tweets about the protests stemming from the police killing of an unarmed black teenager. I'll be standing with everyone in Ferguson all weekend #HandsUpDontShoot" the billionaire posted late Friday, before unleashing dozens of Tweets and Vine video posts from protests in the Missouri town. The hashtag references the death of 18-year-old Michael Brown, who was shot dead by police a week ago, with some witnesses saying the young African American had his hands in the air when he was shot. Over the weekend the social media maven shared scores of Tweets, many of them video posts from Twitter-owned Vine.
  • Samsung SDI, China's Sungrow plan venture for energy storage systems (2014-08-16 23:09:34)
    South Korea's Samsung SDI Co Ltd said on Sunday it has signed a preliminary deal with China's Sungrow Power Supply Co Ltd to form a joint venture to make energy storage systems in China. Samsung SDI, a maker of electronics components, did not disclose how large the joint investment will be and said the location has not been decided. Samsung SDI and other electric vehicle battery makers are increasingly betting on energy storage systems to hedge their bets as the market for electric vehicle batteries has lagged expectations.
  • The US' first Chief Privacy Officer has left after one year (2014-08-16 21:09:00)
  • The US' first privacy-focused technology officer has left after one year (2014-08-16 21:09:00)
  • Frank Underwood tries to fool Hillary with his best Bill Clinton impression (2014-08-16 20:36:03)
    Kevin Spacey isn't content with just acting like a president on TV — he thinks he can impersonate Bill Clinton himself. In a new video to celebrate the former President's 68th birthday, Spacey (in character as House of Cards' Frank Underwood) tries to pull the wool over Hillary Clinton's eyes during a prank call. Spacey tries to do some snooping and figure out what Hillary's getting her husband, but sadly it's to no avail. Instead, the former Secretary of State provides her typical response of late: "This is a very personal decision I will make when I'm ready. ...
  • The death of the Boeing 747, NVIDIA Shield review and other stories you might've missed (2014-08-16 19:33:00)
  • Virgin America passes out Nexus 7s to crew members (2014-08-16 18:01:00)
  • Low-ranking supervillains get the spotlight in animated film 'Henchmen' (2014-08-16 17:03:14)
    In a city full of supervillains, not everyone can be on par with Lex Luthor, Magneto, or the Joker. An upcoming animated film called Henchmen gives these oft-overlooked villains their time in the limelight, and you can watch an extended teaser for the film right now. A janitor walks into a supervillain museum...
  • Feedback Loop: Favorite keyboards, dash cam options and podcasts (2014-08-16 16:25:00)
  • Germany accidentally spied on phone calls from Hillary Clinton and John Kerry (2014-08-16 14:50:00)
  • Elon Musk enlists his five sons to help complete the Ice Bucket Challenge (2014-08-16 14:03:03)
    The Ice Bucket Challenge is well on its way to raising plenty of money for ALS research — and it's leaving no tech exec dry. Tesla CEO and billionaire inventor Elon Musk took his turn taking a cool, refreshing ice-water bath today. Musk's five boys, Griffin, Xavier, Damian, Saxon, and Kai got a good laugh out of dousing their father, though the contraption isn't quite as impressive as Bill Gates' over-engineered rig. Musk is apparently under the weather, though, so maybe he wasn't quite up to the task of one-upping the Microsoft co-founder. ...
  • Possible plot details leak from 'Star Wars: Episode VII' set (2014-08-16 13:12:43)
    The Star Wars: Episode VII set seems to be a leaky ship. Minor details from the upcoming film have been finding their way online since filming began, and now a couple of reports claim to have an idea of how the film's plot is going to play out. Of course, if you want to go into the next Star Wars installment with fresh eyes, you better stop reading here. The flashback (or flashbacks) will reportedly take place when Leia is little more than a young girl, which explains why Carrie Fisher's daughter, Billie Lourde, was cast in the film. Darth Vader will be at his prime and will see at least a bit of screen time, if the rumors pan out.
  • UK spies have scanned the internet connections of entire countries (2014-08-16 11:55:00)
  • The Weekender: winning the internet and making mixtapes (2014-08-16 11:30:03)
    Built inside the Cathédrale Notre-Dame of Strasbourg, France, the Strasbourg astronomical clock (the third of its kind in its spot) was state of the art when it was freshly built in the 19th century.
  • Germany recorded John Kerry, Hillary Clinton phone calls 'by accident' (2014-08-16 10:25:42)
    Secretary of State John Kerry and his predecessor, Hilary Clinton, were both caught up in German spy efforts, says a new report. According to German weekly Der Spiegel, the country's foreign intelligence agency, BND, inadvertently recorded phone calls from both Secretaries of State. Details of the calls aren't available, but the magazine repots that neither Kerry nor Clinton were targets of the BND.
  • VizeraLabs reupholsters furniture with the power of light (2014-08-16 10:23:00)
  • Recommended Reading:, Edward Snowden and Square's struggles (2014-08-16 09:30:00)
  • ModCloth leads the charge against Photoshopped models (2014-08-16 07:09:00)
  • Steve Ballmer takes the Ice Bucket Challenge without any developers, developers, developers (2014-08-16 04:19:12)
    Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates might have already won the Ice Bucket Challenge with an amazingly geeky contraption, but that’s not stopping former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer from dunking himself in the name of charity. Ballmer took to his rarely used Twitter account to reveal his own Ice Bucket Challenge, and his new "SteveBClippers" YouTube account. Ballmer might have just bought the LA Clippers NBA team for $2 billion recently, but there was no sign of Clippy or even his trademark developers, developers, developers chant.
  • See the evolution of texting and the internet on film (2014-08-16 04:02:02)
    Digital communications can be a storyteller's nightmare: they mean that everyone is constantly connected and that action increasingly happens on a screen, rather than between two actors. No one's really figured out a perfect way of dealing with that yet — depictions of the internet on film are often fairly hokey, and cutting to a text message on a phone only serves to slow down the action. ...
  • Cars may soon know when you're on the phone behind the wheel (2014-08-16 03:02:00)
  • New FAA ruling effectively bans ridesharing for planes (2014-08-16 00:51:02)
    A recent FAA ruling has left Uber of air travel-hopeful AirPooler and other startups like it in a legal bind. The agency yesterday stated that private pilots who don't hold a special government-issued certificate are banned from publicly offering seats on their planes for a fee. The ruling is meant to clarify a 1963 proposal that allows for pilots to privately ask passengers to split travel expenses like the cost of fuel. Up until now, pilots could seek out passengers for trips, and companies like AirPooler and Flytenow have started to step in to create a new avenue for interested travelers.
  • Facebook is testing a "satire" tag to help you figure out what's real and what's not (2014-08-15 23:59:00)
  • Facebook is testing a 'satire' tag to help you figure out what's real and what's not (2014-08-15 23:59:00)
  • Hackers target grocery chains for customers' credit card info (2014-08-15 23:04:00)
  • ​Pokémon Trading Card Game Online coming to iPad later this year (2014-08-15 22:19:00)
  • The second wave of Oculus' latest VR headsets start shipping in October (2014-08-15 21:55:00)
  • The next wave of Oculus' latest VR headsets start shipping in October (2014-08-15 21:55:00)
  • Russian hacking suspect ordered held until trial (2014-08-15 21:23:03)
    SEATTLE (AP) — A federal judge on Friday ordered the son of a prominent Russian lawmaker to remain in custody until his trial on computer hacking charges, after a prosecutor said evidence recovered from his laptop after his arrest in the Maldives gave new insight into the breadth of his activities.
  • Researchers figure out how to spy on your smartphone in a way you’ll never see coming (2014-08-15 21:15:02)
    One common smartphone sensor that never seemed to pose much of a threat might in fact be the key to eavesdropping on a stranger’s conversation from afar. According to Wired, a group of researchers from Stanford University and the Israeli defense research group Rafael are going to hold a presentation at the Usenix security conference next week that will demonstrate how the gyroscope in your phone can be converted into “crude microphones” which can pick up sound waves in the area. We typically think of the gyroscope as the tool that allows us to tilt our iPhones and interact with games and apps, but with the Gyrophone software built by the research team, the sensor can be repurposed to listen in on a
  • Before #Ferguson, Michael Brown's death was already a topic on Twitter (2014-08-15 21:10:00)
  • Google buys city-guide app maker JetPac (2014-08-15 21:05:51)
    (Reuters) - Google Inc is buying JetPac Inc, the startup that designs social travel applications disclosed on its website on Friday, without providing details. "We'll be removing Jetpac's apps from the App Store in the coming days, and ending support for them on 9/15," stated a posting on JetPac's homepage. ( San Francisco-based JetPac has created a mobile application that uses pictures from various social networking sites to create city guides. Earlier this year, Google bought Nest Labs Inc, which makes smart thermostat and smoke alarms, for $3. ...
  • FCC pushes back deadline for people to weigh in on net neutrality rules (2014-08-15 20:40:10)
    The US Federal Communications Commission is giving people nearly a week more to weigh in Chairman Tom Wheeler's proposal for a new net neutrality framework. The previous deadline (September 10th) would have given people a month, however the FCC's site was slammed in the beginning of the process and unable to handle the influx of traffic, causing the original public comment deadline to get pushed back. As part of the process, the FCC opened it up to public debate, resulting in 1.1 million comments, some of which included death threats and profanity.
  • Leaked Moto X+1 front panel shown side-by-side with original Moto X (2014-08-15 20:30:25)
    We won’t have to wait much longer to find out what Motorola’s Moto X sequel will look like but a new leak posted on HelloMotoHK’s Facebook page gives us a pretty good idea of just how big it will be. FROM EARLIER: New benchmark suggests the Moto X+1 will have the killer specs you’ve been craving As you can see in the picture above, the device will be significantly bigger than the original Moto X, which makes sense given the most recent leaks on the device. According to benchmarks spotted on Friday, the Moto X sequel will feature a 5.2-inch, 1080p display, a quad-core Snapdragon processor clocked at 2.5GHz, 2GB of RAM,16GB of storage, a 12-megapixel camera and Android 4.4.4. Droid Life
  • Google snags Instagram-scanning city guide startup Jetpac (2014-08-15 20:28:00)
  • Couple’s relationship survives messaging each other exclusively through emoji for a month (2014-08-15 19:45:55)
    Emoji have become an incredibly popular way to add more color to our written communications but is there any way you could survive using them exclusively on your favorite messaging app? WNYC this week posted an interview with its own NewTechCity senior producer Alex Goldmark, who took up a challenge this summer to communicate with his girlfriend on their smartphones using only the emoji available on the WeChat messaging app for a full month. Although the couple found it challenging to communicate complicated ideas and requests to one another, they found that using emoji worked perfectly well from expressing their feelings. The couple started off picking emoji that they felt accurately represented themselves so they could have a proper emoji
  • Engadget Daily: the future of Xbox One, a graveyard of Boeing 747s and more! (2014-08-15 19:44:00)
  • Tonight, Twitch streams a live performance of the 'Hohokum' soundtrack (2014-08-15 19:15:00)
  • Here’s one way Apple could make up for the iPhone 6’s reportedly skimpy battery (2014-08-15 19:00:57)
    Apple made all of our lives easier when it introduced the Lightning cable back in 2012. Two years later, the company might be looking to shake things up again by building a Lightning cable with a reversible connector on both ends. Earlier this week, the USB 3.0 Promoter Group announced that the reversible USB Type-C connector had finally been completed, and based on newly leaked pictures from Chinese tech site, Apple has already taken advantage of the new hardware and will be implementing it in the charging cord for the iPhone 6. According to the report, a mobile phone network learned that Foxconn has already begun supplying Apple with the new cables. The photos clearly show that the USB has been modified from what we see
  • Hitchhiking robot charms its way across Canada (2014-08-15 18:43:41)
    TORONTO (AP) — He has dipped his boots in Lake Superior, crashed a wedding and attended an Aboriginal powwow. A talking, bucket-bodied robot has enthralled Canadians since it departed from Halifax last month on a hitchhiking journey to the Pacific coast.
  • Online home-furnishings retailer Wayfair files for $350 million IPO (2014-08-15 18:20:33)
    (Reuters) - Online home-furnishings retailer Wayfair Inc is seeking to raise $350 million in an initial public offering of its Class A common stock, the company said in a regulatory filing on Friday. The Boston-based company owns brands such as online flash sales site Joss & Main, modern furnishings studio Dwell Studio and Birch Lane and offers more than 7 million products. It counts funds affiliated with Battery Ventures, HarbourVest Partners and Great Hill Partners among its stockholders. Wayfair, founded in 2002, intends to list its shares on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol "W", it said in a filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.
  • ​One Codex wants to make searching DNA as easy as using Google (2014-08-15 18:19:00)
  • New Sprint CEO says ‘very disruptive’ new pricing coming next week (2014-08-15 18:15:16)
    Is Sprint finally ready to stop being the wireless industry’s whipping boy? LightReading reports that new Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure has pledged that Sprint will unveil some “very disruptive” new prices and plans next week, which will hopefully finally get T-Mobile CEO John Legere to shut his trap  about Sprint’s godawful “Framily” campaign (OK, we don’t really expect that to happen, but still…). FROM EARLIER: Legere greets Sprint’s new CEO the only way he knows how: Ruthless trolling “We’re going to change our plans to make sure they are simple and attractive and make sure every customer in America thinks twice about signing up to a competitor,” Claure said according to LightReading’s report. Claure also acknowledged what everyone in the wireless industry has
  • IBM says sale of low-end server business gets regulator approval (2014-08-15 17:53:18)
    (Reuters) - International Business Machines Corp IBM.N said on Friday that U.S. regulators had approved the $2.3 billion sale of its low-end server business to Lenovo Group Ltd 0992.HK, as the company continues its shift to more profitable software and services like cloud computing and data analytics. The approval by the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States came despite CIFUS members' concern, first reported by the Wall Street Journal earlier this year, that IBM servers used in the Pentagon's networks could be accessed remotely by Chinese spies and compromised. Lenovo has been through the secretive CFIUS process three times before and has won approval each time, according to a source familiar with the process. Lenovo said in a statement that it remains on track to close the IBM server deal by the end of the year.
  • CDC accidentally contaminated bird flu samples because scientist had to rush to a meeting (2014-08-15 17:53:15)
    A government lab team discovered a potentially hazardous bird flu contamination issue and didn't report it until other scientists began to notice that something was off a full month later, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says in a report released today. First, one government scientist rushed through a procedure and, in the process, contaminated a tame strain of bird flu with one that would be quite hazardous to humans. Afterward, when a second lab discovered the contamination, it failed to report it, despite protocol.
  • Sen. Ron Wyden calls for surveillance policy shift (2014-08-15 17:41:57)
    PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — When it comes to searches by law enforcement, U.S. Sen. Ron Wyden believes people's online communication should have just as much protection as their homes and property.
  • Nike's LED basketball court boosts training with motion tracking (2014-08-15 17:40:00)
  • Human skeletons come to life in these amazing X-ray GIFs (2014-08-15 17:30:59)
    As doctors transition into the digital age, they are finding new ways to communicate with their patients. One project, commissioned by Dr. Noah Weiss, had designer Cameron Drake take raw X-ray video footage and create GIFs that the doctor could use on his website. If you visit Weiss Orthopaedics online, you will see a drop-down menu labeled “Hurt?” There are five different options: shoulder, elbow, wrist & hand, knee and foot & ankle. Each page contains an enormous X-ray GIF of the body part in motion. Drake describes how he converted the video files on his blog: “I started with a set of X-ray video footage. This video was captured by Dr. Weiss himself. This was an excitement in and of
  • Tesla improves Model S drive unit warranty to cover 8 years and 'infinite miles' (2014-08-15 17:17:56)
    Elon Musk and Tesla are showing even more confidence in their Model S. Moments ago, Musk announced that the car's drive unit warranty has been extended to match that of the Model S battery pack and will now run for 8 years from the date of purchase. So as long as you're within those 8 years, Tesla will service your car under warranty at no cost if there should be an issue with the drive unit. You may be on the hook for problems elsewhere, and the updated and far more generous warranty only applies to the 85 kWh Model S. Musk says this is Tesla's "most popular car by far." Prior to today, the Model S had a 4-year, 50,000 mile warranty that could optionally be upgraded to an extended warranty covering 8 years and 100,000 miles for an added cost of $4,000.
  • Windows Phone's answer to Snapchat has you 'winding up' your friends (2014-08-15 17:08:00)
  • The most secure version of BBM ever is coming to iOS and Android this year (2014-08-15 16:45:19)
    BlackBerry wants its super-secure mobile messaging service to be available for any business users, no matter what platform they use. In an interview with The Hindustan Times, BlackBerry exec Sunil Lalwani revealed that BlackBerry has plans to start offering BBM Protected on both iOS and Android devices by the end of this year and that businesses will be able subscribe to it for an annual fee of $30 per device. FROM EARLIER: The most secure version of BBM ever is now available BlackBerry released BBM Protected earlier this year but the company said it would only be available at launch for “customers with BBOS devices operating on BES 5″ and “customers with BlackBerry 10 smartphones with gold licenses on BES10 running EMM regulated Work
  • Tesla adds drive unit to its infinite mile warranty following Edmunds report (2014-08-15 16:38:00)
  • A witness may have live-tweeted Michael Brown's shooting (2014-08-15 16:33:55)
    Since the shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown in St. Louis, MO on August 9th, the accounts of police and eyewitnesses have differed greatly: witnesses say he was shot as he ran away from an officer who was trying to stop or arrest him, but the police insist that he assaulted an officer and reached for his gun. Today, Rolling Stone correspondent Tim Dickinson found what looks like an account from another witness — posted to Twitter as immediately after the shooting happened. On August 9th, just after noon local time, he apparently posted a series of tweets describing the shooting, including multiple photographs of police, bystanders, and what looks like Brown's body.
  • Apple addresses labor violations at Quanta Chinese factories after 2013 audit (2014-08-15 16:33:09)
    By Christina Farr SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Apple Inc has worked with supplier Quanta over the past year to improve working conditions after a 2013 audit, published on Friday, uncovered a profusion of violations, including excessive overtime and health hazards. The report provides a snapshot of working conditions at two Chinese factories in August of 2013. ...
  • United Internet buys stake in Rocket Internet (2014-08-15 16:30:20)
    By Jonathan Gould FRANKFURT (Reuters) - German Internet service provider United Internet AG is investing 435 million euros ($582 million) for a 10.7 percent stake in venture capital group Rocket Internet, the companies said on Friday. Berlin-based Rocket Internet aims to create the largest Internet empire outside the United States and China, and it is expected to list its shares in Frankfurt later this year, according to financial sources. United Internet said its investment would strengthen a long-term relationship with Rocket's chief executive and co-founder, Oliver Samwer. Rocket said the transaction, which involves a cash contribution from United Internet and equity contributions from both United and Samwer, values Rocket at 4.3 billion euros.
  • U.S. extends deadline for 'net neutrality' comments to Sept 15 (2014-08-15 16:11:36)
    U.S. Federal Communications Commission on Friday said it would accept public comments on its proposed new "net neutrality" rules through Sept. 15, giving Americans extra time to weigh in on how they think Internet traffic should be regulated. The FCC has received more than 1 million comments already on new rules for how Internet services providers should be allowed to manage web traffic on their networks. The FCC had set a deadline of July 15 for the initial comments and then September 10 for replies to those initial comments. "To ensure that members of the public have as much time as was initially anticipated to reply to initial comments in these proceedings, the Bureau today is extending the reply comment deadline by three business days," the FCC said on Friday, delaying the final deadline for comments to September 15.
  • All of the Moto X+1’s specs just leaked ahead of next month’s announcement (2014-08-15 16:10:59)
    Motorola will finally unveil its next-generation flagship smartphone during an event in Chicago on September 4th. The handset, which is regularly referred to as the “Moto X+1,” will face the steepest imaginable competition following its debut; Samsung is widely expected to unveil its new Galaxy Note 4 one day prior to Motorola’s event, and Apple will take the wraps off of the completely redesigned iPhone 6 just five days after the X+1 debuts. For Android fans interested in the new Motorola flagship phone, however, it looks like they may be in for a treat. We have seen various details and specs for the Moto X+1 leak on a number of different occasions, but now it looks like any remaining questions surrounding
  • Hacking Team is spreading government malware through YouTube and Microsoft Live (2014-08-15 16:00:02)
    You don't have to click on a sketchy link to end up downloading malware. A new report from Citizen Lab's Morgan Marquis-Boire shows how companies can spread targeted malware by intercepting web traffic en route, sending malicious traffic from an otherwise friendly link. A company called Hacking Team has been using the tactics on traffic from YouTube and Microsoft's servers, seeding innocent videos with surveillance software designed to track the target's activities online.
  • Next version of Windows to get public trial in the fall (2014-08-15 15:59:00)
  • The $529,000 Renovo Coupe will do smoky burnouts around a Tesla Model S (2014-08-15 15:49:57)
    Tesla's Model S, the mascot for the modern electric vehicle, is a fine family hauler. In fact, it's a very quick one: it'll race from 0 to 60 in just 4.2 seconds when equipped with the 85 kilowatt-hour performance drivetrain, which is faster than just about everything else on the road shy of exotics and high-end sports cars.
  • Jimmy Fallon gets political with hilarious 'House of Cards' parody on 'The Tonight Show' (2014-08-15 15:39:07)
    Jimmy Fallon is a likable, disarmingly charming entertainer, as anyone who's watched The Tonight Show knows. But in this online only, two-part House of Cards parody, he's a scheming, power hungry fellow with a Southern drawl and an appetite for ribs. Sound familiar? Fallon's impersonation of Kevin Spacey's character Frank Underwood from the hit Netflix series is dead-on, just slightly more over-the-top. Be sure to watch to the end for a killer cameo.
  • Jimmy Fallon gets political with hilarious 'House of Cards' parody for 'The Tonight Show' (2014-08-15 15:39:07)
    Jimmy Fallon is a likable, disarmingly charming entertainer, as anyone who's watched The Tonight Show knows. But in this online only, two-part House of Cards parody, he's a scheming, power hungry fellow with a Southern drawl and an appetite for ribs. Sound familiar? Fallon's impersonation of Kevin Spacey's character Frank Underwood from the hit Netflix series is dead-on, just slightly more over-the-top. Be sure to watch to the end for a killer cameo.
  • How to stop iPhone apps from tracking your location without you knowing (2014-08-15 15:35:49)
    Last week, The Wall Street Journal confirmed an earlier report shedding light on the fact that Foursquare’s iPhone app is constantly tracking users’ locations even when the app is completely closed. “Starting today, users who download or update the Foursquare app will automatically let the company track their GPS coordinates any time their phone is powered on,” the report noted. “Foursquare previously required users to give the app permission to turn on location-tracking. Now users must change a setting within the app to opt out.” Opting out in the Foursquare app solves your problem there, but any other iPhone apps can potentially track your location without your knowledge while it’s closed. Luckily, stopping them from tracking you couldn’t be simpler. Going into
  • Intel's next Xeon chip stuffs up to 18 cores into very powerful PCs (2014-08-15 15:31:00)
  • Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos takes the Ice Bucket Challenge and dares 'Star Trek' stars to go next (2014-08-15 15:29:36)
    Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is the latest to answer the call and take a bucket of ice water to the head for charity. Bezos got up on stage during a company all-hands meeting to soak himself while standing in what appears to be an inflatable kiddie pool. Bezos, of course, has to pass the challenge on from there, and he makes his selection a bit more interesting by theming it: he's challenging Star Trek stars William Shatner, Patrick Stewart, and George Takei to take the Ice Bucket Challenge next.
  • In the Corner Office, You're Not Allowed to Cry (2014-08-15 15:18:03)
    Robin Williams' recent suicide has garnered national attention, spotlighting depression. Many cannot comprehend why such an accomplished man would take his own life. His comedic genius reaped major industry awards. He had fame, fans and family. But these riches were not enough to release him from the grips of mental illness.It's never...
  • Money laundering charge added to FedEx drug case (2014-08-15 15:09:24)
    SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Federal prosecutors say several addicts died soon after receiving shipments of illegal prescription drugs via FedEx.
  • Google Now tempts you with a Field Trip to nearby sights (2014-08-15 15:03:00)
  • Watch Bill Gates take the funniest ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’ so far (2014-08-15 15:00:59)
    It’s always fun when people in positions of power are willing to step down to make a fool of themselves for a good cause. That’s what Satya Nadella, Mark Zuckerberg and Phil Schiller did earlier this week by dumping a bucket of freezing cold water onto their heads for the ALS awareness campaign, challenging their friends to do the same. One of the three people included in Zuckerberg’s list was Bill Gates, and he didn’t disappoint. In Gates’ goofy but entertaining video, we see one of the pioneers of the personal computer accept the challenge from Zuckerberg and design a contraption which will allow him to “do it better than it’s been done.” Most people who take the Ice Bucket Challenge simply pick
  • EE now lets people pay to skip the wait when calling customer service (2014-08-15 14:58:50)
    No one likes waiting on the phone for customer support. Improving EE's customer service, of course. Just think about the complaints and outrage that would result if Verizon Wireless, AT&T, or any other major US carrier were to pull a similar stunt. Guess @ee forgot to pay their Kevin Bacon bill.
  • Facebook Scam Exploits Robin Williams' Death for Clicks (2014-08-15 14:32:15)
    Have you seen Facebook posts claiming to link to a video message that actor Robin Williams made before his death earlier this week? The post was created by scammers looking to make a quick buck off the tragic death of a beloved entertainer. If you click on it, you'll be brought to a Web page that demands you share the link on your own Facebook and fill out a survey before you can view the alleged video.
  • Guillermo del Toro's 'Silent Hill' teaser is the scariest thing you can play this weekend (2014-08-15 14:32:02)
    Rather than just coming out and saying, "we're making a new Silent Hill game," horror legend Guillermo del Toro and Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima this week released a free demo for PlayStation 4 entitled P.T. (as in, "playable teaser") from a non-existent 7780s Studio. Only after finishing the game does the player learn about Silent Hills, a new horror game starring The Walking Dead's Norman Reedus. Don't have a PS4?
  • Guillermo del Toro's 'Silent Hills' teaser is the scariest thing you can play this weekend (2014-08-15 14:32:02)
    Rather than just coming out and saying, "we're making a new Silent Hill game," horror legend Guillermo del Toro and Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima this week released a free demo for PlayStation 4 entitled P.T. (as in, "playable teaser") from a non-existent 7780s Studio. Only after finishing the game does the player learn about Silent Hills, a new horror game starring The Walking Dead's Norman Reedus. Don't have a PS4?
  • Online home furnishings retailer Wayfair files for IPO (2014-08-15 14:30:52)
    (Reuters) - Online home-furnishings retailer Wayfair Inc filed for an initial public offering of its Class A common stock, the company said in a regulatory filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission on Friday. Wayfair, which filed to raise $350 million from the offering, said it intends to list its shares on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol "W". ( Goldman Sachs & Co, BofA Merrill Lynch, Citigroup, Allen & Co LLC are among the lead underwriters to the IPO. ...
  • This is the bogus drug scammers are selling to cure Ebola (2014-08-15 14:30:49)
    For every health scare, there's a bogus cure, and for every existing illness there are a ton of supplements and sham products purported to treat or prevent it. Yet there’s something particularly sinister about promoting products that can "prevent" or "treat" Ebola — an infectious disease that has killed over 1,000 people in regions of Africa since December. Still, that doesn’t appear to have stopped anyone, as evidenced by a fake ebola treatment named "Garcinia Cambogia powder" that's currently being sold online. "We’ve seen everything from dietary supplements to essential oils," said Erica Jefferson, a spokesperson for the FDA, in an email to The Verge.
  • This is the bogus drug that scammers are selling to cure Ebola (2014-08-15 14:30:49)
    For every health scare, there's a bogus cure, and for every existing illness there are a ton of supplements and sham products purported to treat or prevent it. Yet there’s something particularly sinister about promoting products that can "prevent" or "treat" Ebola — an infectious disease that has killed over 1,000 people in regions of Africa since December. Still, that doesn’t appear to have stopped anyone, as evidenced by a fake Ebola treatment named "Garcinia Cambogia powder" that's currently being sold online. "We’ve seen everything from dietary supplements to essential oils," said Erica Jefferson, a spokesperson for the FDA, in an email to The Verge.
  • A restaurant in China lets robots do a lot of the work (2014-08-15 14:28:00)
  • Huge launches from Samsung, Sony, Microsoft and more are coming in three weeks (2014-08-15 14:25:46)
    This fall is shaping up to be an action-packed one for smartphone fans. While every unannounced handset we know about so far will likely be an iterative update as opposed to an innovative release — this is, after all, a boring year for smartphone lovers — there will still be plenty of solid new options for shoppers heading into the holidays. As is the case each year, Apple’s upcoming new iPhone is easily the most hotly anticipated of the bunch. According to dozens of reports, the iPhone 6 will finally feature a significantly larger display alongside upgraded internals. Beyond Apple’s new iPhone, however, there is plenty more in store — and it looks like the best and brightest of the bunch
  • Bill Gates wins the Ice Bucket Challenge with ridiculous machine (2014-08-15 14:23:20)
    Mark Zuckerberg laid down the challenge, and Bill Gates has answered: he's taken a bucket of ice water over the head in the name of charity.
  • App Watch: Foursquare vamps up (2014-08-15 14:22:28)
    NEW YORK (AP) — A loyal Foursquare user since 2010, I was annoyed to learn that my favorite "check-in" app was reinventing itself.
  • Latest audit on two Chinese Apple suppliers finds labor, health violations (2014-08-15 14:05:50)
    A new report from the Fair Labor Association (FLA) on two facilities run by of one of Apple's manufacturing partners has found numerous violations, including excessive overtime, underpayment of sick wages, and inadequate health and safety measures. Those issues have been flagged at other factories in Apple's supply chain over the years, including Foxconn, which was not the focus of this report. The two factories in question are operated by Quanta, and were located in Shanghai and Changshu, both in Eastern China. The facilities were inspected by third-party labor monitoring organization Openview Service on behalf of the FLA last August, all as part of a larger and continual inspection on Apple's supply chain.
  • Vringo shares dive after court tosses patent claims (2014-08-15 14:03:00)
    A U.S. appeals court on Friday rejected patent claims brought by a Vringo Inc subsidiary against several companies including Google, sending Vringo shares plummeting. Vringo subsidiary I/P Engine had won a jury verdict of infringement against Google, finding that Google's AdWords platform infringed two patents on filtering Internet search results. Catherine Lacavera, director of IP litigation for Google, said "we always believed strongly in our case, and we are pleased with this decision." In rejecting the Vringo patents, a three-judge Federal Circuit panel in Washington voted 2-1 that the invention was obvious to anyone skilled in the field. The commercial success of Google's Adwords platform is not evidence to the contrary, the court ruled.
  • Apple's now storing some personal user data in China (2014-08-15 14:01:00)
  • This is what Mars looks like in 'Destiny' (2014-08-15 13:56:50)
    Millions of players explored the ruins of Earth during Destiny's recent beta, but the game's latest trailer provides a closer look at an area that's a bit more alien: Mars. According to developer Bungie, the Red Planet is home to what was once a thriving metropolis, but is now referred to solely as the exclusion zone, where relics of civilization are buried deep below the dusty surface. Whatever you call it, it looks like Mars is filled with tough new enemies and lots of action. It's also one of several off-Earth locations you'll be exploring, including the Moon and Venus. ...
  • A key Galaxy S6 detail may have just leaked (2014-08-15 13:50:34)
    File this one under “we’ll believe it when we see it,” but G for Games points us to a new report from Chinese publication that claims Samsung’s Galaxy S6 is going to feature… wait for it… an all-metal build. Stop us if you’ve heard this one before. According to G for Games’ interpretation,’s supply chain sources say that Samsung sees both the recently announced Galaxy Alpha and the upcoming Galaxy Note 4 as stepping stones for implementing a more complete premium design starting next year with its flagship Galaxy S6 handset. The Galaxy Alpha was the first Samsung phone to release with a sturdy metal frame, even though the phone’s rear casing was still made of Samsung’s hallmark plastic. And
  • Gore sues Al Jazeera America for unpaid millions (2014-08-15 13:48:46)
    Former Vice President Al Gore is suing Al Jazeera America, saying the news network is withholding tens of millions of dollars that it owes for buying Current TV from him and other shareholders for $500 ...
  • The internet is so big that it's breaking routers (2014-08-15 13:47:30)
    The internet may soon be too large for many border routers to handle, according to a new report from analysts at Renesys. As Cowie puts it, "we'll be looking to see if the temperature of the internet is rising."
  • Crowdfunding Companies Are Not Flocking to the Coasts (2014-08-15 13:37:48)
    Until about four years ago, if you wanted to start a company - especially one with a business model that was not strongly tied to the region in which are are located - it would have been prudent for you to move to one of the hot spots for startups in the country: New York, Chicago, Silicon Valley, Austin. These were the cities that most...
  • Boston PD monitored concertgoers with facial recognition (2014-08-15 13:34:00)
  • Is Samsung bigger than Google? (2014-08-15 13:05:27)
    Samsung and Google, on the other hand, are increasingly competing to offer the alternative open platform. Just this week, Samsung spent $200 million to acquire SmartThings, one of the many companies competing to be the foundational platform for the smart home.
  • 3 ideas for rescuing Windows Phone (2014-08-15 13:04:52)
    Windows enthusiast Paul Thurrott takes some exception to people who are tossing dirt onto Windows Phone’s grave. I agree with him that it’s still too early to say that Windows Phone is doomed to Zune-style failure but let’s be honest: Microsoft’s current strategy is floundering and it desperately needs a course correction. FROM EARLIER: Windows Phone is dying on the vine Before I go any further let me acknowledge that, yes, I have never run a major tech company and am not at all qualified to do so. But just as Detroit Lions fans didn’t need to have experience running a sports franchise to determine that Matt Millen was a horrible GM, I don’t need an MBA to see that Microsoft’s mobile
  • Spend a few minutes as a robotic museum tourist (2014-08-15 13:02:28)
    Last night, I heard one of those sentences you're sure you'll never hear again: "Robot two is moving through the Tudor galleries." "Robot two is moving through the Tudor galleries." The Tate Britain, a London art museum, is mid-way through an audacious experiment, letting tourists across the world pilot robots around the museum during off-hours.
  • The death of the original jumbo jet, Boeing's 747-400 (2014-08-15 13:00:00)
  • Artists build a Roland TR-909 drum machine for giants (2014-08-15 12:33:00)
  • Top cable providers now have more broadband subscribers than TV customers (2014-08-15 12:29:35)
    The top US cable providers now have more broadband subscribers than pay-TV customers, if new numbers from an analytics firm are correct. Companies including Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Cablevision, and Charter collectively had roughly 49,915,000 internet subscribers at the end of Q2 2014, which was enough to inch past the TV tally of 49,910,000. "With the addition of more than 30 million broadband subscribers over the past decade, cable providers have clearly expanded well beyond their roots in cable TV service," said Bruce Leichtman, president and principal analyst at the research firm.  To be clear, it's not as though people are necessarily choosing one over the other here;
  • Warner Bros. is pretending 'Edge of Tomorrow' has a cooler name because it bombed in theaters (2014-08-15 12:28:31)
    This summer's sci-fi action flick Edge of Tomorrow was pretty widely received as a legitimately good summer blockbuster, but for one reason or another it did pretty awful at the box office. Now, as the movie heads on-demand and onto DVD and Blu-ray, Warner Bros. is trying a new strategy to boost sales: it's basically pretending that the film has a different, cooler name. On iTunes, the film is actually listed as Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow, and the DVD cover hides the name at the very bottom in favor of displaying the tagline "Live Die Repeat" in huge letters.
  • Windows 9 preview set to be released in September (2014-08-15 12:25:16)
    Disgruntled Windows 8 users: there’s finally light at the end of the tunnel. ZDNet reports that Microsoft is planning to release a Windows 9 “technology preview” sometime between the end of September and the beginning of October. In order to install the preview, you’ll have to agree to receive automatic monthly updates, but the preview will be publicly available for anyone interested in testing out the Threshold operating system. No information was revealed regarding what the technology preview will consist of, but we know that Windows 9 will feature a host of updates and improvements over Windows 8. The return of the Start menu is certainly at the top of the list, but Microsoft is also expected to bring Cortana to the new OS. The voice-activated digital
  • NQ Mobile CFO resigns, cites family reasons (2014-08-15 12:01:01)
    Chinese mobile-security software maker NQ Mobile Inc's Chief Financial Officer KB Teo resigned, citing family reasons, amid a buyout offer and a delay in filing its annual report. NQ Mobile said Teo's resignation, effective Aug. 22, was not related to the company's operations, policies or accounting practices. The company has faced repeated allegations of fraud from short-seller Muddy Waters Research Group. The company dismissed its independent auditor, PricewaterhouseCoopers Zhong Tian LLP, in July.
  • Back to School Guide 2014: Laptops (2014-08-15 12:00:00)
  • Google Now just got much better thanks to a killer Google app you’ve never heard of (2014-08-15 11:50:05)
    We’re not sure how exactly, considering how fantastic Google Now already is, but Google constantly manages to add awesome new features to its intelligent virtual assistant. Earlier this week Google added new capabilities to Now that are heaven-sent for travellers, offering them alternative flights, trains or busses in the event that a booked flight becomes delayed or gets cancelled. And now, Google has added a new range of features from one of its best little-known apps that adds a whole new dimension to Google Now. FROM EARLIER: This could be the best new Google Now feature we’ve seen in months With a download total in the Google Play app store that fall into the 500,000 to 1,000,000 range, Field Trip is
  • The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge takes over the world (2014-08-15 11:43:29)
    The rules of the Ice Bucket Challenge are simple: either donate $100 to an ALS charity, or dump a bucket of ice water on your head (or both, if you're sporting). After, you can challenge a few people to join in, too. ALS advocate Pete Frates posted a video that went viral, and in a blink, celebrities, athletes, and tech CEOs all started taking part, raising millions of dollars in the process.
  • Play this: 'Bad Paper,' a journalistic choose your own adventure story about debt collection (2014-08-15 11:34:02)
    In this week's New York Times Magazine, author Jake Halpern falls deep into the seedy, ethically questionable, and extraordinarily lucrative world of debt collection. His piece follows a firm in Buffalo, NY as it judges what debt packages or "paper" might prove lucrative, when bought for pennies on the dollar from banks and other businesses, and what debtors are most likely to pay up. To accompany it, Journalist Felix Salmon has developed Bad Paper for Fusion, a TV channel and website that he joined earlier this year. ...
  • 11 great tips that will help you switch from Android to the iPhone (2014-08-15 11:23:57)
    For some people, the thought of switching from one leading mobile platform to the other is terribly daunting. On the surface, iOS and Android are very different operating systems. While they share some similar features and each one is regularly accused of stealing things from the other, there are some fairly significant differences that can seem overwhelming. As we’ve discussed in the past, however, the switch doesn’t have to be as traumatic as many people suggest it is. For those considering making the jump from Android to the iPhone 6 once it is released — or to any other iPhone, for that matter — the following collection of tips should definitely help ease the transition. FROM EARLIER: Here’s what happens when a
  • Revelers and revved engines: scenes from Ferguson (2014-08-15 11:15:02)
    The Verge was on the ground in Ferguson, Missouri on Thursday, August 14th -- the first day since the shooting of Michael Brown that did not see a heavy-handed police presence. The night was filled with spectacle: an endless parade of cars, honking horns, chants and songs, and few authorities. Here's what we saw.
  • Protests and partiers: photos from a night in Ferguson (2014-08-15 11:15:02)
    The Verge was on the ground in Ferguson, Missouri on Thursday, August 14th -- the first day since the shooting of Michael Brown that did not see a heavy-handed police presence. The night was filled with spectacle: an endless parade of cars, honking horns, chants and songs, and few authorities. Here's what we saw.
  • Amazon's quietly doubled the storage on its Paperwhite e-reader (2014-08-15 11:11:00)
  • The 25 best Ice Bucket Challenge videos from the rich and famous (2014-08-15 11:10:50)
    Apple CEO Tim Cook. Packers quarterback Aaron Rogers. Aaron Levine trying to meditate with freezing-cold ice water pouring down his back. We've collected a ton of our favorite Ice Bucket Challenges for you to watch.
  • Tragedy and hope in Ferguson, Missouri (2014-08-15 11:09:52)
    Protests erupted in the town of Ferguson, Missouri after police shot an unarmed black teenager named Michael Brown. The police, for some time, refused to release the officer's name, as tensions rose and militarized forces squared off with protesters in the town. After the release of the name and a de-escalated police presence, the people of Ferguson have celebrated a cautious victory.
  • Detours: Season 2 - Trailer (2014-08-15 11:01:20)
    It's coming...
  • The Verge Detours season 2 returns August 27th (2014-08-15 11:00:02)
    Come along with The Verge for the second season of Detours. We’ve traveled across the country to find the people, groups, and companies that are solving America’s problems in new and unconventional ways.
  • New iPhone 6 leak shows how Apple could fix one of the worst things about phablets (2014-08-15 10:56:05)
    Phablets are terrific but they do have their drawbacks, particularly when it comes to being able to use them comfortably with just one hand. However, uSwitch has just published some fresh leaked photos of the iPhone 6’s front panel that it claims shows that Apple is trying to design phones that deliver bigger displays but that also are easy to use with one hand. FROM EARLIER: Never-before-seen iPhone 6 components appear in another huge leak uSwitch says the photos, which are sourced “in conjunction with long-established leaks expert Sonny Dickson,” show that Apple has made the area around the home button significantly smaller than on the iPhone 5s, thus leaving a lot more space for the display without making the phone’s basic
  • Windows 9 preview expected next month (2014-08-15 10:50:02)
    Microsoft is expected to deliver an early preview version of Windows Threshold next month, the codename for what will likely be named Windows 9. Microsoft has been sharing early builds of Threshold to close OEMs and partners, and ZDNet reports that a public preview is expected next month or early October. The Windows 9 preview will be similar to how Microsoft first let developers test Windows 8, with features not fully complete or missing. Microsoft is also making several UI changes to Windows 9, including some tweaks on the desktop to improve upon Windows 8.
  • Apple begins storing user data in China (2014-08-15 10:48:02)
    Apple is beginning to store its Chinese users' data within their country in an attempt to quell privacy concerns from China's government, reports The Wall Street Journal. The change finds Apple beginning to hold iCloud data — which can include information such as documents, photos, and videos — on China Telecom’s servers. All Chinese data will be held by China Telecom
  • Why did SmartThings sell to Samsung? (2014-08-15 10:45:03)
    It was just two years ago that home-automation company SmartThings began life as a Kickstarter project. Yesterday, Samsung scooped it up for a reported $200 million — a sign of how valuable big companies believe the connected-device market will become. We spoke to Alex Hawkinson, SmartThings' co-founder and CEO, and David Eun, an executive vice president at Samsung.
  • SketchFactor Lost Its Anti-Racial Profiling 'Partner' as Soon as It Launched (2014-08-15 10:38:00)
    Last week Allison McGuire and Daniel Herrington, two white millennials, unveiled SketchFactor, a crowdsourced app that lets people identify (and avoid) places where "sketchy" events have occurred, depending on one's potentially racist idea of what is or isn't sketchy. "We never supported the app," Berry told The Wire this week. Million Hoodies supported the idea of a technology that could be used to document incidences of racial profiling, but he said "we were never partners, and we're not partners."  In fact, Berry said he first realized SketchFactor was claiming the partnership last Thursday, a day before the app launched, while he was on a conference call with SketchFactor co-founder Allison McGuire and The Wire.
  • The future of Xbox One: early access gaming, Cortana and more (2014-08-15 10:37:00)
  • Sophisticated traders draw criticism for profiting off power shortages (2014-08-15 10:29:36)
    As summer heat spikes and air conditioning units flip on across New York's Long Island neighborhoods, the aging electrical grid is struggling to handle the demand. To compensate these local power plants reach across the state and the nation, borrowing juice from places with electricity to spare. Congestion contracts allow private companies to wager on the nation's recently deregulated electrical grid
  • 10 awesome paid iPhone apps that are free right now ($23 value!) (2014-08-15 10:27:58)
    This has been a terrific week for paid iPhone and iPad apps that were made available for free for a limited time, and some apps in our last post can still be downloaded for free if you move quickly. We’re finishing the week even stronger though, with 10 paid iOS apps worth a combined $23 that can all be downloaded for free right now. As always, be sure to act fast if you see anything you like because these sales could end at any time. These are paid iPhone and iPad apps that have been made available for free for a limited time by their developers. There is no way to tell how long they will be free. These sales
  • One of the Internet’s most hated villains apologizes for his crimes (2014-08-15 10:01:54)
    Is there anything that’s more universally despised on the Internet than pop-up ads? Probably not but now The Atlantic has published an essay written by the creator of these hideous little bits of code and he says he’s sorry for what he’s done. Ethan Zuckerman, who now heads up the Center for Civic Media at MIT, says that he first wrote the code for what would become the pop-up ad in the mid-’90s when he was doing design work at “The model that got us acquired was analyzing users’ personal homepages so we could better target ads to them,” writes Zuckerman of his experience with Tripod. “Along the way, we ended up creating one of the most hated tools in the
  • New trailers: 'Rudderless,' 'Mortdecai,' 'The Canal,' 'Better Call Saul,' and 'Revenge of the Green Dragons' (2014-08-15 10:00:03)
    The summer movie season may be winding down, but there are still some huge new titles in theaters this weekend, including The Giver and The Expendables 3. As usual, what's coming to theaters in the next few months looks quite a bit different, from more emotional stories to far spookier ones for this October. We've rounded up five of this week's best new trailers below so that you can take a look at what's coming up in the not-too-distant future. Rudderless
  • Google's Larry Page and Sergey Brin take on the ice bucket challenge (2014-08-15 09:54:08)
    Add another two to the list: Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin have successfully completed the ice bucket challenge. Apparently Silicon Valley employees really like seeing their bosses get drenched with freezing cold water. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella started that clock for Page on Wednesday, and it just wouldn't have been right for Sergey to let him go it alone.
  • Gimme a Beat: Biometric Headphones Read Your Heart Rate (2014-08-15 09:48:12)
    Dr. Dre isn't the only rapper revolutionizing the headphone market. Rapper/actor/businessman Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson and SMS Audio have partnered with Intel to launch the SMS Audio BioSport In-Ear Headphones. These new headphones take 50 Cent's recently-launched SMS Audio Sport collection and add a custom heart monitor that collects fitness data -- without forcing the user to wear a bracelet, smartwatch or chest or arm strap.
  • Venture Capitalist: 6 Step CIO Digital Transformation Guide (2014-08-15 09:44:52)
    The explosion of mobile smart devices, adoption of social networks, use of mobile applications and cloud enabled services has consumerized IT and significantly disrupted relationships and expectations of CIOs for both line-of-business leaders and external customers. As employees, business partners, and customers have gained unprecedented access...
  • PS4 continued to crush the Xbox One in July (2014-08-15 09:34:55)
    For seven consecutive months now, the PlayStation 4 has dominated the sales charts. Sony announced at Gamescom this week that PS4 sales have surpassed 10 million units sold through to consumers, another huge milestone for the nine-month-old console and an indication that sales won’t be slowing down anytime soon. Even with a fairly limited selection of games, PS4 also took the top spot in software, accounting for more than half of all new generation game sales with The Last of Us Remastered coming out on top. Sony isn’t the only winner though. According to the The NPD Group’s Liam Callahan, “hardware sales doubled in July 2014 (vs. July 2013), stemming from growth in eighth generation console sales which offset declines in seventh generation
  • A victory in Ferguson (2014-08-15 09:23:44)
    Around 1:30 in the morning last night, in front of the shuttered Celebrity Restaurant and a quarter mile from where Michael Brown was killed by an unnamed Ferguson police officer on Saturday, shots rang out. It was dark — a three-quarter moon above, scant street light — and people began to disperse. They walked toward the main drag, West Florissant Ave. Surprisingly calm, some walked right, some walked left. Some ran into the street. A man wearing all black yelled, "Someone got shot, time to go home!" at least twice. And it seemed like they were going to.
  • Warner Bros. Could Bring Xbox TV Back From Dead (2014-08-15 09:10:04)
    It was only a month ago that Microsoft axed its Xbox Entertainment Studios (XES) TV division, as part of company-wide layoffs, but the studio already seems poised to crawl out of its grave. The studio is reportedly shopping for a new home, and could end up being owned by Los Angeles entertainment giant Warner Bros. According to THR, Xbox Entertainment would remain a standalone company under WB's ownership.
  • From Google to Lenovo: the ups and downs of Motorola's last three years (2014-08-15 09:06:04)
    On August 15th, 2011, Google revealed that it would be purchasing Motorola Mobility, which was formerly in charge of the eponymous corporation's cellular phone division. One of the major reasons motivating the acquisition was Google's desire to pick up Motorola's library of patents. In a blog post, Google CEO Larry Page wrote that the move would "better protect Android from anti-competitive threats from Microsoft, Apple, and other companies." It was eventually revealed that Motorola's patent portfolio was worth less than initially believed.
  • TMZ runs ‘exclusive photos’ of iPhone 6 clone thinking it’s the real thing (2014-08-15 09:05:56)
    “Drool, geeks!” Those were TMZ’s instructions on Friday when it published exclusive photos of what it claimed to be Apple’s next-generation iPhone 6. The only problem, however, is that the photos didn’t show Apple’s upcoming iPhone 6 at all. Instead, they’re just another handful of images of a well-known iPhone 6 clone running Android underneath an iOS 7 skin. SEE ALSO: Don’t be fooled by this extremely detailed iPhone 6 clone running Android “Tech geeks may want to take a hit off their inhalers and brace themselves … because TMZ has obtained possible pictures of Apple’s brand spanking new iPhone 6,” TMZ wrote in its post. “We’re told the phone was smuggled out of a Foxconn factory in China … where the
  • 'The Giver' review: to live is to suffer (2014-08-15 09:00:35)
    Like most public-schooled American children, reading The Giver was a rite of passage for me. Long before I read adult classics like Brave New World, Anthem, and 1984, The Giver let me explore what it would be like to live in a world without individuality or history, where people suppressed happiness and despair alike in the name of keeping the human race going. Aimed at a moderately young audience, it’s going to inevitably be compared to fellow post-apocalyptic young adult films like The Hunger Games and Divergent, and Jeff Bridges — who plays the titular Giver and has been working for 20 years to get the film made — admits that the success of those franchises helped his project along.
  • ‘Insulted’ Comcast withdraws funding from FCC commissioner’s dinner (2014-08-15 08:30:16)
    You see what you did, you meanies? You insulted Comcast so much that it’s decided not to spend $110,000 sponsoring a dinner to honor an FCC commissioner who will hold significant influence over the fate of its merger with Time Warner Cable. Deadline Hollywood reports that Comcast, which earlier this week said it was “insulting” to think there was anything shady about spending that much money to honor one of the most important telecom regulators in the country, said that it’s withdrawing funding for the dinner and that it’s asking that “there be no recognition of Comcast at the dinner.” The dinner in question is part of an annual event held by the Walter Kaitz Foundation, at which FCC commissioner
  • Shareholders file lawsuit against Apple (2014-08-15 07:55:54)
    Investors have filed a lawsuit against Apple alleging that the company’s various anti-poaching agreements ultimately hurt the company’s stock. The class action suit was filed last week by Apple shareholder R. Andre Klein and it alleges that the anti-poaching agreements then-CEO Steve Jobs put in place with Google, Intel and other companies were a breach of Apple’s responsibility to Shareholders. Klein says the agreements were misleading to investors and ultimately damaged the value of the company. In total, there are four counts against Apple, as listed by Patently Apple: Count I: Violation of § 14(a) of the Exchange Act against Defendants Campbell, Cook, Drexler, Iger, Jung, and Levinson. Count II: Breach of Fiduciary Duty and Aiding and Abetting Breach of Fiduciary
  • Apple begins storing users' personal data on servers in China (2014-08-15 07:50:56)
    By Gerry Shih and Paul Carsten BEIJING (Reuters) - Apple Inc has begun keeping the personal data of some Chinese users on servers in mainland China, marking the first time the tech giant is storing user data on Chinese soil. The storage of user data in China represents a departure from the policies of some technology companies, notably Google Inc , which has long refused to build data centers in China due to censorship and privacy concerns. Apple said the move was part of an effort to improve the speed and reliability of its iCloud service, which lets users store pictures, e-mail and other data. The data will be kept on servers provided by China Telecom Corp Ltd , the country's third-largest wireless carrier, Apple said in a statement on Friday.
  •'s quarterly loss widens as costs rise (2014-08-15 07:49:58)
    (Reuters) - Inc, China's No.2 e-commerce company, reported a bigger quarterly net loss due to costs related to a partnership with Tencent Holdings Ltd and higher spending aimed at better competing with market leader Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. The company's American Depositary Shares were down 2.5 percent at $29.25 in premarket trading on Friday. Tencent, China's biggest mobile gaming and social media company, took a 15 percent stake in in March to better compete against Alibaba.
  • Apple moves data storage onto Chinese soil through China Telecom deal (2014-08-15 05:15:38)
    Apple Inc has begun storing personal data for some Chinese users on servers provided by China Telecom , marking the first time that the company has stored user data on mainland Chinese soil. Apple attributed the move to an effort to improve the speed and reliability of its service. It also represents a departure from the policies of some technology companies, notably Google Inc , which has long refused to build data centers in China due to censorship and privacy concerns. All data stored with China Telecom, as with all data center providers worldwide, will be encrypted, Apple said in a statement on Friday.
  • Premier League warns soccer fans not to post goals on Vine and Twitter (2014-08-15 05:08:29)
    The World Cup was wonderful for so many reasons this year, whether it was watching Arjen Robben’s 5,268 dives, Luis Suarez’s moment of madness, or the animated facial expressions of Mexico’s manager Miguel Herrera, there was always something to share. The same is about to happen to the Premier League in England. In an interview with BBC’s Newsbeat, the Premier League’s director of communications, Dan Johnson, has warned soccer fans that sharing goals online is against the law. "It's a breach of copyright and we would discourage fans from doing it, we're developing technologies like GIF crawlers, Vine crawlers, working with Twitter to look to curtail this kind of activity." The crawlers will presumably hunt for popular Vines and submit requests for the material to be removed automatically.
  • Alibaba film unit says found possible accounting irregularities; halts shares (2014-08-15 04:48:32)
    By Elzio Barreto HONG KONG (Reuters) - A media firm Alibaba Group Holding Ltd recently bought said on Friday a review of its finances revealed possible accounting irregularities, casting doubts on the Chinese e-commerce giant's due diligence as it prepares for a U.S. initial public offering. The announcement by Alibaba Pictures Group Ltd comes less than two months after Alibaba Group completed its $804 million purchase of a 60 percent stake in the film and TV production company once known as ChinaVision Media Group Ltd. The deal was among the $10 billion or so Alibaba Group and its affiliates have spent since the beginning of last year on acquisitions which ventured beyond its traditional e-commerce roots to fend off competition from rivals like Tencent Holdings Ltd, Baidu Inc and
  • The man who created the first pop-up ad says 'sorry' (2014-08-15 04:32:04)
    "I'm sorry. Our intentions were good."
  • Web marketer stands trial amid China crackdown (2014-08-15 04:26:25)
    BEIJING (AP) — The founder of a web marketing company has pleaded guilty to helping delete Internet posts and spreading false information to make money and gain followers, Chinese media reported Friday, using the case to praise a government crackdown on online expression.
  • Xbox One's new media player is perfect for watching torrents (2014-08-15 04:06:21)
    Microsoft announced its plans to bring a standalone media player to Xbox One earlier this week, and now the company is previewing some of its new features. A dashboard update for Xbox One preview users is rolling out in preparation for the media player app beta, with some of the new social and TV features. While the media player isn’t available just yet, Microsoft is demonstrating how it works in a preview video.
  • Samsung to buy US tech firm SmartThings (2014-08-15 02:58:03)
    Samsung said Friday it had reached a deal to buy a US home automation startup SmartThings, as the South Korean electronics giant aims to expand beyond the increasingly saturated smartphone market. "With Samsung's resources and support, SmartThings will be able to expand its platform and become available for even more partners and devices," Samsung said in a statement. SmartThings will continue to operate independently under its founder and CEO Alex Hawkinson and will become part of Samsung's Open Innovation Centre, the statement said. The centre is responsible for developing Samsung's new software and services.
  • This could be a stormtrooper from 'Star Wars: Episode VII' (2014-08-15 02:43:26)
    IndieRevolver has published pictures of redesigned Imperial stormtrooper helmets that it claims will be used in the upcoming Star Wars: Episode VII. If the images are legitimate, then it begs a question of Episode VII's closely-guarded story: with Emperor Palpatine destroyed and Darth Vader dead at the end of Return of the Jedi, how is the Empire still functional enough to field an army? We'll likely find out more soon as more secrets leak from the Star Wars set.
  • U.S. supermarket chain Supervalu investigating potential data breach (2014-08-15 01:51:44)
    (Reuters) - Supervalu Inc said it is investigating a potential data breach that could have affected some of its retail food stores, including some of its associated stand-alone liquor stores. Supervalu said the intrusion may have resulted in the theft of account numbers and other numerical information from payment cards used at some point-of-sale systems at the company's owned and franchised stores. The data breach appears to have taken place during the period of June 22 through July 17, said the retailer. "The intrusion was identified by our internal team, it was quickly contained, and we have had no evidence of any misuse of any customer data," Supervalu CEO, Sam Duncan, said in a statement early on Friday.
  • Alibaba film unit finds possible accounting issues (2014-08-15 01:30:02)
    HONG KONG (AP) — The recently acquired film unit of Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba said Friday that a review has uncovered possible accounting irregularities.
  • 'Dark Dungeons' movie shows the sexier side of D&D (2014-08-15 00:52:28)
    Once upon a time, there lived people who were so convinced that Dungeons & Dragons was evil that they came up with cautionary material like this comic, which illustrates the destructive consequences of the hobby. Years later, filmmakers decided to take the next logical step and create a tongue-in-cheek Dark Dungeons: The Movie adaptation. Debbie and Marcie are two fresh-faced college students who want nothing more than to save souls, but they quickly find themselves confronted by the "exotic and sinister" temptations of tabletop role-playing games. Dark Dungeons hits the perfect amount of cheese with its dramatic lines and over-the-top glamorization of the RPG community. Here, gaming enthusiasts are clad in black leather, thigh-high boots, and cocksure smirks that would make David Bowie proud.
  • Google's undersea cables have to be reinforced because sharks keep biting them (2014-08-15 00:17:00)
    Google has been forced to protect its undersea data cables with a Kevlar-like coating in order to defend them against shark attacks. Dan Belcher, a Google product manager, explained at a Google Cloud Roadshow event that the company's trans-Pacific fiber-optic cables were wrapped in the material partly in order to keep them safe from the creatures' teeth. Sharks have been drawn to undersea fiber-optic cabling since the connections were first laid down. The New York Times reported in 1987 that shark attacks had caused the failure of four segments of brand new cabling, and an experimental cable placed in 1985 was discovered to have shark teeth embedded in it.
  • Ferguson is now a free speech zone (2014-08-14 23:27:04)
    The people of Ferguson, Missouri are still out on the streets. The decision today by Missouri Governor Jay Nixon to yank St. Louis County Police from security detail appears to be paying off. Residents we spoke with on the ground today said they're finally able to do what they wanted to do in the first place: mourn the death of Michael Brown and let the country know that his death was senseless and unnecessary. We asked several people who've been present for the protests how the tone has changed since St. Louis County Police left Ferguson.
  • I'm in Ferguson and the police are taking selfies with people (2014-08-14 23:27:04)
    The people of Ferguson, Missouri are still out on the streets. The decision today by Missouri Governor Jay Nixon to yank St. Louis County Police from security detail appears to be paying off.
  • Giant American fish teaches Japanese pear how to play baseball (2014-08-14 22:58:59)
    The Miami Marlins baseball team mascot is a large anthropomorphized marlin named Billy. Today, through the magic of social media, we can see Billy joined by a new friend — a three-foot wide pear with stubby arms and legs from Japan called Funassyi. Awesome teaching my new buddy @funassyi how to pitch like @srSHREK31! #VoteHitsMcGehee — Billy The Marlin (@BillytheMarlin) August 15, 2014
  • Microsoft is on a roll, unveils second killer smartphone camera innovation in less than a week (2014-08-14 22:30:30)
    Although its Windows Phone platform may stuck in the mud, that hasn’t stopped Microsoft from developing some killer smartphone camera technologies over the last week. Just a few days ago we wrote about the amazing new technology that Microsoft has developed to help you make incredibly steady time-lapse videos while you’re walking around with your smartphone camera or GoPro. And now Technology Review brings us word that Microsoft engineers have figured out a way to modify ordinary smartphone cameras and give them the ability to take 3D images. How did Microsoft’s team accomplish this impressive feat? Apparently they started by removing a smartphone camera’s infrared filter and replaced it with a filter that only allowed infrared light to get through — in
  • Facebook vice president of product management resigns (2014-08-14 21:16:03)
    (Reuters) - Samuel Lessin, Facebook Inc's vice president of product management, said he would be leaving the company. Lessin said in a post on the social networking site that his departure would be effective Aug. 29. He said he does not have any immediate plans but intends to help his wife Jessica Lessin with her publication, the Information. "If past performance is any indication, I will be starting something soon enough… What, I don’t know, but generally volume of ideas has never been much of an issue for me," he said. (Reporting by Tanvi Mehta in Bangalore; Editing by Lisa Shumaker)
  • How some lucky people are about to get the gorgeous Moto 360 for free (2014-08-14 21:15:09)
    Being the fall’s most anticipated announced smartwatch doesn’t sound like a big honor given the competition right now, but the Moto 360 really is generating a good deal of buzz as the first smartwatch that could potentially blend both functionality and style. Droid Life points out that, as promised, Google has is preparing to ship out free Moto 360s to everyone who attended this summer’s Google I/O conference.  FROM EARLIER: Motorola to unveil Moto 360 smartwatch ahead of Apple’s iWatch I/O attendees now have between now and September 5th to give the Google I/O team their shipping addresses so they can claim their watches. Google says that the faster you send them your shipping address, the faster you’ll get your watch. We
  • Music festival PSA shows the sweaty results of a bad MDMA trip (2014-08-14 21:01:02)
    Electric Zoo is a three-day electronic music festival in New York, and it is very worried about you. To make sure festival visitors avoid bad trips, its organizers enlisted Dexter writer James Manos Jr. to create a two-minute PSA that warns people about the dangers of MDMA — often known by excitable youngsters in the US as "Molly." Two people died from an overdose of the drug at the festival last year, but the new PSA might not be the most effective tactic in halting its use. ...
  • Here's what it looks like to make music on a giant touchscreen for thousands of people (2014-08-14 20:57:44)
    Deadmau5 revealed late last year that he was working on some sort of live performance system involving Microsoft's giant Perceptive Pixel touch displays, and now the EDM superstar has given a little taste of what it's actually like to use the system on stage while on tour in Europe:
  • Watch Apple CEO Tim Cook take the ice bucket challenge (2014-08-14 20:44:33)
    Apple's CEO Tim Cook is the latest notable person to undertake the Ice Bucket Challenge, and doused himself with icy water in the name of charity at a company event earlier today. The challenge was created to raise money for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, better known as Lou Gehrig's Disease. So far, numerous celebrities and tech personalities have undertaken the challenge, including Apple's marketing chief Phil Schiller, who posted a shots of himself getting doused on a beach today.
  • 'World of Warcraft' to create Robin Williams character (2014-08-14 20:34:19)
    Late Hollywood actor Robin Williams will live on in the kingdom of Azeroth after "World of Warcraft" said that he would be honored as a character in the popular video game. Williams, a renowned comedian and avid gamer, was known to be a fan of the online fantasy role-playing game. "We haven't decided, but it will most likely be a character inspired by him or some of his favorite roles of the past," lead game designer Ion Hazzikostas was cited by local media as saying during a Los Angeles event unveiling the game's fifth edition, "World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor." Williams had even named his daughter Zelda in reference to Nintendo's "Legend of Zelda" game.
  • These are the 10 most popular music streaming services (2014-08-14 20:15:12)
    Listening to unlimited music within the confines of the law is now possible thanks to the advent of music streaming services, but deciding which service to use is becomingly increasingly complicated. Writing for Time, FindTheBest declares that there are currently 102 individual streaming services on the market that allow users to stream music for as long as they want — some for free, others for a low monthly fee. There are countless subtle differences between each service (some allow you to select your music on-demand, others function more like radio stations), but at the end of the day, they all exist to serve the purpose: deliver streaming music. Rather than try to rank the services by what they offer or how much they cost, FindTheBest
  • Hundreds of unseen Andy Warhol films to be digitized for public screenings (2014-08-14 20:12:02)
    Approximately 500 movies made by pop art icon Andy Warhol, many of which have never been seen by the public, are in the process of being digitized. The project — a collaboration between The Warhol museum, the Museum of Modern Art, and two visual effects companies — will see almost 1,000 rolls of 16mm film converted to 2K resolution after being scanned frame by frame. The painstaking process means the project is is set to take several years to complete, but some of Warhol's unseen movies will be available for public consumption sooner than that.
  • U.S. supermarket chain Supervalu investigating potential data breach : WSJ (2014-08-14 20:00:48)
    (Reuters) - U.S. supermarket chain Supervalu Inc is investigating a potential data breach that could have affected more than 1,000 of its stores, the Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday, citing people with knowledge of the matter. The data breach appears to have taken place in late June or early July and may be due to malicious software installed by hackers on the retailer's point-of-sale network, the people told the Journal. Supervalu had 3,763 stores as of April, according to a regulatory filing. Supervalu was not immediately available for comment.
  • New health apps, games reward patients who take their meds (2014-08-14 19:59:41)
    By Christina Farr and Malathi Nayak SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - A group of ex-gaming industry executives say they can use their design chops to solve a major health challenge: Sick patients neglecting to take their medication and costing employers and insurance providers billions of dollars. Jason Oberfest began thinking about applying game design tricks to complex medical problems in 2011, while at mobile game company ngmoco. Oberfest built the app to engage users in their health, but he maintained some of the most viral aspects of mobile games, such as gifts, and a feature to see how friends are faring in their treatment. An analysis in the Annals of Internal Medicine found that Americans are failing to comply with prescriptions and it is costing the U.S. health system between $100 billion and $289 billion annually.
  • Samsung buys home-automation startup SmartThings (2014-08-14 19:56:37)
    Samsung Electronics Co Ltd will buy SmartThings, a startup backed by PayPal co-founder Max Levchin that helps connect household devices, one of its largest U.S.-startup acquisitions to date. The South Korean electronics maker joins fellow technology heavyweights Apple Inc and Google Inc in exploring ways to integrate connected household gadgets such as thermostats and lights with mobile apps, a trend commonly known as "Internet of Things." Samsung did not disclose financials. SmartThings, which lets people use a mobile app to control connected devices, says it has some 5,000 developers building devices that connect to its open platform.
  • 50 Cent's SMS Audio is making earphones that listen to your heart (2014-08-14 19:46:34)
    Headphones don't care if you're listening to terrible music while exercising, but a new pair from 50 Cent's SMS Audio might judge your workout. The company's just announced BioSport In-Ear, a set of wired earbuds with biometric capabilities to record heart rate using built-in optical sensors. This particular pair is using technology from Intel. So far that list only includes RunKeeper, which the two companies say will record heart rate, pace, distance, elevation, and how many calories you've burned.
  • Ebay in talks to take bitcoins at payments unit : WSJ (2014-08-14 19:15:16)
    Ebay Inc's PayPal is in talks with Coinbase Inc and other bitcoin transaction providers to integrate the virtual currency within its Braintree payments system, The Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday. Executives at PayPal, which owns the service that handles payments for startups from room-bookings network AirBnB to car-on-demand service Uber, have not struck any agreements, the Journal cited people familiar with the matter as saying. Ebay bought Braintree for $800 million in 2013 to boost PayPal's mobile presence.
  • This one quote explains why Samsung is feeling very nervous (2014-08-14 19:00:43)
    Samsung is still in very good shape, especially when compared with rival Android vendors, but that doesn’t mean the company has no reason to be feeling nervous right now. The biggest thing that Samsung has to fear right now isn’t Apple but a host of up-and-coming Android vendors that are cranking out dirt-cheap phones with remarkably strong specifications. If you want to get an idea of just how dire this situation could be for Samsung and other high-end vendors, look no further than the following quote from Lenovo CEO Yang Yuanqing in an interview with The Wall Street Journal on Thursday. “I would say China is the most competitive market in the world,” he said. “There are so many local players,
  • After Ferguson, police should be wearing on-body cameras (2014-08-14 18:53:06)
    After conflicts between protestors and police in Ferguson, Mo. yesterday — particularly in the wake of militarized police officers arresting Washington Post and Huffington Post reporters working in a nearby McDonald's — some have suggested that on-body cameras should be more widely used among on-duty police. The Verge produced a story and documentary last year about Axon Flex, perhaps the most advanced of these on-body police cameras, and the advantages and disadvantages of the technology. In that story, civil rights attorney Scott Greenwood talked about his work to establish concrete rules regarding on-body police cameras. "On-body recording systems [OBRS] would have been incredibly useful in Ferguson," he says.
  • Samsung buys SmartThings to gain a foothold in home automation (2014-08-14 18:41:21)
    Samsung, which already makes a variety of home appliances, just acquired a company that can help them work better together. Samsung's current appliances have some ability to communicate with each other, but the company said SmartThings would enable them to expand the reach and capabilities of home automation. "With Samsung behind us, we will be able to attract more device makers and developers to unlock the limitless possibilities of the consumer internet of things," said Alex Hawkinson, SmartThings' CEO. SmartThings will move to Palo Alto to become part of Samsung's incubator, the Samsung Open Innovation Center.
  • Apple's Beats Music made a documentary on Spike Lee's 'Do The Right Thing' (2014-08-14 18:31:45)
    Apple's Beats Music has put together a short documentary for the 25th anniversary of Do The Right Thing, Spike Lee's acclaimed film on race relations in New York City. The nearly 23-minute film brings Lee and a number of other members of cast and crew from the film back to the iconic Bed-Stuy block where it was shot, leaving them to reminisce on its production and impact. While it's certainly a bit strange to see a documentary on a movie come out of Beats Music, its creation makes enough sense: one of Beats' strongest assets is its cultural cachet, and associating itself with a smart and edgy film like Do The Right Thing (and, of course, its director) only helps to build that out even further.
  • Google releases four new Android Wear ads ahead of Moto 360 launch (2014-08-14 18:15:03)
    At this point, Motorola’s upcoming Moto 360 is the only Android Wear-powered smartwatch we’ve seen that people are actually excited for. The wait is now almost over, with Motorola stopping just short of confirming that it will announce availability details during a press event on September 4th. Samsung and LG already have Android Wear smartwatches available for purchase, but their reception thus far has been lukewarm at best. So now that the 360 is almost ready for prime time, Google is making another push to get some exposure for Android Wear. The first part of its effort involves four new ads that show off various Android Wear watches and their capabilities. Google’s new Android Wear spots focus on a few of the platform’s most touted
  • Applied Materials profit beats on memory chip demand (2014-08-14 18:07:18)
    (Reuters) - Chip-equipment maker Applied Materials Inc reported a better-than-expected third-quarter profit as contract manufacturers spend more on technology used to make smartphone and memory chips. Demand for DRAM chips, used mainly in personal computers, is expected to grow in the current quarter, Chief Executive Gary Dickerson said on call with analysts. Applied Materials, which also provides equipment to make flat panel displays and solar cells, forecast an adjusted profit of 25-29 cents per share for the fourth quarter. Analysts on average were expecting a profit of 26 cents per share, according to Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S. The company said it expects revenue growth of about 10 to 17 percent, implying revenue of $2.19 billion to $2.33 billion for the quarter.
  • Sina Corp second quarter revenue up 19 percent on Weibo messaging unit, ad sales (2014-08-14 17:50:34)
    (Reuters) - Chinese internet firm Sina Corp posted better-than-expected growth in both revenue and earnings on Thursday, riding a strong performance from its Weibo Corp online messaging subsidiary and a 29 percent jump in advertising sales. "Weibo is executing well with strong financial performance, solid traffic growth and measurable progress toward building out a social commerce platform and offering native ads to large-brand customers," Sina CEO Charles Chao said in a statement. Weibo, the company behind what's often described as China's Twitter, more than doubled its revenue in the second quarter, as usage and traffic grew.
  • Amazon knocks 15% off the cost of its Apple TV rival for a limited time (2014-08-14 17:49:08)
    Amazon’s Fire TV set-top box is still the best-selling device in the electronics category on, having recently displaced Google’s cheap Chromecast dongle. Since Amazon never shares sales figures, however, we’ll never know exactly how well the Fire TV is selling. With a wave of new apps and games including a Flappy Bird exclusive recently hitting Fire TV, Amazon felt it was a good time to help boost sales even more — and it will likely do just that with a new limited-time discount offer. “We’re celebrating a boatload of new apps. Get $15 off Amazon Fire TV, for a limited time. Now $84,” Amazon said on its Fire TV page. The sale price represents a 15% discount from the Fire TV’s
  • Understanding the Global Technology World Ahead (2014-08-14 17:43:56)
    Over 20 years ago, the U.S. government set out to create a technology infrastructure designed to replace existing communications and information distribution platforms in the U.S. While most do not recognize the internet from this vantage point, it is most certainly what the internet is and why it is here. What's most unique and compelling...
  • This is why Anonymous shouldn't hijack protest movements (2014-08-14 17:36:59)
    Wherever there's a fight, hacktivist movement Anonymous is there. Wherever someone is abusing the power of the state, Anonymous is there. Wherever someone is trying to hurt internet, Anonymous is there.
  • Sprint will introduce 'disruptive' prices next week: new CEO (2014-08-14 17:34:21)
    OVERLAND PARK KANSAS/ WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Sprint Corp will implement "very disruptive" prices next week, newly appointed Chief Executive Officer Marcelo Claure said at a company-wide town hall meeting on Thursday, according to the telecommunications industry website, Light Reading. Claure, who replaced Dan Hesse last week, said his first order of business is cutting prices, followed by sprucing up the company's network, now completing a massive overhaul, and reducing operational costs, the website said.
  • Autodesk raises full-year revenue forecast on strong subscription growth (2014-08-14 17:33:03)
    (Reuters) - Autodesk Inc raised its full-year revenue forecast and reported better-than-expected second-quarter revenue, as more companies and individuals sign up for its computer-aided design software. Autodesk, which is moving to a cloud-based subscription model from a license-based business, forecast revenue growth of 7-9 percent, or $2.43-$2.48 billion, for the year ending January 31, 2015, up from its prior forecast of 4-6 percent growth. Analysts were expecting full-year revenue of $2.40 billion, according to Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S. Autodesk's flagship AutoCAD software is used by construction, engineering and manufacturing companies to design and simulate real-world performance of their products. Between May and July, Autodesk added about 74,000 subscribers, ending the quarter with about 2 million total subscribers.
  • Xbox's TV studio not dead yet, reportedly looking for new home (2014-08-14 17:32:02)
    Xbox Entertainment Studios may have some life left, after all. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the studio has had preliminary talks with Warner Bros about possible acquisition. The deal is said to be unlikely, but it does suggest XES isn't dead completely — even if it can't stay at Microsoft. If a Warner Bros. deal did happen, THR's sources say the studio would merge with Machinima, which Warner owns a minority stake in.
  • Comcast, Time Warner Cable withdraw funding for dinner honoring FCC's Clyburn (2014-08-14 17:29:06)
    Comcast and Time Warner Cable today withdrew their respective contributions towards a dinner that will honor FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn next month. The Kaitz Dinner is an annual event hosted by the Walter Kaitz Foundation, which champions greater diversity in the cable industry. This year, Clyburn will be honored with the "diversity advocate" award during the ceremony. According to Politico, Comcast had planned to spend $110,000 to earn itself the distinction of "presenting sponsor." Time Warner Cable previously chipped in $22,000.
  • Weibo second-quarter revenue doubles as ad sales jump (2014-08-14 17:26:56)
    (Reuters) - Weibo Corp , the company behind China's biggest microblog by users, reported second-quarter revenue that more than doubled, helped by a jump in advertising and marketing sales. Net loss attributable to shareholders narrowed to $15.4 million, or 8 cents per share, in the three months ended June 30, from $35.1 million, or 24 cents per share, a year earlier. Revenue jumped to $77.3 million from $37.6 million. Advertising and marketing revenue increased 99 percent to $59.6 million. (Reporting by Abhirup Roy in Bangalore; Editing by Feroze Jamal)
  • Now you have an awesome way to make Google Street View come to life with location-specific sounds (2014-08-14 17:17:17)
    Google Street View is one of the best ways to take a virtual tour of a potential vacation destination, a place you want to know more about or even your own hometown, but it’s only part of the experience. With Sounds of Street View, the hearing solution professionals at Amplifon are bringing ambient noise to Google Maps. Using Amplifon’s Web Audio API platform, developers can designate ordinary Google Maps markers to emit 3-dimensional sounds that will change in volume and direction depending on where the user is “standing” in Street View. The company has put together three separate experiences to demonstrate how the software works. In France, you can approach a church and hear the bells begin to toll, walk past a man
  • The FDA wants to use Minecraft to keep people from smoking (2014-08-14 17:00:44)
    Minecraft has proven a useful tool for teaching life lessons. Also, cave exploration can be extremely dangerous without enough light, or if you run into molten lava — which is frequently. SkyDoesMinecraft, who is actually 21-year-old Adam Dahlberg, has 10.3 million subscribers, and his videos have been viewed more than 2.1 billion times.
  • 21st Century Marine vs. Space Commando -- Who Wins? A Real Marine Breaks Down the Battle (2014-08-14 16:49:48)
    This question originally appeared on Quora:Who would win between a Space Commando and a 21st century US Marine if the Space Commando can't use his plasma swords, photon blasters, cybernetic power suits, or holoshields? Answer by Jon Davis, Marine, Veteran of Operation Iraqi FreedomThis is also a follow up question and answer to: How well are...
  • 9 Tech Tips for Long-Distance Dating: A Tinder Success Story (2014-08-14 16:45:46)
    Co-written with Corey JonesCaitlin: I first met Corey when I asked him, "is that your twin?"Seriously, who does that -- posts a picture, of himself and his (nearly identical) twin -- on a dating app? After my initial confusion, I swiped right, since they both looked aight.C'mon, Corey Tinder, help a sister out. Which one are you?Corey: What I...
  • How to move quickly on a slow Internet connection (2014-08-14 16:41:28)
    Being stuck on slow Wi-Fi can be incredibly frustrating, especially when you’ve got work to do, but there is a solution. David Nield at Gizmodo has written a handy primer on how to disable images and plugins on your browser in order to speed up loading times and counteract the crummy connection. As Nield points out, the Internet has become an overwhelmingly visual place, filled with auto-playing videos and large, high-quality images, all of which load quickly on your speedy home network, but can become major resource hogs when you’re computer is fighting to stay connected. Here’s how to make the Internet a little less colorful, but much, much faster. If you use Chrome, blocking images and plugins will be a breeze. Open
  • Here's How the 3rd Most Funded Kickstarter Literally Became the Coolest (2014-08-14 16:38:30)
    Invention and innovation is what makes America great. The ability to see a problem, work towards resolving it and sharing the resulting product with all of mankind is why I fell in love with entrepreneurship. It's about the constant pursuit of pushing mankind forward that makes me feel all gooey inside. Thanks to crowdfunding platforms like...
  • Hospice Healing: Care in the Palm of Your Hand (2014-08-14 16:30:34)
    When Kei Okada maneuvered his bike through the streets of Manhattan one morning recently, he had a lot on his mind, including the vehicles whizzing around him. His overriding concern, however, was figuring out how to connect more deeply with two of his clients: Mark*, an elderly patient with advanced dementia to whom he was providing...
  • 'Warcraft' to memorialize Robin Williams in game (2014-08-14 16:26:55)
    LOS ANGELES (AP) — Robin Williams' spirit will live on in the virtual world of Azeroth.
  • Plenty of people around the world want a new iPhone (2014-08-14 16:21:39)
    As Apple prepares to launch its newest iPhones next month, the company could see big sales even in emerging market countries where consumers have lower incomes.
  • Windows Phone is dying on the vine (2014-08-14 16:16:54)
    There’s a reasonable argument to be made on both sides about whether Microsoft should just dump Windows Phone and move to Android or whether it should stick things out and try to gradually improve its market share. However there is no argument that from a sales standpoint, Windows Phone has been a complete failure so far — and its shipments have actually gotten worse over the last year. IDC’s latest report on global smartphone shipments found that not only did Windows Phone’s market share shrink from Q2 2013 to Q2 2014 but its overall shipment numbers shrank as well. In total, only 7.4 million Windows Phones shipped in Q2 this year, a 9.4% decline from the 8.2 million Windows Phones that shipped during the
  • Windows Phone sales decline as share shrinks to just 2.5 percent (2014-08-14 16:06:51)
    Windows Phone sales have been consistently increasing year-over-year each quarter for the last year, but new figures show that growth has significantly stalled recently. IDC reports that Windows Phone sales dropped by 9.4 percent in Q2 2014 compared to the same period last year. Overall, it means Windows Phone accounts for just 2.5 percent marketshare in the recent quarter. Compare that to the nearly 85 percent for Android and nearly 12 percent for iOS, and it's clear to see the challenge Microsoft faces. The decline in sales is hardly surprising given the small number of Windows Phone handset launches in 2014, and a lack of support from phone makers like HTC and Samsung.
  • 'Warcraft' to memorialize Williams as character (2014-08-14 16:03:29)
    LOS ANGELES (AP) — Robin Williams' spirit will live on in the virtual world of Azeroth.
  • New report reveals major details about the iPhone 6’s high-end sapphire display (2014-08-14 15:49:24)
    Apple might be bringing a sapphire display to the market after all, but you’re going to have to pay a premium to get your hands on it. The Wall Street Journal reports that Apple is considering putting sapphire screens on premium versions of the 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch iPhone 6 models this fall if the necessary supply is available. FROM EARLIER: Another major iPhone 6 component revealed in new leak Apple has reportedly invested over $700 million in the development of sapphire displays, leading analysts to postulate that not only will the Cupertino company follow through on using the material in its new products, but also charge more in order to recoup on its investment. If sapphire displays are in fact significantly sturdier than Gorilla
  • I wrote this post on Tom Hanks' new typewriter app (2014-08-14 15:38:33)
    Tom Hanks is somewhat famous for his love of typewriters. Hanx Writer is, essentially, a typewriter on your iPad. Mostly it's just an old-timey keyboard that makes a sound that is sort of but not really like that of a typewriter. As you type, the page scrolls across the screen as a typewriter would;
  • Ukrainian hackers claim attack on Polish websites (2014-08-14 15:38:06)
    Ukrainian hackers hostile to the government claimed Thursday to have launched a cyber attack against the websites of Poland's presidency and the Warsaw Stock Exchange. The hacker group Cyber Berkut said it blocked the sites, both down on Thursday afternoon, in response to what it said were Poland's actions as "sponsors of fascism in Ukraine". They accused Poland of sending mercenaries to Ukraine, allegations already levelled by Moscow and firmly denied by Warsaw.
  • WSJ: Apple's smartwatch will have sapphire screen (2014-08-14 15:35:54)
    A new report today from The Wall Street Journal says Apple's upcoming smartwatch will match the iPhone 6 with a sapphire screen that's more resistant to scratches and other common wear and tear. The Journal claims sapphire glass intended for the watch and phone will begin rolling off production lines at Apple's Arizona factory "this month." Presumably Apple is also sourcing the key component from other manufacturing partners in China, since we've seen at least one convincing leak that showcases the screen's durability. The report goes on to note Apple's significant investment in sapphire;
  • Watch Satya Nadella, Mark Zuckerberg and Phil Schiller take the ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’ (2014-08-14 15:21:32)
    If you’ve ever wanted to see some of the most powerful individuals in the tech industry douse themselves in freezing cold water, now is your chance. In order to raise money and awareness for ALS, people all over the country are taking the Ice Bucket Challenge, a movement which originated in Massachusetts when former Boston College baseball player Pete Frates, diagnosed with the disease in 2012, dumped cold water on his head and dared others to do the same. They had 24 hours to respond — if they failed to complete the challenge within that time, they would have to donate to the ALS Association. The viral campaign eventually gained enough momentum to attract celebrities, government officials and a few of the
  • Toyota makes another beautiful 'Gran Turismo' supercar (2014-08-14 14:50:20)
    Earlier this year, Toyota created the gorgeous FT-1 for "Vision Gran Turismo," an ongoing series of concept cars designed by real-world car companies and design studios in collaboration with Sony's Polyphony Digital for the release of Gran Turismo 6. The high-performance sports car was widely believed to be a teaser for a reboot of the Supra, a legendary franchise for Toyota that last saw production in 2002. Those rumors are louder than ever this week now that Toyota has revealed a second version of the FT-1 that it describes as a more "sophisticated" and "premium" take on the original, painted in a dark silver in place of the bright, sporty red seen before. While there's no word on production, the new FT-1 will be available as an in-game download in Gran Turismo 6 next month, along with a high-performance track model called the FT-1 Vision GT seen in the video below.
  • Here’s the hands-on BlackBerry Passport video you’ve been clamoring for [Updated] (2014-08-14 14:49:45)
    So how about it, prospective smartphone buyers? Are you still clamoring for the BlackBerry Passport? If so then you’ll definitely want to check out a new video flagged by CrackBerry that was produced by U.K. retailer Carphone Warehouse that gives us a nice little hands-on demonstration of BlackBerry’s upcoming smartphone that will go head-to-head with the iPhone 6 and Galaxy Note 4 this September. FROM EARLIER: BlackBerry: Consumers are ‘clamoring’ for our new square smartphone. In the video, Carphone Warehouse shows off some of the Passport’s outside-the-box features such as the new touch-sensitive physical keyboard that essentially doubles as a giant trackball that will let you scroll up and down on pages just by running your fingers over its keys. Carphone
  • Here’s the hands-on BlackBerry Passport video you’ve been clamoring for (2014-08-14 14:49:45)
    So how about it, prospective smartphone buyers? Are you still clamoring for the BlackBerry Passport? If so then you’ll definitely want to check out a new video flagged by CrackBerry that was produced by U.K. retailer Carphone Warehouse that gives us a nice little hands-on demonstration of BlackBerry’s upcoming smartphone that will go head-to-head with the iPhone 6 and Galaxy Note 4 this September. FROM EARLIER: BlackBerry: Consumers are ‘clamoring’ for our new square smartphone. In the video, Carphone Warehouse shows off some of the Passport’s outside-the-box features such as the new touch-sensitive physical keyboard that essentially doubles as a giant trackball that will let you scroll up and down on pages just by running your fingers over its keys. Carphone
  • Here's why celebrities are taking the 'Ice Bucket Challenge' (2014-08-14 14:42:55)
    Everyone you've seen is participating in the Ice Bucket Challenge. The challenge involves daring a person to dump a bucket of ice water over their head within the next 24 hours, or else donate money — usually $100 — toward fighting ALS. The challenge is all about raising money and awareness for Lou Gehrig’s Disease ALS is amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, but you probably know it better as Lou Gehrig’s Disease.
  • Robin Williams had early stages of Parkinson's disease, wife says (2014-08-14 14:31:55)
    Robin Williams was in the early stages of Parkinson's disease but had not yet been ready to share the information publicly before he died, his wife, Susan Schneider, revealed in a statement today. The statement, provided to The Wrap, urges others to find support for any struggles that they're facing. Though Schneider says that Williams had remained sober at the time of his death, she notes that he had been battling depression in addition to dealing with Parkinson's. Parkinson's slowly affects a person's movement, often limiting their expressions or causing their limbs to tremor. ...
  • How to keep using Facebook chat on your iPhone without installing Facebook Messenger (2014-08-14 14:14:44)
    Facebook gave users fair warning ahead of a recent change that requires people to install a separate iPhone application if they want to keep using Facebook’s messaging feature on their iPhones, but there is still plenty of outrage. So much so, in fact, that the Facebook Messenger app for iOS now has a 1-star average rating in the App Store out of spite. But if you would rather not use a dedicated app to chat with your Facebook friends, don’t fret: A simple trick will let you keep using the main Facebook app for the iPhone to send and receive messages. In a recent post, The Guardian noted that there is an easy loophole that allows users to continue using the
  • Low-cost smartphones boost Android (2014-08-14 14:14:22)
    A surge in low-cost smartphone sales, notably in emerging markets, helped the Google Android platform extend its dominance in the second quarter, a survey showed Thursday. The report by market tracker IDC said Android phone sales were up 33 percent over the past year to 255 million units, and accounted for 84.7 percent of all global smartphone sales in the March-June period. The overall market grew 25 percent to 301 million units, IDC said, with Apple, Microsoft Windows and BlackBerry failing to keep pace. "With many of its (manufacturing) partners focusing on the sub-$200 segments, Android has been reaping huge gains within emerging markets," says Ramon Llamas, research manager with IDC.
  • Watch a thousand robots execute the ultimate nerd choreography (2014-08-14 14:00:03)
    There’s something unsettling about watching 1,000 robots execute a perfectly choreographed routine. The entire demonstration makes it a bit too easy to forget that humans, researchers at Harvard University, provided the algorithms that allowed them to accomplish various formations. "We created a swarm robot designed specifically to work in large groups, which was key to accomplishing this," said Michael Rubenstein, an electrical engineer at Harvard University who worked on the project, which is described in Science today, in an email to The Verge.
  • Scientists think they've discovered an entirely new mode of plant communication (2014-08-14 14:00:03)
    According to a new study, published today in Science, a parasitic plant called the strangleweed is capable of not only sucking out genetic material from the host plant it invades, but also injecting its own genetic material into its host. "The typical way that plants communicate is through chemicals that they release through their leaves and roots," says James Westwood, a plant physiologist at Harvard University and a co-author of the study. "So to find out that there is an exchange of RNA" — the intermediary form of genetic information that fills the gap between DNA and proteins — "is a new concept that hasn’t been explored at all." Beyond the novelty of this finding, however, lie the potential agricultural applications, Westwood says.
  • Uber's regulatory battles continues as Berlin bans the service over safety concerns (2014-08-14 13:53:27)
    The Berlin State Department of Civil and Regulatory Affairs announced that it was banning the use of Uber on safety grounds and would fine the fast-growing startup £25,000 (about $4,172) if it continued operations, and will hit Uber drivers with a £20,000 fine for working with the service. This follows an April ban on Uber in Belgium and widespread taxi strikes in London, Paris, and Barcelona which snarled streets and had local regulators scrambling for solutions. Uber also has operations in Asia, and the local government in Seoul, South Korea has been openly discussing a ban.
  • Uber's regulatory battles continue as Berlin bans the service over safety concerns (2014-08-14 13:53:27)
    The Berlin State Department of Civil and Regulatory Affairs announced that it was banning the use of Uber on safety grounds and would fine the fast-growing startup roughly $33,450 if it continued operations, and will hit Uber drivers with a $26,760 fine for working with the service. This follows an April ban on Uber in Belgium and widespread taxi strikes in London, Paris, and Barcelona, which snarled streets and had local regulators scrambling for solutions. Uber also has operations in Asia, and the local government in Seoul, South Korea has been openly discussing a ban.
  • Think Comcast’s service sucks now? Just wait until it merges with TWC (2014-08-14 13:43:05)
    If they weren’t being paid ungodly sums to shill for one of America’s most hated companies, I’d almost feel sorry for Comcast’s top PR execs right now. The reason is because they now have an impossible task of trying to put out multiple fires all over the place as more and more customers are recording their interactions with the company and posting them all over the Internet, where they immediately go viral on Reddit and other hot social media sites. FROM EARLIER: Comcast customer tries to cancel service, gets put on hold for over 3 hours until office closes To get a sense of how bad things are getting for America’s most unloved cable company, consider some of the Comcast
  • Before drones, the US Air Force shot at real pilots for target practice (2014-08-14 13:41:41)
    As an Army Air Force pilot during World War II, one could expect to take fire from time to time — but the bullets weren't always coming from Axis aircraft. Sometimes, it was your fellow servicemen and women taking the shots. The Bell P-63 Kingcobra fighter, developed in 1942, never got much love from the American military, which had a preference for the legendary P-51 Mustang.
  • YouTube's redesigned TV app puts focus on channels and playlists (2014-08-14 13:17:22)
    Today YouTube announced it's rolling out a new TV interface that's specifically been "designed for the big screen." The updated app is already available on Xbox One, and should be available for other set-top boxes in the very near future. Based on a quick glance, it's a bit strange for YouTube to say the new look was specifically designed for the television; Underneath the sidebar, YouTube still looks very similar to what was there before.
  • The one reason you should consider buying a Chromebook over a Windows or Mac laptop (2014-08-14 13:14:24)
    When Google first announced its plans to offer a lightweight, browser-like operating system, pundits had a field day. Why go up against Windows? Why not use Android? Fast-forward to today, and you’ll find that sales of inexpensive Chromebooks are climbing faster than almost anyone expected, particularly in schools. It makes sense, of course – why should a school spend twice as much on a Windows machine when a cheap Chromebook can get the job done? For personal use, Windows notebooks and Apple’s MacBook laptops are seen by many as the obvious choice over Chromebooks because they are so much more powerful and flexible. As it turns out, however, Chromebooks’ biggest weakness might also be their greatest strength. In a recent
  • Cisco to take $700 million in restructuring charges for layoffs (2014-08-14 12:47:24)
    Network equipment maker Cisco Systems Inc said on Thursday its plan to slash 6,000 jobs will result in restructuring charges of $700 million in cash in the year ending July 2015. The latest round of layoffs, announced on Wednesday, is at least the fourth workforce reduction in about as many years for a company once synonymous with the Internet boom and could spark a shakeup in management, analysts said. Shares in Cisco, still the world's largest networking equipment maker, were down 2.7 percent at $24.52 on the Nasdaq. Cisco has failed to sustain growth in its high-end switches and routers business and is grappling with competition from so-called software-defined networks (SDN) which offer software that can run on cheap hardware.
  • Apple Store insults customer with awful anti-gay slur printed on receipt (2014-08-14 12:45:04)
    Apple Stores are perhaps the most respected retail establishments in the world, racking up more revenue per square foot than any other large retail chain on the planet. Of course, not all retail store employees live up to expectations, and one Portland, Oregon Apple retail location now finds itself in hot water following an unfortunate incident involving anti-gay discrimination. Apple customer Adam Catanzarite claims that he is the victim of discrimination at the hands of an Apple Store employee, who allegedly entered the man’s email address as “” on his receipt. “I got called a f@g by an Apple employee here in Portland,” Catanzarite wrote in a post on his Facebook page. He says he spoke to the store manager about the incident, but
  • Twitter says it will improve harassment policies after Zelda Williams quits service (2014-08-14 12:29:05)
    Twitter has long received flack for its weak responses to clear instances of abuse over its network, but now it finally says that it's going to do... something. In a statement provided to The Washington Post with regard to the harassment of Zelda Williams, Twitter's vice president of trust and safety says that the company is currently "evaluating how we can further improve our policies to better handle tragic situations like this one." He says that may include making Twitter's policies stricter with regard to self-harm or private information, and it could also mean better watching out for users who have just had a family member die. "We will not tolerate abuse of this nature on Twitter." Following her father's death, Williams began seeing harassment on Twitter by people who sent messages blaming her.
  • Berlin bans Uber to protect passengers and its taxis (2014-08-14 12:21:00)
  • Is your data really safe? These are the 8 worst security breaches in history (2014-08-14 12:20:27)
    Can your online data ever really be safe? Not when malicious hackers are lurking around every virtual corner, constantly developing devious new ways to steal sensitive data including passwords and credit card information. Online security is constantly improving, of course, but even the biggest companies in the world are susceptible to security breaches. And the sad truth of the matter is that there’s nothing you can do to protect your data once it’s stored on a company’s servers. In case that harsh realization isn’t scary enough on its own, a new graphic helps remind us of the eight worst online security breaches in recent history. FROM EARLIER: How to disappear online Just a couple of days after sharing an infographic
  • The best fitness tracker you can buy - This Is My Next (2014-08-14 12:02:01)
    Eventually, everything we own and wear will have a chip inside that tracks your activity. For now, though, a dedicated fitness tracker is your best move. The best one will track your steps, your sleep, and your diet — and will give you ways to do it all better tomorrow. There are a million options out there, but only one you should buy right now.
  • Motorola to unveil Moto 360 smartwatch ahead of Apple’s iWatch (2014-08-14 12:00:12)
    We got an invitation in our inboxes this morning for a major new Motorola media event that will take place on September 4th in Chicago. While Motorola didn’t specify exactly what new devices it would be launching, it strongly hinted in its invite that we can expect to see the sequel to last year’s flagship Moto X as well as the followup to the budget Moto G smartphone, which reportedly became a solid hit in emerging markets such as India earlier this year. We’ll also likely be getting an official look at Motorola’s gorgeous Moto 360 smartwatch for the first time, which has achieved the rare status of a smartwatch that people actually seem interested in buying. Motorola is launching
  • Sweepstakes: win an HTC One M8 limited edition designed by Phunk Studio (2014-08-14 12:00:03)
    HTC has hooked up with Singapore-based Phunk Studio — a group that describes itself as a "contemporary art and design collective" — for its latest limited-edition phone, a remixed version of the One M8 that features an intricate design engraved into the metal case. We've got you covered, though: we're giving away a silver Phunk Studio One M8 to one lucky reader.
  • HTC's Zoe app is a social network that uses highlight reels (2014-08-14 12:00:00)
  • Monstrous Galaxy Note 4 specs possibly confirmed in retail listing (2014-08-14 11:51:22)
    For Android fans, the most exciting phone on the horizon is the Galaxy Note 4. The latest phone in Samsung’s phablet line is expected to be faster and more powerful than ever before, but we’re still a few weeks away from the official reveal at IFA 2014 on September 3rd. Thankfully, it appears that one retailer just couldn’t wait that long and has posted a listing for the Note 4 which includes a full spec sheet as well as pricing information. FROM EARLIER: Samsung’s beastly Galaxy Note 4 revealed in high-quality leaked pics According to the listing on Erafone, the Galaxy Note 4 will feature a 5.7-inch 1440 x 2560 (2K) Super AMOLED display, 4GB of RAM, a 16-megapixel camera
  • Motorola smartwatch launching in September (2014-08-14 11:43:48)
    Samsung will be unveiling the Galaxy Note 4 phablet on September 3 and Apple is expected to unveil the iPhone 6 on September 9. The next iPhone might well be the most significant smartphone launch of 2014 -- what Apple introduces the industry assimilates -- but Motorola's first Android Wear smartwatch could have a similar impact.
  • ASUS to Debut Cheapest Android Wear Watch Yet in Sept (2014-08-14 11:41:27)
    Android Wear fans, watch out! A better-looking, cheaper smartwatch could be on its way. ASUS is the latest company that's developing a product for Google's wrist-optimized operating system, and its device could be announced as soon as September. According to Focus Taiwan, ASUS CEO Jerry Shen said at an investors' conference that the company could unveil its smartwatch at the IFA conference in Berlin, Germany early next month.
  • Twitter Will Crack Down on Trolls After Robin Williams' Daughter Was Bullied Off Network (2014-08-14 11:32:14)
    Days after Robin Williams' death, his daughter received gruesome messages from anonymous users, including photoshopped pictures showing bruises around her father's neck and tweets accusing her of his suicide. Two users, @PimpStory and @MrGoosebuster (both have been suspended since the incident), tweeted manipulated images of Williams in a morgue, accompanied by messaged like "look at what he ... did to himself because of you." One tweet, calling 25-year-old Zelda Williams a "heartless b****" was retweeted 25 times. On Thursday, Twitter Vice President of Trust and Safety Del Harvey released a statement on the matter, saying the company will be updating its security policies: We will not tolerate abuse of this nature on Twitter.
  • Xbox One retail units acting as development kits still 'in the roadmap,' not a priority (2014-08-14 11:30:00)
  • Motorola to unveil Moto X+1, new Moto G at big September 4th event (2014-08-14 11:26:12)
    We got an invitation in our inboxes this morning for a major new Motorola media event that will take place on September 4th in Chicago. While Motorola didn’t specify exactly what new devices it would be launching, it strongly hinted in its invite that we can expect to see the sequel to last year’s flagship Moto X as well as the followup to the budget Moto G smartphone, which reportedly became a solid hit in emerging markets such as India earlier this year. We’ll also likely be getting an official look at Motorola’s gorgeous Moto 360 smartwatch for the first time, which has achieved the rare status of a smartwatch that people actually seem interested in buying. Motorola is launching
  • Orwell rep accuses Amazon of doublespeak (2014-08-14 11:15:19)
    NEW YORK (AP) — The literary executor of George Orwell's estate is accusing of doublespeak.
  • Netflix goes for laughs with new stand-up specials (2014-08-14 11:10:54)
    NEW YORK (AP) — You can have Bill Cosby in the palm of your hand. And Jim Jefferies will tickle you at your discretion.
  • Reclassify Internet providers for 'net neutrality': NY Times (2014-08-14 11:03:04)
    U.S. regulators' new "net neutrality" rules should classify Internet providers more like public utilities to prevent them from potentially slowing users' access to some Web content, the New York Times said in an editorial in Thursday's newspaper. The statement comes as the Federal Communications Commission is preparing to set the new rules, which would regulate how Internet service providers, or ISPs, manage traffic on their networks. The FCC is now collecting public comment on the rules it tentatively proposed in May, which the New York Times called troubling. While prohibiting ISPs from blocking any content, the proposal suggested allowing some "commercially reasonable" deals where content companies, such as Netflix Inc or Inc, could pay ISPs, such as Comcast Corp or Verizon Communications Inc, to ensure smooth and fast delivery of their Web traffic.
  • Taser wants every cop to have a head-mounted camera (2014-08-14 11:00:03)
    You hear a click, like the sound of a light switch. Or a pencil being snapped.
  • This HTC One M8 is the company's latest Limited Edition (2014-08-14 11:00:00)
  • Netflix adds Bill Cosby to upcoming stand-up comedy schedule (2014-08-14 10:56:28)
    Shows like House of Cards and Orange is the New Black are key to Netflix's original programming ambitions, but the company also has a big interest in stand-up comedy. Netflix has already produced a number of comedy specials with talents like Aziz Ansari and Russell Peters for its streaming audience, and today it announced the full slate of what's coming next. Once again, it's a list full of big names including Bill Cosby, Chelsea Handler, Cheslea Peretti, and Bill Burr.
  • 7 awesome paid iPhone apps that are free right now ($18 value!) (2014-08-14 10:54:31)
    Yesterday’s batch of free iPhone and iPad apps had some great options in it, and several of them are still free if you hurry up and click here. Today is a new day, however, and with it comes an entirely new batch of paid iOS apps that are on sale for free for a limited time. As is always the case, there is no telling when each of the seven apps listed below will return to their normal prices, so be sure to act fast if you see anything you like. These are paid iPhone and iPad apps that have been made available for free for a limited time by their developers. There is no way to tell how long
  • The company behind Tinder acquires controversial Q&A site (2014-08-14 10:53:03)
    Interactive Corp, better known as IAC, is the digital holding company run by Barry Diller. IAC already owns and, so will fit into a suite of online question-and-answer services. British politicians including Prime Minister David Cameron have criticized the site, saying does too little to prevent suicide and police cyberbullying. IAC said in a statement that as part of the purchase it will invest millions into revamping the safety policies and procedures on
  • Tom Hanks just released a typewriter app for iPad (2014-08-14 10:51:51)
    Tom Hanks has made it well known that he's one of the few remaining typewriter diehards, but today he's taking that passion digital. "Hanx Writer is just my little gift to the future Luddite hipsters of the world," Hanks tells USA Today. Hanks' app does make some updates for the modern age, adding in impressive new technologies like a "delete" key — though those who want the true experience can set it to just cross out unwanted marks with Xs instead.
  • Chinese group proposes to buy U.S. chipmaker OmniVision (2014-08-14 10:50:53)
    (Reuters) - U.S. digital imaging chipmaker OmniVision Technologies Inc said it received a buyout proposal from a group of investors led by China's Hua Capital Management Ltd. The proposed offer price of $29 per share in cash values OmniVision at $1.67 billion and represents a premium of 17.9 percent to the stock's Wednesday close. OmniVision shares touched a high of $28.10 in early trading on the Nasdaq. The investment group includes state-owned Shanghai Pudong Science and Technology Investment Co Ltd, OmniVision said. The company's chips are used in smartphone and tablet cameras, including Apple Inc's iPhones.
  • This Is the iPhone 6 Feature Shoppers Want Most (2014-08-14 10:49:03)
    The iPhone 6 could be hitting shelves in as soon as a month, and all Apple diehards have their own personal wishlist for the device. Some want a bigger screen, while others desire a sharper camera, but above all else, it seems fans are absolutely clamoring for the near-indestructible sapphire display that the iPhone 6 is rumored to sport. An infrared camera was the next most-wanted feature, at 19.2 percent, followed by new health and fitness features, at 10.7 percent.
  • The horror movie of the future (2014-08-14 10:46:21)
    @reckless "Should've used biometric," he whispers, cruelly.— Tim Stevens (@Tim_Stevens) August 14, 2014
  • Bucket of ice water slowly creeping toward Tim Cook's head (2014-08-14 10:43:22)
    The ice bucket challenge, a viral phenomenon in which people dump cold water on their heads to raise money and awareness for ALS research, has been moving along steadily; Mark Zuckerberg, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, and Twitter CEO Dick Costolo have all participated. Next up: Apple Senior Vice President Phil Schiller, apparently spending some time on a lovely beach. As part of the challenge, those who take the plunge can challenge other people, and Schiller named Apple CEO Tim Cook, meaning we could see him involved soon, too.
  • The 'Batman v. Superman' movie has taken over downtown Detroit (2014-08-14 10:41:05)
    A wedge of space on the border of Corktown and Downtown is a mega movie set right now, thanks to the production of Batman V Superman (the release date is March 25, 2016). Streets are blocked off and security is tight, but much can still be seen of the set, which is along 6th Street from Porter to Howard. And yes, one of the things you can see in this photo gallery is Ben Affleck, who is rumored to be renting in Royal Oak this summer...
  • Motorola will unveil new smartphones and the Moto 360 on September 4th (2014-08-14 10:38:00)
  • Motorola sends invites to a launch event for phones, headsets, and the Moto 360 (2014-08-14 10:32:17)
    Motorola has just sent out invites to press to "a Moto Launch Experience," complete with a Cootie Catcher that opens up to reveal the phrases "Choose To Discover" and "Choose to Have Fun." (Apparently choice is important to Motorola. Who knew?) When it closes, there are four icons: A phone with an X in the middle, a phone with a G, a watch, and what appears to be a Bluetooth headset.
  • Humin adds context to your contacts for a smarter smartphone (2014-08-14 10:30:00)
  • Another major iPhone 6 component revealed in new leak (2014-08-14 10:25:49)
    Ho-hum: Another day, another major iPhone 6 component leak. has snagged a new picture that for the first time shows us the iPhone 6’s motherboard. notices that you can’t see the iPhone 6’s A8 processor in this particular picture of the motherboard although MacRumors has done a nice job of showing us exactly where the chip should be on the motherboard using the same leaked photo. FROM EARLIER: Never-before-seen iPhone 6 components appear in another huge leak “While several physical features such as the nano-SIM slot, a number of connectors for flex cable components, and a flash storage chip that appears to be from Toshiba are visible in the somewhat blurry photo, the most interesting components of the
  • Apple's Next Magic Mouse Could be Artist's Dream (2014-08-14 10:23:02)
    Apple's signature Magic Mouse could soon get a bit more magical. The Mac maker just patented a force sensor for its mice, which would allow for a range of pressure-sensitive inputs as well as new features like haptic feedback. According to its USPTO filing, this "force sensing input device" will be used with Apple mice to give the user more input options beyond simple clicks and gestures.
  • Apple Patents Pressure-Sensitive Mouse (2014-08-14 10:23:02)
    Apple's signature Magic Mouse could soon get a bit more magical. The Mac maker just patented a force sensor for its mice, which would allow for a range of pressure-sensitive inputs as well as new features like haptic feedback. According to its USPTO filing, this "force sensing input device" will be used with Apple mice to give the user more input options beyond simple clicks and gestures.
  • Vimeo's video app gets a major facelift on Roku (2014-08-14 10:00:00)
  • Here’s how Apple will make sure you can buy a new iPhone 6 next month (2014-08-14 09:55:22)
    Each year, rumors of impending iPhone shortages at launch tend to subside as Apple and its supply partners miraculously find ways around various manufacturing difficulties in just the nick of time. This year, however, Apple’s move to finally give consumers what they want with a larger display on the iPhone 6 will undoubtedly make keeping up with demand at launch even more difficult than it normally is. And make no mistake, keeping up with iPhone demand is no easy task — Apple sold 9 million handsets through the iPhone 5s and 5c’s first weekend of availability, alone. So this year, Apple has reportedly made a big change that will help ensure there are enough iPhones to go around when the hotly anticipated
  • Hurry, your next Uber in NYC could be all about Manchester United (2014-08-14 09:30:00)
  • Twitter CEO Dick Costolo dumps ice-cold water on his head like it was a light spring rain (2014-08-14 09:27:34)
    The ice bucket challenge — a viral phenomenon where, you guessed it, people dump ice-cold water on their heads for charity — is quickly reaching Harlem Shake-level proportions. The rules are simple: dump a bucket of water on your head or donate $100 to amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) research; if you dump the water, you can challenge other people to do the same. Tech industry giants like Mark Zuckerberg and Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella have already taken the plunge, and Twitter CEO Dick Costolo just took the challenge, too. Impressively, they've all been pros about it so far.
  • Police to citizens: Be careful what you tweet (2014-08-14 09:25:18)
    SEATTLE (AP) — Police in Washington state are asking the public to stop tweeting during shootings and manhunts to avoid accidentally telling the bad guys what officers are doing.
  • Apple might want to start taking gripes about the iPhone’s battery life seriously (2014-08-14 09:20:58)
    What’s the biggest gripe that people have about the iPhone? Conventional wisdom says that many people are put off by the device’s comparatively small display size, which explains why Apple will likely release two larger new iPhone models this fall. However, a new survey of more than 1,000 smartphone users conducted by has found that it’s actually stronger battery life that iPhone users crave more than anything else. FROM EARLIER: Samsung’s new iPhone-bashing ad is more true than Apple wants to admit. Results of the survey, which provided to BGR, reveal that 37% of respondents most want to see Apple improve the iPhone’s battery life while just 19% said they wanted the iPhone to get a bigger display.
  • This is how we shop in the future (2014-08-14 09:00:02)
    During the 2013 holiday season, US stores got half the foot traffic they did three years ago, says The Wall Street Journal. Instead, we’re shopping online and shifting our attention towards new watering holes — apps like Instagram, Pinterest, and Wanelo — places to show off our new designer jeans and designer vacations. It is estimated that by the end of 2014, nearly a third of all online shopping will be done on mobile devices. "Brands are creating their own apps, but you’re not going to download 50 different apps to go shopping," says David Tisch, co-founder of Spring, which launches today on iPhone.
  • Samsung comes up with a brilliant new way to troll iPhone fans (2014-08-14 08:40:42)
    Even though Samsung’s smartphone profits have taken a hit this year, the company is still No. 1 in finding clever ways to troll iPhone fans. Samsung has started aggressively expanding its “wall huggers” marketing campaign that bashes the iPhone’s battery life and has now set up posters at airport power outlets letting iPhone fans know that they wouldn’t have to spend so much time huddled up near a power supply if they’d just bought a Galaxy S5. As you can see in the picture above, Samsung’s power outlet ad promotes the Galaxy S5’s “Ultra Power Saving Mode” that will let you “have the power to be anywhere but here.” It’s a very smart guerilla marketing technique and unfortunately for Apple, there’s
  • Ingenious new smartphone prototype can be charged using only sound waves (2014-08-14 08:05:38)
    Tired of being on the go and having to search for an outlet you can use to recharge your phone? If researchers at Nokia and at the Queen Mary University of London are successful in their new joint endeavor, you might never have to think of hugging the wall while charging your phone ever again. FROM EARLIER: Researchers have discovered the craziest way yet to make smartphone batteries better. As Science Alert informs us, the researchers have been working on a prototype smartphone that can be recharged using only the sound waves that we encounter every day when walking down the street. The prototype phone is loaded with “nanogenerators” that have been designed to react to sound and generate electricity.
  • The world's largest PC maker now sells more smartphones than PCs (2014-08-14 07:53:29)
    The world's largest PC maker, Lenovo, now sells more smartphones than PCs. In an earnings report issued today, Lenovo revealed the swing to smartphones thanks to sales more than doubling between April and June. Lenovo sold 15.8 million smartphones in the recent quarter, compared to 14.5 million PC sales. Lenovo says its rise in smartphone sales can be attributed to the market shifting from premium handsets to the mainstream, and increasing demand from emerging markets.
  • Samsung teases the Galaxy Note 4 in touching new promo (2014-08-14 07:30:09)
    You don’t have to understand Chinese to get the point of Samsung’s newest Galaxy Note promo. In a new video posted on Samsung’s Chinese media page, Samsung shows how the Galaxy Note can help bring families closer together and then at the end of the video tells people to sign up to get more information about the upcoming Galaxy Note 4. The video itself is pretty simple: Two parents get into a fight, their son uses the Galaxy Note 3’s stylus to add cute drawings to an old picture of the father proposing to the mother, he sends it to them and, voila, they forgive each other.  FROM EARLIER: Samsung’s beastly Galaxy Note 4 revealed in high-quality leaked pics. Additionally, G
  • Berlin taxi drivers hail city's Uber ban (2014-08-14 07:24:26)
    BERLIN (AP) — Berlin taxi drivers are celebrating a decision by authorities to ban the ridesharing service Uber from operating in the city.
  • Conversational search comes to Bing (2014-08-14 06:51:01)
    No, Microsoft hasn't launched a new feature that will allow users to find out who is talking about them, but it has just tweaked its search engine so that a quest for information is less like dealing with an algorithm and more like conversing with a knowledgeable friend. Once Bing has grabbed the first set of search results, you can carry on asking more questions about the same topic, within the same search. In a blog post to announce the update, Yan Ke, the principal development lead on the Bing relevance team, gives the example of asking Bing who is the President of the US. From there you might ask, 'who is his wife' or 'how tall is he.' Bing maintains the context and keeps the conversation moving forward."
  • Qualcomm denies direct financial links with Chinese antitrust expert (2014-08-14 06:43:03)
    By Ben Blanchard and Matthew Miller BEIJING (Reuters) - Qualcomm Inc, under investigation for possible monopolistic practices in China, said it had no direct financial links with an antitrust expert sacked from a government advisory post after state media reported he had received payments from the firm. The San Diego-based company has been under investigation since November by the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), one of China's three antitrust regulators, over how the company licenses its patents and prices its chipsets. Qualcomm is among an array of foreign firms that have been scrutinized by the government as China intensifies efforts to bring companies into compliance with its 2008 anti-monopoly law. As part of the NDRC probe, Qualcomm hired Global Economics Group to produce an economic analysis for submission to the regulator, Christine Trimble, a spokeswoman at the chipset maker, told Reuters on Thursday.
  • After China smartphone success, Lenovo plans leap forward overseas (2014-08-14 03:05:09)
    By Gerry Shih BEIJING (Reuters) - China's Lenovo Group said first-quarter profit jumped 23 percent, beating estimates, as a surge in smartphone sales showed how quickly the world's biggest personal computer maker is transforming itself into a major player in mobile technology. Beijing-based Lenovo said on Thursday net income climbed to $214 million in the three months through June from $174 million in the same period a year earlier, the opening quarter of its fiscal year. This year the ambitious hardware company has accelerated its strategy to diversify away from the crumbling PC market, agreeing to buy IBM's server unit and the iconic Motorola handset brand in deals worth over $5 billion. Lenovo's Chief Executive Yang Yuanqing said he sees potential for more smartphone sales growth outside China - though he won't chase it at the expense of profit margins.
  • China Mobile first half profit falls 8.5 percent (2014-08-14 03:00:17)
    BEIJING (AP) — China Mobile Ltd., the world's biggest phone carrier by number of subscribers, said Thursday its first-half profit fell 8.5 percent as the company rolled out fourth-generation service.
  • Either the Russian Prime Minister hates Putin or his Twitter account was hacked (2014-08-14 02:48:23)
    The Russian-language Twitter account of the Russian Prime Minister, Dmitry Medvedev, was apparently hacked today. The official account, verified and followed by 2.5 million people, posted a tweet in Russian at 2:21 AM ET that read " I am resigning. Ashamed of the actions of the government. I'm sorry."
  • Robo-cook: android restaurant boots up in China (2014-08-14 02:24:18)
    It's more teatime than Terminator -- a restaurant in China is electrifying customers by using more than a dozen robots to cook and deliver food. "My daughter asked me to invent a robot because she doesn't like doing housework," the restaurant's founder Song Yugang told AFP.
  • Is this how a dystopia starts? (2014-08-14 00:37:33)
    A police officer shoots an unarmed minority teenager dead in the streets. They tell the peaceful protesters to go home or face arrest.
  • Mark Zuckerberg pours ice-cold water on himself, challenges Bill Gates to do the same (2014-08-14 00:27:12)
    Following Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella's dousing in ice-cold water as part of a campaign to raise money in the fight against amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has done the same.
  • China panel fires adviser over Qualcomm tie (2014-08-14 00:25:38)
    BEIJING (AP) — A panel that advises China's Cabinet on anti-monopoly policy has fired an economist who was paid to help prepare a report for Qualcomm, a U.S. company that is the target of a pricing investigation, according to state media.
  • My first meeting as a robot went something like this (2014-08-14 00:00:06)
    My computer screen flashes to life.
  • Humin for iPhone can replace your Phone app (2014-08-14 00:00:06)
    My computer screen flashes to life.
  • Lenovo profit up 23 percent on mobile growth (2014-08-13 23:35:57)
    BEIJING (AP) — Lenovo Group, the world's biggest personal computer maker, said Thursday its latest quarterly profit rose 23 percent on strong growth in sales of smartphones and other mobile devices.
  • New Michael Jackson video premieres on Twitter (2014-08-13 23:14:20)
    The King of Pop might be dead but his social media accounts live on. Michael Jackson's "A Place with No Name" music video debuted at 10pm ET tonight on the microblogging platform.
  • 'Real Housewives' is going mobile for TWC customers, break out the pinot (2014-08-13 23:05:00)
  • Google spends a ton of money just to keep sharks from eating its underwater cables (2014-08-13 22:45:18)
    Google already spends a lot of money deploying and maintaining its massive network of undersea fiber cables that it uses to help handle the enormous amounts of traffic it generates every day. And Network World reports that Google really does have invest a lot of money into protecting its investment because apparently sharks are very fond of eating through undersea cables. According to Network World, Dan Belcher, a product manager on the Google cloud team, recently revealed that Google actually wraps its trans-Pacific fiber cables in kevlar to make sure they’re 100% shark-proof. While Network World doesn’t give any dollar figures for how much this costs, we imagine it’s pretty expensive since Kevlar isn’t cheap and Google is covering thousands of
  • China sacks anti-monopoly adviser over Qualcomm payment - Xinhua (2014-08-13 22:28:00)
    By Ben Blanchard BEIJING (Reuters) - A Chinese academic who sat on a government anti-monopoly advisory committee has been sacked, the country's official news agency Xinhua reported on Wednesday, saying he had taken payments from U.S. chipmaker Qualcomm Inc. Xinhua said Zhang Xinzhu, a member of the top government think-tank the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and the cabinet's anti-monopoly experts committee, took "huge rewards" from Qualcomm, itself the subject of an antitrust investigation. The news agency did not say specifically what the payments were for. ...
  • You have a right to record the police (2014-08-13 22:15:58)
    A suburb of St. Louis, Missouri has been under a dramatic siege since Saturday, when a police officer shot and killed an unarmed black teenager named Michael Brown. In the wake of the killing, protests have engulfed the community — drawing a heavy-handed police crackdown with St. Louis County Police officers armed with assault weapons and outfitted with military equipment. Many of the striking images have come from reporters on the front lines, but also from citizens and their smartphones. Tonight, around 10PM ET, a St. Louis County Police line demanded that a crowd of protesters turn off their cameras.
  • Wearables of the future may use reflected WiFi signals to communicate (2014-08-13 21:37:00)
  • Candy Crush Saga may finally have peaked… but you’ll hate what replaces it even more (2014-08-13 21:30:21)
    Good news, Candy Crush haters: King’s flagship game may have finally peaked and is trending downward in value. The bad news: You’ll probably hate the next smash-hit mobile game even more. Business Insider points us to a new research note released by Deutsche Bank this week that downgraded King because the company’s top game has seemingly lost its mojo to Kim Kardashian’s godawful game, called Kim Kardashian Hollywood. FROM EARLIER: Bestselling author fumes after her son blows $120 on the Kim Kardashian app in just 2 days. “Despite a relatively stable network size, the company saw a geographic user shift away from the US towards lower monetizing regions,” Deutsche Bank writes. “The number of paying users fell 12% Q/Q to 10.4M in
  • Lenovo first quarter net profit climbs 23 percent as smartphone sales surge (2014-08-13 21:24:07)
    China's Lenovo Group, the world's biggest maker of personal computers, said net income jumped 23 percent in the first fiscal quarter, beating estimates, as it consolidated its position in the PC market while boosting smartphone shipments. The ambitious Beijing-based hardware company has agreed acquisitions worth over $5 billion this year alone, buying server and handset businesses in what it calls its "PC Plus" strategy to diversify away from the shrinking PC market. Over the past year it has displaced South Korean giant Samsung Electronics Co Ltd to become the No. 1 smartphone seller in China, according to recent estimates by IDC. For the first quarter, Lenovo reported 39 percent growth in worldwide handset shipments, helped by strong sales in China.
  • Apple bans two hazardous chemicals from use in overseas manufacturing (2014-08-13 20:52:50)
    Apple has banned two chemicals from being used in the final stages of manufacturing its devices following pressure from activist groups and an investigation at 22 factories. The two chemicals in question are benzene and n-hexane, which manufacturers use as a cleaning and solvent agent respectively, but have been linked to health problems. In March, China Labor Watch and Green America began pressuring Apple to stop using the chemicals, arguing that alternatives were available. Apple proceeded to conduct its own investigation into the use of the two chemicals at the 22 factories, reports the Associated Press.
  • Twitter makes it easier for VIPs to reach each other above the noise (2014-08-13 20:52:00)
  • The NSA wants to eliminate malware once and for all, no matter the cost (2014-08-13 20:15:18)
    Well over a year after the Snowden leaks changed the way we think of security in the United States, the man still has plenty of information left to reveal. In an exhaustive interview with Wired’s James Bamford, Snowden discussed the NSA’s development of a new cyberwarfare program codenamed MonsterMind which could automatically seek out patterns that indicate a looming cyberattack and stop them at the source. This might sound like a dream come true, especially for Windows and Android users who are constantly wary of the threat of malware, but Snowden is worried that the NSA have taken the security measure a step too far. Rather than simply stopping the threat, MonsterMind has the ability to retaliate without any human oversight.
  • Apple bans use of 2 chemicals in iPhone assembly (2014-08-13 20:09:10)
    SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Apple is banning the use of two potentially hazardous chemicals during the final assembly of iPhones and iPads as part of the company's latest commitment to protect the factory workers who build its trendy devices.
  • Go flex your Flak Cannon skills in the 'Unreal Tournament' alpha right now (2014-08-13 20:06:00)
  • DOJ: Hacking suspect's lawyers may face conflict (2014-08-13 20:03:48)
    SEATTLE (AP) — The U.S. Justice Department says two attorneys representing the son of a prominent Russian lawmaker may face a conflict of interest because another attorney in their firm represented victims of a hacking scheme he's accused of running.
  • Intel wants to track Parkinson's patients using wearables (2014-08-13 20:00:02)
    Now you can add Intel to the list. Today the company announced a partnership with the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research that aims to track and analyze those with Parkinson's disease using wearable devices. "With this approach, researchers could go from looking at a very small number of data points and burdensome pencil-and-paper patient diaries collected sporadically to analyzing hundreds of readings per second from thousands of patients and attaining a critical mass of data to detect patterns and make new discoveries," Intel said in a blog post announcing the partnership. Using these devices, Intel hopes to record things like tremors, sleep patterns, gait, and balance at what is says is a rate of "more than 300 observations per second."
  • Avago to sell LSI's Axxia Networking Business to Intel for $650 million (2014-08-13 19:48:00)
    (Reuters) - Avago Technologies Ltd said it agreed to sell LSI's Axxia Networking Business to chipmaker Intel Corp for $650 million in cash. The Axxia business mainly includes networking and infrastructure products for wireless networks and enterprise gateways. Avago bought LSI in December last year for $6.6 billion, and has been divesting units as it seeks to counter volatility in its main wireless business and focus on the fast-growing storage chip market. The company, which designs and develops analog semiconductors and was once part of Hewlett-Packard Co , said in May it would sell LSI's flash storage business to hard drive maker Seagate Technology Plc for $450 million in cash.
  • Microsoft's CEO takes the ice bucket challenge, wins gloriously (2014-08-13 19:45:40)
    Since Satya Nadella became Microsoft's third CEO in February, we've gradually learned more about him. Nadella is helping raise money to help fight amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or ALS, and Microsoft contributed by staging a hackathon. It shows Nadella taking what's known as the "ice bucket challenge," which the company describes as: "a social media movement wherein people post videos of themselves dumping a bucket of ice water over their heads.
  • AT&T will send LTE media broadcasts to your phone in 2015 (2014-08-13 19:33:00)
  • Our best look yet at Samsung’s upcoming VR headset (2014-08-13 19:30:05)
    There’s little doubt that the Galaxy Note 4 will be Samsung’s centerpiece at the IFA 2014 trade show next month, but the smartphone maker might have a few surprises in store for the audience as well. The Verge is the latest publication to report that Samsung will also be showing off its VR headset, codenamed “Project Moonlight,” at IFA in September. The site has also gotten ahold of a new image of the device previously known as the Gear VR, further substantiating the rumors that it will be more similar to Google’s Cardboard than the Oculus Rift or Project Morpheus. In other words, Project Moonlight won’t be a standalone headset, but rather a pair of goggles which work in tandem with a
  • 'Street Fighter' combos are so much cooler without the fancy camerawork (2014-08-13 19:08:04)
    Why should you spend 14 minutes watching every single Ultra combo from Ultra Street Fighter IV? Because thanks to some tweaking by YouTube video-maker moo422, you're seeing all the action — not just the cinematic close-ups you get while playing the game. Get an unvarnished, no-holds-barred look at the gritty world of competitive supernatural street fighting, where characters flicker in and out of existence for repeat shots, slam hard into thin air, and conjure up props from nowhere.
  • NetApp profit rises on higher enterprise spending (2014-08-13 18:58:52)
    NetApp Inc reported better-than-expected first-quarter profit as businesses spent more to replace their ageing storage equipment. Increased sales of products sold under the NetApp brand assuaged some investors' concerns that the company was losing business to newer and cheaper flash-based storage technology vendors such as Nimble Storage Inc and Pure Storage. "What's different (this quarter) overall is we got some rebound in enterprise spending in our larger U.S.-based accounts," Chief Executive Tom Georgens told Reuters. "We saw a much larger number of $1 million-plus transactions this quarter than we saw in Q1 a year ago." NetApp and larger rival EMC Corp are trying to boost growth by focusing on products such as flash-based storage and software-based technologies as businesses cut spending on high-end storage products for cheaper alternatives.
  • Engadget Daily: the NSA's MonsterMind, Asus' first Chromebook and more! (2014-08-13 18:57:00)
  • Case maker refuses to wait, launches new iPhone 6 page a month early (2014-08-13 18:45:51)
    How insanely hot is the demand for Apple’s upcoming iPhone 6? So hot that well-known smartphone accessory maker Spigen is refusing to wait for the new iPhone to be unveiled before designing and selling cases for the next-generation Apple smartphone. The company on Wednesday launched a new page on its website dedicated to Apple’s iPhone 6, which obviously doesn’t even exist yet. Instead of waiting for the phone to be unveiled early next month during a press conference on September 9th, Spigen based its designs off of the various leaks we’ve seen thus far and is now selling cases to fit the forthcoming iPhone — maybe. Want to learn more about Apple’s next-generation smartphones? Click here to visit our iPhone
  • Intel to use 'big data' to battle Parkinson's disease (2014-08-13 18:32:46)
    US computing giant Intel announced Wednesday it was joining an effort to battle Parkinson's disease with new big data and wearable technologies to improve research and treatment. Intel said it would work with the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research -- created by the "Back to the Future" Canadian-American actor -- on the effort to fight the neurodegenerative brain disease second only to Alzheimer's in worldwide prevalence. The research will use "a new big data analytics platform that detects patterns in participant data collected from wearable technologies used to monitor symptoms," an Intel statement said. "Nearly 200 years after Parkinson's disease was first described by Dr James Parkinson in 1817, we are still subjectively measuring Parkinson's disease largely the same way doctors did then," said Todd Sherer, chief executive of the foundation.
  • Guess and Martian Watches team up on style-conscious smart wristwear (2014-08-13 18:22:00)
  • Exclusive: Overstock CEO says bitcoin sales to add 4 cents to 2014 EPS (2014-08-13 18:11:47)
    By Gertrude Chavez-Dreyfuss NEW YORK (Reuters) - Inc's sales through bitcoin are expected to add 4 cents per share to its earnings this year, the online retailer's chief executive, Patrick Byrne, told Reuters. Bitcoin sales at Overstock , which started accepting this type of currency as payment for items on its website in January this year, have exceeded $2 million so far, or about one-quarter of 1 percent of total sales. By the end of the year, Byrne expects Overstock to do $1 million in bitcoin sales per month. Overstock, which uses Coinbase as a payment processor, has been at the forefront of the bitcoin revolution.
  • Here’s what you need to know about Sony’s latest major PS4 update (2014-08-13 18:10:22)
    Sony revealed on Tuesday that PS4 system software update v2.00 would be arriving this fall with a few features that owners of the new generation console have been waiting for since launch. Some of those additions include new broadcast features, the ability to upload directly to YouTube and an enhanced real-time activity feed in the What’s New section on the dashboard, but the real bombshell is Share Play. Share Play is a feature that Sony discussed before the PS4 even hit store shelves. It didn’t quite make launch, but it looks like we’re finally going to be able to experience virtual couch co-op this fall. With Share Play, your PS4 creates a local online co-op experience by allowing you to invite players to
  • Cisco to cut another 6,000 jobs as forecast falls flat (2014-08-13 18:00:41)
    Cisco Systems Inc forecast tepid current-quarter results and said it plans to cut another 6,000 jobs, as the network equipment maker works through a transition toward a new cycle of high-end switches and routers.
  • Sound off! Can a Chromebook replace your everyday laptop? (2014-08-13 17:39:00)
  • How to save $200 on a brand new iPad (2014-08-13 17:35:40)
    As Apple gets ready to release its second-generation iPad Air, a third-generation iPad mini and its next-gen iPhone 6 handsets, we can expect to see some solid sales pop up for current iPhone and iPad models. It makes sense, of course — with all of that new inventory about to hit store shelves, Apple’s retail partners are looking to clear out older models before the shine completely wears off. Now, those looking for a new iPad mini or iPad Air tablet who don’t find Touch ID and a new, less reflective display terribly appealing might have just gotten the kick they need to finally pull the trigger and buy one. AT&T has just revealed a new deal on the iPad
  • Humans are starting to look like horses right before the Model T (2014-08-13 17:10:39)
    Are robots coming for your job? Experts are divided, and opinions range from cheery placidity to paralyzing fear. YouTube user CGP Grey, in a new video, makes an effective case for the latter. Robots are already replacing jobs in every sector, he says, an argument that's been made before. "Better technology makes more better jobs for horses" sounded like a reasonable phrase right until Henry Ford started pumping out Model Ts, and yet, replace "horses" with "humans" and you have an argument that's being made right now.
  • T-Mobile cracks down on customers who abuse their unlimited data (2014-08-13 17:06:00)
  • Even more iPhone 6 components revealed in another huge leak (2014-08-13 16:58:53)
    The flood gates have officially opened on iPhone 6 leaks… again. After one of the largest set of components we’ve seen so far made its way online last week, luxury retailer Feld & Volk has published several never-before-seen, high quality images of even more components from the unreleased smartphone. We’ve seen bits and pieces from all over the phone, but rarely with as much clarity as in these new photos. The first image (seen above) appears to show the inside of the front panel with several of the components peeled back for a better view. We can see the flex cables for the display, the front facing camera and the earpiece in great detail. Interestingly, the earpiece and the camera look to have
  • Verge hack week is coming! (2014-08-13 16:55:17)
    It's going to be bonkers.
  • Cisco 4Q profit drops 1 percent (2014-08-13 16:50:43)
    SAN JOSE, Calif. (AP) — Cisco Systems Inc. (CSCO) on Wednesday reported profit that declined by 1 percent in its fiscal fourth quarter, but beat analysts' expectations.
  • Tech Tips: Considerations when phone contracts end (2014-08-13 16:46:38)
    MALVERN, Iowa (AP) — As my two-year contract with Verizon came to an end last month, I had to resist the company's various promotions and discounts.
  • 'Drift Stage' is all about driving sideways and satisfying your '80s fetish (2014-08-13 16:38:00)
  • Daughter of Robin Williams faced online abuse (2014-08-13 16:25:28)
    NEW YORK (AP) — Robin Williams' daughter has abandoned her online social media accounts in disgust following what she called "cruel and unnecessary" messages following her father's death, a move that has prompted Twitter to explore how it handles such situations.
  • Never lose anything again with this amazing magnetized backpack (2014-08-13 16:25:04)
    Finding the right backpack can be a challenge. Everyone has different priorities when it comes to what they need to pack for work or for travel, but what if you had a backpack that adapted to your needs? That’s what Tessel Supply is attempting to provide with its latest Kickstarter project: the Anti-Gravity Modular Pack System. Similar to Google’s Project Ara, the Anti-Gravity system has several replaceable parts which can be rearranged for maximum efficiency. The system is comprised of four parts: the Anti-Gravity Pack, the Rover, the Lander and the Fuel Cell. Can you tell the team at Tessel was inspired by space travel? The AG Pack is the actual backpack, fitted with ventilated shoulder straps, a sternum strap, a sleeve for
  • FAA bans news helicopters over Ferguson, but what about citizen drones? (2014-08-13 16:07:30)
    Aircraft are being restricted from flying just above Ferguson, Missouri for the next week, as the FAA halts air traffic above the town so that law enforcement can deal with backlash over the police's fatal shooting of an unarmed teenager. Craft are banned from flying anywhere between the ground and 3,000 feet above sea level, across a nearly six-mile-wide circle around the town. Reuters reports that bans like this are usually requested by law enforcement so that their own helicopters can avoid encounters with news helicopters. Throughout the ban over Ferguson, only relief aircraft will be allowed in. Given the importance of documenting the events in Ferguson right now, the aircraft ban poses some issue for the local news.
  • Schools find ways to get more women into computer science courses (2014-08-13 16:06:00)
  • Intel explores wearable devices for Parkinson's disease research (2014-08-13 16:05:39)
    By Christina Farr SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Intel Corp plans to use wearable gadgets such as smart watches to monitor patients with Parkinson's disease and collect data that can be shared with researchers. On Wednesday, the chip maker said it is teaming up with the Michael J. Fox Foundation, established by the actor and Parkinson's sufferer in 2000, to conduct a multi-phase research study of the neurodegenerative brain disease. An estimated five million people globally have been diagnosed with Parkinson's, the second-most-common neurudegenerative disease after Alzheimer's. The initial goal is to determine the feasibility of using wearable devices to monitor patients remotely and store that data in an open system that can be accessed by scientists. Participants will be monitored via an array of wearable devices.
  • T-Mobile has plans to throttle some users with unlimited data plans (2014-08-13 16:00:04)
    T-Mobile and its chief executive John Legere love bashing rival wireless carriers for a wide range of reasons. Among them, of course, has been the lack of truly unlimited data at Verizon Wireless and AT&T. Both of the nation’s top wireless carriers still offer unlimited data to subscribers with grandfathered plans, but they slow data speeds after a certain threshold has been reached — a practise called throttling. Now, it looks like T-Mobile is getting ready to do a bit of backtracking as it prepares to begin throttling its “truly unlimited” data plans for some users. In a supposed internal memo obtained by the often-reliable blog TmoNews, T-Mobile stated that it will soon start throttling unlimited data plan users who use their
  • App to hail taxis, limos launches in Las Vegas (2014-08-13 15:54:40)
    LAS VEGAS (AP) — Las Vegas visitors can now hail a ride from a taxi or limo company using their smartphone, even if they can't use the popular ridesharing apps available in many other U.S. cities.
  • High-res photo satellite launched from California (2014-08-13 15:49:55)
    VANDENBERG AIR FORCE BASE, Calif. (AP) — A satellite designed to produce high-resolution images of Earth from space has been successfully launched from a military base on California's Central Coast.
  • New app lets you watch your security camera feeds right on your iPhone (2014-08-13 15:35:15)
    Anyone who has set up a SecuritySpy software system on their Mac will totally want to check out this new iPhone app from SK Dev Solutions. Spyglass is an app that just launched on the App Store this week that will give you the ability to watch all of your SecuritySpy camera feeds directly from the comfort of your iPhone. The app was created by two developers who say that they’re “addicted to their Security Spy cameras” and it promises to give you “complete control of your server from the palm of your hand.” The app lets you set up new SecuritySpy camera feeds just by entering in your server number while also giving you push notifications in case any motion alerts get
  • Michael J. Fox Foundation uses wearables for Parkinson's research (2014-08-13 15:34:00)
  • A look at the Jedi beard 'contractually' forced onto Mark Hamill's face (2014-08-13 15:23:22)
    As you may be aware, there is a new Star Wars movie coming out, which will feature Mark Hamill reprising his role as Luke Skywalker. For that role, Hamill has grown an appropriately wise Jedi beard, one that is, possibly, written into his contract. "We’re just there to lend our support, and grow contractually obligated beards." Hamill was either kidding, or furiously blinking out help me in Morse code. Above, we have a new photo of the hirsute Hamill on set, posted online by his son, Nathan Hamill.
  • Here’s how to stop Facebook’s annoying autoplay ads from eating through your data cap (2014-08-13 15:20:09)
    Facebook is coming up with more and more ways to annoy its mobile users, including forcing them to use its Facebook Messenger app instead of the mothership Facebook app to chat with friends. The world’s biggest social network has also annoyingly decided to automatically set its mobile app to play its autoplay video ads even if you’re on a mobile data network and not a Wi-Fi network. It goes without saying that this can be a problem for some users who have capped data plans, which is why we’re glad that iMore just posted some detailed instructions for how to stop this nuisance on your smartphone. FROM EARLIER: Facebook’s annoying plan to make everyone use its messaging app sparks a big backlash.
  • HelpSystems up for sale for more than $700 million : sources (2014-08-13 15:14:38)
    By Greg Roumeliotis (Reuters) - HelpSystems LLC is exploring a sale that could value the information technology management software company at more than $700 million, including debt, just two years after it changed private equity ownership, according to people familiar with the matter. Private equity firm Summit Partners, which bought HelpSystems in 2012 from another buyout firm, Audax Group Inc, has hired boutique investment bank Harris Williams & Co to run a sale process, the people said this week. ...
  • Google's Regina Dugan may have violated ethics rules while at DARPA (2014-08-13 15:06:30)
    Dr. Regina Dugan, who formerly led the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA), violated ethics rules during her time there, according to a report from the Defense Department Inspector General. Navy Times says the report found "conflicting financial interests" owing to Dugan's relationship with RedXDefense, a company that builds devices capable of detecting narcotics, explosives, and gunshot residue. Dugan founded the firm in 2005 and oversaw operations as CEO until taking on the top DARPA position in 2009, though she's long maintained a financial stake in the company. Dugan immediately recused herself from all matters involving RedXDefense when she became director of the Defense Department's research agency.
  • Uber makes it easier for riders, drivers to get to their destination (2014-08-13 15:03:00)
  • Will Apple really get away with charging $800 for a 5.5-inch iPhone 6? (2014-08-13 14:45:36)
    Mobile handset industry blogger demigod Horace Dediu has just made two fascinating points about the upcoming iPhone 6 phablet, referred to by some as the “iPhone Air.” First, he thinks the 5.5-inch iPhone will cost $800. Second, he does not think this will have any impact on the overall average sales price (ASP) of the iPhone range. The jumbo iPhone will be a fascinating model, because it is indeed likely that its pricing will break the long tradition of high-end iPhones carrying a $650-700 unsubsidized price tag. Every iPhone since 2007 has debuted in this bracket apart from the modestly more affordable iPhone 5c, which had an early ASP close to $550. If the phablet really launches with a starting
  • Report: NSA eyed preset strikes in cyberattacks (2014-08-13 14:32:21)
    The National Security Agency secretly planned a cyberwarfare program that could automatically fire back at cyberattacks from foreign countries without any human involvement, creating the risk of accidentally starting a war, according to a new report based on interviews with former NSA contractor Edward Snowden.
  • Bing now lets you ask follow-up questions after your searches (2014-08-13 14:29:00)
  • 3 Things I Unlearned to Be a Better Entrepreneur (2014-08-13 14:21:05)
    I was an early Facebook employee. I joined Facebook in 2006 when the company only had 150 employees. I helped create Facebook Ads, which generated $7 billion of revenue in 2013. It was an incredible experience and, when I left Facebook in late 2011, I was cocky.I thought I knew how to run a company. I thought I could apply the principles I...
  • 8 totally new games that you'll want to play soon (2014-08-13 14:13:26)
    Trade shows like Gamescom are full of familiar faces: there are sequels and spin-offs to enduring franchises, and games that we've been hearing about at these shows for what seems like forever. Called The Tomorrow Children, the game tasks you with rebuilding and repopulating the Earth after a disaster wiped out much of the planet.
  • Google nearly walked into a trap that even BlackBerry knew to avoid (2014-08-13 14:10:06)
    Last month, when we heard the suggestion that BlackBerry should team up with HP to give its devices more of a presence in the enterprise, we called it the worst advice BlackBerry has ever received. What’s more, we expressed confidence that BlackBerry CEO John Chen was wise enough to avoid that particular pitfall given HP’s utterly disastrous history with designing and selling mobile products, low-lighted by its decision to buy and then quickly kill off Palm’s once-promising webOS platform. However, it looks as though Google came very close to taking the plunge into the dangerous waters that BlackBerry knew to avoid. Via Droid Life, The Information reports that “Google’s Android unit has been talking to Hewlett-Packard and others about enabling the
  • With sharp focus, quantum dot makers scale up to meet demand (2014-08-13 14:08:21)
    When Inc was developing its most advanced tablet to date, it asked a little-known company to solve a tricky problem with the screen: how to produce rich colors without draining battery life. With the help of Milpitas, California-based Nanosys Inc, the Kindle Fire HDX 7 became one of Amazon's best-selling tablets, winning critical acclaim for its vibrant display. Quantum dots, which are semiconductor crystals 10,000 times finer than a human hair. "If you put a regular LCD display next to a quantum-dot LCD display, your grandmother can tell the difference," said Jason Carlson, chief executive officer of QD Vision Inc, which makes quantum dots for Sony Corp's Triluminos TV.
  • Michael Jackson's next posthumous act: The music video as tweet (2014-08-13 14:01:00)
  • Seth Rogen's film about murdering Kim Jong-un reportedy being altered to avoid blasphemy (2014-08-13 13:54:18)
    It's fairly standard practice for big-budget movies to go through digital alterations during post-production. It's not standard practice, however, for a country to declare said film an "act of war." That movie would be Sony Pictures' now-highly-scrutinized The Interview, a comedy about two journalists (Seth Rogen and James Franco) who are recruited by the CIA to assassinate North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Sony is digitally altering "thousands of buttons... [that] depict the actual hardware worn by the North Korean military" to honor Kim Jong-un and his father Kim Jong-il." THR's source claims "clearance issues" led to the change.
  • iPhone 6 Cases Available for Pre-Order (2014-08-13 13:52:12)
    Do you have your overnight bag ready to wait in line for the shiny new iPhone 6? For those Apple loyalists who simply can't wait, you can buy a protective case for the next-generation iPhone starting at $15 through case maker Spigen's website. No cases are available yet for the rumored 5.5-inch version of the next iPhone, which is expected to be released after the smaller version due to production delays.
  • Will Samsung’s next massive Galaxy phone be too big even for phablet fans? (2014-08-13 13:35:07)
    Samsung’s Galaxy Note series wasn’t the first line of phablets, but it clearly played the biggest role in popularizing the new smartphone segment that has taken the world by storm. Phones that would have been considered phablets just last year are now the standard for flagship smartphones, and even Apple is getting in on the action next month when it debuts what is expected to be the first of two new iPhones with larger displays. But Samsung’s next supersized Galaxy phone might be too big even for phablet fans to carry around. True to its name, the Samsung Galaxy Mega was a massive handset that looked absolutely ridiculous and was far too big to use comfortably with one hand — or
  • How Shark Week screws scientists (2014-08-13 13:33:20)
    Discovery’s Shark Week reached an important milestone this week: it hit an all-time ratings high, which the network partially attributes to an increase in female viewership. A sample of recent headlines include "Shark Week is once again making things up," "Shark Week isn’t just misguided, it’s downright dangerous," and "More Sharknado than Science." Of course, this isn’t the first time Shark Week has experienced backlash for its negative portrayal of sharks and its tendency to rely on fiction rather than fact, as last year’s Megalodon documentary was widely trashed for suggesting that extinct sharks still roam Earth's waters. Jonathan Davis’ story is a prime example. His research was featured on Shark Week last year as part of show called Voodoo Shark, which explored the existence of the "Rooken" — a fictional shark monster that dwells in the Louisiana Bayous.
  • Secretaries beware: Google and HP in talks about Now for the workplace (2014-08-13 13:29:00)
  • The reversible USB cable you’ve been dying to own has finally been completed (2014-08-13 13:10:39)
    Apple fixed one of the most frustrating things about owning an electronic device when it released the Lightning connector, and now the USB 3.0 Promoter Group plans to follow suit. The group announced on Tuesday that the long-awaited USB Type-C connector has finally been completed, which means the next generation of USB cables will be reversible. The new connector is specialized for use with mobile devices, but laptops and tablets will benefit from it as well. “Interest in the USB Type-C connector has not only been global, but cross-industry as well,” said Brad Saunders, USB 3.0 Promoter Group Chairman. “Representatives from the PC, mobile, automotive and IoT industries have been knocking down our door anticipating this new standard. This specification is the
  • Scientists turn to hemp for cheap, fast-charging batteries (2014-08-13 12:58:00)
  • The Social Enterprise... Dead or Alive? (2014-08-13 12:48:25)
    Lately I've been noticing some angst among advocates of the social enterprise movement -- namely that they think it's not living up to its promise. Back in 2011 all kinds of predictions were floating around. An article in PC World introduced a Forrester study predicting a big push to social enterprise that at the time seemed...
  • Users become enraged as Apple continues to ignore major laptop bug (2014-08-13 12:45:19)
    Imagine spending well over $2,000 for a laptop and then finding that it has a major bug that causes system failures. Then, imagine having to deal with the huge bug for several years while the manufacturer remains silent despite the fact that it clearly knows the bug exists. That is the exact experience many MacBook Pro owners are enduring right now as Apple continues to publicly ignore a serious issue found to affect multiple MacBook Pro models. The screenshot above, which was posted to Apple’s support forum by a user named “Andy_Gee,” is an example of a system crash many MacBook Pro users have been experiencing with several different early-2011 MacBook Pro models. According to numerous posts on Apple’s support forum and
  • takes on PayPal, Square with credit card reader (2014-08-13 12:36:34)
    By Deepa Seetharaman SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Inc unveiled a $10 credit-card reader and mobile app for businesses on Wednesday, expanding further into bricks-and-mortar retail and the rapidly evolving mobile payments arena. The move pits Amazon against a slew of rivals including startup Square, which popularized a card swiper that plugs into a smartphone or tablet and allows small- and mid-sized businesses like food trucks and coffee shops to quickly accept credit and debit transactions. The new point-of-sale system, called Amazon Local Register, would give Amazon crucial data on how U.S. consumers shop offline, analysts say. On Wednesday, an Amazon spokeswoman said all data from Amazon Local Register customers would be securely protected and would not be used merely for fraud protection and risk management.
  • Remember your loved ones with a gravestone QR code (2014-08-13 12:35:22)
    They'll show up like a message from Princess Leia, say hello, and disappear after comforting the visitors. Until then, we have a stopgap technology: QR codes. For $150, families can see off their loved ones with an interactive obituary hosted online by Quiring Monuments, which explains the process in a promotional video called "Living Headstones® - QR Codes Turn Headstones into Interactive Memborials [sic]." Odd, sure, but it's not the only company that's had the idea: Forever Headstones similarly promises "a much richer experience in memorializing the departed" through the use of QR codes. For a similar debate about using QR codes at Arlington National cemetery, the Washington Post compared the issue to the well documented "funeral selfie." The negative reactions to both are understandable;
  • Why Activision is spending $500 million on Destiny (2014-08-13 12:31:00)
  • The best proof yet that Apple will release a 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch iPhone 6 this fall (2014-08-13 12:16:29)
    Countless leaks have backed up the rumor that Apple will be expanding its iPhone line with not one, but two larger models this fall, but a recent report from a Thailand newspaper might be the last piece of evidence we need to confirm it. According to Manager Online, Takorn Tantasith, Secretary General of the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) announced this week that his agency approved Apple’s request to import two new iPhone 6 models for distribution in Thailand. The report claims that Apple filed the import application on August 5th and was approved just three days later on August 8th for two devices with model numbers A1586 and A1524. Apparently, Apple requested that the documents remain secret, but government regulations require that the information be
  • Amazon Declares War on Square With Ridiculously Low Transaction Rate (2014-08-13 12:06:30)
    Amazon has tossed its proverbial hat into the mobile card-reading ring. The device charges merchants a 1.75 percent per swipe transaction fee for those who sign up before Oct. 31, a fee that's lower than Square's 2.75 percent per swipe transaction. Following the special rate, Amazon will return to a 2.5 percent per transaction fee on Jan. 1, 2016. "Businesses and organizations using Amazon Local Register will enjoy industry-leading low rates, trusted and secure payment processing, and access to award-winning customer support," Matt Swann, Vice President of Amazon Local Commerce, said in a press release.
  • Spotify wants to help musicians sell stuff directly to fans (2014-08-13 12:03:00)
  • Foursquare's new Swarm check-in app now available on Windows Phone (2014-08-13 12:00:02)
    It may have arrived on Android and iOS first back in May, but Swarm is now getting the Windows Phone treatment. Available in the Windows Phone Store today, Foursquare’s new Swarm check-in app will show you where friends are nearby and let you check into locations. It’s a little different from the traditional Foursquare app, and it drops mayorships, leaderboards, and other game mechanics in favor of pushing people to share their location with friends. ...
  • 25 Google Search tricks you won’t know how you ever lived without (2014-08-13 11:45:17)
    Hundreds of millions of people around the world use Google Search more than any other Web service as they seek out information on anything and everything. It’s pretty amazing, though, how little people really know about the world’s top search service considering how many of us use it each and every day. Typing in a quick query couldn’t possibly be any simpler, and that is a big part of what has made Google the world’s most popular search engine by a landslide. But if you want to become a power user and fine-tune your search results in order to find the information you’re looking for as quickly as possible, there are some great tips and tricks that you’ll want to remember.
  • 6 Qualities of Great Online Communities [INFOGRAPHIC] (2014-08-13 11:40:06)
    Online communities are growing in popularity as companies increasingly rely on them for social customer support and service, marketing, sales, and product development. Communities are a vital element of the social business, enriching the customer experience and enabling co-creation of customer value. Smart businesses understand the benefits of...
  • Can you own a language? (2014-08-13 11:38:06)
    In its first-ever transparency report, the Wikimedia Foundation revealed a handful of odd stories about takedown requests sent to Wikipedia. Among the claims on public-domain books and monkey selfies was a curious request from 2012: that Wikipedia remove a page on the Tasmanian language palawa kani, because an aboriginal resources center owned the rights to the language itself. According to intellectual property lawyer Brad Newberg, invented languages aren’t so different. In 2012, Oracle claimed that it owned aspects of programming language Java.
  • Scientists turn sweat into electricity with a temporary tattoo (2014-08-13 11:36:00)
  • Microsoft turns Bing search results into conversations (2014-08-13 11:26:49)
    Microsoft is rolling out a new feature to its Bing search engine today: conversations. It’s not quite the Cortana digital assistant just yet, but if you search for queries like "who is the president of the United States?" you can follow up that search result with "how old is he?" to quickly get Barack Obama’s age. Bing will maintain the context through search queries to provide a conversation-like feature. Cortana has similar follow-on search features, as does Google Now, but these are largely contained to mobile platforms.
  • AT&T Offers $200 Off a New iPad Air (2014-08-13 11:24:37)
    The carrier is offering $200 off a new iPad Air, as long as you also buy an iPhone 5s or 5c and you sign a two-year contract. If an iPhone 5s or 5c is on your shopping list, AT&T is also offering a 16GB iPad Mini for just $199, which is about $130 off. It is worth noting, however, that the iPad Mini with Retina display is not on the menu.
  • Comcast customer tries to cancel service, gets put on hold for over 3 hours until office closes (2014-08-13 11:20:40)
    The hits just keep coming for Comcast. It was bad enough when Ryan Block recorded the infamous customer service call from hell and when another Comcast customer showed how Comcast would only refund bogus charges to his account after he revealed to them that he’d recorded a phone call with a rep who explicitly said the charges wouldn’t apply. Now Comcast is having to deal with yet another instance of embarrassingly bad service: A customer who tried to cancel his account and was promptly put on hold for three-and-a-half hours until Comcast’s customer retention offices had closed for the day. The customer in question, YouTube user Aaron Spain, decided to take a video of his experience once he hit his third hour of Comcast
  • The NSA is developing an automatic malware-killer (2014-08-13 11:09:36)
    Details of a new NSA program have emerged from Wired's meticulous Snowden profile this morning. The program is still in development and there is no information on if or when it might be deployed, but once put in action, it would represent a huge shift towards American control over the internet, effectively stopping any traffic the NSA deems malicious. It isn't the first time someone has proposed stamping out malware by monitoring network traffic -- the SecDev group took a similar approach with its ZeroPoint project -- but with a network-level view of most of the traffic traveling over the web, the NSA is uniquely positioned to pull it off.
  • You can stream Michael Cera's folk album now (2014-08-13 11:01:42)
    If there's one actor who would make a lo-fi indie folk album, that actor would surely be Michael Cera, who's not only acted in lo-fi indie films like Juno and Paper Heart, but also helped out on projects for bands like Weezer. What's more surprising is that the album, True That, is pretty good: the mostly acoustic, instrumental tunes are definitely folk, but you can detect some jazzy influences. Strangely, the album was announced by Jonah Hill on Twitter; Cera hasn't said anything about the project yet. Hopefully he'll do a Scott Pilgrim-themed punk album next.
  • China sacks anti-monopoly adviser over Qualcomm payment: Xinhua (2014-08-13 11:00:13)
    A Chinese academic who sat on a government anti-monopoly advisory committee has been sacked, official news agency Xinhua reported on Wednesday, saying he had taken payments from U.S. chipmaker Qualcomm Inc. Xinhua said Zhang Xinzhu, a member of the top government think-tank the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and the cabinet's anti-monopoly experts committee, took "huge rewards" from Qualcomm, itself the subject of an antitrust investigation. An array of industries has come under the spotlight as China intensifies efforts to bring companies into compliance with an anti-monopoly law enacted in 2008. Calls and emails to Qualcomm's media relations department in Beijing seeking comment went unanswered. Xinhua is the state news agency.
  • ASUS C200 review: The company's first Chromebook is a battery life champ (2014-08-13 11:00:00)
  • Tencent estimate-beating profit driven by phone games (2014-08-13 10:59:25)
    By Paul Carsten BEIJING (Reuters) - Tencent Holdings Ltd , China's biggest listed tech firm, posted its second quarter of year-on-year profit gain of more than 50 percent as smartphone gaming revenue continued to grow at a breakneck pace. Net income rose 59 percent to 5.84 billion yuan ($949 million) in the three months to end-June compared with a year earlier, Tencent said on Wednesday. Tencent, with a market cap of more than $160 billion, has built its success on WeChat, known as Weixin in China. Through the mobile messaging app, the arch-rival of Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group Holding Ltd [IPO-BABA.N] has been raking in money since it introduced smartphone games in late 2013.
  • As it cracks down on copyrighted songs, Twitch embraces live-streaming musicians (2014-08-13 10:56:51)
    The electronic musician Porter Robinson released his new album, Worlds, yesterday. This afternoon he'll launch his own channel on Twitch, the live-streaming platform best known for broadcasting video games. For three hours Robinson will hang out with fans on Twitch, discussing the video games that inspired each track and showing viewers around his recording studio and gaming space inside his North Carolina home. It's part of a broader trend on Twitch, which is branching out from its focus on video games to give musicians a spotlight on its platform.
  • 6 awesome paid iPhone apps you can download for free ($20 value!) (2014-08-13 10:55:19)
    People love it when the opportunity to save some money arises, and BGR does our best to comb through all of the app sales out there and present readers with the best options in the App Store. After all, with more than 1.2 million iOS apps currently on the virtual shelves of Apple’s on-device software portal, you need all the help you can get. Today we have a great batch of six paid apps worth a combined $20 that can all be had for free right now… but only if you act fast, because these sales could end at any time. These are paid iPhone and iPad apps that have been made available for free for a limited time by their
  • Edward Snowden left behind clues so the NSA would understand his motives (2014-08-13 10:37:00)
  • Ariana Grande’s new 'Break Free' music video is a trippy sci-fi romp (2014-08-13 10:31:17)
    "What you are about to witness is scientifically authentic. It is just one step ahead of present day reality and two steps ahead of present day sexiness. Brace yourself for something so fantastically fantastical you'll soil yourself from intergalactic excitement."
  • This could be the best new Google Now feature we’ve seen in months (2014-08-13 10:30:31)
    Google’s virtual assistant Google Now is easily one of the greatest things to happen to mobile devices in recent years. By presenting users with key information before they even know to ask for it, Google Now makes smartphones smarter than they have ever been before. But perhaps the most impressive thing about Google Now is that it continually becomes more impressive, with great new features being added constantly. Now, one of the best new features we have seen in months has been added to Google’s mobile assistant for Android. Travelling by plane is and has been one of the most stressful ways to travel, but Google is doing what it can to make the experience ever so slightly less painful.
  • NSA was responsible for 2012 Syrian internet blackout, Snowden says (2014-08-13 10:28:44)
    When Syria's access to the internet was cut for two days back in 2012, it apparently wasn't the fault of dissenting "terrorists," as the Syrian government claimed: according to Wired, it was the fault of the US government. In a long profile of Edward Snowden published today, Wired writes what Snowden says is the truth about the internet outage. An elite hacking unit in the National Security Agency had reportedly been attempting to install malware on a central router within Syria — a feat that would have allowed the agency to access a good amount of the country's internet traffic. Instead, it ended up accidentally rendered the router unusable, causing Syria's internet connection to go dark.
  • Planned U.S. cyber warfare program could hurt innocent countries: Snowden (2014-08-13 10:28:40)
    A developing U.S. cyber security program would not only hunt down and halt potential computer attacks but also strike back without staff oversight, according to former U.S. National Security Agency contractor, Edward Snowden. In an interview with WIRED magazine made public Wednesday, Snowden said the program - MonsterMind - could hurt countries caught in the middle as hackers could disguise the origin of their attacks by routing them through computers in other nations. "These attacks can be spoofed," Snowden told the magazine. "You could have someone sitting in China, for example, making it appear that one of these attacks is originating in Russia.
  • Snowden: The NSA's building Skynet to fight wars online (2014-08-13 10:23:00)
  • iPhone 6 gets unboxed before it even exists (2014-08-13 10:05:51)
    How much excitement is building for Apple’s next-generation iPhone 6 smartphone? We’ve seen dozens upon dozens of leaks and rumors pour out week after week, but everything we’ve seen thus far has been fairly expected — component leaks, rumors and renders of unreleased iPhones hit the Internet each year like clockwork. Now, however, things are getting so crazy that we’re seeing iPhone hype go to places it has never gone before. FROM EARLIER: Check out these high-resolution images of the iPhone 6’s metal backplate Well-known graphic designer Martin Hajek has made some of the most beautiful iPhone 6 renders that the world has ever seen, but this time he went a different route; rather than simply focus on the device itself, Hajek
  • How to create a successful meme (2014-08-13 10:00:02)
    Michael M. is the creator of "Bass Dogs": a collection of photographs of rock bassists doctored to replace their instruments with dogs of various sizes, shapes, and breeds. Mr. M. is also the creator of "Ignore Hitler." "Ignore Hitler," inaugurated in 2012, charts Michael's attempts to succeed at once-popular mobile game Draw Something while using Adolf Hitler as his central image. When asked why he created "Bass Dogs" and his other projects, Michael states simply, "There is no why. After Philippe Petit walked on a tightrope between the twin towers of the World Trade Center he was asked why he did it and that was his answer."
  • The mad genius behind the Slug Solos meme (2014-08-13 10:00:02)
    Michael M. is the creator of "Bass Dogs": a collection of photographs of rock bassists doctored to replace their instruments with dogs of various sizes, shapes, and breeds. Mr. M. is also the creator of "Ignore Hitler." "Ignore Hitler," inaugurated in 2012, charts Michael's attempts to succeed at once-popular mobile game Draw Something while using Adolf Hitler as his central image.
  • Amazon debuts mobile payment app and card reader (2014-08-13 09:56:10)
    NEW YORK (AP) — Amazon is taking direct aim at mobile payment systems such as Square by introducing the Amazon Local Register, a credit-card processing device and mobile app designed to help small business owners accept payments through their smartphones and tablets.
  • Steve Ballmer is taking on the NRA in Washington state (2014-08-13 09:51:50)
    The big news about former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer this week was his purchase of the Clippers for $2 billion, but it appears he's dipped into the coffers recently for political activism, too. According to newly released financial disclosures, Ballmer and his wife, Connie, have poured $580,000 into gun control efforts in Washington state. Following the Sandy Hook shootings, gun control advocates proposed a ballot initiative to close loopholes that allow for background check-free purchases of firearms, if the purchases are made online or at gun shows. Because of Ballmer — and other ex-Microsoft bigshots including Bill Gates and Jon Shirley, who have made smaller donations — the initiative is now significantly outpacing a competing gun-rights campaign, at about $3.4 million to $1.1 million.
  • British Airways adding cat videos to its roster of in-flight entertainment (2014-08-13 09:47:00)
  • Samsung Galaxy Alpha Fights iPhone 6 with Metal (2014-08-13 09:42:56)
    After weeks of speculation surrounding Samsung's premium metal handset, it's official: The Galaxy Alpha is on its way. This sleek answer to Apple's iPhone is slated to arrive in September, just in time to go head-to-head with the iPhone 6.
  • 'Drift Stage' is an ’80s-style game about drifting, and it looks incredible (2014-08-13 09:41:49)
    If you put Cruis'n USA, Miami Vice, The Fast and the Furious, and the Sega classic Out Run into a bowl and blended them with a stand mixer for five minutes, you'd get the upcoming game Drift Stage. The pastels and pixels of the indie title evoke a simpler time when Don Johnson looked good in white linen pants, but this is more than a simple retro racing sim: as the name suggests, Drift Stage is all about drifting your way through the psychedelic skies of Sunset City.
  • Alleged idiot killer asked Siri to help him hide his roommate’s corpse (2014-08-13 09:40:54)
    Siri is a lot of things to a lot of people, but we don’t think we’ve ever seen it as a potential accomplice to murder before. 9to5Mac has a nice roundup of news surrounding the trial of a Florida man whom prosecutors are alleging murdered his roommate and then asked Siri for some advice on how to dump the corpse. In court on Tuesday, prosecutors presented some fresh new evidence in the trial surrounding the alleged 2012 murder of University of Florida student Christian Aguilar by his roommate Pedro Bravo. As part of their case, prosecutors revealed that Bravo turned on Siri and told the personal assistant that “I need to hide my roommate.” As has been shown in earlier easter eggs, Siri
  • Alleged idiot killer asked Siri to help him hide his rooommate’s corpse (2014-08-13 09:40:54)
    Siri is a lot of things to a lot of people, but we don’t think we’ve ever seen it as a potential accomplice to murder before. 9to5Mac has a nice roundup of news surrounding the trial of a Florida man whom prosecutors are alleging murdered his roommate and then asked Siri for some advice on how to dump the corpse. In court on Tuesday, prosecutors presented some fresh new evidence in the trial surrounding the alleged 2012 murder of University of Florida student Christian Aguilar by his roommate Pedro Bravo. As part of their case, prosecutors revealed that Bravo turned on Siri and told the personal assistant that “I need to hide my roommate.” As has been shown in earlier easter eggs, Siri
  • Chromebook Sales to Triple by 2017 (2014-08-13 09:31:52)
    Since their launch in 2011, Chromebooks have slowly found a foothold in the laptop market, thanks to typically lightweight bodies and equally light price tags. If projections are accurate, the ChromeOS-powered notebook could become more popular soon.
  • Benchmark reveals the Nexus 6’s specs are just as great as you hoped (2014-08-13 09:15:00)
    On Tuesday we got word that Google’s mysterious new Nexus 6 had at last shown up in a GFXBench benchmark, although that particular test didn’t give us too many specifics on what the device’s exact hardware specs will be. GSMArena points out that the benchmark has now been updated to include the full specifications and they’re just as impressive as we’d been hoping for. FROM EARLIER: Motorola Nexus 6 reportedly really coming, as Android Silver might be delayed According to the updated benchmark, the Nexus 6 will feature a 5.2-inch display with a resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels, a Snapdragon 805 processor running at 2.65GHz, a 13-megapixel rear-facing camera, a 2-megapixel front-facing camera, 3GB of RAM and Android L. While
  • Guillermo Del Toro and 'Metal Gear' creator join forces for next 'Silent Hill' game (2014-08-13 09:13:00)
  • Stop being a tourist (2014-08-13 08:51:51)
    I consider "tourist" to be the filthiest of words. The "I was here" photographer with a penchant for flashing a peace sign. the mona lisa made me realize how utterly absurd the average tourist is Seeing the Mona Lisa in August of some decade past made me realize how utterly absurd the average tourist is.
  • The NSA collected more of your personal data than it was legally allowed to (2014-08-13 08:44:00)
  • Apple is now reportedly putting the final touches on the iPhone 6 (2014-08-13 08:40:20)
    Next month the iPhone 6 will finally, finally be released and Apple is now putting the finishing touches on the device, according to a report on Weibo cited by G for Games.  FROM EARLIER: You won’t believe how many iPhone 6 units Apple is reportedly building this year. According to G for Games’ interpretation, the report cites “Foxconn sources” to claim that the iPhone 6 has entered “the PVT (Product Validation Test) stage, which means that the assembly line is run at full speed in order to detect any potential issues that may hinder the assembly process.” And in case you were wondering, this Weibo post wasn’t just written by some random teenager in China but by Xiang Ligang, whom G for Games
  • China's Tencent says mobile game revenue may be stable in second half 2014 (2014-08-13 08:27:50)
    China's Tencent Holdings Ltd may see mobile game revenue remain stable in the second half of 2014, said James Mitchell, Tencent's chief strategy officer, on a conference call following its second quarter earnings release on Wednesday. Mobile game revenue from messaging app WeChat and social network Mobile QQ was approximately 3 billion yuan ($487.6 million) in the second quarter, Tencent said in its earnings release. The social media and online gaming company posted net income for the quarter ended June up 59 percent year on year to 5.84 billion yuan ($949 million), beating analyst estimates on the back of strong monetization of mobile gaming.
  • California hotel hires robot butlers to provide room service (video) (2014-08-13 08:16:00)
  • Someone actually tried to use Siri to hide a body (2014-08-13 08:05:50)
    Someone seems to have actually asked Siri how to hide a body, and meant it. The Independent reports that 20-year-old murder suspect Pedro Bravo had told his iPhone, "I need to my hide my roommate." The accused reportedly committed the crime following an argument with Christian Aguilar, who was dating Bravo's ex-girlfriend. The Independent cites police as saying Bravo used the function while attempting to conceal the deceased's body.
  • Mobile security company Lookout raises $150 million (2014-08-13 08:05:36)
    (Reuters) - Mobile security company Lookout Inc said it raised $150 million from a group of investors including Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs Group Inc. San Francisco-based Lookout, whose customers include AT&T Inc and T-Mobile US Inc, said the latest round of financing was led by T.Rowe Price Associates Inc. The company, which plans to extend its platform to large enterprises, was advised by Allen & Co LLC in the funding. (Reporting by Rishika Sadam in Bangalore)
  • Apple pays tribute to Robin Williams with beautiful dedicated page (2014-08-13 08:05:14)
    The world suffered a tremendous loss earlier this week when actor and comedic genius Robin Williams died of an apparent suicide at age 63. Various news and media outlets have been paying tribute to the late comedy pioneer in various ways, and now Apple has joined in, paying homage to Williams with a new dedicated webpage on its site. Headed with “Robin Williams, 1951-2014,” the moving page features just a single large image of Williams, seen above, along with three brief sentences: “We are deeply saddened by the passing of Robin Williams. He inspired us through his passion, his generosity, and the gift of laughter. He will be greatly missed.” Williams had long battled depression and is believed to have ultimately
  • 'Surgeon Simulator' on PS4 is as great and terrible as ever (2014-08-13 07:48:03)
    Two decades after Marathon popularized mouse controls for first-person shooters, the debate still rages over the best way to kill bad guys. Most PC players swear by the mouse and keyboard method, claiming it offers increased speed and precision for more accurate headshots. ...
  • New super-fast USB cables won't mind which way you plug them in (2014-08-13 07:43:00)
  • Samsung unveils the Galaxy Alpha, complete with shiny metal frame (2014-08-13 07:30:45)
    You want a metal Samsung phone? OK, fine: You now (sort of) have one. Samsung on Wednesday took the wraps off its new Galaxy Alpha smartphone, which as expected features a shiny metal frame, although it looks like Samsung has stuck with its standard plastic for the device’s rear casing. Nonetheless, Samsung calls the phone part of its “new design approach” that brings “both beauty and functionality” by “combining a stunning metal frame and slim, light weight design with the same powerful hardware and features users expect from a flagship Galaxy mobile device.” So what’s under the hood of this new device? As previous leaks have suggested the device features a mix of high-end and mid-range specifications, including a 4.7-inch
  • Taiwan's Hon Hai notches third straight quarterly profit rise (2014-08-13 07:21:17)
    By Michael Gold TAIPEI (Reuters) - Taiwan's Hon Hai Precision Industry Co Ltd reported a third consecutive quarterly profit gain Wednesday as the world's largest contract maker of electronic goods continued to benefit from demand for products from No.1 client Apple Inc. Hon Hai, also known as Foxconn, earns as much as 50 percent of revenue assembling Apple devices such as iPhones and iPads, analysts say. In the meantime, the widely expected release in the coming months of larger-screen iPhones will keep Apple as Hon Hai's biggest cash cow for the foreseeable future, according to company-watchers. Still-hot sales of iPhones drove Hon Hai's net profit in April-June to T$20.19 billion ($673 million), versus the T$17.66 billion mean estimate of 13 analysts polled by Reuters. Shares of Hon Hai closed up 1.4 percent before the earnings release on Thursday, versus a 0.7 percent rise in the benchmark TAIEX index.
  • Samsung launches the Galaxy Alpha (2014-08-13 06:51:53)
    The new phone is the first from Samsung to forsake the plastic fantastic styling in favor of a premium metallic look and feel. "The Galaxy Alpha was built and designed based on the specific desires of the consumer market," said JK Shin, CEO and Head of IT & Mobile Communication at Samsung Electronics. "With an entirely new appearance, the Galaxy Alpha focuses on both beauty and functionality combining a stunning metal frame and slim, light weight design with the same powerful hardware and features users expect from a flagship Galaxy mobile device." It's thinner (just 7mm thick) and lighter, yet squarer than Galaxy handsets of old, even the current S5 flagship, and the initial choice of colors also represents a new-found subtlety.
  • Google Now for Android shows alternate flights when yours gets delayed (2014-08-13 06:45:00)
  • Games, WeChat boost Tencent profit to $949 million (2014-08-13 06:42:04)
    BEIJING (AP) — China's Tencent Holdings Ltd., which operates online games and the popular WeChat messaging service, said Wednesday its quarterly profit rose 59 percent due to strong growth in its mobile business.
  • Tesla opens new Supercharger sites in London and Birmingham (2014-08-13 06:40:00)
  • Sony PS4 sales surge past record 10 million mark (2014-08-13 06:37:57)
    Sony said Wednesday that global sales of its newest PlayStation have surged past the 10 million mark in less than a year, a record for the Japanese electronics giant. The release of the PS4 in the United States and other markets has helped to improve Sony's fortunes after a disappointing response to the console's predecessor, the PS3. "The responses we have received for the PS4 system's unique gameplay experiences... along with its vast game portfolio, has been phenomenal," Andrew House, president and group CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment, said in a statement. The PS4 is locked in a battle for dominance of the digital home entertainment market with Microsoft's Xbox One and the Wii U at a time when consoles are under intense pressure to prove their worth in a world where many now play downloadable games on smartphones and tablets.
  • European firms express concern over China antitrust probes (2014-08-13 06:26:41)
    The European Union Chamber of Commerce in China on Wednesday expressed concern over a recent series of antitrust investigations, saying China was using strong-arm tactics and appeared to be unfairly targeting foreign firms. An array of industries have been coming under the spotlight as China intensifies efforts to bring companies into compliance with an anti-monopoly law enacted in 2008. The auto sector has been under particular scrutiny, and the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), China's state planner, has been investigating it amid accusations by state media that global car makers are overcharging consumers. The European Chamber said that while effective enforcement of the anti-monopoly law would help develop a "healthy market economy" in China, it was concerned about the way investigations were being carried out.
  • 'Shadow Realms' is the next original game from the creators of 'Mass Effect' (2014-08-13 05:50:00)
  • Shift's debit card lets you pay with both real and virtual money (2014-08-13 05:47:00)
  • PlayStation TV arriving in the fall (2014-08-13 05:31:54)
    Sony's innovative micro console will be going on sale in the US on October 14 and will be landing in Europe on November 15. The little box, which once upon a time was called the Vita TV, has been on sale in Sony's native Japan since November 2013, where it's been an unmitigated success.
  • builds brick-and-mortar presence with card-swiping device (2014-08-13 05:03:35)
    By Deepa Seetharaman SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Inc unveiled a $10 credit-card reader and mobile app for brick-and-mortar businesses on Wednesday, marking the latest step by the U.S. online retailer to expand its presence in the physical world. The move pits Amazon against a slew of rivals, including startup Square, which popularized a payments dongle that allowed small- and mid-sized businesses like food trucks, coffee shops and personal trainers to quickly accept credit and debit cards. The new point-of-sale system, called Amazon Local Register, would give Amazon crucial data on how U.S. consumers shop offline. Amazon hopes to court small businesses in part by charging lower fees than Square and eBay Inc's PayPal unit.
  • Samsung ditches all-plastic design with metal Galaxy Alpha (2014-08-13 05:03:27)
    After much speculation, Samsung has today announced the Galaxy Alpha, a smartphone with a metal frame. It'll be available in September, but Samsung has yet to announce pricing. Perhaps more interesting than the phone itself is the news that the Alpha's design will trickle down and up to Samsung's other phones. Samsung calls the phone "the evolution of Galaxy Design," adding that it showcases a "new design approach" for the company.
  • Zelda Williams leaves Twitter on account of social media abuse (2014-08-13 04:50:03)
    "Twitter requires a link and I won’t open it. Please." Just Jared writes that the actress had been inundated with awful words and disturbing images depicting her father after his death. The users mentioned in Williams' initial plea were reportedly suspended but a commentor claims the culprits have opened new accounts and are now "boasting about the attention." The abuse on social media eventually led Williams' into deciding to delete Twitter from her devices.
  • Samsung's premium Galaxy Alpha packs a metal frame and octa-core chip (2014-08-13 04:47:00)
  • Amazon takes on Square with its own mobile card reader (2014-08-13 04:36:31)
    Square is about to face even more competition in the mobile card reader space with the launch of Amazon’s new Local Register. Amazon’s credit card reader works in a similar way to Square, plugging into the headphone jack of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets to read card details and allow small businesses to process payments they’d usually take only in cash. Amazon is making its card reader available for $10, and it will work on iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire devices. Amazon’s Local Register also undercuts both Square and PayPal for mobile payments, fixing a fee of 1.75 percent per swipe payment until December 31st, 2015 for those who sign-up before October 31st.
  • Two writers are writing two scripts for one 'Aquaman' movie (2014-08-13 03:54:35)
    Will Beall (Gangster Squad) and Kurt Johnstad (300) are both writing a script each for the upcoming Aquaman movie, according to The Hollywood Reporter. This is not an unusual decision by industry standards as a growing number of studios are reportedly hiring two writers at once in order to step up production tempo.
  • Amazon undercuts Square and PayPal with its own mobile card reader (2014-08-13 03:52:00)
  • KitKat is now running on more than 20 percent of Android devices (2014-08-13 03:07:00)
  • Opera's web compression app can now save you some Vietnamese dong (2014-08-13 02:00:00)
  • Some 'Game of Thrones' fans have already worked out its biggest secrets (2014-08-13 01:33:56)
    George R. R. Martin says some fans of his A Song of Ice and Fire books and Game of Thrones TV show have already worked out the epic saga's biggest secrets. Speaking at the Edinburgh International Book Festival, Martin said that given the size of the A Song of Ice and Fire fanbase that has built up in the 18 years since A Game of Thrones was first published, it was almost inevitable that some people would have worked out Westeros' mysteries — mysteries such as the true identity of Jon Snow's mother.
  • Apple commemorates Robin Williams in homepage tribute (2014-08-13 01:14:42)
    Apple, like much of the world, is mourning the loss of Robin Williams, and has delivered a rare public tribute on its homepage. "We are deeply saddened by the passing of Robin Williams," the company says in a message accompanying a black-and-white portrait. The actor and comedian joins the likes of Rosa Parks and Nelson Mandela, two public figures to receive similar treatment.
  • HTC is bringing its in-house apps to the rest of Android (2014-08-13 01:14:00)
  • Reversible USB cables are almost here (2014-08-13 00:36:07)
    The next generation of USB connectors is finally ready for production. Similar in size to the Micro USB port found on most phones today, the Type-C's most exciting feature is its reversible design, which will allow users to ignore orientation when plugging in one of the new smaller, sleeker cables.
  • Google launches a teaching tool to help schools ditch paper (2014-08-12 23:27:00)
  • New Jersey's Christie takes Ice Bucket Challenge (2014-08-12 23:17:54)
    NEW YORK (AP) — New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is proving again he doesn't mind a little humiliation.
  • Google now rejects scam email that tricks you using non-Latin characters (2014-08-12 22:21:00)
  • Engadget Daily: the price of cable TV, inside Sky Sports News HQ and more! (2014-08-12 21:55:00)
  • Apple has even more iPad ‘Verse’ stories to tell (2014-08-12 21:45:11)
    Apple’s “What will your verse be?” iPad ad campaign is far from over, as Apple has posted two more short iPad commercials that tell the story of two other iPad users that rely on Apple’s tablet and the apps available on it to get their jobs done.This time around, Apple’s new iPad ads look at the Yaoband music band and at community activist Jason Hall. Each new video ad has its own special story page on Apple’s website, which offers more details about these particular “verses.” “Long before they played together, Luke Wang and Peter Feng produced tracks for some of China’s biggest artists,” Apple’s Yaoband page reads. “While professionally successful, they felt their creative vision was stifled. ‘We wanted
  • Roam Britain's most famous art gallery with some nocturnal robots (2014-08-12 21:24:00)
  • Even more awesomeness to expect at Engadget Live Boston (2014-08-12 20:56:00)
  • Yes, a white Xbox One console is coming this fall (2014-08-12 20:30:08)
    As has been detailed in recent reports, the white Xbox One console is very much real and now Microsoft has confirmed at Gamescom 2014 that its white console will ship with a special white gamepad, Engadget reports. FROM EARLIER: These awesome deals might finally convince you to pick up an Xbox One The white Xbox One can already be preordered starting at $399.99, although it’ll only ship in October when it launches as a part of the special Sunset Overdrive bundle, and not anytime sooner. The console still packs a 500GB hard drive, just like the black model, and doesn’t have any other special features. It’s not clear at this time whether a white Xbox One with Kinect bundled up will also be
  • ViaSat adds 'virtually unlimited' Freedom satellite internet plan for $70 per month (2014-08-12 20:27:00)
  • Guillermo del Toro and Hideo Kojima are making a new 'Silent Hill' game (2014-08-12 20:14:07)
    Director Guillermo Del Toro and Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima are teaming up to make a new Silent Hill video game. The tenth game in the long-running horror franchise, apparently named Silent Hills, will also feature The Walking Dead and The Boondock Saints star Norman Reedus in the main role. Silent Hills was announced by way of a PlayStation 4 interactive teaser demo called P.T. that hit the PlayStation Store earlier today. The demo closes with the player seemingly escaping the building, whereupon the camera pans up to show an abandoned city, the names of its co-creators, and the virtual likeness of actor Norman Reedus.
  • Peel doesn't need any extra hardware to make your iPhone a Dish and DirecTV remote (2014-08-12 19:56:00)
  • Unproven ebola drugs deemed ethical by the World Health Organization (2014-08-12 19:47:26)
    Officials from the World Health Organization today said that experimental medications, like the one currently being used to treat some patients in the West Africa outbreak of the deadly ebola virus, are ethically sound. A panel of 12 doctors, professors, and health advocates discussed the matter yesterday, and decided that using experimental treatments or vaccines could be beneficial. So far, that's been experimental serum called ZMapp co-developed by a pair of US and Canadian drug makers (as well as the US government and Canada's Public Health Agency), which has been used to treat some patients, despite not undergoing clinical trials with humans or gaining regulatory approval. Supplies of the drug have also dwindled due to difficulties producing it, though Canada today said it would donate 800 to 1,000 doses of the drug to be used in aid efforts. A separate drug called TKM-Ebola, which is also developed in Canada, could end up being used as well after getting a nod from the US Food and Drug Administration last week to restart human testing of the drug on those who are already infected.
  • Video ads are coming to your Twitter feed, too (2014-08-12 19:29:00)
  • The FBI just used facial recognition to catch a fugitive of 14 years (2014-08-12 19:20:56)
    I've had my doubts about the FBI's facial recognition systems, but a new case has given a rare window into how the system will actually work -- and it looks a lot less like science fiction than old-fashioned border control. The story starts with a fugitive, Neil Stammer, who had been on the run since he was arrested for child sex abuse and kidnapping in 1999. The case languished for 14 years until this January, when a new facial recognition system found a face that matched Stammer's. The Diplomatic Security Service had his face on file under the name Kevin Hodges, thanks to a recent visa application to the US Embassy in Nepal. The DSS contacted the FBI, and a few months later Stammer was in custody.
  • Beats Music is about to get a lot more users (2014-08-12 19:15:44)
    What do you want to bet Beats Music is going to see its subscribers increase significantly in the near future? 9to5Mac points out that Apple has started featuring the Beats Music app prominently in “Apple Apps” popup window new users get when they first log into the App Store, alongside such iOS staples as Pages, GarageBand and Find My iPhone. This is the first indication we’ve seen that Apple is going to start aggressively promoting Beats’ music streaming service to its users, who can download the app onto their device easily when they click the “Download All” option on the Apple Apps popup window. Leaked documents from earlier this year showed that Beats Music had only 111,000 paying subscribers at the end
  • Google+ puts your social feed on a TV with Chromecast (2014-08-12 18:58:00)
  • 'Candy Crush' decline continues for King, shares fall (2014-08-12 18:50:32)
    By Malathi Nayak SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Social and mobile game company King Digital Entertainment Plc reduced its 2014 forecast after reporting lower-than-expected second-quarter revenue on Tuesday, as gamers continued to spend less money on its "Candy Crush Saga" game. King also announced a $150 million special dividend, or 46.9 cents per share, payable to shareholders of record on Sept. 30. Investors have worried that unless King delivers a set of consistent and long-lasting hits, apart from "Candy Crush Saga," it might suffer the same fate as "Farmville" maker Zynga Inc and "Angry Birds" developer Rovio Corp, which are struggling to retain players. King's second quarter gross bookings, an indicator of future revenue, was $611 million, up 27 percent from the year-ago period, but less than the last quarter when it reported gross bookings of $641.1 million.     King has yet to see its other titles such as "Farm Heroes Saga" and "Bubble Witch 2 Saga" fully offset user losses of its "Candy Crush Saga" puzzler game that accounted for about 60 percent of second-quarter gross bookings.
  • Playdate: We're livestreaming 'Hohokum' on PS4! (update: game over!) (2014-08-12 18:30:00)
  • HTC is bringing its apps to other Android phones, Zoe coming this week (2014-08-12 18:19:42)
    A few months ago, HTC outlined plans to release apps like BlinkFeed and Zoe, long exclusive to its own lineup of smartphones, for all Android devices. The news was first revealed by Recode and quickly confirmed by Drew Bamford, who's leading the Creative Labs division tasked with bringing HTC's signature apps to hardware from competitors like Samsung, LG, and Sony. 260 people are working beneath Bamford, so HTC is dedicating a fair amount of manpower to the apps initiative. Zoe, first introduced alongside the HTC One M7, automatically creates video clips featuring photos and snippets from a user's camera roll.
  • Not Such a Sweet Deal: Candy Crush Stocks Plummet (2014-08-12 18:11:59)
    It was just over a year ago that Candy Crush took us from our lives and, with one addictive row of digital candy at a time, finally made us a society incapable of eye contact. By the end of that summer, King Digital Entertainment, the maker of the game, fancied themselves a $5 billion company. By March, they sought a $7.6 billion initial public offering. Investors have soured on the Candy Crush maker since then.
  • Here's what Samsung's VR headset looks like in real life (2014-08-12 18:10:00)
  • Yahoo bolsters local search with Zofari app (2014-08-12 18:07:33)
    Yahoo said Tuesday it was bolstering its local search capabilities by absorbing the team from the smartphone recommendation app Zofari. "Zofari and Yahoo share a common goal to make the world an easier place to explore for as many people as possible," California-based Yahoo said in an email. "We're thrilled to welcome the team to Yahoo, where they will join our growing search organization and continue to build amazing discovery experiences." Yahoo is not acquiring the company but is integrating the team from Zofari to improve local search in the face of services from Google, Yelp and others.
  • You can download Windows 8.1’s August update right now (2014-08-12 18:00:04)
    Microsoft on Tuesday released the Windows 8.1 August 12th update, just like it promised a few days ago, but users shouldn’t expect any interesting new features in this software update. After all, the company did say the Windows 8.1 August update will be a minor one, hinting that it will not include the highly anticipated return of the Start menu, in spite of what it said back at Build 2014. The new Windows 8.1 update is part of the company’s regular Patch Tuesday rollout, and it’s currently available as a manual download to both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 8.1, CNET reveals, although it should also roll out automatically to users who have set up their machines to receive automatic updates.
  • Chrome now lets you see some websites when you're offline (2014-08-12 17:40:00)
  • This is Samsung's VR headset (2014-08-12 17:37:49)
    Samsung will be showing its rumored virtual reality headset at its upcoming product event in early September, The Verge has learned, where the company widely expected to announce the Galaxy Note 4. The headset — codnamed "Project Moonlight" — appears to be a bit like Google's Cardboard, a box with lenses that can effectively turn a smartphone display into an immersive world. Oculus may be involved Oculus — which uses a Note 3 display in some of its newer headsets — has previously been reported to be tied up with this project, a nod to the fact that modern smartphones have large, ultra-high-resolution displays and enough sensors to accomplish much of the orientation that a full virtual reality system needs.
  • King Digital quarterly revenue falls below expectations (2014-08-12 17:35:16)
    SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Social and mobile game company King Digital Entertainment Plc reported lower-than-expected second-quarter revenue on Tuesday, due to losses in its game titles, such as "Candy Crush Saga." King shares slipped 22 percent in after-hours trading after closing at $18.20 on the New York Stock Exchange.     The company, which went public in March, reported revenue of $594 million for the second quarter ended June 30 compared to $456 million in the year-ago period. This fell short of analysts' expectations of $608.3 million, according to Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S. ...
  • Alibaba overhauls pact with Alipay parent, sells SME loan business (2014-08-12 17:19:37)
    SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Alibaba Group Holding Ltd overhauled its pact with the parent of its payments affiliate Alipay, boosting the Chinese e-commerce giant's potential gain if Alipay is sold or goes public, according to an amended Alibaba filing on Tuesday. Alibaba, which is set to go public in New York later this year, also agreed to sell its small and medium enterprise loan business for $518 million cash to Alipay's parent company, called the Small and Micro Financial Services Company. The deal was revised on Aug. 12, Alibaba said in the securities filing. ...
  • Microsoft just gave you another great reason to buy the Xbox One (2014-08-12 17:15:46)
    If you’re waiting until the holiday season to pick up an Xbox One, you’re going to have a wealth of options to choose from. The most appealing offer might be the long-awaited white Xbox One included in the Sunset Overdrive bundle, but Call of Duty fans have their own exclusive bundle to look forward to. Microsoft announced at Gamescom on Tuesday that it was teaming up with Activision to release a Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare-skinned Xbox One with a 1TB hard drive for $499.99 this fall. Unlike the previous $500 Xbox One bundle, this one won’t come with Kinect, but it will feature 500GB of extra internal storage, a custom console and controller,  and a digital copy of the Call
  • Steve Ballmer is the owner of the LA Clippers (2014-08-12 17:08:00)
  • FleetCor to buy payments processor Comdata for $3.45 billion (2014-08-12 17:02:51)
    (Reuters) - FleetCor Technologies Inc said it would buy payments processing company Comdata Inc from Ceridian LLC for $3.45 billion in its biggest deal as it looks to expand into the virtual payments market. Comdata, which was acquired by payroll and employee benefits processing company Ceridian in 1995 for $900 million, provides fleet fuel cards for the trucking industry, payroll cards and gift cards among other services. Thomas H. Lee and Fidelity National Financial Inc took over Comdata in 2007 as part of their $5.3 billion acquisition of Ceridian. Ceridian was separated from Comdata last year.
  • Time Warner Cable installers will now look out for missing children (2014-08-12 16:53:57)
    If your Time Warner Cable technician is late to an appointment fix something at your house, they might be on the lookout for missing children instead. The cable giant, which is in the process of being acquired by Comcast, today said it's given all 18,000 of its technicians tools to receive and possibly act on AMBER alerts if they're in the area where an incident is reported. If the technician gets the alert, they won't drop everything they're doing and go into vigilante mode, Time Warner says. "TWC will use its Global Security Operations Center in Charlotte, N.C., to receive alerts from [The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children] and will redistribute them in real-time to personnel within the alerted area," the company said in a statement. In the event that a child, adult or vehicle fitting the AMBER alert description is spotted, TWC personnel have been trained to immediately contact local law enforcement."
  • Government wants to know if phone surveilance tech is being abused (2014-08-12 16:46:00)
  • The Xbox One is about to become movie pirates’ best friend (2014-08-12 16:35:02)
    Microsoft announced a huge new update to the Xbox One on Tuesday and it included a full-scale video player capable of supporting just about any kind of file you can think of, including including .avi, .jpg, .gif, .mov, .mp3, .mpeg, .wma and .wmv files. Ars Technica’s Peter Bright was particularly struck by one codec mentioned that he says could be of great use to people who like watching pirated movies and TV shows: MKV containers. FROM EARLIER: Microsoft continues to outpace Sony with another huge Xbox One update. “While MKV is a rarity in the world of explicitly authorized video, it’s quite abundant in the murky world of pirated TV shows,” he writes. “Native MKV support will make watching this content substantially
  • Apple's Cook stresses need to make workforce more diverse (2014-08-12 16:30:10)
    By Christina Farr SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Apple Inc on Tuesday released a report on employee diversity, and its numbers are similar to those of other Silicon Valley companies, prompting Chief Executive Tim Cook to say there is still work to be done. The employee survey comes on the heels of recent reports from technology companies Google Inc and Twitter Inc, but it is unique in one significant way. It alone is accompanied by letter from a company CEO, in which Cook stresses the company's commitment to being "innovative in advancing diversity." Blacks and Hispanics make up about 18 percent of Apple's workforce, a ratio that is about triple of those of most other tech firms. Apple breaks down the numbers into three categories: leadership, technology and non-technology.
  • NVIDIA explains why its 64-bit chip should be Android's speed champ (2014-08-12 16:27:00)
  • Healthcare Providers Gaining Trust by Marketing Security (2014-08-12 16:16:40)
    You’ve surely heard of “B2B” or business-to-business marketing. The new game plan is “B2C” – business to consumer marketing, particularly in the healthcare industry. The Affordable Care Act allows healthcare organizations to directly deal with consumers on a  massive scale for the first time. However, this comes with some...
  • Twitter unveils video ads (2014-08-12 16:13:32)
    Twitter on Tuesday unveiled a new advertising program that delivers "promoted videos" to the tweet stream of users of the popular messaging platform. The new program adds to the source of advertising revenue for Twitter, which has struggled to convince investors it is on a path to profitability. "By using Promoted Video, it's easy for brands to upload and distribute video on Twitter, and to measure the reach and effectiveness of this content," product manager David Regan said in a blog post. Regan said that to make it easier for advertisers, Twitter will offer a "cost per view" model: "This means advertisers only get charged when a users starts playing the video," he said.
  • How Google Explains the World (2014-08-12 16:12:52)
    I sure hope someone somewhere is archiving all Google autocomplete data. If I were a social anthropologist living in the year 2150, not that far off in the larger scheme of things, I would be very interested in what hundreds of millions of people were searching the Internet for in the early part of the 21st century, a time when paper books were...
  • German artists say they planted white flags on the Brooklyn Bridge (2014-08-12 16:12:35)
    A pair of German artists say that they're the ones responsible for the mystery that's been gripping New York since late last month: who replaced the American flags atop the Brooklyn Bridge with colorless, white copies. The artists, Mischa Leinkauf and Matthias Wermke, revealed their identify to the The New York Times, providing a video of the flags at night as evidence. Leinkauf and Wermke are now seeking legal advice, though it appears that New York has not yet decided to whether or not it will prosecute. They've even worked with the Brooklyn Bridge in the past, installing a bundle of balloons on it back in 2007.
  • Here are the 10 trailers you need to watch from the PS4 Gamescom event (2014-08-12 16:10:45)
    So you’ve watched our 10 favorite trailers from Microsoft’s Gamescom event, but you’re thirst for new games still hasn’t been quenched. Thankfully, Sony just finished its own PlayStation 4 media briefing and a slew of new trailers have made their way online. Unlike Microsoft, Sony had several brand new games to show off, some of which had been hinted at in weeks prior and others of which came completely out of left field. Once again, we’ve combed through each and every one to find the 10 that stood out the most. There was plenty of first-party and third-party support for the PS4 on display, but as many have pointed out, the PS Vita went almost entirely unmentioned. After E3, that didn’t come as much of a
  • The top iPhone and iPad apps on App Store (2014-08-12 16:10:12)
    App Store Official Charts for the week ending August 11, 2014:
  • The entire 'Veronica Mars' cast to reunite for online spinoff (2014-08-12 16:07:32)
    In addition to a movie that brought fans back to the world of Veronica Mars, series creator Rob Thomas also promised a new spinoff series that would eventually air on the CW's online network, CW Seed. Thomas originally described the new web series as having "more in common with Party Down tonally" than the darker original series, and, by the sound of it, will blend plenty of fan service with meta commentary on the starring characters a la Curb Your Enthusiasm. The show will star Ryan Hansen, playing both a fictionalized version of himself and scummy frat boy Dick Casablancas, as he tries to capitalize on the renewed success of the series.
  • Lyft claims Uber employees ordered at least 5,000 fake rides (update) (2014-08-12 15:29:00)