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  • Qualcomm's fiscal first-quarter revenue beats Street (2015-01-28 16:08:41)
    SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Qualcomm Inc posted higher fiscal first-quarter revenue that beat analysts' expectations as a year-long antitrust investigation in China weighed on investor sentiment. The chipmaker on Wednesday reported first-quarter revenue of $7.1 billion, up 7 percent from the year-ago period. Analysts on average had expected first-quarter revenue of $6.94 billion, according to Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S. Qualcomm posted first-quarter net income of $2.0 billion, up 5 percent from a year ago. GAAP diluted earnings per share were $1.17. Its non-GAAP earnings were $1.34 per share. ...
  • Facebook fourth-quarter revenue grows 49 percent (2015-01-28 16:08:02)
    By Alexei Oreskovic SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Facebook Inc said on Wednesday its revenue grew 49 percent in the final three months of 2014, as strength in mobile advertising helped the Internet social networking company beat Wall Street's revenue target. Facebook said it generated $3.85 billion in revenue, compared to $2.59 billion in the fourth quarter of 2013. Analysts polled by Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S were looking for revenue of $3.77 billion. (Reporting by Alexei Oreskovic; Editing by Richard Chang)
  • ZTE Blade S6 delivers octa-core Android 5.0 on a budget (2015-01-28 15:33:17)
    This new handset is aimed at a younger demographic.>
  • Two hot Android smartphones have just started getting Android 5.0 Lollipop (2015-01-28 15:30:12)
    A few months old, Android 5.0 Lollipop has yet to become available to most Android smartphone and tablet users, but some European Android fans will surely be thrilled to find out that Lollipop upgrades for certain top handsets will finally be available for download. FROM EARLIER: LG: Android 5.0 Lollipop update is ‘coming soon’ to the G3 Last year’s HTC One (M8) and Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 are the two handsets that should be updated to Lollipop in the region. HTC’s Jeff Gordon confirmed on Twitter that European HTC One (M8) owners will get Android 5.0 soon. “HTC One M8 owners in Europe, have a sweet tooth this morning? Check your software updates!” he said on Wednesday. Meanwhile, SamMobile notes that Samsung
  • The next Air Force One will be a Boeing 747-8 (2015-01-28 15:28:30)
    Boeing will build a fleet of three aircraft based on the 747-8 to serve as the next Air Force One, Bloomberg reports. The 747-8 is the latest version of the iconic jumbo jet — a design that dates back to the 1960s — with new wings, new engines, and an extended fuselage. The -8 variant has been around since 2005, but has seen limited traction with airlines thanks to rising fuel prices over the last several years, limited interest in ultra-high-capacity long-haul routes, and competition from Airbus' A380.
  • Forrester warns CDOs: Don't expect career longevity (2015-01-28 15:27:00)
    A report released today from research firm Forrester suggests that most firms that have not already hired a CDO are not planning to do so in the near future.
  • YouTube's video pick spells doom for Adobe Flash (2015-01-28 15:14:39)
    By using HTML5 by default to deliver YouTube video, Google helps the Web root out Adobe's Flash. The next challenge for the Web: competing with mobile apps.>
  • iPhone 6 and 6 Plus stole more users from Android than any other iPhone (2015-01-28 15:05:25)
    The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are tremendous successes for Apple and have driven iPhone sales to new records — the company sold 74.5 million iPhone units during the first quarter of its 2015 fiscal year, with the bulk of them being 2014 iPhones. Tim Cook praised the devices during Tuesday’s earnings conference call, MacRumors reports, revealing the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus managed to bring more users to iOS from Android than any other iPhone before. FROM EARLIER: Samsung’s iPhone 6 nightmare is unfolding before its eyes Apple’s CEO said that only a “small fraction” of the installed iPhone base has upgraded to a new iPhone, and that the majority of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are new to
  • Your Facebook feed is going to be unbearable during the Super Bowl (2015-01-28 14:51:00)
  • Watch people lose it over Tesla's 'insane mode' (2015-01-28 14:40:42)
    Tesla's souped-up electric car takes acceleration to the next level, eliciting priceless reactions from surprised passengers.>
  • 25 jobs that most Americans would kill to have (2015-01-28 14:40:19)
    Do you hate your job? If so, then you’re probably wondering how to find a new one that would make you happier. And now there’s a way you can find out which career field has the most satisfied workers, as Glassdoor has put together a list of the 25 best jobs in America that you can get right now. RELATED: Aspiring techies should join these companies if they want to get paid How is such a list calculated, you ask? Glassdoor writes that it’s “determined by weighting three factors equally: earning potential (average annual base salary), career opportunities rating, and number of job openings.” So jobs that are plentiful, pay well and offer the most opportunities for advancement are rated the highest
  • Amazon takes on Microsoft, Google with corporate email service (2015-01-28 14:31:21)
    The e-commerce company continues to move into enterprise by taking advantage of its successful cloud-based computing service, Amazon Web Services.>
  • Rolling Stone opens its archives on Google Play Newsstand (2015-01-28 14:30:17)
    Rolling Stone is opening up its archives, making select stories from its nearly 50 years of publication free for anyone to read. The stories will all be available through Google Play Newsstand, making this a big grab for Google that should help to promote the app's sales of digital magazines and use as a news reader. Fast Company reports that three to four big stories from each issue will show up in the open archives, which Rolling Stone reportedly plans to augment with sound and video content next year. Newsstand is available on both iOS and Android, so a wide audience should be able to access these stories. It's not stated exactly how that'll be used, but the end goal appears to be getting more people reading Rolling Stone and opening up Newsstand.
  • 'Please don't bring drones to the Super Bowl,' says FAA in dystopian PSA (2015-01-28 14:29:35)
    The FAA has produced a YouTube video encouraging attendees of the Super Bowl to "leave your drone at home." The video resembles other public service announcements, from the stock photos of anti-smoking ads to the diabolical use of the head rhyme of "Don't Copy That Floppy" — the video's titled "No Drone Zone."
  • Ex-Los Alamos scientist gets 5 years in nuke spy sting (2015-01-28 14:24:39)
    ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — A former Los Alamos National Laboratory scientist who pleaded guilty to trying to help Venezuela develop a nuclear weapon was sentenced Wednesday to five years in prison and three years of supervised release
  • Dell offers new Ubuntu Linux workstation laptop (2015-01-28 14:20:20)
    Dell is continuing to support Linux developers with new Linux-powered laptops.
  • Life When You Can't Google It (2015-01-28 14:17:34)
    To my surprise, when I first moved to China it was easy to adapt to almost everything. Pollution, dirty tap water, and crowds? No problem, I'll use face masks, bottled water and elbows to get by. But as a former New Yorker virtually glued to the Internet, I couldn't wrap my head around adapting to a life without Google.After all, it was my...
  • Facebook wants to replace Twitter as your Super Bowl companion (2015-01-28 14:16:00)
  • Apple’s killer quarter in charts (2015-01-28 14:15:41)
    Apple’s fiscal first quarter was a complete blowout, sending the company’s stock soaring in after-hours trading on Tuesday night. We already gave you all the numbers: $18 billion in profit… $74.6 billion in revenue… 74.4 million iPhones sold… gross margin that climbed to 39.9%… it’s all simply staggering. Of course, there’s no better way to put Apple’s killer quarter in content than by visualizing some of the key figures from Apple’s report. DON’T MISS: 5 reasons Google’s move to become a wireless carrier may be doomed to fail Mobile analyst Benedict Evans from Andreessen Horowitz is a well-respected Apple watcher, and he’s always quick on the draw when it comes to charting Apple’s results. On Tuesday evening, he ran a quick post on his blog that
  • Amazon is taking on Microsoft Exchange with its own enterprise email service (2015-01-28 14:11:23)
    Amazon wants to bump Microsoft's Exchange out of its cozy position in the enterprise world. To do that, the company has announced WorkMail, a secure email and calendar platform aimed squarely at businesses. With WorkMail, Amazon is trying its hand at the backend services that Microsoft has built a strong reputation around. WorkMail includes many of the perks that are musts if Amazon hopes to find any success competing against Microsoft.
  • Mobile provider TracFone to pay $40M in federal settlement (2015-01-28 14:10:32)
    WASHINGTON (AP) — The nation's largest prepaid mobile provider, TracFone Wireless, will pay $40 million to settle government claims that it misled smartphone customers with promises of unlimited data service.
  • Budweiser's 'Lost Dog' Super Bowl ad has all the feels (2015-01-28 14:08:40)
    Keeping up with its recent tradition of Super Bowl ads that tug at your heartstrings, Budweiser's "Lost Dog" spot follows one lost puppy's long journey home.>
  • War against IS group spreads to Twitter (2015-01-28 13:55:26)
    The fight against Islamic State jihadists is taking place online as well on the battlefield, with 18,000 Twitter accounts linked to the group suspended in recent months, according to a US expert. IS supporters "are under significant pressure, with the most active and viral users taking the brunt of the suspensions" J. M. Berger, a fellow at the Brookings Institution who tracks militants on social media, told lawmakers on Tuesday. Twitter has suspended nearly 800 confirmed IS accounts since the fall of last year but this "may be the tip of the iceberg," as almost 18,000 accounts "related" to the jihadist network were suspended over the same time period, according to a forthcoming survey by Berger and another expert, Jonathon Morgan. Although tens of thousands of Twitter accounts remain online, advocates for the IS group online have called the suspensions "devastating," Berger told the House Committee on Foreign Affairs.
  • Dramatic video shows lightning strikes from space (2015-01-28 13:51:48)
    Using the Nightpod camera stand aboard the International Space Station, an astronaut captures a series of dramatic lightning strikes as seen from above our clouds.>
  • This skull may provide a new link between Neanderthals and modern humans (2015-01-28 13:50:00)
    It's history frozen in time: an expansive cave in Northern Israel where early humans lived for thousands of years, locked away and preserved after its entrance collapsed some 30,000 years ago. It's in this time capsule of human evolution that researchers say they've found a partial skull that serves as a "connecting link" between ancient and modern humans — "the first direct fossil evidence that modern humans inhabited the Levantine corridor" about 55,000 years ago. At a point in that timeline, between 40,000 and 60,000 years ago, anatomically modern humans (AMH) from Africa expanded across Europe and Asia. "It's an important puzzle in the big story of human evolution," says Israel Hershkovitz, the Professor in the Department of Anatomy and Anthropology, Sackler Faculty of Medicine at Tel Aviv University, who's leading up the excavation team that discovered this skull fragment dubbed "Manot 1." The findings, published this week by Nature, provides insight into that migration.
  • YouTube's HTML5 video a big nail in Flash coffin (2015-01-28 13:45:59)
    By using Web standards by default to deliver YouTube video, Google helps the Web root out Adobe's Flash. The next challenge for the Web: competing with mobile apps.>
  • Icahn on CNBC says his son was right on Netflix, wished he bought more (2015-01-28 13:43:14)
    Billionaire activist investor Carl Icahn said on Wednesday that he sold Netflix Inc shares too soon, admitting that his son Brett and fund co-manager David Schechter were correct to believe the stock was significantly undervalued. Icahn sold 2.99 million shares of Los Gatos, California-based Netflix in October 2013 after the stock rose more than fivefold in 14 months. "What I was worried about and conservative about Netflix - and obviously I wished I hadn't been as conservative - was 'net neutrality.' which has seemed to go away," Icahn said in an appearance on CNBC, referring to the U.S. Federal Communications Commission's work to set new regulations for Internet service providers. "That one storm cloud has gone away so I agree completely now with Brett and Dave on Netflix.
  • Canada's digital spies are watching what you download (2015-01-28 13:41:00)
  • HP still leads notebook pack, but Lenovo is on its heels (2015-01-28 13:40:58)
    HP snagged 20.1 percent of the notebook market worldwide in 2014, according to research firm TrendForce, but Lenovo is catching up fast.>
  • In a software world, Apple still makes hardware matter (2015-01-28 13:36:33)
    Apple’s $18 billion profit over the last three months of 2014 was driven primarily by growing iPhone sales, which accounted for more than two-thirds of the company’s $74.6 billion in revenue. At a time when smartphones are being dismissed as undifferentiated slabs of composite materials, Apple’s making more money from the hardware it sells than it ever has before, and the average price of every iPhone sold has actually risen. With iPads and Macs counted alongside the iPhone, Apple sold 101 million devices in the last quarter, and once you factor in iPods, the Apple TV, and peripherals like Beats headphones, 93.5 percent of all its revenue came from hardware sales. There’s no denying, of course, that some of the iPhone sales euphoria is pure, unadulterated hype.
  • Apple's crazy iPhone sales prove that hardware still matters (2015-01-28 13:36:33)
    Apple’s $18 billion profit over the last three months of 2014 was driven primarily by growing iPhone sales, which accounted for more than two-thirds of the company’s $74.6 billion in revenue. At a time when smartphones are being dismissed as undifferentiated slabs of composite materials, Apple’s making more money from the hardware it sells than it ever has before, and the average price of every iPhone sold has actually risen. With iPads and Macs counted alongside the iPhone, Apple sold 101 million devices in the last quarter, and once you factor in iPods, the Apple TV, and peripherals like Beats headphones, 93.5 percent of all its revenue came from hardware sales. There’s no denying, of course, that some of the iPhone sales euphoria is pure, unadulterated hype.
  • 3 Essential Secrets to Retaining Your Best Employees (2015-01-28 13:35:31)
    You can't do it all alone. In order to succeed, it's essential to build exactly the kind of staff you want. But building your staff doesn't end at the hiring process. You've got to be able to foresee the challenges ahead. And when it comes to creating an amazing team, you can count on the fact that employee retention will be a challenge....
  • This brand new free iPhone app finds you cheap flights by predicting the future (2015-01-28 13:35:00)
    Travelling is stressful enough without the added pain of wondering if you’ll be able to afford this month’s rent if you book a direct flight to your destination. Air travel can be remarkably expensive, to the point where there are hundreds of websites dedicated to finding you the best price for a plane ticket. Most of them operate in much the same way, by scouring airlines’ websites and searching for the best prices on flights that meet your search criteria. But now there’s a brand new iPhone app that takes a very different approach to finding you cheap flights: It predicts the future. DON’T MISS: Video: Watch terrified passengers’ reactions when the driver floors it in a Tesla P85D Instead of giving you
  • Amazon taking aim at Google, Microsoft corporate email service (2015-01-28 13:34:00)
    Amazon WorkMail falls under the Amazon Web Services umbrella, suggesting more of a back-end approach into the collaboration software space.
  • You can ask Bill Gates anything right now on Reddit (2015-01-28 13:28:44)
    Bill Gates has dropped by Reddit a couple times in the past, and he's doing it again this afternoon for an AMA starting at 1:15PM ET / 10:15AM PT. Though the spirit of an AMA is that people on Reddit can ask the person anything, Gates is probably interested in talking about his recently published annual letter, which outlines his views for how technology can help improve the lives of the poor. Last week, we spoke with Gates at length about what the next 15 years are going to look like — as you can see in the video above — and he's even guest-editing The Verge in February to help us find out. ...
  • Deflategate: NFL consults with physicists (2015-01-28 13:24:14)
    Technically Incorrect: It seems one can never know enough about how temperature affects the air pressure in a football. As part of its investigation, the NFL team reportedly is researching gas physics. Really.>
  • FCC says blocking wireless hotspots is illegal (2015-01-28 13:19:29)
    The agency issues official statement that blocking an individual's personal hotspot, as hotels and convention centers have done, is against the law and subject to fines.>
  • The phone designed to protect your information had a big hole (2015-01-28 13:14:00)
  • You can stream 10 Oscar-nominated movies online right now – here are the details (2015-01-28 13:10:32)
    We’re a little more than three weeks away from the Oscars, which means you still have time to catch up on some of the year’s most highly acclaimed movies before you see which ones win this year’s big awards. Wired has put together a helpful slideshow of 10 Oscar-nominated movies that you can buy or stream online right now and below we’ve listed each movie along with the services you can use to stream them. RELATED: Click here to see all of this year’s major Oscar nominees! Boyhood: Amazon, iTunes Nightcrawler: Amazon, iTunes Ida: Amazon, iTunes, Netflix The Judge: Amazon, iTunes Virunga: Netflix Gone Girl: Amazon, iTunes Last Days in Vietnam: Amazon, iTunes Finding Vivian Maier: Amazon, iTunes Begin Again: Amazon, iTunes
  • Canada is monitoring its citizens' file downloads, according to Snowden documents (2015-01-28 13:02:03)
    Most of the Snowden documents have concerned the American NSA or British GCHQ, but a new report from The Intercept shows Canada has a mass surveillance apparatus of its own. According to documents leaked by Edward Snowden, the Canadian Security Establishment (or CSE) is actively monitoring file uploads and downloads from a number of popular file-sharing sites, including RapidShare, SendShare, and the now-defunct MegaUpload. Dubbed LEVITATION, the system analyzes as many as 15 million file transfers a day. The vast majority of the traffic is simple file-sharing — in one document, an analyst describes the system as being clogged with "episodes of Glee" — but the system flags roughly 350 files each month that are tagged as "interesting" and investigated for national security implications.
  • Facebook launches Super Bowl hub with photos, video, and live updates (2015-01-28 12:58:53)
    If you aren't planning to be at a Super Bowl party shouting about the game or critiquing the commercials with your friends, Facebook hopes you'll be doing all of that stuff through its just-launched Super Bowl hub. Actually, Facebook calls it the "Super Bowl experience," but it's more or less a fancied up Trending page — and exactly what you'd expect as the company tries to ratchet up social activity even higher than the figures seen last year. Over 50 million people were "part of the conversation" focused around the NFL's biggest game in 2014. Now, Facebook wants to be an even larger center of the conversation — and try to keep you away from Twitter in the process.
  • Catfish meets the Arab Spring: talking with the makers of The Amina Profile (2015-01-28 12:57:02)
    In early 2011, Montreal resident Sandra Bagaria began an online relationship with Amina Arraf, a pretty, American-born Syrian woman who was passionate, outspoken, and gay in a country where homosexual activity is illegal. As the revolution intensified in Syria and neighboring countries, so did their relationship, and Amina's blog — A Gay Girl In Damascus — gained international attention. The Amina Profile, a documentary by Canadian filmmaker Sophie Deraspe premiering at this year's Sundance Film Festival, follows that investigation. Sophie, tell me a little bit about how you came to know Sandra and began to uncover this story.
  • Life in the Universe May Be Much Older Than We Thought (2015-01-28 12:56:33)
    The search extends across space and through the universe’s 13.8-billion-year history. Now, scientists have found five Earth-sized planets—all around an ancient, orange star—that suggest life in the universe could be far older than previously believed. “We’ve never seen anything like this—it is such an old star and the large number of small planets make it very special,” Daniel Huber, an astronomer from the University of Sydney and a co-author of an Astrophysical Journal paper about the finding published this week, said in a statement. It consists of five small, rocky planets orbiting a star two and a half times as old as Earth’s sun—and dates back 11.2 billion years.
  • Ancient star with Earth-sized planets dates to 'dawn of the galaxy' (2015-01-28 12:56:06)
    NASA's Kepler mission helps locate a solar system stocked with Earth-sized planets that dates back 11.2 billion years.>
  • Google X partners with drug maker to research multiple sclerosis (2015-01-28 12:52:38)
    Google's ambitious research lab, Google X, is teaming up with the pharmaceutical company Biogen Idec to study the progression of multiple sclerosis and why it differs between patients. According to Bloomberg, the partnership is expected to last multiple years and will have Google analyzing data from people with the disease, which currently has no cure. The progression of MS can vary dramatically between patients, with some only experiencing temporary numbness and others experiencing paralysis.
  • Super Bowl XLIX commercials to be re-created in Lego (2015-01-28 12:52:01)
    "Brick Bowl" will re-imagine the best of the big game's halftime commercials as a stop-motion animated film using thousands of Lego bricks in less than 36 hours.>
  • An Oyster subscription now gets you the entire Harry Potter series (2015-01-28 12:50:48)
    Ebook subscription service Oyster just increased its value in the witchcraft and wizardry community: the company has added the entire Harry Potter series to its library. The app, which offers users a buffet of books for a flat monthly fee, will add all seven Harry Potter novels, plus J.K. Rowling's faux-nonfiction titles, Quidditch Through the Ages, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, and The Tales of Beedle the Bard to its catalog. To carry the titles, Oyster teamed up with Pottermore, the all-things-Potter web portal. Earlier this month, Oyster's ebook count hit 1 million thanks to a partnership with the publishing giant Macmillan.
  • Phablets to flood smartphone market in coming years -- report (2015-01-28 12:42:34)
    Big-screened phones will account for more than 20 percent of mobile devices shipped by 2019, according to Juniper Research.>
  • The Big Picture: 3D Paris apartment shows what Unreal Engine 4 can do (2015-01-28 12:39:00)
  • Google: YouTube is so overloaded staff cannot filter content (2015-01-28 12:36:02)
    BRUSSELS (AP) — Internet giant Google said Wednesday that its video-sharing website YouTube is so inundated that staff cannot filter all terror related content, complicating the struggle to halt the publication of terrorist propaganda and hostage videos.
  • The one reason to not install iOS 8.1.3 on your iPhone 6… and how to downgrade if you did (2015-01-28 12:11:09)
    Apple on Tuesday released iOS 8.1.3, a minor software release that brings several fixes to known problems and vulnerabilities, including one for the annoying storage problem that may prevent some users from upgrading. However, as MacRumors points out, the iOS 8.1.3 update also patches the security issues used by the iOS 8 TaiG jailbreak, meaning that users who want to keep their iPhones and iPads jailbroken should stay away from iOS 8.1.3 for the time being. FROM EARLIER: Apple releases iOS 8.1.3 update – download it now! The TaiG jailbreak works on any iOS device running iOS 8.1.2 or earlier, including the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. While TaiG has not confirmed that iOS 8.1.3 breaks its jailbreak tool, unofficial
  • Slack is going to add video chat, voice chat, and screen-sharing (2015-01-28 12:00:03)
    It announced today that it plans to add video chat, voice chat, and screen-sharing features, all of which will be built with the help of Screenhero, a company that it's just acquired. The entirely of Screenhero's six-person team will head to Slack as part of the acquisition, which is being made in a cash and stock deal. Though Screenhero doesn't offer video chat, it already has the tech for both voice chat and screen-sharing. Screenhero says that it currently offers the "lowest latency screen-sharing on the market," allowing two people to control the same computer with next-to-no lag.
  • Dell XPS 13 review (2015): Meet the world's smallest 13-inch laptop (2015-01-28 12:00:00)
  • Video: Watch terrified passengers’ reactions when the driver floors it in a Tesla P85D (2015-01-28 11:50:08)
    Tesla’s tuned version of its Model S has been making waves ever since it was announced last year, and we have seen it do some pretty incredible things so far. It beat a Lamborghini Aventador off the line and it absolutely obliterated a Challenger Hellcat in a drag race, and it did it all without a single drop of gasoline. The Model S might not be the most refined luxury car on the road, but there’s no question that the P85D can hang with even the fastest supercars on the market. Precious few people know what it’s like to actually sit in a Model S P85D when the driver floors it, but now a hilarious new video gives us a pretty good idea
  • ​Microsoft stops producing the Windows RT-based Surface 2 (2015-01-28 11:45:44)
    Microsoft has wound down production of the Surface 2, the Microsoft tablet that won't be getting Windows 10.
  • Here’s every new movie and TV show you’ll be able to stream on Netflix in February (2015-01-28 11:31:56)
    New releases have slowed to a halt on Netflix over the past couple of weeks, but following the mountains of snow that are about to cover the Northeastern United States, a torrent of new movies and TV shows will be available to stream on Netflix. The Interview ended up on the streaming service a bit earlier than many had expected, but there’s still plenty to look forward to in February, including the third season of House of Cards. READ MORE: Check out the first trailer of Tina Fey’s upcoming Netflix sitcom Here’s the full list of movies and shows coming to Netflix in February: Available 2/1 Bleach the Movie: Hell Verse (2011) Dark Ride (2006) Gimme Shelter (2013) Gucci: The Director (2013) Hot Pursuit
  • Sony kills Music Unlimited, duets with Spotify on new PlayStation Music service (2015-01-28 11:19:40)
    The new service will replace Sony's current Music Unlimited service and will be available in 41 countries.>
  • First 'Threes', now 'Monument Valley': knockoff developer strikes again (2015-01-28 11:19:00)
  • Laser-filled earbuds flash to music, and maybe your steps and heartbeat too (2015-01-28 11:12:50)
    You'll definitely look like a future-forward partier with these glowing green, red or blue earbud cords draped around you. But is the price worth it?>
  • Apple's iOS beats Android in fourth-quarter activiations (2015-01-28 11:11:58)
    Apple's operating system accounted for 50 percent of all US activations in the fourth quarter, inching out Android's 45 percent share.>
  • Facebook launching Trending Super Bowl for the big game (2015-01-28 11:11:18)
    PHOENIX (AP) — As Facebook's latest step into sports, the social media giant is launching Trending Super Bowl — a real-time hub for content from Sunday's game between the Patriots and Seahawks.
  • 15 reasons Android can be better than the iPhone (2015-01-28 11:10:11)
    Smartphone preference is always a hot topic among enthusiasts, with the iPhone vs. Android rivalry being the most obvious one since the smartphone revolution started by the original iPhone eight years ago. While Google’s Android is the most popular smartphone OS by market share, Apple is still a significant adversary, one that has never been beaten when it comes to smartphone profits. In fact, Apple on Tuesday announced record and estimates-smashing revenue, and most importantly, iPhone sales. In light of this, Business Insider‘s 15 reasons why Android phones are better than the iPhone is an interesting read. FROM EARLIER: The single most incredible thing about Apple’s world-beating quarter Some arguments are old, but still relevant for many smartphones buyers. Android
  • Renault's Alpine Vision GT is an outrageous race car for Gran Turismo and real life (2015-01-28 11:09:06)
    Polyphony Digital's ongoing Vision Gran Turismo program — a partnership with real automakers to create concept cars for the Gran Turismo video game series — soldiers on. Take one look at the Alpine Vision Gran Turismo and you can guess that it's a pure concept car through and through, but there's something more to this one: Renault is bringing the racing-focused Alpine brand back into production next year. The Alpine Vision GT came out of an internal competition among 15 designs, and Renault actually decided to build one — there's a real model in Paris right now. Don't expect this to ever be in a dealership, but PS3 owners will be able to download it into Gran Turismo 6 starting in March.
  • How big is the iOS ecosystem? Answer: Huge, and growing fast (2015-01-28 11:03:00)
    Last quarter Apple was selling iPhones at the rate of nine a second. That works out at 818,329 iPhones a day, or over 74 million for the quarter as a whole. While this represents stellar sales, it is only the tip of the iOS ecosystem iceberg.
  • Seven future uses for Microsoft's HoloLens that will make someone disgustingly rich (2015-01-28 11:00:02)
    Since Microsoft announced HoloLens, I’ve been fantasizing about how it could inspire new business, improve old businesses, and generally make our lives better. Because I have neither the means nor the business acumen to make these fantasies into realities, I present them to you, brilliant readers, who can do with them what you will. Just remember me, when you’re rolling in your swimming pool full of augmented reality gold.
  • Sony is killing its awful music service and bringing Spotify to PlayStation (2015-01-28 10:58:13)
    Sony is betting its music streaming future on Spotify. Today the company quietly announced that it will be shutting down its unsuccessful Music Unlimited service on March 29th, 2015. In its place, Sony plans to launch a new service called PlayStation Music that uses none other than Spotify as its backbone. The app will debut on PlayStation 4, PS3, plus Xperia smartphones and tablets this spring.
  • The Myth of the CMO's Super-Short Shelf Life (2015-01-28 10:57:34)
    CMO's today actually fare better. Why are people not quite getting that?If you have ever had the privilege -- and the burden -- of repositioning a company, a product, or a service, no doubt you understand the greatest challenge: how the original positioning -- the "frame," in marketing speak -- must be subverted. Once the public settles in...
  • Once-tiny Microsoft has overtaken the mighty IBM (2015-01-28 10:53:06)
    When IBM signed up for Basic and DOS in 1980, Microsoft was tiny (40 staff) compared to Big Blue (341,279). But in the latest round of quarterly results, Microsoft unveiled bigger revenues, and it has 10x more cash in the bank.
  • AT&T is launching a superhero series on Snapchat (2015-01-28 10:50:14)
    AT&T is about to launch a superhero series, but it isn't making yet another movie or TV show: instead, the series will exist on Snapchat. AT&T is ostensibly trying to reach the droves of teens that have fallen in love with Snapchat, and doing so means experimenting with what's possible on the new platform. Scripted video series aren't brand new to Snapchat, but they're far from a common use. AT&T's hope is that the short-lived nature of Snapchat videos will make people feel compelled to watch them, rather than planning to stream them at a later date and then never doing so.
  • Vision Gran Turismo: the coolest concept cars come to PlayStation (2015-01-28 10:46:01)
    Gran Turismo 6 may have come out in 2013, but its most interesting cars have been steadily been coming out over the past year — and they're still coming. As part of the Vision Gran Turismo project, developer Polyphony Digital has been partnering with the biggest names in automotive to bring exciting concept cars into the game so you can actually drive them.
  • Big leak may finally reveal the real HTC One M9 (2015-01-28 10:45:13)
    Is HTC now taking design cues from… Samsung? Evan Blass, who has a very good track record with HTC-related leaks, has posted a new picture that may show us the final design of the HTC One M9, complete with a feature that none of us saw coming. FROM EARLIER: Next-gen HTC One M9 benchmarks leak – here’s how they compare to the Galaxy S6 As you can see below, Blass has posted a picture that seems to show HTC’s next flagship smartphone next to the picture he leaked last year of the HTC One M8. It looks like HTC is going to pull an Apple and release two different smartphones of varying sizes at the same time, but what’s really surprising is the
  • Snowden files show Canada spy agency runs global Internet watch: CBC (2015-01-28 10:32:16)
    By David Ljunggren OTTAWA (Reuters) - Canada's electronic spy agency has been intercepting and analyzing data on up to 15 million file downloads a day as part of a global surveillance program, according to a report published on Wednesday. The covert surveillance dragnet, nicknamed Levitation, has included allied countries and trading partners such as the United States, Britain, Brazil, Germany, Spain and Portugal, the report by CBC News and journalist Glenn Greenwald said. The spying initiative was revealed in 2012 documents obtained by U.S. whistleblower Edward Snowden. It is the first revelation from the Snowden files to show Canada has launched its own mass, globe-spanning Internet surveillance.
  • Windows 10: a closer look at the future of Microsoft's vision for PCs (2015-01-28 10:25:40)
    Microsoft's latest Windows 10 preview offers up a good look at what the company is planning for the future of laptops and PCs. While Windows 8 was never received well by consumers or businesses, Windows 10 aims to make things a lot more familiar. We saw the new Start Menu when Microsoft released its first Windows 10 preview back in October, but things are changing rapidly. Windows 10 is still a work in progress, but Microsoft is soliciting feedback and changing parts of its operating system before it ships later this year.
  • HTC allegedly launching two new phones on March 1st (2015-01-28 10:24:57)
    HTC has already revealed that it will be making a major product announcement on March 1st at the Mobile World Congress trade show. The image shows two new, never-before-seen HTC smartphones that have similar design traits to other recent phones from the company. They appear to have metal chassis, center-mounted front cameras, and HTC's signature front-facing BoomSound speakers in a similar configuration to last year's mid-range Desire Eye. The only visible difference between the two phones is what appears to be a fingerprint scanner below the HTC logo on one of them.
  • Pro tip: Evernote keeps a complete history of all your changes (2015-01-28 10:22:00)
    As it turns out, Evernote has a full version management system built into its software. If you want to recover older versions of a note, we'll show you how.
  • The hidden takeaway in Apple’s earnings: Android has almost nothing going for it right now (2015-01-28 10:20:54)
    Apple just isn’t selling a lot of iPhones to people around the world — it’s doing so at the expense of Android. In the all-important holiday quarter, Apple earned $3.06 a share on $74.6 billion in revenue, a jump of 30% over 2014. Perhaps most stunning in the quarter, was the fact Apple shipped 74.5 million iPhones, nearly 20 million than the previous record. It also shipped 5.5 million Macs and 21.4 million iPads in the quarter. DON’T MISS: The 9 most important things we learned from Apple’s record-crushing quarterly report On the earnings call, CEO Tim Cook noted that this quarter saw the highest number of people switching from Android over to iPhone, due in large part to the larger
  • Apple launches bug-fixing iOS 8.1.3 (2015-01-28 10:18:24)
    The latest update to iOS 8 reduces the amount of space needed to install an update and squashes a number of bugs.>
  • Dell aims upgraded laptop at Mac-using creative pros (2015-01-28 10:13:12)
    Looking for a profitable niche, the PC maker gives its 15-inch M3800 workstation a 4K display, Thunderbolt 2 and new storage options to coax video editors and others who use Apple laptops.>
  • ESPN and the future of sports coverage (2015-01-28 10:12:41)
    ESPN is the most powerful company in sports. It's built a massive, untouchable empire on the back of live games, SportsCenter, and the best TV coverage anywhere. But in 2015, the landscape has shifted; people don't just watch sports on TV anymore. So what does ESPN do now? We went to Bristol to find out.
  • Wanted: a better Twitter filter to mute the echo chamber (2015-01-28 10:09:02)
    If I follow you on Twitter it’s because I’m genuinely interested in what you — person or #brand — have to say.
  • DJI no longer lets you fly its drones in Washington, DC (2015-01-28 10:05:00)
  • Inside the studio where ESPN is betting billions on the future of sports (2015-01-28 10:03:17)
    It’s Sunday night on the weekend before Thanksgiving, and Odell Beckham Jr. has just given his New York Giants a big lead on their arch-rival Dallas Cowboys in the beginning of the second quarter.
  • Ex-Los Alamos scientist to be sentenced in nuke spy sting (2015-01-28 10:02:28)
    ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — A former Los Alamos National Laboratory scientist who pleaded guilty to trying to help Venezuela develop a nuclear weapon is set to be sentenced.
  • Wikipedia denies 'purging' feminist editors over Gamergate debate (2015-01-28 09:59:17)
    Gamergate is breaking Wikipedia. Since August, Wikipedia's article about the controversy has been divisive on a scale normally reserved for unjust wars and global warming. Gamergate supporters have been "boycotting" the site for months because of perceived bias, and co-founder Jimmy Wales has had limited luck in communicating with them. The committee's proposed final decision was already online, but today, Wikipedia posted a statement and explanation.
  • 7 awesome paid iPhone apps that are all free downloads right now (2015-01-28 09:55:20)
    Yesterday’s list of paid iPhone and iPad apps on sale for free included some real gems, including a few that are still free if you hurry. For Wednesday, however, we have a fresh list with seven new paid iOS apps that are all on sale for free. Today’s list has some particularly good apps, and the first one listed below could quite possibly blow your mind. But if you want them for free you had better rush, because these sales could be over at any time. CHECK IT OUT: Whatever you do, don’t buy these 5 smartphones These are paid iPhone and iPad apps that have been made available for free for a limited time by their developers. There is no way
  • Protect critical assets in the cloud by applying Operations Security (2015-01-28 09:53:08)
    Follow this five-step methodology that has been in use for more than 40 years to secure your company's sensitive assets that are in the cloud.
  • Install beta apps on your devices with TestFlight for iOS 8 (2015-01-28 09:49:22)
    Using the new TestFlight application on iOS to install beta apps couldn't be easier. Cory Bohon explains how.
  • Here's what Anita Sarkeesian's harassers do with the rest of their Twitter time (2015-01-28 09:44:45)
    Back in 2012, feminist critic Anita Sarkeesian posted a massive wall of furious, dismissive, or actively threatening YouTube comments that people had left on her proposal for a video series about female characters in games. A more objective reporter would concede that the entire campaign against Anita Sarkeesian could be an elaborate charade, a brilliant gambit involving hundreds of paid-off vloggers, thousands of fake Twitter accounts, and collaboration at the very top levels of the FBI and various state police forces. She could even be faking the wave of people who descend on our writers every time they mention Anita Sarkeesian! But maybe, hidden behind the exhortations to "kill yourself," the explicit rape threats, and the occasional smug assertion that the whole thing is a false flag campaign, there are actual human beings.
  • Netflix on how to build services that scale beyond millions of users (2015-01-28 09:37:17)
    How Netflix plans to use microservices as it redesigns its cloud-based systems to cope with exponential growth in its userbase.
  • The 9 most important things we learned from Apple’s record-crushing quarterly report (2015-01-28 09:30:33)
    Apple reported results from its fiscal first quarter on Tuesday night and in case you somehow missed it, they were incredible. As we noted in our coverage immediately following the report, Apple’s December quarter was the most profitable quarter any company has ever posted. What’s even more incredible, perhaps, is that its feat is thanks largely to just two devices — the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus — as pent-up demand for larger iPhones sent sales soaring. People are still digging through Apple’s filings for interesting tidbits, but all of the major takeaways from Apple’s fiscal first-quarter earnings are now out in the open. DON’T MISS: Whatever you do, don’t buy these 5 smartphones You’ll be reading about Apple’s historic
  • Disabled wiener dog gets a 3D printed wheelchair (2015-01-28 09:30:25)
    Download specs for a 3D-printed tiny wheelchair thanks to Bubbles, the two-legged dachshund and her crafty owners.>
  • Apple beats world record in quarterly profits (2015-01-28 09:29:55)
    Boosted by hot iPhone sales, the company topped the $15.9 billion earned by ExxonMobil in the second quarter of 2012, says Standard & Poor's.>
  • Get a Monster PowerCard mobile charger for $15 (2015-01-28 09:18:24)
    At $50 list, this wallet-size power supply is woefully overpriced. But at $15? Now we're talking.>
  • Pro tip: Find tons of open-source Android software with F-Droid (2015-01-28 09:17:24)
    If you're looking to find open-source software for your Android device, Jack Wallen introduces you to a one-stop shop for Android FOSS apps.
  • Twitter adds group private messaging and native video to its platform (2015-01-28 09:16:46)
    Twitter has responded to users' requests and is bringing private group messaging and "mobile video camera" to its platform.
  • The people who said Apple was doomed last year – where are they now? (2015-01-28 09:05:59)
    One surefire way to draw attention to yourself is to come up with a “contrarian” take on current events. While it’s always good to try thinking against the grain, there are times when contrarian takes simply fly in the face of reality. Nowhere in the tech world is this more apparent than the pundits and analysts who have repeatedly predicted over the years that Apple is “doomed.” We decided to follow up on two prominent examples of this phenomenon from last year to see what they’ve had to say in light of Apple’s record-smashing Q1 2015 earnings. RELATED: Why is Apple ‘doomed’ this week? First up is Global Equities Research analyst Trip Chowdry, who last March had a jaw-dropping interview with CNBC
  • Drone maker DJI will disable its units over Washington, DC, after White House crash (2015-01-28 09:03:45)
    Following the crash of one of its Phantom drones at the White House on Monday and a response from President Obama that more regulation of drones was needed, Chinese drone maker DJI will reportedly be disabling its units from flying over the DC area. According to the FAA, it was already against federal regulations to fly in that region, not to mention the fact that the pilot told the Secret Service he was drinking. DJI previously stated to The Verge that it programmed its drones to stop flying when they reached a certain distance from airports. Using the GPS, DJI can track a drone's position at all time and establish which zones are off limits.
  • Look like Hoth stuff in this 'Star Wars' AT-AT driver costume (2015-01-28 09:00:02)
    In an Empire state of mind? Wear this highly detailed Anovos "Star Wars" costume to relive all your favorite Battle of Hoth moments from "The Empire Strikes Back." No AT-AT required.>
  • Jeff Bridges recorded a whole album of lullabies just for this Super Bowl ad (2015-01-28 09:00:02)
    Call it the lullaby of capitalism: first we had Matthew McConaughey purring sweet dreams of respectable American sedans into our ears, and now Jeff Bridges has recorded a whole album of sleepy murmurs for Squarespace's new Super Bowl campaign. "His voice is like oak and leather and cigar smoke and the wilderness," says David Kolbusz of Wieden+Kennedy, the ad company responsible for the campaign.
  • Nintendo revenue tumbles, but profit remains (2015-01-28 08:48:35)
    Cost-control practices enable Nintendo to turn a profit, despite revenue sliding 11.3 percent during last 9 months of 2014.>
  • Head of games leaves Angry Birds company Rovio (2015-01-28 08:46:10)
    HELSINKI (Reuters) - Finland's Rovio and the head of its games operation, Jami Laes, have parted company as the business behind Angry Birds continues to grapple with an increasingly competitive mobile games market. Though Rovio has expanded its hugely successful Angry Birds brand into an animated TV series and consumer product licensing, the company has struggled to produce more hit games and recently said it would cut about 14 percent of its workforce. Laes said on Wednesday that he had left Rovio recently and is planning to launch a new start-up but declined to comment further. ...
  • Misfit Wants You to Control Your Home with the Flash (2015-01-28 08:45:36)
    In the video, Misfit's in-app wake up alarm goes off, triggering the Nest thermostat to automatically change the temperature of the house. We first saw Misfit jump into the smart home category at CES 2015, where the company debuted its first smart light bulb called Bolt. The bulb can glow in over 16 million colors, and you can control it from Misfit's Flash and Shine trackers by double tapping the only button on the device.
  • GHOST Flaw Spooks Web Servers Worldwide (2015-01-28 08:45:19)
    A newly disclosed flaw opens up most Linux-based Web and mail servers to attack, researchers from Redwood Shores, California-based security firm Qualys disclosed today (Jan. 27). The flaw, dubbed "GHOST" by its discoverers, "allows attackers to remotely take complete control of the victim system without having any prior knowledge of system credentials," (i.e. GHOST is of immediate and urgent concern to any IT professional administering a Linux-based server, but users of desktop Linux should also install patches, which have already been pushed out by Red Hat and Ubuntu, among others. Various flavors of Linux power at least a third of the world's Web servers and mail servers, but it's likely that administrators at top Web-based companies were tipped off ahead of today's disclosure.
  • The Multimodal CIO for the Digital Business Era (2015-01-28 08:40:23)
    - Stephen HawkingAccording to the 2015 State of the CIO report, there is a significant perception gap between business leaders and IT executives. Only 13% of business leaders perceive the CIO as a business partner.
  • Graffiti and satellites combine for a massive animated GIF (2015-01-28 08:35:00)
  • 'Mad Max' on a BMX: 'Turbo Kid' is an 80s adventure with added gore, and it looks nuts (2015-01-28 08:33:46)
    Imagine a blood-spattered post-apocalyptic Saturday morning cartoon with "Total Recall" baddie Michael Ironside in it. Yeah.>
  • Internet of Things: Governments start to take a closer look (2015-01-28 08:30:43)
    Ofcom and the FTC are the latest government agencies to start work on their strategies for, and responses to, the IoT.
  • You can finally buy Samsung’s shockingly great virtual reality headset from Best Buy (2015-01-28 08:30:09)
    The first time I tried Samsung’s virtual reality headset, I was beyond skeptical. Here was Samsung yet again trying to jump on any trend it possibly could by quickly churning out an ill-conceived competitor. I sat down, listened to a Samsung spokesperson run through his short, prewritten spiel, and lifted the Gear VR over my head. No one was filming me so I can’t be certain, but I think my jaw hung wide open the entire time I tried it. CHECK IT OUT: Whatever you do, don’t buy these 5 smartphones The Gear VR is good. Shockingly good. It uses Samsung’s quad HD Galaxy Note 4 phablet as the brains and the display for the headset, and a pair of special lenses
  • Search Google without being tracked: Abine adds Private Search to Blur (2015-01-28 08:23:00)
    Online privacy company Abine today announced its new Private Search anti-tracking tool for those who want to use Google Search in Firefox without being tracked by Google.
  • Good Technology intros a mobility suite for newcomers (2015-01-28 08:16:14)
    The Good Management Suite targets organizations new to the practice of mobility in the workplace.
  • Chris Pratt to be the next Indiana Jones in Disney reboot? (2015-01-28 08:11:19)
    Could Star-Lord be Indy? Disney is rumored to be reviving the adventures of everyone's favorite whip-cracking archaeologist. But will Chris Pratt play the lead?>
  • 5 Enterprise startup trends to watch in 2015 (2015-01-28 08:00:03)
    Startup markets tend to ebb and flow. Here are five trends to watch from enterprise startups this year.
  • How one of the best films at Sundance was shot using an iPhone 5S (2015-01-28 08:00:02)
    Tangerine, a breakout hit from this year’s Sundance Film Festival, is full of surprises. Particularly because the camera used to shoot Tangerine was the iPhone 5S. Plenty of amateur films have been shot using iPhones, but by all reports, this is the first movie at the Sundance Film Festival to be shot almost entirely on an Apple device. It was a decision that indie writer and director Sean Baker made to accommodate the film’s small budget.
  • Kim Kardashian satirizes herself in T-Mobile's Super Bowl ad (2015-01-28 07:47:33)
    Kim Kardashian is a fickle deity: sometimes she wants to break the internet and other times she wants to fix your mobile contract. In a new, wonderfully self-aware Super Bowl ad for T-Mobile, she extolls the virtues of the carrier's new Data Stash feature — a promotion that lets 4G customers roll over their unused data on a monthly basis. Time points out that last year T-mobile's Super Bowl commercial was a text-only affair that offered to pay off users' contracts with rival carriers and that ended with the promise: "Maybe next year we'll do an ad with overpaid movie stars." Kim's no movie star, but T-Mobile couldn't have picked a more appropriate famous person: she's probably the most prolific internet celeb there is. On top of breaking the internet and fixing your mobile data, she dominates on Instagram, releases insanely over-the-top freemium games, is publishing a book of selfies, and provides the best advert for qwerty keyboards that BlackBerry could ever ask for. Okay, so you might not respect someone who's famous mainly for being famous, but for a mainstream celebrity, Kim K is plugged into the internet like no else.
  • KKR makes Israel tech investment in web analytics firm ClickTale (2015-01-28 07:47:03)
    TEL AVIV (Reuters) - ClickTale, whose software enables website owners to see how people behave on their sites, has raised $35 million in a funding round led by KKR , marking the U.S. private equity firm's first investment in Israel's tech sector. ClickTale will use the funding to expand globally, continue to build its North American presence and accelerate development of customer analytics, the company said on Wednesday. KKR joins existing investors Amadeus Capital Partners, a UK venture capital firm, Goldrock Capital and Viola Credit. ...
  • Even the most secure Android phone ever had a critical security bug (2015-01-28 07:45:38)
    Marketed as the most secure Android handset available, the BlackPhone wasn’t completely safe from hackers’ attacks, as a recently discovered — and fixed — vulnerability in the phone’s instant messaging application could give them access to encrypted personal data such as messages, contacts and potential control over other “vital functions” of the handset, Ars Technica reports. FROM EARLIER: The most secure Android handset is soon getting a special privacy-focused app marketplace The security issue was thoroughly detailed by Azimuth Security, with the company saying that an attacker would only need a Silent Circle ID or phone number to take advantage of the bug. The vulnerability has been fixed by Silent Circle engineers after the company privately alerted them on the
  • Creating an old-girls network in Silicon Valley (2015-01-28 07:33:20)
    Thanks to Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg and her mega-bestselling book, Lean In, the gender-disparity debate has been front and center for years now in Silicon Valley. Her take: focus a little less on working harder, and a little more on old-fashioned meeting and greeting.      “Work your relationships,” says Lisa Lambert, a VP with Intel Corp.'s venture-capital unit.
  • Uber's legal struggles hamstring expansion in Asia (2015-01-28 07:29:54)
    As the US company aims to disrupt taxi markets across the globe, regulators in several countries in Asia are making it difficult for it to gain a foothold.>
  • Microsoft Office strategy takes the wind out of competitors' sails (2015-01-28 07:24:12)
    According to Tony Bradley, as long as people can create, edit, and review Microsoft Office files using actual Office apps, demand for office suite alternatives will decline dramatically. Do you agree?
  • Infamous Regin malware linked to spy tools used by NSA, Five Eyes intelligence (2015-01-28 07:22:29)
    Security firm Kaspersky claims Regin is strikingly similar to QWERTY malware documented in Snowden files.
  • 'World of Warcraft' is getting a selfie camera -- don't tell Leeroy Jenkins (2015-01-28 07:16:00)
  • Uber, Lyft face crucial courtroom test over driver benefits (2015-01-28 07:15:01)
    By Dan Levine and Sarah McBride SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Smartphone-enabled car services Uber and Lyft head to court this week to resolve a critical question for Silicon Valley's sharing economy: whether their drivers are independent contractors or employees. The two privately held companies face separate lawsuits seeking class action status in San Francisco federal court, brought on behalf of drivers who contend they are employees and entitled to reimbursement for expenses including gas and vehicle maintenance. If the judges rule against Uber and Lyft, it could significantly raise their costs beyond the lawsuits and force the companies to pay social security, workers' compensation, and unemployment insurance.
  • Facebook to sell real-time Super Bowl ads, taking on Twitter (2015-01-28 07:05:27)
    This Super Bowl Facebook is taking a page from Twitter's playbook, for the first time during a football championship selling ads that target people based on what they are talking about in real time. These include video ads that will play automatically on Facebook's newsfeed, triggered by key words that members mention in their posts as they watch the American football game on Feb. 1. Smartphones and tablets provide a second screen for the Super Bowl's 100 million television viewers to comment about the game as it proceeds, giving advertisers a more precise way to target messages.
  • LibreOffice for Android coming soon (2015-01-28 06:59:00)
    LibreOffice is still chained to the desktop but it's looking towards cloud and mobile, with an Android version under development.
  • Dell sharpens Precision M3800 workstation laptop with 4K display (2015-01-28 06:58:04)
    The notebook also gets a Thunderbolt 2 port, boosts maximum storage to 2TB, and offers an Ubuntu option.
  • CommScope buying some of TE Connectivity ops for about $3B (2015-01-28 06:55:37)
    HICKORY, N.C. (AP) — CommScope is buying TE Connectivity's telecom, enterprise and wireless businesses for about $3 billion, which will help diversify its operations and broaden its geographic reach.
  • Mexico debates Google sanction over data protection breach (2015-01-28 06:52:18)
    Mexico is considering the imposition of sanctions against Google over a possible breach of data protection law.
  • Super Bowl XLIX commercials to be recreated in Lego (2015-01-28 06:52:14)
    "Brick Bowl" will re-imagine the best of the big game's halftime commercials as a stop-motion animated film using thousands of Lego bricks in less than 36 hours.>
  • Meet Coolbox, the smart toolbox you deserve (2015-01-28 06:50:06)
    People who regularly contribute to crowdfunding projects might remember the Coolest, a smart cooler that managed to become the most funded campaign of all time with almost $13.3 million in pledges. Along similar lines we now have the Coolbox, a different kind of smart toolbox that packs lots of smart features. Listed on Indiegogo, this advanced toolbox  has already smashed through its initial $50,000 goal in just a day, with plenty of time left to raise even more money until the March 12th deadline. FROM EARLIER: This tiny gadget turns your ordinary sink into a high-tech washing machine The Coolbox is a toolbox that does many other things than simply carrying your neatly arranged tools, and seems to be a much better fit
  • Your PS Vita is about to get slightly less useful (2015-01-28 06:29:00)
  • Too many tabs open? Vivaldi could be the browser for you (2015-01-28 06:22:03)
    Opera co-founder Jon von Tetzchner unveils a new browser built for power users - the 'geeks' and 'nerds'.
  • Security vulnerability in Blackphone service exposed (2015-01-28 06:01:52)
    No device is 100 percent secure, and one researcher has demonstrated this concept by exposing a vulnerability in the Blackphone, an Android device for the security conscious.
  • Apple needs the iPad to be 'long arc,' enterprise driven (2015-01-28 06:00:00)
    Tim Cook isn't writing off the iPad, but acknowledges that you can't measure sales in 90 day increments without zooming out and seeing the enterprise possibilities.
  • iPhone sales trample expectations as profit sets global record (2015-01-28 05:47:36)
    Apple Inc quarterly results smashed Wall Street expectations with record sales of big-screen iPhones in the holiday shopping season and a 70 percent rise in China sales, powering the company to the largest profit in corporate history. Apple's cash pile is now $178 billion, enough to buy IBM or the equivalent to $556 for every American. Apple Chief Financial Officer Luca Maestri told Reuters in an interview that the company did not sell more iPhones in China than the United States, despite some earlier predictions by research analysts. The company's success in the competitive Chinese market can be attributed to its partnership with China Mobile Ltd , the largest global mobile carrier, and the appeal of the larger screen size of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.
  • Exploding Kittens becomes the most backed Kickstarter project of all time (2015-01-28 05:43:32)
    Exploding Kittens, a card game illustrated by famed web cartoonist Matthew Inman aka The Oatmeal, has become the most backed Kickstarter project of all time. The game — billed as "a highly strategic kitty-powered version of Russian Roulette" — has overtaken Tim Schafer's Double Fine Adventure game, the movie reboot of Veronica Mars, and the return of the Reading Rainbow to claim the top spot, attracting just under 107,000 backers at the time of writing. "You wonderful people have come together to form the largest community in Kickstarter history, and the numbers keep rising," wrote the Exploding Kittens team in a blog post.
  • Apple takes high road in China smartphone standoff with Xiaomi (2015-01-28 05:39:54)
    By Adam Jourdan SHANGHAI (Reuters) - Apple Inc is steering clear of Chinese rival Xiaomi Inc's [XTC.UL] low-price online strategy, ramping up store openings in China to harness its premium edge and fend off the fast-growing No.3 global smartphone maker. The U.S. firm's quarterly results smashed Wall Street expectations with record iPhone sales in the holiday season and a 70 percent rise in China, powering the company to the largest profit in corporate history. Its result in China, as well as other emerging markets such as Brazil, marks a riposte to critics who questioned the firm's strategy a year ago not to launch a cheaper phone to lure cost-conscious buyers from Xiaomi and Samsung Electronics Co Ltd . "In the long run Xiaomi is more of a threat to Apple than say Samsung," said Ben Thompson, analyst at
  • Google super-fast US Internet service spreads (2015-01-28 05:32:15)
    Google's super-fast Internet service -- up to 100 times quicker than basic broadband -- is heading for four more US metropolitan areas as the technology titan ramps up pressure on cable service giants. A Google Fiber program launched nearly five years ago will expand to 18 cities in the Atlanta, Charlotte, Nashville and Raleigh-Durham areas. "We can't wait to see what people and businesses across the southeast US do with gigabit speeds," Google Fiber vice president Dennis Kish said in a blog post announcing the expansion Tuesday. Google Fiber is live in Kansas City, Provo and Austin.
  • No fix in sight for ​Android Wi-Fi Direct vulnerability (2015-01-28 05:32:00)
    Google and a security company don't see eye-to-eye over a bug that can cause some Android devices to reboot under a remote attacker's orders.
  • 'Super Smash Bros.' and exchange rates help keep Nintendo in profit (2015-01-28 05:23:00)
  • Watch Berkeley's free lecture series on fixing the world's broken food systems (2015-01-28 05:07:47)
    Some of the world's preeminent food policy thinkers and researchers are taking part in a new Edible Education lecture series at UC Berkeley this spring semester, and their lectures are being made available to stream online. Starting this Monday with an introductory note from Michael Pollan (video above, jump to the 9-minute mark to skip the preamble), the series will be updated weekly with contributions from Marion Nestle, Eric Schlosser, and Raj Patel. The decisions made when setting food policy, argues Pollan, have broader consequences than most of us imagine. "Eating is, among other things, an ecological act," he says, before detailing some of the more devitalizing impacts of high-volume agriculture on our environment and ecology.
  • Nintendo says slack console sales to hit operating profit, weak yen to lift bottom line (2015-01-28 05:05:54)
    By Ritsuko Ando and Reiji Murai TOKYO/OSAKA (Reuters) - Japanese video game maker Nintendo Co on Wednesday issued a profit warning with a silver lining - even as it sells fewer consoles, the sharp weakening of the yen means overseas sales will inflate its net income this fiscal year. While operating profit still grew nearly 50 percent in October-December from a year earlier, the third quarter is Nintendo's biggest by far and it won't make up the shortfall by end-March. "We've made some progress in profit but in many ways we didn't score perfectly," Chief Executive Satoru Iwata told reporters at a briefing in Osaka. Iwata is hoping to steer Nintendo to its first annual operating profit in four years.
  • LG Display Q4 profit at four-year high, 2015 growth seen strong (2015-01-28 04:31:02)
    By Se Young Lee SEOUL (Reuters) - South Korea's LG Display Co Ltd reported on Wednesday its highest quarterly profit in almost four years, buoyed by robust demand for liquid crystal displays (LCDs) from television makers and client Apple Inc. The profit was in line with expectations, and analysts said the world's top LCD maker will likely see strong earnings growth this year as well, as demand for high-end televisions is expected to increase further. LG Display guided for profit for the seasonally weak first quarter to fall sequentially, but analysts said earnings will likely be supported by sales to Apple. The U.S. company reported record iPhone sales for the fiscal quarter ended Dec. 27 and plans to launch a new smartwatch in April, suggesting further sales momentum for LG Display. LG Display said operating profit more than doubled for the October-December period from a year earlier to 625.8 billion won ($580.14 million), in line with a 623 billion won mean profit forecast by a Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S poll of 36 analysts.
  • China regulator blasts Alibaba for illegal business on its websites (2015-01-28 04:13:26)
    By John Ruwitch SHANGHAI (Reuters) - A China regulator has accused Alibaba Group Holding Ltd of failing to clean up what it called illegal business deals on the e-commerce titan's platforms, in an unusually strong government criticism of one of the country's biggest private firms. The State Administration for Industry and Commerce (SAIC), in a report published on its website on Wednesday, said many products sold on Alibaba's e-commerce websites and services infringed upon trademarks, were substandard or fake, were banned or endangered public security. The report was later removed from the main page of the SAIC website. SAIC said the report summarised a July 16, 2014, meeting between government business regulators and Alibaba, and that it had delayed releasing the report to avoid affecting the e-commerce firm's initial public offering, which took place in September.
  • Basis' Peak fitness watch now gets notifications from your phone (2015-01-28 04:05:00)
  • After setting iPhone record, what does Apple do next? (2015-01-28 03:59:02)
    SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Apple CEO Tim Cook says consumer demand for new iPhones has been "staggering" and "hard to comprehend." That helped the company report record-smashing earnings for its latest quarter and primed its stock for a rally Wednesday.
  • Nintendo's nine-month profit jumps on cheap yen (2015-01-28 03:44:59)
    TOKYO (AP) — Nintendo reported a nearly six-fold increase in profit for the first three quarters of the fiscal year Wednesday and raised its earnings forecast as a cheap yen masked weak sales.
  • Tech fever: Why haven't African investors caught the IT funding bug? (2015-01-28 03:10:03)
    When African startups are looking for a fresh injection of funding, they often to have to look beyond their own borders. But could the situation be about to change?
  • Watch people lose their minds when subjected to the Tesla P85D's 'insane' mode (2015-01-28 03:01:26)
    When Elon Musk first showed off the Model S P85D, Tesla's high-end all-wheel-drive electric car, he said that his company wanted to reach the kind of acceleration achieved by the world's greatest supercars. With the help of a dash camera, some unsuspecting victims, and the car's ability to accelerate from 0 to 60 MPH in 3.2 seconds, a P85D owner made a super sweary compilation video to show that Tesla was certainly successful in making its newest model shockingly speedy. Musk tweeted a link to the video today, showing driver Brooks subjecting family and friends to the new P85D's ludicrous acceleration, causing squeals of surprise, dropped smartphones, and many, many curse words. The latest model of the P85D has two motors, ostensibly designed to help the car in inclement weather, that increase the amount of acceleration the car is capable of. In an industry where most gasoline-powered sports cars can only reach 60 MPH after six seconds from a standing start, Tesla's top-of-the-line car can catch people unawares.
  • Nintendo halves operating profit view on slack 3DS sales; weak yen lifts net profit (2015-01-28 02:49:10)
    TOKYO/OSAKA (Reuters) - Struggling Japanese video game maker Nintendo Co warned it won't make its annual operating profit target due to slack sales of its 3DS handheld game consoles, though the yen's current weakness means overseas sales will boost net profit. Reporting a return to profit in the nine months ended December, Osaka-based Nintendo on Wednesday halved its operating earnings target for the fiscal year through March to 20 billion yen ($169.46 million) from 40 billion yen. The weaker yen means sales in the United States and Europe are now worth significantly more when translated into the Japanese currency.
  • Swyp wants to replace all the credit, loyalty and gift cards in your wallet (2015-01-28 02:48:00)
  • Nintendo cuts forecasts but still expects a return to annual profit (2015-01-28 02:22:44)
    Nintendo had a pretty good Christmas. Buoyed by a weakened yen, net profit was ¥45.2 billion ($383 million) and revenue was ¥271,521 billion ($2.3 billion). The solid holiday sales won't be enough for Nintendo to meet its forecast of ¥40 billion yen in operating profit for the financial year, however — the company has slashed that target in half, now expecting to make ¥20 billion. Since its account for the nine months so far stands at ¥31.6 billion, Nintendo is predicting it will lose more than ¥10 billion over the next three months.
  • China criticizes Alibaba in report withheld until after IPO (2015-01-28 01:58:55)
    BEIJING (AP) — Chinese regulators accused e-commerce giant Alibaba on Wednesday of permitting sales of fake goods and hurting consumers in a report that was withheld until now to avoid disrupting the company's U.S. stock market debut.
  • YouTube begins defaulting to HTML5 video (2015-01-28 01:36:11)
    Users in select browsers will now see cat videos in an HTML5 video player, rather than the standard Flash player that YouTube has traditionally relied upon.
  • LG Display sees first quarter profit falling from fourth quarter on seasonally weak demand (2015-01-28 01:32:17)
    SEOUL (Reuters) - South Korea's LG Display Co Ltd said on Wednesday that profit in the first quarter would decline from the preceding quarter, as the display maker enters a seasonally weak period for consumer electronics products. The company also said shipments of liquid crystal displays (LCD) will fall by mid-single digit percent in January-March from the previous quarter. Earlier in the day, LG booked its highest quarterly profit in almost four years, buoyed by firm demand for liquid crystal displays from television makers and client Apple Inc. (Reporting by Se Young Lee)
  • CSIRO to trial IBM's Identity Mixer for collaborative research (2015-01-28 01:26:00)
    The CSIRO will begin piloting IBM's cryptographic algorithmic solution in order to facilitate the secure sharing of sensitive information between government, academic, research, and industry partners.
  • Scientists 3D print cartilage to repair damaged windpipes (2015-01-28 01:22:00)
  • Australian sysadmins cop brunt of data-retention burden (2015-01-28 01:12:12)
    Australian IT professional organisation SAGE-AU has said the government's mandatory data-retention legislation will increase the burden on IT workers in the country.
  • Google's Waze app endangers police: LAPD chief (2015-01-28 00:52:13)
    Google's newly acquired Waze application poses a danger to police because of its ability to track their locations, the Los Angeles police chief said in a letter to the tech company's CEO. Waze is a traffic and navigation application that users contribute information to in order to share real-time road information. Beck said the shooter in a recent double murder of two New York police officers used the application to track the location of cops. "I am concerned about the safety of law enforcement officers and the community, and the potential for your Waze product to be misused by those with criminal intent to endanger police officers and the community," the letter said.
  • Australian IT sector sees skills glut (2015-01-28 00:34:00)
    New research by the Australian Department of Employment has shown that the domestic information technology market is a long way from experiencing a skills shortage, with an average of almost 50 applicants per advertised job in the sector.
  • China regulator blasts Alibaba for illegal business on its sites (2015-01-28 00:25:44)
    The Chinese government has accused e-commerce titan Alibaba Group Holding Ltd of not paying enough attention to illegal business conducted on its platforms and failing to take effective steps to snuff it out. In unusually strong comments, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce (SAIC) said many products sold on Alibaba's e-commerce websites and through its services infringed upon trademarks, were substandard, illegally imported, had been banned or even endangered public security. Alibaba declined to provide immediate comment about the report released on Wednesday, which summarized a July 16, 2014, meeting between government business regulators and Alibaba. "Illegal business activities on Alibaba Group's platforms have for a long time failed to elicit sufficient attention, and (the company) for a long time has not adopted effective measures to address the situation," the report said.
  • Samsung's Gear VR headset arrives at Best Buy (but not at retail) (2015-01-28 00:25:00)
  • ​IBM plans to broadly offer its Identity Mixer technology (2015-01-28 00:01:04)
    Identity Mixer's technology uses an algorithm to encrypt personal data that's verified---age, birthdates, address, credit card number etc.---and share only what's needed with third parties.
  • Coke wants to make the Internet a happy place (good luck with that) (2015-01-27 23:43:00)
    Technically Incorrect: The company's goal is, as is so often the case, to spread positivity. So its Super Bowl ad wants to do that. But surely the Internet is one step too far.>
  • Pro tip: Write custom UI objects for iOS/Mac projects with IBInspectables (2015-01-27 23:31:34)
    When Apple unveiled the new features of Xcode 6 at WWDC '14, many developers glanced over a very cool feature that could change their workflow forever.
  • Amazon slashes the cost of its Fire Phone to £99 (2015-01-27 23:28:00)
  • MYOB moves upmarket with cloud-based ERP (2015-01-27 23:17:00)
    MYOB Advanced, a new cloud-based ERP suite, is based on technology developed by US company Acumatica, which MYOB invested in last year.
  • Sony is reportedly cutting 1,000 jobs in its smartphone group (2015-01-27 22:28:00)
  • Brace yourself, India: Here comes another Xiaomi blockbuster, the Mi4 (2015-01-27 22:22:40)
    If the sale of any of its previous models is anything to go by, the Mi4 is going to have an epic response.
  • YouTube drops Flash for HTML5 video as default (2015-01-27 22:22:16)
    YouTube, which used the platform as the standard way to play its videos, has dumped Flash in favor of HTML5 for its default web player. The site will now use HTML5 video as standard in Chrome, Internet Explorer 11, Safari 8, and in beta versions of Firefox. YouTube has spent years experimenting with HTML5, and engineer John Harding wrote about its benefits in 2010. Harding said that although HTML5 let YouTube bring videos to devices that don't support Flash Player, such as the iPhone, it did not sufficiently meet the site's needs at the time.
  • In a new report, Europe says mass surveillance threatens human rights (2015-01-27 22:15:53)
    The parliamentary assembly of the Council of Europe said in a lengthy report that mass surveillance practices, as thoroughly detailed in many reports following the extensive Edward Snowden leaks, are a fundamental threat to human rights. FROM EARLIER: Charlie Hebdo fallout: U.K. wants to ban WhatsApp, iMessage and other encrypted chat apps “The surveillance practices disclosed so far endanger fundamental human rights, including the rights to privacy (Article 8 European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR)), freedom of information and expression (Article 10, ECHR), and the rights to a fair trial (Article 6, ECHR) and freedom of religion (Article 9) — especially when privileged communications and religious ministers are intercepted and when digital evidence is manipulated. These rights are cornerstones of
  • Mexico says may sanction Google over data protection breach (2015-01-27 22:05:23)
    Mexico's federal transparency body said on Tuesday it had initiated proceedings to impose sanctions on the Mexican unit of Google Inc for possible breach of the country's data protection law. The Federal Institute for Information Access and Data Protection (IFAI) said it had taken the step following a request from an unidentified person who had asked Google Mexico to erase his personal data from the search engine and to stop using it. In a statement, the IFAI said it received the request in September 2014 after Google Mexico ignored the person's wishes.
  • ​Twitter rides the coattails of the 'missed call', acquires India's ZipDial (2015-01-27 21:57:21)
    Comparing the user base of both ZipDial and Twitter in India gives a good indication of why Twitter was drawn to the company.
  • How these energy geeks are reimagining an old school utility (2015-01-27 21:57:19)
    By Nichola Groom Orange County, Ca (Reuters) - Welcome to the utility industry's future - or at least that's what Southern California Edison is hoping.     Here in a non-descript, 53,500-square-foot building, the $12 billion utility's research team is testing everything from charging electronic vehicles via cell phone to devices that smooth out the power created by rooftop solar panels.     Those are some of the roughly 60 projects in the works at Edison's Advanced Technology division. The engineers from California's largest utility are hatching plans to insure its survival - and maybe even the survival of the nation's other big utilities, which are watching the project closely.     The lab was formed by Southern California Edison in 2009 after California passed a landmark law to lower its greenhouse gas emissions to 1990 levels - and source one third of its electricity from renewable sources by 2020.     The result has been more electric vehicles here in the Golden State.
  • Lasers have turned this metal super hydrophobic (2015-01-27 21:45:27)
    Researchers have used lasers to create an extremely hydrophobic material with potential applications from sanitation to solar panels.>
  • YouTube defaults to HTML5 on the web (2015-01-27 21:45:00)
  • Apple profit hits record on 'staggering' iPhone sales (2015-01-27 21:40:58)
    The California tech titan also announced Tuesday that it had sold its one billionth device powered by its iOS mobile operating system, on a day of dizzying figures -- even by Apple's high standards. "We'd like to thank our customers for an incredible quarter which saw demand for Apple products soar to an all-time high," declared chief executive Tim Cook. Blockbuster sales of the recently released iPhone 6, in particular, are signs of huge pent-up demand for larger-screen smartphones, likely to boost sales throughout this year, according to Forrester analyst Frank Gillett. "I would expect the surge in China and elsewhere to hold for quite a while before it settles down," Gillett said.
  • This is the main cast of the new Steve Jobs movie (2015-01-27 21:37:54)
    Filming is already underway for the next Steve Jobs biopic, though today Universal detailed its casting choices for the main characters of the film, which are (of course) based on real people. The studio also confirmed, via SlashFilm, what writer Aaron Sorkin had previously detailed from his screenplay (which is based on Walter Isaacson's authorized biography of Jobs), saying the film will take place at "three iconic product launches," culminating in the debut of the first iMac in 1998.The gang's all here
  • U.S. FCC warns against blocking personal Wi-Fi access (2015-01-27 21:33:14)
    The U.S. Federal Communications Commission on Tuesday warned hotels and other entities against blocking personal Wi-Fi access, or hot spots, saying it was illegal and could incur heavy fines. "The Enforcement Bureau has seen a disturbing trend in which hotels and other commercial establishments block wireless consumers from using their own personal Wi-Fi hot spots on the commercial establishment's premises," the agency said in a statement on its website.
  • Explosive documentary shows Scientology may be even creepier than you thought (2015-01-27 21:30:05)
    Did you think Scientology was just a goofy fake religion revolving around Xenu and Operating Thetan levels? Well, it turns out the reality behind the Church of Scientology is much darker than that, as evidenced by an explosive new documentary that alleges the church engages in truly vile practices such as child abuse and slave labor. RELATED: It’s depressingly easy to swindle people if religion is involved The new documentary, called Going Clear, is based on extensive interviews conducted with former members of the Church of Scientology, including one man who was once the second most powerful man in the organization. It’s set to air to a wider audience for the first time in March, when it will be broadcast by
  • Sony to cut 1,000 jobs in smartphone business: sources (2015-01-27 21:26:20)
    Sony Corp plans to cut around 1,000 additional jobs in its struggling smartphone division as it tries to bring its electronics business back into the black, sources said on Wednesday. Sony, which has cut its earnings forecasts six times on Hirai's watch, has forecast a 230 billion yen ($1.95 billion) net loss for the business year to March, suspending dividend payments for the first time amid weakness in smartphones. The cuts would be in addition to the 1,000 jobs Sony already said it would eliminate in its mobile unit, the sources said. The cuts will be announced when Sony reports its latest business results on Feb 4, the report said.
  • GoDaddy's puppy-mocking Super Bowl ad in the dog house (2015-01-27 21:22:56)
    Technically Incorrect: Laughing at the Budweiser ads that feature cuddly puppies, the traditionally bawdy GoDaddy released a Super Bowl ad this morning. And then: trouble. Big trouble.>
  • TI's super-slim graphing calculator shows that math can be stylish (2015-01-27 20:59:00)
  • Put meteorites on your feet and dance with the stars (2015-01-27 20:26:23)
    Designers create a pair of crazy-looking space-inspired shoes by taking 3D scans of real meteorites at the Natural History Museum in London.>
  • Yahoo sets Alibaba stake spinoff plan, shares jump (2015-01-27 20:13:54)
    By Alexei Oreskovic SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Yahoo Inc plans to spin off its 15 percent stake in China's Alibaba Group Holding Ltd , responding to pressure to hand over to shareholders its prized e-commerce investment valued at roughly $40 billion. Shares of Yahoo rose about 7 percent to $51.45 in after-hours trading on Tuesday, following the tax-free spinoff announcement and earnings which just beat analysts forecasts even as its revenues slightly lagged estimates. ...
  • Huawei shipped 138 million devices in 2014 (2015-01-27 20:13:00)
    Huawei's 7.8 percent increase in global smartphone sales has helped deliver the company a 30 percent sales revenue boost, up to $12.2 billion in 2014.
  • Video: New Amazon show wonders what life would be like if Germany won World War 2 (2015-01-27 20:00:40)
    Amazon Studios has an interesting new pilot that’s currently available to Prime members called The Man in the High Castle — based on the Philip K. Dick 1962 novel with the same name and produced by Ridley Scott — that imagines what the U.S. would look like following a different end to World War 2. Instead of the Allies winning the war, the Axis powers have prevailed, dividing America between them. FROM EARLIER: Time to binge: You can watch the pilot episodes of 13 brand new Amazon shows right now The action of the new proposed TV series takes place in 1962, with the U.S. consisting of the Greater Nazi Reich from the Atlantic to the Rockies, and the Japanese Pacific
  • Western Digital's second-quarter results beat Street on strong enterprise growth (2015-01-27 19:58:41)
    By Lehar Maan (Reuters) - Western Digital Corp, the world's No. 1 hard-disk drive maker, reported second-quarter results slightly ahead of Wall Street expectations on strong demand for its solid-state drives from enterprise customers. Shares of the company rose 3.5 percent to $101 in after-hours trading. The company's enterprise sales of solid-state drives rose more than 20 percent to $187 million in the second quarter. Solid-state drives are faster and more reliable than traditional hard disk drives. "Every enterprise drive sold contributes the equivalent of what 4-6 desktop (PC) drives sold ...
  • Warnings Australian spy agency won't delete retained data (2015-01-27 19:54:00)
    The inspector-general of Intelligence and Security has warned that Australia's top spy agency is under no obligation to delete data it receives under mandatory data-retention legislation.
  • What movies do you want to see in virtual reality? (2015-01-27 19:40:00)
  • Lessons learned in building a secure cloud product (2015-01-27 19:38:11)
    Enterprises wanting to move to the cloud, or ensure the best results and return on their existing clouds, would do well to seek best practice guidance from the industry.
  • Tomorrow Daily 119: Robot bats, real-life ad-blocking headset, a futuristic piano and more (2015-01-27 19:34:08)
    On today's show, we shudder at a robot bat that can easily switch between flying and moving on the ground, check out a headset that blurs out corporate logos in real life, and enjoy the beauty of a futuristic piano with over 18,000 parts.>
  • AT&T CEO hints at over-the-top mobile video service (2015-01-27 19:32:19)
    AT&T's Randall Stephenson plans to lean on DirecTV relationships to strike new media deals.>
  • Apple Watch to start shipping in April (2015-01-27 19:31:48)
    CEO Tim Cook says development of Apple's debut wearable is "right on schedule" and his expectations "are very high.">
  • Apple notches huge sales in China during Q1 (2015-01-27 19:30:52)
    The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus helped the company generate $16.2 billion, or 22 percent of its revenue, from China.>
  • Freescale revenue outlook pushes shares higher as CEO talks cars (2015-01-27 19:26:10)
    By Noel Randewich SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Freescale Semiconductor Ltd gave a revenue forecast for the current quarter above Wall Street's expectations, and its shares rose 12 percent in extended trade as its chief executive pointed to growing demand from automobile makers for its chips. Analysts, on average, are expecting net sales of $1.114 billion for the first quarter, which ends in March, according to Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S. Freescale makes chips used in a broad range of markets, including consumer products, telecommunications infrastructure and industrial equipment, but nearly half of its revenue comes from the automobile industry. Internet-connected cars with radar and other semi-autonomous driving features represent a third wave of electronics expansion in the automobile industry following the adoption of airbags and antilock brakes over a decade ago and the introduction of electronic fuel injection before then, CEO Gregg Lowe said on a conference call with analysts.
  • EA scores with shift to online play (2015-01-27 19:26:07)
    Despite falling profits, EA's quarterly results should impress Wall Street as the company continues focusing its efforts on selling games over the Internet.>
  • Apple shipped its billionth iOS device in November (2015-01-27 19:24:04)
    CEO Tim Cook said the company shipped the device on November 22. It was a space-gray iPhone 6 Plus.>
  • Toss the Luna on your mattress to make your bed smarter (2015-01-27 19:21:09)
    Wrist-worn sleep trackers are so 2014. The Luna mattress cover tracks your sleep, heats your bed to just the right temperature and has a built-in smart alarm to wake you up at the right time.>
  • All-female 'Ghostbusters' could star Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy (2015-01-27 19:19:01)
    The "Bridesmaids" alumnae will reportedly team up with "Saturday Night Live" players Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon to fight New York's phantom menace.>
  • You can download the new Louis C.K. comedy special for $5 right now (2015-01-27 19:15:53)
    Even if you’re not a fan of Louis C.K.’s comedy, you have to appreciate what he’s done for the industry as a whole. On the other hand, if you are a fan of Louis C.K., you’re probably going to want to download his latest hour special, which is available now on his site for $5, just like his last special. FROM EARLIER: Video: Kevin Hart hilariously skewers Brooklyn hipsters in the best SNL sketch “I developed and prepared this material over the last year or so, mostly in comedy clubs,” C.K. writes. “This special kind of goes back to when I used to just make noises and be funny for no particular reason. It felt right to shoot this special in a
  • AT&T results beat Wall Street, shares rise after hours (2015-01-27 19:04:50)
    By Malathi Nayak SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - AT&T Inc on Tuesday posted a quarterly net loss that was slightly slimmer than Wall Street expected, as its mobile device deals attracted more customers, but its users switched to other networks at a higher rate. AT&T shares rose about 2 percent in after-hours trading after closing at $32.81 on the New York Stock Exchange. Excluding items, AT&T earned 55 cents per share, beating analysts' forecasts by a penny. Faced with intense competition and promotional activity, wireless carriers have moved from two-year contract plans to equipment financing plans, which reduce service fees and eliminate subsidies for devices.
  • Tim Cook: 2015 will be the year of Apple Pay (2015-01-27 19:01:36)
    Apple says a total of 750 banks and credit unions are now working with the iPhone-centric payment service.>
  • This spider combs its tiny silk threads to make them extra sticky (2015-01-27 19:00:41)
    Instead of spinning "thick" silk threads (in this case, thick means several micrometers), the garden center spider can spin tiny nano-scale threads that are also extremely sticky. This is particularly useful when catching prey, but until recently researchers didn't now how the spider managed to make such sticky silk. Now, researchers say they've figured it out: the garden center spider's silk is sticky because the spider combs and pulls at the tiny threads to charge the fibers. In the study, published today in Biology Letters, researchers used three different kinds of microscopy techniques to study organs that produce silk in Uloborus plumipes, the garden center spider.
  • Apple iPhone sales trample expectations as profit sets global record (2015-01-27 18:58:05)
    Apple Inc quarterly results smashed Wall Street expectations with record sales of big-screen iPhones in the holiday shopping season and a 70 percent rise in China sales, powering the company to the largest profit in corporate history. Apple's cash pile is now $178 billion, enough to buy IBM or the equivalent to $556 for every American. Apple Chief Financial Officer Luca Maestri told Reuters in an interview that the company did not sell more iPhones in China than the United States, despite some earlier predictions by research analysts. The company's success in the competitive Chinese market can be attributed to its partnership with China Mobile Ltd , the largest global mobile carrier, and the appeal of the larger screen size of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.
  • VMware adjusted profit beats Street for eighth quarter in a row (2015-01-27 18:53:28)
    Virtualization software maker VMware Inc's adjusted profit beat the average analyst estimate for the eighth straight quarter due to strong demand for its products that help cut the cost of moving data to the cloud. VMware, like rival Citrix Systems Inc, makes software that enables the creation of a virtual machine that act like a real computer with an operating system, helping clients use server and storage space more efficiently. The company, however, forecast lower-than-expected profit and revenue for the current quarter, citing the impact of a stronger dollar and "longer revenue recognition periods" for client deals struck in the fourth quarter. More than 48 percent of VMware's revenue comes from outside the United States, according to a regulatory filing in November.
  • Regulator refutes Coinbase Exchange regulation claims (2015-01-27 18:52:04)
    California regulator the Department of Business Oversight has refuted claims made by Coinbase that its new bitcoin exchange is regulated.
  • Open Text revenue hit by strong US dollar, weak emerging markets (2015-01-27 18:46:01)
    Canadian business-software maker Open Text Corp's quarterly revenue fell short of market expectations, hit by a strong U.S. dollar and weaker-than-expected revenue from its emerging markets business. U.S.-listed shares of Open Text, whose software helps companies manage documents and workflows, fell 11 percent in extended trading on Tuesday. Revenue from markets including the Middle East, Latin America, China and India was "lower than planned," Chief Financial Officer John Doolittle said on a call with analysts. Total revenue rose 29 percent to $467.8 million in the second quarter ended Dec. 31, but fell short of the average analyst estimate of $486.7 million, according to Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S. The company, which gets about half its revenue in currencies other than the U.S. dollar, said revenue in the quarter was hit by a foreign exchange charge of $15 million.
  • Louis CK releases his first nightclub comedy special online (2015-01-27 18:46:00)
  • Juniper Networks profit beats as cost cuts bear fruit (2015-01-27 18:36:05)
    Network gear maker Juniper Networks Inc reported a better-than-expected adjusted quarterly profit as cost-cutting paid off, sending its shares up 4.4 pct in after-hours trading. Juniper, which gets about two-thirds of its revenue from telecom companies, said in April that it would reduce its 9,483-strong workforce by about 6 percent and focus on its high-growth businesses. Juniper's operating expenses fell about 13.4 pct to $526.9 million in the fourth quarter, excluding a non-cash goodwill impairment charge of about $850 million. "It's been a cost-cutting story and remains a cost-cutting story," Needham & Co analyst Alex Henderson said.
  • Video: Awesome school principal announces a snow day with his own special version of ‘Let It Go’ (2015-01-27 18:30:11)
    Many schools have been closed following blizzard warnings, but we doubt any of those schools announced snow days quite like this.  Moses Brown director of communications and community engagement Adam Olenn suggested the school should do something special for cancelling school this week, and the principal was apparently eager to accommodate his wild plan. FROM EARLIER: Not all cops are bad, this one’s dancing to Taylor Swift in a cop car Moses Brown posted on YouTube a funny School Is Closed video that’s actually a Let It Go cover that many kids will certainly appreciate. “I’ve seen a couple of funny principal snow day closings and I thought we could really crush that,” Olenn told WBUR. “Of course, with two little
  • Strong console sales boosts demand for Electronic Arts games (2015-01-27 18:28:12)
    Electronic Arts Inc , publisher of the "FIFA" and "Madden NFL" video games, posted better-than-expected quarterly profit and revenue, helped by growth in digital revenue and strong sales of its sports titles. Consumers lapped up heavily discounted older generation version of consoles such as Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Sony's PlayStation 3 in the holiday season, which in turn boosted sales of EA's game titles. "We did not anticipate as a strong market as there was in the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 market and there was some discounting I believe going on the marketplace in November and December," Blake Jorgensen, EA's chief financial officer, told Reuters. EA has benefited by offering its popular PC and online games on mobile devices, a high-margin "freemium" model in which games are available for free, but are monetized via advertising or charging gamers for additional features.
  • VPN blocks exist to keep internet 'healthy': Chinese official (2015-01-27 18:24:37)
    Responding to recent move to block virtual private network services in the world's most populated country, a Chinese official said on Tuesday that it will uphold scrutiny in order to keep pace with the rapid development of the internet.
  • Apple sold more iPhones in the US than China. But for how long? (2015-01-27 18:24:00)
    As it turns out, Apple can still say the U.S. buys more iPhones than China. Whoops.
  • AT&T Q4 customer growth up, but competition fuels rise in turnover (2015-01-27 18:16:42)
    Most of AT&T's customer gains in the fourth quarter came from its non-smartphone business.>
  • Apple profit hits new high on rocketing iPhone sales (2015-01-27 18:14:35)
    The California-based tech giant also announced Tuesday that its highly anticipated Apple Watch wearable devices unveiled last year are on track to begin shipping in April. "We'd like to thank our customers for an incredible quarter which saw demand for Apple products soar to an all-time high," said chief executive Tim Cook. Apple posted record revenue of $74.6 billion in the quarter, during which 74.5 million iPhones were sold. In the same three-month period at the end of 2013, Apple reported profit of $13.1 billion on $57.6 billion in revenue.
  • Motorola offering more big discounts on Moto X starting February 2nd (2015-01-27 18:13:42)
    It may be January, but Motorola is still hoping it can find more people interesting in buying the Moto X at a discount. If you forget to request the code on February 2nd, Moto will have another, slightly less appealing sale just a day later. There, you'll be able to take off $100 from pre-tax purchases of $499.99 or $35 off a final receipt of at least $249.99.
  • Seahawks' Marshawn Lynch confesses: I'm a cat-video man (2015-01-27 17:57:14)
    Technically Incorrect: Mocking the Super Bowl media day on behalf of Skittles, Seattle's normally monosyllabic running back offers clues to his tech preferences. A blimp rather than a jetpack, for example.>
  • Record iPhone sales drive blowout quarter for Apple (2015-01-27 17:56:08)
    SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Apple had another blowout quarter thanks to its new plus-sized iPhones, which helped the company smash sales records for the holiday season.
  • The best TV deals you’ll find ahead of Super Bowl Sunday (2015-01-27 17:45:33)
    In just a few short days, the biggest television event of the year will be upon us. That’s right — a bunch of very expensive commercials occasionally interrupted by two football teams, one of which just won the Super Bowl last year and another that seems to have cheated its way in. But no matter what you’re watching for, you’re going to want to have a big TV. MORE DEALS: 8 awesome paid iPhone apps that are free downloads for a limited time Below, we’ve listed a few TV deals that stood out to us as we scoured the Internet. And thanks to DealNews for pointing us in the direction of the last two: Samsung 50″ 1080p Smart LED TV Refresh Rate:
  • Nine iPhones sold every second (2015-01-27 17:35:13)
    Thats over 37,000 metric tons of iPhones sold during the quarter, the equivalent of about 750 modern battle tanks.
  • Linux makers release patch to thwart new 'Ghost' cyber threat (2015-01-27 17:04:04)
    Red Hat Inc and other makers of the widely used Linux operating system for business computers updated their software on Tuesday to thwart a serious new cyber threat they warned could allow hackers to gain remote control of their systems. The previously undisclosed vulnerability, dubbed "Ghost," is deemed critical because attackers could exploit it to covertly gain complete control of a targeted Linux system, according to cyber security firm Qualys, which uncovered the bug. To highlight the severity of the risk, researchers identified a way to craft malicious emails that could automatically compromise a vulnerable server without the email even being opened, said Amol Sarwate, director of engineering with Qualys. The firm has not released that code and has yet to develop other methods for attacking other types of Linux systems, including servers that run websites.
  • Microsoft is no longer manufacturing the Surface 2 (2015-01-27 16:06:45)
    Microsoft's Surface just had a very healthy quarter, bringing the company $1.1 billion in revenue. While we don't actually know how many units that is, Microsoft says that most of them were its newest model, the Surface Pro 3, which outsold its predecessor, the Surface 2, three to one. So it shouldn't come as too much of a surprise that Microsoft is shifting its focus to the newer version instead. The big unmentioned detail there is that it's the end of the line for Windows RT, which everyone except for Microsoft had already given up on.
  • But why blow up cats? Inman gives inside scoop on Exploding Kittens (2015-01-27 16:00:10)
    Careless kittens, cards, Kickstarter and The Oatmeal combined to bust crowdfunding records. CNET chats with Matthew Inman, and it's not all SFW.>
  • Teen mocks principal's looks on Facebook, gets expelled (2015-01-27 15:55:57)
    Technically Incorrect: After being told to remove dye from his own hair, the student finds a picture of his principal with purple hair and posts it. And he's said to have added some choice comments. The school is not amused.>
  • Watch the fantastic first trailer for Marvel’s new Fantastic Four movie (2015-01-27 15:55:19)
    Like it or not, 20th Century Fox is going to keep making Fantastic Four movies until they find an audience. Eight years after the release of Rise of the Silver Surfer, one of the most universally panned superhero movies in recent history, the inevitable reboot is finally coming, and today Fox released the movie’s first trailer. LAST TIME: Watch this now: The second ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ trailer has arrived As is the case with most comic book reboots, The Fantastic Four looks far darker and more brooding than its predecessors. A serious tone doesn’t necessarily make for a bad comic book movie, but there’s no telling how much strife we’ll be able to handle with Age of Ultron coming from Marvel just a few months
  • Thousands of laundry machines, parking kiosks and more get Apple Pay (2015-01-27 15:54:00)
  • Turn drinking straws into crazy dancing robots with Quirkbot (2015-01-27 15:50:28)
    A new Kickstarter project aims to let kids of all ages use hobby motors, LEDs and regular ol' drinking straws to make fully functional robots that walk, light up and even play drums.>
  • Saygus V2 'superphone' available for pre-order (2015-01-27 15:41:53)
    The waterproof 5-inch handset is expected to cost around $600 and is equipped with a 21-megapixel camera and up to 256GB of expandable storage.>
  • What! Facebook's down? No storm selfies during brief outage (2015-01-27 15:39:06)
    SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — No storm selfies, hookups, status updates. With Facebook and Instagram down for nearly an hour overnight, what were legions of users to do?
  • 9 criteria for testing IoT apps with PaaS to maintain productivity levels (2015-01-27 15:35:38)
    Speed, connectivity, and encryption are just three of the issues to consider when testing your IoT apps with PaaS. Get the complete list, as well as testing tips.
  • One of Siri’s coolest tricks can help you quickly return a lost iPhone (2015-01-27 15:30:35)
    Unless you’re the sort of person who keeps a lost iPhone you found in a bar — that’s still called stealing, by the way, and you might not get away with it — you can definitely try to return the device to the rightful owner  with the Find My iPhone functionality. The process is quite easy, and you don’t even have to unlock the phone to do it, as Siri can provide a more than helpful hand. FROM EARLIER: 8 awesome paid iPhone apps that are free downloads for a limited time As OS X Daily explains, all you have to do to find out the contact information of the iPhone’s owner is to hold the Home button of the phone to
  • Sorting out Windows 10 versions: Desktop, mobile and more (2015-01-27 15:29:42)
    We know Microsoft is developing a number of Windows 10 versions for use on different hardware. How they will each stack up is a work in progress.>
  • Five lesser-known Google Apps to make your digital life easier (2015-01-27 15:26:00)
    From a form generator to a trend tracker to a cloud printer app, these free tools will expand your capabilities and save you time and effort.
  • Snapchat to show content from big media brands (2015-01-27 15:25:31)
    NEW YORK (AP) — Popular disappearing-message app Snapchat is introducing content from media companies such as Vice, CNN and People to its service as it works to broaden its audience.
  • Prynt smartphone case prints your photos, Polaroid-style (2015-01-27 15:23:04)
    Go retro without giving up modern technology with the Prynt case on Kickstarter. It's a Polaroid for digital times.>
  • OS X Yosemite update tackles 'surprise' Mac security flaws (2015-01-27 15:09:00)
  • Psycho vs. Seven: How movie title sequences have changed over the years (2015-01-27 15:08:38)
    Sevilla uses the films of Alfred Hitchcock and David Fincher to show how shifts in video editing software over time have changed the look of title sequences. Panic Room uses 3D motion graphics for its credits, but still calls back to the geometric title sequence of 1959's North by Northwest.
  • We need to stop treating weather scientists like oracles (2015-01-27 14:54:48)
    It's mid-afternoon on Tuesday, and much of New York City is probably still smarting after the so-called snowstorm of the century turned out to be just a snowy day. Let's take a deep breath and say a simple truth together: Weather science is hard. When it comes to the weather, meteorologists work with a multitude of models — ones that often conflict — to determine with varying degrees of accuracy how dynamic weather patterns will behave days in advance.
  • Clash of Clans review (2015-01-27 14:54:00)
    Build your village, train your troops and battle with other players online
  • iPhone snags top spot in China for first time, says research firm (2015-01-27 14:44:02)
    Shipments of Apple's iPhones, namely the 6 and 6 Plus, have outshined lower-priced rivals, says Canalys.>
  • Business Continuity: 4 Core Principles to Be Successful (2015-01-27 14:42:34)
    Business continuity is a plan put in place to keep a business running in the event of a disaster, and is most important to organizations that are transaction-based.
  • Huge leak may reveal the Galaxy S6’s biggest secret (2015-01-27 14:41:40)
    Over the past several weeks, we’ve gotten an increasingly clear picture of what the Galaxy S6 is actually going to be. Some have been more reliable than others, and some have even come directly from BGR, but until Samsung actually announces the device, we’re going to continue to do our best to put the pieces together and keep you up to date with the latest rumors. This week, Polish blog published one of the most interesting reveals we’ve seen so far. As with all rumors, it’s hard to know which, if any, of the details are factual, but none of it seems to be too far from the realm of possibility. READ MORE: The Galaxy S6 could be the start of
  • Sony to cut 1,000 jobs in smartphone business: Nikkei (2015-01-27 14:34:46)
    (Reuters) - Sony Corp plans to cut another 1,000 jobs in its smartphone division, mainly in Europe and China, the Nikkei business daily reported. The cuts are in addition to the 1,000 jobs Sony said it would eliminate in its mobile unit in October, the Nikkei said. Overall, Sony's mobile division workforce will shrink by about 30 percent to 5,000 by the end of the fiscal year ending March 2016, the report said. The company, which competes with Apple Inc and Samsung Electronics Co Ltd in the smartphone market, is expected to report the latest cuts in its April-December earnings report on Feb. 4, the newspaper said.
  • GHOST, a critical Linux security hole, is revealed (2015-01-27 14:33:00)
    This security hole, which impacts many older versions of Linux and some current ones, should be patched as soon as possible.
  • Man who crashed drone into White House was reportedly drunk (2015-01-27 14:20:52)
    The man who crashed a DJI Phantom drone into the White House grounds on Monday morning has now told Secret Service investigators that he had been drinking prior the accident. According to a report in The New York Times, the man also claims the drone belonged a friend, that he was piloting it and lost control, and that he went to bed worried about exactly where it had come back to earth. President Obama and his family weren't in the White House at the time, but in an interview with CNN, Obama said that he has urged the FAA and other federal agencies to examine how domestic drones are being managed.
  • Next stop for Google Fiber? These lucky cities (with more on the way) (2015-01-27 14:18:00)
    The high-speed internet service, which allows users to download high-definition movies in mere seconds, will arrive in new cities on the east-coast state this year.
  • Samsung’s other nightmare might also give Apple some sleepless nights (2015-01-27 14:15:34)
    Not only is Apple still making more money than Samsung in the mobile business, but the iPhone maker is threatening Samsung’s lead in the smartphone business for the first time in years, as the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus helped Apple sell a huge number of handsets during the Christmas quarter. But the iPhone isn’t Samsung’s only nightmare, as the company faces fierce competition in various markets when it comes to cheaper handsets. China is an area of particular interest, where local smartphone makers are selling more and more impressive low-cost devices. One of them is Xiaomi, which might soon be giving Apple some sleepless nights as well. FROM EARLIER: Samsung’s iPhone 6 nightmare is unfolding before its eyes The company has sold out its
  • Apple releases OS X Yosemite 10.10.2 (2015-01-27 14:15:00)
    Apple has released OS X 10.10.2 for the Macs running OS X Yosemite, which brings with it a raft of fixes, including a patch for the Thunderstrike vulnerability.
  • New TV tech for 2015: Improving the LCD (2015-01-27 14:13:29)
    Alongside a host of TV announcements at CES 2015, there were multiple new TV technologies to go with them: quantum dots, HDR, MEMS and more. All of them aim to make the dominant TV technology, LCD, look better. Here's what they all mean.>
  • Google Fiber coming to new cities, including Atlanta and Nashville (2015-01-27 14:12:44)
    The search giant's 1-gigabit fiber network will arrive in 18 new cities across four metro areas. The company also hopes to expand to cities including San Jose, Calif., and Phoenix.>
  • FTC suggests Internet of Things 'best practices' to businesses (2015-01-27 14:10:00)
    The FTC's chairwoman argued these advised guidelines would both reassure consumers while helping the Internet of Things realize its full potential.
  • Microsoft tanks 10 percent, hit by 4 downgrades on earnings (2015-01-27 13:59:16)
    SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Microsoft shares plunged more than 10 percent Tuesday after the software giant reported quarterly revenue that beat expectations but warned that a weak PC market and a strong dollar will curb growth this year. Many analysts slashed price targets on the stock and some cut their Buy ratings to Hold.
  • This is not how to advertise virtual reality, Samsung (2015-01-27 13:52:12)
    We've had a lot of fun with Samsung's Gear VR since we first tried it back in September. Despite the total cost, the untethered portability combined with the decent resolution of the Galaxy Note 4 has made it one of the first successful attempts at making virtual reality plug-and-play. Now, Samsung has released its first ad for the headset in the form of this two-minute video. It's an unfortunately boring representation of an exciting technology — the whole thing comes across as more of an instructional video than anything.
  • This is the most ridiculous iPhone 6 clone we’ve ever seen (2015-01-27 13:50:17)
    Ever since the iPhone first hit the market, it was all but inevitable that we would see a litany of clones in the ensuing years. Some have been more subtle than others, such as Samsung’s Galaxy Alpha from late last year, but the most entertaining knockoffs are the ones that are nearly indistinguishable from the real thing. That’s why our mouths are still agape at the insanity of the Dakele 3. READ MORE: First Samsung, then Xiaomi – now another big company has ripped off the iPhone Dakele’s newest smartphone is a nearly perfect clone of the iPhone 6, from its size to the placement of the volume controls to the home button with its silver outline. At a glance, there’s almost no way
  • Opera's former chief launches a web browser for power users (2015-01-27 13:44:00)
  • Watch this: Great horned owls try to steal a bald eagle nest (2015-01-27 13:31:56)
    Bald eagles in Decorah, Iowa, are fighting off some interlopers hoping to steal their nest: great horned owls. It's a female great horned owl who knocks the eagle out of the nest. Great horned owls are "the tigers of the air"It's not the first clash between the ferocious birds of prey, and it's unlikely to be the last, Bob Anderson, director of the Raptor Resource Project in Decorah, tells The Des Moines Register. While bald eagles are much larger than than owls, the owls are "the tigers of the air," Anderson says.
  • How these energy geeks are re-imagining an old school utility (2015-01-27 13:31:37)
    By Nichola Groom Orange County, Ca (Reuters) - Welcome to the utility industry's future - or at least that's what Southern California Edison is hoping. Here in a non-descript, 53,500-square-foot building, the $12 billion utility's research team is testing everything from charging electronic vehicles via cell phone to devices that smooth out the power created by rooftop solar panels. Those are some of the roughly 60 projects in the works at Edison's Advanced Technology division. The engineers from California's largest utility are hatching plans to insure its survival - and maybe even the survival of the nation's other big utilities, which are watching the project closely.
  • Messaging app hides pictures in plain sight on Facebook (2015-01-27 13:31:30)
    Snoop-thwarting messaging application Wickr on Tuesday began letting Apple mobile gadget users hide pictures in plain sight on their Facebook pages. Wickr Timed Feed (WTF) hosts pictures in a way that keeps them in the control of those doing the posting, and the service gathers no data about images, according to co-founder Nico Sell.
  • Google Fiber rollout confirmed for Atlanta, Nashville, Charlotte, and Raleigh-Durham (2015-01-27 13:23:17)
    Right on schedule, Google has confirmed the next cities to receive its high-speed Google Fiber gigabit internet and TV service. According to a blog post from the company, 18 cities across four major metropolitan areas — Atlanta, Nashville, Charlotte, and Raleigh-Durham — will be the next to receive Google Fiber. This matches up with recent reports indicating that these cities, which were already on Google's roadmap as potential future fiber cities, would be officially announced this week. Google also noted that it is continuing to explore options for bringing fiber to Phoenix, Portland, Salt Lake City, San Antonio, and San Jose and would have more updates on those cities this year.
  • What Google's Unpatched Android Flaws Mean for You (2015-01-27 13:23:15)
    Google caused a stir in the information-security industry this month by publicly disclosing flaws in the software of its rivals Apple and Microsoft. The first flaw, in the WebView component of Android 4.3 Jelly Bean and older, will stay unpatched for "practical" reasons. WebView lets third-party Android apps leverage the stock Android browser to display ads and other Web-based content. In Android 4.4 KitKat and 5.0 Lollipop, that browser is Chrome, but previous versions of Android — estimated to run on 930 million devices worldwide — use the earlier browser, aka Browser, which Google no longer works on.
  • Louis C.K. has just released a new $5 comedy special online (2015-01-27 13:22:55)
    Comedian Louis C.K. is once again releasing a special for $5. Following in the tradition of last year's movie ($5) and HBO special ($5), Live at The Comedy Store is a one-hour stand-up special that's now available for download and streaming. For $5 you get three DRM-free video downloads (available in both SD and HD), three audio downloads (as MP3 or FLAC), and three chances to stream.
  • Apple releases iOS 8.1.3, reduces amount of free space needed for updates (2015-01-27 13:19:09)
    Apple has just released an update for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch that addresses a number of bugs and adds a couple of new features to the platform. Available for download now, the biggest thing that iOS 8.1.3 addresses is the amount of free space needed to install updates over the air. Prior to this, most updates required gigabytes of free space available to be installed, which many lower cost iOS devices did not have. Apple doesn't say how much the required space was reduced, but we were able to install it on a 16GB iPad mini that only had 445MB of space available.
  • Will the feature-filled Coolbox be the coolest of the tool world? (2015-01-27 13:17:39)
    A new toolbox with LED lights, speakers, outlets, a whiteboard and more blew past its Indiegogo goal in a day. Will it keep going?>
  • Cisco launches cloud suite under new software strategy (2015-01-27 13:16:04)
    Cisco's Enterprise Cloud Suite is part of a strategy to decouple software from hardware.
  • Apple releases iOS 8.1.3 (2015-01-27 13:15:00)
    Apple has released iOS 8.1.3 for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, which brings with it relief for those who feel that updates have become too cumbersome to install.
  • Facebook is trying to change the way advertisers look at social (2015-01-27 13:12:38)
    The world's largest social network is refining its tools designed to help advertisers understand how well ads work.>
  • Obama sees need to move on drone rules now (2015-01-27 13:09:15)
    President Barack Obama says the wayward quadcopter that crashed harmlessly on the White House grounds shows that the U.S. must update its laws to manage the expanding frontier of commercial and consumer ...
  • Snapchat adds news, entertainment content to messaging service (2015-01-27 13:08:26)
    Snapchat has partnered with CNN, ESPN and nine other media companies to feature videos and articles on its mobile messaging service, a move that heightens the competition with social networks such as Facebook Inc and Twitter Inc. Snapchat's new Discover service features individual "channels" for its various media partners that include five to 10 stories a day, according to Snapchat, which announced the move on its official blog on Tuesday. The new Snapchat features reflect the growing competition among mobile messaging apps and social networks to entice users to spend more time on their free, advertising-supported services.
  • Facebook outage brings jokes, marketing pitches to Twitter (2015-01-27 13:07:02)
    SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — For many, the hour without a Facebook was a golden opportunity for a joke — or a marketing pitch — on other social media sites.
  • Misfit partners with Nest and August to control your home from your wrist (2015-01-27 13:00:02)
    Wearables company Misfit is turning its fitness tracking devices into controllers for the smart home, announcing a string of new partnerships with Nest, Logitech, August, and If This Then That (IFTTT). Users of Misfit’s minimalist, $50 Flash tracker will be able to control music with the device, send Yos, or even use its sleep tracking functionality to tell Nest’s thermostat when to start heating their house in the morning. Misfit says that users can currently only assign two functions (one for a single-push and one for a double-push), but that syncing the device with Nest's or August's products doesn't use either of these slots. Misfit's new partnership with the company will allow users to add similar, personalized functionality.
  • ​Misfit turns $50 Flash fitness band into smart home remote, too (2015-01-27 13:00:02)
    The Flash's click-button will integrate across several services as Misfit aims to turn its wearable fitness gadgets into connected lifestyle remotes.>
  • 120 Sports streams its live news and analysis on Apple TV (2015-01-27 13:00:00)
  • Apple releases iOS 8.1.3 update – download it now! (2015-01-27 12:58:47)
    If you have a reasonably new iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, today is your lucky day. Forget about the blizzard ravaging the East Coast, Apple just released a brand new version of its iOS operating system to the public. DON’T MISS: 10 essential apps you should install on your iPhone 6 right now iOS 8.1.3 isn’t the major update we’re expecting when iOS 8.2 is finally released, but it does clean things up a few things behind the scenes. Also of note, the update requires less free storage to install, potentially making it available to many more users than previous versions. Apple just made iOS 8.1.3 available as an over the air (OTA) update, just as BGR’s Jonathan Geller said would be the case.
  • The Galaxy S6 could be the start of a major shift for Samsung (2015-01-27 12:50:54)
    The specs of Samsung’s Galaxy S6 might not include the powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 System-on-Chip (SoC), many reports have said, as the new chip is plagued by certain overheating issues that Qualcomm is hurrying to fix. The chipmaker has denied these claims, but people familiar with the matter have recently said the company is developing a special Snapdragon 810 chip for the Galaxy S6. But that might not be the case, according to South Korean publication ETNews says, as Samsung may have a different reason for ditching the Snapdragon 810. FROM EARLIER: Carrier apparently confirms both the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S Edge Samsung may be interested in dropping its reliance on Qualcomm chips for its mobile devices, and instead use its home-grown Exynos
  • Headset filters out ads from the real world, will make watching Super Bowl ads awkward (2015-01-27 12:42:02)
    For the most recent PennApps, a student-run hackathon that seeks to "solve real-world problems," a group of developers submitted a solution for unwanted ads offline. Dubbed "Brand Killer," the custom-built head-mounted display conceals brand logos in the real world with a fuzz familiar to anyone who's watched an episode of Cops. Corporate branding and advertisements are ubiquitous in society today and almost impossible to avoid. What if we lived in a world where consumers were blind to this surplus of corporate branding?
  • France wants to make Google and Facebook accountable for hate speech (2015-01-27 12:38:02)
    The French government announced today a plan to hold web companies accountable for any extremist messages they may host, Bloomberg reports. French president Francois Hollande wants to introduce a law that would make companies like Google and Facebook "accomplices" in crimes of hate speech if users post content the government deems extremist. French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve plans to travel to the US to discuss this proposal with the heads of Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and Twitter. It remains to be seen how exactly the boundaries of what constitutes an "extremist" message will be set, and to what extent the web companies will be involved.
  • Near-Earth asteroid has its own little moon in tow (2015-01-27 12:34:22)
    When asteroid 2004 BL86 passed near Earth on January 26, it wasn't alone. A small moon came along for the ride.>
  • FTC to connected device makers: Focus on security and privacy (2015-01-27 12:32:00)
  • Someone just hijacked Taylor Swift's Twitter and Instagram accounts (2015-01-27 12:31:57)
    Taylor Swift's Twitter account was broken into this afternoon, with her profile tweeting out to over 51 million fans that they should follow someone who claims to be the "leader" of Lizard Squad — the hacking group that's ostensibly behind this attack. Swift has the fourth largest account on Twitter, making this one of the higher-profile breaches that have occurred on the network. Tweets sent by the hacker were deleted within about 15 minutes, as Swift or Twitter itself seemingly recovered the account. Swift's Instagram account was broken into shortly thereafter, with the account posting a photo imploring her fans to follow someone associated with the Twitter hack. After dozens of celebrities had private photos stolen and then published online last year, Apple introduced new security measures, but it isn't clear how effective those will be to prevent future attacks.
  • Uber says ride services reduce drunk driving (2015-01-27 12:31:30)
    Uber, a ride service facing legal challenges around the world, on Tuesday released a survey showing that people are less likely to drive home after drinking alcohol after such businesses started operating in their cities. The results of the survey, done with advocacy group Mothers Against Drunk Driving, were based on a December poll of 807 adults in the largest U.S. cities where Uber operates. Uber customers who request rides over the upcoming Super Bowl weekend, a time that traditionally sees a spike in drunk driving, can opt to donate $1 to Mothers Against Drunk Driving by typing in the code UBERMADD, it said. Other factors, such as intensified campaigns against drunk driving, may have contributed to the numbers, Uber executive Jonathan Hall said in a phone interview.
  • Jynx: A social network that nixes everyone you disagree with (2015-01-27 12:28:40)
    A parody video from Above Average shows social networking taken to the extreme. On Jynx, you only see posts from friends who share the same opinions as you.>
  • Lyft cars still think pink, but streamline the 'stache (2015-01-27 12:01:40)
    SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — The pink mustache is out.
  • Video: Watch a man crash a 2,000-hp Lamborghini into a pond (2015-01-27 12:01:21)
    The Lamborghini Gallardo is obviously an incredible machine straight out of the factory, but the custom red Gallardo pictured above is in a league of its own. Built by Sarasota, Florida-based Heffner Performance, the twin turbocharged beast has been on display several times at shows, touting more than 2,000 horsepower thanks to a wide range of modifications. Not everyone can handle all that power, however, and things recently took a turn for the worse when one driver crashed the one-of-a-kind Lambo into a pond. DON’T MISS: Meet the movie pirating service that Netflix is afraid of WannaGOFAST is an event that brings 125 race cars together 1/2-mile drag races. The event recently took place at a private track in Ocala, Florida, and unfortunately the talk of
  • YAC review (2015-01-27 12:00:02)
    Protect your PC from browser hijackers, malicious plug-ins, malware, adware, various viruses
  • Moment's new case gives your phone a real shutter button (2015-01-27 12:00:02)
    The Moment Case has an integrated mount for Moment's wide-angle and telephoto lenses released last year, as well as mounting points for neck or wrist straps. It can even determine which of Moment's lenses are attached, sending that information to Moment's app for improved image processing.
  • Moment's camera case gives your iPhone a two-stage shutter key (2015-01-27 12:00:00)
  • Apple takes top spot in Chinese smartphone market - data firm (2015-01-27 11:58:01)
    (Reuters) - Apple Inc has shipped the most number of smartphones in China in the fourth quarter, overtaking Samsung Electronics Co Ltd and homegrown companies such as Xiaomi for the first time, according to data firm Canalys. Apple's iPhone 6 and 6 Plus launched last September have proved to be popular in Asia despite being costlier than most handsets. "The company is finally riding the large screen and LTE trends in China, which have been vital to its success," Canalys analysts said. ( Samsung was shunted to the third place, the report said. ...
  • White House wants to nearly double funding to fight antibiotic resistance (2015-01-27 11:52:40)
    President Obama's fiscal 2016 budget request will include a proposal to nearly double federal funding dedicated to combat antibiotic-resistant bacteria — a health issue that causes approximately 2 million illnesses and 23,000 deaths a year in the US. The increase would bring the total amount devoted to antibiotic resistance to $1.2 billion. Antibiotic resistance develops when bacteria encounters antibiotics in doses that aren't quite strong enough to kill them. When the bacteria can withstand our antibiotics, we have no way to cure infections — making major surgeries impossible, cutting short the lives of people with compromised immune systems, and turning even minor cuts into serious health risks.
  • Apple has always been ‘boring’ (2015-01-27 11:40:45)
    It’s January, which means it’s time for some tech pundits to declare that Apple has become boring and is in danger of falling far behind its rivals. We’ve seen two examples of this recently — one from Engadget and another from Business Insider — that ripped Apple for not having an immediate answer to Microsoft’s new HoloLens augmented reality headset. Yoni Heisler, however, argues that Apple has always been “boring” in the sense that it typically doesn’t publicly show off whatever “moonshot” projects it’s been working on behind the scenes. RELATED: Is Apple back to being ‘boring’ already? “Apple today is as ‘boring’ as it’s ever been,” Heisler writes. “If anything, Apple’s position as a ‘boring’ company is the result of
  • Illumio's new security foundations can enable a new era of agility (2015-01-27 11:39:41)
    Finally some innovation and progress in network security after years of siege mentality - map IT topography, label and write security policy for the modern digital world
  • Netflix's 'A.K.A. Jessica Jones' gets David Tennant for a villain (2015-01-27 11:33:00)
  • Vergecast Special Edition: adventures at the Sundance Film Festival (2015-01-27 11:28:31)
    Put on your snow boots, gang — it's time to visit Park City, Utah, for this special Sundance Film Festival edition of the Vergecast. Emily Yoshida, Bryan Bishop, and Casey Newton are on hand to run down all the highlights of the festival, from Jason Segel's impressive performance as David Foster Wallace in End of the Tour to hot celeb gossip about what Adam Scott ordered at a Park City coffeeshop. Check it out!
  • Snapchat launches Discover feature, with news stories and ads (2015-01-27 11:25:58)
    The popular messaging app, known for missives that vaporize after a set time, will begin serving its users multimedia content from CNN, ESPN, Food Network and more.>
  • iPad traffic dips across North America (2015-01-27 11:25:45)
    Apple's tablet still dominates web usage, according to stats from ad network Chitika, but Samsung tablets have picked up speed over the past year.>
  • A remote control for your smartphone (and lots of other stuff too) (2015-01-27 11:25:15)
    Qmote links to your smartphone and lets you control it through a series of programmable clicks. It can also adjust your home's temperature and lights.>
  • Whatever you do, don’t buy these 5 smartphones (2015-01-27 11:21:25)
    Here at BGR, we spend a huge amount of time telling you which smartphones you should consider as you work your way to your next major handset purchase. We take great care while testing devices, and we try to cover all of the major ins and outs for each phone we review. Important areas that we dig into include aesthetics and design, build quality, performance and software, all of which weigh heavily for consumers seeking out new handsets. What we don’t often do, however, is spend time focusing on which smartphones you should avoid at all costs. DON’T MISS: Your smartphone is absolutely filthy – and these disgusting photos prove it CNET recently put together a nice quick list of five smartphones
  • Five-deal Tuesday: Chromebooks, smart bulbs, and more! (2015-01-27 11:15:34)
    How about a $250 HD projector? A $500 4K TV? All that and one more...>
  • Apple Patents iPhone Gaming Controller (2015-01-27 11:11:43)
    Apple may be looking to ramp up the operating system’s gaming potential with a patented snap-on controller, essentially turning an iPhone or iPad into a 3DS or Vita. The info comes from Apple Insider, which discusses a patent that Apple filed for a more traditional handheld controller. Since the patent discusses an idea rather than a completed product, Apple had many ideas for how the theoretical controller might enhance the iOS gaming experience. Apple theorized that consumers could use multiple iDevices for Nintendo DS-like gameplay, or used AirPlay to bring the games to a big screen.
  • Kevlar Battery Could Prevent Gadget Fires (2015-01-27 11:11:36)
    A team of University of Michigan researchers have created a new type of lithium-ion battery using Kevlar fibers, which can not only prevent combustion, but can pack more power in smaller forms as well.  The new battery is expected to begin mass production in the fourth quarter of 2016. The Michigan scientists used Kevlar to create a thin membrane with holes that are just large enough to let lithium ions pass through to create a charge, but small enough to prevent the atoms from sticking together and becoming fern-like structures called dendrites. Thanks to the special properties of the material, the team says it was able to get more energy into the same battery cell size, or shrink it.
  • Microsoft's Windows 10: How the SKUs will skew (2015-01-27 11:11:00)
    We know Microsoft is developing a number of different Windows 10 versions for use on different hardware. How those SKUs will stack up is a work in progress.
  • Astronomers Discover Ancient Solar System With 5 Earth-Like Planets (2015-01-27 11:02:00)
    The discovery of a solar system as old as the Milky Way and with five Earth-like planets could shed new light on the possibility of ancient life forms in the galaxy. The planets orbit around Kepler 444, which at 11.2 billion years old, is more than twice as old as the sun, according to researchers at the University of Birmingham in Britain who published their findings today in the Astrophysical Journal. Despite being 117 light-years away from Earth, in the direction of the constellations Cygnus and Lyra, researchers were able to learn more about the solar system using a practice called astroseismology. "There are far-reaching implications for this discovery," lead researcher Tiago Campante said in a statement.
  • New data reveals how trashed Boston and New York got last night ahead of the blizzard (2015-01-27 11:00:18)
    Over the last day, those of us who live in Boston and New York have had to deal with the prospect that we wouldn’t be able to leave our homes for the next two days due to this week’s massive blizzard. The Daily Dot directs our attention to some new data from booze home delivery app Drizly that shows people in both cities loaded up on alcohol in anticipation of the big storm. RELATED: Lonely New Yorkers scour Craigslist for ‘makeout buddies’ during the big storm In all, Drizly found that on Monday afternoon, alcohol deliveries were up a staggering 477% over the prior average of the last four weeks. Speaking for ourselves, we went down to our local liquor store
  • This is Swyp, the latest card that wants to store all your other credit cards (2015-01-27 11:00:02)
    Ash Dhodapkar’s is about as mundane as they come. While on vacation he managed to lose his wallet and, with it, all his credit cards. After figuring out what cards were missing and calling to make cancellations, he thought it would be pretty great to design something that would both consolidate his credit cards and, more importantly, lock itself down if lost. It’s a super thin metal credit card with nothing more than a small front display and a pair of buttons that can become any credit card in your wallet.
  • New-generation solar panels far cheaper, more efficient: scientists (2015-01-27 10:57:29)
    By Magdalena Mis LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - A new generation of solar panels made from a mineral called perovskite has the potential to convert solar energy into household electricity more cheaply than ever before, according to a study from Briain's Exeter University. Super-thin, custom-colored panels attached to a building's windows may become a "holy grail" for India and African countries, Senthilarasu Sundaram, one of the authors of the study, told the Thomson Reuters Foundation. With a thickness measured in billionths of a meter, solar panels made of perovskite will be more than 40 percent cheaper and 50 percent more efficient than those commercially produced today, Sundaram said.
  • Snapchat's new Discover feature puts news and entertainment a swipe away from your stories (2015-01-27 10:40:14)
    Snapchat has launched "Discover," a new feature that highlights stories and videos provided both by outside publishers and by Snapchat's in-house team of journalists and videographers. The new service is ad-supported, with Snapchat selling ads against media provided by networks such as ESPN, Vice, and CNN, as well as its own content. Discover features videos, articles, and photos cherry-picked from these networks to appeal to Snapchat's young-skewing userbase.
  • Will self-regulation be a problem for privacy in the Internet of Things? (2015-01-27 10:35:48)
    US regulators know that the internet is exploding into something new and strange, and they want to keep it safe for consumers. The report largely consists of notes from a 2013 workshop on IoT devices, summarizing the thoughts of FTC staff and industry witnesses. It's an interesting look inside the agency because while regulators appear united in the basic idea that IoT devices should be secure, there's not really a consensus yet on what security looks like or how to establish it for everyone. "We're now in a world where data is being collected all the time," FTC Commissioner Edith Ramirez said today at the State of the Net conference.
  • 8 awesome paid iPhone apps that are free downloads for a limited time (2015-01-27 10:35:08)
    If there’s a better way to spend a day off in a blizzard than downloading awesome paid iPhone and iPad apps for free, we don’t know what it is. As various parts of the East Coast continue to be pummeled by snow and wind on Tuesday, we’re doing our best to take your minds off of the storm with eight solid paid iOS apps that are currently completely free to download. As always though, these sales could be over at any time, so be sure to hurry. DON’T MISS: 5 reasons Google’s move to become a wireless carrier may be doomed to fail These are paid iPhone and iPad apps that have been made available for free for a limited time
  • Jynx is a social network that removes everyone you disagree with (2015-01-27 10:25:57)
    A parody video from Above Average shows social networking taken to the extreme. On Jynx, you only see posts from friends who share the same opinions as you.>
  • Canada's Mobilicity to bid in upcoming spectrum auction (2015-01-27 10:15:34)
    Canadian wireless startup Mobilicity said on Tuesday it will participate in an upcoming government auction of airwaves. The struggling wireless carrier, which sought creditor protection in the fall of 2013, has been trying unsuccessfully to find a buyer for months after its attempts to sell to well-established rival Telus were stymied by the Canadian government, which is seeking to boost competition in the wireless sector. Mobilicity, which is formally known as Data & Audio Visual Enterprises, said some of its backers have now agreed to put up the roughly C$65 million ($52.4 million) it needs to buy a seat at the table in the auction of high-frequency AWS-3 spectrum, set to be held in March. Industry insiders have warned that the attractiveness of Mobilicity to potential suitors wane if competitors secure the spectrum they need in the upcoming auctions of AWS-3 and 2500 megahertz airwaves, while Mobilicity itself misses out.
  • Twitter: now with video uploads and group direct messaging (2015-01-27 10:13:37)
    In a bid to make its service more sticky with existing users and to attract new tweeters into the fold, the social network and micoblogging site is adding a new video feature it says will complement, rather than replace, Vine. Vine was a little app that let people create tiny, looping six-second videos and it proved so popular that Twitter acquired it and Instagram subsequently went out and essentially copied it. The new video feature will let users upload clips of up to 30 seconds in length that will play automatically in their timelines. Alongside the longer videos, Twitter is also adding group direct messaging so that Twitter effectively becomes a social messaging platform.
  • A crowdfunded startup explains why crowdfunding can be a complete disaster (2015-01-27 10:12:33)
    Like so many ambitious young hardware startups these days, Lockitron used crowdfunding to sell people a product before they built it. The company promised users a keyless door lock that paired with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and NFC, allowing customers to unlock it remotely or with a simple proximity sensor.
  • Boeing and SpaceX schedule crucial safety tests ahead of ISS trips (2015-01-27 10:12:00)
  • Samsung’s iPhone 6 nightmare is unfolding before its eyes (2015-01-27 10:10:56)
    Even though it’s still selling a massive number of smartphones each quarter, Samsung’s sales and revenues have been suffering lately as the company faces increased competition in emerging markets. Another big factor has been the battle with Apple’s 2014 iPhones, which have both been selling tremendously well since their launch. In fact, Apple’s iPhone 6 models may have helped the company sell well over 70 million iPhones in the Christmas quarter, which may be enough to threaten Samsung’s smartphone sales dominance. FROM EARLIER: Apple may have sold a mind-blowing 73 million iPhones in last quarter As The Wall Street Journal reports, Samsung has been the world’s No. 1 smartphone vendor since the third quarter of 2011, when it passed Apple. But Samsung never beat
  • Twitter launches group messages, 30-second video sharing (2015-01-27 10:04:50)
    The social network follows through on its plan to refine and expand its capabilities, as the pressure to boost user growth continues.>
  • Your Next Bible Will Be A Hologram (2015-01-27 10:02:47)
    Microsoft this week unveiled HoloLens, an augmented-reality headset that overlays text and images on the real world and, in particular, anchors them to precise locations in space, as if they were real objects. At this year’s BibleTech conference, I’m going to discuss why the idea of the “digital library” doesn’t appeal to certain...
  • The DEA has been spying on millions of US drivers for years (2015-01-27 09:57:30)
    The United States Justice Department is tracking millions of vehicles nationwide as part of a secret intelligence-gathering program, The Wall Street Journal reports. The surveillance program is part of the Drug Enforcement Administration's plan to build a database plotting the movements of vehicles around the country. The program, which scans and records license plates, has been in place for years. A spokesperson for the Justice Department told the Journal that the license plate-reader program is "not new," but where it was previously used to combat drug cartels and seize valuables, it is now being used to solve criminal cases like homicide and kidnapping.
  • Auschwitz Museum celebrating 70th anniversary of liberation with YouTube livestream (2015-01-27 09:52:02)
    Today marks the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau, when Soviet troops marched into the Nazi death camp and freed its remaining survivors. By January 1945, the Nazi war machine had killed more than one million prisoners at the site, most of whom were Jews. The day has since become International Holocaust Remembrance Day, and the Auschwitz Museum holds a remembrance every year at the camp's Death Gate to commemorate the liberation and those lost in the war. This year, YouTube is also helping to mark the end of the Holocaust by livestreaming the event online.
  • This Paris apartment is a better Unreal 4 demo than Epic's own trailers (2015-01-27 09:50:02)
    "Unreal Paris," a portfolio-builder from level designer Dereau Benoit, is a quietly flashy piece of work. It's low on the particle effects and cityscapes, but impressive in capturing things we know well: the reflection of sun off a kitchen counter, the way shadows fall across the rough fabric of a couch.
  • Microsoft's outlook reflects juggling of Windows' price decline, cloud rise (2015-01-27 09:49:33)
    Microsoft isn't alone in trying to milk existing business slow enough for its cloud business to offset declines. But Windows' rapidly plunging price isn't helping matters.
  • Twitter launches group messages, brings video to its mobile app (2015-01-27 09:46:27)
    The social network follows through on its plan to refine and expand its capabilities, as the pressure to boost user growth continues.>
  • Uber scraps commissions for its New Delhi taxis (2015-01-27 09:45:53)
    By Aditya Kalra NEW DELHI (Reuters) - Uber, the U.S.-based online taxi-hailing company, will not take any commission from its drivers in New Delhi until uncertainty over how it can operate in the country's capital city is cleared up, it said on Tuesday. Uber said on Tuesday it had adopted a business model similar to a government-approved smartphone app called 'Pooch-O', which connects customers with commercially-licensed auto-rickshaws and does not charge any fee. "This allows Uber to legally operate ... while working out the details of a long-term solution with the government." Officials at New Delhi's transport department were not immediately available to comment. Uber was taking a commission of 20 percent from its drivers in New Delhi, and started offering additional incentives including a 250-rupee bonus per trip after resuming operations last week.
  • Obama says US must catch up to ensure drones are safe (2015-01-27 09:45:45)
    WASHINGTON (AP) — The United States has fallen behind technological advancements that have made small drones readily available and must update its laws to ensure safety, President Barack Obama said Tuesday, in his first public comments about a drone that crashed on the White House grounds.
  • Watch the first ever video of a laser beam moving through thin air (2015-01-27 09:45:38)
    For the first time ever scientists have captured a video of a laser’s flight path as it moves through the air. To create the video, researchers from the Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh in the UK recorded two million laser pulses over a 10 minute period, aggregating individual collisions of photos with air particles to map the laser’s entire flight path. Gariepy explains that slightly smeared look of the laser in the video — a little like watching the aurora borealis in slow motion — shows just how precise the camera is.
  • 5 reasons Google’s move to become a wireless carrier may be doomed to fail (2015-01-27 09:45:09)
    When Google enters a new space, it tends to do so with a bang. The Mountain View, California-based giant is one of the most innovative companies on the planet, and it is one of the few companies where “disruptive” is more than just a buzzword. Several reports in recent days have suggested that one of Google’s next big moves will be to take on wireless carriers here in the United States with the launch of a virtual carrier service that will be sold directly to end users. While Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) efforts typically don’t pose much of a threat to established wireless network leaders like Verizon Wireless and AT&T, anything is possible when Google gets involved. According to one respected
  • Catch up on all the virtual reality news from Sundance (2015-01-27 09:30:00)
  • Watch the first teaser trailer for The Fantastic Four (2015-01-27 09:29:01)
    The first teaser trailer for Chronicle director Josh Trank's take on The Fantastic Four is finally out, and it looks amazing. Here we see the cast show off their new powers, and it already looks significantly better than Fox's first outing with the property a decade ago.
  • Microsoft fixes Xbox One controller glitches via update (2015-01-27 09:27:12)
    Available to those in the Xbox Preview Program, the update is intended to help the controller connect to the console more quickly and to patch a number of unspecified bugs.>
  • Huawei shifts sights to high-end smartphones (2015-01-27 09:25:56)
    The Chinese smartphone maker plans to turn its attention toward the higher-quality smartphone segment in the wake of increased competition.>
  • Panasonic updates Toughbook 31 laptop with Intel Broadwell processor (2015-01-27 09:22:05)
    The rugged notebook now claims battery life of up to 18 hours while retaining its durability features, including protection from drops of six feet.
  • Next-gen HTC One M9 benchmarks leak – here’s how they compare to the Galaxy S6 (2015-01-27 09:20:44)
    HTC is set to unveil its next-generation HTC One M9 flagship smartphone during a big press conference on March 1st, which will take place just ahead of the annual Mobile World Congress trade show in Barcelona, Spain. Expectations are high for the device, which HTC hopes will help speed up the recovery the struggling smartphone maker began late last year. We have seen plenty of leaks and rumors over the past few weeks, and they have painted quite an impressive picture so far. Now, however, new benchmark test results have been revealed and we can compare them to results from another huge flagship phone set to debut at Mobile World Congress in March: Samsung’s Galaxy S6. DON’T MISS: The only smartphone
  • What is Guvera and what does it have planned for Blinkbox Music? (2015-01-27 09:12:00)
  • United States First CTO: 6 Business Innovation Lessons (2015-01-27 09:10:36)
    Most people do not associate innovation and the notion of a lean startup with government, but former Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of the United States, Aneesh Chopra shares his insights about data and how government data can be a force of positive change to enable the private sector for the benefit of everyone. Chopra served as the first...
  • Foxconn says no, actually, we're not reducing our workforce (2015-01-27 09:08:01)
    A new report suggests that Foxconn will cut back on its workers, but the company says it's only reducing the pace of employee recruitment.>
  • Facebook blames internal glitch for hourlong global outage (2015-01-27 09:07:30)
    SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — Facebook said the outage that made its social media sites inaccessible worldwide for about an hour Tuesday was self-inflicted.
  • When iPhones go bad (2015-01-27 09:05:38)
    When an iPhone goes rogue, it can be a costly experience. This is my story of a potentially errant iPhone 4.
  • Dutch judge approves hacking suspect's extradition to US (2015-01-27 09:04:21)
    THE HAGUE, Netherlands (AP) — A Dutch judge on Tuesday approved the extradition to the U.S. of a Russian suspected of involvement in a multimillion-dollar computer hack.
  • Google nears saturation point: Will incremental marketing dollars go elsewhere? (2015-01-27 09:00:04)
    Adobe's latest Digital Index report highlights how retailers depended on Google's shopping ads in the fourth quarter, but chief marketing officers were more than willing to experiment on Microsoft's Bing and Facebook.
  • Smart mattress cover can control the temperature and the coffeemaker (2015-01-27 09:00:00)
  • Amazon Prime members spend hundreds more than nonmembers (2015-01-27 08:55:57)
    People signed up for the subscription service spend $1,500 a year on average, more than twice the $625 for nonmembers, new research shows.>
  • Microsoft, IRS tax battle isn't over yet (2015-01-27 08:51:08)
    Microsoft took a tax hit due to an IRS audit adjustment last quarter, but its ongoing tax dispute with the IRS looks to wage on, possibly for another year.
  • Google Fiber is about to announce its biggest, most ambitious expansion yet (2015-01-27 08:45:58)
    Awesome news for everyone who loves 1Gbps Internet services: Google Fiber is starting to expand much more aggressively. The Wall Street Journal reports that Google Fiber will announce an expansion into four new markets this week: Atlanta, Nashville, and two cities in North Carolina, Charlotte and Raleigh. RELATED: Google Fiber’s latest FCC filing is Comcast’s nightmare come to life Apparently, Google will announce its Fiber expansion in Atlanta and Nashville on Tuesday, Raleigh and Charlotte on Wednesday, and Durham, N.C. on Thursday. Google announced last year that it’s contemplating expanding Fiber to as many as nine new major metropolitan areas: Atlanta, Charlotte, Nashville, Phoenix, Portland, Raleigh-Durham, San Antonio, Salt Lake City, and San Jose. All nine of these metropolitan areas met their deadlines to
  • Quantum intros hybrid cloud options for storage, AWS (2015-01-27 08:34:00)
    The three new offerings build a sort of cloud-as-you-go strategy, allowing users to move applications and processes to the cloud whenever it makes the most sense.
  • You can now post videos and send group messages on Twitter (2015-01-27 08:30:02)
    Twitter is rolling out long-awaited features for its core apps designed to boost the time people spend on the service. As of this morning, you can begin shooting and post 30-second video clips to Twitter from the iOS and Android apps. The changes, which will roll out over the next several days, both address significant competitive needs for Twitter. The video player will look familiar to anyone who has used Vine, Twitter’s short-form video service.
  • Google Fiber to land in four more cities, report says (2015-01-27 08:26:17)
    The search giant's 1-gigabit fiber network will arrive in Atlanta, Charlotte, N.C., Raleigh-Durham, N.C. and Nashville, Tenn., says The Wall Street Journal.>
  • Snapchat Discover tipped to launch Tuesday (2015-01-27 08:25:23)
    The disappearing messaging app is about to roll out its own original articles and video content. Initial original content providers for the service reportedly include CNN, Vice and Warner Music and they will be providing Snapchat's 100 million+ mostly teenaged active users with music, videos, photos and news and reviews. According to re/code, the company has been developing the new feature for over a year and this is its latest attempt to become more than just an instant messaging app and morph into a multimedia social platform.
  • Alfred turns your iPad or iPhone into a remote control for your Mac (2015-01-27 08:10:22)
    A new app available the iOS App Store today will let you configure your iPhone or iPad as a kind of supercharged remote control for your Mac. Called Alfred Remote, it essentially offers you multiple panels of buttons to do things like launch apps, control iTunes, turn on your screen saver, perform custom searches, paste text snippets, and much nerdier things if you put your mind to it. It's $4.99 and it's designed to be paired with Alfred for the Mac, a free app with an in-app upgrade of £17 (around $25 US). I've been using Alfred Remote for a few days now and while I'm impressed by its stability and functionality, I'm not sure that it will become as essential to my workflow as the main Mac app (which I love so much I've remapped my Caps Lock key to it).
  • Office 365 best email backend for Macs (2015-01-27 08:05:37)
    Apple shops are hard-pressed to find a better cloud email services option than Office 365-hosted Exchange. Erik Eckel explains.
  • Adam Sandler's first Netflix-exclusive movie has its cast (2015-01-27 08:03:00)
  • What you should know before flying a drone in the UK (2015-01-27 08:01:00)
  • How Google plans to disrupt the carrier business (2015-01-27 08:00:25)
    Google is rumored to launch its own carrier business later this year, with recent reports having claimed the Search giant has already inked deals with Sprint and T-Mobile, whose networks will be used by Google’s rumored MVNO wireless service. But The Wall Street Journal has learned more details about the matter, revealing how Google might plan to disrupt regular carrier business. FROM EARLIER: Google takes a major step toward becoming your wireless carrier Apparently, Google is working on a technology that will let the customer choose the best available signal, from a variety of sources including Sprint, T-Mobile and Wi-Fi spots, and rout all communications (calls, texts and data) through it. Thus, customers would no longer depend on a single
  • Five innovations that are key to the future of data centers (2015-01-27 08:00:04)
    New technologies and trends are changing the way we think about the data center. Here are 5 topics to pay attention to this year.
  • ​Google's Fiber network grows again (2015-01-27 07:58:35)
    Google is set to expand its 1Gbps Fiber network to four of the nine new metro regions it slated last year for a possible launch.
  • Spark promises to up-end Hadoop, but in a good way (2015-01-27 07:49:19)
    Hadoop, once defined by MapReduce, is now much more, thanks to Spark.
  • Maldrone: Malware which hijacks your personal drone (2015-01-27 07:33:05)
    A backdoor has been discovered in popular consumer drones which can hijack your favorite new flying toy.
  • Chinese officials allegedly feasted on an endangered giant salamander (2015-01-27 07:32:30)
    Chinese officials have come under fire for allegedly eating an endangered giant salamander and attacking journalists who saw them do it. Three journalists from the Southern Metropolis Daily newspaper attended the dinner undercover, and reported that another attendee brought two cases of yellow wine and a giant salamander, which he said was bred in captivity. The giant salamander is listed as a "critically endangered" species by the International Union for Conservation of Nature, and its population has declined dramatically in recent decades, largely due to human consumption. Some practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine believe the amphibian has therapeutic properties, though there is no evidence to support their claims.
  • 8 tools to help streamline scheduling meetings (2015-01-27 07:30:03)
    Waste less time going back and forth about meeting availability with these 8 options for scheduling.
  • Ex-Opera CEO composes Vivaldi, a new Web browser (2015-01-27 07:27:44)
    It's unlikely to dethrone major names like Chrome and IE, but CEO Jon von Tetzchner hopes Vivaldi will attract power users who want a full-featured PC browser.>
  • This tattoo could save your life (2015-01-27 07:15:50)
    More than 8% of the earth’s adult population has diabetes, which means close to 390 million need to check their glucose levels on a regular basis. Checking sugar levels can be an annoying and rather invasive process, as it most often requires the use of needles to draw actual blood, which then gets tested on a special device. Many researchers are looking into more user-friendly ways of measuring glucose, including temporary tattoos that can be applied to the skin and accurately take sugar measurements without once breaching the protective skin layer. FROM EARLIER: Motorola now wants you to buy temporary digital tattoos to unlock your Moto X The University of California San Diego has come up with such a tattoo,
  • Corporate layoffs: Prepare your BYOD smartphone for the worst (2015-01-27 07:14:56)
    If you use your smartphone for work, don't be caught short if the unthinkable happens.
  • Get collaboration and organization in one powerful mobile app (2015-01-27 07:14:38)
    If you're looking for one tool to rule your mobile organizational needs, Jack Wallen has what might very well be the cream of the crop.
  • Eggcyte: the webserver you can put in your pocket (2015-01-27 07:13:00)
    The Egg is a webserver; a storage device; a Wi-Fi hotspot; and, maybe, a security service. It makes the "mobile" Internet a reality: it fits in your pocket and runs all day on batteries.
  • Oculus Story Studio is the Pixar of virtual reality (2015-01-27 07:00:00)
  • Facebook, Instagram suffer outage but deny hacker attack (2015-01-27 06:51:08)
    Facebook, the world's most popular social network, and its Instagram photo site were interrupted temporarily Tuesday, provoking panic, rumours of a hack, and jokes of how more than one billion users were struggling to cope. "This was not the result of a third party attack," Facebook said in a statement after its services were restored. "Status Update: Facebook is Down!!!" Twitter user @kingpodge posted, in a photographed handwritten note. "It's, like, really snowing in New York and now Facebook and Instagram are down.
  • China says 'harmful info' must be managed after VPNs blocked (2015-01-27 06:46:51)
    BEIJING (AP) — Responding to reports that China is blocking VPN services that let users jump the Great Firewall, an Internet official said Tuesday that "harmful information" must be managed.
  • China online food delivery co raises $350 million from CITIC PE, Tencent,, others (2015-01-27 06:41:08)
    By Paul Carsten BEIJING (Reuters) - Chinese online food delivery service said on Tuesday it has raised $350 million from investors including CITIC Private Equity, Tencent Holdings Ltd , Inc , Dianping and Sequoia Capital. The delivery firm, whose name roughly translates as 'Hungry Now?', is part of a trend in China for what is known as online-to-offline (O2O) services. As more Chinese use their phones for everything from shopping to booking restaurants, China's internet giants Alibaba , Tencent and Baidu Inc are increasingly investing these services to attract more users to their own platforms. Earlier this month, Chinese auto information website operator Bitauto Holdings Ltd said and Tencent would together invest about $1.3 billion in the company.
  • Huawei pivots focus to high-end smartphones (2015-01-27 06:30:23)
    The Chinese smartphone maker plans to turn its attention towards the high-end smartphone segment in the wake of increased local competition.
  • Information protection watchdog adds to Uber pain in South Korea (2015-01-27 06:29:36)
    From Seoul city council to the Korean Communication Commission, Uber faces serious legal trouble in South Korea.>
  • Apple preparing fix for Thunderstrike malware in upcoming OS X 10.10.2 release (2015-01-27 06:28:58)
    A powerful low-level malware vulnerability in Macs will soon be patched in an upcoming OS release.
  • Facebook, Instagram and Tinder outage was a Facebook mistake, not a hack (2015-01-27 06:24:46)
    The social network admits the hour-long problem was caused by its own engineers.>
  • Justice Department is reportedly spying on millions of US cars (2015-01-27 06:24:00)
  • ​Apple Maps Connect for businesses arrives in the UK (2015-01-27 06:16:00)
    Small businesses in the UK can now build a profile of their operations on Apple Maps following a quiet product launch.
  • Tencent, Alibaba lead China's top brands as tech dominates (2015-01-27 06:12:03)
    China's tech giants Tencent Holdings Ltd and Alibaba Group Holding Ltd beat state firms for the first time to become the country's most valuable brands in 2015, a report published on Tuesday shows. China's three biggest Internet companies, which also includes Baidu Inc , all appeared in the country's top 5 rankings, said advertising company WPP Plc and its research affiliate Millward Brown. "For the first time the tech industry surpasses the banking industry in terms of brand value," said Doreen Wang, global head of BrandZ at Millward Brown, citing the rise of Internet finance and the decline of profits at big banks. The Chinese social media giant's brand value has surpassed Facebook Inc and it is now the world's fifth most valuable tech brand, following Apple Inc , Google Inc , International Business Machines Corp and Microsoft Corp , according to Wang.
  • Data scientists: How to hire and how to get the best from them (2015-01-27 06:08:22)
    Data scientists are the among the most in-demand tech workers: CIOs reveal where they find the best candidates and how they use them.
  • Facebook takes blame for service outages, which hit wider Web (2015-01-27 06:00:00)
    By Eric Auchard FRANKFURT (Reuters) - Access to Facebook , the world's largest social network, and its Instagram photo-sharing site, were blocked around the world for up to an hour on Tuesday, which the company said later was due to an internal fault and not an outside attack. The outage at Facebook, which started around 0600 GMT, appeared to spill over and temporarily slow or block traffic to other major Internet sites, according to web and mobile user reports from around the globe. A hacker group associated with other recent high-profile attacks on other online services sought to claim responsibility for the outages, but Facebook said the fault was its own. “This was not the result of a third-party attack but instead occurred after we introduced a change that affected our configuration systems," Facebook said.
  • Singapore ups the ante in cyber security fight (2015-01-27 05:51:58)
    Singapore is gearing up for a crackdown on cyber crime with the launch of a central agency and the appointment of a minister in charge of cyber security, the government said on Tuesday, as the wealthy city-state grapples with a rise in online crime. In recent years, Singapore has struggled to combat cyber criminals, who have committed offences including stealing client data from Standard Chartered Bank and hacking the official website of the prime minister. Computer security experts say developed, technology-rich Asian countries are particularly vulnerable to attacks. Singapore relies heavily on its reputation of being low-crime and politically stable to lure multinational companies to its shores.
  • How to run the Windows 10 Technical Preview on a Mac, for free (2015-01-27 05:43:00)
    Here's how you can run the new Windows 10 Technical Preview on your Mac, without having to spend a dollar on software.
  • Twitter brags that your location data could swing Britain's next election (2015-01-27 05:33:00)
  • Exclusive: Apple supplier Foxconn to shrink workforce as sales growth stalls (2015-01-27 05:28:59)
    By Michael Gold and Yimou Lee SHENZHEN, China (Reuters) - Taiwan's Foxconn Technology Group, the world's largest contract electronics manufacturer, will cut its massive workforce, the company told Reuters, as the Apple Inc supplier faces declining revenue growth and rising wages in China. Under its flagship unit Hon Hai Precision Industry Co Ltd , the group currently employs about 1.3 million people during peak production times, making it one of the largest private employers in the world. Revenue growth at the conglomerate tumbled to 1.3 percent in 2013 and only partially recovered to 6.5 percent last year after a long string of double-digit increases from 2003 to 2012.
  • Facebook outage: It was us, not hackers, says Facebook (2015-01-27 05:13:00)
    The social network has blamed its own engineers - not hackers - for an hour-long outage on Tuesday.
  • Facebook: Internal glitch caused hour-long global outage (2015-01-27 05:06:39)
    SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — Facebook said it suffered a self-inflicted outage lasting an hour on Tuesday that made its site inaccessible to users worldwide.
  • New government agency to oversee Singapore's cybersecurity operations (2015-01-27 05:00:00)
    Slated to begin operations from April 2015, the new agency will have centralized oversight of the country's IT security functions and develop new capabilities in this area.
  • Super-thin Kevlar layers promise safer, slimmer batteries (2015-01-27 05:00:00)
  • Germany's privacy leaders gather to discuss suspending US Safe Harbor (2015-01-27 04:48:00)
    In Germany, data watchdogs will meet this week to debate the future of the Safe Harbor agreement in the post-Snowden world.
  • Women in Business Q&A: Liz Elting, Co-Founder of TransPerfect (2015-01-27 04:44:40)
    Short version: Liz Elting is the co-founder and co-CEO of TransPerfect and TransPerfect's is a leading provider of software, website, and enterprise-wide localization services, as well as translation-related technology products. Elting has received numerous awards for her outstanding entrepreneurship,...
  • Singtel, Ericsson to study 5G deployment (2015-01-27 04:28:15)
    Singtel says it will work with the telecoms equipment maker to identify possible applications of 5G networks for consumers and businesses, including trials for potential technologies on the mobile network.
  • Facebook, Instagram access restored after disruption: company (2015-01-27 04:26:25)
    Washington (AFP) - Full access to Facebook and Instagram have been fully restored after users suffered disruptions on Tuesday, Facebook said in a statement.
  • Internet browser Vivaldi takes aim at tech savvy users (2015-01-27 04:15:20)
    By Joachim Dagenborg OSLO (Reuters) - Veteran software maker Jon von Tetzchner launched a new internet browser on Tuesday, offering an interface for high-volume users who "have problems fitting all their open tabs on one screen", he said in a Reuters interview. Known as Vivaldi and available on desktop computers from Tuesday, the browser's initial launch covers the Windows, Mac and Linux platforms. "A mobile phone and a tablet version are in the pipeline. We are working on it, but they won't be out until they're ready," said von Tetzchner, who owns 90 percent of the company's shares and has paid for the development.
  • Ex-Opera CEO launches new browser, Vivaldi (2015-01-27 04:14:08)
    It's not likely to dethrone big names like Google Chrome, but Vivaldi CEO Jon von Tetzchner hopes Vivaldi will attract people who want a full-featured PC browser.>
  • Xbox One's controller quicker, less wonky with latest preview (2015-01-27 04:09:00)
  • Facebook and Instagram taken offline as Lizard Squad hackers hint at responsibility (2015-01-27 03:49:49)
    Facebook and Instagram were both taken offline this morning around 1AM ET, with hacker group Lizard Squad hinting that they may have been responsible.
  • Facebook and Instagram outage caused by an internal change, not hackers (2015-01-27 03:49:49)
    Facebook and Instagram were both taken offline this morning around 1AM ET, with a Facebook spokesperson telling The Verge that this was "not the result of a third party attack but instead occurred after we introduced a change that affected our configuration systems." Hacking group Lizard had originally hinted that may have been responsible. #TindernetApocalypse." The site said that it had recovered an hour later, reassuring users: "PS: Your matches aren't gone, just logout and log back in!" Work messaging client Hipchat was also affected and claims it is still working on restoring its services. It's possible that the downtime for these two sites was part of a domino effect caused by problems with Facebook's identity services. Hacking group Lizard Squad, who previously claimed responsibility for the attacks on Xbox Live and the PlayStation network over Christmas, suggested that they might have had a hand in these recent outages.
  • The drone debate hits close to home for White House (2015-01-27 03:45:58)
    WASHINGTON (AP) — The drone-control debate has hit uncomfortably close to home for the White House, thanks to an apparently hapless operator who sent his quadcopter crashing inside the presidential compound.
  • Japan turns to 'I am Kenji' Facebook page on hostage crisis (2015-01-27 03:12:46)
    TOKYO (AP) — The plight of freelance journalist Kenji Goto, taken captive by Islamic State group militants, has gripped Japan, and the people's hopes for his safety are now on Facebook with a simple, unifying plea: "I am Kenji."
  • Hacker group claims it is behind outages at Facebook, other sites (2015-01-27 03:01:34)
    FRANKFURT (Reuters) - Internet sites including Facebook, the world's largest social network, Instagram and other popular sites suffered temporary outages on Tuesday and a hacker group associated with other recent high-profile attacks claimed it caused the outages. A Twitter account that purports to speak for hacker group "Lizard Squad" posted messages suggesting that it was behind an attack the temporarily blocked several major web sites. ...
  • Grim Fandango Remastered might be the perfect video game remake (2015-01-27 03:00:02)
    There wasn't anything like Grim Fandango when it first came out in 1998. The adventure game tells the story of Manny, a salesman for the Department of Death who helps lost souls find better travel packages to the land of the dead. Half the fun in the game comes from just talking to other characters.
  • Your brain can be conned into believing you committed a crime (2015-01-27 02:56:00)
  • New IoT research facility opens in Singapore (2015-01-27 02:55:00)
    Greenwave Systems launches research and development center focusing on Internet of Things technology, and plans to expand its headcount in the country by 50 percent.
  • Facebook, Instagram suffer widespread outage (2015-01-27 02:12:30)
    (Reuters) - Facebook and Instagram services were down Tuesday with the social media site saying it is working on fixing the issue, several users said. We're working on it and we'll get it fixed as soon as we can," Facebook said on its website. Representatives at Facebook were not immediately available for comment.
  • Facebook suffers outage affecting users worldwide (2015-01-27 02:03:12)
    SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — Facebook is suffering a widespread outage Tuesday affecting users in the United States, Asia and Australia.
  • Cubans look to US detente for better Web access (2015-01-27 01:59:02)
    Alfredo Castellano travels half an hour to Havana twice a week to write emails in a computer center with a Fidel Castro poster outside and aging machines inside. Like most Cubans, he lacks Internet access at home, but many hope this will change after the United States offered to bolster the communist island's tightly-controlled telecommunications as part of a historic diplomatic detente. Other locations offer Internet connection but it costs $4.50 per hour, three times more expensive that the email-only stations in a country where people earn around $20 per month.
  • Smart Kegel exerciser can hurt women as much as it helps (2015-01-27 01:24:00)
  • Durandal's modular framework provides a clean approach to coding (2015-01-27 00:51:28)
    Durandal, a cross-device, cross-platform framework, promotes modularity when building applications. Here's how to use it.
  • Snapchat to ramp up ads Tuesday, with launch of video feature -- reports (2015-01-27 00:44:13)
    The popular messaging app, known for missives that vaporize after a set time, will begin serving its users multimedia content from CNN and others, according to reports.>
  • Gartner predicts a quarter billion connected vehicles by 2020 (2015-01-27 00:03:16)
    ​Gartner is predicting that by 2020, around one in five vehicles on the road globally will have some form of wireless network connection, adding up to more than 250 million connected vehicles.
  • Australia rushes to fix troubled Defence tech research law (2015-01-26 23:33:19)
    Legislation will be rushed through the Australian parliament in the first sitting period this year in a bid to fix new Defence laws that have the potential to jail academics and stifle technology research.
  • GamerGate target working with 'major social media' to end online abuse (2015-01-26 23:29:00)
  • Viewpoint SaaS to support Christchurch earthquake recovery (2015-01-26 23:07:00)
    Viewpoint Construction Software will deliver the central hub to coordinate major projects in Christchurch rebuild.
  • Lonely New Yorkers scour Craigslist for ‘makeout buddies’ during the big storm (2015-01-26 23:00:51)
    Life can be pretty lonely during a big blizzard, which is why some New Yorkers are looking for love in some questionable places ahead of this week’s massive snowstorm. Business Insider has spotted some ads on Craigslist for people searching for “blizzard boyfriends” and “blizzard girlfriends” to help them pass the time while they’re trapped indoors. RELATED: Online dating study suggests people in the Bronx are New York’s least desirable “As we sit on the brink of a major snowstorm and prepare for a nearly shut-down NYC, I’m seeking a single 20- or 30-something female who shares my excitement for snow days and wants to create the semi-romantic, mildly productive yet equally fun adult version,” writes one man looking for a
  • Science finds a new way to unboil an egg (2015-01-26 22:56:09)
    There is, as it turns out, more than one way to unboil an egg -- and the new way carries great potential for the development of pharmaceuticals.>
  • Don't just consume APIs, provide them as well (2015-01-26 22:40:00)
    Web APIs open up new partnerships and relationships, and even turn dead wood into valuable assets.
  • Google Fiber set to launch in four more US cities (2015-01-26 22:20:28)
    Google is set to announce the expansion of its Google Fiber internet service to four new cities, The Wall Street Journal reports, with the details of the new rollout coming in the next few days. According to the publication's sources, the The company will start to offer the one-gigabit broadband network in Atlanta, Nashville, and in two cities in North Carolina — Raleigh-Durham, and Charlotte. Local media in the cities were clued into the expansion after receiving invitations from Google to attend events scheduled this week. It's not yet clear what kind of deals the cities will get — Google has yet to comment — but it's likely that customers will be able to get gigabit internet for around $80 per month, the same price as customers in Kansas City, where the service first launched in 2012.
  • Here are the first films from Oculus Story Studio (2015-01-26 22:00:00)
  • What could happen to smartphone modules when they die (2015-01-26 21:45:18)
    Google’s Project Ara isn’t the only modular smartphone concept out there, though Google is closer than anyone else to actually selling such devices. Puzzlephone is one such other device, though the team behind it has a different approach than Google when it comes to modules. FROM EARLIER: Project Ara won’t be the only modular smartphone next year Instead of letting users swap in and out tiny modules like on the Project Ara phones, Puzzlephones will have three bulkier modules, each containing certain components, which could be swapped in the future to upgrade a device. Interestingly, though, the team has also thought about what happens with discarded modules that aren’t needed any longer. Instead of users forgetting about old modules, or recycling
  • I just saw the first movie from Oculus, and it is the future (2015-01-26 21:33:20)
    Earlier today Oculus announced Story Studio, its in-house production team dedicated to producing virtual reality movies. I just watched Lost, the first short from Story Studio. Lost starts with the Story Studio logo, and then the real fun begins.
  • Daily Roundup: the first VR live broadcast, 'Rock Band' makes a resurgence and more! (2015-01-26 21:33:00)
  • Tradition meets Twitter as Saudis pledge to new king (2015-01-26 21:23:28)
    Decades ago, Saudis trekked across their desert kingdom to pledge allegiance to their new kings at their palaces. Now they are just using Twitter. Thousands of Saudis have poured into the palace of King Salman who acceded the throne after the death of his half-brother Abdullah last week. Chief among them is Twitter, whose popularity has exploded with an astounding 40 percent of Saudis now using the microblogging website.
  • Huawei says consumer business group targets $16 billion revenue (2015-01-26 21:17:27)
    SHENZHEN (Reuters) - China's Huawei Technologies Co Ltd is targeting $16 billion in revenue for its consumer business group this year, the head of the unit, Richard Yu, said on Tuesday. The Chinese consumer product maker, which competes with Apple Inc and Samsung Electronics Inc for smartphones, said in December it shipped about 75 million smartphones in 2014, a 40 percent year-on-year increase but lagging its target of 80 million units. (Reporting By Yimou Lee; Editing by Miral Fahmy)
  • Facebook and Instagram get knocked offline... for about an hour (2015-01-26 21:11:00)
  • Tomorrow Daily 118: Bill Nye's spacecraft, Mozilla's in-browser VR and more (2015-01-26 21:07:53)
    On today's show, we check out Bill Nye and the Planetary Society's new privately funded spacecraft, discuss Mozilla's plan to include VR in their Firefox browser, and wonder about the future of 3D-printed apartment buildings.>
  • Microsoft's core goes soft, as it focuses on cloud transition (2015-01-26 21:03:07)
    By Bill Rigby SEATTLE (Reuters) - The main engine of Microsoft Corp's historic earnings power - selling Windows and Office to big businesses - is showing signs of waning, and investors are concerned that the shift to the cloud is not making up for the shortfall. The shift from the old model of selling software to companies to install on their own computers - charged as a license fee - to a cloud-based model where customers pay a regular subscription, is generally viewed as a positive move for Microsoft. "The rotation from license to subscription is going to have pain points and they are starting to show," said Colin Gillis, an analyst at BGC Partners. Microsoft's Chief Financial Officer Amy Hood said on Monday she expected sales from commercial licensing, which covers Windows, Office and server products for businesses, to be around $9.7 billion to $9.9 billion in the current quarter, a sequential dip from the $10.7 billion it reported for the last quarter.
  • On a wingsuit and a prayer, flying over the Grand Canyon (2015-01-26 20:55:15)
    Dr. Glenn Singleman and his team of pilots will fly over the Grand Canyon in April, but not in the way you might expect -- they plan to make the world's first wingsuit crossing.>
  • Awesome news for comics fans: Fox is planning to bring a live-action X-Men series to TV (2015-01-26 20:30:36)
    Marvel and DC are about to go to war at the box office, but it looks like Marvel might have the smaller screen on lockdown for the foreseeable future. According to TV Insider, Fox confirmed on Monday that it’s looking into producing a live-action X-Men series for television. READ MORE: Every member of the X-Men has been collected into one awesome video “It’s in negotiations,” said Fox entertainment chairman Gary Newman. “We’re cautiously optimistic, we had a good meeting with them. That will not be on a fast track creatively. This is just the deal, now we have to find the creative.” Although the negotiations are going well, there has been no progress yet on the creative side. In other words, there’s no
  • Cloud adoption drives Q4 revenue growth for SAP in APAC (2015-01-26 20:29:00)
    Strong demand for the SAP cloud portfolio and the broad adoption of the SAP Hana platform in the Asia-Pacific Japan region has helped SAP achieve double-digit growth for the 2014 financial year.
  • ​Apple more than doubles its Australian tax contribution (2015-01-26 20:05:38)
    Apple has reported that it paid AU$80.3 million in income tax during 2014, up from the AU$36.4 million that was paid during the 2013 financial year.
  • Holy Fark! Drew Curtis is running for Kentucky governor (2015-01-26 20:01:02)
    He's brought us silly videos of animals and hilarious shots to the groin for over a decade. Now it's time for payback, and all founder Drew Curtis asks in return is your vote.>
  • What's on your HDTV: Super Bowl XLIX, 'Grim Fandango Remastered' (2015-01-26 19:59:00)
  • Handle review (2015-01-26 19:44:57)
    Have Inbox, To-do list and Calendar in one app
  • T-Nubile? Kim Kardashian to star in T-Mobile Super Bowl ad (2015-01-26 19:43:21)
    Technically Incorrect: The permanently famous icon of iconness announces on Twitter that she will be shilling for the Uncarrier. She also claims to miss T-Mobile CEO John Legere.>
  • Coinbase opens first US bitcoin exchange (2015-01-26 19:36:00)
    The first regulated US bitcoin exchange has been launched by San Francisco-based bitcoin wallet operator Coinbase.
  • WikiLeaks blasts Google for quietly handing emails to government (2015-01-26 19:27:32)
    By Alexei Oreskovic SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - WikiLeaks criticized Google Inc on Monday, alleging that the company waited 2-1/2 years to notify members of the anti-secrecy group that it had turned over their private emails and other information to the U.S. government. In a letter to Google, lawyers representing WikiLeaks said they were "astonished and disturbed" by Google's actions relating to search warrants it received from federal law enforcement officials and asked for a full accounting of the information Google gave the government. The revelation follows leaks by former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden detailing controversial U.S. government surveillance practices and assurances from technology firms like Google that they would do their utmost to safeguard users' personal information.
  • Never-before-seen handwritten Turing manuscript up for auction (2015-01-26 19:26:14)
    A 56-page notebook in which the computer scientist and mathematical genius worked on the foundations of computing will fall under the hammer in April.>
  • Microsoft earnings report doesn't excite market (2015-01-26 19:16:47)
    SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Big jumps in sales of its Surface tablets, cloud computing software and Lumia smartphones drove Microsoft's quarterly revenue above expectations, as CEO Satya Nadella continues to steer toward the mobile gadget market and shift Microsoft away from its traditional focus on the PC.
  • The MythBusters are bringing their expertise to video games (2015-01-26 19:15:31)
    The MythBusters have taught us just about everything we’d ever need to know about the real world, so now they’re taking their talents to a fictional one. This Saturday, Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman will host a special video game-themed episode of their show, during which we’ll finally find out whether or not we could actually perform the same extraordinary feats as our favorite digital heroes. FROM EARLIER: The funniest thing you’ll see today: Watch elders play Grand Theft Auto V We’re still not sure how many myths the crew plans to bust during the special episode, but we do know that they have teamed up with id Software in order to take a look back at Doom, one of the original first-person shooters. Using
  • Nintendo Power's 'A Link to the Past' comic returning in May (2015-01-26 19:03:15)
    Viz imprint Perfect Square has acquired the rights to collect and reprint the Shotaro Ishinomori manga serialised in Nintendo Power magazine.>
  • Samsung to make the Tizen Z1 in India, but can the phone compete with rivals? (2015-01-26 18:53:00)
    Launching the Z1 in India is theoretically a smart play by Samsung to both push its own OS and grab a big share of a population that still hasn't bought a smartphone. But the truth is that the Z1 appears to be easily outgunned by the competition.
  • ​Uber vows to keep surge price promise in New York blizzard (2015-01-26 18:52:59)
    The on-demand car service last year said it will cap fares during natural disasters. With a huge snowstorm hitting the East Coast, Uber has the chance to put its money where its mouth is.>
  • Hear the strange, surprising sounds of 3D printers and laser cutters (2015-01-26 18:39:52)
    Artist Kyle Machulis records sounds hidden within Autodesk's modern industrial workshop in San Francisco, creating a jarring and oddly beautiful mechanical symphony.>
  • Winklevoss twins expect first quarter debut of bitcoin exchange (2015-01-26 18:37:26)
    By Gertrude Chavez-Dreyfuss and Jessica Toonkel HOLLYWOOD, Fla. (Reuters) - Winklevoss Capital, the firm run by Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, expects to get regulatory approval to launch a U.S. exchange for investors to buy and sell the virtual currency bitcoin in the first quarter, the twins told Reuters on Monday.     "The information coming  out of the DFS (Department of Financial Services) is that Q1 is their goal. "With a bitcoin exchange you have to build it like you are a real financial institution," said Tyler Winklevoss.
  • Microsoft sees currency cutting revenue growth by 4 percent this quarter (2015-01-26 18:21:15)
    SEATTLE (Reuters) - Microsoft Corp's Chief Financial Officer said on Monday that she expected the company's fiscal third-quarter revenue growth to be cut by four percent by unfavorable currency exchange rates, assuming the U.S. dollar continues its strong run.
  • WikiLeaks furious at Google for keeping government data request a secret (2015-01-26 18:16:00)
  • Lizard Squad hits Malaysia Airlines website (2015-01-26 18:07:00)
    Malaysia Airlines' website has been attacked by the Lizard Squad, with the hackers claiming to have compromised user data in the security breach.
  • NFL kicks off YouTube global game channel (2015-01-26 18:05:29)
    The channel at debuted just days before the championship Super Bowl game expected to draw a massive television audience for the American football league. "Partnering with YouTube and Google provides the NFL unique access to millions of highly engaged fans through the global leader in video and search," league vice president of media strategy Hans Schroeder said in a release. The YouTube channel will not stream the Super Bowl live, but will deliver game highlights shortly after they happen and commentary from analysts. "On any screen you watch YouTube, NFL's YouTube channel will bring you the sights and sounds this week in Arizona, from pre-game analysis to the highlights that everyone will be talking about," Google's Tim Katz said in a blog post.
  • Meet hyper-converged infrastructure needs by training engineers to be architects (2015-01-26 18:05:22)
    Organizations with hyper-converged infrastructures need employees with different skill sets than those provided by a traditional engineering team. Find out which skills are needed.
  • Dropbox acquires design-minded collaboration software startup Pixelapse (2015-01-26 18:03:00)
    Pixelapse will remain a standalone product as a ​migration plan to the core Dropbox platform is hatched out.
  • Mark your calendars: The Pirate Bay returns on February 1st (2015-01-26 18:00:35)
    Torrent downloads fans anxiously waiting for The Pirate Bay service to be resurrected will surely be happy to hear the team behind it has updated the site to add definitive proof that The Pirate Bay is coming back in some form. FROM EARLIER: The best indication yet that The Pirate Bay is about to make a huge comeback After posting a countdown timer on the site in early January alongside a pirate flag, the team a few days ago replaced it with what looked like a functioning website, though users were still unable to access any of their precious downloads. The team decided once again to change the appearance of the site and posted an image of a Phoenix on Monday, a
  • David Tennant, past Time Lord, cast as villain in Netflix series 'Jessica Jones' (2015-01-26 17:59:37)
    "Doctor Who" and "Broadchurch" actor David Tennant is set to play Kilgrave, but will he truly be shown as the Purple Man in the new series premiering on Netflix?>
  • What Happened to My Son's Memory? Science Explains Phenomena Affecting Digital Natives (2015-01-26 17:59:04)
    I'm mid-conversation with my 15-year-old, and he's filling me in on the happenings of his day. They chose pseudonyms in French class. His "French" name? Bruno. I remind him that Bruno is Italian, not French, but he could care less. "It's hilarious," he assures me.Then, I hear it -- the faint but ubiquitous ding of an iPhone coming from his...
  • Microsoft gets hardware foothold as Surface, Lumia sales jump (2015-01-26 17:55:48)
    In its latest financial snapshot, the software giant is demonstrating that its hardware business is not just a sideshow after all.>
  • Optimum Debuts Cheap Wi-Fi-Only Smartphone Service (2015-01-26 17:55:02)
    Optimum has a simple solution for making cell service cheaper — cut out data networks entirely. Instead of relying on a cellular service provider, Freewheel uses Optimum's network of Wi-Fi hotspots, and Optimum says there are over a million of in the Tri-State area alone.
  • T-Mobile Score Lets Customers Nab Phone Deals (2015-01-26 17:54:58)
    For prepaid wireless customers, getting a good smartphone usually means sticker shock. The carrier has unveiled its Score program to let all customers, even those with prepaid plans, qualify for discounted handsets.
  • Texas Instruments' profit rises, helped by auto industry (2015-01-26 17:54:54)
    By Noel Randewich SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Texas Instruments Inc reported higher fourth-quarter results on Monday and gave a revenue outlook for the current quarter in line with expectations, helped by growing demand for chips from the auto industry. The midpoint of TI's revenue guidance is about $3.20 billion.
  • Next Apple OS X Update to Patch Thunderstrike Flaw (2015-01-26 17:54:53)
    It looks like the next incremental update to Apple's OS X operating system will add a fix to block attacks using the well-publicized proof-of-concept Thunderstrike malware. Named after Apple's Thunderbolt ports, Thunderstrike could spread to and from Thunderbolt-connected devices, and once a Mac were to be infected, it would be nearly impossible to disinfect it once again. Apple news blog iMore said Friday (Jan. 23) that a beta version of the forthcoming Yosemite 10.10.2 update, released to developers earlier last week, includes patches to OS X's extensible firmware interface (EFI), which Thunderstrike exploits.
  • Dropcam will give you a free replacement camera if yours is too old (2015-01-26 17:53:00)
  • Dear Founders, How to Eat an Elephant (2015-01-26 17:31:17)
    I learned how to eat an entire elephant, and I'm going to tell you how. As New York hunkers down and prepares for a massive snow storm, my mind wanders back to 1988. I was in the fifth grade, and my entrepreneurial juices were flowing when my town in Maryland got hit with our first snow storm of the year. I went outside with my shovel,...
  • HP unveils new leadership structure for splintered Inc, Enterprise units (2015-01-26 17:19:00)
    HP Inc., however, has yet to name a chief financial officer nor a chief marketing officer.
  • Microsoft feels impact of its transition to the cloud; end of XP migration boost (2015-01-26 17:16:31)
    As Microsoft continues its transition to more of a mobile first, cloud first vendor, its traditional Windows and Office licensing businesses are feeling the impact, as its Q2 FY 2015 numbers show.
  • Apple may have sold a mind-blowing 73 million iPhones in last quarter (2015-01-26 17:15:14)
    Apple on Tuesday will announce its financial numbers for its fiscal Q1 2015, and a well-connected analyst who’s been very accurate about the company in the past thinks they’re going to be off the charts.  KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has penned a research note flagged by AppleInsider that says the iPhone maker may have sold even more iPhones during the period than the most optimistic estimate. FROM EARLIER: Apple may have sold 69M iPhones during Christmas quarter, shattering records and estimates Recently, analysts from UBS said Apple may have sold a record 69 million iPhones in the December quarter, but Kuo thinks Apple sold 4 million more units, for a total of 73 million. Of those, Kuo says 42 millions were iPhone
  • Candy Crush Saga review (2015-01-26 17:11:22)
    Join Tiffi and Mr Toffee in their epic adventure through a world full of candy
  • CamScanner review (2015-01-26 16:56:00)
    Scan, store, sync and collaborate on various contents across smartphones, tablets and computers
  • IBM "flatly denies" report of mass layoffs (2015-01-26 16:54:13)
    SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Calling it "ridiculous" and "baseless," IBM on Monday dismissed a report that said the technology giant plans to lay off 1 in 4 of its workers, or 100,000 people.
  • Carrier apparently confirms both the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S Edge (2015-01-26 16:50:57)
    It’s no secret that Samsung will launch its sixth-generation Galaxy S model in the coming months, and it’s not likely the company will call it anything but the Galaxy S6. However, reports have constantly claimed that Samsung will have two distinct Galaxy S6 models in stores this year, including a regular model and a Galaxy Note Edge-like version that could have up to two Edge displays. Dutch publication Galaxy Club reports that Vodafone Netherlands has unwittingly confirmed both new flagship devices by listing product names on its website. FROM EARLIER: This is the Samsung Galaxy S6 Unpacked The carrier has already listed placeholder images and text for the Galaxy S6 on its website. More interestingly, looking at the page’s code, the publication has
  • Our favorite drone crash-landed at the White House (2015-01-26 16:45:51)
    Last night, a drone crash-landed on the White House lawn, sending the Secret Service scrambling to assess the threat. Hey man, we've been there.
  • Quantum dots: How nanocrystals can make LCD TVs better (2015-01-26 16:43:51)
    Found in the newest LCD TVs from Samsung, LG, Sony and others, quantum dots hold the promise of better color reproduction, better energy efficiency, and more. Here's what they are and how they'll work.>
  • SpaceX and Boeing are on their way to launching US astronauts, NASA says (2015-01-26 16:41:13)
    New details about NASA's Commercial Crew Program were revealed today during a press conference held at the Johnson Space Center in Houston. Both SpaceX and Boeing have completed the first milestones in their plans to send humans into space from US soil for the first time in years. SpaceX has completed the first certification milestone in its CCP commitment, and will spend much of 2015 testing abort solutions for its formerly cargo-only Dragon capsule. Last April, NASA announced it wouldn't work with Russia any longer when it came to transporting American astronauts to the International Space Station.
  • Microsoft profit falls on sluggish Windows demand, tax charge (2015-01-26 16:39:42)
    Microsoft Corp said on Monday fiscal second-quarter profit fell, in line with Wall Street's forecasts, as sluggish personal computer sales dampened demand for Windows software and the company struggled with unfavorable currency moves against the strong U.S. dollar. "While currency is a headwind for Microsoft and other large international companies, we would characterize the headline numbers as good enough, although some bulls may have been hoping for a bigger beat," said Daniel Ives, an analyst at FBR Capital Markets. Microsoft reported profit of $5.86 billion, or 71 cents per share for the latest quarter, compared with $6.56 billion, or 78 cents per share, in the year-ago quarter.
  • Police think Waze's traffic app puts officers in danger (2015-01-26 16:36:00)
  • Watch this supercut of dangerous women kicking ass over 30 years of cinema (2015-01-26 16:32:02)
    It's a shame that it's a little harder to call up a list of kickass leading women in action movies than it is for their male counterparts, because they've been doing it forever. While we can concede that Scarlett Johansson playing the Major in the upcoming Ghost in the Shell adaptation is a step in the right direction for the modern cinema landscape (even if it's also problematic in equal measure), we shouldn't sit here and pretend we've forgotten about Ellen Ripley.
  • Seven ways to sort and view Outlook email by accounts (2015-01-26 16:28:45)
    Susan Harkins shows Outlook users the many ways to sort and view email by their accounts.
  • Mission Impossible 5 will be released this July (2015-01-26 16:28:02)
    Mission Impossible 5 just had its release date moved way up. The film will now be coming out this summer, on July 31st, instead of on Christmas Day. The Hollywood Reporter suggests that Paramount may have wanted to shift its release date to move MI5 away from the next James Bond film, which is due out on November 6th, as well as the new Star Wars, which comes out December 18th. The new Mission Impossible is directed by Christopher McQuarrie, who last directed Jack Reacher. Jack Reacher didn't have the greatest critical reception, but McQuarrie has found more success as a writer, being the name behind The Usual Suspects and Edge of Tomorrow.
  • Microsoft’s Surface just hit a major milestone (2015-01-26 16:26:20)
    It turns out that flooding the airwaves with product placements for the Surface Pro 3 might finally be paying off for Microsoft. Microsoft on Tuesday reported that it sold $1.1 billion worth of Surface tablets in its fiscal Q2 2015 earnings, marking the first time ever that the company sold more than $1 billion in Surfaces. Last quarter, the company generated $908 million in Surface revenues, which have grown significantly ever since the launch of the Surface Pro 3. RELATED: Is the Surface slowly starting to pay off for Microsoft? Microsoft still has a long way to go to catch Apple in terms of hardware revenue, however — Apple is projected to generate more than $8 billion in iPad revenue in its
  • Nest is giving buyers of early Dropcam models a free upgrade (2015-01-26 16:25:02)
    If you have a very old Dropcam sitting unused in a closet somewhere, Nest wants to send you a new one. Over the weekend, the company quietly announced a replacement program for the first two generations of Dropcam, a plan that involves giving owners of those models the newer Dropcam HD free of charge. Nest plans to shut out access to Dropcam's video streaming and cloud recording service for those two models specifically, beginning April 15th. Nest says only that those older models don't work with some of its newer features, hence the replacements.
  • Emma Watson to play bookish Belle in live-action 'Beauty and the Beast' (2015-01-26 16:22:15)
    Disney is making a live-action version of "Beauty and the Beast," and Emma Watson of "Harry Potter" fame is locked in to play brainy beauty Belle.>
  • Microsoft's Q2 2015: Surface and Lumia up, but Xbox and profits down (2015-01-26 16:21:00)
    Microsoft has published its Q2 fiscal 2015 earnings report, and the company has made $5.6 billion in net income on $26.5 billion in revenue. Microsoft does note that it has incurred a further "$243 million of integration and restructuring expenses" related to the Nokia phone business purchase, which explains part of the drop. Despite the blip, Surface and Lumia are both looking stronger for Microsoft alongside its impressive cloud and server growth. While Microsoft continues to move away from relying on Windows for money, its cloud and server offerings are helping to balance its revenue losses with Windows.
  • Drone crashes at White House; hobbyist says it's his (2015-01-26 16:10:37)
    WASHINGTON (AP) — A two-foot-long drone apparently flown by a hobbyist crashed on the White House grounds Monday in an extraordinary, if unintended, breach that raised fresh questions about the president's security — and a growing threat from the sky.
  • Survey: The power of IoT and big data (2015-01-26 16:05:30)
    The power of the Internet of Things and big data can be used to help businesses succeed. Take Tech Pro Research's new survey that delves into how IoT is being used to collect data and the benefits it can bring and get a free copy of the research report.
  • Amazon's Prime Now one-hour delivery delayed by winter storms, too (2015-01-26 16:04:00)
  • KFC is trying to kill you (2015-01-26 16:00:36)
    Good God, KFC. What have you done this time? The fast food chain, which in the past has brought us horrors such as the KFC Double Down and the KFC Famous Bowl, has come out with what might be its most nauseating concoction yet: A hot dog that’s wrapped up in an entire piece of greasy fried chicken. RELATED: McDonald’s uses 19 ingredients in its fries, insists none of them will kill you Apparently KFC restaurants in the Philippines are testing out this experimental specimen on their subjects and the company’s official Twitter account has been tweeting out pictures of happy customers devouring it. “It was love at first bite!” Says Christian. 3 down, 47 left at the Fort Triangle Branch. #NewKFCDoubleDown
  • The German government is funding a Battlestar Galactica larp on a retired destroyer (2015-01-26 15:47:33)
    Live-action role-playing, or larping, can be just a nice way to spend a weekend. On February 4th, a retired German destroyer will become the site of a five-day, 80-person larp based on Ronald D. Moore's Battlestar Galactica. If this sounds familiar, it's because Projekt Exodus is very similar to The Monitor Celestra, a highly successful 2013 larp set on a Swedish battleship. Unlike Monitor Celestra, though, Projekt Exodus is explicitly educational.
  • Key departure prompts leadership shake-up at Spark (2015-01-26 15:38:49)
    20-year veteran Chris Quin parts company with New Zealand's largest telecommunications retailer.
  • My first Sundance journal day 4: Me and Earl and the Dying Girl, and $12 million (2015-01-26 15:38:02)
    So I stayed typing at the Park City Marriott, and about two hours later, Sundance Twitter lost its mind. Me and Earl and The Dying Girl just punched over a thousand people in the heart. Credits still rolling and Me and Earl and the Dying Girl is getting a standing ovation in the dark.
  • Watch someone beat The Legend of Zelda in 30 minutes by skipping screens, clipping through walls (2015-01-26 15:35:59)
    It’s surprisingly exhilarating to watch someone blast through a video game in minutes that would take a normal person hours to beat. We couldn’t take our eyes off of the ridiculous Super Mario World speedrun last week, good enough for a world record, but just days later we’ve been distracted by another record-setting run of a classic Nintendo game. LAST TIME: Watch someone beat Super Mario World in less than 6 minutes using an insane glitch Last Friday, Darkwing Duck, a well known member of the speedrunning community and one of the best Legend of Zelda runners of all time, beat his own world record on the NES classic by just 8 seconds. That’s about how long it took me to type that sentence. It
  • Prepare for the IoT data tsunami, says Savi's Andy Souders (2015-01-26 15:29:13)
    As sensor tech and IoT grows, firms need to enhance their capacity to collect data and derive business-critical information via analytics. Find out how in our Q&A with Savi SVP Andy Souders.
  • 'MythBusters' tackles 'Doom' and the lore of first-person shooters (2015-01-26 15:28:00)
  • Crazy-rare classic 'Star Trek' phaser goes up for auction (2015-01-26 15:25:35)
    A screen-used prop phaser from the original "Star Trek" series is up for sale and it's expected to fetch a price that is out of this world.>
  • Real-time IoT analytics boost revenues for telecoms (2015-01-26 15:17:05)
    Get details on how some telecoms have been able to increase revenue, thanks to real-time anticipatory selling propelled by big data analytics.
  • U.S. bitcoin exchange makes debut (2015-01-26 15:16:08)
    Launched just days after Coinbase raised $75 million from blue-chip financial institutions such as the New York Stock Exchange, the Coinbase Exchange was meant to help stabilize the bitcoin network, which has no central regulator or overseer, the company said. Coinbase users in 24 states and U.S. territories can immediately trade on the exchange, which will charge no fees through March 30, according to a blog post by the San Francisco-based company.
  • Law enforcement wants popular police-tracking app disabled (2015-01-26 15:15:47)
    WASHINGTON (AP) — Law enforcement is concerned that the popular Waze mobile traffic app by Google Inc., which provides real-time road conditions, can also be used to hunt and harm police.
  • Facebook's Oculus forms its own VR film studio (2015-01-26 15:12:28)
    Oculus Story Studio will develop movies for virtual reality devices, like the Oculus Rift. It's kicking off with an animated short premiering Monday at the Sundance Film Festival.>
  • Turkish court orders Facebook to block pages 'insulting' prophet (2015-01-26 15:11:19)
    A Turkish court has ordered Facebook to block pages deemed insulting to the Prophet Mohammed, threatening to shut down the social media network indefinitely if it ignores the directive, state media said Monday. The ruling came after Turkish prosecutors investigated the social media pages following a deadly attack on the Paris offices of French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo on January 7. The court ruled on Sunday that Facebook would be shut down altogether in Turkey if it fails to implement the order, state-run Anatolia news agency reported. In its first issue after the attack by two Islamist gunmen that killed 12 people, Charlie Hebdo featured an image of the prophet weeping on its front cover holding a "Je suis Charlie" sign under the heading "All is forgiven".
  • The mystery deepens around one of the Galaxy S6’s key specs (2015-01-26 15:10:36)
    When the Galaxy S6 launches later this year, just what chipset will it be packing? Although it’s been widely expected that Samsung’s next flagship phone would come with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 810 processor, we’ve read reports saying that Qualcomm may be having trouble manufacturing enough Snapdragon 810s to meet high demand for the chipset. And now Phone Probe directs our attention to a new benchmark that only deepens this mystery. FROM EARLIER: Galaxy S6 reportedly getting a special version of the Snapdragon 810  Phone Probe has spotted a new benchmark on Geekbench for a mystery Samsung device that runs on Android 5.0 Lollipop and that is running on the Exynos 7420 processor that has been rumored as a replacement for the Snapdragon 810.
  • Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel get confused by tech in new Super Bowl ad (2015-01-26 15:00:52)
    Beloved TV anchors Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel have been stumped by consumer technology for the last 21 years. Well, BMW had more fun than NBC on that score, and decided to celebrate how far we've come in its new Super Bowl spot for the BMW i3 — and how the Couric and Gumbel are still pretty clueless about the future. Personally, I'm confused at the idea of Katie Couric twerking to Eddy Grant's "Electric Avenue".
  • Facebook Lite uses less data for developing areas, low-end phones (2015-01-26 14:57:00)
  • Uber caps surge pricing during winter storm (2015-01-26 14:55:21)
    NEW YORK (AP) — Want a ride home from car service Uber during the major snowstorm descending on the Northeast on Monday? Expect to pay more than the usual fare.
  • From Continuity to Disruption (2015-01-26 14:42:41)
    Brands have long stood for consistency......a dependable consumer experience driven by a business model that draws efficiency from repetition, streamlining and mass production.Yet things have changed. New technologies have spawned new possibilities and as many new business models.In many cases, this makes the old ways irrelevant, and causes...
  • Uber bows to the blizzard, will cap surge prices on the East Coast (2015-01-26 14:34:16)
    Uber has capped the amount of money East Coast riders can expect to pay during the upcoming blizzard, Bloomberg reports. The blizzard is set to drop more than 30 inches of snow in parts of the Northeast between today and tomorrow. Uber CEO Travis Kalanick has defended the practice of price surging — in which the price of a ride inflates with demand —  claiming it incentivizes speedy pick-ups from drivers. In an email to riders obtained by TechCrunch, Uber said New York City prices during the storm will not exceed 2.8 times the normal fare. Last year, Uber reached an agreement with the New York attorney general's office, saying it would cap surge pricing during emergencies on a national level.
  • EA comes up with an ingeniously sleazy new way to milk money from gamers (2015-01-26 14:20:00)
    The freemium game industry just took a twist for the worse — although you can’t help but appreciate the ingenuity of developers in this particular case. EA has decided that players will need gas for their car races inside Need for Speed: No Limits, and the company will sell it to you via in-app purchases. FROM EARLIER: 2015 is the year that we stop preordering video games once and for all Of course, there’s always the option of waiting for your tank to fill back up automatically, but that will not always coincide with your need for gaming, as that will take some time. As Android Police reports, the game, which is available on iPhone and should be launched on Android in
  • Apple giving away TV shows and music with 'Free on iTunes' (2015-01-26 14:20:00)
  • Telecom network spending seen rising this year amid 4G boom (2015-01-26 14:18:02)
    Nevertheless, overall spending on mobile and fixed networks is expected to grow for a second consecutive year, as operators worldwide seek to improve coverage and add capacity to keep up with rising data traffic from video and smartphones. While construction of 4G networks is largely complete in the United States, Japan and Korea, the technology is just arriving in much of eastern Europe, Latin America and Africa. Investment in fixed networks is set to rise 7.7 percent to $10.33 billion, driven by fiber broadband rollouts, it said. "The 4G story is spreading after the first spurt of rollouts in the U.S., Japan and Korea is behind us," Deborah Kish, an analyst at Garner, said.
  • Larger-than-usual move for Yahoo shares expected after results (2015-01-26 14:16:47)
    By Saqib Iqbal Ahmed NEW YORK (Reuters) - Yahoo Inc's shares are expected to move nearly twice as much as they have following other recent earnings reports when the company announces fourth-quarter results on Tuesday, options data showed. Yahoo is scheduled to report results after the close of market on Tuesday, and much of investors' focus will be on the company's plans for its 15 percent stake in Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group Holding . Chief Executive Marissa Mayer has been facing pressure from investors to sell Yahoo's stake in Alibaba in a tax-efficient manner and return the money to shareholders. Yahoo's plans for avoiding tax on its Asian assets will have big implications for a post-earnings move in the company’s shares, analysts said.
  • Anita Sarkeesian to create new series looking at masculinity in video games (2015-01-26 14:12:35)
    Anita Sarkeesian has had an incredibly momentous 2014, to put it extremely mildly, and it's looking like 2015 will be even bigger. Her nonprofit group, Feminist Frequency, has released its first annual report (available as a PDF), which both chronicles its tentpole year and outlines its ambitious plans for the months ahead. In addition to producing new episodes of Tropes vs. Women in Video Games, Feminist Frequency is planning to begin two new video series: one that examines "the representation of men and masculinity in video games" and a miniseries that presents "examples of positive female characters in video games." Tropes vs. Women in Video Games made Sarkeesian a primary antagonist for last year's Gamergate movement and the target of widespread harrassment and multiple threats of violence. Other 2015 plans include hiring new staff members, a rebranding that includes new logo design / website / merchandise, and an objective to "continue and expand efforts to advocate for equitable online spaces by educating and consulting on issues of gendered online harassment." In a letter posted on her Kickstarter page, Sarkeesian describes how the goals of Feminist Frequency have changed due in part to both increased donations as well as, conversely, increased online harassment.
  • Facebook unveils 'lite' app for emerging markets (2015-01-26 14:10:16)
    Facebook said Monday it is testing a lightweight version of its mobile app for mobile phones with poor-quality Internet connections in emerging markets. The move expands Facebook's efforts to grow the world's biggest social network, which already has more than a billion users. Most of Facebook's growth is coming from emerging markets, but many people lack the phones or computers needed for the full-featured app.
  • Facebook reportedly blocks pages in Turkey 'insulting' to Muhammad (2015-01-26 14:06:08)
    Facing a possible ban in Turkey, Facebook has complied with a court order, according to news reports.>
  • ​Microsoft: The open-source company (2015-01-26 14:04:00)
    Microsoft loves Linux, is adopting Docker for its servers, and just bought Revolution Analytics, the biggest open-source R statistical language company. This is not your dad's Microsoft.
  • Bubble Shooter Galaxy review (2015-01-26 13:57:00)
    Bubble Shooter Galaxy is the best bubble match game
  • Watch 15 minutes of live gameplay from The Witcher 3, the most anticipated RPG of 2015 (2015-01-26 13:55:11)
    There aren’t many upcoming games that have RPG fans more excited than The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. The new-gen entry to one of the most critically acclaimed series in recent history has been getting a ton of press ever since the developers first began showing of the game’s vast open world, and now the team is back to give us another peek inside the world of The Witcher. MORE GAMING: Watch over 90 minutes of ‘Dying Light,’ the open-world zombie survival game On Monday, January 26th at 2:00 p.m. EST, CD Projekt Red will showcase 15 minutes of brand new gameplay footage from The Witcher 3 on the Twitch channel. “Damien Monnier – Senior Gameplay Designer, and Miles Tost –
  • 10 projects IT should stop putting off (2015-01-26 13:52:02)
    Some IT projects always seem to get superseded by higher priority work. But deferring them can be costly and may compromise productivity and business agility. Here are 10 projects for your 2015 to-do list.
  • Turkish court will ban Facebook if it doesn't censor blasphemous content (2015-01-26 13:49:00)
  • 'Cat Rap': Yo, dawg, an ode to online kitty videos everywhere (2015-01-26 13:48:34)
    Do you have an unhealthy obsession with cat videos? Billed as a love song to cat videos, this rap video from the Four Screws Loose comedy group might be your new jam.>
  • The CraveCast arts and sciences show goes high- and low-brow (2015-01-26 13:48:13)
    We're patrons of the arts at Crave, all of them. Whether it's a Zuckerberg portrait that stinks but still impresses, Shakespearean "Star Wars," or just great sci-fi, we'll cover it in the next CraveCast.>
  • Look out mobile world, Xiaomi is about to take over (2015-01-26 13:46:57)
    Could 2015 be the year a small Chinese company takes the smartphone market by storm? Jack Wallen thinks it's possible.
  • Cablevision sets sights on mobile carriers with Wi-Fi-only service (2015-01-26 13:46:29)
    Freewheel service will cost $29.95 per month and work only with Motorola's Moto G smartphone, which Cablevision will sell for $99.95.>
  • Air-gapped computers are no longer secure (2015-01-26 13:37:08)
    To insure security, the thought was to pull the computer off of the network. That is not always the case according to three Georgia Tech researchers who exploit side-channel signals.
  • Watch Ford engineers and designers gush over the incredible new GT (2015-01-26 13:33:02)
    It'll be many months before we see the new GT on streets, but Ford's new supercar — which was just announced at NAIAS in Detroit — is going to get plenty of screen time leading up to the launch. To kick off the run-up to the launches of both the game and the car, Forza has published a video from inside Ford's design center, chatting with some of the designers and engineers involved with the GT project — they sound excited about it, but then again, it'd be hard not to be.
  • Space exploration is back: on the ground at the Atlas V rocket launch (2015-01-26 13:31:57)
    On Jan. 20, we headed to Cape Canaveral, Florida to watch the Atlas V rocket launch, a communications satellite for the US Navy. While there, we spoke with a retired NASA shuttle astronaut and representatives for the United Launch Alliance, ESA, and Sierra Nevada Corp. about the future of human exploration.
  • The threat of risky mobile apps to BYOD (2015-01-26 13:30:26)
    Application readiness solutions, app testing, and enterprise app stores can help alleviate the threats risky mobile apps pose to enterprise mobility and BYOD.
  • Terror grips NYC: Impending blizzard nightmare turns Manhattan into a ghost town (2015-01-26 13:29:43)
    By noon, midtown Manhattan has turned into a ghost town. Times Square, the heart of Broadway, is nearly deserted and seems like a set for a chilly zombie movie. FROM EARLIER: Everything you’ll need to get you through 2015’s first massive blizzard Midtown Manhattan at just before noon on Monday. Photo by Tero Kuittinen. Many offices have circulated emails telling people to leave for home by 2 p.m. and not to return on Tuesday. Schools will be closed, ballet lessons are being canceled, bread and cheese departments of Zabar’s and West Side Market have turned into brutal arenas of hand-to-hand combat. Families are praying that the 82nd Street Barnes & Noble, the last existing bookstore on the West Side, will open on Tuesday.
  • Doctor Who's David Tennant will play Marvel villain on Netflix (2015-01-26 13:28:41)
    Marvel upcoming Netflix series, AKA Jessica Jones, is only getting bigger. After casting Krysten Ritter in the lead role and Mike Colter as Luke Cage, Doctor Who's own David Tennant has just been cast as Zebediah Killgrave, otherwise known as the villainous Purple Man. He has the power to cause chemically-induced mind control in his victims, and has had numerous run-ins with Marvel's superheroes over the years. His relationship with Jessica Jones is particularly sinister, however, since it was the effects of her being brainwashed by the villain that made her hang up her superhero costume altogether.
  • Drones for Good offers a cool million to lifesaving, forest-replanting, landmine-hunting UAVs (2015-01-26 13:28:24)
    An international competition will reward people with ideas for unmanned aerial vehicles that make the world a better place.>
  • Facebook Lite is a tiny Facebook app that uses less data (2015-01-26 13:24:20)
    Designed for lower-end Android devices and developing smartphone markets, Lite is a small app for 2G networks.>
  • I saw a rocket launch, and now I'm in love with NASA (2015-01-26 13:16:40)
    On January 20th, I witnessed my very first rocket launch — an Atlas V rocket punching into space to drop a communications satellite for the US Navy into orbit 22,000 miles above Earth. The last time NASA sent humans beyond low-Earth orbit was the Apollo program in the 1970s. Since then, the US space agency has focused on sending people to the International Space Station and probes beyond. NASA itself is looking more ambitious since the test launch of Orion, an Apollo look-alike designed to carry humans beyond the ISS — perhaps even as far as Mars.
  • Keeping Your Data Safe and Synchronized Across All Devices (2015-01-26 13:14:33)
    The online security industry is getting all shaken up. You might have avoided the Cyber Monday promises that we wrote about some weeks ago, but since then there have been a number of big-time breaches that made an impact on hundreds of thousands of peoples lives, if not more.I never knew what a Mac computer feels like, until I got one of my...
  • Private spacecraft will sail on streams of photons from the sun (2015-01-26 13:08:35)
    Bill Nye's Planetary Society wants to propel a spacecraft by bouncing the sun's photons off it. The first test of such a craft will take place this May.>
  • Apple’s slimmest MacBook Air yet launching by the end of March (2015-01-26 13:05:41)
    In addition to posting mind-blowing iPhone sales expectations for the Christmas quarter, KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said in a note to investors seen by Apple Insider that Apple’s redesigned MacBook Air, a 12-inch device that should to be even slimmer and lighter than any of its predecessors, is supposed to be launched by the end of March. FROM EARLIER: Help! I already can’t decide between the 12-inch MacBook Air and 12-inch iPad Kuo, often accurate about unreleased Apple products and future plans, did not reveal an actual release date for the rumored 12-inch Retina MacBook Air, but he did say the laptop will be launched this quarter and should help Apple increase Mac shipments by 2.6% this quarter, compared to
  • ​IBM dismisses massive layoff report as workforce remixing continues (2015-01-26 12:55:16)
    IBM's workforce rebalancing is as predictable as the seasons, but it's a stretch to think Big Blue is cutting more than 100,000 employees.
  • Europe's telecoms heavyweights call for lighter 'net neutrality' rules (2015-01-26 12:49:20)
    By Julia Fioretti BRUSSELS (Reuters) - The European Union should not force telecoms operators to treat all the traffic on their networks equally as it crafts rules on "net neutrality", several industry bodies said on Monday. The reaction comes a week after Latvia, which holds the rotating European presidency, tabled a compromise text on net neutrality, the principle that all internet traffic should be treated equally, under which telecoms operators would face strict rules on when they can intervene to manage traffic. Four industry bodies representing the likes of Vodafone , Alcatel-Lucent , Orange and Liberty Global called on the EU to allow them manage internet traffic to meet the different needs of all consumers.
  • The Nexus 6 is missing a major feature and it’s all Apple’s fault (2015-01-26 12:40:09)
    After previous reports suggested that at least one version of the Nexus 6 would come with a built-in fingerprint sensor that would put the handset on par with similar offerings from Apple and Samsung, a former prominent Google and Motorola exec has confirmed the feature was supposed to be included in the Nexus 6, but blamed Apple for not being able to pull it off. FROM EARLIER: This is what it’s like for an iPhone user to switch to the Nexus 6 In an interview with The Telegraph, Dropbox COO Dennis Woodside, who previously headed Motorola under Google, said that the logo dimple on the back of the handset should have included a fingerprint sensor. However, because Apple purchased AuthenTec, the company making
  • US Tech Policy: SOTU 2015 (2015-01-26 12:35:48)
    My friends who like to discuss politics and my colleagues who like to write about politics have made it clear to me that President Obama's State of the Union Address was precisely what they expected. My Blue State friends loved it, my Red State friends hated it, and nothing I write here will, or should, change anyone's political worldview....
  • Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel still know nothing about tech (2015-01-26 12:35:20)
    Technically Incorrect: In a Super Bowl ad for the BMW i3, the two famous presenters look back to 1994 when they didn't know what the rudiments of the tech world were. They still apparently don't.>
  • WikiLeaks slams Google over delay in revealing US warrants (2015-01-26 12:19:04)
    BERLIN (AP) — WikiLeaks on Monday criticized Google for failing to swiftly inform the secrets-spilling group about U.S. search warrants issued seeking emails and other personal information from three of its staff.
  • Paul McCartney teams with Kanye, Rihanna to deliver a generation-spanning hit single (2015-01-26 12:15:19)
    Now this is a song with real cross-generation appeal! Legendary one-time Beatle Paul McCartney has teamed up with Kanye West and Rihanna to deliver a new song called “Four Five Seconds” that features a terrific duet between Rihanna and West with Sir Paul strumming the guitar in the background. The song’s bridge also features some gospel-inflected organ playing as Rihanna sings a confessional about her past mistakes. RELATED: Kanye West has a stupid theory about why Apple bought Beats This is actually the second team-up between West and McCartney in recent months, as the pair released the single “Only One” at the start of 2015. This new track is much catchier to our ears, however, and could be a real hit. We’re
  • IBM dismisses Forbes report of massive layoffs (2015-01-26 12:09:47)
    (Reuters) - IBM dismissed on Monday a Forbes magazine report claiming the technology firm is preparing to cut about 26 percent of its workforce. A report last Thursday on Forbes' website by pseudonymous Silicon Valley technology gossip columnist Robert Cringely said IBM planned to lay off 26 percent of its global workforce, or as many as 112,000 employees. This equates to several thousand people, a small fraction of what's been reported." Last week, Chief Financial Officer Martin Schroeter told investors on IBM's fourth-quarter earnings conference call that the company was taking restructuring charges of around $580 million, but he did not specify the number of jobs affected.
  • BlackBerry Passport gets a luxury limited edition (2015-01-26 12:06:10)
    Blackberry has announced the Passport Black & Gold, a limited edition consisting of just 50 devices. In addition to a gold back cover and gold sides, this luxury edition of the Passport comes with a cover in Valextra leather. Goldgenie, a third-party company that customizes high-tech products with high-end materials, already offers the BlackBerry Passport in gold, rose gold or platinum versions, which are priced around $1,000 each. Previously available in white, black and red, the BlackBerry Passport has a 4.5-inch square HD touchscreen (1440x1440 pixels) that breaks with current industry trends.
  • Milestone prizes announced for Google's Lunar XPRIZE competition (2015-01-26 12:03:10)
    Google has announced the full list of milestone prize winners in the Lunar XPRIZE contest. The biggest winner was a team from Carnegie Mellon called Astrobotic, which brought in $1.75 million for its lunar polar rover. A second US-based team, Moon Express, was awarded prize money in the landing and imaging categories for its proposed mission focused on mining. German team Part-Time Scientists won prize money in the mobility and imaging categories, while India's Team Indus and Japan's Hakuto were awarded one prize each.
  • Haiku ceiling fan for the smart home owner (2015-01-26 11:57:19)
    Smart homes are getting smarter, thanks to more smart devices and integration between them. Jordan Golson reviews the Haiku smart ceiling fan from Big Ass Fans.
  • Emma Watson will play Belle in Disney's live-action Beauty and the Beast (2015-01-26 11:52:49)
    Emma Watson had a big year in 2014, co-starring in Darren Aronofsky's Noah and serving as the UN's Women Goodwill Ambassador. Now, Disney has just announced that the Harry Potter alum is slated to star as Belle in the upcoming live-action adaptation of Beauty and the Beast.
  • You’ll want one of these toys for your next terrifying blizzard experience (2015-01-26 11:50:12)
    The Northeast is preparing to be hit by what may become one of the worst blizzards in the history of the region, with warnings already issued for New England, New York and New Jersey. Heavy snow is expected and dealing with all that snow may become a daunting task in the following days. However, instead of shoveling snow some people are actually thinking of a better way of clearing driveways that involves robots. FROM EARLIER: Tonight’s snowstorm looks absolutely devastating and could be the worst ever As CBS affiliate WCCO reports, a competition in St. Paul, Minnesota, has eight teams competing on designing the best robot snowplow that could automatically clear snow from a pre-defined path such as a driveway. The Autonomous Snowplow Competition
  • Siblings with autism rarely share genetic mutations (2015-01-26 11:50:02)
    Children who do share genetic mutations, however, also tend to display the same types of symptoms. Approximately 1 in 68 children have some form of autism spectrum disorder, and the disorder is five times more common in boys. There's no cure for autism, and taking care of a child with autism spectrum disorder can be costly. The CDC estimates that parents spend about $17,000 more per year when caring for a child with autism than they do for a child without it, and a large chunk of that cost goes toward services like therapy, education, and caregiver time.
  • How to See the Future First (2015-01-26 11:46:24)
    One of the biggest challenges innovators face is to truly understand the market opportunity space before they start creating a strategy and well in advance of product development. Since we can't see the future, we need to gain some real insight from deep domain experts and make sense of possible scenarios. Even if the innovations are disruptive...
  • Exclusive: politicians are supporting Comcast's TWC merger with letters ghostwritten by Comcast (2015-01-26 11:46:03)
    On August 21st, 2014, Mayor Jere Wood of Roswell, Georgia, sent a letter to the Federal Communications Commission expressing emphatic support for Comcast’s controversial effort to merge with Time Warner Cable. Not only did the mayor’s letter express personal excitement for the gargantuan deal — which critics say will create a monopoly that will harm millions of consumers — but it also claimed that the entire town of Roswell adored Comcast. "When Comcast makes a promise to act, it is comforting to know that they will always follow through," Wood's letter explained. Yet Wood’s letter made one key omission: Neither Wood nor anyone representing Roswell’s residents wrote his letter to the FCC.
  • Batkid movie coming from Julia Roberts (2015-01-26 11:31:34)
    Batkid stole our hearts in real life in 2013. Now Julia Roberts will produce and star in a feature movie about the young fan's life.>
  • Zoinks! Scooby-Doo gets to solve mysteries in Lego (2015-01-26 11:31:17)
    The Scooby Gang can now hop in their Mystery Machine and chase would-be ghosts and monsters in brick form. Plus Lego Scoob gets his own movies.>
  • This man wants to be Google’s new worst nightmare (2015-01-26 11:25:14)
    Android is the most popular operating system in the world, but can it be freed from Google’s clutches? Android Authority reports that Cyanogen CEO Kirt McMaster last week spoke at a special event dedicated to the “Next Phase of Android” and he revealed that his company has a plan to decouple Android from Google and make it the truly open-source mobile platform the world has been waiting for. RELATED: Microsoft might be interested in acquiring the most popular custom Android build ever “We’re attempting to take Android away from Google,” McMasters said during the event. “We’re making a version of Android that is more open so we can integrate with more partners so their servicers can be tier one services, so startups
  • The triumphant return of 'Rock Band'? (2015-01-26 11:25:00)
  • Quadcopter drone crashes on White House grounds (2015-01-26 11:21:27)
    A drone crashed on the grounds of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue early Monday morning, sending the White House into lockdown.>
  • NFL brings the gridiron to YouTube (2015-01-26 11:16:11)
    Just in time for the Super Bowl, the league launches a YouTube channel and unveils a new partnership with YouTube's parent Google.>
  • The CRM Watchlist 2015 Lifetime Achievement Award goes to CRM Magazine (2015-01-26 11:13:00)
    The 4th annual Lifetime Achievement Award goes to the institution which, historically, might have had the most impact on the CRM industry. That would be CRM Magazine. Find out why.
  • Swords and lightsabers fly in this cinematic duel supercut (2015-01-26 11:07:48)
    En garde! Battles are extra spectacular when swords and lightsabers are the weapons of choice. Catch 60 of the greatest movie duels in one giant sword fight thanks to this exciting supercut video.>
  • Ahoy Jedi! Fans make 'Star Wars' landspeeder raft (2015-01-26 11:06:50)
    You don't have to be a Skywalker to ride around in a landspeeder. These crafty Aussie "Star Wars" fans made one to glide across the water for a race.>
  • Comet 67P is brushing dirt off its shoulder as it moves closer to the Sun (2015-01-26 11:06:28)
    It’s almost showtime: Comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko, the target of ESA’s Rosetta mission, is finally shedding its outer coating of dust. Particles collected by Rosetta will offer new information on the composition of comets, according to a study in the journal Nature. This shedding also sets the stage for the reawakening of the Philae lander as the comet moves closer to the Sun and is exposed to more sunlight.
  • China likely to top US for Apple iPhone sales (2015-01-26 11:05:09)
    The arrival of big-screen iPhones in the big China market promises a significant shift for the final quarter of 2014.>
  • Oculus is now making its own virtual reality movies (2015-01-26 11:00:03)
    The prominence of virtual reality has been one of the biggest stories of the 2015 Sundance Film Festival, and now Oculus itself is stepping into the fray to highlight the importance of storytelling in VR. The company has pulled back the curtain on Oculus Story Studio, an internal team focused on exploring the potential of what it calls "VR cinema" — and the group's first movie is debuting this week. Called Lost, the project is a real-time computer generated VR experience for the Crescent Bay prototype, and is directed by Saschka Unseld, a former Pixar animator who created the 2013 short The Blue Umbrella. The Story Studio initiative started because Oculus was showing off the Rift to Hollywood filmmakers who got excited about the potential of VR and wanted to make something — but the company didn’t know how to move forward.
  • With Story Studio, Oculus VR embarks on its Hollywood takeover (2015-01-26 11:00:00)
  • Break away from free cloud storage providers by using ownCloud (2015-01-26 10:56:08)
    As concerns for privacy and data security accompany the use of free cloud services, users and small businesses might be better served by installing the open source package ownCloud.
  • Everything you’ll need to get you through 2015’s first massive blizzard (2015-01-26 10:49:49)
    If you live in the northeast region of the United States, you’re probably beginning to see the first snowfall of what could be an unprecedented blizzard. But don’t panic! In this article, we’re going to help you make it through this storm alive, without losing your mind in the process. Below, we’ve collected some of the gadgets you’ll absolutely want to have on hand before the blizzard sweeps in on Monday night, as well as a few precautions worth taking in case the power goes out. FROM EARLIER: Tonight’s snowstorm looks absolutely devastating and could be the worst ever First of all: CHARGE EVERYTHING. It’s probably already on your to-do list, but it’s worth repeating anyway. If you have any back-up phones
  • It's Apple's fault Nexus 6 has no fingerprint sensor, ex-CEO says (2015-01-26 10:48:39)
    Former Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside says that his company had plans to add a fingerprint sensor to the Nexus 6 but that Apple acquired the company it was hoping to partner with.>
  • Get a BlueSync BX portable Bluetooth NFC speaker for $29.99 (2015-01-26 10:46:53)
    This cool little cube normally runs $39.99. It has an analog volume control and a USB port for phone-free listening.>
  • Carrefour invests in European tech start-ups fund (2015-01-26 10:39:21)
    Investment firm Partech Ventures has raised 200 million euros ($225.18 million) from investors, including French retailer Carrefour , for a new fund that will invest in European technology and digital start-ups. The creation of the Partech Growth Fund is in response to the lack of availability of funding in Europe in this area, which often forces start-ups to look elsewhere for money, notably in the United States, Partech said in a statement on Monday. Carrefour, Europe's largest retailer, said in a separate statement that its investment, the size of which was not disclosed, was in line with its focus on innovation. It could also pave the way for future partnerships between Carrefour and some of the start-ups.
  • Listen to director John Carpenter's new horror album Lost Themes (2015-01-26 10:31:48)
    Late last year, legendary filmmaker John Carpenter — a director whose style helped define horror in the '70s and '80s — announced that, instead of a new movie, he was crafting a debut album with Sacred Bones Records. Lost Themes, due out on February 3rd, is full of unheard compositions that would fit right in with the scores from Halloween and Escape from New York.
  • Turkey Court Bans Facebook Pages Insulting Prophet Muhammad (2015-01-26 10:29:26)
    The state-run Anadolu Agency reported the ruling was handed down late Sunday by a court in Ankara. Facebook did not immediately respond to a request for comment.
  • Tonight’s snowstorm looks absolutely devastating and could be the worst ever (2015-01-26 10:25:37)
    Get ready to batten down the hatches, Northeastern America: We’re in for a potentially devastating blizzard. The Weather Channel is confirming our worst fears, as the mega-blizzard known as Winter Storm Juno is still barreling toward us. How bad are things looking right now? The Weather Channel writes that the National Weather Service is so confident in its dire predictions of a massive storm that it’s decided “to issue blizzard warnings well in advance of the storm from the New Jersey shore all the way to Downeast Maine, including the cities of New York City, Boston, Providence, Hartford and Portland.” At the moment, Portland, Providence, Hartford and Boston are all forecast to get slammed with up to two feet of
  • Tortoise sex snuck into 'Jurassic Park' as voice of raptors (2015-01-26 10:20:31)
    Dinosaurs may be visually terrifying but Lucasfilm sound designer Gary Rydstrom confirms that tortoises mating make for great velociraptor vocals.>
  • AT&T buys its second Mexican wireless provider in three months (2015-01-26 10:10:58)
    AT&T has closed a deal to purchase Nextel Mexico, a wireless provider with around 3 million subscribers and a network that's estimated to cover 76 million people. AT&T will pay $1.875 billion for the company, less any outstanding debt it may have. Nextel Mexico is the second Mexican wireless provider that AT&T has bought in the past few months. Back in November, AT&T reached a deal to acquire the Mexican provider Iusacell and its 9.2 million subscribers as well.
  • Revealed: The untold story of what it was like dropping acid with Steve Jobs (2015-01-26 10:00:09)
    One of the most fascinating aspects of Steve Jobs life outside of technology was his interest in psychedelic drugs. This month, CNN took the time to sit down with Daniel Kottke, a friend of Jobs’ at Reed College and a fellow hallucinogen enthusiast. He didn’t want to discuss these trips when Jobs was still around, but he feels more comfortable talking about them now. READ MORE: Here’s your chance to be in the upcoming Steve Jobs movie “We would take psychedelics and whole new vistas opened up,” Kottke told CNN. “We were … in a meditative space. But that’s partly because we were reading books about chakras and psychic energy and the chi and the Kundalini serpent that was going to rise up our spine.”
  • Google and NFL deal puts football highlights on YouTube (2015-01-26 09:39:00)
  • Google Roasts Apple, Discloses 3 OS X Bugs (2015-01-26 09:35:12)
    Project Zero has done it again: Google's private security research team has discovered and disclosed three zero-day flaws in Apple's OS X platform — before Apple patched them. The three flaws are documented on Project Zero's website. Project Zero gives companies 90 days after notification to patch flaws.
  • Stunning renders show 12-inch MacBook Air next to 12-inch iPad Air Plus (2015-01-26 09:35:09)
    The rumored 12-inch MacBook Air and 12-inch iPad Air Plus/iPad Pro are reportedly launching later this year, as recent reports have confirmed major details about Apple’s newest MacBook model. Because the two different devices will be somewhat similar when it comes to size and build quality, some users may actually have a hard time choosing between them, and designer Martin Hajek has come up with a variety of 3D renters showing what these products may look like. FROM EARLIER: Help! I already can’t decide between the 12-inch MacBook Air and 12-inch iPad Hajek, who has published on his blog similar renders of previously rumored Apple devices, used reported leaks of both devices as the basis for his concept renders. As seen in
  • U.S. Gas Stations May Be Ripe for Hacking (2015-01-26 09:35:07)
    In today's entry of "things you didn't know could be hacked," let's discuss gas stations. A posting yesterday (Jan. 22) on SecurityStreet, Boston-based IT security company Rapid7's blog, states that the trouble lies in automated tank gauges (ATGs), which almost every gas station in the U.S. employs to monitor fuel levels and fuel-tank conditions. Generally speaking, Rapid7's HD Moore wrote, technicians do not alter the ATGs' default configurations or protect them with passwords. On Jan. 10, Rapid7 did an Internet-wide scan to determine how widespread ATG insecurity might be, and found that of an estimated 150,000 gas stations in the country, at least 5,300 of them had ATGs that were connected to the Internet without any sort of administrative password, making them ripe for a simple hack or two.
  • Sprint Entices T-Mobile Users with $200 Trade-in Offer (2015-01-26 09:35:01)
    There’s no love lost between Sprint and T-Mobile as they battle it out to be the nation’s third largest phone carrier, and Sprint is once again trying to steal customers from the Un-Carrier with a minimum $200 trade-in offer for those who switch. Bringing your wireless number and smartphone over to Sprint will get you at least a $200 instant trade-in, which can be combined with its Cut Your Bill in Half deal for a total credit of up to $350. The announcement comes a day after T-Mobile revealed its Smartphone Equality plan, which lets people who pay their bills on time get the same deals on its phones and tablets, even if they have bad or zero credit.
  • Facebook's new app for developing countries is just 252KB (2015-01-26 09:34:46)
    Facebook has always made a point of catering to people with poor internet connections, and now it’s giving these users a dedicated app: Facebook Lite. Available only for Android phones in select countries, the app is just 252 kilobytes in size and is designed specially to work on 2G networks and in areas with bad connectivity. Facebook has long known that its future lies in mobile, but if it wants to keep growing then it also has to attract users in countries where internet connectivity is poor. Bangladesh, Nigeria, and Vietnam are among the fastest growing countries for smartphone adoption, and not surprisingly, these nations also show up on the launch list for Facebook Lite.
  • I tried a vibrating ‘smart Kegel exerciser,’ and it hurt like hell (2015-01-26 09:30:02)
    Two weeks ago, a sexual health company called Minna Life approached The Verge and asked if one of our reporters might want to try the kGoal — a Kickstarter “smart Kegel exerciser” meant to help women strengthen their pelvic muscles. "Kegels" are pelvic muscle exercises, named after Arnold Kegel, the man who first described them in 1948. Women can do Kegels by contracting and relaxing the muscles of their pelvic floor — an act that basically means squeezing and releasing the muscles around their vagina and anus, sort of like you would if you were trying to stop the flow of urine. Pelvic floor exercises may also strengthen posture.
  • T-Mobile's new Score program promises phone discounts (2015-01-26 09:28:39)
    The wireless carrier adds to its many promotions with a $5-a-month program called "Score," designed to unlock lower smartphone prices.>
  • Show your Gotham pride with Rainbow Batman figures (2015-01-26 09:23:25)
    Make sure the caped crusader wears more than just gloomy black by voting in this collectibles poll from DC Comics.>
  • Apple, Samsung to remain bedfellows for next iPhone -- report (2015-01-26 09:23:00)
    Samsung will produce 75 percent of the processors Apple needs for its next slate of iPhones, according to a report out of South Korea.>
  • T-Mobile wants to help you score cheaper smartphones – here’s how (2015-01-26 09:10:10)
    Looking to buy even cheaper smartphones? T-Mobile’s got you covered under the new Score! plan — yes, strangely enough the “Un-carrier” has a plan which you’ll have to pay every month to get cheaper access to some of the hottest smartphones in its stock. Fortunately, the plan only costs $5/month, and it’s still less expensive than paying full price for your next smartphone. FROM EARLIER: Big new survey shows T-Mobile’s network is making huge improvements The longer you stay on Score, the better the smartphone deals you can expect, even if you’re on prepaid T-Mobile service. After six months of payments — a total of $30 — you’re guaranteed an upgrade “at no additional cost to an entry-level 4G smartphone.”
  • New wireless services from Google and Cablevision will lean heavily on Wi-Fi (2015-01-26 09:09:54)
    It looks like Republic Wireless — the upstart cellular service that uses Wi-Fi and falls back to Sprint when necessary — was onto something when it launched back in 2011. Rumors have popped up in recent days that Google is prepping to launch a wireless MVNO that uses both Sprint and T-Mobile airwaves in the coming months, and WSJ now reports that it'll use Wi-Fi, too. Presumably, phones that use Google's service will choose Wi-Fi as a default since it's far cheaper per kilobyte than cellular, but Sprint and T-Mobile would be available as a backup when a hotspot isn't available. Meanwhile, the Journal also reports that Cablevision is launching a Wi-Fi-based phone service next month, Freewheel, which will run $9.95 for the cable company's existing customers and $29.95 a month for everyone else.
  • AT&T to acquire Nextel Mexico for $1.88B; aims to expands service to 76M people (2015-01-26 09:09:50)
    The deal, which will allow AT&T to tap into 76 million cell users in the Mexican market, is expected to close later this year -- subject to any hiccups.
  • Precision, depth, and flexibility: the ultimate difference between PC software and apps (2015-01-26 09:09:07)
    As we look at how software will be evolving, traditional PC applications and mobile apps have some substantial differences, key among them the depth and flexibility traditional applications offer that are often an anathema to mobile users.
  • Lunar Xprize competitors get $5.25 million for reaching key milestones (2015-01-26 09:00:00)
  • Intel readying first NUC mini-desktop PC with Core i7 Broadwell processor (2015-01-26 08:59:41)
    The NUC5i7RYH is one of seven Next Unit of Computing systems that the company will be shipping with its fifth-generation Core CPUs.
  • How to measure success as a SaaS startup: 5 metrics (2015-01-26 08:59:35)
    As a startup founder, it can be difficult to measure how your company is progressing. Here are the baseline metrics to use as a health check for a SaaS startup.
  • Just when you thought Comcast couldn’t get any worse… (2015-01-26 08:45:17)
    We really shouldn’t be surprised by nightmare Comcast stories anymore… but somehow the company keeps coming up with creative ways to deliver terrible service. The Philadelphia Inquirer brings us the story of Louis Moravec and Susan Thauer, two Philly residents who had an impossible time getting Comcast to actually come out to their new place and hook them up with Internet services. In fact, what should have been a simple one-afternoon process ending up taking three weeks and an estimate 50 hours on the phone with Comcast customer service representatives. RELATED: Man spends 4 hours on the phone trying to get his Comcast service fixed… and it still didn’t work How could Comcast possibly mess up such a simple procedure? It’s difficult
  • Seagate Q2 solid, 61.3 exabytes shipped (2015-01-26 08:37:00)
    Storage shipments were a highlight for the quarter, as shipments rose 17 percent year-over-year to 61.3 exabytes.
  • How a former Rockstar developer is leading a revolution in gaming (2015-01-26 08:30:00)
  • Forget 1Gbps – the cable industry says you don’t even need 25Mbps (2015-01-26 08:20:31)
    There are times when it’s easy to picture cable companies as Mr. Bumble, the orphanage headmaster in Oliver Twist (i.e., “Please, sir, I want some more bandwidth!” “MORE BANDWIDTH?!!!??!”). We bring this up because Ars Technica has spotted a new FCC filing made by the National Cable and Telecommunications Association in which the cable lobbying group argues that the average consumer doesn’t even need a connection speed of 25Mbps, let alone faster ones like the 1Gbps connections offered by Google Fiber. MORE NCTA GOODNESS: Top cable lobbyist urges more ISPs to slap users with data caps The NCTA made this filing in response to the FCC’s proposal to redefine broadband as any Internet service that delivers download speeds of 25Mbps or higher, versus the current
  • Microsoft is using 'Azure in a box' to power its own 'Nebula' private cloud (2015-01-26 08:15:12)
    Microsoft is using its own Cloud Platform System to power its internal 'Nebula' infrastructure-as-a-service cloud.
  • Apple to rely on Samsung chips for iPhone, iPad into 2015 (2015-01-26 08:09:00)
    iPhone makes up about 60 percent of Apple's revenue. Though arch-rival Samsung's smartphone unit is struggling, it still wouldn't turn down providing its chips to Apple.
  • Cuban youth build secret computer network despite Wi-Fi ban (2015-01-26 08:07:15)
    HAVANA (AP) — Young Cubans may be cut off from the Internet, but they have quietly linked thousands of computers into a hidden network that stretches miles across Havana. It lets them chat with friends, play games and download hit movies in a mini-replica of the online world that most can't access.
  • ​Google: Why we won't patch pre-KitKat Android WebView (2015-01-26 08:02:44)
    Google finally explains why it's wiping its hands clean of patches for flaws in WebView running on Android 4.3 and below and what users should do to stay safe.
  • If You Upload Your Mind To A Computer, Are You Still You? (2015-01-26 08:01:27)
    One of the most mind-bending far future predictions you'll hear from some futurists is this: Eventually, the technology will exist to copy your brain (every bit of data that makes you, you) onto a computer.Technical details and exact predictions aside (the concept is still firmly science fiction) mind uploading makes for a fascinating and...
  • $5.25 million awarded to five Google Lunar XPrize teams with the right stuff (2015-01-26 07:51:58)
    There's still $30 million up for grabs in the Google Lunar XPrize, but five teams have taken home interim prizes totaling $5.25 million to help them on their way.>
  • Next stop for Google Fiber? North Carolina (2015-01-26 07:46:04)
    The high-speed internet service, which allows users to download high-definition movies in mere seconds, is reportedly set to arrive in east-coast state as soon as April.
  • Galaxy S6 reportedly getting a special version of the Snapdragon 810 (2015-01-26 07:45:31)
    After many reports claimed that Qualcomm encountered performance issues with its 2015 64-bit octa-core flagship processor, the company has once again denied that the chip has overheating issues, The Wall Street Journal reports. At the same time, sources familiar with the matter are also saying that Qualcomm is making a different Snapdragon 810 SoC for the Galaxy S6, even if there aren’t any heat issues with the current one. FROM EARLIER: The Galaxy S6 might launch sooner than you think So far, LG has already defended the Snapdragon 810, also found inside the G Flex 2 smartphone announced at CES 2015. The company said it managed to work around the heat emissions for the G Flex 2, while Qualcomm is “is
  • Bitcoin's first licensed US exchange opens with approval from 25 states (2015-01-26 07:44:00)
  • Apple preparing to release Thunderstrike patch (2015-01-26 07:44:00)
    A beta of the next OS X update for Mac users contains a patch for the Thunderstrike vulnerability that allows malware to be injected into Macs via the Thunderbolt port, which means a fix is on the way.
  • My pared-down mobile gear kit: Early 2015 (2015-01-26 07:43:00)
    The mobile gear I use every day has recently changed, and it's the best ever.
  • AT&T buying Nextel Mexico from NII Holdings (2015-01-26 07:41:57)
    DALLAS (AP) — AT&T is buying Nextel Mexico from NII Holdings for about $1.88 billion, minus the company's debt.
  • AT&T to buy NII Holdings' wireless business in Mexico (2015-01-26 07:35:38)
    (Reuters) - AT&T Inc said it will buy bankrupt NII Holdings Inc's wireless business in Mexico for $1.875 billion, less outstanding net debt. AT&T plans to combine Nextel Mexico with Iusacell, which the company acquired in November for $1.7 billion. While Nextel Mexico has about 3 million subscribers, Iusacell, Mexico's third-largest wireless operator, has over 8 million subscribers.
  • AT&T adds to Mexico shopping spree with Nextel Mexico buy (2015-01-26 07:26:40)
    The $1.875 billion deal follows its acquisition of Iusacell and bid to expand its presence in Mexico.>
  • Lenovo's Motorola looks to take market share from China rivals (2015-01-26 07:24:53)
    By Paul Carsten BEIJING (Reuters) - Motorola, the mobile handset maker bought by China's Lenovo Group Ltd from Google Inc for $2.9 billion, is optimistic about its prospects in the Chinese market, its president told Reuters. Lenovo's acquisition, completed three months ago, ended Google's move into the consumer mobile handset business. The deal has turned personal computer-maker Lenovo into a challenger in the higher-end smartphone market, competing with Samsung Electronics and Apple Inc .
  • 5 Bad Behaviors From The Past That Are Now Totally Common (2015-01-26 07:03:03)
    We love our smartphones, tablets, apps and whatnot, but we have to admit, we've noticed technology has made the world a slightly ruder place. Stores now have signs at the checkout requesting shoppers not be on the phone while they check out. Certain restaurants have even banned cell phones, because what chef wants people paying more attention...
  • Remind music app helps Alzheimer's patients bring back memories (2015-01-26 07:00:04)
    Emily Keller is a designer who created Remind, which allows families to curate playlists that help people with Alzheimer's remember parts of their lives through music.
  • Ford accelerates tech efforts with new Silicon Valley lab (2015-01-26 07:00:00)
  • Getting big data right is about more than the size of your database (2015-01-26 06:53:00)
    Big data isn't about size, it's about scale - and that might be bigger than your business.
  • Motorola unveils 3 smart phones for return to China (2015-01-26 06:52:12)
    BEIJING (AP) — Motorola unveiled three smartphone models on Monday for its return to China following a two-year absence from the most populous mobile phone market.
  • Walmart takes on Chromecast with even cheaper, simpler streaming stick (2015-01-26 06:50:10)
    Walmart’s quietly launched Vudu Spark is the latest Chromecast competitor, a device that’s supposed to be about as big as Google’s streaming dongle, but even cheaper. However, it appears the stick might have more limited powers than the Chromecast also, as GigaOm reports. FROM EARLIER: How one man built the awesome Chromecast accessory Google should have made The Vudu Spark is a $24.95 HDMI streaming stick that supports 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi, video resolutions of up to 1080p and 7.1 surround sound. The stick comes with its own remote control, but it only appears to provide users access to Vudu content, meaning they’re not likely to run any other apps, or access content from other sources than Walmart’s store. On the other
  • Google silent on WikiLeaks email warrant for nearly three years (2015-01-26 06:37:00)
    The whistleblower organisation is demanding answers from Google over why it took so long to disclose that it had handed over details of three WikiLeaks' staffers' emails to the US government.
  • Tesco has given up on Blinkbox (2015-01-26 06:32:00)
  • Apple Q1: Record iPhone sales on deck; all eyes on China, enterprise (2015-01-26 06:30:04)
    Apple is expected to announce record iPhone sales on Tuesday after the closing bell. But its underling businesses, notably enterprise and its China business, deserves the most attention.
  • Malaysia Air site hacked, some customer data appears online (2015-01-26 06:16:21)
    Hackers defaced the website of Malaysia Airlines on Monday and threatened to dump stolen information online after posting a glimpse of customer data obtained in the attack. The airline's site was down ...
  • McDonald's taps VMob for 'live marketing' tech (2015-01-26 06:05:00)
    Fast food giant opens the door for a global roll-out of location-based marketing technology after VMob implementations in the Netherlands, Sweden and Japan.
  • Sling TV review: $20 has changed the way I watch ESPN (2015-01-26 06:00:02)
    Sling TV hasn't changed much since we saw it unveiled at CES, but starting Tuesday, Dish will begin sending out the first invites for its over-the-top internet TV service. Within a couple weeks, Sling TV will be ready for its full-fledged consumer debut, and I've just spent a few days testing the service to see if it's indeed worth making a switch from cable. After sampling Sling TV across iOS, Android, and on Roku 3, I've come away fairly impressed. TV shows start playing quickly, with barely any buffering time needed before they're streaming at full quality.
  • Sling TV preview: Does this $20-a-month cord-cutter service work as promised? (2015-01-26 06:00:00)
  • ​Brazilian ICT market to grow 5 percent in 2015 (2015-01-26 05:59:27)
    Mobility and cloud will be key areas of investment; market suffers due to dollar increase
  • Facebook launches Facebook 'Lite' (2015-01-26 05:46:54)
    The world's most popular social network has put its main app on a crash diet so that it's lighter and nimbler and has a much smaller appetite for mobile internet data. Called Facebook Lite, it's the social network's way of ensuring its site is genuinely accessible to consumers in emerging markets that are just getting their first entry-level smartphones. The app only takes up 1MB of space on an Android handset and has been designed to run on 2G networks and even in areas where trying to get any sort of network connection can prove challenging.
  • ​Facebook's privacy showdown set for Vienna hearing in April (2015-01-26 05:16:00)
    Facebook is heading to court this April to argue why it shouldn't be sued for allegedly violating European privacy laws.
  • Elon Musk debunks electric space rockets after Simpsons lampooning (2015-01-26 05:09:54)
    His dedication to saving the planet for future generations does end up putting current Springfielders out of work however, and Musk is soon given his marching orders by Homer — blasting off once again in the Dragon spacecraft.
  • Flexible fiber implants treat your brain without hurting it (2015-01-26 05:02:00)
  • It's Apple's fault that the Nexus 6 doesn't have a fingerprint sensor (2015-01-26 04:50:15)
    Former Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside has confessed that the dimple at the back of the Nexus 6 was originally intended to play host to a fingerprint sensor. Back in 2011, Motorola was a pioneer in bringing fingerprint recognition to its Atrix 4G smartphone, however the company it used then, Authentec, was purchased by Apple a year later for a price of $356 million. Authentec were, in Woodside's judgment, the best supplier around and "the second best supplier was the only one available to everyone else in the industry and they weren’t there yet." So, with Apple snatching up the best and the rest not being good enough, the Nexus 6 was left without biometric authentication. The decision not to implement a second-rate fingerprint sensor was probably the right one for Motorola and Google.
  • Turkey orders Facebook to block pages that insult the Prophet Mohammed (2015-01-26 04:42:58)
    Turkey has moved to block several Facebook pages considered insulting to the Prophet Mohammed. A Turkish court ordered Facebook to close the offending pages in a ruling handed down Sunday, Reuters reports, threatening to block access to the social network if it doesn't comply. The ruling comes amid heightened tensions in the Middle East over this month's attacks on the offices of French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, which appears to have been motivated, in part, by the publication's depictions of the Prophet Mohammed. One week after the attacks, Charlie Hebdo once again featured the prophet on its cover, sparking protests across the Muslim world.
  • The Nexus 6 nearly had a fingerprint sensor in its dimple (2015-01-26 04:04:00)
  • Logitech unveils ConferenceCam Connect for flexible video conferencing (2015-01-26 04:02:28)
    Logitech's distinctive ConferenceCam Connect, which is designed for meeting rooms housing up to six people, offers HD videoconferencing, battery-powered operation and wireless screen mirroring from compatible mobile devices.
  • ​MySQL: Percona plugs in TokuDB storage engine for big datasets (2015-01-26 04:00:04)
    By using Tokutek's TokuDB storage engine instead of InnoDB, firms using Percona's MySQL fork are being told to expect to see a number of benefits
  • Turkish court orders Facebook to block pages insulting Mohammad: media (2015-01-26 03:27:51)
    ANKARA (Reuters) - A Turkish court has ordered Facebook to block a number of pages deemed insulting to the Prophet Mohammad, threatening to stop access to the whole social networking site if it does not comply, local media reported. The order made by the court on Sunday followed a request by a prosecutor, state broadcaster TRT reported. No one from Facebook was immediately available for comment. ...
  • Motorola returns to China with launch of Moto X, Moto X Pro, and Moto G (2015-01-26 03:03:44)
    Motorola has a history of operating in China stretching all the way back to 1987, and today the company marks its return to "the biggest and most exciting smartphone market" with the launch of its full smartphone portfolio. This morning, Motorola President and COO Rick Osterloh announced the 2014 Moto X and LTE-capable Moto G for the Chinese market, along with a Moto X Pro that is essentially a rebadged Nexus 6. The Moto Hint Bluetooth earpiece is also coming to China, along with the Moto Maker phone customization service and, eventually, the Moto 360 smartwatch. China will be the first country in Asia to get the benefit of Moto Maker "in the next few months," but availability of the 360 watch looks to be a bit further out.
  • Robot finds fish beneath Antarctic ice, could be used to explore Europa (2015-01-26 03:02:00)
  • Ideas Box fuses design and technology to transform refugee life (2015-01-26 02:48:03)
    A French project to bring mobile libraries and connectivity to people in the aftermath of crises has been given a vote of confidence in a recent 'tech for good' list.
  • Malaysia Airlines website targeted by hacker group 'Cyber Caliphate' (2015-01-26 02:09:39)
    A group calling itself "Official Cyber Caliphate" said it hacked on Monday the official website of national carrier Malaysia Airlines (MAS), but the airline said its data servers remained intact and passenger bookings were not affected. The website,, showed a photograph of a lizard in a top hat, monocle and tuxedo, surrounded by the messages '404 - Plane Not Found' and 'Hacked by Lizard Squad - Official Cyber Caliphate'. "Malaysia Airlines assures customers and clients that its website was not hacked and this temporary glitch does not affect their bookings and that user data remains secured," it said. Malaysia Airlines lost two flights last year.
  • Official NFL highlights are coming to YouTube and Google search results (2015-01-26 01:53:05)
    Google has agreed a deal with the National Football League to show highlights on YouTube, creating an official NFL channel on the video site a month after it signed off on a similar deal with Facebook. The deal won't allow YouTube to show entire games, but the NFL says it will give Google clips of "in-game" footage. In addition, Google has expanded its NFL-related search results, offering extensive information about a team's scores, background, and upcoming games in its "OneBox" search result format. Google agreed a similar deal with ESPN last year for the soccer World Cup, offering detailed information on scores and games when people searched for tournament teams.
  • NASA wants helicopter drones to lead the way for Mars rovers (2015-01-26 01:17:00)
  • Someone in Japan just bought a 20th Anniversary PS4 for nearly $130,000 (2015-01-26 00:54:42)
    Well, Sony decided to find out by holding a bidding war on Yahoo Auctions in Japan, and when all was said and done one lucky user had secured themselves the console for ¥15,135,000 — that's about $129,000. "We appreciate all who participated in the auction and are surprised at the highest bid price, which was higher than our expectations," a Sony representative told The Wall Street Journal. The money will be donated to Save The Children Japan. Earlier this month Sony announced that the PlayStation 4 has sold over 18.5 million units worldwide since its launch in late 2013.
  • Hackers target Malaysia Airlines, threaten data dump (2015-01-26 00:49:48)
    The Malaysia Airlines website was commandeered on Monday by hackers who referenced Islamic State jihadists and claimed to be from the "Lizard Squad", a group known for previous denial-of-service attacks. It was not clear why the troubled airline was targeted but the hacking group said on its Twitter feed that it was "Going to dump some loot found on servers soon." Visitors to the website were re-directed to another page bearing an image of a tuxedo-wearing lizard and reading "Hacked by LIZARD SQUAD -- OFFICIAL CYBER CALIPHATE". Malaysia Airlines released a statement confirming its Internet domain name had been compromised, re-directing users. "At this stage, Malaysia Airlines' web servers are intact," it said, but added it could take nearly 24 hours to fully resolve the issue, which it had reported to Malaysian authorities.
  • The BBC wants you to help decide which of its experiments should make the cut (2015-01-26 00:37:00)
  • NFL, YouTube partner to post official clips to video site (2015-01-26 00:14:01)
    Searching for Super Bowl highlights next week after the big game?
  • Cablevision to launch WiFi phone service for data-hungry users (2015-01-26 00:11:05)
    By Malathi Nayak SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Cablevision System Corp said on Monday it would launch in February a wireless Internet phone service to give users an alternative to pricier data plans from cellular companies such as AT&T and Verizon. The "Freewheel" phone service, which runs on any WiFi connection, is an attempt by Cablevision to retain and potentially add subscribers at a time when cable companies are losing out to lower-priced, bundled TV and Internet services from telecom firms. Cablevision said the phone service was the first of its kind to be launched by a cable company and aims to tap users seeking to download unlimited amounts of data on their mobile phones using WiFi, which is less expensive than a cellular connection. Currently, carrier Republic Wireless and Massachusetts-based startup Scratch Wireless offer users similar services that use WiFi to control data costs.
  • 'Lizard Squad' hackers target Malaysia Airlines website (2015-01-26 00:02:09)
    The Malaysia Airlines website was commandeered on Monday by hackers who referenced the Islamic State jihadists and claimed to be from the "Lizard Squad", a group known for previous denial-of-service attacks. The website's front page was replaced with an image of a tuxedo-wearing lizard, and read "Hacked by LIZARD SQUAD -- OFFICIAL CYBER CALIPHATE". The Lizard Squad is a group of hackers that has caused havoc in the online world before, taking credit for attacks that took down the Sony PlayStation Network and Microsoft's Xbox Live network last month. The Islamic State, an extremist Sunni Muslim group, has seized large swathes of Syria and Iraq, where it has declared an Islamic "caliphate".
  • Malaysia Airlines website hacked by group 'Cyber Caliphate' (2015-01-25 23:38:10)
    The official website of national carrier Malaysia Airlines was hacked on Monday by a group calling itself the "Official Cyber Caliphate". The website,, currently shows a photograph of a lizard in a top hat and tuxedo, surrounded by the messages '404 - Plane Not Found' and 'Hacked by Lizard Squad - Official Cyber Caliphate'. Representatives from the airline did not respond to calls by Reuters.
  • Malaysia Air site hacked by group claiming support for IS (2015-01-25 23:37:40)
    HONG KONG (AP) — Malaysia Airlines officials were struggling Monday to restore the embattled carrier's website after it was hacked by a group proclaiming support for Islamic State group.
  • Samsung-made chips tipped to power the majority of Apple's next iPhone (2015-01-25 23:27:00)
  • How would you change Samsung's Galaxy S4 Mini? (2015-01-25 22:28:00)
  • China's online population nears 650 million: govt (2015-01-25 21:42:52)
    The number of Internet users in China has risen to nearly 650 million, authorities said over the weekend, as the world's largest online population continues to rise. There were 648 million Internet users in China at the end of 2014, according to the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC), the official Xinhua news agency reported. China defines its online population as those who have used the Internet at least once in the last six months. China already had more web users than any other country in the world.
  • UK goes all Big Brother, Russia stifles free speech, N. Korea still cranky (2015-01-25 21:27:29)
    It wouldn't be another news week if our governments didn't disappoint us in some way or another. The UK seems to be tiring of civil liberties, Russia is tiring of civility, and North Korea is way overdue for its little nap. Plus (no surprise), the Department of Homeland Security is insecure.
  • Man lists his Tesla Model S as an $85-a-night Airbnb room (2015-01-25 20:27:00)
  • Samsung Electronics to be main chip supplier for next iPhone: South Korea paper (2015-01-25 20:19:13)
    South Korea's Samsung Electronics Co Ltd will be the main supplier of processors powering Apple Inc's next iPhone, Maeil Business Newspaper reported on Monday, citing unidentified sources in the semiconductor industry. Samsung will be responsible for around 75 percent of the chip production for the next iPhone, the South Korean newspaper said. The newspaper did not say how much the contract is worth and what other company will be supplying Apple. Samsung will make the chips from its factory in Austin, Texas, according to the report.
  • California rethinks tougher licensing for ridesharing drivers (2015-01-25 18:47:00)
  • Microsoft to offer a paid version of its internal Cosmos big-data service (2015-01-25 18:01:32)
    Microsoft is privately testing a public-facing version of its Cosmos big-data service, which features new analysis and storage engines, plus a new SQL-IP language.
  • Disgruntled over big data? Maybe it's that visualization, magic box dependence (2015-01-25 18:00:04)
    We catch up with BeyondCore CEO Arijit Sengupta and chat about how too many fancy graphics and artificial intelligence powered magic boxes may lead to big data disillusionment.
  • This concept turns old phone parts into a supercomputer (2015-01-25 17:59:02)
    In addition to a traditional power supply, the concept calls for the case to be able to accept battery modules from the Puzzlephone as well, to maintain the system's heartbeat. Circular Devices says that the Puzzlecluster's "applications can range from research and data analysis, to rendering farms and in-house cloud services, as well as any other case that requires parallel computing." The initial illustrations show a small cube that can only accept a few modules at once, but multiple units could be combined together to create an even more powerful computer.
  • Pay T-Mobile $5 per month to get deep discounts on smartphones (2015-01-25 17:56:33)
    T-Mobile is announcing its latest "uncarrier" move today. If you're a Score member for 12 months, you'll unlock deals on top-tier smartphones. The sample deals included in today's press release include $150 off the full price of a Nexus 6 or Galaxy Note 4, as well as $100 off a Galaxy S 5. After just six months, you'll be able to get some entry-level smartphones for free.
  • Content Marketing Killers are Everywhere (2015-01-25 17:41:52)
    Beating blank page syndrome can be worse than your first date - content creation is fraught with peril for many small businesses. Great Content Marketing Starts HereGive up on the introduction and start at the middle or the end.Even a crude outline can get you started: napkin, match book covers, menus - wherever inspiration hits.Write a story:...
  • PC and tech suppliers show their stuff at the UK's big BETT2015 (2015-01-25 17:36:57)
    BETT2015 covered the whole range of educational technologies from toys for toddlers to enterprise-class laptops, with a good smattering of tablets and Windows 8.1 convertibles.
  • Bill Nye says Belichick is full of hot air (other scientists disagree) (2015-01-25 17:31:57)
    The Science Guy says the only way to change ball pressure is with a needle. However, some researchers believe the Patriots coach.>
  • My First Sundance Journal Day 2-3: Oh, that’s supposed to be amazing (2015-01-25 16:12:42)
    I'm getting acquainted with Sundance Hype, and now, on the morning of my fourth day at my first ever Sundance Film Festival, I think I'm ready to explain how it works. Sundance Hype is like a game of telephone.
  • Teen arrested after alleged Facebook emoji threats (2015-01-25 15:44:24)
    Technically Incorrect: A Brooklyn teen posts little emojis of guns pointing at little emojis of police officers. His lawyer says he didn't actually intend to act out the implication.>
  • Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck turns the myth into the man (2015-01-25 15:16:02)
    I still remember the exact moment I learned Kurt Cobain had killed himself. A friend stood in the doorway of my college dorm room, face slack, and said two words: "Kurt died." And over the ensuing days and months the machinery of pop culture churned, desperately trying to put his death into some sort of relatable context. With Cobain in particular, the pieces were already in place for instant deification. Brett Morgen’s arresting Sundance documentary Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck changes that.
  • As soon as one 'Uber for weed' startup gets cut down, another grows in its place (2015-01-25 15:00:02)
    It was only a matter of time before someone spun the "Uber for __" wheel and landed on WEED. Congress recently instructed the feds to back off medical marijuana. Peter Thiel's venture capital fund just bet millions that legal cannabis is gonna be huge. "Uber for weed" was so inevitable that at least six startups attempting to deliver medical marijuana to your door launched in the past eight months: Eaze, Nestdrop, Meadow, Grassp, Time for Dave, and Canary.
  • How digital collaboration will evolve in 2015 (2015-01-25 14:53:10)
    Providing a usable digital workplace today increasingly means giving access to a wider set of collaboration tools as part of an open adoption strategy that's is more dynamic and user-centric.
  • For the lonely golfer, new site aims to offer links (2015-01-25 14:29:25)
    Created by a former pro golfer, Forelinx not only allows you to book tee times, but also aims to help you find nice people to play with.>
  • Here's what our readers think of the Moto X (2014) (2015-01-25 14:16:00)
  • 12 Small Business Tools for Smooth Sailing in 2015 (2015-01-25 13:59:29)
    The past year was big for any small business that works online, and while many businesses focused on getting their finances in check to prepare for the following year, the big influence for majority of small business owners was customer care and understanding -- one of the trends we will see throughout the year 2015 and onwards.We were also...
  • This supercut turns cinema's greatest sword fights into one epic duel (2015-01-25 12:46:11)
    Ah, the sword fight. What would cinema be without it? The action movie staple is so familiar — and, at times, formulaic — that it seems you could smush them all into one. Video editor Clara Darko has done just that with a nearly four-minute sword fight extravaganza that covers everything from Kill Bill, Star Wars, and Zorro to Seven Samurai and Excalibur. As an editor, putting together montages like these is what Darko does for fun, and the result is a surprisingly coherent — if lengthy — sword fight that spans decades of cinema history.
  • Completely open source, high-end laptop gets closer to reality (2015-01-25 12:02:00)
  • Can new tech boost safety in Uber cars, and in taxis, too? (2015-01-25 12:00:28)
    After a slew of alleged assaults by drivers for taxi companies and ride-hailing services, firms like AsterRide and Shuddle are looking to increase passenger safety.>
  • 'Kaiju Fury!' sets the stage for 'snackable' virtual reality (2015-01-25 11:44:00)
  • DayZ has sold 3 million copies even though it's still in development (2015-01-25 11:40:34)
    Open-world zombie survival game DayZ has sold over three million copies since launch in December 2013, according to developer Bohemia Interactive. Players are tossed into an abandoned wilderness with few supplies and are left to their devices to find a way to survive through unpredictable encounters with other desperate survivors.
  • Gearbox's beautiful 'Homeworld' remake reaches PCs February 25th (2015-01-25 11:13:00)
  • MakerBot Android app lets you control your 3D printer from your phone (2015-01-25 10:40:23)
    MakerBot is embracing Android. The company has rolled out a version of its mobile app for Android, allowing you to control and monitor your 3D printer straight from your smartphone. The app largely matches the iOS MakerBot Mobile app that came out over the summer: with it, you can choose a design from the massive collection on Thingiverse or your own library, scale and adjust it, and send it off to the printer. The app is available now for free on Google Play, and is compatible with the MakerBot Replicator, MakerBot Replicator Mini, and MakerBot Replicator Z18.
  • Digital Transformation - The Use Cases: Sports (2015-01-25 10:14:36)
    Digital transformation is the use of new technologies to drive significant business improvements, taking into account the ever-changing nature of customer demands. While this sounds like something reserved for high-tech businesses, digital transformation is, in fact, crucial for all businesses.
  • Inhabitat's Week in Green: solar-powered planes, bamboo bikes and mud houses (2015-01-25 10:00:00)
  • Can new tech boost safety in Uber cars, taxis? (2015-01-25 08:00:02)
    After a slew of alleged assaults by drivers for taxi companies and ride-hailing services, firms like AsterRide and Shuddle are looking to increase passenger safety.>
  • Apple's home automation tech reportedly won't hit devices until spring (2015-01-25 07:05:00)
  • HTC gets involved in e-sports, foreshadowing move into home entertainment (2015-01-25 04:30:39)
    HTC doesn't want to be known as just a smartphone maker anymore, and one of its first moves to update its brand image in 2015 has been to sponsor three prominent e-sports teams. Cloud9, Team Liquid, and Team SoloMid have all warmly welcomed HTC into the realm of e-sports, promising to produce "a top-notch video series with players" from each team and HTC's support. Notably, the Team Liquid announcement names Walter Wang and Thomas Chen as E-sports Project Managers at HTC, underlining the importance the Taiwanese tech company is placing on this venture. HTC's sponsored teams compete in various games, including Counter Strike: Global Offensive and Dota 2, but HTC only mentions the League of Legends Championship Series in its celebratory tweet.
  • Carnival's floating IMAX theater is the cruise line's version of sunblock (2015-01-25 03:46:00)
  • A supercut of stares in Darren Aronofsky movies (2015-01-24 23:45:02)
    Darren Aronofsky can be a grandiose director. Think of his big set pieces: Black Swan's ballet or The Wrestler's final match. But, as with other directors, the tiny moments add up. This supercut, from Vimeo user WarmBakedBread, explores Aronofsky's movies through a particular lens: the eyes. Examining shots from six films, the supercut moves between the wide-eyed awe of Noah and the dilated paranoia of Requiem for a Dream. Even if you haven't seen any of the movies, you get a sense of the characters from each look.
  • Apple's missing spark, hands-on with HoloLens, the end of Skymall and other stories you might've missed this week (2015-01-24 22:30:00)
  • VRSE readies a production farm for experimental VR works (2015-01-24 20:24:00)
  • Walmart undercuts the Chromecast with $25 Vudu Spark (2015-01-24 19:36:02)
    Walmart thinks it can out-price the Google Chromecast, Roku Streaming Stick, and Amazon Fire TV Stick. The mega retailer has quietly put out its very own streaming device, called the Vudu Spark, and it costs just a meagre $24.95, a Walmart representative tells Gigaom. In fact, there are no apps whatsoever. All the Vudu Spark can do is play streaming videos from Vudu, the Walmart-owned site that rents TV shows and movies. Nevertheless, with Walmart's considerable muscle behind it, the Vudu Spark could end up finding its way into a number of homes across the country.
  • Walmart goes after Chromecast with $25 Vudu Spark (2015-01-24 19:36:02)
    Walmart thinks it can out-price the Google Chromecast, Roku Streaming Stick, and Amazon Fire TV Stick. The mega retailer has quietly put out its very own streaming device, called the Vudu Spark, and it costs just a meagre $24.95, a Walmart representative tells Gigaom. In fact, there are no apps whatsoever. All the Vudu Spark can do is play streaming videos from Vudu, the Walmart-owned site that rents TV shows and movies. Nevertheless, with Walmart's considerable muscle behind it, the Vudu Spark could end up finding its way into a number of homes across the country.
  • The music industry's best-known production app will soon be free (2015-01-24 19:36:00)
  • Patriots coach invokes science in addressing deflated-football dustup (2015-01-24 19:12:46)
    Technically Incorrect: Bill Belichick says he's not a scientist, but he offers a scientific reason why his team's footballs weren't at regulation pressure when Pats beat Colts to head to Super Bowl.>
  • Google Fiber is (possibly) heading to North Carolina (2015-01-24 18:34:00)
  • The End of the Tour is about the soul-sucking nature of the celebrity profile (2015-01-24 17:49:19)
    The End of The Tour is being billed as director James Ponsoldt's (The Spectacular Now, Smashed) David Foster Wallace biopic, but its scope is more concentrated than that: a chronicle of a five-day interview between David Foster Wallace and reporter David Lipsky, on the final stop of his book tour for Infinite Jest. Two: I want to strangle Jesse Eisenberg. Eisenberg plays Lipsky, a then-Rolling Stone reporter who would go on to write Although Of Course You End Up Becoming Yourself: A Road Trip With David Foster Wallace, an account of the interview he conducted in 1998 for a never-published profile of Wallace.
  • CIO and IT leaders: YOU hold the burden of proof... (2015-01-24 17:48:00)
    Disconnects between IT and business leaders are an accepted part of corporate life. Solving this problem lies first with the CIO.
  • Two flights grounded in Atlanta following Twitter bomb threats (2015-01-24 17:25:39)
    Two US passenger planes were targeted by bomb threats today. Delta flight 1156 and Southwest flight 2942, both bound for Atlanta, were escorted by F-16 fighter jets before landing. As spotted by Buzzfeed, Twitter user @kingZortic told the official Delta and Southwest accounts earlier today that he was responsible for a bomb on each of the aircraft. @DeltaAssist It was from Portland to Atlanta, I forgot the flight number, though.
  • Sony is giving away old games to settle its 2011 PlayStation Network breach (2015-01-24 17:04:02)
    Are you still feeling bitter about the PlayStation Network outage that left PS3 and PSP owners offline back in 2011? If so, Sony's here to ease your pain. If you had a US-based PlayStation Network, Qriocity, or Sony Online Entertainment account any time before May 15th, 2011, you stand to score some old games and other goodies.
  • ​Google leaves most Android users exposed to hackers (2015-01-24 16:58:15)
    An executive confirms Google has no plans to fix a security hole in the default browser for older versions of Android, which are relied on by around 60 percent of all Android users.>
  • Microsoft's HoloLens explained: How it works and why it's different (2015-01-24 16:43:06)
    Has Microsoft suddenly pushed us into the age of "Star Trek" and "Minority Report"? For those confused about what's actually going on with the company's new head-mounted gadget, here's the rundown.>
  • Walmart quietly launches its low-cost streaming video stick (2015-01-24 15:58:00)
  • A Jetsons animated movie is reportedly in the works (2015-01-24 15:23:02)
    The Jetsons might just get a second chance on the silver screen. Warner Bros. has hired writer Matt Lieberman to pen a script for a feature film based on the iconic Hanna-Barbera show from the early ‘60s, reports Deadline and Variety. According to those reports, the script is being put together from scratch for an animated feature. Back in 1990, The Jetsons had a less-than-stellar theatrical debut with Jetsons: The Movie.
  • Watch seniors play Grand Theft Auto V for the first time (2015-01-24 14:51:55)
    "Oh man! Destruction Derby!" Seniors have fun stealing and wrecking cars, shooting random people and running from the police as they play Grand Theft Auto V in this Fine Brothers video.>
  • The claim process for Sony's $15 million PSN breach lawsuit starts now (2015-01-24 14:01:00)
  • Chuck Norris vs. Communism: how VHS piracy started a political revolution (2015-01-24 13:34:25)
    No matter what your stance is on file sharing, the commercial downsides to pirating movies and television shows are obvious. Director Ilinca Calugareanu uses her re-enacted sequences to riff on the styles of the bootlegged movies — a Romanian censorship board scene is pure Adrian Lyne, while other sequences call to mind some of the grungy, low-budget action flicks of the era.
  • How virtual reality ate the Sundance Film Festival (2015-01-24 12:44:21)
    The most buzzworthy feature of 2015’s Sundance Film Festival isn’t a film at all, but pair of virtual reality goggles you strap to your head. Talk to filmmakers and they’ll tell you they can’t remember being so excited: some say it’s like they’re present at the dawn of a new medium. All are on display at New Frontier, Sundance’s annual showcase for works at the intersection of art and technology. Virtual reality debuted at Sundance in 2012 with Nonny de la Peña’s Hunger in Los Angeles, which used an early head-mounted display to place viewers in the middle of a food line outside a church.
  • Save $27 on an Amazon Prime subscription today only (2015-01-24 12:20:02)
    If you've been holding off from buying Amazon Prime, today might be the day that you change your mind. The retailer is discounting the service to $72 today only in order to celebrate its Golden Globe victories for its original series, Transparent. The rare price cut represents a $27 savings from the service's typical $99 yearly cost, and for that price you'll get unlimited two-day shipping, access to Amazon's Prime TV and movie streaming catalog, Prime Music, and the Kindle Owners' Lending Library.
  • Google explains why it's not fixing web security in old Android phones (2015-01-24 12:04:00)
  • The Godmother of Virtual Reality: Nonny de la Peña (2015-01-24 11:30:00)
  • At Davos, Technology CEOs Discuss the Digital Economy (2015-01-24 11:21:32)
    Davos: One of the most anticipated discussions at this year's meeting was the plenary session on The Digital Economy. Given that I wrote the book that coined that term 20 years ago, I attended with great interest.On the panel were Google chairman Eric Schmidt, Vodafone CEO Vittorio Colao, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, and Microsoft CEO Satya...
  • Top iOS news of the week: Eye tracking, Chrome Handoff, iPhone big in Asia (2015-01-24 11:19:00)
    In the world of iOS this week we heard of an Apple patent to track eye movement, Chrome was updated to support Handoff, and the iPhone is boosting Apple's position in Asia.
  • Top Android news of the week: Windows phone, Samsung overheating, and Google apps (2015-01-24 11:18:00)
    In the news this week were rumors that Microsoft is thinking about running Android apps, Samsung is changing processors due to overheating issues, and a simple way to get Google apps on custom ROMs.
  • The Weekender: on film noir, Sundance, and Portland punks (2015-01-24 11:06:07)
    Tonight, NYC's Film Forum is doing a double-feature with two noir classics: "The Lady From Shanghai" and "The Third Man." If you're in the city, you'd be remiss not to sit down in a dark theater and take in two dark stories. Markisha McClenton, the lab tech, told me that she no longer gets sleepy.
  • Turn your Instagram pictures into tattoos (2015-01-24 11:00:04)
    Want to proudly display your Instagram feed on your bicep? A new service called Picattoo will turn a dozen of your pictures into temporary tattoos for cheap.>
  • Recommended Reading: The most advanced coffee lab in the world (2015-01-24 09:30:00)
  • One month with the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge: 5 ways to use the edge and 10 reasons to love the phone (2015-01-24 09:24:03)
    After using the Note Edge for more than a month, Matthew is close to pulling the trigger on the T-Mobile model. He finds the edge display compelling for several reasons.
  • Low Latency 117: Pie in the sky (2015-01-24 09:00:02)
    Microsoft's HoloLens looks pretty cool in proof of concept videos, but how will it shake out when it finally goes on sale?>
  • Davos elites warned about catastrophic cyberattacks (2015-01-24 08:37:46)
    Attacks on power plants, telecommunications and financial systems, even turning all of Los Angeles' traffic lights green: Davos elites were warned Saturday of the terrifying possibilities of modern cyber terrorism. Eugene Kaspersky, who heads the Kaspersky Lab security group, said the possibilities of individuals being hacked would only increase in future as more devices, such as "smart" televisions, are hooked up to the Internet. Estonian President Toomas Hendrik Ilves said that criminals could bring about chaos in a much lower-level way. He told an anecdote about traffic authorities in Los Angeles who went on strike and also set all the lights to red, sparking gridlock.
  • SAP sees high cloud profit potential in long term (2015-01-24 08:34:55)
    Europe's biggest software group SAP could eventually see its software delivered via the cloud deliver higher profit margins than its traditional packaged software, its finance chief told a newspaper. In the long term, they can definitely become more profitable than our classic licence sales," Luka Mucic told the Euro am Sonntag business weekly in an interview published on Saturday. Unlike the packaged software SAP has been selling for decades, for which clients pay a immediate licence fee, cloud-based software is generally paid for by subscription over time, but most of the costs for the software provider are upfront.
  • Behold 'Guardians of the Galaxy' in 8-bit glory (2015-01-24 08:00:04)
    This "Guardians of the Galaxy" tribute makes us long for a retro NES-style video game of Groot, Rocket, Star-Lord, Gamora and Drax in pixilated action.>
  • The government wants you to buy a car with smarter brakes (2015-01-24 07:04:00)
  • Samsung Galaxy S6: What we know so far about the upcoming flagship (2015-01-24 07:02:04)
    Samsung's Galaxy S5 is due for a refresh and MWC is looming...
  • 'Doom' designer John Romero tells you about the game while playing it (2015-01-24 05:25:00)
  • Netflix and the Duplass brothers are working on four new movies (2015-01-24 00:26:00)
  • 'The Interview' is on Netflix streaming (2015-01-23 23:21:00)
  • SpaceX and Air Force make peace, more rocket launches now up for grabs (2015-01-23 22:59:00)
  • This tiny gadget turns your ordinary sink into a high-tech washing machine (2015-01-23 21:45:24)
    With almost a month left in its Indiegogo campaign, Dolfi has already topped its $100,000 goal by more than $25,000 by convincing many backers to invest in its interesting clothes-washing technology. Dolfi is a tiny device, about as big as a smartphone, that can wash delicate clothes by itself using ultrasonic technology to remove dirt from clothes that are immersed in a sink or other container with water and washing powder. FROM EARLIER: Meet ‘Exploding Kittens,’ the hilarious card game currently ‘exploding’ on Kickstarter The gadget only needs around a half an hour of work and doesn’t require any manual labor, as the ultrasonic waves will create lots of movements in the water, removing dirt in the process. The neat technology behind Dolfi is explained
  • There's going to be a Batkid movie starring Julia Roberts (2015-01-23 21:05:27)
    The story of Miles Scott, a five-year-old battling leukemia who took over part of San Francisco as "Batkid" in 2013, is set to become a feature film thanks to a documentary about him and his family that's premiering tomorrow. Variety reports that Julia Roberts is set to produce and star in an adaptation of Batkid Begins: The Wish Heard around the World, the film about Scott, who became Batkid in November 2013 thanks to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. People outside of the city, including President Barack Obama also got involved. Nachman's film promises to chronicle not only the day San Francisco became Gotham City, but also Scott's family and personal story.
  • See what Skype will look like on Windows 10 (2015-01-23 20:30:30)
    This week has been packed with Windows 10 news already, but Microsoft isn’t done showing off its new operating system quite yet. On Thursday, the Skype team revealed what its chat service will look like on Windows 10 and discussed how the program will be improving as it makes its way to the next generation of Windows devices. READ MORE: Bloatware you will love: Free Office pre-installed on Windows 10 phones and small tablets The biggest Skype news from Microsoft’s event on Wednesday was that Skype will be built into the Windows 10 communications suite on PCs, tablets and phones. In other words, you won’t have to download an app — Skype will be waiting for you in Windows 10. Skype has also received a fairly
  • Daily Roundup: The future of HoloLens, VR at Sundance and more! (2015-01-23 19:56:00)
  • Viacom CEO's 2014 pay rises 19 percent to $44.3 million (2015-01-23 19:52:06)
    NEW YORK (AP) — Viacom CEO Philippe Dauman's pay climbed 19 percent to $44.3 million last year while the TV-and-film company's stock slumped and its earnings remained flat.
  • We may be about to learn Google Fiber’s next destination (2015-01-23 19:15:24)
    Google is taking its sweet time figuring out where it wants to launch Google Fiber next but DSLReports’s Karl Bode thinks he may have the answer. RELATED: Google Fiber’s latest FCC filing is Comcast’s nightmare come to life Bode has learned that “a number of groups and Charlotte city officials are being invited to a Google reception that’s being held on Wednesday, January 28th” and that “invites are being sent out for a simultaneous event to be held in Raleigh on the same day, and one in Durham on January 29th.” This is notable because all three of these markets were on Google’s original list of potential expansion zones. Google announced last year that it’s contemplating expanding Fiber to as many as nine new
  • Crave Ep. 189: 'Star Wars' supercut shows every GUI in the 1977 film (2015-01-23 19:08:15)
    Relive the futuristic technology of "Star Wars" all over again with an edit of all the graphical user interfaces used in the original film contained within one video.>
  • The Supreme Court steps in to review Oklahoma's lethal injection process (2015-01-23 19:00:02)
    Following a botched lethal injection in April, Oklahoma has recently been under scrutiny for its execution process. Now, the Supreme Court has said it will review the state's injection procedure to determine if it constitutes cruel and unusual punishment, Buzzfeed reports. The fumbled execution, in which death row inmate Charles Warner remained alive for nearly an hour after the injection was administered, has prompted Warner's lawyers and three other Oklahoma prisoners to petition the Supreme Court to intervene. The petition argues for the discontinued use of the midazolam, the sedative currently in place as the first drug in Oklahoma's three-drug execution cocktail.
  • Univision Deportes Ftbol review (2015-01-23 18:43:30)
    Univision Ftbol is one of the most comprehensive soccer apps available
  • Why Designers are Integral to All Marketing Activities (2015-01-23 18:42:30)
    Why savvy execs are falling in love with designers (and we don't mean Ralph Lauren).Today customer experience defines your business: how prosumers engage with your business and in some cases make "Darwinian" decisions about buying your products/services.In the "ancient day's" designers were geeks who were kept in closets, fed fast food and just...
  • The pope: Stop swearing, get off your gadgets and talk to each other (2015-01-23 18:33:36)
    Technically Incorrect: In a vigorous defense of the family to honor World Communications Day, Pope Francis offers the hope that humanity won't be dominated by technology.>
  • LG: Android 5.0 Lollipop update is ‘coming soon’ to the G3 (2015-01-23 18:30:54)
    It’s been a long, arduous wait, but the good news is that it’s nearly over. LG announced on Friday that the Lollipop update for G3 smartphones is “coming soon.” How soon, we’re not sure, but considering the fact that the update is already live on the G3 in other territories (and has been for weeks), it shouldn’t be much longer. FROM EARLIER: LG is already rolling out Lollipop for its best phone of the year The sooner LG can release the update in all the major markets, the sooner the company can turn its attention to its upcoming flagship phone. At this point, the lack of Lollipop is a distraction for LG users — once it’s out, they’ll have a better idea of
  • Battery Widget Reborn review (2015-01-23 18:15:00)
    Get detailed information about your battery on your Android device
  • Saturn steals the moon's place in stunning city view (2015-01-23 17:54:55)
    What if it were Saturn's rings or Jupiter's red spot coming up over the horizon? Russia's space agency imagined what life on such a parallel planet (or moon) might be like.>
  • The Galaxy S6 might launch sooner than you think (2015-01-23 17:45:55)
    Samsung’s most important handset of the year will undoubtedly be the Galaxy S6, and a new report from South Korean publication ETNews seems to indicate that the flagship handset is supposed to launch even earlier than Samsung initially planned. FROM EARLIER: This is the Samsung Galaxy S6 Unpacked The report also seems to confirm the main Galaxy S6 camera will be a 20-megapixel shooter with optical image stabilization (OIS), a feature BGR exclusively detailed a few days ago. Apparently, Samsung’s Electro-Mechanics division, or SEM, will mass-produce this particular component and other parts for the upcoming top handset. Thus, the Galaxy S6 is seen as one of the main growth factors for SEM during the first quarter of the year. “As
  • New York Congressman knows what the kids like: Trump GIFs (2015-01-23 17:43:00)
  • What to watch this weekend (2015-01-23 17:39:05)
    For a really, really limited time Amazon is giving away its award-winning show, "Transparent." Meanwhile, a very controversial movie is headed to Netflix.>
  • 5by review (2015-01-23 17:39:00)
    5by is a personalized, curated video application that sifts through the sea of online video and surfaces the best ones for you in a continuous,
  • SpaceX settles dispute with US Air Force over national security space launches (2015-01-23 17:38:21)
    SpaceX has announced it has settled its dispute with the United States Air Force and will dismiss standing claims in a US federal claims court. Last year, Elon Musk and Co. accused the Air Force of stifling competition in the Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle (EELV) program by allowing United Launch Alliance — a joint venture between Lockheed Martin and Boeing — to keep a monopolistic grip on launches. SpaceX has been frustrated with the lengthy certification process as it moves toward eventually competing with ULA. Under the newly reached agreement, the Air Force will "work collaboratively with SpaceX to complete the certification process in an efficient and expedient manner" so the company probably won't be waiting much longer to fight for those same contracts to launch military and spy satellites.
  • The 404 Show 1,598: Windows 10 and HoloLens predictions, can it work? (podcast) (2015-01-23 17:38:11)
    Jeff and Iyaz challenge the ideas and proof-of-concepts shown at Microsoft's Windows 10 press event. They also cover DeflateGate, pharmaceutical TV ads and the films of 2014 -- all while Jeff slowly loses his voice.>
  • NASA is testing an autonomous Martian helicopter (2015-01-23 17:30:03)
    The newest solution proposed by JPL is the Mars Helicopter, an autonomous drone that could "triple the distances that Mars rovers can drive in a Martian day," according to NASA. The rover teams could also use images from the helicopter to select features for further study, giving them a much closer option than the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter and its HiRISE camera, which is over 150 miles above the surface. Prototype versions of the Mars Helicopter are being tested now.
  • Replacing our moon with other planets yields stunning views (2015-01-23 17:28:40)
    What if it were Saturn's rings or Jupiter's red spot coming up over the horizon? Russia's space agency imagined what life on such a parallel planet (or moon) might be like.>
  • Can the Kool-Aid Man bust a brick wall and survive? Oh, yeah! (2015-01-23 17:14:20)
    It's time to seriously address the question of how a glass pitcher full of Kool-Aid can run through a wall without suffering a horrible, delicious death.>
  • Particulars for Mac review (2015-01-23 17:01:31)
    Displays system information, including computer model, serial number, CPU, RAM, OS version, current user, disk space, and more
  • The funniest thing you’ll see today: Bad Lip Reading takes on the NFL (2015-01-23 17:00:57)
    There are very few YouTube channels with as much universal appeal as Bad Lip Reading. For nearly four years, the creators of the Bad Lip Reading videos have been twisting pop culture touchstones into an unrecognizable and hysterical mess, replacing the words of songs, movies and presidential debates with their own off-kilter dialogue. After three weeks of waiting, the group has finally released its first video of 2015, and it was well worth the wait. MORE HUMOR: Video: Bill Gates gets Jimmy Fallon to drink sanitized sewage water This NFL season has been one of the most ludicrous in recent history. From that unbelievable Seahawks win over the Packers in the playoffs to Tom Brady’s personal ball inflation preference to Roger Goodell’s complete
  • Panic sweeps nerd nation over Apple Watch battery life (2015-01-23 16:46:24)
    The Apple Watch battery may not be as magical as some hope, T-Mobile will look past customers' bad credit scores, and more electric car charging stations are coming.>
  • iStat Mini for Mac review (2015-01-23 16:37:11)
    Mini system monitor that works as a Notification Center widget
  • iHeartRadio catching up in music streaming race (2015-01-23 16:32:16)
    The music streaming service says it has more than 60 million registered users, up from 50 million last June, as it takes on competitors like Spotify and Pandora.>
  • Uber drops the 'ridesharing' facade in India, applies for taxi license (2015-01-23 16:29:00)
  • Google takes a major step toward becoming your wireless carrier (2015-01-23 16:25:26)
    After reports from The Information and The Wall Street Journal said earlier this week that Google is interested in becoming a carrier in the U.S. by purchasing wholesale access from Sprint and T-Mobile, Bloomberg Businessweek has learned that Google has indeed reached a deal with Sprint in order to sell wireless service directly to consumers. FROM EARLIER: Google is going to sell wireless data plans ‘directly’ to consumers People familiar with the matter told the publication that Masayoshi Son, the president of SoftBank Corp, the Japanese giant who purchased Sprint, was “integral in facilitating the talks between Sprint and Google.” It’s not clear how much Google is paying Sprint for access, but the financial terms are said to be similar
  • Netflix will produce four movies from the brothers behind HBO's Togetherness (2015-01-23 16:25:23)
    Netflix is out at the Sundance Film Festival this week looking for new movies to buy up, but its first deal is actually for four movies that don't exist yet. According to Deadline, Netflix has agreed to finance four movies produced by the Duplass Brothers, two darlings of the indie world who are now going more mainstream with projects like their HBO show Togetherness. Each of the four films will reportedly get a short theatrical release before heading onto Netflix, where they'll presumably remain as exclusives. Instead, Netflix is financing some small films that are likely to find a respectable audience because of the force behind them. Netflix's ability to easily present these movies to the right viewers also makes this a much more valuable deal.
  • Sneaky Leatherman multitool disguises itself as a bracelet (2015-01-23 16:22:51)
    A new concept in multitools hides 25 different functions in one, low-key bracelet.>
  • Darth Vader is a giant gummy bear. Yes, he's a gummy bear (2015-01-23 16:09:31)
    Gummy bear artist Crummy Gummy has built an incredible full-scale replica of Darth Vader's helmet using nothing but gummy bears. The Dark Side has never looked this sweet.>
  • Technology improves avalanche gear for backcountry skiers (2015-01-23 15:54:37)
    SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — As outdoor recreation companies increasingly cater to skiers and snowboarders who like to venture beyond the groomed slopes at ski resorts and tackle backcountry terrain, they've put a special emphasis on gear and equipment to keep people safe in case of avalanches.
  • Despite a disastrous 2014, Ubisoft has a big chance to redeem itself this year (2015-01-23 15:51:22)
    There has been a great deal of animosity directed toward the video game industry as of late, and most of it deservedly so. 2014 was a year that we couldn’t wait to leave behind, but now that it’s gone, a lot of us are still dwelling on it. So before the big releases start landing, let’s do our best to begin focusing more equally on the good as well as the bad. Let’s start with Ubisoft. LAST TIME: Ubisoft is working hard to take EA’s crown as the world’s most hated gaming publisher Ubisoft fell in the same trap that has been lurking beneath every major developer over the past two console generations. The studio took advantage of its audience one too many times, and the
  • RePix for Mac review (2015-01-23 15:44:00)
    Image tool for Mac that helps you in batch resizing any image into a preset resolution and save it easily and quickly
  • FAA tells airlines to remind flyers that checking e-cigs is a bad idea (2015-01-23 15:37:31)
    There's currently no ban against packing e-cigarettes in your checked baggage before a flight, but the FAA seems to be convinced it's a pretty terrible idea. The FAA has sent out an alert to airline operators asking that they remind travelers that exclusively transporting e-cigs in a carry-on bag is a safer way to go for everyone involved.
  • Google reveals Mac security holes before Apple's fix is ready (2015-01-23 15:33:00)
  • Join us for an exclusive live chat with Google Lunar XPrize teams! (2015-01-23 15:30:19)
    The Milestone phase of the $30 million Google Lunar XPrize is coming to a close, so we're gathering together representatives from the five prize-winning teams to talk about how they plan to get to the moon by next year.>
  • Apple aims to "legalize" music, video file sharing with new patent (2015-01-23 15:21:00)
    It's likely this will build on Apple's own AirDrop technology. But this may be one of the first steps in recent years that may combat illegal file sharing.
  • Wondershare Data Recovery for Mac review (2015-01-23 15:16:00)
    Recover your lost videos, photos, music, documents, email and archive files from any situation
  • Sneaky Leatherman multi-tool disguises itself as a bracelet (2015-01-23 15:13:51)
    A new concept in multi-tools hides 25 different functions in one, low-key bracelet.>
  • FlowVella review (2015-01-23 15:03:52)
    Create beautiful, interactive presentations with images, text, videos, PDFs, links and photo galleries
  • Classic game Pong pings diagnoses of brain disorders (2015-01-23 15:03:01)
    Technically Incorrect: Researchers from the University of Chicago say that the 1970s Atari game can help in understanding how eyes move and therefore whether there might be clues into diagnosing diseases such as Parkinson's.>
  • The Nightly Show, four nights later (2015-01-23 14:52:45)
    At the beginning of the broadcast, host Larry Wilmore expresses confusion at having to do a second episode, but everyone on set is a little dazed that the show is happening at all. The entire staff are pros — they'd have to be to rise to the challenge of taking over The Colbert Report's post-Daily Show spot on Comedy Central — but that doesn't mean it isn't taking them a little time to get their bearings and stop worrying about whether or not we'll think they're funny.
  • Uber rides back to New Delhi after temporary ban (2015-01-23 14:47:13)
    Uber says that it has applied for taxi fleet license and will only work with drivers who have had "re-verification" of their police clearance to improve rider safety.>
  • Price Check: a discounted MacBook Pro, LG's bargain 4K set, and our favorite cheap drone (2015-01-23 14:46:33)
    The advantages of MacBook Pros are obvious, but are always viewed in the light of a price tag that hovers near $2,000. Apple's never been known for making affordable laptops, so chances to save money on these standard-bearers don't come around too often. Amazon is offering $200 off, which is a better deal than Apple offered on Black Friday — but it's only available today. It's dead simple to use, it has a great app and works well with others, and Amazon is offering it for cheap — just $75.
  • Apple lets China examine iOS code to assuage spying fears (2015-01-23 14:44:00)
  • Chronicle for Mac review (2015-01-23 14:42:00)
    Keep track of your bills
  • NHL sends GoPro cameras onto the ice (2015-01-23 14:41:48)
    Ice hockey fans will get a new perspective on the fast-moving game when National Hockey League players don GoPro cameras, starting with this weekend's all-star fixture. It's the first time that GoPro has struck a partnership deal with a professional sports league, the league said Friday. "The NHL will use GoPro's innovative equipment and expertise to deliver hockey fans never-before-seen perspectives of the game," it said in a statement. Players on Saturday will take to the ice with helmet-mounted GoPros -- high-definition video cameras popular when filming extreme sports -- at the NHL's all-star skills competition, then on Sunday at the widely-watch all-star classic.
  • Samsung may be learning from its biggest mistakes (2015-01-23 14:40:11)
    Samsung’s TouchWiz Android overlay has a lot of haters out there but one of them now thinks that it’s been vastly improved with Android 5.0 Lollipop. SamMobile’s  Abhijeet M., who last year unleashed a tirade against TouchWiz for still being buggy and laggy, has now found that TouchWiz on Android 5.0 Lollipop is better than it’s ever been, although he gives Google a lot of the credit for important changes. RELATED: The inside story of how Google rescued Android from Samsung’s Magazine UX Essentially, he thinks that Samsung has wisely taken a lot of cues from Lollipop’s Material Design interface and has done a much better job of making TouchWiz work well on the latest version of Android. “With Android 5.0 Lollipop,
  • Mars rover reaches highest point in 7 years, snaps this panorama (2015-01-23 14:34:29)
    The Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity reaches another height as it celebrates its 11-year anniversary with a video and patriotic panoramic photo just released by NASA.>
  • Sony seeks to delay filing earnings in wake of cyberattack (2015-01-23 14:33:22)
    The company says it needs more time to file its quarterly report because certain computer systems won't be back online until next month.>
  • Sundance journal day 1: exile (and fur bikinis) on Main Street (2015-01-23 14:32:45)
    A lot of the difficulty of writing about Sundance is trying to make it interesting for people who may not see any of these movies, either because they never get significant distribution or because oh man, yeah, you heard it was really good but you’re waiting for it to go on VOD, oh wait, it’s already on VOD? So it’s sort of nice that the first film that I and many people saw at Sundance this year will soon be available to stream through your personal cinema-killing device on Netflix. While I overheard some mild grumbles about this — how unspecial and nonexclusive! — it’s a big cred win for Netflix, which also premiered the Mitt Romney campaign doc Mitt last year (which is still very much worth checking out). What Happened, Miss Simone?
  • Yoink for Mac review (2015-01-23 14:32:09)
    Yoink simplifies drag and drop between windows, apps, spaces and fullscreen apps
  • Watch 10 trailers for Sundance 2015 movie premieres (2015-01-23 14:28:33)
    Rather than round up this week's new trailers, today we're taking a look at what's going to be playing at the Sundance Film Festival this weekend. If you're not at the festival, chances are you won't be able to see any of these movies until later this year, but trailers are being put out there now to help them start building buzz. And chances are, you'll start hearing quite a bit about some of them. Many of the each year's biggest films premiere at Sundance, so pay attention if you want to know what's going to be talked about in the film world over the next several months.
  • Silicon photonics will revolutionize data centers in 2015 (2015-01-23 14:23:44)
    Data centers are morphing into computing singularities, albeit large ones. Silicon photonics will hasten that process. The reason why begins with Moore's Law.
  • Meet the Apple Executive Who Makes More Money Than CEO Tim Cook (2015-01-23 14:11:09)
    Angela Ahrendts, Apple's senior vice president of retail and online stores, earned a hefty $73 million pay package in 2014, according to a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission. After a banner year at Apple, with the release of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, Cook earned an incentive bonus that brought his compensation to $9.2 million -- double of what he received the previous year. Even still, several other Apple executives, including Ahrendts, earned more money than Cook in 2014 due to stock awards. The company's new chief financial officer, Luca Maestri, scored a $14 million compensation package for 2014, the SEC filings show.
  • How to recover deleted photos from iPhone, Android, and other devices (2015-01-23 14:05:39)
    One reason why the iPhone is one of the most popular cameras on Flickr (second only to Canon in 2014) is that Apple realized a long time ago people love taking photos with smartphones, and it has constantly improved the cameras in its iPhones and iPads since launching them. Similarly, other handset makers have released smartphones that are getting better and better at taking photos and recording videos. But being able to instantly snap a picture using your phone does come with some potential problems, such as accidentally deleting pictures from the phone’s built-in or user-replaceable storage system. FROM EARLIER: Apple is the second most popular camera maker on Flickr… and it doesn’t even make cameras For those people who rarely, if ever,
  • Pro tip: Automate image creation using the System Image Utility (2015-01-23 14:02:58)
    Jesus Vigo identifies the steps necessary to create a NetInstall image to automate the installation of Apple OS X on client devices.
  • Byword for Mac review (2015-01-23 13:56:00)
    Markdown and rich text editor in a distraction-free style
  • Pro tip: Use a PaaS as a testbed for security controls (2015-01-23 13:49:52)
    Ensuring security controls work correctly for large information systems can be taxing. Reduce your stress level by using a PaaS as the testbed for security controls.
  • FBI and US Marshals stock up on radars that can see through walls (2015-01-23 13:37:00)
  • Winklevoss twins look to legitimize Bitcoin with a regulated US exchange (2015-01-23 13:32:17)
    Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss think they have the answer to Bitcoin's rocky 2014 and tumbling value: a "fully regulated" Bitcoin exchange based in the United States. If Bitcoin is to break through as the frictionless payment method many believe it can be, it must evolve into "an ecosystem that is free of hacking, fraud and security breaches," wrote Cameron Winklevoss in a blog post announcing the Gemini exchange. Obviously the cryptocurrency isn't there yet, and the brothers — who waged a high-profile legal tussle with Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg — claim the risks associated with Bitcoin right now are crippling its potential.
  • Download the latest Windows 10 preview right now (2015-01-23 13:29:54)
    Just two days after the latest Windows 10 event, Microsoft has made available the January build of its Windows 10 technical preview. If you liked what you saw on Wednesday, you’ll have the opportunity to test some of those features out, including Cortana on the desktop, an improved Start menu, the new Settings app and even the Xbox app. MORE WINDOWS: Video: See what your computer will look like running Windows 10 Before you download the preview build, you can see all the updates in action in the video below: For gamers, the Xbox app will definitely be the biggest draw for this new build. Here are some of the features that you’ll be able to mess around with once you’ve updated,
  • Former Mythbuster goes on McDonald's french fry fact-finding hunt (2015-01-23 13:19:42)
    Ex "MythBuster" Grant Imahara visits potato supplier Simplot to investigate what McDonald's french fries are actually made from. The list of ingredients might be longer than you expect.>
  • Enterprise architects need to be 'doctors,' not 'x-ray techs,' says legendary EA advocate (2015-01-23 13:17:00)
    Long-time enterprise architecture proponent John Zachman
  • The iPhone annihilated the competition in the fourth quarter of 2014 (2015-01-23 13:15:32)
    If you’re in the U.S. and you activated a phone in the last quarter of 2014, chances are good that it was an iPhone. Based on the latest analysis from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP), Apple’s phones accounted for 50% of all phone activations in Q4 2014, an astounding 28% jump over the previous quarter. FROM EARLIER: Apple may have sold 69M iPhones during Christmas quarter, shattering records and estimates “The strength of the September 2014 launch of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus fueled Apple’s dominance in US mobile phone sales this quarter,” said Josh Lowitz, partner and co-founder of CIRP. “Apple had virtually double the sales of Samsung, and five times that of LG. No other brand accounted for as much as 5% of US
  • Microsoft's latest Windows 10 preview now available with Cortana and Xbox features (2015-01-23 13:11:43)
    Microsoft’s latest Windows 10 Technical Preview build is debuting today. It includes the new Cortana integration, Microsoft’s continuum tablet interface, tweaks to the Start Menu and user interface of Windows 10, and a new Xbox app. Microsoft is also previewing a lot of changes to its Action Center (notification center) with this latest test version, alongside some of the new built-in universal apps like Photos, additional apps like Mail and Maps will be updated in future builds. As always, this is beta software so there will be bugs, but Microsoft is expecting the usual feedback to help the company tweak Windows 10 going forward.
  • Helicopters on Mars: NASA proposes flying eyes for rovers (2015-01-23 13:03:40)
    NASA's Mars rovers have already made inroads on Martian soil. The next realm to explore may well be the sky with the addition of low-flying scout helicopters.>
  • An imaginary life with Microsoft's new HoloLens (2015-01-23 13:03:26)
    "Honey, have you seen the Skype icon?"
  • Microsoft rolls out Windows 10 January preview for desktops (2015-01-23 13:01:00)
    MIcrosoft is rolling out a new test build of Windows 10 for desktops today, January 23.
  • Help! I already can’t decide between the 12-inch MacBook Air and 12-inch iPad (2015-01-23 12:50:13)
    Some hardcore Apple fans are surely excited about some of the rumored products that are supposed to launch later this year, including the 12-inch Retina MacBook Air and the 12-inch iPad Pro or iPad Air Plus the company is reportedly working on. Despite what some have secretly been hoping for — that Apple is making a Surface-like device that’ll bring you the best of two worlds, an iOS tablet and an OS X laptop in the same ultra-portable box — it appears these two devices are separate products targeting different buyers. Yet at the same time, the 12-inch MacBook Air and the 12-inch iPad will somehow compete against each other later this year. And buyers, myself included, might have a tough time deciding between
  • Online data storage provider Box's shares soar in debut (2015-01-23 12:31:37)
    Shares of online data storage provider Box Inc rose as much as 77 percent in their market debut as investors bet on the company's ability to turn profitable in a highly competitive market, boding well for another big year for IPOs. Box's shares, which priced at $14, hit a high of $24.72 in morning trading on the New York Stock Exchange on Friday, valuing the company at nearly $3 billion. The stock's enthusiastic reception also underscored healthy investor appetite for technology stocks after the blockbuster debut of Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group Holding Ltd in September. Box was founded in 2005 by University of Southern California dropout Aaron Levie, the chief executive, and his friend Dylan Smith, the chief financial officer.
  • Trade in a picture password for a PIN on a Windows 8.1 tablet (2015-01-23 12:27:03)
    Greg Shultz takes a look at using a PIN instead of a picture password to sign in to a Windows 8.1 tablet.
  • Sprint guarantees $200 trade-in credit to T-Mobile customers (2015-01-23 12:11:43)
    The carrier will also offer up to $350 per line to T-Mo subscribers to cover costs related to switching networks.>
  • What are IT pros buying? Desktops and laptops, that's what (2015-01-23 12:09:52)
    The desktop PC is dead, and IT pros are either replacing them with laptops or dumping the PC entirely for smartphones and tablets, right? Wrong.
  • Big new survey shows T-Mobile’s network is making huge improvements (2015-01-23 12:05:00)
    The “Un-carrier” might not have the strongest mobile network out there but it’s nonetheless done an impressive job of improving its service despite having more limited resources than Verizon and AT&T. Computerworld has posted the results of a big new survey of wireless subscribers in the United States that has found T-Mobile customers’ satisfaction with their carrier has surged over the last year. RELATED: T-Mobile still has one glaring weakness with no easy fix The survey found that 54% of T-Mobile customers were satisfied with the connection availability on T-Mobile’s network, which was still well behind Verizon (69% satisfied) and AT&T (67% satisfied). However, when it comes to a connection’s reliability, the survey found that 58% of T-Mobile customers were satisfied,
  • Apple's iPhone dominated the fourth quarter, survey says (2015-01-23 12:04:18)
    A check of US phone users by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners found that iPhones accounted for half of all activations.>
  • Bud Light's Super Bowl ad puts a man in the middle of a life-size Pac-Man game (2015-01-23 11:56:55)
    For many people, the big budget, celebrity-exploiting commercials are the best part of the Super Bowl, and Budweiser is responsible for some of the most popular ones. This year, Bud Light is appealing to America's fondness for nostalgia and super-sized things with a life-size Pac-Man game. In the commercial, one lucky dudebro, after accepting a crisp Bud Light, gets to enter the maze. The commercial's "Up For Whatever" tagline continues from last year, when Bud Light's Super Bowl commercial planted a guy in a pseudo-reality hidden camera show.
  • Keep chaos out of task management with Chaos Control (2015-01-23 11:54:22)
    If your tasks are in serious need of management, Jack Wallen has a mobile app that just might be perfectly suited to control that chaos.
  • Twitter brings Tweet translation to iOS, Android and Windows 8 phones (2015-01-23 11:47:00)
    Almost two years after its initial release on Windows Phone 8, Twitter brings bing translator to iOS and Android platforms.
  • NHL will broadcast live GoPro footage during games (2015-01-23 11:46:26)
    GoPro is about to bring NHL fans a lot closer to the ice. GoPro has partnered with the NHL to provide its small, rugged cameras for use during live broadcasts of the league's games. This includes first-person footage broadcast from players' helmets and footage captured from cameras around the rink and inside the goals. The NHL intends to start using live GoPro footage during the All-Star Skills Competition on January 24th and potentially during the All-Star Game the following day.
  • How to set up a VPN on Android – and why you should do it right now (2015-01-23 11:40:21)
    Surfing the web privately is something many web users are interested in, whether they’re doing it on a desktop, laptop or mobile device, but not many people know how to do it. Recently, a detailed WhoIsHostingThis infographic showed you how to secure your connection using a VPN — a virtual private network created on top of a public network to anonymize web traffic — on Windows, Mac and iOS, assuming the user already has access to a VPN service. Phone Arena has put together a similar step-by-step guide of enabling VPN connectivity on Android devices. FROM EARLIER: How to set up a VPN – and why you should, if you care about privacy In addition to securing data transmission against
  • GoPro, NHL in deal to bring cameras closer to the action (2015-01-23 11:36:37)
    NEW YORK (AP) — GoPro has signed a deal with the NHL to bring its wearable cameras closer to the action on the ice and let viewers see games from the perspective of players and referees.
  • The 10 most interesting portrayals of AI in movies (2015-01-23 11:33:30)
    With the UK release of Ex Machine in cinemas this weekend TechRepublic looks back at 10 of the most memorable portrayals of artificial intelligence in movies.
  • Do you want a virtual assistant on your desktop? (2015-01-23 11:30:00)
  • Microsoft acquires Revolution Analytics (2015-01-23 11:29:04)
    Microsoft has acquired Revolution Analytics, a company that develops R programming-language-based analytic solutions for open-source and proprietary big data platforms.
  • GoDaddy bolsters Canadian leadership as international expansion efforts continue (2015-01-23 11:16:17)
    Jill Schoolenberg will take on the role of VP of Canada, an assignment that will see the Microsoft MSN veteran tasked with attracting more Canadian SMBs to the platform.
  • Why Martin Luther King, Jr. Did NOT Say, "I Have A Plan" (2015-01-23 11:10:38)
    When Martin Luther King, Jr. stood on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial fifty-two years ago and spoke to a great people about their greater future, he didn't say, "I have a plan." Instead, he shared a dream that provided a vision of equality and hope for a struggling nation. His dream was not to get elected and not to become rich; it was a...
  • The Vergecast 137: Business hole (2015-01-23 11:09:53)
    We've got BIll Gates, holograms, local Super Bowl ads, and a tired variation on a classic genre we like to call "lazy jazz." Join Nilay Patel, Dieter Bohn, Chris Plante, and his Swaggesty Sam Sheffer on a journey through time and incoherence on this week's show.
  • Apple Watch faces battery life challenges -- report (2015-01-23 11:04:16)
    The watch's life on a single charge may not meet Apple's target of a full day of use, according to 9to5Mac.>
  • Why Google Chairman Eric Schmidt Believes the Internet Will Disappear (2015-01-23 11:01:09)
    "The Internet will disappear," Schmidt said during a panel at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland on Thursday, where the world's brain trust has gathered to discuss everything from technology to the economy.
  • Why my Mac Mini romance is over (2015-01-23 11:01:00)
    It was the perfect combination of compactness, just enough processor power and upgradeability that made it an excellent value for many Mac users. But now I can't recommend it anymore.
  • Online data storage provider Box's shares surge in debut (2015-01-23 10:57:35)
    (Reuters) - Online data storage provider Box Inc's shares rose as much as 77 percent in their debut on Friday as investors shrugged off concerns about the company's ability to turn profitable in a highly competitive market. Box's shares opened at $20.20 and hit a high of $24.72 in early trading on Friday on the New York Stock Exchange, valuing the company at nearly $3 billion. The company raised $175 million after its initial public offering of 12.5 million Class A common shares was priced at $14.00 each, above the expected range. Box's listing was one of the most-awaited technology IPOs after Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group Holding Ltd's blockbuster debut in September.
  • After a pause and reboot, Box makes long-awaited Wall Street debut (2015-01-23 10:54:00)
    Within the first few hours, Box stock is currently selling well over the $14 per share expectation.
  • 6 awesome iPhone apps you can download for free right now (save $27!) (2015-01-23 10:50:48)
    It’s our favorite time of day — the time when we let you know about several paid iPhone apps that are free to download for a limited time. Today we’re going to help you kick off your weekend by downloading six awesome paid apps that normally cost $27 but that are now totally free if you act right now. Check them all out below! These are paid iPhone and iPad apps that have been made available for free for a limited time by their developers. There is no way to tell how long they will be free. These sales could end an hour from now or a week from now — obviously, the only thing we can guarantee is that
  • This Ghostface Killah video reimagines a 1970s noir with aliens and ray guns (2015-01-23 10:39:52)
    Next month, thick-tongued Wu Tang member Ghostface Killah and Toronto alt-funk trio BadBadNotGood will release their collaborative LP, Sour Soul. They take that inclination even further in the above video for the MF Doom-featuring "Ray Gun," which recruits Odd Future rapper Left Brain as its star. The clip, directed by Rob Schroeder of Lodger Films, is set in a retro-noir city, complete with neon-lit strip clubs, low-riders, tarot cards, gold teeth as currency, and dead-eyed damsels. Left Brain, wearing a mask that looks like a more robotic, less skeletal version MF Doom's, plays "The Mask," a stoic extra-terrestrial with a ray gun and a hero complex.
  • Google discloses three severe vulnerabilities in Apple OS X (2015-01-23 10:29:22)
    Researchers with Google's Project Zero security team say they've found three flaws with high severity that have yet to be patched.>
  • Snapchat could be the new home of non-destructive journalism (2015-01-23 10:27:00)
  • This might be our first look at Apple’s completely redesigned Retina MacBook Air (2015-01-23 10:25:54)
    Apple is expected to soon launch a new version of the MacBook Air, a 12-inch model that’s supposed to be thinner than every previous MacBook Air and will sport a new design made possible by the adoption of Intel’s Core M processor, which doesn’t require fans for cooling. After an extensive report detailed some of the characteristics of the upcoming laptop, Chinese online publication iFanR has obtained images that seem to show the 12-inch MacBook Air next to existing MacBook Air and iPad Air models. FROM EARLIER: Stop freaking out over the 12-inch MacBook Air’s missing MagSafe port The images (available in the gallery below) do not show a fully working 12-inch MacBook Air, but they provide plenty of revealing details thanks
  • Comcast's CEO called the White House to talk it out of strong net neutrality rules (2015-01-23 10:25:02)
    For as much as Comcast loves to say that it's in favor of an open internet, it sure doesn't like hearing about strong net neutrality regulation. According to The Wall Street Journal, Comcast CEO Brian Roberts actually called up one of Obama's top advisors last year to lobby against strict net neutrality rules. Roberts is said to have made it clear that, whatever the White House was planning, Comcast was opposed to it.
  • SkyMall files for bankruptcy, but 'hopeful' iconic catalog will survive (2015-01-23 10:23:27)
    Next time you're on a plane, it's possible you'll no longer have the iconic SkyMall magazine as reading material. The parent company behind the whimsical, wonderfully weird catalog — a mainstay in the seat-back pocket of commercial flights for decades — has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. As part of the process (and if a bankruptcy court grants approval), Xhibit Corp will do its best to find a buyer for SkyMall. "We are extremely disappointed in this result and are hopeful that SkyMall and the iconic ‘SkyMall’ brand find a home to continue to operate as SkyMall has for the last 25 years," said Scott Wiley, the company's acting CEO.
  • App Wars: Does the little guy have a chance against Facebook, Apple & Google? (2015-01-23 10:16:24)
    It’s no secret that mobile is the way of the future – just look at the more than 190% jump in Facebook stock since it proved its chops at mobile back in the summer of 2013. But what does it take to make a successful app? Are certain categories more popular than others? Do free apps do better than paid? We went to the experts for answers.
  • This $250 box made me a DJ (2015-01-23 10:00:56)
    I can’t tell you how old I feel right now. I can remember it like it was yesterday though, carrying a crate of drum and bass records down the hall in my college dorm and practicing on my friend’s turntables. Actual vinyl records on actual Technics 1200 decks. People would funnel in and out of the room, some to hang out and enjoy the music, others to complain about having to study for exams. It was a great time, and now people can experience the same thing without having to dump $1,500, $2,000 or even more on a rig. No, these days it only costs $250 to be a DJ. DON’T MISS: Confessions of a music thief Like poker, DJing is
  • GoPro will deliver live, up-close brutality from the NHL (2015-01-23 10:00:00)
  • Google discloses three severe vulnerabilies in Apple OS X (2015-01-23 09:42:40)
    Researchers with Google's Project Zero security team say they've found three flaws with high severity that have yet to be patched.>
  • Where BlackBerry is still king (2015-01-23 09:35:10)
    We’ve argued in the past that BlackBerry has an important opportunity to reestablish itself as a status symbol for corporate executives and government officials who absolutely need to have top-notch security. Business Insider’s Jim Edwards reports that that having a BlackBerry is still a big deal for many people in Davos this week, where he’s noticed that “a lot of people here are conspicuously carrying two phones: an iPhone and a Blackberry.” RELATED: BlackBerry is still beating Android and Windows Phone where it matters most Among others, Edwards has found that U.K. chancellor of the exchequer George Osborne still uses a BlackBerry, as well as “a member of the board of directors for a Middle Eastern central bank.” Edwards also talked with “an executive at
  • Game of Thrones' Sansa Stark is Jean Grey in 2016's X-Men: Apocalypse (2015-01-23 09:32:05)
    Bryan Singer's X-Men: Apocalypse marches on. The director announced late last night that he had casted Storm, Jean Grey, and Cyclops — roles originally held by Halle Berry, Famke Janssen, and James Marsden, respectively, in the original X-Men trilogy. Given that the new movie takes place both years prior to 2000's X-Men (and also presumably in a separate timeline, cf. Days of Future Past), Singer went for younger talent that could grow into this timeline.
  • 4 tips for starting a LinkedIn ad campaign (2015-01-23 09:31:10)
    If you're new to the world of LinkedIn ad campaigns, here are 4 things you need to know.
  • Exclusive: Samsung talks to BlackBerry about $7.5 billion buyout - source (2015-01-23 09:28:17)
    By Jennifer Ablan and Liana B. Baker NEW YORK (Reuters) - (Corrects Jan. 14 story, changes to representatives from the companies, from executives in paragraph 3) Samsung Electronics recently offered to buy BlackBerry Ltd for as much as $7.5 billion, seeking its valuable patents as it battles Apple in the corporate market, according to a person familiar with the matter and documents seen by Reuters. South Korea's Samsung proposed an initial price range of $13.35 to $15.49 per share, representing a premium of 38 percent to 60 percent over BlackBerry's current trading price, the source said on Wednesday. The Waterloo, Ontario-based company said in a statement that it "has not engaged in discussions with Samsung with respect to any possible offer to purchase BlackBerry. Shares of BlackBerry, which soared nearly 30 percent following the Reuters report, fell back about 15 percent in after-hours electronic trading following the statement.
  • Winklevoss twins want to make Bitcoin legit with US-based exchange (2015-01-23 09:27:00)
  • Get an Acer Aspire Switch 10 hybrid PC for $229 (2015-01-23 09:25:10)
    Normally $349, this budget system goes from laptop to tablet and back again with an easy magnetic connector.>
  • The craziest fact about the Apple Watch: It will be more powerful than the first iPad (2015-01-23 09:10:31)
    The Apple Watch will not have incredible battery life, a 9to5Mac report on Thursday revealed. Apple wasn’t even able to meet its own battery targets for its first smartwatch, which is why the company delayed the launch of the Apple Watch from late 2014 to early 2015. But one detail from the report that was overlooked is that the tiny gadget will apparently be more powerful than the iPad. FROM EARLIER: We finally know what battery life will be like on the Apple Watch The original iPad, launched back in early April 2010, packed an Apple A4 chip. The device was a powerful computing tool at the time and it set the bar for tablets. 9to5Mac said in its report
  • Fujitsu adds Intel Broadwell processors to new enterprise tablets, laptops (2015-01-23 09:09:22)
    The mobile devices include a pair of Ultrabooks and feature optional palm-based biometric security features.
  • launches desktop app for Macs (2015-01-23 09:00:02)
    To-do list app is coming to Macs today, with a new desktop app available for download from the App Store. The new software integrates with the OS X Notification Center, adds reminders for upcoming deadlines, and displays a badge in the launcher for outstanding tasks — exactly the sort of cross-platform support that has become a must-have for the best to-do list apps. "The Mac ecosystem is a huge market we haven’t even touched yet," said CEO Omer Perchik in a statement announcing the app.
  • HTC’s beautiful new flagship phone leaks again in new pics (2015-01-23 08:45:00)
    HTC is having a pretty tough time keeping its newest flagship smartphone under wraps, but we aren’t about to complain. Phandroid has posted the latest batch of leaked HTC One (M9) photos and they pretty much confirm a lot of what we’ve already seen about the device. FROM EARLIER: Leaked photo shows what the HTC One M9 looks like compared to the M8 As you can see, the device really looks very similar to last year’s HTC One (M8) with one key difference: The shape of the camera on the back is more of a square while the camera on both the M8 and the M7 were both circles. From a specs perspective, Phandroid’s source confirmed that the device will likely
  • The big 'Arrow' question: Can you swallow this Canary? (2015-01-23 08:30:02)
    Commentary: On a show based around the need to "become someone else," have they redeemed the worst character of all? Here's why I'm not just laughing.>
  • How a queer black filmmaker made virtual reality a reality at Sundance (2015-01-23 08:30:00)
  • Uber restarts service in Delhi; government says company still banned (2015-01-23 08:27:25)
    By Aditya Kalra and Sanjeev Miglani NEW DELHI (Reuters) - Uber, the U.S.-based online taxi-hailing company, has restarted services in India's capital after a ban following rape allegations against one of its drivers, but a government official said the company remains blacklisted. Uber's app showed taxis available for booking in New Delhi on Friday. A company spokesman said Uber had applied for a radio taxi license. A senior government official said Uber was still banned in New Delhi and its taxis would be impounded.
  • SideWaffle handles the Visual Studio template creation dirty work (2015-01-23 08:23:30)
    Get even more useful Visual Studio 2012 and 2013 templates when you download and use SideWaffle. These tips will help you get the most out of the extension.
  • Finally: We’ve found a group of consumers who will benefit from the Comcast-TWC merger (2015-01-23 08:20:42)
    Comcast and Time Warner Cable have long insisted that their proposed merger will have big benefits for consumers, although opinion polls of consumers have shown that this argument hasn’t proven very persuasive. That said, consumers in Michigan actually have a very good reason to support the merger because it will mean that Comcast will leave them alone. RELATED: Petition asks FCC to block Comcast-TWC merger just because TWC is so awful One eagle-eyed Redditor has flagged an article from MLive last year that explains how Comcast basically plans to leave Michigan if its merger with TWC goes through as part of a deal to offset some of the customer gains it’s making through the deal. “Comcast confirmed that almost all of
  • ​Apple CEO Tim Cook took home $9.22m last year (2015-01-23 08:01:24)
    With strong lineup of products out and coming in 2015, Apple's CEO saw his pay packet double last year.
  • Breaking down Google's strategy for the Internet of Things (2015-01-23 08:00:03)
    Google made waves in 2014 with major acquisitions and investments in the IoT space. Here's what the road ahead looks like for Google and the Internet of Things.
  • Friday Poll: Which VR or AR system do you want most? (2015-01-23 08:00:03)
    Microsoft throws its HoloLens hat into the augmented-reality ring and faces off against a set of competitors that includes Oculus, Samsung and Google. Which one do you want to strap to your face?>
  • 'Attack on Titan' statues devour tourists at Universal Studios Japan (2015-01-23 07:59:49)
    The gigantic human-chomping statues, based on the popular "Attack on Titan" anime series, are part of a new exhibit in the Japanese theme park.>
  • Zero Day Weekly: SOTU, Adobe zero day, Symantec RCE, security alert overkill (2015-01-23 07:55:00)
    A collection of notable security news items for the week ending January 23, 2015. Covers enterprise, controversies, application and mobile security, malware, reports and more.
  • Bloatware you will love: Free Office preinstalled on Windows 10 phones and small tablets (2015-01-23 07:45:03)
    Microsoft on Thursday confirmed various details about its upcoming Office plans, revealing that Office 2016 will be released at some point in the second half of the year, and that Windows 10 mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets will get a special Office for Windows 10 version that’ll be similar to what’s currently available on iPad and Android tablets. Furthermore, Microsoft said that Office for Windows 10 will be preloaded for free on Windows Phones and Windows 10 tablets with screens smaller than eight inches. FROM EARLIER: Microsoft’s next major Office release set for later this year Additionally, Office for Windows 10 apps will be available in the Windows Store for Windows devices with larger touchscreen displays. As ZDNet points out,
  • Windows as a Service: The pros and cons (2015-01-23 07:05:18)
    The most important announcement at Microsoft's Windows 10 demo in Redmond the other day wasn't Windows 10 or Cortana, or even holograms. It was these four words: Windows as a Service.
  • Who's afraid of China's economy slowing? Not Alibaba's Jack Ma (2015-01-23 06:57:54)
    By Nadia Damouni DAVOS, Switzerland (Reuters) - Jack Ma, executive chairman of Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group Holding, isn't worried about slowing Chinese economic growth, he told a meeting of business and political leaders in Davos, Switzerland. "If China still keeps 9 percent growth of the economy there must be something wrong. China should pay attention to the quality of the economy," he said in a question-and-answer session at the World Economic Forum. China's economy grew 7.4 percent in 2014 -- the slowest pace in 24 years, government data released on Tuesday showed.
  • Check out the first trailer of Tina Fey’s upcoming Netflix sitcom (2015-01-23 06:50:00)
    In early March, Netflix will launch a brand new sitcom made by 30 Rock’s mastermind Tina Fey, CNET reports. Called Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, the comedy centers around a survivor of an apocalyptic cult who’s rescued from a bunker and has to face the realities of modern-day New York City. The show was initially supposed to air on NBC, but Netflix eventually picked it up, ordering two seasons. FROM EARLIER: Meet the movie pirating service that Netflix is afraid of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt project starts The Office’s Ellie Kemper, and fans of 30 Rock will also recognize Jane Krakowski and Tituss Burgess. The show will be available for binge-watching on March 6th in all markets where Netflix is available. Around the
  • Is the Apple Watch's battery going to be a huge let down? (2015-01-23 06:49:00)
    How do you feel about a smartwatch that can only put up with a few hours of usage and needs recharging daily?
  • Amazon, e-commerce rivals fuel commercial property boom in India (2015-01-23 06:42:53)
    By Aditi Shah NEW DELHI (Reuters) - Internet retailer Amazon and its fast-growing local rivals are driving a boom in commercial property leasing in India as their storage needs rise, with shoppers in the country going online to buy everything from televisions to groceries. Other estimates indicate office rents in India's tech hub Bengaluru could rise by as much as a fifth in the next six to nine months as e-commerce companies add to demand. The result, say developers and analysts, is a speedier than expected recovery for India's commercial property sector, badly dented by two successive years of sub-5 percent economic growth. "The best has yet to come for the sector and that will have a snowball effect on the property sector with increased appetite for office space, logistics and warehouse," said Sigrid Zialcita, managing director, research for Asia Pacific at consultant Cushman & Wakefield.
  • Three in talks to buy O2 for £10.25bn (2015-01-23 06:24:54)
    Hutchison, owner of UK mobile network Three, is in exclusive talks to acquire rival O2 from its Spanish parent Telefonica, in a deal which would make it the country's largest mobile operator.
  • I Don't Want A Promotion To Management (2015-01-23 06:24:11)
    In my previous post with Steve Snyder, CIO/CTO of the Massachusetts Convention Center Authority, we discussed delegation and dealing with failure. Analyzing failure can often lead to clarity and a better understanding of career choices. One lesson is that not everyone is seeking a management role. With that in mind, I asked Steve Snyder to...
  • Hutchison to buy Telefonica UK unit for 10.25 billion pounds (2015-01-23 06:23:47)
    By Julien Toyer and Denny Thomas MADRID/HONG KONG (Reuters) - Li Ka-shing's Hutchison Whampoa Ltd has agreed to buy Telefonica's British mobile unit O2 for up to 10.25 billion pounds, hastening the consolidation of Britain's telecoms industry. Hutchison already operates the Three Mobile network in Britain, and buying second-ranked O2, which has about 22 million subscribers, from the Spanish group will make it the top mobile operator in the country. The move comes only weeks after former state monopoly BT entered exclusive talks with the owners of EE, Britain's biggest mobile operator to create a dominant provider of fixed and mobile phones and internet services.
  • Hutchison to buy Telefonica UK unit for $15.4 billion (2015-01-23 06:23:20)
    By Julien Toyer and Denny Thomas MADRID/HONG KONG (Reuters) - Li Ka-shing's Hutchison Whampoa Ltd has agreed to buy Telefonica's British mobile unit O2 for up to 10.25 billion pounds ($15.4 billion), hastening the consolidation of Britain's telecoms industry. Hutchison already operates the Three Mobile network in Britain, and buying second-ranked O2, which has about 22 million subscribers, from the Spanish group will make it the top mobile operator in the country. The move comes only weeks after former state monopoly BT entered exclusive talks with the owners of EE, Britain's biggest mobile operator to create a dominant provider of fixed and mobile phones and internet services.
  • Filtering by the back door: UK's privacy-threatening zombie leglisation revived (2015-01-23 06:14:49)
    It looks like ISPs and telcos may soon be facing the prospect of filtering their customers' data once again, thanks to proposed amendments to the Counter-Terrorism and Security Bill.
  • Filmmakers blur lines with virtual reality at Sundance (2015-01-23 06:03:14)
    By Piya Sinha-Roy PARK CITY, Utah (Reuters) - Whether putting moviegoers inside the yurt of a Mongolian tribe, in the studio with a musician or in the path of an oncoming train, filmmakers are blurring the lines of reality for viewers at this year's Sundance Film Festival. This year's conclave of independent films in Park City, Utah, is devoting its New Frontier showcase to virtual reality film with 11 works, the largest such lineup in the festival's three-decade history. Samsung started offering its Galaxy Gear VR headset last month, which uses its Galaxy Note 4 smartphone to present virtual reality experiences. The New Frontier exhibit comes amid a growing interest in the technology in Hollywood as filmmakers and studios experiment with virtual reality.
  • How Apple wants to remake the classroom (2015-01-23 05:44:27)
    Apple's VP of education on how ingenuity, online services and deformed frogs helped his son win his science fair and why that matters for our schools.
  • IoT: How Software AG and Wipro are teaming up over Looking Glass analytics platform (2015-01-23 05:00:04)
    The platform for developing internet-of-things analytics apps combines Wipro's support services with Software AG's streaming analytics product suite.
  • Google Lunar XPrize: Testing rovers on the beach with Team Hakuto (2015-01-23 05:00:03)
    Hakuto of Japan is one of the teams vying for the $20 million Google Lunar XPrize. We hit the beach in Hamamatsu to see the team's rovers, MoonRaker and Tetris, in action.>
  • Uber admits it's a taxi company in quest to restore services in India (2015-01-23 04:55:29)
    Uber says it is resuming operations in New Delhi a month after it was banned following the alleged rape of a passenger by one of its drivers. The mobile car-hailing service has applied for taxi license in the city — an unprecedented move as it usually claims to only be a technology company "connecting riders to drivers," rather than a full-blown taxi firm. This distinction has been at the heart of numerous protests against Uber, with traditional taxi firms arguing that it allows the San Francisco-based company to avoid costly regulatory hurdles such as vehicle and background checks. The company itself states in a section at the bottom of its websites labeled "The Fine Print" that it is "not a transportation carrier," and admitted after the alleged rape in New Delhi that it did not perform background checks in India (in the US it carries out seven-year background checks).
  • Scientists successfully implant self-destructing nanobots into live mice (2015-01-23 04:44:00)
  • Uber restarts service in Delhi; government says must await approval (2015-01-23 04:43:20)
    By Aditya Kalra and Sanjeev Miglani NEW DELHI (Reuters) - U.S. taxi-hailing app maker Uber Technologies Inc has restarted services in India's capital after a ban following rape allegations against one of its drivers, but a government official said the company remains blacklisted. Uber's app showed taxis available in New Delhi on Friday after the company applied for a radio taxi license, a spokesman said. Just last month, the company said traditional radio taxi regulations were incompatible with a disruptive technology company that connects passengers with drivers. It has also had to contend with a reputation tarnished by further rape allegations against drivers in Chicago and Boston.
  • 'Five weeks were just the beginning': The US scheme to back Middle Eastern, African women in tech (2015-01-23 04:43:04)
    A scheme to bring women from around the Middle East and Africa to work with tech firms in the US is opening its doors to a fresh round of participants.
  • In China, VPN internet access tools suffer further disruptions (2015-01-23 04:41:53)
    Internet services that allow people to freely access blocked websites and apps from within China have seen more severe disruptions this week, said three providers, moves that Chinese state media said were justified. The services affected include popular Virtual Private Network (VPN) providers Astrill, StrongVPN and Golden Frog, which are engaged in a technological arms race to one-up China's highly sophisticated Great Firewall internet censorship system. "This week's attack on VPNs that affected us and other VPN providers is more sophisticated than what we've seen in the past," said Sunday Yokubaitis, president of Golden Frog.
  • Adobe to release patch next week for 'critical' Flash zero-day under attack (2015-01-23 04:39:52)
    Adobe says it will deliver a fix for a newly discovered flaw that is being used in drive-by download attacks, but the patch won't be ready until at least next Monday.
  • New Sonos logo design pulses like a speaker when scrolled (2015-01-23 04:39:51)
    The pulsing effect you see, akin to a throbbing speaker, is the outcome of a new identity created for Sonos by Bruce Mau Design. It’s not clear if the illusion is intentional as it's never mentioned in the synopsis of work — if not, the moiré effect resembling sound waves traveling along a span of catgut is a very happy accident, indeed. BMD’s been working with Sonos since 2011. The 2014 revisions are meant to be mixed and remixed with a language as variable as the musical tastes that Sonos serves.
  • Sony Pictures expects to have some critical systems back online in early February (2015-01-23 04:06:04)
    Sony has announced that it's applying for an extension of the deadline to submit its third-quarter securities report "due to the amount of destruction and disruption that occurred" following the massive cyberattack directed against its movie division. Sony Pictures shut down its network in response to the hack, but most of the financial systems and "many other critical information technology applications" won't be back online until early February. Sony will still release guidance and hold conferences on that date, so we should get some idea of how it performed during the important holiday quarter.
  • China blocks VPN services that skirt online censorship (2015-01-23 03:37:33)
    BEIJING (AP) — China is blocking VPN services that let users skirt online censorship of popular websites such as Google and Facebook amid a wider crackdown on online information, tech companies and specialists said Friday.
  • Li Ka-shing's Hutchison to buy Telefonica UK unit for $15.4 billion (2015-01-23 03:33:50)
    By Julien Toyer and Denny Thomas MADRID/HONG KONG (Reuters) - Li Ka-shing's Hutchison Whampoa Ltd has agreed to buy Telefonica's British mobile unit O2 for up to 10.25 billion pounds ($15.4 billion), as Asia's richest man makes his boldest bet yet to revamp his European telecoms business. Hutchison already operates the Three Mobile network in Britain, and buying second-ranked O2 from the Spanish group in Li's biggest ever takeover will make it the top mobile operator in the country. Li and his chief dealmaker Canning Fok have doubled down in response, sinking more money into Europe as they look to snap up businesses from operators who have been battered by the continent's debt crisis. The revamp will boost Hutchison's acquisition firepower by about $7 billion as it spins off its property assets to Cheung Kong Holdings Ltd. "The deal indicates that the group is continuously eyeing Europe to seek future growth," said Alex Wong, a director with Hong Kong-based Ample Finance Group.
  • Sony to delay official submission of third quarter results after hacking (2015-01-23 03:30:54)
    Sony Corp said it was delaying the official submission of its third-quarter results due to the massive cyberattack on Sony Pictures Entertainment, which debilitated network systems at the Hollywood studio. Sony said it will still hold a news conference on Feb. 4, the originally scheduled date of its results announcement, to give updated financial forecasts for the quarter.
  • Hands-on with Microsoft's hologram device (2015-01-23 03:11:53)
    REDMOND, Wash. (AP) — Microsoft didn't use skydivers or stunt cyclists to introduce what it hopes will be the next big leap in computing technology. Instead, with its new HoloLens headset, the company is offering real-world examples to show how you might use three-dimensional digital images — or holograms — in daily life.
  • Google's Project Zero reveals three Apple OS X zero-day vulnerabilities (2015-01-23 03:01:00)
    Google's security team has disclosed three separate zero-day vulnerabilities on Apple's OS X platform. It seems annoying Microsoft wasn't enough.
  • Crave giveaway: CES 2015 swag bounty, the sequel (2015-01-23 03:00:03)
    For part 2 of our giveaway from the CES show floor, we have headphones from Tonino Lamborghini, several iPhone 6 accessories, a pocket device charger and more>
  • Snapchat will reportedly begin publishing original videos and articles (2015-01-23 02:49:06)
    Snapchat, known for self-deleting pictures that disappear after seconds, is planning to hold your attention for longer. Digiday says the company is planning to produce its own content in-house when it launches its "Discover" feature later this month, having hired a number journalists and video producers in recent months to help it become a full-fledged online publisher. It was previously thought that the new service would primarily dole out news, photos, and video clips provided by partners, but Snapchat already has some limited experience of content creation.
  • Oracle outlines plans to hire top engineering talent (2015-01-23 02:25:03)
    Oracle says new offices in the US and a new swathe of engineers will help the firm develop next-generation platforms.
  • Twitter's Bing-powered translations are back (2015-01-23 02:01:00)
  • Hutchison offers $15B for Telefonica's UK mobile phone unit (2015-01-23 01:36:37)
    HONG KONG (AP) — Hong Kong billionaire Li Ka-shing's flagship company said Friday it's offering about $15 billion for the British business of European mobile phone operator Telefonica.
  • Li Ka-shing's Hutchison to buy Telefonica UK unit for $15.4 bln (2015-01-23 01:33:23)
    By Julien Toyer and Denny Thomas MADRID/HONG KONG (Reuters) - Li Ka-shing's Hutchison Whampoa Ltd has agreed to buy Telefonica's British mobile unit O2 for up to 10.25 billion pounds ($15.4 billion), as Asia's richest man makes his boldest bet yet to revamp his European telecoms business. Hutchison already operates the Three Mobile network in Britain, and buying second-ranked O2 from the Spanish group in Li's biggest ever takeover will make it the top mobile operator in the country. The company made its first forays into European telecoms markets in 2000, but returns from the business have lagged other parts of Li's ports-to-property empire. Li and his chief dealmaker Canning Fok have doubled down in response, sinking more money into Europe as they look to snap up businesses from operators who have been battered by the continent's debt crisis.
  • Uber restarts cab service in New Delhi after ban (2015-01-23 01:21:26)
    By Aditya Kalra NEW DELHI (Reuters) - U.S. taxi-hailing app maker Uber Technologies Inc has restarted services in India's capital, after its three apps were banned following allegations of rape by one of its drivers. Uber's apps were working in New Delhi on Friday after the company agreed to apply for a radio taxi license, a spokesman said. Uber also said it would introduce additional safety measures including more stringent driver checks, an in-app emergency button and a dedicated incident response team. "We are setting an even higher standard than current industry requirements," Uber said in a statement.
  • ​Uber relaunches in Delhi with radio taxi licence (2015-01-23 01:10:38)
    Uber is resuming operations under a radio taxi licence in Delhi six weeks after it was banned in the city when one of its drivers was pulled up on rape charges.
  • Saudis swarm Twitter to mourn king (2015-01-23 01:03:43)
    Joining a swarm of Saudis taking to social media on Friday, veteran news broadcaster Abdullah al-Shihri said he would have preferred not to deliver the official announcement that King Abdullah was dead. "May God have mercy on Abdullah bin Abdulaziz. We did not lose a king today, we all lost a father", Ameera Al Taweel said in one of thousands of Twitter messages. Saudi Army News, an official account, expressed condolences and said: "This Twitter account will stop tweeting for three days in mourning of King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz al-Saud, may God rest his soul".
  • Weekend Viewing: Catch up on LCA 2015 (2015-01-23 00:58:39)
    With many of the videos from now available, and a three-day weekend about to hit Australia, there's no excuse not to watch the best talks from last week.
  • Here's the code you need for Sony's 10 percent PSN store discount (2015-01-23 00:58:00)
  • Hutchison looks to bring in minority partners for Telefonica's UK unit deal (2015-01-23 00:47:09)
    HONG KONG (Reuters) - Hutchison Whampoa Ltd group finance director Frank Sixt said on Friday the company is in talks with private equity firms among others to offer a minority stake in its planned bid for Telefonica's British unit O2. Earlier, Hutchison confirmed that it was in exclusive talks to buy O2 for up to 10.25 billion pounds ($15.4 billion) as Asia's richest Li Ka-shing makes his biggest bet to consolidate his European telecommunications operations.. The deal, which is subject to regulatory approval, will be funded using a 6 billion pounds bank loan, Sixt told reporters. ...
  • Enterprises inundated with security alerts: FireEye (2015-01-23 00:39:21)
    A study by IDC, commissioned by FireEye, has shown that organisations continue to be overwhelmed by security alerts, especially redundant ones, but they are turning to third-party IT security management to reduce the risk of missing critical alerts.
  • How my app got 80,000 downloads within 24 hours (2015-01-23 00:14:03)
    App developers have voiced mixed opinions about participating in Amazon's Free App of the Day program. Android developer William J. Francis shares his overall positive experience with FAD.
  • Box to make market debut after delayed IPO prices at $14 (2015-01-23 00:10:43)
    SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Online storage provider Box has wrapped up its long-delayed IPO at $14 per share, setting up a test of investors' appetite for a rapidly growing technology company that hasn't proven it can make money.
  • Winklevoss twins aim to take Bitcoin mainstream with a regulated exchange: NYT (2015-01-23 00:08:29)
    (Reuters) - Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss are trying to firm up support by creating the first regulated Bitcoin exchange in the United States, dubbing it the "Nasdaq of Bitcoin", the New York Times reported. The Winklevoss twins, who famously accused Facebook Inc founder Mark Zuckerberg of stealing their idea, have been seeking regulatory approval for a bitcoin exchange-traded fund. Users can transfer bitcoins to each other over the Internet and store the currency in digital "wallets." Last March, New York's financial services regulator Benjamin Lawsky said he wanted companies that want to operate virtual currency exchanges in the state to submit formal applications, in a step toward eventual state regulation of bitcoin exchanges.
  • Uber to restart cab service in India's Delhi: spokesman (2015-01-23 00:05:45)
    NEW DELHI (Reuters) - U.S. online taxi-hailing service Uber has applied for a radio taxi license and will restart operations in India's capital, after it was banned following allegations that one of its drivers raped a female passenger, a company spokesman said. Uber will improve passenger safety by introducing additional safety measures including more stringent driver checks, an in-app emergency button and a dedicated incident response team, the company said. (Reporting by Aditya Kalra; Editing by Malini Menon)
  • How a shock jock got pranksters fired using metadata (2015-01-23 00:02:30)
    The case for mandatory data retention is that the data is crucial for averting terrorism or big crimes -- but sometimes its use is a little more questionable.
  • Daily Roundup: Apple Watch battery life, Russian combat bots and more! (2015-01-22 23:54:00)
  • Li Ka-shing's Hutchison says offers up to $15.4 billion for Telefonica's O2 UK (2015-01-22 23:43:02)
    HONG KONG (Reuters) - Li Ka-shing's Hutchison Whampoa Ltd said on Friday it had entered into exclusive talks to buy Telefonica's> British mobile unit O2 for up to 10.25 billion pounds ($15.4 billion). Hutchison, which already operates the Three Mobile network in Britain, agreed to pay an indicative price of 9.25 billion pounds, the company said in a securities filing to the Hong Kong stock exchange. The company said it would add another 1 billion pounds in "interest sharing payments" should the combined business reach certain cash flow targets. ($1 = 0. ...
  • Drone operator fined after posting flight videos on YouTube (2015-01-22 23:29:49)
    An Australian man has been fined for breaking aviation safety regulations while flying his drone, but while he wasn't caught in the act, the man was busted after posting videos of the flights to YouTube.>
  • Australians to get one login for government services (2015-01-22 23:24:21)
    Australians will be offered a single digital identity to access services across federal, state, and local branches of government.
  • Apogee's USB DAC is an audio boost in a tiny package (2015-01-22 23:02:00)
  • Three and O2 are set to merge in £10.25 billion deal (2015-01-22 22:50:00)
  • The top tech priority of 2015: Two X chromosomes (2015-01-22 22:47:00)
    The US continues to fall behind in preparing the next generation of STEM innovators to build the future. But, there's one big move that could help catch up.
  • No Windows 10 update for Surface RT (2015-01-22 22:41:45)
    Microsoft Surface devices running Windows RT and Windows RT 8.1 will not receive the company's Windows 10 update, but will instead be treated to an update with only some of its functionality.
  • ​Ambiguity leaves AIIA questioning data-retention legislation (2015-01-22 22:11:10)
    The peak national body representing companies including Apple, Google, Telstra, and Optus has said that the Australian government's draft data-retention legislation is too ambiguous.
  • BMW and Volkswagen team-up creates 100 fast-charge stations for EVs (2015-01-22 22:02:00)
  • Ronco Ready Grill takes fat fight to new level (2015-01-22 21:37:58)
    The Ronco Ready Grill cooks food vertically. Capable of cooking a variety of foods, the countertop appliance collects the drippings in a waiting tray below.>
  • Video: McDonald’s uses 19 ingredients in its fries, insists none of them will kill you (2015-01-22 21:30:37)
    Ever make homemade french fries? It’s pretty easy, actually — just cut up some potatoes into thin strips, dump them into a pot full of boiling oil, remove them when they turn a golden brown and then salt them to your tastes. So really, that’s three basic ingredients: Potatoes, oil (peanut and canola both work fine) and salt. If you’re McDonald’s, however, it takes an insane 19 different ingredients to make something that should be an incredibly simple meal. RELATED: McDonald’s explains that its McNuggets are really made from chicken and contain no beaks In yet another one of its videos intended to dispel nasty rumors about the content and quality of McDonald’s food, the company explains why it needs to
  • Surface RT will only get some of Windows 10's upgrades (2015-01-22 21:25:00)
  • Journalist with links to Anonymous sentenced to 5 years in prison (2015-01-22 21:04:02)
    Barrett Brown drew the attention of law enforcement after posting a public link to data stolen in the 2011 hack of security think tank Stratfor.>
  • The Internet will vanish, says Google's Eric Schmidt (2015-01-22 21:00:17)
    Speaking at Davos, Google's executive chairman explains that we'll all be experiencing our digital connections as a seamless part of our everyday world.>
  • Li Ka-shing's Hutchison to buy Telefonica UK unit for $15 billion: source (2015-01-22 20:58:03)
    By Julien Toyer and Denny Thomas MADRID/HONG KONG (Reuters) - Li Ka-shing's Hutchison Whampoa Ltd is set to buy Telefonica's British mobile unit O2 in a deal valued at more than 10 billion pounds ($15 billion), a source with direct knowledge of the matter said, as Asia's richest man makes one of his biggest bets yet to revamp his European telecoms business. The agreement is likely to be announced on Friday and will mark the latest move towards telecoms consolidation in Britain, where the market is split between four mobile network operators and four separately owned fixed-line and broadband providers. In December, former state monopoly BT entered exclusive talks with the owners of EE, Britain's biggest mobile operator.
  • Kim Dotcom’s new encrypted MegaChat service will compete with Skype (2015-01-22 20:45:43)
    It’s about a year late, but Kim Dotcom’s encrypted audio and video calling service has finally arrived. Dotcom and the Mega Conspiracy Team announced on Thursday that MegaChat has officially entered public beta, allowing users to place video calls and share files with their contacts over a secure line. LAST TIME: Kim Dotcom’s NSA-proof messaging, video chat service due in 2014 According to Dotcom, the beta will be released in phases. Video calling has already been implemented into the service, while text chat and video conferencing are coming soon. Even with a limited feature set, Dotcom says that users have already placed over 500,000 calls in the hours since the service went live. Of course, the main reason that anyone would use this
  • Twitter doesn't want its biggest users to post Instagram links (2015-01-22 20:33:00)
  • Britain's second-largest carrier O2 to be bought out in $15 billion deal (2015-01-22 20:31:36)
    Hong Kong-based telecommunications giant Hutchison Whampoa is poised to purchase Britain's second-biggest wireless carrier, O2, in a deal reportedly worth upwards of £10 billion ($15 billion). Hutchison Whampoa — owned by Chinese billionaire Li Ka-shing — already owns Three, another major cellphone provider in the United Kingdom. Should Hutchison Whampoa successfully purchase O2 from its current owners, Spanish firm Telefónica, then Ka-shing's company would create the UK's largest mobile group. O2 is currently the second-largest mobile network operator in the UK.
  • China says Microsoft Outlook hacking allegations 'groundless' (2015-01-22 20:19:35)
    Allegations that Chinese authorities hacked into Microsoft Corp's Outlook email service are "groundless slander", the official Xinhua news agency quoted Beijing's cyberspace regulator as saying late on Thursday. The comments, made by the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) spokesman Jiang Jun, were in response to a Monday report by an online censorship watchdog which said that Chinese users of the email service were subject to a hacking attack over the weekend. Xinhua quoted Jiang as saying that the accusation aimed to "incite dissatisfaction and smear China's cyberspace management system". Attacks and blocks on foreign internet services have become increasingly common with China, which operates the world's most sophisticated online censorship mechanism, known as the Great Firewall, to eliminate any signs of dissent or challenges to the ruling Communist Party.
  • Crowd Mobile completes IPO after $3.8m fundraising (2015-01-22 20:19:22)
    The Australian-based operator of crowdsourced Christian question-and-answer mobile app What Would Jesus Do has completed its back-door listing on the ASX after securing AU$3.8 million in pre-IPO secondary round funding.
  • Box wraps up IPO at $14 per share to raise $175 million (2015-01-22 20:12:56)
    SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Online storage provider Box has wrapped up its long-delayed IPO at $14 per share, setting up a test of investors' appetite for a rapidly growing technology company that hasn't proven it can make money.
  • AdwareMedic for Mac review (2015-01-22 20:01:00)
    Adware removal tool
  • What if there was an entire PC in your mouse? (2015-01-22 20:00:46)
    Even though it’s facing tough competition from mobile devices, the PC is far from being dead, and many people are still trying to reinvent it. Such is the case with Przemysław Strzelczyk, whose team is apparently working on a PC that fits inside a regular mouse: The Mouse-Box. FROM EARLIER: This tiny magnetic keyboard might be the coolest iPhone accessory we’ve ever seen MyBroadband reports that the device can be used anywhere a screen is available, including at work, letting users easily switch between simple mouse mode, or PC mode, for a more personal and private computing experience. The device, which has yet to be made available in stores, should have a 1.4GHz ARM Cortex processor inside, 128GB of storage, microHDMI support, Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Silk Road founder allegedly admitted site origins to friend (2015-01-22 19:57:17)
    A college friend of Silk Road founder Ross Ulbricht testifies against him during the trial's second week.>
  • Angry Twitter is bad for your health (2015-01-22 19:54:00)
  • Leatherman Tread bracelet is the first truly useful 'wearable' (2015-01-22 19:53:00)
  • SoundBunny for Mac review (2015-01-22 19:52:00)
    Control the volume level for all open applications on your Mac
  • Avid is making a free, but limited version of Pro Tools (2015-01-22 19:50:52)
    Avid's Pro Tools software is not cheap, something the company seems to have realized with a new, completely free version of its digital audio studio with a more limited feature set. It's a different approach from what Avid was doing with Pro Tools Express, a similarly feature-limited version of its software that was bundled with its Mbox hardware.
  • Box IPO values data storage provider at $1.67 billion (2015-01-22 19:47:37)
    (Reuters) - Box Inc's shares have been priced at $14, an underwriter said, valuing the online data storage provider at about $1.67 billion in one of the most hotly anticipated technology IPOs in recent months. At that price, the company's initial public offering raised about $175 million. Box is selling all of the 12.5 million Class A common stock in the offering, one of the most eagerly awaited IPOs since the blockbuster debut of Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group Holding Ltd in September. Box, led by 29-year-old chief executive Aaron Levie, offers 10 gigabytes of free online storage and charges fees for additional space.
  • Border Protection plans to expand telco surveillance (2015-01-22 19:44:39)
    Australian Customs and Border Protection Service has said that it would increase its surveillance of Australians' telecommunications should the mandatory data-retention legislation pass.
  • Apple's Cook gets hefty bonus for 2014 (2015-01-22 19:44:05)
    SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Apple CEO Tim Cook got a hefty cash bonus that brought his total compensation to $9.2 million last year. That's more than double what he received the previous year, as the company enjoyed a surge in sales and profit fueled by the popularity of its new, over-sized iPhone 6 models.
  • YouTube stars quiz Obama (2015-01-22 19:42:50)
    A bubbly shopping guide, a charitable "internetainerpreneur" and a comedian who wears green lipstick and eats ladles of cinnamon quizzed US President Barack Obama Thursday in a series of unorthodox YouTube presidential interviews. Bethany Mota, Hank Green and GloZell Green -- video bloggers who between them have received more than 1.5 billion views on YouTube -- were invited to talk to Obama about his recent State of the Union address. For this year's address, the US administration put a new emphasis on social networks, including Facebook and Twitter, to try and send the president's new policy initiatives to a broader audience. Obama has in the past been interviewed on YouTube, and frequently used social networks -- without the filter of the mainstream media.
  • AirDroid for Mac review (2015-01-22 19:42:00)
    Access and manage your Android phone/tablet from a web browser, over the air
  • Offtime review (2015-01-22 19:35:28)
    Customize your connectivity so you can do the things that matter
  • CEO Mark Fields Drives Ford into the 'Mobility' Business (Post + Podcast) (2015-01-22 19:30:56)
    Larry Magid interviews Ford CEO Mark FieldsAs you walk around the parking lot, garage and labs at Ford's newly opened Silicon Valley Research Center, you see plenty of cars and trucks along with all sorts of electronic gear. But there are also bicycles which, said Ford CEO Mark Fields, are among the many "mobility" technologies the company is...
  • North Korean broadcaster shows Internet of Things goods (2015-01-22 19:21:13)
    Even the hermit kingdom seems to acknowledge the potential of the Internet of Things.
  • Your first look at the second episode of the Game of Thrones adventure game (2015-01-22 19:15:17)
    As our impatience for the impending fifth season of Game of Thrones reaches a boiling point, Telltale Games is doing everything it can to keep us from exploding. On Thursday, the development studio released the first footage of the second episode of its well-received adventure game, set in the same universe as the show. READ MORE: HBO reveals Game of Thrones, Veep premiere dates Most of the video below focuses on the accolades that the first episode collected, but there’s also a quick taste of what’s to come in episode 2. You’ll find plenty of familiar faces from the TV series, which should hopefully make the wait for season 5 at least a little less excruciating. The Lost Lords, the second episode of Telltale Games’ Game
  • Obama seeks broader audience through YouTube personalities (2015-01-22 19:13:36)
    WASHINGTON (AP) — No cringe. No dazzle. No edge.
  • Onefootball review (2015-01-22 19:08:00)
    Stay up to date with all the latest football news
  • Arianna Huffington Speaks At Davos About Journalism, Activism, 'Pop And Policy' (2015-01-22 19:05:42)
    Solving critical problems doesn't have to be left up to political big wigs -- given the right tools, everyday people can create change, Arianna Huffington noted at the World Economic Forum. In Davos, Switzerland on Thursday, Huffington Post's President and Editor-in-Chief held a discussion about the role of journalism and pop culture in finding...
  • Tomorrow Daily 117: Upgraded ATLAS robot, an adorable robot press conference, and more (2015-01-22 19:05:03)
    On today's show, we discuss the DARPA Robotics Challenge (and the rebuilt ATLAS robot entering the competition), explain how you can sign up for a free online class about alien life (taught by a Harvard professor), and get gooey over the cutest robot press conference of all time.>
  • HoloLens is and isn't Xbox One's answer to PlayStation 4's virtual reality headset (2015-01-22 19:01:00)
  • ​Lenovo goes head-to-head with Xiaomi, introduces India's cheapest smartphone (2015-01-22 18:54:43)
    Lenovo will also have to figure out how to differentiate the A6000 from the hugely successful Motorola brand of phones that it also owns.
  • Zuckerberg portrait made from the artist's poop doesn't totally stink (2015-01-22 18:54:33)
    KATSU, a graffiti artist, is mounting a new show at a New York gallery. On display will be a portrait of Mark Zuckerberg made from the artist's own feces.>
  • Cheerful tweets may mean a healthier heart (2015-01-22 18:50:17)
    A large-scale analysis of language used on Twitter adds to the evidence that negative emotions are directly linked to heart disease.>
  • Telefonica to sell British unit to Hutchison for $15 billion: source (2015-01-22 18:44:33)
    Telefonica has agreed to sell its British unit O2 to Hutchison Whampoa Ltd in a deal valued at more than 10 billion pounds ($15 billion), a source with direct knowledge of the operation said on Thursday. The agreement, first reported by the Financial Times and set to be announced on Friday, is the latest move toward telecoms consolidation in Britain, where the market is split between four mobile network operators and four separately owned fixed-line broadband providers. In December, former state monopoly BT had entered exclusive talks with the owners of EE, Britain's biggest mobile operator. BT had preferred EE over O2, which was acquired by Spain's Telefonica in early 2006 and is the country's second-largest mobile operator with about 22 million subscribers.
  • Old phone unveiled 100 years after first coast-to-coast call (2015-01-22 18:38:01)
    SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — In true San Francisco irony, smartphones were used Thursday to snap pictures of a historic phone that was used to make the first coast-to-coast phone call 100 years ago.
  • PhoXo review (2015-01-22 18:37:00)
    Retouch or edit your images and photos
  • Twitter encourages popular users to stop posting photos with Instagram (2015-01-22 18:30:46)
    Users of Twitter's official apps haven't been able to actually see Instagram photos since 2012. Yet here we are several years later, and some very influential and famous people continue to share photos from Instagram with their millions of Twitter followers. It seems Twitter is starting to get a bit tired of it. As reported by Mashable, earlier today the company reminded some of its most popular verified users that posting photos directly from the Twitter app will lead to a better experience for their followers — since everyone can actually see those photos on the web and mobile devices right in timeline view.
  • Verizon doesn’t care if you want a rollover data plan (2015-01-22 18:30:23)
    So, you were hoping that Verizon would follow T-Mobile and AT&T by offering a rollover data plan of its own, did you? Well too bad — Verizon isn’t giving you one and if you don’t like it, you can go to another carrier. RELATED: T-Mobile just got AT&T to follow another of its ‘Un-carrier’ ideas CNET reports that Verizon CFO Fran Shammo has said that Verizon doesn’t plan on offering a data plan comparable to T-Mobile’s Data Stash or AT&T’s Mobile Share Value rollover plans. “We did not go to places where we did not financially want to go to save a customer,” Shammo told CNET. “And there’s going to be certain customers who leave us for price, and we are just not
  • PureSync review (2015-01-22 18:08:00)
    Synchronize, backup, compare files and folders from your digital camera
  • KeyTouch lets you unlock your Mac with Touch ID, and it was built by 14-year-olds (2015-01-22 18:05:22)
    Unlike most teenagers who are busy with school work and sports, Erik van der Plas and Tom de Ruiter are two very young Dutch software developers. At the ripe old ages of 13 and 14 years, respectively, they have come up with an app that uses Apple’s Touch ID security feature on iOS devices to actually unlock Mac computers. FROM EARLIER: Use this secret trick to make your iPhone’s Touch ID even more responsive Dubbed KeyTouch, the app is already available for download from the App Store for just $0.99. Basically, Apple fans who happen to own Touch ID-enabled iPhone and iPad models can use the app to unlock and lock their Macs, as long as their OS X computers have Bluetooth 4.0 LE support
  • DreamWorks Animation will make fewer movies because not enough people are seeing them (2015-01-22 18:04:28)
    DreamWorks Animation plans to cut around 500 jobs and reduce its film output from three per year to two per year as part of a major restructuring meant to improve its profitability. The studio, known for Shrek and the Madagascar series, has struggled at the box office in recent years despite finally finding some critical success with How to Train Your Dragon. Continued box-office misses have put DreamWorks Animation in a tough place. "The number one priority for DreamWorks Animation’s core film business is to deliver consistent creative and financial success," Jeffrey Katzenberg, CEO of DreamWorks Animation, says in a letter to investors.
  • Telefonica agrees to sell British unit to Hutchison: source (2015-01-22 17:53:28)
    MADRID (Reuters) - Telefonica has agreed to sell its British unit O2 to Hutchison Whampoa in a deal valued at more than 10 billion pounds, a source with direct knowledge of the operation said on Thursday.
  • The Apple board member who helped design its retail stores is retiring (2015-01-22 17:49:05)
    J.Crew CEO Mickey Drexler, who's been on Apple's board since 1999, plans to retire in March. Drexler played an incredibly important part in helping Apple create the design of its first retail stores, which remain largely unchanged since their introduction. Apple disclosed Drexler's departure in its note about its annual shareholders meeting on March 10th, saying it didn't have a replacement planned yet.
  • You can still order a McPizza at these two McDonald’s locations (2015-01-22 17:40:11)
    Over the years, countless food items have come and gone from McDonald’s finely-tuned menu, but one franchise owner in the Midwest decided that the McPizza was more than just a fad. That’s right — the McDonald’s pizza that you knew (and loved?) in the ’90s is still on the menu, but only at two U.S. locations. FROM EARLIER: Video: McDonald’s explains that its McNuggets are really made from chicken and contain no beaks As reported by, one McDonald’s on the Ohio River and another in Spencer, West Virginia, both owned by Greg Mills, still serve piping hot McPizzas day in and day out. “According to employee Judy Norman, it’s the same pizza as they sold when she started there 11 years
  • Designer turns Apple EULA into story, 'The Man Who Agreed' (2015-01-22 17:37:01)
    As a statement on the many who sign on to end-user licensing agreements too fast, Florence Meunier prints out a EULA and reworks it into something new.>
  • Mail Attachment Downloader review (2015-01-22 17:31:00)
    Download or process e-mail attachments from your mail service
  • Email scam nets $214 mn in 14 months: FBI (2015-01-22 17:21:46)
    An email scam which targets businesses with bogus invoices has netted more than $214 million from victims in 45 countries in just over one year, an FBI task force said Thursday. The Internet Crime Complaint Center, a joint effort of the FBI and the nonprofit National White Collar Crime Center, said the losses were calculated from October 1, 2013 to December 1, 2014. In the scheme, fake invoices are delivered to businesses which deal with overseas suppliers, asking for payment by wire transfer. The FBI "believes the number of victims and the total dollar loss will continue to increase," the statement said.
  • Apple wants to make iPad even better with help of a smarter accessory (2015-01-22 17:15:46)
    Apple is considering adding various new features to future versions of the Smart Cover, a protective accessory specifically developed for the iPad, according to a new patent discovered by AppleInsider. FROM EARLIER: New patent shows how bending iPhones could one day be a feature, not a bug Titled “Device Input Modes With Corresponding User Interfaces,” the patent application describes various new features that would be available to iPad Smart Cover users, which could let users further customize their tablet experiences without needing special physical buttons on the tablet to do so. The patent describes ways for the tablet to recognize various gestures, and provide contextual menus depending on how many sections of the Smart Cover actually cover the screen. In one
  • Google Calendar Client for Windows review (2015-01-22 17:14:00)
    Display events from multiple Google Calendars on your desktop
  • Man says alleged iPad thieves uploaded selfies to his iCloud account (2015-01-22 17:10:40)
    The alleged miscreants in Houston, Texas, also upload to Facebook a video of themselves boasting about money gained "from a good night's hustle.">
  • YouTube competitor Vessel is now available for $2.99 a month (2015-01-22 17:09:01)
    Vessel, the subscription streaming service created by Hulu's ex-CEO, is now available to the public. Around a year ago, Jason Kilar and Rich Tom abandoned their positions as Hulu's CEO and chief technical officer to begin building Vessel with the goal of harnessing the financial power of viral video stars. For $2.99 a month, Vessel users can watch advance episodes of web shows from stars like fashion blogger Ingrid Nilsen and parody comic Shane Dawson. Videos posted to Vessel won't be available anywhere else for 72 hours — a time slot the creators can extend if they want to. The service began courting content from video creators last month, with plans to launch publicly once their content was flush enough to warrant a fee. In addition to the subscription service, Vessel will let users watch videos from sites like CollegeHumor and Funny Or Die for free.
  • Google wants to be your wireless carrier (2015-01-22 17:05:13)
    Buy a data plan from Google? Reports say it could happen. Meanwhile, Amazon launches a textbook creator and Twitter shows missed tweets.>
  • Google Books Downloader review (2015-01-22 17:02:06)
    Manage and read book with your own bookshelf
  • Atomic Scientists Declare Humanity to Be Closest to Destruction Since 1984 (2015-01-22 16:53:53)
    The clock, introduced by members of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists in 1947, was designed to warn people about the implications of global nuclear armament. It has since expanded its doomscale to track other potential disasters for humanity—most recently, climate change. Unchecked climate change, global nuclear weapons modernizations, and outsized nuclear weapons arsenals pose extraordinary and undeniable threats to the continued existence of humanity, and world leaders have failed to act with the speed or on the scale required to protect citizens from potential catastrophe. Humanity was farthest from doom in 1991, after the signing of the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty and the dissolution of the Soviet Union.
  • Microsoft’s next major Office release set for later this year (2015-01-22 16:50:27)
    Microsoft’s next major version of Office is supposed to launch later this year, according to The Verge, although a firm release date isn’t available at this time. FROM EARLIER: Video: See what your computer will look like running Windows 10 “We will have more to share on Office 2016 in the coming months, but this suite will remain the comprehensive Office experience you’re long familiar with, best suited for a PC with keyboard and mouse,” Microsoft’s Office general manager Julia White said. “We expect to make Office 2016 generally available in the second half of 2015.” While Office 2016 is supposed to look and feel similar to Office 2013 overall, the company will make certain user interface changes such as
  • Microsoft's Spartan browser: What's under the hood (2015-01-22 16:38:00)
    Microsoft has revealed a few new tidbits about Spartan, its new 'modern' browser for Windows 10, and its relationship with IE.
  • This gadget turns any speaker into a wireless speaker, and it’s only $25 on Amazon (2015-01-22 16:25:12)
    Your smartphone, your tablet and your laptop all play music, but none of the speakers in your home are compatible with Bluetooth. You don’t want to waste money on a brand new speaker, because the one you own is perfectly fine… other than the whole Bluetooth thing. It’s about time you looked into picking up a Bluetooth audio adapter. MORE DEALS: 4 awesome retro gadgets you can find on Amazon that make old tech cool again Of all the audio adapters available on Amazon, Logitech’s has the most consistently positive reviews. There are some even cheaper options, but the consensus appears to be that it’s well worth spending $5 or $10 more for a device that works with 3.5 mm and RCA jacks. Bluetooth Audio
  • Free FreeCell Solitaire 2015 review (2015-01-22 16:20:00)
    Play several great FreeCell type solitaire games
  • Want a new domain with Google Apps? Choose Google Domains (2015-01-22 16:18:20)
    Google Domains' synthetic records automate the creation of multiple DNS records. Andy Wolber explains.
  • Social networks must help stamp out promotion of violence: France (2015-01-22 16:13:35)
    By Louis Charbonneau UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - France appealed on Thursday for U.N. member states to work together on an international legal framework that would make social network providers share responsibility for the use of their platforms to spread messages promoting violence. "There are hate videos, calls for death, propaganda that has not been responded to, and we need to respond," Harlem Desir, French state secretary for European affairs, told reporters on the sidelines of a U.N. General Assembly meeting on the rising threat of anti-Semitism. The French call for a radical shift in the way governments treat social networking companies such as Facebook and Twitter came two weeks after Islamist militants killed 17 people in Paris at a satirical magazine and a Kosher supermarket. "We must ... establish a legal framework so the Internet platforms, the large companies managing social networking, so that they're called upon to act responsibly." The U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, Samantha Power, described Desir's call as an "interesting proposal" that would have to be discussed with civil society and the private sector.
  • Analyst-turned-fund manager basks in Xiaomi glow (2015-01-22 16:11:26)
    By Denny Thomas HONG KONG (Reuters) - Richard Ji, whose little-known fund was the biggest investor in leading Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi Inc's [XTC.UL] $1.1 billion fundraising last month, is a numbers man looking to spot 'category killers' - start-ups with the power to disrupt. Ji, a former Morgan Stanley technology industry analyst, co-founded All-Stars Investment Ltd in Hong Kong last April with half a dozen colleagues from the Wall Street bank. The fund swiftly raised about $750 million to target China's vast internet sector, Ji told Reuters in an interview at his small office in Hong Kong's central business district. A Xiaomi branded television hangs on the wall.
  • Box makes final IPO adjustments; estimates opening at $12 per share (2015-01-22 16:09:00)
    The enterprise cloud company will begin trading its shares on the New York Stock Exchange after the opening bell on Friday under the ticker symbol "BOX."
  • Box making final IPO updates (2015-01-22 16:09:00)
    The enterprise cloud company will begin trading its shares on the New York Stock Exchange after the opening bell on Friday under the ticker symbol "BOX."
  • We finally know what battery life will be like on the Apple Watch (2015-01-22 16:00:25)
    Don’t expect Apple to work any miracles with the Apple Watch’s battery life. 9to5Mac’s Mark Gurman has the goods on what Apple’s aiming for with the Apple Watch’s battery and he reports that “as of 2014, Apple wanted the Watch to provide roughly 2.5 to 4 hours of active application use versus 19 hours of combined active/passive use, 3 days of pure standby time, or 4 days if left in a sleeping mode.” Right now, however, it seems that the watch will only get two or three days of pure standby time, Gurman’s sources say. RELATED: It looks like you’ll have to recharge your Apple Watch every night While this isn’t terrible as far as smartwatches go, it could also be a real barrier to adoption for many consumers who
  • The most obvious user for Linux isn't who you think (2015-01-22 15:48:28)
    Jack Wallen proclaims the best user for the Linux platform isn't who you'd think it is.
  • Microsoft looks for love, but will there be a happy ending? (2015-01-22 15:38:41)
    Technically Incorrect: CEO Satya Nadella now says Microsoft's aspiration is for Windows to be loved. Here's the underlying reality of Microsoft's relationship with the world. In, well, romantic terms.>
  • A look at how Verizon torture tests its smartphones (2015-01-22 15:35:19)
    If you’ve never cracked the screen of your phone before, you probably know someone who has. It’s one of the unfortunate facts of life that we have to put with in the modern world, but just think how much worse it would be if there weren’t people testing our smartphones to make sure they could at least withstand the shortest of drops. DON’T MISS: Fresh controversy engulfs Verizon’s unkillable stalker cookies If you’re a Verizon customer, you’ll be pleased to know that your phone was thoroughly tested by the members of the Verizon Wireless Device Evaluation Lab before it made it to market. “Rough treatment is nothing new for a Verizon Wireless device. Before being allowed on the market, the physical capabilities of every device
  • Leatherman is making the best charm bracelet ever, out of screwdrivers (2015-01-22 15:33:00)
    Growing up, I used it constantly for a strange mix of projects: taking apart simple gadgets, measuring fabric for sewing, and peeling (technically) edible bark off trees to practice wilderness survival, among other things. It's got a bunch of little custom pieces that you fit together on your wrist, except that instead of hearts and flags and peace symbols, you've got screwdrivers, bottle openers, a "carbide glass breaker," and a watch attachment.
  • Twitter to update users 'while you were away' (2015-01-22 15:22:00)
    Twitter is updating its feeds to give users a recap of tweets missed while not connected to the messaging platform. To fill in some of those gaps, we will surface a few of the best tweets you probably wouldn't have seen otherwise, determined by engagement and other factors," Twitter product manager Paul Rosania said in a blog post Wednesday. The move comes with Twitter seeking to boost engagement with users amid growth which has been slower than some analysts have expected. In October, Twitter said the number of monthly users grew 23 percent from a year earlier to 284 million.
  • The Apple Watch's battery life will reportedly be just like any other smartwatch (2015-01-22 15:11:08)
    According the latest in a string of scoops from 9to5Mac, battery life has been a pressing concern for Apple throughout the development of the Apple Watch. In short, Apple Watch will exhibit similar longevity to what we've seen from many Android Wear devices on the market today.
  • Watch someone beat Super Mario World in less than 6 minutes using an insane glitch (2015-01-22 15:10:10)
    You might not be aware of it, but there is an entire community of gamers out there who try to run through games as quickly as possible, by whatever means necessary. These speedrunners are regularly breaking each other’s records, even for games that are decades old, but it’s still exciting when it happens, especially with a classic game as popular as Super Mario World. MORE GAMING: Predicting failure: 5 highly anticipated video games that could flop in 2015 This week, SethBling (as he is known on Twitch), beat Super Mario World in less than six minutes using what is known as the “credits warp” glitch, a glitch which has never been done on a Super Nintendo console before. By doing so, he
  • Driver Fusion review (2015-01-22 15:02:00)
    Manage, back up, restore, uninstall, and monitor your devices and their drivers
  • Amazon to buy Israeli start-up Annapurna Labs (2015-01-22 14:48:17)
    SAN FRANCISCO/JERUSALEM (Reuters) - U.S. tech giant Amazon confirmed on Thursday that it has agreed to buy Israeli chipmaker Annapurna Labs for its cloud computing unit, Amazon Web Services. An AWS spokeswoman declined to discuss the terms of the deal, but financial newspaper Calcalist reported earlier on Thursday that Amazon would pay up to $370 million. Annapurna Labs is owned by businessman Avigdor Willenz with other investors including British chip designer ARM and venture capital firm Walden International, the newspaper said. ...
  • doPDF Free PDF Converter review (2015-01-22 14:48:00)
    Convert any printable document to PDF format
  • My First Sundance Journal Day 0: Why is The Verge at Sundance? (2015-01-22 14:46:40)
    The day started out promisingly: having spent the prior 24 hours dealing with a violent bout of food poisoning contracted at a trendy, overpriced Brooklyn eatery that shall not be named, I rolled out of bed at 5AM and scrambled to last-minute pack for my cinematic mountain retreat. The five-word review I'm going to make Bryan Bishop write for Z for Zachariah.
  • Why everyone now thinks Brady is ‘Deflategate’s’ primary culprit (2015-01-22 14:45:20)
    One thing Patriots coach Bill Belichick’s press conference this morning made clear: He’s going to go to his grave maintaining he had nothing to do with deflating footballs in Sunday’s AFC Championship win over the Indianapolis Colts. RELATED: Did the New England Patriots really cheat their way to the Super Bowl? During his press conference, Belichick repeatedly said that when his team practices for games that will be held in harsh weather conditions, he likes to make the team practice with footballs that are as difficult to handle as possible. And this makes complete sense: As someone who has watched the Patriots for years, I know that Belichick is maniacal about having practices simulate what an actual game will be like. When
  • Download a new Aphex Twin track before his EP drops tomorrow (2015-01-22 14:37:37)
    Richard D. James, aka Aphex Twin, has cleared his SoundCloud entirely, except for one new track that surfaced today. The track appears to be a mix of the opening single on Aphex Twin's upcoming EP, Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments Pt. 2, out tomorrow on Warp. "Diskhat ALL Prepared1mixed " builds from a slow-burning industrial clatter, layering in a queasy bassline, slivers of ominous chimes, and nihilistically chopped percussion.
  • PSA: vaping at high voltages produces high levels of a carcinogen (2015-01-22 14:36:00)
    Want a little formaldehyde with that vape pen? Given that formaldehyde is well-documented carcinogen, the finding lends support to the idea that e-cigarettes should be subjected to greater regulations — an idea that the FDA plans to rule on soon. "We simulated vaping by drawing the vapor — the aerosol — into a syringe, sort of simulating the lungs," David Peyton, a chemist at Portland State University who participated in the study, told NPR. When vapor was produced at high levels (5.0V), however, they found that the e-cigs actually produce higher levels of formaldehyde-releasing agents than the level of gaseous formaldehyde released by traditional cigarettes.
  • Barrett Brown has been sentenced to 63 months in prison (2015-01-22 14:32:09)
    After years of legal battles, Barrett Brown's legal saga has finally come to a close. According to the Department of Justice, sharing the hyperlink was a crime because "by transferring and posting the hyperlink, Brown caused the data to be made available to other persons online, without the knowledge and authorization of Stratfor and the card holders." Still, many argued it was absurd use a single hyperlink as grounds for identity theft, and pointed to the case as a prime example of prosecutorial overreach in computer crime cases.
  • BMW, VW to help Chargepoint create charging corridors (2015-01-22 14:26:40)
    Owning a battery-powered electric vehicle is no good if you have nowhere to charge it. BMW and VW are working with Chargepoint to give you plenty more choices in the US.>
  • Watch sad Vladimir Putin gaze wistfully at a robot-driven ATV (2015-01-22 14:24:20)
    This week, the Russian military presented Vladimir Putin with a humanoid robot that looks like a Daft Punk stand-in and is reportedly capable of both shooting a handgun and, as seen in the footage above, driving an all-terrain vehicle. The robot was developed by Advanced Research Foundation (ARF), which RT notes is Russia's analog to DARPA. There's a lot to love in this 44-second short film, which reveals the exact moment where Putin comes to understand and accept the future.
  • Microsoft's Build conference sold out in one hour (2015-01-22 14:22:02)
    Tickets for Microsoft's annual developers conference were gone almost as soon as they went up today, selling out in just an hour. The conference, which takes place in San Francisco on April 29th through May 1st, costs $2,095 to attend, though Microsoft also sells lower cost tickets to students. Now that tickets are gone, Microsoft's opened up a waitlist. At last year's Build, Microsoft spent three hours of its keynote detailing Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1, along with debuting its voice assistant Cortana, who is headed to Windows 10.
  • Dexpot review (2015-01-22 14:21:00)
    Create and control virtual desktops
  • Ford opens new Silicon Valley research center (2015-01-22 14:20:31)
    (Reuters) - Ford Motor Co opened a new Silicon Valley research center in Palo Alto to speed up technology development and experiments in connectivity, mobility, autonomous vehicles and big data, the company said on Thursday. Dragos Maciuca, an engineer formerly with Apple Inc, will head the facility, Ford said. The research center will focus on projects such as the integration of Ford vehicles with the Nest application interface, which targets home and emergency system management while on the road. (Reporting by Abinaya Vijayaraghavan in Bengaluru; Editing by Simon Jennings)
  • Samsung’s Apple Watch killer will apparently be insanely complex to maneuver (2015-01-22 14:20:01)
    You’d think that by now, Samsung has had time to decide on various smartwatch-related matters including design, software features and user interface. The company has already released a variety of such devices, running all sorts of operating systems and offering different takes on this category. But basically, Samsung has been taking shots in the dark with its smartwatches, hoping something will stick with consumers before Apple launches its highly anticipated Apple Watch. That hasn’t happened though, and the company is reportedly working on a brand new smartwatch, a Moto 360-like round gadget that’ll feature some highly complex interaction methods that have not been seen on any of Samsung’s watches so far. FROM EARLIER: Samsung’s not done trying to create the perfect
  • US Air Force wants to buy $8.8 billion worth of drones that it doesn't need (2015-01-22 14:18:19)
    The US military has started dramatically expanding its fleet of drones over the past few years, but it's apparently become more than a little overeager in doing so. In a report obtained by the Guardian, the Department of Defense's inspector general says that the Air Force has failed to justify its plans to purchase 46 new Reaper drones at total cost of $8.8 billion. The new drones would come as part of a larger increase to the fleet — some of which is properly accounted for — but the inspector general says that not all of those drones have been proven to be necessary. In many cases, Air Combat Command appears to have arbitrarily decided how many additional drones to buy or miscalculated how many would be necessary.
  • Microsoft HoloLens to create first 'manned' Mars mission (2015-01-22 14:14:56)
    Microsoft introduces an augmented-reality headset that NASA plans to use to roam a virtual Mars starting later this year.>
  • Verizon posts higher revenue; wireless margins narrow (2015-01-22 14:11:45)
    Shares in Verizon fell 2.5 percent to $47.06 on the New York Stock Exchange, while the S&P Telecom Services Sector fell 1.8 percent. Verizon earned 71 cents per share, excluding items, in the fourth quarter, as revenue rose to $33.19 billion from $31.07 billion. The profit per share matched Wall Street estimates, according to Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S, while revenues came in slightly above expectations of $32.69 billion. In 2015, Verizon will continue to go "after that high-value, high-quality network user who is going to pay a premium for that network and we’re not just going to compete on price," Chief Financial Officer Fran Shammo said in an interview.
  • Core FTP LE review (2015-01-22 14:08:00)
    Manage your files remotely and securely via FTP with SFTP, SSL, and HTTPS support
  • Blorpfest incoming! 'The Blob' scheduled for CGI-fueled remake (2015-01-22 14:04:24)
    Get ready to revisit a world under attack from a giant mound of space snot as "The Blob" earns another remake treatment.>
  • Rosetta's scientists are finally learning how comets really work (2015-01-22 14:00:02)
    Rosetta hasn’t lived up to its name yet, but it’s starting to get closer. The European Space Agency launched the mission in 2004, but it wasn’t until last year that it reached its destination: a comet with the ungainly name of 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. The ESA and NASA successfully put Rosetta into orbit around 67P in August, and they dropped a lander onto the surface in November — both historical firsts. Comets can give us a unique perspective on our own world, says University of Michigan professor Nilton Renno, a co-investigator in the 2007 Mars Phoenix mission.
  • This iPhone app lets you share and listen to full-length songs for free – and it’s legal (2015-01-22 13:55:19)
    Getting young people to pay for music has become increasingly difficult in the modern era. For the time being, ad revenue from YouTube or subscription streaming music services like Spotify and Pandora are the best that can be hoped for in many cases. But some companies are trying to find new ways for people to legally enjoy music where cost isn’t a barrier, and one nifty example is BOOMiO. DON’T MISS: Confessions of a music thief BOOMiO takes an interesting approach to music, using a format somewhat similar to BlackBerry’s failed BBM Music service. The app is all about social listening, just like BBM Music was, but there are a few key differences. First, BOOMiO’s platform is iOS, not BlackBerry, so there’s a
  • Hasty fix causes irreparable damage to King Tut's burial mask (2015-01-22 13:53:22)
    A quick attempt to reattach the king's beard with epoxy-based glue has defaced the Egyptian Museum's biggest draw forever.>
  • No quick fix for battery anxiety but plenty of workarounds (2015-01-22 13:51:28)
    NEW YORK (AP) — At a cozy watering hole in Brooklyn's Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood, bartender Kathy Conway counted four different phone chargers behind the bar.
  • BullZip PDF Printer Standard review (2015-01-22 13:51:00)
    Write PDF documents from any application
  • ​Librem 15, the first free software GNU/Linux laptop, makes funding goal (2015-01-22 13:47:58)
    The Librem 15 Linux laptop has surpassed the $250-thousand goal it needed to launch.
  • Rovio moves away from Angry Birds with new YA book series (2015-01-22 13:38:23)
    Rovio's latest venture has nothing to do with Angry Birds. This isn't the first book published by the developer, but it is the only one outside of the Angry Birds universe, and it's also one of the company's first big attempts to diversify. Up until now Rovio has seemed content to ride the success of Angry Birds, one of the first blockbuster mobile games — we've seen everything from Transformers-themed spin-offs to a planned animated feature film. As for Storm Sisters, Rovio says that the book has already secured publishers in France, Hungary, Indonesia, and Finland, and it is one of 11 finalists selected to appear at the "Books at Berlinale" festival in Germany.
  • Amazon's Kindle Textbook Creator turns authors into teachers (and vice versa) (2015-01-22 13:36:00)
  • Google Reportedly Launching its Own Wireless Cellular Network (2015-01-22 13:32:51)
    If you're in the market for a new cellular plan, you may want to wait for a new player to enter the game: Google. New reports suggest the company is planning on launching a wireless cellular network in an effort to get more people on the Web. According to a report from The Information (subscription required), Google's operation codenamed "Nova" will provide wireless cellular service on Sprint and T-Mobile's networks. The company is now working to buy wholesale access to both of those carriers' mobile voice and data networks, and, if Google succeeds, it will become a mobile virtual network operator, or MVNO.
  • Adobe Flash Malware Crushes Almost All Browsers (2015-01-22 13:32:45)
    At least one new zero-day exploit of Adobe Flash has already been built into a prominent browser exploit kit, and can successfully attack a variety of Internet browsers on all widely used versions of Windows. While researching the Angler exploit kit, which attempts to infect Web browsers and the computers running them via a wide variety of known security flaws and malware installations, Kafeine discovered that one of Angler's targets is the popular Adobe Flash program. Flash is a ubiquitous media-playing framework from Adobe that's vital for running many online videos and games. Adobe today (Jan. 22) released an update for Flash Player patching a new flaw, but it wasn't immediately clear if it was the same one being exploited by Angler.
  • WhatsApp Messenger Gets Desktop Version (2015-01-22 13:32:40)
    WhatsApp is on the up and up: The popular mobile-messaging app has launched a new desktop version, available as a Google Chrome applet. WhatsApp users on Android, Windows Phone or Blackberry will be able to send and receive messages via their computers as well as their smartphones. If you have the iOS version of WhatsApp, however, you won't be able to use the desktop version, "due to Apple platform limitations," WhatsApp explained on the company blog yesterday (Jan. 21). To use WhatsApp on a computer, open the Google Chrome browser and visit
  • This retro trailer for 'The Facebook' gives us gnarly AOL flashbacks (2015-01-22 13:28:24)
    YouTube comedy director Brent Weinbach's new short is an ad for Facebook in the style of kitschy early internet informercials.
  • ArtPlus Digital Photo Recovery review (2015-01-22 13:28:00)
    Retrieve images from corrupted or formatted memory cards
  • The Stir M1 is a smarter, curvier, and cheaper version of its luxurious standing desk (2015-01-22 13:26:12)
    Almost a year and a half ago, a small start-up called Stir decided to try and sell an adjustable standing desk for the seemingly outrageous sum of $3,890. I'm definitely happy to see Stir continue to improve on its products and release new ones — if a 2016 model manages to be even cheaper, I might just have to seriously think about getting one myself.
  • 6 beastly phones you can buy for less than $400 (2015-01-22 13:15:21)
    The iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus might be the best-selling phones currently available in stores, but there are also plenty of other options available for smartphone buyers looking to get a powerful mobile device at a fraction of the iPhone 6’s cost. Forbes has put together a list of six handsets that can be purchased right now, or that’ll be available in the near future, for far less than either iPhone 6 version. FROM EARLIER: The 5 coolest phones unveiled at CES 2015 At $399, the Huawei Honor 6 Plus is a 5.5-inch Android handset that features a Full HD display, 3GB of RAM, three 8-megapixel cameras (one on the front and two on the back) and a 3,600 mAh
  • Watch the first trailer for the Dead Rising movie (2015-01-22 13:08:02)
    Here it is, your first look at Dead Rising: Watchtower, the film adaptation of Capcom's popular zombie video game series coming to Crackle on March 27th. If this preview is any indication, the movie will be chockfull of nods to its origin, from makeshift weapons to psychopathic clowns. As best as we can tell, the story centers with a new outbreak possibly related to Zombrex, a medicine used to slow or halt the zombification process. ...
  • BMW, Volkswagen join with ChargePoint to build EV fast-charging stations (2015-01-22 13:05:57)
    German automakers BMW and Volkswagen are joining with ChargePoint to build a U.S. network of fast-charging stations for electric cars and plug-in hybrid vehicles, the companies said Thursday. The companies plan to install nearly 100 ChargePoint ports on the U.S. East and West Coasts by the end of 2015 as part of an effort to promote greater sales of EVs such as the BMW i3 and the VW e-Golf. ChargePoint operates one of the leading EV charging networks, with more than 20,000 charging ports in North America.
  • EU wants to force internet, phone companies to turn over encryption keys (2015-01-22 13:05:00)
    A senior European official wants to force internet and phone companies operating in Europe to share encryption keys, under the guise of preventing terrorism.
  • 10 Material Design Android apps you should be using right now (2015-01-22 13:04:02)
    Last year, Google unveiled its design vision for the future. Called Material Design, it incorporates bold colors, flat elements, and informative animations to create a fresh user interface for the modern age. Material Design made its major debut with the launch of Android 5.0 Lollipop in the fall, and Google has been rapidly updating its own apps and services to take advantage of the new design directives. Google isn't the only one that's been applying Material Design ideas to its apps: plenty of third-party Android app makers have released refreshed and overhauled apps to match Google's new platform.
  • Microsoft reveals Windows 10 will ship with two browsers (2015-01-22 13:03:49)
    Microsoft unveiled its new Windows 10 browser, codenamed Spartan, at a press event yesterday, but the company didn’t discus the fate of Internet Explorer. While Spartan is a new modern browser, Internet Explorer isn’t going away just yet. In a blog post detailing some of the changes with Spartan, Microsoft confirms that Windows 10 will ship with two browsers. "We recognize some enterprises have legacy web sites that use older technologies designed only for Internet Explorer, such as custom ActiveX controls and Browser Helper Objects," says Jason Weber, program manager of Internet Explorer.
  • Verizon won't do rollover data and doesn't care if you leave for T-Mobile (2015-01-22 13:03:42)
    T-Mobile made headlines when it announced rollover data as the latest of its Uncarrier initiatives, letting customers carry over the unused data they've already paid for into subsequent billing cycles. Not long after, T-Mobile's much larger rival AT&T followed with a slightly different take on the concept.
  • BMW and Volkswagen are challenging Tesla with a network of fast chargers for electric vehicles (2015-01-22 13:00:03)
    BMW and Volkswagen are collaborating to install a network of fast chargers along the East Coast and West Coast of the US, a project that will initially yield "nearly 100" locations nationwide. The German auto giants are working with ChargePoint, which already operates a network of card-operated chargers that can be installed by companies and individuals on their premises. What makes the announcement significant is that these units are a cut above the 240-volt Level 2 chargers found scattered throughout the country: they use 500-volt DC Fast Charge, which are capable of recharging both the BMW i3 and the Volkswagen e-Golf to 80 percent in 20 minutes. This isn't the first time BMW has put up a challenge to the Supercharger: it announced a partnership with eVgo last year to deploy at least 100 fast chargers throughout 2015 in California.
  • LG's bendy G Flex 2 hits Korea this month (2015-01-22 12:59:00)
  • Microsoft Office 'universal' to be free on Windows 10 phones, small tablets (2015-01-22 12:56:00)
    Microsoft's touch-first Office suite, as well as its desktop Office 2016 suite, are inching closer to public preview.
  • Better Call Saul: Crystal meth smuggling drone crashes near border (2015-01-22 12:50:57)
    No, this isn’t a scenario from the upcoming Breaking Bad spinoff Better Caul Saul, though it does involve crystal meth. Specifically, more than six pounds of the illegal substance, or around 3 kilos, were found near the crash site of a drone, which was believed to be attempting to carry the load over the Mexican border and into California. FROM EARLIER: Watch the full trailer for Better Call Saul, the prequel to Breaking Bad According to an Associated Press report, police believe the drone crashed into a supermarket parking lot because it was overloaded, holding much more methamphetamine that it could carry. It’s not clear at this time who was piloting the drone, though police are investigating the matter. This isn’t the first time drug
  • Bill Gates interview: How the world will change by 2030 (2015-01-22 12:40:49)
    The Verge sat down with Bill Gates to talk about his ambitious vision for improving the lives of the poor through technology. It just so happens that The Verge exists to explore that kind of change — which is why Bill Gates will be The Verge’s first ever guest editor in February.
  • Denmark likely to ban ridesharing service Uber (2015-01-22 12:30:16)
    COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) — Two months after the ride-hailing app Uber was introduced in Denmark, the country's transport minister has said the service likely will be banned because it violates Danish law.
  • Microsoft is turning Skype into its own version of iMessage in Windows 10 (2015-01-22 12:26:31)
    Microsoft is integrating Skype directly into Windows 10, and the result looks a lot like Apple's iMessage service. While the company unveiled some of its Skype integration at a special Windows 10 press event in Redmond yesterday, the software maker didn’t show its new Messaging app on the PC version of Windows 10. This appears to be key to a new experience for Skype messaging in Windows 10, and it brings back the built-in Messaging app from Windows 8 that Microsoft killed with the Windows 8.1 update. The new Messaging app works by integrating Skype, allowing you to chat to Skype contacts or initiate video / audio calls.
  • The only smartphone that gets better-looking with age (2015-01-22 12:25:50)
    We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: it is positively shocking how good the second-generation Moto X is. Motorola struggled for a long time as Samsung and Apple continued to dominate the smartphone market. More recently, however, other vendors have begun breaking in and finding some success by focusing on areas that cannot be counted among Apple and Samsung’s strengths. China-based smartphone makers are finding success by building quality devices that are surprisingly affordable, for example. Motorola’s sales aren’t climbing quite as fast as some Chinese vendors, but there’s no denying the company’s position has improved over the past year thanks in part to a similar strategy. Beyond its low-end phones, however, Motorola blew us away with its 2014 flagship
  • T-Mobile will ignore bad credit if you're loyal and want a new phone (2015-01-22 12:18:00)
  • Apple's new Health app disappoints (2015-01-22 12:16:20)
    In the run-up to the big reveal of iOS 8 last year, the Health app was one of the most rumored (accurately) new features. It's also turned out to be a dud, so far.
  • Classic horror movie The Blob is getting remade with a lot of CGI (2015-01-22 12:14:50)
    Campy horror classic The Blob is getting a remake, Deadline reports. The movie, about a small town terrorized by a hungry, vicious villain from another planet, is known for its shoddy graphics, strange premise, and the launch of Steve McQueen's acting career. Richard Saperstein and Brian Witten (Silent Night) will produce. In what may be a boon to fans of the original, Jack Harris, the 96-year-old producer of the 1958 movie, is credited as an executive producer.
  • Verizon: Don't expect us to offer a data rollover plan (2015-01-22 12:07:37)
    Verizon CFO Fran Shammo says the carrier won't be following AT&T and T-Mobile's lead.>
  • The funniest thing you’ll see today: Conan visits Taco Bell’s test kitchens (2015-01-22 12:00:36)
    In this writer’s humble opinion, Taco Bell is the most delicious fast food in the country. It appears that Chris Hayes, the head of Conan O’Brien’s IT department, and I are kindred spirits, as Conan says that Hayes can regularly be found eating Taco Bell at his desk at work. Conan decided to do something nice for him, so the two of them visited Taco Bell’s corporate HQ in California earlier this week. MORE HUMOR: Watch elders play Grand Theft Auto V As it turns out, Taco Bell has “quite a few super-fans,” which has given the company an opportunity to craft a special experience for anyone lucky enough to visit its main offices. Conan and Chris start their journey in the
  • T-Mobile wants to offer you a deal despite your credit score (2015-01-22 11:59:15)
    The carrier's "Smartphone Equality" initiative is meant to reward customers who pay their bills on time with deals ordinarily available only to those with solid credit.>
  • Microsoft HoloLens: What does it mean for business? (2015-01-22 11:48:44)
    The introduction of an immersive, interactive, holographic interface from Microsoft could spell new opportunities for businesses and brands in the future.
  • Kim Dotcom's Mega launches Skype competitor MegaChat (2015-01-22 11:42:33)
    Despite ongoing controversy surrounding his tech inventions, Dotcom releases a beta-stage Web tool that provides users with end-to-end encrypted video and audio communication.>
  • Russia's new combat robot shoots guns and drives ATVs... slowly (2015-01-22 11:38:00)
  • Still looking for Pirate Bay alternatives? BitCannon lets you build your own in a few clicks (2015-01-22 11:35:30)
    The Pirate Bay is getting ready to make its triumphant return, but that doesn’t mean torrent users can rest easy. The popular online torrent index could be taken down again at any time as agencies around the world continue to crack down on digital piracy. For those unaware, The Pirate Bay is a popular online service that tracks torrent files on third-party servers and helps users connect directly to those servers in order to download the files. In many cases, those files are indeed illegal pirated copies of movies, TV shows, books, apps and more. So, torrent fans, what happens the next time The Pirate Bay is taken offline? A new free solution lets you build your own torrent index in just a
  • Samsung prototypes brainwave-reading wearable stroke detector (2015-01-22 11:30:09)
    A group of Samsung engineers has come up with a system that monitors your brain, to warn you of an impending stroke.>
  • A new typeface, designed by algorithms instead of by hand (2015-01-22 11:28:02)
    Methods of type design have shifted over the years — from moveable type printing presses to copper plate engraving to modern design software — but fonts are still largely created by hand. Now, design company Hoefler & Co., which names Nike, Starbucks, and Barack Obama among its clients, has figured out a way to expedite the process: algorithms. Company founder Jonathan Hoefler and Andy Clymer, senior designer at Hoefler, told Wired algorithms can start doing some of the work that previously fell to designers. The first font to get this treatment is Obsidian, a decorative, three-dimensional font inspired by the ornamental look of old maps.
  • Microsoft Office 2016 will be released later this year (2015-01-22 11:23:17)
    Microsoft is announcing today that its next major version of Office, aptly named Office 2016, will be available later this year. "We will have more to share on Office 2016 in the coming months, but this suite will remain the comprehensive Office experience you’re long familiar with, best suited for a PC with keyboard and mouse," says Julia White, Microsoft’s Office general manager. While Microsoft isn’t revealing features for Office 2016, we exclusively revealed that the next version will include a darker theme and a Clippy-like helper. Microsoft is also making various other UI tweaks and feature additions, but Office 2016 is expected to look and feel very similar to Office 2013.
  • Watch the trailer for Tina Fey's Netflix original series (2015-01-22 11:13:43)
    Netflix has finally released the trailer for Tina Fey's newest show and has also named a release date. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt will premiere on March 6th, and it stars The Office's Ellie Kemper as a doomsday cult survivor starting a new life in New York City. It's the first show Fey and producer Robert Carlock have worked on together since the duo created the primetime comedy 30 Rock. The show was originally supposed to debut mid-season on NBC in 2015, but Netflix stepped in and picked it up for two full seasons.
  • Turkey proposes tighter internet law, pursues Twitter critic (2015-01-22 11:10:50)
    By Gulsen Solaker and Jonny Hogg ANKARA (Reuters) - Turkey is pressing new legislation allowing ministers to temporarily ban websites and forcing Twitter to block an anonymous whistleblower as part of President Tayyip Erdogan's campaign to bring the internet to heel. Last year, Erdogan vowed to "eradicate" Twitter after allegations of government corruption were published on the micro-blogging site. The Telecommunications Directorate (TIB) would have to comply within four hours, and then apply for a court order for the ban to be extended beyond 24 hours. Communications Minister Lutfu Elvan this week defended the proposal, saying it was needed after Turkey's top court in October annulled previous legislation giving greater powers to ban websites, and saying it would only be used in emergencies.
  • Got Battery? Lots of low battery hacks but no quick fix (2015-01-22 11:10:47)
    NEW YORK (AP) — At a cozy watering hole in Brooklyn's Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood, bartender Kathy Conway counted four different phone chargers behind the bar. Call it the scourge of the red zone, call it battery anxiety. Smartphone users are tired of begging to charge devices behind bars or hunting for hidden electrical outlets in airports and train stations. Where, oh where, is a better battery?
  • Is Apple back to being ‘boring’ already? (2015-01-22 11:10:23)
    Remember this past fall when Apple unveiled the Apple Watch and sold a record number of iPhones thanks to the release of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus? Well, apparently all the excitement generated by all these events has completely dissipated as Apple is being called “boring”… again. RELATED: Has Apple’s software quality taken a ‘nosedive’ lately? Engadget’s Aaron Souppouris has taken a look at some of the big announcements that Microsoft made this week and has found that they all thrilled him in a way that Apple’s recent product events haven’t. “Apple is the mid-2000s Microsoft,” he writes. “Its revenues are as healthy as ever, but it’s become a company that seems to make things just because it has
  • Veeam Availability Suite V8 (2015-01-22 11:08:09)
    Keeping applications reliable and available is a key challenge for most data centers. Veeam believes its Availability Suite V8 is the best answer but it depends upon if you rely solely on x86-based solutions.
  • Amazon will let everyone watch Transparent for 24 hours this Saturday (2015-01-22 11:07:14)
    Transparent is putting Amazon on the map for original programming in a bigger way than any of the company's other shows have. Amazon knocked off Netflix's Orange is the New Black to win that one. The other went to series lead Jeffrey Tambor, who has received universal praise for his performance in the show's first season. Amazon says those Golden Globe victories have caused viewership for Transparent to rocket up by 250 percent.
  • Verizon reports 4Q loss on pension costs (2015-01-22 11:05:23)
    NEW YORK (AP) — Verizon Communications Inc. on Thursday reported a fourth-quarter loss of $2.23 billion, hurt by pension and severance costs.
  • Tumblr wants its best artists to create ads people actually like (2015-01-22 11:02:22)
    Tumblr's beautiful, GIF-filled feed is what keeps bringing visitors back, and it wants to make sure the feed stays that way even as brands begin to fill it with ads. To that end, it's announcing the formal launch of what it's calling the Creatrs Network, a curated group of artists who excel on Tumblr and can help brands make ads that people actually like. Tumblr says that it's been running tests with this network for the past year and has already used it to run successful campaigns with Axe, Gap, and Olay, among others. Rather than running ads that look like they could be plastered up on a billboard, Tumblr is hoping that brands will tap its network to find someone who actually knows what works on Tumblr.
  • Stir's new smart desk is a relative bargain at $2,990 (2015-01-22 11:00:00)
  • Drone carrying three kilos of meth crashes near US-Mexico border (2015-01-22 10:52:12)
    Tijuana shoppers experience a close encounter of an illegal kind after a drug-smuggling drone crash-lands in a store parking lot.>
  • Peacebuilding Reboot (2015-01-22 10:50:38)
    In December I met three inspiring girls, all about 13 years old, in Mumbai India. They'd come from Dharavi, the largest slum in Asia, to demonstrate the mobile app they'd developed to counter gender violence. It sounded an alarm, sent a help message to friends, and shared their location. Simple but effective.Theirs is a case study in the...
  • Hey, Buddy. Shh. Want a Signed Ebook? (2015-01-22 10:48:40)
    When I was a kid, a famous circus came to town. My mother arranged for me to meet The Human Cannonball behind the tent, after his show. I couldn't believe my luck. He was truly impressive, almost a god among men to a young, small town boy like me. I happened to have in my hand a toy Arabic sword, a cheap souvenir I had just bought, a play...
  • Microsoft's Surface RT tablets won't get Windows 10 (2015-01-22 10:46:28)
    Microsoft unveiled its plans for a free copy of Windows 10 for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users yesterday, but it looks like Windows RT is being left out in the cold. In a statement provided to The Verge, Microsoft confirms the Surface Pro 3 and "entire Surface Pro lineup" will get the update to Windows 10, but Windows RT won't get the full OS. "We are working on an update for Surface, which will have some of the functionality of Windows 10. More information to come," says a Microsoft spokesperson.
  • 9 awesome iPhone apps that are all free downloads right now (2015-01-22 10:45:51)
    This has been an incredible week so far for paid iPhone and iPad apps that have gone on sale for free for a limited time. Yesterday’s list had some real gems on it and several of the best apps on the list can still be downloaded for free if you hurry. For Thursday, we have a fresh new list of nine iOS apps that are normally all paid apps, but each and every one is completely free if you hurry. DON’T MISS: This cool new free app brings Apple Pay where it has never gone before These are paid iPhone and iPad apps that have been made available for free for a limited time by their developers. There is no way
  • T-Mobile will ignore bad credit if you pay your bill on time for a year (2015-01-22 10:39:18)
    T-Mobile today announced a new initiative it's calling "Smartphone Equality" which, in the words of CEO John Legere, "puts the relationships we’ve built with loyal customers above their credit scores." Legere says that many consumers don't get access to attractive, zero-down financing offers thanks to an imperfect credit history. With Smartphone Equality, T-Mobile claims it will offer its very best deals to customers who've paid their wireless bill on time for 12 consecutive months. "The simple truth is that our relationship with that customer is actually a better predictor of future behavior than their credit history," Legere wrote in a blog post. The issues and frustrations with credit apparently fired up T-Mobile's outspoken CEO so much that he decided to record his first video message accompanying one of the carrier's press releases.
  • Seagate: We're no longer just a hard drive maker (2015-01-22 10:35:18)
    Known widely as a hard drive manufacturer, Seagate has embarked on a branding campaign including a logo change to champion itself as a full-suite storage vendor.
  • Hacker-foiling keyboard generates power, recognizes your keystrokes (2015-01-22 10:27:50)
    This keyboard converts energy, protects your computer from hackers, and -- oh, yah -- cleans itself too.>
  • BlackBerry’s CEO wrote the stupidest net neutrality article I’ve ever read (2015-01-22 10:20:58)
    Let’s get one thing clear right off the bat: I think John Chen is a very smart guy who has done a terrific job leading BlackBerry out of a very bad situation so far. But on Tuesday afternoon, he penned a blog post on net neutrality that might be the single most boneheaded take on the debate I’ve ever read. RELATED: Here’s why I love what BlackBerry’s doing with the Classic Essentially, Chen argues that people who are concerned about ISPs discriminating against certain kinds of traffic running over their networks should be equally concerned that app developers are discriminating against BlackBerry users by not developing apps for BlackBerry’s mobile platform. No, seriously. “Unfortunately, not all content and applications providers have embraced openness
  • The Busy World of Richard Scarry has been invaded by Silicon Valley (2015-01-22 10:15:26)
    The world of Busytown has become BusinessTown. In a nod to Richard Scarry's classic children's books, artist Tony Ruth has taken the distinctive style and reimagined the world of anthropomorphic animals with more startup-focused jobs. The lowly worm in Businesstown is a brogrammer. The lion is a Digital Prophet. The elephant is a cryptocurrency expert, because elephants never forget their Bitcoin wallet keys.
  • 'Anti-NSA' messaging service MegaChat debuts in beta version (2015-01-22 10:08:12)
    Mega has uploaded the first beta-version MegaChat, an audio and video chat platform promising more secure communications thanks to end-to-end encryption. In response to the scandal surrounding the NSA's global surveillance program, Mega and its famous founder Kim Dotcom decided to develop an entirely secure, browser-based messaging app. While the initial beta version supports only audio and video chat, MegaChat will eventually also include text chat, video conferencing and high-speed file transfers, all with end-to-end encryption. MegaChat is the latest in a growing list of services responding to privacy fears after the NSA scandal, which aroused suspicion of more institutionalized, less secure communications platforms.
  • Teenage Engineering designed a set of incredible pocket synthesizers that cost $59 each (2015-01-22 10:00:03)
    Swedish hardware designers Teenage Engineering have made a name for themselves by building some of the most unique and creative musical gear on the market. Lastly, building these screens helped Kouthoofd check something off his bucket list.
  • Your smartphone is absolutely filthy – and these disgusting photos prove it (2015-01-22 09:55:24)
    Remember when we called Motorola’s Moto Hint one of the 10 best accessories you could buy ahead of the holidays? Bluetooth headsets might be considered nerdy or geeky by some, but if you don’t already have one you might want to consider investing in a good one as soon as possible. Why is there such urgency? It’s because the screen on your smartphone is basically a vile, putrid, disgusting Petri dish. DON’T MISS: The funniest thing you’ll see today: Watch elders play Grand Theft Auto V Smartphone enthusiasts sometimes bury themselves deep within one camp, but there’s one thing that unites all Android, iPhone, Windows Phone and BlackBerry users: We’re all gross. The Roosevelts calls our attention once again to an
  • Forget detention: Illlinois students might have to forfeit their Facebook passwords (2015-01-22 09:54:00)
  • Dropbox app arrives on Windows tablets, phones (2015-01-22 09:45:36)
    Dropbox, Microsoft hope to win over more customers with improved work flow and compatibilty.>
  • King Tut's beard was glued back on with epoxy, reports AP (2015-01-22 09:44:32)
    Curators at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo have admitted to gluing back on the beard of Tutankhamun’s burial mask after it was knocked off by accident. Unfortunately, the pharaoh’s replica facial hair was then inexpertly reattached with epoxy glue, leaving a gap between the face of the mask and the beard.
  • TalkTalk updates its mobile plans ahead of inevitable quad-play competition (2015-01-22 09:44:00)
  • General Dynamics sees more demand for 'insider' cyber protection (2015-01-22 09:43:16)
    By Andrea Shalal WASHINGTON (Reuters) - General Dynamics Corp, a key provider of cyber services for the U.S. government, said recent high-profile cyberattacks were boosting demand from government agencies for better protections against breaches by so-called insiders. Nadia Short, vice president and general manager of cyber systems for General Dynamics' Mission Systems business, told Reuters in an interview this week the well-publicized hack of Sony Pictures Entertainment had galvanized interest in the security of U.S. government and industry computer networks. She said the Sony attack, which Washington has blamed on North Korea, was resonating with the American public in a way that earlier attacks on private companies had not, and could boost the prospects for passage of cybersecurity legislation. Short welcomed President Barack Obama's push for cybersecurity legislation and greater sharing of information by industry and government about potential threats.
  • EU unlikely to support ban on free unlimited Facebook, Spotify (2015-01-22 09:39:23)
    By Julia Fioretti BRUSSELS (Reuters) - European Union member states are unlikely to support an EU-wide ban on telecoms companies offering online services such as Facebook and Spotify for free, according to a proposal by EU presidency Latvia. EU member states are discussing net neutrality - the principle that all traffic should be treated equally - as part of efforts to agree on reform of the European telecoms sector. So-called "zero-rating", where operators offer unlimited access to certain online services - typically Facebook, music streaming or online television - is seen as good for competition and innovation as well as more choice for consumers.
  • Huawei CEO denies company spied for China (2015-01-22 09:37:00)
    The electronics firm's boss said though the company has to "comply with laws and regulations in every country," Huawei has not been asked to spy for China.
  • Verizon's subscriber growth continues to hum, even as defections rise (2015-01-22 09:34:49)
    A fourth-quarter jump in the customer turnover rate underscores the increasingly volatile environment for wireless carriers that even Verizon can no longer avoid.>
  • BlackBerry's CEO doesn't understand what net neutrality is (2015-01-22 09:29:00)
  • We are all sitting too much, and technology isn't helping (2015-01-22 09:27:50)
    A pair of new articles published in the BMJ this week highlight the debilitating effects of sedentary lifestyles and suggest a new public policy focus on getting the most inactive people moving. All adults should aim for at least 150 minutes of physical activity per week — a broadly supported guideline that has been endorsed by the World Health Organization (WHO).
  • Get back that new car smell with your Google device (2015-01-22 09:24:47)
    If you own a Google device, consider doing a regular factory restore or Powerwash. Here's how to do it.
  • Get a monochrome laser printer with Wi-Fi for $29.99 (2015-01-22 09:09:17)
    This Newegg exclusive is quick, compact, and wireless, with a price that's just plain incredible.>
  • Verizon revenue rises as retail postpaid subscribers increase (2015-01-22 09:07:18)
    Verizon Communications Inc's quarterly revenue rose 6.8 percent due to an increase in subscribers who pay for services after use, and a rise in average revenue per account as users added more devices to shared data plans. Shares in Verizon dipped slightly to $47.95 in premarket trading after closing at $48.25 on Wednesday. Excluding items, Verizon earned 71 cents per share, matching Wall street estimates, according to Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S. Revenue rose to $33.19 billion from $31.07 billion, slightly higher than analysts' expectations of $32.69 billion. Verizon's retail postpaid average revenue per account rose to $158.82 from $157.21, but was below $161.64 estimated by analysts polled by research firm StreetAccount.
  • Meet the movie pirating service that Netflix is afraid of (2015-01-22 09:05:24)
    Movie pirating used to be something that happened quietly behind closed doors. Unscrupulous Internet users would swarm to peer-to-peer file-sharing services and download bootleg copies of films, trying to hide their tracks as best they could. Now, the Internet is a very different place. People flock to Reddit and other online forums to openly discuss movie theft, and the most popular means of downloading stolen movies are widely publicized services like The Pirate Bay and Popcorn Time. And when it comes to the latter, it turns out Popcorn Time isn’t just a tiny little piracy tool. The industry has taken notice and now Netflix, the biggest streaming movie and TV show service in the world, has directly named Popcorn Time as a
  • Other companies can learn from Microsoft's vunerability mistakes (2015-01-22 09:03:00)
    Recently, there have been a couple of Microsoft vulnerability disclosures that were problematic. When a security researcher finds a nasty bug, it's not always obvious what to do.
  • Bill Gates is guest-editing The Verge in February (2015-01-22 09:01:01)
    I’m very excited to announce that Bill Gates will be The Verge’s first ever guest editor in February. This is a new type of collaboration for us, but there’s no one better than Bill to lead the way — and there’s no better time than now. This year, that letter is about improving the lives of the poor through technology. It just so happens that The Verge exists to explore that kind of change — to examine, celebrate, and critique our shared future as advancements in technology move ever faster.
  • Nvidia targets Dota 2 and League of Legends players with new $199 graphics card (2015-01-22 09:00:02)
    The rise in popularity of Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) games like Dota 2 and League of Legends hasn't escaped Nvidia's notice, and the latest graphics card from the company comes with an earnest love note attached for those gamers. The GTX 960 is the junior member of Nvidia's latest 900 series of Maxwell GPUs, scaling down the capabilities of the GTX 980 and 970 into a smaller package that's less demanding on both your power supply and wallet. Despite the unprecedented power efficiency of Nvidia's current high-end cards, their price remains a big hurdle for many people considering an upgrade, with Nvidia finding that its most popular GPUs among MOBA gamers are its x60 series: the GTX 460, 560, 660, and 760. Two out of every three gamers are using a GTX 660 or older, says Nvidia, and the new GTX 960 is how the company hopes to convince them to step up to its latest hardware.
  • Windows 10: What's in the January preview release? (2015-01-22 08:54:00)
    In the next few days, Microsoft will deliver the latest preview release of Windows 10. But don't expect to see everything that the company showed off in this week's live demo. Here's what you'll see and what's still missing.
  • Kenya weighs Chinese request for extradition of 76 held for cyber crime (2015-01-22 08:43:00)
    Kenya is considering a request from Beijing to extradite 76 Chinese nationals charged with cyber crime for trial in their homeland, Kenya's attorney-general said on Thursday. Githu Muigai said he expected a decision soon on the request from a "friendly government" with which Kenya has strong trade and industrial ties. Some 76 Chinese nationals have been detained by Kenyan police investigating allegations of cyber crime, operating private radio services and being in the country illegally, their lawyers said on Dec. 5. Any agreement would have to meet Kenya's justice standards, he said, adding their alleged criminality involved "the security of banking, credit cards and other operations".
  • Acer Enters the Classroom with Durable Chromebooks (2015-01-22 08:41:54)
    Inexpensive, secure and easy to use, Chromebooks are becoming the computers of choice for schools. To compete in this growing market, Acer just announced two Chromebook models fit for students and teachers, the 11.6-inch C740 and the 15.6-inch C910, bothwith toughdesigns and powerful components.
  • MetroPCS Offers Unlimited 4G for $50 a Month (2015-01-22 08:41:45)
    T-Mobile's MetroPCS brand seems more determined than ever to capture the prepaid market, with a new promotion that allows customers to receive unlimited 4G LTE service for a cool $50 per month. On top of this limited-time promotion, MetroPCS is adding more high-speed data to its existing unlimited data, talk and text plans. According to MetroPCS, there is no "pre-planned end date" for anyone who snags the limited-time $50 unlimited 4G LTE deal before its April 5 expiration date. By comparison, Virgin Mobile's $55 per month plan only offers a total of 3GB of 3G/4G data, though that plan includes international calls.
  • Windows 10 Will Be Free Upgrade for One Year (2015-01-22 08:41:34)
    For Microsoft, the primary goal of Windows 10 isto createmore personal computing, and to do that, it is making the OS available as a free upgrade for the first year. This applies to both Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 users, as well as Windows Phone 8.1 devices. Windows 10 will offer a common store for downloading applications on phones, PCs, and tablets. According to Terry Myerson, executive VP of Microsoft's operating system group, the first key area is the mobility of experience.
  • Windows 10 Brings Cortana to Desktop (2015-01-22 08:41:28)
    Microsoft is showing off more new features of its upcoming Windows 10 operating system today, and possibly the most exciting of these is Cortana for PCs. With Cortana on the desktop, you'll be able to get the voice-controlled digital assistant for easier hands-free interaction. Cortana will work a little differently on the PC than on smartphones. During his demonstration, Microsoft's Joe Belfiore asked Cortana, "Hey Cortana, show me PowerPoint slides on the charity auction," and the system returned the presentation almost instantly.
  • Microsoft Unveils Spartan Browser With Cortana, Built-in Comments (2015-01-22 08:41:16)
    In developing its upcoming Windows 10 operating system, Microsoft decided it needs a new web browser to replace the popular, but long-derided Internet Explorer. First announced at today's Windows 10 event, the new browser has a number of intriguing new features that include deep social integration, a reading mode and Cortana voice assistant.
  • Microsoft Adds 3D Holograms to Real World (2015-01-22 08:41:02)
    The company has revealed Microsoft HoloLens, a wearable holographic computer launching alongside Windows 10 that lets you project Windows apps onto the surfaces of your home or office and use them in unique, immersive ways. Microsoft outlined some of the uses of HoloLens in a demo video, which showcases how Windows apps can come to life once you put the headset on. Microsoft says that you'll be able to take advantage of HoloLens' power without any markers or external cameras, and won't need to be tethered to your phone or PC. Microsoft will open up HoloLens APIs for all Windows apps, meaning all types of developers will be able to tap into the device's reality-augmenting potential.
  • Microsoft Surface Hub Looks to Transform Meetings (2015-01-22 08:40:52)
    We had a chance to try out some of the Surface Hub's features and found it to be mostly smooth and smart. During a live-streamed demo, Microsoft's Hayete Gallot showed off how the Surface Hub woke up when she walked in front of it, thanks to the device's built-in sensors. When she picked up a pen from in front the Hub, it automatically launched the OneNote app, which has been optimized for the larger screen.
  • Microsoft's Windows 10 Event: What You Need to Know (2015-01-22 08:40:36)
    In case you haven't heard, Microsoft just had one of its most exciting press events of all time. The most exciting news out of the event involves Microsoft's HoloLens, which projects virtual objects onto your real-world field of view. This wearable holographic computer packs something Microsoft calls a Holographic Processing Unit (HPU), and can work independently of a phone or PC. This also applies to Windows Phone 8.1 devices.
  • This might be our best look yet at the HTC One M9 (2015-01-22 08:30:04)
    We’re just over one month away from being formally introduced to two of the most hotly anticipated smartphones of the year. One is Samsung’s next-generation flagship phone, the Galaxy S6, which BGR exclusively blew the lid off of on Wednesday. We detailed all of the new Galaxy S phone’s key specs, including its 5.1-inch quad HD display and its new 64-bit octa-core processor. The second eagerly anticipated smartphone is HTC’s 2015 flagship device, the HTC One M9 — and we may have just gotten our best look at it yet. DON’T MISS: Samsung is reportedly removing one of the Galaxy S5’s best features from the Galaxy S6 With the phone’s expected unveiling at the annual Mobile World Congress trade show in Barcelona
  • ​Why CIOs and developers are seldom on the same page - and why that's a good thing (2015-01-22 08:28:00)
    They may want different things but ultimately the dynamic between CIOs and developers can be highly beneficial for the businesses that employ them.
  • California's measles outbreak began at Disneyland (2015-01-22 08:20:02)
    People who aren't vaccinated against measles should stay away from Disneyland, California health officials said this week, after an outbreak in the state was traced back to the popular theme park. As the Wall Street Journal reports, officials on Wednesday confirmed 59 cases of the disease in California, of which 42 have been linked to the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim. So far, five Disneyland employees have been diagnosed with measles, a highly contagious disease that typically begins with a high fever, runny nose, and bloodshot eyes, before leading to a red rash. The US declared measles eliminated in 2000, but cases have recently risen at alarming rates, as parents have misguidedly opted to not vaccinate their children against the disease.
  • Top Big Data and Analytics Trends for 2015 (2015-01-22 08:16:39)
    Here are the interesting Big Data and Analytics trends to be looking out for in 2015.
  • ​Verizon's 2014: $585 million in Internet of things, telematics sales (2015-01-22 08:12:42)
    Verizon's fourth quarter results were standard issue, but the company did put some color on how the Internet of things could drive growth.
  • Microsoft is ready to be loved again (2015-01-22 08:00:02)
    "We have bigger hopes, higher aspirations for Windows," Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said on Wednesday, standing on a stage above a secret room filled with crazy holographic technology. The best consumer technology companies, the ones people love, give us a compelling story about what our future looks like.
  • ​Ubuntu wants to be the OS for the Internet of Things (2015-01-22 07:48:45)
    With the use of Docker containers, Canonical wants Ubuntu Linux to become the operating system for smart devices.
  • Meet ‘Exploding Kittens,’ the hilarious card game currently ‘exploding’ on Kickstarter (2015-01-22 07:45:57)
    Exploding Kittens is the name of a new card game that has taken Kickstarter by storm, coming from famed comic The Oatmeal, who partnered up with Elan Lee and Shane Small to create what appears to be an insanely humorous game for players of all ages, although a NSFW version of the game is also available. The game reached its $10,000 funding goal in just 20 minutes after being listed, and it topped $2,500,000 in pledges with almost a full month to go. FROM EARLIER: This cartoon will shame you into never buying a ‘selfie stick’ Exploding Kittens is all about avoiding the exploding kittens cards which take you out of the game instantly. To do so, the player has
  • Kim Dotcom launches his secure 'Skype killer' MegaChat (2015-01-22 07:39:34)
    The browser-based app features end-to-end encryption on calls, which Dotcom says gives the service a clear advantage over competitors such as Skype and Google Hangouts.
  • Verizon Q4 subscriber growth continues to hum, even as defections rise (2015-01-22 07:22:03)
    Verizon swung to a loss in the fourth quarter thanks to charges related to pension and debt, although its adjusted results matched Wall Street expectations.>
  • How reliable are 4TB drives? (2015-01-22 07:19:04)
    3TB drive reliability has been worse than expected, but the 4TB drives are shaping up nicely. Here's what you need to know.
  • 4chan creator Moot steps down after more than a decade (2015-01-22 07:09:00)
  • An exploration of enterprise security alert management in Europe (2015-01-22 06:58:34)
    FireEye's latest report suggests that a number of businesses face over 10,000 cybersecurity alerts per month. What is being done to combat potential attacks?
  • Israel's mobile technologies for disabled find mass market appeal (2015-01-22 06:53:28)
    By Tova Cohen TEL AVIV (Reuters) - Israeli technology firms catering to the country's disabled war veterans are exploring ways to bring their innovations to the mass market with applications that make mobile phones easier to use. Israel, with its thriving start-up scene and large number of military veterans, is a natural incubator of technology for the disabled, some of which is proving useful to able bodied users as well. "That's the secret sauce to go to scale," said Andrew Johnson, an analyst with market research firm Gartner Inc. A phone for the blind developed by Project Ray also allows drivers to operate a device without taking their eyes off the road, while Sesame Enable's hands-free phone, crucial for paralysed users, offers convenience to all. Alexander Graham Bell's invention of the telephone grew out of work on hearing and speech products for the deaf, while Thomas Edison envisaged the phonograph as a means of recording books for the blind.
  • Make Apple bring iMessage to BlackBerry, BlackBerry boss says (2015-01-22 06:50:18)
    Apps like iMessage or Netflix which only run on certain operating systems "must be prohibited from discriminating," BlackBerry CEO John Chen has said.>
  • The one WhatsApp feature you crave is finally here… with a huge caveat (2015-01-22 06:50:06)
    WhatsApp, the instant messaging service Facebook paid lots of millions for not too long ago, is growing more and more popular with users across mobile operating systems, and the company has finally released the one feature some users have been anxiously waiting for. WhatsApp on Wednesday announced that it’ll finally let users continue their conversations on the desktop, launching a web version of the chat application. However, there’s also some bad news to go with this terrific announcement. FROM EARLIER: Charlie Hebdo fallout: U.K. wants to ban WhatsApp, iMessage and other encrypted chat apps Specifically, iPhone users will hate the feature for the time being, as it won’t work on their devices just yet, “due to Apple platform limitations,” as
  • ​Google planning to get into the mobile data business with project 'Nova' (2015-01-22 06:26:00)
    US consumers may be treated with new low-cost, contract-free mobile data plans, thanks to another project brewing at Google to lower the barriers to internet access.
  • Google Play for Education launches in UK (2015-01-22 06:14:37)
    Following success in the US, Google is launching the Google Play for Education store across the pond.
  • Amazon looking to buy datacenter startup Annapurna Labs for $350m (2015-01-22 06:14:00)
    Amazon is reportedly in talks to buy a stealth-mode Israeli startup that could give its datacenters a boost.
  • Microsoft will beta test a patch for the still-busted 'Halo' collection (2015-01-22 06:01:00)
  • Spotify unveils Touch Preview, a beautiful new music discovery tool (2015-01-22 06:00:02)
    Last year was a busy one for Spotify. The company feuded with Taylor Swift over how much money she did or didn't make from streaming. "We were pretty obsessed with that problem," Spotify product manager Miles Lennon tells me. After a year of work, the answer they came up with is a beautiful one called Touch Preview.
  • Spotify works to touch up music discovery (2015-01-22 06:00:02)
    The streaming-music company is trying to make finding new music easier with its new Touch Preview feature.>
  • Spotify's Touch Preview lets you sample new songs quickly (2015-01-22 06:00:00)
  • Samsung's 'leaning towards' BlackBerry purchase despite denials, claims the Financial Post (2015-01-22 05:18:31)
    Samsung is actively pursuing buying BlackBerry despite both companies denying any interest, claims a new report in the Financial Post. Rumors of a possible takeover started on January 14th after Reuters reported that the two companies were in talks, but the news was quickly refuted by both Samsung and BlackBerry. The Post's source states that BlackBerry "is still being pursued right now. Samsung is still evaluating their options.
  • Contactless charity donations could mean the end of 'chuggers' (2015-01-22 05:18:00)
  • ​Microsoft's HoloLens: Enterprise boon or boondoggle? (2015-01-22 05:16:04)
    Microsoft took the plunge into holographic computing and has all the hooks built in to ensure the technology will at least be tried in the enterprise.
  • Kim Dotcom launches MegaChat encrypted video calling service (2015-01-22 05:03:00)
  • ​Flash zero-day flaw under attack to spread adware, botnet (2015-01-22 05:01:00)
    New attacks on Flash Player may force Adobe to issue another patch just days after fixing nine flaws.
  • Google Lunar XPrize: Blasting off with Moon Express at Kennedy Space Center (2015-01-22 05:00:02)
    Moon Express is gunning for the $20 million Google Lunar XPrize. We went down to Florida to watch a test of the team's lunar lander and to get an early look at its historic new facility.>
  • Amazon in talks to buy Israeli start-up Annapurna Labs: newspaper (2015-01-22 04:33:20)
    U.S. tech giant Amazon is in talks to buy Israeli chipmaker Annapurna Labs for up to $370 million, financial newspaper Calcalist reported on Thursday. The companies are in the final stages of negotiations, the Israeli paper said, adding that the proposal includes an agreement by Amazon to open a research and development center in Israel. The Israeli start-up, which Calcalist said has raised several tens of millions of dollars in private funding, was not reachable for comment and Amazon declined to comment. Annapurna Labs is owned by businessman Avigdor Willenz, the newspaper said, with other investors including British chip designer ARM and venture capital firm Walden International.
  • Drones: the tech-savvy trafficker's new drug mule (2015-01-22 04:23:00)
  • Drone packed with crystal meth crashes near US-Mexico border (2015-01-22 04:16:49)
    A drone packed with drugs crashed this week near the US border with Mexico, police in Tijuana announced Wednesday. As the Associated Press reports, the remote-controlled aircraft was packed with more than six pounds of crystal meth, divided into six packets. Last year, a source at the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) told a Mexican news outlet that in 2012, drug-packed drones made at least 150 attempts to cross the border.
  • Google adds screen reader support to Docs, Sheets and Slides apps (2015-01-22 03:57:00)
  • Fight against French IT bashing gathers steam with launch of the Paris Tech Guide (2015-01-22 03:32:00)
    A new guide to the French capital aims to transform people's perception of the local startup scene.
  • Hulu's next series comes from the maker of 'Video Game High School' (2015-01-22 03:10:00)
  • Google preparing to launch cellular service: media (2015-01-22 03:03:41)
    Google is getting ready to sell wireless telephone services directly to US consumers after reaching deals with carriers T-Mobile and Sprint, US media reported Wednesday. The news was first reported by tech-news publication The Information and corroborated by an article in the Wall Street Journal. Google officials have been working on the wireless project for more than a year, the Journal reported, citing an unnamed person familiar with the matter. Google is already in a powerful position in the wireless world, with its Android operating system running on more than 80 percent of the world's mobile phones.
  • Technology sector leads M&A activity in Brazil in 2014 (2015-01-22 03:00:05)
    Number of operations last year reaches 14-year high
  • Hulu's former CEO lets you try his YouTube alternative (2015-01-22 02:28:00)
  • US Senate agrees that climate change is real in a 98 to 1 vote (2015-01-22 02:24:25)
    The vast majority of US senators have agreed that climate change is real, a result of a vote on Wednesday that saw 98 members of the Senate vote in favor of an amendment to the controversial Keystone XL pipeline bill that declares that climate change is "not a hoax." Only one Senator, Roger Wicker (R-Mississippi), voted against the non-binding amendment to the bill. The amendment even won support from James Inhofe (R-Oklahoma), one of the vanguard of Republican climate change deniers who had previously called the phenomenon a hoax. Senator Barbara Boxer (D-California), ranking Democrat on the Senate's environmental panel, called the vote "a small victory, but an important one." The Senate has gone on record to agree that climate change is real, but the governmental body is still split on its causes — other amendments introduced later in the day that attributed climate change to the actions of humans failed to receive the 60 votes required to pass, despite some Republican support.
  • Intel launches Education Content Access Point for schools (2015-01-22 02:19:04)
    The device, which features an Atom processor and runs Ubuntu, is designed to serve digital content in classrooms with poor Internet connectivity.
  • BlackBerry's gold-hued Passport is even more audacious than usual (2015-01-22 02:01:00)
  • MakerBot's Thingiverse finally lets you share 3D models with groups (2015-01-22 01:28:00)
  • Charlie Hebdo attack prompts Microsoft to hand data over to FBI (2015-01-22 01:21:35)
    Microsoft handed over data linked to the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attack to the FBI in double-quick time, noting that extra snooping should only happen under certain circumstances.
  • Steve Ballmer still loves Microsoft (2015-01-22 01:09:55)
    Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer doesn't use his Twitter account all that often; he has a curiously low return of just over 6,000 followers from 30 tweets. But when he does — true to form — things can get emotional. And today's no different: Ballmer weighed in on his former employer's torrent of announcements regarding Windows 10, which he thinks "rocks."
  • BlackBerry wants FCC to force app developers onto BB10 (2015-01-22 01:05:00)
    In a unique addition to the ongoing discussion around net neutrality, BlackBerry CEO John Chen has called on the US government to prohibit discrimination against the less than 1 percent of users on its platform.
  • Dropbox snaps up CloudOn to help you work online (2015-01-22 01:03:00)
  • Twitter releases Digits login for web (2015-01-22 00:50:08)
    Developers can now incorporate Twitter's Digits white-label login offering to their mobile applications' companion websites, following the release of Digits login for web.
  • BlackBerry's CEO thinks net neutrality means Apple should make apps for BlackBerry (2015-01-22 00:47:27)
    In the midst of Wednesday's maelstrom of Windows 10 news, BlackBerry CEO John Chen has published an open letter to the US Senate, in which he sets out BlackBerry's position on net neutrality. It starts off well enough, identifying the core of net neutrality as the principle that all internet traffic should be treated equally and service providers shouldn't be allowed to create discriminatory fast and slow lanes, however Chen finds that basic definition inadequate.
  • Projection mapping turns real forest into a glowing wonderland (2015-01-22 00:32:38)
    A pair of filmmakers have used projection mapping on a real forest to turn it into a beautiful, luminescent fairyland.>
  • Would you be a part of a crowdsourced environmental warning system? (2015-01-22 00:32:00)
  • Tech giants fear being captured by data-retention legislation (2015-01-22 00:29:00)
    The lobby group representing technology giants including Google, Twitter, Microsoft, and Facebook has said that the mandatory data-retention legislation before the Australian parliament could see its own services caught up by the scheme.
  • Bill and Melinda Gates making Super Bowl plans (2015-01-22 00:03:34)
    SEATTLE (AP) — Melinda Gates says she and her husband, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, are most likely going to see their hometown team play in the Super Bowl.
  • LG Electronics says no overheating issue with new Qualcomm processor (2015-01-22 00:02:40)
    South Korean smartphone maker LG Electronics Inc said on Thursday that it encountered no overheating problems with Qualcomm Inc's new Snapdragon processor that is powering a curved-screen device going on sale later this month. The comment came after Bloomberg reported a day earlier that Samsung Electronics Co Ltd, the world's top smartphone maker, decided not to use the new Qualcomm processor for the next flagship Galaxy S smartphone after the chip overheated during testing. Samsung and Qualcomm have declined to comment on the report, which cited unidentified sources. Samsung is widely expected to unveil the new Galaxy S smartphone in early March, and Bloomberg reported that the Korean firm will use its own processors instead.
  • Uber trapped in legal limbo in South Korea (2015-01-21 23:35:03)
    Taxi service Uber is quickly being embroiled in legal limbo in South Korea as the state and city government have both filed criminal suits against the company for breaking local laws.
  • The heart of the Smithsonian's design museum is an API (2015-01-21 23:29:00)
  • Dropbox is finally available for Windows Phone (2015-01-21 23:06:35)
    Windows Phone as we know it is not long for this world, with Windows 10 and a universal app strategy set to replace it soon. But one of the most important gaps in the Windows Phone library has just been filled nevertheless, as Dropbox has finally released an official app for Microsoft's stuttering smartphone platform. The Windows Store app for tablets has also been updated with a much-improved new interface.
  • LG to launch curved G Flex 2 smartphone next week (2015-01-21 22:52:56)
    SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — LG Electronics Inc. said it will start selling a new curved smartphone next week in its latest effort to bring the curve to a mass market.
  • Reports: Google planning to sell wireless phone service (2015-01-21 22:51:30)
    SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Google is planning to sell wireless phone service directly to consumers using the networks of Sprint and T-Mobile, according to reports published Wednesday.
  • Shazam valued over $1b after investment round (2015-01-21 22:17:00)
    Shazam's latest $30 million investment round has left the music identification company with a valuation of more than $1 billion, priming it for a potential public offering.
  • Daily Roundup: All things Windows 10, cryptocurrency, tiny synths and more! (2015-01-21 22:15:00)
  • The biggest problems with Android 5.0 Lollipop (2015-01-21 22:00:29)
    If you’re like most Android users, you probably don’t have Android 5.0 Lollipop yet… and it turns out that might be a good thing. Computerworld’s JR Raphael has been using Lollipop for a while now and while he thinks the update overall is strong, he has picked out five crucial problems with it that he wants Google to fix as soon as possible. RELATED: Android fans vent about what they hate most about Lollipop The biggest issue, Raphael says, is Lollipop’s memory management. In short, Raphael has found that “Lollipop — on some devices, at least — seems to have trouble keeping processes running in active memory,” which can cause apps running in the background to incorrectly close. Raphael has
  • Twitter's 'while you were away' recaps are here (2015-01-21 21:54:00)
  • EBay's breakup plans may open door for e-commerce M&A (2015-01-21 21:53:48)
    By Deepa Seetharaman SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - EBay Inc's plans to break up into three different companies could accommodate would-be suitors, signaling a potential merger fight after the breakup. The company plans to spin off its payments division, PayPal, from its core marketplace division in the second half of the year, making two standalone publicly traded companies that some analysts say could be worth more than the combined entity. On Wednesday, eBay added that it will sell or prepare a public offering of its eBay Enterprise unit, which the company bought for $2.4 billion roughly four years ago. The announced moves are intended to give each business the ability to consider all their alternatives, including a sale, eBay Chief Executive Officer John Donahoe said.
  • WhatsApp for your desktop, but only on Chrome (2015-01-21 21:49:00)
    WhatsApp is now available on your desktop, but only if you use Google Chrome and have the mobile app installed on a non-iOS device.
  • Google to sell wireless service in deals with Sprint, T-Mobile: The Information (2015-01-21 21:42:43)
    (Reuters) - Google Inc is preparing to sell mobile phone plans directly to customers and manage their calls and mobile data over a cellular network, The Information reported, citing people familiar with the matter. Google is expected to reach deals to buy wholesale access to Sprint and T-Mobile mobile voice and data networks, making it a mobile virtual network operator, the technology news website said. Google was considering launching mobile phone plans for markets where it sells Google Fiber Internet service, according to the report.
  • Microsoft springs hologram surprise, but long way to reality (2015-01-21 21:39:10)
    By Bill Rigby SEATTLE (Reuters) - Microsoft Corp surprised the tech world on Wednesday with a prototype hologram visor that can bring the Minecraft video game, Skype calls and even the landscape of Mars to three-dimensional life. The aging tech pioneer, which long ago lost the mantle of the world's most inventive company, is making a bold play to regain that title in the face of stiff competition from Google Inc and Apple Inc. Virtual or enhanced reality is the next frontier in computing interaction, with Facebook Inc focusing on its Oculus virtual reality headset and Google working on its Glass project. Microsoft said its wire-free Microsoft HoloLens device will be available around the same time as Windows 10 this autumn. "That was kind of a 'Oh wow!' moment," said Mike Silver, an analyst at Gartner who tried out the prototype on Wednesday.
  • Australian government blames Snowden for data retention (2015-01-21 21:26:00)
    The leaks from Edward Snowden on the US government's surveillance operations have hastened the need for mandatory data retention, according to the Australian Attorney-General's Department.
  • HoloLens and Windows 10: Microsoft announces its future (2015-01-21 21:18:53)
    Microsoft showed off what Windows 10 will look like on phones, tablets, laptops, TVs, and whatever else you could imagine. It all looked great, but it was nothing compared to HoloLens, a new system that puts holograms right in your living room
  • Amazon’s latest flop stinks even worse than the Fire Phone (2015-01-21 21:15:47)
    Amazing but true: Amazon has created a product that’s even stinkier than the Fire Phone. GigaOM reports that Amazon has already pulled its Amazon Elements Soft and Cozy Diapers that it released just six weeks ago. The diapers were apparently pulled after Amazon listened to “early customer feedback” about them and it told early buyers that they’d be invited to try out future diapers whenever they became available. RELATED: The inside story of 2014’s biggest smartphone flop We don’t know specifically why Amazon pulled the diapers, although GigaOM notes that “the diapers got mediocre reviews on Amazon… recently the average was hovering around 3.5 stars.” The diapers were made available exclusively to Amazon Prime customers and 40-packs of the diapers were being
  • Netflix eyes empire as Internet TV battle heats up (2015-01-21 21:12:19)
    Netflix is ramping up efforts to conquer the world with its streaming video service, even as competition is heating up in the growing market for Internet television. California-based Netflix said this week it wants to be in 200 markets in the next two years, up from the current 50 as it accelerates its global expansion. The stepped-up plans come amid an increasing shift to Internet-based on-demand television, with offerings from rivals such as Amazon, Time Warner's HBO and CBS, among others. "The magic of streaming is on-demand, in control, being able to binge on episodes, watch a movie in the middle of the night," said Netflix chief executive Reed Hastings in a call with analysts.
  • Miss an important tweet? Twitter Recap has you covered (2015-01-21 21:09:08)
    New feature will recycle tweets deemed relevant, so users can see mesages they may have missed while away from the service.>
  • Microsoft HoloLens: An experience you never knew you wanted (hands-on) (2015-01-21 21:01:12)
    HoloLens delivers a robust and surreal augmented reality that will leave even a VR skeptic slack jawed.>
  • Simon Pegg will reportedly co-write Star Trek 3 (2015-01-21 21:00:52)
    Deadline reports that Simon Pegg is set to write the next movie in the recently rebooted Star Trek franchise. Pegg, who will return to play the role of engineer Montgomery "Scotty" Scott he occupied in both Star Trek and Star Trek: Into Darkness, is co-writing the script for the yet-to-be-named Star Trek 3 with Doug Jung, the creator of TNT cop drama Deep Blue. Production company Paramount, which replaced the project's original director Roberto Orci with Fast & Furious director Justin Lin last year, is reportedly aiming to release the movie in time for Star Trek's 50th anniversary in 2016.
  • Microsoft's HoloLens is no joke: My reality augmented with Skype, Minecraft (2015-01-21 20:59:23)
    The software giant gives attendees of its Windows 10 event an early look at the capabilities of its HoloLens holographic headset.>
  • ​Ingogo gears up for IPO with new appointments (2015-01-21 20:49:22)
    Ingogo has made two new appointments to its team in preparation for its plans to list on the ASX, expand to new cities, and launch new products.
  • This is Windows 10 for phones (2015-01-21 20:44:03)
    Microsoft showed off a number of new features for Windows 10 on phones today, but in afternoon sessions at the company’s press event we got a closer look at what’s coming. Microsoft is building a universal Outlook app across Windows 10 phones, tablets, and PCs that seems to be a lot better than what came with Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8.1. Microsoft is finally bringing a much more complete mail experience that includes full support for rival services. Photos and camera have also been tweaked heavily on Windows 10 for phones.
  • You can finally stream ‘The Interview’ on Netflix beginning Saturday (2015-01-21 20:30:08)
    Netflix absolutely crushed its earnings on Tuesday evening and shares skyrocketed more than 17% in after-hours trading as a result. The company added 4.33 million new streaming subscribers during the fourth quarter of 2014, and profit climbed to $83.4 million, up from $48.4 million in the year-ago quarter. Netflix had a great quarter indeed, and it was thanks in large part to some great new content that hit the service over the course of the three-month period. Now, the company has confirmed that another high-profile title will finally arrive on its digital shelves in just a few short days. Sorry, North Korea. DON’T MISS: Every movie and TV show being removed from Netflix in February Netflix announced on Tuesday evening that “The Interview” will finally
  • Windows 10: Microsoft aims for Windows everywhere (2015-01-21 20:25:23)
    Microsoft's event introduced the next OS for PC and mobile, the Spartan browser, Xbox streaming, and even holograms. Discover what's coming to Windows 10 in 2015.
  • Tomorrow Daily 116: Microsoft HoloLens, a robot chef learns from YouTube and more (2015-01-21 20:14:13)
    On today's show, we debate the future of HoloLens, Microsoft's newest augmented reality device. Also, we check out a robot who learned to cook by watching humans on YouTube, and a stunning interactive art installation in Japan.>
  • Microsoft sees Windows 10 as Swiss Army Knife of computing (2015-01-21 20:05:29)
    Can the next version of Windows be all things to all people? That's the big question for Microsoft, and the entire computer industry.>
  • AV Voice Changer review (2015-01-21 19:59:00)
    Change your voice in voice chat rooms and on PC-to-phone connections
  • Here's what your Project Ara phone could look like as a health tracker (2015-01-21 19:50:02)
    Google's first crop of Project Ara modular smartphones won't be available until later this year, and only in Puerto Rico, but people are already trying to figure out ways to use it differently than existing phones. Where that project was inspired by NASA and designer Yves Saint Laurent, the group has taken new inspiration from designer sneakers to come up with a set of conceptual sensors for Project Ara devices that promises to turn your phone into a portable health testing station. Project Ara is Google's idea to let you swap out nearly every component that's slotted to the back of your phone, the same way you'd swap out a battery. Lapka's take is to turn a Project Ara device into a health scanner with seven concept modules that slot in the back.
  • Discover history’s darkest secrets in the latest trailer for ‘The Order: 1886′ (2015-01-21 19:45:14)
    Having played through segments of The Order: 1886 several times over the past year, I’ve become increasingly intrigued by the alternate history represented in the game. It’s been difficult to put the pieces together with the limited interaction that I’ve had, but the latest trailer helps to clear a few things up. READ MORE: E3 Preview: ‘The Order: 1886′ brings cinematic warfare to the PS4 In the world of The Order: 1886, the Knights of the Round Table are a group of well-armed individuals who keep London safe from the dangerous mutant half-breeds. This job becomes increasingly difficult as a group of rebels ally themselves with the half-breeds in an attempt to take power back from the Knights. It’s a war on two fronts as Sir Galahad and his
  • Why Under $5M Brands are an Endangered Species (2015-01-21 19:35:40)
    It's an old somewhat false truism: "a high tide raises all boats..."That's not always the case.It's noisy as hell out there in most markets: you must pick your channel(s) carefully and be prepared to compete with a lot of content fluff.Curation standards ('what's good and what's bad") are under constant assault from social media neophytes and...
  • eBay cutting jobs ahead of PayPal split (2015-01-21 19:34:51)
    The e-commerce company will cut 2,400 postions this quarter and is mulling selling off its eBay Enterprise unit ahead of the spin out of its PayPal payments service.>
  • Britain's biggest newspaper will still print topless Page 3 photos after all (2015-01-21 19:34:16)
    The Sun's Page 3, a bizarrely anachronistic "institution" in which the third page of the UK's best-selling newspaper is dominated by a photo of a topless model giving brief thoughts on immigration, terrorism, or another issue of our time, is apparently continuing as ever. It was reported earlier in the week that the Rupert Murdoch-owned tabloid had printed its last pair of bare breasts, but an NSFW tweet from The Sun's official Twitter account appears to have put paid to the idea. "Further to recent reports in all other media outlets, we would like to confirm that this is Page 3 and this is a picture of Nicole, 22, from Bournemouth," reads the caption to the page from Thursday's edition, featuring a topless image under a "Clarifications and corrections" header.
  • How to create a LinkedIn ad campaign: A beginner's guide (2015-01-21 19:30:04)
    Before you dive into the world of LinkedIn ad campaigns, check out these 4 tips for success.
  • Bethesda's Elder Scrolls Online will be free to play (2015-01-21 19:29:45)
    The Elder Scrolls Online is making the jump to next-generation consoles -- and it's going to be free to play as well.>
  • Here's a closer look at the latest build of Windows 10 (video) (2015-01-21 19:29:00)
  • Alibaba looks to take e-commerce to rural China (2015-01-21 19:25:00)
    Alibaba founder Jack Ma has shown a top Chinese official Alibaba's anti-counterfeit features and its future in rural China.
  • Able2Extract review (2015-01-21 19:25:00)
    Create and edit PDF, convert PDF to Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
  • The NBN you'll get is not the one you voted for (2015-01-21 19:21:13)
    Freed from competition by a single-minded government, NBN Co is free to cherry pick to its heart's content, drip feeding its fibre-to-the-basement services to Australia's wealthiest areas. Yet, with so many concessions made to Telstra and so much about the NBN still up in the air, there is still more lost than gained.
  • X-rays may help us read scrolls preserved in Vesuvius' eruption (2015-01-21 19:17:49)
    Researchers may soon be able to read papyrus scrolls from a villa destroyed by the volcanic eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD, The New York Times reports. X-rays allowed researchers from the Institute for Microelectronics and Microsystems in Naples, Italy to discover slight contrast between the paper and the ink. Herculaneum was barraged by very hot gas and ashes, while the other town, Pompeii, was buried in lava.
  • Republicans Wage Last-Minute Campaign To Undermine Net Neutrality Rules (2015-01-21 19:16:02)
    WASHINGTON -- Republicans are waging a last-minute campaign to gather support for net neutrality legislation that critics say will undermine the principles of a free and open Internet. A draft proposal, circulated last week by Republican lawmakers in the House and the Senate, appears to to take a firm stance in support of net neutrality. It...
  • Here's the biggest news from Microsoft's Windows 10 event (2015-01-21 19:06:00)
  • Video: See what your computer will look like running Windows 10 (2015-01-21 19:00:13)
    Wednesday’s Windows 10 event was an exciting one for dedicated Windows users, but it’ll still be several months before we have a chance to get the full experience on our own personal computers. Until then, Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore is happy to walk us through some of the new features that were unveiled today, from Cortana integration to Xbox One game streaming. FROM EARLIER: The 5 coolest things that Microsoft announced on Wednesday In the following video, Belfiore begins by discussing why Microsoft decided to make Windows 10 a free upgrade for all Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8.1 users. “Really the core idea here is to get everyone to the latest and greatest, so that they will love Windows and
  • Windows 10 for tablets: it's a lot like the desktop version (2015-01-21 18:53:34)
    Microsoft gave us an early look today at how Windows 10 will run on tablets, and it’s a little surprising. It’s essentially the same as the desktop version of Windows 10.
  • SanDisk warns of weak first half of 2015, hurt by lean inventory (2015-01-21 18:53:01)
    Memory chipmaker SanDisk Corp forecast current-quarter and full-year 2015 revenue well below Wall Street expectations, saying it would be unable to meet demand for flash memory storage chips until mid-year due to lean inventory levels. Shares of the company, which supplies memory chips for Apple Inc's iPhones, fell about 8 percent to $74.05 in after market trading. Analysts were expecting revenue of $1.60 billion, according to Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S. SanDisk, which is struggling to meet demand for new NAND memory chips, widely used in smartphones, cameras and other mobile devices, expects revenue to fall in the first and second quarters, compared with a year ago, as it works to ramp up inventory levels. SanDisk's failure to add production capacity in the past two years has led to the weaker-than-expected forecast, Pacific Crest Securities analyst Monika Garg said.
  • Windows 10 hands-on: a snappier, faster Microsoft (2015-01-21 18:52:52)
    Windows 10 finally unites tablets and laptops.
  • Twitter launches 'While you were away' recaps for its iOS app (2015-01-21 18:51:08)
    Twitter is rolling out its "While you were away" recaps for its iOS app today, after the the feature was first detailed back in November. Now when you open Twitter's official app on an Apple device, you'll be able to see a snapshot of popular or relevant tweets you missed since the last time you checked in. It's not clear which metrics Twitter uses to determine which tweets get slotted into the "While you were away" recaps, but the microblogging service says the feature uses "engagement and other factors" to display "a few of the best Tweets you probably wouldn't have seen otherwise." The new feature, similar in concept to Facebook's "top stories," breaks up Twitter's otherwise chronological timelines. Its introduction comes as Twitter plans a raft of new features, including better direct messages, designed to entice the 500 million people who visit Twitter every month to actually sign in to the service.
  • Google reportedly wants to sell wireless service through Sprint, T-Mobile (2015-01-21 18:49:30)
    The move could be the next step in Google's ever-widening ambitions to conquer the mobile world.>
  • This map shows Airbnb taking over San Francisco (2015-01-21 18:45:02)
    It's a shame that the 48-year-old progressive institution isn't around to report on the project's latest map, which shows just how quickly and widely Airbnb's influence has spread. The data visualization depicts the 6,788 vacation rentals listed on Airbnb and VRBO for San Francisco.
  • Microsoft's Windows RT isn't dead...yet (2015-01-21 18:43:20)
    The software giant says it's working on an update for the versions of its Surface tablet that used an ARM-based chip. But it will only have some of the functionality of Windows 10.>
  • BlueData's on a mission to democratize big data (2015-01-21 18:40:00)
    Learn about BlueData's turn-key solution that creates an Amazon EMR-like self-service consumption model for big data infrastructure in private data centers.
  • Microsoft HoloLens: Not holograms, exactly, but strike one in AR turf war (2015-01-21 18:33:36)
    Calling Microsoft's new immersive technology "holographic" isn't so much about what it does, but about what it feels like.>
  • Bethesda brings Elder Scrolls Online to PS4 and Xbox One (2015-01-21 18:29:54)
    The Elder Scrolls Online is making the jump to next-generation consoles -- and it's going to be free to play as well.>
  • Here's what happens when you put a camera on a person-sized squid (2015-01-21 18:29:02)
    The Humboldt squid uses pigment sacs on its skin to "flash" and to "flicker," both previously-unknown behaviors, according to a study published today in the Journal of Experimental Biology. These displays were caught on cameras mounted on top of three 6 feet-long squid by a group researchers at Stanford University and at the National Geographic Society. "This is pretty much the first study of its kind," says Hannah Rosen, a squid researcher at Stanford University and a co-author of the study.
  • Up close with the HoloLens, Microsoft's most intriguing product in years (2015-01-21 18:28:24)
    We just finished a heavily scripted, carefully managed, and completely amazing demonstration of Microsoft's HoloLens technology. We played Minecraft on a coffee table. We had somebody chart out how to fix a light switch right on top of the very thing we were fixing. You'll notice there aren't photos here, and that's because before we were even allowed into the labs where the HoloLens team tests out its user experiences, we had to deposit our cameras and phones into a locker.
  • Five Facts About Social Media Usage Today (2015-01-21 18:23:55)
    Earlier this month, the Pew Research Center released findings from a September survey of more than 2,000 American adults regarding their social media usage. As the report shows, Facebook is still king, but other platforms grew at a higher rate. Below are five findings from the report.Data from...
  • CyberGhost VPN for Mac review (2015-01-21 18:23:00)
    Anonymize yourself with your own Virtual Private Network Simple and secure
  • ESPN is filming the winter X-Games with a drone (2015-01-21 18:20:18)
    Now ESPN has told Engadget it will be filming the competitions with a drone. ESPN may be the first network to use live images from a drone during a sporting event in the United States, according to Chris Calcinari, who is the VP of ESPN's Sports Remote Production Operations. To film with drones at all, ESPN worked with the FAA.
  • Apple has accepted inspections in China: Report (2015-01-21 18:19:00)
    A Chinese official has said that Apple CEO Tim Cook agreed to have Apple products inspected by Chinese network experts to ensure information safety and national security.
  • Watch the gruesome new trailer for The Walking Dead’s fifth season (2015-01-21 18:15:05)
    The Walking Dead has never been my cup of tea, but from what I’ve been hearing, the latest season has given the show new life (pun definitely intended). When we last left our colorful cast of characters, they had begun killing each other off at a frightening pace, and based on the new trailer, the killing isn’t going to slow down in the second half of the season. FROM EARLIER: Watch the full trailer for Better Call Saul, the prequel to Breaking Bad There are only eight more episodes left in the fifth season, but in case that’s not enough to tide you over, the show has been picked up for a sixth season and AMC is also currently producing a spin-off series
  • eBay cutting staff ahead of PayPal split (2015-01-21 17:57:56)
    The e-commerce company will cut 2,400 employees this quarter, and is mulling selling off its eBay Enterprise unit ahead of the spin out of its PayPal payments service.>
  • Netflix says piracy service Popcorn Time is a real competitor (2015-01-21 17:49:56)
    Netflix isn't just worried about HBO — it's worried about pirates, too. In a letter to shareholders yesterday, Netflix says that piracy is one of its "biggest competitors," and notably, it specifically points to one piracy service that's caught its attention: Popcorn Time. Popcorn Time's app is meant to make pirating a movie as easy as streaming one on Netflix. What Popcorn Time actually is is a pretty face for downloading torrents, an activity that's typically going to be illegal when you're looking for major films and TV shows.
  • Self-destructing book gives you 24 hours to finish reading (2015-01-21 17:46:00)
  • EBay may sell enterprise unit ahead of PayPal split (2015-01-21 17:39:20)
    E-commerce company eEbay Inc on Wednesday announced an agreement with activist investor Carl Icahn that will give investors a greater say in its PayPal payments unit once it is spun off and said it exploring a sale or public offering of its enterprise unit. The moves could lay the groundwork for a future acquisition of eBay and PayPal by companies looking to gain a foothold in the e-commerce and online payments markets. Wall Street analysts have identified Alibaba , Google and Amazon as potential acquirers. EBay also said it plans to cut its workforce by 7 percent, or 2,400 jobs, in the current quarter.
  • Microsoft gives us holograms with Windows 10 (2015-01-21 17:38:30)
    Along with new details on Windows 10 and Cortana, Microsoft unveils the HoloLens holographic headset. CNET's Bridget Carey explains Microsoft's big Windows news in under three minutes.>
  • Absurd lightsaber 'Star Wars' battle shows the farce is strong (2015-01-21 17:36:08)
    A lightsaber with a crackling hilt isn't nearly weird enough. A live-action video explores just how strange lightsabers can get.>
  • Aiseesoft Mac PDF Converter Ultimate for Mac review (2015-01-21 17:35:00)
    Convert PDF files to Word, ePub, HTML, JPEG, PNG, text, and other formats
  • 5 Simple Swaps that Slim Down Everyday Cooking (2015-01-21 17:34:42)
    By: Rise Coach, Jo Bartell, MS, RD, CDN. Rise is a nutrition app that connects you with a top registered dietitian for daily coaching and accountability.Before you even start to think about revamping your personal style in the kitchen, you can give yourself a pat on the back. This video showed us what 2,000 calories looks like, making it...
  • From 'Windows Phone' to 'Windows 10': Can name change get consumers to notice? (2015-01-21 17:32:01)
    The "Windows Phone" OS will be no more, as the version of Windows 10 tailored for smaller devices will be called simply Windows 10. Will that help improve Microsoft's lot in the smartphone market?>
  • How to solve one of the most annoying little issues with Android phones (2015-01-21 17:30:43)
    One of the best things about Android is the shockingly vast range of great third-party apps in the Google Play store. Each new app expands the capabilities of your phone or tablet in any number of exciting new directions. When you first install a new app though, some of the more presumptuous developers configure their apps to automatically add a shortcut to your home screen. Then, if it’s not an app you want on your home screen, you have to go and manually remove it. The issue can certainly be annoying, but you’ll be glad to know that there’s an easy fix. DON’T MISS: Samsung is reportedly removing one of the Galaxy S5’s best features from the Galaxy S6 A quick blog
  • EBay to cut 2,400 jobs, spin off or sell enterprise unit (2015-01-21 17:23:25)
    NEW YORK (AP) — EBay plans to cut 2,400 jobs, or 7 percent of its staff, in the first quarter to simplify its structure and boost profit ahead of a planned separation of its business.
  • Windows Holographic will let NASA explore what Curiosity sees on Mars (2015-01-21 17:20:48)
    Microsoft announced the futuristic at-home augmented reality project Windows Holographic today, and one of the many different uses the company teased was a collaboration with NASA and the Curiosity rover team. Now, NASA has released more information on the software it built for Holographic, a program called OnSight. By using Microsoft's HoloLens visor, NASA scientists will be able virtually explore the areas of Mars that Curiosity is studying in a fully immersive way. It will also allow them to plan new routes for the rover, examine Curiosity's worksite from a first-person view, and conduct science experiments using the rover's data.
  • What's new in Windows 10 for PCs? A lot. (2015-01-21 17:12:00)
  • Blur for Safari review (2015-01-21 17:11:00)
    Protect your passwords, payments, and privacy
  • Meet Surface Hub: Microsoft's fresh take on videoconferencing (2015-01-21 17:08:05)
    Two years after acquiring touchscreen maker Perceptive Pixel, Microsoft has an 84-inch display it hopes will transform workplace productivity and teleconferencing.>
  • F5 Networks revenue misses estimates as big deals slow down (2015-01-21 17:05:58)
    (Reuters) - Network equipment maker F5 Networks Inc reported revenue that missed Wall Street's estimates for the first time in eight quarters due to a fall in the number of large deals. The company also forecast current-quarter revenue and profit below market estimates, sending its shares down nearly 16 percent in extended trading. " ... Product sales during the quarter reflected a marked decrease in the number of deals greater than $1 million," Chief Executive John McAdam said in a statement. The company's revenue rose 13.8 percent to $462.8 million in the first quarter ended Dec. 31, but fell short of analysts average estimates of $467.2 million, according to Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S. Net income rose 31 percent to $89.1 million, or $1.21 per share.
  • Microsoft shows off Windows 10 and 'HoloLens' (2015-01-21 17:03:44)
    REDMOND, Wash. (AP) — Microsoft on Wednesday took the wraps off a new version of Windows — and a new wearable 3D gadget it calls the HoloLens.
  • EBay to cut jobs, sell enterprise unit ahead of PayPal split (2015-01-21 17:01:44)
    By Deepa Seetharaman SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - EBay Inc plans to cut its workforce by 7 percent, or 2,400 jobs, in the current quarter and is exploring a sale or public offering of its enterprise unit as the e-commerce company prepares to split from its payments division, PayPal, this year. The jobs will be cut across the marketplace, payments and enterprise divisions, eBay said on Wednesday in its fourth-quarter earnings report. EBay said it entered into a standstill agreement with Carl Icahn, its largest active shareholder, and appointed to its board Icahn Capital executive Jonathan Christodoro.
  • AVS Media Player review (2015-01-21 17:00:00)
    Play your audio, video, and view pictures on your desktop
  • Apple's latest Logic Pro X update embraces dubstep and Yosemite (2015-01-21 16:58:24)
    Logic users, Apple has not forgotten you. Apple's also added support for Yosemite's Mail Drop and AirDrop to send projects to a nearby device. Along with the main app, Apple also updated its two companion apps for Logic, Logic Remote and MainStage. On MainStage, Apple says it's expanded its sound library to more than 200 new synth patches, added a new plug-in to sample hardware synthesizers, and redesigned the look of its compressor plug-in.
  • ESPN is bringing camera drones to the X Games (2015-01-21 16:50:00)
  • A drone was flown on the floor of Congress (2015-01-21 16:49:07)
    The House Science, Space, and Technology Committee conducted a hearing today on the current state of research and development in the drone industry. For the most part it was your typical C-SPAN fare, with a lot of lengthy soliloquies on what drones are, what they can do, and how to make flying them safer. "We had to get permission to fly a drone in the committee room as well," said Chairman Lamar Smith.
  • Xiaomi tries to bash the iPhone 6 Plus, inadvertently shows how much it rips off Apple (2015-01-21 16:48:58)
    If you thought that Apple had fun successfully suing Samsung for alleged patent infringement, just wait to see what happens if Xiaomi ever brings its devices to the U.S. Xiaomi has posted a new video that tries to make fun of Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus and promote its own Mi Note, but the company just inadvertently shows how much its phones rip off Apple’s. RELATED: Apple ripoff master Xiaomi just announced worthy iPhone 6 Plus rivals In the video, Xiaomi mocks the iPhone 6 Plus for having a less-than-attractive protruding camera module, which is different from the flat camera modules that have come with earlier iPhone models. The company starts off the ad by taking a frying pan and using it to jokingly hammer down
  • Microsoft's Windows RT isn't dead ... yet (2015-01-21 16:41:13)
    The software giant says it's working on an update for the versions of its Surface tablet that used an ARM-based chip. But it will only have some of the functionality of Windows 10.>
  • eBay Q4: Company announces plan to cut 2,400 jobs with possible sale of eBay Enterprise (2015-01-21 16:41:00)
    Despite posting a strong Q4, eBay says it is planning a workforce reduction across eBay Marketplaces, PayPal, and eBay Enterprise, as well as a possible sale or an IPO for its Enterprise division.
  • OkMap review (2015-01-21 16:38:00)
    Work with digital maps and import vectorial data from different formats
  • Minecraft — more than anything else — could make HoloLens a hit, and here's why (2015-01-21 16:32:56)
    How do you guarantee thousands of early adopters for your batty, futuristic augmented reality headset? You promise a chance to enter the world of the most popular video game on the planet. Today, Microsoft announced HoloLens, an augmented reality headset that will fill your home with hovering weather updates and virtual flat screen TVs, but the standout moment of the demonstration involved a man chipping away at the real world and entering the land of Minecraft. Microsoft acquired Minecraft and its studio, Mojang, in November of last year for a reported $2.5 billion.
  • Google allegedly close to launching its own wireless service using Sprint and T-Mobile (2015-01-21 16:30:47)
    Google is working on its own wireless service for phones that would piggyback on the networks of T-Mobile and Sprint, The Information reports. The company's interest in providing internet service directly to consumers has grown in recent years, both in developed markets — Google Fiber, for instance — and in rural areas through Project Loon and Google's recent investment in SpaceX. Google, Apple, and other Valley giants have been tied up in MVNO rumors for many years, dating back to the launch of the original iPhone.
  • Why is the Microsoft HoloLens team so obsessed with motorcycles? (2015-01-21 16:29:22)
    Microsoft's HoloLens headset is designed to bridge the gap between digital and real — and the best examples of that convergence are apparently all motorcycle-related. Case in point: The company released two videos presenting its vision of HoloLens, each showcasing things like playing Minecraft in a living room and walking on Mars. But mostly it's about designing and maintaining the perfect two-wheeler.
  • Windows 10 aims to be core of connected devices (2015-01-21 16:15:58)
    Microsoft pulled back the curtain Wednesday on the upcoming Windows 10 operating system focused on bringing harmony to the diverse array of Internet gadgets in people's lives. As it previewed the new operating system, Microsoft also unexpectedly added to the roster of modern gadgets with the unveiling of headgear that overlays holograms on the real world and lets wearers use their hands to interact with virtual objects. Microsoft chief executive Satya Nadella touted HoloLens capabilities that will debut with Windows 10 later this year as the next generation of computing. "The number of devices is just exploding around us," Microsoft's Terry Myerson said during a presentation to press and analysts at the company's headquarters in Redmond, Washington.
  • Microsoft has finally stopped using the name Windows Phone (2015-01-21 16:08:27)
    Microsoft, the company that brought you names like Windows RT 8.1 and Windows Phone 7 Series, finally has a single name for its core Windows products: Windows 10. The next version of its operating system will be called Windows 10 whether it's running on a phone, a tablet, a laptop, or a desktop PC. Microsoft has been making a big deal about the ability for "universal" apps to run across different form factors — from phones to the desktop — so branding it all as the same system should help consumers understand that it's meant to be a consistent platform. This isn't entirely unexpected — and really, Microsoft has been trimming the name down ever since "7 Series" was announced.
  • Uber to raise $1.6 billion in convertible debt: source (2015-01-21 16:07:17)
    Online ride-sharing company Uber Technologies Inc has raised $1.6 billion in convertible debt from wealth management clients of Goldman Sachs Group Inc, a person familiar with the matter told Reuters. Uber said in December that it raised $1.2 billion in its latest round of funding and had additional capacity for strategic investments, valuing the U.S. taxi service firm at $40 billion. A spokesperson for Goldman Sachs confirmed the news.
  • WhatsApp adds messaging from Web (2015-01-21 16:02:40)
    The popular mobile messaging application WhatsApp, acquired by Facebook last year for nearly $22 billion, unveiled a new service Wednesday for sending messages from a Web browser. WhatsApp, which claims some 500 million users, said its Web service will be a "mirror" and would require an Internet-connected phone to work. "Our Web client is simply an extension of your phone: the Web browser mirrors conversations and messages from your mobile device -- this means all of your messages still live on your phone," WhatsApp said in a blog post. Facebook in October completed its buy of WhatsApp in a stock-and-cash deal.
  • Microsoft debuts hologram goggles (2015-01-21 16:01:12)
    Microsoft unveiled headgear on Wednesday that overlays holograms on the real world, in what it touted as the next generation of computing. The US technology titan debuted its HoloLens capabilities built into its coming Windows 10 operating system and showed off goggles that let wearers use their hands to interact with virtual objects. "Until now, we've immersed ourselves in the world of technology," Microsoft's Alex Kipman said introducing HoloLens at a press event at the firm's Washington state headquarters. Kipman said he invited virtual reality innovators, including Facebook-owned Oculus VR, to explore adapting different applications for the goggles.
  • Google is going sell wireless data plans ‘directly’ to consumers (2015-01-21 16:00:57)
    We’ve heard rumors about Google getting into the wireless carrier business for a while now but now it looks like the search giant is finally getting ready to pull the trigger. The Information has a huge scoop where it reports that Google is going to sell its own wireless voice and data plans “directly” to consumers. RELATED: It’s official: Google invests $1 billion into SpaceX As other reports have indicated, Google will apparently buy wholesale access from Sprint and T-Mobile’s mobile data networks, which makes sense since Google wouldn’t have enough spectrum of its own to become a completely independent wireless carrier. The Information says that Google wants to sell its own wireless plans because “the Internet conglomerate is increasingly wading into
  • 'Nova' rumors point to Google launching its own phone service (2015-01-21 15:59:00)
  • The studio behind Tiny Tower is making an Apple Watch game (2015-01-21 15:33:32)
    With Apple's smartwatch reportedly going on sale soon, it's time to see what some of the first wrist-worn apps will look like — and Tiny Tower developer Nimblebit has revealed that its next game will be among them. As Touch Arcade reports, while not designed exclusively for the Apple Watch, Nimblebit's new game Letterpad will be coming to the platform in addition to iOS. The studio even released a mockup showing what the word game will look like on the watch. The game is still in development, and no release date has been set, but it looks like a good example of what gaming on the Apple Watch might end up looking like — relatively straightforward experiences that are still playable on a tiny screen, and games that you can play in short bursts.
  • The funniest thing you’ll see today: Watch elders play Grand Theft Auto V (2015-01-21 15:30:35)
    The Grand Theft Auto series of video games is widely known for being among the more ruthless and violent popular game franchises, and GTA V obviously pushes the boundaries even further than earlier installments in the series. So, what happens when you take a fun group of elderly men and women and sit them down in front of Grand Theft Auto V? Yes, it’s just as funny as you thought it would be. DON’T MISS: Samsung is reportedly removing one of the Galaxy S5’s best features from the Galaxy S6 Needless to say, none of the subjects of REACT’s new YouTube video are gamers, so there’s an obvious learning curve here. Once these senior citizens get going, however, they’re out for blood.
  • The first around-the-world flight in a solar airplane will launch this March (2015-01-21 15:28:03)
    In around two months, the team behind the solar-powered aircraft Solar Impulse 2 will attempt the first ever around-the-world flight powered only by sunlight. After unveiling the Solar Impulse 2 last April, the Solar Impulse team announced today a timeline and route for the flight, which will launch in late February or early March. After taking off in Abu Dhabi, the Solar Impulse 2 will make stops in Oman, India, Myanmar, China, the US, and Southern Europe or North Africa before landing back in Abu Dhabi sometime in August. The Solar Impulse 2 has a 236-foot wingspan covered in 17,248 solar cells that power four 17.4-horsepower electric motors, but altogether it weighs just 5,000 pounds — less than an adult hippopotamus.
  • Microsoft introduces the Surface Hub for business meetings (2015-01-21 15:26:08)
    Microsoft creates an 84-inch, Windows 10-powered digital whiteboard aimed at making meetings more productive.>
  • Windows 10 on small tablets looks like a miniature PC (2015-01-21 15:24:33)
    Microsoft is giving us an early look today at how Windows 10 will run on tablets, and it’s a little surprising. While many had hoped the Windows Phone interface would simply scale up, it seems Microsoft is taking the approach of scaling the Windows 10 desktop down to small tablets. There’s a taskbar, a desktop mode, and all the regular Windows apps you’d expect to see.
  • HoloLens, Surface Hub, a smarter Cortana and more Windows 10 details: Everything Microsoft just announced (2015-01-21 15:21:03)
    In its second public preview of the new OS, Microsoft introduced a holographic system baked into Windows 10, along with more "mundane" features like universal applications and Cortana as a personal assistant.>
  • Twitter just launched its phone-based password killer (2015-01-21 15:20:30)
    First announced in October, Twitter's Digits comes as other "password-killer" platforms like FIDO are also hitting the market. It's also part of a new push for more product development within Twitter, alongside a suite of mobile development tools called Fabric and a crash-tracking app called Crashlytics. "As the platform grows, you won’t think about Twitter as just the consumer app," Twitter's VP of product for revenue Kevin Weil told The Verge in October.
  • 4chan founder to retire from site he started at age 15 (2015-01-21 15:16:20)
    NEW YORK (AP) — The founder of the popular, if at times notorious, online message board 4chan is retiring as the site's administrator.
  • Read this James Patterson book in 24 hours, or it will self-destruct (2015-01-21 15:13:19)
    Choose between $300,000 for a self-destructing physical copy of "Private Vegas," or try your luck at getting a self-destructing digital version with a 24-hour countdown timer.>
  • OneSafe for Mac review (2015-01-21 15:12:00)
    Manage your passwords with iPhone and iPad sync
  • James Patterson's newest novel will self-destruct after 24 hours (2015-01-21 15:11:12)
    Advance copies of the book, Private Vegas, will be unlocked digitally for 1,000 readers with secret codes (available now), who will have just one day to read it before it vanishes. Patterson is calling this the "world's first" self-destructing book, but we've seen attempts like it before: In 1992, William Gibson released the 300-line poem Agrippa (A Book of the Dead) on floppy disk, which was programmed to encrypt itself after a single use. Readers with the self-destructing copies of Private Vegas can chart their progress against other readers using the book's app for iOS 7 or 8.
  • Microsoft HoloLens: not a hologram, exactly, but Microsoft's first strike in an augmented-reality turf war (2015-01-21 15:11:01)
    Calling Microsoft's new immersive technology "holographic" isn't so much about what it does, but about what it feels like. Augmented reality needs that, and this won't be the last time we see this tech.>
  • It's official: Washington D.C. is now Google's town (2015-01-21 15:08:53)
    Google joined the lobbying elite in 2012 with competitive spending on lobbyists, and just two years later it cleared an impressive new hurdle. According to official lobby disclosures for the last year, and today reported by Consumer Watchdog, Google eclipsed telecommunications behemoths — spending more on lobbying in 2014 than AT&T, Verizon, and Comcast. While pure spending doesn't translate directly into influence, it's still an important number for Google and other companies in the tech industry. Google and other allies have been locked in a battle with established lobbying giants like Comcast and AT&T over net neutrality, which is now reaching a pivotal moment as the FCC prepares to make a decision on Title II regulation amid certain Republican opposition.
  • Twitter is ready to replace your apps' web passwords with phone numbers (2015-01-21 15:05:00)
  • The 5 coolest things that Microsoft announced on Wednesday (2015-01-21 15:04:29)
    Microsoft had a huge media event on Wednesday and made several exciting announcements that really showed how much the company has changed under new CEO Satya Nadella. Below we’ve listed the five most important things that Microsoft announced on Wednesday, starting with an announcement that just about every current Windows user will cheer. Windows 10 will be free for Windows 8 and Windows 7 users. This is something that would have been hard to imagine happening five years ago. Microsoft really wants people to use its latest software, so it’s taken a page from Apple and Google and is letting its users upgrade their hardware to Windows 10 for free. Windows 7 users only have a year to take advantage
  • Memory Diag for Mac review (2015-01-21 15:03:00)
    Monitor and optimize your memory usage from the menu bar
  • Developer has plans to preserve Westinghouse atom smasher (2015-01-21 14:58:15)
    FOREST HILLS, Pa. (AP) — A developer has knocked over the Westinghouse atom smasher east of Pittsburgh but plans to preserve the structure no matter what happens to the property it was on.
  • Windows 10 finally unites tablets and laptops (2015-01-21 14:57:58)
    We've just spent a few minutes with a build of Windows 10 on a few different computers, including a Microsoft Surface Pro 3. Microsoft has essentially made the distinction between desktop apps and "Modern" apps (or whatever we're calling them these days) invisible to the end user. The exact way it will work will vary from OEM to OEM, in some cases you will still have a persistent task bar in tablet mode, but on some smaller tablets you won't. It's not all good, consistent news when it comes to understanding how Windows 10 handles windows.
  • Wear our strange headband and save lives, say inventors (2015-01-21 14:56:53)
    Technically Incorrect: The U-Wake's creators say it prevents drivers from falling asleep at the wheel. A slight problem is that you have to wear it on your forehead when you drive.>
  • Treating young autistic mice with oxytocin improves their social behavior (2015-01-21 14:55:27)
    Treating young mice who display symptoms of autism with oxytocin, a hormone involved in human bonding, improves their social behavior for as much as a week, according to a study published in Science Translational Medicine today. About 1 in 68 children have some form of autism spectrum disorder, according to the CDC, and it’s about five times more common in boys. There is no cure for autism, and the disorder is costly: taking care of a child with autism spectrum disorder costs about $17,000 more per year than caring for a child without it, the CDC says. In the study, researchers investigated the effects of oxytocin on adult and juvenile mice who have been genetically modified to display symptoms of autism.
  • Feds found Silk Road 2 servers after a six-month attack on Tor (2015-01-21 14:51:11)
    The Silk Road 2 trial was made possibly by a six-month long attack on Tor, according to recently pubished court documents. Prosecutors are still making their case against the alleged Silk Road 2 kingpin, Blake Benthall (not to be confused with the Silk Road's Ross Ulbricht, who is also currently on trial), but Benthall's trial is already shedding new light on how law enforcement circumvented Benthall's anonymity tools. A search warrant made out for the arrest of one of the Silk Road 2's vendors describes a six-month long infiltration campaign aimed at Tor's hidden services, the same system that kept Silk Road 2 users anonymous. Eventually, that trail led investigators back to the Silk Road 2's servers, resulting in the raid that took down the site in November.
  • Microsoft jumps into augmented reality with HoloLens (2015-01-21 14:49:12)
    The company's Windows 10 event brings an unexpected entry into the burgeoning field already staked out by Google Glass and Oculus Rift.>
  • Take a look at Microsoft's Surface Hub in action (2015-01-21 14:48:13)
    During its event earlier today, Microsoft showed off its Surface Hub, a new large screen multitouch device that runs Windows 10, and now you can watch it in action. Born out of Microsoft's 2012 acquisition of Perceptive Pixel, the Surface Hub is essentially a big TV (available in either 55-inch or 84-inch 4K variations) that accepts touch or pen input, run Office 365, and thanks to dual cameras, can run Skype for business. Microsoft still isn't saying how much it will cost, but since the company is targeting businesses, it probably won't be cheap.
  • Free WhatsApp Recovery for Mac review (2015-01-21 14:48:00)
    Free iOS devices WhatsApp Recovery for Mac OS X
  • EU could demand that Web firms decrypt emails: adviser (2015-01-21 14:21:42)
    By Alastair Macdonald and Robert-Jan Bartunek BRUSSELS (Reuters) - The European Union should consider forcing Internet firms to help security services tap into coded emails and calls as part of a new strategy to combat militant attacks, the EU counter-terrorism coordinator says. The controversial proposal appears in a briefing paper from Gilles de Kerchove for EU interior ministers meeting next week which was reviewed by Reuters. De Kerchove noted that scandal over U.S. spying on global networks had prompted companies to offer more encryption. Stressing that any measures must respect fundamental rights, he wrote: "The Commission should be invited to explore rules obliging Internet and telecommunications companies operating in the EU to provide ... access of the relevant national authorities to communications (ie share encryption keys)." A spokesman for de Kerchove declined to comment on the paper.
  • Watch Microsoft's Joe Belfiore walk through the biggest new Windows 10 features (2015-01-21 14:11:04)
    Microsoft is in the process of wrapping up its huge Windows 10 event, and the company just put up an 8-minute video that'll show you the biggest features the company announced today. Hosted by Joe Belfiore, you'll get a good look at Cortana's heavy integration in Windows 10, a preview of the new Project Spartan web browser, and a demo of Windows 10 running on Windows Phone, among other new bits. For now, this video is a good way to get caught up with the big new Windows 10 features announced today.
  • Adblock Plus for Safari for Mac review (2015-01-21 14:07:00)
    Block all annoying ads online also YouTube ads, pop-ups, banners, Facebook ads
  • Microsoft shows off holographic lens device at Windows briefing (2015-01-21 14:06:25)
    SEATTLE (Reuters) - Microsoft Corp on Wednesday unveiled a holographic lens device that allows users to see three-dimensional renderings of computer-generated images. The device, called Microsoft HoloLens, has no wires and looks like a visor. It ups the stakes in the emerging market for virtual reality, being targeted by Facebook Inc's Oculus. The device will be available around the same time as Windows 10 this autumn, a Microsoft executive said at a presentation at Microsoft's headquarters near Seattle. (Reporting by Bill Rigby; Editing by Chris Reese)
  • Watch Microsoft annotate The Verge with the new Windows 10 web browser (2015-01-21 14:05:53)
    When Microsoft unveiled Project Spartan, its new Windows 10 web browser, we couldn't help but notice one of the tabs was our report from early January. Sure enough, Microsoft's Joe Belfiore used the article to highlight Spartan's note-taking feature. "I saw this and I said, oh baby. Sometimes you guys don't get it right and sometimes you do." Hey, at least he has a good sense of humor about leaks.
  • Google, Viacom win dismissal of children's web privacy lawsuit (2015-01-21 13:59:36)
    Google Inc and Viacom Inc won the dismissal of a nationwide privacy lawsuit accusing them of illegally tracking the Internet activity of boys and girls who visited Nickelodeon's website, in order to send targeted advertising. The lawsuit claimed that Viacom secretly kept track of children under the age of 13 who streamed videos and played video games on its website, and shared what it learned with Google. It said both companies then without permission put text files known "cookies" into the children's computers, letting them gather additional information that advertisers could use. The lawsuit was brought on behalf of young children who registered to use
  • Microsoft to give away Windows 10 as free upgrade (2015-01-21 13:58:10)
    By Bill Rigby SEATTLE (Reuters) - Microsoft Corp will give away its upcoming Windows 10 operating system as a free upgrade to users of the most recent versions of Windows and Windows Phone, as the world's largest software company tries to hold onto customers in the new mobile era that has largely bypassed it. The announcement by Terry Myerson, who runs Microsoft's operating systems group, is a marked change for Microsoft, which has charged for new versions of Windows, one of its main profit drivers. "It's a necessary evil as CEO Satya Nadella and Microsoft have recognized the 'golden goose' and major revenue opportunities will happen after the upgrades have taken place" said Daniel Ives, an analyst at FBR Capital Markets.
  • Photofy review (2015-01-21 13:53:15)
    Enhance photos with individualized charm
  • Microsoft is going beyond virtual reality with Windows Holographic (2015-01-21 13:51:16)
    One of the most intriguing questions leading up to the Windows 10 event this week was whether or not Microsoft would discuss its vision for virtual reality. But the company’s vision goes beyond virtual reality — Microsoft wants to make holograms a part of our daily lives with Windows Holographic. MORE WINDOWS: Here’s how Microsoft is bringing Xbox One games to Windows 10 The holographic APIs behind Windows Holographic will be built into every Windows 10 device. This is going to be an all-encompassing venture for Microsoft. Developers see it as a new way to “blend your digital life with your physical life,” bringing work and play from the screen into the real world. There will be new hardware as well. This is
  • How Continuum will work in Windows 10 (2015-01-21 13:47:57)
    Microsoft is making Windows 10 friendly for computer-tablet hybrids.>
  • Microsoft's 'Spartan' browser makes official debut (2015-01-21 13:47:49)
    The newest competitor to Internet Explorer comes from Microsoft itself. Project Spartan is the company's take on browsing in Windows 10.>
  • Windows Holographic is Microsoft's take on augmented reality (2015-01-21 13:47:23)
  • WhatsApp launches a web client for Chrome and Android (2015-01-21 13:41:57)
    WhatsApp is coming to the desktop, thanks to a web client that launched today for Chrome and Android.
  • Microsoft announces Windows Holographic with HoloLens headset (2015-01-21 13:41:45)
    Microsoft has just revealed its next great innovation: Windows Holographic! It's an augmented reality experience that employs a headset, much like all the VR goggles that are currently rising in popularity, but Microsoft's solution adds holograms to the world around you. The HoloLens headset is described as "the most advanced holographic computer the world has ever seen." It's a self-contained computer, including a CPU, a GPU, and a dedicated holographic processor. HoloLens, says Microsoft, will be available in the Windows 10 timeframe.
  • Microsoft to deliver free upgrades to Windows 10 (2015-01-21 13:40:01)
    The company hopes to encourage customers to embrace its new operating system by offering a free refresh for multiple devices.>
  • Microsoft just unveiled the closest thing to Apple’s mythical TV we’ve seen: The Surface Hub (2015-01-21 13:38:40)
    Who needs Apple’s mythical “iTV?” Microsoft on Wednesday unveiled a massive new Windows device called the Surface Hub that’s an 84-inch 4K display that runs on Windows 10. This isn’t a consumer-centric product, however — the Surface Hub is an enterprise-centric device intended to foster workplace collaboration. Among other things, the device can act as a monitor in meeting rooms that will offer enough space to run Skype, PowerPoint and other key Microsoft productivity software at once on a gigantic display. FROM EARLIER: Awesome news: Windows 10 will be completely free for Windows 8 and Windows 7 users No pricing for the device has yet been announced but we imagine it won’t be cheap, which likely explains why it’s being targeted
  • Xbox One and Windows 10: new best friends (2015-01-21 13:38:22)
    The Xbox One will work with Windows products better than before: makes sense, doesn't it? All the latest from Microsoft's event.>
  • Microsoft reveals the 'Surface Hub,' an 84-inch 4K all-in-one (2015-01-21 13:37:03)
  • The post-PC era is about to return with a vengeance (2015-01-21 13:36:48)
    Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, the idea that we’ve entered a “post PC era" is about to make a huge comeback in 2015.
  • Xbox head teases Battletoads with t-shirt at Windows 10 event (2015-01-21 13:35:15)
    Head of Xbox Phil Spencer hinted yet again at the announcement of a new Battletoads during today's Windows 10 event. Spencer, known for wearing t-shirts promoting upcoming Xbox games, sported a green tee with a large Battletoads logo, though he never mentioned the game by name. Microsoft filed for the Battletoads trademark in November of last year.
  • Microsoft announces 84-inch Surface Hub tailored for Windows 10 (2015-01-21 13:33:21)
    Microsoft has just unveiled a whole new category of device designed to showcase Windows 10. It's called the Surface Hub. As the next evolution of the company's  Perceptive Pixel project, Surface Hub features an 84-inch 4K display with support for multi-touch and pen input. The massive screen also includes dual cameras, microphones, and a wide array of "advanced sensors," Microsoft says, though it's not yet sharing full details on all that's inside Surface Hub.
  • Windows 10 is coming to Xbox One (2015-01-21 13:31:46)
    We've already seen how the Xbox app (and Xbox One streaming) is coming to Windows 10, and now we get to reverse that. Aside from jokes about using Excel on a game console — which is to say, no Microsoft isn't planning that — not much else was discussed here (we're cautiously optimistic that we'll learn more at the annual Game Developers Conference in March). At today's event, Microsoft also announced a new Xbox app for Windows 10 and, more importantly, Xbox One streaming to Windows 10 devices.
  • Syrian group hacks French newspaper's Twitter account (2015-01-21 13:30:13)
    A group of pro-Syrian regime hackers briefly took over the Twitter account of France's Le Monde newspaper early Wednesday, tweeting several messages including one reading "Je ne suis pas Charlie". The tweet was a negative reference to the "Je Suis Charlie" (I am Charlie) hashtag that became a popular way of showing solidarity in the wake of this month's Islamist attack on the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo that left 12 people dead. The Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) also managed to tweet in support of Palestine and against the bombing of Syria before the account was suspended. Le Monde's account was back up Wednesday morning with a tweet reading: "Our account was hacked, but we have it back under control.
  • Here’s how Microsoft is bringing Xbox One games to Windows 10 (2015-01-21 13:30:01)
    Microsoft is getting serious about gaming on PC in 2015. Every Windows 10 PC and tablet will have an Xbox app once the operating system launches later this year. Within the app, you’ll find the same activity feed that exists on your Xbox One, showing you everything that your Xbox Live friends have been up to lately. MORE WINDOWS: Microsoft unveils Project Spartan, its completely redesigned next-generation web browser Many of the features that you know and love from the Xbox One will also appear on Windows 10 devices, including Game DVR, allowing players to record clips of their games. There’s even an option to capture the last 30 seconds of gameplay in case you missed something incredible before you could hit
  • Xbox One games will stream to any Windows 10 PC or tablet (2015-01-21 13:29:55)
  • Windows 10: The big questions ahead (2015-01-21 13:29:00)
    Microsoft highlighted the features in Windows 10 and outlined how it plans to connect the economic, developer and customer dots. Will it work?
  • The top moments from Microsoft's Windows 10 event (2015-01-21 13:28:33)
    Microsoft showed off its new desktop operating system and other projects it's been working on.>
  • Minube review (2015-01-21 13:27:58)
    Re�??�?�­live your trips by identifying exactly where each of your travel photos were taken
  • Scientists create artificial organisms that depend on lab food to stop their spread (2015-01-21 13:25:10)
    Today, two groups of scientists announced they've created modified E. coli strains that requires lab-made food in order to survive — so if any of these altered E. coli make it to the wild, they're toast.
  • Windows 10 browser includes Cortana, note-taking and offline reading (2015-01-21 13:25:08)
  • Xbox on Windows 10: social features, game DVR and more (2015-01-21 13:21:03)
  • Dropbox buys Israeli startup CloudOn (2015-01-21 13:18:00)
    The purchase gives Dropbox its first presence in Israel, as well as a suite of document editing and workflow tools.
  • Microsoft reveals Xbox app for Windows 10 with Game DVR (2015-01-21 13:14:46)
    Microsoft is bringing at least part of the Xbox experience to Windows 10. Xbox gaming chief Phil Spencer, conspicuously wearing a Battletoads t-shirt, has taken the stage to show off the Xbox app. So far it looks like a more complete version of Microsoft's SmartGlass app, allowing you to view your games collection and chat with people on Xbox Live. You can view, comment on, and share clips through the Xbox app.
  • Music is coming to Microsoft OneDrive this year (2015-01-21 13:14:28)
  • 10 essential apps you should install on your iPhone 6 right now (2015-01-21 12:14:11)
    We constantly share cool new iOS and Android apps here on BGR in an effort to help readers get the most out of their smartphones and tablets. These apps often serve very specific purposes and while they’re always great to have on your device, they’re often not what you might consider to be essential apps. So now it’s time to take a look at a quick list of 10 apps that new iPhone users especially should check out, because they might just become some of the most used apps on your phone. DON’T MISS: This cool new free app brings Apple Pay where it has never gone before It might not be as fun as our lists of paid iPhone and iPad
  • Minecraft leak wasn't company's fault, Microsoft says (2015-01-21 12:00:54)
    Microsoft says the list of more than 1,800 e-mail addresses and passwords was compiled through phishing attacks and malware.>
  • John C. Reilly's Dr. Steve Brule returns next month for a 30-minute Adult Swim special (2015-01-21 11:52:47)
    Okay, with that out of the way... Dr. Steve Brule is back! Adult Swim will air a 30-minute special entitled Bagboy, which Entertainment Weekly describes as a failed sitcom pilot starring Brule as a grocery store employee who tries to stop a shoplifter (in the world of Tim & Eric, Channel 5 shelved the show "due to its substandard quality and low entertainment value").
  • Russia will give scheduling preference to local films over Hollywood (2015-01-21 11:51:36)
    The Russian government announced today it will take control of the country's movie release schedule in an effort to give local films an advantage over Hollywood. The culture ministry has obtained the rights to shuffle the release date of a Hollywood movie if it coincides with the release of a major Russian film, The Hollywood Reporter reports. In the announcement, culture minister Vladimir Medinsky (pictured above, center) said, "We are only worried about releases of Russian films.
  • New York-São Paulo undersea link goes ahead (2015-01-21 11:50:56)
    The first fiber optic cable connecting the two countries will be ready within two years
  • 4chan founder Moot is leaving the site (2015-01-21 11:49:05)
    Christopher "Moot" Poole is stepping down as the administrator of 4chan, the iconic (and occasionally infamous) message board he founded at the age of 15. As 4chan's sole administrator, decision maker, and keeper of most of its institutional knowledge, I've come to represent an uncomfortably large single point of failure." For now, it seems, he'll be staying away from the site, but it probably won't be his last interaction with it. 4chan, which currently claims around 20 million monthly visitors, has an influential but checkered history. 4chan was originally a central meeting place for adherents of what would become the "Gamergate" movement, but Poole banned discussion of it from the site, partly because of members who led "raids" or attacks on Gamergate's targets.
  • Microsoft’s big Windows 10 event is about to start – watch live right here! (2015-01-21 11:45:02)
    The first major Windows 10 event of 2015 has finally arrived. In just a few short minutes, you’ll be able to watch Terry Myerson, Joe Belfiore, Phil Spencer and Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella discuss the future of the Windows operating system and how it will affect everything in the company’s arsenal going forward. READ MORE: Will Windows 10 be a PC gamer’s dream come true? Microsoft has been fairly tight-lipped about the details of the event, but there are a few things we’re expecting to see once the executives take the stage. One of the most exciting aspects of the release of Windows 10 is how Microsoft is planning to bring all Windows devices up to speed with one another. By 2016, all of your
  • Watch Microsoft's Windows 10 keynote right here! (2015-01-21 11:45:00)
  • Airbnb comes under fire in New York City (2015-01-21 11:44:39)
    Whoever handles New York City Hall’s crowd control has a flair for stagecraft. New York has emerged as Airbnb’s largest market and its most contentious. The company says it has 25,000 active hosts in the city and argues that that the money guests bring in bolsters local businesses and helps New Yorkers pay their gallingly high rents.
  • Live from Microsoft's Windows 10 event! (2015-01-21 11:42:49)
  • IBM's z13 mainframe: An intriguing option for certain data centers (2015-01-21 11:40:42)
    The IBM z13 mainframe has impressive specs, though it does have its drawbacks. See if this might be a good choice for your data center.
  • This is the Samsung Galaxy S6 Unpacked (2015-01-21 11:35:15)
    Samsung’s Galaxy S5 was a monster flagship, except we’ve been able to put together everything you need to know about Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S6, and it’s shaping up to be the most amazing phone we’ve ever heard of. DON’T MISS: Bloomberg report uncovers key Galaxy S6 details – and possible release timing From a CPU that’s 50% faster, to an incredible quad-HD display, Samsung hit every angle with this year’s flagship phone. It will also have a payment feature which works with magnetic and NFC terminals, incredible cameras, and a gorgeous glass and metal body. This is shaping up to be the Android phone to beat this coming year. We were sent photos from our trusted source, though we were not allowed
  • Five Smart B2B Business Moves for 2015 (2015-01-21 11:35:10)
    The Brick and Mortar experience is changing rapidly for the B2B space today. Websites have become the key sales tool for most B2B companies and they are willing to increase their technology budgets to gain additional market share. In fact, companies have built eCommerce specific designations into their organizational charts. Projections made by...
  • Amazon pulls its Prime-exclusive diapers after just six weeks (2015-01-21 11:29:48)
    Amazon's $99-per-year Prime service gets you a lot of things, including free two-day shipping, access to its streaming video library, and a lending library for Kindle owners. For about six weeks, Amazon Prime also gave you exclusive access to Amazon-branded diapers. After launching in early December, Amazon Elements' Soft & Cozy diapers have been pulled from the store. Amazon Elements is touted as a premium line where you can see "when and where items were made, why each ingredient was included, where the ingredients were sourced" and more via scanning a code on the packaging with Amazon's mobile app.
  • 'Elder Scrolls Online' finally arrives on consoles this June without subscriptions (2015-01-21 11:28:00)
  • This is Windows 10 on tablets (2015-01-21 11:23:00)
    Microsoft's big Windows 10 event hasn't gotten underway just yet, but we've already gotten a brief glimpse of what's to come for tablets. Pictured here is Dell's Venue 11 Pro running none other than Microsoft's latest operating system. You can clearly see some of the design changes that Microsoft has made to the Start Screen. Search is running on the left side, though sadly there are no immediate signs of Cortana and other major additions to Windows 10 we're expecting to hear about in less than an hour.
  • Acer has two tough new Chromebooks for the classroom (2015-01-21 11:22:55)
    Acer is one of the best Chromebook manufacturers out there, and today it's unveiling two new machines that it wants to see enter the classroom. The Chromebooks are two different sizes — one has a 15.6-inch display and the other has an 11.6-inch display — but the standout feature here is what they have in common: both are built to be tough enough to withstand drops and general mishandling. Acer says that both Chromebooks have "reinforced covers" that are able to withstand 60kg of force as well as "reinforced" hinges that are capable of standing up to unusual twisting and stress. The larger Chromebook, called the C910, will have a 16GB or 32GB SSD and 4GB of RAM, and it'll have the option of either a 1920 x 1080 display or a 1366 x 768 display (naturally, you'll want the former — but the latter is meant to "meet the budgets of schools").
  • The Other Shoe Drops: The Importance of Cybersecurity Insurance Post-Sony (2015-01-21 11:22:19)
    In late November, an anonymous hacking group that calls themselves "Guardians of Peace," reportedly operating out of North Korea, breached Sony's servers, leaking, among other things, hundreds of thousands of emails and copies of upcoming Sony films. This breach, which provided a sometimes unflattering look at Sony and the business of...
  • iOS 8 adoption rate hits the doldrums (2015-01-21 11:20:44)
    The number of people jumping to the latest version of Apple's mobile OS has slowed down dramatically, according to Apple's latest stats.>
  • 8 awesome paid iPhone apps that are all free for a limited time (save $59!) (2015-01-21 11:15:43)
    We’ve had two great lists of paid iPhone and iPad apps that have gone on sale for free so far this week, and now Wednesday’s list might be the best one yet. There were definitely some gems to be found on Tuesday — a few of which are still free if you hurry over to this post — and now we have eight more iOS apps that would typically cost a combined $59 to download, but they’re all free right now for a limited time. DON’T MISS: This cool new free app brings Apple Pay where it has never gone before These are paid iPhone and iPad apps that have been made available for free for a limited time by their
  • ​Get on the Linux job train with a new system administration class (2015-01-21 11:11:35)
    The Linux Foundation is offering a new self-paced class to help you get ready for the Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator exam.
  • Swedish man presumably hates fish, detonates heavy firework under frozen lake (2015-01-21 11:11:15)
    My experience watching this video:
  • Mozilla gives Firefox Nightly web VR features that work with Oculus Rift (2015-01-21 11:11:00)
  • Bring on Cortana for Windows 10! (2015-01-21 11:04:45)
    The Cortana voice assistant is one of the most anticipated features for the new build of the Windows 10 Technical Preview that Microsoft is scheduled to unveil this week.
  • Silk Road 2.0's alleged 'DoctorClu' arrested on drug-related charges (2015-01-21 10:57:36)
    Brian Richard Farrell was identified by Homeland Security in July and arrested Tuesday following an investigation into his alleged activities on the black market site Silk Road 2.0.>
  • This video shows every user interface in 'Star Wars' (2015-01-21 10:46:47)
    Watch this epic supercut by user-experience designer Dino Ignacio. It shows every time a "Star Wars" character interacted with hardware and software interfaces.>
  • Leaked photo shows what the HTC One M9 looks like compared to the M8 (2015-01-21 10:46:42)
    It looks like HTC is going to run into some serious trouble again this year. 2014’s gorgeous flagship HTC One M8 was overshadowed by Samsung’s Galaxy S5 and its monstrous marketing budget. Now, it looks like things might be even worse for HTC in 2015 as the company continues its efforts to stage a comeback in the face of daunting odds. HTC’s new flagship phone for 2015 is still shaping up to be a beauty though, and a new leaked photo may show us exactly how it compares to last year’s model. DON’T MISS: This cool new free app brings Apple Pay where it has never gone before We saw leaked images of what is supposedly the new HTC One M9 for
  • Russia's combat robot fails to impress Putin (2015-01-21 10:38:25)
    Vladimir Putin looked less than thrilled when watching a slow-moving military robot riding a four-wheeler. Hey, not all cyborg bikers look like the Terminator.>
  • This Skyrim vs. Fallout video is impressive, funny, and ultra-violent (2015-01-21 10:32:12)
    "Fallout vs Skyrim" is a YouTube video that imagines the protagonists of the two role-playing games in a battle to the death. Thought it's just a three-minute long fight scene, the vignette stands above so many video game parody videos thanks to impressive special effects, smart choreography, and restrained pacing. For over four years the short's creator, AndrewMfilms, has been directing video game-inspired videos for YouTube. "Fallout vs Skyrim" is actually his second face-off.
  • America's healthcare portal is sharing your personal data with ad agencies (2015-01-21 10:32:00)
  • Entertainment-discovery app Shazam raises $30M on $1B valuation (2015-01-21 10:31:50)
    Shazam says that it has over 100 million monthly active mobile users and has added more tracks to its music catalog.>
  • Netflix's accelerated global rollout catches Wall Street off guard (2015-01-21 10:09:07)
    Netflix Inc's faster-than-expected rollout in overseas markets took most analysts by surprise, setting off a flurry of price target increases on the stock. Shares of the video streaming service, which reported stronger-than-expected quarterly results, rose as much as 19 percent in early trading on Wednesday. The stock has been under pressure in recent months on fears of increased competition from Time Warner Inc's HBO, Inc and Hulu, as well as on-demand offerings from pay TV providers. At least 13 analysts raised their price targets on the stock, after the company said it would complete its expansion into around 200 countries within two years.
  • A brief attempt at explaining the madness of cryptocurrency (2015-01-21 10:00:00)
  • Petition asks FCC to block Comcast-TWC merger just because TWC is so awful (2015-01-21 09:48:06)
    Comcast and Time Warner Cable both have horrible reputations for customer service but is that alone a reason to block their proposed merger? Ars Technica reports that a new petition filed with the Federal Communications Commission by telecom analyst Bruce Kushnick of the New Networks Institute argues just that. RELATED: There’s something for almost everyone to hate about the Comcast-TWC merger Kushnick’s case against TWC starts with his own experience, in which he signed up for a bundle advertised as costing $89.99 per month and that within two years skyrocketed to costing just over $190 per month. But that isn’t his only issue with how TWC bills its customers — here are some more choice excerpts from his petition: “A recently filed consumer
  • No more free singles from Apple? Five free-music alternatives (2015-01-21 09:40:35)
    After 11 years, it appears Apple is pulling the plug on its Single of the Week. Fortunately, the free-tune train doesn't stop there.>
  • Panasonic GF7 Joins Mirrorless Camera Selfie Craze (2015-01-21 09:34:34)
    With selfie an official Oxford Dictionary word and powerful enough to cause a Mideast politcal row at the Miss Universe contest, camera makers have to keep pace. So Panasonic has joined the pack today with its Lumix GF7, a $600 (with 3X zoom lens), 16mp mirrorless camera with a flip up, 720 x 480 LCD screen so you can frame your mug shot. The GF7 is available in both black and an Ellie Woods-reminiscent hot pink. It's micro four thirds sensor (about 60 percent the size of the Fujifilm's or a mainstream DSLR's) boasts a respectable ISO 25,600 max light sensitivity and new processing that Panasonic claims significantly reduces graininess, especially on skin.
  • Hive Amplicity Anywhere is Powerful Pocket PC (2015-01-21 09:34:03)
    At a private demo in Las Vegas, Hive showed off its small, hard drive-sized device and how it plugs into various expansion pack-like setups that boosted performance. Unfortunately, since Hive declined to share details on the innards its device would carry, it's hard to tell what kind of power the PC will provide.
  • How Obama's Hacking Laws Could Make You a Criminal (2015-01-21 09:33:55)
    Computer-security researchers fear President Barack Obama's proposed changes to federal hacking laws could put them out of business, could make computers less secure overall, and could put some of them — and maybe even you — in prison. "Under the new proposal, sharing your HBO GO password with a friend would be a felony," Nate Cardozo, an attorney with the Electronic Frontier Foundation in San Francisco, told an audience of researchers and IT pros Saturday (Jan. 17) at ShmooCon 2015, a security conference held annually in Washington, D.C. The changes to the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA), first implemented in 1984, might make many commonplace security-research practices — and media reporting on those practices — federal crimes. "Believe what you've heard" about Obama's proposals, Joseph Lorenzo Hall, chief technologist at the Center for Democracy & Technology, warned this past Friday (Jan. 16) at ShmooCon 2015.
  • Ad by special-effects master pits cats vs. dogs for a cause (2015-01-21 09:31:58)
    LOS ANGELES (AP) — From brain-devouring zombies in "The Walking Dead" to crime-scene bloodshed on "CSI," special-effects wizard Sam Nicholson has delivered gore galore to television viewers. But he says nothing has personally affected him more than the commercial he made for Super Bowl Sunday.
  • Atlas Unplugged: The six foot two humanoid robot that might just save your life (2015-01-21 09:30:00)
    From the people who brought you the internet, the latest version of the Atlas robot to be used in its disaster-fighting robotic challenge.
  • Most US businesses vulnerable to insider threats (2015-01-21 09:29:33)
    What factors does the enterprise need to consider when creating cybersecurity risk policies?
  • Firefox enters the realm of virtual reality with the Oculus Rift (2015-01-21 09:25:00)
    Mozilla has added support for virtual reality apps running on the Oculus Rift headset to an experimental version of the Firefox browser.
  • Samsung may drop Qualcomm's Snapdragon chip in next Galaxy S phone (2015-01-21 09:23:42)
    The Snapdragon 810 chip, which was created for high-end phones, overheated in testing, Bloomberg reports.>
  • Workday looks to Germany to fuel European expansion (2015-01-21 09:23:00)
    Workday first set up shop in Germany in 2008, opening an office in Munich that served as a product and development center.
  • Why the desktop PC is far from dead (2015-01-21 09:19:38)
    Rumors of the demise of the desktop PC have been greatly exaggerated. The desktop PC is here to stay.
  • This cool new free app brings Apple Pay where it has never gone before (2015-01-21 09:19:31)
    Apple Pay and other mobile payment services like it represent the future of payments in the United States and elsewhere. We have discussed that future a number of times here on BGR, most recently while covering a nifty new “smart card” called Coin that will soon try to replace every credit and debit card in your wallet while solutions like Apple Pay get off the ground. It will indeed be some time before Apple Pay is accepted in the majority of stores we visit each day, but Apple Pay is about much more than just retail shopping. We have seen a few novel apps that take advantage of Apple Pay pop up in recent months, and now there’s a new one that
  • 4 time-saving tips and tricks for iOS 8 you probably missed (2015-01-21 08:54:26)
    iOS 8 has been out for a few months now, but these four tips will save you time and energy on tasks you do on a daily basis.
  • The best indication yet that The Pirate Bay is about to make a huge comeback (2015-01-21 08:50:41)
    A few short weeks ago, it seemed like The Pirate Bay might be gone for good. Then things took a turn in torrent fans’ favor when the site’s homepage came back online along with a digital timer that began counting down to February 1st. A hidden video of Arnold Schwarzenegger saying “I’ll be back” in Terminator 2: Judgement Day was an obvious suggestion that the service would indeed be making a comeback, and now it looks like it has taken a huge step toward finally making that comeback. DON’T MISS: 28 new sci-fi, fantasy and other TV shows to geek out over in 2015 Here’s what The Pirate Bay’s homepage looked like as recently as yesterday: And here’s what it looks
  • Apple buys UK music analytics startup to convince users to spend more (2015-01-21 08:44:57)
    Apple has bought UK-based media analytics startup Semetric in a move apparently designed to strengthen its music discovery and recommendation tools. It promises that its platform can "increase … average spend and encourage repeat consumption" — a compelling pitch, especially when Apple is rumored to be relaunching its Beats Music streaming platform later this year. Apple CEO Tim Cook has previously praised Beats' hand-curated playlists, but as streaming becomes the dominant paradigm in the industry iTunes sales are falling for the first time ever. If Semetric's tools can help Apple offer better music recommendations and convert streams to sales, then it will not only increase the appeal of Beats Music to customers but also to the music industry as well.
  • BlackBerry issues a limited edition of 50 black and gold Passports (2015-01-21 08:41:04)
    There's a black one, a white one, a red one, and even an AT&T-customized one with rounded corners, and today there's a black and gold Passport too. BlackBerry's outsized smartphone and its square screen are being treated to a special limited edition of 50 gold-accented devices, which are available immediately on BlackBerry's online store. The phone's frame is made of stainless steel rather than actual gold, but that isn't stopping BlackBerry from comparing its supposedly economical cost of $899 to the $3,000 Drake is said to have spent customizing his own BlackBerry. To sweeten the deal, BlackBerry is throwing in a leather case for the phone as well, though its biggest appeal will surely be in the exclusivity of owning one of just 50 pieces of its kind.
  • GamerGate target starts online harassment prevention program (2015-01-21 08:40:00)
  • Amazon to fold its mobile-wallet app beta on Wednesday (2015-01-21 08:28:20)
    The closure comes amid rocky efforts by tech companies to expand into the financial industry.>
  • Bloomberg report uncovers key Galaxy S6 details – and possible release timing (2015-01-21 08:15:09)
    More bad news for HTC: it looks like Samsung’s next-generation flagship phone is going to rain on the HTC One M9’s parade. HTC is set to debut its most important Android smartphone of the year during a press conference on March 1st. A recent leak likely exposed the actual HTC One M9 for the first time and while it’s still a beautiful handset, it appears as though HTC is going to run into the same major problems it ran into last year when it comes to sales. Now, it looks like an even bigger problem will arise for the HTC One M9: Samsung’s Galaxy S6. DON’T MISS: 28 new sci-fi, fantasy and other TV shows to geek out over in 2015 A new report from
  • Over 90 percent of data breaches in first half of 2014 were preventable (2015-01-21 08:15:00)
    The Online Trust Alliance says that a high percentage of data breaches were the result of staff mistakes -- rather than external hacking.
  • Why 'Ok Google' needs a new catchphrase (2015-01-21 08:04:00)
    A recent experiment by our own David Gewirtz shows why "Ok Google" won't survive in mainstream use without substantial improvement.
  • Plex finally brings media relief to US Playstation 4 owners (2015-01-21 08:02:00)
  • What to expect from Windows 10 (2015-01-21 08:01:13)
    On Wednesday at noon EST, Microsoft will introduce the main consumer features of its latest operating system, which is due to launch in the second half of 2015. Windows 10 will be a multi-platform OS and will likely come with a smart voice-controlled assistant and a new web browser, according to reports in the specialized media. Microsoft has scheduled the event to highlight the consumer features of Windows 10, which has so far been available only in a preview designed primarily for developers. Actually the successor to Windows 8, the new OS will be compatible not only with the PC but with a wide range of other devices including Xbox consoles, connected appliances, smartphones and tablets, meaning that it could also replace Windows Phone 8.1 in the future.
  • 10 Twitter accounts every entrepreneur should follow (2015-01-21 08:00:04)
    Twitter is a great place to go for short bits of entrepreneurial wisdom. Here are 10 accounts that startup founders should follow.
  • Piper’s home security camera can now see in the dark (2015-01-21 08:00:02)
    Piper is one of the newer home monitoring cameras in a category that’s still trying to figure out what it is. Once the solution for checking in on dogs and babies, these small cameras have evolved into something of an ad-hoc security system if you like in a small home or an apartment, offering things like motion detectors, live video with cloud recordings, and a siren to scare away would-be thieves.
  • Pro tip: Let Google Keep remind you through Google Now (2015-01-21 07:53:58)
    Jack Wallen shows you how Google Keep can push reminders through Google Now to keep you on task.
  • Israeli high-tech firms raise record $3.4 billion in 2014 (2015-01-21 07:51:35)
    Israeli high-tech companies raised a record $3.4 billion in 2014 from venture capital and other private investors, led by the Internet sector, the Israel Venture Capital (IVC) Research Center said on Wednesday. Last year's total, in which 688 companies raised private funds, was 46 percent higher than $2.3 billion in 2013, IVC, in cooperation with the Israeli office of consultancy KPMG, said in a report. Israel's high-tech sector is among the world's largest and is a major growth driver, accounting for around 12.5 percent of economic output, 8 percent of the country's jobs and more than 50 percent of industrial exports. ‮‮‮‮‮‮‮‮‮"‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬The hike in capital raised by Israeli high-tech companies directly reflects the continuing increase in the number of large deals," said Koby Simana, chief executive of the IVC Research Center, noting that capital raised in large deals more than doubled in 2014 to over $1.3 billion.
  • Energy comparison sites will soon be more honest about who pays for listings (2015-01-21 07:50:00)
  • Apple’s latest acquisition could make Beats Music even better (2015-01-21 07:30:21)
    Apple revolutionized the music industry with the iPod and iTunes, but leadership is cyclical and the company fell behind the times as streaming music services like Pandora and Spotify grew more popular. iTunes Radio was Apple’s first real attempt to bring music streamers back to the Apple camp, but it apparently didn’t have quite the impact Apple was looking for… so it bought Beats for $3 billion. Now, Apple has made a new acquisition — a much smaller one, this time — that will reportedly become an important part of the company’s Beats Music streaming service. DON’T MISS: Edward Snowden says secret Apple spyware is the reason he won’t use an iPhone According to a report from The Guardian on Wednesday, Apple has
  • George Lucas says Disney ditched his ideas for Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015-01-21 07:22:37)
    The director of all six original movies has said that Disney "didn't really want" to use his Star Wars ideas, and came up with something new instead.>
  • Solar Impulse 2 starts historic round-the-world flight in March (2015-01-21 07:09:00)
  • In Gaza, an IT company has Google-sized aspirations (2015-01-21 07:08:22)
    By Nidal al-Mughrabi GAZA (Reuters) - His company may not rival Google or German software maker SAP yet, but Gaza-based IT entrepreneur Saady Lozon has plans to change that. In nine years, Lozon and his partner Ahmed Abu Shaban have transformed their firm, Unit One, from a tiny outfit in a single room in the blockaded Gaza Strip into a successful business with clients in Europe, the United States and the Arab world. They can't leave Gaza easily, but they can develop applications for Web and mobile devices online and provide international clients with data-management services, competing with firms in India and elsewhere. "We have managed to knock a hole in the wall of the blockade," Lozon, 33, said of the company, which will soon expand to more than 60 employees from 13, the majority women.
  • On eve of Wall Street debut, tech analysts debate Box's post-IPO future (2015-01-21 07:00:05)
    Opening days on Wall Street are often polarizing in the sense that they're typically viewed as either smashing or disappointing. But the following initial months can be volatile as well.
  • 10 simple gadgets that empower women around the world (2015-01-21 07:00:04)
    Low-tech solutions can make all the difference for women in developing nations, which in turn empowers entire communities. Here are 10 examples.
  • Apple's big iPhones score record sales in China, Japan, and South Korea (2015-01-21 06:57:07)
    Apple’s decision to bump up the iPhone's screen size for the 6 and 6 Plus is paying off in Asian markets. Sales in Japan, China, and South Korea are all at record highs, claims a new report from Counterpoint Research, and Apple is now challenging the region’s brands on their home turf. In South Korea, Samsung’s home territory, Apple claimed 33 percent of the market last November, more than doubling the 15 percent share it held prior to the launch of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.
  • Is blockchain the key to the Internet of Things? IBM and Samsung think it might just be (2015-01-21 06:55:14)
    The two vendors have teamed up on an Internet of Things initiative that they are hoping will be a game-changer.
  • In Netflix China push, domestic tech giants, online habits block path to success (2015-01-21 06:50:49)
    By Paul Carsten and Lisa Richwine BEIJING/LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - As Netflix Inc tackles stalling U.S. growth, the online video pioneer known for hit political drama "House of Cards" plans a play for China that may see it lock horns with potent domestic firms that rule the world's biggest Internet market. Netflix said on Tuesday it would expand to as many as 200 countries within two years, up from about 50 now, to extend its growth prospects. "For every country we know what we want to do, but in China we are still exploring our options," Chief Executive Reed Hastings said in an interview. Hastings told investors Netflix would start with a "modest" move in China centered around its original series and licensed content.
  • French newspaper Le Monde says Twitter account hacked (2015-01-21 06:28:42)
    (Reuters) - French newspaper Le Monde said its Twitter account and publishing tool were hacked by Syrian Electronic Army, an amorphous hacker collective that supports Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Le Monde sent out a tweet saying it has taken back control of its computers. "We apologize for any fraudulent posts on our behalf." A Twitter Inc spokesman in France said the company did not comment on individual accounts for privacy and security reasons. Representatives at "Le Monde" declined to comment.
  • Teenage Engineering will put a synth in your pocket for $59 (2015-01-21 06:23:00)
  • Glass, what Glass? Intel snaps up Swiss eyewear startup (2015-01-21 06:09:00)
    While Google may be backing off from the wearables market, but Intel isn't feeling so shy.
  • Review: Open e-book format comes with headaches (2015-01-21 06:00:39)
    NEW YORK (AP) — In the world of e-books, you largely have a choice between Amazon's Kindle and everyone else.
  • Microsoft to show off more Windows 10 features (2015-01-21 05:59:29)
    REDMOND, Washington (AP) — Microsoft will use an event Wednesday to offer a wider glimpse of the next version of Windows.
  • iPhone 6 hands Apple record share of Samsung's home market (2015-01-21 05:58:59)
    By Se Young Lee SEOUL, (Reuters) - Apple Inc is chipping away at Samsung Electronics Co Ltd's dominant position in its home turf of South Korea - thanks to its new iPhone 6 series. Apple captured a record 33 percent market share in South Korea in November, the highest ever for a foreign brand, according to a monthly report released by Hong Kong-based market research company Counterpoint on Wednesday. Apple's gains in South Korea are telling, as November was the first full month that the larger-screen iPhone 6 and 6 Plus were sold in the country.
  • LastPass native app for Mac works just like the browser add-ons (2015-01-21 05:46:00)
  • Enterprise understanding of DevOps expands, but has a long way to go (2015-01-21 05:16:43)
    A new study has revealed that the enterprise is more likely to understand DevOps than ever before, but this knowledge isn't being fully utilized.
  • Apple's latest acquisition will tell it what the world is listening to (2015-01-21 04:42:17)
  • The datacentre and ubiquitous storage in 2015 and beyond (2015-01-21 04:39:04)
    Datacentres and cloud solutions are now well-established best practices, yet merely five years ago, it was not so.
  • Google aboard as Musk's SpaceX gets $1 bn in funding (2015-01-21 04:31:50)
    The private space exploration firm SpaceX said Tuesday it had secured a $1 billion investment that could help founder Elon Musk's plan to build a satellite Internet network. The latest round of funding comes from Google and the financial firm Fidelity, which will own some 10 percent of the company. The plan could conceivably tie in with Google's efforts to bring the Internet to underserved parts of the world. "Space-based applications, like imaging satellites, can help people more easily access important information, so we're excited to support SpaceX's growth as it develops new launch technologies," a Google spokesperson said in an email response to an AFP inquiry.
  • Acer debuts two Chromebooks for schools (2015-01-21 04:00:04)
    The Chromebook is making its way into the education sector, and Acer has new models designed to be taken to school.
  • Acer's latest Chromebooks are built to survive the classroom (2015-01-21 04:00:00)
  • Bitcoin dealer sentenced to four years in US prison (2015-01-21 03:49:34)
    A New York court Tuesday handed a four-year prison sentence to a Bitcoin exchange operator who sold virtual currency used to buy drugs on the Silk Road underground website. Robert Faiella, 55, and an accomplice were charged with conspiracy to commit money laundering and running an unlicensed money transmitting business. Faiella, who pleaded guilty in September 2014, was also ordered to pay $950,000.
  • Samsung drops Qualcomm processors in next Galaxy S: report (2015-01-21 03:34:12)
    Samsung Electronics Co Ltd will not use Qualcomm Inc's processors for the next version of the South Korean technology giant's flagship Galaxy S smartphone, Bloomberg reported on Wednesday, citing unidentified sources. Such an outcome would be a blow for Qualcomm's prospects for 2015, with the company already having guided for weaker-than-usual annual revenue growth in a five-year outlook issued in November. Samsung, the world's No.1 smartphone maker, has been one of the U.S. company's top customers. Qualcomm's new Snapdragon 810 chip overheated during Samsung's testing, Bloomberg reported.
  • Childhood's end for Romania's startups: The outsourcing hotspot thinks big and kicks ass (2015-01-21 03:14:04)
    Romanian startups are increasingly taking wing in a market dominated by outsourcing companies. Do they have what it takes?
  • Samsung won't use the Snapdragon 810 processor in its Galaxy S6 due to overheating, says report (2015-01-21 03:02:23)
    For years now, Samsung has been using a mix of its own Exynos processors — primarily in its native Korea and developing markets — and Qualcomm's Snapdragon chips to power its phones, but its next flagship phone may eschew the Qualcomm option. A report from Bloomberg this morning states that Samsung will be "dropping its use of a Qualcomm Inc. chip that overheated during the Korean company’s testing," with the part in question being the latest and most powerful Snapdragon 810 variant. If leaked pictures of the Galaxy S6 are to be believed, Samsung's next major smartphone release will be built using an all-metal back, which is likely to have contributed to the thermal challenges the company has encountered in its testing. Samsung hasn't done an all-metal handset before and its inexperience may now be showing in its inability to control the thermal emissions of a powerful new chip.
  • Singtel unveils new corporate logo, customer service enhancements (2015-01-21 02:50:00)
    Singapore telco's new branding exercise is its first in 16 years and focuses on improving customers' "everyday" experience with Singtel, say senior executives.
  • Dropbox buys U.S.-Israeli mobile document firm CloudOn (2015-01-21 02:31:22)
    TEL AVIV (Reuters) - Online document-sharing company Dropbox has acquired U.S.-Israeli CloudOn, a developer of tools to simplify creating and editing documents on mobile devices, the companies said on Wednesday. Financial details were not disclosed. CloudOn will become Dropbox's first Israeli office and will focus on research and development. Dropbox plans to hire more engineers for the Israel operations. In November Dropbox teamed up with Microsoft Corp to allow Office software users to manage and share files through Dropbox's website and mobile app. (Reporting by Tova Cohen)
  • DARPA gives its Atlas robot a makeover, cuts the wires (2015-01-21 02:26:00)
  • Amazon to fold its mobile wallet app beta on Wednesday (2015-01-21 01:48:48)
    Closure comes amid rocky efforts by tech companies to expand into the lucrative financial industry.>
  • Lyft cars are dropping the big, fuzzy mustache (2015-01-21 01:31:00)
  • ​Samsung hops back on Android bandwagon with printers (2015-01-21 01:28:58)
    Following a series of product releases featuring the Tizen operating platform, Samsung has announced its first Android-powered printer range.
  • Samsung Elec won't use Qualcomm chip for new Galaxy S phone: Bloomberg (2015-01-21 01:12:18)
    Samsung Electronics Co Ltd will not use Qualcomm Inc's processors for the next version of the South Korean technology giant's flagship Galaxy S smartphone, Bloomberg reported on Wednesday, citing unnamed sources. The report said Samsung, the world's top smartphone maker, tested the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 chip and decided not to use it, without offering details. Samsung will use its own processors instead, the report said.
  • League of Legends Ocean Week to sink artificial reef (2015-01-21 01:10:08)
    An Ocean-themed week of League of Legends gaming in Australia and New Zealand culminates in a champion-shaped artificial reef sunk to the bottom of the sea.>
  • Auditor-general warns of NSW roads network vulnerabilities (2015-01-21 00:55:09)
    Potential security vulnerabilities found in the NSW roads management network could lead to accidents and vehicle congestion, according to a new report by the NSW auditor-general.
  • This transforming phone is all heart, no brains (2015-01-21 00:29:00)
  • Forget hybrid cars, hybrid airplanes are the next big thing (2015-01-21 00:25:53)
    Researchers from Cambridge University have teamed up with Boeing to build and successfully test the world's first hybrid airplane engine.>
  • Defence details Google Apps pilot (2015-01-21 00:12:26)
    The Australian Department of Defence has revealed that it will commence its first public cloud trial of Google Apps in April.
  • Hollywood's indie film pool prepares for the Amazon plunge (2015-01-20 23:53:51)
    By Mary Milliken LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - When Amazon Inc announced on Monday its move into the movie business, the Internet retailer sent a ripple through Hollywood's pool of independent film. With plans to produce 12 films per year with budgets ranging from $5 million to $25 million, for theatrical release and streaming on Amazon Prime video 4-8 weeks later, a digital company is creating a new art-house studio and getting films into consumers' hands and living rooms faster. "It's a great business," said Mark Gordon, the veteran Hollywood television and film producer behind movies like "Saving Private Ryan" and the new Steve Jobs biopic. "By financing a movie they feel good about and knowing where their second window is going to be, there is a huge opportunity for them and the rest of the creative community." Amazon's announcement came as a surprise, but the Seattle-based company had already built up its credibility among Hollywood's creative types, most notably with its television series "Transparent," which won two Golden Globes last week, its first major awards since starting Amazon Studios in 2010.
  • Crave Ep. 188: Super Mario with AI plays the game his own way (2015-01-20 23:19:31)
    German researchers have given Mario autonomy and "emotions" so he can play through his game world based on them, and on inspiration from your voice.>
  • Obama pledges to 'protect a free and open internet,' tackle climate change (2015-01-20 22:58:22)
  • These 20 cars just sold for a ridiculous $115 million at auction (2015-01-20 22:45:31)
    Think that $100,000 BMW your neighbor just bought is overpriced? What if we told you that a single car just fetched a price of nearly $10 million at a recent auction in Arizona? Gooding & Company held an automobile auction this past weekend in Arizona and the 20 priciest cars sold for a staggering $115 million, combined. Of course, we’re not talking about Fords and Hyundais off the line here. We’re talking about rare and exotic collector cars that are among the most desirable automobiles in the world. DON’T MISS: Watch a man narrowly escape death in an insane tractor-trailer accident As Top Gear noted in a blog post, most of the top-priced cars that sold during the auction were Ferraris. The most expensive example
  • Plex finally launches on PlayStation in the US (2015-01-20 22:45:29)
    Plex, the media player that can stream video and music from your personal collection to other devices, is finally available on PlayStation in North America. The software launched in Europe and Asia last month, but was delayed in the US, as Plex noted it took "a while to work out all the details" with console owner Sony. The media player can pull movies, TV shows, and other media from wherever you store them, automatically furnishing them with high-res artwork, cast information, ratings, and other information, all laid out in a pretty interface. Plex Media Server is free on PC or Mac, but as with the Xbox version of the software, you'll need a monthly Plex Pass subscription to use the app on PS4 or PS3.
  • Will Obama finally change cybersecurity in America? (2015-01-20 22:45:21)
    President Barack Obama formally presented his cybersecurity proposals to the nation, but experts fear it's too little, too late to make a major impact on Americans' lives.>
  • French newspaper 'Le Monde' says Twitter account hacked (2015-01-20 22:35:24)
    (Reuters) - French newspaper "Le Monde" said its twitter account and publishing tool were hacked by a group called the "Syrian Electronic Army", an amorphous hacker collective that supports Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. "We apologize for any fraudulent posts on our behalf." Representatives at Le Monde and Twitter were not immediately available for comment outside regular business hours. In November, the websites of British and North American media organizations and retailer Wal-Mart's Canadian unit were hacked in a suspected attack by the Syrian Electronic Army (SEA). The websites of companies such as the New York Times, the BBC, Reuters and Microsoft have been targeted by the SEA in the past, as have Twitter accounts of other media organizations.
  • Daily Roundup: Windows 10, weak passwords, SpaceX and more! (2015-01-20 22:32:57)
  • Soon you can buy a bizarre heart-shaped phone in Japan (2015-01-20 22:31:20)
    Some carriers in Japan, Ymobile included, have been offering data-only plans on phones like Google's Nexus range for a while now, and often provide a traditional Japanese flip keitai to handle voice calls.
  • ​Alibaba sees value in QR code startup Visualead (2015-01-20 22:23:27)
    Alibaba Group is backing Israeli QR code startup Visualead in a round-B funding effort that will see the Chinese e-commerce giant use the company's patents to spice up its offline-to-online marketing palette.
  • APAC PC market contraction slowed in 2014 (2015-01-20 21:39:00)
    The PC market in the Asia-Pacific region continued to contract during 2014, but not as dramatically as it did in 2013, according to market analysis firm IDC.
  • Obama put the entire State of the Union on Medium before his speech (2015-01-20 21:33:07)
    Usually, the first time we see the text of the White House State of the Union is on a site like The Washington Post — a news organization that's given a copy beforehand but can only put it up once the speech has begun. This year, though, the White House has cut out the middleman and gone straight to Medium, publishing President Barack Obama's address shortly before he started speaking. You can read the whole thing now, or watch the speech live online; afterwards, Obama will be meeting up with YouTube stars to take questions from fans. ...
  • Illinois law allows schools to demand students' Facebook passwords (2015-01-20 21:31:28)
    Conceived to combat cyberbullying, a new law in Illinois may result in schools demanding social media passwords, even if the posting was not done at school or on school computers.>
  • Video reveals Taylor Swift’s secret tricks for getting ‘Shake it Off’ stuck in your head (2015-01-20 21:30:51)
    Even the haters who hate, hate, hate Taylor Swift may have found themselves singing “Shake It Off” against their wills at one time or another and it turns out there’s a very good reason for this. Dean Olivet, a YouTube user who regularly uses music theory to break down top pop songs, has posted a video breaking down why “Shake It Off” is so annoyingly catchy, and it’s a must-watch for anyone who’s ever wondered how pop songs are crafted. 2015’s FIRST VIRAL VIDEO: Dashboard cam shows cop dancing to Taylor Swift On its surface, the song is nothing special since it’s in common 4/4 time, which means it has a standard four beats per measure, and is written in the
  • Obama proposes new Precision Medicine Initiative for genetic treatments (2015-01-20 21:27:41)
    In tonight's state of the union, President Obama is calling out an interesting new area for American innovation: genetic medicine. The President's prepared State of the Union speech (released on Medium) calls for the creation of a Precision Medicine Initiative to target major diseases through innovative means.
  • White House releases State of The Union address online ahead of time (2015-01-20 21:08:37)
  • Alibaba seeking stake in insurer New China Life: state paper (2015-01-20 21:06:45)
    SHANGHAI/BEIJING (Reuters) - China's Alibaba Group Holding Ltd , the world's biggest e-commerce company, is planning to buy shares in the state-run New China Life Insurance Co Ltd , Shanghai Securities News said on Wednesday, citing unnamed sources. The newspaper reported that Central Huijin Investment Ltd, the investment arm of the Chinese government and the largest shareholder in the insurer, plans to sell some of its stake to Alibaba. Central Huijin currently owns 31.34 percent of the insurer, according to the paper. New China Life Insurance asked for a trading suspension on Jan. 19, saying it was in the midst of negotiations that would affect its shareholding structure.
  • Facebook promises fewer hoax stories in your News Feed (2015-01-20 21:02:57)
    A new feature will allow Facebook users to report hoax stories appearing in their News Feed. But Facebook is stopping short of removing content, instead offering a warning for readers.>
  • Brain-training game maker settles with U.S. FTC over unsupported claims (2015-01-20 21:01:16)
    By Christina Farr SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - A Texas company that makes brain-training games for children has settled a complaint over unsubstantiated health claims, the U.S. government said on Tuesday. The U.S. Federal Trade Commission said Focus Education claimed in an advertisement and on its website that it could permanently improve a child's focus, memory and school performance. The company also said its technology had proven to be "highly beneficial" for children with learning impairments such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). In a statement, the FTC said the company must stop making such claims for products including the Jungle Rangers computer game.
  • All the best knuckleheads writing the worst passwords (2015-01-20 21:01:00)
    "123456" and "password" still the top worst passwords, according to SplashData annual report
  • GE's touch-savvy induction cooktops double as griddles and sous vides (2015-01-20 20:28:00)
  • It’s not just Apple – it looks like Xiaomi is ripping off the Moto X now too (2015-01-20 20:15:32)
    Give Xiaomi credit — it’s willing to rip off lots of different sources and not just one. In this report on, we noticed this picture of one version of Xiaomi’s Mi 4 whose rear panel bears a striking resemblance to the wooden version of the Moto X. RELATED: Meet the smartphone that rips off Apple and Samsung in one fell swoop The front of the device, of course, looks just like the iPhone 5s, as you can see in the picture below. Xiaomi has grown into a huge company by making phones with high-end specs that are both dirt cheap and bear a striking resemblance to other popular mobile phones on the market. The recently released Mi Note, for instance,
  • Google, Fidelity fuel Elon Musk's SpaceX with $1B investment (2015-01-20 20:06:52)
    HAWTHORNE, Calif. (AP) — SpaceX has raised $1 billion from Google and Fidelity in a deal that values the spaceship manufacturer at about $10 billion.
  • Nearly every U.S. arms program found vulnerable to cyber attacks (2015-01-20 20:04:47)
    By Andrea Shalal WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Nearly every U.S. weapons program tested in fiscal 2014 showed "significant vulnerabilities" to cyber attacks, including misconfigured, unpatched and outdated software, the Pentagon's chief weapons tester said in his annual report released Tuesday. Michael Gilmore, director of operational test and evaluation (DOT&E), said program managers had worked to resolve problems discovered in previous years and security was improving, but this year's testing had revealed new vulnerabilities. "Cyber adversaries have become as serious a threat to U.S. military forces as the air, land, sea and undersea threats represented in operational testing for decades," Gilmore wrote in the 366-page report. The report comes amid growing attention to cybersecurity within the U.S. government, and was released days after fresh documents leaked by former U.S. intelligence contractor Edward Snowden said China had stolen "many terabytes" of data about the Lockheed Martin Corp F-35 fighter jet.
  • Netflix reels in 4.3M more subscribers in 4Q; stock surges (2015-01-20 20:02:52)
    SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Coming off its best quarter yet, Netflix is accelerating its international expansion in hopes its original programming will hook millions more subscribers on the Internet video service.
  • What's on your HDTV: State of the Union, 'The Fall', 'Justified' (2015-01-20 19:55:40)
  • ​Australian SMEs missing out on cloud opportunities: Ovum (2015-01-20 19:53:01)
    An Ovum report showed that only 44 percent of SMEs are actively running cloud services, a lower percentage than consumers.
  • Tomorrow Daily 115: 3D-printed heart models, Super Mario AI, Fibonacci sculptures and more (2015-01-20 19:50:53)
    On today's show, we discuss how a 3D-printed model saved a girl's life, watch Super Mario play his own game with the help of AI, and check out some amazing zoetrope sculptures inspired and built with the Fibonacci sequence in mind.>
  • Robots learn to cook by watching YouTube (2015-01-20 19:26:20)
    When it comes to learning how to cook, it turns out that robots may not be so different from humans after all... or are they?>
  • This striking short video will rekindle your love for the moon (2015-01-20 19:24:33)
    It might be only eight minutes long, but a new European Space Agency video takes you all the way from the moon's "cataclysm" to its future.>
  • Chrome for iOS plays nicely with Mac browsers, big iPhones (2015-01-20 19:13:00)
  • Netflix CEO sees plenty of room to coexist with HBO online (2015-01-20 19:12:37)
    Reed Hastings says that "it's definitely not a zero-sum game" when it comes to online streaming-video services.>
  • Virtual-reality startup wants to blast you to the ISS and beyond (2015-01-20 19:12:29)
    Imagine being able to strap on the Oculus Rift face rig and explore the vast, infinite bounds of space. That's what a startup called SpaceVR hopes to accomplish, starting with the ISS.>
  • Why Windows 10 may not fix Windows Phone’s biggest problem (2015-01-20 19:00:36)
    Microsoft this week is going to unveil some crucial new details on Windows 10, reportedly including a single code base that will make it much easier for programmers who write desktop Windows apps to write apps for Windows Phone. While one line of thinking right now is that this will help Microsoft close its “app gap” with iOS and Android, Jan Dawson makes a strong case that it won’t do anything to improve Windows Phone’s comparative dearth of quality apps. FROM EARLIER: New details emerge on Microsoft’s last-ditch effort to make Windows Phone relevant The reason for this is pretty simple: Dawson writes that most of the popular mobile apps that Windows Phone is now missing simply don’t have Windows desktop equivalents anyway.
  • South Korea to spend $75m on titanium production (2015-01-20 19:00:16)
    South Korea is planning to invest $75 million in titanium that may have a wide application in aerospace and medical sectors, as well as other new materials.
  • to launch Amazon video-streaming competitor (2015-01-20 18:57:58)
    The discount retail site hopes its most loyal customers will choose to buy their digital content from its site rather than other retailers' on-demand video services.>
  • IBM profit forecast, fourth-quarter revenue below estimates (2015-01-20 18:54:21)
    (Reuters) - International Business Machines Corp posted a new 2015 profit target and quarterly revenue that both missed analysts' estimates, as the one-time world technology leader continues to grapple with its journey from low-margin hardware maker to the new world of cloud computing.Shares of IBM, which is still the world's largest technology services company, but no longer regarded as a leader in innovation, fell 1.6 percent to $154.48 in extended trading. The Armonk, New York-based company has seen shrinking revenue for three years now as it sheds unprofitable businesses such as its low-end server unit and tries to focus on emerging areas such as security software and cloud services. "We're not interested in revenue for revenue's sake," IBM Chief Financial Officer Martin Schroeter told Reuters in a phone interview. "We'll continue to divest if something doesn't fit the model." The struggle to make headway in the new Internet-based technology industry is shared by other longstanding giants.
  • How Netflix wants to end geoblocking (2015-01-20 18:48:00)
    Netflix is negotiating its content deals now in a way that will mean people outside of the US will no longer need to use VPNs to access the shows and films they want to watch.
  • Facebook is clamping down on the number of hoaxes in your News Feed (2015-01-20 18:43:23)
  • Man charged with helping run website selling drugs, guns (2015-01-20 18:38:35)
    SEATTLE (AP) — A Washington state man was charged Tuesday with helping run what investigators called one of the most sophisticated and widely used criminal marketplaces on the Internet.
  • AMD first-quarter revenue forecast disappoints (2015-01-20 18:35:02)
    U.S. chipmaker Advanced Micro Devices Inc forecast weaker-than-expected first-quarter revenue and said it taking steps to return its computing and graphics businesses to a "healthy trajectory" from the second quarter. The company also reported lower-than-expected fourth-quarter revenue as it struggles with weak sales of graphic cards and to compete with Intel Corp in a declining PC market. AMD shares were down nearly 1 percent at $2.22 in extended trading. The results and outlook weren't any worse than expected, said Wedbush Securities Inc analyst Betsy Van Hees.
  • Low market share of sensors may hinder South Korea's IoT drive (2015-01-20 18:29:26)
    ​Backed by the local government and led by electronics makers Samsung and LG, South Korea has been notching up expansions in the emerging Internet of Things. But despite being a industrial titan, it lacks a key competence in a crucial area: Sensors.
  • Exploding Kittens game blows up on Kickstarter (2015-01-20 18:18:17)
    A new card game involving ticking kitten time bombs goes bonkers on Kickstarter as The Oatmeal fans and other backers clamor to fund its existence.>
  • The funniest thing you’ll see today: Teens freak out playing a horror game on the Oculus Rift (2015-01-20 18:15:52)
    The Fine Brothers’ REACT channel has provided us with hours of entertainment over the past few years, but one of their most recent videos might be the funniest yet. Over the weekend, the latest gaming-centric video was published on the REACT channel, featuring a group of teenagers, an Oculus Rift and a terrifying game called Affected: The Manor. WATCH MORE: Teens react to one of the best NES games ever If you haven’t had the opportunity to use an Oculus Rift yourself, you should know that it’s an experience unlike anything you’ve seen before. As cliché as it sounds, you really do feel like you’re inside the game when you don the Oculus Rift, which explains why these teenagers are having such extreme reactions to
  • Watch a supercut of every user interface from Star Wars: A New Hope (2015-01-20 18:06:15)
    The rituals of everyday life, like buying coffee and taking off shoes, are familiar and they help to humanize characters.
  • Canada competition watchdog seeks records from Indigo, Kobo (2015-01-20 18:04:05)
    TORONTO/OTTAWA (Reuters) - Canada's Competition Bureau said on Tuesday it has asked for records from Indigo Books and Music Inc , the country's biggest bookstore chain, as part of a probe into alleged anti-competitive practices in the e-book market. The competition watchdog said it sought a court order last week to compel Indigo and Japanese e-reader maker Kobo Inc to turn over "certain records" relevant to the investigation. Kobo is owned by Tokyo-based ecommerce company Rakuten Inc . "Indigo is not the subject of the bureau’s ongoing investigation," the bureau said in a statement.
  • Government health care website quietly sharing personal data (2015-01-20 17:58:53)
    WASHINGTON (AP) — The government's health insurance website is quietly sending consumers' personal data to private companies that specialize in advertising and analyzing Internet data for performance and marketing, The Associated Press has learned.
  • SpaceX lands $1 billion from Google and Fidelity (2015-01-20 17:54:46)
    The search giant says its interest in SpaceX is rooted in satellite imaging, as well as other "space-based technologies.">
  • The FCC's possible reclassification of ISPs signals hope for net neutrality (2015-01-20 17:52:00)
    The FCC is preparing a regulation change to enforce net neutrality, despite lobbyist and legislative interference. Learn how this affects providers and users of cloud-based services.
  • Khan Academy brings its online course catalog to the iPad (2015-01-20 17:51:21)
  • Netflix will have 'The Interview' streaming on Saturday (2015-01-20 17:50:34)
  • APNewsBreak: US settles case over fake Facebook page (2015-01-20 17:49:56)
    WASHINGTON (AP) — The Justice Department has reached a $134,000 settlement with a New York woman after federal drug agents used information from her cellphone to set up a fake Facebook page in her identity, a tactic that raised privacy concerns and led to a federal government review of the ruse, according to court papers filed Tuesday.
  • These robots held a press conference, and darn if it wasn't cute (2015-01-20 17:48:31)
    Technically Incorrect: In Japan, Kodomoroid and Otonaroid convene a public chat ... with a pair of mini-droids. Might this be a fine prognosticator of news conferences to come?>
  • SpaceX is now a $10 billion company thanks to Google (2015-01-20 17:45:00)
  • Netflix boosts membership, profits (2015-01-20 17:41:54)
    Streaming video giant Netflix said Tuesday its global membership swelled to 57.4 million at the end of 2014, capping a quarter that also saw profits grow. In its quarterly report, Netflix said it added 4.3 million subscribers in the past quarter and 13 million for the year. Internet TV is growing globally, and Netflix is leading the charge," a letter to shareholders accompanying Netflix quarterly results said. Netflix shares surged some 13 percent in after-hours trading on the results, which beat most analyst forecasts.
  • Google and Fidelity invest in Elon Musk's SpaceX (2015-01-20 17:40:43)
    SpaceX says it has raised $1 billion and added Google Inc. and Fidelity as investors.
  • Facebook aims to curb news feed 'hoaxes' (2015-01-20 17:35:01)
    Facebook said Tuesday it would step up efforts to limit circulation of bogus "news stories" in user feeds, saying it is an annoyance for members of the huge social network. "We've heard from people that they want to see fewer stories that are hoaxes, or misleading news," said Facebook's Erich Owens and Udi Weinsberg in a blog post. An update to Facebook's News Feed will aim to limit the spread of posts that have been reported as hoaxes and adds an a warning to messages that have been flagged as suspicious.
  • Hands-on with HP's giant Android tablet, the Pro Slate 12 (2015-01-20 17:33:43)
    If you cast only a cursory glance at this morning's tablet announcement from HP, you might have needed a second (or third) look to realize that the company didn't announce a partnership with HTC. Instead, HP announced two new Android tablets that happen to look eerily similar to HTC's flagship phones. Set against a backdrop of seven other tablet announcements, the HP Pro Slate 12 was the standout.
  • How to watch the Super Bowl online for free (2015-01-20 17:30:37)
    Want to watch the Super Bowl but don’t pay for cable? Don’t worry; NBC isn’t going to hang you out to dry. Reuters reports that NBC will host an 11-hour stream on Super Bowl Sunday free of charge, which will include the game, the halftime show, the pregame show and the postgame show. READ MORE: Did the New England Patriots really cheat their way to the Super Bowl? Starting at 12 p.m. EST on February 1st, anyone will be able to access the NBC Sports Live Extra app or the NBC Sports website without proof of an active cable subscription. NBC is hoping to get back in the good graces of the cord-cutting crowd by offering free access to its streaming service during one of the biggest
  • Netflix gets boost from strong international growth (2015-01-20 17:28:51)
    Video-streaming service posts improved subscriber growth overseas for the fourth quarter, making up for slower growth in the US.>
  • Chrome for iOS gets Material Design, now supports OS X's Handoff (2015-01-20 17:28:18)
    Google has released a pretty big update to Chrome for iOS that refreshes the browser's appearance with the company's signature Material Design. Google also notes that Chrome has gained full support for the great Handoff feature found in OS X Yosemite. For Macs, Handoff will open whichever browser is set as your default — so you may be jumping from Chrome to Safari if you haven't changed that preference. You can send pages from Chrome on Macs back to Chrome on iOS, as well.
  • IBM 4Q revenue continues to sag, 2015 outlook disappoints (2015-01-20 17:27:32)
    ARMONK, N.Y. (AP) — IBM's fourth-quarter net income dropped 11 percent as revenue in most categories continued to decline, and its outlook for the year disappointed investors.
  • Coolest Travel Gadgets From CES (PHOTOS) (2015-01-20 17:25:25)
    The world's thinnest tablet. The lightest 13-inch laptop. The first-ever truly wireless earbuds. These are a few of the groundbreaking gadgets shown at International CES in Las Vegas, where the 2015 show was the largest ever, with more than 170,000 attendees.As always for travelers, light and slim is preferred, which is why we're highlighting...
  • Google's Billion Dollar Bet on SpaceX and a Space-Based Internet (2015-01-20 17:23:17)
    The great Internet space race is shaping up to be a wild ride. SpaceX confirmed today it raised $1 billion in financing from Google and Fidelity, which will help the company push ahead with its plan to create a space-based global Internet service. "Space-based applications, like imaging satellites, can help people more easily access important information, so we’re excited to support SpaceX’s growth as it develops new launch technologies," a Google spokesperson told ABC News in a statement. Elon Musk, the CEO of SpaceX, last week he wants to launch a constellation of satellites to create a global Internet service that could connect people who don't have access and would handle long-distance traffic.
  • Netflix will begin streaming 'The Interview' on Saturday (2015-01-20 17:22:08)
    The movie makes its debut on the streaming video service 30 days after its limited theater run and online debut.>
  • Run The Jewels knows what love is (2015-01-20 17:21:41)
    For Killer Mike and El-P, the rap duo who go by Run The Jewels, it wasn't enough to put out one of the best albums of 2014. The online magazine Rookie has recruited Mike and El for its most recent installment of Ask A Grown Man / Woman, a video advice column in which celebrities like Stephen Colbert, Seth Rogen, and Amy Poehler answer reader-submitted questions that often hover around the theme of sex, love, and kissing boys. "Feelings are just feelings — you can't control them" (Killer Mike). Here's how Killer Mike says you should ask someone on a date: "I like you.
  • Netflix reels in 4.3M more subscribers 4Q; stock surges (2015-01-20 17:13:38)
    SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Coming off its best quarter yet, Netflix is hoping to hook millions more Internet video subscribers with the lure of original programming as the company tries to build the leading network for the digital-streaming age.
  • Google Maps Engine could be quietly coming to a halt soon (2015-01-20 17:11:34)
    Google Maps appears to have hit a bump in the road as its Engine is starting to slow down.
  • Office 365: The time has come for Mac offices (2015-01-20 17:08:09)
    Microsoft's Office 365 has much to offer Mac businesses, and Microsoft's continued cloud commitment makes the platform a safe bet for OS X users.
  • 5 incredibly cool gadgets you can buy on Amazon for less than $100 (2015-01-20 17:07:38)
    Every once in a while, money just starts to burn a hole in your pocket. You could always save that money for something more important, but the temptation to purchase something fun for yourself is overwhelming. Today, we’re going to make it even harder to stop yourself from adding another item to your cart with these ridiculously cool gadgets on Amazon. MORE DEALS: Two cheap gadgets to help you take perfect hands-free iPhone panoramas every time Earlier this week, Redditor Jwegr17 found himself with about $100 to spend, but couldn’t figure out what to buy, so he asked Reddit for help. The members of the r/gadgets community were more than happy to oblige. We’re taken the opportunity to round up a few of the
  • Justice Department reaches $134,000 settlement for impersonating woman on Facebook (2015-01-20 17:04:34)
    The Department of Justice has agreed to a settlement with a woman it impersonated with a fake Facebook profile in 2010. According to the Associated Press, the agency has reached a $134,000 settlement with Sondra Arquiett, who sued after learning that the Drug Enforcement Agency had used her name and pictures from her cellphone to set up a profile to communicate with suspects in an investigation. The Justice Department initially argued that Arquiett, who was arrested and ultimately sentenced to probation for drug offenses, had consented by giving officers access to data on her cellphone and letting them use it for investigative purposes.
  • SpaceX raised another $1B amid new investments from Google, Fidelity (2015-01-20 17:03:00)
    But don't budget your Hyperloop tickets just yet.
  • It’s official: Google invests $1 billion into SpaceX (2015-01-20 16:55:10)
    It’s a perfect partnership between two companies who love their “moonshots.” SpaceX on Tuesday announced that it’s received $1 billion in funding from new investors Google and Fidelity that will go toward “to support continued innovation in the areas of space transport, reusability, and satellite manufacturing.” FROM EARLIER: Google to reportedly team with SpaceX to create a global satellite Internet service Although SpaceX was extremely vague about what this investment would mean, reports from earlier this week indicated that it would be used to help build a satellite-based Internet service that would help connect billions of people to the web who today lack Internet access. SpaceX CEO Elon Musk said in an interview last week that his company is working on “creating
  • Obama privacy plan has two audiences, and could fail both (2015-01-20 16:53:25)
    If history and initial reaction are any gauge, privacy advancements will have to come from somewhere besides the Oval Office or Congress
  • Netflix shares rise on strong earnings bolstered by international growth (2015-01-20 16:52:19)
    Netflix shares were trending up this afternoon thanks to a strong earnings report from the streaming video giant. International growth was the big story. While Netflix added 1.9 million US subscribers, a small decline from the same period last year, it saw a big jump in international customers, adding over 2.4 million new users, a roughly 40 percent increase over the same period in 2014. "Our international expansion strategy over the last few years has been to expand as fast as we can while staying profitable on a global basis.
  • IBM posts fourth-quarter revenue below estimates (2015-01-20 16:38:48)
    (Reuters) - International Business Machines Corp reported quarterly revenue that missed analysts' estimates, as it grapples with dwindling demand for its servers and storage products. Shares of the world's largest technology services company fell 3.5 percent to $151.59 in extended trading. IBM forecast 2015 operating earnings of $15.75 to $16.50 per share, just shy of analysts' average estimate of $16.51 per share, according to Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S. The company has been divesting its underperforming businesses in an attempt to realign itself with the sector's shift to higher-margin businesses, such as security software and cloud services.
  • AMD revenue falls as PC sales continue to fall (2015-01-20 16:37:00)
    (Reuters) - U.S. chipmaker Advanced Micro Devices Inc reported a 22 percent fall in quarterly revenue, hurt by continued weak PC and graphic card sales and intense competition from Intel Corp . AMD reported a net loss of $364 million, or 47 cents per share, in the fourth quarter ended Dec 27, compared with a profit of $89 million, or 12 cents per share, a year earlier. Revenue fell to $1.24 billion from 1.59 billion. (Reporting By Arathy S Nair in Bengaluru; Editing by Simon Jennings)