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  • NASA picks Boeing and SpaceX to ferry astronauts (2014-09-16 16:12:12)
    CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) — NASA is a giant step closer to launching Americans again from U.S. soil.
  • Ohio offers Amazon tax breaks to build $1.1 billion data center (2014-09-16 16:11:17)
    By Deepa Seetharaman SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - State and local officials in Ohio are courting Inc with tax breaks and other perks to convince the No. 1 U.S. online retailer to build a $1.1 billion data center in central Ohio and create 120 jobs, according to public records. The records offer a rare look at the typically tight-lipped company's growth plans for its popular cloud computing division, Amazon Web Services, founded in 2006. There are 10 AWS data centers, called regions within the company, around the world, including four in the United States, AWS said. ...
  • Boeing and SpaceX get NASA contracts to take astronauts to the ISS (2014-09-16 16:10:35)
    Boeing and SpaceX have received contracts to develop a new fleet of American spacecraft for NASA. The companies will spend the coming three years and $6.8 billion ($4.2 billion for Boeing and $2.6 billion for SpaceX) in funding from the agency working towards certifying their ships to carry astronauts to the International Space Station, a goal they're expected to hit in 2017.
  • A tiny gathering of artists has become the most interesting weekend in tech (2014-09-16 16:08:24)
    By the time the police were called at XOXO Festival in Portland, there was already a sense that anything could happen. People were swinging from a set of 20 Playstation Move controllers suspended from the ceiling, in a game named after Tarzan’s creator. They were coaching animated cats in bodybuilder-style posedowns, and playing a 16-person version of speed chess where rounds end in three seconds. ...
  • Relonch camera case brings an APS-C sensor, f/2 lens to your iPhone (2014-09-16 15:43:00)
  • Managing the New Ambitious: Leading Teams in Today's Entrepreneurial Minded World (2014-09-16 15:34:02)
    American business had at one time been notorious for its structures and fences, often the fodder and theme for television shows, media and entertainment. Employees and teams followed suit. We logged in, punched the clock, stayed within the lines, as we did our jobs. Career growth and evolution happened in the same linear fashion. We climbed the...
  • Chromecast finally plays nice with Disney videos, Twitch streams (2014-09-16 15:14:00)
  • Can crowdfunding solve poverty? (2014-09-16 15:02:08)
    San Francisco's HandUp crowdfunding system brings a Kickstarter-esque model to the problem of poverty by connecting donors to those in need. Tune in tomorrow to see the full Detours video.
  • How crowdfunding can help tackle poverty: Detours episode 4 debuts tomorrow (2014-09-16 14:59:59)
    Come along with The Verge for the second season of Detours. We’ve traveled across the country to find the people, groups, and companies that are solving America’s problems in new and unconventional ways. Check in for new dispatches every Wednesday.
  • Lomo's latest camera is expensive, impractical and uses 120 film (2014-09-16 14:48:00)
  • U.S. court throws out VirnetX $368 million patent award vs Apple (2014-09-16 14:42:05)
    By Jonathan Stempel (Reuters) - A federal appeals court on Tuesday threw out a jury order requiring Apple Inc to pay VirnetX Holding Corp $368.2 million in damages for infringing four patents concerning technology for providing security over the Internet. Shares of VirnetX plunged as much as 59.8 percent after the U.S. Federal Circuit Court of Appeals in Washington ordered a new trial, and said the damages award was based on defective jury instructions. VirnetX derives most of its revenue from patent licensing. ...
  • Robin Thicke was too drunk and high to infringe Marvin Gaye's copyright (2014-09-16 14:38:23)
    For better or worse (and by worse we mean indefensible), Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines" was one of the biggest songs of 2013. However, because it pretty strongly resembles Marvin Gaye's 1977 hit "Got To Give It Up," Gaye's family sued Thicke, Pharrell Williams, and rapper T.I. last fall for ripping off the soul legend's copyright. So, perhaps succumbing to the pressure, Thicke leaned on what could only be a last-ditch defense, telling lawyers in April, "I was high on Vicodin and alcohol when I showed up at the studio." This is pop music in 2014, people.
  • Nvidia amps up Shield Tablet with 4G LTE, more storage (2014-09-16 14:36:52)
    A new version of the chipmaker's tablet comes with 32GB of storage and a 4G LTE connection, but it costs an extra $100.>
  • Court tosses $368 mn patent case verdict against Apple (2014-09-16 14:31:45)
    San Francisco (AFP) - A federal appeals court on Tuesday tossed out a $368 million verdict against Apple, ruling that jurors were given evidence that may have skewed the sum.
  • Google makes it easier to create and share your own maps (2014-09-16 14:20:00)
  • Who cares if Disney's 'Star Wars' is a cash grab? (2014-09-16 14:18:28)
    That's the question that kept running through my head while reading Katie Kilkenny's excellent piece for The Atlantic, "Selling the Soul of Star Wars." Kilkenny herself seems unsure how to feel as she contextualizes what we know of the new trilogy so far (spearheaded by creative leads JJ Abrams and Rian Johnson). This is what we know so far: the new trilogy will be leaning on practical effects vs. ...
  • Authors urge Amazon board to end contract dispute with Hachette (2014-09-16 14:04:57)
    By Deepa Seetharaman (This Sept. 15 story corrects headline, first and second paragraphs to show group contacting Amazon board also includes authors not published by Hachette) SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - More than 1,000 authors, including Malcolm Gladwell, Stephen King and James Patterson, have urged Inc's directors to end a contract dispute with Hachette Book Group that has cost some writers 90 percent of their sales on the online retailer's website. ...
  • Dish grabs new cache of channels for TV service aimed at cord-cutters (2014-09-16 14:04:36)
    Dish's coming Internet-delivered TV service will offer channels like Travel and Food Network from programmer Scripps alongside networks owned by Disney and A+E.>
  • Watch scientists cut open a colossal squid and find eggs inside (2014-09-16 13:55:49)
    Now, anyone with access to YouTube can see what a 770-pound colossal squid (heavier and shorter than the confusingly similarly named "giant squid," but actually a different species) looks like inside and out. Scientists at the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa and their colleagues from the Auckland University of Technology performed a dissection of an extremely well-persevered dead colossal squid on camera yesterday, cutting into select parts, including its beak and mantle. In her last discussion tankside, Kat reveals that our new colossal squid is female & has eggs in its mantle! #squidwatch #sciencelivetepapa — Te Papa (@Te_Papa) September 16, 2014 Te Papa museum already has one colossal squid on display — the most in-tact sample ever recovered — but scientists specifically avoided carving that one up too much to preserve it for public viewings.
  • Fujifilm's hybrid viewfinder makes the X100T compact camera even better (2014-09-16 13:54:00)
  • NASA announcing commercial crew winners (2014-09-16 13:52:02)
    CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) — NASA is a giant step closer to launching Americans again from U.S. soil.
  • Buy a spare Mars Viking lander project rocket engine (2014-09-16 13:48:20)
    Get a head start on building your very own 1970s-style Mars orbiter by snapping up an engine built for NASA's Viking project.>
  • Man demands iPhone 6 as dowry, report says (2014-09-16 13:45:57)
    In Saudi Arabia, the brother of a bride-to-be is reportedly insisting that her fiance provide him with an iPhone 6 for her hand.>
  • Homeless, wearing GoPros, capture 'life as it is rarely seen' (2014-09-16 13:28:17)
    A San Francisco project outfits homeless volunteers with personal camera rigs for shooting first-person footage of daily life. "The goal is to build empathy," Homeless GoPro says.>
  • Boeing is expected to build most of NASA's space taxis (2014-09-16 13:28:00)
  • 23andMe reverses decision to automatically tell customers about their relatives (2014-09-16 13:25:34)
    The genetic testing service 23andMe is reversing a controversial policy change that would have begun informing its clients of their close genetic relatives — potentially even revealing close relatives that they weren't aware they had. Vox published a feature on 23andMe's service last week, describing one instance in which it led to a couple divorcing after the birth of an earlier child came to light. After seeing Vox's story, 23andMe has decided to stop automatically enabling the close relatives feature going forward.
  • ​Internet's security bug tracker faces its 'Y2K' moment (2014-09-16 13:19:53)
    From critical exploits to the tiniest bug, all security holes receive a tracking number through the US government. The system is being revamped to handle the ever-growing number of bugs, but the cure could create problems of its own.>
  • NSA chief on tech-savvy Islamic State: 'I'm watching' (2014-09-16 13:08:37)
    By Doina Chiacu WASHINGTON (Reuters) - While U.S. military leaders appeared before Congress to outline their strategy to fight Islamic State militants on the battlefield, the National Security Agency chief said on Tuesday he was watching the media-savvy group's cyber capabilities. Asked whether the Sunni Muslim group was planning cyber attacks on U.S. interests, Admiral Mike Rogers said he could not discuss specifics of the organization's technical capabilities. ...
  • Leica's medium-format S shoots 4K video, 37.5-megapixel stills (2014-09-16 13:04:00)
  • LG renews deal with Immersion on touch-feedback tech (2014-09-16 13:01:19)
    Immersion's TouchSense "haptic" technology allows users to experience a sense of touch when playing games or typing on a flat touchscreen.>
  • Google Views' growth means death for longtime photo-sharing service (2014-09-16 13:00:22)
    The little-known Panoramio service will eventually disappear as Google moves to a new Views option for sharing location-linked photos -- and adding imagery to Google Maps.>
  • Netflix books Judd Apatow original show, another volley at HBO (2014-09-16 12:58:12)
    Netflix makes no secret of its goal to beat the cable king, and it lines up a new show from Apatow, whose TV work right now consists of the premium network's "Girls.">
  • Make a meme yummy with 'Star Trek' facepalm cookies (2014-09-16 12:54:13)
    Captain Picard's famous exasperated gesture from "Star Trek: The Next Generation" gets a sweet tribute.>
  • Apple could offer loyalty rewards for mobile payments (2014-09-16 12:51:49)
    Apple appears to be working on a loyalty rewards program for users of its new Apple pay mobile payments platform.
  • Last chance to snag flying pocket camera on Indiegogo (2014-09-16 12:49:49)
    A small flying camera controlled by your smartphone is finishing up its run on Indiegogo, but the information about it is a little lightweight.>
  • U.S. court throws out VirnetX $368 million patent award vs. Apple (2014-09-16 12:43:48)
    By Jonathan Stempel (Reuters) - A federal appeals court on Tuesday threw out a jury order requiring Apple Inc to pay VirnetX Holding Corp $368.2 million in damages for infringing four patents concerning technology for providing security over the Internet. Shares of VirnetX plunged as much as 59.8 percent after the decision by the U.S. Federal Circuit Court of Appeals in Washington. The company and its lawyer did not immediately respond to requests for comment. ...
  • GoDaddy makes very funny ad (no, really) (2014-09-16 12:43:44)
    To celebrate small businesses, GoDaddy presents a woman who's proved everyone wrong and wants to tell them where to shove their views.>
  • Alibaba options to be listed on ISE on Sept. 29 pending IPO (2014-09-16 12:42:20)
    NEW YORK (Reuters) - Alibaba Group's options will be listed on International Securities Exchange Holdings' options exchanges on Sept. 29 pending the company's public sale of shares this week, ISE said on Tuesday. The Chinese e-commerce company is expected to sell shares to the public later in the week. International Securities Exchange Holdings operates two options exchanges, ISE and ISE Gemini, which cleared about 14 percent of equity and index options contracts in August. ...
  • Shine On: Misfit Launches $50 Flash Activity Tracker (2014-09-16 12:40:42)
    Misfit, the maker of the very attractive Shine fitness tracker, is adding the Flash as a lower-cost option to its lineup of wearable activity gadgets. The Flash, which will ship in October, is now available for preorder for $50. As with the Shine, the Flash will measure steps, calories, sleep quality and cycling and swimming.
  • Subway to use Softcard NFC for mobile payments (2014-09-16 12:40:06)
    The deal means iPhone 6 users won't be able to use Apple Pay to take a bite out of their favorite Subway sandwich, at least not for now.>
  • German judge lifts temporary ban on Uber ride-sharing (2014-09-16 12:39:20)
    By Eric Auchard and Harro Ten Wolde FRANKFURT (Reuters) - A Frankfurt judge granted a reprieve to Uber, the online transportation service, setting aside a temporary injunction issued two weeks ago against the Silicon Valley company from operating a novel car-sharing service across Germany. Frankfurt Regional Court Judge Frowin Kurth said on Tuesday that the issues in the case brought against Uber by German taxi operator group Taxi Deutschland deserved a fuller airing in court, but lacked the urgency for a temporary injunction. ...
  • Shazam now lets you buy or stream tagged music via Google Play (2014-09-16 12:37:00)
  • Microsoft backs Android Wear and iOS 8 with new OneNote apps (2014-09-16 12:31:36)
    Google’s range of smartwatches have only been available for a few months, but that’s not stopping Microsoft from throwing its support behind Android Wear. A new Android version of Microsoft’s popular OneNote application is being released today with Android Wear support. Initiating the "OK Google, take a note" voice command will trigger OneNote to listen and take notes accordingly.
  • Canon's G7x is yet another great compact camera option (2014-09-16 12:20:03)
    Look around the Photokina show floor this week and you'll find a deluge of attractively designed and extremely compact cameras that nevertheless have the power to deliver great image quality. Bigger sensors are fitting into ever-smaller bodies and Canon's G7x is a great example of this trend. It's the storied Japanese company's first 1-inch sensor, fitting within the dimensions of a camera intentionally designed to be pocket-friendly.
  • Here's what Apple Store employees have to do on iPhone 6 launch day (2014-09-16 12:19:43)
    iPhone launch days are always high-pressure, well-coordinated operations — especially for the Apple Store employees who have to move as many of the units as physically possible to ensure a record-breaking day as impressive (if not more so) as its record-breaking pre-orders. Needless to say, it's a stressful day for those in the blue t-shirts.
  • Montreal startup taps crowdfunding for virtual reality headset (2014-09-16 12:18:42)
    By Alastair Sharp TORONTO (Reuters) - A tiny Montreal company is turning to crowdfunding in hopes of moving its virtual reality headset from a working prototype to a mass produced rival to products from Facebook, Samsung and Sony. Vrvana Inc aims to raise C$350,000 ($318,000) via website Kickstarter to make the first 1,000 units of its Totem headset, it said ahead of the month-long campaign's launch on Tuesday. The seven-person team hopes game developers will snap up the C$400-and-up product early to create the ecosystem needed to ensure success. ...
  • Relonch plans $500 accessory camera for punchy iPhone portraits (2014-09-16 12:17:15)
    A startup debuts a camera that fits snugly onto an iPhone for a different style of picture. It's costly, but Relonch says the effect isn't possible with the iPhone's own camera.>
  • Microsoft OneNote comes to Android Wear, gets updated for iOS 8 and WP8 (2014-09-16 12:10:00)
  • APNewsBreak: Web filter lifts block on gay sites (2014-09-16 12:07:44)
    SAN JOSE, Calif. (AP) — A popular online safe-search filter is ending its practice of blocking links to mainstream gay and lesbian advocacy groups for users hoping to avoid obscene sites.
  • PayPal talks up its terrible payment service: 'At least we're not iCloud' (2014-09-16 12:06:52)
    PayPal definitely does not run iCloud. It did not, through a confusing backup process and potentially weak security system, make it easier for hackers to collect and leak hundreds of nude pictures of female celebrities, which were then widely disseminated on 4chan and Reddit. It would like New York Times and San Francisco Chronicle readers to know that it knows we "want our money safer than our selfies," and therefore allows us to "securely buy anything with just one touch," unlike the not-yet-launched Apple Pay, whose security practices remain untested. ...
  • How to Limit Auto-Play Videos on Instagram (2014-09-16 12:02:05)
    For those watching to keep their mobile data budgets trim, well, auto-playing videos are nothing but a a hindrance, not a convenience. You can still find a way around Facebook's Auto-play feature, but Instagram sadly removed that ability from its current setting. This doesn't mean there isn't anything you can do to constrain your mobile data consumption.
  • Disney, Twitch, and iHeartRadio add support for Google's Chromecast (2014-09-16 12:00:46)
    Google's Chromecast is expanding its list of supported apps today, and the company is tackling vastly different demographics. First up is some kid-friendly content: a trio of Disney Channel apps (Watch Disney, Watch Disney Junior and Watch Disney XD) can now be streamed to your TV. Chromecast functionality is available on Disney's apps for both Android and iOS; just keep in mind you'll need cable credentials to watch live or recent programming. And then there's Twitch: Chromecast owners can now watch live gameplay streams on the big screen by casting Twitch from Chrome, Android, or iOS.
  • Trend Micro Maximum Security 2015 review (2014-09-16 12:00:00)
    Identity theft prevention and privacy for your digital life
  • Leica's M-P rangefinder will run you $7,950, red dot sold separately (2014-09-16 11:58:00)
  • Spain regulator to probe pre-deal Jazztel price rise: Orange (2014-09-16 11:46:01)
    MADRID (Reuters) - A sharp rise in the price of Jazztel shares on Monday, shortly before the announcement of an offer by French telecom operator Orange, will be investigated by the Spanish stock market regulator, the CNMV, an Orange executive said on Tuesday. "The sharp movements in the share price ... will obviously be investigated by the CNMV authorities," said Federico Colom, the finance director for Orange's Spanish unit, at a press conference in Madrid. (Reporting By Andres Gonzalez, Writing by Sonya Dowsett, Editing by Sarah Morris)
  • New Samsung Phone Could Be King of Selfies (2014-09-16 11:45:46)
    As if there weren't enough Galaxy variations, Samsung appears to be readying a made-for-selfies version of its Galaxy Grand phone.
  • One of the best World War 2 movies was filmed on location a year after the war (2014-09-16 11:32:18)
    In August 1944, two months after the Allied powers pushed the Nazis out of Rome, filmmaker Roberto Rossellini began work on Rome, Open City. The project would become one of the best and most important films about World War 2.
  • Germany lifts its temporary ban on Uber (2014-09-16 11:32:00)
  • Fujifilm's X100T proves that two viewfinders are better than one (2014-09-16 11:30:18)
    The X100T carries on a happy recent legacy for Fujifilm. Its predecessors have been some of the best performing and most attractive cameras in the retro compact range, so its public debut here at Photokina has been much anticipated. Beyond some glorious old school looks and a high-quality APS-C sensor, one of the undeniable strengths of the X100T is its hybrid viewfinder system.
  • Entropic to explore strategic options amid order delays (2014-09-16 11:29:31)
    By Soham Chatterjee and Lehar Maan (Reuters) - Chipmaker Entropic Communications Inc said it was exploring strategic options amid order delays that it warned would continue through the year, hurting the company's efforts to turn a profit. Entropic, which did not say what those options were, also lowered its revenue forecast for the current quarter blaming slower spending by telecom and cable customers in light of several big mergers. The company's shares rose as much as 11 percent but lost some of those gains to trade 3.2 percent higher at $2.84 by midday. ...
  • Verizon offers early upgrades as iPhone 6, 6 Plus loom (2014-09-16 11:26:15)
    Customers who would have otherwise been forced to wait until November 15 can upgrade now to a new device with no penalties.>
  • Netflix orders two seasons of a new Judd Apatow comedy before it's even created (2014-09-16 11:19:26)
    Netflix's summer shopping spree continues unabated. Now, Big Red* has tapped comedy kingmaker Judd Apatow for a show it's so confident will do well, it's gone ahead and ordered two full seasons of a brand new original series. Love, according to Variety**, stars Gillian Jacobs (Yahoo's Community) and Paul Rust (I Love You, Beth Cooper) as "a couple in the throes of experiencing the 'exhilarations and humiliations of intimacy, commitment, and other things they were hoping to avoid.'" Love is co-created by Rust, Apatow, and Lesley Arfin, whose past writing credits include Girls and Brooklyn Nine-Nine.
  • Downsized Nextel operator is not giving up the fight in Brazil (2014-09-16 11:09:26)
    By Brad Haynes and Guillermo Parra-Bernal SAO PAULO (Reuters) - Nextel operator NII Holdings Inc is hanging on to its Brazilian unit even though the welterweight mobile carrier has filed for bankruptcy protection in the United States and sold off other Latin American operations. To pull off a turnaround in Brazil, the carrier is counting on regulations and broadcast spectrum that, because of its razor-thin market share, could give it competitive advantages unavailable to major rivals. ...
  • For FCC, a push to tighten Net neutrality rules for wireless (2014-09-16 11:01:34)
    The agency has heard from the public and has seen the new realities of wireless access for consumers. Now it must decide on a course of action.>
  • How to delete unwanted Facebook apps (2014-09-16 11:00:20)
    The social network's updated app settings page makes it easier to rid yourself of any apps you no longer need or want.>
  • Microsoft creates a keyboard for iOS and Android tablets (2014-09-16 11:00:02)
    Microsoft has created a keyboard designed for iOS, Android, and Windows tablets. The new Universal Mobile Keyboard is very similar to Logitech’s K480 keyboard, and Microsoft’s version also includes a button to switch between iOS, Android, and Windows Bluetooth modes. Supporting iOS and Android isn’t unusual for Microsoft’s keyboards, but the company has gone a step further this time.
  • Misfit announces the Flash, a fitness and sleep tracker that's only $49.99 (2014-09-16 11:00:02)
    Misfit's Shine wasn't our pick for best fitness tracker; Jawbone's Up24 is a better overall package and still leads the growing pack of competitors. But Misfit is today announcing its second wearable, the Flash, and is hoping to reach an even wider audience by pricing it super aggressively. It's $49.99 and will be available from retailers like Best Buy, Target, and Walmart next month. The Flash is designed to do two things well: track your fitness and sleep habits. ...
  • Misfit's wearable Flash tracks your moves and sleep habits for $49 (2014-09-16 11:00:00)
  • Microsoft's new accessories include a wired Xbox One controller for PC gaming (2014-09-16 11:00:00)
  • Clear Channel changes its name to iHeartMedia (2014-09-16 10:59:33)
    Clear Channel, the stodgy, 42-year-old company that owns most of America's big FM and AM radio stations, is rebranding itself for the emoji-happy world of today. As of today, it will henceforth be known as "iHeartMedia," a clear reference to its surprisingly popular iHeartRadio app and concert series. "It's a recognition of who we really are today and the transformation this company has made," CEO Rob Pittman told the LA Times of the name change. "We have a company that's doing progressive stuff, and yet we're named after AM radio stations."
  • Moment's lenses add versatility to your iPhone camera, for a price (2014-09-16 10:50:23)
    The iPhone has long been regarded as the best mobile camera you can own. Other smartphones might have better specs and higher megapixels, but the iPhone offers the right mix of ease of use, great image quality, and superb photo app ecosystem to stay ahead of the pack.
  • IBM launches Watson tool for business clients (2014-09-16 10:47:57)
    By Marina Lopes WASHINGTON (Reuters) - International Business Machines Corp is rolling out a cognitive tool powered by its Watson supercomputer that uses companies' internal data to answer questions about performance and efficiency, and predict outcomes. IBM said the tool - the latest in a series of Watson products unveiled by IBM - will make more widely available data analytics capabilities long reserved for research scientists. The move is part of IBM's effort to shift resources away from a slumping hardware sector into more profitable fields like cloud computing and analytics. ...
  • Meet the Leica X-E, an almost-affordable APS-C compact (2014-09-16 10:41:00)
  • Netflix arrives in Germany following French debut (2014-09-16 10:38:48)
    Austria and Switzerland are next on the streaming-video service's list as it tries to amp up its growth across Europe.>
  • German judge lifts temporary ban on Uber ride-share service (2014-09-16 10:37:22)
    By Eric Auchard and Harro Ten Wolde FRANKFURT (Reuters) - A Frankfurt judge has lifted a temporary injunction on online taxi service Uber, only two weeks after barring the Silicon Valley company from operating a novel car-sharing service across Germany. Frankfurt Regional Court Judge Frowin Kurth said on Tuesday that the issues in the case brought against Uber by German taxi operator group Taxi Deutschland deserved a fuller airing in court, but lacked the urgency for a temporary injunction. ...
  • Alibaba options to be listed on ISE on September 29 pending IPO: spokesperson (2014-09-16 10:35:54)
    (Reuters) - Alibaba Group's options will be listed on International Securities Exchange Holdings' options exchanges on September 29 pending the company's public sale of shares, an ISE spokesman said on Tuesday. The Chinese e-commerce company is expected to sell shares to the public later in the week. International Securities Exchange Holdings operates two options exchanges, ISE and ISE Gemini, which cleared about 14 percent of equity and index options contracts in August. (Reporting By Saqib Ahmed)
  • Goodbye Clear Channel, Hello iHeartMedia (2014-09-16 10:21:00)
  • Orange offers to buy Spain's Jazztel for 3.4 billion euros (2014-09-16 10:19:31)
    By Leila Abboud and Julien Toyer PARIS/MADRID (Reuters) - Orange has offered buy Spanish telecoms operator Jazztel for around 3.4 billion euros (4.40 billion US dollar), a deal that could help the French company jump ahead of rival Vodafone in the country's mobile market. Orange's offer for Jazztel is at 13 euros per share in cash, valuing it at 3.4 billion euros. The French company will pay for the acquisition with hybrid bonds and a capital increase of up to 2 billion euros. Jazztel Chairman Leopoldo Fernandez Pujals has agreed to sell his 14.5 percent stake. ...
  • Crunch time! (2014-09-16 10:05:22)
    The morning after I visited Next Millennium Farms, my digestive system expelled its first cricket exoskeleton. There it was, floating on the water’s edge of my hotel room toilet: a translucent thoracic shell with three legs still attached. Presumably, the fourth got lost in the gastrointestinal shuffle, but I didn’t look long enough to try and spot it, or any of this particular insect’s friends and relatives. I had been eating a lot of them.
  • I ate crickets because they're the future of food (2014-09-16 10:05:22)
    The morning after I visited Next Millennium Farms, my digestive system expelled its first cricket exoskeleton. There it was, floating on the water’s edge of my hotel room toilet: a translucent thoracic shell with three legs still attached. Presumably, the others got lost in the gastrointestinal shuffle, but I didn’t look long enough to try and spot them, or any of this particular insect’s friends and relatives. I had been eating a lot of them.
  • LittleBits' BitLab wants to be the app store of hardware components (2014-09-16 10:00:00)
  • German court lifts ban on Uber car pick-up service (2014-09-16 09:56:30)
    Berlin (AFP) - The controversial but popular car pick-up service Uber claimed a victory in Germany on Tuesday when a court threw out an injunction levelled against its operations in Europe's biggest economy.
  • Here's what happens in 'Avengers: Age of Ultron' according to Disney (2014-09-16 09:53:48)
    Walt Disney Pictures has released the official synopsis for Avengers: Age of Ultron, next year's follow-up to The Avengers. The film opens on May 1, 2015.
  • Foxconn worker allegedly sold iPhone 6 shells -- report (2014-09-16 09:47:42)
    The person allegedly took six bodies for the iPhone 6 off the assembly line and sold them to a local gadget market in Shenzhen.>
  • Custom Jordans the next step in PlayStation 4 love (2014-09-16 09:44:40)
    For the well-heeled gamer, FreakerSneaks offers the JRDN 4 X PS4. Your $950 gets you footwear with HDMI ports -- for looks, at least.>
  • Japanese superhero fights grime instead of crime (2014-09-16 09:36:47)
    Tokyo's own caped crusader, Mangetsu-man, wants citizens to join him in his quest to save the city from litter and garbage.>
  • NFC on the iPhone 6 is limited to Apple Pay, at least for now (2014-09-16 09:31:00)
  • Humans are still fighting with longswords, it's just a little safer now (2014-09-16 09:30:01)
    The annual European Martial Arts tournament takes place on Ellicott City, Maryland, and its events include Open Steel Longsword, Open Steel Messer, Single Stick and Ringen, a type of unarmed combat. After you watch the video, be sure to read the full story at The New York Times.
  • Get GiliSoft Private Disk (Win) for free (2014-09-16 09:22:05)
    Encrypt and password-protect your files and folders with this powerful tool, which normally runs $39.95.>
  • Entropic to explore strategic options, lowers Q3 forecast (2014-09-16 09:21:17)
    (Reuters) - Entropic Communications Inc, a designer of chipsets for video and multimedia applications, said it is exploring strategic options even as its efforts to return to profits take longer than expected. The company lowered its revenue forecast for the current quarter to $43 million, from its earlier outlook of between $49 million and $51 million. Entropic also said in a statement that it now expects an adjusted loss of 15 cents per share for the third quarter. It had earlier forecast an adjusted loss of 11 cents per share for the quarter. ...
  • Clear Channel's revamp to iHeartMedia puts digital center stage (2014-09-16 09:14:54)
    Clear Channel adopts the iHeart moniker from its online arm, underscoring how distinctions between tech and terrestrial radio are falling at the biggest company on the AM/FM dial.>
  • US military will mobilize to fight Ebola (2014-09-16 09:13:51)
    The US plans to send around 3,000 military personnel to West Africa as part of a ramped up effort to fight the largest Ebola outbreak in history, responsible for killing at least 2,400 since breaking out earlier this year, according to The Wall Street Journal. President Obama will reportedly announce the plan later today, which will call for the military to build 17 treatment centers capable of holding 100 patients each, a facility for distributing supplies, and a facility for training upward of 500 healthcare workers each week for six months. ...
  • Honeywell to roll out hardware on Bombardier business jets (2014-09-16 09:08:25)
    By Jeffrey Dastin (Reuters) - Bombardier Inc said Tuesday that it will be the first business jet manufacturer to outfit its planes with the latest hardware made by Honeywell International Inc to support speedy in-flight Internet. The deal highlights the growing demand among travelers for robust Internet connections worldwide on business jets. It also could freeze other equipment makers out of Bombardier's long-distance business planes, although the Canadian manufacturer says it hasn't decided yet whether Honeywell's new JetWave hardware will be standard or optional for its clients. ...
  • Worldwide smartphone shipments to touch 1.2B this year (2014-09-16 09:04:12)
    Apple and Samsung will account for almost half of those shipments, but vendors in emerging regions will increasingly move the market, says research firm Juniper Research.>
  • Pioneer is spinning off its DJ hardware business to focus on cars (2014-09-16 09:03:00)
    If you've been in a club at any point in the last couple decades, odds are very good your ears have been exposed to Pioneer music equipment: its CDJ decks and DJM mixers are something of a standard in DJ booths around the world (so much so, in fact, that competing decks and controllers often strive to match the feel of the CDJ's jog wheel). The new business will be called Pioneer DJ — so the name isn't going away, at least in the short term — and should be off to a strong start: the company boasts of a 20 percent operating margin and 60 percent market share, numbers that are hard to come by anywhere in the electronics business. The decision to sell is fueled partially by Pioneer's admission that growing the DJ unit would require a substantial cash infusion, and it'd rather focus on cars.
  • FiftyThree reveals Mix, a community for sharing and downloading any kind of Paper (2014-09-16 09:00:04)
    “What is your favorite PowerPoint template?” FiftyThree CEO Georg Petschnigg wants to know.
  • FiftyThree's new Mix service invites Paper users to collaborate (2014-09-16 09:00:00)
  • Apple is hiding an embarrassing iPhone 6 camera bulge (2014-09-16 08:48:18)
    Apple has an unpleasant bulge it's hiding. The latest iPhone 6 has slimmed down to just 6.9mm of metal in what Apple describes as a "streamlined profile," but it has picked up one element that isn’t particularly streamlined: an ugly camera bulge at the rear. You wouldn’t necessarily spot it if you were browsing Apple’s website though. While some images display the bulge clearly, there’s a number where it has simply vanished from sight.
  • How to start making contactless card and NFC payments on the Tube (2014-09-16 08:47:00)
  • What is the Panasonic CM1? (2014-09-16 08:42:21)
    Panasonic is desperate to know, and we are quite curious ourselves: how do you perceive the newly announced CM1 hybrid device? Is it, as Panasonic would prefer that you think of it, a capable and superbly compact camera with communication capabilities built in? Or is it a smartphone with extraordinarily souped-up imaging hardware? A lot will depend on the reaction consumers have to this exciting new device. ...
  • Polaroid's real-life Instagram logo camera can also print your photos (2014-09-16 08:31:00)
  • Pioneer to spin off DJ audio unit to KKR in $550 million deal (2014-09-16 08:22:10)
    By Sophie Knight TOKYO (Reuters) - Japan's Pioneer Corp is to sell its disc-jockeying audio equipment unit to private equity firm KKR & Co LP for around 59 billion yen ($550 million), it said on Tuesday, as it outlined a growth strategy centered on its automotive electronics business. Last week the company said it was also selling its home audio-visual business to audio equipment maker Onkyo Corp . ...
  • What Sadly Happens When A Creative Type Marries an Engineering Techie Type (2014-09-16 08:08:34)
    You have probably heard of that book, Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. In my household, it is very likely that my husband and I come from different planets, because we have discovered that our brains are wired very differently.I am one of those creative types. My creativity is mostly centered on writing, but I dabble in other things...
  • Russia's Mail.Ru ends VKontakte dispute with $1.5 billion deal (2014-09-16 08:07:06)
    By Maria Kiselyova MOSCOW (Reuters) - Mail.Ru Group , majority-owned by Russia's richest man Alisher Usmanov, has resolved a shareholder dispute over the country's biggest social network VKontakte (VK), buying out a rival co-investor for $1.47 billion. The deal could clear the way for a revival of plans for a stock market listing of VKontakte, scrapped in 2012 because of poor market conditions. VK, known as Russia's answer to Facebook , has been the focus of an ownership battle since April 2013 when investment fund United Capital Partners (UCP) bought a 48 percent stake. ...
  • Smart thermostat maker Ecobee pokes Nest with a striking redesign (2014-09-16 08:00:02)
    One of the first things Stuart Lombard will tell you is how much he spent on the solar panels that are on top of his house. It's not to brag so much as to explain why buying one of his company's new $249 thermostats is as good of an idea as strapping $26,000 worth of solar panels to your roof. It saves, he says, about as much energy as the solar array by doing a better job at regulating indoor climate controls.
  • Ecobee's smart thermostat knows conditions throughout your home (2014-09-16 08:00:00)
  • Apple’s iPhone 6 NFC chip is restricted to Apple Pay (2014-09-16 07:43:41)
    Apple’s move to integrate NFC in its latest iPhone 6 seemed like the perfect way to push the technology even further to the masses, but Apple’s implementation isn’t going to be as open as Android and Windows Phone equivalents. Following a report from Cult of Mac, Apple has confirmed to The Verge that its NFC chip in the iPhone 6 is restricted to Apple Pay, the company’s new mobile payments platform. Apple restricted its Touch ID fingerprint sensor in a similar way for the iPhone 5S, but the company has opened it up to third-party developers with iOS 8.
  • Pirated ebooks could let hackers steal your Amazon account (2014-09-16 07:23:09)
    Downloading ebooks from untrustworthy websites might result in your Amazon account data being compromised, reports one German researcher. According to Benjamin Daniel Mussler, a security flaw allows malicious code to be injected into an ebook's metadata, which will then trigger when the victim opens up their Kindle Library web page.
  • Hands-on with Leica's super-rare $19,400 M Edition 60 (2014-09-16 07:08:00)
  • Phase One's updated image editor throws Apple Aperture users a lifeline (2014-09-16 07:07:16)
    The death of Apple's photo-editing software offers lots of new customers to Capture One Pro. Version 8 gets a migration tool, new editing options, and a subscription pricing option.>
  • Orange strikes 3.4 billion euros deal to buy Spain's Jazztel (2014-09-16 06:50:33)
    By Leila Abboud and Julien Toyer PARIS/MADRID (Reuters) - France's Orange has reached a deal to buy Spanish fixed line telecoms operator Jazztel in an effort to bolster its mobile operation in the country and better compete with rivals Telefonica and Vodafone. The French group made an offer for 100 percent of Jazztel shares at 13 euros per share in cash, which values Jazztel at 3.4 billion euros($4.40 billion). The acquisition will be financed through a combination of hybrid bonds and a capital increase of up to 2 billion euros at Orange. ...
  • Nothing says you're a Sony fanboy like a pair of PS4-themed Air Jordans (2014-09-16 06:43:00)
  • German judge set to rule on Uber injunction appeal on Tuesday (2014-09-16 06:01:40)
    FRANKFURT (Reuters) - The Frankfurt judge who issued an injunction against online taxi service Uber from operating a novel car-sharing service in Germany appeared ready to rebuff an appeal on Tuesday by the firm, which has argued it should not be subject to taxi rules. In opening remarks at a hearing on the appeal, Frankfurt Regional Court Judge Frowin Kurth said: "The preliminary view of the court is that the reasons behind the temporary injunction are still valid". The judge said he would issue a ruling on Uber's appeal of his preliminary injunction at 8:30 a.m. EDT. ...
  • Lockheed Martin's 360-degree laser turret gets cleared for take-off (2014-09-16 05:17:00)
  • Leica announces new premium compacts, a film rangefinder, and some Panasonic rebrands (2014-09-16 05:10:08)
    Leica's Photokina announcements don't stop with the unique, screenless digital M Edition 60 — the German camera maker has a series of more conventional digital models on the way. First up is the X (Type 113) and X-E (Type 102, above), premium compact cameras with 16-megapixel APS-C sensors that follow on from the X1 and X2. The X-E doesn't appear to be a huge advance on its predecessor, similarly featuring a 24mm f/2.8 lens, but the X has a 23mm f/1.7 lens, beating out Fujifilm's popular f/2 X100 series. ...
  • ​Apple locks iPhone 6 NFC to Apple Pay (2014-09-16 04:44:18)
    While Apple has just hitched its wagon to NFC technology, new reports indicate the technology will only be available for use with Apple Pay.>
  • Leica strips display from digital camera in 60th anniversary return to basics (2014-09-16 04:10:56)
    2014 marks 60 years since the release of the Leica M3, a camera as legendary as any other in history — it kicked off the German manufacturer's seminal line of M-series rangefinders which continues to this day. And now Leica is celebrating in style with a new entry in the series: the Leica M Edition 60, a seriously unique digital camera.
  • Kindle security flaw can be exploited by hidden codes in e-books (2014-09-16 03:51:00)
  • Pioneer says to sell DJ equipment business to KKR for $550 million (2014-09-16 02:17:23)
    TOKYO (Reuters) - Japanese car electronics maker Pioneer Corp said on Tuesday that it would sell its disc-jockey equipment business to private equity firm KKR & Co LP for about 59 billion yen($550 million). Pioneer has been selling off non-core assets to focus on its automotive electronics business. On Friday, the company said it would sell its home audio-visual business to audio equipment maker Onkyo Corp . Pioneer said that it expects a 55 billion yen special profit from the sale of the DJ equipment business and that it may revise its earnings forecast. ...
  • Security app automatically encrypts your shared files so you don't have to (2014-09-16 02:03:00)
  • LG Chemical develops super-efficient OLED light panels (2014-09-16 01:04:33)
    These long-lasting and high-efficacy OLED light panels are coming to market in November>
  • Samsung hires Kristen Bell to help you forget about Apple (2014-09-16 00:51:27)
    Instead of constantly pummeling Apple, Samsung releases an ad for its Galaxy Tab S that features Kristen Bell, her husband Dax Shepard, and the joys of distraction.>
  • Custom PS4 Nike Air Jordans show why your next sneakers need HDMI ports (2014-09-16 00:21:07)
    If you've ever wanted to showcase your love for the Playstation 4 on the streets, these $950 custom sneakers might help you step out in style. As reported by DualShockers, the "JRDN 4 X PS4" combines the design of the classic Nike Air Jordan 4 with elements from Sony's next-gen console, most notably its HDMI port.
  • Ford and Automatic sync up to improve car connectivity (2014-09-16 00:01:09)
    Ford Sync equipped vehicle will soon gain tight connectivity to the Automatic Smart Driving Monitor and smartphone app.>
  • Roku hits 10 million sales milestone (2014-09-16 00:01:05)
    Roku's streaming-media boxes are among the most popular in a growing field of rivals, but the rare glimpses of its sales suggest some slowing momentum.>
  • Roku has sold over 10 million of its streaming players (2014-09-16 00:01:01)
    Roku just hit a milestone: over 10 million of its streaming players have been sold to this point, stretching from the company's original set-top box — which debuted in 2008 — through today. It's a big number, and it establishes Roku as one of the leading players in the living room, at least when it comes to streaming boxes. Game consoles obviously sell many more units than that, but Roku has carved out a nice audience by pricing its products aggressively and constantly expanding the ecosystem of apps that run on those boxes.
  • Roku has sold over 10 million players, but is that enough? (2014-09-16 00:01:00)
  • MIT's soft robotic tentacle can squeeze into tight spots (video) (2014-09-15 23:28:00)
  • Play this: 'Boson X' is stylish platforming fun inside a particle accelerator (2014-09-15 22:31:23)
    Imagine if Canabalt were 3D and set inside Super Hexagon levels that are actually decagons. That's pretty much what you get with Boson X, a slick, addictive arcade game that's been on rotation on my iPhone since it came out last year. Players have to jump from platform to platform inside a particle accelerator, with a great risk-reward system where running on the blue panels gets you closer to finishing the level.
  • US fines over data requests would have destroyed Yahoo in a year (2014-09-15 22:18:00)
  • Nextel carrier NII files for bankruptcy protection as debt soars (2014-09-15 21:58:41)
    By Guillermo Parra-Bernal and Brad Haynes SAO PAULO (Reuters) - NII Holdings Inc, the parent of Nextel operators in Latin America, filed for U.S. bankruptcy protection on Monday after struggling for years with debt, fierce competition in Brazil and Mexico, and a dispute with a U.S. hedge fund. The company filed a voluntary petition for so-called Chapter 11 in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in New York, according to a filing. ...
  • Engadget Daily: Microsoft buys 'Minecraft' developer Mojang, Google unveils Android One, and more! (2014-09-15 21:41:00)
  • Notch doesn't make Minecraft anymore (2014-09-15 21:27:32)
    Opinion: You need to understand a child's innocent passion for Minecraft to know why today's news impacts so deeply across the globe.>
  • New Zealand secretly built spying program, report says (2014-09-15 21:17:57)
    The New Zealand government constructed a mass surveillance program as part of the 'Five Eyes' international data-sharing network, despite public denial of the surveillance, says Edward Snowden.>
  • Apple takes 'very different view' on customer privacy, Cook says (2014-09-15 21:13:43)
    Apple's CEO tells Charlie Rose that Apple is not in the business of collecting customers' personal information.>
  • When it comes to digital games, Microsoft's not playing around (2014-09-15 21:10:31)
    Many on Wall Street thought Microsoft ought to exit the game business, but since taking over as CEO, Satya Nadella has taken the opposite tack. Here's why.>
  • Google's fix to test self-driving cars: temporary steering wheels (2014-09-15 21:02:00)
  • Boeing said to win NASA space taxi contract (2014-09-15 20:55:06)
    According to the Wall Street Journal, the aerospace giant is likely to beat out SpaceX for the contract, said to be worth more than $3 billion.>
  • MDB Viewer Plus review (2014-09-15 20:45:05)
    View and edit Microsoft Access MDB and ACCDB files
  • Destiny review (2014-09-15 20:42:48)
    Pre-order Destiny for Xbox One and get a Destiny beta code for early access (ends 9/9)
  • Idea Sketch for Windows 8 review (2014-09-15 20:40:53)
    Create mind maps, concept maps, and flow charts for brainstorming
  • Disconnect for Chrome review (2014-09-15 20:31:01)
    Stop third parties and search engines from tracking the webpages you go to and searches you do
  • Matt Damon will reportedly return as Jason Bourne in 2016 (2014-09-15 20:25:52)
    Matt Damon is apparently set to return to the big screen as genetically engineered super agent Jason Bourne. Deadline reports that Universal Pictures is in talks with both Damon and director Paul Greengrass to produce a fifth movie based around the character created by author Robert Ludlum.
  • Disconnect for Firefox review (2014-09-15 20:21:01)
    Stop third parties and search engines from tracking the webpages you go to and searches you do
  • Chrome for Android starts answering your questions in search suggestions (2014-09-15 20:14:00)
  • UltraVNC review (2014-09-15 20:07:13)
    Access multiple PCs remotely from one machine
  • Defraggler review (2014-09-15 19:57:11)
    Select and defrag files on your hard disk
  • WeatherBug for Android review (2014-09-15 19:53:54)
    Get weather conditions with maps, radar, forecast, and alerts on your Android device
  • Microsoft to spotlight new Windows software September 30 (2014-09-15 19:51:47)
    San Francisco (AFP) - Microsoft on Monday sent out invitations to a September 30 event at which it is expected to provide a glimpse at the next version of its Windows operating system.
  • Tim Cook doesn't want Apple to be a 'treasure trove' of user data for the NSA (2014-09-15 19:51:43)
    Apple's privacy and security measures have been under a microscope for the past month, first with a targeted attack on celebrities that led to leaked nude photos, and now on Apple's own systems as the company gears up to handle people's credit cards as part of Apple Pay. Talking to journalist Charlie Rose in the second half of a two-part interview that concludes tonight, Apple CEO Tim Cook says that the company has no interest in accumulating information about its customers, while urging caution about any companies that do:
  • Virtru for Firefox review (2014-09-15 19:46:40)
    Secure e-mail and attachments with end-to-end encryption
  • What's on your HDTV: 'Godzilla', 'Ghostbusters' and 'New Girl' (2014-09-15 19:46:00)
  • WinScp review (2014-09-15 19:42:39)
    Copy files between a local and a remote PC using an SFTP and SCP client
  • Ashampoo Burning Studio Free review (2014-09-15 19:38:51)
    Burn the files and images on CD and DVD discs
  • 123 Free Solitaire review (2014-09-15 19:32:03)
    Play 12 solitaire card games on your PC
  • Plex Media Server review (2014-09-15 19:26:51)
    Manage and stream your media to the Media Center and mobile applications
  • Alibaba raises price range of massive IPO due to demand (2014-09-15 19:26:38)
    With its IPO already expected to be record-breaking in the US, the Chinese company will price its stock even higher. That could translate to $25 billion.>
  • Tomorrow Daily 051: Microsoft buys Minecraft, a jetpack for running, ant-sized radios, and more (2014-09-15 19:22:33)
    On today's show, Rich and Ashley discuss a jetpack that helps you run a 4-minute mile, a tiny radio the size of an ant, and Microsoft's $2.5 billion dollar purchase of the company that created Minecraft.>
  • Pictomio review (2014-09-15 19:21:45)
    Manage and geolocate your photos and videos with style
  • Picasa review (2014-09-15 19:15:27)
    Organize, edit, and share pictures with this free photo manager
  • MobilEdit Lite review (2014-09-15 19:10:17)
    Manage any mobile phone from the PC via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or cable
  • Lazesoft Recovery Suite Home review (2014-09-15 18:58:11)
    Recover your data, repair Microsoft Windows system or reset Microsoft Windows password
  • Taxi! Seeking women to drive for female passengers (2014-09-15 18:57:25)
    NEW YORK (AP) — Sometimes a woman can be hard to find — if you're looking for one behind the wheel of a taxi in New York City.
  • DARPA testing planes with a 'Star Wars'-style laser cannon (2014-09-15 18:54:22)
    We don't have X-wing fighters just yet, but we may soon have their laser weapons. DARPA is working on a system that's downright Lucasian.>
  • Invisibility suits are coming thanks to squid-like displays (2014-09-15 18:53:00)
  • Pratt says next F-35 engine deals will cut costs by 7-8 percent (2014-09-15 18:48:50)
    By Andrea Shalal WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Pratt & Whitney, a unit of United Technologies Corp, said its contracts with the Pentagon for the next two batches of engines for the Lockheed Martin Corp F-35 fighter jet will result in combined cost savings of 7 percent to 8 percent. Bennett Croswell, president of Pratt's military engines division, told reporters the company had already more than halved the cost of its F-35 engine, and the savings from the next two contracts - for the seventh and eighth batches of engines - would come on top of that. ...
  • Alibaba raises price of already massive IPO (2014-09-15 18:47:02)
    Previously estimated to raise a record-breaking $24.3 billion in its IPO, the China-based e-commerce company will price its stock even higher.>
  • Miss Georgia's custom heels flaunt 3D-printed flair (2014-09-15 18:35:33)
    Shoes that look like a classic car? Georgia Tech industrial design students fashion a pair of high-tech shoes for their peer, Miss Georgia, inspired by the school's Ford mascot.>
  • 'I Know What You Did Last Summer' will return in 2016 (2014-09-15 18:29:49)
    Sony Pictures has commissioned Oculus writer / director Mike Flanagan and his co-writer Jeff Howard to reboot I Know What You Did Last Summer, which itself was based on a 1973 novel by Lois Duncan (that's over 40 summers ago). According to Deadline, this film is a "high priority" for Sony, who wants it out in 2016.
  • Alibaba to raise up to $25 bn with revised IPO price (2014-09-15 18:29:29)
    Chinese online giant Alibaba on Monday boosted the price range for what was already expected to be the biggest stock offering on record, to as much as $25.03 billion. Documents filed with US regulators upped the price range for the stock offering to $66-$68 per share, resulting in proceeds which would break the record for stock flotations, set in 2010 by China's AgBank. Alibaba would raise between $24.3 billion and $25.03 billion based on the new documents filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Alibaba would have a market value of $163-$168 billion based on the new price range.
  • Play 3DS games on Oculus Rift (some assembly required) (2014-09-15 18:22:00)
  • Apple releases tool to remove free U2 album (2014-09-15 18:04:54)
    NEW YORK (AP) — Some iPhone users are not happy that U2's new album, "Songs of Innocence," was automatically added to their iTunes music library, free of charge. In response, Apple is releasing a special tool that lets people remove the album from their collections.
  • Lockheed delivers next version of F-35 logistics system (2014-09-15 17:59:54)
    By Andrea Shalal WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Lockheed Martin Corp on Monday said it has delivered the next version of the computer-based logistics system used to support the F-35 fighter jet to the U.S. military for flight testing. That paves the way for the system's deployment in the first quarter of 2015 to nine military bases in the United States where F-35 Lightning II training and testing is taking place. ...
  • Canon reveals details for future telephoto lens line (2014-09-15 17:57:37)
    A new 400mm supertele is just the beginning. Canon also says it plans a replacement for its 100-400mm zoom and new compact models using diffractive optics.>
  • The Big Picture: Scientists pick a landing site for their historic comet probe (2014-09-15 17:56:00)
  • Sidecar raises $15M as Uber, Lyft duke it out (2014-09-15 17:55:59)
    Looking to expand to more US cities and focus on its carpool feature, the peer-to-peer car service gets a wad of dough from several investors, including Virgin's Sir Richard Branson.>
  • Apple helps iTunes users delete free U2 album (2014-09-15 17:51:00)
    San Francisco (AFP) - Apple on Monday began helping people boot U2 off their iTunes accounts after a cacophony of complaints about not wanting the automatically downloaded free album by the Irish rock band.
  • Fraud trial of NY man who claimed Facebook stake delayed to May (2014-09-15 17:46:39)
    By Nate Raymond NEW YORK (Reuters) - The trial of an upstate New York man accused of attempting to defraud Facebook Inc and billionaire founder Mark Zuckerberg of half of the company was delayed by six months on Monday after the defendant hired a new lawyer. Paul Ceglia, 41, had been scheduled to go to trial in Manhattan federal court on Nov. 17 after prosecutors accused him of forging a 2003 contract with Zuckerberg, who is expected to testify as the government's star witness. U.S. ...
  • Alibaba boosts IPO as demand strengthens (2014-09-15 17:38:25)
    By Elzio Barreto, Fiona Lau and Liana B. Baker HONG KONG/NEW YORK (Reuters) - Alibaba Group Holding Ltd [IPO-BABA.N] raised the price range on its initial public offering to $66 to $68 on Monday, reflecting strong demand from investors for the year's most anticipated debut and potentially the world's largest-ever IPO. The company and selling shareholders will now raise almost $22 billion at the top of the new IPO range. Alibaba remains on track to set an IPO record if underwriters exercise an option to sell additional shares to meet demand, overtaking Agricultural Bank of China Ltd's $22.1 billion listing in 2010. Alibaba embarked on its roadshow for the IPO last week and attracted enough demand to cover its entire deal within two days, people familiar with the process said last week.
  • App developers seek clearer U.S. health data privacy guidelines (2014-09-15 17:34:44)
    By Christina Farr SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Developers of apps for mobile devices are asking a U.S. agency to clarify its rules for protecting patient health information to reflect the fast-evolving technology. On Monday, a consortium of start-ups including CareSync, AirStrip and AngelMD, sent a letter to Pennsylvania Republican Representative Tom Marino, to express their frustration at the lack of developer-friendly online resources surrounding the privacy rules, known as HIPAA. ...
  • Alibaba raises IPO price range on strong demand (2014-09-15 17:33:16)
    NEW YORK (AP) — Alibaba now plans to raise up to $25.03 billion in its upcoming IPO, making what was expected to be the biggest stock market debut even bigger.
  • Microsoft to preview next version of Windows Sept. 30 (2014-09-15 17:32:35)
    Microsoft is expected to show off some of the enterprise-focused Windows "Threshold" features at an event in San Francisco at the end of the month.>
  • Tech that nags drivers: It's about safety (and GDP) (2014-09-15 17:32:21)
    In an interview with CNET, Seeing Machines CEO Ken Kroeger says data collected by his company's eye- and head-tracking tech, which is reportedly being put in GM cars, is only for the driver (currently).>
  • Here's How Many Minecraft Items the Founders Can Buy with Their Microsoft Money (2014-09-15 17:23:40)
    Today, Microsoft announced the acquisition of Mojang, the company that created the wildly popular video game Minecraft, for a whopping $2.5 billion. Mojang was founded by three people, all of whom are leaving after their Microsoft payout: Markus Persson (a.k.a. "Notch"), Jakob Porser, and Carl Manneh. Here's roughly how the payout breaks down, pre-tax: Notch: 71 percent, $1.75 billion. Porser: 21 percent, $525 million. Manneh: 8 percent, $200 million.
  • IObit Random Password Generator review (2014-09-15 17:20:39)
    Create and manage secure and strong passwords
  • How to get the new U2 album 'Songs of Innocence' out of your iTunes (2014-09-15 17:20:00)
  • Hide! MIT's robotic cheetah no longer needs a leash (2014-09-15 16:54:59)
    MIT improves its robo-cheetah by giving it the ability to bound and run around outside while untethered.>
  • App would help women in NYC find women cab drivers (2014-09-15 16:48:26)
    NEW YORK (AP) — Sometimes a woman can be hard to find — if you're looking for one behind the wheel of a taxi in New York City.
  • Over 3 million comments on net neutrality registered with the FCC (2014-09-15 16:44:00)
  • Government demands for Google user data skyrocket (2014-09-15 16:41:35)
    Google says it's getting more requests for user data than ever before, while simultaneously pressuring the US government to change how it regulates electronic communications.>
  • iPhone 6 Plus could be hard to find on launch day (2014-09-15 16:37:22)
    Based on record preorders, finding Apple's new 5.5-inch iPhone may be a challenge on launch day. Also, Microsoft builds a new world for Minecraft, and Google launches an affordable Android phone for developing countries.>
  • Hachette authors urge Amazon board to end contract dispute (2014-09-15 16:17:33)
    By Deepa Seetharaman SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - More than 1,000 Hachette Book Group authors including Malcolm Gladwell, Stephen King and James Patterson have urged Inc's directors to end a contract dispute with their publisher that has cost some writers' 90 percent of their sales on the online retailer's website. Authors United, a group representing Hachette authors, called on Amazon's 10-person board to end what it called "sanctions" on Hachette book sales on Amazon's website during the dispute between the two companies over e-book prices. ...
  • Microsoft announces Windows 9 event in San Francisco on September 30th (2014-09-15 16:10:30)
    Microsoft is preparing to detail its next major version of Windows. We had been expecting the company to hold a press event later this month, and now it’s official. Microsoft will hold a "Windows event" in San Francisco on September 30th. The software maker started emailing out invites to the event today, and Joe Belfiore and Terry Myerson will be leading a discussion around the future of Windows. The event will focus on enterprise and power users of Windows.
  • Microsoft announces 'Windows 9' event in San Francisco on September 30th (2014-09-15 16:10:30)
    Microsoft is preparing to detail its next major version of Windows. Microsoft will hold a "Windows event" in San Francisco on September 30th. The software maker started emailing out invites to the event today, and Joe Belfiore and Terry Myerson will be leading a discussion around the future of Windows.
  • ​Kickstarter is now accepting projects from Ireland and Scandinavia (2014-09-15 16:04:00)
  • Watch 'The Daily Show' review a camera phone in 2004 (2014-09-15 16:00:56)
    In the segment, called "Digital Watch," Ed Helms balks at the idea of the now ubiquitous combination. "The camera cell phone," says Helms, "a revolutionary advance in our drive to put multiple things into one thing, is the Reese's Peanut Butter Cup of digital technology. It combines the rapid battery depletion of a high powered digital camera, with the image production capability of a phone."
  • Apple Pay is as safe as your selfies, says PayPal ad (2014-09-15 15:48:31)
    In a newspaper ad reacting to Apple's new payment system, PayPal suggests it's not secure. And, well, PayPal is.>
  • Photokina 2014: all of the news from photography's biggest show (2014-09-15 15:46:05)
    The camera industry doesn't get many trade shows, so when it does, it makes the most of them. Photokina is the industry's biggest show and it's held once every two years in Cologne, Germany. Though a lot of camera makers prefer to hold their big consumer announcements for CES in a few months, there are always a handful of really interesting things announced at Photokina, and this year is no different.
  • Demands by governments for Google user data skyrocket (2014-09-15 15:42:29)
    Google says that it's getting more government requests for user data than ever before, while simultaneously pressuring the US government to change how it regulates electronic communications.>
  • A Hitchcock video helped find a conscious patient who'd been unresponsive for 16 years (2014-09-15 15:39:18)
    When doctors suspect that a patient might be in a "vegetative" state following a serious brain injury, they run a plethora of tests to confirm the diagnosis. These usually consist of asking patients questions about their environment, and all are aimed at determining their level of consciousness. But contrary to what you might have seen on TV, the sorts of tests rarely include brain scans — ones performed through a machine called an fMRI — because they’re expensive, but more importantly, doctors still don’t quite know what to look for when analyzing someone's awareness through brain activity.
  • The 404 Throwback Ep. 217: Where we're voting Steve Guttenberg in 08! (podcast) (2014-09-15 15:33:47)
    Today's throwback episode comes complements of our very own Steve "Sphere" Guttenberg. He requested this to be replayed, and since we lost a bet with him a long time ago, we owe it to him. (Original air date: 10/30/08)>
  • Amazon shutting down little-used person-to-person payment service (2014-09-15 15:30:00)
  • The FCC has gotten 3 million net neutrality comments, and today's the last day to file (2014-09-15 15:19:23)
    FCC chair Tom Wheeler's net neutrality proposal has already drawn a bigger public response than any single issue in the agency's history, passing even the 2004 Super Bowl "wardrobe malfunction" with almost 1.5 million comments. Getting to that number took slightly under four months, but it's taken less than a week to double it. The FCC press secretary announced that over 3 million comments have come in regarding the Open Internet framework. There's still a chance for that number to go up: comments will be accepted until the end of today (September 15th. ...
  • America Movil contacts AT&T, Softbank on bids for assets : Bloomberg (2014-09-15 15:18:40)
    (Reuters) - Carlos Slim's America Movil has contacted AT&T Inc and SoftBank Corp as the telecommunications company tries to sell a chunk of assets that could be worth up to $17.5 billion, Bloomberg reported on Monday, citing people with knowledge of the matter. The sale would include America Movil infrastructure in a strip of states from north to south along Mexico's eastern coast, two sources told the U.S. news agency. Shares in America Movil were up 2.34 percent at 17.47 pesos after the report. ...
  • Sidecar raises $15 million from investors including Richard Branson (2014-09-15 15:07:14)
    (Reuters) - Sidecar, a ride-sharing startup which competes with on-demand car services such as Uber and Lyft, said it raised $15 million from existing and new investors, including Virgin Group founder Richard Branson. Existing investors Avalon Ventures and Union Square Ventures also participated in the funding round, the company wrote in a blog post. Sidecar, which uses a smartphone-based app to match riders with drivers, plans to expand in the United States to match the reach of its rivals. (Reporting By Sai Sachin R; Editing by Joyjeet Das)
  • MIT's electric Cheetah robot silently bounds across campus (2014-09-15 15:01:00)
  • Synthetic female decoys might be the next big thing in male insect zapping (2014-09-15 15:00:02)
    When trying to curb the the spread of invasive insect species, one of the most important steps is actually being able to catch them. Typical traps, such as those use to catch the tree-ravaging emerald ash borer, use scents such as pheromones to attract males (males are easier to catch because of their mating behavior, which consists of following and landing on females). But scent-based traps aren't ideal: they often require maintenance, and they don't let researchers know exactly how many insects they've has caught.
  • Second actor sues Google over 'Innocence of Muslims' movie trailer (2014-09-15 14:35:37)
    By Andrew Chung (Reuters) - A second actor has sued Google Inc over a movie trailer called "Innocence of Muslims" that mocked the Prophet Mohammad and led to riots in 2012, six months after a U.S. appeals court ruled for another actor and ordered the film taken off YouTube. Gaylord Flynn said he has received death threats and fears for his life while Google continues to provide its users with access to the film through pirated content websites known as torrent sites, according to his lawsuit, filed on Friday in a California federal court. ...
  • Macy's will give you location-based discounts through your iPhone (2014-09-15 14:35:00)
  • City in China tests sidewalk lane for cell phone users (2014-09-15 14:23:07)
    Chongqing thinks it might be a good idea if those who permanently look down could be separated from anyone else. But is there anyone else?>
  • New Zealand's surveillance fight could have global implications (2014-09-15 14:10:06)
    See if this sounds familiar: a bombshell Snowden leak shows the head of a major country is surveilling his own citizens. The leader denies it, but Snowden keeps pushing, with more documents and increasingly specific accusations. Pretty soon, the public wants answers and his political opponents start to use the leaks against him, even as the nation's spy agencies refuse to give up the goods.
  • New Zealand's surveillance fight could change the way the NSA spies on the Pacific (2014-09-15 14:10:06)
    See if this sounds familiar: a bombshell Snowden leak shows the head of a major country is surveilling his own citizens. The leader denies it, but Snowden keeps pushing, with more documents and increasingly specific accusations. Pretty soon, the public wants answers and his political opponents start to use the leaks against him, even as the nation's spy agencies refuse to give up the goods.
  • Flipboard is ready to annoy you with video ads (2014-09-15 14:09:00)
  • Governments pressure Google for more user information (2014-09-15 14:07:56)
    (Reuters) - Google Inc said it was facing increasing pressure from governments around the world to reveal user information in criminal investigations amid ongoing revelations about national surveillance programs. The number of requests increased 15 percent sequentially in the first half of this year and 150 percent in the last five years, the company said in its semi-annual transparency report on Monday. ( In the United States, demand for information jumped 19 percent in the first six months of 2014 and more than tripled since 2009, when it started publishing the report. ...
  • FBackup review (2014-09-15 14:00:00)
    Protect your important data by backing it up
  • Apple releases one-click tool to delete the U2 album you didn't want (2014-09-15 13:55:33)
    To put it lightly, Apple's "gift" of a free U2 album hasn't been warmly received by everyone. And it seems the company has heard the chorus of complaints loud and clear. As of today, Apple's offering an easy way to permanently erase Songs of Innocence with a single click. Doing so immediately removes U2's latest album from your iTunes music library and iTunes purchase history. Apple has even set up a support website to guide people through the process.
  • Aquaponic Garden gives new life to an aquarium (2014-09-15 13:53:47)
    The AquaSprouts Aquarium Aquaponic Garden converts a standard aquarium into a thriving ecosystem. The Kickstarter project is capable of growing herbs, small fruits and more.>
  • EaseUS Todo Backup Free review (2014-09-15 13:45:42)
    Back up and restore photos, music, videos, documents, hard disk and partition
  • UK's Phones 4u enters administration, stores close (2014-09-15 13:44:17)
    (Reuters) - British mobile phone retailer Phones 4u entered administration, a form of creditor protection, on Monday after the country's biggest mobile operator EE joined Vodafone in not renewing its network agreement. The contract with EE, which comprises T-Mobile and Orange, was crucial to Phones 4u's future after it lost Vodafone's contract earlier this month, leaving the company with EE as its only partner. The EE contract ends in September next year. "If the mobile network operators decline to supply us, we do not have a business," said Phones 4u Chief Executive David Kassler. ...
  • Sound off! Has your phone replaced your camera? (2014-09-15 13:42:00)
  • Watch all 51 characters in the new 'Super Smash Bros' do their most powerful move (2014-09-15 13:41:59)
    No more secrets. This past Friday, Super Smash Bros for Nintendo 3DS launched in Japan. Before the weekend was over, all 51 characters had been discovered and unlocked. Each character has their own unique, hyper-powerful "Final Smash" move, and if you want to see all 51, give yourself about nine minutes and enjoy this video. Warning: spoilers.
  • Windows EXIF Viewer review (2014-09-15 13:40:08)
    Extract and display EXIF information from a JPEG image
  • Android Wear watch face mimics Apple Watch (2014-09-15 13:39:52)
    Be the first among your friends to sport a smartwatch that looks like something Apple CEO Tim Cook would wear.>
  • An award-winning war photographer futilely attempts video game photojournalism (2014-09-15 13:31:11)
    If anyone could capture the terror, desperation, and occasional joy of surviving the apocalypse, you'd think it might be award-winning war photographer Ashley Gilbertson — a man who spent years covering the Iraq invasion for The New York Times. This week, for Time magazine, Gilbertson "embedded" himself in (also award-winning) video game The Last of Us, using its built-in photo mode to capture shots of protagonists Joel and Ellie making their way across a dead but still hostile landscape. ...
  • Slow-motion videos of skateboarding are all I want to film with my iPhone 6 (2014-09-15 13:29:41)
    Adam Shomsky filmed skateboarder Christopher Chann in slow-motion at Stoner Skate Plaza in Los Angeles. The tricks are beautifully shot, and do an exquisite job of showing how difficult skateboarding actually is. Even in slow-motion, the way Chann manipulates the board looks superhuman.
  • Panasonic's LX100 camera isn't quite as lovely as it looks (2014-09-15 13:22:34)
    Panasonic already owns the Photokina 2014 spotlight with its CM1 camera phone announcement. Nothing else the Japanese manufacturer does at this week's photo show will come close to rivaling it for attention, though that doesn't mean the company isn't trying its best. Introduced alongside the CM1 is today's new LX100 camera, which takes the familiar Micro Four Thirds (MFT) sensor that Panasonic and Olympus have been pushing for many years now and fits it into an even more compact body.
  • Spotify fires up on Amazon Fire TV (2014-09-15 13:16:50)
    Amazon's streaming-media box adds support for the music service with more than 20 million songs. To use Spotify Connect, you'll need a premium subscription.>
  • Say hello to the FBI's national facial recognition system (2014-09-15 13:13:00)
  • Ricoh's new action cam isn't a toy, even if it looks like one (2014-09-15 12:47:00)
  • $3,500 MacBook Air Retro goes beige with rainbow logo (2014-09-15 12:43:11)
    ColorWare, a company that custom-colorizes computers, goes back in time by outfitting a MacBook Air with a retro look to evoke '80s Apple.>
  • Ollie over Memorex lane on retro VHS skateboards (2014-09-15 12:40:56)
    Classic VHS tape logos inspire artists at 5BORO NYC to design skateboard decks worthy of our retro memories.>
  • Apple iPhone 6 pre-orders hit record 4 million on first day (2014-09-15 12:34:40)
    (Reuters) - Apple Inc said it received record first-day pre-orders of its new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, with over four million in the first 24 hours, meaning many customers will have to wait for their new phones. Apple said a significant number of orders will be delivered to customers beginning Friday, but many will be delivered in October.
  • YouTube to go offline in India on Android phones (2014-09-15 12:33:14)
    YouTube users in India will soon be able to save videos from the Google-owned service, making it possible to watch them offline, and the feature will eventually be available globally, the company said Monday. The feature will be available through the YouTube app on Google's new $105-Android One smartphones unveiled in New Delhi on Monday. "YouTube will be available offline soon, starting with India," Google India communications manager Gaurav Bhaskar told AFP. Smartphones using Google's Android operating system are used by more than one billion people globally and the new Android One phone is part of the company's drive to reach out to billions more.
  • Sprint Prepaid plans revamped with new data options (2014-09-15 12:28:39)
    Sprint Prepaid, which launched earlier this year, now has three plans and all include data. But the service is only available on select phones.>
  • Here's how doctors will test Apple's new patient tracking features (2014-09-15 12:16:00)
  • Alibaba may raise price of already massive IPO (2014-09-15 12:09:50)
    Previously estimated to raise a record-breaking $24.3 billion in its IPO, the China-based e-commerce company will reportedly price its stock even higher.>
  • Watch a robot cheetah run off its leash and into your nightmares (2014-09-15 11:58:01)
    Did you run this morning? Maybe you'll go for a jog after work. If you're looking to improve your speeds, you should imagine a robotic cheetah bearing down upon you. It's not as far fetched as it may seem. After several years of work, researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) announced today that their prototype robotic cheetah can now run free under its own power, without cables or wires attached. ...
  • Watch the first full trailer for 'The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1' (2014-09-15 11:57:20)
    Forget those eerie propaganda videos: the next Hunger Games movie is nearly two months away from hitting theaters, and it's time for fans to really start getting a look at it. The film's first "official" trailer has just premiered — it's the second trailer with actual footage in it, but the first that's actually run for a substantial amount of time. And that time is put to good use. Lionsgate probably doesn't have to do much to get fans excited for Mockingjay Part 1, but this latest trailer yet again sets a dark tone for the rebellion and packs in plenty of action. ...
  • You can now send Spotify tunes to Amazon's Fire TV (2014-09-15 11:53:00)
  • Game Creator Quits Minecraft After Microsoft Deal (2014-09-15 11:44:06)
    Markus "Notch" Persson, the founder of the immensely popular world-building game Minecraft, is stepping down following Microsoft's $2.5 billion acquisition of Minecraft maker Mojang Monday morning.
  • Minecraft Maker Quits After Microsoft Deal (2014-09-15 11:44:06)
    Markus "Notch" Persson, the founder of the immensely popular world-building game Minecraft, is stepping down following Microsoft's $2.5 billion acquisition of Minecraft maker Mojang Monday morning.
  • Most mobile apps will fail standard security tests, Gartner says (2014-09-15 11:43:19)
    The market researcher says this poses a serious problem for businesses, where bring-your-own-device options are commonplace.>
  • LG to launch pen-enabled G3 Stylus smartphone (2014-09-15 11:41:58)
    The takeoff on LG's G3 phone adds a stylus for people who feel more comfortable jotting, sketching, or taking notes on the 5.5-inch screen.>
  • Why parents are raising their kids on Minecraft (2014-09-15 11:38:04)
    Back in June of 2011, David Pakman’s daughter and son, at the time age 10 and eight, asked him for a copy of Minecraft. “At the time I didn’t know what that was, so I checked it out, thought it was kinda like digital Legos, and agreed to get it,” says Pakman, a tech entrepreneur and investor. Pretty soon Pakman’s son joined them a few times, and got hooked. So that the family could play together, Pakman set up his own server, hosting a private community for the three of them. ...
  • Qualcomm: Snapdragon makes for more secure smartphone kill switch (2014-09-15 11:28:10)
    The chipmaker says its Snapdragon processors are an important element to creating secure methods of rendering mobile devices bricks if stolen.>
  • There's a Canon printer that can run Doom (really) (2014-09-15 11:24:00)
  • Innovation: Master the Art of SODOTO (2014-09-15 11:18:54)
    Ornithologists report that New Caledonian crows fashion twigs into tools for collecting and extracting insects from the hollows of trees. What is more remarkable is that these birds pass their inventions along tox others in the flock. With each succeeding migration and generation, improvements are made and progress becomes discernible. Even in...
  • Netflix lands in France as part of European expansion (2014-09-15 11:10:16)
    The company has officially launched in France, but it faces a rough welcome.>
  • Leaked Windows 9 screenshots reveal early version of Cortana for PC (2014-09-15 10:59:31)
    Microsoft is busy preparing the release of its “Windows Technical Preview,” but thanks to leaked screenshots and videos we’re getting an early look at some of the features the company is working on. Alongside virtual desktops, a new Start menu, and a Notification Center, Microsoft is also bringing its Cortana digital assistant to what will likely become Windows 9. German site WinFuture has published a series of screenshots showing a very early version of Cortana in the Windows Technical Preview. ...
  • Apple says sees record demand for new iPhones (2014-09-15 10:54:52)
    San Francisco (AFP) - Apple on Monday said it had received record pre-orders for its new iPhone models, and that some customers will have to wait for the larger-screen versions of the smartphones.
  • 'Destiny' is a beautiful mess (2014-09-15 10:54:30)
    I've spent close to two dozen hours playing Destiny. I completed a galaxy-spanning quest that took me to Venus and Mars, teamed up with complete strangers to take down massive space monsters in thrilling boss encounters, and jumped into a free-for-all multiplayer combat arena where I died many, many times. I spent an embarrassingly long time agonizing over which weapons to equip and what armor provides the best compromise between function and style. Hell, I even downloaded a mobile app so I could check on my character when I wasn't near a console.
  • WikiLeaks posts the software governments use to spy on dissidents (2014-09-15 10:54:00)
  • The FBI just finished building its facial recognition system (2014-09-15 10:51:44)
    The FBI's Next Generation Identification (NGI) system is now fully operational, after more than three years of development. The bureau announced today that development on the project is complete, and it would be rolling out new features for ongoing criminal notifications as well as a controversial facial recognition feature called the Interstate Photo System, or IPS. The facial recognition system has come under fire from privacy groups for mixing traditional mug shot photos with non-criminal faces pulled from employment records and background check databases.
  • Microsoft to buy Minecraft maker Mojang for $2.5 billion (2014-09-15 10:41:09)
    Microsoft Corp said on Monday it has agreed to acquire Stockholm-based games developer Mojang and the company's wildly popular Minecraft video game franchise for $2.5 billion. Minecraft - a free-roaming construction game where players can build nearly anything imaginable, block by block in a digital, Lego-like world - has spread like wildfire since its release in 2011. Minecraft is the top paid app both on Apple Inc's iOS and Google Inc's Android systems. It helped Mojang, which employs just 40 people, bring in 2.05 billion crowns ($287 million) in revenues in 2013, giving the firm an 896 million crown ($126 million) operating profit for the year.
  • First Formula E Race Shockingly Electrifying (2014-09-15 10:37:27)
    Beijing hosted the world's first ever Formula E (electric motor car) race Saturday, featuring 10 teams of two drivers each weaving through a circuit around the city's Olympic Park.
  • Get a Brother EHL-2270DW Wi-Fi laser printer for $59.99 (2014-09-15 10:34:21)
    It's a refurb, but it's also one of the best lasers you can get at this price point. It even does double-sided printing.>
  • Watch the YouTube video that helped the creator of 'Minecraft' say goodbye (2014-09-15 10:32:24)
    In Markus "Notch" Persson's goodbye letter, the game designer mentions a YouTube video that helped him reevaluate his role in the video game community. Later on, I watched the This is Phil Fish video on YouTube and started to realize I didn't have the connection to my fans I thought I had. The video is about both Phil Fish, the creator of Fez, and the role fame has played in the game designer's life.
  • Coca-Cola is bringing back the worst 1990s soda because the internet (2014-09-15 10:11:07)
    If you're old enough to remember the nineties, you might recall SURGE, Coca-Cola's "fully-loaded citrus soda with carbos." Internally, it was developed under the moniker "MDK," or "Mountain Dew Killer." Externally, it represented everything that was the nineties in the US — JNCOs, Tony Hawk Pro Skater, pogs, and Kenan & Kel are just slivers of nostalgia compared to Surge.
  • Audible flaw lets you download free audiobooks using fake accounts (2014-09-15 10:09:00)
  • Apple Watch and the iPhone 6: Things to Ponder (2014-09-15 10:03:02)
    The most impressive thing about Apple's iPhone 6 launch event was not the hardware, software or the company's fantastic ecosystem. It wasn't Apple Heath or even Apple Pay. It was Apple's clear and well-executed strategy.While the Street was not impressed with any of it (as evidenced by the downward movement in share price), analysts may have...
  • Google to buy slice of eBay? Unlikely, says analyst (2014-09-15 10:00:51)
    A rumor popped up late last week that Google is eyeing a 40 percent stake in eBay. But analyst Gene Munster doesn't see such a deal in the cards.>
  • Microsoft to buy Minecraft maker Mojang for $2.5B (2014-09-15 09:57:18)
    In Minecraft, Microsoft is taking control of a game that has become a cultural phenomenon. Markus Persson, though, is bidding adieu.>
  • Apple receives record pre-orders for new iPhones (2014-09-15 09:57:03)
    (Reuters) - Apple Inc said it received record first-day pre-orders of its new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, with over four million in the first 24 hours, meaning many customers will have to wait for their new phones. Apple said a significant number of orders will be delivered to customers beginning Friday, but many will be delivered in October.
  • The creator of 'Minecraft' is leaving the studio he created; read his goodbye letter (2014-09-15 09:55:23)
    Today, Microsoft confirmed its plan to purchase Mojang, the studio responsible for the wildly popular video game Minecraft, for $2.5 billion. The acquisition will not, however, secure Minecraft's creator. Minecraft certainly became a huge hit, and people are telling me it's changed games.
  • Google Reveals Sub-$100 Android Phones (2014-09-15 09:53:33)
    Android phones are ubiquitous in big markets like the U.S. and the U.K., and now Google is making sure the rest of the world can get its hands on them. The company officially launched its Android One initiative, which will bring entry-level, $100 Android devices to India starting today (Sept. 15).
  • There’s a city in China with a special sidewalk lane for people on cellphones (2014-09-15 09:53:17)
    It's the first rule of phone-walking: the more you check your phone, the slower you're going to walk. So last week, the Chinese city of Chongqing divided its sidewalks into two lanes: one for walking, and one for cellphones. If you're going to stumble around while scrolling through Instagrams, you'll have to do it on the left-hand side.
  • Apple's HealthKit will join medical trials -- report (2014-09-15 09:45:48)
    Stanford and Duke will use the new health platform to track blood-sugar levels, blood pressure, weight, and other health measurements.>
  • Watch new Windows 9 features in action with these leaked videos (2014-09-15 09:43:00)
  • Apple sees record demand for new iPhones (2014-09-15 09:41:59)
    Apple on Monday said it had received record pre-orders for its new iPhone models, and that some customers will have to wait for the larger-screen versions of the smartphones. "Demand for the new iPhones exceeds the initial pre-order supply and while a significant amount will be delivered to customers beginning on Friday and throughout September, many iPhone pre-orders are scheduled to be delivered in October," Apple said in a statement. Apple last week unveiled the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, in a move aimed at satisfying consumer preference for bigger smartphone displays. The announcement means Apple may see shortages and long lines at its retail stores when sales begin on Friday.
  • Microsoft to acquire Minecraft maker Mojang for $2.5 billion (2014-09-15 09:31:38)
    Microsoft Corp said on Monday it has agreed to acquire Stockholm-based games developer Mojang and the company's wildly popular Minecraft video game franchise for $2.5 billion. Microsoft said in a statement it expects the acquisition to be break-even in fiscal year 2015 on a GAAP basis. "Gaming is a top activity spanning devices, from PCs and consoles to tablets and mobile, with billions of hours spent each year," said Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. "Minecraft is more than a great game franchise – it is an open world platform, driven by a vibrant community we care deeply about, and rich with new opportunities for that community and for Microsoft." Microsoft said it plans to continue to make Minecraft available across all the platforms on which it is available today: PC, iOS, Android, Xbox and PlayStation.
  • Chinese city creates cellphone sidewalk lane (2014-09-15 09:28:42)
    BEIJING (AP) — Taking a cue from an American TV program, the Chinese city of Chongqing has created a smartphone sidewalk lane, offering a path for those too engrossed in messaging and tweeting to watch where they're going.
  • Canon's EOS 7D Mark II will ship in November starting at $1,799 (2014-09-15 09:22:50)
    Today at the Photokina imaging show, Canon announced the latest addition to its line of DSLRs: the EOS 7D Mark II, which features several improvements over its predecessor. The camera includes a native ISO of 100 to 16,000 and a 150,000-pixel RGB and IR metering sensor, and shoots at up to 10 FPS. It also features 60p full-HD capture, a 20.2 APS-C CMOS megapixel sensor, and a 65-point autofocus system. That'll go on sale this November, starting at $1,799 without a lens.
  • Panasonic's LX100 has one of the largest sensors we've seen in a compact camera (2014-09-15 09:13:44)
    Camera manufacturers have been fitting bigger and bigger sensors into compact bodies, and today Panasonic is announcing a new compact that fits in one of the biggest sensors we've seen there yet: the Lumix LX100 uses a Micro Four Thirds sensor, which is large enough to easily let its image quality rival or best some of the other top compact cameras out there. Beyond that, the LX100 is pretty capable too. For photos, the LX100 can capture up to 12.8 megapixel images.
  • Microsoft agrees to buy "Minecraft" maker Mojang for $2.5B (2014-09-15 09:12:08)
    The tech giant is taking control of one of the world's most popular games.>
  • Apple Sells Record 4 Million iPhone 6 in Single Day (2014-09-15 09:09:41)
    Demand for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 was expected to be high, but Apple just smashed its own record with this new flagship duo. According to the company, Apple moved a whopping 4 million units via pre-orders during the first 24 hours. To put this figure in perspective, Apple sold half as many iPhone 5 devices during the pre-order period -- 2 million units in 24 hours.
  • Microsoft is buying 'Minecraft' and its development studio for $2.5 billion (2014-09-15 09:03:00)
  • Microsoft confirms it will buy 'Minecraft' for $2.5 billion (2014-09-15 09:02:00)
    Microsoft is buying Minecraft maker Mojang. Reports of Microsoft’s plans surfaced nearly a week ago, and the software maker is making it official today. Microsoft is paying $2.5 billion to acquire Mojang, and the deal is expected to close by the end of the year. "Minecraft adds diversity to our game portfolio and helps us reach new gamers across multiple platforms," says Xbox chief Phil Spencer.
  • Apple's latest pre-order record shows people want bigger iPhones (2014-09-15 09:01:00)
  • Netflix will focus on ramping up in Europe over next year (2014-09-15 08:55:37)
    By Leila Abboud and Gwénaëlle Barzic PARIS (Reuters) - Netflix will focus on ramping up in six new European markets in the next year, including France and Germany, before taking the video streaming service to additional countries, its chief executive said in an interview. Reed Hastings, who heads the California-based company that has become emblematic of the changes the Internet has wrought on television, listed Spain, Korea and Japan as promising markets. But he emphasized that getting the new European countries right was his priority. ...
  • Kim Dotcom's party poised to win New Zealand seats (2014-09-15 08:54:55)
    WELLINGTON, New Zealand (AP) — At a recent political rally in Wellington, indicted Internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom jokingly asked members of New Zealand's spy agency to raise their hands.
  • Scientists name new dinosaur after a creature from 'Avatar' (2014-09-15 08:50:53)
    One of the perks of discovering a new species of dinosaur is that you get to name it whatever you want, even if it's a movie reference. Last week, a group of paleontologists from the Chinese Academy of Sciences put that rule to the test when they decided to name their latest find the "Ikrandraci avatar" — literally, "the Ikran dragon from Avatar."
  • Apple sold a record 4 million iPhones in 24 hours (2014-09-15 08:36:24)
    Apple is once again setting new pre-order records for its new iPhone. After announcing a new "overnight" record last week, Apple is revealing today that it has sold more than 4 million iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus handsets in just 24 hours. "iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are better in every way, and we are thrilled customers love them as much as we do," says Apple CEO Tim Cook in a statement.
  • Google launches $105 Android One; eyes low-price smartphone boom (2014-09-15 08:33:22)
    By Nivedita Bhattacharjee and Tommy Wilkes NEW DELHI/MUMBAI (Reuters) - Google Inc launched in India on Monday a $105 smartphone, the first device from its "Android One" initiative which is aimed at boosting sales in key emerging markets through cheaper prices and better quality software. The Mountain View-Based company tied up with Indian handset makers Micromax, Karbonn and Spice Mobiles to launch the 6,399 rupees phone, which is powered by Google's operating system and targets the booming low-cost segment of the world's fastest growing smartphone market. After launching in India, Google said it plans to expand Android One to Indonesia, Philippines and other South Asian countries by the end of 2014 and in more countries in 2015.
  • Panasonic puts a 1-inch sensor and a Leica lens on new CM1 smartphone (2014-09-15 08:25:01)
    Panasonic has made the biggest news of Photokina so far with the announcement of its new Lumix CM1 Android smartphone. The Japanese company quit making smartphones after the failure of its Eluga handsets two years ago, but now it's returning with an imaging-focused device that's as much camera as it is phone. The CM1 comes with a 1-inch sensor that dwarfs most imaging sensors in smartphones today and is on a par with what you'd find inside Sony's RX100 and Nikon's 1 Series of cameras. It has a 20-megapixel resolution and is paired with an f/2. ...
  • Panasonic's 'connected camera' pairs an Android smartphone with a one-inch sensor and f/2.8 lens (2014-09-15 08:16:00)
  • Cognizant to buy TriZetto to boost healthcare business (2014-09-15 08:10:39)
    (Reuters) - Cognizant Technology Solutions Corp struck its biggest deal on Monday, acquiring healthcare IT services provider TriZetto Corp for $2.7 billion to beef up its slowing healthcare business. Shares of the company, which is buying TriZetto from London-based private equity firm Apax Partners LLP, rose nearly 3 percent in premarket trading. Cognizant's healthcare business, which accounted for about 26 percent of total revenue in 2013, has declined in the last three quarters. The company provides services such as claims processing, billing and call center operations to insurers, hospitals and some state-run healthcare exchanges set up under President Barack Obama's Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare.
  • Panasonic's GM5 mirrorless is still small but now has a live viewfinder (2014-09-15 08:00:00)
  • Panasonic's LX100 makes huge compact leap with 4K video, MFT sensor (2014-09-15 08:00:00)
  • Canon targets Sony's popular RX100 with PowerShot G7 X point-and-shoot (2014-09-15 08:00:00)
  • The 7D Mark II is Canon's best DSLR without a full-frame sensor (2014-09-15 08:00:00)
  • Panasonic's GM5 mirrorless is still tiny and now has a live viewfinder (2014-09-15 08:00:00)
  • RadioShack CFO resigns; AlixPartners MD named interim CFO (2014-09-15 07:57:29)
    (Reuters) - Struggling electronics retailer RadioShack Corp, which is teetering on the brink of bankruptcy, said John Feray resigned as chief financial officer last week. The company said on Monday it named AlixPartners LLP managing director Holly Etlin as interim CFO. Advisory firm AlixPartners has been helping RadioShack with its turnaround since July 2013. Feray, who joined in January from Dollar General Corp, resigned on Sept. 12 citing personal reasons, RadioShack said in a statement. Etlin also served as RadioShack's interim CFO between July 2013 and February. ...
  • Exclusive: Two Apple medical trials shed light on how HealthKit will work (2014-09-15 07:56:05)
    HealthKit, which is still under development, is the center of a new healthcare system by Apple. Regulated medical devices, such as glucose monitors with accompanying iPhone apps, can send information to HealthKit. With a patient's consent, Apple's service gathers data from various health apps so that it can be viewed by doctors in one place. Stanford University Hospital doctors said they are working with Apple to let physicians track blood sugar levels for children with diabetes.
  • Android One: Google's push to rule the smartphone world (2014-09-15 07:46:51)
    The search giant is aiming to bring phones that cost less than $100 to "the next five billion" in the emerging markets. First stop: India.>
  • Phones4u confirms all iPhone 6 pre-orders will be cancelled (2014-09-15 07:40:00)
  • Images emerge showing Microsoft's Windows-only mobile branding (2014-09-15 07:09:00)
  • UK's Phones 4u administration puts 5,596 jobs at risk (2014-09-15 06:59:50)
    (Reuters) - British mobile phone retailer Phones 4u [PHONE.UL] is seeking administrators, putting 5,596 jobs in jeopardy, after the country's biggest mobile operator EE joined Vodafone in not renewing its network agreement. The contract with EE, which comprises T-Mobile and Orange, was crucial to Phones 4u's future after it lost Vodafone's contract earlier this month, leaving the company with EE as its only partner. "If the mobile network operators decline to supply us, we do not have a business," said Phones 4u Chief Executive David Kassler. Phones 4u, majority-owned by private equity firm BC Partners [BCPRT.UL], said it was seeking the appointment of administrators from PwC [PWC.UL] and its 550 UK stores would not open on Monday, pending a decision by the administrators on whether the business can be reopened for trading.
  • Motorola's UK store will now sell you the new Moto G and other devices (2014-09-15 06:48:00)
  • Coroner: bitcoin exchange CEO committed suicide (2014-09-15 06:42:43)
    SINGAPORE (AP) — A Singapore Coroner's Court has found that the American CEO of a virtual currency exchange committed suicide earlier this year in Singapore because of work and personal issues.
  • Danish TDC to buy Norway's Get for $2.2 billion (2014-09-15 06:20:13)
    HELSINKI (AP) — Danish TDC telecom group says it plans to acquire Norway's leading cable TV company Get AS, in a deal valued at 13.8 billion kroner ($2.2 billion).
  • Startups go Dutch for new era in manufacturing (2014-09-15 06:10:17)
    By Sara Ledwith AMSTERDAM (Reuters) - Beneath the low beams of a converted warehouse in Amsterdam lives a company with many of the attributes of a Silicon Valley startup, except that at less than a year old it has zero venture capital and says it is already making enough money to sustain itself. The company has now sold more than 41,000 phones in Europe using African minerals it certifies as “conflict free”, and will begin selling in the United States in 2015. “We had to be economically viable because we wanted to be part of the economic system,” said Van Abel. Europe’s politicians would like more success stories like Fairphone.
  • Samsung's NX1 Smart Camera is a speed demon hoping to charm the pros (2014-09-15 06:00:02)
    Two years ago, Samsung came to Photokina with just a couple of new lenses and little in the way of incentive for pro photographers to take its NX cameras seriously. Hoping to correct this history of neglect for the top tier of photography, Samsung today launches a new flagship NX1 Smart Camera — which does its best impersonation of a pro DSLR in a more compact size — alongside a high-end 50-150mm f/2.8 lens. Together will the newly introduced 50-150mm f/2.8 lens — which has multi-axis optical image stabilization — the NX1 could indeed prove to be a competent shooter for the challenging tasks of sports and action photography. The big new lens costs $1,599 all by its lonesome and weighs nearly a kilogram. Looking and acting more like a DSLR
  • Samsung's new flagship DSLR shoots 28.2-megapixel stills and 4K video (2014-09-15 06:00:00)
  • Samsung's new flagship NX1 shoots 28.2-megapixel stills and 4K video (2014-09-15 06:00:00)
  • Alibaba to boost IPO size on 'overwhelming' demand: sources (2014-09-15 05:54:06)
    Alibaba Group Holding Ltd plans to increase the size of its U.S. The Chinese e-commerce company launched the IPO last week and had enough investor demand to cover the entire deal within two days, people familiar with the process said last week. Alibaba could set a new record for the world's biggest IPO if underwriters exercise an option to sell additional shares to meet demand, pushing it as high as $24.3 billion and overtaking Agricultural Bank of China Ltd's $22.1 billion listing in 2010. Alibaba will likely file an amendment to its IPO later on Monday with a higher price range after discussing the new price with large U.S.
  • The NSA broke into big German networks to map their data traffic (2014-09-15 05:16:00)
  • Google's Android One initiative launches in India with three $100 phones (2014-09-15 05:10:51)
    The search giant's plan for conquering the cost-conscious hardware space bears fruit with three new devices from domestic handset manufacturers, Spice, Micromax, and Karbonn.>
  • Google reveals the first low-cost Android One phones (2014-09-15 04:22:00)
  • BT and mobile operators warn of rising bills if Scotland goes independent (2014-09-15 04:14:00)
  • Google reveals the first ultra-cheap Android One smartphones (2014-09-15 03:44:30)
    Google has unveiled the first smartphones to run on its Android One platform, a standard designed to help push affordable smartphones in the developing world. The initiative kicks off in India, where Micromax, Spice, and Karbonn are all selling phones said to have 4.5-inch screens, 1GB of RAM, 1.3GHz quad-core processors, dual-SIM slots, microSD expandable storage, and FM radios. Android One devices will also ship with support for more languages, including Hindi. Similarly inexpensive smartphones have been around for a while, but Android One represents a concerted effort from Google to put its stamp on the user experience.
  • Google to launch Android One, phones to be priced at around $105 (2014-09-15 03:36:23)
    NEW DELHI/MUMBAI (Reuters) - Google Inc will launch in India on Monday the first smartphones under its Android One project, pricing them at around 6,399 rupees ($105) to capture the low-cost segment of the world's fastest growing smartphone market. After launching in India, Google said it plans to expand Android One to Indonesia, Philippines and other South Asian countries by the end of 2014 and in more countries in 2015. Google outlined the pricing and expansion details in a marketing document seen by Reuters. India is seen as a lucrative market for low-cost smartphones because many people are buying the devices for the first time.
  • Alibaba plans to boost IPO size: Bloomberg (2014-09-15 03:23:40)
    (Reuters) - Alibaba Group Holding Ltd is planning to increase the size of its initial public offering due to strong investor demand, Bloomberg reported, citing people with knowledge of the matter. The Chinese e-commerce company plans to increase the top end of the price range to above $70 and plans to announce the new price range as early as Monday, Bloomberg said. Alibaba, could set a new record for the world's biggest IPO if underwriters exercise an option to sell additional shares to meet demand, putting it as high as $24.3 billion and overtaking Agricultural Bank of China Ltd's $22.1 billion listing in 2010.
  • Mobile banking firm Monitise posts bigger loss (2014-09-15 03:18:52)
    Monitise Plc , a mobile banking technology company, said full-year group EBITDA loss widened 63 percent due to investment in product and sales particularly in the second half of the year. The company, which provides payment solutions to 350 financial institutions, said earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization (EBITDA) loss widened to 31.4 million pounds ($51 million) for the year ended June 30. Monitise said it expected revenue growth of at least 25 percent in 2015 and that it would be EBITDA profitable in 2016. The company also said it signed a strategic partnership with Santander to develop and deploy a series of mobile banking solutions.
  • Netflix launches in France, partners with third-largest telco (2014-09-15 03:03:40)
    Netflix launched its video streaming service in France on Monday and teamed up with Bouygues to offer its content on France's third-largest telecom operator's set-top boxes. California-based Netflix said in a statement its subscriptions would start at 7.99 euros ($10.35) a month and give access to films, series and documentaries on television, computers but also tablets, smartphones and game consoles. Bouygues Telecom said in a separate statement that it would feature access to Netflix services on its clients' televisions starting in November. Vivendi-owned pay-TV operator Canal Plus has already launched its own streaming video services to blunt Netflix's arrival.
  • Alibaba worried about Facebook IPO as considered Nasdaq versus NYSE (2014-09-15 01:10:18)
    Alibaba Group Holding Ltd could have sold nearly $2 billion worth of stock without lifting a finger. All it had to do was list its shares on Nasdaq. The other said Nasdaq executives believed that Alibaba decided that the possibility of a botched IPO, however small, outweighed the possible benefits of being in the index.
  • CrashPlan review (2014-09-15 01:06:26)
    Backup your data to local drives or other computers automatically
  • Hachette writers plan to appeal directly to Amazon's board: NYT (2014-09-15 01:00:16)
    (Reuters) - Writers published by Hachette Book Group and their allies are planning to appeal directly to the board of Inc to find a way out of the impasse over e-book prices, the New York Times reported. The writers have been at the receiving end of a dispute, which has seen Amazon delay deliveries and cut discounts on some books published by Hachette, the fourth-largest U.S. Authors United, a group of Hachette writers and their allies, is warning the Amazon's board that the reputation of the retailer, and of the directors themselves, is at risk, the report said. The letter follows an ad in The New York Times last month that asked readers to email Amazon's CEO Jeff Bezos and ask him to relent.
  • CDBurnerXP review (2014-09-15 00:57:29)
    Create ISO files, burn DVDs, and rip your favorite songs from audio CDs
  • Clip2Net review (2014-09-15 00:51:53)
    Upload your screenshots and files to free Web hosting service
  • Box Sync review (2014-09-15 00:45:00)
    Keeps all your files safe and secure in the cloud with Box's desktop sync application
  • WebMD for Android review (2014-09-15 00:26:21)
    24/7 access to health information and decision-support tools
  • Gamers use police hoax to lash out at opponents (2014-09-15 00:11:22)
    DENVER (AP) — Authorities are increasingly concerned about a hoax in which video game players lash out at online opponents by making fake 911 calls that send SWAT teams to their homes.
  • Chomebook-to-Chromecast video? Yes, with Google Drive (2014-09-15 00:02:00)
  • Chromebook-to-Chromecast video? Yes, with Google Drive (2014-09-15 00:02:00)
  • Waze Social GPS Maps & Traffic review (2014-09-14 23:51:48)
    Join forces with other drivers nearby to outsmart traffic
  • WatchESPN review (2014-09-14 23:27:17)
    Stay connected to live sports and shows from ESPN
  • Netflix officially says 'enchanté' to France (2014-09-14 23:19:00)
  • Samsung accuses LG execs of damaging its products (2014-09-14 23:18:19)
    SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — Samsung Electronics Co. has accused senior executives from rival LG Electronics Inc. of vandalizing its washing machines at stores in Germany earlier this month and has asked for an official investigation.
  • Volume Booster Pro review (2014-09-14 23:08:44)
    Boost the volume level at maximum of your Android device
  • Wikipedia review (2014-09-14 22:55:26)
    Official Wikipedia App for Android Wikipedia is the free encyclopedia containing more than 20 million articles in 280 languages, and is the most
  • Visual Anatomy Free review (2014-09-14 22:44:41)
    Interactive anatomy reference and fully support tablet
  • Vine review (2014-09-14 22:35:01)
    The best way to see and share life in motion
  • Vault-Hide SMS, Pics & Videos review (2014-09-14 22:28:43)
    Keep your private text messages, photos, and videos safely hidden from prying eyes
  • uTorrent review (2014-09-14 22:18:30)
    Download and manage torrent files on your Android device
  • UK-based Phones 4u seeks administrator after EE contract loss (2014-09-14 19:12:48)
    (Reuters) - UK mobile phone retailer Phones 4u said it is seeking the appointment of administrators from PricewaterhouseCoopers after its key partner EE notified the company that it would not be renewing its network agreement. The contract, which ends in September next year with the UK's biggest mobile operator EE - which comprises T-Mobile and Orange, was crucial to the business for Phones 4u after it lost a similar contract with Vodafone Group Plc earlier this month. The company, majority-owned by private equity firm BC Partners, said the unexpected decisions by both Vodafone and EE "have come as a complete shock to the business." The decision has led Phones 4u to shut all of its 550 stores that employ about 5,600 workers, until a decision by the administrators is made on whether the business can be reopened for trading, the company said. "Today is a very sad day for our customers and our staff. If the mobile network operators decline to supply us, we do not have a business," Chief Executive David Kassler said in a statement.
  • Etsy bans sale of questionable Washington Redskins merch (2014-09-14 18:23:00)
  • In Sesame Street's 'Star Wars' parody, Chewie is a cookie, not a Wookiee (2014-09-14 18:08:02)
    Snuffleupagus plays a bantha, the mythical horned mount of Tatooine. Only-One Cannoli is a wise, weathered Jedi who mentors a young Luke Piewalker. Princess Parfaita's hair buns are made of two Oreos. That's about all you need to know to appreciate Star S'mores, Sesame Street's send-up of the George Lucas classic.
  • Nikon's mid-range D750 DSLR acts pricier than it actually is (2014-09-14 17:35:00)
  • Motorola to begin taking Moto X preorders on Sept. 16 (2014-09-14 17:33:40)
    Moto 36 smartwatch, which sold out in a matter of hours last week, will also be available again, but in limited quantities.>
  • Simon Xie: Jack Ma's unassuming lieutenant at Alibaba (2014-09-14 17:16:39)
    By Gerry Shih and Matthew Miller BEIJING (Reuters) - Inside Alibaba, where co-founders are revered like rock stars, relatively few employees know about the soft-spoken executive who for years kept his same cramped office, unfashionable clothes and the self-effacing demeanor of a metalworker's son. Alongside Ma, who holds the lion's share of those domestic firms, Xie wields full legal sway over the onshore entities and the critical contracts that link them with the New York-listed vehicle. Yet much remains unknown about Xie, and the unusual shareholding arrangement has puzzled even high-level insiders. Some employees, said a former executive who worked closely with Xie, jokingly refer to the unassuming 45-year-old as shoufu - or "top millionaire" - even though he is not among the very top Alibaba shareholders.
  • Phones4u forced into administration after EE says it's pulling the plug (2014-09-14 17:05:00)
  • First Windows Phone spotted with new Windows branding (2014-09-14 17:04:06)
    Leaked documents revealed earlier this week that Microsoft is planning to kill off the Windows Phone brand this holiday season in favour of just Windows. Now a new handset from My Go appears to be one of the first to use the Windows logo instead of Windows Phone. Images available on My Go's own website show a variety of Windows logos, and the Windows logo placement on the rear of the upcoming GoFone GF47W device. My Go's plans to brand its devices as Windows follows a similar move by HTC with its One M8 for Windows instead of Windows Phone.
  • Last night's 'Doctor Who' might be one of its best ever (2014-09-14 17:00:02)
    For this season of Doctor Who, Ross Miller and Kwame Opam will be sounding off on each episode in a series of emails we'll be publishing on the site. The episode begins with the Doctor left alone in his thoughts — seemingly more of a trend this season than others. Instead of keeping Clara cooped up in the TARDIS, the Doctor seems to only pick up his companion when needed, which means we get to see a Clara grounded in reality, constantly revisiting a messy date with Danny Pink — née Rupert, which we know because the Doctor and Clara visit a young Rupert trying to solve the mystery of the boogeyman, with both of them nudging along his new "Dan the Soldier Man" name and identity. Yes, the Pink coincidence is a bit much — the one where his great-great-grandson (presumably) is the last man alive at the end of time — but the episode takes its time to provide enough justification and tie up whatever loose ends.
  • They actually blew stuff up while making 'Edge of Tomorrow' (2014-09-14 16:41:02)
    We live in an exciting age where computer-generated graphics can be virtually indistinguishable from the real thing, which makes big-budget movies as much about rendering farms and rooms full of digital artists as it does old-fashioned acting. But sometimes, it just feels good to fire a missile on a movie set: the critically acclaimed (but underperforming) sci-fi thriller Edge of Tomorrow involved a lot of practical effects, it turns out, as a new montage shows. ...
  • Feedback Loop: 'Minecraft,' home security, iPhones and more! (2014-09-14 15:56:00)
  • 'Star Wars' without music is downright disturbing (2014-09-14 15:42:40)
    Awkward stares, random coughs, nervous laughing and scary Wookiee roars dominate the Throne Room awards ceremony when the soaring music soundtrack by John Williams is removed from "Star Wars.">
  • Watch this: a full hour of Tim Cook's interview with Charlie Rose (2014-09-14 15:16:02)
    Between the iPhone 6 and the Apple Watch — an entirely new product category for the company — this is one of the most interesting moments in Apple's history, which makes it a great time to hear CEO Tim Cook speak at length about a wide range of topics. Only the first half of Cook's fascinating sit-down with Charlie Rose has aired so far (the second half airs Monday), and you can watch the first hour in its entirety here.
  • Make tabletop gaming tastier with this 20-sided-dice cake pan (2014-09-14 14:57:12)
    Dragons and wizards beware of the hungry gamer! Celebrate a d20 critical hit by making mini dice cakes with this pan available exclusively from ThinkGeek.>
  • Moto X up for pre-order and the 360 returns on September 16th (2014-09-14 14:34:00)
  • London designers target fashion-hungry shoppers with 'tech firsts' (2014-09-14 14:20:03)
    By Li-mei Hoang LONDON - Fueled by the boom in online sales for the latest trends, London's designers are finding new ways to deliver instant gratification to fashion hungry shoppers, amid high hopes of boosting growth in the sector. British retailer Topshop, whose website attracts an average of 4.5 million hits a week, launched a new digital "first" on Sunday by letting shoppers buy six ready-made items from its latest collection immediately after its show at London Fashion Week. "As we know, everyone spends all their waking moments on all these new platforms, gadgets, Instagram and Twitter,” said Philip Green, the owner of Topshop brand and retail conglomerate Arcadia.
  • Motorola Hint and Moto X go on preorder this Tuesday, Moto 360 will be back in stock (2014-09-14 13:52:18)
    Motorola had been pretty silent on when it would start accepting money for the new products it introduced earlier this month, but now we have some answers: the Her-like Hint along with two versions of the new Moto X — the AT&T model and the Pure Edition — will go on pre-order this Tuesday, September 16th at noon ET. Additionally, the Turbo Charger, an accessory that promises 8 hours of battery life in 15 minutes, will go on sale for $34.99. ...
  • This is what it's like to find out the government hacked your business (2014-09-14 13:36:23)
    Five major intelligence agencies including the NSA and GCHQ have been collaborating to create a map of the entire internet, and as part of that program the agencies have been breaking into service providers' networks to monitor them, according to dual reports in The Intercept and Der Spiegel. The mapping program was previously detailed in The New York Times, so in their reports, the two publications hone in on providers that have apparently been penetrated as part of this program in Germany, including the large operator Deutsche Telekom (notably, though, Deutsche Telekom says that it has detected no evidence of surveillance).
  • Why doesn't Amazon sell iPhones? (2014-09-14 12:00:05)
    Amazon sells virtually everything, but it has never offered the newest iPhones on its site, a testament to the complicated relationship it has with Apple.>
  • With 200,000 users, Lightroom Mobile finds a foothold (2014-09-14 11:55:02)
    People have put 100 million images into catalogs for the mobile version of Adobe's photo-editing software. It only works on iOS devices now, but Android support should arrive this year.>
  • A brief history of Samsung mocking Apple announcements (2014-09-14 11:39:39)
    Getting a new phone is usually a pretty exciting moment, but Samsung doesn't let Apple's customers take much time to enjoy it. For years now, it's almost instantly swooped in with mocking ads that criticize Apple's latest announcements for being behind the curve. This year is no exception, and arguably, Samsung has even kicked things up a notch.
  • 5 Must-Have IT Skills For The Future of Work (2014-09-14 11:01:09)
    The fact that data has the power to change our business and personal lives has put data science and analytics at the center of how marketing is done. Every digital click, swipe, "like", buy, comment and search produces a unique virtual identity - something that Malcom Frank, EVP of strategy and marketing for Cognizant, calls a Code Halo™,...
  • Concrete twists and turns in this trippy music video (2014-09-14 08:10:01)
    Brutalist buildings — the kind you find on some university campuses, and all over Washington, D.C. — are frequently maligned. They're slabs of concrete; they're eyesores. There was a myth they were designed to quell student riots. But British band Metronomy and director Callum Cooper have found a way to make them weird.
  • Glympse's Android keyboard lets you share your location from any app (2014-09-14 07:35:00)
  • LVMH's TAG Heuer has plans for smartwatch: paper (2014-09-14 07:16:38)
    French luxury group LVMH's watch brand TAG Heuer has plans to launch its own smartwatch, the head of its watch business told a Swiss newspaper. "We want to launch a smartwatch at TAG Heuer, but it must not copy the Apple Watch," Jean-Claude Biver told Sunday newspaper NZZ am Sonntag. He did not give further details on the planned smartwatch. Biver and TAG Heuer could not immediately be reached for comment.
  • When it comes to wearables, Intel takes anti-Apple approach (2014-09-14 07:00:06)
    Intel is confident wearables are the next frontier. But the chipmaker's approach to developing the gadgets is the polar opposite of that taken by the industry's biggest contenders.>
  • Windows 9: everything you need to know (2014-09-14 06:52:22)
    Microsoft is preparing a big update to Windows 8 that will focus on traditional desktop PC users. While Windows 8 generated mixed opinions, the next version of Windows aims to fix and improve those perceptions with the return of the Start menu, flexible app windowing, virtual desktops, Microsoft’s Cortana digital assistant, and a whole lot more. Microsoft plans to release a wave of updates for Windows, Windows Phone, and the Xbox One operating system in Spring 2015, according to ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley. The updates (which shouldn't be confused with an all-new version of Windows) are aimed at bringing Microsoft's software platforms closer together.
  • Deutsche Telekom says finds no evidence of NSA, GCHQ surveillance (2014-09-14 06:34:41)
    Deutsche Telekom said it had found no indication that the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) and Britain's GCHQ had obtained access to its computer network, but said it was investigating the matter following a report in Sunday's Der Spiegel magazine. "We are looking into every indication of possible manipulations but have not yet found any hint of that in our investigations so far," a Telekom spokesman said in a statement on Sunday. Der Spiegel said it had seen information suggesting the NSA and GCHQ had gained access to the networks of Deutsche Telekom and smaller German provider Netcologne.
  • Engineers made a battery-free radio the size of an ant (2014-09-14 05:32:02)
    This is the promise of the near future: all of your gadgets — from your smartphone to your fridge — will be able to talk to each other, wirelessly communicating whether you're around or not. No external power required The tiny chips, which are powered by harvesting radio signals and don't require external power, are small enough to fit on gadgets in your home, but still powerful enough to send and receive transmissions.
  • Apple a decade behind Japan mobile payment curve (2014-09-14 03:07:55)
    Apple's proud announcement that its new iPhone could be used to buy goods in a single swipe left customers non-plussed in Japan, where mobile contactless payments have been normal fare for a decade. A type of Near Field Communication (NFC) chip, known in Japan as FeliCa, was introduced to the Japanese mobile market in June 2004 and has been been implanted in almost all phones sold in the country since. Ten years ago the charismatic Takeshi Natsuno, who was then multimedia services director of Japanese mobile operator NTT Docomo, extolled the benefits of swapping cash for cell phones. FeliCa was conceived by Sony way back in 1989 and first used in the Hong Kong underground railway system in 1997 -- in a card known as Octopus -- inspiring cities around the world to use similar technology in their own contactless transport cards.
  • Curiosity rover reaches long-term goal: a massive Martian mountain (2014-09-14 02:09:02)
    A little over two years after landing, Curiosity has reached a milestone. NASA recently announced that the rover has arrived at the base of Mount Sharp, a 3.4-mile-high mountain that Curiosity has been heading towards since July of 2013. The initial landing was in Gale Crater, and the total journey has been around 9km or 5.5 miles — a number that becomes more impressive if you consider that Curiosity was designed to travel a maximum of 660 feet per day and navigate difficult terrain on its six wheels.
  • Watching Conan sing the 'Simpsons' monorail song is transcendent (2014-09-13 23:22:02)
    "Marge vs. the Monorail" is one of the most beloved episodes of The Simpsons, largely thanks to one scene, in which confidence man Lyle Lanley leads the town of Springfield in a song preaching the benefits of elevated transportation. The episode was written by Conan O'Brien during his time on the show, and this weekend, he performed the tune in front of a crowd.
  • Anita Sarkeesian shares the most radical thing you can do to support women online (2014-09-13 21:04:20)
    Anyone looking to support women suffering from harassment online has a surprisingly simple place to start, says Anita Sarkeesian, founder of the web video series Feminist Frequency. "One of the most radical things you can do is to actually believe women when they talk about their experiences," Sarkeesian told the audience today at XOXO Festival in Portland. It's radical in part because of misinformation campaigns organized against high-profile women that accuse them of making up the threats against them — and it's an issue that Sarkeesian has recent experience dealing with.
  • The Verge Playlist: I'm not buying an iPhone (2014-09-13 20:00:02)
    Look. There's nothing wrong with being excited about the next Apple product. The new iPhones are sure to own the market, and are already breaking records for preorders. But how about we take a minute for the crazy ones not buying into the hype? How about saying something for the people buying a Moto X or HTC One M8 for Windows?
  • Want an iPhone 6 without the wait? Here's how much it'll cost you (2014-09-13 19:39:31)
    iPhone 6 scalpers have taken to eBay to auction off their preordered Apple smartphones to those who weren't so quick on the draw.>
  • Chrome for Mac will be a strictly 64-bit affair as of November (2014-09-13 19:17:00)
  • Leaked Windows 9 video shows new Notification Center in action (2014-09-13 18:48:06)
    Windows 8 debuted with a notification system to allow apps to generate brief alerts, but the operating system lacked a central Notification Center to collect and display them all. Microsoft appears to be planning to provide a Notification Center in Windows 9. WinFuture has published a new video of the feature in action, providing an early look at how the Notification Center will work. The functionality appears to be similar to the Windows Phone 8.1 Notification Center, with the ability to dismiss individual notifications or clear all at once. ...
  • This artist's colorful renderings look like Atlantis (2014-09-13 18:18:01)
    Lee Griggs is an artist who makes colorful, abstract renderings. In the series here, he creates surreal images reminiscent of a city under the ocean, or some foreign planet. They're consistently breathtaking.
  • iPhone 6 Plus Selling for Thousands on eBay (2014-09-13 17:31:00)
    Can't wait a month before you get your hands on an iPhone 6 Plus? If you've got a few thousand dollars to spare, you can sidestep the wait time.
  • Formula E's first race ends in spectacular fashion (2014-09-13 17:02:00)
  • Apple's big iPhones are a big imitation, Samsung says subtly in new ad (2014-09-13 16:12:42)
    Samsung's US wing was troubled this week when its Korean office released somewhat stark ads mocking Apple. Tomorrow, it launches its own attack. It's a little more subtle. A little.>
  • All-electric racing: Formula E's thrilling debut (2014-09-13 16:00:02)
    Perhaps the most impressive thing about the very first Formula E race is how much it looked like the new sport belongs in the world of auto racing. The evenly-matched electric cars put on a mostly dazzling show around a very tight course on the streets of Beijing, and Formula 1 test driver Lucas Di Grassi became the first ever winner in the series. The new sport is as much about innovation as it is about racing The brand new series is, aside from being electric, designed very similarly to F1, from the look of the cars to being run by the same governing body (the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile, or FIA). The result was white-knuckle racing from the first lap until the final turn when Nico Prost, son of F1 legend Alain Prost (and a reserve driver in that sport) attempted to block former F1 driver Nick Heidfeld and sent his opponent careening into a barrier where he went airborne and flipped multiple times.
  • Behold the eldritch terror of 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' special effects (2014-09-13 14:56:02)
    HP Lovecraft's At the Mountains of Madness is, among other things, a cautionary tale. Explorers discover the realm of what they dub the "Elder Things," otherworldly beings who created a sophisticated and beautiful civilization on Earth by engineering monstrous "shoggoths" to serve their grand visions. With every need served, the civilization degraded, until its citizens met their doom at the amoebic appendages of the horrors they had created but failed to control.
  • Spotify can never replace my iPod, but it can ease the pain (2014-09-13 14:48:17)
    Commentary: The quiet demise of Apple's iPod Classic prompts CNET's Nick Statt to reflect on the time before streaming services -- when music was first set free.>
  • California bans businesses from imposing fines for negative Yelp reviews (2014-09-13 13:43:02)
    California wants to stop companies from retaliating against customers who leave bad reviews. Last Tuesday, Governor Jerry Brown signed a law that bans them from adding "non-disparagement" clauses to their terms of service. Such clauses could let caterers, hotels, or other businesses fine customers who write negative reviews on places like Yelp and TripAdvisor. While it's not unusual for employees to sign a non-disparagement clause, it's not clear how common this practice is for customers. ...
  • Zack Snyder is mashing up Star Wars and Batman on Twitter (2014-09-13 13:31:02)
    "I feel like my movies have always been very subversive, even when people haven't perceived how subversive they really are." - Zack Snyder
  • China demand to fuel Hong Kong iPhone grey market (2014-09-13 13:19:44)
    Wealthy mainland Chinese looking to buy the new iPhone 6 next week could expect to pay an eye-watering US$2,500 for the handsets in Hong Kong, following Apple's decision to delay the launch in China. Hong Kong has long been a hub for resold and refurbished phones, and delighted vendors there were coping with a flood of pre-orders from the Apple-obsessed mainland. Apple this week unveiled the two latest models in its iPhone series, both of which boast a larger screen, in a bid to recapture its role as a technological trend-setter. The phones will be made available in 10 countries -- including Hong Kong -- from September 19, but Apple has not yet stated when they will be available on the mainland, despite it being one of the US tech giant's largest markets.
  • Microsoft reportedly announcing ‘Minecraft’ acquisition on Monday (2014-09-13 12:32:15)
    Reports of Microsoft’s plans to acquire Mojang, creator of the Minecraft video game franchise, surfaced earlier this week, shortly after Apple’s iPhone 6 event. Reuters now reports that the surprise deal is said to be worth $2.5 billion, and Microsoft will announce the acquisition on Monday. While there are a number of reasons Microsoft might want to secure the rights to Minecraft, some analysts and developers believe it could be related to Windows Phone. A Windows Phone Minecraft version could be on the way Minecraft is incredibly popular on iOS and Android, and the game has around 100 million players across all platforms.
  • The Vergecast 118: pardon me, is that Apple you're wearing? (2014-09-13 12:05:10)
    On this week's episode, we discuss the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, and the Apple Watch. Join Nilay Patel, Chris Ziegler, and Dieter Bohn as they go over their hands-on impressions and agonizing decisions over which iPhone to get. Also, apologies for the technical difficulties yesterday! It's audio-only this week and the podcast feed may take a short time to update, because streaming video is sometimes buggy (just ask Apple).
  • AT&T: iPhone 6 represents our biggest preorder launch ever (2014-09-13 11:57:00)
    Indications continue to trickle in for a stellar launch for Apple's new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.>
  • These are the latest cars (and trucks) that drive themselves (2014-09-13 11:30:00)
  • Taye Diggs is a master of Vine and it's deeply confusing (2014-09-13 11:24:02)
    When Taye Diggs effectively followed everyone on Twitter earlier this year, it confused the internet to no end. His videos on Vine are no less peculiar, exposing a man with a talent not only for acting but also for eating hard-boiled eggs and pole-dancing. There's even (what we assume is) a homage to Monty Python's classic Silly Walks sketch. Does he have a Tumblr we're not aware of?
  • The Weekender: on Jaws and jazz in space (2014-09-13 10:04:51)
    We've gone from the Flint Center to the Cretaceous period and back, and the world will never be the same. Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec was one of the most highly regarded painters of the Post Impressionist period. The Body Lautrec at Philly's Fringe Fest, sponsored by both the Jim Henson Foundation and the Mütter Museum, examines both the artist and his physical body throughout his career, using skeletal puppets to show his most medically stressful moments.
  • Will Apple's digital wallet kill the card swipe? (2014-09-13 10:01:34)
    Apple wants the plastic credit card to become as rare as the paper check. On Tuesday, the company announced Apple Pay, a digital payment system that lets people pay for retail store purchases using their ...
  • The murky potential of a larger iPad (2014-09-13 10:00:06)
    Will Apple supersize the iPad as it has the iPhone? There's more to the equation than just a bigger display.>
  • DARPA's jetpack will help soldiers run faster, stronger (video) (2014-09-13 08:47:00)
  • Cars that drive themselves starting to chat with each other (2014-09-13 08:23:42)
    By Ben Klayman, Bernie Woodall and Paul Lienert DETROIT (Reuters) - An Acura RLX sedan demonstrated an unusual way to tow another car this week: the vehicles were not physically attached. The second car drove itself, following instructions beamed over by the first in a feat of technology that indicates a new stage in automation is happening faster than many expected. Manufacturers and suppliers now are putting the two together in novel ways, with broad implications for vehicle safety and convenience. General Motors Co, Honda Motor Co, which owns Acura, and other automakers are working with traditional suppliers and startup firms.
  • 'Flame Base' shirt heats up to keep your temperature just right (2014-09-13 05:27:00)
  • Toyota tests ride-sharing with its adorable electric vehicles (2014-09-13 02:48:00)
  • Which new iPhone is right for you? (2014-09-13 02:24:59)
    The iPhone 6 and its more sizable sibling, the iPhone 6 Plus, are now available for order if you live in one of the 10 initial launch countries. The latest iPhones will officially go on sale on September 19 in the US, Canada, Puerto Rico, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, the UK, France and Germany and reservations can be made from September 12, either via Apple's website or with network carriers and retailers. The iPhone 6 has a 4.7-inch screen but at 5.5-inches the display on the iPhone 6 Plus makes it a phablet.
  • Leaked Windows 9 video shows multiple desktops at work (2014-09-13 02:04:01)
    Glimpses of the next Windows have been coming out at a steady clip, but the latest is the clearest yet of the operating system's multiple desktops. German site WinFuture obtained a video showing off a build of the new feature and how users can expect to use it. As seen in the video, the taskbar for this early build of Windows 9 includes an icon for creating and closing virtual desktops.
  • Lip reading is still too hard for computers (2014-09-12 23:52:00)
  • Factbox : Rule tweak may see Alibaba enter MSCI Global indexes (2014-09-12 23:34:15)
    (Reuters) - Stock index provider MSCI Inc is considering changing its rules that could allow shares of Alibaba Group Holding Ltd [IPO-BABA.N] and other companies that list their shares in markets away from their home base to be included in its widely used indexes. Under MSCI's rules, a company cannot be included in its popular Global Investable Markets indexes if it is based in one region and its shares are listed in another region.
  • AT&T won't activate WiFi calling until next year (2014-09-12 23:03:00)
  • JPMorgan hackers accessed servers but stole no money: report (2014-09-12 22:56:40)
    BOSTON (Reuters) - Hackers accessed dozens of servers at JPMorgan Chase & Co in a cyberattack launched in June, though no money was taken, the New York Times reported on Friday, citing people familiar with the investigation into the case. “We are confident we have closed any known access points and prevented any future access in the same way," the paper quoted JPMorgan spokeswoman Kristin Lemkau as saying. ...
  • Engadget Daily: Sony's dwindling empire, Acer's selfie sombrero and more! (2014-09-12 22:07:00)
  • Developers at 'The Onion' wrote a script that makes images load like it's 1995 (2014-09-12 22:04:02)
    The Onion throws shade at all facets of culture on a daily basis, but the humor and snark isn't limited to its editorial staff. Developers from The Onion have just posted a bit of useful code on Github that slows image loading down to a crawl. Beyond the troll, The Onion is also using ComcastifyJS as a recruiting tool, with a prominent note that the publication is looking to hire more developers.
  • AT&T: iPhone 6 represents our biggest pre-order launch ever (2014-09-12 21:53:33)
    Indications continue to trickle in for a stellar launch for Apple's new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.>
  • The SAFE project teaches computers to understand your musical vocab (2014-09-12 21:37:00)
  • Plan to split California into six states fails to get on the 2016 ballot (2014-09-12 21:07:23)
    The enormous state of California will not be split up into six individual states as part of an initiative that might have made it onto the November 2016 ballot. The idea was pitched by venture capitalist Tim Draper late last year as a way to give certain regions of the state better political representation. In a proposal to the California Attorney General, Draper said the state had become "ungovernable" due to the uneven spread of "enormous and diverse economies."
  • Star Apps: 'Sixteen Candles' (2014-09-12 20:35:42)
    Actors Gedde Watanabe, Debbie Pollack, and Justin Henry reminisce about the classic '80s film.
  • Tim Cook to talk iPhone 6, Beats and Steve Jobs on Charlie Rose (2014-09-12 20:33:51)
    In a two-part interview, Apple's CEO expounds on the company's past, present and what lies ahead.>
  • Tesla Q&A: Tesla's Nevada 'gigafactory' FAQs (2014-09-12 20:30:54)
    SPARKS, Nev. (AP) — Now that Gov. Brian Sandoval has signed into law a package of incentives for Tesla Motors worth up to $1.3 billion, the electric-car maker is moving ahead with plans to build a $5 billion lithium battery factory expected to open in 2017 and employ 6,500 workers to make cheaper batteries so it can afford to mass market a new line of more affordable vehicles.
  • KitchenAid Multicooker and Stir Tower stirs up automatic meals (2014-09-12 20:12:41)
    The KitchenAid Stainless-Steel Multicooker & Stir Tower consists of two separate devices. The cooker has a wide range of features, while the self-stirring tower makes cooking easy.>
  • Sony makes 4K player nonproprietary, shows off $50K 4K short-throw projector (2014-09-12 20:10:38)
    We put some eyes on the ultra-short-throw VPL-GTZ1 laser projector, plus check out a double stack of $25,000 4K projectors, and find out some awesome news about the FMP-X10 4K media player.>
  • Google lets college students borrow a Chromebook (2014-09-12 20:05:00)
  • Apple CEO says company won't be going after Facebook, Twitter (2014-09-12 20:01:34)
    Tim Cook all but denies interest in purchasing social network Path, or in making another run at creating its own social network.>
  • Apple CEO says won't be going after Facebook, Twitter (2014-09-12 19:49:31)
    Tim Cook all but denies interest in purchasing Path, or in making another run at creating a social network.>
  • Tim Cook says Apple could have made a bigger iPhone 'years ago' (2014-09-12 19:44:51)
    Apple CEO Tim Cook says the company could have made a larger iPhone long ago, but didn't, choosing instead to wait and make what it now considers a better product. "We could have done a larger iPhone years ago," Cook told Charlie Rose in an interview that airs later today on PBS. There are 400-500 components on the Apple Watch chip Cook says the same adage was in place for things like the iPod, iPhone, and iPad, and how the company now views its next product — the Apple Watch.
  • Crave Ep. 174: Portraits made from cancer cells, bacteria (2014-09-12 19:42:20)
    Microscopic artwork shows off the beauty of bacteria and living cells using media such as cancer ​for​ artistic expression. And it'​s kind of​ gross,​ too.>
  • Apple gets a failing grade for Canadian geography (2014-09-12 19:30:53)
    Geography has again stumped Apple Inc, with the technology company mixing up and relocating both Canada's largest city and its national capital on a map showing when different parts of the country can expect new iPhone deliveries. Not only did Apple's Canadian website misplace Toronto and Ottawa, it incorrectly placed Edmonton west of Calgary, and missed the apostrophe in St. John's, screen grabs from local media showed. The error prompted a new round of light-hearted digs at the Apple, which has a history of getting lost with its maps. "You would think they could've asked Siri for help with that," said Twitter user Jennifer Hoegg, referring to Apple's voice-recognition software.
  • Apple CEO Tim Cook talks to Charlie Rose about TV and why he bought Beats (2014-09-12 19:09:00)
  • 'Dragon Quest' and other classics are the safety blanket of mobile gaming (2014-09-12 19:01:03)
    Today, one that hits particularly close to home for me has arrived on iTunes and Android: the original Dragon Quest (or Dragon Warrior, depending on where you played it). In recent years, I've played Dragon Warrior again, both on the original NES and with an emulator. This trend goes way beyond Dragon Warrior — right now, you can get Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy, X-Men Arcade, Sonic the Hedgehog, Mega Man 2, and many more classics for your iPhone for just a couple bucks.
  • With Tiiny, your incriminating pics and videos disappear after 24 hours (2014-09-12 18:31:00)
  • Apple CEO Tim Cook talks Steve Jobs, Beats, and why TV is stuck in the '70s (2014-09-12 18:16:11)
    Apple CEO Tim Cook recently taped a lengthy, two-part interview with Charlie Rose, and the first half of their discussion will air tonight. Thanks to some preview clips that've been released ahead of the show, we know at least three topics that will come up this evening: Apple TV, Beats, and Steve Jobs. Much of what you'll hear in Cook's responses to Rose isn't entirely new; Apple's chief is rehearsed to the point where you can almost predict what he'll say about a given subject. ...
  • Sony makes 4K player non-proprietary, shows off $50K 4K short throw projector (2014-09-12 17:56:49)
    We put some eyes on the ultra-short-throw VPL-GTZ1 laser projector, plus check out a double stack of $25,000 4K projectors, and find out some awesome news about the FMP-X10 4K media player.>
  • Prosecutors target credit card thieves overseas (2014-09-12 17:56:47)
    WASHINGTON (AP) — Criminals from around the world buy and sell stolen credit card information with ease in today's digital age. But if they commit their crime entirely outside the United States, they may be beyond the reach of federal prosecutors.
  • Fight over World War II-era tank goes to court (2014-09-12 17:53:08)
    A company headed by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen has filed a lawsuit in the San Francisco Bay Area over a World War II-era German tank it says it paid $2.5 million for but never received. The Panzer ...
  • Google Play Music on Android lets you find your friends' playlists (2014-09-12 17:51:00)
  • Larger Apple iPhone shipments delayed amid record orders (2014-09-12 17:40:10)
    Customers may have to wait three to four weeks to get their hands on Apple Inc's iPhone 6 Plus, after a record number of orders for the company's latest smartphones strained available supply. The new iPhone 6 goes on sale on Sept. 19 in the United States but the company began taking online orders on Thursday. While the larger 5.5-inch "Plus" models now display a wait time of up to a month, the 4.7-inch version remains available for delivery on Sept. 19, Apple's website showed. Apple said the pace of orders has so far outstripped any of its previous iPhones.
  • Correction: Hewlett-Packard-Russian Bribes story (2014-09-12 17:37:34)
    SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — In a story Sept. 11 about a guilty plea in a Russian bribery case, The Associated Press reported erroneously the company involved. It was a Russian subsidiary of Hewlett-Packard, not Hewlett-Packard Co.
  • Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor is worried about drones on her property (2014-09-12 17:25:44)
    Warning that modern technology could bring us into an Orwellian world, Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor on Thursday said that drones and other advancements have serious privacy implications that Americans need to be talking about and deciding how to keep in check, according to The Wall Street Journal. In particular, Sotomayor is reported to have honed in on drones, which don't simply enable government intrusion — but potentially intrusion by members of the public as well. "There are drones flying over the air randomly that are recording everything that’s happening on what we consider our private property," Sotomayor said while speaking to an audience at Oklahoma City University, according to the Journal. Broadly, she considers these to be frightening advancements in surveillance technology — not necessarily saying that they're bad, but telling the crowd that Americans need to become actively involved in the ongoing privacy debate.
  • Seven Reasons Congress Must Reauthorize America COMPETES (2014-09-12 17:20:14)
    Throughout my career in public service - first as President of West Virginia Wesleyan College, then as Governor of West Virginia, and now in the U.S. Senate as Chairman of the Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation - I have supported investments in science and technology, and in educating our young people in these areas. There is no...
  • Buyers bite big at larger Apple iPhones (2014-09-12 17:18:59)
    Apple's website was swamped Friday in what appeared to be a record-setting buying binge fueled by smartphone buyers' desire for large-screen iPhones. Bigger did indeed seem to be better to the throngs who jockeyed in a virtual scrum to get access to the Apple website to order iPhone 6 and the larger-size iPhone 6 Plus models. Many people took to Twitter with terse tales of frustration and perseverance needed to get through and pre-order the new Apple smartphones set for release on September 19. The delivery date for iPhone 6 Plus steadily crept outward as the morning wore on and word by mid-day here was that pre-orders had sold out for what will be the biggest Apple smartphone.
  • Ben Affleck's rugged new Batmobile revealed (2014-09-12 17:17:50)
    Director Zack Snyder tweets out the first image of the Batmobile from the upcoming "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.">
  • Will Ferrell wants to play video games with you (2014-09-12 17:17:41)
    Actor and comedian Will Ferrell launches an Indiegogo campaign to raise money for children with cancer. One lucky winner to play video games with Mr. Burgundy himself.>
  • Owning Up to Online Dating (2014-09-12 17:15:50)
    "We met online."Was it on Tinder? OKCupid? Match? Droves of millennials across the world are meeting their significant others online -- yet some still don't feel comfortable admitting to it.Before I go on, I'll practice what I preach: I met my girlfriend on OKCupid about a year and a half ago. So, I'm right there with you. When I first...
  • You did the ice bucket challenge — now what? (2014-09-12 17:09:05)
    The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge was one of the few positive trends of a summer scarred by the spread of Ebola, the rise of ISIS and the never-ending disaster that is the NFL. A handful of critics have lampooned the Ice Bucket Challenge for its ubiquity, noting how many participants failed to mention its original philanthropic intentions. That is, of course, silly. The challenge raised money and awareness for ALS unlike any movement before it.
  • Hey, Which One of You Wise Guys Teleported Me Into the Future? (2014-09-12 17:09:01)
    The last time I worked in Boston, I worked for a law firm that specialized in high tech and venture capital. This was 30 years ago. The head of the firm insisted, however, that attorneys not have computers in their offices, fearing that we would turn into our own "secretaries" and just fix typos on documents we were typing.Fast forward thirty...
  • Let's Calculate How Long it Took Apple to Make the $100 Million It Paid for U2's Album (2014-09-12 17:05:09)
    At the end of Apple's launch event for the iPhone 6 and Apple Watch, Tim Cook and U2's Bono acted out a really fantastic school play. It was pretty awkward and kind of endearing. Then U2 dropped Songs of Innocence, their first album since 2009. For free. To 500 million iTunes users. And all across the land, dads U2 fans rejoiced.
  • Apple's free album has some folks mad about U2 (2014-09-12 17:03:24)
    High traffic causes iPhone 6 preorder problems, a free U2 album leads to confusion, and SanDisk breaks a record with its new SD card.>
  • California deems carpooling via all ride-share services illegal (2014-09-12 16:54:21)
    Uber, Lyft and Sidecar are told to halt any carpool features. The California Public Utilities Commission confirms it sent two copies of a warning letter to all three peer-to-peer car services.>
  • Black cheese? Burger King Japan unveils burger dark as night (2014-09-12 16:54:09)
    Burger King Japan takes a trip to the Dark Side by offering an unusual burger stacked with startlingly black cheese. But don't worry, it's all edible.>
  • Twitch chat malware is emptying gamers' Steam accounts (2014-09-12 16:49:30)
    F-Secure has uncovered an unusual kind of malware that's spreading through Twitch's chat feature, which they're calling "Eskimo." The virus starts with a simple phishing scheme, claiming the target has won a phony raffle and offering a bad link to confirm. If users click the link, they'll be infected with the malware, which logs into the gaming platform Steam and takes control of the target's account. From there, the program empties the target's wallet and sells off any valuable items he may have bought or acquired through the service.
  • Microsoft needs Minecraft to boost mobile ambitions (2014-09-12 16:48:44)
    By Bill Rigby SEATTLE (Reuters) - Microsoft’s impending purchase of Mojang, the Swedish developer with 100 million players of its open world Minecraft game, is more aimed at pulling users onto the software company's obscure mobile platform than its better known PC system or Xbox game console. The software company's Windows Phone system has only 2.5 percent of the world's smartphone market, and its Surface tablet barely more, according to tech research firm IDC. Enter Minecraft, which is the top paid app both on Apple Inc's iOS and Google Inc's Android systems. Microsoft will unveil a $2.5 billion deal to buy its owner on Monday, according to a source briefed on the matter.
  • Tesla Motors will receive $1.3 billion in tax incentives for building its battery factory in Nevada (2014-09-12 16:47:04)
    It's been almost a year since Tesla first confirmed its plans to build a battery-producing "gigafactory," and just over a week since the company revealed it would build that factory in Nevada rather than its home state of California. Reuters has details on why: the company is reportedly receiving some $1.3 billion in tax incentives over the next 20 years to bring its gigafactory to the state. Nevada governor Brian Sandoval signed bills on Thursday that tax exeptions for 20 years worth approximately $725 million dollars.
  • Moto 360 review: It's the best Android Wear watch, but that isn't saying much (2014-09-12 16:45:00)
  • All-electric Formula E racing series debuts this weekend (2014-09-12 16:41:05)
    The brand new championship is an attempt to replace combustion engine racing with a quieter and more environmentally-friendly take on auto racing's most difficult discipline: Formula 1. Run by the same governing body as F1 — the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile, or FIA — Formula E will feature 20 drivers competing on the streets of ten different cities around the world, including iconic racing destinations like Monaco and Long Beach. The pedigree of the the competitors is also stout, as more than half of the drivers have F1 experience, while the rest come from other top-tier motorsport backgrounds like IndyCar, rally car racing, and even NASCAR.
  • The 404 Show 1,551: Batman ruined? How to live forever, GTA V new-gen date and details (podcast) (2014-09-12 16:23:45)
    There's some new Batman controversy about the size of his Batmobile cannon. Plus, we'll learn how to live forever thanks to fruit flies and Rockstar Games dishes out info about GTA V on new-gen consoles.>
  • A GIF is worth a thousand words thanks to an iOS custom keyboard (2014-09-12 16:13:00)
  • Apple's Continuity texting won't arrive until after iOS 8 launch (2014-09-12 15:41:00)
  • Ustream review (2014-09-12 15:24:04)
    Go live and watch live video on your phone or tablet
  • Exclusive: HP exploring sale of photo sharing service Snapfish - source (2014-09-12 15:23:46)
    By Nadia Damouni NEW YORK (Reuters) - Hewlett-Packard Co is exploring the sale of its web-based photo sharing service Snapfish, and has held discussions with multiple private equity and industry buyers, a person with knowledge of the situation said. Snapfish, which HP bought for more than $300 million in 2005 and currently sits within its printing and personal systems group, is considered non-core for the company, the person said, asking not to be named because the matter is not public. Last year, HP replaced the printing and personal business' long-time head Todd Bradley with former Lenovo executive Dion Weisler. Bradley has since left the technology company, to join Tibco Software Inc as its president.
  • I just spent an hour playing with this 'interactive music video' and now I'm scared (2014-09-12 15:19:15)
    Embedded above is a music video for Ty Segall's "Manipulator." But that's not the way to experience this. Instead, head over to Segall's page and, after a few minutes of loading, get ready to click anything and everything in this so-called "interactive music video." There are three scenes in all, and more than a dozen things to alter in each scene. According to designer Simon Wiscombe, "all in all there are about 3.1 * 10^31 different combinations."
  • This 'interactive music video' will haunt your dreams (2014-09-12 15:19:15)
    Embedded above is a music video for Ty Segall's "Manipulator." But that's not the way to experience this. Instead, head over to Segall's page and, after a few minutes of loading, get ready to click anything and everything in this so-called "interactive music video." There are three scenes in all, and more than a dozen things to alter in each scene. According to designer Simon Wiscombe, "all in all there are about 3.1 * 10^31 different combinations."
  • USPS Mobile review (2014-09-12 15:17:47)
    Find Post Offices and collection boxes, look up ZIP Codes, and track packages
  • Innerexile's iPhone 6 case can heal from light scratches (2014-09-12 15:09:00)
  • Ulysse Speedometer review (2014-09-12 15:08:04)
    Drive safety
  • EU's Almunia denies decision on Google was postponed to appease lobbyists (2014-09-12 15:04:44)
    By Foo Yun Chee BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Europe's antitrust chief hit back on Friday at media reports suggesting that he had bowed to political lobbying by delaying a final decision on alleged anti-competitive behavior by Google. European Competition Commissioner Joaquin Almunia said in May that he wanted to close the case against the world's most popular internet search engine before the end of his five-year term, but he announced this week that he would not be able to do so before he stands down next month, leaving his successor to take over. Almunia had previously indicated that he intended to accept concessions offered by the company in February in a proposed deal that attracted heavy criticism from rivals such as Microsoft, a host of smaller competitors across Europe and some EU lawmakers. Speaking at a conference in New York on Friday, Almunia defended the delay by insisting that Google, under fire for allegedly promoting its own services at rivals' expense, needs to improve its proposal to settle the investigation without a fine, which could be as high as $5 billion.
  • 10 Devices for a Smarter Home (PHOTOS) (2014-09-12 15:01:12)
    Though home automation systems have existed for years, typically helping to control your thermostat or boost security, they can require professional installation and be complicated to operate—not to mention that they can also cost thousands of dollars. Happily, that's starting to change, as a bevy of easy-to-install alternatives are arriving...
  • Uber review (2014-09-12 14:54:56)
    Uber is an on-demand request tool for a private driver
  • The Vergecast, live... now! (2014-09-12 14:54:44)
    Hey, was there any tech news this week? Just a little? We should talk about it. We should talk about it... on the internet.
  • 'Riding on the future': My first time on an electric unicycle (2014-09-12 14:52:11)
    Crave writer Amanda Kooser overcomes her distrust of unicycles by ruling the road on the Focus Designs SBU V3 self-balancing electric unicycle.>
  • 12-Year-Old Cancer Patient Gets First-Ever Vertebra Made On A 3-D Printer (2014-09-12 14:50:53)
    As it turns out, you can make just about anything with a 3-D printer and make it work. When 12-year-old Minghao of China was diagnosed a couple of months ago with Ewing's sarcoma, a bone cancer typically found in children, his doctors opted for an alternative to the standard treatment. They discovered a tumor on the second vertebra of his...
  • TuneIn Radio review (2014-09-12 14:47:43)
    TuneIn is a free way to listen to music, sports and news from every corner of the earth, with over 70,000 radio stations and 2 million on-demand programs
  • The iPod is gone, but not forgotten (2014-09-12 14:39:53)
    Apple finally killed off the original, click wheel, hard drive iPod this week. A lot of people barely noticed, because we were too busy gawking at a watch that isn't really a watch. However, for a generation of music-lover, the iPod was the consumer electronics product of the last decade. It brought Apple back from the dead, birthed a whole new family of iDevices, and literally changed the way we interact with music. In some ways for worse, in some ways for the better.
  • Which gaming PCs are worth buying? (2014-09-12 14:37:00)
  • tTorrent Lite review (2014-09-12 14:28:32)
    tTorrent is a torrent client for Android based devices***Paypal customers If you don't receive the serial in 10 minutes after you pay, please
  • Google's Web-video ambitions bump into hard reality (2014-09-12 14:17:16)
    The company's technical prowess and free VP9 licensing haven't been enough to dent the fortunes of rival compression format HEVC. But Google's already moving on to VP10.>
  • Trulia - Apts & Homes for Rent review (2014-09-12 14:12:01)
    Find a rental apartment or house for rent
  • TripAdvisor review (2014-09-12 14:05:43)
    Search for hotels, restaurants, cheap flights & more - wherever you are
  • MLS aims to be first soccer league to tackle video replay (2014-09-12 14:05:00)
  • Shipments of larger Apple iPhones delayed by a month amid record orders (2014-09-12 14:02:40)
    Customers may have to wait three to four weeks to get their hands on Apple Inc's iPhone 6 Plus, after a record number of orders for the company's latest smartphones strained available supply. The new iPhone 6 goes on sale on Sept. 19 in the United States but the company began taking online orders on Thursday. While the larger 5.5-inch "Plus" models now display a wait time of up to a month, the 4.7-inch version remains available for delivery on Sept. 19, Apple's website showed. Apple said the pace of orders has so far outstripped any of its previous iPhones.
  • Transparent Wallpaper Camera review (2014-09-12 13:59:22)
    Set an outside world view as a wallpaper on your Android device
  • Exclusive: MSCI global indices may include Alibaba after investor queries (2014-09-12 13:54:55)
    Stock index provider MSCI Inc is considering changing its rules to allow shares of Alibaba Group Holding [IPO-BABA.N] and other companies that list their shares in faraway markets to be included in its widely used indexes. The company announced that it was considering changing its rules last week, but did not explain the reason for the changes: questions from investors amid the Alibaba initial public offering, Reuters has learned from financial industry sources.  Alibaba, a Chinese online retailer, plans to sell some $24 billion worth of shares next week on the New York Stock Exchange, in a listing that could be the biggest ever IPO. Because Alibaba is not listed anywhere in Asia and is listing in New York, it would be excluded from big MSCI indexes.
  • Apple reportedly spent more than $100 million on the new U2 album (2014-09-12 13:54:07)
    Apple CEO Time Cook and U2 frontman Bono made big news this week when they announced that the band's new album would be distributed, at no charge, to the roughly 500 million people with an iTunes account. According to several reports Apple is spending at least $100 million to market the album, plus an undisclosed lump sum that goes to U2 as a direct payment. First off, Apple's marketing campaign will likely tie into its own products heavily. Secondly, Apple has an ungodly amount of money in the bank — $150 billion and counting.
  • Where to buy Samsung's Galaxy Alpha (2014-09-12 13:50:00)
  • Tip N Split Tip Calculator review (2014-09-12 13:44:16)
    Calculate tip and split the bill quickly and easily
  • Tip Calculator for Android review (2014-09-12 13:37:00)
    Calculate your tip on your Android device
  • Here's what it looks like when 'Star Wars' meets 'Sesame Street' (2014-09-12 13:36:39)
    Join Luke Piewalker, Flan Solo, and Chewie the Cookie on an epic journey to save Princess Parfaita from the hands of the Galactic Empire.>
  • Sony, the catch-up king (2014-09-12 13:31:00)
  • Tiny Flashlight + LED review (2014-09-12 13:30:45)
    Incredibly simple, yet very useful flashlight application
  • The Weather Channel review (2014-09-12 13:24:33)
    Get the weather tools you need to plan your day, week, or even the next hour
  • Big on blue? Microsoft expands palette with new Xbox 360 bundle (2014-09-12 13:22:54)
    The $249 bundle includes two games, Call of Duty: Ghosts and Call of Duty: Black Ops II, and a free month of Xbox Live Gold.>
  • Curiosity rover to take up mountain climbing on Mars (2014-09-12 13:12:31)
    After two years of exploration and driving, NASA's Curiosity rover has finally reached the base of Mount Sharp, a major goal of the mission.>
  • For iPhone 6 Plus, big phone equals big wait (2014-09-12 13:09:55)
    Apple and the major carriers are all showing wait times of several weeks to months for the larger version of the new iPhone.>
  • Tech Retrospect: All the other news fit to print (2014-09-12 13:00:06)
    Apple certainly dominated the headlines over the past week, but it wasn't the only company with something to say. Let's take a look at the rest of the tech world.>
  • Apple says iPhone 6 pre-orders set new overnight record (2014-09-12 12:58:16)
    Apple today revealed that overnight pre-orders for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus set a new record, suggesting that consumers are indeed eager to get their hands on larger iPhones along with new features like Apple Pay, Apple's mobile payments platform. "Response to iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus has been incredible with a record number of preorders overnight," an Apple spokesperson told Recode in a statement.
  • SanDisk beats rivals to 512GB SD card -- at a whopping $800 (2014-09-12 12:32:44)
    The world's first 512 gigabyte SD card is designed more for video and photo professionals than for the average consumer.>
  • Watch this: the first Formula E race is tomorrow in Beijing (2014-09-12 12:32:00)
  • T-Mobile US adds record 552,000 postpaid customers in August (2014-09-12 12:29:16)
    By Marina Lopes WASHINGTON (Reuters) - T-Mobile US added 552,000 postpaid customers in August, more customer additions than any other month in the history of the company, Chief Executive John Legere told investors at a conference in New York on Friday. The fourth largest U.S. wireless carrier also added 208,000 pre-paid customers in August. Valuable postpaid customers pay for their service after usage, while pre-paid customers pay in advance. The company has turned around years of subscriber losses through aggressive promotions in the past year and a half. ...
  • Low Latency 108: Conflict of interest (2014-09-12 12:24:53)
    The Apple Watch tracks your fitness and makes it easier than ever to pay for fast food.>
  • Etsy bans sale of merchandise with Redskins name and logo (2014-09-12 12:18:58)
    Etsy is banning its merchants from selling products that include the Washington Redskins' name and logo, writing in a blog post this week that the decision was made because the team's name is "disparaging and damaging to Native Americans." Etsy has had a longstanding policy that prohibits many hateful or demeaning products from being sold on its marketplace, including hateful products referencing race, religion, and gender. Merchandise with just "Washington" or the team colors can still be sold With this announcement, Etsy is now declaring that Washington's team name falls under that ban, prohibiting any items with the football team's name or mascot from being sold.
  • EBay shares backtrack after it dismisses talk of Google stake (2014-09-12 12:03:41)
    NEW YORK/SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Shares of eBay Inc lost much of their Friday gains after the online retailer dismissed market speculation that Google Inc may be preparing to buy a slice of the company. The stock rose as much as 4.7 percent in unusually heavy volume in the morning, with two European-based traders and one U.S.-based trader citing rumors that Google would possibly take a large stake in eBay as the reason for the move. "We’ve had no conversations with Google about acquiring a stake in the company," eBay spokesman Alan Marks said. ...
  • Tech agenda: Future M (2014-09-12 11:58:29)
    An event that sits at the intersection of marketing & technology looks at how the former is influencing the direction of the latter.
  • Chase bank kept Apple Pay a secret by hiding it with a real apple (2014-09-12 11:51:41)
    One of Apple's biggest announcements earlier this week was Apple Pay, a new system that allows owners of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus to pay for stuff in the real world by holding their phones up to checkout readers (it uses NFC technology). Is Apple Pay as revolutionary as it seems? What we do know right now, thanks to a ridiculous anecdote in The New York Times, is that executives at the bank JP Morgan Chase, one of Apple's biggest initial partners in Apple Pay, were so intent on keeping the new system a secret, they came up with a kind of prop-based sign language for revealing it, using a real apple. JPMorgan Chase’s chief financial officer, Marianne Lake, took the stage at a financial conference on Tuesday under strict orders not to mention her company’s involvement in Apple’s new payment system.
  • Get a Vizio sound bar and wireless subwoofer for $89.99 (2014-09-12 11:50:00)
    It's a refurb, with just a 30-day warranty, but it's also half off the list price.>
  • Next for Corporate America: Body wires and wire taps? (2014-09-12 11:42:47)
    By Aruna Viswanatha WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Wall Street executives may have personally escaped the wrath of the U.S. Department of Justice but executives at companies accused of foreign bribery schemes may not be so lucky.     Prosecutors say they are clearly shifting away from only big corporate settlements in such cases and are beginning to target more individuals. The numbers are not eye-popping. But officials say the results are encouraging and these cases may provide road maps for other financial fraud prosecutions. "Certainly... ...
  • A look at Amazon's new East London HQ (2014-09-12 11:38:00)
  • I bought a thousand dollar phone at 3AM in my underpants — and I was not alone (2014-09-12 11:37:08)
    I spent the evening triple-checking the sign-in credentials for my AT&T and Apple accounts, ensuring they wouldn't fail me at the crucial moment of purchase. I loaded AT&T's homepage on my computer, the Apple Store on my wife's and the Apple Store app on the Mini, because at 2:55AM the idea that one, two or even three Apple devices could fail me in the purchase of another Apple device seemed logical. At 3:01AM, Apple's online store was down. At 3:02AM, Apple's online store was down.
  • Apple Watch not wowing health care industry, yet (2014-09-12 11:36:54)
    Health care professionals interviewed by Reuters want to see more from Apple's new smartwatch before giving its health features a thumb's up.>
  • New iPhone 6 Plus pre-order shipments to be delayed by a month (2014-09-12 11:35:17)
    (Reuters) - Many customers will have to wait three to four weeks to get their hands on Apple Inc's larger screen iPhone 6 Plus after pre-orders for Sept. 19 delivery were booked out within hours. The smaller 4.7-inch iPhone 6 is still available for delivery on Sept. 19, Apple's website showed. ( Apple's iPhone 6 Plus, which has a 5.5-inch display, goes on sale in U.S. stores on Sept. 19. Websites of Apple's carrier partners, Verizon Wireless , AT&T and Sprint Corp , also showed delays of up to six weeks. ...
  • Microsoft revives its Xbox 360 with new blue console bundle (2014-09-12 11:30:54)
    Microsoft’s Xbox One console might have been on the market for nearly a year, but that’s not stopping the company from focusing on the Xbox 360. While the Xbox 360 has been available for nearly nine years, Microsoft has created a new blue edition for the holidays. It’s probably one of the best Xbox 360’s we’ve seen, with just color and no decorative images plastered over it.It’s a special edition and appears to only be available at Walmart in the US, but for $249 you get a blue 500GB Xbox 360 with matching controller, a copy of Call of Duty: Ghosts and Call of Duty: Black Ops II. ...
  • Motorola will launch an unlocked bloatware-free Moto X this month (2014-09-12 11:29:00)
  • AT&T plans to offer Wi-Fi calling in 2015 (2014-09-12 11:23:26)
    AT&T's Ralph de la Vega also said he expects customer turnover to remain low in the third quarter.>
  • Oculus VR CEO and his mother donate over $30 million to University of Maryland (2014-09-12 11:19:46)
    Oculus VR CEO Brendan Iribe isn't just sitting on all the cash he made from Facebook's $2 billion acquisition of his virtual reality startup. Instead, he's donating a cool $31 million to his alma matter the University of Maryland, the largest singular donation in the school's history. The money will be used to fund a scholarship and the construction of a new computer science building named after Iribe, The Associated Press reports. If that weren't enough, Iribe's mother is donating $3 million of her own to the school, and Oculus VR cofounder and fellow alumnus Michael Antonov is kicking in a not-too-shabby $4 million of his own.
  • Virgin Media's giving its TiVo UI a welcome makeover (2014-09-12 10:53:00)
  • The selfie hat is everything wrong with tech (and right with fashion) in one wearable (2014-09-12 10:51:02)
    If you thought you had seen if all when it comes to wearable tech, prepare for a very rude awakening.
  • Six of the best? iPhone 6 and Apple Watch in CNET UK podcast 402 (2014-09-12 10:47:07)
    Thumbs-up or thumbs-down for the new larger iPhone, Apple's first phablet and the Apple Watch?>
  • Oculus co-founders donate $35 million to erect computer science wing at University of Maryland (2014-09-12 10:47:00)
  • Your grandpa and Grandmaster Flash love you very much (2014-09-12 10:45:02)
    Joseph Saddler, known better by his stage name Grandmaster Flash, is a hip hop pioneer and DJ. In 2007, Grandmaster Flash at the Furious Five were the first hip hop artists to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
  • Industrial Revolution 3.0 (2014-09-12 10:42:11)
    The accelerated pace of life makes it difficult to take stock of the patterns drawn by deeper forces shaping the world. We marvel at amazing gadgets but we easily lose sight of the powerful industrial revolution that is gaining momentum.It is easy and dangerous for business and government leaders to underestimate the breadth and depth of its...
  • GIF keyboards are coming to iOS 8 because Nicolas Cage GIFs are better than words (2014-09-12 10:36:02)
    Some things are better said with a GIF.
  • This ship is a delivery drone for the open sea (2014-09-12 10:34:33)
    Amazon got the biggest headlines for its drone delivery plans, but it's an idea that's catching on across the shipping industry. At a nautical trade fair in Hamburg this week, the shipping research firm DNV GL revealed designs for a new electric vessel that would ferry cargo with zero crew members — roughly the nautical equivalent of Amazon's automated delivery drones. It's still just a concept vessel, but vessels like the ReVolt could make a huge difference in how we move goods around the world.
  • LG eyes wide rollout of L Fino, L Bello handsets (2014-09-12 10:26:06)
    The company brings the entry-level handsets in Brazil, followed by other countries elsewhere around the world in the coming weeks.>
  • California will fine companies that try to silence disgruntled customers (2014-09-12 10:16:00)
  • Motorola's unlocked, unbranded Moto X will be called the 'Pure Edition' (2014-09-12 10:13:14)
    I can think of many, many times where I've called the flavor of Android that ships on Nexus phones "pure Android," and it looks like Motorola is taking a cue: its direct-sale, unbranded, unlocked Moto X will be called the Moto X Pure Edition when it ships. (The Moto X doesn't actually use stock Android, per se, but it's awfully close with a few tweaks — and the Pure Edition lacks the crapware and slower OS update schedule of the carrier-branded units.)
  • Amanda Todd suspect linked to dozens of cases (2014-09-12 10:07:37)
    AMSTERDAM (AP) — A prosecutor says a Dutch man suspected of possessing child pornography and blackmailing and harassing victims over the Internet with naked images of themselves — including possibly Canadian teenager Amanda Todd — may have victimized as many as 40 people in the Netherlands alone, and several dozen in other countries, including the United States and Britain.
  • New trailers: 'The Homesman,' 'The Walking Dead,' 'Fury,' and more (2014-09-12 10:01:01)
    Another week, another set of trailers. This week we've got documentaries, a thriller, and a bunch of dramas — just what you'd expect as we start heading into the end of the year. There's eight below, and they're all worth watching if you want to know what's coming up in the months ahead.
  • DirecTV sees NFL deal closing in 2014, AT&T soon after (2014-09-12 10:00:09)
    CEO Mike White expects the satellite provider to seal a clutch deal for its popular NFL Sunday Ticket package in 2014, with its $48.5 billion merger with AT&T closing soon next year.>
  • 'Star Wars' goes to college with new clothing line (2014-09-12 09:55:17)
    Show off both your Star Wars and school pride with a new line of shirts, caps and accessories featuring Darth Vader, Yoda, Stormtroopers and more.>
  • Windows 9's Start menu stars in leaked video (2014-09-12 09:51:44)
    A video allegedly of the upcoming preview of Windows 9 shows how the new Start menu combines elements of the classic menu with the Start screen.>
  • Get ready for a 'Football Manager' movie (2014-09-12 09:02:00)
  • Grand Theft Auto V comes to Xbox One, PS4 on November 18 (2014-09-12 09:00:53)
    PC gamers will need to wait even longer for the game -- they won't be able to get it till late January.>
  • 'Grand Theft Auto V' coming to PS4 and Xbox One November 18th, PC version delayed until 2015 (2014-09-12 08:58:00)
  • Bitcoin gets boost as U.S. watchdog approves first swap (2014-09-12 08:49:24)
    By Douwe Miedema WASHINGTON (Reuters) - TeraExchange on Friday launched a swap based on the bitcoin virtual currency, becoming the first to receive approval from a U.S. federal regulator for a financial product based on the budding technology. The derivative allows clients to protect the value of their bitcoin holdings by locking in a dollar value, offering an insurance against the astronomical price swings that have plagued the computer-generated currency. "For a merchant to take bitcoin, there wasn't until this product a regulated way for them to put on a hedge to manage the risk ... ...
  • 'Grand Theft Auto V' is coming to the PS4 and Xbox One on November 18th (2014-09-12 08:35:24)
    Grand Theft Auto V is going next-gen on November 18th. Rockstar Games had previously announced that its crime-fuelled epic would be coming to both the PS4 and Xbox One in the fall, but today the developer finally revealed the exact date that the new version will arrive. Unfortunately, the much-anticipated PC version, which was announced at the same time, has been delayed and won't launch until January 27th 2015. GTA V first launched last September where it proved to be an incredible success on the PS3 and Xbox 360, earning $1 billion just three days after it was released. ...
  • Bring out your dead: the resurrection of cult game ‘Pathologic’ (2014-09-12 08:35:02)
    When DayZ, a buggy, unfinished, and unforgiving zombie apocalypse simulator, shot to prominence early this year, it became known as one of the most difficult and realistic survival games around. Players start at a random part of a huge, mostly empty map. You get tired, hungry, and thirsty. Combat is hard, and weapons are scarce. Everyone around you has an ulterior motive and could stab you in the back at any second.
  • iPhone 6 Pre-Orders Start Now: How to Get Yours (2014-09-12 08:29:43)
    There are a handful of ways to pre-order your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus, and doing so will save you some serious stress ahead of the phone's Sept. 19 launch. Whether you're on AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile or Sprint, you can pre-order the iPhone 6 from your carrier's website as of 12:01 a.m. PST (3:01 a.m. EST). You can also pre-order the phone from Apple's website, where you can purchase the device on-contract from AT&T, Sprint and Verizon, or off-contract from T-Mobile.
  • Alibaba plans to close IPO order book early: Bloomberg (2014-09-12 08:28:26)
    (Reuters) - Alibaba Group Holding Ltd [IPO-BABA.N] plans to close its IPO order book early after it received enough orders to sell all the shares in the record-breaking offering, Bloomberg reported, citing people with knowledge of the matter. The Chinese e-commerce group had orders to sell shares at the higher end of the expected price range of $60 to $66 per share, the sources said. ( Alibaba is expected to stop taking orders in Asia on Sept. 17, a day earlier than previously scheduled, Bloomberg reported. ...
  • Inside Tumblr and the battle for net neutrality (2014-09-12 08:25:48)
    It’s Wednesday afternoon on Tumblr, and the internet is in a perpetual loading state. Starting early in the morning, users have been greeted with a cluster of spinning wheels in place of the normal dashboard. “Make it stop,” says a button at the top. Click it, and Mark Ruffalo will explain to you in a video why the FCC (represented whimsically by stock footage of Santa Claus) needs to stop cable companies (a man in a sweater and hard hat) from slowing down the internet (an exploding Earth, covered with a loading sign). ...
  • Drone converts mountain into a real-life snow globe (2014-09-12 08:24:57)
    Take nine intrepid explorers, one mountain summit, a fisheye lens, and a willing drone. Mix them up just the right way and this is what you get.
  • Rakuten considering Airbnb-like home rental service in Japan - sources (2014-09-12 07:50:23)
    By Teppei Kasai TOKYO (Reuters) - Rakuten Inc, Japan's largest e-commerce company, has been actively considering launching a service like website Airbnb that would provide a hub to rent apartments and homes in Japan to short-term guests, two people with knowledge of the developing plans told Reuters. Rakuten has commissioned a detailed study in Japan of whether it could launch a short-term rental service that would be easier to use than Airbnb, according to the people, who asked not to be identified because the project was confidential. If Rakuten decides to go ahead with the service, it may do so early next year, the people said. They did not have further details, and a Rakuten spokeswoman had no immediate comment.
  • T-Mobile CEO on Sprint: 'Put a fork in it. They're done' (2014-09-12 07:27:06)
    In an interview, outspoken John Legere talks about the suddenly lively Sprint as a competitor, the failed merger with Sprint, and his thoughts on BlackBerry.>
  • China's iPhone delay gives smugglers reason to cheer (2014-09-12 07:09:10)
    By Yimou Lee HONG KONG (Reuters) - The likely delayed launch of Apple Inc's new iPhone 6 in China, the world's biggest smartphone market, sparked a race to pre-order the phone in Hong Kong on Friday. Pre-orders for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus sold out within two hours on Apple's Hong Kong website - and many of those devices will be smuggled across the border into mainland China, where they could change hands for as much as four times the Hong Kong price.
  • California bill would ban police drone spying without warrant (2014-09-12 07:00:06)
    The bill, which is now on the governor's desk, pits privacy advocates against law enforcement interests in managing the emerging technology.>
  • Tamron aims for high end with ultrawide zoom lens (2014-09-12 06:50:00)
    Ahead of Photokina, the Japanese lensmaker announces a coming 15-30mm model that combines a fast f2.8 aperture with image stabilization.>
  • JPMorgan says no cyber attack-related customer fraud seen (2014-09-12 06:44:12)
    (Reuters) - JPMorgan Chase & Co said it had not seen any unusual customer fraud related to a recent cyber attack on the bank. Chase customers will not be liable for unauthorized transactions on their account provided they promptly alerted the bank, it said in a filing. ( JPMorgan said last month it was investigating a possible cyber attack and working with law enforcement authorities to determine the scope. (Reporting by Anil D'Silva in Bangalore; Editing by Saumyadeb Chakrabarty)
  • Apple drives the internet insane with failed iPhone 6 pre-orders (2014-09-12 06:08:35)
    Pre-ordering a new iPhone is never an easy process. Apple’s online store in the US was down for two hours and 25 minutes, leaving customers who stayed up late rather frustrated. Online Apple Stores outside the US appear to have been unaffected by the troubles.
  • Sharp aims to mass-produce new generation of display panels by 2017 (2014-09-12 05:22:03)
    Sharp Corp said it would begin mass-producing a new type of next-generation displays with Qualcomm unit Pixtronix from 2017, in the hopes that innovation would pay off in the long term as the firm nurses its finances back to health. Qualcomm and Sharp said the new type of panel, called MEMS-IGZO after their respective display technologies, uses less energy and can withstand harsher temperatures than the liquid crystal displays (LCD) used in most smartphones and tablets. We can go brighter and this is the first generation of this technology," said Greg Heinzinger, senior vice president of Qualcomm's technology licensing division and president of Pixtronix, at a briefing at Sharp's Tokyo office on Friday. The MEMS-IGZO panels, which use a high-speed shutter to display images, boast brighter colours than LCD panels as they do not require a color filter, allowing more illumination from the backlight.
  • Analysis: Amid Alibaba fever, reasons for caution in IPO market (2014-09-12 05:05:19)
    By Akane Otani NEW YORK (Reuters) - The highly anticipated debut of Alibaba Group Holding Ltd , the Chinese e-commerce group, will come amid the busiest year for initial public offerings since the technology bubble burst in 2000. Alibaba's IPO, which could come as soon as Sept. 19, could raise more than $21 billion and claim Facebook Inc's title of biggest tech IPO. Some analysts say large swaths of the market, especially biotechnology stocks, are frothy. Roughly one-third of the 188 stocks that debuted this year are selling below their IPO price.
  • Erdogan approves law tightening Turkey's Internet controls (2014-09-12 03:53:56)
    Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan approved a law tightening government control of the Internet and expanding the powers of the telecoms authority late on Thursday, part of the first legislative package he has effected as head of state. The February law limited these powers to cases of privacy violations and was only passed after former President Abdullah Gul requested amendments watering down some of the clauses.
  • Spies spot a black X-Wing on the 'Star Wars: Episode VII' set (2014-09-12 03:37:44)
    Star Wars' most iconic ships were pictured in the English countryside earlier this week, when engineer Matthew Myatt accidentally snapped images of Episode VII's British set while taking aerial photos for the flying school he works for. Now, thanks to drone photographers who provided their images to the Latino Review, we've seen under those covers. The pictures show a departure from the original trilogy — where Luke, Wedge, and Red Squadron's X-Wings were all decked out in a uniform gray and red color scheme, at least one of Episode VII's X-Wings will be painted black.
  • For U.S. tech firms, China entices in spite of tight state control (2014-09-12 03:28:00)
    By Paul Carsten TIANJIN CHINA (Reuters) - The sheer size of the Chinese market is so alluring to Western companies that even pro-internet freedom firms like CloudFlare may have to put moral outrage to the side in their pursuit of new business. San Francisco-based CloudFlare has a policy of providing cyber-defense services for all, based on a belief that the internet should be free, decentralized and open. Those values may now have to be shelved when it comes to entering China, where state control of the internet is among the world's tightest. CloudFlare is looking for a Chinese partner and aims to be in the country by 2015, said co-founder Michelle Zatlyn on the sidelines of a World Economic Forum meeting in the northern city of Tianjin this week.
  • HTC looking to enter GoPro territory with a rugged camera of its own (2014-09-12 03:04:19)
    HTC is not a company unfamiliar with making quirky smartphone accessories. While we wait for it to jump on the smartwatch bandwagon, it seems the company's working on a different sort of wearable device to augment its series of phones: a GoPro-like rugged camera. Bloomberg's Tim Culpan reports that HTC is planning a 16-megapixel camera with a wide-angle lens that would connect directly to your smartphone via Bluetooth.
  • The iPhone 6 is available to pre-order (2014-09-12 03:03:08)
    Apple's latest smartphones, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, are now available to pre-order from carriers around the world. Shipping and in-store pickups are set for next Friday, September 19th, but as ever with iPhones you might want to act fast to secure the model you want. Stock of the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus in particular may be thin on the ground, if various reports are to be believed.
  • Crave giveaway: $500 Visa gift card from coupon site RetailMeNot (2014-09-12 03:00:05)
    This week's winner gets a $500 Visa gift card from coupon mega-site RetailMeNot that can be stretched using the many deals it offers. Can't beat that, bargain hunters.>
  • Man uses excavator to build Duplo truck (2014-09-12 02:43:30)
    A Finnish excavator operator has used the grapple of his vehicle as a giant robot claw to put together a Duplo dump truck.>
  • SanDisk's 512GB SD card is the biggest in the world (2014-09-12 02:40:19)
    It looks like a standard SD card, but SanDisk's new Extreme PRO SDXC UHS-I memory card is noteworthy — by packing 512GB into its flat frame, it's the highest capacity SD card available to consumers. Lexar released the first 256GB SD card onto the market in 2012, but SanDisk has made an effort recently to give its products the most storage space, launching two biggest-in-class memory cards this year. As it launched its latest 512GB model, SanDisk touted the fact it had increased SD storage 1,000-fold in just over a decade.
  • Windows 9's new Start menu demonstrated on video (2014-09-12 02:33:40)
    Microsoft may have demonstrated its new Start menu earlier this year, but thanks to a recent “Windows 9” leak we’re now seeing every single part of the company’s plans for bringing back this popular feature. German site WinFuture has posted a two-minute video that demonstrates how the Start menu works in the next major release of Windows. As you’d expect, it’s very similar to what Microsoft demonstrated with traditional apps mixing with modern apps (and their Live Tiles) into a familiar Start menu. The account options have been placed at the top of the Start menu for now, allowing you to lock and sign out of a machine, while shutdown and restart options can be access by a visible button alongside the account section.
  • Ten Ways to be a Mythic Content Whisperer (2014-09-12 02:16:22)
    Every customer engagement with your brand starts with "smart" content. It's more than great writing, although that's a given. You need "cut through the clutter" images that jar the lethargic always on gaze of today's distracted consumer. Ten Rules for Content Brands in Search of CrowdsRule #1 - blog with the absolute best content you can...
  • Nevada governor enacts Tesla tax break package (2014-09-12 02:09:52)
    Calling it one of the most important pieces of legislation in Nevada history, Gov. Brian Sandoval has signed into law an unprecedented package of incentives to bring Tesla Motors' $5 billion battery factory ...
  • Sigma announces not one, but two supertele zoom lenses (2014-09-12 01:00:06)
    Not to be left behind in the supertelephoto zoom department, Sigma literally one-ups one of its main rivals with the announcement of two different 150-600mm zoom designs.>
  • iPad + Lego + Stage magic = brilliance (2014-09-12 00:51:42)
    iPad stage magician Simon Pierro has just been engaged as an official iPad Lego stage magician to promote the recently launched Lego Fusion.>
  • Rakuten considering Airbnb-like home rental service in Japan: sources (2014-09-12 00:41:43)
    By Teppei Kasai TOKYO (Reuters) - Rakuten Inc, Japan's largest e-commerce company, has been actively considering launching a service like website Airbnb that would provide a hub to rent apartments and homes in Japan to short-term guests, two people with knowledge of the developing plans told Reuters. Rakuten has commissioned a detailed study in Japan of whether it could launch a short-term rental service that would be easier to use than Airbnb, according to the people, who asked not to be identified because the project was confidential. If Rakuten decides to go ahead with the service, it could do so early next year, the people said. An online home rental marketplace would help Rakuten profit from a surge in the number of people visiting Japan, attracted by a weaker yen and an aggressive promotional campaign by the tourism authority.
  • Apple Store offline ahead of expected iPhone 6 preorder rush (2014-09-12 00:38:36)
    Online store apparently prepping for consumer demand for pair of new handsets, which feature larger screens than their predecessor.>
  • S&P Dow Jones Indices says Alibaba could be added to global benchmarks (2014-09-12 00:10:16)
    S&P Dow Jones Indices, which compiles several of the world's most widely tracked stock benchmarks, said on Friday it had assigned Alibaba Group Holding Ltd a China domicile, opening the way for the company to be added to global benchmarks that include Chinese stocks. The move means e-commerce company Alibaba would be screened for inclusion in the S&P China Broad Market Index (BMI), the S&P Emerging BMI and S&P Global BMI, among others, S&P Dow Jones Indices said in a statement. Alibaba, whose platforms handle more goods than EBay Inc and Inc combined, launched on Monday its highly anticipated initial public offering. At the top end of expectations, the IPO would raise $21.1 billion, topping Facebook Inc's $16 billion listing in 2012 as the largest-ever technology IPO.
  • Huawei Technologies uncovers corruption in internal probe (2014-09-12 00:08:38)
    By Gerry Shih BEIJING (Reuters) - Huawei Technologies Co Ltd [HWT.UL], China's largest telecom equipment maker, found four employees in violation of the company's policies on corruption as part of an internal inspection, a source familiar with the matter said. In response to the findings, Huawei has held training sessions to educate employees on how to steer clear of possible bribery, the source said, declining to be identified because he was not authorized to speak about the matter to the media. ...
  • Nikon adds a tilting screen and Wi-Fi to new D750 DSLR (2014-09-12 00:00:59)
    You’d get the D750: a new, full-frame DSLR from Nikon that slots in between the D610 and D810. Replacing the finely aged D700, this new camera is actually the lightest among Nikon's traditional pro series. Like the D610, the new D750 features a 24.3-megapixel FX-format CMOS sensor, which Nikon says is newly developed and promises "image quality that’s nothing short of astounding." Nikon hangs its hat on lush colors and strong dynamic range, and the company says the D750 delivers both in spades. The D750 supports burst shooting at 6.5 frames per second in full resolution, which may come as a slight disappointment for those hoping to use it for sports or fast action.
  • Nikon's D750 is a pro-level DSLR with a practical side (2014-09-12 00:00:59)
    You’d get the D750: a new, full-frame DSLR from Nikon that slots in between the D610 and D810. Replacing the finely aged D700, this new camera is actually the lightest among Nikon's traditional pro series. Weighing a very apt 750g, it's significantly lighter than both the D4S and D810, and even bests Nikon's D610 and Canon’s full-frame EOS 6D. Like the D610, the new D750 features a 24.3-megapixel FX-format CMOS sensor, which Nikon says is newly developed and promises "image quality that’s nothing short of astounding." Nikon hangs its hat on lush colors and strong dynamic range, and the company says the D750 delivers both in spades.
  • Nikon joins the selfie camera craze (2014-09-12 00:00:02)
    Camera makers are really into pumping out "selfie" cameras these days. Put an okay sensor in a portable camera, toss in a tilting, touchscreen LCD, add a few Instagram-like photo filters, and you've pretty much arrived at the standard formula. Nikon is the latest company to claim it's mastered the selfie cam with its new Coolpix S6900. There's also a built-in stand so you can put the camera down, walk away, and activate the shutter with hand gestures.
  • Rakuten considering launching home rental service in Japan: sources (2014-09-11 22:41:50)
    Rakuten Inc, Japan's largest e-commerce company, has been actively considering launching a service like website Airbnb that would provide a hub to rent apartments and homes in Japan to short-term guests, two people with knowledge of the developing plans told Reuters. Rakuten has commissioned a detailed study in Japan of whether it could launch a short-term rental service that would be easier to use than existing services, like Airbnb, according to the people, who asked not to be identified. As part of that project, Rakuten representatives have discussed the possibility of launching such a service in early 2015, they said. Rakuten had no immediate comment.
  • Mexican companies sue Yahoo, law firm, allege conspiracy to avoid $2.7 billion judgment (2014-09-11 22:22:58)
    By Joseph Ax NEW YORK (Reuters) - Two Mexican companies have sued Yahoo Inc and law firm Baker & McKenzie in New York federal court, accusing them of engineering a conspiracy to avoid a $2.7 billion judgment issued by a Mexican court in 2012. In a lawsuit filed on Thursday, Worldwide Directories S.A. de C.V. and Ideas Interactivas S.A. de C.V. said Yahoo and Baker & McKenzie enlisted the help of a senior Mexican judge and other court personnel to "corrupt the appeals process and overturn the judgment." "This is a frivolous attempt to revive interest in a meritless lawsuit, and we will vigorously defend against these baseless claims," said a Yahoo spokeswoman. A Baker & McKenzie spokesman did not respond to requests for comment.
  • Cord cutters’ unlikely new ally: Verizon? (2014-09-11 22:00:13)
    Verizon has famously gotten into multiple spats with Netflix but the telecom giant might soon find itself in the middle of peering disputes of its own with incumbent ISPs. Deadline Hollywood reports that Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam said on Thursday that his company is working to get an Internet pay television service up and running sometime in 2015 that will include the four major TV networks plus other “custom channels.” The big news, however, is that McAdam also made arguments about the future of TV that will make bundle-loving cable executives’ hearts seize. “No one wants to have 300 channels on your wireless,” he explained. “Everyone understands it will go to a la carte. The question is what does that transition look
  • LG says white OLED puts it a decade ahead of competitors (2014-09-11 21:54:38)
    LG believes it will be "impossible" for other RGB OLED manufacturers to successfully compete with its white OLED technology.>
  • U.S. threatened hefty fines to make Yahoo hand over user data (2014-09-11 21:17:09)
    Internet companies that were reluctant to comply with orders from the secretive U.S. Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, which rules on government requests to conduct surveillance for national security issues. Yahoo lost the battle, which experts say helped pave the way for the Prism surveillance program revealed last summer by former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden. "It’s always been a little bit behind the curtain as to what Internet companies do when they actually receive these requests.
  • Massive solar flare erupts towards Earth (2014-09-11 21:11:15)
    An X-class solar flare -- the biggest class of solar flare -- has erupted from the sun straight towards Earth, and geomagnetic storms are on the way.>
  • HP fined $58.7M for bribery of Russian government (2014-09-11 21:07:55)
    SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Hewlett-Packard Co. pleaded guilty Thursday to felony charges that former employees bribed Russian government officials for a contract, and the company has been fined $58.7 million.
  • Mexican companies sue Yahoo, law firm, charge conspiracy to avoid $2.7 billion judgment (2014-09-11 21:00:59)
    By Joseph Ax NEW YORK (Reuters) - Two Mexican companies have sued Yahoo! Inc and law firm Baker & McKenzie in New York federal court, accusing them of engineering a conspiracy to avoid a $2.7 billion judgment issued by a Mexico court in 2012. In a lawsuit filed on Thursday, Worldwide Directories S.A. de C.V. and Ideas Interactivas S.A. de C.V. said Yahoo and Baker & McKenzie enlisted the help of a senior Mexican judge and other court personnel to “corrupt the appeals process and overturn the judgment.” A spokeswoman for Yahoo declined to comment. ...
  • New Sprint CEO explains why he’s killing Sprint’s godawful ‘Framily’ ads (2014-09-11 20:45:37)
    While we’re not aware of any awards for making the year’s worst ad campaign, but if they do exist then 2014’s winner would undoubtedly be Sprint’s godawful “Framily” ads that featured a family sired by a talking hamster. FierceWireless reports via Twitter that incoming Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure seemingly agrees that this year’s “Framily” ads were truly horrible by any standards because they did a lousy job of communicating exactly what Sprint was trying to offer. FROM EARLIER: Sprint brings down the hammer with $60 unlimited plan… but there are some catches “There wasn’t a compelling value proposition at Sprint,” Claure said of the ads during Super Mobility Week in Las Vegas this week. “We were marketing a hamster talking to
  • EBay to launch an in-app mobile ad network in fourth quarter (2014-09-11 20:13:16)
    By Deepa Seetharaman SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - EBay Inc will begin running advertisements on its mobile app in the fourth quarter, moving the e-commerce company into the fast-growing and lucrative market for ads on devices such as smart phones and tablets. EBay's users spend 150 minutes on its app per month, three times higher than its nearest rival, said Stephen Howard-Sarin, eBay's head of display advertising in North America. Berkshire Hathaway's insurance unit Geico [BRKGE.UL] is among the first advertisers on eBay's mobile ad network. Advertising is a much higher margin business than retail, but the move risks drawing people away from eBay's site.
  • Carpooling with Sidecar? Regulators say not so fast (2014-09-11 20:02:09)
    California regulators issue a warning to the peer-to-peer car service saying it's illegal to operate its Shared Rides feature. Are Uber and Lyft next?>
  • Facebook draws some of YouTube's top content producers : WSJ (2014-09-11 20:00:22)
    (Reuters) - Facebook Inc has approached some of YouTube's biggest content producers to get them to distribute their videos on the social network, the Wall Street Journal said on Thursday, citing people familiar with the matter. Facebook seems to be taking on Google Inc's video site by trying to lure its biggest content producers to the social network, the Journal said. Popular content from Walt Disney Co's Maker Studios and Collective Digital Studio can already be found on Facebook via the site's news feed and on individual creator's pages, the report said.
  • Rovio mad as an Angry Bird over alleged copies (2014-09-11 19:49:21)
    By Andrew Chung NEW YORK (Reuters) - Finnish mobile games maker Rovio, which owns the globally successful Angry Birds brand, is suing two North American companies for selling allegedly counterfeit trinkets based on its famous game. Rovio filed suit in Manhattan federal court on Thursday against vending firms Allstar Vending of Canada and California-based Toy Amazon claiming it was the victim of "unscrupulous individuals" trying to capitalize on Angry Birds' popularity. Rovio accused the companies of selling bracelets, key chains, charms, as well as artwork and textiles. Rovio is asking the court for $2 million in damages for each counterfeit item sold and a halt to their distribution.
  • Biologists switch on gene, extend flies' lives 30 percent (2014-09-11 19:45:35)
    UCLA biologists may have just found a "fountain of youth" gene. In fruit flies, at least.>
  • Hewlett-Packard buys cloud-computing firm Eucalyptus (2014-09-11 19:43:23)
    Hewlett-Packard on Thursday announced a deal to buy business cloud-computing specialty firm Eucalyptus. HP did not disclose financial terms of the acquisition, which is aimed at ramping the California company's ability to help firms build computing homes in the Internet cloud. Eucalyptus chief executive Marten Mickos will manage the HP Cloud business and report directly to the head of HP, Meg Whitman. "Eucalyptus and HP share a common vision for the future of cloud in the enterprise," Mickos said in a release.
  • Video game sales continue to slide on lack of new releases (2014-09-11 19:36:14)
    Without a more robust catalog of new games for the current generation of consoles, sales remained sluggish in August and were saved only by the steady adoption of new hardware.>
  • Facebook wants to know why you hide ads (2014-09-11 19:30:42)
    The social network is promising more relevant ads, if you're willing to tell it why you don't like the ones you're seeing now.>
  • Good news, international Apple fans, the iPhone 6 is coming sooner than you’d have expected (2014-09-11 19:30:17)
    Just like with any other iPhone launch, Apple will release the phone gradually by starting with certain markets at first, followed by more and more countries in the weeks and months to come. Luckily for international Apple fans who want to buy the device, a second round of pre-orders is about to start, 9to5Mac reports. FROM EARLIER: Looking for the cheapest place to preorder an iPhone 6? Don’t go to Apple! Initially, Apple and carrier partners will kick off preorders on September 12th followed by a September 19th launch in 10 markets including the U.S., Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Puerto Rico, Singapore and the U.K. A week after the U.S. launch, on September 26th, the iPhone 6 will
  • Tomorrow Daily 050: Intel's high-tech wheelchair, the new Batmobile, and more (2014-09-11 19:28:39)
    On today's show, we discuss Intel's new connected wheelchair (which got a seal of approval from none other than Stephen Hawking), the official new Batmobile, and a crazy new Rube Goldberg-esque contraption that uses light and heat.>
  • Foaming at the mouth: A CraveCast wrap-up and debrief (2014-09-11 19:23:36)
    The CraveCast is a geek gabfest where Crave writers chat about their stories and answer reader questions. After this month's BYOB tacos-and-zombies hangout, we've got some questions on our minds.>
  • NSA Threatened Yahoo With Daily $250K Fines for Not Forking Over Metadata (2014-09-11 19:11:55)
    Today, court documents were released by Yahoo (via a Tumblr post, of course) showing exactly how far the federal government is willing to go to obtain digital information about its citizens. In 2008, Yahoo was threatened with a $250,000 a day fine if they didn't fork over their users' metadata. Yahoo fought a diligent legal battle, as they had no interest in turning user data over the feds, but they eventually lost. The NSA then forced their hand to join Prism, the secret Internet surveillance program exposed by Edward Snowden.
  • Get ready to see ads in your eBay app (2014-09-11 19:11:47)
    In hopes of creating a new revenue stream, the e-commerce site is launching an ad network to place targeted ads in front of its mobile customers.>
  • Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto is making a movie about tiny plant people (2014-09-11 19:08:40)
    Shigeru Miyamoto is responsible for the creation of gaming's most famous figures, including Mario, Donkey Kong, Link, and Zelda, but for his first animated film, the legendary game developer has turned to some of his lesser-known creations: Pikmin. It'll be the first time the developer has taken a conspicuous role in the creation of a film about his characters — he wisely stayed well away from 1993's Super Mario Bros. movie.
  • Yowza! Yahoo once faced $250K in daily fines from US government (2014-09-11 19:05:17)
    Declassified documents related to Yahoo's challenge of a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court opinion are now out. But the company doesn't see it as an all-out victory.>
  • You now have 2 hours to get a refund from the Google Play store (2014-09-11 18:45:17)
    Although many smartphone users scoff at the idea of paying for apps when there are so many free alternatives, some of the most worthwhile apps on your app store of choice will cost you a dollar or two. Still, there’s always a chance that once you’ve downloaded the app, you’ll realize that it wasn’t what your were expecting. On the Google Play store, you previously had just 15 minutes to get a refund before the app was yours forever, but Android Community discovered on Thursday that Google has recently altered its policy. According to the support page: “After purchasing an app or game on Google Play, you can return it within two hours for a full refund.” In order to return an
  • BlackBerry is ‘researching’ wearables but don’t expect a BerryWatch (2014-09-11 18:20:53)
    Is the world ready for a smartwatch with a full physical QWERTY keyboard? Probably not but that’s the first thing that popped into our heads when we read this report from Computerworld in which John Sims, president of BlackBerry enterprise solutions, says that the company is doing research into wearable computers. However, from the sound of his comments, it seems that BlackBerry is only looking for a way to bring BBM to wearable computers such as smartwatches and smart glasses. “We’re doing internal research on different wearables,” Sims said. “I would love to have…BBM on a wearable. It’s definitely an area of research for us.” While some BlackBerry diehards might love the idea of a BlackBerry watch, it would probably not be wise
  • First bills to bring Tesla to Nevada sail through (2014-09-11 18:16:29)
    The first two bills designed to seal a deal to bring Tesla Motors' $5 billion battery factory to Nevada sailed through the Assembly unanimously Thursday as one lawmaker called the project the biggest thing ...
  • Cops forcefully subdue teen for refusing to give up cell phone (2014-09-11 18:16:28)
    A teen says she wouldn't hand over her cell phone after being caught using it in class. Her school called the police, and footage shows three officers holding her to the ground.>
  • The Avengers-Iron Man Mark VII review (2014-09-11 18:07:19)
    Suit up and Blast off in the First-Ever Fully-Interactive Comic Book Experience
  • T-Mobile offers iPhone 6, 6 Plus on monthly payment plan (2014-09-11 18:05:21)
    Can't afford the steep off-contract prices for Apple's new smartphones? T-Mobile joins other wireless carriers in aiming to make it easier for users to pay them off.>
  • The US military is spending $2.9 million to develop a soft robot suit for soldiers (2014-09-11 18:03:32)
    It's no secret the US military is looking to enhance soldiers of the near-future with the kind of gear and weaponry seen usually in sci-fi (see the TALOS "Iron Man" project as one prime example). As announced today, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has issued a $2.9 million contract to researchers at Harvard's Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering to develop a flexible robotic exoskeleton that can be worn by soldiers — and eventually civilians — to make them stronger and more resilient.
  • Health developers, doctors want to see more from Apple's watch (2014-09-11 17:55:50)
    By Christina Farr SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Technology pundits were quick to predict the demise of most fitness wristbands and smartwatches when Apple Inc launched its Apple Watch. Others, hoping for groundbreaking health features from a company whose Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook spoke of how sensors are "set to explode," were left wondering what's in store for the product. Two people familiar with Apple's plans told Reuters the company is planning to unveil richer health features and additional sensors in later versions, the first iteration not hitting the market until early 2015. The sources could not be identified because Apple's plans for the watch are private.
  • Mexican companies sue Yahoo, law firm charge conspiracy to avoid $2.7 billion judgment (2014-09-11 17:47:10)
    By Joseph Ax NEW YORK (Reuters) - Two Mexican companies have sued Yahoo! Inc and law firm Baker & McKenzie in New York federal court, accusing them of engineering a conspiracy to avoid a $2.7 billion judgment issued by a Mexico court in 2012. In a lawsuit filed on Thursday, Worldwide Directories S.A. de C.V. and Ideas Interactivas S.A. de C.V. said Yahoo and Baker & McKenzie enlisted the help of a senior Mexican judge and other court personnel to “corrupt the appeals process and overturn the judgment.” A spokeswoman for Yahoo declined to comment.
  • Bitcoin platform Coinbase expands to 13 European countries (2014-09-11 17:32:02)
    Bitcoin wallet and exchange says its expansion will increase access and adoption of the digital currency across Europe.>
  • Transit App review (2014-09-11 17:28:48)
    Powering public transport for the planet
  • How to buy an iPhone 6 (2014-09-11 17:24:40)
    The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus will be here in just over one week. If you're planning on picking up either of Apple's latest handsets, by now you probably have a good idea of which one you want. After that, you'll be stuck waiting in line with everybody else outside the Apple Store on September 19th if you must have iPhone 6 as soon as it's released.
  • Yahoo was threatened with a $250,000-a-day fine for pushing back against surveillance (2014-09-11 17:24:09)
    Today, Yahoo announced plans to release new documents detailing its legal fight with the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) . FISC is best known for authorizing the NSA's widespread data collection orders, issuing its decisions in secret because of the confidentiality of the programs involved. Yahoo says it was involved in a multi-year suit before the FISC court, challenging the court's authority for "what we viewed as unconstitutional and overbroad surveillance," according to a post by Ron Bell, the company's general counsel.
  • HP to buy cloud software startup in rare acquisition (2014-09-11 17:23:39)
    Hewlett-Packard Co plans to buy cloud software startup Eucalyptus Software, a rare acquisition for the company since its failed $11 billion purchase of Britain's Autonomy Plc in 2011. HP did not say how much it will pay for Eucalyptus, which provides open-source software for building private and hybrid clouds, or Internet-based computing services. The acquisition is expected to close in the fiscal fourth quarter, after which Eucalyptus Chief Executive Officer Marten Mickos, a proponent of open-sourced software, will join HP as senior vice president and head of its cloud business. He will report to CEO Meg Whitman.
  • Pandora scores follow-up hit with BMG license deal (2014-09-11 17:13:45)
    Direct pact with BMG, which manages royalty rights for stars like Beyonce, comes soon after its first deal with labels, another sign the music industry is picking up Pandora's good vibrations.>
  • Atari games found in a New Mexico landfill will be given to museums and sold on eBay (2014-09-11 17:10:40)
    It's a story of legend that was finally proven true earlier this year: back in April, construction workers in New Mexico unearthed a cache of Atari 2600 games (including the notoriously horrible E.T.) from a landfill, where they had been buried for more than 30 years. Atari put them there during the great video game crash of 1983, but the story had never been confirmed until the excavation. Now, there's a plan for the uncovered games: according to a report from Polygon, the approximately 1,200 games that were found will either head for museums or be auctioned off on eBay. "The primary goal is that they go into museums and the story be told," said dig site manager Joe Lewandowski, according to a recording of a city council meeting this past Tuesday.
  • Your next Uber driver could be a world-famous DJ (2014-09-11 17:05:15)
    Perhaps in an effort to make some extra money to support his legal battle with Disney, EDM superstar deadmau5 broke in his brand new "Meowclaren" supercar by prowling the streets of Toronto as an Uber driver. According to the mau5 himself, he's game to do this again, so Uber users in Toronto should keep their eyes peeled.
  • TextPlus Free Texting review (2014-09-11 17:04:33)
    Text, send pic messages & group text to anyone in the world for FREE
  • Most Star Wars: Commander players choose the Dark Side (2014-09-11 16:56:13)
    Given the choice between the Galactic Empire and Rebel Alliance, most Star Wars: Commander gamers align themselves with Darth Vader, Emperor Palpatine, and the Dark Side of the Force.>
  • Devonthink Pro for Mac review (2014-09-11 16:54:21)
    Intelligent info manager
  • EBay to launch an in-app mobile advertising network (2014-09-11 16:53:01)
    SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - EBay Inc plans to launch an advertising network for its mobile app, moving the company into the lucrative, fast-growing market for ads on devices such as smart phones and tablets. "Now, for the first time, we're giving you the opportunity to connect with eBay users throughout their entire shopping journey," according to a new page on the company's website. Mobile ad spending in the United States will total $17.73 billion this year, up 83 percent from $9.69 billion in 2013, according to industry research firm eMarketer. ...
  • Sprint CEO will cut costs to bring back customers (2014-09-11 16:52:14)
    Marcelo Claure is focused on lowering expenses and prices as he tries to turn around the struggling wireless carrier.>
  • Bookends for Mac review (2014-09-11 16:47:27)
    Reference management and bibliography generation
  • Engaging Customers in the Digital Age (2014-09-11 16:43:56)
    I had lunch the other day with our terrific general managers from select service and extended stay brands known as CFRST - Courtyard, Fairfield Inn and Suites, Residence Inn, SpringHill Suites and Towneplace Suites. We talked about social media and how it's changing customer service. As I listened to our general managers, I took notes on some...
  • FinderPop for Mac review (2014-09-11 16:40:57)
    Improves & extends features in contextual menus
  • Facebook tests self-destructing posts (2014-09-11 16:37:21)
    The social network is testing disappearing status updates, HTC is working on a smartwatch, and Windows 9 screenshots leak online.>
  • Woman in her twenties discovers that she was born without a cerebellum (2014-09-11 16:25:18)
    A woman living in China’s Shandong Province got a bit of a surprise recently when doctors at the Chinese PLA General Hospital told her that her brain was missing one of the most important centers for motor control: the cerebellum. She had initially checked herself into the hospital because of a bad case of dizziness and nausea, New Scientist reports. The cerebellum is a small portion of the brain located at the back of the skull.
  • The 404 Show 1,550: Jill Schlesinger, the NFL's untouchable brand, three financial musts (podcast) (2014-09-11 16:24:57)
    Today we remember September 11th with Jill Schlesinger, discuss the NFL's impenetrable brand during scandal and review some of the most beneficial financial moves anyone can make.>
  • Russian accused of hacking wants out of isolation (2014-09-11 16:16:48)
    SEATTLE (AP) — Lawyers for the Russian man charged with hacking into the computer systems of businesses throughout the U.S. have asked a federal judge in Seattle to hold a hearing as soon as possible so they can make their case for moving Roman Seleznev out of a Special Housing Unit.
  • Hands on with Epson's laser projectors (2014-09-11 16:16:14)
    Epson's new LS10000 and LS9600e use lasers to create a massive image. Plus one's got 4K (sort of) and both are LCOS (sort of).>
  • Google buys polling startup Polar to bolster Google+ (2014-09-11 16:14:01)
    Search giant adds to the team working on its social network. That includes the startup's founder, who wrote the book "Mobile First," which has become a Silicon Valley mantra.>
  • Chromebooks land first batch of Android apps (2014-09-11 16:11:31)
    You may not have known that you wanted Android apps to run on Chrome OS, but Google thinks they should. The first four Android apps for Chromebooks are now available.>
  • Facebook now weighs your opinions on which ads are good and bad (2014-09-11 15:59:58)
    Facebook today announced some changes to its ad platform that give users a say into which ads do or don't get shown to other users. The social network has for years offered little buttons to let you "hide" specific ads, but now, Facebook will give users the opportunity to say why they've hidden something. These choices range from "This ad's not relevant to me" to "This ad is spam" and even glitches like "I keep seeing this ad." If Facebook keeps hearing that one ad is offensive or irrelevant, it will show it to fewer users. Facebook's changes to ads in some ways parallel its methodology for showing updates from Pages you've liked.
  • First 2 bills in Tesla deal sail through Assembly (2014-09-11 15:34:21)
    CARSON CITY, Nev. (AP) — The first two bills designed to seal a deal to bring Tesla Motors' $5 billion battery factory to Nevada sailed through the Assembly unanimously Thursday as one lawmaker called the project the biggest thing to hit the state since the Hoover Dam.
  • What would a city built with emoji look like? (2014-09-11 15:32:38)
    Slowly but surely, emoji are taking over the world. Who needs to use words when tiny images will do just fine? While they're typically used for communication, London-based artist and designer Sam Jacob decided to build a city out of emoji as an exploration of the question: "what if by using pictures to augment the ways we describe places and landscapes we are also making places and landscapes?" High-minded philosophical questions aside, his design for Emojiopolis is a pretty unique and delightful piece of art.
  • EU court rules libraries can digitize books without permission (2014-09-11 15:28:00)
  • Pandora cozies up to music-rights group BMG with US license deal (2014-09-11 15:19:29)
    A US licensing deal with BMG, which handles song rights for the likes of Beyonce, Frank Sinatra and One Direction, is Pandora's second direct pact after years of fraught face-offs with the industry.>
  • Link Between Awareness and Getting Stuck in the Rain Finally Found (2014-09-11 15:19:09)
    Two weeks ago, in Washington, D.C., I tried Uber for the first time -- the driver was pleasant, his car clean... way better than your typical D.C. cab. The driver told me that my rating at the end of the ride is critical -- he would get disqualified if his combined review falls below 4.5. Then I noticed he rated me as well. People are being...
  • Winners of high-profile smart gun design challenge are afraid to come out publicly (2014-09-11 15:13:19)
    Design challenges are common in Silicon Valley. Some recipients of a high-profile contest for "smart gun" designs are refusing to allow themselves to be announced publicly, The Verge has learned, for fear of a backlash from gun rights activists. A smart gun is a computer-enhanced weapon that authenticates users before allowing them to shoot. Smart guns may rely on biometric data such as a fingerprint, voice print, or the unique way the user grips the gun.
  • Love the Apple Watch design? Don't get too attached (2014-09-11 15:10:32)
    Commentary: The design of Apple's long-anticipated smartwatch is sharp, but the company has been known to switch gears after a product launches.>
  • SlingTV arrives with an update for Slingbox 500 set-top boxes in tow (2014-09-11 15:01:00)
  • EMC plans to keep stake in VMware, despite investor pressure: source (2014-09-11 14:50:05)
    By Jim Finkle Boston (Reuters) - EMC Corp plans to keep its majority stake in software maker VMware Inc despite pressure from activist hedge fund Elliott Management, a person familiar with EMC's thinking told Reuters on Thursday. The person, who was not authorized to publicly discuss the matter, described as inaccurate a Thursday report in the New York Post that EMC had decided to explore selling its stake in business software maker VMware. In July, Elliott Management notified EMC it had acquired a stake in the company and urged Chief Executive Officer Joseph Tucci to spin off VMware, saying the move would boost the value of the two assets. Tucci has balked, saying VMware is one of his company's "most strategic assets." In July he said he would meet with Elliott officials.
  • MIT holding hackathon to try and make a breast pump that doesn't suck (2014-09-11 14:40:00)
    MIT is putting its considerable might behind a problem that many mothers would agree needs solving: the breast pump. Yes, the university is holding a particularly focused hackathon aimed at making the breast pump "not suck." On September 20th and 21st, parents, hackers, nurses, lactation experts, public health professionals, and really anyone interested can meet at the MIT Media Lab to help solve the breast pump's many problems. As it says on the hackathon's official site: These problems might not be solved in one weekend, but apparently it's an ongoing concern for MIT — this is already the second breast pump hackathon the university has hosted.
  • Ricoh's WG-M1 is an action camera from the people that make Pentax (2014-09-11 14:32:00)
  • Why a gun belongs on the Batmobile: our reader feedback (2014-09-11 14:31:47)
    Many, many others pointed out that guns have long been part of Batman's vehicles, particularly in film. Given all that has come out.. a batman that is probably 20 years older than Superman.. i don't think we can count on Batman's usual no kill rule being in full effect. The point of Batman is never that he doesn't have access to lethal weaponry. Now, imagine the the iconic showdown in The Dark Knight, when the Joker plays a game of chicken with the batmobile, but this time Batman has a giant machine gun.
  • Why T-Mobile wants to give you a wireless router for free (2014-09-11 14:31:00)
  • Newest Apple-inspired product is...two cups and a string? (2014-09-11 14:20:06)
    Apple fans who want only the finest in communications fidelity should skip the iCups, but Apple fans who want a good laugh will find plenty to like.>
  • LG prices big 4K OLED, LCDs up to $100,000 (eyes on) (2014-09-11 14:09:12)
    From 4K OLEDs to 21x9 LED LCDs, LG showed off a bevy of new US models at the CEDIA Expo in Denver. We've got details and some initial impressions from a quick eyes-on at the show.>
  • Iconic NYC subway design guide from the '70s is being reprinted thanks to Kickstarter campaign (2014-09-11 14:07:15)
    Massimo Vignelli, the design mastermind behind New York City's subway map (among many other things) passed away earlier this year, but one of his most timeless pieces of work is coming back thanks to a Kickstarter campaign. The original 1970 guide was created by Vignelli and Bob Noorda and was a huge help in cleaning up the confusing subway system — there were no design guidelines, so it wasn't uncommon for different stations to have totally different signs, with some even being handwritten. A few years ago, a copy of the guide was found in the basement of design firm Pentagram — and thanks to a licensing agreement with the MTA, the guide being offered on Kickstarter is a complete and faithful reproduction. According to the campaign, the book will never be issued again after the Kickstarter closes on October 10th, though it's not clear if there's any limit on how many books will be printed.
  • The largest predatory dinosaur ever was 'half-duck, half crocodile' (2014-09-11 14:01:02)
    The largest predatory dinosaur to walk this earth wasn’t the T. rex. It was Spinosaurus aegyptiacus, a 50-foot long creature with powerful jaws and a solid, spiny sail on its back that dwelled in Northern Africa 95 million years ago. This is "the first water-adapted non-avian dinosaur on record," said University of Chicago paleontologist Paul Sereno in a press conference yesterday. Sereno is part of a team of researchers that was finally able to reconstruct Spinosaurus in full using newly discovered fossils and information gathered from the dinosaur’s initial discoverer, a German paleontologist named Ernst Stromer.
  • Scientists used smartphones to test morality in the real world (2014-09-11 14:01:02)
    We’d all like to think that morality is cut and dry. "We tried to pick the ones that we thought fitted best," Wisniewski says, but that wasn't always easy.
  • FoldersSynchronizer for Mac review (2014-09-11 14:01:02)
    Synchronize and backup files, folders and disks
  • The largest predatory dinosaur ever was 'half-duck, half-crocodile' (2014-09-11 14:01:02)
    The largest predatory dinosaur to walk this earth wasn’t the T. rex. It was Spinosaurus aegyptiacus, a 50-foot long creature with powerful jaws and a solid, spiny sail on its back that dwelled in Northern Africa 95 million years ago. This is "the first water-adapted non-avian dinosaur on record," said University of Chicago paleontologist Paul Sereno in a press conference yesterday. Sereno is part of a team of researchers that was finally able to reconstruct Spinosaurus in full using newly discovered fossils and information gathered from the dinosaur’s initial discoverer, a German paleontologist named Ernst Stromer.
  • Six models in a year: Samsung's struggle to perfect the smartwatch (2014-09-11 14:00:00)
  • Star Wars without John Williams is painfully awkward (2014-09-11 13:54:59)
    Star Wars has spawned plenty of parodies over the years, but the latest and greatest comes from The Auralnauts, makers of highly-polished pop culture spoofs like last year's viral hit "FREESTYLE BANE." With John Williams' iconic fanfare removed, the medal ceremony scene from the end of A New Hope takes on a jarring and decidedly different tone — especially when Chewbacca pipes up. If two minutes of aurally-tweaked hilarity isn't enough for you, the internet duo has already whipped up plenty more overdubbed Star Wars remixes, starting with the easiest target: the prequels.
  • 'Star Wars' without John Williams is painfully awkward (2014-09-11 13:54:59)
    Star Wars has spawned plenty of parodies over the years, but the latest and greatest comes from The Auralnauts, makers of highly-polished pop culture spoofs like last year's viral hit "FREESTYLE BANE." With John Williams' iconic fanfare removed, the medal ceremony scene from the end of A New Hope takes on a jarring and decidedly different tone — especially when Chewbacca pipes up. If two minutes of aurally-tweaked hilarity isn't enough for you, the internet duo has already whipped up plenty more overdubbed Star Wars remixes, starting with the easiest target: the prequels.
  • Growl for Mac review (2014-09-11 13:46:03)
    Get pop-up notifications for iTunes track changes, new email, and many other things
  • Adobe Photoshop Lightroom for Mac review (2014-09-11 13:41:05)
    Import, process, manage, and showcase your images
  • Apple Safari for Mac review (2014-09-11 13:36:53)
    Browse the web comfortably
  • Hello, Apple Pay, good-bye credit cards? All bets are off (2014-09-11 13:33:13)
    Apple wants to replace plastic credit cards with the Apple Pay mobile wallet and the new iPhone 6. It's not the first to attempt such a feat. Will it finally be the one to succeed?>
  • Verizon eyes 2015 launch for internet TV service, chats à la carte options (2014-09-11 13:33:00)
  • The first four Android apps for Chrome OS are here (2014-09-11 13:33:00)
  • EMC not considering sale of VMware stake: source (2014-09-11 13:28:07)
    BOSTON (Reuters) - EMC Corp is not considering selling its stake in VMware Inc, a source familiar with EMC's thinking told Reuters on Thursday. The source declined to be named because they were not authorized to publicly discuss the matter. Earlier on Thursday the New York Post reported that EMC had decided to explore selling its stake in VMware, giving into pressure from Paul Singer-run activist hedge fund Elliott Management Corp, citing sources familiar with the matter. (Reporting by Jim Finkle; Editing by Meredith Mazzilli)
  • Is Apple's iPhone 6 just Google's Nexus 4? (2014-09-11 13:16:46)
    A graphic wandering around Twitter suggests Androiders had an iPhone 6 two years ago. Can this be true?>
  • The best headphones for under $50 - This Is My Next (2014-09-11 13:15:16)
    Good headphones don’t have to be expensive. We look at Skullcandy, Sony, Apple and others to find the best cheap headphones.
  • For its era, what was the greatest smartphone of all time? (2014-09-11 13:08:32)
    Actually, we're at a pretty special inflection point this month: the new Moto X and the iPhone 6 / 6 Plus — both of which are being released in just a matter of days — could be the best smartphones ever made, period. Many would give that honor to the original iPhone, and for good reasons Many would give that honor to the original iPhone, and for very good reasons: capacitive multitouch;
  • Amid Alibaba fever, reasons for caution in IPO market (2014-09-11 13:08:00)
    By Akane Otani NEW YORK (Reuters) - The highly anticipated debut of Alibaba Group Holding Ltd, the Chinese e-commerce group, will come amid the busiest year for initial public offerings since the technology bubble burst in 2000. Alibaba's IPO, which could come as soon as Sept. 19, could raise more than $21 billion and claim Facebook Inc's title of biggest tech IPO. Some analysts say large swaths of the market, especially biotechnology stocks, are frothy. Roughly one-third of the 188 stocks that debuted this year are selling below their IPO price.
  • EBay chief technical officer departs to deal with family matters (2014-09-11 13:05:46)
    SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - EBay Inc's Chief Technical Officer Mark Carges has resigned to focus on "a family matter," the online retailer said on Thursday without naming a replacement. Carges will "be taking a step back from a full time operating role in order to prioritize time with his family," eBay said in a statement on its website. (Reporting by San Francisco newsroom; Editing by Chizu Nomiyama)
  • Android apps begin arriving on Chrome OS today (2014-09-11 13:01:02)
    Android apps are coming to Chrome OS, and the very first of them arrive today. Vine, Evernote, and two other Android apps can now be run on Chrome OS and operated using a mouse and keyboard. This is the start of a potentially huge change for Chrome OS, which should ultimately make the operating system far more powerful and filled with a much richer selection of apps. Google wants putting Android apps on Chrome OS to take "little to no" effort Chrome and Android chief Sundar Pichai revealed the initiative to get Android apps running on Chrome OS back in June.
  • Bluetooth sensors constantly check car tire pressure, send alerts (2014-09-11 13:00:14)
    Just replace the valve caps on your tires with these Fobo Tire sensors making a run on Indiegogo and you'll always know when your tires need a burst of air.>
  • Moto X review (2014): from also-ran to amazing in one year (2014-09-11 13:00:00)
  • How bad is the U2 album Apple forced on half a billion people? (2014-09-11 12:56:15)
    We will all remember the distressful day when we opened our iTunes libraries to find a strange new U2 album sitting right at the bottom of it. Apple is making a huge deal out of the fact that it's giving away U2's Songs of Innocence to over 500 million people, but the actual reaction has — much like the reaction to U2's past several albums — been mixed, at best. Apple could have just put Achtung Baby in our libraries and been done with it, but instead we all woke up to a U2 shaped problem that a lot of people say isn't worth listening to. U2 is the first band I ever loved.
  • Cord-cutter wannabes are still a small group, but growing (2014-09-11 12:34:13)
    People who are paying for TV but want to cut the cord remain a niche segment, but one that's getting bigger, especially among young people who yawn at sports, according to a study.>
  • Apple's free U2 album perplexes, annoys some (2014-09-11 12:33:41)
    The album may appear on your iPhone or iPad whether you want it or not, a move that apparently is ticking off a number of iTunes users.>
  • Your dorm room, upgraded (2014-09-11 12:30:00)
  • Vodafone's HD Voice launch leaves O2 customers as the odd ones out (2014-09-11 12:30:00)
  • Alleged screenshots leak of the next Windows (2014-09-11 12:19:58)
    An apparent leak of what Microsoft may distribute as its Windows Threshold Enterprise Tech Preview offers a snapshot of the next version of Windows.>
  • Dear brands: stop remembering 9/11 (2014-09-11 12:17:55)
    Brands have had it really tough since Mitt Romney declared they're people just like us; now they have to act human! Apparently the first step towards personhood is to be really sad on Twitter every year even though we're now more than a decade beyond 9/11. So you get tweets like this one from Weber, a company that makes grills:
  • LG's superwide 105-inch 4K TV is $100,000, but there are cheaper options (2014-09-11 12:05:00)
  • So that's how much Activision paid Paul McCartney for the 'Destiny' song (2014-09-11 12:04:36)
    Paul McCartney, lead singer of The Fireman and former Michael Jackson collaborator, didn't receive a check for the song he wrote and recorded for Destiny, according to Vulture's interview with Bungie's Community Manager Eric Osbourne. Vulture: How on Earth did you convince [McCarnety] to do music for a video game? He got a wonderful opportunity to reach an audience that wouldn't typically be immersed in Paul McCartney. They might hear the name — of course he's everywhere, the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, the Olympics, obviously he's touring and recording nonstop — but he sees it as a way to reach a new audience that might not otherwise hear his music.
  • NASA aims for air traffic control system for commercial drones (2014-09-11 12:00:05)
    Agency seeks partners for a multi-year project to develop a protocol the FAA can implement for the safe commercial use of drones in the U.S.>
  • 80 percent of Dropbox's law enforcement requests asked for total secrecy (2014-09-11 12:00:02)
    Dropbox released its latest transparency report this morning, covering the first half of 2014, and it came with some surprising figures. Over six months, the service got 268 user information requests from law enforcement and fewer than 250 National Security requests -- but what was most surprising was how many requests came with gag orders, questionably legal clauses that asked Dropbox to keep the request completely secret so as not to impede the investigation. According to Dropbox, 80 percent of the company's subpoenas came with clauses like the ones below.
  • BlackBerry buys Movirtu for multinumber phone service (2014-09-11 11:39:39)
    Movirtu offers a virtual SIM platform that lets you have both a business number and personal number on the same device.>
  • Apple sees voice messaging as the next wave of digital communication (2014-09-11 11:38:18)
    Before Blackberry’s ascent, and before the launch of the original iPhone, Nextel’s range of PTT devices were the hottest phones in America. Cell phones were still relatively new at the time, offering high-tech connectivity and voice calls, but PTT devices offered instant connectivity for a hefty price tag. PTT was out. Today, PTT’s signature chirp can only be heard on constructions sites and in taxi cabs.
  • Verizon's internet TV service coming in mid-2015, may let you pick only channels you want (2014-09-11 11:37:14)
    Verizon's internet-based TV service will arrive sometime in mid-2015, CEO Lowell McAdam said today. At that time, consumers will be able to subscribe to a programming bundle that includes the big four networks (ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC), and also "custom channels." McAdam didn't expand on this much, according to Deadline, but he gave a nod to "very exciting" programming like DreamWorks Animation's AwesomenessTV, which will presumably factor into Verizon's plans. At least for, it sounds like Verizon doesn't want to overwhelm customers with hundreds of channels they have zero interest in ever watching.
  • IBM's 'Ninja Particles' could stop the rise of superbugs (2014-09-11 11:30:00)
  • BlackBerry buys UK mobile technology start-up Movirtu (2014-09-11 11:23:32)
    By Euan Rocha and Alina Selyukh TORONTO/LAS VEGAS (Reuters) - BlackBerry has acquired a U.K-based mobile technology start-up whose software allows users to have multiple phone numbers on the same device, the Canadian tech firm said on Thursday. The purchase of Movirtu helps BlackBerry ramp up its portfolio of services to cater to the needs of its core base of corporate and government clients. Movirtu's virtual SIM technology allows an individual to have both a personal and business number on a single mobile device, with separate billing for voice, data and messaging usage on each number. We are building recurring revenue streams in value-added services and providing more value to enterprises," the head of BlackBerry's enterprise unit John Sims said in an interview.
  • Feast your eyes on KFC Japan's fried chicken keyboard, mouse, and USB stick (2014-09-11 11:07:04)
    Greasy food and computers usually don't mix well, but KFC Japan has an innovative new solution: computer peripherals shaped to look just like fried chicken, or at least a rough approximation. There are 47 pairs of Kentucky fried chicken earrings — 3D printed of course — up for grabs as a consolation prize. I don't speak Japanese, so I'm relying on Google translate here, but it seems like all you need to do in order to enter is follow KFC Japan on Twitter and tweet at them with the hashtag "#KFC Colonel's Day".
  • iPhone 6 won't land in China on launch weekend (2014-09-11 11:04:28)
    China -- the largest smartphone market in the world -- was among the countries that got dibs on the new iPhone for launch weekend last year. The country's exclusion this time around has yet to be explained.>
  • Mozilla moves to cross-browser testing to ease developers' workloads (2014-09-11 11:00:05)
    Mozilla takes the wrapping paper off a secret project that could one day make Web developer's lives much easier by allowing them to build once and test everywhere.>
  • Leaked Windows 9 screenshots hint at a redesigned desktop (2014-09-11 10:59:00)
  • Smart Dress, Necklace Light Up to Show Your Emotions (2014-09-11 10:56:43)
    At this week's Intel Developer Forum, the chipmaker's representatives and partners showed off innovative smart clothing designs that use the new Edison processing platform. Intel Labs China showed off a cute and useful method for tracking someone else's health and get alerts. One person wears an undershirt with an ECG sensor built-in to the sleeve, which measures vital signs and transmits them to the cloud, using Edison's Wi-Fi capability (or possibly even mobile broadband).
  • Our favorite remixed Renaissance paintings are now a book of animated GIFs (2014-09-11 10:55:31)
    James Kerr's Scorpion Dagger GIFs repurpose works from the old masters into funny, irreverent, and occasionally disturbing animations, which he's been putting out at this point for two years. "I started by scanning Renaissance paintings out of art books that I had laying around the house, and now that I've repurposed them for my digital art, I want to put them back." The book, also called Scorpion Dagger, is currently raising money on Kickstarter.
  • Picking a new iPhone: there's only one decision that matters (2014-09-11 10:48:54)
    Starting at 12:01AM PT (3:01AM ET) tomorrow, you'll be able to preorder the just-announced iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus from Apple. If history serves any indication, hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people will place their preorders this weekend, consuming all of Apple's stock and pushing availability of the devices out for weeks or months. Based on talking to people in person and on social media networks, it seems that a lot of people are torn between the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus and are completely unsure of which one to buy. The differences between the two devices have been agonized over ad nauseum for the past couple of days, but here are the highlights: the iPhone 6 has a 4.7-inch, 1334 x 750 pixel display, while the iPhone 6 Plus has a 5.5-inch, 1920 x 1080 pixel display.
  • Here's How the Pebble Smartwatch Became the Most Funded Project in Kickstarter History (2014-09-11 10:44:18)
    Two years prior to the release of Google's Android Wear smart watch OS and the Apple Watch, there was Pebble. Pebble was the world's first smartwatch for iOS and Android. It was the follow up to the previously developed InPulse smartwatch created for Blackberry by the same team that developed Pebble. In April of 2012, Pebble took the tech world...
  • How to ruin Batman with one photo (2014-09-11 10:29:31)
    So why does his new car showcase a hood-mounted machine gun? Last night, the director of Batman v. Superman, Zack Snyder, revealed the first clear look at the new batmobile, designed exclusively for his upcoming film. It takes a sharp turn in a disappointing direction for the caped crusader, downgrading Batman from a genius detective to a rich bro with a tank. Batman's transportation had the singular purpose of closing the gap between point A and B, A being villain and B being Batman.
  • Finally, a hydroponic farm that runs on goldfish poop (2014-09-11 10:28:00)
  • China market missing from iPhone launch (2014-09-11 10:20:37)
    When the last version of Apple's biggest-selling gadget went on sale, China was among the first territories to offer it. In a widely anticipated event, Apple this week unveiled the iPhone 6 with a larger screen than previous models, making the smartphones available in 10 countries and regions from September 19. They do not include China, despite Apple launching the iPhone 5s and 5c in the country at the same time as other major markets last year. The US tech giant's revenue in Greater China -- which includes Hong Kong and Taiwan -- is second only to its home country, and chief executive Tim Cook has said he expects it to become its biggest market in time.
  • These are the least-liked photos on Instagram (2014-09-11 10:19:01)
    Sometimes you win at Instagram, and sometimes you lose. These are the losers.
  • Viber chat app adds video calling to iOS, Android (2014-09-11 10:08:40)
    The feature is part of the Viber 5.0 release, which also includes a refreshed design on Android and a new photo-forwarding feature on iOS.>
  • Watch Twitter go insane during Apple's iPhone 6 and Watch event (2014-09-11 10:01:00)
    There's really not much to say about this one: it's a stunning visualization of geolocated tweets in the hours leading up to and during Apple's iPhone 6 and Watch event on Tuesday. Blue dots are iPhone 6 mentions, red are Apple Watch ones; it's really easy to tell the exact moments when each was announced on stage.
  • Yahoo News Digest arrives on iPad with weekly segments from Katie Couric (2014-09-11 10:00:02)
    Yahoo News Digest, which offers a twice-daily summary of current events delivered to your mobile device via push notification, made a strong impression on us when it came out for iPhone in January. Where most newsreading apps offer an infinite flood of content designed to keep you in their streams as long as possible, News Digest offered a refreshingly limited take on the day's news. News Digest for iPad is scheduled to arrive this morning with a pair of new features. It's her second regular segment for Yahoo after her Tuesday show "World 3.0," which covers topics with a futuristic bent.
  • The OKCupid data blog is back, in book form (2014-09-11 09:58:03)
    In 2010 Christian Rudder, one of the founders of OKCupid, started a blog to accompany his massively popular dating site. On OKTrends, Rudder made ample use of his Harvard math degree, pumping out pie charts and line graphs to bolster observations like, “heavy Twitter users masturbate more often” than light Twitter users and “black people are more than twice as likely to mention their faith in their profiles” as people who identify as white, asian, or hispanic. For white men, the top hit was Tom Clancy.
  • Google wants to keep work documents and emails secure on iPhones and iPads (2014-09-11 09:53:00)
  • Samsung Gear Blink Could Challenge Google Glass in 2015 (2014-09-11 09:43:12)
    Samsung just introduced a new way to experience virtual reality with the Gear VR, but that might not be the only high-tech headset in the company's pipeline. The Korean tech giant is purportedly prepping a "Gear Glass" that could take on Google's head-mounted wearable by March 2015. According to a report from Tizen Experts, the Gear Glass (or Gear Blink, as some outlets are calling it) may launch next spring to coincide with Samsung's Galaxy S6.
  • Cyber breaches rare among U.S. state-registered investment advisers -study (2014-09-11 09:42:12)
    Cyber security breaches are rare among investment advisory firms registered with U.S. Just 4 percent of advisers reported having a "cyber security incident" during the years in which they have been registered in their respective states, according to a study by the North American Securities Administrators Association (NASAA). Theft and unauthorized use of confidential data were problems for 1 percent of advisers, NASAA said. Also, fewer than half of the firms surveyed, or 44 percent, had policies, procedures and training in place related to cyber security.
  • Three-deal Thursday: Headphones, Obihai, and Roku (2014-09-11 09:40:10)
    First up: Monoprice shaves a few bucks off the price of its popular over-the-ear headphones.>
  • RadioShack says may file for bankruptcy (2014-09-11 09:37:21)
    Troubled electronics retailer RadioShack Corp said it may need to file for bankruptcy protection if its cash situation worsens, after reporting its tenth straight quarterly loss. RadioShack, whose sales have been in free-fall since 2010 as it struggles to compete with internet retailers, said in a regulatory filing it was working with its lenders and landlords to restructure its debt and cut costs. "It would surprise me if we got to Nov. 1 without a bankruptcy," Wedbush Securities Inc analyst Michael Pachter told Reuters. RadioShack shares, which are in danger of being delisted from the New York Stock Exchange, were up 2 percent at 95 cents in volatile early trading.
  • China anti-trust regulator fines Volkswagen JV and Chrysler unit (2014-09-11 09:28:08)
    China's anti-monopoly regulator on Thursday announced its first-ever punishment of foreign carmakers for price-fixing, fining a Chinese venture of Volkswagen AG and the China sales unit of Fiat's Chrysler a combined $46 million. The penalties raised the possibility of similar fines being levied against other global players such as Daimler's Mercedes-Benz and Tata Motor Ltd's Jaguar Land Rover, which are being probed for possible anti-competitive behavior. The price regulator in Hubei province said it would fine the sales unit of Volkswagen's joint venture FAW-Volkswagen Automobile Co Ltd 249 million yuan ($40.6 mln) for fixing Audi prices. Chrysler's China sales unit will be fined 32 million yuan for operating a price monopoly, anti-trust regulator the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) NDRC Shanghai branch said.
  • Google buys maker of smart spoon (2014-09-11 09:26:02)
    Google has purchased the biotech startup Lift Labs, the makers of an electronic spoon that helps people with Parkinson's to eat by making small movements to compensate for tremors. The startup will be joining Google X, and it'll continue to sell its current product, known as Liftware. "We're especially excited to work with the Google team to scale our operations and reach even more people who could benefit from using tremor-canceling devices," Lift Labs writes. At Google X, the team will be investigating how the technology used in Liftware could be applied in other ways to help manage tremors from diseases like Parkinson’s. That's not the traditional interest that you'd expect from Google, but it's increasingly an area of focus.
  • Adulthood is dead in American culture — and maybe that's a good thing (2014-09-11 09:24:06)
    In the early hours of September 11, 2014, adulthood gasped its final breath in an editorial by New York Times critic, A.O. Scott. Scott's piece tracks the gradual deterioration of Americans' adulthood, the cultural rung meant to inspire the youth. Adulthood as we have known it has become conceptually untenable.
  • Bank of England sees Bitcoin fraud risk, deflation danger (2014-09-11 09:23:43)
    By David Milliken LONDON (Reuters) - Bitcoin and similar digital currencies may be at increasing risk of fraud and could damage Britain's economy if they find widespread use, the Bank of England said on Thursday. The BoE said the finite supply of Bitcoins - which are traded between users outside the banking system, and used to buy goods ranging from pizzas to PCs - meant that an economy where they formed the main currency would be at risk of deflation. Unpredictable exchange rates and the prospect of rising transaction costs might limit the widespread adoption of Bitcoin and similar currencies, but a more fundamental problem was the fixed supply, the BoE said. "The inability of the money supply to vary in response to demand would likely cause greater volatility in prices and real activity," the BoE said.
  • Philips intros first Lightning-compatible headphones (2014-09-11 09:19:06)
    Philips announced the first-ever audio headset equipped with Apple's proprietary Lightning connector, which is found on the latest iPhone, iPad and iPod touch models. Slated to launch in Europe this December, the Philips Fidelio M2L will offer high-fidelity sound and total integration with Apple's mobile devices. There are multiple advantages to using the Lightning connector over a standard audio jack. Of course, this means reducing the battery life of Apple devices, which are not exactly known for their autonomy.
  • Microsoft OneDrive boosts file size limit to 10GB (2014-09-11 09:18:14)
    Company is removing the 2GB file-size limitation from both the consumer and business versions of OneDrive.>
  • For gamers, waiting can be the hardest part (2014-09-11 09:09:42)
    ANAHEIM, Calif. (AP) — When it comes to video games, are they better late than never?
  • KitKat now flavors a quarter of all Android devices (2014-09-11 09:04:45)
    But the latest version of Android is still far behind Jelly Bean, which reigns on more than half of all devices recorded.>
  • BlackBerry buys Movirtu in bid to woo more corporate customers (2014-09-11 09:03:04)
    By Euan Rocha and Alina Selyukh TORONTO/LAS VEGAS (Reuters) - BlackBerry Ltd said on Thursday it has acquired Movirtu, a provider of virtual identity solutions, as part of its move to continue building out its portfolio of value-added services that cater to the needs of its core base of corporate and government clients. Waterloo, Ontario-based BlackBerry said Movirtu's virtual SIM technology allows an individual to have both a personal and business number on a single mobile device, with separate billing for voice, data and messaging usage on each number. We are building recurring revenue streams in value-added services and providing more value to enterprises" the head of BlackBerry's enterprise unit John Sims said in an interview. Chen, a well-regarded turnaround artist in the tech sector, intends to remain a competitor in the smartphone arena, but is focused on re-shaping the company to build on its core strengths in areas like mobile data security and mobile device management.
  • Which new smartphone has you most fired up? (2014-09-11 09:00:03)
    We're only a third of the way through September, but this month has already delivered more updates and upgrades in the smartphone realm than the entire summer preceding it. There's a new Moto X, two new iPhones, a new Sony flagship, and a smartphone with a screen that rolls off the edge. If you're in China, Huawei will even sell you a high-end sandwich of sapphire, ceramic, and aluminum, which it calls its Ascend P7 Sapphire edition.
  • From 'Windows Mobile 2003 for Pocket PC Professional Edition' to 'Windows' (2014-09-11 08:58:20)
    Once upon a time there was Windows CE which served as the underpinnings for what became Pocket PC and then eventually Windows Mobile. Microsoft created Windows Mobile Professional for smartphones with touchscreens, Windows Mobile Standard for phones without touchscreens, and Windows Mobile Classic for personal digital assistants of Pocket PCs back in the day. Microsoft’s more modern Windows Phone 7 operating system originally debuted as "Windows Phone 7 Series," before the company quickly realized its mistake. Windows Phone has held strong for nearly four years without any Professional, Classic, or Standard versions.
  • HTC's smartwatch is alive and kicking, and due in early 2015 (2014-09-11 08:49:16)
    CNET has learned that HTC still plans to enter the burgeoning wearables business despite speculation its watch was scratched.>
  • 6 billion smartphones in use by 2020 (2014-09-11 08:48:10)
    By the end of the decade, there will be 9 billion mobile connections across the globe. The organization that represents the interests of the world's mobile operators claims that the smartphone market is poised for huge growth over the next six years -- there are currently 2 billion handsets in active use -- and that demand is being driven by consumers in emerging countries. According to the GSMA's latest study, "Smartphone forecasts and assumptions, 2007-2020," published Thursday, developing economies overtook mature markets such as the US and western Europe in 2011. As the industry evolves, smartphones are becoming lifestyle hubs that are creating opportunities for mobile industry players in vertical markets such as financial services, healthcare, home automation and transport," said Hyunmi Yang, Chief Strategy Officer at the GSMA.
  • Crowdfunding helps Apertus' new, open way to make a camera (2014-09-11 08:05:52)
    Thousands of euros are pouring in for a camera project to give digital-video folks an alternative to the power and control of big names like Sony and Canon. It'll be tough, but the timing couldn't be better.>
  • Leaked Windows 9 screenshots reveal the future of the desktop (2014-09-11 07:57:39)
    Leaked Windows 9 screenshots have surfaced previously, but this time we’re getting a closer look at how the desktop is transforming in the future release of Windows. German sites Computer Base and WinFuture have obtained 20 photos of what appears to be the "Windows Technical Preview," which is expected to be made available later this month or in early October. The screenshots, from a Windows build provided to close Microsoft partners, provide an even closer look at the new Start Menu, and some obvious changes to the Windows taskbar. Firstly, there’s a new search icon next to the Start button on the taskbar, alongside what appears to be a button for the virtual desktops feature.
  • EMC considers selling stake in VMware: NY Post (2014-09-11 07:47:56)
    (Reuters) - Data storage products maker EMC Corp has decided to consider selling its stake in its virtualization software unit, VMware Inc, New York Post reported, citing sources familiar with the situation. Hewlett-Packard Co is a potential buyer for VMware, a source told the paper. Elliott has invested more than $1 billion in EMC with an aim to push it to spin off VMware, which has a market value of about $41.88 billion. EMC, which owns about 80 percent of VMware, had bought the company in 2004 for $700 million.
  • The Google Nexus 9 has just been confirmed, and you can thank Samsung for that (2014-09-11 07:45:34)
    You know that company that keeps getting sued by all sorts of competing companies that accuse it of copying their technology? Well, it was recently sued by NVIDIA, and in the process the upcoming Google Nexus 9 tablet has been confirmed, Bright Side of News has discovered. FROM EARLIER: The Nexus 9’s special keyboard case mixes the best of iPad and Surface Pro accessories Earlier this month, NVIDIA filed a lawsuit against Samsung and Qualcomm, alleging that its patented GPU technology was copied. In the legal documents it has provided (now no longer available online), the chipmaker revealed the various devices powered by its latest Tegra K1 processor, including the unreleased HTC-made Nexus 9. Many reports and leaks have so
  • China's antitrust regulators defend probes; Qualcomm inquiry nearly over (2014-09-11 07:29:12)
    By Michael Martina and Xiaoyi Shao BEIJING (Reuters) - China's three anti-monopoly regulators on Thursday launched a vigorous defense of their recent investigations into foreign companies, which have prompted mounting international criticism, and said they are not targeting multinational firms. "Our anti-trust enforcement work is strictly conducted according to regulations," said Xu Kunlin, director general of the National Development and Reform Commission's (NDRC) Price Supervision and Inspection and Anti-Monopoly Bureau.
  • China price regulator fines Volkswagen and Chrysler for price monopoly (2014-09-11 07:29:12)
    SHANGHAI (Reuters) - China's anti-monopoly regulator on Thursday announced its first-ever punishment of foreign carmakers for price-fixing, fining Volkswagen AG and Fiat's Chrysler a combined $46 million. The penalty raised the possibility of similar fines being levied against other global players such Daimler's Mercedes-Benz and Tata Motor Ltd's Jaguar Land Rover, which are being probed for possible anti-competitive behaviour. The Shanghai branch of the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) said in a statement it would fine Chrysler's China sales unit 32 million yuan ($5. ...
  • Rumors of Canon 7D Mark II seem to solidify ahead of photo show (2014-09-11 07:26:50)
    With Photokina starting next week, a midrange camera important to the fate of Canon and its SLR customers appears imminent.>
  • HTC's smartwatch is alive and kicking, due in early 2015 (2014-09-11 07:00:05)
    CNET has learned HTC still plans to enter the burgeoning wearable business despite speculation its watch had been scratch.>
  • U2’s latest album is already on your iOS device because Apple told you it’ll put it there… sort of (2014-09-11 06:50:05)
    As rumored in the days preceding the Apple’s iPhone 6 event, U2 made an appearance at the highly anticipated keynote not only to perform, but also to announce that its latest album will be available as a free download to all iTunes users until October 13. What Apple didn’t specifically say is that it’ll force the download on all iOS devices – at least sort of – soon after the announcement, although in Tim Cook’s conversation with Bono, the CEO said that Apple could send the album to all of its iTunes subscribers, if “it gave it away for free,” thus making it the largest album release of all time. FROM EARLIER: The secret reason Apple is giving U2’s album away
  • The price of privacy in a post-9/11 world (2014-09-11 06:12:15)
    As Americans reflect on the 12th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the debate continues about the proper balance of privacy rights and security concerns needed in an asymmetrical world.
  • What if the Apple Watch was round? (2014-09-11 06:08:10)
    While Motorola has opted for a circular smartwatch with the Moto 360, Apple’s Watch will be available early next year in two square editions and a variety of finishes. Square might be the only option in Apple’s smartwatch portfolio right now, but what would a circular Apple Watch look like? In a series of concept images, Alcion offers a glimpse at what Apple’s smartwatch would look like with a circular display. Apple’s Watch might be a little chunky square with bulging sides right now, but this thin concept shows the potential for future generations.
  • The most exciting Android tablet this year is coming from Dell (2014-09-11 05:56:55)
    You wouldn't know it by the name, but the Dell Venue 8 7000 Series is shaping up to be a pretty special tablet. Measuring a measly 6mm in thickness, this Atom-powered Android slate surpasses even Sony's Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact in the race to be the world's thinnest tablet. Michael Dell was on hand at the Intel Developer Forum to demonstrate the Venue 8 on stage. Launching "in time for the holidays," the new tablet will be the first to feature Intel's RealSense depth-mapping technology, which formed the focus of Dell's demo.
  • Mastercard loses EU court battle over cross-border fees (2014-09-11 05:13:57)
    By Foo Yun Chee LUXEMBOURG (Reuters) - MasterCard lost its challenge at Europe's highest court on Thursday against an EU ban on its cross-border card fees, a ruling that supports a broader regulatory drive to cut the cost of using payment cards. While the decision applies only to MasterCard and the cross-border interchange fees retailers must pay when they accept credit and debit card transactions in Europe, it could encourage other regulators to take action and cap fees generally. The Court of Justice of the European Union (ECJ) said a lower court verdict in 2012 upholding the European Commission's initial finding against MasterCard in 2007 was correct.
  • Fingerprint Cards CEO denies insider trading: chairman (2014-09-11 04:41:31)
    The top chief of biometrics technology firm Fingerprint Cards denies having traded illegally in the company's shares, the firm's chairman said on Thursday. The Swedish firm earlier on Thursday said it had replaced Chief Executive Johan Carlstrom until further notice after police launched a preliminary criminal investigation suspecting Carlstrom and a company shareholder of serious insider trade. Asked if Carlstrom denied the accusation, Urban Fagerstedt, chairman of the board of Fingerprint Cards said: "Absolutely." Fagerstedt said the other person suspected of insider crime, a former board member of the company, also denied the accusation.
  • Canon's probably launching an updated version of its 7D next week (2014-09-11 04:00:00)
  • It doesn't take a genius to realize how awful Samsung's new ads are (2014-09-11 03:46:14)
    When it comes to commercials, Samsung is a company of extremes. It set the standard for sharp and witty satire with its iPhone line ads, but it also dredged the depths of atrocity with some of its Galaxy Gear promos. Reacting to Apple's announcements of new larger iPhones and the Apple Watch, Samsung's series of videos mocks the very idea of smartwatches and the lack of innovation in just moving to a bigger screen — in spite of Samsung itself unveiling the big-screen Galaxy Note 4 and wrist-worn Gear S just a week earlier at IFA.
  • MIT has big (but tiny) ideas to make crime scene investigations faster and cheaper (2014-09-11 03:01:00)
  • Canon 7D Mark II leaks out ahead of Photokina (2014-09-11 02:44:02)
    It's been five years since Canon first introduced its universally lauded 7D camera, which continues to be among the best choices for professionally minded photographers and videographers alike. At the heart of the camera is an upgraded 20-megapixel CMOS sensor, which is combined with a new 65-point autofocus system and dual DIGIC 6 image processors. Taking place every two years, Photokina is an event that camera makers anticipate months in advance, and it stands to reason that Canon would use it to update one of its best-loved cameras.
  • Fingerprint Cards says CEO suspected of insider crime (2014-09-11 02:36:36)
    Biometrics technology firm Fingerprint Cards said on Thursday its top chief and a company shareholder were under investigation for insider crime, and it had replaced its CEO until further notice. Trade in Fingerprint Cards' shares were suspended on the Stockholm stock exchange on Wednesday. "The situation that has arisen is deeply regrettable and, naturally, we take a very serious view of the suspicions now being directed at the company's President and the former Board member", Fingerprint Cards said in a statement. Chief Executive Johan Carlstrom is replaced by Jorgen Lantto.
  • Stephen Hawking shows off Intel's connected wheelchair (2014-09-11 02:30:42)
    While Apple was announcing its latest iPhones, Intel was showing off a wheelchair. The chipset maker revealed its connected wheelchair on Tuesday, complete with endorsement from one of the world's greatest living scientists, Dr. Stephen Hawking. The wheelchair is being created by Intel's internet of things department, and is designed to take biometric information from the user and display it on touch screens.
  • Apple's genius? What genius, says Samsung (2014-09-11 02:15:09)
    In a series of new ads for the Galaxy Note 4, Samsung mocks everything from Apple's inept livestream at its event to its new watch to its supposed geniuses.>
  • Apple Watch will likely require nightly charging (2014-09-11 02:14:39)
    Apple has been quiet on its Watch's battery life, but it doesn't sound like you'll want to go more than a day off the charger. "We anticipate that people will charge nightly which is why we designed an innovative charging solution that combines our MagSafe technology and inductive charging," Apple spokesperson Nat Kerris told Recode, which quotes a separate source as saying that the Watch lasts "about a day right now."
  • Skype on Windows Phone now lets you share where you are (2014-09-11 02:01:00)
  • Incredible Rube Goldberg machine uses light instead of a ball (2014-09-11 01:47:38)
    A Rube Goldberg-style contraption uses a powerful, focused beam of light, prisms, and magnifying glasses to activate its various mechanisms.>
  • Only Stephen Fry can make a keyboard sound profoundly life-changing (2014-09-11 01:36:35)
    SwiftKey is finally coming to the iPhone. This is hugely important to the company, to its avid users, and to the very fabric of linguistics. Just watch this video narrated by Stephen Fry to dispel any doubts about the life-altering effects of having a slidey keyboard add-on for your phone.
  • Digital mapping project reveals Stonehenge secrets (2014-09-11 01:18:52)
    The Stonehenge site is much larger than first supposed, with a digital mapping project revealing previously unknown monuments.>
  • Few critics as Nevada mulls Tesla tax breaks (2014-09-11 01:13:29)
    CARSON CITY, Nev. (AP) — Critics say Nevada lawmakers are gambling with taxpayers' money, but they clearly were in the minority Wednesday night as legislators moved forward with an unprecedented package of up to $1.3 billion in incentives they hope to approve in the days ahead to bring Tesla Motors' $5 billion battery factory to the state.
  • HTC reportedly lost its Amazon phone deal due to AT&T objections (2014-09-11 00:52:00)
  • Nintendo's latest 3DS XL edition plays on your nostalgic side (2014-09-11 00:04:00)
  • China misses out on first wave of new iPhone releases (2014-09-10 23:42:26)
    Consumers in China, who represent an increasingly critical pillar of Apple Inc's business, will not be able to buy the new iPhone 6 as part of the first wave of buyers around the world this month. Although the two new smartphone models will go on sale Sept 19 in the United States and other markets, Apple is yet to set a release date for China, the world's biggest smartphone market. The staggered debut is a departure from one year ago, when Apple released the iPhone 5s and 5c simultaneously in 11 countries and territories including the United States, China, Hong Kong, Japan and Germany, a feat that was seen as setting a new standard for its supply chain and retail management. It also comes after a 50-percent year-on-year rise in iPhone sales in China, which now carries Apple's fifth-generation phones on all of its three carriers, effectively salvaged an otherwise lacklustre second quarter for the Cupertino company.
  • This butterfly keyboard can replace your mouse, sort of (2014-09-10 23:03:00)
  • California bars online retailers' fines for negative reviews (2014-09-10 22:59:56)
    Law prohibits online retailers from imposing contracts that require customers waive their right to express a negative opinion about their service experience.>
  • Zack Snyder just revealed the Batmobile for 'Batman v. Superman' (2014-09-10 22:48:45)
    Ben Affleck has quite a ride. It was always going to be hard to top The Dark Knight's Tumbler, but the Batmobile in Zack Snyder's Batman v. Superman puts up a pretty solid fight. Set photos of the Batmobile leaked earlier today, and clearly, Snyder wasn't happy with them. He just published this new photo on Twitter, and it's evident that his Batmobile is far better looking than it appeared in those earlier grainy shots.
  • Samsung ads poke fun at everything from Apple's stream to its Watch (2014-09-10 22:38:00)
  • Apple's 'Jens Mueller' appears on 'Conan' to parody iPhone jingles (2014-09-10 22:17:32)
    If you believe Conan O'Brien, Jens Mueller is a virtuoso musician, responsible for the breezy piano music that accompanies Apple's commercials and product launches. The supposed Apple employee made a chuckleworthy appearance on Conan's show last night, playing the latest in a line of suspiciously similar product launch jingles to celebrate the iPhone 6's announcement. Last night's show had another Apple appearance — Conan's guests also included John Hodgman, the comedian who spent four years playing a PC in Apple's famous "Get a Mac" ads.
  • You what? Player beats Dark Souls using a Rock Band guitar (2014-09-10 22:01:43)
    A player has beaten a game widely regarded as one of the most difficult in recent years using a Rock Band guitar peripheral instead of a controller.>
  • The secret reason Apple is giving U2’s album away for free… and how to get it (2014-09-10 22:00:44)
    It turns out that most of the U2 rumors were true, Apple did invite U2 to perform on stage during the iPhone 6 event and the band’s latest album will be available as a free download to iTunes users for about a month. Did Apple do it just because it has a special relationship with the band? Business Insider thinks it has figured out the secret reason for Apple’s decision to pay for the all the free U2 album downloads that will take place through October 13. FROM EARLIER: Regardless of denials, a musical surprise is coming to the iPhone 6 launch event The free download is not related to any Apple product purchase in any way, as it was
  • Google Play officially extends return window to two hours (2014-09-10 21:57:00)
  • Engadget Daily: Hands-on with Apple Pay, a 'Day of Action' and more! (2014-09-10 21:30:00)
  • Google Voice on iOS gets its first update in nearly a year (2014-09-10 21:27:49)
    On the heels of making Google Voice and Hangouts play nice with one another, Google is freshening up its long-neglected Google Voice app on iOS. After close to a year without an update, a new version that went out today nixes the many of the bright blues and greens for a black and white interface Google says is more in tune with design cues from iOS 7. The only thing that's out of place is where you type and send messages, which still looks like the old-school, bubbly iOS of yore.
  • Samsung and Diesel Black Gold team up to make the wildest looking smartwatch yet (2014-09-10 21:15:30)
    It seems that the Apple Watch’s design has been somewhat polarizing so far — indeed, our own unscientific poll of our readers showed roughly a 50-50 split between readers who loved it and readers who thought it was hideous. However, you can leave it to Samsung to take design choices for its gadgets to crazy new levels, as we can see from the new Diesel Black Gold editions of Samsung’s Gear S. TAKE OUR POLL: What do you think of the Apple Watch’s design? SamMobile says that these new leather-and-metal Gear S bands “have been inspired by highly stylized New Wave rock stars and ‘tough rockabilly heroines.'” In our minds, however, when we look at them we can only think of the Daleks
  • After balloons and robots, Google's next moonshot is a vibrating spoon (2014-09-10 21:02:00)
  • Uber Sued After Drivers Allegedly Ditched Blind Passengers in the Rain (2014-09-10 20:42:24)
    The National Federation of the Blind (NFB) filed a complaint in a San Francisco court alleging Uber mistreated blind customers who used seeing eye dogs. Brought on behalf of the NFB and Michael Hingson, a blind California man, the lawsuit also details cases of passengers whose dogs were badly mistreated by Uber drivers. One such customer, Leena Dawes, said that her Uber driver forced her dog into a closed trunk and then repeatedly refused her requests to let her out of the car. NFB’s California chapter President Mary Willows told Time she had previously met with Uber representatives but the two sides couldn't come to an agreement.
  • Equil's Smartpen 2 can transcribe your notes without your tablet's help (2014-09-10 20:33:00)
  • Even Tim Cook thinks ‘Apple Watch’ is a silly name (2014-09-10 20:30:48)
    Apple on Tuesday announced its first smart device for the wrist, as was previously rumored, but the company surprised fans with its official name, which is a more boring and un-Apple-y “Apple Watch” rather than the “iWatch” name many people expected. However, it appears that iWatch may be a popular name inside Apple as well, as Tim Cook was caught on camera during an interview ABC News exclusively scored ahead of the iPhone 6 event. FROM EARLIER: These are Apple’s first official promo videos for the Apple Watch In a section of the interview about the U.S. role in producing iPhones and Watches, the Apple exec let the iWatch name slip. “We’ve created now – we’ve just finished a study – over a
  • Google boosts security on Google Apps for iOS (2014-09-10 20:23:16)
    Google is rolling out an update for the iOS version of Google Apps that promises increased security for companies that use the cloud-based service. The update introduces iOS Sync automatically to Gmail and Google Drive, and will let employers using Google Apps for Work, Eduction, or Government distribute WiFi passwords to selected iPads and iPhones, and allow employees to mark their Apple devices as trusted when they first log in to Google Apps to stop sensitive documents being seen by outside eyes.
  • Ask Me Anything - official Reddit AMA app (2014-09-10 20:10:25)
    Discover "Ask Me Anything" interviews with everyone from movie stars to astronauts to artists in the official AMA app from reddit
  • American Airlines scraps paper manuals for tablets to cut fuel costs (2014-09-10 20:05:32)
    American Airlines has won regulatory approval to swap flight attendants' paper manuals for lighter Samsung tablets in a change that will save nearly $1 million a year, the company said on Wednesday. The move, which does not yet affect attendants at American Airlines Group Inc's subsidiary US Airways, comes little more than a year after American's cockpit went paperless, and is one of many strategies that airlines have pursued to reduce weight and fuel costs. Delta Air Lines and United Airlines have also distributed smart devices to their pilots, and Delta plans to roll out an e-manual for flight attendants starting in October.
  • HoudahSpot for Mac review (2014-09-10 19:59:53)
    Houdah Software's popular file search tool Unleash the full power of Spotlight
  • Stroll through Egypt's pyramids on Google Street View (2014-09-10 19:58:00)
  • In search of the missing 'i' in Apple's Watch (2014-09-10 19:57:57)
    By Christina Farr and Jennifer Saba SAN FRANCISCO/NEW YORK (Reuters) - Apple Inc's Tuesday launch was a marketing extravaganza stuffed full of gadgets, corporate hyperbole and celebrities of every stripe. Apple's prefix has anchored the brand names of generations of products, from its phone to the iPad. Some branding experts say Apple chose that foreshortened appellation both to distinguish its first new device in four years and send a message to the public that it was moving into new territory. Apple did not respond to a request for comment.
  • Critics protest as lawmaker mull Tesla tax breaks (2014-09-10 19:57:56)
    CARSON CITY, Nev. (AP) — Critics argued Nevada lawmakers were gambling with taxpayers' money as they began negotiating in a special session Wednesday over whether to approve an unprecedented package of up to $1.3 billion in incentives aimed at bringing Tesla Motors' $5 billion battery factory to the state.
  • Fire & Bone returns with velociraptor, dire wolf skulls (2014-09-10 19:57:53)
    Fire & Bone, creator of tiny, 3D-scanned replicas of skulls to be worn as jewellery, is back for round two -- bringing extinct animals.>
  • New reports confirm Microsoft’s plan to kill the ‘Windows Phone’ brand, call everything ‘Windows’ (2014-09-10 19:55:18)
    When we started hearing reports in the last week that Microsoft planned to kill the Windows Phone and Windows RT brands and instead call everything “Windows,” we were very skeptical that Microsoft would really make such a move. After all, if someone bought a “Windows” tablet, they might easily get confused about it whether runs the full desktop-centric version of Windows or the mobile-centric version. However, we now have two new reports confirming that Microsoft really is planning to put the “Windows Phone” brand out to pasture and just refer to every single software platform it puts out as “Windows.” FROM EARLIER: Good riddance to Windows 8: Microsoft will unveil Windows 9 next month GeeksOnGadgets has obtained a leaked internal
  • Intaglio for Mac review (2014-09-10 19:54:34)
    A traditional graphics program with advanced features
  • 'Star Wars' Death Star clue in latest J.J. Abrams tweet? (2014-09-10 19:54:13)
    "Star Wars: Episode VII" director J.J. Abrams tweets a photo about the Apple Watch, but fans are more interested in the background image, which looks a lot like the inside of the Death Star.>
  • Apple hires senior Gap marketing exec: AdAge (2014-09-10 19:43:54)
    (Reuters) - Apple Inc is planning to hire Gap Inc executive, Marcela Aguilar, as director-global marketing communications, website Ad Age reported on Wednesday. Aguilar is senior global director-marketing communications at Gap. The move comes one day after Apple announced the Apple Watch - three lines of smart watches to be available in early 2015. The fashion world remains divided on the first look of the Apple Watch.
  • Apple hires senior Gap marketing exec : AdAge (2014-09-10 19:43:06)
    (Reuters) - Apple Inc is planning to hire Gap Inc executive, Marcela Aguilar, as director-global marketing communications, website Ad Age reported on Wednesday. Aguilar is senior global director-marketing communications at Gap. The move comes one day after Apple announced the Apple Watch - three lines of smart watches to be available in early 2015. The fashion world remains divided on the first look of the Apple Watch.
  • This photo of Sergey Brin doing yoga at Intel's conference is not weird at all (2014-09-10 19:34:53)
    Google co-founder Sergey Brin has summoned skydivers out of thin air like a warlock, but the guy is into more relaxing activities. Case in point: Brin took time out of his busy schedule to head to the Intel Developer Forum, currently going on in San Francisco, and do some yoga (one of his favorite activities). Intel's posted a photo of this happening on Twitter with no backstory, and the results are amazing.
  • Sound off! What apps help you get things done? (2014-09-10 19:30:00)
  • T-Mobile adds 2.7 million customers in August, breaks company record (2014-09-10 19:25:01)
    By Marina Lopes WASHINGTON (Reuters) - T-Mobile US added 2.75 million customers in August, the largest number of monthly subscriber additions in its history, the carrier announced at a company event on Wednesday. Led by quirky Chief Executive John Legere, the third-largest wireless operator in the U.S. While rivals Verizon and AT&T networks stretch almost across the country, T-Mobile's network is clustered around urban centers. The move comes the day after Apple Inc. announced it will release an iPhone programmed with technology to allow automatic shifts between WiFi and carrier networks.
  • Tomorrow Daily 049: New Apple products, a (literal) sandbox game, living portraits, and more (2014-09-10 19:23:55)
    On today's show, we discuss Apple's iPhone and Watch announcements (you might be surprised who's in and who's not convinced), Sega's crazy new arcade game that takes the term "sandbox" literally, driving robots, and a fantastic new Kickstarter for living portraits.>
  • Here are all the iPhone 6 and Apple Watch-related buzzwords you need to learn (2014-09-10 19:20:11)
    Apple on Tuesday unveiled a bunch of new products during its iPhone 6 event and it described them using plenty of “Appletalk,” the kind of marketing terminology used to etch certain product features into the memory of potential buyers. In case you weren’t following the live event and didn’t check Apple’s redesigned website, you might have a tough time understanding the new terms, so we made a list with all the words Apple invented to describe its products. iPhone 6 – this one is easy, the 4.7-inch 2014 iPhone iPhone 6 Plus – though it has the size and name of a device you’d think runs Android, this is Apple’s 5.5-inch iPhone Retina HD – it’s similar to Retina display, and
  • Net neutrality topples 'Nipplegate' as the FCC's hottest issue of all time (2014-09-10 19:19:00)
  • '99 Luftballons' performed on actual red balloons (2014-09-10 19:08:44)
    In one of the best song covers we have ever heard, period, a YouTube superstar performs Nena's 1983 single "99 Luftballons" using nothing but red balloons.>
  • A watch expert's take on the Apple Watch: the benefits and failures of digital (2014-09-10 19:03:00)
  • Brand new Android Wear watch sees price cut moments after Apple Watch unveiling (2014-09-10 18:45:04)
    Apple’s newly unveiled Apple Watch won’t hit the market until sometime early next year, ensuring that developers have time to explore iOS on a smaller screen and build exciting apps that take advantage of the Apple Watch’s new features. The device has certainly created more buzz than any smartwatch that has come before it, of course, and rival companies seem to be taking notice; we’re still several months away from seeing Apple Watches hit consumers’ wrists, but one competitor dropped the price of its brand new Android Wear smartwatch just moments after the Apple Watch was announced. Consumers unimpressed with Apple’s smartwatch but still in search of intelligent wristwear will be happy to know that as of Tuesday afternoon, the price
  • Microsoft gifts @messenger to Facebook as MSN Messenger retires (2014-09-10 18:45:02)
    Microsoft’s MSN Messenger service, also known as Windows Live Messenger, is shutting down after 15 years, and the software maker is passing the torch to Facebook. In a brief tweet, Microsoft has revealed it’s gifting the @messenger Twitter account to Facebook later this month for the social network's own Messenger service. Of course, Facebook and Microsoft have long been buddies (not AIM buddies) so the exchange is the perfect gift for an old friend.
  • 'SimCity BuildIt' brings urban planning back to phones and tablets (2014-09-10 18:31:00)
  • Microsoft to get rid of Nokia and Windows Phone brands? (2014-09-10 18:30:57)
    It looks like the tech giant's plan to move away from the Nokia and Windows Phone names is getting underway.>
  • Coinbase taking Bitcoin wallet platform to Europe (2014-09-10 18:19:42)
    San Francisco-based Coinbase is taking its Bitcoin wallet to Europe with an aim of enticing more people there to use the digital currency. Coinbase on Wednesday launched in 13 European countries, including France, Spain, Italy, Belgium and the Netherlands. "While US adoption is trending strong, Bitcoin offerings in other markets have not been as easily accessible to the average person," Coinbase said in a statement. During a test period at the outset of the launch, Coinbase will limit customers to 500 euros worth of Bitcoin transactions daily.
  • FCC chief says Washington Redskins name is 'offensive and derogatory' (2014-09-10 18:18:39)
    Federal Communications Commission chair Tom Wheeler has come out against the name of the Washington Redskins, saying that he'd like to see it change but that he's hoping the change will be the result of public pressure. As head of the FCC, Wheeler could use broadcast regulations to make use of the team name difficult, though doing so would likely initiative a battle and controversy of its own. "It would be great if the Washington football team would recognize those kinds of changes itself." "I think it would be great if the Washington football team would recognize those kinds of changes itself," Wheeler tells B&C. "I hope that this is something that if enough people express themselves, [Redskins owner] Dan Snyder can see which way things are going."
  • T-Mobile to sell phones that call, text on Wi-Fi (2014-09-10 18:11:03)
    SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — T-Mobile will sell more than 100 smartphone models with a built-in feature that taps into Wi-Fi networks to make phone calls and send texts when customers can't connect to the wireless carrier's cellular network.
  • Samsung, HTC and Sony troll Apple’s ‘bigger than bigger’ iPhone 6 (2014-09-10 18:10:53)
    Apple’s main rivals in the smartphone business, including Samsung, HTC and Sony, have already taken several hits at the iPhone maker for its “bigger than bigger” new iPhone 6 models. FROM EARLIER: The truth hurts, Apple fans: You can thank Samsung for your big new iPhone displays It all started on Tuesday when Samsung Belgium said it’ll buy a pear for all the Apple tweets, and then give them away – it’s likely that Samsung Belgium had to buy a lot of pears following the event, considering the attention Apple got. Samsung’s attack on Apple continued from its Philippines Twitter account, which tweeted an image showing a quote about big phones attributed to Steve Jobs and a snarky message. “No one
  • Here's a reminder about what the Apple Watch can do (2014-09-10 18:00:00)
  • Twitter to raise $1.3 billion through debt offerings (2014-09-10 17:49:30)
    (Reuters) - Twitter Inc said it plans to raise $1.3 billion by issuing convertible senior notes, its first debt offering since its market debut in November. Twitter shares fell about 1.5 percent in extended trading on Wednesday. Twitter will also grant initial purchasers an option to buy up to $100 million in each of the offerings.
  • Party of six? Lyft's got you, bro (2014-09-10 17:41:00)
  • Nevada kick-starts special session over Tesla deal (2014-09-10 17:36:51)
    CARSON CITY, Nev. (AP) — Opposition emerged Wednesday as Nevada lawmakers began negotiating over whether to approve a complex package of up to $1.3 billion in incentives for Tesla Motors in a special session ordered by Gov. Brian Sandoval to seal the deal to bring the electric car-maker's $5 billion battery factory to the state.
  • U.S. antitrust official concerned by China anti-competition stance (2014-09-10 17:36:38)
    China's National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), which is among the agencies that enforce antitrust law, said in February that the U.S. In Washington, Federal Trade Commission Chairwoman Edith Ramirez noted media reports that Beijing may decide to prosecute a company based on the royalty payments that it demands to use its patents.
  • This is the one thing Apple forgot to address with its Apple Watch design (2014-09-10 17:35:10)
    When unveiling the Apple Watch during its iPhone 6 event, Apple kept harping on how personal the device is, and also on how it can be customized by users to create unique experiences. Apple will have three distinct Apple Watch versions in stores, coming in two sizes and sporting six different metal finishes, a large variety of straps for every occasion, and even more watch faces for buyers to customize their experience. It may take a while for Apple to reach millions of different Watch combinations, as Apple’s Jony Ive says, but there are certainly going to be plenty of different Watch configurations around. However, Apple did not think of everything, and one important Watch version is missing in action. FROM EARLIER: Apple
  • HBO Go direct access inches closer but still out of reach (2014-09-10 17:25:40)
    Cord cutters: Time Warner may be creeping closer to direct HBO Go subscriptions that don't require a pay-TV service, as the company's CEO softens his stance. But it's not here yet.>
  • HTC sends invites for mystery event on Oct. 8 (2014-09-10 17:24:57)
    The device maker gives few hints on the event, although the "Double Exposure" invite suggests we may see a camera-related announcement.>
  • Want to visit the set of 'Star Wars: Episode VII?' Join a flight school (2014-09-10 17:21:33)
    Come and book a trail #flight with us and fly over the #StarWarsEpisodeVII set. Your never know what you might see.!!— FlyMAC (@FlyMAC_Popham) September 10, 2014
  • T-Mobile touts record number of subscribers in August (2014-09-10 17:20:18)
    The carrier's flamboyant CEO says more wireless consumers are joining its network than any other major wireless network.>
  • Those new iPhones are facing delays in China (2014-09-10 17:18:00)
  • The 404 Show 1,549: Fall videogame roundup, Apple Watch, male birth control (podcast) (2014-09-10 17:14:19)
    Russ Frushtick is back to round up the rest of the year's most anticipated video games and share his thoughts on the Apple Watch and Apple Pay. Plus, we'll discuss the implications of a male birth control that might hit in 2017.>
  • Seriously, how much did Bungie pay Paul McCartney to write this song for 'Destiny'? (2014-09-10 17:07:57)
    In August, the New York Times reported that Paul McCartney, the lead singer of Wings, had written and recorded a song for Destiny, the spiritual follow-up to the Halo series, developed by Bungie and published by Activision. In fact, the musician has a talent for turning contractual obligations into catchy tunes, like "Live and Let Die" and "Wonderful Christmas Time." The Beatles' only performance in Kansas City happened on a scheduled off day because the band couldn't refuse the ridiculous amount of money thrown at them by Charles Finley, the owner of the Kansas City Athletics, who went from an offer of $60,000 to $150,000 — at the time, the single highest payment for a single performance. The band's song "Kansas City" would later appear, fittingly, on "Beatles for Sale."
  • T-Mobile makes big Wi-Fi push on heels of iPhone 6's Wi-Fi calling (2014-09-10 17:03:35)
    The wireless carrier is expanding its existing Wi-Fi calling and texting service with promises of more coverage in the home and in the air.>
  • NVIDIA hints at an HTC Nexus 9 tablet coming within weeks (2014-09-10 16:59:00)
  • As iPod Classic meets its end, here come the smartrings (2014-09-10 16:58:54)
    Apple stops selling the iPod Classic, Mota wants to sell you a SmartRing, and Sony's online TV service scores Viacom channels.>
  • OneDrive now supports 10GB files with faster syncing and Dropbox-like sharing (2014-09-10 16:57:27)
    Microsoft is rolling out some welcome improvements to its OneDrive cloud storage service today. While the company doubled its free OneDrive space in June and offered 1TB to Office 365 subscribers, Microsoft is letting OneDrive users take full advantage of the storage increases by allowing files up to 10GB to be uploaded to the service. Alongside the upload changes, Microsoft is increasing the number of files than can be downloaded or uploaded to OneDrive at the same time on PCs and Macs.
  • T-Mobile's next UnCarrier move: WiFi calling and texting for everyone (2014-09-10 16:55:00)
  • Big new HTC media event set for October 8th (2014-09-10 16:54:15)
    HTC, the company behind one of our favorite smartphones that’s been released so far this year, has just sent us an invitation to an October 8th media event that the company is only referring to as “Double Exposure.” As you can see in the cropped version of the invitation below, HTC is emphasizing a picture of two women looking into an HTC One (M8) smartphone. We’re going to guess that this has something to do with putting dual cameras into HTC phones, although we’d love it if HTC also happened to unveil its long rumored Nexus 9 tablet at the event as well. The event will start at 3:15 p.m. EST on October 8th in New York.
  • Diaper Detective smart pad senses dehydration, infection (2014-09-10 16:50:22)
    Students at the University of California at Riverside have invented a cheap, easy and effective way to analyze urine in both infants and adults.>
  • AT&T says the connected car is the future of the wireless industry (2014-09-10 16:36:00)
  • T-Mobile’s next huge Un-carrier announcement: A brilliant move to improve coverage (2014-09-10 16:30:33)
    The seventh chapter of T-Mobile’s “Un-carrier” story is unfolding live right now in San Francisco, where CEO John Legere is hosting a press conference to discuss the carrier’s next big disruption. This time around, T-Mobile’s big announcement is a three-pronged attack on stragglers who still think its network is inferior and refuse to take an iPhone 5s for a free test drive. And in doing so, T-Mobile is once again offering its subscribers several benefits that rival carriers simply can’t match. FROM EARLIER: The most important wireless carrier in America The first big announcement from T-Mobile on Wednesday is that it’s taking the opportunity afforded by Apple’s new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus and running with it: Beginning immediately after
  • The Cognitive Consequence of Self-Driving Cars (2014-09-10 16:19:12)
    For the moment, we're still steering and braking, but we've gone far down the road to self-driving cars. A vast majority of the technology to enable at least some form of autonomous driving is either two years away from introduction, or already here. It's a matter of time, and the cognitive price we're going to pay for it is catastrophic. Just...
  • You can now 'return' Android apps for up to two hours after purchase (2014-09-10 16:18:02)
    Google Play's return policy has always been a nice perk of being an Android user. If you don't like an app you've just paid for and downloaded, you can simply head back into Google's store, say you want a refund, and you're done.  The amount of time you've had to make a decision on keeping versus returning has fluctuated in recent years, though; Clearly developers thought that was a bit extreme, and Google later drastically cut the timeframe down to just 15 minutes.
  • Here’s a simple way to figure out the perfect iPhone 6 size for you (2014-09-10 16:16:56)
    For the first time ever Apple is competing against Android phablet makers on handset size with the iPhone, as its 2014 models come in two sizes: the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 and 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus. However, screen diagonal measurements do not tell the complete story, so if you’re still not sure which model is right for you, then there’s a simple “tool” to use to quickly make your preorder decision easier. FROM EARLIER: iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus: Pricing, release dates and everything else you need to know An AppleInsider reader has put together a simple “iPhone 6 Pre-Order Picker,” a PDF document consisting of a single page that shows simple drawings of iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6
  • Apple Pay was this week's most revolutionary product (2014-09-10 16:15:02)
    If you’ve paid any attention at all to the mobile payments space, you’ll know that one of the most notable pieces of news recently is that the consortium of carrier oligarchs trying to create a payment system rebranded from ISIS to Softcard so that it wouldn’t be associated with the militant group. The irony is thick enough to spread with a spatula, but that’s just the frosting on top of the multi-layered shit cake that has comprised the mobile payments industry so far. It has always been a financial cold war between credit card companies, banks, phone companies, and phone manufacturers fighting to divert a tiny rivulet of the humongous river of money that flows through credit cards every day. Which is why, for me, the most revolutionary thing Apple announced yesterday wasn’t a giant iPhone or the Apple Watch, it was Apple Pay.
  • Microsoft will reportedly end Nokia, Windows Phone branding (2014-09-10 16:14:00)
  • Facebook debates adding Snapchat-like expiration dates to your posts (2014-09-10 16:13:19)
    Facebook has begun testing a new feature for its iPhone app that lets users set new posts for deletion after a certain interval of time — anything from one hour to seven days. The Next Web spotted several users on Twitter who posted screenshots of the feature. Facebook told The Next Web that the feature was a "pilot" and only available to some users, like many of the experiments it runs. If the test is considered to be successful, Facebook will likely roll out the feature more broadly. Can Facebook reconcile its open sharing philosophy with ephemerality?
  • Facebook tests Snapchat-like expiration dates for your posts (2014-09-10 16:13:19)
    Facebook has begun testing a new feature for its iPhone app that lets users set new posts for deletion after a certain interval of time — anything from one hour to seven days. The Next Web spotted several users on Twitter who posted screenshots of the feature. Facebook told The Next Web that the feature was a "pilot" and only available to some users, like many of the experiments it runs. If the test is considered to be successful, Facebook will likely roll out the feature more broadly, though probably not as a default setting. Facebook has its Timeline profiles to think of, after all, which holds everything from life events to family photos that you don't want to disappear.
  • Samsung now has the most hardcore smartwatch band out there (2014-09-10 16:12:36)
    In case you want to make sure that everyone knows you're you're a totally legit punk even while you're wearing a frivolous piece of technology on your wrist that's been made by a giant corporation with its arms in more industries than you can imagine, Samsung has partnered with Diesel to produce a series of studded bands for its new Gear S smartwatch. The studded bands come in red and white and are made out of leather.
  • Why I'm done buying cheap Lightning cables (2014-09-10 15:54:18)
    A high failure rate forces me to re-examine the "value" of cheapie cables, at least for iPhones.>
  • The Big Picture: digital maps uncover the hidden ruins of Stonehenge (2014-09-10 15:54:00)
  • FCC net neutrality debate passes Janet Jackson's nip slip in total comments (2014-09-10 15:53:59)
    It's official: Americans care more about the internet's future than Janet Jackson's "wardrobe malfunction." If you add up the initial round of comments and ongoing responses, the FCC has now received over 1,477,301 public comments regarding Tom Wheeler's net neutrality proposal, according to Politico. The FCC is currently accepting replies to the initial wave of comments on net neutrality, with the public comment period scheduled to formally close on Monday. Just today, many popular websites including Netflix, Reddit, Tumblr, Kickstarter, and others are calling attention to net neutrality through a "day of action." Tom Wheeler's proposal has been criticized for opening up the door to so-called internet fast lanes, which could allow ISPs to charge powerful companies with deep pockets for speedier access to consumers and leave other businesses at a disadvantage.
  • T-Mobile’s big ‘Un-carrier 7.0′ event is about to start – here’s how to watch live! (2014-09-10 15:51:42)
    T-Mobile is hosting a press conference on Wednesday afternoon to reveal the seventh big “Un-carrier” move in the company’s bid to disrupt the U.S. wireless industry and turbocharge its subscriber growth in the process. There’s no telling what the scrappy nationwide carrier will announce this time around, but one thing is certain: T-Mobile CEO John Legere will be very entertaining (and very NSFW), regardless of what he’s talking about. Want to see and hear all the news as it breaks? T-Mobile is providing live streaming video of today’s event for all to enjoy. Simply visit the T-Mobile live stream site by following this link, and enter your name and email address. That’s it — in no time, you’ll be enjoying
  • Apple Pay: Everything you need to know before your first wireless shopping spree (2014-09-10 15:51:28)
    One of the major new products Apple introduced during its Tuesday iPhone 6 event is Apple Pay, its very own NFC-based wireless payments system that’s going to be available starting in October. The iPhone and Apple Watch payment solution seems awfully easy to use, with Apple also focusing on shopping privacy and financial security in addition to stupid-simple functionality. Before you embark on your next Apple Pay wireless shopping spree though, make sure you know everything there is to know about this new Apple product. FROM EARLIER: Apple’s delayed mobile payment entry explained: It’s about the ecosystem What hardware do I need? The first devices to support Apple Pay will be the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus (starting next
  • Retailers seen unlikely to warm up to Apple Pay (2014-09-10 15:50:28)
    By Tanya Agrawal and Anil D'Silva (Reuters) - Apple Inc's launch of its own tap-to-pay system using near-field communication in its new iPhones and smartwatches may not be a game changer after all. The success of Apple Pay, unveiled at a gala launch on Tuesday, hinges on the willingness of retailers to use NFC-based payment systems, industry experts said. So far the technology, which uses wireless technology to transfer data over short distances, has failed to catch on due to the high costs involved. Apple is betting on the popularity of its iPhones and the convenience and security of its payment system to prompt customers and retailers to make the shift.
  • Destiny hits $500M in sales, marking largest ever launch of a new game franchise (2014-09-10 15:47:30)
    The video game made by the team behind Halo is off to a strong start -- but questions still remain.>
  • Samsung uses Steve Jobs quote to toss bile at Apple (2014-09-10 15:40:14)
    In an ad of splendidly questionable taste, Samsung decides to mock the dead to sell its Galaxy Note 4.>
  • 5 Million Gmail Addresses, Passwords Leaked (2014-09-10 15:39:48)
    The bad news is that someone got his or her hands on nearly 5 million Gmail addresses and corresponding passwords and made them all public. The good news is that even if your Gmail address is on the list, the password may be too old to merit much concern. The Russian tech blog Habrahabr theorizes that the leaked Gmail addresses and passwords were most likely compiled through phishing scams, use of weak passwords and other common compromises, not as a result of a hacked Google server.
  • Facebook test lets users schedule when a post will be deleted (2014-09-10 15:33:00)
  • Apple still hasn’t answered the most burning question about the Apple Watch (2014-09-10 15:30:29)
    So now that we know the Apple Watch’s probable (disappointing) battery life, there’s still one more burning question whose answer we need to know: Why does the Apple Watch even exist? Ben Thompson, who has in the past worked on strategy and marketing for both Apple and Microsoft, writes that one key difference between the Apple Watch’s unveiling this week and big Apple unveilings in the past is that Tim Cook never gave a detailed explanation about why Apple decided to make a wearable computer in the first place. RELATED: Parody video slams the Apple Watch: ‘You didn’t really ask for it, so here you go’ In his post, Thompson notes that before unveiling a product, Steve Jobs would often
  • U.S. court revives Microsoft co-founder's patent suit vs tech companies (2014-09-10 15:19:08)
    By Andrew Chung (Reuters) - A U.S. appeals court on Wednesday revived part of a patent lawsuit brought by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen against AOL, Apple, Google and Yahoo, saying a lower court incorrectly found that the tech companies didn't infringe one of its patents. The patent, held by Allen's Interval Licensing, relates to the ubiquitous pop-ups that computer users routinely see while surfing the Web or shopping online. ...
  • This is what video games do after you stop playing (2014-09-10 15:14:00)
    Mario falls asleep. Luigi plays with his nose. Earthworm Jim plays jump rope with himself. Conker juggles and then reads dirty magazines. Watch what happens when you forget to pick up the controller.
  • Are Drones Becoming Family-Friendly? (2014-09-10 15:11:37)
    (Image Credit: Tom Bricker)Drones have been talked about a lot, for reasons ranging from military strikes, filming gatherings like burning man, or delivering packages. Notably, Google is investing in a drone delivery fleet, following Amazon's lead. Drones are becoming more common, but can they be family-friendly?Disney prides itself as...
  • Amazing new Microsoft project may bring Xbox One games to your browser (2014-09-10 15:09:50)
    Before Microsoft and Sony announced their new consoles, rumors had begun running rampant in regards to what these new systems might be capable of achieving. Would physical copies of games become relics of the past as digital downloads took their place? Would our lives be monitored by compulsory motion-tracking cameras? As it turned out, the future of gaming was much less exciting (and much less terrifying) than we had imagined, but the new generation has only just begun. Speaking with Neowin, unnamed sources report that Microsoft’s next big innovation might be bringing full console games to your Internet browser over the cloud. This project won’t be limited to old games either — you can expect to see brand new Xbox
  • iPhone 6 and Apple Watch seen boosting NFC technology (2014-09-10 15:06:25)
    By Harro Ten Wolde FRANKFURT (Reuters) - Apple Inc's move into mobile payments, announced on Tuesday with the launch of its new iPhone 6 phones and the Apple Watch, is expected to give a boost to the wireless technology behind it, called near-field communications (NFC), analysts and makers of the technology say. All the new Apple devices will come equipped to operate its new payments service "Apple Pay", which launches in the United States next month and allows users to pay for items in stores by tapping their phone on contactless card payment terminals instead of the underlying credit or debit card. For Apple Pay to work the new devices come with a "secure element" chip and a near-field communications, or NFC, antenna. The NFC segment is dominated by NXP Semiconductors, which invented the technology with Sony.
  • TextNow review (2014-09-10 15:03:22)
    Free & unlimited texting
  • Free voice calls merged into Google Hangouts app (2014-09-10 15:01:14)
    Google on Wednesday began letting people use its Hangouts message application for mobile devices to make free or low-cost voice calls over the Internet. "Hangouts already makes it easy to send a quick message, or start a group video chat," Google product manager Amit Fulay said in a blog post. "But, sometimes it;s best to just call to say 'I love you,' and with the new version of Hangouts you can." Google is essentially merging capabilities of its Voice online calling service with Hangouts, which became a hit feature in the technology titan's Google+ social network because of its free group video chat capabilities.
  • Google buys high-tech spoon maker, expands healthcare focus (2014-09-10 15:00:11)
    Google Inc has acquired the maker of a high-tech spoon that helps people suffering from neurodegenerative tremors to eat, the Internet company's latest foray into the healthcare and biotechnology market. The company is joining the Google[x] division, which focuses on projects such as self-driving cars and drones and which has a Life Sciences group, Google said on Wednesday. Google did not say how much it paid for Lift Labs. A sensor-packed handle on the spoon detects the hand tremors that afflict people with Parkinson's disease and Essential Tremor, and uses technology to stabilize itself.
  • San Francisco Fire Department rescues drone from a tree (2014-09-10 15:00:02)
    Today in news that is very San Francisco: the local fire department's list of provided services now apparently includes drone rescue. Unmanned aerial vehicle enthusiast Eddie Codel pointed out this amazing scene on Twitter, in which a team of five firefighters work together to dislodge a drone from a tree.
  • Apple's Watch can't cure all of our wearable ills (2014-09-10 15:00:00)
  • Text Me review (2014-09-10 14:59:26)
    Free Texting to Any Phone number in US, Canada and 40 countries in the World
  • 'Watchmen' writer Alan Moore has finished a 1 million word novel (2014-09-10 14:58:23)
    Watchmen writer Alan Moore has completed work on the first draft of an epic novel that has now spiraled into an enormous story totaling over one million words. Titled Jerusalem, the book has been in the works since 2006, with Moore intermittently providing updates on it — last June, his draft was around just half-a-million-words long. The story is reported to be about Moore's hometown of Northampton, England, but loosely so.
  • Live Interior 3D Pro for Mac review (2014-09-10 14:53:25)
    Design home and office interiors on Mac
  • The unexpected winner from the Apple Watch unveiling: Samsung (2014-09-10 14:49:45)
    You might think that after launching six smartwatches over the last year to very little fanfare, Samsung would be devastated by the positive reaction to the Apple Watch. Sure, Apple’s device has its detractors, but knowing Apple fans, there’s a high probability that the Apple Watch will make waves when it launches in early 2015. But even if Apple’s smartwatch does fly off store shelves, analysts say that Samsung will take it in stride. FROM EARLIER: Apple rivals explain why they hope the iWatch is a smash hit The Apple Watch “brings credibility, which may work to Samsung’s benefit,” says IBB Consulting Group’s Jefferson Wang. “Samsung entered a white space, which they had to build up themselves, and it’s a heavy lift to get
  • Disney: Maker Studios is the Marvel of the future (2014-09-10 14:37:38)
    Disney bought YouTube network Maker Studios for what could amount to almost $1 billion. Why? It's the Marvel or Lucasfilm of tomorrow, the company's financial chief says.>
  • Sony online TV service to carry 22 Viacom channels (2014-09-10 14:35:03)
    Sony Corp secured the rights to carry 22 Viacom Inc channels, including Comedy Central and MTV, on its planned cloud-based television service, a step forward for its plans to compete with cable and satellite offerings. The Viacom networks will be available when the new service launches, the companies said in a statement on Wednesday. Customers also will have access to on-demand programming from Viacom. Sony will provide more details about the service "in the near future," the statement said.
  • This is what SwiftKey looks like on iOS (2014-09-10 14:31:45)
    When Apple announced that iOS 8 would add support for third-party keyboards earlier this summer, all eyes quickly turned to Swype and SwiftKey, two massively popular Android keyboards. Both companies quickly confirmed that they'd be coming to Apple's mobile platform, and now — one week out from the public launch of iOS 8 — SwiftKey is offering a preview of what iPhone owners can expect. Users can trace their finger around the keyboard to type out a word (without ever lifting it off the screen), and SwiftKey remains proud of its word prediction technology. SwiftKey Cloud, which helps the keyboard get smarter through analysis of your social media and Gmail accounts, is also built in on iOS 8.
  • How to find out if your Google login was compromised in the Gmail hack (2014-09-10 14:30:54)
    Gmail is a fantastic service that has changed the way much of the world uses email. It was also the target of a big security breach recently that has left 5 million Google customers exposed. Are you one of the unlucky users whose login credentials were compromised? Here’s how to find out — and what to do if your Google username and password were exposed in the breach. First and foremost, visit the following website: Enter your Gmail email address in the field near the top of the screen and you will be notified immediately if your account was exposed in this latest breach. And just to prove to affected users that this is a legitimate issue, the site will display
  • Tech giants bet on 'smart home' revolution (2014-09-10 14:30:22)
    The futuristic vision of wireless domestic bliss that puts people and their smartphones or tablets at the centre of an "Internet of Things" is a key theme at this year's IFA consumer electronics fair in Berlin. Industry titans such as Google, Samsung and Apple have been battling for an early lead in the race to create the Internet-connected household, a market they expect to grow into the next multi-billion-dollar tech revolution. The smart home is heading "towards a mass-market reality", said Lisa Arrowsmith of market research firm IHS.
  • Cyber breaches rare among U.S. state-registered investment advisers : study (2014-09-10 14:23:50)
    Cyber security breaches are rare among investment advisory firms registered with U.S. Just 4 percent of advisers reported having a "cyber security incident" during the years in which they have been registered in their respective states, according to a study by the North American Securities Administrators Association (NASAA). Theft and unauthorized use of confidential data were problems for 1 percent of advisers, NASAA said. Also, fewer than half of the firms surveyed, or 44 percent, had policies, procedures and training in place related to cyber security.
  • 'Destiny' video game has $500-million debut (2014-09-10 14:10:53)
    Bungie studio's new science fiction action video game "Destiny" landed in the record books on Wednesday, boasting the biggest ever launch of a new franchise. Activision Publishing announced that more than $500 million worth of copies of "Destiny" had been snapped up by people eager to play or shops eying to sell the hotly-anticipated new game from the studio behind blockbuster "Halo." "Based on extraordinary audience demand, retail and first party orders worldwide have exceeded $500 million for Destiny,” said Bobby Kotick, chief executive of the publisher's parent company Activision Blizzard. "This industry milestone marks another blockbuster success for our company."
  • Team Stream review (2014-09-10 14:05:18)
    Get real-time streams of the best sports content for your favorite teams
  • Twitter hopes to play nice with developers at its first mobile conference (2014-09-10 14:01:30)
    Twitter just announced Flight, its first developer conference set for October 22nd in San Francisco. Twitter CEO Dick Costolo will begin the day with a keynote, which will be followed by a series of technical sessions about "how Twitter can help you build the best mobile apps." Twitter won't help you build just any app, however.
  • Video: Check out Apple’s iOS 8 tricks that will let you easily use the iPhone 6 with just one hand (2014-09-10 13:59:12)
    Apple’s “bigger than bigger” iPhone 6 models will soon be available in stores, and while many potential buyers have been waiting quite a while for Apple to release bigger iPhone handsets, some people might find it difficult to adapt to a bigger display, even if it’s just a 0.7-inch increase (diagonally). For them, Apple has created a special new iOS gesture to improve one-handed operation, giving it a fancy name in the process – Reachability. FROM EARLIER: How to install iOS 8 GM on your iPhone or iPad right now without a developer account As the marketing name suggests, the feature is meant to make it easier for iPhone 6 users to reach the top section of the screen. To
  • Tango Voice & Video Calls review (2014-09-10 13:49:25)
    Free Voice and Video Calls
  • I live in the US and I can't get home internet (2014-09-10 13:48:27)
    Daryl Myers is a resident of Whatcom County, Washington. He decided to go public with his story after nearly two years of frustrating negotiations for internet with local providers and officials.
  • Rosetta spacecraft snaps gorgeous selfie with its comet buddy (2014-09-10 13:35:57)
    Rosetta took a moment out from eyeing the comet it's following and snapped a selfie that's literally out of this world.>
  • The Apple Watch has a major pricing problem (2014-09-10 13:35:45)
    When Apple announced its first iPad in 2010, the Wall Street consensus expected the price to be above $900. The device that gave birth to the modern tablet industry instead debuted at $500, shocking many observers. Yet despite the notably low initial price, Apple’s iPad sales lost their growth momentum in 2013 and by the beginning of 2014, Apple was reporting declining sell-through volumes. What happened? The flood of $200 Android tablets and phablets sucked the growth out of iPad sales in about three years, largely because Apple refused to offer substantial price cuts to even the most basic iPad. Obviously, Apple prioritized profit margins. It’s also speculated that since many Apple fans splurge on upgrading to a new iPhone every 12 months and/or
  • Star Chart review (2014-09-10 13:32:20)
    Access the whole visible universe from your android device
  • Tim Cook says iPhone 6 and 6 Plus will steal business from Android (2014-09-10 13:15:25)
    The reveal of a new line of products is always an exciting time for Apple, but we rarely see Tim Cook as effusive as he was on Tuesday as the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, Apple Pay and Apple Watch materialized on stage. Speaking with The Wall Street Journal after the event, Cook’s excitement was still palpable. Cook told the Journal that the event was a “statement of Apple” and “one of the most important” days in the history of the company. He believes that the launch of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus will trigger “the mother of all upgrades.” According to Cook, the larger phones are “appreciably better in every single way” and should convince some Android users
  • Tim Cook says iPhone 6 and 6 Plus will steal business from Andorid (2014-09-10 13:15:25)
    The reveal of a new line of products is always an exciting time for Apple, but we rarely see Tim Cook as effusive as he was on Tuesday as the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, Apple Pay and Apple Watch materialized on stage. Speaking with The Wall Street Journal after the event, Cook’s excitement was still palpable. Cook told the Journal that the event was a “statement of Apple” and “one of the most important” days in the history of the company. He believes that the launch of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus will trigger “the mother of all upgrades.” According to Cook, the larger phones are “appreciably better in every single way” and should convince some Android users
  • 14-disc 'Sherlock' set packs in lots of extras (2014-09-10 13:13:19)
    It's no mystery that fans of "Sherlock" will pine for the box set that includes outtakes, commentaries, and collectible busts.>
  • Nintendo is making a 3DS XL that looks like an NES (2014-09-10 13:10:10)
    If you're in the market for a 3DS (and just can't wait until the new and improved versions) Nintendo has something retro just for you. The company has just revealed an NES-themed version of the 3DS XL, which will be available on October 10th for $199.99, though the device will be exclusive to Gamestop. This isn't the first time Nintendo has mined the past for new versions of its handhelds: the Gameboy SP was released with a similar color scheme, while the Gameboy Micro was available in a slick, limited edition Famicom variant. Nintendo also revealed two other versions of the 3DS XL as well, both based on upcoming games.
  • Google Voice, Hangouts learn to play nice together (2014-09-10 13:09:01)
    Users will now be able to place free calls from within Hangouts and will also see voicemail transcripts and messages from Google Voice show up in their Hangout listing.>
  • Inventors transform Dutch boy's dead rat into a flying dead rat drone (2014-09-10 13:08:07)
    A 13-year-old Dutch boy wasn't prepared to say goodbye to his dead pet rat — so he transformed it into dead pet rat that flies. According to BBC, Dutch inventors Arjen Beltman and Bart Jansen helped Pepeijn Bruins bring energy back to his rodent friend, which had been euthanized after falling ill to cancer. In the meantime, you can watch a dead rat fly in BBC's video and in these handy GIFs.
  • Sushi, pizza, and birthday cake? The emoji diet sounds delicious (2014-09-10 13:07:59)
    Could you survive a week of only emoji food and drinks? One journalist takes the challenge and ends up missing her breakfast bagels.>
  • 'Godzilla' in 8-bit: A beast of a retro good time (2014-09-10 13:01:14)
    This homage to our favorite giant kaiju and actor Bryan Cranston may be better than the 2014 "Godzilla" movie itself.>
  • 'Kyle and Stan' Malvertising Hits Amazon, Yahoo, YouTube (2014-09-10 12:58:43)
    Amazon, Yahoo, YouTube and 71 other Web domains have fallen victim to the Kyle and Stan malvertising network, which spreads adware and other potentially unwanted programs by preying on user trust of otherwise-honest sites. Shaun Hurley, David McDaniel and Armin Pelkmann, three security researchers for Cisco, wrote up their findings about the malware in a Cisco company blog post. The Kyle and Stan malware (the names of two characters in the long-running Comedy Central show "South Park" show up in the domain names of more than 700 sites the network uses to serve ads) first determines whether you're on a Windows system or on a Mac, then silently redirects your browser to a site that serves up executable files for your operating system of choice.
  • Facebook Dabbles in Self-Destructing Posts (2014-09-10 12:56:54)
    Facebook may be applying the theory behind Snapchat clone Slingshot onto, well, Facebook itself. The option popped up in some users' Facebook iOS apps this week, and The Next Web first reported the anomaly. In a statement to the site, a Facebook spokesperson said: We're running a small pilot of a feature on Facebook for iOS that lets people schedule deletion of their posts in advance.
  • Stephen Colbert already knows what the next Apple Watch will look like (2014-09-10 12:55:31)
    If the history of smartphones has taught us anything, it's that screens will always get bigger. Stephen Colbert knows it too, and while talking about the Apple Watch on his show last night, he showed off an early depiction of what might come next: the Wrist Pad. We may not have something quite so monstrous just yet, but for now the Apple Watch already accomplishes plenty. As Colbert puts it: "It's finally cool to wear a calculator watch."
  • 5 million stolen Gmail user names and passwords have leaked online (2014-09-10 12:54:59)
    No, iCloud isn’t the only popular online service that runs into security problems every now and then. FreedomHacker brings us word that roughly 5 million different Gmail user names and passwords have been posted online on a Russian Bitcoin forum and it looks like phishing scammers are already using the leak to lure in unsuspecting users to enter in their user names and passwords into websites that purport to help them figure out if their passwords have been compromised or not. FROM EARLIER: Apple provides key new details on the massive iCloud hack of nude celebrity pics The origin of the email addresses and passwords still isn’t known although FreedomHacker writes that “many are speculating the email addresses were leaked
  • Microsoft is killing the Nokia and Windows Phone brands (2014-09-10 12:53:51)
    Microsoft is planning to stop using the Nokia and Windows Phone brands this holiday season in its marketing materials. GeeksOnGadgets has obtained an internal Microsoft document that details the company's guidelines for its own brands, and The Verge can confirm the material is authentic and accurate. "As part of our phased transition, we will drop the manufacturer name [Nokia] from product references during the Holiday campaign," reads one of the slides. Microsoft is also planning not to use the Windows Phone logo in promotions and commercials, instead it will be replaced with just Windows. Windows will take the place of Windows Phone, with Lumia for phone models Although the death of the Nokia brand is understandable given that Microsoft only acquired the phone business from the Finnish company, a move to shy away from the Windows Phone brand marks a strategy shift.
  • On the next CraveCast, texting tacos and the town beer built (2014-09-10 12:45:35)
    The latest gathering of the Crave crew will be a smorgasbord of edible (and drinkable) oddities. Join us at noon PT Wednesday.>
  • Microsoft celebrates iPhone 6 by denigrating Siri (again) (2014-09-10 12:45:31)
    In a new ad to coincide with the Apple hype, Microsoft presents Siri as a sad little woman with amnesia.>
  • Android fans mock the iPhone 6’s 2012-era specs (2014-09-10 12:35:46)
    Specs definitely aren’t everything but Ars Technica reviews editor Ron Amadeo, who specializes in reviewing Android products, couldn’t help laughing at some of the specifications that Apple included with the iPhone 6. With this in mind, he made a graphic that’s become a hit among Android fans that compares the iPhone 6 to 2012’s Nexus 4 and shows that a lot of the upgrades that Apple added to its newest smartphone were present in the Nexus 4 when it launched nearly two years ago. MORE ON THE iPHONE 6’S SPECS: iPhone 6 specs and features – here’s everything you need to know As the graphic points out, the Nexus 4 also had a 4.7-inch display with a very similar resolution to
  • NASA will send billions of laser pulses toward Earth to map forests in 3D (2014-09-10 12:32:41)
    NASA will soon turn a laser-based device toward Earth in an effort to map its forest in 3D. This endeavor, which will originate the International Space Station and goes by the name GEDI, is all part of the agency's plan to determine the amount of carbon our planet's forests contain. "One of the most poorly quantified components of the carbon cycle is the net balance between forest disturbance and regrowth," said Ralph Dubayah, GEDI principal investigator at the University of Maryland, in a statement yesterday.
  • How to Check If You Were Exposed by Today's 5 Million Password Leak (2014-09-10 12:29:22)
    Today, almost five million email addresses and passwords were posted on Bitcoin Security, a Russian forum. The forum member who posted the various Gmail and Yandex accounts, "tvskit," claims that 60 percent of the passwords are valid.
  • China is building islands in the South China Sea (2014-09-10 12:26:56)
    Suppose you’re a rising superpower with your eye on some ocean territory, but all the good islands are taken. China has been taking the latter option, dredging millions of tons of rock and sand and piling it on top of submerged reefs in the South China Sea. Vietnam, the Philippines, Taiwan, and Malaysia all control islands in the South China Sea, which is believed to hold large deposits of oil and natural gas.
  • iPhone 6 ads: Fallon, Timberlake, tittering (2014-09-10 12:22:56)
    Apple has now released two iPhone 6 ads it showed at its launch event. They are blessedly silly.>
  • It’s confirmed: You’ll have to recharge your Apple Watch every night (2014-09-10 12:18:03)
    If you were hoping Apple would pull a rabbit out of its hat for the Apple Watch’s battery life, then you’re in for some bad news. Re/code’s John Paczkowski, who has been spot-on with his Apple reports so far this year, brings us word that the Apple Watch’s battery right now will last for about a day, which means that you’ll have to take it off and recharge it when you go to bed every night.It’s confirmed: You’ll have to recharge your Apple Watch every night AS IT TURNS OUT, YES: Will the iWatch’s battery life be just as disappointing as the Moto 360’s? Paczkowski’s sources say that Apple right now really isn’t happy with where the device’s battery life is
  • Want to add an Audi to your AT&T plan? It'll be $10 (2014-09-10 12:13:14)
    The Audi Q3 will be the automaker's next vehicle to get a wireless connection from the carrier.>
  • Will Ferrell wants to fight cancer with the help of gamers (2014-09-10 12:10:41)
    Will Ferrell wants gamers to raise $375,000 on Indiegogo for two charities:, a "nonprofit incubator using technology and innovation to develop unique business operations that generate funds with proceeds supporting children with cancer," and Cancer for College, a charity that seeks to "to provide hope and inspiration to cancer survivors and amputees by providing college scholarships." In return for the monetary support, donators will receive rewards from a number of tiers, and one winner will be chosen to join Ferrell in San Francisco on Oct. 26 for a gaming event broadcasted live on Twitch. "I know the popular perception of gamers," says Ferrell, in his promotional video, "is that we're all extremely motivated, highly philanthropic, and impossibly good looking.
  • EU's Almunia says won't finish Google probe before end-October (2014-09-10 11:59:22)
    By Diane Bartz WASHINGTON (Reuters) - European Union regulators will not finish a four-year investigation into Google by the end of October, the bloc's outgoing antitrust chief said on Wednesday. European Competition Commissioner Joaquin Almunia said this week he would extract more concessions from the world's most popular Internet search engine after extremely negative feedback from rivals such as Microsoft to Google's third proposal to end the EU probe. "For sure this will not be concluded before the end of October," Almunia told a conference organized by Georgetown University on Wednesday. He is scheduled to leave office next month and will be succeeded by former Danish economy minister Margrethe Vestager.
  • This is the fashion world’s reaction to the Apple Watch (2014-09-10 11:55:11)
    Despite all the leaks and rumors that have cropped up over the past few weeks, the design of the Apple Watch had been kept pretty safely under wraps. Many of us were caught off guard, but until we can see the device up close, we’ll have to leave it up to the fashion experts to decide if Apple’s smartwatch is a chic accessory or an unsightly eyesore. According to Reuters, they haven’t reached a consensus yet. “It’s not pretty,” Roseanne Morrison, fashion director for The Doneger Group told Reuters. “It’s very future techno as opposed to feminine sexy.” Others looked at the Apple Watch as it compared to the wearable offerings from LG and Samsung. The Apple Watch might not be a
  • Sony clears major hurdle to Internet TV with Viacom channels (2014-09-10 11:54:44)
    Sony's fully online TV service -- the first of its kind -- is coming, but it's no cable killer yet. It seals a big deal for Viacom channels like Comedy Central, Nickelodeon and MTV.>
  • Between Google and Apple, the smartwatch wars are over before they've even begun (2014-09-10 11:50:06)
    We're stood at the foothills of a very large and formidable mountain that has the perfect smartwatch at its peak. It's still very early, not everyone's sure of their footing or the right course to take, but we are all instinctively drawn toward that pinnacle. The thing is, even with all the months and maybe years standing between humanity and its ideal wrist gadget, the winners of the race are already known. Google and Apple won.
  • What are Netflix, Tumblr, and others doing for today's net neutrality protest? (2014-09-10 11:47:33)
    Are you planning on watching some movies tonight on Netflix? As fall elections heat up and the FCC prepares to close the public comment period on its Open Internet proposal, a cluster of major sites and a number of more minor ones are urging visitors to contact Congress and the FCC and express support for reclassifying broadband internet under the "common carrier" rules that govern phone service and other utilities. This isn't the only net neutrality-related proposal on the table, but it's one that could successfully block internet service providers from providing "fast lanes" to sites that pay more, something FCC chair Tom Wheeler has considered allowing within "commercially reasonable" bounds.
  • How to install iOS 8 GM on your iPhone or iPad right now without a developer account (2014-09-10 11:34:39)
    Apple announced during its big press conference on Tuesday that it will finally release the finished version of its long-awaited iOS 8 software to the public on September 17th. This is huge news for iOS device users and developers alike, and it will bring the latest and greatest software features to Apple devices just ahead of the company’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus launch. As has been the case with earlier pre-release versions of Apple’s iOS 8 software, however, you can install the just-released Gold Master (GM) version of iOS 8 right now without a developer account. FROM EARLIER: iOS 8′s four most surprisingly useful features Patience is a virtue that not everyone possesses. While iOS 8 GM is intended
  • Xbox One too noisy? Microsoft will replace it (2014-09-10 11:30:51)
    A Microsoft forum is overrun with complaints of loud Xbox One consoles. Now, the company says it will replace offending units.>
  • Chris Pratt and Ariana Grande confirmed for the 'Saturday Night Live' 40th season premiere (2014-09-10 11:25:06)
    Saturday Night Live is entering its 40th season, and while the anniversary special isn't until early next year, the next season as a whole should be pretty major for the show. Chris Pratt, known for his roles as Star Lord in Guardians in the Galaxy and FBI agent Bert Macklin in Parks and Recreation, will host the season premiere with musical guest Ariana Grande. SNL alum Sarah Silverman will host the next week accompanied by Maroon 5.
  • Jeff Goldblum sings the lyrics to the Jurassic Park theme, forgets to play melodica (2014-09-10 11:22:03)
    Jeff Goldlblum continues to charm the millienials who will forever remember him as Dr. Ian Malcolm. On last night's Late Night with Seth Meyers, he sang the non-canonical lyrical version of the Jurassic Park theme. If you wish to sing along, the lyrics are as follows: "In Jurassic Park — scary in the dark — I'm so scared that I'll be eaten."
  • Watch Apple show off the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in their first official video (2014-09-10 11:15:14)
    Miss Apple’s big presentation on Tuesday? Don’t worry, you can now catch up on one of the most important parts of it with a six-minute video that shows off both the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus, Apple’s two large new flagship smartphones. FROM EARLIER: iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus: Pricing, release dates and everything else you need to know In the video, Apple design boss Jony Ive and other Apple execs explain how Apple’s hardware and software teams both work closely together to make sure that the new iPhones’ physical designs enhance iOS 8’s features. Among the many features shown off in the video were both iPhones’ bigger new displays, the new A8 processor that Apple says is its
  • The Apple keynote in 11 minutes (2014-09-10 11:14:10)
    Apple's event introduced a slew of new devices: iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, Apple Pay and the Apple Watch. Here's everything you need to know from Apple's big day.
  • Sprint iPhone for Life Plan Offers a New Phone Every 2 Years (2014-09-10 11:01:13)
    Sprint is well aware of this, and in an effort to win over customers from the competition, has introduced a low-cost iPhone for Life plan that offers unlimited data and the guarantee of a new iPhone every two years. Naturally, the deal is debuting with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, which become available for pre-order on Sept. 12 at 2 a.m. central time. After picking a phone, you can choose between a $50 unlimited talk, text and data plan for individual users, or nab a $100 Sprint Family Share Pack that supports up to 10 lines with 20GB of shared data.
  • Dell Cast Turns Venue Tablet into Desktop for $80 (2014-09-10 11:01:06)
    Dell is looking to expand the functionality of its Venue 7 and Venue 8 with the Dell Cast, an $80 wireless dongle that plugs into a TV, turning those Android tablets into fully functional desktops.  The Dell Cast dongle is about the length of your thumb, and no larger than devices such as the Chromecast. On one end is a male HDMI plug to connect the Dell Cast to a TV or monitor, and on the other side is a full-size USB port, which lets you attach a peripheral such as a mouse or keyboard.
  • Parody video slams the Apple Watch: ‘You didn’t really ask for it, so here you go’ (2014-09-10 11:00:12)
    Is the Apple Watch the next big thing? Or is it just another smartwatch that people might buy, use a couple of times and then stuff into their desk drawers? A new parody video from jacksfilms makes the case that the Apple Watch — and smartwatches in general — are overhyped products that have questionable utility and that meet a demand that simply doesn’t exist. Or as the video’s mocking slogan puts it, “You didn’t really ask for it, so here you go.” FROM EARLIER: The Apple Watch’s biggest unsolved mystery Among other things, the video ridicules that idea of navigating through iOS Maps and picture galleries on a tiny display, of using the Apple Watch to share your heartbeat with someone
  • iOS apps to get first Swift push into a new era (2014-09-10 10:59:40)
    Apple says developers can start submitting apps built on its new Swift language -- which promises greater speed and stability -- to the App Store.>
  • Sony's internet TV service will carry Comedy Central, MTV, and other Viacom networks (2014-09-10 10:48:10)
    Sony and DirecTV are each planning to offer internet-based TV in the coming months in separate attempts to lure in millennials and cord cutters. Sony and Viacom today announced a deal that will bring nearly two dozen Viacom networks to Sony's upcoming cloud service. There are some big ones on the list, like Comedy Central, MTV, VH1, BET, CMT, Nickelodeon, and various offshoots of those channels.
  • Apple and U2 will keep collaborating to 'transform the way music is listened to' (2014-09-10 10:48:04)
    Apple announced yesterday that it will be giving away U2's new album to everyone with iTunes, but its partnership with the band isn't stopping there. In a note on U2's website, Bono says that his band is going to continue to work with Apple on "some cool stuff over the next couple of years." In particular, Bono says that they'll be working with Apple on "innovations that will transform the way music is listened to and viewed." It's a vague statement, but a hugely ambitious one too. "We’ll keep you posted," Bono writes.
  • Deezer enters US market with Elite lossless service (2014-09-10 10:47:34)
    ​Streaming music service Deezer has announced its first US foray with a new lossless service called Deezer Elite available exclusively to Sonos users.>
  • $76 worth of paid iPhone apps you can now download for free (7 apps total) (2014-09-10 10:41:50)
    We showed you more than $50 worth of paid iPhone and iPad apps that were on sale for free for a limited time on Tuesday — in fact, a few are still free if you hurry — and now we’re back with another seven apps. Today’s batch is worth a combined $76 based on regular prices, but you won’t have to pay a single cent if you hustle. These are paid iPhone and iPad apps that have been made available for free for a limited time by their developers. There is no way to tell how long they will be free. These sales could end an hour from now or a week from now — obviously, the only thing we can
  • Sushi, pizza and birthday cake? The emoji diet sounds delicious (2014-09-10 10:33:09)
    Could you survive a week of only emoji food and drinks? One journalist takes the challenge and ends up missing her breakfast bagels.>
  • Hangouts can now take your Google Voice messages (2014-09-10 10:28:00)
  • It appears that the iPhone 5c experiment won’t soon be repeated (2014-09-10 10:24:42)
    Notice anything unusual about this week’s Apple keynote? You know, aside from the first Apple phablet and confirmation of a wrist-worn wearable? This year’s mix of iPhone product is dramatically different from that issued at Apple’s prior September event, and I suspect that it speaks volumes about where the company will (and won’t) go moving forward. When the iPhone 5c was unveiled, it felt very forced. It wasn’t a low-cost iPhone — a product that could’ve driven up Apple’s marketshare in emerging markets. It was a watered down iPhone 5s, a phone that left many scratching their heads as to who exactly it was for. This year, Apple still took the wraps off of two new phones, but with one
  • You've never seen a boat sail like this (2014-09-10 10:18:05)
    Sailing is 7,000 years old, but you've never seen a sail like this. It's designed to reduce our fuel usage and help save the earth.
  • Apple Watch: all the latest news on Apple's 'most personal device ever' (2014-09-10 10:17:02)
    On September 9th, 2014, Apple's long anticipated smartwatch finally went from rumor to reality. The Apple Watch was introduced at a high profile launch event — Apple's biggest in years — with CEO Tim Cook describing it as the company's "most personal device ever." Apple Watch features an all-new user interface optimized for its wrist-sized display. This StoryStream gathers all Apple Watch-related news starting with its official unveiling. Apple's teaser videos show a variety of different straps attached to the Apple Watch, with a wide range of both materials and colors.
  • Put a wing on it: how one company's smart wing could change San Francisco's ferries (2014-09-10 10:15:02)
    Ferries play a critical role in the San Francisco Bay Area: they serve 7 million commuters annually, and provide the region with a service plan in case of emergency. “They’re horrendously inefficient in terms of energy use,” says Jay Gardner, co-founder of Wind+Wing Technologies. A few years later, Gardner met Richard Jenkins, a British engineer and adventure junkie: Jenkins holds the world’s fastest wind-powered land speed record. The pair developed a wing that attaches to ferries and stretches 45 ft high, spans 10 ft from front to back, weighs roughly 600 pounds, and can rotate a full 360 degrees (as opposed to conventional sails with 140 degrees of movement).
  • How to replay Apple's iPhone 6, Watch event (2014-09-10 10:10:50)
    Tuesday's launch event is now viewable via Apple's website and through iTunes.>
  • How overbearing parents prevented kids from playing video games in 1989 (2014-09-10 10:10:01)
    A photograph of a Master Lock that prevents children from playing video games until a parent enters the secret combination is circulating the internet, landing on the site where all oddities wind up, Reddit. The lock, a steel U-shape that calls to mind the steering wheel club, impedes a game cartridge from being loaded into the system, and was designed to prevent "Nintendonitis," according to a 1989 blurb in Entertainment Weekly. "Safe Care president Tom Lowe invented the $15.95 device," says the EW report, "after hearing that a friend's 14-year-old son stayed up all night playing Nintendo instead of studying for finals. You're a smart child with knack for problem-solving from years spent playing video games.
  • You can preorder the iPhone 6 right now – but there’s a huge catch (2014-09-10 10:07:53)
    Unfortunately, you’re still going to have to wait a few days to preorder the iPhone 6 from Apple, but there is an alternative. A very, very expensive alternative. Falcon, an insanely high-end retailer with a penchant for diamonds, has made the Bespoke and SuperNova iPhone 6 collections available for preorder, starting at a measly $1,650,000 for a platinum black diamond-encrusted iPhone 6. If you’re looking to spend a little extra, the prices keep going up until you reach the pink diamond iPhone 6, each of which cost $48.5 million. Getting an iPhone 6 on day one might impress some of your friends, but an iPhone worth more than your neighborhood is sure to leave everyone speechless. And in case you were
  • Listen to two remixes LCD Soundsystem's James Murphy made from tennis data (2014-09-10 10:06:01)
    During the US Open, James Murphy, former frontman of electronic dance-punk band LCD Soundsystem, teamed up with IBM for a special project: taking data from the tennis tournament and transforming it into electronic tunes. The music was interesting, but it was ambient, without a consistent melody. Now that problem's been remedied. Murphy remixed sounds from two matches into dark, funky jams. You can listen to them here.
  • 'Minecraft' has always cost $2 billion — just ask 2012 Notch (2014-09-10 10:04:51)
    Give me two billion dollars, and I'll endorse your crap. — Markus Persson (@notch) December 18, 2012 Rumor has it Microsoft is in talks to buy Minecraft for $2 billion. It isn't as crazy as it sounds — and besides, $2 billion has always been the price tag. Just ask Minecraft creator Markus "Notch" Persson back in 2012. Here are a few other choice words from the outspoken developer about Minecraft's potential future home:
  • The new Batmobile from 'Batman v. Superman' has been fully revealed (2014-09-10 10:03:40)
    Zack Snyder gave us a gritty, black-and-white glimpse of the new Batmobile back in May, and now, thanks to some people on Instagram who happen to be near the shoot, we're now starting to get a good look at the entire vehicle. The new photos show Batman v. Superman's Batmobile parked against the side of the road — where it's clearly a lot bigger than the average car. Batman v. Superman is currently scheduled to be released on March 25th, 2016.
  • Audubon says climate change could wipe out half of US birds by 2080 (2014-09-10 09:57:00)
  • iPhone 6 vs. the world: Here’s how Apple’s new iPhones compare to rival phones (2014-09-10 09:50:26)
    Apple finally unveiled its next-generation iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus smartphones on Tuesday during its huge press conference at the Flint Center in California, and not a soul in the building was surprised. Thanks to months of leaks, we knew nearly every single detail about Apple’s new iPhone lineup long before it was unveiled. Despite the lack of surprise, however, everyone in the building seemed to be impressed by Apple’s sleek new smartphones, and it looks like we could be marching toward a record launch yet again. But how do the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus compare to the competition? FROM EARLIER: iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus: Pricing, release dates and everything else you need to know Business Insider
  • Why Is the Spinning Wheel of Death Following You Around? (2014-09-10 09:49:16)
    Spinning wheels of death are flooding popular websites Wednesday as part of Internet Slowdown Day. While Netflix, Foursquare, reddit, and other online hubs won't be slowed down, they'll feature loading icons in support of the cause for net neutrality. Here's Netflix, with the wheel on the bottom right: Screenshot According to the website for the movement, the wheels are meant to be symbolic, in an effort "to remind everyone what an Internet without net neutrality would look like, and drive record numbers of emails and calls to lawmakers." Net neutrality needs protection, advocates argue, and the Federal Communications Commission needs to enact regulations to do so.
  • The iPhone 6 feature that’s great, but hardly good enough: Wi-Fi Calling (2014-09-10 09:35:02)
    It was mentioned in the company’s keynote as something of an afterthought, but for travelers, it was the one line that piqued the most interest: The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus will support Wi-Fi Calling. For those who stay home — and are fortunate enough to call a place home that also has excellent mobile reception — the allure of Wi-Fi Calling is limited. In fact, you probably glossed right over it. But for those who routinely travel outside of their home nation’s borders, Wi-Fi Calling is one of the holy grails of mobile telephony. Despite being available for years now on select handsets at T-Mobile, the iPhone’s lack of support was a major hurdle in it gaining steam. Now,
  • Microsoft buying 'Minecraft' isn't as crazy as it sounds (2014-09-10 09:28:43)
    Microsoft is close to buying the developers of Minecraft? The same Minecraft that has sold over 50 million copies, created by the outspoken Markus "Notch" Persson? The same Notch that accused Microsoft of "trying to ruin the PC as an open platform" with Windows 8? Who said he'd "rather have Minecraft not run on Windows 8 at all" than put it in the Windows Store?
  • US carriers are bringing their tap-to-pay wallet to the iPhone 6 (2014-09-10 09:28:00)
  • High-tech survey exposes hidden Stonehenge (2014-09-10 09:27:52)
    LONDON (AP) — There is more to Stonehenge than meets a visitor's eye.
  • Facebook is convinced this man is his mother (2014-09-10 09:22:58)
    Fred Benenson got an email from Facebook recently, informing him that it had detected his face in a number of photos and asking if he would like to be tagged in them. Facebook says DeepFace can determine if two photographs are of the same person 97.25 percent of the time, but there are still plenty of images that can trip up their most powerful machines, especially when it’s a family affair. If a person closely resembles one of their parents, a photo of the young mother or father could correlate and confuse the algorithm," says David Tunnell, the chief technology officer at NXT-ID, which specializes in three-dimensional facial recognition. In Facebook's case, confusing two family members was a bug, but one that points toward other potential uses for facial recognition, as the process also works in reverse.
  • Spotify combs deeper inside data for musical insights (2014-09-10 09:11:42)
    In a new blog, the streaming service will tease out trends about how the world listens to music by combining its listening data with intelligence from new unit Echo Nest.>
  • Apple breaks form by announcing Watch far before it’s ready to ship (2014-09-10 09:10:29)
    Some might find it rather amusing that Apple generally makes things happen like clockwork, only to completely turn a habit on its ear when ushering in its new timepiece. While few things are ever certain in the world of consumer electronics, one thing seemed to be: Apple only ever made a product official when it was good and ready to ship it to the masses within a month. Usually, within one to two weeks. Look no further than today’s iPhone 6 and 6 Plus introduction — announced on September 9, available to pre-order on September 12, and shipping to nearly every country on the planet on September 19. Part of Apple’s strategy is to reveal a product very close to
  • Target joins iPhone 6 fray with trade-in offer (2014-09-10 09:03:56)
    Like the carriers and other retailers, Target will offer the new iPhone for preorder on September 12 -- a week before it officially goes on sale.>
  • Deezer comes to America with new streaming music service for audiophiles (2014-09-10 09:01:02)
    Deezer, a 7-year-old French company that competes with Spotify and other streaming music services around the globe, is coming to the United States at last. Deezer Elite, which launches Sept. 15th, will stream tracks from Deezer's catalog of 35 million songs in 16-bit FLAC. FLAC files are similar to MP3s, but they're lossless, meaning that the song's audio quality is not degraded despite being compressed. Deezer says Elite songs stream at five times the quality.
  • Super high-quality music streaming is coming to your Sonos speakers thanks to Deezer (2014-09-10 09:00:00)
  • Video: Apple shows us how amazingly simple Apple Pay is on the new iPhone 6 (2014-09-10 08:45:07)
    The tech world is still experiencing aftershocks from Apple’s big press conference on Tuesday, which is quite impressive considering there wasn’t a single surprise to be found. Each and every announcement from the show had already been revealed in a previous leak, but there’s just something about Apple’s execution that manages to drop jaws anyway. Case in point: Apple Pay. Everyone knew it was coming, everyone knew that countless companies had tried and failed to make mobile payments proliferate in the U.S. before, and yet Apple’s mobile payments solution still managed to knock people’s socks off. FROM EARLIER: Here are the most important things Apple announced today Apple’s new Apple Pay solution really couldn’t be simpler, but seeing is believing and
  • Apple payments service may boost sales of larger iPhones (2014-09-10 08:33:20)
    The addition of a mobile payments service to Apple Inc's next iPhone could help to boost sales of the larger-screen phones and claw back market share lost to mobiles running on Google Inc's Android platform. At least six brokerages raised their price target on Apple's stock by as much as $16 to a high of $116 on Wednesday, a day after the launch of the iPhone 6 and the Apple Watch - the first new product introduced by Chief Executive Tim Cook. Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster said the "star of the show" was Apple Pay - the company's new wireless payment system. It will allow iPhone 6 and 6 Plus users to pay for a burger at McDonald's Corp or groceries at Whole Foods Market Inc at the tap of a button, using their American Express Co, Visa Inc or Mastercard Inc bank cards.
  • 'Madden NFL 15' update will remove Ray Rice after indefinite suspension (2014-09-10 08:33:00)
  • EU's Oettinger says Google's market power can be limited (2014-09-10 08:29:52)
    BERLIN (Reuters) - The European Union's new digital economy commissioner, Germany's Guenther Oettinger, said on Wednesday that Google's market power could be limited, adding that he would work to ensure that the search engine's services preserve neutrality and objectivity. Oettinger also told reporters in Brussels that European telecoms companies tended to be at the lower end of the global spectrum, meaning EU competition policy needed to open up to suggestions from industry. (Reporting by Tom Koerkemeier in Brussels; Writing by Michelle Martin in Berlin; Editing by Stephen Brown)
  • Apple’s delayed mobile payment entry explained: It’s about the ecosystem (2014-09-10 08:20:25)
    I fondly recall being planted in downtown San Francisco for the launch of Apple’s iPhone 5. Prior to the keynote, I surmised that Apple would finally add a 128GB storage option for those who still valued local storage, and that the iPhone 5 would be the first to boast NFC. After all, all of Apple’s rivals were already on the mobile payment bandwagon, and if anyone could spearhead mainstream adoption of tap-to-pay, it’d be Apple. Neither of those predictions came true. Fast forward a couple of years, and we ended up seeing both included in the iPhone 6 (and 6 Plus). Apple didn’t even rely on a proprietary chip — it’s the same NFC standard that’s been floundering around in
  • iPhone 5s and 5c get a £100 price drop (2014-09-10 08:18:00)
  • Philips just beat Apple with first Lightning headphones (2014-09-10 08:13:43)
    In a surprising twist, Philips is first to announce headphones compatible with Apple's Lightning port. As spotted by Pocket-Lint, the company's Fidelio M2L headphones utilize Apple's Lightning port to bypass the internal DAC of the iPhone, and can play high resolution 24-bit audio through a built-in DAC and amplifier. "our first headphone that has a direct digital connection to your iOS device."
  • What the Apple Watch means to the smartwatch apps race (2014-09-10 08:08:03)
    Apple's new smartwatch has served notice that Android Wear isn't the only game in town. But for now, app makers seem happy to have choices.>
  • If you text and drive, Long Island will revoke your phone priveleges (2014-09-10 08:08:00)
  • Spotify combs deeper inside data for new 'Insights' blog (2014-09-10 08:00:13)
    The streaming service teases out trends about how the world listens to music by combining its listening data with intelligence from new unit Echo Nest in a blog.>
  • These are Apple’s first official promo videos for the Apple Watch (2014-09-10 07:45:12)
    Apple on Tuesday finally unveiled a brand new product, the highly anticipated “iWatch” that’s now officially known as the Apple Watch. During the event, the company played several Apple Watch introduction and demo videos, and the company has now published three of them on YouTube. FROM EARLIER: Watch Apple show off the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in first official video The most interesting of them is the 10-minute long “Introducing Apple Watch” clip, in which Apple’s senior vice president of design Jony Ive explains everything there is to know about the gadget when it comes to hardware and software design. “Apple Watch is the most personal product Apple has ever made, because it’s the first one designed to be
  • This anti-tornado sleeping bag protects you from flying debris (2014-09-10 07:18:00)
  • Even Tim Cook calls it the iWatch (2014-09-10 07:13:57)
    In the months leading up to Apple’s highly anticipated smartwatch announcement everyone referred to the timepiece as the iWatch. Apple Watch is the official name, but it might not always have been that way. In an ABC News interview, Apple CEO Tim Cook slips up and refers to the Apple Watch as iWatch. Apple loves to use the letter "i" before its various consumer devices and services, but the Apple Watch bucks a trend alongside Apple Pay, the company’s mobile payments platform. Cook’s slip of the tongue occurs right at the end of the one-minute interview clip.
  • No clear front-runner in smartwatch race for devs (2014-09-10 07:00:06)
    Apple Watch and Android Wear aren't a binary choice for developers, but an extension of the current duopoly.>
  • Texting tacos and the town beer built on the next CraveCast (2014-09-10 06:48:42)
    The latest gathering of the Crave crew will be a smorgasbord of edible (and drinkable) oddities. Join us at noon Wednesday.>
  • The Apple Watch - worth the wait? (2014-09-10 06:45:44)
    After almost two years of speculation, Apple's first smartwatch, simply called Apple Watch, is finally a reality. And as expected from any device that was developed under the watchful eyes of Jony Ive, it's as stylish as it is potentially useful.
  • Hangouts is finally assimilating Google Voice (2014-09-10 06:42:16)
    Google Voice and Hangouts are finally joining in digital matrimony, according to Android Police. Many users are now reporting the Hangouts app for Android is allowing them to send Voice SMS and voicemail. However, it looks like the integration of the two services remains a work in progress, as a number of bugs have been reported. For example, while messages delivered to your Google Voice number will appear in Hangouts, replies will not. Android Police writes that there currently appears to be no way to select which Voice number you would like to use when writing a reply.
  • IFA 2014: 8 of the top products (2014-09-10 06:36:26)
    As the international electronics trade show winds down in Berlin, tech fans are already looking forward to the launch of new smartphones, smartwatches and various other connected devices over the coming months. Here we take a look at some of the most notable IFA announcements made by Samsung, Sony and others. Samsung Galaxy Note Edge In terms of product design, the Edge was without a doubt the most innovative smartphone at IFA 2014 thanks to its curving screen, which extends around the right-hand edge to offer an extra panel or info bar when the device is in standby mode, for example.
  • Artist creates hilariously surreal GIFs from Library of Congress photos (2014-09-10 06:06:00)
  • Japanese fans set up watch for iPhone (2014-09-10 05:38:53)
    It may still be several days before they can even order a new iPhone and more than a week until they can pick it up, but dedicated fans in Japan have already begun queueing. In a country known for taking its hobbies extremely seriously, Apple acolytes in Tokyo began bagging their spots on the pavement days before the world knew what the California tech giant had up its sleeve. Tetsuya Tamura, 45, and his 20-year-old son set up camp outside the company's flagship store in glitzy Ginza on Saturday, and had to wait until the small hours of Wednesday to hear about the Apple Watch and the two new iPhone models. "The unveiling of the Apple Watch here was very tense.
  • Netflix's newest show is all about food (2014-09-10 05:17:00)
  • Google Street View does the 'King Tut' (2014-09-10 05:00:00)
    After assembling a couch-eye view of the 12 World Cup stadiums in Brazil, Google is taking the world on a trip to Egypt. Beginning today, Street View tourists will be able to explore historical landmarks like the Pyramids of Giza, the necropolis of Saqqara, and the ancient city of Abu Mena. The company used its Trekker camera system to collate 360-degree images showcasing the grandeur of this ancient civilization. Make sure to check out how tourism has affected these monuments from the time of the pharaohs.
  • The iPod is put out to pasture (2014-09-10 04:50:49)
    Apple has removed the 160GB iPod Classic form its range of products, meaning that the device that brought the company back from the brink in 2001 has been consigned to history alongside the original Sony Walkman, Mini Disc players and VHS video recorders. Consumers that simply want to listen to music on the go can still snap up a much smaller iPod shuffle, iPod Nano or iPod Touch, but many will be sad to see their much bigger and older brother, designed for carrying an entire record collection around, bow out. The iPod was the bait that hooked a new generation of consumers on Apple's wider product range and led to the launch of iTunes which revolutionized the digital music market. It also established the blueprint that Apple continues to follow to this day -- to arrive late to market but with the most coherent, desirable and easy-to-use product and take it over.
  • German startup factory Rocket launches IPO (2014-09-10 04:29:55)
    BERLIN (AP) — Germany's startup factory Rocket Internet AG says it plans a public listing on the Frankfurt stock exchange this year.
  • Alcatel's Fierce 2 and Evolve 2 are now available on T-Mobile (2014-09-10 04:24:00)
  • Applause for Google Hangouts lets you give live broadcasts a thumbs up (2014-09-10 03:50:00)
  • Apple pushes digital wallet with Apple Pay (2014-09-10 03:24:37)
    NEW YORK (AP) — Apple is betting that people want to pay with a tap of the phone rather than a swipe of the card.
  • Super cheap diaper insert alerts parents to dehydration and more (2014-09-10 03:20:00)
  • Terry Crews will give you directions on Waze but won't sing you 'A Thousand Miles' (2014-09-10 03:18:52)
    Google-owned traffic navigation app Waze will soon allow users to be serenaded by the voice of Brooklyn Nine-Nine's Terry Crews, according to Variety. Best known for his role in White Chicks, the actor joins comedian Kevin Hart as the program's second celebrity voice. To utilize Crews' vocal talents, users will need to first update their Waze app before going to Settings, Sound, and then selecting "English US – Terry Crews" as their desired language. Variety writes that the partnership is a lead up to the season two premiere of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, which is slated to air on 28th September.
  • Review: Apple Watch looks to be another winner (2014-09-10 03:18:39)
    CUPERTINO, Calif. (AP) — As computerized wristwatches go, the upcoming Apple Watch looks impressive.
  • Pulling the plug: Apple's Watch a boost for wireless charging (2014-09-10 03:17:17)
    By Jeremy Wagstaff and Noel Randewich SINGAPORE/SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Apple Inc's embrace of wireless charging for its new Watch may be a defining moment for a technology that's languished for years amid competing standards and consumer confusion. "History will tell you it's what it takes to get mainstream lift-off," said Intel's Leighton Phillips.     Among the competing standards, A4WP uses something called magnetic resonance, while the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) - which includes tech names such as Nokia and Philips - champions its Qi standard using inductive charging, a method which is also used by the Power Matters Alliance (PMA).
  • Apple gives NFC chip technology a prized seal of approval (2014-09-10 03:11:39)
    By Noel Randewich SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Apple Inc's long-awaited launch of tap-to-pay technology in its new iPhones and smartwatch may be the seal of approval that near-field communication technology needs to become as commonplace as wifi, Bluetooth and GPS. Called NFC, the technology lets smartphones communicate wirelessly with other devices such as point-of-sale terminals by holding them together. While proponents have argued for years that it is ideal for secure payment systems that could eventually replace credit cards, none have taken off. At a gala event on Tuesday, Apple Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook uncorked Apple's attempt at mobile payments, called Apple Pay, using NFC chips built into the company's two new iPhones and Apple Watch.
  • Epson sheds light on new Home Cinema 3000 projectors (2014-09-10 03:01:05)
    ​Epson has announced three new projectors in its 3000 3LCD range which will feature up to 2,500 lumens brightness and mechanical lens shift.>
  • Little Printer will stop working next March as its creator shuts down (2014-09-10 02:40:00)
  • No sapphire on your new iPhone? China's Huawei has you covered (2014-09-10 02:20:33)
    By Se Young Lee and Michael Gold SEOUL/TAIPEI (Reuters) - Apple Inc may have disappointed many consumers by not putting sapphire glass covers on its new iPhone, but the scratch-resistant material is gradually making its way into mobile devices despite manufacturing challenges and high costs. Speculation had been rife in the weeks leading up to Tuesday's unveiling of the iPhone 6 that some models would have the extra protection after Apple partnered in November with U.S.-based GT Advanced Technologies Inc , a mineral crystal specialist, to make sapphire materials for its devices. Apple said sapphire glass would be used on its first smartwatch. It also continues to use the durable material to cover the iPhone's camera lens and home button, but gave no hints as to if, or when, the glass would be used on iPhone screens.
  • Apple to charge banks in new payment system: Bloomberg (2014-09-10 02:16:24)
    (Reuters) - Apple Inc will charge fees from banks every time consumers use their iPhone to make purchases, a move that will give the company a cut of the growing mobile payments market, Bloomberg reported citing people with knowledge of the arrangement. Apple unveiled a watch, two larger iPhones and the mobile payments service Apple Pay on Tuesday. The new iPhones will come equipped with the payments service, which launches in the United States next month and allows users to pay for items in stores with their phones instead of physically presenting their credit or debit cards. Under the deals struck individually with each bank, Apple will collect a fee for each transaction, the report said.
  • X-Plane for Mac review (2014-09-10 02:03:55)
    Flight simulator with accurate cockpit details
  • PS3 Media Server for Mac review (2014-09-10 01:54:28)
    Serve media to PlayStation 3's or other UPnP devices
  • Yojimbo for Mac review (2014-09-10 01:42:50)
    Store any kind of information you can find
  • 'Destiny' video game soars at launch (2014-09-10 01:34:34)
    Hotly-anticipated video game "Destiny" soared at launch, setting a trajectory intended to eclipse the blockbuster hit its makers had with "Halo." "Destiny" from Bungie studio was the most pre-ordered new video game franchise in history, according to publisher Activision. "Destiny is the game we've always wanted to make," Bungie president Harold Ryan said in a launch release. "Destiny has been a labor of love and a remarkable creative journey for everyone at Activision and Bungie," said Activision chief executive Eric Hirshberg.
  • Airfoil for Mac review (2014-09-10 01:28:40)
    Stream music from any application to Airport Express base station
  • Dell's new stick lets you share your tablet's screen with bigger displays (2014-09-10 01:27:00)
  • Flv Crunch for Mac review (2014-09-10 01:22:29)
    Convert files between flv, mpeg 1/2/4, 3gp, mp3, m4a, wmv, wma, avi, mkv, aiff, and others
  • Apple's Jony Ive goes on camera for ABC interview: 'We were working on this for three years' (2014-09-10 01:18:03)
    On a segment recorded for ABC's Nightline this evening, Jony Ive briefly spoke off-script with host David Muir — a rare move for the usually reserved Apple design chief best known for his video appearances that accompany many of the company's product launches. Ive doesn't reveal much beyond pleasantries ("You exist!" Muir exclaims at the beginning), but he does note that the Apple Watch has been a three-year project when asked how this week's event felt for him: The segment also features some moments with Tim Cook from before and after the unveil, where Cook stresses that American manufacturing is still a priority for the company:
  • Jony Ive on the Apple Watch: 'We were working on this for three years' (2014-09-10 01:18:03)
    On a segment recorded for ABC's Nightline this evening, Jony Ive briefly spoke off-script with host David Muir — a rare move for the usually reserved Apple design chief best known for his video appearances that accompany many of the company's product launches. Ive doesn't reveal much beyond pleasantries ("You exist!" Muir exclaims at the beginning), but he does note that the Apple Watch has been a three-year project when asked how this week's event felt for him: The segment also features some moments with Tim Cook from before and after the unveil, where Cook stresses that American manufacturing is still a priority for the company:
  • Photo Slideshow Maker Free Version review (2014-09-10 01:16:44)
    Create Flash slide shows with photos and music
  • PowerISO review (2014-09-10 01:12:06)
    Create, edit, burn, mount, and encrypt CD, DVD, and BD image files
  • Recuva review (2014-09-10 01:08:40)
    Recover files deleted from your Windows computer
  • Revo Uninstaller Portable review (2014-09-10 01:01:47)
    Uninstall unwanted and even broken applications accurately
  • Fujifilm's X100T comes with the coolest viewfinder yet (2014-09-10 01:00:02)
    The X100 kickstarted Fujifilm's renaissance as a purveyor of high-quality, photographer-friendly cameras with its classic control scheme, unique hybrid viewfinder, and compact rangefinder-style build. Fujifilm refined the formula and performance with the X100S almost two years ago, and now the company's back with the X100T, a further evolution of the design. The biggest change by far is the new viewfinder, which expands on the concept of the hybrid optical and electronic unit found in previous models.
  • The Polaroid spirit lives on with Fujifilm's new instant cameras (2014-09-10 01:00:02)
    It turns out the Instax Mini 90 wasn't a one-off. Fujifilm's attempt to lend its kid-friendly instant cameras a touch of class from its high-end X-series was great fun to use, but had a couple of issues — the small Instax prints aren't for everyone, and the $200 entry price takes it out of impulse-buy territory. The Wide 300 uses larger format Instax Wide film, which is around twice the size of regular credit card-sized Instax prints.
  • Speccy review (2014-09-10 00:58:05)
    List out your PC's components and solve the related problems
  • Visa's Token Service generates fake CC numbers to keep your real ones safe (2014-09-10 00:37:00)
  • Watch the DuckTales opening sequence filmed with real ducks (2014-09-10 00:35:43)
    What could make the DuckTales theme song even more awesome? A passel of baby (and grown-up) ducks!>
  • With Qualcomm's Snapdragon 210, even the cheapest smartphones will get LTE (2014-09-09 23:58:00)
  • Stephen Elop wants to put the 'entirety of the Microsoft experience' in your hands (2014-09-09 23:33:00)
  • Author says Christian novel plagiarized, sex added (2014-09-09 22:59:15)
    SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — A Utah author says a schoolteacher plagiarized her Christian romance novel, added graphic sex scenes and passed it off as her own.
  • Microsoft's mid-tier Lumia 830 is coming to AT&T (2014-09-09 22:59:00)
  • Skully extends IndieGoGo campaign for motorcycle helmet (2014-09-09 22:52:29)
    After raising nearly $2 million in a month with presales of its augmented-reality motorcycle helmet, Skully gives fans another 30 days to decide if they want its pricey protection.>
  • Net neutrality father Tim Wu loses primary race for New York lieutenant governor (2014-09-09 22:40:16)
    Tim Wu, a professor at Columbia Law School and freedom-of-information advocate who coined the phrase "net neutrality" back in 2003, lost his bid to become the next lieutenant governor of New York state tonight. According to the Associated Press, Kathy Hocul, a former Republican Congressman and Wu's rival in the Democratic primary for the lieutenant governorship, drew over 60 percent of the tallied vote at the time of this post's publication. ...
  • Prosthetic hand with Wolverine claws is the best there is at what it does (2014-09-09 22:39:19)
    A custom 3D-printed prosthetic hand brings the "snikt" with Marvel hero Wolverine's signature colours -- and detachable claws.>
  • Moto 360 teardown reveals ancient chips, clever tech and a small battery (2014-09-09 22:37:00)
  • BlackBerry tries to combat the iPhone 6 with one of its patented ‘fact checks’ (2014-09-09 22:15:59)
    In case you haven’t noticed, there’s a lot of media hype surrounding a little device called the iPhone 6 that was just unveiled, but BlackBerry wants you to know that you shouldn’t even bother to get it, especially with the BlackBerry Passport just around the corner. In a new “BlackBerry Fact Check” post that went live on Tuesday, BlackBerry tried to give enterprise customers the facts why they should stick with their BlackBerry devices instead of moving over to iOS 8. CATCH THE BLACKBERRY PASSPORT FEVER: Here comes the BlackBerry Passport: BlackBerry announces major September 24th event “BlackBerry will remain the device of choice for those who value security and productivity,” wrote BlackBerry. “Our legacy is in enterprise-grade secure devices, and with BlackBerry
  • Engadget Daily: The best non-Apple news all in one place! (2014-09-09 22:04:00)
  • U2's free iTunes album surprises at Apple launch gala (2014-09-09 22:02:56)
    Veteran Irish rockers U2 pulled off the largest album release in history at Tuesday's Apple Inc event to launch new products, after making its latest record available for free on Apple's iTunes online stores to half a billion iTunes users. The Grammy Award-winning band performed its latest single "The Miracle (of Joey Ramone)" at the Cupertino, California event, at which Apple unveiled two new iPhones, a smart watch and a mobile payments system. U2 released its new 11-track "Songs of Innocence" live on stage with Apple Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook.
  • Twitter thinks it's a good fit for the Apple Watch and other small screens (2014-09-09 21:29:00)
  • Intel's RealSense 3D tech offers glimpse at future of mobile cameras (2014-09-09 21:15:21)
    The Dell Venue 8 7000 series is the world's thinnest tablet. But its standout feature is Intel's RealSense depth camera that, when it makes its way to smartphones, will revamp mobile photography.>
  • Artist cancels exhibition of nude pictures stolen from Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton (2014-09-09 21:08:33)
    Last week LA-based artist XVALA — real name Jeff Hamilton — announced he would display recently leaked naked pictures of celebrities including Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton as part of an upcoming art show he titled "No Delete." But now the artist has backtracked on his original decision, removing the pictures from his planned exhibit, and replacing them with life-size nude pictures of himself. "People were identifying with Jennifer Lawrence‘s and Kate Upton‘s victimization, much more than I had anticipated, which is powerfully persuasive." Hamilton's scheduled exhibit was to be part of his long-running "Fear Google" series, and was to be run at the Cory Allen Contemporary Art gallery.
  • Fashion world divided on first look at Apple Watch (2014-09-09 21:03:02)
    By Christina Farr CUPERTINO Calif. (Reuters) - Apple Inc's newly unveiled smartwatch on Tuesday split fashion arbiters who may prove pivotal to its broad acceptance. Many praised the "Apple Watch", priced from $349 when it debuts next year, for its clean aesthetic, but some bloggers and editors said the watch had a masculine aura, which would limit its allure to parts of the style-conscious crowd. A dial on the side, reminiscent of the winding mechanism on a mechanical watch, can be spun or pushed to manipulate what is on the touch screen. Apple will offer three different versions -- sport, standard, and a luxury edition, with finishes including stainless steel and gold plated.
  • These are the new prices for Apple’s iCloud (2014-09-09 21:00:08)
    Shortly after the huge media event came to a close, Apple updated its website with some news that didn’t quite fit alongside the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, Apple Pay and Apple Watch. Starting now, Apple is introducing new storage plans for iCloud with better prices in order to stay competitive with Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft’s OneDrive. FROM EARLIER: Tim Cook vows to improve iCloud security, prevent future ‘nudegates’ Everyone will still receive 5GB of storage for free, but the other plans have been adjusted: 20GB for $0.99 a month 200GB for $3.99 a month 500GB for $9.99 a month 1TB for $19.99 a month These aren’t quite as impressive as the new Dropbox prices, which offer 1TB of storage for
  • All the non-Apple news you missed on Apple Day (2014-09-09 20:59:55)
    Apple dominated, but there was more news today than just the new iPhones and Apple Watch. Here's what else happened.>
  • Taking Apple Pay for a spin: Hands-on with Apple's mobile payment service (2014-09-09 20:49:00)
  • Apple designed a custom typeface for the Apple Watch, just like Google did for Android (2014-09-09 20:28:34)
    Apple recently swapped Helvetica for Helvetica Neue in iOS and Lucida Grande for Helvetica Neue in OS X Yosemite — but for the Apple Watch, it went a little deeper. The Watch features a new typeface that Apple designed in-house "to maximize legibility," it says — a noble and important goal when you're dealing with a particularly small display. Interestingly, Google's Roboto was designed with some of the same goals in mind when it rolled out with Android 4.0 almost three years ago.
  • Apple unveils smartwatch, bets on wearable devices (2014-09-09 20:26:16)
    CUPERTINO, Calif. (AP) — Apple unveiled its long-anticipated smartwatch Tuesday, introducing a device that transplants the features of an iPhone onto a smaller screen that's never more than an arm's length away.
  • Sprint's new $50 unlimited plan is only for iPhone 6 (and 6 Plus) owners (2014-09-09 20:18:00)
  • The 404 Show 1,548: Mega iPhone 6, 6 Plus, Apple Pay and Apple Watch wrap-up extravaganza! (podcast) (2014-09-09 20:15:02)
    Today's show is a complete wrap-up of Apple's event where the company introduced the iPhone 6, 6 Plus, Apple Pay system and the Apple Watch. Tune in for pricing, first impressions, implications and more!>
  • Airbnb's CEO says company logo looks like an ear (2014-09-09 20:12:47)
    Despite yonic and phallic symbolism claims, Brian Chesky maintains the company logo is all clean -- just like its service.>
  • Netflix makes it easier to marathon shows using your Chromecast (2014-09-09 20:07:00)
  • Sprint angling iPhone 6 buyers with free 'iPhone for Life' leasing plan (2014-09-09 20:04:18)
    If you're the type of person who buys a new iPhone every time one is announced, Sprint wants your money — and your phone when you're done with it. Today the carrier announced a new "iPhone for Life" program that will give you a free Apple iPhone 6 or 6 Plus up front, as long as you pay $20 a month to lease it.
  • Sprint angling iPhone 6 buyers with new 'iPhone for Life' leasing plan (2014-09-09 20:04:18)
    If you're the type of person who buys a new iPhone every time one is announced, Sprint wants your money — and your phone when you're done with it. Today the carrier announced a new "iPhone for Life" program that will give you a free Apple iPhone 6 or 6 Plus up front, as long as you pay $20 a month to lease it.
  • Sprint CEO tries to get back in the game with Apple's iPhone 6 (2014-09-09 20:00:29)
    Marcelo Claure, the wireless carrier's new CEO, plans to introduce a new $50 unlimited data plan for Apple's two new smartphones.>
  • Apple Watch pairs up with Apple Pay mobile payment service (2014-09-09 19:59:11)
    The company encourages consumers to use its mobile payments service by making it available on its highly-anticipated wearable.>
  • Microsoft's Elop: AT&T will sell Lumia 830 for the holidays (2014-09-09 19:51:03)
    Lumia's "affordable" premium smartphone will go on sale with longtime supporter AT&T. No word on pricing or specific availability.>
  • The next Xbox One update will put your friends front and center (2014-09-09 19:45:47)
    The September update for Xbox One was one of the most substantial updates the console has seen so far, adding the long-awaited media player which had managed to evade both the Xbox One and PS4 since launch. Microsoft plans to keep the ball rolling in October with a few more major additions, most notably the new and improved Friends section which will move to the front of the dashboard for easier access. In the upcoming Friends section, you’ll be able to keep track of what each of your Xbox Live friends are doing, what games they’re playing and how they stack up on the new Gamerscore leaderboard. The Achievements app has also been updated to allow you to share your achievement
  • What's on your HDTV: 'Destiny', 'Captain America', 'Sons of Anarchy' (2014-09-09 19:43:00)
  • The FCC wants tougher net neutrality rules for mobile devices (2014-09-09 19:27:00)
  • EA spots gaming promise in Apple Watch, iPhone 6 (Q&A) (2014-09-09 19:24:40)
    EA says the newest crop of smartphones from Apple allow its teams to create console-quality games. Plus, it's looking into making games for wearables.>
  • For Apple, one size no longer fits all (2014-09-09 19:21:41)
    There was just one iPad, one iPhone, and fewer customization options across the entire Mac line than you'd find on a single Dell PC order page. In one of his more humorous presentations, the Apple chief even poked fun at Microsoft's tiered Windows pricing by detailing five "different" versions of Mac OS X Leopard, each one costing $129. Pay a visit to Apple's online store today and you'll find four distinct iPhone options to choose from. Factor in the full array of color and storage options, and picking your iPhone becomes a choice from no fewer than 29 different variants.
  • Spanish English Translator review (2014-09-09 19:21:23)
    Translate words and texts from English to Spanish, and from Spanish to English
  • Apple's new iPhones, Watches, and apps (2014-09-09 19:20:02)
    The essential info on Apple's latest electronics and software.
  • Toyota's new compact concept is for urbanites in need of utility (2014-09-09 19:16:08)
    Compact, spacious, and flexible; the Toyota Urban Utility -- aka U Squared -- concept debuts in San Francisco.>
  • The Verge Live: iPhone 6 and Apple Watch (2014-09-09 19:07:39)
    It's rare that Apple enters new product categories. The Apple Watch is a Big Deal for the company — and on top of that, the company also announced two larger phones — the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 and the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus — and a mobile payment solution, Apple Pay. Join hosts Ross Miller and Chris Ziegler as they break down and explain all the news today and what's to come next. They also check in with Dieter Bohn, who was at the Apple event and able to give first-hand experience with everything.
  • Twitter: Apple Pay mobile payment service is good for us (2014-09-09 19:04:27)
    Twitter's head of global revenue argues that anything that gets people to buy things on their smartphone is good for the social-networking company.>
  • Microsoft said to be nearing $2B-plus deal for Minecraft maker (2014-09-09 19:02:40)
    The deal would boost Microsoft's Xbox game division and be the first billion-dollar-plus deal under new CEO Satya Nadella, according to The Wall Street Journal.>
  • Microsoft in $2 bn talks for 'Minecraft' maker (2014-09-09 18:58:08)
    San Francisco (AFP) - Microsoft is in talks to buy the Swedish company behind the wildly popular "Minecraft" video game in a deal valued at more than $2 billion, The Wall Street Journal said Tuesday.
  • The Apple Watch is designed for everybody (2014-09-09 18:56:00)
    Let's get one thing out of the way: the Apple Watch is not a pretty watch. There will be 34 Apple Watch models across three "collections," and thanks to an ingenious design flourish in the form of a proprietary strap system, each looks distinct. The Apple Watch's customization is deeper.
  • Microsoft nears deal to buy Minecraft maker Mojang : WSJ (2014-09-09 18:50:15)
    (Reuters) - Microsoft Corp is in serious discussions to buy Mojang AB, the Swedish company behind the popular "Minecraft" video game, The Wall Street Journal said, citing a person with knowledge of the matter. "Minecraft" is a game where players build structures with blocks to protect against nocturnal monsters. The acquisition will add to Microsoft's Xbox video game business, at a time when the competition in the video game console market is heating up. Microsoft said in April it had shipped 5 million Xbox One units to retailers worldwide since the launch.
  • Apple Pay Might Just Make Mobile Wallets Finally Happen (2014-09-09 18:46:50)
    Apple announced its mobile payment service — called Apple Pay — Tuesday, effectively sending shivers down the metaphorical spines of competitors like Coin, Google Wallet, and Softcard. Apple's Eddy Cue pretty much covered it during the (painfully) slow intro video: Instead of wasting your precious time rummaging around for your credit card, why not use your phone — which probably never leaves your hand — to digitally pay with a single tap instead? Apple Pay, though, isn't the first service to command your credit cards. Here's how it stacks up against other wallet eradicators. What It Does: By using NFC (near-field communication) technology, the service will store credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, and American Express) and encrypt each transaction made at participating stores using receivers for devices with Apple Pay.
  • Star Apps: Julie Newmar (2014-09-09 18:45:59)
    The actress formerly known as Catwoman reminisces about the iconic drag film named after her, watching Robin Williams work, and her favorite apps.
  • GT shares plunge as Apple taps other source for new iPhone display (2014-09-09 18:45:55)
    By Saqib Iqbal Ahmed NEW YORK (Reuters) - Shares of GT Advanced Technologies Inc plunged in their heaviest-ever trading day on Tuesday after Apple Inc said its new iPhone 6 would not feature screens made with GT's sapphire glass displays. GT's stock began falling abruptly in early afternoon trading as Apple's latest product launch event was underway in Silicon Valley. "There was a chance that Apple would announce Sapphire displays in their new iPhones, and (Apple) has decided not to go that route," Ophir Gottlieb, chief executive officer at Los Angeles-based Capital Market Laboratories LLC, said. GT, which makes equipment for consumer electronics, power electronics, solar and LED products, said last year it would partner with Apple to build a plant to make sapphire screens for iPhones and iPads.
  • LG's G Watch just got a $50 price cut in the Google Play Store (2014-09-09 18:44:00)
  • SoundHound review (2014-09-09 18:42:16)
    Identify music FAST with SoundHound
  • Apple unveils watch, larger iPhones in bid to retake innovation crown (2014-09-09 18:42:11)
    By Christina Farr, Alexei Oreskovic and Deepa Seetharaman CUPERTINO Calif. (Reuters) - Apple Inc unveiled a watch, two larger iPhones and a mobile payments service on Tuesday as Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook seeks to revive the technology company's reputation as a wellspring of innovation. Some expected Apple to blow away the current competition but others warned the fact that it requires a paired iPhone may limit its sales. Starting at $349 - $50 more than the cheapest version of the iPhone 6 with a contract, the lofty price tag may also keep some consumers on the sidelines. It could go up to more than $1,000 for higher-end editions, IDC analyst Danielle Levitas said.
  • Beer drones are back, this time with Google Glass (2014-09-09 18:41:22)
    Crave's Eric Mack traveled to a fictional town for an in-person demo of a push-button, remote-controlled beer delivery drone. Now for the FAA to get onboard with commercial use.>
  • More than 150 years later, shipwreck is found where the Inuit said it was (2014-09-09 18:41:01)
    Because, as it turns out, Inuit lore accurately predicted the location of a shipwreck belonging to British Arctic explorer Sir John Franklin. "The beauty of where [the researchers] found it is it's proof positive of Inuit oral history," said CBC chief correspondent Peter Mansbridge during a live broadcast today.
  • Apple, please don't screw up notifications on the Apple Watch (2014-09-09 18:36:48)
    Notifications are some of the most fragile but important elements of our digital lives today. With an Apple Watch, your wrist is now the thing vibrating. Without some smart software and user education, the Apple Watch could be Apple's most annoying gadget ever.
  • The must-see moments from Apple's iPhone event (2014-09-09 18:33:30)
    Watch the highlights everyone is talking about from Apple's September 9 show.>
  • Snapfish review (2014-09-09 18:30:10)
    Access all your favorite photos from your Android device while youre on the go
  • POLL: What do you think of the Apple Watch’s design? (2014-09-09 18:30:04)
    Although Apple fans have a reputation for blind loyalty, it seems that the Apple Watch’s design has sparked some controversy among some fans who were expecting more from the device. Over at Reddit’s Apple community, the reaction ranges from people who “really like” the Apple Watch to “IT’S HIDEOUS” to a whole bunch of different opinions in between. FROM EARLIER: Apple reveals its game-changer: Meet the Apple Watch and Apple just unveiled its Apple Watch – here’s its release date and price While there’s no general consensus, a couple of themes that emerge from reading the comments are that people really like the innovative way that Apple is using the digital crown as the device’s main input mechanism but are
  • Apple's iPhone 6 and Watch reveal: Behave different (2014-09-09 18:28:53)
    Apple didn't so much introduce new products as try to persuade people to change their behavior. Are people that malleable?>
  • Apple jumps into wearable fray with Apple Watch smartwatch (2014-09-09 18:27:00)
    The new device, with a sapphire-crystal display and pulse-tracking sensors, starts at $349 and will be available early next year.>
  • How does the Apple Watch stack up against Android Wear? (2014-09-09 18:24:02)
    Apple unveiled its big attempt at defining what a smartwatch should look like today with the introduction of the Apple Watch. There are already quite a few competitors vying to define what should go on your wrist, however: Google beat Apple to the punch just a few months ago by releasing Android Wear, and watches powered by it have been hitting stores all summer. It's great that our watches can do more than ever, but we still need them to do one really basic thing: tell us the time — and do it every single time that we look at them.
  • SoundCloud review (2014-09-09 18:21:29)
    Record, listen and share your sounds with the official SoundCloud Android app
  • T-Mobile's Uncarrier 7.0: Join us Wednesday (live blog) (2014-09-09 18:20:26)
    Join CNET for live coverage of T-Mobile's event on September 10 at 1 p.m. PT. Our live blog will bring you news updates, photos and running commentary.>
  • Are you considering ditching your fitness tracker for an Apple Watch? (2014-09-09 18:13:44)
    Apple CEO Tim Cook made a big deal about promoting the Apple Watch's health, lifestyle, and fitness tracking features, which include giving you personalized goals and keeping track of three different broad categories of activities: moving, exercising, and standing. There's no doubt that if it is released with all the features shown off today, the Apple Watch will be one of the most comprehensive and complex fitness bands on the market.
  • Microsoft said to be buying the maker of Minecraft for $2 billion (2014-09-09 18:13:04)
    Microsoft is nearing a deal to buy Mojang AB, makers of the Minecraft video game franchise, according to a new report. According to the Wall Street Journal, the deal would value Mojang at more than $2 billion and could be signed as soon as this week. Microsoft and Mojang declined to comment to the Journal.
  • Apple rolls out new iCloud Drive pricing with up to a terabyte of storage (2014-09-09 18:06:13)
    Making good on its announcement made at WWDC earlier this year, Apple quietly revealed the new, cheaper pricing scheme for iCloud Drive today. The new system puts Apple's cloud service on even footing with the competition —complete with the option for a full terabyte of space — though the cost for more storage is still a bit more expensive than what Dropbox and others offer. According to the Apple website, iCloud Drive offers a range of monthly plans that's considerably cheaper than Apple's original annual pricing scheme. Those plans, however, are already more costly compared to Dropbox and Google Drive's services, which offers a terabyte for $9.99.
  • Kim Dotcom getting copies of data seized in Megaupload raid (2014-09-09 18:05:15)
    Kim Dotcom, former owner of file-sharing and storage site Megaupload, is being reunited with the data from servers that were seized by police in 2012. According to The New Zealand Herald, New Zealand's Court of Appeal has ruled that police must provide copies of the data on all electronic devices that were confiscated in the raid on Dotcom's mansion "as soon as reasonably practicable." It's the latest decision in a protracted battle between Dotcom, New Zealand courts, and the US government, which is attempting to extradite him to face criminal copyright infringement charges. Dotcom is accused of running the now defunct Megaupload as a massive piracy ring, intentionally encouraging people to post copyrighted material. Dotcom, by contrast, has described Megaupload as a Dropbox-like cloud storage service that was not responsible for what individual users uploaded.
  • Apple Watch: Much ado about nothing (2014-09-09 18:00:00)
  • Apple's iPhone payment system won't disrupt current power brokers (2014-09-09 17:56:13)
    Apple unveiled a new iPhone-based payment system that could succeed where prior efforts failed.
  • What's the Difference Between the iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus? (2014-09-09 17:50:11)
    Today, Apple unloaded two very exciting new devices: the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus. Here's how they stack up against the last model, iPhone 5S:   iPhone 6 Plus iPhone 6 iPhone 5S Screen Size 5.5 inches 4.7 inches 4 inches Thickness 7.1 mm 6.9 mm 7.6 mm Weight 6.07 ounces 4.55 ounces 3.95 ounces Display 1920 x 1080 pixels, 401 pixels per inch 1334 x 750 pixels, 326 ppi
  • Square Enix service lets you rent Final Fantasy games on your phone (2014-09-09 17:48:00)
  • Destiny first impressions: Blinded by the hype (2014-09-09 17:45:47)
    I’m glad that I invested some time into the alpha and beta tests of Destiny, because I know I would have been disappointed with the game otherwise. Destiny isn’t what I expected. I don’t know if it’s what I was promised, but the ideas are spread so thin that it only seems to scratch the surface of what I’ve come to expect from an MMO, a shooter or even a Bungie title. But I think I’m enjoying it regardless. It’s an odd dichotomy — Destiny doesn’t hold up against the best shooters on the market: the loot isn’t nearly as fun to collect as it is in Borderlands 2, the gunplay isn’t as smooth as Call of Duty and the world
  • Will My Passion for iPhone Prevail? A Personal Memoir (2014-09-09 17:44:54)
    This is one of the biggest decisions I have ever had to make: to keep my iPhone or to move to Samsung, LG or another Android-based provider. After years of being a faithful iPhone user, I finally had to face the fact that I seem to care more about Apple than Apple cares about me as an end-user.Yes, I had put up with high-priced phones and...
  • Snapchat review (2014-09-09 17:36:05)
    Snap a photo or a video, add a caption, and send it to a friend
  • Snapchat Settled Its Huge Copyright Lawsuit While We Ogled the iPhone (2014-09-09 17:23:09)
    While Snapchat was obviously hoping to bury the news under a pile of iPhones, it still made the rounds. Brown was one of the company's three original co-founders (the other two are Evan Spiegel and Robert Murphy) and The Verge believes he was vying for one third of the company's worth, over a billion dollars.
  • Snapchat acknowledges jilted founder, settles legal spat (2014-09-09 17:23:00)
  • U2 surprise Apple event with new album released for free on iTunes (2014-09-09 17:19:25)
    Veteran Irish rockers U2 pulled off a surprise at Apple Inc's event to launch new products on Tuesday, making its latest album available for free on Apple's iTunes online store. The Grammy Award-winning band performed at the Cupertino, California event, at which Apple unveiled two new iPhones, a smart watch and a mobile payments system. U2 released its new 11-track "Songs of Innocence" live on stage with Apple Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook. The album immediately appeared in iTunes users' music libraries.
  • EU ups pressure on Google in anti-trust probe (2014-09-09 17:16:21)
    US Internet giant Google saw chances of a quick resolution to an anti-trust probe fade on Tuesday after EU Competition Commissioner Joaquin Almunia called for "new solutions" to address complaints from rivals. Google and the Commission agreed a deal in February over charges that the world's largest search engine was squeezing out competitors in Europe, thereby avoiding potentially billions in fines against the company. In that accord, Google agreed to give equal prominence to rival services in its search results after competitors -- including Microsoft and TripAdvisor -- argued the company has abused its dominant position in the European market, where it accounts for 90 percent of traffic. "We need to analyse this and to see if... Google can find solutions to some of these concerns that we consider justified," he said.
  • Tim Cook pumps up Apple employees after ‘exciting,’ ‘amazing’ media event (2014-09-09 17:15:30)
    Tim Cook will never compete with, say, Steve Ballmer when it comes to projecting raucous energy. That said, the Apple CEO did send out a memo to employees after the company’s big media event on Tuesday afternoon that praised them for their work over the lats several months and thanking them for helping him deliver an “exciting” presentation of “amazing” products. “A day like today reminds us what sets Apple apart from any other company on earth,” Cook wrote in the memo, which was obtained by 9to5Mac. “We bring together the best hardware, software and services to create a seamless and intuitive user experience. Our products enrich people’s lives, which is something rare and special.” Be sure to check out
  • Smart Voice Recorder review (2014-09-09 17:09:46)
    Record business meetings, a regular day of your babysitter, how you sing and more
  • Apple’s iPhone 6 and Apple Watch event in photos (2014-09-09 17:09:02)
    Apple announced the iPhone 6, the iPhone 6 Plus, the Apple Watch, and plenty more today in a two-hour event at the Flint Center for the Performing Arts in Cupertino, CA. On the software side, Apple Pay (and the company's adoption of NFC technology) was the biggest announcement as Apple begins its move into the mobile payment world. Although there were widespread problems with Apple's live stream of the event, the Verge staff was on-site to capture the best moments from the keynote address, which you can check out below, and be sure to take a look at our StoryStream for the rest of the day's reporting.
  • Jack Ma, 'capital-lite' model impress at Alibaba's Boston IPO event (2014-09-09 17:09:01)
    By Tim McLaughlin and Ross Kerber BOSTON (Reuters) - Alibaba Group Holding Ltd has two major things going for it as it prepares for an initial public offering that could raise more than $21 billion: founder Jack Ma and a "capital-lite" business model. While corporate governance remains a concern, several fund managers and analysts said Ma gave an impressive performance during the company's pitch in Boston on Tuesday for what stands to be the largest-ever U.S. They also said the Chinese e-commerce company's business model features strong cash-flow generation and low capital intensity similar to U.S. Internet stars Facebook Inc and Google Inc. "He's executed well," said Will Danoff, who runs the $111 billion Contrafund for Fidelity Investments.
  • Apple Watch explained in under 2 minutes (2014-09-09 17:05:04)
    Apple finally enters the smartwatch race with the Apple Watch. Like others, it's a fitness tracker, but the Watch features a unique digital crown and offers numerous customization options.
  • Intel's building a reference tablet for Android developers (2014-09-09 17:04:00)
  • Verizon offers free iPhone 6 in return for two-year contract, used phone (2014-09-09 17:01:41)
    By Marina Lopes WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Verizon Communications will give subscribers who trade in an old iPhone a free iPhone 6 in exchange for a two-year contract, the country's largest wireless carrier announced hours after Apple Inc unveiled the widely anticipated device. The announcement came as critics speculated that Apple's newest phone, starting at $199 with a two-year contract, would not be competitive as more carriers eliminate contracts and unbundle service charges from the cost of devices. Analysts say that by making the cost of devices more transparent, equipment financing plans make expensive handsets like the iPhone less appealing. On the other hand, the plans allow customers to pay for devices in installments, making pricy devices like the iPhone more accessible.
  • The Apple Watch’s biggest unsolved mystery (2014-09-09 17:00:37)
    Apple answered many of our burning questions about its first wearable computer when it unveiled the Apple Watch on Tuesday, but there’s a crucially important one that remains: How good (or bad) is the device’s battery life? FROM EARLIER: Will the iWatch’s battery life be just as disappointing as the Moto 360’s? This is particularly important because we expect our watches to go with us wherever we go and not need charging every few hours just to stay functional. The Moto 360 has taken its lumps for subpar battery life and there are significant questions about whether the Apple Watch’s battery will be similarly disappointing. Unfortunately, we got no answer to that question, which makes sense because Apple is still in
  • Apple Watch: Top 7 Features (2014-09-09 16:58:23)
    While smartwatches are still in their infancy, Tim Cook says the Apple Watch was designed to redefine what people expect from the category. And this touchscreen device, which comes in large or small, might do just that. Here's what we know about the $349 Apple Watch so far.
  • Watch all the videos Apple played today (2014-09-09 16:57:42)
    Apple truly had one of its biggest events in years at the Flint Center earlier today. But one of the best parts of these unveilings is always the videos the company produces for its new and improved products. With two new iPhones and the Apple Watch to build up hype for — along with a new U2 album to get excited about — Apple made no fewer than nine new spots. Watch them all here.
  • Apple reveals new iCloud pricing, but you still only get 5GB of space for free (2014-09-09 16:56:00)
  • Apple unveils watch, larger iPhones in a bid to retake innovation crown (2014-09-09 16:55:32)
    By Christina Farr, Alexei Oreskovic and Deepa Seetharaman CUPERTINO Calif. (Reuters) - Apple Inc unveiled a watch, two larger iPhones and a mobile payments service on Tuesday as Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook seeks to revive the technology company's reputation as a wellspring of innovation. Ben Wood, a top mobile phone industry analyst with CCS Insight based in the UK, said Apple's smartwatch devices will propel a so-far lackluster product category into consumer consciousness. "For Apple’s competitors it will turn a tough category into a nightmare,” Wood said. Indeed, rival watch and wearable device makers are keeping a wary eye on Apple, which up-ended the music industry and drove once-dominant phone makers like Blackberry to the brink of extinction, and whose iPad helped shrink personal computer sales for a time before they recently recovered.
  • iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus: Top 8 Features (2014-09-09 16:54:06)
    Apple has finally stepped up to big-screen smartphones with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. On sale Sept. 19, the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 will start at $199 for 16GB and the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus will start at $299 for 16GB. The iPhone 6 sports a curved glass front that meets an anodized aluminum back.
  • Apple's new products and services (2014-09-09 16:52:09)
    In an ambitious series of launches, technology giant Apple unveiled a range of new products and services at its event on Tuesday. Apple is stretching the screen size for its iPhones to better compete with devices from Samsung and others. Described as the company's "most personal device ever," the Apple Watch will pair with iPhones and allow users to view messages and apps on the wrist. Seeking to push forward adoption of mobile payments, Apple Pay will be built into the new iPhones with a near field connection (NFC) antenna that allows users to tap their phones at retailers.
  • Apple Watch will unlock your hotel room door, guide you home and more: the app roundup (2014-09-09 16:51:00)
  • Apple Pay hands-on: is this the future of payments? (2014-09-09 16:50:20)
    I just spent some quick time using Apple Pay on an iPhone 6 Plus, and it's remarkably smooth. The phone was loaded up with a handful of credit cards, and holding the top of the phone about an inch from the card reader with my thumb on the TouchID home button triggered a payment from the default card in about five to 10 seconds. Apple Pay also works with apps on the phone — the demo of choice here is Uber, which allows you to forego setting up an account if you want to use Apple Pay. Just hit "Ride Now" and you can call for a car by setting your location and authenticating against your Apple Pay account with Touch ID.
  • The truth hurts, Apple fans: You can thank Samsung for your big new iPhone displays (2014-09-09 16:45:10)
    Now that Apple has finally taken the wraps off the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus, and Apple fans are going crazy with anticipation over the largest iPhones ever released, something needs to be said. And that something is, “Thank you, Samsung.” WHEN WE GOT IT WRONG: Samsung’s Galaxy Note is the most useless phone I’ve used I imagine saying this may be hard for some Apple fans who seemingly believe that Apple has nothing to learn from other companies and instead comes up with divinely inspired ideas with the help of a magical rainbow unicorn leprechaun hideout located deep within the bowels of Cupertino. But let’s be honest here: If Samsung never decided to release the Galaxy Note, there’s no way that Apple
  • Here's another reason you won't buy Intel's luxury wearable (2014-09-09 16:39:00)
  • The Apple Watch is poised to dominate the market for digital fitness trackers (2014-09-09 16:37:38)
    Apple unveiled its new smartwatch today, and CEO Tim Cook spent a lot of time onstage talking about the two major selling points of the device. "It's a new, intimate way to communicate from your wrist, and a comprehensive health and fitness device." The Apple Watch is being pushed as an accessory to help the average person lead a more active life and for professional athletes to take their training to the next level. If it works as promised, the Apple Watch is poised to change all that. "The Apple Watch is powerful.
  • $52 worth of awesome paid iPhone apps you can get for free right now (8 apps total) (2014-09-09 16:15:24)
    Apple’s huge iPhone event was obviously the biggest news of the day, but the dust has now settled and it’s time to move on. On Monday, BGR shared a list of eight nifty paid iPhone and iPad apps worth a combined $87 that were made available for free for a limited time, and now we’re back with eight more apps that would typically cost a combined $52. Nearly $140 worth of apps for free in just two days? That’s right, but you’d better hurry if you want to snag them all. These are paid iPhone and iPad apps that have been made available for free for a limited time by their developers. There is no way to tell how long
  • Report: CEO made wrong decision before plane crash (2014-09-09 16:08:47)
    BOISE, Idaho (AP) — The likely causes of a 2012 airplane crash that killed the head of memory chip maker Micron are a decrease in engine power during takeoff and the man's ill-fated decision to turn the experimental plane around rather than make an emergency landing, federal investigators say.
  • The iPhone 6 Plus preview (hands-on) (2014-09-09 16:05:00)
  • iPhone 6 and 6 Plus hands-on (2014-09-09 16:04:06)
    The Verge takes a hands-on look at Apple's 4.7 inch iPhone 6 and 5.5 inch iPhone 6 Plus.
  • iPhone 6 Plus versus the competition: bigger is better, right? (2014-09-09 15:59:00)
  • Facebook group on trial in France for speed trap tip-offs (2014-09-09 15:56:42)
    Members of a Facebook group that tipped off motorists about speed traps in southern France slammed the "hypocritical" nature of the case against them as their trial opened on Tuesday. The case, the first of its kind in France, targets 15 suspects, including the group's co-founder. "Here are the Internet terrorists," their lawyer Remy Josseaume told the court sarcastically in the southern city of Rodez. The Facebook group "Which Tells You Where The Police Are In (the southern French town of) Aveyron" was created in 2012 and has more than 10,000 members.
  • You know Apple has screwed up when Denny's is making fun of it (2014-09-09 15:56:26)
    Apple might have wowed the crowd in attendance at Cupertino today with the iPhone 6 and Apple Watch, but it wasn't all sunshine and roses. The tech giant couldn't keep its event live stream running smoothly, with the video seemingly buckling under the pressure of hundreds of thousands trying to watch it at the same time. The video dropped out repeatedly, and it sometimes returned with a bizarre version dubbed in Chinese. Other times all viewers could see was an embarrassing video test pattern. ...
  • Snapchat uses Apple's big day as a diversion to hide some dramatic news (2014-09-09 15:54:08)
    Snapchat announced today that it had settled out of court with Reggie Brown, the Snapchat founders' fraternity brother who claimed to have invented the app's trademark disappearing messages. While Snapchat wouldn't disclose exactly how large the settlement was, Brown's lawyers previously stated to Forbes that they were hoping for one third of the company — which now equates to more than a billion dollars in value. "Reggie Brown originally came up with the idea of creating an application for sending disappearing picture messages while he was a student at Stanford University.
  • Stephen Hawking wants Intel developers to help build a connected wheelchair (2014-09-09 15:53:00)
  • Here are the most important things Apple announced today (2014-09-09 15:52:40)
    Apple fans had a lot to take in on Tuesday as Apple unveiled the new products that will shape its immediate future and its long-term future. For this coming fall and the holiday season, Apple showed off its brand new iPhone lineup as well as a fantastic new mobile payment service. Looking to next year and beyond, the company unveiled a wearable device that CEO Tim Cook says marks the start of a bold new direction for the company. So, what were the most important things Apple announced during Tuesday’s big press conference? For more on Apple’s big event, be sure to check out our event hub! iPhone 6 First and foremost, the iPhone 6 is Apple’s flagship smartphone for
  • iPhone 6 pricing in the UK: what you need to know (2014-09-09 15:52:00)
  • Poll: Are you buying a next-gen iPhone? What about an Apple Watch? (2014-09-09 15:49:19)
    It's over. Apple made a few huge announcements today: the company unveiled two new iPhones and the all-new Apple Watch. The only question left is: How many people will buy them?
  • Canada's Quebecor seeks easier rules, citing Netflix threat (2014-09-09 15:46:48)
    By Alastair Sharp TORONTO (Reuters) - Canada's telecommunications regulator should ease restrictions on domestic television providers because of the competitive threat they face from online services like Netflix Inc, Quebecor Inc Chief Executive Pierre Dion told a hearing on Tuesday Left unregulated, he said Netflix will become the largest distributor of video content in Canada, leaving domestic broadcasters struggling to compete. Pleas by Canadian cable and satellite television providers like Quebecor for greater flexibility are likely to be a recurring theme in an inquiry by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) into the state of television in Canada.
  • The Verge Live: Apple event reaction (2014-09-09 15:37:55)
  • RIP Click Wheel: Apple discontinues the iPod classic (2014-09-09 15:36:00)
  • iPhone 6 Plus specs and features – here’s everything you need to know (2014-09-09 15:35:48)
    In addition to the 4.7-inch iPhone 6, Apple on Tuesday also introduced its first phablet ever, the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus. Here is the full set of specs and features for Apple’s biggest iPhone yet. For the latest breaking news from Apple’s huge event, be sure to check out our event hub! Size: 158.1 x 77.8 x 7.1 mm 5.5-inchRetina HD LCD LED-backlit display with 1920 x 1080 resolution (401ppi) with ion-strenthened glass and 88% more pixels than iPhone 5s 64-bit 20-nanometer Apple A8 processor (20% faster CPU, 50% faster graphics) second-generation M8 motion coprocessor 16/64/128GB of storage 8-megapixel camera with True Tone flash, 1.5micron pixels, f/2.2 aperture optical image stabilization, cinematic video stabilization and continuous autofocus video new 1.2-megapixel FaceTime HD camera
  • iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus explained in under 2 minutes (2014-09-09 15:34:41)
    Apple announced two larger phones iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Here's what you need to know about its new processor, camera and design.
  • Apple Watch's battery life is a mystery and that's a problem (2014-09-09 15:28:59)
    Apple announced its first wearable today, the new Apple Watch. It's packed with a lot of features, including voice controls, tight integration with the iPhone, custom notifications, and support for Apple Pay, the company's new payments platform.
  • The iPhone 6 vs the competition: can it stay ahead? (2014-09-09 15:25:00)
  • Apple Watch hands-on (2014-09-09 15:24:49)
    Apple's long awaited smartwatch is finally here. The Verge takes a hands-on look at the Apple Watch.
  • iPod classic comes to an end: a look back at Apple's iconic music player (2014-09-09 15:24:14)
    The Walkman may have started the first portable music revolution, but the iPod began the second. It increasingly put thousands upon thousands of songs in your pocket, and made it so that no one ever had to leave behind a track from their library again. And beyond all of that, it just happened to kickstart Apple’s dominating position in mobile.
  • iPhone: A visual history (2014-09-09 15:24:06)
    In early 2007 Steve Jobs announced the very first iPhone. Designed to “reinvent the phone,” Apple’s iPhone has revolutionized smartphones and shaped the industry into what it is today. The first iPhone mixed a capacitive 3.5-inch multi-touch display with touch-optimized software in a simple package that was unlike anything else on the market. Over the last seven years, Apple has refined and tweaked its iPhone into what it is today: the iPhone 6.
  • The most important feature Apple didn't talk about today (2014-09-09 15:21:26)
    Today's event offered Apple fans a lot to get excited about: a new kind of watch, a huge iPhone and a new way to pay for things, for a start. Just a week after attackers penetrated iCloud, stealing private photos from the service’s most famous users, Apple made no reference to new security features, or plans to lock down its massive infrastructure. Can we trust Apple to keep that data safe? The iPhone 6 was the star of the show, a show Apple has been planning for years, so it's understandable if Tim Cook didn't want to spoil the new iPhone's debut with references to this month's bad PR.
  • iPhone 6 specs and features – here’s everything you need to know (2014-09-09 15:18:09)
    Apple on Tuesday unveiled two new, bigger iPhones, just as all the leaks suggested, including the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 and the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus. The increase in screen size isn’t the only change coming to the iPhone line, so in what follows you can check out the full set of specs for the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 model. For the latest breaking news from Apple’s huge event, be sure to check out our event hub! Size: 138.1 x 67 x 6.9mm Weight: 129g 4.7-inch Retina HD LCD LED-backlit display with 1334 x 750 resolution (326ppi) with ion-strenthened glass and 38% more pixels than iPhone 5s 64-bit 20-nanometer Apple A8 processor (20% faster CPU, 50% faster graphics) second-generation M8 motion coprocessor 16/64/128GB of
  • Visa launches new service to secure online payments (2014-09-09 15:16:09)
    (Reuters) - The world's largest credit and debit card company, Visa Inc, launched a new service to replace account information on plastic cards with a digital account number known as "token". Visa said tokens would not carry a consumer's account details, and online merchants and mobile devices would be able to securely store them. (Reporting by Amrutha Gayathri in Bangalore; Editing by Joyjeet Das)
  • The iPhone 6: up close with Apple's slightly smaller bigger phone (2014-09-09 15:14:08)
    For months it's seemed like a foregone conclusion that Apple was going to go bigger with the iPhone. The more moderate new model of iPhone is the iPhone 6, a 4.7-inch model, which looks much like the iPhone 5S. Its power button has been moved to the side, the edges have been slightly rounded, which make it feel almost like a throwback to the very first iPhone. It's 6.9mm thick, thinner than both the 5S and the iPhone 6 Plus, despite having the new A8 processor and a handful of new chips and sensors.
  • The iPhone 6 Plus hands-on: yeah, it's big (2014-09-09 15:12:52)
    I just had the chance to play with the larger 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus, and while it's nothing surprising after all the leaks, it's still a fascinating phone. It's right in the middle of the familiar iPhone experience and the iPad; If you've seen the leaks, you already have a good understanding of what this larger iPhone looks like, but in person it's not at all what you'd expect.
  • Apple Watch hands-on: a rounded, square wonder (2014-09-09 15:09:45)
    After nearly two years of rumors, the Apple Watch has finally been unveiled. Designed to work in tandem with an iPhone, the Apple Watch is packed with sensors that can be used to help monitor your activity. The Apple Watch will come in two distinct sizes — 1.5 inches and 1.65 inches — with multiple color and style options for each. Leading up to Apple's event today, we were expecting two watch sizes, both capped with sapphire crystal panels overlaying small displays.
  • iOS 8 Gold Master now available to download (2014-09-09 15:08:46)
    Apple has had its work cut out for it this summer. The first few beta releases of iOS 8 seemed rushed and buggy, but Apple engineers have clearly pulled things together in the past few betas. The result is a mobile operating system that is almost ready for prime time, but there were a few more wrinkles to iron out before iOS 8 reaches the public next week. Now, Apple has released the Gold Master version of iOS 8 as it prepares to finalize its code and issue the final version of iOS 8. FROM EARLIER: Cutting through the hype: The 5 best new features in iOS 8 The iOS 8 GM is available right now for developers with compatible iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. It can be downloaded from
  • With no bank in charge, Alibaba's bankers learn to work together (2014-09-09 15:07:14)
    Alibaba Group Holding Ltd's desire to keep tight control over its $21.1 billion share sale has left a vacuum at the helm of its banking syndicate, leading underwriters to take unusual steps to manage the offering, according to sources familiar with the situation. Facebook Inc, for example, had Morgan Stanley in that role, while Twitter Inc used Goldman Sachs Group Inc for the job. Alibaba, however, decided to do without one bank in charge of its IPO, and instead is seeking advice from all its major bookrunners. The move gives Alibaba control of the process as no one bank has a complete picture of what is going on.
  • Skout review (2014-09-09 15:06:06)
    Meet MILLIONS of single girls and guys at Skout for flirting, dating, friendship and love Chat and browse photos for FREE Use SKOUT to flirt,
  • iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus: Pricing, release dates and everything else you need to know (2014-09-09 15:05:47)
    Apple’s huge press conference has finally wrapped up, and Apple fans have a lot to be excited about this fall. The most exciting new product shown off on stage on Tuesday was certainly the all new Apple Watch, which marks Apple’s first venture into wearable computing. Of course, the iPhone is still Apple’s big money-maker, and the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are almost certainly on their way to becoming Apple’s best-selling smartphones ever. How much will they cost? When can you buy them? Everything you need to know follows below. FROM EARLIER: Apple reveals its game-changer: Meet the Apple Watch First and foremost, Apple’s new iPhones are huge upgrades from the current iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c. They feature
  • Why Management Is Out of Control: Employee 2.0 (2014-09-09 15:03:07)
    Sweatshops, child labor, unsafe conditions, and poor wages. Thankfully these are largely just bad memories for the American workforce. A better life for employees did not come easily, as laborers fought managers and owners for many years to win these basic rights.We are now on the cusp of a new revolution -- something we're dubbing: Employee...
  • Apple unveils larger iphones, smartwatch, Apple Pay (2014-09-09 15:01:17)
    Yahoo Finance and Yahoo Tech team up for a live special report on the Apple announcement at 3pm ET
  • Apple unveils the Watch, larger iPhones at star-studded event (2014-09-09 14:51:13)
    By Christina Farr, Alexei Oreskovic and Deepa Seetharaman CUPERTINO Calif. (Reuters) - Apple Inc unveiled a new watch, two larger iPhones and a mobile payments service on Tuesday as Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook seeks to revive the company's reputation as a wellspring of innovation. Rival watch and wearable device makers are keeping a wary eye on Apple, which up-ended the music industry and drove once-dominant phone makers like Blackberry to the brink of extinction, and whose iPad helped shrink personal computer sales for a time before they recently recovered. Rival electronics giants such as Sony Corp, Samsung, LG Electronics Inc and Qualcomm Inc have already launched smartwatches, albeit without much success. I like the level of elegance and the three different lines, which include sport and luxury," said Angela Tafoya, at fashion blog Refinery29.
  • Apple unveils the Watch, calling it the company's 'next chapter' (2014-09-09 14:37:14)
    CUPERTINO Calif. (Reuters) - Apple Inc unveiled its long-anticipated smartwatch on Tuesday, venturing into its first new market in several years with a wearable device tethered to the iPhone that will combine health and fitness tracking with communications. It's the first new product to be developed and introduced under Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook's reign, the next chapter in Apple's history. (Reporting by Christina Farr and Alexei Oreskovic; Editing by Bernard Orr)
  • Google-appointed panel kicks off tour of Europe to debate privacy rights (2014-09-09 14:19:49)
    By Julia Fioretti and Robert Hetz BRUSSELS/MADRID (Reuters) - A specialist panel appointed by search engine giant Google to help it implement a landmark court ruling on privacy rights held a meeting in Madrid on Tuesday, their first in a seven-stop tour to gather the views of European experts on the issue. The European Union's top court ruled in May that people have a right to request that years-old personal information that is no longer relevant be removed from Internet search results. The judgment has pitted free speech supporters against privacy advocates who are alarmed that search engine operators such as Google, Microsoft and Yahoo are in a position to judge what personal information remains accessible. Google has already come under fire from regulators for its handling of such "right to be forgotten" requests, of which it says it has received thousands each month.
  • APPLE LIVE: Larger iPhones and smartwatch unveiled (2014-09-09 14:13:54)
    CUPERTINO, Calif. (AP) — For the first time in years, Apple's iPhones aren't the star of the show. Apple unveiled a smartwatch on Tuesday, a wearable device that marks the company's first major entry in a new product category since the iPad's debut in 2010.
  • Apple unveils ApplePay mobile wallet (2014-09-09 14:09:13)
    San Francisco (AFP) - Apple unveiled a new mobile wallet on Tuesday aimed at allowing consumers to use iPhones linked to credit cards for more secure, convenient payments.
  • Apple said 'One more thing' for the first time since Steve Jobs' death (2014-09-09 14:05:27)
    For the first time since the death of Steve Jobs, Tim Cook took the stage and let himself say Jobs' signature line: "One more thing." The phrase was said moments before the new Apple Watch reveal — probably the biggest new device since Jobs' death — and clearly signals that the company is finally willing to let the Jobs legacy lie.
  • Apple reveals its game-changer: Meet the Apple Watch (2014-09-09 14:02:15)
    Apple’s came out of the gates swinging with the reveal of the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus, but there’s one huge announcement left to make. Tim Cook just revealed the Apple Watch, Apple’s first new entry into a new category in years and the first wearable from the Cupertino company. For the latest breaking news from Apple’s huge event, be sure to check out our event hub! Developing… Apple Watch has a brand new interface, different than anything we’ve ever seen from iOS. Rather than try to port a smartphone experience to the smartwatch, Apple is instead catering to the hardware in order to suit the UI. For example, the crown on the side of the Apple Watch can be used to zoom
  • Apple Watch announced (2014-09-09 14:00:22)
    The iWatch is real and it's called the Apple Watch. Tim Cook describes it as the next chapter in Apple's history. It's a "comprehensive health and fitness device," says Cook, much as it was expected, but it's also "an extremely precise and customizable timepiece." It is the most personal device that Apple's ever created. The key innovation that Apple is touting is a breakthrough in input mechanics, using a Digital Crown on the Watch that can scroll, zoom, and navigate the user interface without obstructing the display.
  • Apple Has Released the Highly Anticipated Watch (2014-09-09 13:58:26)
    After months of speculation, the Apple wearable is finally here. Technically it is called "Apple Watch."  The watch is all about customization, "to reflect your personal style and taste," says Tim Cook. This is the Watch's home button (and it's pretty genius.) Jony Ive, the designer, is hinted to as Cook says, "Watch has an amazing and rich design story." 
  • Apple Watch is Cupertino's new wearable (2014-09-09 13:58:00)
  • Apple Pay allows you to pay at the counter with your iPhone 6 (2014-09-09 13:49:45)
    Proud new iPhone 6 owners will be able to use their phones at the cash register in order to pay for everyday purchases, Apple announced today, a feature the company has been preparing for a long time. The feature is called Apple Pay, and it aims to revolutionize the "fairly antiquated payments process" using an NFC antenna, Touch ID, Passbook, and something Apple is calling the Secure Element. Apple has announced a slew of partners, including Subway, McDonalds, Disney, Walgreens, Macy's, Sephora, and of course, Apple stores. Partners like Groupon, Uber, and Panera have also integrated Apple Pay to allow customers to pay without having to enter any payment information.
  • Apple unveils Apple Pay, its bold new service the replace your wallet (2014-09-09 13:49:04)
    Apple’s big media event is underway and the company has just announced its hugely ambitious project to kill off the wallet. Although Google has tried to do this in the past with its Google Wallet app, Apple is going to try to take advantage of its hundreds of millions of iTunes accounts to get the job done. The new service will be called Apple Pay and it aims to take all of the pain points from having multiple credit cards and identification cards in our wallets. For the latest breaking news from Apple’s huge event, be sure to check out our event hub! As expected, Apple Pay will take advantage of NFC capabilities on the iPhone 6 to help enable
  • Apple Pay comes to the iPhone for handling mobile purchases, NFC in tow (2014-09-09 13:49:00)
  • Apple drops iPhone 5s price to $99 and the 5c to 'free' on contract (2014-09-09 13:48:00)
  • Apple kicks off star-studded event with larger iPhones (2014-09-09 13:47:56)
    By Christina Farr and Alexei Oreskovic CUPERTINO Calif. (Reuters) - Apple Inc unveiled two new iPhones on Tuesday with sharper and larger displays, moving into a market segment dominated by arch-rival Samsung Electronics. Apple is expected to introduce its first new product since the iPad in 2010, a smartwatch, later on Tuesday. Bernstein Research analyst Toni Sacconaghi estimated on Tuesday that if Apple were to sell 30 million iWatches at $250 each, it would add about $7.5 billion to its revenue. Rival electronics giants such as Sony Corp, Samsung, LG Electronics Inc and Qualcomm Inc have already launched smartwatches, albeit without much success.
  • The top iPhone and iPad apps on App Store (2014-09-09 13:47:34)
    App Store Official Charts for the week ending September 8, 2014:
  • Tim Cook Launches Apple Pay (2014-09-09 13:45:58)
    There was speculation and some reports that Apple would launch a mobile payment system today during their event. Now, Tim Cook has started his schpeel on the future of your wallet.  The new process is being called "Apple Pay" per Cook's description, "Apple is about to enter an entirely new category of service." Our second demo is of Apple Pay, and its simply a beep on a purchase terminal. Apple is, of course, concerned with security on this new system.
  • Electronic Arts drops Ray Rice from Madden game (2014-09-09 13:45:07)
    NEW YORK (AP) — Video game publisher Electronic Arts is removing former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice from its recently released Madden NFL 15 title, the latest company to pull its support for the player.
  • Apple will release iOS 8 to the public on September 17th (2014-09-09 13:43:01)
    We all went into Tuesday’s big Apple press conference excited about the hardware announcements the company had in store, but let’s not forget that all of Apple’s great new hardware is powered by the latest version of its mobile software platform, iOS 8. Alongside all of the big new hardware reveals during Apple’s event, the company also stated that it will release iOS 8 to the public on September 17th, just ahead of the iPhone 6’s launch. Apple’s new iOS 8 software features tons of great new features, many of which we covered in our big iOS 8 preview earlier this summer. Among them are interactive notifications, a new Quick Type keyboard, third-party keyboard support, tons of new APIs for developers,
  • iOS 8 available for iPhone and iPad on September 17th (2014-09-09 13:42:43)
    Apple’s latest iOS 8 update will be available on September 17th for existing iPhones and iPads. The overarching theme is a bond between OS X and iOS 8 thanks to a new Continuity feature that lets you share files, phone calls, and SMS messages between Macs and iPhones. Apple is also two new HealthKit and Family Sharing features.
  • iOS 8 will be available to download on September 17th (2014-09-09 13:41:00)
  • Apple drops iPhone 5S price to $99, makes iPhone 5C its free option (2014-09-09 13:40:45)
    As is always the case when Apple launches new iPhones, the lower end of the company's product offerings is getting shuffled around. Rather than update the controversial iPhone 5C, Apple has decided to slot that in as a free offering (with 8GB of storage, down from the 16GB it launched with), while the iPhone 5S now occupies its place at the $99 price point (both with a two-year contract, of course). It's probably the most logical thing Apple could have done with its increasingly complicated iPhone lineup — the iPhone 5C is essentially 2012's iPhone 5, and Apple has traditionally put its two-year-old phones in the free price slot. Keeping the iPhone 5S around at the $99 price point serves a few smart purposes — it gives customers a premium-quality iPhone with a smaller screen, should the iPhone 6 be too large, and it also helps the proliferation of Touch ID-enabled devices.
  • iPhone 6 release date September 19th, prices start at $199 for 4.7-inch, $299 for 5.5-inch (2014-09-09 13:40:32)
    You'll be able to buy Apple's iPhone 6 starting next Friday, September 19th. The larger 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus is priced slightly higher at $299. Each model will be available in space gray, gold, and silver — much like the iPhone 5S — and pre-orders kick off on September 12th The big four US cellular providers (Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile) will all be offering Apple's latest flagship on day one, and of course you'll also be able to purchase iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus at the Apple Store, Best Buy, and the usual batch of retail locations.
  • iPhone 6 Has Mega Improved Battery Life (2014-09-09 13:36:37)
    Finally, Apple is going to let us our phones for an entire day without being tethered to a charger. All we have ever really wanted to extended battery life from Apple:
  • Apple's new motion chip can tell the difference between cycling and running (2014-09-09 13:34:10)
    Apple senior VP Phil Schiller today announced that both the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus will sport a new M8 motion processor with barometer included. The processor is designed with fitness in mind, as Schiller boasted it can tell when you're either running or cycling.
  • Apple unveils two big-screen iPhones (2014-09-09 13:30:59)
    Apple on Tuesday unveiled two new versions of the iPhone, boosting the screen size of the iconic smartphone to 4.7 and 5.5 inches. Unveiling the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, Apple chief Tim Cook said the company was launching "the biggest advancement in the history of iPhones." Apple senior vice president Phil Schiller, speaking at the event in Cupertino, California, said the new iPhones were "simply stunning" with improved displays thanks to polarized glass.
  • iPhone 6 and 6 Plus cameras feature new sensor, faster autofocus (2014-09-09 13:30:34)
    Apple's smartphone cameras consistently outpace the competition, and it looks like the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus will be no different. The iPhone 6 camera builds on the already-excellent shooter in the previous model: the company promises it will take even prettier photos faster than ever before. It has a 8-megapixel camera with a f/2.2 aperture and 1.5µ pixels, just like the last model. The "next generation iSight sensor" has what Apple's calling "focus pixels." Those pixels offer DSLR-like phase detection autofocus, which is supposed to be twice as fast as the 5S.
  • Apple's two new iPhones are 25% faster than last year's models thanks to the A8 chip (2014-09-09 13:28:00)
  • iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have a new faster A8 processor (2014-09-09 13:19:29)
    Apple has a new A8 processor for its new iPhone handsets. Apple's claims for the upgraded system-on-chip include up to 25 percent faster CPU performance and up to 50 percent faster graphics. Compared to the original iPhone, the new processor in the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus is rated to be 84 times faster. More importantly, Apple says the new A8 is up to 50 percent more power-efficient and will be able to sustain power-intensive tasks for longer while generating less heat.
  • This is how today's apps will look on the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus' larger screens (2014-09-09 13:16:00)
    Whenever Apple launches a new gadget with a new screen size, iOS' current apps have to be made to fit them. Sometimes, the resolution of an app only needs to be doubled, as was the case with the iPhone 4 and Retina displays. For the iPhone 5's larger screen, developers had to do some work resizing their apps to make them taller. With the iPhone 6 (4.7 inches, 1334 x 750 pixels) and iPhone 6+ (5.5 inches, 1920 x 1080 pixels), Apple has cleverly kept the same 16:9 aspect ratio for its screen, which means current apps will automatically scale up to fit the device.
  • Apple unveils the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 (2014-09-09 13:11:00)
  • Apple unveils completely redesigned iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus (2014-09-09 13:10:02)
    It’s finally happening, Apple fans — the company’s huge late-summer 2014 event is officially underway. Months of leaks and rumors have led us here, where Apple will make all of its hotly anticipated announcements and put all of the rumors to bed. Expected highlights include a completely redesigned iPhone 6 with a 4.7-inch display, an even bigger iPhone 6 Plus phablet, a wearable device that probably won’t be called “iWatch,” a new mobile payment platform and plenty more. But unlike most events, Apple CEO Tim Cook started things off strong and jumped straight to the unveiling of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. For the latest breaking news from Apple’s huge event, be sure to check out our event hub! Calling it
  • iPhone 6 announced: 4.7-inch display, Retina HD resolution, A8 processor, 8-megapixel camera (2014-09-09 13:10:00)
    Apple has officially announced its latest iPhone model, the iPhone 6. The iPhone 6 will be available in two different sizes, both bigger than Apple's earlier iPhones. Apple has been behind the curve of large-screened smartphones for a long itme, but it's catching up in a big way with the iPhone 6. The smaller of the two new iPhone 6 models has a 4.7-inch display, which is still notably bigger than 4-inch screen on the iPhone 5 and 5S that preceded it.
  • iPhone 6 Plus with 5.5-inch display announced starting at $299 (2014-09-09 13:09:45)
    Apple officially announced two new larger phones on Tuesday, the iPhone 6 with 4.7-inch display and iPhone 6 Plus with 5.5-inch display, both of which come in gold, silver, and space grey. The 5.5-inch screen iPhone 6 Plus is by far the largest phone Apple has created. It comes after recent leaks showing purported components for a 5.5-inch screen device, and years of rumors indicating Apple was making larger-screened phones. The iPhone 6 Plus starts at $299 for a 16 GB model, with pre-orders starting on September 19th.
  • The iPhone 6 is Here (2014-09-09 13:09:22)
    Apple has just announced the highly anticipated iPhone 6. The device will come fully equipped with iOS 8. As for colors, right now it is being shown in black but we see it comes in grey and gold as well. There was much debate over whether Apple would release both the 4.7 and 5.5 inch models today, as production issues for the larger battery were noted, but they have decided to release two sizes today. The larger device is being called the iPhone 6 Plus. The much larger screen is actually still meant to be used with one hand in a series of simple gestures being demonstrated by Phil Schiller.
  • Meet the iPhone 6 Plus and its 5.5-inch, 1080p Retina Display HD (2014-09-09 13:08:00)
  • Salesforce says malware could have targeted its users (2014-09-09 12:16:29)
    (Reuters) - Business software maker Inc said a malware designed to steals users log-in credentials could have targeted some of its users. Salesforce currently had no evidence that any of its customers were hit by the Dyre malware, which was identified on Sept. 3, the company said in post on its website. "This is not a vulnerability within Salesforce," the company said.
  • Intel's CEO says its costly tablet chip strategy has paid off (2014-09-09 12:03:15)
    By Noel Randewich SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Intel Corp's plan this year to pay manufacturers to use its processors to make tablets was boosting the chipmaker's market share, Chief Executive Officer Brian Krzanich said on Tuesday, adding that he hoped to avoid such a costly strategy with smartphones. After falling behind rival chipmakers in mobile in recent years, Krzanich set a goal for Intel's chips to be used in 40 million tablets in 2014, up from 10 million the previous year. To reach it, Intel is paying manufacturers some of the initial engineering cost of developing tablets using its chips, hoping those companies will continue to use them for future devices. The vast majority of tablets are made with processors based on rival technology from Britain's ARM Holdings Plc .
  • Why a sapphire iPhone 6 display could be Apple’s greatest engineering feat (2014-09-09 12:01:35)
    If Apple really does take the wraps off an iPhone 6 with a sapphire glass display, it will be an even more impressive engineering feat than you think. MIT’s Technology Review has talked with a couple of engineering experts who say that sapphire is a particularly tricky material to work with and that Apple has very little room for error if it wants to use it to mass produce large smartphone displays. We already know that sapphire is much more expensive to use right now than the Corning Gorilla Glass that Apple has traditionally used for iPhone displays but it also has to be in virtually flawless condition before being used or else it becomes quite brittle, Technology Review says. “Any
  • A jet fit for a (Sacramento) King: Nike's sports plane of the future (2014-09-09 12:01:00)
  • ​Disconnect Mobile yanked again from Google Play (2014-09-09 11:56:23)
    Android privacy and security app Disconnect Mobile finds itself on the outside of Google Play looking in -- for the second time in three weeks.>
  • Facebook page on Weibo deemed a fake -- after 80,000 people follow it (2014-09-09 11:49:47)
    There was some hope in China that the account, which had several updates reflecting positively on Facebook, could be the real thing, but the social network has confirmed it's not.>
  • Apple is live-blogging its own iPhone 6 event (2014-09-09 11:48:32)
    In addition to live streaming the iPhone 6 event that’s about to start, it looks like Apple is getting ready to live-blog its keynote, the company has set up a special quick news page on its website where it’s already hyping the iPhone 6 launch. For the latest breaking news from Apple’s huge event, be sure to check out our event hub! The Live page currently shows the countdown timer for the event, as well as a message from Tim Cook that was posted on Twitter earlier, as seen in the image above “Looking forward to a great day in Cupertino! Join us at 10am Pacific,” the CEO said, using an #AppleLive hashtag for the message. BGR will cover in great detail
  • Apple is live blogging its own live event as it happens live (2014-09-09 11:47:49)
    10AM "can’t come soon enough," apparently, and Apple CEO Tim Cook is very excited. That’s the word from Apple’s own live blog of its special live event today. We’re not sure who’s covering text and who’s on photos, but Apple is live blogging its own event right now. It's almost like Nokia "reviewing" its own phones, but a live blog instead. Tune in to The Verge live blog for up-to-the-second updates, commentary, and pictures directly from the venue from 10AM PT / 1PM ET onwards.
  • Video on the science behind brewing beer hops to it (2014-09-09 11:46:58)
    PBS series "It's Okay To Be Smart" takes a look at how beer is made, and what external factors influence the final product.>
  • This is Sega's $100 million marketing plan that failed to save the Dreamcast (2014-09-09 11:41:41)
    The following press release from E3 1999 explains, in depressing detail, Sega's strategy for marketing the Sega Dreamcast to a world that would ultimately welcome it with cool indifference, leaving arguably the first modern video game console to slowly die on the side of the video game highway. LOS ANGELES--May 12, 1999--Sega(R) of America today announced further details surrounding their $100 million marketing campaign for the much-anticipated Sega Dreamcast(TM), "the ultimate gaming machine." Prepping for the biggest videogame launch the industry has ever seen, Sega is armed with an arsenal of far-reaching marketing elements ranging from an expansive print and broadcast advertising campaign;
  • Photos: This is the giant facility Apple built for today’s big iPhone 6 event (2014-09-09 11:40:47)
    After 30 years, Apple has decided to return to the Flint Center for the Performing Arts on the De Anza College campus to host what could be the company’s most important event since it unveiled the first iPad four years ago. But with a completely redesigned iPhone 6, a brand new iPhone 6 phablet, a wearable device referred to as the “iWatch,” a new mobile payments platform and more set to be unveiled on Tuesday, the facility at the Flint Center apparently wasn’t the right fit for Apple’s press conference. So what did the company do? Apple built its own facility to house the event, of course. FROM EARLIER: Everything you can expect from today’s big iPhone 6/iWatch event Apple has been constructing a massive
  • An analog timepiece beats in the heart of this awkward smartwatch (2014-09-09 11:34:00)
  • The design company behind the Little Printer is dead (2014-09-09 11:32:20)
    BERG, a former design consultancy and developer of odd and sometimes whimsical products demonstrating the potential of internet-connected physical objects, is going into "hibernation." Co-founder Matt Webb says that BERG is "wrapping up for this incarnation. Our partnerships and our services, they're done." The only product Webb says he'll keep alive is BERG's Little Printer, the adorable device the studio hoped would turn your morning feed of news and social network messages into a tiny custom newspaper. Until March of 2015, a small group will continue to support the Little Printer, after which they'll try to sell it or release the code as an open source project. The Little Printer was one of the most visible manifestations of our desire to create permanent, tangible reminders of our digital existence — it was announced in 2011 around the same time as Printstagram, which printed your favorite Instagram pictures in a miniature photo album.
  • What Earth looks like from space in 4K (2014-09-09 11:23:47)
    European astronaut Alexander Gerst is aboard the International Space Station equipped with a camera capable of recording in 4K. This beautiful video captures Earth's majesty in Ultra HD.>
  • These leaked iWatch pictures have apparently been confirmed to be authentic (2014-09-09 11:21:18)
    Earlier this week, a supposed set of schematics detailing Apple’s iWatch design and other details was seemingly leaked from China. The top-secret documents were said to have come from Quanta, Apple’s manufacturing partner for the iWatch and other iOS devices, though the authenticity of the documents was never confirmed — until now. FROM EARLIER: Everything you can expect from Apple’s big iPhone 6/iWatch event! According to Jack March of A Tech Website, a thorough examination of the documents pictured in the leak reveals that they are, in fact, the genuine article. March took an in-depth look at them and compared them to real Quanta documents found on the company’s website through a simple Google search. After some investigating, March determined that the leak
  • Apple set to unveil smartwatch, bigger iPhone (2014-09-09 11:13:54)
    Apple Inc is expected to unveil a smartwatch, its first new device in four years, in a gala event on Tuesday that may also mark its long-awaited entry into the mobile payments sphere and deliver a larger iPhone. The iPhone 6 will be available with 5.5-inch or 4.7-inch screens, a step up from the current models' 4-inch screens, and may boast extra-tough screens made from scratch-resistant sapphire material. Analysts said the new iPhones were likely to help Apple to gain market share against mobiles running Google Inc's Android platform by offering something that Apple previously lacked — larger screens. Apple has also struck deals with credit card providers such as Visa Inc and MasterCard Inc , the Wall Street Journal reported last week, allowing consumers to use the mobile payment feature of their gadgets for shopping.
  • Google's EU antitrust woes extended (2014-09-09 11:06:07)
    BRUSSELS (AP) — The European Union's competition authority has rejected yet another offer from Google to settle a case that claims the company abuses its dominant position in Internet searches, once again extending the four-year-old anti-trust battle.
  • Photos captured by the iPhone 6’s new and improved camera leak for the first time (2014-09-09 11:00:32)
    In case you hadn’t already heard, Apple is announcing a new smartphone today. In fact, the company looks poised to unveil two new iPhone 6 models during its big press conference on Tuesday, and we can expect new details to continue leaking right up until the event begins at 1:00 p.m. EDT, 10:00 a.m. PDT. Among the leaks from Tuesday morning is the first photo samples captured with the iPhone 6’s new and improved camera, and you might be surprised by the results. FROM EARLIER: Almost 20 video previews of the real iPhone 6 smuggled out of China Remember that Weibo user in China who posted a full 7-minute video review of the iPhone 6 this past weekend, basically stomping all
  • Join us today for Apple's iPhone 6 and iWatch event (2014-09-09 11:00:00)
    We're now just hours away from Apple's big event. Apple product launches are always heavy on buzz, but today's event has a hype level off the charts: besides a bigger iPhone (or two) with an all-new design, we're expecting to see the first glimpse of the company's wearable. The iWatch — or whatever it ends up being called — may not launch until 2015 according to the latest reports, but you don't build a three-story structure in front of a big theater where you launched the original Macintosh just to show off a new phone. ...
  • Engadget giveaway: win a Garmin Edge 1000 courtesy of Spinlister! (2014-09-09 11:00:00)
  • Can hybrid wings help San Francisco's ferries capture the wind? Detours episode 3 debuts tomorrow (2014-09-09 10:44:45)
    Come along with The Verge for the second season of Detours. We’ve traveled across the country to find the people, groups, and companies that are solving America’s problems in new and unconventional ways. Check in for new dispatches every Wednesday.
  • How to live in your employer's parking lot and not pay rent, according to the tech workers who did it (2014-09-09 10:43:35)
    Silicon Valley tech employers like Apple, Google, and Facebook offer incredible perks to their workers: free meals, swimming pools, gyms, and spas. Back in the real world, the city of San Francisco, rents have reached astronomical heights, posting a record high average rental rate of $3,057 per apartment this year. A Quora thread detailed the best practices from Google employees who lived on campus, and a recent article about this from Alyson Shontell inspired a lengthy comment thread on the tech forum Hacker News.
  • Technology for World Peace, Not World Destruction (2014-09-09 10:43:13)
    Fire is technology. We can use it to warm our food and our home or it can burn down our neighborhood. It's all a matter of how we choose to use technological resources, or abuse them. If you are reading this now then you are engaging with some of the most complex technology in the history of the planet, the internet. You are literally reading...
  • Leaked pics may be our first look at the gold iPhone 6 (2014-09-09 10:41:57)
    We’ve seen leaked pics of the iPhone 6 from just about every angle imaginable so far but this is may be the first time we’ve seen it in gold before. has posted some new pictures that purportedly show the iPhone 6 in the champagne color that Apple first trotted out with the iPhone 5s last year and it looks just like you’d expect it to. Yes, that is indeed a rear shell that looks very much like all the other leaked pics of the iPhone 6 we’ve seen, complete with the ugly thick white lines at the top and bottom of the device, the rounded edges and a camera that sticks out from the top of the device. Oh,
  • Can hybrid wings help San Francisco ferries capture the wind? (2014-09-09 10:40:57)
    Wind+Wing Technologies is testing a 45-foot high hybrid wing that promises to boost efficiency and cut fuel costs on San Francisco's public ferries.
  • Here's what's inside the Moto 360 (2014-09-09 10:38:10)
    By now you're likely very familiar with the Moto 360, and we've shown you all the engineering that went into the first circular Android Wear smartwatch. But what does Motorola's sleek product look like after it's been forcefully broken apart and splayed across a table? As usual, iFixit has your answer. Today, the teardown experts have focused their attention on the Moto 360 — and despite best intentions, the project got ugly pretty fast. It's nearly impossible to get the thing open without breaking it, so this isn't something you'll want to try at home. ...
  • Samsung's Gear S hits the runway with Diesel Black Gold for New York Fashion Week (2014-09-09 10:30:00)
  • How to sell your old iPhone for as much money as possible before the iPhone 6 is released (2014-09-09 10:20:20)
    With less than 24 hours before the iPhone 6 is finally made official, many iPhone owners are looking to unload their old devices in order to mitigate the cost of a new phone — especially the 5.5-inch iPhone 6, rumored to cost $100 more than the 4.7-inch model. There are countless vendors that would be more than happy to snap up your iPhone 5, but before you take the first offer, it’s worth shopping around. UpgradeSwap has cobbled together a list of all the best place to sell your old iPhone along with the payout range you can expect from each and the reasons you might choose one over another. First up are eBay and Craigslist. You’re likely to make more money
  • 'Right to be forgotten' the hot topic as Google hits the road in Europe (2014-09-09 10:15:53)
    The company plans to hold seven meetings across Europe to discuss the regulations -- and Google's problems with it..>
  • Ahead of split from Nook, Barnes & Noble trims the fat (2014-09-09 10:13:40)
    In its latest quarter, the bookseller narrows its adjusted losses in its struggling Nook digital division by $50 million.>
  • iPhone 6 and iWatch event: Live updates, news, and more from Apple's announcement in Cupertino (2014-09-09 10:05:35)
    The September 9th Apple event is shaping up to be one for the ages. The long-rumored iWatch is finally expected to debut, and rumors suggest we'll see two new variants of the iPhone 6. Apple's September 9th event has been described as historic before it's even started. To match the great hype, the Cupertino company has booked a larger venue than usual and supplemented its capacity with a mysterious three-story structure.
  • Amazon brings Prime Instant Video to all Android phones (2014-09-09 10:00:03)
    Amazon is finally giving Android users a way to watch movies and TV shows from Prime Instant Video on their phone. Exactly how Amazon makes you go about watching videos on Android is pretty convoluted though, so bear with us: First, you have to download a newly updated version of Amazon's standard Android app. Instead, Amazon will prompt you to download a Prime Instant Video app.
  • How to Watch Today's Apple Announcement As it Happens (2014-09-09 10:00:00)
    Later today, Apple is set to unveil the iPhone 6 and (hopefully) the iWatch. Apple will begin streaming the event live on their website at 10:00 a.m. Pacific/1:00 p.m. Eastern.
  • Bungie's leap forward with 'Destiny' isn't gameplay: it's social (2014-09-09 10:00:00)
  • Why an Apple iWatch would need an app store (2014-09-09 09:57:20)
    Commentary: To app or not to app, that is the question. Apple sometimes passes on third parties when it launches new devices, but competition may force its hand>
  • Actual iPhone 6 compared to iPhone 5s for the first time ever in new photo leak (2014-09-09 09:55:38)
    It’s new iPhone day, boys and girls, and that inevitably means two things. First and most importantly, it means an end to all the leaks and rumors we have seen trickle out over the past few months. Second, it means that those leaks and rumors will kick into high gear leading up to Apple’s big press conference, which is scheduled to begin at 1:00 p.m. EDT, 10:00 a.m. PDT. Until then, expect the leaks to flow and right now we have a pretty big one to share with you. For the first time ever, a seemingly authentic, fully assembled and functional iPhone 6 has been compared to an iPhone 5s for the first time ever. FROM EARLIER: Almost 20 video previews
  • How to Think Like an Entrepreneur -- The Inventure Cycle (2014-09-09 09:50:36)
    The Lean Startup is a process for turning ideas into commercial ventures. Its premise is that startups begin with a series of untested hypotheses. They succeed by getting out of the building, testing those hypotheses and learning by iterating and refining minimal viable products in front of potential customers.That's all well and good if you...
  • The man who launched the Dreamcast reflects on its 15 year anniversary (2014-09-09 09:32:56)
    Millions of people will sign on to their video game console of choice today to play Destiny, the much anticipated online-multiplayer video game from the creators of the Halo franchise. The doomed console paved the way for online gaming with a 56K gaming and a handful of atypical accessories, like a broadband adapter and mouse and keyboard. Former president of Sega of America and current Chief Operating Officer at Electronic Arts took a moment to remember his experience launching the Dreamcast 15 years ago today, on September 9, 1999.
  • Cops using controversial database to identify search and seizure targets (2014-09-09 09:31:00)
  • An Ode to the Innovating Women of Technology (2014-09-09 09:13:17)
    During one of the many recent battles over gender and technology companies, a series of comments online repeated the same message. Tech has done just fine without a lot of women around; maybe better than if they had been. How can you fault companies for being successful without women at the top? Isn't that punishing success?First, as Megan Smith...
  • One of the iPhone 6’s most important new features was just confirmed in a massive leak (2014-09-09 09:05:24)
    What do you see when you look at the images above? At first glance, they might not appear to be terribly important — just two images of iPhone home screens, side by side. But look again, closer this time. These screenshots of what is claimed to be the iPhone 6’s home screen may in fact confirm one of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 phablet’s most important new features. FROM EARLIER: This is the first review of an actual iPhone 6 Apple will be hosting a massive press conference on Tuesday, during which two new iPhone 6 models are expected to be unveiled. Until the new phones are official, however, we can expect the flurry of leaks and rumors to continue.
  • Nest now works with Crestron and other popular home automation systems (2014-09-09 09:00:01)
    Nest Labs announced today that Control4, Crestron, Dropcam, Remote Technologies Incorporated, and Universal Remote Control are now compatible with its line of products. The "Works with Nest" developer program facilitating the integration was announced in 2013, along with the company's partnership with Control4. "Professional installers are a key market partner for Nest and we’re committed to enabling our products to connect with the home automation systems they trust and install every day," said Nest founder Matt Rogers. "Professional installers are a key market partner for Nest."
  • Jawbone Up24 update doubles battery life (2014-09-09 08:56:54)
    Not only has a new firmware update for the Up24 fitness tracker significantly improved battery life, Jawbone has opened the software to data from rival devices.>
  • Apple Store down as iPhone 6 event looms (2014-09-09 08:54:13)
    We're just a few hours from Apple unveiling a raft of new products, likely including the iPhone 6 and even perhaps its first wearable device.>
  • iPhone is like the Predator (2014-09-09 08:44:26)
    The iPhone is a destroyer of worlds. Over the years, it's been speculated Apple's smartphone has "killed" numerous industries (while simultaneously being hunted). This year, the iPhone 6 will reportedly topple financial institutions as we know it. A few years before that? Compact cameras and standalone GPS navigators. Before that? Love.
  • Tesco shelves its smartphone plans to focus on Hudl 2 tablet (2014-09-09 08:33:00)
  • How Apple plans to make iPhone 6 and iWatch must-have devices (2014-09-09 08:30:15)
    Apple will introduce at least two new products during its Tuesday event, including the 2014 iPhones and its first smartwatch, devices that will be closely connected to offer users fast access to notifications, fitness stats and health info. The latter has been seen as a major feature for the iWatch, which could help it standout from the plethora of similar smart wearable gadgets, and Star Tribune reports that the Mayo Clinic will appear on stage during Apple’s event to further detail the health abilities of the company’s newest gadgets. FROM EARLIER: This might be Apple’s secret sauce for the iWatch “The combination of Rochester-based Mayo, one of the best-known names in health care, and Apple could be a major boost to the
  • Watch The Verge Live today after Apple's iPhone 6 / iWatch event! (2014-09-09 08:30:02)
    It's Apple day — inarguably its biggest one since the iPad reveal in 2010 (if not bigger than that). Follow along with our live blog of Apple's iPhone 6 and iWatch event starting at 1PM ET / 10AM PT. After all is said and done, when Tim Cook and co. walk off stage and everyone on site is running to the demo booths, join Ross Miller and Chris Ziegler live from our New York studio for all a relevant / irreverent breakdown of all the biggest news, the latest video reports from San Francisco as they come in, and a conversation with our reporters-on-the-scene.
  • Ultra-high-definition Blu-ray discs coming (2014-09-09 08:22:14)
    The problem of getting native content to 4K televisions may have been solved. The Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA) has confirmed that it's found a way of getting ultra-high definition (HUD) content onto existing Blu-ray discs. The BDA announced back in January that it had started work on trying to get more content onto existing discs as it was convinced that an optical disc, rather than internet streaming or downloading or satellite broadcast, is currently the optimum way of delivering films and TV shows recorded in full UHD format. At the moment, it's still very difficult to get ahold of native content for 4K televisions -- Netflix streams in 4K resolution in the US and Amazon will soon be offering similarly rich content but there are not a lot of other options available to consumers that have already taken the plunge and bought a 4K television.
  • Get a LithiumCard mobile charger for $34.99 shipped (2014-09-09 08:19:09)
    Who says pocket batteries can't be sexy? This card-size charger normally sells for $55. Plus: two bonus deals!>
  • UN study shows atmospheric CO2 increases reach 30 year high (2014-09-09 08:17:00)
  • iPhone 6 announcement: start time, live blog, and streaming for Apple's event (2014-09-09 08:00:01)
    Apple's September 9th event has been described as historic before it's even started. To match the great hype, the Cupertino company has booked a larger venue than usual and supplemented its capacity with a mysterious three-story structure. The elaborate buildup is for the launch of a new iPhone (or two), plus there's the widely anticipated announcement of a long-rumored iWatch and the tantalizing "wish we could say more" tagline from Apple itself.
  • Regardless of denials, a musical surprise is coming to the iPhone 6 launch event (2014-09-09 07:45:45)
    After a few days ago reports detailing U2’s involvement in Apple’s Tuesday iPhone 6 and iWatch launch event were denied by the band, The New York Times says U2 will indeed make a special, surprise appearance at Apple’s event. FROM EARLIER: Did China Mobile just reveal the iPhone 6’s final specs? Early reports suggested that Apple might be building a stage near Flint Center in Cupertino, California, where U2 would perform, and that the band’s latest album would be preloaded on the upcoming iPhone 6. Furthermore, the new smartphone may have been either been used in a recent U2 music video shooting session, or the band has shot a commercial for the upcoming product. The Times doesn’t confirm any of
  • Bitcoin's elusive creator allegedly found... again (2014-09-09 07:30:12)
  • Rakuten says to buy US rebate site operator Ebates for $1 billion (2014-09-09 07:10:23)
    By Teppei Kasai TOKYO (Reuters) - Japanese e-commerce firm Rakuten Inc said on Tuesday it would buy U.S. Internet discounter Ebates Inc for $1 billion, extending an acquisition spree in a deal whose logic has been questioned by analysts and investors alike. The move underlines Rakuten's ambitions to grow overseas after recent international purchases worth over $1.2 billion. Hiroshi Mikitani, Rakuten's billionaire chief executive, said on Tuesday the purchase was an opportunity for his company to get access to Ebates' U.S.
  • Watch this 'low-fi sci-fi' short where Ai Weiwei plays a water smuggler (2014-09-09 07:00:05)
    Billed as a "low-fi sci-fi" film, The Sand Storm takes place in a metropolis scoured by a water shortage. The most recognizable member of the cast is arguably Chinese artist Ai Weiwei, who plays a smuggler that finds himself tangentially ensnared in the tribulations of the local population. Director Jason Wishnow eventually issued an apology as well as a promise to de-emphasize Ai's role in the dystopian short.
  • Android Wear set for updates but features will vary across models (2014-09-09 06:54:47)
    If you're keen on joining the wearable technology revolution and snapping up one of the growing number of Android Wear smartwatches, make sure you check the specs first. The first update, expected to roll out directly to Android Wear watches by October, will turn the devices into independent personal stereos and activity trackers that will work without being wirelessly connected to a smartphone. "Go for a run or bike ride with your Android wearable and leave your phone at home. The problem is that of the six Android Wear smartwatches currently on sale or about to go on sale, only one, the Sony Smartwatch 3, has GPS on board.
  • Home Depot’s massive credit card data breach may be even bigger than attack on Target (2014-09-09 06:50:54)
    Home Depot already confirmed a few days ago it has been the victim of an elaborate cyber attack, without providing specific details about the number of users that may have been affected in this new credit and debit card data heist. The company on Monday again confirmed that hackers managed to get in its in-store payment systems, The New York Times reports, and the new attack may be even bigger than the similar breach that occurred in late 2013 at Target. FROM EARLIER: Your credit card might already be for sale on the black market According to a person close to the investigation, more than 60 million credit card numbers may have been stolen from Home Depot’s payment system. Comparatively,
  • Amazon Prime Instant Video finally comes to Android (2014-09-09 06:43:00)
  • Tech, equipment makers join U.S. 'net neutrality' debate (2014-09-09 06:05:07)
    By Alina Selyukh LAS VEGAS (Reuters) - Regulating internet providers more like public utility companies could hurt the Internet and the U.S. Thirty-three companies including Cisco Systems Inc, Intel Corp and International Business Machines Corp joined the chorus of citizens, activists, lawmakers and companies debating how the U.S. Other companies signing a letter to Pritzker published on Tuesday included Alcatel Lucent SA, Ericsson, Nokia Oyj's network arm NSN, Panasonic Corp of North America and CommScope Holding Co Inc. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is considering so-called "net neutrality" rules that would determine how ISPs such as Comcast Corp and Verizon Communications Inc manage web traffic on their networks.
  • Tracking the fallout from the celebrity photo leak (2014-09-09 06:02:07)
    After the nude selfies of several celebrities surfaced online last week, an angry public outcry has forced technology companies to respond.
  • Japan Rakuten to buy cash-back site Ebates for $1B (2014-09-09 05:52:11)
    TOKYO (AP) — Rakuten Inc. announced Tuesday it plans to buy U.S. based cash-back site Ebates for $1 billion, part of a series of overseas acquisitions aimed at building what the Japanese e-commerce company says will be the "world's largest product line-up."
  • Amazon launches 'Fire' smartphone in Germany, Britain (2014-09-09 05:30:44)
    US online giant Amazon said Monday it was selling its "Fire" 3D smartphone in Germany and Britain as it cut the price of the handset for US customers. Amazon released statements for its British and German websites for the handset, which was unveiled in June for US customers. The price was cut from $199 to less than $1 for US customers opting for a two-year contract with AT&T. Similar options will be available in Germany for one euro through Deutsche Telekom and in Britain for no upfront cost in partnership with the carrier O2. Amazon also trimmed the cost of the smartphone without a contract to $449, from $649 at the launch.
  • Sprint and T-Mobile fight to buy back your old devices (2014-09-09 04:54:00)
  • Sony's sold over a million PlayStation 4 consoles in the UK (2014-09-09 04:37:00)
  • Quindell wins libel lawsuit against short seller (2014-09-09 04:19:53)
    British IT outsourcing firm Quindell Plc QPP.L said on Tuesday it had won a libel lawsuit against U.S.-based short-seller Gotham City Research LLP, which had raised questions about the company's revenue model and profit quality. Quindell, which initiated legal action against the short-seller in April, said that following the High Court ruling in London the process to evaluate damages due to the company would begin in November. Shares of Quindell jumped 11.5 percent to 184 pence in early trading, one of the biggest rises on the London Stock Exchange.
  • Amazon bought so you can't (2014-09-09 03:56:42)
    Someone at Amazon's legal department has the best job: dreaming up anti-Amazon URLs and then buying them before anyone else can. Alex Shephard showed the fruits of this unknown worker's labor on Twitter today.
  • Malaysia's U Mobile plans IPO, $470 million network expansion: CEO (2014-09-09 03:48:17)
    Malaysian telecoms company U Mobile is planning an initial public offering as it embarks on a 1.5 billion ringgit ($470 million) network expansion, Chief Executive Officer Wong Heang Tuck told Reuters on Tuesday. Wong declined to say much the company planned to raise or when it would launch the IPO. Asked about the offering, Wong said: "It depends on where the market is at that point in time... but we are on our way there." Privately owned U Mobile is Malaysia's fourth largest mobile phone operator by subscriber numbers. Wong said U Mobile expects its revenue to grow 50 percent and market share to rise to 10 percent in 2015 from around 6-7 percent now after the expansion, which will see it add 2,000 new sites to the 4,400 already operating.
  • Atlas Copco bets on new car assembly technologies (2014-09-09 03:47:07)
    By Johannes Hellstrom STOCKHOLM (Reuters) - Swedish engineer Atlas Copco is investing in new techniques for assembling cars, believing powerful adhesives and new rivets could see a surge in demand as automakers strive to reduce the weight of vehicles to meet emissions targets. After its 2011 purchase of SCA, a maker of adhesives dispensing gear, Atlas Copco last month snapped up Henrob, a specialist in self-pierce riveting, a method of joining one or more sheets of material together without pre-drilled holes. "Among those (technologies) that are attractive and large enough, there may be 2-3 more out there that we could consider adding to our portfolio," he said, declining to elaborate. Atlas Copco's interest in new assembly technologies has been spurred by a trend among carmakers to use more aluminium to reduce the weight of their vehicles.
  • Rakuten says to buy U.S. rebate site operator Ebates for $1 billion (2014-09-09 03:44:28)
    Japanese e-commerce firm Rakuten Inc said on Tuesday it would buy U.S. Rakuten expects the transaction to close next month, the company said in a statement. CEO Hiroshi Mikitani has led Rakuten on a buying spree to reduce the firm's reliance on the domestic market. High-profile acquisitions in recent years have included free messaging application Viber for $900 million and Canadian e-book reader Kobo for $315 million.
  • How do you say 'Ay caramba' in Mandarin? The Simpsons are going to China (2014-09-09 03:44:00)
  • How do you say 'Ay caramba' in Mandarin? The Simpsons go to China (2014-09-09 03:44:00)
  • Japan's Toshiba to invest about 200 billion yen a year in chip business (2014-09-09 03:39:09)
    Japanese conglomerate Toshiba Corp will maintain an annual investment of around 200 billion yen ($1.9 billion) into its chip business beyond the current business year, Chief Executive Hisao Tanaka said on Tuesday. Speaking at the opening ceremony of its chip fabrication plant No. 5 in Yokkaichi, western Japan, Tanaka also said the company was seeking operating profit of more than 200 billion yen in the current year, which ends in March 2015. Tanaka said boosting sales and profit in Toshiba's semiconductor unit was a greater priority than becoming No. 1 in the NAND flash memory chip market, where Korean rival Samsung Electronics Co Ltd is currently top, ahead of Toshiba. Toshiba built Fab No. 5 along with chip partner SanDisk Corp, splitting the cost evenly.
  • SafeCharge raises forecasts, pays first dividend (2014-09-09 03:35:34)
    Online payments company SafeCharge raised its profit forecast on Tuesday and announced its first dividend payment since listing on the London stock market this year. Shares in the company rose 4 percent to 224p by 0720 GMT, having increased in value by more than a third since joining London's Alternative Investment Market in April.
  • Microsoft is making the Xbox One better without Kinect (2014-09-09 03:33:01)
    Microsoft has been aggressively updating its Xbox One console over the past six months, offering the latest features to members of a preview program before rolling them out more broadly. Microsoft is focusing on the snap experience with the October update with a new "Snap Center" feature that acts as a task switcher between apps. A double tap of the Xbox button activates the Snap Center with a UI to quickly switch between friends, messages, and game DVR.
  • Jawbone opens its fitness tracking to Android Wear, Pebble, and the iWatch (2014-09-09 03:15:29)
    The Up24 is our favorite fitness wearable, not so much because of its design or ergonomics, but because of Jawbone's excellent software — it does the best job of converting the data collected by the wristband's sensors into useful and stimulating information for the user. Now Jawbone's decided to be more inclusive and will accept such data from competitors like Fitbit and other mobile platforms, including Google's Android Wear, the Pebble smartwatch, and Apple's HealthKit. The latter preempts Apple's widely anticipated announcement of an iWatch. Windows Phone is also about to get its own long-awaited Jawbone app.
  • Incredible vintage Soviet space gear headed for auction (2014-09-09 02:58:49)
    An auction on September 13 will see the sale of 104 pieces of memorabilia from the Soviet space program, including a cognac bottle signed by Yuri Gagarin.>
  • Quindell says wins libel lawsuit against short-seller (2014-09-09 02:36:54)
    (Reuters) - British IT outsourcing firm Quindell Plc said it won a lawsuit against short-seller Gotham City Research LLP, which had raised questions about the company's revenue model and profit quality. Quindell, which initiated legal action against the shortseller in April, said the process to evaluate damages due to the company would begin in November. (Reporting by Abhiram Nandakumar in Bangalore)
  • Documentary chronicles the sounds of console gaming's early years (2014-09-09 02:33:00)
  • Pinger Textfree review (2014-09-09 02:31:57)
    FREE unlimited text and picture messaging Chat with your Facebook friends, too
  • Pic Collage review (2014-09-09 02:18:13)
    Create amazing collages using your photos, stickers, text, and frames
  • Siemens to delist from London, Swiss exchanges (2014-09-09 02:11:49)
    German engineering group Siemens will delist its shares from the London and Swiss stock exchanges because of low trading volumes there, it said on Tuesday. "Following the delisting of Siemens ADS from the New York Stock Exchange in mid-May 2014 and the SEC deregistration in August, the delisting from the Swiss and London Stock Exchanges is the logical next step," Chief Financial Officer Ralf Thomas said in a statement. Siemens said 2013 trading volume in London was less than 3 percent and on the SIX Swiss exchange was less than 1 percent of its worldwide trading volume.
  • Photo Grid review (2014-09-09 02:05:04)
    Convert your photos collection into amazing collages
  • Lyft review (2014-09-09 01:55:09)
    Need a ride? Get a Lyft
  • Email by Google review (2014-09-09 01:44:35)
    Read and manage email from different accounts all in one place
  • Any Video for Kik Free review (2014-09-09 01:26:06)
    Send any video using Kik MessengerNo size limits, super-fast and FREE )AnyVideo for Kik makes it easy to send videos of any length to your Kik
  • Mynd review (2014-09-09 01:15:49)
    Ab intelligent mobile calendar designed for busy people on the go It acts like a virtual assistant, making your life easier
  • Samsung teases the US by bringing the Galaxy Alpha to Canada (2014-09-09 01:12:00)
  • Addappt review (2014-09-09 01:09:09)
    An always up-to-date address book that updates instantly when friends change their contact information on their phone
  • Someone on Kickstarter wants to build Darth Vader's Star Destroyer out of 90,000 Lego bricks (2014-09-09 00:22:18)
    Forget potato salad — there is perhaps no more worthy use of Kickstarter than helping Thomas Benedikt piece together an exhaustive replica of Darth Vader's Executor Super Star Destroyer from 90,000 Lego bricks. Lego apparently refused to help Benedikt because his project doesn't match up to the company's own 5-million-brick X-Wing, but come on. Just look at how this thing will stack up next to a stormtrooper.
  • Apple to reveal its next big thing (2014-09-09 00:16:40)
    Apple is poised to reveal its next big thing Tuesday in a crucial attempt to prove its technological tastemakers still have the power to mesmerize the masses. The trend-setting company is expected to rouse ...
  • Microsoft's next Xbox One update makes it act more like the 360 (2014-09-09 00:08:00)
  • Loneliness narrows the uncanny valley (2014-09-08 23:55:37)
    Starved for a little social contact? The face of a robot or doll will seem more alive to you than to someone with a brimming social life.>
  • Tinder settles sexual harassment lawsuit with former exec (2014-09-08 23:30:33)
    Lawsuit accused the dating app's c-founders of condoning a "frat-like" environment in which she was called disparaging names.>
  • TiVo's new Mini is close, but it could be missing the WiFi we're waiting for (2014-09-08 23:12:00)
  • The anti-Comcast: Apple’s secrets to making you a happy customer (2014-09-08 22:15:12)
    Apple customers are fanatically loyal and one way that Apple keeps them that way is by offering terrific customer service at its retail outlets. Business Insider has talked with Carmine Gallo, who has just written an entire book on Apple’s customer service called The Apple Experience, and he dishes some interesting information about how Apple makes its retail experience as pleasant as possible. And you’ll be amazed to know that, unlike Comcast, it doesn’t involve constantly trying to upsell the customer on services they don’t need. THE ANTI-APPLE: Comcast employees explain why their customer service is so terrible The key thing to take away from the interview is that Apple employees are taught a system under the predictable acronym of A.P.P.L.E. that gives
  • Engadget Daily: What to expect from Apple's iPhone event, building the Moto 360 and more! (2014-09-08 22:14:00)
  • Privacy guard Disconnect Mobile returns to Google Play (2014-09-08 21:51:29)
    Disconnect Mobile's malicious ad and tracker shield returns to the Google Play Store with minor changes after Google banned the app.>
  • Samsung reportedly revealed the price of its Gear VR headset (2014-09-08 21:30:30)
    The Gear VR is a fascinating proposition. Partnering with Oculus, Samsung has built its very own virtual reality headset, but there’s a catch — you have to own a Galaxy Note 4 to use it. We were able to get some hands-on time with it last week before IFA 2014 kicked off and we were impressed with just how close the experience was to that of the actual dedicated VR headset that is the Oculus Rift, but we still had questions. Chief among them: how much will the Gear VR cost? Although Samsung hasn’t officially announced the price, VentureBeat spoke with a spokesperson from the company late last week who said the headset will retail for $199. The Oculus Rift, on
  • Here's What We're Expecting from Apple's Mysterious Event Tomorrow (2014-09-08 21:29:03)
    Tomorrow, Apple will grace us with at least one, though hopefully two, major new products. Apple has a habit of releasing iPhones in September. The iPhone 5S was released September 10, 2013 and the 5 on September 12, 2012. So, we have a very, very good chance of seeing iPhone 6 tomorrow.  There have been some reports of a belated release date for the larger model due to production issues with the battery, but we should at least see a 4.7-inch model.
  • Now Google Play Movies & TV for iOS works offline too (2014-09-08 21:19:00)
  • AT&T extends Digital Life service to elderly care (2014-09-08 21:13:37)
    The carrier will begin trials of Digital Life Care this year and launch the service commercially in 2015.>
  • Credit card details at risk as The Home Depot confirms it was hacked (2014-09-08 21:01:56)
    The Home Depot today confirmed that its payment systems were breached by hackers earlier this year. The company is yet to outline the details of the attack, but used vague language to suggest that customers who used credit or debit cards at its retail stores in the US and Canada over the last five months may have had their card details compromised. The breach appears to have been carried out using a similar method to recent attacks on companies such as Target, P.F. Chang's, and Neiman Marcus. The perpetrators of such attacks uploaded malicious software to cash registers and other point-of-sale systems in order to siphon off card details, which could be sent off-site and could be used to make fraudulent purchases.
  • Home Depot confirms security breach following Target data theft (2014-09-08 20:48:41)
    By Nandita Bose CHICAGO (Reuters) - Home Depot Inc confirmed on Monday its payment security systems have been breached, a data theft analysts warn could rival Target Corp's massive breach last year. Home Depot said the data theft could impact its customers in stores across the United States and Canada, but there was no evidence that online customers were affected or debit personal identification numbers (PINs) were compromised. "It is important to emphasize that no customers will be responsible for fraudulent charges to their accounts." The breach was first reported by security website KrebsOnSecurity almost a week ago. It said the problem could extend back to April and affect all of Home Depot's 2,200 stores in the United States.
  • Amazon’s Fire Phone is officially as big of a flop as the Facebook phone (2014-09-08 20:45:40)
    We already knew that Amazon’s Fire Phone was doing very poorly but now it’s reached a grim milestone that’s reminiscent of the HTC First, a.k.a., the Facebook phone. Per Business Insider, Amazon has now slashed the price of the Fire Phone down to just $0.99 with a two-year contract with AT&T. This price cut comes less than three months after its official release, when it came out priced at $199.99 with a two-year contract from AT&T. For perspective, the HTC First got slashed from $99.99 on contract to $0.99 on contract just a month after its unveiling, so at least the Fire Phone hasn’t bombed quite that quickly. RELATED: A flop for the ages: Fire Phone estimated to have sold
  • ​Overwatch: a smartphone app that makes airsoft more like a video game (2014-09-08 20:43:00)
  • How the Hubble telescope captures the colour out of space (2014-09-08 20:39:55)
    The Hubble can only take images in black and white. Does this mean its gorgeous full-colour photos are "fake"? Well, actually... no.>
  • Moto 360's best watch face borrows from James Bond in GoldenEye 007 (2014-09-08 20:16:13)
    It won't let your wrist fire a laser beam, but this watch face design will transform your time piece into the classic smartwatch of N64-era James Bond.>
  • Sci-fi game Extrasolar comes to Kickstarter for Season 2 (2014-09-08 20:04:32)
    The glamour of science without the work! It's your chance to drive a Mars rover, but on an alien world and for a possibly shady scientific organization. And Season 1 is free.>
  • The funniest thing you’ll see today: Teens react to the original Nintendo (2014-09-08 20:00:34)
    Once again, The Fine Brothers’ popular YouTube series in which kids, teens and adults react to something they might have never seen before has skirted into the realm of technology. This week, teenagers are handed the original Nintendo Entertainment System, Nintendo’s first home console and the device that heralded a new dawn for living room gaming. FROM EARLIER: The funniest thing you’ll see today: Kids react to the Game Boy As you might expect, many of them have never seen an NES before, making their reactions all the more hilarious. A few of them mistake the ancient gray box for a “video player” or “Game Boy thing” before they are told what it actually is. Maisie Williams, or Arya Stark as you
  • Unboxing Sony's white hot PlayStation 4 'Destiny' bundle (2014-09-08 20:00:00)
  • Unboxing Sony's white-hot PlayStation 4 'Destiny' bundle (2014-09-08 20:00:00)
  • Shooting 4K video with the Panasonic FZ1000 (2014-09-08 19:54:19)
    As 4K video is a key selling point on cameras from the 2014 crop, we take the Panasonic Lumix FZ1000 for a spin to see how it performs.>
  • Telefonica trials to take AT&T home security technology overseas (2014-09-08 19:50:46)
    By Alina Selyukh (Reuters) - AT&T Inc on Monday said Spain's Telefonica SA will license its home security technology for limited trials in Europe as the U.S. carrier hopes it has found a new way to profit from its nascent connected-home business. Telefonica will offer European customers a version of Digital Life, AT&T's home monitoring and automation system, for three to six months before evaluating results of the trial, said Steven Bartholomew, a Telefonica spokesman. ...
  • Tinder, former marketing executive settle sexual harassment case (2014-09-08 19:48:16)
    By Edwin Chan SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - A former executive who accused popular dating-app company Tinder of sexual harassment and discrimination has settled her lawsuit with the startup, ending a dispute that cast a spotlight over the treatment of women in the technology industry. Lawyers for the plaintiff, former marketing vice president Whitney Wolfe, said on Monday the lawsuit had been resolved but did not provide details. IAC/InterActiveCorp owns a majority stake in Los Angeles-based Tinder and was also named as a defendant, along with fellow dating site and IAC portfolio company Among the allegations was that Chief Executive Officer Sean Rad and the company's chief marketing officer, Justin Mateen, removed her title as co-founder because of her gender.
  • AT&T's smart home service goes overseas: Telefonica to test it out (2014-09-08 19:45:05)
    Spanish carrier Telefonica agrees to license AT&T's Digital Life home automation and security platform.>
  • Reseachers are testing a breathalyzer for cancer (2014-09-08 19:31:00)
  • Watch Apple’s most important new hire talk about designing watches (2014-09-08 19:15:03)
    Late last week we learned that Apple had just made a crucial new hire in famous industrial designer Marc Newson. Although Apple didn’t specify what Newson would be working on while at Apple, there’s a good change that he’ll be working on some kind of wearable computers given his background in making watches. In a video posted two years ago on Vimeo, Newson ran through his full portfolio of timepiece designs, ranging from his earliest watch designs in the 1980s to his work making large clocks on behalf of Swiss watchmakers. FROM EARLIER: Apple just made another big hire — famous industrial designer Marc Newson Among other things, Newson showed off several of his past watch designs during his with Ikepod, the company
  • Alibaba talks corporate governance to potential IPO investors (2014-09-08 19:11:16)
    Alibaba Group Holding Ltd founder Jack Ma on Monday surprised potential investors at a standing-room only event in New York by addressing governance concerns over the Chinese e-commerce giant, including a controversial 2010 spin-off of its online payment service. Ma made the remarks at a luncheon at the Waldorf Astoria hotel in New York in front of hundreds of hedge funds, mutual funds and other institutional investors, as the company kicked off a two-week, multi-city marketing blitz for its initial public offering. Alibaba was expecting about 500 investors to attend the first stop on the roadshow, but some 800 showed up, forcing some into overflow rooms. Alibaba is seeking to raise more than $21 billion in the largest-ever U.S.
  • Watch this soft robot walk through snow and get squished by a car (2014-09-08 19:11:00)
  • Scientists brew tea in a chocolate teapot: Did it melt? (2014-09-08 19:00:53)
    Chocolate experts from Nestle set about crafting a chocolate teapot that can stand up to boiling water and still turn out a lovely cup of tea.>
  • Tomorrow Daily 048: An almost indestructible robot, a robo-couch, volcano selfies, and more (2014-09-08 18:56:40)
    On today's show, a soft robot that can withstand extremes like snow, fire, wind, and water; students in Australia create a robotic couch; and adventurer George Kourounis descends into a volcano for the selfie of a lifetime.>
  • Sound off! How often do you upgrade your phone? (2014-09-08 18:39:00)
  • Researchers find data leaks in Instagram, Grindr, OoVoo and more (2014-09-08 18:32:24)
    Private messaging isn't so private, say University of New Haven researchers who found Android apps transmitting and storing unencrypted images, chats, screenshots and even passwords.>
  • Jack the Ripper finally ID'ed? Skepticism meets author's claims (2014-09-08 18:32:17)
    An armchair detective and a biochemist claim to have solved the mystery of the Ripper's identity through DNA testing a shawl. But some experts aren't convinced.>
  • Nancy Pelosi urges FCC to reclassify broadband as a utility (2014-09-08 18:31:24)
    A good number of politicians have recently made statements in favor of net neutrality, but House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is going further than most of them today and asking that the Federal Communications Commission reclassify broadband as a utility using Title II of the Communications Act — exactly what net neutrality advocates have been pushing for. In a letter to FCC chair Tom Wheeler, Pelosi writes that Title II is "an appropriate tool to refine modern rules," and that it can do so without the FCC overburdening broadband providers. The reason that the FCC is currently amid this whole internet "fast lane" debacle is that it's chosen to regulate internet providers using a less stringent allowance in the Communications Act.
  • In the wake of massive nude photos leak, Apple adds another layer to iCloud security (2014-09-08 18:30:25)
    Apple has insisted that iCloud has no real security issues, although that hasn’t stopped the company from putting more security measures in place to keep its users’ data safe anyway. MacRumors reports that Apple is now sending out email alerts whenever you or anyone else tries to log into your iCloud account on a web browser. MacRumors notes that “the alerts are being sent out even if the specific browser has been used previously to access iCloud, but this is presumably a one-time measure that will not be repeated for future logins with that combination of browser and machine.” FROM EARLIER: Tim Cook vows to improve iCloud security, prevent future ‘nudegates’ This is just the first planned move to bolster iCloud security
  • Jawbone's activity-tracking wristbands to accept data from rivals (2014-09-08 18:22:14)
    Jawbone said on Monday it is opening its software to other device-makers in hopes of accelerating sales of its activity-tracking wristbands, in a move that comes a day before Apple Inc is expected to unveil a smartwatch of its own. Jawbone said its software, called UP, can now incorporate health and fitness data from any gadget, whether it be an Apple iPhone, Fitbit, or Google Android Wear device. It will also pull in data from Apple's anticipated wearable device, dubbed the iWatch by the press. Jawbone's UP can be used to track workout activity, sleep patterns, and food and drink consumption Jawbone hopes to “lead people to the Jawbone hardware” by taking a more open approach, company spokesman Jim Godfrey said.
  • Bill Murray supports an all-female Ghostbusters team (2014-09-08 18:13:00)
    While the long-rumored Ghostbusters reboot isn't a done deal quite yet, Bill Murray weighed on the possibility of female Ghostbusters and seems more-or-less in favor of it. During this weekend's "Bill Murray Day" at the Toronto Film Festival, the former Dr. Venkman told the Toronto Star that he's fine with the idea. "I would go to that movie," he said, "and they'd probably have better outfits, too."
  • Home Depot confirms its payment systems were breached (2014-09-08 18:04:00)
  • The father of net neutrality could become the next lieutenant governor of New York (2014-09-08 18:00:39)
    Most of the tech industry will be focused on Cupertino, California, tomorrow, where Apple is hosting a much-hyped event, likely to unveil a new iPhone 6 and iWatch. But September 9th could see another tech milestone: the election of Tim Wu, a Columbia law professor nicknamed the "father of net neutrality," as the Democratic nominee for lieutenant governor of New York state.
  • SheTaxi's Uber-for-women service launches in NYC later this month (2014-09-08 17:59:00)
  • How to Secure Your iCloud (2014-09-08 17:56:24)
    By now you’ve heard that Jennifer Lawrence’s (and other celebs’) cellphone nude pictures were leaked out, but how in the heck did the hacker pull this off? Tech experts believe it was through the “Find My iPhone” app.Someone anonymously posted nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton to the 4Chan site, and the stars confirmed...
  • Home Depot confirms payment systems were breached (2014-09-08 17:53:27)
    (Reuters) - Home improvement retailer Home Depot Inc confirmed on Monday that its payment security systems have been breached, which could impact customers using payment cards at its stores in the United States and Canada. Home Depot, however, said it has found no evidence that personal identification numbers (PINs) have been compromised, it said in a statement. The breach was first reported by security website KrebsonSecurity on Sept. 3, which had said the problem could extend back to April and affect all of Home Depot's 2,200 stores in the United States. Home Depot said it is focusing its investigation from April this year, after its banking partners and law enforcement agencies first notified them of the breach last week.
  • Alibaba IPO expected to price Sept. 18: Fidelity (2014-09-08 17:39:15)
    BOSTON (Reuters) - The blockbuster initial public offering of Alibaba Group Holding Ltd is expected to price on Sept. 18th, Fidelity Investments has told brokerage clients. Boston-based Fidelity, best known for its stable of mutual funds and brokerage, listed the expected pricing date on its website. (Reporting By Tim McLaughlin)
  • Tinder settles with former exec over sexual harassment and discrimination lawsuit (2014-09-08 17:38:03)
    Tinder has settled a sexual harassment and discrimination lawsuit brought by a former executive who alleged that she left the company after being subject to repeated instances of abusive behavior. In a statement sent to BuzzFeed, the law firm representing former Tinder marketing VP Whitney Wolfe says that Wolfe and Tinder have resolved the suit without any admission of wrongdoing. The firm reportedly declined to comment on whether Wolfe would receive any compensation as part of the settlement.
  • To win the smartwatch war, Apple must beat this 'GoldenEye 007' watchface on the Moto 360 (2014-09-08 17:38:01)
    If you have a Moto 360 and a strong sense of nostalgia for Nintendo 64, download the Secret Agent Watchface and walk around with the Goldeneye 007 pause screen on your wrist (seen here, modeled by by Phandroid). The left bar seems to always stay at 100 percent (congrats, you're healthy!) while the right bar will go down according to battery life. And if Apple doesn't tempt you tomorrow, the more James Bond-appropriate all-metal Moto 360 is coming this fall.
  • To win the smartwatch war, Apple must beat this 'GoldenEye 007' watchface on the Moto 360 (update) (2014-09-08 17:38:01)
    If you have a Moto 360 and a strong sense of nostalgia for Nintendo 64, download the Secret Agent Watchface and walk around with the Goldeneye 007 pause screen on your wrist (seen here, modeled by by Phandroid). The left bar seems to always stay at 100 percent (congrats, you're healthy!) while the right bar will go down according to the watch's battery life. And if Apple doesn't tempt you tomorrow, the more James Bond-appropriate all-metal Moto 360 is coming this fall.
  • Alibaba gives muted message to potential IPO investors (2014-09-08 17:36:12)
    Alibaba Group Holding Ltd founder Jack Ma on Monday gave potential investors little new information about his Chinese e-commerce giant, but surprised them by addressing governance concerns, including a controversial 2010 spin-off of its online payment service. Ma made the remarks at a luncheon at the Waldorf Astoria hotel in New York in front of hundreds of hedge funds, mutual funds and other institutional investors, as the company kicked off a two-week, multi-city marketing blitz for its initial public offering. Alibaba was expecting about 500 investors to attend the first stop on the roadshow, but some 800 showed up, forcing some into overflow rooms. Alibaba is seeking to raise more than $21 billion in the largest-ever U.S.
  • Adam Levine wants 'iPhone burning,' tweets from iPhone (2014-09-08 17:36:09)
    Last week, the "Voice" coach and Maroon 5 singer launched Samsung's Milk Music service and suggested there should be an "iPhone burning." Today, he tweeted from his iPhone. Does it matter?>
  • Verizon will sell the Moto 360 with a metal band on November 11th (2014-09-08 17:33:00)
  • Watch Arya Stark try and fail to play the original NES (2014-09-08 17:32:56)
    Apart from her being on a blockbuster for-adults fantasy series on HBO, Maisie Williams is an average teenager. So watching her and a group of random teens try to grok why the hell you'd need to blow into an NES cartridge to make it work is kind of precious. But really now. Not knowing what the Legend of Zelda is is kind of shameful.
  • Home Depot confirms suspected customer data breach (2014-09-08 17:30:08)
    Anyone who shopped at a Home Depot store with a payment card since April may be exposed to the hack, the home-improvement retailer says.>
  • Earth-buzzing asteroid may have dropped meteorite on Nicaragua (2014-09-08 17:15:54)
    Daredevil asteroid 2014 RC slid by close to Earth Sunday, but it may have left a parting gift in the form of a meteorite crater in Nicaragua.>
  • BGR plays Destiny live starting at 5:30 p.m. ET – watch right here! (2014-09-08 17:15:48)
    The biggest game of September has finally arrived. We got our hands on Destiny, so we’re going to stream for a little while to give you a taste of what you have to look forward to when the game launches at midnight. You can find the Twitch stream below, but this is our first stream, so please forgive any egregious technical difficulties. We’ll try to keep them to a minimum. Keep in mind, the servers only just went live this morning — we’ll be bringing you our first impressions this week with a review to follow as soon as we’ve had enough time to reach the endgame content and delve into the competitive mode.
  • ​Twitch's CEO sees Amazon integration as an opportunity, not an obligation (2014-09-08 17:08:00)
  • Shop inside a tweet with Twitter's 'Buy' button (2014-09-08 17:05:40)
    Twitter takes your credit card as it expands into commerce, Facebook and Spotify put focus on video ads, and TiVo launches a DVR to record three years' worth of video.>
  • Tinder Settles Sexual Harassment Lawsuit With Co-Founder (2014-09-08 17:05:29)
    Tinder has privately settled a sexual harassment lawsuit from co-founder and former marketing exec Whitney Wolfe. She claimed she was harassed by co-worker Justin Mateen for about 18 months and that her "co-founder" title was stripped because the other founders believed having a "girl founder" would devalue their brand. Wolfe had dozens of text messages as evidence for her claims.  Whitney’s lawsuit against Tinder has been resolved (without admission of wrongdoing.) She is proud of her role as a co-founder of Tinder and of the role she played in the app’s success.
  • The 404 Show 1,547: iPhone 6 predictions, NFL Surface-gate, Jack the Ripper DNA test (podcast) (2014-09-08 16:58:25)
    Today's the calm before the iPhone 6 storm so we're getting our predictions out early! Plus, we'll talk about identifying Jack the Ripper 126 years too late and the developing NFL Microsoft Surface-gate!>
  • Amazon's not going to turn Twitch into a store, says Twitch CEO (2014-09-08 16:46:10)
    Although the Internet's mega superstore is acquiring Twitch, don't expect to see more ways to buy video games from the site.>
  • In Conversation With Expert Meditation Teacher Burgs on How the Quick Fix Got Broken (And Connecting to What Really Matters) (2014-09-08 16:41:12)
    Are you going to skim this blog, rather than take time to calmly read it? Probably. That's what most of us do these days. We get the gist, rather than imbibe the essence. We try to fit as much as possible into our day, we spread ourselves thin bouncing from one thing to the other, meanwhile holding out for that peak experience -- that trip to...
  • Take a ride in Honda's self-driving car (video) (2014-09-08 16:41:00)
  • Brands Make Lousy Lovers (2014-09-08 16:38:38)
    What brand doesn't belong on this list? Amazon, Uber, Yelp, Hillary.It's a trick question. They all belong. In recent days, they've all been making it harder for their fans to love them.I loved Amazon at first sight. Later, when it killed Borders, I forgave it, and called it creative destruction. I vowed to patronize independent bookstores...
  • 'American Horror Story: Freak Show' full-length trailer is one of us, one of us, gooble gobble (2014-09-08 16:30:30)
    American Horror Story: Freak Show's first full-length trailer channels 1932's Freaks, a Pre-Code horror film that employed physically deformed circus stars. Both that film and previous seasons of American Horror Story share a central theme: Don't let appearances fool you; it's often "normal" people who are the real monsters.
  • Top 4 Back to School Service Ideas (2014-09-08 16:25:22)
    Now that school's back in session, there are more opportunities than ever to give back and make a real difference in your community. Consider service opportunities with one of these nonprofit organizations, which benefit school-age children, relieve the burden on struggling parents and help other members of the community too.Big Brothers Big...
  • Live out your wildest Nicolas Cage fantasies with this 32-page activity book (2014-09-08 16:25:04)
    Have you ever wanted to know what it was like to be tormented by a helmet full of bees, swap faces with your worst enemy, or don the luscious locks of a fugitive? Now you might be able to get closer than ever before! Behold: Snake Eyes, a 32-page activity book that promises to let you live out your wildest Cage-ian fantasies by doing things like dressing up (or down) the movie star in the looks of his numerous roles, or even coloring in your own new face for Cage himself. The book's creators also promise puzzles, games, and "the best of times" for under twelve bucks.
  • Twitter tests shopping service with 'Buy' button (2014-09-08 16:21:06)
    NEW YORK (AP) — Twitter is taking its users shopping.
  • The premium stainless steel Moto 360 can be yours on November 11th (2014-09-08 16:15:22)
    We don’t know the precise sales figures yet, but it’s clear that the Moto 360 was the first smartwatch launch to draw a significant crowd. Within just a few hours, the wearable device had already sold out on Motorola’s website, forcing anyone who wasn’t quick on the draw to wait for it to become available at third-party retailers. Others are surely waiting for Apple to reveal its wearable before making a decision, but if the iWatch doesn’t float your boat, it might be worth waiting for the stainless steel Moto 360. FROM EARLIER: Google is already prepping a few major updates for your new Moto 360 Verizon revealed on Monday that the Moto 360 with a metal band would start shipping on November 11th,
  • Jawbone Up coming to Android Wear, Apple HealthKit and Windows Phone (2014-09-08 16:13:00)
  • Amazon slashes price of its Fire smartphone (2014-09-08 16:12:57)
    NEW YORK (AP) — Amazon slashed the price of its Fire smartphone Monday, a day before Apple is expected to unveil its latest version of the iPhone.
  • Researchers say your Mobile Carrier's Network isn't all that Secure (2014-09-08 16:06:41)
    Gee, even the tools that update your smartphone’s operating system over the air have holes that hackers can slip into.It’s estimated that as many as two billion handsets are vulnerable, and in some instances, security patches haven’t even been released.The open mobile alliance device management (OMA-DM) protocol is used by around a...
  • Google Play Movies and TV for iOS finally lets you watch offline video (2014-09-08 15:59:53)
    Google brought its Play Movies and TV shows app to iOS recently, something that comes in handy for those using both Android and iOS devices — but it left out a pretty key feature. The original app didn't offer the ability to save movies or shows to local storage and watch them without an internet connection, but Google has just fixed that oversight some nine months after the app launched. They can only play back things that have been purchased through Google's Play Store online or through Android devices. If you're firmly entrenched in the Apple ecosystem, there's little reason to use Google Play for buying movies and shows over iTunes, but if you happen to switch back and forth between devices frequently, this still is a good cross-platform solution.