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  • Video: Let’s hope iOS 8.1 fixes this incredibly annoying iPhone 6 Plus bug (2014-10-20 11:55:53)
    iOS 8.1 is coming out later on Monday and for some iPhone 6 Plus owners’ sake, we hope it will fix one very annoying bug in particular. As you can see in the YouTube video posted below, some iPhone 6 Plus models are very slow to react when turned upside down at times and will often leave their home screen icons upside down even when you turn the phone right side up. RELATED: Everything new that Apple added in iOS 8.1 This particular bug is extremely irritating although thankfully it doesn’t occur all that often and can be fixed with a simple restart of your device. That said, it seems widespread enough and occurs frequently enough that Apple is likely aware of
  • IBM ditches 2015 operating EPS target, shares slump 7 percent (2014-10-20 11:52:49)
    By Marina Lopes and Anya George Tharakan (Reuters) - International Business Machines Corp said it no longer expected to achieve its 2015 operating earnings target of at least $20 per share after weak client spending resulted in an unexpected fall in quarterly earnings and revenue. IBM's shares fell more than 9 percent in premarket trading. The world's largest technology services company, which said it would announce a new target in January, reported a 4 percent drop in revenue as clients held back on spending in September. ...
  • Dropbox's iOS 8 app adds support for Touch ID (2014-10-20 11:46:00)
  • A preventable coding error knocked out 911 service for millions (2014-10-20 11:14:14)
    For hours on an April day this year, 6,600 emergency calls from people in seven states didn't reach responders. The 911 outage affected 11 million people; in Washington state, every single person was affected. And in a new report investigating the causes of the outage, the FCC found this: "It could have been prevented. But it was not."
  • Kickstarter suspends funding for Anonabox privacy router (2014-10-20 11:11:06)
    In light of doubts over certain claims, the crowdfunding platform has frozen the campaign for Anonabox, a small internet router designed to deliver online anonymity by encrypting data over the Tor network. The project had already brought in close to $600,000 in just a few days on the site.
  • Notti smart light does notifications and wake-up calls with style (2014-10-20 11:11:00)
  • Microsoft's wearables game plan: How a fitness band fits in (2014-10-20 11:10:22)
    Microsoft isn't going the Smartwatch 2.0 route with its rumored fitness band. Instead, the company has a more targeted and cloud-connected wearables game plan, sources say.>
  • John Oliver's all-dog Supreme Court on 'Last Week Tonight' is hilarious and free for anyone to remix (2014-10-20 11:07:28)
    Comedian newscaster John Oliver has aired some hilarious and incisive sketches so far throughout the first season of his HBO show, Last Week Tonight. But there's a new top dog among them: last night's bit featuring an all-animal Supreme Court. Inspired by Keyboard Cat, the sketch — which features dogs as the nine justices, a duck as an assistant, and a pitch-perfect pecking chicken as a stenographer — is meant to mock the absurdity of the US Supreme Court's refusal to allow its proceedings to be televised, despite permitting audio recordings. ...
  • The 10 best iPhone apps with iOS 8 Notification Center widgets (2014-10-20 11:01:05)
    Home screen widget support probably isn’t anywhere near the top of most iPhone and iPad users’ wish lists in terms of missing iOS features, but a vocal minority has been begging for widget functionality ever since Android was first released. As opposed to static icons that are merely shortcuts to apps, home screen widgets offer a variety of additional functionality, namely access to zero-touch information that is updated automatically without any effort needed on the user’s part. While home screen widgets still haven’t been added to Apple’s mobile platform in iOS 8, the latest version of Apple’s iPhone and iPad OS does finally add widget support to the Today view in Apple’s Notification Center. DON’T MISS: The single most important trick every iPhone
  • Twist: IBM to pay GlobalFoundries $1.5B to offload its chip business (2014-10-20 10:58:28)
    In an unusual move, IBM will pay GlobalFoundries to take the chip business off its hands -- rather than GlobalFoundries paying IBM for the operation.>
  • Skype's new drawing feature debuts first on Windows Phone (2014-10-20 10:48:47)
    Microsoft is updating its Skype for Windows Phone app today and it’s introducing an entirely new feature: drawing. The addition allows Windows Phone owners to draw on a canvas, add ink to photos, or annotate maps and send the results to contacts over Skype. While other rival messaging clients have already supported drawing, it’s unusual to see Microsoft add this support to just the Windows Phone client.
  • Safari 8 browser on Yosemite shows major speed boost (2014-10-20 10:41:20)
    On the latest Mac OS, Apple's browser vaults past Firefox and Chrome on some tests. The browser performance race means a more sophisticated Web for us all.>
  • BlackBerry shares up after unconfirmed report on possible Lenovo bid (2014-10-20 10:40:58)
    By Euan Rocha TORONTO (Reuters) - BlackBerry shares rose more than 3 percent on Monday after a news website said Chinese computer maker Lenovo Group might offer to buy the Canadian technology company., citing an unnamed source familiar with the matter, said an offer worth $15 a share could come as early as this week. Lenovo and BlackBerry said their companies did not comment on rumors and speculation. Rumors of a Lenovo bid for BlackBerry have swirled many times over the last two years. ...
  • How to experience Android 5.0’s gorgeous Material Design on your phone right now (2014-10-20 10:34:47)
    Google on Friday issued to developers the full release of the Android 5.0 Lollipop SDK, updating Lollipop builds for the Nexus 5 and 2013 Nexus 7 in the process, with the actual release of Android 5.0 set to follow next month. While developers can easily install these Lollipop builds on supported devices and enjoy all the new features, other Android users will still have to wait until their devices get Google’s latest OS and its gorgeous Material Design. However, until that happens, they can already download some of the Lollipop apps and resources thanks to the joint effort of various xda-developers members. FROM EARLIER: How to make your Android phone (sort of) look like Android 5.0 Lollipop right now Users can
  • Apple could sell record 62 million iPhones this quarter, analyst says (2014-10-20 10:16:01)
    Sales of iPhones may grow as high as 45 percent in the current quarter from a year ago, says Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster.>
  • Virgin Galactic's ready to resume test flights to space (2014-10-20 10:14:00)
  • 8 awesome paid iPhone apps you can download for free right now (save $60!) (2014-10-20 10:05:50)
    Welcome to another week of iPhone and iPad app sales, and today we’re kicking things off with a particularly awesome batch of apps. Developers constantly offer limited-time sales on their paid apps in an effort to drum up added interest, and it’s quite difficult to find and sort through all those sales to identify the best apps out there. Luckily, BGR is here to do the dirty work for you. Monday’s list includes eight nifty apps that are regularly worth a combined $60, but you can get each and every one for free if you hurry up and download them right away. These are paid iPhone and iPad apps that have been made available for free for a limited time by
  • Watch this: The Simpsons recreates Adventure Time, South Park, Archer, Pokemon, and many more (2014-10-20 09:56:45)
    Saxophone enthusiast Lisa Simpson closed last night's Treehouse of Horror episode with this terribly meta thought:
  • New Gold Rush: why banks are racing to be the first card in your Apple Pay (2014-10-20 09:50:03)
    Over the weekend I was hit with a deluge of advertising from banks and credit card companies encouraging me to get ready for the wonder that is Apple Pay. It seemed odd to me that big-name financial institutions would be falling all over themselves to promote a service which hasn't yet launched and isn't exclusive to them. First, Apple has a history of succeeding where others have failed.
  • Listen to The Flaming Lips cover all of 'Sgt. Pepper,' with a little help from friends (2014-10-20 09:41:49)
    The Flaming Lips have kind of just done whatever weird projects they want to lately, and their newest is a cover album of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band that has a whole bunch of other artists joining in to help. Those artists include Miley Cyrus and Moby on a cover of "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds," Tegan and Sara for "Lovely Rita," and "My Morning Jacket" for the title track, among about two dozen other artists. It's a very eclectic set, but that just makes it all the better here.
  • Spotify finally has subscription sharing for an extra $5 per user (2014-10-20 09:41:00)
  • UK government brands trolls 'baying cowards' ahead of stiff, new prison sentences (2014-10-20 09:38:38)
    Planned new laws could put British Internet abusers behind bars for up to two years.>
  • Mitel offers $540 million for ShoreTel to expand in U.S (2014-10-20 09:38:34)
    (Reuters) - Mitel Networks Corp, a provider of business communications services, offered to buy smaller U.S. peer ShoreTel Inc for about $540 million as part of efforts to expand in the United States. Kanata, Ontario-based Mitel's cash offer of $8.10 per share represents a 24 percent premium to ShoreTel stock's closing price on Friday. Sunnyvale, California-based ShoreTel's shares were up at $7.58 - just below the offer price - in early trading on Monday. Mitel's shares were up about 1 percent at C$9.61 on the Toronto Stock Exchange, its Nasdaq-listed shares were up 3 percent at $8.67. ...
  • IBM to pay $1.5B to shed its costly chip division (2014-10-20 09:38:06)
    NEW YORK (AP) — IBM will pay $1.5 billion to Globalfoundries in order to shed its costly chip division.
  • Your first look at Google’s gorgeous new Gmail app for Android 5.0 (2014-10-20 09:30:04)
    Google is going to update its Gmail Android app to version 5.0, which will bring Material Design as well as new features. Among them, Android Police has already discovered one that may be of special interest to many smartphone users. Gmail 5.0 will not only support multiple Gmail accounts, but also email accounts from various competing companies, including Outlook or Yahoo. FROM EARLIER: How to experience Android 5.0’s gorgeous Material Design on your phone right now Thus, starting with Gmail 5.0, users will be able to get all their email in a single place, and seamlessly move from one account to the other, as shown in the video below. Obviously, the highlight of the new features in Gmail 5.0 is the gorgeous new design based
  • Marc Andreessen quits eBay board ahead of PayPal spinoff (2014-10-20 09:19:16)
    (Reuters) - Venture capitalist Marc Andreessen said he was quitting EBay Inc's board following the online retailer's decision last month to spin off its electronic payment unit, PayPal. The Silicon Valley pioneer has been involved in a public war of words with activist investor Carl Icahn, one of eBay's largest shareholders, who convinced the company to spin off PayPal after a long campaign. "After 6 years of service + completed decision to split, I've decided now is a good time to step off the eBay board of directors," Andreessen tweeted on Monday. (http://bit. ...
  • IBM to pay Globalfoundries $1.5 billion to take chip unit (2014-10-20 09:15:32)
    By Abhirup Roy (Reuters) - IBM Corp said it would hive off its loss-making semiconductor unit to contract-chipmaker Globalfoundries Inc to focus on cloud computing and big data analytics. IBM will pay Globalfoundries $1.5 billion in cash over the next three years to take the chip operations off its hands, the companies said in a statement on Monday. IBM took a related pre-tax charge of $4.7 billion in its third quarter. It also reported a 4 percent drop in revenue on Monday, hurt by weak sales in its software and services businesses. IBM's shares fell 8 percent to $167 in premarket trading. ...
  • This is the new Droid Turbo, and it looks amazing (2014-10-20 09:05:35)
    Motorola has been through a lot over the past few years as it struggled to find its place in a world after flip phones. The company’s future looked promising as it helped put Android on the map with Verizon’s original Droid, but then Samsung began throwing billions of dollars into marketing its own Android phones and Motorola was basically buried in the process. Following a sale to Google… and then another sale to Lenovo, Motorola appears to have finally hit its stride with impressive entry-level phones like the new Moto G and incredible flagship devices like the brand new Moto X. But Motorola isn’t done just yet. FROM EARLIER: Moto X review: Say hello to the best Android phone in the world
  • Amazon Kindle Voyage review (2014-10-20 09:00:02)
    The humble e-reader is the evolutionary equivalent of a duck-billed platypus: at some point, it fell off the family tree. It’s been plotting its own course ever since, totally comfortable in its weirdness, utterly oblivious to the changes happening everywhere around it. That weirdness — the e-reader’s singular, purpose-suited design — has enabled it to survive the coming of the smartphone. It survived the tablet. If I had to guess, it’ll survive whatever comes next.
  • Bluesmart wants to crowdfund the 'world's first' connected luggage (2014-10-20 09:00:00)
  • Amazon Kindle Voyage review: The best e-reader is also the priciest (2014-10-20 09:00:00)
  • Spotify family plan: Separate accounts, one discounted bill (2014-10-20 08:52:59)
    The streaming music service introduces a plan that allows up to five family members to have separate premium accounts on one bill.>
  • IBM ditches 2015 operating EPS target, shares slump (2014-10-20 08:52:42)
    By Anya George Tharakan (Reuters) - International Business Machines Corp said it no longer expected to achieve its 2015 operating earnings target of at least $20 per share after weak client spending resulted in an unexpected fall in quarterly earnings and revenue. IBM's shares fell more than 9 percent in premarket trading. The world's largest technology services company, which said it would announce a new target in January, reported a 4 percent drop in revenue as clients held back on spending in September. ...
  • Get an iSmartAlarm home-security system for $124.99 (2014-10-20 08:48:00)
    That's $75 off list and the lowest price around by at least $50. Plus: a killer tablet bonus deal!>
  • China is staging a nationwide attack on iCloud and Microsoft accounts (2014-10-20 08:45:45)
    China got its first official shipments of new iPhones last week, but a new report from web censorship watchdog Great Fire indicates Chinese users may be facing an unpleasant surprise when they try to connect to Apple services at large. As of last night, the Chinese firewall is blocking all local connections to, redirecting those connections to a dummy site designed to look exactly like Apple's login page. If you're using Firefox or Chrome, you'll land on a warning page like the one above, but if you're using Qihoo, the most popular browser in China, you'll be routed straight to the dummy site with no indication that it's not being run by Apple.
  • Microsoft’s new smartwatch to launch soon: report (2014-10-20 08:41:58)
    It's managed to stay under wraps just enough to set the wearables industry abuzz with speculations about a smartwatch from Microsoft with fitness tracking capabilities, said to be launching in just weeks, according to Forbes.
  • Apple now makes 56 different iPads – here’s how to choose the right one for you (2014-10-20 08:30:57)
    Apple last week unveiled two new iPad models, the iPad Air 2 and the iPad mini 3 — though only the iPad Air 2 received a significant upgrade — making the new devices available for purchase almost immediately. Many older models are still officially available on Apple’s site and in stores, including the original iPad mini that sells for just $249. As Forbes points out, from $249 to $829 there are 56 different iPad configurations to choose from, with users having to decide on various factors including size (two options), memory (four choices, but not available across the board), colors (up to three versions), wireless connectivity (two options), and whether they need a fingerprint scanner in their iPad or not.
  • India's Idea Cellular second quarter profit up 69 percent (2014-10-20 08:21:40)
    (Reuters) - Idea Cellular Ltd , India's No.3 mobile operator, posted a 69 percent rise in quarterly profit after adding subscribers faster than its competitors and as its data plans attracted more users. Idea Cellular, the first telecoms carrier to report results for the quarter to end-September, said it earned 7.56 billion Indian rupees ($123.3 million) in its second quarter, compared with 4.48 billion rupees a year earlier. The result beat the average analyst estimate of 6.65 billion rupees in net profit, according to Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S. Idea Cellular added about 1. ...
  • Gmail for Android could become a hub for all your email accounts (2014-10-20 08:14:00)
  • Marc Andreessen to quit eBay board (2014-10-20 08:09:18)
    (Reuters) - EBay Inc said venture capitalist Marc Andreessen would quit its board, after the online retailer announced last month that it was spinning off its electronic payment unit, PayPal. Andreessen, who has been on the company's board for six years, said "now is the right time to step down," eBay said in a statement on Monday. Andreessen has been involved in a public war of words with activist investor Carl Icahn, eBay's sixth-largest shareholder, who successfully convinced the company to spin off PayPal. (Reporting by Sai Sachin R in Bangalore; Editing by Kirti Pandey)
  • IBM posts 4 percent drop in quarterly revenue, shares slump (2014-10-20 07:55:19)
    (Reuters) - International Business Machines Corp reported a 4 percent drop in quarterly revenue as client activity slowed in September, sending its shares down sharply in premarket trade. Total revenue fell to $22.4 billion in the third quarter ended Sept. 30 from $23.34 billion a year earlier. Analysts had expected revenue of $23.37 billion, according to Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S. The world's largest technology services company's net profit from continuing operations fell to $3.46 billion, or $3.46 per share, from $4.14 billion, or $3.77 per share in the same quarter last year. ...
  • Google made its own Flappy Bird clone and it’ll soon be on every top Android phone (2014-10-20 07:45:20)
    As previously expected Google on Friday made the final Android 5.0 Lollipop SDK version available to developers, who have already thoroughly inspected it, pulling out various apps and other Lollipop elements (wallpapers, fonts and boot animation) for other Android users to enjoy. Among the things users who installed the SDK looked at is the usual Easter Egg Google hides in every Android OS version, finding a pleasant, and strange, surprise. FROM EARLIER: How to make your Android phone (sort of) look like Android 5.0 Lollipop right now Google has also cloned the extremely addictive Flappy Bird mobile game, creating a version of its own, and using it as the official Easter Egg for Lollipop. That’s even though Google didn’t exactly appreciate the Flappy
  • 'Doctor Who' will soon teach kids how to code (2014-10-20 07:24:00)
  • Faster 'cloud' orders for SAP hurt 2014 profit outlook (2014-10-20 07:19:15)
    By Harro Ten Wolde and Eric Auchard FRANKFURT (Reuters) - German software maker SAP cut its 2014 operating profit forecast on Monday as customers shifted faster than expected to products delivered over the Internet, delaying when those orders can be booked as sales. Company executives said the accelerating switch from packaged software to so-called "cloud" software would shave about 200 million euros off a previous profit forecast, but that cloud contracts would bolster sales and profit in the future. ...
  • IBM to pay Globalfoundries to take chip unit (2014-10-20 07:08:30)
    (Reuters) - IBM Corp said it would hive off its loss-making semiconductor unit to contract-chipmaker Globalfoundries Inc to focus on cloud computing, mobile and big data analytics. IBM will pay Globalfoundries $1.5 billion in cash over the next three years to take the chip operations off its hands, the companies said in a statement on Monday. IBM will take a related pre-tax charge of $4.7 billion in its third quarter. ...
  • Spotify Family plans: Separate accounts, one bill (2014-10-20 07:00:16)
    Spotify has introduced a new feature called Family, allowing up to five people to have separate Premium accounts on the one bill.>
  • China Mobile quarterly revenue falls for first time since at least 2009 (2014-10-20 06:49:19)
    By Gerry Shih BEIJING (Reuters) - Quarterly revenue at China Mobile Ltd fell year-over-year for the first time since at least 2009 as China's largest telecom provider continued to stumble in the face of rising competition from popular Internet-based messaging apps. China Mobile reported on Monday operating revenue of 481.24 billion yuan ($78.59 billion) for the first nine months of the year. The cumulative figure implied revenue of 156. ...
  • Japan firm showcases Bat-Signal of the future (2014-10-20 06:25:53)
    Tokyo (AFP) - A free-floating image created by firing lasers into thin air was unveiled in Japan on Monday, offering the possibility one day of projecting messages into a cloudless sky, as seen in Batman.
  • Spotify Family lets you share a subscription from $14.99 per month (2014-10-20 06:19:16)
    Spotify is finally letting subscribers share their accounts with family and friends. The streaming music service is unveiling Spotify Family today, a way to share a premium subscription with up to four other Spotify users. Spotify says the new plans will be made available globally in the coming weeks.
  • Ello has notifications and the ability to mute that annoying 'friend,' too (2014-10-20 06:17:00)
  • EU and China end telecoms row as EU drops threats against Huawei (2014-10-20 06:02:54)
    BRUSSELS (Reuters) - The European Union has ended a long-running telecoms row with China, the EU's trade chief said on Monday, dropping a threat to levy punitive tariffs on Chinese telecoms exports and easing tensions between two of the world's top trading powers. As Reuters reported exclusively on Oct. 8, the deal struck between Brussels and Beijing sets out a framework for China to address EU concerns about subsidies to Huawei , China's No. 2 telecoms equipment maker, and ZTE. ...
  • Google's redesigned Gmail app supports Yahoo and Outlook accounts (2014-10-20 05:32:44)
    Google has been updating a number of its Android apps with its new material design recently, and it looks like Gmail will be the latest to get a visual overhaul shortly. Android Police has obtained early access to Gmail 5.0 for Android, and there’s a surprise addition of Yahoo and support inside the app. Gmail for Android has traditionally supported just Google’s own mail service, but it looks like the search giant wants to help Android users manage all of their mail from within its Gmail app.
  • Researcher finds a way to mimic curves in space-time (2014-10-20 05:15:00)
  • Industry chiefs including Zuckerberg named to board of influential Beijing business school (2014-10-20 04:58:50)
    BEIJING (Reuters) - China's Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management has added three western business heavyweights to its advisory council including Mark Zuckerberg, the Facebook Inc founder who has long sought to enter the Chinese market where his social network is currently banned. Zuckerberg - who was named to the board along with Virginia Rometty, the IBM chief executive, and Anheuser-Busch InBev SA CEO Carlos Brito - will attend the business school's annual board meeting in Beijing on Friday, Facebook said. ...
  • SAP cloud sales quicken, deferred sales hit outlook (2014-10-20 02:43:28)
    FRANKFURT (Reuters) - German business software maker SAP on Monday cut its outlook for full-year operating profit amid an accelerating shift by customers to buy its software over the Internet rather than as packaged software, delaying recognition of those sales. SAP said it now expects 2014 operating profit, excluding some special items, of 5.6 billion to 5.8 billion euros ($7.1-7.4 billion), down from 5.8-6.0 billion euros previously. SAP reported a 5 percent rise in third-quarter operating profit, excluding special items, to 1. ...
  • SAP cuts profit outlook as more customers switch to cloud (2014-10-20 01:53:06)
    FRANKFURT (Reuters) - German business software maker SAP on Monday cut its outlook for full-year operating profit amid an accelerating shift by customers to buy its software over the Internet rather than as packaged software, delaying recognition of those sales. SAP said it now 2014 expects operating profit, excluding some special items of 5.6 billion to 5.8 billion euros ($7.14-7.40 bln), down from 5.8-6.0 billion previously. ...
  • Watch Earth roll by live in HD, streamed from the ISS (2014-10-20 01:46:03)
    Get your relaxing internet fix by sitting back and watching the Blue Marble roll away in real-time under the orbit of the ISS.>
  • Yahoo set to outline cost-cutting efforts: WSJ (2014-10-20 01:07:35)
    (Reuters) - Yahoo Inc is expected on Tuesday to outline cost-cutting efforts and give details of how it is evaluating possible acquisitions as it faces pressure from an activist investor, the Wall Street Journal reported, citing a person who was briefed on the plan. Yahoo is considering acquiring one or more large technology startups with some of the $5.8 billion it made from the initial public offering of Alibaba Group Holding Ltd, the newspaper said. Representatives at Yahoo did not immediately respond to an email seeking comment outside regular U.S. business hours. ...
  • A Microsoft smartwatch could appear in weeks (2014-10-20 00:56:00)
  • Virgin Galactic to resume powered test flights (2014-10-20 00:27:30)
    Virgin's commercial passenger space flight venture is soon to begin a new round of test flights for spaceliner SpaceShipTwo.>
  • Dyson tackles the humidifier, kills water-based bacteria with UV light (2014-10-20 00:25:00)
  • MP4 Downloader Pro review (2014-10-20 00:10:30)
    Download videos from video sites and increase download speeds
  • FLV Downloader review (2014-10-20 00:02:29)
    Download Web videos and accelerate downloads by up to 5 times
  • The Dyson humidifier cleans your air with ultraviolet light (2014-10-20 00:00:02)
    Dyson doesn't enter new product categories all that often, but today we're seeing the second in less than two months. Following the September introduction of the 360 Eye robot vacuum, Dyson is now unveiling its first humidifier, simply called the Dyson humidifier. It'll look a lot more familiar than the 360 Eye, however; it's an evolution of the iconic Air Multiplier line of bladeless fans. Dyson says the emphasis is on hygiene and even distribution of air, with its humidifier cleaning water before blasting it into the room as mist.
  • IBM to pay Globalfoundries $1.5 billion to take chip unit off its hands: WSJ (2014-10-19 23:56:04)
    (Reuters) - IBM Corp has agreed to hive off its loss-making semiconductor unit to contract-chipmaker Globalfoundries Inc, the Wall Street Journal reported, citing people familiar with the matter. IBM will pay Globalfoundries $1.5 billion to take the chip operations off its hands, WSJ said. IBM issued an advisory on Sunday saying it would make a "major business announcement" on Monday. Talks between IBM and Globalfoundries has been going on for a while. IBM is also scheduled to report its third-quarter earnings on Monday. ...
  • XnView review (2014-10-19 23:48:14)
    Manage multimedia files and all possible image formats
  • Smarty Uninstaller review (2014-10-19 23:13:31)
    Remove programs installed on your system
  • Microsoft reportedly ready to launch smartwatch in weeks (2014-10-19 23:07:26)
    Device will sport a health-tracking features and work with multiple mobile platforms, Forbes reports.>
  • Fitbit's new wearable looks like a watch, crams in GPS and a heart rate monitor (2014-10-19 22:54:00)
  • Blocks: A customisable, modular smartwatch (2014-10-19 22:18:58)
    Creator of the modular smartphone Phonebloks is stepping into the wearable market with a customisable, modular smartwatch called Blocks.>
  • 'Doctor Who' recap: 'Flatline' (2014-10-19 21:58:46)
    For this season of Doctor Who, Ross Miller and Kwame Opam will be sounding off on each episode in a series of emails we'll be publishing on the site. Where nothing out of the ordinary happened they just sat on a couch and watched Addams Family?
  • The season you're born in affects your moodiness, study says (2014-10-19 21:56:43)
    Hungarian research suggests that those born in the summer are moodier adults than those born in the winter.>
  • The season you're born affects your moodiness, study says (2014-10-19 21:04:07)
    Hungarian research suggests that those born in the summer are moodier adults than those born in the winter.>
  • Fitbit enters the smartwatch game with the Surge 'fitness superwatch' (2014-10-19 20:51:03)
    Leaked marketing materials show that Fitbit has a fitness-focused $250 smartwatch on the way, with GPS and continuous heart-rate monitoring.>
  • Leak gives a clearer look at Motorola's upcoming Droid Turbo (2014-10-19 20:04:00)
  • Physicists create reversible laser tractor beam (2014-10-19 19:45:12)
    Physicists have built a tractor beam out of lasers that can both repel and attract objects across distances 100 times farther than previously possible.>
  • Screenshot Captor review (2014-10-19 19:33:48)
    Capture and save screenshots of your desktop
  • PDF Combine review (2014-10-19 19:22:09)
    Combine many PDF files into one in a few clicks via GUI or command line
  • Nevron Text Editor review (2014-10-19 19:14:19)
    Provide a complete set of text processing and text editing features
  • MiniTool Photo Recovery review (2014-10-19 19:02:16)
    Recover all lost multimedia files in storage devices
  • Macrium Reflect review (2014-10-19 18:52:44)
    Back up files into compressed archive, or create a disk image for recovery
  • iExplorer review (2014-10-19 18:41:15)
    Help in transfering music from any iPhone, iPod or iPad to a Mac or PC computer and iTunes
  • Microsoft plans to launch smartwatch within weeks: Forbes (2014-10-19 18:36:41)
    NEW YORK (Reuters) - Microsoft Corp. is preparing to launch a smartwatch within the next few weeks that will passively track a user's heart rate and work across different mobile platforms, Forbes reported on Sunday. The wearable gadget's battery life will exceed two days of regular use, Forbes reported, citing unnamed sources close to the project. It will arrive in stores soon after being unveiled in an effort to capture the holiday season, Forbes reported. Microsoft declined to comment. Apple Inc unveiled a smartwatch on Sept. ...
  • New White House efforts help secure your payments (2014-10-19 18:29:00)
  • CopyTrans Manager review (2014-10-19 18:24:46)
    Transfer music or videos from PC to iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch
  • CopyTrans review (2014-10-19 18:14:08)
    Transfer files from iPod, iPhone, and iPad to iTunes and computer
  • Baidu Spark Security review (2014-10-19 18:02:33)
    Browse the Internet with confidence and speed
  • Auslogics Registry Cleaner review (2014-10-19 17:54:06)
    Clean up registry to speed up your PC
  • ACDSee Pro review (2014-10-19 17:46:56)
    Carry out all essential tasks of the photography workflow and digital asset management in one place
  • SwiftKey Keyboard review (2014-10-19 17:28:22)
    smart keyboard that learns from you and adapts to the way you type
  • Here's every device getting Android 5.0 Lollipop so far (2014-10-19 17:03:00)
  • Microsoft to launch its wearable fitness band in coming weeks (2014-10-19 17:01:03)
    Microsoft is planning to launch its own wearable fitness band in the coming weeks. Forbes reports that the announcement is due "within the next few weeks," and The Verge can confirm this is accurate. Sources familiar with Microsoft’s plans tell The Verge that the launch of Microsoft’s wearable fitness band is imminent, and the device will be stocked at retailers in time for the holiday season. Microsoft’s wearable launch will mark 10 years since the company announced its SPOT smartwatch in 2004 that used FM radio signals to send instant messages from Windows Messenger, news headlines, stock information, and weather forecasts to your wrist.
  • This is the Fitbit Surge, a $250 'superwatch' with built-in GPS (2014-10-19 16:50:25)
    Fitbit is preparing to launch three new fitness trackers in the coming weeks. Two of those will be the Charge and Charge HR. The Charge looks to be a revision of the Fitbit Force, which was pulled off the market after it caused bad skin reactions for some customers. Charge HR will offer a bit extra with the addition of PurePulse, the company's wrist-based heart rate monitoring system. But there's more: Fitbit has also been working on a third, flagship wearable for serious athletes. It's the Fitbit Surge.
  • Facebook tells the DEA it can't use phony profiles to go after suspects (2014-10-19 16:28:45)
    Facebook has a message for the DEA: if you want to use our service, you have to use your real name. In a letter sent to the Drug Enforcement Administration on Friday, chief security office Joe Sullivan chided the agency for allowing one of its officers to lure criminals with a fake Facebook account created in a suspect's name. "We regard the DEA's conduct to be a knowing and serious breach of Facebook's terms and policies," writes Sullivan.
  • Become the walking bread in new simulator game (2014-10-19 16:20:26)
    Don't loaf around when you can have adventures as a slice of bread on a quest to become toast in "I Am Bread" from Bossa Studios.>
  • Siri, an autistic boy's best friend (2014-10-19 16:06:49)
    A writer describes how her 13-year-old son seems to talk with Apple's digital assistant more easily than with her. Can technology design virtual humans as we'd wish real ones were?>
  • IDrive review (2014-10-19 14:41:08)
    IDrive gets PC Mag Editors Choice Award The IDrive iOS app makes it possible to backup and restore mobile data with a 'single tap' You can backup
  • Swype review (2014-10-19 14:34:25)
    Swiping keyboard that predicts what you type or Swype
  • Google Voice review (2014-10-19 14:23:51)
    Access your Google Voice account right from your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch
  • F-Secure Safe for Smartphone & Tablet review (2014-10-19 14:12:15)
    Protect your Internet browsing by blocking malicious sites automatically
  • This trailer turns 'Wall-E' into an animated version of 'Interstellar' (2014-10-19 13:10:34)
    Wall-E is one of Pixar's finest films, but what if that adorable little robot was just a bit more... epic? A teenaged filmmaker named Bobby Burns has decided to do just that by giving the film the Christopher Nolan treatment. The trailer swaps Wall-E's heart-warming tone for that of Nolan's upcoming space opera, Interstellar. That means the fate of mankind rests in the hands (claws?) of the endearing Wall-E instead of a grizzled astronaut played by Matthew McConaughey. In all seriousness, though, the trailer speaks volumes to the power of editing and sound. ...
  • The computer as copilot: Charting the growth of navigation tech (2014-10-19 13:00:00)
  • Beats celebrates slimline LeBron's big, fat return to Cleveland (2014-10-19 12:55:40)
    Apple's Beats reaches for profundity as it shows LeBron James losing weight and gaining soul in a new campaign.>
  • Latest leak gives best look yet at Motorola's Droid Turbo (2014-10-19 12:14:01)
    Motorola's next Verizon-exclusive Android phone hasn't been announced, but a number of leaks have left very little to the imagination. Now we're getting our best look yet at the device, called the Droid Turbo. An official press image, obtained by prolific leaker @evleaks, shows the device in both its red and black getups. Unfortunately, the phone just isn't very good looking, though these press images do make the black, Kevlar-equipped phone look a bit less ugly. Nevertheless, what's inside the phone is very promising. ...
  • Inhabitat's Week in Green: Fusion power, Drop-a-Brick and settlements on Mars (2014-10-19 11:30:00)
  • Beats celebrates LeBron's homecoming with another epic commercial (2014-10-19 11:18:38)
    The new NBA season gets underway this month, and Beats has teamed up with the league's biggest star, LeBron James, for its latest campaign. This long-form ad — which isn't the first to come from Beats — focuses entirely on James' homecoming and his return to the Cleveland Cavaliers. Beats very much wants everyone to know that LeBron wears them while training.
  • Google's Nexus Player gets FCC approval, right on cue (2014-10-19 10:00:00)
  • Android vendors reportedly shot down Google’s bold anti-fragmentation plan (2014-10-19 09:30:47)
    Android Silver was supposed to be Google’s next-gen line of high-end devices that would offer users access to top hardware and a stock Android experience. While the Search giant never confirmed these plans, reports said that Google wanted to replace Nexus and Google Play Edition smartphones and tablets with Android Silver, with some people even claiming the Nexus 6 might have been sacrificed in the process. However, it turned out that Google had to postpone its Android Silver plans, and the company confirmed soon after I/O 2014 that it isn’t interested in dumping the Nexus device line. FROM EARLIER: Google reportedly clamps down further on Samsung’s ability to mess with Android Re/code has learned that Google indeed wanted to convince OEMs to take
  • The US government's wireless-spectrum auction: Why it matters (FAQ) (2014-10-19 07:00:03)
    It's the first auction of new wireless spectrum in six years. CNET gets you up to speed on how this will affect your wireless service in the future.>
  • Britain threatens Internet 'trolls' with two years in jail (2014-10-19 07:00:01)
    London (AFP) - People found guilty of Internet "trolling" in Britain could be jailed for up to two years under government proposals outlined on Sunday, following a number of high-profile case of abuse on Twitter.
  • Scientists want to fight the Ebola outbreak using robots (2014-10-19 03:06:00)
  • You can't upgrade the new Mac mini's RAM (2014-10-19 00:43:00)
  • Google halts Nexus Player pre-orders as it awaits FCC certification (2014-10-19 00:28:01)
    When it comes to the living room, it seems Google just can't catch a break. Pre-orders for the company's latest effort, the Nexus Player, started briefly yesterday, but there was a bit of a problem. The device hadn't yet been approved by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). That's why Nexus Player pre-orders are no longer available. A message on the Google Play store explains, "This device has not been approved by the Federal Communications Commission. It is not for sale until approval of the FCC has been obtained. ...
  • Google opened Nexus Player pre-orders before receiving FCC certification (2014-10-19 00:28:01)
    When it comes to the living room, it seems Google just can't catch a break. Pre-orders for the company's latest effort, the Nexus Player, started briefly on Friday, but there was a bit of a problem. The Asus-made device hadn't yet been approved by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). As a result, Google was embarrassingly forced to shut down pre-orders just as soon as they began.
  • Air Force's mysterious space drone returns after two years in orbit (2014-10-18 22:48:00)
  • Cord review (2014-10-18 22:04:03)
    One tap voice chat
  • Cisco AnyConnect review (2014-10-18 21:54:09)
    Administrators If you have any questions regarding licensing or would like evaluation licenses, please contact ac-mobile-license-request (AT)
  • ChitChat review (2014-10-18 21:47:37)
    Tap and hold on a contact to send self destructive messages
  • F-Secure Mobile Security for Android review (2014-10-18 21:32:50)
    Provide security for your Android device
  • VueScan for Mac review (2014-10-18 21:24:21)
    High-quality scanner driver with support for several manufacturers
  • Transmit for Mac review (2014-10-18 21:14:09)
    FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, Amazon S3 client
  • Tembo for Mac review (2014-10-18 21:07:49)
    Make searching and finding of files, mail messages, bookmarks, as easy as possible
  • Apple's new iPads, the Nexus 6 and other stories you might've missed (2014-10-18 20:56:00)
  • See Finance for Mac review (2014-10-18 20:53:21)
    Track and monitor all your income and expenses quickly and easily
  • Snapchat just ran its first ad and it's for 'Ouija' (2014-10-18 19:48:16)
    Making good on CEO Evan Spiegel's announcement earlier this month, Snapchat ran its first ad this weekend. The brief spot was a sponsored story for the upcoming horror film Ouija, and it's safe to assume that more ads of that stripe are on the way.
  • Facebook wants the DEA to promise that it won't create fake accounts (2014-10-18 19:42:00)
  • The Verge Playlist: Brian Eno (2014-10-18 19:00:02)
    There was a New Yorker article, published over the summer, explaining how musician-producer Brian Eno allowed randomness to take control of his work, which by now has directly or indirectly touched some of the greatest bands in the popular music canon — he's produced albums for David Bowie and Talking Heads, and created solo works that are strange little gems of their own. The article went on to argue that certain projects may have been worse off for having Eno's sensibilities — ambient tones, electronic instruments, some other elements I can't easily identify — in the mix. Maybe. ...
  • RedShift electric motocross race bikes will be ready to roll in 2015 (2014-10-18 18:30:00)
  • Disney rendered its new animated film on a 55,000-core supercomputer (2014-10-18 17:00:00)
  • Watch Jony Ive explain Apple's design process in a rare public interview (2014-10-18 16:33:10)
    Earlier this month, Apple chief designer Jony Ive appeared on stage for a rare interview during the Vanity Fair New Establishment Summit. Ive is characteristically deliberate with his words as he answers a number of questions posed by Vanity Fair's Graydon Carter. While Ive does let loose at one point, summarily criticizing those who mimic his designs, most of the interview provides a simple but intriguing view into a man who often keeps far from the public eye.
  • Sprint cuts 452 jobs at its Kansas headquarters (2014-10-18 16:19:09)
    OVERLAND PARK, Kan. (AP) — Sprint Corp. has cut 452 jobs from its Overland Park headquarters as part of a previously announced cost-cutting effort, the nation's third-biggest cellphone carrier disclosed in a filing with the Kansas Department of Commerce.
  • Google freezes Nexus Player orders while it waits for US approval (2014-10-18 15:38:00)
  • Autodesk Pixlr for Mac review (2014-10-18 15:09:21)
    Photo editor tools provide more control over your photo editing process
  • Flickr's iPad app is exactly what you'd expect – and that's a good thing (2014-10-18 15:01:02)
    The new app takes cues from Yahoo's revamped Weather, Finance, and Mail apps, which means lots of big, pretty photos, transparent menus, and skinny, sans serif fonts. You can comment, fave, and share photos.
  • Parallels Desktop for Mac review (2014-10-18 14:46:02)
    Run Windows and other operating systems simultaneously with Mac OS X
  • Gimp for Mac review (2014-10-18 14:35:40)
    Create, alter, and manipulate photos
  • Eset Cyber Security for Mac review (2014-10-18 14:26:14)
    Fast, powerful detection of various cyber threats, without sacrificing the Mac�® experience
  • Watch Sir Ian McKellen give the best advice possible to students (2014-10-18 14:16:10)
    Sir Ian McKellen is one of the finest Englishmen working in Hollywood. But his Gandalf persona, with that sonorous delivery, is just iconic. You could watch him all day it's so perfect. So, the schoolchildren at the Chew Valley School in Southwest England were lucky enough to have him pass by the other day. And he gave them some perfect advice: "In your preparation for your examinations, if you don't do your revision properly, you know what will happen? You shall not pass!"
  • Apple removes Bose products from stores following Beats settlement (2014-10-18 13:45:00)
  • Google's brilliant response to Colbert's inferiority complex (2014-10-18 13:40:31)
    Satirist Stephen Colbert complains that a Google search has his height wrong. So, try searching "How tall is Stephen Colbert" now.>
  • Experience the true existential madness of automated customer service (2014-10-18 13:16:10)
    You've made those calls. You've pressed 2 for Spanish. And you've waited till eternity. This new video exists to tell you that you aren't alone.>
  • FCC starts the process for making '5G' gigabit mobile data a reality (2014-10-18 11:42:00)
  • Steam is letting you play ten games for free this weekend (2014-10-18 11:16:01)
    Are you looking to get your game on this weekend? Is your collection looking a bit stale? If so, you might want to boot up Steam, as the online store is throwing one of its largest free weekend promotions ever. Ten, count them, ten entire games are free to download and play until tomorrow afternoon at 4PM ET. The list includes some excellent titles, such as XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Payday 2, and Don't Starve. And if you can't manage to hammer through these games over the weekend, you'll be glad to hear that all of the titles are on deep discount — most are 75 percent off. ...
  • Here’s where we might finally find alien life (2014-10-18 10:45:30)
    One of the lesser moons of Saturn, Mimas, has been largely viewed as a boring lump of ice. But a new discovery has suddenly turned this moon into hot property: its rotational wobble turns out to be far stronger than expected. Mimas is almost perfectly spherical, so a robust wobble implies that something intriguing is going on below its surface…  and that something is very likely to be sloshing. The most likely explanation for the wobble would be an internal ocean starting between 24 and 31 kilometers below the moon’s surface. This would be something of a puzzle in a moon as small as Mimas — how could a liquid ocean remain warm enough for billions of years? One possibility is that the
  • Google's short film examines the science of voice recognition (2014-10-18 10:36:00)
  • The Weekender: on comets, cancer, and 'Castlevania' (2014-10-18 10:00:03)
    Good morning, and welcome back to the Weekender. Our weekend journey is just now starting, so thank you for choosing us for your travels. As you may recall, this was the 42nd week of the year 2014 on the planet known colloquially as Earth, otherwise known as Terra in other inhabited star systems. It was not a quiet week, as you might imagine. Below you'll find your itinerary, carefully crafted for your pleasure; stories from the week passed and recommendations for the days ahead. Now. Please sit back and relax as we take you on a journey through time and space. ...
  • A comprehensive guide to using 2014’s coolest new iOS and OS X feature (2014-10-18 09:30:34)
    The coolest new feature that spans across both iOS and OS X announced this year has definitely been the Handoff feature that will let you quickly move information and data between iOS devices and your Mac. 9to5Mac’s Sarah Guarino has put together a fantastic guide for how to use this new feature, which iPhone owners can finally use now that Apple has released OS X Yosemite. RELATED: Apple announces release details and pricing for OS X Yosemite The first thing you’ll need to do is obviously have a device with iOS 8 installed that you’ll pair to your Mac via Bluetooth. Guarino also lists all the Macs that you can use to run the Handoff feature: “A 2012 iMac, MacBook Air, MacBook
  • This is the most beautiful owner's manual you've ever seen (2014-10-18 09:01:02)
    When you invest seven figures in securing one of the most exotic, exclusive vehicles ever made, perhaps you just expect that the owner's manual is going to be a work of art. Every owner's manual I've ever had has ended up stuffed in a glovebox, pages greasy, creased, and torn. With the McLaren F1, mishandling the owner's manual would be a crime — doubly so after you hear the amount of thought and effort that went into it.
  • New York Attorney General says most Airbnb rentals in NYC violate the law (2014-10-18 08:05:00)
  • X-ray machine used to disappoint 'Star Wars' fan (2014-10-18 06:26:00)
  • Flickr chooses a great time to launch its iPad app (2014-10-18 03:30:00)
  • Fitbit: skin irritations were allergies, new wristbands have a warning (2014-10-18 00:04:00)
  • Sony's SmartWatch 3 lands on Google Play Store for $249 (2014-10-17 23:20:25)
    Signaling an imminent launch, Sony's upcoming Smartwatch 3 just appeared on the Google Play Store. The sporty yet altogether disappointing Android Wear device is listed at $249.99, putting it on par with the rest of the competition, but there still isn't a firm release date.
  • Capture 360-degree videos of your environment with this surveillance blazer (2014-10-17 22:07:00)
  • Capture 360-degree videos with this surveillance blazer (2014-10-17 22:07:00)
  • Foo Fighters' American music history lesson 'Sonic Highways' premieres tonight (2014-10-17 21:40:02)
    The new HBO documentary series Sonic Highways — directed by the Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl — debuts tonight, and if it's anything like the extremely well-received documentary Sound City he directed in 2013, it might just be worth canceling your Friday night plans for.
  • Apple's iPad Air 2 on preorder at Walmart for $489 (2014-10-17 20:47:01)
    The retail giant nudges down the price for Apple's two new tablets -- the iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3 -- while also cutting the cost of the iPad Mini original.>
  • iFixit takes a peek inside Apple's new '5K' iMac (2014-10-17 20:45:00)
  • Watch 'The Hobbit,' as told in 72 seconds of Lego stop-motion animation (2014-10-17 19:44:36)
    Even if, like me, you have a love for all things Middle-earth, it's easy to say that Peter Jackson has probably gone overboard with his trilogy of films based on The Hobbit. (My point of view? Two films would have been plenty, and they don't need to be as long as they are, but I'm still happy to overindulge and spend more time in his gorgeous version of Middle-earth).
  • Engadget Daily: unlimited clean power, why there's no Retina MacBook Air and more! (2014-10-17 19:42:00)
  • Crave Ep. 179: This umbrella shoots air to keep you dry (2014-10-17 19:32:04)
    The Air Umbrella has reached its funding goal and is coming to market. Can it really protect your dome from torrential downpours using a force field of air?>
  • Mac Free Any Data Recovery for Mac review (2014-10-17 19:13:33)
    Recover documents, emails, photos, videos, audio files and more
  • PS4’s impressive lead in the console market stretches to 9 consecutive months (2014-10-17 19:05:16)
    Despite some early indications that Microsoft might have finally found a way to combat the sales chart tyranny of the PlayStation 4, the latest numbers from the NPD Group say otherwise. In an email correspondence on Thursday afternoon, Sony confirmed that the PS4 had achieved nine straight months of chart-topping success, tripling August’s sales figures. “September 2014 was a record-breaking month for PlayStation’s digital business, thanks in large part to the success of Destiny,” said Eric Lempel, vice president of Sony Network Entertainment International. “Last month’s PlayStation Store revenue increased nearly 90 percent compared with Sept. 2013. Working closely with Activision and Bungie, we wanted to make the launch of Destiny a special experience for PlayStation fans. We’re thrilled to see
  • Google explains how it fights piracy in search results (2014-10-17 18:58:00)
  • Snapchat's advertising push begins (2014-10-17 18:50:44)
    The social network known for its ephemeral messages is finally trying to make money, nearly a year after Facebook offered to acquire it for $3 billion.>
  • Do cases FBI cites support encryption worries? (2014-10-17 18:50:29)
    WASHINGTON (AP) — The text messages captured a cover-up of unimaginable abuse: Parents had struck their toddler so often that they ultimately killed her. The child shook badly because we beat her, the father wrote, and the mother complained that their 2-year-old was the devil.
  • Goat Simulator review (2014-10-17 18:34:03)
    Cause as much destruction as you possibly can as a goat
  • Playdate: We're livestreaming 'The Evil Within' on PS4! (2014-10-17 18:30:00)
  • Playdate: We're livestreaming 'The Evil Within' on PS4! (update: game over!) (2014-10-17 18:30:00)
  • Free Audio Converter review (2014-10-17 18:19:12)
    Convert audio files between MP3, WAV, M4A, AAC, WMA, OGG, FLAC, and APE formats
  • Star Apps: Women of 'The Wonder Years' (2014-10-17 18:06:53)
    Danica McKellar, Olivia d'Abo, and Alley Mills reminisce about the award-winning series.
  • Normal review (2014-10-17 18:06:17)
    Battery diagnosis service that suggests personalized actions you can take to extend your battery life
  • Sound Off! Would you pay for HBO's standalone streaming service? (2014-10-17 18:02:00)
  • Apple exec: Apple is ‘not that interested’ in building a touchscreen Mac (2014-10-17 18:00:26)
    In an interview with CNET following Apple’s iPad and Mac event on Thursday, Apple senior vice president of software engineering Craig Federighi, who talked about Apple’s iOS 8 and OS X operating systems during the keynote, said Apple isn’t likely to make a Mac or Macbook computer with a touchscreen display anytime soon. FROM EARLIER: Check out Apple’s official introduction videos for the iPad Air 2 and Retina iMac “We don’t think it’s the right interface, honestly,” Federighi said. “Mac is sort of a sit-down experience.” “We’ve really focused on building the best track pads we can, something where it feels your posture’s relaxed, it’s a comfortable machine to use,” he added. “And, of course, over the years we’ve
  • Twitter spices timelines with unasked-for tweets (2014-10-17 17:59:55)
    San Francisco (AFP) - Twitter said Friday it would start reconfiguring its users' timelines with "relevant" messages from people they haven't bothered to follow at the service.
  • The insanely elaborate quest to recover the oldest satellite photos of Arctic ice (2014-10-17 17:57:41)
    If you are a climate scientist trying to study the amount of sea ice on Earth poles over time, it make senses to look at as many satellite images of Antarctica and the Arctic as you can get your hands on. As Barents Observer reports, a climate scientist named David Gallaher at the US National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) in Colorado recently managed to painstakingly recover old satellite data from the early 1960s captured by vintage NASA Nimbus satellites.
  • Whisper app trades barbs on anonymity with Guardian (2014-10-17 17:57:21)
    Washington (AFP) - The anonymous messaging app Whisper has lashed out at the Guardian newspaper, denying allegations that it secretly tracked users and shared data with the US government.
  • Famous Ewok actor to appear in 'Star Wars: Episode VII' (2014-10-17 17:57:21)
    The actor known best as Wicket the Ewok in "Star Wars" receives a very important phone call about returning to a galaxy far, far away. Yub nub!>
  • Express Scribe Transcription Free for Mac review (2014-10-17 17:54:53)
    Express Scribe Free for Mac assists in transcribing audio files
  • HBO may price online-only subscription service at $15 a month (2014-10-17 17:45:28)
    HBO's plans to bring its programming to Internet users via a Netflix-style streaming service may cost as much as bundling it with a cable package, according to a report.>
  • Giant comet to pass Mars for the first time in a million years (2014-10-17 17:38:06)
    The closest look ever at a new comet will happen when the mountain-size comet Siding Spring buzzes past Mars this weekend.>
  • The 404 Show 1,567: Teens deal with social FOMO, online dating data, how to poop at work (podcast) (2014-10-17 17:34:47)
    It's a super clean show today! We'll talk about the real-life social implications of "FOMO" and how the most successful people poop at work. Oh, and there were some Apple products announced yesterday, too.>
  • 'Halo: The Master Chief Collection' needs 20GB day-one patch (2014-10-17 17:28:00)
  • Facebook unfriends federal drug agency (2014-10-17 17:05:51)
    WASHINGTON (AP) — Facebook wants assurances from the Drug Enforcement Administration that it's not operating any more fake profile pages as part of ongoing investigations.
  • Twitpic to shutter service after all (2014-10-17 16:59:09)
    San Francisco (AFP) - Twitpic on Friday put out word that the service is shutting down after all, apologizing for a "false alarm" that a merger would be its salvation.
  • TextSecure Private Messenger review (2014-10-17 16:53:46)
    Take back your privacy while easily communicating with friends
  • Google's Android, Chrome software may converge, exec change suggests (2014-10-17 16:51:41)
    The engineering teams for both software platforms are now led by the same person, a move that's the latest example of Google blurring the lines between its two operating systems.>
  • Presto Orville Redenbacher popcorn fountain flows anew (2014-10-17 16:45:45)
    The Orville Redenbacher's Fountain Hot Air Popper by Presto features fun popping action. As kernels pop, they flow up and into the bowl.>
  • KeyScrambler Personal review (2014-10-17 16:42:36)
    Encrypt keystrokes to protect your browser from keyloggers
  • Alpine's high-end headphones let you feel the music, literally (2014-10-17 16:42:00)
  • Tons of people are still lining up to buy the iPhone 6 (2014-10-17 16:40:15)
    You’re not going to believe this: people are still buying the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Alright, maybe that isn’t much of a shock, but it’s pretty incredible to see that iPhone fans are actually still lining up at the Apple Store in New York City to pick up a new phone. Walter Piecyk, an analyst at BTIG, tweeted pictures on Friday of anxious consumers lined up around the block on Fifth Avenue waiting for their chance to buy an iPhone 6. When you consider the unprecedented demand for the two new iPhone models at launch, it’s easier to understand why some smartphone owners might have had to wait a month before they could dive in to the new generation. Some
  • Secretive X-37B space plane returns to Earth, two years on (2014-10-17 16:38:53)
    The Air Force says that the almost one-of-a-kind spacecraft "conducted on-orbit experiments" in the the longest-ever mission for the X-37B program.>
  • Angry Birds Stella review (2014-10-17 16:36:50)
    Join Stella and her friends on a quest to protect Golden Island from the greedy Bad Princess and her clueless piggies
  • 8 high-end drip coffeemakers for brewing right at home (2014-10-17 16:21:07)
    From the almost robotic to sublime unions of form and function, there's sure to be a coffeemaker here with your name on it.>
  • Yosemite’s coolest new features won’t be available on all Macs (2014-10-17 16:15:24)
    Apple has finally released its new desktop operating system, OS X Yosemite, which comes with a variety of interesting features, but not all of them will be available to all Mac users. In the OS X Yosemite upgrade instructions posted on its website, Apple has also listed feature requirements that note which Mac models can support some of Yosemite’s coolest features, including Continuity and Handoff. FROM EARLIER: You can download and install OS X Yosemite right now! Yosemite can be installed on a variety of machines, according to Apple, going all the way back to 2007 for the iMac and MacBook Pro. However, for Handoff and Instant Hotspot users will need a Mac that’s from 2012 or newer (MacBook Air, Pro, iMac and Mac
  • Apple SIM could mean big changes for carriers (2014-10-17 16:13:22)
    Apple's new iPads make it easy to switch carriers, debuts his version of a smartwatch, and CBS joins HBO with a standalone Web TV service.>
  • Tumblr's new desktop app is all Tumblr, all the time (2014-10-17 16:08:00)
  • Former Google lawyer nominated to lead US patent office (2014-10-17 15:35:00)
  • Have your ashes dropped from near space to return as snow (2014-10-17 15:34:02)
    A new company called Mesoloft will rocket your ashes to near space, where they will likely traverse the globe before becoming the seeds of raindrops and snowflakes.>
  • The fault in our czars (2014-10-17 15:15:51)
    At a meeting Thursday night, President Obama suggested that in order to effectively tackle the Ebola issue in the United States, he would "appoint an additional person… just to make sure that we are crossing all the t’s and dotting all the i’s going forward." By Friday morning, the media had dubbedRon Klain, Obama's chosen appointee, the Ebola Czar.
  • Everything new that Apple added in iOS 8.1 (2014-10-17 15:10:25)
    Apple made plenty of big announcements during its press conference Thursday — along with one ridiculously small announcement — and details surrounding its first big revision of iOS 8 were among them. While it may look just like Apple’s previous mobile software version, iOS 8.1 is a huge deal, mainly because it will finally bring Apple Pay to iPhones and iPads. Apple announced that it is already working with more than 500 partners on its mobile payment solution, and down the road it could clearly be a huge boost for Apple’s bottom line and an added convenience for Apple’s customers. But Apple Pay isn’t the only new addition in iOS 8.1. FROM EARLIER: This awesome secret iOS 8 trick will change the way you
  • Honing in on Innovation in Princeton: Tiger Labs (2014-10-17 15:08:38)
    Bert Navarrette skydives (regularly), rides mountain bikes, runs companies, and has four children. you might think that keeps him busy enough. But you'd be wrong.This Harvard-educated entrepreneur grew up in Princeton, where he attended the Boychoir School before prepping at Delbarton School in Morristown. He has also spent considerable time in...
  • Apple has removed all Bose products from its store (2014-10-17 15:02:53)
    You can no longer buy any of Bose's products from Apple's online store. As spotted by 9to5Mac, headphones from Bose's QuietComfort series and speakers including the SoundLink Mini and SoundLink III have completely vanished from Apple's web storefront. A search for "Bose" now points you to refurbished Apple routers and other non-related items. Presumably Bose's lineup will soon make an exit from retail stores, if products haven't been pulled already. The abrupt disappearance comes amid a growing rivalry between Apple, which now owns Beats headphones, and Bose, another headphone manufacturer. ...
  • Apple has removed all Bose products from its stores (2014-10-17 15:02:53)
    You can't buy Bose products from Apple's online store anymore. As spotted by 9to5Mac, headphones from Bose's QuietComfort series and speakers including the SoundLink Mini and SoundLink III have completely vanished from Apple's web storefront. A search for "Bose" now points you to refurbished Apple routers and other non-related items. Presumably Bose's lineup will soon make an exit from retail stores, if products haven't been pulled down from shelves already. ...
  • Meet the 10 Insert Coin 2014 semi-finalists (2014-10-17 15:00:00)
  • U.S. FCC to look into new-generation wireless networks (2014-10-17 14:38:28)
    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - In the words of Buzz Lightyear, and U.S. Federal Communications Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel on Friday, U.S. regulators will look "to infinity and beyond" to harness new technology that can help build a new generation of mobile wireless connections. The FCC on Friday voted unanimously to open a so-called "notice of inquiry" into what it and the industry can do to turn a new swath of very high-frequency airwaves, previously deemed unusable for mobile networks, into mobile-friendly frequencies. ...
  • High Court forces UK ISPs to block websites selling fake luxury goods (2014-10-17 14:20:00)
  • PlayStation TV review: The most promising set-top box on the market (2014-10-17 14:20:00)
    At first blush, Sony’s new PlayStation TV doesn’t make much sense. It’s a standalone console, but it has been built on the back of an existing platform. It uses a controller, but not the most recent one. It connects to your TV, but it doesn’t have any internal storage. The PlayStation TV is at odds with itself. After spending a few hours with it at home, I still haven’t found a compelling reason to use it over any of my other PlayStation branded devices. Given time, PS TV could be a major competitor in the set-top box market, but right now, it’s the cheapest console available for one very good reason — it just doesn’t work that well. After plugging in the
  • Google's Nexus 9 is now available to pre-order (2014-10-17 14:06:22)
    Google's new Nexus 9 tablet is now available to pre-order from HTC, Amazon, Best Buy, and the Play Store, with orders scheduled to ship out for its release on November 3rd. The HTC- and Google-made tablet is one of the first devices running Android 5.0 Lollipop, which includes a number of major changes, including a gentle visual overhaul to the operating system. With its 8. ...
  • Tumblr's new OS X app lets Yosemite users share from anywhere (2014-10-17 13:55:55)
    Tumblr has launched an official app for OS X today, one day after the release of Apple's latest desktop operating system. It's available for free in the Mac App Store right now, and Tumblr wants you to know that it does two things, and two things only. First, it's a web wrapper for the Tumblr website. So what you get here is really no different than loading up the site in Safari or Google Chrome. It's simpler and faster though, so if you spend tons of time on Tumblr, you can now run it separately from your web browsers — and stick to those for Facebook, Gmail, and whatever else.
  • Here’s how much HBO may charge for its streaming-only service (2014-10-17 13:55:29)
    HBO wants to compete with Netflix in a lot of ways, but one of those ways probably won’t be pricing. The Information’s sources claim that HBO will charge at least $15 per month for its standalone streaming service, which will match what subscribers pay per month to get HBO as part of their cable bundles. RELATED: HBO will fulfill cord cutters’ dreams and launch a standalone streaming service next year The Information notes that this price would be “$6 more than the price of Netflix’s most popular plan and a price that will likely drastically limit demand for the new service.” However, there’s reason to believe that such a price won’t “doom” HBO’s streaming service as The Information suggests. If someone
  • WSJ: Android's VP of engineering is now overseeing Chrome as well (2014-10-17 13:50:00)
  • Android 5.0 Lollipop's Easter egg is a Flappy Bird clone (2014-10-17 13:44:04)
    Every version of Android has featured a variety of hidden treats and features, commonly called "Easter eggs." Android 5.0 Lollipop, which is due to arrive on devices in the coming weeks, might have the most ambitious Easter egg of all: it has a knock off of the Flappy Bird game accessible via a series of taps in the phone's settings menu. In place of the 8-bit bird and Mario Bros. pipes are the Android mascot and lollipop obstacles that you must avoid.
  • Microsoft CEO 'humbled' by backlash to equal pay comments, outlines diversity plan (2014-10-17 13:39:55)
    Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is not done addressing the criticism over his recent remarks that women in the notoriously sexist technology industry shouldn't be "asking for a raise" but should instead be "having faith that the system will actually give you the right raises as you go along." After making those comments in early October at a conference celebrating women in tech, and then walking back them back on Twitter and in an internal email, Nadella is taking even more steps to apologize and emphasize that he is committed to greater gender equality at Microsoft. ...
  • Newly uncovered internal documents show how hard it is to work with Apple (2014-10-17 13:30:04)
    Contrary to rumors and speculations, neither the iPhone 6 nor the iPhone 6 Plus came with a sapphire display on board, and soon after Apple launched its 2014 iPhones, GT Advanced Technologies (GTAT) filed for bankruptcy. Apple appeared to be surprised by the news, as GTAT should have provided sapphire for Apple’s devices, but GTAT seems to indicate Apple’s draconian contract is to blame for its downfall. At the same time, the leaked parts of the contract show Apple intended to make sure it’ll have a steady supply of sapphire from its partner, having considered this material choice more than two years ago. They also show how difficult it can be to work with Apple. FROM EARLIER: Internal document reveals the insane
  • Google puts Android engineering head in charge of Chrome OS, says report (2014-10-17 13:26:54)
    According to a report from The Wall Street Journal, Google has appointed its vice president of Android engineering to oversee its Chrome OS engineering teams as well. Hiroshi Lockheimer will oversee both at the same time, though he will still report to Sundar Pichai, who has been in charge of both Android and Chrome since 2013. Google has long hinted that Android and Chrome would eventually be on converging paths, and that was cemented when Pichai was appointed to be in charge of both teams following Andy Rubin's departure.
  • Here's the perfect typewriter to celebrate nearly 20 years of Comic Sans (2014-10-17 13:25:23)
    The origins of Comic Sans date back to October 1994, when Microsoft designer Vincent Connare set out to create a font inspired by the lettering style found in The Dark Knight Returns and Watchmen. Though initially meant to replace the Times New Roman used in Microsoft Bob's speech bubbles, the font wasn't finished in time and instead made its premiere in 3D Movie Maker. Its rise to infamy, however, didn't truly begin until August 24th, 1995: the day Windows 95 launched with Comic Sans in tow.
  • Amazon's same-day grocery delivery service launches in New York (2014-10-17 13:23:32)
    Amazon is beginning to launch its same-day grocery delivery service, Amazon Fresh, in New York, with service to one Brooklyn neighborhood starting today. Recode reports that the service will begin in Park Slope, a generally well-off neighborhood associated with city parents, and that Amazon intends to expand to elsewhere in Brooklyn from there. Amazon doesn't say whether it'll be launching in Manhattan, but same-day grocery delivery has long been a field that web companies have tried to crack — and should its experiments in Brooklyn succeed, there's no doubt that Amazon will keep pushing forward. Amazon Fresh is already up and running in Seattle, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.
  • Pascal Blanche is building a stunning sci-fi universe (2014-10-17 13:16:53)
    By day, Pascal Blanche is a senior art director at Ubisoft Montreal, a massive game studio where blockbusters like Assassin's Creed and Watch Dogs are made. But by night, he's an artist dreaming up captivating sci-fi worlds that harken back to greats like Chris Foss and Ralph McQuarrie. "I think it all started with Star Wars," he says of his fascination with space and science fiction.
  • Brilliant Chinese carrier hires an on-site tailor to expand iPhone 6 Plus buyers’ pockets (2014-10-17 13:05:38)
    Worried that your iPhone 6 Plus might feel uncomfortable to carry around — or worse, that it might get bent — thanks to your small pants pockets? You don’t have to worry about it if you buy the device from Chinese carrier Unicom. Business Insider notices that China’s People’s Daily has posted a picture of an iPhone 6 launch event at a Unicom store in which the carrier has hired a tailor to enlarge buyers’ pockets on site to help them more easily carry the device around in their pants. RELATED: Is that a phablet in your pocket? Of course, being able to fit larger phones in your pockets has been an issue for smartphone users ever since the first Galaxy
  • Here's why Apple doesn't have a MacBook Air with a Retina display (2014-10-17 13:00:00)
  • Ebola Is Not the Only Story About Africa: An African Technological Renaissance (2014-10-17 12:45:42)
    At a time when Ebola in West Africa blankets the news, and shapes many perspectives of a continent, it is important to remember that there are also other African stories worth telling. Despite the horror of this epidemic, many African countries are going through an economic boom and technological renaissance. If we look at the growth from...
  • Comcast sued by customer who claims company got him fired (2014-10-17 12:41:43)
    After complaining about his Comcast service, Conal O'Rourke claims the cable giant contacted his boss and got him fired.>
  • After protracted downtime, Apple Store ready for iPad preorders (2014-10-17 12:40:14)
    Customers can now order the iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3 tablets, which will be released next week.>
  • Love Comic Sans? Then this is the typewriter for you (2014-10-17 12:32:00)
  • Review: Hyperobjects--Philosophy and Ecology After the End of the World (2014-10-17 12:31:35)
    Always a world for us, neverthe nowhere minus the no:that innocent, unguardedspace which we could breathe,know endlessly, and never require.Rainer Maria Rilke, 8th Duino ElegyIn this series of posts I'll review three recent, and surprisingly readable books that explore an critical emerging movement in philosophy called object oriented ontology...
  • The beautiful skyward action of the Red Bull Air Race in photos (2014-10-17 12:19:27)
    I grew up around an open-wheel racing community, so I was looking forward to my time with the Red Bull Air Race. I was extremely curious to see how it compared to the race fans I know and the earthbound competitors I've watched for years. And while many people immediately thought of Red Bull's comedic Flugtag when I told them where I was going, what I experienced couldn't have been more different.
  • Watch 'The Hobbit' trilogy in 72 seconds -- in animated Lego (2014-10-17 12:17:48)
    Don't have the eight-plus hours to watch all three of Peter Jackson's "Hobbit" movies? This video retells the series in just over a minute using Lego minifigs and sets. Warning: spoilers.>
  • Facebook is actively trawling the dark web for stolen passwords (2014-10-17 12:15:56)
    As Dropbox learned earlier this week, password dumps are a regular occurrence on today's web. Thanks to duplicated passwords and security breaches across the web, just securing a company's servers isn't always enough to keep user passwords out of the hands of criminals.
  • Shh! Whisper Quietly Tracks User Data (2014-10-17 12:09:35)
    Whisper, an app where people anonymously share clever quips and related photos, may know exactly where its users are, and even use that information to identify them and provide information to the U.S. After British newspaper The Guardian reported that Whisper is both willing and able to track its users, and possibly share than information with other organizations, the company's chief technology officer, Chad DePue, to the developer forum Hacker News to respond that such a thing wasn't possible. Prominent security researcher Moxie Marlinspike called this out — if Whisper can identify users' IP addresses, it can track them to a single building, if not a single floor.
  • Facebook now actively seeks password leaks to protect its users (2014-10-17 12:00:00)
  • AmazonFresh expands grocery delivery to New York (2014-10-17 11:59:35)
    Already available in Seattle and a host of areas in California, Amazon's grocery delivery service debuts on the East Coast.>
  • Amazon UK reveals Nexus 9 prices to start from £319 (2014-10-17 11:58:00)
  • 'The New York Times' wants you to help decode ads from the age of Don Draper (2014-10-17 11:56:07)
    If Mad Men has taught us anything —aside from the fact that the blatant sexism and racism of postwar America hasn't improved very much with time— it's that the 1960s were a golden age of advertising. Only Maganvox Has It!"), but you'll be surprised at how many could easily fit alongside today's online banner ads. The crowdsourced effort doesn't carry any rewards of its own for participation aside from some arbitrary "points", but if you're an advertising junkie or wannabe Don Draper yourself, Madison is worth a look.
  • Google rolling out new Search update to downrank 'most notorious' pirate sites (2014-10-17 11:55:49)
    Google and the copyright lobby have been, to some extent, enemies for years — they probably will be as long as Google is an index for the web and the web contains pirated media. Google's report outlines some of the information it regularly releases in its transparency reports, including the huge jump in DMCA takedown requests: it said it received 224,000 requests in 2013 and removed over 99 percent of them; "We've now refined the signal in ways we expect to visibly affect the rankings of some of the most notorious sites," says Google.
  • Massive 'Batman v Superman' desert set spied from the air (2014-10-17 11:55:35)
    Warner Bros. is trying to keep "Batman v Superman" secretive, but that didn't stop a New Mexico TV station from catching aerial views of an intriguing set under construction.>
  • Netflix is reeling from its $1 price hike – and that’s incredible news for American consumers (2014-10-17 11:50:22)
    Predicting the behavior of consumers is notoriously tough, but nowhere is it harder than in the rapidly evolving video streaming market. Pretty much nobody expected Netflix’s streaming service to bloom into the huge mainstream success it currently is. A few years ago, many viewed Netflix’s streaming operation as fatally hamstrung by the narrow and often low-quality movie selection. And this autumn, almost nobody predicted just how much a $1 summer price hike would dent the company’s momentum. RELATED: HBO will fulfill cord cutters’ dreams and launch a standalone streaming service next year In Thursday trading, Netflix’s share price plunged by nearly 20% as investors reeled from the slowdown of its U.S. subscriber base growth. The company added 980,000 new U.S. subscribers, far below the expected 1.33
  • How to secure the world's most-wanted video files (2014-10-17 11:44:04)
    Laura Poitras's CitizenFour arrives in theaters this weekend, offering an inside look at the Snowden leaks and the eight days Snowden spent in a hotel room in Hong Kong as the first stories were published. The leaks themselves required intense security measures, but editing and distributing the film has presented a challenge of its own. CitizenFour contains two separate stories which were held back until the film's carefully orchestrated premiere: one on industry infiltration in China and Germany and another on Snowden's girlfriend, Lindsay Mills, and her new residence in Moscow. ...
  • 'Birdman' review: a surreal and spectacular look at a superhero coming undone (2014-10-17 11:38:50)
    There’s a moment in Birdman where Michael Keaton’s washed-up movie actor Riggan Thompson stands swaying near the edge of a New York City rooftop. “Hey,” yells a woman off-screen, “is this for real or are you shooting a film?” A film, he shouts back. “You people,” she calls to him, “are full of shit.”
  • Friday Poll: Will you buy a new iPad? (2014-10-17 11:37:56)
    Apple rolled out a revamped iPad lineup and got a mix of responses in return. Tell us if you're yawning or planning to invest in a brand-new iPad for your gadget collection.>
  • No one has a platinum album in 2014 (2014-10-17 11:33:00)
  • After protracted downtime, Apple Store up and ready for iPad preorders (2014-10-17 11:30:20)
    Customers can now preorder the iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3 for a launch next week.>
  • New trailers: 'The Hunger Games,' Chris Rock's 'Top Five,' and Disney's 'Feast' (2014-10-17 11:25:46)
    This is a good weekend for movies. Birdman, Dear White People, and The Tale of Princess Kaguya are all opening and are all worth your time, so choose wisely. As for what else you'll be spending your time watching? Below we've rounded up nine trailers from this week so you can see what's coming up ahead.
  • 7 awesome paid iPhone apps that are now free for a limited time (save $35!) (2014-10-17 11:25:28)
    Another week is almost behind us, but not before we sneak in one last round of nifty paid iPhone and iPad apps that are currently on sale for free. Yesterday’s list brought us seven solid apps worth a combined $35 (hurry and you can still download a few of them for free), and now we have another seven apps to share with you that normally would cost you another $35 all together, but right now every single one of them can be had for free. DON’T MISS: This secret trick will dramatically improve your iPhone’s battery life These are paid iPhone and iPad apps that have been made available for free for a limited time by their developers. There is no way to
  • I nearly vomited in a Red Bull stunt plane (2014-10-17 11:23:48)
    The Red Bull Air Race boasts the coolest tricks you'll see from a stunt plane. I got to ride in one, and I nearly got sick.
  • How Google Glass Will Transform Healthcare [Slideshare] (2014-10-17 11:15:26)
    How Google Glass Will Change Healthcare from Vala Afshar "It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see." - Henry David ThoreauWhether or not by design, Google Glass is revolutionizing the healthcare world. As in fields like higher education, third-party application developers and users are embracing Glass to deliver highly...
  • White House will name Ron Klain as 'Ebola Czar' (2014-10-17 11:13:58)
    The Obama administration will name Ron Klain as "Ebola Czar," reports CNN. Klain, a former White House official and general counsel of Revolution, an investment group, will be responsible for coordinating the government's response to Ebola within the US. Until now, CDC director Tom Frieden had largely been responsible for overseeing Ebola interventions in the US.
  • Lawmakers probing NSA face German secrecy hurdles (2014-10-17 11:07:12)
    BERLIN (AP) — German lawmakers probing the NSA following Edward Snowden's revelations have hit a hurdle: their own government.
  • You can preorder the brand new iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 starting right now (2014-10-17 11:06:35)
    The leadup to iPad preorders isn’t exactly the insanity we see when new iPhones are about to go on sale, but it’s still an exciting time for Apple fans. Now, however, the wait is over and Apple’s brand new iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 are both available for purchase ahead of their respective launches next week. FROM EARLIER: Buying a new iPad Air 2 or iPad mini? Here’s where to sell your old iPad for the most money Apple unveiled both new iPad models during its big press conference on Thursday, and the larger new iPad was clearly the star of the show. The iPad mini 3, after all, is exactly the same as the previous-generation model with the exception of a
  • The iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 are now available for pre-order (2014-10-17 11:05:15)
    Following yesterday's iPad event, Apple has, as promised, placed the new iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 up for pre-order in the Apple Store. They'll begin shipping next week.
  • I survived a flight with the Red Bull Air Race (2014-10-17 11:02:55)
    “You’ll be flying in the front seat,” I was told on a clear, sunny morning in Las Vegas. My pilot Petr Kopfstein — who was about to hold my stomach (and my life) in his hands — said it with an easy smile, so I responded with a laugh. I thought he was joking.
  • Low Latency 111: Bada-bing, bada-boom (2014-10-17 11:00:03)
    In 2015, HBO will offer a standalone service without the need for a cable subscription. Kiss your antiquated premium content delivery service goodbye.>
  • Apple aesthetics: A look at the iMac's design history (2014-10-17 11:00:00)
  • You’ll be amazed by how much the iPad has evolved in just four years (2014-10-17 10:51:31)
    Remember when the first iPad came out and Steve Jobs boasted about how thin, light and, yes, “magical” it was? Well it’s now more than four years since the first iPad came out and the device that wowed the tech world back in 2010 looks positively bulky compared to what Apple just unveiled this week in the form of the iPad Air 2. RELATED: Watch the iPhone’s entire evolution unfold in one mesmerizing GIF GadgetLove has created a fantastic GIF that shows us just how much Apple has refined the iPad since its release in 2010 and you will be amazed at how insanely thin Apple has managed to make the device over that time. The first-gen iPad measured in at
  • Luxury goods maker LVMH eyes smartwatch partnership (2014-10-17 10:31:26)
    The company, which includes fashion legends such as Louis Vuitton and Fendi, is considering a partnership with a tech company to build a smartwatch of its own.>
  • New MasterCard combines a fingerprint sensor with NFC (2014-10-17 10:31:00)
  • This secret iOS 8 trick makes typing on the iPhone much easier (2014-10-17 10:26:16)
    Apple’s big iOS 8 update features hundreds of new tidbits that users will be learning for months to come, and we have tried to regularly share tips and tricks that draw attention to the best iOS 8 has to offer. Of course, as new things pop up we’ll continue to share them with you in an effort to help you get the most out of your iPhones, iPads and iPod touch handhelds running iOS 8. The latest little trick to come to our attention is one that most people definitely won’t know about, but it could help you save tons of time and aggravation while typing on an iPhone or iPad. FROM EARLIER: The most comprehensive collection you’ll find of iOS 8 tips and tricks
  • Former Google attorney Michelle Lee nominated to run US patent office (2014-10-17 10:17:39)
    Former Google patent chief Michelle Lee has been nominated by President Obama to run the US Patent and Trademark Office, potentially placing a tech-industry leader in a key position as the government continues to work toward reforming the patent process and stamping out trolls. Lee is currently the USPTO's deputy director and was previously running its Silicon Valley office, having come there in 2012 after nearly a decade at Google as an attorney and head of patents. She also holds degrees in electrical engineering and computer science from MIT. ...
  • 13 Apple fanboys have made epic pilgrimages to Steve Jobs’ childhood home in just the last year (2014-10-17 10:01:22)
    When you’re an Apple fanboy, you’re willing to go to great lengths to show your devotion to the brand. That devotion could lead you to make a pilgrimage to Steve Jobs’ childhood home to take pictures in front it… and not even consider doing such a thing the least bit creepy. As Business Insider documents, over the past year at least 13 different Apple fans decided to head to Steve Jobs’ former home in Los Altos, California where Steve Wozniak and Jobs built the first Apple computers in 1976 and post pictures of themselves standing in front of it on Instagram. Have a look at these happy Apple fans taking pictures at the innovators childhood home below thanks to Business Insider’s exhaustive work. For the rest
  • Pay attention: Zwipe is a credit card with a fingerprint sensor (2014-10-17 09:42:19)
    A new biometric bank card aims to give you peace of mind when you pay for items.>
  • Glassy Pro One wants to be the FuelBand for beachbums (2014-10-17 09:37:00)
  • Beginning today, you can finally buy the best phablet on the planet (2014-10-17 09:36:27)
    Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus might be a better all-around product — and it will definitely sell far more units — but as we said in our recent review, the brand new Galaxy Note 4 is the best phablet in the world. The device is without question the most sleek and solid smartphone Samsung has ever made, and its massive quad HD display is positively gorgeous. What’s more, the Note 4 actually makes use of that giant display with awesome multitasking features and the S Pen stylus, rather than just making “big screen” a check box, as it is on the iPhone 6 Plus. The wait has seemed like an eternity thanks to months of rumors leading up to the Galaxy Note 4’s
  • Tesla's autopilot isn't special (but it's still cool) (2014-10-17 09:32:22)
    "We’ve been able to accelerate autopilot and bring it to market faster than originally anticipated," Elon Musk said to a gathered throng at Hawthorne Airport last week, the ex-Northrop facility in Southern California that both Tesla and sister company SpaceX call home. "It’s actually in production. In fact, every car coming off the line at Tesla at the factory has the autopilot hardware."
  • Samsung mimics Amazon's Mayday, tests 'Get Help' button on Chromebook 2 (2014-10-17 09:25:56)
    The South Korean device maker emulates Amazon's approach to customer service using a Google Hangouts-like service.>
  • Get lifetime PlayOn and PlayLater with AdSkipper for $49.99 (2014-10-17 09:15:05)
    Cheapskate exclusive! That's the best deal to date on the HD versions of these cord-cutting tools, one of which now bypasses commercials.>
  • These are the first photos taken with Google’s hot new Nexus 6 (2014-10-17 09:11:19)
    The Nexus 6 is finally official, but eager Android fans can’t buy Google’s huge phablet just yet because preorders aren’t set to start until late October. Even though the handset can’t be tested in real-life situations, a select few lucky users already have access to it. FROM EARLIER: This is one way the Nexus 6 beats the iPhone 6 Plus The same person who posted a picture showing the display differences between the Nexus 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus has also taken the Nexus 6’s main camera for a spin, posting various pictures on his Google+ page. The Nexus 6 features a 13-megapixel camera with optical image stabilization that should offer users “more epic shots” according to Google’s own marketing materials. The camera
  • Samsung's Chromebook 2 can now be purchased with Intel inside for $250 (2014-10-17 09:00:02)
    When Samsung released its Chromebook 2 earlier this year, it shipped with the company's own Exynos 5 Octa chipset. Today, Samsung's adding a third option: a second 11.6-inch Chromebook 2 powered by an Intel processor. The Intel Chromebook 2 has 2GB of RAM, whereas the models running Samsung's own chip feature 4GB of memory, so you may need to occasionally cut back on the number of tabs you've got open.
  • This Tumblr has discovered the dark secret of the J. Crew catalog (2014-10-17 09:00:02)
    Ever notice how drunk the models for J. Crew are? That's the premise of Drunk J. Crew, an anonymously run Tumblr that makes a convincing case in the affirmative. Over its first 10 posts, the site has showcased a variety of women from the J. Crew catalog looking vaguely inebriated, with closed eyes, louche poses, and a general air of poutiness.
  • Android is getting an awesome new feature gamers will love (2014-10-17 08:30:54)
    In addition to the arrival of Lollipop, Android fans have one more reason to be excited about their favorite platform — especially those people who play plenty of games on their smartphones and tablets. FROM EARLIER: Check out all the great new features Google packed into Android 5.0 Lollipop Google on Thursday announced on its Android Developers’ Google+ page that Android gamers will be able to engage in local multiplayer action following an update to the latest Play services version. “Google Play Games has added the ability for players to find each other nearby in multiplayer games with the latest Play services update,” the company said on Google+. “Through games that support Play Games multiplayer, players can now invite others nearby into the
  • Lockheed Martin thinks it can give the world unlimited clean energy in 20 years (2014-10-17 08:28:00)
  • Windows 10: the top 10 most requested features (2014-10-17 07:50:55)
    Microsoft is currently soliciting feedback for Windows 10 as part of a Technical Preview program to improve the features of the company’s next version of Windows. While testers are voting on a variety of changes that Paul Thurrott has documented well, Microsoft has also opened its own Windows feature suggestion page at the Uservoice feedback site. The software maker has previously used Uservoice for Windows Phone, and strong Uservoice support for the Cortana name actually swayed the company to keep the name following several leaks. So it’s clear the company looks at Uservoice closely. ...
  • Control your Bentley with a ten grand phone in CNET UK podcast 407 (2014-10-17 07:49:08)
    Luxury marques Vertu and Bentley have teamed up for a phone, while Amazon is delivering your stuff on the same day.>
  • Apple Store goes down in preparation for iPad Air 2 preorders (2014-10-17 07:39:48)
    The Apple Store going down means Apple is likely getting the backend ready to handle the preorder payload.>
  • The FBI wants access to your encrypted phone data (2014-10-17 07:25:00)
  • Apple’s best iPhones yet launched in the world’s largest market (2014-10-17 06:45:07)
    Apple on Friday officially kicked off iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus sales in China, following a week of preorders. Facing increased scrutiny from local regulators, the new iPhones had to be launched a month after Apple kicked off iPhone 6 sales in the U.S. and other major markets, but Apple will likely report record sales for the Chinese iPhone 6 launch, considering unofficial estimates but also Apple’s enthusiasm surrounding its iPhone 6 launch. FROM EARLIER: iPhone 6 preorders reportedly top a massive 20 million units in China Apple CEO Tim Cook already revealed on Thursday during its iPad and Mac event that the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have been selling better than any other iPhone model, specifically
  • Where to buy Samsung's Galaxy Note 4 (2014-10-17 06:20:00)
  • Amazon's grocery service hits Brooklyn starting today (2014-10-17 06:18:00)
  • Microsoft’s Xbox One preview program turns into a game (2014-10-17 05:47:00)
    Microsoft’s Xbox One preview program has been delivering the latest updates to console owners since February in exchange for feedback before a release rolls out to every console. The preview program is now turning into a game. Just like a game like Destiny, you’ll be able to level up with points, and Microsoft is promising some "exciting perks" for preview members as they reach higher levels.
  • Apple starts iPhone 6 sales in key China market (2014-10-17 05:43:27)
    Apple began selling its latest iPhone in China Friday, nearly a month after other major territories due to a licence delay by regulators, but it faces a tough battle with rivals led by Samsung in the crucial market.
  • Twitter: Yes, you're all going to see tweets from people you don't follow (2014-10-17 05:24:00)
  • 'The Tale of the Princess Kaguya' is the most gorgeous film you'll see all year (2014-10-17 04:49:51)
    Much was made of animation legend Hayao Miyazaki’s decision to retire last year, but a new movie out today from his Studio Ghibli comes from the mind of no less great a talent. The Tale of the Princess Kaguya was directed by 78-year-old Isao Takahata, a co-founder of the studio, and you won’t see a lusher, more gorgeous movie in 2014.
  • Your eco-friendly LED lights are drawing an awful lot more moths (2014-10-17 04:42:00)
  • Local multiplayer is coming to Android games (2014-10-17 03:31:00)
  • Crave giveaway: New hardcover book 'Star Wars Art: Posters' (2014-10-17 03:00:04)
    "Star Wars," "Star Wars" and more "Stars Wars." This week's prize: a comprehensive volume of iconic "Star Wars" art from across the ages.>
  • Student upgrades a 1930s typewriter for modern-day messaging (2014-10-17 02:26:00)
  • Audi's self-driving RS 7 hits the racetrack this weekend (video) (2014-10-17 01:20:00)
  • 'Whisper' app accused of not hiding whistleblowers (2014-10-17 00:13:00)
  • Will Apple Pay be the next iRevolution? (2014-10-17 00:03:28)
    CUPERTINO, Calif. (AP) — Apple's skinnier iPads and flashy big-screen iMac are sleek and stunning. But the tech giant is making a bigger strategic bet with next week's launch of Apple Pay — the mobile pay service aimed at turning your iPhone into your wallet.
  • This Is How Technology Is Affecting Your Relationship (2014-10-17 00:00:17)
    It is now an uncontested fact that technology is pervasive throughout our lives. But how often do we assess its presence in our relationships, recognizing how, exactly, it has impacted the way we interact with those closest to us?Historically, we are going where no human has gone before, hooked up to apps offering unprecedented exposure to the...
  • Amazon expands grocery delivery service to Brooklyn (2014-10-16 23:04:37)
    By Deepa Seetharaman SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Inc is expanding its online grocery delivery program to Brooklyn's well-heeled Park Slope neighborhood on Friday, giving the No. 1 U.S. online retailer a foothold in one of the wealthiest and densest markets in the United States. The AmazonFresh program, which offers same-day or next-day delivery on more than 500,000 items including fresh and frozen groceries, will soon expand to other areas in Brooklyn. ...
  • Google's new Chromecast is coming, but you won't notice a difference (2014-10-16 22:59:00)
  • Chipmaker SanDisk forecasts lower revenue (2014-10-16 22:55:26)
    By Soham Chatterjee (Reuters) - Chipmaker SanDisk Corp forecasts current-quarter revenue below analysts' estimates due to supply constraints. SanDisk's shares fell 5 percent in extended trading, after the company also reported lower-than-expected revenue for the third quarter. SanDisk, a supplier of memory chips for Apple Inc's iPhones, in June bought Fusion-io Inc, a solid-state storage products maker. Rival Samsung Electronics Co Ltd said last week that it would spend $15 billion to build a major new factory in South Korea to make either memory chips or logic chips. ...
  • Hero cop uses Find My iPhone to save a woman’s life (2014-10-16 22:45:50)
    Find My iPhone has bailed out a lot of people who have lost their devices over the years and now one police officer has come up with a new use for the application: Saving a woman that was stranded in 500-foot ravine. A police officer in San Jose used Apple’s iPhone Find My Phone service to rescue Melissa Vasquez, a local woman that was trapped in a 500-foot South Bay ravine for 17 hours, according to a report by ABC 11. Officer David Cameron saved the stranded woman after Vasquez was involved in a car accident. Vasquez’ OnStar reported her location to the police, but they couldn’t find her or any evidence of a car accident. This is when Officer Cameron’s tech
  • Twitter tweets start to sing (2014-10-16 22:44:13)
    San Francisco (AFP) - Twitter began letting people instantly listen to music and other audio by clicking on tweets from the popular messaging service.
  • FBI director demands access to private cell phone data (2014-10-16 22:41:30)
    To stop terrorists and other criminals, cell phones should have encryption backdoors to enable US government surveillance, argues FBI Director James Comey.>
  • Rdio upgrades entire catalog to AAC and 320kbs streaming (2014-10-16 22:34:05)
    The streaming service has converted all of its 30 million-strong catalog to AAC format, offering different quality bitrates up to 320kbps for users to choose from.>
  • The Big Picture: using a cellphone in this cathedral creates a laser show (2014-10-16 22:27:00)
  • With 'Retina 5K' iMac, Apple caters to HD junkies (2014-10-16 21:54:15)
    Apple boasts that its $2,499 iMac Retina 5K Display has a higher resolution that even Ultra HD televisions.>
  • Galaxy Note 4 owners get three months free of OnLive gaming (2014-10-16 21:29:00)
  • Check out these brand-new trailers for the hotly anticipated movie ‘Interstellar’ (2014-10-16 21:15:15)
    Advertising for Interstellar is ramping up and the Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway film is looking to be another smash-hit from Christopher Nolan (Dark Knight Trilogy and Inception). MORE INTERSTELLAR: Video: The third ‘Interstellar’ trailer will make you wish it was November already In these three all-new TV clips, Interstellar hints that Earth is a giant dust bowl, and that the only way to save humanity is to leave. Here is the first clip titled “Future”: This next one is titled “Countdown,” and is full of Christopher Nolan favorite Michael Cane: And finally, the last TV spot is titled “Make it” and ups the adrenaline: Interstellar comes out on November 7th in regular and IMAX theatres across the country.
  • Google looks to test ultra-high-speed wireless Net technology (2014-10-16 21:04:05)
    Google is seeking permission to test a high-speed Internet service that could be in your home before Fiber.>
  • NY AG's report: 72 percent of studied Airbnb listings seem illegal (2014-10-16 20:59:37)
    New York's attorney general releases a report detailing the impact of short-term rentals on New York City. Airbnb says the conclusions "rely on incomplete and outdated information.">
  • Google's weakening ad revenue growth hides rising stars (2014-10-16 20:34:33)
    By Alexei Oreskovic SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Google Inc's decelerating advertising business is masking the stellar growth of significant but little-noticed business components such as sales of digital music, software and mobile devices. On Thursday, Google reported weakening growth in ad volumes in the third quarter, fanning worries on Wall Street about the Internet company's efforts to adapt its business to a mobile landscape. But one bright spot that analysts and investors say may become a bigger growth engine in future quarters is sales of digital music and apps, as well as hardware. ...
  • NYC brings carrier and WiFi coverage to more subway stations (2014-10-16 20:34:00)
  • Tomorrow Daily 070: Apple's product updates, DC's official comic book movies, and more (2014-10-16 20:31:02)
    On today's show, we discuss Apple's product refresh for its iPad and Mac lineups, the major superhero movie roadmap update from DC and an Iron Man prosthetic designed for disabled kids.>
  • Starting with iOS 8, you might become ‘the product’ for Apple as well (2014-10-16 20:30:59)
    Apple has strongly advertises the privacy and security features of its products, arguing that customers’ personal data that’s used by some of Apple’s competitors for advertising purposes isn’t of interest to Apple. Tim Cook made it clear in interviews and in an open letter to consumers that for Apple, you aren’t the product. However, even if Apple is trying to offer users enhanced privacy-guarding features, it’s also trying to improve its faltering ad business, Digiday has learned. FROM EARLIER: This might be Apple CEO Tim Cook’s most important message yet According to the publication, Apple’s iOS 8 made it easier for ad agencies relying on Apple’s iAd advertising platform to retarget ads based on the user’s in-app browsing behaviors. That means
  • Twitpic changes course yet again, will now be shutting down on October 25th (2014-10-16 20:19:19)
    Twitpic, one of the first Twitter image-sharing services, continues to toy with our emotions. A few months ago, the service said it would be shutting down at the end of September, then it said it was granted a new lease on life just a few days before it was set to go up in smoke.
  • Video game software still struggling despite Destiny release (2014-10-16 20:12:22)
    Thanks to the launch of Activision's Destiny, the game industry managed a modest September but is still seeing a slump in software sales, according to NPD Group's latest monthly report.>
  • EasyFind for Mac review (2014-10-16 20:06:58)
    Finds files, folders & contents without indexing
  • Photo-sharing site Twitpic to shut down after all (2014-10-16 20:05:22)
    After announcing it had found a mystery buyer, the company again announces its plan to shut down at the end of the month.>
  • '808' documentary details the rise of the legendary drum machine (2014-10-16 19:57:00)
  • DayMap for Mac review (2014-10-16 19:49:27)
    Organize your projects and tasks by visually mapping out your life, one week at a time
  • HBO standalone product risks alienating cable, satellite cos (2014-10-16 19:28:31)
    By Jennifer Saba NEW YORK (Reuters) - Time Warner Inc's decision to make its prized HBO channel available to people who don't subscribe to Pay TV may delight such "cord cutters" but will likely crank up tensions with cable and satellite TV service providers. By going over-the-top - media lingo for being able to watch TV with only a broadband connection - HBO has paved the way for a rocky period of negotiations with cable and satellite companies - with issues of pricing and distribution likely to loom large. ...
  • Cinema 4D for Mac review (2014-10-16 19:15:21)
    3D modeling, animation & rendering tool
  • PS4 2.0: MP3s, themes and better dashboard organization (2014-10-16 19:03:00)
  • Capture One Pro for Mac review (2014-10-16 18:58:00)
    Raw converter and digital photo workflow software
  • Fusion-io integration hurts chipmaker SanDisk's revenue forecast (2014-10-16 18:47:25)
    By Soham Chatterjee (Reuters) - Chipmaker SanDisk Corp forecast current-quarter revenue below analysts' estimates due to lower revenue from Fusion-io Inc, a solid-state storage products maker it acquired in June. SanDisk's shares fell 5 percent in extended trading, after the company also reported lower-than-expected revenue for the third quarter. SanDisk, a supplier of memory chips for Apple Inc's iPhones, bought Fusion-io to enter the high-margin solid-state drives (SSDs) business. ...
  • New video gives us a fantastic up-close look at the Nexus 9 (2014-10-16 18:45:34)
    You won’t be able to get your hands on the Nexus 9 for another couple of weeks, which is why we’re glad that Vietnamese YouTube account SChannel has posted a new Nexus 9 hands-on video that gives us our best look yet at the soon-to-be-released tablet. Per Android Police, the video shows us just how incredibly thin the new device is at just 7.9 millimeters while also showing off some key new elements from Android 5.0 Lollipop. RELATED: The year’s most anticipated Android tablet is here: Meet the Nexus 9 “Despite repeating most of the shots and only featuring the Nexus 9 from afar or with the screen turned off most times, the video still manages to sneak in a few new bits of
  • Engadget Daily: Apple's new iPads,'s Puls wristband and more! (2014-10-16 18:40:00)
  • Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac review (2014-10-16 18:37:40)
    Fast scanning and ironclad protection against malware without slowing you down
  • FBI director warns against cellphone encryption (2014-10-16 18:35:42)
    WASHINGTON (AP) — FBI Director James Comey warned in stark terms Thursday against the push by technology companies to encrypt smartphone data and operating systems, arguing that murder cases could be stalled, suspects could walk free and justice could be thwarted by a locked phone or an encrypted hard drive.
  • Apple's iPad Air 2 shows that tablet photography is here to stay (2014-10-16 18:20:30)
    Not long after the original iPad debuted, I was home for the holidays and saw a husband take a picture of his wife at a bar with a BlackBerry PlayBook. Being from a small town that always seems a bit behind the times, it surprised me that he had the new PlayBook in the first place, let alone that it was his camera of choice. It was an easy sight to laugh at then, and it’s remained an easy target — just look at how a large swath of Twitter reacted when, at today’s Apple event, Phil Schiller said that the iPad Air 2 is "the best viewfinder for composing your photos and your videos":
  • Pay TV providers have option to offer new CBS streaming service (2014-10-16 18:16:14)
    By Lisa Richwine LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - CBS Corp is offering pay television providers the option to add the new CBS All Access streaming service to the packages they sell to consumers, Chief Executive Leslie Moonves said in an interview on Thursday. Earlier on Thursday, CBS launched the digital video-on-demand and live-streaming services in an effort to win viewers who are increasingly turning to the Internet for entertainment. Cable and satellite TV providers can gain access to the service for "considerably less" per subscriber than the $5. ...
  • Google's revenue falls short despite curbing price declines (2014-10-16 18:16:04)
    By Alexei Oreskovic SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Google Inc's revenue fell short of Wall Street's expectations as growth in Internet advertising slowed in the most-recent quarter, offsetting a modest improvement in ad pricing, sending its shares down about 3 percent. The total number of ads, or paid clicks, expanded by 17 percent in the third quarter. That was down from the 25 percent growth rate that Google delivered in the second quarter. But online advertising rates, which have been mired in a multi-year decline, moderated slightly in the third quarter, declining 2 percent year-on-year. ...
  • Is Google testing the waters for an insanely fast wireless service? (2014-10-16 18:15:46)
    On Monday, Google quietly filed an application with the U.S. Federal Communications Commission seeking permission to conduct tests in California. These tests were across different wireless spectrums, including one frequency capable of transmitting large amounts of data. Why is Google doing this? Google could be testing the waters with its ultra-fast wireless service. Google’s ability to send wireless internet to a consumers home could cut the need for cable or fiber connection. This option for consumers will likely be a huge concern for companies like Verizon, AT&T and Comcast, which dominate the industry with land-based broadband services. “From a radio standpoint it’s the closest thing to fibre there is,” said Stephen Crowley, a wireless engineer and consultant who monitors FCC filings. “You could look at it as a possible wireless extension of their
  • Toshiba and United Technologies ink deal to expand outside Japan (2014-10-16 18:13:59)
    (Reuters) - Toshiba Corp said it had signed an agreement with United Technologies Corp to strengthen strategic collaboration through their joint venture, Toshiba Carrier Corp, which develops air-conditioning equipment. The deal will expand the venture's engineering and sales resources outside Japan and establish engineering centers in the United States and Europe.      The venture will also explore manufacturing opportunities in India and North America, the companies said. (Reporting By Sudarshan Varadhan in Bangalore; Editing by Simon Jennings)
  • Why is Apple's $999 display stuck in 2011? (2014-10-16 18:11:48)
    Apple's new iMac with Retina display is very pretty and useful, but in the same places where it's made leaps and bounds, it's also made one of Apple's other pieces of Mac hardware look like a relic, and an increasingly obvious mistake if you were to buy it. The last time Apple updated the $999 screen, the iPhone had a 3.5-inch display, and the company was just beginning to figure out how to make its mobile and desktop operating systems actually work together. Fast forward to today, and you can answer phone calls from your 5.5-inch screened iPhone on any Mac running Apple's latest OS.
  • Google misses estimates in third quarter, announces new business chief (2014-10-16 18:08:31)
    A day after the search giant unveiled its latest Nexus tablets, smartphones and a streaming device, Google announces financial results for the third quarter.>
  • 'Minecraft' movie may be made by 'Night at the Museum' director (2014-10-16 18:01:12)
    The Lego Movie made it clear that a film based on a plotless, block-based property could somehow be wildly successful and really funny, so we really ought to be looking forward to the upcoming Minecraft movie. Work on the movie was first announced last year, and now Deadline is reporting that Shawn Levy, director of children's films like Cheaper by the Dozen and the Night at the Museum series, is in talks to direct and develop it. Producers behind The Lego Movie and Mean Girls are already on board, which definitely seems like a good sign. ...
  • A visual history of OS X (2014-10-16 18:00:00)
  • Getty fails to get injunction on Microsoft image widget (2014-10-16 17:57:00)
    By Andrew Chung NEW YORK (Reuters) - Getty Images Inc has failed to convince a federal judge to halt Microsoft Corp's Bing Image Widget, which it said enabled massive copyright infringement, because the software company had already taken it down voluntarily. The multimedia photo and video agency sued Microsoft on Sept. 4 over the widget, which it said permitted the display of images without giving their owners a licensing fee or attribution. Getty owns or represents the owners of more than 80 million digital images. Getty asked U.S. ...
  • AMD cutting 7 percent of workforce (2014-10-16 17:53:37)
    AMD says it will cut 7 percent of its global workforce in an effort to improve its profitability.
  • Unable to find a suitor, Twitpic is shutting down on October 25th (2014-10-16 17:53:00)
  • The SIM card is about to die (2014-10-16 17:51:31)
    If there's one thing I've learned about Apple's dealings with SIM cards in the past seven years, it's that Apple gets what Apple wants.
  • These are all the Android phones scheduled to receive Android 5.0 updates (2014-10-16 17:50:14)
    The announcement of a new update is always bittersweet for Android users. Android 5.0 Lollipop could be the most significant visual and structural overhaul the mobile operating system has ever seen, but many users won’t have access to it for months. Fortunately, Google has been working to cull fragmentation in the Android ecosystem and it looks like the biggest smartphone vendors are jumping on board. MORE LOLLIPOP: Check out all the great new features Google packed into Android 5.0 Lollipop As Android Community points out, Motorola updated its support page on Wednesday with a list of devices that will support Android 5.0 in the future. No specific dates are given, but the list will apparently “evolve over time, so check back
  • All you need to know about Apple's new iPads, iMac (2014-10-16 17:49:31)
    With a fresh coat of gold paint and a Touch ID sensor, Apple beefs up its tablets. The new iMac also packs more pixels than an Ultra HDTV. Bridget Carey wraps up the highlights from Apple's announcement.>
  • Highlights from the Apple iPad event (2014-10-16 17:47:34)
    Here's everything you need to know from Apple's iPad and iMac event in 9 minutes.
  • Apple shows off new gadgets, but Pay is bigger bet (2014-10-16 17:44:58)
    CUPERTINO, Calif. (AP) — Apple showed off thinner iPads and a new iMac with a high-resolution display on Thursday. Sleek and stunning, yes, but not likely to spark the next iRevolution. The tech giant's bigger strategic bet is that mobile pay service Apple Pay, debuting Monday, will be the next thing you didn't know you needed — but now can't live without.
  • Twitter lets users stream music, audio via SoundCloud tie-up (2014-10-16 17:31:15)
    SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Twitter Inc will allow users to play podcasts, music and other audio clips direct from their timelines, or message feeds, via a new feature designed in partnership with Berlin-based audio-streaming service SoundCloud. The online messaging service introduced on Thursday what it called "Audio Card," through which users can listen to a variety of content whilst browsing their timelines. For starters, Twitter has promised audio from SoundCloud's partners, which include such diverse sources as NASA, the Washington Post, CNN, David Guetta, Coldplay and Warner Music. ...
  • FBI renews call for wider wiretap powers (2014-10-16 17:27:41)
    Washington (AFP) - FBI chief James Comey renewed a call Thursday for broader authority to tap into emerging technologies, saying the Edward Snowden revelations have led to unwarranted mistrust of law enforcement.
  • Memory chipmaker SanDisk's profit falls as expenses rise (2014-10-16 17:21:28)
    By Soham Chatterjee (Reuters) - Chipmaker SanDisk Corp reported a 5 percent fall in quarterly profit as expenses rose, mainly due to costs related to restructuring and its acquisition of solid state storage products maker Fusion-IO Inc in June. SanDisk's shares fell about 3 percent in extended trading, after the company also reported lower-than-expected revenue. The company, which supplies memory chips for Apple Inc's iPhones, is increasing its focus on high-end solid-state drives (SSDs) to offset the impact of volatility in prices of memory chips due to addition of new capacity. ...
  • Zack Snyder is building a fortress in the desert for 'Batman v. Superman' (2014-10-16 17:21:17)
    Batman v. Superman is shaping up to be an absolutely huge movie given that it has Zack Snyder behind the camera and at least a good five or so superheroes in it. So naturally, Snyder and crew are building at least one big set to go along with all of that. Albuquerque's KOAT caught them at work on a set out in the desert around Deming, New Mexico. It's not totally clear what the structure is just yet, but it looks like it encompasses a number of large buildings and potentially some guard towers forming a town, settlement, or fortress. ...
  • New iPads aim to help Apple regain tablet momentum (2014-10-16 17:21:03)
    Cupertino (United States) (AFP) - Apple, facing tough competition in the cooling tablet market, on Thursday unveiled a new line-up of iPads that feature its mobile payments system and include the fingerprint sensor unlock used on iPhones.
  • Adobe offers Apple Aperture photos a new home: Lightroom (2014-10-16 17:20:37)
    Apple pulled the plug on Aperture in June. Now Adobe offers a way to slurp photos into its competing Lightroom software.>
  • Buy an iPad mini 2 while you still can (2014-10-16 17:19:02)
    Phil Schiller, Apple's senior vice president of marketing, spent roughly 29 seconds talking about the brand new iPad mini 3 today. Schiller is a man who's normally eager to showcase his company's latest hardware achievements, but this afternoon he sped over the 7.9-inch tablet in record time. There was a single slide dedicated to what's gone into the "upgraded" iPad mini. Apart from the addition of Touch ID, nothing looked different from last year. Apart from Touch ID, nothing is different from last year. ...
  • Twitter's Audio Cards bring more music to your social feed (2014-10-16 17:18:00)
  • Apple, needing a jolt with new iPads, plays it safe instead (2014-10-16 17:14:39)
    If last month's iPhone 6 was a major leap forward, Thursday's iPad and Mac computer upgrades represented modest progress.>
  • You can download and install OS X Yosemite right now! (2014-10-16 17:08:25)
    Apple’s new iPads look awesome and the Retina display on those new iMacs is absolutely amazing, but software is the real star of the show this fall and Apple just released its latest and greatest desktop operating system OS X 10.10, which is more affectionately known as Yosemite, packs a slew of new features and enhancements into a completely redesigned user interface that really improves the look of Apple’s already gorgeous computer platform. And the best part? It’s available to download and install right now. FROM EARLIER: iPhone 6 Plus vs. Galaxy Note 4: The ultimate camera shootout OS X Yosemite is packed full of new functionality, the highlights of which are definitely the Continuity and Handoff features that allow users to see
  • New Apple iPad can switch wireless carriers with a touch (2014-10-16 17:08:21)
    By Marina Lopes WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Apple's new iPad Air 2, announced on Thursday, will allow subscribers to switch wireless carriers much more easily, by swiping an icon across the screen of the device. The feature, available thanks to a neutral Apple SIM card installed in the device, will allow customers to sign up for short-term service plans and switch carriers using their iPad, the company said. The SIM card supports AT&T , T-Mobile and Sprint high speed networks. For service from the largest U.S. carrier, Verizon Wireless , customers need to install a separate Verizon SIM card. ...
  • Luxury sun-tracking chair will summon a waiter for you (2014-10-16 17:07:36)
    Your old Adirondack chair just won't cut it anymore once you've seen a $45,000 sun-following lounger with built-in misters and speakers.>
  • U.S. chipmaker AMD cuts workforce, gives weak revenue forecast (2014-10-16 17:07:11)
    By Noel Randewich SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Struggling U.S. chipmaker Advanced Micro Devices Inc said on Thursday it was cutting 7 percent of its workforce and it gave a lower-than-expected revenue forecast for the current quarter, sending its shares lower. The company's third major round of job cuts since 2011 comes a week after AMD said Chief Executive Officer Rory Read had been replaced by Chief Operating Officer Lisa Su, an unexpected move that sparked speculation about fresh troubles at the chipmaker and hurt the company's stock. ...
  • OS X Yosemite is now available to download (2014-10-16 17:07:02)
    Apple's latest desktop operating system, OS X Yosemite, is now available to download from the Mac App Store. It's a free update, and it delivers a whole host changes, most notably a revamped visual style that's a lot more colorful than the OS X you're used to. In fact, the Yosemite makes your Mac's operating system look a lot more like iOS than traditional OS X, and it brings the two operating systems together in a few more ways too.
  • Google's 3Q earnings miss analyst target (2014-10-16 17:05:48)
    SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Google's third-quarter earnings slipped 5 percent on higher expenses and as the Internet search leader absorbed a charge covering a mobile patent.
  • Apple iPads add Touch ID in catch-up with iPhone (2014-10-16 17:05:41)
    Apple unveils new iPads on Thursday that for the first time include the iPhone's Touch ID fingerprint sensor. The company says it was "the most-requested feature" in its tablets.>
  • FBI director warns new phone encryption could thwart probes (2014-10-16 17:02:24)
    By Aruna Viswanatha WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. FBI Director James Comey on Thursday made his strongest comments yet about encryption features built into new cell phones by Google Inc and Apple Inc , warning they could hurt law enforcement efforts to crack homicide and child exploitation cases. Speaking before an audience at the Brookings Institution think tank, Comey said the new phones, which limit the ability for the companies themselves to access data stored on the units, have "the potential to create a black hole for law enforcement. ...
  • iPad Air 2: Anti-Reflective Screen, A8X Power (2014-10-16 17:00:21)
    The new iPad Air 2 has arrived, and it delivers a more powerful A8X processor and a new anti-reflective display in a design that's 18 percent thinner than its predecessor. The iPad Air 2 will start at $499 for 16GB, $599 for 64GB and $699 for 128GB. The iPad Air is now .24 inches thick, down from .29 inches on the prior model.
  • iPad Air vs. iPad Air 2: Worth the Upgrade? (2014-10-16 17:00:04)
    As we learned from today's (Oct. 16) announcement, the Apple iPad Air 2 isn't just the best tablet on the market -- it's also the thinnest, measuring just 6.1 mm. Apple has also upgraded the CPU, the iSight camera and the Wi-Fi speed. Plus, the iPad Air 2, starting at $499, now has TouchID. But Apple's not doing away with the iPad Air, and it costs just $399 now. Both tablets will run the new operating system, iOS 8.1. That means both will get Apple Pay functionality for online purchases. So, getting the fancy new model may not be a no-brainer.
  • Apple's 2014 iPad event: A closer look at the numbers (2014-10-16 17:00:00)
  • A 'Twin Peaks' novel will fill fans in on the show's 25-year time gap (2014-10-16 16:59:17)
    There were immediately questions when, earlier this month, it was announced that a "Twin Peaks" miniseries is coming to Showtime. Namely, what had the characters been doing for the past quarter-century? How had the iconic mystery affected the town? Had Dale Cooper's caffeine problem spun out of control?
  • Google's Schmidt: 'I resigned from Apple board for the right reasons' (2014-10-16 16:57:54)
    Google chairman and former CEO defends his controversial stint on the board of bitter rival Apple at an event Thursday in London.>
  • Apple iPad Air 2: Top Features (2014-10-16 16:54:58)
    The rumor mill has been swirling for weeks now as hints about the next-generation iPad Air popped up. Yesterday we got some confirmation when Apple accidentally leaked the user guide for iOS 8.1, which featured pictures of the new iPad, inadvertently confirming its name -- the iPad Air 2. Today, Apple officially debuted the iPad Air 2, which features an even slimmer design, a new processor and a number of chic industrial design features. Here are the top features of the new iPad Air 2 so far:
  • Google reports $16.52 billion in revenue, profits stutter as ads move to mobile (2014-10-16 16:51:43)
    Google posted mixed results for its third quarter this year. Revenue was $16.52 billion, not excluding traffic acquisition costs, a 20 percent rise over the same period in 2013. But its profit of $3.72 billion was down slightly from the same period in 2013, when it reported $3.76 billion in profit. Analysts were expecting the company to generate earnings per share of $6.53, but Google reported an EPS of $6.35. The stock was down a little, about 3 percent, based largely on that miss.
  • Check out Apple’s official introduction videos for the iPad Air 2 and Retina iMac (2014-10-16 16:48:45)
    Apple unveiled a variety of products during its big event Thursday, but there’s no doubt that the iPad Air 2 and the iMac with Retina display were the stars of the show, at least when it comes to Apple’s hardware announcements. To further highlight these two products, Apple has published new introduction videos on YouTube for both the iPad Air 2 and the Retina iMac. In case you missed Apple’s huge event, be sure to check out our event hub! The iPad Air 2 is an even slimmer, lighter and faster than its predecessor, as Apple decided to significantly improve only the 9.7-inch iPad this year. Comparatively, the iPad Mini 3 only received a Touch ID home button and a new color
  • Google's third-quarter revenue increases 20 percent (2014-10-16 16:07:52)
    SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Google Inc's third-quarter revenue increased 20 percent, as a long-running decline in its online advertising rates showed signs of moderating. Google said it generated $16.52 billion in revenue in the three months ended Sept. 30, compared with $13.75 billion in the year ago period. (Reporting by Alexei Oreskovic; Editing by Bernard Orr)
  • Apple's new iPads sport modest upgrades but short on 'wow' (2014-10-16 15:54:17)
    By Christina Farr CUPERTINO Calif. (Reuters) - Apple Inc's faster, slimmer iPads come with modest improvements, such as a fingerprint sensor, but some analysts say it offers few other features to wow consumers ahead of a holiday shopping season expected to be swamped by mobile devices. At a launch event on Thursday, Chief Executive Tim Cook called Apple's new line-up, which includes a new iMac computer with a "5K retina" or high-end display, the company's best ever. ...
  • Don't miss these moments from Apple's iPad event (2014-10-16 15:40:02)
    Check out the top video highlights from Apple's October 16 event, without watching the entire show.>
  • iPad Mini 3 seeks middle ground between phablets, larger tablets (2014-10-16 15:35:01)
    The latest version of Apple's smaller tablet is identical to last year's model except for the addition of the company's fingerprint-reading technology from its iPhone line.>
  • iPad Air 2, iMac Retina 5K, iPad Mini 3 and more: Here's everything that Apple just announced (2014-10-16 15:32:04)
    Today's event wasn't quite as buzzy as the iPhone 6 launch, but Apple rolled new hardware technology you're going to want to know about.>
  • Apple iPads add Touch ID in catch up with iPhone (2014-10-16 15:23:59)
    Apple unveils new iPads on Thursday that for the first time include the iPhone's Touch ID fingerprint sensor. The company says it was "the most-requested feature" in its tablets.>
  • Thinner iPads, sharper iMacs in Apple's lineup (2014-10-16 15:22:26)
    CUPERTINO, Calif. (AP) — Apple unveiled a thinner iPad Thursday with a faster processor and a better camera as it tries to drive excitement for tablets amid slowing demand. The company also released an update to its Mac operating system and introduced a high-resolution iMac model that might appeal to heavy watchers of television over the Internet.
  • Apple's Mac Mini gets long-awaited refresh, starts at $499 (2014-10-16 15:19:33)
    The computer, for which you have to supply your own display and keyboard, hadn't been updated in two years.>
  • Apple investors shrug at thinner iPad Air, beefed up iMac (2014-10-16 15:18:12)
    Shares in Apple briefly flipped positive early in the company's presentation but were largely stuck in negative territory after the event, down about 1 percentage point at $96.58.>
  • Apple fields iPad Air 2 to breathe new life into tablet sales (2014-10-16 15:07:42)
    The tablet industry's slowing sales have hit Apple's results. Can the company's newest device reverse that trend?>
  • Apple Pay mobile payments service to launch on Monday (2014-10-16 15:06:51)
    Apple's been gaining more partners since it announced the service last month and it's ready to take it live.>
  • Why the larger iPad Pro is a no-show this year (2014-10-16 15:05:48)
    Production issues and a focus on expanding the iPhone supply are just a few reasons why Apple is likely holding off until 2015.>
  • 'Mad Men' types needed: Sort through vintage New York Times ads (2014-10-16 15:03:14)
    A world of mini-skirt, fiberglass car and Paul Newman movie ads awaits you with the New York Times' Madison, a project that asks the public to dig through vintage advertising.>
  • Miss the camera roll? Apple iOS 8.1 to bring it back (2014-10-16 15:03:13)
    The tech giant announces it will "bring back the beloved camera roll" with its upcoming update for iOS 8, along with Apple Pay support and other new features for photo library.>
  • Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite review (2014-10-16 15:00:13)
    For nearly two decades, the release of a new PC operating system was an event. Upgrading cost money; you had to go to the store to get the necessary floppy disk or a CD; the new OS was expected to be different and better in basically every way. I’ll never forget the first time I booted Windows XP, or the day I finally got to jump again to Windows 7.
  • First-generation iPad Air remains, price dropped to $399 to start (2014-10-16 14:56:39)
    Apple might be offering a new iPad Air to customers, but the company has decided to keep its existing tablet in place for those seeking a cheaper option.>
  • The 8 most important announcements from the Apple iPad and Mac event (2014-10-16 14:49:29)
    Just about all of the announcements from Thursday’s Apple event leaked out in advance, and the event felt somewhat subdued compared to last month’s iPhone 6 announcement. A phone call with Stephen Colbert and a torrent of dad jokes livened the mood somewhat, but the bulk of the event focused on hardware. Just in time for the holidays, here come the iPad Air 2, the iPad Mini 3, and a gorgeous new iMac with a Retina display. On the software side of things, OS X Yosemite arrives today as a free update, and iOS 8.1 — which will enable Apple Pay on the iPhone 6 and 6+ — is coming Monday.
  • Apple refreshes iMac with Retina Display, looks to upend all-in-one PCs again (2014-10-16 14:46:13)
    The 27-inch iMac with Retina 5K is available starting at $2,499 and ships starting today. Retina Displays were first introduced in 2010 in the iPhone 4 smartphone, and have reached the iMac four years later.>
  • A first look at the iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 (2014-10-16 14:39:00)
  • Buying a new iPad Air 2 or iPad mini? Here’s where to sell your old iPad for the most money (2014-10-16 14:38:53)
    Apple’s 2014 iPad models are incremental updates this year, as we have all expected for months. In fact at this point it seems like everyone knows the drill. The second-generation iPad Air 2 and third-generation iPad mini both feature upgraded specs highlighted by the new A8X processor, and they also finally include Apple’s Touch ID fingerprint sensor that was introduced last year on the iPhone 5s. Apple fans with last year’s iPad Air or iPad mini might find it a bit difficult to open their wallets for these relatively minor upgrades, but those with a need for speed will definitely want Apple’s latest and greatest. And anyone with an older iPad model or a first-generation iPad mini will definitely want to consider a
  • Apple's WatchKit for developers to launch in November (2014-10-16 14:37:18)
    The release of WatchKit will allow developers to start creating apps for the Apple Watch, which is expected early next year.>
  • Here's your first look at Apple's new 5K iMac with Retina display (2014-10-16 14:37:00)
  • iPad mini 3: hands-on with Apple's latest little tablet (2014-10-16 14:34:03)
    When Apple finds a formula it likes, it sticks with it. So the outer design of the iPad mini hasn't changed in any appreciable way since it was first introduced in 2012. The iPad mini 3 is still an excellently built tablet with a metal back case and a 4:3 display. It's still a bit too wide to hold in one hand, but much more portable than the iPad Air, with bezels around the screen that are just a little larger than is ideal.
  • iPad Air 2 price: new iPad will cost you $499 (2014-10-16 14:32:57)
    Apple will sell the iPad Air 2 for $499 and will begin shipping them out to customers next week. Preorders for the tablet will begin tomorrow, October 17th. The base model of the tablet includes 16GB of storage, but Apple is also selling more expensive models with additional storage. It's offering the Wi-Fi-only model with 64GB for $599 and with 128GB for $699.
  • iPad Air 2 hands-on: the same, but different (2014-10-16 14:32:27)
    I just spent some time with Apple's new iPad Air 2. As all the leaks suggested, it looks almost exactly the same as the original iPad Air, although it's a bit thinner, has an optically-bonded display, a much-improved camera, a new A8X processor, and a TouchID sensor in the home button.
  • Staring into the Retina iMac: Apple's desktop PC gets a gorgeous upgrade (2014-10-16 14:31:17)
    Apple loves making the iMac easier on the eyes. It was made much sleeker, then much thinner, and today Apple focused not on the shell but on the screen. And what a screen: the new 27-inch iMac with Retina display's 5K, 5120 x 2880 display looks incredible. Like, incredible. How much more can you really say? The screen is gorgeous. It's quite reflective, but it's crisp and sharp and accurate. Watching a 4K video back pixel-for-pixel with room to spare is a pretty fun thing to do.
  • Apple's OS X Yosemite will be available today (2014-10-16 14:27:46)
    The consumer electronics giant on Thursday is pushing out new Macintosh software with some search features that subtly underscore Apple's rivalry with Google.>
  • Apple's new iPads sport modest upgrades; minis start at $399 (2014-10-16 14:23:12)
    By Christina Farr CUPERTINO Calif. (Reuters) - Apple Inc introduced a faster, slimmer iPad Air 2 on Thursday, tacking on modest improvements such as a fingerprint sensor to its mainstay tablet in time for what is expected to be a hotly contested holiday season for mobile devices. Pre-orders start Friday for the larger iPad Air 2, priced at $499 and up, with shipping beginning next week. The smaller iPad mini 3 will be about $100 cheaper. ...
  • CBS joins the video-streaming bandwagon (2014-10-16 14:22:50)
    By Lehar Maan (Reuters) - If you can't fight 'em, join 'em. CBS Corp launched digital video-on-demand and live-streaming services on Thursday, aiming to win back viewers who are increasingly turning to the Internet for entertainment. The launch follows by only one day an announcement from Time Warner Inc that HBO will be available as a standalone online streaming service next year. The moves by CBS and HBO put more pressure on online video pioneer Netflix Inc, which said on Wednesday that it had signed up fewer video-streaming subscribers than it had forecast in the third quarter. ...
  • Apple finally updates the Mac mini, lowers the price to $499 (2014-10-16 14:17:00)
  • Mac mini: Apple unveils an updated miniature Mac priced from $499 (2014-10-16 14:16:49)
    Apple accidentally hinted at a "Mid 2014" Mac mini earlier this year, and now the company is finally ready to refresh its miniature Mac. While the Mac mini hasn’t been updated for two years, today’s refresh improves on the specifications significantly. The new Mac Mini includes fourth-generation Intel Core processors, two Thunderbolt 2 ports, and Intel Iris and HD Graphics 5000 options. "It's the world's most energy efficient desktop computer," says Apple's Phil Schiller. Apple's latest Mac mini ships today and starts from $499.
  • Apple Introduces New iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 3 (2014-10-16 14:16:00)
    iPad Air 2 Boasts 10 Hours of Battery Life
  • Apple's new iPad Air starts at $499 (2014-10-16 14:13:04)
    CUPERTINO Calif. (Reuters) - Apple Inc said on Thursday its new iPad Air will go for $499, and the smaller iPad mini will sell for $399 and above. Pre-orders begin on Friday. Executives introduced the new tablets that will lead Apple's battle for holiday-season spending. (Reporting by Christina Farr; Editing by James Dalgleish)
  • Apple introduces slimmer iPad, 'Pay' launch on Monday (2014-10-16 14:10:27)
    By Christina Farr CUPERTINO Calif. (Reuters) - Apple Inc introduced a faster, slimmer iPad Air 2 on Thursday, tacking on modest improvements such as a fingerprint sensor to its mainstay tablet in time for what is expected to be a hotly contested holiday season for mobile devices. Marketing chief Phil Schiller, calling the tablet the world's slimmest, described several new features such as an anti-reflective screen and confirmed the inclusion of the "Touch ID" sensor, already available on the latest iPhones. ...
  • Meet the Retina iMac, Apple’s best desktop yet (2014-10-16 14:08:33)
    Apple on Thursday unveiled its best all-in-one desktop yet, the first ever iMac with Retina display. For the latest breaking news from Apple’s huge event, be sure to check out our event hub! The 27-inch iMac offers and impressive 5K display (or 5210 x 2880 resolution) that packs 14.7 million pixel, making it the world’s highest-resolution display, according to Apple, or 7 times more pixels than an HDTV. Obviously, Apple has come up with a marketing name for the display — the Retina 5K display. The display uses 30% less energy even though it has a 5K resolution featuring technologies such as a timing controller chip for the display, organic passivation (which “reduces pixel cross-talk”), a low-power backlight and a
  • iPad Air 2 goes for the gold (2014-10-16 14:06:34)
    Following in the footsteps of the iPhone, the new iPad Air will be available in a golden edition.>
  • 'Malvertising' targets U.S. military firms in new twist on old web threat (2014-10-16 13:08:37)
    By Eric Auchard AMSTERDAM (Reuters) - A surge in malware disguised as online advertisements aimed at unsuspecting web users has hit major U.S. military contractors in the past few weeks, marking a dangerous twist on a decade-old scourge for advertisers, security researchers said on Thursday. Researchers from Fairfax, Virginia-based security software company Invincea said they had documented new uses of so-called "malvertising" to carry out highly-targeted cyber espionage campaigns against three firms in the military-industrial arena. ...
  • Firefox Hello adds video chat to Mozilla's browser (2014-10-16 13:01:51)
    With its online chat feature, Mozilla works to break down the walls around services like Microsoft Skype and Google Hangouts.>
  • The guy who inspired Gamergate ignored his mother's advice to 'cool off' (2014-10-16 12:44:46)
    In August, Eron Gjoni published a 9,000 word screed on his personal Wordpress, detailing the private relationship he shared with game designer Zoe Quinn. The post catalyzed a movement that would become known as Gamergate, an ongoing internet protest that claims to be about journalistic ethics, but is fixated on suppressing progressive voices, particularly those of minorities and women. ...
  • French court fines Uber car service 100,000 euros (2014-10-16 12:42:20)
    PARIS (Reuters) - A Paris court fined the French subsidiary of U.S. app-based ride service Uber 100,000 euros ($128,000) on Thursday for fraudulent business practices after it advertised its paid transportation service UberPop as a car pool. UberPop, which the private company launched about a year ago in Paris, links private drivers with passengers. Called a "ride-sharing solution" by Uber, the service is now available in five other French cities. The court ordered that Uber post Thursday's ruling on its websites. ...
  • Report says illegal Airbnb apartments made up over a third of the company's NYC revenue (2014-10-16 12:40:54)
    Airbnb got some very bad news today, in the form of a new report from the State Attorney General's office. The report is intended as an impartial survey, a way of determining the scale of illegal rentals taking place on Airbnb's network. According to the report, there's quite a lot: the attorney general discovered more than 100 renters who were controlling ten apartments or more — a clear sign of an underground hotel network — and found that high-volume users made up a full 36 percent of the company's revenue in New York, despite only making up six percent of users.
  • Apple’s huge iPad and Mac event is about to start – here’s how to watch live! (2014-10-16 12:40:12)
    It’s no mystery that there is far less hype leading up to today’s Apple event than there was leading up the its iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus unveiling back in September, but today’s special press conference is still one of the biggest events of the year for consumer tech. We won’t see any sleek new smartphones unveiled, of course, but Apple has plenty more up its sleeve for Apple fans in 2014, and the company is finally about to lay its card on the table. So what’s in store for us today? New iPad tablets will definitely make an appearance, and we’ll absolutely see some new Mac computers debut along with OS X Yosemite release details. Apple might also have
  • Whisper accused of monitoring users' locations even after they opt out (2014-10-16 12:35:50)
    Anonymish social network Whisper is tracking some users' location even after they opt out of tracking, according to a new report. The Guardian says that in the course of discussing a partnership with the Los Angeles company, it discovered that Whisper monitors users' rough location regardless of whether tracking has been disabled, and re-wrote its terms of service this week to give itself explicit permission to do so. The Guardian reports that Whisper built a tracking tool enabling it to pinpoint users' location to within 500 meters, an ability it has used to monitor messages sent from the Pentagon and the National Security Agency, among other targets.
  • U.S. FBI director warns that new phone encryption could thwart probes (2014-10-16 12:31:40)
    By Aruna Viswanatha WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. FBI Director James Comey on Thursday made his strongest comments yet about encryption features built into new cell phones by Google Inc and Apple Inc, warning they could hurt law enforcement efforts to crack homicide and child exploitation cases. Speaking before an audience at the Brookings Institution, Comey said the new phones, which limit the ability for the companies themselves to access data stored on the units, have "the potential to create a black hole for law enforcement. ...
  • Help name the first comet landing site in history (2014-10-16 12:26:21)
    Next month, a lander named Philae will detach from the European Space Agency's Rosetta spacecraft and attach itself to a comet for a ride around the sun. What the landing spot is called is up to us.>
  • This is one way the Nexus 6 beats the iPhone 6 Plus (2014-10-16 12:25:22)
    Just like Apple, Google embraced phablets this year, deciding to launch a Nexus 6 smartphone so huge that not all potential buyers will be interested in it. The device has a 6-inch quad HD display that’s half an inch bigger than the iPhone 6 Plus Full HD screen, but that doesn’t mean the Motorola-made phablet is actually bigger than the iPhone 6 phablet. FROM EARLIER: Samsung Galaxy Note 4 review A leaked image showing the iPhone 6 Plus next to the alleged Nexus 6 hit the web before Google unveiled its 5.9-inch device, showing the two devices have about the same height, with the Nexus smartphone being a bit wider than the iPhone. But Google+ user Duan Dao posted a picture (image above) showing
  • Archos VR headset makes any phone virtual reality before your very eyes (2014-10-16 12:19:56)
    Virtual reality doesn't have to be unrealistically priced with the Archos headset that works with most smartphones.>
  • Archos is launching a GearVR competitor that costs just $40 (2014-10-16 12:15:00)
  • New benchmark suggests the Nexus 9 is almost as powerful as a 2012 Mac Pro (2014-10-16 12:10:58)
    Not only does the new Nexus 9 tablet look terrific but it also apparently performs terrifically as well. Geekbench developer and Primate Labs founder John Poole has just posted the Geekbench results for the Nexus 9 and the results are positively incredible for an Android tablet. The new device’s single-core score on Geekbench totals 1903, which Poole notes is only slightly less than what “an entry-level Mac Pro (2012) scores” at 1925. Poole also says that such a single-core score for a Nexus tablet is flat-out “insane.” FROM EARLIER: The year’s most anticipated Android tablet is here: Meet the Nexus 9 It’s not surprising that the Nexus 9 is a powerhouse, although we weren’t expecting the device to get quite such
  • HP is killing all remaining Palm webOS devices on January 15th (2014-10-16 12:06:48)
    There's no reasonable explanation for why anyone would still be actively using a Palm Pre or Pixi in 2014. Maybe you could make a case for the TouchPad, but if you're using any of these things, know that the end of HP's support for webOS is closing in. The company has announced that on January 15th, 2015, it will shut down all cloud services related to webOS that power the operating system across Palm's hardware. No, HP isn't flipping a kill switch on your obsolete hardware, but this move will eventually have the same end result. ...
  • PayPal spinoff seen critical for eBay amid e-commerce weakness (2014-10-16 11:50:30)
    By Abhirup Roy (Reuters) - A recovery in eBay Inc's core e-commerce business will take longer than expected and any gains for investors would have to come from the separation of its PayPal unit, analysts said, a day after the company trimmed its full-year revenue forecast. The stock fell as much as 7.8 percent to $46.34 on Thursday, its lowest in two years. At least 16 brokerages cut their price target on eBay's shares by as much as $7 to a low of $48. ...
  • Google says Austin residents can start signing up for Fiber internet in December (2014-10-16 11:50:19)
    Google Fiber is finally about to expand into a third city, according to The Wall Street Journal. A Google spokesperson said that the company would begin the signup process for Fiber in Austin this December, about half a year later than originally projected. Fiber for Austin was originally announced in April of 2013, with the goal of connecting homes by mid-2014.
  • CBS debuts stand-alone streaming service (2014-10-16 11:44:26)
    CBS is jumping on the cord-cutting bandwagon, launching a stand-alone digital streaming service for $5.99 a month that will offer subscribers access to its current and older shows. The news comes a day ...
  • The media is doing an awful job explaining Ebola, and #ClipboardMan is proof (2014-10-16 11:43:20)
    Earlier today, a photograph of man in a button-down shirt and a pair of black trousers exploded all over the internet. He was spotted escorting Amber Vinson, the second nurse to become infected with Ebola in the US, to a plane that would take her to Emory University Hospital in Atlanta. As many noted on Twitter, he wasn't wearing protective gear. Instead, he was holding a clipboard.
  • HP calls time, will shut down webOS support on January 15th, 2015 (2014-10-16 11:38:00)
  • EU Commission sues Sweden over online betting, poker laws (2014-10-16 11:32:11)
    By Julia Fioretti BRUSSELS (Reuters) - The European Commission started legal action against Sweden on Thursday for failing to change its rules on online betting and poker games which it said breach EU law on the free movement of services. The European Union's executive referred Sweden to Europe's highest court in two separate cases related to its restriction of gambling license to domestic and state-owned operators only. ...
  • Watch this video walkthrough of the Nexus 9 (2014-10-16 11:32:02)
    The Nexus 9 tablet was just announced yesterday, but Vietnamese YouTuber Vật Vờ has already published a four minute video tour of the new device. The narration is all in Vietnamese, which doesn't do much for you if you don't speak or understand the language, but you can see the hardware in detail as well as what a final (or near-final, at least) version of Android 5.0 Lollipop looks like on the device. The Nexus 9 will be available for preorder starting tomorrow, and we'll have our own takes on its hardware in the near future, but until then, enjoy this first look.
  • Join us for The Verge Live right after Apple's iPad event today (2014-10-16 11:30:28)
    Today is Apple Day: Part Two (assuming part one was iPhone), and all signs point to new iPads, new Macs, a release date for OS X Yosemite, and... Apple TV? We're not holding our breath for that one.
  • Microsoft’s next Build conference starts April 29th with Windows 10 on the agenda (2014-10-16 11:26:38)
    Microsoft’s next Build developer conference will start on April 29th in San Francisco next year. Build will run between April 29th and May 1st, just ahead of a new Ignite conference that Microsoft is holding in Chicago on May 4th. Build has traditionally focused on the future of Windows and any developer changes, and Windows 10 will undoubtedly be the star of next year’s show.
  • Watch out, HBO: CBS launches standalone Web TV service (2014-10-16 11:22:30)
    CBS fires up its own digital subscription service called All Access for $5.99 a month, offering the ability to stream local CBS stations live in 14 big US markets plus a library of its shows.>
  • Cool kids buy shoes covered in poop (2014-10-16 11:12:45)
    Betabrand's poop shoes aren't the shoes the world wants, but they're the shoes the world deserves. The clothing company's sneakers, covered in dozens of tiny poo emojis, are less stinky and more adorable than you'd expect poop shoes to be. That doesn't make them any less poop shoes.
  • iPad announcement: news and live updates from Apple’s event in Cupertino (2014-10-16 11:12:00)
    Today at its headquarters in California, Apple is expected to unveil the iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3, the company's latest tablets. Stay tuned to this StoryStream for every news update, hands-on, in-depth report and more!
  • Tablet stylus maker Adonit expanding into software (2014-10-16 11:08:32)
    Next year, the 180-person company plans to sell software along with its Jot hardware. It won't compete with existing partners like Adobe, though.>
  • Michigan could ban direct Tesla sales next week (2014-10-16 11:07:46)
    Tesla has another big hurdle to jump in its effort to sell directly to consumers, this time coming in the form of a bill that awaits the signature of Michigan Governor Rick Snyder. House Bill 5606, which originally was focused on curtailing dealership fees, had an amendment added to it which precludes carmakers from direct sales in Michigan, effectively banning Tesla sales in the state. ...
  • BBC turns to WhatsApp to share Ebola information (2014-10-16 11:03:20)
    Aimed at people in West Africa, the BBC will use the popular messaging app to provide updates about the spread of Ebola.>
  • The Zuckerbergs' $25M to fight Ebola: Priscilla Chan explains (2014-10-16 11:00:52)
    Two days after Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the donation, his wife says the goal is "to be able to keep Ebola to a confined state, where we can aggressively intervene.">
  • 7 awesome paid iPhone apps you can download free for a limited time (save $35!) (2014-10-16 10:58:32)
    Seriously, who doesn’t love some good free apps… especially when their paid iPhone and iPad apps on sale for a limited time? Wednesday brought with it a great list that included eight nifty paid iOS apps all on sale for free, and if you hurry, you can still download a few of them without paying a cent. We have a fresh new batch of iPhone and iPad apps for you on Thursday though, and they’re normally worth a combined $35 but are all free for a limited time right now. These are paid iPhone and iPad apps that have been made available for free for a limited time by their developers. There is no way to tell how long they
  • iPhone rollout likely widened T-Mobile's growth lead (2014-10-16 10:55:14)
    By Marina Lopes WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Apple's iPhone 6 only went on sale in the last two weeks of the quarter, but the device's rollout may have been the U.S. cellular industry's top growth catalyst in the period, with T-Mobile US benefiting the most. Since the larger, slimmer iPhone was unveiled on Sept. 9, the U.S. cellular market has been flooded with deals for subscribers looking to switch providers ahead of earnings reports starting next week. Helped by T-Mobile's claim that it was offering the best repurchase terms on old iPhones, the No. ...
  • 3 great hidden Nexus 6 features Google isn’t really talking about (2014-10-16 10:37:07)
    The Nexus 6 is Google’s newest smartphone and the company’s best handset considering its high-end hardware. The phone has a 6-inch AMOLED display with 2560 x 1440 resolution, 2.7GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor, 3GB of RAM, 32/64GB of storage and a 13-megapixel main camera with optical image stabilization. While some of these specs have been leaked countless times before the phone became official, only to be confirmed by the company on Wednesday, there are some Nexus 6 features that Google isn’t talking about that might be important to certain buyers. FROM EARLIER: Nexus 6 is the first Nexus phone that no U.S. carrier could resist The Nexus 6 is water-resistant, a detail you won’t find on Google’s Nexus 6 product page,
  • Google's plan for super-fast internet: tap unused airwaves (2014-10-16 10:32:00)
  • iPhone 6 Plus vs. Galaxy Note 4: The ultimate camera shootout (2014-10-16 10:16:02)
    BGR reviewed Samsung’s brand new Galaxy Note 4 phablet on Wednesday and in the process, we spent a good amount of time comparing Samsung’s latest and greatest to the new iPhone 6 Plus. 2014 marks the first time Samsung will have to go head to head with Apple in the phablet space, and we already know that the competition is going to be fierce. Apple is selling iPhone 6 Plus units as quickly as its manufacturing partners can build them, and every device Apple sells represents another customer in the comparatively small phablet market that won’t be buying Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4. While we compared the two devices in a number of important areas, we didn’t spend much time comparing their class-leading cameras.
  • CBS becomes first major network to launch internet TV service (2014-10-16 10:09:26)
    CBS is launching a streaming TV service today that allows subscribers to watch live content and classic shows online, without having a cable subscription. Most notably, it'll let many subscribers stream their local CBS stations — and that means they'll be able to watch the network's new shows, including hits like The Good Wife, as they air for the first time. Critically, though, NFL games are not being made available.
  • Apple's new iPads emerge amid tablet sales slump (2014-10-16 09:56:32)
    Apple is expected to release its next generation of thinner, faster iPads today, but the new models aren't attracting as much attention as they used to.
  • New York Times says the new iPads will support Apple Pay (2014-10-16 09:55:05)
    We’re just hours away from the unveiling of the iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3, but reports with important information about the new tablets are still trickling out. According to Brian X. Chen at The New York Times, we should expect to see Apple announce that the new iPads will support Apple Pay when the company takes the stage on Thursday. FROM EARLIER: These are Apple’s brand new iPads: iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 In order for Apple Pay to function, the new tablets would need to feature Touch ID fingerprint sensors, which was all but officially confirmed on Wednesday when Apple accidentally leaked user manuals for the upcoming iPad Air and iPad mini models. Chen’s report
  • 'The Uncle Who Works for Nintendo' is your childhood insecurities made creepy flesh (2014-10-16 09:42:02)
    Unlike, apparently, everyone else who plays games, I never had a childhood friend whose uncle "worked for Nintendo." Or Sega, or Blizzard, or anywhere that would supposedly get them access to the latest games or consoles or rumors. A few bits seem on the nose, and for things to work right, you should probably make sure to open it in Chrome. But I played this little text game for a solid hour yesterday.
  • Lockheed figures out fusion (maybe) (2014-10-16 09:39:39)
    Lockheed Martin claims to have had a breakthrough in fusion technology, promising clean energy to power a small city, from something that could fit on the back of a truck. So that might be cool...>
  • Watch out, HBO: CBS launches stand-alone Web TV service (2014-10-16 09:39:09)
    CBS fires up its own digital subscription service called All Access for $5.99 a month, offering the ability to stream local CBS stations live in 14 big US markets plus a library of its shows.>
  • For the Nexus 6, Google needs the carriers (2014-10-16 09:38:59)
    Yesterday, Google officially announced the Nexus 6, the latest in its line of "pure" Android smartphones. The Nexus 6 carries the familiar Nexus badge and acts as the flagship device for the new Android 5.0 Lollipop platform. That's not a big change from the Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 before it, but the Nexus 6 is different in other ways: the Nexus 6 starts at $649 for the unlocked model, a significant jump from the $349 that the older models cost. ...
  • CT scan solves 'Star Wars' mystery, but this isn't the toy you're looking for (2014-10-16 09:36:51)
    A toy collector had his fingers crossed that a mystery toy from a galaxy far, far away could be worth thousands of pounds.>
  • CBS launches its own TV subscription platform for $6 a month (2014-10-16 09:31:00)
  • CBS launches its own TV-streaming service for $6 a month (2014-10-16 09:31:00)
  • Belgium, Luxembourg taken to court over telecoms regulation (2014-10-16 09:30:21)
    By Julia Fioretti BRUSSELS (Reuters) - The European Commission has referred Belgium to Europe's highest court saying it ignored a formal request to amend its laws to guarantee the independence of its telecoms industry regulator. The European Union's executive said on Thursday it had asked the Belgian government last April to give up its powers to suspend decisions taken by the Belgian Institute for Postal Services and Telecommunications (BIPT), which the Commission said could affect the regulator's ability to ensure fair competition in the telecoms market. ...
  • Check out all the great new features Google packed into Android 5.0 Lollipop (2014-10-16 09:30:08)
    Google on Wednesday revealed the official name of Android L, announcing new Nexus-branded gear in the process, but the company did not make Android 5.0 Lollipop available for download to users immediately. Instead, the company said that 2013 and older Nexus devices will receive the Lollipop update at an unspecified time in the coming weeks, with the new Nexus 6 and Nexus 9 supposed to launch with Android 5.0 on board in early November. FROM EARLIER: Android 5.0 Lollipop is coming soon to the Nexus 5 and other Nexus devices Even so, Google did say on Twitter that developers will get access to a new Lollipop build later this week, in anticipation of its final release. “Developers, get ready for
  • New iPads, Mac system expected at Apple event (2014-10-16 09:30:07)
    CUPERTINO, Calif. (AP) — Apple Inc. is expected to unveil new iPads at an event Thursday, as the company tries to drive excitement amid slowing demand for tablet computers. Apple may also announce a new Mac operating system and possibly new Mac computers. Watchers also await a possible launch date for Apple Pay, the company's new system for using iPhones to make credit and debit card payments at retail stores.
  • CBS to launch video streaming service (2014-10-16 09:27:18)
    (Reuters) - CBS Corp said it will launch digital subscription-based video on demand and live streaming services for its television network. CBS All Access will be available from Thursday for $5.99 per month. (Reporting By Lehar Maan in Bangalore)
  • Apple Store goes down in advance of iPad event (2014-10-16 09:19:43)
    With Thursday's event just a few hours away, Apple has taken down its retail site as it likely preps it to showcase new products.>
  • Uber launches UberPlus in LA for 'balling on a budget' (2014-10-16 09:11:00)
  • Uber offering UberPlus in LA for 'balling on a budget' (2014-10-16 09:11:00)
  • Android's pursuit of 'more everything' is getting out of hand (2014-10-16 09:07:52)
    The stage was set for a glorious battle of the 6es this fall as Apple’s iPhone 6 was preparing to take on Google’s Nexus 6 to determine the fate of the mobile world. There’s nothing wrong with big phones, but there’s something fundamentally broken about the single-minded pursuit of larger sizes that has characterized Android history so far. Consider the three best Android phones of 2013: the 4.7-inch Moto X, the 5.2-inch LG G2, and the 5-inch Nexus 5.
  • Leak: Is this our first look at the brand new iPad Air 2? (2014-10-16 09:05:42)
    Apple’s huge iPhone 6 and iWatch unveiling last month was probably the most hyped event Apple has ever hosted. The leaks and rumors leading up to Apple’s September press conference were off the charts, the social media chatter on launch day was crazy, and it ended up being BGR’s single biggest day of traffic ever by a shockingly wide margin. Everyone wanted to see Apple’s new iPhones (despite the fact that we had already seen them dozens of times in leaks) and find out when they would finally launch. Fast-forward Thursday, just one month later, and the lead up to Apple’s big iPad and Mac event seems eerily quiet. Does anyone care about tablets and computers anymore? DON’T MISS: This secret trick will dramatically
  • The Force is strong in this 'Star Wars' comics bundle (2014-10-16 09:02:16)
    A huge collection, priced $15 or less depending on which tier you want. Plus: three bonus deals!>
  • Image of Asia: Walking apples and a phone in China (2014-10-16 09:01:43)
    In this photo by Ng Han Guan, performance artist Han Bing drags an iPhone and his friend Hui Li drags a string of apples in a shopping district where an Apple retail store is located in Beijing. Passersby stared at the performance, some snapping pictures, before security guards escorted the artist away. Han Bing says the walk is intended to highlight our obsession with the mobile phone and in particular Apple's product. The performance is a continuation of his past walks with a brick and a cabbage in various cities to raise questions about our attachments to things.
  • launches new app for word nerds (2014-10-16 09:00:03)
    In honour of Dictionary Day, has launched a brand new iOS app, with a luxuriance of lexical treats for logophiles.>
  • Microsoft optimizes Skype for iPhone 6 (2014-10-16 09:00:00)
    The new mobile version of Skype takes advantage of the larger screen sizes of Apple's latest iPhones.>
  • Iron Man is forever. Robert Downey Jr. isn’t (2014-10-16 08:47:28)
    After weeks of back and forth, will he or won't he, Marvel finally announced Robert Downey Jr.'s next appearance as Tony Stark / Iron Man, playing counterpoint to Chris Evans' Steve Roger in the NSA-fueled Captain America 3.
  • Microsoft wants to make it easier to build Windows Phone apps (2014-10-16 08:33:00)
  • Video: Google’s first real Nexus 6 and Nexus 9 ads are awesome (2014-10-16 08:30:57)
    After releasing a variety of humorous ads to promote its new Nexus devices, but also to tease and eventually explain the Android 5.0 Lollipop name, Google has posted its first three real ads on YouTube that highlight the best features of the Nexus 6 smartphone, Nexus 9 tablet and Nexus Player Android TV device. FROM EARLIER: Behold: The world’s first Nexus 6 unboxing video The ads have the same tag lines Google has already listed on the new pages it published on its Nexus website for these products. The Nexus 6 offers “space to explore,” the Nexus 9 is made for “movers and makers,” while the Nexus Player is supposed to offer “entertainment tailored for you.” The Nexus 6 and Nexus 9 are
  • Technology for the Forgotten: The Case for AARP's RealPad (2014-10-16 08:16:23)
    AARP is launching an android tablet called the RealPad, aimed at tech-shy Boomers and Seniors. It is currently available to order online and will ship in the middle of October. I was asked to moderate the product launch event for the device at the Ideas@50 AARP conference in San Diego earlier this month. What I've read in the press and the...
  • plies a new wearable, says Apple rules (Q&A) (2014-10-16 08:15:50)
    The Black Eyed Peas frontman talks about the new device he launched Wednesday, and shares his thoughts on Apple and Beats co-founder Jimmy Iovine.>
  • iPad event: start time, live blog, and streaming for Apple’s announcement (2014-10-16 08:00:02)
    Apple's iPad and Mac event is upon us. Today at its Cupertino headquarters, Apple is expected to unveil the iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3, the company's latest tablets. Thanks to a last-minute leak (that came from Apple itself), we know that both will feature the Touch ID fingerprint sensor.
  • Can we colonize Mars? (2014-10-16 07:48:01)
    What would a martian habitat look like? And how would we handle food shipments and radiation management?
  • An entire city tells Comcast it’s not wanted thanks to ‘deplorable and substandard’ customer service (2014-10-16 07:45:31)
    Comcast’s awful customer service has rightly become the stuff of legends and now one city in Massachusetts is telling the company that it wants nothing to do with the cable giant’s unique blend of wallet-incinerating prices and customer service agents who would make Kafka novel bureaucrats blush. RELATED: Comcast’s infamously bad customer service isn’t incompetence — it’s a choice Ars Technica points us to a new report in The Worcester Telegram that informs us Worcester’s city council has taken the rather unusual step of telling Comcast that it isn’t wanted in the city thanks to all the horror stories of it treating customers horribly. The council voted 8 to 3 this week in favor of a resolution asking the city’s mayor to
  • The Big Future: Can we colonize Mars? (2014-10-16 07:45:02)
    Mars has been seeing a lot of action lately, between NASA's string of rovers and new projects from Elon Musk and Mars One. But what would it take to set up a permanent settlement there? Could humans survive in such a harsh and alien setting? In this week's Big Future, Adrianne Jeffries takes a look at the nuts and bolts of a martian settlement, from food shipments to radiation management. There are a lot of problems, but we've got good ideas about how to solve them.
  • Beats' Iovine: When you met Steve Jobs, you found the party (2014-10-16 07:36:43)
    Apple's founder was as powerful a force -- and just as cool -- as the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, says Beats Electronics father and newly minted Apple executive Jimmy Iovine.>
  • Take off this smartwatch and it turns into an actual phone (2014-10-16 07:32:00)
    Whip the .klatz smartwatch off your wrist and it becomes a phone -- and you can back it on Indiegogo.>
  • You can now get a 7-inch 3G Android phablet for just $54 in China (2014-10-16 07:32:00)
  • The Xbox One can now find your lost controller (2014-10-16 07:28:47)
    Microsoft's latest Xbox One October dashboard update is rolling out today, and it aims to help you find missing controllers. The software maker has been previewing the many features included in the October update, and one unusual addition is the ability to make a controller vibrate from the settings page. A "find" option is available in the new devices and accessories section of settings, but a controller will need to be powered on to use the feature. ...
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 4 camera shootout versus iPhone 6 Plus, LG G3 (2014-10-16 07:00:03)
    The battle of the phablet phones begins with a test of their built-in cameras that come equipped with optical image stabilization. Which phone takes the best shot?>
  • Yes, there is a smaller Lollipop-running Nexus smartphone that you can buy from Google (2014-10-16 06:50:27)
    Google on Wednesday announced three new Nexus devices, including a first Nexus phablet, a tablet and a media player, alongside Android 5.0 Lollipop, but the company did not launch a smaller Nexus handset that some fans would have wanted. However, that doesn’t mean that a smaller Nexus version capable of running Lollipop won’t be available from the Google Play Store this year. FROM EARLIER: Android 5.0 Lollipop is coming soon to the Nexus 5 and other Nexus devices Instead of launching a smaller 5.2-inch Motorola-made Nexus 6 version as some reports suggested, Google decided not to discontinue the 2013 5-inch Nexus 5 smartphone, which will still be available for purchase from the Google Play Store this year, even though it’s
  • NASA's Messenger captures first photos of ice on Mercury (2014-10-16 06:41:00)
  • South Korea tries to ease cyber surveillance fears (2014-10-16 06:25:05)
    By Se Young Lee and Sohee Kim SEOUL (Reuters) - South Korea is trying to ease worries about online privacy after a domestic chat app lost customers to a foreign rival because of fears prosecutors in one the world's most wired countries might get access to online conversations. Prosecutors last month launched a cyber investigation team after President Park Geun-hye spoke out against online rumors that she said "crossed the line" and were deepening divisions in society. But that has sown confusion and fear of snooping among users and providers of online services. ...
  • EE's newest 4G tablet only costs £99 (2014-10-16 06:15:00)
  • Steve Ballmer as 'Basket Ballmer' is the latest ballsy Businessweek cover (2014-10-16 06:12:38)
    A glum Steve Ballmer may have binged on ‘The Good Wife’ after stepping down as Microsoft CEO in February, but he bounced back to form as the new owner of the LA Clippers in August with his super excitable personality. Bloomberg Businessweek has profiled Ballmer’s new life with the Clippers, and his passion for basketball. It’s an intriguing look at Ballmer’s days after Microsoft, and his plan to place technology at the forefront of rebranding the Clippers.
  • 'Basket Ballmer' is the latest baller Businessweek cover (2014-10-16 06:12:38)
    A glum Steve Ballmer may have binged on ‘The Good Wife’ after stepping down as Microsoft CEO in February, but he bounced back to form as the new owner of the LA Clippers in August with his super excitable personality. Bloomberg Businessweek has profiled Ballmer’s new life with the Clippers, and his passion for basketball. It’s an intriguing look at Ballmer’s days after Microsoft, and his plan to place technology at the forefront of rebranding the Clippers.
  • Apple leaks iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 (2014-10-16 05:53:44)
    While Google was revealing its new Nexus 6 smartphone and Nexus 9 tablet, tech websites started to buzz with new reports on the next generation of the iPad. Ahead of its keynote address on Thursday, Apple accidentally uploaded images of the new tablets as illustrations for its new iPad User Guide for iOS 8.1 on the iTunes Store.
  • Alibaba affiliate Alipay rebranded Ant in new financial services push (2014-10-16 05:50:01)
    By Gerry Shih BEIJING (Reuters) - Chinese e-commerce firm Alibaba Group Holding Ltd said on Thursday it has changed the name of its Alipay financial services affiliate to Ant Financial Services Group as it steps up its push into the financial services industry. Alibaba has been aggressively offering new financial services around Alipay, including a money market fund for consumers, a mobile payment app and even a new private bank that was approved by the Chinese government in September. ...
  • Nurse with Ebola warned CDC of high temperature before boarding flight (2014-10-16 05:49:04)
    The second nurse to be diagnosed with Ebola in the US warned health officials of her high fever before boarding a flight from Cleveland to Dallas, according to a report today from Bloomberg. Officials say the chance of transmission is low, though they are nevertheless contacting at least 132 people who flew on the same Frontier Airlines flight, as well as three people she saw during her stay in Cleveland.
  • Reddit snaps up Alien Blue, makes it the official iOS app (2014-10-16 05:44:00)
  • Toshiba new Ultra HD L94 TV running Android launches in Asia (2014-10-16 05:38:23)
    Besides the L9450 lineup, Toshiba will also be selling a cheaper full HD L54 version in Asia starting later this month.>
  • No camouflage can hide this weird Mercedes prototype (2014-10-16 04:52:00)
  • The BBC makes every Radio Times listing ever printed available online (2014-10-16 04:29:00)
  • From Burning Man to the Hong Kong protests: the accidental rise of FireChat (2014-10-16 04:00:02)
    When pro-democracy protests erupted in Hong Kong late last month, many demonstrators feared the government would shut down the internet. Those fears never materialized, but the specter of a crackdown combined with congested data networks were enough to drive thousands to download FireChat — a smartphone application that lets users communicate without an internet connection.
  • Now Google's Translate Chrome extension can zoom in on short bits of text (2014-10-16 03:44:00)
  • Gamergate backlash hits front page of the New York Times (2014-10-16 03:40:34)
    The New York Times today published a front-page article on the increasingly hostile threats that female video game critics are facing, underscoring the growing backlash against the so-called Gamergate movement. The report, published Thursday, comes one day after the leading video game trade group spoke out against the controversy, whose supporters claim they are rallying against perceived corruption in gaming journalism but who have become inextricably linked with misogyny and harassment. The Entertainment Software Association (ESA), a trade group that organizes the annual E3 event in Los Angeles, didn't explicitly mention Gamergate or misogyny in a statement to the Washington Post yesterday, though the reporter who wrote the story later clarified that she specifically asked the organization for comment on Gamergate.
  • Facebook Safety Check tells friends you're okay during natural disasters (2014-10-16 03:24:58)
    Facebook is introducing a new Safety Check feature designed to help friends and family members check on loved ones during natural disasters. The tool works by triggering a push notification on devices that are near an affected area. Facebook determines location from cities listed in profiles, last location from the Nearby Friends feature, or the city you’re connecting and using the internet from.
  • China's Alibaba renames Alipay unit in financial services push (2014-10-16 02:50:26)
    BEIJING (Reuters) - Chinese e-commerce firm Alibaba Group Holding Ltd said on Thursday it has changed the name of its Alipay financial services unit to Ant Financial Services Group as it steps up its push into the financial services industry. Alibaba, the world's largest e-commerce company, already processes roughly half of China's e-commerce transactions through the unit. ...
  • Facebook 'Safety Check' lets friends know you're OK after a major disaster (2014-10-16 02:18:00)
  • Data Rescue for Mac review (2014-10-16 02:12:06)
    Recover data from crashed, non-mounting, reformatted hard drives and deleted or lost files
  • Smart deodorant applicator provides a high-tech way to keep B.O. at bay (2014-10-16 02:10:00)
  • Taiwan's TSMC notches record profit in pre-holiday boom (2014-10-16 02:08:08)
    By Michael Gold TAIPEI (Reuters) - Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co Ltd (TSMC), the world's largest contract chip manufacturer, rode heavy demand from smartphone clients to a record net profit in the third quarter, handily beating market expectations. The company nabbed orders for the chips in the latest smartphones from Apple Inc, according to industry watchers, which went on sale in September and are expected to be major contributors to TSMC's bottom line ahead of the year-end shopping season. This helped the semiconductor firm earn net profit of T$76.3 billion ($2. ...
  • iRip for Mac review (2014-10-16 02:05:18)
    Copy songs, videos, podcasts & more from iPod to Mac
  • MediaHuman Audio Converter for Mac review (2014-10-16 01:55:54)
    Convert your music in WMA, AAC, WAV, FLAC, OGG, or Apple Lossless format
  • MiniTool Photo Recovery for Mac review (2014-10-16 01:49:10)
    Recover Mac photos and videos
  • ScreenFlow for Mac review (2014-10-16 01:36:17)
    Powerful, easy-to-use screencasting software
  • Sorterox for Mac review (2014-10-16 01:27:49)
    Sort, organize, copy and backup files and folders with a single drag & drop, using your own rules
  • Google Fiber hits Austin this December (2014-10-16 01:06:00)
  • 3D-printed prosthetic Iron Man hand not grown, built (2014-10-16 00:43:16)
    A child-sized 3D-printed prosthetic hand packs in LEDs for a light-up thruster, Bluetooth, an Arduino and options for a whole bunch of cool Iron Man tech.>
  • Amazon wants to hire 80,000 temp workers for holidays (2014-10-16 00:01:03)
    The e-commerce site's massive fulfillment network continues to grow as it kicks off its busiest time of year.>
  • Printer for self-destructing photos brings Snapchat to real life (2014-10-15 23:34:00)
  • Your guide to new titles on Netflix Instant this week: October 12th – October 18th (2014-10-15 22:45:11)
    Navigating your way through Netflix can be tiring. Sometimes you may spend more time looking for something new to watch instead of actually watching something. We’ve all been there. That’s why BGR is here to save you precious time by giving you the best of what is new each week on Netflix for your streaming pleasure. Iron Man & Captain America: Heroes United (2014) – While battling to keep the Red Skull and Taskmaster from unleashing a Hydra army, Iron Man and Captain America must learn to work together. With the recent news that Iron Man could be joining Cap in Captain America 3, this movie comes at the perfect time to give viewers a taste of what a possible film
  • Lenovo to form new company with focus on smart devices (2014-10-15 22:30:43)
    The Chinese tech giant will form a new subsidiary that will have a different name and branding with an aim to sell directly to customers in China via the internet.>
  • Verizon's Edge program changes make you wait longer to upgrade (2014-10-15 22:28:00)
  • Breathalyser used to diagnose dolphin health (2014-10-15 22:22:15)
    Researchers have developed a type of breathalyser that can diagnose dolphin health by measuring the metabolites in their breath.>
  • Google's latest ads depict Apple users as conformists (2014-10-15 21:56:37)
    In three news ads for Android, teasingly released this week, Google has one simple message: Apple users are all the same, while Android users are just cool individuals who like to hang together.>
  • Netflix CEO: Next from HBO? 'Binge' show releases like us too (2014-10-15 21:50:54)
    CEO Reed Hastings says the cable network will inevitably start releasing all episodes of a series at once, just as Netflix does, as the two are set to go head-to-head when a streaming-only HBO service arrives next year.>
  • ​Apple to fix Health app after blood glucose measurement issue (2014-10-15 21:27:45)
    Diabetics are being warned that Apple's Health app is not compatible with some blood glucose measurements, meaning those in the UK and Australia could see inaccurate readings.>
  • The Big Picture: A massive typhoon as seen from orbit (2014-10-15 21:13:00)
  • plies a new wearable, says Apple rules [Q&A] (2014-10-15 20:58:27)
    The Black Eyed Peas frontman talks about the new device he launched Wednesday, and shares his thoughts on Apple and Beats co-founder Jimmy Iovine.>
  • unveils Puls, a smart 'cuff' that makes phone calls (2014-10-15 20:49:03)
    After two and a half years of development, finally unveiled the smart "cuff" he has been working on with his consumer electronics company, The Puls is a wearable wristband that tells time, but "it's not a watch," the Black Eyed Peas singer said repeatedly on stage at Dreamforce in San Francisco. The key difference is that the Puls makes phone calls and accesses online services using a 3G radio. Puls will launch on carriers AT&T in the United States and O2 in the United Kingdom.
  • Cop cracks woman's iPad passcode to rescue her after crash (2014-10-15 20:44:28)
    After a driver's OnStar alert system reportedly gives police inaccurate locations for a crash, the local department's tech geek thinks fast, breaks into the driver's iPad at her home and finds her via an Apple app.>
  •'s Puls wristband has its own 3G, support from AT&T (2014-10-15 20:32:00)
  • Facebook, Apple offer to cover costs of freezing eggs for female staff (2014-10-15 20:28:37)
    Apple and Facebook have updated their company benefits policies to include fertility treatments in a bid to retain female staff.>
  • The best iOS Reddit app relaunches under Reddit ownership (2014-10-15 20:18:34)
    Reddit has let others do the heavy lifting for it on the mobile side for years, developing apps that often do more — and better — than its own client, which the company abandoned long ago. Arguably one of the best, and certainly the most popular, is Alien Blue on iOS, which existed both as an iPhone app and a specialty app for the iPad. Now Reddit's gone and acquired it, along with developer Jason Morrissey, who is joining the company to continue working on it.
  • Doctors report a case of Google Glass addiction (2014-10-15 20:13:00)
  • Mozilla plays with Humble Bundle to push Web games (2014-10-15 19:42:30)
    Humble Bundles are no stranger to games, but the latest pay-what-you-want package of games is built for your Web browser.>
  • Xbox One update makes multitasking easier and everyone more secure (2014-10-15 19:36:00)
  • Apple Pay launch tipped for October 20th by Panera Bread (2014-10-15 19:31:00)
    Apple made no secret that its payment service Apple Pay wasn't ready to roll when the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus went on sale last month, saying only that it would be ready sometime in October. Now it appears that the waiting game to start using your phone and fingerprint as a credit card is almost over. A purported internal memo from Panera Bread, one of Apple's payment launch partners, notes that the service will be up and running beginning Monday, October 20th, says 9to5Mac.
  • Engadget Daily: Google's Nexus 6, new iPads, standalone HBO Go and more! (2014-10-15 19:30:00)
  • The latest Xbox One bundle contains two free Assassin’s Creed games (2014-10-15 19:25:52)
    Microsoft announced on Wednesday that it had partnered with Ubisoft in order to bring two new Xbox One bundles to market this holiday season. The Xbox One Assassin’s Creed Bundle will contain free digital downloads of both the upcoming Assassin’s Creed Unity and last year’s Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag for $399. There will also be a $499 bundle which will include a Kinect. Both bundles will be available worldwide on November 2nd, but Unity won’t be playable until its release on November 14th. These aren’t the only bundles on offer over the holidays either. Microsoft has also announced a Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare bundle and a Sunset Overdrive bundle, both of which will be available on the respective launch
  • EBay 3Q profit tops estimates, but sales miss (2014-10-15 19:04:33)
    NEW YORK (AP) — EBay Inc. on Wednesday reported better-than-expected earnings for the third quarter as its PayPal payment unit continued to have strong growth.
  • Google tests waters for potential ultra-fast wireless service (2014-10-15 19:02:23)
    By Alexei Oreskovic SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Google Inc is preparing to test new technology that may provide the foundation for a wireless version of its high-speed "Fiber" Internet service, according to telecommunication experts who scrutinized the company's regulatory filings. In a public but little-noticed application with the U.S. Federal Communications Commission on Monday, Google asked the agency for permission to conduct tests in California across different wireless spectrums, including a rarely-used millimeter-wave frequency capable of transmitting large amounts of data. ...
  • Samsung’s new batteries put an interesting spin on ‘Bendgate’ (2014-10-15 18:50:06)
    It was just days ago that technology fans the world over were growing increasingly concerned about the tendency of their expensive electronics to bend out of shape, but Samsung appears to have found a way to make flexibility a feature rather than a bug. Tizen Indonesia reports that the SDI branch of Samsung’s R&D department unveiled a flexible battery for wearable devices at this year’s InterBattery exhibition in South Korea this week. FROM EARLIER: The biggest reason to hold off buying the Moto 360 According to the report, the batteries are so flexible that you can actually roll one up and it will still be perfectly functional. A flexible design would give Samsung the ability to place larger batteries inside very small devices, possibly extending their battery life
  • The entire 'Friends' series is coming to Netflix next year (2014-10-15 18:43:00)
  • 7 must-have apps for iPad (2014-10-15 18:34:24)
    Make the most of your iPad with these iOS apps.
  • Tomorrow Daily 069: New Nexus devices, HBO without cable, pay-per-laugh comedy shows and more (2014-10-15 18:30:22)
    On today's show, we talk about Google's newest line of Nexus products and Android "L" (now dubbed Lollipop), HBO's plans to create a standalone app in 2015 and a comedy club that charges patrons by the laugh.>
  • Netflix's U.S. growth slows, shares plunge (2014-10-15 18:26:04)
    By Lisa Richwine (Reuters) - Netflix Inc signed up fewer video streaming subscribers than forecast for the quarter that ended in September as its U.S. growth slowed markedly, sending its shares plunging as much as 27 percent. The company, which operates in nearly 50 countries, blamed a $1 price hike, to $8.99 a month, for discouraging new sign-ups. It lured 3.02 million new streaming customers globally, versus the 3.69 million it projected in July. Netflix attracted about 980,000 new customers in the United States, its largest market, down from 1.29 million in the same period a year earlier. ...
  • Motorola commits to ‘fast’ Lollipop updates for all 2013 and 2014 phones (2014-10-15 18:25:39)
    After Google announced the Nexus 6, Nexus 9 and Android 5.0 Lollipop on Wednesday, confirming that many older devices, including the Nexus 4, Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 will be updated to its latest mobile operating system in coming weeks, Motorola has also revealed that all of its 2013 and 2014 handsets will be updated to Lollipop. FROM EARLIER: The iPhone 6 might be low-res, but Apple’s highest-resolution device ever is coming soon “Now that Android 5.0 Lollipop will be going to the world with Nexus 6—a product of some of our own engineering—we are excited to confirm that this latest and greatest Android release will also come to our other devices as part of our ongoing software strategy to provide
  • The Threats Against Anita Sarkeesian Expose The Darkest Aspects Of Online Misogyny (2014-10-15 18:25:19)
    I don't know how Anita Sarkeesian gets through the day. I really don't. The violent threats sent to the Utah organizers of one of Sarkeesian's recent speaking engagements are just the latest iteration of a torrent of abuse that drove the Canadian-American writer and media critic from her home weeks ago. Death threats have preceded some of her...
  • Journalist recants comments linking Schumacher injuries to GoPro camera (2014-10-15 18:21:52)
    (Reuters) - French journalist Jean-Louis Moncet recanted his comments suggesting that Formula 1 legend Michael Schumacher's injuries in a skiing accident last year may have been caused by a wearable camera made by GoPro Inc. "Talking about GoPro, there were no news. It was just my opinion," Moncet tweeted on Tuesday. ( Moncet was reported to have spoken to Schumacher's son, Mick, but the journalist denied this in a tweet earlier this week. (http://bit. ...
  • This umbrella will tell your iPhone where you left it (2014-10-15 18:15:02)
    It's pretty bad news if you can't find your umbrella when heading out into a storm, so the company Blunt is making an umbrella that'll be much harder to lose. Blunt is partnering with makers of the location-tracking chip Tile to create an umbrella that you'll be able to locate from an iPhone app. If the umbrella is a short distance away from you, it can be triggered to play a noise to help you find it. Otherwise, Tile's app will let you view the last location that it spotted the umbrella — so if you left it behind at a store, you should be able to figure out which one.
  • Lenovo is building a new smartphone brand to compete with Xiaomi (2014-10-15 18:09:00)
  • Netflix's stock plunges as subscriber growth slips (2014-10-15 18:08:46)
    This is a sequel that Netflix shareholders never wanted to see: The world's largest Internet video service has once again turned off potential viewers with a price increase that is punishing the company's ...
  • Lab-Made Blood Cells Hunt Cancer, Leading to Remissions (2014-10-15 18:00:46)
    The blood cells of cancer patients, reprogrammed by doctors to attack their leukemia and re-infused back into the patients’ veins, led to complete remissions in 27 of 30 people. That’s especially exciting because those patients had failed all conventional treatments.Today’s report, in the New England Journal of Medicine, is an extension of data presented last year at the American Society of Hematology’s annual meeting. Not all of the remissions lasted, the report showed. Nineteen patients in the study remain in remission 2 to 24 months later, and 15 of them didn’t need any additional ...
  • iPad leak steals Google's Nexus glory (2014-10-15 17:40:34)
    Just after Google announces its new Nexus lineup, Apple publishes images of the iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3 in the iTunes Store. Meanwhile, HBO shakes up the TV industry by cutting itself free from cable subscriptions.>
  • Dotti is a cute LED block that does notifications using pixel art (2014-10-15 17:36:00)
  • eBay trims 2014 revenue outlook amid economic fears (2014-10-15 17:29:27)
    By Deepa Seetharaman SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - EBay Inc trimmed its full-year revenue forecast on Wednesday, signaling a weaker-than-expected holiday shopping season for the e-commerce company as it prepares to split from its fast-growing payments arm, PayPal. EBay's report comes as weak economic data from the United States and China fan fears of a global slowdown, forcing investors to re-examine the world economy only just emerging from one of the worst recessions in history. ...
  • Without net neutrality, what stops HBO from turning the internet into cable? (2014-10-15 17:28:32)
    Several years ago, someone came up with a potent worst-case scenario for an internet without net neutrality: it would look like cable TV. With the option to slow down or block individual sites and programs, ISPs would give you the internet equivalent of basic cable, then charge extra for "News" and "Hollywood" bundles with Digg and YouTube instead of CNN and Showtime. There’s no subtlety, but it gets the point across. So what happens when, after almost a year with no net neutrality rules, a company whose name is synonymous with premium cable jumps online?
  • Judge in Apple supplier's bankruptcy questions need for secrecy (2014-10-15 17:23:48)
    By Nick Brown and Noel Randewich (Reuters) - The judge overseeing the mysterious bankruptcy of an Apple Inc sapphire supplier on Wednesday voiced skepticism over requests for secrecy and compared the iPhone maker to a demanding homeowner unhappy with how a construction project turned out. Scant information has emerged since GT Advanced Technologies Inc filed for bankruptcy last week, wiping out most of its market value and triggering speculation about what may have soured its Apple relationship and torpedoed its prospects. ...
  • eBay misses slightly on revenue, but PayPal stays strong (2014-10-15 17:20:13)
    The company's marketplace business continues to grow, despite a security breach in the spring, but it doesn't meet Wall Street's expectations for overall revenue.>
  • The 404 Show 1,566: HBO a la carte, Nexus 6 and 9, PlayStation TV, egg-freezing (podcast) (2014-10-15 17:15:36)
    Bridget Carey is here today to talk about HBO offering an a la carte subscription in 2015, why you shouldn't buy a PlayStation TV, Google's announcement of a Nexus 6 and 9 tablet and which companies are offering egg-freezing services to their female employees.>
  • Netflix on HBO's Web-only service: It's inevitable, sensible (2014-10-15 17:10:54)
    Netflix, which views HBO as its primary long-term competitor, believes consumers will subscribe to both online services.>
  • FBI warns U.S. businesses of cyber attacks, blames Beijing (2014-10-15 17:07:55)
    BOSTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation warned U.S. businesses on Wednesday that hackers it believes to be backed by the Chinese government have recently launched attacks on U.S. companies. The "flash" warning described tools and techniques used by the hackers and asked companies to contact federal authorities if they believe they are the victims of such attacks. The document said that the agency recently obtained information regarding "a group of Chinese Government affiliated cyber actors who routinely steal high-value information from U.S. ...
  • Netflix reports quarterly net subscriber additions below forecast (2014-10-15 17:05:37)
    (Reuters) - Netflix Inc reported quarterly net subscriber additions below its forecast due to lower subscriber growth in the United States, sending the video-streaming company's shares down as much as 27 percent in extended trading. Netflix added a net of about 3 million customers worldwide in the third quarter ended Sept. 30, below its forecast of 3.7 million. The company attracted about 980,000 new customers in the United States, its largest market, down from 1.29 million in the same period a year earlier. "Year-on-year net additions in the U.S. were down ... ...
  • Luxy dating app doesn't care about poor people (2014-10-15 17:05:00)
  • U.S. retail sales, producer prices give cautionary signs on economy (2014-10-15 17:04:52)
    By Jason Lange WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. retail sales declined in September as consumers pulled back on spending for a range of items, a worrisome economic signal that helped fuel a sell-off on Wall Street. The report on Wednesday, along with data showing a drop in producer prices, led investors to bet the Federal Reserve would delay hiking interest rates until late 2015 at the earliest to keep support for the economy in place. Retail sales, which account for about one-third of consumer spending, dropped 0.3 percent last month, the Commerce Department said. ...
  • Netflix price hike boosts 3Q profit but earnings outlook dives (2014-10-15 16:57:18)
    Remember that Netflix price increase? A lot of potential subscribers did, resulting in fewer-than-expected sign-ups in the latest period. That, and an austere outlook for earnings, has Netflix investors spooked.>
  • Virgin America made a nearly six-hour-long commercial about being bored on an airplane (2014-10-15 16:45:40)
    In case you ever want to relive the grueling boredom that encompasses you on a long flight, Virgin America has produced a nearly six-hour-long commercial about how unbearably dull the average plane ride is. The video shows passengers on a flight across the United States, playing out its events in real time. In this case, the passengers are mannequins that almost look like they've come out of They Live, with totally stupefied and half-dead looks across their faces.
  • Seven Steps to Apply Design Economically in Startups (2014-10-15 16:39:59)
    Startups' biggest challenge is designing a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and using it to prove that a niche with paying customers can be profitably acquired. Seemingly, the more innovative the product is, the harder the initial early adopters are to locate and learn about their needs, wants and desires. For example, few knew they needed a...
  • Netflix falls short of Q3 subscriber numbers, stock tanks by 26 percent (2014-10-15 16:35:19)
    Netflix has released its Q3 earnings today, and the results have some investors in a panic. During the quarter, the company brought on an additional 3 million subscribers. That bring's Netflix's total customer base to 53.1 million; CEO Reed Hastings says he expects to close out 2014 with 57 million global members. But he also acknowledged that the 3M number missed Wall Street expectations — and the company's own forecasts.
  • Doing it wrong: A visual history of awkward iPad photography (2014-10-15 16:30:00)
  • The most hilarious thing you’ll see today: Conan invents amazing new emoji (2014-10-15 16:20:58)
    It seems like people in their mid-20s and younger can no longer communicate using conventional methods such as… typing words. Instead, they string together surprisingly complex thoughts using only emoji, the tiny ideograms that first became popular in Japan and then spread across the globe like wildfire. There are already hundreds of tiny faces, people, animals, objects and more in the ever-growing emoji library, but what happens when you need to express more specific emotions with emoji? As it turns out, Conan O’Brien has the perfect solution. DON’T MISS: This secret trick will dramatically improve your iPhone’s battery life With the help of his shockingly expressive co-host Andy Richter, Conan took some time on a recent episode of his late-night TBS talk show
  • How HBO warmed up to online subscriptions: an oral history (2014-10-15 16:17:58)
    Today, HBO announced that its programming will finally be available online without a cable subscription, and the cord-cutters have rejoiced. With good reason: viewers have been clamoring for the option, but HBO has been waffling, teasing, and back-tracking on the idea since before HBO Go even existed. Here, a digestible sequence of events:
  • Netflix has 53 million customers, figures there's room to grow next to HBO (2014-10-15 16:09:00)
  • Netflix's growth slows down just as HBO joins the streaming fight (2014-10-15 16:09:00)
  • Dallas hospital workers went two days without face protection while caring for Ebola patient (2014-10-15 16:06:24)
    For the first two days of Thomas Duncan's stay at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas, healthcare professionals didn't wear the necessary protective gear. This gear usually includes goggles and a face mask, but staffers reportedly stuck to their scrubs and gloves while waiting for Duncan's Ebola test results. This delay may have exposed dozens of hospital staffers to Ebola, reports Dallas News. It may also explain why two healthcare workers who were caring for Duncan, the first person diagnosed with Ebola in the US, have now been diagnosed with the disease.
  • DC Comics unleashing Flash, Wonder Woman, ton of other films (2014-10-15 16:03:41)
    A bevy of DC superheros will get their own films as Warner Bros. lays out plans to release movies starring The Flash, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Shazam and Cyborg.>
  • Playdate: We're livestreaming 'Bayonetta 2' on Wii U! (2014-10-15 16:00:00)
  • A lot of people are finally fed up with Gamergate's dumb crusade against women (2014-10-15 15:31:29)
    It's remarkable that a movement as stupid and horrible as Gamergate managed to last more than a week, but here we are. Months after it began as a harassment campaign against game developer Zoe Quinn, Gamergate and its apparent affiliates have tallied numerous threats against women, most recently including a dramatic threat to shoot and bomb a gathering at Utah State University where Tropes vs. Women creator Anita Sarkeesian was scheduled to speak. ...
  • Facebook challenging Google in online ad market (2014-10-15 15:31:28)
    New York (AFP) - For years, Google has been the undisputed leader in online advertising, but Facebook is gaining quickly in the fast-evolving market.
  • Flag-carrying drone ignites brawl at European soccer match (2014-10-15 15:31:00)
  • Behold: The world’s first Nexus 6 unboxing video (2014-10-15 15:30:43)
    The Nexus 6 was finally unveiled on Wednesday and it marks several firsts for Google. It’s the first time the company will launch a Nexus phablet, the first time Motorola designed a Nexus phone, the first time a Nexus handset will feature bleeding-edge specs, and the first time every top U.S. wireless carrier will sell a Nexus phone. To help Android fans celebrate all of those firsts, we’ve dug up the world’s first Nexus 6 unboxing video for your viewing pleasure. FROM EARLIER: 10 secret things you had no idea your Android phone could do Even if you’re not interested in buying one yourself, there is absolutely no question that the Nexus 6 is a monster smartphone. The Motorola-built phablet features a 6-inch
  • You might be getting a lot more 'Harry Potter' movies (2014-10-15 15:30:00)
    The Warner Bros. "Harry Potter" spinoff trilogy, based on J.K. Rowling's "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them," might be much more than a trilogy after all.>
  • AOL jumps onto Android TV (2014-10-15 15:28:20)
    AOL says its video app, with originals and movies, will be on Google's new Internet-TV platform.>
  • ​Apple leaks the new iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3 (2014-10-15 15:28:12)
    Screenshots appear in the iTunes Store showing the two new devices with the addition of a Touch ID fingerprint scanner.>
  • How much would you really pay for standalone HBO? (2014-10-15 15:04:56)
    It's finally happening: sometime next year, you'll be able to get HBO without a cable subscription. But amidst all the excitement, there's still very important question that has yet to be answered: how much?
  • Apple plans to pull Fitbit's activity trackers from its retail stores (2014-10-15 15:03:00)
  • Android Lollipop has a 'kill switch' that can make stolen phones useless (2014-10-15 14:47:46)
    California law requires that all smartphones made beginning next July include a "kill switch" that allows them to be disabled when stolen, and Google has just built one into Android. Recode reports that Android Lollipop includes a feature called "Factory Reset Protection," which can make a phone require that a password is entered before it's reset. When combined with the ability to remotely lock your phone, which Google introduced last year, it appears that Android devices now have a full "kill switch" that can make a phone useless when stolen and then bring it back to life should it be recovered. "We applaud Google for including a ‘kill switch’ solution."
  • Browser extension wipes those hideous stickers off Facebook (2014-10-15 14:47:42)
    You don't have to suffer alone. The Unsticker.Me browser extension will hide stickers from your Facebook comments, giving you a blissfully sticker-free social-media zone.>
  • Mystery solved: This video explains how Google landed on Lollipop (2014-10-15 14:40:39)
    It’s official: the next version of Android will carry the name Lollipop. After months of speculation, the most popular answer turned out to be the correct one as Google unveiled Android 5.0 alongside a new range of Nexus devices. We’re sure to hear plenty more about the update in the coming weeks as Lollipop begins rolling out to select Android devices, but how exactly did Google land on the name in the first place? We were given a hint yesterday, but now the truth has been revealed. As it turns out, Lollipop was simply the best man for the job. Google published the full casting video on Wednesday, one which we saw a snippet of on Tuesday as the tension began to mount
  • Blocks' modular smartwatch will talk to your iPhone (2014-10-15 14:34:00)
  • See a dude's world rocked by laser-like sound of skipping stones (2014-10-15 14:24:34)
    Watch Alaskan video blogger Cory Williams completely lose his mind when he discovers the laser-like sound rocks make when skipping across a frozen lake.>
  • Too big to hop? Extinct giant kangaroos swaggered (2014-10-15 14:21:58)
    More than 30,000 years ago, giant kangaroos walked the Earth. Three times the size of today's largest species, these colossal beasts were over 10 feet tall and weighed 240 kg — or 529 lbs. Because of their size, it was hard to tell if they would have moved around like kangaroos do today: by hopping at high speeds and walking on five limbs (arms and tail included) when they slowed down. Now, a study published in PLOS One suggests that these giants may have developed an upright posture — a posture that would have allowed them to put one powerful, gigantic foot in front of the other. ...
  • Android 5.0 Lollipop is coming soon to the Nexus 5 and other Nexus devices (2014-10-15 14:15:04)
    Google on Wednesday quietly took the wraps off a variety of new products, including the Nexus 6, Nexus 9, Nexus Player and most importantly, Android 5.0 Lollipop. The company’s next-gen mobile operating system brings a new design language and a variety of features that should further improve your Android experience, assuming your device will get the Android 5.0 build eventually. Interestingly, it looks like older Nexus devices will also be making the jump to Lollipop, including the Nexus 4 and the 2012 Nexus 7 version, which have not been left out of the Android 5.0 party. FROM EARLIER: The future of Android has arrived: Google announces Android 5.0 Lollipop release details The company revealed on its website that Android 5.0 Lollipop will
  • A World of Beloved Books (According to Facebook) (2014-10-15 14:05:33)
    What books have stayed with you?
  • Google unveils 'Lollipop' Android system, new devices (2014-10-15 14:01:35)
    Google on Wednesday ramped up its mobile arsenal, upgrading its Nexus line with a new tablet and smartphone, and unveiling its revamped Android software, to be dubbed "Lollipop."
  • A cable-free HBO could be Netflix's worst nightmare (2014-10-15 14:00:27)
    HBO made big news this morning when it announced that it will begin offering an HBO Go subscription that doesn't require the customer to also have cable. Netflix stock dropped 3 percent after HBO's announcement, and that makes a lot of sense after hearing Time Warner and HBO executives lay out their plans for streaming-only programming and talk about their stance on net neutrality. In both areas, the news for Netflix was not good.
  • Sony Xperia Z3 Compact review: small size, big deal (2014-10-15 14:00:00)
  • Google unveils Nexus 9 tablet, Nexus 6 phone and -- surprise -- an Android TV player (2014-10-15 13:51:35)
    The products will serve as the showcase devices for the latest version of Android, Lollipop, until now nicknamed Android "L.">
  • Android 5.0 Lollipop gets its statue (2014-10-15 13:50:52)
    With every new release of Android dating back to Android 1.5 Cupcake, Google has adorned the lawn in front of building 44 at its Moutain View campus with a statue of the new dessert mascot. Android 5.0 Lollipop is no different, and with its official announcement today, Google has taken the wraps off of the new Lollipop statue. It's exactly what you might expect an Android Lollipop statue to look like: it's an Android bug character holding an oversized pinwheel lollipop and throwing up a peace sign with his other limb.
  • Amazon’s Fire Phone might be an even bigger flop than anyone imagined (2014-10-15 13:50:10)
    Amazon’s Fire Phone is definitely 2014’s version of the Microsoft Kin and the Facebook-centric HTC First — in other words, it will go down as one of the most spectacular mobile phone bombs the world has ever seen. RELATED: A flop for the ages — Fire Phone estimated to have sold 35,000 units at most Now Consumer Intelligence Research Partners passes on some new data that suggests the Fire Phone’s impact on the mobile market has been literally nonexistent as even dedicated Amazon customers have avoided the device like the plague. According to a recent CIRP survey of 500 Amazon Prime customers, literally none of them owned a Fire Phone. While you may just write this off as Prime customers only
  • This 3D-printed DIY gadget can crack a safe in minutes (2014-10-15 13:44:04)
    The world's top safe-cracking machines cost $10,000 or more, and are typically only sold for military use. These guys built one that's just as good for a fraction of the price.>
  • 'Friends' to hang out on Netflix starting January 1 (2014-10-15 13:38:01)
    Every episode of the series will be there for you to stream once the new year begins.>
  • Google tries to upstage Apple with latest devices (2014-10-15 13:33:16)
    SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Google has unveiled its latest tablet in an apparent effort to upstage Apple's anticipated update of its trend-setting iPad.
  • These are Apple’s brand new iPads (2014-10-15 13:25:17)
    While various reports are offering contradicting versions on the number of new iPads Apple is expected to launch on Wednesday, Apple has cleared the waters, as it leaked its 2014 iPad models ahead of the big reveal, 9to5Mac has discovered. FROM EARLIER: Insider reveals details about upcoming Retina iMac and iPad Air 2 Accidentally or intentionally, Apple has apparently leaked training manuals for both the iPad Air 2 and the iPad mini 3 just as Google made a major Nexus and Android announcement. The documents confirm that both devices will have a Touch ID home button, just like previous rumors revealed. Most importantly, these newly discovered materials seem to indicate that Apple has chosen iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 as
  • These are Apple’s brand new iPads: iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 (2014-10-15 13:25:17)
    While various reports are offering contradicting versions on the number of new iPads Apple is expected to launch on Wednesday, Apple has cleared the waters, as it leaked its 2014 iPad models ahead of the big reveal, 9to5Mac has discovered. FROM EARLIER: Insider reveals details about upcoming Retina iMac and iPad Air 2 Accidentally or intentionally, Apple has apparently leaked training manuals for both the iPad Air 2 and the iPad mini 3 just as Google made a major Nexus and Android announcement. The documents confirm that both devices will have a Touch ID home button, just like previous rumors revealed. Most importantly, these newly discovered materials seem to indicate that Apple has chosen iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 as
  • GM sides with U.S. wireless carriers in net neutrality fight (2014-10-15 13:18:47)
    By Alina Selyukh WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Top U.S. automaker General Motors Co has emerged as a heavyweight ally of the wireless carriers battling against stricter Internet traffic rules, with a new letter that linked the issue to wirelessly connected cars. ...
  • Xbox One bundles to offer free Assassin's Creed games (2014-10-15 13:17:56)
    Two different packages of the Xbox One gaming console -- one with the gesture-controlled Kinect setup -- include Assassin's Creed Unity and Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag.>
  • Apple leaks iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3 ahead of official announce (2014-10-15 13:17:00)
  • Apple will stop selling Fitbit gear at its stores, according to report (2014-10-15 13:16:14)
    Just days after a report that Apple would stop selling Bose products in its retail stores, the company is now said to be doing the same thing with health tracking devices from Fitbit. Citing sources, Recode says the company's entire line of products will "soon" be disappearing from Apple's stores, adding that it's unclear whether other fitness trackers will experience the same fate. Apple's keeping mum on the change, though did not deny it.
  • Apple accidentally reveals iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 (2014-10-15 13:14:23)
    Apple has made an unusual blunder ahead of its Thursday press event; Aside from the addition of Touch ID, it seems these latest iPads will look nearly identical to their predecessors. 9to5Mac first spotted the premature iPad screenshots. It's expected that Apple will improve the performance of each iPad with the help of an updated chipset, likely the iPhone 6's A8 or a slightly more powerful A8X processor.
  • U2's Bono says 'Oops, sorry' for iTunes album download (2014-10-15 13:00:58)
    By Michael Roddy LONDON (Reuters) - U2 lead singer Bono apologized on Wednesday to iTunes users who objected to receiving an automatic download of the Irish rock group's latest album in September in conjunction with the launch of new Apple iPhones. The release of the band's 11-track "Songs of Innocence" free into an estimated 500 million iTunes accounts was a classic case of a publicity stunt backfiring, when thousands of users complained they did not want the album and that it took up precious storage space. ...
  • Virtual Healthcare Connects Patients and Doctors (2014-10-15 12:57:48)
    How many times have you been sick and tried to get an appointment with your doctor, only to find out that he or she had no openings for the next three days? Or maybe you got sick over a weekend or in the middle of the night, when your doctor's office was closed, and had to make your way to an emergency room or urgent care clinic, where you then...
  • Heads-up, cord-cutters: HBO to start online-only subscriptions in 2015 (2014-10-15 12:47:23)
    HBO 's chief says the cable heavyweight next year will provide a streaming-only subscription option for its fans -- no cable or satellite subscription needed.>
  • For Google's Android 5.0, L stands for Lollipop (2014-10-15 12:41:48)
    Google unveils the name of the latest version of Android, which was previously referred to as "L.">
  • Warner Bros. is making more 'Harry Potter' movies — possibly a lot more (2014-10-15 12:41:42)
    Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, the spin-off trilogy set in the Harry Potter universe, will be released individually in 2016, 2018, and 2020, according to a tweet from Wall Street Journal reporter Ben Fritz. Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujihara is quoted as saying the project will be "at least a trilogy," leaving room for further films in the franchise after 2020.
  • HBO unleashes streaming from cable contracts (2014-10-15 12:40:01)
    NEW YORK (AP) — No cable? No problem.
  • Angry Birds Transformers takes flight (2014-10-15 12:38:19)
    The Apple App Store version is now available, with an Android operating system counterpart coming at the end of the month.>
  • This is DC's plan to beat Marvel: 10 superhero films through 2020 including two all-star 'Justice League' films (2014-10-15 12:29:12)
    DC Comics (and parent Warner Bros.) would like you to know that it, too, is 100 percent serious about creating an expansive, interconnected superhero film series. Today, the company mapped out eight films due out between now and 2019. While some of this has been known, the full scope and scheduling is a clear sign of DC wanting to take Marvel's Cinematic Universe head on. ...
  • The villain of 'Captain America 3' isn't Iron Man — it's the NSA (2014-10-15 12:19:55)
    In 2014, it’s easy to think of Captain America as a bit of a tough sell. After 60 years of military bases, having "America" in your hero's name had become a marketing liability. In Civil War, we'll see things get even bleaker
  • Wifi Connected But No Connection (2014-10-15 12:17:32)
    Photo: I.RimanoczyI was sitting at the gate in the International Airport of Dubai, waiting for my connecting flight. The airport, which could vie to be voted as the "best airport in the East" is definitely making great efforts towards that goal. From the architectural design, the convenience of its facilities and -- of course -- shopping,...
  • EPA approves new weed killer for engineered crops (2014-10-15 12:12:34)
    WASHINGTON (AP) — The Environmental Protection Agency has approved a new version of a popular weed killer to be used on genetically modified corn and soybeans.
  • Google's Nexus Player offers streaming and gaming for $99 (2014-10-15 12:12:00)
  • 'Guardians of the Galaxy' animated TV series on the way (2014-10-15 12:09:32)
    Rocket Raccoon springs into action in test footage from the upcoming "Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy" animated TV series headed to Disney XD in 2015.>
  • Google's Android 5.0 is called Lollipop (2014-10-15 12:07:00)
  • The wait is finally over: Google’s incredible Nexus 6 is now official (2014-10-15 12:06:19)
    This fall has been an embarrassment of riches for phablet fans, who not only get to choose from both the iPhone 6 Plus and the Galaxy Note 4, but can now pick up Google’s monstrous Nexus 6 phablet as well. Google on Wednesday took the wraps off the new Motorola-manufactured device, which as expected features killer specifications including a 5.96-inch QHD display with a resolution of 2,560 x 1440 pixels (498 pixels per inch), a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 2.7GHz processor, 3GB of RAM, 32GB of storage, a 13-megapixel rear-facing camera, a 2-megapixel front-facing camera, a 3,200mAh battery and Android 5.0. This is not only the biggest Nexus smartphone ever released but it’s also the first smartphone released so far that
  • Google's Nexus 9 available early next month with Android 5.0, starts at $399 (2014-10-15 12:06:00)
  • The future of Android has arrived: Google announces Android 5.0 Lollipop release details (2014-10-15 12:04:18)
    The moment Android fans have been eagerly awaiting for months finally arrived on Wednesday as Google finally announced release details for Android 5.0 Lollipop. Android L’s most obvious new feature is the inclusion of Material Design, a new design interface that is notable for its flatter icons and its physics-based animations that will give both Android apps and the platform itself a smoother and more consistent user experience. Although Material Design is the most noticeable change with Android 5.0, it’s far from the only one. Google has also implemented a new lock screen that comes with notifications that won’t force you to open up an app to take action on them. So for instance, you’ll be able to delete email messages
  • Google reveals the $649 Nexus 6, pre-orders begin on October 29th (2014-10-15 12:04:00)
  • Lockheed Martin announces its Skunk Works wants to build a fusion reactor (2014-10-15 12:03:33)
    Lockheed Martin has announced its Skunk Works has been working on a fusion reactor, in the hopes of meeting the world's demands for energy. The compact fusion reactor, or CFR, is (at least in theory) safer, cleaner, and more powerful than existing nuclear reactors, according to an Aviation Week article.
  • Google announces Android 5.0 Lollipop (2014-10-15 12:00:03)
    After an extended testing and preview period, Google has announced the final release of Android L, it's latest version of the world's most popular mobile platform. Android 5.0 Lollipop is debuting on three new Nexus devices — the Nexus 6 smartphone, Nexus 9 tablet, and Nexus Player streaming media device — and will be available on the Nexus 5, Nexus 7, Nexus 10, and Google Play Edition devices in the coming weeks. Lollipop's most obvious new features come in the form of visual enhancements and user interface changes, which Google has dubbed Material Design.
  • Nexus Player is Google's first Android TV device (2014-10-15 12:00:03)
    The first device running Google's new Android TV platform with be the Nexus Player, a set-top streaming box made by Google and Asus. The device is being announced today, and it's Google's latest in a very long line of attempts to take over your TV. Announced back in June, Android TV has a good-looking interface that allows you to stream music, movies, and TV shows.
  • Google announces HTC-made Nexus 9 tablet, coming November 3rd (2014-10-15 12:00:03)
    Google has just announced the Nexus 9, an Android 5.0 tablet that the company designed in collaboration with HTC. Google says this form factor is "small enough to easily carry around in one hand, yet big enough to work on." And there's a real focus on productivity here: Google is also releasing a keyboard attachment that "magnetically attaches to the Nexus 9, folds into two different angles and rests securely on your lap like a laptop." So all at once, Google and HTC are going after both the Microsoft Surface and the huge number of consumers who seek aftermarket keyboards for Apple's iPad line. Pre-orders for the Nexus 9 will begin on October 17th and you can expect the tablet to start showing up in stores on November 3rd.
  • Google's Nexus 6 is a giant phablet designed for Android Lollipop (2014-10-15 12:00:03)
    Google is today introducing the Nexus 6, the latest in its line of smartphones designed to show off the capabilities of new Android releases. This is the biggest Nexus phone that Google has released yet, adopting a 6-inch display — bigger than both the iPhone 6 Plus and Galaxy Note 4. Like the Note 4, Google's Nexus 6 also uses a Quad HD display, which means that text and images on the phone should still be really sharp, despite its large size. The phone also includes a 13-megapixel rear camera and two front-facing speakers.
  • Driver Booster 2 review (2014-10-15 12:00:02)
    Update drivers from online database in one simple click
  • Every episode of 'Friends' is coming to Netflix in USA and Canada (2014-10-15 11:49:53)
    Every episode of Friends is coming to Netflix, according to a tweet from Netflix and an announcement at today's Time Warner investor event.
  • Did a major U.S. carrier accidentally confirm the Nexus 6’s on-contract price? (2014-10-15 11:49:22)
    Google is expected to unveil the Nexus 9 tablet, Nexus 6 smartphone and Android L operating system on Wednesday, according to many reports, with the company already teasing some of these products in hilarious, short promotional videos. Further confirming the fact that the Nexus 6’s launch is imminent, one U.S. carrier has already listed the device on its website, as Android Police discovered. FROM EARLIER: This could be our first look at the Nexus 6 running Android L AT&T has mistakenly listed the “Motorola Nexus 6” on its website, revealing not only its commercial name but also the on-contract price for the device. According to the listing, the phone should sell for $49.99 with a new two-year service agreement, although
  • Why Technology Alone Will Not Stop Ebola (2014-10-15 11:44:26)
    To coin a famous phrase from Charleston Heston -- "it's people".That's right. With all of the technology at our disposal, from high tech decontamination systems to advanced chemistry, what will allow the deadly disease to make its way into our homes and businesses? People. Whenever you rely on human beings to maintain a system, there will...
  • HBO to offer stand-alone streaming service (2014-10-15 11:29:24)
    NEW YORK (AP) — Premium cable channel HBO plans to offer a stand-alone version of its popular video-streaming service in 2015.
  • I tried to reform marijuana laws in the United States, but then I got high (2014-10-15 11:27:57)
    Afroman, whose 2001 song "Because I Got High" was ironically forgotten (ironic because... marijuana stereotypes), is back with an all-new version of his hit song. "Because I Got High (Positive Remix)" was made in partnership with Norml and weed-finding app Weedmaps.
  • My five favorite free Windows utilities (2014-10-15 11:26:42)
    Whenever I set up a new PC, these are the first programs I install.>
  • Google Glass will now display your Android phone notifications (2014-10-15 11:24:09)
    A new feature called Notification Sync will show you your notifications directly within Google Glass.>
  • Cord-cutters, HBO to start online-only subscriptions in 2015 (2014-10-15 11:11:19)
    HBO will provide an online-only option for its fans -- no cable or satellite subscription needed -- next year, according to the head of the network.>
  • HBO's standalone streaming service will arrive in 2015 (2014-10-15 11:04:00)
  • HBO will fulfill cord cutters’ dreams and launch a standalone streaming service next year (2014-10-15 10:59:13)
    This is the moment that cord cutters have been waiting for: HBO will start offering a standalone over-the-top online streaming service starting next year, which will be a massive blow to the American cable TV industry. HBO made this announcement during an investor conference for parent company Time Warner, which has in the past hinted that it wants to give HBO fans the option to watch their favorite shows without having to subscribe to expensive cable bundles. Now that HBO is unbundling its highly acclaimed shows from cable, it will put pressure on more content providers to make their shows more readily available online. RELATED: Smaller cable providers realize cord cutters are the future While this news will no doubt be welcomed with open
  • HBO is finally going to let you watch its shows without cable (2014-10-15 10:57:18)
    Starting next year, you'll finally be able to watch HBO on the web without a cable subscription. In a dream come true for cord cutters, HBO CEO Richard Plepler has confirmed the company plans to launch a "standalone, over-the-top" HBO Go subscription offering at some point in 2015. Plepler only said that HBO will "work with current partners and explore models with new partners."
  • Qualcomm to buy British chipmaker CSR for $2.5B (2014-10-15 10:54:44)
    Qualcomm expects to close the deal by the summer of 2015, giving it a boost in automotive and connected devices.>
  • Amazon's Instant Video app now shows your homemade movies (2014-10-15 10:54:00)
  • 'Breaking Bad' now has something amazing in common with 'Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas' (2014-10-15 10:50:21)
    Being a fan of Breaking Bad is starting to get expensive. With the critically acclaimed series now wrapped, Sony Pictures Entertainment and just about everyone else involved in producing the show are very eager to have Breaking Bad's biggest fans double dip and purchase it on physical media more than once. All six seasons are available for individual purchase, and of course there's also the complete series. Pretty soon, you'll be able to store Breaking Bad inside a replica money barrel. But if you don't need all the extras and bonus content in that set, it may be best to wait until next year. ...
  • The new 'Jurassic World' poster has a great tagline, but its art can't compare to classic posters (2014-10-15 10:45:25)
    Below is the teaser poster for Jurassic World, the first new film in the franchise since Jurassic Park 3 in 2001. The poster looks like the original Jurassic Park poster if it had been dragged through a military first-person shooter. All the color has been removed, and in its place is rock and dust. This is not the most exciting poster, especially when compared to the Jurassic World Comic-Con poster, featuring a raptor and an Easter egg basket's worth of hints about the movie's plot.
  • Your pumpkin can double as a beer keg -- here's how (2014-10-15 10:42:09)
    Who needs a jack-o'-lantern when your pumpkin can serve up frothy beer?>
  • Fairphone's £250 'ethical' smartphone comes to the UK (2014-10-15 10:41:00)
  • Watch a man beat 'Goldeneye,' 'Mario 64,' and 'Ocarina of Time' at the same time in under an hour (2014-10-15 10:30:02)
    Speedrunning is when someone plays through a video game as fast as possible, often with the hope of setting a new record. Instead of playing many games a little amount of time, a speedrunner may play one game a lot. What's amazing about this video isn't that the speedrunner Karl Jobst can beat Goldeneye, Super Mario 64, or The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time in under an hour.
  • 10 Uses of Drones in Higher Education [Slideshare] (2014-10-15 10:29:51)
    10 Uses of Drones in Higher Education from Vala Afshar The commercial and private use of drones is soaring. The devices are capturing news video, assisting farmers, filming movies, delivering packages, surveying real estate, recording vacation travel logs, and providing disaster relief. Lux Research projects the market for commercial...
  • A closer look at the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (2014-10-15 10:27:04)
    Big phones are quickly becoming the new normal, and Samsung has been a leader in making them. The company's newest — the Galaxy Note 4 — is its best one yet. It's a premium phone that's meant to let you do everything from watch high-res video to take notes with its embedded stylus, and it might just make you wonder how you were ever productive on anything smaller.
  • Opera redesigns its desktop browser with visually rich bookmarks (2014-10-15 10:25:00)
  • Recreating the natural habitat we destroyed (2014-10-15 10:17:11)
    The Freshwater Trust is felling trees to repair the damaged Sandy River ecosystem and revive endangered native species.
  • These photos were taken with a Galaxy Note 4 (2014-10-15 10:15:11)
    In today's our Galaxy Note 4 review, David Pierce had very kind words to say for its 16-megapixel camera, which also shoots 4K video, time-lapse video, and slow-motion:
  • Oregon biologists are cutting down trees to save rivers (2014-10-15 10:15:04)
    Located 60 minutes east of Portland, Sandy River has supported thousands of residents and local businesses for generations. Tributaries of the river, Still Creek and Salmon River, were once popular fly-fishing destinations. But in the second half of the 20th century, all that changed: once abundant salmon and steelhead trout populations collapsed. By the late ’90s, both species of fish were listed under the Endangered Species Act.
  • Nexus 6 and Nexus 9 pricing may have just been revealed in a new leak (2014-10-15 09:45:44)
    Google’s Nexus 5 smartphone, pictured above, quickly became a fan favorite for enthusiastic Android fans thanks to its sleek design, capable specs and shockingly affordable price tag. But with the much rumored and hotly anticipated Nexus 6 smartphone and Nexus 9 tablet, it looks like Google has a new game plan to try to woo Android fans. Instead of launching affordable devices with specs that place them somewhere between mid-range and high-end phones and tablets, Google’s new Nexus 6 and Nexus 9 will both be high-end devices with killer specs and hefty price tags to match, according to a new report. FROM EARLIER: This could be our first look at the Nexus 6 running Android L According to a new leak
  • Google Nexus 6 'accidentally' pops up on AT&T website (2014-10-15 09:45:33)
    The new Nexus phone, rumored to have an imminent debut, can be seen on an AT&T page among items recently viewed.>
  • Join us tomorrow, October 16th for Apple's iPad event (2014-10-15 09:45:20)
    We're still coming down from Apple's massive iPhone and Watch event last month, but here we are again — and this time, iPads are in the spotlight. Not only are we expecting refreshed tablets, we're also likely to see a release of OS X Yosemite and perhaps some new Macs to go along with it — iMacs, Mac Minis, and MacBooks could all be in the mix. And let's not forget about Apple TV and iPod: Apple's less glamorous businesses are still big contributors to the bottom line, and they're both due for new products. Keep it locked!
  • Pink slime in burgers? McDonald's hires former MythBuster to find out (2014-10-15 09:45:19)
    Beef patties pumped full of hormones, fillers and preservatives? Grant Imahara visits the Cargill food-processing plant to discover the what exactly goes into a McDonald's burger.>
  • Samsung boasts its 5G mobile network is fast for cars, too (2014-10-15 09:45:14)
    Tests show the company's next-gen network technology to be seven times faster than in 2013 -- and works with moving vehicles. There's still no industrywide 5G standard, though.>
  • Tablet sales show fresh signs of cooling: survey (2014-10-15 09:44:16)
    Washington (AFP) - The market for tablet computers is cooling off rapidly as consumers take another look at newer PCs and turn to large-screen smartphones, a market tracker said Wednesday.
  • Tesla's battery-swap stations will finally arrive in December (2014-10-15 09:37:00)
  • Tablet sales growth to tap the brakes this year, says Gartner (2014-10-15 09:29:18)
    Potential tablet buyers are opting instead for alternative devices, and existing owners are hanging onto their tablets longer, according to research firm Gartner.>
  • Qualcomm seeks robotics startups to boost Snapdragon (2014-10-15 09:12:39)
    The company says it's looking for 10 companies to participate in a robotics accelerator. The win for Qualcomm: open up a new market for its Snapdragon chip.>
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 4 review (2014-10-15 09:04:00)
    The Galaxy Note 4 is a powerhouse smartphone. It's Samsung's best Note yet, but it's not for everyone.
  • Microsoft's got another Halo game for 2014: 'Halo: Spartan Strike' headed to Windows 8 and Steam (2014-10-15 09:00:00)
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 4 review: the best big-screen phone you can buy right now (2014-10-15 09:00:00)
  • Google drops sweet hints about name for Android 'L' release (2014-10-15 08:57:47)
    A promo suggests possible names for Google's next mobile operating system, from Lemon Meringue Pie to Lemon Drop.>
  • Vodafone launches faster 4G and expands LTE roaming to 23 countries (2014-10-15 08:53:00)
  • ESPN: NFL's highest-paid player describes Surface as an iPad knockoff (2014-10-15 08:47:06)
    Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler says, despite Microsoft's NFL sponsorship, that he has no idea who makes the Surface tablets or what they're called, ESPN reports.>
  • 9 Books That Steve Jobs Thought Everybody Should Read (2014-10-15 08:18:12)
    Why did Apple think different? Because, Steve Jobs said while introducing the iPad, the Mac maker was never just a tech company. "The reason that Apple is able to create products like the iPad is because we've always tried to be at the intersection of technology and the liberal arts," he said.
  • Exclusive: Tech firms HP, EMC call off merger talks: sources (2014-10-15 08:16:46)
    By Nadia Damouni NEW YORK (Reuters) - Hewlett-Packard Co has ended merger talks with EMC Corp and may announce this development as soon as Wednesday, deciding to walk away after months of fruitless negotiations, people briefed on the matter told Reuters. The official cessation of discussions to merge two of the tech industry's largest enterprise-oriented firms may come as a disappointment to activist investors Elliott Management, which has pushed hard for storage products maker EMC to pursue merger or spinoff opportunities. ...
  • Connect bags Amazon for same-day parcel delivery (2014-10-15 08:15:02)
    By Noor Zainab Hussain (Reuters) - Connect Group Plc unveiled e-commerce giant Inc as its first customer for a new same-day parcel delivery service in the UK, sending its shares up more than 18 percent. Connect Group, formerly known as Smiths News Plc, has sought to cut dependence on newspaper and magazine distribution as circulations drop. The Pass My Parcel service, launched on Wednesday, will use the company's existing distribution network to deliver packages to about 550 stores by Christmas, Chief Executive Mark Cashmore told Reuters. ...
  • App turns a smartphone into a speech translator for the deaf (2014-10-15 08:04:00)
  • New apps for U.S. renters may keep lax landlords in line (2014-10-15 07:29:04)
    By Sebastien Malo NEW YORK (Reuters) - When Tom Hunter and his two roommates were left without heat for more than a month by a negligent landlord in New York, they began toying with an idea: an app that could help renters keep landlords in check. Two winters and two months of coding later, the friends are ready to launch Heat Seek NYC in late October in collaboration with two not-for-profit groups. ...
  • Ahead of earnings, Google's rivalry with Amazon heats up (2014-10-15 07:06:05)
    The two companies have collided on everything from drones to acquisitions to search. And the competition between the tech titans isn't slowing down.>
  • Sidecar is the first ride-sharing app to officially serve San Francisco airport (2014-10-15 07:03:00)
  • iPad's moment of truth? Apple looks to new Air to reverse tablet slide (2014-10-15 07:00:03)
    Apple, which will show off its newest iPad on Thursday, has to wrestle with the truth that consumers just aren't buying tablets as frequently as smartphones.>
  • $150 device can crack safes containing millions (2014-10-15 06:55:51)
    Security professionals Luke Janke and Jay Davis recently showed off a $150 safe cracker that they built from a custom Arduino, 3D-printed components, and salvaged electronics like a step motor formerly utilized in stage lighting. According to The Register, the device can be affixed on top of a combination lock and then used to stage "brute force" attacks. This techniques involves autodialing as many different combinations as possible until the lock is breached.
  • Google teams with researchers to store and crunch cancer data (2014-10-15 06:06:00)
  • KakaoTalk tries to rebuild image after privacy flap (2014-10-15 06:05:56)
    The Korean messaging app promises to reduce how long messages are stored and to add end-to-end encryption in an effort to appease worried users.>
  • Second US health care worker diagnosed with Ebola (2014-10-15 06:04:14)
    Officials in Texas today announced that a second health care worker who treated the first person diagnosed with Ebola in the US has tested positive for the deadly disease. In a statement released early Wednesday morning, the Texas Department of State Health Services said that the worker "reported a fever Tuesday and was immediately isolated" at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas. Today's announcement comes after another nurse at the same hospital was diagnosed with Ebola, which marked the first known transmission of the disease in the US. ...
  • Vodafone executive says does not see conditions for Fastweb deal (2014-10-15 05:55:59)
    MILAN (Reuters) - Telecoms group Vodafone does not see conditions at the moment for a deal to buy Italian broadband company Fastweb, the head of Vodafone in Italy, Aldo Bisio, said on Wednesday. Sources familiar with the situation said this month Swisscom, which wholly owns Fastweb, was considering a possible sale of the unit, which is worth up to 5 billion euros ($6.3 billion) and has been a target for Vodafone. (Reporting by Gianluca Semeraro, writing by Danilo Masoni; editing by Agnieszka Flak)
  • Japan toymaker unveils tiny talking, singing humanoid (2014-10-15 05:54:03)
    Tokyo (AFP) - Japanese toymaker Tomy on Wednesday unveiled a multi-talented humanoid robot, named "Robi jr.," which can converse using some 1,000 phrases and belt out about 50 songs, as well as move its limbs and head.
  • U.S. chipmaker Qualcomm hopes for knock-out blow with $2.5 billion CSR bid (2014-10-15 05:44:05)
    By Paul Sandle and Eric Auchard LONDON/FRANKFURT (Reuters) - U.S. Qualcomm Inc agreed to buy CSR Plc for $2.5 billion, offering what it hopes is a knock-out blow to win the British Bluetooth specialist which is growing in areas like automotive and wearable devices. Qualcomm, the world's number one mobile chipmaker, has agreed to pay 900 pence a share in cash for CSR, a 56.5 percent premium on the share price before the start of the offer period in August, CSR said on Wednesday. At that time, the British company rebuffed an approach from U.S. ...
  • Apple and Facebook will cover the cost of freezing employees' eggs (2014-10-15 04:55:00)
  • Amazon UK launches free same-day pickups for Prime members (2014-10-15 03:57:00)
  • Amazon UK launches free same-day collection for Prime members (2014-10-15 03:57:00)
  • The New York Times wants you to help identify old newspaper ads (2014-10-15 03:50:00)
  • Google Glass can now display all your phone notifications (video) (2014-10-15 02:55:00)
  • Google Glass can now display all your phone notifications (2014-10-15 02:55:00)
  • Qualcomm trumps Microchip with $2.5 billion deal for Britain's CSR (2014-10-15 02:36:26)
    LONDON (Reuters) - Qualcomm Inc has agreed to buy chip maker CSR Plc for $2.5 billion, pushing out its rival Microchip Technology to win the British bluetooth specialist. CSR said on Wednesday its shareholders would receive 900 pence a share in cash under the terms of the deal. The British company in August rebuffed an approach from Microchip, saying the undisclosed price on offer was not enough. The two sides had been in talks over the deal however, with a deadline imposed by British regulators for Wednesday. (1 US dollar = 0. ...
  • 3D printing creates film without film (2014-10-15 02:26:14)
    Artist Julien Maire has combined an age-old film technique with modern technology to create something beautiful and new.>
  • Bono apologizes for that U2 download you didn't ask for (2014-10-15 01:57:00)
  • Google exposes 'Poodle' flaw in Web encryption standard (2014-10-15 01:56:42)
    Three Google security engineers uncover a major vulnerability in the older -- but still supported -- Web encryption standard SSL 3.0. Experts say fixing it is impossible and upgrading will be difficult.>
  • Explore 75 years of Marvel superheroes from A-Bomb to Zzzax (2014-10-15 01:50:04)
    Ultimate 75th is a slick exploration of Marvel Comics' prodigious stable of works. It's broken up into years, beginning with the company's inception in 1939. Clicking on a date will reveal even more data, notably the number of super heroes introduced or already existing during that time span, and the total series being produced or already created. From there, it's possible to then go through individual comic issues and peruse information like how many heroes made an appearance within its pages.
  • Tethys and the rings of Saturn (2014-10-15 01:09:51)
    A gorgeous pic snapped by Cassini shows the outer rings of Saturn in crisp detail, with ice moon Tethys bringing up the rear.>
  • ESPN: NFL's highest player describes Surface as an iPad knockoff (2014-10-15 01:00:03)
    Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler says, despite Microsoft's NFL sponsorship, that he has no idea who makes the Surface tablets or what they're called, ESPN reports.>
  • Italy's first electric supercar comes from a brand you've never heard of (2014-10-15 00:55:00)
  • Intel's mobile unit snags win in US, but still an underdog (2014-10-15 00:01:03)
    The new $200 Asus PadFone X Mini will become the first Intel-powered smartphone with LTE technology sold in the US.>
  • Asus' PadFone X mini coming to AT&T prepaid on October 24th (2014-10-15 00:01:02)
    Asus' PadFone, its crazy convertible tablet and smartphone concept, made its US debut in the form of the PadFone X just this past June, but the company is already following it up with another version of the idea. Where the PadFone X had a 5-inch screen and docked into a 9-inch tablet, the mini iteration has a 4.5-inch screen and docks into a 7-inch tablet. The PadFone X mini is powered by an Intel processor, making it the first LTE smartphone in the US to use Intel's chips and Asus says the mini will last 15.8 hours on its own, while it will go for 28.3 hours when docked into the tablet.
  • ASUS' PadFone X mini phone-and-tablet hybrid reaches AT&T (2014-10-15 00:01:00)
  • Gaming culture critic Sarkeesian cancels speech after school shooting threats (2014-10-14 23:45:00)
  • Gaming culture critic Sarkeesian cancels speech after school shooting threats (update) (2014-10-14 23:45:00)
  • Engadget Daily: AQUOS Crystal review, the August smart lock and more! (2014-10-14 23:31:00)
  • Anita Sarkeesian cancels speech in wake of threats (2014-10-14 23:26:49)
    Feminist media critic Anita Sarkeesian has cancelled a speaking engagement at Utah State University after an anonymous email threatened a massacre.>
  • New Poodle web threat not seen as menacing as Heartbleed, Shellshock (2014-10-14 22:45:49)
    By Jim Finkle BOSTON (Reuters) - Three Google Inc researchers have uncovered a security bug in widely used web encryption technology that they say could allow hackers to take over accounts for email, banking and other services in what they have dubbed a "Poodle" attack. The discovery of "Poodle," which stands for Padding Oracle On Downloaded Legacy Encryption, prompted makers of web browsers and server software to advise users on Tuesday to disable use of the source of the security bug: an 18-year old encryption standard known as SSL 3.0. ...
  • Samsung's experimental 5G network delivers 150MB per second at freeway speeds (2014-10-14 22:01:00)
  • Exclusive: Tech firms HP, EMC call off merger talks - sources (2014-10-14 21:41:15)
    By Nadia Damouni NEW YORK (Reuters) - Hewlett-Packard Co has ended merger talks with EMC Corp and may announce this development as soon as Wednesday, deciding to walk away after months of fruitless negotiations, people briefed on the matter told Reuters. The official cessation of discussions to merge two of the tech industry's largest enterprise-oriented firms may come as a disappointment to activist investors Elliott Management, which has pushed hard for storage products maker EMC to pursue merger or spinoff opportunities. ...
  • Hailo jumps ship in US after facing cutthroat competition (2014-10-14 21:25:32)
    Not being able to keep up with Uber and Lyft, the taxi e-hailing service abandons operations in North America.>
  • This smart battery warns you before catching fire (2014-10-14 21:24:29)
    Stanford University scientists have developed a lithium-ion battery that warns users long before it overheats and explodes.>
  • Smart bracelet doubles as a handset for your phone (2014-10-14 21:21:00)
  • 1Password review (2014-10-14 21:06:04)
    1Password creates strong, unique passwords for every site, remembers them all for you, and logs you in with a single tap Its the best way to stay
  • U2 admits to 'megalomania' with Apple album launch (2014-10-14 20:48:05)
    U2 frontman Bono has apologised for pushing the band's latest album out to iTunes users worldwide, saying the band "got a little noisy" in its "self-promotion".>
  • The Big Picture: Philae lander snaps a selfie as it passes by comet (2014-10-14 20:40:00)
  • 3D-printed heart saves baby's life (2014-10-14 20:19:05)
    Doctors have saved the life of a newborn baby with the aid of a 3D printed model that helped them plan his heart surgery.>
  • Boxer review (2014-10-14 20:16:00)
    Manage your IMAP & POP3 email accounts and connect to social media
  • Intel's quarterly results underscore challenge in mobile (2014-10-14 20:10:05)
    By Noel Randewich SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Intel's mobile and communications group took in a scant $1 million in revenue in the third quarter, underscoring the challenge the top chipmaker faces expanding into smartphones and tablets. The Santa Clara, California-based company on Tuesday reported third-quarter results that beat Wall Street's expectations, helped by a recovery in personal computers, by far its largest market. Progress in Intel's smartphone and tablet strategy was less clear. The mobile and communications group had an operating loss of $1. ...
  • Broadcasters want your phone to include a mix of online and old-school radio (2014-10-14 20:03:00)
  • Microsoft's Patch Tuesday fixes trio of 'zero-day' flaws (2014-10-14 19:57:35)
    Monthly security update addresses two dozen vulnerabilities, including one being exploited as part of the "Sandworm" cyberattack.>
  • Researchers find new web encryption bug, warn of 'Poodle' attack (2014-10-14 19:42:43)
    BOSTON (Reuters) - Three Google Inc researchers have uncovered a security bug in widely used web encryption technology that they say could allow hackers to steal data in what they have dubbed a "Poodle" attack. "Poodle" stands for Padding Oracle On Downloaded Legacy Encryption. The problem is an 18-year old encryption standard, known as SSL 3.0, which is still widely used in web browsers and websites. It was disclosed in a research paper published late on Tuesday on the website of the OpenSSL Project, a group that develops the most widely used type of SSL encryption software. ...
  • Snapchat breach exposes flawed premise, security challenge (2014-10-14 19:41:48)
    By Sarah McBride and Alexei Oreskovic SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - The prospect of tens of thousands of potentially racy Snapchat photos hitting the Internet has driven home a simple fact: the mobile app's core feature - delivering photos and videos that vanish seconds after viewing - is flawed. The negative publicity surrounding that speculation has spurred criticism about its lax security. But whether this will affect the valuation of the 3-year-old Silicon Valley start-up as it seeks another round of funding remains to be seen. ...
  • Building anything, anywhere starts with this 3D printer (2014-10-14 19:40:23)
    This solar-powered 3D printer fits in a suitcase and can replicate itself or print parts to build an even larger 3D printer.>
  • Google discovers another web security flaw that leaves your browser vulnerable (2014-10-14 19:27:00)
  • Tomorrow Daily 068: An Arduino tricorder, a potential Myst TV show, and RomoCart racing (2014-10-14 19:23:05)
    On today's show, we check out a cool tricorder prototype with actual working sensors, discuss the adaptation of 90's PC game Myst into a TV show, and show you a racing game that uses projection tech to generate courses out of tangible objects.>
  • Bullet-time video of parkour, breakdancing, gymnastics is awesome (2014-10-14 19:20:39)
    Using a special filming technique, a cinematographer makes the sports of parkour, tricking, breakdancing and gymnastics look even more amazing.>
  • Google researchers reveal new Poodle bug, putting the web on alert (2014-10-14 19:16:25)
    A trio of Google researchers published a troubling bug today, sending much of the web into panic mode to ensure systems were adequately secure. The report describes a POODLE attack (short for "Padding Oracle On Downgraded Legacy Encryption") that would effectively circumvent SSL protections, the same protocol targeted by Heartbleed earlier this year. This bug, also known as "Poodlebleed," is not as serious or as far-reaching as Heartbleed, but has still raised alarms in the research community.
  • Bono apologizes for putting U2's new album in everyone's iCloud library (2014-10-14 19:12:51)
    A month after Apple and U2 gave away the band's new album, Songs of Innocence, for free to everyone with an iTunes account, Bono acknowledged he and his bandmates may have gone too far. Responding to people who complained about finding an unwanted album in their iCloud purchase history, the singer apologized today as part of a video interview hosted on Facebook.
  • Ampy: Motion-powered backup battery stores kinetic energy (2014-10-14 19:11:04)
    Forget plugging in. Ampy stores up battery power by converting your movements into energy so you can charge your gadgets with the power of motion.>
  • University threatened with 'massacre' if it lets Anita Sarkeesian speak (2014-10-14 19:09:56)
    Anita Sarkeesian, creator of the popular Tropes vs. Women video series, is at the center of yet another death threat. The Standard Examiner reports that the director of Utah State University's Center for Women and Gender, along with several other people, received an email promising a mass shooting if they didn't cancel a speaking engagement for Sarkeesian, who is scheduled to talk at the center on Wednesday morning. A member of the Center for Women and Gender confirmed to The Verge that the threat was real, although she and campus police declined to provide more details.
  • 'Massacre' threat forces Anita Sarkeesian to cancel university talk (2014-10-14 19:09:56)
    Anita Sarkeesian, creator of the popular Tropes vs. Women video series, is at the center of yet another death threat. The Standard Examiner reports that the director of Utah State University's Center for Women and Gender, along with several other people, received an email promising a mass shooting if they didn't cancel a speaking engagement for Sarkeesian, who was scheduled to talk at the center on Wednesday morning.
  • Uber disputes kidnapping claims (2014-10-14 19:06:19)
    A Los Angeles woman claims her Uber driver drove her 20 miles off her route and took her to an abandoned parking lot. Uber says the driver was dealing with an intoxicated passenger.>
  • AT&T's GigaPower fiber set to hit Chicago and Atlanta (2014-10-14 18:54:00)
  • NYC rats are infected with at least 18 new viruses, according to scientists (2014-10-14 18:52:01)
    Rats: some people enjoy their company as pets, to many others, they are virulent pests that helped the spread of the bubonic plague ("black death") in Medieval Europe. For New Yorkers, they are just one of many interesting local daily sights on the subway tracks and platforms. I can tell you from experience (source: I live in New York City) that they often seem healthier and in better spirits than many of the humans that call this fair city home. ...
  • Some lucky people are getting their Galaxy Note 4s a few days early (2014-10-14 18:45:57)
    Most American customers won’t be able to get the Galaxy Note 4 until October 17th, although it seems that some lucky T-Mobile subscribers who preordered the device have already started receiving it at their doorsteps. On its website, TmoNews has posted a couple of pictures from readers who just received their shiny new Note 4s in the mail this week even though most Note fans will still have to wait a couple more days before they get their hands on the device. FROM EARLIER: Galaxy Note 4 hasn’t even launched and it’s already received a major update Alongside the iPhone 6 Plus, the Note 4 is the most highly anticipated new phablet to release this year. The Note 4 features a 5.7-inch Quad
  • Uber rider claims she was kidnapped, company says allegation is 'inaccurate' (2014-10-14 18:44:51)
    A woman who was taken on a bizarre, two-hour-long Uber ride through Los Angeles last week claims that she was briefly kidnapped by her driver before being taken home, but Uber says that her account is inaccurate. The woman's story was widely publicized earlier today in Valleywag, which says that the driver took the woman far out of her way, brought her into an empty parking lot, and then locked the car doors when she attempted to leave. Uber does not yet know the full story, but it claims that current reports are quite inaccurate based on the information that it's received.
  • Bears quarterback Jay Cutler calls Microsoft Surface a 'knockoff iPad' (2014-10-14 18:34:20)
    The NFL is not a sports league; It's a place where Bose forces players to place small squares of tape over their Beats Studios that render them utterly unrecognizable. Jay Cutler, best known as the husband of television personality Kristin Cavallari, doesn't care about the #brandscape.
  • French students built an interactive celebration of Marvel comics' 75-year history (2014-10-14 18:23:00)
  • Amazon trolls Apple for forcing U2’s new album on its users (2014-10-14 18:20:55)
    On Monday, Apple finally wrapped up its U2 “Songs of Innocence” album giveaway for iTunes customers. The release led 26 million iTunes users to download the album, and 81 million users to “experience” it. Now, Amazon is picking up the album and giving it to Amazon Prime subscribers through Amazon Prime Music. MORE U2 NEWS: Apple reveals download stats for the most deleted U2 album of all time When Apple added the new U2 album to its users’ iTunes libraries automatically, it was met with backlash that forced the company to give them a quick way to delete the album from their libraries — and now Amazon is taking advantage of that backlash. On Tuesday, Amazon tweeted that the album will be free for Amazon
  • Watch a BASE jump down into a pool 34 stories in the air (2014-10-14 18:19:33)
    A BASE jumper in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, makes a super-splashy entrance at a rooftop pool party, and you can fly along with him in this crazy video.>
  • NY state says bitcoin software developers don't need license (2014-10-14 18:17:06)
    NEW YORK (Reuters) - New York will not require digital currency software developers to obtain a "BitLicense" to operate in the state, said Benjamin Lawksy, superintendent of financial services for the state of New York, on Tuesday. His comments came after New York extended the period for virtual currency companies to comment on a set of proposed regulations, known as the "BitLicense" plan, that was unveiled by the state in July. The regulator aims to release a revised proposal by the end of October. "We are regulating financial intermediaries. ...
  • Why We All Need to Help Change the Ratio on Diversity in Tech (2014-10-14 18:08:03)
    By Jessica Reeves, Vice President of Marketing, Voto Latino It's been a few months since Google released data on its company diversity statistics. Since then, there's been a fairly steady stream of company after company having their cathartic moment in the sun, acknowledging there's a problem when it comes to tech and diversity and promising...
  • Google discloses vulnerability in SSL web encryption technology (2014-10-14 18:03:51)
    BOSTON (Reuters) - A Google Inc spokesman said on Tuesday that researchers with the company have uncovered a vulnerability in widely used SSL web encryption technology, finding a bug in the SSL 3.0 protocol. (Reporting by Jim Finkle)
  • South Korean data breaches leave every citizen's ID at risk (2014-10-14 17:57:00)
  • Intel tops Q3 expectations despite a $1B loss in mobile biz (2014-10-14 17:47:53)
    The world's largest chipmaker by sales continued to post stronger numbers in its PC and data-center businesses, but its mobile unit posted just $1 million in revenue and another huge loss.>
  • Facebook, Apple pay for egg freezing, sperm donors (2014-10-14 17:44:34)
    NEW YORK (AP) — Free lunches, dry cleaning, massages — frozen eggs?
  • Tech workers ask appeals court to reject Apple, Google bid (2014-10-14 17:36:37)
    By Dan Levine SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Employees suing Apple, Google and two other tech companies over hiring practices said an appeals court should not approve a $324.5 million settlement in the case, according to a court filing on Tuesday. Plaintiff workers accused Apple, Google, Intel and Adobe in a 2011 lawsuit of conspiring to avoid poaching each other's employees. The companies agreed to a $324.5 million settlement earlier this year. U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh in San Jose, California then rejected the proposed class action settlement, saying the amount was too low. ...
  • Here's how you jump into a pool 34 stories in the air (2014-10-14 17:36:35)
    A BASE jumper in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, makes a super-splashy entrance at a rooftop pool party and you can fly along with him in this crazy video.>
  • Last chance to vote for our Insert Coin semi-finalists! (2014-10-14 17:30:00)
  • Snapchat warns users outside apps 'can't be trusted' (2014-10-14 17:28:40)
    Snapchat tells its more than 100 million users that some third-party apps pose a threat. But the photo-sharing service doesn't address why outsiders were able to connect to Snapchat in the first place.>
  • Apple, Facebook will pay for female employees to freeze their eggs (2014-10-14 17:25:07)
    By Christina Farr SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Apple Inc and Facebook Inc will help pay for female employees to freeze their eggs, signaling a willingness to spend on perks and benefits in a race to acquire top-flight talent. From January, Apple will pay both full- and part-time employees up to $20,000 for procedure and storage costs for female employees to freeze their eggs. "We continue to expand our benefits for women, with a new extended maternity leave policy, along with cryopreservation and egg storage as part of our extensive support for infertility treatments," Apple said in a statement. ...
  • Google taunts Android fans with mascot audition teaser (2014-10-14 17:15:00)
  • Intel gives rosy fourth-quarter revenue forecast as PCs recover (2014-10-14 16:53:31)
    By Noel Randewich SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Intel Corp gave a current-quarter revenue forecast above expectations and said the supply chain was in good shape ahead of holiday season as demand for personal computers recovered. A global slump in personal computer demand that began with Apple Inc's launch of the iPad four years ago has stabilized in recent months, in part due to companies replacing employees' older laptops. Intel said in a statement on Tuesday that demand for its chips was in good shape. ...
  • Developer leak may confirm Android 5.0’s actual name (2014-10-14 16:43:03)
    Back in June, a report claimed that Android 5.0/Android L would be given the name “Lollipop,” which may be confirmed thanks to a screenshot leaked by a Google developer in the Chromium issue tracker. RELATED: Android 5.0 Lollipop name reportedly confirmed A Google developer in Chromium snapped a lollipop-shaped debugging icon and managed to take a screenshot before it was taken down. If you don’t know where to look, Droid-Life made it easier for you. The new OS has also been rumored to be called” Licorice,” although that might have been simply trolling on Google+ by the designer of the Google’s giant Android statues. It was also rumored that the new OS might be called “Lemon Meringue Pie” because developers nicknamed the new Android OS “LMP.” It appears both
  • The Foo Fighters are streaming a live concert on Facebook (2014-10-14 16:42:00)
  • In new Microsoft ad, a female boss is no fun (2014-10-14 16:40:54)
    In the second installment of its campaign for Office 365, Microsoft seems to suggest that female bosses don't take well to silly boys in the office on Segways.>
  • Google teases the name for Android L with dessert tryouts (2014-10-14 16:32:57)
    The next version of Android is coming very soon, but it still remains a mystery what dessert it will be named after. Google is having some fun with the mystery, with Android chief Sundar Pichai tweeting out a video of various desserts trying out to be the official name of Android's L release. Will it be Lemon Meringue Pie? Lava Cake? Lemon Drop? We're expecting to find out the real answer within a matter of days. Two big possibilities that Google doesn't bring up: lollipop and licorice. ...
  • US military's robot space plane due to land this week (2014-10-14 16:25:20)
    Washington (AFP) - The US military's mysterious robot space plane is expected to land this week after a 22-month orbit, officials said Tuesday, but the craft's mission remains shrouded in secrecy.
  • Did the Xbox One finally outsell the PS4 in September? (2014-10-14 16:24:11)
    It looks like Microsoft’s efforts to attract a larger audience to the Xbox One are finally paying off. GamesBeat reports that in a recent note to investors, Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter estimated that the Microsoft moved 325,000 Xbox One units in the U.S. last month while Sony ended the month with 250,000 PlayStation 4 sales. “We expect Xbox One sales to exceed those of the PS4 for only the second month since launch,” Pachter said. This would be especially surprising in September considering how heavily Sony and Activision marketed Destiny as a PlayStation 4 title even though it launched on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One simultaneously. The sales figures for Destiny could be just as telling as the actual console sales
  • Controlling your Android phone with one button isn't as great as it sounds (2014-10-14 16:17:00)
  • Intel posts higher third quarter results as PC market stabilizes (2014-10-14 16:12:18)
    SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Intel Corp posted third-quarter net income of $3.32 billion, or 66 cents a share, compared with $2.95 billion, or 58 cents a share, in the year-ago quarter as demand for personal computers stabilized. Third-quarter revenue was $14.6 billion, up 8 percent from the year-ago quarter, Intel said in a statement on Tuesday. Intel said it expects fourth-quarter revenue of $14.7 billion, plus or minus $500 million. Analysts on average expected third-quarter revenue of $14.44 billion and fourth-quarter revenue of $14.48 billion, according to Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S. ...
  • Google goes after Amazon, expands same-day delivery service (2014-10-14 16:05:27)
    Google Express arrives in more cities and costs less than Amazon Prime, Skype Qik video-message app takes on Snapchat, and Facebook brings stickers to comments.>
  • Joseph Joseph Can-Do opens cans another way (2014-10-14 16:03:06)
    The Joseph Joseph Can-Do Can Opener features a unique shape. With the handle on top, the can opener is designed for lefty or righty usage.>
  • EE snaps up what's left of Phones4u for less than £5 million (2014-10-14 15:51:00)
  • Google expands shopping delivery service in U.S. (2014-10-14 15:46:55)
    (Reuters) - Google Inc said it would expand its same-day shopping delivery service to three new U.S. cities and start charging customers for the service, which competes with Inc. The Google Express service, which was earlier only available in certain parts of California and New York City, will be expanded to Boston, Chicago, and Washington D.C., Google said in a blog. Membership for the service, which was earlier called Google Shopping Express, will cost $95 a year, or $10 a month. ...
  • You can now watch Vine videos on Xbox One, because why not (2014-10-14 15:42:00)
  • Facebook's Zuckerberg donates $25M to fight Ebola (2014-10-14 15:41:18)
    The CEO of the world's largest social network says the disease is at "a critical turning point" and needs to be addressed.>
  • Fitbit has new 'Charge' fitness trackers on the way (2014-10-14 15:36:09)
    Fitbit ran into some unfortunate issues with its Force fitness tracker; skin reactions eventually led the company to issue a voluntary recall and abandon sales of the product altogether. But now it sounds like Fitbit is ready for a do-over. Gizmodo has obtained marketing materials that reveal a new Fitbit Charge — which looks more or less like a Force clone — and another model called Charge HR. The former device sounds like it's designed to match everything the Force could do: it'll measure your daily steps, distance traveled, burned calories, sleep quality, and so on. ...
  • New leak reveals the Droid Turbo’s beastly two-day battery (2014-10-14 15:36:01)
    If battery life is the thing you want most from your smartphone, then you may want to wait a couple of weeks to check out the Motorola Droid Turbo, which will likely deliver the biggest smartphone battery in any flagship device we’ve seen this year. Android Police has obtained some leaked marketing materials for the upcoming Motorola phone and has confirmed earlier rumors that the device will feature a gigantic 3,900mAh battery, which it notes should last you for two days with normal usage. FROM EARLIER: We finally have a launch date for Motorola’s hot new Droid Turbo But that’s not all — Android Police points out that it won’t take long to charge the device to make sure you
  • Uber deems alleged kidnapping an 'inefficient route' (2014-10-14 15:30:27)
    A Los Angeles woman tells Valleywag her Uber driver drove her 20 miles off her route and took her to an abandoned parking lot -- and that Uber's response was inappropriate.>
  • Microsoft's Skype launches video messaging app (2014-10-14 15:24:52)
    Microsoft-owned Skype on Tuesday unveiled a new app enabling users to send short video messages to stay "connected between calls."
  • Snapchat warns users to avoid tie-in apps (2014-10-14 15:23:16)
    Ephemeral messaging service tells fans these third-party apps pose a threat and "can't be trusted," but doesn't address why they were able to connect to Snapchat in the first place.>
  • Mail carriers are mapping Brazil's favelas before tech companies can (2014-10-14 15:18:00)
  • Hotelpower, the new site that pinky promises to be cheaper (2014-10-14 15:14:24)
    You don't need a new hotel booking site? Oh, but what about one that will get you a better price? And LIfestyle Cash to spend.>
  • Here’s how you can try the iPhone 6 for a month for just $5 (2014-10-14 15:14:20)
    Sprint announced on Tuesday that it would begin offering a “Loyalty Service Credit” for all of its existing customers that will allow them to lease a new iPhone 6 for just $5 a month without changing their plans. The iPhone 6 Plus comes in at $10 a month. As CNET explains, the “credit” is in reference to the $15 discount that Sprint will be offering for current Sprint subscribers. Anyone signing up for a new service plan will have to pay $20 a month for the iPhone 6 leasing program. The promotion began on October 13th, but in order to qualify for the special offer, Sprint subscribers need to sign up before January 15th. The phone can be returned at any
  • Bill Murray is creating a musical Christmas special with the director of 'Lost in Translation' (2014-10-14 15:13:00)
    Bill Murray plans to sing various holiday carols as part of a new Christmas special that is almost certainly bound to become a modern classic. The special will be directed by Sofia Coppola, who also directed Murray in Lost in Translation. Murray and Coppola revealed their plans to Variety, saying that they aren't sure when it'll air or exactly what it'll look like. "My motivation is to hear him singing my song requests," Coppola says.
  • Facebook's Zuckerberg donates $25M to the CDC to fight Ebola (2014-10-14 15:10:23)
    The CEO of the world's largest social network says the disease is at "a critical turning point" and needs to be addressed.>
  • Here's what the lunar eclipse looked like from Mercury (2014-10-14 15:05:32)
    Cameras on Earth weren't the only ones keeping an eye on the blood moon eclipse last week. NASA's Messenger space probe also captured the event.>
  • Apple and Facebook are now paying for women employees to freeze their eggs (2014-10-14 15:02:48)
    Facebook and Apple will both cover the costs of egg-freezing procedures up to $20,000 for individual employees, according to NBC News. Facebook's employees were able to participate in the policy as of this year, while Apple's policy won't be available until early 2015, according to the report. The cost of egg freezing is up to $10,000 per cycle
  • With Skype Qik, Microsoft seeks mobile messaging clout (2014-10-14 14:59:52)
    The company hopes the new video messaging app will be used more frequently than regular Skype and will give Microsoft a better showing in the mobile market.>
  • Dropbox says it wasn't hacked, released passwords 'were stolen from unrelated services' (2014-10-14 14:56:46)
    Yesterday, a plain-text file was posted to Pastebin with a provocative headline claiming Dropbox was hacked — the file itself contained some 400 email and password combos that supposedly opened up Dropbox accounts. The news spread quickly on Twitter, with plenty of users cursing Dropbox's apparently lax security, but the company was quick to defend itself. In a blog post last night, Dropbox said unequivocally that it was not hacked.
  • This great app will bring Android L’s Material Design to your phone right now (2014-10-14 14:56:38)
    Do you wish you could get Google’s gorgeous new “Material Design” on your Android device? Well, you can’t have it across your entire OS yet unless you have the Android L preview installed on your phone. But, you’ll be happy to know that a gorgeous new app called ACEMusic Player can bring Android L’s new look to your music player right now. A member of the XDA Developer forum has created a new music player app that includes features like album title, artists, genre and playlist sorting. More importantly, of course, it features elements from Google’s new Material Design. Besides the Material Design elements seen in the interface, ACEMusic Player will unofficially support Google Play Music, tag editing, individual equalizer presets down to a song, blacklisting,
  • Russian hackers used Windows flaw to steal NATO data (2014-10-14 14:51:00)
  • Star Apps: Callan McAuliffe (2014-10-14 14:47:30)
    The "Kite" actor talks about sex and violence, revenge fantasies, and his favorite apps.
  • 'Rock of Ages' casts YouTube star Chester See (2014-10-14 14:35:22)
    The next big Broadway star is coming from the Internet. "Rock of Ages" producer Matt Weaver said Tuesday that the show has asked YouTube sensation Chester See to play rock idol Stacee Jaxx. The ...
  • Get a Recoil cord-winder combo pack for $19.99, shipped (2014-10-14 14:34:03)
    Normally $27.99 plus shipping, this handy gizmo helps you fight the scourge of cord-clutter.>
  • Hailo bows out of North America while its rivals duke it out (2014-10-14 14:28:00)
  • This robot replaces your TV, stereo and babysitter (2014-10-14 14:14:07)
    The sci-fi Keecker robot is part mobile projector, speaker and security system. The age of the butler robot is upon us.
  • This rolling robot wants to replace your TV, stereo system, and babysitter (2014-10-14 14:10:01)
    Pierre Lebeau, a former project manager for Google based in Paris, was riding on his bike when the eureka moment struck. "I thought, what if I had a robot that could move around my house and turn any room into the home entertainment system." He went to bed that night with his brain humming. "I woke up at 3AM and wrote a 10-page proposal and since then I’ve been working to execute on it."
  • Sharp AQUOS Crystal review: mid-range brains meet striking looks (2014-10-14 14:00:00)
  • The Macworld Expo is shutting down (2014-10-14 13:51:37)
    After deciding to shut down its print magazine and lay off most of its online staff, IDG is hitting pause on its annual gathering where big products like the first iPhone were once unveiled. Of course that stopped when Apple pulled out of its regular attendance of the show and began holding its own events in 2009. However, the Macworld Expo lived on as an event for third-party Apple companies and the Apple community to get together each year.
  • Guy opens old Magic: The Gathering deck, stumbles on $27,000 card (2014-10-14 13:49:03)
    What was a routine opening of an original Magic:The Gathering deck turned into an accidental discovery of one of the Holy Grails of Magic cards.>
  • Vaulting patent barrier, Firefox gets support for most popular video format (2014-10-14 13:48:44)
    Mozilla wants to keep patent-encumbered technology off the Web. But H.264 compression is widely used, and a deal with Cisco means Firefox can use it.>
  • Netflix movie push aims to freshen streaming content (2014-10-14 13:47:28)
    By Lisa Richwine LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Netflix Inc is on a mission to start closing the yawning gap between the theatrical debut of movies and their availability for online streaming, forcing Hollywood to rethink where to release new films. With a sequel to martial-arts drama "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" and four Adam Sandler movies, Netflix will have brand-new content for subscribers around the world. That instant access is much quicker than the typical 7-to-18 months Netflix must wait to stream new releases from Hollywood studios. ...
  • Skip waiting in long food lines with new apps (2014-10-14 13:45:13)
    By Natasha Baker NEW YORK (Reuters) - Tired of waiting in line for a cup of coffee? In a rush to grab lunch? New apps are helping consumers skip the lines by pre-ordering coffee, drinks and meals. Restaurant chains, start-up companies and payment firms are hoping the apps help them capture a bigger portion of the U.S. restaurant industry. "Retailers are working on making the equivalent of a fast lane on a highway for transactions," said Nick Holland, of Javelin Strategy and Research in California, which focuses on financial services and payment industries. ...
  • Iliad shares jump after T-Mobile bid scrapped (2014-10-14 13:43:37)
    By Leila Abboud and Gwénaëlle Barzic PARIS (Reuters) - Relieved investors sent shares in French low-cost telecom operator Iliad up nearly 10 percent on Tuesday after it abandoned its effort to buy the fourth-largest U.S. carrier T-Mobile. Backed by billionaire founder Xavier Niel, Iliad made an initial bid worth $15 billion and then raised it but was rebuffed by T-Mobile US's majority owner Deutsche Telekom. Sources familiar with the situation said Deutsche Telekom was unconvinced by the price and by Niel's ability to run the business better than its own managers could. The aborted U.S. ...
  • Shuv messaging app lets you set your friends' ring tones (2014-10-14 13:31:00)
  • Next-gen iPad Air release date revealed in new report (2014-10-14 13:22:37)
    We know that Apple is going to unveil its newest tablets on Thursday but that doesn’t mean you’ll necessarily be able to buy them right away. MacRumors‘ trusted sources say that Apple is planning to release at least one of its new devices on October 24th, less than a week after its official unveiling. RELATED: iPad Air 2: Huge leak reveals everything there is to know about Apple’s next tablet “With the exception of major new category products like the Apple Watch or those for which there are severe production constraints, Apple typically unveils a product and ships it within a short period of time if not on the same day,” MacRumors notes. “Last year, Apple announced the iPad Air and Retina
  • Google expands shopping delivery service in U.S (2014-10-14 13:22:09)
    (Reuters) - Google Inc said it would expand its same-day shopping delivery service to three new U.S. cities and start charging customers for the service, which competes with Inc. The Google Express service, which was earlier only available in certain parts of California and New York City, will be expanded to Boston, Chicago, and Washington D.C., Google said in a blog. Membership for the service, which was earlier called Google Shopping Express, will cost $95 a year, or $10 a month. ...
  • Technology To Cultivate Eroticism (2014-10-14 13:18:09)
    I'm single and looking for hot sex. Not exactly unique, and there are apps and websites catering to meet ups for that fulfillment -- if it were only that simple. Unfortunately, I want lasting, long term, monogamous, smoldering, rip off the clothes, buttons flying, can't get enough, lusty and regular sex.And I have the audacity to want to be in...
  • Mark Zuckerberg donates $25 million to fight spread of Ebola (2014-10-14 13:07:19)
    The international effort to contain the spread of the lethal Ebola virus has gone quite poorly so far, with over 4,000 deaths attributed to the disease so far and new transmissions reported in recent days in the US and Europe. As observed by the Hollywood Reporter, Zuckerberg announced on his Facebook page earlier today that he and his wife Priscilla Chan, a physician, have made a $25 million donation to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). "We need to get Ebola under control in the near term so that it doesn't spread further and become a long term global health crisis that we end up fighting for decades at large scale, like HIV or polio," Zuckerberg wrote, explaining his motivation for the unexpected donation.
  • The best iPhone games (2014-10-14 13:06:54)
    What are the best games for your iPhone? We take a look at GTA: Chinatown Wars, Angry Birds and more.
  • Vine on Xbox One brings quirky six-second videos to your TV (2014-10-14 12:59:59)
    Microsoft’s Xbox One app platform might not be open to all developers, but the company has been slowly rolling out a variety of apps in recent weeks. A Reddit app arrived in August, and then Plex debuted earlier this month, and today Vine makes its way to Microsoft’s console. Although Twitter’s Vine app has unearthed a number of stars who can be very creative with just six seconds of footage, the app has largely be confined to smartphones instead of living room TVs. ...
  • The 21 games that should be installed on every iPhone (2014-10-14 12:59:48)
    The iPhone is home to some of the best portable video games ever made. Unfortunately, they must be downloaded from one of the worst digital marketplaces. Farming simulations and clones too often dominate the App Store's best selling list. Unusual and inspired games are left to fight for short stints on the coveted front page.
  • Ireland to close tax loophole favored by US tech giants (2014-10-14 12:52:43)
    Come 2015, Ireland plans to start doing away with the "Double Irish" tax structure, which has allowed companies like Apple, Google and Facebook to shelter billion of dollars in profits from taxes.>
  • Slack is down and we are all alone (2014-10-14 12:52:07)
    Slack, the wildly-popular chat system that's replacing email in newsrooms and companies around the world, is down. I have doubts about the comma usage in that sentence but I have no one to discuss it with; without Slack all men are truly islands, or at least small dinghies being relentlessly battered into pieces by the endless troll-army that is Modern Twitter.
  • Colin Kaepernick sidesteps NFL Beats ban with masking tape (2014-10-14 12:47:36)
    San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick found a way to avoid the NFL's $10,000 fine for wearing non-Bose headphones. All he needed was a little athletic tape.>
  • Get a Recoil cord-winder combo pack for $19.99 shipped (2014-10-14 12:43:52)
    Normally $27.99 plus shipping, this handy gizmo helps you fight the scourge of cord-clutter.>
  • Live soccer scores are now just an iPhone swipe away (2014-10-14 12:43:00)
  • Deutsche Telekom to avoid answering any cash calls from T-Mobile US: analysts (2014-10-14 12:41:23)
    By Harro Ten Wolde and Peter Maushagen FRANKFURT (Reuters) - Deutsche Telekom had already given up on trying to sell its near 67 percent stake in T-Mobile US before upstart French telecoms firm Iliad dropped its bid on Monday and is now looking to avoid having to stump up more funds for the U.S. mobile network operator, analysts and investors said. The French low-cost telecoms operator said late on Monday it had abandoned its attempt to buy T-Mobile because of resistance from Deutsche Telekom, becoming the third bidder to drop out in three years. ...
  • Hailo is leaving North America to escape the war between Uber and Lyft (2014-10-14 12:41:22)
    Hailo is hitching a ride out of North America. As reported by Financial Times, the company has found it "impossible" to become profitable in the United States as Uber and Lyft wage a cutthroat war to become the premier ride-sharing service. Hailo doesn't have its own drivers; instead, its app matches passengers with taxi drivers or licensed black car drivers with a couple quick taps. The company first launched operations in the US in 2012 and entered the battleground of New York City last year. But now it's bowing out to focus business squarely on Europe, where Hailo is based. ...
  • A dangerous bug in Windows 8.1 and older versions could be used to spy on you (2014-10-14 12:40:38)
    Russian hackers have apparently identified a previously unreported bug in Windows, also known as a zero-day attack, which was then used to spy on several Western governments, NATO and the Ukrainian government, The New York Times reports. FROM EARLIER: WSJ: JPMorgan Chase hackers failed to infiltrate other banks The news comes from security firm iSight Partners, which discovered that several European energy and telecommunications companies, as well as an academic organization in the U.S., have been targeted as well. While hacking activities have been traced back to 2009, the zero-day bug has been used starting in late summer 2013. The security issue apparently affects various Windows versions from Windows Vista to Windows 8.1, and Microsoft is expected to release an update on Tuesday to
  • Apple supplier Skyworks' profit jumps as RF chip demand rises (2014-10-14 12:33:39)
    By Abhirup Roy (Reuters) - Skyworks Solutions Inc, a supplier of radio frequency chips to companies such as Apple Inc, estimated fourth-quarter adjusted profit and revenue above its forecast, sending its shares up as much as 12.5 percent. Skyworks, whose chips connect smartphones and tablets to a telecom network, has been benefiting from higher demand from handset makers, particularly Apple. Apple sold 10 million of its latest iPhones in the first weekend after its new, larger phone models went on sale in 10 countries on Sept. 19. ...
  • Ireland closing a tax loophole that saved billions for Apple, Google, and Facebook (2014-10-14 12:28:16)
    Over the last decade many of the biggest tech companies in the world have opened headquarters in Ireland. Companies like Google, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter and many more were no doubt drawn by the smart programming talent and availability of awesome pubs. But another big factor was a tax loophole known as the "double Irish" that allowed company with a headquarters in Ireland to make royalty payments to a separate subsidiary registered in Ireland but officially housed anywhere on the globe with a favorable tax rate. ...
  • Students build Marvel digital timeline that will suck you in (2014-10-14 12:24:58)
    It's going to take a superhero-like effort to avoid spending the rest of the day browsing through this website celebrating 75 years of Marvel-ousness.>
  • Here's what Google's giant Nexus 6 phone (probably) looks like (2014-10-14 12:24:00)
  • This could be our first look at the Nexus 6 running Android L (2014-10-14 12:15:09)
    Infamous smartphone leaker Evan Blass might have given up on spoiling surprises as a professional endeavor, but the occasional leak still trickles through his @evleaks Twitter account, as was the case on Tuesday when Blass published a press render of a very familiar looking smartphone. As he notes, there is no reference to the phone’s origin in the image, but the render looks nearly identical to earlier images of the Nexus 6 running Android L. FROM EARLIER: Video: Google’s hilarious TV ad all but confirms the unreleased Nexus 6 From this angle, it appears that Motorola was taking cues from its new Moto X when designing the Nexus 6, but the Google phone is expected to feature an even more impressive 5.9-inch Quad HD display.
  • Google ads may hint at Nexus 6, Nexus 9 (2014-10-14 12:09:15)
    Can you spot animated versions of the Nexus 6 phone and Nexus 9 tablet in the new promo videos from Google?>
  • Facebook's Zuckerberg to donate $25 million to tackle Ebola (2014-10-14 12:05:49)
    (Reuters) - Facebook Inc Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg said on Tuesday he and his wife, Priscilla Chan, would donate $25 million to the Centers for Disease Control Foundation to fight Ebola. "We need to get Ebola under control in the near term so that it doesn't spread further and become a long-term global health crisis that we end up fighting for decades at large scale, like HIV or polio," Zuckerberg said in a Facebook post. ...
  • What you need to know about Google's battle with Oracle over Android (2014-10-14 12:00:00)
  • Does Apple need a ‘secret weapon’ to make you buy a new iPhone every year? (2014-10-14 11:50:30)
    Every year or so, observers who marvel at how many people will line up outside Apple stores for hours wonder what the company’s secret is to garnering such amazing devotion. There has even been some conspiratorial speculation that Apple intentionally degrades the performances of its older iPhone models just prior to new ones coming out to give users an extra incentive to shell out for a new device. The Huffington Post’s Timothy Stenovec is the latest writer to take a look at this idea, although he doesn’t go so far as to say that Apple is intentionally making older iPhones perform worse in a cynical effort to squeeze more cash from its users. RELATED: Don’t install iOS 8 on your iPhone 4s
  • Omate's Lutetia is a smartwatch that women may actually like (2014-10-14 11:38:00)
  • Sprint to existing customers: Lease an iPhone 6 for $5 a month (2014-10-14 11:33:24)
    After several promotions aimed at winning over new customers, the wireless carrier looks to reward its base.>
  • Amazon to open retail pop-up store in San Francisco (2014-10-14 11:32:21)
    The store will take the form of a kiosk and will be located in a downtown mall not far from where many tech companies have offices.>
  • Private mailmen are mapping Brazil's slums by hand because Google Maps can't (2014-10-14 11:32:09)
    Over 11 million people in Brazil, about 6 percent of the country's total population, live in slums of cities called favelas, according to the latest census figures. Among the myriad challenges that arise in these dense, impoverished urban areas, getting mail may seem to be a surprising one. Yet due to the unique, improvised architecture of favelas — the fact that structures are often created and destroyed rapidly, using a variety of available materials, such as concrete, that are impenetrable to mapping satellites — many buildings don't have addresses. ...
  • New York Comic Con: cosplay prison planet (2014-10-14 11:29:25)
    If you've never been to New York Comic Con, you may not know that it's held in a totalitarian future prison. I'm talking, of course, about the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, which once a year is transformed from a depressing, glass-and-gunmetal superstructure to a depressing, glass-and-gunmetal superstructure covered in Constantine and Walking Dead banners. Add the cosplay-fueled surrealism of your average comics convention, and demons and zombies feel prosaic compared to your weekend in a ’70s dystopia.
  • Here’s why Google wants to know everything about you (2014-10-14 11:25:19)
    Google doesn’t just want you to search for products you want to buy anymore. It wants you to buy them with help from Google. In a post on its official blog, Google announced that it is expanding its same-day shopping service, now known as Google Express, to Chicago, Boston and Washington D.C., adding another 7 million people to the 12 million people who have access to the service in Northern California. FROM EARLIER: The truth about Google and evil In addition to adding those three major markets, Google is adding a slew of new merchants to the service, including Stop & Shop in Boston, Giant Food in D.C. and Lux Roses, TigerDirect, Treasure Island Foods and Wrigleyville Sports in Chicago. That’s on top
  • Irish tax changes may cost U.S. groups billions (2014-10-14 11:23:59)
    By Tom Bergin LONDON (Reuters) - Ireland's plan to close a "Double Irish" tax loophole could cost U.S. companies including Apple and Google billions of dollars, although a new break and pressure to tackle tax avoidance elsewhere means they are unlikely to decamp. Analysts and tax advisers predict that corporations which need access to the EU's 500 million consumers will find it difficult to set up equally effective schemes in other member states as Brussels investigates arrangements that involve paying minimal tax rates. ...
  • Robert Downey Jr. reportedly playing Iron Man in 'Captain America 3' (2014-10-14 11:22:41)
    It looks like Robert Downey Jr. will be putting the Iron Man suit back on again for some big roles in the Marvel universe. According to Variety, Downey is close to signing on to play Iron Man in Captain America 3, taking up a significant role in the film that will help it introduce a new phase of Marvel movies.
  • Meet Fitbit's new Charge activity trackers (2014-10-14 11:19:00)
  • Is this Google's Nexus 6? (2014-10-14 11:13:38)
    What looks to be an official product render of the Nexus 6 has leaked today, and it basically confirms everything we've heard to this point: Google had Motorola build a really big Moto X. The image was published by @evleaks and unsurprisingly shows Google's latest handset running Android L. The device's metal band appears to have a slate or blueish color, which could help differentiate it ever so slightly from Motorola's regular flagship.
  • How Colleges Can Grow Women Participation In Computer Science Programs (2014-10-14 11:13:05)
    The growing effort to encourage women towards computer science careers could not be more exciting to see. I was among the early group of women to enter a university computer science program while in college years ago. It led to a career in the technology industry that has included being part of IPOs, exits, startups, advisory roles and so many...
  • Meet Chelsea Manning's official portrait artist (2014-10-14 11:10:02)
    Ever since Bradley Manning announced her transition to identifying as Chelsea Manning, nearly every outlet has used the same photo to illustrate the incarcerated private: a grainy black-and-white selfie in which Manning sits in a driver’s seat, her face framed by a platinum wig, her expression frozen somewhere between an uncomfortable smile and a steely glare.
  • 9 awesome paid iPhone apps you can download free for a limited time (save $38!) (2014-10-14 11:00:50)
    We told you about eight great paid iPhone and iPad apps on Monday that were all on sale for free — in fact, you can still grab a few of them without paying a dime if you hurry. Today, however, we have an even better batch of paid apps that are regularly worth a combined $38, but each and every one is completely free right now if you act fast. DON’T MISS: This secret trick will dramatically improve your iPhone’s battery life These are paid iPhone and iPad apps that have been made available for free for a limited time by their developers. There is no way to tell how long they will be free. These sales could end an hour
  • Engadget giveaway: win a PS4 or Xbox One courtesy of Mad Genius Controllers! (2014-10-14 11:00:00)
  • Samsung's free DSLR trade-in promo comes to LA today (2014-10-14 11:00:00)
  • Iliad shares leap after failure to win U.S. mobile prize (2014-10-14 10:40:35)
    By Leila Abboud and Gwénaëlle Barzic PARIS (Reuters) - Relieved investors sent shares in French low-cost telecom operator Iliad up 11 percent on Tuesday after it abandoned an effort to buy the fourth-largest U.S. carrier T-Mobile. Backed by billionaire founder Xavier Niel, Iliad made an initial bid worth $15 billion and then raised it further, but was rebuffed by T-Mobile US' parent company, Deutsche Telekom. Sources told Reuters Deutsche Telekom was unconvinced by the price and by Niel's ability to run the business better than its own managers could. The aborted U.S. ...
  • Can cutting down trees bring fish back to Oregon’s Sandy River? (2014-10-14 10:36:36)
    Fifty years ago, officials cleared the banks of the Sandy River to mitigate flood risks. But as a result, key fish species disappeared.
  • Can cutting down trees make Oregon rivers more fish friendly? Detours episode 8 debuts tomorrow (2014-10-14 10:35:54)
    Come along with The Verge for the second season of Detours. We’ve traveled across the country to find the people, groups, and companies that are solving America’s problems in new and unconventional ways. Check in for new dispatches every Wednesday.
  • This app fixes one of the the most annoying things about the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus (2014-10-14 10:35:48)
    For the first time ever, Apple has launched larger iPhones than its usual 3.5-inch to 4-inch handsets, and while the company can’t handle iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus demand, some people still complain that the 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch devices are too big for one-hand use. Apple has come up with a trick to make it easier for former iPhone owners to adapt to the bigger display — Reachability — in addition to reducing the profile of the handset and choosing rounded edges instead of squared ones. But these software solutions and design choices don’t address one problem with the handset: Typing with one hand. FROM EARLIER: The single most important trick every iPhone 6 and 6 Plus user needs to know iPhone
  • The August Smart Lock is now available for $249.99 (2014-10-14 10:33:55)
    If you're ready to put away your house keys for good, the August Smart Lock can now be purchased for $249.99. The Bluetooth LE lock will be available at Apple Stores nationwide beginning this week — though it's not appearing in Apple's search results just yet — and also from August's web store. In a blog post today, the company said a retail partnership with Apple makes sense because most consumers will want to see the lock in person before spending so much on it.
  • Google finds that teens use voice search more than grownups (2014-10-14 10:28:00)
  • French bank turns to Twitter for money transfers (2014-10-14 10:19:24)
    By Leila Abboud and Eric Auchard PARIS/FRANKFURT (Reuters) - One of France's largest banks launched a service on Tuesday to allow its customers to transfer money to other people via tweets on social network Twitter Inc. . The move by Groupe BPCE , France's second largest bank by customers, is an effort to attract attention and users to its S-Money mobile payments unit, which already allows people to transfer money over mobile phones via text message. ...
  • 10 secret things you had no idea your Android phone could do (2014-10-14 10:10:41)
    You have an Android phone. You love your Android phone. Of course, there’s plenty to love about Google’s terrific mobile operating system, but much of it comes back to the simple fact that Android is open. Thanks to the way Google allows third-party developers to use nearly all of the tools and features at their disposal in Android, the sky is the limit when it comes to developing apps that add all sorts of great functionality to Android phones — and much of it is functionality that iPhone users will likely never enjoy. But you don’t always need to install a third-party app to find exciting new features in Android. In fact, there are tons of hidden features that you probably
  • JPMorgan CEO says more to be done on cyberattacks (2014-10-14 10:08:02)
    JPMorgan Chase's CEO Jamie Dimon says that more coordination between businesses and government is needed to combat the rising threat of cyberattacks. New York-based JPMorgan said earlier this month that ...
  • Amazon's hope for gaming success at last? Build a multimedia empire (2014-10-14 10:00:03)
    The e-commerce company's fall lineup of games, which also packs in audio books and comics, shows Amazon is thinking big when it comes to gaming.>
  • Verizon's announcing its new Droid on October 28th (2014-10-14 09:52:00)
  • Video: Google’s hilarious TV ad all but confirms the unreleased Nexus 6 (2014-10-14 09:45:16)
    Google mistakenly published a hilarious TV commercial on YouTube, Android Police reports, teasing its upcoming Android L-powered Nexus 6 phablet ahead of the phone’s official launch. And while the video was quickly removed, some users had already managed to grab it and reupload it to YouTube. FROM EARLIER: Google’s Nexus 6 release time frame has been confirmed The short 30-second animation shows a few people standing in line at a bus stop, and all of them are variations of Google’s iconic Android robot. This could be a hint that Google dominates the smartphone business, at least by market share. Then, a phone rings. Without spoiling the ad (available below), we can tell you it’s Google’s rumored 5.9-inch Nexus handset that rings, and Google appears ready
  • We now have a launch date for Motorola’s hot new Droid Turbo (2014-10-14 09:20:35)
    One of the more promising under-the-radar phone releases of the fall now has a launch date. Droid Life points out that Verizon has started a countdown timer on its Droid Does website that teases an October 28th launch date for a new device that we can only presume is Motorola’s Droid Turbo. FROM EARLIER: This is Motorola’s next monster Droid smartphone Although the Droid Turbo hasn’t gotten the same level of hype as Motorola’s 2014 Moto X, the device has been tipped to have even more powerful specifications than the company’s flagship device this year. According to earlier leaks, the Droid Turbo will feature a 5.2-inch display with a resolution of 2,560 x 1,440 pixels, a Snapdragon 805 quad-core processor
  • Microsoft launches Skype Qik for video clip conversations (2014-10-14 09:15:24)
    The company hopes the new video messaging app will be used more frequently than regular Skype and will give Microsoft more clout in the mobile market.>
  • Twitter to be used for payments in France (2014-10-14 09:14:56)
    PARIS (AP) — Did someone spot you money for lunch two weeks ago? In France, Twitter users can now publicly repay debts, donate to charity or chip in for a gift with a new payment service backed by the country's second-largest banking service.
  • Here’s one secret Apple Pay feature you didn’t see coming (2014-10-14 09:05:43)
    Apple is about to rollout Apple Pay to iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus owners, but also to 2014 Touch ID iPads (which will only get online shopping Apple Pay features), while certain older iOS devices will get Apple Pay support as soon as the Apple Watch is launched. Even though Apple Pay has been thoroughly explained, with a recent leaks revealing more details about how it’s supposed to work on iPhone 6 models, Bank Innovation has discovered a secret Apple Pay feature that wasn’t previously advertised. FROM EARLIER: New report claims to reveal Apple Pay launch date According to the publication, which has revealed may details about Apple’s contactless payment solution before it became official, Siri will have Apple Pay
  • Russian hackers tap Windows flaw to hit NATO, Ukraine (2014-10-14 09:05:34)
    Security firm iSight says the "Sandworm" team has targeted NATO, the European Union, Ukraine and industry through a previously unrecognized Windows zero-day exploit.>
  • IRL: August's renovation-free smart lock is convenient, if unnecessary (2014-10-14 09:01:00)
  • Social media: More hindrance than help in banks' cyber crime fight (2014-10-14 09:00:28)
    By Steve Slater LONDON (Reuters) - Banks are fighting an uphill battle to protect themselves and their client accounts from cyber attacks, and the sometimes careless use of social media by customers and staff isn't making the fight any easier. British police and banks this week warned customers about the rise in criminals using social media to strike up a relationship and then try to get money from them. ...
  • Skype Qik aims to take over mobile video messaging (2014-10-14 09:00:01)
    Qik started off life as an online video-streaming app almost seven years ago, beating YouTube to streaming video directly from mobile handsets. The impressive technology and mobile focus caught the attention of Skype and led to Qik being acquired a few years ago. While Microsoft retired the original app in April, it’s returning today as a lightweight video-messaging app: Skype Qik.
  • Skype Qik lets you swap short video messages with your friends (2014-10-14 09:00:00)
  • Amazon opening second retail store in San Francisco (2014-10-14 08:33:00)
  • Leaked roadmap shows when Galaxy S5 and 12 other Samsung phones will get Andorid updates (2014-10-14 08:30:45)
    Rumors suggest Google is just days or even hours away from finally revealing Android L release details alongside its new Nexus 6 smartphone and Nexus 9 tablet. The company previewed the latest build of its Android operating system this past summer, and the star of the show is clearly Google’s new “Material Design” that completely changes the look of Android and makes it far more sleek and modern. But while the world waits to find out when Android L will finally start rolling out to mobile devices, a newly leaked roadmap reveals that Samsung is still hard at work trying to get the latest build of last year’s Android release on its most popular phones. FROM EARLIER: Here’s how to give your
  • Leaked roadmap shows when Galaxy S5 and 12 other Samsung phones will get Android updates (2014-10-14 08:30:45)
    Rumors suggest Google is just days or even hours away from finally revealing Android L release details alongside its new Nexus 6 smartphone and Nexus 9 tablet. The company previewed the latest build of its Android operating system this past summer, and the star of the show is clearly Google’s new “Material Design” that completely changes the look of Android and makes it far more sleek and modern. But while the world waits to find out when Android L will finally start rolling out to mobile devices, a newly leaked roadmap reveals that Samsung is still hard at work trying to get the latest build of last year’s Android release on its most popular phones. FROM EARLIER: Here’s how to give your
  • Google Express targets shoppers in Chicago, Boston, Washington (2014-10-14 08:06:42)
    Google's shopping service is going beyond the confines of California and New York, bringing with it a new name and membership pricing.>
  • Anki Drive will now work with (some of) your Android devices, too (2014-10-14 08:03:00)
  • Google Express reveals subscription shopping plans, adds even more cities (2014-10-14 07:57:22)
    Google is trying to take on rival Amazon in the delivery service market. To accomplish this, the company has broadened the reach of Google Shopping Express, adding more service areas, details about its membership program, new retail options, and an even catchier title.
  • Google's latest ads show off the fresh new face of Android (2014-10-14 07:31:00)
  • Can it be real? Augmented reality melds work, play (2014-10-14 07:28:34)
    NEW YORK (AP) — Mark Skwarek is surrounded by infiltrating militants in New York's Central Park. He shoots one, then hearing a noise from behind, spins to take down another. All of a sudden, everything flashes red. He realizes he's been hit. The words "Game Over" appear before his eyes.
  • Bangladesh's Grameenphone targets 50 million internet users in 5 years (2014-10-14 07:18:27)
    DHAKA (Reuters) - Grameenphone , the Bangladesh subsidiary of Norwegian telecommunications company Telenor said on Tuesday it aimed to connect 50 million internet users within the next five years. Grameenphone became the first-ever mobile telecom operator to cross the 50-million-subscriber mark in the country last month, although the company officially announced the milestone only on Tuesday. "Today, we celebrate our customers with this milestone," said Vivek Sood, Chief Executive Officer of Grameenphone. ...
  • Anonabox could be the everyman's answer to internet privacy (2014-10-14 06:57:58)
    On the internet, everyone is susceptible to invasions of privacy. But, a group of developers is hoping to change this by kickstarting a one-stop solution for anyone looking to peruse the internet without having their personal information harvested.
  • Najahak! New Game of Thrones app teaches you to speak Dothraki (2014-10-14 06:50:54)
    The comprehensive new iOS app teaches you to pronounce and converse in the fictional language, spoken by the nomadic Dothraki people.>
  • Vodafone's £125 Smart Tab 4G is its first LTE tablet (2014-10-14 06:43:00)
  • Linux Foundation fuels open-source drone efforts (2014-10-14 06:36:43)
    3D Robotics and other drone makers have joined Intel and Qualcomm in an effort to formalize the creation of open-source hardware and software for the unmanned aerial vehicles.>
  • Dronecode alliance aims to get more UAVs into the sky (2014-10-14 06:22:00)
  • Google’s new Android ads appear days before rumored Nexus launch (2014-10-14 06:00:16)
    Google has launched three new Android ads with what looks like a new slogan for the mobile operating system. "Be together. Not the same," appears at the end of each ad, complete with animated characters and a playful take on the message of Android for everyone. As Google prepares to launch Android L, its latest release of Android, the ads clearly enforce the idea that there’s multiple Google-powered handsets out there from the likes of Samsung, LG, and others, but they all run Android.
  • Google reveals our embarrassing voice search habits (2014-10-14 06:00:03)
    Google recently commissioned a study to show how cool voice search can be, but the findings don't always show the best side of either teens or adults.>
  • Get satellite images from Google in every new Chrome tab (2014-10-14 04:58:00)
  • Google says Amazon biggest search engine rival (2014-10-14 04:46:38)
    Google boss Eric Schmidt said Monday his company's biggest competition as a search engine came from e-commerce giant Amazon, not from its traditional rivals.
  • Tesco now offers digital copies of movies you've bought in any store (2014-10-14 04:14:00)
  • Over 65 million voice samples guard your bank data from scammers (2014-10-14 04:02:00)
  • How the new stacks up with the old (2014-10-14 03:20:51), the website for health insurance under President Barack Obama's health care law, has been revamped as its second enrollment season approaches. But things are still complicated, since other ...
  • Smart everything: Behind Hive's plans to automate your entire home (2014-10-14 03:00:00)
  • Colin Kaepernick tapes over Beats logo to appease #brands (2014-10-14 02:58:42)
    See that? No, not the #brands so conspicuously splattered across the press conference backdrop. Look closer, at the headphones... the Beats headphones draped around San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick. The logo has been taped off after the QB received a $10,000 fine for brandishing the Beats logo just last week.
  • South Korea identity thefts forces ID overhaul (2014-10-14 02:42:22)
    SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — After an avalanche of data breaches, South Korea's national identity card system has been raided so thoroughly by thieves that the government says it might have to issue new ID numbers to every citizen over 17 at a possible cost of billions of dollars.
  • Alleged Bitcoin 'creator' is crowdfunding his lawsuit against Newsweek using Bitcoin (2014-10-14 02:34:13)
    Newsweek may soon be sued for alleging Dorian Nakamoto is the creator of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. Money is being raised through the Dorian Nakamoto Legal Defense Fund in order to file a lawsuit against Newsweek, which has not retracted its initial article about the 65-year-old man. The fund is taking contributions through credit or debit card, as well as Bitcoin.
  • South Korea's Kakao Talk vows to put privacy before law (2014-10-14 01:17:08)
    The operator of South Korea's dominant instant-messaging service Kakao Talk has vowed to put privacy before the law and deny investigating state prosecutors access to the messages of its users.
  • Meerkats and otters and tortoises, oh my! (2014-10-14 01:11:57)
    London Zoo is live streaming its meerkats, otters and Galapagos tortoises as a test of a new wireless technology known as white space.>
  • Dropbox account passwords posted online and millions more might follow (2014-10-14 01:08:00)
  • Dropbox passwords posted online and millions more might follow (2014-10-14 01:08:00)
  • Hundreds of alleged Dropbox passwords leaked (2014-10-14 00:43:53)
    (Reuters) - Hundreds of alleged usernames and passwords for online document-sharing site Dropbox were published on Monday on Pastebin, an anonymous information-sharing website. The anonymous user, who claims to have hacked close to 7 million accounts, is calling for Bitcoin donations to fund the operation. "We will keep releasing more to the public as donations come in, show your support," the anonymous Pastebin user said on the site. Dropbox, however, said it has not been hacked. ...
  • Google Express shopping service grows: new cities, partners and Prime-style subscriptions (2014-10-14 00:40:00)
  • Hackers hold 7 million Dropbox passwords ransom (2014-10-14 00:06:26)
    Dropbox denies it has been compromised as hackers leak hundreds of passwords online, promising to release almost 7 million more if they're paid for the information.>
  • Russian hackers target NATO, Ukraine and others: iSight (2014-10-14 00:05:16)
    By Jim Finkle BOSTON (Reuters) - Russian hackers exploited a bug in Microsoft Windows and other software to spy on computers used by NATO, the European Union, Ukraine and companies in the energy and telecommunications sectors, according to cyber intelligence firm iSight Partners. ISight said it did not know what data had been found by the hackers, though it suspected they were seeking information on the Ukraine crisis, as well as diplomatic, energy and telecom issues, based on the targets and the contents of phishing emails used to infect computers with tainted files. ...
  • 'The Flash' catches a comic book geek's eye (2014-10-13 23:46:44)
    The speedy DC hero is on TV for a second sprint, er, stint. Comic book junkie and Crave contributor Jeff Sparkman explains his exposure to The Flash, checks out the CW pilot and restrains his urge to make cheesy puns.>
  • Jumbo squids attack Greenpeace submarine (2014-10-13 23:38:52)
    A two-man Greenpeace submarine has been attacked by squids on an expedition in the Bering Sea -- and all the gory details were captured in a Vine.>
  • Dorian Nakamoto is raising money to sue Newsweek (2014-10-13 23:28:00)
  • Samsung Electronics CEO hoses down chip war fears (2014-10-13 23:07:28)
    SEOUL (Reuters) - Samsung Electronics Co Ltd does not expect a price war to break out in the semiconductor industry next year even though it is ramping up capacity, the chief executive of the world's biggest memory chip maker said on Tuesday. "We'll have to wait and see how things will go next year, but there definitely will not be any game of chicken," Kwon Oh-hyun told reporters on the sidelines of an industry event. A Samsung spokeswoman confirmed his remarks to Reuters. ...
  • Scientists want you to find cosmic rays using your phone's camera (2014-10-13 22:40:00)
  • Dorian Nakamoto solicits donations to sue Newsweek (2014-10-13 22:31:11)
    Fundraising page for man identified by the magazine as Bitcoin's creator says magazine's report was "reckless" and caused chaos for his family.>
  • The explosive beauty of a dying star (2014-10-13 22:25:31)
    A beautiful image captured by the Hubble telescope shows in glorious detail the contours of the Butterfly Nebula.>
  • Google's 'biggest search competitor' is Amazon, says former CEO (2014-10-13 21:50:11)
    Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt says Amazon's e-commerce prowess in search takes eyeballs away from the search engine giant.>
  • is launching his smartwatch this week (2014-10-13 21:47:00)
  • can be yours for a healthy $150,000 (2014-10-13 21:00:54)
    While the world panics, the wheels of capitalism still must turn. The owners of the URL say they've had offers over the years. But clearly not enough.>
  • Google set to lead $500 million investment in Magic Leap: tech website (2014-10-13 20:58:17)
    (Reuters) - Google Inc and other investors are planning to invest about $500 million in hardware and software developer Magic Leap Inc to deliver "cinematic reality", technology website Re/Code said, citing sources. Google is leading the funding round for the company, the website cited sources as saying. ( Venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz may be one of the other investors in the consortium, Re/Code said. Google, Andreessen Horowitz and Magic Leap could not be reached for a comment outside of business hours. ...
  • Publishing houses are throwing book deals at YouTube 'stars' (2014-10-13 20:54:00)
  • The arcade strikes back with Star Wars: Battle Pod (2014-10-13 20:50:42)
    We may be in for an arcade revival if a new immersive "Star Wars" game with a domed screen and rumbling seat becomes a hit.>
  • Solvay wins contract to provide plastic for iPhone 6: Bloomberg (2014-10-13 20:31:54)
    (Reuters) - Belgian chemicals company Solvay SA has won a contract to provide plastic for Apple Inc's latest smartphone iPhone 6 handsets, Bloomberg said on Monday. Solvay will supply polyether ether ketone polymer (PEEK) a colorless thermoplastic polymer, for internal parts of the iPhone 6 models, Bloomberg reported, citing people with knowledge of the situation. Neither Solvay nor Apple could immediately be reached for comment. Apple's new iPhones, which became available in September, logged a record 4 million pre-orders on the first day. ...
  • Tomorrow Daily 067: Inflatable space hotels, ultra-realistic CG, a chameleon jacket, and more (2014-10-13 20:26:32)
    On today's show, we debate the cost of staying in a space hotel, check out an unbelievably realistic CG render named "Ed," and imagine what we'd do with a jacket that changes color to match whatever you're touching.>
  • 114-year-old woman has to lie to join Facebook (2014-10-13 20:01:28)
    Due to Facebook age limitations, newly tech-savvy Minnesotan Anna Stoehr had to lie about her age to join the social network.>
  • What's on your HDTV: 'Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition', 'Fargo' (S1) Blu-ray (2014-10-13 19:59:00)
  • Google testing live video chat with doctors (2014-10-13 19:53:23)
    Google is offering a small number of users the option to live video chat with a real doctor when they use the company's web search to look up symptoms.>
  • Internet caretaker ICANN to escape US control (2014-10-13 19:39:40)
    San Francisco (AFP) - The head of the agency entrusted to essentially run the Internet said Monday that the group is on course to break free of US oversight late next year.
  • AT&T's new travel plans let you text as much as you want (2014-10-13 19:35:00)
  • France's Iliad calls it quits on trying to buy T-Mobile USA (2014-10-13 18:56:00)
  • 'Resident Evil' TV show to bring more zombies into your homes (2014-10-13 18:48:23)
    After a series of movies based on the "Resident Evil" series of zombie-fighting games, German production house Constantin Film is bringing "Resident Evil" to a TV set near you.>
  • Engadget Daily: #Weirded returns, a fan-made Star Wars remake and more! (2014-10-13 18:33:00)
  • Radmo gives your car's CD player something new to do (2014-10-13 18:15:11)
    Ditch windshield suction cups and make use of an underutilized part of your car's dashboard to clear up your view.>
  • Flickr wants to turn your photos into wall-worthy art (2014-10-13 18:08:00)
  • New batteries charge 70 percent in 2 minutes (2014-10-13 18:00:28)
    Using a titanium dioxide gel, researchers make a battery that could one day allow electric cars to fuel up as fast as their gas-guzzling cousins.>
  • America's biggest police departments are getting spy gear through private charities (2014-10-13 17:59:45)
    Many Americans have recently expressed concerns with the increasing use of military gear by police departments in this country, especially in the wake of the police response to protests in Ferguson, Missouri (protests that were themselves sparked by a lethal police shooting). While it is very easy to focus on militarization after seeing jarring pictures of police pointing automatic rifles at demonstrators, a separate but no less questionable practice has been quietly taking root at some of America's biggest police departments in the past decade. As ProPublica reports, the police departments of New York City, Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Oakland have all turned to private police foundations in recent years to acquire new crime fighting and law enforcement gear — everything from horses for mounted police units to spy software developed by intelligence contractor Palantir (a grateful LAPD appeared in the following 2013 advertisement for Palantir's crime investigation platform, which knits together data from a variety of sources, from police reports to license plate readers).
  • Stan Lee is working on his first Bollywood superhero movie (2014-10-13 17:52:17)
    Stan Lee is going to Bollywood. The Hollywood Reporter writes that the legendary creator is in the process of developing a live-action superhero movie based on Chakra the Invincible, the Indian superhero he created in 2011. While details are currently scare, Lee is already meeting with top Bollywood directors and actors for the eventual adaptation.
  • Journalist links GoPro camera to Schumacher's injuries, shares fall (2014-10-13 17:48:25)
    (Reuters) - GoPro Inc's shares fell as much as 16 percent on Monday after a French journalist suggested that Formula 1 legend Michael Schumacher's injuries in a ski accident last year might have been caused by a wearable camera made by the company. "The problem for Michael was not the hit, but the mounting of the GoPro camera that he had on his helmet that injured his brain," Jean-Louis Moncet told radio station Europe 1 over the weekend. ( Moncet was reported to have spoken to Schumacher's son, Mick, but the journalist denied this in a tweet later. (http://bit. ...
  • Tech Justice: Social Justice Emerges From the High Tech Arena (2014-10-13 17:35:49)
    Nadeem Mazen is a co-founder of two tech and arts-based businesses and is a City Councillor in Cambridge, MAThe digital divide is slowly closing, and that's good for social justice causes. A recent Pew Research study on smartphone ownership shows that although income and age divides still exist, tech ownership has evened out over race and...
  • Perfect fit? Radmo turns your car's CD player into a phone holder (2014-10-13 17:16:13)
    Ditch windshield suction cups and make use of an underutilized part of your car's dashboard to clear up your view.>
  • The 404 Show 1,565: Bayonetta 2 and the art of being offended, NY Comic Con review (podcast) (2014-10-13 17:15:18)
    Bayonetta 2 is a Wii U exclusive title that is getting near-perfect scores across the board, though a few reviewers take issue with the amount of objectification towards women the game has. We'll ask a woman what she thinks. Also, a New York Comic Con review!>
  • Intel gains a new ally in China's chip wars: Beijing (2014-10-13 17:08:18)
    By Gerry Shih, Noel Randewich and Matthew Miller BEIJING/SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Intel's investment of up to $1.5 billion in two fast-growing Chinese mobile chipmakers has effectively aligned the U.S. giant with a third party - a Beijing government intent on producing a viable domestic challenger to the likes of Qualcomm and Samsung. For more than a decade, China has targeted semiconductor design and manufacture as a major focus of its industrial policy. Activity has picked up markedly over the past year with a spate of cross-border mergers and cooperation deals. ...
  • Aaron's rent-to-own business to pay $28 million (2014-10-13 17:00:34)
    LOS ANGELES (AP) — The nation's second-largest chain of rent-to-own furniture and appliance stores has agreed to pay $28.4 million to settle a case in which it allegedly violated California's consumer protection and privacy laws, attorney general Kamala Harris announced Monday.
  • A new MHL adapter charges your phone while sending 4K video to a TV (2014-10-13 17:00:00)
  • Anki Drive's AI-powered racing game arrives on Android (2014-10-13 16:56:39)
    As it promised last month, Anki is making its artificial intelligence-powered racing game available on Android. Owners of the Samsung Galaxy S4, S5, Note 2, 4, or 10.1 (2014 edition) can download the app and use it to control the game's race cars for the first time. The game will also work on the Nexus 5, and Anki says they will support more devices over time.
  • NASA: Those moon volcanoes kept on cranking (2014-10-13 16:55:10)
    New discoveries about volcanic activity on the moon may "rewrite the textbooks," according to space researchers.>
  • NFL players thumb nose at Beats headphones ban (2014-10-13 16:54:20)
    Ignoring the NFL's deal with Bose, some NFL players displayed their Beats proudly before games yesterday, despite the threat of fines. Where will this end?>
  • Apple Pay launch and Google's virtual doctor visits (2014-10-13 16:39:32)
    A leaked Walgreen's memo says Apple Pay will launch this week, Google tests doctor video chats for those searching about illness, and Snapchat's photo leak is a security wake-up call.>
  • More than a million people have signed up to test Windows 10 (2014-10-13 16:31:00)
  • Apple might fine its sapphire supplier $50 million for every secret it leaks (2014-10-13 16:27:29)
    It's well known that Apple takes secrecy quite seriously, but we're now learning just how seriously that is: it apparently may fine a partner that reveal its secrets up to $50 million for every slip up. The Financial Times also reports that the third party is Apple.
  • Netflix is raising prices for its highest quality content (2014-10-13 16:26:50)
    Do you own a 4K TV and subscribe to Netflix? Well, you’re about to suffer a minor blow for daring to own a 4K TV. Netflix will now charge a “platinum” rate plan of $11.99 a month to people owning a 4K TV — also known as Ultra TV — that gives them access to Netflix’s limited collection of 4K content. “We decided to move 4K UHD video into our four-stream plan for new members who sign up and care about the highest-quality video Netflix offers,” a Netflix spokesman told Variety. “We have a modest and growing catalog of titles in 4K, including ‘House of Cards,’ ‘Breaking Bad,’ ‘The Blacklist’ and a slate of upcoming Netflix original series.” Netflix says that
  • Yet another Apple fan who mocked ‘Bendgate’ finds himself disturbed by a slightly bent iPhone 6 Plus (2014-10-13 16:07:48)
    There’s still a lot of questions about just how easy it is to bend the iPhone 6 Plus under normal usage but we’re starting to hear from more and more Apple fans who are finding themselves surprised by bent devices. iPhone 6 Plus owner Paul Mather tells BGR that he and his partner both bought the 6 Plus recently and he was disturbed to discover that his partner’s device has already experienced a very slight bend after less than a month of use. RELATED: Apple fan who mocked ‘Bendgate’ finds that his iPhone 6 Plus bent during regular use To be clear, Mather says the bend in his partner’s device is not nearly as severe as the bends we’ve seen in
  • Resident Evil is getting its own TV series (2014-10-13 15:52:00)
  • Bayonetta 2 review: A witch scorned (2014-10-13 15:51:52)
    Bayonetta 2 doesn’t belong on the Wii U. It’s also exactly what the Wii U needs. Bayonetta, the character, is everything that Nintendo hasn’t been for the past two console generations: brash, confident and self-aware. She has a sense of humor and she’ll never turn down a challenge, no matter how insurmountable it may appear. Nintendo’s willingness to take on this franchise might not be enough to restore its credibility with the core gaming crowd, but it’s a confident move in the right direction. Bayonetta 2 picks up a few months after the first game left off, reintroducing the colorful cast of characters in the middle of the busy holiday shopping season. After a monumentally ridiculous scene that feels like
  • Even the Pentagon agrees: climate change is a 'threat multiplier' (2014-10-13 15:46:12)
    A new report from the Pentagon says that climate change poses a threat to national security — multiplying risks from terrorism, infectious disease, and food and water shortages. The Pentagon isn't the only one that's concerned. Earlier this month, the British Medical Journal called on the World Health Organization to declare a public health emergency, based on a projected 250,000 additional deaths from 2030 and 2050.
  • Mailbox email app for Mac opens beta to all users (2014-10-13 15:38:09)
    Anyone can now test out Mailbox for OS X. The Dropbox-owned email app has done away with its waitlist and is now letting all comers try Mailbox on the desktop. There were bugs, sure, and presumably some of those remain since Mailbox is still very much in beta;
  • Ebola prevention: removing protective gear isn't easy (2014-10-13 15:34:29)
    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed yesterday that a nurse who treated Thomas Duncan, the first person diagnosed with Ebola in the US, has tested positive for Ebola. At the time of the announcement, the nurse — now identified as 26-year-old Nina Pham — had already been placed in isolation and was being treated for Ebola in Dallas, Texas.
  • This is what it takes to have your iPhone 6 covered in actual gold (2014-10-13 15:30:15)
    Apple does sell gold versions of its iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, but their cases aren’t covered in real gold. Luckily for those people who want to spend even more money on their iPhone 6 units, there are companies that can apply actual gold paint to the iPhone 6, and CNET has taken a closer look at what that process entails, at least when it comes to Goldgenie’s gold iPhone painting. FROM EARLIER: Apple isn’t the only company getting rich off of the iPhone 6 After removing all the iPhone 6’s components, including the glued components such as the battery and rear Apple logo, a technician then polishes the iPhone’s case and deep cleans it to ensure the surface is
  • Zeiss offers a virtual reality check (2014-10-13 15:16:54)
    From the Oculus Rift to Google's quirky project cardboard by way of Samsung's Gear VR, the market for virtual reality headsets is starting to grow, and with the latest addition, it could become crowded.
  • SWAT app wants to help you keep a close eye on cops (2014-10-13 15:14:00)
  • Voiceprints being harvested by the millions (2014-10-13 15:11:07)
    LONDON (AP) — Over the telephone, in jail and online, a new digital bounty is being harvested: the human voice.
  • Galaxy Note 4 hasn’t even launched and it’s already received a major update (2014-10-13 15:09:46)
    Even though Samsung has yet to launch the Galaxy Note 4 in most markets it plans to bring its next-gen phablet this month, the company has apparently already identified some potential issues with the smartphone and has released a software update to fix them. According to SamMobile, firmware update XXU1ANJ4 is the update in question and it is expected to bring a variety of fixes, of which significant battery life improvement seems to stand out. FROM EARLIER: Samsung is already delaying its Galaxy Note 4 launch in at least one major market Samsung has not acknowledged any issues with the Galaxy Note 4’s battery life, but various people who have used the phone including Marques Brownlee (Exynos version), Danny Winget and Michael Kukielka
  • France's Iliad drops T-Mobile US bid (2014-10-13 15:03:30)
    NEW YORK (AP) — French telecom company Iliad SA says it has dropped its bid to buy a majority stake in wireless carrier T-Mobile US.
  • Your Facebook Wall Just Got More Interesting (2014-10-13 14:57:11)
    Facebook’s emoji-like stickers, which have been a hit in private and group messages, can now be used in wall posts, comments and events. The update is expected to be rolled out within the next day, according to Bob Baldwin, a Facebook engineer who worked on...
  • NASA catches sun making freaky jack-o'-lantern face (2014-10-13 14:55:51)
    Even our sun isn't immune from cosplay fever. A recent NASA image captures a perfect storm of magnetic fields that give the sun the look of a carved Halloween pumpkin.>
  • Do people really want smartwatches? Google Search autocomplete results offer hilarious answers (2014-10-13 14:46:54)
    It’s up in the air as to whether smartwatches will be a success or not. Companies are dumping millions of dollars into the development and release of them, and no one is quite sure whether they will catch on. However, if you ask Google, it will autocomplete the answer for you… and it’s not good news for smartwatch vendors. RELATED: Does anyone really want smartwatches? If you search “Smartwatches are” in Google Search, you’ll get a variety of answers that will assure you that people don’t want smartwatches. Here are the best results for when you search for “Smartwatches are”: Smartwatches are stupid Smartwatches are dumb Smartwatches are useless Smartwatches are ugly Not the best results you were looking for
  • SpiderMan may swing over Beijing in new theme park (2014-10-13 14:44:42)
    BEIJING (AP) — Spider-Man could soon swing over Beijing, chasing Optimus Prime and despicable minions through a $3.3 billion Universal theme park aimed at capitalizing on China's rising middle class and growing demand for all things animated.
  • Brace yourselves: Facebook stickers are coming to comments (2014-10-13 14:43:00)
  • These sous-vide circulators turn a normal pot into a gourmet cooking tool (2014-10-13 14:31:49)
    We reviewed three simple devices that demonstrate now is a great time to dive into sous vide cooking.>
  • Air Umbrella holds off the rain with a force field of air (2014-10-13 14:18:55)
    Now fundraising on Kickstarter, the Air Umbrella promises to do away with those pesky metal ribs in favor of a dome of jetted air.>
  • Photo-saving service claims hackers stole Snapchat images (2014-10-13 14:17:52)
    SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) -, a website which allows users to save images sent via Snapchat, claimed on Monday that hackers had breached its servers and made off with some 500 megabytes of photographs. The claim by the little-known website sheds some light on reports in past days that hackers were preparing to unleash some 13 gigabytes of photographs sent via SnapChat, a mobile app popular among teenagers that promises users that any pictures relayed to other users will be deleted in a matter of seconds. However, users can employ special websites and third-party apps like Snapsaved. ...
  • Bing's new election tool helps you make an informed vote (2014-10-13 14:10:00)
  • France's Iliad bids adieu to T-Mobile, withdraws takeover bid (2014-10-13 14:09:16)
    Iliad says T-Mobile and parent company Deutsche Telekom have refused to entertain the new offer.>
  • Video: Watch what happens when a hawk attacks a drone in an epic airborne battle (2014-10-13 14:07:19)
    There are thousands of drone videos circulating the Internet that give us amazing views lakes, rivers, buildings and more, but only one drone video has come to our attention that is this unique: A hawk attacks a done that’s invading its space and wins. As you will see below, a man was harmlessly filming a soccer field with his drone when a hawk swoops in and uses its claws to change the direction of the drone and send it hurtling straight to the ground. You’ll have to watch the clip a few times to really grasp how amazing the video is. This hawk owns the skies. Check the video below to see whether or not your drone could wage war against a hawk.
  • The Deadliest Threat to Success (2014-10-13 14:06:43)
    Amanda Brewer, a New Jersey school teacher, took this terrifying picture of a great white shark. For most of us, the close-up view wouldn't be worth it. Why did Amanda do it? "I wasn't even a little bit frightened," she said. "When you're there and you're in their presence, it's not scary." We all face things in our lives that are subtle and...
  • Apple's Oct. 16 event: Here's what we expect (2014-10-13 14:05:05)
    New iPads and Macs, as well as an official launch of the OS X Yosemite computer operating system, should show up at Apple's event this week.>
  • Federal lawsuit alleges highway guardrails can kill people (2014-10-13 14:00:46)
    The guardrails that line US highways are meant to protect drivers in the event of a crash, but many that have been installed over the past decade may also present a danger. The manufacturer of those guardrails, Trinity Highway Products, is heading to court this week facing allegations that it changed its guardrail design without informing the Federal Highway Administration and has been improperly accepting federal money ever since, according to The New York Times. ...
  • Lego Batman to get his own awesome spinoff movie (2014-10-13 14:00:23)
    Relax, everybody! Lego Batman is here -- or will be -- with his own movie from Warner Bros. Will Arnett will return as the voice of the Dark Knight himself.>
  • French telecom company Iliad gives up on trying to buy T-Mobile US (2014-10-13 13:51:58)
    Don't expect any huge changes in the US mobile industry for the foreseeable future — at least when it comes to acquisitions. The Iliad Group has abandoned its pursuit of T-Mobile US, issuing a press release today that says Deutsche Telekom and "select" T-Mobile board members "have refused to entertain its new offer." The French telecom company originally showed interest in T-Mobile back in July, but its initial offer, which would have given Iliad a 56.6% stake in the fourth-place US carrier, was quickly rebuffed.
  • The most hilarious thing you’ll see today: The iOS 8 autocomplete song (2014-10-13 13:45:18)
    Having recently capitalized on the disastrous launch of iOS 8.0.1 with one of his timeliest songs of the year, Jonathan Mann is back with another Apple-themed ditty. This one is slightly more obtuse than the update song, but is equally hilarious. Rather than writing a song about the occasionally ridiculous iOS 8 autocomplete feature, one which has been complicit in willfully handing over our passwords, he let the song write itself. MORE iOS MUSIC: The funniest (or saddest) thing you’ll see today: The iOS 8.0.1 update song Surprisingly, putting the autocompleted gibberish to a beat actually didn’t turn out half bad. Some of the verses would fit pretty comfortably in David Lynch’s Twin Peaks revival, but it’s a fascinating display
  • 1 million people are helping Microsoft test Windows 10 (2014-10-13 13:45:06)
    Microsoft released its first Windows 10 Technical Preview at the beginning of October, and the company is now revealing that 1 million people are helping test the upcoming operating system through the Windows Insider Program. "That equates to a lot of people using the Windows 10 Technical Preview and sending us feedback," says Microsoft's Joe Belfiore. The software maker has received over 200,000 pieces of feedback on the early version of Windows 10, with top requests that include options to remove the new search and task view buttons, as well as requests for a Start Menu animation or transition.
  • This is why people use phones to film police (2014-10-13 13:42:47)
    A routine traffic stop in Iowa turns into a police officer trying to trick the driver into admitting he has pot. His reasoning? The driver must have pot because he's into frisbee golf.>
  • Making the best out of bad CGI (2014-10-13 13:23:42)
    The ‘90s were an excellent time for special effects, unless you were trying to work with water. Huge budgets and major advances in rendering technology brought us realistic dinosaurs, an exploding white house, horrific natural disasters, and better aliens, but digitally rendered H20 from the era of JNCO jeans looks more like something you would slap onto a nasty wound than, like, drink. Or maybe it was just that Williams and Rhymes and Jackson were superstars, each in the middle of fervently productive periods, working in a time in which music videos were the defining medium for recording artists.
  • Why a PC belongs in every living room (2014-10-13 13:19:05)
    Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Sony, Samsung, Roku, and plenty of other successful companies have at least one thing in common: They have all failed to make the living room multimedia experience better than simply connecting a computer to your television.
  • Sony's pint-sized yet powerful Xperia Z3 Compact reaches the US (2014-10-13 13:15:00)
  • From .coffee to .email to .xyz: The Web's crazy new reality is here (2014-10-13 13:14:30)
    Dot-com? How quaint. A smorgasbord of new Net domains has arrived, with hundreds more on the way. There's opportunity aplenty, but lots of trademark hassles, too.>
  • 50 Cent's On-Ear Headphones Get a Star Wars Makeover (2014-10-13 13:07:51)
    Thanks to headphone maker SMS Audio, you can show off your allegiance while jamming to your favorite Cantina hits by Figrin D'an and the Modal Nodes. The company, known for its partnership with rapper/actor 50 Cent, showed off its limited-edition Star Wars headphones at New York Comic Con 2014.  Priced at $200, these first-edition headphones take the SMS Audio Street By 50 Cent On-ear wired cans and trick them out with the color and emblems of your favorite factions from the sci-fi series.
  • Apple and retail partners prepare for launch of Apple Pay (2014-10-13 13:04:59)
    Last month, Apple said its Apple Pay mobile payments service would launch in October, and new information suggests that the anticipated debut is fast approaching. 9to5Mac reports that Apple is preparing its retail staff ahead of Apple Pay's arrival with mandatory one-hour training sessions. Leaked training materials reveal some new details on just how Apple Pay will work; Apple Pay is bundled in with the Passbook app — which we already knew — and you'll be able to store up to 8 credit cards with Apple.
  • Listen to David Bowie's dark jazz ballad 'Sue (Or in a Season of Crime)' (2014-10-13 13:01:05)
    David Bowie is back all over again. Last year, the Thin White Duke ended a lengthy hiatus to release The Next Day, which went on to earn massive critical acclaim. Since then, though, he's been mostly quiet. Now, ahead of the release of his upcoming compilation album Nothing Has Changed, Bowie debuted a seven-minute-long free jazz opus titled "Sue (Or in a Season of Crime)." And it's incredible.
  • How to avoid a serious Dropbox bug that could delete your files (2014-10-13 12:55:55)
    Cloud syncing and storage service Dropbox has become one of the biggest cloud backup solutions in the world by providing users with a remarkably simple solution that just works. All users have to do is save any files in a folder within the Dropbox directory on their computers, and those files are automatically backed up and synced across all of their other computers. What’s more, anytime any of those files are updated in any way, Dropbox automatically saves the changes and syncs them across all connected PCs. It’s a wonderfully intelligent and useful service, but what happens when things go wrong and a serious bug starts deleting people’s files? DON’T MISS: The Snappening: Massive leak exposes thousands of nude photos and videos
  • Dropbox fixing file-deletion bug, offers year of free service (2014-10-13 12:45:02)
    The online storage site is trying help those who lost files through a technical bug by restoring the files it can and offering free service for a year.>
  • The entire 'Gundam' franchise is coming to US on home video for the first time (2014-10-13 12:44:51)
    If you're a fan of giant fighting robots (and really, who isn't?), some great news emerged from New York Comic-Con this past weekend: the entire Mobile Suit Gundam franchise is being officially released on home video (DVD/Blu-Ray) in the United States. The Gundam franchise, a collection that spans over 25 different anime series and spin-off manga, video-games, models and other toys, focuses on a bunch of futuristic space wars fought by different human pilots in giant robotic "mobile" suits. It is the grandaddy of the "real robot" concept in science fiction, where giant robots are treated as just one of many tools of interpersonal conflict. American viewers may be more familiar with later iterations of Gundam thanks to the re-airing of Gundam Wing on Cartoon Network in the late 1990's and early 2000's.
  • Philips' wearable sensor gives COPD patients constant health tracking (2014-10-13 12:32:00)
  • Here are some more terrific iOS 8 tricks that you need to try (2014-10-13 12:30:40)
    Who doesn’t love learning new tricks, especially if they’ll help you get more out of your iPhone? N4GM has put together a nice list of tips and tricks for iOS 8 newbies and while some of them have been covered to death — does anyone not know about time lapse videos at this point? — others are definitely more under the radar. RELATED: The most comprehensive collection you’ll find of iOS 8 tips and tricks Among other things, the list tells you how to use rich text formatting in your notes to make them more expressive, how to take timed selfies to ensure that you’re completely ready to get your picture snapped, how to add all your emergency healthy information to
  • Longtime Reddit general manager Erik Martin steps down (2014-10-13 12:25:27)
    Reddit general manager Erik Martin has announced his departure. Martin, who joined the site as a community manager in 2008, has helped shepherd it from a relatively modest link-sharing site to one of the internet's central destinations. Today, that's coming to an end, though Martin seems to be leaving on good terms.
  • AT&T finishes rollout of 1Gbps connection in Austin (2014-10-13 12:21:37)
    The telecom giant plans to expand its GigaPower fiber network to dozens more cities, as it competes with Google and others to provide super-fast Internet speeds.>
  • It's time for the FBI to put up or shut up on encryption (2014-10-13 12:17:43)
    FBI Director James Comey is on quite a media blitz. In the month since the iPhone 6 launch, he's appeared on television and radio over and over again, talking up the supposed dangers of Apple's new encryption standards. After a televised press conference in September, he's appeared in countless articles criticizing Apple's new measures, which would automatically encrypt data held on the iPhone, and prevent Apple from decrypting it for law enforcement. Last night, Comey showed up on 60 Minutes to do it again. It's enough for the AFP to dub it Crypto Wars 2. ...
  • Review: Music player learns your tastes over time (2014-10-13 12:14:47)
    NEW YORK (AP) — Some things get better with time: wine, jeans and this "smart" music player I've been using on and off for a few months.
  • NI's latest Traktor DJ controller ditches old-fashioned jog wheels (2014-10-13 12:01:00)
  • Samsung's new Wi-Fi tech is five times faster than what you're using (2014-10-13 11:50:45)
    Samsung has announced that it is working on new Wi-Fi technolgy that is theoretically up to five times faster than what we use today. The new 60GHz Wi-Fi technology has a maximum throughput of 4.6Gbps or 575MB per second, compared to the 108MB per second speeds we're limited to now. The company notes that it would take three seconds to transfer a 1GB video file over this new technology and uncompressed high-defnition video can be streamed between mobile devices and TVs with no delay.
  • iPad Air 2 concept brings the iPhone 6’s beautiful design to tablets (2014-10-13 11:44:54)
    Now that Apple has launched its new phones and revealed its first smartwatch, the seemingly endless stream of concept images from around the Internet has come to a grinding halt. There’s not much to conceptualize any more, but on the heels of the latest Apple event announcement, Martin Hajek has returned with a brand new mockup of the iPad Air 2, which is expected to be unveiled at the event on October 16th. FROM EARLIER: Leaked iPad Air 2 parts reveal new details about Apple’s unannounced tablet In this series of images, Hajek poses the question: what if Apple applied the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus design to its line of tablets? Basically, what if you just stretched the iPhone 6
  • Apple Pay details leaked in alleged training documents (2014-10-13 11:28:33)
    Geared toward Apple employees, the purported training docs detail how to set up and use Apple Pay for purchasing items on the go via an iPhone.>
  • Xiaomi hires another ex-Googler in push for India (2014-10-13 11:24:17)
    The Beijing-based smartphone maker wants to expand into India and Southeast Asia, looking to keep up its rapid growth.>
  • Danaher to combine communications unit with NetScout (2014-10-13 11:23:10)
    By Supantha Mukherjee and Anya George Tharakan (Reuters) - U.S. healthcare technology group Danaher Corp is combining its communications unit with NetScout Systems Inc, scaling up the business at a time when companies are spending aggressively on cybersecurity. Danaher shareholders will get NetScout shares worth $2.6 billion, giving them majority stake in the company, while NetScout will have operational control. Danaher's communications business sells cybersecurity products and tools to manage networks, while NetScout makes products that monitor software applications on networks. ...
  • Apple fines companies $50 million for leaks (2014-10-13 11:23:00)
  • Former Apple employee dishes dirt on what it was like work for Steve Jobs (2014-10-13 11:21:02)
    Steve Jobs has become something of a legend, which isn’t very surprising considering the profound and lasting impact he had on personal computing. Jobs and his cohorts changed the world, having played a crucial role in the proliferation of PCs and the shift to mobile computing platforms. Of course, he also built the most valuable technology company of all time in the process. As is often the case with disruptive individuals, working for Steve Jobs wasn’t always easy, as we’ve read time and time again when ex-Apple executives speak up and give us the inside scoop on what it was like to work for Jobs. Now, a former employee of both NeXT and Apple has dished some dirt on what it
  • DJs of the future won't be staring at their laptops (2014-10-13 11:15:44)
    Even if you're not into the club scene, you can probably picture it in your mind's eye: the prototypical DJ, headphones askew, swaying in the booth behind a laptop that's perched above a rack of mixers and decks.
  • Self-publishing never easier but money, glory scarce (2014-10-13 11:13:48)
    By Kirsti Knolle and Georgina Prodhan FRANKFURT (Reuters) - For any author frustrated by rejections from publishing houses or wanting to cut out the middle man, there has never been an easier or cheaper time to self-publish. A host of free self-publishing platforms offered by Amazon, Apple and specialists like Smashwords have created new opportunities and a huge market for both unknown hopefuls and a few established writers. Hailed as democratizing the market by some and decried as cheapening literary culture by others, self-publishing has transformed what it means to be an author. ...
  • Snapchat nude photos, videos reportedly leaked online (2014-10-13 11:13:17)
    A Sunday event known as the "The Snappening" may have revealed compromising photos for an unknown number of Snapchat's users of a third-party website, according to The Guardian.>
  • A Conference I Would Personally Like To Attend (2014-10-13 11:05:17)
    If you wanted to, you could attend some kind of trade event every few days. There are so many. How do you choose the conferences you "must" attend?I asked myself this question hundreds of times as we were programing our upcoming 7th Annual Media Technology Summit. Looking over the agenda, it's a conference I would personally like to attend, and...
  • The Boy Genius Report: Predictions for Apple’s October event (2014-10-13 11:02:32)
    Apple’s October event is just around the corner — actually, it’s this Thursday, the same day we’re celebrating our eight-year anniversary. In any case, Apple is holding two events this year, similar to last year. The first September event was focused on the iPhone and upcoming Apple Watch, and the second event most definitely is going to include updates to the company’s computer line. It could be really interesting if Apple introduces not just a new Retina iMac with an insane better-than-4K resolution display, but also the rumored new Retina MacBook, which is going to be off the charts if it’s ready. FROM EARLIER: This secret trick will dramatically improve your iPhone’s battery life Here are my official predictions: New iPads. Thinner, faster, gold
  • Instagram Hyperlapse stabilization (2014-10-13 10:54:38)
    With the Instagram Hyperlapse app, we were able to stabilize our video without spending $10,000 on film equipment.
  • Easyjet now lets you check in using a photo of your passport (2014-10-13 10:51:00)
  • Hyperlapse's secret best feature: fixing your shaky hands (2014-10-13 10:48:37)
    Hyperlapse, Instagram's standalone video app that debuted this past August, is touted for its ability to make dead simple time lapses. But if you really want to enjoy the best feature of Hyperlapse, don't speed up the footage. The result is some of the smoothest video we've seen from a phone — the kind of stuff that could otherwise take thousands of dollars in professional equipment to achieve comparable results. Student art films will never be the same again.
  • Microsoft is 'coaching' NFL announcers not to call the Surface an iPad (2014-10-13 10:47:51)
    Microsoft's Surface is the "official tablet" of the NFL, and it's trying to make sure that sportscasters get the message. After it became clear that announcers may not know what the Surface was — with one announcer referring to it as an "iPad-like tool" — Microsoft has been working with broadcasters to make sure that mistake doesn't happen again. "It’s true, we have coached up a select few," Microsoft tells Business Insider.
  • This secret trick will dramatically improve your iPhone’s battery life (2014-10-13 10:41:40)
    As mobile devices grow increasingly more capable and complex, battery life is easily one of the most important features in smartphones these days. Sadly, it’s also one of the biggest pain points with Apple’s iPhone lineup, as we have seen in just about every survey and study that covers people’s complaints with Apple phones. Because battery technology progresses so slowly — and because Apple insists on making its iPhones as thin as possible — battery life in iPhones likely won’t see any dramatic improvements anytime soon. Of course, that’s exactly why BGR makes sure to share as many tips and tricks as possible that might help readers extend the battery life on their iPhones. SEE ALSO: 15 tips for squeezing as much
  • Fast-charging batteries will power your gadgets for 20 years (2014-10-13 10:41:00)
  • The 'Ghostbusters' theme is back on vinyl and it literally smells like marshmallows (2014-10-13 10:30:17)
    Between a theatrical re-release and news of an all-female reboot, the Ghostbusters franchise has enjoyed a recent surge in popularity, thanks in no small part to the film's 30th anniversary. Now, fans can expect the original Ray Parker, Jr. theme to get its own re-release on vinyl on October 21st, complete with a puffy, marshmallow-scented jacket in honor of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.
  • 8 awesome paid iPhone apps you can get for free right now (2014-10-13 10:20:50)
    We finished last week with eight great paid iPhone and iPad apps that were available to download for free for a limited time, and we’re starting off a new week exactly the same way. Today’s batch of paid iOS apps that are on sale for free has a particularly wide scope, covering everything from productivity apps and a creative calendar app to photo editors and one of our favorite route trackers. And as always, if you want them all for free, you’d better hurry. These are paid iPhone and iPad apps that have been made available for free for a limited time by their developers. There is no way to tell how long they will be free. These sales could
  • French bank will allow you to send money over Twitter soon (2014-10-13 10:00:37)
    Your 140-character messages could be worth real money soon, at least in France. Groupe BPCE, the second largest bank in France in terms of customers, is poised to announce a new service tomorrow that will let French customers send money over Twitter, according to Reuters. It's unclear exactly how the service will work — whether it will use Twitter's limited direct messaging service or replies, for example — but Reuters points to a statement from Groupe BPCE made last month that says the new service, which will fall under the umbrella of the bank's existing mobile payments system S-Money, will allow person-to-person payments no matter what bank the sender and recipient are using.
  • Here’s how gorgeous the world’s most popular apps might look on the Apple Watch (2014-10-13 09:55:07)
    We still don’t know when the Apple Watch will launch or exactly how third-party apps will work on the device, but that won’t stop eager graphic designers from attempting to show us just how gorgeous third-party apps might be on Apple’s first wearable computer. Mobile app design house Thinkapps recently decided to have a few of its talented designers dream up visualizations of some of the world’s most popular third-party apps and slap them on mockups of the Apple Watch. The result, as you might expect, is a set of images that might make Apple fans hungrier than ever for Apple’s upcoming smartwatch. FROM EARLIER: Here’s how you can see what it’s like to wear the new Apple Watch right now
  • Flight attendants want to ban electronics during takeoff again (2014-10-13 09:32:42)
    Flight attendants aren't happy with the Federal Aviation Administration's new rules that allow phones, tablets, and other small electronics to be used during takeoff and landing. According to the Associated Press, the largest flight attendant's union in the US — the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA — is suing the FAA in hopes of having its new rules overturned. The union argues that use of small electronics is a danger because they can become projectiles during turbulence and because they may cause passengers to pay less attention during safety announcements.
  • Leaked iPad Air 2 parts reveal new details about Apple’s unannounced tablet (2014-10-13 09:30:58)
    Apple is expected to unveil at least one new tablet model on Thursday, a 9.7-inch iPad Air 2 tablet that is supposed to offer users a new, slimmer design as well as better internal components. Following the various leaks that have already detailed design changes along with certain features of the iPad Air 2, has posted a few images showing certain components from the upcoming next-generation iPad Air model. FROM EARLIER: New leak may confirm a key iPad Air 2 feature The publication has posted pictures that supposedly show the logic board, home button flex cable, front panel and volume control flex cable, as MacRumors reports. Interestingly, the main board seems to include an A8X processor, which is likely an even faster A8 processor
  • Apple to expand iPhone 6 and 6 Plus to 36 more countries (2014-10-13 09:30:42)
    The company's two newest smartphones will be available in a total of 69 countries by month's end and are on track to reach more than 115 countries before January 1.>
  • New iPhones to be available in more than 115 countries by year-end (2014-10-13 09:25:33)
    (Reuters) - Apple Inc said that its recently released iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus phones will be available in more than 115 countries by the end of the year. The iPhones will arrive in 36 additional countries and territories across Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Latin America and Africa by the end of this month, Apple said. The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus will be made available in China, the world's biggest smartphone market, and India from Oct. 17. ...
  • Jaybird's readiness-sensing fitness tracker arrives October 26th (2014-10-13 09:22:00)
  • Lynda Carter's Wonder Woman pilots back in DC Digital Comic (2014-10-13 09:18:54)
    Grab your golden lasso and bullet-deflecting bracelets, the superhero from the popular '70s TV show will be back as a digital comic called "Wonder Woman '77.">
  • T-Mobile to sell Sony Xperia Z3 this month (2014-10-13 09:18:11)
    T-Mobile announced today that it would begin selling the Sony Xperia Z3 later this month. The Z3 will be available for $26.25 per month for 24 months on T-Mobile's installment plan, with presales starting on October 15th. General online and instore availability will begin on October 29th.
  • Danaher to combine communications business with NetScout (2014-10-13 09:10:51)
    (Reuters) - U.S. healthcare technology group Danaher Corp said it would become majority shareholder in network monitoring company NetScout Systems Inc through a stock deal that involves the merger of Danaher's communications business with NetScout. Under the deal, Danaher shareholders will get NetScout shares worth $2.6 billion that will give them a 59.5 percent stake in the combined company. Danaher will create a wholly owned subsidiary to hold its communications business and will distribute ownership of the business to its shareholders. ...
  • Review site Yelp battles extortion claims (2014-10-13 09:08:54)
    SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — First the chefs of a small Italian restaurant got mad at online review site Yelp. Instead of trying to get better reviews, they decided to take a different approach: get terrible ones.
  • Apple killed Finland's two biggest industries, says Prime Minister (2014-10-13 09:05:22)
    In the early 00s, Finland's two biggest industries were paper manufacturing and cell phones, led by the then-dominant Nokia. A decade later, both industries are in trouble — and as the country's prime minister suggested in a recent interview, Apple might be to blame in both cases. "One could say that the iPhone killed Nokia and the iPad killed the Finnish paper industry, but we'll make a comeback," Prime Minister Alexander Stubb told CNBC on Monday.
  • Samsung readying crazy fast next-gen WiFi devices (2014-10-13 08:43:00)
  • New report claims to reveal Apple Pay launch date (2014-10-13 08:30:48)
    Apple is expected to launch Apple Pay later this week, likely following its iPad and Mac event scheduled for October 16, with a report from 9to5Mac further detailing the way Apple’s contactless NFC-based payment solution is supposed to work. FROM EARLIER: Apple Pay: Everything you need to know before your first wireless shopping spree Apparently, Apple retail store personnel is supposed to receive Apple Pay training ahead of the launch of this iPhone feature — which will be enabled via an iOS 8.1 software update, and which will be initially available to iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus users from the U.S. The publication has obtained access to such training materials, which reveal further details about how Apple Pay will
  • 3 refugees say they've been hacked by Bahrain (2014-10-13 08:02:52)
    LONDON (AP) — Three pro-democracy activists say they have been hacked by Bahrain's government while living in Britain, one of a growing number of cases in which refugees say malicious software has been used to keep tabs on their activities abroad.
  • Amputees can now control artificial limbs with their minds (2014-10-13 08:02:00)
  • Engadget UK giveaway: win an iPhone 6 courtesy of (2014-10-13 08:00:00)
  • 5 Reasons People Over 50 Should Love The Big iPhone (2014-10-13 07:51:17)
    SPECIAL FROM Next AvenueBy Julio Ojeda-ZapataI had it in my head that I hated big smartphones. A compact handset is, after all, easier to use with one hand, more comfortable to tote around and kind of adorable to boot.Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus has me rethinking my large-phone antipathy.The 5.5-inch smartphone, released last month, is enormous...
  • iPhone 6 preorders reportedly top a massive 20 million units in China (2014-10-13 07:45:05)
    iPhone 6 reservations started in China as soon as Apple announced official launch plans for its 2014 smartphones in the biggest mobile market in the world, days before Apple’s announced preorder date for the country, topping by some accounts over 9 million. Actual iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus preorders began on Friday in China, with Apple reportedly selling over 1 million units in just six hours. Since then, Apple may have sold even more units in the region, according to a Digitimes report. FROM EARLIER: It took Apple just 6 hours to sell 1 million iPhone 6 and 6 Plus handsets in China The publication says that iPhone 6 preorders have topped 20 million units from October 10 to
  • Korean chat app vows to protect user privacy (2014-10-13 07:44:55)
    SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — Popular South Korean messaging app Kakao Talk says it will stop cooperating with authorities seeking to access private messages as part of a government crackdown on online criticism.
  • Virtual reality and the silver screen: A match made in heaven (2014-10-13 07:00:09)
    Oculus is developing software for watching movies, and it's one of the best VR experiences out there.>
  • Get a retro Bluetooth speaker for $29.99 shipped (2014-10-13 07:00:03)
    The Wolverine evokes the golden age of radio, but with decidedly modern innards.>
  • Sayonara, CEATEC 2014: Another curious tech show (2014-10-13 07:00:00)
  • Kmart confirms month-long credit card data breach (2014-10-13 06:50:04)
    Kmart on Friday confirmed that its systems were breached by hackers who were able to steal credit and debit card data for customers shopping in its retail stores since early September to October 9, when the breach was discovered. It’s not clear at this time how many customers may have been affected or how many Kmart stores have been hit, as the company is yet to announce any numbers. FROM EARLIER: Home Depot didn’t take data security seriously, report reveals However, Kmart did say that “based on the forensic investigation to date, no personal information, no debit card PIN numbers, no email addresses and no social security numbers were obtained by those criminally responsible.” The company said there’s no evidence
  • You can now tweet money to friends, if you live in France (2014-10-13 06:17:00)
  • Millions of voiceprints quietly being harvested (2014-10-13 05:19:46)
    LONDON (AP) — Over the telephone, in jail and online, a new digital bounty is being harvested: the human voice.
  • A look at how your voice is being used to ID you (2014-10-13 05:18:37)
    LONDON (AP) — Businesses and governments around the world are increasingly turning to voice biometrics, which sometimes are described as voiceprints, to replace passwords and fight fraud. A look at this fast-growing technology:
  • Banks harvest callers' voiceprints to fight fraud (2014-10-13 05:17:33)
    LONDON (AP) — The caller said her home had burned down and her husband had been badly hurt in the blaze. On the telephone with her bank, she pleaded for a replacement credit card at her new address.
  • Sony's Crackle takes aim at Netflix with a 'Joe Dirt' sequel (2014-10-13 05:11:00)
  • Google's new tablet coming on Wednesday: report (2014-10-13 04:58:33)
    The Nexus 9 is expected to be unveiled at a special event exactly 24 hours before Apple launches its own next-generation tablets.
  • Xiaomi signs former Google executive as India lead products manager (2014-10-13 04:38:26)
    (Reuters) - Chinese smartphone company Xiaomi has named a new lead products manager for its India unit as the company ramps up its team in the world's third biggest smartphone market. Xiaomi has recruited former Google executive Jai Mani to be in charge of products, Hugo Barra, Xiaomi's vice president of international operations, said in his Facebook and Google Plus posts. "Android fans: you'll remember Jai from his memorable on-stage demo performances at Google I/O and Nexus launches," Barra, himself an ex-Google employee, wrote. Mani has moved to Bangalore from San Francisco, he said. ...
  • Review site Yelp battles against extortion claims (2014-10-13 01:57:12)
    SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — First the chefs of a small Italian restaurant got mad at online review site Yelp. Instead of trying to get better reviews, they decided to take a different approach: get terrible ones.
  • Body Image: A fantastic voyage of art and technology (2014-10-13 01:08:16)
    The worlds of art and technology are colliding in a new exhibition that uses MRI scans and CT imaging to create art out of the human body.>
  • Building turned into the world's biggest game of Mastermind (2014-10-13 00:32:39)
    A building in Sweden has been turned into a giant version of code-breaking board game Mastermind that anyone can play using a web interface.>
  • PlayStation 4's video editing app has a few new clip-splicing tools (2014-10-13 00:05:00)
  • The veggie burger that bleeds like real meat (2014-10-12 23:24:35)
    A biochemistry professor has invented a meat-free burger that looks and bleeds juice just like the beef you cook on your grill.>
  • This is how FX's 'Archer' will drop the ISIS name in its season six premiere (2014-10-12 21:17:49)
    (Caution: this post is going to spoil the season five finale and describe a tiny scene from the upcoming season six premiere.)
  • Photo-sharing app protects your pics from screenshots (2014-10-12 20:58:58)
    A new photo-sharing app uses a common optical illusion to make your sent snaps a lot harder for the receiver to screenshot.>
  • Last night on 'Doctor Who,' a mummy in space and Queen cover songs (2014-10-12 20:15:40)
    "Start the clock." 66, 65, 64, 63, 62, 61, 60, 59, 58, 57, 56, 55, 54, 53, 52, 51,...
  • Last night on 'Doctor Who,' a mummy in space and weird Queen cover songs (2014-10-12 20:15:40)
    "Start the clock." 66, 65, 64, 63, 62, 61, 60, 59, 58, 57, 56, 55, 54, 53, 52, 51,...
  • If you want to know how the economy is doing, look inside America's mouth (2014-10-12 19:16:43)
    Big data provided by business intelligence app Sikka says that economic performance can be predicted by dental hygiene. And we're headed for a downturn.>
  • London's new Tube trains come from the future (2014-10-12 19:10:03)
    London is getting ready to welcome new Tube trains for the next 40 years. Last week, London unveiled the new cars to the public for the first time, and when the trains finally hit the tracks starting in the mid-2020s, they'll bring an appreciable list of improvements to riders.
  • Microsoft app gives you more control over the Surface Pro 3's pen (2014-10-12 18:44:00)
  • Google testing service to connect patients with doctors over video chat (2014-10-12 17:17:29)
    It looks like Google's testing out a new program that could change that. The new service, currently being tested with a limited number of users, connects people searching for health conditions with doctors over video chat. The feature was first revealed by a Reddit user who posted a screenshot of the service online, and Google representatives later confirmed its authenticity to Engadget.
  • Sound Off! Share your favorite messaging apps (2014-10-12 16:49:00)
  • Woman's interminable selfie shoot divides YouTube (2014-10-12 16:00:43)
    More than one million people have poured onto YouTube to see a bikini-clad woman trying to perfect shots of her face and rear. You must either be for or against.>